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Sims2 alphabet uglacy. With candy being the naming theme.

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  1. 1. The Sticky Sweet Alphabauglacy! Why's the picture so small? I've no clue, the rest won't be as bad though! Welcome to the Wonka's Sticky Sweet Alphabuglacy! Most if not all children will be named after Candy! This is our host and founder Willy Wonka. If I remember to base his personality on either Willy Wonka it'll be the old one. Never seen the new movie, don't wanna. The new guy creeps me out. I'll be working with no handicaps, because this is my first legacy. Heh talk about diving in head first with eyes closed. -cheesy grin- I've also never written a story before, never seriously taken pictures. There won't be much plot, any pointers on how I could do these things better would be much appreciated As would any candies or candy associated words starting with the letter q. Although I might resort to pastries if I get desperate. Even if they're just fantasy ones from books Ok! On with the show!.
  2. 2. Now we join our founder after much shower and fridge selling to see him and Dora stalking to Sandy here as she tells a joke to ummm what's his name? Meh not important he's good looking. Note, I deleted all family ties via simpe and then with the simblender chucked the seasons family into townie land. And yes that is a Sandy Bruty clone, she's an awesome mother so I heart her, she rolled popularity though. Only one I remember. She is also a clone. Willy: "Couldn't I have kept one of those fridges or showers?" No, we need more money for your wives and mistresses! Mwehehehe! Willy: "What?" Anyways! Willy's personality is a Pisces, with four neat, five outgoing, seven active, three playful, and five nice. Willy: "Seriously, what?"
  3. 3. Your wives. Willy: "Er they're small?" We'll be getting you more tree's as you get more monies don't worry.
  4. 4. And your mistress! Willy: "OOh! Telescope, knowledge sim likie, but I'll starve, and I gotta pee and what about when I get tired?"
  5. 5. Piffle silly candy man, that's why I kept selling and buying fridges and showers. Willy: "Ah so what's the plan chief?" Well I've seen way to many uglacy's trashed by the entrance of alien genetics late into it. Yes it does offer interesting features that can also trash a pretacy or a normal legacy. But the shape of the face is just too smooth for an uglacy. Also, I've noticed that plant sim spawn tend to have really umm interesting faces so to speak. So I'm gonna try to get you abducted or turned into a plant sim for this first gen, and next gen will do the next! Now excuse me a moment while I go build a community lot for you to grab a bite to eat and pee on, your energy isn't quite low enough for me to want to throw you on this guy yet.
  6. 6. Trees on community lots can get bugs, I don't know if your sim can turn into a plant sim on community lots, but here's to hoping. Willy: “Hmm, think that's enough bug spray?” -sigh- No not really.
  7. 7. Willy: "Lalala, spraying away, getting a little tired here though." Meh. Then head home candy man.
  8. 8. So, home again, stalking the ever stalkable Sandy, and watching Dora and what's his face go at it. Oh my, is it pop corn time?
  9. 9. They're laughing, and what's his face is crying. Fight time now? .... Guess not.
  10. 10. Common aliens, come and get him. Willy: "Come take me away, show me this bed thing you have up there." Err Willy, I don't think they sleep on beds up there.
  11. 11. Fresh energizer in the morning. Willy: "Ooooh this feels gooood! Aaah yeaaah." Errr, Willy you're creeping me out. Willy: "Caaan I have a fridge then?" Haha, no.
  12. 12. Yesh trim your wife good, so she stays alive for more spraying! Willy: "Should I be offended or creeped out?" Uhhh, moving along!
  13. 13. Willy: "If she's my wife, am I selling my babies here?" No philosophy! Willy: "But I'm a knowledge sim."
  14. 14. Willy: "Haha, so this new friend of yours went to court? They really, they threw the book at him? Oh, he's a criminal and you want me to help break him out? Oh sorry there's my carpool bye!" Seriously, he met this dark clone of Cornflower Capp at the community lot, they ate together, three relationship when he got home. Well he got phone stalked into friends. What'd they talk about every time? Lots of meeting people, gravels, prison bars, criminals, and sirens in every conversation. Makes me wonder about this guy....
  15. 15. Willy: “Oh wow, this biography about Mrs. Bella Goth sure has a lot of cleaning tips.” You mean that's not a romance book called, “Man Maid Lust”? Willy: “Nah, it's a biography written by Remington Harris about his former missing boss Bella Goth. Oh lookie I just gained a cleaning point.” Hmmm, interesting...
