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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2008 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................51 Readers discuss a possible link between GM food This issue we feature the Watercone®, which has and Morgellons disease, sand circles in the Afghani great promise as a cheap and portable desalination "Empty Quarter", and research into colloidal silver. system, and Peter Daveys Sonic Resonance Boiler,GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 whose high efficiency has stumped the experts. We report on FoIA findings on fudging the Iraq–Iran MITCHELL-HEDGES CRYSTAL SKULL MYSTERY.........55 territorial water boundary, research that exposes By Philip Coppens. The account of how the famed the high-yielding GM crops myth, an overdue Earth Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull was discovered in pole shift, and Pentagon plans to target Iran. 1924 in the ancient Mayan city of Lubaantun wasEASTERN ULTIMATUM TO THE ILLUMINATI—1......1 1 probably a cover story to hide a maze of intrigue. Benjamin Fulford interviewed by Project Camelot. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................63 This finance expert exposes the murder, mayhem This edition, veteran paranormal investigator Brad and money scams behind the alleged Eastern secret Steiger recounts the memories and dreams of people societies final warning to Western powerbrokers. convinced they once lived on alien worlds. ReportsDEBUNKING ALKALINE W ATERS BENEFITS.............19 describe escaping from home planets during war By Jan Roberts. The notion that alkaline water can and cataclysm, as well as Earth-seeding missions. cure a host of illnesses is refuted by evidence that it REVIEWS—Books........................................................69 can cause health problems as a result of stomach "The Wisdom of Water" by John Archer acid production going into overdrive. "A Miraculous Health Substance" by Marvin-Lee Robey "The Electric Universe" by Wallace Thornhill & David TalbottUNRESOLVED ISSUES OF THE DIANA INQUEST......25 "Decoding the Human Body-Field" by P. Fraser & H. Massey By John Morgan. The verdicts from the inquests "Iodine: Why You Need It..." by David Brownstein, MD into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and "Practicing Medicine Without A License?" by Owen Fonorow Dodi Fayed leave many questions unanswered as "Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15..." by Wayne Madsen "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" by Daniel Estulin to what really happened in the Alma Tunnel. "The Grail Enigma" by Laurence GardnerSTEM CELLS: THE SILVER CONNECTION.................33 "Cover-up of a Royal Murder" by John Morgan By Marvin-Lee Robey. Silver has an ancient history "Eye of the Phoenix" by Gary A. David in preventing and treating disease, and modern "The Orb Project" by Míceál Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann "Secrets of the Unified Field" by Joseph P. Farrell formulations may help the body make its own stem "Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla" by John J. ONeill cells and direct them to where theyre needed. REVIEWS—DVDs........................................................76PLANETARY EFFECTS ON THE SUN AND EARTH......39 "Timewave 2013" by Sacred Mysteries Productions By Kenneth W. Dickman. Specifi c angular "Lady Die" by Chris Everard and Raphaella Houston alignments between the Sun and its planets create "Understanding MMS" by Phaelos Mediawerks resonances that can have violent impacts on Earth. REVIEWS—Music........................................................77 "The Idan Raichel Project" by Idan RaichelTHE BIOFIELD: A DIFFERENT MAGNETISM.............45 "The Rough Guide to Congo Gold" by various artists By Dr Buryl Payne. A rotational field found around "One" by Jamshied Sharifi o rganisms varies with changes in geomagnetic "Om Guitar" by Stevin McNamara activity and may be a fundamental force in its own "Jidka (The Line)" by Saba right that helps create complex forms. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................87–96JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2008 W ell, greetings, and welcome to this latest issue of NEXUS. Im writing this editorial several days after my declared deadline due to an unrelenting string of obstacles and interruptions. No, Im not referring to sinister conspiratorial stuff by shadowy agencies or PUBLISHED BY the like; Im talking about more mundane things like a toothache, a computer meltdown NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 and so on. Nothing went as planned this time, but we managed to get through it. EDITOR The disruptions in my normally smooth work routine made me think about making a Duncan M. Roads few changes and improvements. So Ive decided that, starting from the next issue, well CO-EDITOR have a new-look cover and well enlarge the size of the text considerably. There may be Catherine Simons other surprises, too; well see. After that, well be putting the magazine online, with any ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR colour images retained in colour, and readers will be able to subscribe to the digital Ruth Parnell version and/or the print version if they wish. Also, Im in discussion to set up a NEXUS OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS forum online in the near future. Theres no getting away from the fact that people who Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster wish to be really well informed are spending much more of their time on the Internet. MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Richard Giles; Susie Foster So, getting back to the present, and its mid-May as I write, I want to highlight some CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE concerns ahead of mentioning something about the articles this issue. First up, many Benjamin Fulford and Project Camelot; people believe that the recent, tragic, 7.9-Richter-scale earthquake in China is just the first John Morgan; Marvin-Lee Robey; Jan Roberts of more major quakes to come. Readers have asked for more information about my BPharm (Hons); Kenneth W. Dickman; comment on a letter in vol. 15, no. 2, where I mentioned a vision passed on to me of an Buryl Payne, PhD; Philip Coppens; Brad Steiger earthquake of magnitude 9.9 on the Richter scale occurring around late June 2008. More CARTOONS Phil Somerville recently, Ive been repeatedly asked whether the 7.9 in China is the one in the prediction. COVER GRAPHIC I cannot reveal the source, but I do have permission to pass on the following. The Jeff Edis, jeff_edis@hotmail.com prediction specifically places the epicentre of this 9.9 M earthquake off the coast of China. PRINTING In this persons vision, the megaquake triggers a tsunami which races inland into China, Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia causing unimaginable damage—as well as the cancellation of the Olympic Games—and AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION also seriously affects Japan, Taiwan and the entire Pacific Basin. The person who told me Newsagents Direct Distribution about this vision is adamant that the destructive 7.9 earthquake in China is not the one in HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence his vision. Make of this what you will, but, as you can guess, I wouldnt waste your time PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. on this unless I had good reason to take it on board myself. Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 A few weeks ago, and by sheer coincidence, Ken Dickman, an Australian researching Email: editor@nexusmagazine.com the link between Earth changes and solar–planetary angular relationships (not astrology), Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.com contacted me with his concerns for early June 2008. He said that, according to his NEW ZEALAND OFFICE forecasting method, "something big could occur then". Weve updated his original 2006 RD 2, Kaeo, Northland. published paper with his new information. We feel compelled to pass this on, although Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Fax: +64 (0)9 405 1964 Email: nexusnz@xtra.co.nz this window will have passed by the time this edition gets to our North American readers. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the bodys fluids and tissues are USA OFFICE PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488. naturally on the alkaline side of the pH scale, and that its desirable to keep them that way. Tel: +1 (843) 549 5985; Fax: +1 (877) 349 1928 So what are we to make of the adverts for products advocating the ingestion of alkalised Email: nexususa@earthlink.net or alkaline water? Many health researchers are wondering whether this is just slick UK OFFICE marketing propaganda based on questionable science. Finally, thanks to Jan Roberts, we 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, have an article that asks the same questions—and answers them. West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Tel: +44 (0)1342 Another controversial health product is colloidal silver. To be clear, there are many 322854; Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 Email: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com different products on the market that go under the name of colloidal silver. Some of them work, some of them dont, and some of them are actually harmful. To top things off, EUROPE OFFICE – Postbus 10681, 1001 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands. theres the suggestion that the presence of silver ions causes the body to make its ownTel: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 stem cells! Check out the article in these pages, but be prepared to do more research, as Email: nexus@fsf.nl we are doing. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Before I sign off, heres a reminder about our forthcoming NEXUS Conference onNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a massive 4–5–6 October on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Among the manytransformation. With this in mind, NEXUS seeks to providehard-to-get information so as to assist people through speakers will be: Leonid Sharashkin, PhD, editor of the English-language version of thethese changes. NEXUS is not linked to any religious, extremely popular Ringing Cedars series; Dr Harry Oldfield, who has hot newphilosophical or political ideology or organisation. information to update us on from his presentations last year; Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY of Project Camelot, who have intriguing behind-the-scenes disclosures to pass on; plusWhile reproduction and dissemination of the information in many more. Therell also be a showing of the famed Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (seeNEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone caught making abuck out of it, without our express permission, will be in Philip Coppenss article this edition). We hope to see some of you there.trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 2007–20082 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 3. Sponsored by: Bionic Products —manufacturer of the Elanra Therapeutic Ioniser Co-sponsors: Oz Grenade; Inner Glow Health Products; Quantum Knowledge; Radio Out There; Joshua Books; Ringing Cedars Australia; New Dawn Magazine Saturday 4th—Sunday 5th—Monday 6th October 2008 Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (Canada) Considered the most unique and mysterious of all • the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull the crystal skulls, this is its first visit to Australia. • Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars phenomenon Project Camelot (USA): Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan. Roving investigators into the big picture • sunken realms and ancient civilisations behind UFOs and ETs. • aura photography and energy fields Leonid Sharashkin (Russia): Editor of The Ringing Cedars series of books (English) and advocate of the • Viktor Schauberger & the magic of water Russian dacha gardening movement. • protection from e-smog, mobile phones Dr Harry Oldfield (UK): Biologist and inventor of Polycontrast Interference Photography (which shows • white powder gold hidden energy fields). Barry Carter (USA): Leading scientific researcher • Christianity exposed into White Powder Gold, ORMUS materials and • UFOs, ETs, and the future related matters. Ian Ross Vayro (Australia): Author of God Save Us • understanding extraterrestrials From Religion, They Lied To Us In Sunday School, • the transformation of humanity and Tears in Heaven. Barry Carter (USA): Leading scientific researcher • energy field photography reveals spirits into White Powder Gold, ORMUS materials and related matters. • building the new future at home Walter Laufs (Germany): developer of e-smog • the amazing effects of negative ions of oxygen protection devices of the brand WillauTronic®. • the lies we were told in Sunday School Wendelle Stevens (USA): retired USAF fighter pilot turned UFO investigator, contributor to over 18 + so much more books on UFO contact cases. Jim Sparks (USA): One of the few alien abductees to recall his hundreds of experiences without hypnosis. This is his what he has learned. + Callum Coats: Schauberger and water science + Gary Opit: understanding extraterrestrials + Karen Mutton: sunken realms of ancient times + Joshua Shaw: negative ions for positive health To register, or for more info, call or write: NEXUS MAGAZINE PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Tel: (07) 5442 9280 Fax: (07) 5442 9381 or visit our website: www.nexusmagazine.com
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...GM Food Link to Morgellons? believe that the Mayan accessible and so I have no he was concerned about the Hi Duncan: From where I prediction of 2012 is when that record of this, but I have often proliferation of misleading andam sitting, I can see three crown polar shift will take place. wondered whether anyone else incorrect information in printgalls on eucalyptus trees. I was glad to hear there will has seen and reported this... and on the Internet. HeRecently this writer concluded be peace and calm in 2018. Keep up the good work! obtained several commerciallythat the harmless Agrobacterium That means that our Earth will Noel Carthew, South manufactured colloidal silversthat causes crown gall may well continue on living and Australia, email ncarthew@ and tested them on a bug calledcause human extinction. prospering. The year 2012 will hotmail.com Pseudomonas aeruginosa. His The writer didnt know not be the end of the world. findings were astonishing.whether to faint or cry when he Paul D. R., Elk Grove, Truth about Colloidal Silver Out of 15 products, 10 werediscovered last week [late April] California, USA eliminated outright because of Dear Duncan: The averagethat 100 per cent of people contaminants in the solution. person is unaware of theinfected with the new, terrifying, 9/11 and Afghani Sand Circles Only two products killed all of different types of colloidalcontagious Morgellons disease Hi Duncan: I was recently the bugs in less than three hours. silver and manufacturingtested positive for the presence of contemplating your articles on The remainder of the solutions processes there are—due partlyA g r o b a c t e r i u m in their skin, 9/11—particularly about the killed some of the bugs over a to the abundance ofwhile none of the people without inexperienced pilots who 24-hour period, but after that misinformation on the InternetMorgellons disease tested managed to fly so accurately, and they all replicated back to their and in print. I found out ninepositive for Agrobacterium.1 The the mobile phone calls made at a original numbers. One product years ago that all colloidal silverwriter would describe that time when we were all being told was as effective as his is not the same: low-voltage-obscure finding as heralding the that mobile phones interfered "control"—which was tap DC colloidal silver is a verybiggest disaster in human history. with aircraft navigation—when I water! This must surely be an inferior-quality product which Agrobacterium has the unusual began to wonder how it is that indication that not all colloidal wont stay in suspension for anycharacteristic of being able to everyone "knew" that the Twin silvers are the same. The length of time, loses itstransfer foreign DNA or genetic Towers were the actual target that colloidal silver solutions that electrical charge very quickly,material into the DNA of its host day. After all, if we had all been killed all the bugs were both and due to the large particle sizeand can also transfer foreign told at the time that the towers produced utilising the high- will agglomerate, making itDNA into the human genetic were hit by inexperienced voltage-AC process... ineffective.sequence inside human cells. hijackers who had flown off Regards, Whilst it is true to say thatThe reader may be surprised to course in a tragic accident, the Caren Engelbrecht, most colloidal silvers work todiscover that any genetically pilots would have remained as Serendipity Laboratories, South some degree (even the low-modified (GM) food could "hijackers", rather than be called Perth, Western Australia, voltage-DC type), there arecontain Agrobacterium, because "terrorists", and a lot of the anger, http://www.colloidalsilver.biz many aspects that people needA g r o b a c t e r i u m is used in the hurt and ongoing resentment at [Dear Caren: Thanks for to be aware of to avoid anymaking of all GM organisms. 2 such a deliberate act would have alerting us on what to look for detrimental effect on their ownGM food is not labelled as such. been considerably defused. in colloidal silver and to the test or their loved ones health in the The writer has wondered for The fact that this thought results; theres much confusion long run. Things to look for:some time why entire families in apparently never occurred to in the marketplace. Wed like to • Quality of silver electrodes.America contracted Morgellons follow up on this for next issue. the military or intelligence Are they assayed? Do they containdisease at the same time. It may organisations significantly Meantime, see my editorial on lead, mercury, cadmium orbe that they contracted it from increases the belief that they page 2. Ed.] aluminium? How do you find out?the dinner they ate together. already knew that the Twin • Water purity. Is it just de- Regards, Towers were planned for ionised, or steam distilled and Magnesium Chloride Therapy Peter, Byron Bay, NSW, destruction and that "terrorists" degassed as well? Dear Duncan: Would youAustralia would be blamed. • Production. Is it consider running an article on a1. http://www.i-sis.org.uk/ On another matter entirely, in manufactured in plastic drums? simple mineral [salt] calledagrobacteriumAndMorgellons.php April 2002 I was on a flight Look out for leaching of petro- magnesium chloride, a2. http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele from Malaysia to London, chemicals, phyto-oestrogens remarkable health-enhancing=afficheN&cpsidt=17736738 which was diverted from its and/or phenyls. Or is it made in compound? It has been used in usual flight path because of the glass vats, therefore no leaching? the treatment of a number ofPalm Leaf Solar Predictions war in Afghanistan and • Content. Is the silver content medical problems, starting in Wow! One interesting read, Pakistan, and we flew over the less than or more than 10 mg/L? 1915 with a French professor,"The Naadi Palm Leaf Oracle of "Empty Quarter" instead. I was This is a very important aspect Pierre Delbet, MD, who notedIndia" [15/03]. How odd that it in the window seat and and safety feature. its enhancing effect on thementions Sun activity around happened to look out. I was In 1999, with the impending immune system, boosting it by2009. Scientists are predicting stunned to see spirals and "crop SARS pandemic and other up to 300 per cent. As usual,powerful solar flares around circles" in the sand for as far as MDRVs (multi-drug-resistant the professor and then, later,2009 and up to 2012. It has I could see over a considerable viruses) already present, one others ran into the proverbialbeen theorised that we are due flying time. Unfortunately, my American university professor "stone wall" of the medicalfor a polar shift, and many camera was not easily decided to do his own trials as establishment that saw in4 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.magnesium chloride therapy a in the western world... six months time. are my last hope.threat to its new and growing Interestingly, in China, where Following the treatment, I did Federico P., Italy, e m a i lbusiness: vaccinations! in some hospitals both notice a number of side effects: fed.ric@libero.it The list of ailments which t r a d i t i o n a l Chinese medicine my hearing improved, mymagnesium chloride benefits is and western medicine work eyesight became sharper, scar UN UFO Meetings Correctionalmost endless; combined with t o g e t h e r , the doctors who tissue from a bad burn eight Dear Editor: A British friendits health-boosting and illness- combine the two are not nearly years ago suddenly healed to has drawn my attention to anpreventing properties, it would as disempowered. Where one new smooth skin, the infection article that you published inseem to be a natural panacea. fails, the other takes over. in a bad tooth was cured and my NEXUS (15/03), written by Dr Further info can be found at Clearly, both have their place, arthritis was gone. There were Michael Salla, about "revelations"www.newmediaexplorer.org/ but as a convert to TCM, which no harmful effects at all... made by Mr Gilles Lorant. I amchris/2005/09/15/magnesium_ involves maintaining adequate In the 1930s, Royal Raymond sorry to have to inform you thatchloride_in_acute_and_ h o m o e o s t a s i s rather than Rife discovered that every the curriculum vitae of Gilleschronic_diseases.htm. attacking pathogens, there are micro-organism has its own Lorant, as given by Michael Kindest regards, certain well-known acupuncture resonant frequency, and by Salla, is gravely erroneous. Martin OR., United Kingdom points which can help subjecting them to that The first error is that Gilles [Dear Martin: Thanks. resuscitate patients as well as frequency with an electric Lorant has never been an auditorWere always on the lookout for reduce their pain, so t h e current they would be destroyed. with the IHEDN, and he admittedinformation on amazing health- doctors rarely give up hope. Rife therapy has been that publicly on 5 March 2008.enhancing compounds. Well Despite negative press, TCM suppressed for over 60 years Then, the French groupcheck this out. Ed.] in China and, in fact, worldwide because it is a major threat to the Fédération Européenne is also extremely well multinational drug companies, AIRPLANE (FEA), of whichWestern & Chinese Medicine researched and has very few the medical profession and the Gilles Lorant was a member, side effects... Western and cancer funds... Hi guys: Congratulations on "requested his immediate T C M existing in perfect Charles T., St Marys,producing such a fantastic resignation" at a meeting which symbiosis is my dream for the Tasmania, Australiamagazine. It is so refreshing to took place on 6 March. The NHS, and that is no crime!see there are other like-minded next day, the president of that Joe C., United Kingdom Bone Disease Plea for Helppeople who enjoy impartial group, Michel Ribardière,news and the dissemination of Dear NEXUS: I am a 42-year- published a "denial" on hisreal knowledge... Rife Cancer Treatment Success old avid reader and I am writing website (http://www.federation- As a physiotherapist in the UK Dear Duncan: Getting cancer to you in the hope that you or airplane.eu/site/fr/nouvelles/newNHS, I was particularly intrigued was one of the best things to your readers may be able to help sletter/suite.php?newsid=72).with the article about modern happen to me! It gave me the me with a personal problem. In addition to that, Gillesmedicine and iatrogenic diseases impetus to explore the many cures I have been suffering for Lorant also admitted that he has(15/02). This is a common available. My urologist sent me years from a serious progressive never been a "research attaché"problem which I was made all too for a biopsy, which showed up bone disease, for which neither for the CNRS.aware of when working for an positive, and a CAT scan, which "official" nor alternative I met personally several timesAcute Trust in Birmingham. revealed a large growth. He medicine has been able to find a with Gilles Lorant, and ICertain knowledgeable consultants suggested surgery followed by safe and efficient cure. The confirm that he lied to me aboutare slowly becoming aware of it, radiation therapy. I said, "No problem is hyperosteosis, a his curriculum vitae. I hadbut seem too disempowered to act. thank you". I had no desire to run growth and thickening of the supported him initially, but,One particular geriatrician did the risk of possible incontinence, bones, specifically the cranium, when I discovered that, Iactually recognise that hospital impotence and/or lymphoedema. but my feet and hands have also withdrew my support publiclywas the single-biggest killer and My final choice, after a lot of grown, with bumps and other and informed the groupregularly tried to get patients investigation, was the Rife alterations of the lineaments. I Exopolitics of the situation.discharged as quickly as possible. machine. After searching on the have tried everything to stop the It seems that Dr Salla and the However, it seems to be a computer I found one at a growth, but to no avail. group Exopolitics have beenproblem with the training of reasonable price on eBay and Consequently and slow in acknowledging theseyounger doctors who tend to sent for it. A couple of weeks simultaneously, the rest of my facts. I recommend that youoverprescribe, sometimes later, it arrived and I started bones are suffering from publish a correction of histhrough lack of experience. treating myself for a few demineralisation with article in your next issue.They are targeted by the clever minutes, twice a day. Just over osteoporosis and osteomalacia, Sincerely,marketing tactics of the drugs a week later, I had a blood test with the result of bowing my leg Gildas Bourdais, France,reps. Hassling of doctors by drug which showed that my PSA bones. I am at risk of fractures; email bourdais.gildas@neuf.frreps in hospital wards should be reading had dropped to almost the outlook is poor. In the [Dear Gildas: Thank you forbanned... An article in the Sunday half. About six weeks later, I doctors opinion, it is a strange contacting us to correct theT i m e s magazine (24 February visited my urologist who, after form of osteosclerosis and record. This information only2008) supports the article in checking my latest results, Pagets disease. It is not a came to light after we went toNEXUS, saying that prescription shook my hand heartily and said hypophysis disease. press—too late for us to publishdrugs are the single biggest killer to come back for a check-up in By publishing this letter, you an amended article. Ed.]JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 5
  • 6. "BRAIN-READING" CAPTURED BRITISH DEVICE CAN PREDICT SAILORS WERE NOT IN WHAT PEOPLE SEE IRAQI WATERSA new computer program can match brain activity withvisual images and even predict F ifteen British sailors and marines captured by Iran last year were not in Iraqs maritimewhat people are seeing, a study territory as the UK governmenthas shown. The work raises the claimed, according to officialpossibility that one day documents released under thecomputers could "read" a persons Freedom of Information Act.brain to digitally re-create The sailors were apprehended inmemories, dreams or imaginings. March 2007 because the US-led Previous attempts to decode coalition designated a seavision in this way could only boundary for Irans territorialextract simple information about waters without telling the Iraniansimages, such as their physical where it was, according to internalorientation, and could not Ministry of Defence (MoD)identify images that participants briefing papers.were seeing for the first time. At the time, Defence Secretary The researchers from the Des Browne repeatedly insisted toUniversity of California, Parliament that the militaryBerkeley, used functional personnel from their mother shipmagnetic resonance imaging HMS C o r n w a l l were seized in(fMRI) to measure activity in the visual programmed to take what it had learned Iraqi waters.cortices of participants brains as they from the previous pairings and figure out A fictitious map claiming to show a linelooked at photographs of animals, food, what was being shown in the new set of in the Persian Gulf called the "Iraq/Iranpeople and common objects. The fMRI images. Territorial Water Boundary" was alsotechnique is a relatively new way to For a collection of 120 images, the produced in a televised briefing by Vice-measure changes in the brains blood- model correctly identified what a person Admiral Charles Style, the Deputy Chiefoxygen levels, which have strong links to was looking at 90 per cent of the time. of the Defence Staff.neural activity. The collected data were When the set was enlarged to 1,000 But according to the partially censoredused to "teach" a computer program to images, accuracy was about 80 per cent. documents obtained by the T i m e sassociate certain blood-flow patterns with (Source: National Geographic News, 5 newspaper (17 April 2008), the arrestsparticular kinds of images. March 2008, http://news.national took place in waters that are not Participants were then asked to look at a geographic.com/news/2008/03/080305- internationally agreed as Iraqi territory.second set of images they had never brain-scan.html; Nature, vol. 452, 6 March The so-called dividing line was inventedencountered before. The model was 2008, published online 5 March) by the US–UK coalition occupying Iraq, without telling Iranian authorities about their unilateral designation, the daily said. A report, addressed to Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of the Defence Staff, blames the incident on the absence of an agreed boundary and a failure to coordinate between Iraq, Iran and the coalition. It also reveals that it was the British who apparently raised their weapons first before the Iranian gunboats came alongside the British boats carrying the sailors. A subsequent all-party parliamentary inquiry described the incident as a "national disaster" for the UK. Former Defence Secretary Lord Heseltine said the MoD was humiliated at every step, including the permission for selling sailors stories for propaganda purposes. (Source: Global Research, Canada, 19 April 2008, http://globalresearch.ca/index. php? context=va&aid=8732)6 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... HIGHER-YIELDING GM CROPS These are the shocking findings of a KIDNEY RECIPIENT GETS MYTH EXPOSED Panorama investigation, which found that "PERSONALITY TRANSPLANT"A major new study shows that genetic modification actually cuts theproductivity of crops, thus undermining in the UK in the past year the bug had claimed the lives of 10 times the number of hospital patients over the age of 65 than C heryl Johnson, 37, says she has changed completely since receiving a new kidney in May [2007]. She believesrepeated claims that a switch to the anywhere else in the world. that she must have picked up her newcontroversial technology is needed to solve Sally Magnusson, who made the characteristics from the donor, a 59-year-the growing world food crisis. programme ("How Safe Is Your old man who died from an aneurysm. The study, carried out over the past three Hospital?") said: "Thousands of families Now, not only has her personalityyears at the University of Kansas in the US are in exactly the same position—angrily changed, but the single mother also claimsgrain belt, has found that GM soya grieving for relatives who went into that her tastes in literature have taken aproduces about 10 per cent less food than hospital with one thing, only to be struck dramatic turn. Whereas she only used toits conventional equivalent, contradicting down by a superbug in the wards. read low-brow novels, Dostoevsky hasassertions by advocates of the technology Professor Richard James, who runs a become her author of choice since thethat it increases yields. Nottingham University centre transplant. Professor Barney Gordon, of the investigating hospital infections, described Miss Johnson, from Penwortham, inuniversitys department of agronomy, said the findings as evidence of an Preston, Lancashire, UK, said: "You pickhe started the research (reported in the "extraordinarily bad situation". He said: up your characteristics from your donor.journal Better Crops ) because many "More than 50 per cent of hospital trusts My son said when I first had thefarmers who had changed over to the GM have a rate of infection thats more than 10 transplant, I went stroppy and snappy—crop had "noticed that yields are not as times that of any other country." that wasnt me."high as expected even under optimal Among the most serious concerns is that The former Preston North End footballconditions". He added: "People were these figures reflect a mutation and stewards life has been turned round sinceasking the question, How come I dont get strengthening of the superbug. Only two her successful operation.as high a yield as I used to?" antibiotics can treat C. diff., and research "I totally respect the family who gave Prof. Gordon grew a Monsanto GM has revealed that it has developed partial me this kidney. They have given me thesoybean and an almost identical resistance to one of them. best thing they can—a chance for a normalconventional variety in the same field. The Ironically, measures brought in to life. I am forever grateful to them."modified crop produced only 70 bushels of combat MRSA in hospitals are actually Academics in America have developed agrain per acre, compared with 77 bushels contributing to the spread of C. difficile. theory called "cellular memoryfrom the non-GM one. According to Professor Brendan Wren, phenomenon" to explain the personality A similar situation seems to have of the London School of Hygiene and changes that are allegedly experienced byhappened with GM cotton in the USA, Tropical Medicine, alcohol handwashes, some transplant recipients.where the total US crop declined even as which are now used in 94 per cent of Examples include a MassachusettsGM technology took over. hospitals, encourage the growth of C. diff. woman with vertigo who became a Last week [commencing 14 April], the spores. climber; a Milwaukee lawyer who beganbiggest study of its kind ever conducted— (Source: The Daily Mail, UK, 7 May eating Snickers, having always hatedthe International Assessment of 2008, http://tinyurl.com/3gndm3) chocolate; and a seven-year-old girl whoAgricultural Science and Technology forDevelopment—concluded that GM wasnot the answer to world hunger. Professor Bob Watson, the director ofthe study and chief scientist at theDepartment for Environment, Food andRural Affairs, when asked if GM couldsolve world hunger, said: "The simpleanswer is no." (Source: The Independent , UK, 20April 2008. http://tinyurl.com/3tdoed)SUPERBUG KILLS ONE PATIENTHOURLY IN BRITISH HOSPITALSI t is four times more deadly than MRSA and is showing signs of resistance to oneof only two drugs able to combat it. New research has revealed that thehospital superbug Clostridium difficile (C.d i f f .) is responsible for 6,500 deaths inBritish hospitals each year—the equivalentof one person dying every hour.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 7
  • 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ...had nightmares about being killed after vicinity of the geographic poles all the events that occur periodically on Earth.being given the heart of a murdered child. time. The north magnetic pole currently Writing in the Monthly Notices of the However, the only case recognised by resides in the Canadian Arctic. However, Royal Astronomical Society, the scientiststhe scientific community is that of a 15- at relatively regular intervals throughout at the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology whoyear-old Australian girl whose blood type the 4.5-billion-year history of the planet, built the computer model say that duringchanged following a liver transplant. the magnetic poles have flipped certain periods in the bounce, gravitational (Source: The Telegraph, UK, 16 March completely. A few thousand years before a forces from surrounding gas and dust2008, http://tinyurl.com/3pawyy) reversal, the magnetic field gradually gets clouds could dislodge comets from their weaker—something which could cause paths. These comets could then plungeEARTHS POLES LONG OVERDUE problems for inhabitants of the planet. into our solar system, some of them FOR REVERSAL "The Earths magnetic field is important colliding with the Earth.A reversal of the Earths magnetic poles could happen sooner than we think,according to Dutch scientists who report for shielding the atmosphere, and us, from damage caused by the solar wind," explained Biggin. "Its also used by us and The Cardiff team says that when we pass through the galactic plane every 35 to 40 million years, the chances of a cometthat the planets magnetic field is becoming other species for navigation." collision are increased tenfold.gradually less stable. Current records suggest that we are long Intriguingly, evidence from craters on A reversal could affect everything from overdue for our next reversal, he said. "On Earth also suggests we suffer morenavigation and communications equipment average, there is a reversal around every collisions approximately every 36 millionto the composition of the atmosphere, say 400,000 years, but this varies a lot." years.experts. The geological record suggests that the "Its a beautiful match between what we The report, published online on 4 May in last reversal was around 800,000 years ago. see on the ground and what is expectedthe UK journal Nature Geoscience, found Furthermore, there is already evidence to from the galactic record," noted Professorthat reversals have been far more common show that the field has been weakening William Napier of the Cardiff Centre.in the last 200 million years than they were over the last few centuries. Archaeological Professor Napier contends that thedeep in the planets history. remains suggest that the field was far periods of comet bombardment also Researchers, led by Andrew Biggin of stronger in the time of the Roman Empire, coincide with mass extinctions, such as thatthe University of Utrecht in The some 2,000 years ago. of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. ButNetherlands, made the discovery by (Source: Cosmos Online, 5 May 2008, while the bounce effect may have been badanalysing rocks formed between 2.45 to http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/1967) news for dinosaurs, it may also have helped2.82 billion years ago. life to spread. The scientists suggest the The story of the Earths magnetic field is SOLAR SYSTEMS "BOUNCE" impact may have thrown debris containingwritten in rocks over time. Because these LINKED TO MASS EXTINCTIONS micro-organisms out into space and acrossrocks become "magnetised" at the time oftheir formation, scientists can discoverwhich direction the poles were facing and A new computer model of our solar systems movement relative to the Milky Way indicates that it "bounces" up the universe. "This is a seminal paper which places the comet–life interaction on a firm basis, andhow strong the Earths magnetic field was and down through the plane of the shows a mechanism by which life can beat that time. galaxy—a cycle that scientists say is a dispersed on a galactic scale," commented The magnetic poles wander around the "beautiful match" with the mass extinction Centre director Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. And in case youre interested in when the next comet infestation might occur, our present position in the galaxy suggests we are now very close to another such period. (Source: Cardiff University News Centre, 3 May 2008, http://www.cardiff.ac. uk/news/index.html; via Science A Go Go, 5 May 2008, http://tinyurl.com/6docvz) SEA ICE LEVELS REACH 25-YEAR HIGH G lobal sea ice in April 2008 reached levels that were unprecedented for the month of April in over 25 years. Levels were the third highest for April since record-keeping began in 1979, exceeded only by levels in 1979 and 1982. This continues a pattern established earlier in 2008. Global sea ice in March 2008 was the third highest on record for March, while January 2008 sea ice was the8 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...second highest on record for January. It YES, THE PENTAGON DID WANT TO HIT IRANwas also the second highest level for a by Gareth Portersingle month in the past 20 years (second T hree weeks after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, the then US Defenseonly to September 1996). Secretary Donald Rumsfeld established an official military objective of not only Four of the past five months were also removing the Saddam Hussein regime by force, but overturning the regimes in"all-time" records for southern hemisphere Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon. This is according to a documentsea ice anomalies. quoted extensively in the then Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feiths (Source: Stephen McIntyre, Climate recently published account of the Iraq war decisions.Audit, 4 May 2008, http://www. Feiths account further indicates that this aggressive aim of remaking the map of theclimateaudit.org/?p=3066; also see The Middle East by military force and the threat of force was supported explicitly by theCryosphere Today, http://arctic.atmos. countrys top military leaders.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/, and sidads.colorado. Feiths book War and Decision, released in April 2008, provides excerpts of the paperedu/DATASETS/NOAA/G02135) Rumsfeld sent to President George W. Bush on 30 September 2001. The paper called for the administration to focus not on taking down Osama bin Ladens al-Qaeda MOBILE PHONES POSE A network, but on the aim of establishing "new regimes" in a series of states by "aidingHEALTH DANGER TO CHILDREN local peoples to rid themselves of terrorists and to free themselves of regimes thatM ost children and teenagers today are continually exposed to the potentiallyadverse influence of electromagnetic fields support terrorism". In quoting from that document, Feith deletes the names of all of the states to be targeted except Afghanistan, inserting the phrase "some other states" in brackets.