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Nexus 1802 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW T IMES MAGAZINE Volume 18 , Number 2 FEBRUARY—MARCH 2011 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.................................................6 SCIENCE NEWS.................................................................49 Readers comment on such diverse subjects as the power This edition, we feature Bruce Cathie and Rod Maupins of collective meditation, Climategate, homoeopathy vs exploration of the updated Gridpoint Atlas® software cancer, secret plans to cope with a biblical-scale flood in which can be used to calculate World Grid harmonics and Australia, and systemic problems in the health system. plot grid maps on Google Earth screenshots.GLOBAL NEWS....................................................................8 THE 21ST-CENTURY RENAISSANCE OF SCIENCE.........55 We report on ULF waves recorded over Haiti before the By Professor Robert Pope. To ensure our survival into the 2010 quake, Wi-Fis deadly effects on trees, safety issues future, the 20th-century scientific world-view, blinded by with flu vaccines, the strongest La Niña event on record, the flawed second law of thermodynamics, must be WikiLeaks revelations and revolutions, and more. replaced by an ethical holographic life-science.WIKILEAKS: WORLDWIDE INFORMATION WAR.......13 THE TWILIGHT ZONE.....................................................63 By Andrew Gavin Marshall. WikiLeaks recent release of We feature an extract from Karl Bruggers rare book the first batch of 250,000 US diplomatic cables gives "The Chronicle of Akakor", which recounts an Amazonian insights into government and media propaganda, the Indians story of his tribes relationship with an alien machinations of diplomats, and opportunities for positive master race over thousands of years and of great social transformation amidst the new global awakening. catastrophes that have befallen planet Earth.THE KNIGHTS OF THE EXTREME RIGHT.....................23 REVIEWS—Books...............................................................69 By Philip Coppens. Many secret societies, including those "Porphyria" by Steven Rochlitz, PhD promising spiritual enlightenment, have been infiltrated "Energizing Water" by J. Schwuchow, J. Wilkes and I. Trousdell by intelligence operatives for the purposes of grooming "Beyond Belief" by James F. Coyle terrorists and fulfilling nefarious political agendas. "Earthing" by C. Ober, S. T. Sinatra, MD, and M. ZuckerLAETRILE VS CANCER: AN AUSTRALIAN STORY......29 "Homo Serpiens" by Aeolus Kephas By Rev. Dr Shé DMontford. The medical/pharmaceutical "What Lurks Beyond" by Jason Offutt establishment has a vested interest in ensuring that "The Art of Close Encounters" by Kim Carlsberg successful alternative cancer treatments are withheld "George Adamski: A Herald..." by Gerard Aartsen from the public. Laetrile or vitamin B17 is one substance "The Cosmic Conspiracy" by Stan Deyo that threatens the stranglehold of "the cancer industry". "The NASA Conspiracies" by Nick Redfern "The Mystery of U-33" by Nigel GraddonTHE FUTURE OF THOUGHT COMMUNICATION.......35 "The Forbidden Archeologist" by Michael A. Cremo By Belinda Doyle. Brain-to-computer interface "The Origin of God" by Laurence Gardner technology is increasingly helping people with profound "Challenges of Change" by Stanley A. Fulham disabilities but is also paving the way for new forms of REVIEWS—DVDs...............................................................76 communication with network-enabled telepathy. "NEXUS Conference 2010" produced by E&E ProductionsIS ALZHEIMERS CAUSED BY PARACETAMOL?............41 REVIEWS—Music...............................................................77 By Walter Last. Within two decades of the introduction "Akave" by George Telek of phenacetin and paracetamol analgesics in the 1880s, "Tibet: Awakened Heart" by Tenzin Choegyal and Taro Terahara the first Alzheimers cases were described, and thereafter "Shakuhachi Water Meditations" by Riley Lee the disease rate rose sharply. Natural medicine offers a "This is the Story" by Miriam Lieberman solution to this increasingly prevalent illness. NEXUS BOOKS, DVDS, ADS, SUBSCRIPTIONS.......87–96FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEX US MAG AZIN E Volume 18, Number 2 Well,we are has arrivedstrongestbang,Niña Brazil, with unprecedented flooding.inThe culprit, 2011 told, is the with a La or, in the case of many countries including Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and pattern ever recorded, as youll read the FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 Global News section in this edition. PUBLISHED BY Also in the news are numerous reports from all over the planet of thousands of NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 dead birds, fish and now mammals being found. Occasional reports of mass fish EDITOR deaths and even mass bird deaths are not new, but the sheer scale of these recent Duncan M. Roads events (most of which are confined to local area news reports) is quite alarming. It CO-EDITOR is unclear whether there is any common cause for these deaths. I hope to have Catherine Simons more information on this disturbing topic in our next issue. ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR And if record-breaking floods and strange mass animal deaths are not enough to Ruth Parnell keep you wondering, then what about the Sun? A few months ago it produced the largest solar filament, or solar prominence, on record. Fortunately, so far, all the OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster recent coronal mass ejections have shot out into space, away from the Earth. Back down here on Earth, the WikiLeaks Cablegate phenomenon is still capturing MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT attention worldwide. The leaking of the first batch of 250,000 US diplomatic cables Richard Giles; Susie Foster has already changed the world forever, and only 1% of the cables has been released WEB MISTRESS/PROOFREADER to date! For people in power, there are no surprises with the contents of the cables; Jenny Hawke but for the average person in the street, especially in Muslim countries, they reveal CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE shocking evidence of government hypocrisy and worse, with many governments Andrew Gavin Marshall; Philip Coppens; secretly supporting the USA and Israel while uttering meaningless platitudes at the Rev. Dr Shé DMontford; Belinda Doyle; masses. The mid-January ousting of the Tunisian president is considered to be a Walter Last; Captain Bruce L. Cathie (Ret.) result of WikiLeaked revelations, which gave new impetus to existing tensions. The and Rod Maupin; Professor Robert Pope people decided that enough was enough. See our feature article plus Global News CARTOONS in this edition for more on the WikiLeaks releases. Phil Somerville I want to make particular mention of two articles in this issue. The first is in the COVER GRAPHIC Science News section, and its all about the new Gridpoint Atlas software—the latest Jeff Edis, update of the original Gridworks program based on Bruce Cathies World Grid PRINTING harmonics system. This is an incredible piece of software which also utilises Google Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia Earth to plot the location of any part of the World Grid that you specify. As word of AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION this gets out, I expect to hear from researchers who have discovered new locations of Newsagents Direct Distribution interest and connections with key grid intersection points. Truly, this software puts powerful information into the hands of the public. Get it while you can!HEAD OFFICE – All CorrespondencePO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. The other article is in Twilight Zone, and its an edited extract from a rare bookTel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 called The Chronicle of Akakor. In the book (but not included in our extract), authorWebsite: Karl Brugger mentions that 24 December 2011—not 2012—is the end of the MayanNZ OFFICE: RD 2, Kaeo, Northland. Tel: +64 (0)9 long-count calendar. Note the context of this event in relation to the recorded405 1963; Email: history of the Chosen Tribes: for these people, it is not the end of the world per se; it marks the end of an era and, importantly, the return of the gods, who they say comeUK OFFICE: 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, back to Earth every 6,000 years.West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Meanwhile, rumours are on the rise that the Chinese have entered into aE U R O P E O F F I C E : Postbus 10681, 1001 ER relationship with an alien race and that this involves game-changing technology.Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: One thing thats not clear is whether this means conquest or cooperation by and STATEMENT OF PURPOSE with China. I also hope to have more information about this next time. The signsNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a are there for all to see that the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically,massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS with China emerging on top. Many insiders say that war with China is coming soon,seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not but is likely to be piggybacked on a major Earth-changing event.linked to any religious, philosophical or political Remember the article last edition about the power of collective prayer andideology or organisation. meditation to help change people and thus the world? Ill say it again: the world needs as much love, light and prayer as you can give. If you want to change the PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICYWhile reproduction and dissemination of the planet to a higher vibration, then start visualising and broadcasting that vibrationinformation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone now. Already, millions of people send out love and prayers to the world every fullcaught making a buck out of it, without our express moon and new moon. Seriously, what have you got to lose? Love to all...permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles,unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulationsand that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable ofbeing misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that theyare not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek profes-sional help for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 1987–20112 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
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  6. 6. Letters to the Editor ...Collective Consciousness music (such as by Beethoven they quote the IPCC as if it since retiring. Thinking I do Dear Duncan: I have just or Mozart) as an aid to the had something valuable to not wish to be that busy, Iread my first edition of visualisation process. say. Perhaps you should now enjoy six SaturdaysNEXUS (vol. 18, no. 1), after This method involves edit the list of top 25 stories and a Sunday each week.spotting the cover headline unifying the faculties of to a top 10. Trivial stories Keep up your good work.for Dr Roger Taylors article mind with the heart and about segregation in US Regards,"The Power of Collective will, in order to broadcast schools can be the first to John L., South AustraliaMeditation". Thank you for positive light energy into go. The rest can be locatedprinting this article, which the wider community. In on the Project Censored Against Atheism & Zionismis one of the most special circumstances, website. Dear Duncan: Thanksinformative and stimulating projecting thoughts of Keep up the good work. again for a thought-texts I have read recently. peace and light specifically Zyconoclast, Griffith, provoking and informative It is clear that the towards the powers-that-be NSW, Australia issue (18/01). Two mattersdiscoveries of "real" is recommended! in particular are of interestscientists, i.e., the non- Encouragingly, there are Electric Circuits and QED to me: your editorial, andblinkered, self-interest-free now groups who regularly Dear Duncan: In 2009 I Palestine [Project Censoredminority such as those practice this method of made a film which explains article, item 9].responsible for the collective meditation on how an electric circuit With reference to youradvances made in the field every continent. works from the view of editorial on whether we areof quantum physics, As quantum physics is quantum electrodynamics meaningless, I became avalidate the activities of now proving, it is (QED). Tom Bearden wrote lapsed atheist when I facedgroups who have consciousness that creates a short comment about the up to the "obvious"experimented with the our world. Thank you again film which I have published contradiction of thepower of consciousness to for printing Dr Taylors on my website at popular materialist view ofeffect healing and positive empowering article. I hope www.electra-energy-ag. everything being withoutchange on a global scale. that an increasing number com/en/animation/. purpose—as you rightly However, as Dr Taylor of peaceful people of Since it has become very imply. Simply, if there ispointed out in his article, goodwill will unite their difficult nowadays to only material (and itsthere are millions of minds to utilise this receive recognition for a complement, energy), thenaltruistic individuals who knowledge. We will create a scientific work, I was life has evolved from regularly pray and force that is ultimately thinking if I may ask you Non-life material is subjectmeditate. For many of us, capable of defeating the also to write a short to increasing disorder; lifethough, our practice is not bastions of egoism and comment about the film. to increasing order, whichas powerful as it could vested interest. Then we Warm regards, must derive this force frompotentially be. I think there can begin to create a much Marcus Reid, Germany within its material self.are two reasons for this: better world for all. We individually havefirst, many people are Regards, Time Flies with NEXUS! purposefulness, if only tounaware that their activities Susan J., Brighton, UK Hello Duncan and staff: continue living (as all lifehave been scientifically Loved your editorial in the has). So as life has thisproven to be effective; and Climategate Censored 18/01 edition of the purpose and life is inherentsecond, their method lacks Hi Duncan: I have been magazine, which is in the material of thestructure and coherence. reading NEXUS for 20 years. excellent again. Universe, then the Universe I would like to bring to Last year I read the You mentioned "how time has purpose—albeit thatyour attention the "laser" Project Censored has flown" in your editorial. we may not be conscious ofmeditation technique compilation and there was I find your magazine so what that is.explained by a Bulgarian no mention of the informative and easy to With regards to Palestine,mystic, O. M. Aivanhov, who Climategate scandal. I read that when I have to the Zionist Jews (there areencouraged interested suspected this may have wait for another six or seven many Jews who are notparticipants to meet been due to the timing. weeks for the next edition Zionists, and many Jewscommunally on a regular I waited for this years to arrive, time drags. who oppose what thebasis. He suggested summary, and again no An old-timer told me that Zionist state does in theirutilising the vibrations of mention. In fact, they [the he did not know how he name) trade on asound by listening to short Project Censored team] ever had time to go to work, perversion of their religionpassages of highly charged have gone one step worse: as he has been so busy and history to perpetuate6 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
