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ACA Implementation through 2014 and Beyond


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Bob Hughes: President, Missouri Foundation for Health …

Bob Hughes: President, Missouri Foundation for Health
MO Health Summit 2013

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  • Note mission and goals.
  • Targets: Reducing Infant Mortality,Preventing Childhood Obesity,Expanding Coverage,Improving Oral HealthRespond: 1) Providing operational support for health-focused organizations2) Supporting community-developed projectsPolicy: Support policies that improve the health of the uninsured and underserved
  • Targeted: Create visible and measurable improvements in Missouri through 5 – 10 year financial and staff investments on four key health issues facing our state.Responsive: Respond to communities’ unique health needs through operational support for health-focused organizations and support for community developed projects with potential for impact.Policy: Promote state-level policy and rigorous analysis that support quality, affordable health care and promotes health for underserved Missourians.
  • Current Programs: Create Awareness, Facilitate Enrollment, Health Insurance Literacy
  • Current Programs: Initiative Support, Bootheel Effort, St. Louis Effort
  • Current Programs: Increase Touchpoints, Increase Providers, Expand Insurance Coverage
  • Transcript

    • 1. ACA Implementation through 2014 and Beyond
    • 2. Community Health Model
    • 3. MFH Strategy The Foundation improves the health of the uninsured and underserved in our region in three ways: • Target four key health issues with five- to ten-year staff and financial commitments to achieve visible and measureable improvements in health. Visit • Respond to communities’ self-identified health needs and solutions. For an online exploration of • Promote state-level policy the new strategy research and analysis.
    • 4. Targeted Initiatives Childhood Obesity Prevention Expanding Coverage Infant Mortality Oral Health Responsive Approaches Opportunity Oriented Strengthening the Health Field Policy Approaches Research and Education Building the Field of Advocates Community and Government Outreach
    • 5. Targeted Initiatives For more information on the Expanding Coverage Initiative contact Ryan Barker Expanding Coverage Initiative: A statewide collaborative effort to coordinate a coalition of partners to increase awareness of and facilitate enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace, and to promote health insurance literacy. Background: • 876,000 Missourians under age 65 are uninsured. • More than 300,000 uninsured Missourians will be eligible for subsidized health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
    • 6. Cover Missouri Coalition Several hundred members Activities: • Build awareness • Facilitate enrollment • Increase health insurance literacy MFH is convener
    • 7. Consumer focused: • Educational materials (multiple languages) • Zip code locator • Education and enrollment events • Hotline • Calculator
    • 8. Background Materials: • History of Medicaid • Payment and Delivery Systems • Eligibility and Enrollment • State Innovations • Benefits and Services • Financing
    • 9. Health Stories Health Policy issues have a human face. Tell your story or help someone else tell their story. tell-your-story Questions? E-mail to
    • 10. Network of Enrollment Sites Selected to complement other enrollment work 17 organizations are regional enrollment hubs and sites Sharing experiences via
    • 11. Targeted Initiatives For more information on the Infant Mortality Initiative contact Kathleen Holmes Infant Mortality Initiative: A place-based effort to reduce infant mortality in the Bootheel and St. Louis by mobilizing, facilitating, coordinating and increasing engagement of multi-sector partners and community members. Background: • Every year in Missouri, about 600 infants die in the first year of life • 33% are in the Bootheel and St. Louis. • High risk populations are two times more likely to experience adverse birth outcomes.
    • 12. Targeted Initiatives For more information on the Oral Health Initiative contact Web Brown Oral Health Initiative: Address the lack of access to quality, affordable oral health care for the underserved by increasing the number of places oral health services are available, increasing the number of dental providers, and expanding insurance coverage. Background: • Almost 800,000 low-income adults in Missouri are not covered for dental care. • Low-income adults are three times more likely to have untreated cavities. • Poor oral health correlates with low birth weight, premature births, diabetes, heart and lung disease, and stroke.
    • 13. Missouri Foundation for Health 415 South 18th Street, Suite 400 St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2269 314.345.5500 800.655.5560