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Fulbright Application & Procedure
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Fulbright Application & Procedure


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  • 3. GENERAL  Fulbright scholarship is offered by USA, world wide every year since 1945, both for PhD and Masters in all fields of science, technology and Arts.  This is one of the most prestigious scholarships in USA & the remaining world, however there are numerous other opportunities as well.  In Pakistan the same is offered by USEFP, which works under the guidance of US Embassy.  Website access for the detailed information is  Some 1500 -2000 students get Fulbright Scholarship every year world wide, however this is not a fix number which may vary depending on availability of grant from home country (USA).
  • 4. GENERAL (Cont….)  For year 2012 & 2013, some 130-135 students were selected for Masters and 25-28 students were selected for PhD, each year. However this is not a fix number and varies, depending on availability of grant from USA and collaboration between Pakistan & USA.  A selected student gets a monthly stipend of 1250-2000 $ (varies, depending on the state in which an individual has got admission).  This amount is in addition to all the university fees & expenses, which are paid directly by Fulbright to University. The amount is sufficient to live a reasonable life standard in USA.  Fulbright also organizes/ sponsors different seminars and conferences, all over US, which are very helpful to broaden your knowledge base and interacting the US culture.
  • 5. HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY  Normally applications are with a dead line of mid May every year.  Two important things to remember  Application is very detailed(about 20 pages) and requires extensive effort, which may take about 2 or more weeks to complete (detail is covered in the following section).  GRE is prerequisite for application, which may require up to 4 months preparation ( time may vary on case to case basis).  For persons applying for Masters, GRE score is of more significance, however getting university of your own choice is also subject to GRE score.  You should be in possession of all the academic transcripts & degrees, however attestation from HEC will be only required once you are selected.  Application forms are available on USEFP website.
  • 6. GRE EXAM  GRE is mandatory for admission in all the universities of USA, therefore the application is rejected , no mater how strong your profile is, if the application is without GRE score.  REMEMBER to appear in GRE at lest 20 days prior to application submission dead line as GRE (official) Result takes some 2 weeks time.  GRE (general) is very common now a days, however 2 books are recommended (both to be studied)  Barron’s GRE This is Basic Level Book  Princeton’s Review GRE This is Advanced Level Book, and need to be studied after Barron’s  USEFP also offers preparatory classes for GRE. These classes are strongly recommended if you can afford it financially and are located near or in Islamabad.
  • 7. GRE EXAM (Cont….)  For preparatory classes you can register yourself with USEFP at , under the head of “Educational Advising”. With this you are allocated with an academic advisor and you also get regular updates of USEFP activities in your e-mail inbox.  You can register for GRE exam on line at .  It is better to get registered in time ( about 4-6 weeks prior), for two reasons  Once you register and pay registration fee of 190$ (20,000 PKR), then you start studying seriously.   Normally it is difficult to get reservation in dates of end April as a lot many students are likely to appear in admission season.  You can also get admission in some academy for preparation, instead of USEFP preparatory classes.  It is strongly recommended to get a detailed guide line from some one who has already appeared in GRE exam.
  • 8. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION  Other than completing the routine columns and pages of application form, the most important things are  STUDY/ RESEARCH OBJECTIVE  PERSONAL STATEMENT  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ CV  LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION  This requires an extensive effort as the short listing of application will depend mainly on the 4 things mentioned above. That is why it is strongly recommended that minimum 2 weeks time be given to this activity.  STUDY/ RESEARCH OBJECTIVE is the most important element which will take you through, however all 4 are discussed in brief.
  • 9. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION (Cont....)  STUDY/ RESEARCH OBJECTIVE  This undoubtedly is the most important part of your application. So be very careful for competing this part.  Formulate your research objective very carefully (You are selecting it to be your future field, so give it a considerable thought)  Choose the field first  Then go for the specialized area  Then go for the rough sketch of your research objective (may be, write down certain points in a sequential order)  Remember, you have to support and defend your research objective in the interview, if you are shortlisted for the interview.  Write down a draft and then improve it by reading it again and make careful selection of words.  After improvement and refinement, try to get it checked from 1,2 professors or some senior in the office (if doing the job).  This will ultimately result in a well developed statement. Keep in mind that it should cover that 1 page of application in 11 font size. So squeeze the statement in that length.