  7. 7. ... more Letters to the Editorthe apartheid mentioned in vision was so poor that I eye and says, "Yes, the last should we be in the darkthe article, along with the could only see an arms time Noah was involved. while they spend so muchethnic cleansing that they length away—and that was Yes, that flood!" to safeguard the corporateand their forebears fuzzy with double vision. Forty-five billion being structures? I really dontinitiated and continue: I was told that the spent on this one. His part think we will get warningscrimes against humanity. treatment was not working is in Brisbane, Queensland, on what they must already What is becoming more for me, and was asked if I yet many roads are being know is coming.known is the crime against wanted to stay in the rebuilt higher all over the Yours..."humanity that Zionists have hospital, go to a hospice or state and many new Anonymousperpetrated, and continue go home. I decided to go motorway tunnels. The [Intriguing! Anyone able toto perpetrate, by ethnically home, and as a last resort I tunnels in Brisbane are shed more light on this, pleasecleansing Palestine to consulted a homoeopath. what we believe will be the contact us. (Item slightly editedachieve their mythical racial Since then, I have never way to relay the big floods for publication here.) Ed.]purity (akin to the Nazis). needed to consult a doctor out to sea (too bad if youre I can only assume that again. in one at the time is my Exposing Medical Errorsthe western powers support I trained as a guess). Examining the way Dear Duncan: Asthe Israeli state because of homoeopath, have been they have built the new requested, I write to advisemisguided ideas that this is registered for the last 10 hospital, it appears that you of my web page aboutin their countries interests years, and now work in the ships could dock there: no my husband Dons dreadful(such as keeping the West Midlands in England. reason to be built that high. suffering and consequentsurrounding Arab countries Gemma, UK No photography is death in May 2007 at thein a permanent state of war allowed, and this is hands of a major hospital inwith each other and More Floods for Australia? regulated strictly. Must be Australia.Israel—divide and rule) Dear Duncan: I spotted finished before 2012, but As my testament is self-and the pressure from the this at George Ures website last few days they have published, I am relying onequally misguided Jews in ( on suggested to speed up the goodwill of those I havetheir countries who believe 12 January 2011 [first works and intend to work contact with to ensure thatthe Zionist myths. published on 6 March 2010 under floodlight around the as many people as possible Best wishes, at www.peoplenomics. com]: clock. Now, thats just are able to have access to Ian C., UK "Every once in a while, a making me a bit more information about systemic reader email or a news tip nervous. Maybe youre problems with theHomoeopathy vs Cancer comes along which just right: 2012 has been moved Australian (western) health Dear Editor: Fourteen screams for more follow-up forward? care system.years ago I had brain cancer because it fits with a lot of Feel free to ask for more I thank you for your helpand was given months to rumbles being heard info; he will send it over the and appreciate any helplive. I had all the lately. That was the case weekend if so. I probably you can give me in (a)conventional treatment, this week when the would have dismissed it as ensuring that those whoincluding radiology and following email arrived myth myself, but when caused my husbandschemotherapy. All my hair from Australia: youre on the payroll for the suffering and death be heldfell out in one weekend Hi George. [Ill] keep it big event, well, it doesnt accountable, (b) hopefullyafter radiology, and I put on short; know you have tons get more real than that. changing the public healthfour stone in four weeks to look at every day. Are there any projects over care system in Australia soafter the steroids. My I just dont get it. My there reporting the same that injury and deathmedical notes say that husband is working on this reason for big projects? caused by medical error willchemotherapy was not huge project. In the first Maybe they werent meant be investigated as with anyhelping, and that my meeting, the top to slip the truth into this other wrongful injury anddisease had progressed management levels are meeting. death, and (c) ensuring thatduring my treatment. informed the government is Just reply simply "more those accountable will be I was mostly bed-bound, building it for the 10,000- info", and I will forward made to answer for theirand to get anywhere I had year flood and its not facts if youre interested. use a wheelchair. I had public knowledge. He looks The company is sworn to The website is www.agonising pains in my legs, around and hardly anyone secrecy but he hasnt unable to open my bats an eyelid. The speaker signed anything and says Thank you,eyelids voluntarily, and my looks my husband in the he is willing to speak. Why Therese Mackay, AustraliaFEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. FEDERAL RESERVE THE above the Earths surface. MOST PROFITABLE BANK In early December, a IN HISTORY group of researchers from he financial crisis has the Technical University ofT helped the FederalReserve in the US become Serres in Greece released research data showing that DEMETER detected athe most profitable bank in significant change in ultra-history. "The Fed" turned a low-frequency radio wavesUS$80.9 billion profit in in the ionosphere above2010, $76.2 billion of which Haiti in the month beforecame from securities that it the quake.bought during the crisis. "The results reveal a The Feds interest costs significant increase of theare minimal because almost energy of ULF waves, up toall of its liabilities, such as 360%, for a period of onebank reserves, are paid at month before the mainthe overnight rate of 0.0% to earthquake compared with0.25%, but many of the the energy of thelonger-term assets it has background," they said.bought yield 4.0% or 5.0%. In a carefully worded Most of the Feds income ULF RADIO EMISSIONS RECORDED statement, Michael($76.2 billion) came from interest on OVER HAITI BEFORE QUAKE Athanasiou, one of the scientiststhe approximately $2,000 billion of involved, said: "The results of thissecurities it has acquired as part ofits efforts to stimulate the US T he French satellite DEMETER observed a dramatic increase in ultra-low-frequency (ULF) radio paper clearly indicate that ULF electromagnetic waves can be veryeconomy. It earned $7.1 billion in waves over Haiti in the month useful in revealing possiblenet income from special-purpose before the M7.0 earthquake in precursor seismic phenomena."vehicles, such as that set up to buy January 2010. (Source: Technology Review, 9 Decemberassets from the failed investment DEMETER (Detection of Electro- 2010, Bear Stearns, and $3.4 billion Magnetic Emissions Transmittedfrom its loans to the bailed-out from Earthquake Regions) was IS WI-FI KILLING TREES?insurer AIG. esearch in the Netherlands has(Source: The Financial Times, London, 10January 2011, launched in 2004 by the French space agency CNES into a polar R shown that trees that were planted in close proximity to a orbit approximately 700 kilometres wireless router suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves. The city of Alphen aan den Rijn, in the west of the country, ordered the study five years ago after officials found unexplained abnormalities on trees which they did not believe had been caused by any known viral infection. The researchers took 20 ash trees and exposed them to various kinds of radiation for three months. The trees were exposed to six sources of radiation with frequencies ranging from 2412 to 2472 MHz and a power of 100 mW at a distance of just 20 inches [50.8 centimetres]. Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio developed a "lead-like shine" on their leaves that was caused by8 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
