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  • 1. NEXUS NEW T IMES MAGAZINE Volu me 1 7, Nu mber 5 AUGUST—SEPTEM BER 2010 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.................................................4 PENETRATION: ET AND HUMAN TELEPATHY..........55 Readers comment on such diverse subjects as out-of-body By Ingo Swann. This famous American psychic accepted research, weaponised mycoplasma, fighting paedophilia, a secret assignment in 1975 to remote-view the dark side coded information in Hollywood films, and magnesium of the Moon. He was shocked to see physical evidence of chloride as a powerful anti-infective agent. an alien presence and to realise he had been observed.GLOBAL NEWS....................................................................6 AMICIZIA: ALIEN ENCOUNTERS IN ITALY...................63 We report on the CIAs access to European Union citizens financial data, US moves for a "cyber shield", another By Warren Aston. The recently disclosed reports of long- flaw in the Big Bang theory, the sound of the Sun, the term contact by hundreds of Italians with aliens from the launch of a secret US spaceship, revelations about US so-called Akrij Confederation significantly expand our plans to give Israel a mega military handout, and more. view of the ET presence in the history of Earth.RISE OF THE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP......11 THE TWILIGHT ZONE.....................................................68 By Andrew Gavin Marshall. The "brave new world" that We feature three items this issue: the story of a Chinese Aldous Huxley envisioned is now a reality, as increasingly man who lived to be 256; a report on a Siberian hunter we are at the mercy of elitist technocrats and social who allegedly saved a Yeti from drowning; and news of a engineers hell-bent on controlling the worlds populace. radio ghost mystery at a former RAF base in Scotland.CANCER SURGERY INCREASES MORTALITY...............19 REVIEWS—Books...............................................................71 By Walter Last. Recent studies and decades-old research "Silenced Witnesses – Volume 2" edited by Martin J. Walker suggest that surgery and other medical interventions "Sarahs Last Wish" by Eve Hillary stimulate the growth and spread of tumours, while "Sudden Cold" by Rodney Chilton holistic anticancer therapies have an inhibitory effect. "There Were Giants upon the Earth" by Zecharia SitchinMILITARY EMERGENCY IN THE GULF OF MEXICO...27 "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt" by Christopher Dunn By "Opening Poster" via Godlike Productions. As the Gulf "The Lost Age of High Knowledge" by Keith M. Hunter of Mexico oil disaster unfolds, bizarre things have been "Signature of the Celestial Spheres" by Hartmut Warm happening since late June with intense submarine, ship "Its All Light" by G. Prema and aircraft activity and the capture of a weird organism. "Crash: When UFOs Fall from the Sky" by Kevin D. Randle, PhDLIVING WITH PHYTIC ACID IN OUR DIETS..................33 "UFO Case Files of Russia" by Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill By Ramiel Nagel. Phytic acid and phytates in grains, "Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape" by Gary S. Bekkum nuts, seeds and legumes deplete minerals and inhibit "Babylons Banksters" by Joseph P. Farrell digestive enzymes. We need to know how to prepare "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand these foods so as to neutralise their harmful content. "The Secret Society of Moses" by Flavio BarbieroHEALING WITH ELECTROMEDICINE—Part 2...............41 REVIEWS—DVDs...............................................................78 By Dr Nenah Sylver. Frequency therapies can increase cell "The Power of the Purse – Volume 1" energy, normalise membrane conductivity, lessen "Orgasm Inc." by Liz Conner oxidative stress and enhance immune function, leading to "Westall 66: A Suburban UFO Mystery" tissue regeneration and disease resistance. REVIEWS—Music...............................................................79SCIENCE NEWS.................................................................49 "The Rough Guide to the Music of India" by various artists This issue we run Rod Hamons analysis linking galactic "Many Moods" by Ben Woolman and atomic left-handedness, the 1908 Tunguska event, "Rise & Shine" by Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars Pioneer spacecraft anomalies and findings from dark "Blue Dreaming" by Sunsaria matter experiments with the theory of "mirror matter". NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS........................87–96AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEX US MAG AZIN E Volume 17, Number 5 O n 26 June, an anonymous person started a "thread" on the website of a popular conspiracy-oriented discussion group. The Opening Poster (OP) indicated that he was reading "chatter" on various French emergency AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 communications channels, as used by French naval assets. He was alarmed to PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 discover that a French submarine had been attacked in the Gulf of Mexico by US forces in order to make it hand over a recently acquired "cargo". After a few EDITOR Duncan M. Roads days of following OPs intermittent posts, we understood that this cargo is an organism of some sort—one that appears usually to live under the Earths CO-EDITOR Catherine Simons crust. As I sit here today, struggling to get this edition ready for the printers, the story is still unfolding. Ive decided to publish some of the more ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell pertinent postings, and we await further developments with bated breath. As Ive said before, my opinion is that science has become a religion. OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster Apart from being expected to take scientific pronouncements on faith, we are increasingly finding that commercial secrecy and military applications of MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Richard Giles; Susie Foster science are resulting in even less information being available to us mere mortals. So much information we are not allowed to know—why? So that WEB MISTRESS Jenny Hawke we become more ignorant and thus more compliant? We have an extract from an article by Andrew Marshall, "The Rise of the Scientific Dictatorship", CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Andrew Gavin Marshall; Walter Last; which looks at the push for population control via eugenics and genetics. "Opening Poster" via Godlike Productions; On the health front, we learn from Walter Lasts article that the statistics Ramiel Nagel; Nenah Sylver, PhD; surrounding the choice of surgery for cancer treatment are not encouraging Rod Hamon; Ingo Swann; Warren Aston at all. In fact, in many cases, surgery appears to make cancers spread further CARTOONS throughout the body. Still on the health front is a timely reminder for all Phil Somerville ageing hippie children, such as myself, that too much phytic acid is very bad COVER GRAPHIC for you. So, all the brown rice, grains, muesli and beans that we favour are Jeff Edis, bad for us unless we eat them sparingly and prepare them properly, e.g., by PRINTING soaking them overnight, or cooking them for hours. Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia One of the worlds best remote-viewers is Ingo Swann. In 1975, Ingo was AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION "invited" to a secret underground base in the USA and tasked with remote- Newsagents Direct Distribution viewing a series of coordinates on the dark side of the Moon. What he sawHEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence shocked him to the core. Ingo promised to keep this episode a secret for atPO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. least a decade, which he did. He then wrote a very obscure book titledTel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 Penetration, which is almost impossible to find in bookshops. I was able toWebsite: obtain a pdf of this 1998 book from a source on the Internet, and haveNZ OFFICE: RD 2, Kaeo, Northland. Tel: +64 (0)9 extracted a tiny portion of his amazing story for this edition.405 1963; Email: The spread of NEXUS Magazine into other countries and languages hasUK OFFICE: 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, revealed to us that the experience of ETs and UFOs is not primarily confinedWest Sussex, RH19 1BG. to Americans (a criticism used by ignorant sceptics). In fact, all of the mostE U R O P E O F F I C E : Postbus 10681, 1001 ER amazing and sustained ET/UFO contact cases come from other countries;Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: and as you can appreciate, few Americans, even those who are into UFOs, STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ever hear of such cases, and fewer still take the time even to investigate.NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing amassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS Italy in particular has some remarkable cases awaiting the recognition andseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to astonishment of the English-speaking world, and we are excited to have anassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not article on the Amicizia case, written by long-time researcher Warren Aston.linked to any religious, philosophical or political We go to press just after the oil-leak crisis has been announced as beingideology or organisation. "over", and the TV is showing pictures of Gulf Coast people happily fishing PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY once again (Im serious; how blatant is their brainwashing!). But beneathWhile reproduction and dissemination of theinformation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone the Gulf of Mexico, the drama involving submarines, a strange, intelligentcaught making a buck out of it, without our express and dangerous organism and mysterious sea-floor eruptions continues...permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles,unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulationsand that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable ofbeing misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that theyare not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek profes-sional help for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 1987–20102 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...Out-of-Body Research mankind on Earth. been the case. Paedophilia Fighters Plight I just found your website. Attacking the precepts of the May I say that, having Dear Sir: I write inI am wondering if you have Holy Christian Church is dealt with the medical and response to the Globalever heard of Thomas playing into his hands. scientific profession in News item "ScottishCampbell, author of My Big E. C., Victoria, Australia England, I hold the Paedophiles Protected inToe? If you havent, he is profession, at least in this High Places" in the June–Julyworth checking out. Getting Out There country, in very low esteem. 2010 issue [17/04]. He is a nuclear physicist Duncan: Your June–July It seems they are more likely A similar situationwho has been going out of [17/04] editorial was to set out to kill you than to happened in Northernbody for over 35 years. He shocking to read, to actually cure you. So much for the Ireland in the early 1970sstarted with Bob Monroe at see all your points together Hippocratic Oath. where a concerned Armythe beginning of The Monroe in print, even though Ive If you can assist me in my officer tried to expose theInstitute. His website is come to agree with all of objective, I would be most paedophilia going on them over the years. grateful to you and will send Kincora Boys Home in There are YouTube videos Your interview shortly further details of the case Belfast. He was blockedof some of his lectures. I afterward with Barry Eaton through to you which might every way he turned, and itthink he is one of the most on was well form the basis of an was rumoured that people inimportant men on the interesting and informative. article. high places were involved.planet right now. Im not familiar with [Bob] Yours sincerely, He received many threats If you want to understand Monroes writings, so Barbara Ephgrave, UK, and was eventually postedhow reality works, read his excerpts from his texts in to a dead-end office job inbook. Dont be discouraged NEXUS would be England, where he the technical nature of appreciated. Paedophile Immunity He was framed for murderthe book. You are doing a really Dear Duncan: I would like by MI5 and did about 12 Linda S., Florida, USA wonderful job in getting this to enlarge on the item by years in prison. He is still publication out. Please Robert Green in Global fighting for his innocenceIn Defence of Christianity keep it up! News last issue [17/04]. but getting nowhere. There I am very unhappy about Thank you, Not only in Britain are is a book written about him,the way Christianity is Daisy, NSW, Australia paedophiles being titled Who Framed Colinportrayed in your magazine protected by the "ruling Wallace?, by Paul Foot. Itsand at the upcoming NEXUS Murdered by Mycoplasma? classes", but the same goes worth a read, especially byConference. Dear Editor: I read an on in The Netherlands, too. those who think government There are so many things article published in your There seems to be a would not do anything likethat are covered up in the magazine and I am taking network of paedophilic, but why do you single the liberty of writing to you people that seem immune Brian D., Queensland,out the Christian religion as about a case in England to prosecution, a network Australiaa sort of conspiratorial, which resulted in the death which includes one of theunhealthy cult, which it of my husband David in highest-ranking officials in Our Leaders Poisoned?certainly is not. Yes, there 2008. the Ministry of Justice. Dear Sir: I am a regularare sinners and saints in the I am proposing to bring a Besides that, reader of your magazine andChurch, as in the rest of compensation claim against investigations into the I encourage you to keephumanity, including other the parties who caused his paedophile network of Marc investigating andreligions. premature death, after some Dutroux were stopped in challenging the official and Christians are not dumb; 21 years of disablement, as The Netherlands. The Dutch mainstream news andthey know that there are a result of his illness. press dares not run articles proposing alternativeconspiracies out there— I am trying to get some on such topics. versions of todays reality.some which may impinge on scientific assistance to help A very enlightening article There is one question thator attack the Holy Christian me to establish if David died can be read at the website of puzzles me, however, afterChurch. They know the purely as a result of medical the Institute for the Study of reading several articles onDevil is as active in these neglect and gross Globalization and Covert the topic of the secret anddays as he was in the incompetence on the part of Politics. Go to, malicious public health andancient days. Without a his doctors or whether in click on "Miscellaneous" and food poisoning agenda.Holy Christian Church fact he was murdered via then on "February 25, 2010". If powerful businessestablished in this world, he weaponised mycoplasma, as Very best wishes, leaders and politicians ofwill have full reign over I suspect might well have H. J., The Netherlands this world are poisoning us4 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 5. NB: Please keep letters to ... more Letters to the Editor approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.through manipulated food, guess—as a psychiatrist May 2010). In March, the to recover from infections innoxious vaccines and who knows a thing or two rotavirus vaccine Rotarix®, half the time, and this makesunhealthy water, wouldnt about the human psyche— made by GlaxoSmithKline, sense: all three substancesthat affect them as well? is that they are afraid! was found to contain the pig act synergistically, like I would rather think that What are they afraid of? virus PCV1. Nature intended.they and their families still Why are they afraid? The Sincerely, Garlic is Natures superbuy, eat and drink the same answer may be something as Dr Gokhan Sayram, anti-infective agent. Thefood and water as we all do, mundane as their trying to Australia vitamin Bs and magnesiumand their children are also hold on to their petty act together to providevaccinated at school. privileges and interests. Or Magnesium Chloride Magic energy, thus revving up the Or am I making the wrong they may know a thing or two Dear Duncan: I wonder immune system. The garlicassumption here? Is there about an impending how many readers know how that I use is a light-activatedsomething about our leaders apocalyptic event, and they invaluable the information alcoholic extract unlikediet and health practices that may be positioning is that you print. There have anything seen before, and Iwe dont know? themselves for the best been two articles that I have would dearly like to work Many thanks, situation that, they hope, may put into practice. together to bring this F. P., Auckland, New give them a chance to survive. The first was written by discovery to the world.Zealand. It is always good to read Barbara Bourke with Walter In the interim, I advise [Dear F. P.: You assume that between the lines of public Last on the merits of people to fight infectionsbusiness leaders and politicians statements of those who magnesium chloride [15/06]. naturally. Take half aare engaged in a deliberate appear to be in the know. After I read the article, I set teaspoonful of magnesiumconspiracy to poison us, but I do One unlikely source of about examining all of the chloride, dissolved in anot believe this to be the case. information is Hollywood— magnesium-containing glass of water, with any formMost such decision-makers believe both a source of keeping the products on the market, as of super B formula andthe mainstream line on vaccines, masses entertained and a sold in pharmacies, and garlic as either one clovefluoridation and chlorination. So medium to leak coded found that not one contained swallowed whole or asyes, their own ignorance and/or information to the public to the precious magnesium tablets or capsules. But thecompliance will affect their own prepare them. Think of chloride. So I sourced a 500- garlic must be smelly:health and that of their loved ones "Titanic", "Deep Impact" and gram container of odourless garlic does notand friends. Ed] "2012" for coded revelations magnesium chloride at great work. Do this two to three on how the cabal is expense from an analytical times a day.Coded Information in Films preparing to save their laboratory supplier. From The second article that Dear Duncan: My selfish souls. the very first dose I took, I opened my eyes tocongratulations to you on "Titanic", for instance, tells knew that what Barbara and improving the nature ofyour 20th anniversary with us how a selected few would Walter had written was true. things was on hemp seed oilNEXUS. hop into the lifeboats and I used to suffer from early- [16/02]. This remarkable I migrated to Australia in watch us drown in the morning joint stiffness but, substance, when rubbed1989. While I was still trying freezing, abysmal, dark soon after taking into joints affected byto find my bearings in this waters. The film "2012" magnesium chloride, all arthritis either before ornew country, the Gulf War repeats this theme. Also, joint flexibility and muscular after applying a proprietyerupted and a New World theres an eerie feeling when strength returned and my brand that contains methylOrder was unceremoniously you see in both "Deep sleep was more beneficial. salicylate, menthol andimposed on us by George Impact" and "2012" that the The most important camphor, improves all theBush, Sr. Your magazine US President is black. observation was the results dramatically.helped me make sense of Incidentally, I was remarkable effect it had on Needless to say, I have nowthis "brave new world". astounded to read that enabling the human body to incorporated this precious In response to the Mercks RotaTeq® vaccine is fight off infections. oil into some of my ownquestion you posited laced with pig virus. The US In a world that is rapidly formulations for increasedtowards the end of your Food and Drug running out of antibiotics, I effectiveness.editorial [17/04], which I Administration has reported think I may have stumbled Please continuehave paraphrased as "Why that stocks of Mercks upon a new antibiotic publishing the good work,does this cabal prefer to RotaTeq vaccine against principle. When magnesium for it benefits us all.keep the world in the dark rotavirus is contaminated chloride is combined with a Maurice Czarniak, BSc,and not share the secrets with the pig viruses PCV1 vitamin B complex plus BPharm, FPS, Yokine, WA,they are privy to?", my and PCV2 (New Scientist, 15 garlic, it enables the person AustraliaAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. CLASSICAL MUSIC EU GIVES US ACCESS TO ITS MOVES THE HEART IN CITIZENS FINANCIAL DATA S anti-terrorismC VEGETATIVE PATIENTS lassical music pulls at the heartstrings of U investigators have won the right to scrutinise thepeople in a vegetative state private bank details ofas well as those of healthy British and other EUlisteners. If you play music citizens after a crucial voteto vegetative patients, their in the European Parliament.heart rate changes in the The vote in favour ofsame way as that of healthy giving CIA agents access tocontrols, suggesting that a giant financial databasemusic can affect the neural follows a deal strucksystems of emotion even between US and EUwhen conscious thought is negotiators.impossible. Under the new Francesco Riganello at the arrangements, the EUSanta Anna Institute in police agency Europol willCrotone, Italy, and assess whether specific datacolleagues played four requests are necessary forpieces of classical music to positive and negative emotions. the fight against terrorism16 healthy volunteers while Riganello found that the music before the data is sent to the US,measuring their heartbeats. The affected the heart rates of both and the EU Commission willteam then repeated the experimentwith nine people who were in a groups in the same way. appoint its own officials to monitorvegetative state. In addition, they Pieces rated as "positive" by the US investigators actions. Thereasked the healthy volunteers to healthy volunteers, such as the is also a requirement that bulk datadescribe the emotions they had felt minuet from Boccherinis String can never be sent to third countries.while listening. Quintet in E, slowed heart rate, The measures were passed by 484 The pieces, each three minutes while "negative" pieces like MEPs in favour and 109 against.long and by different composers, Tchaikovskys sixth symphony (Source: The Independent, 9 July 2010,were chosen because they have increased heart rate. tempos and rhythms— (Source: New Scientist, 2 July 2010,factors previously shown to elicit US PLANS CYBER SHIELD FOR UTILITIES, COMPANIES he US federal government is T launching an expansive program dubbed "Perfect Citizen" to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear power plants. The National Security Agency (NSA) would rely on a set of sensors deployed in computer networks for critical infrastructure that would be triggered by unusual activity suggesting an impending cyber attack, though it wouldnt persistently monitor the whole system. Defence contractor Raytheon Corp. recently won a classified contract for "Premium Octane, Unleaded, Ethanol or Gulf of Mexico Spill?" the initial phase of the surveillance6 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 7. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .effort, valued at up to US$100 million. nanometres wide, the particles can of movement, if produced by the Some industry and government easily diffuse between cells. The standard Big Bang cosmology.officials familiar with the program magnetic field is comparable to But this has greatly upset thesee Perfect Citizen as an intrusion by what is employed in magnetic traditional notion that galacticthe NSA into domestic affairs, while resonance imaging. The methods matter should be uniformlyothers say it is an important ability to activate cells uniformly distributed. If the Universe beganprogram to combat an emerging across a large area indicates that it with a Big Bang 13.7 billion yearssecurity threat that only the NSA is also will be feasible to use it in in ago, the awesome size of theseequipped to provide. vivo whole-body applications, the large-scale structures is baffling "The overall purpose of the scientists report. because there is apparently not[program] is our Government... (Source: University at Buffalo News sufficient time available for suchfeel[s] that they need to insure the Center, 6 July 2010, http://www.buffalo. massive objects to form and toPublic Sector is doing all they can to edu/news/11518) become Infrastructure critical to our (Source: The Journal of Cosmology, 30National Security," said one internal BIG BANG THEORY EXPLODED? January 2010, http://journalofcosmology.Raytheon email, the text of which team of British, American andwas seen by the Wall Street Journal. Raytheon declined to comment. A Hungarian astronomers has reported that the Universe is com/BigBang101.html, via SCIENTISTS DISCOVER(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 8 July crossed by at least 13 "Great Walls" HEAVENLY SOLAR MUSIC2010, usical sounds created by NANOPARTICLES TO CONTROL or rivers of galaxies, 100 Mpc long, in the surveyed domain of seven billion light years. (A distance of M longitudinal vibrations within the Suns atmosphere have been ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR REMOTELY one million parsecs—approximately recorded and accurately studied for lusters of heated, magnetic 3,262,000 light years—is commonly the first time by experts at theC nanoparticles targeted at cellmembranes can remotely control denoted by the megaparsec, Mpc.) The astronomers found galaxies University of Sheffield, UK, shedding light on the Sunsion channels, neurons and even clustered into bands spaced about magnetic atmosphere.animal behaviour, according to a 600 million light years apart that High-resolution images taken by apaper published by University at stretch across about one-fourth of number of satellites show that theBuffalo (UB) physicists in Nature the diameter of the Universe, or solar corona is filled with largeNanotechnology. about seven billion light years. This banana-shaped magnetic structures "By developing a method that huge shell and void pattern would known as coronal loops.allows us to use magnetic fields to have required nearly 150 billion These giant coronal loops havestimulate cells both in vitro and in years to form, based on their speed also been observed to undergovivo, this research will help usunravel the signaling networks thatcontrol animal behavior," says ArndPralle, PhD, Assistant Professor ofPhysics in the UB College of Artsand Sciences and senior/corresponding author on the paper. The method the UB teamdeveloped involves heatingnanoparticles in a cell membrane byexposing them to a radiofrequencymagnetic field; the heat then resultsin stimulating the cell. "We have developed a tool to heatnanoparticles and then measuretheir temperature," says Pralle,noting that not much is knownabout heat conduction in tissue atthe nanoscale. Each one measuring just sixAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .periodic (oscillatory) motion, which However, one of its potential uses ARTIFICIAL OBJECTcan be thought of as someone appears to be to launch a surge of APPROACHING THE EARTHplucking a guitar string (transversal small satellites—during periods of ASA reports that an unknownoscillations) or blowing a wind-pipeinstrument (longitudinal high international tension. This would enable America to have eyes N object approaching the Earth from deep space is almost certainlyoscillations). With the length and and ears orbiting above any artificial in origin, rather than beingthickness of the string fixed, the potential troublespot in the world. an asteroid.pitch of the note is determined by The X-37B can stay in orbit for up Object 2010 KQ was detected bythe tension of the string; the tone is to 270 days, whereas the Shuttle can the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona inmade up of the harmonics of the last only 16 days. This capability early May, and was subsequentlymodes of oscillation. will allow the US to carry out long- tracked by NASAs asteroid-watching In this sense, the solar term experiments, including the service, the Near Earth Objectatmosphere is constantly pervaded testing of new laser weapon Program headquartered at the Jetby the music of the coronal loops. systems. This development will Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in A video of the solar music is draw accusations that the launch of California.available on YouTube at X-37B, and a second vehicle planned Observations by astronomer S. J. for later this year, could lead to the Bus et al., using the NASA Infrared(Source:, 22 June 2010, militarisation of space. Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, With all the focus on the secret X- Hawaii, indicate that 2010 KQs 37B, another space launch from spectral characteristics do not SECRET US SPACESHIP LAUNCHED Vandenberg Air Force Base in match any of the known asteroid omewhere above Earth is California received less attention. A types, and the objects absoluteS Americas latest spaceship: a 30-foot [~9.2-metre] craft so classified Minotaur IV rocket was carrying the prototype of a new weapon that can magnitude (28.9) suggests it is only a few metres in size.that the Pentagon will not divulge hit any target around the world in The mysterious artificial objectits mission nor how much it cost to less than an hour. has apparently made a close pass bybuild. The Prompt Global Strike system the Earth, coming in almost to the The mysterious [Boeing] X-37B, is designed as the conventional distance of the Moons orbit, and islaunched successfully by the US Air weapon of the future. It could hit now headed away into theForce from Cape Canaveral, Florida, Osama bin Laden’s cave, an Iranian interplanetary void. The object hason 22 April using an Atlas V rocket, nuclear site or a North Korean used no propulsion during the timelooks like a miniature Space missile with a huge conventional NASA has had it under observation.Shuttle—but its mission is top warhead. However, the spacewatch boffinssecret. It is officially described as an (Source: The Times, 24 April 2010, believe that it must have movedOrbital Test Vehicle. under its own power at some point, given its position and velocity. "The orbit of this object is very similar to that of the Earth, and one would not expect a [naturally occurring] object to remain in this type of orbit for very long," said Paul Chodas from JPL. The experts believe that the object must be a spacecraft or, more accurately, part of one. Its likely to be a booster stage from a past interplanetary mission, now drifting back in to Earth and out again. The next visit will probably be in 2036, at which time theres a small chance that 2010 KQ will crash into the atmosphere and burn up. (Source:, 28 May 2010, • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 9. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . IRANIAN SCIENTIST PRESSURED THE INDO–ISRAELI COLLABORATION: A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVEINTO LYING ABOUT NUKE SECRETSA n Iranian scientist, who says he was abducted 14 months ago and T he state of Israel came into being on 14 May 1948 with the support of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister. Owing to its relationship with the Arab world, India took some time in the formaltaken to the United States by the recognition of Israel in 1950. Besides maintaining good relations with theCIA, claimed that he had been Arab world, India also maintained a covert relationship with the Israelipressured into lying about his state. The former Israeli Defence and Foreign Minister, Moshe Dayan, iscountrys nuclear program. Shahram regarded as the linchpin of this Indo–Israeli relationship.Amiri was returned to Tehran in July Ever since 1950, both countries have been interacting covertly, whileto a heros welcome. keeping their strapping bilateral relationship at low profile. It was only in Mr Amiri was on the Hajj 1992 that India established its formal diplomatic relationship with Israel.pilgrimage when he was seized at Currently, both countries are enjoying an excellent relationship atgunpoint in the city of Medina, economic, military and strategic levels. Indo–Israeli militarydrugged and taken to the US, where collaboration has rapidly expanded over the years, and, by 2009, bilateralhe says Israel was involved in his military trade between the two countries reached US$9 billion. India isinterrogation. now the largest customer for Israeli military hardware and the second In the US, officials have admitted largest economic partner. Both are undertaking joint militarythat Mr Amiri was paid more than exercises/training and cooperating in space technology.US$5 million by the CIA for It is worth mentioning that India and Iran are strategic allies. India isinformation about Irans nuclear also strengthening its strategic relationship with the Arab world and theambitions and are clearly embarrassed Central Asian states. This indeed is a unique combination of establishingby his very public return to Iran. relationship with the enemy of Arabs and vice-versa.(Source: The Independent, 16 July 2010, In recent years, there has emerged another angle to this collaboration: the Indo–Israeli joint collaboration with Afghanistan. In the garb of re- construction, India has made lots of inroads and investments in USA TO GIVE ISRAEL A Afghanistan. MEGA MILITARY HANDOUT There is a reported presence of Israelis—Mossad operatives he United States plans to provideT Israel with its most extensivemilitary aid package in history. particularly—in the northern and northwestern provinces of Afghanistan, bordering Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Indeed, the Indo–Israel collaboration with Afghanistan is aimed at enhancing ingress in Afghan The US Assistant Secretary of society, especially with the youth and political leadership, to shape theirState, Andrew J. Shapiro, claims that mindset against Pakistan. Furthermore, it is designed to make ingressthe increased US military assistance into the Afghan National Army (ANA) to stimulate them to act againstshould help Tel Aviv reach tough Pakistan for creating a threat on its western borders. It is also aimed atdecisions in peace talks with the further reinforcing the RAW [Research and Analysis Wing, Indias externalPalestinians. intelligence agency] network to destabilise Pakistan through covert Speaking at the Brookings intelligence operations. RAW and Mossad, along with the NorthernInstitutions Saban Center for Middle Alliance and the Afghan intelligence set-up, are helping anti-East Policy in Washington, DC, Pakistan terrorists and extremists to destabilise Pakistan.Shapiro said that the US plans to The massive Indian investment in Afghanistan has a long-term aim tobolster Israels security by providing encircle Pakistan. It is pertinent to note that Indian defence collaborationfunding for the Iron Dome anti- with the ANA has not been able to guarantee the security of Afghanistan,missile system. He said that since but it has destabilised Pakistan to the utmost.Israel is facing some of the toughest Now it is up to the people of Afghanistan to recognise their friends andchallenges in its history, US foes. After all, 30 million Afghans have the right to question theirPresident Obamas administration government as to why India and Israel have all of a sudden become sohas asked Congress for nearly sympathetic to them. There exists neither any religious affinity nor anyUS$2.775 billion in security other parallel between them and Afghanistan. Rather, both countriesassistance funding "specifically for have a poor record of accomplishment in Kashmir and Palestine alike.Israel" in 2010. (Source: by Dr Raja Muhammad Khan, posted on 13 July 2010 at http://www.opinion- "It is the largest such request in US Dr Khan has a PhDhistory," he added. in international relations from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. Presently he is an(Source:, 17 July 2010, associate professor at the National Defence University, Islamabad. He is a regular contributor to – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 9
  • 11. THE RISE OF THE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP e are in the midst of the most explosive development in all of W human history. Humanity is experiencing a simultaneously opposing and conflicting geopolitical transition, the likes of which has never before been anticipated or experienced. Historically, the story of humanity has been the struggle between the free-thinking individual and structures of power controlled by elites that seek to dominate land, resources and people. The greatest threat to elites at any time— historically and presently—is an awakened, critically thinking and politically Aldous Huxleys vision stimulated populace. The greatest triumphs of the human mind—whether in art, science or of a brave new world thought—have arisen out of and challenged great systems of power and control. The greatest of human misery and tragedy has arisen out of the power has come to pass as structures and systems that elites always seek to construct and manage. War, increasingly we are at genocide, persecution and human degradation are directly the result of decisions made by those who control the apparatus of power, whether the the mercy of elite power manifests itself as intellectual, ecclesiastical, spiritual, militaristic or scientific. The most malevolent and ruthless power is that over the free technocrats and social human mind: if one controls how one thinks, they control the individual itself. engineers who are The greatest human achievements are where individuals have broken free the shackles that bind the mind and let loose the inherent and undeniable power using everything in that lies in each and every individual... their power to control What is the "Scientific Dictatorship"? the worlds populace. In 1932, Aldous Huxley wrote his dystopian novel Brave New World, in which he looked at the emergence of the scientific dictatorships of the future. In his 1958 essay, "Brave New World Revisited", Huxley explains: "The future dictators subjects will be painlessly regimented by a corps of highly trained social engineers." He quotes one "advocate of this new science" as saying: "The challenge of social engineering in our time is like the challenge of technical engineering fifty years ago. If the first half of the twentieth century was the era of technical engineers, the second half may well be the era of social engineers." Thus, proclaims Huxley: "The twenty-first century, I suppose, will be the era of World Controllers, the scientific caste system and Brave New World."2 by Andrew Gavin Marshall In 1952, Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher, historian, mathematician and social critic, wrote the book The Impact of Science on Society, in which he © Global Research, warned and examined how science, with the technological revolution, was Montreal, Canada, 5 July 2010 changing and would come to change society: I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology. Mass Web page: psychology is, scientifically speaking, not a very advanced study... This study is immensely useful to practical men, whether they wish to become rich or to acquire the government. It is, of course, as a science, founded upon individual psychology, but hitherto it has employed rule-of-thumb methods which were based upon a kind of intuitiveAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 11
