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Nexus   1701 - new times magazine
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Nexus 1701 - new times magazine


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Nexus 1701 - new times magazine - Journal on News Behind the Scenes, Health, Hidden Science, Free Energy, New Technology, UFOs and Hidden Agenda

Nexus 1701 - new times magazine - Journal on News Behind the Scenes, Health, Hidden Science, Free Energy, New Technology, UFOs and Hidden Agenda

Published in: Education

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  • 1. NEXUS NEW T IMES MAGAZINE V ol u m e 1 7, N u m be r 1 D E CE MB E R 20 0 9 - JA NUA R Y 2 0 10 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.................................................4 JFK AND THE UFO CONNECTION—Part 2...................53 Readers comment on diverse subjects including the link By Dr Michael E. Salla. In September 1963, US President between electromagnetic fields and breast cancer, John F. Kennedy announced that America and the Soviet freedom from paying tax, mysterious phenomena, Union would share UFO information. Did the CIA and community currencies and a new ice age in our lifetime. MJ-12 Group use this as a pretext to implement a crypticGLOBAL NEWS....................................................................6 "assassination directive" drafted two years earlier? We report on a US court ruling against compulsory vaccinations, a UK plan to monitor private electronic SPECIAL BRIEFING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA...............59 communications, a UN IPCC scientists about-face on By Dr Steven M. Greer. US President Obama has been global warming, the EUs "Orwellian" tactic to monitor sent a briefing document that urges the adoption of behaviour, the CIAs Predator drone program and more. advanced clean-energy technologies and the end ofTHE TOP 25 MOST CENSORED NEWS STORIES...........13 secrecy over extraterrestrial visits to our planet. By Project Censored. The research team at Sonoma State THE TWILIGHT ZONE.....................................................65 University, California, has compiled its annual list of the We publish a letter sent to us several years ago by an 25 most important news stories of the last 18 months that anonymous source who claims to have worked for a US received little attention by the US corporate media. government agency as a "Man in Black", interviewingGENETIC MANIPULATIONS: A DISASTER?...................21 UFO witnesses and photographing sites of interest. By Charu Bahri. The application of GM technologies in REVIEWS—Books...............................................................69 agriculture is proceeding with scant regard for impacts "Raising Intuitive Children" by Caron B. Goode & Tara Paterson on our health and the environment, and may even be "The Indigo Children: Ten Years Later" by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober implicated in the global collapse of honey bee colonies. "Cellular Awakening" by Barbara WrenHOW SCIENTIFIC IS SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE?................27 "More Silent Fields...the Dirty Electricity Plague" by Donna Fisher By Dr Len Saputo with Byron Belitsos. Modern medicine "The Sacred Center" by John Michell is not living up to its claim of being evidence-based and "Before the Pyramids" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler seems to be at war with nature. An integral approach "Masters of Deception" by Guy Patton that focuses on strengthening immunity needs to be "Stalking the Tricksters" by Christopher OBrien adopted by medical practitioners as a top priority. "Cosmological Ice Ages..." by Henry Kroll with Brad GuthTHE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT CANCER—Part 1..........35 "Climate Change: Explained by Magnetism?" by Thomas Watson By Dr Lawrence Broxmeyer. The US medical orthodoxy "Pyramids of Destiny" by Rex and Heather Gilroy accepted a microbial cause of cancer until the early 20th "Beneath the Pyramids" by Andrew Collins century when it reversed its position and refused to accept "Contact: Countdown to Transformation" by Steven Greer, MD findings that proved the cancer germ to be real. "Exposing US Government Policies on ET Life" by M. E. Salla, PhDSCIENCE NEWS.................................................................43 REVIEWS—DVDs...............................................................76 This edition we feature Jerry Deckers update on Richard "Symbols of an Alien Sky" by The Thunderbolts Project Clems "perpetual motion" engine, now reborn as the "What We Know Is A Drop" by Grander Technology Cavitation-Ignition Bubble Combustion engine with great "This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon" by Wild Pure Heart potential as a clean, green, energy technology. REVIEWS—Music...............................................................77DOWN INTO THE GIZA UNDERGROUND..................47 "Maškarada" by Taraf de Haïdouks By Philip Coppens. A vast network of caves and tunnels is "Jacques Loussier Plays Bach" by Jacques Loussier believed to exist beneath the pyramids within the Giza "Time Stands Still" by Mike Howe Plateau, but the Egyptian authorities are refusing to give "Didgeridoo Drum Dance" by various artists credence to the idea or conduct scientific explorations. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS........................87–96DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEX US MAG AZIN E Volume 17, Number 1 ThereNEXUS Magazine.areIdinterestedthinkpeeringthisofispeople veiltheremanufactured for has been an increase of late in the number number of people who like to in that seeking to work at or because behind the of is a growing DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 information that is presented via mainstream media outlets as "reality". While this PUBLISHED BY may be true, there is also a rising number of researchers, writers and sub-editors NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 being made redundant by the ever-changing media landscape. EDITOR The Internet, while enabling millions of people to access all sorts of information, Duncan M. Roads is causing the demise of the current media empires as we know them. As Ive CO-EDITOR mentioned before in this column, all media empires have been sustained Catherine Simons financially by revenue from advertising. But now, people are putting their ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR classified adverts online instead of in newspapers, and more and more consumers Ruth Parnell have stopped buying papers and magazines and watching TV altogether. Their OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS mobile phones/iPhones/mini-computers are giving them all they want in terms of Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster the information they prefer—which is mostly to do with sport, finance, music, MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT films and gossip. Thus my observation is that people, despite being able to access Richard Giles; Susie Foster more information electronically, are becoming even more ignorant of the world WEB MISTRESS around them. Even worse, this excess of information seems to have resulted in a Jenny Hawke reduction in attention span, especially among younger people. The downside of CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE this is that the emerging techno-society is far more compliant and susceptible to Project Censored; Charu Bahri; Len Saputo, manipulation by governments, corporations and the ruling elites. MD, with Byron Belitsos; Lawrence Meanwhile, in this latest issue of NEXUS we have lots of information that you Broxmeyer, MD; Jerry W. Decker; Philip Coppens; Michael E. Salla, PhD; are guaranteed not to find in that babble of "pap" called "the mainstream". Steven M. Greer, MD Project Censored has released its latest round-up of the most important underreported news stories. Admittedly most of them are US-based, but rest CARTOONS Phil Somerville assured that they are reflected in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe: same issues, just different names. COVER GRAPHIC Jeff Edis, The problem of genetically modified (GM) plant pollen causing widespread contamination of other plants is yet to be fully appreciated by society. We are PRINTING Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia only just beginning to grasp the impact on interrelated ecosystems, let alone the legal and health implications. This is one genie that can never be put back into AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Newsagents Direct Distribution the bottle. Our article this issue examines the link between pollen from GM crops and the collapse of honey bee colonies around the globe.HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence It is fair to say that modern medicine has approached the point where it isPO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia.Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 almost equal to a faith-based religion. Even the priests/doctors are ignorant ofWebsite: the full facts available to them—and woe betide those who search or practiseNZ OFFICE: RD 2, Kaeo, Northland. Tel: +64 (0)9 outside of approved scriptures/prescriptions! Our article examines how evidence405 1963; Email: is no longer a factor in the make-up of so-called "scientific medicine".USA OFFICE: PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488. Being a fan of pleomorphism—which involves the idea that our blood containsEmail: micro-organisms that mutate into totally new life-forms under certain (toxic)UK OFFICE: 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, conditions (e.g., E. coli –> candida fungus –> TB bacterium –> cancer microbe, toWest Sussex, RH19 1BG. put it very crudely)—I was pleased to receive an article examining yet moreE U R O P E O F F I C E : Postbus 10681, 1001 ER evidence of the fact that cancers result from micro-organisms.Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: In January 2009, Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project joined with other key STATEMENT OF PURPOSE figures to provide a briefing document for US President Barack Obama, urging himNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a to become informed on the issue of UFO secrecy and disclosure. Hopes still runmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS high amongst many that this disclosure may occur, but some fear that the processseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to is stalling. We publish that briefing in this issue; it is definitely worth reading.assist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Several years ago I received a letter from a person who once did work whichlinked to any religious, philosophical or politicalideology or organisation. would clearly describe him as a "Man in Black". It is very detailed, and until now I have held off publishing it for fear of reprisals against him. His letter is interesting PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICYWhile reproduction and dissemination of the on many levels, not least of which is the revelation that we have been "visited"information in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone more often than most UFO "researchers" would care to acknowledge.caught making a buck out of it, without our express Best wishes to you all for the festive season and beyond.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles,unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulationsand that its publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable ofbeing misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that theyare not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek profes-sional help for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 1987–20102 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 3. NOW ALSO AVAILABLE To order: visit AS A DOWNLOAD www.nexusmagazine.comDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...EMFs and Breast Cancer Electrical Pollution and many other devices, you some sample Stetzer filters Duncan, thank you for the Hi. I have a few comments can hear the electronic and tried them, as the highopportunity to write an about "dirty electricity". pollution as a noise in the mG readings also broughtarticle for NEXUS ["Dirty 1) In the early 1980s in the radio speakers. with them high dirtyElectricity and the Link to computer centre at AGH We have plenty of electricity readings. My dog,Cancer", 16/06]. After many University in Krakow, electronic pollution, but it is which had similar symptomsyears of the mainstream Poland, there was such an not killing us immediately to mine and had beenmedia and even public electrostatic environment so it is hard to prove our having her back legsrelations people not wanting that when a woman health problems are caused collapse underneath her asto expose this issue or even computer operator wearing by it. The big businesses she walked, began to walkmeet with me, even though I pantyhose was walking by would never allow any kind properly again withoutwas quite persistent, it is one spot on the floor, the of research on that subject. falling and continued to dorefreshing to note your RIAD computer would fail Regards, so. This blind test convincedconcern on cancer, cancer and the system would have B. T., Ajax, Canada me that these frequenciesclusters and EMFs. to be restarted. Note that were having an effect and It is no coincidence that this was an influence on the ABC Breast Cancer Cluster that it was not all "in mythe incidence of breast machine from a distance. Dear Duncan: When mind".cancer has risen All the people working there visiting the ABC studio in I am so grateful thatdramatically since the use of were in such radiative or Toowong, Brisbane, for an Donna Fisher has taken itcomputers has increased. It electrostatic fields all the interview, I was struck by its upon herself to empoweris quite a well-known fact time. vulnerable position very the people with knowledgethat female white-collar 2) In 1996, I was in New close to the railway line. that the electricityworkers are at a much higher York City and went up one of Passing and especially companies would rather werisk of breast cancer. How the World Trade Center accelerating electric trains were ignorant of.long will it take for those towers. It was a nice day could be expected to induce Kind regards,who disbelieve and refuse to and the roof was open. I was strong magnetic spikes in Helen A. Murphy,believe to catch on? recording the view around the electronic equipment, More Silent Fields [see the city and beyond on my and that would be veryreview in this edition; Ed.] camcorder. Later, I looked at dangerous to those Freedom from Taxation?also informs on a new the video and noticed that routinely exposed to these Dear Editor: Being an avidnoninvasive breast cancer the picture was distorted spikes. This unique reader of your magazine anddetection system that is and there was a big situation may explain why others that deal with themore accurate than a "background" noise like a the breast cancer cluster same set of subjects, Imammogram and, if the Diesel engine running. happened in Toowong rather would like to suggest a topicoperator is skilled enough, Assuming the camcorder than in another studio. for you which would makecan tell if the lump is benign was out of order, I tested it Walter Last, Queensland, an excellent article (or so Ior malignant while the but it worked okay. I Australia think!). Why not publish anwoman is in the clinic. This decided to recover whatever article on the Freeman-on-is truly amazing, and also is I could from my recording, Benefits of EMF Filters the-Land concept?being heavily resisted. and then I realised that Thank you, Duncan, for I have a few months ago I notice that Myer and there were short periods of bringing "dirty electricity" to taken a step towards totalDavid Jones department silence and short periods of the attention of your readers. freedom: I have lawfullystores now have noise—caused by all those I was lucky enough to come seceded from all types ofmammogram testing antennas on top of the across the information a few government, Local, Stateavailable. The chemicals in tower. The emissions were years back when my health and Federal, by becoming amany of the cosmetics that so strong that they affected was rapidly deteriorating due Freeman-on-the-Land. Justthey sell contain carcinogens, my camcorder. We people to incoming power lines imagine what We Theand now they are giving are in an ocean of noise all creating fields of 8 mG on People could accomplish ifwomen radiation that does the time, and now we have average throughout my we all did this—or even justcause cancer. Dr Samuel more radars, cellphones, home. many of us!Epsteins research on this GPSs and so on. As an organic consumer For a start, I haveissue is very well conducted. 3) When you have a short- who did not drink, smoke or informed the Australian "Think Before You Pink", wave radio or at least a long- eat meat, I was left only with Taxation Office that I Donna Fisher, Australia, wave radio and put it close environmental causes to relinquish my tax to the new fluorescent bulbs investigate. I chanced upon number because I am no4 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 5. NB: Please keep letters to ... more Letters to the Editor approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.longer subject to its world in Britain, the United readers on the Solomons giants source of reading pleasure,statutory obligation to pay States, Asia and the Middle when news comes to hand. Two and keep up the good work.income tax. I have also East, there are people with years ago we published Strange Best wishes,instructed the Electoral power who are cashing in on Times, a compendium of articles Henk H., The Hague, TheCommission to take my chaos, exploiting bloodshed covering mysterious phenomena; Netherlandsname off the electoral roll. and catastrophe to brutally see our website for details. Ed.] Who would pay for their remake our world in their Sunspot Decline & Ice Agesillegal wars if we refused to image. They are the shock Community Currencies Hi Duncan: Thanks for thepay taxes? Who would pay doctors." Hi Duncan: I was recent articles on decliningthe outrageous salaries of The book ties in neatly intrigued to read your article sunspots and ice ages andthose criminals in politics with many past articles such about the new approaches also for the insight of Peterand big business if we as "Along Came the to doing trade: community Duenov regarding therefused to support them? Transnationals" [4/03] and currencies and exchanging planetary changes to comeHow long would they last if "The Rise of the Global goods without using money [16/06].we stood up to them? Dominance Group" [13/06]. [16/05]. I need to comment on two While this is certainly not Kind regards, and many You may be interested in a things. First, one cannot butfor the faint-hearted, I feel thanks for a great magazine. Russian guy named German ponder as to why so manysure that there are readers Mike H., England, UK Sterligov, who is new-agers and their guruswho might feel inspired by masterminding a network for continue to predict a worldsuch an article. Mysterious Phenomena exchanging goods and of increasing abundance and Most people have never Dear Duncan: Im very services, called ARTC, in wondrous transformation foreven heard of it and will be intrigued by the story on the preparation for money all without the need forsurprised to find out how Solomon Islands giants becoming worthless. Earth changes or loss ofeasy it is to get out from [16/04]. Will there be further Interesting vitae and just the comfort or life. Second,under Caesars heel if you investigation into this type NEXUS might like were when one does onesknow just two things: (a) it subject? Will there be it not for his newly found homework and checks outcan be done, and (b) how another expedition to find faith in the Russian the many science-basedjaw-droppingly simple it is and film these giants? Orthodox Church and his websites on ice ages pastto "sack" the government. I work in forensics and I warriorlike approach... and future, it becomes Is this idea of interest to also host a radio show All the best, uncomfortably clear that theyou? If you need more info, where I have a "Weird News" Philip S., Potsdam, next one will occur in ourI am happy to provide more section. I have done many Germany lifetime. Global warming isarticles and some useful conspiracy, UFO and [Dear Philip: I read the story of just a phase we go throughweb addresses or even write unexplained mysteries German Sterligov with interest. I before the big article myself. stories, but I have only just would also recommend that Perhaps these two camps Looking forward to come across your magazine. readers look up Anthony are connected in that thehearing from you, I really enjoyed the issue I Migchels, the initiator of the powers-that-be and their Bernard, Australia read (and will now "Gelre", the first regional currency media outlets, to avoid mass [Dear Bernard: Feel free to subscribe). I wondered if in The Netherlands. Ed.] panic (and this is a logicalsend me any relevant info. Ed.] you ever planned to do a stance), quietly assist the special issue of your The Causes of Cancer new-age gurus with theirThe Shock Doctors magazine with all of your Dear Duncan: In the last saccharine message while Dear Duncan: In view of biggest stories/discoveries NEXUS [16/06], a David C. cleverly controlling orthe article on the global ID from past issues, as I feel I from NSW raised the topic ridiculing the ice agecard agenda in the latest have missed out on some of sources of cancer. realities. Subterfuge rulesNEXUS [16/06], if you have real gems. I recommend to him the for now. A lot of people arenot already reviewed it I I will be plugging your book by Andreas Moritz: in for a rude shock when therecommend to you and your magazine on my show. Keep Cancer is NOT a Disease. In my ice hits the fan!readership Naomi Kleins up the good work; and if you opinion, Moritz gives a very Cant wait for morebook The Shock Doctrine ever need my help in any reasonable—if not the articles on these subjects(Penguin; ISBN 978-0-141- way, please dont hesitate to correct—explanation for the and, of course, the next02453-0). I quote from the contact me. Thank you. causes of cancer. He can be NEXUS Conference (hurryback cover: John D., Warwickshire, UK looked up through Google up!). As you know I have "The Rise of Disaster [Dear John: Thanks for your under "Andreas Moritz". been to them all...Capitalism... Around the positive comments. Well update Thank you for a continuing Mike S., AustraliaDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. US JUDGE RULES INVENTION SECRECYAGAINST COMPULSORY HIGHEST IN A DECADE VACCINATIONS he total number ofA Preliminary Injunction to stop mandatory vaccina- T invention secrecy orders that the US governmenttions has been issued in the imposed on patentUnited States District Court applications rose again thisof New Jersey. This comes year, reaching 5,081 by theafter a federal lawsuit oppos- end of last monthing forced vaccinations was [September], the highestfiled in that court by Tim figure since 1996.Vawter, pro se attorney, on 31 Under the InventionJuly with the federal govern- Secrecy Act of 1951, USment as defendant. government agencies may When the judge signs the restrict the disclosure of aPreliminary Injunction, it will patent applicationstop the federal government whenever its publication isfrom forcing anyone in any deemed "detrimental to thestate to take flu vaccine national security".against their will. It will also In Fiscal Year 2009, 103prevent a state or local government Vawter believes that as the truth of new secrecy orders were issued,from forcibly vaccinating anyone, the dangers of flu vaccines while 45 existing orders wereand forbid any person who is not continues to become known, rescinded. There were 21 new "Johnvaccinated from being denied any banning the forced use of them will Doe" secrecy orders—those that areservices or constitutional rights. eventually succeed on a worldwide imposed on private inventors who Vawters filings included a basis. He cautions people to avoid are not government contractors.Complaint and several pages of fear and keep themselves focused (Source: Secrecy News, 22 Octoberevidentiary Exhibits. His legal on the task of blocking forced 2009, have been written not only vaccinations.for filing in federal court, but so they The Preliminary Injunction will UK TO "SPY" ON EVERY PHONEcan be looked at by activists around immediately halt mandatory CALL, EMAIL & WEBSEARCHthe world for ideas on filing lawsuits vaccinations in the United States. very phone call, text message,in their own countries to help stopforced vaccinations. (Source: CNN iReport, 29 September 2009, E email and website visit made by private citizens in the UK is to be stored for a year and will be available for monitoring by hundreds of government bodies. All telecoms companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) will be required by law to keep a record of every customers personal communications, showing whom they have contacted, when and where, as well as the websites they have visited. Over 650 public bodies will be given access to the information, including police, local councils, the Financial Services Authority, the ambulance service, fire authorities and even prison governors. They will not require the permission of a judge or a magistrate to obtain the information, but simply the6 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 7. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .authorisation of a senior police COMPUTER SHOWS YOUR McDonalds, enabling them to seeofficer or the equivalent of a deputy THOUGHTS ON SCREEN how we subconsciously react tohead of department at a local cientists have discovered how to brands. In America, securityauthority. While public authorities will not be S "read" minds by scanning brain activity and reproducing, as video agencies are researching the use of brain scanners for interrogatingable to view the contents of these footage, images of what people are prisoners, and Lockheed Martin, theemails or phone calls, they can see seeing or even remembering. US defence contractor, is reported tothe Internet addresses, dates and The breakthrough raises the have studied the possibility oftimes, and identify recipients of calls. prospect of significant benefits, such scanning brains at a distance. This The new rules, known as the as: allowing people who are unable would allow an individual’s thoughtsIntercept Modernisation Programme, to move or speak to communicate and anxieties to be examinedwill not only force communications via visualisation of their thoughts; without their knowledge in sensitivecompanies to keep their records for recording people’s dreams; or locations such as airports.longer but to expand the type of data allowing police to identify criminals Russell Foster, a neuroscientist atthey keep to include details of every by recalling the memories of a Oxford University, said that rapidwebsite their customers visit, witness. However, it could also advances in the field are throwingmeaning every online click. herald a new Big Brother era in up ethical dilemmas. Firms involved in storing the data, which an individuals private (Source: Global Research, 10 Novemberincluding Orange, BT and Vodafone, thoughts can be readily accessed by 2009, be reimbursed at a cost to the the authorities.taxpayer of £2 billion over 10 years. The discoveries come amid a flurry MINI ICE AGE TOOK HOLD OF(Source: The Daily Telegraph, London, of developments in the field of brain EUROPE IN MONTHS science. Researchers have also used he most precise record of the10 November 2009) GENETIC ANALYSIS HAS scanning technology to measure academic ability, detect early signs T climate from palaeohistory ever generated reveals that it took just "NO CLINICAL RELEVANCE" of Alzheimers and other months, not decades, for Europe to IN PREDICTING DISEASE RISK degenerative conditions, and even be engulfed by an ice age. enetic analysis is essentially predict the decision a person is Around 12,800 years ago, theG useless in predicting a personsrisk of cancer, heart attack and other about to make before they are conscious of making it. northern hemisphere was hit by the Younger Dryas mini ice age, or "Bigcommon diseases, according to a Such developments may have Freeze". It was triggered by theset of commentaries published in controversial ramifications. In slowdown of the Gulf Stream andThe New England Journal of Medicine. Britain, fMRI scanning technology lasted around 1,300 years. The decoding of the human has been sold to multinational Until now, it was thought that thegenome in 2003 led to a flood of companies such as Unilever and mini ice age took a decade or so toresearch into the contributions thatgenetic variation might make to therisk of various chronic diseases thattend to develop late in life, such asdiabetes, heart disease and cancer.Since then, a number of for-profitcompanies have begun offeringgenetic screenings and disease riskassessments. "With only a few exceptions, whatthe genomics companies are doingright now is recreational genomics,"said David B. Goldstein of DukeUniversity, author of one of thecommentaries. "The informationhas little or in many cases noclinical relevance."(Source: Natural News, 9 November2009, 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .take hold, on the evidence provided several international climate-study MEDIA GAGGING ORDERSby Greenland ice cores. Not so, say prizes and a lead author for the UN USED IN LEGAL BATTLEFIELDWilliam Patterson of the University Intergovernmental Panel on Climate he media gagging order isof Saskatchewan in Saskatoon,Canada, and his colleagues. Change (IPCC). He has contributed significantly to T becoming a troublingly frequent weapon in the legal battlefield. The group studied a mud core from the IPCCs last two five-year reports Injunctions are a form of courtan ancient lake, Lough Monreagh, in that have stated unequivocally that order, usually preventing thewestern Ireland. Using a scalpel they man-made greenhouse emissions recipient from doing something.sliced off layers 0.5 to 1.0 millimetre are causing the planet to warm Imagine you know somethingthick, each representing up to three dangerously. important about an individual, "A",months of time. No other Yet last week in Geneva at the which you attempt to publish ormeasurements from the period have UNs World Climate Conference—an communicate to others.approached this level of detail. annual gathering of the so-called You are sued by A in an attempt to Carbon isotopes in each slice "scientific consensus" on man-made keep that information confidential—revealed how productive the lake climate change—Latif conceded not altogether an unusual sequencewas, and oxygen isotopes gave a that the Earth has not warmed for of events. In the course of the legalpicture of temperature and rainfall. nearly a decade and that we are like- proceedings brought by A, you areThey show that at the start of the Big ly entering "one or even two decades likely to receive a court order statingFreeze, temperatures plummeted and during which temperatures cool". something like "the publication of alllake productivity stopped within The global warming theory has information relating to thesemonths or a year at most. been based all along on the idea proceedings is expressly prohibited".(Source: New Scientist, 11 November that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans If asked by a friend or colleague2009, would absorb much of the green- about the case brought against you house warming caused by a rise in by A, you would have to say: "I cant SCIENTIST PULLS ABOUT-FACE ON man-made carbon dioxide, and then talk about it; Ive been injuncted." GLOBAL WARMING would let off that heat and warm the More alarming still is the fact that hen a leading proponent for atmosphere and the land. corporations, with motives centredW one point of view suddenlystarts batting for the other side, its But as Latif pointed out, the Atlantic, particularly the North more on their brand and reputation than personal disaster, are invokingusually newsworthy. But this was Atlantic, has been cooling instead these orders, gagging others fromnot so in the case of Professor Mojib and looks set to continue a cooling saying they have been gagged letLatif of Germanys Leibniz Institute, phase for 10 to 20 more years. alone from saying whatever theyone of the leading climate modellers (Source: The Calgary Herald, 19 initially wanted to speak out the world. September 2009, (Source: The Guardian, 23 September Professor Latif is the recipient of mwpktv) 2009, EUs "ORWELLIAN" PLAN TO MONITOR BEHAVIOUR he European Union (EU) is T developing "Orwellian" technologies designed to scour the Internet and CCTV images for "abnormal behaviour". A five-year research program, called Project Indect, aims to develop computer programs which act as "agents" to monitor and process information from websites, discussion forums, file servers, peer- to-peer networks and even individual computers. Its main objectives include the "automatic detection of threats and abnormal behaviour or violence".8 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 9. . . . G LO BA L N E W S . . . The European Commission is calling THE PREDATOR WARfor a "common culture" of law What Are the Risks of the CIAs Covert Drone Program?enforcement to be developed acrossthe EU and for a third of police officersto be given training in European On 5 August,live videoatfeedCentral Intelligencefootage of Langley,the most watched a officials the relaying close-up Agency, in one of Virginia, wanted terrorists in Pakistan. Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Taliban inaffairs within the next five years. Pakistan, could be seen reclining on the rooftop of his father-in-laws house, in According to the Open Europe Zanghara, a hamlet in South Waziristan. It was a hot summer night, and hethink-tank, the increased emphasis was joined outside by his wife and his uncle, a medic. At one point, theon co-operation and sharing remarkably crisp images showed that Mehsud, who suffered from diabetes andintelligence means that European a kidney ailment, was receiving an intravenous drip.police forces are likely to gain access The video was being captured by the infrared camera of a Predator drone, ato sensitive information held by UK remotely controlled, unmanned plane that had been hovering, undetected,police, including the British DNA two miles or so above the house. Mehsud was resting on his back. The imagedatabase. remained just as stable when the CIA remotely launched two Hellfire missiles It also expects the number of UK from the Predator. Authorities watched the fiery blast in real time. After thecitizens extradited under the dust cloud dissipated, all that remained of Mehsud was a detached torso.controversial European Arrest Eleven others died: his wife, his father-in-law, his mother-in-law, a lieutenant,Warrant to triple. and seven bodyguards. According to the official website Pakistans government considered Mehsud its top enemy, holding himfor Project Indect, which began this responsible for the vast majority of recent terrorist attacks inside the country,year, its main objectives include "to including the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto indevelop a platform for the December 2007 and the bombing in September 2008 of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, which killed more than 50 people.registration and exchange of The US government runs two drone programs. The militarys version, whichoperational data, acquisition of is publicly acknowledged, operates in the recognised war zones of Afghanistanmultimedia content, intelligent and Iraq, and targets enemies of US troops stationed there. As such, it is anprocessing of all information and extension of conventional warfare. The CIAs program is aimed at terrorristautomatic detection of threats and suspects around the world, including in countries where US troops are notrecognition of abnormal behaviour based.or violence". At any given moment the CIA has multiple drones flying over Pakistan, It talks of the "construction of scouting for targets. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, the defenseagents assigned to continuous and contractor that manufactures the Predator and its more heavily armed sibling,automatic monitoring of public the Reaper, can barely keep up with the governments demand. The Airresources such as: web sites, discus- Forces fleet has grown from some fifty drones in 2001 to nearly 200; the CIAsion forums, usenet groups, file will not divulge how many drones it operates. The government plans toservers, p2p [peer-to-peer] networks commission hundreds more, including new generations of tiny "nano" drones,as well as individual computer sys- which can fly after their prey like a killer bee through an open window.tems, building an internet-based With public disenchantment mounting over the US troop deployment inintelligence gathering system, both Afghanistan, and the Obama administration divided over whether to escalateactive and passive". the American military presence there, many in Washington support an even A separate EU-funded research greater reliance on Predator strikes.project, called Adabts—Automatic Its easy to understand the appeal of a "push-button" approach to fightingDetection of Abnormal Behaviour al-Qaeda, but the embrace of the Predator program has occurred withand Threats in crowded Spaces—is remarkably little public discussion, given that it represents a radically new andseeking to develop models of "suspi- geographically unbounded use of state-sanctioned lethal force. And, becausecious behaviour" so these can be of the CIA programs secrecy, there is no visible system of accountability indetected automatically using CCTV place, despite the fact that the agency has killed many civilians inside aand other surveillance methods. politically fragile, nuclear-armed country with which the US is not at war. The system would analyse the Meanwhile, some social critics, such as Mary Dudziak, a professor at thepitch of peoples voices and the way University of Southern Californias Gould School of Law, argue that thetheir bodies move, as well as track Predator strategy has a larger political cost. As Dudziak puts it, "Drones are aindividuals within crowds. technological step that further isolates the American people from military action, undermining political checks on...endless war."(Source: The Telegraph, 19 September2009, (Source: By Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, 26 October 2009, pp. 36-45)DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 11. DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 11