(EMF) from mobile phones. In a facsimile of a page from a related Pentagon "campaign plan" document, the EMF radiation is an important biotropic Taliban and Saddam Hussein regimes are listed as "state regimes" against which "plansfactor affecting not just human health in and operations" might be mounted, but the names of four other states are blacked outgeneral but also the processes of higher "for security reasons".nervous activity, including behaviour and General Wesley Clark (Ret.), who commanded the NATO bombing campaign in thethinking. Radiation directly affects the Kosovo war, recalls in his 2003 book, Winning Modern Wars, being told this by ahuman brain when people use mobile friend in the Pentagon in November 2001: the list of states that Rumsfeld and Deputyphones. Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz wanted to take down included Iraq, Iran, Syria, The current safety standards for exposure Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Clark writes that the list also included Lebanon.to microwaves from mobile phones have Feith reveals that Rumsfelds paper called for getting "Syria out of Lebanon" as abeen developed for adults and dont major goal of US policy.consider the characteristic features of Rumsfelds paper was given to the White House only two weeks after Bush hadchildrens physiology. Todays children approved a US military operation in Afghanistan directed against bin Laden and thespend longer periods of time using mobile Taliban regime. Despite that decision, Rumsfelds proposal called explicitly forphones than todays adults do. postponing indefinitely US airstrikes and the use of ground forces in support of the anti- According to the opinion of the Russian Taliban Northern Alliance in order to try to catch bin Laden.National Committee on Non-Ionising Instead, the Rumsfeld paper argued that the US should target states that hadRadiation Protection, the following health supported anti-Israel forces such as Hezbollah and Hamas. It urged that the Unitedhazards are likely to be faced by child States "[c]apitalize on our strong suit, which is not finding a few hundred terrorists inmobile phone users in the near future: caves in Afghanistan, but in the vastness of our military and humanitarian resources,disruption of memory, decline of attention, which can strengthen the opposition forces in terrorist-supporting states".diminishing learning and cognitive Feith describes the policy outlined in the paper as consisting of "military actionabilities, increased irritability, sleeping against some of the state sponsors and pressure—short of war—against others".problems, increased sensitivity to stress The Rumsfeld plan represented a Pentagon consensus that included the uniformedand increased epileptic readiness. military leadership, according to Feiths account. He writes that the process of drafting Expected possible health risks in the the paper involved consultations with the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs oflonger term include tumours of the brain Staff, General Henry Shelton, and the incoming chairman, General Richard Myers.and acoustic and vestibular nerves at age Myers helped revise the initial draft, Feith writes, and General John P. Abizaid, who25–30 years, and Alzheimers disease, was then director of the Joint Staff, enthusiastically endorsed it in draft form.depressive syndrome and other types of "This is an exceptionally important memo," wrote Abizaid, "which gives cleardegeneration of the brains nervous strategic vision." In a message quoted by Feith, Abizaid recommended to Myers that "you support thisstructures at age 50–60 years. approach". The Committee members are appealing After the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Abizaid was promoted to becometo government authorities and society to chief of United States Central Command (CENTCOM), with military responsibility forpay close attention to this coming threat the entire Middle East.and take adequate measures to prevent Bush had not approved the explicit aim of regime change in Iran, Syria and four othernegative consequences to childrens health. countries proposed by Rumsfeld. Thus Rumsfeld adopted the aggressive military plan (Source: Russian National Committee targeting multiple regimes in the Middle East for regime change, even though it was noton Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, 14 White House policy.April 2008, via EMFacts Consultancy, (Source: Asia Times Online, 7 May 2008, http://www.atimes.com/atimes/http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/?p=885) Middle_East/JE07Ak01.html)JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 11. T he son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of seventeen made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of former cannibals. Continuing to seek Western Illuminati answers and better understand western society, he spent time in a self-sufficient community in Argentina before heading to Japan to attend university. powerbrokers like Principled, brave and still a diehard idealist after all these years, he resigned as Asia- Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes magazine after investigating a scandal which the editor the Rockefellers and refused to report. As he researched world affairs further in his own time, he uncovered for himself the complex web which is global financial control at the hands of the the Rothschilds Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, and also the existence of racially targeted bioweapons such as SARS. have exerted so It was these plans for global depopulation that upset some important and powerful factions in Japan, Taiwan and China. After being approached by a real-life, present-day much control over ninja, matters came to a head in 2007 when Benjamin became the first Westerner for some Eastern 500 years to be admitted into the ranks of the Eastern secret societies, a vast group with six million members. Acting as their spokesman, he stepped up to the plate to deliver a economies that the simple message to the Illuminati that they must recognise their time is over, step down without a fight and allow the world to thrive as it should—or face the consequences from Oriental secret up to 100,000 professional assassins for whom no love is lost towards the self-styled ruling elite of the planet. This message was first communicated through Dr Henry societies have Makow (http://savethemales.ca/002056.html) in June 2007 and Jeff Rense (http://www.rense.com/Datapages/fulfdat.htm) in July 2007. challenged them to Project Camelot travelled to Japan to meet with Benjamin Fulford. Our comprehensive interview presents the far-reaching and literally incredible background step down without story—and will also enable the Illuminati, who we have every confidence watch our a fight. videos carefully, to be reminded that the ultimatum is real, serious and still in force. Armed also with a contagiously optimistic vision of the future, Benjamin is fully prepared to be the next Finance Minister for Japan. His plans for how he would spend Japans five trillion dollars of foreign reserves to eliminate global poverty are plausible and inspiring as practical steps, way beyond rhetoric, to repair the generations of damage Part 1 of 2 done by a ruthless ruling elite. This is a man with a deep understanding of both East and West, a global economic historian who thinks way outside of the box, a lover of peace who is unafraid to speak warrior words. — Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy (KC): You [worked at Forbes] for six years, I understand. Interview with Benjamin Fulford Benjamin Fulford (BF): Yes, about six. KC: And youve been living and working as a writer and journalist in Japan for 20 by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan years? Project Camelot BF: More than that. I first came in 1980. I went to university here. Tokyo, Japan, February 2008 KC: Did you know at that point you were going into economics? BF: I just wanted to learn. I didnt think about majors and jobs. In fact, I took every Email: support@projectcamelot.org subject there is. I took economics, sociology, anthropology, math, biology, you name it. Web page: I eventually got a degree from the University of British Columbia in Asian Studies with http://www.projectcamelot.org/ a China-area specialty. I went to Sophia University in Japan for three-and-a-half years. benjamin_fulford.html I took about eight years worth of undergraduate courses—way more than I needed. KC: How did you learn Japanese?JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 11
  • 12. BF: Well, two ways. I took a two-month intensive course at BF: And I remembered. There was a guy, for example, whothe University of British Columbia before coming, and then I wrote about how the Aum Shinrikyo religious sect was importingarrived in Japan. I spent three days at a Japanese school and I amphetamines from North Korea and selling them to the Gotosaid: "This is useless." I got a job as a bartender in a bar run by Gang. He disappeared after writing a few articles like that.a gangster. It was from 9 pm to 5 am. It was the sort of place KC: Has he ever been found?where they had fights and sometimes people come in naked— BF: No. Oh no. A whole bunch of em disappeared. And akind of the lowest level of Japan you could find, basically. But lot of the Japanese journalists told me: "The only reason yourethe good thing about the bartending job for learning the language still alive is because youre a white guy. If we tried to write thatis that drunks keep saying the same thing over and over again, so same kind of stuff, wed be dead." So I knew there were someeventually you pick it up! dangerous people. By the way, this gangster guy, when I told KC: So do you write Japanese at all? Can you read it? him about the liver transplant thing, finally said: "Look, I wont BF: Ive written, I think, over a dozen books in Japanese, be able to talk to you again if you write that story." And Imany of them best-sellers. thought: "Okay. This guy is a very senior source and he has KC: Oh, right. Are your books available in English? given me a lot of valuable information and I dont want to lose BF: No. No. I deliberately switched to Japanese a few years this connection over one story." So I decided not to write theago, after I left Forbes, because I knew that I was dealing with story, but it was a very, kind of, bad atmosphere.something dangerous and I didnt quiteunderstand what it was. I remember being Japanese gangsters, Chechenwarned, for example, by Makiko Tanaka, bodyguardsthe former Foreign Minister, and the B F : Then I flew off to Sakhalin, indaughter of Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, Russia, the Russian Far East, where theywho was taken down in the Lockheed "There was a guy, have all the oil and gas now, to do a story.scandal. She told us: "Hey, if you start for example, who The local representative of this gang waslooking into this stuff, youre going to get waiting for me and he took me around. Ikilled." So I knew that there was something wrote about how the was taken to a giant casino with about 400very dangerous but I didnt know exactly Aum Shinrikyo Chechens standing outside. It was likewhat it was. So I kind of went underground something in the movies. They all had guns,and started writing in Japanese. religious sect was you know, and they were hired by the Bill Ryan (BR): What was the stuff that importing Japanese gang as bodyguards for theiryou were starting to get into which you were casinos.warned about? amphetamines KC: Chechens? B F : When I was at F o r b e s I had from North Korea BF: Chechens, yeah. Working foralready written several stories about Japanese gangsters. Theres a lot ofthe Yakuza, the gangsters, and I got and selling them to stuff going on that you just dont see onlots of death threats as a result. The the Goto Gang. the surface. In Asia, youll find thatMoscow Bureau Chief for Forbes, Paul theres no real line between gangstersKlebnikov, was shot 10 times outside He disappeared and government. Its all a continuum.of his house and taken to the hospital after writing a few So you can almost think of theseand put into the elevator. The elevator gangsters as...stopped for eight minutes. Thats articles like that." K C : Well, some would say thatswhere he died. true, you know [Kerry laughs], in the KC: Wow! What year was this? US and Russia, and... BF: Five or six years ago, I think. BF: Sure. In the US...parts of theAnd around that time, some people CIA are basically organised crime infrom the O s a k a newspaper and CBS what theyre doing. In large part theyretelevision came to me and said that the honest people trying to defend theirhead of the Goto crime syndicate was in UCLA Berkeley country, but there are groups in there, as we all know...theyUniversity Hospital, getting a liver transplant. Now, this raised a smuggle drugs and do all sorts of criminal stuff.lot of interesting questions. What is a known gangster and So Im sitting in this "club", and this guy is sitting beside me.criminal doing getting a visa to the US? And why is a 70-year- Hes not like the one I knew in Tokyo, who was like a high-levelold guy like that getting bumped to the top of a long waiting list businessman. This guy is a little thug, dangerous, not a nice guy.for liver transplants? So I start thinking: "Well, maybe hes And hes very, very tense. I say: "Listen, I wanna go home." Hedoing some work for the CIA or something." I was going to says: "No, no, you cant. Youre going to be killed or something,write this up in Forbes. right?" And I realised I was being set up. I was being set up for Before that, I called up a very senior gangster source I knew a hit! So I think quickly. I point to these two oil men and say:and told him about this. And he said: "Hey, if you write that, "Youre gonna have to worry about yourself. See those guys?youre going to get turned into fish paste." "What? I dont Theyre CIA and theyre guarding me. Plus, I have a file that willrespond to threats," I said, and you never threaten. I said: "Im a go public if anything happens to me, that names names and putswell-known journalist. If you kill me, itll cause a lot of trouble." you all in jail." It was total bluff, okay? I didnt have any such"We wont kill you, well just disappear you. Say goodnight to file, and these guys were just oil men, but, you know, what couldyour girlfriend, and thats it. Youll never be seen again." And l do?then he named a couple of journalists who disappeared. And the guy just gets up like a rocket with the phone. And I KC: Oh, man. pick up my phone and I call the gang boss and say: "Im not here12 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 13. to write about your dealings with Russian gangsters and stuff. you give that to the public. So thats the job. Youre anIm here to write about the oil industry. Im not gonna cause you information filter.any trouble." So the guy comes back. Hes all relaxed. And I BR: But there are other financial journalists out there whoresay: "Okay. Good night." And thats it. [Kerry laughs.] just towing the party line. This is categorically what you havent BR: Sounds like something out of a movie. been doing. Youre a real maverick in this field. BF: Yeah. But the Chechens really did shoot my colleague. BF: Well, you see, its very-high-level propaganda. TheyreThat was after this happened to me... So, once that took place, I brainwashed. They really, really do not understand, at thedid make a file and I still have it—in hard discs and DVDs with essence, what its all about. And thats the trick. They try to getvoice recordings and videos. For example, a well-known people sidetracked into esoteric mathematics, and they try toJapanese Prime Minister has murdered three women and I have cover it with lots of complex words... Its like almost a deliberatethe proof in one of these [cases]. A lot of stuff like that. But my confusion, because at the essence its really very simple.job is not to try to expose people. Okay? Thats not where Im Economics is people working to earn their living. Finance is thecoming from. That was just insurance I had to take out. I dont process of deciding what people will do next. They try to not letneed that insurance any more because now I have the secret us understand this, especially the part about finance. And that issociety backing me... Im trying to save the planet. So this stuff the key to the worlds problems now.will never come out, probably ever, as long as they dont kill me,basically. If they do, therell be horrible repercussions of all Power behind the scenessorts. But, again, Im trying to make a win-win situation for KC: As a journalist, didnt you get pushed back from Forbesseverybody. Okay? So, now well go back to when I just arrived saying "No, dont write this" or "Dont write that"?in Japan. BF: Okay. The first thing I noticed in Japan—that everything was not as itFinancial reporting as mass seemed—was when I saw some peoplepsychology "So, here you have a whole lined up at a little booth. And I said: KC: So, youre in Tokyo, youvegone to college. Did you go apply to system outside of the legal "What are you doing?" "Were changing our prizes for money"—fromwork for Forbes at that point? framework; it connects the pachinko, which is a kind of slot B F : No, my first job...well, Iwanted to write a "theory of policemen, gangsters and machine. And you find out that they have a huge gambling industry, witheverything". But, you know, you businessmen. This made me giant neon signs everywhere, thatscant really pay the bills that way, so realise that something was basically illegal. And yet it functions,the first job I got was with an outfit openly and with rules. For example,called Knight Ridder, part of the different about this country." no matter how hard you could try, itsKnight Ridder newspaper chain, with going to be hard to lose more thantheir financial wire. So I would go $1,000 a day at those places.meet the finance ministers and So, here you have a whole systemgovernors of the Bank of Japan. I wrote all the market news. outside of the legal framework; it connects policemen, gangstersMy stories would move the dollar, or move the yen, or move the and businessmen. This made me realise that something wascommodities every week, back and forth. It was really amazing different about this country. What I learned was that the so-to see that. What I learned there as a financial market reporter is called "legal democratic system" was a "front" for a verythat, really, finance is mass psychology... That was a very different, real power structure. This is something that I learnedinteresting lesson that you dont learn in the school club. in tidbits. First was the pachinko. KC: You learned the power of the written word at that point? A friend of mine got beaten up by a gangster in front of a BF: Well, its the information and how they all have this story police box. We went to the police box...and the policeman said:that theyre following and theyre looking for slight changes. For "You shouldnt pick fights with gangsters." So I say: "Thatsexample, the Governor of the Bank of Japan says: "Well, we weird." But again, I thought this was just related to gamblingmight tighten interest rates a bit." And everything moves. and prostitution, which is a grey area anywhere, really.Right? Or even for the commodities markets. Rumours that As a financial journalist with the wire service, its veryChinas gonna buy oil, or something like that, will cause important to be quick. If you beat your competitors by 30everything to move. seconds, its considered a big scoop. So you have to find out KC: We listened to this interview with the Canadian radio where the power comes from. And talking, for example, to theand you show an incredible understanding about the economy of bureaucrats at the Agriculture Ministry, they said: "Well, if youthe world, really, and about what makes it tick. Where did you want to know whats really happening, talk to Mr Kato Koichi."learn everything about that? He was the LDP powerbroker, and he was the man making B F : Well, of course, I did all the university classes in decisions then. So I got to know him. Once I got called as aeconomics and stuff. But, basically, for over 20 years Ive been pinch-hitter [stand-in] for one of his speeches. Then he came upfollowing it, writing about it. I mean, everybody comes to and made his speech, and he was very impressive. He got a bigTokyo: presidents and prime ministers, finance ministers. You fat envelope of cash.have the G7s and all that stuff... And Ive been interviewing Then, I thought the Finance Ministry was the real source ofgangsters, prime ministers, finance ministers, presidents of big power in Japan—thats what people believe. It was the mostcompanies, presidents of small companies, you know—just more powerful bureaucracy. But when I started talking with thethan 20 years, almost 30 years, interviewing all sorts of people. people at the Finance Ministry, they told me finally: "If youYou suck in huge amounts of information and look for the really want to know whats going on, you have to go to Nomuranuggets that are easy to understand and convey the essence, and Securities."JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 13
  • 14. This was in the 80s. Its different now. But in the 80s, during Japan and various other agencies like credit-rating agencies—the bubble, Nomura Securities had a "VIP" list of 5,000 people. that more than half the loans were made to gangsters, to YakuzaThey had these two bosses—the big Tabuchi and the little gangs. So, to me it was an amazing thing. Here we have theTabuchi, not related—who were later proved to be connected to government using tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money toa big crime gang. They would take all these journalists, bail out companies that lent money to gangsters, and they werepoliticians, all the sort of top movers and shakers, and theyd lend all headed by former Finance Ministry officials. So you see athem a couple [of] million dollars, and theyd say: "Buy this link now between the Finance Ministry officials, the politiciansstock." And then they would take every salesman in the country and gangsters. Theyre using taxpayer money to give to theand all their journalistic connections and say: "These are the gangsters.stocks you gotta buy now." And every housewife and small So I wrote this up in the English Nikkei and there was a hugebusinessman and doctor would buy these stocks, the price would reaction. Over 400 foreign journalists and magazines wrotego up and the VIPs would sell. So that was how they controlled. similar stories. Half the housing loans were to gangsters, right?Politics. Then Newsweek wrote a story almost identical to mine. And KC: You say its different now. So hows it different? then the Nikkei, my own paper, said: "According to Newsweek, BF: Well, its different players, different ways of handing out half the loans to the jusen companies are to Yakuza." And Ithe money. And in fact, that is the core of the problem which went to the editor. I said: "Hey, I wrote that story first. Why dowere dealing with. But well do this step by step because its you say According to Newsweek?" They called me up and theyeasier to see the whole story then. gave me the Editors Award and $50.00 [laughs] and then they So I got quite cynical about Japan, but the real clincher for me told me: "Mr Fulford, you know, you really shouldnt write stuffwas the j u s e n housing loan scandal. This was a bunch of like that. Its just not done, and it could be dangerous."companies that lent only for real After that, they started watchingestate. After the Japanese bubble me. They would not let me writeburst, it was the first time they were anything except the stuff thegonna use taxpayer money. By the "When they were finally government announced. So I startedway, in 1992 the Japanese starting to clear up the bad to realise that the Japanese press wasgovernment already knew they had not at all free.200 trillion yen in bad debt, but the debt with the banks, I was It turns out there was an editor atnewspapers only said two or three finding that all sorts of people the Nikkei, Mr Otsuka, who won atrillion. It wasnt until more than ten bunch of awards for writing aboutyears later that they finally admitted were dying... It was people the Itoman scandal...and then he wasthe whole number. Thats whats who were going to testify, suddenly sent off to some weirdhappening in the US right now— subdivision and removed from theonly theyre not gonna have ten people who were going to reporting business. And he got veryyears because they didnt borrow it prosecute people." suspicious. He started following thefrom other Americans. They president around. It turns out theyborrowed it from the rest of the lent a hundred million dollars toworld. So youll see h u g e c h a n g e s gangsters—money that would neverahead. come back. And the Itoman scandal was a huge one where, basically, one of Japans largest banks, the Sumitomo Bank, hadDebt scams and murders been taken over by a crime syndicate. BR: I remember you said to Rense that you felt that, in your Anyway, I started to realise that the newspapers and theopinion, the US debt was $120 trillion. I went and looked it up politicians and the bureaucrats and the gangsters were all inand thought: "I wonder where that figure comes from..." So Id together in some kind of crooked power structure that was totallylike to ask you that. different from what people were seeing on their television and BF: I can tell you right now. The $66 trillion comes from the reading in their newspapers. And I got totally disgusted whenessay by a Professor Kilborn that was published by the St Louis they started suppressing my stories.Federal Reserve Board branch in 2005. And thats the money So I quit the Nikkei. I worked as a freelancer for a while forthey owe to American citizens—stuff they promised to pay, like the South China Morning Post and a bunch of places before I gotMedicaid and social security and things like that. Its in that the job with Forbes. And at first, the people at Forbes wereessay. You can find it. Now the other $53 trillion is the amount happy to let me write stories about gangsters. I did one onof dollars out in circulation outside the US. So add them Public Works that got a formal letter of protest from the Japanesetogether and you get $120 trillion. And not only that, a GDP of Embassy in Washington. I thought: "Gosh, I hit a sore point."$13 trillion. This is where the whole scam unravels. And then another story I did... When they were finally starting KC: So, youve got the housing... to clear up the bad debt with the banks, I was finding that all BF: Alright. So, heres the point. I was working for the sorts of people were dying. And this was either committingNihon Keizai Shimbun [Nikkei]; its like the Japanese Wall Street suicide or disappearing, whatever. But this was not a typical,J o u r n a l. Its in Japanese, but its their number-one what you call hara-kiri, suicide, where you did something badbusiness/finance newspaper by far. They were talking about and you kill yourself to apologise. It was people who were goingpouring in tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money to bail to testify, people who were going to prosecute people. Forout these companies. There were some weird discussions about example, there was a financial scandal, and the president of Dai-"borrower responsibility". So I turned to them and said: "Well, Ichi Kangyo Bank, which is now part of Mizuho, was due towho are the borrowers?" testify. The day before he was going to testify, at 11 oclock at And it turns out—my sources were people at the Bank of night his wife left the house and about 10 men in black clothing14 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 15. showed up, the lights turned off, then they left. At around 1.00 So I wrote two chapters that would have really namedam the wife came home and he was dead. And they said it was a names—specific politicians, specific crimes, specific gangsters.suicide. Now this came from the English version of the Yomiuri It would have been so much of an exposé, I would have had tonewspaper. It did not appear in the Japanese version. At this either leave Japan or be killed after the book was published.point, I had made lots of gangster connections because I had The very day after I sent the two chapters to my agent, inrealised that to understand whats going on in finance, you need English, I got a call from the granddaughter of the Meijito talk to gangsters. Otherwise, you dont know what is going on Emperor, Kaoru Nakamaru, and she said to me: "You know, Mrat all. Fulford, you really should not get the Yakuza angry. Are you KC: Okay. sure thats what you really want to do? Isnt there something else BF: And so...there was a bank called the Nippon Credit Bank youd rather do?" And she tells me that a "goddess" contactedthat turned into Aozora Bank. I think its now owned by one of her through the astral plane and was worried about me! Well, itthe US hedge funds. Maybe Carlyle? I cant remember. Ill have turns out the "goddess" was the Japanese Security Police! [Bothto check. But, anyway, [a] director from the Bank of Japan, Mr laugh.]Honma, was made president. Two weeks later he was found And I realised: "Yes, I want to save the world." And unlike sohanged, and they said it was a suicide. I knew this guy from many people that want to do that, I actually had a concretewhen I used to cover the Bank of Japan. Theres no way he could method with this five trillion dollars. You cant take that moneyhave committed suicide... Apparently he out of the US because that would ruin thewas killed because of a bunch of loans to US economy, so you have to pay AmericansNorth Korean credit cooperatives. He was to do it so that they benefit as well. So Igoing to call in his bad loans. And if he did said: "Okay, well do it in such a way thatthat, he would have exposed a huge North the Americans benefit, too; then they cantKorean ruling party underground link. complain." And this is what I started The North Koreans have been sending saying. I started writing books along thosepachinko money to Japan, [selling] lines: why dont the Japanese save theamphetamines, doing all sorts of stuff, and "Because to accept world?to get the police to turn a blind eye they that it was a cabal inpaid huge bribes to the ruling party over the Rothschild and Rockefeller controlyears. the US government BF: But what happened, though, was this KC: Did you write about this? that did this [9/11], Meiji Emperors granddaughter handed me a B F : I wrote it in F o r b e s, yeah. The 9/11 video and said: "Look, Mr Fulford.editors were such chickens that they really it means to accept You know all about the corruption in Japan,took a lot out of that story, but its stillthere... So I started digging deeper. that the entire but you have no idea about the corruption in the world." And whenBut then suddenly F o r b e s s t a r t s belief system you she gave me that I was shocked.putting pressure on me. I had a storyabout GE doing some very funky have about your Remember, I was a financial journalist for a long time and because so manyaccounting here involving billions of society is wrong." people read what you write, it movesdollars and, you know, they killed it markets. There is a constant barragewithout explanation. Then Citigroup of people trying to feed you BSwas kicked out of Japan for money information, which means you buildlaundering for gangsters. That story very high immunity to falsedidnt run... I was getting ready to information. The problem that mostquit. At that point, a book of mine people at the high level of westernappeared in Japanese and became a society have with the 9/11 thing is,best-seller. I didnt need the income. they say: "I dont care what evidence KC: A book about what? they show me; theres no way on Earth BF: This was stuff that came out a long time ago, some of the that the New York Times , Washington Post , BBC would bestuff I just told you about—the murders and the other stuff going reporting this." Because to accept that it was a cabal in the USon, things about Japanese corruption. A lot of people in Japan government that did this, it means to accept that the entire beliefknew something like this was going on. And so, anyway, I wrote system you have about your society is wrong.several best-sellers like that. So I had an independent income. KC: Uh huh. But what really made things click for me was, I was on a TV BF: Having experienced what I did at Forbes with censorshipdebate show with some of Japans top politicians. And I said: and what I knew about the Japanese corruption, I started to do"These are the guys running this country? Come on!" Now I the research to find out whats been going on here. The answerknow, of course, theyre just actors reading a script, but at the is, essentially, that European society is not really "democratic"time I thought: "My God, I could do better!" This suddenly any more. Its a plutocracy combined with an aristocracy, andwas...truly enormous. I realised: "Oh my God, the Japanese the "democracy" is kind of a way of keeping tabs on the "sheep"have five trillion dollars in overseas assets. Thats enough sentiment. I can show you, within the normal matrix of financialmoney to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Then reports, Wall Street Journal stuff, how to trace it. What I did,why dont they use it?" I said: "Ill become a Japanese citizen, finally, to figure this out is go back to the 1918 edition of ForbesIll try to run for office and Ill try to convince them to use this and their first "Rich List". You find that the top 10 richestmoney to save the world." You know, that makes so much Americans controlled 70 per cent of the money in the country.sense... John Rockefeller I was worth about US$30 billion in todaysJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 15
  • 16. money. I think he controlled 25 per cent of all the wealth in the food. Without it, you die.US at the time. The reason why the Rockefellers do not appear KC: Basically you keep people busy by sending them to war?as so "Rich" in the Forbes list (and remember, one of my jobs B F : Apparently what happened was that, in 1812, thewas to identify billionaires and count their money) was because American Republic decided not to renew Rothschilds bankingits put in as a "charitable foundation", and in fact they have licence and the American people took control of their ownhundreds of them [foundations]: Rockefeller, Carnegie, money. Thats why Rothschild invaded the United States, andBrookings—a whole alphabet soup of them. that was the real reason for the war of 1812. For the next But each generation of the Rockefeller family and the other century, the Rothschilds plotted and schemed to get back controlfamilies, the Morgans, who are the Bush people...you can see of the US money supply and therefore the American people...that they inherit the power. They still control that money. And John Rockefeller I was into oil, and he would buy thethey have a system so that each generation has one person in refineries. He would come up to a guy at an oil refinery andcharge. So its like a kind of hidden aristocracy. Instead of offer him cash and a low price. If the man refused to sell, hedinheriting land, they inherit assets and everybody who works cause problems with the workers or maybe sabotage, whateverwithin those assets is like a peasant working on the lords estate. necessary. And the Rothschilds took note of this RockefellerSo, if you work for Standard Oil, youre a Rockefeller serf in a guy and they decided theyd help him. They would allow him toway, because they have the ultimate control. transport his oil at much cheaper rates than all his competitors. KC: Okay. Thats the Rockefeller side So he got the oil monopoly.of things. Are you also able to trace it from In 1913, finally, the Rockefellers, thethe Rothschilds, the European side? Harrimans, the Warburgs, this group of BF: Yeah. Now, the Rothschild thing families, were able to take over the Federalgoes back 300 years, basically. I think this Reserve Board, supposedly on behalf of theis well-known stuff... However, I think the Rothschilds. But I do believe thatRothschilds had very deep religious "And they Rockefeller staged a sort of coup détat. Heconvictions and were at heart fairly decent [the Rothschild said: "Hey, I control the American armypeople. Although they apparently financed and I control the American economy, and soand engineered the US Revolution in predecessors] came Ill cooperate with you, but Im in charge1776—with East India Company money— up with a system: here." And he took over the United States.they also financed and engineered the Meiji So I think you [the USA] became areforms. These are good things, in many you have to control Rockefeller fief, not a Rothschild one. Theyways. Canada has always been Rothschild their food supply; meet and they cooperate.territory, and Canada is a very nice country, KC: Right. So, to this day, you feel thatyou know? you have to control theres cooperation? So I dont think theyre on the samelevel. Their system was, basically, their information BF: I think there is some cooperation. I think there is alsoancient Babylonian royalties. This is supply; and you conflict. If you look at the pattern ofwhere it gets really weird and esoteric,but it goes back 5,771 years. The have to have means European versus American voting in the UN, you can see the differenceRothschilds used to say they were of violence to between the two sides.descendants of Nimrod, who discipline them..." KC: Right. So where does Japanconquered the peoples of Babylonia— fall in this group?a herding people, a pastoral people. B F : Okay. Now, in Japan whatThey [the Rothschild predecessors] happened was...after Admiral Perryconquered the peoples of Babylonia, came, Lord Rothschild sent a fleet andor present-day Iraq. They said: they attacked the Satsuma and Choshu"Well, isnt there some way we can clans in the south. They had theherd people the way you herd sheep?" Kinmu Emperor murdered and theyAnd they came up with a system: you installed a 16-year-old boy by thehave to control their food supply; you have to control their name of Toranosuke Omura as the Meiji Emperor. Theyinformation supply; and you have to have means of violence to financed the modernisation of Japan. So they set up the royaldiscipline them... family, the emperor, in power and they helped him modernise KC: But, this is the Illuminati youre talking about, right? Japan. They fought the Russians. I think the Japanese were very BF: Well, I mean, you can call it Illuminati or you can call it grateful. In 1903, after the victory, the Japanese emperors werethe Kings Court. I started looking up how the ancient Sumerian made par with British royalty. Every emperor goes to Oxford tosociety was managed, and you find that its really quite similar to study.the modern United States. In Japan, they used to call the Finance But I think that after World War II, the Japanese started to getMinistry the "Big Warehouse" Ministry... And remember, if you disillusioned because they were not treated as equals. They werecontrol the food supply then you can hire warriors and not given what they felt a fair deal. They felt there was racism.intellectuals and control society—control their thinking, control In the 1930s, the Japanese made a break for independence.their food, and control them through violence if necessary. And They wanted to set up the [Greater East] Asia Co-Prosperitythats how it works even now. Thats why its so important to Sphere. They wanted to modernise all the "yellow" countries sounderstand that finance is control over your food supply… that they could stop colonisation by the whites. So the reason the BR: Control over your energy supply as well. Japanese were able to take over most of China and were only BF: Energy supply, yes. But I mean, at the end of the day its stopped by US invasion was because a lot of the Chinese actually16 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 17. welcomed them. This is something that you dont read in your words, its like…you go to a bar and you say: "Put it on my tab."history books. And then, after a few years, you say: "Well, look, forget about There was an attempt by the Asians to prevent being half my tab." And so the idea is: "Well just keep taking moneycolonised. They looked at the Europeans as like the Borg in Star from you forever." Its like tribute payments to the RomanTrek: only one way of thinking is correct. Can you imagine this Empire. They send cars and they send TVs and they get nothinggiant pyramid of a society with this eye at the top: "You will be back except paper. This is how they look at it, and its right. Forassimilated. Resistance is futile." Its how they looked at it, and 34 years, the Americans have been getting stuff from all over thetheres something to it. Theres a sense that if its not done the world and not paying for it.western way, its wrong... Bill: Why have the Japanese then tolerated that for so long? Americans are, what, four per cent of the worlds population BF: First of all, after World War II they truly and genuinelywith 20-some per cent of world GDP but 50 per cent of the fell in love with the United States. They were told they wereworlds lawyers and 50 per cent of the worlds military gonna be tortured... I remember this guy [talking about]expenditures. So, too much time is spent arguing and fighting, as shivering in fear about the war, when American soldiers werefar as the Asians are concerned. [He laughs.] Remember, they coming. And the [soldier] guy gives him a Hershey bar, right?look at things very differently and it takes a long time to This was symbolic. They were really well treated. Up until theunderstand their perspective. fall of the Soviet Union, they also really felt that they needed the Americans to protect them. They [the Americans] had createdPostwar Japan this illusion of fear: "If you dont KC: But you wrote a book about have us, youre going to beRockefeller and his role. conquered." BF: Okay. What happened was, "So, the source of poverty [The Japanese] have beenonce I started to understand all this, and environmental problems subjected to very intense propagandaI realised that, after World War II since the end of World War II. Thereended, control of Japan went from in the world is the people who was a Dr Funai who had a seniorthe Rothschilds to the Rockefellers. own the Federal Reserve Board American officer stay at his houseAnd at first they said to the after World War II. The officer saidJapanese: "You just go ahead and and their policies of prioritising to him: "Were going to change yourdevelop your economy any way you the rich and everything to education system so you dont getwant. Rebuild your economy and as any more geniuses." And they did.long as youre militarily allied to the the rich. That is the essence The propaganda the Japanese haveUS, thats all we care about." [That of the problem." been subjected to is that theyve beenwas] until the 1980s, when Japan given an inferiority complex, theyvehad these huge trade surpluses and been told that Americas a wonderfulthis made them [the Rockefellers] country, and theyve been told thatvery, very nervous. And I now realise why, because they [the without American protection theyre doomed. Their educationJapanese] thought they had won World War III without firing a has been deliberately "dumbed down" so they dont know how tosingle shot, because they had managed to control most of the argue, they dont know how to debate. Theyve been trained notworlds financial assets. And money is power. If you have that to have opinions.money, you can hire the soldiers, you can hire the intellectuals, KC: But isnt this also part of the Oriental mindset that evenyou can… the emperors kind of push down to the people? KC: So how are you saying Japan did this? BF: In the traditional Confucian model, the key is that the B F : By working hard and generating trade surpluses— people at the top have to be...very morally upright and treat theirelectronics, cars, you know, nice products that people want to country like their family, like their kids, and be nice to them. Sobuy. And they [the Japanese] had the control of the money. This thats the difference in philosophy. Its not just one of blindis where they [the Rockefellers] started to get worried. They set obedience to a tyrant, but rather, ideally, its like a generous andout to put the Japanese back in their place. They managed to get gentle father-figure. What you see in North Korea is a remnant.them with this bubble, which was basically on US orders. They What you saw with the Maoist thing was this traditional sort ofsaid: "First of all, we want you to raise your yen." Right? kinship system of Asia.Because they didnt want the Japanese to have control of the KC: Your explanation has to be a little bit simplistic in termsmoney. And the yen went from 360 to the dollar to, at one point, of why they would accept this kind of "dumbing down" of79 to the dollar. But all that happened was the Japanese moved Japanese society across the board. What was in it for them?their industrial base to China and South East Asia and got them BF: Well, when you enslave a person, you beat the hell out ofrich. So that didnt work. Finally, what they were doing was them and then you be really nice to them. In effect, you say:bullying and killing Japanese politicians. "Hey, if you do what I say Ill be really nice to you and treat you KC: Who were? well, but, remember, if you dont..." Thats what those nuclear BF: The Rockefellers, I would say, at the end of the day, in bombs were about. But also, the Japanese were able to developorder to make sure they [the Japanese] never were presumptuous their economy. They were left alone for a long time. Its only inenough to use their money the way they wanted to, but rather just recent years that its become kind of really bad, noxious. Okay?hand it to the Americans. Theres an illness at the heart of the American system. And And I still havent checked this out, but Im pretty sure if you what it boils down to, if you look at financial flows, is thatadd up all the Japanese trade surpluses and the numbers and then money has been going from the poor countries to the richcompare it to what is now officially recognised as Japaneseassets, youll find that the trade surplus is much bigger. In other Continued on page 79JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 17
