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Nexus   1502 - new times magazine

Nexus 1502 - new times magazine



Nexus 1502 - new times magazine - Journal on News Behind the Scenes, Health, Hidden Science, Free Energy, New Technology, UFOs and Hidden Agenda

Nexus 1502 - new times magazine - Journal on News Behind the Scenes, Health, Hidden Science, Free Energy, New Technology, UFOs and Hidden Agenda



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    Nexus   1502 - new times magazine Nexus 1502 - new times magazine Document Transcript

    • NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 2 FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 THE SECRET WAR ON ET CONTACTEES....................53 Our readers comment on Bali bombing subterfuge, By Dr Michael E. Salla. Since as long ago as the dreams of an asteroid strike, pyramid construction 1950s, US intelligence agencies have operated insights, Wikipedia bias, ancient giants, and more. covert programs to debunk, discredit and neutraliseGLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 witnesses who claim encounters with space aliens. We report on the dumping of Australias proposed REFLECTIONS ON WORLDS BEFORE OUR OWN.....59 ID card, revelations from a former Italian president By Brad Steiger. Anomalous artifacts that tell of a on 9/11 as an "inside job", food supply as the next much older date for human origins, and vitrified global crisis, WiFi linked to autism, and more. stone structures showing evidence of ancientSOWING THE SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION—Part 1.....1 1 nuclear wars, still defy established interpretations. By Stephen Lendman. This review of Bill Engdahls THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................64 book shows how the Green Revolution laid the We reprint extracts from letters written by an groundwork for the Gene Revolution and allowed a anonymous Norwegian politician on underground handful of agribusiness giants to control our food. bases in Norway, preparations for the alleged flypastA MIRACLE TREATMENT FOR MALARIA....................19 of Planet X in 2012, and warnings for our future. By Jim V. Humble. A formula has been developed REVIEWS—Books........................................................67 that can overcome malaria symptoms in just hours "Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms" by Dr Bob Curran and has healing properties that can help against "The Journey of Robert Monroe" by Ronald Russell AIDS and various immunosuppressive diseases. "Ten Years" by Roseanne Catt "The Cosmic War" by Joseph P. FarrellDISEASES CAUSED BY THE MEDICAL SYSTEM?........27 "Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed" by W. Henry By Walter Last. Pharmaceutical drugs, medical "Sacred Symbols of the Dogon" by Laird Scranton treatments and ill-informed decisions have played a "Peak Everything" by Richard Heinberg role in modern-day epidemics of diseases including "Animal Pharm" by Mark Purdey cancer, asthma, diabetes and obesity. "Isaac Newtons Freemasonry" by Alain Bauer "The Mystery of 2012" edited by Tami SimonFABRICATING THE DEATH OF HITLER—Part 3.........35 "Understanding Humans, Extraterrestrials..." by Gary Opit By Giordan Smith. The British used the Hitler "Things and More Things" by Ivan T. Sanderson suicide story as a weapon of psychological warfare "Tears in Heaven" by Ian Ross Vayro to discredit National Socialism and stifle the "The Papal Billions" by Tony Bushby German peoples will to resist foreign occupation. REVIEWS—DVDs........................................................74"FRIENDLY FEUDALISM" & THE FREE TIBET MYTH...43 "The Silent Revolution of Truth" by Lightsource Entertainment "Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings – vols 1 & 2 – The By Michael Parenti. The old Tibet was a feudal New Atlantis and Riddles in Stone" by Antiquities Research theocracy where ordinary Tibetans were treated cruelly by lamas and landlords and forced to REVIEWS—Music........................................................75 accept their misery as karmic atonement. "Urban Mantra" by various artists "Think Global: Women of Africa" by various artistsSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................49 "Soul in Wonder" by Miten with Deva Premal This issue we feature an interview published in "Zarambeques" by Armoniosi Concerti with Juan Carlos Rivera August 1917 with genius inventor Dr Nikola Tesla "Na Afriki" by Dobet Gnahoré on a means to detect and combat submarines. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................83–88FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 1
    • EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 15, Number 2 FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 W ell, another year has arrived and, as usual, we have some great articles awaiting your optical digestion. First up is part one of Stephen Lendmans comprehensive review of William Engdahls book Seeds of Destruction. As you can probably guess, it is PUBLISHED BY about all things to do with seeds and food and the monopolisation and modification NEXUS Magazine UK thereof. Lets face the fact that a mere handful of transnational corporations are about to EDITOR achieve total monopolisation of the global food supply. They dont want anything to grow Duncan M. Roads without their chemicalised and genetically engineered consent. And given that food crops CO-EDITOR are failing due to weather pattern changes, together with the trend for grains like corn to Catherine Simons be grown not for food but for biofuel subsidies, we are in for a food shortage. My advice ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR is to go out and buy seeds from independent seed companies—seeds that will grow Ruth Parnell without Monsantos approval—and plant them anywhere you can. OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster On a more positive note, I was trolling the Internet recently when I came across a UK OFFICE ADMIN remarkable free book, all about how one humble guy—in fact, a guy called Jim Humble— Marcus Allen; Alex Allen cured himself and many thousands of others of malaria. After reading all about it, I CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE decided this is must-read material for NEXUS readers. As usual, I have had to select six Stephen Lendman; Jim V. Humble; pages from over 100 pages of really useful and interesting information about what actually Walter Last; Giordan Smith; Michael Parenti; cures malaria (and AIDS and other diseases). The substance that is the key is chlorine Larry Brian Radka; Michael E. Salla, PhD; Brad Steiger; Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy dioxide—the most powerful pathogen-killer known to man. It cures malaria within a for Project Camelot couple of hours. It also cures other diseases that I am not allowed to mention here. CARTOONS Speaking of the corrupt modern medical system, if you live in a western country and Phil Somerville have to go to hospital for any operation or procedure, you now have a 50 per cent chance COVER GRAPHIC of getting a worse disease just from being in the hospital if you live in the UK, and a Jeff Edis, jeff_edis@hotmail.com 35–40 per cent chance if you live in Australia, Canada or the USA. In other words, PRINTING modern medicine in the main has failed us and is only surviving due to propaganda and by Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK tightening the rules about what can be said in relation to health. Retired biochemist DISTRIBUTION Walter Last has penned a great article that summarises how the modern medical system is Seymours, London, UK killing more people than it saves—but fortunately he has many common-sense solutions.NEXUS UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, E. Grinstead, Still on the subject of exploding myths, NEXUS has already exposed Tibetan Buddhism West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 as one of the institutionalised religions used ruthlessly to crush and rule the masses, and e-mail address: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com this article by Dr Michael Parenti shows how the lamas and monks treated the people with Website: www.nexusmagazine.com cruelty and kept them in fear. By now, readers will have realised that there is no religion which is not a tool of control. All religions are used to rule the masses. All religions are EUROPE OFFICE - Postbus 10681, 1001 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands. based on lies and deception, and their leaders dont necessarily practise what they preach. Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 Dump them! Thats not to deride having a spiritual sensibility, of course. e-mail address: nexus@fsf.nl Dr Michael Salla sent me a comprehensive article on how the various "alphabet" HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. agencies (particularly in the USA) have run programs to discredit, debunk and even PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. "neutralise" extraterrestrial contactees and supporters on the pretext of their threat to Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 e-mail address: editor@nexusmagazine.com national security. ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza Im thrilled to have an article penned by the legendary Brad Steiger. Brad was writing Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy books about off-world visitors to Earth and ancient civilisations even before Erich von USA OFFICE – Däniken. I think Brad has now written or co-written 165 titles on things strange, unusual PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488 or forgotten. I can honestly say that if I hadnt read some of his early books, I probably Tel: +1 843 549 5985; Fax: +1 877 349 1928 Email: nexususa@earthlink.net would not be sitting here right now doing NEXUS! It seems that theres a growing number of high-level whistleblowers coming out of late, STATEMENT OF PURPOSE saying that Earth is about to experience some sudden and dramatic "changes". Some areNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a saying these will be biological diseases designed to reduce the population; others aremassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUSseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to saying these will be caused by a passing planetary body that results in major earthquakesassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not and tidal waves. Either way, members of the ruling elite are getting close to climbing intolinked to any religious, philosophical or political their underground survival bunker-cities. In the coming months, youll hear of moreideology or organisation. whistleblowers, like the Norwegian politician whose story is extracted for Twilight Zone PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY this edition. Yes, these cities do exist, and if youre reading this editorial the chances areWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone that you arent on the guest list!caught making a buck out of it, without our express Stay tuned...permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 2007–20082 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 3
    • Letters to the Editor ...Bali Bombing Subterfuge For more on the truth about along similar lines? I have the Building in Egypt: Pharaonic Dear Duncan: In 2002 on the the Bali bombings, see http:// feeling this is going to be a big Stone Masonry, when two lotsnight of the explosion at the Sari ozboyfile.realrepublic.com. event to happen within the next of information suddenly merged,Club at Kuta, Bali, Jakarta Post Kind regards, three years. Maybe it can providing me the insight to aexecutive editor Robert S. Steve, Australia explain why the weather is startling revelation which put meFinnegan (a former USMC going haywire. (I personally into a mental and physical stateNCO) sent his team of Dreams of Asteroid Disaster dont believe in the political of real shock, forcing me to liejournalists and photographers to Hello Duncan: I dont know if global warming spin.) I hope on my bed and relax for aboutthe ground-zero site to record you will take seriously what I this does not happen because it half an hour while concentratingthe event that had transpired, am about to say. It might even is not just going to affect only on returning my breathing to sound a little out there, but from one country but the whole normal rate.capture the images of horror, reading NEXUS I presume that world. I had just discovered antake soil samples and archive you are open about things. Pete, Australia ancient type of pulley hithertoeverything that was going on. [Dear Pete: Thanks for unknown in the modern world What they found was Well, here it goes. I have been having dreams taking the time to share your that suddenly explained manyabsolutely incredible. The dream. You ask whether others things to me, even beyond theevidence and eyewitness (strong dreams, mind you) about something big hitting Earth and are having similar dreams, and pyramids.testimonies and even the my answer is an emphatic My trade of mechanical fittingphotographs were uncovering a causing a lot of problems (at first I thought these were just "Yes!"