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Online Strategy for a small web company
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Online Strategy for a small web company


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Smaller companies with well thought thru and cost effective online strategies can increase their sales multi-fold using web as medium to reach out their customers globally.

Smaller companies with well thought thru and cost effective online strategies can increase their sales multi-fold using web as medium to reach out their customers globally.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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  • 1. NetVision online strategy Enhancing Value by Infusing Intangible
  • 2.
    • Agenda of the presentation:
    • Proposed objectives of the project
    • Analysis & Recommendation of the current website
    • New strategies to increase lead generation
    • Project engagement
    • Results by pepper square
  • 3.
    • Proposed objectives of the project:
    • Showcase NetVision’s solution & service capabilities
    • Differentiate NetVision from it’s competitors
    • Provoke interest among potential clients
    • Build stronger brand visibility
    • Create an emotional connect
  • 4. A Analysis & Recommendations for the current website
  • 5. Analysis Online branding
    • The tag line ‘We think globally!’ does not speak the business message.
    • Redefining the logo would be a great idea. The logo is not standing out.
    • The brand value is not established.
    • I like the babe *smiles* but the idea of fresh solutions is not conveying the seriousness of the business.
    • There is no theme for the website. Users have only 30 seconds to make a decision to talk to you. Only a theme based approach will help you achieve that.
    • We need to better showcase our values, culture and expertise.
  • 6. Recommendation Online branding
    • Envisage a new tagline which is more apt for NetVision’s offerings.
    • Establish a one-voice communication strategy that revolves around the company’s solutions and services
    • Develop a theme which relates to NetVision’s vision and its long-term customer values.This will result in increased brand value.
  • 7. Content
    • The website doesn’t talk about your core competence.
    • The essence of the content on a page is not capsulated into a ‘snap shot’, i.e. a line/sentence.
    • The ‘solutions’ page is not talking about client’s pain points.
    • The website is not SEO* friendly.
    • There is imbalance in content distribution across the site.
    Analysis *SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • 8. Content
    • The message should define your company’s capability and understanding of the market expectations. This brings confidence to the clients.
    • Content should address the pain points of the customers.
    • Differentiate service offerings based on revenue generation and customer needs.
    • Talk about your experience and your vision.
    • Your energy is not translated to the website.
    • The content to be targeting customers based on size, Long term value, repetitive work and large contracts.
  • 9. Design
    • The use of Black and Dark Blue in the current website is not visually appealing.
    • Template design approach
    • The pages don’t have depth in displaying your expertise.
    • The space is not optimized to establish a rich user experience
    • There is no display of emotional connect. For example, energetic people, business, positivism, visual strength & theme based approach.
    • Partner and customer details are not showcased well.
    • Better to write case studies than just a link.
  • 10. Design
    • Create a color palette that compliments the corporate color to strengthen visual appeal
    • Use separate fonts for titles and content area
    • Create a non-linear design to reduce the cascading effect
    • Introduce visual elements such as pictures or illustrations into the design. This will establish the much needed emotional connect.
    • The NetVision energy that pepper square team has experienced, has to come through the website.
  • 11. S Strategies to increase lead generation
  • 12. Strategies
    • You are competing with 10,000’s of companies across the globe, your advantage is YOUR understanding of the US market needs, leverage that.
    • Lets set a target to achieve a revenue of 400k worth of project in next 10 months.
    • Concentrate on your core competency rest outsource it. The recent study of Gartner in outsourcing says that 7 out of 10 outsourced projects fail because the companies outsourcing the work is doing the work which are not adding any long term value for them.
    • Create a niche and define a methodology why clients should come to you.
  • 13. User tracking application* Add-ons
    • Know where your customers are coming from
    • Improve your website based on user interest
    • Understand the decision making process of every user
    • Track downloads for the lead generation
    • Increase the ‘stickiness’ of the website
    • Use statistics to strategize the future online marketing initiative
    * User tracking application is a pepper square solution which sits on your website to track the user behavior.
  • 14. SEO* Add-ons
    • Drive more traffic to your website
    • Increase market penetration and lead generation
    • Enhance visibility with search engines
    • Avail ROI, higher than any other form of marketing
    • Achieve greater results through ongoing optimization
    * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a solution which provides visibility to your website through search engines.
  • 15. P Project engagement
  • 16. Solutions Proposed
    • Website and web application development
    • SEO
    • User tracking
    • Emailer
    • White paper
    • Case study
    • Marketing material
    • Updation & Support (Annual maintenance contract) of the projects for a year
  • 17.
    • High level corporate strategy
    • Marketing plans
    • Business driver
    • Market awareness
    • Domain input
    • Customer insight
    • Technical input
    • Review
    • Validation
    • Approval
    • Marketing
    • Reporting
    • Creative & Marketing strategy
    • Market research & expectation
    • User profiling
    • Overall guidance & direction
    • Recommendation
    • Concept & Design
    • Experience creation
    • Development & Deployment
    • Marketing support
    • Updation & Maintenance
    • Complete project management & monitoring
    • Complete ownership
    • Project success
    NetVision responsibility pepper square responsibility
  • 18. R Results by pepper square
  • 19. The commitment*
    • Stronger brand positioning and increased visibility
    • More traffic and higher conversion rate
    • Interest generation among potential clients
    • User and customer retention
    • Increase the brand value among potential clients
    • Achieve higher search engine rankings
    * Some results are achievable only if the client opts for the retainer solutions for a year. pepper mind
  • 20. Things to remember
    • Web 1 year = 10 normal years
    • Websites are not for the organization. They are for the customer. Give them what they want in the form of education.
    • Create case studies, white papers and update the content frequently. This will keep your website fresh and alive.
    • Search engines rank your website only if the content is updated frequently.
    • Websites must have a mechanism that brings customers back.
    pepper mind
  • 21. Muki Regunathan Founder and CEO Mobile: +91 98452 25691 [email_address] Off: +91 80 6559 1414 Contact this person for any further info: Thinking better together…