  • 18. 9th book Out Now!!! "Basically, these books make all the books that Ive read to date look like a complete waste of paper! ... I think that going through life without this knowledge is a waste of time, and not passing it on to children is a crime. I can say with confidence that nothing like these books exists in the world today." -- Rafal F., Australia (from an unsolicited letter to NEXUS magazine Feb - March 2006) In 1994 a Siberian elder told the entrepreneur Vladimir Megre a fascinating story about the "ringing cedars" - trees respected from Biblical times for their curative powers and the capacity to re-connect human beings with the Divine. The elder told him where such a ringing cedar was growing in the Siberian backwoods. Vladimir Megre set out on an expedition to find the tree. But his encounter with the elders granddaughter Anastasia transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to write a book about what she shared with him. What happened next thrilled and inspired millions! With no advertisement other than word of mouth the Ringing Cedars Series has sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone and translated into 20 languages, it has made Vladimir Megre into one of Russias most widely read authors. These highly unusual books provide extraordinary insights into dozens of subjects - from natural child rearing to the production of high-energy, healing foods, from the meaning of human life to the amazing potential that awaits every one of us, extraterrestrial civilisations, from ancient megalithic science to the vital importance of breast-feeding, and from sacred sexuality to the hidden history of world religions. Book 1 of the series, Anastasia Book 2, The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book 3, The Space of Love Book 4, Co-creation Book 5, Who are We? Book 6, The Book of Kin Book 7, The Energy of Life Book 8, Part 1 - The New Civilisation Book 8, Part 2 - Rites of Love To order, phone or send cheque, money order Now available from NEXUS or credit card details payable to: ---> $33- per book NEXUS Magazine or PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560 Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 $225- for the set of nine books Master/Visa/BankCard accepted All prices incl. GST & postage www.nexusmagazine.com18 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 19. C an alkaline water help fight disease, combat acidity, enhance longevity and even cure cancer? Do the health claims being made for this new "wonder water" stand up to scientific scrutiny? More importantly, is there any evidence that some forms of "alkaline water" may even be harmful? Many claims have been made about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water. Whether from techno-wizards from Korea or China pushing "water ionisers", Contrary to the manufacturers touting the benefits of plastic-packaged water or perhaps one of the many self-published "health experts", these claims all promote the idea that "alkaline water" is belief that alkaline not only vital for good health but is an essential weapon in the fight against all manner water can cure a of disease and chronic health conditions. In this article, we take a closer look at the types of water being promoted and the host of illnesses, the claims for and against alkaline water, leaving you better informed and able to determine whether or not "alkaline water" is essential to good health or whether the claims are evidence from merely pseudo-scientific. First, we need to look more closely at pH and alkalinity. chemistry and Definition of alkalinity The term "alkaline", which is so commonly used to describe a particular type of water, physiology suggests is neither technically accurate nor scientifically correct. Heres why. Chemists express acidity or alkalinity on the pH scale, which is considered to run that it can cause from zero to 14.0 (although extremely acidic or extremely basic solutions have values health problems outside this range). Acidic solutions are considered to have pH values of less than 7.0 and alkaline solutions greater than 7.0. The definition of alkalinity or acidity is the resulting from measure of a solutions ability to resist changes in pH. An alkaline solution, such as household bleach (NaOCl, sodium hypochlorite), has a stomach acid pH value around 11.0. With a maximum value on the pH scale of 14, bleach is highly alkaline. If we were to mix sodium hypochlorite with a highly acidic solution like production going hydrochloric acid (HCl), which has a pH value around 2.0, then a roughly equal measure of one solution is required to cancel the other out. In other words, it requires around one into overdrive. litre of hydrochloric acid at pH 2.0 to neutralise one litre of household bleach at pH 11.0, creating a new solution with a reading of around pH 7.0 (neutral). The dilution required is equal because each solution has highly alkaline or highly acidic properties. In other words, the solutions strongly resist changes in pH. These solutions are strongly buffered. However, if we took one litre of hydrochloric acid at pH 2.0 and added one litre of water at pH 9.0 (which is very high for water), then the pH of the mixed solution would only be raised to around pH 3.0 or 4.0. This is because water is neither strongly alkaline nor strongly acidic. In chemistry, water is considered to be weakly buffered: it cannot by Jan Roberts resist changes to its pH, nor can it change the pH of a strongly buffered solution to any BPharm (Hons), DipClinNutrition great degree. Water cannot effectively change the pH of hydrochloric acid or of an alkali © 2008 like bleach unless dilution by a very significant factor occurs. c/- Woman Zone Why call water alkaline? Level 3, 616-620 Harris Street Alkalinity or, more accurately, the pH reading of water is determined solely by the Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia following three factors: Temperature: The temperature at which a sample of water is tested, which is always Email: jan@well4life.com.au stated on laboratory reports, will affect the pH reading; for example, at 50°C the pH of water is 6.55.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 19
  • 20. Dissolved gases: Gases such as hydrogen, produced by the When water falls from the sky in what is essentially aelectrolysis process of water ionisers, will raise pH, while distillation process, it often tests as acidic with a pH readingcarbon dioxide, usually found dissolved in rain water, will lower below 7.0. Why? Water needs minerals to maintain balance,pH by 1.0 or 2.0 pH units. In a laboratory setting, water is and if it has none it then takes carbon dioxide (CO 2) from the air.usually degassed before pH is measured. Why? The CO2 then reacts to form carbonic acid (H 2CO3). This Mineral content: By far the most important determining is a totally harmless, weakly buffered acid but it is the reasonfactor in water pH is the mineral content. Usually the more why rain water reads pH 5.5 or 6.0.minerals present in water, the higher the pH reading. However, Again, the water is not really acidic in the true sense of thethis is not a hard-and-fast rule; it depends on the types of word. The pH meter is simply reading carbonic acid and theseminerals and gases present. A chemist will always measure pH pH readings can be easily moved towards neutral by bubblingwith reference to "alkalinity as CaCO 3 " (the chemical name for oxygen through the water for a few minutes. Because water iscalcium carbonate or limestone). This measure is the correct weakly buffered, a low pH reading does not mean that the waterway to determine pH because it takes is actually acidic or harmful to health,into account the most important just the same as a high pH readingfactor of all: the presence of minerals There was a time when does not mean that water can alkalisein water. the body. Trying to measure water alkalinity many leading health experts Another way to remove mineralswithout factoring in temperature, recommended absolutely and produce low pH readings is to usedissolved gases and total mineral distillation or reverse-osmosiscontent is like reading the headline of pure water as the healthiest systems. The important fact to note isa newspaper without reading the text. water. However, opinions that, apart from rain water,The result is often misleading. demineralised water is not found in Before we move on to the role of change with the times and nature.minerals in water, I want to take aquick look at low-pH water. with new knowledge. Aside from some environmental impurities, the low pH of rain water is not harmful and it does not affectLow-pH water body pH in any way. However, we do Apart from in volcanic sulphur springs, it is only possible for need to take a closer look at the health effects of water thatwater to have a naturally low pH if it is devoid of minerals. contains no minerals. Rain water has no minerals. In nature, rain falls to theground, collecting minerals on its journey down through the No minerals = dead water?earth to the water table. When water is ready, it bubbles up There was a time when many leading health expertsthrough natural fissures in the earth, collecting more minerals on recommended absolutely pure water as the healthiest water.its way, and reappears on the surface as spring water. Capturing However, opinions change with the times and with newrain water interrupts the natural hydrological cycle. knowledge. As one doctor puts it: "One of (by far) the most brilliant men of the recent era, Dr Hans Nieper (MD and PhD) was against the long-term ingestion of distilled water due to the fact that there were no minerals on board to give it a charge as opposed to being pure H 2O (which doesnt occur in nature). "There does exist research (from more than one source) suggesting that even the intake of minerals from food doesnt make up for high-volume intake of totally mineral- free water..." (Emphasis added.) (Source: Dr Allan Spreen, MD, Health Sciences Institute, USA, http://www.hsialert.com; see http://tinyurl.com/6ozfpg) Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) formed an investigative committee to look at the need for calcium and magnesium to be present in drinking water. Here is an abridged quotation: "The World Health Organization has formed the International Symposium on Health Aspects of Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water. The symposium of about 200 medical researchers [is] evaluating studies suggesting possible links between insufficient magnesium consumption and a greater human susceptibility to heart attack, hypertension and even type 2 diabetes since many people in regions with mineral-rich or hard drinking water "Its our latest. Waterised water: pure-grade water specially seem to have a lower incidence of heart attack or high concentrated with an injection of extra water." blood pressure..." (Source: Water Technology News, April 2006)20 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 21. What the WHO is saying is that long-term consumption of Alkaline water claimsdistilled water may lead to mineral deficiencies and health A search of the Internet under the term "alkaline water healthproblems. benefits" brings up over 650 references. A great majority of So, if demineralised water is not healthy, what about alkaline these have been put up by the vendors of "alkaline waterwater with minerals? ionizers [ sic]". Amongst the websites you will find claims such as drinking alkaline water helps prevent, reverse or cure theMinerals and alkalising following conditions: Spring water with dissolved minerals typically gives pH • High blood pressure • Morning sicknessreadings above 7.0. This "alkaline" pH reading is due entirely to • Diabetes • Osteoporosisthe presence of dissolved minerals such as calcium and • Poor blood circulation • Hyperaciditymagnesium. In the body, minerals act as natural acid buffers • Constipation • Diarrhoeaand help to neutralise acidic wastes. So, would it be fair to • Common colds • Water retentionassume that mineralised water can alkalise the body? • Muscle aches • Hangovers Not exactly... The mineral content of municipal water is • Urea stones • Body odournegligible. The alkalising effect would be too small to be • Slow wound-healing • Obesitymeasured. • Chronic fatigue • Migraine Even spring water with a higher mineral content than town • Gout and arthritis • Gastric problems.water has insufficient mineral content to We are told that these and other healthaffect the bodys natural acid-forming waste conditions too numerous to mention,processes in any significant way. including cancer, can be cured with alkaline However, you can alkalise your body by water. Does this sound too good to be true?eating lots of fruits and raw vegetables. Well, it is! To discover the truth, lets firstThese contain many important acid- take a look at electrical water ionisers.buffering minerals, and a high water Ultimately,content which helps to flush acidic wastes Alkaline water ionisersfrom the body. overacidity is the Water ionisers use a relatively simple Another option is to add "colloidal" and result of years of process known as electrolysis, discovered"ionic" mineral supplements to your diet. in 1832, to produce a chemically alteredAgain, the minerals act as a natural acid poor nutrition and solution. Electrolysis uses a pair ofbuffer and they can also help supplement dehydration... oppositely charged platinum electrodes. Asfoods that have been depleted of minerals water is passed over the electrodes, a directdue to modern farming practices. As logical as it may electrical current reacts with the dissolved So what makes the body acidic? seem, the notion minerals to create a chemically altered synthetic solution.Acid bodies that you can alkalise Positive ions naturally present in the There is valid research showing that your body with water are attracted by the electricalthe consumption of too many current at the negative electrode,processed foods, sugars and starches alkaline water is which is a heavy metal plate. Hereincreases the bodys toxic load and just plain wrong. they acquire negatively chargedleads to a generally acidic condition. electrons (hydroxyl ions). TheIt is a fact that certain diseases seem to process also releases hydrogen gas.thrive in a body overloaded with The negative ions are attracted to theaccumulated toxins, which are merely positive electrode and give upthe natural metabolic by-products of electrons, with the effect of loweringliving and breathing. the pH level. The so-called "acid So if we dont eat enough cleansing, water" comprises almost 50 per centalkaline foods such as fresh fruits, of the solution and is usuallyvegetables and legumes and if we dont drink sufficient water to discarded down the drain as waste water.flush out toxins, we can create an overly acidic cellularenvironment. Ultimately, overacidity is the result of years of Is there scientific evidence?poor nutrition and dehydration. Are there any medical data to support the bold health claims Now, here is the trap... If water helps flush toxins and made for alkaline ionised water? In the early 1950s, Japaneseprevents acidic waste build-up, then surely drinking "alkaline" researchers believed that alkaline water with a pH greater thanwater will help neutralise acids far better? Alkaline neutralises 9.0 could offer relief to sufferers of gastric hyperacidity.acidic. This seems like good advice. It sounds like common However, as we shall see, this belief was later proved to besense, doesnt it? misplaced. As logical as it may seem, the notion that you can alkalise Here is what the Health Services Department at the Universityyour body with alkaline water is just plain wrong. But it is of Columbia, USA, has to say:human nature to think that more is better, and of course a quick "A normal pH, the measure of acidity vs. alkalinity, isfix is always very appealing. What better way to correct years carefully monitored by various body systems to stay betweenof poor diet, lack of exercise and chronic dehydration than by 7.35 and 7.45. This is slightly on the alkaline side of neutral (7simply drinking "alkalising" water? Easy! Sadly, this claim just on a scale of 1–14). Activities like changing your respirationdoesnt hold water. Why? rate or eating different foods impact the pH slightly, but theJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 21
  • 22. body quickly compensates, mainly by releasing neutralizing said to include malignant cells and acid accumulations.agents into the bloodstream or changing the acidity level of your "This theory seems very well developed and may soundurine. If your blood starts to become too acidic, the kidneys will plausible to some, but it is absolutely untrue. I get a lot ofquickly compensate by releasing more acid into the urine. questions about alkalinity and acidity and whether eatingSimilarly, if the alkaline level rises above normal, your kidneys alkaline foods (or acidic ones) influence the bodys pH in awill release more basic solution into the urine. Because urine is healthful direction. There is no scientific research supportingheld apart from the rest of the body fluids and soon excreted, the this line of thinking..."body can maintain a stable pH by adjusting the pH of the urine, (Source: Dr Andrew Weil, 29 July 1999, http://tinyurl.com/4ajmb6)then getting rid of it. "Although claims have been made that a diet high in alkaline However, this is not the first time that the health claims forfood or water will slow down the aging process or inhibit the alkaline water have been found wanting.growth of cancer cells, there is no human research to supportthis. Cancer cells may die in a test tube environment more Alkaline water warning?alkaline than the normal body, but healthy cells cannot survive We all know that the dangers of living under electrical powerin that kind of environment either. So reducing acid levels in lines include higher incidence of leukaemia and other forms ofthe body might kill cancer cells, but it rare cancers. And lets not forget thewould probably kill the rest of your cells dangers posed by mobile phones andtoo. In addition, important chemical transmission towers. The point is that manyreactions such as those involved in of these technologies were once considereddigestion can only take place within the safe or posed what the experts callnormal 7.35–7.45 range. That is why the "minimal risk".body so carefully moderates its own The same principle applies to electricalacid/alkaline balance." water ionisers. (Source: http://tinyurl.com/6x82j5) Every time you drink Clinical evidence recently uncovered by artificially high pH researchers on the US National Institutes of No matter how it is produced, water is Healths medical research databaseweakly buffered and will always be (alkaline) "ionised" (http://www.pubmed.com) has found strongneutralised by a true acid or alkali. Forexample, our stomach contains water, your stomach evidence that alkaline water can increase the risk of heart attack:hydrochloric acid with a pH of around produces more acid3.0 to 4.0. If we drink water with apH 8.5 or 9.0, it is immediately to compensate for the • "Influence of alkaline ionized water on rat erythrocyte hexokinaseneutralised by our gastric acids and dilution of acid in activity and myocardium" (Watanabeloses its ability to alkalise our body as T. et al., J Toxicol Sci 1997 May;soon as it enters the highly acidic the stomach. 22[2]:141-52):stomach environment. "Alkaline ionized water (AKW) produced by the electrolysis of tapHealth professionals speak out water (TPW) was given to pregnant The renowned complementary rats throughout gestation...health specialist and author Andrew Hyperkalemia was observed in malesWeil, MD, is one of the most and females given AKW at 15 weeksrespected health specialists in the old. Especially in males, pathologicalUSA. He is the founder of the changes of necrosis in myocardiacIntegrative Medicine Program at the muscle were observed. " (EmphasisUniversity of Arizona and is a best-selling author. Dr Weils added.)books include Spontaneous Healing , 8 Weeks to Optimum Hyperkalaemia is a life-threatening condition that can lead toH e a l t h, Eating Well for Optimum Health and The Healthy sudden death from heart attack!Kitchen. He commented in 2002: "Home water ionizers, which Ive seen offered for sale on the • "Degradation of myocardiac myosin and creatine kinase ininternet, are just the latest twist in the ongoing effort to promote rats given alkaline ionized water" (Watanabe, T., Kishikawa, Y.,the notion that alkaline water is somehow protective of your J Vet Med Sci 1998 Feb; 60[2]:245-50):health. The underlying idea is that you can prevent disease by "Recently, the authors have shown that marked necrosis andbalancing your bodys pH... fibrosis of myocardium were observed in rats given alkaline "None of these claims are [sic] true." ionized water (AKW)... The activities of myosin ATPase and (Source: Dr Andrew Weil, 4 September 2002, actomyosin ATPase in the AKW group were higher than those http://tinyurl.com/2fplhn) in the TPW group, and these elevated activities were caused by the degradation of myosin in the AKW group... It is concluded Dr Weil also stated back in 1999: that this disorder of coupled reaction may cause marked "Rumours are circulating on the Internet and elsewhere that myocardiac necrosis and fibrosis in rats given AKW . "drinking alkaline water is beneficial to health and can (Emphasis added.)miraculously cure everything from obesity and high blood While this sounds all scientific, the bottom line is thatpressure to breast cancer. Alkaline water purportedly "alkaline water" is causing "pathological changes" in heartneutralizes the acidic wastes in the body. These wastes are muscle cells .22 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 23. • "Histopathological influence of alkaline ionized water on Theoretically, the constant ingestion of "alkaline water"myocardial muscle of mother rats" (Watanabe, T. et al., J creates a localised gastric event where the stomach goes intoToxicol Sci 1998 Dec; 23[5]:411-17): acid production overdrive. This constant alkaline assault on "The myocardial lesion in the mother rats given AKW the system can create an abnormal digestive condition in ashowed cell infiltration, vacuolation and fibrosis in the previously healthy gut.papillary muscle of the left ventricle, as were observed in male As we age, the production of gastric acids slows down. It israts of 15 weeks old . Myocardial degeneration may cause a estimated that after age 40, there is an approximate decrease inleakage of potassium into the blood that results in a higher the bodys ability to produce enzymes by 20–30 per cent. If, asconcentration of potassium in the blood in the test group than suspected, "alkaline water" disrupts enzyme production, thenin that of the control group given tap water." (Emphasis drinking it once you are past 40 is one of the worst things youadded.) can do. Is it a risk worth taking? Laboratory rats given "alkalinewater" saw myocardial (heart In summarymuscle) lesions, cell infiltration, The marketing of alkaline waterfibrosis and potassium leakage into as a panacea for a range of healththe blood. These results were conditions is pervasive. Based,recorded after only 15 weeks. Can however, on flawed science, ityou imagine how serious these may actually lead to deteriorationproblems could get after six in your health. Realistically, theremonths or six years? are no short-cuts to maintaining Clearly, this evidence goes well your bodys pH at the optimal levelbeyond questioning whether for all metabolic and"alkaline water" lives up to its detoxification processes to proceedhealth claims. It raises serious appropriately.doubts about its health and safety. To sum up, keeping your body operating at the desired, slightlyDigestion interrupted? alkaline pH requires a diet of If the fact that "alkaline water" fresh, whole, unrefined foods, anddoes not alkalise your body and reduced intake of tea, coffee andcould actually increase the risk of alcohol, replaced with anyour having a heart attack is not abundance of purified water,enough to make you question the regular exercise and stress-marketing hype, then lets consider reduction measures. And Wellnessthe effect it can have on your Water should be your purifieddigestive system. water of choice! In order to digest food, our ∞stomach acids are stronglybuffered and highly acidic at pH2.0–5.0. About the Author: We noted before that weakly Jan Roberts, BPharm (Hons), hasbuffered "alkaline water" (even at spe nt almo st 40 ye ars in thepH 11.00) is immediately health care industry, 25 of thoseneutralised by the stomach acids. working in the area of womensHowever, it does have an effect on reproductive health. She is athe digestive system . Every time pharmacist with a postgraduateyou drink artificially high pH diploma in clinical nutrition and"ionised" water, your stomach is the Australian representativeproduces more acid to compensate fo r F o re sig ht, the Br iti shfor the dilution of acid in the Association famous for its workstomach. in p romo t ing pr e co nc ep t io n Remember, "alkaline water health care.ionisers" were originally approved As co-author (with Francescato treat abnormal gastric conditions. What happens when this Naish) of the international best-selling series The Naturalwater is introduced into a normal gut environment on a daily Way to Better Babies (reviewed in NEXUS 3/06), … Abasis? Better Pregnancy, …Better Birth and Bonding and ...Better "As far as the health benefits claimed for alkaline ionised Breastfeeding, Jan Roberts is passionate about the need forwater are concerned, these seem to be based on some serious and promotion of toxicity-free products and environments.misunderstandings of chemistry and physiology." Fo r mo re in fo rm ati o n, v isit t he we b sit e (Source: Dr David A. Bender, Department of Biochemistry http://bet terb abies.well4life.com.au and the blogsit e and Molecular Biology, University College London, in betterbabies.blogspot.com. HealthWatch Newsletter no. 57, April 2005, Jan Roberts can be contacted by post c/- Woman Zone, http://www.healthwatch-uk.org/ Le ve l 3, 616 -6 20 Harris S tree t, Ultimo NS W 20 07, newsletterarchive/nlett57.htm#water) Australia, and by email at jan@well4life.com.au.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 23
  • 24. 24 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 25. A fter three-and-a-half days of deliberation, the jury at the British "Coroners Inquests into the Deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mr Dodi Fayed" finally delivered its verdict on Monday 7 April 2008. The 11 jurors sitting in Londons Royal Courts of Justice had patiently listened to six months of evidence given by 268 witnesses. 1 Their finding was that the 1997 crash which occurred Was the verdict of in the Alma Tunnel in Paris had been caused by "unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes" (transcript, page 5, lines 5-7, page the inquest into the 6, lines 16-18). The Royal Coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, had pointed out that unlawful killing equates to manslaughter. deaths of Diana, Did these final inquests (treated hereafter as the singular "inquest") answer the many questions that have surrounded the circumstances of the tragic crash? Did justice Princess of Wales, prevail, or was the inquest just another major event in continuing the cover-up of what truly happened in the Alma Tunnel on 31 August 1997? and Dodi Fayed One fact is certain: the over 7,000 pages of inquest transcripts and evidence now comprise the most detailed account that exists of the Paris crash and the circumstances sound, or were the and events surrounding it. Royal Coroners The jury also stated that "the crash was caused or contributed to by the speed and manner of driving" of both the Mercedes and the "following vehicles", and that the instructions to the Mercedes drivers judgement was impaired "through alcohol" (5.20-24, 7.6-10). This outcome from the inquest followed the French investigation, which was finalised jury part of an in September 1999, 2 and the British investigation—Operation Paget—which was completed with the publication of the Paget Report in December 2006. 3 Both these ongoing cover-up of investigations found that the Alma Tunnel crash had been caused by a drunk driver, Henri Paul, who was speeding. what really Even after these two lengthy inquiries and now the inquest, there still remain critical, unresolved issues. happened in the Alma Tunnel on Key Witnesses Missed During his summing up on the morning of 31 March, Lord Justice Scott Baker claimed 31 August 1997? that the inquest had been extremely thorough and stated that the conspiracy theories regarding the crash "have been examined in the minutest detail through the evidence of over 250 witnesses" (9.21-23). The reality, though, is that there are over 50 important witnesses who were never cross-examined during this inquest. Some of these peoples evidence is so central to the conclusions drawn by the jury that the omission of it could cast doubt on the validity of the final verdict. Because the crash occurred in France, most key witnesses were not residents of the United Kingdom and therefore were outside the jurisdiction of the Royal Coroner. Throughout the inquest, the government of France—where these witnesses generally by John Morgan © 2008 lived—solidly maintained a position of refusing to cooperate. It failed to enforce the appearance of people who did not wish to be cross-examined. Email: Included in this group of witnesses is Professor Dominique Lecomte, head of the Paris shining.bright@optusnet.com.au Institute of Forensic Medicine; she is the pathologist who carried out the first autopsy on the Mercedes driver, Henri Paul. The Paget Report revealed that, during that autopsy, 58 Website: identifiable errors were made, including the failure to identify the body properly. http://www.thedianaplot.com Lecomte also conducted the initial external medical examinations of the bodies of Diana and Dodi. Another vital witness who evaded an appearance at the inquest is Dr Gilbert Pépin, theJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 25
  • 26. Paris toxicologist who carried out the alcohol testing on blood the organisation of the crash. They both made statements to thesamples from both of Henri Pauls autopsies. It is the results of British investigators; these were not included in the Paget Reporthis testing that led to the high blood-alcohol readings that and were not read to the jury during the inquest.became the basis of the French and British investigationsconclusion that the crash was caused by a drunk driver. Lack of Jury Access to Evidence Generally during this inquest, when a witness was not made The entire inquest process was hamstrung by the fact thatavailable for cross-examination, their statement(s) to the French witnesses were unable to recall clearly the detail of events thator British police were read out instead. In the case of Lecomte occurred so long ago. Throughout the six months of evidence,and Pépin, who both had signed statements with the British there were countless instances where those being cross-examinedpolice, these statements were not read out to the jury. Thus the said: "Im sorry. It is ten years ago now. I cannot remember."jury was not provided with any direct evidence from the two For the jury, this problem was exacerbated by the antiquatedmost important witnesses regarding the circumstances in which rule whereby they were unable to have access to the earlierthe alleged blood-alcohol results from the driver of the Mercedes official statements of cross-examined witnesses, which had beenwere based—yet it is these blood test results that are central to given during the initial French investigation and the later Britishthe jurys finding that Henri Paul was guilty of gross negligence. Operation Paget. Many of the French eyewitness statements It is difficult to overstate the importance to this inquest of the were taken within hours of the crash. It should be obvious to allevidence of Lecomte and Pépin. The question has to be asked: if concerned that these original statements, taken very soon afterLecomte and Pépin have nothing to hide, then why did they not the events, would provide more accuracy than witness cross-want to cooperate with the British inquest? examination over 10 years later. On the morning of 11 If Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered, then Lecomte and December 2007, the jurors themselves requested access to thesePépin would have played key roles in the aftermath and the statements. After some discussion in the Court, Lord Justiceensuing French cover-up. Scott Bakers decision was: "No, you cannot have the There are many other important witnesses who were not cross- statements" (66.7).examined. They include: It is evident that if this had been an inquest without a jury, then • Tom Richardson, an American the Coroner would have had access totourist who was the first pedestrian all witness statements. Why should ato rush into the Alma Tunnelimmediately after hearing the noise Thus the jury was not provided jury have been any different?of the crash. He was never with any direct evidence from the Inadequacies of Earlyinterviewed by either the French or two most important witnesses Investigationsthe British investigators. The failure of the French • David Laurent, who had to regarding the circumstances in authorities to carry out a thoroughswerve to avoid a slow-moving, old-model, light-coloured Fiat Uno–type which the alleged blood-alcohol place, when the events werein thefresh and adequate investigation still firstcar as he entered the Alma Tunnel, results from the driver of the in the minds of key witnesses, alsojust seconds before the crash contributed to the difficulties thatoccurred behind him. His evidence Mercedes were based... faced the inquest.is critical, as paint from an old- Take, for instance, the evidence ofmodel white Fiat Uno was found on Alberto Repossi, the jeweller whothe Mercedes after the crash, and that Fiat Uno has never been sold Dodi Fayed the "engagement ring" (he was cross-examinedofficially identified. Laurent also was never interviewed by the on 10 December 2007). Repossi was never interviewed by theBritish police. French, and thus his first testimony was not taken until the • Father Frank Gelli, Dianas local Anglican minister at St British Operation Paget officers interviewed him in SeptemberMary Abbots Church near Kensington Palace. He was a friend 2005, eight years after the crash.of Diana, and stated in a media interview in 2000 that Diana had Likewise, Brian Anderson (17 October 2007, afternoon), aasked him if he would perform the wedding when she married passenger in a taxi following behind the Mercedes and thus a keyDodi. Gelli performs a service in memory of Diana on 31 eyewitness to the crash, according to police records was neverAugust each year outside the gates of Kensington Palace. He interviewed by the French. His first official testimony was takenwas never interviewed by either the French or the British by British officers on 31 August 2004, precisely seven years afterinvestigators. the events he had to describe. To the shame of both the French • Michel Massebeuf, the driver of Dianas ambulance following and the British investigators, there are no records of any attemptsthe crash. He is one of only three people who were in the being made to locate the driver of the taxi that Brian Andersonambulance, which didnt deliver Diana to the hospital until 2.06 was in.am—one hour and 41 minutes after the crash. Massebeuf was American Joanna da Costa (formerly Luz) (22 October 2007,never interviewed by the British police. afternoon), one of the first two pedestrian eyewitnesses on the • A female student intern who was another one of the three crash scene, was never interviewed by the French investigators.people in Dianas ambulance. She assisted the ambulance doctor Her only interview was taken by the British police on 23 Augustand must have been involved in administering Dianas treatment. 2004, but for some unknown reason this testimony was neverThis woman was never interviewed or named in any police included in the official police Paget Report.investigation and remains anonymous to this day. Where delays of up to a decade or more in the hearing of • Nicholas Langman and Richard Spearman, both MI6 agents evidence have occurred, it is obvious that the accuracy ofwho were operating out of the British Embassy in Paris at the end testimony could have been compromised.of August 1997. It has been alleged that both were involved in The recently completed inquest did, however, help to highlight26 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 27. some of the areas where the early French investigation failed Dianas Anti-Landmines Campaignabysmally. For example, the inquest showed up mistakes made A significant portion of inquest time was dedicated to evidenceduring the initial night-time investigations. Under cross- regarding the possibility that Diana was pregnant at the time ofexamination, French investigators blamed some of these errors her death. This is a proposition put forward by the conspiracyon poor lighting. Sergeant Thierry Clotteaux (6 November, camp as a possible motive for murder. The evidence, or lackafternoon) admitted that "the lights were not so great" (50.17-18).thereof, has always indicated that this would appear to be anAnother police investigator, Hubert Pourceau (6 November, issue impossible to prove either way.morning), stated that a 19-metre-long (Mercedes) tyre mark (7 If Diana was murdered, more likely as possible motivesNovember, 16.5-9) was missed "...because it was night-time and would have been other factors: the rapidly developingit was not very visible. They couldnt see it" (40.12-13). relationship between Diana and Dodi, and Dianas prominent This begs the question: where was the forensic lighting that and effective involvement in the international anti-landminesone would expect at any night-time crash scene, let alone the campaign.scene of arguably the most important car crash of the 20th Dianas anti-landmines activity was a possible motive forcentury? murder that was almost completely ignored by the 832-page Investigators revealed that during the night they had to rely onPaget Report, produced by Lord Stevens in December 2006.the lights of the emergency vehicles; then, after those vehicles Michael Mansfield, QC, acting on behalf of Dodi Fayedshad left the scene, they were reduced to using the dim tunnel father Mohamed Al Fayed throughout the inquest, providedlighting. Apparently they didnt even have some compelling arguments regarding hertheir own torches! campaign. During his cross-examination of the Conservative former Minister for theDianas "Rocking" Ambulance Armed Forces, The Hon. Nicholas Soames, On the morning of 17 October 2007, a MP (12 December 2007, afternoon),statement given to the French investigation Dianas Mansfield quoted Soamess Toryby Thierry Orban, a photographic reporter, colleagues at the time. One told Diana:was read out to the inquest. Referring to the anti-landmines "Dont meddle with things about which youambulance carrying Princess Diana, Orban activity was a know nothing" (81.15-16). Anotherstated: "I then followed the ambulance, described Diana as a "loose cannon"preceded by motorcyclists and followed by a possible motive for (75.25) when referring to her visit to thepolice car which kept us at a distance. After murder that was minefields of Angola in January 1997.the Pont dAusterlitz, opposite the Natural Soames himself in 1997 portrayed Diana,History Museum, the ambulance stopped, the almost completely Princess of Wales, as a "totally unguideddriver got out hurriedly and got into theback. That was when I took the only ignored by the missile" (64.6). Soames is alleged by Dianas closephoto of the ambulance, which is in any 832-page friend Simone Simmons to havecase blurred. It was rocking, as if theywere doing a cardiac massage" (12.25, Paget Report, directly threatened Diana with an "accident" if she continued with her13.1-8). This stoppage occurred within produced by anti-landmines activities. On the500 metres of the hospital gates. Lord Stevens in morning of 10 January 2008, In his statement to Operation Paget, Simmons gave evidence regarding aDr Martino, who was inside the December 2006. four-inch-thick anti-landminesambulance, explained the situation: "I dossier, titled "Profiting Out Ofhad the vehicle stopped in order to re- Misery", which Diana compiled in theexamine the Princess... I did not do last year of her life. Simmons statedany cardiac massage at that moment but that Diana claimed the dossierit is not easy to do cardiac massage or "...would prove that the Britishresuscitation with a vehicle moving" Government and many high-ranking(Report, p. 515). public figures were profiting from The ambulance driver Michel Massebeufs statement to the their [landmines] proliferation in countries like Angola andFrench investigation was read to the inquest on the morning of 14 Bosnia. The names and companies were well known, it wasNovember. He described what happened: "However, in front of explosive and top of her list of culprits behind this squalid tradethe Jardin des Plantes, the doctor [Martino] asked me to stop. was the Secret Intelligence Service, the SIS [MI6], which sheWe stopped for about five minutes, in order for him to be able to believed was behind the sale of so many of the British-madeprovide treatment that required a complete absence of landmines that were causing so much misery to so many people.movement" (23.15-20). Im going to go public with this and name names, she declared" This evidence raises the question: why did Thierry Orban (52.13-22).witness a rocking ambulance if there was no cardiac massage London Daily Mail journalist and close friend of Diana,taking place and "complete absence of movement" was required? Richard Kay, said in his testimony to the inquest on 20This question was not put to Dr Martino when he was cross- December (morning) that he received a phone call from Dianaexamined on the afternoon of 24 January 2008. just hours before she died. He confirmed that during this call the The statements by Thierry Orban and Michel Massebeuf were Princess stated that she fully intended to "complete herboth inexplicably omitted from the Paget Report. Also, it is not obligations to...the anti-personnel landmines cause" (28.17-18).known why Orban and Massebeuf were not cross-examined Kay said that this would have involved a future visit to theduring this inquest. minefields of South East Asia.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 27
