Digital bootcamp ambulante guadalajara 15 4_2013


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Digital bootcamp ambulante guadalajara 15 4_2013

  1. 1. AmbulanteCineforo Universidad, Guadalajara, Mexico15 April, 2013James Mullighandirector ejecutive de Transmedia Next
  2. 2. Bootcamp Digital
  3. 3. or ...
  4. 4. ... fun things to do with thepeople formerly known as theaudience
  5. 5. From this ...
  6. 6. To this...HackerActivistGamerProducerInventorBlogger
  7. 7. One to oneOne to manyMany to many Many to many
  8. 8. Autodidact
  9. 9. AutodidactNow more than ever, people are conscious oftheir surroundings and the worlds they live in. Theera of Internet and telecommunications makes itpossible to penetrate the mysteries of othersocieties and other cultures without traveling orpossessing an academic degree. Wherever thereis a will to know, it is possible to develop at leasta basic knowledge of almost any subject.
  10. 10. What is this ‘digital’, anyway?
  11. 11. What is this ‘digital’, anyway?• Economic efficiencies;• Reduction of scarcity;• Deflationary;• Users enabled; and• Market immaturity.
  12. 12. Some trends• Technological changes:• Broadband; powerful devices; open platforms; frictionlesspayments.• Behavioural changes:• Huge rise in online and mobile consumption.• Business models:• Increasingly online.• Democratisation of production:• Rise of the bedroom producer.
  13. 13. From The Audience is Always RightMichael Zorn, TBWA Berlin• Fractal Media Usage:• People spend more time with more media in different ways.• Individual Media Usage:• People use media on their own terms and schedules.• Volatile Media Usage:• People use media in spontaneous ways, switching between media.• Self-determined Media Usage:• People can avoid or block content.
  14. 14. The age of the interface
  15. 15. From: How Social Media Can Make HistoryClay Shirky“Every time a new consumer joins this medialandscape a new producer joins as well,because the same equipment - phones,computers - let you consume and produce. Itsas if, when you bought a book, they threw in theprinting press for free ...”.
  16. 16. Tell me and I will forget
  17. 17. Tell me and I will forget,Show me and I may remember.
  18. 18. Tell me and I will forget,Show me and I may remember,Involve me and I will understand.
  19. 19. collaborators1%9%90%sharersaudience
  20. 20. Engage don’t sell
  21. 21. Engage don’t sellShare don’t tell
  22. 22. Ain’t too proud to beg …
  23. 23. indiegogo - international, very filmfriendly
  24. 24. kickstarter – the biggest player
  25. 25. Use Assemble to build a web presence and then anaudience. Then sell to them.
  26. 26. 39
  27. 27. Distrify is a suite of digital tools that turns theentire internet into a movie marketplace.
  28. 28. Technology giveth, and technology taketh away
  29. 29. “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors andcreative artists than piracy”.Tim O’Reilly
  30. 30. watch films and pay what you want
  31. 31. now has a tip jar
  32. 32. w h a t ’ s b e t t e rt h a n f r e e ?Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  33. 33. New forms of storytelling
  34. 34. collaborators1%9%90%sharersaudience
  35. 35. the eight elements of transmedia1. A story ...-a beginning, a middle and an end, b/c narrative drives the experience2. ... told using a variety of story forms ...-anything: from live event through video to printed matter ... all fair game3. ... across multiple media platforms ...-anything: TV, film, wed, radio, live, games ... etc;4. ... all within one unified storyworld ...-not cut up and put on different platforms, rather woven together whilst respecting the conventionsof each platform;5. ... that encourages audience participation ...-a house, with door left invitingly open;6. ... using embedded game mechanics ...-these incentivise and reward participation;7. ... involving a social element ...-possible to meet and interact with other audience members;8. ... designed for multiple levels of participation.- be as involved as you wish: committed, curious, casual, participatory, interactive, passive.
  36. 36. the relevance of transmedia•reflect consumption habits;•embrace new technologies and platforms;•find new audiences;•widen creative possibilities;•create deeper, longer engagement in aworld; and•new revenue streams.
  37. 37. a rose by any other namemulti-platform / cross platformpushed-Dr Who episodes on You Tube;extras-War Horse book, e-book, audio book, site and app;Bridges-one medium ends, forcing you to visit another.immersive media-a live immersive alternative reality or promenade theatre experience
  38. 38. http://beta.18daysinegypt.comCrowdsourcing footage: aninteractive crowd-sourceddocumentary project about theEgyptian revolution.
  39. 39. Crowdsourcing crisis information
  40. 40. Crowdsourcing solutions
  41. 41. The ashtag app
  42. 42. Delight
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Be socialBuild your audienceUse crowdfunding to help you do thisInvolve your audience in a meaningful wayExperiment with new toolsBefriend a coderExplore new forms of storytellingMake the web, don’t just use itMake beautiful thingsBe generous
  45. 45. @jmullighan@transmedianext@sleepparalysisP@VODOreleases