  • 12. NEW RINGING CEDARS DVDs (great gift idea) Ancient Roots, Reconnecting to Creating Your The Return of Modern Shoots Nature Through Space of Love: Anastasia Spiritual Permaculture The Road Home “Seeing Your Natural This presentation by Family domain and Leonid Sharashkin Environment as an Leonid Sharashkin eco-village planning, explains the spiritual, Extension of Your Self”. reveals the potential of presented by Leonid cultural and economic Presentation by Leonid Russia’s permaculture Sharashkin as part of a significance of the Sharashkin, editor of gardening movement two-day intensive Russian dacha The Ringing Cedars to change our world. workshop in Byron Bay. gardening movement. Series of books. The School: Humanity’s New Recreating A The Eternal Future Garden Planet Cycle At this school, the children Psychology of Fertility and Birth in have designed, built and Humanity-Earth Nature and Human decorated their own campus. Co-evolution. Presented Experience. Presented by Leonid Sharashkin. by Leonid Sharashkin. RINGING CEDARS DVDs Order online at www.nexusmagazine.com12 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 13. PROJECT CENSOREDs TOP 25 NEWS STORIES ach year, the Project Censored team from Sonoma State E University, California, selects and evaluates thousands of published news stories by journalists working in the national and international mainstream as well as the alternative press. Students, faculty staff and community experts participate in this process, which ultimately decides on the top 25 stories that were the most underreported by the US corporate media. Following is an edited summary of Project Censoreds 2008–09 selection. To see the full report The team from with sources, references and updates, visit the web page Project Censored once ten-book/. — Editor again highlights the 1. US Congress Sells Out to Wall Street most important Federal lawmakers responsible for overseeing the US economy have received national and global millions of dollars from Wall Street firms. Since 2001, eight of the most troubled firms have donated US$64.2 million to congressional and presidential news stories of the candidates and the Republican and Democratic parties. As senators, Barack Obama and John McCain received a combined total of $3.1 million. The donors past 18 months that include investment bankers Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, received little or no Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, insurer American International Group and mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. coverage by the US Some of the top recipients of contributions from companies receiving corporate media. Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money are the same members of Congress who chair committees charged with regulating the financial sector and overseeing the effectiveness of this unprecedented government program. In total, members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Financial Services Committee received $5.2 million from TARP recipients in the 2007–2008 election cycle. President Obama collected at least $4.3 million from employees at these companies for his presidential campaign. Nearly every member of the House Financial Services Committee, who in February 2009 oversaw hearings on how the $700 billion of TARP bail-out was being spent, received contributions associated with these financial institutions during the 2008 election cycle. Compiled by In 2004, when the US Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a major Project Censored © 2009 rule change that freed investment banks to plunge tens of billions of dollars in borrowed money into sub-prime mortgages and other risky plays, congressional Sonoma State University banking committees held no oversight hearings. Congressional inaction also 1801 East Cotati Avenue allowed mortgage agents to earn high fees for peddling loans to unqualified Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA homebuyers and prevented states from toughening regulations on predatory Telephone: +1 (707) 664 2500 lending practices. Email: By early 2009, a whole series of new government operations had been Website: invented to inject cash into the economy, most of them under the completely secretive control of the financial sector.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 13
  • 14. 2. US Schools More Segregated Today than in 1950s The UN has disregarded its own findings and has Schools in the United States are more segregated today ignored Somali and international appeals to act on thethan they have been in more than four decades. Millions continued ravaging of Somali marine resources andof non-white students are locked into "dropout factory" dumping of toxic wastes. Violations have also beenhigh schools, where huge percentages do not graduate largely ignored by the regions maritime authorities.and few are well prepared for college or a future in the USeconomy. 4. Nuclear Waste Pools in North Carolina According to a new Civil Rights Project report One of the most lethal patches of ground in Northpublished at the University of California, Los Angeles, America is located in the backwoods of North Carolina,schools in the US are 44 per cent non-white and where the Shearon Harris nuclear plant is housed andminorities are rapidly emerging as the majority of public owned by Progress Energy. The plant contains the largestschool students. Latinos and blacks, the two largest radioactive waste storage pools in the country. It is notminority groups, attend schools more segregated today just a nuclear-power-generating station but also athan during the civil rights movement 40 years ago. In repository for highly radioactive spent fuel rods from twoLatino and African-American populations, two of every other nuclear plants. The rods are transported by rail andfive students attend intensely segregated schools. For stored in four densely packed pools filled with circulatingLatinos, this increase in segregation reflects growing cold water to keep the waste from heating. Theresidential segregation. For blacks, a significant part of Department of Homeland Security has marked Shearonthe reversal reflects the ending Harris as one of the mostof desegregation plans in public vulnerable terrorist targets in theschools throughout the nation. nation. The Civil Rights Project study Should the cooling system The threat exists, however,shows that the most severe malfunction, the resulting without the speculation ofsegregation in public schools is terrorist attack. Should thein the western states, including fire would be virtually cooling system malfunction, theCalifornia—not in the South, as unquenchable and could resulting fire would be virtuallymany people believe. unquenchable and could trigger trigger a nuclear a nuclear meltdown, putting3. Poaching, Toxic Waste meltdown... more than 200 million residentsDumping and Somali Piracy in extreme peril. A recent study The international community by Brookhaven Lab estimateshas come out in force to that a pool fire could causecondemn and declare war on the Somali fishermen 140,000 cancers, contaminate thousands of square milespirates, while discreetly protecting the illegal, unreported of land and cause over US$500 billion in off-site propertyand unregulated (IUU) fleets from around the world that damage.have been poaching and dumping toxic waste in Somali The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) haswaters since the fall of the Somali government 18 years estimated that there is a 1:100 chance of a pool fireago. In 1991, foreign interests seized the opportunity to happening under the best of scenarios. Between 1999begin looting the countrys food supply and using its and 2003, there were 12 major problems requiring theunguarded waters as a dumping ground for nuclear and shutdown of the Shearon Harris plant. According to theother toxic waste. NRC, the national average for commercial reactors is one According to the High Seas Task Force (HSTF), there shutdown per 18 months.were over 800 IUU fishing vessels in Somali waters at onetime in 2005, taking advantage of Somalias inability to 5. Europe Blocks US Toxic Productspolice and control its own waters and fishing grounds. US deregulation of toxic substances, such as lead inThe IUUs poach an estimated US$450 million in seafood lipsticks, mercury in electronics, and phthalatesfrom Somali waters annually. In so doing, they steal an (endocrine disruptors) in toys, may pose not onlyinvaluable protein source from some of the worlds disastrous consequences to our health but also topoorest people and ruin the livelihoods of legitimate Americas economic and political status in the world.fishermen. International markets are moving toward a European Allegations of the dumping of toxic waste, as well as model of insisting on environmental and consumerillegal fishing, had been circulating since the early 1990s, safety. A Europe-led revolution in chemical regulation,but hard evidence emerged when the 2004 tsunami hit which requires that thousands of chemicals finally bethe country. The United Nations Environment Program assessed for their potentially toxic effects on humans andreported that the tsunami washed rusting containers of the environment, signals the end of US industrys abilitytoxic waste onto the shores of Puntland, northern to withhold critical data from the public.Somalia. Dangerous chemicals have been identified via the14 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 15. European Unions 2007 Registration, Evaluation, Congress, deep conflicts of interest and revolving doorsAuthorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) law, within the US military-industrial complex.which requires the disclosure of all chemicals sold in the On January 21, 2009, Obama signed an executive orderEU in quantities of more than one metric ton per year. Of that issued more stringent ethics rules prohibitingthe 267 chemicals on the potential REACH list, only one- lobbyists from serving in agencies they have lobbied inthird have ever been tested by the US Environmental the previous two years. Just two days later, the WhiteProtection Agency and only two are regulated in any form House announced that these rules wouldnt apply to theunder US law. nominee for Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn. He was Senior Vice President for Government Operations6. Lobbyists Buy Congress and Strategy at defence giant Raytheon and a registered According to a study by The Center for Responsive Raytheon lobbyist until July 2008.Politics, special interests paid Washington lobbyists Also newly appointed, Robert Hale, Undersecretary ofUS$3.2 billion in 2008—more than in any other year on Defense (Comptroller), served as Assistant Secretary ofrecord. This was a 13.7 per cent increase from 2007 the Air Force in the role of Financial Comptroller from(which broke the record by 7.7 per cent over 2006). 1994 to 2001. He was responsible, along with Lynn, for Health interests spent more on the management of Department offederal lobbying than any other Defense funds.economic sector. Their $478.5 million Admiral Dennis Blair, Obamas pickguaranteed the crown for the third to head National Intelligence, whichyear, with the finance, insurance and oversees all 16 intelligence agencies,real estate sector a runner-up, This all speaks to was Commander of Military Forces inspending $453.5 million. The the fact that the the Pacific under President Clinton.pharmaceutical/health products He played a critical role in backing theindustry contributed $230.9 million, governmental- Indonesian occupation of East Timorraising their last-11-year total to over military-industrial after the US-backed dictator Suharto$1.6 billion. The second-biggest fell in 1998.spender among industries was electric organism is a This all speaks to the fact that theutilities, which spent $156.7 million on governmental-military-industriallobbying, followed by insurance, which symbiotic union of organism is a symbiotic union of self-spent $153.2 million, and oil and self-interest, greed interest, greed and lust for powergas, which paid $133.2 million. on a level never before seen inPro-Israel groups, food processing and lust for power history.companies and the oil and gas on a level neverindustry increased their 8. Bailed-out Banks and Americasexpenditures the most (as a before seen in Wealthiest Cheat IRSpercentage) between 2007 and history. A 2008 study by the Government2008. Finance, insurance and real Accountability Office (GAO)estate companies have been reported that 83 of the topcompeting to get a piece of the publicly held US companies have$700 billion bail-out package operations in offshore tax havens.which Congress approved in late Fourteen of these companies,2008. including AIG, Bank of America and Citigroup, received money7. Obamas Military Appointees Have Corrupt Past from the government bail-out. President Obamas retention of Robert Gates as The GAO also reported that activities of the Union BankSecretary of Defense makes Gates the first appointee of Switzerland (UBS) are directly connected to taxfrom an outgoing administration of the opposing party to avoidance. UBS has enabled wealthy Americans to usebe kept in the position. Over the last two years of the tax schemes—some of which are illegal—to cheat theprevious administration, Gates was a key implementer of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) out of over US$20 billionPresident George W. Bushs Iraq War "surge"—after he in recent years, according to the Department of Justice. Areplaced Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who had sponsor of the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach show,opposed the escalation. UBS uses the show to find clients looking for advice on Obamas appointees to the Department of Defense and tax shelters and how to take advantage of bank secrecyto National Intelligence embody many of the worst rules.elements of US national security policy over the past For corporations, the process of geographic taxthree decades. The valued "decades of experience" these avoidance is fairly simple. A US corporation will sell atleaders bring are filled with ethical breaches, lies to reduced rates, even at a loss to their own offshoreDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 15
  • 16. subsidiaries, and then resell the products at higher Ecuadors domestic laws, US Securities and Exchangeprices, paying little or no taxes in the foreign country. Commission regulations and general principles of In December 2008, the New York–based bank holding international law. Ecuadors use of legitimacy as a legalcompany Goldman Sachs reported its first quarterly loss argument for defaulting set a major precedent.and then issued a statement that its tax rate was The countrys debt rose from $1.174 billion in 1970 todropping from 34.1 to 1.0 per cent. The company, which over $14.250 billion in 2006, a 12-fold increase, due inreceived $10 billion and debt guarantees from the US large part to interest rates that rose at the discretion ofgovernment in October 2008, expects to pay only $14 US banks and the Federal Reserve from six per cent inmillion in taxes worldwide for 2008 compared with $6 1979 to 21 per cent in 1981. Salomon Smith Barney, nowbillion for 2007. It cited "changes in geographic earnings part of Citigroup, issued unauthorised restructuring ofmix" as the reason for the decrease. Ecuadors debt in 2000 that led to exorbitant interest In an update, Rachel Keeler of Dollars & Sense noted: rates, which combined with illegal borrowing by former"The G-20 meetings in April of 2009 declared a crackdown dictators has turned the country into a major capitalon tax havens as the first step to financial recovery. exporter to its northern "benefactors".However, the offshore banking world now harbours $11.5trillion in individual wealth alone, and many countries 11. Corporations Profit from Occupation of Palestinewill continue to resist regulation and inspections from Israeli and international corporations are directlyoutside their borders." involved in the occupation of Palestine. These occupying companies lead real estate deals,9. US Arms Used for War develop the Israeli colonies andCrimes in Gaza infrastructure, and contribute to Israels repeated firing of US- Yet, with shocking lack of the construction and operationmade white phosphorus shells regard, both houses of US of an ethnic separation systemover densely populated areas of including checkpoints, walls andGaza during its recent military Congress overwhelmingly roads. They also supplycampaign was indiscriminate endorsed resolutions to equipment used in the controland is evidence of war crimes, and repression of civilians.said Human Rights Watch in a support a continuation of The ongoing business ofreport, "Rain of Fire", released construction in the occupiedon March 25, 2009. The report Israels "self-defence". territories of the West Bank andprovides witness accounts of Golan Heights includes housingthe devastating effects that developments and extensivewhite phosphorus munitions had on civilians and infrastructure projects such as roads and water systemsproperty in Gaza. Human Rights Watch researchers found for the exclusive use of Israeli settlers, on landsspent shells, canister liners and dozens of burnt felt confiscated from Palestinians. While the US governmentwedges containing white phosphorus on city streets, has on numerous occasions affirmed the illegality ofapartment roofs and residential courtyards as well as at a Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, it encouragesUN school in Gaza immediately after hostilities ended in American support by providing tax deductions forJanuary. donations to these settlements, which have nearly The devastating Israeli firepower, unleashed largely on doubled within a year and are rapidly accelerating.Palestinian civilians in Gaza during the three-week attack Extensive grassroots research is being conducted bystarting on December 27, 2008, was fuelled by US- the Israeli group Coalition of Women for Peace.supplied weapons paid for with US tax dollars. The UN Security Council, Amnesty International, the 12. Mysterious Death of Karl Roves Election ThiefInternational Red Cross and voices of protest from Karl Roves chief IT consultant Mike Connell—who wasaround the world demanded a ceasefire. Yet, with facing subpoena in connection with presidential electionshocking lack of regard, both houses of US Congress fraud in Ohio in 2004—mysteriously died in a privateoverwhelmingly endorsed resolutions to support a plane crash in 2008. Connell was allegedly the centralcontinuation of Israels "self-defence". figure in a longstanding plot to electronically flip votes to Republicans. In July 2008, he was named as a key witness10. Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate in the case filed against Ohio Secretary of State J. In November 2008, Ecuador became the first country to Kenneth Blackwell on August 31, 2006 by Columbusundertake an examination of the legitimacy and structure attorneys Clifford Arnebeck and Robert Fitrakis. The caseof its foreign debt. An independent debt audit took on fresh momentum in July 2008 when Arnebeckdocumented hundreds of allegations of irregularity, announced a new filing, inspired in part by the comingillegality and illegitimacy in contracts of debt to forward of GOP IT security expert Stephen Spoonamore,predatory international lenders. The loans violated who said he was prepared to testify to the plausibility of16 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 17. electronic vote-rigging having been carried out in 2004. addressing lawmakers who had a lot more than just a Spoonamore testified that the "vote tabulation system political stake in the Iraq occupation. Along with their[which Connell designed] allowed the introduction of an colleagues in the House and the Senate, the politiciansadditional single computer between computer A and who got a status report from the General and the UScomputer B". He said: "This centralized collection of all Ambassador to Iraq had millions of dollars of their ownincoming statewide tabulations would make it easy for a money invested in companies doing business with thesingle operator, or a preprogrammed force balancing Department of Defense. The investment portfolioscomputer, to change the results in any way desired by include holdings in companies paid billions of dollarsthe team controlling the computer C." each month to support Americas military. These Arnebeck presents evidence that Karl Rove threatened companies provide almost everything the military uses,Connell, cautioning him that if he didnt "take the fall" for from aircraft and weapons to medical supplies and softelection fraud in Ohio he would face prosecution for drinks.supposed lobby law violations. Connell was an experienced pilot. His plane had been 15. World Bank Carbon Trade Fiascorecently serviced. He had been in the The World Bank is brokering carbonnations capital on still-unknown emission trading arrangements thatbusiness before his single-engine destroy indigenous farmlands aroundplane crashed on December 22, 2008, While the the world. The Clean Developmentjust three miles short of the runway in World Bank Mechanism (CDM) investment hasAkron, Ohio. The cause of the crash become a means by whichremains unknown. claims that this industrialised countries avoid reducing system "supports their own emissions through the13. Katrinas Hidden Race War implementation of "emissions A shocking report in The Nation sustainable reduction" projects in developingmagazine exposes how white vigilante nations.groups patrolled the streets of New development... Many governments have establishedOrleans after hurricane Katrina, and benefits caps, or limits, on greenhouse gasshooting at least 11 African-American emissions that can be produced inmen. the poorer their countries. Industries can While most of New Orleans was communities...", respond to these government-deluged, word spread that Algiers imposed limits by responsiblyPoint was dry. The National Guard the program has reducing their emissions, or theydesignated the Algiers Point ferry become little more can bypass this process entirely bylanding an official evacuation site. purchasing "carbon credits" fromFacing an influx of refugees, a than a corporate other industries in other parts ofgroup of heavily armed white profit-boosting the world, who, through CDMresidents sought to seal the area investment brokered by the Worldand rid the neighbourhood of enterprise. Bank, trade emission reduction"those who didnt belong". As the "credits" in order to "offset"government collapsed, the city excessive emissions. While thefractured along racial lines. World Bank claims that thisAlgiers Point is largely white, system "supports sustainablewhile the rest of Algiers is predominantly black. development...and benefits the poorer communities of While the media portrayed African-Americans as the developing world", the program has become littlelooters and thugs, it is now clear that the most serious more than a corporate profit-boosting enterprise.crimes were committed by gun-toting white males. Localpolice have never conducted investigations. So far, the 16. US Repression of Haiti Continuescrimes have gone unpunished. The US government plans to expropriate and demolish the homes of hundreds of Haitians in the shantytown of14. Congress Invested in Defence Contracts Cité Soleil to expand the occupying UN forces military The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics has base. The US government contractor DynCorp, a quasi-calculated that more than 151 members of Congress have official arm of the Pentagon and the CIA, is responsibleup to US$195 million invested in major defence for the base expansion and has been awarded US$5contractors that are earning profits from the US military million in contracts. The base will house soldiers of theoccupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH). Cité Soleil is When General David Petraeus, the top US military the most bullet-ridden battleground of the foreignofficer in Iraq, briefed Congress in April 2008, he was military occupation, which began after US Special ForcesDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 17
  • 18. kidnapped and exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on However, for all of the hope and tangible progress thatFebruary 29, 2004. Citizens have since been victimised by the Rights of Nature articles represent, there arerecurring massacres at the hands of MINUSTAH. shortcomings and contradictions with the laws and the The State Departments US Agency for International political reality on the ground. A fundamental flaw existsDevelopment (USAID) provided funding for the base due to President Rafael Correas refusal to include aexpansion—a very unorthodox use of development aid. clause mandating free, prior and informed consent by Lawyer Evel Fanfan, the president of the Association of communities for development projects that would affectUniversity Graduates Motivated for a Haiti with Rights their local ecosystems. The new mining law, introduced(AUMOHD), says that about 155 buildings would be razed by Correa and backed by Canadian companies, wouldas the base expansion moves forward. As of March 2009, allow for large-scale open-pit metal mining in pristine80 homes have been demolished. Andean highlands and Amazon rainforest.17. The ICC Facilitates US Covert War in Sudan 19. Bank Bail-out Recipients Spent to Defeat Labour The USA promoted the International Criminal Courts On October 17, 2008, three days after it received US$25(ICCs) indictment of Sudans President Omar al-Bashir billion in federal bail-out funds, Bank of America hostedfor war crimes in Darfur in order to justify continuing a conference call to organise opposition to the Employeewestern exploitation and military interventions in the Free Choice Act (EFCA). Participants, including theresource-rich region. insurer AIG, were urged to persuade their clients to send "America is an opportunist "large contributions" to groupscountry," said the Sudanese working against the EFCA asAmbassador to the UN, ...the new constitution well as to vulnerable SenateAbdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Republicans who could be usedMohamad, at a United Nations declares that nature "has to help block the passage of thepress conference. "They want touse the ICC without being a the right to exist, persist, pro-labour bill that would make it easier for employees toparty to it." When asked why his maintain and regenerate its organise into was being singled out, vital cycles, structure, According to journalist Samhe said that western nations are Stein, reform groups are sendingeyeing Sudans newly discovered functions and its processes letters to congressionaloil riches. committee chairs and the head Western nations have been in evolution". of the Congressional Oversightmarginalised in the region, in Panel, urging an investigationterms of both oil exploration and into whether bail-out recipientsarms supplies, by China, which in recent years has used taxpayer money to benefit political candidates orbecome one of Sudans closest political, economic and organisations.military allies. Mohamad said the US, UK and Franceharbour "a desire to revive their colonial dreams in 20. Secret Control of Presidential DebatesSudan". The Obama and McCain campaigns jointly negotiated a The ICC was used in the strategy to turn world opinion detailed secret contract dictating the terms of the 2008against al-Bashir and the government of Sudan and to debates. This included who got to participate, whatfurther divide and destabilise the region. The legitimacy topics were to be raised and the structure of the debates.of the Court is being questioned as it shows itself to be a Since 1987, a private corporation created by and for thetool of western hegemony. Republican and Democratic parties, called the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), has18. Ecuadors Constitutional Rights of Nature sponsored the US presidential debates and implemented In September 2008, Ecuador became the first country to debate contracts. In order to shield the major partydeclare constitutional rights to nature, thus codifying a candidates from criticism, CPD has refused to releasenew system of environmental protection. Reflecting the debate contract information to the public.beliefs and traditions of Ecuadors indigenous peoples, Since the CPD took control, presidential debates havethe new constitution declares that nature "has the right been primarily funded by corporate exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, Multinationals with regulatory interests before Congressstructure, functions and its processes in evolution". It have donated millions of dollars to the CPD, and debateredefines peoples relationship with nature by asserting sites have become corporate carnivals where sponsoringthat nature is not an object to be appropriated and companies market their products, services and politicalexploited but is a rights-bearing entity that should be agendas. Frank Fahrenkopf and Paul Kirk, who co-chairtreated with parity under the law. and control the CPD, are registered lobbyists for Ecuadors leadership may have a global domino effect. multinational corporations. Author George Farah points18 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 19. out that "Kirk and Fahrenkopfs lobbying practices Obamas principal foreign policy adviser.demonstrate a willingness to protect corporate interests According to official Trilateral Commissionat the expense of voters interests". membership lists, there are only 87 members from the The current structure enables corporations to give USA (the other 337 members are from other countries).money to both the Democratic and Republican parties, Thus, within two weeks of Obamas inauguration, hiswhich essentially supports their duopoly over the appointments encompassed more than 12 per cent of thepolitical process and excludes third-party voices that may Commissions entire US hostile to corporate power. Trilateral appointees include: Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner; Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan21. Recession Causes States to Cut Welfare Rice; National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones; Many states are in the midst of aggressive action to Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon;push thousands of eligible mothers off Temporary Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board, PaulAssistance to Needy Families (TANF), traditionally known Volcker; Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennisas welfare. Families are being denied C. Blair; Assistant Secretary of State foraid so that savings can be redirected in East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Kurt M.state budgets. Campbell; Deputy Secretary of State, Nationally, the number of welfare James Steinberg; State Departmentrecipients fell more than 40 per cent Obama was Special Envoy, Richard Haass; Statebetween 2001 and June 2008. Department Special Envoy, DennisLouisiana, Texas and Illinois have each groomed for the Ross; and State Department Specialdropped 80 per cent of adult recipientssince January 2001. Georgia had a 90 presidency by Envoy, Richard Holbrooke. The originally stated purpose of theper cent drop, with fewer than 2,500 key members of Trilateral Commission was to create aadults receiving benefits, down from the Trilateral "New International Economic Order".28,000 in 2004. Its current statement has morphed In 2006, the Georgia Coalition Commission. into fostering "closer cooperationAgainst Domestic Violence conducted among these core democratica survey to find out why so many Most notably, industrialized areas of the worldwomen were suddenly failing to Zbigniew with shared leadershipget benefits. They discovered that responsibilities in the widercaseworkers actively discouraged Brzezinski...has international system".women from applying and been Obamasreportedly told applicants they 23. Activists Slam Water Forumwould have to be surgically principal foreign Water rights activists blastedsterilised before they could apply policy adviser. the World Water Forum, held infor TANF. Disabled women were Turkey in late March 2009, as atold they couldnt apply because corporate trade show promotingthey didnt meet work the privatisation of water. Therequirements. Others were forum opened with police firingwarned that the state could take tear gas and detaining protesterstheir children if they applied for shouting "Water for life, not forbenefits. Women are increasingly vulnerable to sexual profit".assault and exploitation—sometimes by the state According to its website, the World Water Forum is "anofficials or caseworkers assigned to help them. Arrests of open, all-inclusive, multi-stakeholder process" wherewomen for prostitution and petty crime went up as more governments, NGOs, businesses and others "create links,and more families were denied welfare. debate and attempt to find solutions to achieve water security". However, the Forums main organiser, the22. Obamas Trilateral Commission Team World Water Council, is dominated by two of the worlds President Barack Obama appointed 11 members of the largest private water corporations, Suez and Veolia Water.Trilateral Commission to top-level and key positions in Critics contend that the Councils links to Suez andhis administration within his first 10 days in office. This Veolia, as well as the large representation of the businessrepresents a very narrow source of international industry, compromise its legitimacy. Corporate interestsleadership inside the administration. that make up the World Water Council are in constant Obama was groomed for the presidency by key contact with the World Bank and other financialmembers of the Trilateral Commission. Most notably, institutions. The Council promotes extraordinarilyZbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the TrilateralCommission with David Rockefeller in 1973, has been Continued on page 79DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 19
  • 20. 20 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 21. GENETIC MANIPULATIONS: AN ENGINEERING DISASTER? hould genetically modified (GM) foods be introduced into our food chain? Its a S debate that shouldnt be allowed to die down, quelled by major agricultural corporations citing research validating the essentiality and safety of genetic manipulation of plant and animal organisms. Caught somewhere between these claims and the counter-claims of scientists questioning the long-term safety and relevance of genetic engineering—the cutting-edge technique used to create GM organisms—are scores of consumers like you and I, who deserve to be given the The application lowdown on GM foods and genetic engineering every once in a while. The reason is of GM technologies simply because, while the latest breakthroughs made by scientists engaged in furthering or negating the technique of genetic engineering may or may not be grabbing headlines, in agriculture is GM foodstuffs are more than likely already making it to the shelves of supermarkets around you. And lets face it: you should know whether to buy or shun these products proceeding apace, and why. So, lets review the basics up to the latest research into genetic engineering. with scant regard A primer on genetic engineering and its agricultural products for impacts on health To start from scratch, a GM organism is a plant or animal having a modified gene code. That is to say, scientists apply molecular biology techniques such and the environment, as the use of a vector virus or a gene gun to shoot a desired gene into the and may even be genes of a target organism, thus altering its genome. The desirability of certain genes representing favourable traits in other plant or non-plant implicated in the organisms is the key to understanding the whys and wherefores behind genetic engineering, as the process is called. collapse of honey bee By and large, gene manipulations aimed at enhancing the desirable traits of colonies around an organism centre around the need for humanity to produce more food, at a lower cost and with less wastage attributed to crop losses caused by pests, to the world. feed its teeming millions. Its a lofty aim, considering that the worlds population has topped six billion people and is predicted to surpass nine billion by 2050.1 Ensuring adequate food for humanitys burgeoning billions is already a challenge, and will undoubtedly emerge to be an even greater one in the years to come. In this context, advocates of genetic engineering claim that by making it possible to isolate and introduce desirable genes such as a drought-tolerant or a salinity-tolerant gene into essential food crops like potatoes, the method will create plants that may be grown in drought-prone arid landscapes or in areas where the soil or groundwater are known to be saline, thereby enabling by Charu Bahri © 2009 agriculture in hitherto inhospitable lands.2 Transgenic crops, as GM plants are also known, are slated to be environmentally friendly in that, since farmers Email: supposedly require lesser quantities of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers to protect these crops from weeds and pests, the run-off from these crops is less Website: likely to pollute over-ground waterways and groundwater aquifers. Scientists also claim that GM crops are less prone to fall prey to diseases and adverse environmental conditions like frost, which is known to destroy sensitive seedlings. Genetic engineers aim to work around this loss of agriculturalDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 21
