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  • 1. NEXUS NEW T IMES MAGAZINE Volume 18 , Number 4 J UNE—J ULY 2011 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.................................................4 SCIENCE NEWS.................................................................49 Readers comment on such diverse subjects as blood–brain This edition, we reprint an extract from an article written barrier integrity, magnesium efficacy, vaccination risks, by artificial intelligence expert Lewey Gilstrap for Pure Morgellons disease denial, the placebo effect, the Energy Systems News, on promising new technologies rediscovered Irish kings chronology, and more. including Morgados MYT engine, Avisos self-runningGLOBAL NEWS....................................................................6 electric car, Rossi and Focardis nickel–hydrogen fusion We report on the link between genetically modified food device, and Turturs zero-point energy model. and organ disruption in animals, the powers supporting THE CHANI PROJECT.......................................................55 the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, the dangers of hydraulic By "Acolyte". From 1994 to 1999, researchers at a secret fracturing (fracking), the CIAs FOIA release of JFKs UFO collider facility in Africa recorded their computer- memos, activist Dr Helen Caldicotts perspective on the interfaced question-and-answer sessions with an entity Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, and more. from a parallel universe, gleaning information andAMERICAS EMERGING SPACE WEAPONS—Part 2........11 predictions about an anticipated "Fuse Year". By John Lasker. The Obama administration has increased THE TWILIGHT ZONE.....................................................65 the missile defence budget to ensure that "dual use" land- We feature ufologist Paul Stonehills round-up of Soviet- and space-based weaponry will continue to be developed for the Pentagon by private defence contractors, despite era sightings of unidentified submarine and flying objects the presidents promise to ban weapons in space. and other strange phenomena in international waters.MISSING PIECES OF THE WEIGHT-LOSS PUZZLE........17 REVIEWS—Books...............................................................71 "Life As Energy" by Alexis Mari Pietak By Dr Sherrill Sellman. Overweight and obesity have "World Wide Mind" by Michael Chorost serious consequences for health and ageing. The best "The Myth of the Great Ending" by Joseph M. Felser, PhD advice for shedding kilograms includes keeping your brain "Australian Big Cats" by Michael Williams and Rebecca Lang in shape, maintaining optimal vitamin D levels, getting "The Original Great Pyramid and Future Science" by Noel Huntley plenty of sleep and managing your intestinal flora. "The Force: Living Safely in...EM Pollution" by Lyn McLeanHIATAL HERNIA & VAGUS NERVE IMBALANCE.........25 "Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation" by Donna Fisher By Dr Steven Rochlitz. By middle age, over 50 per cent of "Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals" by Ray Moynihan & Dr B. Mintzes people may have hidden hiatal hernia syndrome, together "The Promise of hCG" by Sherrill Sellman, ND, and Frankie Boyer with vagus nerve imbalance, which at least in part can "Visions of the Multiverse" by Dr Steven Manly cause or exacerbate asthma, reflux, ulcer, sleep apnoea, "FutureScience: Forbidden Science..." by Maurice Cotterell hypertension and various cardiac conditions. "Shakespeares Secret Booke" by David Ovason "Radical Peace: People Refusing War" by William T. HathawayTHE MISSING IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS.................35 "The Triumph of Consciousness" by Christopher James Clark Interview with (the late) William J. Pawelec by Dr Steven REVIEWS—DVDs...............................................................78 M. Greer. A high-level American security systems designer "GasLand" directed by Josh Fox reveals that in the late 1970s and early 1980s, unknown "Symbols of an Alien Sky – Episode Two" by Thunderbolts Project agents stole implantable microchip prototypes that were "The Klaus Dona Chronicles – Secret World 1" by F. Jacob et al. soon developed, built by the billions and deployed. REVIEWS—Music...............................................................79PAST-LIFE-REGRESSION THERAPY................................41 "The Rough Guide to African Guitar Legends" with various artists By Charu Bahri. Ancient knowledge about reincarnation "The Veil of Whispers" by Thierry David has been rediscovered in the West, and techniques have "Peace Within" by Samjjana been developed that allow individuals to explore and heal "Tande-La" by The Creole Choir of Cuba disorders or traumas resulting from past lives. NEXUS BOOKS, DVDS, ADS, SUBSCRIPTIONS........87–96JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEX US MAG AZIN E Volume 18, Number 4 Thethe hundreds of Riverofas2011ofjustare beingare facingtoAsreduceissueflooding from extraordinary events press, Mississippi keep on coming. thousands Americans levees opened this catastrophic goes to even worse JUNE – JULY 2011 flooding further downstream. Already, nearly 50 million Americans are on food PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 stamps, one in every seven homes stands empty, foreclosures and unemployment numbers are at all-time highs with no signs of easing, and house EDITOR Duncan M. Roads prices continue to fall. The worlds largest economy, which is also the worlds largest bully-boy, is fading fast—yet it continues to spend more money on war CO-EDITOR Catherine Simons and spying than every other country combined. But things are going to get worse. The Japanese earthquake/tsunami event ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell has triggered a nuclear crisis of unimaginable proportions, and radioactive particles are already contaminating the USA and Europe, prompting all sorts of OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster concerns, claims and counterclaims. Containment at the Fukushima reactors 1, 2, and 3 is believed to have been breached, which means that a huge amount of MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Richard Giles; Susie Foster radiation is escaping into the air and the ocean. This will affect everyone on the planet for thousands of years. And there is no end in sight for this disaster. In WEB MISTRESS/PROOFREADER Jenny Hawke case you didnt know, there are hundreds of other nuclear power stations built on earthquake faults, such as those found in Japan, California and New York. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE John Lasker; Sherrill Sellman, ND; The Japanese earthquake needs to be looked at as part of an ongoing Steven Rochlitz, PhD; tectonic event. This event actually started on 9 March when a 7.2-magnitude Steven M. Greer, MD; Charu Bahri; earthquake struck out of the blue. It was followed by dozens of strong "Acolyte"; Paul Stonehill aftershock earthquakes and then the big one, the M9.0 on 11 March. The CARTOONS aftershock quakes show no signs of quietening down, which is very unusual in Phil Somerville comparison with other large-sized earthquakes. This tectonic event has seen COVER GRAPHIC over 1,300 strong quakes since 9 March—an average of over 19 per day, every Jeff Edis, day. If this keeps going, one has to wonder whether parts of Japan will be PRINTING literally "shaken" into the ocean floor from this continuous movement. As for Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia the safety of the Japanese nuclear reactors in this scenario… AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Given that the public cannot be told the truth about the nuclear crisis for Network Services (ACP) fear of risking panic and total social breakdown, is it any surprise thatHEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence suddenly the USA pulls a rabbit out of its hat and announces that it has killedPO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. Osama bin Laden? Like everything else, this is yet another lie. In my view andTel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 that of many researchers, Osama bin Laden died from renal failure aroundWebsite: 13–16 December 2001. At that time, there was abundant media coverageNZ OF FICE: Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Email: about his death, including from many Arab newspapers, and there were comments made by various leaders. Of course, while the world is arguing overUK OFFICE: 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, the many versions of OBLs death, the media spotlight is not being shone onWest Sussex, RH19 1BG. NATOs illegal atrocities in Libya or on how the West is fomenting uprisings inE U R O P E O F F I C E : Postbus 10681, 1001 ER Syria, Yemen and other Arab nations.Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: Something else on peoples minds at present, which I am often asked about, STATEMENT OF PURPOSENEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a are the reports of incoming comets and comet-like objects. Once again, themassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS "official experts" are saying little about what is happening, and, worse, theseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to regular removal of data and evidence from website sources is only serving toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not fan the flames of wild speculation. I cant say for sure what is coming towardslinked to any religious, philosophical or political us, but something is—and it seems that theres more than one of them.ideology or organisation. Theres a lot of mind-blowing information in this issue, but my particular PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY favourite is the article about the CHANI project. This is the true story of howWhile reproduction and dissemination of theinformation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone scientists in a secret underground facility made contact via their equipmentcaught making a buck out of it, without our express with an entity from somewhere else. Wait till you read the messages!permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! I hope to see you at the NEXUS Conference on 23–25 July. Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles,unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulationsand that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable ofbeing misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that theyare not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek profes-sional help for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 1987–20112 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 3. JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...Inspiring BBB Awareness sium, and I think this will effective at thinning the adversely affecting the Many thanks to NEXUS join some of those dots. blood and normalising developing brain, resultingand Dr Steven Rochlitz for When we are exposed to blood pressure than is war- in these childhood medicalthe brilliant article on the toxins and experience a farin—and without the conditions that were sel-BBB ("The Hole in the histamine reaction, or debilitating side effects… dom, if ever, seen in earlierHeart and the Blood–Brain when we have stress of any Regards, times?Barrier", April–May 2011, kind (physical, emotional, Sandy Sanderson, Elektra I have six children born18/03). This kind of pharmaceutical, too hot, Life Pty Ltd, Qld, Australia, between 1967 and 2004.research is vital for any too cold, sleep deprivation, One of them (born in 2002)health practitioner to be etc.), the adrenal glands has a potentially life-aware of, and the level of produce adrenaline for the Vaccines and the BBB threatening allergic condi-detail is inspiring. fight or flight response. As During the past half-cen- tion. To the best of my I am totally in awe of the a result, the tissue cells tury, there seems to have knowledge, he is the onlyhuman body—and the release stored magnesium been a significant (even one who was vaccinated in"endothelial cells [that] into the bloodstream to dramatic) increase in the early infancy.line the over 400 miles of counteract the effects of incidence of previously rare I elected not to allow thecerebral capillaries in the the adrenaline, and then childhood conditions such child born after him to bebrain"—and its ability to the kidneys excrete the as ADHD and life-threaten- vaccinated in infancy, andwithstand the onslaught of excess to return the blood ing allergies. she has no apparent med-21st-century living. to homoeostasis. This It may simply be coinci- ical problem. Keep them coming, results in a net loss of mag- dental that this increase That rings alarm bellsplease. nesium from the tissue has coincided with the with me. A sample popula- Helena P., UK cells over time. increase in childhood vacci- tion of six is not statistical- [Thanks, Helena. There’s When too much magne- nation since the 1950s, with ly significant, but I believeanother article from Dr Rochlitz sium is lost from the cell, children now routinely vac- this case does suggest thatin this issue. Ed.] potassium is also lost. cinated at birth and in very there should be research Consequently the cell wall early infancy, but I have into possible unanticipatedMagnesium Efficacy loses its integrity and never come across any evi- consequences of infant vac- Hi Duncan: Regarding becomes more permeable, dence of anybody ever hav- cination, particularly wherethe article in the April–May thereby allowing in too ing investigated whether it may result in allergies,2011 issue by Dr Steven much sodium and calcium there might be a causal ADHD, etc.Rochlitz about the associa- which overstimulate and relationship between these Peter S., Qld, Australiation of hole in the heart harden the cell. new childhood medicalwith a weaker and more There is a direct seesaw conditions and infant vacci- Morgellons Disease Denialpermeable blood–brain relationship with calcium nation. My partner recently start-barrier, I was most and magnesium; and as Now it is reported that ed showing symptoms veryintrigued by all the associa- magnesium gets lower and the blood–brain barrier is similar to those beingtions. lower, calcium gets higher not completely formed described on the Internet However, there was a lot and higher—potentially until the middle of the first as Morgellons. We wereof speculation about what leading to hypercalcaemia. year of life, and that it is not sure whether this is incould be causing this asso- As the epithelial cells of known to be implicated in fact the same as the infec-ciation, and I didnt see the linings of the tubes in certain allergy cases ("The tion my partner has, so wehow an operation to close our body—be they the arte- Hole in the Heart and the decided to seek medicalthe hole in the heart could rial linings, the intestinal Blood–Brain Barrier", advice.restore the integrity of the linings or the blood–brain NEXUS, April–May 2011). On 21 April 2011, myblood–brain barrier. barrier— become harder Surely this should cause partner called the health I would like to refer Dr with calcification, this medical people, and med- hotline as a start to gettingRochlitz to research by Dr causes tiny splits or lesions ical scientists especially, to some information. TheyMildred Seelig, MD, which for which the body then question whether vaccines advised her to go to theis explained in her book The sends cholesterol ban- (or the adjuvants they con- hospitals Emergency unitMagnesium Factor. She dages to plug the breaches. tain) injected at birth or and get the lesions on thedescribes what happens at Dr Mildred Seelig shows during the first six months skin looked at. So, on 22the cellular level when we that magnesium supple- of life may be crossing the April, we paid a visit to theare deficient in magne- mentation is much more blood–brain barrier and hospital. They advised us4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editorto go and see a GP and ask funds need to be set aside Since they finally admit- names in the timeframefor a referral to see a der- for the research and study ted that the Earth went given in the annals offeredmatologist. into the reality and severity around the Sun, that no help: they just cannot The next day, we visited of Morgellons. thalidomide, asbestos and be found. Im sure that,our GP who explained that Matthew E., Qld, cigarettes might possibly just based on the data Iit was probably nothing to Australia be dangerous after all, and have compiled, there isworry about, but as she had that they are now not sure much more to be discov-lesions on the skin he Natural Cure for Cataracts how the Moon got there or ered.would arrange a biopsy. Dear Duncan: I have how planets form, their George Arnold, Canada, On 26 April, we were found out that there are ludicrously expensive blun- chronology.bravehost.comphoned by the regional eye drops that can melt derings and paid lies havemental health department away cataracts: no need for become common knowl- Hydration and Health(before the biopsy results ops anymore—but the sys- edge. Dear Duncan: Regardinghad been confirmed), ask- tem wont let it be known. If they are now producing the two articles in Globaling for my partner to come A homeopathic vet is using research in which they can News in your last issuein for an examination. After them on dogs with great call vitamin pills and alter- [18/03] about the efficacy offour hours, she was admit- success. Look up or native medicine placebos, placebos in medical treat-ted as an involuntary Google N-acetylcarnosine. what value can we place on ment, a likely reason forpatient and held for an Carmen C., Perth, any of their research? this is given in the excel-assessment. Western Australia Greetings, lent book Your Body’s Many She has now been there [Dear Carmen: Thanks; I’ll Dick Barton, Dip. Cries For Water by Dr F.for some days, just for say- be looking into this some more. Nutritional Medicine, Batmanghelidj, in which heing that her symptoms are Ed.] County Wicklow, Ireland points out that a greatsimilar to those of thou- [Thanks, Dick. The fact that many people in the worldsands of other people in Power of Homoeopathy homoeopathic treatments work are dehydrated to someover 10 countries. Dear Duncan: I have successfully with babies and with extent, i.e., they dont drink I continued to do my been following the placebo animals should rule out any enough water.research on Morgellons effect in many areas for claims of a placebo effect. Ed.] When taking pills, mostand discovered that it has some years now. people wash them downbeen featured on television Astoundingly, such is the Irish Kings Chronology with a glass of water, andchannels in the USA such power within us that even Dear Editor: I have just it’s the water that improvesas Fox, ABC, CBS, CNN and fake knee operations can completed a work on the their health.NBC as well as TV shows work. genealogy of Irelands Cheers,and even Dr. Phil, but no However, in your kings. I realise that this is Marc A., London, UKcoverage has yet been done April–May issue [18/03, nothing new, but I havein Australia. Global News] were two come across evidence that Paracetamol Alternatives In the past few days, I news items on the subject, points towards a different Dear Duncan: Most ofhave exchanged emails one of which, from New chronology for the kings. the emails that I received inwith many other people Scientist, referred to "place- I was doing DNA studies response to my recentwho have had the same bos such as vitamin pills of haplogroup X and ran Alzheimers article inexperience and who have and homoeopathic reme- into the kings in Spain, not NEXUS 18/02 asked what tobeen assessed by a mental dies". knowing at the time that use instead of department after In spite of the casual they were Irish, and traced My short answer is thatcomplaining of these symp- mention of the dismissal of them back from Spain to occasional use of paraceta-toms. homoeopathic medicine by Greece. mol will not cause My concerns are that I UK scientists, there are The Irish history and Alzheimers disease.would like my partner back many people who know genealogy I have found and For long-term pain, I rec-at home with her family that it can work and many reconstructed is much ommend finding and elimi-and that I would like atten- scientists whose research deeper and richer than was nating the cause—whichtion to be drawn to the fact shows it to work. thought. The reason these can usually be done withthat this condition is real: That there are many fellows could not be found natural is not a mental disorder. things beyond scientists in history is that the Walter Last, Qld, This story needs to be understanding is being chronology was so far off Australia, to the public, and shown to us every day. that looking for those ence-spirit.comJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. GM FOOD LINKED TO WIKILEAKS EXPOSES ORGAN DISRUPTION NORTH AMERICAN new paper shows that INTEGRATION PLOTA consuming geneticallymodified (GM) corn or soy- A s early as January 2005, high-ranking officialsbeans leads to significant were discussing the bestorgan disruptions in rats and way to sell the idea of Northmice, particularly in livers American "integration" toand kidneys. the public and policymakers By reviewing data from 19 while getting aroundanimal studies, Professor national constitutions. TheGilles-Eric Séralini and oth- prospect of creating a mon-ers reveal that 9.0% of the etary unit to replace nation-measured parameters, al currencies was a hot topicincluding blood and urine as well.biochemistry, organ weights Some details of theand microscopic analyses schemes were exposed in a(histopathology) were signif- secret 2005 US embassyicantly disrupted in the GM- cable from Ottawa signedfed animals. The kidneys of by Paul Cellucci, the thenmales fared the worst, with 43.5% of the heart and spleen, or blood cells". US Ambassador to Canada.all the changes. The livers of In fact, some of the animals fed GM The document, released byfemales followed, with 30.8%. food had altered body weights in at WikiLeaks on 28 April, has barely The report, published in the March least one gender, which is "a very attracted any attention in the USA,1, 2011 issue of Environmental Sciences good predictor of side effects in vari- Canada or Mexico. Numerous top-Europe, confirms that "[s]everal con- ous organs". ics are discussed in the leaked docu-vergent data appear to indicate liver The GM soybean and corn vari- ment: borders, currency, labour, reg-and kidney problems as end points eties used in trials "constitute 83% ulation and more. How to push theof GMO [GM organism] diet effects". of the commercialized GMOs" that integration agenda features particu- The authors point out that the are currently consumed by billions larly prominently.liver and kidneys "are the major of people. (Source: The New American, 2 May 2011,reactive organs" in cases of chronic (Source: Institute for Responsible; WikiLeaks,food toxicity. They state that "other Technology, 7 April 2011, may be affected too, such as MIND-CONTROLLED PROSTHETICS FOR AMPUTEES Rthe mind could be available by obotic limbs controlled solely paralysed people within a year. to Enter the modular prosthetic limb (MPL), a bionic limb that closely approximates the form and agility of a human arm and hand. Born from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencys Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program, and designed by Michael McLoughlins team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, the MPL is made from a combination of lightweight carbon fibre and high-strength alloys. (Source: New Scientist, no. 2810, 28 April 2011, • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 7. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . CHINAS PLANS FOR A plane crash in the same region competitors. She indicated that the "HEAVENLY PALACE" IN SPACE involving a similar aircraft—a protection that Sinaloa receives from Gulfstream II jet with the registra- the government is "systematic" and hinas permanent space station,C the "Heavenly Palace", is to belaunched into orbit within a decade. tion number N987SA, belonging to a US company known as Donna Blue embedded in the drug war policy. In her new book Los Señores del Narco Aircraft, Inc. When authorities ("The Narco-Lords"), HernándezAccording to Chinese media reports, arrived at the crash site, they discov- provides detailed information aboutthe 60-ton craft will include a central ered around four tons of cocaine on how Guzmán is an Orwellianmodule and two laboratories for a board the aircraft. The drugs report- creation of the Mexican government,crew of three. edly belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel, almost a mythical and elusive China has three operational under the command of Joaquín "El character, whose story about how helaunching sites and a fourth one Chapo" Guzmán, who according to broke out of prison in 2001 using aunder construction. It has made sig- Forbes magazine is among one of the laundry truck is completely bogus.nificant advances in its satellite pro- wealthiest men in the world. She finds it hard to believe thatgram—its fleet boasts remote-sens- However, the aircraft did not belong Forbes magazine listed Guzmáning, communications, navigation to Guzmán: it was later discovered among the richest people in theand positioning systems—and by Mexican authorities and news world, given the fact that hesChina looks set to delve deeper into sources that it was a CIA aircraft. illiterate and cannot do basic maths.outer space. A year later, a member of Further in the interview, In parallel, China is pursuing a Guzmáns inner circle, Vicente Hernández said that the real drugcovert aerospace program to benefit Zambada, was captured and later trafficking is done by people otherits defence ministry. In 2007, offi- extradited to the USA. In early April, than the typical drug-dealers, whocials in Washington were deeply at a Federal Court hearing in are only figureheads in this so-calledshocked to learn about a successful Chicago, Zambada presented evi- drug war.Chinese test of an anti-satellite sys- dence stating that US government The real drug lords are not wantedtem. In that test, a ballistic missile agencies such as the DEA and the by police or federal authorities; theywas used to destroy one of the FBI protected him and worked with are people well established in thecountrys own orbiting satellites. him. political and economic systems as Regardless of Washington’s con- In a recent interview with the well as in many other areas ofcerns, China is pursuing an indepen- newspaper El Diario de Juárez, Mexican government, from where they havedent space policy and feels it can act journalist Anabel Hernández, who is established a wide network ofhowever it sees fit. It does accept, living in exile in Italy, stated that in complicity to money laundering andthough, that space should not be the Mexican drug war the federal protection of the drug cartels.militarised—at least for the time government and the US DEA only go (Source:, 15 April 2011,being. after the Sinaloa Cartel’s RIA Novosti via,29 April 2011, MEXICAN AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS CONTROL SINALOA CARTELRdrug cartel leader captured ecent testimony by VicenteZambada in the Federal Courtpoints to US Drug EnforcementAdministration (DEA) and FBI pro-tection and collaboration with oneof the most dangerous and powerfulcriminal organisations in the world:the Sinaloa Cartel. In September 2007 in the state ofYucatán, the Mexican militarycaught and confiscated an aeroplaneloaded with almost four tons ofcocaine. A month later, there was aJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . FRACKING MADNESS natural gas is a green option, since radioactive elements such as radi- it produces fewer greenhouse gas um. Some of these chemicals are inF racking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves blasting huge amountsof water, mixed with sand and often emissions than coal and oil. Legislators say gas extraction gener- the secret cocktail of liquids injected into the well; others come up natu-toxic chemicals, to break up shale ates much-needed jobs. rally from underground. These tox-formations thousands of feet under Opponents point to the ins have regularly polluted rivers,the earth to release natural gas. catastrophic environmental costs streams and lakes. Some are A breakthrough by Halliburton saw that fracking incurs, claiming it endocrine disruptors, and have beenits use skyrocket since 2005 in the causes mini-Fukushimas every day. scientifically shown to stunt growthUnited States when the Energy The most visually dramatic impact and human reproductive capacity.Policy Act exempted fracking wells can be seen when methane leaks Air pollution caused by natural-from federal regulation under the into the water supply, causing tap gas drilling has become a real prob-Safe Drinking Water Act. water to catch fire. lem. In Wyoming, fumes containingChampioned by Dick Cheney, then This methane has also been the benzene and toluene spewed out byVice President, this became known subject of recent studies that have its 27,000 wells, most of themas the "Halliburton loophole". undermined the conventional fracked in the past five years, led to By the end of 2009, some 26,000 wisdom that natural gas is "cleaner" the state failing its federal require-wells were being fracked in 16 than coal or oil. In late 2010, the US ments for air quality.American states. Its become big Environmental Protection Agency Fracking has also been blamed forbusiness, and huge momentum is (EPA) issued a report stating that damaging the bedrock of the Earthnow behind the industry. According natural gas extracted using fracking and causing seismic events. In the sixto energy consultants Black & emits greater amounts of methane, a months to March 2011, Arkansas wasVeatch, almost half of all US electric- powerful greenhouse gas, than hit by 1,000 earthquakes, including aity will come from burning natural conventionally mined gas. A study dozen over 3.0 magnitude, and one ofgas by 2034. emerging from Cornell University 4.7—the highest in the state for 35 Supporters of fracking boast that concluded that the greenhouse gas years. This extraordinary level of seis-the US has natural gas deposits footprint of gas fracked out of shale mic activity prompted the Arkansasequivalent to two Saudi Arabias is far worse than that of coal or fuel Oil and Gas Commission to shutworth of oil. This could supply the oil when analysed for the 20-year down two wells.US with gas for heating, electricity period after emission. Confidential documents from thegeneration and car fuel for up to 100 Fracking has been most vigorously EPA and gas companies chronicledyears and wean it off its energy criticised for the damage caused by how contaminated waste water isdependence on the Middle East. its waste water, which contains car- usually hauled to sewage plants not Some environmentalists say that cinogens such as benzene and equipped to treat it, and is then dis- charged into rivers that supply drinking water, containing exorbitant levels of radioactivity. As for the gas producers, the state allows them to police themselves. Regulators do not perform unan- nounced inspections to check for signs of spills. They do not demand disclosure on what chemicals the companies use in the hundreds of millions of gallons of fracking fluids they spit underground, even though Dow Chemical has admitted supply- ing biocides—antimicrobial poi- sons—to be included in this concoc- tion. When spills happen, the compa- nies can write their own reports and lead their own clean-up efforts. (Source: The Telegraph, UK, 6 May 2011, • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 9. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . WAS JFK KILLED BECAUSE OF THE FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR DISASTER IN PERSPECTIVE HIS INTEREST IN UFOS? by Dr Helen CaldicottAn uncovered President John F. T ten by US memorandum writ-Kennedy to the head of the Central he Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is by orders of magnitude many times worse than the Chernobyl disaster. Never in my life did I think that six nuclear reactors would be at risk.Intelligence Agency shows that he The reactors partially withstood the earthquake, but the externaldemanded to be shown highly confi- electricity supply was cut off, and the electricity supplies the cooling water,dential documents about UFOs 10 a million gallons a minute, to each of those six reactors. Without thedays before his assassination. cooling water, the water [level] falls, and the rods become so hot they melt, The secret memorandum is one of like at Three Mile Island and at Chernobyl.two letters written by JFK on 12 The emergency diesel generators, each as large as a house, got destroyedNovember 1963, asking for informa- by the tsunami, so there is no way to keep the water circulating in thetion about the paranormal. reactors. On the roofs of the reactors are cooling pools. Every year they Author William Lester, Jr, PhD, said remove about 30 tons of the most radioactive rods that you can possiblythat the CIA released the documents imagine. Each rod is 12 feet long and half an inch thick. It gives out soto him under the Freedom of much radiation that if you stand next to it for a couple of minutes, youllInformation Act (FOIA) after he made die. And [the spent fuel rods] are so thermally hot, they have to be put in aa request while doing research for big pool and continually cooled.his new book, A Celebration of Freedom: There have been three hydrogen explosions, blowing off the roof of theJFK and the New Frontier. He said that building…and exposing the cooling pool. Two of the cooling pools are dry.JFKs interest in UFOs could have The nuclear fuel rods are covered with zirconium. When zirconium isbeen fuelled by concerns about rela- exposed to air, it burns, it ignites. Two of the cooling pools at this momenttions with the former USSR. are burning. In the cooling pools are 10 to 20 times more radiation than in In one of the documents, President each reactor core. In each reactor core is as much long-lived radiation asKennedy writes to the Director, CIA, would be produced by a thousand Hiroshima-sized bombs.asking for the UFO files. In the sec- Einstein said nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water—because thatond memo, sent to the NASA is all nuclear power is used for: to boil water through the massive heat, turnAdministrator, the President it into steam, and turn a turbine which generates electricity. Now when youexpresses a desire for co-operation fission uranium, 200 new elements are formed, all of which are much morewith the (former) Soviet Union on poisonous to the body than the original uranium. Some last seconds, somemutual outer-space activities. last millions of years. Radioactive iodine lasts six weeks; it causes thyroid Conspiracy theorists have said that cancer. Strontium-90 will get out; it lasts for 600 years, and causes bonethe documents add interest to a dis- cancer or leukaemia. Caesium lasts for 600 years—its all over Europe.puted file, nicknamed the "burned But thats nothing compared to whats happening now. One of the mostmemo". This document, which has deadly [nuclear by-products] is plutonium. One millionth of a gram, if youscorch marks, is claimed to have inhale it, would give you cancer. Each reactor has 250 kilograms ofbeen posted to UFO-hunter Timothy plutonium in it. Plutonium is going to get out and spread all over the northern hemisphere. Its already heading towards North America now.Cooper in 1999 by an unknown CIA Radioactive iodine, plus strontium, plus caesium, plus tritium…I could goleak, but it has never been verified. on and on and on. When it rains, down comes fallout and it concentrates inThe undated memo to MJ-12 mem- food. If it gets into the sea, the algae concentrate it, hundreds of times.bers makes a reference to "LANCER", And the crustaceans concentrate it, hundreds of times. And then the littleJFKs Secret Service code name. On fish, then the big fish, then us.the first page, the Director of Central You cant taste these radioactive food elements; you cant see them, youIntelligence wrote: cant smell them. Theyre silent. When you get them inside your body, you "As you must know LANCER has dont suddenly drop dead of cancer. It takes five to 60 years to get yourmade some inquiries regarding our cancer, and when you feel a lump in your breast it doesnt say, "I was madeactivities which we cannot allow. by some strontium-90 in a piece of fish you ate 20 years ago".Please submit your views no later All radiation is damaging. Its cumulative: each dose you get adds to yourthan October. Your action to this risk of getting cancer. Americium is more dangerous than plutonium…Imatter is critical to the continuance could go on and on. We are in a situation where we have harnessed theof the group." energy of the Sun. It is totally out of control. And theres simply nothing we(Source: The Daily Mail, UK, 19 April 2011, can do about it.; also see Dr (Source: From Dr Helen Caldicotts public lecture in Montreal, Canada, 18 March 2011,Michael E. Sallas article "JFK and the UFO" in NEXUS 16/06–17/01.)JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 11. AMERICA S EMERGING SPACE WEAPONS ARSENAL s mentioned in part one, the US military contends that in no way, Barack Obama declared he would A shape or form is it developing space weapons. But what was so blatant at the beginning of the George W. Bush era was the call for commencing the era of space combat. The US Air Force Transformation Flight Plan, published in 2003, "assert[ed] more firmly than ever that [the Air Force] intends to weaponize space".14 Indeed, all sorts of high-profile US military officers and their commission studies were pushing space weapons not weaponise space, during the early days of the Bush administration. In 2003, Lt Gen. Edward but under pressure Anderson, who at the time was head of the US Northern Command, said that in his view "it will not be long before space becomes a battleground".15 from missile defence Others werent willing to wait another second. "The time to weaponize and administer space for the good of global commerce is now, when the United contractors his States could do so without fear of an arms race there," said Everett Dolman, administration has Associate Professor of Comparative Military Studies at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, during a 2004 interview with "Space raised the budget, weaponization can work. It will be very expensive. But...the state that weaponizes first—and establishes itself at the top of the Earths gravity well, ensuring that garnering all the many advantages that the high ground has always provided "dual use" weaponry in war—will find the benefits worth the costs."16 Dolman also made this statement in his book Astropolitik: "Who controls low-Earth orbit controls will continue to be near-Earth space. Who controls near-Earth space dominates Terra. Who dominates Terra determines the destiny of humankind."17 developed for the Even at the end of the Bush years, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) was US military. still pushing for weapons in space. A constellation of killer satellites would "add another defense layer", said MDAs leader Air Force Lt Gen. Henry Obering in 2008.18 During the Bush administration, the Pentagon once even planned for a constellation of 50 to 100 killer satellites to begin production in 2016. If such a plan were ever approved by Congress, it would mean Part 2 of 2 billions for Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Full Spectrum Dominance in space is still being championed by many factions in the Air Force and the Pentagon but not by everyone, said Theresa Hitchens of the Center for Defense Information (CDI). Yet because China has claimed its developing anti-satellite capabilities and then shot down its own satellite in 2007, "these Space Hawks are emboldened now", said Hitchens.19 But the outcome of their space desires is nowhere close to being decided by John Lasker © 2010–2011 because there are some factions within the Air Force and the Pentagon that are against space domination, she said. Email: "There is a debate ongoing about the wisdom, the affordability and the do- ability about implementing a full-up space-war fighting strategy," Hitchens Based on chapter three said.20 The cost to create, launch and maintain a Full Spectrum Dominance of his 2010 book Technoir program in space would run into the hundreds of billions of dollars, she said. First you would have to build hundreds of killer satellites; then you would have to launch them, which is also an incredibly expensive endeavour.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 11
