Wimax Pakistan Case Study
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Wimax Pakistan Case Study



WiMAX Networks was once popular in 2009 and quickly faded away.

WiMAX Networks was once popular in 2009 and quickly faded away.
The case examined in 1 of Pakistan WiMAX operators showed how the network failed to meet customer expectation



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Wimax Pakistan Case Study Wimax Pakistan Case Study Document Transcript

  • Wi-Tribe vs Qubee vs Wateen, Pakistan’s Wirelessproviders comparedby Muzzammil Waheed on October 18, 2010http://www.biggtech.com/technology/wi-tribe-vs-qubee-vs-wateen-pakistans-wireless-providers-compared_3081.htmlWireless internet services competition is heating up in Pakistan with the latest contender Qubeelaunching their services, agaisnt already established competitors like Wi-Tribe and Wateen. Qubee claimsthat their prices are cheap and their plans are affordable, We’ll that maybe the case as evident from thecomparison matrix below, however, their service is yet to be tested and ranked.I have had an experience with wateen with an outdoor CPE and I always struggled with their coverageand service in my previous area( township), and recently have seen coverage and performance of Wi-tribe in the new location ( canal view) . In my opinion it Wi-Tribe Customer support, performance andspeed is at a higher level whereas Wateen has a more broader coverage and services, yet their customersupport lacks in multiple points ( they operate much more like PTCL with many red tapes and stuff goingon ), that pushed me to go for DSL of PTCL which at many times lacks speed and there are alwaysproblems with landline. I am also using PTCL EVO/EVDO which is primarily 3G technology as comparedto these providers which are using WIMAX, in my opinion PTCL EVO is also a good option provided yourarea is getting good coverage.Pricing and plan Comparison Wi-Tribe QUBEE WATEENSpeed GB/Month Rs/Month Speed GB/Month Rs/Month Speed GB/Month RS/Month 256 6 650 512 6 750 256 5 499 512 6 750 1024 6 850 512 5 599 1024 6 950 512 12 900 1024 5 699 512 12 1200 1024 12 1000 256 10 899 1024 12 1350 512 18 1000 512 10 999 1024 15 1600 1024 18 1500 1024 10 1099 ShuttleUSB Dongle 512 1000 256unlimited 1199 unlimited Shuttle 256 6 1000 1024 1500 512unlimited 1299 unlimited 512 10 1500 1024unlimited 1399 ShuttleActivation desktop router @ Activation of indoor router is Bundle 5GB Subscription @500/- Rs FREE 1999/- RsActivation WIFI router @ Activation of WIFI Router @ 500/- Bindle 10GB subscription @1500/- Rs Rs 1499/- RsActicvation USB dongle @ Activation USB shuttle @ 500/- Bundle unlimited2500/- Rs Rs subscription @ 1499/- RsConclusion:All three providers claim good service, better overall support and more important speed and reliability.This might be true for all providers but the location does factor in and I would suggest that one opting fora service always ask other peers in your area about the service of specific provider. As far as pricing isconcerned QUBEE is offering better rates and their devices come at a lower price, yet their service is yet
  • to be thoroughly tested. My experience with Wateen has not been good in town ship area of Lahore andtheir billing sucks big time.I am keen in trying QUBEE at my home and will post about my experience, in case it is not I will getsubscription to Wi-Tribe. BTW I am right now situated in Canal View housing society, Lahore.Do let us know about your experience with Wateen, Wi-tribe and QUBEE in comments sectionRESPONDS / COMMENTS: Muzzammil Moderator 7 months ago Im a qubee user and I have PTCL EVO as backup. So far qubee is OK in my area, speed is slower than it usedto be earlier but no disconnections ( with exception of couple of incidents per week ). Plus its not a big risk, Im alsothinking of trying wi-tribe as well in my area to see hot it works. BTW Im in canal view area and PTCL EVO gives me 250kb while downloading movies on P2P. Abdul Saboor 12 months ago QUBEE sucks, rather their price plans are great but as of their (SO CALLED) unlimited 1MB package, they suck,they call 30GB (an unlimited FAIR USAGE POLICY), suck it QUBEE. Dont know about other providers, as far as QUBEE is concerned, should suggest everyone not to even think ofQUBEE if you are MAD-DOWNLOADER, never go for it. Muzzammil Moderator 12 months ago in reply to Abdul Saboor I know having limited bandwidth suck and there are always issues when you go above quota, but same holds truefor wi tribe whereas wateen is an exception. Im using quebee for almost a month now and im really satisfied with the speed and there has been no downtimeso far in my area ( Canal view ), although I know i have over shot my quota and next month im going for biggerpackage :( thanks to the youtube videos. I cannot consider qubee shuttle althought it is unlimited but i cannot share it on my three laptops at home. during the last three years wateen has never delivered it for me and thus i am really stuck with qubee for nowunless they have issues in their service, BTW for mad downloading I use PTCL EVO stick ;) which has suddenlystarted giving good speed while it used to really really suck in October. Mani 11 months ago I was Wi-Tribe costumer..... but their bills suks.... now i am using QUBEE unlimited @ 1000/- with the speed of512kbs,,, and i am happy with QUBEE. Jeddy Khan 2 months ago I have started using Qubee in July. One thing I was promised that the range would be 30 meters, I tested this aftermy laptop was repaired. I could not access Internet a short distance from the Modem. When the Qubee techniciancame to fix this problem. He said that my laptop will not be able to access the Internet beyond the floor it is on. So the30 meter range was bogus. Even on the same floor - when I take my laptop two rooms away Internet access ends. Iwas told to buy an additional router to have complete access anywhere in the house Pakistani music 4 months ago I think Wateen is still doing the best. Usama Ahmed 5 months ago
  • I have used QUBEE for year, in the start it worked gr8, now you cant see a youtube video without any buffering,so their services are slow. Now trying wi-tribe, their Customer service is good, but same goes here for the first monthits gr8 and now its slow, on the weeekends DAMN SLOW. Nanopaki 8 months ago Qubee these days is slow like a snail in my area, plus it gets disconnected as well occassionally Eeshamansoor 8 months ago here is my experience: wi tribe works good in iqbal town lahore and in islamabad. wateen is not good in islamabad g 11, and wi tribe doesnot work in g 13. but other wise, in most areas of ibd and lahore, wi tribe is the best! Best Registry Cleaner 11 months ago Luckily their tower is near my house, may be thats the reason of good speed. Rohail Pucit 11 months ago its been 15 days i am using Wi tribe. Its up time is 100%. the only issue i am facing is its limited volume. Its stable,always up and their customer service is also good. I was using PTCL dsl for more than a year. My experience of Witribe is good. I m in Green Town Lahore Luckily their tower is near my house, may be thats the reason of good speed. Mansoor847 11 months ago wateen connection call mansoor 03234482927.danish khawaja 12 months ago wi tribe is much better then any of the other wi max internet service providers in pakistan wi tribe is not making liesto the customers wi tribe is providing extra 5 gb in just 99 rs with no hidden chages qubee is probiding 0.11 Rs per MB quals to 111 Rs Per Gb Ayuub Hashmi 11 months ago in reply to danish khawaja Dear Danish, In Wi-tribe If you can get 5GB extra in Rs. 100, Its same in QUBEE, if you cross your limit and you call QUBEEcustomer center and change your plan then you get 6GB in Rs. 100/- , For example If you had 12GB package on512Kbps(Rs. 900 Per Month) , and You change your plan to 18GB on 512Kbps(Rs. 1000 Per Month) Remainingdays will be charged on its average. So conclusion Wi-tribe is not offering anything out of the world. Suleman 1 year ago I have used wateen, speed wise its good but their billing sys and customer support are very poor if you ever facedany issue they take 7 - 8 days to solve it thats why i have switched to witribe. i am using it from over 6 months itsworking perfect now i am going to test qubee their unlimited package seem to very attractive. Hamid Waheed 1 year ago My experience with PTCL, like most of you has been horrific.First I had EVO, which didnt give me speed over 6kbps. I had to throw it away! I then got PTCLs DSL 1 mb connection, which I requested to be upgraded to a 4 mbone. 4 months have gone by eversince, but no upgradation! Of course I lodges various complaints, (about 100registered with them) , but got a reply that " uour problem will be solved within 24 hours" and even after 2,832 hours,no improvement. I have just terminated my DSL connection and feel releived. I wish to get a connection fromWateen. Could anyone advise my gatting any other ISP other than Wateen. Ill be very grateful. gamer4lyf 1 year ago
  • Initially, when i had PTCL installed it was pretty good, the streaming was perfect but then the download speedswent down the hill. It felt like as if i was using a dial-up connection and PTCL kept giving me the same excuse thatthere is something wrong with their exchange and will be fixed soon. Its been over a year and a half and it still givesthe speed between 40 - 50 kbps and my father is the only one who uses it to check his mails at home. I then had Wi-tribe installed on the advice of a friend. I must say that their quick action to get my connection up and running was agreat example of how ISPs should be. Wi-tribe gave me a decent speed, not anywhere near what PTCL gave me atfirst but then soon my wimax modem didnt pick up signals, i thought that something was wrong with the modem butwhen they replaced it, the issue was the still there. Their helpline said that there must be too many people using theinternet in the area. I told her that cant be the issue since there was no problems with the speed but rather it wasntconnecting to the net at all. She had no reply to that and when i kept asking her to give me a logical answer, she hadnothing to say. I had to smash the modem because if they cant tell me whats wrong then there is no point sticking tothat service, Mind you i was already having a bad day :). Then i hesitantly went for Wateen. I got my connectioninstalled in 3 days which was poor but i have had no problems with the service at all. I use it for gaming and videostreaming and its perfect, giving me download speeds of around 120 kbps. I wasnt expecting a quality service fromWateen since it has a bad reputation but for me they have provided a good internet service. They just need toincrease there connection speeds to match with PTCL but only if they dont downgrade their service. Fookie 1 year ago Tried PTCL student package and it was great until my DSL modem stopped working and for three months PTCLdid not respond to my complaints. Shifted to Wateen Cable in DHA and it is too fast too furious. Loving it. mostly useit for downloading movies, games and watching streaming TV shows. As for wireless, I used Wateen for two yearsbefore shifting to cheaper PTCL and did not have any problems except for them not having any credit card paymentsolution. Overall, for me Wateen has been and is a good experience. Green TEa 1 year ago i have been using Wateen for over a year now and it has never let me down, Used PTCL-IT SUX, WiTribe doesntwork due to coverage issue and Just got that cute Qubee shuttle. so far its doing good but im sure once the networkhas high number of Users it will give me a tough time. Its hard to get signals in Cantt, lahore. Also the bill payment system of Wateen is the most convenient. Reliability is the name of the game. Muzzammil Moderator 1 year ago Just one thought, payment options for Qubee are limited right now. They allow paying up via voicher at Faysalbank or you will have to visit their main office at M.M Alam road to deposit the payment. As per their own staffpayment at their franchise is not recommended in case you want to get the connection restored on priority basis.. Muzzammil Moderator 1 year ago My interaction with wateen was almost an year ago and it didnt go well. BTW I just got QUBEE isntalled and it islooking good as far as Speed test and youtube videos are concerned. Pingtime is also good. I havnt checked theonline gaming performance, will check the CS servers lag and let you guys know ... Psyched 1 year ago by the way... my location is Township and use a Wateen Outdoor device. Maybe you used the service a long timeback Brainy 1 year ago in reply to Psyched psyched , hey i just wanted to ask u a question man.... im in township as well in sector A-1 . Ive got the WateenWiimax set up ... but i get shit internet even when the signal being shown is 4/5 ... Does an outdoor unit help so much? Ur playing ps3 online with a wateen setup haha i cant even view pagesWateen’s Strategic Mistake in Product Launch
  • By Atif Tahir | August 31, 2007http://telecompk.net/2007/08/31/wateen%E2%80%99s-strategic-mistake-in-product-launch/In this post we take a look at the role of advertising in building brand equity, using the case of Wateen’srecent product launch. Advertising is paid form of marketing promotion in which the sponsor is advertisedand the message is controlled. Brand Equity refers to the value built-up in a brand. It is measured on ascale determining the extent of customer awareness. Besides awareness, brand equity is also directlyrelated to the consumer’s experience with the brand itself. This experience finally decides the fate ofproduct in terms of success and brand loyalty or failure within the potential target audience.Within Marketing Mix i.e. Target market and 4P’s (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion), Product refersto the promise made to the customer or solution provided to the customer. Value is the perceiveddifference between the costs spent by the customer against achieved benefits. The lower the cost inrelation to the benefits the lower is the value.Hence, marketing communication or advertising during the product launch is a strategic decision andmust be handled with care. Launching the product or service aggressively without practically placing it ormaking it available might bring critically negative impact on brand reputation. Such campaign destroysinstead of building a brand. It is just like a promise made to the customer and then not being fulfilled.Such mistake at launch stage, specifically in case of a product like WiMax which still have to struggle a lotin getting mass awareness and with delivery issues, can severely disrupt the company’s and brand’simage within early adaptors of the product.Wateen placed two ads in print media. One, related to product launch aggressively offered all theproducts in line with core focus on triple play. Wateen’s new website is also much better than the previousone and offers product & marketing information in detail. However on practically calling the Toll Freenumber on next day of advertisement, one finds a telemarketer with inadequate information on all theproducts and delivery time of 2 months. Prospects are being asked to register online and are being toldthat sales team will contact them in 6 to 8 weeks. However there is definitely some good news for DHAresidents where finally some services are available. However, residents maintained that it is the TriplePlay currently being offered and not the WiMax. Even in case of Triple Play services, Wateen is notactually offering FTTH, instead Co-axial cables are being routed from the OFC distribution boxes.While doing advertisement during product launch, companies must behave strategically realistic when themarket is competitive and buyers have become knowledgeable. Wateen does have some excitingprojects and plans ahead and they are acting quite aggressively but enterprises like Wateen Telecom,must advertise product/service offering only when the product is ready to deliver instead of advertisingplans on paper.The second Ad from the campaign was a good advertising strategy. It was much focused on company’scorporate image leaving a feeling that there is a new entrant who will be offering state of the art valueservices in Telecom Sector. The services which are new for the customers in Pakistan. The Ad was notoffering anything in particular and hence is the right Pre-Launch Ad before products are practically readyfor delivery. Wateen also has successfully managed to bring certain corporate giants on board includingTelenor, Bank of Punjab, Warid, Callmate etc and these names were illustrated on the advertisement,thus strengthening the company’s image as promising and trustworthy player.Harriss August 31st, 2007 @ 5:40 pmCEO is actully making money from vendors, contractors and contractsTee Emm September 3rd, 2007 @ 4:44 amIt is said that this ‘half baked’ stuff was sent out by Wateen as they had been given the impression that Mobilink isstarting a huge campaign on August the 14th, (2007) and in the quest of ‘being the first’ Wateen fell in the booby trapand spent millions on stuff that is yet to see the light of the day.
