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Google Hack
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Google Hack

Google Hack

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  • 1. Google Hacks How to Search Efficiently. 8th Aug 09 http://www.mumbaiitpro.org/
  • 2. Google Hacks:  What is Google Hacks ?  Basic Operators  Advanced Operators  Directory Listing  Interesting Searches  Tool  Anonymous Googling  Protecting Yourself From Google
  • 3. What is Google Hacks ?: Google hacks is all about tricks for making best use of search & making Google to perform searches that you cannot perform using the regular Google search.
  • 4. Basics: http://www.searchengineshowdown.com/ features/Google/ Including & Excluding Terms: Plus(+) and Minus(-) signs. Eg: Russian Revolution : Meat Free Recipes : Russian Revolution –Industrial : King –Akbar Phrase Search: “ “ (Between The Codes). Eg: "Russian Revolution“ : “US Constitution“ : “Meat Free" Recipes
  • 5. Basics: And & OR: &/|. Eg: Holiday OR Vacation : Akbar AND King is same as Akbar King : Akbar OR King Not Case Sensitive. Eg: Shabbir is same as ShAbBiR Synonyms (~). Eg: ~Boat This will get boat, marine, sailboat, Etc (Similar Meanings)
  • 6. Basics: Currency Converter. Eg: 1 us dollars in Mexican peso Measurement Conversion. Eg: Cup in liters
  • 7. Boolean Searching: Using Brackets & Operators. http://www.searchengineshowdown.googleboolean.html Eg: “Meat Free" Recipes Chinese OR Indian : (Roman OR Greek) AND Mythology : ((Roman OR Greek) AND Mythology) AND Dictionary Eg : 2+((2*2)/2) OR 2+2*2/2 (Calculator)
  • 8. Advanced Operators: Operator:Search_Term There's no space between the operator, the colon, and the search term. Movie:<Movie Name> Eg: Movie:Ghajni Define:Word Eg: Define:Cryptography Weather:City, State Eg: Weather:Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 9. Advanced Operators: Link:<URL> (Popularity) (Link has limit) (Cannot Combine with Other Operator) Eg: Link:www.microsoft.com Numrange:<Number Range> Eg: Numrange:100000-20000 Inurl:<URL> Eg:
  • 10. Advanced Operators: Related:<URL> (Results Related To The URL Entered) Eg: Related:www.faa.gov Filetype:<File Extension> (Supports 12 File Formats) Eg: Filetype:pdf form 1040 Cache:<URL> Eg: Cache:www.cisco.com
  • 11. Advanced Operators: Site:<Website OR Domain Name> Eg: Site:www.microsoft.com : Site:microsoft.com -site:www.microsoft.com (32 Query Limit) Intext:<Text> Eg: Intext: ”Shabbir Ahmed” Intitle:< > Eg:Intitle:Culminis author:<name/email address> Eg:author:shabz
  • 12. Directory Listing: Eg: intitle:index.of server.at intitle:index.of server.at site:microsoft.com intitle:index.of “parent directory” intitle:index.of name size
  • 13. Interesting Searches: Eg: filetype:bak intitle:index.of .etc intitle:”index.of “ config.php allinurl:auth_user_file.txt allinurl: admin mdb allinurl:service.pwd intitle:”Index of” passwords modified intitle:”VNC Viewer for Java“
  • 14. Interesting Searches: Eg: filetype:pst filetype:xls username password email filetype:eml + intext:”subject” + intext:”from” filetype:reg reg + intext:”internet account manager” inurl:8080 –intext:8080 “Access is denied for user” “using password” intitle:”Error Occurred” filetype:inc intext:mysql_connect
  • 15. Interesting Searches: Eg: index.of.DCIM (digital Camera Image) inurl:”level/15/exec/-/show” (Open Cisco Devices) intitle:”Active Webcam page”
  • 16. This table is taken from the book “Google Hacking for Penetration Testers”
  • 17. Tool - Google Hacks: DOWNLOAD http://googlehacks.googlecode.com/files/GoogleHacksSetup1.6.exe
  • 18. Anonymous Googling: Cached -Original -Cached Text Only (&strip=1) Google As a Proxy -Translator
  • 19. What Is “I Am Feeling Lucky” ?????
  • 20. Protecting Yourself From Google: Remove Your Site From Google’s Index -http://www.google.com/remove.html Robots.txt -http://www.robotstxt.org
  • 21. Thank You Shabbir Ahmed CCIE, MCT, CEH, CCSA.