  • 12. common sense. Its importance has been enormously increased He further explains: by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends in most influential is what is called "education". Religion plays a various ways upon scientific technique. Where all children go to part, though a diminishing one; the Press, the cinema and the school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the radio play an increasing part... authorities can close the minds of the young to everything This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by contrary to official orthodoxy.6 scientists under a scientific dictatorship...3 Bertrand Russell later proclaims in his book that "a Drawing on the concept of scientific world society cannot bepeople loving their servitude—a stable unless there is a worldconcept popularised by Aldous Bertrand Russell later government". 7 He explains thatHuxley—Bertrand Russell explains proclaims in his book that eugenics plays a central feature inthat under a scientific the construction of any worlddictatorship: "a scientific world society government scientific dictatorship: It is to be expected that advances in cannot be stable unless Gradually, by selective breeding, the physiology and psychology will give congenital differences between rulers governments much more control there is a world and ruled will increase until they over individual mentality than they government". become almost different species. A now have even in totalitarian revolt of the plebs would become as countries. Fichte laid it down that unthinkable as an organised education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.9 have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their In a 1962 speech Aldous Huxley spoke about the real schoolmasters would have wished... Diet, injections and world becoming the "Brave New World" nightmare he injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the envisaged. He spoke primarily of the "ultimate sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities revolution" that focuses on "behavioural controls" of consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that people: be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are ...In the past we can say that all revolutions have essentially miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the aimed at changing the environment in order to change the government will tell them that they are so.5 individual. [T]heres been the political revolution, the economic revolution...the religious revolution. All these aimed not directly at the human being but at his surroundings; so that by modifying his surroundings you did achieve, did one remove the effect of the human being. Today we are faced, I think, with the approach of what may be called the ultimate revolution, the final revolution, where man can act directly on the mind-body of his fellows... ...If you are going to control any population for any length of time, you must have some measure of consent. Its exceedingly difficult to see how pure terrorism can function indefinitely. It can function for a fairly long time, but...sooner or later you have to bring in an element of persuasion, an element of getting people to consent to what is happening to them. Well, it seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: that we are in [the] process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy—who have always existed and will presumably always exist—to get people to love their servitude. This is...the ultimate in malevolent revolutions... ...Im inclined to think that the scientific dictatorships of the future—and I think there are going to be scientific dictatorships in many parts of the world—will be probably a good deal nearer to the "Brave New World" pattern than to the "1984" pattern. "Were attacking this catastrophe on two fronts: They will be a good deal nearer, not because of any another $10 billion to develop a new capping humanitarian qualms of the scientific dictators but simply technique—and $20 billion to develop a new logo." because the "Brave New World" pattern is probably a good deal more efficient than the other.12 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 13. were founded with Rockefeller and Ford Foundation ...[I]f you can get people to consent to the state of affairs in money,14 which then continued to be central sources of which theyre living, the state of servitude...if you can do this, funding to this day. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was are likely to have a much more stable and lasting society, [a] much more easily controllable society than youfounded in 1961 by Sir Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxleys brother, who was also the president of the British would if you were relying wholly on clubs and firing squads and concentration camps.10 Eugenics Society from 1959 to 1962. Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands became the organisations first In 1961, President Eisenhower delivered his farewell president. He also happened to be one of the foundersaddress to the nation in which he warned of the dangers of the elite global think-tank, the Bilderberg Group, whichto democracy posed by the military–industrial complex, he co-founded in 1954; and previous to that, he was athe interconnected web of industry, the military and member of the Nazi Party and an SS officer.15 Sir Julianpolitics creating the conditions for constant war. In that Huxley also happened to be the first Director-General ofsame speech, Eisenhower warned America and the world the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culturalof another important change in society: Organization (UNESCO). Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in In 1946, Sir Julian Huxley wrote a his shop, has been overshadowed by task While much of paper titled "UNESCO: Its Purpose and forces of scientists in laboratories and Its Philosophy". In it, he states that the testing fields. In the same fashion, the free the language of general focus of UNESCO: university, historically the fountainhead of equality and to help the emergence of a single world free ideas and scientific discovery, has culture, with its own philosophy and experienced a revolution in the conduct of education sounds background of ideas, and with its own research. Partly because of the huge costs good and broad purpose.16 involved, a government contract becomes At the moment, it is probable that the virtually a substitute for intellectual benevolent, it is indirect effect of civilisation is dysgenic curiosity. For every old blackboard there based upon a instead of eugenic; and in any case it are now hundreds of new electronic seems likely that the dead weight of genetic computers. particular view stupidity, physical weakness, mental The prospect of domination of the of humanity as instability, and disease-proneness, nations scholars by Federal an irrational, which already exist in the human employment, project allocations, and species, will prove too great a burden the power of money is ever present— emotionally driven for real progress to be achieved. Thus and is gravely to be regarded. organism which even though it is quite true that any Yet, in holding scientific research radical eugenic policy will be for and discovery in respect, as we needs to be many years politically and should, we must also be alert to the controlled. psychologically impossible, it will be equal and opposite danger that public important for Unesco to see that the policy could itself become the captive eugenic problem is examined with the of a scientific-technological elite.11 greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues atNew Eugenics stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become Many sciences and large social movements are directed thinkable.17by the same foundations and money that financed the ...It is worth pointing out that the applications of science ateugenics movement in the early 20th century. The once bring us up against social problems of various sorts. SomeRockefeller foundations, Ford, Carnegie, Mellon, of these are direct and obvious. Thus the application of geneticsHarriman and Morgan money that flowed into eugenics in eugenics immediately raises the question of values—whatled directly to "scientific racism" and ultimately to the qualities should we desire to encourage in the human beings ofHolocaust in World War II.13 the future?19 Following the Holocaust, Hitler had discredited the ...[I]n order to carry out its work, an organisation such aseugenics movement he admired so much in America. So Unesco needs not only a set of general aims and objects for itself,the movement branched off into forming several other but also a working philosophy, a working hypothesis concerningsocial engineering projects: population control, genetics human existence and its aims and objects, which will dictate, orand environmentalism. The same foundations that laid at least indicate, a definite line of approach to its problems.20the foundations for eugenics ideology—the belief in abiological superiority and right to rule (justifying their While much of the language of equality and educationpower)—then laid the foundations for these and other sounds good and benevolent, it is based upon anew social and scientific movements. particular view of humanity as an irrational, emotionally Major environmental and conservation organisations driven organism which needs to be controlled.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 13
  • 14. Thus, the "principle of human equality" becomes the We do not yet fully understand nor comprehend the"fact of human inequality": implications of genetic manipulation in our food, plants, Finally we come to a difficult problem—that of discovering how animals and humans. What is clear is that we are we can reconcile our principle of human equality with the changing the very biology of our environment and biological fact of human inequality... The democratic principle ourselves in it... of equality, which is also Unescos, is a principle of equality of The problem with the interaction of science and power opportunity—that human beings should be equal before the is that with such great power comes the temptation to law, should have equal opportunities for education, for making use and abuse it. If the ability to create a weapon like an a living, for freedom of expression and movement and thought. atomic bomb seems possible, most certainly there are The biological absence of equality, on the other hand, concerns those who seek to make it probable. Where there is the natural endowments of man and the fact of genetic temptation, there is human weakness. difference in regard to them. So while genetics can be used for benevolent purposes There are instances of biological inequality which are so gross and for the betterment of humankind, so too can it be that they cannot be reconciled at all with the principle of equal used effectively to create a biological caste system opportunity. Thus low-grade mental where, in time, it would be feasible to defectives cannot be offered equality of see a break in the human race where, educational opportunity, nor are the as human advancement technologies insane equal with the sane before the law become increasingly available, the use or in respect of most freedoms. However, Genetics unleashes of these technologies is reserved for the full implications of the fact of human the elite so that there comes a time inequality have not often been drawn an unprecedented where there is a biological separation and certainly need to be brought out in the human species. here, as they are very relevant to power into human Oliver Curry, an evolutionary theorist Unescos task.21 hands: the power from the London School of Economics, predicts that "[the] human race will So eugenics must be employed, as of unnatural have reached its physical peak by thethe UNESCO paper explains, to creation and the year 3000" and "will one day split intoaddress the issues of raising human two separate species, an attractive,welfare to a manageable level; manipulation of intelligent ruling elite and anthat the time will come where biology. We do underclass of dim-witted, uglyelites will need to address the goblin-like creatures".27whole of humanity as a single not yet fullyforce, and with a single voice. understand nor Population Control as Eugenics Eugenics is about the social Not only was the field oforganisation and control of comprehend the genetics born of eugenics andhumanity. Ultimately, eugenics is implications... heavily financed by the sameabout the engineering of monied interests that seek socialinequality. In genetics, elites control, but so too was the field offound a way to take population control.discrimination down to the DNA. In environmental literature and rhetoric, one concept that hasGenetics as Eugenics emerged over the years as playing Award-winning author and researcher Edwin Black a significant part is population control. Population iswrote an authoritative history of eugenics in his book seen as an environmental issue because the larger theWar Against the Weak, in which he explains that "the population, the more resources it consumes and theincremental effort to transform eugenics into human more land it occupies.genetics forged an entire worldwide infrastructure", with In this concept, the more people there are, the worsethe founding in 1938 of the Institute of Human Genetics the environment becomes. Thus, programs aimed atin Copenhagen, led by Tage Kemp, a Rockefeller controlling population growth are often framed in anFoundation eugenicist, and financed with money from environmentalist lens.the Rockefeller Foundation.22 While not abandoning the There is also a distinctly radical element in this field,eugenics goals, the new, re-branded eugenics movement which views population growth not simply as an"claimed to be eradicating poverty and saving the environmental concern but frames people in general as aenvironment"...23 virus that must be eradicated if the Earth is to survive. Genetics unleashes an unprecedented power into However, in the view of elites, population control is morehuman hands: the power of unnatural creation and the about controlling the people than saving themanipulation of biology. environment...14 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 15. Environmentalism as Eugenics It also states: "A catastrophic event may be needed for In the academic journal Capitalism Nature Socialism, evolution to move at an accelerated pace, as theMichael Barker extensively covers the connection extinction of the dinosaurs gave the mammals theirbetween the Rockefeller and Ford foundations in funding chance to take over the world. It is much the same withthe environmental movement. As Barker notes, ideas whose time has not yet come; they must survivefollowing World War II the public became increasingly periods when they are not generally welcome. Like theconcerned with the environment as the "chemical- small mammals in dinosaur times they must await theirindustrial complex" grew at an astounding rate.63 Since opportunity."70Rockefeller interests were heavily involved in thechemical industry, the rising trend in environmental Merging Man and Machine: The Future of Humanitythought and concern had to be controlled quickly and Bill Joy, computer scientist and co-founder of Sunsteered in a direction favourable to elite interests. Microsystems, who was co-chair of the presidential Two organisations important in shaping the commission on the future of IT research, wrote an articleenvironmental movement were the Conservation in 2000 for Wired magazine entitled "Why the FutureFoundation and Resources for the Future (RFF), which Doesnt Need Us". Joy explains the possibilities in alargely relied upon Rockefeller and Ford Foundation technological society of the near future, where newfunding, and both conservation organisations had technologies like genetic engineering andinterestingly helped to "launch an explicitly pro- nanotechnology are "giving us the power to remake thecorporate approach to resource world". One startlingconservation".64 development is that of robot Laurance Rockefeller served as "Specifically, robots, technology and its potentiala trustee of the Conservation impact upon society. Joy states:Foundation and donated engineered organisms, Accustomed to living with almostUS$50,000 yearly throughout the and nanobots share a routine scientific breakthroughs, we1950s and 1960s. Further, the have yet to come to terms with theConservation Foundation was dangerous amplifying fact that the most compelling 21st-founded by Fairfield Osborn, factor: they can century technologies—robotics,whose cousin, Frederick Osborn, genetic engineering, andbecame another prominent voice self-replicate..." nanotechnology—pose a differentin conservation. 65 Frederick threat than the technologies thatOsborn was also working with the have come before. Specifically,Rockefellers Population Council and was president of robots, engineered organisms, and nanobots share a dangerousthe American Eugenics Society. amplifying factor: they can self-replicate...88 In 1952, the Ford Foundation created Resources for theFuture (the same year that the Rockefellers created the Joy explains that while these technologies can, andPopulation Council), and the original founders were also consistently are, promoted and justified in the name of"John D. Rockefeller Jr.s chief advisors on conservation doing good (such as curing diseases, etc.), "with each ofmatters". Laurance Rockefeller joined the board of the these technologies, a sequence of small, individuallyRFF in 1958, and the RFF received $500,000 from the sensible advances leads to an accumulation of greatRockefeller Foundation in 1970.66 The Ford Foundation power and, concomitantly, great danger". Joy ominouslywould also go on to create the Environmental Defense warns:Fund (EDF), the Natural Resources Defense Council The 21st-century technologies—genetics, nanotechnology, and(NRDC) and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund. 67 robotics (GNR)—are so powerful that they can spawn wholeMcGeorge Bundy, who was president of the Ford new classes of accidents and abuses. Most dangerously, for theFoundation from 1966 until 1979, once stated that first time, these accidents and abuses are widely within the"everything the foundation did could be regarded as reach of individuals or small groups. They will not requiremaking the world safe for capitalism".68 large facilities or rare raw materials. Knowledge alone will Certainly one of the pre-eminent, if not the most enable the use of them.prominent, environmental organisations in the world is Thus we have the possibility not just of weapons of massthe World Wildlife Fund. The WWF was founded on 11 destruction but of knowledge-enabled mass destructionSeptember 1961 by Sir Julian Huxley, the first Director- (KMD), this destructiveness hugely amplified by the power ofGeneral of UNESCO, as previously mentioned.69 From self-replication.1925, Sir Julian was also a life trustee of the British I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of theEugenics Society (now known as the Galton Institute, a further perfection of extreme evil, an evil whose possibilitygenetics research centre). His biography on the societys spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destructionwebsite states that "Huxley believed that eugenics would bequeathed to the nation-states, on to a surprising and terribleone day be seen as the way forward for the human race". empowerment of extreme individuals.89AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 15
  • 16. In other words, we are entering an era faced with the If we gain stability and order at the cost of our very"scientific dictators" of Aldous Huxleys nightmare humanity, is it worth it? Do we really need this eternalvision in Brave New World. Joy writes that by 2030 "we are guidance, which has been constant through almost alllikely to be able to build machines, in quantity, a million of human history, to treat the human species as if it wastimes as powerful as the personal computers of today". in a constant state of adolescence, never quite prepared Joy examines the transformative nature of robotics, as to make its own decisions or go out in the world on itsan intelligent robot may be built by 2030: "And once an own? Well, it is time for humanity to grow up and leaveintelligent robot exists, it is only a small step to a robot the strange comfort of mental authoritarianism...species—to an intelligent robot that can make evolved Our world is governed not by a conspiracy, but bycopies of itself." ideas: ideas of power, money, the state, military, Further, he writes: "A second dream of robotics is that empire, race, religion, sex, gender, politics and people.we will gradually replace ourselves with our robotic The only challenge to those ideas is from new, achieving near immortality by downloading If the purpose of humanity is to consume andour consciousnesses..." Joy also warns of the potential dominate, then our present situation seems onlyfor an arms race to develop these technologies, just as natural. If we were meant for more, then we musttook place with the nuclear, radiological and biological become more.weapons of the 20th century.91 If we were meant to be free, we must become free. He aptly explains that, in the 20th century, those Ideas are powerful things: they can build empires, andtechnologies were largely the collapse them just as easily.products of governments, On 4 April 1967, Dr Martinwhereas in the 21st century the Luther King, Jr, delivered one ofnew technologies of genetic his most moving and importantengineering, nanotechnology The tools and systems of speeches, "Beyond Vietnam", inand robotics are the products of social control are vast and which he spoke out against warcorporations and capitalism. and empire. He left humanityThus, the driving force is that of evasive; they penetrate with sobering words:competition, desire and the the very psychology and I am convinced that if we are toeconomic system. get on the right side of the world Hence, there is far less biology of the individual. revolution, we as a nation mustregulation and discussion of undergo a radical revolution ofthese new technologies than values. We must rapidly beginthere was of the 20th-century the shift from a "thing-oriented"technologies, as the new technologies are developed in society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines andprivately owned, not public, laboratories... computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism,We Can Have a Scientific Dictatorship, or... materialism, and militarism are incapable of being We can create an alternative. We can use, strengthen, conquered.95decentralise and mobilise the global political awakeninginto a global movement of people not simply politically About the Author:aware but politically active and engaged. Andrew Gavin Marshall is a Research Associate with the We can create a world where people do not simply Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) in Montreal,observe the apparatus of political, economic and social Canada, and is studying political economy and history. Hepower influencing their lives, but actively seek to change is co-editor, with Michel Chossudovsky, of the recentit to better suit their lives and their freedom... book The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of The tools and systems of social control are vast and the XXI Century (available at the websiteevasive; they penetrate the very psychology and biology His articles "A New Worldof the individual. War for a New World Order" and "The Financial New The elite feel that they are entrusted—due to their World Order" were published in NEXUS 17/02 andsupposed "innate" superior intelligence and 16/04–05 respectively.specialisation—to control society and reshape it as theysee fit, to actively mould and construct public opinion Editors Note:and ideas. This is an edited extract from "New Eugenics and the Rise They have a belief that people are essentially of the Scientific Dictatorship", part three of the seriesirrational emotional beings, and that they must be "The Technological Revolution and the Future ofcontrolled by an elite or else the world would be in Freedom". To view the complete text and endnotes, andchaos. This is what underpins the ideas of "stability" to access parts one and two of this series, go toand "order"... • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
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  • 18. 18 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 19. PROOF THAT CANCER SURGERY INCREASES MORTALITY t is generally accepted in cancer research that the vast majority of I patients, or about 90 per cent, die from metastases or secondary tumours and only a small minority from a primary tumour. Therefore it should be of great concern to therapists as well as patients that more than 30 years ago it was conclusively shown that cancer surgery is a main cause of metastasis (Krokowski; see below).1 However, this research was completely ignored by the profession and patients never got to know about it. Since then, more and more disturbing data have come to light, and now an Research suggests international team of leading cancer researchers has published a comprehensive review with the conclusion obvious from the title: "Surgery that surgery and Triggers Outgrowth of Latent Distant Disease in Breast Cancer: An Inconvenient Truth?" (Cancers 2010; 2:305-337; other medical 6694/2/2/305/pdf).2 Because of the undisputed status of the members of this interventions team, their conclusions can no longer be ignored by the medical profession, even though they are causing much consternation. I expect that efforts are now stimulate the being focused on preventing this information from becoming widespread public knowledge. growth and spread The review has shown that future organ metastasis is independent of the size of tumours, while of the primary tumour and its apparent malignancy or the involvement of any lymph glands. Metastasis seems to depend mainly on the degree of stress for holistic anticancer the tumour and the patient, on growth stimulation due to the wound-healing mechanism initiated by surgery, and on the health of the immune system. therapies have an Furthermore, as the following examples show, surgery is not the only medical inhibitory effect. procedure that increases metastasis. In recent years, there has been a steady stream of research showing that basically all medical interventions can trigger metastasis. Recent Research Findings While most cancer research is funded by drug companies with the aim of increasing their profits, there is now a growing number of independent studies that show the negative side of conventional cancer therapy. Here is a small selection of interesting research findings. • Conflicts of interest in cancer research. This analysis shows why it is so difficult to get to the truth in medical research. Conflicts of interest exist in a considerable number of cancer research articles published in medical journals, and there is a high degree of financial connections between researchers and by Walter Last © 2010 pharmaceutical companies. These conflicts produce biased results with more favourable outcomes for investigated drugs and technologies.3 Website: • Experts want to stop screening. Screening for breast and prostate cancer has not brought a decline in deaths from these diseases. Instead, screening programs lead to tumour overdetection and overtreatment.4 • Morphine stimulates cancer and shortens life. Morphine has been used in cancer treatment for two centuries. Now, research is showing that it stimulatesAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 19
  • 20. the growth and spread of cancer cells and shortens the replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer.survival time of patients.5 Now a new study has found that it also increases the • Diagnostic X-rays cause cancer. It has been estimated chance of the cancer metastasising, or spreading, to thethat diagnostic X-rays over a lifetime cause up to 3.2 per lymph nodes.14cent additional cancers in a population. Japan, at 3.2 per • Sharp drop in breast cancer rates. In recent years,cent, and Germany rank among the countries with the breast cancer rates have dropped sharply due to ahighest X-ray cancer rates, as does Australia with 1.3 per corresponding sharp drop in the use of hormonecent, while the UK and Poland have the lowest lifetime replacement therapy.15risk with 0.6 per cent.6 • Radiation therapy damages bones. The scientific world Dr Ernst Krokowskis Cancer Surgery Findingshas been shaken by a report that a single therapeutic dose Ernst H. Krokowski, MD, PhD (1926–1985), was aof radiation can cause appreciable bone loss. Several Professor of Radiology in Germany. His research providedyears later, osteoporosis, bone necrosis or bone cancer the first convincing proof that cancer surgery triggersmay develop.7 metastasis. While many of his articles on different • Radiation initiates cancer. Exposure to ionising subjects are still on public record, his research on theradiation is known to result in genetic damage that can relationship between surgery and metastases is difficult tomake cells cancerous. A new study has revealed that find, even in German. His only paper on this subject inradiation can alter the English is not listed in PubMed,environment surrounding cells, and the journal in which it wasso that future cells are more published no longer exists. 16likely to become cancerous. 8 A new study has revealed Because of the obvious • Chemotherapy promotes that radiation can alter the importance of this research, Imetastasis. The chemotherapy have now made this articledrug Taxol® causes cancer cell environment surrounding available on my website atmicrotentacles to grow longer cells, so that future tumour cells to re-attach Also, afaster. If treated with Taxol cells are more likely to related lecture in German can bebefore surgery to shrink the become cancerous. downloaded.17 The Summary ofprimary tumour, levels of Dr Krokowskis 1979 paper reads:circulating tumour cells go up "It can no longer be doubted1,000- to 10,000-fold, potentially that under certain conditionsincreasing metastasis.9 diagnostic or surgical procedures can result in • Tamoxifen increases risk of aggressive tumours. metastases. Analysis of metastatic growth rates hasTamoxifen use for breast cancer patients decreases their shown that from 30 per cent (in hypernephroma) to 90 perrisk of developing a more common and less dangerous cent (in sarcoma and seminoma) of the diagnosedtype of second breast cancer but has a more than four-fold metastases were provoked by such procedures. This hasincreased risk of causing a more aggressive and deadly been established by numerous animal experiments andtumour.10 clinical observations, and necessitates a change in the • Biopsies cause metastases. Biopsies may actively currently held concept of cancer therapy. The previouslyencourage the spread of metastases. Needle biopsies applied and proven treatments by surgery and radiationcaused a 50 per cent increase of metastatic spread to must be preceded by a metastasis prophylaxis. Threenearby lymph glands of breast tumours as compared to different ways to achieve such a prophylaxis arelumpectomies.11 proposed." • Stress promotes cancer. Stress hormones protect With radiological imaging, Dr Krokowski measured thecancer cells from self-destruction and promote the spread growth rates of 2,893 metastatic tumours in 568 patientsand growth of tumours directly as well as indirectly by with different cancers. From these, he derived theweakening the immune system and encouraging new following conclusions:blood vessel growth in a tumour. Patient stress was 1. Metastases arise only from primary tumours or fromassociated with faster disease progression.12 their local recurrences; they disseminate at once or in just • Stress kills. Stress hormones are released in high a few shoves.amounts with fear and during surgery. They greatly impair 2. Lymph node metastases behave biologicallythe immune system and promote the spread of differently from organ metastases (lymph nodemetastases. Blocking stress hormones has been shown to metastases are relatively harmless; organ metastases areincrease long-term postoperative cancer survival rates in very dangerous).animal models by 200 to 300 per cent.13 3. The more than 3,000 growth curves (including • Hormone replacement therapy increases risk of breast experimental data from animals) can be described by acancer metastasis. Previously it was shown that hormone growth formula. The growth curves of a very large number20 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 21. of metastases, from 30 to 90 per cent depending on the tumours alone. But that is not in the interests of thetype of tumour, can be traced back to the time of the first cancer industry, for which invasive treatment is thetreatment. financial life-blood. There have always been new drugs Here are some key observations from his article: and new ways to combine chemotherapy and radiotherapy • Inflated success rates (of cancer surgery) are the result with surgery—accompanied by claims that now a way toof either selective composition of the groups of patients prolong the lives of patients has been found. Bystudied or of correspondingly adapted, i.e., corrected, developing methods of early detection and classifyingstatistics. small, precancerous, non-invasive and dormant tumours • Cures related to the same stage and tumour size have as cancer—tumours that would not have becomenot improved in the last 20 to 25 years (i.e., since the malignant if left alone—some statistics could indeed1950s). point to improved cure rates. This has now changed with • Untreated postmenopausal women with breast cancer a comprehensive review by a team of leading cancerlive longer than medically treated patients. researchers. Here is the Abstract of the paper, "Surgery • Metastases occur sooner in fast-growing tumours than Triggers Outgrowth of Latent Distant Disease in Breastin slow-growing tumours. This suggests that these Cancer: An Inconvenient Truth?":2metastases begin their development at "We review our work over the past 14the same time as the surgery. years that began when we were first • Present cancer surgery may be confronted with bimodal relapseregarded as a second Semmelweis Metastases patterns in two breast cancer databasesphenomenon! (Dr Ignaz Semmelweis occur sooner in from different countries. These datacampaigned to stop surgeons from were unexplainable with the acceptedkilling women during delivery by fast-growing continuous tumor growth paradigm. Towashing and disinfecting their hands.) tumours than in explain these data, we proposed that • Manipulation of a tumour, such as metastatic breast cancer growthwith severe palpation and pressure (as slow-growing commonly includes periods ofwith a mammography procedure),biopsy or surgery, results in a sudden tumours. temporary dormancy at both the single cell phase and the avascularincrease of tumour cells released into This suggests micrometastasis phase. We alsothe blood with a higher probability that these suggested that surgery to removeof metastasis. the primary tumor often terminates • The connection between surgery metastases dormancy resulting in acceleratedand formation of metastases was relapses. These iatrogenic eventsparticularly impressive in single begin their are apparently very common in thatobserved cases: in a patient with a development at over half of all metastatic relapsessarcoma, formation of metastases progress in that manner. Assumingoccurred after surgery of the the same time this is true, there should be ampleprimary tumour and each time after as the surgery. and clear evidence in clinical data.four further surgeries of locally We review here the breast cancerrecurrent tumours. paradigm from a variety of • It has long been taught in historical, clinical, and scientificmedicine that a melanoma should perspectives and consider hownot be injured, since lesions would cause an almost dormancy and surgery-driven escape from dormancyexplosion-like growth of metastases. would be observed and what this would mean. Dormancy • Not only disturbance of a tumour but also unrelated can be identified in these diverse data but mostsurgery at a different location can trigger metastasis. conspicuous is the sudden synchronized escape from • The larger a tumour becomes, the slower its growth, dormancy following primary surgery. On the basis of ourand some observations suggest that it eventually stops findings, we suggest a new paradigm for early stage breastgrowing. cancer. We also suggest a new treatment that is meant to • Radiation and chemotherapy of the tumour before stabilize and preserve dormancy rather than attempt toand after surgery are both unsuccessful. kill all cancer cells as is the present strategy." • The chance to improve the cure quota decisively The bimodal relapse patterns referred to in this abstractoccurs only once during the course of cancer: namely, at means that there are two time peaks when metastasesthe time of the first treatment. appear after surgery for the primary tumour. The first peak is after 18 months; then follows a dip at 50 months and aAn Inconvenient Truth? broad peak at 60 months, with a long tail extending for 15 As the following review demonstrates, a steady stream to 20 years. About 50 to 80 per cent of all relapses are inof studies shows that it is better for patients to leave the first peak.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 21
