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Nexus   1503 - new times magazine

Nexus 1503 - new times magazine






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    Nexus   1503 - new times magazine Nexus 1503 - new times magazine Document Transcript

    • NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 3 APRIL – MAY 2008 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 ORIGIN & SYMBOLISM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS...51 Readers comments on the tsunami thats overdue By Philip Coppens. The mysterious crystal skulls for Australias east coast, revelations about the were most likely created in Central America and Olmecs, the cause of disappearing bees and more. may have played an important role in the MayanGLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 priests re-enactment of their creation myth. We report on the rising deaths from Gardasil HPV BORISKA: INDIGO BOY FROM MARS......................57 vaccine, a new test that may do away with By Gennady Belimov. A Russian boy who claims mammograms, theft from RFID smart cards, and to have had previous lives on Mars and who speaks solar changes sparking fears of global cooling. of future Earth cataclysms and ET visits has grabbedUS–NATOs NUCLEAR FIRST-STRIKE POLICY............13 worldwide attention in recent years. By Michel Chossudovsky. The Pentagon and NATO have been plotting for years to have nuclear THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................63 weaponry accepted for first-strike usage and as a This edition we run Ted Twietmeyers thoughts on means to preserve “the Western way of life". giants and Bronze Age artefacts, and Michael SallasSOWING THE SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION—Part 2.....21 wrap on recent secret UN meetings on UFOs. By Stephen Lendman. This review of Bill Engdahls REVIEWS—Books........................................................69 book shows how the Gene Revolution, with "Cure Tooth Decay" by Ramiel Nagel Rockefeller funding, has created a world where "Let Food Be Your Medicine" by Marguerite Henshaw feeding the starving is akin to an act of genocide. "Life from Light" by Michael Werner & Thomas Stöckli "Choosing Not to Immunise Our Children" by Dale Frazer, DOHEALING TOOTH DECAY WITH NUTRITION..........29 "Think of an Elephant" by Paul Bailey By Ramiel Nagel. The root cause of dental cavities "The Hidden Oracle of India" by Andrew and Angela Donovan and gum disease is lack of proper nutrition, but "The Golem: A World Held Hostage" by Michael Collins Piper healing can be promoted and teeth remineralised "Turning the Templar Key" by Robert Lomas by eating traditional and indigenous foods. "Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt" by Edward MalkowskiA TREATISE ON ELECTROSMOG RESEARCH.............37 "Raising Stone 1" by Paul Hai By Walter Laufs. This physicist and alternative "Oil Apocalypse" by Vernon Coleman "Scared to Death" by Christopher Booker & Richard North healer turned to scalar wave technology in finding "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences" by P.M.H. Atwater a way to protect his patients from the stress caused "Mysteries and Secrets of Time" by Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe by all-pervasive electromagnetic pollution. REVIEWS—DVDs........................................................76THE NAADI PALM LEAF ORACLE OF INDIA..............43 "NEXUS Conference 2007" produced by E&E Productions By Angela and Andrew Donovan. Collections of "NEXUS: The First 20 Years" produced by NEXUS Magazine Sanskrit and Tamil writings on palm leaves contain REVIEWS—Music........................................................77 messages for individual seekers that are said to "Lost Canyons" by Scott August have been dictated by Shiva about 5,000 years ago. "Afriki" by Habib Koité & BamadaSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................49 "The Way Home" by Sacred Earth This issue we feature Canadian inventor Thane "Dial M for Mantra" by Jai Uttal Heinss Perepiteia Generator which has been "The Rough Guide to Bollywood Gold" by various artists shown to accelerate, not slow down, under load. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................84–88APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 1
    • EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 3 I have been a busy boy of late. For weeks, I have spent all my spare time scanning 20 years worth of NEXUS back issues, articles, news items and reviews into the computer. The final result has been a single PDF file for each edition, article, news section, reviews APRIL – MAY 2008 PUBLISHED BY section, etc. These PDF files are text searchable, and are free of advertisements. You can NEXUS Magazine UK access these electronic back issues and articles via two methods. EDITOR The first is via our brand new website with a secure shopping cart. Although NEXUS Duncan M. Roads was among the first to have a website in Australia, I have done little to update the style or CO-EDITOR content layout over the past decade, and so the long-awaited and promised overhaul has Catherine Simons now been effected. As well as looking modern and pretty (which means those flashing ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR rainbow lines have now gone from the home page), our new-look website offers a lot Ruth Parnell more to readers. Apart from the selection of free articles, you can now purchase any back OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS issue, article or review, etc. as an electronic download directly into your own computer. Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster The other way to access these electronic NEXUS files is to buy our new compilation UK OFFICE ADMIN DVD. We are calling it "NEXUS: The First 20 Years" and, as you can guess, it contains Marcus Allen; Alex Allen all the back issues going back to volume 1, number 1, published in 1987. Apart from CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE looking attractive on a bookshelf, the main benefit of this DVD is that you can pop it into Prof. Michel Chossudovsky; Stephen Lendman;Ramiel Nagel; Walter Laufs; Angela Donovan and any computer and search the actual contents of the thousand-odd files. How good is that?Andrew Donovan; Thane Heins; Philip Coppens; Following the huge popularity and success of last years NEXUS Conference, I am Gennady Belimov plus Project Camelot; already making plans for this years. So far I can announce that the 2008 NEXUS Ted Twietmeyer; Michael E. Salla, PhD Conference will be held over 4–5–6 October at Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the CARTOONS beautiful Sunshine Coast of southeast Queensland, Australia. Apart from a line-up of the Phil Somerville usual high-quality speakers and presentations, two of the major attractions at the COVER GRAPHIC conference this year include the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and someone coming out Jeff Edis, jeff_edis@hotmail.com from Russia to speak about the Ringing Cedars phenomenon. PRINTING For those Australians who dont know what the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is, I Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK consider it the skull of skulls, in terms of how it ranks in both mystery and beauty against DISTRIBUTION all the thousands of crystal skulls out there for sale or display. For the past decade or so, Seymours, London, UK this enigmatic skull has been less visible to the public than in earlier times, but this yearNEXUS UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, E. Grinstead, will see the skull travelling around the world so that people can share in its majesty and West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 mystery. For those who dont understand why this skull is different or mysterious, we e-mail address: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com have started a series of articles by Philip Coppens about the skull. If you live in Australia, Website: www.nexusmagazine.com make sure you get to see it; it will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If the NEXUS articles dont inspire your interest, then Im sure the new Indiana Jones movie will do the trick. EUROPE OFFICE - Postbus 10681, 1001 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In this issue, we have yet more great articles, including on the important issue of pre- Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 emptive nuclear strikes. This is basically the concept whereby if you think someone is e-mail address: nexus@fsf.nl going to be a threat to your safety, you neutralise that person or country before they move HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. against you. Now, we know that the "war on terror" is a complete hoax and is just a PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. screen to mask the greatest resource rush by the superpowers that the world has ever seen, Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 but the possibility of pre-emptive strikes with nuclear weapons is taking it to a new level e-mail address: editor@nexusmagazine.com of madness. Please, if you have a pen or a phone or an email account, tell your national ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy leaders that the concept of pre-emptive strikes is wrong and should be banned! USA OFFICE – One of the other articles I want to draw to your attention is about the Naadi Palm Leaf PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488 Readers of India. I had heard of this mysterious phenomenon many years ago when an Tel: +1 843 549 5985; Fax: +1 877 349 1928 ex-assassin I was interviewing revealed to me that the main reason for his "change" away Email: nexususa@earthlink.net from killing people for Her Majestys Secret Service was that while he was in India he had his palm leaf found and read. Its accurate contents literally freaked him out! This was a STATEMENT OF PURPOSENEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a rational, methodical, science-believing person who encountered something that mostmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS consider impossible—and it changed his life completely. Fascinating stuff!seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to On a final note, Id like to take this opportunity to thank all of our advertisers for theirassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not support, especially one of our longest-running advertisers, Mr Joshua Shaw of Bioniclinked to any religious, philosophical or political Products. For those of you who havent noticed his adverts in the last 15 years ofideology or organisation. NEXUS, he is the inventor/manufacturer of the Elanra therapeutic ionisers (which I can PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICYWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor- thoroughly recommend). Josh has just turned seventy and is offering a special deal on hismation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone ionisers for readers of NEXUS in all countries and languages (see his ad inside this issue).caught making a buck out of it, without our express Happy birthday, Josh!permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 2007–20082 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 3
    • Letters to the Editor ...Tsunami Due for Australia science. It is easier, for example, what we call continents today. Just a thought, and thanks so Hello Duncan: Reading the to speak definitively on So these people called Twa, much for making this one of thelatest issue of NEXUS, I note extraterrestrial involvement and Pygmies, etc. are the original best mags out there.that it appears that 2012 is the at times even ghosts than to inhabitants of the western Best wishes,year of reckoning for the Earth. admit that melanin-dominant hemisphere and as such are George Z., Bellingham, USAIt may be of interest to your Black people were the ancient Native Americans. [Well, George, youll bereaders to know that in the late Egyptians and Olmecs. Keep in mind that "native" pleased to learn that I have been1990s, whilst I was a councillor The Olmecs, as the article simply means "someone born in spending weeks of late nightsfor a large coastal city council, correctly pointed out, is a name a particular place". It does not doing exactly this. Ive beenwe held a confidential meeting to given to them by a cultural group mean "first" or "original". So going back and turning all thediscuss the plans for the unrelated to them. The Olmecs there are many Native American back issues into text-searchableevacuation of the city. are Kemtian, Tamareian or cultural groups, but only one PDF files. We are going to put The meeting was informed Egyptian people with dark skin, group is indigenous to the them all onto a DVD which isthat a huge tsunami was overdue fat lips, fat noses, tightly curled western hemisphere and they are being announced for sale in thisto hit the east coast of Australia hair, broad shoulders— what your article termed Olmecs. issue. All these files can beand that this was not an otherwise, melanin dominant. We refer to ourselves as the purchased individually as PDFinfrequent event. In fact, we They did not call themselves Yamassee or the Gentle People. downloads from our newwere informed that this occurred Rubber People, as the name Respectfully, website. See the editorial foron a 200-year cycle, the last Olmec signifies. This would be James H., USA more details. Ed.]being not long before Cook silly. So who were/are they?visited in 1770, hence we are As you and your readers Miracle Mineral Supplement Time Lines and Distortionsoverdue. The tsunami is know, in the early stages of Hi Duncan: Many thanks for Dear Duncan: I cancalculated to have had waves at Earths formation it was all one your wonderful article on Jim understand time lines as theleast one kilometre in height. continent surrounded by water. Humbles Miracle Mineral variable of time between mass inEvidence of these events, we This continent was given the Supplement in your Feb-Mar different terrestrial bodieswere told, comes from Bulli Pass name Pangaea by the Greeks, 2008 issue [vol. 15, no.2]. You [NEXUS vol. 15, no. 1].at Wollongong, NSW. Rocks which means "whole Earth". will be pleased to know I am a But when it comes to why, ithave been found on top of Bulli The first humans to emerge living testimony to its efficacy! becomes extremely intellectual.Pass that had been thrown out of from the evolutionary mix on In July 2007 I was diagnosed It is surprising that all the greatthe ocean over the years. this planet were melanin- with prostate cancer with a PSA minds never assigned mechanics We were further i n f o r m e d dominant people and they (prostate specific antigen) of 8.4. to the function of gravity. Is itthat if this event happens again, averaged four feet [1.22 metres] In October 2007 it had climbed because one of the greatest toldand it will, then 70 per cent of in height and were called the to 9.2. I was obviously headed them that "for every action therethe population of Australia will Twa People by some historians for trouble, so I decided to give is an equal and oppositebe wiped out. The wave will and Pygmies by people of MMS a try. Three months later, reaction"?affect the entire east coast of Caucasian descent. Of course, in January 2008, the PSA was Check out www.agspri.comAustralia. they had their own name. These down to 6.2! and youll find there is an Needless to say, I was not long people and their ancestors gave Yes, I did other things with exception. With this in mind,in moving west of the Divide. birth to what is popularly called diet and supplements but it was rotational momentum can be Yours sincerely, the Egyptian civilisation. the MMS that did the trick. converted into linear momentum. [Name withheld on request.] The time period we are Please spread the word quickly If this happens to the bound-state speaking about is hundreds of before the government shuts this electrons with their force centreNew Light on Olmec Heritage millions of years ago, and there down as it did with laetrile. Earth-directed, every atom Dear Duncan: Each issue of is an excellent textbook titled Regards, becomes an independent poweryour magazine is a must read for Forbidden Archeolog y which David G. unit of gravity. Lets considerme. And as a Black man of speaks of archaeological findings that is possible!Nubian descent, I find that some suggesting human civilisation is NEXUS PDFs on DVD To advance this thought, weof your articles have greater at least a few billion years old! Greetings! I was wondering if change the conventionalrelevance than others. But back to my story, which is you would ever consider having connection of time and space to Regarding your article "The your mystery. a subscription to your magazine time and confined space—that is,Mystery of the Olmec Some of these early humans as an emailed PDF file? Also, the space between the nucleusCivilisation" (volume 15, no. 1), decided to visit and vacate to have you ever considered putting and the bound-state electrons ofI sensed a thematic thread that I other parts of Pangaea. In their all of your back issues on discs an atom, where, by the electrontoo often see from scientists and language, the word for "to visit" in PDF format and selling them radius and the electron speed ofhistorians investigating ancient and "to vacate", as in vacation, is to current subscribers? It would c , Niels Bohr calculated the(Black) societies and at lan. Some later historians put save a ton of paper and be very frequency of an atom.civilisations, and that is the the words together, along with a useful to researchers. If we call planet Earth basetendency to dance around an language denotion, and called I just love NEXUS and would one and multiply every unitapparent conclusion about the them and this new place Atlantis like to get all of your back issues concerned in this effort by 1,Black presence in antiquity as and Atlanteans. While these on disc and be willing to pay then we have: frequency x 1 =well as about the progenitor of early humans were visiting this hundreds of dollars to get them. gravity x 1 = length x 1 =civilisations and masters of land, Pangaea separated into They are that valuable. volume x 1 = time x 1.4 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed. To work out the condition more powerfully, the exhaust is pick up my beloved NEXUS! provided me over many years.(time lines) of another solid cleaner and I didnt have to Ive been doing this since 1994 Kind regards,planet with twice the power of change or add any mechanical and will continue to do so as John C., Melbourne, Victoria,gravity compared to base one parts. I was so impressed with long as I am able. NEXUS has Australia(Earth), we have: frequency x 2 this product that I signed up and become such a part of my life, [Dear John: Thanks for your= gravity x 2 = length / 2 = became an independent and for that I thank you. kind words. Yes, there have beenvolume / 8 = time / 8. distributor. This product is not Now, it hit me today, as I was dramas and theres been lots of Using bound-state electron sold in stores and is only reading your latest editorial, that fun, but mostly it is just manyvelocity as a definition of time available through referrals. what I have never read (though long hours working late into theexponentially from base one If you are interested, please you have hinted at over the night. As for the juicy stuff, well,(Earth), we can calculate into the take the time to visit the years) are all the wild and wacky Id have to wait for variousaeons of the universe. manufacturers website at stories that you could share in people to die before I could tell When it comes to why, see https://secure.cermatechnology. regard to the production of your those tales. Ed.]AGSPRIs website. com/referral/11170. magazine. Gunther K. H. Pfrengle, NSW, Best wishes, I am sure there must be at least Praise for Somerville CartoonAustralia, http://www.agspri.com Robert Stanley, Manhattan a three-part story to be told in Oh, Mr Somerville, you have Beach, California, USA regard to the people you have excelled yourself with theFireStorm vs Pulstar dealt with and the stories that cartoon on page 29 of NEXUS Dear Duncan: In answer to Cause of Disappearing Bees you have wanted to tell but for Dear Duncan: It is my belief volume 15, number 2. It is youryour query, there has been no whatever reason decided not toprogress toward production of that our bees are about to best yet, and very courageous! or just simply couldnt! (If Ithe FireStorm spark plug [see disappear forever; and along remember correctly, there was to Courageous, too, of the editor toNEXUS 12/02 and 14/05]. with them, our forests, be a story by an Australian publish it. A spit in the eye— However, I recently found an biodiversity, food supply, inventor of a water-powered car great stuff!even better spark plug called economy and population will all that was pulled because he and I worked as a physio and lostPulstar. One of my friends has a be destroyed forever. his family were threatened with my career 20 years ago due toChevy Suburban 4x4 and is There is substantial evidence death if he let you publish it...) poisoning from aldehyde—usedseeing between 40 to 60 per cent to show that pollen from plants So, how about it, Duncan? for sterilising, and present inbetter mileage per gallon due to genetically modified (GM) with Indulge us with a retrospective damaging amounts in airthe Pulstars million watts of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is the by you, for all your loyal readers, conditioners and also in openpower. This is important, as the cause of colony collapse disorder sharing with us the roller-coaster trays of instruments beingprice of gas [petrol] is heading to (CCD) of bees around the world.1 ride that has been the production sterilised.$4.00 per gallon in the US very Pollen from Bt-engineered of NEXUS Magazine over the David, Australiasoon. plants causes an immune years. I, for one, would be really [Thanks, David. I agree with The Pulstars pulse power response in bees 2 and "an interested to read it. you regarding the Somervilletechnology is far superior to that immune response...affects... Keep up the good work and cartoon. For those who missedof the FireStorm. You will be memory formation" in bees. 3, 4 thank you for the richness and it, Ive decided to run it again;amazed at the change in your Bees lose their memory and thus information that you have see below. Ed.]engine! I have more info at forget where the beehive iswww.unicusmagazine.com/ located. Hence, the beespulstars.htm. Use my last name, disappear. No bees means no"STANLEY", to get a 10 per food. Like cane toads and firecent discount. Pulstar gives your ants, GM pollen can never everengine more power, more miles be recalled.per gallon and less pollution 1. Spiegel Onlinewithout your having to change International, March 22, 2007your air/fuel ratio or add a racing 2. PMID: 9878101, Cell Biol.coil to the ignition system. Int. 1998; 22(2):137-44 Also, a few months ago I was 3. PMID: 14667337, Proc.introduced to a new automotive Biol. Sci. 2003 Dec 7;product that will allow any gas- 270(1532): 2471-73or Diesel-powered engine to run 4. PMID: 16084688, Brainmore smoothly and efficiently Behav. Immun. 2006 Mar; 20(2):with far less pollution. After 135-58researching the electrochemical Peter O., Goonengerry, NSW,properties behind this ceramic Australiaproduct and speaking withindividuals in the company and NEXUS Retrospective Requesttheir clients, I tried it on one of Hi, Duncan. Yes, its that timemy own vehicles. Wow! Not again—the last Thursday of theonly do the engine and [second] month when I eagerlytransmission run smoother and dash down to the newsagency toAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 5
    • THE OIL FACTOR IN who dont share our values. WereKOSOVO INDEPENDENCE trying to move these newlyO n 17 February 2008, Kosovo broke away from Serbia anddeclared its independence. Not independent countries toward the West." This leaves little doubt that thesurprisingly, it was instantly war in the former Yugoslavia wasrecognised as a state by the USA, fought solely in order to secureGermany, UK and France. With access to oil from new and4,203 square miles of area, biddable states in Central Asia.Kosovo may be a tiny territory It is obvious that the formerbut in the great game of oil Yugoslavia, especially Serbia, waspolitics it holds great importance a serious problem for thewhich is in inverse proportion to realisation of the plan.its size. The intervention in Kosovo and Kosovo does not have oil, but Metohija was carried out in orderits location is strategic because the to please Albania, whose port oftrans-Balkan pipeline—known as Vlora is the ultimate destination ofthe AMBO pipeline, after its the pipeline.builder and operator, the US- (Source: Uruknet, 24 Februaryregistered Albanian Macedonian 2008, www.uruknet.info?p=41436)Bulgarian Oil Corporation—willpass through it. DEATH TOLL RISES FROM The pipeline will pump GARDASIL HPV VACCINECaspian oil from the Bulgarian port ofBurgas via Macedonia to the Albanian portof Vlora, for transport to European A US Trade and Development Agency paper published May 2000 assesses that the pipeline is a US strategic interest. J udicial Watch, the US public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, recently releasedcountries and the United States. According to the paper, the pipeline will documents obtained from the US Food andSpecifically, the US$1.1 billion AMBO provide oil and gas to the US market worth Drug Administration (FDA) under thepipeline will permit oil companies $600 million a month, adding that the provisions of the Freedom of Informationoperating in the Caspian Sea to ship their pipeline is necessary because the oil Act, detailing as many as 11 deaths relatedoil to Rotterdam and the East Coast of the coming from the Caspian Sea will quickly to Mercks HPV vaccine Gardasil®.USA at substantially less cost than they are surpass the safe capacity of the Bosphorus. Those deaths occurred between 8 Juneexperiencing today. In November 1998, Bill Richardson, the 2006—when the vaccine received FDA When operational by 2011, the pipeline then US Energy Secretary, spelt out his approval—and August 2007, when thewill become a part of the regions critical policy on the extraction and transport of latest data were available.East–West corridor infrastructure which Caspian oil. "This is about Americas The documents reveal that reports ofincludes highway, railway, gas and fibre- energy security," he explained. "Its also adverse reactions from the HPV vaccine,optic telecommunications lines. about preventing strategic inroads by those given to girls at least as young as twelve, are increasing daily at an alarming rate. According to a report by LifeSiteNews, which scanned a publicly available database of adverse effects from the HPV vaccine, 3,137 adverse effects were reported to 28 September 2007. Many of the cases were deemed "life threatening" and required hospitalisation. In one case highlighted by Judicial Watch, a seventeen-year-old girl who was vaccinated in June 2007 died the very day she was vaccinated. According to the report, she "was vaccinated with a first dose of Gardasil". Other reported serious side-effects associated with the Gardasil HPV vaccine include paralysis, Bells palsy, Guillain– Barre syndrome and seizures. (Source: LifeSiteNews.com, 5 October 2007, http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/oct/ 07100507.html; also see the Judicial Watch website, http://www.judicialwatch.org/)6 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ... NEW YORK SUES MERCK OVER department of interdepartmental and cent of heroin goes through the Albanian VIOXX FRAUD informational activity at the Russian Drug mafia, which is now more powerful thanT he city and state of New York have filed a joint lawsuit against Merck &Company for deliberately concealing the Control Agency, was shown saying that economic measures to tackle the problem are foundering on local corruption. "The the Sicilian mafia. He also alleged that members of this mafia bribed European parliamentarians to support thedangers of its painkiller, Vioxx®, thereby local authorities draw up seriously forged independence of Kosovo.defrauding public health programs out of lists in which an amount is recorded for the The report went on to link growingmillions of dollars in prescription costs. amount destroyed and, in fact, the crop has levels of drug-related crime in Russia with The New York Supreme Court will not been destroyed at all. The theft of the the US invasion of Afghanistan.decide whether Merck defrauded New money to combat narcotics is going on and (Source: Signs Of The Times, SOTT.net,Yorks Medicaid and Elderly is flourishing," he said. February 2008, http://tinyurl.com/2yyqo5;Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage The accusation that US forces are also see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/(EPIC) programs. The plaintiffs say that if involved in drug-trafficking came from 7144490.stm)doctors had known the risks posed by Geydar Dzhemal, chairman of the IslamicVioxx, they would never have prescribed Committee of Russia. "Without the PRISON NUMBERS SOAR IN USAthe drug, and state agencies would neverhave paid out US$100 million to Merckfor the product. They are asking the court control and connivance on the part of the special services, none of these things are possible. For example, in Afghanistan, the M ore than one in 100 adults in the United States is in jail or prison—an all-time high that is costing stateto force Merck to pay back all of that CIA and the special services are quite governments nearly US$50 billion a yearmoney. brazen. Under the protection of the and the federal government $5 billion more. New York is the seventh state to file American army, they meet the necessary With more than 2.3 million peoplesuch a lawsuit against Merck. More than people. They collect the stuff, go to the behind bars, the United States leads the25,000 lawsuits have been brought against Bagram Air Base and they hand in a large world in both the number and percentagethe company to date for its alleged consignment of narcotics, which is then of residents it incarcerates, leaving far-malfeasance in covering up the dangers of taken away," he said. more-populous China a distant second,Vioxx. The report went on to say that heroin according to a study by the nonpartisan The city of New York also has a lawsuit reached the Balkans via Turkey, which Pew Center on the States. The growth inpending in Federal Court against 44 "has been a member of NATO since 1952 prison population is largely because ofpharmaceutical companies including and is the USAs closest ally in the region". tougher state and federal sentencingMerck, in which it alleges that the It said it is "another amazing coincidence" imposed since the mid-1980s. Minoritiescompanies artificially inflated the prices of that Kosovo hosts the largest NATO base have been particularly affected.their products, thereby defrauding the in Europe. The correspondent added that The study also documents the trade-offscitys Medicaid program. there is a "secret Interpol post" next to this that state governments have faced as they [Editors Note: Merck is also the base. "Here they speak almost openly devote larger shares of their budgets tomanufacturer of the HPV vaccine, about Afghan heroin in American planes," house these prisoners. For instance, someGardasil.] he noted. states now spend as much as or more on(Source: Natural News, 15 February A man captioned as "Marko Nicovic, corrections as on higher education.2008, http://www.naturalnews.com/ Interpol employee" explained that 90 per Despite reaching its latest milestone, the022653.html)AMERICAN FORCES IMPLICATEDIN EXPORT OF AFGHAN OPIUMR ussian state-controlled Channel One TV recently broadcast a reportcontaining allegations that US forces areinvolved in drug-trafficking fromAfghanistan to Europe. The report alsohighlighted the problem of drug abuse inthe British Army, as revealed in a BBCnews website story, published on 14December 2007, stating that the British arelosing a whole battalion of troops a yearbecause of drug abuse. The channels weekly news roundupVoskresnoye Vremya noted on 10 Februarythat, according to the United Nations, theamount of opium being produced inAfghanistan has more than doubled sincethe coalition troops entered the country. Aleksandr Mikhaylov, the head of theAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 7
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ...nations incarcerated population has been Severe compression of the breast (such as Demonstrations like that show thegrowing more slowly since 2000 than it did the kind that occurs during a mammography potential misuse of RFID technology in theduring the 1990s. Because of these policy procedure) can lead to microscopic tissue near future. Without touching someone, ashifts, the nationwide prison population ruptures, even in the tissue of the tumour. thief could "sniff" the contents of an RFID-swelled by about 80 per cent from 1990 to This tear can actually create a "leak" in the enabled credit card just in passing. The2000, increasing by as much as 86,000 a tumour, which allows the malignancy to same is true for embedded RFID chips inyear. spread and cause an acceleration of the the human body, work access badges, some By contrast, from 2007 to 2008, that cancer—and an earlier death. public transit cards, and the new passportspopulation increased by 25,000—a rise of Every doctor knows that breast lumps in use in more than 45 countries.two per cent. should be handled with a great degree of The credit card industry has argued that(Source: Washington Post , 29 February care, because handling them roughly could use of the RFID-enabled cards will save2008, http://tinyurl.com/2nqsmz) cause such a rupture. Its something thats customers time when processing payments. drilled into your head in med school (or at An extreme example can be found inNEW TEST MAY PUT AN END TO least it was back in my day). Spain. Laurie said a public beach there DEADLY MAMMOGRAMS Any woman who has experienced a encourages visitors to have RFID tagsA merican scientists are developing a breast cancer screening test thatchecks a womans saliva for evidence of the mammogram procedure knows that it squashes the breast pancake-flat until it hurts—hardly what Id call "handling with injected into their bodies. The point? Merchants along the beach scan your wrist to obtain a unique ID from which they candisease. They say theyve identified 49 care". debit your account. The advantage? Youproteins in saliva that can actually (Source: William Campbell Douglass II, MD, wont have to go to the beach with yourdistinguish healthy women from those with The Douglass Report, 9 February 2008, wallet, which might get stolen.benign breast tumours and those with http://tinyurl.com/34blpn) Laurie, who has an injected RFID tag,malignant breast tumours. showed how easy it is not only for the tag According to Charles Streckfus, a BEWARE OF THEFT VIA to be read but also to be rewritten. Duringprofessor at the University of Texas Dental RFID-ENABLED SMART CARDS his demo, he used the coding sequenceBranch at Houston: "Breast cancer triggersa change in the type and amount of proteinsin the secretions from the salivary glands." A dam Laurie, an RFID security expert, used the Black Hat DC 2008 conference in Washington, DC, to reserved for animal tagging to have his RFID chip declare him an animal. On his RFIDiot.org website, Laurie And sure enough, when the researchers demonstrate a new Python script hes offers the Python scripts free of charge andtested a group of 30 women—10 healthy, working on to read the contents of smart- also sells the hardware necessary to read10 with benign tumours and 10 with chip-enabled credit cards. and write to RFID tags and cards.malignant tumours—the protein patterns As part of his presentation, Laurie asked (Source: CNET News.com, 21 Februarywere found to be different in all three for someone from the audience to volunteer 2008, http://tinyurl.com/2jsfqt)groups. If this is true, it could finally put a smart card. Without taking the card out ofan end to what a growing number of people the volunteers wallet, Laurie both read and DNAS TELEPATHIC PROPERTIES?consider the most dangerous method ofbreast cancer screening: the mammogramprocedure. displayed its contents on the presentation screen—the persons name, account number and card expiration date clearly visible. D NA has been found to have the bizarre ability to put itself together, even at a distance, when according to known science it shouldnt be able to. Explanation: none—at least not yet. Scientists are reporting evidence that, contrary to our current beliefs about what is possible, intact double-stranded DNA has the "amazing" ability to recognise similarities in other DNA strands from a distance. Somehow they are able to identify one another, and the tiny bits of genetic material tend to congregate with similar DNA. The recognition of similar sequences in DNAs chemical subunits occurs in a way unrecognised by science. There is no known reason why the DNA is able to combine the way it does, and from a current theoretical standpoint this feat should be chemically impossible. Even so, the research published in the ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry B shows very clearly that homology recognition between sequences of several8 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ...hundred nucleotides occurs without physical CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM AS AN INSTRUMENT OFcontact or presence of proteins. Double US MILITARY DOCTRINEhelixes of DNA can recognise matching by Khody Akhavi © 2008molecules from a distance and then gathertogether, all seemingly without help fromany other molecules or chemical signals. T he US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs recently came under heavy criticism from Muslim and religious freedom advocacy groups after it invited to a conference three self-professed "former terrorists" with strong links to the Christian right. "Amazingly, the forces responsible for Collectively known as the "3-X Terrorists", Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem andthe sequence recognition can reach across Zachariah Anani are frontline soldiers in the US "culture wars", a discursive battle overmore than one nanometre of water "values" and hot-button issues ranging from abortion to radical Islam.separating the surfaces of the nearest The men collected US$13,000 for their appearance at the 50th annual Academyneighbour DNA," said the authors Geoff S. Assembly, a four-day conference attended by 200 international students and Air ForceBaldwin, Sergey Leikin, John M. Seddon, cadets and organised under the auspices of the schools political science department.Alexei A. Kornyshev and colleagues. To supporters, the 3-X represent "moderate" voices; they are self-professed Muslim(Source: DailyGalaxy.com, 6 February extremists who converted to evangelical Christianity and are now "exposing Islam for2008, http://tinyurl.com/2enjtk) what it really is". To critics, they are frauds, accused of fabricating much of their past exploits as mass murderers in order to peddle their Islamophobia on the lecture circuit MYSTERY "HORIZONTAL" HUM and on cable news networks, including Fox News and CNN. PUZZLES GEOLOGISTS But it is their relationship with political leaders and organisations across the right-L isten closely, and youll hear the Earth humming—in not just one note buttwo. The source of this second signal is a wing Christian spectrum that seems to have elicited the greatest concern from critics. "These men are frauds, but that is not the point. They are part of a dark and frightening war by the Christian right against tolerance that, in the moment of anothermystery. For around a decade weve catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil, would make it acceptable to target andknown about Earths quiet "vertical" hum, persecute all Muslims," wrote former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges in aprobably caused by the steady thumping of widely circulated online essay. "They offer a window into a worldview that isdeep waves on the ocean floor. Now a destroying the United States. It has corrupted the Republican Party. It has colored theteam in Germany has discovered a news media. It has entered into the everyday clichés we use to explain ourselves to"horizontal" note, and nobody knows ourselves. It is ignorant and racist, but it is also deadly," he said.whats causing this new signal. The relationship between the evangelical Christian right and 3-X runs deep, with Dieter Kurrle and Rudolf Widmer- connections to Reverend John Hagees Christian–Zionist Christians United For IsraelSchnidrig of the University of Stuttgart in (CUFI) as well as Focus on the Family, part of the para-church organisations thatGermany studied 11 years of data from promote social conservative public policy in the US and which have maintained closeseismometers at four isolated locations in relations with the George W. Bush administration.Germany, Japan and China. The Walid Shoebat claims to be a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operativeseismometers were designed to detect who attacked Jews, planted bombs in Israel, and in 1993 converted to Christianity. Heminute horizontal motion in parallel to the released a book in 2007 entitled Why We Want to Kill You, and appeared in a purportedEarths surface. documentary film called Obsession: Radical Islams War Against The West. They found evidence of a "horizontal" The film was marketed in part by self-described "pro-Israel" groups, and featuredsignal at all four stations. The signal interviews with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, dubious "investigativemigrates by around one micrometre one journalist" Steve Emerson, Itamar Marcus of the Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch,way or the other every three minutes or so, and Daniel Pipes, a controversial scholar of mediaeval Islamic history.and its horizontal orientation distinguishes Kamal Saleem, who runs an organisation called Koome Ministries, said he wasit from Earths "vertical" oscillation. indoctrinated by the PLO as a child and ran weapons into Israel via underground Though certain events such as tunnels underneath the Golan Heights. But analysts argue there are no accounts of suchearthquakes, volcanoes and large storms incidents. Saleem also claimed to be descended from the "grand wazir of Islam"—aseem to amplify this constant signal, the nonsensical term that Saleem has rebutted on his website.source is a mystery. The Koome Ministries website is quite clear on its purpose: first, to wake up, "Something entirely new to us is causing educate and train the Christian and Jewish communities on the impending dangers ofthis hum," says Spahr Webb of the radical Islam; second, to reach Muslims with the redemptive message of Christ; andLamont–Doherty Earth Observatory in third, to teach the Church "relationship evangelism" in order to reach Muslims with theNew York, who studied the original hum. Truth. The site asks visitors to pray for specific Muslim nations and provides videos of At the American Geophysical Union indigenous groups that are "ripe for the gospel".annual meeting last December, David Zachariah Anani claimed to have killed at least 223 people as a Lebanese militant during the early 1970s and was "almost beheaded" for converting to Christianity. AThomson of Queens University in Canada 2007 report in the Canadian Windsor Star cast doubts on his jihadi past. According toand Frank Vernon of the Scripps Institution Tom Quiggin, a Canadian court-qualified expert of global jihadism, some of Ananisof Oceanography, California, told accounts did not correspond with actual historical events. "Mr Anani is not anresearchers that the new hum is individual who rates the slightest degree of credibility, based on the stories that he hassynchronised with variations in the Suns told," said Quiggin, a senior fellow at the Centre of Excellence for National Security inmagnetic field. Singapore.(Source: N e w S c i e n t i s t . c o m, 23 February (Source: by Khody Akhavi, Inter Press Service News Agency, 21 February 2008,2008, http://tinyurl.com/2ojs86) http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp idnews=41299)APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 9