  9. 9. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .the dying of the upper and lower WIKILEAKS: US THREATENED on procedural grounds.epidermis. This would eventually "RETALIATION" TO BULLY EU In the last 12 years, only tworesult in the death of parts of the INTO ACCEPTING GM CROPS organisms have been licensed forleaves, the study found. eacting to a French pledge to seeding across Europe, and one of The researchers also discoveredthat Wi-Fi radiation could slow the R represent the "common interest" in considering biotech foods, a them was a potato that triggered the recent mass petition against thegrowth of corn cobs. former US ambassador crops. The worlds number-one In the Netherlands, about 70 per recommended publishing a multinational biotechnology firm,cent of all trees in urban areas show "retaliation list" of European Monsanto, isnt happy about that.the same symptoms, compared with locations where genetically modified The Nations Jeremy Scahill revealedonly 10 per cent five years ago, the organisms (GMOs) were being in September that the worlds topstudy found. Trees in densely grown, in the hope that activists producer of genetically modifiedforested areas are not affected. would destroy them and "cause seeds hired US security contractor(Source: The Daily Mail, London, 25 some pain" for officials, a leaked US Blackwater to "infiltrate activistNovember 2010, diplomatic cable shows. groups organizing against the In the confidential communication multinational biotech firm". BACTERIA USED TO TURN CELLS dated 14 December 2007, the then Meanwhile, other cables released INTO COMPUTERS US Ambassador to France, Craig by WikiLeaks show that, behind the esearchers at the University of Roberts Stapleton, recommended scenes, Spain has been a key ally ofR California, San Francisco (UCSF),have engineered E. coli bacteria with creating the list if France and the European Union continued to ban the US in defending genetically modified crops.the key molecular circuitry that will biotech seeds. Another cable sent to the Vaticanenable genetic engineers to program "Mission Paris recommends that on 19 November 2009 indicated thatcells to communicate and perform [the US government] reinforce our Pope Benedict XVI also supportscomputations. negotiating position with the EU on genetically modified crops, but will The work builds into cells the agricultural biotechnology by not admit it in public.same logic gates found in electronic publishing a retaliation list when "Vatican officials remain largelycomputers and creates a method to the extended Reasonable Time supportive of genetically modifiedmake circuits by "rewiring" Period expires," Stapleton wrote. crops as a vehicle for protecting thecommunications between cells. In December 2010, more than one environment while feeding theThis system can be harnessed to million Europeans signed a petition hungry, but—at least for now—areturn cells into miniature computers, demanding that the EU halt the unwilling to challenge bishops whoaccording to findings reported in the approval of new genetically modified disagree," the cable explained.journal Nature. crops. The petition was later (Source: The Raw Story, 20 December 2010, That, in turn, will enable cells to dismissed by the EU Commission programmed with more intricatefunctions for a variety of purposes,including in agriculture and in theproduction of pharmaceuticals,materials and industrial chemicals,according to Christopher A. Voigt,PhD, a synthetic biologist and anassociate professor in the UCSFSchool of Pharmacys Department ofPharmaceutical Chemistry and thesenior author of the paper. "The purpose of programmingcells is not to have them overtakeelectronic computers," said Voigt."Rather, it is to be able to access allof the things that biology can do in areliable, programmable way."(Source:, 8 December2010, – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . SHOCK STUDY SHOWS NO VALUE 2010) and EMBASE (1990 to June STRONG LA NINA AFFECTING IN FLU VACCINATIONS 2010)". They included 50 reports; 40 GLOBAL WEATHER AND CLIMATE remarkable study published in of them were clinical trials, adding ew NASA satellite data indicatesA the Cochrane Library found noevidence of benefit for influenza up to over 70,000 people. Two reported only on harmful effects and N that the current La Niña event in the eastern Pacific remainedvaccinations and also noted that the were not included in this study. strong during November andvast majority of trials were Studies of all types of influenza December 2010.inadequate. vaccines were included: live, "The solid record of La Niña The authors stated that the only attenuated and killed—or fractions strength only goes back about 50trials showing benefit were industry of killed—vaccines. years and this latest event appearsfunded. They also pointed out that The authors concluded in a to be one of the strongest ones overthe industry-funded studies were somewhat understated manner: this time period," said climatologistmore likely to be published in the "The results of this review seem to Bill Patzert of the Jet Propulsionmost prestigious journals. In discourage the utilisation of Laboratory. "It is already impactingaddition, they found cases of severe vaccination against influenza in weather and climate all around theharm caused by the vaccines, in healthy adults as a routine public planet. This La Niña hasspite of inadequate reporting of health measure. As healthy adults strengthened for the past sevenadverse effects. have a low risk of complications due months and is one of the most The study, "Vaccines for preventing to respiratory disease, the use of the intense events of the past half-influenza in healthy adults", is vaccine may be only advised as an century."damning of the entire individual protection measure "Although exacerbated bypharmaceutical industry and its against symptoms in specific cases." precipitation from a tropicalminions, the drug-testing industry The authors also found that cyclone, rainfalls of historicand the medical system that relies "industry-funded studies were...cited proportion in eastern Queensland,on them. more than other studies", that Australia, have led to levels of The authors attempted to find and "reliable evidence on influenza flooding usually only seen once in ainvestigate every study that has vaccines is thin", and that "there is century," said David Adamec,evaluated the effects of flu vaccines evidence of widespread oceanographer at NASAs Goddardin healthy adults aged 18–65. To manipulation of conclusions". Space Flight Center. "The copiousthis end, they searched the To view the study, go to the web rainfall is a direct result of La Niñas"Cochrane Central Register of page effect on the Pacific trade winds andControlled Trials (CENTRAL) (The pubmed/20614424. has made tropical AustraliaCochrane Library, 2010, issue 2), (Source:, 16 December particularly rainy this year."MEDLINE (January 1966 to June 2010, (Source: NASA press release, 13 January 2011, FARM ANIMALS CONSUME 80% OF ALL ANTIBIOTICS IN USA or years, scientists concerned F about the threat of antibiotic- resistant bacteria in food-animal production have been trying to figure out just how much antibiotics producers are using each year. Now, long-awaited data has been released by the US Food and Drug Administration. Of the antibiotics sold in 2009 for both people and food animals, almost 80 per cent were reserved for livestock and poultry. The grand total for 2009: 13.1 million kilograms. A huge portion of those antibiotics was never intended to10 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
  11. 11. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .fight bacterial infections; rather, WIKILEAKS CABLES EXPOSE MUSLIM NATIONS HYPOCRISYproducers most likely administeredthem in continuous low dosages A preliminary review of the US diplomatic cables released so far by WikiLeaks reveals the duplicity of many Arab nations in foreign policy, especially in the case of Iran. For example, in the past few years, Arabthrough feed or water to increase thespeed at which their animals grew. nations have publicly countered Israeli propaganda that Iran is a biggerAnd that has many public health threat to the world than the resolution of the Palestinian issue, with claimsexperts and scientists troubled. that the failure to bring a just solution to the Palestinians is the number- The growing threat of antibiotic one issue for Arabs and Muslims. But privately, these same nations haveresistance is largely due to the been repeatedly asking the US to bomb Iran and even invade it with groundmisuse and overuse of antibiotics in troops.people and animals, which leads to The same cables also reveal that, even now, the main financiers of Al- Qaeda are Saudi donors. American Presidents George W. Bush and Barackan increase in "super-bacteria". H. Obama have identified Al-Qaeda as the biggest threat to the US, and yet(Source: Center for a Livable Future, 23 theyve colluded with the nation