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Case study on Telecom


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Tips, Tricks and Case Studies on Customer Engagement in Telecom.

Tips, Tricks and Case Studies on Customer Engagement in Telecom.

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  • 1. for Telecom & ISPs
  • 2. What can customer engagement do for your brand? • Building brand awareness and recall • Drive up online sales (Likes are not sales) • Promote different products • Reach out to wider audience with monitoring • Deliver better customer experience • Build long lasting customer relationship
  • 3. • Competitive market where technology alone is no longer a differentiator • Adoption among users of data based mobile services is increasing • Telecom players leads usage of social platforms • Satisfactory customer service and support through live engagement • Efficient strategies to maintain life-time value of customer • Cost-saving methods for customer acquisition Domain/Challenges
  • 4. Telecom leads usage of social platforms! • Launch and release activities for big consumer brands • Promotions and campaigns • Advertisement • Customer service
  • 5. Customer service challenges • Support activities are traditionally handled by in house systems which aren’t always connected with social • Social media can be a PR nightmare • Systems have to scale to handle both volume and etiquette of social media
  • 6. Let’s look at an example Airtel is an Indian telecom leader with a wide presence on social media
  • 7. Advertisements
  • 8. Promotions & Campaigns Social media makes it easy to get early adopters and increase popularity on new products/services
  • 9. Partner brand promotions
  • 10. Customer service Airtel provides instant responses on Twitter to customer queries and feedback.
  • 11. Community and awareness
  • 12. Let’s look at an example Verizon is America’s largest 4G LTE network
  • 13. Advertisements Advertisements get noticed and appreciated on social media and it is also a great platform to get instant feedback.
  • 14. Promotions & Campaigns Social media makes it easy to get early adopters and increase popularity on new products/services
  • 15. Partner brand promotions Verizon actively promotes its partner brands thus exposing them to a much wider audience.
  • 16. Customer service Verizon communicates with each customer in the context of their message and don’t use template messages
  • 17. What can you do? Customer’s first choice for telecom services.
  • 18. 3 Step solution • Real-time engagement with customers on all web channels • Automate responses to frequently asked questions or common feedback • Analyse customer reactions/comments on different products and services
  • 19. How can we help Real time customer engagement. Automated!
  • 20. Why muHive? • Real-time customer engagement across social and email • Single dashboard view for all data • Flexible and robust to be used for branding/marketing, sales, support, feedback management
  • 21. muHive Automation Scale to hundreds of conversations. Build in minutes.
  • 22. Teams, roles & moderation capabilities Powerful automation To create enterprise grade workflows Real time analytics tailored to your business goals. Integration with 3rd party services like basecamp, zendesk, salesforce Built for the enterprise
  • 23. thank you Write to for more information or check out our website
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