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ...SOLAR CHANGES SPARK FEAR OF corresponded with a period of bitter cold CO2 has had before, and it most likely will GLOBAL COOLING that began around 1650 and lasted, with again," Patterson says. "If we were to haveI n 1991, the Danish Meteorological Institute released a study using data thatwent back centuries which showed that intermittent spikes of warming, until 1715. Frigid winters and cold summers during that period led to massive crop failures, even a medium-sized solar minimum, we could be looking at a lot more bad effects than global warming would have had."global temperatures closely tracked solar famine and death in northern Europe. In 2005, Russian astronomer Khabibullocycles. To many, those data were Tapping reports no change in the Suns Abdusamatov made some waves—and notconvincing. Now, Canadian scientists are magnetic field so far this cycle, and warns a few enemies in the global warmingseeking additional funding for more and that if the Sun remains quiet for another "community"—by predicting that the Sunbetter "eyes" with which to observe our year or two it may indicate a repeat of that would reach a peak of activity about threeSun, which they suspect has a bigger period of drastic cooling of the Earth, years from now, to be accompanied byimpact on Earths climate than all the bringing massive snowfall and severe "dramatic changes" in temperatures.tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet weather to the northern hemisphere. A Hoover Institution study a few yearscombined. Tapping oversees the operation of a 60- back examined historical data and came to And theyre worried about global year-old radio telescope that he calls a a similar conclusion.cooling, not warming. "stethoscope for the Sun". But he and his "The effects of solar activity and Kenneth Tapping, a solar researcher and colleagues need better equipment. volcanoes are impossible to miss.project director for Canadas National In Canada, where radio-telescopic Temperatures fluctuated exactly asResearch Council, is among those looking monitoring of the Sun has been conducted expected, and the pattern was so clear that,at the Sun for evidence of an increase in since the end of World War II, a new statistically, the odds of the correlationsunspot activity. instrument—the next-generation solar flux existing by chance were one in 100," Solar activity fluctuates in an 11-year monitor—could measure the Suns according to Hoover fellow Brucecycle. But so far in this cycle, the Sun has emissions more rapidly and accurately. Berkowitz.been disturbingly quiet. The lack of For instance, researchers at the Max The study says that "try as we might, weincreased activity could signal the Planck Institute for Solar Research in simply could not find any relationshipbeginning of what is known as a Maunder Germany report the Sun has been burning between industrial activity, energyMinimum, an event which occurs every more brightly over the last 60 years, consumption and changes in globalcouple of centuries and can last as long as a accounting for the one degree Celsius temperatures". The study concludes that ifcentury. increase in the Earths temperature over the you shut down all the worlds power plants Such an event occurred in the 17th last 100 years. and factories, "there would not be muchcentury. The observation of sunspots R. Timothy Patterson, Professor of effect on temperatures".showed extraordinarily low levels of Geology and Director of the Ottawa- But if the Sun shuts down, weve got amagnetism on the Sun, with little or no 11- Carleton Geoscience Centre of Canadas problem. It is the Sun, not the Earth, thatsyear cycle. This solar hibernation Carleton University, says that "CO 2 hanging in the balance. variations show little (Source: Investors Business Daily, 7 correlation with our planets February 2008, http://ibdeditorial.com/IBD climate on long, medium Articles.aspx?id=287279412587175) and even short time scales". Rather, he says: "I and GREENHOUSE EQUATIONS the first-class scientists I DECLARED WRONG work with are consistently finding excellent correlations between the M iklós Zágoni isnt just a physicist and environmental researcher. He is also a global warming activist and Hungarys regular fluctuations of the most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Sun and earthly climate. Protocol. Or was. That was until he This is not surprising. The learned the details of a new theory of the Sun and the stars are the greenhouse effect, one that not only gives ultimate source of energy on far more accurate climate predictions here this planet." on Earth but on Mars, too. Patterson, sharing The theory was developed by another Tappings concern, says: Hungarian scientist, Ferenc Miskolczi, an "Solar scientists predict atmospheric physicist with 30 years of that, by 2020, the Sun will experience and a former researcher with be starting into its weakest NASAs Langley Research Center. After Schwabe cycle of the past studying it, Zágoni stopped calling global two centuries, likely leading warming a crisis, and instead focused on to unusually cool conditions presenting the new theory to other on Earth." climatologists. "Solar activity has "Runaway greenhouse theories contradict overpowered any effect that energy balance equations," Miskolczi states.10 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ... His story reads like a book. Looking at a ARCTIC SEA ICE RE-FREEZING ANTARCTIC ICE LEVEL GROWSseries of differential equations for the AT RECORD PACE TO NEW HEIGHTSgreenhouse effect, he noticed that thesolution—originally arrived at in 1922 byArthur Milne, but still used by climate T he record melting of Arctic sea ice observed this last [northern] summer and fall led to a record-setting pace of re-freezing T he southern hemisphere (Antarctica) has quietly set a new record for most ice extent since 1979.researchers today—ignored boundary in November, according to the NASA Earth The southern hemispheric areal coverageconditions by assuming an "infinitely thick" Observatory. Some 58,000 square miles of is the highest in the satellite record, justatmosphere. ice formed per day for 10 days in late beating out 1995, 2001, 2005 and 2006. Similar assumptions are common when October and early November—a new record. Since 1979, the trend has been up for thesolving differential equations: they simplify The record melting of Arctic sea ice this total Antarctic ice extent.the calculations and often end in a result that last summer was widely viewed as a While the Antarctic Peninsula area hasstill very closely matches reality. But not harbinger of global warming, though warmed in recent years and ice near italways. unusual wind patterns played a role and diminished during the southern hemisphere So Miskolczi re-derived the solution, this many factors affecting fluctuations in summer, the interior of Antarctica has beentime using the proper boundary conditions Arctic ice are poorly understood by colder and ice elsewhere has been morefor an atmosphere that is not infinite. His scientists. extensive and longer lasting, whichresult included a new term, which acts as a Heres how NASA explains the record explains the increase in total extent.negative feedback to counter the positive re-growth of ice over that 10-day period in Indeed, according to NASA GISS data,forcing. At low levels, the new term means October and November. "Record sea ice the South Pole winter (June/July/August)a small difference—but as greenhouse growth rates after a record low may sound has cooled about one degree Fahrenheitgases rise, the negative feedback surprising at first, but it is not completely since 1957, and the coldest year was 2004.predominates, forcing values back down. unexpected. The more ice that survives the This winter has been an especially harsh But NASA refuses to release the results. summer melt, the less open water there is one in the southern hemisphere, with coldMiskolczi believes its motivation is simple. for new ice to grow. When summertime and snow records set in Australia, South"Money," he tells DailyTech. ice extent hits a record low, on the other America and Africa. Research that contradicts the view of an hand, large areas of open water provide In January, a paper appeared inimpending crisis jeopardises funding, not room for the ice to grow. While summer Geophysical Research Letters entitled "Aonly for his own atmosphere-monitoring warming of the upper ocean surface can doubling in snow accumulation in theproject but for all climate change research. cause wintertime sea ice regrowth to lag western Antarctic Peninsula since 1850".Currently, funding for climate research initially, as the fall season progresses and The article is by scientists with the Britishtops US$5 billion per year. sunlight weakens, the rate of energy loss Antarctic Survey and the Desert Research Miskolczi resigned in protest, stating in from the ocean increases. That heat loss, Institute in Reno, Nevada, USA.his resignation letter: "Unfortunately my coupled with a large area of open water, (Sources: ICECAP, International Climateworking relationship with my NASA creates ideal conditions for sea ice to form and Environmental Change Assessmentsupervisors eroded to a level that I am not rapidly over large areas." Project, 12 September 2007, http://tinyurl.able to tolerate. My idea of the freedom of (Source: The Daily Green, 12 December com/29e5lb; Geophysical Research Letters,science cannot coexist with the recent 2007, http://tinyurl.com/2839cb) vol. 35, 12 January 2008)NASA practice of handling new climatechange–related scientific results." His theory was eventually published in apeer-reviewed scientific journal in hishome country of Hungary. His conclusionsare supported by research published in theJournal of Geophysical Research last yearby Steven Schwartz of BrookhavenNational Labs, who gave statisticale v i d e n c e that the Earths response tocarbon dioxide was grossly overstated. His equations also answer thornyproblems raised by the current theorywhich doesnt explain why "runaway"greenhouse warming hasnt happened in theEarths past. The new theory predicts thatgreenhouse gas increases should result insmall, but very rapid temperature spikesfollowed by much longer, slower periods ofcooling—exactly what the palaeoclimaticrecord demonstrates.(Source: DailyTech.com, 6 March 2008,http://tinyurl.com/2foo2k)APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 11
    • 12 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Triggering a Nuclear Holocaust in the Middle East to Defend "the Western Way of Life" "What the Western allies face is a long, sustained and proactive defence of their societies and way of life. To that end, they must keep risks at a distance, while at the same time protecting their homelands. "International terrorism today aims to disrupt and destroy our societies, our The Pentagon and economies and our way of life..." (pp. 42-43) "These different sources of [Islamist] propaganda and/or violence vary in their NATO have been intellectual underpinnings, sectarian and political aims... But what they have in plotting for years to common is an assault on the values of the West—on its democratic processes and its freedom of religion... Notwithstanding the common perception in the West, the have nuclear origin of Islamist terrorism is not victimhood, nor an inferiority complex, but a well- financed superiority complex grounded in a violent political ideology... weaponry accepted "If the irrational and fanatical [Islamist organisations] get out of hand, there is a risk that...the rise of fundamentalisms and despotisms will usher in a new, illiberal age, in as a first-strike which the liberties that Western societies enjoy...are seriously jeopardised..." (p. 41) "The threats that the West and its partners face today are a combination of violent option and as a terrorism against civilians and institutions, wars fought by proxy by states that sponsor terrorism, the behaviour of rogue states, the actions of organised means to protect international crime, and the coordination of hostile action through abuse of non- "the Western way military means..." (p. 44) (from "Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World: Renewing Transatlantic of life" from Partnership", Group Report by former defence chiefs of staff General (ret.) John Shalikashvili (USA), General (ret.) Dr Klaus Naumann (Germany), Field Marshal The religious Lord Inge (UK), Admiral (ret.) Jacques Lanxade (France) and General (ret.) Henk van den Breemen (The Netherlands), published by the Netherlands-based Noaber fundamentalists Foundation, December 2007, http://www.csis.org/media/csis/events/ 080110_grand_strategy.pdf; emphasis added) and terrorists. T he controversial NATO-sponsored report entitled "Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World: Renewing Transatlantic Partnership" calls for a first-strike use of nuclear weapons. The pre-emptive use of nukes would be utilised to undermine an "increasingly brutal world" and also as a means to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction: "They [the authors of the report] consider that nuclear war might soon become possible in an increasingly brutal world. They propose the first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction." by Michel Chossudovsky (Paul Dibb, "Nuclear Warfare Just Stepped Closer", Sydney Morning Herald, © Centre for Research on 11 February 2008, www.smh.com.au/articles/2008/02/10/1202578598972.html) Globalization, Montreal, Canada 11 February 2008 The group insists that the option of a nuclear first strike is indispensable, "since Web page: there is simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world" (Report, p. 97): http://www.globalresearch.ca/ "Nuclear weapons are the ultimate instrument of an asymmetric response—and at index.php?context=va&aid=8048 the same time the ultimate tool of escalation. Yet they are also more than an instrument, since they transform the nature of any conflict and widen its scope from the regional to the global...APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 13
    • "In sum, nuclear weapons remain indispensable, and Iran: "a major strategic threat"? nuclear escalation continues to remain an element of any In much the same terms as the Bush administration, the NATO- modern strategy... sponsored report states, without evidence, that Iran constitutes "a "...Nuclear escalation is the ultimate step in responding major strategic threat": asymmetrically, and at the same time the most powerful way "An Iranian nuclear weapons capability would pose a major of inducing uncertainty in an opponents mind. strategic threat—not only to Israel, which it has threatened to (Report, pp. 96-97; emphasis added) destroy, but also to the region as a whole, to Europe and to the United States. Secondly, it could be the beginning of a The groups Report identifies six key "challenges" which may new multi-polar nuclear arms race in the most volatile regionoften result as potential threats to global security: of the world." • Demography. "Population growth and change across the (Report, op. cit., p. 45) globe will swiftly change the world we knew. The challenge this poses for welfare, good governance and energy security Careful timing? The controversial NATO-sponsored report (among other things) is vast." calling for a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran was released • Climate change. "This greatly threatens physical certainty, shortly after the [November 2007] publication of the National and is leading to a whole new type of Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report entitled politics—one predicated, perhaps more "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities". than ever, on our collective future." The latter denies Irans nuclear capabilities. • Energy security. "Energy security The NIE report, based on the assessments of continues to absorb us. The supply and 16 US intelligence agencies, refutes the Bush demand of individual nations and the administrations main justification for weakening of the international market waging a pre-emptive nuclear war on Iran. infrastructure for energy distribution The NIE report confirms that Iran "halted its make the situation more precarious than "These findings nuclear weapons program in 2003": ever." constitute a damning "These findings constitute a damning • Rise of the irrational. "There is also indictment of the Bush administrations the more philosophic problem of the rise indictment of the relentless fear-mongering in relation to of the irrational—the discounting of the rational. Though seemingly abstract, Bush administrations an alleged nuclear threat from Iran. They demonstrate that just as in the buildup to this problem is demonstrated in deeply relentless the war against Iraq five years ago, the practical ways. [These include] the decline of respect for logical fear-mongering White House has been engaged in a systematic campaign to drag the argument and evidence, a drift in relation to an American people into another war away from science in a civilisation based on lies." that is deeply technological. The alleged nuclear threat (Bill Van Auken, "NATO must ultimate example is the rise of from Iran." prepare for nuclear first strike...", religious fundamentalism, which, WSWS.org, 24 January 2008) as political fanaticism, presents itself as the only source of It should be noted that this recently certainty." declassified intelligence (pertaining to • Weakening of the nation state. Iran, contained in the 2007 NIE report) "This coincides with the weakening was known by the White House, the of world institutions, including the Pentagon and most probably NATO United Nations and regional since September 2003. Ironically, US organisations such as the European military documents confirm that the Union, NATO and others." Bush administration initiated its war preparations against • The dark side of globalisation. "These [drawbacks] include Iran in July 2003, two months prior to the confirmation by US internationalised terrorism, organised crime and the intelligence that Iran did not constitute a nuclear threat. proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, but also The July 2003 war scenarios were launched under TIRANNT— asymmetric threats from proxy actors or the abuse of financial Theater Iran Near Term. The justification for TIRANNT as well and energy leverage." as for subsequent US war plans directed against Iran (which as of (Report, op. cit., pp. 14-15) 2004 included the active participation of NATO and Israel) has always been that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and plans toDeterrence and Pre-emption use them against us. According to the Report, a new concept of deterrence is Following the publication of the NIE report, there has been anrequired, directed against both state and non-state actors. This avalanche of media propaganda directed against Tehran,"new deterrence" is based on pre-emption as well as on the ability essentially with a view to invalidating the statements of the NIEto "restore deterrence through [military] escalation". In this concerning Tehrans nuclear program.context, the Report contemplates what it describes as: Moreover, a third sanctions resolution by the UN Security "...escalation dominance, the use of a full bag of both carrots Council (UNSC) was initiated with a view to forcing Iran to halt and sticks—and indeed all instruments of soft and hard power, uranium enrichment. The proposed UNSC resolution, which is ranging from the diplomatic protest to nuclear weapons." opposed by China and Russia, includes a travel ban on Iranian (Report, op cit., p. 96; emphasis added) officials involved in the countrys nuclear programs and14 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • inspections of shipments to and from Iran "if there are suspicions A Diabolical Military Agendaof prohibited goods" (AFP, 11 February 2008). Meanwhile, Professor Paul Dibb is a former Australian Deputy Secretary ofFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Defence who, over the years, has also occupied key positions inGordon Brown have been calling for a unified EU sanctions Australias defence and intelligence establishment. Dibb carefullyregime against Iran. overlooks the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons in a Contradicting the US National Intelligence Estimate, Bushs conventional war theatre. According to Dibb, NATOs pre-most recent speeches continue to portray Iran as a nuclear threat: emptive nuclear doctrine, which replicates that of the Pentagon, "I feel pretty good about making sure that we keep the constitutes a significant and positive initiative to "halt the pressure on Iran to pressure them so they understand theyre imminent spread of nuclear weapons": isolated, to pressure them to affect their economy, to pressure "They [the group] believe that the West must be ready to them to the point that we hope somebody rational shows up resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the and says, Okay, its not worth it imminent spread of nuclear anymore." weapons." (Dibb, ibid.; emphasis added)Threat to "Western Way of Life" The stated objective of a The Western media are involved in a Middle East nuclear holocaust Never mind the nuclear holocaustdiabolical disinformation campaign, and the resulting radioactivethe purpose of which is to persuade is "to prevent the occurrence contamination, which would spreadpublic opinion that the only way to of a nuclear war"—an worldwide and threaten, in a real"create a nuclear-free world" is to use sense, the "way of life". There is nonuclear weapons on a pre-emptive insidious logic which certainly "way of life" in a world contaminatedbasis, against countries which"threaten our Western way of life". out-dwarfs the darkest period with deadly radioactive material. But this is something that is rarely The Western world is threatened. of the Spanish Inquisition... discussed in the corridors of NATO orThe Pentagon/NATO-sponsored in strategic studies programs inreport, according to Paul Dibb, paints: Western universities. "...an alarming picture of the threats What is frightening in Professorconfronting the West, arguing that its values and way of life Dibbs article is that he is not expressing an opinion, nor is heare under threat and that we are struggling to summon the analysing the use of nuclear weapons from an academic researchwill to defend them." point of view. In his article, there is neither research on nuclear (Dibb, ibid.; emphasis added) weapons nor an understanding of the complex geopolitics of the Middle East war. Dibb is essentially repeating verbatim the A pre-emptive nuclear attack—geographically confined to statements contained in NATO–Pentagon military documents.Middle East (minus Israel?)—is the proposed endgame. The His article is a "copy and paste" summary of Western nuclearattack would use US tactical nuclear weapons, which, according doctrine, which in practice calls for the launching of a nuclearto "scientific opinion" (on contract to the Pentagon) are "harmless holocaust.to the surrounding civilian population because the explosion is The stated objective of a Middle East nuclear holocaust is "tounderground" (see Michel Chossudovsky, "The Dangers of a prevent the occurrence of a nuclear war"—an insidious logicMiddle East Nuclear Holocaust", Global Research, 17 February which certainly out-dwarfs the darkest period of the Spanish2006). Inquisition... B61-11 bunker-buster bombs with nuclear warheads reading Neither NATO nor the Pentagon uses the term "nuclear"Made in America", with an explosivecapacity between one-third to six times anHiroshima bomb, are presented as bona fidehumanitarian bombs which minimise thedangers of "collateral damage". These in-house "scientific" Pentagonassessments regarding the mini-nukes arerefuted by the Federation of AmericanScientists (FAS): "Any attempt to use a [B61-11 bunker- buster nuclear bomb] in an urban environment would result in massive civilian casualties. Even at the low end of its 0.3–300 kiloton yield range, the nuclear blast will simply blow out a huge crater of radioactive material, creating a lethal gamma-radiation field over a large area." (Robert W. Nelson, "Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons", FAS Public Interest Report, Jan/Feb 2001)APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 15
    • holocaust". Moreover, they presume that the "collateral damage" Iran and North Korea, are sufficiently irrational to risk aof a nuclear war will in any event be confined geographically to pre-emptive nuclear strike on the US or its allies, such asthe Middle East and that Westerners will be spared... Israel and South Korea. But since their in-house scientists have confirmed that tactical "The supposition here is that deterrence—that is,nuclear weapons are "safe for civilians", the labels on the bombs threatening the other side with obliteration—no longer works.have been switched in much the same way as the label on a packet But even the nasty regimes in Tehran and Pyongyang mustof cigarettes: "This nuclear bomb is safe for civilians". know that the US reserves the right to use its overwhelming nuclear force to decapitate the leadershipNukes: Just Another Tool in the Military Toolbox and destroy their countries as modern functioning The new definition of a nuclear warhead has blurred the societies."distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons: (Dibb, ibid.; emphasis added) "Its a package [of nuclear and conventional weapons]. The implication of this obviously is that nuclear weapons are Use nuclear weapons to prevent the use of weapons of mass being brought down from a special category of being a last destruction? But of course, lest we forget that Americas nuclear resort, or sort of the ultimate weapon, to being just another arsenal as well as that of France, Britain and Israel are not tool in the toolbox." categorised as "weapons of mass destruction" in comparison with (Japan Economic NewsWire, 30 Irans deadly nonexistent nuclear weapons December 2005) program. This re-categorisation has been carried out. Bin Ladens Nuclear ProgramThe "green light" for the use of tactical nuclearweapons in the conventional war theatre has We are at a Now comes the authoritative part of the Pentagon–NATOs pre-emptive doctrine: webeen granted by the US Congress. "Lets use dangerous crossroads: need to use nukes against bin Laden becausethem—they are part of the military toolbox." We are at a dangerous crossroads: military military planners Islamic "fanatics" can actually fabricate nuclear weapons or buy them from theplanners believe their own propaganda. The believe their own Russians on the black market.military manuals state that this new generation The Report calls for a first-strike nuclearof nuclear weapons is "safe" for use in the propaganda. attack directed against Osama bin Ladens al-battlefield. These weapons are no longer The military manuals Qaeda, which has the ability, according toweapons of last resort. There are no expert opinion, of actually producing smallimpediments or political obstacles to their use. state that this new nuclear bombs which could be used in aIn this context, Senator Edward Kennedy generation of nuclear "Second 9/11" attack on America:has accused the Bush administration of "The second line of reasoninghaving developed a generation of "more weapons is "safe" for [contained in the NATO-sponsoredusable" nuclear weapons. use in the battlefield. report] is more difficult to refute. It argues that extreme fanaticalRussia and China Targeted These weapons are terrorists, such as al-Qaeda, Who else constitutes a threat to "the no longer weapons cannot be deterred because (a)Western way of life"? Nukes are also they do not represent a countryslated to be used against Russia and of last resort. and therefore cannot be targetedChina, former enemies of the Cold War and (b) they welcome death byera. This post–Cold War logic was first suicide. So, we have to shift therevealed when the Pentagons "Nuclear concept of nuclear deterrence toPosture Review" (NPR) was leaked to the country or regime supplyingthe Los Angeles Times in January 2002. the terrorists with fissile material.The NPR includes China and Russia "Nuclear weapons requirealongside the rogue states as potential targets for a first-strike materials that can be made only with difficulty. Once thesenuclear attack. According to William Arkin, the NPR: materials are obtained by terrorists, however, the barriers to "...offers a chilling glimpse into the world of nuclear-war fabricating a weapon are much lower. In that sense the planners: with a Strangelovian genius, they cover every nuclear threat today is greater than it was in the Cold War conceivable circumstance in which the president might wish and it seems the terrorists cannot be deterred." to use nuclear weapons planning in great detail." (Dibb, ibid.; emphasis added) (Los Angeles Times, 10 March 2002) The alleged nuclear threat by al-Qaeda is taken very seriously."Decapitate their leadership..." The Bush administration has responded with overall defence The use of nukes against "rogue states", including Iran and spending (budget plus war theatre) in excess of one trillionNorth Korea (which lost more than a quarter of its population in dollars. This massive amount of public money has been allocatedUS bombings during the Korean War), is justified because these to financing the "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT).countries could act in an "irrational" way. It therefore makes Confirmed by Pentagon documents, military hardwaresense to "take em out" before they do something irrational. The including aircraft carriers, fighter jets, cruise missiles and nuclearobjective is: "decapitate their leadership and destroy their bunker-buster bombs is slated to be used as part of the GWOT. Incountries as functioning societies": military jargon, the US is involved in asymmetric warfare against "One line of reasoning is that so-called rogue states, such as non-State enemies.16 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • The "American Hiroshima" The real nuclear threat supposedly is coming from bin Laden. The US media have the distinct ability to turn realities upside The objective is to "to do away with our way of life":down. The lies are upheld as indelible truths. The "Islamic "None of this is to underestimate the impact of a nuclearterrorists" have abandoned their AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles and weapon being detonated in an American city. It could beStinger missiles; they are not only developing deadly chemical catastrophic, but it is highly unlikely to threaten the veryand biological weapons, they also have nuclear capabilities. The survival of the US. To believe otherwise risks surrenderingfact, amply documented, that al-Qaeda is supported by the CIA to the fear and intimidation that is precisely the terroristsand Britains MI6 is beside the point. The nuclear threat is not stock in trade.directed against the Middle East but against the USA; the "General Richard Myers, another former chairman of theperpetrators and architects of nuclear war are bin Ladens al- joint chiefs of staff, has claimed that if [Islamic] terroristsQaeda (a CIA "intelligence asset"), which is planning to launch a were able to kill 10,000 Americans in a nuclear attack,nuclear attack on an American city: they would do away with our way of life. But Hiroshima "US government officials are contemplating what they and Nagasaki incurred well over 100,000 instant deaths consider to be an inevitable and much bigger assault on and that did not mean the end of the Japanese way of life." America, one likely to kill millions, destroy the economy (ibid.; emphasis added) and fundamentally alter the course of history... "According to captured al-Qaeda leaders and documents, In an utterly twisted and convoluted argument, Professor Dibb the plan is called the American Hiroshima and involves the transforms the US–NATO threat to wage a nuclear war on Iran multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into an al-Qaeda operation to attack an American city with into the US over the Mexican nuclear weapons. border with the help of the MS- Dibb presents the US–NATO 13 street gang and other menace to trigger what would result in organized crime groups." In an utterly twisted and a Middle East nuclear holocaust as a (WorldNetDaily.com, convoluted argument, Professor humanitarian operation to save 11 July 2005; emphasis added) American lives. By implication, the Dibb transforms the US–NATO al-Qaeda–sponsored "American The New York Times confirms that threat to wage a nuclear war on Hiroshima" would be supported byan al-Qaeda–sponsored "American Irans President MahmoudHiroshima" "could happen": Iran into an al-Qaeda operation Ahmadinejad, and this in turn would "Experts believe that such an attack, somewhere, is likely." to attack an American city immediately provide a just cause (jus ad bellum) for retaliation against Iran: (New York Times, 11 August with nuclear weapons. "What a nuclear attack on a 2004) US city would mean, however, is an understandable According to the Aspen Strategy American retaliation in kind.Group, which includes, among others, Madeleine Albright, So, those countries that have slack control over their fissileRichard Armitage, Philip D. Zelikow and Robert B. Zoellick, "the nuclear materials and cosy relations with terrorists need todanger of nuclear terrorism is much greater than the public watch out. A wounded America would be under enormousbelieves, and our government hasnt done nearly enough to reduce pressure to respond in a wholly disproportionate manner.it": "And then we would be in a completely changed "If a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon, a midget even smaller than strategic situation in which the use of nuclear weapons the one that destroyed Hiroshima, exploded in Times Square, might become commonplace." the fireball would reach tens of millions of degrees (ibid.; emphasis added) Fahrenheit. It would vaporize or destroy the theater district, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Grand The notion of "pre-emption" applied to the use of nuclear Central Terminal and Carnegie Hall... The blast would partly weapons is predicated on the right to "self defence". "Nuclear destroy a much larger area, including the United Nations. On pre-emption" defines "when it is permissible to wage war" using a weekday some 500,000 people would be killed." nuclear weapons: jus ad bellum. The latter concept serves to (New York Times, 11 August 2004) build a consensus within the military command structures. It also serves to convince the military that they are using nukes for a"Threaten them with a devastating [nuclear] attack" "just cause", to "save the Western way of life". According to Professor Dibb, nuclear deterrence should alsoapply in relation to al-Qaeda, by holding responsible the Dick Cheneys Second 9/11governments which help the terrorists to develop their nuclear The insinuation that al-Qaeda is preparing an attack on Americaweapons capabilities: has been on the lips of Vice President Dick Cheney for several "But as Ashton Carter, a former US assistant secretary for years now. Cheney has stated on several occasions since 2004 defence has recently argued, the realistic response is to hold that al-Qaeda is preparing a "Second 9/11". For instance, in responsible, as appropriate, the government from which the August 2005, Cheney reportedly instructed USSTRATCOM, terrorists obtained the weapon or fissile materials and based at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, to draw up a threaten them with a devastating [nuclear] strike. In other "contingency plan"—"to be employed in response to another words, deterrence would work again." 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States" (Philip Giraldi, (Dibb, ibid.; emphasis added) Continued on page 78APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 17
    • I n t e rv i ew with Joshua Shaw ...By Karen Graham JS: When they know the facts, people will always choose ELANRA. Its the worlds only therapeutic ioniser able to produce KG: Joshua, youve just turned 70. Congratulations, thats a a continuous supply of negative ions of oxygen that are smallmilestone in anyones life. enough to be inhaled, so its a totally unique device. Some other JS: Yes, but its another anniversary also. Its 41 years since I ionisers can produce negative ions, but they are the large ions thatfirst became involved with ionisers. cant be breathed in, so those machines are only useful as air KG: Thats a while ago. I thought this was 21st century cleaners. They have no direct beneficial effects on the body. Youtechnology. can find all this information on our website, which I always urge JS: Well, the technology may be, but the idea is not new. Ill tell people to do. Read all the facts, then make up your own mind.you how it began. In 1961 I opened Australias first discount store KG: Do we normally breathe in negative ions?in Sydney and I was offered a range of electrical goods which I JS: Yes, they are created by ultraviolet light, cosmic rays, waterrefused to market because they carried no guarantee. Among those and wind pressure, but most especially by the breakdown ofgoods was an ioniser. When I asked what it was for, I was told it radioactivity in the earths crust. Positive ions are also created andwas to relieve heat stress. I had it operating in my office and almost the balance in nature is 5 positive to 4 negative. Unfortunately,everyone who came in remarked on the fresh, clean atmosphere. man has destroyed that balance in much of our world.Then in 1967 I had an accident involving boiling water which left KG: How has the balance been destroyed?me with third degree burns. These JS: Replacing forests with cities,healed remarkably quickly and my creating air pollution, pumpingdoctor couldnt believe I was left conditioned air into buildings andwithout any scarring. So I asked him Its the worlds only homes, and filling our lives withwhat causes scarring and he said simply‘bacteria. I remembered then that Id therapeutic ioniser able to appliances that generate electrical fields. Plus theres the electrical chargebeen told the ioniser killed 95% ofairborne germs and I was so impressed I produce a continuous generated by synthetic materials in carpets, clothing and almost everythingdecided to import ionisers into Australia supply of negative ions of we use. As a result, positive ionsto sell. Unfortunately, it took forever toovercome the political red tape oxygen that are small dominate and natures balance is lost. Among other effects, this excess ofsurrounding the use of ionisers inAustralia and it wasnt until 1978 that enough to be inhaled. positive ions can trigger the body to release abnormal amounts of serotoninthey finally went onto the market. and histamine. Now although these machines were KG: And what effect does that have?the very best available at that time, we found that any apparent JS: These substances have many functions, some not clearlybeneficial effects they had soon stopped. When we investigated the understood, but to put it simply, serotonin is a key factor in moodreason we found that the ions they produced were not biologically and general well-being. Histamine, as most people know, will inactive. excess produce symptoms of allergy, such as hay fever, headache KG: Why werent they? and rashes. JS: We used mass spectrometers to discover the species of bio- KG: So extra negative ions in the air will cure just aboutactive ions found in nature. We also discovered that the speed at anything?which is ions are produced governs their size. Small negative ions JS: No, not at all. ELANRA is not a miracle cure for everythingof oxygen had to attain a speed of 1.9 centimetre volts per second that ails you. What it does is to help restore your body to normality(1.9 cm2/Vs). Unless that speed is achieved the only ions produced so that all the bodys systems can operate at an optimal level.are large or medium in size. They cannot be breathed in and simplykeep the air clean. Also ions of nitrous oxide and other harmful KG: Enabling the body to fight off infection?gases can be produced. JS: Yes, the body will always try to heal itself, given the right KG: How do you tell if ions are biologically active? circumstances and environment. But to go one step further, the ELANRA also destroys up to 95% of airborne bacteria before you JS: Dr Albert Krueger had already done studies in the USA even get a chance to breathe them in. This has been demonstratedwhich showed that small negative ions of oxygen enhanced the by scientific tests carried out in laboratories all over the world,immune system of laboratory mice. When the mice were not including Australia.receiving a balance of positive and negative ions, they became A year-long study by the University of Leeds at St Jamesslethargic and suffered from illnesses. Following on his discoveries, Hospital in the UK found that ionisers placed in the Intensive CareI later sponsored eight years of research at La Trobe University onimmune system function which discovered the bio-active ions of Unit significantly reduced infections by eliminating 100% of theoxygen produced by our ioniser increased the production of highly resistant aceinetobacter from the air. You can read theimmunoglobulin A (igA), a prime constituent of the immune whole interesting story on our website.system. Armed with this confirmation of the bioactivity of small Now isnt it a shame that operating theatres at several hospitalsair ions, we went on to develop the ELANRA in 1985 and it went here were recently shut for a time because the surgeons were soonto the market in 1992. Theyre now sold all over the world. fearful of contamination? If theyd been able to access information KG: Can I ask how many youve sold? about these findings in the UK – which incidentally were reported in New Scientist magazine – they would have realised there is an JS: Its in the tens of thousands. And do you know, in all those answer to this problem.years weve only had 57 ionisers returned. KG: So why arent the benefits of ionisation more widely KG: Why do you think all those people chose to buy ELANRA publicised?and not some other brand?18 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • ... inventor of the ELANRA Therapeutic Ioniser JS: Well, its difficult. For decades there has been a great degree during the 1950s. His work showed that exposure to small negativeof intrigue and protectionism to stop the sale of ionisers. Rules and ions definitely has positive effects on health and well-being.regulations mean information about ionisation is still curtailed As a therapy, ionisation has been used extensively in the Middletoday. Ideally, the public should be free to judge every therapeutic East, especially in Israel, and also in Europe and the Orient. In themodality for themselves, including by hearing about the United States its been used primarily by holistic healthexperiences of others. For instance, a lady wrote to me and said the practitioners, although during the 1960s it gained popularity as anumber and severity of her migraines has been greatly reduced, treatment for burns patients. Again, its the way small negative ionsthanks to ELANRA, and thats she is sleeping sounder than she ever speed up the bodys own healing process thats the key.has before. But these sorts of comments cant be accessed by the The Soviets found that negative ion exposure improved thepublic through normal channels. I have literally hundreds of such training responses of swimmers, runners, boxers and other athletes.letters in my files. They showed gains in strength and endurance and improvements in KG: I still dont understand why cant we have free access to sleep and appetite, as well as recuperating much faster from theinformation like this. rigours of training. JS: People dont realise how much public opinion is manipulated KG: If the ELANRA is so effective, why did you need toby rich multi-national drug companies, who see natural therapies as develop a second, smaller model?unwanted competition. When you get down to it, its all about the JS: The Mark ll is useful at home or in the workplace where itsgolden rule – those with the gold make the rules. And whats called plugged into the mains power supply. But what if youre travelling‘anecdotal evidence is not considered acceptable. overseas? Its also known that the interior of cars, trucks, trains and KG: Well, hundreds of letters is a bit more than ‘anecdotal. planes have an atmosphere heavy with positive ions. Thats whyCan you tell me about some more? we decided to develop a Portable model. JS: Weve had letters from people who used their ELANRA KG: So you can take it anywhere?during healing from operations, strokes JS: Yes, it operates on its own nine-and heart attacks. All say they recovered volt internal battery or it can bemore quickly than usual and had less connected to your vehicles battery forpain than their health professionals had use while travelling. And it will operateled them to expect. So you can see why For decades there has from any mains power source in theI say inhaling small negative ions of world, from 90V to 250V. You justoxygen stimulates the body to operate at been a great degree of need the appropriate power plug.its very best level. intrigue and protectionism KG: Ive noticed your promotional I remember one lady wrote after material emphasises the fact that bothspending a few weeks without her to stop the sale of ionisers. ionisers are programmable. What doesioniser because she had neglected to that mean, exactly?order new needles. By the way, these JS: Every one of us is an individualare the precision-made needles that with different problems and needs,produce the negative ions. Because which change from time to time. Foroxygen is being produced, corrosion inevitably occurs and the instance, if you had a headache youd take two aspirin orneedles must be replaced periodically. Anyway, the lady said that paracetamol tablets, you wouldnt take 1,000 as that would beduring the time without her ELANRA, she had become unsettled, dangerous. Its the same with negative ions. More ions is not moretired and depressed. All that changed once her ELANRA had new beneficial, what you need is the right balance. Therefore, eachneedles installed and was switched on again. She was also machine is pre-programmed for each persons specific needs. Asconvinced ELANRA contributed to the easy and relatively pain- needs change, both ELANRA models can be reprogrammed – thefree home birth that she experienced shortly after. Mark ll tabletop offers 144 different settings and the Mk lll Portable KG: Its safe to use around babies and children? can be programmed 32 ways. JS: Absolutely. In fact, one of my clients had an experience KG: What would happen if there were no negative ions at all inrecently that youll find interesting. Shes a teacher working with the air?children who have learning and behavioural problems. Many have JS: As Dr Krueger demonstrated all those years ago, creating anwhats termed ADD and ADHD. They find it difficult to environment with a complete absence of negative ions resulted inconcentrate or follow instructions. She had a cold and not wanting the demise of his laboratory mice. I have always said that, givento infect the children, she took her ELANRA to school with her, the right parameters, the body will heal itself. You need good food,and later told me that she had the best day ever with those kids. good water and good air. By good air I mean the right balance ofThey were quieter and more co-operative. The lady was so excited positive and negative ions identical to that found in a naturalby this unexpected turn of events that she purchased another environment. What ELANRA does is not magic, its just replacingELANRA to use in the classroom. what is missing from nature. I urge anyone interested in knowing KG: Has anybody had any negative reactions or side effects? more to visit the Bionic Products website on JS: Negative ion therapy has been researched and used in www.negativeions.com or phone toll-free 1800 074 844.various forms for over 70 years without any adverse effects. KG: Really? That means research must have started before the [NEXUS Note: This interview forms part of an internationalSecond World War! advertising promotion by Bionic Products. NEXUS does not JS: Yes, some of the earliest formal experiments were carried receive any commission from sales of the Elanra. We endorseout in Russia in the 1930s. But the most important discoveries it because so many people are reporting major healthwere made by Dr Albert Krueger of Berkley University in the USA improvements from using it. Ed.]APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 19