whose citizens are its biggest financiers.December 2010, While the US is worried that the latest revelations from WikiLeaks will undermine its relations with its allies, Muslim governments are worried that LIVING EARTH SIMULATOR these same leaks will expose the extent to which they routinely lie to their WILL ANALYSE ENTIRE PLANET own people. Nation after Muslim nation has been exposed as supporting n international group ofA scientists is working on asimulator with the goal of replicating and collaborating with the United States and lying to its public about the extent of its support for US foreign policy. For example, the President of Yemen acknowledged that he would continue to lie to his people and claimeverything that happens on Earth. It that American military operations in Yemen are Yemeni operations; and thewill track everything from weather Pakistani government does not want its people to know the extent to whichpatterns to disease spread to traffic it cooperates with the US on nuclear issues.congestion to financial transactions (Source:, 16 January 2011, over the globe. The Living Earth Simulator, LES, TUNISIAS REFORMATION: THE "FIRST WIKILEAKS REVOLUTION"as it is nicknamed, is being createdto advance scientific understandingabout everything that is happening T he drastic changes brought about in Tunisia, which ultimately forced President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali to flee the country, have been described as the "first WikiLeaks revolution" because the whistlebloweron the planet and to attempt to website played a major role in stirring up public anger against thefigure out what "human actions corruption of their leader.shape society" and how everything According to The Scotsman, the revolution is virtually unprecedented inchanges the world. modern Arab history and has already led to experts predicting that other The scientists plan to build a countries in the region could follow suit.number of supercomputers to After Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on Friday [14 January], protesters incrunch the numbers. They will likely Cairo chanted: "Ben Ali, tell Mubarak a plane is waiting for him, too!"also use processing power from all US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaksacross the Internet, asking mobile called the President and his siblings "The Family", comparing them to aphone and computer users to Mafia crime organisation. The cables also revealed that Ben Alis wife,donate a small portion of their Leïla, had made huge profits out of building an exclusive school.processing to the project. One cable was banned in Tunisia, but its contents became widely known. The data will be easier to come by. "Corruption in the inner circle is growing. Even average Tunisians areWebsites and services like Wikipedia, keenly aware of it, and the chorus of complaints is rising.Google Maps and government Tunisians intensely dislike, even hate, first lady Leïla Trabelsi and herdatabanks make up a few of more family. In private, regime opponents mock her," US Ambassador Robertthan 70 already existing sources of Godec wrote.moving data. NASAs Planetary Skin The cables further claimed that, in 2006, two nephews of Ben Ali hadproject will also feed data into LES. seized the yacht of a French businessman. The scientists hope to integrate "Although the petty corruption rankles, it is the excesses of President Benreal-time feeds from social networks Alis family that inspire outrage among Tunisians. With Tunisians facinglike Facebook, stockmarkets, medical rising inflation and high unemployment, the conspicuous displays of wealthrecords, mobile devices and more. and persistent rumours of corruption have added fuel to the fire," the cable added.(Source: Digital Trends, 28 December 2010, (Source: TheAfricaNews.Net, 16 January 2011, 732193) – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 11
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  13. 13. WIKILEAKS AND THE WORLDWIDE INFORMATION WAR T here are those who accept what the WikiLeaks releases say at face value, largely due to the misrepresentation of the documents by the corporate-controlled news media. There are those who see the documents as authentic and simply in need of proper interpretation The recent release of and analysis. Then there are those, many of whom are in the alternative the first batch of media, who approach the leaks with caution and suspicion. There are those who simply cast the leaks aside as a "psy-op" designed to target specific 250,000 US nations that fit into US foreign policy objectives. Finally, then, there are those who deplore the leaks as "treason" or threatening "security". Of all the diplomatic cables claims and notions, the last is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous. leaked to WikiLeaks This essay aims to examine the nature of the WikiLeaks releases and how they should be approached and understood. If WikiLeaks is changing things, has provoked lets hope people will make sure that it changes things in the right direction. unparalleled global Media Propaganda against Iran: Taking the Cables at Face Value interest, both This perspective—taking the cables regarding Iran at face value—is perhaps the most propagated one, as it is largely influenced and undertaken positive and negative by the mainstream corporate media which present the leaked diplomatic and everywhere cables as "proof" of the medias take on major world issues—most notable among them, Irans nuclear program. As per usual, the New York Times steps in between. centre stage in its unbridled contempt for truth and relentless use of propaganda to serve US imperial interests, headlining articles with titles like "Around the World, Distress over Iran", which explained how Israel and the One thing is certain: Arab leaders agree on Iran as a nuclear threat to the world, with the commentary in the article stating that "running beneath the cables is a belief WikiLeaks is among many leaders that unless the current government in Tehran falls, Iran changing the will have a bomb sooner or later".1 Fox News ran an article proclaiming that "Leaked Documents Show Middle East Consensus on Threat Posed by Iran", status quo. and commented that "the seismic document spill by WikiLeaks showed one area of profound agreement—that Iran is viewed in the Middle East as the regions No. 1 troublemaker".2 This, it should be understood, is propaganda. Yet, we need to refine properly our understanding of propaganda in order to assess what is specifically propagandistic about these stories. While one should remain sceptical of sources and disinformation campaigns (as those who critically analyse the media have known take place time and time by Andrew Gavin Marshall again), one must also consider the personal perspective of the source and decipher between authenticity and analysis. These documents, I truly © Global Research, Montreal, believe, are authentic. In this sense, I do not adhere to the notion that these Canada, 6 December 2010 are a part of a psychological operation (psy-op) or propaganda effort in Web page: terms of the actual release of the documents. We must keep in mind that the sources for these cables are US diplomatic channels, and thus the statements within them reflect the perspectives and beliefs of US diplomatic personnel. The documents are an authentic representation of theirFEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. statements and beliefs, but that does not imply that military–industrial complex; their political regimes (allthey are an accurate representation of reality. of which are dictatorships and dynasties) are propped This is where the media come in to propagandise the up and supported by America.information within the leaks. The above two examples The same goes for Israel, although at least it has theclaim that the leaks show there is a "consensus" on Iran, outward appearance of a democracy, much like theand thus the American and indeed Israeli positions on United States. Further, Israel itself is left subdued toIran for the past several years have been "vindicated" in American interests as an American proxy. If Israelsthat they fear Iran is making nuclear weapons. This is military financing and hardware come from