  • 22. Large tumour relapses are mainly in the first peak, while to be a failure—and the least said about this sorrysmaller tumour relapses are equal in both peaks. episode in the history of breast cancer treatment, the There is also a structure in the first peak. Relapses in better.the first 10 months are due to micrometastases that pre- • Analysis of pathology and autopsy studies suggestsexist with the primary tumour and are stimulated to grow. that most of the occult tumours in breast (and prostate)This mode is most common for premenopausal patients cancers may never reach clinical significance.with positive lymph nodes, over 20 per cent of whom • Cancer cells and micrometastases remain in a state ofrelapse. The rest of the first peak is due to single cells dormancy until some signal, perhaps the act of surgery orthat are initially dormant but are induced to divide as a other adverse life event (emotional shock, according to Drresult of surgery. The second peak is then due to single Hamer), stimulates them into fast growth. The act ofcancer cells that have been seeded during surgery and are wounding the patient creates a favourable environmentsubsequently gradually developing into metastases. for the sudden transfer of a micrometastasis from a latent This dynamic also accounts for the excess mortality of to an active phase.premenopausal women in the third year of mammography • A large primary tumour inhibits the development andscreening trials: metastases appeared 10 months after growth of any distant metastases! Removal of the primaryscreening, and with the time between tumour results in the establishment andrelapse and death in breast cancer rapid growth of large numbers of latentbeing approximately two years, it meant metastases, the majority of which wouldthat death resulted about three years have remained dormant or would haveafter screening. I remember a young disappeared if the primary had not beenand apparently healthy patient who had Removal of the removed. The postoperative growth-just had her breast removed after a primary tumour stimulating effects on pre-existing latentmammogram showed a tiny tumour. metastases are due to removal of theShe was confident that she had been results in the primary tumour.saved because it had been caught soearly, but three years later she was establishment and • Other cancers also need to be carefully examined. There are datadead. rapid growth of showing indications of similar activity Other interesting evidence in this large numbers of especially in melanoma andreview is from a Danish report. Forensic ostoeosarcoma.autopsies showed that 39 per cent latent metastases,of women aged 40 to 49 had hidden Inhibiting Metastasisand dormant breast cancers, while the majority The authors of this review suggestthe lifetime risk of clinical breast of which would that angiogenesis inhibitors givencancer in Denmark was only eight at the time of first surgery could beper cent. This means that only have remained an answer to preventing metastasis.about 20 per cent of positive dormant... These drugs inhibit themammograms were for real; the development of blood vessels—rest were either completely including inside tumours, so thatharmless and boosted the medical they cannot grow. But now it hascure rate, or in other cases been found that these drugs shrinksubsequent surgery triggered tumours only initially. The tumoursmetastases and these women then have a growth surge, formingeventually died due to their treatment. local and distant metastases. One of the researchers Here are some more (paraphrased) highlights from this commented: "A well vascularized tumor is well fed andreview: happy. It has no driving force to become more invasive. • Some organisations aim to get women screened with We hypothesize...that if you cut off the tumors bloodmammography, so they withhold this information about supply this drives the cancer to become more invasive—possible harm because its release would be contrary to more metastatic—as it seeks more oxygen andachieving their goal. nutrients."18 • During most of the 20th century, radical mastectomy Still, there is a way out. An increasing number ofwas the accepted therapy for breast cancer. Unfortunately, natural methods are turning up that inhibit metastasisonly 23 per cent of patients survived 10 years. The natural and keep tumours happy. Here are a few examples ofresponse to this failure was for surgeons to undertake research that confirms holistic principles about the causeeven more radical surgery. and cure of cancer: • Medical oncologists next step was similar to that of • Vitamin D improves surgery outcomes. Patients withsurgeons: if a little doesnt work, then try a lot! High- the highest vitamin D intake who had surgery in thedose chemotherapy with bone marrow rescue was shown summer have a three-fold better disease-free survival rate22 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 23. and a four-fold better overall survival rate than patients were reduced by 25 per cent compared to control mice.with the lowest vitamin D intake who had surgery during Mammary tumour incidence was 71 per cent in the controlthe winter.19 mice that ate all the food they wanted, 35 per cent among • Antioxidants inhibit metastasis. Reactive oxygen those that were chronically restricted, and only nine perspecies, such as superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which cent in those that had intermittently restricted calories.27are produced by the body, play a key role in forming • Poor intestinal sanitation causes cancer. Recentcellular protrusions implicated in cancer cell migration research suggests that intestinal dysbiosis or unhealthyand tumour metastasis. Antioxidants inhibit such microbes in the gastrointestinal tract can cause cancer.28invasive behaviour of cancer cells. 20 • "Autoantibodies" may be created in response to hidden • Bicarbonate inhibits metastasis. Oral sodium bacteria. It has now been shown that in autoimmunebicarbonate inhibits the growth of tumours and the diseases, the immune system does not attack healthyformation of spontaneous metastases in mouse models of cells but, rather, attacks the microbes hiding in thesemetastatic breast cancer. It also reduces the rate of lymph cells.29 These are also a main cause of cancer, and earliernode involvement and hepatic metastases. 21 researchers have called them "cancer microbes". • Bicarbonate makes the lymph fluid more alkaline, • Cancer is caused by protein waste inside cells. Cellswhich then inhibits inflammation. For a tumour to spread, need to remove damaged proteins, or the accumulatingit needs to dissolve the waste may cause them tosurrounding connective tissue; develop into a cancer tumour.but that happens only if this Failure to dispose of this wastetissue is sufficiently acidic to autoimmune diseases, can result in toxicity, genomeactivate the protoeolytic enzymes the immune system damage and inflammation,of the tumour. which in turn can promote • Papaya fights tumours. does not attack healthy tumour progression and otherPapaya used as a tea from dried cells but, rather, attacks degenerative diseases.30leaves has a dramatic effect • Fasting helps in treatingagainst a broad range of lab- the microbes hiding cancer. Fasting reduces tumourgrown tumours, including in these cells. growth, sensitises cancer cells tocancers of the cervix, breast, liver, chemotherapy and protectslung and pancreas. The normal cells from the toxicanticancer effect is stronger with effects of chemotherapy. Fastinglarger doses of the tea.22 for 48 hours was found to be sufficient to suppress • Ginkgo biloba acts against stress. Ginkgo biloba tumour progression markedly in mice models of breastextract slows the growth of aggressive breast cancer cells cancer. In one mouse model, fasting alone (withoutsignificantly and inhibits the growth of implanted tumours chemotherapy) caused more than a 50 per cent decreaseby more than 80 per cent. Ginkgo biloba also reduces the in tumour growth. When fasting was combined withstress hormones released by fear due to a cancer chemotherapy, it reduced tumour growth up to 90 per centdiagnosis, so that a tumour may not become invasive.23 compared with untreated controls. In vitro studies using • Meditation reduces stress. Women with breast cancer breast cancer cells found similar results. Comparablecan reduce stress and improve their mental health and results were found with glioma, neuroblastoma andemotional well-being through meditation, e.g., melanoma; also, survival time increased and metastasisTranscendental Meditation.24 decreased. Now researchers want to find and use a drug • Environmental carcinogens cause cancer. The to mimic the positive effects of fasting.31Presidents Cancer Panel in the USA reported that "thetrue burden of environmentally induced cancers has been The Natural Solutiongrossly underestimated" and strongly urged action to These recent research findings about the value ofreduce peoples widespread exposure to carcinogens. natural nutrients and methods in preventing metastasisSuch exposure promotes not only the formation of and improving cancer treatment are in full agreement withprimary tumours but also the probability of metastasis.25 the methods used in holistic cancer programs. • Cancer risk is inherited. Daughters of pregnant rats One of the mainstays of holistic cancer therapy isfed an unhealthy diet are more likely to develop breast intestinal sanitation in addition to systemic antimicrobialcancer. But even if these daughters then eat healthily, therapy. These new findings not only confirm the value oftheir offspring are still at greater risk of this disease.26 intestinal sanitation but also the need for antimicrobial • Periodic dieting is best in cancer prevention. Periodic therapy. The latter is directed against a pleomorphicdieting is much more effective than permanent calorie microbe that can cause autoimmune diseases as well asrestriction, while unlimited food intake is the worst option cancer. The evidence for these microbes had not beenfor preventing breast cancer, according to experimental accepted by mainstream medicine, which maintained thatstudies with mice. In this dieting experiment, calories in these cases the immune system is just wronglyAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 23
  • 24. programmed and attacks its own healthy cells. The leader proposed that comes to a truce with the tumour. This isof the team which made the aforementioned based on the idea of not destroying the tumour but just"autoantibodies" finding stated: "What we thought were giving enough chemotherapy to keep it from growing anyautoantibodies generated against the body itself can now further. The researcher stated: "With a mouse ovarianbe understood as antibodies directed against the hidden cancer model, if you treat it with a very high dose, thebacteria. In autoimmune disease, the immune system is tumor goes away. It looks like you’ve cured it. But anot attacking itself. It is protecting the body from couple [of] weeks later it comes back and starts killingpathogens."29 animals. This is a standard outcome. What we did is use Another fundamental aspect of holistic cancer therapy smaller doses of drugs and applied them when the use of dieting or fasting to remove the protein We were able to keep tumors stable and mice alivesludge and oxidised fat stored in cells which give rise to indefinitely."33pleomorphic microbes and blockage of the oxidative Instead of using chemotherapy, alkalising is the methodenergy metabolism, as seen in cancer cells and of choice in holistic therapy to stabilise a tumour andautoimmune diseases. Both of these principles have now keep it from growing any further. Then you maybeen confirmed by conventional research. increasingly make your tumour happy by fulfilling its other In addition, we now see mainstream evidence of the needs: normalise its metabolism by restarting thebenefit of reducing emotional stress by using meditation oxidative energy production, remove the toxic sludge thatand replacing fear with positive emotions. started all these problems, keep the pleomorphic All of this gives mainstream research support for an microbes at bay, and also reduce stress hormones withimportant principle in holistic meditation and emotionalcancer therapy. Rather than therapies.stressing a tumour by trying to Rather than stressing Now the previously malignantdestroy it, keep it happy by cells either will resume normalfulfilling its needs so that it can a tumour by trying to functions or if they are toorejoin the community of healthy destroy it, keep it happy by damaged they will voluntarily diecells. (a process called apoptosis). With For a better understanding, fulfilling its needs so that it this, the tumour graduallyconsider this allegory. There is a can rejoin the community dissolves during repeated periodsmythical country with many of raw food cleansing. But as longdissatisfied inhabitants. One city of healthy cells. as the tumour remains present,has declared its independence especially as a stress-free primary,and walled itself for protection. it will be your friend byThe ruler now has the option of destroying the city or suppressing the development of dangerous metastases.pacifying it so that it rejoins the rest of the country in Even after removal of the primary tumour due topeaceful co-operation. If the city is being destroyed, the ignorance, this co-operative approach is the only viablefleeing rebels will try to initiate uprisings in other parts of option. Details are on my website and in my bookthe country. The ruler does not know how much support Overcoming Cancer.34the rebels would find elsewhere. If they do not get much From the available data, I conclude that most of thesupport, then it does not matter whether the rebellious suffering and mortality related to cancer are due tocity is being destroyed; it is harmless either way. But if medical treatment rather than to the disease itself. Withthere is sufficient support, the ruler will probably be so much effort presently devoted to putting medicine ondeposed. Which one is the wiser option: destroying the an evidence-based footing, I am confident that it will notcity or pacifying its inhabitants? take another 100 years for the present ineffective and The same choice exists in cancer therapy. Conventional harmful mainstream cancer treatments to be replacedtreatment opts for all-out destruction no matter the with co-operative and effective natural therapies. ∞consequences, while holistic therapy tries the pacifyingapproach. Most tumours probably start out with low About the Author:malignancy which can be easily reversed, but excessive or Walter Last is a retired biochemist, research chemist,persistent stress will push a tumour towards increasing nutritionist and natural therapist who has worked in Germany,malignancy and generate support in other parts of the the USA, New Zealand and Australia, where he is now based.body. This stress may be from fear, bitterness, emotional He has written numerous health-related journal articles andshock, poor nutrition, radiation or chemical assault. The several books. For presently available books, including theopposite approach will decrease malignancy and can new Heal Yourself the Natural Way, see www.the-heal-involve normalising the metabolism of cancer cells, Walter Last has contributed severalstrengthening the immune system and reducing stress articles to NEXUS. For the endnotes accompanying this articlewith meditation and emotional therapies. 32 as well as for information on health questions, go to the Recently, even a chemotherapy protocol has been website • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 25. NEXUS DVD UPGRADE The complete back catalogue of NEXUS Magazines on DVD for only $149. This DVD contains all magazines from 1987-2010 in PDF format. Files are text-searchable, meaning you can simply pop the DVD into a computer and use your search function to find keywords or strings of text. To order, go to – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 25
  • 27. MILITARY EMERGENCY IN THE GULF OF MEXICO E ditors Note: On 26 June 2010, an anonymous person, flagged as being located in France, started a thread on the popular (GLP) website. This Opening Poster (OP) claimed to be using a laptop computer belonging to his girlfriend, with permission. OP claims his girlfriend works at "the French Embassy" and has access to DED channels on her computers. It is clear that the OP had been As the Gulf of Mexico looking at the chatter on these channels for some days prior. Evidence for this can be found at other threads at GLP. oil disaster unfolds, My understanding of DED channels is that they are opened up and used by bizarre things have people like key defence and government military officials, ship captains, aircraft pilots, etc. The channels are activated as necessary, and seem to been happening since pertain to non-routine operations and incidents—mainly military, it seems. In other words, the channels are designed to get decisions from the right late June - including people when unexpected situations occur that could affect French military strange activity and diplomatic interests. The OP describes DED as a "digital emergency scrambling device". There is the occasional mention of switching to a among the military "vector channel". This seems to relate to a far more secure channel of assets of at least eight communication regarding matters requiring a much higher security clearance. I am told that this channel is used for communication about nations, and the unidentified, intelligently controlled objects in the air, in space and underwater. capture of a The saga starts off with a bang. The OP has spotted chatter on the French mysterious but DED channels which appears to indicate that a French submarine has been attacked and has been sunk. Hes obviously amazed, and there is an dangerous prehistoric increasing amount of chatter developing as a result. We later get the impression that the French nuclear-powered submarine Emeraude has lifeform. obtained "something" and put it in the cargo hold/bay. Whatever it is, somebody has just attacked the French sub, and they want whatever it is that the French submarine crew has found and secreted in the hold. The OP posted intermittently as the saga unfolded, and absolutely refused to be drawn into the controversy on a personal level. He ignored totally the claims that he was hoaxing and he never justified himself. I wonder if he even had time to read the hundreds of pages of discussion that his posts generated. After a few hours, many of the curious watchers had used their own research experience, and soon the posts contained more corroborating From Godlike Productions information and discussion about it, rather than angry accusations of fraud. 26 June – 15 July 2010 For our publication purposes, we have compiled selected extracts from the postings and done basic corrections for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Web page: Ive added the occasional comment in square brackets. http://www.godlikeproductions. Readers can access the original posting and follow the forum threads by com/forum1/message1113586/pg1 starting at The thread was initiated by Anonymous Coward, User ID 1011531, France on 26 June 2010.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 27
  • 28. Other abbreviations and names used in the postings: 5:04 PM—Captain reports boarding attempt and shots Em = Emeraude, a French nuclear-powered submarine fired. GCP = refers to an unknown French submarine/vessel 5:27 PM—Direct DED channel from Em has gone dead, being used by Groupement des Commandos trying other channels. Parachutistes, a type of French special forces unit 5:32 PM—Last relay from Mistral says main hatch Mistral = Mistral, an amphibious-assault warship permanently damaged during boarding attempt, PP = Pourquoi Pas, a French research vessel explosives used. Prazuck = French military spokesman Christophe Prazuck 5:52 PM—Another relay from Mistral says boarding party Terrible = Terrible, a French nuclear-powered submarine. was from other French sub. Condition Romeo = replenish, refuel, recharge etc. 27 June26 June 2010 8:56 AM—Girlfriend telephoned me in the morning and 10:58 AM—Something Just Went BEZERK [sic] in the says she was called to report at work today. She saysGulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French everyone is working today, even though it is Sunday. Evensubmarine. My girlfriend has a DED link on her laptop the shadow embassy staff is working. Security is onfrom the French Embassy. Crazy traffic on DED. highest alert she ever has seen. 11:09 AM—Something like 10% of the worlds 1:39 PM—I had to read over many channels from thesubmarines are gathered in the Gulf of Mexico. DED past few hours. Mostly everyone is safe. Mistral hasshows 12 US, 2 French, 3 British, picked up 4 seriously injured with2 Russian, 1 Canadian, 3 helicopter. Shots were fired butGerman, 1 Israeli and 2 unknown they came as warning shots fromsubmarines. Em crew. One of the unknown 11:39 AM—French captain Something like 10% of submarines I now know is fromsays his sub not sunk, only badly the worlds submarines GCP and it was they whodamaged; 17 sailors injured. boarded to help. The Em captainAsking for assistance and rescue. are gathered in the Gulf did not know the GCP was there,He says attack from aircraft andnot another submarine. of Mexico. DED shows and Em crew did not recognise them immediately because some 11:48 AM—Attack from US 12 US, 2 French, 3 British, comm system was damaged onhelicopter. All sailors bleeding 2 Russian, 1 Canadian... Em. There are two main issuesfrom ears. now. One is the cargo, and the 12:07 PM—Captain says other is that other submarinessurfacing in 12 minutes, and are reporting the same problemmagnetic radiation above normal with ballast tanks not fillingon surface. properly, air buoyancy, navigation and sonar problems with 12:40 PM—Captain confirms surface but waiting for all metallic oil, and harassment and provoking movements offires to be out. Then he will open main hatch. Another unmarked surface ships. Some surface ships have US flagtwo DED channels now open. One from office of Prazuck, but no maritime signature or call sign. Em captainother from Mistral command. describes situation as a submarine death trap. An attempt 1:51 PM—There are now 23 DED channels open. will be made in a few hours to transfer the cargo to the 2:14 PM—Two small US craft approach. Request GCP submarine, but the situation is still too tense. Imimmediate boarding. Captain refuses. now searching for more descriptions on what the cargo is. 2:28 PM—German sub now surfaces between Em and US 2:45 PM—Captain reporting sudden change in Israelicraft two minutes ago. submarine course to fast approach their coords. 2:41 PM—Captain reports possible collision of German 3:14 PM—Mistral orders Em captain to immediatelyand one US craft. Captain issuing ramming alert. begin transfer of cargo to GCP. . 2:47 PM—Captain still refusing boarding request. Says 3:18 PM—German sub on port side is submerging.US mother vessel has no maritime signature, only flying 3:42 PM—Current description and status of the cargo isUS flag. Name is blacked out. filed under Directive 301. 3:05 PM—Captain received offer from German captain to 4:05 PM—Captain reporting extreme conditions andescort from Gulf. geological echoes on seabed (translation is a problem). 3:25 PM—Unauthenticated US ship demanding release 4:35 PM—Israeli sub has halted, is surfacing.and jettison of detained cargo. Captain refuses. 4:40 PM—4 low-flying aircraft approaching at subsonic 3:41 PM—Captain confirms second German submarine speed; crew ordered to go below deck.surfaced port side. 4:47 PM—Israeli submarine blows missile hatches. 4:10 PM—A second French sub is also on new DED 4:49 PM—Israeli submarine launches surface-to-airchannel now. missiles—merde!28 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 29. 4:54 PM—Israeli submarine submerging. captain says pipes forming on seabed and leading from 4:57 PM—GCP and second German submarine rim. GCP captain still has proximity alert on cargo; waitingsubmerging. for instructions. 5:07 PM—Hit, hit, tracking falling debris. 11:35 AM—GCP captain reports b3 cargo now gone live; 5:08 PM—Captain reporting surface vessels rapidly asks for urgent priority instructions.forming V formation. 11:49 AM—Mistral to GCP: halt at perimeter alert. 5:13 PM—Captain will attempt submerge in 3 minutes. Special engineer adviser on vector channel (I cant get 5:38 PM—Mistral task group now on full battle alert, all vector channel on DED; it is absolute alert channel).aircraft authorised for full ordnance; 8 airborne, 9 level- 12:30 PM—GCP captain requests immediatealtitude intercept [?]. authorisation to jettison b3 cargo. Mistral says stand by. 5:52 PM—DED shows most submarine traffic now (Embassy intercom alert just went on and all rooms will bemoving out and away from Gulf, even the US submarines, closed electronically in 15 minutes. My girlfriend and herat close to full speed. colleagues are now in lockdown in their offices.)28 June 1 July 11:22 AM—Girlfriend does not know 8:38 AM—DED shows interestingwhat the cargo is yet but she asked about communication between Mistral and PP301. She says it is very high and that from 01:12. Pourquoi Pas relays toeven the classification is classified. She Mistral failure on portable PCRfinds its something related to operations [polymerase chain reaction] device,Deep Freeze (300) and Anti-Freeze (301), Captain says buoy shows negative on aerosolised option.something about engines not working. Mistral requests dispersal method andBecause of 301, all US military, Coast just popped within rate. PP reports dispersal methodGuard and Marine [Security] Guard and seconds of hitting inconclusive, nano-release still plausible,submarines and ships are now being foam, melted and and suspects nano-engineering becauserecalled and fitted, and they are bringing of metallic carbon compound morphing.the date forward six months. She saw sank; second buoy Mistral relays to Em to keep safeship names like Polar Bear, Polar Cap did the same. perimeter from column. Em requestsand Polar Sea. confirmation on Chinese asset 3:45 PM—DED shows three new movement. Mistral replies Chinesesubmarines; two are from Argentina Mistral issued alert asset movement strategic. GCPNavy. Somehow the submarines, to all vicinity captain reported that he isexcept US and British, are maintaining cargo in perimeter zone.coordinating with each other traffic to avoid Most of traffic about cargo is onbecause they form a ring on around column... vector channel now.the rim. 2 July29 June 4:04 AM—DED traffic was very 6:21 AM—A few hours ago, the quiet last night. US has increasedGCP captain said proximity alert airspace restrictions to 12,000 (feetactivated on b3 of cargo. or metres?) above affected areas. 6:24 AM—Captain thinks it was remotely activated 1:34 PM—Reports from French vessels that Russianbecause special engineer killed local transmitter after surface ships erratically changing coords in all oceans (ICondition Romeo. think theyre looking or searching for something). 7:58 AM—8 new DED channels suddenly came on at the 1:40 PM—Russia Navy requesting urgent assistancesame time; two are from aircraft; problems somewhere. from French naval assets to help with inbound tracking,Its the first time I see aircraft using DED channel. possible splash zones (translation problem). 8:01 AM—Now 9; they are talking about echo warnings. 2:05 PM—Em captain reports sonic drilling at breakpoint 8:13 AM—Many displacements at seafloor level from three drills, British submarines moving away 8:57 AM—One aircraft reporting possible combustion from rim. Mistral instructs Em to do the same and keepfoam on surface. safe perimeter. 9:06 AM—Mistral instructs immediate buoy drop. 4:40 PM—Em reports possible large cave-in on seafloor; 9:41 AM—So many things reported. Captain of aircraft sent out heavy downpull alert near rim.reports buoy failure, all data loss, no measurements taken. 5:14 PM—Em captain now reporting that outer hull andCaptain says buoy just popped within seconds of hitting skin sensors are picking up flocking of metallic-like fibresfoam, melted and sank; second buoy did the same. Mistral and attaching to rubberised skin; erosion warning activeissued alert to all vicinity traffic to avoid column. Em but low. Also reporting minor sonar distortions.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 29
  • 30. 4 July 6:16 PM—French suspect that US Navy will try a coup 10:28 AM—GCP submarine is now in safe waters. Crew, when US government ask citizens to leave coastal areas.ship and cargo quarantined under escort; 8 sailors French ships in area must prepare for this.including the special engineer are now dead. 10:38 AM—30 hours ago, the GCP made 80% verification 7 Julyof b3 cargo with help from PP. 3:33 PM—14 hours ago, Em captain reported unknown 10:49 AM—GCP captain requested jettison authorisation infra-red signatures. Captain then asked for vectortwice. Mistral first denied then approved, but after 80% channel. This is important.verification there was some situation onboard thesubmarine. The captain reported that every crew member 8 Julygot a vote. The crew unanimously voted to detain b3 cargo 4:44 AM—Em captain indicates possible splash zone 1and proceed. and 2. 10:59 AM—GCP captain then requested immediate and 4:46 AM—Em requests Mistral to relay to RussianFULL naval escort. command immediately and confirm signature. 11:04 AM—Mistral then ordered Full Omega Level Naval 4:53 AM—Mistral to Em, stand by; waiting to confirmAlert. infra signature from Russian command. 11:20 AM—Em then reported critical situation with hull. 10:39 AM—Splash zones are important, very important. 1:41 PM—Em captain reported hull demagnetising There is DED talk that splash zones have acquiredissues getting irreversible (translation problem). intelligence in forming; they are NOT random. From DED 1:44 PM—Em captain reported some crew feeling talk, it looks like the Russians have expected this for somedisoriented. time. It is as though the splash 1:53 PM—PP instructed Mistral zone is positioning itself; floatingto order Em to do isotope crystals. My girlfriend says thisreadings immediately on port There is DED talk that oil leak is intelligent. Also, theside where the metallic fibre Russians know far more than us.flocking was worse and growing. splash zones have They have timed their arrival in 2:47 PM—An hour or so oftranscripts between PP, Em and acquired intelligence in the theatre expertly. 1:04 PM—This is gettingMistral passed and the PP forming; they are serious. US politics making allconfirmed that the isotope NOT random. the wrong decisions. US Navyreadings matched those on the bringing forward coup. We andGCP b3 cargo. Russia not on board US Navy 2:49 PM—197 Au [a stable plans for the Gulf of Mexico.isotope of gold]. 2:57 PM—For the next few hours we watched and read 11 Julythe transcripts in and out. From this, we can make some 6:11 AM—PP confirms organism is attracted to darkerspeculations on what the cargo is. pigmentation. Some GCP crew showing no effect at all 2:58 PM—The PP confirmed the discovery of an unknown during quarantine; they remain healthy. Melatonin andprehistoric organism which, through nano-engineering and melanin (translation problem).extreme depth and pressure, morphs compounds found inthis new oil with seawater into gold. However, there is a 13 Julydrawback—a massive and absolutely cataclysmic one. 3:31 AM—The Terrible has opened its first channel on 3:35 PM—THE GOLD KEEPS ON MORNING DED; the captain said its ready. It is very important.[morphing?] INTO SOMETHING ELSE because its living 3:59 PM—Mistral just ordered Em to leave theatre.and they cant stop it. And this something else is what is 4:20 PM—The second unknown French submarine ishappening onboard GCP and possibly now also on Em. requesting a vector channel. 4:43 PM—Mistral just asked Em captain if he concurs5 July with the captain of the second unknown submarine. 5:30 PM—Just now, French central naval command 5:32 PM—Okay, the second unknown submarine captainissued traffic on DED that all affected assets must prepare indicated that he has clear video footage and evidence offor possible US Navy coup détat when evacuations begin who sabotaged Horizon [Deepwater Horizon oil rig]. The(translation problem). Em captain has concurred on this. What happened now, in 5:53 PM—They are talking about limited coastal the past two hours, is that the same culprit is back andevacuations expected within three weeks, full evacuations they are asking permission to take them out NOW, withintwo months latest. Marines and Army will be on theatre the next few minutes, before they strike again.elsewhere; Air Force is a problem, Coast Guard will joinNavy. Continued on page 8030 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
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  • 33. LIVING WITH PHYTIC ACID IN OUR DIETS Anti-Nutritional Effects of Phytic Acid and Phytate hytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds and legumes represents a serious Phytic acid in grains, P problem in our diets. This problem exists because we have lost touch with our ancestral heritage of food preparation. Instead, we listen to food gurus and ivory tower theorists who promote the consumption of raw and unprocessed "whole foods" or we eat a lot of high-phytate foods like commercial whole wheat bread and breakfast cereals with high bran nuts, seeds and content. But raw is definitely not natures way for grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and even some tubers like yams; nor is quick cooking or rapid heat legumes depletes processing such as extrusion. Phytic acid is the principal storage form of phosphorus in many plant minerals and inhibits tissues, especially the bran portion of grains and other seeds. It contains enzymes needed for the mineral phosphorus tightly bound in a snowflake-like molecule. In humans and animals with one stomach, the phosphorus is not readily digestion. It is bioavailable. In addition to blocking phosphorus availability, the "arms" of important to know the phytic acid molecule readily bind with other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making them unavailable as well. In this form, how to prepare these the compound is referred to as phytate. Phytic acid not only grabs onto or chelates important minerals, it also foods so as to inhibits enzymes that we need to digest our food. These enzymes include neutralise the harmful pepsin,1 needed for the breakdown of proteins in the stomach; amylase,2 required for the breakdown of starch into sugar; and trypsin, necessary for phytic acid and protein digestion in the small intestine.3 I have witnessed the powerful anti-nutritional effects of a diet high in phytate content and phytate-rich grains on my family members, with many resulting health gain maximum problems including tooth decay, nutrient deficiencies, lack of appetite and digestive difficulties. The presence of phytic acid in so many enjoyable nutritional benefit. foods which we regularly consume makes it imperative that we know how to prepare these foods to neutralise phytic acid content as much as possible, and also that we know how to consume them in the context of a diet containing factors that mitigate the harmful effects of phytic acid. These factors include vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium. Phytic acid is present in legumes/beans, seeds, nuts and grains, especially in the bran or outer hull. Phytates are also found in tubers, and trace amounts occur in certain fruits and vegetables like berries and green beans. Up to 80 per cent of the phosphorus—a vital mineral for strong bones and by Ramiel Nagel © 2010 good health—present in grains is locked into an unusable form as phytate.4 When a diet including more than small amounts of phytate is consumed, Websites: the body binds calcium to phytic acid and forms insoluble phytate complexes. The net result is that you lose calcium and dont absorb phosphorus. Further, research suggests that we absorb approximately 20 per cent more zinc and 60 per cent more magnesium from our food when phytate is absent.5AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 33
  • 34. The amount of phytate in grains, nuts, legumes and into severe problems. With a phytate-rich diet, theirseeds is highly variable. The levels that researchers find bodies suffer from lack of calcium and phosphorus, withwhen they analyse a specific food probably depend on poor bone growth, short stature, rickets, narrow jaws andgrowing conditions, harvesting techniques, processing tooth decay, and from lack of zinc and iron with anaemiamethods, testing methods and even the age of the food and mental retardation.being tested. Phytic acid is much higher in foods grownusing modern high-phosphate fertilisers than in those The Experiments of Edward Mellanbygrown in natural compost.6 As early as 1949, the researcher Edward Mellanby Seeds and bran are the highest sources of phytates, demonstrated the demineralising effects of phytic acid.containing as much as two to five times more phytate By studying how grains with and without phytic acidthan even some varieties of soybeans, which are highly affect dogs, Mellanby discovered that consumption ofindigestible unless fermented for long periods. high-phytate cereal grain interferes with bone growthRemember the oat bran fad? The advice to eat bran, or and interrupts vitamin D metabolism. A high level ofhigh-fibre foods containing different types of bran, is a phytic acid in the context of a diet low in calcium andrecipe for severe bone loss and intestinal problems due vitamin D results in rickets and a severe lack of boneto the high phytic acid content. formation. His studies show that excessive phytate Raw unfermented cacao (cocoa) beans and normal consumption uses up vitamin D, a vitamin that cancocoa powder are extremely high in phytates. Processed mitigate the harmful effects of phytates. According tochocolates may also contain Mellanby: "When the diet is richphytates, but more research is in phytate, perfect boneneeded. White chocolate and formation can only be procuredcocoa butter probably have little if sufficient calcium is added tophytate content as they are The advice to eat bran... a diet containing vitamin D."20made from the fat of the beans. is a recipe for severe bone Mellanbys studies show thatCoffee beans also contain phytic the rickets-producing effect ofacid. loss and intestinal problems oatmeal is limited by calcium.21 due to the high phytic Calcium salts such as calciumDemineralising Effects of High- carbonate or calcium phosphatePhytate Diets acid content. prevent oatmeal from exerting Diets high in phytic acid or the rickets-producing effect.phytates result in mineral According to this view, thedeficiencies. In populations degree of active interferencewhere cereal grains provide a major source of calories, with calcification produced by a given cereal depends onrickets and osteoporosis are common.10 Interestingly, how much phytic acid and how little calcium it contains,the body has some ability to adapt to the effects of or how little calcium the diet contains. Phosphorus inphytates in the diet. Several studies show that subjects the diet (at least from grains) needs some type ofgiven high levels of whole wheat at first excrete more calcium to bind to. This explains the synergisticcalcium than they take in, but after several weeks on this combination of sourdough bread with they reach a balance and do not excrete excess Historically, the cultivation of grains was usuallycalcium. 11 However, no long-term studies of this accompanied by the raising of dairy animals. A highphenomenon have been carried out; nor have level of calcium in the diet mitigates the mineral-researchers looked at whether we can adjust to the depleting effects of phytic acid.phytate-reducing effects of other important minerals In Mellanbys experiments with dogs, increasing thesuch as iron, magnesium and zinc. vitamin D intake made stronger bones regardless of the The zinc- and iron-blocking effects of phytic acid can diet, but this increase did not have a significant impactbe just as serious as the calcium-blocking effect. In one on the amount of calcium excreted. Those on high-study, a wheat roll containing 2 mg phytic acid inhibited phytate diets excreted lots of calcium; those on dietszinc absorption by 18 per cent; 25 mg inhibited it by 64 high in phosphorus from meat or released from phyticper cent; and 250 mg inhibited it by 82 per cent.12 Nuts acid through proper preparation excreted small amountshave a marked inhibitory action on the absorption of of calcium.iron due to their phytic acid content.13 Based on Mellanbys thorough experiments, one can Over the long term, when the diet lacks minerals or conclude that the growth of healthy bones requires acontains high levels of phytates or both, the metabolism diet high in vitamin D, absorbable calcium andgoes down and the body goes into mineral-starvation absorbable phosphorus, and low in unabsorbablemode. The body then sets itself up to use as little of calcium (supplements, pasteurised dairy) andthese minerals as possible. Adults may get by for unabsorbable phosphorus (phytates).decades on a high-phytate diet, but growing children run Interestingly, Mellanbys experiments show that34 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 35. unbleached flour and white rice are less anti-calcifying Sprouting activates phytase, thus reducing phytic acidthan whole grains that contain more minerals but also content. 28 The use of sprouted grains reduces theare higher in phytic acid. While whole grains contain quantity of phytic acid in animal feed, with no significantmore minerals, in the end equal or lower amounts of reduction in nutritional value.29 Soaking grains and flourminerals are absorbed in comparison with polished rice in an acid medium at a very warm temperature, as in theand white flour. This mineral depletion outcome is sourdough process, also activates phytase and reducesprimarily a result of the blocking mechanism of phytic or even eliminates phytic acid.acid, but it may be secondarily the result of other anti- Before the advent of industrial agriculture, farmersnutrients in grains. typically soaked crushed grain in hot water before Thus, absorbable calcium from bone broths and raw feeding it to poultry and hogs. Today, feeddairy products, and vitamin D from certain animal fats, manufacturers add phytase to grain mixes to get bettercan reduce the adverse effects of phytic acid. growth in their animals. Commercial phytases are Studies show that adding ascorbic acid can typically produced using recombinant DNA technology;significantly counteract inhibition of iron assimilation by for example, a bacterial phytase gene has recently beenphytic acid, 22 and can significantly inserted into yeast for commercialcounteract phytate inhibition from production.phytic acid in wheat. 23 One study Not all grains contain enoughshows that anti-iron phytate levels in phytase to eliminate the phytate, evenrice are disabled by vitamin C in Interestingly, when properly prepared. For example,collard greens.24 corn, millet, oats and brown rice do Research published in 2000 indicates Mellanbys not contain sufficient phytase tothat both vitamin A and beta-carotene experiments show eliminate all the phytic acid theyform a complex with iron, keeping it contain. On the other hand, wheatsoluble and preventing the inhibitory that unbleached and rye contain high levels of phytase:effect of phytates on iron absorption.25 flour and white wheat has 14 times more phytase thanHere we have another reason to rice, and rye contains over twice asconsume phytate-rich foods in the rice are less anti- much phytase as wheat.30 Soaking orcontext of a diet containing organ calcifying than souring these grains, when freshlymeat and animal fats rich in ground, in a warm environmentvitamin A, and fruits and whole grains that destroys all phytic acid. The highvegetables rich in carotenes. contain more levels of phytase in rye explain why this grain is preferred as aThe Phytase Enzyme minerals but also starter for sourdough breads. Phytase is the enzyme that are higher in Phytase is destroyed by steamneutralises phytic acid and heat at about 176 degreesliberates the phosphorus. This phytic acid. Fahrenheit [~80 degrees Celsius]enzyme co-exists in plant foods in 10 minutes or less. In a wetthat contain phytic acid. solution, phytase is destroyed at Ruminant animals such as 131–149°F [~55–65°C]. 31 Thuscows, sheep and goats have no heat processing, as in extrusion,trouble with phytic acid because completely destroys phytase.phytase is produced by rumen Think of extruded "all-bran"micro-organisms. Monogastric animals produce cereal: its very high in phytic acid, and all of its phytasephytase, although in far less a quantity. Mice produce 30 is destroyed by processing. Extruded cereals made oftimes more phytase than humans,26 so they can be quite bran and whole grains are a recipe for digestivehappy eating a raw whole grain diet. Therefore, data problems and mineral deficiencies!from experiments with phytic acid using rodents cannot Phytase is present in small amounts in oats, but heat-be applied to humans. treating to produce oatmeal renders it inactive. In general, humans do not produce enough phytase to Even grinding a grain too quickly or at too high aconsume large quantities of high-phytate foods safely on temperature destroys phytase, as does freezing and longa regular basis. However, probiotic lactobacilli and other storage times. Freshly ground flour has a higher contentspecies of endogenous digestive microflora can produce of phytase than does flour that has been stored.32 Inphytase. Thus, people who have healthy digestion have 27 traditional cultures, grain is generally ground freshan easier time with foods containing phytic acid. before preparation. Weston Price found that mice fedIncreased production of phytase by the gut microflora whole-grain flours that were not freshly ground did notexplains why some people can adjust to a high-phytate grow properly.33diet. Cooking is not enough to reduce phytic acid content.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 35