  • 12. At first, it appeared that there was a President in the 1993, a small amount of money ($5 million) wasWhite House who didnt believe in space dominance. approved by US Congress to study the prospect ofPresident Obama declared during his 2008 campaign "space-based interceptors" (SBIs), or killer satellites.that he "will cut investments in unproven missile Also for FY 2009, the Defense Advanced Researchdefense systems" and "will not weaponize space". 21 Projects Agency (DARPA), in its request for funding, saidThose keeping a close eye on the weaponisation of that it was seeking "the ability to neutralize man-madespace rejoiced, like many peace activists did during space environments".23those heady days. Again, the worlds newest saviour "It is a bold declaration that DARPA will bewas going to keep the peace in Earths lower orbits. researching ways in which to affect other countries But theres a twist. Obama was Congresss top efforts in space," said Victoria Samson, a space weaponsrecipient from missile defence contractors during the expert with the Center for Defense Information. "By2008 election cycle, according to doing this sort of research under the radar, theObama was given US$377,000, while Senator McCain Pentagon obviously figures its easier to ask forwas a distant second with $221,000. And for the first forgiveness rather than permission."24time since 1994, Congressional Democrats in 2008 took Will President Obama keep his promise of cuttingmore money from the missile defence industry than did missile defence research and not weaponising space, orRepublicans: the Democrats were handed $4.6 million, will super-rich missile defence contractors have toowhile the Republicans were given $4.5 million.22 much influence over the President and Congress and In February 2008, Poland agreed in principle, but did keep the US on its current path towards puttingnot commit, to allowing within its borders a US missile weapons into space? It sure appears as if missiledefence battery loaded with kinetic interceptors that can defence contractors such as Lockheed Martin haveshoot down satellites. The Obama on their puppet strings.move infuriated Russia and For FY 2010, the Obamaraised the spectre of the Cold administration cut only $1.2War. This prompted then- The Obama administration billion off the missile defencePresident Vladimir Putin to say has called for a "new missile budget, and the overall totalthat US missile defence remained around $10 billion—outposts so close to Russia will defense architecture" that roughly the same annualupset the nuclear balance. This requires a greater emphasis average total spent during theis missile defence, so what did Bush administration. Then, forhe mean exactly by upsetting on a "space-engagement FY 2011, Obama actually raisedthe nuclear balance? Simple.The interceptors that are intercept layer". the missile defence budget by roughly $500 million. Indeed,planned to be based in Poland missile defence advocatesweigh 21,000 kilograms. They breathed a sigh of relief, oneare also nearly as long as the Minute Man-III, which high-ranking aerospace CEO saying that missile defencemakes up a significant portion of the USs nuclear is "an embedded core element of the defense of thearsenal. They also roughly share the same diameter as United States" and is here to stay.25the proposed interceptor. If the US were secretly to put On the flipside, peace activists such as Gagnon saya nuclear warhead within the interceptor—which that if US missile defence continues as is, war in andtechnically it could do—it would have a range of 6,000 from the Earths orbits is on (and above) the horizon.kilometres. The proposed interceptor base in Poland is Do you want more evidence that the US will some dayjust a few hundred kilometres away from the Russian weaponise the heavens? The Obama administration hasborder. called for a "new missile defense architecture" that By 2009, however, the possibility of US missile requires a greater emphasis on a "space engagementdefence batteries in Poland was squashed by the intercept layer of defense".26Obama administration. The heat with Russia cooled, for As they say, promises are meant to be broken.the time being, but the planned European missiledefence shield re-emerged under NATO at the 2010 Dual Use WeaponsLisbon summit and Russia agreed to come on board. Here is a compilation listing several major missileBut, as Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against defence programs that some arms analysts and peaceWeapons and Nuclear Power in Space said, dont activists say could be "dual use" and thus become spacebelieve the unified hype that all of Europe will be safe weapons some day. The following details are used withfrom Iran and North Korea. permission from the Center for Defense Information27 In the meantime, US missile defence plans in general and the World Policy Institutes Arms Trade Resourceremain foggy, as they have throughout the last 40 years. Center.28For FY (fiscal year) 2009, and for the first time since • The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)12 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 13. system is a mobile unit (an oversized truck, actually) Theoretically, FREND could blind enemy satellites bywith launchers on its back end. THAAD fires applying some type of eye-patch onto cameras. FREND"interceptors" into space that can destroy ballistic also some day might pick a satellite apart and let it driftmissiles as well as atmospheric targets such as Scud like a jigsaw puzzle forever and ever.missiles. The interceptor has no munitions and simply The other well-known microsatellite is the NFIREstrikes a target with kinetic energy. The interceptor is (Near Field Infrared Experiment), which is also run byroughly six metres long and about eight inches (~20.3 the MDA. It is said to be able to track a ballistic missilecentimetres) wide and weighs over 1,200 pounds (540 by its rocket plume, and was designed to be "fitted" withkilograms). Its rocket booster is four metres long, and a missile-like kill vehicle. NFIRE was launched intoits "kill vehicle" (KV)—at the top of the interceptor—is space in 2007—but without its planned kill vehicle, theabout two metres long. At the tip of the kill vehicle is Generation 2 KV. Arms-control experts had convincedan infrared sensor, and within its shell is a navigational the Senate to kill it, apparently.system. The THAADs kill vehicle could be described as The MDA claimed that the Generation 2 KV would flya huge spike that can fly at 15,000 mph with a range of directly near the plume of a ballistic missile and track it.200 kilometres and at a height of 150 kilometres. In This would be an incredible feat, to say the least; butessence, it is the kinetic energy that is the most lethal. the kill vehicle, dont forget, could have a dual use: it Lockheed Martin is the main civilian contractor for could also be used as a kinetic interceptor and wreckTHAAD, and deployment began in 2009. satellites. • For the Navy and the Missile Defense Agency, the • The Missile Defense Agencys one-billon-dollar Sea-Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System is their sea- Based X-Band Radar—built primarily by Boeing—isbased missile defence. Some space weapons experts perhaps the strangest-looking ship ever to have cruisedcall the Aegis-equipped USS Lake Erie "mankinds first the Pacific. The alien-looking vessel is actually aspace battleship". revamped oil-drilling platform, and centred on its top is According to "At the heart of its most striking feature: a tremendous white globe thatAegis is the AN/SPY-1 radar system. AN/SPY-1 sends could engulf the middle of a soccer field. From the topout beams of electromagnetic energy in all directions, of this white globe to the water is an intimidating voidthus allowing Aegis ships to track up to 100 targets of roughly 20 floors.simultaneously, while still retaining the ability to Hidden inside the inflated white ball is the clue to thiscounter other air, surface, and submarine threats. ships ultimate mission: a radar dish so powerful that itAN/SPY-1 will be able to detect ballistic missiles as they can decipher a real ballistic missile from a balloon thatrise above the horizon."29 Like THAAD, the Aegis fires an looks like a ballistic missile, claims the US military.interceptor, but from a launch pad system. The vessel is actually a new and important piece in The Aegis interceptor, the SM-3, isalso different in that it has a three-stage booster with its kill states that theSM-3 has produced an impact duringtesting calculated at 125 megajoules,"[e]quivalent to the force releasedwhen a ten ton truck traveling at 600miles per hour hits a wall".30 • The Air Force and the MissileDefense Agency are close todeveloping microsatellites. Two ofthese have already been tested inspace. Theres the XSS-11, which is nolarger than the fridge in your kitchen.The Air Force claims it can dock withmalfunctioning US satellites andmake repairs. How aboutapproaching enemy satellites andsabotaging them? DARPA iscurrently developing a robotic armfor the XSS-11, called FREND (Front-end Robotics Enabling Near-term The Missile Defense Agencys Sea-Based X-Band Radar during deployment.Demonstration). Image source: http://missiledefenseadvocacy.orgJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 13
  • 14. the growing arsenal that is the USs missile defence extends to the back of the plane where the laser isprogram. But it has a dual use, say space-weapons generated.experts. It could also decipher space debris from any There are several different kinds of US military lasers,future "killer microsatellite". There are several other X- and some work better in space than others. The ABLsBands across the globe; if all are upgraded to maxium laser works both in space and in the atmosphere.capacity, they could track over 300 targets, some less Technically it is called the Chemical Oxygen Iodinethan a metre long, at the same time. Laser, or COIL—a laser beam created from a chemical • One missile defence/space weapons program is the reaction between chlorine, hydrogen peroxide andaptly named "Rods from God". The rods would be iodine, resulting in what the MDA calls a "killer laserkinetic energy weapons—oversized metal spears one beam". Its a beam you cant see. The ABL conductsfoot (~0.3 metres) wide and twenty feet (~6.1 metres) this chemical reaction at the back of the aircraft in a setlong—fired by a battlesat and propelled by gravity as of six modules weighing, with chemicals added, a gut-they hurtled towards their Earthly targets. The system busting, SUV-sized 6,500 pounds (2,925 kilograms) each.would be comprised of two satellites: one would house Part of the weight comprises a cooling system.the targeting hardware, and the other Initially, the reaction produces athe rods. When theyre ripping steam-and-light explosion that isthrough the atmosphere, the rods will allegedly fatal if one is standing toobe travelling at a speed of 11,000 close. This explosion of light createsmetres per second and with the If the laser can a megawatt-class laser beam with aapparent blast force of a nuclear- stay locked onto total power believed to be roughlytipped ICBM—thus, no radioactive over one million watts. It is funnelledflakes falling out of the sky. a ballistic missile, down the mirrored tube and out thePreliminary tests of rods dropped from even for a few front-end lens, hitting any target ata high altitude over the New Mexico the speed of light. If the laser candesert resulted in a penetration of seconds, it should stay locked onto a ballistic missile,over 50 feet (15.24 metres) into the be able to melt even for a few seconds, it should beEarth. Bunkers beware. able to melt through the metal skin of • President Reagan envisioned laser through the metal the hull, creating a hole that wouldcannon on satellites with the skin of the hull, eventually lead to the missilespower to melt through the skin of destruction in flight.ballistic missiles as they travelled creating a hole that There is also research ongoingthrough space, heading towards to develop floating mirrors ortheir rendezvous with a large US would eventually "relay mirrors"—in themetropolis. Space-based laser lead to the missiles atmosphere and space—thatcannon, however, never made it could redirect the ABLs laserout of the 1980s. destruction across the globe or into space, Nonetheless, the MDA is in flight. which would give it the capabilityworking on a handful of high- of shooting down low-Earth-orbitprofile laser projects such as the satellites. The program, run byAirborne Laser (ABL) aircraft (see the MDA, is the Evolutionary Airchapter 10 of my book Technoir). and Space Global EngagementThe ABL aircraft is a Boeing 747 (EAGLE). The ABL has survivedthat has been gutted and turned into a literal flying the Obama administration, but barely. It has cost $4.3laser cannon. In 2008, the aircraft test-fired its "primary billion since 1994 and is said to be a long way frombeam", a megawatt-class High Energy Laser (HEL), deployment. The ABL, however, reached a majorwhich is a weapons-grade laser—meaning that it can milestone in 2010 when it shot down a ballistic missiletake out missiles, artillery shells and mortars. In 2010, within Earths atmosphere. The shoot-down once againthe primary beam actually destroyed a ballistic missile suggested that the US space weapons capability is farduring a test over central California. greater than the Pentagon and the White House are The ABL has two other lasers on board, for tracking letting on.and for targeting. The "laser cannon" that fires the • In the heart of Alaska and just north of Los Angeles,weapons-grade laser is actually an exotic circular mirror, the US has two missile defence installations that are1.5 metres in diameter, that can rotate nearly 360 said to be close to operational, which probably meansdegrees. It is underneath a roundish protective cone that they could shoot down a constellation of satellitesthat covers the aircrafts nose. if need be. The two installations are part of the Ground- The lens directs the laser as it leaves the aircraft. The Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system. The GMDs"cannon" also consists of a long mirrored tube that prime contractor is Boeing.14 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 15. Like Aegis and THAAD, the GMD is Earth based and down its own satellite in 2008, the US notified Beijinguses kinetic interceptors—stored and fired from that any interference with space-based US assets couldunderground silos—to take out ICBMs in their mid- result in a wide range of responses, including the use ofcourse phase when the missile is flying through space military force".towards its target, a time of about 20 minutes. An ICBM adds: "The Chinese have cited thegoes through two other phases: the boost phase, which development of a US airborne laser as partial impetusis right after lift-off and lasts no more than 300 seconds; for the aggressive ASAT test. An airborne laser that canand the terminal phase, lasting a short time at just 30 intercept missiles in their boost phase while they are inseconds when the ICBM re-enters the atmosphere. airspace over the country that launched them isHowever, during the mid-course phase, the ICBM could considered to be an offensive missile defense systemrelease hundreds of decoys. by the Chinese."32 Many experts believe that the space decoy is a The Daily Telegraph notes that the most recent cable infundamental downfall of any anti-missile shield. No this latest collection of leaks was sent in January 2010matter how many layers or how powerful your radar, by the office of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, andtrying to discern hundreds of claimed that China hadtargets in space and pick the launched a fresh ASAT missileright one or take out dozens at a test. "Crucially, Washingtontime may prove some day to be So what are the chances wanted to keep secret itsan impossible task. Thus, this is knowledge that the missile testone reason why the GMD can that a rogue nation fires was linked to China’s previousonly take out one or two ICBMs, space strikes," it commented.33fired, lets say, by a rogue state. one or two ICBMs at "This test is assessed to have Why would a rogue state, the US or its allies? furthered both Chinese ASATunless it has a death wish, fire and ballistic missile defenseone or two ICBMs at the US or Very, very small. technologies, stated the memoeven one of its allies? The return to the US embassy in Beijing."34address of any ICBM is The cable stressed that theundeniable. And if fired, the US Obama administration retainswill come back with utter devastation—no matter who the Bush-era concerns over Chinese plans for spacelaunched it. So what are the chances that a rogue weapons.nation fires one or two ICBMs at the US or its allies? Watch this space... ∞Very, very small. About the Author:Gearing up for Space Wars John Lasker is a freelance journalist who was born and Diplomatic cables released to the London Daily raised in Buffalo, New York, and now resides inTelegraph by WikiLeaks and published in early February Columbus, Ohio, USA. His work has been published2011 confirm that the US and China have been engaged hundreds of times in 50 different newspapers andin a "Star Wars" arms race since January 2007 when magazines, including Wired, Christian Science Monitor,China shot down one of its own satellites (see part Toward Freedom and Fate. He covered the 2008 USone). According to the website, the presidential election from central Ohio for Agence France-documents confirm that the subsequent US shoot-down Presse. In 2010, he published his first non-fiction bookof one of its malfunctioning spy satellites in February Technoir (e-book available from2008 "was a direct response in kind (really, a;demonstration of comparable capability) to the similar this article is based on chapter three of this book. Hedisplay of capability by China a little over a year received a grant from the Knight Foundation in 2011 toearlier".31 write about non-combat deaths of US female soldiers. The leaked cable confirms that "[b]efore shooting John Lasker can be emailed at 19. Interview with Theresa Hitchens, 27. http://www.cdi.org14. 2007 28. http://www.worldpolicy.org15. 20. ibid. 29. 21. 30. 22. Dolman, Everett, Astropolitik: 31. 23. Geopolitics in the Space Age, Frank 24. Interview with Victoria Samson, 32. ibid.Cass Publishers, London and Portland, 2007 33. Daily Telegraph, 2 February 2011,2002, p. 8 25. 26. 34. ibid.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 15
  • 16. 16 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 17. THE MISSING PIECES OF THE WEIGHT LOSS PUZZLE Overweight: A Risk Factor in Numerous Diseases besity has gone prime time. We see evidence of its presence Overweight and obesity have serious O wherever we look: in every neighbourhood, in every mall, in every school and in every workplace. Hardly a day goes by without news reports on some aspect of the looming obesity crisis.1, 2 However, the epidemic is not confined to just the wealthy developed world. Even desperately poor countries such as Nigeria and Uganda are wrestling with the dilemma of obesity. China, which was once one of the consequences for worlds leanest countries, is not immune: it has one of the fastest-growing health and ageing. obesity rates in the world, and one quarter of its urban youth is presently overweight.3 It is projected that by 2015, 200 million Chinese will be not just The best advice for obese but morbidly obese.4 The looming obesity epidemic is sending chills through the global shedding kilograms community. Worldwide, more than 1.3 billion people are overweight, includes keeping whereas only 800 million are underweight—and these statistics are diverging rapidly.5 your brain in The problem of expanding waistlines is more than merely a vanity concern. There are serious health consequences from sporting that beer belly. Being shape, maintaining overweight can radically change the course of a persons life. Fat is toxic and optimal vitamin D potentially lethal. Just carrying as few as an extra 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds) over your ideal weight is considered a serious risk factor for heart disease, levels, getting diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and Alzheimers disease, liver plenty of sleep and disease, hormonal imbalances, depression and cancer. In fact, at least 30 different diseases are related to being overweight. balancing your The Failure of Traditional Weight Loss Advice intestinal flora. So, whats going on here? If people were to follow the advice offered by medical professionals, public health officials and experts from the weight loss industry, the problem would be easily solved. The call to action basically involves turning your back on all those sugary, high-carbohydrate, processed junk foods and switching to a low-calorie diet fortified by plenty of exercise. They say that it all boils down to a very simple equation: take in fewer calories and burn more. by Sherrill Sellman, ND © 2011 It sounds logical. The only problem is that this decades-old approach is a dismal failure. For the vast majority of people, it doesnt work. In fact, long- 410 W. 7th Street #1922 term success for attaining permanent weight loss is only achieved by a mere Tulsa, OK 74119, USA two to five per cent of those very determined and lucky dieters. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and Email: drsellman@ expecting a different outcome. It certainly appears that the traditional approach to winning the battle of the bulge does indeed seem insane. Website: If there are answers and successful strategies to stem the tide of this serious health epidemic, they will need to be sought elsewhere. Its time to discover some of the missing pieces of the weight loss puzzle.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 17
  • 18. Secrets of the Brain–Belly Connection Further studies indicate that those with the most belly Do you value your brain power? Certainly, the one fat (visceral fat mass) suffer the greatest mental declinesfaculty that everyone wants to hold onto throughout a over time, and that central or abdominal obesity inlifetime is a fully functioning, intact brain. particular accounts for more than a threefold increase inUnfortunately, belly fat can deliver a serious blow to dementia risk.9, 10that aspiration. Overwhelming evidence now reveals Whats even more worrying is that increased belly fatthat your expanding waistline will put a serious crimp is linked to decreases in total brain volume,on your brain size as well as your brain power. independent of BMI. This can cause changes in another Researchers set out to discover if being overweight area of the brain, the hippocampus, which isposed a danger to the brain. They scanned the brains of responsible for long-term memory, spatial memory and94 people over the age of seventy. They were looking to navigation.11, 12 Finally, excess belly fat also appears tosee the differences in the brains of people who were contribute to lesions in the brains white matter,normal weight (BMI under 25), overweight (BMI 25–30) especially in diabetic patients, linking it not just toand obese (BMI over 30).6 (BMI stands for "body mass memory loss but also to increased risk of stroke.13index", an approximation of body fat based on height Obesity also causes changes to the immune systemand weight.) Their results were quite shocking. which fan the flames of inflammation throughout theOverweight people had four per cent less brain tissue body. This increased inflammation can have an impactthan people of normal weight. For obese people, the on the brain and lead to a vicious cycle of gaining morefindings were even worse: and more weight: obesitythey had eight per cent less brain leads to inflammation, whichtissue than people of normal damages certain parts of theweight. Overweight people brain, which in turn leads to The study showed that more uncontrolled eating andcarrying extra weight not only had four per cent less more obesity.degenerated the brain but brain tissue than people of There are many areas of thealso accelerated its ageing. brain that are affected byResearcher Paul Thompson normal weight. For obese overweight:shared his observation: "The people, the findings • frontal and temporalbrains of overweight people lobes, critical for planning,looked eight years older than were even worse… memory and impulse control;the brains of those who were • anterior cingulate gyrus,lean, and 16 years older in responsible for attention andobese people. Type 2 diabetes, executive functions;which is common in the overweight, is known to • hippocampus, important for long-term memory,accelerate the ageing of the brain and the onset of spatial memory and navigation;dementia. But the relationship between brain size and • basal ganglia, essential for proper movement andweight still stood when the researchers accounted for coordination.this, suggesting it is the fat itself that is causing the Here is the catch 22: those extra kilograms impairproblem. It is thought that high levels of fat raise the brain function and compromise the particular areas ofodds of the arteries clogging up, cutting the flow of the brain that have an impact on a persons ability toblood and oxygen to the brain. This could cause brain have a keen memory, to control impulses and to followcells to die and the organ to shrink."7 The high demands through on any kind of planning. It therefore becomesput on these brain areas may make them more sensitive more difficult to commit successfully to any kind ofto changes in oxygen levels. program, especially a weight loss program. Since the Another study used magnetic resonance imaging to impulse-control part of the brain is affected, controllingcompare the brains of 44 obese individuals with those those urges to help you to another doughnut or aof 19 lean people of similar age and background. The second helping of mashed potatoes is an Herculeanobese individuals had more water in the amygdala, a effort and generally doomed to fail.part of the brain involved in eating behaviour. Theimaging also showed a smaller orbitofrontal cortex in Vitamin D: A Key to a Healthy Metabolismthe obese—which is of concern, considering that this There is one really important nutritional player whenarea of the brain is important for impulse control and is it comes to our health. This superstar nutrient is thealso involved in eating behaviour. These findings sunshine hormone, vitamin D. (Vitamin D is really astrengthen the "slippery slope" theory of obesity. The steroid hormone rather than an actual vitamin.)neural changes that occur when you are overweight Vitamin D truly deserves the title of "superstar". Eachaffect the parts of your brain that influence and control year, vitamin D researchers discover additional healthso many behaviours necessary to make healthy choices.8 benefits conferred by this sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D18 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 19. receptors are found throughout the body, including in relationship between low vitamin D levels and athe brain. Optimal levels are absolutely necessary to hormone called leptin. Leptin is a messenger molecule,ensure healthy bones and arteries, a robust immune made in fat cells, that communicates with thesystem, balanced moods and optimal cognitive function hypothalamus, letting it know how much fat is stored inas well as protection from hypertension, allergies, the body. It is the hormone that communicates thatmultiple sclerosis, Alzheimers disease, autoimmune your stomach is full.conditions, fertility problems and premenstrual Low vitamin D levels interfere with the effectiveness ofsyndrome. Most significantly, vitamin D has been leptin. Researchers at Aberdeen University, Scotland,proven to be protective against 13 different kinds of found that obese people produced 10 per cent lesscancer.14 Optimal levels of vitamin D are critical for vitamin D than people of average weight. The studygood health. discovered that low levels of the vitamin in blood Here are some basic facts that you need to know interfered with the function of leptin. The study alsoabout vitamin D. It is a fat-soluble steroid hormone found that excess body fat absorbs vitamin D, stoppingthat is made by the body as well as it from entering the bloodstream. Thefrom what we eat. In order for the 2008 studys leader, Dr Helenbody to produce vitamin D Macdonald, of Aberdeen Universitys(cholecalciferol), the skin must be Overweight Department of Medicine andexposed to ultraviolet light, primarily Therapeutics, commented: "Obesefrom sunlight. Vitamin D is further people, shirking people had less vitamin D and themetabolised in the liver and kidneys sunlight or not link between obesity and vitamin Dto create the fully active form of deficiency was statisticallyvitamin D. Thus variations in sunlight taking adequate significant."18exposure due to latitude, season, time vitamin D Overweight people, shirkingof day, sunscreen use, skin sunlight or not taking adequatepigmentation and age will determine supplementation, vitamin D supplementation, thwarthow much vitamin D the body makes. their dieting efforts in another way. Although it is known that vitamin D thwart their Low vitamin D levels have beenplays a vital role in the well-being dieting efforts shown to increase fat storage. Aof infants, children, adults and 2009 Canadian study found thatthe elderly, we presently have a in another way. weight and body fat wereglobal pandemic of chronically Low vitamin D significantly lower in women withlow vitamin D levels. Its normal vitamin D levels than inestimated that 85 per cent of the levels have been women with insufficient levels.19American public are deficient, as shown to increase It seems that fat people may beare as much as 95 per cent of all less able to convert vitamin Dits senior citizens. 15 Vitamin D fat storage. into its hormonally active form.deficiencies are also widespread A Norwegian study found thatthroughout the UK, with 86 per the more that participantscent of the population deficient in weighed, the lower their vitaminthe winter and 57 per cent in the D levels tended to be. Thesummer.16 researcher, Zoya Lagunova, MD, believes that obesity is Even though Australia is described as a "sunburnt" associated with lower vitamin D levels since vitamin D iscountry and is one of the sunniest countries in the a fat-soluble vitamin. "Much of the vitamin D producedworld, a surprising number of its citizens are severely in the skin or ingested is distributed in fat tissue, solacking in vitamin D. A recent report stated that as obese people may take in as much vitamin D from themany as one in three Australians may have low vitamin sun, food or supplements as people who are not obese,D levels.17 but their [blood] levels will tend to be lower. Obese For all those on a weight loss quest, vitamin D is one of people may need more vitamin D to end up with thethose missing pieces that youve been searching for. There same levels as a person whose weight is normal," sheis overwhelming evidence that confirms the importance of stated.20keeping your vitamin D levels up to get your extra kilos How much less vitamin D does an overweight persondown. Not only does it help achieve weight loss, it also make? As it turns out, increased fatty cells can decreaseimproves other risk factors such as insulin resistance, the ability to make vitamin D by a factor of four. Thismetabolic syndrome and blood-sugar imbalances. means that if you are carrying extra weight, you may If you are feeling hungry all the time no matter how make only a quarter the amount of vitamin D comparedmuch you eat, you might want to have your vitamin D to a leaner person.levels checked. What drives insatiable hunger is the Vitamin D is also an important factor in diabetes. LowJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 19