—especially over the last coupled with numerousweb of CIA involvement in the few months. I hope to get engineering studies and ancient some weird fantasies).terrible tragedy. They permission to print one such history each played their part, The way the dream goes isdiscovered that the Sari Club vision, which involves a very combining to produce a dramatic that I am sitting on my beddevice was much more watching TV. I hear the local large earthquake off the coast of explosion of breathtaking"technical and sophisticated" flood sirens going off. It feels China in late June/early July knowledge such as I have neverthan the device Amrozi and weird as it feels all so real. I this year—a 9.9 on the Richter experienced before or since.Samudra had been charged with turn back to the TV and a news scale. Ed.] From that moment I was, andusing. broadcaster is looking a little still am, thoroughly convinced, The US Ambassador to uncomposed and talking to Pyramid Construction Insight as to how the Egyptian pyramidsIndonesia and close associate of someone important, saying that Hello Duncan: Your (namely, Sneferus Red PyramidGeorge W. Bush, Ralph Boyce, they dont know where it is magazine is a breath of freedom at Saqqara and those on the Gizawas absolutely furious. He going to hit and that countries in a world where most media are Plateau) were built.seized all the evidence the and people are panicking. There under strict control, and I know Feedback from people whoJakarta Post team had collected, are quick screen shots from many people who appreciate it. have read my work iseffectively terminated the cities with people acting crazy. An old friend of mine stated overwhelmingly supportive andnewspapers investigation and I sit there, trying to get a grip. Is recently: "Well, they can lock positive. My work, if I may behad the entire Jakarta Post team this real? I go outside and the me away in isolation so long as so modest, is the "Ockhams sky looks strange, like it is on they give me NEXUS magazine razor" or lex parsimoniae of thefired from their positions— fire as though all the clouds have to read." Egyptian pyramid-buildingincluding Finnegan, who also burnt away, red, orange and My own work is not being technique for which manyhad his visa cut, therefore black. "We are dead," I hear in acknowledged by the mass people have long been searchingrendering him unable to stay in and yearning. My website isthe country further. Despite the background. I wake up, media to any extent that it getting my bearings. deserves, thus I have to battle http://www.haitheory.com.this, to this day he and his Best regards,Jakarta Post team of journalists These dreams have become on. I have given an interview on more frequent and more intense local ABC radio and am on Paul Hai, Mount Isa,still continue their investigations Queensland, Australia, emailin secret, in undisclosed in vividness. I have the feeling Fairfax Digital where my story that there are people out there has been in the top ratings every haitheory@gmail.comlocations around the globe. now who know about this day since 12 September 2007. In January 2007, I managed to impending disaster and refuse to Let me explain. In 2006, over Wikipedia Bias on Big Pharmatrack down one of these Dear Duncan: Thank you for tell the general public. But then the weekend of 26 and 27reporters in Switzerland. He had if they did, would that change August, I was researching running the important article onuncovered the fact that the flight what is going to happen? Egyptian pyramid construction Wikipedia bias (vol. 14, no. 6).log books at Balis Ngurah Rai Should people be let to live in for a university assignment. At We in the alternative healthcareAirport had been tampered with. ignorant bliss of impending the time I was well aware of community have noted that thisAfter a very interesting doom? what Herodotus of bias is especially severe withinterview, he connected me with I have had other dreams that Halicarnassus documented regard to advanced healthcareMr Finnegan and thus began a have come about and have concerning Egyptian pyramid therapies that are not part of the12-month-long research quest kicked myself for not telling construction. It was late Big Pharma agenda. The authorwhich culminated in the others about them. afternoon on the Sunday that I is correct that there is a "sceptic"intention to release information My question or request is to found myself immersed in (and "Quackwatch") posse thatfor Indonesian and ultimately you, Duncan: has anyone else chapter six, "Tools and Their uses Wikipedia to denigrateAustralian consumption. apart from me said something Application", of Dieter Arnolds advanced therapies.4 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed. We see the same gang using November 2007] I got out of employed, the director of four 2005 issue, under "The Twilightsophisticated interweavings of prison. companies, a life member of Zone". The Contents page introWiki articles, web rings and I went to court on a minor Tattersalls Club and a board reads: "This issue includes aother online techniques to traffic infringement, on 1 2 member of the Royal Brisbane 1535 account of an expedition"control" information about October 2007, that netted a $100 Hospitals fundraising into the depths of the mysteriouscomplementary and alternative fine. I was then arrested and committee. I am a single dad Breitenwinner Cave". In thismodalities (CAM) in ways that handcuffed, not read my rights, with three children at private account, Buchner speaks ofharm the public but help Big s t r i p s e a r c h e d , had my shoes, schools. I dont drink or smoke, giant human bones, huge skulls,Pharma. There is some evidence socks and belt removed, w a s do drugs or cause trouble, except statues and ghosts in the cave.that PR firms with close not shown any paperwork or t o reveal the findings of my I have recently made contactcorporate connections are charge sheet and not allowed a archaeological research as an with a man named Dannybehind this abuse of the Internet, phone call. I was specifically author. (surname held on request), aas WikiScanner shows. not allowed to contact a lawyer I dont want to push any combat photographer who This attack coordinates with or even arrange for someone to conspiracy theory, D u n c a n . recently explored thethe efforts of Big Pharma pick up my children from However, my next book, Tears Breitenwinner Cave. In 2003, Ithrough Codex Alimentarius and school. in Heaven, really rattles some posted the same 1535 account ofthe North American Union I was secreted in front of the chains and will piss off some that cave, which you published(similar to attacks in the same magistrate who was kindly very high-level people. I had in 2005, in the "Giants" sectionEuropean Union, Australia and "staying back in his lunch hour, spent hours preparing my on my website, The Bible UFONew Zealand) to prevent the just to try my case". They had NEXUS talk based on much of Connection (http://www.public from receiving truthful already discussed bail and this research. I was very bibleufo.com/). On 8and not misleading information refused it in my absence. effectively prevented from November of this year [2007], Iabout nutrients and their value in Without my permission, the presenting it. received an email from Danny,preventing the many diseases of court appointed a solicitor t o I was quizzed about "hating which reads:undernutrition and malnutrition: represent me and this prevented the Queen" by the arresting "You wrote of Breitenwinnerdiabetes, cancer, heart disease me from speaking in my officer, and again several times Cave in Bavaria. I just got outand so on. defence in court. Twice I in the watchhouses—which of the Army and was stationed at A number of people in the asked if I could speak and was certainly indicates s o m e h o w the Joint Multinational Trainingadvanced healthcare community twice denied permission. they were referring to my Center, now known as the Jointin the US are seeking to I ended up receiving a six- writing. I was held t o t a l l y Multinational Readiness Center,establish alternatives to these month prison sentence and two incommunicado in custody for a NATO training facility whichtainted media, and good years loss of licence on nine days without being now surrounds this cave."alternative information can be completely trumped-up allowed a phone call until the He went on to say: "Twofound on websites such as the nonsense including contempt of day after my planned NEXUS friends also stationed here andInstitute for Health Research c o u r t . I was featured in the talk, then right after that, myself accidentally stumbled(www.inhere.org) and the Gold Coast Bulletin s "Shame without notice, was transferred across this cave which wasNatural Solutions Foundation File" under "Drink Driving", to a prison farm early the next located near what we call(www.globalhealthfreedom.org), even though I was never morning. Checkpoint 35; those everso we urge NEXUS readers to breathalised or charged with this N a t u r a l l y , we are s e e k i n g stationed here will know wherelook out for important initiatives and am actually a non-drinker. retribution at the highest level. that is. We had a video camerain this area in 2008, especially I am now awaiting charge Thank you for your support with us and found thousands ofwith Dr Ron Pauls strong sheets and court transcripts. and understanding, Duncan, and, bones that were of hugesupport for healthcare freedom Fortunately, I was released after again, my apologies for your proportion."of choice, the Global Health serving one month. inconvenience and that of the I was able to get Danny on theFreedom site being especially The crazy thing is that I was attendees. air within 24 hours to reveal hisimportant in this regard. debating with my publisher John Regards always, exploration, and the paradigm Ralph Fucetola, JD, The Bannister (Joshua Books) just Ian Ross Vayro, Queensland, has been gaining exposure everVitaminLawyer.com the week before the traffic Australia since on talk shows and inConsultancy, USA, website i n c i d e n t about whether F r i t z [Dear Ian: Apologies several other sources.http://www.vitaminlawyer.com Springmeiers story could accepted. Youll be pleased to I have created a website possibly be true. As you would know that weve reviewed your dedicated to this emerging story:Punishment for Speaking Out know, Fritz wrote Bloodlines of new book in this edition. Ed.] http://www.cavelore.com/. All Dear Duncan: My sincere the Illuminati and other current information about thisapologies for my last-minute Illuminati exposés and is Evidence for Giants story can be found on thatpullout as a guest speaker at currently serving time. His wife Hi Duncan: My name is website, including a video ofyour recent NEXUS Conference says he was framed for armed Patrick Cooke and, by way of Dannys exploration and audioand for the inconvenience it robbery. I had trouble believing introduction, I am a contributing interviews.must have caused you. As you this sort of thing was possible. I writer for UFO Digest and Alien Thank you,k n o w , it was way outside my now know differently. Seeker News. I am contacting Patrick Cooke, USAcontrol, and just yesterday [27 I am a university graduate, a you concerning an article which [Dear Patrick: Interesting! I long-term Rotarian, self- appeared in your vol. 12, no. 4, look forward to more news. Ed.]FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 5
    • NEW-ENERGY AUSTRALIAS TECHNOLOGY AWARD IDENTITY CARD DUMPEDA dvanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO),headed by CEO Dr Steven M. T he incoming Australian Labor Government has moved quickly to scrap the HowardGreer, is offering an up-front administrations controversialUS$200,000 licensing award and AUD$1.1 billion Human Servicesa minimum $5 million two-year Access Card.royalty program for a qualifying The $1.1 billion project—new-energy breakthrough. intended to provide every The company, based in Australian with a unique healthCharlottesville, Virginia, is and welfare number and biometricleading a worldwide search for photo on a smartcard—haspromising out-of-the-box languished since mid-2007, afterinventors and scientists who have an all-party Senate committeeprovable energy-generation rejected the draft-enablinginventions that need support, legislation as wholly inadequatefurther development and and lacking in protections againstwidespread public exposure. the cards use as a de facto identity Over the past 100 years, many card. Bidders are understood tomajor energy breakthroughs have have spent millions on preparingwithered on the vine, died with the their tenders for systemsinventor or been absorbed into secretive protection of this unique, global network." integration and card issuing, and the Officecorporate or government programs. It is "The invention must be already built, robust of the Access Card has spent more than $50AEROs mission to see that these new and running reliably, with a net exportable million on consultants, administration andtechnologies are protected, supported and (usable) power output of at least one kilowatt advertising.massively disclosed to the public so that we or greater. The system must use no power Although the Australian governmentcan go beyond our current addiction to oil, from the power grid, and if batteries or attempted to paint the Access Card systemgas and coal and begin a new, sustainable era capacitors are used they must remain fully as a "Human Services Access Card", theresin human history. charged. The system must create no little doubt that it would have doubled as an AERO says it is uniquely qualified to see greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions effective national ID system. Informationthat such technological innovations make it to and must be a closed-loop system (that is, the printed on the card was to include onesmarket: "Our network includes A-list output energy is sufficient to run the energy name, photo, signature and entitlements,celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, current and needs of the system and also provide the e.g., with the Department of Veteransformer heads of state and millions of people minimum one kilowatt of usable net power)." Affairs.who follow our work. The inventor or team To view the criteria list or to apply for this Encrypted information contained withinthat has a qualifying system for energy award program, visit www.aero2012.com. the cards RFID chip would have included ageneration will have the full force, support and (Source: AERO press release, 1 Nov 2007) persons legal name, date of birth, gender, address, signature, card number, card expiration date and Medicare number. Provisions were also included that would allow additional information deemed to be necessary for "the administration or purposes of the Act". Australians are unhappy about the idea of being forced to carry a unique ID