  • 36. Acid soaking before cooking is needed to activate original phytic acid content. Sprouting and boilingphytase and let it do its work. For example, the pigeon pea and bambara groundnut reduced phytic acidelimination of phytic acid in quinoa requires fermenting by 56 per cent.38 Germinating black-eyed beans resultedor germinating plus cooking. In general, a combination in 75 per cent removal of phytate after five days ofof acidic soaking for considerable time and then cooking sprouting.reduces a significant portion of phytates in grains and Germination is more effective at higher temperatures,legumes. probably because the heat encourages a fermentation- like condition. Sprouting millet at 86°F [~30°C] and 95°FThe Phytate Threshold [~35°C] was found to be significantly more effective for It appears that once the phytate level has been removing phytates than at 77°F [~25°C].39reduced such that there is more available phosphorus Sprouting releases vitamins and makes grains,than phytate in the grain, we have passed a critical point legumes and seeds more digestible. However, it is a pre-and the food becomes more beneficial than harmful. fermentation step, not a complete process forRetention of phosphorus decreases when phytate in the neutralising phytic acid. Regularly consuming grainsdiet is 30–40 per cent or more of the total phosphorus.35 that are only sprouted leads to excess intake of phytic For best health, phytates should be acid. Sprouted grains should also belowered as much as possible, ideally to soaked and cooked.Roasting wheat,25 mg or less per 100 g or to about 0.03 barley or mung bean reduces phyticper cent of the phytate-containing food acid by about 40 per cent. 40 If youeaten. At this level, micronutrient ...once the subsequently soak roasted grains, youlosses are minimised. phytate level has should do so with a culture that White rice and white bread are low- supplies additional phytase, as phytasephytate foods because their bran and been reduced is destroyed in the roasting process.germ have been removed. Of course, such that there is With grains and legumes that are lowthey are also devitalised and empty of in phytase, soaking does not usuallyvitamins and minerals. But the low- more available sufficiently eliminate phytic acid.phytate content of refined phosphorus than Soaking of millet, soybean, maize,carbohydrate foods may explain why sorghum and mung bean at 92°Fsomeone whose family eats white flour phytate in the [~33°C] for 24 hours was found toor white rice food products may grain, we have decrease phytic acid by 4–51 perseem to be relatively healthy and cent.43 With these same grains andimmune to tooth cavities, while passed a critical legumes, soaking at roomthose eating whole wheat bread point and the temperature for 24 hours reducedand brown rice may suffer from phytic acid by 16–21 per cent. 44cavities, bone loss and other food becomes However, soaking of poundedhealth problems. maize for one hour at room more beneficial temperature led to a phytic acidGerminating, Roasting and Acidic than harmful. reduction of 51 per cent.45Soaking Sourdough fermentation of high- Beer home-brewers know that in phytase grains such as wheat andorder to make beer, they need rye is the process that works bestmalted (sprouted) grains. Soaking for phytate reduction. One studyand germinating grains is a good showed that sourdoughidea, but these processes do not eliminate phytic acid fermentation of whole wheat flour for just four hours atcompletely. Significant amounts of phytic acid remain in 92°F led to a 60 per cent reduction in phytic acid.most sprouted grain products. For example, malting Phytic acid in bran samples was reduced to 44.9 perreduces wheat, barley and mung bean phytic acid by 57 cent after eight hours at 92°F.46 The addition of maltedper cent. However, malting reduces anti-nutrients more grains and bakers yeast increased this reduction tothan does roasting.36 In one experiment, malting of 92–98 per cent. Another study showed almost completemillet resulted in a 23.9 per cent decrease in phytic acid elimination of phytic acid in whole wheat bread afterafter 72 hours and 45.3 per cent after 96 hours.37 eight hours of sourdough fermentation.47 With legumes, sprouting is the most effective way to A study of phytates in recipes used typically by homereduce phytic acid, but this process does not get rid of bread bakers found that leavening with commercial yeastall of it. Germinating peanuts led to a 25 per cent is much less effective at removing phytates. Yeastedreduction in phytates; after five days of sprouting, chick whole wheat breads lost only 22–58 per cent of theirpeas maintained about 60 per cent of their phytate phytic acid content from the start of the bread-makingcontent and lentils retained about 50 per cent of their process to the finished loaf.4836 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 37. Phytic Acid and Your Health For those with less time, purchase brown rice in The purpose of this article is not to make you afraid of airtight packages. Soak rice for at least eight hours infoods containing phytic acid, but only to urge caution in hot water plus a little fresh whey, lemon juice or vinegar.including grains, nuts, seeds and legumes in your diet. It If you soak in a tightly closed Mason jar, the rice will stayis not necessary to eliminate phytic acid completely from warm as it generates heat. Drain, rinse and cook in broththe diet, only to keep it to acceptable levels. and butter. An excess of 800 mg phytic acid per day is probablynot a good idea. The average phytate intake in the US Nutsand the UK ranges between 631 and 746 mg per day; the In general, nuts contain levels of phytic acid equal toaverage in Finland is 370 mg; in Italy it is 219 mg; and in or higher than those of grains. Therefore, thoseSweden a mere 180 mg per day.49 consuming peanut butter, nut butters or nut flours will In the context of a diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, take in phytate levels similar to those in unsoakedvitamin A, vitamin C, good fats and lacto-fermented grains. Unfortunately, we have very little information onfoods, most people will do fine on an estimated 400–800 phytate reduction in nuts. Soaking for seven hours likelymg per day. For those suffering from tooth decay, bone eliminates some phytate content. Based on theloss or mineral deficiencies, total estimated phytate accumulation of evidence, soaking nuts for 18 hours,content of 150–400 mg would be advised. For children dehydrating at very low temperature—in a warm oven—under age six, pregnant women and those with serious and then roasting or cooking the nuts would likelyillnesses, it is best to consume a diet as low in phytic eliminate a large portion of phytates.acid as possible. Nut consumption becomes In practical terms, this means problematic in situations whereproperly preparing phytate-rich Soaking brown rice does people on the GAPS [gut andfoods to reduce at least a psychology syndrome] diet andportion of the phytate content not effectively eliminate similar regimes are consumingand restricting their phytates because brown lots of almonds and other nutsconsumption to two or three as a replacement for bread,servings per day. Daily rice lacks the enzyme potatoes and rice. The 18-hourconsumption of one or two soaking is highly recommendedslices of genuine sourdough phytase; it thus requires in these circumstances.bread, a handful of nuts and one a starter. It is best to avoid nut buttersserving of properly prepared unless they have been madeoatmeal, pancakes, brown rice or with soaked nuts; these are nowbeans should not pose any available commercially.problems in the context of a nutrient-dense diet. Likewise, it is best not to use nut flours—and also Problems arise when whole grains and legumes coconut flour—for cooking unless they have been souredbecome the major dietary sources of calories, when every by the soaking process.meal contains more than one whole grain product, or It is instructive to look at the Native Americanwhen over-reliance is placed on nuts or legumes. preparation technique for the hickory nut. To extract theUnfermented soy products, extruded whole grain cereals, oil, the nuts were parched until they cracked to piecesrice cakes, baked granola, raw muesli and other high- and then were pounded until they were as fine as coffeephytate foods should be strictly avoided. grounds. They were then put into boiling water and boiled for an hour or longer until they cooked down to aRice kind of soup from which the oil was strained out through Brown rice is high in phytates. One reference puts a cloth. The rest was thrown away. The oil could be usedphytate content at 1.6 per cent of dry weight, another at at once or poured into a vessel where it would keep a1,250 mg per 100 g of dry weight (probably about 400 mg long time.50 The Indians of California consumed acornper 100 g of cooked rice). Soaking brown rice does not meal after a long period of soaking and rinsing, theneffectively eliminate phytates because brown rice lacks pounding and cooking. Central Americans prepared nutsthe enzyme phytase; it thus requires a starter. and seeds by salt-water soaking and dehydrating in theNevertheless, even an eight-hour soak eliminates some sun, and then grinding and cooking them.of the phytic acid, reducing the amount in a serving tosomething like 300 mg or less. Beans/Legumes The ideal preparation of rice would start with home- All legumes contain phytic acid, and in traditionalmilling to remove a portion of the bran, and then souring cultures they are usually subjected to a long preparationat a very warm temperature (90°F [~32°C]) for at least 16 process. For example, according to one source: "Limahours, preferably 24 hours. Using a starter would be beans in Nigeria involve several painstaking processes toideal (see sidebar recipe [not shown here]). be consumed as a staple."51AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 37
  • 38. In Central America, beans are made into a sour Fresh grinding of wheat or rye berries before useporridge called chugo, which ferments for several days. ensures that the original amount of phytase remains in The best way to reduce phytates in beans is sprouting the flour.for several days, followed by cooking. An 18-hour Rye has the highest level of phytase in relation tofermention of beans without a starter at 95°F [~35°C] phytates of any grain, so rye is the perfect grain to use asresulted in a 50 per cent phytate reduction.52 Lentils a sourdough starter. Phytates in wheat are greatlyfermented for 96 hours at 108°F [~42°C] resulted in a reduced during sourdough preparation, as wheat is also70–75 per cent phytate destruction.53 Lentils soaked for high in phytase. Rising bread with yeast may not fully12 hours, germinated for 3–4 days and then soured will reduce phytic acid.57likely completely eliminate phytates. Soaking beans at a Phytate breakdown is significantly higher in sourdoughmoderate temperature, such as at 78°F [~26°C] for 12 bread than in yeasted bread.58hours, resulted in an 8–20 per cent phytate reduction.54 Yet even with the highly fermentable rye, a traditional When legumes comprise a large recipe from the French calls forportion of the diet, one needs to go to removal of 25 per cent of the bran andextra steps to make them healthy to coarse substances.59 As an example ofeat. this practice, one small bakery in Beans should usually have hull and Canada sifts the coarse bran out of thebran removed. Adding a phytase-rich flour before making it into bread.62medium to beans would help eliminate Rye has thethe phytic acid content. Adding yeast Oatsor effective micro-organisms or kombu highest level Oats contain very little phytase,seaweed may greatly enhance the of phytase in especially after commercial heatpredigestion process of the beans. One treatment, and require a very longwebsite suggests using a starter relation to preparation period to reduce phyticcontaining effective micro-organisms phytates of any acid levels completely. Soaking oats atand cultured molasses for soaking 77°F [~25°C] for 16 hours resulted inbeans.55 grain, so rye no reduction of phytic acid, nor At a minimum, beans should be is the perfect did germination for up to threesoaked for 12 hours, drained and days at this temperature. 63rinsed several times before grain to use as a However, malting (sprouting) oatscooking for a maximum of 36 sourdough for five days at 52°F [~11°C] andhours. Cooking with a handful of then soaking for 17 hours at 120°Fgreen weed leaves, such as starter. [~49°C] removes 98 per cent ofdandelion or chickweed, can phytates. Adding malted ryeimprove mineral assimilation further enhances oat phytatewhen consumed. reduction.64 Without initial germination,Tubers even a five-day soaking at a warm Sweet potatoes and potatoes temperature in acidic liquid maycontain little phytic acid, but yams result in an insignificant reductionand other starchy staples contain levels of phytate that in phytate due to the low phytase content of oats. Onwe cannot ignore. The phytic acid content of arrowroot the plus side, the process of rolling oats removes at leastis unknown, but it may be significant.56 These foods part of the bran, where a large portion of the phytic acidshould be fermented—as they usually are in traditional resides.cultures—if they are a staple in the diet. For occasional How do we square what we know about oats with theeating, cooking them well and consuming these tubers fact that oats were a staple in the diet of the Scots andwith plenty of butter and vitamin C–rich foods should Gaelic islanders, a people known for their robust goodsuffice. health and freedom from tooth decay? For one thing, vitamin D in high amounts from cod liver and otherBread sources helps prevent calcium loss from a diet high in Bread can only be called the staff of life if it has oats. Absorbable calcium from raw dairy products,undergone careful preparation, otherwise it can be the consumed in abundance on mainland Scotland, providesroad to an early grave. The flour used in bread should be additional protection. In addition, it is likely that a goodstone ground. Wheat and rye contain high levels of part of the phytase remained in the oats of yore; theyphytase, but this is destroyed by the heat of industrialgrinding and also lessens over time. Continued on page 8138 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
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  • 41. HEALING WITH ELECTROMEDICINE AND SOUND THERAPIES • Harmful Effects of EM Radiation and EM Fields n the last century, medical doctor and stress pioneer Hans Selye Correctly employed, frequency therapies I observed that when bodily tissues are subjected to repeated, intense input—whether it be chemical (environmental pollutants, adrenal "fight- or-flight" hormones) or mechanical pressure (bruising)—the body perceives it as stress. It responds by tightening the envelope of membranous fascia that surrounds the muscles. This, in turn, causes can increase cell significant biochemical malfunctions, not the least of which is disruption of the cell membrane. Other stressors that can disrupt cell integrity include energy, normalise the actual puncturing of the cell membrane and microbial infection. membrane Cell permeability for the proper materials is key. If glucose, other nutrients and beneficial hormones cannot efficiently enter the cell and if wastes conductivity, lessen cannot completely exit, microbes can proliferate and degenerative disease can occur. oxidative stress, boost To Dr Selyes list of stressors, I would add destructive EM radiation and EM endorphin levels and fields. It has been known for decades that electrical fields can damage cells. B. Blake Levitt writes: enhance immune Direct current (DC) is the steady flow of electrons in one direction. Alternating current (AC) is an electron flow that changes strength and alters direction within a function, leading to certain cycle; the AC field collapses and reappears with its poles reversed every time the tissue regeneration as current changes direction... Direct current creates a steady magnetic field. But with alternating current, each well as disease time the direction of the electrons is reversed, or flipped, a powerful magnetic field is created that fluctuates at the same frequency.4 resistance. Another reason why these fields are dangerous is that the waves are coherent. Although the Sun constantly transmits naturally occurring radio frequencies, microwaves and other EM fields, this radiation is generally Part 2 of 3 diffuse, whereas alternating current is concentrated. Concentrated radiation is not natural. For example, you need to purposely harness, focus, augment and direct a bombardment of electrons to turn on a light bulb. In Electromagnetic Man: Health & Hazard in the Electrical Environment, Cyril Smith and Simon Best write: It is just over 100 years since electricity generation started; 60 years since radio by Nenah Sylver, PhD © 2009 transmissions and 40 years since radar and telecommunications entered our The Center for Frequency environment. [The book was published in 1990.] Like natural fields, man- Post Office Box 74324 made fields are limited by the physical properties of the environment. Unlike natural Phoenix, AZ 85087-4324, USA fields, they are highly coherent and can interfere with our bio-signals.5 Email: The harmful effects of some EM fields are many and varied. Jacqueline Website: Krohn, MD, and colleagues point out numerous studies showing that: ...electric workers and their children have a higher risk of brain tumors. The incidence of childhood leukemia is higher in children who live near power lines thatAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 41
  • 42. carry high voltage. Power-line exposure has also been The harm from EM fields and EM radiation also associated with an increased incidence of suicide. depends on the proximity of the person, animal or plant These studies support the hypothesis that ELFs [extremely to the source of the energy. A milligauss is a unit of low frequencies] act as a cancer promoter. ELF fields measurement of the strength of an electromagnetic interact with the cell membrane and can affect hormones, field. According to tables from the US Environmental Protection Agency, reprinted in Levitts book (pp. 254, calcium exchange, and tissue growth. It is postulated that the 257), a blender from six inches [~15.2 centimetres] away ELFs suppress the production of melatonin, a cancer inhibitor, by the pineal gland.6 emits between 30 and 100 milligauss; an electric can- opener six inches away emits between 500 and 1500 The effects of ELF fields are more than mere milligauss; a hairdryer six inches away emits between"postulation", as other researchers have corroborated. 1.0 and 700 milligauss; and a ceiling fan 12 inchesSmith and Best cite formal [~30.5 cm] away emits betweenpublished studies linking the 3.0 and 50 milligauss.8following maladies to extremely Some sources maintain thatlow frequency electromagnetic Cells have the ability even 2.0 milligauss is enough tofields: to respond positively and disrupt a persons biological • allergies; function and that the maximum • autoimmune disorders, healthfully to minute emission a person can safely such as lupus erythematosus electromagnetic stimulus, absorb is only 1.0 milligauss. and multiple sclerosis; This is why there is a high rate • birth defects and genetic as long as certain of illness among people living abnormalities; • cancers of various types, criteria are met. near major power lines, cellphone towers, electrical including brain tumours and generators and similar leukaemia; disruptors. • emotion and mood changes, including higher percentages of suicides; • Healing Effects of EM Radiation and EM Fields • eyestrain and headaches; Considering the extent to which artificially created, • fatigue and sleep disturbance; nonbeneficial EM radiation surrounds us, its not • heart attacks; surprising that (aside from the contributing factors of • hormonal abnormalities; poor diet, pathogens and chemical pollutants) so many • infectious diseases increase; people are ill. Frequencies can harm, but the good • lowered fertility, miscarriages and pregnancy news is that they can be used to heal. problems, including stillbirths; Cells have the ability to respond positively and • nervous system disorders, including confusion, healthfully to minute electromagnetic stimulus, as long convulsions, dizziness, hyperactivity and memory loss; as certain criteria are met. The stimulus must be from • stress increase and intolerance.7 the correct region of the EM spectrum. It must be further refined (if necessary) to an exact frequency, or combination of frequencies, on that EM band. It must be the correct intensity. It must have the correct shape of wave or wave packet. It must be administered in the correct amounts. And it must be accurately and precisely aimed at the target. In electronics, the term inductive coupling refers to the transfer of energy from one component to another through a shared magnetic field. In electromedicine, the response of living cells to beneficial EM radiation is also called inductive coupling. Once the EM fields inside a cell are exposed to EM radiation, the fields within the cell start to move. Along with this energetic process,42 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 43. the corresponding biochemical responses are activated, EM Radiationsuch as the movement of electrolytes through the cell Rife Frequency Therapymembrane, excretion of wastes, and so on. Inductive Rife frequency therapy is named after its inventor,coupling is being utilised in a growing number of Royal Raymond Rife. After this technology wasextremely effective electromedical devices. enthusiastically embraced by some of the most Researchers are discovering that many of the prominent physicians and scientists of the 1930s andbeneficial effects from electromedical devices come part of the 1940s, it was driven underground by thefrom pulsed magnetic fields (which, by definition, become pharmaceutical interests and the American Medicalelectromagnetic radiation). Association (AMA). Only in the last couple of decades Pulsing a magnetic field does more than induce has Rife technology emerged again in popularity, albeitmovement in the body receiving the signal. Because in an altered form.pulsing, by definition, means that there is an "off" Born in the United States in 1888 and educated in theperiod to the signal, it ensures that the human or fields of optics, electronics, biology and chemistry, Rifeanimal receiving the signal does not become resistant studied at Johns Hopkins University and had two yearsto its effects. A good analogy is of training in performing eye surgerysomeone tapping your arm: at first and six years of training with opticalyou pay attention, but after a while scientist and researcher Hans Luckelthe body becomes impervious to the (who worked for the German opticssensation so that it can focus on If Rife exposed a company now known as Carl Zeiss).other stimuli. This is one of the He designed and built many medicalsecrets of effective electromedical virus or bacterium research instruments includingdevices. to a particular spectroscopes, optical tools, Correctly employed, frequency micromanipulators and stop-motiontherapies can increase cell energy, frequency and the photomicrographs. However, one ofnormalise membrane conductivity, Rifes most famous inventions was thelessen oxidative stress, reduce the pathogen began Universal Microscope. Completed inamounts of inflammatory chemicals to vibrate... 1933, it weighed 200 pounds [90in the blood, improve protein kilograms], had 5,682 parts and stoodsynthesis, boost feel-good he knew that between two and three feet [~0.61endorphin levels, restore he had found the and ~0.91 metres] high.depleted adrenal function and During Rifes time, specimensenhance immune function. The resonant frequency had to be killed and stained inrestoration of these metabolic (or simply order to be seen under aprocesses leads to the microscope. Even modernregeneration of tissue as well as frequency) of electron microscopes, whichto disease resistance. the microbe. produce high-resolution images, "Bigger is better" and "more is kill the specimens being viewed:better" figure prominently in the in order to make the specimenswestern mindset. The unbridled visible, it bombards them withuse of massive doses of many electrons in a vacuum. However,different kinds of drugs and the the Universal Microscope allowedroutine practice of "prophylactic" micro-organisms (even tinyinvasive surgery illustrate this mentality. Another, more viruses) to be viewed in their live state with crystalhumane edict, "less is more", reflects what the body clarity. This held great promise in finding cures forusually needs. diseases because if you can see how living organisms The exquisite sensitivity of cells to electromagnetic respond to stimuli, then you may find a way to destroyfields of all kinds explains why electromedical devices—and why the more gentle ones work the best. As it turned out, these "stimuli" consisted ofLow-power energies might not be easily perceived frequencies produced by an EM field. If Rife exposed asubjectively, but they are the most compatible with living virus or bacterium to a particular frequency and thesystems precisely because they are of lower power. pathogen began to vibrate—and then either grew weak Electromedicine therapies may use many portions of or completely broke apart—he knew that he had foundthe EM spectrum: electrical current, magnetism, visible the resonant frequency (or simply frequency) of the microbe.light, far-infrared (FIR), ultraviolet (UV) and heat (in the "Any object has a certain natural or resonantform of specific FIR wavelengths). In the following frequency," explains James L. Oschman:sections, Ill discuss some therapies that use various EM Strike it, bump it, pluck it, or heat it, and it will tend towavelengths. vibrate at a specific frequency. This applies to a bone, a pieceAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 43
  • 44. capabilities. A smaller unit can be the size of a large loaf of wood, a molecule, an electron, or a musical instrument... In the living body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, of bread, while a large one is the size of a tower computer. The user inputs the desired frequencies into the molecule, cell, tissue, organ (and the body as a whole) has its own vibratory character. computerised machine and a signal is sent to the noble gases in the tube. The resulting EM field disables or kills In terms of vibrations, the human body can be compared to a symphony orchestra. Each molecule corresponds to a the micro-organisms in the body, while also imparting energy to the bodys cells. particular instrument. Each bend, rotation, or stretch of a Outside the USA, Rife technology is seriously being chemical bond has a certain resonant frequency, and will give researched and publicised in European countries such off certain "notes" if it is energized. Since molecules, water, as Germany and Romania, and several companies are and dissolved ions are constantly bumping into each other at body temperature, all parts are constantly jiggling and producing frequency devices. The legal status of Rife absorbing and emitting energy... devices in medical treatment means that the technology is freely used in clinics and doctors offices. When two objects have similar natural frequencies, they can In North America, open-minded medical practitioners interact without touching; their vibrations can become coupled or entrained. For electromagnetic interactions between and health-seekers have a more difficult time finding molecules, the word "resonance" is used more often than manufacturers of Rife devices because, after the 1940s, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quashed entrainment. In the older literature you will find the term "sympathetic vibrations".9 this technology. However, about a dozen manufacturers are making Rife-style devices in North America. Two The microbes frequency (the excellent plasma-light devicesnumber of cycles per second at are popular: PERL and P3which it vibrates) was also In Rifes era, it was proven units.known as its mortal oscillatory rate The PERL is a highly(MOR). An analogy explaining that his frequency devices respected frequency devicehow Rifes ray tube worked is disabled microbes that made made by Resonant Lightthe cliché of the soprano who Technology Inc. in Canadashatters a glass with her pure, humans and animals sick. ( Thefocused tone. If enough power But we now know that machine is equipped with awere applied, the resonant leaded silica glass tube filledfrequency would kill the selected frequencies with 100-per-cent argon. Whenmicrobe or debilitate it enough can regenerate tissue. the noble gas is lit by theso that the bodys own immune transmitted RF energy, thecells could then dispose of it. PERL emits frequencies (up to Royal Rifes ray machine delivered frequencies in the three signals simultaneously) over a 27-megahertzradiofrequency (RF) range by sending an electric current carrier. The frequency selection is from 0.001 to 400,000through a tube filled with noble gases (mostly argon hertz. The customer can either program frequenciesand neon). The gases would light up the tube, and the into the unit or use one of many banks of pre-frequencies were emitted as EM radiation. It was the programmed protocols.EM wave, rather than luminescence from the light, that Resonant Light Technology Inc. cannot legally statedisabled or killed the pathogens. Rife discovered the that the PERL is a therapeutic device for use on humansresonant frequencies for cancer, typhus, E. coli and other in Canada, but the company does suggest othermicro-organisms. People given "terminal" diagnoses by applications: therapeutic use with animals, extendingtheir doctors would often become well when exposed to the life of food in clinically controlled food storagethe Rife ray. lockers, slowing the growth of mould and fungi in A microbial MOR frequency administered at a low greenhouses and reducing the parasitic count withinpower level is harmful to a microbe, but it does not fruit orchards. Energising the body is an obviousharm a larger host such as a human being or an animal application as well.because the host has a much more complex structure Pulsed Technologies, which has offices in the Unitedthan a microbe and hence will barely feel the power States and Romania, makes several different devicesinput that can kill a tiny microbe. ( The frequency outputs of this Many modern, second-generation Rife machines also companys units range from 0.01 hertz to an impressivecontain plasma tubes filled with noble gases, although 1,000,000 hertz (1.0 megahertz). The Precision Pulsedsome Rife-type frequency devices utilise hand-held, Plasma (P3) system is a non-contact radiant device thattubular metal electrodes to deliver frequencies into the operates on principles that do not require RF. The P3 isbody via electric current. Most of the tubes are controlled by a Precision Function Generator (PFG) whichfreestanding. Rife frequency devices can range from the may also be used separately from the plasma unit as asimple to the elaborate, with varying programming contact (electrode) device.44 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 45. Applications of the P3 unit are similar to those of the the Russian invention, powered by two AA batteries,PERL. The uses for a freestanding plasma light unit are called the Tennant Biomodulator. Whether it is movedlimited only by the imagination of the user. The across the body or is resting still on a particular area, itscompanys emphasis on research has been particularly biofeedback feature operates by sending out a series ofwelcomed in Europe, where doctors have seen great precisely modulated electric current to the skin,improvements in subjects enrolled in clinical trials. measuring the bodys response and then emitting Although Rifes technology appeals to holistically different signals in response to the changes recorded byoriented health practitioners, it is simple enough to be the skin. This therapy is drug-free, non-invasive, safe,utilised by the layperson as well. The largest market in pain-free and inexpensive (considering the number ofthe United States consists of people who want to conditions for which it can be used). In general,improve their own health and the health of their family, subjects not only feel positive effects after the firstfriends, pets and farm animals. session, but the effects are long-lasting. In Rifes era, it was proven that his frequency devices The Biomodulator, equipped with newly discovereddisabled microbes that made humans and animals sick. frequencies, also has an assessment mode that allowsBut we now know that selected the user to determine the approximatefrequencies can regenerate tissue. voltage of the cells. The amount of voltage, and whether that voltage isElectric Current plus or minus, helps the practitioner orThe Tennant Biomodulator® ...its biofeedback user determine whether the tissue is Electric current is frequently mildly or severely inflamed or mildly orutilised by electromedical devices to feature operates by severely degenerated. Based on thetreat pain and other conditions. One sending out a series readings, the practitioner then knowsdevice that emits small amounts of which therapy mode to employ. Thecurrent is a hand-held biofeedback of precisely device also has a setting forunit, the Tennant Biomodulator® modulated electrical "automatic", which is a combined( current to the skin, biofeedback and signal input mode. The Biomodulator has its origin in Dr Tennant points out that trauma,the Russian SCENAR, acronym for measuring the pain, real or imagined danger,Self-Controlled Energo Neuro bodys response and constant fear, an unbalanced pHAdaptive Regulator. The and food allergies turn on theBiomodulators predecessor was then emitting sympathetic (fight-or-flight)developed by Russian scientists different signals in nervous system and keep itin the 1970s to address an turned on, so that theunexpected problem with their response to the parasympathetic nervous system,space program: the forced changes recorded which regulates digestion, sleep,feeding of antibiotics to all hormone secretion, immunecosmonauts, whether they were by the skin. function and so on, no longerill or well. If one crew member works properly. Beinggot sick and took antibiotics, all "sympathetic-on 24 hours a day,the crew members would end up seven days a week" createswith the drug in their system, conditions of "typical chronicsince urine was recycled into the disease and chronic fatigue", heshared drinking water. Creating an electromedical states.12 Once the body starts to malfunction, it getsdevice to treat cosmonauts in space would eliminate used to being in a pathological state—a trend that canthe "need" to administer antibiotics. This device— be difficult to reverse.about the size of a remote control—was aptly However, the Biomodulator stimulates the healingnicknamed the "Star Trek device" by the press. process by normalising the sympathetic and According to Russian clinical studies (see parasympathetic nervous systems. People have, the SCENAR relief from swelling and inflammation, as well as fasterproved effective in 80 per cent of all cases . Of those, two- and more complete healing of wounds, improvement inthirds enjoyed full recovery and the remainder had circulation and other functions, rapid pain relief andsignificant healing. Over 50,000 successful outcomes were easier recovery from infections. The device is mostreported for circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, commonly used for the treatment of muscle pain andgastrointestinal, neurological, muscular, skeletal and injuries, but it is also being clinically studied for thegenito-urinary problems. improvement or complete elimination of symptoms of In 2004, Texas-based medical doctor Jerry Tennant arthritis, tendonitis, hypertension, hearing loss anddeveloped an easier-to-use, more effective version of asthma.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 45
