Using Online Video Effectively to Engage with Your Audience, Valentine Matrat, Google

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Using Online Video Effectively to Engage with Your Audience: Marketing has changed. Once, offering one killer creative or doing direct response was enough. Now that’s just the first act. In the …

Using Online Video Effectively to Engage with Your Audience: Marketing has changed. Once, offering one killer creative or doing direct response was enough. Now that’s just the first act. In the participation age, consumers want an opportunity to tell businesses what they think of their content, services, image — and expect businesses to prove they’re listening. In this one-hour session, we will show you how to approach your video marketing efforts to leverage customer engagement. We will review how to create effective content and distribute it using paid and earned (free) media to get the most impact out of you videos.

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  • And here’s how we’d map media to that funnel.
    We start out with TV. We use TV to fill the top of the funnel, use digital media to capture intent and drive folks through to owned and operated channels like our websites or our stores. We start wide and try to narrow down to the few who are going to really matter to our brand.
  • And here’s how we’d map media to that funnel.
    We start out with TV. We use TV to fill the top of the funnel, use digital media to capture intent and drive folks through to owned and operated channels like our websites or our stores. We start wide and try to narrow down to the few who are going to really matter to our brand.
  • And I know you all hopefully know, the world is on YouTube.
    I hope gives you an idea of the significant number of people who live on YouTube, who visit YouTube on a daily basis, who really make YouTube a part of their ritual when they get on the internet.
    We don’t want you to reach out to all 800M of these people. That wouldn’t be good for you and it wouldn’t be good for our users.
    The Engagement Funnel allows us to take this giant audience and actually keep you from buying all 800M of these people – unless you want to!
    Why? Because you don’t need to buy this audience. You only need to find Waldo. Reach isn’t about getting your message to the greatest number of people – it’s about having the greatest number of people + the world’s best targeting to find exactly the people you need.
    We have a mechanism by which you don’t have to talk to the entire audience or pay for them.
  • At the top level, this, in a lot of ways, takes the magic of Google Search Ads to video. You only pay when a user does what you’re trying to get them to do – watch your video and go to your owned site – in this case your YouTube brand channel.
    You pay only when viewers choose to watch your video.
    And it’s not just paid media that’s measurable. Across YouTube we offer measurement tools to see how people are engaging with any video content related to your brand. Imagine measuring not just your purchased media, but the “earned media” of views of your message on YouTube.
    A recent study found that only 47% of CPG purchasers were actually in the target market that the product’s marketers had defined. That means that fully 53% of the people who purchased products from across a variety of categories weren’t in the target market at all.
    True View lets your audience – your Waldo – find you.
  • Looking at a traditional purchase funnel.
    Build 1+2
    You only pay for completed views – where a users has considered your brand’s creative and chosen to watch your ad until the end or at least 30 seconds.
    Build 3
    These paid completed views translate into site traffic and conversions. You don’t pay for these clicks / conversions, at least not directly. However a performance advertiser will likely view paid views as a ‘proxy’ for these subsequent events.
    Build 4+5
    When users skip your ad prior to 30 seconds (or end of the ad if shorter) those partial views are free. Similarly when users skip your companion banner remains visible. These free interactions can also lead to clicks and conversions who are entirely free.
    Build 6+7
    But the story doesn’t end there. Users who see your ad may go on to watch other videos on your channel, to subscribe or to share your videos. And they may go on to search for your brand. These are added value events resulting from your TrueView activity.
    Build 8
    And lastly, rich data underpins this whole process, the TrueView format helping you to identify and gain insights about your brand prospects and advocates, in addition to video performance data.
    We’ll now go on to look at each of these value factors in more detail..
  • Follow-on views/subscriptions
    Your ads should drive additional (free) video views, shares and subscriptions from people who want to engage further with your videos and YouTube channel. Make this easy for them!
    Start the conversation
    When people comment on your videos and subscribe to your channel, you can respond to them and engage them in meaningful discussion.
    Keep content fresh
    Maintain a YouTube channel with fresh, useful content that represents your business.
    Leverage your customer’s passion
    Encourage users to create their own videos about how they use your product or how much they love your brand.
    Featured videos and playlists and curate
    Choose which favourite videos or playlists you would like to automatically play when someone arrives at your channel, or simply select your most recent upload.
    Every TrueView ad provides an opportunity for you to connect with customers socially and build a YouTube community around your business. This all happens after they watch your ad.