card merely for the purpose of interacting with basic human and health services, and the proposal faced opposition from its inception. (Sources: The Australian, 7 December 2007, http://tinyurl.com/ypeygs; arstechnica, 24 December 2007, http://tinyurl.com/2hbufz) FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 AN INSIDE JOB F ormer Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italys oldest and most widely read newspaper that the6 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ...9/11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA annual investment outlook conference in three years time if the country continues toand Mossad, and that this was common Toronto in early January. subsidise ethanol production. Biofuels areknowledge among global intelligence "Its not a matter of if, but when," he expected to eat up about a third ofagencies. In what translates awkwardly warned investors. "Its going to hit this Americas grain harvest in 2008.into English, Cossiga told the newspaper year hard." (Source: Financial Post, Canada, 7 JanuaryCorriere della Sera: Mr Coxe said that the sharp rise in raw 2008, http://www.financialpost.com/story. "All the [intelligence services] of food prices experienced in the past year html?id=213343)America and Europe…know well that the will intensify in the next few years, amiddisastrous attack has been planned and increased demand for meat and dairy UK AND USA ARE "ENDEMICrealised from the Mossad, with the aid of products from the growing middle classes SURVEILLANCE SOCIETIES"the Zionist world, in order to put underaccusation the Arabic countries and inorder to induce the western powers to take of countries such as China and India and heavy demand from the biofuels industry. The impact of tighter food supply is T he US and the UK are "endemic surveillance societies", in the same league as China and Russia, says an annualpart...in Iraq [and] Afghanistan." already evident in raw food prices, which report examining privacy protection Cossiga was elected President of the have risen 22 per cent in the past year. globally. Released last month [DecemberItalian Senate in July 1983 before winning Wheat prices alone have risen 92 per cent 2007] by the advocacy groups Privacya landslide election to become President of in the last 12 months. International of the UK and the Electronicthe country in 1985, and he remained in At the centre of the imminent food Privacy Information Center (EPIC) inpower until 1992. catastrophe is corn, the main staple of the Washington, DC, the 2007 report also finds Cossigas tendency to be outspoken upset ethanol industry. The price of corn has an increase in surveillance and a decline inthe Italian political establishment, and he risen about 44 per cent over the past 15 privacy safeguards globally compared towas forced to resign after revealing the months. This has not only had an impact 2006.existence of, and his part in setting up, on the price of food products made using According to the report, the USA was inOperation Gladio. This was a rogue grains but also on the price of meat, with the bottom group for the first time,intelligence network under NATO auspices feed prices for livestock also increasing. following the signing into law ofthat carried out bombings across Europe in "Youre going to have real problems in amendments to the Foreign Intelligencethe 1960s–1980s. Gladios speciality was countries that are food short, because were Surveillance Act, which permits spying onto carry out what was termed "false flag" already getting embargoes on food exports international phone calls and emailsoperations—terror attacks that were from countries who were trying desperately without a warrant. Just as it did last year,blamed on their domestic and geopolitical to sell their stuff before, but now theyre the UK earned bottom place thanks to itsopposition. embargoing exports," he said, citing Russia network of surveillance cameras (the In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo and India as examples. "Those who have worlds largest) plus plans to roll outVinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony: food are going to have a big edge." national identity cards that are rich with"You had to attack civilians, the people, With 54 per cent of the worlds corn personal and biometric information butwomen, children, innocent people, supply grown in Americas Midwest, the with little government accountability whenunknown people far removed from any USA is one of those countries with an edge. personal information is lost. The UKpolitical game. The reason was quite But Mr Coxe warned that Americas corn government "has access to its people andsimple: to force...the public to turn to the exports are in danger of seizing up in about technology that China doesnt", says Gusstate to ask for greater security." Cossigas assertion that the 9/11 attackswere an inside job and that this is commonknowledge among global intelligenceagencies cannot be ignored, especially as itcomes from a widely respected former headof state.(Source: American Free Press, no. 52, 24December 2007, http://www.americanfreep -ress.net/html/9-11_solved118.html) FOOD SUPPLY AS THE NEXT GLOBAL CRISISA new crisis is emerging—a global food catastrophe that will reach further andbe more crippling than anything the worldhas ever seen. The credit crunch and thereverberations of soaring oil prices aroundthe world will pale in comparison to what isabout to transpire, said Donald Coxe,global portfolio strategist at BMOFinancial Group, at the Empire Clubs 14thFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 7
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ...Hosein of Privacy International. occurrence today to be closer to one in 100. GROWING NUMBERS OF "There is a rapid expansion of The children studied were seen by SCIENTISTS DISPUTE MAN-MADEtechnologies for surveillance, identification Tamara Mariea, a certified clinical GLOBAL WARMING THEORYand border control, and a much sloweradoption of policies to safeguard privacyand security," adds EPICs Marc Rotenberg. nutritionist based in Nashville, Tennessee, specialising in treating autism. She is the primary author of the paper, along with Dr O ver 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to Despite this, John Palfrey of the Open George Carlo, an expert on the dangers of major aspects of the so-called "consensus"Net Initiative in Boston, Massachusetts, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), who in on man-made global warming. TheseUSA, says that the position in China and the 1990s headed the worlds largest scientists, many of whom are current andRussia is worse than in the USA because research program on mobile phone health former participants in the UN IPCCthey lack constitutional privacy protection. hazards. (Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateThe only country judged to have "adequate Their work revealed the autism–wireless Change), criticised the climate-changesafeguards" is Greece, where an technology connection following a series of claims made by the UN IPCC and formerindependent data privacy authority can fine tests on autistic children monitored during US Vice President Al Gore.or imprison government officials. 2005 and 2006. Even some in the establishment media(Source: New Scientist, 12 January 2008) Dr Carlo said: "These findings tie in with now appear to be taking notice of the other studies showing adverse cell- growing number of sceptical scientists. InWiFi LINKED TO RISE IN AUTISM membrane responses and disruptions of October 2007, the Washington Post staffA groundbreaking scientific study published recently in the peer-reviewedJournal of the Australasian College of normal cell physiology. The EMR apparently causes heavy metals to be trapped in cells, slowing clearance and writer Juliet Eilperin conceded the obvious, writing that climate sceptics "appear to be expanding rather than shrinking". ThisNutritional & Environmental Medicine accelerating the onset of symptoms." blockbuster report lists the scientists bywarns that wireless communication The authors point out that the rise in cases name, country of residence and academic/technology may be responsible for of autism is paralleled by the huge growth institutional affiliation. It also featuresaccelerating the rise in autism among the in mobile phone and WiFi usage since the their own words, biographies and weblinksworlds children (J. Aust. Coll. Nutr. & Env. late 1990s, with worldwide wireless usage to their peer-reviewed studies and originalMed. 2007; vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 3-7). now having reached nearly four billion source materials as gathered in 2007 from Autism is a disabling neuro- persons. public statements, various news outlets anddevelopmental disorder whose cause is not "Although some of the increase in autism websites. Many of the scientists featured incompletely understood but is known to can be ascribed to more efficient diagnosis this report consistently stated that numerousinvolve heavy metal toxicity. American by the medical community," Dr Carlo said, colleagues shared their views, but they willadvocacy groups call autism "the fastest- "a rise of this magnitude must have a major not speak out publicly for fear ofgrowing developmental disability in the environmental cause. Our data offer a retribution.United States". Twenty years ago, only one reasonable mechanistic explanation for a Atmospheric scientist Dr Nathan Paldor,in 10,000 children was diagnosed with connection between autism and wireless Professor of Dynamical Meteorology andsome form of autism. US government data technology." Physical Oceanography at the Hebrewshow the rate in 2002 to be one in 150, but (Source: Science and Public Policy Institute, University of Jerusalem, author of almostclinicians who treat the disease estimate the 16 November 2007, www.safewireless.org) 70 peer-reviewed studies, explains how many of his fellow scientists have been intimidated: "Many of my colleagues with whom I spoke share these views and report on their inability to publish their skepticism in the scientific or public media," Paldor wrote. The distinguished scientists featured in this Washington Post report are experts in diverse fields including climatology, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, glaciology, biogeography, meteorology, oceanography, economics, engineering, environmental sciences and palaeoclimatology. Some of those profiled have won Nobel prizes for their outstanding contribution to their field of expertise, and many shared a portion of the UN IPCC Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. (Source: US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Report, 20 December 2007, http://tinyurl.com/2hmrer)8 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • ... GL BAL NEWS ... GUNPOINT MEDICINE AND FOR SALE: THE WESTS DEADLY NUCLEAR SECRETS FORCED VACCINATIONS A n FBI whistleblower has made a series of extraordinary claims about howA s more and more parents are becoming informed about the dangers ofvaccinations and their link to autism, State corrupt US government officials allowed Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets. Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive interceptedhealth authorities are increasingly turning conversations while based at the agencys Washington field office.to "gunpoint medicine" to force the people Edmonds approached the Sunday Times last month [December 2007] and revealedto submit to the poisons of conventional how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire amedicine. network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions. She says that, among Parents who attempt to save their children the hours of covert tape recordings, she heard evidence that one well-known seniorfrom deadly chemotherapy chemicals are official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washingtonbeing arrested and having their children who were selling the information on to black-market buyers, including Pakistan. Shekidnapped by Child Protective Services, claims that the FBI was also gathering evidence against senior Pentagon officials— including household names—who were aiding foreign agents.while oncologists who used to be armed Her story shows just how much the West was infiltrated by foreign states seekingonly with radiation machines and nuclear secrets. It illustrates how western government officials turned a blind eye to, orchemotherapy injectors are now arming were even helping, countries such as Pakistan acquire nuclear bomb technology.themselves with US marshals and other The wider nuclear network has been monitored for many years by a jointlocal law enforcement authorities who are Anglo–American intelligence effort. But rather than shut it down, investigations by lawusing loaded firearms to enforce "the will of enforcement bodies such as the FBI and Britains Revenue and Customs have beenthe State" against parents who resist aborted to preserve diplomatic relations.allowing chemotherapy on their children. Edmonds, a fluent speaker of Turkish and Farsi, was recruited by the FBI in the The State of Maryland has already aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks. Her previous claims about incompetenceturned to Gestapo-like tactics when, in inside the FBI have been well documented in America. She has given evidence toNovember, children were herded into a closed sessions of Congress and the 9/11 Commission, but many of the key points ofPrince George County courthouse, guarded her testimony have remained secret. She has now decided to divulge some of thatby armed personnel with attack dogs. information after becoming disillusioned with the US authorities failure to act.Inside, the children were forcibly One of Edmondss main roles in the FBI was to translate thousands of hours ofvaccinated, many against their will, under conversations by Turkish diplomatic and political targets that had been covertlyorders from the State Attorney-General, recorded by the agency. A backlog of tapes had built up, dating back to 1997, whichvarious State Judges and the local School were needed for an FBI investigation into links between the Turks and Pakistani, IsraeliBoard Director, all of whom illegally and American targets. Before she left the FBI in 2002, she heard evidence that pointedconspired to threaten parents with to money laundering, drug imports and attempts to acquire nuclear and conventional weapons technology.imprisonment if they did not submit their "What I found was damning," she says. "While the FBI was investigating, severalchildren to vaccinations. arms of the government were shielding what was going on."