  • Mobilink have a strong history of tactical marketing prowess. Back in 1998, when Instaphone was the giant cellcompany and Mobilink was just starting off, I remember, Instaphone started a stealth marketing campaign named‘Insta Xcite’ with a capital X on the banners everywhere in the city. While Instaphone was still in the first few phasesof the Xcite campaign, Mobilink hijacked the campaign and came up with something similar all to the awe of theInstaphone marketeers!KO September 3rd, 2007 @ 8:33 am In my view, their entire advertising campaign has been a disaster. I really don’t see how they could have done things worse. If you look over at any internet forum in Pakistan, the “brand equity” of Wateen has been steadily dropping over thepast year.Naveedch September 4th, 2007 @ 2:02 am I have to agree with Tee Emm on this, Wateen sure wasted their energies on wrong front. Wateen launch is justlike indian dramas, it just goes on and on …. Although Pakistani people like those dramas but i am sure they areloosing interest in wateen. I for one dont have any confidence on them now, they talk too much but dont deliver.Pakistani customers are not that stupid as companies think they are :-)Babar Bhatti September 4th, 2007 @ 11:53 am I agree with KO that Wateen let their brand slide. I was hoping that their Warid’s partnership with Singtel will help,but perahps its too early. As TM said, competing with Mobilink is not so easy, especially when a company lacksstrong leadership and a competent workforce. Pakistani customers are not that stupid as companies think they are :-) Well said Naveed! 1Rana Shahbaz Ahmed September 5th, 2007 @ 2:53 am Nice roundup! I called Wateen office to get information regarding the WiMax but the representative told me the information will besubmitted when the product launched! Amazing …… they are still not prepared to launch this product which is beingadvertized! Wateen Fumbles with WiMAX Launch Campaign : Green & White September 6th, 2007 @ 3:26 pm Meiraj Hasan October 5th, 2007 @ 2:31 pm Dear All, Hello and Ramazan Mubarak, There is a nice discussion and comments currently being carried out regarding WATEEN and its WIMAX Project. The services included in name WIMAX/Mobile WIMAX are not clear at all and these services will vary fromcustomer to customer. It depends on what a particular customer demands. It will surely be different for a home user,small and large corporate sector, academic/financial/banking sector with off course mix of different packages. Regarding the technical aspect, as most of you know that WATEEN’s vendor is Motorola. Motorola is also thevendor of WIMAX project of Mobilink Pakistan. I think that the technology is not completely mature these days andthe vendors are currently going through their research, development, getting help from other companies, other’sWIMAX solution. Also, in the WIMAX World Chicago US just a week back, Motorola has shown a demonstration oftheir Mobile WIMAX System at the river side. The vendors need to bring the CPE which can be used in order toaccess the WIMAX services.
  • It seems that WATEEN just want to bring their product in the market early in order to capture a large market shareinitially. Thanks. Regards, Syed Meiraj Hasan Islamabad Pakistan Guru October 12th, 2007 @ 2:15 pm just here to tell every one wateen have very poor services simply fail servicesRaza October 12th, 2007 @ 2:30 pm Am 100% agree with Guru’s comments because I personally used Wateen WiMax really amassed that how thatmuch big company can deceive their users I never got proper bandwidth never can voice chat I understand this isnew technology but why Wateen getting experienced from Pakistani market, personally at this stage I can say that nochance for Wateen in Pakistani market because every one understand that once any company fail to deliver servicesin Pakistani market they never can grow up again, I have one suggestion for Wateen’s top management (if there isany) Please re-launch the company with new name and tray, you may recover your wasted investment. Bilal Mughal October 17th, 2007 @ 6:49 am Before we make any sweeping statements please note that Wateen will launch its services officialy by end of thismonth or begining of the next. Also register the fact that it took considerable amount of time for a technology likeGSM to settle down in this market. In the same spirit of things it will take time to get WiMAX on the road. The problemfaced by Wateen is not individual to them only. Also another thing, WiMAX is used best when it gets treated as an“Inherent” technology. Every technology creates its own way for the consumer, until you don’t adopt to the fashion, itwill remain useless for you. If you look at it from the “WiMAX Hype” perspective, Wateen has taken its share, now nomatter Mobilink comes up with its solution into the market if not sooner then later, Wateen has left its trademark overWiMAX technology. Let’s wait till the end of this month to see how the formal launch makes a tee-off. Thanks, Bilal MughalMuhammad Naveed November 22nd, 2007 @ 11:55 am I proud that such a big project is launched by Wateen Telecom in Pakistan. one of the world’s big wimax projects.But the way it is deploying it in the market is very poor. Is it a way to give too much costly equipment free of costinspit of considering the consumption of the same. One thing more i want to ask from the frined here in touch that in how much cities Wateen has launched its wimax. Naveed Zahid (03004364147) naveed@inbox.comTwilight January 2nd, 2008 @ 2:21 pm Well, you are forgetting one thing. Wateen is company with very good cash reserves.They are probably building upthe base untill they can actully at a place where they can be where warid stands today. The classic way to enter a competetive market with big names taking the bulk of market they are adopting.Theycan sustain for some time now. With good finances and a long term vision they can succeed.
  • They are offering 512K in 22 cities,they ultimate vision is probably cover whats on their list eventually. In a nutshell, they can do without the bing bang style launching.Salim Noorani January 4th, 2008 @ 1:26 pm I thing and i now about outdoor advertising business. It give very bad effect on the campign for wateen because itlaunchs the service at the time of all. Although all the sign boards covered in the election campign and the selectionof the place for the sign board not meet the target market. I thing they should discontinue the campign and shouldrelaunch the product again after the condition of city and after the election. VASWANI NAVAL January 8th, 2008 @ 11:14 am Well yes Marketing Guru and practical experinces says that when the product is not available or service is notready to be deiliverd a Promise should not be made. But WIMAX is a pure service with some physical escape ofcomany . Service is an experince which is judges-Measured-Guaged after use or trial so Waten’s Advertisingconsultant might have used as Information availability and in future startegically planned to take advantage of FIRSTMOVER ADVANTAGE if any competitor comes in market. Marketing is ruled by ideas and above all results shows the experince worth or not. Like When Mobi link was MAYBE LINK even then Mobilink had Higher growth rate then others . Is it not a mystry for Books gurus? Pakistan lacks in the skilled workers in Services sector due to numerous reasins like Language, low literacy, Lowwages, Man dominated society, cultural barriers etc therefore companies do face Technaical and qualifies staffparticulary in SERVICES. The high TURN OVER is also a big issue. This low turn rate is beacuse Companies do not invets in the traning and development of the Staff/Employee andthey always hunting staff who are trained by some other comany therfore one day a person is in IT other day he is inPotatoes-snacks company. I agree with Shugfta Zareen that the product is in introduction stage and witll take little time and they have the feedback about the product/service. And last but not the least WATEEN entered in the ring , opened the door of new technology and provided theopprtunity to experince this to their valued customers. In todays world of rapid chaning companies have to take stepslike this for remaining to be the Market leader. It is also to be considered Higher the Risk Higher the gain and more than 90% new launched products fails initially. Todays most reliable brands like PEPSI, COCO COLA, MICROSOFT, INTEL etc had also faced these challanges. Beauty of thing lie in attempting so WARID has attempted well. Any company who is afraid of the loss of their investment will never delight the customer. Ages ago we heared SATISFY the customer them came the slogan DELIGHT the customer but Today it isSURPRISE The customer thrigh their services, New products. Valuable comments are invited Regards VASWANI NAVAL
  • MBA, BE, MS 0092 3002237927aaho January 12th, 2008 @ 2:34 pm Salam, The real story. I just came from Germany to pay a visit to my Parents living in Gujranwala. There I am use to ~16mb/Secdownload stream and ~1mb/sec upload stream. Here I was looking for a dsl or so called broadband internet solution.My first choice would be PTCL Flat Rate.. but due to continuous distortions in phone line even after many repairs ptclline is still same. So I thought of Wateen. Its been my 2nd day on Wateen. Its just the third class low level and allthose silly word I can use. let me start from the beginning. I went to their Franchise in Gujranwala. I had some regular FAQs in mind… even for that they were not knowingany thing. Then I said ok I will be back after I will rethink on it. Next day I found other people dealing the customers Iasked where are the one I met yesterday. I got a reply, they all went to Lahore for training classes. At the same time Igot the thought HIT n TRIAL = Wateen. Though I have had to get a connection. SO I asked them to come to mylocation and do an availability test and with that I asked for the initial price to start the contract along with theirSpecial offer price 512 kb/s so on for 1350 PKRS. They said 5850 PKRS ( 2999 PKRS for Upfront [WiMax Device]Charges 500 Security 1350 first month payment AND 1000 installation charges ) I asked then what sort o installationdo they do. They just said.. yah the installation like generating user name preparing the stuff and so on. Today I justsaw their FAQ and its clearly written: Are there any installation charges for setting up this service? No, there are no installation charges for setting up this service and there is no line rental. You are simply billed forthe calls you make through Wateen Access on a monthly basis. “Telephony” http://wateen.com/SupportAdvice.aspx Now I dont know what they are charging 1000 PKRS for?! ok next thing. He promised that test team will come the same day or next for the line test. The day passed and the next too nobody came nor a single call back for any further information. I went to them toask whats now?! They said that the test team will be there in 30 min… and I think in Pakistan 30 min means 3 hours.Though he came to test it… He tested it and the signals were good. he tested one two other things as were told intheir training classes and offered me to test the net. I just checked ipconfig it was not showing WAN ip so I simplyused any ip check website to check my WAN ip.. he said how u did that. I was like LOL then after that to check theModem working he wanted to enter into Modem Interface. He even was typing in absolutly wrong IP and it was like where as it was/is After that he forget the firmware logins.. I was just ROFLOLLLLLL. if this is test team then what would be theothers. ok thats gone. I said its ok and it was ok. He asked me to pick the number. All Golden Numbers were either goneor were reserved against a Bribery for 3000 PKRS. Now here I feel like true Pakistan. Wateen is just to start andpeople with greedy faces are in… Dont know what will be its future.
  • I some how selected not golden but a nice number. ok now he said it will be activated in 24 hours. The Day goneand next too. I again called them whats now. they made lame excuse and said that our fiber optics to our main servergot broken. I was like :O is it a good invested company or a toy shop? he said it will be activated till next day. nextday I got the Authorization details for internet access but my phone was still dead. after few hours I got called Sir thenumber you applied for is already taken in our system please select another number. I was just think is it newly andheavily invested company with pros or just TEST TEST TEST = RUN. I gave her another choice to register for me. tillnext day nothing got activated. I was just fed up from this WATEEN. I went to their Franchise and spoke to themharsh. They even gave me my previously applied number along with they activated it in 30 min. Ok so it was the activation of the Package. Now I was browsing it for last 2 hours and its been auto Disconnected for about more than 15 times. MAAAAANwhats this now. Some how I browsed google for wateen and I got to this place. While browsing even it was just notgetting byte on its regular time and many time it even got timeout. Summary: Get a bamboo stick and live in a small village is better than to dream for a service that runs worst thanwhat we can think of. Bribery, low service, unskilled staff, unsecure and unstable infrastructure. What worst you need. “Wateen (WeNever Connect)”. PS: its not pre made story rather It happened to me. Babar Bhatti Riz January 16th, 2008 @ 9:09 pm I am in Lahore, and I have similar kind of experience like you aaho. You atleast got it working at last (though it wasuseless) but I was never able to run it for 3 weeks before I returned it :) read the full story http://www.dotriz.com/2007/12/wateen-wimax-unforgettable-experience.html irfan January 18th, 2008 @ 9:21 am Capital investment to buy the wateen product is much more high. they’ve never considered the middle classpeople.. On its counterpart the local companies are providing WiMax services on very low rates of installation &modem charges. No-doubt wateen has a good start but qiute expensive.. Dear moderator, i am using a WiMaxservice of a local company, they’ve equipment my pc with LuCent modem, but wateen is using motorola modemwhich is too expensive. i wanna know, can i use wateen services with my Lucent modem???Aaho January 22nd, 2008 @ 10:34 am RIZ I am still stucked. it works for those hours I comment here and later on again the same. They gonna install Jupiter ( Signal booster Antenna) on my house roof. BUT the calling phase is still the same.Sometimes the call get connected and many times not. The final call I got from Lahore HQ was about installing theJupiter. During the problem another survey team came to my home location. My room is on first floor and here I get 4signal out of 5 around 68dbm that quite OK for all stuff they are offering. But they surveyed (at ground floor, as forthat day I was not at home and they were unable to come in) that this location is out of their availability. They sentthis survey to their HQ and now they gonna install Jupiter only for me within the same cost. Whereas that device iscosting around 40K PKRS. I asked the person who told me that gonna do it, that what about telephony. HE said, itsnormal with other telephone companies too :D I said it isnt normal that if I call once it get connected and with in call itget disconnected, the modem restarts and then its up to your luck when u can again call the same person on thesame number. lol
  • Dashi January 22nd, 2008 @ 12:28 pm My story goes like this! They installed Indoor CPE on 16th Jan.(512K Package), it worked fine for 2 days awesome download speed 60-65kb/s. They said telephony will be activated within 48hrs, but before those 48hrs were over, i restarted the CPEfrom its Web Interface, that was my biggest mistake being a user of Wateen. My CPE never picked up the signalagain i knew this happened because of Web Interface bug in CPE. Now the real Wateen Experience comes into scene…. I called their helpline at 5pm on 18th Jan i told them that my device has got some problem and its not picking upthe signal they gave me the complain number and told me that your problem will be sorted within 24hrs. Next day atthe 22nd Hour of complaint being logged Wateen’s technical guy came and said you are in out of service area forindoor device. I told him that how they hell your installation guys could not figure that out and how is that possiblewhen i am receiving 4 signals out of 5 and internet was working perfectly, he said you are receiving signal because ofReflection and only Outdoor device can work properly here. I asked him to check the device he had in my room andhe said “Your device is not faulty, you are in out of service area for indoor device” and he left saying that. I spent twodays without internet, on Monday morning i went to Wateen’s Franchise near my home, and brought a guy with aanother CPE. That CPE worked fine picked up signal while my CPE was still searching for signals. So to end thestory Wateen has technical staff which is not technical at all. Their helpline is pathetic and you will always be given24hrs for the any complain made. Omar Khawaja January 24th, 2008 @ 7:41 am very poor sercvices. having problems in my telephone line since 19-01-08 but no body from wateen knows whatmy problem is. everytime i call at helpline they say we have forwarded your complain. everytime i visit they say we donot have access at head. a customer who has spended Rs. 19500 does not look worthy to wateen. VERY VERY…………….. poor organizations. Logged complaint. December 26th 3:00 pm Call from Wateen Technical Support. “Hello, is this Mr.XxXxX” (a charming voice) -YesSssss… “Sir, can you give me your MAC” -YeSsSss…. ( Danger! Bells Ringing. Since you don’t have her voice signature as wateen technical staff, thusauthorization failed. Access Denied. Don’t give your MAC) But who can withstand a charming voice. -read out loud like a parrot “Sir, put cpe in an open area, specially on roof.” -Hmm nice idea, (why I didn’t thought of it before.) “Bye, have a good day” (True Genius)
  • Once found a good spot, I was really amazed to see that now I am getting like 3 signals. Hurraay ! (aah finally allproblems solved, wateen technical support rocks, wateen rocks ) January 1st 2008 10:00 am Wateen Rocks. Really ? Well…… Call from franchise, “Sir we are sorry to inform you that you have to visit us regarding some change in package. Iam afraid our old contract is no longer valid”. -Hmm, what now. “Sir, you have to pay 351/- more.” -Is that all ? “Sir, yes sir” -Ok sure. “And Sir, now the package is for one year only, with a 10Gb cap, 512Kbps & 1350/ pm” -Whattttttt ?????? No more two years contract, unlimited offer, 1Mbps & 999/- pm? (Punch in face. Clean KO) “Sir, we are really sorry but there is nothing we can do. We humbly apologize. If not acceptable please return theequipment and we will return your money ” -hmm. a brief pause. Ok. ( You have been fooled ) “Bye, Have a good Day” (phittay moun tayra, lagta hai wateen k CEO ko raat bivi say chappal parray hongay. Jubhe tu subbah subbah new policy launch kar dee) Later that day, I had to take this new offer. No other option existed in first place. No more matter of choice. January 5th 2008 1:00 am Telephone activated and password provided. (chalo kuch tu jaldi ho gya, shahid yeah de-camping wala problembhi solve ho jaay next week may ) January 9th 2008 3:00 pm Surprize! Telephone stopped working and password expired. No network found. Searching for signals took forever. God Knows what happened. Logged a series of complaints, 1361, 3651, 4433, 7298 ….. forgot others. January 10th 2008 3:00 pm Took cpe to franchise, technical staff updated frequencies. Once again the cpe was working like a charm butwithout Telephone or Password. January 18th 2008 2:00 am Call from wateen field engineer. “Sir, aapka problem may nay core say solve kar dya hai. Aapka phone activate ho chukka hai, ore password bhikaam karayga.”
