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Top 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments

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Watch Full Webinar Here: http://www.mulesoft.com/webinars/cloudhub/top-3-considerations-integrating-hybrid-environments …

Watch Full Webinar Here: http://www.mulesoft.com/webinars/cloudhub/top-3-considerations-integrating-hybrid-environments
Learn More About Our Hybrid Integration Platform and Solutions: https://www.mulesoft.com/resources/esb/hybrid-cloud-integration-solutions

As SaaS adoption explodes and business processes move to the cloud, organizations still have crucial data locked in on-premises and legacy systems. Data that isn't going anywhere. More and more companies are seeking new integration strategies to deal with these hybrid environments but struggle with how and where to integrate them.

MuleSoft’s Chris Purpura, VP of Cloud Integration and Dan Diephouse, Director of Product Management, help you form this hybrid strategy

We will cover:

1. The top 3 things to consider when looking to integrate hybrid applications
2. The most common hybrid integration strategy pitfalls
3. How to connect securely across cloud and ground
4. A hybrid integration case study of a large multinational company working with MuleSoft

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  • 1. TOP 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments Presented by: Chris Purpura VP Cloud Integration, MuleSoft ! Dan Diephouse Director of Product Management, MuleSoft !
  • 2. The world is bursting with things to connect 50 billion devices by 2020 +2000 cloud applications today 5.6 billion terabytes of data 2014
  • 3. Hybrid Drivers ● Lines of business drives the application purchase and implementation ○ User-driven technology decisions independent of centralized architecture concerns ● Mobile or web initiatives: ○ Need to consume information locked in on-premises applications with SaaS based information ● Existing investments in custom and packaged apps: ○ Don’t rip and replace what you have. Just modernize it and extend it with SaaS.
  • 4. Legacy Systems Don’t Go Away
  • 5. All contents Copyright © 2014, MuleSoft Inc. More Complex With the Addition of SaaS Apps 5 Disjointed Experiences for Employees, Customers, and Partners ! Locked Up Revenue ! Slow Decisions
  • 6. Composite Applications (Web,Mobile) ! ! Shared 
 Services ! Up/Down 
 Process Automation ! Build SaaS DBMS, Synch Complexity File to App 2-4 Applications Platform (iPaaS) Point Tool (FTP, ETL, Batch) 4+Application s Application, Customers, Partners, Mobile Platform ( iPaaS + API Mgmnt) Manual Valu What is the typical path we see?
  • 7. Top 3 Considerations in Connecting Hybrid Environments
  • 8. 1. Architecture 8 Do you connect on-premises with an ESB, SaaS with an iPaaS then connect the two? Do you connect everything with an iPaaS? Where do you connect? ! What applications are you integrating? Are they on-premises or in the cloud? Where is your center of gravity?
  • 9. 2. Security & Compliance What questions should you ask? ● What data does my company allow in the cloud and what does it not? ● What precautions should I take around sensitive or personal data? ● How do I comply with my local laws? e.g. EU Data Protection Directive? ● How do I securely access data in my data center from the cloud?
  • 10. • IT friendly – connect at hardware or software level ! • Scalable and highly available Virtual Private Cloud • Cloud to ground connectivity. No on-prem ESB needed ! • Secure – IPsec or SSL
  • 11. 3. Scale & Time to Value ● What’s the scope of your project? ● What are your goals for your organization? ● What is your geographic scale? ● Do you have distributed teams? ● What are your timelines? !
  • 12. The MuleSoft Solution
  • 13. All contents Copyright © 2014, MuleSoft Inc. The Solution? The Anypoint Platform
  • 14. Some of our customers
  • 15. Customer Results 15 Business  Value Launch  new  channels  of   Revenue Amplify  pace  of   Innovation Drive  better   Customer  Experiences Improve   Operational  Effectiveness Enabling a partner network to monetize & syndicate content Drive business agility & support increasing transaction volume $100M revenue from new products launched in last 3 yrs 2,000+ global portals for doctors to register, learn, and order samples
  • 16. Custom Applications Legacy Service Bus On-Premise Application Suite Legacy CRM data EMEA and APAC Sales Doctor Portal Doctor Mobile Apps eSampling Interaction Management Service eLearningIdentity Service Large Pharmaceutical Company VPC
  • 17. Why MuleSoft? 17 Unified Platform For SOA, SaaS Integration and APIs ! Lowest Friction Fastest to deploy, fastest to change, and fastest to adapt ! Future Proof Hybrid cloud, open, extensible, no vendor lock-in
  • 18. Thanks for Your Attention! @ChrisPurpura @dandiep https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrispurpura https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dan-diephouse/0/35/44b chris.purpura@mulesoft.com dan.diephouse@mulesoft.com Watch Full Webinar: https://www.mulesoft.com/webinars/cloudhub/top-3-considerations-integrating-hybrid-environments Hybrid Integration Platform & Solutions: https://www.mulesoft.com/resources/esb/hybrid-cloud-integration-solutions Follow Us! #MuleSoftWebinar