  16. 16. You, may just find yourself marrying in, in a few gens, see ya there!
  17. 17. Yes!
  18. 18. Mwehehehehehe!
  19. 19. Knew ya could do it! Willy: "Of course I could, I'm the candy man!" For those interested, it took him just five days to do this. Last sim I had do this legitimately, it took them thirty something days. So I was prepaired to use mucho elixer, Willy: "So can I get a fridge and toilet and bathtub now?" Hahahaha! Oh gosh no, we now need to save up to build you a green house so you don't whine of sunlight desperation... Well, maybe I'll get you a shower.
  20. 20. Now finish gardening and we'll grow us a plant baby. Willy: “But I want skill points.”
  21. 21. See, I got you a shower! Even if only temporarily for the moment. Willy: “You keep selling it.” Well, we can't really afford to keep it if you want a green house soon. At least I'm letting you use it before selling it!
  22. 22. I... Did not know that you could get twins from sporing. Was planning on having one a day but that threw a monkey wrench in my plots. Smug Willy: “Now can we get a fridge?” Nope! Don't need to, just put the toddlers toys within the sprinklers scope and they'll be fine. Willy: “Oh... Darn...”
  23. 23. Well meet the twins Almond Joy!
  24. 24. And Airhead! Almond Joy is a girl and Airhead is a boy. They've got the same personality as their father, but where he is a Pisces, they're both Taurus I find it funny that even though plant babies always have the same personality as their parent, that they still go and get different signs.
  25. 25. He does have the more interesting face of the two, which is good, because being a girl in this generation disqualifies you for heirship. Airhead: "The bomb said boom" Umm, dysfunctional rabbit heads aside, if the next plant baby is a girl, and you don't turn into a knowledge sim then your daddy is gonna make more plant babies! Why? Well it seems with store edition that knowledge sims are more likely to get abducted than non knowledge. Not much more likely but still, I'll take what I can get.
  26. 26. Next day already! Be a boy be a boy and not twins, haven't found a fourth a-name yet.
  27. 27. Meet little Aero... A girl....
  28. 28. Her daddy loves her though. Willy: "Who's a cute little button? You are you are!" Aero: Giggles and claps.
  29. 29. Aaah frag it! She has a more interesting face than Airhead! Why couldn't you of been a boy? Aero: "Cause girls are cuter." She is an Aeres by the way.
  30. 30. Boy three days sure pass by fast. Here we see Almond Joy growing up. Rolled two dice at once cause I can! Got a four and a six, and since I don't have nightlife or freetime I got to pick for one!
  31. 31. Almond here is a romance sim. Almond Joy: "Boys now?" Soon my pretty soon.
  32. 32. And here we have Airhead growing up into an inappropriately named knowledge sim.
  33. 33. There we go! Airhead: "I have hands! Whoa, lookit that dude, I has hands." Err, grammar Airhead. Airhead: “Grammar is for squares!” Airhead, knowledge sims are typically squares... I get the feeling that even though his father rocked the knowledge aspiration, Airhead isn't going to do so well at it.
  34. 34. Almond Joy: "I'm outta here! Take me to the land of hot boys!"
  35. 35. Willy: "Bye my adorable child!" Airhead: "Bye twin I hardly know!"
  36. 36. Bye Almond! We'll somewhat miss you! Seriously, plant sim childhoods, toooo short.
  37. 37. Airhead: "Hi dad!" Willy: "Uh, hello."
  38. 38. Now it's Aero's turn!
  39. 39. Still getting used to cameraman mode. Clear away those leaves girl!
  40. 40. And the verdict is! ... -sob- Why couldn't you have been a boy? Aero: "Cause it's so much fun to be contrary." She rolled fortune.
  41. 41. First thing after growing up her dad tells her a dirty joke which gets rejected... Wrong daughter Willy.
  42. 42. Aero: "I want to earn a hundred thousand! Get out!
  43. 43. Go on shoo. Willy: "Bye my little button!"
  44. 44. Now let us go check in on Joy. Joy: "Aaah this huuurts!" She is deleafing because I want see what she inherited from dad. Also, Joy is quicker to spell than Almond and I am lazy!
  45. 45. Nuts, she did not get his tattoo skin Joy: “Hello paper boy.”
  46. 46. Used the crystal ball to call up a cute guy by the name Ryker! Hiss, get them out of my townie pool Joy: "Wow math is so hot." Ryker is a taurus with a 5/5/3/8/4 personality.