    • 20 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • F. William (Bill) Engdahl is a leading researcher, economist and analyst of the New World Order who has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for over 30 years. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences and is a distinguished research associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization, where The Gene hes a regular contributor. He is author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (Pluto Press, 2004) and Seeds of Destruction: Revolution, spurred The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation (Global Research, 2007; see http://globalresearch.ca/books/SoD.html), which is the subject of this review article. on by a handful of He can be contacted by email at info@engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net. — Stephen Lendman biotechnology Merging Big Pharma with Big Food transnationals and A t the dawn of a new century, family farming was decimated by corporate aided by agribusinesss vertically integrated powers that surpassed their earlier 1920s heyday dominance. The industry was now the second-most-profitable national Rockefeller funding, one after pharmaceuticals, with domestic annual sales exceeding US$400 billion. The next aim was merging Big Pharma with Big Food-producing giants. The has created a world Pentagons National Defense University took note in a 2003-issued paper: "Agribusiness [now] is to the United States what oil is to the Middle East". Its now considered a where feeding the "strategic weapon in the arsenal of the worlds only superpower", but at a huge cost to consumers everywhere. hungry is akin to an Agribusiness was on a roll, the US government supporting it with tens of billions of dollars in annual subsidies. The 1996 Farm Bill suspended the US Secretary of act of genocide. Agricultures power to balance supply and demand, henceforth allowing unrestricted production. Food-producing giants took full advantage to control market forces. They crushed family farmers by overproducing and forcing down prices. They also pressured land values as small operators failed, and thus created opportunities for land acquisition on the cheap for greater concentration and dominance. Next came integrating the Gene Revolution into agribusiness, the way Harvards Ray Goldberg saw it coming. Entire new sectors were to be created from genetic engineering, Part 2 of 2 including genetically engineered/modified drugs from GE/GM plants in a new "agri- ceutical system". Goldberg predicted a "genetic revolution [through] an industrial convergence of food, health, medicine, fibre and energy businesses" in a totally unregulated marketplace. Unmentioned was a threatening consumer nightmare hidden from view. by Stephen Lendman © January 2008 Food is Power A Review of Rockefeller Foundation funding was the Gene Revolutions catalyst in 1985, with big Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden aims: to learn if GM plants were commercially feasible and, if so, to spread them Agenda of Genetic Manipulation everywhere. It was the "new eugenics", says Engdahl, and the culmination of earlier by F. William Engdahl research from the 1930s. It was also based on the idea that human problems can be "solved by genetic and chemical manipulations...as the ultimate means of social control Email: and social engineering". Foundation scientists sought ways to do this by reducing lifes lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net infinite complexities to "simple, deterministic and predictive models" under their Blogsite: diabolical scheme—mapping gene structures to "correct social and moral problems http://www.sjlendman.blogspot.com including crime, poverty, hunger and political instability". With the development of essential genetic engineering techniques in 1973, they were on their way.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 21
    • Theyre based on whats called recombinant DNA (rDNA), and cuts in already reduced social services.it works by genetically introducing foreign DNA into plants and By 1991, Argentina was already a "secret experimentalanimals to create genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but not laboratory for developing genetically engineered crops". Inwithout risks. London Institute of Science in Society chief effect, the countrys agriculture had been handed to Monsanto,biologist Dr Mae-Wan Ho explains that there are dangers because Dow, DuPont and other GMO giants to exploit for profit. Thingsthe process is imprecise. "It is uncontrollable and unreliable, and would never be the same again. By the mid-1990s, Menem wastypically ends up damaging and scrambling the host genome, with "revolutioniz[ing] Argentinas traditional productive agriculture"entirely unpredictable consequences" that might unleash a deadly to one based on monoculture for global export.unrecallable "Andromeda Strain". Research continued anyway, From 1996 to 2004, worldwide GMO crop plantings expanded toamidst lies that risks were minimal and a promised future lay 167 million acres, a 40-fold increase using 25 per cent of totalahead. All that mattered were huge potential profits and worldwide arable land. An astonishing two-thirds of the acreagegeopolitical gain—so let the good times roll and the chips fall (106 million acres, or 43 million hectares) was in the USA. Bywhere they may. 2004, Argentina was in second place with 34 million acres (14 One project was to map the rice genome. It launched a 17-year million hectares), while production was expanding in Brazil, China,effort to spread GMO rice around the world, with Rockefeller Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Colombia,Foundation money behind it. It spent millions funding 46 science Honduras, Spain and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania andlabs worldwide. It also financed the training of hundreds of Bulgaria). The revolution was on a roll; now it looks unstoppable.graduate students and developed an "elite fraternity" of top In 1995, Monsanto introduced Roundup Ready (RR) soybeansscientific researchers at Foundation-backed research institutes. It with its special gene-gun-inserted bacterium that allows the plant towas a diabolical scheme aiming big: to control the staple food for survive being sprayed by the glyphosate herbicide, Roundup.2.4 billion people and, in the process, destroy the biological GMO soybeans are thus protected from the same product which isdiversity of over 140,000 developed varieties that can withstand used in Colombia to eradicate drugs but harms legal crops anddroughts and pests and can grow in every imaginable climate. humans at the same time. After Monsantos RR soybeans were Asia was the prime target, and Engdahl explains the sinister tale licensed by the US FDA in 1996, in Argentina "a once-productiveof the Philippines-based, Foundation- national family-farm-based agriculturefunded, International Rice Research system [was turned into] a neo-feudalInstitute (IRRI). It had a gene bankwith "every significant rice variety It was a diabolical scheme state system dominated by a handful of powerful, wealthy" owners whoknown" that comprised one-fifth of aiming big: to control the exploited it for profit. Menem wentall varieties. IRRI let agribusiness staple food for 2.4 billion along. In less than a decade, he hadgiants illegally use the seeds for allowed the nations corn, wheat andexclusive, patented, genetic people and, in the process, cattle diversity to be replaced bymodification so they could introduce corporate-controlled monoculture. Itthem in markets and dominate them destroy the biological diversity was a Faustian sellout, and it helpedby requiring farmers to be licensed of over 140,000 developed Monsantos stock price hit an all-timeand forced to pay annual royalty fees. high by the end of 2007. By 2000, a successful "Golden varieties... Earlier decades of diversity andRice" was developed that was crop rotation preserved the countrysenriched with beta carotene (vitamin soil quality, but this changed afterA). It was marketed on the fraudulent claim that a daily bowl soybean monoculture moved in, with its heavy dependence oncould prevent blindness and other vitamin A deficiencies. It was chemical fertilisers. Traditional Argentine crops vanished, anda scam, as other products are far better sources of this nutrient, cattle were forced into cramped feedlots the way they are in theand to get enough of it requires eating an impossible nine United States. Engdahl quotes a leading agro-ecologist whokilograms (about 20 pounds) of rice daily. predicts that these practices will destroy the land in 50 years time Nonetheless, Gene Revolution backers were ready for their next if they continue. Nothing suggests therell be a stoppage.move, "the consolidation of global control over humankinds food Argentinas economic crisis of the late 1990s–early 2000s madesupply", with a new tool to do it: the World Trade Organization. vast, additional amounts of land available, and bankruptedCorporate giants wrote its rules to favour themselves at the farmers had to give up their holdings for a few cents in the dollar.expense of shut-out developing nations. Corporate predators and latifundista landholders took full advantage. With mechanised GMO soybean monoculture, theUnleashing GMO Seeds: A Revolution in World Food countrys dairy farms were reduced by half and "hundreds ofProduction Begins thousands of workers [were forced] off the land" into poverty. By the end of the 1980s, a global network of molecular Monsanto was on a roll and used various exploitative schemes.biologists trained in genetic engineering was ready to kick off the In 1999, the company got Menem to allow it to collect "extended"Second Green Revolution". Argentina was its first test royalties", even though Argentine law prohibited the practice.laboratory, the first "guinea pig" nation in a reckless experiment Smuggling Roundup Ready soybean seeds into Brazil, Paraguay,with untested and potentially hazardous new foods. Bolivia and Uruguay also went on sub rosa. Argentina was an easy mark when Carlos Menem became Monsanto then pressured the government of Argentina toPresident in July 1989. He was a corporatists dream, a willing recognise its "technology license fee". A Technology CompensationWashington Consensus subject, and he even let David Fund was established and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture.Rockefellers New York and Washington friends draft his It forced farmers to pay a near-one-per-cent fee on GMO soybeaneconomic program with Chicago School dogma at its heart: sales; Monsanto and other GMO seed suppliers got the funds.privatisations, deregulation, local markets opened to imports, and By 2004, nearly half the nations crop land was being used for22 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • GM soybean production and over 90 per cent of this was solely Laws", but Iraqis had no say in them as the country was nowfor Monsantos Roundup Ready brand. Engdahl puts it this way: governed out of Washington and its branch office inside the heavily"Argentina had become the worlds largest uncontrolled fortified Green Zone in the largest US embassy in the world.experimental laboratory for GMO". Its people had become Bremer Laws imposed the harshest-ever Chicago School–styleunwitting lab rats. "shock therapy", of the kind that devastated countries around the In 2005, Brazils government relented and legalised GMO seeds world since introduced in 1973 in Chile under Pinochet. Thefor the first time. By 2006, the USA, Argentina and Brazil formula was familiar: mass firings of state employees in theaccounted for over 81 per cent of world GM soybean production. hundreds of thousands; unrestricted imports with no tariffs, duties,This "ensure[s] that practically every animal in the world fed inspections or taxes; deregulation; and the largest state liquidationsoymeal [is] eating genetically engineered soybeans". It also means sale and privatisation plan since the Soviet Union collapsed.that everyone eating these animals does the same thing unwittingly. Corporate taxes were lowered from 40 per cent to a flat 15 per Argentina has experienced more fallout which threatens to cent. Foreign investors could own 100 per cent of Iraqi assetsspread. Its soybean monoculture has affected the countryside other than oil; they could also repatriate all their profits withouthugely, and vast tracts of forest lands have been destroyed. being taxed on them and had no obligation to reinvest in theTraditional farmers close to soybean plantings have been country. Further, they were given 40-year oil production leases.seriously harmed by aerial spraying of Roundup. Their crops The only Saddam-era laws remaining were those restricting tradehave been destroyed, because thats what this unions and collective bargaining. Foreignherbicide is engineered to do: kill all plants transnationals, mainly US ones, swooped inwithout gene-modified resistance. They and devoured everything. Iraqis couldntreport that their chickens died and their compete, and the occupation laws assured it.horses were gravely harmed by the aerial Consider Bremer Order 81 of 26 Aprilspraying. Humans have also been affected, 2004 covering patents and their duration. Itand can show violent symptoms of nausea, Part of the scheme states: "Farmers shall be prohibited from re-diarrhoea and vomiting as well as skin using seeds of protected varieties or anylesions. Other reports claim further fallout: was for GMO variety". It gave plant varieties patent-animals born with severe organ deformities, agribusiness giants holders absolute rights over farmers usingdeformed bananas and sweet potatoes, and their seeds for 20 years. These seeds arelakes filled with dead fish. In addition, rural to have free rein genetically engineered and owned byfamilies say that their children developed over that part of the transnationals. Iraqi farmers using them have"grotesque blotches on their bodies" from to sign an agreement stipulating they mustthe aerial spraying. economy—to radically pay a "technology fee" as well as an annual As for higher promised yields from transform Iraqs licence fee. Using seeds "similar" toGM soy, results showed harvests protected, patented varieties couldreduced by 5–15 per cent compared food production result in severe fines and imprisonment.with traditional soybean crops plus system into a model "Plant Variety Protection" (PVP) is at"vicious new weeds" that need up to the core of this order—and GMO seedstriple the amount of herbicide to for GMO seeds got protection to displace 10,000 yearsdestroy. By the time farmers learn this, and plants. of development of plant varieties.its too late. Iraqs fertile valley between the Engdahl summarises the farmers Tigris and Euphrates rivers is ideal forplight: "A more perfect scheme of crop planting. Since 8000 BC, farmershuman bondage would be hard to have used it to develop "rich seeds ofimagine". And it was even worse than almost every variety of wheat used inthat. Argentina was the first test case the world today". These varieties have"in a global plan that was decades in now been erased through this GMOthe making and absolutely shocking modernisation and industrialisationand awesome in its scope". scheme so that agribusiness could get a foothold in the region and supply the world market.Iraq Gets American Seeds of Democracy While Iraqis suffer and starve, GMO giants run the countrys Democracy for Iraq meant erasing the "cradle of civilization" agriculture for export. Iraqi farmers are now agribusiness serfs andfor unfettered free-market capitalism. In 2003, Iraq was are forced to grow products foreign to the native diet, like wheatconquered for its oil but also to make the country a gigantic free- designed for pasta production. Bremer Laws mandate this and aretrade paradise. The scheme was diabolical, elaborate and ugly: inviolable under Article 26 the US-drafted constitution. Thisblitzkrieg "shock and awe", elaborate PsyOps, fear as a weapon, Article states that the Iraqi government is powerless to changerepressive occupation, mass detention and torture, and the fastest, laws made by a foreign occupier. To assure it, US sympathisersmost sweeping country remake in history. It happened in weeks. are in every ministry, with those most trusted in key ones.Iraq no longer exists, the country is a wasteland, its people are Engdahl sums up the damage to agriculture: "The forceddevastated, and a blank slate was created for unrestrained transformation of Iraqs food production into patented GMO cropscorporate pillage on a near-unimaginable scale. is one of the clearest examples of [how] Monsanto and other Part of the scheme was for GMO agribusiness giants to have free GMO giants are forcing [these] crops onto an unwilling orrein over that part of the economy, to radically transform Iraqs food unknowing world population". Theyre infesting the planet withproduction system into a model for GMO seeds and plants. It was them, one country at a time, and its futile trying to undo themandated under several of the 100 swiftly implemented "Bremer damage they cause.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 23
    • Planting the "Garden of Earthly Delights" drafted to solve this problem, and it should be in place for that On 1 January 1995, the WTO was officially established, with purpose. Developing-country demands, however, werepowers to enforce its corporate-written laws on member states. "ambushed by the powerful organized government andUS agribusiness was already dominant, but it now had a new, agribusiness lobby". It sabotaged talks and insisted biosafetyunelected, supranational body to advance its private agenda on a measures be subordinate to WTO trade rules favouringglobal scale. WTO is a "policeman" for global free trade and a developed states. As a result, talks collapsed, safety concernspredatory "battering ram for the trillion-dollar annual world were ignored and the path was cleared for the unrestricted spreadagribusiness" part of it for its giants. Its rules were written with of GMO seeds worldwide.teeth for "punitive leverage" to levy heavy financial and other Under the WTOs TRIPS rules, all member states must passpenalties on rule violators. Under them, agriculture is a priority patent-protecting intellectual property laws that make knowledgebecause American companies are dominant. Cargill wrote the property. That, in turn, "open[s] the floodgates" nearlyrules that Engdahl calls the "Cargill Plan". They: everywhere for the proliferation of GMO seeds and foods, even • ban all government farm programs and price supports in violation of national food safety laws.worldwide (but wink and nod at massive US subsidies); GMO giants have powerful friends in government backing • prohibit countries from imposing import controls to defend their agenda. George W. Bush is one of them, and in 2003, aftertheir own agricultural production; the invasion of Iraq, he made the proliferation of GMO seeds his • ban agricultural export controls, even in top priority. With that support, GMOtimes of famine, so that Cargill can companies have been pushing things to thedominate the world export grain trade; and limit. • forbid countries from restricting trade Engdahl gives a brazen example involvingthrough food safety laws called "trade the Texas biotech company, RiceTec. Itbarriers"; this demand also opens world schemed to patent basmati rice, the dietarymarkets to unrestricted imports of GMO That provision is staple across Asia for thousands of years.foods, with no need for their safety to be written into WTO rules With IRRI collusion, the company stole theproved. seeds and patented them under Rockefeller The International Food & Agricultural under its Sanitary and Foundation–crafted rules. The 2001 USTrade Policy Council (IPC) lobby worked Phytosanitary (SPS) Supreme Court decision in Ag Supply v.with Cargill and US agribusiness to advance Pioneer Hi-Bred made this possible; itthis agenda. The so-called Group of Four Agreement. "enshrined the principle of allowing patents(Quad) countries took the lead: the United It states that national on plant forms and other forms of life".States, Canada, Japan and the Under the ruling, GMO plant breedsEuropean Union (EU). Meeting in laws banning GMO can be patented—and US governmentsecret, they set policy for all 134 WTO products are "unfair agencies are complicit in helpingmembers that for agriculture was agribusiness giants ensure that nothingdrafted by US agribusiness giants trade practices", even stops them from doing it. As a result,including Cargill, Monsanto, ADM when they endanger the GMO monoculture onslaughtand DuPont, along with EU giants threatens plant species diversityNestlé and Unilever. Their policy was human health. everywhere.designed to erase national laws and With full backing from Washingtonsafeguards in favour of unrestricted and the WTO, major biotechfree markets favouring Global North companies are patenting every plantcountries. imaginable in GMO form. Engdahl Through patents, GMO giants refers to the "Gene Revolution [ascontrol staple crop seeds and need being a] monsoon force in worldWTO leverage to force them on a agriculture" by the beginning of thesceptical world. Its done through the WTOs Agreement on new millennium, with four dominant companies controllingAgriculture (AoA), along with its Agreement on Trade Related GMOs and related agrichemical markets: Monsanto, DuPont andAspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Until the Dow AgroSciences in the USA, and Syngenta in Switzerlandadvent of agribusiness, food production and markets were local. (created from the merger of the agriculture divisions of NovartisThats now changed, with corporate giants in control and able to and AstraZeneca).set prices by manipulating supply. AoA rules were established to The "worlds number one" is Monsanto. The company washelp. They also enforce agribusinesss highest priority: "a free discussed in part one of this review, and Engdahl quotes itsand integrated global market for its products". Included are chairman as saying his goal is a global fusion of "three of theGMO ones which the senior Bush administration ruled are largest industries in the world—agriculture, food and health—"substantially equivalent" to ordinary seeds and crops and need that now operate [separately, but] changes...will lead to theirno government regulation. That provision is written into WTO integration". That was over seven years ago. Now itsrules under the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement. It happening.states that national laws banning GMO products are "unfair trade Engdahl covers pertinent information on the industry thatpractices", even when they endanger human health. might otherwise have gone unnoticed: that the three US GMO Other WTO rules, under the Agreement on Technical Barriers giants have a long and sordid association with the Pentagon,to Trade, are in place which prohibit GMO labelling. As a result, supplying massively destructive chemicals like Agent Orange,consumers dont know what theyre eating and cant avoid these napalm and others. They now want to be trusted with the mostpotentially hazardous foods. The 1996 Biosafety Protocol was important things we ingest—our food and drugs—in the face of24 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • strong evidence that their GMO varieties harm human health. Population Control: Terminators, Traitors andTheir history of concern for public safety is atrocious. Contraceptive Corn Seed Like it or not, theyre advancing their agenda, and a 2004 Crucial to its strategy, GMO giants needed a "new technologyRockefeller Foundation report shows it. GM crop production which would allow them to sell seed that would not reproduce".achieved double-digit increases for nine consecutive years since They developed genetic use restriction technologies (GURTs) that1996. More than eight million farmers in 17 countries now plant produce so-called "Terminator" seeds. The process is patentedGM crops, over 90 per cent in developing nations. Far and away, and applies to seeds of all plant species. Replanting them doesntthe US is the worlds leader "with aggressive Government work: they wont grow. Its the industrys solution to controllingpromotion, absence of labeling, and the domination of US farm world food production and assuring themselves big profits as aproduction". Here, "genetically engineered crops [have] result. What a discovery! Terminator corn, soybean and otheressentially taken over the American food chain". In 2004, over seeds have been "genetically modified to commit suicide after85 per cent of soybeans and 45 per cent of corn seeds were one harvest season" by a toxin-producing inbuilt gene.genetically modified, and, since animal feed is mainly from these A closely related, second-generation technology, T-GURT,crops, "the entire meat production of the nation [and exports] has produces seeds nicknamed "Traitor" seeds. The technology reliesbeen fed on genetically modified animal feed". What animals on controlling a plants fertility and genetic characteristics witheat, so do humans. "an inducible gene promoter" called a "gene switch". GMO crops It gets even worse. Wind and air proliferate GM seeds to that are pest- and disease-resistant only work by using a specificadjacent fields, including organic ones which are now to some chemical compound that companies like Monsanto make.degree contaminated. Engdahl explains: "...after just six years, Farmers buying seeds illegally wont get the compound to "turnan estimated 67 per cent of all US farm acreage has been on" the resistant gene. Traitor technology thus creates a captive[irredeemably] contaminated with new market for the GMO giants, andgenetically engineered seeds. The Traitor seeds are cheaper to producegenie was out of the bottle"; nothing than Terminator seeds.known to science can reverse this Complicit government agencies Combined, these two technologiescondition. and clever marketing schemes give agribusiness giants This renders "pure organic" unprecedented powers: "For the firstgrowing an impossibility, except aid the "Gene Revolution" time in history, it [lets] three or fourperhaps in very isolated farms that through "lies and damn lies" private multinational seedcomprise a small percentage of the companies...dictate terms to worldindustry. Even so, organic crops are that GMO crops have farmers for their seed". Its asafer than chemically treated ones higher yields and can solve biological warfare tool almost "tooand hugely preferable to any that are good to believe", in the face of thegenetically modified. That said, as world hunger problems. open citizen opposition which thethe Gene Revolution advances industry and the US Department ofworldwide, the future of organic Agriculture (USDA) aim to quash.farming is imperilled—to the horror of Engdahl quotes USDA spokesmanpeople who, like this writer, depend on it. Willard Phelps from a June 1998 interview, saying the agency Consider further the way GMO giants gain market share with wanted Terminator technology to be "widely licensed and madegovernment and WTO backing, helped by the imposition of rigid expeditiously available to many seed companies". Hidden waslicensing and technology agreements on farmers who must pay the reason why: to introduce these seeds to the developing worldannual fees. Theyre binding and enforced through Technology as the prime Rockefeller Foundation strategy. Engdahl calls it aUse Agreements that farmers have to sign and, by so doing, "Trojan Horse for Western GMO seed giants to get control overentrap themselves in a "new form of serfdom". Each year, they Third World food supplies in areas with weak or non-existentmust buy new seeds and theyre forbidden to reuse any from patent laws". It became an urgent Foundation priority to spreadprevious years as was customary before GMO introductions. the seeds worldwide to capture world markets irreversibly. TheFailure to observe the agreements can result in severe legal USDA fully backed the scheme.damages or even imprisonment and possible loss of their land. That kind of muscle (along with WTO rules) is overwhelming. Complicit government agencies and clever marketing schemes Its the tactic used when the US Departments of State andaid the "Gene Revolution" through "lies and damn lies" that Agriculture coordinate famine relief using surplus US geneticallyGMO crops have higher yields and can solve world hunger engineered commodities. Farmers getting GMO seeds arent toldproblems. The evidence proves otherwise. In addition, resistant what they are: they plant them unwittingly for the next harvest"superweeds" develop over time and crop yields drop. Farmers and get hooked. And the proliferation isnt restricted to Africa.must use greater amounts of herbicides, are locked into high The industrys goal is to introduce GMOs everywhere, throughuser-fees and end up losing money. The bottom line: the case coercion, bribery and other illegal tactics, but especially in highlyfor "genetically engineered seeds for agriculture [was] based on a indebted developing states. In the case of Poland, the soil—whichcitadel of scientific fraud and corporate lies". This information is was amongst the richest in Europe—is now spoiled by genetichidden from the public, and its too late once unwary farmers contamination.learn theyve been had. Consider how the scheme ties in with Rockefeller Foundation Evidence was growing on GMO dangers, and the industry was population control strategy. In 2001, the scheme was aided whenalarmed. By 2005, Russian science showed that GMOs cause the privately owned biotech company Epicyte announced it hadharm that can start in utero: over half the offspring of rats fed a successfully developed the "ultimate GMO crop": contraceptivegenetically modified soybean diet died in their first three weeks corn seed. It was called a solution to world "over-population", butof life—six times the normal rate. news about it vanished after Biolex acquired the company.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 25
    • One way or another, the Rockefeller Foundation aims to heaven" to help them. If small Asian chicken farmers can bereduce population. Its also doing it cooperatively with the UN squeezed out, Tyson and the others can access the huge AsianWorld Health Organization (WHO) by quietly funding its poultry market. Thats their aim, and removing competition is"reproductive health" program through the use of a tetanus their method—with help from friends in high places.vaccine. Combined with hCG natural hormones, its an abortion Creating the first GMO animal population is also part of theagent that prevents pregnancy, but women getting it arent being scheme, with the prospect of transforming the worlds chickenstold. into GMO birds. Engdahl puts it this way: "By 2006, riding the Nothing is said about the Pentagons view of population fear of an avian flu human epidemic, the GMO or Genereduction as a sophisticated form of "biological warfare [to] Revolution players were clearly aiming to conquer the worldssolve world hunger". most important source of meat protein, poultry". But another scheme to dominate world food production alsoAvian Flu Panic and GMO Chickens lay ahead: "Terminator was about to come into the control of the In 2005, George W. Bush duped the public into believing that worlds largest GMO agribusiness seed giant".a so-called avian (bird) flu epidemic threatened to become apandemic if not addressed. The solution, as always, was to turn Genetic Armageddon: Terminators and Patents on Pigsto the private sector and reward his friends. In this case, he In 2007, Monsanto acquired Delta & Pine Land (D&PL) toasked Congress to appropriate an emergency one billion complete its aborted 1999 takeover attempt. D&PL had globaltaxpayer-dollars for a drug, Tamiflu. Unmentioned was a key Terminator patent rights and successfully extended them onfact: it was developed and patented by Gilead Science—whose GURTs. The deal made Monsanto "the overwhelmingchairman prior to becoming US monopolist of agricultural seeds ofDefense Secretary was Donald nearly every variety", including fruitsRumsfeld and who was still a major and vegetables taken up in thestockholder. The scare, combinedwith government funding and a That information is suppressed companys acquisition of Seminis a year earlier. With that company,rising stock price, stood to make him in the mainstream, so the Monsanto is now first in vegetablesa fortune, just as Dick Cheney hasprofited as Vice President from his public is duped. Its so that and fruits, second in agronomic crops, and the third-largestHalliburton ties. chicken-processing giants can agrichemical company in the world. Engdahl asks: "Was the avian flu globalise world production, With D&PL, the company hasscare another Pentagon hoax" with absolute control over the majority ofan unknown aim? Based on known with the avian flu scare agricultural plant seeds as well. Inand suppressed past government addition, its getting into the geneticactions, "a supposedly deadly" new "gift from heaven" to help them. engineering and patenting offlu strain "had to be treated with animals.more than a little suspicion". It was In 2005, Monsanto applied to thebeing used to advance global WTO for international patent rightsagribusiness and poultry factory farm interests "along the model for its claimed genetic engineering of a means to identify pigof Arkansas-based Tyson Foods". Consider the facts. Factory genes derived from patented swine semen. The company alsofarms are breeding grounds for potential disease proliferation wants patents and the right to collect licence fees for particularbecause of their cramped, overcrowded conditions, but this was farm animals and livestock herds. If granted, "[a]ny pigs thatnever mentioned as a threat. Instead, small family-run free-range would be produced using this reproductive technique would bechicken farms were cited as culprits, especially in Asia, when, in covered by these patents". Several techniques are being used andfact, that notion is at least very unlikely. Small farms like these patented as fast as GMO lawyers can submit applications to lockare the safest, but an industry–government propaganda campaign up animal life as intellectual property.claimed otherwise. Companies like Monsanto and Cargill have invested huge The scheme is clear. Five multinational giants dominate US amounts to genetically modify animals for profit. They thuschicken meat production and processing: Tyson (the largest), want patent and licensing rights to the results, even though thisGold Kist, Pilgrims Pride, ConAgra Poultry and Perdue Farms. represents a controversial goal to patent life itself. A 1980 USThey produce chicken meat under "atrocious health and safety Supreme Court decision in Diamond v. Chakrabarty, however,conditions". According to the US GAO (Government gave them an opening by ruling that "anything under the sun thatAccountability Office), workers in these processing plants have is made by man" is patentable. It paved the way for a landmark"one of the highest rates of injury and illness of any industry". patent of the "Harvard mouse" that was genetically engineered toCited was exposure to "dangerous chemicals, blood, fecal matter, be susceptible to cancer.exacerbated by poor ventilation and often extreme temperatures". Engdahl explains how four agribusiness giants used "stealth,In addition, chickens are tightly cramped and "prevented from system, and a well-supported campaign of lies and distortion" tomoving or getting any exercise on factory farms [so they can] progress toward Henry Kissingers ultimate goal: controlling oilgrow...much larger [and faster] than ever before". Growth to control nations, and food to control people. The pursuit ofboosters are also used, which create health problems. both are ongoing, with little public knowledge of how far Growing numbers of animal experts believe these farms, not advanced things are and how reckless the scheme is: tosmall Asian ones, are the real source of dangerous new diseases genetically engineer all plants and life-forms and to control worldlike avian flu. That information is suppressed in the mainstream, population by culling its "unwanted" parts.so the public is duped. Its so that chicken-processing giants canglobalise world production, with the avian flu scare "gift from Continued on page 7926 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
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    • 28 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • In Search of a Cure for Cavities N o longer do we need to allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that dental treatments, fluoride, tooth-brushing and toothpastes are the only cure for cavities. No longer should people suffering from gum disease or tooth infections have the truth of the real causes of these afflictions hidden from them. Originally, I never spent much time thinking about teeth. I assumed that my good diet would keep me free from cavities for my entire life. Yet the glass of my limited beliefs The underlying was shattered the day my partner and I observed a small, light-brown spot on the top of a front tooth of our one-year-old daughter. I wondered to myself, "Is this a tooth cavity?" cause of dental Days, weeks and months went by, and to our horror the spot grew and grew. Every day I would look at my daughters teeth with dreaded fear as this cavity rapidly progressed and cavities and gum other teeth began to decay. Being a natural parent, which includes keeping my daughter free from chemicals in the forms of processed junk foods, Western drugs and vaccinations, I was disease is lack of extremely concerned with taking my precious little girl to a dentist for a dental treatment. Wanting to avoid traumatic anaesthesia and surgery for my daughter and not wanting to proper nutrition, have her teeth pulled left me in a grave dilemma: either I had to subject her to a dental but remineralising treatment, which to me was inappropriately violent for a small child who was not experiencing any pain or suffering, or I had to find the real cause of cavities. Only with the kinds of through grace, persistence and hard work did I find a cure, and I share an important part of it in this article. At the peak of my daughters tooth decay, her teeth disintegrated so foods originally rapidly that the one decayed tooth crumbled apart within a few weeks time. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with four new cavities, and I was not prepared to have more eaten by indigenous synthetic materials added to my overburdened body. Also, these four cavities did not even address the places on my teeth where I felt a great deal of sensitivity: on the sides of many people can prevent of my molars near the gum lines—a condition which I now know is called abfraction. Today I write nearly three years later. My teeth, once sensitive and loose in my mouth, and even reverse are now firmly embedded and strong. The sensitive spots have hardened dramatically. these problems. Although my daughters teeth continued to decay to some degree for a while, her teeth have protected themselves. Even with two teeth worn to the gum line, she has no pain, no sign of any infection and no problem eating hard foods like peanuts. These results are not by way of some special product or dental treatment, but by food alone. Your Teeth are Not Designed to Decay I started to find hope when I read and re-read the research of the worlds greatest dentist, Dr Weston A. Price. In 1915, he was appointed the first research director of the National Dental Association (its name was changed a few years later to the American Dental Association). Dr Price did not seek to find the injurious factors that were causing cavities in his patients, but instead sought to understand why indigenous people around by Ramiel Nagel © 2008 the world were immune to cavities. (Note: Not all indigenous people are totally immune to cavities, but many groups are.) In the early 1930s, he began a multi-year survey of Los Gatos, California, USA indigenous peoples around the planet to seek the true nature of their immunity to cavities. About 70 years ago, in the very same Journal of the American Dental Association that now Email: yourreturn@gmail.com promotes amalgam fillings, fluoride and other chemical treatments for teeth, Dr Price revealed the formula needed to cure cavities. He wrote regarding his field studies: Website: "All groups having a liberal supply of minerals, particularly phosphorus, and a liberal http://www.curetoothdecay.com supply of fat-soluble activators had 100 per cent immunity to dental caries."1 Dr Price visited the people of such places as the high plateaus of the Andes, the isolatedAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 29
    • Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland and remote villages in 4) When those three options do not work, you must have thethe Swiss Alps; he met hidden tribes throughout the depths of bacteria infestations removed from your mouth by a dental drill,Africa, native Australian Aborigines, New Zealands Maori, thus leaving your mouth bacteriologically clean.islanders in the South Seas, native tribes in Florida, and Eskimos 5) When a dental drill cannot remove the bacteria and theand Canadian Indians in far North America. After visiting these bacteria progress, the tooth root can become infected, thusgroups of different genetic lineages and finding that they were requiring root canal filling. The solution to the infected tooth roothighly immune to cavities, he could conclude only one thing: is first to remove the top of the tooth and then clean the inside of "Tooth decay is not only unnecessary, but an indication of our the tooth with chemicals. Next, this traumatised tooth is filleddivergence from Natures fundamental laws of life and health."2 with a synthetic material, thus leaving the inside of your tooth bacteriologically clean.A Mediaeval Theory of Disease 6) Finally, when all those procedures fail to keep your tooth Hundreds and thousands of years ago, when people were afflicted alive from the supposed onslaught of bacterial invaders, the toothwith various types of ailments and diseases, it was a common habit must be removed—and a fake tooth or no tooth is what is left.to blame evil spirits as the cause of these diseases and By the time the sixth stage is reached, many people have spentdisharmonies. People of the world still do this today, except that thousands of dollars on dental care. But no matter how muchthese evil spirits now have a new name. Scientists, doctors, dentists money people spend on dentists and dental treatments, the realand government officials will confirm this new "evil spirit" which cure for cavities seems still elusive. I guess that not enoughis believed to be the cause of our people have noticed that theseills: micro-organisms, such as Tooth Decay over the Lifespan methods for treating teeth doviruses and bacteria. not cure the problem; rather, The germ theory of disease modern treatments limit somebecame cemented in our minds pain and suffering while yourdue to the so-called pioneering teeth continue to decay. To bework of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur, clear, I am not opposed towho was more like a salesman dental treatments: sometimesthan a scientist, promoted a they are the best option fortheory of disease that is now some people. But for thethe basis of most forms of majority of us, there is anothermodern medicine. The theory way to halt, prevent and evengoes that pathogenic bacteria or remineralise decaying teeth.some types of micro-organisms With reference to figure 1,exist outside the body; when here you see the results of athe bodys defences are large study of about 16,000lowered, the bacteria can individuals, conducted frominvade the body and thus cause 1999 to 2002 in the Uniteddisease. States by a government agency. Unfortunately, in our world As you can see from the chart,which is filled with a substantial Source: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, with some slight variance at theamount of corruption and 1999–2002; National Center for Health Statistics, CDC end, the older you get, thedarkness, this "science" has higher the likelihood that yourremained the status quo without Figure 1. CDCs Graph of Tooth Decay in the USA teeth will be decayed. In fact,a good scientific debate since that time. The result of Pasteurs the statistics for people over the age of 40 in the USA are dismal.science, which takes away responsibility from the individual for On average, 45.89 per cent of all teeth in this age group have beendisease, is our modern system of dental care. In this "modern" affected by decay. That average is nearly half the teeth in eachtheory of dental disease, the superstition about tooth decay is as persons mouth having been affected by decay. This gets worse:follows—and this is from the American Dental Association: by the time you reach the age of 60 and over, on average 62.36 "Tooth decay...occurs when foods containing carbohydrates per cent of all teeth have been affected by decay.4(sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are If dental drilling, root canal fillings, tooth-pulling, mass waterfrequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive fluoridation, tooth-brushing and toothpastes were the properon these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, treatment for cavities, then we would not see this increase of tooththese acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay."3 decay over time. We would see a decrease over time, or at least So, based on the combination of the belief that tooth decay is the level holding steady, because the older people get, in generalcaused by bacteria (identified as Streptococcus mutans a n d the more they are flossing, brushing and having their teeth drilled.Lactobacillus acidophilus) and the belief that bacteria eat foods in So, it follows that their tooth decay should not get worse, sincethe mouth and produce acid, thus causing the physical structure of they are following the prescribed protocol. Are we to assume thatteeth to erode, the modern system of dentistry has developed. over 90 per cent of the population is not following the prescribedAccording to this modern system: protocol? Or is something fundamentally wrong with this 1) You must brush your teeth all the time to eliminate these "modern" approach to halting cavities?dangerous bacteria. 2) You must rinse your mouth with chemicals to eliminate more Lack of Proper Nutrition: The Real Cause of Cavitiesdangerous bacteria. Dr Price realised that something fundamental is radically wrong 3) You must floss to eliminate the missed bacteria and food with the way we live. To help you understand what is wrong, Iparticles. provide two telling examples of groups of people who were living30 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • virtually free of tooth decay and how they lost this immunity. milk of goats or cows. They ate meat once a week. In 1931 and 1932, Dr Price travelled to the remote Loetschental In Dr Prices study of 4,280 teeth of children living in the highValley in the Swiss Alps, seeking the cause and solution to one of alpine valleys, he found that 3.4 per cent had been attacked byour number one diseases: tooth decay. The people of the valley decay. But in the Loetschental Valley, he found only 0.3 per centlived in harmony with nature, which resulted in a seemingly of all teeth affected by decay.9peaceful existence. Dr Price wrote of the Loetschental people: So, the Loetschental people were highly immune to cavities and "They have neither physician nor dentist because they have so yet a significant part of their diet was a sourdough rye bread.little need for them; they have neither policeman nor jail, because Bread is something that many dental associations believe to be athey have no need for them."5 primary cause of cavities when it is left stuck on the teeth. The This harmony is also evident in the production of food: people of Loetschental Valley did not floss and did not brush their "While the cows spend the warm summer on the verdant knolls teeth. They even had typical deposits in their mouths but did notand wooded slopes near the glaciers and fields of perpetual snow, suffer from tooth decay. Dr Price wrote:they have a period of high and rich productivity of milk… This "[M]any primitive races have their teeth smeared with starchycheese contains the natural butter fat and minerals of the splendid foods almost constantly and make no effort whatsoever to cleanmilk and is a virtual storehouse of life for the coming winter."6 their teeth. In spite of this they have no tooth decay."10(Emphasis added in italics.) Meanwhile, during the same time period, Reverend John Siegen, the pastor of the tooth decay was a major problem forone church in the valley, told Dr Price about schoolchildren in modern parts ofthe butter and cheese made with a high Switzerland, with 85–100 per cent of thedegree of harmony from the milk of the population affected. Modern Swiss childrengrazing cows: of a similar genetic lineage, living in modern "He told me that they recognize the towns with access to the most advanced dentalpresence of Divinity in the life-giving This "due homage" techniques of the time, suffered from toothqualities of the butter made in June whencows have arrived for pasturage near the paid to butter is a decay. The people did not seem to know why, and even tried regular exercise and suntanningglaciers. He gathers the people together to far cry from todays of the children—with no relief from cavities.thank the kind Father for evidence of hisBeing in the life-giving qualities of butter dietary dictators, The cause of cavities in these modern children was not that they did not brush, and not thatand cheese when the cows eat the grass near who say that they lacked access to modern dental care: itthe snow line... The natives of the valley are had to do with the lack of vitamins in theable to recognize the superior quality of butter is bad for industrialised, commercialised foodstheir June butter, and, without knowing our health because they were now eating.exactly why, pay it due homage . " 7 The modernised Swiss no longer ate(Emphasis added.) of its high levels of their native diets of whole rye bread, This "due homage" paid to butter is a saturated fat and summer butter and cheese, and fresh,far cry from todays dietary dictators, raw goats and cows milk. Theywho say that butter is bad for our health cholesterol. replaced their carefully prepared wholebecause of its high levels of saturated rye sourdough bread with white-flourfat and cholesterol. products. They substituted their summer In reflecting on his time in butters and cheeses with margarines,Loetschental Valley, Dr Price stated: marmalades, jams, canned vegetables, "One immediately wonders if there is confections and fruits, all of which hadnot something in the life-giving to be transported to the area. They grewvitamins and minerals of the food that only a limited supply of their vegetablesbuilds not only great physical structures locally. But even in these modernisedwithin which their souls reside, but builds minds and hearts areas, some children did have a high immunity to tooth decay—thecapable of a higher type of manhood in which the material values ones who still ate their native diet. Dr Price noted:of life are made secondary to individual character."8 "We studied some children here whose parents retained their We can see, feel and hear a high degree of harmony with primitive methods of food selection, and without exception thoseNature in the description of the people and environment of the who were immune to dental caries were eating a distinctly differentLoetschental Valley. Not only are the animals and the land food from those with high susceptibility to dental caries."11honoured in a sacred manner, so is the food. The people see and On average, the modernised Swiss had a rate of tooth decayknow the divine quality within their butter. And to see this eight times higher than those who still followed their native diet.quality in the butter, they must also see and know this divine Of 2,065 teeth that Dr Price analysed in another study, 25.5 perquality within themselves. This knowing, I hypothesise, is a cent had been attacked by dental caries and many teeth hadresult of a way of living in accordance with Natures fundamental become abscessed (infected).12laws. And the people see evidence and are reminded of their own The difference between the two diets of the people ofdivinity by seeing the "Father" and His "Being", His presence, in Switzerland in the 1930s indicates an important key to unlockingthe gift which He gave them: the gift of health, aliveness and the bodys ability to remineralise cavities. The modern Swiss whovitality through His butter and cheese. had a high degree of tooth decay still ate many similar foods to The diet of the Loetschental Valley people in the early 1930s those on the indigenous diet. They ate bread and butter and drankconsisted of whole rye bread, summer butter and cheese (about as milk. But they also added new foods to their diet that werelarge a portion as the slice of bread), eaten with the fresh, raw largely uncommon in the area: sweets.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 31
    • Often the problem is not that the general food we are eating is This degeneration is a result of our lifestyle. Yet the modernwrong, but that theres an enormous difference in how the food is method of going to a dentist to fix the problem allows people toprepared and where it comes from, e.g., whether the milk is remain ignorant of the fact that their dietary and lifestyle habitspasteurised or raw, whether the cows graze on green grass or are are causing their teeth to decay. The pain or hole is temporarilyfed grains and hay and crammed into stalls, and whether the grains fixed, only likely to return a few years later because the realcome from nutrient-rich soils or not and how they are prepared. cause of the cavity has not been addressed. The difference between the modern Swiss and the isolatedSwiss who were highly immune to cavities is not an enigma. Dr Protocol for Preventing and Remineralising CavitiesPrice repeated his observations across the world. He found one of Dr Weston Price took food samples from all the indigenousthe most extreme examples in the Australian Aborigines. groups he studied. He brought them back to his laboratory and Dr Price visited Australia in 1936. He discovered that the average analysed their vitamin and mineral content. He found that, onrate of tooth decay among Australias native Aborigines was zero per average, the indigenous diet which produces immunity to toothcent: they had total immunity to tooth decay. In contrast, he found decay contains four times as much of the water-soluble vitamins,that the average decay rate of all teeth of modernised Aborigines such as B and C, and at least 10 times as much of the fat-solubleliving on reservations and eating modern foods was 70.9 per cent.13 vitamins, such as A, D, E and K, as the displacing diet that causedHis poetic words paint an important picture: tooth decay. "It is doubtful if many places in the world Dr Prices anthropological testimony, thecan demonstrate so great a contrast in thousands of photographs he took and hisphysical development and perfection of body nutrient analyses of various diets show us thatas that which exists between the primitive our modern diet does not provide our bodiesAborigines of Australia, who have been the with the vitamins and minerals needed for life,sole arbiters of their fate , and thoseAborigines who have been under the This degeneration is a cavities. It makes sense that cavities get worse and that, as a result, many people suffer frominfluence of the white man. The white man result of our lifestyle. over time, since the effects of our deficienthas deprived them of their original habitatsand is now feeding them in reservations while Yet the modern method of a toxic modern age. become more and more and burden as we dietusing them as laborers in modern industrial of going to a dentist Dr Price incorporated the knowledge frompursuits.1 4 his field studies in a nutritional program he Dr Price explained the importance of food to to fix the problem developed for halting and remineralisingour overall health, and that even the Australian allows people to cavities utilising only food. His protocol wasAborigines, who for thousands of years highly successful. Using nutrition, hemaintained near-perfect physical forms, remain ignorant of helped 17 individuals with severe toothhave lost their ideal beauty and health the fact that their decay reduce the rate of decay by 250with the foods of the "white man": times. In this group, approximately half "It is most remarkable and should be dietary and lifestyle of all teeth had been affected by decayone of the most challenging facts that habits are causing prior to the nutritional program. Aftercan come to our modern civilisation that completion of the program, only twosuch primitive races as the Aborigines of their teeth to decay. new cavities formed within a three-yearAustralia have reproduced for time period, which is a recurrence rategeneration after generation through of 0.4 per cent.17many centuries—no one knows for how Unfortunately, Dr Price never clearlymany thousands of years—without the spelled out his protocol for halting toothdevelopment of a conspicuous number decay, yet, given the keys within hisof irregularities of the dental arches. book, the research of Melvin Page, DDS,Yet, in the next generation after these my own trial and error, and feedbackpeople adopt the foods of the white man, a large percentage of the from other people who have healed their teeth, we can reconstructchildren developed irregularities of the dental arches with them. Before you attempt this protocol, I want to be clear that in aconspicuous facial deformities. The deformity patterns are minority of cases it may not work because of a factor of bloodsimilar to those seen in white civilizations."15 chemistry. Good food may not be able to restore everybodys body We are left with a potent warning from Dr Price, which is as chemistry quickly enough to halt their tooth decay. Also, due toimportant today as it was 70 years ago when it was written: injury from environmental toxins, a deficient diet and Western "The rapid degeneration of the Australian Aborigines after the drugs including vaccines, many people have lost their ability toadoption of the governments modern foods provides a absorb food well: chemicals have damaged their digestive tract.demonstration that should be infinitely more convincing than In this article, I provide one solution to this problem. Theseanimal experimentation. It should be a matter not only of concern guidelines are like a map, and few people will be able to followbut deep alarm that human beings can degenerate physically so them exactly. They are meant to point you towards what israpidly by the use of a certain type of nutrition, particularly the healthy for you. It is up to your own intuition and instincts,dietary products used so generally by modern civilization." 16 through listening to your body and your appetite, to help you(Emphasis added.) determine the best diet for yourself. This is not meant to be some It is this alarm and concern that I want to be in the forefront of masochistic experiment where you force yourself to eat foods youyour awareness. Our bodies deteriorate because of the modern dont like and where you avoid foods you are craving—far from it.foods we eat, and often this deterioration shows in either our This advice is a pointer to some of the most ideal foods for theteeth or our gums, or both, as theyre windows into our bodies. majority of people.32 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Dietary Guidelines for Teeth Remineralisation vitamins and minerals, you help limit blood-sugar fluctuations Dr Price found that the indigenous groups he studied that had the and nutrient deficiencies which promote tooth decay.highest immunity to tooth decay, i.e., nearing 100 per cent, ateliberally—that is, frequently, daily and perhaps in every meal—from Raw Egg Tooth-Building Formulatwo of the following three principal vitamin sources: For those who have difficulty with absorbing nutrients from 1. Unpasteurised dairy products from pasture-fed animals. foods, organic or high-quality raw eggs help heal this problem. 2. Organs and muscle meat from wild fish and shellfish. But I warn you, you may initially get sick if you do not regularly 3. Organs of pasture-fed or wild land animals. eat this special food. Raw eggs can promote an intense You will see that the dietary guidelines encourage the daily detoxification as your body cleanses old, stuck chemicals. (Oneintake of two of these three special food categories, and that, over a time I ate raw eggs from the farm, and valium, a drug I had takenweeks time, all three special food categories will be eaten. If you 15 years earlier, started detoxifying from my body. I knew it wasare allergic to dairy or it is difficult to obtain, you will get the best valium because of its unmistakable feeling, and I was violently illresults from utilising categories two and three daily or almost daily. for about one day.) So, try this blend: These guidelines have helped many people remineralise their 1 cup raw milk 1dental cavities: ⁄2 cup raw cream • Eat 1⁄2 –4+ tablespoons organic/wild liver 2–3x daily with 2 raw eggsmeals, together with Optional: a small amount of unheated honey or stevia for • 1⁄2–2+ tablespoons of yellow butter 2–3x daily with meals. sweetness; vanilla extract, carob powder or nutmeg for flavouring. • Drink 2+ cups daily of raw/unpasteurised milk from grass-fedcows, goats, sheep, camels or buffalos. Drink as much milk as Special Food Sourcesyour body desires. Drink at room temperature if possible. Being that this is an international publication, I cannot provide all • Drink 2 cups daily of fish stock, made from wild fish the information to locate the best sources of the foods I recommend.carcasses which include at least the head and ideally the organs Usually, buying from farmers markets and directly from farms is the(recipe at www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/broth.html). best way to obtain high-quality foods from pasture-fed animals, • Eat 2–4 tablespoons daily of bone marrow from wild or including unpasteurised milk (unfortunately, unpasteurised milkpasture-raised animals. cannot be legally sold in some locations). Many fish merchants • Eat as much as you desire, preferably daily or several times provide the whole fish caught in the wild. You can also contact adaily, of uncooked wild fish or uncooked pasture-raised meat. local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation (a list of chapter(Cooking meat is fine, but it is usually just easier to digest it contacts is at www.westonaprice.org/localchapters/index.html).uncooked. You can also marinate the meat and fish or cook it rare Some chapters will be able to refer you to high-quality food sources.or medium rare.) Yellow butter contains an important factor that Dr Price labelled • Eat as much as you desire, preferably at least once daily, of as "Activator X", which helps the body bond minerals to the bones.raw, fresh oysters, clams or similar molluscs. When cows eat rapidly growing green grass, the fat in their milk • Eat substantial quantities of vegetables such as beet greens, contains this factor. This usually occurs during the spring andkale, chard, zucchini, broccoli, celery, string beans and carrots. summer time, depending on the environment. Ideally, this butter • Eat the various organs of any pasture-fed or wild animal three should come from unpasteurised milk sources. If you havetimes weekly or more often. difficulty finding local yellow butters, two large producers have • Drink 2–4 cups of raw fresh vegetable juice daily, in between high-quality pasteurised yellow butter that should be available inmeals. Make sure to limit the use of sweet vegetables such as many parts of the world: Kerrygold Butter from Irelandcarrots and beets. The juice should primarily consist of a celery (www.kerrygold.com) and Anchor Butter from New Zealandand parsley mix. Use one bunch of parsley per one bunch of (www.anchorbutter.com).celery, as described in the Primal Diet 1 8suggestions. This juice may require a smallamount of clay to neutralise toxins. I would advise that people who havedifficulty digesting animal protein should eatit in small portions: about 1–2 ounces permeal, spread over up to five meals per day.You can eat as much protein as you desire.Protein should be eaten with plenty of fat. Ido not recommend or encourage eating leancuts of meat or meat with the fat removed.For some people, too much protein isdifficult to digest. You should eat proteinwith lots of green vegetables or you shoulddrink vegetable juice often. (Estimates fromthe Melvin Page food plan suggest that ifyour ideal body weight is 90 pounds, youneed to eat six ounces of protein per day; if150 pounds, you need 10 ounces per day;and if 200 pounds, you need 13 ounces per Figure 2. Cavities Remineralising. Nature can close an exposure of the pulp dueday.) By eating several meals per day that to dental caries by building a protecting wall within the pulp chamber when theinclude protein and other foods high in nutrition is adequately improved. 19APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 33
    • Foods, Beverages and Products to Avoid In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our Knowing what not to eat is almost as important as knowing blood and to enable minerals to bond onto the teeth, it is usuallywhat to eat. It is important not to cheat on this advice, which also not sufficient just to avoid eating too much sweet or processedrelates to beverages and other products. food. We must eat building foods containing potent amounts of So, avoid these items: minerals and vitamins to create a chain reaction that will build • Sugar: white sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar, evaporated glassy-hard tooth structure in place of decayed tooth structure.cane juice, corn syrup, commercial jams (exceptions: totallyunheated honey, organic untreated maple syrup, rapadura, stevia). Freedom from Tooth DecayMany sweeteners still encourage tooth decay; if you have a severe This article describes some key aspects of how you can be freeor difficult case, only use stevia and avoid all other sweets. of tooth decay and avoid those pesky root canal fillings. Our teeth • Flour and grain products: white flour, wheat flour, organic can rebuild themselves and cover themselves over with a hard andflour, any unsoaked grain products (examples: bread, crackers, glassy layer, provided that we give ourselves the right kind ofcookies, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, muffins, pastries, tortillas, nutrition. My book, Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Preventbagels and sandwiches). Most store-bought flour products, even Cavities with Nutrition, describes how to live without tooth decayfrom the health food store, need to be and how to heal your teeth with goodavoided. nutrition. It provides a more detailed • Hydrogenated oils: margarine When our blood chemistry description of the special foods to eatand low-quality vegetable oils, and a more in-depth analysis of toothsoybean oil, Crisco®, canola and is out of balance, primarily decay and its various aspects.safflower. Replace these with organic from the consumption of You can minimise your toothcoconut oil, organic palm oil, organic decay, prevent it entirely and evenolive oil or butter, suet or tallow. processed foods (especially heal tooth decay once a cavity has • Any type of junk or conveniencefood or modern fast foods. sugars), the ratio of calcium formed, provided that you make good choices for yourself based on • Coffee, soft drinks, Nutrasweet® to phosphorus in our blood knowledge of decay-free indigenous(aspartame) and anything withartificial flavours, artificial colours or deviates from normal. peoples. Learn these lessons and take the wise approach to healing andartificial ingredients. preventing tooth decay using • Soymilk, low-quality protein unprocessed foods as nature intended.powder and excess tofu. You can learn how to live without tooth decay. You can heal • Pasteurised milk, even if it is organic. and prevent cavities. ∞ • Non-grass-fed meat and eggs, and farm-raised fish. • Alcohol and cigarettes. About the Author: • Drugs including most recreational drugs, prescription drugs Ramiel Nagel, based in Los Gatos, California, has a BA in Legaland vaccines. Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has a background in intuitive energy healing as well as in hatha and bhaktiThe Secret to Halting Cavities yoga. Rami became deeply interested in natural health because his Through blood tests, dentist Dr Melvin Page pinpointed the daughter was suffering from tooth decay. He has developed manycause of tooth decay in modern people. When our blood chemistry free Internet health resources in the spirit of serving others. He is theis out of balance, primarily from the consumption of processed author of Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities withfoods (especially sugars), the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in our Nutrition, available from website http://www.curetoothdecay.com asblood deviates from normal. (Dr Page advised that the ratio should a digital or print copy (see review in this edition). Rami is completingbe 2.5 parts calcium to one part phosphorus, and that a critical a manuscript, Healing Our Children: A Revolutionary Guide topoint of 8.75 mg of calcium and 3.5 mg of phosphorus per 100 cc Preconception, Pregnancy and Early Childhood Health, to giveof blood, with normal blood sugar levels, creates immunity to parents the tools to understand and thus prevent many diseasetooth decay. 20) When this happens, minerals are pulled from the conditions of pregnancy and childhood (see the websitesdentin and bones, causing tooth and other bone loss. So, sugar http://www.healingourchildren.net and http://www.preconceptioncauses tooth decay because it depletes nutrients from the body, not health.org). For professional enquiries, email the author atbecause bacteria eat it and produce acid. yourreturn@gmail.com.Endnotes aag/oh.htm (regarding figure 1); 13. op. cit., p. 441.1. Price, W. A., J. American Dental http://www.cdc.gov/MMWR/preview/ 14. op. cit., p. 171.Association, 1936, p. 888. mmwrhtml/ss5403a1.htm (regarding 15. op. cit., p. 174.2. Price, W. A., Nutrition and Physical statistics extrapolated from table 17). 16. ibid.Degeneration, Price–Pottenger Nutrition 5. Price, Nutrition and Physical 17. op. cit., p. 295.Foundation, La Mesa, 2004, 6th ed., p. 415. Degeneration, op. cit., p. 26. 1 8 . The Primal Diet is described in:3. American Dental Association (ADA), 6. ibid. Vonderplanitz, Aajonus, The Recipe For"Tooth Decay", FAQ, 7. ibid. Living Without Disease, Carnelian Bayhttp://www.ada.org/public/topics/ 8. op. cit., p. 27. Castle Press, Los Angeles, 2002.decay_faq.asp. 9. op. cit., p. 34. 19. Price, op. cit., p. 289.4. Centers for Disease Control and 10. op. cit., p. 293. 20. Page, M. and Abrams, L., Your Body IsPrevention (CDC), 11. op. cit., p. 35. Your Best Doctor, Keats Publishing, Newhttp://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/publications/ 12. op. cit., p. 38. Canaan, 1972, p. 196.34 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
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    • 36 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Investigating the Environment C oined in the 1970s as analogous to city smog—which refers to the accumulation of exhaust and industry fumes, soot and a host of other chemical contaminants that form to become hazardous concentrations—the term electrosmog (e-smog for short) is a blend of the words "electro" and "smog". Against the backdrop of todays electromagnetic environment, this catchword denotes an analogous situation in which fields of differing frequencies and intensities interfere with one another. This physicist and Hence, e-smog is the umbrella term denoting environmental pollution due to electromagnetic fields and radiation. alternative health Due to personal circumstances that I was unable to influence, my life took a most practitioner turned unexpected turn in 1972 when my first wife, Margret, had to undergo a severe operation. Even though she had come through the surgery successfully, full recovery was nowhere in sight to scalar wave even many months later. This was a mystery to us, which even the specialists were unable to solve let alone understand. When asked to explain what was going on with Margret, their technology when standard reply was, "Shell be fine" or "Youve got to be patient; this takes time". In my estimation, these statements were a reflection of the specialists appalling researching how to incompetence, and my subsequent research would prove that my scepticism of the doctors diagnoses was alarmingly justified. According to my research, it is totally protect his patients uncommon for the recovery time following surgery to drag on for months on end; this fact prompted me to insist on more tests and examinations, all of which went to prove that, against the apparently, my wife was "as fit as a fiddle". Then, one day, we were given the fateful biological stress diagnosis which would change my life forever: vegetative dystonia. This, then, was the ominous verdict, the explanation (in my view, it was more of an caused by embarrassing excuse than a serious diagnosis) for my wifes unremitting debility. This diagnosis, issued by a so-called "specialist", brought home the message of just how electromagnetic much—or, rather, how little—it takes for orthodox medicine to be at a total loss for words (i.e., a proper diagnosis) and for an adequate cure. A trusted friend suggested we contact a pollution. naturopath, which we did. At our first interview, I immediately noticed that his overall approach differed fundamentally from the way orthodox medicine would have handled the situation. It seemed logical to me that as he set out to determine the root cause of my wifes deplorable condition, he would also consider the environment. This was my first contact ever with a naturopath who also happened to be a baubiologist (building biologist). This and subsequent contacts with naturopaths were the determining factors which helped me decide to turn my back on orthodox medicine for good. My next step was to go back to school and study to become a naturopath and a baubiologist. I graduated in both fields, having studied physics and medicine at university earlier in my life. This move would prove to be the foundation stone for my future research. Unfortunately, my by Walter Laufs newly acquired knowledge was of no help to my wife. Following two more operations, © February–March 2007 her condition severely deteriorated and she died two weeks later. Downloaded from the web page: My wifes death made me realise one thing in all clarity: when treating a patient, it is of http://www.innerglow.com.au/ the utmost importance to look beyond the symptoms and search for the root cause of the disease, which must always include a careful examination of the patients environment. I data/innerglow/research.pdf? was shocked to see—and these were by no means isolated cases—that in my immediate PHPSESSID=30c55a2f17faae environment there were people suffering from all manner of disease, while the medical 723211cc49654af73d professionals were at a complete loss to find proper explanations for the problems let (or http://tinyurl.com/yrm7vv) alone to assess which treatments to apply. This was the moment when my curiosity was aroused and I decided to do some thorough and systematic research of the subject matter.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 37
    • At the time, however, I was not yet in a position to do any ground during severe technical testing; and they needed to provemedical examinations or tests; consequently, I focused my their efficacy in double-blind studies and other methods of testing.attention on the physical aspect of my research, i.e., to determine Following more extensive research in physics, I realised thatto what extent environmental pollution/stress—e-smog in the solution which would meet my high quality standards couldparticular—would affect peoples health. One has to bear in mind, only be found in the realm of s c a l a r waves (or l o n g i t u d i n a lthough, that back then e-smog awareness was still in its infancy waves), which Nikola Tesla had already described and theand the general public didnt quite know what to make of it or existence of which Aharonov and Bohm (1959), Bearden andwhether or not it posed a health risk at all. Sweet (1986), Bearden et al. (2001) and Prof. Dr-Ing. Konstantin During my research, I came across an interesting fact: the Meyl (1996–98) had experimentally and irrefutably substantiated.majority of the people in my environment who, like my deceased However, the existence of scalar waves continues to be rejectedwife, Margret, had been diagnosed with a vegetative or idiopathic by orthodox science.condition were suffering almost the same symptoms as So, deciding to develop a technology based on scalar waves—electrohypersensitivity (ES) sufferers. For many years I had been and subsequently terming it iHIT®™, an acronym from invertedresearching this particular phenomenon long and hard, and was harmonised information technology—came easily and naturally.hence qualified to attest to the unswerving accuracy of my After all, in the course of many years, I had seen the phenomenalobservation. In the course of time, it became efficacy of subtle energies duringincreasingly clear to me how these patients bioresonance therapy, among others, which Icould be helped, and several years later I was had used to treat our patients (havingable to put my ideas and theories into modified my bioresonance devices andpractice in my Naturheil und Allergiezentrum adapted them to my own ideas).Friedrichshöhe (Naturopathic and Allergy When I decided to make use of theTreatment Centre Friedrichshöhe). It was in Based on my principles of scalar waves for futuremy clinic in the Black Forest where, over the experience of many implementation into highly effective e-smogcourse of eight years, my second wife, protection devices, I was fully aware that itWaltraud, and I conducted intensive research years as a naturopath would be difficult to explain their mode ofinto e-smog and other environmental factors. action. But before I could put my theories intoThis research included double-blind studies and a physicist, practice and eventually start to manufactureon large groups of patients. I know today that my own e-smog protection devices, I had to Before we were able to begin with our develop and manufacture new instruments.research, however, we had to evaluate the disease only happens Meantime, Waltraud and I, along with thefiles of several hundred of our patients when the body naturopaths working in our clinic, werein order to determine possible ES able to reverse most of the fatalsufferers. This was necessary so that can no longer diagnoses given by GPs by giving thewe could put together a control group tolerate, handle patients immune system a massivefor the double-blind studies. In boost so the body would regain its self-addition, we had to develop a method and self-regulate regulating and self-healing powers.to measure the efficacy of our an assault. Oftentimes this regime would lead totreatments on the patients. Double- the patients complete recovery. Basedblind studies cannot be realised until on my experience of many years as asuch methods are in place. During this naturopath and a physicist, I knowpreparatory stage, we also had to today that disease only happens wheninterview a vast number of our patients the body can no longer tolerate, handleto obtain their consent for their and self-regulate an assault.participation in the studies to be Surprisingly, science does not seemconducted. Upon completion of this to have a problem with certainextremely time-consuming phase, I was finally able to dedicate processes, e.g., those happening inside the bio-organism, the atommyself entirely to my research. or in the galaxy, regardless of the fact that those processes cannot be directly observed. What can be observed, however, are theE-smog Protection and Scalar Wave Technology effects produced by these processes. Effects always happen in The task at hand appeared uncomplicated at first: we were accordance with certain principles of law and order, and theirgoing to procure all of the e-smog products that were so thorough and unbiased analysis allows for explanations of certainabundantly available on the market, painstakingly scrutinise them phenomena in the realm of the nonvisible/nonmeasurable. If thein terms of their alleged efficacy and eventually pick out the most same scientific yardstick were applied to the realm of subtleefficacious product/s which we would then use to treat our energies, careful analysis of their effects, too, would allow forpatients. This strategy carried out, it soon proved to be fallacious explanations of certain phenomena in the realm of thedue to the fact that—the huge number of e-smog products nonvisible/nonmeasurable. In this case, however, homoeopathy,notwithstanding—the double-blind studies failed to produce bioresonance, the biophoton research of German physicist Prof.conclusively positive results. This realisation was depressing. Dr Fritz-Albert Popp and the findings of Dr Nikola Tesla equally Given the disappointing test results, I was more or less forced to would have to be attributed the importance they deserve.develop e-smog protection devices of my own, which had to meetmy very demanding requirements. These products needed to be of The Energy Information Weba universal nature and affordable; they were not to require any The idea of an energy-information web linking man with hisbuilding alterations or refurbishments; they had to stand their environment is far from being a new discovery. In the 1920s and38 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • 1930s, influential Russian natural scientist Vladimir I. Vernadskij Countering E-smog Interferencedescribed, among other things, the existence of the biosphere (a This brings us to the central point of my e-smog research. In myterm which has since become common knowledge) and warned view, the only effective protection against e-smog would have to bethat man was not to be cut off from the environment. Vernadskij developed on the basis of scalar wave technology. I was privilegedsaid that everything in Nature is intricately linked with one to have had the chance to run innumerable tests and elaborateanother, and that organic life on Earth is integrated into highly studies on my patients, all of which would help me develop mydelicate regulatory processes and linked with the environments theories and before long bring about most tangible results.electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, life is not to be reduced and In the course of the ensuing eight years, I was able continuallyrestricted to the current laws of physics and chemistry. He and consistently to optimise these results in my naturopathic andemphasised that it is totally inadequate to describe life on the allergy treatment centre. In addition, I was able to test all thebasis of material and energetic products I had developed on a greatcriteria alone, and prophesied that number of the most diverse patients.scientists of the future will have to go This is how I was able to help a lot ofbeyond the current scope of science my patients get back on the road toand, aside from matter and energy, ...all the talk about safety levels full recovery, while the multiple test-add new factors, one of which would is missing the point because runs on my patients allowed me tohave to be information. obtain valuable results pertaining to There is a steadily increasing electromagnetic fields, the question as to whether or notnumber of top-class scientists who regardless of their intensity, e-smog is really a health hazard.share Vernadskijs view. Yakir I examined various diseases,Aharonov, Professor of Theoretical can become biologically symptoms and "just" mild complaints,Physics at the University of Tel active on a cellular level. wondering if there was a possibleAviv, Israel, and at the University of connection to e-smog as the rootSouth Carolina, USA, is an authority cause. The results I came up withon quantum physics. Four or five were similar to those obtained inphysical phenomena have been named biophysics: so long as the informationafter him; for example, the Aharonov–Bohm effect. Asked to transfer to and inside the body is disturbed, the bodys health willcomment on the subject of information, he replied: "Biophotons automatically be compromised.are the bodys information carriers." Canadian biophysicist J. With e-smog, the biggest interference factor is not the strengthBigu del Blanco succeeded in measuring both electromagnetic of the current but, first and foremost, its frequency. It is not theradiation and its absorption, thus documenting the exchange of intensity of the electromagnetic stress which is disturbing; rather,information among cells. it is in the specific frequency and the wavelength thereof. This According to Prof. Popp, there are some 40 research teams fact has been corroborated by numerous international scientificworldwide—predominantly in Japan, China and India—pressing studies. Given this backdrop, it becomes evident that all the talkahead with biophoton research. Supposedly investing up to about safety levels is missing the point because electromagneticUS$100 million annually, Japan is developing a full-body photon fields, regardless of their intensity, can become biologically activescanner. Research results, particularly the work of Popp, have on a cellular level. Following extensive testing in my clinic onshown that the DNA is a kind of "electromagnetic aerial" which various disease patterns, I was able to observe and conclusivelyabsorbs information and passes it on to the cells. confirm this statement. Based on the mountain of solid scientific findings, it can be The list of patients who had come to our clinic after having beenunequivocally concluded that the bodys information processes are treated with allopathic and/or homoeopathic/alternative protocolsthe key to each and every life process.Moreover, it can be deduced that informationis the all-empowering and controlling entityregulating any and all of the bodysfunctions. Life without information wouldbe impossible. Information comes in many shapes andsizes. The perceptions of the five senses—seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting—are processed according to the same lawsand in an identical fashion in every humanbeing. However, the interpretation of theinformation accompanying sensualperception happens on an individual basisand varies from person to person. Whilethis phenomenon can be explainedlogically, it is impossible to measure itphysically. On the other hand, whatdefinitely can be measured on a physicaland chemical level are the bodys reactionsto information.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 39