Americanonsense. The media have essentially read and (which they do), then Israel is dependent upon Americapropagated the documents at face value—meaning that for its own military power and is in no position to tellbecause US diplomats and Middle Eastern and Arab the US not to arm its other regional proxies. If indeed aleaders all agree that Iran is a "threat" and is trying to regional war against Iran is in the making, and it hasmake a "nuclear weapon", it therefore must be true. appeared for some time that there is, it is certainly inThis is a non sequitur. Just because Middle Eastern and Israels interest to have allies against Iran in the region.Arab leaders see Iran as a threat does not make it so. Again, consider the sources. What makes the Arab Is WikiLeaks a Propaganda Effort?leaders trustworthy sources for "unbiased" information? The leaders of Israel have been very adamant that theFor example, one "revelation" that made its way around WikiLeaks documents do not embarrass Israel to anythe world was the insistence of Saudi Arabias King extent. Prior to the release, the US government briefedAbdullah that America "cut off Israeli officials on the type ofthe head of the snake" of Iran documents that would beand launch military strikes. 3 released by WikiLeaks regardingThis has largely been This has largely been Israel. 5 Israeli Prime Ministerinterpreted in the media as interpreted in the media Benjamin Netanyahu stated:"proof" that there is a "There is no disparity between"consensus" on the "threat" as "proof" that there is a the public discourse between usposed by Iran to the MiddleEast and the world. This has "consensus" on the "threat" and Washington, and the mutual understanding of eachbeen the propaganda line toed posed by Iran to the Middle others positions."6 The Israeliby the New York Times, Fox News East and the world. Defence Minister, Ehud Barak,and the Israeli government, claimed that the documentsamong many others. Yet, we "show a more accurate view ofneed to contextualise this reality". 7 One top Turkishinformation properly—something which the New York politician stated that looking at which countries areTimes has a long record of failing to do (intentionally, I pleased with the releases says a lot, and speculated thatmight add). I do not doubt the authenticity of these Israel "engineered the release" of documents in anstatements or the belief of the Arab leaders that Iran is attempt to advance its interests and to "pressurea "threat". Iran, on the other hand, has claimed that the Turkey".8leaks are "mischievous", that they serve US interests, Further, the Internet and various alternative newsand that Iran is "friends" with its neighbours.4 This, too, organisations are abuzz with speculation that WikiLeaksis propaganda. Again, we need to contextualise. itself may be a propaganda front, perhaps even a CIA Iran is a Shia nation, while the Arab nations, front organisation, a method of "controlling theparticularly Saudi Arabia, are predominantly Sunni. opposition" (which we know that, historically, the CIA isThis presents a means of division among these nations not unfamiliar with). Yet, this speculation is basedin the region, at least on a superficial basis. The reality, upon the use of the information that is released in thehowever, is that Saudi Arabia and Iran are far from cables, and it strikes me as showing a lack of"friendly" and have not been on good terms since 1979 contextualising the documents.when the Shah was deposed. Iran is Saudi Arabias So, how should one contextualise this? Lets beginprimary contender and competitor for power and with Israel. When the Israeli Prime Minister states thatinfluence in the region, and thus Iran is inherently a the WikiLeaks releases are not embarrassing to Israel,threat to Saudi Arabia politically. he is mostly correct. This is not because Israel has Further, the Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, nothing to hide (remember, the WikiLeaks documentsBahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, are not "top secret" documents but merely diplomaticwhose claims against Iran have been widely publicised, cables), but because the diplomatic exchanges thatmust be understood in terms of their relationship to the Israel makes largely reflect the reality of the publicUnited States. The Arab states are American proxies in statements that Israel makes. Israel and its politicalthe region. Their armies are subsidised by the American elite are no strangers to making absurd public14 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
  15. 15. statements, to constantly threatening war with Iran and propaganda effort, however, is in depicting theother neighbours, or to propagandising their belief that documents as "factual assessments" of the on-the-Iran is making nuclear weapons (something which has ground reality, which they are not. The documents arenever been proven). Thus, the leaks do not "hurt" factual in how they represent the views of those whoIsraels image, because Israels image internationally is wrote them, which does not mean that they are factualalready so abysmal and despicable and because Israeli in their substance. There is a difference, anddiplomats and politicians are generally as brazen in acknowledging this difference is incredibly important inwhat they say publicly as in what they say to each other, both the exposure of propaganda and the assessment ofso Israels image has largely remained the same. Of truth.course, Israeli leaders—political and military—are usingthe leaks to suggest that they "vindicate" their The Truth about Diplomacyperspective on Iran as a threat, which of course is an Craig Murray is one voice that should be heard on thisabsurd propaganda ploy, the exact same technique issue. Murray is a former British Ambassador totaken on by the corporate media in taking the cables at Uzbekistan, who made a name for himself in exposingface value. intelligence from Uzbekistan related While Iran has slammed these to Al-Qaeda as entirely unreliable,WikiLeaks releases as western due to the methods of torture (suchpropaganda aimed at Iran, this The documents as boiling people alive) which werestatement itself should be taken as a are factual in how used to get the information. Thisform of propaganda. After all, Iran intelligence was passed to the CIAclaimed that it is "friends" with all its they represent the and MI6—intelligence which Murrayneighbours—a claim which is an views of those said was "factually incorrect". Whenhistorical and present falsity. Iran, like Murray expressed his concerns withall states, uses propaganda to who wrote them, the higher-ups in the Britishadvance its own interests. Those who which does not Diplomatic Service, he wasattempt to battle the spread of reprimanded for talking aboutmisinformation and propaganda, mean that they are "human rights".9 Murray was told bymyself included, must remain highly the British Foreign & Commonwealthcritical of media representations factual in their Office that he had one week inand campaigns against Iran, of substance. There which to resign, and he waswhich there are many. Iran is threatened with possiblefirmly in the targets of Americas is a difference, and prosecution or prison time forimperial ambitions; this is no acknowledging revealing "state secrets". 10 Hesecret. Yet, there is nothing in was subsequently removed fromthe current batch of WikiLeaks this difference his ambassadorial position, andreleases that strikes me as is incredibly has since become something of ainauthentic in relation to Iran, political activist. In short, Murrayespecially those documents important... is exactly the type of diplomat apertaining to the perspectives of person should want: honest. Butwestern diplomats and Arab he was also exactly the type ofleaders. No doubt they have diplomat that western imperialthese perspectives simply powers dont want: honest.because they reflect the policy priorities of America and In the midst of the latest WikiLeaks releases ofthe West itself, not because they are factual in their diplomatic documents, Craig Murray was asked to writesubstance. In this, we must decipher between an article for the Guardian regarding his interpretation ofauthenticity and accuracy. the issue. As Murray later noted, the paper placed his Analysts must not only critically assess the article, largely reduced, hidden in the middle of a longauthenticity of documents (and the sources from which compendium of various commentaries on WikiLeaks.they come), but also, and perhaps even more Murray, however, posted the full version on his website.importantly, they must critically analyse the In the article, he begins by assessing the claims ofinterpretation of those documents. So while I do not government officials around the world, particularly indoubt the authenticity of documents pertaining to the United States, that WikiLeaks exposes the US towestern and Middle Eastern perceptions of Iran (as they "harm", that it puts lives at risk, and that the leaks willfit in with the wider geopolitical realities of the region), "encourage Islamic extremism". Most especially, heit is the interpretations of the documents that I view as assesses the notion that "government secrecy isactive propaganda efforts on the part of western essential to keep us all safe". Murray explains that,governments and media. The method of this having been a diplomat for over 20 years, he is veryFEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 15