  • 20. levels of vitamin D have been linked to an increased risk of Sleep Away Those Kilos!developing type 2 diabetes. After following more than We all know about beauty rest, but do you know about5,000 people for five years, an Australian research team thinness slumber? Getting those zzzzs is anotherfound that those with lower-than-average vitamin D levels important piece of the weight loss puzzle.had a 57 per cent increased risk of developing diabetes Your carbohydrate addiction may be more the resultcompared to those within the recommended range.21 of your sleeping patterns rather than your lack of Low levels of vitamin D are also known to nearly willpower. Have you ever noticed that after a night withdouble the risk of cardiovascular disease if you already little sleep, you wake up ravenously hungry and want tohave diabetes.22 Diabetics, who are deficient in vitamin devour everything in sight? Why? Because your lack ofD and cannot process cholesterol normally, tend to have sleep actually triggers food cravings.cholesterol build up in their blood vessels, hence An expanding body of scientific evidence shows thatincreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. the less sleep you get, the more cravings you have; the Vitamin D also helps keep blood-sugar levels under more calories you eat, the more belly fat you have andcontrol. With type 2 diabetes, the body cant efficiently the higher your BMI.use the insulin it produces to control One study found that sleep-deprivedblood-sugar levels. Vitamin D plays a people eat more carbohydrates thanrole by increasing the release of their more well-rested compatriots.insulin. In one study, researchers Those with four hours of sleep wereevaluated vitamin D levels and the more likely to choose candy, cakes andchance of developing unbalanced An expanding cookies over fruit, vegetables and dairyblood-sugar metabolism. In this products. It was also found that theirstudy, subjects were evaluated for body of scientific ability to process glucose (sugar) inserum vitamin D levels and were evidence shows the blood had declined—in somefollowed for seven years to determine cases, to the level of diabetics. Thethe effects on blood-sugar that the less sleep researchers looked at two hormones,metabolism. The study showed that you get, the more leptin and ghrelin, that are regulatedthe subjects with the highest vitamin by sleep and influence properD levels had a 40 per cent increase in cravings you have; appetite. Leptin lets the brain knowsupporting an optimal future the more calories when your stomach is full, andblood-sugar balance.23 ghrelin sends the message of If you want to lose weight and you eat, the more hunger. When ghrelin waskeep it off, it is critical to check measured in the group that sleptyour vitamin D levels. The higher belly fat you have for four hours a night, the ratio ofyour vitamin D levels, the higher and the higher ghrelin jumped 71 per centyour leptin levels and the more compared to when they wereyour blood sugar will remain your BMI. sleeping a full 10 hours. 24 Nobalanced. Vitamin D helps your wonder they felt hungry andbody respond to the correct craved simple carbohydrates:metabolic messages. High their hunger hormone wasvitamin D levels increase your switched on.ability to lose weight, and losing Since the psychologicalweight will increase your vitamin manifestations of fatigue, sleepD levels—all of which will reduce your risk of metabolic and hunger are similar, adults sometimes confuse them.syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular Thats why people tend to eat when theyre feeling reallydisease, not to mention most chronic illnesses. tired. Fatigue is often misinterpreted as hunger. While it is important for most people—especially the The Nurses Health Study followed more than 68,000overweight, children and elderly—to take vitamin D women for 16 years, monitoring their weight, sleepingsupplements, it is critically important to check your habits and diet. At the start of the study, all of thevitamin D levels. Taking a vitamin D supplement may women were healthy and none was obese. By the end ofnot get you into optimal range, which is where you want the study, women who slept five hours a night were 32to be. Its optimal blood vitamin D levels that count. per cent more likely to experience major weight gain—The proper blood test is called 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25- defined as an increase of 33 pounds [14.85 kg] orOH vitamin D), which is included in the basic blood more—and 15 per cent more likely to become obese,work-up. In Australia, optimal levels should be 150–200 compared with women who slept seven hours. Andnmol/L. In the USA, optimal levels should be between women who slept for six hours were 12 per cent more70 and 100 ng/mL. Do not settle for less than optimal likely to experience major weight gain and six per centlevels if your goal is the best health possible. more likely to become obese over the study period,20 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 21. compared with women who slept seven hours a night.25 To support deep and regenerative sleep, the following These results have been reinforced by other studies. supplements and natural approaches are helpful:For example, researchers at the University of Warwick melatonin, chamomile, valerian, kava, passionflower,reviewed data from more than 28,000 children and more hops, L-theanine, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), 5-than 15,000 adults and found that sleep deprivation HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), vitamin B complex,almost doubled the risk of obesity for children and phosphatidylserine and magnesium.adults.26 If youre taking prescription sleep medications, be Brain scans of people who have fewer than seven cautious: all of them have serious side effects.hours of sleep a night show lower activity in theprefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that is involved Some Gut Flora Can Make You Fatin impulse control, planning, judgement and follow- It was once thought that we are what we eat. But, tothough. Decreased activity in this part of the brain be more accurate, we are what we digest and assimilate.leads to greater impulsivity and more self-defeating The latest research now tells us that, to be even moredecisions. It also means its much more difficult to stick correct, we are what digests and assimilates our food. Itto any plan successfully, especially a weight loss all has to do with the thriving population of the 100program. trillion life-promoting bacteria that take up residence The relationship between obesity and sleep is not just within our digestive tract from the moment of adult problem. Since 1992, More than 99 per cent of13 studies of more than 45,000 microbes living in ourchildren have supported the intestinal tract comprise a veryinverse relationship between There is a strong diverse group of bacteria,hours of sleep and risk of numbering between 500 toobesity. If children sleep less, connection between 1,000 different species. In athey are more at risk of what we eat, how much healthy person, these bacteriabecoming obese. Short sleep live in the gut in a balancedduration at age 30 months is we eat, and the species ecosystem, with each speciespredictive of obesity at the age of bacteria that inhabit inhabiting its appropriateof seven years.27 place. However, with the Less than seven hours of sleep the intestinal tract. introduction of antibiotics,per night may permanently steroids and birth-control pills,impair the part of the brain that delicate balance iscalled the hypothalamus, which radically altered—and so isregulates both appetite and energy expenditure. ones health. And now, one more adverse health condition, causedA Word about the Hypothalamus by an overgrowth of harmful gut flora, can be added to The hypothalamus is located at the centre of the brain the list: obesity. There is a distinctive change in theand is the interface between the central nervous system intestinal microbial populations found in obese andand the endocrine system. It controls many automatic lean humans and mice. Obese mice have differentfunctions and coordinates metabolic activity throughout microbes in their gut than do lean mice. Obese humansthe 20 trillion cells that make up the human body. In have different gut microbes than do lean (or evenaddition, it organises and controls moods, cravings, dieting) humans. There is a strong connection betweensleep, endocrine function, hunger, appetite and food what we eat, how much we eat, and the species ofintake. Most importantly, the hypothalamus is the part bacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract.of the brain that controls fat-burning and energy The bacteria in the gut of obese mice are moreexpenditure. efficient in processing carbohydrates. Thus, obese mice In the 1940s, the brilliant English endocrinologist Dr get a bigger "bang for the chow", ingesting calories fromA. T. W. Simeons developed a revolutionary protocol to food that in lean mice would normally go unprocessed.address the cause of the obesity problem (see my article So, fat mice get even fatter.28in NEXUS 17/04). This new paradigm focused on re- Obese people have a distinctive mix of bacteria inestablishing homoeostasis to the hypothalamus, which their digestive system that also seem to make themhe believed was dysfunctional in all overweight people. prone to gaining weight. They have more digestiveHe created a unique protocol that re-established a microbes that are especially efficient at extractingproperly functioning hypothalamus and also helped calories from food. Also, the greater the proportion ofpeople safely lose up to 0.5 kilograms a day of toxic fat. these super-digesting organisms, the more that people(To learn more about the Simeons protocol, visit the gain weight. When scientists transplanted thesewebsites or bacteria from obese mice into lean mice, the animals started to get fatter.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 21
  • 22. There appears to be a causal link between obesity and About the Author:the type of microflora that inhabit the intestines. The Sherrill Sellman, ND, is a naturopathic doctor (Boarddifference in the structure of the microbial ecology of Certified in Integrative Medicine), an educator, a womensour digestive tract may create greater susceptibility to natural health expert and psychotherapist as well as anobesity. Our western diet, rich in fat and sugar, packs a international lecturer, the host of two weekly radio shows,double whammy to peoples expanding girth. As well as the senior editor and contributing writer to numerousproviding more calories than we can burn through health publications and a journalist in the field of womensexercise, junk food encourages the growth of the gut health. She is a regular contributor to NEXUS, mostbacteria that process food more efficiently, adding recently with her article "An Effective Solution to thefurther to this energy excess. Obesity Epidemic" (17/04). See the review of her new book, Scientists took mice raised in a germ-free The Promise of hCG, in this edition. For more information,environment—mice which had no native gut bacteria of visit the websites http://www.whatwomenmustknow.comtheir own—and transplanted human intestinal bacteria and http://www.fatlossaustralia. Dr Sellman can beinto their digestive tracts. When these "humanised" contacted by email at drsellman@whatwomenmice were placed on a high-fat, high-sugar diet to mimic those common in western societies,the contents of their gut bacteria changed drastically, Endnotesliterally overnight. Switching from a low-fat, plant 1. Cai, Jinnan, "The world is fat", 23 December 2010,polysaccharide–rich diet to a high-fat, high-sugar,"western" diet shifted the structure of the gut microflora 2. Popkin, Barry M., "The World is Fat", Scientific American,within a single day. The mice September 2007, pp. 88-95showed an increase in types of 3. France 24, "Obesity: Chinasbacteria linked to obesity and growing epidemic", YouTube,also increased their body fat. researchers then The difference in the 4. Miller, J.F.K., "Fat China: structure of the microbial Special Report", 6 Januarytransplanted microbes from the 2010,intestines of these mice intoother germ-free mice. These ecology of our digestive 5. Cai, op. cit.animals also put on weight, tract may create greater 6. Raji, C.A., P.M. Thompson eteven when fed a low-fat diet.29 Another intriguing revelation susceptibility to obesity. al., "Brain structure and obesity", Human Brain Mappinghas been the obesity–gut 2010 Mar; 31(3):353-364,connection. When an organism published online on 6 Augustis out of balance, the imbalance 2009is reflected everywhere. Obese people have altered 7. Alzheimers Weekly, "Obesity Ages a Brain by 16intestinal flora which predispose them to being obese. Years", 30 August – 6 September 2009,Junk food diets alter healthy gut flora, resulting in more tendencies. 8. Cazettes, V. et al., "Obesity-mediated inflammation Your food choices have an instantaneous effect on the may damage the brain circuit that regulates foodbalance of gut flora. Feed your digestive system healthy, intake", Brain Research 2011 Feb 10; 1373:101-109nutritious food and you will be adding yet another 9. Kanaya, A.M. et al., "Total and Regional Adipositysuccessful piece to your weight loss puzzle. You can and Cognitive Change in Older Adults: The Health,also add probiotic supplements to help support and Aging, and Body Composition study", Archives of Neurologyenhance healthy intestinal flora. 2009 Mar; 66(3):329-35, 10. Whitmer, R.A. et al., "Central obesity and increasedSolving the Puzzle risk of dementia more than three decades later", With more than one billion overweight adults who are Neurology 2008 Sep 30; 71(14):1057-1064part of the global community and at least 300 million 11. Debette, S. et al., "Visceral fat is associated withobese adults, the world is facing an unparalleled obesity lower brain volume in healthy middle-aged adults",epidemic. To help rescue a world drowning in fat, it is Annals of Neurology 2010 Aug; 68(2):136-144necessary to embrace new paradigms. It is a problem 12. Anan, F. et al., "Abdominal visceral fatthat requires many new perspectives and an integrated accumulation is associated with hippocampus volumeapproach. Maintaining a healthy brain, ensuring in non-dementia patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus",optimal vitamin D levels, committing to regenerative Neuroimage 2010 Jan 1; 49(1):57-62sleep and supporting the growth of healthy intestinal 13. Anan, F. et al., "Visceral fat accumulation is aflora are some of the new pieces that are helping tosolve the weight loss puzzle. ∞ Continued on page 8122 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 23. JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 23
  • 25. HIA TA L HERNIA SYNDRO ME WITH VAGUS NERVE IMBALANCE Possibly the Most Common Health Problem in Mankind H iatal Hernia Syndrome (HHS), with Vagus Nerve Imbalance (VNI), may be the most common set of complaints in our species. Probably most people who are chronically unwell have this syndrome. This author has linked this syndrome to various heart and lung problems. Unlike By middle age, the percentages of people with the hidden health problems covered in my previous two articles in NEXUS, the majority of humanity may have this one! over 50 per cent of Recall that up to 20 per cent of us may have a porphyric genetic tendency, and up to 35 per cent may have PFO (patent foramen ovale, or "hole in the heart"); people may have a but, by middle age, over 50 per cent of mankind may have this hidden condition, according hidden condition to holistic health experts. Hiatal hernia syndrome may be at least partially responsible for causing or exacerbating asthma, reflux, ulcer, sleep apnoea, that, at least in panic attack, hypertension, PFO and other cardiac conditions. This author has come to this conclusion after nearly three decades of working on people with part, can cause or HHS/VNI. exacerbate asthma, The ancient Greeks knew that serious illness was associated with having discomfort in the region below the ribs. Sadly, modern man has warped the reflux, ulcer, term that the Greeks used for this region into a term connoting mental illness. We will see that the ancient Greeks had wisdom regarding the physicality of the sleep apnoea, hypochondriac region—the area where the hiatal hernia exists. panic attack, Here we will see what the hiatal (or hiatus) hernia is, and then look at the possible symptoms that can arise from this syndrome and its associated vagus hypertension, PFO nerve imbalance. Then things that can improve this syndrome will be revealed. and other cardiac Many people may have had this problem for much of their lives. I hypothesise that it is deeply involved in many chronic conditions, in multiple chemical conditions. sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic field sensitivity (EMFS), and in food "allergies". Both mainstream and alternative medicine seem to be unaware or unappreciative of the serious illness or suffering that HHS commonly causes. It can cause any of the visceral organs to malfunction. This factor may even be a predictor of life expectancy. The biochemist Carey Reams, PhD, said that "illness begins with the vagus nerve". Hiatal hernia syndrome, by pinching the vagus nerve, causes vagus by Steven Rochlitz, PhD © nerve imbalance. However, one may have hidden, underlying illnesses that April 2011 already have caused vagus nerve disorder. The vagus nerve could be imbalanced by heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, arsenic, other metals), or porphyria, or Post Office Box 2154 any malady that affects the nervous system. This imbalance is often a Cottonwood, AZ 86326, USA hyperexcitability. In an hiatal hernia (HH), the upper portion of the stomach protrudes through Email: the opening (hiatus) in the diaphragm (see figure 1). HHS involves four Website: components initially: the stomach, the oesophagus, the diaphragm and the vagus nerve. Wellness can return if and when the stomach goes, and stays, below the diaphragmatic opening. This can take some doing in many cases.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 25
  • 26. Many things may be involved, as we shall see. It often I have also found that the PFO, the hidden heart defectrequires learning a set of techniques far beyond the that one out of three people have, is deeply linked tosimple "pull down" that some perform. HHS/VNI. This may be one reason why only some people I have seen many people with fatigue/fibromyalgia with hiatal hernia suffer so much, and others with HH doand/or food, chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities. not. I would advise anyone who is prone to suffer boutsOver 90 per cent of these people had HHS. Its no of panic, breathlessness, arrhythmia, tachycardia,coincidence. I cannot blame the reader for any initial hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, orthostaticdisbelief, but 27 years of working on this problem in hypotension or fainting to get tested for both the PFOpeople from around the world has made the matter clear and HHS. It is also possible that other underlying heartto me. Seemingly unrelated illnesses or symptoms can problems are adversely affected by HHS/VNI. I haveoften immediately be relieved when "the stomach goes observed that angina, leaky valves, atrial fibrillation,down" and/or the vagus nerve is rebalanced. supraventricular tachycardia, mitral valve prolapse, pulmonary hypertension and other heart problems canPossible Symptoms all become "active" due to the effects of HHS/VNI. So it Below is a list of some of the many can be crucial for anyone with anypossible symptoms of HHS and/or oesophagus heart condition to find out if s/heVNI. I am not saying that HHS/VNI is has HHS/VNI.the sole cause of each of these In many people, serious illnesscomplaints or conditions. begins unfolding even if the amountSometimes it exacerbates a hiatal hernia of protrusion is small. In manycondition, and other elements are sufferers, any such protrusion causesinvolved. The symptoms include: diaphragm major hyperexcitability of the vaguspanic attack; belching; bloating; gas; nerve. Or, as this researcher hasanxiety; tachycardia; bradycardia; found, the vagus nerve may already beother heart conditions; palpitations; upper stomach damaged/imbalanced from numeroushypertension or hypotension; (or fundus) possible underlying and hidden conditions.asthma (may be the non-wheezing These hidden causative factors forvariation); shortness of breath; vagus nerve imbalance must behiccups; no deep breathing, or tested and corrected—if possible—hyperventilation occurs; swallowing individually for wellness to beair; reflux; dental enamel erosion; maintained. Allergies, heavy metalulcers; regurgitation, including dry Figure 1: Hiatal hernia—above the poisoning, parasitosis, porphyriaheaves; waist sensitivity; nausea; diaphragm, where it doesnt belong! and other factors could already bediminished or excessive appetite; imbalancing the vagus nerve. Thatcolic in infants; diarrhoea or constipation; fatigue; the vagus nerve is a key factor is indicated when we seehoarseness; coughing; pain (diaphragm, lungs, ribs, people with large hernias but who are asymptomatic.throat, chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, spine, They may have a very balanced vagus nerve and perhapsextremities or back); arthritis; fatigue; nervousness; a defect-free heart.insecurity feelings; facial flushing; depression; orthostatic The extensive vagus nerve is so diverse, and sohypotension; food, chemical and electromagnetic interconnected to the visceral organs, that it has beenallergies; TMJ; bruxism; headaches; dizziness; poor nicknamed "the wanderer". The vagus nerve is the tenthbalance; numbness; paralysis; hypoglycaemia; shakiness; cranial nerve, and is also called the pneumogastric nerve.fainting; confusion; poor stress tolerance; vision It is the only nerve that starts in the brainstem—withinweakness; learning/behaviour problems; premenstrual the medulla—which contains the cardiac, respiratory,syndrome; prostatitis; bladder weakness; weight gain or vomiting and vasomotor centres, and involves autonomicloss; intestinal disease; gallbladder disease; adrenal functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure,fatigue; hypothyroidism; hyperthyroidism; kidney disease; maintaining consciousness and regulating the sleepepilepsy; insomnia; sleep apnoea, obstructive or central; cycle. The vagus nerve innervates the crucial visceralmany pregnancy complaints; porphyria, acute attacks. organs (heart, lungs, gastro-intestinal [GI] tract, pancreas, liver, kidneys, stomach) and also conveys sensoryHidden Health Problems information about the state of these visceral organs to Lets look at how HHS/VNI can cause so many the central nervous system. The vagus nerve is part ofcomplaints and organ problems. Many factors can the parasympathetic nervous system, which must be inprevent the stomach from "going back down" or "staying balance with the sympathetic nervous system. Both aredown". My own improved techniques may make this part of the autonomic nervous system, and are thuschange last longer, and thus the improvement in these involved in cardiac muscle and smooth musclemany seemingly unrelated conditions is observable. regulation.26 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 27. The slightest upward displacement of the stomach hiatal hernia corrections, as do obese people, body-through the diaphragm disorders the vagus nerve or builders and others whose exercise regimen or type ofworsens its already unbalanced nature, if that was the work causes stress to this area. The basic correctionscase. Immediately, the stomach and diaphragm below can provide some relief for many complaints.malfunction. Overproduction or underproduction of Note that this hernia can readily result from birthhydrochloric acid may result. The heart and lungs may no trauma. It will be undetected unless a good kinesiologistlonger function optimally. The entire digestive process is around to perform surrogate muscle-testing on themay be adversely affected. infant. Some kinesiologists and chiropractors gently pull From an imbalanced vagus nerve, other organs can down the stomach of newborns, possibly preventingbegin to malfunction depending on genetic weaknesses much illness. I initially use various trigger-points and notand other factors. Of course, the diaphragm itself will be the "pull down", which usually allows for the dropping ofdirectly affected, and normal breathing will no longer the stomach. I can also imagine that HHS could ariseoccur. Other openings in the before birth, from weeks or months ofdiaphragm—itself now stressed, being somewhat "scrunched" in thestretched or torn—allow some major womb. Physical trauma to theblood vessels to and from the heart to abdomen—at any time—can alsopass through it. Thus spasms in theabdominal aorta and inferior vena cava Despite my trying cause hiatal hernia. Even emotional stress can cause or exacerbate thiscan occur. The heart itself can be to hold it down, condition.crowded and pressed upon by the as soon as hestomachs being "where it doesnt HHS, Emotions and Allergiesbelong". These last factors, and the thought of the The involvement of HHS indirect hyperexcitability of the vagus emotional stress is illustrated now. Anerves connection to the heart, lead to issue I felt his client flew in to see me, and I balancedmany Emergency Room (ER) visits and stomach scoot his hiatal hernia and also did some"pseudo–heart attack" symptoms of phobia balancing. I saw that nothingchest pain, breathing difficulty back up past lasted when he merely thoughtand arm numbness. If youre my hands! about being forced to takeexperiencing these complaints, antihypertension medication:you should not assume that they This shows how just thinking about the issueare arising from HHS: you should stress can make made his hernia reappear. So Iseek emergency medical care. decided to hold down hisWhen French President Nicolas things more stomach directly, after the lastSarkozy collapsed in July 2009, hespent the night in hospital and problematic. time I re-set these imbalances, and asked him to think againwas diagnosed with a vagus nerve about taking those drugs orproblem. The doctors said that it getting his blood pressure taken.was "minor". Translation: if it had Despite my trying to hold it down,affected his heart a little bit more as soon as he thought of theand he then suffered a heart attack issue I felt his stomach scoot backor such, the problem would no longer be "minor"—but up past my hands! (For an instant I thought of the moviewould then not likely later be traceable back to his vagus Alien, when the hidden creature pops out of actor Johnnerve. Hurts abdomen and scoots past the crew.) This shows There is a similarity between HHS and angina. Both how stress can make things more problematic.can cause similar symptoms, and both can occur after There is a strong allergy connection to HHS/VNI. It issimilar events such as overeating, exercise and heavy well known that allergic reactions can increase heart rate,lifting. My hypothesis is that HHS, if uncorrected, may but so can an active hiatal hernia. To get well, one oftensometimes eventually lead to angina and/or other heart has to learn to give up ones favourite foods as these areconditions. Also, I have noted that every person I have usually allergic/addictive. The HHS may be the earliestseen with atrial fibrillation had hiatal hernia. It usually cause of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD ortakes years before serious cardiac complaints result, but GERD), though the orthodox literature only denotes "andealing with HHS/VNI and also muscle trigger-points may occasional link".be the best long-term solution if these are among theultimate causes of the heart rhythm disorders. Any Helpful Recommendations for HHSdegenerative heart condition ultimately may result from, To help deal with HHS, its recommended that you eator be exacerbated by, HHS/VNI. small meals, chew your food well 30 times, elevate the Pregnant women, for the obvious reason, need frequent top of your bed by 6–9 inches (~15–23 centimetres)JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 27
  • 28. and/or get a wedge to sleep on, and sleep on memory Some people take dozens of supplements at the same time.foam. Dont eat spicy foods. Lose weight if possible. Not recommended! It may be necessary to pull capsulesAvoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and nightshades apart and put the contents into a liquid, or cut down on(tomato, potato, etc.), and avoid or get muscle-tested for supplements until healing has occurred. Alwaysdairy, wheat, gluten, vinegar and citrus. Avoid fried or remember that any food or supplement that shocks thegreasy foods, mints, nuts, soda, hot or cold food or drink, stomach or oesophagus can immediately bring back thefats and oils including raw "nutritional" oils, and clothing hernia.thats tight at the waist. Dont eat less than three hoursbefore going to sleep. Try a liquid diet, juicing or baby The Oesophagus Connectionfood if youre suffering greatly. Dont eat too much Let us now take an important detour to theroughage or take many tablets or capsules at once. oesophagus. Some of the complaints attributable to Bed elevation is crucial for easing hiatal hernia. It may hiatal hernia may be caused by the so-called Schatzkisbe a shock to learn that until about 200 years ago, people ring and not the hernia itself, or by both. Schatzkis ringslept in the seated position against a is a disorder of the lower oesophagealwall (see The History Channel video sphincter (LOS or LES). The LES actsCities of the Underworld: Freemason like a valve between the oesophagusUnderground). Elevate the top of the and the stomach. Schatzkis ring is abed by 6–9 inches by placing cinder hardened, thickened, multifold, scar-(concrete) blocks, or anything sturdy, Bed elevation is type tissue. If this ring is present, theunder the top posts/legs. You can also LES doesnt function properly. It maybuy a wedge to sleep on, or you can do crucial for easing be open when it should be closed,both. Some wedges even have causing reflux, or it may be closedmemory foam on top. Purchase a new hiatal hernia. when it should be open. The lattermattress with memory-foam padding, It may be a shock condition may trap food above theor the less expensive 2–4 inch (~5–10 ring. There may be overlay for the whole bed, to to learn that Trapped food, or spasms of theprevent and to overcome trigger until about oesophagus, can then cause breathingpoints. The new padding may difficulty (asthma, etc.),need to be outgassed for several 200 years ago, tachycardia or other arrhythmia.weeks or months before use, for people slept in Schatzkis ring should show up onthose with MCS. Some sources upper GI X-ray or endoscopy.recommend sleeping on the back the seated position Breads and fibrous (tough)or on the left side, not on the against a wall. meats are more likely to getright side. If you have certain trapped at the LES ring. Dry foodsheart conditions, you may have to (like bread) can be a problem, butavoid left-side sleeping as well. allergy may also be a factor.Lifting, bending, sneezing, "Steakhouse syndrome" is thecoughing, stress and many other nickname that ER personnel havefactors can immediately push the given this syndrome. Peoplestomach back up through the come in with anxiety anddiaphragm. respiratory, cardiac or cardiac-like symptoms due to Diet constraints cannot be overemphasised in keeping trapped food. Any hard food, tablet or capsule can getHHS in check. Eating only small meals is key. Getting stuck. The person may have swallowing difficulty. Foodscomplete food-allergy testing, via kinesiology, and may need to be puréed in advanced cases, as peristalsispossibly rotating foods to avoid new food allergies can be may be impaired. In the ER, sometimes an emergencycrucial. Avoiding greasy and spicy foods is also essential. endoscopy is performed to remove trapped food orI have found that roughage may have disastrous tablets. Endoscopic stretching of the ring—via anconsequences for the HHS sufferer: the fibre may inserted tool—may be recommended for Schatzkis ring ifimmediately push the stomach back up, or worsen the there is narrowing and if the person has swallowingcondition itself. Likewise with nuts and seeds. So, only difficulty. Some people report improvement in theirsoft foods, cooked foods or juices should be consumed at health after this. Others report that the procedure onlyfirst. A pure juice diet may have healing potential, at lasts for six months to a year, and have it done every year.least in part, because the liquid diet may allow HHS/VNI The cause of Schatzkis ring is "officially" heal! Clinical radiologist O. Arthur Stiennon, MD, hypothesised Taking supplements may cause or exacerbate HHS. The that the entire LES/HHS is caused by a hypercontraction ofhard tablets and capsules (until they dissolve) may also the longitudinal muscle of the oesophagus. Stiennon speculatedpush the stomach right back up through the diaphragm. that the hiatal hernia, LES ring, hypo- or hyperacidity,28 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 29. GERD and swallowing difficulties all stem from sufficiently and the stomach temporarily drops below theoesophageal longitudinal muscle contraction (OLMC or diaphragm. The HH may be found with either the upperELMC). This contraction then forcibly pulls up the stomach. GI X-rays or the endoscopy, or quickly via kinesiology.Stiennon speculated that fats entering the duodenum It may not be possible to overcome HHS/VNI unless thetrigger the contraction of the oesophageal longitudinal sufferer becomes thin. This can be difficult due to othermuscle and the whole syndrome. Thus, avoiding all fats, conditions. Many forms of exercise will exacerbate theoils, meats and dairy may help alleviate this syndrome. hernia. Finding some exercise regimen that doesnt Trigger points could also cause ELMC. The vagus nerve worsen the hernia is important, as is taking it slowly andmay be involved at the beginning or the end of this steadily. It may be very problematic to become thin, assyndrome, or both. Scars can cause trigger points. one complaint for HHS/VNI is that eating when theTonsillectomy and the resultant throat scar can be stomach is up may immediately cause the sufferer to getcausative here. Of course, the reason the person may hungrier (and not satiated) as s/he eats! Overeating—have "needed" a tonsillectomy is that throat problems one of the worst things for this condition—often results.already existed. Any allergic reaction to any food may Many cases of "hypoglycaemia" may really be HHS/VNI,play a role. The throat itself may start a chain reaction. and not hypoglycaemia, or perhaps HHS/VNI is one of theSome people have an excess of complement (an immune exacerbating factors of hypoglycaemia—as are allergies,system component) in their throats. An adverse reaction parasitosis and porphyria.could start with chewing/swallowing a reactive food. Ive seen blood sugars normalise from 60 to 90 mg/dLThen the vagus nerve goes [3.3 to 5.0 mmol/L], and low bodyhyper, and the oesophageal temperatures also normalise frommuscles spasm and pull the 95° to 98° degrees F [~35–36.7°C],stomach up—and on the Ive seen blood sugars almost instantly after correctingscenario goes. I have seen normalise from 60 to HHS/VNI! This is probably due toconsumption of chicken or its correcting excess energy in thefat do this with several people. 90 mg/dL, and low body vagus nerve. Once I showed a temperatures also normalise student how to correct my hiatalHiatal Hernia Testing and hernia, and I then felt my assumedTreatment from 95° to 98° F, almost low blood sugar feeling Getting back to the hernianow, avoiding caffeine and any instantly after correcting immediately go away, as my glucose meter went from 60 to 90other neurotoxins and/or HHS/VNI! mg/dL. And I have seen clientsexcitotoxins, such as the with thyroid disorders have theirubiquitous monosodium low body temperatures rise byglutamate (MSG) or aspartame, is important. Perhaps several degrees instantly, also after HHS/VNI correction.the most nerve-damaging substance is mercury. Soda, (Blood sugar and body temperature will often not bewith the extra gas it contains, should be avoided. fixed by HH correction.)Trapped gas makes this syndrome much worse. Indeed, HHS/VNI may be one of the hidden causes of obesity.the sufferer may have episodes of feeling as if s/he is But when the vagus nerve is even more imbalanced, a lossdying, sometimes accompanied by a racing heart, of appetite and emaciation may result. The sufferer is then inhypertension and asthma or some breathing difficulty, an even more dangerous condition, perhaps with adrenalonly to be relieved by minutes or hours of belching or failure at that point.perhaps the gas passes down the other way. Proper foodcombining may help prevent gas. Avoid protein and HHS/VNI: The Cause of Many Illnessescarbs at the same meal. When the stomach goes back I assert that HHS/VNI is a large part of the cause ofdown, much gurgling is often audible. One hundred various illnesses in children and of the asthma epidemicyears ago, medical schools taught Roemhelds syndrome, in adults and children. Asthma—often a non-wheezing,which described significant cardiac complaints arising undiagnosed variation that includes locked-up chestfrom stomach problems. Similarly, ancient medical muscles—may be one of the most frequent "side effects"literature described asthma as a stomach-originating of HH. It is never "too early" to get the stomach down.complaint. I have found that children with learning and Medical testing for HH may miss it. Less expensive is behavioural disorders such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD,the upper GI X-ray series, done after ingesting a Aspergers syndrome, autism, asthma and allergiesradioactive "milkshake". To help find the HH—after almost always have HHS/VNI. The hyperactive childsmissing many—some tilting of the patient was added inability to "sit still" could actually occur because theduring the procedure. The far more involved test is the seated position often makes HHS/VNI much worse! Mostendoscopy (EGD). This may sometimes miss the HH seats, including car seats, may be very unnatural and mayalso, if the anaesthetic/sedative relaxes the system further stress the hernia.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 29