  • 10. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION (Cont....)  PERSONAL STATEMENT  It should be a balanced representation of your personality, do not try to show yourself as book worm or like that.  It should give a complete picture of your life, one option to present can be as under:  1 small para of your early and school life  1 para of your college and university life  1 para for your field of study and motivation behind your field of study  1 para for your future plans and aim/ objective of your life  A brief description of opting US as your study destination. (this aspect can also be part of your study/ research objective, if included there, then do not include here).  Again remember to squeeze it in 1 page with 11 font size.  This also require same procedure for improvement/ refinement.
  • 11. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION (Cont....)  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ CV  Any information which could not form part of your personal statement can be given in brief in this section. This may include:  Any special event  Extra curricular activities  Voluntary services  Self analysis of personality  Need not to mention every thing which is in CV, as CV will be annexed to application.  There are different standardized formats of CV available on internet, any one can be adopted.  It should cover all aspects like education details, languages, sports, conferences/ seminars, distinctions/ achievements, field experience and reference persons etc.  Try to keep just 2-3 reference persons, but these should be good/ weighted personalities ( like Dean etc).  For masters students, CV may not look like that healthy, but do not worry, as every one for masters is at the start of carrier, having same like CV.  Do mention your foreign visits or stays(if any).  They prefer balanced personality, so try to project a well balanced CV.  GIVE IT THE DUE TIME, NO HURRY, AS THIS IS OTHERWISE YOUR ASSET FOR FUTURE, SO KEEP UPDATING IT.
  • 12. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION (Cont....)  LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION  It is generally to be given by either a professor from your institute or your senior at your work place. Prefer to give recommendation letter from academia as you are applying for further education/ qualification.  There is a formatted recommendation letter in the application, so definitely use that.  Normally professors, HODs, DEAN do not have time to work on your recommendation letter. So this responsibility is also with you to give them a good draft ( like you made a draft of your objective statement). He/ she will edit it as per desire and will sign it.  You have to give 3 recommendation letters.  The recommendation letter has to be sealed. This means, at every joint of the envelop, it is to be signed and stamped for seal by the issuing individual.  Try to approach people with good reputation and to those who think you to be good student/ subordinate.  Make sure that letter is sealed properly.
  • 13. APPLICATION SUBMISSION  Now you are ready for the application submission. Make sure:  Application is complete in all respects  Annex all the desired copies of academic documents  CV  Letters of recommendations  Dispatch it timely, to account for the delivery time by courier service, otherwise your whole effort will go for waste.  Pray for your shortlisting.  You will receive interview call in Aug or Sep. ( so it is a long wait then)
  • 15. TOEFL EXAM  Now there is a compulsion to appear in TOEFL exam.  Minimum you have to get a registration for the TOEFL exam before going for interview, or you can appear in TOEFL before interview.  You can get registration of TOEFL at .  TOEFL is not that difficult to prepare as GRE is, so you can safely work on 1-2 week preparation depending on your English language skills/ standards.  Minimum score to qualify is 90 (internet based test).  Your final selection will include your TOEFL result and interview.  YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR PASSPORT AS YOUR IDENTITY FOR APPEARING IN GRE AND TOEFL, SO APPLY FOR PSSPORT IN TIME.
  • 16. INTERVIEW  You will be informed for interview with a 2-4 days margin.  Remember to get TOEFL registration if not done already and take along a print of registration for proof.  Be in time for interview.  Good news is that you will be paid for the travelling expense.  You may be asked to write one pager essay or one page on any topic before the interview. Be mentally ready for that.  Interview is a judgment of your over all personality, not your academic capability.  Be smartly dressed (worthless to mention).  The panel comprises of 4-5 people and may take some 15-30 min long interview.  Do not be extra conscious, but be mentally ready to defend two things  Defend your study objective and its motivation.  USA being your study destination.
  • 17. FINAL SELECTION  Once interviews of all the candidates have been completed, and TOEFL results have been received, final selection will be carried out.  Hopefully you will be informed with in a month time or so about your final selection.  Once you have been selected, you ill be assigned with an advisor in USEFP, who will correspond with you on behalf of Fulbright.  You will be informed for any action at your end by your advisor, in time, so you do not have to worry about any thing from here on.  Your university placement and visa processing is Fulbright responsibility. You do not have take any step at your own.  THE ONLY ACTION FROM HERE ON IS TO WORK AS DIRECTED BY YOUR CONCERNED ADVISOR AT USEFP.
  • 18.  I will feel happy if any one (specially NUST students) gets benefitted from this effort of mine.  Another important thing to mention is that this is not that difficult and tiring a process as probably it may seen to be as I have tried to explain the things in details.  Hope you to get something out of it.