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  • Decd presentation brian mulligan

    1. 1. Mission: create economic opportunity for the people of Maine Enhance labor, capital and technology to improve the economy and global competiveness Drive sustainable economic growth and create jobs at local and regional levels
    2. 2.  Office of Business Development Office of Community Development Maine Office of Tourism and Film Office of Innovation International Trade Center Maine Technology Institute
    3. 3.  Governor’s Account Executives Agency Liaisons Business and financial assistance, resources, programs Business Answers: 800-872-3838 Pine Tree Development Zones Maine Products Marketing Program
    4. 4.  Marketing program and website to help producers gain access to wholesale and consumer markets. 1,700+ members offering a wealth of items created from wood, granite, field and farm.
    5. 5. GOVERNOR’S ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE TEAMDeb Neuman - Deputy Commissioner of DECD - deb.neuman@maine.govA former business owner herself, Deb is an experienced business advisor, lender, and advocate.Deb has many years of experience working with and on behalf of small businesses as an innovatorand leader in Maine’s economic development community. In addition, she hosts the award winning“Back to Business” radio show.Jaimie Logan - jaimie.logan@maine.govWith over 16 years of leadership experience as executive director of the Boothbay Harbor RegionChamber of Commerce, Jaimie’s background is in assisting businesses with goal setting, marketingstrategies and management, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Jaimie’s legalbackground provides expertise in identifying and analyzing business issues to help you meet goals.Brian Mulligan - brian.mulligan@maine.govA former business owner, Brian understands the opportunities and challenges involved in startingand operating a family-owned business. Having also served in leadership positions in corporatesettings, he has a keen understanding of business operations including management, humanresources, sales and marketing. A lifelong Maine resident, Brian is committed to helping you growyour business in Maine.Kristine Schuman - kristine.schuman@maine.govAs former Director of the Brunswick BRAC (Base Closure and Realignment Center) TransitionCenter, Kristine has worked with chambers of commerce, educational institutions and localorganizations to help businesses start, expand and adapt to change. She specializes in siteselection, business management, marketing and funding.Rosaire Pelletier - rosaire.pelletier@maine.govWith decades of experience in the forest products industry, Rosaire is the expert when it comes toanything related to forest products manufacturing, management, markets and innovation, and caninform, connect and advise you to help you define your goals and plan your course of action to bestachieve them.Brian Doyle - brian.doyle@maine.govBrian brings a background in working with businesses to find the answers and resources they needto achieve their goals. He has assisted and advocated for numerous businesses while staffingDECD’s Business Answers and Red Tape Hotline. Brian is well versed in state and federal programsthat can help Maine businesses succeed.
    6. 6.  Offers eligible businesses the chance to greatly reduce or virtually eliminate state taxes for up to 10 years. Goal:  Create quality jobs in targeted industries  Quality jobs defined as: income exceeding county income guidelines, offers health insurance and retirement benefits  Support new or expanding Maine businesses, and businesses relocating or establishing a Maine presence.
    7. 7.  Eligible Sectors  Biotechnology  Aquaculture and Marine Technology  Composite Materials Technology  Environmental Technology  Advanced Technologies for Forestry and Agriculture  Manufacturing, including Precision Manufacturing  Information Technology  Financial Services
    8. 8.  Open to for-profit, non-retail, non-utility businesses adding a minimum of five net new quality Maine jobs within a two- year period. Under this program, businesses are reimbursed up to 80% of their new employees Maine income tax withholdings for up to 10 years. This years ETIF program was very successful; the program qualified more than 5,500 new employees!
    9. 9.  Assists local governments in various community projects in areas of:  infrastructure,  housing,  downtown revitalization,  planning,  public facilities,  economic development
    10. 10.  Markets Maine to the world as a four- season tourist destination Numerous business support services/resources, including:  advertising information  extensive research  marketing partnership opportunities  award winning website with 1.8 million unique visitors annually
    11. 11.  Approximately 34 million trips are taken to Maine annually Tourism is a $13 billion industry
    12. 12.  Offersincentives to media production companies interested in using Maine as a location.
    13. 13.  Promotingthe use and development of technology in 7 targeted areas.  Biotechnology and Biomedical Technologies  Composites and Advanced Materials  Environmental and Renewable Energy Technologies  Forest Products and Agriculture  Information Technology and Communications  Marine Technology and Aquaculture  Manufacturing Technologies
    14. 14. Offers early-stage capital andcommercialization assistance in theform of competitive grants, loans andequity investment for the research,development and application oftechnologies that create new products,processes and services, generatinghigh-quality jobs across Maine.
    15. 15.  Assistance and exposure for Maine companies seeking a global market. Mission is to expand Maines economy through increased international trade in goods and services and related activities.