  • -Yar very good work. I am really thankful for your efforts & personal interest to the matter. (Indeed, he deserved athumbs up. Job weldone) (Wateen Rocks) January 21st 2008 2:00 pm Prolonged signal search is back (Phittay moun, it sucks). I thought they updated frequencies. Contacted wateenfranchise but they informed no such step has been taken. Hmm ok… January 22nd 2008 8:00 pm Logged complaint 8226 Still searching for signals. Almost begged to cpe, to camp January 23th 2008 Signal search yet in progress… Call from wateen. “Sir, is your problem solved” -No “Sir, we appologize. Attention to the matter will be given immediately and on priority basis” (Allah Karay) -Ok “Bye, have a good day” (Although, I was expecting to recieve another good TOTKA) January 24th 2008 Later that night Signal search in progress… Made my mind to accept the reality and let it go. Since there is nothing I can do. The nearest AP is perhaps at4KM or so, or God Knows whus the issue. January 25th 2008 Later in evening Still searching for signals… ( I was dead sure by that time, that my CPE is being tagged “Yateem” of Signals) Call from wateen. “Sir, is your problem solved ?” -No “Sir, we are really sorry to inform you that, since your area is out of coverage, therefore, you have to return OURequipment. We are informming our franchise to return your full payment. Once again we humbly appologize” -Whattttttttttttttttttttttttt………………… ?????????????????????? -Yeah Offcourse. Why Not. (Chalo Broadband nah sahi, Iss Khuwari say tu jaan chutti) “Bye, ” (Aaj tu have a good day kehna bhool gaay ? Yani K dua bhi sirf apnay customers k-lee-a hai. Wa Raay) January 26th 2008 3:00 pm Luckily fond field engineer, and he some how magically fixed my device in matter of minutes. Perhaps hard resetfixed the problem (You really rock dude).
  • The franchise representator was un-aware of any return policy. So he favored me to use this device till monday. January 27th 2008 5:00 pm Call from franchise / customer representator “Sir I have contacted Wateen and they have three options for you” (for once I wondered, is there any chance if I choose the right option, I will win a free CPE) >>Option One>> Bear the problems and don’t complain, till wateen install’s its AP near your home. Or atleast in areasonable distance. (6 months atmost) >>Option Two>> Wait atleast 2 months, as we have forwarded such out of coverage area cases, and chances arehigh that such customers will be alloted Jupiter free of cost. (but not sure) >>Option Three>> Return the equipment and take back your money in a day or two. (Offcourse.) ————————————————————————————————– Another Day Another Surprize Previously: >>Option One>> Bear the problems and don’t complain, till wateen install’s its AP near your home. Or atleast ina reasonable distance. (6 months atmost) >>Option Two>> Wait atleast 2 months, as we have forwarded such out of coverage area cases, and chances arehigh that such customers will be alloted Jupiter free of cost. (but not sure) >>Option Three>> Return the equipment and take back your money in a day or two. (Offcourse.) January 30th 2008 11:00 am Visit to Wateen Franchise –I informed the franchise representator, since first two options are ambiguous, therefore I choose third option, thatis return of equipment. “Franchise Representator, oh sure Sir, but before you proceed here is an update regarding Refund policy: (Surprizee woh reeema ka dance tu sirf publicity k lee-a thaa) >>Return of 11 post date checks in 10 to 20 business days. >>Deduction of 2800/- to 3800/- from the initial payment. ( 5850/- ) >>Payment of remaining amount in 10 to 20 business days. ” –hmm… Can you please explain why Deduction of amount ? I am sure I was informed that I will recieve full refunddue to non-coverage area. Secondly, I never opted for return, instead you have presented me with most infeasibleoptions including this return of equipment. Perhaps an explanation may avoid further confusion. (khana khaya nahin, glass todra bill 2800/- to 3800/- ) “Well Sir, as you know -I- am not owner of wateen infact a representator. I am bound to follow what I am beingtold. Therefore department responsible for such actions (Refund), have provided with following, that is: >>charge customer for first month usage.
  • >>charge for calls being made to non-free zone. Anyhow I assure you I will try my best to get you full refund” (Reema ko bhool jao, idhar tu mehdi hassan k chance bhi kum hain) –Ok, I will update you regarding my decision in a day or two. (Indeed advertisement the right to choose. Sub ko Mamo banao) On my way back, I met field engineer. He offered me tea, frankly which I accepted without giving a secondthought. I was sure, he is the right guy to get some information. During discussion, I inquired about my problem, towhich he mentioned something useful. >> Initial survey of the town projected that atleast FIVE APs must be installed, while upto now only 2 arefunctional. >> Franchise is authorized to sell equipment if the distance between AP & CPE is 0.5 KM only. ( phir mujhay cpe sell qn kya ? MamoOoOoO banaya kya ?) >> A team from Motorola is expected to visit town soon, since september 2007. >> Wateen is a new setup and it will take sometime to stabilize its services. Its pretty clear that they launchedprematurely. (waisay he sub nahin cheekh rahay) >> Finally, I have double checked on google map as well as coverage map information from wateen. Your home isatleast 3.4 KM from the nearest AP. So it’s not in coverage area. Thereby, whenever you log a complaint, it isrejected by Lahore side, being tagged out of coverage. So, I am sorry you have no option but to return. ( 1000 ruppay installation kiss khaatay may thay ? Oh may tu bhool gya. Installation tu may nay khud key thee.Phir payment may nay qn key ? MamoOo ) On my way back from wateen franchise, I was wondering, whose fault is it ? Conclusion: -Technology being offered by wateen is very good. -Internet packages being offered are good. (Since they leave room for competition. Everyone will be delighted tosee another competitor with new technology and attractive packages). -Technical staff & support not upto standards. Need improvement. -Network coverage below average. Need improvement. -A humble request to Wateen Executives, please take prompt notice of this “Surprize Policy”. —————————————————————————————————- Gorsi February 6th, 2008 @ 12:03 pm Wateen farnchise sold me this WiMax CPE and took the cheques. The signal is very weak in my area and now heis not taking it back. And when I call on Wateen help line they only issue me ticket number. Its 35 days and nothing ishappening. Please tell me where can I complain? How can I get my money back from this fanchise?
  • Shahid February 7th, 2008 @ 9:41 am Motorola WiMAX CPE stop functioning unexpectedly. The device seems to be halted at boot. Took cpe tofranchise where after initial examination they informed that the device is dead and they will send it back for thewarrantly claim. The process will take atleast 20 to 25 business days. Finding it an oppertunity, the customer representator presented me with a bill of Rs. 5771/- for the month ofJanuary. I asked for details and he informed, it will reach you by postal mail. Later he also informed that the package for which you have opted, is now being offered at an initial payment of2350/-, and 11 post dated checque of 1350/- each. What the heck is going on yar.Gorsi February 8th, 2008 @ 12:37 am Do not worry, they also asked me to pay a bill of 7000/= when I start asking about the details they gave me thesame answer. But thanks God after a struggle of 5 days now Wateen admitted there was bug in their system and mybill is finally Rs. 54/= only. I have returned their CPE to them and now waiting for a refund……………….??? Raja Amer Khan February 18th, 2008 @ 1:03 pm Very nice review guys! something funny also happened to me! I went to wateen on january and asked about their tariff. They shown me something like this: 3000 upront 500 security 1350 first month bill i came back and got busy in my work so couldn’t go to buy it for about 5 or 10 days max. Later i went to them and they added 1000 more for installation. And you know what doest that installation include? At their office desk: They put Cpe in front of me and said plug it in your pc in lan area and this installation tipcosted me 1000 more!! Now a days i’m getting surfing(browsing) problem. I have to refresh some pages 2-3 times in order to load it. I wish wateen to improve its technology.Fragrance February 19th, 2008 @ 12:12 am I got that bull shit wateen on 19 DEC 2007, and from that day I couldn’t even sleep. That is the biggest mistake ofmy life that I bouhgt Wateen. (The future is green, the future is wateen, kutay ka bucha hey yeh wateen). Shahid February 22nd, 2008 @ 8:49 am Another Surprize
  • Although, username and password are being blocked since 24th January 2008 and my cpe is with Franchise (dueto warrantly claim). My bill some how magically jumped from 5771/- to 7285/-. No official postal mail of usage detailhas reached till date. I am looking forward to contact my bank manager and cancel cheque atleast for the month of march. Because,there is no reason to wait further and later cry for this checque.Amir Sultan February 22nd, 2008 @ 10:47 am I am deeply disappointed by the service of Wimax. It worked migically initially but after 31st January it is like snailwhich dont even move like snail sometimes. Downaloding is pathetic and wats mote bothering is that lack of knowledge and logic with the techincal staff ofWateen. One official totally surprised me while he came to my house by his laptope coverage map that my house is out ofcoverage where as helpline and other staff says its not. Why Wateen people behaving like that they are so dumb or ignorant the future of Wateen is Yateem for sure if itdoes not handle and adress this issue and its service which is going down day by day.Abdullah malik February 23rd, 2008 @ 2:55 am Wateen is doing fraud. They sold me teh wimax and there no coverage in my place. They wasted my one monthby saying its a new company we are working we will fix it soon. our engineers will made it up and running. we willprovide u external antenna. plz wait we r trying to arrange free jupiter intenna for u. et etc etc. And now they have deducted my 7639 rupees saying we can not return first cheque and also there is phone bill foru. Franchise in Blue Area Islamabad is really making fraud with people. Can any body tell me, is there any law or can I go court to get my money back as they sold me the wimax andthere was no coverage in my place??? Plz help! Abdullah Malik February 23rd, 2008 @ 3:59 am Thanks, can you pls provide me the address of the Consumer Court. Can any body provide me the contact details of Wateen’s CEO / Higher management? Where is Original Wateen’smain office? Any phone numbers? Fax numbers? Interesting thing, the franchise in Blue Area Islamabad do not have any phone number. They are are saying therephone is also on Wimax and they also have problems and using Jupiter antenna so their own phone is also notworking all the time. Same things is with Wateen SDS department, they also do not have any phone numbers. None of the Wateen’s technical staff visiting homes is having any official ID card or any visiting cards. Sobecarefull, any body can enter your home saying he is from Wateen by using a suzuki carry dabaa with a Wateenlogo on it. To me it is like the Coperative banks Scandal?? is not it. In cooperative banks scandal they cooperative socities collected meny and closed offices and ran away. In this case they will collect advance money for one year, millions of rupees and they are not providing the servicethey advertised and promised.
  • They are even not listing to the customer, their help line only issue use less ticket numbers and no action is takenon these. Shahid February 23rd, 2008 @ 12:55 pm Abdullah Malik, well it is more like a coperative banks scandal. Many including me have been robbed for ghostservices. Average internet usage for January is approximate 4 Gb or so, atleast mine was ( special thanks to wapda& 40% downtime or un-availability of service ). People who have purchased the same package in february 2008 have paid 3500/- less amount as compared toJanuary 2008. Why ? because there was no billing system available for internet usage in January but it is now. Secondly, I am surprised by wateen helpline’s professionalism when I tried to explain my problem, “that my telephone bill is really un-acceptable since I have made calls to destination which your franchiserepresentator claimed to be in free zone. I hold your franchise as authentic source for any information or claimregarding your services. Even the pamphlet provided by the time of purchase confirms my claim. But now you peoplehave billed me for those calls.” Secondly, if I happen to call non-free zones, why my account was not being blocked at 1050/- (limit) as ithappened with other users. Does that mean even if the problem is at your end, I will be responsible for losses ???? Expect what, and the pathetic response from wateen helpline was, “since this is franchise’s problem so you should discuss it with them, we do not offer such services, and pleasesettle the issue. ” Come on man, where is wateen’s professionalism. Its just like you invite someone to dinner and once done withdinner, you present your guest with the bill. What sort of professionalism is it ? You expect me to advocate Wateen toWateen’s franchise ? You want me to tell them what is what ? Why should I bother to do that ? Its your organization’sjob to deal with such issues not your customers. So, any one who is looking forward, please make sure you hold wateen’s internal affairs certification & must havepersonal contacts with franchise otherwise be ready for un-expected surprises. Analyzer February 23rd, 2008 @ 1:10 pm RE: Proposed Meeting in Lahore… From: Ammar.Haider/Wateen/Lahore (Ammar.Haider@wateen.com) Medium risk You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:43:28 PM To: Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf (zeeshan.rauf@ubl.com.pk) Cc: kamranaftab@cyber.net.pk; badar.abbas@cyber.net.pk; khi-wt-79a@cyber.net.pk; isaudkhan@hotmail.com;Pirzada Mustafa.Nawaz/Wateen/Karachi (PirzadaMustafa.Nawaz@wateen.com); fclhr06@hotmail.com;Ali.Ayaz/Wateen/Lahore (Ali.Ayaz@wateen.com); fskhi04@gmail.com; nazartelecom.wateenpk@hotmail.com Dear Zeshan I will be reaching Karachi on Sunday night and will be there till Thursday. My objective of coming to Karachi is to sitdown with all Franchise Partners and sort out the issues. As far as Tariq is concerned he will not be in country inearly next week. Hopefull I will be able to solve all your issues and will move ahead.