  • 30. Alleviating HH (in some people) has helped with all of they are at their weakest, and/or to avoid any stressors—the complaints or maladies listed above. HHS/VNI is including foods, chemicals, EMF, etc.—when you are ateither a primary cause of, or an exacerbating factor in, your weakest.these symptoms or illnesses. Some of these symptomsor organ disorders can arise from direct over-energy from Correcting the Hiatal Hernia and Vagus Nervethe vagus nerves connection to these organs, or by Before hopefully getting the stomach back below thesecondary nerve imbalance, as these other nerves diaphragm, various techniques may be needed to correctinteract with the vagus nerve, or from digestive disorder an imbalanced or misshapen diaphragm. This correctionbegun in the stomach, or by systemic pH imbalance. Of then can normalise the diaphragms movement. A stuckcourse, oriental knowledge has revealed that when we diaphragm is likely if there is chest pain, rib pain,dont breathe properly, any imbalance can then result. breathing difficulty and bloating. The abdominal aortaLikewise, when adrenal exhaustion sets in from the and inferior vena cava may suffer fewer spasms when thecontinual stress of HHS/VNI, all the other organs in the diaphragm is corrected. But often the first thing to do isbody will weaken. Fixing, or attempting to fix, resultant to try to calm the vagus nerve. We can restore balance toproblems is of very limited value unless and until the the vagus nerve by tapping the PC 6 acupuncture point,earliest causative factors are found and dealt with, if possible. as it relates to the vagus nerve. This can relax the vagus The reason why HHS is considered to be "minor" by the nerve.medical orthodoxy is because most medical practitioners Instead of rushing to try to "pull the stomach down",have not observed how so many seemingly unconnected which actually aggravates the problem in some people, Iillnesses can often be try to re-set certain crucialimproved immediately by trigger-points, which oftengetting the stomach down allows the stomach to dropbelow the diaphragm. Of The subject often reports down on its own, thus haltingcourse, decades—perhaps a the whole HHS/VNI affair, atlifetime—can go by without standing taller and feeling least temporarily.most people ever getting their stronger than s/he has If you know muscle-testing,"hidden" hiatal hernia you can touch and muscle-testcorrected. The illnesses it has in a while! I have seen a point one inch (2.54 cm)caused—directly or oxygen saturation go from below the xiphoid process—indirectly—will then be even which is the bottom of theharder to connect to HHS/VNI. 88 to 98 per cent after sternum, in the centre, where A hyperexcited vagus nerve will HH correction! the ribs come together. Themake the subject overreactive to correction is to push a bit intofactors in his/her environment, this area with both thumbs,including chemical substances and and then continue pressing inelectromagnetic fields (EMF). This overreactivity is further as you slowly move your thumbs down and to the left 4–6magnified if the subject has weak adrenal and/or thyroid inches (~10–15 cm). Breathe out as you do this. Do it atglands, as these glands are needed to counter any stress. least twice. Rest and see how you feel. You can do this Summing up, HHS/VNI can cause or exacerbate several times per day. Before eating and before sleepingallergies and vice-versa. For those with environmental are good times to re-set your HH. Do it gently, at least atillness, the vagus nerve is more out of balance and they first; dont overdo it. Dont do it if you have muchwill be sicker, more anxiety-ridden and suffering from trapped gas. Dont do it if you think you might haveallergy-like reactions to foods, chemicals and EMF as well some serious medical condition, like appendicitis, or anyas more intolerant of emotional stress, temperature, abdominal medical problem. Seek medical attention iflight, sound and any stimulus. Likewise, I have found that is the case.that if HHS/VNI exists, Buteyko breathing corrections may There are many more advanced variations to the abovenot work until the hiatal hernia is corrected. If HHS is "pull down" technique, and finding and fixing individualcorrected, breathing may normalise on its own. trigger-points is what I do first, often obviating the need Another factor that may relate to the vagus nerve is its for this. There are many more techniques for thediurnal cycle (high/low during 24 hours). Are you sicker, diaphragm, the hernia and the vagus nerve.and more "allergic" to foods, chemicals or EMF at certain Sometimes, after the stomach goes down, the subjecttimes of the day? This variation in your health, energy smiles and feels like s/he is breathing properly for thelevel, reactivity, etc., may be related to variations in your first time in many years. The subject often reportsvagus nerves energy level throughout the day. It could standing taller and feeling stronger than s/he has in aalso be related to adrenal hormone variation or other while! I have seen oxygen saturation go from 88 to 98 perfactors. And all these could be interrelated. But make cent after HH correction! Sometimes, however, there isuse of this knowledge to try to fix/balance things when discomfort in the abdomen.30 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 31. The person can feel really bad after someone does the HRV refers to statistical analyses of five-minute"pull down": the area was too sensitive to work on. I muscle- electrocardiograms. HRV analyses yielded the conclusiontest for this possibility and do other things instead. The that heart rate variability is perhaps the best predictor of life"correction" can last as long as many months or as short expectancy. But HRV and even stress, "stress vulnerability"as a few seconds, the latter case indicating that there are and "reactivity to stress" have been demonstrated to bemany other things to ascertain and work on. Reflexology highly dependent on the state of the vagus nerve. Thusfor the solar plexus, diaphragm, pyloric valve and brain we have come full circle and verified Dr Carey Reamsscan also help. Meditation techniques may also help you advice quoted at the outset: that illness begins withand your stomach to stay in better balance. GABA problems with the vagus nerve. HRV studies have now(gamma-aminobutyric acid) may be a big help. Ginger can found that life expectancy may depend on an optimum or balancedhelp with stomach complaints, but you can react to its vagus nerve—and the vagus nerve cannot be in balance unless thestrong flavour. Everything must be tested individually! stomach is down and stays down.You can also become allergic to something after taking it The logical conclusion I have proposed is that the hiatal hernia—every day. Learning and practising proper breathing overlooked, in its totality, by nearly all of mainstream andmethods can be a big help. Besides alternative medicine—may indirectly be aginger, various herbal substances such great predictor of life expectancy! Thoughas comfrey, aloe vera, pau darco, this may be the first time that thiscelery and Swedish bitters may help hiatal hernia/longevity hypothesis hasHHS, as may the enzyme pepsin. The logical been explicitly stated, it should notUseful homoeopathic remediesinclude lycopodium, nux vomica and conclusion I have come as a surprise. Since this HHS problem often arises from the traumanux moschata. These must all be proposed is that of birth, or other stress or traumamuscle-tested first. No nutraceutical the hiatal hernia— shortly thereafter, it may well be theis a substitute for keeping the stomach longest-standing, undetected,down and for making the diet and overlooked, in its misunderstood, yet dangerouslifestyle changes needed. condition that the person has What about surgery? One totality, by nearly experienced since being born (notgastroenterologist told me that it often all of mainstream counting genetic factors).does not correct the problem and Perhaps one day the best toastscan cause new ones. It wraps the and alternative for a friends health and longevityupper third of the stomach medicine—may will be: "May your stomacharound the oesophagus. It does always be down!" and "May yournot pull the stomach down, and indirectly be a vagus nerve always be inthe hole in the diaphragm is not great predictor of balance!" ∞sewn up, as you might think. Youwill not be able to throw up life expectancy! About the Author:afterwards, even if you need to do Steven Rochlitz, PhD, was originallyso. a physics professor. For the past 30 HHS may be at least partially years he has researched chronic andresponsible for the near-epidemic environmental illnesses and taughtlevel of sleep apnoea. his seminars across the world. HisObstructive sleep apnoea refers to a collapse of the unique system incorporates kinesiology, nutrition and humanairway (throat) muscles, causing a blockage in the flow of ecology. He has written nine books. Further research is atair. Central sleep apnoea occurs when the brain his website Dr Rochlitz can betemporarily stops sending sufficient signals to the emailed at that control breathing, including the diaphragm.Anyone who has trouble going to sleep and staying Editors Note:asleep, or who snores, wakes up gasping, is unrefreshed This article is extracted from Dr Rochlitzs book Hiatalin the morning or is tired throughout the day, should Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance: A Missing Link Tohave the polysomnography test. People who have died in Chronic Illness, Allergies and Longevity, with Illustratedtheir sleep may have had sleep apnoea induce a heart Corrections. This book is also the last chapter in Dr Rochlitzsattack. Elevate the top of your bed as a first helper here. larger, breakthrough book Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause of Chronic and Environmental Illnesses (reviewed in NEXUSHiatal Hernia and Life Expectancy 18/02). See more at His articles Finally, the hiatal hernia may be a predictor of life "The Hole in the Heart and the Blood-Brain Barrier" andexpectancy, I have hypothesised. A recent advance in "Porphyria: A Cause of Chronic Illnesses" were published incardiology is the sub-field of heart rate variability (HRV). NEXUS 18/03 and 18/01 respectively.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 31
  • 32. 32 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 33. ETs, Time Travellers and Self-Activating Machines LINDA MOULTON HOWE Internationally acclaimed, Emmy award winning TV producer, documentary film maker, author, investigative journalist, science reporter and editor of the award winning science, environment and real X Files news website Iunderstandthe dark, solidin a Palowith no movingtopglassy objectsantigravity, invisibility andundercertain fields and n the mid-1980s, scientists frequencies, Alto, California, and back-engineer extraterrestrial, dark, objects secret laboratory were allegedly working parts generate dotted with odd symbols. In military control to project 3-dimensional holographic images with the self-activating software provided by the symbols only - no hardware. Some of the symbols are also linked to a highly classified NASA program involving the moon. Further, several features of the self-activating symbol software are found in some worldwide crop formations and raise the question: are crop formations self-activating software that have long provided data for ETs, time travellers or Other? In December 1980, mysterious aerial lights, thin beams and a solid black, 9-foot-long, triangular machine that felt like glass were encountered in Rendlesham Forest near the RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge joint American and UK air base - largest NATO base in Europe at the time. Former USAF Staff Sgt. James Penniston even touched the black, glassy object and odd symbols raised from the surface "like Braille." S/Sgt. Pennistons touch apparently activated zeros and ones that flooded his mind with binary code while a bright white light blinded his eyes. Sgt. Penniston has been haunted with persistent impressions of time travellers on a mission to collect genetic material from Earth to help a civilization survive 40,000 years in the future. Perth (Northbridge) - Saturday July 16; Alexander Library Theatre; 7pm Tickets $30- from BOCS Ticketing, 08 9484 1133 or Adelaide (Parkside) - Monday July 18; Tiffins on the Park, 176 Greenhill Road; 7pm Tickets $20- Reservations and contact Keith Basterfield - 0422 278 103 Sydney (Paddington) - Wednesday July 20; Paddington RSL; 220-232 Oxford St, 7pm Tickets $30- adm. $20- pensioners and booking online. Email: for tickets, or purchase at the door QLD: Sunshine Coast - July 23-24-25; NEXUS Conference. Tour enquiries: NEXUS Magazine - ph: 07 5442 9280JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 33
  • 34. Beyond Beliefby James F. CoyleTHE ULTIMATE MIND-POWER MANUALIf you were told that you could use your mind to influence aslot machine or dice fall ...would you find this beyond belief?• Influence others in a win-win situation• Influence Slot Machines or Dice fall• Produce specific dreams to solve problems• Use same dream technique to solve medical problems• Determine luck cycle in advance for financial windfalls• Enhance your intuition for spectacular lifestyle enhancement• Learn techniques for automatically attracting good luck• Use Remote Viewing to ascertain advantageous future situations• Learn mental pendulum to ascertain winning situations secretly• Plus many other secret techniques to give you the lifestyle you wantIf you were told that you could use your mind in a telepathic manner to influence the thinking pattern ofanother individual or group of people ... would you believe it?Would you find it somewhat amazing if you learnt that while in the alpha/theta state you cancommunicate quite easily with dolphins?And if you were further told that you could instruct your subconscious mind to produce a specific dreamto help you solve a problem ... and use an unusual intuitional mechanism to decode this dream ... wouldyou find this a helpful ability?And if you discovered that you can use this same dream control to solve your personal medical problemswould this make life easier?But what if you were told that you could determine your luck cycle in advance so that you could use it fordollar windfall situations ... would this give you a sense of personal satisfaction?But even better still, what if you were informed that you could use an easy-to-learn mental trigger that willtell you which slot machine to play, which scratch-it ticket to buy, which colour to bet on at roulette andwhich likely numbers to enter in the lotto ... with a possible 70-80% chance of being correct? Then wouldyou find all this "beyond belief?"Well, you may be somewhat stunned to learn that all of this is now possible ... plus more!!A handful of individuals in Australia and New Zealand are using combinations of the above mind-powertechniques to improve their personal lifestyle dramatically. Without a shadow of doubt this material willdrastically improve the lives of a significant percentage of readers! ORDER AT WWW.NEXUSMAGAZINE.COM34 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 35. MYSTERY OF THE MISSING IMPL ANTABLE MICROCHIPS W illiam Pawelec gave a video interview with The Disclosure Projects founder and director Steven M. Greer, MD, prior to the 9 May 2001 disclosure conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. He asked that it not be released until after his death. Mr Pawelec passed away on 22 May 2007, and in December 2010 The A high-level Disclosure Project was given permission to release the interview. Following is an edited extract from our transcript of the interview, which can be viewed at American security – Editor systems designer Dr Steven Greer (SG): Can you give your name and a short bio of your and consultant military and government consultant career? reveals that William Pawelec (WP): Okay. My name is William John Pawelec, and Im fifty-six years old. My background initially started in the Air Force in the mid- advanced 1960s, where I was a computer operations and programming specialist first at Pope Air Force Base, after training, and then in Vietnam. implantable chip The first [UFO] event in my lifetime occurred then, that woke me to a new technologies were paradigm. That paradigm was that, late at night, a young lady and I were in the woods, about 30 miles southeast of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and had secretly stolen by an unusual experience with a UFO at about 300-foot distance. The UFO prompted, before it showed up, to have all the frogs, the crickets and all unknown agents those noise-makers late at night shut off like a light switch. And it appeared working on behalf 20, 30 seconds later and passed by us at about 200 to 300 feet on a line only 40 to 50 feet away from us, heading from a southeast to a northwest direction, of powerful about 11.25 at night. After it disappeared over the northwest end of a small lake we were by, there was a continued period of silence for another 20 or 30 supranational seconds, and the frogs, crickets and all the other noise-makers at night interests. wound up turning back on, like somebody again had thrown a light switch. That event was rather dramatic in my mind, in that it prompted me to start questioning what was really going on in the world. This was a late-night, clear-night sighting up close, and it could not be mistaken for a helicopter or any other plane that I was aware of that the Air Force had back in 66. From that point on, I went to Vietnam. In my work, we became very involved with processing and sending onto Washington intelligence data. This was in addition to our normal computer load of maintenance reports, An interview with payroll, etc. In that situation, it became quickly evident that we could have Wiliam J. Pawelec fought this war at a much higher level and much more efficiently than it was by intended. It became obvious to all of us that it was a political war, and not to Dr Steven M. Greer be won. After that experience, I left the military in spite of the fact that conducted in May 2001 almost everybody in the computer science arena was asked to stay on. In fact, the Air Force encouraged us by promising us four-year college degrees, The Disclosure Project fully paid officers salary while we were in, but none of us stayed. Several years later, I got back into using my computer knowledge when my first wife passed away in 77 and I was asked to come and help get a firm toJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 35
  • 36. grow, called Rusco Electronics. In the late 70s, Rusco These systems that we worked on were starting to beElectronics was the largest manufacturer and installer of placed in areas that surprised me. There was oneaccess-control equipment in the world. A friend of mine particular project when I was at EG&G where we werehad asked me to help him because he wanted to leave tasked for designing a system for a base. It amused methe company and start his own company, and I said at the time: nobody seemed to be aware of [a base] in"Yeah, Id love to". It quickly became apparent that Nevada, called Tonopah base, east-southeast of the littleeverybody in the security industry was back in the old old mining town at Tonopah, and that this base wasrelay days, philosophically and technologically, and that actually where the F-117s were kept when they wentthe industry did not have very many people with operational. They were never kept at Groom Lake; thatcomputer expertise. What quickly occurred, in just a year was only for testing purposes. The entire wing wasor two, was I went from doing corporate-level work in the based there at the time. What concerned me was thatDenver area, which at the time was growing like a there was a decision we had to make on what was goingmushroom, to doing military work, national work, and on at Tonopah. There were facilities deep undergroundgetting my security clearance back and activated again. there that were secured. There were elevators that wouldThis led to doing a lot of work for the State Department go up and down, very large elevators that could takeand eventually, by 1980, realising that the firm I was with craft, much like the elevators on an aircraft carrier but inwas about ready to be left in the dust technologically. a land-based environment. These went very deep I started my own firm with two other engineers in underground. The equipment that we could seeDenver: one from Hughes, who was based at the time at underground, around, was not that which would run aBuckley Air National Guard normal aircraft: generators, airBase, which was actually a conditioners, etc. There was aprimary site for reception of totally different type ofsatellite data for national "…there was a decision purposes, and another we had to make on what Now, one of the things thatfriend from Lockheed. Well, it is interested me after I left thatLockheed Martin today, but it was going on at Tonopah. project several years later waswas Martin Marietta back inthose days. There were facilities that they finally announced the F-117, and one of the concerns I We started the firm and deep underground there would have is: what is beingdeveloped within nine months that were secured." done with Tonopah now? Theythe most powerful electronic [the F-117s] were moved in asecurity system available at the rush, a very big rush, and if Itime. In fact, we prided remember the number right itourselves on having a form of Windows before was 75 million dollars spent in only a nine-month periodMacintosh on our systems, without any command to prepare Holloman [Air Force Base] for the—you just punch and click and move windows Now, thats okay, but why the rush to get them out ofaround. We did a lot of work. We at one time were doing Tonopah—with some of the facilities that are deep17, 18 major systems around the country. In fact, we did underground becoming activated on a full-time basis,five alone for Federal Express, and we linked these not just for testing purposes? They needed to removesystems into a war-room-type environment back at their those planes and those crews and support staff toheadquarters in Memphis at the time, called The Pony Holloman and to prepare in a rather large rush for a newFarm, through a satellite link. We were one of the first project to be brought in there. But none of theones to link security systems at separate sites back indications we had, or my staff had that would actuallythrough satellite linkages. This led to a lot of other install the security equipment, was that it was like anyprojects, and eventually, when I finally left my own firm other plane, even something as broad-ranging as thethat we helped start in 84, I started working for "Beltway Aurora that we have all heard about to one degree orbandit"–type consulting firms—this would be SIC, Trade another.Corp, EG&G, etc.—either as a contractor for them or asan employee for a period of time. Intrigue with Implantable Microchips It was at this time, again, that I realised that there was But I need to back up a bit. There is another subject Isomething amiss, during this period of time while I was need to broach, above and beyond the ufology subjectdeveloping security systems out of a national security that I got involved with, that relates to this when we talkinterest in addition to large corporate systems. I needed about alternative government control mechanisms. Oneto find a security system in this marketplace that was as of my favourite hobbies has always been tracking newcomplex as any web network today, and the systems technologies, and hopefully so it benefits in business. Inwould run from a half-million to 25 million dollars just 79, living and working in Denver, I came across thefor the hardware. company—that if necessary I can provide documents36 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 37. for—in Northglenn, Colorado, which is a northern knew who was going to be there. Later research indicatedsuburb of Denver, that was developing an implantable that one of them actually worked for the Department ofchip, originally for horses, because there was a major Agriculture and one of them worked for the Departmentproblem then, and there may still be today, of shilling of of the Treasury. What prompted our looking at these twohorses. He [from the company] was attempting, through men was that the way they asked the questions, thegood faith, to develop a technology to give a unique questions they asked, the attitude behind them, even thesignature to every single horse. That "pill", if you want to body language indicated that they had reasons for thecall it that, intelligent pill, at the time was already small use of this technology other than the one that wasenough to implant under the skin with a horse needle, a intended at the meeting. In fact, their largest concernlarge hypodermic needle. I was shown these, and they was: how fast can we make a couple billion of them, andworked. We could read them with a primitive hand- could each one of those get a unique identity number?wand-type reader from about seven or eight feet away. Now, this particular pill-shaped device, very minute,And this was still primitive technology. had a lot of flexibility in its capabilities. It was basically Now, at the time in the security just a, almost a transponder. Youindustry, a lot of us had concerns would send a frequency to it and itabout tracking and locating people would respond back with its uniquethat had been kidnapped—particularly number, which could not be changedwith what was going on in Europe, once the chip was made. Yet therewhen we were having NATO officers, "…I discovered that were a lot of capabilities that could beeven the [former] Prime Minister of added to this chip, such as monitoringItaly, kidnapped and these people were two of the people temperature, blood pressure, pulsedrained or they were brutalised or and even waveforms out of the brain,both—and one of the goals of the in the meeting had but that was for research down theindustry was to develop technology never been asked road.that would allow us to track these This gentleman never had to worrypeople or locate them quickly, there, yet they about money again, and he quietlyhopefully to save their lives, but on a knew about the passed on a lot of this technology tosecondary basis to keep them from somebody we never knew. Thisbeing drained of sensitive meeting, they concerned my contacts ininformation. knew what it was Washington because it never I brought this technology to a went anywhere with them.meeting in a SCIF room in Virginia about, they knew Somebody else took it and ranthat was arranged by a friend ofmine with the CIA and another who was going to with it, and we never knew who it was.friend of mine with the State be there."Department at the time, to Another Infiltrated Meetingintroduce this technology to what Now, in 1984, I found anotherwe felt at the time were the right technology by sniffing theparties to use this new technology literature of our industry and aresponsibly. [SCIF is the acronym dozen other industries, and Ifor "sensitive compartmented found that there was a professorinformation facility"; Ed.] at the University of New South Now, I hadnt heard about the Remnant or any other Wales, whom I still have the files on, that had discoveredreligious beliefs at the time that said that everybody was a way to make a microscopic lithium niobate chip. Bygoing to be implanted with some sort of marking system accident he had scratched it, and he had an RFà la "the Beast" or 666, etc. I wasnt even aware of that transmitter there and he had a receiver on by sheerstuff at the time. And I was taking this as a serious chance, and he found that at a certain frequency hesolution to a problem that would not go away. could send an energy beam to the chip and it would Because of the type of meetings we were involved with, respond back with a number. He worked on thatcertain people would not introduce their…give you their technology, and that technology eventually I found outfull name or where they came from. I just had to trust about.that my two contacts had contacted the right parties to We flew him into Denver, to our company, Systemsbe there at the right time and that they would all be Group of Colorado, and we did a test. He had someresponsible individuals. That was a mistake. After that primitive small chips hed brought with him that aremeeting, I discovered that two of the people in the totally passive and very small, 32ndth of an inch andmeeting had never been asked there, yet they knew only a couple of thousandths thick, and by etching themabout the meeting, they knew what it was about, they you could again create a unique signature, unique toJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 37
  • 38. each one. And this one theoretically, depending on the a major portion of it, for the headquarters in Foggysize of it and the size of the etching, could have a unique Bottom in DC. So he and I knew each other very well.number in the billions and billions. In fact, the test we One of the things that Bob wanted to do was, before hedid was amusing in that we set up a transmitter and a retired he wanted to have his family, particularly his tworeceiver based on removing an air grille from our drop boys in high school, experience what it was like to liveceiling and plugging up our transceiver into that as our out of the country, so he actually gave himself the job:antenna. And we were able to read that thing, glued to a he demoted himself to head of security for East Africa.little piece of cardboard from a hundred feet away with a He and his family, shortly after this event, this meeting,piece of grille out of a drop ceiling, which was a pretty moved to Kenya, to Nairobi, and he and I quietly kept inprimitive antenna. We didnt know what frequency he touch through our other contact in Washington. He keptwas dealing with, so we had to come up with some kind probing who these two men were. What bothered meof instant generic antenna. We were so impressed with was that the professor all of a sudden got a giant grant,the capabilities of this: it would read through thin layers the technology was transferred, he never had to workof material like thin plywood. We were so impressed again the rest of his life.that again I felt that this was a A friend of mine in San Francisco,technology that truly had some value, whom I had quietly told about thisbecause we also discovered in some technology, because he was involvedtesting and in the paperwork he had with other aspects of national securitywith him that, if we had a microscopic and tracking people, got a project tocoil antenna with this, we could read "What concerned do a physical security system—accessthis from a mile away. control, cameras, intrusion A few weeks later he got back to me me was that they monitoring, everything, the works—forand said that if we had an antenna, a had built these a little company in Silicon Valley, andcoil antenna two inches in diameter he said it was eerie to him but whatwith a chip in the middle…what the chips, and who they were making there looked eerilyantennas actually doing is acting as knows what like what I had described to him. Hean amplifier to a great extent, and built the security system in thiswhat it sends back out is an harmonic happened to them. modern fab [a chip-fabricating lab],of the original frequency. His They built them building billions of these littlenumbers-crunching showed that chips. He wound up a year laterhe could read this thing from 120 in the billions, in being asked if he wanted to buykilometres in space. There were the security system back; theyother attributes to this chip that volume…and they were shutting the factory downcould be tied into it, especially if disappeared after theyd made billions andit was powered in some minute billions of these little chips. Itway. somewhere." was a division of a rather major Well, again I took this—and a European electronics firm thatlot more care this time—to a had the plant—Siemens. Whatmeeting that we had in Virginia at concerned me was that they hada subcontractors company that I built these chips, and who knowsknew, that does a lot of work for what happened to them. Theythe intel community. This time I built them in the billions, inhad the director of security for all of State Department volume, because theyre so small that you could take athere, and again a good friend from CIA. Again we had, at six-inch wafer and make hundreds of thousands of themthe last minute, people walk in the door with the right on a wafer—and they disappeared somewhere.credentials and we didnt know who they were exactly. It Bob did not give up trying to find out who these guysturns out, again, we had people, two this time again, who were and who they worked for, what their agendas were.after the meeting we realised shouldnt have been there. He and I had had long talks—now by the mid-80s—And yet they had credentials that were awesome. about what was really going on in government, who wasAfterwards I found out they had never been called by my controlling what, what concerns he had, because he hadtwo contacts, yet they knew about our phone calls. They come to the realisation there were a lot of things goingknew of exactly what time, what place, and what we were on that werent right. He had supposedly made somegoing to be talking about. And supposedly my phone contacts to find out more of what was going on, and hecalls had been made over secure phone lines. had contacted our mutual friend at CIA, another long- I have in my records, again, the name at the time of the term contractor—been involved since World War II in thehead of security at State Department—and I got to know very founding of the CIA—who got in touch with me andhim well because I designed the security system, at least said Bobs got something hot, and when hes back in the38 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 39. country again on business we are going to get a meeting. credentials were spotless, even to the point where, if it A few days later, Bob was on his way to work, just afterwas an access-control requirement, the identificationdropping the two boys off at a private high school, I systems that they carried passed all the access-control-believe, in Nairobi. He was on the way to the embassy, mechanism requirements we had, be it biometric, be itand he was broadsided at a stop-light at 60 mph by a fingerprint, be it eyeball, be it anything, even to access-reinforced Land Rover. He was killed instantly. The Brit, code numbers. They knew it all, they had it all, and it wasthat supposedly was drunk at six, seven in the morning, better quality than actually what the agencies had, whichwas taken to the hospital and immediately disappears, is most enlightening. It means unlimited budgets.and all the evidence he had given in the way of SG: Do you think these were, in a sense, privatiseddocumentation was proven to be phony as to who he operations, international corporate or institutional-was. Bob was killed. It was a hit. It has always backed entities?concerned me that he had got a little too close to who WP: If they are, its at a level way beyond any of thehad been involved with this implantable chip corporate security people Ive ever worked with—and Ivetechnology. Wed been trying for a couple of years then, worked with all the major oil companies, all the majorquietly trying to find out who had been doing it without computer companies, on designing very-high-endour government realising it was going on. Whoever it is security systems. The one area that I will say that ishas got total ability to penetrate anytime, anywhere, our strange is the aerospace industry in this country. I did agovernment and locate what is going on—instantly. lot of work for several of the aerospace companies, either in the way of physical design ofSecret Power Groups systems or, in the least, SG: Who do you think they consulting.are? "Research…indicates Theres a lot of work going on WP: Research since the early that we have at least four in the aerospace industry that1980s on my own and with would indicate that we havesome friends indicates that we power groups in the world. black projects that have gonehave at least four power groups They have wealth beyond even darker, and that theresin the world. They have wealth work being done onbeyond all imagination. They all imagination. They have electrogravitics, on scalarhave advanced technologies. advanced technologies." technology, etc., that we dontThey have taken over various even think that those inprograms, particularly black Congress or even in the militaryprograms, within our that approve black budgets aregovernment and probably even the Russian government aware of. Theyve been taken offline. Theyre fundedand the Chinese. Politics to them as we know it is not through some other mechanism.the same. They have agendas totally unlike what our SG: What do you think is being done with thesegovernments, what we perceive our governments, implants?agendas really are. They are able to track, unbelievably, WP: I think theyve been distributed. I havewhats going on around them at a minute level. And who indications in the military that a lot of our Special Forcesthese people are…we just simply call them "the Four units have been implanted over the last ten years, if notHorsemen". These Horsemen work together at times, longer now, and that there are other people that haveand they work against each other at times. Theres an been implanted.ongoing battle between them, at a low level, as to whos SG: The group that is running a lot of covert projects:going to be top dog in the world. The one commonality what do you see as the agenda, and what agendas areto all four appears to be an absolute desire for control, operating?of everything and everything. We believe this is what WP: I believe, Steve, that my initial view on what thewas causing a lot of strange things to happen in Nevada agendas were behind various black projects—back in thethat we were experiencing, and in a strange way 70s and early 80s when I first became really aware ofcorrelates also with what happened with these what was going on, above and beyond my own politicalimplantable chip technologies that I personally brought, attitudes on how the world really turned—was one ofnow I look at it, to the wrong people in the government still of a good basis. They were looking to defend thebecause we never got to use that technology for what we United States. They were looking to protect the freereally intended it to be used for. world. But if you get into the situation, more and more SG: These two men that came to the meeting: what it becomes evident that they have agendas that arecredentials did they show to get in? Were they FBI? independent of the goals of the United States. The WP: Above and beyond that. They were NSA, NRO, attitude seems to be one of control—power and control.that sort of credential. But we would later check, and I guess you could call that almost the second-oldestthey didnt exist. They did not exist. Yet their profession in the world. ∞JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 39