  • 46. The Biomodulator works primarily by stimulating the C- of the base unit and various applicators that are placedfibres. C-fibres, which comprise 85 per cent of all nerves on the body (spine, abdomen, neck, foot, etc.) or arein the body, produce healing neuropeptides and other held. The software includes three operating modules thatregulatory peptides that, in turn, re-establish the bodys introduce various frequency patterns, times andnormal physiology and propel it to heal itself. Since the intensities, and one module of 173 pre-set programs.peptides last for several hours, the healing process Frequencies range from 0.1 to 32,000 hertz. The pulsedcontinues after the treatment is over. magnetic field emitted by the unit covers a small but "Once we balance the autonomic system," writes Dr focused area.Tennant, "the gut will start absorbing nutrients, the At the start of the session, the practitioner hangs anendocrine glands will rest and recover, [and] the immune applicator around the clients neck. Then the practitionersystem will recover."13 holds the subjects wrist while simultaneously scrolling A key to the success of these units is the restoration of the machine through a range of rapidly and sequentiallyvoltage to the cells. A malfunctioning cell cannot emitted programs. When a frequency is emitted that themetabolise properly. Once the voltage to organs and body may need, a sudden change in the subjects radialother bodily tissues is normalised, cellular toxins can be (circulatory) pulse occurs. The change in the pulse caneliminated and water imbalances can be corrected. feel like excitation (jumping or throbbing) or weakening In the treatment process, the practitioner first asks the (slower, less obvious). Thus, the "biofeedback" aspect ofsubject to describe the location the ONDAMED is the personsof the pain, discomfort or bodily response, as perceived bydysfunction. If there is clear the practitioner, to the units EMsymptomatology, the radiation emissions.practitioner goes to the problem When a frequency is emitted The practitioner enters intoarea. However, the spine and that the body may need, a the machines memory thoseabdomen are also key areas to frequencies that elicit aaddress, even though they might sudden change in the response. Then the practitionernot seem to relate directly to the subjects radial (circulatory) scrolls through the enteredstated symptoms. Problem frequencies, choosing the topareas are perceived by the pulse occurs. two frequency patterns thatpractitioner as a difference in caused the strongest reaction—the sound emitted by the device and which therefore will haveand by a feeling of "stickiness"— the greatest therapeutic value.a magnetic-like pull that prevents the unit from easily The frequencies best suited to the client at that momentmoving across the area. The session is over when the are induced through the neck applicator (worn by the"drag" is eliminated and the client relaxes. There is often subject) as the practitioner scans the body with the hand-a reddening of the skin around the treated area—a sign held applicator, feeling the persons pulse for theof increased circulation. The Biomodulator comes with strongest response. The body area causing the strongestoptional attachments that can treat through the hair and response is the site of application.on smaller skin areas. The Biomodulator is an FDA- Not everyones pulse completely normalises for thecleared Class II device for symptomatic relief and duration of treatment; Binder says that the clientmanagement of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive undergoes a period of integration. The next time thetreatment in the management of post-surgical and post- client is tested, other areas (and other frequencytraumatic pain. Licensed health practitioners can use it patterns) may prove more useful. During therapy, notin their practice. However, its not necessary to see a more than two frequencies are administered at one timehealth care professional if you need treatment. to ensure that the communication pathways in the bodyLaypersons who want a device for their own use can are clear.obtain a prescription from their physician or from Dr While the company is not allowed to make medicalTennant. claims for the device, the biofeedback has worked well for pain management, stress relief, detoxification (wastePulsed Electromagnetic Fields elimination and nutrient absorption), reduction ofThe ONDAMED® System addictive patterns (such as smoking) and weight While some devices utilise a generalised weak management. People suffering from allergies, arthritis,magnetic field that oscillates, or travels back and forth, inflammation, lymphatic and hormonal problems,others use a pulsed electromagnetic field that also infections and pain report that their symptoms subsideconveys frequencies. or are completely eliminated through use of the device. One such device is the ONDAMED® System, The ONDAMED is rapidly becoming very popular withdeveloped by German electronics engineer Rolf Binder. smokers to stop nicotine addiction, as it shows a 95 perThe machine, which comes in a heavy-duty case, consists cent effectiveness rate with an average of one to three46 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 47. sessions to achieve results. Those with other health one magnetic field on another induces the flow ofconditions generally notice improvement in five sessions, electrons.although many people require more. Says ONDAMED inventor Rolf Binder: Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD, PhD, recounts discussions We dont want to assume that we know why the bodyabout ONDAMED with physics professor J. B. Sharma: responds to the ONDAMED in the way it does. There are Each organ has specific natural frequencies corresponding to physical, emotional, biological, physiological and energetic its healthy state, to which it resonates if driven by an responses. We know there is a lot of information flowing back appropriate external frequency... One way to visualize...the and forth. But how the body is processing that information— underlying mechanism of ONDAMED® is to look at the body and why it changes in response to one stimulus and not and its constituent parts as oscillators. In a healthy body, the another—is something we cannot answer right now. The body ensemble of the oscillators "vibrate" in harmony with each and its functions are simply too complex. What we do know is other... Under this model, disease may then be understood as a that the therapy works.18 departure from a healthy synchronous vibration. The [diseased] parts of the body...display a lower energy or a chaotic, What we can say with certainty is that the ONDAMED asynchronous vibration... The asynchronously vibrating introduces specific electromagnetic impulses into the components of the diseased body will resonate harmoniously for body, which in turn "jump start" the movement of a brief moment when hit by the proper frequency... Further electrons to the organs, glands, muscles, vessels, bones, treatment with the appropriate frequencies would then bring all nerves or other tissues that require a more efficient flow components back into synchronous vibration with the tendency of information. The ONDAMED can be used by to maintain that state of higher order.17 physicians and laypeople alike, but it can be difficult to Continuing what Dr Kessler states is an hypothesis: use in self-treatment. The inventor, though naturallydeviations from the frequencies of healthy tissue indicate pleased by the machines success rate, is blockages that can lead to health problems. On "Its very important to get the body working by itself,"the biochemical level, blockage of an area is synonymous he emphasises. "You dont want to get the bodywith a static field, characterised by accumulated acids or dependent on a drug, or the machine, for that matter."19excess hydrogen ions (H+) which block the transfer of the In part three, Ill discuss light and sound as they relatemagnetic impulses that the body needs for the smooth to the EM spectrum and explore their therapeutic uses.flow of information. The ONDAMEDs function may bebased in part on Maxwells finding that superimposing Continued next edition...About the Author: A variation of this article originally Company, San Diego, California, 1995,Nenah Sylver, PhD, is an internationally appeared in Townsend Letter, pp. 47-48published author in the fields of holistic February–March 2008 and April–May 5. Smith, Cyril W. and Simon Best,health, electromedicine and psychology. 2008 ( Electromagnetic Man: Health & Hazard inShe gives educational seminars on This latest version is Appendix C of The the Electrical Environment, J.M. Dent andelectromedicine and frequency healing, Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy, with Sons Ltd, London, 1990, p. 45and has been a featured speaker at Rife a Holistic Health Primer (appendix 6. Krohn, Jacqueline et al., The Wholeconferences. available as a free download from Way to Natural Detoxification: The Complete Dr Sylver previously contributed to Guide to Clearing Your Body of Toxins,NEXUS with her article "Poisonous Dr Nenah Sylver can be contacted at Hartley & Marks Publishers, Inc., PointProducts, Deceptive Labels" (7/02–03). The Center for Frequency, PO Box Roberts, Washington, 1996, p. 85She is the author of The Holistic 74324, Phoenix, AZ 85087-4324, USA, 7. Smith and Best, op. cit.Handbook of Sauna Therapy (The Center tel +1 (623) 249 4202, email 8. Levitt, op. cit., pp. 254-258for Frequency, 2004, ISBN 978-0-, website 9. Oschman, James L., Energy Medicine:9672491-7-1, 356pp, softcover book and The Scientific Basis, Churchill Livingstone,e-book) and The Rife Handbook of Edinburgh and New York, 2000, pp.Frequency Therapy, with a Holistic Health Editors Note: 121, 123Primer (Desert Gate Productions LLC, Due to space constraints, we have 12. Senergy Medical Group,2009, ISBN 978-0-9818075-0-8, 760pp, omitted coverage of several therapeutic "Frequently Asked Questions: Tennanthardcover book and e-book; reviewed in devices from Dr Sylvers article. To see Biomodulator™ CyberneticNEXUS 17/03; previous edition reviewed these, including the accompanying Biofeedback", 9/05). endnotes and resources, go to (accessed 3 August 2006) Both books can be ordered from 13. ibid.Bibliotique/Barner Books, 3 Church 17. Kessler, W.-D., "How DoesStreet, New Paltz, New York 12561, USA, Endnotes ONDAMED Work?", ONDAMED booklettelephone +1 (845) 255 2635, web pages 4. Levitt, B. Blake, Electromagnetic Fields: 18. Personal interview with and A Consumers Guide to the Issues and How to Binder, 3 August 2006www. Protect Ourselves, Harcourt Brace & 19. ibid.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 47
  • 48. 48 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 49. NEWS NEWS SCIENCE DOES "MIRROR MATTER" redshifts <0.04 and identified particle based on the premise that REALLY EXIST? handedness. The new study uses every right-handed particle must have by Rod Hamon © 2010 15,158 with redshifts <0.085 and a left-handed equivalent. obtains very similar results to the However, this long-held concept hen scientists put forward the first..."1 He points out, however, that was hit a crushing blow whenW theory of a completely new type of matter to explain whyover 85 per cent of the Universe the preference for left-handed galaxies is more pronounced in the northern sector of the sky. No one seems able physicists discovered inconsistency: neutrinos only ever exist with left-handed spin. anappears to be missing, it was to explain this. Neutrinos are similar to electrons,dismissed as bizarre in the extreme. But do we also see this same left- with one crucial difference: neutrinosTheir theory proposed the existence handedness at the subatomic level? do not carry electric charge, thereforeof "mirror matter"—a strange, On the contrary, the concept of electromagnetic forces do not affectundetected but potentially significant symmetry at this level has always them.component of the Cosmos. Now been a cherished feature among This lack of symmetry in neutrinosthere is compelling evidence that physicists. Everything seems deeply concerned physicists, and so a"mirror matter" really does exist. particularly well organised with an search for the missing particle began A longstanding puzzle in even distribution of right- and left- in earnest. The hunt proved fruitless,biochemistry is the tendency for lifes handed particles. and researchers wondered if theremolecules to prefer left-handedness. could be another explanation.Alanine amino acid, for example, can Left-handed Neutrinos Neutrinos travel at almost thebe artificially synthesised in the So confident have scientists been speed of light, with many quadrillionslaboratory as either left- or right- about this that they have even of them passing through our bodieshanded. Strangely, though, in living predicted the existence of a new every second.things this molecule exists only in theleft-handed orientation. Evenstranger than this is that if a right-handed amino acid enters a livingorganism, it is rejected and destroyed.We could simply dismiss this as anoddity of life on Earth, but, when welook beyond our planet into space, wesee this same preference for left-handedness even in far-away galaxies. In his research paper, ProfessorMichael J. Longo of the University ofMichigan reports: "In this article Iextend an earlier study of spiralgalaxies in the Sloan Digital SkySurvey (SDSS) to investigate whetherthe universe has an overallhandedness. A preference for spiralgalaxies in one sector of the sky to beleft-handed or right-handed spiralswould indicate a parity-violatingasymmetry in the overall universe anda preferred axis. The previous study M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy in Dust and Stars. Credit: N. Scoville (Caltech),used 2,616 spiral galaxies with T. Rector (U. Alaska, NOAO) et al., Hubble Heritage Team, NASAAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 49
  • 50. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE However, because they have such a when they come into close contact, believed to be undetectable missinglow mass, they interact only slightly they are annihilated within a fraction mass in galaxies. Dark matter,with atoms. For this reason, they can of a second, releasing huge amounts though, would be undetectable bypenetrate several light years of of energy, usually gamma rays. light, heat or any other form ofdensely packed matter before In contrast, equal quantities of electromagnetic radiation.interacting with an atom. mirror matter and normal matter Although physicists believe that as They are created in copious could comfortably dwell together much as 85 per cent of the Universequantities in nuclear reactors and are without even being aware of the may be dark matter, no one had anyfound coming from the Sun and stars. others existence. idea what it was until recently. OneFor example, a burst of neutrinos Nevertheless, normal matter and explanation was that dark matterdetected in February 1987 coincided mirror matter can interact through consists of particles called "WIMPs"—with the discovery of a supernova in gravity. This is because gravity is a weakly interacting massive particles.the mini-galaxy called the Large fundamental part of the fabric of These, in theory, interact through theMagellanic Cloud. space-time and comes about due to weak nuclear force and gravity. But the effect of matter on space, causing because they do not interact withMirror Particles ripples. These ripples and troughs electromagnetism, they cannot be So, why do neutrinos exist only seen; and because they do notin the left-handed variety? Two interact with the strong nuclearChinese–American researchers, force, they do not react withTsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning In contrast, equal quantities atomic nuclei. While this is aYang, who in 1957 had won the of mirror matter and possible explanation for darkNobel Prize in Physics for their normal matter could matter, the very existence ofwork on elementary particles, WIMPs is yet unproved. Even ifcame up with an unusual and far- comfortably dwell together WIMPs do exist, not all physicistsreaching explanation. They without even being aware accept the WIMPs explanation.suggested that perhaps each In December 2008, journalistsubatomic particle has a "mirror of the others existence. Miranda Marquit wrote an articletwin". Although such a "mirror titled "What if dark matterparticle" would be invisible and particles arent WIMPs?" Sheundetectable, it would preserve comments on the work ofsymmetry in the Universe— cause bodies to be attracted to one physicist Jonathan Feng, of theparticularly for the lone left-handed another; thus gravitation is properly University of California, who has beenneutrino! described as a space-time curvature, working with another researcher to The implication of the "mirror" not a force. So, in theory, we should find additional possibilities for darktheory is that if each subatomic be able to detect mirror matter matter—that is, possibilities otherparticle has a "mirror" equivalent, through its gravitational effect. than WIMPs. Feng states: "There arethen "mirror matter" must also exist: theories that there is a shadow worlda wispy realm that co-exists with us Dark Matter or a Mirror World? behind ours. It is a mirror world thatbut is invisible. We are familiar with the well- is like ours, but doesnt interact with In our world of real matter, we are publicised photographs of spiral ours."2only able to see things because of the galaxies taken by the Hubble Space The uncanny similarity between thereflections of photons. However, Telescope. These accumulations of properties of mirror matter and darkmirror matter would be invisible to us stars, looking like giant Catherine matter is now evident.because normal photons only interact wheels, rotate slowly on their central If this weird realm of mirror matterwith normal matter. axes over millions of years. But for occupies 85 per cent of all matter in Lets clarify, though, that mirror them to remain intact and not fly existence, then we of the left-handedmatter cannot be the same as apart, they must have a certain visible Universe are well and truly inantimatter. Antimatter consists of minimum mass to create enough the minority! However, unless there iselementary particles having the mass gravity to hold them together. evidence that mirror matter reallyand electric charge of ordinary matter, In 1933, Fritz Zwicky, in his attempt exists, this becomes academic.but with the charge and related to find out what holds galaxies Since normal matter can interactmagnetic properties reversed. Matter together, came up with the concept of with mirror matter through gravity, weand antimatter are deadly enemies: "dark matter" to account for what he might wonder if there has been any50 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 51. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEevidence of phenomena involving remnants of the object. showed that the craft were slowinggravity but without a corresponding He comments that over the last 75 down more than expected; in fact,mass to account for it. years, about 35 scientific expeditions they were closer than they should Imagine you are driving your car have gone to the Tunguska site but all have been by thousands of kilometres.below a cliff and hear a very large have come back empty-handed. While this is small compared with thebang on the roof. You would I recently asked Dr Foot how large distance travelled, it is stillimmediately stop and jump out to he thought the mirror matter object statistically significant. Directinvestigate. The large rock lying on responsible for the Tunguska event measurement of the speed of thethe road would satisfy you as to the would have been. He replied that it spacecraft using the Doppler effectcause of the bang. But what if there would likely be similar to the confirmed that they were slowingwas no rock or any other explanation explosion of an asteroid of several down more than would have beenfor what had happened? hundred thousand tonnes. expected if just due to the Suns Therefore, it seems just possible gravity. As measurements of theirThe Tunguska Event that on the morning of 30 June 1908 positions were repeated over time, Lets consider an event that an enormous mirror matter object this discrepancy grew. The conclusionhappened on 30 June 1908 when a skimmed passed the Earth, causing was that whatever was causing theviolent explosion took place over anomaly was still acting on thethe valley of the Stony Tunguska two craft.River in central Siberia. People There has been no generally1,000 kilometres away heard the ...the 1908 Tunguska accepted explanation for thisblast, and seismographs in discrepancy until quite recently.western Europe registered the explosion may have been Dr Foot and Professor RaymondRichter-five shock wave. the result of a collision of a Volkas, a physicist also at theUnbelievably, it took 12 years University of Melbourne, claimbefore the first research "mirror matter" space body that these anomalies areexpedition visited the site to with the Earth. explainable if there is mirror gasinvestigate, but the devastation or dust in our solar system. Theyremained: 80 million flattened believe that mirror matter exertingtrees covering an area of 2,150 a drag on the Pioneer spacecraftsquare kilometres. An examination could account for their decreaseof the epicentre of the explosion damage on a scale not seen since. in velocity. In their research paper,revealed no traces of meteorite How thankful we can be that it chose they ask: "How else can you explainfragments. to strike a remote area of Siberia that both Pioneers, on opposite ends of However, physicist Dr Robert Foot, rather than one of our major cities, as the solar system, experience the sameof the University of Melbourne in it usually does in movies! force pushing in the same direction?"5Australia and author of the bookShadowlands,3 has another explanation Pioneer Spacecraft Anomalies Terrestrial Experimentsfor the Tunguska event. He says in his Lets consider further what other Proof of mirror matter continues toresearch article 4 that the 1908 evidence there is to support the idea build as physicists around the worldTunguska explosion may have been of a mirror Universe. On 2 March 1972 engage in a desperate race to find thethe result of a collision of a "mirror the Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched, evidence right here on Earth.matter" space body with the Earth. followed on 5 April 1973 by Pioneer 11; There are currently more than 30He comments that the inner 300 both are now in the outer reaches of experiments taking place in varioussquare kilometres of trees were our solar system. Since their countries, looking for evidence of thisburned from above, suggesting a huge departure, both spacecraft have been mysterious substance. Until veryexplosion in the atmosphere at an contacted regularly to obtain details recently these experiments hadaltitude of between about 2.5 and 9.0 of their outward progress. yielded no results, leading many tokilometres which produced a It was predicted that as the two believe that they were based ondownward spherical shockwave. Pioneer spacecraft escaped from the flawed theories. Then, just months He adds that it is hard to believe solar system, they would naturally ago, came the first hint of success.that such a large amount of slow down slightly because of the An Italian group, which has spentextraterrestrial material could just influence of the Suns gravity. But some years in an experiment calledvanish without leaving behind any examination of the transmitted data DAMA/LIBRA, recently announcedAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 51
  • 52. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEwhat it believes is the first direct reach a peak in June when the Earths modulation signal and the rising low-evidence of dark matter (or mirror dark side is facing the centre of the energy spectrum observed bymatter, if Dr Foots theory is correct).6 Milky Way galaxy. CoGeNT. This constitutes a model- We recall that the idea of dark Dr Robert Foot summarises the dependent confirmation of the DAMAmatter came about because DAMA/LIBRA findings by saying: "This signal and adds weight to the mirrorastronomers were unable to account fluctuation in photons from season to dark matter paradigm."9for the mass needed to hold galaxies season is exactly what they have No doubt future developments willtogether. So, why cant we detect it found!"7 shed further light on the possibility ofhere on Earth? After all, we live close The Italians are not the only an invisible, right-handed mirrorto the outer edge of the galaxy we call researchers claiming to have detected Universe existing right here amongstthe Milky Way. dark matter right here on Earth. Now us. In the meantime, if you As the Earth travels around the Sun, researchers in the United States, occasionally hear unexplained bumpswe are able to view different parts of conducting an experiment they call in the night, it just may be that yourthe Milky Way at night. In the month CoGeNT (Coherent Germanium "mirror neighbours" are moving theirof December, we look out towards the Neutrino Technology), are finding furniture again...or maybe not! ∞edge of the galaxy into empty space. similar results. Their experiment isHowever, in June we look towards the looking for evidence that dark matter About the Author:centre of the Milky Way in the particles have collided with a crystal Rod Hamon, who has lived in Australiaconstellation of Sagittarius. Naturally, of germanium. Sure enough, the for many years, studied applied physicswe would expect to find more at what is now Southampton Solentevidence of dark matter in June University in the United Kingdomthan in December, if it does exist. On the other hand, and is a Fellow of the Royal But first we must be able to find radiation from dark Astronomical Society. A sciencea way to detect dark matter. The fiction writer, he has had 15 storiesItalians think theyve found a way, matter would reach a peak published to date. He can beand have been experimenting with in June when the Earths contacted by email ata large quantity of a substance they believe will give off dark side is facingphotons if hit by dark matter the centre of the Endnotesparticles. 1. Longo, Michael J., "Evidence for The DAMA/LIBRA experiment Milky Way galaxy. a Preferred Handedness of Spiralwas conducted in two stages: Galaxies", 16 April 2009, abstract atfrom 1996 to 2002, covering seven cycles, and then from 2003 to CoGeNT team reports that the 2. present. So, for some years now experiment is producing abundant 3. Foot, Robert, Shadowlands: Quest forthey have been comparing the evidence of these kinds of collisions. Mirror Matter in the Universe, Universalnumber of photons given off in June "If its real, were looking at a very Publishers, Parkland, Florida, 2002with those in December. beautiful dark-matter signal," says 4. Foot, R., "The mirror world Professor R. Bernabei, the projects Associate Professor Juan Collar, a interpretation of the 1908 Tunguskagroup leader, explains that the physicist at the University of Chicago.8 event and other more recent events",DAMA/LIBRA experiment carried out Dr Robert Foot summarises his 16 July 2001, abstract atby the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran conclusions from both experiments by in Italy was designed to detect saying: "The CoGeNT collaboration 5. Foot, R. and R.R. Volkas, "A mirrordark matter using a target mass of 250 has recently reported a rising low- world explanation for the Pioneerkilograms of lithium-doped, sodium- energy spectrum in their ultra-low- spacecraft anomalies?", Physics Lettersiodide-radioactivity pure crystals. noise germanium detector. This is B 2001; 517(1-2):13-17 The professor points out, however, particularly interesting as the energy 6. other things—cosmic radiation, range probed by CoGeNT overlaps 7. Foot, R., "A CoGeNT confirmationfor example—can also cause photon with the energy region in which DAMA of the DAMA signal", 8 April 2010,emission. This background radiation has observed their annual modulation abstract atwould be of about the same level all signal. We show that the mirror dark round. On the other hand, matter candidate can simultaneously 8. from dark matter would explain both the DAMA annual 9. • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 53. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 53
  • 54. FLUORIDE !DO YOU WANT THIS HARMFUL CHEMICAL IN YOUR DRINKING WATER?THIS WATER FILTER TECHNOLOGY FROM KOREA CONVERTS SODIUM FLUORIDE TO A HARMLESS CHEMICAL. Available now in 2 sizes -14 litre and a 20 litre model features include a - Far Infrared Ceramic dome silver activated to .02 of a micron - a 6 six stage cartridge filter containing activated carbon, ion exchange resin, zeolite. - a container of Organic mineral stones - a 5 gauss -rare earth magnetic field tap. 14 litre model $225- 20 litre model $280 + freight PHONE NOW FOR MORE INFO ND NUTRITIONALS Phone: 07 4053 290854 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 55. PENETRATION ET AND HUMAN TELEPATHY Encountering the Spookiest Spooks bout two years after the Jupiter probe, I received a telephone call A during late February 1975 from a certain highly placed functionary in Washington, DC. I had met him on social occasions, and we had rather enjoyable conversations since he had a deep interest in Psi research. I both admired and respected him. He was forthright about his unusual interests, and he dared to swim against the surface currents of that mighty river called "prevailing opinion" which could damage even very high This famous American reputations in the Washington maze. But in his telephone call to me, my friend was somewhat less than psychic accepted a forthright, as the following conversation drawn from memory indicates. secret assignment to "A Mr Axelrod is going to telephone you," he said. "If you can manage to do so, would you try to do whatever he asks, and ask no questions yourself?" remote-view the dark After a pause, I asked: "Well, who is Mr Axelrod?" Now there was a pause at his end of the telephone. Then: "I cant tell you side of the Moon. because I dont know myself. But its important, very important, very urgent He was shocked to see that you agree to do what he asks. "I can tell you nothing more, so please do not ask. Just do what he wants. And, whether you do or do not, we will never physical evidence of refer to this conversation again. I must ask you in friendship never to refer to me about this in any way." an alien presence and After which my friend expressed a quick passing interest in how I was to find that his visit doing, and then virtually hung up on me. Although my contact was usually jolly, he had seemed, well, a little uptight. But otherwise, this type of thing did not go unnoticed. was not entirely unusual in my new career of Psi research... I arrived with plenty of time to spare. In fact, the museum wasnt yet open, so I got some coffee and a roll from one of the vendors in the Mall and smoked some more cigars. Assuming I was supposed to act like any other tourist, at noon I was standing in front of the giant elephant, pretending to have interest in it. Behind me a voice spoke. "Mr Swann?" I turned, and was immediately handed a card which read: "Please do not speak or ask any questions. This is for our safety as well as yours." If I had not been convinced before that I was getting into something suspicious, I was now certain. For the guy who handed me the card stared at by Ingo Swann © 1998 me with burning green eyes, which clearly indicated he meant business. But even more astonishing was the fact that there were two of them, which as far Extracted from his book as I could tell were twins. Dozens of museum visitors were flowing all Penetration: The Question of around us. After reading the card, I blinked.Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy The first guy pulled out a photograph which I could see was of me. He Website: studiously compared the photograph face to mine. He then took my hand as if http://www.biomindsuper he was shaking it, and compared the tattoo on it to another photograph—the tattoo I had got as a result of a rather drunken desire in 1962. He then nodded to his duplicate, who had been watching the rotunda in a professional way,AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 55
  • 56. and this twin came over and repeated the sequence. costing someone a great amount of dollar/man-hours.They then both initialed what seemed to be a kind of "Well, then, may I call you Ingo? And you must callcheck-sheet in a small address booklet. The first twin me Axel. Tell me about remote viewing."then nodded and indicated the main door to the After a long moment, Axel asked: "Ingo, what do youmuseum. I followed, with the other twin just behind me. know about the Moon?" The Moon! He wants me to go to the Moon. "Well, IUnderground, Somewhere know it is there, that its a dead satellite, it has craters With the hood removed, eyes watering a little, I found and mountains, if that is what you mean."myself in a dimly lit room. The twins were nowhere to "Have you studied the Moon, or gone psychically tobe seen. it?" The voice said: "I am Axelrod, which is not my real "No. We never tried the Moon, because too much isname, of course, as you must have figured out." known about it. It would not constitute a good Mr Axelrod was a jolly-guy type, smiling, with kindly experiment because of that. People would think I hadeyes, but dressed in a dark-green jumpsuit of some kind. learned about the Moon, or looked at it through He continued: "I can answer no questions as to where telescopes or something."you are or what we represent, but beyond that I am at "What about the reverse side of the Moon? That sideyour complete disposal with regard to anything that is always turned away from Earth. No one could accusepertains to the task ahead." you of being able visually to see that." Mustering what dignity I could, which really was not "But, still, the NASAs Moon missions have encircledmuch, I croaked out: "Well, what it, and there are lots of photostask, then?" and stuff." Mr Axelrod smiled. "First, "Well, we want you to go Axel laughed. "Well, we wantthere are some procedural you to go to the Moon for usmatters. We will reimburse you to the Moon for us and and describe what you see. Ifor your expenses, and provide have some Moon coordinateswhat we will call an honorarium. describe what you see. prepared, about ten altogether.Would a thousand dollars a day I have some Moon Is that too many?"be suitable? We will provide this "Well, no, depending onin cash before you leave." coordinates prepared, stress factors. But I dont like "A day!" I croaked again. "How about ten altogether." to do too many at once,many days?" because I fear I will begin to "Well, we have heard you work superimpose my impressions."best in the morning, and, as it isnow in the afternoon, we will begin the task tomorrow Psychic Touchdown on the Moonmorning at any time which suits you. After that, we will We started our work early the next morning—which Iwing it a little." immediately dubbed "Moon Probe". As we had done in "My psychic gifts, as you must then know, are very the Jupiter project, I asked Axel to find out where theundependable. I work only in experimental situations, Moon was in its monthly cycle—which is to say, itsand I hardly think anyone should risk anything really present relationship to the Earth and the Sun.serious on them." "The Moon is full," he began, "opposite the Sun, and "We understand fully, Mr Swann. We do not see the the Moon is just setting in the west. Will that do?"task as a risk, so do not feel stressed about that. "I hope so," I replied. "Earth is between the Sun and "The second preliminary. We would like to ask you Moon, then, and what I have to try to do is head directlynever to reveal any of the details about any of this, away from the Sun, hoping for a psychic touchdown onincluding your presence here. If the circumstances were the Moon surface."otherwise, we would ask you to sign a secrecy "Okay, do your thing, then," Axel smiled. He pushedagreement. But, bluntly speaking, we exist without the "record" button on his tape recorder.leaving a paper trail regarding our mission." Earlier that morning, we had discussed the experiments Mr Axelrod paused to let that sink in, and then protocol, the way the session was to be conducted.continued. "Yet, without such an official secrecy oath, Except for voicing the lunar coordinates when I asked foryou will not be legally bound to secrecy. What we would them, Axel was to make no verbal inputs.hope, then, is that you will agree not to reveal this I talk out loud when "doing my thing," asking myself asequence for at least ten years hence. I can assure you series of questions. But these are questions to aid mythere are very good reasons for this, but after ten years intellect in trying to understand what I am experiencing.our mission will have disappeared, as it were." These are not questions others need to respond to I decided to ask no more questions. Whatever was while I am "at work". I do not like to close my eyes when Ihappening must be important, since it obviously was am doing my "thing".56 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 57. I settled back and tried to get a sense of Earth being After a moment of considering these little dunes: "Butbetween the Sun and Moon—and slowly began to have there is not supposed to be any wind on the Moon, isimages of rising upwards from Earth until I could see its there? No atmosphere?... Yet, I can sense somethingcurvature. like atmosphere... Im getting a little confused. Lets As I had already learned from our efforts to get take a break."psychically to Jupiter, the Sun looks much smaller to my Was I mistaken? Axelrod seemed to be looking at mepsychic senses than it does when we eye-ball it on in a rather strange way, as if swallowing a desire to speak.Earth. Seen psychically, and if seeming smaller, at least "Well," I went on, "what they actually look like are likethree "envelopes" of some kind are clearly visible rows of largish tractor tread-marks. But I dontaround the solar star. understand how this could be, so they must be In any event, I tried psychically to head away from the something I dont understand. They are just marks ofSun, toward the Moon. This now looked larger than it some kind. Strange, though."does when eye-balling it. I had no problem getting I was silent for a moment. "Axel, do you want—well,there. Slowly, at first, it grew larger am I supposed to try to see metals orand larger and then swiftly filled my something here, or what? Im justpsychic vision completely—a whitish near this cliff here; it has a kind ofthing, with grays, darks and, shiny quality to it, something likesurprisingly, a lot of yellows in it. "Well," I went on, obsidian..."Suddenly I was kind of sucked "what they actually Axel answered: "No, we can go oninto/toward it faster, as if in a gravity to the next coordinate-ordinate now."free-fall. Next, I had the sensation of look like are like "Give me a moment," I asked, "then"being" next to some pumice-like rows of largish on my signal lay it on me."rocks. I wrote down the next coordinate- "Okay," I whispered to Axel, "I can tractor tread- ordinate. The cliff vision faded, and insee these rocks and some dust, so I marks. But I dont a few moments I was clearly at another place, which I could hardlyguess I must be here. Give me yourfirst Moon coordinate, preceding it understand how believe was on the Moon. "Im sorry,with the word Moon." this could be, so Axel, I seem to have gotten back I wrote down "Moon" and the to Earth here..."coordinate-ordinate and nothing they must be "Why do you think that?" hehappened. I was still where I had asked.touched down. something I dont "Well, there are...some..." I "Give it again, more slowly," I understand. They stopped. I looked at Axel.asked. "Maybe we better take a break, a He did so, and I experienced a are just marks of little coffee, and then we can tryblurred kind of vision, a sense of some kind." again."zooming across a plain, some "Okay, but what did you see?"mountains—and then into "I have no idea. But whatever itdarkness, which surprised me. was, it couldnt be on the Moon."Then, slowly, as if adjusting to a So we had coffee and chattedkind of night vision, I could begin up this and that. Axel, for theto perceive formations. And I realized what had first time, seemed somewhat nervous. In about fifteenhappened. minutes, we got back to it. I went through the same "This coordinate," I asked, "is it on the dark side of the process of going away from the Sun until I was at theMoon? Yes, it must be." Moon. I began trying to make sense of the impressions I was "Okay, give me that coordinate-ordinate again."acquiring. "Well, I seem to be near a cliff of some kind. He did. I wrote it slowly down, making sure I made noIt goes upward quite high, made of some kind of dark error in doing so. I became aware of a greenish haze,rock. There is whitish sand, a fluffy kind of sand. Away which is what I had seen before. This time I decided tofrom the cliff formation there is a broad expanse of go for it, for better or worse.some kind. There are some patterns in the sand, or "Well, I am in a place which is sort of down, like in awhatever it is—not quite like sand." crater I suppose. There is this strange green haze, like a "What do the patterns look like?" Axel interjected. light of some kind. Beyond that, all around is dark He was not supposed to intrude with questions. But though. I am wondering where the light is cominghe had, so I went with it. from..." "Well [I now closed my eyes], sort of like little tufts or I jolted to a stop again.dunes, as if the wind had made a kind of pattern." After a moment, Axel prodded. "Yes, what else?"AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 57