  • 28. Was There Judicial Bias? Laurents evidence is important because it indicates that the During Lord Justice Scott Bakers two-and-a-half days of Fiat Uno, which made contact with the Mercedes immediatelysumming up to the jury, he made some statements that should be before the main crash, was seen moving slowly beforehand. Thissubjected to scrutiny. could corroborate later evidence given by Souad Moufakkir (6 On the afternoon of 31 March 2008, during his discussion of November, afternoon), who also claimed to have seen the FiatDianas fears for her life, the Coroner stated: "One might have Uno slowing down prior to the crash. Laurents evidence of thethought that if Diana had really feared for her life, she would Uno being an old model was corroborated by George Dauzonnehave mentioned it to Mohamed Al Fayed at the time of the (29 October, morning), who was a witness to the Fiat Uno as itconversation with him shortly before the crash, when he said she left the tunnel after the crash.told him she was pregnant and engaged" (129.23-25, 130.1-2). In saying this, Baker appeared to disregard the fact that Diana Removal of Murder as a Possible Verdictcould not possibly have known the crash was about to occur. On the morning of 31 March, at the start of his summing up,Why would she particularly mention it at that stage when she was Lord Justice Scott Baker announced to the jury that he wason holiday, happy and in love, and she had already discussed her withdrawing murder from the possible verdicts available to them.fears with Mohamed Al Fayed earlier during that summer. He stated: "My direction in law to you is that it is not open to Early on 1 April, during his summing up of evidence given by you to find that Diana and Dodi were unlawfully killed in aDianas butler Paul Burrell (14–16 January 2008), Baker staged accident" (13.25, 14.1-2).recounted what Burrell alleges he was told Baker went on to explain: "When aby Her Majesty the Queen in December coroner leaves a verdict of unlawful killing,1997: "Be careful, Paul; no one has been as in this case on the basis of a stagedclose to a member of my family as you have. accident, to a jury, he must identify to theThere are powers at work in this country of jury the evidence on which they could bewhich we have no knowledge. Do you sure of such a conclusion. But in this caseunderstand?" (5.9-12) sufficient evidence simply does not exist" The Coroner then went on to say: (14.11-15)."Members of the jury, assuming something Baker appeared In what then may have seemed confusinglike those words were said, you may think it to be conceding that to the jury, Baker continued: "This doesstretches ones imagination to breaking point not, however, mean that all the suggestionsto conclude that they have the remotest thing there was evidence you have heard about the possibility of ato do with a staged collision in a tunnel three of a staged crash, staged crash are irrelevant.and a half months before" (5.18-22). Because there is some evidence, albeit Burrell had only recently lost his boss in a but not enough to limited and of doubtful quality, that thecar crash, the circumstances of which raised enable him to allow crash was staged, it will be necessary formany unanswered questions. Yet you to consider it in the context of theBaker was effectively making out that the jury to be given five verdicts that are open to you"the jurors were fools if they saw any the opportunity (14.18-24).connection between the Paris crash and Baker appeared to be conceding thatthe Queens comment. Given the to decide that it there was evidence of a staged crash,context in which Burrell had met his was murder. but not enough to enable him to allowformer boss, the Queen, because of the jury to be given the opportunity topost-crash events, and given that the decide that it was murder.meeting was within a few months of This inquest was conducted in thethe crash, it seems reasonably logical midst of a background of unansweredthat the comment could have had some questions regarding the crash thatconnection with the crash. occurred in circumstances which have Later on the same day, 1 April, led millions of people around theBaker summarised the evidence of world to believe it is possible thatDavid Laurent, who was driving Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodithrough the tunnel ahead of the Mercedes immediately before the Fayed were murdered. The jury members faithfully sat therecrash. In his statements that were read to the jury on the morning through the six months of evidence, believing they had beenof 11 October 2007, Laurent related that he had to swerve to assigned the task of determining whether this was in fact theavoid a slow-moving car as he entered the Alma Tunnel. Baker case.stated that Laurent described this car as "a small light hatchback" It could be argued that, at the very last moment, the Coroner(107.3-4). A closer look at David Laurents evidence shows that virtually pulled the rug out from underneath the inquest. Thehe gave two descriptions of this car. In his first statement, given very purpose of the inquest was to establish whether Diana andto the French police on 14 October 1997, he said: "It was a small Dodi were murdered.light-coloured hatchback car" (23.17). His second statement, The very purpose of having a jury make the decision was ingiven to the French police in April 1998, has more detail: "It was order to remove the possibility of an Establishment cover-up.an old model, a light coloured, white or beige, a Fiat Uno type What happened is that at the very end of the inquest, Coronercar" (53.2-3). The Coroner changed "light coloured, white or Baker ruled that the jury should no longer be entrusted with thebeige" to "light", giving a completely different meaning to the power to decide on whether a murder took place. In so doing,description (107.4). Furthermore, he failed to mention "old instead of quelling allegations of a cover-up, Baker added fuel tomodel" and "Fiat Uno type car". them.28 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 29. The Following Vehicles Guizard drove a grey Peugeot 205; Odekerken drove a After this decision by the Coroner, the jury was left with five Mitsubishi Pajero; Martinez and Arnal were in a black Fiat Uno;possible verdicts (31.24-25, 32.1-6): Rat and Darmon were on a blue Honda 650 motorcycle; and 1) unlawful killing (grossly negligent driving of the following Chassery drove a black Peugeot 205 (94.3-10). This evidencevehicles); shows that of the paparazzi pursuing the Mercedes, there was 2) unlawful killing (grossly negligent driving of the actually only one motorbike, a Honda 650. All the otherMercedes); pursuing paparazzi were either in cars or on a scooter. 3) unlawful killing (grossly negligent driving of the following On 7 November 2007, Paget accident investigator Anthonyvehicles and of the Mercedes); Read revealed to the inquest that French investigators had 4) accidental death; conducted tests on the performance of a Honda 650, comparing it 5) open verdict. with the Mercedes S280 (afternoon, 103). They found that at full In giving these options, the Coroner also removed the acceleration over 1,400 metres, the Honda 650 was thepossibility of the Mercedess contact with the white Fiat Uno— equivalent of 17 per cent slower than the Mercedes. Darmon,which was travelling ahead of the Mercedes as it entered the who was driving the Honda, gave evidence to the inquest (29tunnel—having an influence on the crash. During the inquest, October, afternoon) that he lost sight of the Mercedes after heclear forensic evidence was shown that proved the Mercedes was turned right, onto the expressway, after leaving Place de lainvolved in a collision with this car. Because the Fiat Uno was in Concorde. With Rat his passenger, they were the first of thefront of the Mercedes, it cannot be included in the term paparazzi to arrive at the crash scene."following vehicles" in the possible verdict provided to the jury. After analysing the evidence, it becomes very clear that it isBaker has failed to explain why he removed the Fiat Uno from quite impossible for any of the motorbikes surrounding or closelysuspicion as a possible cause of the crash. pursuing the Mercedes as it entered the Alma Tunnel to have As discussed earlier, the jury chose the third option: "unlawful carried paparazzi. Instead, the motorbikes were unidentified—killing (grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of which is why they have been described in the jurys verdictthe Mercedes)". simply as "the following vehicles". The reason that the description is It is clear, however, from early"following vehicles" is because eyewitness evidence that camerathese vehicles remain unidentified.It is therefore very surprising that in After analysing the evidence, flashes were seen on the expressway just before the Alma Tunnel:virtually every media report it becomes very clear that it • Bruno Bouaziz, a French policedescribing the jury verdict, thewords "following vehicles" have is quite impossible for any of lieutenant, said in his 31 August 1997 statement, which was read out to thebeen replaced by the word the motorbikes surrounding or jury on the afternoon of 12"paparazzi". There is actually no November 2007: "Witnesses told theevidence which indicates that these closely pursuing the Mercedes first police to arrive at the scene thatvehicles were in fact driven by as it entered the Alma Tunnel the Princesss car was travelling atpaparazzi. high speed, chased by photographers Eyewitnesses near the Alma to have carried paparazzi. on motorcycles. Others saw theTunnel described several motorbikes Mercedes slowed down by a Fordclosely pursuing or surrounding the Mondeo vehicle so thatMercedes as it entered the tunnel: photographers riding motorcycles could take photographs" • Olivier Partouche, a chauffeur who was standing near his car (118.18-23).across the road from the tunnel, witnessed a Mercedes • Olivier Partouche said in a statement taken six hours after the"immediately followed by a number of motorcycles" (24 crash: "...I think that I saw flashes before the vehiclesOctober, morning, 6.9-10). disappeared into the underpass" (24 October, morning, 26.1-3). • François Levistre, who was travelling ahead of the Mercedes, • Clifford Gooroovadoo, who was standing near Partouche,described seeing through his rear-vision mirror a "vehicle said in his first statement, taken two hours after the crash, that hesurrounded on either side by motorbikes" in his first statement "saw a motorbike with two people on it and also saw that themade to French police on 1 September 1997, one day after the pillion passenger of this motorbike was taking one photo aftercrash (Paget Report, p. 455; also see inquest transcript, 15 another in the direction of the vehicle that was making the noiseOctober, afternoon). [the Mercedes]" (12 March 2008, morning, 76.20–23). • Brian Anderson, who was travelling in a taxi that was • Benoît Boura (24 October, morning) was travellingovertaken by the speeding vehicles, described three motorbikes eastbound (the opposite way to the Mercedes) towards the Almathat "were in a cluster, like a swarm around the Mercedes" (17 Tunnel. He said in his second statement of 31 August 1997 thatOctober, afternoon, 98.24-25). "before all this [the crash] happened, therefore before entering Thus the eyewitness evidence clearly shows that the "following the tunnel, I saw flashes in the distance" (Paget Report, p. 454).vehicles" mentioned in the jury verdict are in fact several On the morning of 27 November 2007, Baker himself stated:motorbikes that were seen very close to the Mercedes as it "I am very interested in trying to find any...photographs showingentered the Alma Tunnel. the journey of the Mercedes before the collision" (48.12-15). On the afternoon of 2 October 2007, Scott Baker identified It is evident that if these photos of Diana and Dodis finaleight paparazzi who were near the Mercedes as it left Place de la moments before the crash had been taken by paparazzi, then theyConcorde. They were Benhamou, Guizard, Odekerken, would be worth millions of pounds and somehow they wouldMartinez, Arnal, Rat, Darmon and Chassery (95.10-11). It was have surfaced after the crash—whether in newspapers, TV oralso revealed that Benhamou rode a green Honda scooter; over the Internet. But no such photos have ever been published.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 29
  • 30. This raises the question: who took these photos through the • no access to original witness statements, despite the crashuntinted windows of the Mercedes S280 on its final trip? Were having occurred over 10 years before;they men on motorbikes masquerading as paparazzi with the • a large number of crucial witnesses failing to give evidencepurpose of harming the occupants of the Mercedes, but hoping and not being required to;that blame would later be attributed to the paparazzi? • removal by the Coroner of murder as a possible verdict open It is to the shame of both the French and British inquiries that, to the jury.after five years of "thorough" investigation, none of these Was the inquest really thorough?motorbikes has been identified. Were the jury members provided with the evidence that really There are also motorbikes—probably the same ones—that would have enabled them to achieve a unanimous verdict?were seen fleeing the crash scene, and cars including the white Did the Coroner place trust in the ability of the jury to be ableFiat Uno that were witnessed fleeing after the crash. The reality to decide on the evidence?is that the police on both sides of the Channel have only ever It seems almost unfair that the jury should have been expectedofficially identified one vehicle in this entire case, and that is the to reach a verdict in the above circumstances. It is as though thecrashed Mercedes S280. jury members achieved a verdict with at least one hand tied The question must be raised: if the riders, passengers and behind their back.drivers of the vehicles that were clearly witnessed fleeing the It would also seem likely that the general publics perception,crash scene have nothing to hide, why is it that the British and French governmentsthat not one of them has come forward to have not been up front about theexplain their actions? circumstances and events surrounding the Paris crash, would seem justified by the wayRequirement of Jury Unanimity in which this inquest was conducted. On the morning of 31 March 2008, as To those who say "Its over ten years now;Coroner Scott Baker commenced his its time to move on": does the fact that alengthy summing up, he instructed the crime or a gross injustice occurred a decadejury: "Whatever your verdict, whether On 7 April, ago mean that it is of less importance andunlawful killing, accident or open, it must he [the Coroner] significance than if it happened yesterday?be unanimous. There are circumstances in It is this attitude of public complacencywhich a majority verdict can be accepted, made no attempt to and wanting to "move on" by so many peoplebut they have not arisen in this case and, if explain in what way that has helped enable one of the greatestthey do, I shall give you a separate crimes and, equally, one of the greatestdirection about it" (15.5-10). the circumstances cover-ups of our time to have been Later, on the morning of 2 April, had now changed to perpetrated and successfully carried out.just before he sent the jury out to ∞deliberate, he reiterated: "With each enable a majorityverdict, whether unlawful killing, verdict to be Endnotesaccident or open, it must be the 1. To view and download transcriptsverdict of all 11 of you" (51.22-23). acceptable. and other published material from the At 3.30 pm on 7 April, after the "Coroners Inquests into the Deaths ofjury had been out for three-and-a-half Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mr Dodidays without reaching a unanimous Al Fayed", go toverdict, the Coroner told them: "The http://www.scottbaker-inquests.gov.uk.position is this, that the time has now Note that the page numbering in thebeen reached when I am able to transcripts is at the bottom of eachaccept from you a verdict upon which page.at least nine of you are agreed" (full- 2. To view and download an Englishday transcript, 3.15-18). translation of the final report by the There is no correlation between Bakers earlier requirement that Public Prosecutors Office in Paris, originally obtained by thethe verdict must be unanimous, and his later statement that some London Sunday Times, go to http://www.geocities.com/sort of mysterious time limit had been reached and the rules could wellesley/6226/report.htm?200613.be changed to a majority of nine being acceptable. The Coroner 3. To view and download the Operation Paget inquiry report, gohad already stated on 31 March that the "circumstances in which a to http://www.met.police.uk/news/operation_paget_report.htm.majority verdict can be accepted have not arisen in this case". On7 April, he made no attempt to explain in what way the About the Author:circumstances had now changed to enable a majority verdict to be John Morgan is an investigative journalist and writer basedacceptable. in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2005, he has carried out This evidence indicates that, in reality, the result in the case of exten sive fu ll-time resea rch int o the c ircu msta nc esthe inquest into the deaths of Diana and Dodi should have been a surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Hishung jury. book, Cover-up of a Royal Murder: Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report (available from http://www thedianaplot.Did Justice Prevail? com and http://www.allbookstores.com), is reviewed in this Did the inquest achieve justice for Diana, Princess of Wales, edition of NEXUS.Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul? Joh n Mo rga n c an be co nta cte d b y e ma il a t The following restraints were placed on the jury: shining.bright@optusnet.com.au.30 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 31. JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 31
  • 32. 32 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 33. A Modern Healing Miracle W e continually pick up the newspaper or turn on the news and hear about the latest research on producing "stem cells". It may therefore come as quite a surprise to many to find that some of the leading medical researchers have proven that the highest-quality stem cells can be easily produced, both artificially and where and when needed. Not only that, but it has been proven that the human body and the animal body can predict exactly the number of stem cells needed to heal a wound. Under the right conditions, the body can produce exactly that number, use The body can them all and have no extra left over! Amazing! Still more surprising is that you can easily do the same thing yourself at home. produce its own So what is the big push for stem cells all about? The real search is for a stem cell production process that can be patented and thereby controlled and sold for a huge amount stem cells in the of money by the drug companies. If these companies can patent the process of producing these stem cells and then store, ship and inject them according to complex procedures and quantity it needs make big money in the process, and if the knowledge of how to produce them can be kept and direct them to out of the hands of the common people, they can hold the fear of life or death over the sick and injured and dole the cells out at their price. They are the wizards holding the wherever theyre wands of healing. Normally a cell can only reproduce as the kind of cell it is. A skin cell can only required, as long as reproduce itself as another skin cell, but only of the skin layer that it is from. A heart cell can only reproduce a heart cell. A stem cell is a cell that has no tissue signature. It can a sufficient number become a skin cell, a heart cell, a lung cell, a bone cell, etc. It can become anything. To understand the subject better, you need to know the difference between stem cells, of silver ions are undifferentiated cells and dedifferentiated cells. Stem cells have not become any particular type of cells. They usually come from an embryo, a foetus or an umbilical cord. present in the U n d i f f e r e n t i a t e d cells come from bone marrow, primarily from the femur. bloodstream. Dedifferentiated cells are cells that have been differentiated as red blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells, etc., but have changed into undifferentiated cells. Now they can become any type of cells needed. The only difference with the three types is their history. They are all the same as stem cells and have the DNA of the donor. For the sake of simplicity, they will all be called "stem cells" herein, except where the difference is important to understanding the subject. Some parents have produced an embryo for the sole purpose of providing stem cells for a member of the family. Laboratories routinely produce embryos for making stem cells. The use of embryos and foetuses to source stem cells has become a hotly debated issue. The embryo may be killed in order to obtain the stem cells, which then can be used in other humans if the DNA is a close enough match. The DNA is a big problem in that it is foreign to the stem cells recipient. A stem cell is by Marvin-Lee Robey © 2008 like a donated organ: the immune system tends to reject it, therefore the immune system must usually be suppressed in order to accept it. And like a donated organ, the stem cell Email: robeysilver@verizon.net reproduces with its still-foreign DNA and the recipients immune system will probably have to be suppressed indefinitely. Websites: A strong immune system is certainly one of our most valuable assets. One of our http://www.live-silver.com highest goals healthwise is to build a strong immune system. Are we then to trade our http://www.candid-x.com immune system for the truly fantastic healing quality of stem cells and become permanently dependent on medication as a replacement for our immune system? The body has some undifferentiated cells coming from the bone marrow and other tissuesJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 33
  • 34. all the time. So, in some hospitals, doctors are experimenting with Medical science insists that a red blood cell cannotseparating these cells out of their patients blood and making an dedifferentiate because it has no nucleus. That seems like anembryo from the nucleus of each cell for implantation, or freezing obvious conclusion. Dr Becker was of this opinion to beginthe cells and saving them for planned future use. Its a very with—and yet, when he studied the changes in the production ofexpensive process. However, assuming these cells are not damaged stem cells in fine increments, he found that most of the stem cellsduring freezing, they are of the patients own DNA and the process came from red blood cells! An extended study revealed that a redhas produced some impressive results. These stem cells can then be blood cell has a nucleus before becoming a red blood cell. In theinjected where needed. But this process can be expensive and time process of dedifferentiating, the red blood cell first redevelops itsconsuming—and the patients may not have much time left. nucleus and then becomes dedifferentiated. Thus, when a scab Recently, scientists in Wisconsin and Japan have reported forms over a wound it has all the potential cells to dedifferentiate,success in taking some cells from a patient and injecting a but commonly these cells do not do so. However, in the presencegenetically altered virus into them to produce cells which behave of silver, they do dedifferentiate.almost like stem cells and have the DNA of the patient. But so In The Body Electric, Dr Becker devotes a whole chapter, "Thefar, the cells thus produced are not the same as the patients and it Silver Wand", to the effects of "the amazing silver ion". Theis doubtful that we will ever be sure that they are. Will they then "silver wand" he refers to is his silver electrode. On page 175, Drreproduce defective cells? Becker states: "We may have only scratched the surface of It seems that without stem cells, the body positive silvers medical brilliance. Alreadycan only heal by the tissue growing from the its an amazing tool. It stimulates bone-existing tissue of the same kind. Where a lot forming cells, cures the most stubbornof tissue is missing, the healing tissue must infections of all kinds of bacteria, andgrow from what is still there. Thus, where a stimulates healing in skin and other softlarge patch of skin is missing, the wound tissues. …[T]here may be other marvelsmust heal from the edges inward. In an latent in this magic caduceus... Whatever itseffort to heal where proper healing is not precise mode of action may be, thepossible, scar tissue develops. Scar tissue is Dr Becker showed electrically generated silver ion can producecomposed of deformed cells, and when they enough cells for human blastemas [theare worn out they reproduce themselves in that in the presence material that is produced from stem cells andthe deformed condition. Thus, scars usually of sufficient silver ions, becomes the healthy healed tissue]; it haslast indefinitely. restored my belief that full regeneration of But there is a solution. the body would limbs, and perhaps other body parts, can be produce all the stem accomplished in humans…"The Silver Magic Wand Note that Dr Becker makes the clear You can make as many of your own cells it needed. statement that, with silver, "thededifferentiated cells as you need!And they will contain your own DNA. Without the silver, technique makes it possible to produce large numbers of dedifferentiated cells"It is very simple and easy. In the it could not do so. (page 175). Note also that thesepresence of silver ions, produced by "dedifferentiated cells" (stem cells)"Bredigs process", the body would be of the patients own DNA. Ifdedifferentiates as many cells as it this is true (and I will show furtherneeds! evidence that it is), then why all the In his co-authored best-seller T h e struggle to produce stem cells fromBody Electric (1985), noted embryos—and with the associatedorthopaedic surgeon and research moral questions as well as expensivescientist Robert O. Becker, MD, techniques? Could it be because it is soreviews his experiments in attempting simple and safe that anyone can do it,to regenerate full limbs in humans. even at home? It is already being doneAlthough he ran out of research funds before he succeeded in by thousands of people in the alternative health field without theirfully accomplishing this, he did establish much in understanding realising it. If the common people ever wake up to this, thehealing processes. Basically, in seven years of research he found medical establishment will lose billions of dollars.that a very low DC electrical current, run between a positive Dr Becker describes in detail the healing of various patientselectrode and a negative electrode, produced a healing effect in with multiple infections of the bone and flesh that were notbones. He experimented with several metals for his electrodes: treatable by conventional medical practices but respondedgold, platinum, titanium, stainless steel and silver. The results dramatically to these "silver ions", the product resulting fromwith the silver were many times more effective than with any of Bredigs process. He has written/co-written several papers andthe others. He proceeded to experiment to find out why. His books on this subject, e.g., R. O. Becker and J. A. Spadaro,findings were that the DC electrical current was drawing positive "Treatment of Orthopedic Infections with Electrically Generatedsilver ions off the positive electrode, and that it was the silver ions Silver Ions: A preliminary report", J Bone Joint Surg Am 1978that increased the healing so dramatically. Dr Becker showed that Oct; 60(7):871-81.in the presence of sufficient silver ions, the body would produceall the stem cells it needed. Without the silver, it could not do so. Stem Cells and Cancer Treatment The technique known as "Bredigs process", invented by Georg Cancer researcher Gary Smith, MD, independently arrived at aBredig in the 1880s, is the basic method by which I produce the similar conclusion from researching cancer. In an unpublishedproduct that I call "Colloidal Ionic Silver". letter, he states: "Success [in cancer treatment] depends on silver34 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 35. in the persons body. When silver is present, the cancer cells infected. If she was not taken to the horse hospital immediately todedifferentiate and the body is restored... When silver levels have the bone scraped and the wound thoroughly cleaned, theare…non-existent, the cancer growth rate…continues…because horse would not survive. Even then, he said, this would leavethe cells cannot dedifferentiate… I suspect a silver deficiency is only a thin layer of tissue over the bone, with a depressed andpossibly one of the reasons cancer exists and is increasing at suchscarred area and no hair. The horse would be ruined. The veta rapid rate." (Emphasis added.) gave the owner an estimate of $28,000 to save the animal, but the Dr Smith suggests that it is natural to have enough silver in the owner could not afford this high cost. Instead, the owner flushedbody to produce all the stem cells we need, and that we do not haveout the wound with a garden hose, poured hydrogen peroxidethat silver because our food is grown or raised on depleted land. from the grocery store into it, flushed out the wound again with a A lot of the experimentation in stem cells at present is in the garden hose, and then flooded it with 20 ppm "ionic silver". Atreatment of cancer, and the results are reported to be dramatic. large wad of cotton was soaked with this solution, packed into theWe are now being told that the main problem is in obtaining hole and held in place with an elastic bandage. The owner didsufficient stem cells to treat cancers. Some researchers are now this every day until the wound healed. The horse completelycollecting stem cells from cancer patients in a series of processes, recovered, with not the slightest sign of a scar, and the hair grewfreezing the the cells and then using them in later cancer treatment. back naturally. Looking at figure 1, you can see the healing well under wayThe Power of the Medical with what Dr Becker describes asEstablishment "the granular growth over the bone" If we already know how to "She changed the dressing daily and even the "pink carpet". The newproduce stem cells easily and with muscle has grown over the bone andthe patients own DNA, then why and I moistened the dressing it is also filling in from the sides,arent the scientists and doctorsproducing and using them this way? several times each day with ionic no infection formed Note that almost with no scar tissue. at any time, andDr Becker throws some light on this silver. We were both amazed the little that did was quickly treated.subject. Despite his most careful andwell-documented research over a how fast the wound healed. One day, the filly chewed off the bandage, flies got into the wound andperiod of seven years, the medical Instead of taking months to heal, the wound was black with flyestablishment in general refused topay any serious attention to his this time it took 16 days." faeces—but that infection cleared up in a couple of days with no problems.amazing results. Dr Becker suggests In figure 2, you can see that theone reason for this is because of early wound has almost healed. The whiteresearch, going back as far as 200 years ago, where researchers spots on the hair are from hydrogen peroxide bleaching. Theusing electrical currents in therapy were ridiculed and denied any evidence is clear that the wound was healed by stem cellsexamination of their work. Their research was completely produced by the "silver ions", as Dr Becker describes. In figure 3unrelated to the chemical concepts of the day. Since electrical [not shown here], there is no sign of where the injury was. Eventherapy in its then form had its problems, improved versions are upon close examination, there is no way to tell where the woundrejected without consideration in this "enlightened" age. Indeed, was. The horse shows no limp or favouritism to the leg. It is asthe history of science is full of stories of "new developments" though the injury never happened. The horse was trained andreceived with great enthusiasm but which had been made public ridden as a yearling and is now being trained as a jumper.long, long ago—the scientists of that timedenigrated, their work refused examination. Another reason why new research is notaccepted by the medical profession is thatvirtually all the information doctors andlegislators get concerning health topics comesfrom drug companies. Any idea that thecommon people can easily and safely produceand use their own stem cells is completelyrepugnant to the entire scientific/medical/pharmaceutical establishment. Itwould cost the establishment billions ofdollars.Case Studies with Silver Outside of medical research, whatevidence do we have that this "ionic silver"will produce stem cells? We have reports onthe experience of many users. A good example is the injury to thethoroughbred filly shown in figures 1, 2 and3. She ripped a hole, several inches indiameter, all the way to the bone. The vet Figure 1. The fillys partially healed wound.said that the bone would certainly beJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 35
  • 36. ionic silver. We were both amazed how fast the wound healed. Instead of taking months to heal, this time it took 16 days. And, instead of a large scar, there was only a narrow reddened line where the injury had been. After several months the skin in the area of the wound has returned to normal. Unless you knew where I injured my arm, you would not be able to see where the wound had been..." I have received a number of similar stories to these, but no accompanying pictures. I did receive word from a pig farmer in Japan that he had excessive deaths in his pigs and so began giving them "ionic silver". This brought the death rate way down, but also unexpectedly increased their growth rate dramatically. As a result, another pig farmer in Korea tried the silver in the drinking water of his pigs and his report was identical. Is this due to the stem cells produced, or to the killing of the Figure 2. The fillys wound considerably healed. trichinosis so common in pigs? I dont know. However, a couple of backyard Another case of interest is that of Betty S. of Huntington Beach, gardeners have experimented with using the silver on tomatoes.California (see figure 4). In her words: "...At age 89 my skin has One of them reports that the treated tomato plants grew to threebecome very thin and my body no longer heals as fast as it used to. times the size of otherwise identical tomatoes, producing threeI stumbled and scraped my arm against the wall, causing an times as many tomatoes than the untreated plant; the tomatoesabrasion about 21⁄2 inches long and 3⁄4 inch wide [6.4 and 1.9 cm]. It were three times the weight individually and of better quality thanbled heavily. A medical aide changed the dressing and applied the untreated. Is this due to stem cell production? Certainly theseantibiotic cream daily. It took nearly four months to finally heal cases prove nothing, but they do raise questions and hint at theand left a large scar the size of the original wound. possibility that stem cells are produced in the same way in plants "About two months after the first injury healed I stumbled and animals.again, causing a second wound of nearly the same size as the first.This time the medical aide used your ionic silver instead of History and Science of Silverantibiotic cream to treat the wound. She changed the dressing Silver has been recorded through history as a preventive and as adaily and I moistened the dressing several times each day with treatment for disease. Silver "scalpels" were used in surgery by the ancient Egyptians. Copper was said to produce an uncontrollable decay of the flesh, and a wound from a copper sword was dreaded. During the Crusades, the knights carried a silver cup with them which many drank from, and it was said that a person could not catch a disease from another by 1st wound: drinking out of the 2.5 in. by 3⁄4 in. same silver cup. Most 2nd wound: of the super-wealthy Standard medical treatment 1 ⁄4 size of 1st wound. used silver tableware, with antibiotic ointment. Treated with "ionic silver". even though they could Took 120+ days to heal. Took 16 days to heal. have had gold and even Large scar. Almost no scar. though the silver tarnished and the gold did not. Before theFigure 4. Bettys arm wounds: The wound on the right was treated by a doctor, but took 120 days to days of refrigeration, itheal and left a huge scar. On the left, a similar-sized wound, treated with "Live Silver", healed in 16 was common to put adays with little scarring. silver coin in a bottle of36 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 37. milk to prevent spoiling. Until very recent times, doctors used the bacteria", and that is what antibiotics tend to do. The use ofsilver when necessary to hold bones together and to cover holes in antibiotics often results in the killing of essential bacteria in thethe skull. digestive system and probably other parts of the body. For its Almost 200 years ago, doctors learned that they could grind chemical production, the liver often uses certain bacteria, just assilver into a fine powder, much like flour, and use it to treat the pharmaceutical companies do. Antibiotics killotherwise incurable diseases such as syphilis. Doctors usually indiscriminately.avoided using it, however, because it commonly produced argyrea, While the medical doctors treated fungi and viruses effectivelya permanent bluing of the skin. Silver nitrate was also commonly with silver before the days of antibiotics, once antibiotics enteredused as a disinfectant. The negative nitrate ion is poisonous. the picture the medical field then took the position that viruses Around 1880, scientist Georg Bredig developed a process for and fungi are untreatable. They gave their antibiotics to patientsproducing a much superior product by placing two silver for viruses, although all official positions were that antibioticselectrodes underwater, causing an electrical arc between the would not treat viruses. In more recent times, the drug companieselectrodes. He used a very high voltage (thousands of volts) to have developed antifungal products, but these are well known toproduce this arc, which ate away the silver to form a silver colloid be very hard on the liver and of minor effect. Even suchof very small particle size in a positive ionic form (an ion is an substances as iodine and mercurochrome kill indiscriminately andelectrically charged atom). This product did not cause argyria and usually attack the flesh to some degree. The right silver product,was much more effective than the powdered instead, is very healing.silver or silver nitrate. Bredigs silver did havetwo disadvantages, however. First, the Developments in Productionextremely high voltage could be quite In more recent times, a process ofdangerous, especially around water. Second, producing "ionic silver" by a very-low-the process was extremely slow. voltage current has been developed. I As a result, the pharmaceutical companies There is far more have been working to improve thispreferred to produce and sell more easily procedure for 14 years. It is a very safeobtainable silver salts, preferably silver nitrate. money in treating version of Bredigs process.They went so far as to convince several the symptoms of Unfortunately, it has one problem: ifgovernments to bring in legislation requiring it water containing any impurities is used,to be used in every newborn babys eyes, to disease than in the silver often combines with theprevent blindness caused by infection from the treating the cause. impurities to produce undesirablemother during birth. However, silver nitrate products—but without the impurities, thehas severe problems. It attacks the flesh and Still, the general water will not conduct the necessarystains everything it touches black, the attitude of doctors is electrical current to produce thestain being very hard to remove. It had to silver in the water.be used carefully or it would attack the to "kill the bacteria", As a result, many people areeyes and itself produce a permanent and that is what producing a product by this means,blindness. Some people believed it using common table salt as analways damaged a babys eyes to some antibiotics tend electrolyte. This largely producesextent, and it was often said that a baby to do. silver chloride, which is insoluble intreated with it had duller eyes than those water and therefore collects in thenot treated. tissues. When used in large amounts, The continued use of silver nitrate and silver chloride will produce thatoccasionally ground silver by doctors discolouration of the skin known asgave silver a bad reputation, and it was argyria. Perhaps you have seenconsidered a treatment of more or less pictures of "the blue man" on TV orlast resort. Then came the antibiotics in the news. He was producing hiswith a huge push from the drug silver in this manner and drinking itcompanies. While the silver could treat almost every strain of like water over a long period of time.bacteria, viruses and fungi effectively, the new antibiotics treated Another common form is a "silver protein", a mixture of silveronly certain bacteria. An exact diagnosis was often required and gelatin or other protein. It is often used by medical researchersbefore the proper antibiotic could be prescribed. because it is convenient for them, while the production of high- The silver had another very strange and desirable quality which quality "ionic silver" is not. Silver proteins can be produced easilythe antibiotics did not: it was very selective in the bacteria it and cheaply in high concentrations. They are often promoted askilled. It distinguished between the beneficial and the unfriendly having very high parts per million and therefore assumed to bebacteria and only killed the unfriendly bacteria! Unfortunately, very effective. The high concentration is largely the protein ratherthe medical field took up Pasteurs finding about bacteria and their than the silver content. Therefore, the surface area covered by therelationship to disease and built their unquestioned science around silver is small, reducing the effectiveness.disease as a product of bacteria. Their general attitude was that all For 14 years, my daughter and I have been selling an automatedbacteria are to be avoided. "ionic silver" generator which works quite well using only distilled It is now well known that many bacteria are essential to good water. We have sold well over 6,000 of these, and not onehealth. It is also known that very few bacteria will cause disease customer has ever complained of any discolouration of the skin.unless something in the person is badly out of balance. There is We talk on the phone with customers a large part of the time andfar more money in treating the symptoms of disease than intreating the cause. Still, the general attitude of doctors is to "kill Continued on page 80JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 37