    • is long (in the majority of cases, these protocols failed altogether; production of hormones (melatonin, to mention just one example).while in a handful of cases, only short-term relief was Maintaining the same daytime stress levels throughout the nightaccomplished). Some of these patients also went to get psychiatric will have an effect on the bodys essential regeneration phase,help, but clearly not because they were actually mentally steadily increasing the risk of falling ill due to permanent stressdisturbed. Imagine having a health complaint and nobody to overload. This is why a stress-free sleeping environment and abelieve you. Even the psychiatrists to whom those (conveniently stress-free workplace are crucial, if not downright vital.labelled) "hypochondriacs" turned for help thought that they were Following patient data evaluation, we were able to conclude that:hallucinating; after all, no organic failure could be evidenced. 1) depending on both their physical size and duration of impact, It had become standard procedure for us to consider electromagnetic fields cause additional "technical stress";environmental factors during diagnosis and treatment alike. We 2) unless e-smog-causing factors are brought down torecorded our findings over a 12-month period and, following individual tolerance levels in good time, the body may experiencesubsequent data evaluation, we were looking at some most health complaints of all types, including serious disorders; andinteresting statistics indeed: 3) basically, it can be said that children, adolescents, the elderly • 20 per cent of our patients showed a rapid, in several instances and people with a low immune response are particularly morespontaneous, improvement in their condition. These results were prone to e-smog-related complaints than people with a reasonablecaused merely by applying the e-smog protection products I had constitution.developed; no medical treatment of any kind was applied. Based on these findings, I had found the answer to the active • 75 per cent of our patients were resistant to therapy to a principle in my products, which is also reflected in my iHIT®™greater or lesser degree. Once my e-smog products were applied, technology: the products reduce e-smog-induced stress factors,however, their resistance phased out consistently. Thanks to our thus relieving the immune system and reactivating the bodys self-individually tailored, customised therapies, we were able to regulatory properties.completely stabilise those patients. Whether or not a person is "stressed" • five per cent of our patients depends on the information forwardedexperienced a temporary improvement by the sensory organs. New stimuliof their condition as a result of are compared to every pastapplying our e-smog products, whileresistance to therapy persisted. Simply put, e-smog creates an experience, following which they are classified and stored. In accordance Convinced by these results, I artificial stress situation in the with the transmitted information, theconcluded the technical research ofmy e-smog protection products, the bio-organism which, in turn, body responds by activating a chain reaction of measures. These areeffectiveness of which had been affects the metabolism as well as completely normal processes,amply proven, just as my choice of happening a million times per second,scalar wave technology (iHIT®™) the production of hormones. unnoticed. Sensory input, of whichhad been. we consciously register only a minute Next, I needed to address the percentage, is processed in differentfollowing question: how can the centres in the brain. More than 99 pereffectiveness of my e-smog products be cent of all sensory input is blockedexplained from a medical perspective? Pressed for an answer, we and remains buried in the unconscious mind. This uniqueset out to evaluate all of the therapies and tests we had applied mechanism protects the body from overstimulation.and conducted over many years. As a result, we gained more It is evident that stimuli selection, i.e., which stimuli someoneinsight into the e-smog issue, and on that basis we were able to chooses to perceive consciously, must vary from person to person.break down the workings of e-smog into three stages: In a stress situation, the body reacts in its entirety. Hormones • Stage 1 – Disorder: The bodys homoeostasis becomes released by the amygdala of the limbic system activate the bodyscompromised. At this stage, most patients complain about fight or flight response. With the stress situation over, stresssleeping disorders, loss of appetite, nervousness, headache and hormone levels come down and the body returns to normal mode.lack of concentration. However, if the stress situation persists—as is the case with • Stage 2 – Impact: Any symptoms become more pronounced e-smog, for instance—the body remains alarmed and in alertand tangible. Hyperactivity (in children), rheumatism, migraine, mode, thus depleting oxygen levels in the blood, blocking thedepression, proneness to allergies and consequently a reduced bodys immune system and self-healing mechanisms and possiblyimmune response can be observed. manifesting stress-related complaints. It is a fact that permanent • Stage 3 – Disease: Commonly, all manner of irreversible stress exhausts the bodys energy supplies.disease may manifest unless e-smog stress is reduced. Due to the positive results I had gathered in the course of over 20 Each organism reacts individually to environmental impact, years, I was finally able to conclude my (solely privately funded)including electromagnetic fields. The determining factors in the research and development projects, which had seen their share ofdevelopment of an illness caused by e-smog are: the intensity of ups and downs. This is not to suggest, however, that my work isthe stress, and the length of time during which the stress is applied. done or that it ever will be. As long as peoples health continues to Is it possible to give a globally acceptable threshold value be compromised by (technical or chemical) environmentalwhich could predictably determine the outbreak of an e-smog- contamination, I will accept and rise to the challenge to make arelated disease? Given the above observation, the answer is a difference and bring about viable solutions.resounding "No". The individuals stress tolerance, which variesfrom person to person, is the determining factor here. Science Behind Adverse Biological Effects Simply put, e-smog creates an artificial stress situation in the The myriad stressors summarised under the umbrella term ofbio-organism which, in turn, affects the metabolism as well as the "e-smog" have an immediate effect on cell physiology and40 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • consequently on the control mechanism of the body. This fact is 1) When applying the specific absorption rate (SAR), it deducesvehemently denied by the industry, of course. The powers-that-be (erroneously, in my view) that low-intensity electromagneticdo not shrink from exerting pressure on those people who beg to fields similarly have less pronounced effects on the inside of thediffer and who are bold enough to go public with their views (e.g., body.see the work of Robert O. Becker, MD). However, it can be 2) It postulates that the skin effect which is relevant forascertained without a shadow of doubt that the impact of external technical conductors is equally significant for bio-organisms.electromagnetic fields produces reactions in the bio-organism Pertinent to the skin effect, energy penetration into the core ofbecause cell communication happens at several thousandths, even the technical conductor becomes less pronounced as the frequencymillionths, of a volt, as EKG and EEG measurements attest. The increases. In other words, an increase in frequency allegedlybodys electrochemical shifting streams are in the range of allows for less energy to penetrate the bio-organism (specificmicroamps (µA). A pacemaker, for instance, controls the clock absorption). It is hence inferred that the current density near thefrequency of the heart at a mere 8 µA (0.000008 A). Adverse surface of the conductor is greater than that at its core. That is,health effects are possible because the bio-organism is exposed to the electric current tends to flow at the "skin" of the conductor.technically produced electromagnetic alternating fields which are This observation pertaining to technical conductors is then appliedmany times stronger than the bodys currents (see Becker) and to electrically conductive human tissue.whose frequency interferes with and irritates This deduction is wrong because, in livingthe bodys regulatory mechanism. organisms, the surface of the bio-organism is Adverse biological health effects caused by linked with its organs reflexively (i.e., causede-smog are a result of: by a reflex). It follows that weak surface • the field force or power flux density of stimuli oftentimes produce particularly strongthe technical signals; effects inside the bio-organism. In biological • the type of field (magnetic field, electric medicine, this fact is systematically applied.field) as well as its modulation, pulsation In acupuncture and reflex zone therapy,and frequency; If the field intensity minute surface stimuli are applied to produce • the sufferers sensitivity; and of a pulsed signal disproportionate depth effects. • the induction period. Moreover, the results must be considered Aside from the results I was able to obtain is arithmetically adulterated so long as the stress impact isduring my many years of extensive research, averaged over a averaged. If the field intensity of a pulsedthere are numerous international studies signal is arithmetically averaged over acorroborating my conclusion that e-smog is certain period of certain period of time, this amounts toseriously compromising the health of time, this amounts nothing more than playing withbio-organisms (humans and animals). statistics. This has nothing to do withAnd yet, as if in defiance, vast numbers to nothing more concrete biological effects whichof officially recognised scientific than playing with depend on peak value, long-termstudies continue to purport without the exposure and stimuli rhythm. Based onslightest embarrassment that e-smog statistics. this erroneous belief, scientists do notradiation is harmless. rate the effects of the concrete impulse One of those remarkable papers was but, rather, its averaged impact within apublished on 13 June 2001 by the SSK specific time-frame. The inadequacy of(Strahlenschutzkommission; this method is best described in theCommission for Radiation Protection), following example. Suppose person Aa German government authority. In its is repeatedly hitting person B on his toe56-page treatise, entitled "Grenzwerte with a hammer. According to orthodoxund Vorsorgemaßnahmen zum Schutz research, the impact would be perfectlyder Bevölkerung vor elektro- tolerable; after all, the foot is not beingmagnetischen Feldern – Empfehlung der Strahlenschutz- hit continuously (i.e., there are brief recuperation phases betweenkommission" ("Safety Limits and Precautionary Measures for the hits) and the impact is averaged in proportion to time exposure.Protection of the Population against Electromagnetic Fields – The Orthodox sciences stance on e-smog research is succinct andSSKs Recommendation"), the commission arrived at the amazing straightforward: nonthermic effects that have been caused byconclusion that electromagnetic radiation does not pose a health resonance phenomena cannot be confirmed to date. At the end ofrisk. In response, German MD and scientist Dr Karl-Heinz Braun the day, this statement speaks volumes about orthodox sciencesvon Gladiss did not mince his words: "The SSKs treatise...serves integrity and the methods it applies in conducting e-smog "research".as a prime example, proving the point that experts are prepared torestrict their views and mindset in order to avoid obtaining Inverted Harmonised Information Technologyinconvenient results." The basis for the development of this unique and acclaimed In my view, the only conclusion to be deduced from the iHIT®™ technology was my appreciation of natural science,following reflections is that e-smog must pose a health risk. which states that not everything can be measured or weighed at Electromagnetic fields have thermic and athermic effects on this time and that the "real action" is actually happening in thebio-organisms. As yet, science has been unable to prove the realm of subtle energies (in stark contrast to the conceptexistence of athermic effects. Science proceeds according to two expounded by the establishment). In the Far East, this notion isassumptions which might very well be applicable to technical common knowledge and quite naturally applied on a daily basis.systems but which are totally incompatible in the case ofbiological systems: Continued on page 80APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 41
    • 42 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • I f someone in a strange country said they could read your personal past, present and future from ancient Sanskrit or Tamil inscriptions written on an old palm leaf, would you be sceptical? My husband certainly was. In 2004, Andrew and I were invited to a wedding in Kashmir. This meant a major decision was needed, as we live in the UK and Kashmir is not exactly "up the road", so to speak. After procrastinating until it was almost too late, out of the blue Andrew suddenly said, "Come on, lets go!" He was Collections of so sure about it that I found myself saying, "Okay, lets RSVP and book the flights". And with that, the sense of synchronicity Id felt at Andrews sudden change of heart began to Sanskrit and Tamil grow in earnest. Just before we left, a friend in Los Angeles told me about the Naadis and how much writings on palm theyd impressed Deepak Chopra with a "reading" for him. Id never heard of them but leaves contain was immediately intrigued and wanted to meet them if we could while we were out there. I wont go into the details of exactly how, but we did, and it changed our lives. For both personal messages of us it was the experience of our lifetimes and, as Andrew will explain, since then nothings been quite the same—especially for him. for individual — Angela Donovan seekers as well as ANDREWS STORY To all you curious, open-minded and well-read NEXUS people out there, its somewhat prophecies about embarrassing to confess that Angela and I (equally curious, open minded and well read) should have had our lives fundamentally changed by meeting some old palm leaves—two global crises, and of them, in fact—that spoke to us in a language we didnt understand, in a country we are said to have hadnt been to before, at a time we hadnt expected to be there. Well, in Angelas case perhaps her life didnt so much change as find many further positive been dictated by reassurances, but, for me, meeting my particular "leaf" was a shocking revelatory experience for which I was totally unprepared. Sceptic that I was (and still am in many ways), nothing the Indian avatar had prepared me for what the Naadis showed me that day: proof that my souls destiny had been etched in staggering detail, by someone who could never have known me, countless Shiva about 5,000 years ago, on a leaf of all things—one that related to me, and me alone. years ago. Naadi palm-leaf readings Yes, in India they have leaves that can do all that, and do it every day for hundreds of other people in just the same way—and, as we found out, do a whole lot more as well. For these are not just any old leaves: the inscriptions on them were first dictated thousands of years ago by several great Indian Rishis or sages (in our case, Sri Kausika), since which time they have lain dormant—at their choice—awaiting the exact moment of their predestined rendezvous with whomsoever they belong to. But before you find all that out, you need to get started. Assuming youve been able to find an honest and trustworthy Naadi practitioner (its not easy), the first thing is to leave by Angela and him with your thumbprint—right hand for men, left hand for women—three impressions Andrew Donovan © 2008 of which you carefully place in a ledger full of such prints, each one the start of a journey just like yours. You then initial them, adding only the barest details about yourself— Email: Christian name, male or female, the days date and an address or telephone number where webmail@angeladonovan.com you can be reached—and leave. The Naadi reader asks for nothing else—no nationality, Website: occupation, age, surname, etc.—and very politely will usher you out the door. http://www.angeladonovan.com Next, the reader examines your thumbprint to find the significant markings—the "dots", "crowns" and other impressions—that he seeks. And while each print is unique, to theAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 43
    • Naadi reader the number and grouping of the "crowns", etc., it decreed it was "not the time" to do so.enable him to reduce the total number down to 108 basic types or The actual checking is done by the reader, who asks for"categories" covering the whole of humanity. So the next step is confirmation on matters covered in the Sanskrit or other writingsto find which "category", if any, your print falls within, for the on the leaf; that is, he/the leaf will say, "You are a Brahmin" orNaadis offer no guarantees. "You have two sisters, both alive" or "You have moved house, Very politely again, the reader will inform you that a significant eight or nine months ago" or whatever, to which you answerpercentage of the worlds population cannot be found this way. "Yes" or "No" as appropriate, and nothing more. This can go onFor while the Naadi reader does not care and will not ask you for quite a while, and with each "No" the leaf is discarded and thewhich country, faith, religion, creed or colour you are, he remains reader moves on to the next, whereas a "Yes" means he stays withcertain of one thing: whoever is destined to come and meet their that one until he gets a "No"—or if all your answers continue toleaf will come, for "whoever wishes to look into the leaves will go be "Yes", after several more hell smile delightedly and agree it isto them of their own accord". your leaf. Even when your "category" is And take it from me, by then itfound, locating your leaf within it can means a very great deal. For by nowtake hours, days, weeks or even youll have transcended a vast rangemonths, for finding yours amongst a of wholly unexpected and conflictingnumber equating to a large proportionof the worlds population can take However incredible it sounds, emotions—suspicion, distrust, disbelief, arrogance, surprise,some time—hence the "categories". its the "leaf" that decided disappointment, laughter, shame,Leaves with similar basic parametersare bunched together in bundles, each all those centuries ago guilt, fascination, delight, shock, horror, sadness, grief, grudgingnumbering up to 100 leaves, that the precise date and time it recognition and utter amazement—alllargely correspond to the features on in about 40 minutes or so (in myyour thumbprint. will meet up with you... case). And by the end of it youll be Armed with four or five such sitting there sweating, having troublebundles, the reader will then call you breathing, and staring hard at a stripin, hoping to reunite you with your of palm leaf covered in minusculeleaf. This means checking the validity scribbles on the table in front of you,of each leaf until yours is "found" or no bundles remain (in which knowing that without any doubt everything written on that leaf,case they may send out for more from their archives, with the however many years ago, is about you, and only you... Its yourprocess repeated at a later date). You will also need a translator, DNA sitting there and no one elses, and even more amazinglyfor the Naadi readers are not necessarily fluent in English any you had absolutely nothing to do with it or even knew it existedmore than you are in their Urdu, Telugu or Sanskrit. until that moment. And believe it or not (I still have trouble with this), its not Yet by then (in my case), the leaf via the reader had veryactually up to you at all, or even the Naadi readers, whether you precisely told me my parents Christian names, my familyget to meet your "leaf" or not. However incredible it sounds, its background, my childhood story, ambitions, education, degree,the "leaf" that decided all those centuries ago the precise date and profession, career moves, homes, health, possessions, abilities,time it will meet up with you, and even though youre sitting spouses, children, birthday, illnesses, accidents and so on—andthere, hoping to meet it, it may still not appear. Many seekers every detail correct and written down on that leaf. The sheerleave the Naadis having found their category but not their leaf, as depth and range of the secret, intimate details that the leaf reveals, about which only you could possibly know, are far too personal for even the most brilliant guesswork by any trained reader or clever eavesdropper. And very worrying, for not even Angela knew some of the things revealed in my reading, and certainly no one could ever have found them out unless all was exactly as the Naadis said it was—already written on that leaf. Now, Im probably like you: I dont fall in that easily with every scam that goes around the block. So when something of this magnitude happens in less than an hour, its a real shock to the system. Put simply, it goes against everything youve learnt and grown up with, yet its all just happened in front of your eyes and youve agreed with every word of it. And it doesnt stop there. Just when you think you can escape to your hotel for a stiff drink and a smoke, the reader tells you he needs about 40 minutes to prepare your Naadi palm-leaf writings unwrapped. "predictions" and "remedies". For now that44 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • your leaf has identified itself, it can tell you your future and the writings on them could be, so we looked into it. India has alwayssins youre still carrying... You blench. Sins? What sins? You had a strong oral tradition. Since the very earliest times,sit there dumbfounded, stunned, your mind in a whirl. After all "knowledge" was handed down by word of mouth from guru tothe truths that leafs told you already, whatever else can there be? student, elder to elder, for generation upon generation. Which isYour sins—and your future as well? Its all too much... maybe why I can find no Indian equivalent to Euclid, Suffice it to say that the rest of my life was then told to me in Archimedes, Pythagoras or Herodotus, for such knowledge wastwo-yearly tranches up until my "early eighties", with each always jealously guarded by the Rishis—the highest Brahminsignificant moment spelt out throughout. And while most of it priests—who disseminated it to up-and-coming initiates only,remains to be proved, the three critical events I was told would thereby keeping the power amongst themselves.take place in the time thats since elapsed have all happened This changed with the publication of the Vedas, the four booksexactly when and how my leaf said they would. covering creation, the universe and the gods, followed by the And as for my "sins", I was surprised, shocked and saddened by Upanishads and then the Epics (the Mahabharata and thethose it told me of—for although Id imagined I had none, it Bhagavad Gita), all written between around 1000 BC and ADpinpointed issues and moments where Id been less than honest 200. And it was through these great works that the printed wordand honourable, and truly I knew the leaf to be right. But— and, more importantly, the concepts and information behind it,mirabile, mirabile—the Naadis can help you with that: they have became known to a wider populace, even if it was still principally"remedies" that can purge ongoing sins once and for all by puja, the upper spheres of Indian society.which I heartily recommend. But once that oral tradition was broken, So while I still am a sceptic somehow, with monks and scribes started recording Indiasall that I was told that time how could I scientific, literary and cultural heritage onpossibly doubt any of it? And all from three palm leaves in both Tamil and Sanskrit,thumbprints, my Christian name and my Indias principal classical languages. Thegender. It still beggars belief. treatises in Tamil alone cover an ...its nothing like extraordinarily impressive number ofOral and written traditions in India subjects: acupuncture, agriculture, anatomy, For those of you who are interested, the the span between animal husbandry, architecture, astrology,philosophy behind the leaves comprises the now and the time of astronomy, Ayurvedic medicine, carpentry,Naadi Granthas, a set of very highly drama, love songs, martial arts, mathematics,organised manuscripts, each of between 16 Sri Kausika or his metalworking, music, poetry, recipes,and 24 chapters or kandams. The number ofchapters depends upon which Naadi mentor, Lord Shiva, sculpture, shipbuilding, temple art and architecture, veterinary science, writingastrologer you go to, as each of the who it is said relayed techniques and yoga—that is, all aspectsoriginal Sapta Rishis—the Seven Sages(Agasthya, Kausika, Vyasa, Bohra, the details of our lives of Tamil art, culture, language, literature and science of that time, which wasBhrigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki) to him between 2,000 indeed great.credited with being the very first to Yet while the period in which theseinscribe the leaves all those thousands and 4,000 years works were written is impressiveof years ago—has his own following. before that... (some 1,200 years), its nothing like(The names vary depending upon which the span between now and the time ofsource you read. There are other names Sri Kausika or his mentor, Lord Shiva,as well, such as Athri, Parasara, Jaya- who it is said relayed the details of ourMuni, Bhujandar, Vidura and Narada.) lives to him between 2,000 and 4,000 Particular Granthas deal with years before that, or some 5,000 yearsparticular issues; for example, the Satya ago overall.Naadi deals with the lives of the great Not possible, I hear you say: noand the good, the truly outstanding and leaves could survive intact for thatworld-renowned persons in whatever field, whilst the Kaka long. And youd be right, of course. But theres a world ofBhujandar Naadi concentrates solely on future world events. difference between the age of the palm leaf and the age of the That said, there appear to be two main types of Naadi astrology: words etched upon it.the Tantra Naadi—which utilises horoscopes—and the MantraNaadi—which relies on only a few simple questions and answers, Palm leaf preparation and protectionfrom which the Naadi reader will make his pronouncements. Our Ancient writing came in many forms—on cave walls, stonereadings were made up of both elements: extensive questioning slabs, animal skins, birch bark, copper scrolls, clay blocks,to find our relevant leaves, supplemented by horoscopes based on papyri—but I hadnt heard of the use of palm leaves until justthe dates and times of our births. before we went to India. To my shame, I then found out that from Each kandam or chapter relates to a specific aspect of a persons antiquity until well into the 19th century palm leaves had been amaterial and spiritual life. We received guidance on all 16 of the natural writing medium not only in India and Sri Lanka but inchapters that our Naadi astrologers practised—the Kausika Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, Cambodia andNaadi—for which kandams 1–12 were covered by the "readings" Indonesia as well, where each developed the "leaves" to suit theirand then expanded with the "predictions", while kandams 13–16 own emerging cultural identities.dealt with the "remedies" for our ongoing sins in whatever And as a plant, the palm is indeed old enough: the date palm,appropriate form was necessary. for example, was cultivated by the Mesopotamians and other We were also curious as to how old the leaves and indeed the Middle Eastern races as long as 5,000 years ago, with goodAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 45
    • reason. Nearly every part of the palm has been used to provide years. Even so, it became standard practice for leaves that hadindigenous peoples with their basic needs, from shade and shelter become too discoloured or had deteriorated to be copied andto thatching and other building materials as well as ropes, replaced, as occurred between the ninth and 13th centuries ADfurniture, clothing, nets, cooking oils, foods, medicines, drinks under the kings of Tanjore. They instructed that any leaves foundand staple products needed to maintain lives and livelihoods. And fading or beginning to disintegrate were to be completely re-because it was natural, fast-growing and widespread, it was also written and renewed by scholars appointed to do so—a traditioncheap. It was so useful, indeed, that in some cultures the palm that has been maintained by all subsequent dynasties and peoplesbecame a symbol of peace, fertility and victory; and it was interested in the leaves.deemed important enough for mention in both the Old Testament So while you sit there having your Naadi reading, the leaves inand the Koran. the bundles before you need not be as old as youd like to imagine, So perhaps its not so strange that the palm became a surface for or indeed be old at all, and certainly not nearly as old as the wordswriting. Two palm trees were most appropriate: the strong that are etched upon them. For however old the leaf is, thatpalmyra and the softer, more flexible talipot. As the thicker wording will still be exactly as dictated for that very first leaf,palmyra leaves were prone to insect attack, they were used with every mark and syllable inscribed precisely as spoken byprincipally for letters and notes, while the less-insect-prone but Lord Shiva.thinner talipot was kept for more important treatises and books, So, this is a very good reason why we wouldnt recommendwhich is odd when you realise that the fans, mats, basketware, having your "reading" done online or by email. While manywicker trays, umbrellas and other handicrafts websites offer this, in our opinion theywhich tourists buy are mostly in talipot. cannot offer a valid experience in the same Leaf preparation followed—a process way as visiting the reader in person andvarying from area to area but where the width working through the whole extraordinaryremained fairly constant (between 50 and 90 process leaf by leaf. Do it on the web and,mm), thereby generally determining page sure, in Adelaide or Des Moines you wontsize and format, save for larger manuscripts have to leave your living room, but thewhere leaves were stitched together along "online Naadi reader" wants his moneyone edge to widen them. They were then upfront and hell expect you to fill in atreated, rolled and boiled until fully pliant, It is written that in questionnaire—one that gives the details onthen washed and dried before "polishing" by you and your family, so in due course, on therubbing with a stone over a particular 2008 there will be pretext that he needs to be sure hes locatedw o o d —Alstonia scholaris —until smooth, some kind of the right "you", hell give you some of thosewhereupon two holes were punched in each back, just to convince you... But dont getleaf and a cord pulled through to tie the economic collapse caught.growing stack of leaves together, so and political unrest True Naadi philosophy remains veryforming a "bundle" of between 50 and much for the real initiates, and theres100 leaves. in numerous regions only a small number who can faithfully Each bundle was then finished with worldwide... read the ancient Sanskrit, Tamil,thin wooden slats top and bottom as Telugu or other inscriptions with theprotective covers, and all that then depth of knowledge, accuracy andremained was to ensure the pages were integrity required.all uniform and insect-proofed, done by I know its expensive, but go there inpressing down hard on them and person and youll see what we mean.cutting all around, then singeing the Give absolutely nothing away to theraw edges with a hot instrument before reader before or during the reading (heputting the whole stack in a wooden will not want or expect it) and, like me,"mould" and sealing it airtight. you should still end up being told Depending then on the value and everything about yourself in the verysignificance of the "book" to its owner, greatest detail—even the facts youvethe wooden covers could be enhanced or substituted with ivory or long since forgotten. And thats not possible online.ebony or embossed with silver, gold, precious or semipreciousstones, lacquered work or mother of pearl, with any of it worked ANGELAS STORYto whatever design or pattern the author or client required. Not While Andrew would probably say that his is "still underthat any such extravagance applied to Angelas and my "bundles", consideration", my lifes journey has been a spiritual one.however, where simple wooden slats sufficed for the covers and Ive always seen the world as one big picture, so it waseach leaf or ola had been etched by the scribe in Vatta Ezhuthu, inevitable that I would ask the Naadis for a "global" reading onthe ancient Tamil script,* with every letter the same size and significant happenings over the next 10 to 11 years (2007–2018).evenly spaced with no gaps or punctuation marks whatsoever, all In this, Id been inspired by the famous astrologer Dr B. V.done by a sharp stylus called an ezhuthani. (* Not all were in Raman, who in 1950 wrote in The Astrological Magazine of India:Tamil; other languages were used to suit the region: Telugu, Pali, "Kaka Bujander Naadi deals with such topics as astronomy,Singhalese, Sanskrit, and even English during colonial times.) international affairs, spiritual elevation of mankind and so many Bundles were kept flexible and proofed against their enemies— other things in which humanity is interested. One cannot butlight, climatic changes, staining, discolouration, insect and fungal admire a system of literature, written thousands of years ago andattack—by regular rubbings with peacock oil, whereby the life of containing references to current and future internationaleach leaf could be very greatly extended to perhaps 300 to 400 problems."46 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Dr Raman also gave a sample of a reading done in the early worlds history is actually far worse than its future. Theres never1900s: been peace on Earth (theres always at least one war going on "The native will be born in a holy city on the coast of the ocean. somewhere at any one time), and volcanoes, earthquakes andAt the age of 20, he will go to a foreign country. His mother will flooding have all been regular occurrences as well, even if they dodie [when he is] at the age of 22 in his absence. He will marry at seem to be increasing in regularity and size just lately. And when13. At 32, he will be a lawyer. He will always speak truth and it comes to the world economy, in the last 100 years or so its beenwill be pure in heart. There will be no distinction between his a roller-coaster of collapses and recoveries all the while, sothoughts, words and deeds. Before the age of 65, he will meet the nothings new there!King of the white race. He will resort to fasting for the good of Yet, what does seem to be different is how many more of us arethe world. He will live beyond the age of 70." believing less and less what the politicians and media are saying. It was a part of Mahatma Gandhis leaf! Theres an ever-greater thirst for true knowledge, which, coupled The writings Im particularly interested in are with the Tamil with our growing unrest and unease, is like the instinctive sense offamilies and are closely coveted, so Ive yet to record their details. a mother "knowing" that something is about to happen to herHowever, during my research I did come across a couple of old child. And Im with the Naadis on that, whatever the politiciansbooks, reprinted in India over 50 years ago, which spoke on the and media choose to say. I believe its the Sun that will have thesubject, so I was determined to seek out the Naadis who knew most significant effect on our planet and the other planets, so wellmore on the matter and who would read the predictions for me, have to learn how to shift our whole way of living and thinkingeven if I knew it wouldnt be easy. way beyond what we imagine now. But our instinct for survival The way the leaves are written for individuals, it was is so great and inventive that Ive no doubt well find the newreasonable to think that a similar technique would have been used ways to suit whatever changes become necessary to implement. ∞to "categorise" the worlds regions.The Naadis spoke to us of the world Editors Note:divided into sections; for example, This article is based on Angela and"two countries east of India", "12 Andrew Donovans latest bookcountries west of India", "an area to I believe its the Sun that The Hidden Oracle Of India ( Othe north", etc., as well as utilising the will have the most significant Books, 2008), telling readers howsame planetary aspects for specific to seek out and find their owntimes in the k a n d a m s for major effect on our planet and the Naadi reading just as they did.studies of the economy, wars, politics, other planets, so well have to See our Reviews section in thishealth and so on. edition for review of their book. And with these, and through each learn how to shift our wholeof the readings that Ive been involvedin and others that I know of in detail way of living and thinking... About the Authors: Angela Donovan is a spiritualfrom our closest Indian friends, I me ntor an d medium. She i sunderstand there is a great sense of regularly involved in mentoringalteration and change due in the world and advising on television series induring the "now" time. So I married together all the Naadi the UK, Europe and the USA. She is the author of The Secretsreadings Ive been privy to, dovetailing them to test whether the of Psychic Success (Rider, 2007) and has done numerousdifficulties would show in the same years in each and all of them. workshops, radio and TV interviews, speaking about the This is what I found. Based on the placement of the planets at many positive ways in which people from all walks of life canspecific times ahead, the calculations tell a story of grave turn their lives around for optimum benefit. She is currentlyupheaval—first economically and politically, and then writing on the past, present and future with regard toenvironmentally—that resonates across the globe. alternative sciences, as well as preparing a TV series in which the greatest living avatars meet high-profile personages.Naadi revelations for the world Angela is also a columnist for the Asian Interactive Media It is written that in 2008 there will be some kind of economic Group, BabyChoice and The Parallel Community. For morecollapse and political unrest in numerous regions worldwide (I details, see her websites http://www.angeladonovan.com andhave an unsettling feeling it could already have taken place before http://www.futurecast.comyou read this), and the awareness of it is already affecting a Andrew Donovan was educated at Harrow School andgreater number of people than ever before. Cambridge University, where he trained as an architect. There will be times of great danger from two warring factions Mentioned in Whos Who In Architecture, he had his ownwho fight for supremacy in three regions of the world. successful practice in Central London until 2003 when he The environment will be altered by climatic changes due to the decided to develop a still greater passion—writing. SinceSuns activity. The most extreme events will take place first in then, he has written several books and screenplays as well as2009, and second between the end of 2012 and 2013. man y p rogram formats f or TV doc umen taries an d The Asian continent will suffer greatly, as will the Middle East entertainment shows.and the northern regions. Both Angela and Andrew are presently working on a TV There will be two geological shifts (planetary pole shifts?), and series where they take interesting people to India to seek theirwater will be involved in some way on both occasions. own Naadi leaf and reading (included is the Duchess of York, Everyone will be working to help people in the countries who has become a close friend and wishes to take the Naadi(including India) that suffer during 2009 and later. journey for herself). Peace and calm are not evident in any readings till 2018. An gela and And rew can b e c ontac te d by ema il a t I gave thought to these issues and on reflection I think the webmail@angeladonovan.com.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 47