  • Will be meeting on Monday morning. Regards Syed Ammar Haider Head of Consumer Sales ammar.haider@WATEEN.com Cell: 92-321 4445050 IPT: 44666 From: Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf [mailto:zeeshan.rauf@ubl.com.pk] Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:11 PM To: Ammar.Haider/Wateen/Lahore Cc: kamranaftab@cyber.net.pk; badar.abbas@cyber.net.pk; khi-wt-79a@cyber.net.pk; isaudkhan@hotmail.com;Pirzada Mustafa.Nawaz/Wateen/Karachi; fclhr06@hotmail.com; Ali.Ayaz/Wateen/Lahore; fskhi04@gmail.com;nazartelecom.wateenpk@hotmail.com Subject: Proposed Meeting in Lahore… Dear Ammar Sb, As per our discussion with Mustafa yesterday and as agreed by all the franchisees here, we have planned to visitLahore to hold a meeting with Mr. Tarik Malik along-with you and your team in Lahore in the presence of Mr. ParvezShahid to discuss the issues being faced by us including the commission structure announced by the company. Asper my knowledge, some franchisees from the Punjab region will also be joining us in the meeting. Please note that the tentative date for our visit to Lahore is on Monday, February 25, 2008. Would appreciate ifyou could confirm at the earliest so that we may proceed with our plans. Thanks & Regards, Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf Head of Corporate Banking UBL Ameen – Islamic Banking Work: 92-21-111-825-000, Ext. 211 Cell: 92-321-2333444Analyzer February 23rd, 2008 @ 1:12 pm FW: Trauma Continues..!! From: Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf (zeeshan.rauf@ubl.com.pk) Medium risk You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 3:41:06 PM To: kamranaftab@cyber.net.pk; badar.abbas@cyber.net.pk; khi-wt-79a@cyber.net.pk; isaudkhan@hotmail.com FYI. I have shut down my shutters because of the rubbish service! Thanks & Regards, Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf Head of Corporate Banking UBL Ameen – Islamic Banking Work: 92-21-111-825-000, Ext. 211 Cell: 92-321-2333444 —–Original Message—–
  • From: Zeeshan Rauf [mailto:alaynacom@yahoo.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 2:13 PM To: Ali Ayaz; Ammar Haider Cc: tariq.malik@wateen.com; Mustafa Pirzada; JAHANGIR RATHORE; Shaykh Zeeshan Rauf Subject: Fw: Trauma Continues..!! The issues of the below customers and plenty of others still stand unresolved, without any help or support. Twocustomers today became physical with my staff and threw the devices on their faces. The staff is constantly facingthreats from irritated customers. Please note this is completely intolerable and therefore i am shutting the franchise tillall the issues are resolved or proper security is provided to my staff. Taking the company’s reputation and image to this level is yet another achievement…and i would like tocongratulate the management for achieving this milestone!! Regards, Zeeshan. —– Forwarded Message —- From: Zeeshan Rauf To: Ali Ayaz ; Ammar Haider Cc: Mustafa Pirzada ; Zeeshan Younus ; tariq.malik@wateen.com; ahmed.saeed@wateen.com Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 8:42:16 PM Subject: Trauma Continues..!! Dear All, As the poor franchisees run into the 63rd day of torture and trauma, thanks to the chaotic and clueless Wateenmanagement, kindly note some serious issues which need to be looked into on an urgent basis: Assigned User name / password not functioning – Now a DAILY FEATURE: Mr. Muhammad Zubair, 33/II/II Between 15th & 16th street, Main Khyban-e-Tanzeem, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi Telephony:021-8025341 Contact: 0300-8201522Package: A-1 Username: I111372, Password: PWD152810223 Status: Customer is returning the sale and is not willing to negotiate or listen to any justification. Please note thatwe will not contact the customer again to become a reciepient to abusive language. If the company is interested inretaining the sale, it may do so from its own efforts, however, in the current scenario of sale return, we will have nochoice but to return the customers money, however, please note that the franchise commission of PKR 1,800 andinstallation charges of PKR 1,000 will NOT be deposited in Wateen account out of the total amount due, as we arenot ready to bear losses on account of the company’s poor systems and gross mismanagement. Wrong/Excess billing – Again a DAILY FEATURE:
  • Ms. Nida Fatima 79/1, Khyban-e-Badr, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi Telephony: 021-8025055 Package: A-2 Contact: 0321-8289796 Status: The customer’s connection got disconnected a couple of days back. The customer contacted helpline(Haroon) from her no. 021-5848267 and she was told that a total bill of approx PKR 5,800 was due and had to bepaid for connection restoration. Customer visited franchise for bill payment and upon our inquiry from Adil of FBESouth we were told that the total bill was for PKR 7,883, which was duly paid by the customer and at the same timeshe requested for billing details. The billing break-up received from franchise back-end support (Shoaib Hassan) acouple of hours later showed NIL amount as due!!!…Since no wrong billing refund policy has been communicated tous, despite several requests, please note that the amount of PKR 8,000 is being returned and will again NOT bedeposited in Wateen account. Miscommunication by Helpline – Another DAILY FEATURE Mr. Danish Nawaz H#B545, Hazara Colony, Kala Pul, Korangi Road, Karachi. Telephony: 021-8025080 Contact: 0321-8256273 / 021-5891312 Package: A-2 Status: The customer purchased a connection from our franchise on Dec 27, 2007. Between January 13-15th thecustomer called Wateen helpline for various issues from his PTCL no. 021-5891312. During this time he also inquiredwhether Ireland was in the Free calling zone, upon which he was specifically told that UK and Ireland were both inthe same Zone and hence absolutely free. After a couple of days his line got disconnected and upon finding out, hewas told that it was due to billing from calls made to Ireland, which did not fall in the Free calling Zone. The customerrefuses to pay the bill and wants a refund on his connection. We are as helpless as always!! Device De-camping Tariq Ashfaq Shop # 2, 35-C, 10th Street, Off Khyban-e-Shamsheer Khadda market, Karachi. Telephony: 021-8025223 Contact: 0333-2143910 Package: A-2 Status: The customer got his connection on January 15, 2008. The customer made various complaints regardingseveral issues with regards to signal, telephony etc etc. Since today morning the device has been camping and de-camping and as a result the customers work has suffered a lot. He is adamant on returning the sale. wouldappreciate if someone can look into this issue:
  • I have worked in different PROFESSIONAL organizations since the past nine years and have clearly never seensuch a good example of Organizational Mis-Management !!……. My staff is extremely tired of working in thisenvironment, handling nothing but problems day and night and selling in a city with hardly any coverage!!… andhence, several of them are on the verge of resigning….. Would appreciate if someone could look into the above issues. Would also appreciate if some effort is divertedfrom sales to cleaning the entire mess and taking us out of this daily torture – as we are all extremely extremely tiredand exhausted now!!! Regards, Zeeshan Shahid February 23rd, 2008 @ 2:44 pm LoL, nice shot analyzer. Infact its a sixer yar. Thanks for all those email addresses. I will mail my case promptlyand hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.Raja Amer Khan February 25th, 2008 @ 5:17 am My wateen connection is almost equal to dial up now!! downloading average is 22-25kbps and upload 4.65-7kbps browsing is dead needs 1000 tries to load page. what the hell is wrong with wateen???? no actions???Shahid February 25th, 2008 @ 6:46 am Analyzer you rock dude. Finally, someone from wateen called and confirmed that I am being heard (emailrecieved) and my issue will be resolved. Raja Aamer cann’t confirm the service status, as I don’t have cpe. But I still believe you.Irfan Butt February 25th, 2008 @ 11:12 am Dear All: Please also send a complaint to The Network for Consumer Protection. The Network for Consumer Protection Street address: 40-A Ramzan Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad Postal address: PO Box 2563, Islamabad, Pakistan Phone: 92 51 226 1085 Fax: 92 51 226 2495 E-mail: info@thenetwork.org.pk http://www.thenetwork.org.pk/ Imtiaz Ahmad February 25th, 2008 @ 11:24 am If you are in Punjab area, you can launch a complaint to District Consumer Court normally a DCO of that district ora Special Judge appointed under THE PUNJAB CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 2005 http://www.punjablaws.gov.pk/laws/477.html An Example:
  • Consumer Court helps lawyer get his money back LAHORE: District Consumer Court judge Syed Maruf Ahmed Ali on Saturday ordered Dr Ijaz, Fazal Din PharmaPlus sales officer, to return Rs 2,500 (purchase amount) to Advocate Abdul Wahid Chaudhry. On May 11, 2007, the lawyer had bought a blood pressure apparatus for Rs 2,500. On the same day, the lawyerhad returned the apparatus, saying that it was out of order. Dr Ijaz had told the lawyers to contact after three days. The lawyer said when the respondent had delayed the matter he sent a legal notice to Dr Ijaz. He said Dr Ijaz hadthen contacted the lawyer and refused to return the purchase amount, but agreed to replace the apparatus. The lawyer refused the replacement and urged the respondent to return his money, but the respondent refused.On which he filed a petition before the court. The respondent told the court the lawyer’s claim was time barred, as he had not filed the petition within 30 days.The court after hearing both the parties directed the respondent to return the purchase amount within 10 days. staffreport http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2008127story_27-1-2008_pg7_37Sohail Abbas February 25th, 2008 @ 11:44 am PTA Compaint Cell is very helpfull in getting such isses resolved. Do contact them, at present Wateen is not intheir online complaint system so use email or fax to send your Wateen Love Story………………ha ha ha! So manypeople suffering. Yesterday, i have seen a physical fight on franchise. really a big scandal. http://www.pta.gov.pk/index.php?option=com_complaint&Itemid=485 Officer Incharge PTA Complaint Cell.Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Sector F-5/1, Islamabad. Phone No. 92-51-9225325, 9225318 Fax No. 92-51-2878127. E-mail. complaint@pta.gov.pk 2. Director (Enforcement), Lahore.PTA Zonal Office, 165-Abid Majid Road Adjacent Telephone Exchange, LahoreCantt. Tel: 92-42-6665022 Fax: 92-42-6654009 Email: ptalahore@pta.gov.pk 3. Deputy Director (Enforcement), Rawalpindi. PTA Zonal Office, 222/5, Khadim Hussain Road, Rawalpindi Cantt. Tel: 92-51-5585380, 5121362 (Exch) Fax: 92-51-5585761 Email: rawalpindi@pta.gov.pk 4. Director (Enforcement), Quetta. PTA Zonal Office, 213-B, Jinnah Town, Quetta Tel: 92-81-2829476 Fax: 92-81-2829477 Email: quetta@pta.gov.pk 5. Deputy Director (Enforcement), Peshawar. PTA Zonal Office, Plot No. 11, Sector A-3, Phase-V, Hayatabad,Peshawar
  • Tel: 92-91-9217279, 5829178 Fax: 92-91-9217254 Email: peshawar@pta.gov.pk 6. Director (Enforcement), Karachi. PTA Zonal Office, Wireless Compound, Opposite JPMC, Rafiqui ShaheedRoad, Karachi. 75530 Tel: 92-21-5680101 Fax: 92-21-5680640 Email: karachi@pta.gov.pk 7. Deputy Director (Enforcement), Muzaffarabad. PTA Regional Office, D-72, Upper Chattar Housing Scheme,Muzaffarabad. Tel: 058810-33255 Fax: 058810-33256 Email: muzaffarabad@pta.gov.pkUK February 26th, 2008 @ 1:33 pm Hello Room, I had a chance to read comments about Wateen in this blogs history and wanted to share few things I know for afact. As you are all aware, Wateen has officially launched most of its products now. It is making great headways inthe field of BW selling, VPNs and LDI. Expansion is currently underway to increase the network to more then a 100cities by mid of this year. HFC is being rolled out in more and more localities in Lahore after successful launch inDHA. Wateen is also moving big time in Datacenter, Dataware hosing, Gaming, DNOP and media space. All thisshows great progress in the last one year with limited resources – more so then any of the competitors in the sameperiod. Growth has been in many different market segments and incoming business is overwhelming. All this pointsto a successful and stable NGN company in Pakistan. UK Shahid February 26th, 2008 @ 3:01 pm Aaaah Finally, got my cpe today and its working like a charm. All 5 bar signals. (used to be 1 while indoor and 3 on roof) Supperb RSSI value -43 to -46. (used to be -96 to -104) Superb CINR value 32 to 36. (used to be 7 to 14) Decamping issue seems to be resolved permanently. Slight browsing, messenger sign-in problem but hopefully they will be fixed soon. The only issues left are: -adjustment of bill for the month of january, and -compensation for the month of february. I hope they will be resolved as well.Gill February 27th, 2008 @ 11:47 am For some inexplicable reason, all non-http traffic has been shut down on Wateen. Webpages load fine unless youhave to log on via https (so no hotmail, gmail, msn, aim, etc.). Using vtunnel to get around this. Hope this isn’t permanent. Gill February 27th, 2008 @ 12:55 pm Shahid: did the change in signal strength come solely from new CPE? i get 2-3 bars in certain spots outside mywindow and no bars inside. but Wateen did tell me I do live in a low-coverage area.
  • Gill February 27th, 2008 @ 1:11 pm anyone have the Jupiter antenna? how much extra does it cost? is it worth it? i don’t want my CPE to get damaged from sitting outside the windowShahid February 27th, 2008 @ 4:53 pm Gill -Indeed, the services goes down from time to time but mostly restores in 15 minutes. Today, I was amazed when Itried to download a file and instead of getting that particular file I was being served by wateen’s database server andprovided with Lahore’s customer information. I wonder how it happened since it’s beyond my knowledge. -No the signal strength is of the fact that, wateen has installed its equipment on a near-by warid tower. The toweris roughly 800 meters apart or so. I was expecting some decent reduction in ping time (latency) and hop count butsurprizingly they are pretty much same. The only noticeable difference is device decamping vanished permanently. -CPE i35600 or i600 is an indoor unit, so don’t place it outside, like on roof or in open area. You will be tipped to doso by non-technical staff. But remember equipment’s operating temperature is between 5 Degree celsius to 40Degree celsius, humidity and dust factors apart. So it’s better to keep it inside. -Performance of Jupiter is definitely better as compared to cpe i600, and that’s the only plus point. Where as itscons are high price atleast 5 thousand difference, fixed unit like your TV Antenna, some compatibility issue with IADas reported by some users due to frequent power failures etc.Rustam February 29th, 2008 @ 7:17 am Do not go for Jupiter. It has lot of issues. Telephony is not working on Jupiter. One big example is that Jupiter isintalled in Wateen Blue Area franchise in Islamabad and there phone is not working.Ashraf Ali March 10th, 2008 @ 11:25 am Anyone know the detail of Web Interface of Jupiter? How can i get the Information for web interface configuration ?Gill March 11th, 2008 @ 9:27 am i think i have no choice but to go for jupiter. my cpe can’t be doing well outside, it’s in the heat and gets full of dusteveryday. it can’t even keep 3 bars anymore without a cleaning, and even then only for a few hours. it can’t pick up a signal from indoors at all. Raja Amer Khan March 14th, 2008 @ 5:09 am Keeping cpei in sunlight is very non technical suggestion!! these devices are for indoor use only! you should ask them for jupiter! Abdul Rehman Paracha March 15th, 2008 @ 4:25 am A comparison: If u go for Jupitor, U r to pay: Around Rs. 7,000 more. Monthly chrages will remain Rs. 1350 per month. There is battery supplier. There is no telephony. You need Cabling both power and network calbes till the power socket and networking calbe till your PC.
  • So why not to go for DSL from any company in ur area, like Micronet, PTCL, linkdotnet and many more. The DSL will work even there is no power (loadshedding is normal now), atleast you can connect your Laptop tointernet if u r using DSL. Why you pay lot of money for Jupiter when others are offering free of cost modem for DSL along with installation. Why you will pay 1350/= with out a phone connection on Jupiter when other are enjoying both net and phone onCPE in same 1350/=, is this justified? In DSL u can use your existing phone line and no new cabling costs. Plz do ask Wateen people why they do not use offical sationary. Why they do not have visiting cards or ID cardswhen they come to visit your home. Why they could not get batterries for CPE and Jupiter evern in 4 months? What is wrong with there billing computers, always generating wrong bills. Why all numbers are not allowed from Wateen phones, for example toll free numbers starting with 0800, like 0800-11825 for UBL, 0800-99999 for Standard Chartered bank, ??? So think a lot b4 going for Jupiter. Saleem March 16th, 2008 @ 3:46 am No doubt, there are lot of technical problems for Wateen customers right now. But keep in mind that WiMAX isfuture for telephony and Data services. Thats the reason even GSM operators are interested in it for data services. WiMAX has much much more speed than normal DSL’s because distortion is less between base station and enduser in WiMAX. You know at the end of 2008 Nokia is going to launch WiMAX enabled mobile phone also. It will helpyou to talk free of cost through VoIP wile roaming in WiMAX signal areas. Every new technology faces lot ofchallenges but don’t put your final verdict before full fledge launch of those technologies. I’m seeing that in few years, majority of users will be shifted on WiMAX platforms for calls and data services.Because its much cheaper than GSM and DSL. secondly you will be soon able to roam while using your mobile andnotebook (WiMAX enabled) from cities to cities and having excellent speed. Right now WiFi is one option for wireless connection but thats only for small areas. So you can made calls frommobiles (WiFi enabled) through VoIP while sitting in WiFi area but WiMAX covers miles and miles with high speed soit will future for users. We should feel proud that such high technology is available for Pakistani users. Thanks and Well done WateenTelecom. Saleem March 18th, 2008 @ 5:08 am Mr. Abdul Rehman Paracha, Please go through below details. secondly if its rejected technolgy (before operating full fledge) then why world’stop mobile company Nokia has announced that they will bring smart WiMAX enabled phone in 2009. Why people arerunning after WiFi enabled phones these days. Do you think that EDGE, GPRS or CDMA etc technology is capableto provide 100 times faster speed on mobiles or wireless laptops. Answer is No. WiMAX technolgy has thesestrength. One more question is if its so obselete technology then why MOBILINK ( Pakistan’s largets telecomcompany) has announced that they will provide WiMAX services in couple of years also. I dont want to mention where I’m working or what is my qualification. You might be talking about IEEE 802.16d butI’m talking about IEEE 802.16e standard which allows mobility.