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  • 39. ABSTRACT T he Solar Electromagnetic Resonant Cross (SER-X) provides the key to timing of major events on the Sun and on the Earth. Planet–Cross alignments, together with specific interplanetary angular separations, coincided with the seismic events of 24–26 December 2004, of which an outcome was the Asian tsunami. Planetary conjunctions also coincided with peak sunspot abundance on 30 March 2001, precipitous decay of the 1997–98 giant El Niño in May 1998, and both the beginning and the end of the last prominent cold period of the Little Ice Age, the Maunder Minimum (1645–1715). The Sun is affected Cross and influential angularities promise to be revealing for the future (as for the past) by planetary because orbits can be calculated in advance (or in reverse). A sharp enhancement of planetary influence on the Sun and Earth can be expected in the first half of June 2008. alignments, and 1. INTRODUCTION: Nothing is really new specific angular The concept of a solar driver for human affairs is far from new. When the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten came to power in 1352 BC, he proclaimed the Sun to be the dominant influence relationships can on the well-being of Egypt. But the official standing of this eminently plausible hypothesis did not survive the lifetimes of him and Nefertiti. Renewed support for the Sun had to await create sufficient the observational evidence of variable solar activity enabled by Galileos telescope. Within 200 years, the obvious correlation between events on the Sun and the Earth had closed a resonance as to 3,000-year circle. There is a Sun–Earth connection. cause destructive My paper goes a step further by seeking the underlying driver for this connection. Nothing is entirely new, it seems. Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich located 276 copies seismic, volcanic of the 1543 edition of Copernicus book, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, and was surprised to find that the part about the Earth going around the Sun attracted little and climatic attention from peers. Annotations were concentrated on pages relating to the calculation of planetary orbits. Astronomers were seeking an easier way to do this time-consuming task impacts on Earth. than had been afforded by the second-century Ptolemaic system of prediction. Planets have long been seen as influential. But how? Enter Mercury I challenge current theories about the Sun, and offer a reason why it is affected by planetary alignments. Mercury is crucial. It is by far the closest planet, with an orbital period of 88 days (next-in-line Venus has a period of 225 days). Furthermore, it has a notably elliptical orbit, matched only by that of distant Pluto. Mercurys orbital eccentricity is 0.206 (cf. 0.007 for its stay-at-home neighbour, Venus), and its closest point (perihelion) to the Sun is when its at the azimuth of 75°—by the conventional 360-degree solar-centred rose on which planetary positions are plotted. (The azimuth is the angular direction from the by Kenneth W. Dickman Sun to a planet at a particular moment as it orbits in the "horizontal" plane at right angles to © 2006, 2008 the Suns north–south spin axis.) Mercurys frequent closest point to the Sun provides the starting point for an electromagnetic resonance in the Sun, which is also evident 43 days Email: goldco9@tpg.com.au later when the planet has moved by 180° to the opposing resonant position at 225°. This phenomenon is visible as extensions of magnetised plasma from the solar corona in a Based on a paper published in four-leaf-clover pattern (which can be replicated by permanent magnets placed near a Energy & Environment 2006; television screen; see image 1). It appears that there are four fixed resonant positions, or 17(1):63-73; updated in May 2008 "beams", 90° apart, and each is visited in turn by Mercury at an average of 22-day intervals. Clearly, the Sun is in a permanent state of resonance, and its ringing is dramatically enhanced as additional planets pass through one of these four resonant positions.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 39
  • 40. When viewed from "above" (from a vantage point above the eruptions, in the decades immediately ahead. Correlation withSuns north pole, i.e., directly above its axis of rotation), these 90° similar low-torque periods in the palaeoclimatic record indicates thefixed beams form a cross on the Suns equatorial plane. likely development by 2030 of cool conditions, such as in the Maunder Minimum of the Little Ice Age. People starved then.When will it rain? The work described above dealt primarily with momentum Like all Australian farmers, I had a question uppermost in my effects and their outcome. But there are also other planetarymind: when is it going to rain? The conclusions of my 26 years of influences on the Sun and the Earth of a dominantlyresearch and analysis were tested on Australias Gold Coast, where electromagnetic nature. While these, too, involve the outer giants,water supply remains a heated issue in times of drought. My they also confer a vital role on the small inner planets which orbitprediction for future rainfall featured in a local newspaper on 12 the Sun directly (moving outward, Mercury, Venus, Earth andJuly 2002. The article related how weather patterns are a Mars). These effects are described below.consequence of the factors affecting sunspots, and that the parchedGold Coast could expect dam-filling rains, most likely at the end of New concepts2003. I included a caveat—no volcanic eruption should eventuate There are two separate types of planetary conjunction whichin the near-Asian region to mask impacts associated with my appear to be particularly influential, based on their observedpredicted high sunspot numbers. concordance in timing with known In the event, there were no major solar–terrestrial events. Correlations arevolcanic eruptions and, as predicted, the not proof, and unreserved acceptance ofHinze Dam catchment received sufficient their message must be deferred until thatrain in December 2003 to March 2004 to happy time when understanding catcheslift water storage levels to 70–80 per cent up with observation.of capacity. Was this proof at last of my First is the Angular Separation (AS) oftheories? No, of course not. But I was planets with respect to a circle at theencouraged, and this paper is the result. plane on which the planets orbit (the ecliptic) and centred on the Sun. When2. METHODOLOGY two planets occupy relative angularLandscheidt paper positions on the orbital plane, yielding On the galactic scale, our solar system separations such as 0°, 30°, 60°, 72°, 90°,is a ball of magnetised plasma, now 120° and 180° (divisible into the 360°crossing the Sagittarius–Carina arm of whole), resonance is the result.the Milky Way. The solar wind keeps Second is the Solar Electromagneticthis ball (heliosphere) inflated, and hence Resonant Cross (SER-X), where anyaffords an inhabited planet a modicum of planet arriving at a solar azimuth of 75°,protection from galactic influences. But 165°, 255° and 345° (forming the armsinside the heliosphere, there are complex of a cross) causes enhanced resonance.inertial and electromagnetic relationships SER-X alignments have an impact onwhich affect the Sun and all the planets. Image 1. TV screen influenced by permanent sunspot abundance and also are likely toLandscheidt (2003) elucidated an magnets. This image serves as the speculative draw a detectable response from Earth.important element of the planetary surrogate (viewed from above the Suns pole) The combination of AS and SER-Xconnection with the Earth and the Sun. for a four-lobed beam of magnetised plasma facilitates the release of energy from the That groundbreaking paper helps radiating "horizontally" onto the ecliptic plane, Sun, as evidenced (albeit, perhaps,explain the variability of the solar wind, as maintained by resonant excitation from counter-intuitively) by decreasingand hence the degree to which near-orbiting Mercury. sunspot prevalence at that precise time.bombarding cosmic rays can enter our atmosphere. The Sun and Other contributing factors also relate to planetary orbits. An outerthe outer planets (moving outward, the giants Jupiter, Saturn, planet with a slow angular velocity (giant Uranus has an orbitalUranus and Neptune, plus tiny Pluto) orbit the centre of mass (the period of 84 years compared with Earths one year) holds a SER-Xbarycentre) of the solar system. Much of the systems angular alignment for longer than does an inner planet. A planets influencemomentum is held by these giants, and their collective orbital is also likely to be greater when closest to the Sun (perihelion) andprogress applies a variable torque to the Sun, thus driving its longer-lasting when farthest away (aphelion).irregular orbit. Rapid rate of change of applied torque correlates By convention, Earths position relative to the Sun at the 22–23with increased solar eruptive activity and a more powerful solar September equinox marks the point of zero azimuth on the solar-wind. centred celestial circle, viewed with a northern hemisphere It has been hypothesised that a stronger solar wind means a perspective. Earth moves (anticlockwise, as do all planets) to thebetter-protected Earth, which means, in turn, reduced penetration of 75° SER-X azimuth—corresponding to Mercurys perihelion—onthe atmosphere by ionising cosmic rays. 7–8 December. Unsurprisingly, December is a time of unsettled Greater influx of electromagnetic energy also serves to accelerate conditions for Earthlings.precipitation of pre-existing atmospheric ions. Both influencesshould reduce cloud-forming nucleation, cloudiness and albedo New puzzles(reflectivity), and enable an increased quantity of the little-varying Stopping there would leave us with a not-simple, but not-too-solar radiant energy to reach the surface. The result would be a complicated, message. But in truth, observational evidencewarmer Earth. suggests a profoundly complex picture. The angular dimension of a Landscheidt calculated that there will be a decrease in the rate of SER-X position inflates in accordance with the greater distance ofchange of solar torque, and hence the incidence of coronal the triggering planet from the Sun.40 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 41. In the case of proximate Mercury, at 0.4astronomical units (AU), resonant contact ismaintained while the planet moves through1° of its orbital progress. (Note that 1 AU isthe measure of the Earths distance from theSun.) Further out, Jupiter, at 5.2 AU,appears to maintain solar excitement over1.5°. However, with distant Pluto, at 34.4AU, the single observation as yet availableindicates that resonance was enhanced for aperiod of over four years as the planettravelled from 5° before to 5° after the SER-X position of 255°. But there is another, even morecomplicating, observational puzzle to beconfronted. Sunspots are readily visiblefrom Earth, as is their progress across theface of the Sun. The Suns rate of rotationvaries, and the solar day is about 24 Earthdays at its equator, extending to over 30 daysat the poles. As one might expect, sunspotsare stationary and their apparent movement Figure 1. Record sunspot count, 30 March 2001. Jupiter and Pluto were inis explained by solar rotation. But the highly diametrically opposed SER-X positions. They and Earth, Venus, Neptune, Mars andvariable beams of energetic particles ejected Mercury were also in an unusually large series of resonant angular separations.from the four Mercury-dictated SER-Xportals are fixed relative to the solar-centred plane on which Why, then, was there a record sunspot count (352) on 30 March?planetary orbits are described. In direct contradiction to sunspots, I speculate that it was because of the additional impetus provided atin celestial terms these beams are stationary—meaning that they that time by a short-term assemblage of specific angulardont rotate as the Sun rotates. Clearly, scientific understanding has separations. As can be seen in figure 1, Earth and Venus (periodmuch catching-up to do. 0.6 years), both rapidly orbiting planets, shared an angular position 60° from Pluto and 120° from Neptune. Also, Mars had an AS ofThe 2001 sunspot peak 30° from Pluto and 72° from rapidly orbiting Mercury (period 0.24 Sunspots provide a readily observable and convenient proxy for years); and, as already mentioned, Jupiter and Pluto had an AS ofsolar eruptive activity and hence for the intensity of the solar wind. 180°. In addition, Pluto was 30° and Jupiter 60° past perihelion,Whitehouse (2005) and many others carry plots of sunspot and Saturn 30° before perihelion. (The perihelion locations of allobservations back to the introduction oftelescopes in observatories in the early1600s. Observations reveal, after a virtualabsence from 1645 to 1715, prominent 9–13-year cyclicity in sunspot abundance, whichstill continues. Archibald (2006) illustratespast and projected cycles. Soon and Yaskell (2003) tell us that asearly as 1800, William Herschel had noted acorrelation between diminished sunspotprevalence and low-crop-yield years inEngland. Herschel subsequently read, at asceptical Royal Society meeting, the paperon his findings, thus elevating from astrologyto astronomy the concept of an Earth subjectto external influences. Little Pluto, which has a long period (248years) and an eccentric orbit, has remainedrelatively close to its perihelion for the past30 or so years. Figure 1 illustrates planetaryrelationships in March 2001. Pluto was inthe SER-X position at 255°, and massiveJupiter was 180° away, straight through the Figure 2. Asian tsunami, 26 December 2004. Angular separations of 60° betweenSun, in the SER-X position at 75°. There Earth and Mercury, and between Mercury and Venus–Mars, were present at the timewould have been a powerful enhancement of of the first earthquake on 24 December; an AS of 120° also existed between thesolar resonance, although with Jupiters latter pair and Uranus. Rapidly orbiting Mercury had reached the SER-X 165°orbital period of 12 years it could not have position by the time of the second quake on 26 December.been narrowly circumscribed in time.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 41
  • 42. short Australia. The seasonal nature of the variable upwelling which drives Pacific sea- surface temperature (SST) is well illustrated by Guilderson and Schrag (1998), and a detailed analysis of the great 1997–98 El Niño has been presented by Kininmonth (2006), in which the wider climatic implications of such events are explained. The growth, maturity and collapse of this prominent climatic event is enshrined in the SST record from a buoy on the equator at 125° W longitude (McPhaden, 2002). Build- up began in normal seasonal fashion in January 1997, with SST rising from an atypically cool 23°C to the warm-season norm of 27°C by March. In a "neutral" ENSO year, SST would have risen no further; and then, renewed upwelling in the eastern equatorial Pacific would have caused cooling to 24°C by August. However, in this case, SST continued to rise (albeit at a lowerFigure 4. Outer planets during the Maunder Minimum. In 1645, Pluto and Neptune rate), to attain a needle peak of almost 30°Cwere 180° apart, both in SER-X positions and on aphelion, with Uranus approaching in early May 1998.aphelion. By 1715, Pluto had moved to another SER-X position, and both Uranus and A sudden reversal then took place. By theNeptune were now at perihelion. end of the month, SST was back to 23°C—planets are shown on the circumference of the celestial chart in thus overshooting the seasonal cooling expected several monthsfigure 1.) Is this a valid explanation, or an opportunistic reliance on later in a time of neutral regime. At this equatorial site, SST fell bycoincidence? I say it would be more of a coincidence for such a a climatically significant 6+°C in less than a month! In November,remarkable assemblage of resonant angularities to have had no full La Niña conditions arrived after a second (lesser) cooling stepdetectable physical outcome. took SST to below 21°C. Figure 3 [from the authors 2006 paper; not shown here; Ed.]3. PLANETARY CONTEXT FOR THE ASIAN TSUNAMI shows planetary conjunctions on 12 May 1998. The El Niño On 24 December 2004, an earthquake of magnitude 8.1 on the appears to have been in part an outcome of the 60° AS betweenRichter scale (Rs) was recorded beneath the Southern Ocean some Pluto and Uranus—but their separation had widened to 64°,800 kilometres southeast of Hobart, Tasmania. Happily, there was suggesting that this resonance had now been lost. But, many newno damage. However, a following 9.3 Rs earthquake under the influences emerged. Earth enjoyed close to a 72° AS fromIndian Ocean on 26 December led to the devastating Asian tsunami. Mercury, Venus and Neptune; and, equally significant, JupiterThose who attributed the triggering of this seismic sea-wave to achieved a SER-X of 345°. Lastly, all planets were on the samehuman decadence, or indeed any terrestrial cause, were probably side of the Sun, travelling in the same direction with Earth trailingmistaken. Figure 2 provides a more plausible explanation. the field. A reduced bow-shock for Earths protective The scene was set by a series of contributing factors. On 24 magnetosphere would have been a possible outcome.December, Saturn (period 29 years) was only 10° past its 93° The abrupt decay of the 1997–98 giant El Niño in May 1998, andperihelion and Earth was at 93°, only 10 days before its own its subsequent replacement by a fully developed La Niña in theperihelion. Pluto was still in a four-year 74° angular relationship following November, may have been the direct result of sharpwith Uranus (period 84 years), which was itself approaching changes in planetary alignments. Implausible? Maybe so. But anyaphelion. A notable AS also existed at that time between Earth, exclusively Earthbound explanation so far proffered up for thisMercury, Venus and Mars, with their 60° separations being the remarkable reversal is even more implausible.identical harmonic of the orbital circumference. At this time, thefirst quake was triggered. 5. THE MAUNDER MINIMUM: EXTRATERRESTRIALLY Two days later, fast-orbiting Mercury (90° past perihelion) DRIVENattained the 165° SER-X position. This was the very day of the The latter millennia of the present interglacial period (Holocene)second quake—when the lithosphere would still have been ringing have exhibited a cooling trend, overprinted by a ca. 1500-yearwith the shock of the first. Coincidence? We shall never know. warmer–cooler cyclicity. In the temperate northern hemisphere, itsBut there is disinterested corroboration—from none other than the most recent manifestations were the climatic–historical RomanSun. A remarkable change in sunspot abundance was observed Empire Warm Period (Romans in England), the Dark Agesover the crucial period. Sunspots went from 47 on 23 December, (Germanics in Italy), the Mediaeval Warm Period (Vikings indown to only 11 on 27 December, and by 31 December they had Greenland) and the Little Ice Age (LIA).rebounded to sixty. Well understood or not, extraterrestrial The LIA was prominently twin-troughed (Wang et al., 2005), andinfluences were in evidence at that fateful time. its Spörer and Maunder cold periods were times of great hardship in Europe. The Maunder Minimum, for which we have the better4. ABRUPT END TO THE 1997–98 EL NIÑO records, took the form of an intermittent series of very cold winters. As described elsewhere (McLean, 2006), the El Niño–La Niña The subsequent 300-year trend to present-day warmth has been(ENSO) alternation is a crucial determinant of rainfall in water- interrupted by three progressively less-and-less-severe cold42 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 43. Figure 5. Five planets holding SER-X positions and a plethora of resonant angles will be in force on 4–8 June 2008.intervals at 1800–20 (the Dalton Minimum), 1880–1910 and 6. FURTHER POSITIVE CORRELATIONS1950–75. There is little doubt that the timing of the LIA minimum Computer analysis identifying significant angular relationships,correlates with variation in sunspot abundance and cosmic ray flux in conjunction with my theories of planetary–SER-X alignments,(Usoskin et al., 2005). enables identification of solar-induced terrestrial disasters. When But what is the underlying driver? Why, for instance, were there multiple planets connect in resonance-positive AS around the Sun,almost no sunspots between 1645 and 1715? and with at least one planet holding a SER-X position, the result I now introduce the culprit. Pluto, with its huge orbit, was in its can be chaos on Earth. The following notable events correlate withaphelion (its orbital point farthest from the Sun), and it SER-X alignments:simultaneously held a SER-X position (figure 4). Neptune was also • Volcanic eruptions: Tambora, 1815; Krakatau, 1883; Pelée,in aphelion, and it also held a SER-X position. With Uranus 1902; St Helens, 1980; Pinatubo, 1991.heading towards its aphelion as well, the Sun appeared to lose • Earthquakes: San Francisco, 1906 and 1989; Kobe, 1995;contact with the outer planets. Asian tsunami, 2004. By 1715, however, conjunctions were dramatically different. • Long-distance power-line overloads: Quebec, 11–17 MarchTwo of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune) were in perihelion, 1989; USA, 10–12 January 1997 and 14–15 August 2003.while Pluto had travelled 90 degrees to hold the next SER-Xposition (the only time a simultaneous occurrence of this type has 7. UNUSUAL ALIGNMENTS IN JUNE 2008been noted). These outer planets were back! The Sun was re- As shown in figure 5, covering the period 1–13 June 2008, thereenergised, and the 300-year warming trend we still enjoy had will be a remarkable five planets holding SER-X positions on 4–8begun. June 2008: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Uranus. (A previous My analysis above does not detract from Landscheidts currency. configuration for the same period in June 2006 is mentioned in myHe dealt in the rate of change of torque applied to the Sun by the January 2006 published paper. On 6 June 2006, there were sixcollective orbital motions of the outer planets. major volcanic eruptions.) Therell also be a New Moon on 4 June, An individual planets influence is greatest when its angular and a plethora of resonant angles in force. Fast-orbiting Mercuryvelocity is greatest—at or near perihelion—and the combined will be at 90° to Mars and 90° to Uranus; Venus at 90° to Mars; andinfluence of two planets is greatest as one passes the other. Earth at 90° to Mars and 180° to Venus. Because of the directional At its simplest, planets in aphelion "switched off" the Sun in nature of solar energetic outbursts, particularly coronal mass1645, and planets at perihelion switched it on again in 1715. The ejections, we cannot be sure that Earth will be involved. However,Maunder Minimum "quiet Sun" can be thus explained. There is another severe earthquake is among the possibilities.little reason to doubt that this notable climatic event occurred andthat it was extraterrestrially driven. Continued on page 81JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 43
  • 44. 44 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 45. Abstract A simple device has been created which measures a spin force around living organisms. This force varies with solar activity, phase of the Moon and some planetary positions. The discovery of this spin force bridges the gap between small bodies—subatomic particles, atoms and interstellar molecules—and large bodies—planets, asteroids, stars and galaxies. All these bodies have been shown to A little-known exhibit spin. This work also expands the property of spin to living organisms. The author proposes that spin be considered a basic force, along with electricity and gravity, and a rotational force replacement for magnetism, which is a special case of spin. called the "biofield" Background on Electric and Magnetic Fields The Chinese use the term chi or ki to describe the energy which circulates along has been detected acupuncture meridians and provides the essential life force for the body. In the 1940s, Wilhelm Reich built what he called "orgone accumulators" which collected an energy around living from space. He considered orgone to be the vital energy of all living organisms and that it organisms and has could be supplied to people who were ill by using Reichs accumulators. Reichs devices and discoveries stimulated a lot of research which is continuing today. a strength that Psychics who claim to see the human aura have always tantalised researchers to detect it with the latest and most sensitive instruments. However, measurements made with varies with changes sensitive ultraviolet light detectors, electrostatic or radio-wave detectors have found almost nothing except the typical infrared or heat radiation given off by a warm body. in solar activity, There are a few examples of detection of possible forces around the human body. Applying high voltage and low current to the body and taking photographs produces lunar phase, coloured photographs. Called Kirlian photography, after the Russian who developed it, the technique has some validity, though its difficult for measurable effects to be produced planetary positions from the colour photographs. So, significant aspects may not have been noticed. and the Earths Another example is electric charge. On a cool, dry day, the body can pick up electric charge, especially if synthetic clothing is worn, and this charge will spark to a metal geomagnetic field. surface as it is touched, or spark to another person if that person has less charge. This comes and goes with the weather. The body does not generate an electric charge which can be detected beyond the skin. There are small electric currents and voltages generated within the body which can be measured by placing electrodes directly on the skin or placing probes within the brain or heart. Brain waves are only about 10 millionths of a volt and the largest muscle electrical signal is generated by the heart: 2.5 millivolts. Other muscles produce voltages of only a few millionths of a volt. Some people have written that the body has a magnetic aura. This statement is misleading and confusing. While its correct that any moving electric charge generates a by Buryl Payne, PhD © 2008 magnetic field, such fields are only a fraction of the strength of the electric fields. In order to make magnetic fields apparent, coils of wire with many turns must be used. PsychoPhysics Labs Blood flows out and back and has no net electrical charge, so it doesnt generate any Post Office Box 514 external field, although a very small magnetic field is generated when nerve impulses Soquel, CA 95073, USA propagate. Telephone: +1 (831) 425 3324 To detect the tiny electrical signal produced by the heart muscle requires amplification Email: buryl@buryl.com of about 1,000 times, and electrodes must be placed directly on the body. The magnetic Website: http://www.buryl.com field of the brain requires amplification a thousand times more, or a million times altogether. In other words, the magnetic field generated by the heart is only about one-JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 45
  • 46. thousandth of the electric field. No compass would ever showsuch a small field. If th e body had an appreciable magnetic aura,compasses would not work properly and people would be forcedto rely on the Sun and stars for navigation.The SQUID Within the last two decades, a very sensitive instrument hasbeen developed which can detect the very small magnetic fieldsaround the heart and brain, where busy neural activity also makesa tiny magnetic field. The instrument used to detect these fields iscalled a SQUID, an acronym for "superconducting quantuminterference device". The measured magnetic fields from the headand heart are less than one-millionth of a gauss (a term used formagnetic field strength). While data from the SQUID are now providing information, tosay that the body has a magnetic aura is like saying the body has agravitational aura. We dont walk around attracting objects suchas paper clips and rusty nails to our body by our magnetic field.However, just because people dont have any appreciablemagnetic field does not mean that they are not affected by small Figure 1magnetic fields. The frame has been made of common materials—wood, plastic,Animal Magnetism metal—and in a variety of shapes. It is suspended by a nylon There is another type of field around the body which is neither filament (e.g,, fishing line). When a person sits under a hangingelectric nor magnetic and is very frame of any shape, the frame willmuch larger than either of them. It is rotate a few degrees. To measure theindirectly related to magnetism, and degree of rotation, a mirror is gluedpeople lacking a suitable term have on the nylon filament. A wall-often chosen to use the term This force may be what mounted spotlight will produce a"magnetic" to describe it. Mesmer called "animal reflected spot on an adjacent wall In the 1500s, the alchemist where a scale serves to provideParacelsus believed that humans magnetism". It shows up as accurate measurement of movementexude a "vital force" which surrounds a spin or rotational force on of the spot. A ladys compact mirror,the body like a "luminous sphere". which slightly focuses the spot of Anton Mesmer, in the late 1700s, a frame which is suspended light, works better than a flat mirror.also believed this and used the over a persons head. In the apparatus shown in figure 1,concept in his work. In the 1800s, ring magnets are placed such thatBaron Karl von Reichenbach called their north poles point towards thethis luminous sphere "a n i m a l apex.magnetism". Figure 2 shows a different version Mesmer believed there is a fluid-like energy around the human of the device, which uses a hanging scale.body which is highly charged in healthy people and weak or Other versions of the device have included a spiral helixnearly absent in ill people. He recognised that this force is fashioned from quarter-inch copper tubing, three-sided pyramidalsomehow related to magnetism, and he thought that magnets forms, large rings, and a pyramid hanging inside a bottle (figure 3).could conduct it. He called this force "animal magnetism" todifferentiate it from ordinary iron magnetism. He found that hecould produce "magnetic-like" effects in his patients by strokingthe space around them with magnets or his hands. Hisformulation was similar to what Reich later called "orgoneenergy".Detecting the Biofield In 1978, when the author was investigating the possibleexistence of pyramid energy, he accidentally discovered a forcearound the body, which can be detected and measured with asimple device he developed, which he calls the Biofield Meter.This force may be what Mesmer called "animal magnetism". Itshows up as a spin or rotational force on a frame which issuspended over a persons head. Figure 1 shows one form of the device used to detect andmeasure this force. Although a pyramid frame was initially used,the force has no connection with so-called pyramid energy, thesupposed force occurring inside a pyramid shape. Figure 246 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 47. Biofields and Geomagnetic Fields Well, then, what is the biofield? It appears to be a genuinely new force in science. It manifests as a physical force clearly observed around all types of biological matter. It appears to be a force which produces movement at right angles around the human body. It does not push or pull like gravity or electrostatic forces. It appears to be in the form of a circular or spiral force around the body. The origin of the force is not electrical, magnetic, thermal or gravitational. It is much too large to be produced by these forces. After several months of observations, it was discovered that the amount of the initial rotational deflection of the Biofield Meter varied in association with the geomagnetic field. Figures 4 and 5 show deflections of the meter over a 40-day period (measurements made daily) and a three-day period (measurements made at three-hour intervals). The dashed line Figure 3 shows measurements made with the Biofield Meter, and the solid line shows data on the Earths magnetic activity provided by the Devices have been made and tested with more, less and no National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Atmagnets. In general, the more magnets the more movement, but times of higher geomagnetic activity, the Biofield Meter showedBiofield Meters still rotate even when there are no magnets on higher activity.them. The instruments are stable and rarely move when no one is The second chart (figure 5) shows a similar relationship fornear them. Over 1,000 observations have been made. three-hour variations. There is a clear connection between the Instruments suspended in bottles demonstrate that air currents two measurements, although its not appropriate to do statisticaland thermal currents could not be correlations since there is a componentinvolved in their movement. Units to the biofield data which varies withplaced in bottles or glass cases are the emotional state or vitality of thecaused to move by placing ones person. Observations suggest thathands at opposite sides of the bottle Devices in bottles have been when someone meditates or is ill,or case without touching. Electrical their biofield is of lesser amplitude.shielding or electrical grounding of observed to move at When someone is excited, eitherthe operator made no difference;however, soft iron wrapped around a distances up to 12 feet from angry or happy, their field is larger. Usually the direction of the initialbottle stopped the effect. the observer during times rotation of the frame is to the right, To test whether heat could beproducing rotation of the larger of large magnetic storms. as seen from within the frame, or clockwise, as seen from above theframes, several observations were person.made using a 100-watt light bulb, a At times of a New or a Full Moon,lighted candle and a heat pack. No or when there are large disturbancesmovement of the frames was observed in the Earths magnetic field, thewhen these heat sources were placed inside the frames. To ensure biofield often shows a change in the initial direction of rotation.that air currents produced by breathing were not affecting the Measurements of the biofield were made nearly every daymovement, the breath was held as long as possible in a number of during a two-year period. Examination of the data showed that 85tests. per cent of the time of a New or a Full Moon (within 36 hours), The Biofield Meter always moved within five to 15 seconds, sothat factor, too, can be ruled out. Besides, the many observationsmade with units in sealed glass jars have repeatedly demonstratedthat movement takes place when no air currents and only minimalheat transfer could be present. Devices in bottles have beenobserved to move at distances up to 12 feet [3.67 metres] from theobserver during times of large magnetic storms. Since the bodys intrinsic magnetic field measured in shieldedrooms is about one billionth of a gauss, this biofield could not bean ordinary magnetic field. The author has simply called it the"biofield" (a contraction of "biological energy field"). Tesla, a contemporary of Edison and the inventor of thealternating current (AC) motor and many other instruments, wasreported to have spoken about a "higher octave" of magnetismwhich had not been recognised by traditional science. Whatever we choose to call it—the aura, animal magnetism,orgone energy, prana, spin force, chi or the biofield—this energyis quite large: over 100 million times as large as the bodys Figure 4. Graph showing Geomagnetic Index (A) andmagnetic field. If it were magnetic, the biofield would measure as Biofield Meter deflections.equivalent to several hundred gauss.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 47