  • 22. produce by introducing an antifreeze protein gene from Some of the probable environmental fall-outs from GMpolar fish or insects into plants such as tomato to crops are cited as unintended harm to other organisms,enhance their ability to tolerate cold temperatures that reduced effectiveness of pesticides, and gene transfer towould normally kill unmodified seedlings.3 non-target species. Could these fall-outs lead humanity Arguably, the best-known example of genetic to the brink of disaster, such that the supposed benefitsengineering is the creation of Bt corn. Bacillus thuringiensis of GM crops like higher yields and so on are wholly(Bt) is a naturally occurring bacterium producing crystal negated? It is possible, as may be gauged from researchproteins that are lethal to insect larvae. By introducing looking into the odds of GM crops causing unintendedthe gene controlling the production of these crystal harm to honey bees.proteins into corn seeds, scientists have been able tocreate a variety of corn that produces its own pesticide Fears over disappearing beesagainst insects such as the European corn borer. Close I opt to highlight this unintended harm to honey bees,on the heels of this breakthrough came the development over and above the potential adverse impact of GM cropsof Bt cotton and a host of other GM variants of soybean, on other species, as honey bees are invaluable to themaize, canola and so on. pollination of no less than one quarter of a million The benefits attributed to growing GM crops, and the species of flowering plants, many of which are crucial topowerful lobby of multinational agricultural corporations world agriculture.5 Is it surprising, then, that the bee wasengaged in furthering the research and adoption of GM voted the most invaluable species on the planet at thecrops, have led to a rapid increase in their plantings Earthwatch debate held in November 2008?6worldwide over the last decade As if that were not enough,or so. The Global Acreage 2008 bees increase the yields ofreport, released in February Some of the probable around 90 crops, such as apples,2009, estimates that the area blueberries and cucumbers, bydedicated to GM crops rose in environmental fall-outs up to 30 per cent, so many fruits2008 by 9.4 per cent (vis-à-vis the from GM crops are cited as and vegetables would becomepreceding year) to 125 million scarce and prohibitivelyhectares. Compare this with unintended harm to other expensive if bees were wipedjust 4.3 million acres (~1.74 organisms, reduced out. In addition, many of ourmillion hectares) growing GM medicines, both conventionalcrops in 1996! In all, 25 effectiveness of pesticides, and alternative remedies, comecountries are now using genetic and gene transfer... from flowering plants. Cotton isengineering on a commercial another essential productscale, with Bolivia, Egypt and pollinated by the bee, so weBurkina Faso being the newest entrants to this group. could say goodbye to cheap garments if bees were madeApparently, according to the report, about 70 per cent of extinct. Whats more, its not just the human race thatthe worldwide production of soybeans in 2008 consisted would suffer. Birds and small mammals that feed offof GM soybeans while the share of GM cotton was 47 per berries and seeds that rely on bee pollination would diecent. Countries with the largest plantings of GM crops of hunger, and in turn their predators—the omnivores orare the USA (62.5 million hectares), Argentina (21), Brazil carnivores that continue the food chain—would also(15.8), India (7.6) and Canada (7.6). Even China, starve. Its true that we could survive on wind-pollinatedParaguay and South Africa each cultivated GM crops grains and fish, but there would be wars for the control ofcovering an area of over one million hectares. To add to dwindling food supplies.7 If you think about it, wouldntthat, the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri- that defeat the most noble of purposes—enhancingBiotech Applications annual report on the global crop global food supplies—that GM crops are said to meet?situation estimates that, globally, 13.3 million farmers Although other insects and animals, bats, butterfliesused GM crops in 2008, which is 1.3 million more than in and even wasps pollinate, none is designed to be athe previous year.4 veritable pollinator machine like the bee. Consider these As GM crops are slowly adopted by more farmers in statistics. The value of honey bees services asgreater parts of the world, a growing number of pollinators in just the European Union, for instance, hasenvironmental activists, religious organisations, public been estimated at around £3 billion per year.8 Honeyinterest groups and scientists are slamming agro majors bees are said to contribute over US$14 billion to thefor their lack of foresight in profiteering without concern value of crop production in the USA.9for the long-term consequences of meddling with the Indeed, agriculture and possibly even the continuanceenvironment. At the forefront of their concerns is the of the human race as we know it are at risk if beesimpact of genetic manipulations on the fragile eco- become extinct. So far, however, it is only beekeeperssystem that has sustained the Earth and humanity since who are an increasingly worried lot, as GM crops aretime immemorial. rapidly becoming a regular feature of agricultural22 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 23. landscapes in spite of insufficient research into the long- and behavioural development of bees. That is, given thatterm effects of pollen from GM crops on the behaviour of the development of physiological structures involved inbee colonies. On the one hand are beekeepers struggling olfaction and learning performances in larvae and youngto cope with the increasing incidence of the honey bee bees takes place while they are fed pollen, are larvae andcolony collapse disorder (CCD) or honey bee young adult bees fed pollen from GM crops at risk ofdepopulation syndrome (HBDS). On the other hand is exposure to toxins? Are there any subsequentthe increasingly widespread adoption of GM crops. deleterious effects on the development and learning The concern expressed by beekeepers stems from the performance of these young bees as they mature?fact that in GM crops such as Bt cotton, one of the most Learning is of primary importance in honey bee foraging,widely grown GM crops worldwide, the DNA representing since impaired learning let alone failure to learn couldthe insecticidal traits of the common bacterium Bacillus indirectly lead to colony death due to failure to collectthuringiensis is incorporated into the genome of the plant. enough food to sustain the hive.Consequently, as the plant grows, its Bt gene or primary In this context, it is noteworthy to cite a study by R.toxin, a protein scientifically called Cry1Ab, is replicated Ramirez-Romero et al.14 The goal of the study was toin every cell of the plant, including its pollen. Whereas assess the potential sub-lethal effects of twopreviously the bacterium pesticide concentrations of the Cry1Ab proteinsprayed on crops to control crop (3.0 parts per billion [ppb] and 5,000damage from insects like stem- and ppb) on three major life traits of youngroot-borers and butterfly larvae was adult honey bees: their survival duringonly ingested by the target insects, sub-chronic exposure to Cry1Ab, thenow a natural outcome of growing GM GM crops such bees feeding behaviour and theircotton is that the Bt gene present in learning performance at the time thatthe pollen is ingested by non-target as Bt cotton...the they become foragers.insects like honey bees. As for the DNA representing The results of the study are an eye-presence of Cry1Ab in beehives, opener, to say the least. The testedCanadian beekeepers spraying Bt the insecticidal concentrations of Cry1Ab protein didunder hive lids to control the wax moth traits of the not induce a lethal effect on the honey(their larvae cause messy webs on the bees, which means that there was nohoney) have noted the disappearance common drastic impact at the scale of entireof this moth even in untreated bacterium Bacillus colonies. However, the feedinghives, apparently the result of behaviour of young adult honeybees ingesting Cry1Ab while thuringiensis is bees that were exposed to theforaging in GM canola plants.10 It is not as though no research incorporated into highest concentration of Cry1Ab protein was affected, with thehas been conducted to evaluate the genome of bees taking longer to ingest thethe potential effects of the primary the plant. contaminated syrup. This couldtoxin Cry1Ab on non-target mean that smaller amounts ofspecies in agricultural pollen would be collected.ecosystems. Specifically for honey Moreover, honey bees exposed tobees, the problem is that most 5,000 ppb of Cry1Ab had disturbedstudies only assess the lethal learning performances whichtoxicity of pollen. Scientists from could adversely affect their abilityBayer have reported that neither to gather pollen to sustain a hive.imidacloprid in sunflower seeds dressed with the Honey bees are usually able to recognise the absence ofinsecticide11 nor maize seeds dressed with the insecticide food, even when an odour is present, and thus move toor released from the seeds during planting 12 is seek other sources of food. In terms of foragingdetrimental to honey bees. What is noteworthy, however, optimality, this extinction process, as it is called, isis that the Bayer studies did not deal with sub-lethal crucial for the exploitation of food resources because itbehaviour of toxin-exposed bees. enables foraging honey bees to leave depleted food Overall, few studies have investigated the sub-lethal sources.15 However, the young adult honey bees studiedeffects of Bt proteins on bees—effects which become continued to respond to a conditioned odour even in theapparent only when examining the lethal effect is not the absence of a food reward. As a result, foragers couldaim of a study—and fewer of these studies have been spend more time foraging in sub-optimal or depletedhighlighted in the mainstream media. This implies that food sources instead of exploring new ones, leading thembeekeepers, let alone the masses, have limited to collect inadequate food supplies to sustain a hive andunderstanding of the potential effects of the Cry1Ab eventually to possible colony collapse.protein on the immune system and on the physiological In a small study conducted at the University of Jena inDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 23
  • 24. Germany between 2001 and 2004, researchers examined to bees in a laboratory was found to impair theirthe effects of pollen from Bt corn on bees. The study communication for a few hours.21 Sub-lethal doses ofconcluded that there was no evidence of a "toxic effect of imidacloprid in laboratory and field experimentsBt corn on healthy honey bee populations". But when, by decreased the bees flight activity and olfactorysheer chance, the bees used in the experiments were discrimination and also impaired their olfactory learninginfested with a parasite, something strange happened: a performance.22"significantly stronger decline in the number of bees" If nothing else, this body of research suggests thatoccurred among those that had been fed a highly there is a pressing need for a moratorium on theconcentrated Bt poison feed. According to the studys commercial production of GM crops until such time asdirector Hans-Hinrich Kaatz, a professor at the University the long-term repercussions and safety of geneticof Halle, Germany, the bacterial toxin in the GM corn may manipulations can be ascertained.have "...altered the surface of the bees intestines, Already, research looking into the yields of GM cropssufficiently weakening the bees to allow the parasites to and their need for pesticides is showing that a majority ofgain entry—or perhaps it was the other way around. We genetically engineered crops currently in cultivationdont know." This study led German beekeeping official neither show higher yields nor require lesser quantities ofWalter Haefeker to hypothesise that, "besides a number pesticides to grow. After reviewing over 8,200 universityof other factors", the fact that GM insect-resistant plants trials in 1998, Dr Charles Benbrook, former director of theare now used in 40 per cent of cornfields in the United Board on Agriculture at the US National Academy ofStates could be playing a role in the increasingly Sciences, found that GM Roundup Ready soybeanswidespread collapse of bee yielded an average of 5–10 percolonies.16 cent less than similar natural Certainly, honey bees are varieties. He also found thatdeclining in areas where GM Certainly, honey bees are farmers used an average of 2–10crops are widely grown and also declining in areas where times more herbicide (Roundup)in areas where GM crops are on Roundup Ready soybeansreleased in small test plots. GM crops are widely than on conventional ones. TheSpeculating on the common grown and also in areas only reason farmers seem tothread linking these facts, prefer Roundup Ready soybeansProfessor Joe Cummins has where GM crops are is because they simplifyidentified the universal use of released in small test plots. management of large chemical-systemic pesticide seed intensive farms by, for example,dressings to protect newly allowing them to spray largersprouted GM seeds at a doses of herbicides from planesvulnerable time in the development of the seedling—in onto crops engineered to be resistant to the particularparticular, the widespread application of a relatively new herbicide.23class of systemic insecticides, the neonicotinoids(including imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, clothianidin and Health concerns with GM plantsseveral others), which are highly toxic to insects, Leaving aside the issue of the sustenance of bees andincluding bees, at very low concentrations. other environmental fall-outs, the health impact of GM In his paper "Requiem for the Honeybee",17 Cummins crops is also questionable. For instance, some humanshas quoted multiple studies suggesting that imidacloprid are already known to be allergic to the pollen in honeyis harmful to honey bee colonies. For instance, scientists produced from conventional crops.24 Now imagine theled by the National Institute of Beekeeping in Bologna, health risk that would ensue if the new proteinItaly, found that pollen obtained from seeds dressed with introduced into GM crops, which is also found in theimidacloprid contained significant levels of the pollen they produce, made its way into the honey madeinsesticide; they suggested that the polluted pollen was by bees ingesting this pollen.25 What emerges is thatone of the main causes of honey bee colony collapse. 18 there is a strong possibility that introducing a foreignAn analysis of maize and sunflower crops, originating gene into a food plant may create a new allergen or causefrom seeds dressed with imidacloprid, indicated that an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.large amounts of the insecticide were carried back to To put it into perspective, this issue should behoney bee colonies.19 Sub-lethal doses of imidacloprid in considered in the light of the large number of children insucrose solution were found to affect the homing and the USA and Europe who have developed life-threateningforaging activities of honey bees: those fed with 500 or allergies to peanuts and other foods. Under normal1,000 ppb of the insecticide failed to return to the hive circumstances, consumers manage food allergies byand disappeared altogether, while bees that imbibed a avoiding foods they know will cause allergic reactions.100 ppb solution were delayed for 24 hours as compared But when it comes to genetically engineered foods, it iswith control bees.20 Imidacloprid in sucrose solution fed too much to expect that each product containing a GM24 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 25. food as a minor ingredient is labelled with the source of was genetically expressed, it showed deleterious healththe foreign genes. How, then, can consumers identify effects.potential allergens? The fall-out was huge, even before their paper was Already, a project aimed at enhancing the nutritional published. Critics slammed Pusztai and Evans, declaringquality of soybeans (Glycine max), by introducing their research flawed and not holding up to scientificmethionine-rich 2S albumin from the Brazil nut scrutiny (in spite of the fact that their paper was accepted(Bertholletia excelsa) into transgenic soybeans, has been for publishing in The Lancet). With no consideration forshelved for fear of causing unexpected allergic reactions. the authors explanations, they said that the geneA study published in the New England Journal of Medicine introduced into the potatoes was a snowdrop flowerproved that individuals who were allergic to Brazil nuts lectin, a substance believed to be toxic to mammals—suffered the same allergic reaction when they consumed although Pusztai had previously shown it to not be toxicGM soybeans containing the Brazil nut genes.26 to mammals. As the last straw, Pusztais research papers Whats more, it is pertinent to mention that this and data were seized and he was removed from service,instance of genetic engineering was desired to be taken having worked at the RRI for 36 years, seemingly forup to enhance the nutritional status of soybeans by having spoken out about these findings on the effects ofmaking up for the relative deficiency of methionine in the GM food. The findings ran counter to the prevailingprotein fraction of the seeds. However, belief that GM foods are safe and thein a study published in The Journal of testing procedures to establish theirMedicinal Foods, Dr Marc Lappé et al. safety are adequate.found that GM soybeans contained In an interview in 2000, Dr Pusztaifewer phyto-oestrogens than natural explained the need for extensive andsoybeans. 27 Phyto-oestrogens are exhaustive research into GM foods,associated with protection against What emerges is saying: "We dont eat snowdrop, norheart disease, osteoporosis (bone loss) that there is a do we eat Bacillus thuringiensis [Bt] toxin.and breast cancer. The GM soybeans We now have genetically modified Btwere found to be 12–14 per cent lower strong possibility corn and Bt potatoes. We dont eat ain phyto-oestrogens compared with that introducing a lot of these things in GM foods that aretheir unmodified counterparts—a now being sold. So it should be in oursignificant nutritional difference. And foreign gene into interest to get [them] properlyyet, foods that have been engineered a food plant may tested."30for a longer shelf-life may exhibit When Pusztai and Evans tested thecounterfeit freshness. That is, create a new lectin in the diet, they used it in asgenetic engineering may mislead allergen or cause high a concentration as aconsumers into buying fruits and milligram per gram level and it didvegetables that have the an allergic reaction not do any harm. But in the caseappearance of ripeness without in susceptible of genetic modification, theythe accompanying nutritional found problems at aquality or flavour.28 individuals. concentration of a hundredfold An article published in The Lancet less. Summing up the messageexamined the effects of GM the study sends out, Pusztai saidpotatoes on the digestive tract in in the same interview: "Ourrats.29 This study, conducted by Dr studies clearly show that theÁrpád Pusztai—a world authority effects were not due to that littleon plant proteins, called lectins, gene expression, but it dependedat the Rowett Research Institute (RRI) in Scotland—and on the way the gene had been inserted into the potatohis colleague Dr Stanley Ewen over 30 months between genome and what it did to the potato genome. That is1995 and 1998, involved the use of GM potatoes why industry and politicians reacted so strongly againstexpressing the gene for snowdrop lectin (Galanthus nivalis me."31agglutinin, or GNA) as feed for the rats. (Incidentally,snowdrop has a small white flower that hangs from a Problems with genetic manipulation of animalsbulb and blooms in spring, while lectin is a protein What is a pity is that the industry propagating geneticnormally obtained from plants that have antibody manipulations is very powerful and is going full steamcharacteristics.) They found that the feeding impaired ahead with its work. Genetic engineering is already by nothe rats digestive system. Pusztai was surprised, since in means limited to the world of plants. Research issix years of prior work with snowdrop lectin he had underway on introducing genes from organisms whichobserved no toxic effect when it was used as a proteinsupplement mixed in with the feed. Yet when the lectin Continued on page 80DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 25
  • 26. To order: visit www.nexusmagazine.com26 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 27. HOW SCIENTIFIC IS SCIENTIF IC MEDICINE ? hat would you think if there were an inexpensive, safe, simple and Modern medicine is W highly effective treatment for easing pain and speeding up healing by about 50 per cent, but it was not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which was ignoring it? Could this be because of a conspiracy against the technology? What if there was good research behind the new treatment, and yet mainstream medical journals made ridiculous excuses for refusing to publish it? Have I piqued your interest yet? not living up to its Further, could there be such an all-encompassing conspiracy resulting in claim of being millions of people continuing to suffer needlessly because they were being deprived of a treatment that could reduce or eliminate the need for drugs? evidence based and Would the makers of more than 40 blockbuster drugs object if these drugs were no longer in such high demand? And if all this were actually happening, seems to be at war would you not be morally outraged? with nature, but an A revolutionary technology ignored by mainstream medicine integral science of Let me tell you an amazing personal story, and lets see what you think. In 1999, I contacted an electrical engineer named Maurice Bales after medicine that focuses reading an ad that his company, Bales Scientific, had placed in a medical on strengthening the journal. The ad seemed a bit outrageous in its claims, and I was about to toss the journal into the wastebasket when I noticed that his phone number bodys defences rather was local. Curious, I called him. Maurice said he had invented a device, called a photon stimulator, that emitted near-infrared light of a certain than attacking the frequency, which he claimed could relieve most kinds of pain. I didnt believe invaders is producing him at first. If what he was claiming was correct, then why wasnt something this impressive already being used in clinical practice? powerful healing Yet Maurice seemed honest. And he wasnt trying to sell me anything; he results. only wanted the chance to show me that it worked and see what I thought. He invited me to bring patients suffering from pain to his office for a free demonstration. Reluctantly, I agreed. I didnt have time to waste on something I suspected was much overrated, but I was curious. If somehow he was correct, I wanted to know about it. I invited two patients with severe pain to try the treatment. One had multiple sclerosis (MS) and was for the most part bedridden with pain and unable to walk without crutches. The other patient had a ruptured lumbar by Len Saputo, MD disc that was causing intractable pain in his lower back. To my shock, both with Byron Belitsos patients were substantially improved in just one 15-minute treatment with © September 2009 Maurices light! Over the next couple of weeks, the man with MS remained in Extracted from chapter 3 of far less pain after a total of eight treatments. He was up out of bed most of A Return to Healing the day, could walk more upright and even returned to full-time work. The (Origin Press, California, 2009) treatments did not change the overall progression of his disease process, but Website: for a year he was much improved and was very appreciative for what they did. The other patient had significant but only temporary relief of his symptoms after a similar number of treatments.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 27
  • 28. I was by now becoming captivated by Maurices Our objective was to show that just four treatments oftechnology. He invited me to bring two or three of my seven minutes each on four successive days usingpatients to his office after work from 5.00 to 7.00 pm on photonic stimulation could relieve pain, improveMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next three sensation and improve balance.months. These patients had a wide variety of painful A strong scientific article that I co-authored with VAconditions that included disc problems, carpal tunnel Medical Center physicians and University of California,syndrome, tennis elbow, sports and other traumatic San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine researchersinjuries, neuropathic pain, headaches, TMJ problems showed conclusively that photonic stimulation is a(inflammation of the joint that connects the jaw to the valuable tool in treating people with diabeticskull) and much more. The device worked to some neuropathy. In many ways, this was an unprecedenteddegree on each one! result: I cant think of any new medical device that does By the end of this period, I began to expect that so much for such a small investment of time, moneyalmost anyone with pain would be helped by Maurices and expertise, especially when compared with the"magic" light. Maurice thereupon generously set me up alternatives that are now used in clinical practice. Ourwith a lot of expensive equipment so that I could help article, which lays out this startling evidence, has beenpeople and also bring the technology forward. He was presented to many relevant medical journals over apassionate about disseminating his light therapy, but I period of two years, but with no success. Their excuseswas the only MD he could persuade to try it. for not publishing it have originated from either their Over a decade, my practice in total lack of understanding ofpain management treatment the technology and anhas grown to the point that it unwillingness to learn it, ornow consumes about half of my The FDA has also refused what amounts to an unscientifictime. Along the way, Maurice to consider giving Maurice bias that categorically deniesalso coached me regarding the that it could have benefits forimportance of using varying Bales approval for the our patients.combinations of other technologys use in the The FDA has also refused toadjunctive disciplines, such as consider giving Maurice Balesphysical therapy, many styles of treatment of any aspect of approval for the technologysbodywork, chiropractic, guided what our study showed... use in the treatment of anyimagery, acupuncture, aspect of what our studypsychology and applied showed, despite our strongkinesiology in conjunction with data, the obvious safety of thenear-infrared light therapy through photonic device and the devices amazing cost-effectiveness.stimulation. Since we got started with this work in 1999, Could this coincide with purported severe managementI have treated literally thousands of patients. The vast problems at the FDAs division that handles medicalmajority are very appreciative of what this technology devices?has done for them, and they have enthusiastically It is not legal for Maurice or me to claim that thisreferred many of their friends to become my patients. device works for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy— How do the photons work? Generally speaking, they although I am permitted to use it without advertising, asexcite electrons within the energy-producing with any other "off label" treatment. I dont makemitochondria of cells in injured tissues. This process is specific claims to the public, but I have a constantthought to enable these cells to increase their stream of patients who are happy with the results. I feelproduction of ATP, the energy currency of our cells, and a considerable amount of satisfaction when I offerthereby stimulate the return of more normal cellular photonic stimulation as part of my practice for a widephysiology. An additional effect is increased blood flow range of painful conditions, especially when itsto injured tissues, which promotes both pain relief and supplemented by the work of other practitioners in myfaster healing. Finally, as a pioneering physician using integrative clinic.photonic stimulation, I felt compelled to go the next Ten years have now passed, yet this revolutionarystep. technology is still not in mainstream medicine. At first, In 2004, Maurice and I, and a few others at the Health I had no idea that people would resist this informationMedicine Center, self-funded a clinical trial on 120 because it sounded too good to be true or that somepatients suffering from advanced painful diabetic might even actively interfere with its advancement intoneuropathy, a debilitating condition. The trial was clinical practice because of economic conflict ofcarried out at the VA Medical Center in nearby Martinez, interest. Yet, photonic stimulation is good and it isCalifornia. Our team included 10 experts in pain true. Several of my patients have had what should bemanagement, who provided a variety of contributions to considered miraculous cures from their pain.the study, including specific research tools. My experience with photonic stimulation technology28 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 29. is not an isolated instance: an amazing array of other of scientists who are studying the same issues. What onsuppressed technologies and natural treatments—all earth causes such large discrepancies in results?backed by strong science and overwhelming evidence How is one to know where the truth lies? Further, inlike ours—are also covered in many other books. The too many cases, short-term and incomplete studies arewheels turn slowly when one is up against those with a used as the primary or sole basis for clinical treatmentfinancial commitment to a fatally narrow set of tools protocols. This tendency to use shortcuts for gettingand concepts. It can be especially egregious when you new drugs or procedures to market has led to theare the purveyor of a simple, obvious remedy that has adoption of many dubious treatments that have laterthe potential to upstage and even make obsolete been removed from clinical practice because of adversebillion-dollar enterprises. and sometimes lethal side effects. The problem is also easily traced to conflicts ofJust how evidence based is todays medicine? interest, usually involving relationships between Still, there is much hope. Even within the narrow researchers in universities and the sponsors fundingparadigm that now prevails, many high-tech scientific their studies. The amount of money spent by industryachievements that are able to filter through the inertia in medical research and development was nearly US$60and resistance of the modern medical billion in 2000, or 60 per cent of theestablishment are simply brilliant. total, far greater than the roughly $25We have accomplished the almost billion spent that year by the federalunimaginable feat of uncovering the government. Today, about 70 per centhuman genome and are now on the of all funding for clinical drug trialsbrink of making advances in stem cell This tendency to originates from the pharmaceuticalresearch that promise to revolutionise industry itself. Remember, these arethe practice of medicine. use shortcuts for the folks whose own products are This exciting research getting new drugs supposedly being objectively andnotwithstanding, just how scientific is scientifically tested!the medicine being practised in the or procedures to It is not uncommon for drugaverage clinical setting today? market has led to companies to "supervise" the studies In 1978, a report by the US they fund at universities, giving themCongressional Office of Technology the adoption of the right to determine what getsAssessment concluded: "No many dubious published. They reserve themore than fifteen percent of prerogative to write themedical interventions are treatments that summaries of the articlessupported by reliable scientificevidence."6 Thirteen years later, have later been themselves, rather than the scientists who did the 1991, Richard Smith, editor of removed from In fact, in some publishedthe prestigious British Medical clinical practice... research articles, the principalJournal, came to the same investigator had nothing to doconclusion (BMJ; 303). He went with the study except to allow heron to comment that "only 1% of name to be used—for a fee.the articles in medical journals In January 2007, Harvardare scientifically sound and partly researchers published an articlebecause many treatments have in the prestigious PLoS Medicinenot been assessed at all".7 And online journal, published by theDavid Grimes, MD, stated in 1993 in the Journal of the Public Library of Science, that considered the influenceAmerican Medical Association (JAMA; 269[23]) that "much, if of those who paid for a particular study on the outcomenot most, of contemporary medical practice still lacks a of the study.9 They reviewed 111 studies, some paid for 8scientific foundation". Houston, we have a problem! by independent groups, the rest funded by industry. Of course, scientific method requires that we test any They reported these results:and all claims or new discoveries through the use of • Industry-funded studies were four to eight timesclinical trials. Conducting research that is randomised, more likely to favour industry interests.double blind, placebo controlled and crossed over is the • Thirty-eight per cent of independently fundedvery stuff of genuine modern-day science. studies ran against the interests of the funder.Unfortunately, scientists and their sponsors have not Consider, in addition, this article published in thealways applied this tried-and-true methodology in a way January 20, 2007, issue of the British Medical Journal, titledthat was scrupulous, careful or even honest. One "What Have We Learnt from Vioxx?" The lead author,indicator of the problem is that too many conflicting Harlan M. Krumholz, the Harold H. Hines, Jr, Professoroutcomes emanate from different laboratories or teams of Medicine at Yale University, claimed that theDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 29