  • 40. NEXUS DVD The complete back catalogue of NEXUS Magazines on DVD This DVD contains all magazines from 1987-2010 in PDF format. Files are text-searchable, meaning you can simply pop the DVD into a computer and use your search function to find keywords or strings of text. To order, go to www.nexusmagazine.com40 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 41. PAST-LIFE REGRESSION AN ANCIENT HEALING TOOL RELIVE THE PAST AND RELIEVE SUFFERING! ast-life regression (PLR) is the practice of journeying into ones past lives Ancient Indian P during a state of hypnosis. Though past-life regression has found popularity in western cultures only in the last five decades, techniques to regress an individual to his (or her) past lives have been around for considerably longer in the East. teachings refer to Past-Life Wisdom in Hinduism In India, past-life regression is widely accepted as a healing therapy reincarnation because it resonates with Hindu beliefs about death and rebirth. Kondaveti Newton, MD, founder of the Life Research Academy1 and a past-life therapist as well as to based in Hyderabad, quotes (Lord) Sri Krishnas words from the Hindu holy techniques that can text, the Bhagavad Gita, to explain this better: "As a man, casting off worn- out garments, takes new ones, so the dweller in the body, casting off worn-out heal disorders or bodies, enters into others that are new." The Gita also reads: "The misdeeds traumas resulting of our past lives torment us in the form of illnesses or ailments." Dr Newton points out that every ailment, whether of body or mind, has its from previous lives. root cause in the actions of past lives. That is why past-life regression makes sense: it is a means to tap into the human psyche to unearth the reasons for These past-life its present discomfort. Bringing the cause and effect together with healing techniques appreciation for the association between the two helps the soul nullify the effects of past deeds (karma). are gaining wider The practice of past-life regression is clearly mentioned in the Upanishads, acceptance in a set of sacred Indian texts dating back 5,000 years. It is also discussed in detail in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a Hindu scholar of the second century the West. BCE. Hinduism proposes that the soul takes rebirth again and again until it experiences detachment from worldly ties and thus goes on to achieve salvation.2 Patanjali believed that the souls journey through birth after birth becomes progressively harder as it is burdened with the memories and the karma of its previous lives. He wrote about prati prasav, literally meaning "reverse birthing", as a means to be born again in the memory of past trauma in order to understand and address problems in the current life. Past-life-regression healing therapists in India understand that healing by Charu Bahri © 2010 happens when the individual goes back to the cause and understands that problems experienced in the present life stem from the unfinished business Email: of previous lives. They use prati prasav, or past-life regression, to help individuals resolve conflicts carried forth from past lifetimes and experience Website: healing. Though this aspect is not practised so much in modern-day India, therapists believe that prati prasav could also be used to remember our past learnings and skills (sadhanas, in Hindustani) to pick up from where we left off in a previous life.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 41
  • 42. References to PLR in Buddhism death, and attract the newly departed soul to take rebirth According to Dr Newton, past-life regression also has and fulfil these last thoughts.mention in other religions prevailing in ancient and Sogyal Rinpoche wrote in The Tibetan Book of Living andmediaeval India because there was a greater Dying4 that consciousness vibrates hundreds of timesunderstanding then about the law of cause and effect (of faster when it is free of the body (such as after death),actions), also known as the law of karma. "Buddhas meaning that thoughts arising in the conscious mindJataka tales and [the founder of Jainism] Mahavirs Jati after death manifest as though instantaneously. ThisSmaran were not just teachings, they were practical tools suggests that we create our reality in the afterlife, just asto relive the past causes and thereby relieve the present we do in life but only far more forcefully.effects," he notes.3 After all, reincarnation is an integral part of Buddhism, Psychiatric Practices akin to PLR Healingwhich is why Buddhist priests The Hindu and Buddhistsay that one of the main belief that consciousnessobjectives of life is to be able to survives death, and carriesdie well—that is, as consciously imprints from its pastand as easily as is possible—to This suggests that incarnations, forms the basis forachieve eternal freedom from we create our reality past-life regression therapy as itthe material world or cycle of is practised in the West today.rebirth. They tell of how the in the afterlife, just as Tapping into these memoriesintensity of unfulfilled desires we do in life but only helps one understand andand emotions can retard the surmount deep-rootedsouls afterlife passage to a far more forcefully. problematic emotions. For allhigher plane, like carrying too that it may sound unscientific,much baggage with you when the practice of past-lifeyoure journeying solo. For regression finds resonance inthese reasons, they advise the psychological healingmeditating on the divine at the moment of death, and to approach known as psychoanalysis, pioneered by Josefmake this easier they have a tradition that involves a Breuer and Sigmund Freud in Vienna, Austria, in thelama or priest reading aloud from the Tibetan Book of the 1890s. According to interdisciplinary cosmologist PaulDead (Bardo Thodol), telling an individual who is on his or Von Ward, Breuer and Freud:her deathbed not to fear death. The book describes how "…learned that [emotional] symptoms could bea soul just released from a body hungers for the reduced by exposing unrecognized emotional linksexperiences of its last mortal life. This desire, as it were, between a repressed memory of an actual past event andleads the soul to return to the material world to its current psychological and physical effects.experience life once again. This also means that a dying "Freud developed the concept of free association as athought, such as "I cant leave so and so person", may technique to recover long-lost feelings associated with aplay over and over again in the mind of the soul, after traumatic incident. He used hypnosis to get past the patients resistance to recalling what had been such a shock in the first place. He would then take people back to earlier events, particularly things that happened in childhood."5 These techniques are still being used by psychiatrists and psychologists, albeit in modified versions, to help clients relive memories of traumatic events— memories which adversely affect their physical and mental health—and thereby release the blocked energies through conscious resolution. The success of these methods raises a pertinent question: if the recovery of suppressed childhood memories helps people solve some psychological issues, should not recovery of memories from an earlier lifetime have a similar, if not deeper, effect?42 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 43. Validating PLR Healing segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Winfrey had Mehmet During the 1970s, Roger Woolger, PhD, a graduate of Oz, MD, Professor of Surgery at Columbia University,Oxford University and a certified Jungian analyst, sitting in on the show to lend objectivity to thecritically reviewed the work of others on reincarnation proceedings. After witnessing the past-life regression, Drand also experimented with a colleagues technique to Oz opined that there are three ways in which peopleregress himself to a possible past life. Interestingly, could react after seeing what he just had. "The skeptic,"though Dr Woolger found himself experiencing he said, "might explain it away, saying Jodi [the"unexpected images and feelings" when he self- volunteer] is a person with needs who merely wishes theregressed, he remained sceptical about the theory of past-life regression can help her."9reincarnation. Nevertheless, he practised regression on Sceptics of hypnosis point out that patients beinghis clients and found that some slipped into memories hypnotised are nudged by the practitioner to recollectthat seemed to come from before their childhood. certain memories. Practitioners ask the subject a series As Paul Von Ward commented: "Those memories, of questions to induce memories and identities ofonce awakened, seemed to allow the patients to cope previous lives and also create linkages between presentwith their shadow sides of unsociable, problems and past-life experiences. Itviolent, angry or brutal tendencies. A is said that many subjects, in deeptime of reliving memories of hypnosis, are vulnerable and will acttraumatic events in a postulated In western cultures on the slightest hint given to them,previous life obviously facilitated the seeking to supply the answer theyrelease of psychological burdens in that traditionally subconsciously believe the hypnotistthis life."6 do not have a wishes to hear. Such hypnosis is Convinced of the psychological largely a matter of releasing relevanthealing power of recovering alleged belief in the details from the brains incrediblepast-life memories, Dr Woolger went concept of rebirth capacity for fantasy as well as foron to describe in his book Other Lives, storing information. The consciousOther Selves7 how some individuals gain of the human soul, (hypnotised) mind, when fed thesepsychological relief through what theybelieve to be the remembering and re- past-life regression answers, wakes up from hypnosis feeling refreshed and relieved of itsexperiencing of the events from has been slammed symptoms. Sceptics believe thatpast lives. as fraudulent and the memories are at best What is noteworthy is that Dr fabricated by the subconsciousWoolger saw how patients who the supposedly mind.relived trauma in their past lives Sceptics of the theory ofexperienced the disappearance of recalled memories reincarnation abound, especiallytheir physical symptoms. In his as fictitious or in the West where the practicebook, as Von Ward explains, Dr has emerged as a highlyWoolger "...recounts the stories of false… contentious issue. In westerna man with a[n] hysterically cultures that traditionally do notparalysed arm, a woman with a have a belief in the concept ofserious illness affecting her back, rebirth of the human soul, past-and an osteopath with incurable life regression has been slammedsinusitis. In each case, the alleged remembering of as fraudulent and the supposedly recalled memories asspecific lives enabled physical as well as emotional fictitious or false, being mere products of humanhealing. One learned of a past life involving an accident imagination run wild and sometimes, intentionally orresulting in a broken arm. Another recalled a past life of unintentionally, based on cues given by the hypnotist.a pioneer woman who broke her back in a wagon wreck.The osteopath became well after resurfacing the feelings Nonsensical Recallhe had, suffering from a cold at camp while his mother To be fair to sceptics, individuals of sound mind wouldlay dying at home."8 waver before giving a few of the much-publicised cases of past-life regression dating back to the 1950s theScepticism about PLR Healing benefit of the doubt, so unfounded were the claims. Brian L. Weiss, MD, a graduate of Columbia University In one such example dating back to 1952, Coloradoand Yale Medical School and Chairman Emeritus of businessman and amateur hypnotist Morey BernsteinPsychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, put housewife Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado, into aFlorida, is a well-known voice in support of past-life- state of trance that sparked off startling revelationsregression healing. In 2008, Dr Weiss was called upon to about Tighes alleged past life as a 19th-centuryperform a past-life regression on a volunteer during a Irishwoman. Bernstein hypnotically regressed Tighe toJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 43
  • 44. her childhood and was then surprised to find that she But then, scientists are only now coming around to theappeared to slip further back to a previous incarnation, idea of consciousness, or life, surviving the death of theas Irishwoman Bridey Murphy.10 body. As for consciousness taking on another mortal To cut a long story short, Tighe described herself as body, scientists are still far from figuring out thateight-year-old Bridey living in a wooden house called possibility.The Meadows in Cork, Ireland. She said that she was the In 1957, Martin Gardner, considered one of the mostdaughter of Duncan Murphy, a barrister, and his wife influential figures in scepticism, especially for hisKathleen, and that she married lawyer Sean Brian questioning of fringe science and New Age ideas, said:McCarthy at the age of seventeen and moved to Belfast. "Almost any hypnotic subject capable of going into aBridey narrated the details of a fall that caused her deep trance will babble about a previous incarnation ifdeath, and she described her own funeral as well as her the hypnotist asks him to. He will babble just as freelytombstone and the state of being in life after death. about his future incarnations… In every case of this sortBernstein published a book11 on the case which went on where there has been adequate checking on the subjectsto become a bestseller—and also drew the attention of past, it has been found that the subject was weavingsceptics who believed that the case together long-forgotten bits ofmerited investigation. information acquired during his early According to the book, Virginia years."12Tighe, born in the Midwest in 1923(and referred to in the book as Ruth Expect Healing, and You Will Receive ItSimmons), had never been to Ireland Dr Baker surmised It cannot be said that the view ofand did not speak with even the sceptics has no scientific validation.slightest hint of an Irish accent. The that hypnosis The late Dr Nicholas Spanos, who wasinvestigating team found no recordscorresponding to Brideys supposed used in past-life- the director of the Laboratory for Experimental Hypnosis and abirth and death dates or to a wooden regression healing professor at Carleton University inhouse called The Meadows, only of a helps recipients Ottawa, Canada, demonstrated thatplace by that name near Cork. They there are three important elements topointed out that most houses in relax and also a successful past-life regression. First,Ireland were made of brick or stone the subject must be hypnotisable.and not of wood, as Bridey had gives them Second, it helps if the subject isdescribed, and that she had suggestions and open to belief in reincarnation.incorrectly pronounced her The third most important elementhusbands name. Only her the impetus is that the hypnotist has todescriptions of the Antrim to imagine and convey the expectation that thecoastline and her account of a client really will remember a pastjourney from Belfast to Cork were even to fantasise. life.13accurate. She claimed that she The influence of the hypnotistswent to a St Theresas Church. expectations was demonstratedThere was indeed one where she by the late psychologist Robertsaid there was, but it was not Baker, PhD, one of the worlds pre-built until after the supposed eminent sceptical investigators ofBridey had died. The young ghosts, alien abductions,Bridey shopped for provisions with a grocer named Farr, apparitions and other paranormal phenomena. Heand it was discovered that such a grocer had existed. divided 60 students into three sections. Nevertheless, the inconsistencies in the story led the The first group was told that they were about toexperts finally to turn to Tighes own childhood and experience the most amazing therapy that would involveparentage to ferret out any Irish connection. They found their actually recalling memories from a past life.that her parents were both part-Irish and that she had The second group was told that they were going tolived with them until the age of three (Bernstein had said experience a therapy that may or may not be able to helpthat she was brought up by a Norwegian uncle and his them recall memories from a past life.German-Scottish-Irish wife). More significantly, they The third group was told that they were about tofound that an Irish immigrant named Bridie Murphy experience a crazy therapy that some believed wasCorkell (1892–1957) lived across the street from Tighes supposed to help them recall memories of a past life,childhood home in Chicago, Illinois. even though it didnt really work on anyone who was Ask a scientist and the odds are that you will be told normal. Then all three groups listened to the samethat Virginia Tighes memories of her previous life can be hypnotic script. Eighty-five per cent of those in the firstexplained as coming from her long-forgotten childhood. group recalled a memory from a past life, compared to44 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 45. only 60 per cent in the second group and 10 per cent in the mind, so far considered separate disciplines."17 As 14the third. Dr Baker surmised that hypnosis used in for the belief that therapists nudge their client patientspast-life-regression healing helps recipients relax and into making claims, she refutes this, saying: "Our role isalso gives them suggestions and the impetus to imagine to encourage regression through hypnosis. Once theand even to fantasise.15 patient is hypnotised, it is not the role of the therapist to Hold this thought for a minute and consider Dr Ozs hint at what the clients past trauma may have been, justtwo remaining descriptions of a witnesss possible the same as it is not for the therapist to question thereaction to the past-life-regression healing seen on The claims made during the regression session. It is not ourOprah Winfrey Show and reported on the shows website: job to alter memories; we restrict ourselves to change "Another explanation could be that past-life regression the clients understanding of, and the emotions thatis something much larger. They might say that this is surround, the memory. That is, our aim is healing. Andsomeone tapping into a collective unconsciousness, Dr if healing is achieved, what difference does it makeOz says. whether the claims are wholly or partially true?"18 "Or it could be explained by new theories in physics The insights of Carol Bowmans daughter Sarah, whothat say there could potentially be 11 dimensions challenged a sceptical psychologist on The Oprah Winfreyinstead of the three—length, width and height—we Show in 1994, are noteworthy in this regard. In her booknormally perceive. Imagine that existence is really a Childrens Past Lives,19 Bowman recalls Sarah stating: "I sayseries of shower curtains, each of which is a dimension, it doesnt matter what it is. Maybe its notand sometimes those dimensions just ever so daintily religious…whatever you said that was. What matters istouch and when they touch, that I was afraid of fires and Imweird things happen, Dr Oz not anymore. And Chasesays. Is it a black hole? Is it a [Sarahs brother] had problemsspiritual vision? Is it a …hypnosis opens a with his wrist and he had a fearreincarnation? and hes over that. What "Dr Oz says that he does not doorway to an altered state matters is that it helped us."20know if what Dr Weiss does is of consciousness where In a sense, Sarahs wordsactually helping people look represent the essence of thisbackward to past lives. My we gain access to aspects healing phenomenon. Isntthing is, what does it matter of our minds normally healing about helping peoplewhat you call it? he says. ‘Does overcome personal issues?it matter if you call it a master locked away…or if you call it an angel?"16 Hard Evidence There lies the crux. In Dr Newtons opinion: "TheIrrespective of whether hypnosis availability of empirical datadoes no more than take a subject back to his or her would help establish the validity of past-life regressionearliest memories of his childhood or encourages the and its therapeutic value. The larger the body ofsubject to fantasise or actually regresses the subject to a evidence, the easier it is for people to accept past-lifepast life, psychiatrists (think of the likes of Dr Roger regression as a therapy that has been verified for itsWoolger and so many more) practising past-life- efficacy and accuracy."21regression healing have observed actual personality No mention of validation of past-life regression can bechanges in their clients. This is perhaps explained by the made without referring to the late Ian Stevenson, MD,fact that hypnosis opens a doorway to an altered state of former head of the Department of Psychiatry, Universityconsciousness where we gain access to aspects of our of Virginia, and subsequent director of the Division ofminds normally locked away because of social and Personality Studies. Dr Stevenson dedicated much ofmental control—thus, we are given "permission" to his time and effort to reincarnation research. From thefantasise and imagine in ways not normally allowed. Is mid-1960s, he documented over 3,000 case studies, mostthere anything wrong with that, especially when the of them involving children. His studies reveal convincingoutcome is positive? scientific evidence, if not "proof", of reincarnation. Dr Wilja Witcombe, clinical hypnotherapist and founding Stevenson methodically documented statements madepartner of the Aura Hypnotherapy Centre in Chennai, is by children, and subsequently proceeded to identify theGerman by origin but lives in India where she practises deceased person that the child remembers being andhypnotherapy and past-life-regression therapy. verify the facts of the deceased persons life that matchAccording to Witcombe: "Most individuals are torn the childs memory. He even matched birthmarks andbetween inductive reasoning (intuition) and deductive birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased,reasoning (logic) in their daily lives. That is what makes verified by medical records. In cases where he was ablepast-life regression all the more invaluable as a healing to identify the deceased person, he found that thetool. It bridges the healing of body and the healing of details of the deceased persons life unmistakablyJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 45
  • 46. matched the childs statements and he also found a In her book The Unquiet Dead, noted psychologist Edithclose correspondence between birthmarks and/or birth Fiore, PhD, wrote: "If someones phobia is eliminateddefects on the child and wounds on the deceased instantly and permanently by the remembrance of anperson.22 event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that In India, Dr Satwant Pasricha, former professor and that event must have happened."26chair, Department of Clinical Psychology at the National As Adrian Finkelstein, MD, another well-knownInstitute of Mental Health and Neurosciences psychiatrist and past-life regression practitioner,(NIMHANS), Bangalore, and current professor and chair, explains: "Our world…is formed of various levels ofDepartment of Clinical Psychology, Himalayan Institute energy vibration. These vibrations rise from the grossof Medical Sciences, Dehradun, collaborated with Dr level of our physical world to the highly refined plateauStevenson for more than 30 years and has researched of thought—and ultimately spiritual consciousness. Weover 500 such cases in India. Speaking about their cannot deny the existence of these higher levels ofvalidity, she said: "In each case I recorded the testimony reality simply because ordinary methods fail to unlockof as many witnesses as were available. Also, I their secrets. Exploration of the mind and spirit is oneconducted a second interview (or more). We did not give of the hallmarks of this New Age; a refusal to examineprior notice of our arrival." 23 Moreover, Dr Pasricha new approaches to scientific truth is clearlyopines that contrary to sceptics claims that such cases unscientific—and slightly foolish."27gain from their fictitious memories, none of the cases The ultimate viewpoint of sceptics is: if its not all overshe studied in India gained when we die, then why do wemonetarily or from the ensuing forget our past lives? In The Lifepublicity. More pointedly, she For diehard sceptics, Divine, Sri Aurobindo wrote:said: "You cannot teach a child "The law that deprives us of theto have birthmarks or birth Dr Pasricha points to memory of the past lives is adefects." 24 Evidently, these law of the cosmic wisdom andhappen for other reasons. reported cases of xenoglossy serves, not disserves, its For diehard sceptics, Dr - that is, individuals who evolutionary purpose... A clearPasricha points to reported and detailed memory of thecases of xenoglossy; that is, suddenly start speaking a past lives, hatred, rancor,individuals who suddenly start language of which they have attachments, connectionsspeaking a language of which would be a stupendousthey have no prior knowledge. no prior knowledge. inconvenience; for it would bindUttara Huddar of Nagpur, in the reborn being to a uselesscentral India, is one such case. repetition or a compulsoryWhen she was in her thirties, Uttara became aware of her continuation of his surface past and stand in the way ofprevious life as Sharada, a married Bengali woman. The his bringing out new possibilities from the depths of thememories emerged when she spontaneously went into spirit."28trance and changed her personality, allowing her to Certainly, it would be more than a tad difficult to leadspeak Bangla, a language that was previously unfamiliar a normal life if we remembered all or a few of our pastto her. When she thought of herself as Sharada, Uttara lives. But fortunately, not all of us suffer from deep-could not recognise her own relatives and the utility of rooted emotional issues that we need help to remembergadgets she had seen and used all her life, such as gas our past incarnations. For those who do, however, whatstoves, electrical appliances and fountain pens. Instead, could be better than reliving the past and relievingshe displayed knowledge of devotional songs, which she themselves of their suffering? ∞would sing to herself, of places in Bengal, of Bengalifood and customs, and of the early-19th-century About the Author:genealogy of the Chattopadhyay family of which Sharada Charu Bahri is an author and freelance writer living in India.claimed to have been a part. She works part-time for a charity in the health sector, and strongly advocates a simple, healthy lifestyle. Ms Bahri hasReal Healing Suggests Real Memories contributed several articles to NEXUS: "Genetic Past-life regression research has come a long way Manipulations: An Engineering Disaster?" (17/01),since Brideys case in the 1950s. Today, qualified and "Carbonated Drinks: Poison in Disguise" (14/02) and "Theexperienced medical professionals such as Dr Weiss Ugly Truth about Beauty and Hygiene Products" (14/01).have seen enough evidence to say, as he did on The Oprah Read more about her work at her websiteWinfrey Show: "When symptoms disappear, thats usually Charu Bahri can benot from imagination or something like that. Its usually contacted by email at the real memory, the experience… Imaginationdoesnt cure symptoms."25 Endnotes on page 8246 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 47. JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 47
  • 48. *NEW: 2012 & THE SHIFT OF AGES UFO DISCLOSURE 2012 AND THE D I S CL OS U R E SHIFT OF AGES A Guide to the End of the World by Steven M. Greer MD by Alexander Price or the first time ever, over five dozen top-secret Manyofpeoplewiththe ancient worldthe seasons, the death and connected in the saw human life as deeply the great cycles of nature: the rising and F military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses to secret projects tell their true stories which setting the sun, changing of rebirth of vegetation. In the same way that other patterns in disclose the greatest covert program in world history. nature repeat at regular intervals, they believed that human This explosive testimony by actual government insiders history also goes through cycles in which significant events repeat, proves that UFOs are real, that some are of and are likely to happen again in the future at predictable times. A extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs penetrating study into the history of astrology, ancient religion, have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable secret societies and the evolution of consciousness, 2012 and the Shift of Ages: A Guide to the End of the World is sure to be an humanity to begin a new era. invaluable resource in navigating a time of difficult transitions. TO ORDER, VISIT TO ORDER, VISITWWW.NEXUSMAGAZINE.COM WWW.NEXUSMAGAZINE.COM48 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 49. NEWS NEWS SCIENCE21ST-CENTURY TECHNOLOGIES scientists make discoveries that can theory of electricity. Indeed, it was by Lewey Gilstrap © lead to new techniques and new ways Faradays work that guided Maxwell for Pure Energy Systems News of doing things, it is usually and enabled him to formulate the 29 March 2011 engineers and technicians that famous Maxwell equations for develop the techniques and electromagnetism.A n artificial intelligence expert explains the lag between scientific discovery andexplanation and specifies a few promising technology that exploit the scientific knowledge in the course of meeting 19th & 20th Century Technologiestechnologies of note, including Browns Gas some specified goal. A technology is In the 19th century, the idea of aor hydroxy, Rossis cold fusion, Turturs problem-specific, and invariably is closed system, i.e., one that does notzero-point energy and Avisos self-running developed as a means to produce a exchange matter or energy with itselectric car. good or service wanted by the public environment, dominated science and or needed to solve a problem. technology. This idea led to theWhat is Technology? The existence of a comprehensive, formulation of the great principles of Science is the study of the natural settled, scientific theory is not a conservation of energy andworld by observation and requirement for the development of a conservation of mass in closedexperimentation. The end product of technology, however. It is not at all systems. These principles werescientific studies is knowledge of the uncommon for technology to be invaluable in enabling the expansionproperties of physical things and of developed years before science of science and technology in the 19ththe behaviour of systems of objects. arrives at a theory. As examples, and 20th centuries.Science is also concerned with the James Watts contributions to steam The only problem with thesedevelopment of overall principles technology, and his improvements to principles is that, while it is relativelyand generalisations that apply to the Newcomen steam engine were easy to seal off a system so thatmany different types of systems. made long before Nicolas Sadi matter cannot enter or leave, it canScience is an activity; it is not the Carnot developed the theory of heat be difficult to impossible to preventknowledge that is accumulated by engines, and Michael Faraday energy fluxes of various kinds fromthis activity, although the knowledge invented the first electric motor flowing through systems, possiblyis what enables others, not about 40 years before James Clerk adding to or removing energy fromnecessarily scientists, to address Maxwell produced a comprehensive the system.more effectively problems such asproduction, transportation,communication and everyday living. Engineering is the discipline forapplying scientific and practicalknowledge to problems in the realworld using techniques andtechnologies. Given a problem andresources and a clearly definedobjective to be accomplished,engineers apply existing technology,sometimes developing newtechniques and technologies orrefining old ones, to produce goodsor services to solve a problem. A technology is a set of techniques,methods, procedures, tools andmaterials that solve some specificproblem or class of problems. WhileJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 49
