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Trend journal 8
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Trend journal 8


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business

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  • 1. The “New” Era of Female Professionals APPAREL INDUSTRY TRENDS The newest power consumer impacting the workplace and the retail environment. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 SCAD Spring 14’ / Prof. D Greene Text
  • 2. Today women are changing are set to overpopulate the workplace, control the spending of their households, take on half of the household work and ear nearly 60% of all higher education degrees. Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 SCAD Spring 14’ / Prof. D Greene Marissa Mayer, CEOYahoo Susan Wojcicki, CEOYou Tube, Google Powerful women are set to take over social media, ecommerce and internet up to date news.
  • 3. For Apparel Merchandisers, feminine attire and accessories will empower the younger generations to lean in, take fashion risks and dress for the career they deserve. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel, pioneer of women’s parisian fashion What Apparel Industry experts need to know: - Women will soon become the majority in the boardroom -Visual imagery of women is changing to a more realistic, marketable everyday woman. - Female entrepreneurs make up 57% of the US - “the gentlewoman” is a fashion trend taken right from the boys - The new era of female workers will be far more flexible in their “career” attire, ready to take risks.. - Powerful opinion leaders will emerge as Fashion Icons - Marketing media will be geared towards candid, natural settings and storytelling - As gender roles shift, male casual wear may spike due to user need. - Reinventing the fashion magazines to have a new role likeVerily Magazine will encourage women to have overall balance in their complicated lives.
  • 4. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 SCAD Spring 14’ / Prof. D Greene The Gentlewoman is a trend just spiking in China womenswear as reinvented pieces taken straight from the boys and transformed for powerful girls.
  • 5. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 SCAD Spring 14’ / Prof. D Greene What silhouettes are coming? Shorts suit Relaxed TrenchcoatRefined PantsuitCropped n Boxy Shirt Unstructured Blazer Exaggerated cropped pant
  • 6. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 SCAD Spring 14’ / Prof. D Greene Global merchants must embrace the needs and demands of the new working woman through a series of understandings and key insights: - Working environments will alter wardrobes depending on life flexibility. -Two piece coordinated easy to wear items in new nuetrals will become the foundation of her wardrobe. - The button down shirt borrowed from the boys will undergo transformations in a multitude of new fabrics with easy care and sustainability. - Crisp, yet fluid fabrics will be a necessity for mobility and global warming weather. - High waisted and exaggerated leg shapes will be abound in the market worn from casual to evening. - Price conscious fashion takes a turn into a greener consumer segment defined as a value proposition.