  47. 47. They keep cackling over that gnome. And welcome wagon! With Sandy and Dora again.. See Joy in the tacky outfit and hair flirting with her new boy toy?
  48. 48. Hehehe, through the power of simblender, I now prounce insta crush/love/best friends.
  49. 49. This is the outfit that was in her closet, and the hair style I picked. Someone approves! Joy: "Alright! I look awesome and hot! Where's my smart romance aspired boy toy?"
  50. 50. Try for baby try for baby dangit!
  51. 51. Not gonna make them get married because they're both romance sims. But I did have him move in, and I do want them to have a baby. Seven trys and no luck though, finally just broke out the simblender again.
  52. 52. Now back to Aero and her deleafing!
  53. 53. Aero: "Owe! This huuurts!"
  54. 54. Aero: "Really huurts!" It'll be over soon don't worry.
  55. 55. And she got her dad's custom skin!
  56. 56. And a crystal ball called up boyfriend. Kennedy: "You look good in green" Aero: "Why thank you.” Kennedy is a cancer with 6/3/6/4/6 personality.
  57. 57. Still it was time for a make over. She looks good. Hehehe, notice anything different from the others? Both her sister and her dad have rainbow eyes, yet she has these pinkish purple eyes? How? Well it's called the power of genetics. See if you give your sim parents in CAS and then have them make a baby in CAS then you will have different submissive genetics than dominant. Sadly, it didn't work for either her's or her sisters hair. Neither of them have the female rainbow hair that Willy was carrying.
  58. 58. I love you simblender.
  59. 59. And so do they! In my normal play I don't tend to cheat this much. But since I don't really want to play the spares for this legacy, I'm doing so with them
  60. 60. Aero: "Kennedy will you marry me?" Kennedy: "Family sim here! Of course I will!" Erp, umm need to work on remembering to take plumb bobs out.
  61. 61. Aero: "Squee! Hug!" May not always like her, but I do give her some measure of happiness.
  62. 62. Wedding! With her dad, and some random townie that wandered over to play when she was a tot invited. As well of course the welcome wagon. There isn't a level enough spot to put the arch out side, so indoor wedding it is. Aero: "Can you believe it Kennedy? We're getting married!" Kennedy: "I'm so excited!"
  63. 63. Kennedy: “Aero, will you take this ring and be my wife?” Aero: “Of course Kennedy, as long as you'll take care of all toddler rearing duties..” Awws
  64. 64. Both happy, and they have his last name. Through the power of SimPE, soon the house will have his last name too.
  65. 65. Aero: "Woohoo?" Kenedy: "Baby?"
  66. 66. Snuggle time, before the try for baby.
  67. 67. They didn't bark once. Though much honking was heard. I've always wondered what determines which sounds a sim will make during whoohoo.
  68. 68. Yeah! Got the lullaby on the first try no need to go and break out simpe.
  69. 69. Oh my... Didn't catch a shot of the end, but here's Ryker fighting with Dora, and she kicks his ass. It did bring the party score down, was a roof raiser, and right after this it was just not bad. The fight ended with mere seconds to the party left, so it's a good thing it didn't bring it down all the way.
  70. 70. What the...
  71. 71. You were green before I left! How'd this happen? ... Airhead: "Blubity bloo! Sisters no longer plant sims. World ending. Bloogy bloogy." Well, apparently, after the one sister got cured, he spun the fear of the other getting cured... Can't think of anything else it could be. On the plus side he spun the desire to max out a skill! .... only time he's spun a desire for any skill points.
  72. 72. Primal scream, never seen this, I rarely get aspiration failures to begin with, and when I do it's usually the chicken dance.
  73. 73. All better? Airhead: “No but lots better yes.” Good enough, now get on the telescope!
  74. 74. It's a cook book this time. This book is really amusing me with it's ever-changing cover.
  75. 75. Ummm, Airhead aren't you painting your dad's portrait. Airhead: "Yup" Then why're you looking the wrong way..? Airhead: "I'm totally not, see he's over here in the either of life." Oooohkey then...
  76. 76. Kennedy: "Stop spying on us!" Airhead: "Dude, I've a right to check up on my baby sister." Kennedy: “Yeah over the phone not through a telescope!” Airhead: “Chillax and shove off man.” Oddly enough they did wind up friends.
