What lies ahead HCM Selectigence conference, Pune


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How to engage with your potential recruits and employees using social media. Human Capital Management to Human Capital Engagement using products like muHive.com

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What lies ahead HCM Selectigence conference, Pune

  1. 1. What Lies Aheadin Social Media for Human CapitalManagement – HCMnext Conference, Puneby mukifounder and ceo, pepper square 1
  2. 2. It is all about engagement 2
  3. 3. Lack of engagement Aspiring employees are impatient for answers Lack of timely answers and non-existent communication avenues leads to an unwanted, often unwarranted, negative outlook 3
  4. 4. Earned media Your employees, past and present, are already talking about you. Can you acknowledge them and use their testimonials? 4
  5. 5. Paid media Tweet DelJOBSCan you provideinstant engagement to aspiring talent? 5
  6. 6. Talent profile management Directly interact with the person whenever requiredAggregate publicly availableinformationMaintain notes to aid indecision making Maintain complete history of all interactions 6
  7. 7. External Social Media • Find potential talent • Conduct recruitment drives online • Monitor brand advocacy 7
  8. 8. Internal Social Media • Easy resource sharing within organization • Swift networking with peers and experts • Continuous feedback from employees 8
  9. 9. Brand monitoring • Know the popular perception of your brand • Find out who are your top influencers and advocates • Know what are the most discussed aspects of your brand 9
  10. 10. What you need to look for? Human like Presence on engagement multiple at scale channels Social Proactive content response optimization
  11. 11. Select the tool which is good for you Move from Listen, monitoring to analyze and participation engage Empower One your dashboard decision to control makers & moderate
  12. 12. Is the product enterprise ready?Teams, roles &moderation Real time analytics tailored to yourcapabilities business goals.Powerful automation Integration with 3rd party servicesTo create enterprise grade like basecamp, zendesk, salesforce&workflows internal proprietary apps
  13. 13. Products focused in Human ResourcesSocial recruitment directory Email based recruitment• Entelo • Recruiterbox• TalentBin • Lesshr - more powerful version of Recruiterbox • NotchUp - post ads of job openings on many different networks Recruitment - Acquisition, Engagement, Filtering and Performance • Findly - social connectors to aggregate talent profiles across network
  14. 14. Social Media products
  15. 15. Metrics and measurements Phase Metrics (month on month) o Total visitors Improved stickiness o Unique visitors o FB posts and Twitter re-tweets (impressions) o Repeat visitors Engaged user o Shareable content o Participations o Tools usage Gain mindshare o Forums visitors and comments o Social CRM tickets o Inquiries Exhibit Leadership o Referrals o Conversions 15
  16. 16. thank you for your time muki@peppersquare.com www.peppersquare.com 16