  • 58. "Well, you wont like this, I guess. I see, or at least "How high are the light towers?" Axel interrupted.think I see, well...some actual lights. They are giving off "Well, high enough. I have to find something againsta green light... I see two rows of them, yes, sort of like which to compare them. Lets see...hey, there are somelights at football arenas, high up, banks of them. Up on of those tractor tread-marks everywhere. If I guess thesetowers of some kind..." are about a foot wide, well, then, lets see, if I compute I gave up here. "Well, Axel, I cant be on the Moon. I as correctly as I can, well..." I paused, looking at Axel.guess I have to apologize; I seem to be getting He was not smiling. "Yes?" He arched his eyebrows.somewhere here on Earth." "Well, tall—about or lets say over a hundred feet. Axel stared at me for a moment. He was not smiling or But?"looking sympathetic or tolerant. I thought it was all "But what?" Axel asked, leaning forward.over with. I swallowed hard, and almost chickened out at this "Youre sure you see lights, actual lights?" he finally point. "Well, I think I got a glimpse of the craters edge.asked. On it I think I saw a very large tower, very high that is." "Well, I see lights! But how can they be on the "Yes?"Moon?" "Yes! Big, really big." Axel had a pencil in his hand, which he was twirling "How big?"around and around. His not-smile developed into a I swallowed again. "Well, if I compare it to somethingfrown. "Shit," he finally uttered, and broke the pencil in I am familiar with in New York, about as high as thehalf. Secretariat building at the I was quite surprised and fully United Nations—which hasexpected him to stand up and thirty-nine floors in it."leave the room in dismay at my Axel narrowed his lips. "Youremote-viewing flub. But he did "Am I, then, to assume can see that, then?"not. this stuff really is on But this, as I took it, was a "Lights, huh? You are sure you question Axel was askingsaw lights?" the Moon? If so, this is himself more than me. "Well, yes. But not on the more than a Moon base, Again the silence. I decidedMoon, surely. How could they to again assume whateverbe on the Moon?" isnt it, Axel?" initiative I could. Axel stared at me, saying "Am I, then, to assume thisnothing. stuff really is on the Moon? If I can be quite dense, I so, this is more than a Moonsuppose, but something started twanging around in the base, isnt it, Axel?"denseness. Again no answer. So I continued: "But this stuff is I blinked at Axel. "You mean...," I began, somewhat big. Does NASA or the Soviet space program have theuncertain as to what to say. I realized I had to select my capabilities of getting such large stuff onto the Moon? Iwords carefully. "Am I to think these lights are actually thought everyone was having trouble just getting aon the Moon?" couple of guys and a dog into orbit. I thought the only There was no answer forthcoming from Axel. I pressed thing we got on the Moon was a flag planted in someonward. "Have the Russians built a Moon base or crater somewhere."something? Is that what I am supposed to be remote- As I talked myself through all this, a certain glimmerviewing?" Again, no answer. began to dawn in the recesses of my mental darkness. I We sat and stared at each other for a longish period, suddenly stopped speaking.he not willing to commit. After a moment of this I stared incredulously at Axel. "You mean, am I toconfrontation, I decided to reassume the initiative. assume this stuff is...not ours? Not made on Earth?" "Maybe you should give me that coordinate-ordinate Axel raised his eyebrows, trying to grin. "Quite aagain." surprise, isnt it," he said. I had a sense he was trying Once back in the glow of the greenish lights, I now not to be emotional.seemed to have the courage to begin really looking. Surprise? To say the least! I was completely"Well, the light seems diffused somehow, as if there is a dumbfounded to the degree that I had begun taking verylot of, its dust...dust! Floating in the air." short breaths, getting dizzy thereby. I paused, then continued: "Yet there is no air on the "I take it you would like a break before we continue,"Moon, is there? There is noise of some kind, like a Axel ventured.thumping. I can see one of the light towers better now. What I really needed was a recovery couch. In fact, IHey, it seems built of some very narrow struts of some still get breathless even as I write these very words now.kind, thin like pencils. Like some sort of pre-fab stuff Its one thing to read about UFOs and stuff in the papersright out of Buckminster Fullers stuff." or in books. It is another to hear rumors about the58 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 59. military or government having an interest in such "This is serious, isnt it?" I finally managed to blurt out.matters, rumors which say they have captured aliens But my thoughts were going a mile a minute. Theand downed alien space craft. bottom line: we are not alone—and some ultra-secret, But its quite another matter to find oneself in a presumably a governmental agency, goddamned wellsituation which obviously confirms everything. Not knew it! My glee changed swiftly into anger. Shit! Shit-principally because I suddenly knew the rumors were shit-shit!true. But because I found myself in a situation in which "Well," I snarled, "whoever is in charge of theseI, in my psychic processes, had seen the evidence for matters hasnt managed them very well as far as usmyself. ordinary public types are concerned." "Good heavens!" I breathed. My brain began racing, "Ill concede that, Ingo," Axel said. "Frankly, no oneputting things together. Axel, though, and the twins, has known what to do, and many mistakes have beenand the elaborate secrecy of this whole mission was made."the best evidence. "Yes, and all in the name of what—privileged I was now completely certain that I information in favor of the few, of thewas physically present in some kind of military, of scientists, or what?"ultra-ultra-ultra secret place, and that "Sometimes. But the problems arethe mission of this place was to sort more than you can imagine."out extraterrestrial matters. I knew But my thoughts Axel and I sat staring at each other.that NASA must have photographic were going a mile Neither of us was smiling.evidence of activities on the Moon a minute. "Do you want to leave, then?" hewhich already confirmed the presence finally asked. "We will do whatever youof extraterrestrial activity there. The bottom line: want." What I did not understand though, we are not alone— Of course I did not want to leave! Iand I realized this only with my third wanted to understand.cup of coffee and my tenth cigar, was and some ultra- "Why do you need my services, Axel?why this ultra-secret project needed my secret, presumably Just answer that one question. If thatservices. stuff is on the Moon, why dont you So, I looked at Axel, and this a governmental just send along another Moontime I was not smiling either. agency, mission to have a good look-see?""Why the hell have you dragged me But the awful truth dawned in ainto this, Axel? If you possess goddamned well burst of light. I looked at him.enough to cause what I take is knew it! My glee "Unless they...I cant believeyour mission to come into this...unless they somehow haveexistence, surely you dont need changed swiftly told you to stay away, andmy inputs here?" into anger. somehow shown you they mean "Well, Ingo, no—and yes." it!" "Im confused," I said, rather This time Axel was neithersternly. "Please explain." smiling nor not smiling. I got out "I cant. Well, at least I cannot of my chair and started pacing thegive you information. It was felt length of the table. I startedthat doing so would jeopardize not only us, but our laughing.mission. You seem bright enough, though." "Goddamn it! Theyve somehow got you by the balls, "Thanks heaps, Axel. Well, this bit of security almost havent they? Thats why you are resorting to psychicblew it for you. Had I not learned some time ago to perceptions! Ja-eesus Kahariiiist!? They are not friendly,accept and describe what I was seeing psychically, are they? Are they, Axel?"accept it before prejudging it, I would have not dared to Axel kept his cool.say I saw lights on the Moon. I would have edited that "There are two major reasons why Ive asked you toout, fearing others might see me as loony. God damn it! help. You are approximately correct about the first one,ETs on the Moon, no less!" but not completely so. The second reason is more "Well," Axelrod began, "if I had told you in advance, simple. Your information might provide a kind of checkwould you have thought I was loony?" Axel asked. point in what you surely now realize must be a mess of He had a point. And all of this was real! I closed my eyes interpretations of the photographic and other waves of goosebumps cascaded through my body. I It was my idea to find a psychic who did not knowcouldnt control them, so I broke into tears. anything about the Moon, and see what might be seen "Shall I leave you to recover?" Axel asked. there. Sort of an independent source of information, But suddenly, through my emotions, I started which would lean our interpretations one way orlaughing, almost uncontrollably. another."AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 59
  • 60. Humanoids on the Moon pointing at me, I think. How could they do Back at work, Axel gave me Moon coordinates, each that...unless...they have some kind of high psychicset representing specific locations on the Moons perceptions, too?"surface. At some of the locations there seemed to be Axel said, in a calm, low voice, so low I hardly heard itnothing to see except Moonscapes. at first: "Please quickly come away from that place." But at other locations? Well, there were confusions, My eyes were wide as understanding drained in. "Youand I perceived a lot that I could not understand at all. I already know they are psychic, dont you?"made a lot of sketches, identifying them as this or that Axel raised his eyebrows and gave a deep sigh. And,or looking like something else. Without comments, at that point, he abruptly closed his folders. "I think weAxelrod quickly took possession of each sketch, and I had better end our work here."was never to see them again. I was quite surprised. But I had not fallen off the I found towers, machinery, lights of different colors, psychic truck just yesterday. "You think, you alreadystrange-looking "buildings". I found bridges whose know, that they have some kind of, uh, telepathy—thatfunction I couldnt figure out. One of them just arched they can trace where this psychic probe is coming from?out—and never landed anywhere. Is that it?" There were a lot of domes of various sizes, round Axel had started smiling again, but obviously was notthings, things like small saucers with windows. These going to respond.were stored next to crater sides, sometimes in caves, "Come on, Axel, loosen up a little."sometimes in what looked like But I was not to be deterred.airfield hangars. I had "Would they kill an Earthproblems estimating sizes. But psychic if they felt he or she wassome of the "things" were very good enough to spy on them?"large. "They were pointing at me, "There is no conclusive I found long tube-like things, I think. How could they do evidence to suggest that," Axelmachinery-tractor-like things responded.going up and down hills, that... unless... they have I gritted my teeth. "Nostraight roads extending some conclusive evidence! What themiles, obelisks which had no some kind of high psychic hell does that mean?" My voiceapparent function. perceptions, too?" had climbed several octaves. There were large platforms on "Its very difficult for us todomes, large cross-like assess any of this," Axelrodstructures. Holes being dug began. "We dont know, butinto crater walls and floors that they do have things andobviously having to do with some kind of mining or capabilities we here are trying to understand is veryearth-moving operations. There were "nets" over apparent. Whether they spotted you or not will becraters, "houses" in which someone obviously lived, unclear, but we have to put no prejudgments on whatexcept that I couldnt see who—save in one case. guides our mission. At any rate, we dont want to put In that case, I saw some kind of people busy at work on you to any more risk. Lets eat some dinner, and thensomething I could not figure out. The place was dark. get you back to New York... ∞The "air" was filled with a fine dust, and there was somekind of illumination—like a dark lime-green fog or mist. About the Author: The thing about them was that they either were Ingo Swann helped develop the process of remote viewinghuman or looked exactly like us—but they were all at the Stanford Research Institute, California, inmales, as I could well see since they were all butt-ass experiments sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency.naked. I had absolutely no idea why. They seemed to He is commonly credited with proposing the idea ofbe digging into a hillside or a cliff. coordinate remote viewing, a process in which viewers As I described: "They must have some way of creating would view a location given nothing but its geographicala good environment, warm and with air in it. But why coordinates, which was developed and tested by Halwould they be going around naked?" Puthoff and Russell Targ with CIA funding. For more No answer was forthcoming to this self-question. information, visit But being there in my psychic state, as I felt I was,some of those guys started talking excitedly and Editors Note:gesticulating. Two of them pointed in my "direction". This article is an edited extract from part one, "Ultra- Immediately I felt like "running away" and hiding, Secret Goings-on", chapters 2–5, of Ingo Swanns limited-which I guess I psychically did, since I "lost" sight of this release book Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrialparticular imaging. and Human Telepathy © 1998 (Ingo Swann Books, PO Box "I think they have spotted me, Axel. They were 2875 Rapid City, South Dakota 57709-2875, USA).60 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 61. U F O D IS C L O S U R E A true story! The true story of a DI SCL OS U RE man taken for ten days to an by extraterrestrial Steven M. Greer MD civilisation by Alec Newald For the to government, over their dozen top-secret first time ever, military, five intelligence and corporate witnesses secret projects tell true stories which disclose the greatest covert program in world history. Alec Newald set to Auckland should have been aHe arrived in from Rotorua off on what in New Zealand. 3-hour drive This explosive testimony by actual government insiders Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was even more proves that UFOs are real, that some are of confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs later, and that he had no idea of what had happened in the have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable meantime! When Alec did retrieve his memories of those humanity to begin a new era. missing ten days, he realised his life had changed forever. To order - visit To order - visit * New book+DVD by Steven Greer A Must Read!! C O N TA C T: HIDDE N TRUTH: Countdown to FOR BIDDE N Transformation KN OW LED G E by Steven M. Greer, MD by Steven M. Greer MD This book goes fartheviewingtheinto aaccounting of objects seen inthat sky and takes beyond consciousness, remote reader usual of universe higher states of and direct Contact with civilizations the From his sightingtransnationaltoan earlyand UFO-related projects, of a UFO at age, to his amazing near- death experience at age 17, his unraveling of the secret cabal running the illegal energy interface with thought and awareness as easily as we talk on cell phones. Journey with the CSETI team as they go beyond the veil of light and the resonant frequency of matter and enter into close contact with to his meetings with a CIA Director, US Senators, heads of state numerous ET civilizations who eagerly await the coming Transformation and royalty – you will be moved, shocked and enlightened as you read through this memoir. Journey with Dr Greer as he takes you on Earth. The accompanying DVD shows the images, sights and sounds into the corridors of secret power – beyond the government as we of Contact, as it has evolved over the past 17 years. You will learn how know it–to a shadowy cabal of power-mad controllers, and their this Contact has been made - and how you, too, can become an hidden agenda. Ambassador to the Universe! To order - visit To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.comAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 61
  • 62. 62 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 63. AMICIZIA: ALIEN ENCOUNTERS IN ITALY The most credible account of alien contact yet? eginning in 1956, some 200 people from all walks of life in Europe Going far beyond B had extensive interaction with a group of very human-looking aliens. They included politicians, university professors, engineers, journalists, students and housewives. The level of contact varied from one-time encounters to deep involvement lasting over 40 years. Some of those involved entered underground and undersea alien bases for days at a time. Others entered and even flew in their craft. Over the years, hundreds of UFO sightings and clear photographs, voice recordings and movies were taken, featuring some of abductions, the the visitors themselves, but scores of these have been lost or are unavailable. Because of the intense feelings of friendship engendered by the aliens in all recently disclosed whom they met, the name Amicizia ("Friendship" in Italian) has come to be the principal one used for the overall contact experience. Spontaneously, people in long-term contact by other European countries used this same term in their own languages to hundreds of people describe what was happening, although the name W56 was also used ("W" referring to a double "victory" in Italian, and "56" to the year in which the with aliens from the contact began).1 Akrij Confederation The aliens themselves claimed to originate from a variety of planets of varying distances from Earth, and referred to themselves as the Akrij significantly expands (pronounced "Aukree") Confederation.2 They had individual languages on their home planets, but also a common language that facilitated communication. our understanding of For many years, however, the story was not well known outside the group of the extraterrestrial people involved. Although this unprecedented saga unfolded in several countries for years, most participants kept their involvement secret for fear of presence on Earth ridicule and loss of their standing and employment in an uncertain post-war Europe. Some European UFO researchers became aware that "something throughout history. major" was unfolding, but were unable to penetrate the secrecy. Many of the participants have since died, but a few felt the need to ensure that some record of their otherworldly experience was not lost. Some participants are still living. Several works written by persons involved with, or aware of, the W56 case were published from 1958 onwards, but they only hinted at the source of the information. Beginning in 2009, however, books openly describing these extraordinary events began to appear. Professor Stefano Breccia, an engineer and university lecturer living in central Italy and himself deeply involved in the Amicizia events, has written the best known of these: Mass Contacts.3 With a foreword by Roberto by Warren P. Aston © 2010 Pinotti, General Secretary of the Italian UFO group Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN), the book is primarily the account of the leader of the Italian group: Email: prominent theologian and psychologist Bruno Sammaciccia (photograph 1). Before dying in 2003, Sammaciccia entrusted Breccia with publishing some aspects of his story. Breccia also includes in his book a short account from a German engineer by the name of Hans, who was in the group and who also died in 2003. Another participant, Paolo di Girolamo, a university professor,AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 63
  • 64. countries will now come forward, as only parts of Sammaciccias experiences have been published and Breccia himself has still to tell the full story of his own involvement. The significance of this case is only just beginning to become apparent to UFO researchers. With hundreds of credible eyewitnesses and an abundance of supporting evidence, Amicizia is simply in a league of its own as far as "alien" contact is concerned. In my opinion, it is a major turning point in UFO research and will reverberate for years to come. Far more than any other case that I know of, it may be the equivalent of the Rosetta Stone that helps us put many pieces of the alien jigsaw puzzle into place. In particular, UFO researchers will Photograph 1: Bruno Sammaciccia (centre), with his friend and fellow key see strong evidence supporting the participant Giancarlo De Carlo, his wife Raffaela and Giancarlos wife Aurora widespread belief that the United (behind). (Source: Stefano Breccia, reprinted in Mass Contacts, p. 346) States government was contacted officially decades ago by an alienhas now published his own version,4 and another Italian group offering to help us develop spiritually, provided thatprofessor has chosen to release his first-hand account the US halt its nuclear weapons program. A number ofthrough Italian-based Croatian-born researcher Nikola eyewitnesses and whistleblowers have long claimed that aDuper.5 It is hoped that participants from the other meeting took place in February 1954, with President Eisenhower being secretly taken to Edwards Air Force Base in California and with other selected persons representing a spectrum of US society present.6 The US, of course, refused to halt its nuclear weapons program, but is also understood to have entered subsequently into treaties and agreements with other alien groups in exchange for advanced technology. Photograph 3: One of the interdimensional "Red" alien Photograph 2: Kenio, who was a W56 crew member. beings with whom Sammaciccia interacted. Note the (Source: Photograph by Bruno Sammaciccia, emphasis on the heart region. (Source: Photograph by from Stefano Breccia, reprinted in Mass Contacts, p. 372) Bruno Sammaciccia, from Stefano Breccia)64 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 65. It appears that the Akrij aliens, usually referred to as We were met by the three newcomers; they approached us,"Nordics", were the group who had made the offer to the smiling ... the first thing Romolo [the name given to one ofUS government, and therefore the timing of the Amicizia the aliens] told me, in perfect Italian, was: "Our dear friends,contacts is interesting. It suggests that the Akrij, having what were you expecting? To see monsters? Look how handsomebeen rebuffed officially, may have changed their strategy we are!"9instead to take their message directly to ordinary, but alsoinfluential, humans in a wide number of places, beginning Much of Sammaciccias account centres on Dimpietro,two years after the 1954 contact. the tall commander of the main base in Italy. He claimed Over the course of four decades, the Akrij reportedly to have lived at various places on Earth since at least theconveyed detailed information to the humans, who acted 17th century and had adapted well to such earthlyas an interface to spread their concepts among human pleasures as drinking wine and coffee and smoking cigars.society. The entire Akrij focus with their human friends When meeting Sammaciccias wife Raffaela for the firstwas on morality, ethics and friendship—not on time, Dimpietro sat on the floor of their apartment kitchentechnology, which to them was very much secondary. to avoid frightening her with his height. Like others of the While there is much that will be familiar to the alien team, in his long stay here he had mastered not onlyseasoned researcher, the writings that we have so far are a Italian but also its various dialects and cultural intricacies.treasure trove of data andconcepts to be mined. Scattered A long history of alien interestthroughout the accounts is The overall picture painted oversubstantial information about the There are good, highly four decades of Akrij contacts is aAkrij concepts of God, the ethical, aliens and there complex one. There are alliancesUniverse and the Earths history. of worlds. There are good, highlyA number of claims are especially are bad aliens. There are ethical, aliens and there are badfascinating and perhaps, in some some whose agenda is aliens. There are some whosecases, amenable to verification. agenda is strictly scientific and One claim is of particular strictly scientific and dispassionate. One group has ainterest currently. In a 1967 dispassionate. particular interest in studyingconversation recorded by Breccia, insects, which apparently are a rarea W56 crew member mentioned to form of life in the Universe. Mosthim that there is another star are physical beings but some arenearer to Earth than the Centauri stars. At first, the claim interdimensional, incorporeal entities, such as the purple-seems ridiculous, but scientists recently announced that skinned "Red" race who are not part of the Akrij group butNASAs WISE infrared telescope, launched in December are allies. Sammaciccia claimed to have interacted with2009, may be close to discovering a brown dwarf star—a them (see photograph 3).binary companion to the Sun—suspected of influencing Sammaciccia and the others learned that the Akrij racescomets, asteroids and outer planetoids in our solar are not the only visitors coming to Earth: at least sixsystem.7 Stay tuned. other alien groups are mentioned.10 Another, much publicised, claim concerns the clear, Central to the story are the Weiros—cloned biologicaldaytime photograph in Breccias book of one of the Akrij robots that are essentially indistinguishable from humansaliens, casually dressed (see photograph 2). The picture and intent on their own agenda. They are essentially atwas taken by Sammaciccia in the grounds of his villa and war with the W56 group. If their description and activitiesshows what is claimed to be an alien by the name of are any indication, the Weiros, or CTRs as they are usuallyKenio, who stood as much as three metres (nearly 10 feet) referred to in Breccias book, will likely provide one answertall! An analysis of the colour image appears to confirm to the "Men in Black" phenomenon. ("CTR" is a sort ofthe height.8 Not all the Akrij aliens were of that height, acronym coined by Sammaciccia for contrari, or "contrary".)incidentally: some were even taller, while others were There is also a definite hierarchy of beings in themuch shorter than an average-height human. Cosmos. The Akrij alien races themselves are overseen by To date, Breccias book remains the most accessible another group which Sammaciccia called the UTI,source of information on the case and, despite editing although he did not record what this name means. Theshortcomings, it also manages to capture the UTI also had human representatives working with them,personalities and sense of humour of those involved, including an Austrian General.humans and aliens alike. A favourite passage of mine, for The visitors have been around since the beginning ofexample, describes the second physical encounter with the human experience, interacting with us and nudging ussome of the aliens in an arranged meeting. It was a spring forward over aeons of time. According to the Akrij, theyevening in 1957, in the woods near an old castle near the and other races have had roles interacting with Earth overtown of Ascoli Piceno in the central east coast Marche untold ages, far longer than our science recognises. Theirregion of Italy. Bruno Sammaciccia relates: present mission here is to watch over Earth and our safetyAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 65
  • 66. without interfering openly. They spoke of previous print science journalist Bruno Ghibaudi. Assigned in 1961civilisations on Earth, some of which had achieved a to investigate the rash of sightings in Italy, Ghibaudi—science even more advanced than our own, but all had who had no interest in the subject up to that point—self-destructed—most recently resulting in what we term became amazed at the consistency of the reports being"the Stone Age". made by sober, ordinary citizens. He had his own daylight Contrary to recent perceptions in consensus science sightings of unearthly craft and photographed some atthat our planet is probably an insignificant, very ordinary close range.11 Eventually he was invited to meet the Akrijworld in a galactic backwater, the Akrij often spoke of visitors and became a member of Sammaciccias group.Earth as being exceptional, one of the most beautiful of When interviewed for Le Ore magazine in 1963, Ghibaudi,worlds and, as far as they knew, one of only about 50 asked about his detailed knowledge of the visiting aliens,"mother planets". Additionally, they made it clear that affirmed his contact:countless other worlds are also inhabited, almost all of How are you aware of all this?them peopled with human-like beings. For the very simple reason that I too have met them, An interesting nugget is the claim that another intelligent not long ago.race also lives on or in the Earth: the elves or gnomes or And have you spoken to them?little people of legend. Said to be about 35–40 Sure.centimetres tall and "harmless, simple people", this race Are they like us?is aware of us but afraid of Absolutely so. Strangelyhuman contact. This was enough, the idea that theconfirmed by Breccia himself, human form is universal haswho had befriended one of the These supplies were often been discarded asAkrij who was living openly in sometimes dematerialised improbable. Most of the time,human society. In a recorded truth is too simple to beinterview in Bologna in 1967, the remotely by the aliens in accepted.12alien also revealed that there are front of multiple witnesses"humans" living in different Meantime, at great expense,"dimensional levels" on Earth. and rematerialised inside Sammaciccia constructed a large A belief in God or a Supreme villa at Montesilvano on theentity appears to be universal their base. Adriatic coast near Pescara,and is taken for granted by the where the Akrij teachings couldAkrij. In some way, many of be disseminated. The groupthem are related to us genetically and they can easily live soon grew in size as a result. However, the all-importantincognito on Earth and even interbreed with humans. love, harmony and trust (uredda in the W56 language)Given this, it is tempting to speculate that some of these required in such a situation eventually began to"alien" races may have originated on Earth or been disintegrate and the group fell apart.involved in "seeding" humanity. At all times, however, we Beginning in 1978, the W56 group was attacked by theirmust see the bits and pieces of information as just that: "enemy brothers", the CTRs, and later that year their largerthey correspond amazingly well, but there are some bases were destroyed. Convulsions of the Adriatic Seasignificant gaps that should encourage caution. Much were widely reported for about two months afterwards.more of the story remains to be told. Following this disaster, many of the participants returned to their former lives, often in denial about the strangeOngoing interaction with the Akrij experiences that had been their life for so long. Sammaciccia and a growing number of other local In fact, the story does not end there. While the W56people continued to assist the W56 aliens in their mission aliens had ostensibly all departed Italy by December 1986,of monitoring Earth civilisation and spreading their there is mounting evidence that not only have somemessage. Often this assistance took the form of obtaining remained here on Earth and activated other basesand delivering huge quantities of fresh fruit and elsewhere but they are also still operating in Italy, albeitvegetables for the underground bases. Breccia admits apparently on a smaller scale. Encounters with the Akrijthat the visitors certainly had the technology to do this and the CTRs continue, as recently as January 2010unassisted, but he speculates that they were simply according to Breccia.13allowing the humans to feel that they were contributing. Bruno Sammaciccia expressed his hope that those whoThese supplies were sometimes dematerialised remotely read his story would "look at the night sky with differentby the aliens in front of multiple witnesses and eyes, being persuaded that, in those distances beyond anyrematerialised inside their base. imagination, beings live that are friends to all of us".14 Some members of Sammaciccias group had their own The Akrij Friendship story is far from over. ∞sightings of UFOs and aliens and thus joined the group.The best-known story in this regard is from the TV and Continued on page 8366 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 67. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 67
  • 68. LI CHING-YUN DEAD; A correspondent of the New York to 250. Another pupil said Li told GAVE HIS AGE AS 197 Times wrote in 1928 that many of the him to "keep a quiet heart, sit like a INQUIRY PUT AGE AT 256 oldest men in Lis neighborhood tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon asserted their grandfathers knew him and sleep like a dog". EIPING, May 5 [1933], UPI — Li as boys and that he was then a According to one version of LisP Ching-yun, a resident of Kaihsien, in the Province ofSzechwan, who contended that he grown man. According to the generally accepted tales told in his province, married life, he had buried twenty- three wives and was living with his twenty-fourth, a woman of sixty.was one of the worlds oldest Another account, which in 1928men and said he was born in Another pupil said credited him with 180 living1736—which would make him descendants, comprising eleven197 years old—died today. Li told him to generations, recorded only A Chinese dispatch from fourteen marriages.Chungking telling of Mr Lis "keep a quiet heart, This second authority said hisdeath said he attributed his sit like a tortoise, eyesight was good; also, that thelongevity to peace of mind and finger nails of his right hand werethat it was his belief every one walk sprightly like a pigeon very long, and "long" for acould live at least a century by and sleep like a dog". Chinese might mean longer thanattaining inward calm. any finger nails ever dreamed of Compared with estimates of Li in the United States.Ching-yuns age in previous reports Li was able to read and write as a One statement of the Timesfrom China, the above dispatch is child, and by his tenth birthday had correspondent, which probablyconservative. In 1930 it was said traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, caused skeptical readers to believeProfessor Wu Chung-chien, dean of Annam, Siam and Manchuria Li was born more recently than 1677,the department of education in gathering herbs. For the first was that "many who have seen himMinkuo University, had found hundred years he continued at this recently declare that his facialrecords showing Li was born in 1677 occupation. Then he switched to appearance is no different from thatand that the Imperial Chinese selling herbs gathered by others. of persons two centuries his junior".Government congratulated him on Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, took Li into (Source: The New York Times, May 6,his 150th and 200th birthdays. his house to learn the secret of living 1933)68 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 69. THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO GHOST MYSTERY AT SIBERIAN HUNTER SAVES YETI and was howling. FORMER RAF STATION FROM DROWNING The hunters stood frozen, and only Kiskorov hurried to offer help: he Scottish heritage centre has been Ksouthern part of western emerovo Region is located in theA70-year-oldvintageon broadcastsa about 3,500 kilometresSiberia,picking up radio display at from threw the creature the dry trunk of a young aspen tree, the creaturefeaturing Winston Churchill and the Moscow. Over three million people clutched to it and crawled to themusic of Glenn Miller. live in the Kemerovo area, mostly in bank," the district administration The Pye valve wireless at Montrose large cities. Only 13 per cent of the officer said.Air Station, a heritage centre which population lives in the rural areas of The Kemerovo Region registered atells the story of the men and the region, which may be inhabited high spring flood this year, and manywomen who served there, has no by its own version of the "Snowmen". mountain rivers started breaking ice.power and is not connected to any The Kemerovo Region is also known Ice in some sections persists, but itsource of electricity. as "Kuzbass"—from "Kuznetsk is very thin. The village of Senzaskie The aerodrome has been a source Basin", the name of the largest coal Kichi, located 140 kilometres fromof paranormal sightings and sounds deposit on Earth, which is located the Tashtagol district centre deep infor almost a century, with reports of there. the taiga, has no electricity and noghostly figures, eerie footsteps and Kemerovo Region resident claims road. A helicopter flies to the villagedoor handles turning, but the once a week. rescuing Yeti in spring floodmysterious wireless broadcasts have The last flight brought a letter, KEMEROVO, April 29 (ITAR-TASS) A signed by Kiskorov and anotherhad even the most sceptical staff at resident of the village of Senzaskie three huntsmen, to the head of thethe station searching for a rational Kichi, Kemerovo Region, hunter Tashtagol district administrationexplanation. Afanasy Kiskorov, claims that he with a story about this incident. ∞ The vintage radio set is kept in a rescued a Yeti during a spring flood (Source: Loren Coleman, 29 April 2010,re-creation of a 1940s room. Several at the mountainous river of Kabyrza., have heard Second World His actions were witnessed by 2bax3rd)War–era broadcasts, including the local residents, ITAR-big-band sound of the Glenn Miller TASS learned at theOrchestra and speeches by Winston administration officeChurchill. The broadcasts come on of the Tashtagolat random and can last for up to half district of thean hour. Kemerovo Region, a Technicians who examined the supposed habitationradio removed the back, but found place of the hominid."nothing but cobwebs and spiders". While fishing, The wireless broadcasts join a long Kiskorov and otherlist of mysteries at the air station, local hunters heardwhere the heritage centre is in the strong ice crushingoriginal headquarters building. and shrill howling.Visitors have reported strange Rushing to the"energies" around the airfield, piercing shriek, thephantom footsteps, doors opening huntsmen saw "aand shutting, the sound of aircraft creature, covered withengines, shadowy figures walking in dark-brown fur" in theand out of rooms and even the river some ten metressighting of a pilot in full flying kit. from the bank. The air station was established in "The strange1913 by the Royal Flying Corps as creature, looking likeBritains first operational military a huge man, triedairfield. several times to get There are more details about the out of the water andheritage centre at the website to stand up on "Hi. I’m your antimatter counterpart from a feet, but dropped into(Source: STV Scotland, 4 June 2010, the water each time parallel universe. Can you lend me fifty bucks?"AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 69