    • 48 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • SCIENCE A GENERATOR WITH HUGE Heins recounts that the first time it State University, the University of Toronto ENERGY-SAVING POTENTIAL happened, the magnets starting flying off and Queens University. from PhysOrg.com, February 2008 and hitting the walls and he had to duck for Heins has also been raising money for cover. his invention, approaching individuals suchT hane Heins knows the track record of The magnetic friction wasnt repelling as former US Vice President Al Gore, inventors who claim to make the magnets and wire coil. Instead, he Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, breakthroughs in power-generation explains, the steel rotor and driveshaft were Tesla Motors chairman Elon Musk andmethods, especially when they claim to defy conducting the magnetic resistance away Googles ReCharge IT project.the second law of thermodynamics. Every so from the coil and back into the electric Due to his commitment to the technology,often, a (usually untrained) scientist comes motor. In effect, the back-EMF was Heins suffered a failed marriage, lostalong with a machine that supposedly boosting the magnetic fields used by the custody of his two children and has beencreates more energy than is put in. Every motor to generate electrical energy and unemployed. He believes his idea is atime, the ideas have been rebuked by real cause acceleration. The faster the motor scientific breakthrough that deserves to bescientists. Thats why 46-year-old Heins is accelerated, the stronger the electromagnetic investigated. MITs Zahn agrees.being very cautious. A college drop-out field created on the wire coil, which in turn "To my mind this is unexpected and new,from Ottawa whos been working on his made the motor go even faster. and its worth exploring all the possibleproject since 1985, Heins didnt start his Heins seems to have created a positive advantages once youre convinced its a realresearch in earnest till the week after 9/11, feedback loop. To confirm the theory, he effect," says Zahn.when Canada joined the invasion of replaced part of the driveshaft with plastic "There are an infinite number of inductionAfghanistan for oil. pipe that wouldnt conduct the magnetic machines in peoples homes and everywhere Last week [28 January 2008], Heins field. There was no acceleration. around the world. If you could make themdemonstrated his machine to MIT professor "What I can say with full confidence is more efficient, cumulatively it could make aMarkus Zahn, an expert in electromagnetic that our system violates the law of big difference."and electronic systems. It proved conservation of energy," he says. (Source: PhysOrg.com, from articles b yinteresting enough to stump the professor. He calls his system "Perepiteia", which Tyler Hamilton, Toronto Star, 4 FebruaryBut Zahn thinks the idea is worth in Greek [perepeteia] means "an action that 2008, http://www.thestar.com/article/300042,investigating further. has the opposite effect of what is intended". http://www.thestar.com/article/300041) "Its an unusual phenomena [ s i c] I But he will leave itwouldnt have predicted in advance," Zahn to others to decidetold the Toronto Star. "But I saw it. Its if the techniquereal." can be described as Heins explains that, in his machine, "perpetualmagnetic friction somehow gets turned into motion".a magnetic boost. Working with an electric In 2005, Heinsmotor, he attached the drive shaft to a steel formed a company,rotor with small round magnets lining its P o t e n t i a louter edges. In this set-up of a simple Difference Inc., togenerator, the rotor would spin so that the develop andmagnets passed by a wire coil just in front market hisof them, generating electrical energy. invention. Hes Then Heins did an experiment. He also been workingoverloaded the generator to get a current, on its developmentwhich typically causes the wire coil to with researchersbuild up a large electromagnetic field. from theUsually, this kind of electromagnetic field University ofcreates an effect called "back EMF" due to Ottawa and hasthe so-called Lenzs law. The effect should demonstrated therepel the spinning magnets on the rotor, machine to severaland slow them down until the motor stops institutions,completely, in accordance with the law of including theconservation of energy. But instead of University ofstopping, the rotor began to accelerate. Virginia, MichiganAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 49
    • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE THE PEREPITEIA GENERATOR across the load as well. 2008 demonstration and we await his by Thane Heins © 9 March 2008 It has also been quantifiably observed feedback on providing a mathematical that when the toroid generator is model of the phenomenon which wouldTests for Generator Efficiency employed, there are immediate efficiency serve as the basis for a preliminaryT he prototype of the Perepiteia Generator has been set up in alaboratory at the University of Ottawa, and gains because there is no effect on the prime mover when the generator is loaded. The significance of the results suggest explanation and future developments. Our "Eureka!" Momentresearchers working under Dr Riadh the efficiency of electricity generation can The effect we have so far observed inHabash of the School of Information be significantly improved by either the the Perepiteia Generator is that it does notTechnology and Engineering are magnetically coupled application in slow down, according to the law ofconducting efficiency calculations and electric vehicles or by the toroid conservation of energy; in fact, itobservations for the prototype when application in conventional electric accelerates. Generators are not supposedoperating in a conventional generator generators where different prime movers to accelerate under load! This is themode. "Eureka!" moment. It is hoped that the project Our generator has beenwill result in a report for the proven to accelerate under loadjournal of the Institute of in independent tests atElectrical and E l e c t r o n i c s Kinectrics Labs, MIT,Engineers. The objectives University of Ottawa, Filtranof the study are to Transformers Inc. and Electrondetermine what effects can Energy Corporation.be obtained by: This discovery has enormous 1) magnetically coupling potential for electrica salient pole electric automobiles to be able togenerator with an induction recharge their batteries andmotor (prime mover) such accelerate at the same time,that the generators load which means never having tocurrent and corresponding stop to recharge. This isback-EMF–induced potentially a new energymagnetic fields (according paradigm for our beleagueredto Lenzs law) are coupled planet.directly to the induction Inventor Thane Heins with his Perepiteia Generator Now that our Perepiteiamotors rotor. (Photo © Potential Difference Inc.) Generator is in the hands of a 2) employing a bi-toroid public university, it is beinggenerator coil configuration such that the are employed, e.g., in wind turbines and studied seriously. We are happy togenerators back-EMF–induced magnetic hydroelectric generators. schedule demonstrations for interestedfields are diverted out of the air gap and As president of Potential Difference parties, including environmental groups,into the adjacent coils on the bi-toroid. Inc., I put all these points to Erik Clark of corporations, potential investors and the Direct comparisons have to be made NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center on media. Dr Habash has confirmed that he isbetween the conventional generator, which 22 February 2008, and await a response. willing to speak with interested parties anddecelerates the prime mover under load The comment we received on 22 May attend demonstrations (see his website ataccording to Lenzs law and the law of 2007 from Stan Townsend of the http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~rhabash/).conservation of energy, the magnetically University of Toronto was that the level of We look forward to publishing our testcoupled generator application, which technical detail we provided was adequate results in a future edition of NEXUS.accelerates the induction motor-prime enough to make him think we "probably ∞mover under load, and the toroid generator have made a very significant advance inapplication, which has no effect on the applied physics and in safely and About the Author:prime mover when loaded. successfully handling a new source of Thane Heins, inventor of the Perepiteia To date, it has been quantifiably electric power" (emphasis added). Tra nsformer, is co -foun de r andobserved that magnetically coupling the An expert from MIT, Prof. James president of Potential Difference Inc.salient pole generator to the induction Kirtley Jr, in 2006 suggested that our The company has produced a seven-motor has immediate benefits in providing generator "sounds an awful lot like a part Perepiteia Generator demonstrationan efficiency-enhancing positive feedback perpetual motion machine", and that as video that is available on YouTubeloop, such that the generator load causes force times velocity is at least equal to ( h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ?induction motor acceleration which is voltage times current there was "[n]o way v=ogLeKTlLy5E).dependent upon load magnitude, i.e., around that without violating the first law Thane Heins can be contacted at theincreasing the load increases the induction of thermodynamics". companys offices at 169 Spring Street,motors acceleration (decreasing the stator However, Dr Markus Zahn, an expert on Almonte, Ontario, Canada K0A 1A0,current draw from the source) and electromagnetic and electronic systems at tele ph one (61 3) 2 56 468 4, e ma ilincreasing the generator output power MIT, was impressed with our 28 January thane_heins@yahoo.ca.50 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Sacred Relics or Alien Artefacts? A lthough researchers have written dozens of books and hundreds of articles about crystal skulls, few have attempted to explain the origin and purpose of these sculptures. For some, the crystal skulls are 19th-century "hoaxes"; for others, they are extraterrestrial artefacts; while yet others believe they are remnants of a lost civilisation. The mysterious Perhaps the most likely explanation is that they are part and parcel of the ancient cultures, particularly the Mayan, that existed in the area of Central America where they crystal skulls are were found. Could it be that these skulls were one of the most important relics in the likely to have sacred temple complexes? Crystal skulls speak to the imagination, but are some of these skulls and their stories too good to be true? originated in The English artist Damien Hirst focused his 2007 exposition "Beyond Belief" around a platinum skull completely covered by 8,601 diamonds weighing 1,106 carats. "For the Central America Love of God" is a life-sized cast of a human skull containing a single large diamond in the middle of the forehead, reportedly worth US$4.2 million alone. Hirst financed the project and may have himself, and estimated its cost as between £10 and £15 million (approx. US$20–US$30 million). It is the most expensive piece of contemporary art ever created. He later sold performed an the skull to an unnamed investment group for £100 million (approx. US$200 million). The fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of important role in the Crystal Skull, has Indy in a race against Soviet agents to find a crystal skull. In an reenacting the early episode of the television series Stargate SG-1, a crystal skull artefact, left behind by an ancient extraterrestrial civilisation, was used to transport people between Earth and the Mayans creation aliens home world. Crystal skulls have therefore served Hollywood and the entertainment industry well. But Tinseltowns plotlines are very much copied from myth and existing theories about crystal skulls—one of which was insured for US$500,000, and this was 30 years ago. But what are they? networking their The crystal skulls began their slow climb to fame in the 1980s, largely through researcher Joshua Shapiros meeting Sandra Bowen and Nick Nocerino, who had a crystal temple complexes. skull named Sha-Na-Ra in their possession. Slowly, Shapiro became exposed to a number of other skulls, with names such as the Mayan Crystal Skull, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the Texas Crystal Skull (also known as Max, supposedly given to the people of Guatemala by a Tibetan healer). In March 1989, Bowen, Shapiro and Nocerinos Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed was released. The book created a vehicle through which the authors were able to "meet" several more skulls, with names such as Windsong, Rainbow, Madre, Synergy and even ones named Skully and ET. ET is a smoky quartz skull found in the early 20th century in Central America. It was given its nickname because its pointed cranium and by Philip Coppens © 2008 exaggerated overbite resemble those of an alien being (and the skull is somewhat similar PO Box 13722 to the alien-looking one that Indiana Jones needs to find). ET is part of the private North Berwick EH39 4WB collection of Joke (pronounced "Yo-kay") Van Dieten, who tours with her skulls to share United Kingdom the healing powers she believes they possess. Today, there are dozens of crystal skulls in circulation. The majority of these are what Email: are perhaps best called "second-generation" skulls—modern fabrications, owned or info@philipcoppens.com "worked" by people who use the skulls for healing, meditation, channelling, etc. But Website: there are also a dozen or so skulls that appear to be older and from unknown provenance. http://www.philipcoppens.com These crystal skulls have largely appeared out of nowhere, often going straight into private collections. Only two skulls sit in museums—one in London, the other in Paris.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 51
    • Controversy over Fabrication Claims that the skulls are not genuine artefacts but instead were The British Museum Skull is part of the exhibit at the Museum manufactured between 1867 and 1886 in Germany, as Germanof Mankind in London, where it is one of the most popular items craftsmen were deemed to be the only people with the skills to beon display. The label on its case reads "originally thought to have able to carve these skulls.been Aztec, but recent research proves it to be European", of late Though Boban was indeed a controversial figure, he was, of19th-century fabrication. The museum obtained the skull for course, no different from all the other operators on the antiquities£120 in 1897 from Tiffany & Co., the New York–based jewellers. markets in those days—some of whom made deals for treasuresAs to how Tiffanys had acquired it, speculation was that it such as the Rosetta Stone or the Elgin Marbles that continue tooriginated from a soldier of fortune in Mexico. upset entire nations from which they were "exported". In 2004, Professor Ian Freestone, of the University of Wales at However, there is no evidence—not even circumstantial—thatCardiff, examined the skull and concluded that it was cut and Boban sourced these skulls from Germany. It is logical topolished with a wheeled instrument, which he said was not used conclude that, as Boban operated in Mexico, he may haveby the Aztecs (see http://hnn.us/roundup/comments/9582.html). acquired the skulls in Mexico. It would be completely logical toFreestone argued that the sculpture was therefore of modern, post- assume that, if they are Aztec in origin, they were offered on theColumbian origin, further noting that the crystal used was Mexico City antiques market where Boban picked them up. It iscommon in Brazil but not Mexico—the Aztec homeland—and the most logical scenario, yet academics seem to prefer thethat "the surface of the skull, which contains tiny bubbles that modern German fabrication theory for which there is no evidence.glint in the light, is more sharply defined than softer-looking Why? Perhaps they prefer to label them as fakes so as to evadeAztec crystal relics with which it has been compared". However, potential claims from Mexican authorities?Freestone said that even though there was strong circumstantial As to the fact that the skulls were polished with a wheeledevidence suggesting the artefact was 19th-century European in instrument, Professor Freestone himself argued that this in itselforigin, this did not amount to cast-iron proof. does not mean they are modern fabrications (he examined the In recent years, the story of how the British Museum acquired Paris as well as the London skull in 2004). Though Freestone,the crystal was investigated by Dr Jane MacLaren Walsh of the Walsh and others suggested this overturns the likelihood that theUS Smithsonian Institution. She concluded that the British skulls are pre-Columbian, other experts like Professor Michael D.Museum Skull and the one at Musée de lHomme (Museum of Coe of Yale University stated that evidence of wheel markings inMan) in Paris were both sold by Eugène Boban. Boban was a no way proves that the skulls are modern. He actually said thatcontroversial collector of pre-Columbian artefacts and an antiques although it has long been accepted that no pre-Columbiandealer who ran his business in Mexico City between around 1860 civilisation used the rotary wheel, new evidence contradicts thisand 1880–81. Though it is indeed likely that Boban placed the scientific dogma. Wafer-thin obsidian ear-spools are now knownskull at Tiffanys for auction, there is no hard evidence. However, to have been made using some rotary carving equipment and to besuch evidence does exist for the Musée de lHomme Crystal Skull, dated to the Aztec/Mixtec period. According to Chris Morton andwhich in 1878 was donated by collector Alphonse Pinart who had Ceri Louise Thomas in The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Coebought it from Boban. Bobans 1881 catalogue does list another concluded (p. 226): "People who sit in scientific laboratoriescrystal skull, "in rock crystal of natural human size", selling for dont know the full range of the culture theyre dealing with. We3,500 French francs—the most expensive item in the catalogue. It really dont know half as much about these early cultures as weis possible it was never sold, and hence was offered to Tiffanys to think we do. People need to re-examine their beliefs."sell at auction. Walsh and some of her colleagues have largely presented Having established these facts, however, Walsh then argued Boban as a charlatan, but theyve failed to report that Boban was known to have owned genuinely ancient artefacts as well as a collection of rare books and early Mexican manuscripts. He had even written a scientific study, "Documents pour server à lhistoire du Mexique" ("Documents to serve the history of Mexico") (1891). Furthermore, he personally crusaded against frauds and fakes, such as in 1881 when he spoke out against forgeries that were being made in the suburbs of Mexico City. Would he shoot himself in the foot that same year by listing a fraudulent crystal skull in his catalogue? Mentions of the German connection and claims of Bobans dishonesty come from a single letter from one of Bobans competitors, Wilson Wilberforce Blake. He wrote how they should buy from him, not Boban who was "not honest", and he made accusations that the skull Boban had sold was a forgery, insinuating that the skull had been made in Germany instead. However, The British Museum Crystal Skull. no evidence was ever produced for any of52 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • these claims, and it is clear that Blake had an obvious motive as to In his autobiography Danger My Ally (1954), Mitchell-Hedgeswhy he wanted to smear Bobans character: he was specifically stated that "the Skull of Doom is made of pure rock crystal andafter Bobans share of the market. according to scientists it must have taken 150 years, generation In short, Walsh has uncovered good indications that Boban had after generation working all days of their lives, patiently rubbingskulls and sold them; but as to a German connection, she has down with sand an immense block of rock crystal until the perfectrelied on the words of a man who almost openly stated that he skull emerged". He continued: "It is at least 3,600 years old andwas out to smudge Bobans ethics. As such, the story of how the according to legend was used by the High Priest of the Mayacrystal skulls have been treated by academics has—alas—all the when performing esoteric rites. It is said that when he willedusual hallmarks of how the scientific establishment treats such death with the help of the skull, death invariably followed. It hasanomalous finds and pushes them aside, labelling them as fakes. been described as the embodiment of all evil." For a man whoAnd afficionados of the genre will know that involvement of the had "danger" as his "ally", he obviously tried to frighten hisSmithsonian Institution and the British Museum in such a readers with the power of this object.controversy is not a unique event. So, Mitchell-Hedges associated the crystal skull with the Maya in 1600 BC—when the Maya were not yet around. NotingArchaeological Speculation Mitchell-Hedgess interest in finding evidence for Atlantis, many Could these skulls be genuine archaeological finds? As Morton people have argued that the skull is therefore a relic of this earlierand Thomas pointed out, Bobans artefacts civilisation. What the sceptics have made ofwent on sale at a time when Teotihuacán, this can be easily divined...just north of Mexico City, was beingexcavated. Teotihuacán is one of the most A Crystal Legacyimportant sites in the Americas, with Today, three main theories exist aboutpyramids—and a pyramid layout—on par what crystal skulls are and where they comewith the pyramids of the Giza Plateau. from. One argument states that they are an Boban is known to have visited the This skull is by far extraterrestrial legacy; another that they areexcavations; in fact, he did so in the the most beautiful, remnants of a lost civilisation (often to becompany of Leopoldo Batres, the Inspector read as Atlantis), both of which are favouredof Monuments. Interestingly, Blake claimed detailed and on the New Age circuit. For the sceptics,that Batres, too, was "not only a fraud but a complex, and they are "obviously" late-19th-centuryswindler". Even if these allegations were fabrications from Germany. A fourth theory,true, did Boban get the skull from consists of two parts: however, might be closer to the truth.Teotihuacán? If so, the finger of guiltshould not point to Batres. In those the skull itself and a The problem of the crystal skulls is that they are made of crystal. Quartz crystaldays, half of the finds the excavators separate jawbone does not age; it does not corrode, erode,made ended up on the black market,while the other half became part of the which allows for decay or change in any way with time. It cannot be carbon dated. A skull"archaeological record". It is known movement, as if the could be hundreds if not thousands ofthat even the great Howard Carter, in head is speaking. years old, yet still look as if it washis exploration of the Tutankhamun made yesterday—and vice versa.tomb—heralded as the greatest Hence, other means of dating had to bearchaeological discovery of the 20th devised, and so evidence of skullscentury—fell victim to this. having been polished with wheels has Either way, concluding that the become the key determinant of whetherskulls are genuine archaeological they are modern/post-Columbian ortreasures is more logical—and better "genuine" archaeological artefacts.documented—than speculating about a As mentioned, Michael Coe hastheoretical German connection. scorned those laboratory scientists whoHowever, it is a fact that none of the skulls was found during an have preached against the authenticity of the skulls. Andarchaeological excavation—that is, apart from the so-called rightfully so, as one skull, owned by Mexican Norma Redo, isMitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, named after its discoverer, the mostly notorious, at least for some, as the skull that supports aadventurer F. A. (Mike) Mitchell-Hedges, if we believe the large crucifix on its top. The skull shows similar "evidence" of"official" version of its find. This skull is by far the most wheelwork, but from his analysis archaeologist Dr Andrewbeautiful, detailed and complex, and consists of two parts: the Rankin argued that the skull was sculpted from the same crystalskull itself and a separate jawbone which allows for movement, as as that of the crystal goblet from tomb no. 7 at Monte Albán,if the head is speaking. Famed science fiction writer Arthur C. which is an uncontested archaeological find. Furthermore, theClarke used an image of this skull as the logo for his popular 1571 hallmark on the crucifix is also deemed to be genuine, thustelevision series Arthur C. Clarkes Mysterious World. in general excluding the likelihood that this skull is of 19th- The official version goes that the skull was found in the ruins of century European fabrication. In short, this hard evidenceLubantuun in Belize (then British Honduras) in 1924 during an confirms what Michael Coe has argued: that the Maya apparentlyarchaeological survey of the site, though controversy reigns over do seem to have been able to work with crystal...and thus maythis conclusion (see the article on the Mitchell-Hedges Skull in have made the crystal skulls after all.the next edition of NEXUS). This "Skull of Doom", as Mitchell- However, the Maya would not have been the only ancientHedges himself labelled it, was not referenced until 1931 as being civilisation to have mastered working with crystal. Robertin existence. Temples The Crystal Sun (2000), subtitled Rediscovering a lostAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 53
    • technology of the ancient world, was promoted thus: "Based upon British Museum, analysed the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and argued33 years of research all over the world, in museums from that it is not of modern workmanship. Digby wrote: "...in neitherStockholm to Shanghai, from Athens to Cairo, and in thousands case [they analysed the British Museum Skull as well] is there anyof books in several languages, Robert Temple has reconstructed a trace of identifiable tool marks, and it is certain that neitherwholly forgotten story: the story of light technology in ancient specimen was made with steel tools. On the teeth there is no tracecivilisation. It goes back at least to 2600 BC in Old Kingdom of a lapidarys wheel which would betray one or both specimensEgypt, and continues throughout Western antiquity." as being of comparatively recent origin." Writing in the journal Temples quest began when he spoke to Arthur C. Clarke about Man in July 1936 (vol. 36), they both commented that the skullsthe Mitchell-Hedges Skull, whereby British science historian detachable lower jaw would have taken the creator—whoever heDerek Price, who is most famous for his study of the Antikythera was—many hundreds if not thousands of hours of extra work, anddevice (another anomalous archaeological discovery that only that thus there would have to have been an important reason whyrecently has received serious academic attention), then spoke to the jaw had to be detached—more so than for purely artistichim about the Layard Lens as another example of our forefathers reasons.having worked with crystal. In 1964, Anna "Sammy" Mitchell-Hedges—the adventurers In the mid-19th century, English archaeologist Sir John Layard adopted daughter and custodian of the Skull of Doom—lent theexcavated the remains of Babylon and skull to Frank and Mabel Dorland, famousNineveh. In 1850, during the excavation of art experts and restorers. Dorlandthe throne room of the Assyrian King Sargon commenced his study by taking manyIIs palace, he discovered a lens. It is dated to photographs from various angles. He also721–705 BC and is currently—also—in the used a binocular microscope to create aBritish Museum. It is considered to be the three-dimensional image of the skull.first used (or found) plano-convex lens. During this scientific analysis, the skull Temple notes on his website: "...this rock While no one would also seemed to reveal a magical dimension.crystal lens, now cracked and considerably be able to see what One evening, Dorland finished his work toodamaged, was originally a perfect convex late for the skull to be returned to its vaultlens with a flat (plane) base, which was was happening from in the Mill Valley Bank. So he took theground in a special way known to opticians behind the skull, skull home, placing it next to the fire he hadas toroidal—a technique only available for lit for the evening. He then noticed how thethe public since about 1900. Such grinding anyone looking at the light of the fire was reflected through theproduces lenses to correct for individualcases of astigmatism. It would be face would perceive a eyes of the skull. This made him realise that the skull allowed certain opticalpossible to go out into the street today spectacular series of effects to be produced—though otherand find someone whose astigmatismwas perfectly corrected by the Layard images that would stories state that throughout the entire evening the house was also a hive ofLens... It is most extraordinary that appear to come from poltergeist activity.such a high technology existed in the within the skull itself. Dorland discovered that the optical8th century BC. And not a single effects were the result of how the skullAssyriologist has acknowledged the had been carved, which gave him evenpublication of my study of this further insights into the precision ofimportant object except for the one who the workmanship. He observed thatencouraged me in the first place; he was there was a type of "layering" on topcurious as to what the results would be. of the skull, which made the skullSo it appears that the community of behave like an amplifying glass. TheAssyriologists find[s] it convenient not back of the skull channelled the lightto see my book." through the eye sockets at the front of Why? Largely because, as with the crystal skulls, the the head. While no one would be able to see what was happeningestablishment believes—for that is what it is—that only from the from behind the skull, anyone looking at the face would perceive19th century were "we" able to do such things. a spectacular series of images that would appear to come from However, archaeologists are not totally denying the existence of within the skull itself.lenses in antiquity, as evidenced in a study by George Sines and Finally, Dorland discovered two holes at the bottom of the skullYannis A. Sakellarakis (American Journal of Archaeology, vol. that are invisible when the skull is positioned upright. The holes91, no. 2, April 1987), reporting how "...a recent find in the can be used so that the skull can be swung without falling over.Idaean Cave in Crete of two rock crystal lenses of unusually good Together with the detachable jaw, this was a further indicationoptical quality led to this investigation of other lenses from that this skull was not a mere display object but had been createdantiquity. The evidence indicates that the use of lenses was to perform certain functions: to move, if not pretend to speak (viawidespread throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean the detachable jaw), and to "project" certain images to thebasin over several millennia." They added: "The use of lenses as observer standing in front of it.burning glasses in Classical Greece is noted, as is the need for In December 1970, Dorland took the skull to the laboratories ofmagnifying lenses to authenticate seal impressions." Hewlett-Packard in Santa Clara, California, at the time one of the worlds most advanced centres for computers and electronics. TheScientific Scrutiny of the "Skull of Doom" lab technicians were specialists in the production of precision In 1936, eminent anthropologist G. M. Morant and Adrian quartz crystals, which were used in various high-tech instruments.Digby, a future Keeper of the Department of Ethnology at the It meant that they were perfectly suited for trying to figure out54 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • how the skull could have been made. two prisms within the crystal. He argued that the artist made full One test revealed that the skull was made out of one piece of use of this and that the skull was therefore perfectly suited forquartz, with the separate jawbone coming from the same piece. oracular utterances. He made a series of photographs looking intoThe lab technicians stated that they were unable to create a skull the skull; these were able to capture the series of "visions" thatlike that with the technology available to them in 1970. Their others have had. In some, he distinguished truncated pyramids; inanalysis showed that the skull exhibited three different types of others, a structure like the US Capitol Building, which has aworkmanship, and hence they suggested that work on it was contemporary equivalent in Chichén Itzá in the Caracol; while incarried out over three generations, or a period of 60 to 70 years— still other images, several little skull shapes manifestedabout half the time Mitchell-Hedges argued it would have taken to themselves. Dorland added that these images only materialisedmake: 70 versus 150 years, a small difference nevertheless. when looking through the right eye socket and that no such shapes That three generations would have worked, day in, day out, on could be seen when staring into the left eye socket.creating one skull was an unlikely scenario, and thus the skull was Such information, however interesting, does not provide anyproposed to have been created with "unknown technology"— firm evidence of the crystal skulls true purpose. For this, we needwhich soon became interpreted as being of alien origin or from a a clear frame of reference—and this has to be the Mayanprevious civilisation that was technologically superior to ours, civilisation, which existed until a mere four centuries before thesewhich quickly got linked with Atlantis. This was, of course, what skulls were discovered in Mexico.Mitchell-Hedges had always claimed: that this skull was physical One proposition came from American archaeologist Professorevidence of a lost, advanced civilisation. Sylvanus G. Morley, who argued that within the Mayan world the Larry LaBarre was one of the testers at Hewlett-Packard and a skull was the symbol for the number 10: "the head-variant for 10decade after the 1970 tests he added to his previous observations: is the deaths head, or skull, and in forming the head-variants fornamely, that the quartz is very hard, measuring nine out of a the numbers from 14 to 19 inclusive, the fleshless lower jaw ofpossible 10 on the Mohs scale, meaning that only a diamond the deaths head was the part used to represent the value of 10 inwould be able to cut it. The quartz, these composite heads for the sixthough of one piece, was furthermore higher numbers".composed of three or four growth The shaman led him to Though once again interesting, thisphases, each with a different axis. proposition does not bring us anyCutting it would have been extremely a Mayan priest who said he closer to an understanding as to thedifficult, as hitting upon a new axismight shatter the crystal if the cutter was authorised to sell crystal skulls real purpose. However, it does show that in the Mayan worldwas not careful. (This is one of the skulls because the village the symbology of the skull wasmain reasons why larger diamondsare more valuable; it is not solely the needed money for food. indeed important. There are stone skulls throughout the ancient Mayanstone but the workmanship involved Nocerino didnt buy them, kingdom. One such skull stands atthat makes large diamondsexpensive.) but he did study them. the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque and another in Tikal. Both As for the origin of the quartz, skulls are carved at the top of a rowLaBarre suggested Calaveras County of steps leading into a room thatin California. However, gem expert Allan Jobbins, who seems to have been a shrine. A stone skull is also found at theresearched the skulls for the Arthur C. Clarkes Mysterious World entrance to the cave beneath the Pyramid of the Sun inTV program, thought the likely origin of the crystal was Brazil. Teotihuacán. But most skulls are to be found on the Tzompantli ("Platform/Place of Skulls"), one of the most famous of which isSkull Visions and Mayan Symbolism at Chichén Itzá. In recent years, controversy has raged around the creation of theskulls. With unknown provenances for them all, there are The Skull in Mayan Creation Mythologylegitimate questions to pose. One of the problems is that if they That the skulls were discovered in the Mayan heartland isare archaeological treasures, their purpose seems difficult to evidence which accords with the few facts that we know of theirascertain. Indeed, archaeologists have failed to look towards the provenance. The Mayan Skull and the Amethyst Skull werecrystal skulls as items of archaeological interest, and hence this allegedly found in Guatemala early in the 20th century. Theblank canvas has been used by many people to put forward their Amethyst Skull is made of purple quartz and the Mayan Skull isown speculations, some more outlandish than others. clear, but the two are otherwise very alike. Like the Mitchell- As noted, Mitchell-Hedges believed that if a Mayan priest held Hedges Skull, both were studied at Hewlett-Packard and they, too,the "Skull of Doom" while killing someone in his thoughts, that were found to be cut against the axis of the crystal, making theperson would die. He also believed that, equally, those not craftsmanship all the more difficult and the crystal all the moreconvinced of the power of the skull would die. Anna Mitchell- likely to crack or shatter during the fashioning process.Hedges said that the skull "spoke" to her. Of more direct relevance is that Nick Nocerino claims that he In recent times, many people have used the skulls for scrying, met a shaman in 1949 while travelling in Mexico. The shamanor visual meditation sessions. Many have reported visions, often led him to a Mayan priest who said he was authorised to sellscenes from an ancient or foreign civilisation. The scenes crystal skulls because the village needed money for food.witnessed vary strikingly, however. Some people have reported Nocerino didnt buy them, but he did study them. However, itobserving scenes from Mayan history, while others have reported was clear that someone was putting these skulls on sale in Centralreceiving knowledge from Atlantis. America. What happened then had happened before, and entire Such landscapes might actually be due to the technological Mayan villages are known to have been "financially supported"aptitude of its creator(s). Frank Dorland noted the presence of by the sale of archaeological goods that at one point they hadAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 55