(Source: NewsTarget.com, 19 November The Turks and Israelis had planted "moles" in military and academic institutions2007, posted at http://www.informationliber - which handled nuclear technology. Edmonds says there were several transactions ofation.com/?id=24340) nuclear material every month, with the Pakistanis being among the eventual buyers. "The network appeared to be obtaining information from every nuclear agency in the PROCESSED MEATS DECLARED United States," she says. TOO DANGEROUS FOR They were helped, Edmonds says, by the high-ranking State Department official who HUMAN CONSUMPTION provided some of their moles—mainly PhD students—with the security clearance toT he World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailedreview of more than 7,000 clinical studies work in sensitive nuclear research facilities. These included the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico, which is responsible for the security of the US nuclear deterrent. In one conversation, she heard the official arranging to pick up a US$15,000covering links between diet and cancer. Its cash bribe. The package was to be dropped off at an agreed location by someone in theconclusion is rocking the health world with Turkish diplomatic community who was working for the network.startling bluntness: processed meats are The Turks, she says, often acted as a conduit for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI),too dangerous for human consumption. Pakistans spy agency, because they were less likely to attract suspicion. Venues such Processed meats include bacon, sausage, as the American Turkish Council in Washington were used to drop off the cash, whichhot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, was picked up by the official. The Pakistani operation was led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, then the ISI chief. Intercepted communications showed Ahmad and hispepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat colleagues stationed in Washington were in constant contact with attachés in theused in frozen prepared meals. Turkish embassy. The results of the espionage were almost certainly passed to Abdul They are usually manufactured with a Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist who became a millionaire by sellingcarcinogenic ingredient known as sodium atomic secrets. Edmonds also claims that a number of senior officials in the Pentagonnitrite. This is used as a colour fixer by helped Israeli and Turkish agents.meat companies to turn packaged meats a The US Attorney-General has imposed a state secrets privilege order on Edmonds,bright red colour so that they look fresh. which prevents her revealing more details of the FBIs methods and current(Source: Total Health Breakthroughs investigations. Although her allegations were heard in a closed session of Congress, noeNewsletter, 7 December 2007, action has been taken and Edmonds continues to campaign for a public hearing.http://tinyurl.com/3awodb) (Source: The Sunday Times, 6 January 2008, http://tinyurl.com/2s2key)FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 9
    • 10 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • F. William (Bill) Engdahl is a leading researcher, economist and analyst of the New World Order who has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for over 30 years. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences and is a distinguished research associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization, where With Rockefeller hes a regular contributor. He is author of A Century of War: Anglo–American Oil Politics and the New World Order (Pluto Press, 2004) and Seeds of Destruction: family funding, the The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation (Global Research, 2007; see http://globalresearch.ca/books/SoD.html), which is the subject of this review article. Green Revolution He can be contacted by email at info@engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net. laid the groundwork — Stephen Lendman for the Gene Genetically Engineered Foods: An Experiment on the Masses I n 2003, Jeffrey Smiths Seeds of Deception was published. It exposes the dangers of Revolution, untested and unregulated genetically engineered or modified (GE/GM) foods that most people in the USA eat every day with no knowledge of the potential health risks. allowing a handful Efforts to inform the public have been quashed, and reliable science has been buried. Consider what happened to the worlds leading lectins and plant genetic modification of Anglo-American expert, UK-based Arpád Pusztai. He was vilified and fired from his research position at Scotlands Rowett Research Institute for publishing industry-unfriendly data that he was agribusiness giants commissioned to produce on the safety of GM foods. His Rowett Research study was the to gain worldwide first ever independent one conducted on them anywhere. He undertook it, believing in their promise, but became alarmed by his findings. His results were startling and have control of the implications for humans eating genetically engineered/modified foods. Pusztai found that rats fed GM potatoes had smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains, food supply. as well as damaged immune systems; they showed structural changes in their white blood cells, making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed non-GM potatoes. It got worse. Thymus and spleen damage showed up, as did enlarged tissues, including the pancreas and intestines. There were cases of liver atrophy as well as Part 1 of 2 significant proliferation of stomach and intestinal cells that could be a sign of greater future risk of cancer. Equally alarming was that all this happened after only 10 days of testing, and the changes persisted after 110 days—thats the human equivalent of 10 years. GM foods today saturate our diet, particularly in the USA. Over 80 per cent of all processed foods sold in supermarkets contain them. Other GM foods include grains like rice, corn and wheat; legumes like soybeans (and a range of soy products); vegetable oils; soft drinks; salad dressings; vegetables and fruits; dairy products including eggs; meat and by Stephen Lendman other animal products; and even infant formula. Theres also a vast array of hidden © January 2008 additives and ingredients in processed foods (such as in tomato sauce, ice cream and A Review of peanut butter). Theyre unrevealed to consumers because such labelling is prohibited— Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden yet the more of these foods that we eat, the greater the potential threat to our health. Agenda of Genetic Manipulation Today, were all lab rats in an uncontrolled, unregulated, mass human experiment, the by F. William Engdahl results of which are as yet unknown. The risks from it are beyond measure, and it will take many years to discover them. Once GM seeds are introduced to an area, the genie is Email: out of the bottle for keeps. lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net Despite the enormous risks, however, Washington and growing numbers of Blogsite: governments around the world in parts of the UK, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa http://www.sjlendman.blogspot.com now allow these products to be grown in their soil or imported. Theyre produced and sold to consumers because agribusiness giants like Monsanto, DuPont, Dow AgriSciencesFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 11
    • and Cargill have enormous clout to demand it and a potent partner Bush executive order assured it, ruling that GMO plants and foodssupporting them—the US government and its agencies, including are "substantially equivalent" to ordinary ones of the same varietythe Departments of Agriculture and State, the Food and Drug like corn, wheat or rice. This established the principle ofAdministration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency "substantial equivalence" as the "lynchpin of the whole GMO(EPA) and even the defence establishment. The World Trade revolution". It was pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo but was nowOrganizations (WTOs) trade-related aspects of intellectual law, and Engdahl equates it to a potentially biologicallyproperty rights (TRIPS) patent rules also back them, along with catastrophic "Andromeda strain"—but no longer science fiction.industry-friendly WTO rulings like the 7 February 2006 one. Monsanto chose milk as its first GMO product, genetically The WTO favoured a US challenge against European GMO manipulated it with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)(genetically modified organisms) regulatory policies in spite of and marketed it under the trade name Posilac. In 1993, thestrong consumer sentiment against these foods and ingredients on Clinton-era FDA declared it safe and approved it for sale beforethe continent. It also violated the Biosafety Protocol that should any consumer-use information was available. Its now sold inlet nations regulate these products in the public interest—but it every US state and promoted as a way that cows can produce updoesnt because WTO trade rules sabotaged it. to 30 per cent more milk. Problems, however, soon appeared. Nonetheless, anti-GMO activism persists, consumers still have a Farmers reported their stock burned out up to two years soonersay and there are hundreds of GMO-free zones around the world, than usual, serious infections developed and some animalsincluding in the US. All this, and more, is needed to take on the couldnt walk. Other problems included the udder inflammationagribusiness giants that so far have everything going their way. mastitis as well as deformed calves being born. The information was suppressed and rBGH milk is unlabelled,Washington Launches the Gene Revolution so theres no way consumers can know. They also werent told Engdahl explains that the science of "biological and genetic that this hormone causes leukaemia and tumours in rats, and that amodification of plants and other life-forms" first came out of US European Commission committee concluded that humansresearch labs in the 1970s. The drinking rBGH milk risk breast andReagan administration was determined prostate cancers. The Europeanto make America dominant in this Union thus banned the product, butemerging field, and the biotech the US did not. Despite clear safetyagribusiness industry was especially This established the principle of issues, the FDA failed to act and itfavoured. Companies in the early "substantial equivalence" allows hazardous milk to be sold1980s raced to develop GMO plants, below the radar. It was just thelivestock and GMO-based animal as the "lynchpin of the whole beginning.drugs. Washington made it easy for GMO revolution". It wasthem with an unregulated, business- Data Manipulationfriendly climate that has persisted ever pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo Engdahl reviews the Pusztai affair,since under Republicans and but was now law... the toll it took on his health, and theDemocrats alike. modest vindication he finally Leading the effort to develop received. Pusztai was already out ofGMOs is a company with a "long a job when in 1999 the 300-year-oldrecord of fraud, cover-up, bribery", British Royal Society attacked him,deceit and disdain for the public interest: Monsanto. Its first claiming that his research was "flawed in many aspects of design,product was saccharin, which was later proved to be a carcinogen. execution and analysis and that no conclusions should be drawnIt then got into chemicals, plastics and became notorious for from it". This criticism had no basis in fact, and the attack wasAgent Orange that was used to defoliate Vietnamese jungles in made because Pusztais bombshell threatened to derail Britainsthe 1960s and 1970s and exposed hundreds of thousands of hugely profitable GMO industry and do the same thing to its UScivilians and troops to deadly dioxin, one of the most toxic of all counterpart.known compounds. As for Pusztai, after five years, several heart attacks and a Along with others in the industry, Monsanto is accused of being ruined career, he finally learned what had happened after hea shameless polluter. It has a history of secretly dumping some of announced his findings. Monsanto was the culprit. The companythe most lethal substances known into water and soil and getting complained to US president Bill Clinton who, in turn, alerted theaway with it. Today on its website, however, the company ignores British prime minister Tony Blair. Pusztais findings had to beits record and calls itself "an agricultural company [applying] quashed and he had to be discredited for his discoveries. He wasinnovation and technology to help farmers around the world be nonetheless able to reply with the help of the highly respectedsuccessful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds and more British scientific journal, The Lancet. In spite of Royal Societyfiber, while also reducing agricultures impact on our threats against Pusztai, the editor published his article but at aenvironment". Engdahl proves otherwise in his thorough research. cost. After publication, the society and the biotech industry In spite of its past, Monsanto and other GMO giants got attacked The Lancet for its action. It was a further shameless act.unregulated free rein in the 1980s and especially after George H. As a footnote, Pusztai now lectures around the world on hisW. Bush became president in 1989. His administration opened GMO research and