  • 30. pharmaceutical company Merck had not only obscured measure the effect of a single factor, often a drug orcritical data on the drugs toxicity but had also given a technology, on a symptom or disease. While thisbiased presentation of its research and had used approach can provide essential data, often multipleghostwriters to write papers on it. He went on to state factors are involved in causing illness and many aspectsthat "its [Mercks] behavior may not be any different of our physiology must be addressed in providing anfrom that of others in the pharmaceutical or effective treatment. For this reason, a new clinicalbiotechnology industry". 10 Vioxx®, as you may research model has emerged, called an outcome study.remember, was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after In these studies, many treatment modalities aremassive litigation and a media uproar resulted when simultaneously varied and the cumulative effect ofthis drug, used as a painkiller worldwide, was linked to different sets of variables is measured over time. Formany thousands of heart attacks and cardiac deaths and example, an integrative physician treating a patient withstrokes. cancer might seek simultaneously to strengthen the Dozens of other cases are almost as blatant. In 2001, patients immunity with supplements and herbs,for example, TAP Pharmaceuticals pleaded guilty and alkalinise his pH, support the ability of his gut to digest,agreed to pay $875 million to settle criminal and civil absorb and detoxify what is eaten, add high-dosecharges brought under the False Claims Act over its antioxidants and start him on a regimen of exercise andfraudulent marketing of Lupron, a drug used for the yoga. If in controlled clinical trials the patients on thistreatment of cancer.11 protocol improved, wed know the outcome but not the To get a sense of proportion, roles of each of the factors incontrast this with evidence for modifying the course of thethe use of vitamin D as a cancer illness.deterrent. Almost 90 scientific This kind of ethicalstudies over many decades misconduct is often related Ethics issues for researchhave shown that vitamin D is scientists and the FDAthe cancer-protective factor to conflicts of interest Next up is the issue ofgenerated from direct contact involving financial gain, professional ethics amongwith sunlight, reducing cancer some medical researchrisk by up to 50 per cent. A career advancement and scientists. In a July 3, 2006definitive, carefully controlled personal fame. article titled "Stopstudy published in 2007 on the Misbehaving!", Ushma S. Neill,effect of 1,000 IU/day of vitamin executive editor of theD (with calcium) on cancer prestigious Journal of Clinicalincidence showed, after four years, that the cancer risk Investigation, wrote: "Scientists are usually thought to bewas 60 per cent lower than with a placebo and 77 per beyond reproach, but with the recent spate of high-cent lower when corrected for participants who had profile ethical transgressions by scientists, the publicsalready had cancers present. 12 Other studies have trust in science and scientists is deteriorating. Theshown equally significant associations of vitamin D with numerous cases of scientific misconduct that havethe reduction of diabetes, number of falls by the elderly, crossed my desk in the last year leave me disenchanted,MS and other maladies. Yet, as with the case of the disappointed, and disillusioned."13simple technology of photonic stimulation, how much Of course, most scientists are honest and operatehave you heard about this astounding scientific with the highest integrity. Yet, every year, a surprisingevidence? number of scientific medical articles are published that A few more crucial points... Randomised, double- are later found to have been falsified. This kind ofblind, placebo-controlled trials are not the only way to ethical misconduct is often related to conflicts ofvalidate treatments for clinical practice. Traditional interest involving financial gain, career advancementsystems such as those in Chinese, Tibetan and Native and personal fame.American medicine are all time tested and have strong Pharmaceutical companies are in business to furtherempirical value, whether they are tested "scientifically" the interests of their investors, but doctors and medicalor not; they have endured for hundreds or even schools have no such excuse: Their only responsibilitythousands of years for a reason. Nonetheless, as in the is to patients. "The mission of medical schools andcase of acupuncture, strict scientific study has teaching hospitals—and what justifies their tax-exemptprogressed greatly in recent years, even as experts status—is to educate the next generation of physicians,debate the proper research methodology to be used to carry out scientifically important research, and care forcorrect for disparities in the skill of a given practitioner the sickest members of society," wrote former Newand for related variables. England Journal of Medicine editor-in-chief Marcia Angell in Finally, it should be noted that the scientific method The New York Review of Books on January 15, 2009. "It is notas conventionally applied in medical research strives to to enter into lucrative commercial alliances with the30 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 31. pharmaceutical industry. As reprehensible as many assumption that mainstream medicine truly is scienceindustry practices are, I believe the behavior of much of driven, evidence based and properly regulated,the medical profession is even more culpable."14 physicians have held all other nonmainstream health One might claim that we have one final bulwark care disciplines to standards of research that they oftenagainst an industry riddled with conflicts of interest and do not realise are far more rigorous than those to whichthe commercial drive for profit: federal government they themselves hold. Physicians have all but ignoredregulation. So, can we trust the FDA to safeguard the salient fact that many traditional health careclinical trials of new drugs and devices to make sure disciplines, notably Chinese medicine and Ayurvedicthey are conducted properly? It is an appalling but well- medicine, have been validated over untold generationsknown fact that many FDA officials also engage in of trial and error. Their continued use for billions offinancial relationships with pharmaceutical and/or people in many parts of the world today is a strongtechnology companies. No wonder that more than four testimonial that they do work. Plus, these and otherof five Americans surveyed believe that the FDA makes non-western medical disciplines have also been subjectdecisions influenced by politics rather than medical to rigorous scientific scrutiny as these cultures havescience. In fact, in a study published in JAMA in evolved their own scientific establishments and peer-October 2006, this very subject was reviewed medical journals.addressed.15 The study reported that,of nearly 3,000 FDA panel members Competing scientific models forwho were anonymously interviewed, Physicians have all defining disease and determining28 per cent disclosed a financial treatmentrelationship within the previous year but ignored the A famous old argument betweeneither with the company that made a salient fact that two well-known 19th-centurydrug under discussion or with a scientists, Louis Pasteur and Antoinecompetitor. The most common ties many traditional Béchamp, still goes on today. What iswere consulting arrangements, the most important factor inresearch contracts or grants, and stock health care determining whether or not we willholdings or other investments. disciplines, notably get sick or die when we are exposed to In response to harsh criticism from a microbe? Is it the external invadingCongress and the press after myriad Chinese medicine microbe itself, or is it the bodysscandals—most involving its and Ayurvedic internal defences—or lackapprovals of drugs like Vioxx and thereof—that make the mostLupron that have cost untold medicine, have difference?tens of thousands of lives—FDA been validated High-tech medicine, followingCommissioner Dr Edward von Pasteur, has clearly taken theEschenbach convened a special over untold former position. Its signatureinternal committee of inquiry generations of activity is that of killing off thethat included several outside microbe, knocking out the cancerexperts to assess whether the trial and error. and, in general, battling theFDA is actually able to invasion of any and all disease byaccomplish its mission. Its final means of drugs, technology andreport, "FDA Science and Mission surgery. And in a sense, itsat Risk", issued early in 2008, reigning attitude is that of a warstated: "The FDA cannot fulfill its against nature herself. Thismission because its scientific base has eroded and its scientific approach focuses on looking outside of ourselves toorganizational structure is weak [emphasis added]." It went find solutions rather than looking inside.on to state that "its scientific workforce does not have Opposing this view, Béchamp, a scientificsufficient capacity and capability". Amazingly, it further contemporary of Pasteur, argued that lifestyle, stress,stated: "The FDA science agenda lacks a coherent diet and the like make us vulnerable to disease and thatstructure and vision, as well as effective coordination we can protect ourselves by strengthening our naturaland prioritization." And among these shocking defences in those places where we have becomeconclusions was this one: "The FDA does not have the vulnerable. Béchamp completely rejected Pasteurscapacity to ensure the safety of food for the nation."16 ideas and put forward the thesis that our "biological Well, at least one government agency has the honesty terrain" is the cause of disease. It was Béchamp whoto indict itself for its own incompetence! But again, proclaimed: "The primary cause of disease is in us,how many Americans or even members of Congress always in us."have heard about this self-indictment? Clearly, both perspectives are important and deserve It is notable that as a result of the erroneous attention. The former approach searches desperatelyDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 31
  • 32. for magic bullets that can attack disease from the Cellular health: a key concept underlying the newoutside. The second focuses on strengthening our inner science of medicinedefences so that we are less vulnerable to illness in the Over the past 40 years, the paradigm more in line withfirst place. Yet its clear that Pasteurs prejudice fits Béchamps position has been gaining momentum. Themuch more neatly into a culture in which people prefer importance of lifestyle factors and recognition of theto shirk responsibility for their own health. bodys innate wisdom concerning its own natural In the emerging new model of medicine, we are healing abilities are just now beginning to emerge intoawakening to the fact that primary care should not be mainstream thinking. Again, this approach is focusedfocused merely on treating disease from the outside. In primarily on strengthening the defences of the bodyan ideal health care system, we would rarely get sick in rather than on fighting what has "attacked" the body andthe first place because the central objective would be to created malfunction and disease.focus on the inside—following Béchamp—so as to According to the model I have adopted in this light,maintain wellness and vitality through the scientific core of this approachprevention and a strong focus on involves four main factors and each isnatural defences. This, again, is what addressed at the cellular level:I call true and sustainable health care, • nutritional needs of our cells;as opposed to disease care. • elimination of toxic substances; It cant be stated too often that the The complicated • genetic defects;cornerstone of a reasonable system of • psychospiritual factors.true health care is healthy lifestyle. high-tech As surprising and simplistic as itThis includes eating a healthy diet, approach that may seem, a great deal of researchgetting enough exercise and sleep, and clinical observation has shownavoiding stress, maintaining a healthy underlies modern that varied combinations of these fourweight, avoiding toxic exposures, medicines quest factors are always the basis for thesupporting detoxification and, cause of every disease. It is impossibleperhaps most important of all, having to triumph over to fall sick if all your cells area meaningful purpose in life. nature ascribes a functioning perfectly. Neither Pasteur nor Béchampwas entirely right or wrong. They God-like quality Modern medicine is at war withwere simply pointing to differentends of a spectrum that explains to medical nature With this brief background onhow we get sick or remain practitioners and the emerging paradigm ofhealthy. Healthy lifestyle is on researchers. medical science—a key facet ofone end of the spectrum, and which is based on the factors thatgerms and other factors that affect cellular metabolism—lets"attack" the body are on the return to the competingother. It is hard to imagine that worldview for a contrasting look.anyone today would argue Weve noted that the oldagainst the premise that both approach to medical science is infactors usually play a role in part modelled on the metaphorcausing illness. And this insight is at the root of todays of war. Its goal is to defeat illness at almost any cost,evolving concepts within the new discipline that I now acting from a position outside the human body. Thiscall integral-health medicine, which methodically integrates war accelerated immensely with the discovery of theinsights about both the inner world and the outer germ, which was believed to be responsible for causingenvironment of the patient, as each is conditioned by its disease by invading our bodies. And we have remainedeconomic, social and cultural contexts. at war with these microbes ever since Pasteurs Most laypersons are unaware that medicine has only a landmark discoveries. Even after the discovery andlimited understanding of the causes of most chronic introduction into medical practice of antibiotics to killdiseases. As a result, doctors can rarely direct their these microscopic invaders, we have persisted in thismighty high-tech weapons to a definite target. This ongoing fight against nature. In fact, the war escalatesshortcoming has left the door open for the new, every day, and so do the consequences.integrally informed model of medicine. This hybrid For its part, nature has responded to every newapproach focuses on the premise that the body itself antibiotic by developing novel adaptations that createdoes the healing and that medicine should support this antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes. This has led toprocess as its top priority—but that the disinterested the emergence of the lethal bacterium known asscientific search for technologies and drugs that can methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), plusmake people feel better still has a place. several other highly resistant bacteria such as the32 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 33. Pseudomonas and C. difficile pathogens. Even the once- especially resilient and may have the potential toeasy-to-treat pneumococcal bacteria have become become drug-resistant super-strains. It should beresistant to many antibiotics. Some microbes are now remembered that these bugs live in everyone, but theyresistant to all man-made antibiotics. become pathogenic only when their numbers increase Despite all this, few would argue that the discovery of above a certain level. When we open up the biologicalantibiotics did not make a tremendous difference in terrain by killing the friendly microbes that protect us,fighting infection and saving lives. Yet we can see that these bacteria overgrow and reach the critical mass theythis advancement has come at a huge price: our war need to cause damage to our tissues.against nature has catalysed a warlike response from Because of our inattention to these large issues,nature. MRSA infections are now responsible for thousands of Meanwhile, what about the other end of the deaths every year in our hospitals. An article publishedPasteur–Béchamp spectrum? Why havent we fully in the Lancet in June 2006 reported that more than twoaddressed the obvious fact that these opportunistic million people worldwide now passively carry MRSA ininfections usually attack us when our immunity is their bodies;26 thus MRSA has become part of our newdepressed? Instead, we pursue pharmaceutical and "normal" microflora. Although these microbes areother strategies that are akin to scorched-earth harmless to most carriers, when they are passed towarfare—engaging in battles that both destroy the immunocompromised people a lethal infection can"enemy" and cause collateral damage to innocent occur—not only in our hospitals but also now in ourcivilians—while ignoring the communities. While MRSApossibility of creating the bacteria are harmless to mostconditions of well-being in the This hybrid approach carriers because they persist infirst place through trade,cultural exchange, negotiation focuses on the premise only very small numbers, when they are passed toand conflict resolution. that the body itself does immunocompromised people— It has taken more than 50 the healing and that or if in normal peopleyears to appreciate some of the antibiotics have widened thepotentially lethal hazards of medicine should support turf for their growth in the gut—using increasingly powerful there is the possibility for theirmedicines in isolation from this process as its top overgrowth and lethal infection.other more natural and priority... The statistics tell the story.supportive strategies. Although According to an articlewe have long known about the published in e-Medicine inmicro-ecosystems that inhabit our skin and parts of our January 2009, five per cent of all acute-care admissionsrespiratory, digestive and genito-urinary systems, we studied between 1986 and 1998 were complicated byhave only recently come to appreciate the significance hospital-acquired infections. This amounted to twoof interfering with the balances within these systems million infections and 90,000 deaths, at a cost of US$4.5when we introduce antibiotics into our bodies. These billion annually.27balances are vital to maintaining good health and are The complicated high-tech approach that underliesprofoundly disturbed by antibiotics and a multitude of modern medicines quest to triumph over natureother factors such as poor diet, stress, immune ascribes a God-like quality to medical practitioners anddysfunction, lack of sleep, poor digestion, many researchers. This belief system has tended to erode thepharmaceutical drugs and a wide range of collaboration and partnership between physician andmiscellaneous factors. patient—and of the two of them with nature—and has We have come to realise that whenever an antibiotic is led to the attitudes of "We can take care of you, even ifintroduced to kill a certain microbe that has caused an you dont take care of yourself" and "You can leave theinfection, only those microbes that are able to survive in treatment to us".the presence of the antibiotic will be able to remain in We have become comfortable relying on anthe body; the others, of course, will succumb to the incomplete model of science and medicine to solve ourtreatment. These ecosystems will remain radically health issues and have relinquished much of ouraltered until each individual milieu can be restored. personal responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle andThis is done by re-creating the delicate and sometimes build an ecologically sustainable world. A vasttenuous balance between the defence systems of our industry—sometimes known as the medical-bodies and those of the resistant microbes that still pharmaceutical-industrial complex—has grown around thisreside in the intestinal tract, skin, vagina, tears and one-sided model of health care, with its questionableupper-respiratory tract. claim of being based upon genuine science. ∞ Of course, if the bacteria causing a disease are notkilled by the antibiotic, they can be considered to be Continued on page 81DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 33
  • 34. 34 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 35. THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT CANCER he word "cancer" is of Latin derivation and means "crab". Today, T cancer "cure" is a vast industry. But by the turn of the 20th century, the medical profession had come to the conclusion that it was not a matter of whether infectious disease caused cancer, but of which one. For over 200 years, a cancer germ had been discovered and rediscovered, named and renamed, each scientist adding to the knowledge but to no avail. The US medical Then, in 1910, certain American medical powers did a 180-degree rotation, deciding that cancer was not caused by a microbe and that anyone who establishment once thought otherwise was a heretic, a charlatan or a quack. accepted a microbial Dr Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe Livingston and her network were none of the above, their meticulous peer-reviewed research and publications produced cause of cancer, at the height of US post–World War II technology. Dr Dean Burk, who co- founded the US National Cancer Institute and headed its cell chemistry but in 1910 it did an department for 34 years, went so far as to say that Livingstons cancer germ about-face and from was as real and certain as anything known about cancer. Researcher Dr Alan Cantwell, Jr, grew up thinking that all germs responsible for the important thereon refused to diseases were supposed to have been discovered already. But much to his accept the validity of dismay, he found one that had been left out: the cancer germ. Cantwell knew that Livingston had already been branded by the medical orthodoxy for scientific studies that finding this cancer germ—thus, what he thought to be perhaps the major discovery of the 20th century was left largely discredited. proved the existence The striking analogy between cancer and tuberculosis (TB) was noticed of a cancer germ. long before the tubercle bacillus was discovered. In 1877, Sir John Simon clearly pointed out the similarity and in fact argued very strongly in favour of a microbial mycobacterial origin for cancer. Since then, literally thousands of articles and texts have shown malignant changes to spring from tuberculous infection. But Sir Johns vindication would have to wait for Part 1 of 2 Livingstons germ which, although tuberculosis-like, was not tuberculosis but an atypical form of this mycobacterium, melded from the mycobacterium and other related Actinomycetales. Had medical science, and the powers that be, spent as much time in investigating and destroying Livingstons germ as they did in attacking her and those around her, cancer might be curable today. by Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD Hodgkins cancer under attack © 2009 When Virginia Livingston was a student at Bellevue Medical College in The N. Y. Institute of Medical New York City, her pathology teacher mentioned rather disparagingly that Research, New York, USA there was a woman pathologist at Cornell University who thought Hodgkins Email: nyinstituteofmedical disease (a form of glandular cancer) was caused by fowl tuberculosis.1 This pathologist had published, but no one had confirmed her findings. Website: Afterwards, Livingston compared slides of the two diseases. In Hodgkins, the giant multinucleated cells were called Reed–Sternberg cells and were similar to the giant cells of tuberculosis which formed to engulf the tubercleDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 35
  • 36. bacilli. Livingston stored away in her memory that this and Much5 held, as did LEsperance, that it was caused bypathologist—Dr Elise LEsperance—was probably right a peculiar form of tuberculosis, such as fowl tuberculosis,but would have a difficult time gaining acceptance for and debate over the infectious cause of Hodgkins waxedher findings. the hottest of all the cancers. By 1931, LEsperance was seeing "acid fast" Into this arena LEsperance stepped in 1931, with fewtuberculosis-like bacteria riddling her Hodgkins cancer listening. Her article "Studies in Hodgkins Disease" wastissue samples. That germ, once injected into guinea published in Annals of Surgery.6 It proved to be the onepigs, caused them to come down with Hodgkins, too, legacy that no one, not even Ewing (who would soon diefulfilling Kochs postulates. She brought her stained from a self-diagnosed cancer), could take away.slides to former teacher and prominent Cornell cancerpathologist Dr James Ewing, "the father of oncology". He Dr Virginia Livingston and cancers true causeinitially confirmed that her tissue slides indeed showed Our [cancer] cultures were scrutinized over and over again.Hodgkins. But when he found out that her samples Strains were sent to many laboratories for identification. Nonecame through guinea pig inoculation with fowl could really classify them. They were something unknown.tuberculosis which she had found in humans with They had many forms but they always grew up again to be theHodgkins, Ewing, visibly upset, said that the slide same thing no matter how they were cultured. They resembledsamples then could not be cancer. the mycobacteria more than anything else. The tubercle bacillus This reaction betrayed his chequered history as a high- is a mycobacterium or fungoid bacillus.placed medical politician. In – Virginia Livingston, 197271907, you could haveapproached Dr James Ewing Virginia Wuerthele-Caspeabout a cancer germ and he Livingston was born in 1906 inwould have embraced you over By 1931, LEsperance was Meadville, Pennsylvania, andit. Was it not Ewing who at one seeing "acid fast" went on to obtain impeccabletime had proclaimed that credentials. Graduating fromtuberculosis followed Hodgkins tuberculosis-like bacteria Vassar College, she received hercancer "like a shadow"? riddling her Hodgkins MD degree from New York But a few years later, Ewing University. The first femalesent a sword through the heart cancer tissue samples. medical resident ever in Newof an infectious cause of cancer York City, in time Livingstonwith Neoplastic Diseases,2 becoming became a school physician inan ambitious zealot for radiation Newark, New Jersey, where onetherapy with the directorship of what would one day day a staff nurse asked for medical assistance.become the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center The nurse had already been diagnosed with Raynaudssquarely on his mind. His entry lay in the hands of syndrome: the tips of her fingers were ulcerated and bledprominent philanthropist James Douglas. A vote for intermittently. Livingston diagnosed scleroderma, butEwing, Douglas knew, was a vote for continued radiation upon further examination she noticed a hole in the nasaland so Douglas began sizeable uranium extraction septum, something she had seen previously in theoperations from Colorado mines through his company, mycobacterial diseases TB and leprosy.Phelps Dodge, Inc.3 So Livingston approached dermatologist Dr Eva Soon, Sloans predecessor became known as a radium Brodkin and New Jersey pathologist Dr Roy Allen forhospital and went from an institution with a census of confirmation, all the while convinced that mycobacterialless than 15 per cent of cancer patients—separated by infection was causing the scleroderma. She thenpartition, lest their disease spread to others—to a performed cultures from a sterile nasal swab, andveritable cancer centre. But the very history of radiation mycobacteria appeared everywhere. When she injectedrevealed its flaws: by the early 1900s, nearly 100 cases of the mycobacteria into experimental chicks and guinealeukaemia had been documented in radium recipients, pigs, all but a couple died. During the autopsies,and not long thereafter it was determined that Livingston observed that the guinea pigs had indeedapproximately 100 radiologists had contracted that developed the hardened skin patches of scleroderma...cancer due to radium exposure.4 Still, Ewing, by now an some of which were cancerous.8honorary member of the American Radium Society, Livingston, now possessed, solicited fresh sterilepersisted. specimens of cancer from any operating room that would Elise LEsperance was anything but alone in linking give them to her. All cancer tissues yielded the sameHodgkins to a germ called fowl tuberculosis. acid-fast mycobacteria. Allen confirmed her findings.Historically, Dr Carl Sternberg himself, co-discoverer of Livingston then found that she could actuallyHodgkins trademark Reed–Sternberg cell, believed that differentiate malignant from benign tissues by theirHodgkins was caused by tuberculosis. Both Fraenkel tuberculous mycobacterial content.936 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 37. But still the explanation for why the cancer germ tuberculosis that passed through a filter causedshowed so many different forms was elusive. Hodgkins cancer.10 This was subsequently supported in Virginia Livingston tried as she might, but part of her studies by Beinhauer, Mellon and Fisher. 11, 12 Mellonproblem in obtaining an American validation of her prophetically warned that tuberculosis could assumemulti-shaped cancer germ lay firmly entrenched in the both its characteristic red acid-fast forms as well as itshistory of medicine, especially in the constantly changing blue nonacid-fast forms, indistinguishable from commonfield of microbiology. Louis Pasteur could handle being germs such as staphylococci, fungi and corynebacteria,quickly rushed off a Paris Academy of Sciences podium to and that this would surely perplex modernescape harsh reaction to his suggestion that childrens microbiologists.milk be boiled first before drinking, but he could not When the American medical establishment chose totolerate his rival Antoine Béchamps statement that a ignore these studies, Alexander-Jackson warned that a so-single bacterium could assume many, many forms. called cure for TB could be short-lived, as classical TBHowever, on his deathbed, Pasteur apparently changed rods, for the moment gone underground as a nonacid-his mind when he said "The terrain is everything"— fast form, could resurface one day and spring backmeaning that the culture or milieu which the bacteria towards destruction. The medical orthodoxy had nogrew on or in could change their shape serious time for Alexander-Jackson oror characteristics. But it was too late, her discoveries, but this would notand even today most conventional disturb her as long as she focused onmicrobiologists deny the existence of tuberculosis and its cousin, leprosy.such form-changing (or pleomorphic) Virginia Livingston But when she shifted her focus towardsgerms. Livingstons cancer germ, the Dr Robert Koch, "the father of tried as she might, orthodoxy would move to destroy her.bacteriology" and discoverer of but part of She simply posed too great a threat.tuberculosis, could have helped. Whenhe first worked with anthrax bacteria, her problem in Recognition at lasthe noticed that anthraxs classical rod By December 1950, Livingston, whoshapes became thread-like inside the obtaining an would go on to write over 17 peer-blood of laboratory mice, and then, American reviewed articles by the end of herafter multiplying, they changed again career, wrote together with Alexander-into the same assumed spore-like validation of her Jackson and four other prominentforms that he later documented in multi-shaped researchers what still stands as atuberculosis as well. milestone on the infectious nature Aware of what she faced, yet cancer germ lay of cancer.13undismayed, Virginia Livingston firmly entrenched At the American Medicalmethodically went about proving Associations 1953 New Yorkcancers true cause. First in her in the history of convention, participants wereline of attack were the long- medicine... particularly riveted by an exhibitsuspected and well-publicised of Livingstons cancer germ, live.tumour agents of Rous, Bittner On the TV screen above, theand Shope. By photomicrographs, cancer germs seemedLivingston and her group indestructible, surviving a five-daydemonstrated acid-fast experience of intolerable heatmycobacterial forms in each of from closed-circuit microscopy.these so-called "viral" cancers. These included the famed The press, muzzled by Sloan–Ketterings head, DrRous chicken sarcoma. Cornelius Rhoads, was not allowed to interview Early on, Livingston had decided that she needed help Livingston or report on this exhibit.14in validating her cancer germ, and nobody knew the As Livingston and Alexander-Jacksons work on theshapes and staining capacities of mycobacteria-related cancer germ became more and more convincing,germs better than bacteriologist Dr Eleanor Alexander- opponents of their work surfaced and became more andJackson of Cornell. As far back as 1928, Alexander- more vocal.Jackson had discovered unusual and, up to that point, Yet with recognition came visitors. Dr George Clark, aunrecognised forms of the TB bacillus, including its pathologist from Scranton, Pennsylvania, told Livingstonfilterable forms. that he had cultured Dr Thomas Glovers famed cancer By 1951, Alexander-Jackson was considered the expert germ from human cancer and developed metastasisingTB microbiologist at Cornell. tumours in animals from it. Clark assured Livingston that In the same year, another American, Dr H. C. Sweany, Glover was onto the same bacterial pathogen that sheproposed that both the granular and other forms of was.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 37
  • 38. Dr Glovers anti-cancer serum now based at New Yorks Murdock Foundation. Glover Clark knew Glover as part of an investigative team of was under investigation and McCoy wanted him to repeatthe US Public Health Service (USPHS), headed by Dr his work, this time under Health Service surveillance andGeorge W. McCoy in 1929. Glover had just become too in Washington. Glover complied, and he and his teamwell known to be ignored. His cancer serum was working. went to the nations capital to prove their case at whatMuch was at stake. The country was already committed was soon to become the National Institute of the idea that cancer could not possibly be an McCoy, the investigator, was impressed by Gloversinfectious disease, and Glover was saying that he had work, and instead of coming down on Glover he issued inalready isolated the cancer germ. Actually, he had not, 1937 a letter to Surgeon General Thomas Parran, whichbut few would believe that it was really Glovers young, spoke in glowing terms of the great importance andtobacco-chewing assistant, Thomas Deaken, who had significance of Glovers cancer findings. Soon thereafter,isolated it. McCoy was abruptly and mysteriously replaced by Dr R. Deaken had worked his way up New Yorks health and H. system from the most menial Dr Parran, a product of orthodoxpositions to laboratory assistant. With medicine, had a definite agenda. Theneither formal medical nor scientific question before him was whether ortraining, he nevertheless learned Mankiewicz not not to publish Glovers now finishedlaboratory protocol. Incredibly, Deaken only showed the Washington report, and Parran,engineered a geranium-based culture despite continued committeemedium, managing to grow out acid- cancer germ in approval, was not about to. This sentfast tubercular bacteria. Then he malignant tissue Glover into a cold rage, which endedinoculated mice and dogs, producing with his walking away fromcancer with metastatic spread in every but significantly Washington to publish In the meantime, Glovers serum, Some time between 1917 and 1918, demonstrated how which had helped and saved so many,Deaken produced specific anti-cancer it probably evolved was subjected to cursory animalsera by injecting horses with the studies and a review without clinicalhuman cancer germ. Moreover, from tuberculosis trials before being condemned bythe sera worked whether in and related micro- government agencies.prevention or cure of cancer in his Glover eventually returned tolaboratory animals.15 But Deaken organisms when Canada, but he would neverhad come to the point where he some of the viral answer questions as to just whatneeded someone to lend had happened in America.credibility to his work, and that phages that livedsomeone came in the form of Dr in them jumped Focus on breast cancerThomas J. Glover of Toronto, Virginia Livingston now wentCanada. germs... specifically after breast cancer. It will always be to Glovers She had 30 sterile cancerouscredit that he saw the importance breasts transported fromand application of Deakens work operating rooms to her lab andfrom day one. A contract was isolated cancers from each breast.quickly drawn up and executed. Glover rushed back to When axillary tissue from under the arm was supplied,open a cancer clinic in Toronto. The serum worked in she cut the cancerous portion from this as well.many but not all cases. However, as Glovers reputation Livingston and Alexander-Jackson found the cancer germgrew, so too did the interest in him from Canadas everywhere; and in the case of underarm glands, evenmedical establishment. A subpoena was issued, giving when the pathology report was negative, the cancerhim 21 days to submit a full presentation of his micro-organism surfaced.18treatment. But Glover was not cooperating. He was in Meanwhile, Cornelius Rhoads, a champion of toxictrouble and would soon be chased out of Canada.16 chemotherapy, had replaced Ewing at Sloan. The head of In 1926, and now in the USA, Glover had his paper chemical warfare during the Korean War, Rhoads was"Progress in Cancer Research" published.17 It presented deeply committed to chemotherapy and the huge grantsover 50 cases, most of which went into remission with his it brought from the pharmaceutical industry.serum. It sparked additional notoriety, both in America It is poorly recognised that the chemotherapy orand abroad. "chemo" used against cancer began as a weapon of mass In 1929, Livingstons friend Dr George Clark joined Dr destruction par excellence. When the Axis folded at the endMcCoy, then head of the Hygienic Laboratory of the of World War II, nitrogen mustard, declassified, first cameUSPHS. Their intended destination: Glovers laboratory, under real medical scrutiny for cancer treatment.38 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 39. It was initially evaluated for lymphosarcoma in mice, How bacteria cause cancerbut human studies soon followed as more and more By 1965, Dr Edith Mankiewicz, Director of Laboratoriesvariants of nitrogen mustard were concocted and tried.19 at Montreals Royal Edward Chest Hospital and AssistantOther related classes of chemotherapeutic agents Professor of Bacteriology at McGill University, hadfollowed, and so did their repercussions. Most had the established the existence of mycobacteria-like germspotential to cause a second, entirely different, cancer.20 inside cancer by examining human cancer tissue. In theEven tamoxifen, first synthesised in 1962, when used for bibliography of one of her landmark papers is referencethe treatment of breast cancer was associated with a to a personal communication with Dr Eleanor Alexander-twofold to threefold increased risk of cancers of the Jackson.23uterus lining (endometrial cancers), some of which were One of the cancers under Mankiewiczs trained eye washigh grade with a poor forecast.21 lung cancer. Lung cancer, or bronchogenic cancer, was Nevertheless, Rhoads remained committed to the first reported in the 19th century at a time when it wastreatment and at the same time prepared a series of practically unknown, while mycobacterial disease of themajor roadblocks to stop Livingston. In 1950, he had lung, primarily tuberculosis, was so rampant as to bebarred her from presenting her paper on the cancer germ called "white plague" or, in certain circles, "captain of theat the symposium of the New York Academy of Sciences men of death".by discrediting Dr Irene Diller, the symposiums sponsor, By the middle of the 17th century, one in five deathsthe chief editor of the respected journal Growth and a was due to tuberculosis, and at the end of the 19thprominent cancer researcher. Diller, like many others, century there was fear that it would destroy the very fabrichad accepted a gift from a pharmaceutical house at one of civilisation in Europe.point. So difficult was it to Livingston had come across differentiate tuberculosis fromDiller in a Life magazine article the newly discoveredwhich discussed a Philadelphia It is poorly recognised bronchogenic cancer that it wascancer researcher who was that the chemotherapy only after cases first mistakenlyobserving strange fungus-like diagnosed as lung cancer werefilaments protruding from cancer or "chemo" used against operated on that the benefits ofcells. Livingston and Alexander- cancer began as a weapon surgical resection ofJackson convinced Diller that her tuberculosis were recognised.24fungal forms (the prefix "myco-" of mass destruction Mankiewicz not only showedin mycobacterium denotes a par excellence. the cancer germ in malignantgerm with fungal properties) tissue but significantlywere part and parcel of the demonstrated how it probablycancer microbe, and that crucial evolved from tuberculosis andto the microbes identification was acid-fast staining. related micro-organisms when some of the viral phages Alexander-Jacksons elation over the groups infectious that lived in them jumped germs, bringing geneticbreast cancer findings came to an abrupt halt when she materials which altered the target germs virulence andwas informed by her private physician, Dr Frank Adair, made them drug resistant.that she had breast cancer. A radical mastectomy was In fact, beneath her microscope lay a pictorial of howperformed at Sloan–Kettering on Adairs advice. the cancer germ emerged from TB-like bacilli to create While anxiously waiting for the outcome, Livingston pre-malignant change in mammalian tissue.25heard her name paged on Sloans overhead intercom. By 1970, Sakai Inoue, a PhD from Maebashi, Japan, andRhoads wanted to speak to her regarding Alexander- Dr Marcus Singer, from Case Westerns developmentalJacksons ongoing surgery. It was urgent. Alexander- biology centre, had completed the single mostJackson was still in the operating room. In Rhoadss convincing study of how bacteria cause cancer altogether,office, the two adversaries faced off. Incredibly, Rhoads with TB-like mycobacteria.was asking for permission to go after a cancerous lymph Supported by grants from the American Cancer Societynode deep in the middle of Eleanors chest. Livingston and the National Institutes of Health, their study26 usedbristled. cold-blooded animals, namely the newt or salamander "We have been looking for a tumor such as she has," and the frog. But similar studies showed its applicabilitysaid Rhoads. to mice27 and humans.28, 29 Apparently, a radical mastectomy was not enough. He According to Inoue and Singer:was seeking permission to try a new surgical technique to An organism similar to the mycobacterium described here hasgo after the deep chest node. Livingston had had been isolated and cultured from tumors and blood of tumorousenough. Just the thought of the cruel, disfiguring mammals, including man, and when injected into mice andprocedure made her sick. "Not on your life," she shot guinea pigs has been reported to yield a chronic granulomatousback as she left.22 disease, neoplasm [cancer], or some intergrade.30DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 39