  77. 77. Jog my little Airhead jog! Airhead: "Huff puff, but I wanna paint dudette"
  78. 78. Now jumping jacks common! And you should have thought of that before you decided to become an explorer. Airhead: Pants, "But space pirates are so cool."
  79. 79. Esylit: "Yes the charts all show it, it would be a very good idea to marry me in."
  80. 80. Willy: "So we'd get lots of money?"
  81. 81. Esylit: "Oh yeah, tons of money baby."
  82. 82. Esylit: "And new people, in the form of kids." Willy: "That is a good point, maybe you should be talking to my son though. I somehow doubt his ability to meet aliens." Just cause it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't Willy. Seriously, he brings her home every single day.
  83. 83. You would not believe your eyes A foxtrot above my head Firefly By Owl City If ten million fireflies A sock hop beneath my bed Partial Lyrics Lit up the world as I fell asleep A disco ball is just hanging by a thread Brought to you by 'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs But I'll know where several are Two badly dancing sims. From ten thousand lightning bugs If my dreams get real bizarre And a bunch of highly As they tried to teach me how to dance 'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar amused fireflies
  84. 84. Through the selling of eggplants, and their job income, they finally have about eight thousand simolians, so finally I can build them a green house. Willy: “I get to keep a shower.” Yes Willy yes you do.
  85. 85. And the painting of the founder is finally done. There are no walls to hang it on, so into inventory it goes till there are walls.
  86. 86. Yes! Mwehehehehe! Yes! Airhead: "Oh my! Aliens!"
  87. 87. Only took him six days to get abducted. Hehehe, I love this family. Five days till plantsim, and then six days till aliens? Airhead: "Plantsim was not meant to fly!" What do you think space pirates do? Airhead: “Not the time!”
  88. 88. Airhead: "Saaave me!" Willy: "Lalala, slowly putting book down so I can leisurely wander out." Oh hush Airhead, you're gonna like it. Airhead: "Scared of hights dude!"
  89. 89. Mwehehehe, they're bringing him back.
  90. 90. Willy: "Aah, flying saucer loud!" Airhead: “Ommpf!”
  91. 91. Willy: "Woo alright Airhead, way to meet some aliens!" Airhead: "My posterior hurts."
  92. 92. Airhead: "Wonder if they'll be back..." What no lullaby? Put him back on the telescope and fumed till morning I did. Then I saved, put a hack in and try-ed again. Several abductions later still no lullaby. I exited with out saving, downloaded the pt, put him in the neighborhood as Pollination Technician 3.0 and used simblender to get Airhead pregnant by him. Then continued with game play while trying to find out why my pt isn't working.
  93. 93. For a break from frustration we bring you the cuteness that is spare toddler interlude! This here be Rily. Both Joy and Ryker spun the wants to teach him to walk, I gave Joy the honors.
  94. 94. Which is a good thing because she didn't spin either of the other two, and Ryker did want to do the other two. Romance sims, but good parents. They're adorable and I both love and hate them for it. Joy: "Can't you just love us for it? I'll think about it. Rily: "Teddy!"
  95. 95. Ryker: "Yes, Teddy, say it again Teddy" Rily: "Teddy!" See cute.
  96. 96. Obligatory bored potty shot... Whoops keep forgetting to hide those plumb bobs.
  97. 97. And a close up of Rily! He got his grandpa's hair, and his dads eyes and skin. Rily is a Sagittarius with a personality of 5/5/9/8/1, which translates to, so so neat, and out going, very active and playful, and very groucy.
  98. 98. Next up is Ty. He got his parents black hair, and his mom's eyes and skin. He just wouldn't look up with his eyes open so I could get a good shot is all. Ty is an Aries with a 6/8/6/4/6 Which is relatively clean, active and nice, very outgoing, and sorta serious.
  99. 99. Dad being family spun all the training wants. Good adorable family sim.
  100. 100. Ya know, when you teach talking your supposed to say something. Kennedy: "Can't speak teaching with my mind." Ohkeeey then. That is totally normal and not ominous at all... Seriously he sat there the whole time not saying anything. At the end Ty waved his arms and giggled and Kennedy clapped his hands. There's something a bit off about the Lum family. Well that's were we'll leave you for now, seeing as how we're at 100 slides now. Next time, will Ty learn how to use the potty chair? What sort of alien spawn will we get? How many alien spawn will there be? Will I ever get the hang of toggling the blumb bob off?