Trend journal 1 the space age resurfaces


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Trend journal 1 the space age resurfaces

  1. 1. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 Innovation, Refinement & Rock n’ Roll... Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  2. 2. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 “a love affair between refined quality and rock and roll” - style. com “imagination of science and exploration” - Andreas Melbostad Andreas Melbostad as Creative Director of Diesel Black Gold in 2012 Diesel has always caught my eye. The company and it’s many diverse consumer segment labels seems to reinvent cool, masculine rock and roll looks on a consistent basis through fabric innovation and pure class. Innovative influences on the brand include textile developments of coated leathers and denims, scuba neoprene infusion, subtle metal embellishments and the use of texture for complete collection piece diversification. Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  3. 3. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 MISSION AND PHILOSOPHY: BUILDING BRANDS FOR A NEW BREED OF CONSUMERS ENABLING DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGING THE RULES FOSTERING CREATIVITY Diesel, owned by the OTB has a very strong mission statement for their holdings. Diesel began in 1978 and has since evolved in into a world wide leader in casual sportswear, once rooted in denim. The business looks to target a contemporary consumer of varying age, not taste. While the brand is rooted in casual lifestyle offerings, the collections aim to offer diversification from the high end luxury market. The now iconic brand continues to innovate their product selection through the allowance of creative freedom. Upon embarking on additional product markets, the group once lead by Renzo Rosso’s creative direction decided that it’s bradn image would be to “stand for passion, individuality and self expression.. Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  4. 4. Wgsn’s feature shot for the Global Denim report AU/W 14/15 The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 image that set forth my research into the Diesel collection subject In the AU/W 14/15 collection, the Designer’s infusion of space, science and past era spins on futuristic fashion prevailed in an exciting show. Melbostad is known for his revival of the rock and roll “lady” and the influence of his collection is global. The designer revealed the label for autumn / winter that is refined, body conscious, a bit 1960’s in silhouette, fully embellished with metals and full of varied textures. The most intriguing portion of the show came when the “silver astronaut” inspired looks came down the runway in multiple must have pieces. Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  5. 5. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 AU / W 14 /15 Pre-Fall 14 Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  6. 6. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 Diesel Black Gold Au/F 14/15 collection is a gorgeous and perhaps a bit morbid, look into what fresh looks are trending between military, moto and era reflection. The particular looks donned in a silver coating can be traced back to a 1960’s influence in the Age of Space Exploration. One great iconic leader of the era is John Glenn, seen below. The silver suiting of the astronauts is an example of scientific apparel innovation by adding Mylar, a coating that has heat resistant properties. During this era, many designers felt influenced by Futurism as it was an acceptable social risk for science. Anatomical influence, seen in space suit design resurfacing in moto looks.
  7. 7. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 Twiggy in space age fashion, 1966. Several Designers have been influenced by space exploration throughout the decades. Diesel, 2013 Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1 Andre Courreges Couture Future - Space Age Designer
  8. 8. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 The designer also successfully paired the looks of the 1960’s by marrying them to the rock and roll looks that are influential through multiple levels of retail today. The looks attributes tend to be a drop waisted, pleated and form fitted mini skirt or dress paired with a neckline detail such as a collar or front placket access panel, shown with a zipper closure at Diesel Black Gold.
  9. 9. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 The bottom up fashion trend can be seen here in a premium denim line featuring silver coated, quite worn in aesthetic; products from the market in 2012. Zadig & Voltaire Europe Fall 2012 Silver looks are also considered to be an ongoing trend for S/S 15, seen here in a skirts trend update. Antonio Berardi Knife & box pleats Pleated skirts have been gaining momentum in all lengths, from mini to midi, with micro and macro folds. Use wrap and kilt influences, silk-faille metallics, delicate lace, leather or sweater knits for new updates -wgsn Houseware trend forecasts are also predicting a spike in silver accessories.
  10. 10. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 The Diesel brand is iconic by means of offering innovative fabrics in sillhouettes that the target consumer has a ready compatibilty for. The collections under the brand umbrella include: Diesel, Diesel Black Gold, a streetwear inspired line 55DSL, children’s Diesel, an array of accessories and home goods to complement the wardrobe. The most critical observation of Diesel’s Black Gold label evolution is that the designer incrementally introduces new fabrics to early adopters season after season by showcasing one standout fabric with in a style sillhouette with a high level of triability. The trends for the brand are established to trickle both down and from the bottom up through the strategic design of labels offered to the target consumer and diffusing to the critical mass through time. The high end label Diesel offers the innovator a glimpse of observability on the runway. The “statement” novelty pieces allow the consumer to evaluate their percieved risk to adoption and the economic risk is addressed via each label’s pricing strategy. The possible barriers to innovation adoption, when focused on the space age silver looks hitting the runway may be mostly cultural. The consumer looking to make an early purchase such as the above would more than likely have a very low social risk, enjoyment and next to no economic restraint for purchasing. Challenges for the label for the futuristic trend could be related to having the correct outlets of distribution, marketing and establishing continuous communication to the consumer after purchase for the garment to remain relevant to his / her needs and wants. Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1
  11. 11. The Space Age Resurfaces, AU / W 2014 Aidenn Mullen / Fash503 / Trend Journal Entry 1