    •So what happens when you’ve found the right audience on the right devices and given them content that they value?
    •They want to share it with others who they think will find it interesting. In fact, we’ve seen that for the top 1000 advertisers, for every two paid views, on average they get a free view. If you think about the budget one more time, you need to discount the cost by 33%.
    •This is a fantastic way to drive purchase and re-purchase (i.e. loyalty).
    •Go through the points in order/
  • Views & Popularity
    Examine both an interactive graphical trend line and a heat map of where video views are coming from. You can adjust the period of time display and the continent, country, or even US state.
    Understand how people discovered your video. See specifically which search terms on YouTube or Google led the user to your video, which related videos led to your discovery, or which websites embed your videos.
    See the age and gender of your audience. You can adjust time and geographical data to explore how your audience differs before, during, or after specific initiative or in specific regions.
    Audience Attention
    The "Hot Spot" feature tells you which parts of your video are hot and which are cold by looking at bounce and rewind rate to videos of a similar length. At any time point in the video, you can see if more or less viewers are dropping off than on average.
    Community Engagement
    Observe how many times viewers rate, favorite, or comment on your videos.
    Canadians, in particular, love music videos.
  • So let’s being this all together assuming our UK benchmarks.
    If you invest £50k on TrueView In-stream today, this equates to:
    1.25M full views, paid at a £0.04 CPV << Assuming av. CPV and 17% view rate
    1M free partial views (expressed as whole views), attributing a £0.02 value per view (so 0.5 x CPV) << Assuming average ‘video played to’ metrics
    1.25M free banner impressions, attributing a £2 value per thousand impressions (0.5 x watch page MPU CPM)
    15.9K clicks << Assuming 1.27% CTR and £0.35 CPC (average UK display CPC)
    Cost benefit from potential remarketing << Assumed to be 5% investment
    9K follow-on views << Assumed 140 paid views per follow-on view, will vary by advertiser / content type but can substitute with (historical) campaign data
    Incremental brand queries << Volume and valuation must be worked out for the specific advertiser, based on Hitwise and search campaign data (e.g. CTR, CPC, conversion rate etc.)
  • 3. Be there for customers actively seeking you out
    Finally, beyond audiences who may be more challenging to reach and connect with, some of your more interested customers are already actively seeking you out in the moments that matter. That often happens through search, and increasingly, those searches include video, making YT is the #2 search engine in the world.
    - The first two rings are stats from a custom path-to-purchase Compete study across 5 LocGov/Sofo industries (home security, jobs, legal services, real estate and online dating).
    - The 3rd stat: YouTube is The Most Popular Social Platform for Consumers to Learn about Products. A whopping 61% surveyed turn to YouTube to learn about products. Twitter is the most popular social channel for consumers to keep up with brand activities. Nearly half follow brands on Facebook looking for sweepstakes/promotions. (Source: Technorati Media, “2013 Digital Influence Report’, 2/2013)
    The bottom line is, if you think that consumers aren’t looking at video content before making a decision about your brand, you’re wrong.
  • First, let’s talk about audience. The world has gone mobile. 2011 was the year of understanding why go mobile, 2012 has been the year of learning how to go mobile and 2013 will be the year of maximizing mobile. Simply put, mobile is integral to our lives. Because our devices have become a persistent extension of our everyday lives, you have the chance to deeply engage with your audience on mobile. Here are 5 data points to that effect, and you are reading 5 more every morning when you open your email and check out your industry newsletters.