  • Article: Pakistan is one of the early adopter of WiMax technology and Wateen has made ambitious announcements forWiMax rollout in 17 cities. Wateen is using the technology to provide fixed wireless broadband data services forresidential use, and through its 5,500 kilometre long haul optical fibre, metro optical fibre rings and FTTx, thecompany will offer total communication solutions (Triple Play) including voice services, video conferencing,broadband internet and TV viewing. Others such as Dancom and Burraq are also implementing WiMax. For anoverview of Wimax in Pakistan see my previous posts, especially this. Despite all this buzz around WiMax there arestill many who express doubts about it, especially when 3G is out there. An article in THE ECONOMIST says that for the 60,000 people attending the 3GSM trade show recently inBarcelona, WiMax was everywhere … on huge banners, on the lips of executives, and on products in display cases..everywhere, that is, except in the real world. The article says that even as mobile operators start to upgrade theirnetworks to the latest enhanced 3G equipment, WiMax boosters say their technology is superior … and now thatWiMax networks are starting to pop up around the world, the industry will soon find out if they are right. I think thatstartups such as Meraki which is developing low-cost wireless mesh technology and routers, can make a bigdifference in WiMax adoption. As discussed at ZDNet here, the market for high-speed connectivity has split into two camps: one stands bywireless standards such as WiMax and Wi-Fi, while the other supports mobile technology 3G and HSDPA. Motorolawhich is one of main Wimax provider thinks that Wimax can replace wired broadband in 20 years. The GSM campdisagrees. The truth is probably somewhere in between: both mobile and wireless (wimax) technology segments arecomplementary and can co-exist in the market (see illustration above – source: Alcatel / Forrester). In my opinion, itis the local economics and demand which will favor one technology over the other. As noted in ZDNet, Wi-Fi and WiMax have been largely confined to facilitating high-speed connectivity to laptopsand PDAs, while 3G and HSDPA have focused on mobile phones. However, there are now suggestions that 3G canbe extended to laptops, particularly as the data speeds offered by these mobile standards catch up to those providedby WiMax. Mobilink CEO Zouhar Khaliq has been reported to state that Mobilink had trialled WiMAX in the past but said thatno trials were currently underway. “Our main aim is to continue to be the dominant cellular and telecoms player inPakistan, offering services beyond the cellular space,” Khaliq added. “Over 80 percent of the world’s population has GSM coverage, but I don’t think that’s true for WiMax ,” a GSMAssociation officer said. “Why then would you want to invest some millions of dollars building up a WiMax networkwhen you have a [GSM] network that already covers 80 percent of the world’s population?” Mark Whitton, vice president and general manager for WiMAX at Nortel Networks, said, “To label 3G and WiMAXas purely competitive or purely complementary ignores the subtle strengths and weaknesses of the unique wirelesstechnologies involved. 3G was designed to deliver ubiquitous voice in a mobile environment and is building upwardfrom this strong base to also deliver higher-bandwidth services to highly portable devices. It carries with it the burdenof backwards compatibility, and the complexity of implementing layers of services on top of each other,” he said,adding, “WiMAX is focused on dramatically dropping the cost per megabit for wireless broadband, whilesimultaneously delivering a real and significant increase in end-user bandwidth through the magic of OFDM andMIMO. These two business cases overlap at the edges and will inevitably compete with each other to some degree.” The Yankee Group, a research firm in USA, is forecasting a total of 28 million Mobile WiMAX subscribers by 2011,according to research the agency discussed this week as part of a tele-briefing on the state of the WiMAX industry.
  • However, Berge Ayvazian, chief strategy officer at The Yankee Group, said various market drivers such as contentapplication usage and the degree to which WiMAX access becomes embedded in a large volume of devices, couldallow that subscriber figure to be reached as early as 2010. “You’ve got a lot of pre-802.16e equipment out there now and for the next year, but the market is really set to growas the standard gear goes out there into the market,” he said. His comments were part of a briefing titled“Trendsmedia Tele-Briefing: WiMAX & Wireless Broadband: State of the Industry and Market Outlook 2006 to 2011.”The briefing included research from both Yankee and Rethink Research and looked at the global market, as well asspecific regional markets. Their research also suggested that the global Mobile WiMAX equipment market will be worth about $4 billion by2011, with the North America portion of that closer to $1 billion. However another prominent US research firm, Forrester Research, has expressed concerns about Wimaxproliferation in near term. Their view: WiMAX will indeed have a big global impact on consumers, enterprises,vendors, and telecom operators by making high-speed wireless access cheap and mobile, but not until 2010 or later— because of myriad spectrum, customer premise equipment (CPE) availability, regulatory, cost, and competitivereasons. It is also important to correct the misperceptions about available speeds to end-users – the max theoreticalspeeds should not be touted without explanations of what users might get in reality.Saleem March 18th, 2008 @ 5:21 am An other Article. Things are not as you see. The future of WiMAX By Eric Sylvers Publised in Herald Tribune. MILAN: A battle is brewing that may well decide how Europeans connect to the Internet with mobile phones,laptops and other portable devices in the coming decade. Mobile phone companies, chip makers and manufacturers of wireless networks are pushing their sometimesconflicting cases for how the limited amount of radio frequencies should be used to beam mobile data from theInternet to mobile devices and back the other way, a decision that is generally up to national governments. The Intel chairman, Craig Barrett, is to meet this week with European Union officials in Brussels to call for“technology neutrality” on the issue. Intel wants the pieces of the radio spectrum to be used by the companies willingto pay the most for it, whether they are established mobile phone companies or start-ups setting up wirelessnetworks based on new technologies like WiMAX, or worldwide interoperability for microwave access. Intel is one of the biggest promoters of WiMAX because it is beginning to produce chips that embed the WiMAXtechnology. Intel says that by 2008, laptops will be WiMAX-ready in the same way that many are Wi-Fi-ready today. Theoretically, WiMAX has a reach of about 50 kilometers, or 30 miles, and it is already available in selected areasin some countries, including the United States, Britain, Spain, France, Germany and South Korea. The appeal ofWiMAX lies in the possibility to cover large areas with a wireless network that would be faster than Wi-Fi and wouldneed far fewer antennas. The drawbacks are is that the networks are not yet built and that Wi-MAX achieves many ofthe same results as third-generation cellphone networks. In most European countries, governments are designating the spectrum of 3.4 to 3.5 gigahertz for WiMAXoperators. The wireless operators say that band is just barely sufficient, not enough to ensure an Internet connectiondoes not drop when a user passes from the coverage area of one antenna to another – when on a train, for example.
  • To guarantee the handoff, operators say they need to be able to use the part of the radio spectrum of 2.3 to 2.5gigahertz. The rub is that many European countries have already set this aside for mobile phone companies shouldthey need the added spectrum to improve their 3G mobile phone networks. “The lower frequencies that will make WiMAX mobile are the holy grail,” said Patrick Cruise O’Brien, the secretarygeneral of the WiMAX Spectrum Owners’ Alliance, which is based in England and represents about a dozen mostlysmall, private owners of WiMAX spectrum. “It would be detrimental to the future of European WiMAX if the mobile frequencies were handed over to the 3Goperators,” said Cruise O’Brien. “WiMAX will only really matter in Europe if it is mobile.” Without handoff ability, WiMAX works pretty much like Wi-Fi. The spectrum battle is less of an issue in the United States and much of Asia and Latin America because thespectrum of 2.3 to 2.5 gigahertz has not been reserved for companies building 3G mobile phone networks there.Inthe United States, WiMAX got a boost two months ago when Sprint Nextel, a mobile phone carrier, said it wouldinvest as much as $3 billion to construct a nationwide WiMAX network using the 2.5-gigahertz spectrum together withIntel, Motorola and Samsung. Sprint plans to begin trials next year and start the service extensively in 2008. Karim Lesina, Intel’s government affairs manager in Brussels, said that without the 2.3-2.5 gigahertz spectrum,European operators “could lose the lead” they have in mobile technology. The conflict is that WiMAX that is truly mobile threatens to make 3G mobile phone networks obsolete even beforethey are fully operational and after European operators have spent €100 billion leasing the spectrum and billions ofeuros more building the networks. Some cellphone operators say they are interested in WiMAX, but Cruise O’Brien and other industry expertswonder whether they will push a technology that threatens to trump 3G. “Carriers spent a lot of money on 3G and they want to reap the benefits of that investment,” said Jagdish Rebello,the California-based principal analyst of wireless communications for iSuppli, a market research firm. “The 3G operators will do what they can to slow down the deployment of WiMAX, which I don’t see being rolled outuntil the beginning of 2008.” In addition to making WiMAX mobile, the lower frequencies allow the same coverage as at the higher frequencies,but with fewer antennas, Rebello said. Vodafone, Europe’s largest mobile phone company and the owner of 3G networks in Britain, Germany and Italy,among others, says that it also supports “technology neutrality.” The company “thinks that a competitive auction would be the best way to allocate the available spectrum,” saidRichard Feasey, director of public policy for Vodafone. Saleem March 23rd, 2008 @ 4:45 am Dear Waqas, Its our Pakistanis attitude that when they gets unable to convince others then they starts giving references that I’msuch and such and working in such and such company. I dont want to mention my qualification and experience andindustry. but its fact, WiMAX is gonna big challenge for GSM and other technologies right now. Minimum charges forDSL connection of any company is Rs 1200/- per month plus Taxes (10% 15%) plus linerent of PTCL (210 taxes
  • minimum). because if you dont have Landline then you need to fix it first by running after PTCL authorities for monthsand months. PTCL is reluctant to give landline now a days. Where as Wateen is as easy to buy as a New SIM. just visit their office and get it install in couple of daysmaximum. There is no extra charges i.e. Line rent charges etc. Plus you can enjoy phone line with same connection.Plus hig speed Broadband. If you uses DSl just for mails and some informations then they are giving flexibilty to buysmall 1 GB packge. it will not cost you more than 500Rs per month. There is no middle service involved betweenWiMAX DSL and end user. Its great to see WiMAX in Pakistan. Inshallah they will be specialized soon in their field.Just give them some time then you will find results. Their launch made even fixline DSLs cheap in Pakistan.otherwise in past unlimited connection was available for minimum Rs4000.Faraz Arshad March 28th, 2008 @ 4:20 am HOW AMAZING WATEEN WIMAX WORKS VERY FIRST DAY? THEN AMAZINGLY IT WONT WORK AFTERYOU PAY….. BUT….. IT IS WORKING FINE AT MY OFFICE….I.E. NBP, HEAD OFFICE, KARACHI… BUT, BUT WHAT CAN I DO, IT IS NOT WORKING AT MY HOME, I BOUGHT IT FOR MY HOME…… BLAGH,BLAGH, BLAGH CAN SOMEONE HELP ME :(FJK April 14th, 2008 @ 4:43 am I know that their Sr. Management (both Warid & Wateen) only award contracts to parties having common interestsin the evening…if you know what I mean… and are mostly in a HANG-OVER Situation in the morning. I my view they are managing worse than a stupid kid manages a Piggy Bank. Saleem April 14th, 2008 @ 6:00 am Dear Faraz, try to buy their outdoor equipment. In door equipment normally not works properly. WiMAX is not badtechnology. You don’t get disappoint. just work out as I said. do consult with their team also.Traiq Izhar Khan April 16th, 2008 @ 12:47 am Its a big farce, I got it in January 2008 and dial-up connection works much better. My repeated complaints havegone in vain and the local franchise holder (I-8 Markaz, Islamabad) is not at all interested in providing good servicesrather he is interested in providing no sevice at all and to talk of their Telephony…I can shout in a better voice qualityfrom my roof top rather than using Wateen. God bless the company and its sponsors.Saqib Ali Khan April 16th, 2008 @ 1:45 am Mobilink is working very hard towards all the aspects of laucnhing , instaillation , services and after sales service ,congrats to the author of this roundup and its a deep analaysisSaleem April 16th, 2008 @ 5:33 am ***WATEEN TARIFF*** Can any body tell me actual tariff of Wateen Telecom and total cost of getting connection. And if they are offeringfixed line service then how much is they are charging extra for calls and line rent. I’m unable to find exact packagedetail from their web site. Thanks. Raja Amer Khan April 17th, 2008 @ 11:22 am OK here it is:
  • 3000 1350 1000 500 upront payment then u have to write 11 cheques of 1,350rs each and give them no, they are only offering wimax technology! u will get following with above payment: Speed: 512kbps Bandwidth: 10gb per month (download upload) CPEi: Free (Motorola) Telephone Connection: 0rs line rent for 12months Shoaib April 18th, 2008 @ 3:01 am Dear All, here i wanted to share with you my experience as well. Once i personally meet with Mr. Tariq Qurashi (Wateen Telecom ) on the launching ceremony back in 2007 ITCNKHI. i asked him one question, that how can you launch Wimax service technology which is not completely maturethese days even the vendors (Alkatel, Motorola) are currently going through their research & getting help from othercompanies as well ? He just Replied me thanks for the question, have a nice day. i said thanks from my side & from Mobilink to you too that you are driving Wateen big Ship. Shoaib SAYED ILTAF HAIDER April 19th, 2008 @ 2:52 pm Wateen ads arejust like the birth of premature baby.Saleem April 20th, 2008 @ 5:31 am Thanks Mr Raja Amir, May I clear couple of things written in your detail. What you mean by upfront payment of 3000 1350 1000 500. Is itRs 5850 in total or I have to pay in installments also. secondly, if wateen is giving broadband service only then whyyou mentioned Zero Line rent for telephone. Is it some kind of free telephone service for 1 year or you wanted to tellthat no need to get telephone line for wateen WiMAX. Obviously no telephone line is required for it. Just wanted toclear it. I’m basically living abroad and want to fix it for my family. DSL of PTCL or LINKDOTNET is not good at all. If any body else can reply to my questions then please do it. thanks.Raja Amer Khan April 24th, 2008 @ 4:14 pm Yes, you have to pay 5,850rs in cash. herez the procedure: You go to their office and pay them: 5,850rs 11 cheques signed by you and 1350rs amount on each cheque! They will cash each cheque monthly! About telephone: Yes, it rox! better call rates than anyone!
  • You will get the most expensive (270rs/month) line rent package for free for 1 year! Remember, its only connection and not the telephone, you have to connect your own phone calls to uk are rs. 1 per minute (landline) etc..Raja Amer Khan April 24th, 2008 @ 4:17 pm sorry, i didn’t mention! telephone bill will come monthly which you can pay at wateen franchises or bank alfalah! about their services! I would say; make sure someone near you is using them or not having any troubles with them. As its new so their services in some areas are very poor! so, make sure your area is in coverage, because its 1 year contract, and you have to live with it for 1 year! Saleem April 30th, 2008 @ 5:20 am Thanks dear for so much detail. Actually I’m living abroad and have to buy for family but after getting full detailabout its services. Thanks for helping me out. I will surely ask to check its service in area before finalizing it. thanksagain. Sidra Mir May 2nd, 2008 @ 1:32 am AOa Sir/Madam…i am here to look for people who are either currently using wateen’s products/services or have hadsome or the other experience with it…if u r one of the users(or had been one previously), then plz kindly reply on theid ” sid_aloo@yahoo.com” i am asking for this ‘coz er…acually i am a student of bba at lhr and i am carrying a research to determine thesatisfaction level among wateen users, so if you have the time and you are willing to help then plz kindly reply on theid above so that i can fwd u the questionnaire..its just a 2-3 mint survey and it doesnt have those long sort ofquestions,just one at the end regarding ur suggestions… ps If you are not the users of wateen, you can help by writing no im not using wateen and then filling up the personalprofile part… syed sajjad sattar May 5th, 2008 @ 5:47 am can someone help me about the project.mean what is going on or gona to happen on future.and on what topic ihave to proceed.thanks syed sajjad sattar May 5th, 2008 @ 5:52 am the hot topics at this time are Wimax and the UMTS.and what abuot the wireless security issues.actually at thistime i am bit confused that what i have to do.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me. syed sajjad sattar May 5th, 2008 @ 5:54 am
  • the topic which attract me is the evolution of GSM to UMTS. Raja Amer Khan May 5th, 2008 @ 1:01 pm Guys! Wateen have changed their tariff!! Please visit http://www.wateen.com for new rates! Saleem May 6th, 2008 @ 4:32 am GSM to UMTS is not in any consideration. It needs whole system change. Yes UMTS is considering for starting 3Gservice in Pakistan. Not for voice calls. But its also not a small deal. Spectrum for 3G is expensive so companies areconsidering it also. shahid rashid May 16th, 2008 @ 2:59 am wateen is the best service .i hope this will continue i future.best wishes. shaheryar May 23rd, 2008 @ 3:04 am AOA How to get full signals i have only 2 signals 10dbi wateen staff said i am out of coverage so why he shows imagesabout service u can get signals on K-2 mountain fake its self made signals i put Lmuniem sheet on CPE antena i get 3 signals :) put anyone know wateen give outdoor antena to link with indoor CPE ? Home Made Eng.. Mazhar May 26th, 2008 @ 1:41 am I was using Wateen Wimax internet service on last month i disconnect service on april. User Name: I112556@wateen.net Name: Mazhar Ali Kha Address: 10th Ist Floor Shadman Plaza, Shadman Market Mob: 0300-8418407 Till That Day i am not receive my cheques. I Call Many Times on Help Line No. 111-365-111 and got Complain Nos. i.e. 25354, 19356, 43342. If after five days of that date i am not receiving my cheque i will sue your franchise of Jail Road Branch to Mr.Mohsin because nobody guide me also your help line. Mazhar Ali Khan M. May 26th, 2008 @ 3:02 am Hi all .. !!!
