Cannes Lions 2013 - Top Tweets


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A Quick Look at the top tweets we sent during the Cannes Lions 2013. Some of the most creative brains and market leaders use this platform to share with more than 12,000 attendees and millions watching online - What is creativity.

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Cannes Lions 2013 - Top Tweets

  2. 2. RT @SouheilBadaa: Thank you again #canneslions and @JimStengel for an amazing festival. See you next year! #inspired
  3. 3. "#Advertising should RAVE! Relevant, Actionable, Valued, Experiential!" @wharton #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  4. 4. RT @Ogilvy: Ogilvy & #Inspire #Quote: "It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."
  5. 5. RT @rachel_arthur: "Get up everyday to do what you love to do; have the passion to have a big idea" Lee Clow #canneslions #lionofstmark
  6. 6. #Coke - "data is the soil in which our ideas grow" (via @JasonXenopoulos ) #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  7. 7. RT @abdulkarim: "If you give people a stage, their creativity will shine through" - David Alberts of @MOFILMugc #CannesLions
  8. 8. "Creativity comes from pressure!" #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  9. 9. RT @abdulkarim: 70% of all decisions in supermarkets are spontaneous #CannesLions #Shopper #Marketing (via @IPA_Updates)
  10. 10. Create time and pressure to see just how awesome your people are! #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  11. 11. RT @HuffPostSmBiz: Your small business should be using Facebook Here’s four reasons why…
  12. 12. 1. With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook is an unparalleled source…
  13. 13. 2. Immense power of referral networking
  14. 14. 3. Personalized relations with consumers…
  15. 15. And lastly, it is an addiction!
  16. 16. ... So create a culture to fail and that would give your people the confidence to experiment! #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  17. 17. 'LEARNING DOESNT HAVE TO HAPPEN JUST ON THE JOB!' #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  18. 18. "Creativity drives innovation...there is a direct impact on brand success through creativity." Joe Tripodi , Creative Marketer #CannesLions
  19. 19. RT @EricEVGEurope: Out Of 500Billion spent in advertising 200 are spent on TV #CannesLions #advertising #pricelesscannes
  20. 20. You know why adults ask kids for who they want to be, when grow older? - They're actually looking for ideas for themselves ;)
  21. 21. Best work always comes from personal relationships "more dating less pitching" ! #deadly60 #DavidWheldon #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  22. 22. "Without the emotional context of consumer segmentation, we're going to get it all wrong" David Wheldon, Barclays #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  23. 23. RT @beneg92: Important thing I learned at #CannesLions - don't just be professional, be a professional version of yourself.
  24. 24. People still want to be surprised. That's why you have a "shuffle" function on your playlist! #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  25. 25. 'Culture: it's what people do when no-one is looking' #IBM #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  26. 26. It's one thing to achieve success, but is more more difficult to repeat it. That's the challenge. #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  27. 27. #Coke #JoeTripodi We used to focus on functional benefits, and then emotional benefits. The new focus is "cultural leadership" #CannesLions
  28. 28. "If your client is not scared of your idea, it is not good enough." @AmirKassaei #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  29. 29. For @Cirque, "impossible is only a word." #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  30. 30. Individual creativity in a collaborative culture brings the best of results for co-creation (My thoughts) #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  31. 31. RT @OgilvyLion: TV is on the wall. YouTube is everywhere. There is true power in social media. #YouTube #CannesLions
  32. 32. "Once you get the audience attention, don't leave the conversation -successful brands in this space are always on" @rkyncl #CannesLions
  33. 33. 'Think VISUAL!' #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  34. 34. Shift from passive to empowered, skeptical consumers! @wharton #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan
  35. 35. “We don’t focus on marketing from people’s perspectives, we think about it from a business perspective.” Lisa Donohue CEO Starcom USA
  36. 36. “[During the period when he was whizzed from The Tonight Show] I had no outlet to communicate. Then overnight a Facebook community appeared.” - Conan O’Brien
  37. 37. The relationship between digital and real is the essence of architecture. Rem Koolhaas #CannesLions #WalnutMedia
  38. 38. Leadership is about doing everything you can do with your team to create the conditions for success" #CannesLions #WalnutMedia #Pakistan