  • 70. B r u ce C a t h i e r e s e a r ch THE HARMONIC CONQUEST OF SPACE by Bruce L. Cathie Chapters include:Hiroshima andofNagasaki; Harmonic Harmonics of Mathematics the World Grid; the Transmission and Receiving; the Link Between Human Brain Waves; the Cavity Resonance between the Earth; the Ionosphere and Gravity; Edgar Cayce; the Harmonics of the Subconscious; Stonehenge; the Harmonics of the Moon; the Pyramids of Mars; Nikola Teslas Electric Car; the Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator; Harmonic Clues to the Unified Field; and more. To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.com70 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 71. vaccine in the mid-1990s and had REVIEWS condition, her medical specialists B O O K S severe side effects were not even broke ethical treatment codes, social Reviewed by Ruth Parnell given the courtesy of a hearing. workers made false assessments of This entire affair shows that the her parents, and Health andSILENCED WITNESSES – Volume 2 government and GMC are in denial Community Service caseworkers usedThe Parents Story about the detrimental effects of police-like powers to have Sarahedited by Martin J. Walker vaccines, that vaccine-makers are made a ward of the court. She wasSlingshot Publications, London, 2009 intent on escaping financial liability forced to undergo chemotherapy thatISBN 978-0-9519646-6-8 (290pp tpb) for their defective products, and that was bound to kill her. It did: SarahAvail: journalists are doing the bidding of died soon after her 13th birthday. their masters. With a good overview Her tragic, moving and yet at timesT his second volume of Silenced Witnesses pays tribute to MMRvaccine–damaged children and their of the main issues, this book is a breathtaking compendium of horror joyful story is told sensitively by Eve Hillary, an advocate for freedom ofparents. It was published ahead of stories from parents devastated by choice in health care, childrensthe findings of the "trial" conducted whats happened to their children. rights and family justice. Sarahs lastby the UK General Medical Council wish—that no child should ever be(GMC) of three doctors from the SARAHS LAST WISH: A Chilling subjected to the ruthless treatmentRoyal Free Hospital in London. The Glimpse Into Forced Medicine that was imposed upon her—isGMCs action was prompted by a by Eve Hillary already starting to change thesingle complaint from a pro-MMR system. Her father Mark remains Eve Hillary, NSW, Australia, 2010Sunday Times journalist. committed to fulfilling that wish. ISBN 978-0-9806629-0-0 (369pp tpb) Years after the publication of their Available: www.sarahs-last-wish.com1998 Lancet paper, which suggested alink between inflammatory boweldisease, regressive autism and the I n 2002, aged eleven, Sarah Westley, from Gloucester in rural New South Wales, was struck down by aMMR (measles–mumps–rubella) mysterious abdominal illness thattriple vaccination, Dr Andrew was misdiagnosed as pregnancy,Wakefield and professors John whereas she had contractedWalker-Smith and Simon Murch were extremely rare and aggressive ovariancharged in July 2007 and, as its cancers. But in a farcical course oftranspired since the publication of events, Sarah and her caring parentsthis book, were found guilty in early Mark and Dianne became victims of2010 of being unfit to practise forced medicine: she was treatedmedicine. The parents of children disrespectfully, her parents werewho were vaccinated with MMR refused information about herAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWSSUDDEN COLD Chilton considers the research of quest through Egypt andby Rodney Chilton Dr Paul LaViolette, who proposed a Mesopotamia was in search of hisR. Chilton, Vancouver, Canada, 2009 galactic superwave emission from true father, Marduk, a demigod.ISBN 978-1-926747-16-3 (174pp tpb) galactic centre which could account There indeed have been giants whoAvailable: for a global cataclysm 13,000 years walked upon the Earth, Sitchin ago. He makes a strong case for a insists, and they were theA nyone interested in the climate change record and whatshappening now should take note of cosmic cause of the Younger Dryas. Anunnaki—gods and goddesses from the planet Nibiru. The family trees ofthe Younger Dryas period—the 1,000- THERE WERE GIANTS UPON THE these alien ancestors can be traced,plus-year cooling interval around EARTH and some of their skeletal remains13,000 years ago which followed the by Zecharia Sitchin were discovered in 1928 in the Royaldramatic warming that signalled the Bear & Co., Rochester, USA, 2010 Tombs of Ur, in todays Iraq, and areend of the last ice age around 18,000 ISBN 978-1-59143-121-3 (346pp hc) held in the British Museum. Sitchinyears ago. Yet there were periods believes that the remains included Available: BearandCompanyBooks.comwithin this time that fluctuated the bodies of the first king of Sumer,between cool and warm, dry and wet,depending on the location. The T hirty years after the publication of his landmark first book The 12th Planet, Zecharia Sitchin, now in his an Anunnaki goddess descendant and her demigod brother Gilgamesh.Greenland GRIP ice cores show rapid Hes put out the call to the British 90th year, surprises us yet again with Museum to analyse the DNA of theseclimate fluctuations calculated in his newest study into mankinds remains: it just may provide theperiods of ten years or fewer. genetic heritage. Sitchin fans will missing link in our genetic code. Climatologist Rodney Chilton have a field day with this book, whichrejects the idea that the Younger takes up familiar themes such as theDryas was caused by a stalling and Anunnakis arrival 300,000 years ago,stopping of the North Atlantic Ocean their intermarriages with Earthlings,circulation because it cant account human survival after a Great Flood,for many features of the cold period. the rise of the MesopotamianWhat is more likely, though, is the cultures and their demise as a resultinfluence of cosmic swarms— of a nuclear detonation.astronomical objects of various size, Sitchin is of the view, based on hissuch as comets and meteorites—that rigorous analysis of cuneiformimpacted Earth at regular intervals writings, seals and other artefacts,and caused dust to veil the planet. that gods and demigods hadThese events likely resulted in paramount importance not just in thesudden and widespread effects to rise of civilisation but in the ascent ofcause a major cold spell. man. Even Alexander the Greats72 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 73. LOST TECHNOLOGIES OF template or technique that the REVIEWS a base-60 numerical system, as wasANCIENT EGYPT ancients were able to duplicate. used in Mesopotamia. He believesby Christopher Dunn Inspired by Sir W. M. Flinders they could tap into the key energeticBear & Co., Rochester, USA, 2010 Petries finds, especially of a granite musical ratios that reveal the secretsISBN 978-1-59143-102-2 (351pp tpb) drill core artefact, Dunn has come to of the atomic world, and could utiliseAvailable: the realisation that the ancient these secrets and knowledge of key Egyptians had developed a type of locations and cosmic relationships toC hristopher Dunn spent several decades analysing ancient Egyptspyramids from an engineering ultrasonic machining technique. Its time that Egyptologists took on trigger earthquakes and nuclear blasts and even transfer matterperspective and arrived at some board these engineering discoveries, between worlds. The keepers of thecontroversial hypotheses (The Giza Dunn urges in his fascinating, richly ancient high knowledge had aPower Plant, 5/06). Since 2004, he has illustrated and detailed study. measurement system based onbeen studying key monumental cosmic cycles, but their secretiveartefacts, temples and tunnels and THE LOST AGE OF HIGH heirs are hell-bent on keeping thishas become increasingly impressed KNOWLEDGE from the public while they press on by Keith M. Hunter with their covert agendas.with the geometric precision and K. M. Hunter, Barnsley, UK, 2009 Hunters interesting take on thesophisticated craftsmanship involved rediscovered secrets is peppered within the creation of these artefacts. ISBN 978-0-9564563-0-4 (532pp hc) equations and diagrams. It comes Using digital photographic Available: with a dire warning of cataclysms totechniques, computer design analysisand the latest instrumentation, Dunnhas concluded that highly advanced W hile not the first to posit that the ancients had advanced sci-tech capabilities, independent British come if were not careful.technologies, even "mega-machines", researcher Keith Hunter adds hishad to have been utilised in their perspective on what was lost, whatmanufacture—technologies unknown has been kept alive, and what hasto us today but, who knows, may one already been rediscovered in eliteday be uncovered. His photography military–intelligence circles.revealed traces of tool marks in the Hunter praises New Zealandhuge hard-granite statues of Ramses researcher Captain Bruce Cathie, theII at Luxor, and his examination of former aircraft pilot who extrapolatedthe faces showed a perfect left-right an Earth energy grid system from hissymmetry as well as sacred geometric sightings of UFOs. This harmonicproportions. That these proportions system, Hunter reckons, is intrinsic toare repeated in many Ramses II the music of the spheres that the RadioOutThere.comstatues speaks of the use of a ancients grasped, and is founded on stimulating news and views streamed direct on the internet Presented by Barry Eaton, the host of RadioNexus, each show presents a unique look at a wide range of stories embracing mind, body and spirit the paranormal and the metaphysical. www.RadioOutThere.comAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 73
  • 74. REVIEWS SIGNATURE OF THE CELESTIAL harmony, according to Warms SPHERES description in his brilliant analysis. by Hartmut Warm Sophia Books, UK, 2010 (1st pub. as Die ITS ALL LIGHT Signatur der Sphären, Keplerstern by G. Prema Verlag, Hamburg, 2001, 2004) Trafford Publishing, BC, Canada, 2010 ISBN 978-1-85584-235-9 (390pp tpb) ISBN 978-1-4251-9247-1 (237pp tpb) Available: Available: I n her insightful treatise, G. Prema attempts to explain the nature of the Universe by focusing on one assumption: that lightwaves exist in harmonic multiples of the speed of light. Her theory is based on fractal geometry and includes the idea that morphic resonance fields are fractal because harmonic sound is fractal— the same form but different sizes fitting together, like Russian dolls. Thus, the speed of lightwaves themselves is fractal or harmonic, expressed as harmonic octaves just Tbut ancienttheorder is musical,not to it he only that that this Greeks believed Cosmos has order as with musical frequencies. Prema hypothesises that matter is created as a result of spiralling expressed as a harmony of the lightwaves becoming particles due to spheres in the orderly progression of the planets. As our understanding of the effect of resonance or sound, and astronomy and cosmic laws has that lightwaves have consciousness. developed, our need for an idea of Anyone who beholds cymatic harmonious order has not, laments diagrams of sounds represented in Hartmut Warm, a German civil sand can understand that sound engineer and independent researcher. creates form or shape. Prema In the note to this English edition examines this phenomenon and adds he asserts that while Pluto has been to the body of knowledge of morphic demoted from planet status, it is still resonance as a template for physical very much part of "the community of form. The spin factor provided by the planets": it sings in geometric spiralling lightwaves brings tiny harmony with the movements of the vortexes into being, she argues. entire solar system. Only two forces are needed to Warms diagrams representing explain the Universe: harmonic light geometrical and harmonic basics as and resonance. Prema believes that well as correspondences between her theory unifies gravity, electro- musical and planetary ratios are a joy magnetism and the strong and weak to behold, and his explanations and nuclear forces, and can explain so- supporting charts add gravitas to his called dark matter. She also argument. Warm concludes that this considers spiralling lightwaves cosmic harmony is evident in each existing beyond the speed of physical planets relationship with each other light, and sound as "slow light". and the solar system as a whole. His Premas theory on the morphic colour diagrams of planetary resonance of light has the potential relationships, e.g., Venus–Earth to revolutionise our understanding of linklines, are spectacular. They physics, chemistry and biology. Her demonstrate a "symphony of flowers book is accessible for the lay reader and stars" and perfect celestial and may well blow a few minds.74 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 75. CRASH: WHEN UFOs FALL FROM REVIEWS Kecksburg in Pennsylvania (1965) andTHE SKY Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia (1967)by Kevin D. Randle, PhD in his investigative overview.New Page Books/Career Press, FranklinLakes, NJ, USA, 2010 UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIAISBN 978-1-60163-100-8 (318pp tpb) by Philip Mantle & Paul StonehillAvailable: Healings of Atlantis, UK, 2010 ISBN 978-1-907126-03-1 (353pp tpb) Available: A t last, heres a book in English that chronicles some of the extensive UFO evidence from Russia and surrounding territories. British UFO researchers Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill (originally from Ukraine) have accessed reports collected by Russian researchers and historians, military/space personnel and civilians that attest to myriad UFO sightings as well as contactsLong-timePhD, aresearcher Kevin Randle, UFO retired US Armylieutenant-colonel and former Air from recent times—and going back perhaps millennia, if folklore and archaeological evidence are anyForce intelligence officer, has dusted guide. The historical accounts areoff and updated his case files for thisstudy of UFO crashes. He admits fascinating, many of them havingthat his selection of just over 100 similarities with modern reports.cases out of 300+ was subjective. No coverage of Russian sightingsMany case studies warrant further would be complete without the 1908research, particularly while any Tunguska explosion, and the authorswitnesses are still alive; others are deliver a summary of research tonothing to do with UFOs (meteor date, while noting that whateverstrikes, re-entering space junk, caused the blast—perhaps a cometaircraft debris, ball lightning); some or a UFO—still defies explanation.are elaborate hoaxes; and some cant Much information about UFObe corroborated despite rumours of sightings remains secreted away in"crash retrieval" teams at the sites. Stalin-era vaults. Yet its amazing With 1947 being a watershed in what has been uncovered aboutufology with the "Roswell incident", "anomalous aerial phenomena".Dr Randle examines evidence for UFO Some incidents even the Sovietcrashes before and after this date, media couldnt ignore, e.g., thebeginning with an alleged crash and widely observed 20-metre sphericalalien contact in France in AD 840, object that landed near a Leningradtaking in mysterious airship sightings highway in September 1977 andover the USA in the late 1800s, and coincided with a powerful solar flare.leading up to the landmark date with Mantle and Stonehill report onreports from the early to mid-1940s. Soviet Cold War military encountersHis chronology then covers every with UFOs, the KGBs interest indecade right up to the present. Tibetan UFO mysteries, cosmonauts With due acknowledgement to UFO sightings, and aerial vehiclesfellow researchers such as Philip seen over battlefields from theMantle, Len Stringfield and Ryan Napoleonic to the Chechen wars.Wood, Dr Randle considers little- They hope that their book will fosterknown as well as famous cases a new era in co-operative UFOincluding Ubatuba in Brazil (1957), research between East and West.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 75
  • 76. REVIEWS SPIES, LIES, AND POLYGRAPH the CIAs goat-staring adventures, TAPE and UFO sightings by astronauts. by Gary S. Bekkum Bekkum spotlights a remote-viewing STARstream Research, MN, USA, 2010 case in the early 1980s involving a ISBN 978-1-451503-02-9 (302pp tpb) 9/11-type event, and suggests that Available: www.starstreamresearch. psychic spying, particularly in com; counterterrorism, has made a come- back in the wake of 9/11. In this intriguing exploration, Bekkum names many key operatives who are likely to be in the know regarding US government contact with alien intelligence. BABYLONS BANKSTERS by Joseph P. Farrell Feral House, Port Townsend, WA, 2010 ISBN 978-1-932595-79-6 (303pp tpb) Available: With compartmentalisationsecurity I f you thought a link between at economics and electronics was even the highest levels of the US tenuous, its not. Add physics, military-intelligence/national alchemy, astrology and astronomy to community, and with the President the mix and you gain new insights not having a "need to know", its into the practices of the money unlikely therell ever be disclosure industry. The mediaeval alchemists about the existence or presence of sought to change lead into gold, but UFOs and extraterrestrials. This is the "banksters" perform their own one of several conclusions put forth modern-day alchemy by creating in this compilation by Gary Bekkum, something—money and credit—out editor/writer for the independent of nothing. Joseph P. Farrell (The STARstream Research unit that Philosophers Stone, 16/03) uses the investigates exotic technologies, term "banksters" to denote the phenomenology and intelligence "gangster bankers" who have been matters. Bekkum puts the CIAs Star around since ancient times. Today Gate documents to the test, and they specialise in usurping the state uncovers more from sources prepared in money-issuance and in ensuring to release snippets as well as from that alternative physics and energy his own dogged investigations. options dont see the light of day. This collection may be repetitive in Included in Farrells analysis is parts, but no matter: it contains David Lis "meltdown" formula, the explosive revelations about the "core Anglo-American globalist elite, astro- story" that hides UFO reality beneath cycles and trends (e.g., wars and multiple veils of secrecy. Theres the revolutions), global scaling theory, tale behind CIA and National Security Teslas scalar waves, Egyptian, Agency remote-viewing research, Babylonian and Roman financial including that involving psychic Ingo models, and David Bohms hidden Swann and how he was tasked to variable quantum mechanics. Theres check out alien activity on the dark coverage of the Rothschild Nimrod side of the Moon (see article in this myth, human DNA and the Hermetic issue). The scope covers antigravity code, temples as scalar resonators, weapons, mind control, psychic spy and patterns of war/scarcity/slavery/ wars, polygraph technology, suppression in the banksters agenda. teleportation, Defense Intelligence Its guaranteed to make you see the Agency projects (TIGER and SERPO), global financial crisis in a new light.76 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 77. THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH REVIEWS Israel to develop a policy ofPEOPLE democratic multiculturalism thatby Shlomo Sand grants Palestino-Israelis genuineVerso, London & New York, 2009 (1st equality and autonomy.published in Hebrew by Resling, 2008) Sands explosive treatise providesISBN 978-1-84467-422-0 (335pp hc) an intellectual foundation for aAvailable: better, more compassionate and inclusive Israel in the future. THE SECRET SOCIETY OF MOSES by Flavio Barbiero Inner Traditions, Rochester, USA, 2010 ISBN 978-1-59477-273-3 (504pp tpb) Available: W ithout Moses, there would be no Judaism or Christianity, says Flavio Barbiero in his compelling historical exposé. An archaeology researcher and a retired Italian Navy admiral, Barbiero makes the case for the existence through the ages of aTheIsraeli historymisconceptions thatand myths and have been part of Jewish, Zionist are exposed in this secret high-priest elite descended from Moses. He accounts for the disappearance of Moses two sonscontroversial book by Tel Aviv beyond the Book of Exodus andUniversity contemporary historian charts the development of the MosaicShlomo Sand. (The book was a best- priestly line. He explains theseller when first published in 2008 in Israel–Judah schism and how theHebrew.) More products of 19th- priestly families were reconstitutedcentury historiographers working in following the Babylonian exile.response to the rise of European These families were engaged in anationalism, these myths have led to centuries-long power struggle thatthe creation of a non-democratic culminated in their loss of thestate that regards itself as working for Temple of Jerusalem in AD 70 to thethe interests of the "Jewish" people Romans. According to Barbiero, therather than all Israeli citizens, Jewish historian Josephus Flavius, aincluding Arabs. Notions of "Gods descendant of Moses, followedchosen people", "the ancestral land" conqueror Titus Flavius to Rome andand "diaspora" are merely played a major role in creating and"reconstructions within Israel of the controlling a budding Roman Churchnational past"; but questioning them along the lines of the Mithras cult,is nothing short of heretical in the eventually fulfilling the elites plan toeyes of Zionists. take over the Roman Empire. Sand asks if there really was a first- Barbiero claims that by the secondcentury exile of the Jews, suggests century AD, this Mosaic elite plantedthat most Jews are descendants of the roots—and DNA—of a Judaeo-converts scattered from the Middle Christian European aristocracy that,East to Eastern Europe, and argues in time, attempted to expand itsthat there never was a Jewish race as power base via the Crusades.such but only a Jewish religion. Vestiges of this secret priesthood can He investigates the Old Testament be seen in European mediaevalas "mythistory" and the enigmatic heraldry. The Mosaic line lives onorigin of Eastern Europes Jews. He through modern secret societies suchdiscusses the future of ethnocracy in as Freemasonry, says Barbiero in histhe age of globalisation and calls on surprising rewrite of history.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 77
  • 78. REVIEWS ORGASM INC. WESTALL 66 DVDs by Liz Conner A Suburban UFO Mystery Compiled by Duncan Roads Astrea Media Inc., PO Box 665, Available: POWER OF THE PURSEVolume 1: Illusions of the Economic Hartford, VT 05047, USA Available: I n 1966, in the suburb of Westall in Victoria, Australia, hundreds of students, teachers and residentsEnslavement Systems RevealedAvail: T his DVD takes a powerful look inside the medical industry and the marketing campaigns that are witnessed a UFO hover overhead for several minutes, land and take offT hroughout human history, the elites have used money to controland manipulate the literally and figuratively reshaping our everyday lives around health, illness, again at incredible speed. Silenced by authorities at the time, and still angry about not beingpopulace. believed, they revisit Volume 1 of Power of the event in this, thethe Purse is a four-hour, first ever documentary50-minute film about one of Australiasdocumentary over two most intriguing cases.DVDs. It details the Many of their storieshistory of how money are revealed here forhas evolved from the first time in thisancient times to the doco that took three21st century. The years to make.coverage includes the Unfolding like aKnights Templar and detective story, the filmthe Rothschilds. The film exposes desire—and orgasm. is driven by the search of investigatorhow those who have controlled It all starts when filmmaker Liz Shane Ryan, who has his own, verymoney have used this power to fund Canner takes a job editing erotic personal reasons for wanting toboth sides of wars in order to videos for a pharmaceutical company uncover the truth.bankrupt nations and peoples. drug trial. Her employer is For the film, Ryan contacted over It reveals important historical facts developing what they hope will be the 200 witnesses as well as numerousand information about the modern- first Viagra drug for women that wins government departments, many ofday monetary system that the US FDA approval to treat a new which refused to comment. He foundcorporate media and the teachers "disease": female sexual dysfunction that whole boxes of official files wereindoctrinating our youth in the so- (FSD). After being exposed to the missing, lost or unaccounted for.called public education system refuse industry from the inside, Liz decided This is one of those films I couldn’tto talk about. An eye-opening doco. 3168 to reveal all in this "must see" film. stop watching. Highly recommended. The pre bulge 31680 furlong radius equator turned 0.3168 Roman miles per second; this is the Prime Measure of the Great Pyramidʼs full design and it is also an important design factor at Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. For the details look in the website below, also note the profound design connections of the number 3168 to everything. www.thegreatdesign.com78 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 79. REVIEWS RISE & SHINE M U S I C by Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars Reviewed by Richard Giles Cumbancha/BMI, USA, 2010 (56mins) Distributors: Australia—Fuse Music;THE ROUGH GUIDE TO THE UK—Putumayo Music; USA—MUSIC OF INDIA Cumbancha Music, cumbancha.comby various artistsRough Guide/World Music Network,UK, 2010 (70mins, bonus CD 63mins) S ierra Leones Refugee All Stars new release affirms their roots in reggae. Rise & Shine has a lively soundDistributors: Australia—The Planet that brings out the warmth of theirCompany, tel (02) 9283 8250; UK— music. The opening track, "Muloma",World Music Network, tel (0)20 7498 has a backbeat feel, and reggae steps5252, website to the fore with incisive socialT he music of India is diverse and extraordinary, and this RoughGuide selection includes traditional commentary in the next song, "Global Threat". A highlight is the roots- reggae number "Living Stone", a veryand modern forms. Artists such as catchy dance track. The Refugee AllAsha Bhosle, Ravi Shankar, Aruna Stars have a vibrant, original ska tuneSairam, the Wadali Brothers, in "Jah Come Down". Theyve come aShivkumar Sharma and Zakir Hussain, long way, and this album puts themplus L. Subramaniam are here. The upfront in the public eye. Anrange of sounds from ragas to infectious and celebratory album.Rajasthani music is fascinating.Theres tabla, santoor and devotionalmusic to Lord Ganesh. The bonus CDfeatures slide-guitarist DebashishBhattacharya performing live inCalcutta. Stunning collection.MANY MOODSby Ben WoolmanBen Woolman/BMI, 2010 (60mins)Distributor: USA—Ben Woolman/BMI,website www.benwoolman.netB en Woolman, from the US Midwest, has become a master offinger-style acoustic steel-stringguitar. His solo playing sounds like aduo or trio because of his ability to BLUE DREAMINGplay all parts of a tunes arrangement by Sunsariasimultaneously. This album contains Sunsaria Music, Aust, 2010 (56mins)no overdubbing, even though youd Distributor: Australia—New Worldswear it does. His influences are Leo Music,, Stephen Bennett and PatDonahue. With acoustic playing, he T his is a CD for healing, utilising the sounds of the synthesiser to soothe and settle the body and mind.says, theres something in the stringsunder his fingers and the wood What Sunsaria (Baz Bardoe) does isagainst his chest that resonates for use specific frequencies to relax, healhim. Ben presents a range of styles and invigorate the listener. Its aincluding blues, jazz, Latin, Celtic and classic sound-healing album usefulAfrican sounds. He does a cover of for practitioners in clinics or just forThe Polices "Invisible Sun" and the your own use. With an ocean-bluetheme from the film Legends of the Fall. cover featuring a swimming whale,Beautiful, awesome acoustic guitar the CD has that feel of inviting you toplayed like an ensemble. recover from daily stresses.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 79
  • 80. Military Emergency in the Gulf of Mexico Continued from page 30 fake acoustic testing is aggravating from MidNight to TWILIGHT NOW for organism. Columns are moving in. the next 72 hours (12 minutes ago).15 July 5:00 AM—2us reporting frequency of 1:35 PM—Central command 5:13 PM—Le Terrible is now en route sonic drilling increasing. confirms Mistral analysis and issuingto the theatre. Em is moving away to 5:07 AM—Mistral just ordered 2us dedicated SAMPSON classification onsafe perimeter. Unknown second to get a firing solution on two of the new Israeli submarine. DED goingFrench submarine is still shadowing sonic drilling capsules. crazy again. BEZERK [sic] level 2.the culprit after second sabotage 5:37 AM—I think 2us just destroyed 2:06 PM—A quick overview on DEDattempt was successfully thwarted by one of the sonic drill capsules, a few strategic assets, past 30 minutes. 1French, German and Russian assets. minutes ago. Captain says EQ Russian submarine, 3 US submarines,Mistral confirms it has now mirrored damage to intersection is minimal but 1 German submarine, 1 Canadianthe evidence on their data analysing parallel. submarine, 1 British submarine alland capture systems from the 12:25 PM—It all happened 40 responding to our vector alert andunknown French submarine and will minutes ago when a new Israeli converging on Israeli submarine onedo a final relay report to HQ. All submarine showed on DED assets and new two. Rim halt perimeterassets in theatres are now on standby, indicator, 68 nautical miles from rim, increased by 5 nautical miles forawaiting orders from central 11 miles from where 2us destroyed possible friendly fire complications. ∞command. Alert level remains at capsule. Halted. There are now twomidnight for strategic assets. Israeli subs. The new one is very, very new. Its classification is above DED. Editors Note:16 July Mistral indicating a possible hostile As we go to press, the Original Poster 4:51 AM—Second unknown French classification on Israeli submarine. continues to add to the Godlikesubmarine reporting severe 12:48 PM—Mistral just approved Productions thread.increase[d] downpull at rim. and issued hostile classification on To keep track of any new developments, 4:53 AM—2us [second unknown new Israeli submarine. go to the original posting at(French) submarine] asking PP to 1:22 PM—Mistral issuing the or search the WATER OZONATORconfirm that magnetic testing and not immediate raise of strategic level alert forums at m o r e B r u c e C a th i e Designed to freshly ozonate a glass of drinking water Ozone is natureʼs purifier THE BRIDGE Enjoy the fresh taste and benefits of added oxygen TO INFINITY Contact: NTP Health Products E: Harmonic 371244 T: 1800 225500 by Bruce L. Cathie In Thethe basicTo Infinity, which isCathie- or to us, isthat-the from Bridge whole of physical reality Bruce geometric harmonies theorises tangible formed harmonics of waveforms of light. In this book you will discover the harmonic geometries of water, temperature, sound, the laser, the pyramids of Egypt and China, Stonehenge, bomb tests the volcano at Krakatoa, the harmonics of destruction, the world grid system, and much more. To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.com80 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 81. Living with Phytic Acid in our DietsContinued from page 38 in a fairly decent reduction of phytate before preparing it as a flat bread or levels. It is unclear whether heat- tortilla. In Africa, corn is fermentedwere partially germinated in stacks treated oats are healthy to eat for long periods of time using aleft for a period in the field, were not regularly. lactobacillus culture to produceheat-treated and were hand-rolled foods like kishk, banku and mawe. Noimmediately prior to preparation. Seeds such care is given to corn products inSome Scottish and Gaelic recipes call Seeds, such as pumpkin seeds, are the western world! But you canfor a long fermentation of oats before extremely high in phytic acid and prepare healthy corn products atand even after they are cooked. require thorough processing to home. Unprocessed Irish or Scottish oats, remove it. Some may be removed by As with oatmeal, the addition of awhich have not been heated to high soaking and roasting. It is best to rye starter or rye flour to the soakingtemperatures, are available in some avoid consuming raw seeds. By the water may be particularly helpful inhealth food stores and on the way, cacao is a seed. It contains reducing phytate content: think ofInternet. According to one study, irritating tannins and is said to be the colonial "rye n injun" breadunheated oats have the same extremely high in phytic acid, made from rye and corn. In onephytase activity as wheat.65 although studies verifying this could research project, soaking ground corn Oats should be soaked in not be located. Some brands of raw with 10 per cent whole rye flouracidulated water for as long as 24 cocoa and cocoa powder may be resulted in a complete reduction ofhours on top of a hot plate to keep fermented, but others may not be. phytate in six hours.66 Again, morethem at about 100°F [~38°C]. This Check with the manufacturer before research—and more experimentingreduces part of the phytic acid as well indulging! in the kitchen—is needed!as the levels of other anti-nutrientsand results in a more digestible Corn Rye to the Rescueproduct. Overnight fermenting of Corn is high in phytic acid and low For those suffering from toothrolled oats using a rye starter—or in phytase. The Native Americans decay, bone loss and nutrienteven with the addition of a small fermented cooked corn meal,amount of fresh rye flour—may result wrapped in corn husks, for two weeks Continued on page 82 LEY LINES * N E W : S u n ke n R e a l ms LEY LINES AND SUNKEN REALMS EARTH ENERGIES A survey of underwater ruins from around the world by David Cowan by Karen Mutton and Chris Arnold The mysterious standingIsles andburialcenturies.and stone circlesmany lace Europe, the British stones, grounds that other areas have intrigued scientists, writers, artists and travelers through the They pose so The worlds most extensiveinclude:sunken cities and megalithic underwater sites. Places list of Tartessos; Cadiz; Morocco; Alexandria; The Bay of Naples; Libya; Phoenician and Egyptian questions: Why do some places feel special? How do Ley lines work? sites; Roman era sites; Yarmuta, Lebanon; Cyprus; Malta; Thule How did our ancestors use Earth energy to map their sacred sites and & Hyperborea; Celtic Realms Lyonesse, Ys, and Hy Brasil; burial grounds? How do ghosts and poltergeists interact with Earth energy? How can Earth spirals and black spots affect our health? This Carnac, Brittany; Isle of Wight; Canaries and Azores; Bahamas; exploration shows how natural forces affect our behavior, how they Cuba; Bermuda; Mexico; Peru; Micronesia; California; Japan; can be used to enhance our health and well being, and ultimately, how Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka Land Bridge; India; Sumer; and inland they bring us closer to penetrating one of the deepest mysteries being lakes in Scotland, Russia, Iran, China, Lake Titicaca, Wisconsin, explored. Florida and more. To order - visit To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.comAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 81
  • 82. Living with Phytic Acid in our DietsContinued from page 81 maximise your health by making About the Author: grain-based foods more digestible Ramiel Nagel is the author of Cure Toothdeficiencies who need to reduce and absorbable. Now it is very clear Decay (reviewed in NEXUS 15/03), whichphytic acid to minimum levels, the which foods contain phytic acid and teaches how to remineralise and repairmagic ingredient is rye. how much they contain, what the tooth cavities with real food (see To bring the phytate content of health effects of phytic acid are, and, andyour diet to the absolute minimum, how to mitigate phytic acid in your Healing Our Children (seeadd freshly ground rye flour or a diet with complementary foods rich rye culture to rolled or cut in vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium. His previous contributions to NEXUSoats, cornmeal, rice and other low- Methods for preparation of grains, are "Healing Tooth Decay with Naturalphytase grains, then soak in an acidic seeds and legumes have been Nutrition" (15/03) and "The Health Risksmedium—preferably water with clarified so that you can estimate from Corn and Agave Sweeteners" (co-whey, yoghurt or sour milk added— how much phytic acid you are written with Sally Fallon Morell; 17/03).on a hot plate to bring the consuming. One meal high in phytic He can be contacted via his websitetemperature up to about 100°F. acid wont cause a healthy person This is a better solution than any harm, but high phytic acid levelsconsuming white rice and white flour, over weeks and months can be very Editors Note:which are relatively low in phytate problematic. Ramiel Nagels article was firstbut have a greatly reduced mineral Fortunately, not only are properly published in the Spring 2010 edition ofcontent. prepared foods better for you, they Wise Traditions, the journal of the The intention of this article is not also taste great. Now you can enjoy Weston A. Price Foundation. Due toto impose a decision about whether some well-fermented sourdough space constraints, we are unable toor not to consume grains, nuts, seeds bread together with a piece of raw- publish the accompanying endnotes,and legumes; rather, it is to clarify milk cheese, lots of butter and a slice figures and sidebars with our editedhow to consume them with of meat of your choice, and taste the version; to view these, go toawareness. This way you can essence of life. ∞ N AZ I SEC RET W EA P ON S REICH OF THE BLACK SUN Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend by Joseph P. Farrell Whycould wininthe warworrieddidThirdan in 1945bombdidthat General Prague were the Allies Germans 1944? Why for the about atom Hitler Reich? Why insist attack by the US holding George Pattons Third Army race for the Skoda works at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia instead of Berlin? Why did the US Army not test the uranium atom bomb it dropped on Hiroshima? Why did the Luftwaffe fly a non-stop round trip mission to within twenty miles of New York City in 1944? Arguing that Nazi Germany actually won the race for the atom bomb in late 1944, this book explores the even more secretive research the Nazis were conducting into the occult, alternative physics and new energy sources. To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.com82 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 83. Amicizia: Alien Encounters in Italy Continued from page 66 early European cases plus, 8. The primary analysis of the picture unfortunately in my view, a long section was undertaken in 2009 by researcherAbout the Author: on the controversial Ummo case—not Teresa Barbatelli; see posting atWarren Aston has been an independent only the Spanish-based story which most researchers would know of, but an tinterview.html. This posting includes aUFO researcher and writer for over 30 account of the activities of an Italian short interview with Breccia.years. Based in Brisbane, Australia, he group active for many years. Brecciatravels widely overseas in pursuing 9. See Breccia, Mass Contacts, p. 182. refers to this group as "Italian Ummites",cases. He has spoken at UFO symposia 10. In addition to the W56 races and but notes that they were likely nothingin Australia and the USA. He can be of the sort. In personal correspondence, the CTRs, there are the Elta V, the UTI,contacted by email at he has confirmed that they are in fact the Wan people with almost the CTRs, who had adopted the Ummite skins, the purple-skinned "Red" race name to encourage their acceptance. supportive of the W56, and anotherEndnotes 4. Paolo di Girolamos book has been unnamed race described as somewhat1. Italy seems to have been the focus of published in Italian and will shortly be apelike in appearance. Most of thesethis initial contact phase, but the W56 released in English. are listed in Mass Contacts, p. 240.were also very active in Germany 5. See Nikola Dupers web pages 11. Ghibaudis story is summarised inespecially and also in Switzerland, Timothy Goods book Alien Base (Century,France and Austria. Other countries and sensational-case-of-friendship and London, 1998, pp. 215-217), andperhaps other continents are also includes the 1961 photograph for whichpossible. part-2-a-"sworn-one"-speaks/ to follow he is best known. Ghibaudi is still alive2. Fifteen stars of various spectral types the release of the Padova professorsare listed in the Breccia book as origins and lives in Rome. book.for the Akrij Confederation but there are 6. See 12. Extracted from "Martians amongapparently others. paper-8.htm. us?", Le Ore, 24 January 1963; transcript3. See Stefano Breccia, Mass Contacts 7. See in possession of author.(AuthorHouse, 2009, 383pp; available*scienceastrono 13. Email received from Stefanothrough The book my/nemesis-comets-earth-am- Breccia, 23 January 2010.contains excellent information about 100311.html. 14. See Breccia, Mass Contacts, p. 226.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 83
