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French Press Vs. Drip Coffee Machine
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French Press Vs. Drip Coffee Machine


Trust Muldoons Own Hand Roasted coffee for the best Toronto office coffee supplies. To learn more, visit their website today.

Trust Muldoons Own Hand Roasted coffee for the best Toronto office coffee supplies. To learn more, visit their website today.

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION• French presses and drip coffee machines are bothcommonly used in homes and offices all over theworld.• While drip coffee machines are much morecommon in restaurants and coffee houses, Frenchpress-style coffee is growing in popularity in thoseplaces as well, and many customers are willing topay a premium for a cup of French press coffee.
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• If you’re debating what type of device you shouldbuy, there are some major differences in how youprepare coffee and what you’ll need you shouldknow about.• Knowing these differences will likely help you makea more informed decision when it comes to whichdevice to use for your coffee.
  • 4. FRENCH PRESS PREPARATION• When using a French press tomake coffee, the preparationis a bit more complicated.• However, many peopleappreciate the process ofmaking a cup of coffee, andenjoy the ritual of using aFrench press when they wanta cup of coffee.
  • 5. FRENCH PRESS PREPARATION• To make coffee using a French press, you’ll need tofirst allow the water to boil before adding it to thegrounds in the bottom of the press.• The mixture should be stirred and allowed to steepfor four to seven minutes depending on the desiredstrength of the coffee.
  • 6. FRENCH PRESS PREPARATION• Once the allotted steeping time has passed, theplunger should be depressed and the coffee shouldideally be transferred to individual cups or a thermalcarafe, as leaving it in the French press will result invery strong coffee since it will technically still besteeping.
  • 7. FRENCH PRESS PREPARATION• Typically, it takes most people about 10 to 15minutes to make a pot of French press coffee. Forsome people, that’s a significant time investment.For others, it’s a necessary part of enjoying a goodcup of coffee.
  • 8. DRIP COFFEE MACHINE PREPARATION• Unlike a French press, the preparation for using adrip coffee maker isn’t really preparation at all.• All you need to do to use a drip coffee machine isto add the right amount of water to the machineand the right amount of coffee to the filter area.• The machine will heat the water to the desiredtemperature and brew your coffee for you.
  • 9. DRIP COFFEE MACHINE PREPARATION• Making a pot of drip coffee usually takes less thanten minutes.• Many newer drip coffee machines will brew coffeein less than five minutes, making it a quick,convenient method.
  • 10. COFFEE SUPPLIES• When using a French press, supplies you need areincluded.• Replacement filters and plungers aren’t neededoften, and replacement glass carafes are readilyavailable if one does break.• When using a French press, you’ll need medium tocoarse ground coffee. You can buy this in manycoffee shops or buy whole beans and grind yourown.
  • 11. CONCLUSION• For a drip coffee machine, you’ll need a few morecoffee supplies, like paper filters or a washable goldfilter.• Gold filters come in many high-quality coffeemachines, but paper filters are inexpensive, andsome people prefer the taste of coffee made withpaper filters since it absorbs some of the oil naturallypresent in coffee.• For a drip coffee machine, any standard groundcoffee will work.