is a consultant to start-up groups researching"Pandoras box" so that no "unnecessary regulations would the health effects of these foods. Along with him and his wife, hishamper them". Thereafter, "not one single new regulatory law co-author, Professor Stanley Ewen, also suffered. He lost hisgoverning biotech or GMO products was passed then or later position at the University of Aberdeen, and Engdahl notes that the[despite all the] unknown risks and possible health dangers". practice of suppressing unwanted truths and punishing In a totally unfettered marketplace, foxes now guard the whistleblowers is the rule, not the exception. Industry demandshenhouse because the system was made self-regulatory. An elder are powerful, especially when they affect the bottom line.12 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • The Blair government went even further. It commissioned the decades. This reorganisation began under President Richardprivate firm Grainseed to conduct a three-year study to prove the Nixon as the cornerstone of his farm policy; free trade was thesafety of GMO food. Londons Observer newspaper later got hold mantra, corporate grain traders were the beneficiaries, and familyof UK Ministry of Agriculture documents which showed that the farms had to go so that agribusiness giants could take over.tests were rigged and produced "some strange science". At least Bankrupting family farms was the plan to remove an "excess [of]one Grainseed researcher manipulated the data to "make certain human resources". Engdahl calls it a "thinly veiled form of foodseeds in the trials appear to perform better than they really did". imperialism" as part of a scheme for the US to become "the world Nonetheless, the Ministry recommended a GMO corn variety granary". The family farm was to become the "factory farm" andbe certified, and the Blair government issued a new code of agriculture was to become "agribusiness", dominated by a fewconduct under which "any employee of a state-funded research corporate giants with incestuous ties to Washington.institute who dared to speak out on findings into GMO plants Dollar devaluation was also part of the scheme under Nixonscould face dismissal, be sued for breach of contract or face a court New Economic Plan (NEP), which included closing the goldinjunction". In other words, whistleblowing was now illegal, even window in 1971 to let the currency float freely. Developingif public health was at stake. Nothing would be allowed to stop nations were targeted as well with the idea that they forget aboutthe agribusiness juggernaut from proceeding unimpeded. being food-self-sufficient in grains and beef, rely on America for key commodities and concentrate instead on small fruits, sugar andThe Rockefeller Plan for Agribusiness vegetables for export. Earned foreign exchange could then buy US In the Cold War era, food became a imports and repay International Monetarystrategic weapon by masquerading as "Food Fund (IMF) and World Bank loans thatfor Peace". It was a cover for US create a never-ending cycle of debt slavery.agricultural interests to engineer the The General Agreement on Tariffs and Tradetransformation of family farming into global (GATT) was also used, as was later the WTOagribusiness, with food the tool and small with rules written by corporations to suit theirfarmers eliminated so their land could be Readers will know own bottom-line interests.used most effectively. Domination of worldagriculture was to be "one of the central the type of future Drastic Population Reductionpillars of post-war Washington policy, along that Kissinger had in In the midst of a worldwide drought and awith [controlling] world oil markets and stockmarket collapse, consider Kissingersnon-communist world defense sales". The mind when he said April 1974 classified memo. Nationaldefining 1973 event was a world food crisis. The shortage of grain staples, along with in 1970: Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) was shaped by Rockefeller interests andthe first of two 1970s oil shocks, "Control oil and aimed to adopt a "world populationadvanced a "significant newWashington policy turn". Oil and you control nations; plan of action" for drastic global population control, i.e., reduction. Thegrains were rising threefold to fourfold control food and US led the effort, making birth controlin price at a time when the US was the in developing countries a prerequisiteworlds largest food surplus producer you control the for US aid. Engdahl sums it up in bluntwith the most power over prices and people". terms: "if these inferior races get in thesupply. It was an ideal time for a new way of our securing ample, cheap rawalliance between US-based grain- materials, then we must find ways to gettrading companies and the government. rid of them". The Nazis also aimed bigIt "laid the groundwork for the later and sought control. Population cullinggene revolution". or "eugenics" was part of their scheme Enter what Engdahl calls the "great to target "inferior" races to preserve thetrain robbery", with Henry Kissinger the "superior" one.culprit. He decided that US agriculture Kissingers scheme of "simplerpolicy was "too important to be left in the hands of the Agriculture contraceptive methods through bio-medical research" almostDepartment", so he took control of it himself. Readers will know sounds like DuPonts old slogan, "Better things for better livingthe type of future that Kissinger had in mind when he said in 1970: through chemistry". Later on, DuPont dropped "through"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control chemistry" as evidence mounted on the toxic effects of chemicals,the people". The world desperately needed grain, America had the and a changing company in 1999 began using a new slogan, "Thegreatest supply, and the scheme was to use this power to "radically Miracles of Science", in its advertising.change world food markets and food trade". The big winners were NSSM 200 was tied to the agribusiness agenda that began withgrain traders like Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and the 1950s and 1960s "Green Revolution" to control foodContinental Grain; they were helped by Kissingers "new food production in targeted Latin American, Asian and Africandiplomacy [to create] a global agriculture market for the first time". countries. Kissingers plan had two aims: securing new US grainFood would "reward friends and punish enemies", and ties bet w e e n markets and controlling population, with 13 "unlucky" countriesWashington and business lay at the heart of the strategy. chosen including India, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico and Indonesia. The global food market was being reorganised, corporate Exploiting their resources depended on instituting drasticinterests were favoured, political advantage was exploited and the population reductions to reduce home-grown demand.groundwork was laid for the 1990s "gene revolution". The scheme was ugly and was pure Kissinger. It recommendedRockefeller interests, including the Rockefeller Foundation, were forced population control and other measures to ensure USto play the decisive role as events unfolded over the next two strategic aims. Kissinger wanted global numbers reduced by 500FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 13
    • million by the year 2000 and argued for doubling the 10 million believed they had the right to decide who lived or died.annual death rate to 20 million thereafter. Engdahl calls it Powerful figures as well as leading American business families"genocide", according to the strict definition of the 1948 UN were behind the effort. So were notables in the UK, then andConvention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of earlier, such as Winston Churchill and John Maynard Keynes.Genocide statute that defines this crime legally. Kissinger is guilty Alan Gregg, the Rockefeller Foundation Medical Division chiefunder it for wanting to withhold food aid to "people who cant or for 34 years, said that "people pollute, so eliminate pollution bywont control their population growth"—in other words, if they eliminating [undesirable] people". He compared city slums towont do it, well do it for them. The strategy included fertility cancerous tumours and called them "offensive to decency andcontrol, called "family planning", that was linked to the availability beauty". Better to remove them and cleanse the landscape.of key resources. Rockefeller family members backed the plan; This was Rockefeller Foundation policy, and it is "key toKissinger was their "hired hand" and he was well rewarded for his understanding [its later efforts] in the revolution in biotechnologyefforts, e.g., he was kept from being prosecuted where hes wanted and plant genetics". The foundations mission from inception wasas a war criminal and could be arrested overseas. to "[cull] the herd, or systematically [reduce] populations of Besides his better-known crimes, consider what Kissinger did inferior breeds". The problem for supremacists is that too manyto poor Brazilian women through a policy of mass sterilisation of a lesser element spells trouble when they demand more of whatunder NSSM 200. After 14 years of the program, the Brazilian the privileged want for themselves. Solution: remove them,Health Ministry discovered shocking reports using anything from birth control andof an estimated 44 per cent of all Brazilian sterilisation to starvation and wars ofwomen between ages 14 and 55 being extermination.permanently sterilised. Organisations like JD III was right in step with this thinking.the International Planned Parenthood He was nurtured on MalthusianFederation and Family Health International pseudoscience and embraced the dogma. Inwere involved, and USAID directed the American 1931 he joined the family foundation, whereprogram. USAID has a long, disturbing he was influenced by eugenicists likehistory of backing US imperialism, yet it agribusiness Raymond Fosdick and Frederick Osborn,claims on its website that it extends "a would later get both of whom were founding members of thehelping hand to those people overseas American Eugenics Society. In 1952 he usedstruggling to make a better life, recover[ing] involved through his own funds to found the New York–basedfrom a disaster or striving to live in a free anddemocratic country". a policy of global Population Council, at which he promoted openly racist studies on overpopulation Even more disturbing is that an estimated food control. dangers. Over the next 25 years, the council90 per cent of Brazilian women ofAfrican descent were sterilised in a Food is power. spent US$173 million on global population reduction and became thenation with a black population second When used to cull worlds most influential organisationonly to Nigerias. Powerful figures the population, promoting these supremacist ideas.backed the scheme, but most influential However, it avoided the termwere the Rockefellers, with John D. III its a weapon of "eugenics" because of its Nazihaving the most clout on population association and instead used languagepolicy. In 1969, Nixon appointed him mass destruction. like "birth control", "family planning"head of the Commission on Population and "free choice"; it was all the same.Growth and the American Future. The Before World War II, Rockefellercommissions earlier work laid the associate and foundation board memberground for Kissingers NSSM 200 and Frederick Osborn enthusiasticallyits policy of extermination through supported Nazi eugenics experimentssubterfuge. that led to mass exterminations which were later vilified. Back then, heThe Brotherhood of Death believed eugenics was the "most important experiment that has Long before Kissinger (and his assistant, Brent Scowcroft) ever been tried", and later he wrote a book, The Future of Humanmade population reduction official US foreign policy, the Heredity (1968), with "eugenics" in the subtitle. He stated thatRockefellers were experimenting on humans. JD III led the women could be convinced to reduce their births voluntarily andeffort. In the 1950s, while Nelson was exploiting cheap Puerto he began substituting the term "genetics" for the now out-of-favourRican labour in New York and on the island, brother JD III was "eugenics".conducting mass sterilisation experiments on Puerto Rican During the Cold War, population culling drew supporters thatwomen. By the mid-1960s, Puerto Ricos Public Health included the cream of corporate America. They backed privateDepartment estimated the toll: one-third or more of unsuspecting population reduction initiatives like Margaret Sangerspoor women of child-bearing age had been permanently sterilised. International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The major JD III expressed his views in a 1961 UN Food and Agriculture media also spread the notion that "over-population in developingOrganization (FAO) lecture: "To my mind, population growth [and countries leads to hunger and more poverty [which, in turn,its reduction] is second only to control of atomic weapons as the becomes] the fertile breeding ground" for internationalparamount problem of the day". He meant, of course, reducing communism. American agribusiness would later get involvedunwanted parts of the population to preserve valuable resources for through a policy of global food control. Food is power. Whenthe privileged. He was also influenced by eugenicists, race used to cull the population, its a weapon of mass destruction.theorists and Malthusians at the Rockefeller Foundation who Consider the current situation with the UN FAO reporting14 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • sharply higher food prices along with severe shortages and From the 1930s, Nelson Rockefeller had significant Latinwarning that this condition is extreme, unprecedented and American interests, especially in areas of oil and banking. In thethreatens billions of people with hunger and starvation. Prices early 1940s, he sought new opportunities and along with brotherwere up 40 per cent in 2007, after a nine per cent rise in 2006, Laurance