Case Study on Online Retail


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Tips, Tricks and Case Studies on Customer Engagement in Online Retail and E-Commerce

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  • Case Study on Online Retail

    1. 1. for E-Commerce and online retail
    2. 2. What can customer engagement do for your brand? • Building brand awareness and recall • Drive up online sales (Likes are not sales) • Promote different products • Reach out to wider audience with monitoring • Deliver better customer experience • Build long lasting customer relationship
    3. 3. Domain / Challenges • India: online retail industry expected to reach ≈ $1.5bn by 2015 • Global internet retail sales reached more than $1 trillion • Online retail can be either B2C or B2B • Management of customer complaints & feedback • Lifetime value of the customer is of significance to the retailer. • Product awareness has to be kept high to enable sales
    4. 4. Let’s look at an example French sporting goods chain store, with stores located throughout the world. Large part of their business is now online.
    5. 5. Decathlon – Customer Engagement/Service Decathlon provides instant responses on Twitter to customer queries and feedback.
    6. 6. Decathlon – theme based offers Uses themes likes important days & events to drive effective social media campaigns
    7. 7. Decathlon – Providing useful information Social media updates contain great content which people subscribe to, like and share with their friends
    8. 8. Decathlon – Providing videos for better engagement
    9. 9. Another example Landmark, a TATA Enterprise, is India’s largest book and music retailer. Building a significant online presence.
    10. 10. Landmark – Twitter customer service Provides instant responses and uses Twitter almost as effectively as a Phone support
    11. 11. Landmark – Incentivizing participation Runs contests and uses stars to promote their brand, thereby providing incentives for participation.
    12. 12. Landmark – Customer Engagement Effectively manages feedback and enquiries on their social channels and has meaningful conversations with their customers.
    13. 13. Landmark – Organizing an event Organizes events at their offline stores but promotes them via social networks and email thereby increasing participation and growing their community.
    14. 14. Landmark - YouTube Understands the importance of videos and uses them effectively to drive marketing and branding campaigns.
    15. 15. What can you do? Customer’s first choice for online retail.
    16. 16. 4 Step solution • Real-time engagement with customers on all web channels • Automate responses to frequently asked questions or common feedback • Analyse customer reactions/comments on different products • Get aggressive on email marketing and online campaigns to drive traffic
    17. 17. How can we help Real time customer engagement. Automated!
    18. 18. Why muHive? • Real-time customer engagement across social and email • Single dashboard view for all data • Flexible and robust to be used for branding/marketing, sales, support, feedback management
    19. 19. muHive Automation Scale to hundreds of conversations. Build in minutes.
    20. 20. Teams, roles & moderation capabilities Powerful automation To create enterprise grade workflows Real time analytics tailored to your business goals. Integration with 3rd party services like basecamp, zendesk, salesforce Built for the enterprise
    21. 21. thank you Write to for more information or check out our website
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