Sales Management Workshop


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Sales management Presentation Workshop, Conducted My MUHAMMAD SAAD ZAHID In Karachi, Pakistan for SeeSam Solution Pvt Ltd Management Team.

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Sales Management Workshop

  1. 1. Sales Management Prepared by: Muhammad Saad Zahid… Master Of Economics M.A (University Of Karachi - Pakistan) Masters in Business Adminstration MBA (Kasbit -Pakistan) Diploma In Business Adminstration (ABE-Malaysia) Member of chartered institute of management accountant (CIMA-UK) Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  What is the meaning of a word Sales? The word Sales is derived from a Norwegian Word “SELJE”, Which Means To Serve. From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid…
  3. 3. Sales Organization  There are 3 types of Sales Organizations:  Line organization Line Managers are performing sales and sales management activity  Line and staff organization Staff managers have advisory support responsibility. Example: (market research managers, training managers) they are directly responsible for achieving sales targets  Functional organization Focus is on the principle of specialization, each specialist has a functional responsibility and a permit to direct and control sales. From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid…
  4. 4.  Purpose Of Sales Organization: 1. To Eliminate waste of efforts 2. Maximize Cooperation/ Co-ordination among co-workers 3. Permit development of Specialist 4. Ensure that all activities have got done 5. Define authority From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Organization
  5. 5. Sales Planning  Sales Plan: there are 2 types of sales plan: 1. Short range plan (1-2 years) 2. Long range plan (3-5 years)  Other than these plan there are 1. Geographical plan 2. Customer wise plan 3. Segment wise plan From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid…
  6. 6.  Factors For Making sales plan: 1. New Business 2. Mission 3. Visions 4. Goals 5. Strategy 6. Action and Plan From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Planning
  7. 7.  There are some focus areas for which sales plan have been made: 1. To increase Profitability 2. A specific region or territory contribution towards profit 3. Emphasis on products 4. Variance between budget and sales From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Planning Focus Areas
  8. 8.  Sales have several relations with other parts of business:  Sales relationship with advertising Stimulates demands, Helps achieving targets, Supports market penetration  Sales relationship with marketing information helps in market analysis, helps in collection of raw data  Sales relationship with services Helps in contribution in strategy success  Sales relationship with Distribution 1. Minimize stock-out Situation, Improves inventory Control, Helps demand Generation From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Relationship
  9. 9.  Key Function areas of Sales: 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Training 4. Motivating 5. Controlling 6. Leading From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Functions
  10. 10.  Sales Planning Process: is a workflow design for whole sales transactions. It Depends upon 3 Things: * Sales Forecast * Sales Budget *Geographical Forecast *Sales Territory Nation, Region, Customer Promotion, Sales Person From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Planning Process
  11. 11.  Sales Budget: Its is a workflow for making sales. Sales Budget involves distribution in investment between promotion and sales persons.  Factors that are considered in sales budget: 1. Past trends 2. Present scenarios 3. Trade perspective 4. Government polices 5. Industrial enviroments From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Sales Budget
  12. 12.  Selling are divided into 2 types: 1. Personal Selling 2. Field Selling Personal Selling: Personal selling is a form of person to person communication in which a sale person works with perspective buyer and attempts to influence purchase. Field Selling: This is often known as corporate sales/people. They are highly skilled person who develops strategy plans for the key acounts making formal presentations to top level executives. They are basically missionary sales people with a certain product. From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Types Of Selling
  13. 13. Sales Process There are 2 types of a perspective involves in any sales transaction: 1.The Buying Process 2.The Selling Process Factors Including The Buying Process: 1.To Identify Need 2.To Search For The right Target Audience 3.To identify the relevant product 4.isolation the relevant/specific product 5.To select again and again same product From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid…
  14. 14. Sales Process Factors Including Selling Process: 1.To Prepare himself for the product 2.Focus on the target what he want to achieve 3.Prospecting/ Define Target Audience for Sales 4.To present 5.Handle Objection 6.Close the sales 7.Follow-Up/ Customer Service From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Product Preparation Focus On The Achievement Presentation Handling Objections Closing the Sale Prospecting Follow upIdentifyingNeeds IdentifyingNeeds
  15. 15.  Below is The Process which is acquired by a usual sales person: 1. Recruiting 2. Selecting 3. Training 4. Super visioning 5. Motivating 6. Compensating 7. Evaluation From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Cycle Of Sales Persons
  16. 16.  Following Are Main Key Qualities of a Sales Person: 1. Self Motivated 2. Enthusiastic 3. Organized 4. Competitive 5. Active listener 6. Customer Oriented 7. Adaptive From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… Qualities Of Sales Person
  17. 17. From The Desk Of Muhammad Saad Zahid… The End