10 best gadgets


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10 best gadgets

  1. 1. manindar kr. nayak
  2. 2. Samsung Galaxy S II: One of thebiggest competitor to ApplesiPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S IIhas sold more than 10 millionunits since its launch. Among theGalaxy S IIs features are a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB ofRAM and a Super AMOLEDPlus screens, which arestunningly bright and make foran extremely sharp, colorfuldisplay. The Samsung Galaxy S IIis photo-ready with a built-in 8megapixel rear-facing camera,with a 2 megapixel cam up frontfor video chat. All three devicescan record video in 1080p HD. manindar kr. nayak
  3. 3. Apple iPhone 4S: At about fourtimes the US retail price wherecustomers buy mandatory data-service plans, the Apple iPhone 4Sstill finds buyers among affluentyoung professionals in India. Thefinal gadget unveiled during Appleco-founder Steve Jobs lifetime, thenew iPhone comes with a fasterprocessor, a better light-sensitivecamera, and voice-activatedassistant Siri. manindar kr. nayak
  4. 4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 : Alsoknown as the Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1, the Tab 750 is seen by Appleas a real threat to the iPad. TheGalaxy Tab 10.1 inch is anupgraded version of the 7-inchintroduced in October. The GalaxyTab 10.1 runs on Googles newestAndroid version and Nvidias dualcore processor Tegra 2. The GalaxyTab 10.1 has a bigger and brighterscreen and weighs less than theiPad 2. However, it has access toonly about half the applicationsApple users do at more than200,000 applications comparedwith over 425,000 applicationsfrom the Apple App store. manindar kr. nayak
  5. 5. Apple iPad 2: The iPad 2dominated the tablet marketfighting stiff competition fromSamsung and other Android baseddevices. The iPad 2 is 33 per centthinner and up to 15 percentlighter than its predecessor, while itmaintains the same 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. Thedramatically faster iPad 2 boasts adual-core A5 "system on a chip"processor under the hood, which isgood for twice the CPU power andnine times the graphicsperformance of the original whilemaintaining the same 10-hourbattery life. manindar kr. nayak
  6. 6. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: While thereare several smartphonemanufacturers that use GooglesAndroid operating system, the Nexusline is considered the cream of thecrop. The combination of Googlessoftware and Samsungs hardwaremakes the Galaxy Nexus one of thebest candidates to compete withApples latest iPhone. With the latestversion of Android under the hood,Ice Cream Sandwich, the GalaxyNexus is packed with new andimproved features like a massive 4.65-inch touchscreen and the AndroidBeam, which lets you share suchcontent as a Web page, map or videobetween two Android phones bybringing the backs of the phones close together. manindar kr. nayak
  7. 7. Kindle Fire: Billed as the commonmans tablet, Amazons Kindle Firehas taken on technology giantsApple and Samsung in the tabletwar as the largest Internet retailerrevealed that it is selling more thanone million Kindle devices a week.What Amazon did best was not torush an iPad clone in the marketbut to play on iPads weakness.What makes the Kindle firestandout is its 7" screen size,affordable price, unlimited cloudstorage, nonstop steaming andAmazons wealth of resources rightat its fingertips. manindar kr. nayak
  8. 8. Aakash tablet: Dubbed the worldscheapest tablet computer, Aakash ispowered by Android 2.3 and has aresistive touchscreen, Cortex A8-700MHz processor and graphicsaccelerator HD video processor, 256MB of RAM and 2 GB of internalmemory. Other specifications are aone standard USB port, 3.5 mmaudio jack, a 7 inch display with 800x 480 pixel resolution, resistivetouchscreen, GPRS and WiFi support. manindar kr. nayak
  9. 9. Samsung Galaxy Note: Phone?Tablet? Its a Galaxy note says thetagline of the newest member of itsGalaxy lineup of smartphones andtablets. The Galaxy Note isnominally a smartphone, albeit witha massive 5.3 inch HD SuperAMOLED display. The Note workedon the weakness of the Dell Streak 5and came out with a winning device,that has a 1.4GHz dual-coreprocessor with 1GB of RAM and16GB or 32GB of built in storage. Italso comes with a stylus pen, whichallows users to operate thetouchscreen with increased precisionand convenience. manindar kr. nayak
  10. 10. MacBook Air 13": The newMacBook Air is not quite as lightas a feather, but it s pretty darnclose. Apples MacBook Air beganthe anorexic laptop trend but theMacBook Air 13" take it toanother level. The 13-inchMacBook Air has the latest IntelCPU and outperforms itspredecessor in key ways. Thenotebook is also more versatileand can now be used for moremainstream function unlike theMacBook Air 11". manindar kr. nayak
  11. 11. Nokia Lumia 800: The NokiaLumia 800 is the first Nokia-made device to run MicrosoftsWindows Phone mobileoperating system. Its also thefirst handset to be released inNokias new Lumia range. Itsports a colorful polycarbonatebody with subtle curves andfeatures an expansive 3.7"curved Clear Back glass display.Inside there is a 1.4GHzprocessor, an 8MP camera withAuto Focus and LED flash, and720p video recording at 30fps. manindar kr. nayak