Social media in Health care settings
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Social media in Health care settings



presentation given for th MSc in Leadership & Management Development, at the Institute of Leadership, RCSI

presentation given for th MSc in Leadership & Management Development, at the Institute of Leadership, RCSI



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  • History of Social Media – people are social animals, we construct meaning and identity socially; humans always striving to connect and communicate with one another in better waysThe whole is greater that the sum of parts
  • You guys are familiar with the changes with internet from 90 till now? Web1.0:Static web information One-to-many: Controlled by editors, creators-a select few Needed some coding skills.Web2.0: Information is dynamic.Many-to-manyEnables user participation online
  • it at 45 secs
  • Play a bit of the start of videoGalway Book an appointmentGet repeat prescriptionsAbout himBlog, videos
  • always tweets about social media in education media reshaping professional identity - digital identity Who am I online - are you recognised I the social space online, where you from tell people about your identity involving public in work of medical academics through SoMe - societal engagement
  • Youtube Video to engage, present information, educate
  • Patient has a voice, asking questions, contributing
  • What if Dr House used Twitter?: BertalanMesko at TEDxNijmegen 201324 secs – 3 mins social networks in fields of interestFiltering of information Crowd sourcing clinical questions Medical questions: turning to twitter audienceCommunication between patients and doctors 3 minsHow social media is the solution – the solution so knowing the communities, he knows the peopleTrust is fundamental, established relationships (4.50)Need for incorporation of digital literacy in education E-patients – searching and trying to self diagnose

Social media in Health care settings Social media in Health care settings Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media: Friend or Foe to Healthcare?Muireann OKeeffe, Institute of Leadership , RCSI
  • Today’s workshopAim: is to explore what social media is and its potential usein health care settings• Introductions• My online identity…………………..Your online identity?• Social media in the headlines• What is Web 2.0/ social media?• Benefits and Challenges• Dealing with Information overloadGroup activity: Design a strategy involving social media that couldaddress a problem existing in your professional practice
  • My online identityMuireann O’Keeffe
  • Twitter - Why I use it• Ranked as Top tool for learning (• Tool to support my professional development• I share and collect information relating to my discipline via twitter• Conferences: continues dialogue, commentary andnetworking, backchannel• Support mechanism for my studies & research
  • Twitter on Grey’s Anatomy
  • What is Social Media?• What is your definition of social media?• Any website that allows social interaction between people• Communities of people who share interests and/or activities, orwho are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others• Bottom up approach to collaboration rather that top down• The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue• Web 2.0 refers to interactions on social media to encourageparticipation, collaboration and knowledge creation
  • History of Social Media
  • Evolution of Participatory Internet
  • In the Headlines……………………….
  • Flash MobsThe power of Social Media to organise collectiveaction
  • Healthcare practitioners usingSocial Media?How are healthcare practitionersusing Social Media?
  • How is social media used inHealthcare settings?• Healthcare recruitment – LinkedIn• Communicating with employees• Health campaigns – Twitter & Facebook• Apps/ Games: mobiles/ tabletsData From
  • Social Media in HealthcareWhat are the Opportunities for patients?• Public Health alerts• Monitoring flu outbreaks• E-doctoring (Anne Cunningham)• Social & psychological support• Academic research
  • Social Media in HealthcareEnables …………• Engagement• Participation• Collaboration• Empowered patients
  • E-patients – empowered patientsPatient E-patientPassive role Active engaged roleInformation is given to them They seek out information (internet)Top down delivery of healthcare Partner in their healthcarePaternalistic medicine Participatory medicineWhat is an e-patient?From
  • Social Media in HealthcareWhat Challenges face patients using social media?• Reliability of information• Dr. Google• Information overload• Other patients dispensing advice• Confidentiality/ safety
  • Information Overload of Socialmedia
  • Managing Information Overload• Filtering of information• Involvement in medical socialnetworks in fields of interest• Crowd sourcing clinical questionsin correct fields/communities• Knowing the communities• Trust is fundamental, establishedrelationships• Need to learn about digital literacy
  • Dealing with Information overload……….
  • Research into Social Media in Health
  • Health 2.0: how interactive Web sitesare changing the healthcare industry
  • Realizing the promise of Web 2.0:engaging community intelligence
  • Summary• Social Media is here to stay• Many social media tools, ever increasing• Potential to create a rich engaging environment• Patients become active participants and rather passive consumers• Patients want to be empowered to build their needs into anytechnology on offerTo think about.....• Best practice/policies• Digital literacy• Online Data reliability• Online identity
  • References & acknowledgmentsThank you fellow Tweeters for helping shape this presentation Healthcare and Social Media:, M., Wheeler, S., (2007)The emerging Web 2.0 social software: anenabling suite of sociable technologies in health and health careEducation. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 24, pp.2–23Blog: Anne Marie Cunningham: Wishful thinking in medical education for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT)