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F 18 plans-tiled(Foamy)

F 18 plans-tiled(Foamy)






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    F 18 plans-tiled(Foamy) F 18 plans-tiled(Foamy) Presentation Transcript

    • Specs: F-18 Park 3D Foamy Weight 12-15.5 oz. Thrust 14-24 oz. Radio 4-5 Chanel Area Copyright © 2 All rights r Designed and Steve Shuma Updated: 0/1 275 in2 Loading 7.5-9.3 oz/ft2 WWW.3DFOAMY.COM Pr W Sp Le W W Mo Ba Pr
    • k Jet © 2004 3DFoamy.com. s reserved. and Drawn by: mate & Levi Jordan 0/19/2004 ototype Setup/Specs ing area: 275 sq in (effective area, which includes the effect of the wing strakes) an: 28.4 in ngth: 41.7 in eight RTF: 15.6 oz as shown ing loading: 8.2 oz/ft2 (based on effective wing area) tor: GWS EPS-350 with “C” gearing ttery: 11.1V 1200 mAh Lipo op: GWS 8x6 SF
    • Cut a "V" groove in foam for spars. Pull spar through groove to make round
    • All hinging for tape or actual points epoxied and control fre
    • control surfaces can be packing hinges. I prefer robart hinge in place for the added longivity eness. CA hinges work well also.
    • Cu Po Ra Fl Ma
    • rrent draw: 9.7 amps wer loading: 101 watts/lb dio equipment: GWS R-6 receiver, GWS Pico and Hitec HS-55 servos, 10 amp ESC ight controls: Wing flaperons, full-flying horizontal stabilizer, twin rudders terials used: Either 6mm Depron or BlueCore fan fold foam Notes on the fus Make sure to use 5-15 m parts...foam CA are not under the torque. Sand the TOP ONLY of the strake at the LE F-1 F-2
    • e: inute epoxy for the main strongenough, and will crack F-3
    • End o Front of Canopy Frame
    • 1/8" Ply Spar Cap f Canopy Frame
    • HS-56HB Optional Rudder Servo Location
    • Sand the fuselage corners roun with 80 grit sand pape then finish smooth with 200 and 4 Push/P Cut Co ply or a
    • d r, 00 Dow EPS foam tristock Round LE, apply 3M 1" Satin tape for protection ull Pull Pull ntrol horns from 1/32" plastic coffee can lid. Vacuum Formed Canopy (Sand from foam if scratch built) 1/4 x 3/8 Balsa Missle Rails
    • Function Rudders Optional
    • 6 5 Foam Nose Cone (CNC Cut, Sanded to shape) 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6
    • F-1 Strake Tab F-2
    • F-3 Strake Tab ww Cut Intake here for St Leave intake here for The Super Hornet
    • Cut hatch after painting for radio access HS-56HB w.3DFoamy.com andard F-18 Hornet
    • HS-56HB Laser cut 1/4" birch motor block. Epoxy into plane. DO NOT use CA on the moutor mount.