  • 48. presence of a biofield or spin force. The biofield around living organisms appears to be thousands of times larger than the magnetic field. That the biofield was involved is supported by Dr Browns observation of a connection between rotation and bean seed interaction. He found that the beans interacted more strongly when they were rotated c o u n t e r c l o c k w i s e than when they were rotated clockwise. (The biofield is usually observed as a clockwise force as seen from above.) In another series of experiments, Dr Brown placed rotating magnets near the bean seeds and observed an interaction with the seeds. He and his Figure 5. Solid line is Geomagnetic A Index, Anchorage, Alaska. Dashed associates also found interactions between line is Biofield Meter initial deflection, 1 div. –.8°, Plymouth, Massachusetts. geomagnetic activity and the rotation of worms and other small life-forms.the biofield showed a reversal in direction for a few hours. Such a Dr Brown discussed the research of R. I. Jones, who reported inreversal could have happened during the other 15 per cent of the 1960 that plant growth could be altered by uniform daily rotation.time, but escaped the authors notice if it happened to occur Clockwise rotation depressed growth. No one has been able tobetween observation times. explain Joness findings, but the presence of a spin force around Measurements made over a seven- year period on various forms all plants might be a factor.of Biofield Meter showed consistent connections between their The author detected the biofield around a cat, a watermelon, amovements and solar–geomagnetic activity. This was so, even grapefruit and several plants. Dr Ron Hruby found a biofieldfor those forms of the Biofield Meter around a dog and a horse.which did not have magnets placed Taken together, the findings ofon them. It seems that geomagnetic Brown, Jones, Hruby, the author andactivity is the largest component of All living organisms seem to be other researchers all point tobiofield activity. in resonance with the Earths connections between living organisms, spin and geomagneticPioneering Biofield Studies dynamic magnetic field, activity. All living organisms seem Similar devices to the Biofield which, in turn, is a function of to be in resonance with the EarthsMeter have been developed dynamic magnetic field, which, inpreviously. The first device, the solar activity and the positions turn, is a function of solar activity"Biomètre", was developed by Dr of the Moon and at least and the positions of the Moon and atHippolyte Baraduc of France; it least some of the planets.utilised a copper needle suspended some of the planets.horizontally by a thread from the Generalisation of the Spin Forcecentre. A literature search uncovered Spin forces are omnipresent in thea reference to it in an article by Dr universe. Spin or angular momentumCharles Ross, published in the 30 July 1922 edition of the medical is associated with most subatomic particles such as electrons,journal Lancet. He described an instrument which was set in protons, neutrons, etc. Interstellar molecules spin. Stars, planets,motion by the proximity of the human body or by vision. satellites, even entire galaxies and clusters of galaxies are all In recent years, a German scientist, Walter Peschka, appears to known to spin. Many asteroids spin. The fastest- spinning bodyhave discovered a similar effect. in our solar system is an asteroid which rotates every 10.7 minutes These men did not obtain numerical data on the amplitude of (Ostro et al., 1999). Apparently,every body in the universe spins.the field or notice its connection with the geomagnetic field. One astronomer maintains that the whole universe spins. Dr Frank Brown was a pioneer in the study of interactions The Biofield Meter shows the existence of a spin force aroundbetween magnetism and living organisms. During a visit to the the human body and other living organisms. Perhaps it is time toauthors laboratory in 1983, he left 50 reprints of scientific papers assume that spin be taken as a fundamental force in its own right,including several studies on bean seeds, magnetism and spin. He along with gravity, electricity and magnetism. Spin connectsfound that when bean seeds were placed near one another, there gravity and magnetism, for it is a more general type of magnetismwas an interaction between them which could not be explained. and at the same time it complements gravity.The effect was observed by carefully measuring the amount of Spin forces, if they exist around suns and planets, would help towater which the beans absorbed. organise solar systems and satellite systems. The existence of Dr Brown thought the interaction was due to magnetism spin as a force would account for why the universe has not comebecause it was still present when electrostatic shielding was in together in clumps, for spin forces operate at right angles toplace, but nearly disappeared when magnetic shielding was used. gravity forces.Although he believed the bean seeds had a magnetic field, he did What is perhaps the fastest-spinning pulsar was recentlynot have the instrumentation to measure it. In fact, even if a discovered at the core of a supernova which was observed frommagnetic field around a bean seed could be detected by an the southern hemisphere (Hessels et al., 2006). This pulsar wasultrasensitive SQUID apparatus, it would probably be far too apparently formed as part of the supernova process and would besmall to account for the observed effects. It seems more likely expected to start out spinning slowly and gradually increase inthat the interaction between the bean seeds was due to the spin as more matter was drawn to the centre. But its measured48 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 49. detectable biofield. On top of the Table 1. THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE pyramid, however, movement was as usual. Differences were observed at FORCE LEVEL OF OPERATION EFFECTS other locations as well. In general, Gravitic Operates between all matter. Pulls matter together. the amplitude of initial rotation is less near the coast. Since the geomagnetic Electric Only manifests between charged Pushes or pulls. Only sensed by field strength varies minute by particles. other charged particles. minute, thorough observations on Magnetic Manifests when charged particles Pushes or pulls at right angles place differences need to be made move or are internally aligned, to the direction of motion. using standard instruments and as in iron. Causes moving charged particles simultaneous observation or controls to move in circles, spirals or at the different locations. helixes. If the force does induce rotation, this would imply that if we could Strong & Weak Operates within nucleus of atoms. Keeps nuclear particles together. place a small test object in space Nuclear around a human, that object would start to rotate around the person. This Spin Present around all bodies; much Causes all bodies to spin around experiment could not be done on larger around living organisms. one another. Counteracts gravity. Produces complex forms Earth but perhaps it could be done in or structures. space. If rotation occurs, it would indicate that the spin force, or life force, is similar to magnetism, forspin rate is 716 times per second, upsetting traditional theories. magnetism is a spin force located in the space around a wireThis discovery lends additional support to the notion that spin carrying an electric current.should be considered a fundamental force present around all Whereas magnetic forces only act on other magnets, this lifematter. force, or biofield force, apparently acts on all matter. Copper, Assuming the existence of spin force as a force in its own right iron, aluminium, plastic and wood have been tried, butwould also bring one aspect of aliveness into the equations of quantitative comparative measurements have not been made. If aphysics—something that is long overdue. Spin forces might be material were found which did not show the effect, it would be acalled "form forces" or "organising forces", for they help form very important discovery.complex living organisms which abound with spirals, helixes and Further questions for research include the following:circles over and over again in myriad different ways, from double Does the strength of the biofield vary with altitude? Would ithelices in DNA and RNA to whirling dervishes. diminish in deep mines? Can it be detected in a steady, high- As previously mentioned, there are also two other forces flying aircraft?assumed to exist. Called the "strong" and "weak" nuclear forces, How much mass can actually be caused to move by this force?they operate within atomic nuclei to help keep nuclear particles The heaviest device the author has used weighed about ninefrom dispersing due to electrical forces. pounds (4.08 kilograms). However, this weight was not being If we consider that spin be taken as a fundamental force along lifted, only rotated, so very little physical force was actuallywith gravity, electricity, magnetism and the two nuclear forces, required.table 1 can be constructed. How do the biofields of individuals interact or combine? If a large ring is suspended over one person and a measurement made,Research Possibilities for the Biofield then will two people crowded under the ring increase the Before spin may be seriously considered as a force in the amplitude of the initial rotation by a factor of two?universe, more research is necessary. First, its important that Suppose a Biofield Meter is hung in the centre of an emptyphysicists validate that the present apparatus operates correctly. room and people quietly come in and stand around it. If theNext, other types of spin detectors should be devised. mirror system is used, a spot of light can be reflected from the Since the spin force has been observed around a cat, a dog, a mirror on the Biofield Meter to a distant wall, providing a veryhorse, grapefruit, watermelon and plants, one could hypothesise it sensitive indicator of rotation. If people surround the instrument,is present around all living things. Controlled experiments on moving slowly towards it, how close do they have to come beforeseveral different types of organisms are suggested. it rotates? Or will it rotate at all? How many people will be If no magnets were used on the Biofield Meter, there should be required to observe such a rotation?no magnetic perturbations and the movement of the meter might How far does this force field extend around the body?accurately reflect the geomagnetic activity, whereas, in the case of Gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces have been foundhuman subjects, emotional states and vitality factors add more to diminish with the square of the distance. If the activity ofvariability. Such an apparatus could be set up in a draught-free Earths magnetic field and the emotional state of the human areenvironment or a magnetically shielded room. To make reasonably constant, how rapidly does biofield strength diminishmeasurements of a humans field in a magnetically shielded room as distance from the body increases? Does this force follow thewould be an excellent way to determine how much of the biofield same formula?is generated by the human and how much is induced by Other important questions can be asked. What is the directiongeomagnetic activity. of this force? Is it truly a spin force? The formal and informal Biofield instruments in bottles have been taken to the pyramids experiments and observations I have made, extending over manyof Egypt, the Grand Canyon, the ruins of Palenque, the mountainsand the seashore. Inside the Great Pyramid, there was no Continued on page 82JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 49
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  • 51. SCIENCE THE WATERCONE® is non-toxic, non-flammable and 100-per- dramatically improved quality of life DESALINATION SYSTEM cent recyclable. The black pan for the salt starting with as few as a dozen Watercones water is made out of 100-per-cent recyclable set up close by the sea.The Product polycarbonate. 4. Perfect for medical purposes. ThereT his product enables anyone to have an Even when the Watercone® becomes old are thousands of hospitals, field and mobile independent as well as a simple, and tarnished, it can still be used to collect hospitals, first aid and emergency medical cheap and mobile solar system for rain water, as a roof panel or as a container units that are located in sunny climates andpotable water generation from sea water or for other goods. lack condensed water. Outfitted with just abrackish water on the basis of condensation Another environmental impact is the fact dozen Watercones, a little field hospitalby a solar still. that solar energy is used instead of gas, oil could harvest 15 litres of condensed water This invention comprises a conical, self- or electricity to desalinate seawater. In per day—enough to make a differencesupporting and stackable unit made from many countries, poor people heat dirty water between life or death.transparent thermoformable polycarbonate by burning the last remaining wood and 5. Creates jobs. For centuries, water(the same as water dispensers), outfitted therefore they promote desertification. vendors have walked the markets andwith a screwcap spout at the tip and an villages of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.inward circular collecting trough at the base. Reasons for Global Distribution Based in the vicinity of salt or brackishTechnically speaking, it is a solar still. 1. Much cheaper than bottled water. water and outfitted with a minor credit line, The Watercones life expectancy is 3–5 these vendors could invest in a dozenFunction years, and the price is planned to be below Watercones and sell 15 litres of water a day. 1. Pour salty/brackish water into the pan, 100. The average price of one litre of Their investment would be returned in nothen float the Watercone® on top. The bottled water in developing countries is more than half a year. ∞black pan absorbs the sunlight and heats up US$0.50. Presuming a daily usage of thethe water to support evaporation. Watercone and a daily average yield of one Further Information: 2. The evaporated water condenses in the litre, the Watercone pays for itself in a little The Watercone® is the national winnerform of droplets on the inner wall of the more than half a year! of the Energy Globe Award 2007 for acone. These droplets trickle down the inner 2. Low-technology concept. A s pilot project in Yemen. Patented bywall into a circular trough at the inner base opposed to other types of solar stills which Augustin Produktentwicklung (Tengstasseof the cone. feature electronics, photovoltaic cells, tubes, 45 , D-807 96 Munich, German y, 3. By unscrewing the cap at the tip of the filters, multiple parts, etc., the Watercone telephone +49 [0]89 2730690), it iscone and turning the cone upside down, one concept can be understood within seconds. goin g into mass p roduction andcan empty the potable water gathered in the Additionally, the cone and pan are made distribution in 2008 (single units are nottrough directly into a drinking device. from Bayer Makrolon®, a high-tech, ultra- yet available). rugged and highly recyclable polycarbonate For more information, visit the websiteTechnical Information that is resistant to breakage—an all-too- http://www.watercone.com, or email The Watercone® system is a one-step common result of rough transportation. Stephan@Augustin.net.water condensation process with a 40 per 3. Perfect forcent effectiveness level (GTZ Germany). coastal dwellers.Based on an evaporation level of 8.8 litres There are at least 50per square metre (average solar irradiation developing countriesin Casablanca, Morocco), the Watercone with a significant(with base diameter of 60–80 cm and amount of coastlineheight of 30–50 cm) yields 1.0–1.7 litres of and plenty ofcondensed water per day. sunshine. Millions Based on this concept, the cone does of people in theseindeed apply innovative solutions to a countries live closeproblem which has been a curse to to water but cannotmankind for millennia: turning salt water drink it or use it forinto potable water in an uncomplicated, agriculture becausecheap and swift manner. it is salt water. The Watercone is a long-lasting, UV- Large families,resistant polycarbonate product and can be hamlets and villagesused daily for up to five years. The material could all experience The Watercone®JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 51
  • 52. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE PETER DAVEYS Davey boil various quantities of water, took to raise the temperature of one gram of SONIC RESONANCE BOILER notes of the energy used and temperatures water by one Celsius degree. So if you by Yvonne Martin reached. He left scratching his head. start with 250 millilitres of water at 25°CI nventor and saxophone player Peter "I dont know enough about sound to (i.e., almost exactly 250 grams of it) and Davey has come up with a device that know whether you can transfer that amount need to raise it all to 100°C, you need 75 x he claims boils water in no time. He of energy via soundwaves. I doubt it," said 250 = 18,750 calories, which is 78,450calls it the "sonic boiler" because he claims Williamson. joules. A joule is a watt-second. So ifit uses the power of sound. How the heater His verdict? "It is an interesting youve got a 2400-watt heater that transfersactually works has confounded experts. gimmick, irrespective of how it works... I heat with perfect efficiency to water, you The device looks oddly like a bent desk think more homework needs to be done." must run it for 32.7 seconds to do this job.lamp, with a metallic ball at the end instead (Source: From an article by Yvonne Taking that into account, my electric jug is,of a lightbulb. When plugged into the Martin, The Press , Christchurch, New clearly, not that far from the theoreticalpower supply and the ball is lowered into Zealand, 30 January 2008, http://www. maximum water-heating efficiency.water, it boils the liquid—even as little as a stuff.co.nz/thepress/4379593a6530.html. See Assuming its element could be fullytablespoonful—within seconds. video demonstration at web page submerged in only 250 mL of water, that "Everybody boils twice the amount of http://video.google.com/videoplay? docid=- water would boil in about 40 seconds,water they need, so I decided I would find a 1527526922275986120&hl=en) which is only 1.22 times the "Physicsway to boil water and make steam more Experiment Land" time for the job.economically," said Davey, a former Some other 2400-watt heater, built inSpitfire pilot. "This boils exactly what you such a way as to be less limited, could onlywant to drink." possibly do the job in 82 per cent of the Davey, who lives in a tumbledown two- time, unless it was magically getting energystorey historic homestead called Locksley in from nowhere. Peter Davey does notDallington [Christchurch, NZ], has been appear to be making any such claims...using the boiler to make hot drinks for 30 (Source: http://dansdata.blogsome.com/years. He said he first came up with the 2008/01/31/revolutionary-sonic-boiler-concept 50 years ago, and it took him half of probably-not-a-scam/)those years to figure out how to make thedevice. He has made a number of prototypes,including a steamer using the same principle. "The principle is beautiful. I have cashed T he photos shown to date reminded me of a website I found a couple of years ago describing a similar thing. Here are myin on a natural phenomenon and its all notes from that find.about music," he said. "If I hadnt been "...he found two tops from old bicycleplaying the saxophone, I probably wouldnt bells, joined them together, tuned one ofhave come up with the idea." them to 50 Hz frequency, attached electricity Davey noticed as he played the saxophone wire to each one of them, and threw themat home that everything resonated at a into water. Surprisingly, water started todifferent frequency. Inventor/musician Peter Davey boil extremely fast. So he made his first "The glasses will tinkle on one note. displays his Sonic Resonance Boiler. heater patent based on this observation. ThisKnives and forks in the drawer will tinkle (Photo © The Press, Christchurch, NZ) patent was already registered in 1944...on another note, and I realised that Immediately after it was experimentallyeverything has its point of vibration," he Comments on the Sonic Boiler confirmed that the device has unexplainablysaid. "In the same way, a component in theball is tuned to a certain frequency." Davey, who turns 92 today [30 January], W e dont really know how quickly Peter Daveys "sonic boiler" is supposed to be working. The article says it boils the water high efficiency, the heater and the inventor fell into disfavour of various institutions that are interested in selling electricity and thatis now looking for a manufacturer who will "within seconds"... Id like to see exactly how protect the monopoly on electrical power.buy the technology and make the devices fast it does boil it. Mr Davey has been fighting for almost 50for the mass market. If you want to transfer energy to a liquid, years to receive a permit for the industrial "Nowadays, with the economy of water hitting the resonant frequency of that amount production of this heater...and electricity, I think it could be even of liquid in that container...will just spray "I gather that the measurements carriedmore important than when I conceived the water up the walls. out by New Zealand scientists suggestedidea," he said. "They could sell a million of The 2200–2400 W electric jug in my that this heater may consume even less thanthe things in China." kitchen will bring half a litre of water to a the equivalent for around 5% of the energy He estimated that the boilers could be made good enthusiastic boil in about 80 seconds, that it generates in the form of heat. Thisfor as cheaply as NZ$9.00 each. and it draws as much power as you can get would indicate that the electrical efficiency "I cannot wait to explain the principle to from the maximum 10-amp-per-socket of this heater is around 2,000%."somebody who wants to take it on," he said. current rating of 220–240–V countries like (Source: Esa Ruoho, 3 February 2008, via The Press invited a retired Canterbury Australia and New Zealand. KeelyNet, http://www.keelynet.com; also seeUniversity engineer, Professor Arthur The physics (rather than dietary) calorie Rex Research, http://www.rexresearch.com/Williamson, to look at the boiler. He watched is the amount of thermal energy necessary davey/davey.htm.) ∞52 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
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  • 54. 54 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 55. The official story of the discovery M ost major finds have a known date of discovery. In the case of the Mitchell- Hedges crystal skull, that is not so, although new information has now come to light. The skulls first owner, the English adventurer Frederick A. "Mike" Mitchell-Hedges, writes in his autobiography: "How it came into my possession I have reason for not revealing"—and he never did. Mikes secrecy was not shared by his adopted daughter, Anna, who inherited the skull from her father upon his death in 1959. She would state that it was she who found it, in The account of the the Mayan city of Lubaantun (in British Honduras/Belize), on the occasion of her 17th finding of the birthday (1 January 1924). If true, it begs the question as to why her father was so reluctant to reveal this rather mundane and innocent discovery. world-famous The "Lubaantun version" has become the most accepted and widely quoted story. The place of its alleged discovery, Lubaantun, is not the most famous of Mayan ruins, if only crystal skull in the because it is off the common tourist route. Its name means "place of the fallen stones" and its location was first reported to the British colonial authority at the end of the 19th Mayan city of century. In 1903, the governor of British Honduras instructed Dr Thomas Gann to survey the site. Ganns conclusion was that Lubaantun had been a major site within the Mayan Lubaantun was a empire. The next series of excavations occurred in 1915, led by Harvard University professor R. cover story to hide Merwin. He uncovered three memorial stones, showing men playing the ballgame, and the truth about how also uncovered the court in which the ballgame was played. Gann returned for a new round of excavations in 1924, accompanied by F. A. Mitchell- explorer Mike Hedges, his daughter Anna and Lady Richmond Brown, his companion and financier. The account goes that despite two previous series of excavations, Anna was nevertheless Mitchell-Hedges able to find the top part of the crystal skull in what seemed to be an altar. Three months later, the jawbone was discovered nearby. actually acquired it. Despite Anna Mitchell-Hedgess repeatedly telling this story (often with minor but nevertheless important variations), several researchers could not believe her version. Hence, some argue that Mike Mitchell-Hedges discovered the skull some time before and had hidden it for Anna to find on her 17th birthday. Other accounts argue that Anna did not find the skull at all, while another account relates that the local population became close to hysterical when the skull was shown to them. Alice Bryant and Phyllis Galde in The Message of the Crystal Skull (1989) report that the local Mayan people began to dance while others worshipped the skull as a relic. In no time, an altar was erected on which the skull was placed. Allegedly—once again—the local workforce stopped all further excavations for a period of three days for feasting. Apparently, the locals veneration of the skull left Mike Mitchell-Hedges confused, not by Philip Coppens © 2008 knowing how to behave and what to do. It seems that he even offered the skull as a PO Box 13722 present to the local people, provided they returned to their excavation work—which North Berwick EH39 4WB suggests that he did not think too highly of the monetary value of the skull, or that he United Kingdom placed the welfare of the expedition and the local people above any financial gain. Allegedly, the workmen agreed and returned the following day. Email: If this account is correct, then not only was Mike Mitchell-Hedges silent about this info@philipcoppens.com discovery: all the other people on the expedition remained equally silent, including Dr Website: Thomas Gann. Upon his return, Gann left a detailed account of his travels. This http://www.philipcoppens.com publication is intriguing, if only because none of the photographs shows Anna, which some have suggested means she was not even in Lubaantun as claimed. For sure,JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 55
  • 56. travelling in those regions with a 17-year-old daughter was not Observers have noted that, if anything, the US publisher wouldcustomary but not necessarily extraordinary either, seeing her dad have requested the author to enlarge upon rather than delete them.was a famous explorer and, unlike most, knew where true danger Let us first look to the UK edition, which has a chapter titledstalked. But what is most remarkable is that Ganns account does "The Skull of Doom and a Bomb". It contains a full-page picturenot mention anything about the discovery of a crystal skull—a of the skull, and Mitchell-Hedges adds:unique artefact, regardless of whether they felt it was highly "We took with us [to Africa in 1948] also the sinister Skull ofprized or not. Doom of which much has been written. How it came into my Gann was not the only one not to speak of the skulls discovery: possession I have reason for not revealing.neither did the other members such as Lady Richmond Brown or "The Skull of Doom is made of pure rock crystal and accordingCaptain Joyce, each of whom left an account of the expedition. to scientists it must have taken 150 years, generation afterQuestioned about this problem, Anna Mitchell-Hedges replied generation working all days of their lives, patiently rubbing downthat Captain Joyce knew the entire story of the skull but refused to with sand an immense block of rock crystal until the perfect Skulltell anyone—just like her father. emerged. There is one good reason—seldom quoted—as to why Gann "It is at least 3,600 years old and according to legend was usedwould remain silent about such a discovery. If the skull had been by the High Priest of the Maya when performing esoteric rites. Itfound during this excavation, is said that when he willed death withownership would immediately have the help of the skull, deathgone to the expeditions financiers invariably followed. It has beenand Mitchell-Hedges would never described as the embodiment of allhave been able to retain this artefact. The controversy over evil. I do not wish to try and explainBut though this might explain Gannssilence in the 1920s, the questions its origin has led sceptics to this phenomena [sic]." There is at first sight nothing tooremain: what was so controversial argue that Mitchell-Hedges controversial as to why these fewabout the discovery of this skull onAnnas 17th birthday, and why did only acquired the skull in paragraphs should be deleted from the US edition, except for one detail:Mitchell-Hedges three decades later 1943 from an auction as Mitchell-Hedges had always said,still refuse to tell? he would not reveal how he acquired at Sothebys in London. the skull: "How it came into mySecuring possession of the possession I have reason for notcrystal skull revealing." For any publisher, and To get a proper understanding of especially its legal department, thiswhy there was this apparent need for secrecy, we need to turn to sentence was a red flag, and the US publisher surely decided toMike Mitchell-Hedges himself. A little-known fact is that the ask the author why he did not want to reveal such details. Noskull is referenced in Danger My Ally , Mitchell-Hedgess doubt upon learning the facts, the publisher subsequently decidedautobiography, but only in the UK edition. Indeed, in the UK to remove the entire section so that no questions would be askededition, published by Elek Books Ltd, London, in 1954, a scant 13 and so that problems for the publisher, and specifically the author,lines are dedicated to the skull; these were later removed from the could be avoided.American edition, published by Little, Brown & Co. in 1955. The The controversy over its origin has led sceptics to argue thatall-important question is why these lines were removed. Mitchell-Hedges only acquired the skull in 1943 from an auction at Sothebys in London. As is usual, the sceptics have reduced a complex account to a very saleable theory, neglecting certain important aspects that speak against it. The skull was known to be in the possession of Sydney Burney, an old school friend of Mitchell-Hedges, in 1936, when the journal Man featured two articles on it in its July edition (vol. 36). The first article, written by Dr G. M. Morant, titled "Morphological Comparison of Two Crystal Skulls" (pp. 105–107), is followed by Adrian Digbys "Comments on the Morphological Comparison of Two Crystal Skulls" (pp. 107–109). In the article, Digby notes that he could not find any history of the skull prior to January 1934, but that in 1936 it was in the possession of Burney. Whether Burney "owned" the skull or was merely looking after it for Mitchell- Hedges is not highlighted in the article. What is known is that Burney kept it until 1943, when it was put up for auction at The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Sothebys by Burneys son. In the auction56 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 57. catalogue for 15 October, it is listed as item 54: "a superb life- owner of the guest house "The Watchers" in Polperro, Cornwall,size crystal carving of a human skull", length 174 mm, and who in a 1999 interview stated that in the early 1930s Mitchell-described thus: "the lower jaw separate, the details are correctly Hedges and his daughter stayed at the house for several monthsrendered and the carver has given the orbits, zygomatic arches and had in their possession a most unusual crystal skull, whichand mastoid processes the similitude of their natural forms, they kept in a cupboard in one of the rooms they rented.glabellar-occipital". It refers to the fact that "this magnificent Let us therefore assume, as a working hypothesis, that Mitchell-skull" was the subject of "an interesting article" in Man in July Hedges obtained the skull at some point before the 19431936. Mitchell-Hedges apparently acquired it for £400 (Sothebys auction—as he himself claimed. The question then still remains:has lost the details of the sale), and in his letter dated 22 how? We know that he never wanted to reveal how he got theDecember 1943 to his brother, he mentions: "You possibly saw in skull—which by default means there is some aspect involved thatthe papers that I have actually acquired a Crystal Skull formerly would be hard to explain.in the Sydney Burney collection." The auctioning of the skull that would be valued at more than Was Mitchell-Hedges a spy for British intelligence?$500,000 by the mid-1970s is a curious episode in its history. An analysis of his autobiography reveals—very much like aFor sceptics, it is all the evidence they need that both father and polygraph test—one area of his life which Mitchell-Hedges lieddaughter lied about how the skull arrived in their possession. But about. He states how in 1913, when working for Mikewhy would Mitchell-Hedges have tried to cover up that he Meyerowitz, a diamond merchant in New York, he announcedbought the skull at a public auction, instead that he was leaving for Mexico. Byclaiming that he would never reveal how he November 1913, he had finally made it to aacquired it? tiny village a few miles inside the Mexican Legal experts have noted that, under border, where he was taken captive bycontemporary law, by purchasing the skull at General Pancho Villas troops on suspicionauction there could be no contest over its of espionage and taken to the generalownership: Mitchell-Hedges was the himself.rightful owner, regardless of how hed This account suggests that Mitchell-acquired it. Hence, the true importance of Analysts have Hedges must have been one of the mostthe auction might have been totally missed argued that during unfortunate men ever. But his fortune soonby the sceptics. It is true that Mitchell- changed, for the general believed Mitchell-Hedges began to speak about the skull only this period Hedges when he said he was not a spy.in the late 1940s, but, rather than this beingevidence that he acquired it in 1943, it might Mitchell-Hedges Indeed, next he became a member of Villas army, for a period of 10 months.be evidence that from 1943 onwards he was lying— Already the story is somewhatfelt liberated and able to speak openlyabout it, knowing that he now legally a prime attribute unbelievable, but some people do have a run of bad luck and Mitchell-Hedgespossessed it and no one could take it for any intelligence may have suffered from a form ofaway from him. Stockholm syndrome. Then again— Furthermore, the sceptics have failed operative. thinking the impossible—could he haveto address—let alone answer—how gone to Mexico to be captured and toBurney gained possession of the skull. spend as much time, as closely asDigby, in 1936, said he did not know possible, with the great Mexicanand all he could do was trace the revolutionary? All this would requirepossession of the skull back to January is to accept that Mitchell-Hedges was1934—a decade after Anna Mitchell- not a man out for adventure—anHedges allegedly found it in Indiana Jones—but, instead, a JamesLubaantun. Bond, sent by his government to Anna Mitchell-Hedges (who died in provide an insiders perspective on the2007) always maintained that Burney only had the skull on loan Mexican Revolution.from her father until he could pay off a debt he owed Burney. Analysts have argued that during this period Mitchell-HedgesThe sceptics argument—"If it was indeed a loan, why didnt he was lying—a prime attribute for any intelligence operative. Villajust pay it back?"—doesnt work because, even if it was a sale, fought 15 battles while Mitchell-Hedges was allegedly with him,Mitchell-Hedges could have arranged this directly with his friend yet in Danger My Ally not one of these campaigns is mentioned.rather than buy the skull through auction. Why leave out details of events with which his readership would According to Anna Mitchell-Hedges, what really happened was have been more than impressed?that Burney had inexplicably put the crystal skull up for auction. Still, everyone is agreed that Mitchell-Hedges was truthfulUnable to contact Burney, Mike arose the next day at 5.00 am and when he said that he had personally known Villa, a conclusiontravelled to London to retrieve his property. Sothebys informed based on his assessment of the general in his book. Mitchell-him that the vendor was Sydney Burneys son; and when they Hedges does mention one battle, a dawn attack on Laredo, Texas,refused to withdraw the item from sale, Mitchell-Hedges realised whereby Mitchell-Hedges personally saved Villa and his men.that the easiest way of regaining his property was to purchase it However, the entire incident is a lie: there never was a battle atback. In this scenario, the fact that the auction filled the legal Laredo. So why did Mitchell-Hedges make this false claim,loophole of ironing out the ownership of the skull is incidental. which anyone could quickly discredit and prove he was a liar? However, probably the best evidence that Mitchell-Hedges As to how he left Villas army, there sits another lie. In thepossessed the skull prior to 1943 comes from Patsy Wilcox, chapter of his autobiography titled "Pancho Villas Prisoner",JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 57
  • 58. Mitchell-Hedges writes: "So willynilly, I had no choice; but as Hedges did not name-drop him, either in his autobiography orthe weeks slipped by my position grew more desperate. The anywhere else. But that is not all: Bierce disappeared underUnited States Government at last took decisive action and General mysterious circumstances shortly afterwards, and at one point thePershing marched to the frontier of Mexico with 60,000 troops theories about his death became almost as popular as those[most sources refer to only 12,000 troops]. I knew I could never concerning John F. Kennedys assassination or Princess Dianastake part in any direct military action against the Americans..." death and resulted in a series of books being written on theHowever logical and understandable, Pershing never marched on subject.the border in 1914 when Mitchell-Hedges was there. This march What we do know is that there is no trace of Bierce after a 26occurred in 1916, long after Mitchell-Hedges had left for home. December letter from Chihuahua, when he was with Villas army. In conclusion, there is general acceptance that Mitchell-Hedges It is believed that he might have been killed at the siege ofdid know Villa, but that he had—or chose—to lie about how Ojinaga on 11 January 1914, but various other scenarios, allprecisely he knew Villa. Why? To this, we need to add that equally without any confirmation, have been floated about. ButMitchell-Hedges was back in England in 1914, and in 1915 he according to his autobiography, Mitchell-Hedges was in Villastook the ship for New York and on the first night of the voyage he inner circle and would have been able to present an eyewitnesssaw none other than Meyerowitz on board! Once again, Mitchell- account of Bierces disappearance. It would have been a majorHedges told him he wanted to go to Central America, but selling-point for his autobiography, yet once again Mitchell-Meyerowitz convinced him to stay in New York as his employee. Hedges opted for total silence.As such, by 1915 Mitchell-Hedges was back To make matters even more interesting,where he was two years before, as if the Ambrose Bierce decided to leave for MexicoMexican adventure had never happened— in the summer of 1913—the same time thatwhich for some sceptics might indeed be the Mitchell-Hedges left. In October 1913,conclusion they want to accept. Bierce was in New Orleans, where Mitchell- But the notion that Mitchell-Hedges was a Hedges was working as a waiter, allegedlyspy is not idle speculation. Once back in trying to get the necessary funds to reachNew York, Meyerowitz introduced Mitchell- But according to Mexico. The latters choice of using waitingHedges to Lieb Bronstein—i.e., Leon to get money is quite remarkable, forTrotsky. The two moved in together, as his autobiography, Mitchell-Hedges was known to be a topBronstein was in financial difficulty. Mitchell-Hedges was poker player who would have been able to In the chapter titled "The Man from the win whatever amount he required muchEast Side" in his autobiography, Mitchell- in Villas inner circle faster that way than by waiting tables—Hedges writes: "One day towards the end of and would have unless, of course, his profile for going into1919, while I was on a short holiday in Mexico had to be less JamesEngland, I received a mysterious letter been able to present Bond–like.on Government notepaper, marked an eyewitness Finally, what are we to make ofVery Secret, asking me to call on Sir Bierce when he wrote in a letter datedBasil Thompson, Chief of the account of Bierces 13 September 1913 to Mrs J. C.Intelligence Service, at my earliest disappearance. McCrackin, a long-time friend: "Yes, Iconvenience. Curious, I dropped in shall go into Mexico with a prettynext day." Mitchell-Hedges was asked definite purpose, which, however, isto go to Russia because he knew not at present disclosable." WasTrotsky, but Mitchell-Hedges said he Bierce, too, on an intelligencerefused. Though he seems to have mission—as some have concluded—ordeclined this specific mission, his was he looking after something else?autobiography is nevertheless hazy as Bierce, apart from being a notoriousto what happened afterwards, so it is journalist and writer, was also knownpossible he did actually go—and that to be interested in magic. Mexico, ofthis may not have been his first mission. After monitoring the course, was replete with shamans and magical rites, there to beMexican Revolution, either as an individual or an employee of studied, as Gordon Wasson and several others would continue toHis Majestys Secret Service, he was definitely asked to observe do well into the 20th century.the Russian Revolution. Furthermore, what are we to make of his One author, Sibley S. Morrill, in Ambrose Bierce, F. A.repeated "short holiday[s] in England"? Could they have been Mitchell-Hedges, and the Crystal Skull (1972), has underlined thedebriefings instead? period of late 1913 to 1914, when Mitchell-Hedges was with Villa, as the likeliest time when he acquired the crystal skull. HeThe Ambrose Bierce mystery added, without providing further details, that "some high officials His Mexican odyssey becomes even more intriguing when we of the Mexican Government are of the unofficial opinion that thenote that Mitchell-Hedges seems to have decided to exclude an skull was acquired by Mitchell-Hedges in Mexico" and that it wasimportant name from his autobiography: Ambrose Bierce. What illegally removed from the country.our adventurer failed to mention is that when he joined Villa and This scenario could explain why Mitchell-Hedges never saidstayed close to this leader in November 1913, that same month how hed obtained the skull, as well as why his daughter mightVilla also met Bierce, who joined his command as "an observer" have felt it prudent to relocate the place of the skulls discovery toand also stayed close to the general. This means that Bierce and a different country: British Honduras/Belize.Mitchell-Hedges must have met. But it would also imply that Mitchell-Hedges acquired the skull Bierce was a notorious writer and it is strange that Mitchell- at the time when Bierce disappeared. Indeed, it is remarkable that58 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 59. no one ever asked Mitchell-Hedges whether he knew how Bierce a third time the priest touched the wall and a huge stone rolledhad disappeared, but perhaps the obvious reason why not lies in aside. Then in the dim light of the lantern the White Tiger sawhis autobiography, written late in life, which may have stopped that he was in an immense vault cut out of the living rock.most readers from putting two and two together before he died. "Before him, piled in endless confusion, lay the treasure of the The possibility that Mitchell-Hedges acquired the skull in Aztecs.Mexico is the most logical conclusion—if only because it fits in "Gold chalices, bowls, jars and other vessels of every size andwith a period about which he lied and with his reluctance to reveal shape; immense plaques and strange ornaments all glittered dully.the circumstances of its acquisition. The likely scenario would Of precious stones there were none, but many rare chalchihuitlthus be that as Villas troops often ransacked villages and large (jadeite pendants) [sic]. Masks of obsidian and shells beautifullyfarms and traded with local people, someone might have sold or inlaid were all heaped together with heads carved from solidgiven it to Villa and his troops—and/or to Mitchell-Hedges. blocks of crystal. Legend had not exaggerated the treasure of the This scenario would tally well with why Mitchell-Hedges Aztecs. Almost boundless wealth lay at the disposal of the Whitewould never reveal the truth and realised he needed the 1943 Tiger.auction scenario to establish ownership, as well as with Morrills "Bloodshed, rape and sickening torture, that the wretchedinformation from Mexican officials Aztecs had undergone at the hands ofas to the origin of the skull. But, the Spanish Conquistadores, hadagain, the most logical scenario failed to wring from them this secretseems to have been surpassed by an Indeed, within the novel, hiding-place. True to the oath whicheven more spectacular truth. we find a motive as to why had they had sworn to their gods they had died rather than that their hatedClues in The White Tiger Anna Mitchell-Hedges conquerors should benefit [sic]. The Da Vinci Code is a novel that might have found it prudent to "With this vast fortune a man couldmany people have taken as fact; but rise to any height, indulge in anysometimes authors use (or have had move the location of the luxury, purchase any title, andto use) fiction to convey material become one of the exalted of thethey know they could not reveal in a discovery of the skull from earth. But the Indians judged, andnon-fictional format. What is little Mexico to British Honduras... rightly, that to the White Lord theseknown is that Mitchell-Hedges wrote things were of no account, and thata novel, The White Tiger, published only for their regeneration would thisin 1931, which tackles the subject of treasure be used."crystal skulls. Within this one passage, we find a set of circumstances— The novel is about "White Tiger", the leader of the Mexican almost corresponding scene by scene to the opening sequence ofIndians, who turns out to be an Englishman who was unhappy the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark —thatwith his existence in England and left for Mexico. Early on in the provide a reasonable framework as to how Mitchell-Hedges foundnovel, the main character maintains that he met White Tiger when (or was given) the crystal skull, and why he would never speakhe had discussions with the Mexican President, at which time the about the circumstances in which he had found it.chief left him his diary which he then published as this novel, Indeed, within the novel, we find a motive as to why Annathough changing certain locations mentioned in the diary. Mitchell-Hedges might have found it prudent to move the location The most interesting part of the book is when White Tiger of the discovery of the skull from Mexico to British Honduras:recounts how he was elected leader of the Indians—a position that the main character of The White Tiger also changed certainrequired an initiation which involved beingshown the lost treasure of the Aztecs in alost city of pyramids. White Tiger, nowtheir king, is shown the treasure, whichincludes "crystal heads"—plural—hidden inan underground cave complex: "The climax however was yet to come.As they passed into the temple, the priestimpressively led him to one of the massivewalls, placing his hand in a certain mannerupon what appeared to be a solid block ofstone. At his touch it rolled slowly back,disclosing a flight of steps down which theypassed. A lamp which the priest carriedflung weird patches of light into thedarkness. On and on down countlesssteps—into the very bowels of the earthuntil again the priest pressed the apparentlysolid rock barring their progress. Withscarcely a sound the stone block turned aseasily as if on oiled hinges and before themyawned a long tunnel. Passing through thisthey descended another flight of steps. For Frederick A. "Mike" Mitchell-HedgesJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 59
