How To Buy A Domain Name


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Detail guide on how to choose and register a domain name.

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How To Buy A Domain Name

  1. 1. af m m/wo rdpress-tuto rial/ho w-to -buy-do main-name Basic WordPress Tutorial: How To Buy A Domain Name 1 Edit Afizan December 24, 2013 St ep by st ep guide in choosing and regist ering a domain name In order to setup any WordPress site or blog you must f irst have a domain name. Bef ore I continue on how to buy a domain name f irst let me explain what a domain name is. In layman term domain is a web site address. It is what people see in their address bar when they visit your website. In other word domain is your website name or identity. Why Domain Name Is So Important? Domain is essentially your brand on the Internet thus the f irst criterion in selecting a domain is to select a name that is easily remembered and can be easily typed into the address bar. T here are two multiple type of domain name, my advice is just stick with this two type of domain. Keyword Rich Brandable Keyword Rich Domain Name Keyword rich domain is a domain that contains the related keyword to your niche, f or example you are in cooking niche you can use niche such as, etc. T hese keyword could not plug f rom the sky you must f irst research it. In my later post I will write on how determine your niche and keyword research method. Due to high volume of internet user and site you might encounter Domain Name Availability issues. Don’t be discouraged, you can add f ew related word to your desired domain name. T he name of the game is creativity.
  2. 2. T he advantage of Keyword Rich Domain is it helps you in your On-Page SEO optimization. Furthermore it will help your customer to remember your site better. For example if you have a website on dog training and have domain name that related to some other niche like perf make your site look suspicious and they most probably will not visit it again. T he disadvantage of Keyword Rich Domain is your site is limited to a particular niche or business and you can’t expend your site to cover other subject. T he bottom line is once you choose a Keyword Rich Domain you can only provide content related to your Domain Name. A word of reminder never uses dashes in your domain, f or a reason I could not explain search engine hate domain with dashes. Exact Mat ch Domain (EMD) T he Exact Match Domain is a domain that perf ectly match your business name either online or of f line and it is a part of Rich Keyword Domain group. To illustrate this take a look at this site, my domain name is Af however my site title is My Internet Marketing Journey. An EMD f or this site should be which is not available when I try to register. It is good to have EMD because it is easier f or people to remember your site. Previously this type of domain is really good f or OnPage SEO Optimization however the time has already passed. However it still has some ef f ect on SEO, if you have EMD in low competition niche or keyword it will def initely help with your ranking. Brandable Domain Name A Brandable Domain Name is domains that do not have any particular meaning. Examples of brandable domain name are,,, etc. As you may notice this site also has a Brandable Domain Name. T he advantage of brandable domain name is you can expend your site to whatever niche you want. Look at Google they have expend their business into so many areas. Imagine if Google have a keyword rich domain, they might not be able to grow into what they are today. However the Brandable Domain has its own issues. Unless you are establish people may not discover it. It also does not have advantage in term of On-Page SEO. To use this kind of domain you need do a lot of promotion in order to let the public know that you exist. Domain Extension Domain Extension is what comes af ter the dot in your domain name. Due to the rapid growth of internet there are lots of new types of extension available on the market. However there are only three extensions that are really f amous among the public, they are: [dot]com [dot]net [dot]org How Does Domain Ext ension Af f ect Your Sit e?
  3. 3. In term of page ranking the extension does not give much ef f ect. T he ranking of your site on search engine are depended on the quality of contents on your site and amount of backlinks that pointing back to your site. However the most known extension to general public is [dot]com, you don’t want to lose traf f ic to your competitor when a visitor type your domain with dif f erent extension. T here are several cheap extensions available however I don’t advice you take it unless you are buying a domain f or your test site. Always stick with [dot]com extension. Geographical Sensit ive Domain Ext ension T here are several domain extensions that are related to certain geographical position. Example of this type of extensions are [dot]co[dot]uk which ref er to United Kingdom, [dot]co[dot]au ref er to Australia and many more. T his type of domain is perf ect when you try to target specif ic geographic position because google and other search engines have algorithm f or local search. Where To Buy a Domain? (Domain Registration) To buy a domain name I suggest one of these sites: Name Cheap Go Daddy I highly recommend Name Cheap this is because you can get a domain at standard price without up sells. T he domain purchases here also come with One Year Whois-Guard f or f ree. T he Domain Name registration process happens instantaneously when you complete your payment. Go Daddy is another good place to buy a domain name, however it come second in my list because the purchasing process are lengthy. Interf ace at Go Daddy incorporate too many up-sells. If you are not caref ul or do not know what you are into, you might end up with inf lated price. However if you like to buy additional add-on f or cheap price Go Daddy is a good place to go. T he time taken f or Domain name registration is almost instantaneous. Do and Don’t When Buying a Domain Name Do Do choose a domain that catchy, attracts attention and easy to remember Do keep your domain short. Domain name should only have 4-12 character. Do use your keyword in your domain name to help your site rank higher, unless you want to have a brandable domain. Do keep your options open because most of the time your desired domain name has been taken, this is when your creativity are needed. Do take [dot]com extension, you don’t want to lose traf f ic to other site just because they are inserting wrong extension. Do have a budget bef ore purchasing a domain name. Some premium domain may cost up to thousands of dollar. Do check domain age and rank bef ore purchasing your domain. Some domain may have been used bef ore and this will help your ranking in the search engines. Don’t Don’t choose domain that is hard to spell and remember
  4. 4. Don’t put too much or too long keywords in your domain. Don’t select an extension that did not match your target audience (especially geographically). Just use [dot]com! Don’t rush in choosing your domain name. Patient is the virtue, do your research. Some Resources That Will Help Your Domain Name Search – A f ree tools that allow you to enter primary and secondary keywords. It will then search f or available domains related to the keyword entered. Domain Hacks – If you were unable to f ind your desired domain, this tool can help you by suggesting creative name related to your keywords. – T his tool let you enter several keywords and it will search f or available domains. T he numbers of keywords are unlimited and it can be grouped really handy f or oversaturated niche. Recommended Reading How to register a domain name? | Team MANGO ! – (2011, October 15). PCWorld. Retrieved December 5, 2013, f rom how to register a domain name | how to buy a domain name |. (2013). 3 Tips on How to Buy a Domain Name that is Good | IT X – 3 Tips on How to Buy a Domain Name that is Good. Posted on August 14, 2013 By Stephanie Schoolf ield. You Top Options on How to Buy Domain Name domain-names-buying T he easiest way to learn how to buy domain name is to simply …