  • 40. Back in the spring of 1953, Dr Sakai Inoue noticed an contaminants such as staphylococcus or streptococcusadult salamander with a hard mass on its stomach. He for the cancer germ...but it did not.removed the mass, which turned out to be malignant. Continued next issue...Then he injected tissue from the mass into healthyanimals. Again, cancer developed. In the work that About the Author:followed, Inoue and Singer knew from electron Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD, is an internist and medicalmicrographs that bacteria were involved, bacteria which researcher. He was on staff at New York affiliate hospitals ofstained acid fast: mycobacteria. Inoue inoculated three SUNY Downstate, Cornell and New York universities for wellother types of mycobacteria into healthy animals. All over a decade, his work including extensive treatmentcame down with cancer—something that did not happen immediately prior to and in the midst of Americas AIDSwhen other germs such as staphylococcus or epidemic. In conjunction with colleagues in San Franciscostreptococcus were used. Amazingly, Inoue and Singer and at the University of Nebraska, he first pursued, as leadeven noted regressions in some of the cancers, especially author and originator, a novel technique to kill AIDSif very dilute solutions of the germs were used to initiate mycobacteria with outstanding results (see The Journal ofthem. Furthermore, since cancers stemming from Infectious Diseases 2002 Oct 15; 186[8]:1155-60). Recently he"carcinogens" were structurally identical to mycobacteria- contributed a chapter regarding these findings in Sleator andinduced cancers, the investigators suggested that such Hills textbook Patho-biotechnology, published by Landes"carcinogens" might merely be factors that activate pre- Bioscience. Dr Broxmeyers research covers the mostexisting infection.31 The phages inside mycobacteria are challenging medical problems of our times, including AIDS,viruses known to be activated by carcinogens such as UV Alzheimers disease, bird flu, cancer, Creutzfeldt–Jakob andlight and chemicals.32 Mankiewicz, five years previously, "mad cow" diseases, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsonshad shown that these phages, once activated, could disease, swine flu, tuberculosis and more. He is the foundercause pre-malignant changes in mammalian tissue.33 and director of The NY Institute of Medical Research in Inoue and Singers study should have convinced Bayside, New York, USA. Dr Broxmeyer can be contacted byLivingstons opponents once and for all of the veracity of email at nyinstituteofmedicalresearch and viaher results, and that she was not mistaking common his website tuberculosis of hypoderm and lymph 22. Livingston, Cancer: A New Breakthrough,1. Livingston, Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe, glands", Arch Dermatol Syph 1938; 37:451-60 op. cit.MD, Cancer: A New Breakthrough, Nash 12. Mellon RR, Fisher LW, "New studies on 23. Mankiewicz E, "Bacteriophages thatPublishing, Los Angeles, 1972 the filterability of pure cultures of the Lyse Mycobacteria and Corynebacteria, and2. Ewing J, Neoplastic Diseases: A Textbook on tubercle group of micro-organisms", J Infect Show Cytopathogenic Effect on TissueTumors, WB Saunders, Philadelphia, 1919, Dis 1932; 51:117-28 Cultures of Renal Cells of Cercopithecus aethiops:2nd edition 13. Wuerthele-Caspe V, Alexander-Jackson A Preliminary Communication", Can Med3. Rusch HP, "The beginnings of cancer E et al., "Cultural properties and Assoc J 1965 Jan 2; 92(1):31-3research centers in the United States", J Natl pathogenicity of certain microorganisms 24. Dubos R, The White Plague: Tuberculosis,Cancer Inst 1985; 74(2):391-403 obtained from various proliferative and Man, and Society, Rutgers University Press,4. Hunter D, The Diseases of Occupations, Little, neoplastic diseases", Am J Med Sci 1950; New Brunswick, NJ, 1987Brown & Company, Boston, 1978, 6th 220(6):638-46 25. Mankiewicz, op. cit.edition 14. Livingston, Cancer: A New Breakthrough, 26. Inoue S, Singer M, "Experiments on a5. Fraenkel E, Much H, "Über die op. cit. spontaneously originated visceral tumor inHodgkinsche Krankheit (Lymphomatosis 15. Boesch M, The Long Search for the Truth the Newt, Triturus pyrrhogaster", Ann N Y Acadgranulomatosa), insbesondere deren about Cancer, GP Putnams Sons, New York, Sci 1970; 174:729-64Ätiologie" ["About Hodgkins disease 1960 27. Aaronson JD, "Spontaneous(Lymphomatosis granulomatosa), 16. ibid. tuberculosis in salt water fish", J Infect Disparticularly its aetiology"], Z Hyg 1910; 17. Glover TJ, "Progress in Cancer Research", 1926; 39:31567:159-200 Canada Lancet and Practitioner 1926; 67:5 28. Wuerthele-Caspe VE, Alexander-Jackson6. LEsperance E, "Studies in Hodgkins 18. Livingston, Cancer: A New Breakthrough, E, Smith LW, "Some aspects of theDisease", Ann Surg 1931; 93:162-8 op. cit. microbiology of cancer", J Am Med Wom Assoc7. Livingston, Cancer: A New Breakthrough, op. 19. Goodman LS, Gilman A (eds), The 1953; 8:7-12cit. Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Macmillan, 29. Alexander-Jackson EA, "A specific type8. ibid. New York, 1975, 5th edition of microorganism isolated from animal and9. Wuerthele-Caspe V, "Presence of 20. Skirvin JA, Relias V, Koeller J, "Long-term human cancer: Bacteriology of theconsistently recurring invasive sequelae of cancer chemotherapy", Highlights organism", Growth 1954; 18:37-51mycobacterial forms in tumor cells", N Y Oncol Practice 1996; 14(2):26-34 30. Inoue and Singer, op. cit.Microscop Soc Bull 1948; 2:5-18 21. Pukkala E, Kyyrönen P et al., "Tamoxifen 31. Inoue and Singer, ibid.10. Sweany HC, "Mutation forms of the and toremifene treatment of breast cancer 32. Lwoff A, Biological order (Karl Taylortubercle bacillus", JAMA 1928; 87:1206-11 and risk of subsequent endometrial cancer: Compton Lecture Series), The MIT Press,11. Beinhauer LG, Mellon RR, a population-based case-control study", Int J Cambridge, MA, 1962"Pathogenesis of noncaseating epithelioid Cancer 2002; 100(3):337-41 33. Mankiewicz, op. cit.40 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 41. DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 41
  • 42. 42 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 43. NEWS NEWS SCIENCE THE CLEM ENGINE REBORN increase, the fluid heated up, the fact that Clem first tried engine oil © by Jerry W. Decker, requiring a heat exchange and filtering but found it would break down too 8 November 2009 process. At a certain velocity, the soon due to the high heat produced rotating cone became independent of by the engine, so he used Mazola ack in the mid-1970s, inventor the drive system and began to operate cooking oil which would operate overB Richard Clem was working for the city of Dallas, Texas, operating heavyequipment when he noticed that a heated of itself. The engine ran at speeds of 1800 to 2300 RPM—literally capturing a "tornado in a box". many months at the requisite 300+°F. Recent developmentsasphalt sprayer for paving streets would Shortly after, Richard Clem died Another four years passed with nocontinue running for many minutes after from a heart attack. I was told that his new information coming in about thethe gas engine was turned off. This papers and models had been Clem engine until around Halloweenaroused his curiosity, and from this he removed. Richards son is said to 2009. I received an email asking whatdesigned and built a closed system engine have taken the only working model of had happened to the pictures of thethat was purported to generate 350 HP and the machine to a farm near Dallas. red car that Clem had built. It wasrun itself. There it was buried under 10 feet of from Jim Ray, an ex-aerospace The engine weighed about 200 concrete and has supposedly been engineer. In a subsequent phone call,pounds [90 kilograms] and ran on running at that depth for several he told me he had worked withcooking oil at a temperature of 300°F years. So I was told by my first source. Richard Clem for a while and helped[~149°C]. He installed the engine in a In later conversations, our contact him build motor no. 4, which couldntmodified automobile chassis and said that the engine had been tested duplicate the efficiency of the originaldrove the car up and down Central by the Bendix Corporation. The test motor which Clem had destroyed.Expressway in Dallas, and even took a involved attaching the engine to a According to Richards daughtertrip to El Paso and back. This dynamometer to measure the amount Teresa, Clems second wife hadsensational discovery was in the news of horsepower (HP) generated by the trashed all of his work and sold off hisat the time. engine in its self-running mode. It equipment. Teresa told me she had I was told the engine consisted of a generated a consistent 350 HP (the managed to get a working blueprint,cone mounted on a horizontal axis fact was, it was 325 HP) for nine but Jim says he doubts it because(we later found out it was vertical). consecutive days, which astounded Clem was very paranoid and refusedThe shaft which supported the cone the engineers from Bendix. They to write down anything that wouldwas hollow, and the cone had concluded that the only source of reveal his secret. That made somespiralling channels cut into it. These energy which could generate this sense, except that Teresa told me shewound around the cone, terminating much power in a closed system over an had often helped her dad draw upat the cone base in the form of nozzles extended period must be either of an plans and she had one of those(rim jets). Construction of the engine atomic nature or from a small hidden drawings, yet when I met with her shewas from off-the-shelf components, internal combustion engine. said she had signed a contract withexcept for the hollow shaft and the I really question both of these her lawyer and a professor at somecustom cone with the enclosed spiral conclusions because anything atomic local university but admitted thatchannels. would require extensive lead none of them had a clue as to how the When fluid was pumped into the shielding, and the hidden small engine worked.hollow shaft at pressures ranging from engine suspicion makes no sense Following this first phone call from300 to 500 PSI, it moved into the because 1 HP = 746 W, so 325 HP is Jim Ray, we exchanged many emailsclosed spiralling channels of the cone about 243 kW. We all know how big a and he sent me about 20 documentsand exited from the nozzles. This home emergency power generator is of his companys work with what heaction added to the spin of the cone. and it only produces 3–10 kW, so I knew of the Clem engine and how heAs the velocity of the fluid increased, have to discount that suspicion. had taken it much further, buildingso did the rotational speed of the The years passed and we acquired several working models which werecone. As the speed continued to scraps of further information, such as tested and validated in 2004 by NASADECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 43
  • 44. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEand the Oak Ridge National valves for controlling the fluid flow; A group came over from Taiwan andLaboratory. these were installed in the red car took footage of the car running up and Jim Ray is president of Micro- depicted in the photos. That car was down the road.Combustion, Inc., and I have been in an old Ford. It was driven around Engine no. 4 was the one on whichextensive correspondence with him to town and was eventually discarded Jim Ray assisted, including in gettingcreate a website with the intention of when the crankshaft became twisted some of the old parts from the scrapgetting the word out about this beyond repair. Richard was also afraid iron pile. It was built and put into thediscovery and to make plans to market that the Ford Motor Company would same old car in the grass becausethis engine. If you want to learn more lay claim to his engine. Needless to Richard had now removed any trace ofabout this rebirth of the Clem engine, say, Richard was very protective of and the serial numbers from that car framevisit the website www.micro- very secretive about his invention. and body. This fourth engine and read the various The third engine was placed in the considered the new, improved versiondocuments. old car body sitting in the grass. This of his hydraulic motor. It was more To quote from the History page of car was demonstrated at the Texas difficult to start; in fact, the battery-the website: "The first engine built by State Fair and received national and powered starter would not start. JimRichard Clem was an engine he built international attention. then pushed Richard up and down theand tested in his shop. That engine It was at this time that Richard Clem road, driving his old work truck to gethad no control valves or any means of started to receive many threats on his the old car engine started. Thiscontrolling the RPMs, or closing off life, including bomb scares. Jim Ray engine would not run very long beforethe fluid flow from the hydraulic was there and witnessed most of it, going dead.pump. On the first test, it started including one bomb scare. Then One Saturday afternoon in Mayrunning faster and faster, and that was someone came down from 1978, Jim was with Richard when hewhen Richard cleared the shop. The Washington and verified what Richard stated that he thought hed figuredengine RPMs continued to increase had built and demonstrated, and out where he had gone wrong fromuntil it blew up." stated that he would not live 30 days the first-generation engines. The next For further information, Google if he did not destroy the engine. morning, Richard had a heart attack"keelynet clem" and review the photos Richard did so, but he hid some of the and died. He had never determinedof Clems cars and engines. Find the crucial parts in an old scrap iron pile the chemistry or physics of the enginephotos with the two cars (one red and located in the back of his shop. The and had never developed it far enoughone in the grass) and the graphic of Bendix Corporation sent two people to prove out all the scientificthe original Clem turbine with to test the engine for emissions of any knowledge and engineering theoriesnumbers. particulate for nine days straight, 24 for the purposes of patent filing and The second engine was built with hours per day. commercialisation.44 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 45. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEThe CIBC Engine battle to document and validate the including automotive; As previously stated, this fourth molecular dissociation process using • can be downsized withoutengine was different from the first micro-bubble cavitation. compromising power output.three, as validated by a third party Another quote from the Micro- As you can see, this engine is forfrom San Antonio. Combustion website further real and is the next incarnation of the Several years and many different elucidates how the engine works: original Richard Clem engine.configurations later, Jim Ray "The Cavitation-Ignition Bubble No doubt you can see manyduplicated this particular engine and Combustion (CIBC) engine is a new correlations throughout history andthen over some years tried to figure discovery in green energy technology today: Keelys molecular dissociationout what the first engines actual that holds the potential to replace and his cavitation engine,configuration was and how it was fossil fuel altogether... Schaubergers Zokwendle implosiondifferent from this new-generation "The basic idea behind this new engine, Griggss hydrosonics, andengine. However, this engine was the engine is simple but revolutionary: it several more theories and inventionsone that produced 10 HP of torque, as utilizes a small air bubble in a fluid which add credence to this new Clemdocumented by NASA and Oak Ridge (the fuel) as the combustion chamber engine understanding.lab in southern Louisiana. to compress, ignite, and capture the Imagine an engine the size of a It was in 2005 that a NASA scientist energy (heat) released by the basketball running your car, truck,and Jim Ray saw on the Internet the combustion of the fuel-air contents of boat, etc.. And it is scalable, meaningpicture of the actual first engine and the bubble. that the bigger it is, the more power itnoticed it had a double chamber. "The fuel also happens to be the produces, so we could power trains, Jim then figured out how to build working fluid, which drives the turbine shipping freighters, even aeroplanes,this engine with the double chamber, blades to extract power. but the best part is to hook it up to abut did not have sufficient funds or The CIBC engine can run on just generator and produce all the powershop capability to complete or rebuild about any liquid hydrocarbon fuel, for your home.this design, instead concentrating on including plant, mineral, or recycled This rebirth of the Clem engine inthe physics and chemistry of the oils. the form of the Cavitation-Ignitionoriginal engine. "Although the CIBC engine can Bubble Combustion (CIBC) engine by Richard had claimed that it was a operate on petroleum-based fuels, the folks at Micro-Combustion, Inc. isperpetual motion engine but, since they are not required. Its ability to a major stepping stone on the path tothere is no such thing, Jim felt there operate on alternative liquid fuels cheap, clean energy—and I will do allwas some unknown factor in the holds the potential, if fully realized, to I can to help them complete theirequations of the laws of physics. transform the transportation sector by work and get these amazing engines The company has now postulated a reducing or eliminating our nations on the market. ∞theory complying with these reliance on domestic or importedequations and laws as to what made petroleum-based fuels..." About the Author:Richards engine run without air Some advantages of the Micro- J erry Decker is the creator of theinduction and/or combustion of any Combustion CIBC engine are: KeelyNet alternative science website, setgiven amount or type of fuel. See the • combustion of a small vapour/air up in 1988 as the KeelyNet BBS beforepaper by Dr John Scott and Jim Ray bubble hydrodynamically; moving to the Internet in 1996 asentitled "Dissociation of the • no greenhouse gas emissions; For 25 years, Jerry workedMolecules in the Vapor of a Bubble • hydraulic and rotary in operating as an electronic technician in charge ofProduced in the Process of Cavitation" principle; the technical support department for(www.micro-combustion. • no need for fossil fuel; three photo-finishing labs until hecom/drscott.html). • can use any type of oil or fluids in moved to Mexico in 2001. He has been Jim Ray continued to study the an unrefined state; an avid participant in alternative scienceClem engine and better understand • compatible with our present conferences over the years and has builtthe principles behind its operation. service depot infrastructure; a network of associates and contacts whoPatent applications were filed and • no exotic materials required; share information and research.have since been updated with the • very few moving parts; The complete version of his article isimportant discoveries of Drs Nguyen • compact and lightweight; posted at Scott (see Articles and Tests on • low cost to manufacture; energy/clemreborn.html. Jerry Deckersthe website). • more efficient than internal first report on Richard Clems engine was So you can see the progression over combustion or diesel engine; published in NEXUS, vol. 5, no. 1, intime has been a long, hard-fought • universal in usage applications, 1998.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 45
  • 46. NEXUS Magazine - the first 20 years now on one DVD! This DVD contains every article, letter, review, and news item from vol. 1, no. 1 to vol. 15, no 1 (1987-2007). Each item is a text- searchable pdf file, meaning you can search the entire contents of everything we have ever published. To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com46 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 47. DOWN INTO THE GIZA UNDERGROUND he Great Pyramid of Giza is the only surviving wonder of the ancient T world. It is also unique in that, for centuries, it has been the subject of intense intrigue and speculation, far beyond the scope of the actual discoveries that have been made in and around the structure. The pyramids on the Giza Plateau, just outside the Egyptian capital Cairo, remained largely unexplored until the 19th century, when the inner chambers were finally penetrated. Since then, there have been continuous claims that the Great Pyramid, specifically, contains still-undiscovered A vast network of chambers. Indeed, by far the most prominent series of recent investigations caves and tunnels is were robotic explorations of the so-called "air shafts" that run from the Queens Chamber, which revealed a sequence of two tiny doors. The believed to exist discovery has reignited the debate about the possible existence of more chambers, although archaeological work on this project is particularly slow within the Giza to progress. Plateau, but so far The pyramids on top of the Giza Plateau are so special and intriguing that the rest of the plateau has received less attention. Still, it is to be expected the Egyptian that the reason why pyramids were built here is because the Giza Plateau authorities have was already held to be sacred by the ancient Egyptians. And this means that there is something on the plateau that would have given it its sacred nature. refused to give That "something" is likely to be the plateau itself and the network of natural cavities that are a typical trademark of limestone formations. credence to the idea Most of the attention when it comes to underground structures in Giza has or conduct scientific gone to one man: Edgar Cayce. In the 1920s, this American psychic predicted the presence of a Hall of Records near the Sphinx, which was explorations. prophesied to contain information about the lost civilisation of Atlantis. Since then, dozens of books have been written about this prophecy alone, but, so far, no Hall of Records has been discovered. Yet slowly, the underground of the Giza Plateau is beginning to surrender some of its secrets...and these suggest that whats underneath the plateau might be just as interesting, if not more, than what is on top. In 1998, Egyptian authorities revealed the existence of a so-called Tomb of Osiris on the Giza Plateau. Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld, and this rock-cut, tomb-like structure is interesting as it shows that the by Philip Coppens © 2009 ancient Egyptians drilled deep into the ground to create sanctuaries for the dead. Unfortunately, the structures lower levels are currently inhibited from PO Box 13722 being explored because of underground water, due to the nearby presence of North Berwick EH39 4WB the River Nile. United Kingdom However, it is less well known that the Tomb of Osiris was discovered as Email: early as 1933–34 by Dr Selim Hassan. He reported that the tomb dates from the Saitic period (26th Dynasty, c. 600 BC), and he labelled it "the most extraordinary example of this type of hole". He noted that the first chamber Website: led to a second, in which there were seven niches, each containing a basalt sarcophagus, two of which were substantially larger than the others.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 47
  • 48. In what has become an unfortunate trend when it cavities and tunnels might link up and even connect tocomes to official announcements by some senior still unexplored "precious tombs": "The results of theEgyptologists, we thus find that the 1998 revelation is survey support the possibility of the presence ofbogus and that also, by that time, just two sarcophagi undisclosed relics, of high value." Abbas et al.survived, with no questions posed as to what had concluded: "...we can presume the existence of ahappened to the five others. As early as 1934, the third momentous diversity of archaeological structures at thechamber was already under water, but the clear water Pyramids plateau which remain, as yet, unexposed."still allowed Hassan to see additional sarcophagi.Hassan tried to clear the chamber, but, after four years Giza Cave System Rediscoveredof pumping, the water level had In August 2009, British authornot descended. Andrew Collins and researcher This is but one of several Nigel Skinner-Simpsonknown underground cavities. After some searching, they announced that they had madeLess well known is that one part found a small crack in the a fortuitous discovery on theof the Great Pyramid was built Giza Plateau: a cave systemon top of and incorporated a rock face that led into a explored by Henry Salt andnatural cavity, the so-called huge natural cave chamber Giovanni Caviglia in 1817,Grotto. This is located off the entered through a rock-cutWell Shaft that connects the which connected with tomb.Ascending Passage to the other cave compartments... Salt, the British Consul-Descending Passage. The Well General to Egypt, workingShafts purpose remains alongside the Italian explorerunclear, and the Grottos even and sea captain Caviglia, hadmore so. Often described as "an unusual feature" entered unknown "catacombs" at Giza, somewhere westbecause it is unique in pyramid design, the Grotto also of the pyramid field. However, the existence of thesecontains a large granite block: how it got there or why it caves was subsequently forgotten.was left remains unexplained. Colonel Howard Vyse, who conducted excavations on In 2006, a team led by Abbas Mohamed Abbas, of the the Giza Plateau in 1837, wrote about the tomb in hisNational Research Institute of Astronomy and 1840 book. 2 The site turned out to contain severalGeophysics, performed extensive ground-penetrating mummies of birds, which Vyse and engineer John Shaeradar (GPR) scans on various sections of the Giza Perring apparently removed.Plateau. The team discovered cavities deep within the Collins relocated the lost tomb in January 2007 in thebedrock, some down as far as 25 metres, with several company of his wife, Sue. They found little, other thantunnels at least three to five metres wide. In their further evidence of a local bird cult practised within thisreport, 1 Abbas et al. speculated that the individual structure. When Salts memoirs3 were finally published in 2007, Collins and Skinner-Simpson realised that they contained a detailed account of the exploration of the catacombs. The explorers had apparently penetrated "several hundred yards" into this structure before coming upon a spacious chamber that connected with three others of equal size, from which went labyrinthine passages. Caviglia later pursued one of these passages for a distance of "300 feet further" before giving up, the two men being put off by the fact that they had not found anything of value—no gold, no treasure, the primary obsession of these early pyramid explorers. On 3 March 2008, Sue and Andy Andrew Collins on investigation in Giza. Collins, together with Nigel Skinner-48 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 49. Simpson, went back to the newly baptised Tomb of the recorded on the plateau so far (despite the multitude ofBirds, having gained sponsorship from the Association rumours). Our caves, even if proved to be isolatedfor Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia (which we hope is not the case), prove that GizasBeach, Virginia, USA. geology does include a natural cave system, which is After some searching, they found a small crack in the arguably what Abbas could have been detecting on therock face that led into a huge natural cave chamber east side of the plateau in 2006. Salt records that thewhich connected with other cave compartments and a caves go for several hundred yards, then link withlong cave passage. chambers and passages, one of which Caviglia explored In short, the trio realised that their structure for 300 feet further. Note the word further. I say thiscoincided with the caves discovered in 1817. as people might try and say that what we found is all At present, no-one knows the total extent of the caves. there is to find, i.e., approximately 300 feet (90 metres)As mentioned, Salt and Caviglia never reached the end, of caves, and no more. We did not reach the end, andand so far Collins has been unsuccessful in interesting neither did Salt and Caviglia. We reckon that the cavesthe Egyptian authorities in this extend to beneath the Seconddiscovery. Pyramid. Chambers were detected Were the caves to continue beyond under the Second Pyramid by the SRIthe farthest point reached, they would [Stanford Research Institute] teammost likely head off in the direction of when they performed their scans ofthe Second Pyramid (the Pyramid of "We reckon that the structure in 1977."5Khafre), whose southwestern corner isonly 480 metres southwest from the the caves extend Emerald Tablets and Hidden Templesentrance to the Tomb of the Birds. Collins did learn from a guardian to beneath the The Collinses discovery is therefore part of a slowly emerging picture thatliving in the vicinity that the cave Second Pyramid. shows that the Giza undergroundsystem went on for many kilometres. Chambers were holds several more secrets. Indeed,The guardian added that it was Hawass himself, while drilling down inhaunted by a giant snake called el- detected under the front of the Sphinx temple in 1980,Hanash—the reason why he would struck red granite at a depth of 15not go down there himself. Second Pyramid by metres. Red granite is not native As such, his claim is hearsay the SRI team when to the Giza Plateau; the onlyand not based on factual source is Aswan, hundreds ofexploration. Still, there is a they performed miles to the south. The verytradition that existed through to their scans of the presence of red granite provesmediaeval times that either the that there is a man-madeGreat Pyramid or the Second structure in 1977." structure underneath the plateau.Pyramid was the Tomb of Collins writes in his newlyAgathodaimon, the "good spirit", released book Beneath the Pyramids6a Gnostic god in the form of a that he has also identifiedserpent which was said to another possible entrance to the"repose", or rest, beneath the Giza underground, in a well in aplateau. cemetery near the village of In his typically arrogant demeanour, the leader of the Nazlet el-Samman at Gebel Ghibli. The cemetery isSupreme Council of Antiquities, Dr Zahi Hawass, when largely off-limits and is obviously on sacred ground,confronted with news of Collinss discovery, claimed which will make any scientific excavations virtuallythat the structure had "recently" been explored by impossible.Egyptologists. He commented: "This story shows how The well is dedicated to the holy man Hamid el-people who do not have a background in archaeology Samman, and Collins suspects that el-Samman, aboutuse the media and the Internet to make headlines... which nothing is written, may be linked with the life of aWhen I saw this Internet story about a new discovery at Sufi master, Dhul-Nun al-Misri (759–859 AD), who isGiza, I knew it was misleading. The article reports that a known to have died at Giza.huge system of tunnels and caves has been found; Born in Akhmin in middle Egypt, he was also anhowever, I can say that there is no underground cave hermeticist who would have taken a great interest in thecomplex at this site."4 knowledge that Hermes Trismegistus, the legendary Collins has challenged Hawass to produce the founder of the hermetic tradition, was said to have beenscientific report proving that the structure has indeed buried somewhere in the vicinity of either the Greatbeen fully explored in recent years. Pyramid or the Second Pyramid. Interestingly, Hermes He notes: "Our caves are the only natural caves Trismegistus—equated with the Egyptian god Thoth—DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 49
