Lessons from my startup FAILURES by Muki Regunathan


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Lessons from my startup failures
Muki Regunathan- founder and CEO, pepper square

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  • well presented Muki.
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  • @hasmukhjain18 Hasmukh, the first lesson is not to blame anyone for your failure. Cuz by blaming you sympathize yourself and it doesn't yield any result. Time is now to write down where you went wrong & right and tame the naive part of yourself. The world is not fair and you must learn that quickly and act positively to safe guard your career and march forward with control aggression. Wishing you a healthy and successful year ahead my friend.
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  • For the last 9 years I have worked with more than 9/10 companies and given them business worth more than 200 crores but every one has failed to give me my rewards or share inspite all of them making huge profits and at end of the day I lost all my precious time & money.
    Mukibhai can you guide me or help me as how should I move forward so that I can also be a successful businessman.
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  • Generous!! Inspirational..

    Dharmendra Singha
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  • It was a honest presentation. Even I thoroughly believe in 'Early failures'.One Failure can teach us what a dozen wins cannot.
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Lessons from my startup FAILURES by Muki Regunathan

  1. lessons from my startup failures<br />muki - founder and CEO<br />9th April 2011 – Microsoft Campus, Bangalore<br />
  2. this presentation is about GYAN<br />GYAN - Go on Yapping About Nothing<br />
  3. a brief personal history<br /><ul><li>first gen entrepreneur
  4. neither an MBA nor studied in a ivy league school
  5. from a small town and intimidated easily
  6. language barrier - studied math in tamil
  7. no financial support
  8. self doubt
  9. no chance of girlfriends
  10. template for failures - failed 5 times in math (12th grade) and 7 failedwith ventures before pepper square</li></li></ul><li>my learnings<br />
  11. die a virgin OR experience - If you want to experience you got to lose your virginity<br />
  12. fail fast - can't wait for the right time<br />
  13. addicted to this new high of challenging the known for the unknown<br />
  14. idea you die for - last night idea is not your long term idea<br />
  15. being a perfectionist you never finish the job - graduate to detail orientation<br />
  16. the day you become more than your job, you start falling<br />
  17. internal navigation - problems attack you from all the side and you got to align<br />
  18. people are most afraid of financial crisis - show your face to the banker even when you don't have the money<br />
  19. you don't go to people when you need - you are always with them<br />
  20. look for opportunities to learn with minimal resources<br />
  21. show leadership with family, friends and society<br />
  22. define your own style - brand, network and smile<br />
  23. metric > measure > monitor<br />
  24. it has taken me JUST 17 years…<br />
  25. today…<br /><ul><li>started in 2002 with Rs.550 in my pocket
  26. never taken loan or VC money
  27. 12 entrepreneurs were born out of pepper square
  28. over 50 companies have been incubated
  29. today we are 70 people</li></li></ul><li>“first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” - Gandhi<br />