  16. 16. familiar with these arguments, particularly the argument It is because any US diplomat who made an honest andthat, as a result of the WikiLeaks releases, diplomats open assessment of Israeli crimes would very quickly be anwill no longer be candid in giving advice "if that advice unemployed ex-diplomat.12might become public". Murray elaborates: Put it another way. The best advice is advice you would not Murray concludes his article with the statement that be prepared to defend in public. Really? Why? In todays all would do well to keep in mind: "Truth helps the globalised world, the Embassy is not a unique source of people against rapacious elites—everywhere."13 expertise. Often expatriate, academic and commercial organisations are a lot better informed. The best policy advice World Order and Global Awakening is not advice which is shielded from peer review. In attempting to understand WikiLeaks and its What of course the establishment mean[s] is that potential effects (that is, if the alternative media and Ambassadors should be free to recommend things which the citizen activists use this opportunity), we must place general public would view with deep opprobrium, without any WikiLeaks within a wider geopolitical context. danger of being found out. But should Our human world exists as a they really be allowed to do that, in a complex system of social interactions. democracy?11 As powerful and dominating as elites Murray pointedly asks why a type of In attempting are and have always been, we must understand that they are notbehaviour, such as lying, that is to understand omnipotent: they are human andconsidered reprehensible for most WikiLeaks and its flawed, as are their methods andpeople, "should be considered ideas. But there are other forces atacceptable, or even praiseworthy, in potential effects work in the human social world.diplomacy". He explains that for There is a new and uniqueBritish diplomats "this belief that their (that is, if the development in human history that isprofession exempts them from the alternative media taking place around the world. It isnormal constraints of decent unprecedented in reach and volume,behaviour amounts to a cult of and citizen and it is also the greatest threat to allMachiavellianism, a pride in their activists use this global power structures: theown amorality". He explains that "global political awakening". Thediplomats come from a very opportunity), term was coined by Zbigniewnarrow upper social stratum and we must place Brzezinski, who wrote in the New"view themselves as ultra- York Times (16 December 2008):intelligent Nietzschean WikiLeaks within a For the first time in historysupermen, above normal wider geopolitical almost all of humanity is politicallymorality", who are socially activated, politically conscious andconnected to the political elite. context. politically interactive. Global In criticising the claims made activism is generating a surge inby many commentators that the the quest for cultural respect andrelease of the leaks endangers economic opportunity in a worldlives, Murray writes that this scarred by memories of colonial orperspective needs to "set against imperial domination.any such risk the hundreds of thousands of actual deadfrom the foreign policies of the US and its co- It is, in essence, this massive "global politicalconspirators in the past decade". Further, for those who awakening" which presents the gravest and greatestposit that WikiLeaks is a psy-op or propaganda challenge to the organised powers of globalisation andoperation or a "CIA front", Murray has this to say: the global political economy: nation-states, Of course the documents reflect the US view—they are multinational corporations and banks, central banks, official US government communications. What they show is international organisations, and military, intelligence, something I witnessed personally, that diplomats as a class media and academic institutions. Members of the very seldom tell unpalatable truths to politicians, but rather transnational capitalist class, or "Superclass" as David report and reinforce what their masters want to hear, in the Rothkopf refers to them, are globalised like never hope of receiving preferment. before. For the first time in history, we have a truly There is therefore a huge amount about Irans putative global and heavily integrated elite. As elites have nuclear arsenal and an exaggeration of Irans warhead globalised their power, seeking to construct a "new delivery capability. But there is nothing about Israels massive world order" of global governance and ultimately global nuclear arsenal. That is not because wikileaks have censored government (decades down the line), they have criticism of Israel. simultaneously globalised populations.16 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011
  17. 17. The "Technological Revolution" involves two major based upon speculation. Many nations around thegeopolitical developments. The first is that as world, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia,technology advances, systems of mass communication are pointing to the western nations as engaging in arapidly accelerate and the worlds people are able to covert propaganda campaign aimed at creating disunityengage in instant communication with one another and between states and allies. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan andgain access to information from around the world. In it Afghanistan have made such claims. It is no surpriselies the potential—and ultimately a central source—of a that most of these nations, particularly Iran, are targetsmassive global political awakening. Simultaneously, the of US imperial policy. However, since the WikiLeaksTechnological Revolution has allowed elites to redirect releases speak heavily and negatively about Iran,and control society in ways never before imagined, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc.,potentially culminating in a global scientific one must remember that these are diplomatic cablesdictatorship, as many have warned of since the early and represent the opinions and beliefs of the diplomaticdecades of the 20th century. The potential for establishment, a social group which is historically andcontrolling the masses has never been so great, as presently deeply enmeshed in and submissive to elitescience unleashes the power of genetics, biometrics, ideology and methodology. If all the information theysurveillance and new forms of modern eugenics, come up with are rumours, conjectures and repeatedimplemented by a scientific elite equipped with systems talking points, that is what will be seen in theof psycho-social control. diplomatic cables. Indeed, that is exactly the case. Brzezinskis analysis of the The cables are full of rumours"global political awakening" is and unsupported allegations.useful because of his So naturally, they would targetrepresentation of it as the For those who view these specific nations—primary global threat to elite deemed geopoliticallyinterests