  • 50. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE Special efforts must be taken to technology, intelligent robot control models of their environment,prevent magnetic flux from passing technology, is open to information and use these models to makethrough systems, and there is no way rather than energy. The three decisions as to how to achieve aat this time to prevent neutrino technologies are: specified goal situation, i.e., they arefluxes or gravitational waves from • Space Energy Conversion. So- open to information. Such robotspassing through systems. Because called "empty space" is filled with can be used to function effectively inno suitable sensors exist for some of electromagnetic energy, often environments that are hostile tothese energy fluxes, it is not possible referred to as "zero-point energy" human beings, but they can also beto be certain that a given system has because the energy would remain used to perform complex tasks nownot absorbed energy from one of even if the temperature of an object performed by humans. They couldthese fluxes or given up energy to a or particles in space were reduced to lead to reindustrialisation on a largeflux. absolute zero. Different types of scale in the USA and to low-cost In brief, it is difficult to establish devices have been built in an effort to production of all types of goods.that a system is truly isolated and for tap into and collect this energy. The None of these three technologies iswhich the conservation laws are obvious attraction of these devices is based on settled science. The space-directly applicable. The conservation that, potentially, they could replace energy-conversion deviceslaws are still valid for all systems, but all coal-burning and petroleum conceivably could be analysed by athe manner in which they are applied engines and completely eliminate putative Theory of Everything (TOE)depends on whether they are open or mans contribution to global in physics. At present there is notruly closed. warming due to carbon dioxide. mainstream TOE, but some • Browns Gas. Browns Gas is mainstream physicists such as DrTechnology of the 21st Century produced by a special type of Michio Kaku believe that such a Partly because of the difficulty in electrolysis of water in which the theory can be developed from stringclosing systems, scientists have long gases given off by the electrodes are theory, perhaps in the next 25been interested in the properties of collected in a single container, rather years—but the lack of an agreed-open systems such as ones that are than in separate containers for the upon comprehensive theory has notin contact with an energy reservoir hydrogen and oxygen. What is stopped enthusiastic experimenters.and with the amount of energy that important about this gas is that it is While a settled theory may not bemust be supplied to the system in combustible, and that it is currently available, there are at least sixorder to transfer or utilise the energy being used to extend the mileage of theories, none of which satisfies Drin the reservoir. gasoline and diesel automotive Kakus definition of a TOE, that claim The first of the three new engines by 25 to 60 per cent. to explain space energy conversiontechnologies described in this article • Intelligent Robots. These are and a lot just such a technology. The third robots that build information and A theory of Browns Gas was recently put forth by Chris Eckman, a student at the University of Idaho. This theory, the plasma orbital expansion theory, accounts for the strange properties of the gas in terms of the gas electrical conductivity, but it is not yet recognised by mainstream scientists. At least one theory for intelligent machines does exist, but it is not recognised by mainstream researchers in artificial intelligence (possibly because it is a theory of machines and not a theory of intelligence, artificial or human). The theory, which was developed by the author of this article, defines anCanadarm2 - the first ‘intelligent’ robot for the International Space Station. intelligent machine as one thatImage source: models information patterns in the50 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 51. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEenvironment of the machine and engines. It burns any kind of fuel— electrical energy. The device is saidtransforms and analyses those gasoline, alcohol, diesel or to run on the fusion of nickel andpatterns to identify the situation biodiesel—and it is cheaper to hydrogen, producing copper. The twofaced by the machine. The difference produce than present engines. It scientists refer to the device as anbetween the machines current also produces considerably less "amplifier or catalyser", although it issituation and a desired goal situation pollution than conventional engines, similar in effect to what is usuallyis then used by the robot to select a and is ideal for the next generation of called "cold fusion" or a "low-energycourse of action to correct the automobiles and trucks. nuclear reaction" (LENR). The devicesituation, subject to a number of • Ismael Aviso, A Philippines is presently at the commercial stage,constraints that prevent undesirable inventor, has developed an antenna and a one-megawatt system is beingconsequences of the action. and electronic system that extracts produced for use in Athens, Greece. The problem associated with electromagnetic energy in a • Professor Claus W. Turtur, PhD,technology that precedes science is particular frequency band and from the University of Appliedthat totally novel results obtained by converts it to direct current. He has Science Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel,any new technology, accomplishing mounted the system on an Germany, has long been interested insomething quite outside the automotive frame along with an zero-point energy. In his early workaccepted science and technology of electric motor and has driven the on the subject, he showed how tothe day, are almost invariably viewed vehicle on numerous occasions. At make devices that produceas simply mistaken or often as present, Aviso says that the coils in microscale amounts of energy.outright fraud. This has been the the device overheat when he steps on Recently he published a theoreticalcase with many if not most of the the accelerator, and he is working paper describing a device thattechnologies that were ahead of the with a Chinese firm to supply him produces over a kilowatt of power.available science, and it is the case with a hollow conductor so that he The device, about the size of a drill,with the three new technologies can run a coolant through the coil to measures 9 cm in diameter and is 6.8described in this paper. prevent overheating. According to cm long. If actual models of this Aside from the normal scepticism the Philippines Department of device confirm predictedof new things that slows acceptance Energy, the system currently has a performance, there are hundreds orof new technology, 21st-century COP [coefficient of performance] of thousands of immediatetechnology is often judged by about 1.3, meaning it is tapping into applications, ranging from poweringmainstream scientists as if the space energy. home computers to humanoiddevices of these new technologies • Andrea Rossi and Professor robots.are closed systems. Energy Sergio Focardi of the University of • Lawrenceville Plasma Physics,conservation laws are only indirectly Bologna, Italy, recently conducted a Inc. has solved the problem ofapplicable to the task of identifying test of a device that produces 15 magnetic fusion using what is calledand quantifying the properties of kilowatts of heat while only a Dense Plasma Focus Fusionthese open systems, and it is easy to consuming about 400 watts of Reactor. The device fuses boron andcome to the wrong conclusion aboutthe properties of open systems bymisapplying the conservation laws orby viewing intelligent machines as acollection of (closed) algorithms.Other New Technologies The new technologies describedabove are just three of many. Thereare dozens more, all in differentstages of development. • Raphial Morgado has inventedthe next generation of internalcombustion engines, which he termsthe "MYT engine". The MYT engine ismore powerful but smaller, lighterand more fuel efficient than current Professor Claus Turtur. Image source: – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 51
  • 52. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE Exotic Devices of the Future The above examples are things that are foreseeable. Based on some of the observations of new technology devices and the theories that have been developed to account for the observations, it appears possible that there are some very exotic devices that can be developed, such as new communications devices and gravity- control devices, and new classes of weapons such as interference weapons—low-energy devices that stun or freeze people, automobiles or machinery. How long before these things might be developed, we can only guess. ∞The Vorodo - a product from one of the first consumer level web-based 3D (Source: Pure Energy Systems News, 29printing services. Image source: March 2011,; fullhydrogen (both cheap, and for all heard of the technology, it is well article at purposes inexhaustible) to developed. Critical titanium parts forproduce helium gas—none of which the Airbus are currently References for Further Informationis radioactive, so there is no manufactured using a 3D printer, and • Space energy conversionradioactive waste to be disposed of. desktop 3D printers are available at produces much heat with very little an affordable price, although some of Personal energy systemsradiation that is easily shielded. The the desktop models are designed is economical and compact, only for plastic prototypes or scale Commercially available devicesand an environmentally safe source models. One large industrial printer energy. It is estimated to produce can print parts of titanium, stainless • Brown’s Gasenergy for a tenth of current costs. steel, glass, sandstone and plastic. Focus Fusion Reactor the size of Desktop machines are currentlya gasoline service station could limited to only one or two materials. • Intelligent robots enough electricity for 40,000 For short-run production, the 3Dhomes. printer is the cost-effective way to go. • Raphial Morgado – Massive Yet Tiny The concept of 3D printing has (MYT) EngineThree-Dimensional Technologies expanded far beyond manufacturing, New technologies are concerned however, and 3D printers for human • Ismael Aviso – Self-Charging Electricwith more than just power in the skin or other organs have been in use Car http://freeenergyev.comform of heat, electricity or for wounded military personnel.mechanical motion. One of the most Also, a food printer that produces • Andrea A. Rossi – Cold Fusionamazing new technologies is the 3D composite foods from canisters has Generator (E-Cat)(three-dimensional) printer, a new been prototyped. The RepRap, short to manufacture items. Instead of for Replicating Rapid-prototyper, is a • Dr Claus W. Turtur – Zero-Pointstarting with a chunk of material and practical, self-copying, 3D printer. Energy Converterwhittling away what you dont want The machine is distributed under an "subtractive manufacturing"), open-source licence (GNU Generala 3D printer starts with powders of Public License). The second- • Lawrenceville Plasma Physics www.lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.commaterials and fuses them to form generation model costs about $800,complex items (called "additive and it will copy its plastic parts • 3D Technologiesmanufacturing"). which make up about half of the Although most people have never machine. http://www.techzonecom.com52 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 53. JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 53
  • 54. Exclusive to NEXUS Magazine In the remote Sol om on Is lands , UFOs rise from the Pacific Ocean, only to d is appear into la kes perch ed i n the jung le. Myster ious tunnels and UFO ba ses have been discovered. Legen ds abou nd of ruined cities and giant hom in id s emerging fr om the mountains to terrorise and kidnap locals. R ead more in this book avail abl e on ly through NEXUS Magazine. TO ORDER VISIT WWW.NEXUSMAGAZINE.COM54 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 55. THE CHANI PROJECT CO MPUTE R - INTE RF ACE D COMMU NI CA TI ON WITH OTH ER REALMS A New Assignment t was the last week in June 2006. It was a slow month, and most of my In 1994, researchers at I assignments were submitted for final analysis, completion and then filing. There were a few new ones, but they were the usual two-to-three- day-at-a-time monitoring types and surveillance over the next few weeks. Nothing to get excited about. I had some leave due soon and was contemplating how I would spend some quiet time. I stared out the window; a secret collider not that I had much of a view anyway, but it was a habit. I wasnt a smoker back then. Little did I know, that would soon change. facility in Africa My pager beeped "SC Oscar Now" ("Station Chief Office Now"). I wondered why shed beeped me. My office was just down the hall. She could have just made contact with pressed the intercom button for my office and called. I remembered to put a parallel-universe on my jacket before I left my office. "Damn," I thought. "I should have picked another tie." entity via a It was just me and her. I sat down. "You familiar with Internet discussion forums?" she asked, knowing that its computer-aided clearly in my TOP (Tasked Operators Priorities) and profiling assignment device and for five duties. But, then again, she was new on this floor; shed only started as SC in years received January. messages and "Yes," I said, lifting a questioning eyebrow. "I want you to clear all your assignments for the next few weeks," she said. predictions which I was worried. She slid a single file across her desk. I opened it and thought: "Ah, just two pages; cant be too heavy an assignment. Nothing to now have imminent worry about here. This should only take a week." significance for "On page two you will find the signed FARR form," the Station Chief said. (FARR stands for File Authorization Release and Request.) humanity. "Wow!" I thought. "Shes already signed it without even asking me if I accept the assignment." This only confirmed to me even more that she knew exactly what my TOP profile was. Then it hit me. The file must be highly classified (Echelon Access Only) or too large for her to carry around in her task pouch (briefcase). It was both. The file was huge—a box of files, in fact—with over 20,000 transcript by "Acolyte" pages, and it had Echelon stamps all over it. It also contained a few © 2011 thousand pages of research notes and copies of correspondence between researchers, technicians and scientists from various fields. There were a few Correspondence: data discs but, from their dates, I could see they were only added recently. c/- NEXUS Magazine To this day, I still think that if the filing clerk didnt know me personally he PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 would have asked for a second signature on the FARR form. "A few weeks, she said? Damn, this will take months," I realised. Australia This is how I became familiar with a project called CHANI, and why I took up smoking that day.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 55
  • 56. The CHANI Project CHANI and Computer "Channelling" During the years 1994 to 1999, a group of researchers What made CHANI unique from any other channellingfrom an organisation/corporation, which I will call RAND method/technique is that the researchers never used aand Associates, or RA, had access to an underground human "channeller". Thus they eliminated the emotion,CERN-like collider facility in Africa (the location is still feeling and interpretation of a human channeller. It wasclassified). A contingent of AFRICOM security a pure, directed and dedicated channel, not distorted orpersonnel was tasked with securing the base and, of affected/infected by human mood swings orcourse, keeping its location secret. The AFRICOM interferences from the subconscious mind of a humanstation commander made and supervised all the travel subject with possible suppressed emotion, memory andand accommodation arrangements for the team of psychological trauma. The imaginative ability of humanresearchers. They were closely watched 24/7. input was effectively removed from the calculations and Between those years, the researchers started receiving result.communications from an Entity who claimed to be from The precise mechanics of how these words werea parallel universe/dimension/timeline. A remarkable captured, displayed and reproduced using the CHANIand groundbreaking interaction ensued. For a period of device is still classified. To my knowledge, it was thefive years, researchers asked the Entity a series of over first documented case in which a machine/device/20,000 questions and received answers to more than 95 computer model was used successfully to make contactper cent of questions asked. with, over a prolonged period of time, and interact with, There were other active projects running concurrently, or "channel", another being or entity. The researcherslike Space Time Fabricating, established contact with onlySimulation by Atom one Entity. The Entity wasReplacement and Removal, verified to them in ways andHolographic Programming of ...the researchers started methods that are still highlyDark Matter, Manifestation of receiving communications classified and which I cantQuantum Energies and elaborate on.Associated String Programming from an Entity whowith Ether/Etheric Interaction claimed to be from a The Entity and Humanityand a few more, but for the The Entity explained in somepurpose of this article I will parallel universe/ detail to the researchers thatkeep to the CHANI project only. dimension/timeline. contact was made because the(CHANI is an acronym for Entity was our equivalent of aChannelled Holographic Access "student" and he had authorityNetwork Interface.) from his Elders to interact with, In reviewing the research notes for this article, all the observe, study and learn from us. The Entity explainedabove projects at one stage seemed to have had a turn that his Elders "noticed" us (we here on Earth) and ourin merging with the CHANI project and subject matter. whole solar system cross onto "their" parallel universe.One researcher commented: "This is an orgasmic The Entity also explained that we werent the only raceinteraction between science, theory and spiritual reaching this crossroads/ merge, but that they could seeawareness." other alien races from other planets in our solar system In October 1999, technicians began a series of as well. Our Entity was specifically tasked to study ussoftware and hardware upgrades to all the collider (humans, Earth), while other students were tasked toequipment and computer networks. The purpose was to study the other races and planets corresponding to theirget the system infrastructure Y2K compliant. It was planet and solar system. It was not just a merging orsoon apparent that the Y2K-compliant upgrades had a colliding of our Earth reality, but it was our completedirect effect on the CHANI research project. solar system colliding with the reality of another On 14 November 1999, contact with the Entity, which "parallel" solar system. Although it was we humans (withfor five years was continuous and constant on a daily some alien assistance/technology) who were "playingbasis, was effectively lost. Months were spent trying to with dark and portal matters", the result was that ourre-establish contact. It was not to be, and in April 2000 whole solar system traversed into "their" universe ofthe research part of project CHANI came to an end. visibility/perception. It must be noted here that I wasnt one of the original So, to put the above into perspective, our researchersand fortunate researchers on the project or one who used the word "student" to explain the Entity’s actions.used the CHANI device. It was as if the Entity were part of a masters degree study But I am most grateful to have been introduced to this group, similar to what we have in our world as Phdmind-boggling and powerful, perspective-changing (doctorate) candidates. The Elders were able to see usinformation. It caused a paradigm shift in my way of and our whole solar system crossing into their reality.thinking, forever. They therefore began a research program of their own to56 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 57. study us and our history so that the Elders could prepare based on public behaviour, perception and responses.their civilisation for our arrival/merge. The Entity was Whenever public/individual/group reaction is deemedthus doing reconnaissance on us. "unfavourable", the project is suspended and set for To help researchers get a timeframe for when this release at a later date or totally terminated. It ismerging or colliding of realities would occur, the Entity sometimes necessary for the information to begave them "predictions" that served as indicators for pulled/unrouted/denied and to let it grow and sprout awhen the time was close. The Entitys abilities and bit more, behind the scenes, before another attempt isaccuracy were verified to researchers by predictions and made to replant/reintroduce or to renew contact if it wasindicators given during the five years of the CHANI an individual/group.project (these are still classified). The predictions didnt come all at once, but were Who Am I?obtained/spread over the duration of the research I was a Rubicon Revealer. Depending on theproject. Although the Entity was in the "now", he was assignment, I would be required to take up the role ofable to see, with frequent assistance from his Elders, an observer, a monitor, a reporter, an investigator, anevents in our timeline that he shared with the instructor, an analyst, and in most instances an initiatorresearchers. Some of these were a and even an instigator in some.cosmic sonic-boom event and One part of my duties was tochanges to our Sun and Jupiter. All frequent Internet discussion forums,these predictions were to be used as a observing, reporting, profiling andsequence of steps/indicators to identifying possible outlets whereidentify the time (Fuse Year) when the Rubicon was and is Rubicon Reveal information could bebig event (the Merge) would occur. introduced. This usually took on the tasked with the form of my posting a "thread" on aThe Rubicon Revealers sanctioned release designated or chosen forum which we Around the end of 2005, the CHANI decided would be the most suitable toproject files were handed over to the of classified get the info/intel out to our targetRubicon Station for project Reveal. information for audience.As the name suggests, Rubicon deals The second part involved thewith information that has been "public physical (in the field) and digitaldeemed to have reached a point consumption", in a (satellite and high-tech)of no return. The Rubicon monitoring, surveillance anddivision was formed by a number controlled fashion, gathering of information onof "dissatisfied" Upper Echelonmembers within the RA through various groups or profiled persons and events around the globe that maycommunity, who decided that platforms and have bearing on specific Rubiconcertain information should be outlets. projects.released and that seeds should Rubicon has this credo: "Ourbe planted to measure and whistle is blowing softly; if weresearch public reaction— blow too hard, some eardrumsclearing the way and setting a might pop, then everyone wouldfoundation for whenever "they" be deaf."decide to flood the wires with full In the final analysis, Rubicondisclosure on any specific topic. operatives are sanctionedWhen public interaction becomes a necessity, the whistleblowers, albeit in a limited and controlled form.information is to be released. Rubicon was and is tasked with the sanctioned release Launching CHANI on the Internetof classified information for "public consumption", in a Thus, on a cold wintry day in June 2006, I flipped thecontrolled fashion, through various platforms and electronic switch to lock my office door, which isoutlets. One of these platforms is Internet discussion standard operating procedure for Echelon "subjectforums. Another is sending anonymous letters or matter", and I unpacked those filing boxes all over mymaking anonymous phone calls or using fake desk. My love affair with this project and the Entity hadcredentials and call-routing to write to or call selected begun.individuals and groups. Once the information and intel As expected, it took me months to shift, study andare released, public responses or those of the individual read through the CHANI material. At first, it was aor group are recorded, monitored and analysed. daunting task to get my mind to comprehend fully whatDepending on their reaction, further information is then I was dealing with. I already had an idea about whichreleased using a phased and synchronised methodology Internet forums I wanted to begin the "release/reveal"JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 57
  • 58. on, due to past research and active monitoring, but a future cause of action is drafted/set.nonetheless I spent a few more months on researching Now, all that remained was to wait patiently for theothers and identifying the most appropriate forum on appropriate time to release the CHANI information towhich to launch the CHANI project. the public. That time finally came in March 2008. I would only have the time and resources to focus onone forum for this specific project. This project was of Birth of the "me tel u now" Threadgreat importance to my superiors at the time, and I had It was from the CHANI transcripts of over 20,000no intention of rushing in. I had to "thread" (forum lingo) questions and answers that the thread known as thecarefully and be absolutely sure that the right forum was "me tel u now so u belive me after 15 may" thread waschosen. (I have since initiated a variety of other Rubicon started on the Godlike Productions forum. Apart fromprojects on the same forum over the past few years, the amazing information and discourses on variousmost recent being the BEZERK project with subjects, the transcripts also contained a large numberaccompanying Reveal and intel burst threads.) It is also of "predictions" or "calculations" (a term that the Entitywell worth noting that intelligence agencies frequently used). We had the dates, but not the year. The Entityuse forums to communicate and relay never specified an exact year, butinformation and updates to their mentioned only months and days.operators in the field. Since the On various occasions, the EntityInternet came along, the practice of would also ask the researchersposting and placing/using classified questions, which led to even moreads in newspapers as a intrigue, insight and contemplation.communication medium has become a Apart from amazing To put it frankly, on some days thefossil. In contrast, the use of Internet researchers were quite literallydiscussion forums, online game information and stunned.platforms and their associated chat discourses on various When, in 2007, those studying thefeatures has become quite the norm. CHANI project (Rubicon superiors and During initial research, I began subjects, the my group) identified names andposting a few threads on a popular transcripts also scenarios, trigger events andforum, Godlike Productions, to "test predictions described by the Entitythe water" and to start creating a contained a large back in 1994–1999 as coming up orpersona. As the forum is widely number of becoming likely, it was assumedknown to be a conspiracy and that the year 2008 would be thelunatic-fringe site, I created a "predictions" or Event or "Fuse" Year. Thus it waspersona to suit: somewhat crazy, "calculations" (a term deemed necessary for the publiceven hoaxing, but an enigma on to know and for me to begin thespiritual and global strategic that the Entity used). release/reveal.insider issues nevertheless. This On 15 March 2008, the threadpersona provided an efficient was started. Depending on howcover to get information out well it was received, I was tothere without lifting too many continue. It was a hit from theeyebrows. I often had to play outset. Reaction and interactionboth protagonist and antagonist. from people posting was I decided to test the reaction to immediate and interest grewa few topics by starting threads and releasing limited, exponentially. Today it is still ranked in the top 10but real, intel on topics of a political-insider and threads on the forum.spiritual nature. And yes, I said "spiritual". Some might Questions from forum members and posters werebe pleasantly surprised if they knew how "spiritually answered by cross-referencing the actual answers givenoriented" the decision-makers in Upper Echelon and by the Entity and using the exact same format of writtenother intelligence-gathering organisations are. They are dialect used by the Entity. For coherence and to ensurefully aware of the spiritual impact that the coming better interaction, answers were personalised andchanges will bring to mankind. The influence and discretional ad libs were used by me. A commonnecessity of spiritual interaction and awareness are well misassumption on the thread was that the Entity madecalculated and correlated within their think-tanks and in specific contact with us to warn us. This is not how ormaking future decisions on what to advise those who why it happened.depend on their analysis. Both 2008 and 2009 came and went without For us operators, think-tanks like Rubicon (RAND) significant correlation, and by the end of 2009 my activesometimes have the annoying habit of analysing things participation/reveal on the thread was halted. Rubiconto death before a decision is made and the direction of officially pulled the plug. However, with certain events58 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 59. transpiring in 2010, its been suggested that 2011 may ease with which the Entity managed to explain and getbe the Fuse Year. With the official Rubicon release of difficult and controversial subjects across had a definitethe BEZERK information (another thread, launched in lingering quality. I experienced this on a number ofJune 2010), there exists a strong case that the "oil occasions when some thoughts would linger for days,sickness" and the problems in Japan mentioned by the my subconscious actively contemplating theEntity could relate to events in the BEZERK thread (e.g., information somewhere in the back of my mind. Imthe Deepwater Horizon oil-well disaster, and the Japan sure that all the researchers on CHANI shared thisearthquake, tsunami and radiation contamination). experience. It is my hope that you, the reader of thisHence my renewed yet "unofficial" interest in the CHANI article, will have the same experiences when readingproject and information. some quotes of the transcripts provided. This article is meant to serve only as an introduction What follows below are selected quotes from theto CHANI and to provide some background. If there is Entity in no particular order or importance. Many haveenough interest or demand, I hope to expand on topics asked me what are my favourites or most significant. Icovered by the Entity in further articles, even if it turns really cant answer that. They are all up there; everyout that 2011 is not the Fuse Year. single quote ranks top. I invite you to visit the thread at At first, the words and spellings that the Entity used Godlike Productions and youll soon understand whymay strike you as odd, silly and even childlike. But I (go to you that even our top neurolinguists were message520517/pg1).awestruck by how this simple flow of words, structure, Im giving you the quotes as they were given, withspelling and positioning spoke so directly to the some personal comments where necessary [in boldreaders being. It was instructive, guiding and type; the Entitys "wordings" are left unedited forinformative, but most noteworthy was its pleasantly publication here; Ed.] Ive purposefully kept thegentle and soothing manner on your ear, heart and comments and explanations to a minimum. You, themind. It was baby talk for adults. The simplicity and reader, must contemplate them yourself and decide.Below is the opening post on the "me tel u now" thread. More references to oil sickness and to the JapanAfter reviewing more than 100 predictions, I decided on earthquake and radiation:this collection to start the thread: "me post probabilitys ok me cee crash plane on deck of us war ship 55 dimise"many things go wrong 15 may because door opens with me cee us bomer crash seaportal to dark matters not undestanding earth beings me cee many dolfin and whale go suicidesharon will dimise be4 15 may me cee 250 plus more demise acident and crash of planemandela will dimise be4 15 may europe peoplethatcher will stroke be4 15 may me cee very moving earth again people of same shape eyejapan warring thing will commenceing before 15 may japansecretly me cee sicknes go people of india and people of koreaoil gets very big sicknes no use anymore after 15 may me cee very oil sicknes people of america grow biger notold bush will very sick be4 15 may aford buy oil anymorescheney will dimise be4 15 june me cee america people very angry go damage monumentobama accident before 27 aperil there capitol okbig sicknes be4 15 may me cee very big and final earth war this line time but u canvery moving earth on 17 aperils stop stiloceon not sleeping when heaven things beware many please forget oil yor oil become enemy after september yorwaters to come drown line timebrown cheat be4 15 may oil get radiation as me tel u be4 why u not belive meputin missing after 15 may many worry people do crazy me cry 4 u"things"This is one of the first statements made by the Entity, and On how we think, read and interpret:it was repeated at various times: "write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u"u ask me many question me first answer u by xplain backto unerstan u and u in the univers u must unerstan these beter draw pictures like sumarthings beter write image like egyptianfirst u must unerstan the ilusion of infinti write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think not goodthen u must unerstan the infinty of ilusion thing 4 mindthis mean noting but xplain everythings picture tel u how to think must use mind to read pictureso first u lern the u good thing 4 mindthen u lern the univers picture u remember 4 ever write lanuage u forget soon notthen this xplain al and mean something" think anymore"JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 59
  • 60. "the reason sumaria write in picture is they want last now me try xplain how get ready mind body spiritgeneration u to unerstan 2000 years later ok make ready yor mind understaning whatever hapensif they rite data on disk u not able deciferings disk 4 u not make ready yor spirit aceptance whatever hapenshave same reading device 2 read their data 2000 year later make ready body not 2 fear 4 death body not real u onlysumaria write on stone to survive al yor teknology ok and vehicle ualow u to stil unerstan 2000 years later simple ok" me unerstan many u more scare pain of death than death itself this only body scared not real uThe Entity explains free will: if death was painles then many more would partake ok yes"me ask elders about explain frewil beter noelders say me explain like this dimising is not ending but new begining progresgod give u eg death is progres is grow"eg is there eg already created eg existu use frewil decide what do about eg On the law of attraction:u can make choice boil eg eat eg "me try xplain this beteru can make choice bake eg eat eg u r god in yor universeu can make choice u leve eg but eg get roten but eg stil but u not god in gods universethere u need unerstan thisu can make choice u not eat other animal so u throw eg u can only be god in yor own universeaway eg get roten somewere else but eg stil exist u wil smel u can not be god in gods universe okeg eventualy u not in yor own universe yet okeventualy u must decide and deal with eg u keep on belive u get yor own universetime colide is like eg this take many line times lived then u get yor own universegod make time colide you play godtime colide is there time colide already created time colide now u just belive u part god universe onlyexist eventual u create yor universe by beliveeventualy u must decide what u want do with time colide but 4 now u r god in training ok"and deal with itu can not change what god created but with frewil u must "what u think u createdecide what u do with time colide ok what u create by thinkings play very big role yes ok"me say eat eg because eg good for u b4 get roten then egvery bad 4 u" The Entity referred to dolphins and mentioned their importance on a number of occasions. DolphinsThe researchers asked the Entity to explain the concept somehow balance certain vibrations on Earth. Specificsof trinity: were given, but that part was not cleared by Echelon for"first me try xplain mind body spirit release. We should keep an eye on dolphin behaviourme xplain true trinity and events involving dolphins. Their behaviour heraldstrinity is mind body and spirit events and Earth changes:trinity is farther child and mother "this planet first al wateryor sumerian symbol of sumeria queen is dove then ground comesyor religion leaders long ago decide not use female 4 church dolfin decideing to walk ground your planetleaders and leading many wars happenso they remove female esence from child and remove then dolfin evolv remember water glorymother esence from spirit dolfin then go back and swim water glorythey then say trinity is father son and spirit al male esence dolfin most clever on this planet line time "this was to distract deceive to change church and religion 4 "seawater has residu from dolfin comunicationmale control only and dominating dolfin sqeek cause vibration of seawater to becom beconthat where al yor religion go wrong in history and balance energyfarther is the mind dolfin more advanse than human this planet line timeson daughter or child is the body u must study dolfin"mother is the spirit okthe mother spirit esence is the balance is the harmony is the "dolfin always love al creature with god esense even humanglue dolfin unerstan freedom of god esense many life time thisthe mother is between the farther and son or child line timethe spirit is between mind and body dolfin keep your earth balancereligion without mother spirit esence is not spiritual but dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with godfalse teachings 4 control esensetrinity is the family of life now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time we want rescu dolfintrinity is sum experince of mind body and spirit ok bring them our planet share60 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 61. dolfin agree come our line time 15 may we prepare place" me not know al theory things dragon like beings live holow ground stil"many dolfin already sacrifice for keep harmonics balance they good nowyor planet and make yor suferings les they very wise nowvery very big sufering coming and dolfin can not stop this they peaceful like dolphin now"even they try be brave but not enoughu must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not "me not know al these thingsknowing anything and begin 0000 again" even stranger beings exist other line times beings evolving al line times always never stop""yes sound dolfin make heal brainwave of al creature earthdolfin sound cause synaps make beter contact in brain make "we can speek to al creature who have mind 2 understan ok"miracel hapendolfin balanse harmonics of earth vortex ok" Some questions asked by the Entity to the researchers: "ok me first question ask"many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u wat purpose yor moonhuman answer and helpings me line time moon demise long agaowhen u unerstand oceon u wil unerstan how cosmic life become better witn no moontravelings work easy ok why u sil have moonoceon have same compositing than space same element ok wat purpose yor moon have uu unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unerstan life moon not natural heaven bodyand everything living" moon put there by other being to control earth mood without moon big calm comes over peoples no big storm"helo anymore only litel stormme tel u watch sun without moon peace among peopleme tel u watch dolfin elders say old race capture moon from space then put nextme tel u watch cern earthme tel u watch pope elders say moon forces work like time mashine keep controlme tel u watch moving earth timecee wat yor sun is doing moon aslo control mood of beings on planet in this linecee wat yor dolfin is doing time"cee wat cern is doingcee wat pope is doing and saying "me have questioncee wat moving is doing and why me ask question nowask yor leaders me cee u xplore mars planet with many mony andyor leaders prepare resourcingsu stil not prepare why why u not xplore deep oceon yor own planet with same0000 is here make ready yor mind soul body now" many mony and rerourcings deep oceon give al aswers yor existencing and futureComments by the Entity on the spiritual evolution of deep oceon have much knowledges u stil need lernaliens/extraterrestrials and ascension (some specifics me tel u some secretremains classified): some places deep oceon water presures so big that air u"they r many evolved fisical but not many evolve spiritul breeth can not buble to surfaceu human have evolve more spritual then them this air traping cause big caverns where humans can live andbut they want hold on their wise teknology do breathings of good air and plant and live very weltheir god is their teknology" deep oceons have many crystal solves al yor energising needs no polution"me unerstan yor acension asking wordings u ignore yor best lifeline by not seekings answerings fromme tel u now your acension is nothing more then mas yor own deep oceonabuction thing ok" god provide deep oceon why u not use what is given earth is a water planet yet u leaders look answers in space"we won war with reptile our line time long ago we evolve whythen deep oceon have al answer for cosmic travelings this linereptile yor line time keep u back u can not grow" time why u ignore this in your history when u solve mysteries of deep oceon u wil solve mysteries"we kil many dragons many line times 1 long ago of space ask dolfin they tel u this ok"stil dragons left in holow ground yor line time 1 yes" "me have more question"earth not solid me ask question nowJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 61