    • placed on the black market. With all that on offer, why would speaking, the skull could be moved by using the two holes in itsBoban need to source a German crystal skull, pay for it and then base. A rod, thrust up through another hole in the altar and intoactually have great difficulty selling it? the larger hole in the base of the skull, would provide the means Thus there is one likely and logical conclusion, which is that whereby motion could be given to the crystal. The smaller hole inthe skulls came from somewhere in Central America. It suggests the skulls base would serve as the receiver for a pivot point onthat these skulls were acquired by certain people through "some" which the skull would move. The skulls ability to portray imagesmeans that did not see the light of day, and that some time later would furthermore have helped the person standing in front of itthey ended up at auction, the traceability of their origin largely to have visions or at least be able to dream away...erased. But if they are of Central American origin, what purpose did A New Era and the "Gathering of the Skulls"the skulls serve, assuming they are archaeological treasures? It is This brings us to another often overlooked question which fewa fact that all the sacred centres, including Lubantuun where people have asked: why crystal? As already mentioned, crystalMitchell-Hedges allegedly discovered his crystal skull, had a skulls are now frequently used for scrying, and the use of crystalTzompantli which formed part of the sacred layout of the temple balls in mediaeval Europe was very similar to the modern use ofcomplex, which itself was a three- crystal skulls in the New Age community.dimensional rendering of the Mayan creation However, within a Mayan framework, wemyth. can go much further. This myth states that when playing ball, Part of the Mayan creation myth was thethe twin maize gods disturbed the lords of Furthermore, the lighting of a New Fire, in a so-called NewXibalba, the Mayan underworld. The detachable jaw would Fire Ceremony which also signalled the startXibalbans summoned the two maize gods to of a new era. The New Fire, made by thethe underworld to answer for their have allowed the skull gods, was a key aspect of the "esotericdisrespectful behaviour, where they were to "speak", as the rites"—to quote Mitchell-Hedges.subjected to a series of trials. When they Today, this type of ceremony is bestfailed these tests, they were killed and buried heros skull is known known in the lighting of the Olympic Flamein the ball court of Xibalba. The elder twinwas decapitated, and his head was hung in to have done in the which occurs in the run-up to a new era— the Olympiad—in the Greek temple ofthe tree next to the ball court as a warning to creation myth. Olympia. Here, 11 women, playing theanyone who might repeat their offence.Later, and despite this warning, the Noting that the skull roles of the priestesses who were originally responsible for keeping the templesdaughter of a Xibalban lord went to in this myth spat, sacred fires alight, perform a ceremonyvisit the skull, which spoke to her, the Mayans might in which the torch is kindled by thespitting in her hand and thus making light of the Sun, its rays concentratedher pregnant. have engineered by a parabolic mirror. As already The site where the skull was hung noted, lenses were used in antiquity towas the Tzompantli, and in sites such as that effect, too, concentrate light. In Greece, fire hadChichén Itzá it is still a clearly through the use of divine connotations, and legends stateidentifiable part of the temple complex. that it had been stolen from the god One of the tasks of the Mayan high the movable jaw... Zeus by Prometheus. But Greece waspriests was, of course, to "perform" the but one of dozens of civilisations,creation myth. The skull in Mayan whether in the Old or the New World,mythology was linked with the heros in which fire played an important anddeath, but also with rebirth. It is sacred role. The Mayan civilisationtherefore intriguing to note that the was another.explanation of the crystal skull serving as part of the Mayan It is therefore of great interest to know that the Mitchell-Hedgescreation myth does conform roughly with Mitchell-Hedgess Skull is able to start a fire if the Suns rays fall at a particularinterpretation of the skulls use. angle on the back of the skull. Visually, it would mean that the This creation story has clear parallels with the technical bright sunlight coming out of the nose, mouth and eyes wouldcapabilities of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. A skull made start a fire, very much like the sacred fire in Olympia. Ratherof crystal would indeed leave the impression that this was the than use a parabolic mirror, did the ancient Mayans use a crystalskull of a deity, not of a mere mortal. It should be noted that the skull to light the New Fire, the core ingredient that marked theMitchell-Hedges Skull has no suture marks on the pate. Though start of a new era?experts agree that adding such an effect to the skull would have If this interpretation is the correct one, then there would havebeen very easy to do, the absence of such marks has several been one skull per religious site. This would make them veryconnotations. It suggests that the skull, though human looking, is rare—but we already know that these skulls are indeed extremelynot that of an ordinary being. It suggests that the skulls "owner" rare. Though at present there is no hard evidence to prove it, thiseither was born as an adult or/and was somehow a divinity, a theory has the advantage of fitting with all the availableperfect being. Furthermore, the detachable jaw would have evidence—unlike some more "academic" theories. If correct, itallowed the skull to "speak", as the heros skull is known to have does make the crystal skulls powerful symbols: the residence ofdone in the creation myth. Noting that the skull in this myth spat, gods. And it is perhaps not a coincidence that the crystal fromthe Mayans might have engineered that effect, too, through the which the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was made is the same materialuse of the movable jaw that the Mitchell-Hedges Skull possesses. Dorland demonstrated that, in order to give it the illusion of Continued on page 8156 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • A Meeting in an Anomalous Zone T he first time I heard about the unusual boy named Boriska was from stories of the participants of an expedition to an anomalous zone in the north of Volgograd Province, known in our country as the Medveditskaya Ridge. "Imagine, when everyone was sitting around the bonfire in the evening, this little boy, about seven years old, suddenly and loudly demanded silence: he was going to tell us about the A Russian boy who inhabitants of Mars and about their trips to Earth," said one of the witnesses who shared his impressions. "Well, someone was still chatting in a low voice, and then the boy has spoken of strictly demanded our full attention, or else there would be no story." And so the other conversations died off. And this is why: the round-faced child with previous lives on the big eyes, in a summer T-shirt and a cool baseball cap, completely unafraid of the adults, began an unbelievable story—about the Martian civilisation, about megalith-cities Mars, past and and Martian spaceships, about flights to other planets, and about the country of Lemuria on Earth, the life of which he knew about personally, having at some point flown here future cosmic from Mars to this huge continent in the middle of the ocean and where he had friends… cataclysms and Many were shocked at two things. First, the unusual knowledge that a seven-year-old should not have had, and, second, the speech of Boriska was not at the level of a child in extraterrestrials the first grade. He used such terminology, details and facts from the pasts of Mars and the Earth that everyone was impressed. Only from the emotional outbursts could you tell that visiting our planet this proper and sensible speech was from a child. "Why did Boriska talk like this?" wondered my interlocutor. "Apparently, he was has captured provoked by his surroundings at the expedition camp. Here were gathered interested people with open minds, pursuing the solutions of the many secrets of Earth and the worldwide attention cosmos, and Boris, listening to the day of conversations, expostulated in his speech what had long been in his memory." since his case came "Could he have made it all up? Watched all the Star Wars movies and started to make to light several up stories?" "It seems not. This did not sound like a fantasy," argued my colleague. "More like it years ago. was the memory of the past, memories from his past reincarnations. These sorts of details cant be imagined; they must be personally known." The words about the memories of past reincarnations decided everything: I understood that I had to meet Boriska. Now, after meeting with him and his parents, I am trying to put everything together in order to understand the mystery of the birth of this young being. Boriskas Mothers Recollections Its curious that Boriska appeared in the world in the city of Volzhk, in a provincial maternity hospital, although on his birth certificate, in the section for place of birth, it says instead "Zhirnovsk, Volgograd Province" in the place of registration. His birthdate is 11 by Gennady Belimov January 1996 at 8.30 am. That may say something to an astrologer. © 2004–05 His parents are good and kind people. Nadezhda Kipryanovich, Boriss mother, is a dermatologist in a city clinic and graduated from the Volgograd Medical Institute in 1991. Translated from Russian and His father, Yuri Tovstenev, is a retired officer, in his time a graduate of the Kamishinsky edited from the web page: Higher Military Institute, and now works as a construction supervisor. They themselves http://projectcamelot/ would be happy if someone could help them solve the mysterious phenomenon of their indigo_boy_from_mars.html son, but for now they watch their miracle with curiosity. "When Boriska was born, I noticed that at 15 days old he already held his head up," recalls Nadezhda. "His first word, baba ("grandmother"), he said at four months old andAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 57
    • from then on you could say that he started to talk. He made his they would find knowledge not under the Pyramid of Cheops butfirst sentence at seven months with the words "I want a nail"— under a different one. But they have not found it yet. "Life willhed seen a nail in the wall—although generally children start change when they open the Sphinx," he said, and added that thespeaking much later. The most remarkable of his intellectual Sphinx will open somewhere behind the ear but he cantabilities were beyond the physical." remember exactly where. "How did they manifest?" He talks engagingly, when the inspiration comes, about the "When Boris was a year old, I started giving him letters Mayan civilisation, feeling that people do not know very muchfollowing the Nikitin system and, if you can imagine, at a year about that fascinating people.and a half he could already read heavy newspaper type. He But the most striking thing is that Boriska thinks that now onlearned to recognise colours in a variety of hues early and easily. Earth is the time when special children are being born because ofAt two years old he began drawing, and at two and a half he could some great changes to come to the planet and because newpaint. He could draw in different hues." knowledge will be needed beyond the Earthling mentality. Boris went to day care after he turned two. All of the "How do you know about these gifted children, and why is itcaregivers said that he was very gifted with languages and had happening?" I asked him during our meeting. "Do you know thatunusual brain development. They noticed that he had a they are being called Indigo children?"phenomenal memory. However, his parents noticed that the way "I know that they are being born, but havent met any in ourtheir son gathered knowledge was not only through observing his city. But, maybe Julia Petrova: she believes me, which meanssurroundings but, it would seem, from other sources: he picked that she feels something. The others usually laugh when I tellup information somehow from nowhere! stories. On Earth, something is going to happen—two "No one taught him," remembers Nadezhda, "but he somehow got catastrophes—therefore these children are being born. They haveinto the habit of sitting in the lotus position—and just listen to him! to help people. The poles will switch. In 2009 there will be theHe cast such pearls and details about Mars, about the planetary first great catastrophe on one large continent, and in 2013 theresystems and other civilisations that it amazed us. But how could the will be an even more powerful one."child know all of this? Space and the cosmic subjects in his "You arent afraid of this, even though it may affect your life asstories—these were the constant topics well?"from when he was two." "No, Im not afraid: we live forever. There was a catastrophe onMars, Indigo Children and "The poles will switch. Mars, where I lived before. TheyPlanetary Catastrophes were the same people as us, but there Boriska announced that he used to In 2009 there will be the first was a nuclear war and everythinglive on Mars and that the planet was great catastrophe on one burned. Some people survived andhabitable but it had survived the worst houses were built and new weapons.catastrophe in its history—the loss of large continent, and in 2013 There was also a change ofits atmosphere—and now a few there will be an even more continents there. However, thatremaining inhabitants live in continent was not large.underground cities. At that time, he powerful one." "Martians breathe air which isoften flew to the Earth on trade and mostly carbon dioxide. If they camescientific research missions. It would to our planet, they would always stayseem that he himself had been a pilot near smoke stacks."of a space vessel. This was at the time of the Lemurian civilisation, "And you, if you are from Mars, can easily breathe our air or doand he had a Lemurian friend who died before his eyes. you need carbon dioxide?" "A huge catastrophe happened on Earth, where mountains "Once you find yourself in this Earthly body, then you breatheexploded and a great continent broke apart and sank under the this air. But we hate Earths air, because from your air comeswater, and all of a sudden a huge stone fell on the building where ageing. There, on Mars, people are forever young, around 30–35,my friend was," reported Boriska. "I couldnt save him. And now and there are no old people. With every year these children fromon Earth we should meet again..." Mars will be born more and more on Earth. In our city there will Boriska sees the whole picture of the destruction of Lemuria as be no fewer than twenty."if it just happened, and he suffers about the death of an Earthling "Do you remember your old name or the names of youras if he himself was guilty of causing it. friends?" Once he saw a book which his mother had brought, Where Do "No, I can never remember names."We Come From? by Ernst Muldashev. You needed to see the "From what age do you remember yourself?"effect this had on the little boy. He looked at the drawings of "From thirteen I remember my former life, and here I rememberLemurians, the photographs of the Tibetan pagodas, and two myself since birth, but I do not forget where I came from. Wehours later he could talk in detail about the Lemurian race and at a wore special glasses there, and we fought all of the time. Onhigh level about their discoveries. Mars, there was one unpleasant thing: a station which needed to "But Lemuria was destroyed at least 800,000 years ago," I said be destroyed. Mars can be revived, but this station prevents that.carefully, "and the Lemurians were more than nine metres tall— It is secret. I can draw how it looks; we were near it. This stationand yet somehow you remember all of this?" is against us." "Yes, I remember; certainly no one told me about it," replied "Boris, why do our space stations [sic] die more often than notBoris. when they are landing on Mars?" Another time he began to remember a lot after seeing the "There is a signal coming from Mars, and it tries to kill theillustrations in a second book by Muldashev, In Search of the City stations [sic]. There are harmful rays on these stations."of Gods, about burial chambers and the pyramids. He said that I was amazed about the harmful Phobos rays. In 1988, a man58 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • from Volzhsk, Yuri Lushnichenko, a man with extrasensory powers, calling a parallel world. We observed the death of the planet fromtried to contact the leaders of the Soviet space program to warn them Mars," he clarified.of the imminent failure of their Mars space probes Phobos 1 and And suddenly he said the unimaginable. He said that the Earth,Phobos 2, particularly because of the rays and radioactive batteries as a living conscious being, began to accept the children ofwhich were alien to the planet. They did not listen to his warnings. Proserpine in order to educate them. Therefore, occasionallyThey did not feel the need to respond, even today, although in order children are born here who can remember about their home planetto succeed, according to Lushnichenko, it is necessary to change and consider themselves extraterrestrials.tactics when approaching the surface of Mars. This is what Boriss mother Nadezhda kept in her journal; it is what Boris once said to her:UFOs and Lost Planets "You are a forerunner. You have cleared the platform for us. "Do you know about multiple dimensions? You know, to fly In the highest spheres, you are considered a hero. You have theyou dont need to follow a straight trajectory but can go through heaviest burden on your shoulders. I have come to the New Time.multidimensional space?" A holographic code is already visible and is superimposed on I carefully enquired with an out-of-this-world question from the space. Everything will come to light in a new fire of thought,point of view of mainstream science. very quickly... The transition from one world to the other will Boriska suddenly perked up and began to explain energetically take place through the substance of Time. I have brought theabout the construction of UFOs. "We just launched and we were New Time. I have brought the New Information..."already near the Earth!" Then he took a piece of chalk and drew Boriskas Martian Chroniclessomething triangular on the blackboard. About a year later, I went to Zhirnovsk to"There are six layers," he enthused. "The meet with Boriska and find out the latestouter layer takes 25 per cent of the durable details of his life. Of course, first of all thematerial, the second layer takes 30 per cent discussion was with his mother.and is like rubber, the third takes another 30 "I looked in to the room, because I heardper cent and is again metal; four per cent is a Mars began to lose Boriska talking to someone, but I knew forlayer with magnetic properties." He wrote sure that he was alone," recalls Nadezhda.the figures on the board. "If you power the its atmosphere "He was in fact alone, and in front of himmagnetic layer with energy, the apparatus can and water was a coloured mosaic made of childrensfly all over the universe." constructor toys, and on it was the double We adults looked at each other. In which catastrophically. spiral of DNA! I recognised it clearly fromgrade do they study percentages? Of course, Boriska said that my studies at the medical institute.they had not got to that in school yet, but "And he said to someone, Im theit seems Boriska is having serious there were special pilot of a research ship, a scientist, but Idifficulties at school. They put him ships going to the will never perform the cross-breedingdirectly into second grade after of human and reptile DNA! Itassessments, but then they tried to get rid nearest planet, contradicts the rules of naturalof him. Who, you tell me, would like it Earth, to get water. selection. A few Latin wordswhen a child suddenly interrupts the followed. I was just stunned; andteacher to say, "Maria Ivanovna, youre instead of listening more, I started tonot telling the truth! You arent teaching shake him. What is this? Who are youus correctly!" And that happens more talking to? And Boriska suddenlythan once a day. came out of his trance, confused, and "What is Boriskas mission on Earth? muttering Im playing.Does he know it?" I asked both him and "Yet again, I realised that I donthis mother. know my son very well. Its true that "He said that he is guessing," said when I asked him later, he told me thatNadezhda. "He knows something about Earths future; for this information is not for people and that when he lived on Marsexample, that knowledge will be distributed according to the they had slightly different branches of DNA—a bit different thanquality and the level of consciousness. New knowledge will the DNA of the Lemurian race.never come to vicious people with petty vices—thieves, bandits, "But basically I understood that if he remembers the Martianalcoholics—and also those who arent willing to change period of his life, then it would be from the point of view ofthemselves for the better. They will be leaving the planet. He different time periods. That is, it seems that he appeared on Marsthinks that information will play the most important role. A time numerous times and remembers various episodes of his lives,of unity and cooperation will begin on Earth." probably over the course of many thousands of years." "Boris, where do you know this from?" "So you dont think that these are simply childish fantasies?" "From inside myself," he answered seriously. "Maybe I would be glad to think that, but it doesnt fit. Theres Once, when he was five, he amazed his parents when he began too much completely unusual knowledge involved here. Therestalking about Proserpine, a planet which died hundreds of simply nowhere that he could have got it from. True, I dont thinkthousands or possibly millions of years ago. And this word, that he remembers his past lives in the same way that weProserpine, he said without having heard it anywhere else. remember the day before. Of course not. His memory is very "A beam sliced through it, and it fell to pieces," explained fragmented and reveals itself under certain conditions, and itsBoriska. "Physically the planet no longer exists, but its possible that gradually it will fade. Yes, he can connect to externalinhabitants teleported into the fifth dimension, which you are sources of information and be their transmitter, but ten minutesAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 59
    • later he can simply forget this information, like a normal child." Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, of the Institute of Terrestrial Yet their recordings in the past months are curious recollections Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation (IZMIRAN)by Boriska about serious cataclysms on Mars. For example, he of the Russian Academy of Sciences, met with Boriska andinsists that in the last hundreds of thousands or even millions of invited him to Moscow for examination.years, there were serious problems with water. Mars began to Some of Lugovenkos colleagues participated in thelose its atmosphere and water catastrophically. Boriska said that examination of the boy. Lugovenko conducts research into Indigothere were special ships going to the nearest planet, Earth, to get children in Russia and other countries, and considers they havewater. They looked like cylinders and served as mother ships. been born on this planet over the past 20 years for a reason. He talked a lot about his duties and work in space. The boy Apparently these children are connected to the development of adoes not like American movies about space adventures and wars future Earth civilisation.very much, and says that everything there is skewed and made up. Boriska and his mother were invited to a special educationMartian ships could travel around the whole solar system, and camp on Atalsky Lake in Tulskaya Province, where there is a spotthey had a number of bases on planets and their satellites. where the Earths energy has a particular effect on people. Apparently he wasnt a bad pilot and he had good professional I have read a scientific report on the measurements of theskills, and according to his stories he participated many times in causal, ethereal, emotional and mental limits of the biofields offlights to Saturn, where the most difficult thing was to navigate the expedition members. I have to say that, first, the boy has athrough the zone of the asteroid belt. Many of his friends died on really strong biofield in comparison with the other participantsthe approach to Saturn. and, second, after the expedition his biofield expanded more so "You know, Mama, I didnt just bring water to Mars!" stated than that of the others.Boriska one day. "Youre always going, Mars this, Mars that, but Photographs of Boriskas aura also tell a lot about him. ToI was responsible for Jupiter! We had a special project studying quote a document:the creation of a second sun in our solar system. And that second "Before the experiment, the prevailing colour in the photo wassun was supposed to be Jupiter. But so much physical mass was yellow, which characterises the intellectual strength of a happy,required for this that there wasnt attractive person. In the bottom leftenough in the whole solar system. corner, a bright red colour can beSo the project never succeeded." In his words, Mars used to be seen, which can suggest the activity, Once he said that the scientists of unselfish love and energy of the boy.Earth would be interested to know closer to Jupiter and the "After the experiment, the photothat there are not nine planets in oursolar system but two more. They are Moon then belonged to Mars. changed relatively little: in the bottom left corner, a green lightlocated beyond Pluto. But after a giant cosmic appeared. This suggests the life In his words, Mars used to becloser to Jupiter and the Moon then cataclysm, Mars changed force, positive tendency and friendliness of the boy."belonged to Mars. But after a giant its orbit, which is how Earth Lugovenko intends to continue thecosmic cataclysm, Mars changed its got its satellite, the Moon. observations of Boriska, and recentlyorbit, which is how Earth got its he went to Zhirnovsk to familiarisesatellite, the Moon. However, himself with Boriskas life in hisBoriska cant remember any details home.about that period. He also went to the anomalous zone on Blue Mountain, which One time, while watching a TV show on the Discovery is a few dozen kilometres from Zhirnovsk.Channel, he began to talk with great enthusiasm about the Grey "I am sure that, in the moral sense, Indigo children greatly differcivilisation—small humanoids with huge eyes. from others their age," relates Dr Lugovenko. "They have an "They arent Martians," he said, indicating at the screen. "We extraordinary sensitivity to any falseness, a development of intuition,arent like this; were closer to Lemurians and Atlanteans. First, telepathic powers and a connection to the cosmos. We can hope thatwere tall, and these are dwarves. Second, the Greys are cruel. the boy will fulfil his intended mission on Earth, about which neitherThey are from another galaxy, and let themselves perform any he nor we can guess yet."experiments on people. We even had to fight them, because they "If evil powers dont prevent him," I would add.are aggressors. Our race was kind, less aggressive and the most Perhaps I want to hope that Boriskas troubles will only serve tointellectual, as we could even use psychic energy." strengthen him. ∞ Firing out his words, sometimes stuttering, all said in a shortspeech, the boy then turned his attention back to his normal Editors Note:games, and the "problem of the Greys", in the words of his This article is provided courtesy of Project Camelot and hasmother, hasnt come up again. It seemed to be a flare of memory been edited for space. The complete version as well as videowhich may never be repeated. footage taken by the Project Camelot team and other material But if there are to be any new statements about life in space, on related to Boriska can be viewed at http://projectcamelot.org/Mars or in the solar system, there will be doubts. The boy, in the indigo_boy_from_mars.html.words of specialists, is "closing up". Most likely, the difficulties A short item about Boriska was published in NEXUSof our Earthly reality are causing this to happen—as they do for Twilight Zone, vol. 13, no. 1.other Indigo children. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy are the team behind Project Camelot. We published their interview with ET archivist "Mr X"Scientific Interest in Indigo Children in NEXUS vol. 13, no. 6, and their interviews with Livermore That representatives of science are truly interested in Boriska is physicist "Henry Deacon" in vol. 14, nos 1 and 5. Visit theiran unarguable fact. A doctor of physical-mathematical science, website at http://projectcamelot.org/.60 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
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    • 62 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • EVIDENCE THAT GIANTS is his livelihood—in which case he might proportions that would make them capable WALKED THE EARTH do it for several hours at a time. This of using this tool, the workers at this by Ted Twietmeyer © 2008 author owns a 10-pound sledgehammer, copper mine must have been giants— and the only words to describe using it are perhaps 12 to 18 feet [3.7 to 5.5 metres]N ear the coastal town of Llandudno misery, sweat and pain—and not tall, or about three times taller than an in the north of Wales, in an area necessarily in that order! Its very hard to average human being of today. To put this that rises 220 metres above the Irish imagine using one of these for mining, day into perspective, the average floor-to-Sea, there is an ancient copper mine. in and day out. ceiling height in an average home built inKnown as the Great Orme copper mine, it So, who or what could have wielded one the United States within the last 50 years ishas been dated to the Bronze Age, about of these 64-pound back-breakers? If we just eight feet [2.4 metres].3,500 years ago. scale up the size of the ancient people to Perhaps these are the people referred to It is believed that the mine stretches formany kilometres, with six kilometres of italready surveyed. It is known to have ninelevels within it, and that over 1,700 tons ofcopper has been removed from it. This isquite a staggering accomplishment for asociety of that era that did not use powertools, or at least power tools as we knowthem today. More than 2,500 sledgehammers havebeen recovered in the mine. The largestweighs in at around 64 pounds [29.03kilograms]. Who on Earth could havewielded a 64-pound sledgehammer? The largest typical sledgehammer usedtoday weighs 20 pounds [9.07 kg] (fig. 1),though sledgehammers in the 10-pound[4.5-kg] class are more commonplace. Agrown man (without back trouble yet) canwield a 20-pound sledgehammer, but onlyfor limited amounts of time; that is, unlesssmashing masonry and doing demolitionsAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 63
    • THE TWILIGHT ZONE to the size of their body, like most mammals, it could indicate they had a very high level of intelligence. Elephants are the largest known land mammals and also have a high degree of intelligence. Could it also be that megalithic monuments such as those in England (Stonehenge), France, Egypt, Easter Island, the Orkney Islands (see fig. 4) and elsewhere were constructed by an ancient race of giants? To our race as human beings, these stones appear incredibly massive—and they are. It is universally accepted that these massive stones and blocks require some type of mechanical advantage to handle and erect them. As large as these stones are, most seem to average about the same height everywhere they are found on Earth. These stones may not have been any taller than the giants who mined, handled and Entrance to the Great Orme Copper Mine1 erected them. All things are relative, whether it is thein Genesis as giants, who lived in/on the possessed six fingers on each hand (fig. 4). year 2008 or the year 5000 BC. SomeEarth in those days. What the Bible doesnt If the brain of these giants is in proportion precepts are universal in nature. If youtell us in any great detail is precisely wherethose giants came from. Could it be thatthe race of giants came from the stars orperhaps from another planet in our solarsystem? There is some biblical evidencethat they are the "fallen ones", known asthe Nephilim. In Sumerian text and imageswe see evidence of a giant race, such asdepicted in the tablet in fig. 3. A large portion of the brain is dedicatedto controlling the hand. If another fingeron each hand were present in a human, thiswould require a larger brain area to controlthe additional two fingers. There arenumerous accounts that the giants Fig. 2. This is a the same 20-pound sledgehammer as in fig. 1, scaled up by 300 per cent to the size of a 60-pound sledgehammer (currently not manufactured). The handle would be nine feet [2.74 metres] long, with the metal head about the size ofF ig . 1. Mod ern 20-p oun d sledge- a cement block. An even bigger, 64-pound sledgehammer was found at the Greathammer. The head is about the size of Orme copper mine by archaeologists. To lift this 60-pound hammer using only thea standard house brick. Standing up, far end of a nine-foot-long handle would be beyond the strength of any modern-daythe handle is about 3 feet [0.9 m] long.2 human. To swing it with force would be virtually impossible.64 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • THE TWILIGHT ZONEFig. 3. Sumerian tablet with seated giant king. How tall might this king be if hestood up? The more you study this image, the more symbolism youll find. Notethe great detail in the kings attire and cuneiform writing in the clay.3 Fig. 4. Sumerian giant with six fingers4stood 20 feet [6.1 metres] tall and were speculation. Megalithic monuments the construction of many of the monumentshandling a stone 18 feet long, it may not be constructed of massive stones appear to such as the Great Pyramid and Stonehengeany more difficult to position it in the support this concept. It may have been that might be the functional equivalent of anground than it is for a modern human adult giants simply picked up the massive blocks ordinary human being picking up a cementto put in a concrete mailbox post. This and set them in place. Im sure block.may be oversimplifying things a bit, but archaeologists will take a dim view of my But the mystery still remains: why didyou get the concept here. idea. Depending on the size of these they go to so much trouble to build so The issue of giants on Earth no longer beings who walked the Earth many many of these monuments? ∞appears to be within the realm of millennia ago, handling the blocks used in About the Author: Ted Twietmeyer has been involved in engineering systems for more than 30 years. His responsibilities included numerous critical systems for NASA, the aerospace industry an d the US De partment of Defense. A p r o j e c t manager for more than 20 years and an engineering director at two companies, he is also a writer of numerous essays on anomalies associated with the Earth, S un , Mo on a nd Ma rs. He c an be emailed at tedtw@frontiernet.net. For additional information, visit the websites h ttp: //www.da ta 4scie nc e.n et an d http://www.bookonmars.info. Endnotes 1. http://www.philipcoppens.com/ greatorme.html 2. Source: Google Image Library 3. http://www.returnofthenephilim.com/ PhotosSumerianGiantsGods.html 4. http://www.sydhav.no/giants/more.htm 5. http://www.philipcoppens.com/orkneys. Fig. 5. Standing stones on the Orkney Islands5 htmlAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 65
    • THE TWILIGHT ZONE SECRET UNITED NATIONS member nations that could not attend. Vatican representative to attend multiple MEETINGS ON UFO S The initial meeting was held on 12 meetings, as was the case with other by Michael E. Salla, PhD © 2008 February and, according to Lorant, led to a attendees. Similar confirmation also exists request by three US senators for further that Sir John Sawers was present at the UNA French aviation expert has come discussions. Additional meetings were during this period and could therefore have forward to reveal his participation held immediately after, on 13 and 14 attended all or some of the sessions of the in secret meetings, held from 12 to February. secret meetings.14 February 2008 at the United Nations In the meetings there was discussion of a According to Lorant, security at theNew York headquarters, that discussed the confidential report, prepared by the US Air meetings was not very tight andUFO phenomenon. Force and a branch of the National Guard, participants merely had to sign an Gilles Lorant is a former research attaché concerning the societal impact of UFO "appreciation form" at their conclusion.with the Centre National de la Recherche sightings. Apparently other, more high-securityScientifique (CNRS, National Centre for Lorant revealed that the report had been meetings were underway that wereScientific Research), a government-funded ordered by the three US senators, who conducted behind chained doors withresearch organisation under the commented on it. He did not clarify if the guards in front.administrative authority of Frances senators actually attended the meeting orMinistry of Research. He is also a former whether their comments were merely Official Openness in 2009?auditor with the Institute of Advanced projected onto the screen. He said that no Lorant also revealed that one-and-a-halfStudies for National Defence (IHEDN), the documents were distributed at the meetings. hours of the meetings was devoted toFrench organisation that produced the 1999 The meetings were very concerned about discussion of recent UFO sightings, andCOMETA Report on UFOs. social upheaval from continued UFO that agreement was reached to develop an Lorant revealed that a series of UN sightings and the testimonies of individuals official policy of "openness" to UFOmeetings was held over a three-day period. claiming to have first-hand knowledge reports in 2009, provided that certainThe meetings involved 40 representatives about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and future global conditions were met. Mostof 28 member states. Lorant further global events. It was reported that adverse important appeared to be social stability inclaimed that depending on the official public reactions to UFO sightings could G-8 countries and the maintenance ofstatus of the meetings, a report may be have a dramatic economic impact that liberal democratic systems in developingofficially released by the end of March to could lead to recessions in some countries. nations. Lorant also suggested that an official High-level Attendees opening in attitudes would only occur if In a pre-interview UFO sightings continued at present levels. discussion with a French His revelations indicate an official effort to radio journalist, Didier de coordinate international policies in Plaige, Lorant revealed response to an unprecedented number of that the meetings were UFO sightings in 2007–08. chaired by Srgjan Kerim, For example, a parliamentary question the President of the UN raised about UFO sightings in Japan led General Assembly. He Japans Defence Minister Shigeru Ishibato also identified the to state publicly, on 20 December, the Vaticans Apostolic official Japanese defence policy in the Nuncio and Permanent event that extraterrestrial vehicles appeared Observer to the United over Japanese airspace. He claimed that if Nations, Archbishop no hostile intent was displayed, the Celestino Migliore, and Japanese Self-Defence Forces would not Sir John Sawers, Britains militarily engage with extraterrestrial Permanent Representative visitors. Ishibas statement is one of the to the United Nations, as few public policy statements released by a having attended. major nation on possible responses to Lorants list of attendees extraterrestrial visitors. is strengthened by a Further investigations are currently Vatican announcement underway to corroborate more aspects of that Archbishop Migliore Lorants testimony and to find other was present at the UN on attendees willing to disclose what 13 February to deliver a happened at the secret UN meetings speech on the global discussing UFO sightings. ∞ environment to the General Assembly. (Source: Dr Michael E. Salla, 1, 5, 6 According to Lorant, it March 2008, http://www.exopolitics.org/ was possible for the Exo-Comment-68.htm plus links)66 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
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    • 68 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • REVIEWS easily digestible. You can discover a world edition, it contains more details on the vita- of raw food recipes that are easy to prepare min- and mineral-rich foods that can help and delicious to eat. Henshaw tempts us remineralise teeth and improve overall Reviewed by Ruth Parnell with menus illustrated with colour photos. health—and the foods that dont. The proto-LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE Its amazing how raw foods can be utilised col includes consuming raw dairy products,by Marguerite Henshaw for an interesting culinary experience from raw wild fish/shellfish and raw organ meatsMarguerite Henshaw, Western Aust, 2007 appetiser to dessert. She includes some frequently as well as bone broths, fresh veg-ISBN 978-1-905570-13-3 (175pp tpb) choice recipes for almond milk (an alterna- etables, fermented foods and more on a dailyAvailable: Marguerite Henshaw, PO Box tive to dairy and soy) and for Essene bread basis, according to instinct, in order to using sprouted grain. Henshaw also warns obtain optimum nutrition. Theres more950, Subiaco WA 6904, Australia, tel +61 about harmful foods such as pork products, detail on the ideal ratio of elements to build(0)8 9201 2226 healthy, cavity-free teeth, and on why sweet shellfish (scavengers of the sea), refinedF orget taking the easy way out at the supermarket with processed and food-mile-exhausted, unseasonal produce. flour, sugar and salt, soy (an endocrine dis- rupter) and excitotoxins. And she takes a foods (processed and natural) strip vital min- erals from the teeth and bones. Plus, theres stand against microwaving foods: this can more on assimilation difficulties and theInstead, buy fresh foods that are grown problems with modern dental treatments.locally, in harmony with nature—foods that convert substances to organotoxins or car- cinogens. But dont despair: one of her key Nagel devotes a large section to a "sane"promote good health. This is the message of approach to treating and preventing toothEnglish-born, Western Australian resident pieces of advice is that "love is the secret ingredient to perfect food". Live on! decay in early childhood. It includes dietaryMarguerite Henshaw, known as "The Queen advice, a warning that vaccines promoteof Raw Cuisine" for her expertise over the decay, and answers to frequently askedlast 20 years in nutritional health and for her CURE TOOTH DECAY by Ramiel Nagel questions. Hes convinced hes uncoveredfamous raw food workshops. the cause of tooth decay, and is passionate to In Let Food Be Your Medicine, Henshaw Ramiel Nagel, California, USA, 2007 ISBN 978-1-4348-1060-1 (121pp tpb) share his knowledge in service to humanity.encourages us to take our health into ourown hands so we can live the long, healthy, Available: www.curetoothdecay.comhappy lives we were created for. It maysound clichéd, but we can eat our way togood health, and Henshaws prescription T he secret to preventing, controlling and overcoming tooth decay can be found in proper nutrition, says Ramiel Nagel. Whileincludes knowledge of the benefits of not a dentist or a health professional, he hasenzymes, essential fatty acids, food combin- put together information that was brought toing, sprouting and juicing, the wonders of public attention 70 years ago by dentist Drwater and the energy of light and love. She Weston A. Price. His inspiration to find theextols the power of raw foods, which have real cause and cure for tooth decay camehealing properties such as increasing cellular when his one-year-old daughter becamerespiration and repairing body malfunctions. afflicted and he suffered four new cavitiesShe goes so far as to say that "[r]aw food is and tooth sensitivity near the gum line.the only truly healing food". His book Cure Tooth Decay is the result of Through her self-published book you can three years of research and applying a proto-learn about biochemistry principles, the col developed by Dr Price (based on studieshealth benefits of alkaline-forming vegeta- of indigenous diets) and extended by dentistbles and fruits, and why some foods arent Dr Melvin Page. Further to his article in thisAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 69