everywhere. Thus, WikiLeaks as a conspiracy significant by Americanpeople should view the concept imperial interests—and thisof the global political awakening or plot, as a psy-op of would explain why there wouldas the greatest potential hope for some kind...there is simply be far less information on Israelhumanity and that it should be and other allied nations. Thisadvanced and aided—as no evidence for it thus far. is why it seems to me thatopposed to Brzezinskis these cables are authentic.perspective that it should be They seem to represent thecontrolled and suppressed. reality of the "diplomatic social Brzezinski posits that to address this new global group", and thus they are a vivid exploration in the"challenge" to entrenched powers, particularly nation- study of imperialism. We have been given thestates that cannot sufficiently address the increasingly opportunity to see the "communications" of imperialnon-pliant populations and populist demands, what is diplomacy. It is in this that we are presented with anrequired is "increasingly supranational cooperation, incredible opportunity.actively promoted by the United States". In other Further, in regards to many Middle Eastern and Asianwords, Brzezinski favours an increased and expanded nations framing WikiLeaks as a "western plot", as critical"internationalisation", not surprising considering that thinkers we must take note of the geopolitical reality ofhe laid the intellectual foundations of the Trilateral the global political awakening. All states are self-Commission. interested: that is the nature of a state. Elites all over the world are aware of the reality and potential politicalConceptualising WikiLeaks power of the global political awakening and thus seek to I feel that WikiLeaks must be conceptualised within suppress it or co-opt its potential. States (such as Iran)our understanding of this geopolitical reality which we which are often viewed by the critical press as "targets"find ourselves in today. There is, of course, logic behind of western imperial powers may seek to use this powerthe automatic scepticism and suspicion about to their own advantage. They may attempt to steer theWikiLeaks from the alternative media; however, they global awakening and the alternative media to theiralso risk losing an incredible opportunity presented by favour, which gives them political power. But theWikiLeaks, not only to reach more people with alternative media must not pick sides in terms of globalimportant information but to better inform that elites and power structures: we must remain critical ofinformation itself. all sides and all actors. For those who view WikiLeaks as a conspiracy or plot, WikiLeaks is receiving an incredible readership and isas a psy-op of some kind, while indeed these things reaching out to new audiences, globally and in thehave taken place in the past, there is simply no evidence American homeland itself, and to the youth of thefor it thus far. Every examination of this concept is world. Peoples perceptions are beginning to change onFEBRUARY – MARCH 2011 NEXUS • 17
  18. 18. a variety of issues. The question is: will the alternativeHowever, while they may not necessarily be revelations,media ignore WikiLeaks and isolate themselves, or will they are in fact confirmations and vindications and theythey engage with WikiLeaks and prevent the mainstream bring more information to the analysis. It is in this thatcorporate media from having a "monopoly of a great opportunity lies. For since the leaks support andinterpretation", which becomes inherently better inform our perspectives, we can build on thispropagandistic. If we do not reach out to this new and concept and examine how WikiLeaks adds to andgrowing audience, we are left talking to each other, supports critical analysis.further isolating ourselves and ultimately becoming For those who are newly interested and looking forsubverted and ineffective for change. We need to reach information, or for those who are having their previousout to new audiences, and this is an incredible perceptions challenged, it is the alternative media andopportunity to do so. People are interested, people are critical voices alone that can place that information in acurious, people are hungry for more. wider context for everyone else. In this, more people will see how it is the alternative media with their criticalWikiLeaks and the Media perspectives which are more reflective of reality than, Instead of deriding WikiLeaks as "not telling us say, the mainstream media (for which WikiLeaks is aanything we didnt know before", perhaps the alternative "revelation"). Thus, more people may soon start turningmedia should use the popularity and momentum of to alternative media and ideas; after all, our perspectivesWikiLeaks to take from it the documentation and have been vindicated, not those of the mainstreamanalysis that further media (though they attempt tostrengthen our arguments and spin it as such).beliefs. This will allow for However, no other organisedothers, especially new The fact that these people apparatus is as capable ofaudiences of interested people disseminating as muchworldwide, to place the are reading and discovering material as quickly and withWikiLeaks releases within a such global reach as thewider context and new things for which they mainstream media. If theunderstanding. are developing an interest is leaks initially only made it The reports from WikiLeaks into alternative media, thenare "revelations" only to those an incredible change. the information would onlywho largely adhere to the have reached those who are"illusions" of the world: that already reading the alternativewe live in "democracies" press.promoting "freedom" around the world and at home, In that, they would not have been such grandetc. The "revelations", however, are not simply "revelations" and would have had a muted effect. Inchallenging American perceptions of America but the their global exposure of WikiLeaks material (never mindperceptions of all nations and their populations. The their slanted and propagandistic interpretations), thefact that these people are reading and discovering new mainstream media have changed the dynamic andthings for which they are developing an interest is an significance of the information. By reaching wider andincredible change. new audiences, the alternative and critical voices can This is likely why the corporate media are so heavily co-opt these new audiences and lead them away frominvolved in the dissemination of this information (which the realm of information "control" into the realm ofitself is a major source of suspicion for the alternative information "access". This is potentially one of themedia): to control the interpretation of the message. It greatest opportunities presented for the alternative andis the job of the alternative media, intellectuals and critical voices of the world.other thinking individuals to challenge that The WikiLeaks releases are a globally transformativeinterpretation with factual analysis. The WikiLeaks event, not simply in terms of awakening new people toreleases actually give us more facts to place within and "new" information but also in terms of the effect it issupport our interpretations than they do for the having upon global power structures themselves. Withcorporate media. ambassadors resigning, diplomats being exposed as We must ask why the WikiLeaks releases are liars and tools, political rifts developing between"revelations" for most people. Well, they are surprising western imperial allies, and many careers andsimply for the fact that the media themselves have such reputations of elites around the world at great risk,a strong hold on the access to, dissemination and WikiLeaks is creating the potential for an enormousinterpretation of information. They are revelations deterioration in the effectiveness of imperialism andbecause people are indoctrinated with myths. They are domination. This, in itself, is an admirable and worthynot revelations to the alternative media because we goal. That this is already a reality is representative ofhave been talking about these things for years. how truly transformative WikiLeaks is and could be.18 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2011