  • 50. has been linked with the so-called Emerald Tablets, a The actual tomb of Menes, the great but mysteriousseries of artefacts said to contain all the knowledge in founder of remote Egypt, is also supposed to be withinthe world and which was referred to in ancient Egypt as the Sphinx."7The Book of Thoth. Then, in 1938, Cayce went to the same library-style The Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung identified one of the Hall of Records to gain a sitters past-life reading and,Emerald Tablets with a table made of green stone, while there, was "given a book that was very large (tallwhich he encountered in a series of dreams and visions and wide), beautifully bound but quite thin"8—perhapsbeginning at the end of 1912 and climaxing in his the very Book of Thoth, of which the ancient Egyptianswriting Seven Sermons to the Dead in 1916. One of the spoke?Emerald Tablets is linked with memory—as in the Hall In Beneath the Pyramids, Collins states:of Records about which Edgar Cayce spoke? "Clearly, these accounts, which are rarely published, For his new book, Collins also demonstrate that Caycesinvestigated "the Sleeping sleep hypnosis enabled him toProphet"—Cayce—and his case enter what he believed wasfor the Hall of Records. He argues ...Dr Selim Hassan some kind of astral hall ofthat Cayce, in his visions, concluded that a physical records...sometimes confused physical with "Thus it is possible thatimmaterial—other-dimensional— representation of the Duat, Cayces vision of an EgyptianHalls of Records. At the same the Egyptian Underworld, Hall of Records...was thoughttime, he has uncovered the fact of initially as a physicalthat Cayce did not make claims existed underneath the counterpart to the astral hallabout a physical Hall of Recordson the Giza Plateau in a void. Giza Plateau. of records accessed during sleep states."9 In 1913, the American Sundayedition of the Times of India As Above, So Belowcarried a feature on the excavations of American For millennia before the Great Pyramid wasarchaeologist George A. Reisner (1867–1942), who was constructed, caves were seen as veritable wombs ofat the time working in the vicinity of the Sphinx. Mother Earth, in which religious ceremonies occurred The article, which had previously appeared in the and intricate rock paintings were created. Indeed, whenBritish magazine The Sphere, speculated on the alleged looking at the interior of pyramids, with their narrowdiscovery by Reisner of "hidden temples within the entrances and long narrow corridors giving way to smallnatural rock of which the Sphinx is formed". It went on chambers, are we not confronted with man-made, highlyto say: "Not only is the head of the Sphinx occupied by artistic representations of cave systems?two small chambers, one superimposed above the The very name of the area in ancient times providesother, but the actual body of the Sphinx is also occupied links with a subterranean realm: Rostau, meaningby a larger pillar-lined temple with passages leading off "mouth of the passages" and "entrance to the windingin several directions. passages". It should therefore not come as a surprise that Dr Selim Hassan concluded that a physical representation of the Duat, the Egyptian Underworld, existed underneath the Giza Plateau. The Duat was the ancient Egyptian equivalent of the Greek Hades or the Christian Purgatory, a realm through which the soul of the deceased had to pass before it could join God. Hassan argued that it was specifically a description of the fourth and fifth hours of the night that would have been portrayed at Giza, if only because they relate to the kingdom of Sokar in Rostau. Collins concludes that the Tomb of The bright star Deneb setting down into the apex of the Second Pyramid as viewed the Birds which he found, and which from the summit of Gebel Gibli during the Pyramid Age. Note the stream of stars is known to have been a bird forming the Milky Way trailing up into the sky from around the base of the same cemetery, likely honoured a bird pyramid. (Picture copyright: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale, 2009). deity such as the falcon god Horus50 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 51. the Elder or the falcon-headed Sokar, the latter the Duat underneath the Giza Plateau then they mustespecially linked with Giza. have incorporated an underground canal system. Collins states that, based on the work of astronomer Campbells Tomb might be one enigmatic structure thatDr Ronald Wells and Egyptologist Dr Amanda-Alice could thus easily be explained within this newMaravelia, the ancient Egyptians of the Pyramid Age saw framework: that what we see above ground might notthe stars of Cygnus as the cosmic womb of the sky be nearly as exciting as what is waiting to be discoveredgoddess Nut, who was personified as the Milky Way. underneath the Giza Plateau.They argue that the Duat physically symbolised Nuits Collins should therefore be applauded for havingbody. The caves of Giza are therefore indeed likely to be brought the underground network of Giza to thecosmic wombs. attention of an international audience. B Within this framework, Deneb, Cygnuss brightest star, ut the attitude of the Egyptian authorities remainsmarked the entrance into, or exit from, the Duat. In the remarkable, to say the least, seeing that theysky, this is represented by the part of the Milky Way that themselves have official reports that show thatwe know today as the Cygnus Rift. Collins argues that something exciting might be waiting to be discovered inthis entrance would also be located the Giza underground. ∞on the Giza Plateau and wouldpotentially form the principal entrance About the Author:into the subterranean complex. Based in the UK, Philip Coppens has Also on the Giza Plateau is contributed 16 articles to NEXUS,Campbells Tomb. This enigmatic most recently "The Egyptologist, theshaft sunk into the plateau is often left Sphinx and the Cover-up" (see 16/05).unmentioned because its purpose is According to some He is the author of several books,obscure at best. including The New P yramid Age Recently, the structure did get some observers like (2007; reviewed in NEXUS 14/06).attention as its sides display erosion geologist Dr Robert He was a speaker at the 2007 NEXUSpatterns that are similar to those of Schoch, these erosion Conference in Queensland, Australia.the Sphinx enclosure. Philip Coppens can be contacted by According to some observers like patterns suggest that email at andgeologist Dr Robert Schoch, these the Sphinx is much via his websiteerosion patterns suggest that the is much older than the c. older than the c. 25002500 BC date which it is currently BC date which it is Endnotesgiven. currently given. 1. Abbas, Abbas Mohamed, EI- As French journalist Antoine said A. El-Sayed, Fathy A.Gigal has pointed out, the Shaaban and Tarek Abdel-Hafez,Belgian researchers Guy Mouny "Uncovering the Pyramidsand Guy Gruais posit that the Plateau–Giza Plateau–in agrooves of the structure look very Search for Archaeological Relicsmechanical and might have been by Utilizing Ground Penetratingused to raise or lower a platform Radar", NRIAG Journal ofthat was linked with a Geophysics, 2006 Special Issue,subterranean canal system pp. 2, 12underneath the plateau. This would suggest that the 2. Vyse, Col. R. W. Howard, Operations Carried on at theancient Egyptians had advanced understanding of Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837, James Fraser, London, 1840 (3hydraulics. vols) This also should not come as a major surprise, 3. Salt, Henry, The Sphinx Revealed: A Forgotten Record ofconsidering that extensive and advanced hydraulic Pioneering Excavations (Patricia Usick and Deborahengineering was carried out under Pharaoh Amenemhat Manley, editors), British Museum Press, London, 2007(1991–1962 BC) in the Fayum Oasis. Belgian researcher 4. Vandecruys has noted that the erosion patterns in 5. Personal email from Andrew Collins, 3 OctoberCampbells Tomb appear to be from standing water 2009inside the structure and not from rainwater erosion—as 6. Collins, Andrew, Beneath the Pyramids: Egypts Greatestis suggested for the Sphinx enclosure. Secret Uncovered, 4th Dimension Press, Virginia Beach, Knowing that the ancient Egyptians believed that USA, 2009travel in the Duat occurred by boat, and that depictions 7. Quoted in Collins, ibid., p. 11in The Book of the Dead show boats moving on canals in 8. Quoted in Collins, op. cit., p. 13the Underworld, if the Egyptians physically represented 9. Collins, op. cit., pp. 13-14DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 51
  • 52. T H E H AR M O N I C C O D E : UFOs, Antigravity & the Energy Grid In this documentary DVD, UFO/antigravity researcher and author Bruce L. Cathie explains the unknown secrets of our reality in this exclusive documentary into his life and research. Discover the truth about matter and antimatter; time travel; UFO sightings; Earths energy grid; harmonic mathematics; and the connection between atomic bomb tests and volcanic activity. To order, visit: B r u c e C a t h i e r es e a r c h m o r e B r u c e C a th i e THE HARMONIC CONQUEST OF THE BRIDGE SPACE TO INFINITY Harmonic 371244 by by Bruce L. Cathie Bruce L. Cathie) Chapters include:Hiroshima andofNagasaki; Harmonic Harmonics of Mathematics the World Grid; the In Thethe basicTo Infinity, which isCathie- or to us, isthat-the Bridge whole of physical reality Bruce theorises tangible formed Transmission and Receiving; the Link Between Human Brain from geometric harmonies harmonics of Waves; the Cavity Resonance between the Earth; the Ionosphere waveforms of light. In this book you will discover the and Gravity; Edgar Cayce; the Harmonics of the Subconscious; harmonic geometries of water, temperature, sound, the Stonehenge; the Harmonics of the Moon; the Pyramids of Mars; laser, the pyramids of Egypt and China, Stonehenge, bomb Nikola Teslas Electric Car; the Robert Adams Pulsed Electric tests the volcano at Krakatoa, the harmonics of destruction, Motor Generator; Harmonic Clues to the Unified Field; and more. the world grid system, and much more. To order, visit: To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com52 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 53. JOHN F. KENNEDY AND THE UFO CONNECTION Kennedy Linked US–USSR Space Missions with Classified UFO Files n September 1963, President Kennedy launched a groundbreaking In September 1963, President Kennedy I initiative to get the USSR and the USA to cooperate in joint space and lunar missions. In the background of this publicly announced initiative with powerful Cold War implications was a more secretive attempt to release classified UFO files. Leaked documents reveal that Kennedy instructed the CIA to release classified UFO files as part of the cooperative space effort with the Soviet Union. If Kennedy had succeeded, there would declared that the have been a joint space mission to the Moon and eventual public release of classified UFO files by both the USA and the USSR. USA should share In a stunning speech before the United Nations General Assembly on information about September 20, 1963, President Kennedy said: Finally, in a field where the United States and the Soviet Union have a special UFOs with the USSR. capacity—in the field of space—there is room for new cooperation, for further joint efforts in the regulation and exploration of space. I include among these possibilities Two months later, a joint expedition to the moon.22 the "assassination So, Kennedy was offering to put an end to the space race and start joint directive" drafted missions with the Soviets. In putting into effect his commitment for joint space missions, President Kennedy issued National Security Action two years earlier by Memorandum (NSAM) No. 271 on November 12, 1963. The memorandum, the CIA Director for classified Confidential, is addressed to "The Administrator [James Webb], National Aeronautics and Space Administration" (NASA) and headed the MJ-12 Group "Cooperation with the USSR on Outer Space Matters". The key passage in the text reads: was carried out. I would like you to assume personally the initiative and central responsibility within the Government for the development of a program of substantive cooperation with the Soviet Union in the field of outer space, including the development of specific technical proposals.23 Part 2 of 2 NSAM 271 goes on to say that the initiative was a direct outcome of Kennedys "September 20 proposal for broader cooperation between the United States and the USSR in outer space, including cooperation in lunar landing programs". In addition to this Confidential NSAM, Kennedy issued a more highly by Michael E. Salla, PhD classified Top Secret memorandum to the Director, Central Intelligence © July–August 2009 Agency, on the same day, November 12, 1963. The subject header of the file reads "Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Email: Security". Kennedy wrote: Websites: ...I...have instructed James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar exploration. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat [UFO] cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources... When this data has been sorted out, I would like you to arrange a program ofDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 53
  • 54. data sharing with NASA where Unknowns [UFOs] are a Kennedys Hotline Conversation with Khrushchev factor. This will help NASA mission directors in their Another leaked document shows the extent to which defensive responsibilities. Kennedy was prepared to cooperate with the Soviet I would like an interim report on the data review no later Union in declassifying UFO files. The aim was to avoid than February 1, 1964.24 the risk of a mistaken military confrontation over UFOs. The document is allegedly a Top Secret National Its important to note that Kennedys Top Secret Security Agency (NSA) intercept of a "Hot Line"memo to the CIA Director refers to National Security conversation between President Kennedy and SovietAction Memorandum No. 271 issued to Webb on the Premier Nikita Khrushchev, dated November 12, 1963.28same day. Even though this leaked Top Secret memo to Kennedy and Khrushchev discussed the importance ofthe CIA has not been officially acknowledged (it has their respective UFO working groups to deal with thebeen ranked medium-to-high UFO problem to avoid the risklevel of authenticity25), there is of future conflict. Kennedy toldno question about the Khrushchev:legitimacy of NSAM 271. 26 For undisclosed reasons, ...I have begun an initiativeNSAM 271 clearly shows that with our NASA to exchangeKennedy decided to cooperate [Kennedy] was convinced information with yourwith the USSR on "Outer Space Academy of Sciences in whichMatters". If Kennedy was that the CIA was the lead I hope will foster mutualconcerned about the dangers of agency for ensuring the concern over this problem andfuture conflict with the Soviet hopefully find someUnion and/or with release of UFO files. resolution.29extraterrestrial life, then sharing Kennedy was certainlyclassified UFO files was an referring here to Nationalobvious way to implement the Security Action MemorandumNational Security Action Memorandum. No. 271, released on the same day, November 12, 1963. NSAM 271 and the associated Top Secret memo to the Kennedy also told Krushchev:CIA Director, issued on November 12, 1963, are evidence I have also instructed our CIA to provide me with fullthat Kennedy firmly linked cooperation with the USSR on disclosure on the phantom aspects and classified programs"Outer Space Matters" with the release of classified UFO in which I can better assess the [UFO] situation."30files. For undisclosed reasons, he was convinced that theCIA was the lead agency for ensuring the release of UFO While the NSA intercept has not been conclusivelyfiles. This suggests that the US Air Force and the other determined to be authentic (it has been rankedmilitary services were secretly required to release the medium-to-high level of authenticity31), it is consistentmost important UFO files reported through the CIRVIS27 with the November 12 NSAM 271.system to the CIA. More circumstantial evidence for the accuracy of the Kennedy was therefore directly confronting the CIA over "Hot Line" transcript was found in a series of interviewsits ultimate control of classified UFO files. conducted in 1997 with Khrushchevs eldest son, Sergei. Dr Sergei Khrushchev said that, after his father initially refused Kennedys September 20, 1963 offer to cooperate in joint space and lunar missions, "in the weeks after the rejection" hed had "second thoughts" and had accepted Kennedys offer.32 NSAM 271 confirms that Khrushchev had only just accepted Kennedys offer.33 The Hotline conversation shows Kennedy and Khrushchev reaching agreement on a broad range of issues concerning sharing UFO information and joint cooperation in space. The dating of the conversation is consistent with the agreement reached in the background over this period between Kennedy and Khrushchev. This gives more confidence that the NSA Hotline transcript is genuine.54 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 55. The Draft CIA/MJ-12 Assassination Directive UFO files. The most damning directive, drafted by So, on November 12, 1963, President John F. Kennedy Dulles and apparently approved by six other MJ-12reached broad agreement with Soviet Premier Nikita members, is the cryptic assassination directive. In full,Khrushchev on joint space missions and sharing this states:classified UFO files. This required both leaders to DRAFTinstruct their respective UFO working groups to share Directive Regarding Project ENVIRONMENTinformation. As previously mentioned, Kennedy did this When conditions become non-conducive for growth in ourthrough a directive in his Top Secret memo to the environment and Washington cannot be influenced anyDirector of the CIA to share UFO files with NASA and further, the weather is lacking any percipitation [sic] ... itthe USSR. His November 12 memorandum was relayed should be wet.35to James Jesus Angleton. As the CIAs chief of counterintelligence, Angleton Dr Robert Wood, who is the foremost expert incontrolled access to the most highly classified UFO files analysing MJ-12 documents using forensic methods, hasin the USA and was in direct communication with MJ-12, concluded that the burned document is anthe UFO working group within the MJ-12 Special Studies assassination directive. In an interview discussing theProject. In responding to Kennedys burned document, he pointed out thatrequest, Angleton followed a Top the cryptic phrase "it should be wet"Secret MJ-12 set of directives. One of originates from 19th-century Russia,the secret directives, revealed in the where the phrase "wet works" or "wetleaked, partially burned, Top Secret MJ- If genuine, the affairs" denotes someone who has12 document forensically dated to the leaked document been killed and is drenched withearly 1960s, is a cryptic assassination blood. The codeword "wet" was laterdirective. In case any senior US official is smoking-gun adopted by the Soviet KGB and otherdid not cooperate with MJ-12, thedirective sanctioned political evidence that the intelligence agencies, according to Dr Wood. The term "it should be wet"assassination. If genuine, the leaked then CIA Director therefore is a coded command to killdocument is smoking-gun evidence someone.36that the then CIA Director Allen Dulles Allen Dulles was In drafting this cryptic directive,was involved in drafting and approving involved in drafting Allen Dulles was seeking approval fromwith other MJ-12 members a six of his MJ-12 colleagues to laycryptic "assassination directive". and approving the justification for theThis directive was later with other MJ-12 assassination of any elected orimplemented by Angleton in appointed official in Washington,response to President Kennedys members a cryptic DC, whose policies were "non-November 12, 1963 request to the "assassination conducive for growth". The crypticCIA to release classified UFO files. directive is a pre-authorisation for Earlier I discussed the burned directive". the assassination of any USdocument and its genesis during President who could not "bethe final months of Allen Dulless influenced any further" to followtenure as Director of Central MJ-12 policies.Intelligence. Dulles and other MJ- Kennedys 1963 efforts to end12 members were responding to the Cold War, cooperate with theKennedys initial effort on June 28, 1961 to be briefed by USSR on joint space missions and share classified UFODulles on MJ-12 intelligence operations and UFOs.34 files with the USSR created a final showdown with MJ-Even though Kennedy doesnt mention UFOs in his June 12. The trigger was Kennedys agreement with28 memo, his knowledge of them was implicit in his Khrushchev on November 12, 1963 on spacerequest for a review of MJ-12 operations, as revealed in cooperation, which led to Kennedys Top Secret memoDulless November reply where he discusses UFOs. This instructing the new Director of the CIA, John McCone, toshows that Kennedy knew in advance about the share UFO information with NASA37 and, due to NSAMrelationship between MJ-12 and UFOs. 271, with the USSR.38 Kennedys explosive Top Secret In response to the June 28 NSM, and unknown to memo to the CIA Director was relayed by William Colby,Kennedy, Dulles drafted a set of directives shortly before then (Deputy) Chief of the CIAs Far East Division, tohis November 1961 retirement. As previously stated, James Angleton in CIA counterintelligence. It wasDulless draft document is addressed to another six Angleton who had the authority to implementmembers of MJ-12, requesting comments and their Kennedys Top Secret November 12 directive.approval. It has clear instructions that under no On the bottom of Kennedys November 12, 1963circumstances would any US President or his national memo to the CIA Director, next to the signature space,security staff be briefed or given access to classified appears the following handwriting: "Response fromDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 55
  • 56. Colby: Angleton has MJ directive 11/20/63". Colby is CIA asset Clay Shaw directly implicates CIAhere acknowledging that Angleton, two days before counterintelligence. Ensuring Oswalds participation inKennedys assassination, had the MJ directives—the the Kennedy assassination, no matter how minimal,burned document—and would use them to respond to provided a powerful rationale for preventing a thoroughKennedys NSAM. This handwriting directly implicates investigation of the assassination. With Oswald being aAngleton in the Kennedy assassination due to the former communist defector, Angleton and the CIA couldcryptic MJ-12 assassination directive. persuasively argue that Oswalds involvement directly There is more evidence to implicate Angleton directly implicated the USSR. This allowed the CIA to arguein the Kennedy assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was successfully to the Warren Commission through Allenamong a small group of American citizens to have Dulles, who was a member, that a thoroughdefected to the Soviet Union in 1959. Though the CIA investigation was too dangerous due to the risk ofadmits to having established a file on Oswald in 1960, nuclear war.Alan Weberman, an early author on the Kennedy The assassination of President Kennedy resultedassassination, claims that CIA counterintelligence was directly from his efforts to gain access to the CIAsmonitoring Oswald even earlier. control of classified UFO files.Weberman cites evidence that Unknown to Kennedy, a set of secretAngleton was directly involved MJ-12 directives issued by his formerthrough an intermediary, Gerry CIA Director, Allen Dulles, ruled outHemming, a former Marine who knew any cooperation with Kennedy and hisOswald and was recruited by the CIA.39 With Oswald national security staff on the UFO Despite controversy over Oswalds being a former issue. It was Dulles and another sixrecruitment by Angleton and the CIA unknown MJ-12 members whoprior to his trip to the Soviet Union, communist sanctioned the directives found in thethere is no question that as an burned document, including aAmerican defector Oswald became the defector, political assassination directiveresponsibility of Angletons CIA Angleton and the against non-cooperative officials incounterintelligence. Upon his return the Kennedy administration. Whileto the USA in June 1962, Oswald and CIA could Dulles and his six associates pre-his activities were closelymonitored by CIA persuasively argue authorised the assassination of Kennedy, it was the CIAcounterintelligence. Oswalds that Oswalds counterintelligence chief whosubsequent association with a gave the final orders thatnumber of CIA assets provided involvement culminated in Kennedysopportunities for Angletons directly implicated assassination. In doing so, Jamescounterintelligence not only to Angleton arranged for amonitor but to manipulate the USSR. communist defector to beOswald. involved so as to eventually take The most documented source the blame and ensure that noof a CIA link to the Kennedy thorough investigation by federalassassination is the investigation or congressional authoritiesby Jim Garrison, District Attorney would follow .of New Orleans. Garrison foundmuch documentary evidence to demonstrate that Lee Was Kennedys Assassination a Covert Coup by MJ-12?Harvey Oswald was involved in a conspiracy led by Clay Historians who view the CIA as complicit in PresidentShaw. Garrison discovered that Shaw had an "extensive Kennedys assassination point to the CIAs role in covertinternational role as an employee of the CIA".40 While operations in Vietnam as the reason why the CIAGarrison was unsuccessful in earning a conviction wanted Kennedy removed from office. Col. Fletcheragainst Shaw, Garrison was partly vindicated in 1979 by Prouty, in his well-documented book JFK: The CIA,the House Select Committee on Assassinations. It Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, revealsconcluded: that Kennedy was attempting to end the CIAs influence The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence over covert operations.42 Chief among these operations available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was was the escalating US involvement in Vietnam which probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The Kennedy wanted to end and was why he was committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the assassinated. extent of the conspiracy.41 There is, however, a more compelling reason why senior CIA officials wanted Kennedys removal from Kennedys assassination by a hit team organised by office: the role of CIA counterintelligence in controlling56 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 57. UFO information and implementing the directives of the The implications of the leaked MJ-12 documentssecretive MJ-12 Group. relevant to Kennedys efforts to declassify UFO files President Kennedys bold attempt to have NASA require a thorough public investigation. ∞cooperate with the Soviet Union in joint space andlunar missions is an historic fact. What is not well About the Author:known is that this required extensive sharing of UFO Michael D. Salla, PhD, has held academicinformation to prevent any misunderstandings over appointments in the School of International Service,UFOs sightings that could spark military hostilities and American University, Washington, DC, (1996–2001) and atjeopardise space cooperation. Kennedys strategy was the Department of Political Science, Australian Nationalto use joint Soviet–American space cooperation as the University, Canberra, Australia (1994–96). He taught asmeans to have UFO reports an adjunct faculty member at George Washingtondeclassified for NASA. This University, Washington, DC, inwould have led to these being 2002. He has a PhD inshared with the USSR, as NSAM Government from the University271 required, and finally would For undisclosed reasons, of Queensland, Australia, and anhave given Kennedy and his MA in Philosophy from thenational security staff access to [Kennedy] was convinced University of Melbourne, Australia.classified UFO files. that the CIA was the lead Dr Salla is the founder of the Documents confirm that onNovember 12, 1963, Kennedy agency for ensuring the Exopolitics Institute ( Khrushchev agreed on release of UFO files. and the popular websitesteps to share UFO information He is the chiefprecisely for this reason, and editor of Exopolitics Journal and co-Kennedy identified the CIA as organiser of the Earththe lead US agency to Transformation conferences inimplement the process. Unknown to Kennedy, the CIAs Kona, Hawaii (see details of the January 7–10, 2010chief of counterintelligence, Angleton, implemented a conference at set of directives that would deny access to NEXUS has published several articles by Dr Salla: "Anclassified UFO information to Kennedy, his national Exopolitical Perspective on the Pre-emptive US-led Warsecurity staff and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. against Iraq" (10/03); "Charles Hall and the Tall White The assassination directive represented a covert coup Extraterrestrials" (12/02); "Using Space Weapons Againstby the MJ-12 Group, which, through CIA ET Civilisations" (13/02); and "Project Serpo: A Publiccounterintelligence, had the means to deny any Acclimation or Deception Program?" (13/03). His bookpresidential administration access to UFO files and even Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presenceto forcefully remove uncooperative federal officials. (Dandelion Books, 2004) was reviewed in NEXUS 11/05. To date, there is no evidence that the MJ-12 directives His new book Exposing US Government Policies onpassed by Dulles and six other MJ-12 members in 1961 Extraterrestrial Life (Exopolitics Institute, 2009) is nowhave ever been rescinded. Documents and facts bear available (see review in this edition).witness to the complicity of senior CIA and other Dr Salla can be contacted by email atunknown officials in the assassination of President or via his websiteKennedy. 31. Address Before the 18th General Assembly of the United 32., September 20, 1963, 33. 34. 35. 9.pdf24. 36. For rating system used by the founders of the Majestic 37. website, go to: 38. 39. 40. CIRVIS is the acronym for "communications instructions 41. Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations of the USfor reporting vital intelligence sightings". House of Representatives, select-committee-report/summary.html29. 42. L. Fletcher Prouty, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam And The Plot to30. Assassinate John F. Kennedy, Citadel Press, 2003 (1996)DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 57
  • 58. C ATAC LYSM 20 12? WORL D CAT ACL YSM I N 2012 : Maya Calendar Countdown by Patrick Geryl In thisMaya and author TheEgyptians,Codex ofreferMayaa the book the coming super-disaster. reveals the millennia-old codes of the Old Dresden which the to contains secrets of the sunspot cycle, and the conclusions are staggering—at a certain moment, when the suns magnetism reaches a crucial point, the suns surface will be subjected to immense storms, causing a super- catastrophe on earth. To order, visit: How t o Su rvive 2 012 HOW TO SURVIVE 2012 by Patrick Geryl Geryl urgesismankind butbook, obstacles are The outlook bleak, to prepare and endure. insurmountable. In this the not Geryl provides the blueprint for those wishing to survive the disaster to prepare themselves and prevail. He explains in detail the myriad problems survivors will encounter, and the precautions that need to be taken to overcome them. To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com58 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 59. SPECIAL BRIEFING FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA his Briefing contains sensitive information intended for T POTUS [President of the United States]. It was developed by Steven M. Greer, MD, Director, The Disclosure Project. [We publish the Briefing here with only minor editing. – Editor] This briefing January 23, 2009 Dear President Obama, document addressed Since the mid-1950s, classified projects connected to extraterrestrial to President Obama matters have operated outside of constitutionally required oversight and control by the President and Congress. This constitutes a grave and urges the adoption of ongoing threat to US national security and global security and peace. The implications of this subject are such that no aspect of life on Earth advanced technologies will be unaffected by its Disclosure. We are acutely aware that this subject that will ensure a is highly controversial and suffers from great social opprobrium within certain elite circles and within the mainstream media. limitless supply of Indeed, secrecy on the subject has, in part, been maintained by a clean energy, and the carefully orchestrated psychological nexus of ridicule, fear, intimidation and disinformation that makes it difficult for any public figure to openly end of secrecy over address the matter. Moreover, the bubble of security and access restrictions that surround the extraterrestrial the Office of the President makes it very difficult for POTUS to receive presence so we may accurate information and advice on the subject. The consequences of this secrecy, combined with the psychological aspects mentioned above, have become true cosmic ensured that none of your predecessors has been able to effectively manage this problem. This has led to an unacknowledged crisis that will citizens. be the greatest of your Presidency. Because of this misguided secrecy, the wondrous new sciences related to advanced energy generation, propulsion and transportation have been withheld from the people. These advances include the generation of limitless clean energy from the so-called zero-point energy field and quantum vacuum flux field from the space around us, and propulsion that has been termed (incorrectly) anti-gravity. The field of electromagnetic energy that is teeming all around us and which is embedded within the by Steven M. Greer, MD fabric of space-time can easily run all of the energy needs of the Earth— © January 2009 without pollution, oil, gas, coal, centralized utilities or nuclear power. Center for the Study of The disclosure of these sciences and their wise application during your Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) first term as President is the most pressing matter before you. These The Disclosure Project sciences will create a true new energy economy allowing mankind to solve Websites: our most pressing problems of global warming, poverty and resource depletion. The constellation of problems that include global warming, biosphere degradation, air pollution, energy security, Mid-East policy, a collapsingDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 59