  • 84. DE-CLASSIFIEDS 8 8 c p e r wo rd i n c l . g st BOOKS, TAPES, MAGAZINES & VIDEOS BED AND BREAKFAST ACCOMMODATION HEALTH PRODUCTS, SERVICES, COURSESFREE BOOK TREE CATALOG. Over 1000 LONDON: B&B. Centrally located in HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. SUBSCRIBEtitles of books, dvds and audios on Ancient comfortable family home. Direct transport to our free newsletters atMysteries, Anti-Gravity, Alternative Health, to attractions, airports. TV in rooms. Projects, Conspiracies, Crop Circles, Double £50 per night. Single £36 per ORGONITE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE.Free Energy, Gnosis, Human Origins, Lost night. Reductions for children. Tel: 001144, Magic & Alchemy, Mind 207 385 4904. OVER 85% OF MEDICAL CONDITIONSControl, New World Order, Remote FRANCE, PYRENEES, B&B. 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  • 85. DE-CLASSIFIEDS 8 8 c p e r wo rd i n c l . g st ANTHEA GOODMAN, ENERGY MISCELLANEOUS READINGS, Understand the bigger picture. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYENDTIMES WWW.TWOWITNESSES.COM FOR UFO TECHNOLOGY ConsultDISTANCE DEGREES - new lower fees. GURDJIEFF: TEACHINGS-GROUPS - Australian Gravitational Space PropulsionHolistic, alternative fields. Bachelor to movements - music. Research Innovations www.agspri.comDoctorate. Calamus International ARE YOU READY FOR... IMPROVE FUEL EFFICIENCYUniversity. HTTP://XCELPLUS.COM.AUPROPHETIC PAINTINGS: online gallery FREE REIKI INSTRUCTION and FREE UFO HOTLINE 1800 77 22 psychic development workshops. ContactWEALTH SEEKER. INSIDE SECRETS from DISCUSSION GROUPS30 Super Rich. Learn while you earn. Life LEARN TO DISSOLVE YOUR ISSUES ADELAIDE (NTH SUBURBS) Phone Peterchanging. Income changing. Empowering directly (anxiety,phobias, low energy on (08) 8258 conditions, etc.) using a revolutionary but ATHERTON TABLELANDS - Ph:YOUR SECRET CANADIAN ADDRESS? simple new method of energy work (not 0439920802 or email mere@hush.comConfidential lettermail receiving / EFT). 3 sessions are usually sufficient to BALLARAT DISCUSSION GROUP - Phone:forwarding service. Residential street learn how to do this yourself. Guaranteed 0411 198 291location. Experienced, affordable. No ID improvement if you practise these BRISBANE DISCUSSION GROUP 2nd andrequired. Information? Please send US$1 techniques. In person (Sydney) or by 4th Tuesday each month, 7:30pm. Arthuror IRC to: Box 92058-N, Brossard, Quebec, phone. More info 3266 1809 or Rita 3352 6141.J4W 3K8, Canada. Call Tim Strachan 02 9388 9994. BUNDABERG AREA MEETINGS. Phone UFOs & THE UNEXPLAINED Scott: 4974 9482. PERSONAL GROWTH GYMPIE QLD - NEXUS Discussion GroupDISTANCE DEGREES in holistic, UFO RESEARCH QUEENSLAND Monthly Phone Angelique 0403 403 316therapeutic, metaphysical, alternative public meetings, library, membership, HOBART NEXUS DISCUSSION GROUP:fields. Bachelor to Doctorate. Non-UK nightwatches, conferences. (07) 3376 1780. Phone 0419 882 012university. Calamus. HOW TO CONTACT SPACE PEOPLE SUNSHINE COAST DISCUSSION HTTP://UFO.AGILITYHOSTER.COM/ Phone Geoff on 0401 250 420. C A T A CL Y S M 2 0 1 2 ? How t o Su rvive 2 012 WORLD CA TA CLYS M IN 2 012: HOW TO Maya Calendar SURVIVE 2012 Countdown by Patrick Geryl by Patrick Geryl In thisMaya and author TheEgyptians,Codex ofreferMayaa the book the coming super-disaster. reveals the millennia-old codes of the Old Dresden which the to Geryl urgesismankind butbook, obstacles are The outlook bleak, to prepare and endure. the not contains secrets of the sunspot cycle, and the conclusions insurmountable. In this Geryl provides the are staggering—at a certain moment, when the suns blueprint for those wishing to survive the disaster to magnetism reaches a crucial point, the suns surface will prepare themselves and prevail. He explains in detail be subjected to immense storms, causing a super- the myriad problems survivors will encounter, and the catastrophe on earth. precautions that need to be taken to overcome them. To order - visit To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.comAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 85
  • 86. * N E W: H ol l o w Ea rt h C l ass i c THE GIZA DEATH STAR - ba c k in pr int - THE HOLLOW EARTH THE GIZA (with a new introduction by David Hatcher Childress) DEATH STAR by Dr. Raymond Bernard by Joseph P. Farrell Yes, this David Hatcherback in print! Researcher and author classic book is Childress adds a lengthy but ThisDestruction,Joseph Farrell’sTheories; The Machinesecrets of the is physicist amazing book on the Great Pyramid of Giza. Topics discussed: An Archaeology of Mass Thoth and Hypothesis; informative introduction, which basically reveals who Raymond Bernard (a pseudonym for Dr. Walter Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyramid; The Weapon Hypothesis; Encoded Harmonics of the Planck Units in the Great Siegmeister) really was, and how he came about to writing Pyramid; The Grand Gallery and its Crystals: Gravito-acoustic this infamous book. Dr Bernard believed that in the Resonators; The Other Two Large Pyramids, the “Causeways,” and hollow interior of the Earth lives a super-race which wants the “Temples.” Also: • A Phase Conjugate Howitzer • Evidence of nothing to do with man on the surface. This mysterious the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Ancient Times • High race only launched their flying saucers after mankind Frequency Direct Current “Impulse” Technology • How the Giza started using A-bombs. Death Star worked - and more. To order - visit To order - visit FR EE EN ERG Y? MASS M IN D CO NTROL THE ENERGY MACHINE MASS CONTROL: OF T. HENRY MORAY: ENGINEERING HUMAN Zero-Point Energy & Pulsed Plasma Physics CONSCIOUSNESS by Moray B. King by Jim Keith In the 1920sstandard 50Morayatinventedelectricity. It could notthata explained by T. Henry reportedly output kilowatts of a “free energy” device science that time. The electricity exhibited be ConspiracyFrommassKeiths final bookofonthe psychological and expert Monarch, and New Man. mind control, Project manipulation. Keith says that here stands the the first stirrings strange “cold current” characteristic where thin wires could conduct technological control of humanity at the turn of this century, to the appreciable power without heating. Moray suffered ruthless creation of an education system intended to dumb students down suppression, and in 1939 the device was destroyed. Frontier science rather than teach them. From the creation of the CIA and secret lecturer and author Moray B. King explains the invention with today’s societies of the elite, to mass drugging of the population. From the science: Modern physics recognizes the vacuum contains tremendous use of subliminal persuasion, to the creation of cults of control. energy called the zero-point energy. The purpose of this book is to Finally, to the invention of top secret mind control devices with inspire engineers and inventors so that a new energy source can capabilities far beyond anything that the media has ever revealed to an become available to mankind. unsuspecting public. To order - visit To order - visit www.nexusmagazine.com86 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 87. DVDs available through NEXUS NEXUS MAGAZINE Reconnecting to Nature Through Spiritual The School: Creating Your Space Permaculture Humanity’s New of Love: The Road 1987-2010 Home by Leonid Sharashkin Future This DVD contains the The Ringing Cedars editor At this Russian school, the Family domain and complete back issues of reveals worldwide poten- children have designed, eco-village planning, NEXUS from 1987-2010 tial for Russia’s permacul- built and decorated their presented by Leonid in pdf format. ture garden movement. own campus. Sharashkin in Byron Bay. Ancient Roots, Recreating A Garden The Return of Modern Shoots Planet The Eternal Cycle Anastasia “Seeing Your Natural Psychology of Fertility and Birth in Leo Sharashkin explains Environment as an Humanity-Earth Nature and Human the significance of theExtension of Your Self” by Co-evolution. Presented Experience. Presented by Russian dacha gardening Leonid Sharashkin. by Leonid Sharashkin. Leonid Sharashkin. movement. The Harmonic Code Vaccination: The NEXUS Conference NEXUS Conference by Bruce Cathie Hidden Truth DVDs - 2007 DVDs - 2008“UFOs, Antigravity and the Their ineffectiveness, the Energy Grid”. Matter, manipulated statistics and Harry Oldfield, George Ringing Cedars, Crystal antimatter, time travel, what vaccines contain Wiseman, Sherrill Sellman, Skull, Harry Oldfield,harmonic mathematics etc. exposed in this DVD. Meryl Dorey, Dr Ted Loder Callum Coats, Gary Opit and more. and more. To order visit
  • 88. Books available via NEXUS on Ancient Mysteries and Travel Archaeology/Mysteries Lost Cities & Ancient 2012 and the Shift Sunken Realms Mysteries of the The Giza Death Star of Ages by Karen Mutton Southwest This is physicist Joseph A Guide to the End of the A Survey of Underwater David Hatcher ChildressFarrell’s amazing book on World by Alexander Price. Ruins From Around the traverses the American the secrets of the Great Investigates the cycles of World. Includes discussion Southwest investigating Pyramid of Giza. human history and nature. on causes of sunken cities. archaeological mysteries. Axis of the World The Lost Continent In Secret Tibet by Igor Witkowski The Hollow Earth of Mu by Theodore Illion A Multi-disciplinary Dr Raymond Bernard’s James Churchward’s clas- approach across the bizarre 60s classic is back sic on the theory of a lost Reprint of a rare 1930s Americas in search of the in print! New intro by continent in the Pacific. travel book by a Germanoldest American civilisation. David Hatcher Childress. First published in 1931. traveller who travelled through forbidden Tibet. The Lost Science of Maps of the Ancient Danger My Ally Land of the Gods Measuring the Earth Sea KingsThe true life adventure of How a Scottish Landscape Discovering the Sacred Charles Hapgoods classic F.A. Mitchell-Hedges was Sanctified to Become Geometry of the Ancients 1966 book on ancientincluding his discovery of Arthurs Camelot by Philip by Robin Heath and John maps and world civilisationthe famous Crystal Skull. Coppens. Michell. before Ancient Egypt. To order visit
  • 89. Conspiracy & Religious Revisionism/Mysteries available via NEXUS (selection only). Hitlers Suppressed, ParaPolitics:Still-Secret Weapons, Conspiracy in From Major Jordan’sScience & Technology Weather Warfare Contemporary Diaries by Henry Stevens by Jerry E. Smith America by George Racey Intelligence reports of The Militarys Plan To Draft Collection of Kenn Thomas Diary account of high-levelsupermetals, electric guns, Mother Nature. HAARP, lecture remarks, interviews cooperation between& ray weapons, x-ray and environmental & weather- and articles from the Russia and the USA since laser weaponry. modifying technologies. world’s underground press. World War II. The Secret Vault Mind Control, World by André Douzet and Control The Shadow Secrets of the Holy Philip Coppens by Jim Keith Government Lance The Secret Societies Veteran conspiracy 9-11 and State Terror, by The Spear of Destiny inManipulation of Sauniere researcher’s overview of Len Bracken, with History & Legend by Jerry& the Secret Sanctuary of mind control as a tool of introduction by Kenn E. Smith and GeorgeNotre-Dame-de-Marceille. the New World Order. Thomas. Piccard. Mary Magdelene They Lied to Us in The Papal Billions The Twin Deception The Illuminator Sunday School by Tony Bushby by Tony Bushby Ian Ross Vayro takes us Reading like a suspense The Woman Who through ancient biblical Damning facts about the novel, this book unlocksEnlightened The Christ by texts leading one to ques- Vaticans accumulation of the concealed evidence of William Henry. tion traditional teachings. wealth over the centuries. Jesus’ twin brother. To order visit
  • 90. Books available through NEXUS—Environment/Spirituality and Alternative Health 13-Moon Diary ofRinging Cedars Series Natural Time Stone Age Farming by Vladimir Megré 2010-2011 by Alanna Moore How to Survive 2012 Red Overtone Moon Year. Eco-Agriculture for theThe author’s fascinating Contains Mayan 13-Moon 21st Century—a holistic, Tactics and Survival Places experience of Anastasia calendar, horoscope, practical approach to farm for the Coming Pole Shiftand the ringing cedars of planner & short guide & ecosystem manage- by Patrick Geryl. Russia. ment. Ley Lines and Earth Living Energies Hidden Nature Voyages Into the Energies by Callum Coats by Alick Bartholomew Unknown by D Cowan & C Arnold Viktor Schauberger (1885- Describes Schauberger’s Bruce Moens forays into A groundbreaking1958) & his brilliant ideas & work with water as a living the afterlife, including his exploration of the Earths inventions harnessing organism. Foreword by experience in helping natural energy and how it natural energy explained. David Bellamy. retrieve individuals. affects our health. Silent Fields Every Breath You Behavioural Problems by Donna Fisher T a ke The Golden Fountain in Childhood The Growing Cancer Help for asthma sufferers Neurological & behaviour-Cluster Story—an exposé with information on the The Complete Guide to al disorders and the link toon the power industry & Buteyko Method by Dr Urine Therapy by Coen vaccines by Viera “dirty” electricity. Paul Ameisen. van der Kroon. Scheibner PhD. To order visit
  • 91. Suppressed/Frontier Science & Free Energy A selection of books available from NEXUS The Fantastic The Energy Machine Inventions of Nikola Harnessing the of T. Henry Moray Prodigal Genius Tesla Wheelwork of Nature by Moray B. King by John J. ONeill Compiled by Childress ed Thomas Valone Zero-Point Energy & Nikola Tesla is revealed as Compendium of the inven- Essays, papers, technical Pulsed Plasma Physics. a figure of genius whose tions of the originator of briefings and press clip- 1920s energy device ex- influence on the world electrification. Includes pings dedicated to Teslasplained by modern science. reaches into the far future. patents, diagrams, photos. work and memory. Adams’ Pulsed Electric Motor The Adams Manual - Perpetual Motion The Free-Energy Generator Manual Addendum by Arthur Ord-Hume Device Handbook This is the manual which This addendum further A present-day engineer A compilation of patents, further describes the updates the research and finds perpetual motion diagrams, descriptions and details on how to build the theory surrounding the seekers were important in reports, edited by David Robert Adams motor. Adams Motor. engineering’s history. Hatcher Childress Gravitational Manipulation of The Anti-Gravity The Energy Grid The Tesla Papers Domed Craft Handbook by Bruce Cathie by David H. Childress UFO Propulsion Dynamics Edited by David Hatcher Breakthrough book that Teslas vision of the future, by Paul Potter. Research Childress. Free Energy, explores the incredible including wireless power, based on crashed UFOs Flying Saucer Propulsion, potential of the Energy Grid anti-gravity, free energy & from Russia and America. UFOs, NASA Cover-ups. and Earths Unified Field. advanced solar power. To order visit
  • 92. A selection of books on UFOs and the Unexplained available through NEXUS. CONTACT: SOLOMON ISLAND Countdown to HIDDEN TRUTH: MYSTERIES COEVOLUTION Transformation Forbidden Knowledge by Marius Boirayon by Alec Newald by Steven M Greer by Steven M Greer Giants of the Solomon The life-changing true Chronicle of the CSETI From UFO sightings to Islands; UFO underwater story of a man taken for team’s experience of meetings with CIA direc-& underground bases deep ten days to an contact from 1992-2009. tors, join Greer on his dis- in the jungle. extraterestrial civilisation. Includes bonus DVD. covery of secret agendas.Code SIM $29 Code COEV $22 Code CCTT $44 Code HTFK $44 UNDERWATER & UNDERGROUND STALKING THE REICH OF THE THE GREAT AIRSHIP BASES TRICKSTERS BLACK SUN OF 1897 Dr Richard Sauder’s evi- Investigation into Nazi Secret Weapons & A Provocative look at the dence & govt paper trail Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, The Cold War Allied Most Mysterious Aviation for the construction of Dark Adepts and 2012 by Legend by historian and Event in History by J. Allanhuge bases on & offshore. Christopher OBrien. physicist Joseph P. Farrell Danelek.Code UWUB $35 Code STT $38 Code ROTBS $37 Code AIRS $39 UFOS AND UFOS, PSI & ANTI-GRAVITY SPIRITUAL NAZI Piece for a Jigsaw EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL THE LUCID VIEW Scientist Leonard G. A Journey Through the The Nazis Postwar Plan to Investigations into Cramps 1966 classic on Evolution of Interstellar Control Finance, Conflict, Occultism, Ufology andflying saucer propulsion & Travel by Christopher Physics and Space by Paranoid Awareness by suppressed technology. Humphrey PhD. Joseph P. Farrell. Aeolus Kephas.Code UFAG $33 Code UFOPSI $33 Code NAZI $38 Code LUCID $35 To order visit
  • 93. ADVERTISING RATES 2010–2011 (prices include GST) DESCRIPTION SIZE (ht x width) AUST EDN. USA EDN. UK EDN. NZ EDN. FULL PAGE (B&W) 240mm x 180mm $990 US$750 £500 NZD$650 2/3 page vertical 240mm x 115mm $770 US$600 £400 NZD$500 2/3 page horizontal 160mm x 180mm $770 US$600 £400 NZD$500 1/2 page vertical 240mm x 87mm $550 US$425 £275 NZD$350 1/2 page horizontal 120mm x 180mm $550 US$425 £275 NZD$350 1/3 page vertical 240mm x 58mm $385 US$275 £200 NZD$250 1/3 page horizontal 80mm x 180mm $385 US$275 £200 NZD$250 1/4 page vertical 120mm x 87mm $330 US$250 £175 NZD$190 1/4 page horizontal 60mm x 180mm $330 US$250 £175 NZD$190 1/6 page vertical 120mm x 58mm $220 US$200 £150 NZD$150 1/6 page horizontal 80mm x 88mm $220 US$200 £150 NZD$150 1/8 page (Bus.Card) 60mm x 88mm $198 US$150 £100 NZD$125 1/9 page (standard) 80mm x 58mm $165 US$125 £100 NZD$100 Display Box (vert.) 80mm x 44mm $132 US$100 £ 75 NZD$ 90 Display Box (horiz.) 60mm x 58mm $132 US$100 £ 75 NZD$ 90 De-Classifieds 88¢ p/word $1- p/word 35p p/word 60¢ p/word Outside Back Cover $2,750 US$1,300 £1200 NZD$1,200 Inside Front Cover $2,200 US$1,100 £1000 NZD$1,000 Inside Back Cover $2,200 US$1,100 £1000 NZD$1,000 Inserts $88 per 1000 POA POA POA THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: 1) Each international edition of NEXUS is identical, except for the advertising. 2) Payment MUST accompany finished artwork. Artwork should be emailed as an attached pdf file. 3) Discounts do exist for multiple issues - but ONLY if pre-paid. ADVERTISING SCHEDULE 2010–2011 Issue # On-sale period Booking d/line Artwork d/line Vol. 17 #06 Oct-Nov 2010 20th Aug 2010 27th Aug 2010 Vol. 18 #01 Dec 2010–Jan 2011 22nd Oct 2010 29th Oct 2010 Vol. 18 #02 Feb-Mar 2011 20th Dec 2010 5th Jan 2011 Vol. 18 #03 Apr-May 2011 20th Feb 2011 27th Feb 2011 Vol. 18 #04 June-July 2011 23rd April 2011 30th April 2011 Vol. 18 #05 Aug-Sept 2011 23rd June 2011 30th June 2011 AUSTRALIAN EDITION UK/EUROPE EDITION Print Run: 38,000 Distribution: Australia + S.E. Asia Print Run: 30,000 Distribution: UK + Europe Contact: Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine Contact: Marcus Allen, NEXUS Magazine (UK) PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia. 55 Queens Rd, E. Grinstead, W. Sussex, RH19 1BG, UK Tel: (07) 5442 9280 (4 lines); Fax: (07) 5442 9381 Tel: 44 1342 322854; Fax: 44 1342 324574 Email: Email: NEW ZEALAND EDITION USA/CANADA EDITION Print Run: 10,000 Distribution: NZ + Pacific Islands Print Run: 35,000 Distribution: USA + Canada Contact: Lee Brogan, NEXUS Magazine (NZ) Contact: Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine RD2, Kaeo, Northland, New Zealand. PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia. Tel: 64 (0)9 405 1963 Tel: (07) 5442 9280 (4 lines); Fax: (07) 5442 9381 Email: Email: editor@nexusmagazine.comAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 93
  • 94. NEXUS BACK ISSUES – Prices include GST and p&h in AustraliaVol.1 #1-10 ($110.00 for the set) posted in Aust. Vol.8 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=804 Vol.10 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=1004Vol.2 #1-28($230.00 for the set) posted in Aust. Project Censored: Top 25 Stories for 2000; Milking Depleted Uranium Dangers; RockefellerVol.3 #1-6 ($25.00 for the set) posted in Aust. the Truth; US Financing Balkans War; Healing Internationalism Pt 2; Mad Cow Disease,Vol.4 #1-6 ($30.00 for the set) posted in Aust. Power of Full Spectrum Light; Soviet Mind Power Manganese & Infrasound Pt 2; Incandescent LightVol.5 #1 ($5.00 each) Code=501 Research Pt 1; Free Energy update; Deep Dwellers Pt 2; HAARP and Human Frequencies; HolocaustVol.5 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=502 Pt 3; Hopi Prophecies; Underwater UFOs... of Giants; Mystery Installation in Siberia Pt 1;Vol.5 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=503 Vol.8 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=805 reviews and more...Vol.5 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=504 Electricity in the Ground; The Mycoplasma Cause Vol.10 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=1005Vol.5 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=505 of Disease; Underwater Bases; Soviet Mind Power Polluted Pet Food; Dr Hamer & the Cancer/ShockVol.5 #6 ($15- each - Photocopy only)Code=506 Research Pt 2; Cosmic Energy & Moray; Forgotten Link; Rockefellers Pt 3; Project Hammer Pt 1;Vol.6 #1 P/copy only ($15.00 ea) Code=601 Scientists; African Avatars; Tales of Giants; Vol.8 Etheric Weather Engineering; Lee Crocks AuraVol.6 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=602 #6 ($5.00 each) Code=806 Therapy Machine; DNA: From Helix to Hologram;Vol.6 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=603 Chemtrails; Hyperactive Children & Nutrition; Giants, UFOs of the Solomon Islands...Vol.6 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=604 Healing with Coherent Light Pt 1; Wall Street, CIA Vol.10 #6 ($5.00 each) Code=1006Vol.6 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=605 & Drug Money; Soviet Mind Power Research Pt 3; Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Pt 1/3; Noni;Vol.6 #6 ($5.00 each) Code=606 Coral Castle; Cosmic Energy & Moray Pt 2; Crop Rockefellers Pt 4; Project Hammer Pt 2; VedicVol.7 #1 ($5.00 each) Code=701 Circles 2001; Planet X; Colonel Corso at Roswell; Mathematics; AntiGravity; Planet X, Comets &Sugar: The Sweetest Poison; Psychiatry: Shrinking Vol.9 #1 ($5.00 each) Code=901 What NASA is Hiding: Interview with Jamesfrom the Truth; Hidden Elements in Music & Overview of the War Against Terror; Hormones & McCanney; Crop Circles; Kali-yuga Prophecies,Sound; The Joe Fuel Cell; Statistical Evidence for Your Heart; Civil Asset Forfeiture; Project Hammer reviews and more...Influence of the Planets; Cold Fusion; Red Sky Pt 1; The Bible Fraud Pt 1; Turning Water into Vol.11 #1 ($6.00 each) Code=1101Prophecy; Clifford Stone on UFOs Gasoline; Teslas Teleforce; Healing with Coherent Enzyme Nutrition Pt 2/3; AIDS: The SelenoEnzymeVol.7 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=702 Light Pt 2; Bunyips; Project Disclosure... Solution Pt 1/2; Rockefeller Internationalism Pt 5/6;Contrails; Gaston Naessens; Deceptive Labels Pt 1; Vol.9 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=902 Einstein: Plagiarist of the Century; Siberias "ValleyMeetings with Remarkable Aliens; High-Level Health Benefits of Coconuts Pt 1; Project Hammer of Death"; Edward Teller on UFOs...Drug Running; Prophecies from 7th-century Arabia; Pt 2; Bible Fraud Pt 2; Canadian Genocide; Super- Vol.11 #2 ($6.00 each) Code=1102Transmutation of Radioactive Material... Microscopes; Fuel Implosion System; Volcanic Information Control; Enzyme Nutrition Therapy PtVol.7 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=703 Activity, Nuclear Tests & Grid Harmonics; UFOs; 3/3; Rockefeller Internationalism & UFOs Pt 6/6;Dangers of Soy Products; EMF Safety ; Hackers & Nicholas Roerich & the Search for Shambhala... AIDS: The SelenoEnzyme Solution Pt 2/2; Gravity,Disinformation; International Drugs Complex Pt 1; Vol.9 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=903 Creative Life Physics and Magnetism; SuppressionGray Over-Unity Engine; Retrievals of Crashed Population & Food Control: Corporate Agenda; in Physics Pt 1/2; The Ummo Letters: ET-HumanUFOs; Reverse-Engineering ET Technology... Myths of Vegetarianism Pt 1; Health Benefits of Healing Clinics in Israel...Vol.7 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=704 Coconuts Pt 2; Bible Fraud Pt 3; Car; Quantum Vol.11 #3 ($6.00 each) Code=1103Drugs in Ground Water; Echelon Link to Promis; Psychiatry: Archaeological Cover-ups... Fractional Reserve Banking; Precocious Puberty;International Drugs Complex Pt 2; Excitotoxins in Vol.9 #4 ($5.00 each) Code=904 Cause & Cure of Schizophrenia; Suppressed PhysicsFood Additives Pt 1; Infrasound Weapons; Magnetic Pole Shift Due; EU Food Supplements Pt 2/2; SuperLight from Black Holes; Mystery CityRadionics and Homoeopathy; Bedinis Free Energy Directive; September 11; History of the Arab-Israeli Under Giza; Out-of-Body Experiences; TimeMotor; The CIA, MJ-12, JFK & James Jesus Conflict; Urine Therapy; Myths of Vegetarianism Pt Traveller from 2036?...Angleton; Roswell ; Pyramid Tunnels... 2; Suppression of Dissent in Science; Mobile Phone Vol.11 #4 ($6.00 each) Code=1104Vol.7 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=705 Risks to Children; Creation by ETs?; Bock Saga... Big Oil & The Wars on Drugs & Terrorism;Bilderberg 2000; Media Atrocities; X-rays Cancer Vol.9 #5 ($5.00 each) Code=905 Common Law; Cancer Science Statistics; Diabetes:& Heart Disease?; T. Townsend Brown on Gravity The War on Freedom; Illusion of HIV & AIDS Cause and Cure?; Parasites and their Role in MentalControl; Ancient Atomic Warfare Pt 1; Sai Baba Statistics; Death by Doctoring Pt 1; The Great Con- Illness; Minato Motor; The Electrical Nature of theExposed; WingMakers; Excitotoxins in Food ola; Dotto Ring Pt 1; Chandler Wobble Effect: Cosmos; Laurence Gardner; Dan Burisch update...Additives Pt 2; Lockerbie; GM Food Dangers, Cause of El Niño & Global Warming; David Adair; Vol.11 #5 ($6.00 each) Code=1105Vol.7 #6 ($5.00 each) Code=706 Warning on Hoaxed Threat from Space... Peak Oil; Death by Medicine Pt 1/3; Dangers of SoySoy Health Dangers; AIDS Dissent; British Vol.9 #6 ($5.00 each) Code=906 Allergens; Mysterious Origins of Oil; ScientificIntelligence Exposed; Decloaking Pathogens with History of Corporate Rule; Ultrasound: Not So Safe Evidence that Plants Have Feelings; Global ScalingLow-Frequency Sound; Shaken Baby Syndrome or & Sound; UN IPCCs Artful Bias on Climate Theory; Henoch Prophecies from Billy Meier; C.B.Vaccine Damage?; Global Expansion Tectonics; Change; Death by Doctoring Pt 2; Toxic Carpet; Scott Jones on UFOs; The Verneshot Hypothesis;Ancient Atomic Warfare Pt 2; Crop Circles 2000, Dotto Ring Pt 2; Crop Circles; UFO Documents... reviews and more...Vol.8 #1 ($5.00 each) Code=801 Vol.10 #1 ($5.00 each) Code=1001 Vol.11 #6 ($6.00 each) Code=1106Tomlinson Affidavit; Fluoride Truth Decay; Mobile Project Censoreds Top 25 Stories; Oil Wars; Hidden Agenda to Weaponise Space; Rise of NewPhone Health Risks; The Secret Gold Treaty; The Xylitol: A Sweet, Safe Alternative; DVT & Global Activism; Water Fluoridation; Death byThreat of Promis; Adjuvants in Vaccines Pt 1; Infrasound Link; Neuropeptides: Molecules of Medicine Pt 2/3; Munchausen Syndrome Hoax;ParaSETI; Robert Adams on Applied Aether Energy Emotion; Air Wells & Dew Ponds; Darwinism: A Underground Bases & Tunnels; Gemini Motor;Science; Carlos Ribeiro; Dr Michael Wolf... Crumbling Theory Pt 1; Dan Burischs Letter; Crop Circles 2004; Project Censoreds Top 25...Vol.8 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=802 reviews and more... Vol.12 #1 ($6.00 each) Code=1201The Bush–Cheney Drug Empire; Food Irradiation: Vol.10 #2 ($5.00 each) Code=1002 Truth about Vaccines Cover-up Pt 1; Death byThe Global Agenda; The Human Cost of Animal Can Global Warming Cause an Ice Age?; Medical Medicine Pt 3/3; The Round Table Pt 1/4; TeslasResearch; Beta-Glucan; Adjuvants in Vaccines Pt 2; Assault on Young Women; The Story of Stevia; Aether-Powered Car; The Wands of Horus;Ball Lightning from Tesla Coils; Galactic Enigma: Close Call from Deep Space; Phil Magnetic Monopoles; Tunguska and SiberiasSuperwave Alert; The Deep Dwellers Pt 1... Callahan on Paramagnetism; ; Darwinism Pt 2: Valley of Death Pt 2/3; Aust Govt UFO Archives...Vol.8 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=803 Human Origins; Laurence Gardner... Vol.12 #2 ($6.00 each) Code=1202Mad Cow Disease goes Global; The GATS; Water Vol.10 #3 ($5.00 each) Code=1003 ADHD: A Phantom Disease; Truth about VaccinesPrivatisation; The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up; Do Hidden Face of Terrorism; Rockefeller Cover-up Pt 2; The Round Table Pt 2/4; Princes ofMammograms Cause Breast Cancer? Tony Internationalism Pt 1; Mad Cow Disease, Plunder; EM Signals and How They Affect Earth;Cuthbert; Robert Adams and the Transistor; Earth Manganese & Infrasound Pt 1; Incandescent Light The Firestorm Spark Plug; Tunguska and SiberiasExpansion: The Definitive Proof; The Deep Pt 1; Schumann Frequencies and our Brain; Wilbert Valley of Death Pt 3/3; Charles Hall re Tall WhiteDwellers Part 2; WingMakers... Smith on UFOs; Area 51; Stargate in Iraq?... ETs; UFOs in India...94 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010
  • 95. NEXUS BACK ISSUES – Prices include GST and p&h in AustraliaVol.12 #3 ($6.00 each) Code=1203 Vol.14 #2 (6.60 each) Code=1402 Vol.15#6 (7.70 each) Code=1506Le Ribault and Organic Silica; Cellular Memory Criminal History of Papacy Pt 2/3; Nuclear Power RFID Chips and the Surveillance Society;from Transplanted Organs; Drugs and Chemicals in Agenda; State-Sponsored Terror; Dandelion Cure Combatting the Codex Alimentarius; Magnesiumthe Water; The Round Table Pt 3/4; Electrical for Cancer?; Dangers of Fizzy Drinks; ORMUS: Chloride for Health; Serpent at the End ofCratering; Parallel Universes ; Teslas Wireless White Powder Gold; Regeneration of Body Parts; Precession; Anastasia: Interview with VladimirElectricity; Tunguska and Siberias Valley of Death Greer on Shadow Govt Suppression of UFO Debate Megré; The WaveReaper; Prophecies and GreatPt 4; Islam, The Jinn, UFOs and ETs; and more... Pt 2/2; Vatican Priest Whistleblower and Planet X... Pyramid Pt 2/2; Crop Circles 2008; Dropa StonesVol.12 #4 ($6.00 each) Code=1204 Vol.14 #3 (6.60 each) Code=1403 update; Clark McClelland, NASA and UFOs...Nanotechnology; Le Ribault and Organic Silica Pt Criminal History of the Papacy Pt 3/3; EMWeapons Vol.16#1 (7.70 each) Code=16012; The Gilgamesh Project & Immortality; The and Human Rights; Pomegranate: Fruit of the Tree Project Censoreds Top 25 News Stories; Death ofRound Table Pt 4/4; Unveiling Bloody Buddhism; of Life; Sexual Energy in Health and Healing Pt 1/2; the US Empire and Economy; Solution toEffects of Music on Plants; Base 13 Mayan Harry Oldfields Imaging Technologies; Overcoming Cancer; Nanotechnology Threat to OurCalendar; An Alien Detour; Indonesian "Hobbit"... BioElectrography; Is the Aether Conscious?; Close Food; 1940s Hans Colers research; Interview: HalfVol.12 #5 ($6.00 each) Code=1205 Encounters with Littlefoot; Vatican Priest Past Human; Bosnia Pyramid Complex; GiantBilderberg Exposed; Nanotechnology in the Food Whistleblower and Planet X Pt 2... Reptile Sightings in the Australian Outback...Chain Pt 2; Calcification link to Heart Disease; Vol.14 #4 (6.60 each) Code=1404 Vol.16#2 (7.70 each) Code=1602Alzheimers Disease: The Aluminium Link; Britains Blackwater: Bushs Shadow Army; Chickenpox Martial Law, Financial Bail-Outs & War; ClimateSecret War in Antarctica Pt 1/3; The Myth of the Vaccine cover-up; Power of the Placebo Effect; Change Debate; Hemp: Worlds Cure; USDA FoodNuclear Sun; Does Sound Create Crop Circles?; Sexual Energy in Health and Healing Pt 2/2; Irradiation; Secret Technology of the Third Reich;UFOs on Capitol Hill Pt 1/2; Reviews and more... Mysteries of the Ice Age; Project Alpha Suppression of Harmonic Science; US Army/CIAVol.12 #6 ($6.00 each) Code=1206 Misinformation; Forged Origins of the New Investigations of UFOs; Aerodynamic Air TurbineBritains Secret War in Antarctica Pt 2/3; Muslim Testament; Genesis for a New Space Age... Engine; Sir Peter Horsleys 1954 ET Meetings...Brotherhood; Pet Vaccination Dangers; Critical Vol.14 #5 (6.60 each) Code=1405 Vol.16#3 (7.70 each) Code=1603Days and Vaccinations; Hidden Chambers in the Interview with an Economic Hitman; Bilderberg US Fiscal and Social Collapse; Prostate Cancer LinkGreat Pyramid? "Static Electricity"; UFOs on 2007; Is the Cause of Cancer a Fungus?; EMR, to Bacteria; Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom; SolarCapitol Hill Pt 2/2; Crop Circles and more... Hormone Disruption & Cancer; Einsteins Relativity Cycles and Earths Magnetic Field; Perspective onVol.13 #1 ($6.60 each) Code=1301 Pt 1/2: Aether; Project Unity & the Field Frequency Archaeological Enigmas; Stephen Joness Joe FuelProject Censored; Britains Secret War in Antarctica Modulator; FireStorm Spark Plug update; Cell; Exploring the Orbs Phenomenon; ThePt 3/3; Asthma: Ignorance or Design?; Chronic Archaeological Trench Warfare at Glozel; Starchild Skull; Ancient Aboriginal Eel Farms inScurvy & Heart Disease; Expanding Earth Theory ; Understanding UFO Secrecy by Dr Steven Greer; Western Victoria; Pine Gap Agreement update...Past Lives, Future Lives; Prophecies of Mitar Project Camelot update on "Henry Deacon"... Vol.16#4 (7.70 each) Code=1604Tarabich; Selenium Cure for Cancer; Indigo Child... Vol.14 #6 (6.60 each) Code=1406 The Financial New World Order Pt 1; Dangers ofVol.13 #2 ($6.60 each) Code=1302 Truths & Lies of WikiWorld; Healer Alfons Ven Pt Blood Transfusions; Mircle Mineral SupplementVaccine Dangers and Vested Interests; Dental 1/2; High-Dose Vitamin B12 vs Alzheimers; Junk Therapy; Göbekli Tepe, the Worlds Oldest Temple;Disease: A Modern Plague; Conscious Parenting; Pet Food: The Damage Done; Fabricating the Death Tesla Technology and Pyramid Power; 1931 BellMind Control Pt 1/2; Cymatics and Acoustics; T. of Adolf Hitler Pt 1/3; Aura Research Pioneers; Labs interview on Classified Technologies;Lobsang Rampa Revisited Pt 1/2; Space Weapons Einsteins Relativity Pt 2/2; Crop Circles; CoEvolution excerpt reprint; Giants in the Solomonand ETs; Near Death Experience; Levitation... Vol.15#1 (6.60 each) Code=1501 Islands reprint; Global News; Reviews and more...Vol.13 #3 (6.60 each) Code=1303 Project Censored Top 25 Stories of 2006-07; Expert Vol.16#5 (7.70 each) Code=1605Al-Qaeda, US Oil & Central Asia; Earthquake Patients: A New Health Paradigm; Importance of Short Chronicle of Novel Epidemics; FinancialSensitives; Free Radicals & Light Energy; Bird Flu Iodine; Healer Alfons Ven Pt 2/2; Fabricating the NWO Pt 2; Community Currency Movement;or Mycoplasma Warfare?; Mind Control Pt 2/2; Death of Adolf Hitler Pt 2/3; Time Lines & Bacteria in Stroke and Heart Disease; PoliomyelitisMusic as Medicine; T. Lobsang Rampa Pt 2/2; Distortions; Aether & the Cosmological Constant; Vaccinations Pt 1/2; The Egyptologist, SphinxAncient Pyramids in Europe; Project Serpo... Mystery of the Olmecs; Astronauts & UFOs... Cover-up; Graviton Lens; Shambhala: Valley of theVol.13 #4 (6.60 each) Code=1304 Vol.15#2 (6.60 each) Code=1502 Immortals Pt 1/2; da Vinci Visions; and more...The Port Arthur Massacre: Was Bryant Framed? Pt Sowing the Seeds of Destruction Pt 1/2; A Miracle Vol.16#6 (7.70 each) Code=16061/3; Health Dangers of Indoor Moulds; Far West Treatment for Malaria; Diseases Caused by the Identity Cards; Dirty Electricity & Cancer;Drug MetaGroup, Pt 1/2; Parasite Elimination with Medical System; Fabricating the Death of Adolf Poliomyelitis Vaccinations Pt 2; JFK & UFOs Pt 1;Carbon Arc Lamps; The Scale Expanding Cosmos Hitler Pt 3/3; The Myth of "Free" Tibet; Interview UFO Propulsion Theories; Crop Circles 2009; SunsTheory; Sen. Barry Goldwater on UFOs; Quest for with Nikola Tesla; The Secret War on ET Declining Magnetism; Shambhala: Valley of thethe Metal Library; The Pentagon Hacker... Contactees; Norwegian Politician Whistleblower... Immortals Pt 2; Peter Duenov Prophecies...Vol.13 #5 (6.60 each) Code=1305 Vol.15#3 ($15- each -Photocopy only) Code=1503 Vol.17#1 (7.70 each) Code=1701Port Arthur Massacre: Was Bryant Framed? Pt 2/3; Seeds of Destruction Pt 2/2; US-NATO Nuclear 1st Project Censored Top 25 Stories of 2009-10; GMObesity Epidemic; Arachnoiditis: Toxic Chemical Strike Policy; Healing Tooth Decay; Electrosmog; Agricultural Health Concerns; Untold Truth AboutTragedy; Induced After-Death Communication; Naadi Oracle of India; Perepiteia Generator; Crystal Cancer-Pt. 1; Under the Giza Plateau; JFK & UFOsLong Delay Echoes; Tibetan Buddhism and the Skulls; Boriska: Indigo Boy; Giants, and more... Pt 2; UFO Briefing for Obama; Clem EngineGreat Game; Burrows Cave; Winged Humanoids; Vol.15#4 (7.70 each) Code=1504 Update; Letter from a MIBReviews, news and more... Benjamin Fulford Illuminati Ultimatum Pt 1/2; Vol.17#2 (7.70 each) Code=1702Vol.13 #6 (6.60 each) Code=1306 Debunking Alkaline Water; Princess Di Inquest; Climategate: The Global Warming Hoax; AerotoxicThe Port Arthur Massacre: Was Bryant Framed? Pt Stem Cells & Colloidal Silver; Planetary Effects on Syndrome Exposed; The Norway Spiral Mystery;3/3; Seawater: A Blood Plasma Substitute; The Earthquakes; The Biofield; The Watercone; Peter Untold Truth About Cancer-Pt. 2; Lightning Strikes;Global Dominance Group; Medical Uses of Ozone; Daveys Sonic Boiler; Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Black-Eyed Children Mystery; New World War forEzekiels Code & the Ark of the Covenant; Browns Skull; Brad Steigers 40-year paranormal poll... a New World Order; Antigravity and the ElectrciGas; Crop Circles 2006; Interview with Mr X... Vol.15#5 (7.70 each) Code=1505 Universe; US AFOSI Agent Interview re ETsVol.14 #1 (6.60 each) Code=1401 Is the Iran War on Hold?; Illuminati Ultimatum Pt Vol.17#3 (7.70 each) Code=17039/11 Deception; EFAs, Oxygen & Cancer 2/2; Do TB-type Bacteria cause AIDS?; An Ormus High Fructose Sweeteners Health Dangers; ThePrevention; Ugly Truth about Beauty Products; Manifestation; The Neferu & Earths Hidden Twin; Human Microchipping Agenda; Immortal HeLaCriminal History of Papacy Pt 1/3; Global Warming Philip Hardcastle & Thermionics; Prophecies & Cells & Viral Voodoo; Earth Expansion Tectonics-Debate; BioResonance; Dr Steven Greer on Shadow Great Pyramid Pt 1/2; Alien Implants under Pt. 1; ESP Through Self Hypnosis; NDEGovernmentPt 1/2; Henry Deacon Interview... Microscope; Earths Changing Magnetic Field... Experience; Marine Lightwheels; CoincidencesAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2010 NEXUS • 95
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