  • 60. locations in his novel. Changing locations is an often-used in Central America, he was not sufficiently integrated to be seenmethod to discourage people from following the trail—and by the Indians as their leader.finding the truth. But it is entirely possible that another Englishman had done so Finally, one of the rumours that circulate around the skull is before, and that this "English king" spoke about his adventures tothat the then Mexican President, Porfirio Díaz, owned a secret fellow expat Mitchell-Hedges when their paths crossed.cache of treasures, amongst which were two crystal skulls that There is one final step to make—and perhaps it is one step toofound their way to Pancho Villa. It is even said that he had two of far, but one which we can nevertheless not leave unmentioned.these skulls on his desk. Though the rumour has never been Though The White Tiger is in part autobiographical, it is clear thatvalidated, it is a remarkable story for the very reason that The Mitchell-Hedges wrote a bit of himself into several of theWhite Tiger opens inside the Mexican Presidents office, where characters—including White Tiger. White Tiger is a man whothe main character meets White Tiger. Noting that later on in The disappeared and became the leader of the Mexican Indians.White Tiger he is the one who sees crystal skulls inside a cave Mitchell-Hedges allegedly did know a man who had disappeared:complex, we can only wonder whether the rumour, the novel and Ambrose Bierce. Did he disappear to become a local leader?the truth might not go hand in hand. As outrageous as this may sound, Bierce, unlike Mitchell- Remarkably, Morrill at no point refers to the novel The White Hedges, must have had inroads with the local Indians as he was aTiger, though it seems he is familiar with it. Furthermore, some well-versed magician and thus could easily have become theiraspects of Morrills published conclusions shamanic leader. Even if Bierce "only"only make sense when placed within the wanted to experience the knowledge of thenovels framework. For example, Morrill Mexican Indians—like Gordon Wasson andhighlights that Mitchell-Hedges often left so many others after him—here, too, webehind the expedition parties of which he was have found a possible clue as to whya member and trekked into the jungle. Morrill Certainly, of all the Mitchell-Hedges chose to stay silent aboutthen speculates he went in search of a cave. Bierces disappearance. Though such a conclusion is totally artefacts in existence, The quest for true knowledge shouldunwarranted based on the evidence Morrill the crystal skull is by always take precedence over any braggingpresents on the specific topic, such rights or ego-enhancement. Like Indiana"speculation" makes perfect sense when far the best evidence Jones, Mitchell-Hedges may have comeplaced within the framework of The White that our ancestors upon a forgotten Kingdom of the CrystalT i g e r: Mitchell-Hedges, perhaps using Skulls but, unlike in the film Raiders of theWhite Tigers diary, went in search of this possessed knowledge Lost Ark, was able to bring it out into thecave containing this phenomenal treasure andmay have found it—and its "crystal and ability far in excess open continues to intrigue mankind. that and give the world an artefact ∞heads". of what archaeologists— What sceptics hate about Mitchell-Hedges is that he was passionate to definitely in the first half About the Author: Philip Coppens is editor-in-chief of theexplore and find evidence of a lost of the 20th century— online newspaper Conspiracy Times (seecivilisation that he was convinced had were willing to grant to website http://www.conspiracy-times.existed. Certainly, of all the artefacts in com). He has previously contributed 11existence, the crystal skull is by far the the "primitive Indians". articles to NEXUS, the most recent beingbest evidence that our ancestors "Origin and Symbolism of the Crystalpossessed knowledge and ability far in Skulls" (see 15/03). He is the author ofexcess of what archaeologists— several books including Land of thedefinitely in the first half of the 20th Gods: How a Scottish landscape wascentury—were willing to grant to the sanctified to become Arthurs "Camelot","primitive Indians". (reviewed in NEXUS 15/01). Today, it is slowly emerging that the Philip Coppens was a speaker at the"primitive Indians" were far more developed than previously NEXUS Conference in Queensland, Australia, in October 2007.accepted, and are now credited with expert knowledge of plants His website is http://www.philipcoppens.com, and he can beand medicinal applications as well as farming techniques that contacted by email at info@philipcoppens.com.included an ingenious method of fertilising the soil to becomericher in carbon—the resultant soil known as terra preta (see Editors Note:article at www.philipcoppens.com). It is now also accepted that For more information, see "The Mystery of The Crystal Skull" bythey were expert metalworkers—and revelations of their crystal- Richard Giles in NEXUS 2/22, 1994. Also see "The Crystalworking techniques may well be found in the not-too-distant Skulls Messages for Mankind" in NEXUS 5/01. The new Indianafuture. Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Either way, whether evidence of a lost civilisation or of was released in late May 2008.indigenous craftsmanship, the skull contains an interesting We are planning to include a presentation of the Mitchell-contradiction in that Mitchell-Hedges walked away with the Hedges Crystal Skull at the NEXUS Conference on 4–6 Octoberartefact but would never be able to tell how he acquired it— 2008 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Crystalperhaps because he had been sworn to secrecy. Skull will also be on tour of the east coast of Australia during So who was White Tiger? There is the possibility that the October and November. For more information about thecharacter was—or was meant to be—Mitchell-Hedges himself, Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, visit the official Mitchell-Hedgesbut it somehow is less likely. Though Mitchell-Hedges spent time website, http://www.mitchell-hedges.com.60 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
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  • 63. ALIEN MEMORIES AND UFO, Paranormal, and Mystical member of a UFO crew; DREAMS Experiences" had grown to include far • 43% state that they have dreams or by Brad Steiger © March 2008 more questions than those on my first memories in which they observe themselves elementary notepad, and even greater coming to Earth as a Being of Light;I n 1967, I put together a questionnaire numbers of individuals began to report • 44% have dreams in which they are that was originally designed as an their extraterrestrial or multidimensional drawn aboard a UFO to receive instructions attempt to establish a pattern profile of memories or dream scenarios. and counsel;paranormally talented individuals, In 1987, I combined elements in my • 85% believe that they have lived a priorcontemporary mystics and spiritually questionnaire with the research of Sherry existence on another planet or in anotherinspired men and women. Admittedly, in Hansen, who, in 1970, had developed a dimension;the beginning, I primarily used the similar list of questions. • 53% experienced dreams or memoriesquestions as a guideline for conducting Soon after we began as research partners, in which they see Earth as it might haveinterviews on a one-to-one basis. These we married; and while we have now appeared in prehistoric times.were pretty much basic questions, such as: authored and co-authored many books on For the purposes of research and"At what age did you begin to develop many subjects, we continue to receive a discussion, we have termed the vast majoritymediumship?"; "How often do you steady flow of emails regarding the alien of our respondents and interviewees asexperience telepathy or clairvoyance?"; and dreams and memories of hundreds of men belonging to four general groups: the"Do you believe that you have a spirit and women. We also continue to keep the Refugees, the Utopians, the Energyguide?" statistics of the questionnaire updated. Essences and the Helpers. About 1969, interviewees surprised me As of 2008, over 40,000 individuals from The Refugees alien scenarios surfacedby departing from the sequence of the all over the planet have returned the from men and women who claimedquestions to begin to speak spontaneously "Steiger Questionnaire of UFO, memories of having come to Earth afterabout their having dreams or memories of Paranormal, and Mystical Experiences". they had fled their native planet because ofhaving come to Earth from some other Of that number: great civil wars or cataclysmic naturalplanet. Some saw themselves as arriving • 59% have had dreams or memories in disasters. In some cases, they seemed toon some kind of expeditionary unit in which they were viewing a city or a planet recall having come to this planet on a kindprehistoric times. Others perceived made of crystal; of reconnaissance mission and crash-landedthemselves as survivors seeking refuge • 69% have vivid dreams or memories in here. In any case, the aliens ended upfrom a devastating interplanetary war. Still which they are in a spacecraft and viewing trapped on Earth, unable to return to theirothers beheld themselves as beings of light, Earth from a perspective far away from the home planet. They described themselves asmoving through space, reaching Earth and planet; being humanlike in appearance.acquiring physical form. • 54% perceive themselves in dream or The Utopians seemed to form the largest By 1972, the "Steiger Questionnaire of memory scenarios as being an actual category among our interviewees. TheyJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 63
  • 64. THE TWILIGHT ZONEappeared to be deliberate planetary under protective domes. The accounts of a beleaguered, dyingcolonisers who erected their space domes The subjects who recalled lives as planet began to sound so reminiscent ofwherever they travelled, in memory of the Utopians expressed a great nostalgia for the tales of the legendary Atlantis that welifestyle on their world of origin. They culture of that lost planet. The cities speculated whether or not that memory,were themselves dome-headed, suggestive seemed to be run according to the ideals of which seems so indelibly etched inof a highly evolved brain capacity, and a perfect democracy. Citizens enjoyed total humankinds collective unconsciousness,were similar in all recognisable aspects to freedom without the harsh by-products of might not actually have occurred onHomo sapiens. We labelled them Utopians civilisation—crime, hunger and poverty. another planet light years away in space.because their descriptions of their social Family units as we know them did not Although the Refugees were generallyand political structures seemed so seem to exist. Communal living, of a sort, less able to provide us with the kind ofidealistically perfect. seemed to prevail, although each person detailed information about their culture as The Energy Essences were the strangest had individual space and privacy. the Utopians had given us, we found aof all. These interviewees spoke of Numerous interviewees testified that the number of these subjects were concernedexistences as disembodied entities of pure Utopians ate very sparingly, most often of with the recall of antigravity devices,energy, yet with awareness. In a sense, a concentrated food that was made into a cancer cures, fireproofing formulas andthey were mind–spirit essences which were soup-like mixture. The culture was other advantages of their advancedable to exist on even inhospitable, barren completely vegetarian; no flesh foods of technology.planets—or in space itself. any kind were consumed. Most of their memories, however, were In our opinion, these entities were not at Most of the Utopians remembered cluttered with survival thoughts and plansall to be confused with angelic themselves as slender, quite short and with of escape from their doomed world.intelligences. In many cases, these big-domed heads. Although they had little We did eventually manage to interview aessences drifted rather purposelessly body hair and no beards or moustaches, number of subjects who seemed to havethrough space. In other instances, they they did mention longish golden hair and shared lives in the priestcraft of a templeapproached specific planets with the eyelashes. Their skin was most often said on this planet, but they, too, rememberedintention of inhabiting already-existing to be of golden-brown complexion, and more about the destruction of the buildingphysical bodies. their eyes were of a similar colour. than their daily rituals. As I suggested, we gained the most Music seemed to be an intrinsic element Most typical of the Refugee regressionsinformation about the Utopians. We heard in their culture, and we were told that it were graphic descriptions of immenseof a planet with a reddish sky and with two was primarily a free form, with no portions of their planet being ripped apartmoons. The cities and the individual repetitive sound, and that it often became a by explosions and of large numbers of thehomes were described as having been of part of their thoughts. population being annihilated. We alsocrystal or some material which was In contrast to the Utopians recollections heard from several subjects describing fierycrystalline in effect. The buildings of tranquil, gentle lives, the Refugees crash-landings on Earth or on other planetsappeared translucent for the most part, but memories and dreams were filled with as their war-damaged spacecraft failed towe also heard descriptions of the sun accounts of violent civil wars, burning cities negotiate proper landings.reflecting off spires and turrets. We were and global holocausts. Many reported thatoften told that the cities were sheltered they had fled the planet before it exploded. Reports from respondents By 1979, we began to hear from increasingly large numbers of questionnaire respondents who claimed to recall coming to Earth for the express purpose of assuming incarnations on the planet as part of an extended mission of raising the level of humankinds consciousness. We named them "the Helpers". • Typical of such reports is the one sent to us by A. M., a schoolteacher from Colorado: "In this dream, I am in a place of great (but not blinding) light. Other beings are there. It seems that we are in a rather large, round object which hovers a short distance above Earth. I am being shown a chute- like passageway leading downward, and I am given to understand that I am to go through this chute. "My feelings about descending are not those of joy, but more like necessity or64 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 65. THE TWILIGHT ZONEduty. This all seems to be part of the Plan. prepare Earthlings for the coming UFO give one the right to abuse a life-form.My last awareness is of passing contact on a global basis. • A Massachusetts social worker told usdownward...toward the Earth. There is no "I lived in a city of light, of crystal her memories of having lived on a planetfeeling of threat or danger—merely some buildings, where everything was peace and where the inhabitants were basicallysadness at separation from the other beings. harmony. I used dreams to interpret any humanlike in appearance, spoke a languageThe dream ends. The images remain." forthcoming health problems and to help known as Sumer, and sent emissaries to • A woman secretary in the California people better understand themselves. We Earth to design the pyramids asschool district informed us that she had conquered pain and suffering by our transmitters of an energy system known asremembered volunteering to come to Earth. mental abilities—and these are gifts that Usan. She went on to inform us of herHer role was to be that of one of a group of we will one day be able to give to recollection of having been sent to Earth bycounsellors who would assist Earth to Earthlings." a "Council of Twelve". According to herevolve spiritually. On her planet of origin, Interestingly, we have heard from a memories:she was a scientist who worked with number of members of Native American "We were responsible for the miracleschannelling light as a source of energy. tribes who seem to fit into this fourth recorded in the book of Exodus. We parted According to her alien memories, her category of aliens on assignments of the Red Sea. Our craft created the columnsfirst life experience on Earth occurred in raising Earth awareness. of fire and of smoke which led thethe Yucatán, where she was regarded as an • A Cherokee physicist, who now lives in Israelites. We rained manna from the skiesoracle and where, for a time, she Alabama, not only had recall of a past life to feed the wandering tribes, and we evenexperimented with hypnotic drugs which in the Pleiades, but he was also able to fit located water for them, cracking apart thehad been carefully devised to enable the his alien memories together with tribal ground to cause it to well up."native people to establish closer telepathic legends that his people had come from • A 43-year-old industrial consultantcontact with her. another world: from Arkansas vividly recalled memories • Jay of Ontario has his PhD in "We lived in domed cities with of a life as a "starcraft engineer" who wasEducational Psychology and a belief that translucent walls. We could fly, on board a vehicle that was forced to crash-this is his first incarnation on Earth: communicate with animals, and transport land on Earth during an expedition to "I volunteered to embark upon a specific ourselves instantly to other parts of our gather raw materials for industrialmission, now nearing the completion of its world. I remember our city as a golden processing:first phase. It is my understanding that it is colour—a place of great beauty and calm. "All our systems were failing, and themy mission to discover and to develop the "I came with others from my planet to pilots could barely keep the craft underskills needed to help my fellow human help Earth through its birth pains into an control. We had lost most of our drivebeings, whether they are Homo sapiens or intergalactic community and oneness. We system, and we were preparing to die in theHomo astrolis . I also understand that I were members of the priestcraft in ancient impact of the crash... My readouts werenow have two parts of a three-part puzzle. Egypt; we were alchemists in the Middle going mad, and when I glanced out the "The first part involves the fundamental Ages; we are scientists and clergy in the porthole I could see the surface of Earthimportance of the ways we perceive reality. modern world." approaching.These perceptions, the operation of which • A woman named Monica remembers "After the crash-landing in what is nowwe are largely unaware [of], can serve to being a scientist from another world who northern Europe, we discovered that thehelp or to hinder our progress, depending participated inon whether or not they reveal or mask our creating the firsttrue pathways. crude Homo sapiens "The second aspect relates to the ways in of this world.which we apply our perceptions, as a build- Apparently, in thisup of others or as a put-down of them or scientific work sheourselves. Considerable skill is needed did, she was cruelhere, since put-downs are often subtle and and uncaring toovertly unintentional. these creatures. "I can only guess, at this point, the basis But somethingof the third part. I have been told to work happened. One dayon these two for a while, to get their she realised thesedetails, and that the third will come. With beings had feelings.the third, the golden chain will be complete One of the creaturesand the window will open." had taken her hand • Another interviewee from Ontario, a 32- and caressed it.year-old man, stated that he can recall each Monica realisedof his five previous lifetimes on this planet, then that justand in each prior existence he has served as because one maya contact point for UFO intelligences: have the knowledge "You noticed the wings arent diaphanous gossamer "On my native planet, I was a dream to create a life- any more? Polypropylene."interpreter. I was sent to Earth to help form, this doesntJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 65
  • 66. THE TWILIGHT ZONEpilots had managed to touch down with memories of our true Home." people have lived before as aliens. Oneonly minor damage. But, tragically, Linda has written these words, which other possibility is that these memoriesalthough the engineering crew worked for express many of her feelings of being an have been implanted in order to program usmonths to attempt a repair, we could not get alien living on Earth: to prepare for life off this planet."us spaceborne again. We couldnt even get "I remember as if it were yesterday. Dr Sprinkle has heard of the red sky andour emergency signals to muster-up enough Three ships approaching Earth, one the two moons from several patients. Hestrength to have a chance [of] rescue. burning as it entered the atmosphere, our has also listened to accounts of crystal "I died in what is now Germany, and I people dying. Were they the lucky ones? cities and translucent buildings.lived several lifetimes on Earth prior to my "A voyage into time to save our planet. Academically cautious, Dr Sprinkle waspresent existence. I feel trapped here. I That was why we came here. So few of us confident enough of his research to state:still want to get back to my home planet." are left, but we are so close, so very close "These recollections are vivid and • Linda, a nurse who has recently left to accomplishing our task... powerful, and I believe that these peopleformal medicine in order to become a "My heart cries for these people and for are being sincere when they say these werespiritual healer, related the following this Earth, for there is so much agony they their past lives. I have one woman whoexperiences: have yet to go through... feels very angry. She feels she has been "My earliest recollection was at the age "This world knows so much beauty, but trapped here on Earth, and she just wants toof five. I was at our country house. Its man has chosen to destroy it and himself... get off the planet and return home."something I have never forgotten. For "Earthman will not conquer space. But Dr Sprinkle went on to say that most ofsome reason I was very upset. I remember in time, the Gods will descend to walk with the people whom he had regressedstanding on the very top of my slide, man." considered themselves to be part of a largerlooking up at the night sky... I was just system, part of a larger order. He is of theabout hysterical as I looked up toward Reflections on the testimony opinion that we should consider the enigmaspace. Through my tears I remember The whole matter of sensible men and of alien memories from various standpoints:screaming, Come back, p l e a s e! Dont women who claim alien memories and "If we dont like the hypothesis that weleave me here with these barbarians. Why persistent dreams of extraterrestrial origin have been seeded from extraterrestrialam I being punished so? This is not my invites extensive speculation. Are these beings, we can still accept the hypothesishome. These are not my people! I had an people, because of their higher intelligence that somebody—our own subconscious,awareness that my people were leaving me and greater sensitivity, rejecting an God, higher beings, somebody—isbehind. My world was the planet Orion." association with Earth because of all the encouraging us to think in terms of space Linda is fortunate in that her husband is inadequacies and shortcomings which they travel.very understanding of her beliefs: witness around them? Does the "We may be undergoing a process of "He now knows and sincerely believes mechanism of believing oneself to be of mental programming by intelligent beingsthat I am an alien. Ive told him about my alien heritage enable one to deal more to provide us with guidelines so that, in thepast lives on this world and my lives on objectively with the multitude of problems future, our children or our grandchildrenother worlds. I have met a few...like myself, which assail the conscientious and caring at will be able to go to other worlds." ∞but only one remains in contact. The others each dawn of a new day?are finding it very difficult to cope with theirDr Leo Sprinkle, formerly Director of About the Author: Counselling Services Brad Steiger, born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, at the University of in 1936, has been writing on themes Wyoming, and an including the paranormal, prehistoric internationally mysteries, spirituality and UFOs since a c c l a i m e d 1956 and has written more than 2,000 investigator of the articles and 164 books (some with his UFO mystery, has wife Sherry Hansen Steiger). His newest said that he has also book Shadow World: True Encounters found men and with Beings from the Darkside (2007) women who claim and o the r title s a re availa ble from s i g n i f i c a n t Amazon.com. The syndicated television experiences, series Could It Be A Miracle? featured memories and dreams Brad and Sherry in 22 episodes. His about prior existences previous article for NEXUS, "Reflections on other planets. on Worlds B efo re Our Own", was "Although we published in vol. 15, no. 2. cannot prove that it is Mr Steigers article in this edition can true," Dr Sprinkle be viewed at http://www.ufodigest.com/ "Well, first, well chemically neutralise your ozone layer. admitted, "I am news/0308/memories.html. Stage two is covert infiltration of your power infrastructures, convinced that it is For more information or to contact followed by... Hey, why dont you just look it all up possible that some Bra d S teige r, g o to his website on our website?" http://www.bradandsherry.com.66 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
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  • 69. REVIEWS dropped grass or even by a running tap, for before, youll be interested to know that sil- this flowing water carries messages from the ver has an illustrious history as a general source which remind us that we are all one. antimicrobial. Use of silver in healing, Reviewed by Ruth Parnell This communing not only reaffirms our link including in hospital environments, was deTHE WISDOM OF WATER with nature but can open up a whole new rigueur until antibiotics arrived on theby John Archer world of meaning for each of us. Archer scene. Yet these antibiotics dont have theAllen & Unwin, Australia, 2008 expresses his unconditional love for the ebb finesse of colloidal silver, which is selectiveISBN 978-1-74175239-7 (336pp tpb) and flow of life, and the reader cant help but in that it kills only the bad bugs. Robey hasAvailable: www.allenandunwin.com; be enticed into this feeling of oneness. a chapter comparing their performances. Importantly, Robey investigates one of thehttp://www.johnarcher.com.au A MIRACULOUS HEALTH basic causes of disease, including cancer:A ustralian author and activist John Archer has already written six booksabout water conservation issues (most SUBSTANCE by Marvin-Lee Robey the Candida albicans fungus. He gives advice on how to treat cancer with his silver Marvin-Lee Robey, Pomona, USA, 2007 formula, referring, too, to the work of Italianrecently Twenty Thirst Century; see 12/06), oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini (see 14/05).but in this new one, The Wisdom of Water, ISBN 978-0-9798556-0-3 (163pp pb) He also covers the chemistry of his "livehe offers a spiritual perspective on this Available: http://www.live-silver.com silver", but there are some inconsistencies in"treasure house of innumerable secrets". Archer shares his long-time passion forwater, a substance that is more than the sum I t took a severe candida infection in 1990 at the age of sixty to turn Marvin-Lee Robey on to the benefits of colloidal silver. his explanation of the difference between chemical production and electrolysis, and his usage of the terms "colloid", "ion" andof its chemical parts. As many tribal people The treatment worked and, converted, "ionic". We encourage readers to do theirsay, water is the creator of the Earth and Robey then set about with the help of his own research into these technical and scien-holds billions of years of collective memory. daughter to research and develop a means of tific points. In any case, the testimonialsThrough stories, poetry, myths, legends, his- producing the most efficacious colloidal sil- herein attest to the benefits of this substance.torical records and personal anecdotes he ver formula and make the device and thereminds us that by connecting with the con- solution available to the public.sciousness of water, we connect with the Here Robey shares his path of discovery.Divine. From "the waters above" (life- He was inspired by the research of manygiving rain, hail of the gods wrath, heavens pioneering scientists including Robert O.hieroglyphic snow and mystical dewdrops) Becker, MD, who claims to have found thatto "the waters below" (mysterious ice, the body can grow its own stem cells in theancient springs, enchanted ponds, streams of presence of silver ions. These so-calledenlightenment and oceans of awareness), he "dedifferentiated" stem cells go to whatevertakes us close to the source of life itself. part of the body needs them. Colombian tribespeople, Tibetan Buddhist Naturally, such knowledge opens up newmonks, Australian Aborigines, the Wolof of realms for healing and research, e.g., replac-Senegal and Icelandic fisherfolk are among ing the morally questionable technique ofthe many who have inspired Archer with deriving stem cells from embryos. Thetheir ancient wisdom about water. He problem is that drug companies cant profitencourages us to join with this wisdom and from substances that can be produced easilyabsorb the power and energy of water, and cheaply and are readily accessible.whether beside a bubbling stream, on dew- If youve not encountered colloidal silverJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 69
  • 70. REVIEWSTHE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE theories and research of luminaries such as They discuss key quantum physics findingsby Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott Kristian Birkeland, Hannes Alfvén, that show the body is an integrative systemMikamar Publishing, Oregon, USA, 2007 Immanuel Velikovsky, Halton Arp and Fred with self-organising abilities that can com-ISBN 978-0-9772851-3-6 (122pp tpb) Hoyle. Their well-argued treatise, illustrat- municate via coherent fields. In part two,Available: http://www.thunderbolts.info ed with breathtaking colour and b&w photos they share their stories of being on the same and diagrams, is the beacon for a radical research track and, in 2001, finally collabo-F orget black holes, superstrings, the Big Bang and dark matter: they dont figurein the equation when whats necessary to new way of viewing the universe and our place in it. Highly inspiring and refreshing. rating. Fraser conducted "virtual field" experiments with maverick Australian biolo-create and sustain the observed radiation in gist Dr Bevan Reid in the 1990s, and wasthe universe is ordinary electrical potential. DECODING THE HUMAN further assisted in his research by Joan ParisiGravity also doesnt cut it in this "electric BODY-FIELD: The New Science of Wilcox (Keepers of the Ancient Knowledgeplasma universe" model, proposed by some and Ayahuasca; see 6/03, 11/05). Information as Medicine In part three, they enlarge on the NESlittle-lauded astrophysicists including by Peter H. Fraser and Harry MasseyWallace Thornhill and David Talbott, model of bioenergetic health, which includes with Joan Parisi Wilcox new terms such as Big Field influencesauthors of this "monograph" follow-up toThunderbolts of the Gods (see 13/01, 11/04). Healing Arts Press, Rochester, USA, 2008 (Earth fields such as the Equatorial Axis), Standard models of cosmology fail ISBN 978-1-59477-225-2 (406pp tpb) Energetic Drivers (power generators for thebecause they ignore the universes plasma Available: www.InnerTraditions.com body-field and the physical body), Energetic Integrators (holders of consciousness andmedium—its freely moving electrons beingthe primary carriers of electric currents. The B iochemistry and genetics are only part of the picture of the human bodys work- ings; the missing links include bioenergetics, emotion) and Energetic Terrains (the result of energetic disturbances that allowauthors question why electricity should bemissing from fundamental theories of the quantum dynamics and information transfer. pathogens to take hold).cosmos when all matter is composed of elec- With this knowledge, Peter Fraser and Harry This is exciting, far-reaching information Massey developed a healing system that for self-healing in our 21st-century world.trically charged particles. Moreover, howcan the universes weakest force, gravity, be they claim replicates how nature works andcapable of organising matter? Their answer restores coherency to the body-field. Calledis the electric plasma universe model. It can the Nutri-Energetics System (NES), it canexplain the behaviour and evolution of stars diagnose incoherent, disease-promoting pat-(including our Sun), comets, asteroids, plan- terns and prescribe a combination of liquidets and our Earth. Its just a shame, say the Infoceuticals containing imprinted organicauthors, that mainstream astrophysicists are colloidal minerals that work to restore theso stuck in their limited, gravity-based mod- bodys natural balance. Its like homoeopa-els that inhibit discovery and the free flow of thy, but more high-tech and better targeted,data. Basic electrical know-how can trans- and it also utilises the meridian system oflate to the cosmic level, they say. The Earth Chinese medicine. While NES and itsis a "self-repairing capacitor" that can accu- claims have not been evaluated by any gov-mulate and store electric charge, as can other ernment agency or regulator, many peoplesolar system bodies. More enticing techni- have used the therapy with great success.cal details abound in this book. In part one of their book, Fraser and Thornhill and Talbott offer a revolutionary Massey explain the bodys microworld andapproach to astrophysics, highlighting the macroworld and its innate intelligence. There are more underground bases than UNDER you think, and theres more going on than just planning GROUND to keep the Government BASES AND alive during a nuclear war. Working from public TUNNELS documents and corporate by records, this book digs Richard Sauder, Ph.D. below the surface of the governments super-secret $34.00 (includes postage) underground! To order - mail, phone or fax your order to: NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 or use the coupon on page 96 of this issue.70 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 71. IODINE: Why You Need It, Why You compounds and why Lugols solution, con- REVIEWS Dr Matthias Rath, had developed a "unifiedCant Live Without It taining both inorganic iodine and potassium therapy" for treating heart disease with highby David Brownstein, MD iodide, works as a supplement; e.g., the thy- doses (6–18 grams) of ascorbate (sometimesMed. Alternatives Press, USA, 2006, 2ed roid takes up iodine from the iodide salt, and sodium ascorbate) combined with the aminoISBN 978-0-9660882-3-6 (197pp tpb) breast tissue absorbs the elemental iodine. acid lysine (2–6 grams) daily. This ascorbicAvailable: http://www.drbrownstein.com He considers iodised salt, where only 10 per acid dosage is way above the anti-scurvy cent of the iodine is bioavailable, and foods RDA of 60–75 mg, yet theres no evidenceA third of the worlds people live in iodine-deficient areas, and an epidemicof iodine deficiency is affecting millions. like seaweed that are rich in the element. He also gives guidelines on dosage and presents that such a high dosage is dangerous. The therapy is based on observations thatStrangely, in the 1980s, the commercial bak- case histories. We owe it to ourselves and the lesions that develop on arteries are pre-ing industry swapped iodine for bromine as our families to be informed about this miss- cursors to atherosclerosis; they signify thatan anti-caking agent. Bromine, a toxic ing link in our diets and how to utilise it. production of collagen, which is dependenthalide with no health benefit to us, binds to on adequate vitamin C levels, has been com- PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A promised. When vitamin C and collageniodine/iodide receptors, inhibiting iodine LICENSE? The Story of the Linus decline, the body compensates by raisingutilisation. The same iodine-rejecting Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease levels of the cholesterol lipoprotein (a), oreffects are seen with chlorine and fluorine, by Owen Fonorow with Sally S. Jewell Lp(a), which causes plaque build-up but hasyet both are used to treat water supplies. lysine receptors. To cut short a long story— Michigan-based family physician and Lulu.com, USA, 2008 clearly covered here by Fonorow—there areholistic practitioner David Brownstein, MD, ISBN 978-1-4357-1293-5 (239pp tpb) other vitamin, mineral and amino acid sup-has assembled a wealth of data on iodine/ Available: TheCureForHeartDisease.com plements recommended in this nutritionaliodide in his book, and this second editionhas two new chapters on the latest research,e.g., the use of iodine in treating breast can- W e are among the few life-forms that cant synthesise "vitamin C"—the ascorbate in ascorbic acid—so we must rely protocol, but youll have to read the book or visit Fonorows website www.TheCureFor HeartDisease.com to find out more.cer. Hes been working on the Iodine on our diet to obtain it. This finding is ofProject for over six years, including with the utmost significance when the number-Guy Abraham, MD, who inspired him ini- one killer in the industrialised world is hearttially and contributed the prefaces to the first disease—in reality, a vitamin C deficiencyand second editions (a third edition is now disease, says Owen Fonorow in volume I ofout). Brownstein has tested/treated more his Pauling Therapy Handbook.than 3,000 patients with iodine—over 95 per Fonorow, a computer scientist and foundercent of them presenting with low iodine lev- of the non-profit Vitamin C Foundation (seeels. Not only does iodine have antibacterial, his article on chronic scurvy in 13/01), dis-antiparasitic and antiviral actions, but it can cusses the groundbreaking studies bytreat thyroid disorders like goitre, ADD, George C. Willis, MD, in the 1950s, bio-cancers, autoimmune problems, migraines chemist Dr Linus Pauling up until his deathand many other conditions. Iodine is essen- in 1994 at age 93, and the most recent worktial in the production of thyroid hormones of cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, whoand all the other hormones in the body. concludes from analysis of risk factors that Dr Brownstein explains in simple terms low vitamin C is the root cause of cardiovas-why we cant live without iodine. He covers cular disease, leading to heart attack andthe different forms of iodine and iodide stroke. By 1990, Dr Pauling, working withJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWSOVERTHROW A FASCIST REGIME November 2008 election, but says we can Passionate about protecting the freedom ofON $15 A DAY only wonder what the next outrage will be peoples all over the planet, Estulin presentsby Wayne Madsen before then. But it will take millions of peo- for public scrutiny many details about theTrineDay, Walterville, Oregon, USA, 2008 ple around the world and more than just Bilderberg Group (founded in 1954) and itsISBN 978-0-9777953-6-9 (316pp tpb) Internet activism, he says, to turn the tide objectives. Along with historical context,Available: Independent Publishers Group, and "overthrow a fascist regime". there are details of the deeds of the shadowyChicago, http://www.ipgbook.com group and its "sister" organisations, the THE TRUE STORY OF THE Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and theA former US Navy and NSA officer, Wayne Madsen turned antiwar activistin the lead-up to the 2000 takeover of the BILDERBERG GROUP by Daniel Estulin Trilateral Commission (TC), plus candid b&w photographs of attendees at luxurious TrineDay, Walterville, Oregon, USA, 2007 hotels. There are also some enlighteningUSA by the neocon-backed Bush–Cheney ISBN 978-0-9777953-4-5 (340pp tpb) historical documents plus reports of theregime. Based near Washington, DC, he Available: http://www.ipgbook.com 2005, 2006 and 2007 Bilderberg meetings.built up a political resistance movement on a And thats not all. Estulin relates some ofshoestring budget via the Internet—and,since May 2005, his WayneMadsenReport.com website—and by having an ear to the R ussian-born investigative journalist Daniel Estulin has been risking his life for over 15 years in pursuit of the secretive his own brushes with shady figures trying to prevent his investigations. Plus, he tells of his occasional assistance from formerground with his contacts in the Beltway. Bilderberg Group, its annual meetings and Russian KGB operatives (his grandfatherHis book charts the lies, fraud and corrup- attendees and its One World Government was a KGB counterintelligence officer). Ittion since that takeover and includes some agenda. The first Spanish edition of The all makes for a gripping read.of his commentaries throughout this period. True Story of the Bilderberg Group was a Naturally, Estulin must protect his sources, Included