  • 1. Be successful with video It all starts with YOU… and them. Valentine Matrat - Google, Inc. Global YouTube and Video Lead, SMB
  • 2. The Marketer’s Dilemma Source: Marketoonist
  • 3. Traditional Media TV, Print, Radio Digital Media Search, Display, Social Owned and Operated Awareness Consideration Preference Your Website, Shelf Action Mapping Media to the Marketing Funnel
  • 4. Reach is cheap. Engagement is valuable.
  • 5. Owned and Operated active engagement Digital Media Traditional Media passive engagement The New Engagement Pyramid
  • 6. Audience Expression Participation Signals Let them find you Add value, not clutter Steer the conversation Launch, Listen, Learn
  • 7. Audience Let Them Find You
  • 8. 800 M 3B #1 monthly global visitors views per day destinatio n for online video #2 online search engine after Google
  • 9. 31 % of adults18-49 Young & diverse College educated Income $100K+ Cord-cutters
  • 10. 53% aren’t in the target market 47% in the target market
  • 11. Self Selecting advertising When you think broad & targeted, it enables you to capture hyper-targeted audiences more efficiently
  • 12. If you want to capture your audience, you need to be able to show your message where they are…
  • 13. Expression Add Value, Not Clutter
  • 14. Your first step can be to extend your TV creative to online… Share a clear, concise message Share a clear, concise message Make a strong impression in the Make a strong impression in the first 5 – 15 seconds first 5 – 15 seconds Deliver a compelling call-toDeliver a compelling call-toaction or timely offer action or timely offer
  • 15. Create Content, Not Commercials
  • 16. Participation Steer the Conversatio n
  • 17. “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos, Founder,
  • 18. 20
  • 19. 22
  • 20. Signals Launch, Listen Learn
  • 21. Powered by choice 5% of people account for 80% of the value for most businesses. Let us help you find them (and them find you) more effectively. Designed for performance Don’t pay for people with no interest in your business or your message. Amplified by participation Built-in social tools let users share them with friends. Follow-on viewing, incremental view count, subscriptions, all enhance performance.
  • 22. Reaching users anytime and anywhere is more important than ever before Promote Once Promote Everywhere
  • 23. Measure the impact of your ads Gain insights about your audience with YouTube Analytics, AdWords for video, and conversion tracking Demographic information Retention rates and drop-off points Playback locations, performance on each device Views, conversions, follow-on views and subscribes
  • 24. PAID (direct and indirect cost) Awareness Consideration Intent Purchase Completed Views Clicks to website Conversions ADDED VALUE FREE USERS & INSIGHTS Partial Views Unengaged + Banner Shared Views Impressions Prospects Follow-on Views Subscriber Views Brand searches Advocates Clicks + Video analytics View Through Conversions
  • 25. Watch the conversation grow
  • 26. Views and Popularity Discovery Demographics Community Engagement Audience Attention/”Hot Spots” Analytics
  • 27. CALCULATE THE VALUE OF A VIEW Free Partial Views Full views The Cost of a View Free Banner Impression s $15K Free clicks $5.6K Earned actions Prospects for remarketing $5K $20K $50K TrueView Investment = $98K Value $2.5k Brand queries $500 The Value of a View
  • 28. Feedback or thoughts? More info:
  • 29. YouTube is the #1 network among cable networks in the US for 18-34 55% 50% 46% Source: Nielsen Net Reach, March 2013. 44% 41%
  • 30. YouTube viewership across platforms is rapidly evolving 40% of YouTube watch-time happens on mobile and tablet devices
  • 31. In-Stream Video Ads Reach users with your video message while they are highly engaged, wherever they are. In-Stream ads (TrueView and standard 15 second ads) are available across screens. All campaigns in AdWords for video are automatically opted-in to run across all available screens and devices to maximize reach.
  • 32. Be there for those seeking you out Be present on the #2 search engine in the world 42% Your brand here Source: Google and Compete Local & SoFo P2P Study, 2012 Source: Technorati Media 2013 Digital Influence Report 2/2013 22% 61% of online services shoppers use video throughout their research process increase year over year in branded online service searches on YouTube turn to YouTube to learn about products
  • 33. Experience with all screens and devices