  • 60. geo-economic order, the growing disparity between Moreover, there exists a secret, unacknowledgedthe poor and rich of the world, over-population and operation that has used very advancedhuman sustainability on Earth, to name but a few, are electromagnetic weapon systems to track, target and,all interconnected and directly affected by the secrecy on occasion but with increasing accuracy, downsurrounding this subject. extraterrestrial vehicles. This reckless behavior The solutions lie not in old thinking and constitutes an existential threat to all of mankind andtechnologies but in a new consciousness applying new must be reined in immediately.sciences. These sciences were born in the late 19th The so-called MJ-12 or Majestic group that controlsand 20th centuries but were abandoned and this subject operates without the consent of thesuppressed due to the lust for power and greed and people or the oversight of the President and Congress.out of fear of unsettling the status quo. It functions as a transnational government unto itself, It is time for a new Emancipation Declaration—one answerable to no one. All checks and balances havethat frees all of humanity from the shackles of been obliterated. While as a governing entity iteconomic slavery that results from secret centralized stands outside of the rule of law, its influence reachespower, corruption and global economic hegemony. into many governments, corporations, agencies, The world will not find justice and peace so long as media and financial interests. Its corrupting influencehalf of the worlds population lives in poverty while is profound and, indeed, it has operated as a verythe other half cannibalizes the Earth to maintain its powerful and embedded global RICO [Racketeerstandard of living. This dire Influenced and Corruptsituation can and must be Organization] whose power totransformed into a world of date remains unchecked.abundance, clean and The so-called MJ-12 or Upwards of $100 billion ofplentiful energy and genuine USG [US government] funds gosustainability. On this Majestic group that controls annually into this operation,foundation, with these new this subject operates also known as the blacksciences, technologies and a budget of the United States—new consciousness, we can without the consent of the enough to provide universalmove forward as a people,united and in peace. Then people or the oversight of health care to every man, woman and child in America.and only then will we be the President and Congress. When I first briefed Directorwelcome amongst the other of Central Intelligence Jamescivilizations of the cosmos. Woolsey on this matter in That we are not alone in the December of 1993, only a thirduniverse is now a scientific given. That we have been of this governing group was in favor of what we werevisited already by advanced civilizations—whose recommending: Disclosure of the fact that we are notinterests here are likely ancient—is controversial. alone in the universe, and the careful release ofHowever, in my discussions with European, Vatican, advanced energy generation systems that wouldCanadian and other leaders around the world, a replace oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. Sources nowgrowing consensus exists that we have been visited inform me that upwards of two-thirds of this groupand the time for disclosing this information is long now support such an initiative.past due. Interests in Europe, the Vatican and Asia, especially More importantly, an appropriate diplomatic France and China, are urging Disclosure. If the Unitedinitiative is needed to communicate with these States does not move forward, these other interestsextraterrestrial visitors within a framework of universal will, and America will be left behind and becomepeace, free from the past dominance of militarism and increasingly irrelevant in the world. This cannot beparanoia. allowed to happen. Insofar as upwards of 80% of the American people The European and Asian arenas will move with orthink that UFOs are real, and that some aspect of the without US involvement at some point in the very neargovernment is lying to them about it, continued future, as well they should. Six decades of secrecy issecrecy redounds only to the benefit of the precious enough.few who profit from such secrecy. We are also morally obliged to warn you of an This secrecy undermines the credibility of the US existing highly secretive plan to use advancedand other governments, and allows the cancer of technologies to hoax an alien attack on Earth. Thereunchecked covert power—forewarned by President exist within the direct control of this Majestic groupEisenhower in his last address to the nation—to assets capable of launching such a false flagmetastasize throughout the world. It now threatens operation, and virtually every person on Earth, as wellthe very life of Earth. as most leaders, would be deceived by it.60 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 61. Components of this operation have been tested on The objective of such a false flag operation is thethe public over the past 50 years and include but are creation of an enemy in space that would unite thenot limited to: world behind a global military power against such an • Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) – these are alien threat. President Reagan and other leadersadvanced anti-gravity aircraft that have been fully have been targeted with such disinformation, which isoperational since at least the late 1950s to early designed to secure their silence or cooperation with1960s. Many so-called UFO reports by civilians and the agenda of secrecy and space weaponization. Themilitary personnel are of such ARVs. They constitute President needs to be careful to avoid being similarlyan unacknowledged or black Air Force and these deceived.ARVs are capable of extraordinary speed, After very careful review of all data and documentsmaneuverability and lift/hover. By 2009, these and after interviewing hundreds of top-secrettechnologies had gone through many generations of witnesses, we have concluded that the actualrefinement and, if deployed, could easily hoax or extraterrestrial presence is distinctly non-hostile. Insimulate an Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV). (Note that light of the reckless and aggressive nature of many ofa UFO is a nonspecific term and could be either an our covert military actions and the extraordinarilyARV or an ETV.) advanced technologies that permit • Programmed Life Forms (PLFs) – interstellar travel by thesethese are well-crafted alien- extraterrestrial civilizations, if theyappearing creatures that, while were hostile, human civilizationcompletely manmade, often deceive Victims of such would have been dealt withunknowing people as aliens. The decisively at the dawn of the nuclearstagecraft, genetics and other paramilitary era.sciences associated with these human-controlled These visitors, however, appear tocreatures are beyond the scope of be very concerned with uncheckedthis brief, but are very well abductions human hostility, war-making anddeveloped. I have personally been genuinely believe weapons of mass destruction,briefed by multiple independent combined with our early potentialcorroborating sources regarding the that they have for space travel.development and deployment of been abducted by The tendency for people to engagePLFs. These creatures, used in in anthropocentric projectionconjunction with ARVs, have aliens and often leads many to assume a threatconvincingly launched the popculture fervor over alien have physical where none exists. It is more likely that humanity may beabductions. Victims of such stigmata and seen as a threat to the cosmicparamilitary human-controlled implants to order, insofar as we have failedabductions genuinely believe to restrain the expansion ofthat they have been abducted by prove it. weapons of mass destructionaliens and often have physical while attempting to push fartherstigmata and implants to prove and farther into These implants are also Moreover, we have failed tomanmade and we have initiate an enlightened andinformation about the peaceful diplomatic mission tolaboratory and corporation these extraterrestrial visitors.making these items. (See attached documents.) This needs to change immediately. • Chemical, optical and electro-magnetic systems to Disclosure of this subject must be very carefullyassist with creating an alteration in awareness are planned and positioned as a hopeful and elevatingcomponents of the stagecraft used to hoax an alien moment in human history. A poorly positionedevent. Disclosure that demonizes these visitors or frightens The vast majority of information in the public the public may prove more harmful than secrecy.domain on the UFO subject is, therefore, carefully As you may know, my uncle was the senior projectorchestrated disinformation designed to prepare the engineer who worked on the Lunar Module that tookpopulace, as well as our leaders, for a non-existent Neil Armstrong to the Moon. The reason we were notalien threat. The psychological warfare implications welcome in space then is because the passport toof this were described in the 1950s in CIA documents traverse the universe is a stable peaceful worldand are further elucidated by other documents and civilization that will go into space united and in peace.testimony. No less a figure than Wernher von Braun In this regard, world peace and universal peace arewarned of this cosmic deception. two sides of the same coin.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 61
  • 62. Once we vow to live peacefully on Earth and go into key facilities and assets connected to thesespace only in peace, we will be welcomed with open technologies (see attached documents). Wearms. Until then, a type of cosmic quarantine exists— recommend that the propulsion and transportationrightly—around the Earth. aspects of these technologies (electro-magneto- Unfortunately, the media and movie industry are gravitic systems) be released at a later time when thehighly penetrated by interests loyal to the Majestic world security situation has improved;group, which has used the media to, in turns, ridicule • Establish high-ranking liaisons with Congress, thethe subject and present terrifying images of alien UN and other governments to coordinate theseinvasion. In short, the populace is almost thoroughly projects and the release of the new energybrainwashed on the matter, and this presents a further technologies;hurdle that must be carefully taken into account when • [Consider that the] National Security Councilplanning Disclosure. needs to form a section specifically addressing the Nevertheless, the status quo can no longer hold and international, interplanetary and macro-economicfundamental change is urgently implications of this disclosure andneeded. To this end, we urge the urgently prepare for the release ofPresident to undertake a number of these technologies;initiatives as soon as possible. We • [Note that the] Orion Projectrecommend that the President: (www.TheOrion has • Appoint a Special Presidential identified key scientists to assistTask Force to investigate this matter, with the development of these newidentify covert facilities and assets CSETI, working with energy technologies. They have(see attached summary) and reassert agreed to work with us, but are beingExecutive control over these other governments prevented from doing so, one by aprojects; and world figures, compartmented operation (TS SCI • Identify and immediately stand [Top Secret/Sensitivedown operations that are covertly will form such a Compartmented Information]) totargeting Extraterrestrial Vehicles, Council if the US which he is assigned. We request anweaponizing space and engaging action by the Office of thein rogue disinformation government decides President to specifically permitprojects; not to do so within them to work with us with the • Develop response plans to full support and protection ofminimize the risks related to the next 12 months... the President. We cannotpotential false flag operations overemphasize how important itthat intend to hoax a hostile is that these people be assignedalien presence, including to this critical task: in less thanpreparations with military, one year, we would have newintelligence and international energy generators developed toinstitutions; run America, free from oil, gas, • Form The Council on coal or nuclear power.Interplanetary Relations tocoordinate a peaceful, forward- President Obama, we standlooking and non-militarized response to the ready to assist you and your Administration with theseextraterrestrial presence. The Center for the Study of and other tasks, and pledge to you our full support. IExtraterrestrial Intelligence (see has will personally fulfill any request from your office withan 18-year ongoing project to establish such contact the utmost integrity, discretion and confidentiality.and can assist with this process. CSETI, working with Please be assured of my heartfelt prayers on yourother governments and world figures, will form such a behalf for your guidance, protection and success asCouncil if the US government decides not to do so you begin your historic role as President of the Unitedwithin the next 12 months; States. • Immediately fund the study, development andcareful release of those new energy technologies that Respectfully,can quickly replace fossil fuels and nuclear power.(See Note that these Steven M. Greer, MDtechnologies, since they acquire energy from the zero- Directorpoint energy field of space-time, will allow for the The Disclosure Projectretirement of the electric energy grid. We are inpossession of documents and information regarding Continued on page 8262 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 63. * New book+DVD by Steven Greer A Must Read!! C O N TA C T: HIDDE N TRUTH: Countdown to FOR BIDDE N Transformation KN OW LED G E by Steven M. Greer, MD by Steven M. Greer MD This book goes fartheviewingtheinto aaccounting of objects seen inthat sky and takes beyond consciousness, remote reader usual of universe higher states of and direct Contact with civilizations the From his sightingtransnationaltoan earlyand UFO-related projects, of a UFO at age, to his amazing near- death experience at age 17, his unraveling of the secret cabal running the illegal energy interface with thought and awareness as easily as we talk on cell phones. Journey with the CSETI team as they go beyond the veil of light and the resonant frequency of matter and enter into close contact with to his meetings with a CIA Director, US Senators, heads of state numerous ET civilizations who eagerly await the coming Transformation and royalty – you will be moved, shocked and enlightened as you read through this memoir. Journey with Dr Greer as he takes you on Earth. The accompanying DVD shows the images, sights and sounds into the corridors of secret power – beyond the government as we of Contact, as it has evolved over the past 17 years. You will learn how know it–to a shadowy cabal of power-mad controllers, and their this Contact has been made - and how you, too, can become an hidden agenda. Ambassador to the Universe! To order, visit: To order, visit: A true story! U FO D I S C L O S U R E The true story of a DIS CLO SU RE man taken for ten days to an by Steven M. Greer MD extraterrestrial civilisation For the to government, over their dozen top-secret first time ever, military, five intelligence and corporate Alec Newald set to Auckland should have been aHe arrived in from Rotorua off on what in New Zealand. 3-hour drive witnesses secret projects tell true stories which disclose the greatest covert program in world history. Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was even more This explosive testimony by actual government insiders confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days proves that UFOs are real, that some are of later, and that he had no idea of what had happened in the extraterrestrial origin and that super-secret programs meantime! When Alec did retrieve his memories of those have energy and propulsion technologies that will enable humanity to begin a new era. missing ten days, he realised his life had changed forever. To order, visit: To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.comDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 63
  • 64. 64 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 65. TESTIMONY FROM A circumstances unless it was real. onto a report which would be hand- "MAN IN BLACK" "Man in Black" was not a term that delivered back to Captain Kirk. I was ever used for my work. It was possessed no clearance that I wasWe received this letter several years ago invented, I believe, by the ufologist ever aware of at that time, althoughand thought it was time to publish it, crowd or quite possibly by one of I was allowed direct and immediatealthough in edited form. This story the magazines related to such study. access (on sight!) through the highportrays just one aspect of the Men in My actual position was "Assistant, security gate which guarded theBlack phenomenon. Field, Technical Support", and my area. My general instructions were – Editor place of contact was at Tech Area 55 specific only in that I was to work above Los Alamos proper. Later I the required questions into as uring the mid-late 1980s, I heard that the actual project was normal and friendly a conversationD worked as a "Man in Black" (MIB) for [details deleted],at Los Alamos, New Mexico. called The Legacy Project, but I had no contact with the real work going on there. My duties were actually as I could create with the subject. During my years performing these services, I interviewed more than I was a part-time employee and fairly simple and oft times boring. 200 subjects, most of whom hadperformed only two functions on a Long drives down to the southern purportedly seen some UFO-relatedsemi-regular basis: subject part of the state were time- event and a few of whom purportedinterviews and on-site photography. consuming and monotonous. When to be contactees and abductees.I worked different locations in the I arrived at a predesignated place, I They were not termed as such byUSA. was there to interview a subject or the DOE, but were all merely My contact at Los Alamos was merely to take a photograph. described as "Subjects of Interest".named James Kirk, a Captain in the Prior to leaving Los Alamos, I was The most notable people IAir Force, which was the subject of shown a package with instructions interviewed during this time weremuch stifled humour behind the (by Captain Kirk, who waited while I the Chief of Police of Socorro, themans back. As he wore a uniform absorbed the material, then took Mayor of Roswell and also the headwith that name tag much of the the package back). The instructions of the School of Mining andtime, I was led to believe that it was were memorised, just as the Technology in Socorro. They had allhis actual name, and it seemed just answers I would receive from supposedly witnessed UFO events.too ridiculous to have used that subjects would be memorised when The questions I was given to askparticular one under the I got them and then transcribed were most times pretty similar,DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 65
  • 66. THE TWILIGHT ZONEalthough I do not remember the saying that I was just an amateur European trim BMW M6, also black.exact wording after all these years: UFO student poking around. I was Only the car colour was pre-"What did you see?" (getting as also required to memorise a phone determined, and there was nomuch detail here as I could); "Where number in Los Alamos in case I was resistance at all that I was orderingdid you see it?"; "When did you see ever encountered by any two very expensive automobiles,it?"; "How do you feel about what authoritative body, but this never both of which I was able to keepyou have seen?"; "Have you seen happened. without questions. They wereanything like this before?"; "Have The only hard-copy paperwork I registered to me and nobody everyou contacted the media about this was ever allowed to carry were asked me to give them back, evenevent?"; "Do you feel you might satellite photographs (very, very after I moved on to different work.benefit from talking to someone detailed) of the exact areas I was to The Leica 35-mm reflex camerasprofessionally about what you photograph. No subject interview and lenses which I ordered andsaw?"; "Did you make any notes, job was ever combined with a received were treated the same way,drawings or take any photographs photography job, and I had to check and again the only requirement wasor film of the event?" (acquiring as the satellite photographs in at Area that they be black. The Zeiss andmuch of this as was possible, but in 55 within 24 hours of finishing the Leica binoculars, the same. Imy time of service I never was able job. possess all that equipment to thisto get any). Only in the last two years of my day. The photography I performed was work in this area did I come to My clothing was directed to beall of specific locations and never of understand that I might indeed be dark blue or black, and I chose verythe subjects I interviewed. I was one of the "Men in Black" that I was dark blue pinstripe suits. Coat andspecifically warned not to take reading about in UFO magazines. tie was required (white shirt always,photos of them, just as I was Up until I began the interview work, but I was allowed to choose myspecifically instructed to retreat at I had no belief in UFOs whatsoever, ties). All suits and ties I orderedthe slightest suspicion by a subject but slowly, as the openly and were made by Brioni and the shirtsor any resistance whatsoever. I was naively offered information was so by Sea Island, all purchased fromto apologise and retreat in a freely given to me, I came to Harrods in London. The shoes werefriendly manner and then get out of develop first a distinct unease and brown or black shoes from a placethe area immediately. This then the feeling that it just might be called Allen Edmonds in Wisconsin.happened several times, and each possible that many of these stories I also wore flight sunglasses buttime I was able to back away by were true. I began to consume what seldom really wore them for materials I could anything but driving. They were find, and came provided, but I was not told I had to across stories wear them. I pretty much stuck to about people the "uniform" as designed, unless I possibly doing had to hike into a rough area to take work similar to some photographs. mine. I did once inquire about the rather set colour scheme and was told by T oo ls of t he Kirk that the colours allowed people tr a d e not to focus attention until later. I The pay I could never quite understand how received was people (especially men) might not okay, but the focus attention on something as expenses were exotic as a BMW M6. I ordered the wonderful. I was cars because I really wanted them allowed to order and could never have afforded them two cars for my without that kind of support. use during those I never expected to be able to years. The first have the orders approved, much was a black BMW less be allowed to keep them, but 533i and the nobody ever denied me anything or second was a asked for anything back.66 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 67. THE TWILIGHT ZONEReflections on UFO experiences of Police whom I met in a learned, however, and today, I mention all the information in restaurant, seemingly by accident. because of that work, I remain verythe proceeding paragraphs because Several times I felt bad because open to the real possibility thatit led me eventually to conclude people broke down and cried or these things are indeed real. Maybethat I might actually be serving as were really torn up by the there will also be other guys thatone of the strange Men in Black that experience. This added credibility come forward who served in similarI had read about. I truthfully never to their answers but hurt me roles. I cant believe that all thehad the nerve actually to ask the nevertheless, and I never could rumours were generated fromquestion of anyone at Los Alamos, really transmit in my reports the people talking about me alone. Iand even later, as I moved into kind of credibility their response was pretty damned good at makinghigher intelligence work but gave their answers. friends and securing confidences,unrelated to anything to do with I am older and retired now, and but one never knows. Besides, IUFOs, I never broached the subject maybe by writing this letter I will think the MIB term was coined wellagain. add some piece to the great mosaic before 1983. In truth, I was a bit scared away I cannot see in totality or Oh, I dutifully never made copiesfrom that by Kirk himself. I did ask understand. I write to you of any of my reports and never kepthim once, because of the seeming anonymously because I know all a record of whom I interviewed, andveracity of the answers I was getting about recrimination. I am infirm the ones I recall the names of I willto the UFO event questions, and really dont care overly much, not tell you.whether the damned things were but I am comfortable and would be I must have done enough right forreal. He looked at me very seriously hard pushed if I were to lose part of Captain Kirk to recommend me. Ifor a moment and then said: "Leave my retirement [benefit] (a common never saw him again or got back tothat shit alone. UFOs are about the tactic of the intelligence Los Alamos.most dangerous subject you can community). I must admit, however, in lookingever discuss once you have done I also note that UFOs just dont back, that I never again wore suchthis kind of work." I felt the get talked about much any more, magnificent clothing or drove suchseriousness of his delivery right to and that most related magazines wondrous automobiles. When itmy core, and I took it to heart. have all but disappeared from came down to it, I just could not I loved doing some of the work, bookstores. Or maybe there just are generate the courage to spend thatbut in reality I loved having that no UFOs that are not our own black much of my own money on suchkind of power. It was ephemeral, projects or mistaken physical things.but when I suited up, drove to Los phenomena. Sincerely,Alamos, memorised the data and I was pretty shaken by what I (Anon.) ∞headed out to the southwesterndesert, I felt like I was a kid workingfor Captain Midnight. I never got touse any power back then, but surefelt like I had it. My most uncomfortable timescame when some of the eventwitnesses asked me questions Icould not answer. The worstquestion was "How did you know?",and I came to dread that one. As time went by, I knew that itwould be followed with a statement,"But I told no one, not even myspouse, or parents, or whatever".And I had no answer for that as Ihad no idea. I was only given thesubjects name, location and thesimple questions. Most everyonetalked to me openly, even the ChiefDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 67
  • 68. 68 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 69. REVIEWS authors ask: what if we provided our opening commentary and introduces B O O K S children with the tools to trust their each chapter containing Reviewed by Ruth Parnell inner guidance? They offer workable contributions from educators, answers in their empowering book. employers, health workers, parents,RAISING INTUITIVE CHILDREN indigos themselves, and also severalby Caron B. Goode, EdD, and THE INDIGO CHILDREN: professionals from outside NorthTara Paterson TEN YEARS LATER America—relevant considering thatNew Page Books, USA, 2009 by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober the indigo phenomenon is global.ISBN 978-1-60163-051-3 (236pp tpb) Hay House, 2009 Carroll and Tober say that theAvailable: 978-1-4019-2317-4 (286pp tpb) multi-faceted indigo phenomenon is not to be interpreted in terms of NewA ll children possess intuition, a form of natural intelligence, but Available: Age philosophy. These specialhow they develop it depends onenvironment, parental support and T he "indigo children" phenomenon was first observed by sensitive and synesthete Nancy Ann Tappe, who by people, many of whom have psychic talents, should be taken seriously byeducation. Enter co-authors and the late 1970s had noticed a new educators and health professionals.parenting advisers Caron Goode and Indigos dont have to be drugged for colour, indigo blue, around childrenTara Paterson, who have compiled attention deficit disorder but should and perceived that a new kind ofthis guide to help parents understand be listened to and their higher levels person was being born on Earth,children and teenagers and nurture of consciousness and compassion representing an evolutionarytheir natural intuitive abilities. With appreciated, for they have the ability development in humankind. Theirthe input of intuitive intelligence, to change the world for the better. numbers grew through the 1990s anddifferent types of children can beyond, and Tappe has identified 12develop physical prowess or become indigo types. Her observationscreative and inspired, empathic, became the basis of Lee Carroll andpsychic or spiritually intuitive. Jan Tobers book The Indigo Children, Goode and Paterson also look at published in 1999 (reviewed in 7/01).risk factors from environmental Ten years on, Carroll and Tobertoxicity to food additives and advise have revisited these children, who areon how to counteract adverse now teenagers and young adults, toimpacts on sensitive youngsters. see how theyre progressing. TheyAnd the more sensitive, the more have also interviewed Tappe, whoeasily stressed intuitive children can reveals that some early indigos nowbe, which is where exercises on have high profiles—Barack Obamashifting emotional and psychic states and Tiger Woods among them.come in—a boon to parents. The Carroll provides the extensiveDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 69
  • 70. REVIEWSCELLULAR AWAKENING when the mind truly connects with Fisher sees encouraging signs fromby Barbara Wren the body it is like a light going on in some countries that are taking theseHay House, 2009 every cell. Sharing the benefit of her health scares seriously and areISBN 978-1-84850-103-4 (243pp tpb) experience, Wren provides the tools adopting the precautionary principleAvailable: to restore our balance and become and advocating overhauls of emission the shining beings that we really are. standards. Shes a staunch advocateW e are multidimensional interconnected beings of lightliving in an interconnected universe, MORE SILENT FIELDS of reducing EMF exposure levels and installing filtering technologies thatsays Barbara Wren, an inspired healer by Donna Fisher can clean up dirty electricity leakage,with over 35 years experience. As Joshua Books, Qld, Australia, 2009 and she gives tips on what we can dovibrational beings, we can get ISBN 978-0-9806061-1-9 (149pp tpb) to make our homes, schools andourselves back into balance by workplaces safer. Of growing Available: www.JoshuaBooks.comtapping into the universal wisdom concern, though, is the rise in use ofand matching our cellular vibrationwith that of the changing macrocosm. T here is no safe level of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), claims Donna Fisher in this sequel to wireless (WiFi) technologies, which because of their all-pervasive nature To achieve cellular integrity and are more difficult to clean up. her 2008 book Silent Fields (see reviewbetter communication between cells, In More Silent Fields, Fisher helps in 15/06). Her opening case studiesWren says that the most important demystify this complex subject and highlight that removing exposure to gives practical guidelines forthings we can do are to ensure our EMFs can resolve health crises where protecting ourselves and our lovedbody is properly hydrated and our pH everything else has been tested for ones now and in the long term.correctly balanced. We also need to and nothing else has worked.maintain correct body temperature, Fisher exposes the health dangersand Wren explains the importance of from EMFs as well as "dirtyiodine in achieving this. Also vital to electricity"—caused by intermittenthealth and harmony is to get the flow of current that spikes into abalance of minerals right in our diet. dangerous high frequency (see her Wren cautions that vaccines do article in 16/06). Utilising scientificgreat damage to the body; they data spanning the last few decades,actually give the resonance of the very she reveals that major healthdiseases they are meant to treat, so concerns including cancers (andthese distorted resonances need to breast cancer clusters), diabetes,be counteracted. And if we want to autism and multiple sclerosis haveachieve true health and freedom, we been on the rise with eachhave to realise that our thoughts and introduction of new technologiesbelief systems need to be aligned, for producing non-ionising radiation. Un de rwa te r Bas es There are more underground bases than you think, and theres more going on than just UNDERWATER planning to keep the Government alive during AND UNDER- a nuclear war. Working from public documents GROUND BASES and corporate records, by this book digs below the surface of the Richard Sauder, Ph.D. governments super- secret underground! To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com70 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 71. THE SACRED CENTER: The governments have been held at its REVIEWS construction of the pyramids. TheyAncient Art of Locating Sanctuaries centre for a thousand years or more. also expand on Bauval and Gilbertsby John Michell Celtic symbolism, geomancy, discovery about the stars in the BeltInner Traditions, USA, 2009 (first kingship tradition and cosmic codes of the constellation Orion, sayingpublished as At the Centre of the World, are all par for the course in this spell- that the much older ThornboroughThames & Hudson, London, 1994) binding book by a pioneering henges also reflect these three stars.ISBN 978-1-59477-284-9 (192pp tpb) researcher of sacred landscapes. Cut to more modern times, and Knight and Butler reveal that theAvailable: BEFORE THE PYRAMIDS: Cracking layout and key buildings ofW hen we feel in balance in body, mind and soul, we say that wefeel centred. This sense has a long Archaeologys Greatest Mystery by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler Washington DCs capitol were designed utilising these megalithic Watkins Publishing, London, 2009 measurements, suggesting that thepedigree, going back to the times ISBN 978-1-906787-43-1 (271pp tpb) citys founders possessed secretwhen we sat around a central hearth knowledge passed down throughthat in turn was part of a whole that Avail: Freemasony from ancient times. Thehad a sacred heartland, a centre ofthe known universe. This reprint of John Michells H aving previously highlighted the work of British engineer Alexander Thom in rediscovering the authors are so sure of their claims that they are prepared to challenge anyone to defend the reality of thismodern classic of 1994 is timely in megalithic yard, Christopher Knight ancient grand plan.that it reminds us of the source of and Alan Butler (Civilization One; This is compelling material that issome of the ageless principles that reviewed in 11/06) show that this serving to reinterpret our history.have guided humanitys progress. measure was incorporated into such Michell focuses on the British Isles structures as the Thornborough tripleas well as Iceland and the Faroe henge in Yorkshire, dated to c. 3500Islands, and explains that in days of BC, and Stonehenge in Wiltshire,yore these islands, big and small, had England. The geometry was basedcentres that were determined on a 366-degree system, and theygeographically as more or less the found that the circumference ofmidpoint between north and south, Stonehenge is 366 megalithic yards.east and west. Such centres were a In Before the Pyramids, Knight andfeature of ancient Greece and Egypt, Butler go on to show that knowledgetoo, as well as Gaul (France). The of this system, developed on thecase of the Isle of Man is particularly British Isles and based on a preciseinteresting. The island seems to be fraction of the Earths polarat the geographic midpoint of the circumference, found its way to EgyptBritish Isles, and open-air where it was applied in theDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWSMASTERS OF DECEPTION movement, anti-Communist secret crow and practise a type of blackby Guy Patton societies and steps to institute a New magic. OBrien compares them withFrontier Publishing, Amsterdam, 2009 World Order. An erudite discourse on the Kadaicha Men of the AustralianISBN 978-1-931882-88-0 (280pp tpb) secrecy behind the scenes. Aborigines who act as both shamanAvailable:; and enforcer, punishing those STALKING THE TRICKSTERS break tribal taboos. by Christopher OBrien According to "techno-shaman"P olitics is about perception and sometimes deception, but evenmore so in the symbol-filled world of Frontier Publishing, Amsterdam, 2009 ISBN 978-1-931882-88-0 (280pp tpb) OBrien, tricksters have found ways to make their presence felt in theoccult politics. Here, truth and Available:; modern world in a paranormal form,reality are subverted by the Masters e.g., as shapeshifting reptilians,of Deception so as to hide the elusive UFOs and alien abductors,pursuit of their ambitions and theirdrive for real geopolitical influence S o-called "tricksters" have a long history in most cultures and have shown themselves able to manifest in the confounding red-eyed chupacabras, and even theand the ultimate victory of their a multitude of forms, whether as Rockefeller dynasty with its alleged NWO agenda to manipulate theideology. This is the perspective of demons, elemental spirits, "fools", populace. Stalking the Tricksters is ahistorical researcher Guy Patton. leprechauns, shapeshifters, vampires, rollicking ride through cultural His coverage starts with the fall of witches or "crypto-creatures". Theyre mythology, religious traditions andRome, the rise of the Merovingians archetypal agents of social change, modern folklore, replete withand the Knights Templar, and the are often irreverent, clownish and numerous photos and for the lost treasure of the nonsensical, are sometimes amoralTemple of Jerusalem. This treasure, and highly sexualised, and can bewrongly believed to be behind the foolish and wise at the same time.sudden wealth acquired by Abbé An investigator of the anomalousSaunière of Rennes-le-Château in and unexplained, particularly in theFrance, was also sought by the Nazis regions of Colorado and New Mexico,and the mysterious Priory of Sion. Christopher OBrien (author of SecretsPatton concludes that the Priory did of The Mysterious Valley; see 14/05) takesand may still exist and, despite its on the worldwide phenomenon of theinventive account of its history, was trickster character in its variousonly set up in 1956 and likely was guises and with its accompanyinglinked in with other occult groups. superstitions. The feared skinwalkers In discussing underground political of the Navajo and Apache canmachinations in Europe, Patton transform into animal formsuncovers the far-right-wing synarchy including the coyote, wolf, dog, fox or72 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 73. COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES & REVIEWS we were blasted into a longerGLOBAL WARMING elliptical orbit that resulted in an iceby Henry Kroll with Brad Guth age cycle. The blast from that eventTrafford Pub., BC, Canada, 2009 reverberated on our planet aboutISBN 978-1-4251-7062 (387pp l/f pb) 15,000 years ago, ending the ice ageAvailable: and raising the ambient temperature, thus making civilisation possible. This book could do with some fine- tuning editing-wise, but dont let that detract from the astonishing ideas that the authors propose about the cosmos and our place in it. CLIMATE CHANGE: EXPLAINED BY MAGNETISM? by Thomas T. S. Watson Self-published, Victoria, Aust, 2009 ISBN 978-0-646-47722-0 (192pp tpb) Available: T. T. S. Watson, 32 Kinlock Street, Bell Post Hill, Vic. 3215, Australia, tel +61 3 5278 7628, emailItcome upmarinerwhat causes andto took a and navigator with a stunning as toends ice ages on Earth. Henry Kroll A retired draftsman, Tom Watson began his research into the link between magnetism and gravity backrealised that our planets initial high in 1981. He believes he has foundCO2 concentration came down so that link in the ratio of the masssignificantly because of plant growth diameter of an electron to the massin the oceans, but this growth spurt diameter of a proton. He publishedneeded a more powerful spectral his revelations in 2007 in A Freshforce than our Sun could provide. Approach to Magnetism (see 14/01) andWith astronomy colleague Brad Guth, has now applied his findings to ahe came up with the idea that on a study of climate change.cyclical basis Sirius B was doubling Watson contends that the climateour UV radiation and even causing has always been variable and thatlayers of oil, coal and limestone to be magnetic interactions between theformed from excess CO2. Kroll and Sun and Earth—not human-inducedGuth speculate that our solar system CO2 emissions—are responsible foris part of a cluster of 100-odd stars, the major part of climate change.all orbiting relative to each other, and What really tipped the balance wasis captive to the Sirius and Procyon the Suns magnetic pole reversal ofstar systems. They quote scientific February 2001; the altered magneticevidence that the CO2 content of field is changing barometric pressureEarths atmosphere drops to near zones and reversing the every 105,000 years, a periodicity In his exhaustively researchedwhich corresponds with our closest book, with well-produced graphics,orbital point to the Sirius system. Watson debunks the work of global The researchers plotted the Suns warming alarmists and examines thecourse backwards from Hercules, only interplaying variables includingto find that our solar system was orbital changes and the planetsborn in the Orion constellation, yet decreasing magnetic field. He alsowere travelling towards Sirius at 7.5 reprints key papers on the climatekm per second. Three million years change debate in the appendices.ago, when a star between Orion and His radical rethink on climate changegalactic centre went into supernova, is well worth taking the time to study.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 73