  • Everybudy is sayinG whatever he /she wants to …. abOut our beloved WATEEN Telecom. i better thought k maibhi behti ganga mai hath dhoo lun :) The basic reason for WATEEN’z failur is … that there iz’nt any single employeeee who is appointed on merit .. sabsaalay sifarshi hain … kisi ko kaam nai aata .. Saad June 4th, 2008 @ 12:15 am I got connection of wateen recently and uptill now….i am getting problems, i am living in islamabad in G-10/4 thatis in the moddle of islamabad and i am getting just 2 signals of CPE, here is the email that i wrote to wateen. I hopethey will solve my problem “Kindly do home work regarding my complain before calling me. I cant explain same thing again and again. I leftmy previous service just because I heard good quality service of wateen. Following are my account details user name: saad123@wateen.net The person from whom I got connection is Faisal (Contact No. 0300-5294863). Right from the day one I.e. 29th May, 2008 I am not satisfied with your service. Day one the installation personsaid there is signal problem in our area. 2nd day the managed to grab some signals but speed of DSL is coming halfof what I selected package that is 512 kbps and download speed is 256 kbps. Well I accepted that. My 2nd issue, tell me one thing is that wateen standard to just plug the router into the power socket and connectthe 20 ft LAN cable to it, start DSL and leave? Don’t you think there should be proper cabling and ducting of the cableup to the international standards? You are taking 1000 Rs installation charges just for plugging the router into the PCand power socket? Any way they left my premises leaving jumble of cable all along my room. It took me the wholenight to properly install and clip the cables all along the wall from the router to the PC and material cost was bear byme. I don’t know what are those 1000 installation charges for. I am an electrical engineer and the job your installationteam has done was a piece of cake for me. I could do that my self but I thought they will properly install that is why Ididn’t argue in doing this by myself. 3rd complain from the day 1 my telephone line is not working. I am calling on daily basis to Mr Faisal and he is notat all doing any thing. Just saying ok mai kuch karta hon. What karta hon? I have spend 8000 Rs. Its an huge amount for me and what I am getting in return? I am using a service that wastold to me that it is of international standards but your team has left know difference in wateen and a local ISP. Kindlyforward my this email to CEO, he should know what is happening with his customers. You forward it or I willapproach him by any mean and I am trying for it. Hope my problem will be solve today. For any new info you may callme but don’t call me to ask again what is my problem. The only problem right now is my landline phone kindly fix it. Regards, Saad From: Umar.Lateef/Wateen/Lahore Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 8:45 AM To: ilus83@hotmail.com Subject: FW: I want CEO email Dear Mr. Saad ,
  • We really apologize for the inconvenience and hassle you faced . We need your contact number so that your issuecan be discussed and bring to closure . Thank you. Umar Lateef ——————————————————————————– From: Saad Akhtar [mailto:ilus83@hotmail.com] Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 7:43 PM To: Wateen Support Subject: I want CEO email I have strong complaint against my wateen connection. No one is responding to me. Kindly give me CEOs emailaddress, I want him to know what toubleshoot team is doing down here. Thank you. Regards, Saad “ moon light afridi June 7th, 2008 @ 6:29 am i have a wateen connection of 512 kp……..1350 Rs per month with 10 GB download. but i m not satisfy with this speed … coz speed is always down ….. at morning speed is upto 150 kbps, but after 11:00 am it is too much poor and become 30 kbps…….. and also one thing is that in cloudy weather its not working …….. I m going to refund this stupid connection ……… Sobia Farooq June 26th, 2008 @ 10:46 pm hi, im sobia ,im doing research on PR startagies of Wateen and also its adv startagies to increase consumer share inTelecom Market also i need the problems that you are facing in Market or with consumers . please i need some workon it because i have my Critycal Analysis on it. im the Student of M.Phill in Punjab University Institute ofCommunication Studies. hopefully i will get reply please its very important. Shamil Legari July 5th, 2008 @ 10:48 am i can see every person having different issues with wateen even emploeyes r also fed up….following is theresolution for ur problem just email ceo…. Tariq.Malik@wateen.com ——————————– Regards, Shamil Legari Iqbal Khan
  • July 6th, 2008 @ 8:33 am If by any change you are considering to get Wateen, make sure to go thru the consumer complains mentioned atfollowing link. http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=11 Now that Mobilink has soft launched Infinity, probably better to get Mobilink. Analyzer July 10th, 2008 @ 9:52 am Mobilink WiMAX subscribers cross 3000 in ten days a record …. Analyzer July 11th, 2008 @ 1:41 am Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations… Analyzer July 11th, 2008 @ 1:42 am Wateen CEO received 10 million $ from mobilink to slow down the operations… Sahil sila July 12th, 2008 @ 9:21 am hi My name is sahil sila my company building a research company in Pakistan on 4 distenations Kashmore, Quetta,Multan, Murree, we try to contect wateen for net services on there WEBSITE given numbers but we never get throw. my director think like its a doggy company coz if the web site given numbers are wrong then how come is possiblethe will provide you a good service or any 24hrs tecnical support. so wateen lossing business. our Company is LONDON based company we r working ritenow more then 24 countries. does any one provide us information about the responsible person we can contect with. thanks sahil sila sahilsila@hotmail.com TNS http://www.tnsglobal.com/ Hamza July 16th, 2008 @ 2:47 pm my most annoying / irritating experience…. I cannot express the anguish and annoyance Wateen has bought to my home. They took full payment, kept onsorting ‘hiccups’ for THREE months and none of their engineer could figure out what wrong with our connection.
  • They would look like dumb and lazzy. First the Franchisee was a nuisance in Gulshan Iqbal, complete nurd, shoudbe in the business of selling ‘atta’ rather them WIMAX. (No mention of franchisee contact numbers on website) Thecall center was in Lahore and they had no idea what the support team was doing, absolutely no communication. After literally hundreds of complaints from Karachi, finally a senior engineer went on looking for our home and youknow he called and was unable to search “Rashid Minhas Road in Lahore” as he was searching Karachi’s RashidMinhas Road around Bhatti Gate in Lahore. This was after 3 months of bickering and without doubt, dozens ofserious complaints in three months. I wrote several letters to everyone i could know in Wateen, advising them toplease heed to customer concerns in your interest. But all in vain. CLEARLY TELLS A LOT ABOUT THE IQ AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE of Wateen Team. I even triedcontacting the CEO & top management, who made a great job in hiding at some “undisclosed” location in Lahore (nomention of corporate office on website or any corporate communication), to keep underground from the wrath of thesuffering customers. Nothing changed, but number of sorry calls increased and Finally… I had to get my 20Krefund… which is another story.:)) In short, Wateen WIMAX Launch case should be taught in MBA Schools in Pakistan as a classical example how illprepared compaigns can boomerang and hit you on your face. – Like the idea, they should immediately change theirname…. appologize and withdraw WIMAX Services Cheers…. Hamza Shami July 16th, 2008 @ 7:39 pm Hi All. I am Waseem Amjad. I am a Transmission Engineer (WiMax , WiFi and OFC, DWDM). I have done MSTelecommunication. According to my studies about Wateen Telecom, their main failure was a premature launch of atotely new service which was in the phase of testing at the time of Launch. Even the Wateen’s Team was not at allready for its launch. Motorolla did their RF survey and as a Transmission Engineer I know well about RF plaining and its requirements. According to Motorolla’s RF Survey about 400 AP’s sites was needed to cover Lahore City. But Wateen just planned roundabout 180 Access Points Sites to cover Lahore city by installing their AP’s on Warid Telecom cell sites to save moneyWhich resulted a very very poor transmission coverage. Recently Wateen signed an agreement with Zong Telecom(China Telecom) to use their Cell Sites to install WiMax AP’s, seems to be a good sign and a good news forWateen’s WiMax Customers. Wateen followed 802.16e standard in which adaptive modulation techniques are used. And If your signal strengthdegraded then your device automatically tunned to low level modulation techniques resulted in low data rate. Due toless no of AP’s sites resulted in poor transmission, low signal strength, very low data rates, bad coverage. TheWiMax C.P.E automatically tunned to low data rated for end users to avoide and cover error and users faces very lowspeed. There was a great blunder in plaining and company’s strategy. Wateen Telecom go for ‘As Early As Possible Premature Launch’ technique to cover market and losses its worthinfront of customer due to poor services especially due to poor customer services.
  • Rather than covering more number of cities at the start , if they go for providing best services in Less Number ofCities(Areas), this would be the much better strategy rather than providing failed services in more number ofcities(areas). I think Still there is a great potential in market and still they have time to improve their service level and can fullfillthe users need but before the launch of same services (WiMax) by some other companies like (Mobilink, Telenor ,WiTribe). Still customer don’t have any choice other than Wateen Telecom for WiMax Services. In future, I am seeing Mobilink as a Largest WiMax Service Operator in Pakistan due to its largest footprint,already heavily installed cell site of GMS which are enough to installed and hanged AP’s of WiMax along with GSMBTS to provide very good coverage, aggressive and fruitful mature marketing team and due to very good history ofcustomer services especially with the help of state of art Call Center. Telenor also realize the potential in market and decided to come in but its a late forcasting of market. Mobilink and Wateen Telecom rightly judge the market and Lay their own back bone of Fiber Optics throughout thePakistan at right time. Now they are in a position to launch and offer many other services. Telenor is taking services from a third party for their backbone connectivity and now they signed an agreement witHuawei for their IP Based DWDM Transmission Network. In general WiMax is the technology of future with IP based Core Network and have all potential to serve thediverse customer’s needs. I is also expected that WiMax Based Mobile Device will end the future of GMS which isrightly realized by telecom operators in Pakistan resulted in heavy investment in country is a very good sign withrespect to the Telecom Future in Pakistan. Regards, Waseem Amjad Email: amjad_waseem@hotmail.com Dany July 26th, 2008 @ 1:54 am any one here used Mobilink Infinity connection? thinking of getting WiMAX at my home but needs some reviews ofthe services………… Thanks…… Bazigh Kiani July 27th, 2008 @ 12:56 am FWD Baziq Kiani Said: July 27th, 2008 at 10:33 am Dear Friends I am also facing these kinds of problems. I have taken the device from their franchise office which is opposite fromJinnah Terminal. Their sales person said there is NO CHARGING for browsing. Only download file will be chargedand somany other things for urgent selling. Despite that I have face the following problems :-
  • a) They don’t have technical person who even can make you connections for Two PCs. The sales person has triedtheir best. I separately hire a person for Networking (Installation Charges paid twice) b) After taking money from me they are unable to provide me my ID & P/W. After visiting their office the managercontact more then Half Dozen peoples for ID. After Hour or so he provided the ID, which is also NOT WORKING attheir office. For which they said it would work after half an hour. After waiting and complains at franchise office wholeday they said to contact wateen’s help line which also took half day. c) They have also taking Rs.2,000/- as deposit money. But they are NOT giving any receipt Accidentally I havegiven Rs.200/- Less so they are saying that they will give me in writing on their letterhead as receipt. The sameproblem is facing my friend who is providing Cable Net service at Malir- 15 (M/s. Fast Computers) He also made acomplain at help line and they promise that within 24 hours some one will contact you, after Four working Days theproblem stand still. The franchise Manager comparing their Company with Government Office (PTCL) UHHHHHHH UHHHHH Regards From: azher alam Subject: Re: ACCA Forum >> Re:Beware of Wateen-Slowest Downloading Speed in the Town To: acca_forum@yahoogro ups.com, finpros@yahoogroups .com, kse100stocks@ yahoogroups. com Cc: wzubairi@hotmail. com Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 8:46 AM Dear All We have acquired the services of wateen in our office located in Bath Island,Clifton, Karachi. I am also very happyto have wateen telephone line/connection( 8045114) and print the telephone number in my visiting cards (which arein printing).It works only a week and gone. Should i throw my visiting cards to dust bin?????? Regards Azher Alam — On Tue, 7/8/08, Irfan Sikander Bawa wrote: From: Irfan Sikander Bawa Subject: ACCA Forum >> Re:Beware of Wateen-Slowest Downloading Speed in the Town To: acca_forum@yahoogro ups.com, finpros@yahoogroups .com, kse100stocks@ yahoogroups. com Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 9:53 AM Dear Freinds Thank you for your response on the topic. First we should pray for our country in the aftermath of yesterday’s ugly bombing episode. I would like to respond to some suggestion and tips given by you guys on the above subject.
  • 1) Yes I am geeting full signal strength in my area (Gulistan-e- Jauhar Block 3 Karachi) 2) Wateen technician visited so far at my place also accepted that it is not signal strength related issue but there issome backend problem in wateen’s prepaid service and ideally I should get atleast 100 kbps speed. (also confirmedby my freind Syed Mudassar. If it is a range related issue then why wateen is charging Rs 1000 for installation. Theyshould have visited my location first to tackle the range issue. They charged me installtion fee but they never did anyinstalltion related work or visited my place; rather they just handed over the device and said bye bye you are on yourown!!!!!!) 3) But as soon as they left my place they (technician) changed their stance and started giving lousy reasons. Kind regards ISB — On Tue, 7/8/08, saad khan wrote: From: saad khan Subject: Re: [FiNpRoS] Beware of Wateen-Slowest Downloading Speed in the Town To: irfansikanderbawa@ yahoo.com, acca_forum@yahoogro ups.com, fca@yahoogroups. com,finpros@yahoogroups .com, kse100stocks@ yahoogroups. com Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 12:03 AM I AM ALSO FACING THE SAME SITUATION, BY THE SERVICE AND ALSO THE PATHETIC BEHAVIOUR OFWATEEN STAFF… From: Irfan Sikander Bawa Subject: [FiNpRoS] Beware of Wateen-Slowest Downloading Speed in the Town To: acca_forum@yahoogro ups.com, fca@yahoogroups. com, finpros@yahoogroups .com, kse100stocks@yahoogroups. com Date: Monday, 7 July, 2008, 3:56 PM I have subscribed for Wateen’s Internet and voice prepaid services on 13th May 2008.This is/was infact thebiggest mistake I have ever committed because of the following: Firstly:- I got getting 7kbps (Yes SEVEN kbps can any one believe) downloading speed with internet connectivityof 1MBps!!!!! When I contacted (& still contacting) Wateen’s help line they gave me solution to delete temporaryinternet files and cookies!!!!! Wateen got the most pathetic help line I have ever come across. On my persistence finally my complaint was registered having reference numbers 59683, 58716, there was yetanother number which I am not recalling at the moment. So far four technicians have visited my place and I am still getting on an average 15-20 kbps downloading speed. Ihave been continuously following up my compliant at Wateen helpline 111-365-111 for quite some time now and stillgetting the same lousy response “clean your temporary internet files”!!!!! I invite any body still interested in Wateen for free demonstration of Wateen’s pathetic service at my place on a7/24 basis under “watch and try for yourself” claim!!!!!!