bought vast amounts of cheap, high-quality farmland so thewhich forced developing states to pay 25 per cent more for family could get into agriculture—but it wasnt for family farming:imported food and be unable to afford enough of it. the Rockefellers wanted global monopolies, and their scheme was to The FAO cites various explanations for the problem, including do in agriculture what the family patriarch had done in oil, along withgrowing demand, higher fuel and transportation costs, commodity using food and agricultural technologies as Cold War weapons.speculation, the use of corn for ethanol production (taking one- By 1954, the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Actthird of the harvest, which is more than whats exported for food) of 1954, known as PL 480 or "Food for Peace", established surplusand extreme weather, while ignoring the above implications: the food as a US foreign policy tool. Nelson used his considerablepower of agribusiness to manipulate supply for greater profits and influence on the State Department because every postwar"cull the herd" in targeted Third World countries. Affected nations department secretary, from 1952 through 1979, had ties to the familyare poor, and the FAO lists 20 in Africa, nine in Asia, six in Latin through its foundation: namely, John Foster Dulles, Dean Rusk,America and two in Eastern Europe that in total represent 850 Henry Kissinger and Cyrus Vance. These men supportedmillion endangered people now suffering from chronic hunger and Rockefeller views on private business and knew that the family sawrelated poverty. They depend on imports, and their diets rely agriculture the way it saw oil—as commodities to be "traded,heavily on the types of produce that agribusiness controls—wheat, controlled, [and] made scarce or plentiful" to suit the foreign policycorn, rice and soybeans. If current prices stay high and shortages goals of dominant corporations controlling their trade.persist, millions will die—maybe by design. The family got into agriculture in 1947 when Nelson founded the International Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC). Through it, heThe Subterfuge of "Food for Peace" introduced "mass-scale agribusiness in countries where US dollars American elites in the late 1930s began planning an American could buy huge influence in the 1950s and 1960s". Nelson thencentury in the postwar world—a Pax Americana ("American allied with grain-trading giant Cargill in Brazil, where they beganPeace") to succeed the fading British developing hybrid corn seed varietiesEmpire. The New York–based with big plans for them. They wouldCouncil on Foreign Relations War make the country "the worlds thirdand Peace Studies group led the largest producer of [these] crop[s] aftereffort, financed by Rockefeller This marriage masqueraded the US and China". It was part of theFoundation money. As Engdahl putsit, theyd be paid back later as "free market efficiency, Rockefellers "Green Revolution" that by the late 1950s "was rapidly"thousands-fold". First, though, modernization [and] feeding becoming a strategic US economicAmerica had to achieve world a malnourished world". strategy alongside oil and militarydominance militarily and hardware".economically. In fact, it was nothing Latin America was the beginning of The US business establishment a food production revolution with bigenvisioned a "Grand Area" to of the sort. aims: to control the "basic necessitiesencompass most of the world outside of the majority of the worldsthe communist bloc. To exploit it, population". With agribusiness in thethey hid their imperial designs 1990s, it was "the perfect partner forbeneath a "liberal and benevolent garb" by defining themselves as the introduction...of genetically engineered food crops or GMO"selfless advocates of freedom for colonial peoples [and] the plants". This marriage masqueraded as "free market efficiency,enemy of imperialism". They would also "champion world peace modernization [and] feeding a malnourished world". In fact, itthrough multinational control". Sound familiar? was nothing of the sort. It cleverly hid "the boldest coup over the Like today, it was just subterfuge for their real aims that were destiny of entire nations ever attempted".pursued under the banner of the United Nations, the new BrettonWoods framework, the IMF, the World Bank and the GATT. Agribusiness Goes GlobalThey were established for one purpose: to integrate the The "Green Revolution began in Mexico and spread acrossdeveloping world into the US-dominated Global North so its Latin America during the 1950s and 1960s". It was thenwealth could be transferred to powerful business interests, mostly introduced in Asia, especially in India. It was at a time whenin the US. The Rockefeller family led the effort, the four brothers Americans claimed that their aim was to help the world throughwere involved, and Nelson and David were the prime movers. free-market efficiency. It was all one way, from them to us, so While JD III was plotting depopulation and racial purity schemes, that corporate investors could profit. It gave US chemical giantsNelson was working "the other side of the fence...as a forward- and major grain traders new markets for their products.looking international businessman" in the 1950s and 1960s. Agribusiness was going global, and Rockefeller interests were inPreaching greater efficiency and production in targeted countries, he the vanguard helping industry globalisation take shape.in fact schemed to open world markets for unrestricted US grain Nelson worked with his brother, JD III, who in 1953 set up hisimports. This became the "Green Revolution". N e l s o n own Agricultural Development Council. They shared a commonconcentrated on Latin America. During WWII, he coordinated US goal: "cartelization of world agriculture and food supplies underintelligence and covert operations there, and those efforts laid the their corporate hegemony". At its heart, it aimed to introducegroundwork for postwar family interests. They were tied to the modern agricultural techniques to increase crop yields under theregions military because friendly strongmen are the type of leaders false claim of wanting to reduce hunger. The same seduction waspreferred in order to guarantee a favourable business climate. later used to promote the "gene revolution", with RockefellerFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 15
    • interests and the same agribusiness giants backing it. From early in the 1970s, agribusiness producers controlled US In the 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson also used food as a food supplies but soon they would go global on a scale withoutweapon. He wanted recipient nations to agree to administration precedent. The goal: to make "staggering profits" by "restructur[ing]and Rockefeller preconditions that population control and opening the way Americans grew food to feed themselves and the world".their markets to US industry were part of the deal. It also Ronald Reagan continued Carters policy and let the top four or fiveinvolved training developing-world agricultural scientists and monopoly players control it. It led to an unprecedentedagronomists in the latest production concepts so they could apply "concentration and transformation of American agriculture", withthem at home. This "carefully constructed network later proved independent family farmers driven off their land through forced salescrucial" to the Rockefeller strategy to "spread the use of and bankruptcies so that "more efficient" agribusiness giants couldgenetically engineered crops around the world", helped along with move in with "factory farms". The remaining small producersUSAID funding and CIA mischief. became virtual serfs as "contract farmers". Americas landscape was "Green Revolution" tactics were painful and took a devastating toll changing, with people trampled on for the sake of profits.on peasant farmers, destroying their livelihoods and forcing them into Engdahl explains the gradual process of "wholesale merger[s]shantytown slums. These people, desperate to survive and easy prey and consolidation...of American food production...into giantfor any way to do it, provided cheap, exploitable labour. corporate global concentrations" with familiar names: Cargill, The "Revolution" also harmed the land. Monocultural practices Archer Daniels Midland, Smithfield Foods and ConAgra. As theydisplace diversity, destroy soil fertility and decrease crop yields over grew bigger, so did their bottom lines, with annual equity returnstime. The indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides can eventually rising from 13 per cent in 1993 to 23 per cent in 1999.cause serious health problems. Engdahl quotes an analyst who called Hundreds of thousands of small farmers lost out; their numbersthe "Green Revolution" a "chemical revolution" that developing dropped by 300,000 from 1979 to 1998. It was even worse for hogstates couldnt afford. This revolution began the process of debt farmers, with a drop from 600,000 to 157,000 in the same period,enslavement from IMF, World Bank so that three per cent of producersand private bank loans. Large could control 50 per cent of thelandowners could afford the latter; This "carefully constructed market. The social costs weresmall farmers couldnt, and as a result staggering (and continue to be), aswere often bankrupted. That, of network later proved crucial" to "entire rural communities collapsedcourse, was the whole idea. The "Green Revolution" was based the Rockefeller strategy to "spread Consider the consequences. By 2004: and rural towns became ghost towns".on the "proliferation of new hybrid the use of genetically engineered • the four largest beef packersseeds in developing markets"—seedsthat characteristically lack reproductive crops around the world", helped controlled 84 per cent of steer and heifer slaughter: Tyson, Cargill, Swiftcapacity. Declining yields meant along with USAID funding and National Beef Packing;farmers had to buy seeds every year • four giants controlled 64 per cent offrom large multinational producers that and CIA mischief. hog production: Smithfield Foods,control their parental seed lines in Tyson, Swift and Hormel Foods;house. A handful of company giants • three companies controlled 71 perheld patents on them and used them to lay the groundwork for the cent of soybean crushing: Cargill, ADM and Bunge;later GMO revolution. Their scheme soon became evident: • three giants controlled 63 per cent of all flour milling;traditional crops had to give way to high-yield varieties (HYV) of • five companies controlled 90 per cent of the global grain trade;hybrid wheat, corn and rice, with major chemical inputs. • four other companies controlled 89 per cent of the breakfast Initially, growth rates were impressive but they didnt last for cereal market—Kellogg, General Mills, Kraft Foods and Quakerlong. In countries like India, agricultural output slowed down and Oats;fell into decline. They were the losers so that agribusiness giants • Cargill, having acquired Continental Grain in 1998, controlled 40could exploit large new markets for their chemicals, machinery per cent of national grain elevator capacity;and other product inputs. It was the beginning of "agribusiness", • four large agrichemical/seed giants controlled over 75 per cent ofand it went hand in hand with the "Green Revolution" strategy the nations seed corn sales and 60 per cent of it for soybeans, whilethat would later embrace plant genetic alterations. also having the largest share of the agricultural chemical market: Two Harvard Business School professors were involved early Monsanto, Novartis, Dow Chemical and DuPont;on: John Davis and Ray Goldberg. They teamed up with Russian • six companies controlled three-fourths of the global pesticideseconomist Wassily Leontief, got funding from the Rockefeller market;and Ford foundations and initiated a four-decade revolution to • Monsanto and DuPont controlled 60 per cent of the US corn anddominate the food industry. It was based on "vertical soybean seed market—all of it patented GMO seeds.integration", of the kind that Congress outlawed after giant In addition:conglomerates and trusts like Standard Oil used them to • 10 large food retailers controlled $649 billion in global sales inmonopolise entire sectors of key industries and crush competition. 2002, and the top 30 food retailers accounted for one-third of global This vertical integration was revived under President Jimmy grocery sales.Carter, a Trilateral Commission founding member, and disguised as"deregulation" to dismantle "decades of carefully constructed... Continued next issue...health, food safety and consumer protection laws". These lawswould now give way under this new wave of industry-friendly About the Author/Reviewer:vertical integration. A propaganda campaign claimed that Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached bygovernment was the problem, that it encroached too much on our email at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Visit his blogsite atlives and had to be rolled back for greater personal "freedom". sjlendman.blogspot.com.16 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 17