  • 62. what purpos religion when leaders not godlike not real gods about time? Can times collide? This was the irony ofwhat purpos building tempel when no gods there the research done at the collider. They were looking atwhat purpos building church when no gods there the possibility of times colliding—and the researcherswhat purpos building mosk when no gods there were not disappointed. The CHANI project was proofwhat purpos pray big wall when god not a wall thereof. Other aspects of the timeline phenomenonwhat purpos pray statue when god not a statue were also researched and tested, e.g., timewhat purpos pray river when god not a river machines/devices, conscious projection of awareness ofwhy cow holy when cow not even know god "human subject" forward or backward in time, andwhy monkey sacred when monkey not even know god projection of "objects" (mostly sub-nano quantumonly holy animals this line time is dolphin recording devices) forward and backward in time.not need pray dolfin like a god but must respect dolfin very (c) I will comment briefly on aspects of the concept ofmuch" time as it was covered in the CHANI research. Time is linear and moves in a circle, i.e., a single line drawn in a"me ask question now circle: 0 to 0000, then back again to 0 (beginning to endwhy u adult stil drink milk to beginning). There are many of these circular timelineswhy u drink mother milk from other speci not human" and sometimes they interchange or cross each other, similar to the gravitational waves and orbits of solar"me ask elders about gold bodies. When they intersect some beings, or theirelders say eye must ask developed awareness, they can jump from one to anothereye ask now and dont have to repeat the (time) line they werewhere is this gold following previously. Others dont jump but can see theyor leaders not keep gold other timeline and interact with beings on that timelineyor leaders not have many gold anymore while the crossing takes place. Sometimes beings canleaders always give yor gold to other planet beings cross our line and see us coming to the crossing beforewhy u not know this we even get there. This last instance describes "our"u not wory gold meeting/colliding with the Entity. (By "our", Im referringgold not keep place safe 4 yor family u not eet gold to the R&A researchers.)biger wory when oil gets sickness" Time is also elastic and can be stretched, resulting in a time-stretch phenomenon. Some researchers"me have question commented on how déjà vu can fit into this paradigm, asme ask question now well as on how the "time is elastic" model seems to be theme cee ground sufer not water very dry people hungry only workable model to describe and define time travel.but oceon ful water The "time is elastic" model also explains the colliding ofwhy u not take salt away from cea water and use on land realities at the same time. As far as the CHANI projectoceon enough water to make al ground even desert into was concerned, the elastic properties of time helped toforest al people can eat nice enough explain why no year was given, only dates.why u not pump oceon water everywere A further "help" was how the Entity described the directu can make big bom but u can not make big fresh water and "planned" influence of the Moon on the humanfrom oceon perception of time. Because the Entity didnt have abig boms very bad moon in his parallel/time universe (they destroyed orbig fresh water always good" "killed" it), giving a year date was impossible and turned their calculation of our time into "probabilities" rather than "possibilities". The Entity explained that his EldersSome Closing Notes: originally had calculated our dates using a 28-day, 13- (a) English was the primary language used by the month mathematical model, but that they themselvesEntity. Another language was perfect Latin. The couldnt decide on the appropriate maths and startingcontrast/contradiction between the childlike use of dates to use with our current timeline on Earth. TheEnglish and that of the Latin is apparently explained in procession of time and our awareness of time are directlythe master copy of the Echelon files, as are other topics. controlled by our Moon.This file was never made available to me and still The Moon has an effect on the body, mind and spirit ofremains Centrally Classified to this day. "Centrally every living organism on this planet. This is why theClassified" indicates an intel grouping where even the Entitys Elders destroyed their moon. They wanted to getclassification is classified. This intel falls under various rid of the moons influence. They received the advice toNational and International Intelligence Directives (NIID; do so from inner-planet beings. Without the moon, therepronounced "need" in intelligence lingo). were five immediately observable changes: (b) The CHANI project was a natural outflow of the (1) The most notable changes were in the mood andresearch done at the collider facility. Among other temperament of the beings/civilisations living there.things, the time-space fabric was tested andexperimented on. When protons collide, then what Continued on page 8362 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 64. T H E H AR M O N I C C O D E : UFOs, Antigravity & the Energy Grid In this documentary DVD, UFO/antigravity researcher and author Bruce L. Cathie explains the unknown secrets of our reality in this exclusive documentary into his life and research. Discover the truth about matter and antimatter; time travel; UFO sightings; Earths energy grid; harmonic mathematics; and the connection between atomic bomb tests and volcanic activity. To order visit www.nexusmagazine.com64 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 65. SOVIET UFO SIGHTINGS IN metres. A gigantic pillar of water which was published in 2001 in NLO INTERNATIONAL WATERS ascended as the sphere emerged magazine. by Paul Stonehill © 2011 from the sea, and collapsed some In 1976, the crew of the Soviet he secret files of the Russian moments later. This observation was scientific research vessel VladimirT (formerly Soviet) Navy contain much valuable informationabout sightings of UFOs and USOs mentioned in a number of Russian publications. In the summer of 1972, there was a Vorobyov observed eight revolving white radial rays around 200 metres long. The rays emanated from a(unidentified submarine objects). fascinating sighting. The shape- massive object, found by acousticSoviet military researchers had been shifting UFO was observed by depth-finder at 20 metres below thequite thorough and professional. seamen aboard the Musson, a Soviet ship. The depth of the Bay of BengalThe files have been largely scientific ship. The vessel was in that area was 170 metres. Thisinaccessible, even after the fall of the approximately 300 miles from phenomenon lasted for 30 minutes.USSR. But through years of research Bermuda. Early in the morning, the When the rays initially appeared, theand with help from colleagues in the electrician (named Vagin), the radio sailors who were asleep woke upformer Soviet Union, modern Russia, operator and one of the navigators feeling frightened. This incident wasUkraine and other newly clearly observed an elliptical body reported in several Russianindependent countries, I have been moving through the cloudless sky. to collect some interesting The body moved slowly, at a greatinformation, some of which is altitude, from northwest to Marine Lightwheel Phenomenon?presented in this article. southeast. Reaching the zenith, the On 28 February 1977, the Soviet In August 1965, the crew of the UFO changed its shape to that of a newspaper Vechernyaya Odessasteamship Raduga, while navigating wheel, and then, distancing itself published an interview with Yevgenyin the Red Sea, observed an unusual from the vessel, it again became an Lisenko, the captain of the motorphenomenon. At about two miles elongated elliptical body of silvery- ship Anton Makarenko. He said thataway from their vessel, a fiery sphere white colour. All three observers while sailing the Strait of Malacca indashed out from under the water and looked at the object until it Indonesian waters, five members ofhovered over the surface of the sea, disappeared from view. This sighting the crew witnessed a luminescenceilluminating it. The sphere was 60 was mentioned in an article by of gigantic proportions. It was atmetres in diameter, and it hovered Valentin Psalomschikov, a Russian 2.00 am when they observed aabove the sea at an altitude of 150 scientist, journalist and author, luminescent wheel with "spokes".JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 65
  • 66. THE TWILIGHT ZONE The centre of the revolutions was object, its diameter between 300 and The light moved in a wavelikebehind the ship, and the radius of 500 metres. It hovered at an altitude manner, in the shape of eightthe revolutions was around 12 miles. of four to five kilometres. The rotating and bending raysThe "wheel" was underwater, and trawlers radar station was (something like turbine blades).they observed the phenomenon for immediately rendered inoperative. Soviet publishing houseabout 50 hours. The object hovered over the area for Sudostroyeniye published a book by Initially, there were luminescent three hours, and then disappeared Mikhail Igorevich Girs in 1977. Girs,spots among the waves. Then their instantly. the commander of the experimentalnumbers increased and they The report came from Dr Zakharov, vessel Tinro-2, a manned scientificstretched out into lines, some six to the ship’s medic, who described the submersible, wrote about theeight metres wide, as far as the object as a mushroom-shaped body construction of the apparatus and itshorizon. The distance between the ascending from the water, leaving a missions. The book is still availabledistinct lines was about 40 metres. trail of smoke behind. The object in Russia (mostly in regionalEverything became bright, as if the changed its angle of inclination to libraries). He described an incidentMoon had appeared in the sky. The the horizon as it hovered above and that took place in the early 1970s, asluminescence was cold, silvery and then abruptly disappeared, leaving observed from aboard the Tinro-2sufficiently bright. no traces behind. As the crew while in the Atlantic Ocean. The lines began moving as if One evening, as darknessspokes of a gigantic wheel, was descending upon therecalled the captain. The The centre of the revolutions ocean, the seamen watched arevolution was not rapid; it was was behind the ship, and the gigantic luminescent cloud. Iteven, and went up to the very radius of the revolutions was was slightly over the horizonhorizon. Seasoned Soviet and its shape was almostsailors felt dizzy and became around 12 miles. perfectly round. They observednauseous, as if they were on a The "wheel" was underwater, in the middle of the cloud amerry-go-round. The revolution and they observed the chaotically moving dot with aaccelerated, and the ends of the "tail". The cloud grew in size,"rays" became bent. Finally, phenomenon for about while the "tail" of the dotthey broke into separate spots 50 hours. constantly moved about.and disappeared. When the first cloud dissipated, another one grew inAtlantic Ocean Sightings observed the UFO, they also noticed its place, and then a third one. At Some fascinating reports have that the onboard radio station and one point, they covered each other.come from the area of South Georgia direction-finder had malfunctioned. The clouds were luminescent andIsland in the remote South Atlantic This report was later sent to the resembled the Moon, but werentOcean. Several are presented here. VSNTO (All-Union Council of nearly as bright. The radio Captains of Soviet ships reported Scientific Technical Societies) transmission was not affected, andthat a cone-shaped, obscure cloud Central Commission for Anomalous magnetic compasses aboard theconstantly hovered above the island. Phenomena in the Environment. vessel were fine, too.There was a photograph, attached to Siberian engineer Yerokhin recalls In 1958, Felix Ziegel, assistantthe reports, showing an upward an article published in Soviet Nedelya professor at the Moscow Aviationflight of a "saucer" from below the newspaper in 1977 (issue 18). Institute, and a group of enthusiastsocean’s surface. The object The article mentioned that started their research into the UFOresembled neither a missile nor a scientists aboard the ship Vladimir phenomenon. His contributionstorpedo. Right after it ascended, the Vorobyev reported a bright white spot were immense, and he wrote aobject became invisible to their revolving around the ship at a depth number of books about UFOs in theradars, as if theyd gone blind. of 170 metres. Its radius was USSR (disseminated as manuscripts, In December 1977, not far from approximately 150 to 200 metres. which, for the most part, in view ofSouth Georgia Island, the crew of the It rotated anticlockwise and censorship, could not be published).fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev also separated into eight portions. The Ziegel passed away in 1988, one yearobserved something extraordinary. sonic depth-finder registered the before the censorship chains wereRising vertically from under the presence of something at a depth of broken and the UFO phenomenonwater was a doughnut-shaped 20 metres below the keel. ceased to be a taboo subject.66 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 67. THE TWILIGHT ZONE He mentioned the following events rapidly gaining speed, disappeared He believed that the Earth is ain several of his manuscripts and to the northwest. Its foremost part living organism, maimed and injuredbooks. was also luminescent due to a large by mankinds poorly-thought- In 1978, sailors of the Soviet motor fiery shaft of light. The first object, through grandiose projects. He wasship Novokuznetsk observed a UFO as still hovering, turned off the shaft of afraid that our hullabaloo aroundtheir vessel was departing from the light and assumed the colour of anomalous phenomena and UFOs,Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador. A aluminium. It started moving to the as well as our tactlessness andradiogram was sent from the ship on northeast, increasing its speed. The interference with their world, could15 June, reporting that, at night, four clear outlines of its body became have unpredictable consequences.rapidly departing bright white trails, blurry as the distance increased. Kuzovkin mentioned in hisabout 20 metres in length, were Right in the middle of both objects interviews that Russian science stillobserved from the bow. At the same was a dark stripe, about one-sixth refused to consider the UFOtime, two other trails, 10 metres the length of the body. The altitude phenomenon as anything serious,long, approached the vessel. Soon of the flying objects was about three while research centres in the Unitedthereafter, at 3.00 am, straight ahead to four kilometres. No sound was States knew the seriousness of theof the ship, a white luminescent heard, and the objects left no trails. phenomenon. Ufological researchoblate sphere ascended from the Thirty crew members observed the was conducted in Europe, andwater. It flew around the ship, objects. special UFO research departmentshovered for a few seconds over functioned in China.the vessel at an altitude of 20 In 1993, Kuzovkin officiallymetres, ascended higher, ... a white luminescent oblate rejected any further research inzigzagged, and then descended the study of anomalousinto the water. sphere ascended from the water. phenomena and burned most of In 1978, the Soviet cruise It flew around the ship, hovered his UFO archives andship Shota Rustaveli (since for a few seconds over the vessel photographs.scrapped) was sailing in theAtlantic Ocean when a large at an altitude of 20 metres, Mediterrane an & Adriaticsphere flew over it. The ascended higher, zigzagged, and Reportspassengers reported that their then descended into the water. The testimony of Alexander stopped working at the Globa, a seaman from the Soviettime. This incident was tanker Gori, was published inreported in Felix Ziegels 1979 Zagadki Sfinksa magazine (no. 3,manuscript "Nablyudeniya NLO v The report was published in a 1992) from Odessa, Ukraine. In JuneSSSR" ("UFO Observations in the number of Russian UFO books, and 1984, the Gori was in theUSSR"). originally was included in Aleksandr Mediterranean Sea, 20 nautical miles On 21 September 1980, a strange Sergeyevich Kuzovkin’s 1981 from the Strait of Gibraltar. At 16:00flying object was sighted from the manuscript about statistical UFO hours, Globa was on duty; with himViktor Bugayev in the Atlantic Ocean. data in the USSR. Kuzovkin, who was second-in-command S. Bolotov.Its shape was unusual. The object passed away on 5 May 2001, was a They were standing watch at the leftresembled a cone-shaped cigar, and well-known Soviet and Russian bridge extension wing when bothmoved slowly from southwest to researcher of the UFO phenomenon. men observed a strange,northeast. Its foremost part was He graduated from the Moscow polychromatic object. When theluminescent due to a large fiery shaft Chemical Machine-Building Institute object was astern, it stoppedof light, which was more than half in 1980 at the age of forty. From suddenly. Bolotov was agog, shakingthe length of the object. This fiery 1977 through 1988, he worked with his binoculars and shouting, "It is alight shaft created the impression Felix Ziegel. In 1989–90 Kuzovkin, as flying saucer, a real saucer; my God,that the light was directed to the aft a leading expert in UFO photography hurry, hurry, look!" Globa lookedpart of the ship. After flying a certain (and photography of "invisible" through his binoculars and saw, at adistance, the object, having rolled a beings), conducted a seminar, distance over the stern, a flattened-bit, hovered motionlessly. It would "Ecology of the Unknown", with out-looking object which remindedrotate once in a while. Then, researcher Aleksandr Semyonov. By him of an upside-down frying pan.another identical object separated 1990, Kuzovkin had collected over The UFO was gleaming with a greyishitself from the first object and, 10,000 reports of UFO sightings. metallic shine.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 67
  • 68. THE TWILIGHT ZONE The lower portion of the craft had a appearing and disappearing again, it appeared in the sky, and small UFOsprecise round shape, its diameter no would occasionally shine in the flew out from their bodies andmore than 20 metres. Suns rays. The craft then flared up, plunged underwater. Some time Globa observed "waves" of like a spark, and was gone instantly. later they returned to the surface andprotuberances on the outside plating Also in June 1984, another Soviet flew back inside the cylinder, whicharound the lower portion of the ship reported an interesting then disappeared beyond theobject. The base of the objects body phenomenon. The Professor Pavlenko horizon.consisted of two semi-discs, the was sailing in the Adriatic Sea, near After such objects appeared in asmaller being on top, which slowly Neretva Bay (Bay of Zaton). The certain area, it was registered thatrevolved in opposing directions. He crew observed a bright spot that the electromagnetic field there hadalso saw numerous shining, bright, appeared on the surface, and the experienced fluctuations. He alsobead-like lights at the circumference radiant circles with distinct borders mentioned an incident that tookof the lower disc. The seamans that spread over the water from it. place in the Kuril Islands. In one ofattention was centred on the bottom The circles spread around at the the lakes there, an unfrozen patch ofportion of the UFO. It looked as if it velocity of about 100 metres an hour. water was discovered; its shape waswas completely even and smooth, its This was reported in issue 6, 1987, of that of a circle, with melted edges.colour that of an egg yolk, and Globa Vokrug Sveta magazine. The electromagnetic field wasdiscerned a round, nucleus-like unusually high. However, nostain in the middle of it. At the witnesses were found to revealedge of the UFOs bottom, ... objects would appear what really had taken placewhich was easily visible, was there.something that looked like a unexpectedly and would fly over Soroka described an episodepipe. It glowed with an the ships and descend under the from 1968 that took place in theunnaturally bright rosy colour, water without splashing. Such South East Pacific region, nearlike a neon lamp. The top of South America. Sovietthe middle disc was crowned by objects broke through the ice in scientists aboard the Akademika triangle-shaped "something". the Arctic Ocean and Kurchatov, a scientific researchIt seemed that it moved in the would emit luminescence from ship, tried to lower somesame direction as the lower special equipment into thedisc, but at a much slower pace. the depths of the water. ocean depths. The measuring Suddenly the UFO jumped up instruments they submergedseveral times, as if moved by an were attached to steel cables.invisible wave. Numerous lights More Strange Cases At a depth of 500 metres, one of theilluminated its bottom portion. The Mikhail Soroka, a well-known cables gave way and the equipmentcrew of Gori tried to attract the researcher of paranormal that was attached to it broke off.objects attention using a signal phenomena, based in Kiyiv, Ukraine The same thing happened with twosearchlight. (according to the newspaper Fakty, other cables. When the cables were By that time, Captain Sokolovsky published in the same city), revealed examined, they looked as if they hadwas on the deck with his men. He to reporters in December 2007 that been filed through. But who or whatand his second-in-command were Soviet seamen had numerous would use underwater files towatching the object intensely. encounters with unidentified sabotage Soviet science? TheHowever, the UFOs attention was objects. research into this case continues:distracted by another ship, For example, such objects would others in the former USSR areapproaching at the port side. It was appear unexpectedly and would fly looking into it, and more fascinatingan Arab dry cargo ship on its way to over the ships and descend under details have been collected.Greece. The crew of the Arab vessel the water without splashing. Suchconfirmed that the object was objects broke through the ice in the Reports in Official Fileshovering over their ship. A minute Arctic Ocean and would emit An interesting article titledand a half later, the object changed luminescence from the depths of the "Sovetskiye moryaki y leaysuchiye tarelki"its flight trajectory, listed to the water. ("Soviet seamen and flying saucers")right, gained speed and ascended Soroka mentioned encounters with was published years ago (alas, therapidly. Soviet seamen observed plunging USOs that followed athat when it rose through the clouds, similar scenario: gigantic cylinders Continued on page 8468 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 69. B r u c e C a t h i e r es e a r c h THE HARMONIC CONQUEST OF SPACE by Bruce L. Cathie CHarmonics of Hiroshima andofNagasaki; Harmonic hapters include: Mathematics the World Grid; the Transmission and Receiving; the Link Between Human Brain Waves; the Cavity Resonance between the Earth; the Ionosphere and Gravity; Edgar Cayce; the Harmonics of the Subconscious; Stonehenge; the Harmonics of the Moon; the Pyramids of Mars; Nikola Teslas Electric Car; the Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator; Harmonic Clues to the Unified Field; and more. To order, visit www.nexusmagazine.comJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 69
  • 70. RADIO OUT THERE Internet radio for the mind. Covering everything from the spiritual and alternative to the paranormal. Presented by Barry Eaton, author of “Afterlife - Uncovering The Secrets of Life After Death”. Listen on or download70 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 71. scientific comprehension. She also REVIEWS and complexity, Chorost says that B O O K S suggests how these alternative many existing technologies for Reviewed by Ruth Parnell perspectives can be applied in the detecting and interpreting brain fields of ecology, agriculture and activity, as well as mechanismsLIFE AS ENERGY healthcare. Dr Pietak gifts us with a (nanowires, optogenetics) for readingby Alexis Mari Pietak way to make a powerful difference in and writing brain activity, could beFloris Books, Edinburgh, UK, 2011 how we live and how we relate with applied to the task. He describes aISBN 978-086315-797-4 (280pp tpb) ecosystems and the entire planet. communications protocol for sendingAvailable: perceptions and memories from one brain to another, and unveilsT he materialistic scientific paradigm rarely considers the lifeaspect of a living organism because WORLD WIDE MIND by Michael Chorost examples of new kinds of collective communication that would be Free Press, London & NY, 2011of its focus on basic parts like genes ISBN 978-1-4391-1914-3 (242pp hc) possible if humans were interlinkedand molecules. Fortunately this is with the Internet—"telempathy", Available: www.SimonandSchuster.comchanging, helped by visionaries such synthetic perception and dreamas biophysicist/biomedical scientistAlexis Pietak, PhD, who regards life O ur next evolutionary step could be the development of a World Wide Mind, a computer technology brainstorming among them. A "hive mind" could emerge fromas a unique form of energy. these interactions, Chorost proposes, that may connect us in a collective The idea of "life as energy" is and could be used to enhance consciousness. This scenario isancient: its the qi of the Chinese and human-to-human contact and sustain proposed by Michael Chorost,the prana of the Ayurvedic systems of community on many levels. himself a sort of bionic man in thatIndia, but its also the "vitalism" of he has two cochlear implants—"a17th-century western science. Dr living example of the integration ofPietak explains how this holistic- humans and computers".based notion was subsumed by later Chorost perceives a time whenscientific rationalism but has never human minds may work directly withreally gone away: its been embraced the Internet, resulting in ourin alternative medicine such as becoming more closely connectedhomoeopathy and has an interesting with each other and able to sensefit with quantum physics. each others presence, moods and Dr Pietak gives us a renewed needs, as well as creating a singleappreciation for the awe-inspiring, organism with powerful newperplexing features of living systems capabilities. An adherent of theand demonstrates how we can utilise "push-pull dynamic" that drives"imaginative rationality" in their systems to increasing levels of orderJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWSTHE MYTH OF THE GREAT where visions, intuitions and phenomenon, which also involvesENDING promptings can help us create a livestock being killed in particularby Joseph M. Felser, PhD future that we want to live in. ways. While Australia has no nativeHampton Roads Publishing, Perhaps, Dr Felser suggests, these big cats, the authors suggest thatCharlottesville, Virginia, USA, 2011 End of Times expressions are really part of the answer may lie in theISBN 978-1-57174-645-0 (255pp tpb) repressed yearnings to reconcile our existence of an animal thought to beAvailable:; inner and outer worlds in harmony long extinct: the Thylacoleo carnifex, or with nature and spirit. He concludes "flesh-eating pouched lion". that the Great Ending myth is not other parts of the picture, withT heres nothing new about apocalyptic forecasts. In everyculture from the ancient to the about the future, but is a distorted echo of the distant past when we lost sightings of black panthers and brown pumas, had to be addressed— touch with nature. Its up to us sightings that began in the 1880s,modern there have been beliefs whether we realign ourselves. possibly of escaped circus animalsabout a Great Ending, and some of and US military mascots respectively.them have been right in that perhaps AUSTRALIAN BIG CATS The big cat problem has become atheir adherents did foresee the end of by Michael Williams & Rebecca Lang political issue in the Hawkesbury/their own civilisation. In other cases, Strange Nation Publishing, Hazelbrook, upper Blue Mountains region, andDoomsday cults have fulfilled their NSW, Australia, 2010 locals are fearful of a tragedy if theown fanatical beliefs in mass suicide errant animals arent caught. Aor murder. Curiously, some belief ISBN 978-0-646-53007-9 (434pp tpb) gripping yarn with intriguing can persist despite the Available: scenarios not coming topass; the particulars arentnecessarily important. Joseph Felser, T here is compelling evidence to suggest that big cats are roaming free in isolated parts of Australia andPhD, philosopher and associate New Zealand. Sydney-basedprofessor at CUNY, New York, researcher/writer Michael Williamswonders, then, whether the "Myth of and journalist Rebecca Lang havethe Great Ending" is "hardwired" into been studying eyewitness reports andthe human imagination. liaising with sympathetic scientists Inspiring and informing him on his for a decade, and theyve pooled theirjourney is the work of psychologist resources on their website,Carl Jung, mythologist Joseph ForCampbell, quantum physicist David their book, theyve pieced togetherBohm, the Sioux sage Black Elk, and archival reports and accounts fromout-of-body explorer Robert Monroe. colonial times up to the present in anSo, too, is the world of dreaming, attempt to find the truth behind the72 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 73. THE ORIGINAL GREAT PYRAMID The resultant cataclysm then forced REVIEWS relationship to so-called dirtyAND FUTURE SCIENCE the transfer of culture and technology electricity, as well as base stations,by Noel Huntley from Atlantis to Egypt. broadcast towers and power lines.AuthorHouse, UK, 2010 The Great Pyramid was used as a She has more evidence linking EMISBN 978-1-4520-2407-3 (260pp tpb) teleportation centre, Dr Huntley hypersensitivity symptoms to EMR asAvailable: claims. It served as fortification for well as household and environmental "the Arc of the Covenant", a portal chemicals, and McLean expressesT he Great Pyramid of Giza was built by a highly advanced civilisationwith big-picture knowledge that our bridge technology incorporating scalar standing waves and vortex sympathy for the sufferers who are ignored or derided by healthold-paradigm science cant fathom. oscillation. Thus he asks that we put authorities, politicians and society.But if were to try to understand the aside our programming and open our Theres more spin in the officialPyramids mathematical complexity minds to higher frequencies in the story than in electrons, but McLeanand purpose, we need to access this pursuit of knowledge and growth. has some hope that scientists maybig picture—and we must do this by move beyond the outdated belief thatexpanding our consciousness, says THE FORCE only the heating effects of radiation by Lyn McLean can cause health problems. Her A–ZNoel Huntley, PhD, who has a Scribe Publications, Victoria, Australia, guide to reducing EM exposure isbackground in physics, experimental 2011, revised and updated (first pub. as information thats now even morepsychology and parapsychology and critical to take on board, the moreaspires to bring together science and Watts the Buzz?, Scribe, 2002) electropollution we have to contendreligion in a spiritual science. ISBN 978-1-921640-29-2 (380pp pb) with in our environment. Dr Huntley agrees with researchers, Available: as Egyptologist John AnthonyWest, who propose that the Egyptiancivilisation was a legacy from an S ince Lyn McLeans book was first published in 2002 as Watts the Buzz? (reviewed in 9/04), we haveearlier, lost civilisation and that the noted considerable additional impactGreat Pyramid is thousands of years around the globe from theolder than is generally thought. increasingly widespread use ofHowever, Dr Huntley argues for an mobile phones and WiFi-enabledextraterrestrial source: the Sirian technologies, despite the mountingCouncil Anunnaki, which helped the scientific and medical evidence forprogress of the legendary Atlantean the adverse health effects ofand Lemurian cultures—but whose electromagnetic radiation (EMR).efforts were stymied by the In this revised and updated edition,Resistance Anunnaki and the Draco McLean expands her coverage ofcirca 55,000 and 52,000 years ago. appliances and computers, with theirJUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 73