  • Further I give open invitation to you all that just quote reference of my complaint numbers using my WateenID/reference and speak at 111-365-111 and have a laugh at the solution they come up with. I also put a question before learned group members (having IT background) to let me know what should be theideal downloading speed at 1MBps connectivity? I also putting question before Wateen management is it Ethical for them in the context of COBP to harass andcharge the customers for services they cannot deliver? Or they are just Thugs in the corporate profile. Secondly, when I originally subscribed the service, Wateen franchise gave me understanding that Rs 799 werespecifically charged against internet surfing and telephone usage i.e. I can either use the amount (Rs 799) towardsinternet usage to the maximum 4GB of download, or I can make phone calls against such amount or use both theservices while being within the limit i.e. Rs 799. This balance is valid for three months i.e. counted from the date ofactivation of service. But later that understanding proved wrong. You can visit at your nearest Wateen Franchise andthey will still give you the same understanding that Internet balance is valid for 3 months. Thirdly, Uptill 15 days, counted from the day of subscription, I could not have my telephone service activated butWateen was not reluctant to change me for that service. On the top of it I was given response from one of the staffmember I contacted that “why am I so bothered for such an immaterial amount i.e line rent?” Wow what a trained andsophisticated staff the company has under its wings!! I was given two complaints numbers having reference 44146(within 24 hours of subscription) , 48164 a week later and 59674. Fourthly, For more then one month I could not check my internet usage. I think a cheapest mobile service on clickof few buttons can let you know available balance to the accuracy of two decimals place. I also shot email at theirsupport email address and spoke many at helpline but no one could give me satisfactory response. But all of themwere pretty sure that if over run my given downloading limit I would be charge extra over and above Rs 799. Nowwhy the hell I be charged for usage which I could not verify and track? Lastly, after being fade up of all these I have applied for complete refund as Wateen failed to give the standard andquality of service they promise when they charge my account. However, I am getting response that I may not get thefull amount back. Irfan Sikander Bawa Invoice Number 2315 Date May 15th 2008 5:37 pm Customer No 2250 CSAF No 069026 Package Go Green Rs 114 (Phone Line Rent) I MB 4 GB Rs 799 (Internet Balance) Hardware Cost Rs 2499 Hardware Rental Rs 99
  • Security Deposit Rs 2000 Installation Cost Rs 1000 Naeem August 1st, 2008 @ 4:27 am I got a 512kbps connection from them also paying Rs. 1000 as installation charge for which they did not provideany receipt. I paid with a credit card for the connection but they asked me to pay the installation charge with cash. Idid not understand why they wanted cash for installation while they were ready to charge the rest of the amount onmy credit card. Anyways I paid them. Only later did it occur to me that this 1000 is a sort of a kickback that thesedealers are charging which obviously they cannot document. I was so mad at myself for not having realized thisearlier. Anyway when I asked them to come and install it at my place, they said its very easy to do it yourself and theywould send someone if I had any problems. I asked them then what are the installation charges for if I have to do itmyself. They said the charges are to cover technical visits if required for one year. I went home installed everything and not surprisingly I wasn’t getting any signals. I called them up, to tell them I amgetting no signals. They asked me to reset the device. I did so and I still got no signal. After calling them severaltimes, they finally said that my area is out of coverage and that I should return the CPE and they will install a jupiteroutdoor device. I said ok fine. I returned the CPE and then started calling them every other day asking about thejupiter device. Every time that said we have forwarded your request and it will be taken care of in a few days. Then Iheard a new story. “Coverage is coming in your area in 15 days”, please wait till then. I waited and surprise, NOCOVERAGE. Went back to the dealer he assured me that he will arrange for a jupiter in one week, “guaranteed”.After one week i call him up and ask him and you know what he tells me, “Who is this, Oh did we really promise youa jupiter, kindly give us your registration number and we’ll look into it.” I gave them the number “We will forward yourequest and the jupiter will be here in a few days”. I had had enough. I called up the owner of the dealership and told him i want a full refund right now. He promisedto give me a refund the next day. I’m not surprised that it took three days for that as well. After a wait of 2 months Ifinally buried Wateen once and for all. The icing on the cake is that I still get calls from their customer service asking about how my service is doing. My observations about Wateen. Big promises, no services Customer service sucks There is no coordination between them Dealership people are clueless about technical things A bunch of swindlers who only objective is to get your money (they sold me a connection when they knew therewas no coverage in my area) awais August 6th, 2008 @ 6:12 am i dont know why am i only enjoying their services so far here in Rawalpindi , khayaban area . i got wateenconnection last month and its going very well though i picked the slowest speed and still its performance is like 1MBdsl connection , Well i am wondering why others are not getting same benefits like i am , may be in my area there arevery few subscribers thatswhy i am getting advantage ..yes on weekends i have experienced poor performance offixed phone line i was i think due to heavy load !
  • Anoushey August 8th, 2008 @ 2:53 am Positive Blogging! Share Your Opinions, Don’t Pull Your Roots I have witnessed several bloggers putting down the wimax culture in Pakistan, whether its being provided byWateen or Mobilink, they all hate it and are constantly campaigning to abolish latest marketing, business andinnovative trends from Pakistan. Well, I know wimax is a very expensive service and not everyone is able to afford it, but it is an innovativeapplication, people. It needs to flourish cause it holds numerous advantages for us. I’m currently looking for some technical problems that anyone of you has faced while using wimax services. I’mcurrently using Wateen’s broadband and telephony and I do not have any issues with the availability or any otherthing. I strongly agree with the awful service experience in the past but I seem to have a lot better service afterupgrading my CPE firmware. Why? Because I researched and solved this issue. I have been browsing internet and collecting information about wimax culture, its future and troubleshooting itscomplicated problems. Believe me, the results are astonishing as well as shocking. Even in developed countries likeUK, US and Australia, wimax is suffering from a hard time, regarding its service problems. They are certainly betterthan us in technology and many other things, except a few morals, but they too are having problems in establishingthis service. If you browse through their blogs, you will always find a technical problem faced, the reasons, troubleshooting tips,their own opinions and several worthy things, which are helpful for a service provider. Why don’t you guys go forsome positive criticism, your opinions and suggestion? If Wimax culture is really having problems in Pakistan, weshould play our cards right. It might help ISPs to locate the problems and ensure provision in specific localities, wherethere really are problems and people who do not understand terms such as Firmware, upgradation and even theISPs. What do you say guys? Lets start a discussion, which details the advantages that we can have using wimax, (except the simple homeinternet). Detailing all the positive aspects and its problems, we can get a very prominent benefit of online media. Wecan certainly succeed in spreading the proper information that needs to be known. We are the consumers and weknow better how these services can bring ease in our lives. So, What do you say? Anoushey August 11th, 2008 @ 11:51 pm Have Your Say Guys, I had posted a story and requested everyone to give a feedback about Wateen and Mobilink’s wimax and ithas been hell TWO days but I haven’t seen any response so far. What I think now? Everyone was literally crying for the bad taste of services that was being provided by Wateen,but now, when they have been asked to get their feedback in a polite manner to sort things out, I see no response atall! I knew there is something fishy going on here and there, everywhere. But now I can clearly see that these bloggerswould have been working on anti-progress campaign against the country. Man, why the hell do we always have toact according to our old definition of Pakistanism as well as anti-patriotism? Just barking out loud about everything is easy, cutting others’ business is easy as well, but I’m requesting all thosefreaks to share the technical reasons or their self-made technical reasoning to put it over here. So, all of you whohave/had problems with either Mobilink or Wateen’s wimanx services, please let it unveil. At least we all have therights to know the possibilities of bogus bills, (reaching hundred thousands), those dum rolls who can pay 90,000 or
  • more (becuz I’ve read the same post on several blogs, but with different names), when they haven’t even used thatbandwidth. In addition, all those people who lose their signals but do not know why they lost them, and what actuallydoes it take to resolve it. Well, lets get things rolling, have your say. Sikander Cassim August 12th, 2008 @ 2:12 am It is a very old saying that the sense of ownership and sense of serving and satisfying the users/customer dwelldown from the top. The pathetic and “who cares” sort of attitude we have been experiencing from the lower tier ofWateen’s staff is because of short-sightedness and lack of strategic vision of the top brass. To me first impression is the last and Wateen has miserably failed to live up to this expectation. They went forquantity and cheap resources and compromised on quality. I would like to share my experience of totally messed up online service. Since last two weeks I have been followingup my complaint for fault in wateen’s telephone service. The fault is that when a caller dials my Wateen number andlater disconnects the call then at my end phone keep buzzing. Strange is not it? Ringer of one of my telephone setshas already been damaged because of this fault. This happened while I was away from my home and in my absencenot at my home and someone rang at my number and when I reached home I found the bell ringing with an irritatingand annoying tone/sound. Later I found that ringer speaker got damaged as it kept buzzing for hours though theother party/caller might have disconnected the phone after a minute but at my end it kept ringing for hours till Ireached home. This fault was originally in the service when I subscribed; I guess three week back but it is still to be rectified by thebest of best technical team or engineers of Wateen!!!! Today I again contacted their help line and ask for status and receive reply we have referred the matter to ourtechnical team with underlying message “Don’t disturb us we are in total “Thaund Program”. So I am going to put widened agenda before the present Government: Impeachment, Restoration of judiciary, Getmy telephone fault rectified!!!!! Sara August 18th, 2008 @ 4:49 am Wateen and IBM – Why shake hands? Folks, does anyone know about the latest offers being provided by Wateen? I heard they signed an agreementwith IBM and being provided with some more integrity. Well, I don’t know much about it but just read about it on ablog. But I can’t get it. Can anyone help me out? Why Wateen is shaking hands with IBM and what are going to bethe advantages? raheel August 18th, 2008 @ 2:57 pm please reconsider about up front cost of wateen connection. infact whole pakistan want wateen but hurdle is upfront cost. cost should be less then 2000 RS. and modem should be free of cost. because people are using wateenservices and without modem it is not possible. so like vptcl give free modem to wateen customers. if this is notpossible then add 100 RS per month as an installment of upfront cost and modem cost. but tihis upfront cost is ahurdle. wateen people must think about it and take some good steps. Sara August 20th, 2008 @ 12:34 am
  • Hmmm, nice suggestion. It really is a problem for a lot of dreamers, who are dying to use wateen. I liked your idea.I heard they are offering new tarrifs very soon. Read in some techno mag. I don’t know its right or wrong but itsounded cool. I hope they do. Nice Suggestion Raheel :) Khizer August 22nd, 2008 @ 4:52 am Guys, any1 noes abt wateen-intel carnival to promote technology? Dats so much in news dese days but I havntbeen able to get any details. Da last I herd is they are on dere way to lhr. Final shot i gues. So wat dis carnival lukslyk? Any1 who noes, can raise his hand ali September 8th, 2008 @ 5:49 am i think micronet have most poor quility service compare to other because they never give a reliable service Umar September 9th, 2008 @ 2:23 am Yaar, if anybody can give me working email addresses of Wateen Officials ( CEO, Corporate Sales Director,Customer Services Director etc). We are facing a lot much troubles in our Connections, we have placed orders for new connections sinceJanuary2008, but still its under process. My company is really fed up from the response. So, please help me, and provide me working email addresses of the said Officials. Anoushey September 12th, 2008 @ 2:41 am Lol. Mr. Umar? Waaaht are you really trying to crack here? Man, I don’t know why things are the way the are here.You are working in a company, you placed an order (that sure would be big) and you don’t know anyone in Wateenwith whom you can share your issues!!?? Nice shot by the way.. A very good example of anti marketing campaigns. Anyways, go to their site.. Call their UAN or go directly to their office. Its that simple. Its other thing that you want tosocialize here and you didn’t find any other way except this cheap joke. And what really is the name of your company by the way ;) I’m dying to know ISwearByTheMoonAndTheStarsAndTheSky September 12th, 2008 @ 4:50 am Are you Anoushey Ashraf? I’m your fan! ISwearByTheMoonAndTheStarsInTheSky September 12th, 2008 @ 5:16 am Now that we have that established. May I ask why the hell we aren’t buying Mobilink Infinity and going afterWateen like anything. O please I want wateen O please I want Wateen. I’m a small teeney weeny baby. I urge PTAto take action against all people buying Wateen. Buy Mobilink Infinity connection and get a big box of Ferrero Rochercomplimnetry. Just take my name at their center. Asad MB September 12th, 2008 @ 11:35 am
  • These Wateen ppl are a real rip offs. Was out of Pakistan for 35 days, upon returning , found out that i have to paywateen rupees 13,500 to acticate my account, whereas i rightfully owe them not more than1,800 rupees. Now they are investigating and said that they will take 7 days to resolve this issue. I have complained to them somany times that i dont have the energy to express how much i really hate thier efficiency. Its like a cyber crime that wateen does against its customers. Hijack thier accounts, and ask for ransom, and justkeep haning with them. MOFOs saaley. Aftab September 14th, 2008 @ 2:18 pm Hi… Khalid.aziz@wateen.com is the offical at wateen serving as a Assistant Manager Corporate solutions. FSD September 16th, 2008 @ 4:47 am @ Asad MB Wateen is a Big Fraud! I have also been billed for 15000/= and they gave me the same response. Now after contacting, they say “…the billis yours”. You can’t do anything when there is no Law and Order in the country. F.S.D. Tahir Akhtar September 17th, 2008 @ 12:53 pm I live in Clifton, Karachi and using Wateen for last couple of months. There are a lot of problems in there service: 1. Really brain-damaged technical support. They even can’t answer simple yes/know questions. Funny thing is thatcorporate customer support refers everything to franchises instead of being other way around. 2. Signals come and go at will. 3. Using messenger (especially MSN) is a night-mare. It connects/disconnects twice every minute. 4. Prepaid cards are not easily available. Even where they are available, they are denominated in Rs. 100, whichmeans I have to buy and scratch eleven cards each month. 5. Customer Website is so dumb that they have provided link to user guide in image format :D Download speed is good though. On 1mb connection I am able to get 100KBps (yes with a big B :) in off-peakhours zeshan September 22nd, 2008 @ 9:46 pm i m from the initial users of wateen but really wateen is totally failed to provide wimax service to his subscribers in starting days data transfer is too fast but now its too slow even 37kbps while telephony has much problems like internet(lost connection,call drop,busy tone..) & no good coustmer supportdelay repair of complaint priblems and soo muvh infact wateen faisl to provide awesom services to his coustmers Sehrish October 11th, 2008 @ 4:33 am Hey guys…
  • I have seen so many people are creating bad image of Wateen by word of mouth, discussion on different issueslike poor customer service, overcharging etc, is happening on continuous basis. I do not use Wateen and I do nothave much idea about its Wimax but whatever it is, this is not a write way to show the anger and complain, if u haveany queries please go and contact the management of Wateen instead of wasting time in writing negative blogs ondaily basis, this is just a suggestion rest is up to you. Rizkhan October 12th, 2008 @ 2:46 pm Is it compaign for consumer protection or awareness compaign by writing such stuff. Simply disconnect wateen. Asad October 21st, 2008 @ 3:19 am @RizKhan Hi, I think that you should know to tell some truth is good thing. It is not solution of problem kay simply disconnectwateen. Now wateen is providing better service & InshahAllah Always provide .So you must appreciate theirimprovement because if we appreciate they will also provide good packages for satisfying us. Ahmed October 28th, 2008 @ 9:18 pm Hi all, I am using wateen’s wimax service in Karachi from last 5 months. I never received bill from them. I don’t see package details (tariff) for business users on their site, is it some trick or trap for over billing? How doessuch big companies operate without a billing system? Ahmed Anoushey October 30th, 2008 @ 1:46 am hey folks i want every one of u to come at PASHA ICT Awards.. the Venue is Marriott Karachi and the event dateis 31st Oct 08 (tommorow at 8pm).. aur han the important thing is that Wateen which is the Gold Sponsor of theevent is offering free Wimax Connectivity throughout the event.. so come n enjoy.. since wateen management is alsogong to be there, so u can share ur experience of Wimax with them.. u can get moe details about the event onhttp://jehanara.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/psha-open-invitation-to-bloggers/ Anoushey October 30th, 2008 @ 2:12 am Dera Anoushey.. do u think that this is going to help wateen in creating a positive image in customers mind?people are so unhappy with wateen they want their Wimax to work properly at their places instead of any event…and do u think that the management of wateen will be able to face the anger of the customers?.. saim October 30th, 2008 @ 2:14 am and sory to use ur name… wese r u anoushey ashraf? Sunny November 12th, 2008 @ 6:20 pm