    • 18 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • T his is the story of the discovery and development of possibly the most amazing enhancement for the immune system yet discovered. In my book Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century (Part I is available free online at http://www.miraclemineral.org), I have provided complete details on how to make the supplement in your kitchen, with most of the ingredients bought off the shelf. It is entirely possible that you will save someones life or your own. While investigating Because the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) functions as a supercharger to the immune system, it is not meant for the treatment of any particular disease, but rather it is the chemistry and meant to improve the immune system to the point of overcoming many diseases, frequently in less than 24 hours. For example, one of the main killers of mankind in the healing properties world today, malaria, is usually overcome by this supplement in just four hours. This has of stabilised oxygen, been proven through clinical trials in Malawi, eastern Africa, where in killing the malaria parasite in the body there was not a single failure. More than 75,000 malaria victims have this research taken the supplement and are now back at work and living productive lives. After taking the supplement, AIDS patients are often disease free in three days, and other diseases and engineer developed conditions simply disappear. a simple formula The Journey Begins The phone was ringing at the other end of the house. It was a long, narrow house and that can overcome there was furniture to get around and a hallway to get through, but in spite of the obstacle course I made it. Bill Denicolo, an old friend, was calling from Chicago. We talked and the symptoms of he asked, "Jim, are you any good at prospecting for gold?" I was never too modest, so I malaria in only a told him the truth (my truth). "Yes," I said. "I am amongst the best, if not the best." That was enough for him. He was a friend, and being familiar already with my work in mining few hours and is he believed me. He continued: "Im working with a group that wants to do gold mining in the jungle in South America. We need your help and we are paying the going rate, plus already being used you get a share of the profits." That was it. I agreed to leave in approximately one months time. They were willing to successfully in use my gold recovery technology. This would require that I ship equipment ahead. It took the entire month to get things ready and to prepare myself for the jungle. The most Africa. important things that I took, relevant to this story, were several bottles of stabilised oxygen. (Please dont get the idea that stabilised oxygen is the miracle solution that I am writing about here.) All water in the jungle is dangerous to drink. In North America, water from fast-moving streams is usually quite safe to drink, but in the jungle it doesnt matter how fast the stream is moving; the water is not safe to drink. A number of people had mentioned to me that the oxygen in stabilised oxygen would purify water by killing the pathogens present, especially if the water was left sitting overnight. I had once sent off a single test to a laboratory after treating some sewage water with stabilised oxygen, and the results came back showing that all pathogens were by Jim V. Humble © 2007 dead. I was relatively confident that I could purify my drinking water in the jungle. I had actually worked with stabilised oxygen for some time. A friend of mine who lived Email: a little way outside of Las Vegas used it quite a bit with his animals. He gave it to his jim@jimhumble.com chickens in their water to keep them healthy and he used it with his dogs. He even injected it into one of his dogs veins once when it was sick; his dog was cured in several Website: hours. http://www.miraclemineral.org Bill Denicolo sent a contract to my house in Las Vegas, Nevada, to where I had retired after working in gold mining. The contract was quite generous. I was to be paid aFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 19
    • reasonable salary, and I would have 20 per cent ownership in the Beta had arrived, but we couldnt wait. The men only madeoperation, provided I located gold in the jungle. I signed a copy of US$6.00 a day, but it still cost to keep them around and wethe contract and sent it off, and received an aeroplane ticket in wanted to get things done. So the final crew consisted of me,return. I was then 64 years old but in top condition, and I would Mike the landholder and the eight droggers.have no trouble navigating in the jungle. The trip into the interior took about two days. First there was The country was Guyana, formerly known as British Guyana, about an hours ride from Georgetown to the town of Parika on thejust south of Venezuela on the east coast of South America. I Mazaruni–Cuyuni River. We loaded our supplies onto a largearrived there on a normal day while it was raining. It was mid- truck and four taxies. We arrived at Parika at about 9.00 am and1996. I was met by several local people who would be part of the loaded our supplies onto several large speed-boats.mining operation, and they drove about 30 miles to Georgetown, We finally arrived at our next destination, the town of Bartica,Guyanas largest city which is also the capital. I was taken to a which is considered the gateway to the interior of Guyana. Therelocal house where I was to stay until we departed for the interior, we bought mostly food supplies. There are a number of foodwhere we would prospect Guyanas greatest rainforest and jungle. stores constructed like warehouses which mostly supply At the house I met Mike, a local who owned the claims to a very excursions into the interior. Our buyer bought mostly beans andlarge portion of the jungle, who would be one of the partners. Joel rice. Normally, they would buy only rice for such trips, butKane, who lives in the eastern part of the USA, was also one of because I was there they added several sacks of beans. On otherthe partners listed on the contract Id signed. He was to arrive trips I was able to get them to buy more varieties of groceries.within two weeks before we departed for the jungle. There was We then loaded all supplies into several boats and crossed theone other partner who was also supposed to arrive soon, but river to a port on the other side about one mile away, where weprobably after we departed for the jungle. His name was Beta (his transferred our supplies and equipment into two very large trucks.real name was Satkumar Hemraj, but The trucks had wheels that werehe preferred the name of Beta) and he more than six feet in diameter forwas related to a high official in the driving through the roads consistinggovernment, Moses Nagamotoo, the mainly of mud, there in the jungle.First Minister directly under the Considering all of the data that Even those big wheels could not goPrime Minister, Sam Hinds. I had learned about stabilised where there were no roads. The Beta was not present, but because supplies were tied down securely andhe was our partner I was invited to oxygen, it seemed to me that most of the men then elected to walkthe First Ministers house for dinner on a somewhat shorter route to thethe second evening that I was there. knowing it killed pathogens in next jump-off point into the jungle. IWhile I was at his house, he water it might cure malaria. soon learned why they preferred tocomplained of his back problem that walk. The road was so rough and thewas almost preventing him from trucks bounced so badly that it tookdoing his job in the government. I constant attention just to hold on.explained to him that I sometimes There was no sleeping during the fiveadjusted peoples necks and I might be able to help his back. So hours that the trucks took to arrive at the final jump-off point onafter dinner he allowed me to adjust his neck, which I did very the last river leg of our journey. We arrived after dark, and sleptdelicately, making sure that I did not jerk or hurt him. Within wherever we could that night. I slept on a bench outside the smallminutes his back problem began to subside. We were all amazed, store there.and soon he was walking quite easily around the house. The next morning we loaded all of our supplies onto boats and The next day, one of the servants called me and asked if I would continued up what was now the Cuyuni branch of the river.adjust Mosess daughters neck; she was having bad back problemsas well. I agreed over the phone, so they picked me up for dinner Malaria Outbreaksthat night, which was the third evening I was there, and after This gives you an idea of how far out in the jungle we were.dinner I adjusted her neck. Her name was Angela. He had Several days later, when two of our men came down with malaria,another daughter named Adila, but she did not have a problem. we were plenty worried. We had been assured that there was noAngela, as amazing as it may sound, was soon walking easily and malaria in this area of the jungle and we had not thought to bringher back problem seemed to have disappeared. I did not always malaria medicine along with us. I immediately sent two menhave such spectacular results, but sometimes they did happen. running to the closest mining camp, hoping that they might have I was very glad that I had taken the time to learn to adjust necks. malaria drugs. That would take at least two days, and if they hadMaking such a powerful friend as Moses Nagamotoo was no malaria medicine it would be at least six days before the menimportant. I did not realise how important it was at the time, but returned. We simply had to accept those facts because it was theno doubt it kept me from spending time in prison at a later date. best we could do. We might have tried calling a helicopter, but we didnt have aInto the Jungle radio. Radios dont work in the jungle, anyway, except over very In our first expedition into the jungle, we would be taking eight short distances. Considering all of the data that I had learnedmen who would carry the supplies and set up camp as we reached about stabilised oxygen, it seemed to me that, knowing it killedvarious locations. Our workers were called droggers. These men pathogens in water, it might cure malaria. I sat down with thewere hired by Mike, and they arrived at the house about a week men who had malaria and asked them if they would be interestedahead of time to begin putting supplies and equipment together. in trying this "health drink" from America. They were very sickOne of the droggers was the foreman and the others, of course, and suffering. They laid in their hammocks, shivering from thewere workers. chills and at the same time suffering with high fever. Their Finally, the time for our expedition arrived and neither Joel nor symptoms included headaches, aching muscles and joints, nausea,20 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • diarrhoea and vomiting. They were willing to try anything, and Guyana. We discussed it and decided to see if we could sell thethey said so. stabilised oxygen in Guyana. We put an ad in the local paper, I gave them both a healthy dose of the stabilised oxygen in stating that our solution cured malaria. That was a mistake.some water and they drank it straight down. I thought, "Thats all Immediately the local television station sent reporters over to ourI can do for now; well just have to wait for the runners to return." place and we were on TV talking about our solution. Then theOne hour later, their shivering had stopped. That didnt mean radio and newspaper reporters arrived. We were famous for aboutmuch, as the shivering comes and goes, but they looked a little three days. Then the government dropped a bomb on us. Thebetter. Four hours later, they were sitting up kidding about how Minister of Health called us in for an interview. She told us that ifbad they had been feeling. They got up out of their bunks and sat we sold our solution to one more person we would be put intodown at the table to eat dinner that evening. By the next morning, their prison, and that we wouldnt like their prison. I had seen thetwo more men had come down with malaria. They took the same prison and I knew that she was right.doses of stabilised oxygen and they were feeling okay by noon. I talked to my friend, the First Minister Moses Nagamotoo, oneWe all were amazed. (This is not the whole story, and stabilised evening and he explained to me that two drug companies had calledoxygen does not work all the time.) the Minister of Health and threatened to quit shipping drugs to the I continued with the gold prospecting. I had developed a local hospital if she didnt do something about the person claimingmethod of assaying for gold (that is, determining the amount of to be able to cure malaria. He explained that there was nothing hisgold that is present) which is quite simple. I government could do at this time to help me,was able to conduct assays myself instead of but he mentioned that hed suggested to thehaving to send my assays off to a lab Minister of Health that she give me somesomewhere and wait a couple of weeks for latitude.the answer. Soon I had located some gold At that point I made an even biggerdeposits and we began planning to put up a mistake. Although we removed our ad fromgold mill in the jungle. ...he explained the newspaper, I continued to sell the While doing this and further gold to me that two drug solution to more people who needed it. Myprospecting, I also did quite a bit of travelling partner, Bob Tate, had already gone homein the jungle. Wherever I went, I treated companies had called but I was still planning to do gold mining inpeople for malaria (and sometimes typhoid the Minister for Health the jungle. We were just about ready withfever). Although the stabilised oxygen worked our mining supplies when I got word thatonly about 70 per cent of the time, it was and threatened to quit they were going to charge me with a crimeenough to make me quite famous in the jungle. shipping drugs to the and that it would be better if I were gone or On the way back to town during that were somewhere else. I found thatfirst trip into the jungle, we reached a local hospital if she people in Georgetown are more afraidmining operation that had been shut didnt do something of the jungle than are people from Lasdown for vacation. There were a Vegas. They seldom chase people innumber of men there who were merely about the person the jungle. I immediately made the tripwaiting for the mill to start up again. claiming to be able up the river, and the supplies followedOne of the men was sitting at a table, me a few days later.looking very sick. I asked him what was to cure malaria. This is the basic story of thewrong and he said that he was waiting discovery that stabilised oxygenfor a boat to pick him up. He said he sometimes cures malaria. However, itshad typhoid fever and malaria at the only the beginning