in his coverage is the rigging of bestseller and has been translated into 24 and he praises their courage for disclosingBushs Republican Party presidential nomi- languages (a second English-language edi- what they can to unmask these would-benation as well as his 2000 and 2004 wins, tion is now available). It reveals stunning NWO controllers. An eye-opening exposé.the steeling of an already fascist-leaning details of what these industrialists, heads ofadministration with the 9/11 terrorist state, financiers, royal personages, militaryattacks—which some foreign governments chiefs and top journalists sworn to secrecyopenly suggest were engineered by the have in mind for our globalised future.Bush–Cheney junta—and the loss of citi- As NEXUS readers would know (seezens freedoms under the "Patriot" acts. 12/05, 14/05), this exclusive club makesAlso analysed are the ongoing wars waged decisions that soon after are acted upon forin Afghanistan and Iraq—with momentum the purpose of achieving the desired resultstarting to build in 2005 for an Israeli- towards our "total enslavement", as Estulinsupported attack on Iran—and the pro-war puts it. He gives many examples of eventsstance in place despite the Democrats win- and rises to power that were ordered by thening control of Congress in 2006. group and manipulated to become reality— Madsen takes heart that a growing propor- the 1973 oil crisis, the assassination of Aldotion of the global community is waking up Moro and the rise of Bill Clinton to the USto the "corporate fascist grip that is seizing presidency being just three examples. Hecontrol of the entire planet". In his final also discusses how unexpected publicitychapter, he follows the "Bush fatigue" about the 1996 conference in Canada pre-sweeping the USA in the lead-up to the vented the ordered break-up of that nation. LB Healing Products WANT TO HEAR NEXUS * Manual and electric Juicers SUBJECTS ON RADIO? * Miracle Healthy Soap OUT THERE with Barry Eaton every Wednesday night from * Grain Mills and Flakers 8.30-10.30 on 2NSB 99.3FM * Easiest Seed Sprouter in Sydney. * Dehydrators and Solar Cookers The show covers all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit as well as the paranor- * Coconut Scrapers mal and alternative healing. Each week a wide variety of guests from healers to * Rock Salt Lamps mediums. There are authors, visiting * Vacuum Sealers celebrities and regular appearances from Duncan Roads, everybodys * Macadamia Nut Crackers favourite editor of NEXUS! * Water Ionizers AND NOW ON INTERNET RADIO... Phone: 02 4751 2477 www.RadioOutThere.com Web site: www.grainmills.com.au Deliveries Australia wide ...tune in any time you choose72 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 73. THE GRAIL ENIGMA: The Hidden REVIEWS Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed on 31Heirs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene August 1997 in Paris. He stepped up hisby Laurence Gardner efforts with the December 2006 release ofHarperElement, London, UK, 2008 the Paget Report on the British police inves-ISBN 978-0-00-726694-4 (428pp hc) tigation into the "tragic accident". He com-Available: http://www.amazon.co.uk pleted his dissection, identifying hundreds of errors, inconsistencies and oversights,W hat historian Laurence Gardner touched on in Bloodline of the HolyGrail (1996; see 4/01) he expands upon in just before the start of the British inquest in October 2007—the March 2008 report ofhis new investigative research work, The which declared there was no evidence ofGrail Enigma. His basic thesis is that Jesus foul play in the deaths, just as the Pagetdid exist as an historical figure and his report did (see his article in this edition).bloodline was spread through France and One of Morgans main criticisms of thethe British Isles from the first century AD. inquiry is that it focused on Mohamed Al- Gardner shows historical evidence for the Fayeds conspiracy allegations about themessianic line of Jesus and his brother deaths of his son Dodi and the Princess.James (noting the bloodline of Jesus wife The terms of reference as set down by theMary Magdalene), which he compares with Coroner in January 2004 meant that thethe apostolic line—the Church of Rome, inquiry should have been looking at thewhich succeeded the Empire and waged a range of evidence surrounding the crash, notbattle for power in the ensuing centuries. just Al-Fayeds claims. Morgan says thereThe records he uncovers, including manu- are 204 mentions of "no evidence" in thescripts from the Vatican archives, confirm a 830+ pages. Its focus, he asserts, was oncenturies-long campaign by the Church topersecute and eliminate the bloodlinedescendants, the Desposyni. "What werethey so afraid of?" asks Gardner. Plenty, heexplains in meticulous detail. The time-frame Gardner covers progressesthe story from the first century AD through600 years to the time of Arthur Pendragon,alias King Arthur, and also reaches into the12th century with the influence of Queen TAYOS GOLD:Eleanor of Aquitaine. Through her marriageto the English king Henry II, she helped pre- The Archives of Atlantisserve underground knowledge of the blood-line and ensured that the original Sang Réal(Blood Royal) stories from Provence and by Stan HallBrittany would be incorporated into a newArthurian chivalric lore across the Channel. $35.00 proving that Dianas death was not murder. Gardner sets the record straight on the (includes postage & GST)accuracy of Josephus first-century writings, Morgans opinion, based on his extensivethe missing books of the New Testament analysis of evidence and eyewitness reports, including what was (or was not) part of theand the deletion of messianic marriage men- initial French inquiry, is that the car crash In 1976, Scottish engineer Stan Halltions, the founding of the original Christian and deaths were not accidental. Readers can organized a landmark expedition to thestream in Britain, the denouncement of utilise Morgans page cross-referencing inwomen in the new religious hierarchy, the caves of the Tayos Indians in Ecuador, studying the Paget report (downloadable atChurchs takeover of a festival (renamed as involving a dozen institutions, joint www.met.police.uk/news/operation_paget_Easter) dedicated to an ancient British god- Special Forces and astronaut professor report.htm) and check his commentaries ondess, and so much more. Informative and a range of questions—from previous threats Neil Armstrong as Honorary Presidentcontroversial in spades. to the Princesss safety and a possible and participant. motive due to Establishment concerns over Hall was driven by curiosity about ErichCOVER-UP OF A ROYAL MURDER: her anti-landmines activism, to unusualHundreds of Errors in the Paget Report "paparazzi" movements on that fateful von Danikens report of a Metal Libraryby John Morgan morning and "mix-ups" with driver Henri allegedly found in the caves byLulu.com, USA, 2007 Pauls blood and toxicological testing. investigator Juan Moricz in the mid-ISBN 978-1-84753-655-6 (547pp tpb) Morgan thoughtfully includes a glossary 1960s (published in von Danikens 1972Available: See www.thedianaplot.com for of participants, a timeline of events, consid- blockbuster GOLD OF THE GODS).info; order via www.allbookstores.com; erable endnotes and references plus websitesAmazon in France and Germany for those curious enough to want to explore Mail, phone or fax your order to:I n recent years, New Zealand-born/ Brisbane-based John Morgan has turnedhis attention to researching the circum- further. For the time being, the jury is tech- nically still out on what really happened, Morgan believes. Disturbing stuff. NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381stances surrounding the deaths of Diana, or use the coupon on page 96.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 73
  • 74. HIDDEN NATURE The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew REVIEWS EYE OF THE PHOENIX THE ORB PROJECT by Gary A. David by Míceál Ledwith, DD, LLD, and $44.00 Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2008 Klaus Heinemann, PhD (includes postage & GST) ISBN 978-1-931882-80-4 (303pp tpb) Atria Books/Beyond Words, NY, 2007 V ictor Schauberger (1885-1958) Available: Aust/NZ— NEXUS offices; ISBN 978-1-58270-182-0 (178pp tpb) pioneered a new understanding of the Europe—http://www.frontierbookshop.nl/ Available: Beyond Words, http://www. whois_en.html; USA—http://www. beyondword.com; Simon & Schuster science of nature, (re)discovering its adventuresunlimitedpress.com primary laws and principles, unacknowledged by contemporary I ndependent researcher and author Gary David expands on the hypothesis of his U nusually, this is a compilation of the work of two authors writing on the same subject: the mysterious, colourful, science. From studying the fast flowing previous book The Orion Zone (see NEXUS translucent "orbs" that people have been streams of the unspoilt Alps, he gained 14/02), where he suggests that the ancestral photographing since the advent of digital insights into water as a living organism. Hopi pueblos of the Four Corners region of cameras. The authors are theologian Dr He showed that water is like a magnetic southwest USA were sited at points corre- Míceál Ledwith and experimental physicist tape; it can carry information that may sponding to every major star in the constel- Dr Klaus Heinemann, whose mission is to either enhance or degrade the quality of lation Orion. Chaco Canyon, for instance, mend the rift between spirituality and sci- organisms. Our failure to understand corresponds to the star Sirius, he claims. ence. Theyre supported in the scientifically In Eye of the Phoenix, David travels again detailed foreword by Dr William Tiller of the need to protect the quality of water through this stunningly beautiful high-desert is the principle cause of environmental Stanford University, who posits that we can country to observe the landscape of mesas influence all life-forms around us via our degradation on the planet. Includes and canyons and the diverse styles of petro- biofield emissions and the information they information of Schaubergers flying glyphs and geoglyphs. These were carved carry, whether we intend to or not. saucer designs. by the Hopi and their ancestors—the The foreword to Dr Ledwiths part one is by J. Z. Knight, channeller of the ancient Mail, phone or fax your order to: warrior Ramtha who spoke about the orb NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, phenomenon back in the early 1980s. For Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. many years, the Ramtha School has been a Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 hotbed of "orb activity". Inspired by events or use the coupon on page 96. at the School, Dr Ledwith embarked on his research and now has over 100,000 images on file. Here he recounts his photographic journey of discovery and explains why these orbs are not the result of interference from dust or water vapour. He learned that the more you photograph, the more the orbs appear. When he got images of hexagonal lights and thought seriously about the role of by Joseph P. Farrell the flash, he deduced that these orbs were being fluoresced by the flash and emitted $38.00 (includes postage & GST) longer-wavelength photons a fraction of a In 1945, a mysterious Nazi s ecret second later. Perhaps these are records of an Anasazi and even earlier peoples, perhaps interface with a dimension vibrating at a dif- weapons project code-named "The Bell" part of a global civilisation with common ferent level to our own. Its an interesting left its underground bunker in lower mythologies, symbols and words. hypothesis, illustrated with stunning colour Silesia, along with all its project docu- He points out striking similarities between photographs showing various guises of the mentation, and a 4-star SS general. the Hopi, the ancient Egyptians and the orbs—spheres as well as veils of light, for Taken aboard a massive six-engine ultra- Nagas of India, speculating that the Hopi example. Most of his images were taken long range aircraft, "The Bell," Kammler, ancestors may have migrated by sea to the outdoors, and he gives tips for photography and all project records disappeared com- New World. There are also themes and and for distinguishing false from real orbs. pletely. As a prelude, the SS murdered symbols in common with the ancient Celts, Dr Heinemanns approach is different in most of the scientists and technicians Phoenicians, Knights Templar and even that he considers orbs as evidence of divine involved with the project, a secret early-20th-century Arizona Masons. presence, and he makes correlations between weapon that according to one Nobel David is generous in his use of b&w pho- them and apparitions such as those seen by prize-winning physicist, was given a tographs, maps and illustrations. His analy- the children at Medjugorje in the early classification of "decisive for the war," a sis of Hopi cosmology is instructive. Noting 1980s. He tends to regard orbs as intelli- security classification higher than any their relationship with "Star People", cover- age of the "Starchild" skull, UFOs and "Ant gent, highly evolved spirit-beings who are other secret weapons project in the Third keen to communicate with us. His photos People" is thus part of the territory. Reich, including its atomic bomb. Completing his discussion of the Hopi are mostly from indoor spiritual retreats held worldview, David looks at their prophecies in the last few years, including at John of Mail, phone or fax your order to: Gods healing centre in Brazil (see 5/01), about the progression of worlds and the NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, signs leading to the next End Time in our and they feature orbs seemingly present dur- Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. era—signs that wed be wise not to ignore. ing spirit-directed healing sessions. Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 An atmospheric, inspiring book. The Orb Project is a valuable addition to or use the coupon on page 96. the growing body of knowledge about orbs.74 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 75. SECRETS OF THE UNIFIED FIELD REVIEWS and its bizarre effects, Farrell adds hisby Joseph P. Farrell detailed commentary. He also ventures intoAdventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2008 the world of Paperclip scientists such as DrISBN 978-1-931882-84-2 (316pp tpb) Werner von Braun, and speculates on howAvailable: Aust/NZ— NEXUS offices; much secret technology was shared betweenEurope—http://www.frontierbookshop.nl/ the Americans and the Nazi Germans. Aswhois_en.html; USA—http://www. for what happened to the Bell and to theadventuresunlimitedpress.com Philadelphia Experiment devices and docu- ments, Farrell has his theories. He suggestsI n this follow-up to SS Brotherhood of the Bell (13/06), frontier science/historyresearcher Joseph Farrell goes into further that the research was sidelined to secret agencies and has been continuing "under-detail about the wartime Nazi "Bell" project, ground" ever since. A fascinating study.also known as Projekt Kronos, and its simi-larities with the US Navys infamous 1943 PRODIGAL GENIUS: The Life of"Philadelphia Experiment." Both projects, Nikola Teslahe claims, were set up to explore the torsion by John J. ONeilltensor effect implicit in the original higher- Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2008dimensional unified field theory of Theodor ISBN 978-1-931882-85-9 (326pp tpb)Kaluza (1921) and that of Einstein (1928). Available: Details as aboveHowever, the Nazis set out with their Belldevice, which contained two mercury-filledcounter-rotating cylinders, to manipulate I ts amazing that Dr Nikola Tesla (b. 1856), the inventor responsible for the radio as well as the alternating-current system thatspacetime with the aim of creating a harnessed the power of Niagara Falls, is not a household name and barely rates a men- tion in science textbooks. Yet he and his pioneering research are taken very seriously in non-mainstream circles. This book by John ONeill, a friend of Tesla, was first published in 1944 and, having gone out of print, is available once more with a few additional illustrations and photos (includ- ing a couple of historic images of Mark Twain in Teslas lab in 1895). For this biography, ONeill also inter- viewed relatives, friends and colleagues of Tesla and so has a unique perspective on this scientist whom he called "superman"— a man who was a "producer of marvels" but who "thought that he had, by scientific methods, succeeded in eliminating love from his life". Despite his intentions to beweapon. The Americans experience with true to this ascetic vision, Tesla didnt quiteengineering the theory and allegedly causing succeed, according to ONeill. This Serbo-a ship to disappear and translocate showed Croatian who emigrated to the USA wasthe dangers of messing with spacetime via able to visualise the workings of his inven-electrical and magnetic rotation. Both tions before even creating the prototypes—groups achieved unexpected results, espe- thus saving a fortune in construction andcially highly adverse physiological effects development costs—and is credited withon the scientists and technicians involved. numerous important patents. In explaining the story of how work com- By all accounts, Tesla was a true eccentricmenced on engineering the unified field, who used the bottles of his sometimesFarrell touches on Hungarian engineer champagne lifestyle as capacitors in hisGabriel Krons tensor analysis of electrical electrical devices and received funds frommachines, Teslas conceptual research that the great sponsors of his day (e.g., Georgelinked him with the Philadelphia Westinghouse), though he was rejectedExperiment, and astrophysicist/ufologist DrMorris Jessups landmark studies into UFO when it suited them. He set up mega-propulsion systems. He also acknowledges experiments in free energy systems, yet diedthe work of researchers like Nick Cook and virtually penniless in 1943 (not long afterIgor Witkowski in exposing super-secret his supposed involvement in the mysteriousresearch on both sides of the Atlantic. Philadelphia Experiment). Our world would As well as reprinting the late 1960s Carlos not have evolved as it has without TeslasAllende letters to Dr Jessup, which spilled incredible technological achievements.the beans on the "invisibility" experiment ONeills biography gives captivating detail into the mind, life and work of this genius.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 75
  • 76. REVIEWS LADY DIE: An Investigation Into The UNDERSTANDING MMS: Killing of HRH Princess Diana Conversations with Jim Humble Compiled by Duncan Roads by Chris Everard and Raphaella Houston Phaelos Mediawerks, USA, 2008 (105m) for Queen of Compassion Films © 2008 Available: www.understanding-mms.comTIMEWAVE 2013: The Future is Available: http://www.ladydiedvd.com/Now—The Odyssey IISacred Mysteries Productions, USA, 2008 A Mercedes S280 of the exact model and year was purchased in order that tests H istory will record "MMS" as a name coined by American adventurer Jim Humble, who discovered how a simpleAvailable: www.timewave2013.com could be made for this documentary. The chemical compound and powerful oxidiser, film has a running time of nearly four hours chlorine dioxide (ClO2), can be effectivelyI n this inspiring sequel to her film 2012: The Odyssey, Sharron Rose travels farbeyond the 2012 End Times theme. She and leaves no stone unturned. Along with an exposé of the hidden history used to reduce toxicity within the human body, as has been done commercially andspeaks to experts on mythology, alchemy, of the British royal family, the film features industrially for decades.astrology, anthropology and ancient a comprehensive investigation into the 1997 Readers will recall our article by Jimhistory—José Argüelles, Gregg Braden, crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales. Humble on his discovery of this "MiracleRiane Eisler, William Mineral Supplement"Henry, Jean Houston, John (MMS), utilising stabilisedMajor Jenkins, Rick oxygen plus acetic acid orLevine, Dennis McKenna, lemon juice, which hasDaniel Pinchbeck, Geoff been shown to reverse theStray, Whitley Strieber and symptoms of malaria in aJay Weidner among them. few hours and also preventThey discuss topics such as recurrences (see 15/02).the shift of the ages, the He has had tremendousgalactic alignment, global success with this treatmentwarming, the pervasive in saving lives in Southrole of the media in our America and Africa, wherelives, the mystical work of malaria is a major killer.Benjamin Franklin, In this documentaryrenewal of the American video, Adam Abraham vis-spirit and the transformation of humanity. Producer Chris Everard assembled a its Jim Humble in Hermosillo, Mexico, to Journey with Rose beyond the Georgia Scotland Yard–style incident board in the learn about chlorine dioxide. He is intro-guidestones, Denver airport, the Cross of making of this documentary, which reveals duced to others who have first-hand experi-Hendaye and the Mayan calendar to Peru, hitherto unknown information about many ence with MMS, including Professorwhere we sit in on a ceremony with the of the characters involved in the alleged plot Antonio Romo Paz of the University ofpowerful shamans/healers of the Qero to kill Diana, such as senior MI6 and MI5 Sonora, who successfully treated a man withpeople and listen to their powerful agents at the scene on the night of the crash. tuberculosis using the protocol. Later heprophecies for the future of humankind. The producers have invoked fair use journeyed to Tijuana, Mexico, to interview With a rich perspective on our history and guidelines in the making of this film. They Dr John Humiston, who uses MMS in botha new understanding of our present-day are using the proceeds to offer subsidised his practice and his personal life.world, Timewave 2013 offers a positive take courses in film-making, which will be The understandings you will gain from thison what we can expect in the future. announced later this year. program could change your life! Now you can listen to NEXUS on the Internet www.RadioNexus.com.au RadioNexus.com is now online 24/7 No special software required76 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 77. REVIEWS songstress Yungchen Lhamo weave her vocal strains. Middle Eastern percussion fuels this emotional musical journey, Reviewed by Richard Giles soothed by esoteric male and female vocalsTHE IDAN RAICHEL PROJECT that venture to India then to Africa. Sharifiby Idan Raichel invited Irish whistle player Séamus Egan, ofCumbancha Music, USA, 2006 (47mins) the band Solas, to play melodies and Hassan Hakmoun to sing the lament on the otherDistributors: Australia—Fuse Music, tel tracks. Stunning and intriguing album.(02) 9699 7555; UK—Putumayo, tel07759 600495; USA—Cumbancha, tel OM GUITAR(802) 425 2118, www.cumbancha.com by Stevin McNamaraV ocalist Idan Raichel has long been involved with Israeli musical diversity,celebrating different cultures through his Sounds True, USA, 2008 (71mins) Distributors: Australia— Brumby Booksmusic. Idan invited 70 of his friends and and Music, tel (03) 9761 5535; USA—colleagues from Israels music scene to par- Sounds True, tel 1800 333 9185, web-ticipate in recordings for two albums; the site http://www.soundstrue.comsecond was an immediate hit in 2002. Thisinternational Project compilation has tracks S tevin McNamara was taught sitar by Ram Chakravarty and set about using the musical style for this unusual album. Eachfrom these two albums plus English transla-tions of the songs and an enhanced CD of instrument (guitar, dholak, djembe, tabla,music videos. Most of Raichels songs are tambouras and bells) is associated with onein Hebrew and a few are in Amharic (a of the chakras of the body. The originalnorth-central Ethiopian Semitic language). recording was hours long, so each piece hasAn inspiring cross-cultural collaboration. been shortened for this compilation. The musical tempo is 63 beats per minute, whichROUGH GUIDE TO CONGO GOLD is synchronised with deep relaxation states. I found it a powerfully satisfying andby various artists embracing album. Highly recommended.World Music Network, UK, 2008(74mins) JIDKA (THE LINE)Distributors: Aust—Destra, tel (07) by Saba3457 5000; UK—WMN, tel 020 7498 WMN, UK, 2007 (42mins)5252, http://www.worldmusic.net Distributors: Aust—Destra, tel (07)R umba came from the Congo in the late 1930s as a reinvented music that mar-ried traditional Congolese and other African 3457 5000; UK—World Music Network, tel 020 7498 5252, websitemusical forms with those of the Caribbean http://www.worldmusic.netand South America, which also came viaAfrica. This new form became popular in S aba, born in Somalia to an Ethiopian mother and an Italian father, moved to Italy with her family to escape tribal con-Africa over the next few decades, and iscalled soukous (meaning "to shake", after a flicts. On Jidka, she sings in her nativepopular dance). This collection contains Somali and moves closer to her roots. She dedicates her songs to young Somali womenmany rumba and soukous classics from the (especially those who fled the wars), sings1940s through to the 1990s. Its easy, loping local lullabies, and makes a heartfelt plea forrhythms with swinging horns and soft vocal the transformation of her beleaguered cul-harmonies give a nod towards jazz. Cool! ture. A fine, frank-hearted CD.ONEby Jamshied SharifiCeres Records, USA, 2007 (50mins)Distributors: Australia—Fuse Music, tel(02) 9699 7555; USA—Ceres Records,http://www.ceresrecords.comJ amshied Sharifis second solo album One blends cultures and performers, producinga mix of world rhythms and contemporarywestern sounds. On the album are Persianvocalist Sussan Deyhim of Tehran and northIndian vocalist Vishal Vaid, whose ancienttechnique of Ghazal singing creates the per-fect balance to Sharifis hauntingly beautifulcompositions. The opening track starts withlayered instrumentation, helping TibetanJUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 77
  • 78. An Eastern Ultimatum to the Western IlluminatiContinued from page 17 blackmail to impose on the Japanese have KC: What about SARS? meant that… BF: SARS is a bioweapon that targets acountries. And within the rich countries, A recent survey by the Asahi newspaper specific gene that is very prevalent amongits been going from the poor to the rich. shows that the amount of people who think Asians, but almost never found amongIts like a giant sponge sucking up all this their lives have got worse since these Caucasians. So, its a race-specificlife energy. The poorest people on the reforms began is more than double the bioweapon.planet are forced by agribusiness and other amount of people that think it got better. Continued next edition...things to the lowest level, and the only They have created a society split betweenthing they can do is sit on something even the very rich and the poor. About the Interviewers:lower, the poor little weak creatures. They American society is also the same. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan are the teamhave to burn down forests to make new American male workers salaries peaked in behind Project Camelot (http://projectfarmland because theyve used up their 1973, and theyve been falling ever since. camelot.org). If any readers have insidefarmland and they dont get access to So, if you look at the gross mean i nform at ion wh ich the y w ou ld l ikefertiliser, so they have to, you know, product—in other words, the level at publicised, Project Camelot promises fullravage the planet. which half the people are below and half confidentiality and a wide audience for So, the source of poverty and the people are above—youll find its very the disclosure of important subject matter.environmental problems in the world is the close to the poverty line. Theyve been Email support@projectcamelot.org.people who own the Federal Reserve taking money.Board and their policies of prioritising the Just too much money has been going to Editors Note:rich and everything to the rich. That is the the rich and they havent had proper ways to Due to space constraints, we are unableessence of the problem. spend it. Theyve been deluded into to publish the complete transcript of this The Japanese have had their savings thinking that the problem with the interview with Benjamin Fulford. Tostolen from them and theyve been forced environment is too many brown people download the video of the interview andto adopt economic policies that have burning down forests, so the answer is to the three-part transcript, go to http://www.increased poverty here. The so-called get rid of them. They have been projectcamelot.org/benjamin_fulford.htm.reforms that Prime Minister Koizumi and manufacturing diseases. There is solid Visit Benjamin Fulfords website at[Finance Minister] Heizo Takenaka were evidence that AIDS (HIV) was made by the http://benjaminfulford.com/indexEnglish.forced by the Americans through US military as a bioweapon against Africa... html.JUNE – JULY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 79
  • 79. Stem Cells: The Silver Connection Continued from page 37 silver latches onto them, like steel to a developing the formulas from his own magnet, suffocating them. More logic. At 16, he won the Bausch &no medical problem has developed that we interestingly, he stated that the "ionic Lomb Honorary Science Award. By thisare aware of—although the FDA has silver" attaches itself to toxins, which also time, he had become very disillusionedcontinually warned our customers that they have a negative ionic charge, and this with formal education and thought thatwould turn blue! The difference in action attachment aids in removal of the toxins. what was taught was wrong as much ofbetween these various substances, all Such products as "colloidal" and "ionic" the time as it was right. He decided toreferred to as "colloidal silver", is difficult to silver, DMSO and its derivative MSM, all educate himself rather than spend yearsdebate—but the results are not. All of them produced through modern science, as well in university. The result is a wealth ofproduce some beneficial results. But there is as all the very effective health products of uncommon but important knowledge.a difference, and even more so in the case of our ancestors are increasingly being taken Mr Robey can be contacted by emailproducing stem cells. up by people who want to treat themselves at robeysilver@verizon.net. Visit his I now have one patent on this process, and effectively without resorting to websites http://www.live-silver.com andanother pending which makes production pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side http://www.candid-x.com. See o urfrom pure water practical and computerises effects. Furthermore, the bacteria phobia review of his book A Miraculous Healthproduction to an exacting concentration. foisted on the public through schools and Substance in this edition. All fluids in humans, animals and plants the news media is beginning to lose itsare in ionic form. Alfred B. Searle, hold. ∞ Editors Note:founder of Searle Pharmaceuticals, did It is important to note there are manyextensive research on silver in the early About the Author: quite different products on the market20th century. In his book The Use of Marvin-Lee Robey grew up on a small that are called "colloidal" and "ionic"Colloids in Health and Disease (1919), he farm with a woods and small creek. His silver, but they may not actually containstates: "Applying colloidal silver to human father, having a degree in electrical and colloids and ions and some may havesubjects has been done in a large number of mechanical engineering from Purdue negative effects. Look for products madecases with astonishingly successful University, taught him many things by Bredigs process, and check that theyresults." A very interesting concept that he about science and nature. By the age of have positive effects. The author claimsbrings up is that silver in the ionic form is 12, he had completed an elementary that his product works, and many of hisespecially effective because bacteria have a course in composition of forces and clients report successful results. Seenegative ionic charge and therefore the passed a school t est in ge ometry, Editorial and Letters in this edition. by Steven M. Greer MD by Steven M. Greer MD $38.00 (includes postage & GST) $38.00 (includes postage & GST) F or the first time ever, over five dozen top-secret mili- tary, government, intelligence and corporate witness- F rom his sighting of a UFO at an early age, to his amazing near-death experience at age 17, to his unraveling of the secret cabal running the illegal transnational energy and UFO – es to secret projects tell their true stories which disclose the greatest covert program in world history. This explo- related projects, to his meetings with a CIA Director, US sive testimony by actual government insiders proves that Senators, heads of state and royalty – you will be moved, UFOs are real, that some are of extraterrestrial origin shocked and enlightened as you read through this memoir. and that super-secret programs have energy and propul- Journey with Dr Greer as he takes you into the corridors of secret sion technologies that will enable humanity to begin a power – beyond the government as we know it- to a shadowy cabal of power-mad controllers, and their hidden agenda. new era. To order - mail, phone or fax your order to: To order - mail, phone or fax your order to: NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 or use the coupon on page 96 of this issue. or use the coupon on page 96 of this issue.80 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008
  • 80. Planetary Effects on the Sun and the Earth Continued from page 43 Environment 2003; 14(2-3):327-50. Australia. A cabinet maker as well as an • McLean, John D., "A critical review of amateur inventor, he retired at age 58 to8. CONCLUSIONS Australian climate reports", Energy & the Gold Coast, Queensland. With time on • Energy distribution in the solar system Environment 2006; 17(1):13-28. his hands, he began in earnest his researchvaries because of planetary dynamics. • McPhaden, Michael J., "El Niño, La Niña, into why Au stralia has droughts and • Any analysis of cause and effect for and the climate swings of 1997–98", in: flooding rains. Breakthroughs came withobserved natural events on Earth is Michael H Glantz (ed.), La Niña and its knowledge of the work of RCA engineerincomplete unless and until it includes impacts: facts and speculation, United John H. Nelson of how planets in angularrecognition of appropriately timed Nations University Press, Tokyo, 2002, pp. separation cause the formation of sunspots,extraterrestrial forcing. 25-30, figs 1-15. allowing predictable (short-wave) "radio • Inevitably, projection of human well- • Nelson, John H.,"Planetary Effects on Short- weather" forecasting with 75 per centbeing across the century ahead is bound to wave Radio", Cycles, March 1952. accuracy. His discovery in 2004 of thebe false and misleading should it exclude • Soon, Willie Wei-Hock and Steven H. Solar Electromagnetic Resonant Cross (SER-consideration of the potential for short-term Yaskell, The Maunder Minimum and the X ) , or the "Dickman Cross", u l t i m a t e l yand longer-term planetary influences upon Variable Sun–Earth Connection, World showed that the Sun is electrically driven,terrestrial fortunes. ∞ Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2003. rather than atomic-reaction driven—which • Usoskin, I. et al., "Solar activity, cosmic is still the theory of mainstream science.References rays, and Earths temperature: A millennium- Mr Dickman can be contacted by email• Archibald, David C., "Solar cycles 24 and 25 scale comparison", J Geophys Res 2005; 110 at goldco9@tpg.com.au.and predicted climate response", Energy & (DOI: 10.1029/2004JA010946).Environment 2006; 17(1):29-35, fig 1. • Wang, Yongjin et al., "The Holocene Asian Editors Note:• Guilderson, J. T. and Daniel P. Schrag, Monsoon: links to solar changes and North Kenneth W. Dickmans article is reprinted"Abrupt shift in subsurface temperatures in the Atlantic climate", Science 2005; 308:854-57. in part from his paper, "Short- and Longer-tropical Pacific associated with changes in El • Whitehouse, David, The Sun: A Biography, term Planetary Effects on Sun and Earth",Niño", Science 1998; 281:240-43, fig. 2. Wiley, 2005. published in Energy & Environment 2006• Kininmonth, William, "The El Niño 17(1):63-73 (Multi-Science Publishing Ltd,phenomenon in the context of climate About the Author: 5 Wates Way, Brentwood, Essex CM15change", Energy & Environment 2006; Kenneth William Dickman was born in 9TB, UK, http://www.multi-science.co.uk)17(1):53-62. January 1929, the only son of a WWI and was updated in May 2008. To obtain• Landscheidt, Theodor, "New Little Ice Age veteran, on a soldier-settlers dairy farm in a PDF copy of his 2006 paper, contact MrInstead of Global Warming?", Energy & the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Dickman at goldco9@tpg.com.au. NEXUS Back issues: Special Offer The true story of a For a limited time, you can buy a set of ALL our back issues man taken for ten for just $295.00 (incl GST +p&h) days to an plus - for an extra $55.00 extraterrestrial well throw in the new civilisation NEXUS First 20 Years DVD (all back issues on a single disc) by Alec Newald $22.00 Vol. 1 (#1–10): $55- Vol. 2 (#1–28): $110- (includes GST + postage) Vol. 3 (6 issues): $22- Vol. 4 (6 issues): $22- Vol. 5 (6 issues): $22- Vol. 6 (6 issues): $22- One Monday in mid-February 1989, Alec Newald set off on what Vol. 7 (6 issues): $22- Vol. 8 (6 issues): $22- should have been a three-hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland in New Zealand. He arrived in Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was Vol. 9 (6 issues): $22- Vol. 10 (6 issues): $25- even more confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days Vol. 11 (6 issues): $25- Vol. 12 (6 issues): $25- later, and that he had no idea of what had happened in the meantime! 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  • 81. The Biofield: A Different Type of Magnetism? Continued from page 49 References About the Author: • Brown, F. A., "Biological Clocks", Buryl Payne has a PhD in psychology and Oceanology Int, Jul-Aug 1967. an MS in physics. He discovered that theyears, suggest that it is a spin force, but that • Brown, F. A., Jr, "Interorganismic and nearly regular cycles of internationalcould be disproved by another type of Environmental Influences Through Extremely battles, found by previous researchers, areexperiment. Weak Electromagnetic Fields", Biol Bull 1973; in phase with solar activity. In 1982 in The devices I built never seemed to 144:437-61. New Zealand, he founded the Academy formove in another manner except as rotation, • Hessels, Jason W. T. et al., "A Radio Pulsar Peace Research to help disseminatebut that may be because less energy is Spinning at 716 Hz", Science 2006 Mar 31; information about war cycles, how torequired to spin the rings or frames than to 311:1901-04, published online 11 January predict them and possible ways to avoidmove them in any other way. 2006 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1123430] (in them. He has tested his discovery of the When a 30-foot- (9.14-metre-) long Reports). biofield using not only his Biofield Metersuspension line was used, spinning still • Hruby, Ronald, "Empirical Detection & but healers using distant-healingoccurred. It did not swing or oscillate. The Measurement of Savely Savvas [Suggestion techniques. He has designed a number ofpyramids hung in bottles rotated when No.1] Bio-Field" [Letter], Townsend Letter for innovative devices that are available to the Doctors and Patients, Feb/Mar 2003. public, including pulsed magnetic fieldhands were placed near the sides. Is there a • Ostro, Steven J. et al., "Radar and Optical generators for enhancing or stimulatingspin force between ones hands? Observations of Asteroid 1998 KY26", Science biological activity. This work is merely a pilot study designed 1999 Jul 23; 285(5427):55-59, [DOI: Dr Payne has written four books onto stimulate those readers interested in 10.1126/science.285.5427.557]. magnetism and its effects on livingexploring a new force. • Peschka, Walter, "On Kinetobaric Effects and organisms, one book on physics and There are so many experiments to do and Bioinformational Transfer by Electromagnetic consciousness, and another on biofeedbackquestions to answer. How to build a spin Fields, in Electromagnetic Bio-Information", and hypnosis. His e-book, The Spin Force:radiation detector? How to obtain useful Proceedings on the Symposium, Marburg, A Collection of Articles and Experiments,energy from the Earths spin force? Is the September 1977. can be purchased as a PDF from his websiteforce around the body spiral in shape? Does it • Peschka, Walter, "Kinetobaric effect as (http://www.buryl.com).follow an inverse square law of possible basis for a new propulsion principle", For more information about Dr Payne Raumfahrlforschung 1974; trans. by D. Reed, and his work, go to http://www.buryl.com/diminishment? in: T. Valone (ed.), Mechanical Energy from about_buryl.htm. Dr Payne can be And on and on... Gravitational Anisotropy, Integrity Research contacted at PsychoPhysics Labs, PO Box Anyone can make new discoveries in this Institute, Washington, DC, 1996. 514, Soquel, CA 95073, tel +1 (831) 425fascinating area. ∞ • Ross, Charles, Lancet, 30 July 1922, p. 222. 3324, and by email at buryl@buryl.com. THE COSMIC WAR by Joseph P. Farrell Maya Calendar Countdown $36.00 (includes postage & GST) by Patrick Geryl $35.00 (includes postage & GST) P hysicist Joseph Farrells amazing book on ancient interplanetary warfare! Rejecting the naturalist and materialist assumptions of catastrophism forwarded by In this new book the author reveals the millennia-old codes of the Maya and the Old Egyptians, which refer to a coming super-disaster. Discover the secrets of an ancient civilization, other researchers, Farrell asserts that it is time to take the ancient myths of a Cosmic War in the heavens seriously. Incorporating extraterrestrial artifacts, cutting-edge ideas able to calculate the previous polar shift, and who have calculated the next reversal for 2012. The Dresden Codex of the in contemporary physics, and the texts of ancient myths Maya contains secrets of the sunspot cycle, and the conclusions into his argument, Farrell maintains that an ancient are staggering—at a certain moment, when the suns magnetism interplanetary war was fought in our own solar system reaches a crucial point, the suns surface will be subjected to with weapons of extraordinary power and sophistication. immense storms, causing a super-catastrophe on earth. To order - mail, phone or fax your order to: To order - mail, phone or fax your order to: NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 or use the coupon on page 96 of this issue. or use the coupon on page 96 of this issue.82 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com JUNE – JULY 2008