  • 74. REVIEWS DIRTY ELECTRICITY AND increasing prevalence of wireless ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION technology today, we need Fishers by Donna Fisher advice now more than ever before. Joshua Books, Qld, Australia, 2011 ISBN 978-0-9808-7449-5 (239pp tpb) SEX, LIES AND Available: PHARMACEUTICALS by Ray Moynihan and Dr Barbara Mintzes Greystone Books, Vancouver, 2010 (first pub. by Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2010, ISBN 978-1-7423701-8-7) ISBN 978-1-553655084 (257pp tpb) Available:;; P harmaceutical corporations like Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and Boehringer, in league with medical researchers and psychiatrists, have created a new "disease"—"female sexual dysfunction"—in their bid to develop new drugs and new markets Wetrouble with electromagnetic thought we had enough fields (EMFs) pervading our for them. By identifying four such disorders—to do with libido, arousal, orgasm and pain—they can expand environments, and then came along their treatment reach. For Sex, Lies "dirty electricity". Its a plague thats and Pharmaceuticals Ray Moynihan, an "bigger than all of us", says Donna award-winning health journalist and Fisher in her new book, a follow-up author (Selling Sickness, 12/06; Too Much to Silent Fields and More Silent Fields Medicine?, 6/01), has teamed up with (reviewed in 15/06 and 17/0; article in Dr Barbara Mintzes, an assistant 16/06). The latest scientific studies professor at the University of British suggest that dirty electricity is not Columbias Department of only causing cancer, its speeding up Pharmacology and Therapeutics, who the progress of cancer in the has expertise in clinical trials and workplace, in the classroom and in drug marketing, efficacy and safety. the home. So its good to know that They expose how the pharmcos this dirty electricity plague can be utilise statistics—based on skewed kept in check by technologies such as surveys and invented by researchers plug-in filters that draw "transients" with financial ties to those same (caused by an interrupted electrical companies—and adopt marketing current flow) out of appliances and strategies to raise awareness about wiring and transfers them to ground. the target condition that most Fisher maintains that electrical women didnt know they had. What equipment today could easily be used to be regarded as normal fitted with filters to reduce the level fluctuations in womens sexuality are of dangerous EMR emissions. For now labelled as disorders that need now, we add to the plague whenever to be treated with pills and patches. we buy non-filtered equipment, even The authors quote the work of New energy-efficient appliances and York Universitys Dr Leonore Tiefer, lighting. Fisher presents amazing who has started a grassroots case studies of people whose health campaign against the medicalisation problems, such as debilitating MS, of female sexuality. This is were greatly improved by adopting empowering information in the face protective measures against EMF and of a false epidemic, manufactured by dirty electricity. And with the the global drug giants for profit.74 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 75. THE PROMISE OF hCG REVIEWS stunning weight-loss story of Mayerby Dr Sherrill Sellman, ND, Eisenstein, MD (who also contributesand Frankie Boyer the introduction), and glowingBridger House Publishers, ID, USA, 2011 testimonials from other healthISBN 978-0-9844733-3-5 (187pp tpb) professionals and the public. TheresAvailable: or from also an interview with a; colleague of Dr Simeons. Dr Sellmans colleague Frankie Boyer, an holistic living expert, presents tasty recipes based on the protocols— something else to look forward to on this quest to end all diets! VISIONS OF THE MULTIVERSE by Dr Steven Manly New Page Books, NJ, USA, 2011 ISBN 978-1-60163-129-9 (270pp tpb) Available: N ew-paradigm physics describes worlds that were once the domain of shamanic, faith-based andIfdoctors, healthanyofguide, thenand the experiences many medicaltheir clients are professionals spiritual experience. Now, ideas derived from cosmology, string theory, quantum mechanics andhCG—the human chorionic mathematics are the key to multiple-gonadotrophin hormone—and the universe concepts. Dr Steven Manly,dietary protocols developed by who has a PhD in high-energy physicsEnglish doctor A. T. W. Simeons half a and is a physics professor at thecentury ago provide the answer to University of Rochester, USA, bringsproblems of overweight and obesity. his demystifying and entertaining Sherrill Sellman, ND, introduced approach to exploring theories aboutNEXUS readers to hCG and the many types of "multiverses".protocols in 17/04 ("An Effective He revisits the history of relativisticSolution to the Obesity Epidemic"), and quantum concepts, and explainsand in her new book she restates the how physicist Hugh Everett in thefundamentals of how and why hCG 1950s developed his idea of infinite(especially the homoeopathic form) dimensions and parallel universesworks by unlocking the abnormal from quantum mechanical processes.stored fat, or adipose fat, which Dr Manly acknowledges the richaccumulates in the abdomen, legs, connection between quantumarms, neck and elsewhere. This mechanics and consciousness thatwonder "hormone" helps rebalance has been made by new-paradigmthe hypothalamus gland and then the thinkers, but hes no New Age fan.metabolism, eliminating abnormal Some multiverse concepts stemfat, resculpting the body, improving from the inflationary Big Bang model,muscle tone and resolving chronic and Dr Manly describes the relatedhealth disorders. Dr Sellman, who "beyond-the-horizon" and "bubble"has had great success herself with multiverses. Others, like thethe hcG program, cautions that there ekpyrotic model of at least twoare some contraindications to hCG multiverses in one, do not involveuse. Importantly, she outlines the inflation. Even the religious belief inthree phases of Dr Simeonss dietary a heaven beyond Earth is aprotocols and why they should be multiverse concept! Meantime, Drfollowed to the letter. Manly is searching for a quantum Supporting Dr Sellmans text is the theory of gravity that really works...JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 75
  • 76. REVIEWS FUTURESCIENCE: Forbidden generated to produce unlimited Science of the 21st Century quantities of free energy, and how by Maurice Cotterell antigravity waves can be used to Celtic Press, West Cork, Ireland, 2011 break hydrogen bonds in water to ISBN 978-0-9567722-0-6 (246pp hc) provide unlimited, free hydrogen fuel Available: to power the cars of the future. In addition, he discusses the Suns role in causing global warming and cooling: the Earths magma is subjected to tilting forces from the Suns "neutral sheet" (an area of neutral magnetic activity around the Suns equator) which modulate the 187-year sunspot cycle, causing heating or cooling of the Earth from within. A fascinating study. SHAKESPEARES SECRET BOOKE by David Ovason Clairview Books, East Sussex, UK, 2010 ISBN 978-1-905570-26-3 (237pp tpb) Over twohow to calculate the long- I decades ago, engineer- scientist Maurice Cotterell discovered Available: n his play King Henry IV, Part I, Shakespeare alluded to a "Secret term magnetic reversals of the Sun booke" that was "deepe and and he then proceeded to crack the dangerous". As David Ovason writes, codes of ancient Sun-worshipping it encompassed a sophisticated cultures such as the Mayans, the system of codes that, once accessed, Egyptians of Tutankhamuns time and revealed esoteric and ancient the Viracochas of South America (see knowledge. Ovason specialises in reviews in 3/02, 7/04, 8/03). He went historical and occult subjects (see The on to propose how the Sun affects Secret Zodiacs of Washington, DC, in fertility, determines the duration of 6/04), and here his focus is on the human gestation and affects the rise Elizabethan and Jacobean periods and fall of civilisations. He revisits and the underground movement, this work, with his amazing graphical especially the Rosicrucians, that superimpositions, in "The Science of nurtured these magical codes. Other the Sun" and "The Science of God" notables such as Nostradamus, John chapters of his book FutureScience. Dee, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis But first up, Cotterell addresses the Bacon, Ben Jonson, Edmund Spencer, 12 unsolved mysteries of physics, Robert Fludd and Jacob Boehm used e.g., what stops the positive charges the codes for covert communication. (protons) in the middle of atoms The code itself is numerical, and from springing apart. Next, he here Ovason concentrates on the explains how electricity and number 33, which has allusions to magnetism work at the atomic level the mystery of the Ego—the higher, to produce the force of gravity. The invisible Self. That number was electron must be coil-shaped, he encoded in illustrations and text via proposes, because, as it slices symbols, lines and letters, on title through the electric field between the pages and in stained glass windows hydrogen proton and electron, a and sculptures. The codes were there magnetic field is induced. He applies in plain sight, but could only be seen this principle to explaining the and interpreted by those in the know. Earths magnetic field. Cotterell goes Ovason does a fine job in decoding on to show how gravity waves can be this enigmatic body of knowledge.76 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 77. RADICAL PEACE REVIEWS be nurtured in mass society if non-by William T. Hathaway violent positive change is to beTrine Day, Oregon, USA, 2010 achieved, and global massISBN 978-0-9799886-9-1 (170pp tpb) meditation may well be key to aAvailable: breakout of peace. A compelling book from a dedicated peace activist. THE TRIUMPH OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Christopher James Clark Progressive Press, USA, 2010 ISBN 978-1-61577-370-1 (347pp l/f tpb) Available: W ho will win the epic battle of tyranny and deception versus liberty and truth? Whoever becomes more conscious, states Christopher Clark, a freelance researcher/writer, former business analyst and student of psychology and sociology (seeThe positivepass, if rising military change promised by US President Barack Obama hasnot come to In opening his analysis, Clark reviews the holes in the official 9/11 storybudgets and ongoing wars are any that point to an inside job, a false-guide. Many peace activists are now flag operation perpetrated byditching demonstrations for direct globalists intent on implementing aaction, designed to impede Americas New World Order. Whod haveability to wage war and maintain thought that what the powers-that-becontrol over economic resources and have in store for us is neo-feudalism?strategic interests in far-off lands. Let us not be taken over by In Radical Peace, former US Special manufactured banking panics andForces soldier turned political recessions, or be subsumed by globaljournalist William Hathaway, now a warming worries: let us fearlesslyprofessor of American Studies at the address and try to understand theUniversity of Oldenburg, Germany, problems confronting us, not give inpresents his own stories as well as to a manipulative agenda designed tothose of others including deserters, prey upon the potential of humanresisters and saboteurs from the consciousness, says an adamantUSA, Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq, Clark. He addresses pressing issuesall of them expressing their desire for to do with tyrannical globalpeace in different ways. These peace government, false environmentalismactivists are part of a loose global with its "UN ringleaders" andnetwork that holds that violent duplicitous cheerleaders, and covertgovernments shouldnt have to be government propaganda supportedobeyed, even if it means performing by big media. He takes a swipe atacts of defiance or sabotage that some of the most powerful andviolate the so-called US Patriot Act influential figures in the environmentand their foreign equivalents. Some movement whom he regards asof them have turned to meditation to "congenital liars, control freaks,find clarity, but others whove been psychopaths and globalists".involved in war have had to confront Clark tells it like it is in his well-and heal the pain from having researched polemic that ultimatelyinflicted violence on innocent people. aims at our embracing freedom and Hathaway believes that an love in furthering humanity and ourenlightened consciousness needs to planet. We have to wise up!JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 77
  • 78. REVIEWS SYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKY THE KLAUS DONA CHRONICLES: DVDs Episode Two: The Lightning-Scarred Secret World 1 Compiled by Duncan Roads Planet Mars produced by Frank Jacob and Tonia The Thunderbolts Project © 2011 Madenford © 2011 (75mins)GASLAND Available: Available: klausdonachronicles.comAvailable:;, I n this second episode of Symbols of an Alien Sky, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the I ndiana Jones, the fictional adventurer and treasure-seeker introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark, litR eleased in 2010, this award- winning documentary is about adevastating environmental disaster surface of Mars. Exploring feature after feature of the planet, he finds the world on fire with ideas of ancient mystical legends. But little is knownon an horrific scale. It about our true ancientillustrates the effects of past. Klaus Dona, anthe natural gas adept researcher on aextraction process quest for unusualcalled hydraulic artefacts, held his firstfracturing, or "fracking", Unsolved Mysterieswhich boomed in the exhibition in 2001 inUSA after 2005 when Vienna. The 400 originalmining companies artefacts he displayedwere exempted by law point to the existence offrom the Safe Drinking lost civilisations whoseWater Act. Now theyre acceptance would rewritelooking to do this in many new areas history.across Australia, Europe and North that only electric arcs could produce These forbidden artefacts includeAfrica. the observed patterns. The high- crystal skulls, ancient world maps of GasLand follows filmmaker Josh Fox resolution images reveal massive mysterious continents, Atlanteanon his journey across America, where channels and gouges, great mounds, relics, golden spacecraft, tools thathe discovers that the chemicals used and crater chains, none with an defy modern technology, magneticin the fracking water and the methane explanation in traditional geology but pyramids that glow under UV light,produced become mixed in with the all matching the scars from electric and evidence of giants 25 feet tall!water supply and also permanently discharge experiments in the lab. Join Klaus Dona as he details hiscontaminate the aquifers, affecting This is a documentary that could findings in Secret World 1, the first in amillions of people. change everything you thought you series of educational DVDs that This is a MUST SEE film! knew about planetary science, ancient chronicle his adventures and times and symbolism. discoveries. Highly recommended!78 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 79. REVIEWSwhere he played with and learned M U S I C from the locals. He trained at the Reviewed by Richard Giles Berklee College of Music, Boston, and has had success with his previousTHE ROUGH GUIDE TO AFRICAN Real Music releases, Zen Pause and ZenGUITAR LEGENDS World. This is relaxing lounge musicby various artists with a touch of jazz and classical. ItsRough Guides/World Music Network, great as background sound for yourUK, 2010 (2CDs, 129mins) creative and artistic work.Distributors: Australia—The PlanetCompany, tel (02) 9283 8250; UK— PEACE WITHINWorld Music Network, tel (0)20 7498 by Samjjana5252, Samjjana Music, Australia, 2011T his new release is a brilliant collection of music from acclaimedAfrican guitar players. The line-up (2CDs, 76mins) Distributor: Australia—Samjjana Music, www.samjjana.comincludes Oliver Mtukudzi, Ali FarkaTouré, Tinariwen, Henry Makobi, KingSunny Adé, Kanté Manfila and many H ere is a beautiful CD from two Australian performers, Maia and Sahayak, who amongst their othermore. These musicians are some of skills play the hang. The hang wasthe best of the best from modern developed in Switzerland, the resultAfrica. The bonus CD is from Syran of years of research on the steel panMbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo and a diverse array of instrumentsand other stars paying tribute to the such as the ghatam, gongs, drums andmusic of the Congolese guitar legend bells. The instrument, played withFranco who died over 20 years ago. the hands, produces udu-like sounds with air resonance and looks UFO- like. The albums also feature harp, flutes and crystal bowls, and the bonus disc is a harp performance in six parts. Exquisitely quietening. TANDE-LA by The Creole Choir of Cuba Real World Records, 2010 (43mins) Distributors: Australia—The Planet Company, tel (02) 9283 8250; UK— Real World Records, tel 0870 720 2127, T he Creole Choir of Cuba has members from the region around the city of Camegüeay. Of HaitianTHE VEIL OF WHISPERSby Thierry David background, they came together inReal Music Records, 2011 (66mins) 1994 to promote their own culture. Their songs are in the CreoleDistributors: Australia—Brumby Books language of the slaves brought to& Music, tel (03) 9761 5535; Europe— Cuba in the 18th century and of theMCC, tel +49 (4102) 898202; USA— many Haitians who moved to Cuba inReal Music, tel (415) 331 8273, the 19th and 20th centuries. express their strong Haitian originsT hierry David is a French musician who has spent a large amount ofhis time in remote locations with the through their songs of humour, survival, poverty and freedom, and with passionate, irresistible andindigenous people and their music. excitingly rich world rhythms. "ListenFor much of it, hes been in Peru to us", they say in their music.JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 79
  • 80. RAISING A VACCINE FREE CHILD RAISING A VACCINE FREE CHILD by Wendy Lydall A well-referenced book which dispells many myths about vaccinations, including that the benefits are worth the risks, that without vaccinations there would be epidemics, and that vaccines are scientifically and clinically tested for their safety and effectiveness. Lydall exposes the sham studies designed to cover up the vaccine connection to SIDS (cot death); and shows that homoeopathic vaccines are bringing an alien vibration into the body, and are not necessarily safe. Lydall also has information about the denial and/or dishonesty of some health care providers, medical bureaucrats, vaccine manufacturers and high-level officials on vaccine safety issues. Highly recommended! To order, visit JUST ARRIVED - TWO NEW BOOKS TO NEXUSGnostic T emplar Grand Prior Mark Amaru World War II historian Nigel GraddonPinkham presents the amazing history and chronicles a number of mysterious U-Boatteachings of the Left Hand Path—which missions—including trips to Antarctica—thatincludes the world’s gnostics, alchemists, secret took place both during and after the war.societies, and mystery school initiates—and its He details the strange landing of U-33 incontinual battle with the patriarchal adherents Scotland in 1940, which involved the top-of the Right Hand Path. secret Enigma encoding device. World Gnosis: The Mystery The Coming of U-33: Gnostic Hitlers Secret Civilization Envoy To order, visit www.nexusmagazine.com80 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 81. The Missing Pieces of the Weight Loss PuzzleContinued from page 22 exposure and dietary vitamin D", Bone Aug; 120:687-698 2008 May; 42(5):996-1003 24. WebMD, "The Dream Diet:significant risk factor for white 19. Orpana, H.M. et al., "BMI and Losing Weight While You Sleep",matter lesions in Japanese type 2 Mortality: Results From a National 2005, patients", European Journal of Longitudinal Study of Canadian 25. Patel, S.R. et al., "AssociationClinical Investigation 2009 May; Adults", Obesity 2010; 18(1):214-218 between reduced sleep and weight39(5):368-374 20. Zoya Lagunova quoted at gain in women", Am. J. Epidemiology14. Grant, W.B. and C.F. Garland, "A; 2006 Nov 15; 164(10):947-954critical review of studies on vitamin D Lagunova, Z. et al., "Serum 25- 26. Innovations Report, "Sleepin relation to colorectal cancer", Hydroxyvitamin D Is a Predictor of deprivation doubles risks of obesityNutrition and Cancer 2004; 48(2):115-123 Serum 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D in in both children and adults", 13 July15. Mercola, J. (Dr), "The Amazing Overweight an Obese Patients", J. 2006, that Lowers Your Blood Nutrition 2011 Jan; 141(1):112-117 27. Vorona, R. et al., "OverweightPressure", 30 April 2011, 21. Reuters, "Low vitamin D levels and Obese Patients in a Primary Care linked to diabetes risk", 27 April Population Report Less Sleep than16. 2011, Patients with a Normal Body Mass17. Holick, M.F. and T.C. Chen, 22. Al Mheid, Ibhar et al., "Vitamin D Index", Arch. Int. Med. 2005 Jan 10;"Vitamin D deficiency: a worldwide levels linked with health of blood 165:25-30, with health consequences", vessels", American College of 28. Phillips, M.L., "Gut Reaction:American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Cardiology Annual Meeting, New Environmental Effects on the Human2008 Apr; 87(4):1080S-1086S Orleans, April 2011, reported at Microbiota", Environmental Health18. Dr Helen Macdonald quoted at Perspectives 2009;117(5):A198-A205; Macdonald, 23. Oh, J. et al., "1,25(OH)2 Vitamin 29. Henderson, Mark, "Sugar andHelen M. et al., "Vitamin D status in D Inhibits Foam Cell Formation and fat-rich diets cause obesity bypostmenopausal women living at Suppresses Macrophage Cholesterol altering gut bacteria", Sunday Times,higher latitudes in the UK in relation to Uptake in Patients With Type 2 12 November 2009,bone health, overweight, sunlight Diabetes Mellitus", Circulation 2009 – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 81
  • 82. Past-Life Regression: An Ancient Healing Tool 10. "The Press: Found: Bridey 2008, from page 46 Murphy", TIME, 19 March 1956, 17. Authors interview with WiljaEndnotes Witcombe, July 2010 11. Bernstein, Morey, The Search for 18. ibid.1. Life Research Academy, Bridey Murphy, Doubleday, Garden City, 19. Bowman, Carol, Childrens Past New York, 1956 Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your2. Osho, The Alchemy of Yoga: 12. The Skeptics Dictionary, "Bridey Child, Bantam Books, New York, 1997Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Murphy", 20. Von Ward, op. cit., p. 36Patanjali, Diamond Pocket Books Ltd,, 21. Authors interview with Dr2005, pp 129-152 quoting from: Martin Gardner, Fads Newton, July 20103. Authors interview with Dr Newton, and Fallacies in the Name of Science, Dover 22. "Reincarnation Research",July 2010 Publications, Inc., New York, 1957 (first Rinpoche, Sogyal, The Tibetan Book of published by G. Putnams Sons in 23. Authors interview with DrLiving and Dying, HarperOne, San 1952 as In the Name of Science), at Satwant Pasricha, July 2010Francisco, 1992, revised and updated 24. ibid.edition 2002 13. Spanos, Nicholas, "Past-life 25. The Oprah Winfrey Show, 24 June5. Von Ward, Paul, The Soul Genome: Hypnotic Regression: A Critical View", 2008, and Reincarnation, Fenestra Skeptical Inquirer 1987–88 Winter; 26. Dr Edith Fiore quoted atBooks, Tucson, 2008, chapter 4, "Past- 12(2)174-180; The UnquietLife Healing", p. 34, 14. The Skeptics Dictionary, "Past Life Dead: A Psychologist Treats Regression",, Possession, Doubleday Books, New York,6. Von Ward, op. cit., pp. 34-35 quoting from Robert A. Baker, Hidden 19877. Woolger, Roger, Other Lives, Other Memories: Voices and Visions From Within, 27. Finkelstein, Adrian, MD,Selves, Doubleday, New York, 1987 Prometheus Books, Buffalo, NY, 1992 "Hypnosis, Past Life Regression,8. Von Ward, op. cit., p. 35 15. Nickell, Joe, "Robert A. Baker Spiritual Healing",9. The Oprah Winfrey Show, "Does Past- (1921–2005)", Skeptical Inquirer 2005 Regression Work?", 24 June 2008, Nov–Dec; 29(6), 28. Sri Aurobindo quoted at 16. The Oprah Winfrey Show, 24 June • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 83. The CHANI ProjectContinued from page 62 covered. Some topics were refused outright (these topics are classified). One of these "reluctant" topics was the Without the moon, they became more calm and naming and description of inner-Earth beings, their rolepeaceful. Anxiety and emotional fear had a dramatic in our development as well as the appointed hierarchydecline among the population and even the animals. All and who appointed such a beings were affected. (e) During the period when technicians tried to re- (2) There were weather and climate changes. The establish contact with the Entity, the research notesoceans became much calmer. Heavy thunderstorms and make mention of the introduction of a quantumlightning became a rarity. The climate became balanced antidote/virus with artificial-intelligence string gatheringall over their planet. Extreme cold or heat became properties and an estimated dormant period of 10 years.something of the past. Technicians came to the conclusion that once the code (3) They developed an enhanced new colour spectrum. was introduced into the collider network, it would lieThey could see and differentiate between new colours in dormant while gathering artificial intelligence on how toa way that they couldnt do before. re-establish contact. Simply put, they thought it would (4) A great majority of the population became aware of fix itself, given enough time.their telepathic communication abilities, especially However, Im quite certain that the CHANI project didbetween parents and children and among siblings. end in 2000, so I dont know if this project was re-Children born after the "demise" of the moon were able opened under another science or if it flowed or mergedto communicate with inner-plane beings without the into another. I mention this because, with the recentneed of training, Elder guidance or instruments. outbreak of the Stuxnet virus and the comments made (5) There were major changes to their respiratory by technicians, I cant help but feel uncomfortable withsystem. Their blood and breathing chemistry changed or the similarities between the current Stuxnet outbreakadapted. Children born after the moons demise were and the "code" properties that the technicians discussedable to hold their breath under water for hours at a time. at the time of the CHANI–Y2K issue. That was in 2000; (d) I have to point out to the reader that there were Stuxnet surfaced in 2010. A 10-year dormant period? Icertain topics that the Entity was very reluctant to address wonder, but thats a whole new conspiracy for anotheror to provide more detail on, other than what was already day. ∞JUNE – JULY 2011 NEXUS • 83
  • 84. SOVIET UFO SIGHTINGS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERSContinued from page 68 sightings from the general public. About the Author: One such report came from a Paul Stonehill is a researcher, authorauthor’s name and the date are Leningrad mechanic, A. Golitikin. and lecturer specialising in anomalousmissing), and referred to UFO On 24 January 1980, he was aboard phenomena, especially Soviet andsightings reports that were collected the refrigerated fishing trawler Russian military research into theand sent to VSNTO. Brilliant, some 20 to 30 miles from subject. Born in Kiyiv in the former In 1984, VSNTO set up the Central the coast of West Africa. USSR, since 1973 he has lived in theCommission for Anomalous At 13:00 hours, Golitikin went to USA where he graduated with a BA inPhenomena in the Environment. the deck and, along with other crew political science from California StateThe chairman was a corresponding members, observed a black cigar- University. In 1991, he founded themember of the USSR Academy of shaped object flying towards the Russian Ufology Research Center inSciences, V. S. Troitsky, and one of ship. Encino, California, which facilitateshis deputies was General-Major of The object moved much more UFO information-sharing. He is theAviation and Pilot-Cosmonaut Pavel slowly than an aeroplane would, at author of numerous articles for UFO-Popovich. an altitude of 1.5 to 2.0 kilometres, related magazines and several books The first Ukrainian cosmonaut, and it made no sound. including (with Philip Mantle) UFOPopovich received a large file of UFO They observed the object for about Case Files of Russia (11th Dimensionreports from the KGB in 1991— seven minutes through binoculars. Publishing/Healings of Atlantis, UK,unprecedented in UFO research. He They were most amazed when the 2010; see review in NEXUS 17/05),also gave several fascinating object approached the trawler and The Soviet UFO Files: Paranormalinterviews a few years before his then immediately disappeared. Encounters Behind the Iron Curtaindeath in 2009, one of them revealing Certainly there is much more (Quadrillion Publishing, UK, 1998) andhis knowledge of USOs and amazing information in the secret Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia (Galdeunderwater bases. archives of Russias Navy, but the Press, 2011, USA). The Central Commission has Russian government and its Navy Paul Stonehill can be contacted viacollected reports of UFO and USO guard their secrets very well. ∞ email at • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2011
  • 85. DVDs available through NEXUS NEXUS MAGAZINE Reconnecting to Nature Through Spiritual The School: Creating Your Space Permaculture Humanity’s New of Love: The Road 1987-2010 Home by Leonid Sharashkin Future This DVD contains the The Ringing Cedars editor At this Russian school, the Family domain and complete back issues of reveals worldwide poten- children have designed, eco-village planning, NEXUS from 1987-2010 tial for Russia’s permacul- built and decorated their presented by Leonid in pdf format. ture garden movement. own campus. Sharashkin in Byron Bay. Ancient Roots, Recreating A Garden The Return of Modern Shoots Planet The Eternal Cycle Anastasia “Seeing Your Natural Psychology of Fertility and Birth in Leo Sharashkin explains Environment as an Humanity-Earth Nature and Human the significance of theExtension of Your Self” by Co-evolution. Presented Experience. Presented by Russian dacha gardening Leonid Sharashkin. by Leonid Sharashkin. Leonid Sharashkin. movement. The Harmonic Code Vaccination: The NEXUS Conference NEXUS Conference by Bruce Cathie Hidden Truth DVDs - 2007 DVDs - 2008“UFOs, Antigravity and the Their ineffectiveness, the Harry Oldfield, George Ringing Cedars, Crystal Energy Grid”. Matter, manipulated statistics and Wiseman, Sherrill Sellman, Skull, Harry Oldfield, antimatter, time travel, what vaccines contain Meryl Dorey, Dr Ted Loder Callum Coats, Gary Opitharmonic mathematics etc. exposed in this DVD. and more. and more. To order visit
  • 86. Books available via NEXUS on Ancient Mysteries and Travel Archaeology/Mysteries Lost Cities & Ancient 2012 and the Shift Sunken Realms Mysteries of the The Giza Death Star of Ages by Karen Mutton Southwest This is physicist Joseph A Guide to the End of the A Survey of Underwater David Hatcher ChildressFarrell’s amazing book on World by Alexander Price. Ruins From Around the traverses the American the secrets of the Great Investigates the cycles of World. Includes discussion Southwest investigating Pyramid of Giza. human history and nature. on causes of sunken cities. archaeological mysteries. Axis of the World The Lost Continent In Secret Tibet by Igor Witkowski The Hollow Earth of Mu by Theodore Illion A Multi-disciplinary Dr Raymond Bernard’s James Churchward’s clas- Reprint of a rare 1930s approach across the bizarre 60s classic is back sic on the theory of a lost travel book by a German Americas in search of the in print! New intro by continent in the Pacific. traveller who travelledoldest American civilisation. David Hatcher Childress. First published in 1931. through forbidden Tibet. The Lost Science of Maps of the Ancient Danger My Ally Land of the Gods Measuring the Earth Sea KingsThe true life adventure of How a Scottish Landscape Discovering the Sacred Charles Hapgoods classic F.A. Mitchell-Hedges was Sanctified to Become Geometry of the Ancients 1966 book on ancientincluding his discovery of Arthurs Camelot by Philip by Robin Heath and John maps and world civilisationthe famous Crystal Skull. Coppens. Michell. before Ancient Egypt. To order visit
  • 87. Conspiracy & Religious Revisionism/Mysteries available via NEXUS (selection only). Hitlers Suppressed, ParaPolitics:Still-Secret Weapons, Conspiracy in From Major Jordan’sScience & Technology Weather Warfare Contemporary Diaries by Henry Stevens by Jerry E. Smith America by George Racey Intelligence reports of The Militarys Plan To Draft Collection of Kenn Thomas Diary account of high-levelsupermetals, electric guns, Mother Nature. HAARP, lecture remarks, interviews cooperation between& ray weapons, x-ray and environmental & weather- and articles from the Russia and the USA since laser weaponry. modifying technologies. world’s underground press. World War II. The Secret Vault Mind Control, World by André Douzet and Control The Shadow Secrets of the Holy Philip Coppens by Jim Keith Government Lance The Secret Societies Veteran conspiracy 9-11 and State Terror, by The Spear of Destiny inManipulation of Sauniere researcher’s overview of Len Bracken, with History & Legend by Jerry& the Secret Sanctuary of mind control as a tool of introduction by Kenn E. Smith and GeorgeNotre-Dame-de-Marceille. the New World Order. Thomas. Piccard. Mary Magdelene They Lied to Us in The Papal Billions The Twin Deception The Illuminator Sunday School by Tony Bushby by Tony Bushby Ian Ross Vayro takes us Damning facts about the Reading like a suspense The Woman Who through ancient biblical Vaticans accumulation of novel, this book unlocksEnlightened The Christ by texts leading one to ques- wealth over the centuries. the concealed evidence of William Henry. tion traditional teachings. Jesus’ twin brother. To order visit
  • 88. Books available through NEXUS—Environment/Spirituality and Alternative Health 13-Moon Diary ofRinging Cedars Series Natural Time Stone Age Farming by Vladimir Megré 2010-2011 by Alanna Moore How to Survive 2012 The author’s fascinating Red Overtone Moon Year. Eco-Agriculture for the 21stexperience of Anastasia and Contains Mayan 13-Moon Century—a holistic, Tactics and Survival Places the ringing cedars of calendar, horoscope, practical approach to farm for the Coming Pole Shift Russia. planner & short guide & ecosystem management. by Patrick Geryl. Ley Lines and Earth Living Energies Hidden Nature Voyages Into the Energies by Callum Coats by Alick Bartholomew Unknown by D Cowan & C Arnold Viktor Schauberger (1885- Describes Schauberger’s Bruce Moens forays into A groundbreaking1958) & his brilliant ideas & work with water as a living the afterlife, including his exploration of the Earths inventions harnessing organism. Foreword by experience in helping natural energy and how it natural energy explained. David Bellamy. retrieve individuals. affects our health. Silent Fields Every Breath You Behavioural Problems by Donna Fisher T a ke The Golden Fountain in Childhood The Growing Cancer Help for asthma sufferers The Complete Guide to Neurological & behaviour- Cluster Story—an exposé with information on the Urine Therapy by Coen al disorders and the link to on the power industry & Buteyko Method by Dr van der Kroon. vaccines by Viera “dirty” electricity. Paul Ameisen. Scheibner PhD. To order visit
  • 89. Suppressed/Frontier Science & Free Energy A selection of books available from NEXUS The Fantastic The Energy Machine Inventions of Nikola Harnessing the of T. Henry Moray Prodigal Genius Tesla Wheelwork of Nature by Moray B. King by John J. ONeill Compiled by Childress ed Thomas Valone Zero-Point Energy & Nikola Tesla is revealed as Compendium of the inven- Essays, papers, technical Pulsed Plasma Physics. a figure of genius whose tions of the originator of briefings and press clip- 1920s energy device ex- influence on the world electrification. Includes pings dedicated to Teslasplained by modern science. reaches into the far future. patents, diagrams, photos. work and memory. Adams’ Pulsed Electric Motor The Adams Manual - Perpetual Motion The Free-Energy Generator Manual Addendum by Arthur Ord-Hume Device Handbook This is the manual which This addendum further A present-day engineer A compilation of patents, further describes the updates the research and finds perpetual motion diagrams, descriptions and details on how to build the theory surrounding the seekers were important in reports, edited by David Robert Adams motor. Adams Motor. engineering’s history. Hatcher Childress Gravitational Manipulation of The Anti-Gravity The Energy Grid The Tesla Papers Domed Craft Handbook by Bruce Cathie by David H. Childress UFO Propulsion Dynamics Edited by David Hatcher Breakthrough book that Teslas vision of the future, by Paul Potter. Research Childress. Free Energy, explores the incredible including wireless power, based on crashed UFOs Flying Saucer Propulsion, potential of the Energy Grid anti-gravity, free energy & from Russia and America. UFOs, NASA Cover-ups. and Earths Unified Field. advanced solar power. To order visit
  • 90. A selection of books on UFOs and the Unexplained available through NEXUS. CONTACT:SOLOMON ISLAND Countdown to HIDDEN TRUTH: MYSTERIES COEVOLUTION Transformation Forbidden Knowledge by Marius Boirayon by Alec Newald by Steven M Greer by Steven M Greer Giants of the Solomon The life-changing true Chronicle of the CSETI From UFO sightings to Islands; UFO underwater story of a man taken for team’s experience of meetings with CIA direc-& underground bases deep ten days to an contact from 1992-2009. tors, join Greer on his dis- in the jungle. extraterestrial civilisation. Includes bonus DVD. covery of secret agendas. UNDERWATER & UNDERGROUND STALKING THE REICH OF THE THE GREAT AIRSHIP BASES TRICKSTERS BLACK SUN OF 1897 Dr Richard Sauder’s evi- Investigation into Nazi Secret Weapons & A Provocative look at the dence & govt paper trail Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, The Cold War Allied Most Mysterious Aviation for the construction of Dark Adepts and 2012 by Legend by historian and Event in History by J. Allanhuge bases on & offshore. Christopher OBrien. physicist Joseph P. Farrell Danelek. UFOS AND UFOS, PSI & ANTI-GRAVITY SPIRITUAL NAZI Piece for a Jigsaw EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL THE LUCID VIEW Scientist Leonard G. A Journey Through the The Nazis Postwar Plan to Investigations into Cramps 1966 classic on Evolution of Interstellar Control Finance, Conflict, Occultism, Ufology andflying saucer propulsion & Travel by Christopher Physics and Space by Paranoid Awareness by suppressed technology. Humphrey PhD. Joseph P. Farrell. Aeolus Kephas. To order visit
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