    • REVIEWSLIFE FROM LIGHT: Is it possible to tains a 2004 lecture from Michael Werner view based on sturdy findings fromlive without food? with his answers to questions from the floor, immunology, toxicology and epidemiology.by Michael Werner & Thomas Stöckli an account of the 21-day process by Dr Frazers book is divided into two parts:Clairview Books, East Sussex, UK, 2007 Jasmuheen associate Charmaine Harley, understanding the orthodox medical model,(first pub. as Leben durch Lichtnahrung by reports from others who have followed the and looking from an unorthodox perspec-AT Verlag, Baden & Munich, 2005 process, and Werners commentary on him- tive. From studying the orthodox modelISBN 978-1-905570-13-3 (225pp tpb) self as a scientific case study (all his vital with all its simplicity and logic, Frazer con- signs are normal if not better than an aver- cludes that the immune system is far moreAvailable: www.clairviewbooks.com complex than acknowledged, so theres enor- age man in his mid/late 50s). Theres addi-C an you imagine that we can receive nourishment from light alone? Well,consider that biophysicists confirm that elec- tional commentary from Stöckli on the need for scientific exploration of the phenomenon mous scope for error when we operate from the perspective of incomplete knowledge of being able to live without food, and fasci- and inaccurate perceptions. Besides, humantromagnetic radiation accounts for three- nating historical examples of people who physiology has its own innate wisdom.quarters of the energy supplied to and given His extensive research backing him up,off in humans and that acquiring energy have literally lived on light. This unusual life choice is not for every- Frazer is satisfied that immunisation is notquantitatively via food plays only a small an appropriate method for preventing child-part. Consider, too, that philosopher Rudolf one, but its a fascinating one that opens up a new paradigm in human existence. hood disease. He challenges immunisationSteiner said in a 1910 lecture that "matter is theory and the germ theory of disease andcondensed light", the concept being that establishes a valid theory of health that con-"light" has an "etheric" power; indeed, its CHOOSING NOT TO IMMUNISE OUR CHILDREN tradicts the notion that immunity can bethe prana of the Hindu sages. gained via immunisation. Inspired by Steiner, the feats of yogis and by Dale Frazer, DO, BSc Inkview Publishing, NSW, Australia, 2007 Parents, and anyone contemplating havingthe 1998 book Living on Light by Australian children, owe it to this next generation tohealer Jasmuheen, Michael Werner (a ISBN 978-0-9775895-0-0 (290pp tpb) investigate the down side of immunisation.German-born, Swiss-based chemist and Available: http://www.inkview.comhealth institute managing director) stoppedeating solid foods at the beginning of 2001.He embarked on Jasmuheens 21-day plan, Y ears of research led Dale and Sharon Frazer, both ostoeopaths with health- related science degrees, to decide not tobased on three seven-day cycles, to explore have their children vaccinated when theythe possibility of living without eating. The eventually did have them. They analysedplan allows the drinking of fluids only after the prevailing medical opinion that the bene-the first week, and Werner, then 51 and bat- fits of vaccination far outstrip the risks, andtling an illness, came through the process weighed this against the fact that no medicalfeeling better than hed ever felt. He contin- treatment is 100 per cent effective or safe.ues on this path, which does allow consump- With their joint experience in tow, Daletion of water, juices and even tea and coffee. Frazer has written this book to help parentsHowever, the entire exercise is a spiritual make the decision thats right for their chil-"conversion" of sorts, a departure from dren. He acknowledges that immunisationmaterialism, leaving one with a greater— is a topic "powerfully charged" with fear,and ongoing—attunement to nature. whether you support the "for" or "against" Life From Light, co-written with spiritual side of the debate. Hes keen not to go downenquirer and journalist Thomas Stöckli, con- the path of fear but to present a balanced70 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • THINK OF AN ELEPHANT: REVIEWS delineates the eight steps and characteristics ing them up to 5,000 years old. Theres aCombining science and spirituality... on the path to spiritual integration and con- tradition of copying these bundles of palm-by Paul Bailey nection with the intelligent universe. leaf writings to preserve them. They presentWatkins Publishing, London, 2007 Bailey has compiled some excellent medi- an interesting conundrum: would the writ-ISBN 978-1-905857-17-3 (402pp tpb) tations through which we can liberate our- ings that relate to a particular person beAvailable: www.watkinspublishing.com selves and link with "the unifying experi- there if that person never visited, or are they ence within everything". Visit his website only there because of that persons visit?T he title of this book is a reference to sci- entists contemplating what would hap-pen to an elephant sucked into a black hole, (www.mindbenders.com.au) for more on his inspirational outlook and practices. The dedicated, dispassionate and yet joyful palm-leaf readers give prognostications onand is also used by author Paul Bailey in a the future, based on their detailed knowl-mental exercise in learning how to let go. THE HIDDEN ORACLE OF INDIA edge of Indian astrology, and commentariesAchieving this state of detachment is one of by Andrew and Angela Donovan on the past of the individual. They givethe hallmarks of becoming spiritually O Books, UK, 2008; www.o-books.net remedies for progress, often involving puja ISBN 978-1-84694–074–3 (139pp tpb) and payment to atone for wrongdoings.mature and integrated. Available: Aust—Brumby, tel (03) 9761 The authors took all this in their stride and One of our greatest life challenges—on a came away with a renewed, ongoing vigourpersonal as well as a collective level—is to 5535; UK/Eur— Orca, tel 01202 665432; as to their life paths and soul purposes.find a balance between the forces of separa- USA/Canada—NBN, tel 1800 462 6420 Their friends, in whom theyve cultivated antion and isolation and those of connectionand unity. Bailey, an educator and healer,advocates an holistic approach to living that A n extraordinary body of knowledge and an oracle par excellence exists in the Naadi palm-leaf scripts of India, mainly interest in these Naadi palm-leaf readings, all seem to concur, and several contribute their perspectives in the Donovans book.requires taking personal responsibility for found in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. There are some fascinating asides in thisour physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Authors Andrew and Angela Donovan (he most unusual story (see the Donovans arti-selves. Everything is connected, or net- an open-minded sceptic, she a talented cle in this issue). An uplifting journey.worked, and has a relationship with every- medium) tracked down the palm-leaf readersthing else. Theres the created reality but in 2004 when they travelled from the UK toalso the original reality that we arise from: Kashmir to attend a wedding.its called infinity, and it supports created To cut a long story short, these custodiansreality; its timeless and invisible, and its the of the Naadi scripts can find a palm leaf thatsource of creativity and spontaneity. We relates to you alone, based on a thumbprintmay not be conscious of it, but we do live type (there are 108 personality types in thiswithin this extra, infinite dimension, says ancient database) and a process of eliminat-Bailey. But how do we increase awareness ing the facts that dont apply. These recordsof this reality, the stuff of spiritual tradition? are written in the context of the exact time To show that science and spirituality are when the querent arrives for the first read-two sides of the same coin, Bailey taps into ing. Andrew was stunned to hear not justknowledge from quantum physics, theology, intimate details of his life story but that hiscosmology, holistic health, evolutionary the- mother had just been admitted to hospital inory and neuroscience. He presents evidence a serious condition—which he was able tofor an informed spirituality and shows why verify soon afterwards. From what he canits important to develop this if we want to determine, these writings are said to havechange our world for the greater good. He been dictated by the avatar Shiva, thus mak-APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 71
    • REVIEWSTHE GOLEM: tions by refusing to allow inspections of its this day, is a pastiche of seven different sto-A World Held Hostage – nuclear arsenal (Mordechai Vanunu was ries, he reckons, complete with symbologies,Israels Nuclear Hell Bomb and the right, and is still being persecuted for reveal- designed to reinforce the St Clair claim to ing some of Israels nuclear secrets). Piper the Scottish throne. Yet nearly 200 yearsRoad to Global Armageddon would pass before it became a political tool warns against Israel having unbridledby Michael Collins Piper authority in the region and over its "tool", in the St Clair claim to masonic lineage.American Free Press, Washington, 2007 the USA—or at least its Zionist factions. Unexpectedly in this journey, Lomas findsISBN 978-1-57174-533-0 (182pp tpb) The world should not be held hostage by the codes of the original Neolithic religionAvailable: www.michaelcollinspiper.com Israels nuclear Golem, implores Piper, who of farming—a religion led by a group ofT he State of Israel has had a long-time pernicious influence on the USA, saysAmerican author, critic and talk-show host claims that unless Israel dismantles its "Hell Bombs" there will be no peace. Piper keeps the rhetoric to a minimum in "fanatical" women who were in touch with the goddess of fertility. Those very keys to the realisation of the inevitability of death—Michael Collins Piper, who suggests that his exposé, but hes sure to enrage certain that one generation has to die for another toanyone who speaks out against its policies, Jewish and Zionist factions regardless. live—are part of the Third Degree ofits Zionist philosophies or its elitist lobbyists Freemasonry and are also represented inis labelled an anti-Semite. Thats what hap- TURNING THE TEMPLAR KEY masonic symbols. Those keys were alsopened to General Wesley Clark (Ret.) by Robert Lomas encoded in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh(actually, the son of a Jewish father), who in Lewis Masonic, Hersham, UK, 2007 several thousand years later and this spiritual2004 pointed out that the US Jewish press truth lives on, preserved in the 26th grade of ISBN 978-085318-286-3 (383pp hc)was openly advocating American military the Ancient and Accepted Rite. Available: www.lewismasonic.com In closing, Lomas suggests Freemasonryaction against Iran, with "New York moneypeople" putting pressure on political candi-dates and politicians to go down this treach- I n the final book in his "Key" trilogy, Robert Lomas investigates the links, if any, between Freemasonry, Templar offers a route to study the inner mystery of consciousness which is free of superstitionerous road. Clark was not alone among the yet reconciles later beliefs in an afterlife. Masonry and the Knights Templar. He con-military in holding views contrary to those cludes there is no proven historical connec-of the neoconservative, fanatical, pro-Zionist tion, and that many myths have been "spun"members of the present Bush administration. over the centuries for political purposes toPiper was even blacklisted by the Israel- lead us to think there might be a connection.based Coordination Forum for Countering To illustrate this, he uses the example ofAntisemitism for attending the December Sir William St Clair, the 12th Baron Roslin,2006 Tehran conference at which Irans who in 1446 laid the foundations and thenpresident Ahmadinejad denounced the oversaw the building of Roslin (Rosslyn)Zionist factions of the Israeli government. Chapel in Scotland. St Clair held vast lands In his new book, Piper uses the Jewish and was planning to lay claim to the Scottishmyth of the Golem as a metaphor for the throne. He hired a Scottish scholar-poet,nuclear arsenal that Israel has at its disposal Gilbert Hay, a chamberlain to King Charlesto "defend" itself but possibly to obliterate VII of France, to design the layout accordingthe Middle East if not the whole world if it to the floor plan of the Temple of Solomon,so desires. He slams Israels defiant stance as Lomas has already proposed, and thein refusing to sign the nuclear non-prolifera- ornately sculpted, esoterically inspired inte-tion treaty and flouting international conven- riors. The result, which awes the visitor to72 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • THE SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY OF REVIEWS left- and right-brain thinking that played aANCIENT EGYPT: Sacred Science and part in the development of subsequent greatthe Mystery of Consciousness civilisations and is still "cutting edge" today.by Edward F. Malkowski Our new physics paradigms are only redis-Inner Traditions, Rochester, USA, 2007 coveries of this sacred science. TheresISBN 978-1-59477-186-6 (262pp tpb) much here to absorb and integrate.Available: www.InnerTraditions.com RAISING STONE 1: Paul Hais RacksC omputer software developer and histori- cal researcher Edward Malkowski(Before the Pharaohs; see review in 13/06) & Pinions Theory by Paul Haicontinues his study of ancient Egypt in his PHP, Mount Isa, Qld, Australia, 2007new book with recourse to modern scientific ISBN 978-0-646-47679-7 (258pp tpb)enquiry into the quantum universe and the Available: PHP, PO Box 1537, Mount Isa,nature of consciousness and perception. Qld 4825, Australia, tel +61 7 4743 3828 He asks the basic questions about the mys-tery of life—who are we, why are we here website http://www.haitheory.comand how did we get here?—and surmisesthat humans have always asked these ques- M echanical tradesman Paul Hai, inspired by the reports of the Greek scholar Herodotus from his visit to Giza, Egypt,tions but at some point the ancients integrat-ed knowledge of creation into their wisdom around 450 BC, has come up with an expla-traditions. So, religion was originally a rep- nation of how the pyramids were built (seeresentation of a scientific understanding of his letter published in our last edition).reality and consciousness, and the wisdom Taking the historians cue that the Gizatradition of ancient Egypt was a shining pyramids were "built in steps, battlement-example of how the symbologies of gods wise" and that after laying the stones for theand goddesses were portrayals of the forma- base the constructors "raised the remainingtion of matter from nothing and its develop- stones to their places by means of machinesment through observable stages. formed of short wooden planks", Hai had a brainwave that a pinion-pulley system with wooden "rockers" was utilised. He suggests that cross-pegged curved wooden "lobes" were fitted radially around each block of stone, weighing an average 2,500 kg with approximate dimensions of one cubic metre, with four quadrants forming the pulley drum. A hoisting rope was tied to one of the pegs and wrapped around the drum until it was fully loaded with rope. The free end of the rope was then attached to a shaduf, an ancient type of crane, a class-one lever. Three ropes were probably wound to share the load. The load lay inside the pulley and the entire pulley wheel—a class-two lever— could then be hoisted higher using ropes Inspired by the research of René Schwaller guided by a grooved bearing stone. Thede Lubicz, who from 1937 spent 13 years pulley utilised the initially placed stones as astudying the geometric proportions and the rack, helped with the placement of woodeninscriptions of the Temple of Amun-Mut- rails. A claw-lift crane was then used toKhonsu in Luxor, Egypt, Malkowski position each stone in its place, the claw fit-explores the idea that the ancients, and even ting into pre-gouged holes in an already-the precursors to the Egyptians, had a tech- placed stone. Hai says such an apparatusnology that was in harmony with nature; could provide a 2.8 mechanical advantage,indeed, it was a "spiritual technology". In thus a 2,500 kg load could be hoisted withthe foreword, engineer Christopher Dunn three ropes, each sharing 300 kg of load.(who in The Giza Power Plant and other Hai points to excavated artefacts whichworks conjectures that the Great Pyramid confirm that the pyramid-builders used thesewas a gigantic machine; see 5/06) defines technologies and that this construction sys-this as "the manifestation of spirit through tem would have been much more efficientinspiration, creativity, invention, and work". than one using a ramp. His self-published Malkowski posits that the science of book Raising Stone contains many colourPharaonic Egypt was a sacred science that illustrations and photographs to show howinvolved a qualitative approach to investi- this ingenious construction method couldgating nature. It also involved a harmony of have worked. It seems hes onto something.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 73
    • REVIEWS OIL APOCALYPSE sources and concludes we may have no by Vernon Coleman choice but to become more reliant on Blue Books, Devon, UK, 2007 nuclear power in the future. He offers a ISBN 978-1-899726-07-3 (157pp tpb) "personal survival plan" to help us make the Available: www.vernoncoleman.com transition to an oil-depleted society more bearable, plus investment strategies for sur- W hile the problems of global warming and climate change are now gripping the world, the issue of peak oil is given little vival (although he himself invests in mining companies that are depleting metal resources emphasis from politicians, policy makers and causing ecological damage). and corporations. With 60 out of 98 oil- Colemans book is full of information producing nations in supply decline and made easy for the layperson to follow. with world demand and consumption at all- time highs, were heading for an "oil apoca- SCARED TO DEATH: From BSE to lypse" warns Vernon Coleman. A prolific Global Warming... author (e.g., Living in a Fascist Country, by Christopher Booker, Richard North reviewed in 14/03), this former medical doc- Continuum, London and New York, 2007 tor believes were on a collision course with ISBN 978-0-8264-8614-1 (494pp hc) disaster and wed be foolish not to prepare Available: www.continuumbooks.com for it because the decline in this resource is going to change our world utterly; indeed, it will be the end of civilisation as we know it. N o period in history has been more ready to give credence to imaginary "scares" than our own, say journalist Christopher According to the petroleum geologists and Booker and former food safety technologist industry experts whom Coleman cites, most Dr Richard North. They have identified the pattern by which a scare unfolds, manufac- tured by "pushers" and denied by "blockers", with both of these protagonists changing camp when it suits themselves. There are seven attributes of a scare. A real problem becomes exaggerated, often by extrapolating from it to include something else. The threat must be universal and con- tain a strong element of uncertainty. It must seem scientifically plausible and also be pro- moted by the media. The crisis arrives when the threat is acknowledged by the govern- ment. Finally, the truth emerges. To show how a scare pans out, Booker and North analyse some of the food crises of the 1980s–1990s: in the UK, the "killer eggs" of the salmonella outbreak; soft cheese "lysteria hysteria"; BSE/CJD; E. coli conta- oil-producing nations will reach their "peak mination of meat and cheese; and more. In oil" production by 2010 (if they havent already), and so, with few large reservoirs many cases, incorrect scientific evidence having been found in the last 20 years, the was wrongly extrapolated and unqualified downhill slide will escalate. Coleman refers "experts" were appointed to investigate to Richard Heinbergs writings on the major these outbreaks—the causes of which were steps that are heralding the end of the oil age often misidentified or not properly identified as well as his protocols to ease industry and at all. The authors are prepared to expose individuals off their addiction to this energy incompetence and political machinations, source. He looks at the history and politics but not necessarily to accuse governments of of past and present oil wars and believes deliberately promoting fear in the popu- therell be future ones, as wars have always lace—as conspiracy theorists might. been fought over access to resources. His Next, they consider general scares, includ- scenarios of what will happen when the oil ing the millennium bug and global warming, runs out are frightening, although there is which they dub "the new secular religion" some hope if communities band together and where dissenters are treated like heretics. become self-sufficient in food and energy. The final chapter is about the organophos- Industrialised food production, so dependent phates crisis, when the UK government went on oil, will suffer, and increasingly large all-out to cover up the emerging scientific volumes of land being devoted to biofuel data and keep the public in the dark. production will cause major food shortages. Booker and North arent deriding real sci- In discussing a "new energy blueprint", he entific data, but are pointing out that vested examines the pros and cons of renewable interests can blow matters out of all propor- tion, with huge financial and social costs.74 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • THE BIG BOOK OF NEAR-DEATH REVIEWS and admits investigations have a long wayEXPERIENCES to go. She stretches our minds on subjectsby P. M. H. Atwater from consciousness to soul purpose andHampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA, 2007 inner light, and brings us back to Earth onISBN 978-1-57174-547-7 (473pp tpb) what we can learn about mortality from tak-Available: http://www.hrpub.com ing the near-death experience seriously. Dr Atwaters large-format book is easy toD r Phyllis Atwater has been writing about near-death experiences (NDEs)since she had three of her own in early read with pull-out text boxes, helpful defini- tions and illustrations. It goes far in helping1977. Each time she experienced something us explore what happens when we die.different, and from her research shes fig-ured that no two NDEs are exactly the same. MYSTERIES AND SECRETS OF TIME Her new book, with foreword by paranor- by Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpemal researcher Brad Steiger (see his article Dundurn Press, Toronto, Canada, 2007in our previous edition), is an encyclopaedia ISBN 978-1-884820-86-1 (93pp tpb)of everything you ever wanted to know Available: UK—Gazelle, tel 01524about NDEs. In fact, Dr Atwater sees this 68765, email sales@gazellebooks.co.uk;book as a gift to the world, being the result Canada—Dundurn, www.dundurn.comof so many amazing contributions fromresearchers as well as experiencers. She isalready giving half her royalties to the I nvestigators of paranormal phenomena for over 30 years, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe have come across many examplesInternational Association for Near-Death of time anomalies. In order to try to under-Studies and intends to hand over full owner- stand them, they have done extensiveship to the group within five years. research into the nature of time itself and how it was regarded by scientists from Aristotle through to Newton and Einstein. They consider theories of time as subjective or objective, cyclic or linear, finite or infi- nite, and they look into the theory of infinite regression as proposed by John W. Dunne in An Experiment with Time (1927). They also discuss the possibility of time travel and the merits of some alleged "time machines". The Fanthorpes explore the philosophy and theology of time and the mysteries of reincarnation, time slips and déjà vu, giving historical and modern-day case studies. In 2006, while conducting research in the Callixtus catacombs of Rome, Lionel encountered and talked with a priest figure from 17 centuries ago; hes convinced the priest was not a ghost but had glided The field of near-death studies is growing through a time portal to meet him (Lionel isapace, with an intriguing body of knowledge also a priest). One famous "time slip" cov-already amassed covering experiences of ered here is the case of two women whochildren and adults alike. According to were walking in the grounds of Versailles inreports, there are positive and negative reac- 1901 when they suddenly found themselvestions to this age-old phenomenon. in the same place in the late 18th century. In her Big Book..., Dr Atwater gets us up Examples of ordinary people as well asto speed on NDE research and the new crite- famous prophets such as Mother Shiptonria and models that have been developed in and Edgar Cayce who have seen the futurerecent times. She outlines four main cate- are included, as are "conquerers" of timegories of NDEs and then delves into the such as the mysterious Count of St Germain.physiological and psychological after- Anomalous artefacts and even live creatureseffects, noting that children can be six times found in rock strata raise further questionsmore likely than their elders to repress what about time travel and visits by ETs.happened to them. Common to NDEs are In the conclusion to their fascinatingthe classic "light at the end of the tunnel" study, the Fanthorpes suggest that a trulyreports, remembering everything about anemergency situation from an out-of-body unified field theory must be able to accountperspective, and making a decision to return for every type of time anomaly that theyto the here and now for whatever reason. identify. They propose the "instanton" as Next, Dr Atwater tackles the sceptics with the basic particle of time, involved in energyanswers to questions about dying and death exchange and momentum, thus the sub- stance of time is infinitely flexible.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 75
    • REVIEWS 5. THE HISTORY AND SCIENCE OF 12. CROP CIRCLES MYSTERY – NEGATIVE IONS – Joshua Shaw Phillip Coppens (UK) The inventor and manufacturer of the Phillips second talk covers the intricate Elanra Therapeutic Ioniser, Joshua details geometry of many formations as well asNEXUS CONFERENCE 2007 DVDs the attempts to suppress his work. behind-the-scenes politics.Produced by E&E Productions, SA(90 mins each, PAL VHS or DVD, A$35 6. VACCINATION: AN ASSAULT ON 13. UFO SECRECY & OUR FUTURE –each; boxed set of all 14 DVDs A$350) HEALTH FREEDOM – Meryl Dorey Dr Ted Loder (USA)Distributor: Australia— E&E Productions, Director of Aust. Vaccination Network and Dr Ted Loders second presentation clearlyPO Box 444, Oaklands Park, SA 5046, editor of Informed Choice magazine, explains how we can gain immediate ben-tel/fax (08) 8387 9949, website Meryl shocks with her findings. efits from public disclosure and utilisation of advanced technology that alreadyhttp://www.eande.va.com.au; 7. REVEALING THE SPIRIT WORLD – exists.NZ & UK—NEXUS Offices Dr Harry Oldfield (UK) In his second talk, Harry reveals that 14. SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS1. CLIMATE CHANGE: What Is A special 2-hour DVD or VHS (A$45) cov-Really Going On? – Catherine Simons ghosts, UFOs and other entities can be photographed using PIP technology. ering the highlights and most popular seg-NEXUS co-editor Catherine Simons pre- ments of the conference.sents alternative scientific views and prob- 8. EMR, CELLPHONES & YOURable causes of climate change that are not HEALTH – Sherrill Sellman (USA)being taken into account. Author and researcher reveals new info on2. SUPPRESSED TECHNOLOGY – what mobile phones are doing to yourDr Ted Loder (USA) bodys hormones and the environment.The Chief Technology Officer for Space 9. PYRAMIDS ACROSS EUROPE –Energy Access Systems and Director of the Phillip Coppens (UK)Disclosure Project reveals secret, world- Respected author presents little-known NEXUS – THE FIRST 20 YEARS ONchanging technology. info on European pyramids, including the DVD controversial Bosnian pyramid. Produced by NEXUS Magazine, PO Box3. HUMAN ENERGY FIELDS 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia, tel (07)REVEALED – Dr Harry Oldfield (UK) 10. FROM SOIL TO HEALTH TO 5442 9280, fax (07) 5442 9381Biologist and inventor of Polycontrast SOCIAL CHANGE – Graeme Sait Available from your local NEXUS officeInterference Photography (PIP), Harry An expert in all areas of natural agricul- (cost in Australia $149 inc. GST & p&h)reveals the hidden energy fields of all liv- ture, Graeme reveals practical advice on n attractive DVD containing text-ing things.4. THE AMAZING BROWNS GAS – planting and nutrition. 11. A CONTACTEE SPEAKS OUT – A searchable PDF files of everything we have ever put in NEXUS. Simply pop itGeorge Wiseman (USA) Flor Amanowicz into your computer and you can searchDirector of Eagle Research and free-energy Flor speaks publicly for the first time of her the entire 20 years of material at a touch,researcher/manufacturer, George discusses extraordinary experiences with ETs in Peru for any subject or keywords you desire.Browns Gas water torches and more. and Australias important role to come. An invaluable resource for any reader!76 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • REVIEWS Prems divine voice and Jethros masterful flute playing. A sacred musical treat from the Australian inner-peace duo. Reviewed by Richard GilesLOST CANYONS DIAL M FOR MANTRAby Scott August by Jai UttalCedar Mesa Music, USA, 2007 (66mins) Sounds True, USA, 2007 (62mins)Distributor: USA—Cedar Mesa Music, Distributors: Aust—Brumby, tel (03)tel +1 (323) 654 8600, website 9761 5535; USA—Sounds True, telhttp://www.cedarmesa.com 1800 333 9185, www.soundstrue.comT he sound of native American flute is an affecting experience for me, and any T he music of Jai Uttal has been featured in past editions of NEXUS (see 3/01, 9/05). Jai has been a pioneer in blendingsuch album always pulls me in. LostCanyons is the fourth from Scott August, a Asian and Indian music with modern linksprizewinner in the 2004 Native American from western traditions. In this album, hesMusic Awards. While his background is in supported in the remixes by Rara Avis ofclassical and popular music, in 1996 he dis- Shamans Dream. The remixes are sourcedcovered the Native American flute. Many from Jais album Kirtan! and from otherof the tracks here are recorded on the albums including collaborations with Benancient Anasazi flute, a rim-blown flute and Leinbach. There are funky dance beats withone of the oldest instruments known to good bass lines, as well as devotionalmankind. It has a very low, haunting tone mantra tracks with down-tempo tones.and is traditionally made of box elder. A Funky, grooving and exciting sacred sounds.stunningly quieting and captivating album. THE ROUGH GUIDE TOAFRIKI BOLLYWOOD GOLDby Habib Koité & Bamada by various artistsCumbancha Music, USA, 2007 (46mins) World Music Network, UK, 2007Distributors: Australia—destra, tel (07) (74mins)3457 5000; Europe—Putumayo, tel +31 Distributors: Australia—destra, tel (07)294 711100; USA—Cumbancha, tel 3457 5000; UK—World Music(802) 425 2118, website Network, tel 020 7498 5252, websitehttp://www.cumbancha.com www.worldmusic.net; USA—Putumayo, tel (212) 625 1400M alian guitarist Habib Koité, with his band Bamada, has established himselfas a performer of classic African ballads. I f you havent yet discovered Bollywood music, you must have missed landing onTheres a sense of great progress in his new Earth at the last turn. This Rough Guidesalbum Afriki, with a rhythmic, traditional collection is replete with some of the clas-edge to the songs. The female backing har- sics of Bollywood. The music is mainlymonies complement his effortless vocals. from the 1960s and 1970s and includes theBalafon, ngoni, djembé drum and other local sounds of Indias finest movie singers.percussion instruments give solidity to Youll recognise the voice of the famous andsongs which in his past albums have been versatile Asha Bhosle on several tracks.too tempered by western influences (see The album includes material by Jolly8/06). A smooth, strong, African sound. Mukherjee, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and many others. A must-have for Bolly-fanatics.THE WAY HOMEby Sacred EarthBrumby Books & Music, 2007 (64mins)Distributors: Australia— Brumby, tel(03) 9761 5535; UK—New WorldMusic, tel (0)1986 891600, websitehttp://www.sacredearthmusic.comP rem and Jethro of Sacred Earth have become a household name at Australianmarkets and festivals (see 12/05, 13/03).Their first three albums were bestsellers inAustralia and the pair is now touring theUSA and further afield to spread their musicto a world audience. This album is anextension of their soul-filled sound with theaddition of new instruments—French horn,saxophone and keyboards—to combine withAPRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 77
    • US-NATO Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike Policy Continued from page 17 want to inflict massive casualties and military agenda, which in a very real sense that terrorists have the expertise to threatens life on this planet. T h e"Attack on Iran: Pre-emptive Nuclear invent a wide range of attacks, US–NATO doctrine to use nukes on a pre-War", The American Conservative , 1 including those involving the use of emptive basis with a view to "saving the chemical, biological, radiological and Western worlds way of life" is notAugust 2005). even nuclear weapons... [E]xploding a challenged in any meaningful way either Dick Cheneys "contingency plan" was small nuclear weapon in a major city by academics or by media experts inpredicated on the pre-emptive war doctrine.Implied in the plan was the presumption could do incalculable harm to hundreds strategic studies. ∞ of thousands of people, as well as tothat Iran would be behind the attacks. businesses and the economy." About the Author: The Pentagon, in a parallel initiative, has (US Congress, House Financial Professor Michel Chossudovsky isfinetuned its military agenda to the point of Services Committee, 21 June 2007) Professor of Economics at the Universityactually envisaging a "Second 9/11"scenario as a means to providing the US of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for As far as sensitising public opinion to theadministration with a "credible" Research on Globalization, Montreal, dangers of a US-sponsored nuclear war isjustification to attack Iran and Syria: Canada (http://www.globalresearch.ca). concerned, with a few exceptions there is a "Another [9/11-type terrorist] scientific and intellectual vacuum: no He is editor of and a regular contributor to attack could create both a research, no analysis, and no GlobalResearch.ca, the groups online justification and an opportunity that comprehension of the meaning of a nuclear presence. He is the author of T h e is lacking today to retaliate against holocaust which in a real sense threatens Globalisation of Poverty (1997) and some known targets [Iran and the future of humanity. This detachment Americas "War on Terrorism" (2005). His Syria]." and lack of concern of prominent previous contributions to NEXUS are "The (Statement by a Pentagon official, intellectuals characterises an evolving trend US Finances Ethnic War in the Balkans" leaked to the Washington Post, 23 in many universities and research institutes (2001, 8/04) and "US Agenda for Global April 2006; emphasis added) in the strategic studies, the sciences and Military Domination (2005, 12/04). social sciences. Most of the references relating to Meanwhile, the US Congress is Academics increasingly tow the line. Professor Chussodovskys article this issueconcerned that an "American Hiroshima" They remain "mum" on the issue of a US- can be accessed via hyperlinks at the webcould potentially damage the US economy: sponsored nuclear war. There is a tacit page http://www.globalresearch.ca/ "What we do know is that our enemies acceptance of a diabolical and criminal index.php?context=va&aid=8048.78 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Sowing the Seeds of DestructionContinued from page 26 Germany, Austria and Denmark, even ban Converting world agriculture to GMOs, some EU-approved biotech food products, allowing agribusiness free rein over them,Afterword: Marshalling Opposition further clouding the outlook. Polls show and combining that scheme with a A September 2006 WTO tribunal ruled why, with European public opinion diabolical population-culling agenda addfor the US and against the EU. In so doing, strongly opposed to GMO foods and up to solving world hunger throughit threatens to open this important ingredients. Hostility levels in France are genocide and endangering the rest of us inagricultural region to the "forced as high as 89 per cent, with 79 per cent the process.introduction [of] genetically manipulated wanting governments to ban them. So far, Washington and the industry areplants and food products". This shows that European consumers are on a roll towards controlling oil and food. It recommended the WTO Dispute far ahead of Americans and much better Hundreds of millions around the worldSettlement Body (DSB) require the EU to protected (so far) by their overall exclusion stand opposed, but its unclear if thatsconform with its obligations under WTOs as well as having labelling requirements for enough.SPS Agreement that lets agribusiness those products allowed to be sold. That Engdahls book is a wake-up call forignore national laws and rights that protect provision is crucial as it empowers every friend of the Earth to understand thatpublic health and safety. Failure to comply consumers to decide whether to use or issues this crucial cant be left in the handscan cost EU countries hundreds of millions avoid these foods. If enough people of unscrupulous business giants and theirof dollars in annual fines, so this issue is abstain, food outlets wont carry them. supportive friends in high placescrucial to both sides. Engdahl ends on a high note by everywhere. The book has reams of At the time of Engdahls writing, it was observing how vulnerable GMO giants are ammunition against them. It needs to beunclear if the "GMO juggernaut would be to criticism. thoroughly read and its information used.stopped globally". Its still uncertain, but Thrusting untested products down The stakes are much too high. Humanas of December 2007 only nine biotech consumers throats is "grounds for health and safety must never befood products are authorised for sale in the organizing a global ban or moratorium on compromised for profit. ∞EU. So far, most US corn exports are them" if enough vocal opposition can beblocked and trade in other products is marshalled. About the Author/Reviewer:hindered in spite of dozens of applications Throughout his book, he sounds the Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago,pending in the pipeline, their fate alarm with reams of carefully documented USA, and can be contacted by email atundecided. facts on the industry, its products and lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Visit Several EU countries, including France, goals. his blogsite at sjlendman.blogspot.com.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 79
    • A Treatise on Electrosmog Research Continued from page 41 soon to discover that, contrary to my rejection, ignorance and ridicule I would theories, it was impossible to build a encounter on my journey, particularly from In creating the technology, first of all I had "universal product", since a universal orthodox science. However, none of thisto develop a method and produce devices to concept would not produce any positive was really new to me: I had had my fairrecord electronically any energetic changes results in the test subjects. share of controversy, scorn and animositythat the body experiences when under stress. Based on these findings, new studies while running my clinic, enduring all kindsNext, I needed to develop a method and involving differing frequency ranges had to of unfounded attacks and allegations. Andproduce devices to modulate this be conducted on my test subjects, the still, to this day, alternative medicine andelectronically saved data onto carrier results of which allowed me to develop the its amazing results keep being wronglysubstances. Then I needed to find suitable range of products available in their current, decried as "placebos". ∞carrier substances that would allow for the final stage. Eventually, a series of double-data/information to be lastingly modulated blind studies was conducted on these About the Author:onto without degrading shortly afterwards. sophisticated products in my clinic. Walter Laufs has been an alternative In line with best scientific practices, all After word of my therapy successes had health practitioner since 1988. He hasforms of prevention had to be addressed begun to circulate around Germany, I had developed a range of e-smog protectionand studied. With iHIT®™, primary discussions with an independent author in devices under the brand name ofprevention which entails minimising order to obtain unequivocal third-party WillauTronic®.exposure is addressed. In addition, accreditation that my iHIT®™ did indeedsecondary prevention is addressed, in that work—and work for the benefit of Editors Note:iHIT does not produce any symptoms in mankind. A series of international studies Due to space constraints, we could onlythe first place. Eventually the need for was subsequently arranged, involving publish an edited version of this papertertiary prevention, which involves independent parties, which confirmed my by Walter Laufs. For the complete textcorrection, rehabilitation and support, is results on all counts. Among these were plus footnotes and references, go to themade redundant. These statements can be studies conducted by the University of web page http://www.innerglow.com.empirically verified using any quality, South Australia in September 2004 (see au/data/innerglow/research.pdf?noninvasive diagnostic device. http://www.australianstudy.blogspot.com). PHPSESSID=30c55a2f17faae723211cc4 With this momentous groundwork laid, I On a final note, when I first started out to 9654af73d (http://tinyurl.com/yrm7vv).proceeded with elaborate test-runs on investigate the subject of e-smog over 20 For enquiries, visit Inner Glows websiteseveral of my products. However, I was years ago, I had no idea of the degree of at http://www.innerglow.com.au.80 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com APRIL – MAY 2008
    • Origin and Symbolism of the Crystal Skulls Continued from page 56 They were told that the Maya had a total of the author of several books including Land 13 such skulls—13 being an important of the Gods: How a Scottish landscapeused in modern technological appliances to number for them and, interestingly, derived wa s san ctified to b ec ome Arthursstore information. from the number of joints in the human "Camelot", reviewed in NEXUS 15/01. He It is clear that some of the "psychic body (ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, was a speaker at the NEXUS Conference incommunications" between some people shoulders, neck). We can only speculate Queensland, Australia, in October 2007.and the skulls make for "extravagant" and on whether there were 13 primary temple His website is http://www.philipcoppens.at best unlikely claims. Sceptics have had complexes in the Mayan world, that each com, and he can be contacted by email ata field day with tales of how the skulls are had a crystal skull, and that somehow these info@philipcoppens.com.of alien origin, perhaps from such star skulls formed a network. Either way, thesystems as the Pleiades or Orion, and Native Americans argue that these 13 Editors Note:claims that they may be hundreds of skulls should be reunited, with 12 skulls in For more information, see "The Mystery ofthousands of years old. a circle and a 13th in the centre. Though The Crystal Skull" by Richard Giles in But someone listening to a record with a this imagery has become very popular NEXUS 2/22, 1994. Also see "The Crystalbroken needle will hear a very distorted within the New Age community as a Skulls Messages for Mankind" in NEXUScommunication. He is likely to conclude "Gathering of the Skulls", believed to 5/01, 1997–98. The new Indiana Jonesthat the needle needs replacing and that this signal a New Age of Enlightenment, it may film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of thewill thus allow him to hear the record be nothing more—or less—than the Native Crystal Skull, is scheduled for release incorrectly. In the case of the crystal Americans remembering their common late May 2008.skulls—made out of a material that is heritage and what the crystal skulls We are pl anning to inc lude aknown to be able to store information and originally represented. ∞ prese ntation of the Mitchell-H ed gesto be an electrical conduit—could it be that Crystal Skull at the NEXUS Conference onwe have the record but we are still in About the Author: 4–6 October 2008 on the Sunshine Coast,search of the correct record-player? Philip Coppens is the editor-in-chief of the Queensland, Australia. The Crystal Skull For their book, Morton and Thomas online n ewspa per Conspi racy T imes will also be on tour of the east coast ofinterviewed several North, Central and (http://www.conspiracy-times.com). He Australia during October and November.South American Indians. Time and again, has previously contributed 10 articles to For more on the Mitchell-Hedges Crystalthe authors were confronted with stories of NEXUS, the most recent being "The Truth Skull, see Philip Coppenss article in ourhow these crystal skulls are important. and Lies of Wikiworld" (see 14/06). He is next edition.APRIL – MAY 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 81