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Social media has impacted the domain of travel in an exciting way! Here we share some tips, tricks and analyses on Customer Engagement in the Travel domain.

We see how travel companies are using social media not only as a new avenue to showcase existing marketing techniques but also find completely new ways of proving value to their customers. Connecting with a wide audience is of great importance to the travel industry and social media grants them a fantastic platform to do so.

The challenge for travel companies now is to capitalize on that presence. The increased attention also comes with an increased demand in personalized attention by customers and it is important that brands don't treat social as a replacement for good customer experience.

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Case study on Travel

  1. 1. for the travel sector
  2. 2. Domain/Challenges • Travel to India dropped 25% in the first quarter of 2013 • International tourism continues robust growth • Customer engagement contributes as a very important source in completion of tour packages • Providing packages with best-tour at low-price • Conserving long-term and acquiring new customers • Constantly offering new and innovative holidays • Differentiating your brand from me-too players
  3. 3. How social media is used in Travel Industry • Creating social media campaign to support launch of new tour destinations • Posting latest travel deals, packages and specials to fans (Especially on Facebook) • Sharing blog posts about unique experiences and offering helpful advice • Posting engaging videos (YouTube or Facebook)
  4. 4. How are they trying to reduce customer acquisition costs • Create attractive and dynamic brand online • Improve search engine rankings • Offer deals and discounts to enable repeat sales • Optimized customer targeting
  5. 5. What can customer engagement do for your brand? • Building brand awareness and recall • Drive up online sales (Likes are not sales) • Promote different products • Reach out to wider audience with monitoring • Deliver better customer experience • Build long lasting customer relationship
  6. 6. Let’s look at an example India’s largest travel company listed on NASDAQ
  7. 7. Customer engagement via Twitter Makemytrip provides instant responses on Twitter to customer queries and feedback. In this case, it is a query not even directed at them.
  8. 8. Showcasing new attraction places Social media updates contain great content which people subscribe to, like and share with their friends.
  9. 9. Travel Blog - MakeMyTrip Actively maintains a travel blog which lists down popular holiday destinations and curated places.
  10. 10. Mobile Applications – Trip Advisor Maintains a very popular mobile application to make their service available at the customers fingertips.
  11. 11. Engaging videos on Youtube - Makemytrip Understands the importance of videos and uses them effectively to drive marketing and branding campaigns.
  12. 12. Other examples We talk about a mix of Indian and foreign companies and their innovative strategies
  13. 13. KLM – Real time fares on Twitter KLM has a very innovative value added service on Twitter. Mention their account with two cities and a date. @KLMfares account responds to you with the cheapest fare and a direct link to book the flight.
  14. 14. Customer Complaints on Twitter - goibibo Goibibo handles customer complaints as effectively as they would on the phone
  15. 15. Customer Complaints – Expedia (No replies) No responses to customer on Facebook. Notice that this is a public post hurts the company’s brand image
  16. 16. Cleartrip Blog Cleartrip also posts updates to their product on their blog. A way to keep their users informed of new features
  17. 17. Introducing new places - Cleartrip Cleartrip uses Facebook to introduce new places in their trips offering. Posting captivating images attracts an audience on social networks.
  18. 18. Package Tour – Cleartrip Cleartrip uses Facebook to run contests and provides incentives to customers for talking about them.
  19. 19. Hotel coupons in Expedia A good way to track effectiveness of social campaigns is using coupon codes
  20. 20. What can you do? Customer’s first choice for when it comes to tours, travel and holidays.
  21. 21. 4 Step Solution • Real-time customer engagement with customers on web channels • Get feedback and improve packages upon analysing customers’ past travel experiences online • Excellent crisis management by training in different situations • Utilizing sentiment analysis to determine prioritization of comments or posts for better customer management
  22. 22. How can we help Real time customer engagement. Automated!
  23. 23. Why muHive? • Real-time customer engagement across all channels • Flexible and robust to be used for all processes – branding/marketing, sales, support, feedback management
  24. 24. muHive Automation Scale to hundreds of conversations. Build in minutes.
  25. 25. Teams, roles & moderation capabilities Powerful automation To create enterprise grade workflows Real time analytics tailored to your business goals. Integration with 3rd party services like basecamp, zendesk, salesforce Built for the enterprise
  26. 26. thank you Write to for more information or check out our website
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