  • 74. REVIEWS PYRAMIDS OF DESTINY There is a wealth of archaeological by Rex and Heather Gilroy evidence here that overturns the URU Pub., Katoomba, Aust, 2009 accepted history of our ancient past. ISBN 978-0-9578716-8-7 (607pp tpb) Available: URU Publications, PO Box BENEATH THE PYRAMIDS 202, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia, by Andrew Collins tel +61 (0)2 4782 3441, email 4th Dimension Press, VA, USA, 2009 ISBN 978-0-87604-571-8 (262pp tpb) Avail: A n underworld of catacombs, chambers and tunnels lies beneath the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. This network was known to ancient writers and from Arabic legends but stayed a secret until discovered in 1817 by Sir Henry Salt and Giovanni Caviglia. One entrance to this underworld was recently rediscovered, explored and mapped by researcher Andrew Collins and his collaborators, although the Egyptian authorities are not giving this find in he oldest remains of anatomically TAustralia,humans are to beRex and modern say researchers found much credence (see Philip Coppenss article in this edition). Collins discusses the ancient Heather Gilroy in their weighty, large- mythologies concerning the afterlife, format new book. Well illustrated including that of the Duat, or the with b&w photos, Pyramids of Destiny underworld, as well as the prophetic expands on themes in their books visions of American psychic Edgar Uru and Pyramids in the Pacific (8/01). Cayce about a Hall of Records—a Endocasts of skulls that the Gilroys location that is still elusive because have found could be 400,000 years perhaps its associated with the non- old, showing an evolution from Homo physical akashic realm. He also erectus that entered Australia and examines the correlation between the eventually migrated to other lands at three Giza pyramids and the three a time when Australia was connected "wing" stars in the constellation to Papua New Guinea. The Gilroys Cygnus (not Orion, as popularised by conclude that the first civilisation Bauval and Gilbert), with the help of was the megalithic civilisation of Uru, a colleague, engineer Rodney Hale. and examples of their constructions, It was Hale who determined that pyramid hills, rock sculptures and Cygnuss wing stars, as seen from writing abound in Australia. The Uru Gebel Gibli, Gizas southern hill and eventually spread to New Zealand, "primaeval mound", actually set into the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa their corresponding pyramids. and beyond. Finally, 4,000 years ago, Collins, along with Hale, uncovered Bronze Age peoples began visiting several other alignments featuring Australia to mine resources such as Gebel Gibli, the Giza pyramids and copper and gold. They were ancient Cygnus, including that Deneb, the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Sumerians, brightest star of the constellation, set Indo-Aryans and Indo-Americans. at nightfall into the capstone of the Rex noted enough similarities with Second Pyramid c. 2500 BC. their scripts that he has been able to This is a fascinating journey by a decipher some of the original passionate researcher into the secret language of the Uru—a name that world thats yet to be fully uncovered kept cropping up in rock carvings. within the Giza Plateau.74 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 75. CONTACT: Countdown to REVIEWS EXPOSING U.S. GOVERNMENTTransformation POLICIES ON EXTRATERRESTRIALby Steven M. Greer, MD LIFE: The Challenge of ExopoliticsCrossing Point, Crozet, VA, USA, 2009 by Michael E. Salla, PhDISBN 978-0-9673238-3-1 (455pp tpb) Exopolitics Institute, Hawaii, 2009Available: ISBN 978-0-9822902-0-0 (364pp tpb) Available: D r Michael Salla is committed to helping the public prepare for interaction with intelligent space- based civilisations, despite attempts by the powers-that-be to prevent this (see his article in this edition and 16/06). In the first part of his new book, Dr Salla confirms the reality of secret agreements between ET civilisations and the US shadow government, and presents testimony about military-alien experiments on the populace and information aboutUFOastounding has savedon Drbest,most disclosure campaigner Steven Greer material the black-budget funding and staffing of ET-related projects.extraterrestrial encounters for his Next, he examines criticalbook Contact. Its a record of CSETI responses to post-WWII shadowmembers experiences, his own government policies on ET life andincluded, of contact between 1992 advanced technology. He uncoversand 2009 with universal energies and the weaknesses in public policy thatbeings. These encounters are usually actually threaten human sovereigntyof the fifth kind, where humans and points out that "power politics"initiate interaction with ETs and fails to recognise the importance ofreceive responses in return. an informed citizenry as a restraint Dr Greer has developed protocols on irresponsible policy choices. Hebased on the principle of universal also warns of the dangers of usingconsciousness and, along with a bevy space-based weapons against ETof associates, has plugged into a civilisations.non-local, interstellar telepathic Third, Dr Salla explains howcommunication channel which has exopolitics as a new paradigm hasrevolutionary and evolutionary developed as a systematic way ofimplications. The experiences looking at ET-related public policy,involve materialising/dematerialising and he suggests how citizens can becraft, electromagnetic events, equipped to participate in thepowerful healing transmissions and policymaking process. Exopoliticsthe possibility of our entering a larger can involve false flag operations andcosmic society (see his Presidential can underlie major internationalBriefing paper in this edition). Greer public policy issues. Finally, hetempers his coverage with tales of outlines the significance of publicthe militarys suppression of perception on ET life and howDisclosure initiatives, and illuminates empowered, informed citizens canus on the history of Homo sapiens. deal with an undeclared ET presence. Just about everything weve been Dr Salla, in his incisive and well-taught is wrong, says Dr Greer, who documented book, anticipates aespouses the imperative for us to reality that well have to deal withdevelop higher, transformational sooner or later. Its important, hestates of consciousness. says, to take steps to prepare for it.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 75
  • 76. REVIEWS WHAT WE KNOW IS A DROP: THIS SACRED EARTH: DVDs The Mystery of Water The 2012 Phenomenon Compiled by Duncan Roads Grander Technology, 2009 Wild Pure Heart, Australia, 2009 Available: Available: www.wildpureheart.comSYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKYby The Thunderbolts ProjectMikamar Publishing, 2009 (78mins) T he more one looks into the topic of water, the more mysterious and secretive it seems to be. In this DVD, T his Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon is a documentary that uses the 2012 prophecies as a way toAvailable: the Institute for Aviation in Stuttgart, ask how we can fall back in love withS ymbols of an Alien Sky introduces you to celestial spectacles andEarth-shaking events under the leadership of Prof. Bernd Kröplin, shows that lettuce leaves Mother Earth to improve both ourselves and the planet. From their belief thatonce remembered a disconnection fromaround the world. nature is at the rootArchaic symbols of cause of our planetarythese events still crisis, the filmmakerssurround us, some as ask wisdom-keepersicons of the worlds around the globe whatgreat religions, though each one of us can dothe origins of the to ensure the 2012symbols appear to be indigenous prophecy oflost in obscurity. a millennium of peace Cultural history becomes a reality.seems fragmented and Uplifting, inspiring,contradictory. But, as demonstrated can transfer mobile phone radiation entertaining and full of wisdom, thisin this film, there are also levels of to water and that water can store this is a documentary that takes awaydeep agreement between the information and transfer it on further. uncertainty and replaces it with lovecultures. According to David Talbott, Johann Grander, whose invention is and excitement about the future.these "archetypes" allow for a radical based on the transfer of information The film features William Bloom,reinterpretation of both human and in water, has taken the same view. Dolores Cannon, John Cantwell,planetary history. Competing His water revitalisers are filled with Philip Carr-Gomm, Lucy Cavendish,regional symbols are aspects of "one "information water", and thus the Andras Corban Arthen, Billie Dean,story told around the world", a story flowing water absorbs this positive Haleaka Iolani Pule Dooley, Paolaboth awe-inspiring and terrifying. information without having direct Harris, Anne Hassett, Minmia, Janet If youre interested in the idea of an contact. Grander and Schauberger Ossebaard, Geo Athena Trevarthen,Electric Universe, this is for you! fans will love this film! Alberto Villoldo and many more. New! Gift Vouchers from NEXUS N E X U S g if t v o uc he r s n o w a v a il ab l e - y ou c h oo se th e a m o u n t- or use our Christmas special - purchase a $50 Gift Voucher for $44 only Redeemable for subscriptions, books, magazines, back issues, DVDs. Great gift idea for keen NEXUS readers To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com76 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 77. REVIEWSTIME STANDS STILL M U S I C by Mike Howe Reviewed by Richard Giles Real Music, USA 2009 (55mins)MAŠKARADĂ Distributors: Aust—Brumby Books & Music, tel (03) 9761 5535; USA—Realby Taraf de Haïdouks Music, website www.RealMusic.comCrammed Discs, Belgium, 2007(60mins)Distributors: Australia—The Planet H aving had no formal training or background, Mike Howe came to musical creativity late in life. TimeCompany, tel (02) 9283 8250; Stands Still, his first album, pleasesEurope—Crammed Discs, Belgium, tel with some totally soothing acoustic+32 2640 7914, guitar sounds. Howe is inspired inT araf de Haïdouks is a troupe of Romanian Gypsy musicians, themost prominent of the new era. The his music by the place where he lives and the Welsh national park where he once worked, as well as by the peoplegroup formed in 1989, shortly before hes known. The depth of sincerity inthe downfall of dictator Nicolae his music is notable, and his easyCeauşescu, and are best known in the guitar, combined with his own bass,Balkans and the French-speaking keyboards and percussion, makes thiscountries of Europe. The original a touching debut offering.line-up had about a dozen musiciansand sometimes as many as thirty. DIDGERIDOO DRUM DANCEThis album covers their wilder gypsy- by various artistsstyle interpretations of classical Music Mosaic, Aust, 2009 (58mins)music from Bartók, de Falla, Albéniz Distributors: Aust—Music Mosaic,and more. A roisterous collection of website soft and rousing tunes.JACQUES LOUSSIER PLAYS BACH: M usic Mosaic has a reputation for its pulsed and primal sounds with didge, drums and ambientThe 50th Anniversary Recording mixes. This release features theby Jacques Loussier didgeridoos rhythmic breath of earthTelarc, USA, 2009 (53mins) tones, growls, voice calls and animalDistributors: Australia—The Planet sounds playing out the danceCompany, tel (02) 9283 8250; USA— mystery. Its a musical transmutationTelarc International Records, tel 1800 with loosed-out mind frontiers of801 5810, website ambient world didgeridoo and drum dance mixes. There are tracks by WildT he roots of this historic jazz album go back to 1959. In hisexperimental forays into the Marmalade, Ariel Kalma, Andy Graham, Tarshito, Ash Dargan,evolution of jazz, pianist Jacques Brainscapes, Hollow Log and more.Loussier found ways to improvise onthe works of J. S. Bach. When he tooka break from his classical training bymixing elements of Bach with jazz,the results were really fresh,innovative and widely popular in theParis club scene where he launchedhis career. Loussier pushedmusicians and audiences of both jazzand classical music to rethink theboundary between the two genres.Five decades later, he celebrates thislandmark golden anniversary. This isclassical jazz, played superbly byLoussier. Essential listening.DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 77
  • 78. 78 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 79. Project Censoreds Top 25 News StoriesContinued from page 19 means that when US financial most biodiverse and intact rainforest speculation and deficit payments on Earth, may soon be covered withexpensive and destructive dam and pump "paper" into foreign economies, oil rigs and pipelines. Vast swaths ofwater diversion projects as well as these banks have little option but to the region are to be opened for oilpublic-private partnerships (PPPs) recycle it into US Treasury bills and and gas exploration, putting some ofthat put water services under private bonds—which the Treasury then the planets most pristine andownership. PPPs in Argentina, spends on financing an enormous, biodiverse forests at risk,Bolivia, El Salvador, the USA and hostile military build-up to encircle conservationists have warned.other countries have resulted in huge the major dollar-recyclers: China, A new study has found that at leastprice hikes, water pollution, depletion Japan and Arab OPEC oil producers. 35 multinational oil and gasand cut-offs. The largest, most important foreign companies operate over 180 oil and This years Forum issued a entities putting "their money" into the gas "blocks" (areas zoned forcommuniqué that describes access to US are central banks, and it is not exploration and development) whichwater as a "basic human need" rather their money at all. They are sending now cover the Amazon in Bolivia,than a human right, despite efforts by back the dollars that foreign exporters Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and westerndissenting Latin American countries, and other recipients turn over to their Brazil.France and Spain to introduce the central banks for domestic currency. The western Amazon is also homeright to water. They were reportedly The US economy can create dollars to many indigenous ethnic groups,blocked by Egypt, Brazil and the USA. freely, now that they no longer are including some of the worlds last convertible into gold or even into uncontacted peoples living in24. Dollar Glut Finances US Military purchases of US companies. voluntary isolation.Expansion Consequently, the US remains the Growing global demand is The worldwide surplus of US dollars worlds most protected economy. stimulating unprecedented levels ofis forcing foreign central banks to new oil and gas exploration andbear the costs of Americas expanding 25. Fast-tracked Oil Exploitation in extraction—and the threat ofmilitary empire. Keeping Western Amazon environmental and culturalinternational reserves in "dollars" The western Amazon, home to the devastation. ∞ N AZ I SEC RET W EA P ON S REICH OF THE BLACK SUN Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend by Joseph P. Farrell Whycould wininthe warworrieddidThirdan in 1945bombdidthat General Prague were the Allies Germans 1944? Why for the about atom Hitler Reich? Why insist attack by the US holding George Pattons Third Army race for the Skoda works at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia instead of Berlin? Why did the US Army not test the uranium atom bomb it dropped on Hiroshima? Why did the Luftwaffe fly a non-stop round trip mission to within twenty miles of New York City in 1944? Arguing that Nazi Germany actually won the race for the atom bomb in late 1944, this book explores the even more secretive research the Nazis were conducting into the occult, alternative physics and new energy sources. To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.comDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 79
  • 80. Genetic Manipulations: An Engineering Disaster?Continued from page 25 exacerbated by the increasing As for global food supplies, if food practice of feeding pigs with mineral were not wasted and were equitablyhave never been eaten as food as new phosphate supplements in order to distributed among every country, wedproteins in the human and animal maximise growth.32 find that the Earth is capable offood chains. Work is also underway to create a producing enough to meet In 2006, scientists engineered a breed of salmon that grows at twice humanitys need, but not to fill itsgenetically modified breed of pigs the rate as normally farmed salmon greed.that are able to absorb plant because it carries part of the genetic Whether for food or for profiting atphosphorus more efficiently, as a code of another type of fish, the the cost of fellow humans or theresult of which the phosphorus ocean pout.33 environment, greed will not becontent of their manure is reduced by Once again, scientists are sustained in the long run. And that isas much as 60 per cent. ostensibly attempting to solve something to think about. ∞ The aim of this research study was environmental problems or enhanceto reduce the major problem of global food supplies by means of About the Author:pollution of waterways with genetic manipulations. But at best, Charu Bahri is an author and freelancephosphate and nitrate these well-meaning solutions seem writer living in India. She also works(eutrophication) and was meant to be partial, perhaps because those part-time for a charity in the healthan environmentally friendly solution. involved suffer from tunnel vision. sector, and strongly advocates a simple,Livestock accounts for 34 per cent of A much more effective solution to healthy lifestyle. She is the author ofthe phosphate pollution in the the issue of pollution of waterways "The Ugly Truth about Beauty andEuropean Union, with pigs making a with phosphorus, for instance, would Hygiene Products" (NEXUS, vol. 14, no.significant contribution because they be to develop farming systems which 1) and "Carbonated Drinks: Poison incannot digest phosphorus as phytate match nutrient outputs from livestock Disguise" (NEXUS, vol. 14, no. 2). Read(the form it takes in plants) and so to nutrient requirements for crops, more about her work atthey excrete the plant phosphorus in thereby avoiding the problem of diets as phosphate. The level of nutrient outflows and improving Charu Bahri can be contacted bypollution has been further animal welfare at the same time.34 email at • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 81. How Scientific Is Scientific Medicine?Continued from page 33 integral-health medicine into practice. and a founding board member of Dr Saputo is the co-author of He established OriginAbout the Authors: Boosting Immunity: Creating Wellness Press in 1996 and is its CEO and• Len Saputo, MD, is a 1965 graduate Naturally (New World Library, 2002) publisher.of Duke University Medical School, is and A Return to Healing (Origin Press, His book Radical Wisdom: A Guide toboard certified in internal medicine 2009), and the author of numerous the Post-modern Apocalypse, is due outand was in private practice in articles in mainstream and alternative in 2010.affiliation with the John Muir Medical medicine and health publications. Mr Belitsos can be contacted viaCenter in the San Francisco Bay Area He is also actively engaged in clinical Origin Press at more than 30 years. research related to the use of near-In the early 1990s, Dr Saputo began infrared light therapy in pain Editors Note:his quest to develop a new approach management. This article is extracted and editedto healing: integral-health medicine, Dr Saputo can be contacted via his from chapter three of A Return toan emergent medical care model that website Healing: Radical Health Care Reformis integrative, holistic, person-centred and the Future of Medicine, by Lenand preventive. • B y r o n B el i t s o s is an experienced Saputo, MD, with Byron BelitsosIn 1994, he founded the non-profit journalist, editor, author, activist and (Origin Press, California, 2009). Dueeducational foundation Health award-winning book publisher to space constraints, we are unable toMedicine Forum and was its director specialising in health, consciousness, publish the endnotes accompanyinguntil 2008. spirituality and politics. In 1977, he this chapter.The Forum focuses on integrative earned a BA (Hons) in intellectual To view the complete chapter withmedicine, the nature of healing and history from the University of endnotes, go tothe politics of health care. Chicago, and has taught English and 2001, he co-founded the now- humanities at college level. pressroom.html. Copies of the bookcalled Health Medicine Center in He is the principal author of One can be purchased viaWalnut Creek, California—one of the World Democracy (2005), co-author andfirst clinics to bring the new model of with Dr Saputo of A Return to Healing 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 81
  • 82. Special Briefing for President Barack Obama Continued from page 62 For more information about Dr Greer and his work, visit theA b o u t t h e A u th o r : websites Steven M. Greer, MD, is a medical and and director of TheDisclosure Project and the Center Editors Note:for the Study of Extraterrestrial This Special Presidential BriefingIntelligence, which he founded. is a summary that has been slightly He has also been supervising a edited for publication in NEXUSworldwide search for alternative and does not include theenergy sources, specifically those attachments referred to in theknown as zero-point or over-unity document.devices, with the plan to identify Dr Greer has sent a full Briefingand develop systems which will paper, including detailedeliminate the need for fossil fuels. information on ET-related projects, NEXUS has published many code numbers, names, locations,contributions by Dr Greer, most etc., to President Obama and hisrecently "Understanding UFO senior military and intelligenceSecrecy" (14/05). Extracts from his team.memoir, Hidden Truth – Forbidden His update, prepared nine monthsKnowledge, were published in NEXUS after the Presidents inauguration,13/06, 14/01–02 and the book was contains White House, Senate andreviewed in 13/06. Congress contact details for His new book, Contact: Countdown citizens action; it is available atto Transformation, is reviewed in this mailUpdate October242009.htm. LEY L IN ES LEY LINES AND EARTH ENERGIES by David Cowan and Chris Arnold The mysterious standingIsles andburialcenturies.and stone circlesmany lace Europe, the British stones, grounds that other areas have intrigued scientists, writers, artists and travelers through the They pose so questions: Why do some places feel special? How do Ley lines work? How did our ancestors use Earth energy to map their sacred sites and burial grounds? How do ghosts and poltergeists interact with Earth energy? How can Earth spirals and black spots affect our health? This exploration shows how natural forces affect our behavior, how they can be used to enhance our health and well being, and ultimately, how they bring us closer to penetrating one of the deepest mysteries being explored. To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com82 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 83. *N E W : Su n k e n Re a l m s SUNKEN REALMS A survey of underwater ruins from around the world by Karen Mutton The worlds most extensiveinclude:sunken cities and megalithic underwater sites. Places list of Tartessos; Cadiz; Morocco; Alexandria; The Bay of Naples; Libya; Phoenician and Egyptian sites; Roman era sites; Yarmuta, Lebanon; Cyprus; Malta; Thule & Hyperborea; Celtic Realms Lyonesse, Ys, and Hy Brasil; Carnac, Brittany; Isle of Wight; Canaries and Azores; Bahamas; Cuba; Bermuda; Mexico; Peru; Micronesia; California; Japan; Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka Land Bridge; India; Sumer; and inland lakes in Scotland, Russia, Iran, China, Lake Titicaca, Wisconsin, Florida and more. To order, visit: * N E W - L o s t C i ti e s LOST CITIES & ANCIENT MYSTERIES OF THE SOUTHWEST by David Hatcher Childress Popularagain to search of lost Southwest,ancient mysteries.toThis road Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress takes the in time he is off the American cities and traversing the regions deserts, mountains and forests investigating archeological mysteries and the unexplained. Join David as he starts in northern Mexico and searches for the lost mines of the Aztecs. He continues north to west Texas, delving into the mysteries of Big Bend, including mysterious Phoenician tablets discovered there and the strange lights of Marfa. In Arizona he investigates tales of Egyptian catacombs in the Grand Canyon, and in Nevada and California he checks out the rumors of mummified giants and weird tunnels in Death Valley. To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.comDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 83
  • 84. DE-CLASSIFIEDS 8 8 c p e r wo rd i n c l . g st BOOKS, TAPES, MAGAZINES & VIDEOS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES HEALTH PRODUCTS, SERVICES, COURSESCLIMATE CHANGE - EPXLAINED, by 2012 DOMAIN NAMES FOR SALE. DISTANT HEALING. Humans/Animals. NoMagnetism?" Yes! This find was after many and Contact fees. of research into the origin of magnetism. Corey at RADIONICS PRACTITIONER. 23 yearsMy book comes as an A4 with 215 pages, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Work from experience. No improvement, no fee. 001144incorporating coloured graphics and home. Head of global business. Personal 1227 720540 (UK).photographs weighing 670g at AUD$60 (each) development sector. Unlimited earning power. MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR late 2008 modelplus p&h. A CD of my book will be available by (02) 9948 6536 with timber adjustable stands. No PVC. WillJanuary 2010 priced at AUD$25 (each) including FREE-PROFITABLE! HAVE A COMPUTER? ship. $1,200. Ph (02) 6746 1858p&h. Contact: Thomas T.S. Watson at Get paid for using it! RIFE RESONATOR MADE in South Africa, (See review in this issue.) new, with hand-held crystal generators $1,300.BOOK: "PLANETS, SUNSPOTS AND Phone (02) 6746 1858EARTHQUAKES". The gravity trigger effect for BED AND BREAKFAST ACCOMMODATION ORGONE ENERGY & Schumann Resonancesolar flares, earthquakes and volcanic LONDON: B&B. Centrally located in products. Neutralise EMR, geopathic stress,eruptions. A new cycle is now starting – this comfortable family home. Direct transport to Benker lines, water veins, ghost & curry lines.could mean more earthquakes! More details at attractions, airports. TV in rooms. Double £50 Bring harmony back to home, office per night. Single £36 per night. Reductions for workplace www.OrgoneEnergy.orgFREE BOOK TREE CATALOG. Over 1000 children. Tel: 001144 207 385 4904. RADIONIC DEVICES and energy pendulums.titles of books, dvds and audios on Ancient Neutralise geopathic stress, balance subtleMysteries, Anti-Gravity, Alternative Health, energy fields. Projects, Conspiracies, Crop Circles, Free HEALTH PRODUCTS, SERVICES, COURSES TRAIN FOR AN EXCITING REWARDINGEnergy, Gnosis, Human Origins, Lost CAREER as a B.E.D.A. Health Management COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATORS mainsCivilizations, Magic & Alchemy, Mind Control, Consultant. This health system which powered $120, Bob Beck 27 Volt Zapper $227,New World Order, Remote Viewing, Secret incorporates the Buteyko Method has taken 16 Hulda Clark zapper $157. All Bob Beck & HuldaSocieties, Shamanism, Spiritual Growth, UFOs, years to develop. It is the only health system in Clark Protocol products available. Phone (07)Jordan Maxwell, Zecharia Sitchin, Paul Tice, the world that treats all illnesses holistically. 4638 9035, Icke, Nicola Tesla and more. 1-800-700- See EDITONLINE.COM.AU - manuscripts, articles,TREE (24hrs) or go to web content, ghost writing. Visit LIVING ON THE LANDNORTHWEST HISTORY BY PSYCHIC features for a list of recentthe Nephelim who do cattle mutilations, projects and contact for BECOME PART OF KANJINI CO-OP, aabduct over 100,000 people annually, an estimate of fees and schedules. sustainable community starting on theControlled Earth for over 3 million years. Book Atherton Tablelands in FNQ. Visit FOR EFFECTIVE, GUARANTEEDTwo by God, Creator of the pyamids, UFOs, SOLUTIONS for 1) Energizing watercrop circles, and who God is. Also describes (, or 2) Neutralizing MISCELLANEOUSYashua. Mother Mary will be seen soon, and geopathic stress and electro-stress and EMFsthen the rapture. DISTANCE DEGREES - new lower fees. in the home/office and on the bodyNEXUS CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS in (, or 3) Holistic, alternative fields. Bachelor toAustralia available on DVD & VHS from 1999 Eeman/Relaxation screens which also provide Doctorate. Calamus International University.onwards. Details on website: a way to transmit any healing substance vibrationally to the body (, RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS, healthWWW.SPIRITUALTRUTHS.ORG contact Tim Strachan of The Energy Store at problems etc. Worldwide instrumentalRAW MEATY BONES: Promote Health ($33.00 +, or phone (02) 9388 9994, or corrective healing. Radionics practitioner withp&p) Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones skype id strackone. And/or become a 24 years experience. High success rate. No($16.50 + p&p). By Dr Tom Lonsdale. distributor/onseller. improvement, no fee. 001144 1227 720540Memorable gifts for every dog, cat, and their HARD TO FIND - 100% EDTA FOR ORAL (UK).owners, and veterinarians. CHELATION - Removes arterial plaque, heavy EL SHADDAI V KALKI AVATAR. 001144 Tel: 02 4578 1389 metals and cholesterol from your bodys 75,000 383 3832NEW DAWN MAGAZINE: Alternative info & miles of blood vessels. 1-813-354-2647. Visit GENT, 62, 150 CM TALL, n/s, n/d. Pleasanthealing, metaphysics, forbidden archaeology, or email disposition, trustworthy. Interests:para/geo/exo politics, conspiracy, philosophy, pre-history, esoteric knowledge,OOBE/RV/NDE research, Gnosticism, esoterica. HOW I STRAIGHTENED MY SPINE And book writing, camping, caravanning. Seeking:Subscribe online Limbs. 36 page booklet tells how author used unattached, petite, feminine lady, viewNIMBIN NEWS QUARTERLY: A Cooperatively the senses to straighten his spine and limbs. friendship, companionship. RSVP: Nathaniel,run, 28 page FREE magazine including four Also, as new and improved products came on email: croweater52@yahoo.comfull-colour pages, produced by Nimbin the market their unique sounds evoked avolunteers with up-to-the-minute articles tuning fork quality that exists in the the spine, PERSONAL GROWTHrelevant to people seeking a sustainable way to destroying it and leading to a vast array of VISIONARY ART, ALIEN WORLDS, telepathiclive. A copy in the mail costs $12 for six premature illness. This book upset some visions of Earth future and Aquarius:editions, including p&h. readers! $6.00 to: Ethan Sherman 37 Hornbeck Road, Poughkeepsie.NY 12603 USA • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
  • 85. DE-CLASSIFIEDS 8 8 c p e r wo rd i n c l . g st PERSONAL GROWTH UFOs & THE UNEXPLAINEDGURDJIEFF: TEACHINGS-GROUPS - MEET UFO folk at ufos.50webs.commovements - music. UFO RESEARCH QUEENSLAND Inc.WWW.WARVETERAN.CO.UK ANTIWAR (Brisbane) Sightings & close encounter reports.ORGANISATION, seeking the truth behind the Monthly public meetings, library, membership,propaganda. nightwatches, conferences. Membership $30 per annum includes bimonthly subscription to DISCUSSION GROUPS UFO Encounter. Download sample issue atADELAIDE (NTH SUBURBS) Phone Peter on Ph (07) 3376 1780.(08) 8258 9601 UFO HOTLINE 1800 77 22 88BALLARAT DISCUSSION GROUP - Phone: FOR UFO TECHNOLOGY Consult Australian0411 198 291 Gravitational Space Propulsion ResearchBRISBANE DISCUSSION GROUP 2nd and Innovations www.agspri.com4th Tuesday each month, 7:30pm. Arthur 3266 RosUNwell.Co.UK ROSWELL.ORG.UK1809 or Rita 3352 6141. Ufological encyclopedia and study on RoswellBUNDABERG AREA MEETINGS. Phone for alien autopsy Scott: 4974 9482.GYMPIE QLD - NEXUS Discussion Group SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYPhone Angelique 0403 403 316 LOOK! A HYDROGEN FUEL CELL saved meHOBART NEXUS DISCUSSION GROUP: $170 in fuel costs last month I installed itPhone 0419 882 012 myself so simple costs only $348 ph 1300SUNSHINE COAST DISCUSSION GROUP 853230Phone Geoff on 0401 250 420. FOR UFO TECHNOLOGY Consult AustralianPERTH NEXUS DISCUSSION Group. Meets Gravitational Space Propulsion Researchmonthly. Please contact Martine on 0414 804 Innovations www.agspri.com445 or email MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR late 2008 modelTOWNSVILLE NEXUS DISCUSSION Group. with timber adjustable stands. No PVC. WillPhone Meg (07) 4775 3106 ship. $1,200. Ph (02) 6746 1858 *N E W : M y s t e r y A i r s h i p s o f 1 8 97 *NEW: 2012 & THE SHIFT OF AGES THE GREAT 2012 AND THE AIRSHIP OF 1897 SHIFT OF AGES A provocative look at the most mysterious aviation event in A Guide to the End of the World history by Alexander Price by J. Allan Danelek In November of 1896 residents ofon severalwatched a mysteriousmedia light pass slowly over their cities California occasions, sparking a bright Manyofpeoplewiththe ancient worldthe seasons, the death and connected setting the sun, in the saw human life as deeply the great cycles of nature: the rising and changing of frenzy. A few months later, what appeared to be the same craft was seen in the skies over the sparsely populated prairie states of the Midwest rebirth of vegetation. In the same way that other patterns in making its way methodically eastward and appearing to literally nature repeat at regular intervals, they believed that human history also goes through cycles in which significant events repeat, hundreds—if not thousands—of witnesses. Then, as suddenly as the and are likely to happen again in the future at predictable times. A reports began, they abruptly ended, leaving a mystery that has never been penetrating study into the history of astrology, ancient religion, satisfactorily explained by either science or historians to this day. Was it secret societies and the evolution of consciousness, 2012 and the evidence of secret technological research, appearing a full decade before Shift of Ages: A Guide to the End of the World is sure to be an Von Zeppelin began building the first of his behemoths in Germany? invaluable resource in navigating a time of difficult transitions. To order, visit: To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.comDECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010 NEXUS • 85
  • 86. * N E W: H ol l o w Ea rt h C l ass i c THE GIZA DEATH STAR - ba c k in pr int - THE HOLLOW EARTH THE GIZA (with a new introduction by David Hatcher Childress) DEATH STAR by Dr. Raymond Bernard by Joseph P. Farrell Yes, this David Hatcherback in print! Researcher and author classic book is Childress adds a lengthy but ThisDestruction,Joseph Farrell’sTheories; The Machinesecrets of the is physicist amazing book on the Great Pyramid of Giza. Topics discussed: An Archaeology of Mass Thoth and Hypothesis; informative introduction, which basically reveals who Raymond Bernard (a pseudonym for Dr. Walter Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyramid; The Weapon Hypothesis; Encoded Harmonics of the Planck Units in the Great Siegmeister) really was, and how he came about to writing Pyramid; The Grand Gallery and its Crystals: Gravito-acoustic this infamous book. Dr Bernard believed that in the Resonators; The Other Two Large Pyramids, the “Causeways,” and hollow interior of the Earth lives a super-race which wants the “Temples.” Also: • A Phase Conjugate Howitzer • Evidence of nothing to do with man on the surface. This mysterious the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Ancient Times • High race only launched their flying saucers after mankind Frequency Direct Current “Impulse” Technology • How the Giza started using A-bombs. Death Star worked - and more. To order, visit: To order, visit: FR EE EN ERG Y? MASS M IN D CO NTROL THE ENERGY MACHINE MASS CONTROL: OF T. HENRY MORAY: ENGINEERING HUMAN Zero-Point Energy & Pulsed Plasma Physics CONSCIOUSNESS by Moray B. King by Jim Keith In the 1920sstandard 50Morayatinventedelectricity. It could notthata explained by T. Henry reportedly output kilowatts of a “free energy” device science that time. The electricity exhibited be ConspiracyFrommassKeiths final bookofonthe psychological and expert Monarch, and New Man. mind control, Project manipulation. Keith says that here stands the the first stirrings strange “cold current” characteristic where thin wires could conduct technological control of humanity at the turn of this century, to the appreciable power without heating. Moray suffered ruthless creation of an education system intended to dumb students down suppression, and in 1939 the device was destroyed. Frontier science rather than teach them. From the creation of the CIA and secret lecturer and author Moray B. King explains the invention with today’s societies of the elite, to mass drugging of the population. From the science: Modern physics recognizes the vacuum contains tremendous use of subliminal persuasion, to the creation of cults of control. energy called the zero-point energy. The purpose of this book is to Finally, to the invention of top secret mind control devices with inspire engineers and inventors so that a new energy source can capabilities far beyond anything that the media has ever revealed to an become available to mankind. unsuspecting public. To order, visit: To order, visit: www.nexusmagazine.com86 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2009 – JANUARY 2010
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