Benefits to choosing a french press over a drip coffee machine


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Benefits to choosing a french press over a drip coffee machine

  2. 2. Introduction Coffee is consumed in the world at a rate of 12,000 cups every second. Over 25 million farmers supply the beans needed to make this level of consumption possible.
  3. 3. Introduction Nearly 51 percent of coffee drinkers drink the beverage while at home. Making coffee at home means choosing a brewing method. One of the most common methods is a drip machine that uses filters. A much better method is to use a simple French press. A French press has several advantages over drip machines.
  4. 4. Temperature Control Drip coffee machines are designed primarily for convenience. The machines are intended to make preparing coffee a simple and foolproof process. One of the ways manufacturers have attempted to make using the machine more convenient is to include automatic heating elements in the reservoir.
  5. 5. Temperature Control The machine uses a simple heating element to heat water quickly before it is passed into the brewing chamber. The temperature of the water is very important. Water that is not heated correctly will not brew a good cup of coffee. A French press allows users to control the temperature of the water since it is heated separately.
  6. 6. No Filters Every drip coffee machine has some type of filter in the brewing chamber. These could be disposable paper filters or reusable plastic mesh baskets. The filters have a few negative effects on coffee.
  7. 7. No Filters They add flavor to the water that can become detectable with delicate roasts. The filters also absorb or hold back the natural essential oils that are released from the beans during the brewing process. A French press does not use a filter.
  8. 8. Simple Brewing Process The brewing process when using a French press is actually much easier than using some drip machines. Brewing coffee with a French press involves pouring grinds into the coffee pot and then covering them with hot water.
  9. 9. Simple Brewing Process The press is placed on top and pushed downwards. After a few minutes, the coffee is ready. Drip machines require fitting a filter, putting grinds in the filter, filling a reservoir and then waiting for the machine to cycle through the different stages.
  10. 10. Simple Brewing Process The only exception is a programmable drip machine although this would require leaving the beans in the machine overnight where they will oxidize and change flavors.
  11. 11. Coffee Strength Drip machines can only brew coffee in one way so that it always comes out the same strength no matter what. The automatic brew cycle drips water into the filter where it passed down through the grinds and out into the coffee pot.
  12. 12. Coffee Strength This is not really considered brewing. A French press allows the coffee to brew in a real way. The hot water and grinds sit in the press without any interference. This allows the oils and flavors of the coffee to enter the water fully. A French press also allows variable brewing times. The coffee can steep for seconds or minutes as desired.
  13. 13. Easy To Clean A drip coffee maker is not always easy to clean. It is normally very difficult to reach inside of the water reservoir. The brew cycles stains the coffee basket.
  14. 14. Easy To Clean The actual pot is exposed to heat that can cause the coffee to burn into the surface. A French press is very easy to clean. The coffee pot is just a simple glass cylinder. The press is made from only a few simple parts that are removable. Cleaning a French press takes very little time when compared to a drip machine.