  • Wow! All of a sudden I feel a sigh of relief, I was planning on getting a high speed connection and initially hadsigned up to receive PTCL, after they never bothered to show up after a whole week, I canceled my order. After a few months, I got the urge for high speed again, after 5 hours of Wateen research and reading all the horrorstories of red in the face Wateen customers, I feel satisfied with Vwireless for now. The CEO of Wateen doesn’t even deserve to be a street vendor of rotten apples, never mind squandering such aunique opportunity to introduce such cutting edge technology. Thanks guys from saving me from the Wateen torture chamber. p.s. I sure would appreciate any suggestions on a viable alternative? Or would it be best to wait a few moremonths? Peace. ADEELRIAZ November 22nd, 2008 @ 8:50 am wateen is very cheep company in pakistan. wateen is limited downloading but downloding is unlimited is bestotherwise worldcall is so,beeter package of wateen imb speed 2500 rs fee unlimited downloading.pray for wateen,wateen user. asad November 28th, 2008 @ 2:23 am Wateen Wins “Best Challenging and Interesting Work Award” at PSHRM, 2008 Wateen won the PSHRM Award, 2008 in the category of “Challenging and Interesting workplace”. Wateen is thepreferred organization according to the opinion of 1100 graduates from 27 universities; for facilitating employees withthe challenging and interesting workplace and work opportunities. Akram Durrani; MD, Human Resource afterreceiving the award from Mr. Naveed Qamar; Federal Minister of Privatization, Shipping, Ports and Fishery;commented that the award was once again a testmane tthat Wateen is the preferred company! He further said that,“we sincerely appreciate positive feedback this award gives to us and look forward to working with Pakistan’s youngand hardworking workforce.” It is positive attitude such as this which helps to keep Wateen’s work environment aChallenging and Interesting one! Alia December 8th, 2008 @ 3:45 pm With so many connection packages available, how do I decide which one keeps me connected at all times viaphone and internet at a cost-effective offer? Of course this was all before I decided to become part of Wateen familyas it is currently operating on the edge of technology in Pakistan with the launch of WiMAX. Get this…5 GB of spacewith 256 kpbs connectivity at only Rs.500 per month and a telephony tariff of only Rs.90 per month…It gets onlybetter with the special EID offer with unlimited net surfing and downloading, international and local calling all for freefrom Dec. 8th to midnight Dec. 10th….Wateen will truly keep me connected with family and friends this Eid!! najam bajwa December 9th, 2008 @ 7:16 am yar itn b acha nhn ha ….atleast don’t lie Nadeem December 29th, 2008 @ 1:26 am
  • Wateen is charging for Cable TV and for Telephony line rent which was never subscribed. Complaint is sent tothem every month and they send wrong bill again every month. Wateen has the greatest opportunity of improving its standards of business ethics. I fixed a business meeting with the General Manager of Wateen. My office called him on the appointed day andtime and confirmed he was in office. But when I reached Wateen offices on Monday 15 Sep 2008 at 10:30 Wateensecurity lied to me and said he was not in office. My office called again and talked to Mr. Furqan on phone. He wasdefinitely in office. Wateen seems terrified of ordinary people. I have no desire to do business with Wateen even if it means earning 1 crore Rupees per second from the deal.Ahtesham Arshad February 21st, 2009 @ 8:41 pm Dear Sir. / Madam / Friend, I have a must big problem with my msn since 5days. Its not work mean to say, its not sign in… I do many things.Even i reinstall my windows operating system. But msn not work. But its work on the ptcl v phone. But not work onthe Wateen. I have WATEEN 15GB, 1MPBS.. But the true is that, wateen is poor service….. Please send me your suggestions by e-mail or by one phone call 0321-6960457 Thanks and Regards. Mr. Ahtesham ARshad muzafar March 5th, 2009 @ 4:58 pm for as you all are concerned……… dont know but like to tell you all seriously wateen franchises in karachi is also sick of wateens policies we try our level best to retain the customers but wateens policies make us all sick i dont know………. but really want tariq malik to have POSE ownership……….. to let him realize i what hell we allare……….. customers and franchisee toANWAR KHAN May 29th, 2009 @ 6:03 am I WANT TO KKNOW THAT IS WATEEN WORKING IN BANNU OR NO? MY ID IS NOT LIVE EVERY TIME SOPLZ CONTECT ME ON MY MOBILE NO#03339748588.Zainulabideen October 26th, 2009 @ 10:49 am i buy wateen wimax usb but its sigal quality is very low just 40% signal i have my package is 1mbps with 5gb.plzhelp me and some times browsing goes dead.and downloading speed goes in points kb. Amir Rashid November 13th, 2009 @ 9:14 pm
  • I wish to write on the poor customer services by wateen in Pakistan. I am a wateen subscriber sine 28 October2009. Till date I have made n number of complaints about unserviceability of my telephone line but no one seems tolisten. May be this effort of mine improves their service, though I am not very hopeful. Ahsan Malik February 22nd, 2010 @ 11:36 am FAO CEO WATEEN TELECOM Dear Mr Tariq Malik, DEAR ALL! What do you think about this? Plz take some time off & Read. CC: Customer Service, Wateen Telecom Bcc: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Nauman! Despite of the fact that I have requested you so many times over the phone to give me the status of myrefund, YOU ARE BADLY FAILED TO GIVE ME THE SATISFACTORY REPLY and always ended up saying that I’llupdate up shortly. I challenge you that show me one phone call made on my cell and I’ll take my refund request back. I got wateen Internet connection on 17th Aug’09, one of your colleague, I guess the name was Waseem gave meall sureties that my problem will be solved but he like you never answered my calls, I THINK EITHER YOU ARE ALLTHE SAME OR YOU ARE TRAINED TO DO SO BY WATEEN. Anyways after an ill-mannered and ignorant behaviorfrom you franchise (Rawalpindi) I decided to return the product and devise was returned within three days. I filled upthe return form and got receiving from Mr. Rizwan Raja and handed over the form to him. He promised me and gavein writing that the refund will be done within 7 working days. (I think he wrote it wrong, it should be seven workingmonths . . . lol, anyways six months has already been passed NOW). Despite of my several visits I got no satisfactory reply from your franchise and ultimately I met you and you saidyou don’t have my refund request form with you, I don’t know about my previous form but with your franchise attitudeand behavior I can guess that, either it is used as a mop to clean tea or dust from your franchise or sold to somerathe wala. Anyways I filled the form again on 30th Sep’09 and you have written down your cell # on the same paper in which Igot receiving from Rizwan. So you can’t deny that and dated 30th sep’ 09, I have a proof in terms of yourhandwriting. NOW IN TERMS OF MY RECENT CONVERSATION WITH YOU FOR MY REFUND, YOU ENDED UP GIVINGME THE TICKET # 564028. LISTEN NOMAN I DIDN’T ASKED FOR TICKET # I REQUESTED FOR MY REFUND, INEED TO NOW THE STATUS OF MY REFUND, WHEN I AM GETTING MY MONEY BACK, DON’T YOUUNDERSTAND THAT ALL IN SIMPLE URDU, THAT WHAT I ASKED, NOT THE TICKET #. AND STILL IF YOUDON’T UNDERSTAND THAT LET ME KNOW THE LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK I’LL TRY TO COMMUNICATE WITHYOU IN THAT LANGUAGE. COME ON MAN, “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD” WHAT TYPE OF PATHATIC CSWATEEN HAS. AND IN YOUR TAXT YOU WROTE DEAR CUSTOMER, MAKE NO MISTAKES I AM NOT YOURCUSTOME, I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR CUSTOMER AND I’ll MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE WILL BE YOURCUSTOMER AND IF SOME ONE ASKS ME FOR YOUR SERVISE I’ll LOVE TO GIVE HIM MY PIECE OF MIND. Please Note: Nauman, while replying to this email to me, you are requested to CC to all. Thanks but no thanks to you, you pathetic franchise and of course wateen telecom for employing such a dedicatedand keen staff. CUSTOMER SERVISE (in reading): Is there anyone who can tell me the status of my refund request?
  • PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION AUTHORITY (in reading): Sir / Madam! Is there anything you can do to helpmy retiring my money from WATEEN TELECOM AND MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE BECOME THE VICTUM LIKE IHAVE BEEN TREATED? - Malik - Cell: 0300 527 0890Ali Murtaza March 12th, 2010 @ 5:26 pm we are also facing signals problem only 20% signals, intenet connection failed. Imran June 16th, 2010 @ 4:53 pm Wateen is the most pathetic service i had ever used, their 90% towers are not working in rawalpindi since mid ofFebruary 2010 and none of their Rep is able to tell anything… Idiots are sitting in their islamabad office situatedabove ALfalah bank I-8, Even their managers Amir imtiaz and waqas are unable to give any type satisfactoryanswer… Imran Rawalpindi Bashir Tahir Warid Group June 20th, 2010 @ 5:47 pm We have earned a lot from Warid and Wateen.Now close this discussion.Bashir and Pervaiz and our son’s haveearned a lot and our whole family is on C-level….simple friends are family company …foolish people…nishat khan(nishat53@wateen.net) September 12th, 2010 @ 10:06 am Frenches of wateen in Karachi is worst. they earn money but not gave a answer to customer. they change my product but not entered the change in your office and some one says they issue a USB AGAINSTMY NUMBER. AT PRESENT I WANT TO START MY CONNECTION AND NO REPLY BY ANY ONE OF YOURSTAFF.PLEASE CHECK MY LATEST COMPLAINT TICKET NUMBER(1557944)OLD COMPLAINT NO.(580954)THANK YOU Wateen: Hello Again | TelecomPK October 29th, 2011 @ 11:20 pm [...] launch WiMax services around the globe. Since its launch, the company faced many issues with theirproduct/services and also some management related. Last year they went ahead with IPO for survival and now withthe [...] Wateen: Hello Again October 29th, 2011 @ 11:30 pm [...] launch WiMax services around the globe. Since its launch, the company faced many issues with theirproduct/services and also some management related. Last year they went ahead with IPO for survival and now withthe [...]Mega Punch November 14th, 2011 @ 2:40 pm its all political campaign in making wateen…Wateen, ummm, this is what happens when you hit a nerve in new media…March 26, 2008 12:14 amhttp://greenwhite.org/blog/2008/03/26/wateen-ummm-this-is-what-happens-when-you-hit-a-nerve-in-new-media/
  • … your customers can actually start speaking out. For anyone curious – we’ve confirmed that this isnt ananti-publicity campaign by a competitor and he’s a genuinely fed up person from the community.WateenUser, I will however, have to still delete these comments (and will delete this post in 3 days too): WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 9:45 pm edit broadband and downloading goes hand in hand wateen doesnt let yu download jack, therefore wateen is the Worst internet service imanginable stay away fromwateen it sucks so bad, you’d be better off with dial-up.Seriously wateen is gay!!WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 9:47 pm edit WATEEN REALLY SUCKS, ITS A DISGRACE TO BROADBAND!!WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 9:51 pm edit there should have been preemtive strikes against them way before their launch their internets sucks to thtextend Osama A. Said: March 25th, 2008 at 9:59 pm edit Someone sure had a bad day! One Question though WateenUser – why do you continue using them then?WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:03 pm edit maybe because i paid for it , and you cant really use it , its like an abuse to boadband, using it just to browsepages, so not worth the seemingly lower wateen prices, its a major rip off/disrespect to ones hard earned money!WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:04 pm edit the people at wateen are major asshats and should work up on a better plan tht dusnt have as many caps tostarting sounding sane…WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:07 pm edit I hope this blog is google friedly and tht it shows up when people search for wateen reviews and tht wateenstops making such fools out of us..WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:09 pm edit the people at wateen are major asshats and should work up on a better plan tht dusnt have as many caps tostart sounding sane…WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:13 pm edit if we all dunt pay this months subscrbtion fee, im sure they’ll put up a package that lets you download anduse broadband the way its meant to in no time… and just for the record torrents p2p arnt illegal, no isp is ever required to ban them or anything…unlessofcourse the isp is messed up in the head and thinks it can get away with it, like wateen here. WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:19 pm edit If I were YOU , I wont even SPIT on Wateen – its that worthless! Its only fair to teach them a lesson in time. They have really made a fool out of you all, you shouldnt let them go on with it, their actions must be checked,they must be taught a lesson!!
  • WateenUser Said: March 25th, 2008 at 10:24 pm edit im using wateen , to make surre no one else makes this mistake and has to go through such an agony..suchdisabled interent, such a disgrace to broadband, such a mockery made out of us, unquestioning customers.Anonymous UserWateen literally sucks. I purchased a prepay connection from them and now my account is showing -800.Theircustomer service told me that the 800 is line rent. Uhhh, I returned the device. They are suckers.March 14 at 2:35pmSherazOctober 27, 2009 4:50 pmWell i was one of the admirer of wateen when they launched at start but with the passage of time their speeddecreased. Even their customer support was such a jerk. They don’t even know how to talk with the customers. Asfar as I am concerned I have never been to such a poor customer service in my life. Its been couple of weeks backwhen I recieved a call from wateen’s representative for connection reactivation and I asked for 4MBps connectionand paid in advance. But it was a complete crap. Wateen’s representative assured me that even on shared basis theminimum speed i will be getting is 400+ KB/s. First of al they were unable to activate my connection within a day. Ittook them 5 days to activate my connection and again they just gave me 120KB/sec. Now its been more than 3weeks and they are still unable to solve my problem. So I will advise not to use wateen at all. Instead try to use witribe. Speed is good and customer support is also good.Raja HabibJuly 25, 2010 1:20 pmWateen is the worst internet service I have ever used. Unluckily I am stuck to it for one more month. Torrentdownload speed never crosses 20kbps. Even though I have got 1mbps connection.Wateen really sucks. BTW I have thought of an idea. I am an SEO professional. I am starting a blog about wateenservices and how they tease their customers. And it will show in Google. I just can’t stand it anymore.AyeshaAugust 5, 2010 5:54 amVery Good Job WateenWateen has improved nowdo check it outAnti-wateenSeptember 27, 2010 1:56 pmWateen provides 3 services each one is unique with its own problem1.Telephone – wateen telephone works with modem, modem has a stand by power of 2hrs when fullycharged; charging it fully takes 8 hrs Power is off (load shedding) goes after every 1 hour the phone is offbecause modem is not charged properly if Someone wants to make a important call power is off modembattery has been exhausted then how can the person make a phone call okay if the person keep a backup battery then a person has to moniter phone till the battery is out so he can replace it with back upbattery; battery is not 100% accurate that it will excatly exaust at the excat time this is not the way what isthe use of telephone when u cant use it in proper time? You cant afford a rs.25000+ on ups or generatorif i do so its 100 times more than the cost of telephone.Okay for the sake of Arguments we agree withWateen about that loadshedding in Pakistan finishes i would like to question Wateen why many timeswhen there is power Wateen system is off (wateen calls it modem outage) u cant call anyone (what to doif you want to make an important call nor can u use internet nor you can contact wateen helpline that time
  • as phone is off how to resolve this Issuse.Wateen would say visit our Business center what if its Sundayor 9pm night when the Business center is closed .whats the use of telephone when you can use it onproper time?To avoid using mobile a person uses telephone services whats the use of telephone whenyou cant use it on proper time?2. Internet- Infinity Internet (so called infinity internet) Today in modren world every1 is using infinityinternet downloading more than 100 GB of data wateen claim there internet is infinity but in reality it is notafter 100 GB of usage u get charged no where wateen mentions this fact about 100 GB after the amountis decuted then wateen tells you.I had problem with wateen i was using infinity internet i didnt exceed mylimit of 100 GB but i got decdution from my Wateen account i didnt knew it after a while i wanted to makea phone call it said recharge u r blance i couldnt understand how my balance got dectuded i contactedwateen they said system error hai sorry for inconvinence in 24 hrs it will be resloved it was resolved butwhat was the use of telephone when i wasnt able to use it on time.Second internet problem is speed on1mb speed you get a maximum of 20 kbps you should get around 135 kbps wateen says its recudes thespeed in peek hours form 12pm to 2am Wateen is the 1st service provider in histroy of pakistan to do thisPTCL is the biggest provider of services in pakistan even PTCL dosent reduces speed that time wateensay our internet is shared not decidated same is the case with PTCL but PTCL dosent redcuse its speedwhats the use of 1mb internet when u r getting the speed of dail-up internet conection??? Wateen internetworks on concept of modem if something happens to modem (modem outage) internet is out you can useit neither you can call its helpline.Whats the use of internet when you cant use it in proper time when youneeded it urgently?3. Cabel Tv – first its was great suddenly (and the only proper service which wateen provided properlywithout any flaws) wateen started to add advertizments while the normal adds comes wateen over playsits own advertizments many times the advertizments are running the tv show is missied just due to thatadvertizments wateen dose not care for it.They say its our way to generate revenue. What i say to wateenthat If this your way wateen to generate revenue disturbing customers .Then dont provide cable servicejust provide advertizments so atleast you can generate revenue.I just want to question wateen for what are you taking money if u cant provide proper services. Its yourDuty wateen to provide proper services specially when you have taken over an area and you are notallowing any other service provider to operate in that area.nomiSeptember 14, 2011 6:03 pmwateen sucks:::::@@@@