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Type of houses

  1. 1. Types of houses By Muhammed sherwan 14th sep 2013
  2. 2. Introduction Types of Houses There are hundreds of different styles of homes and we use different names for the same type of homes. For example, is there a difference between a bungalow or ranch style? And a row house or townhouse? Here are definitions for some of the more common architectural styles.
  3. 3. Detached Home sometimes referred to as single detached home, contains one dwelling unit, and, is not attached to any other building.
  4. 4. Semi-detached one of two dwellings, attached by a common wall, that is located within one building.
  5. 5. Row(Terraced) House A long row of houses, often narrow, attached units with a common wall. They usually look the same
  6. 6. Block of flats Is a large building devided in to flats where all the flats share a front door.
  7. 7. Bungalow house A one-story house with a low-pitched roof. containing small rooms. It does not have any stair ,Traditionally small, but today it can be quite large.
  8. 8. Cape Cod (cottage)house Acottage is a small house ,usually in the countryside .It have one and a half storeys.top floor is much smaller than the ground floor. with centred front door.
  9. 9. A-Frame – contemporary, triangular-shaped home with its roof extending down toward the ground on both sides. Often they may have many larger windows on the front and back elevation. They are popular as vacation cottages.
  10. 10. Duplex one of two dwellings, one above the other, in one building.
  11. 11. Salt Box a simple, distinctive, characterized by a flat front and steeply sloped back roof that often includes a fireplace.
  12. 12. Four Square a two-story, square box, design often having a front porch.
  13. 13. Romanesque typically, these impressive homes are made from brick or stone, having rounded turrets and arched entranceways.
  14. 14. Shingle Style these homes are covered with dark coloured wooden shingles. include steeply pitched roofs and porches.
  15. 15. Tidewater typical house include a wide porch on three or four sides, a hip roof, and many doors and windows for cross ventilation.
  16. 16. conclusion There are many types of houses and each one characterized by special character and each one have different function, material and style.and made according to a specific design.
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  18. 18. Thank you