of my story. I didsame time. I mentioned my stabilised not consider stabilised oxygen aoxygen, which I called merely a "health miracle supplement, yet.drink", and he said he would try it. Onmy return from town, he came running Inadvertent Research and Testingout to meet me. He grabbed my hand and pumped it up and down. I stayed upriver for slightly over six months, working on theHe told me that he had got better within hours after I left and that he gold recovery mill. That part of the operation I financed myselfdidnt have to go into town after all. I left him with a small bottle of because Joel Kane was very slow in arriving and never provideddrops, as I had done in other places in the jungle. additional money. When he finally arrived, after he saw some of There are numerous good stories like that one, but unfortunately the gold that my mill was recovering he wanted completeat that time there were a lot of people whom the stabilised oxygen ownership and offered me three per cent instead of the 20 per centdid not help. Still, it was a treatment that got much better results in the contract. When I did not agree, he had Mike, the owner ofthan the malaria medicines used there. People in malaria areas the land, and the droggers whom Mike had hired, tear down mycannot afford to take malaria preventive medicines, as side effects working mill and carry it off into the jungle. According to thealways develop after a time. Thus, the locals never take these contract, if he did not use my technology he did not need to givemedicines. They have to depend upon being cured by the standard me 20 per cent. The problem for him was that the new technologymalaria medicines after they contract malaria, and unfortunately that Mike, the landowner, implemented didnt work. Thus, notthe malaria parasite has developed a resistance to those medicines. only did I lose my investment but he lost his as well. He was aVisitors can only afford to take malaria preventives for a short millionaire and really didnt care, but it was a little tougher on me.period. As it turned out, several of my associates were When I came back to town after those six months, all the Healthhospitalised as a result of taking the preventive medicines. Ministry problems had blown over and I left for the USA. I lost Back in Georgetown I telephoned a friend, Bob Tate, about the my investment money, but I had the knowledge of what thestabilised oxygen curing malaria. He immediately flew to stabilised oxygen could do—and it was very exciting. I no longerFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 21
    • cared about the gold. I couldnt wait to get home to begin a testing The magazine in which wed advertised made a big mistake withprogram to find out why the stabilised oxygen only worked some our advertising and then refused to give us credit for the mistake,of the time. which cost us thousands. Eventually I ended up living on my I went back to Guyana a couple months later when another Social Security income. However, at times I did get to do ancompany hired me to help them improve their recovery of gold. I assay or two, which helped.was still working with the stabilised oxygen. One night I was With my sons help in furnishing me with a computer and usingcareless and allowed myself to be bitten hundreds of times by the Internet, I began writing to various pen pals in Africa. Finally,mosquitoes. It really wasnt planned, but when the mosquitoes I made friends with a man in Tanzania who took people on safarisstarted biting, I just let them bite. to Mount Kilimanjaro. His name was Moses Augustino. I Several days later, I began to develop malaria. The very first realised that he was mainly interested in making friends withsymptom is just that you have light indigestion at a meal. Its not people in America because he hoped to come upon some kind ofvery pronounced; only a slight feeling of nausea that passes in an opportunity. Had I been in his shoes, I might have done theabout 15 minutes. You dont feel the real nausea until the next same thing. He soon asked me for $40. I realised that, to him,day. Since I did get sick, I decided that I might as well check out $40 was a lot of money, and actually at that time $40 was quite amy own medicine. So I decided to wait until I got a blood test at bit to me as well. But since I wanted him to try the stabilisedthe hospital in Georgetown before starting oxygen on some malaria cases in Tanzania, Iany treatment. That was almost a fatal sent him the forty dollars.mistake. The $40 paid off, as Moses began to give The bus that runs from that part of the my solution, according to my instructions, tojungle to Georgetown did not come, and I malaria victims whom he knew in his area.know that, almost always, people who wait ...I went back to the Soon people were getting well rapidly—but,too long for treatment end up dead. I waited hospital and had again, not everyone. He had a doctor frienda couple of days for the bus, but it didnt whom he told about the stabilised oxygen (atarrive and I was getting very sick. Still, I another blood test that time we called it the Humble Healthwanted to make absolutely certain, with a that now showed Drink). I sent his doctor friend two bottlesblood test, that I had malaria. I was going and I received an email back from the doctorhome soon and I would not have any chance negative for malaria. saying that he couldnt see how salty waterto do further testing of this kind in the US. I was elated! would help a malaria case. I emailed him I didnt tell anyone I was performing a test back and said, "Just try it and you will see."on myself. My employers, seeing how sick I I was the first patient Well, the fact is, he did try it and he waswas, felt responsible for getting me to have a blood test amazed. He began to treat all of hisback to town. So when I agreed to pay malaria patients with the solution.for part of the cost of an aeroplane to both before and afterpick me up, they agreed instantly. Inthat part of the jungle, they do have taking the stabilised Investigating the Chemistry Meanwhile, I was working to find outradio and a nearby landing strip. The oxygen. I believed what chemical the stabilised oxygenplane finally came the next day (nowmy fourth day of being sick). I rode a I had discovered a really was and how it was made. I needed to find out why it wasnt 100-bicycle to the landing strip. By this cure for malaria. per-cent effective. I learned that Drtime I was very sick. When I arrived in William F. Koch first started workingGeorgetown, they put me in a taxi and with this solution back in 1926 intook me straight to the hospital. Germany. He used it in conjunction At the hospital, I waited several with mentally retarded children,hours for a blood test. I was definitely because he believed that the stabilisedshowing malaria symptoms. The oxygen produced nontoxic oxygendoctor told me that my blood tested positive for malaria. I was an identical to the oxygen produced by breathing. Dr Koch used hisoutpatient, so he just gave me a small bottle of malaria pills. Of formula for the next 10 years, believing that it somehow increasedcourse, I did not take the pills; instead, I took a large dose of my oxygen to the brain of the retarded children.own medicine. Within hours I was feeling better. It worked for The formula found its way to the United States around 1930.me. To top it off, I went back to the hospital and had another Over the years, those who could finally dig out the actual formulablood test that now showed negative for malaria. I was elated! I began to add it into various products, thinking that it was a form ofwas the first patient to have a blood test both before and after oxygen that the body could make use of.taking the stabilised oxygen. I believed I had discovered a cure Finding the formula for stabilised oxygen was a hard thing to dofor malaria. back in 1998 if you had a limited knowledge of chemistry. I arrived back in the USA in the last part of 1997 and moved to Everyone who had the formula wasnt telling, and even when theyWalker Lake, Nevada, to where Bob Tate had moved my portable sold it they would not put the ingredients on the label (its sodiumlaboratories. The plan was to set up and manufacture my own chlorite, NaClO2).special mining equipment in order to make a living, while also I did find one company that gave instructions for usinginvestigating the stabilised oxygen that I had used in the jungle. stabilised oxygen. They said that after you put the drops into aWe worked our mining equipment business for about a year, but glass of water, the stabilised oxygen becomes unstable—and thusthen Bob began to develop the terrible illness known as Lou you should never wait more than one hour before drinking theGehrigs disease and was unable to do much work. mixture. I thought that was interesting. So I put 10 drops into a The sales of the equipment began to falter for many reasons. glass of water, waited for about eight hours and then smelled it,22 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • like chemists often do. I thought I could smell chlorine. I realised it worked in only three minutes! I checked the mixture with thethat if water did make the stabilised oxygen unstable, it was chlorine strips and it showed a reading of over 5 ppm in only threebecause the water had made it less alkaline (more neutral). I had minutes, and when I added two glasses of water this diluted thebeen using 10 drops, but by that time I was getting the idea that I mixture out to less than 1 ppm—but the taste was terrible.would have to use more drops. After adding 20 drops of stabilised The stabilised oxygen mixture with water doesnt taste too badoxygen to a glass of water, I decided to add a little vinegar before the chlorine is released, but afterwards its pretty bad.because its a food that contains acetic acid, which I knew would Some people dont seem to mind the taste, but most people do. Imake the stabilised oxygen less alkaline than even water would. tried various juices to see which ones might work the best. ThereOn this occasion I waited for more than 24 hours, and then I could were two problems. First, I needed something that would tastedetect a much stronger smell of chlorine. okay, but I also needed something that would not change the By that time, my friends in Africa trusted me to some small amount of chlorine. After trying many juices and tasting a lot ofextent so they were willing to give it a try. They started using the drinks, I settled on just plain old apple juice, the kind with noimproved formula of 20 drops of the stabilised oxygen in a full vitamin C added.glass of water with one teaspoon of vinegar. After waiting 24hours, they then gave it to several of those who were not helped The Miracle Mineral Supplementwith the original first dose. It worked in every case when they I moved to the small town of Mina, Nevada, in 2001, where Iused the vinegar and waited 24 hours. lived on a gold-milling property at no cost. Dick Johnson, a To test my mixture, I bought some chlorine-measuring sticks friend, did this to help me out with my research. It gave me a fewused for swimming pools and...guess what? After a few hours, the extra dollars to help with my investigation of stabilised oxygen.mixture began to measure a slight I began making the solution muchamount of chlorine and after 24 hours stronger than the stabilised oxygenit measured at least 1 ppm (part per than is sold on the market. For manymillion) of chlorine. That really I decided to add a little vinegar years, stabilised oxygen was 3.5 perwasnt the total answer, but I was cent sodium chlorite. At this time mygetting closer. I didnt realise it at because its a food that solution, which I have named thefirst, but the sticks were measuring contains acetic acid, which I Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS),chlorine dioxide. Next, I put a lid on was 28 per cent sodium chlorite.the glass containing the mixture and knew would make the Thats eight times stronger thanfound that it developed the same stabilised oxygen less alkaline regular stabilised oxygen. When Istrength of chlorine in two hours as it am making trips into the jungle, itdid in 24 hours without the lid. That than even water would. means I can carry eight times aswas, of course, as long as I also used much "healing power" as the originalthe vinegar. The reason was that the stabilised oxygen formula.chlorine was not going off into the air Let me explain what has happened.nearly as quickly. The researchers over the past 80 years have done their tests using I transmitted this finding to Tanzania and they began to use this from five to 20 drops, at the most, of the 3.5 per cent solution. Asnew procedure. They added the teaspoon of vinegar, used a lid I started treating people for malaria and other diseases, when a fewand waited for two hours before giving the mixture to the malaria drops didnt work I just gave them more. In all the research I havevictims. It worked every time. They were not having any failures. been able to read concerning stabilised oxygen, no one increased This all sounds easy now, but I did more than 1,000 different the drops beyond 25 and very few ever used that many. Wheretests over a period of one year to figure out all these "simple" did the old idea go that if 10 drops is good, 40 drops is four timesthings. My money was very limited and swimming-pool test as good? The only precaution that I took was that I always triedstrips were expensive, as were as the various chemicals that I the heavier doses on myself first.needed to do the testing. I must admit that I didnt do anything Generally I was dealing with people who wanted to get well,really smart or brilliant; I just blundered along with my slight and they agreed to try the solution after I had tested it. I didnt goknowledge of the chemistry of metallurgy. There was also the fact from 10 drops of stabilised oxygen to 120 directly, but I finallythat I was a research engineer in the aerospace industry for almost wound up at 120 drops and used a second 120 drops one hour25 years; Id set up tests for A-bombs and that sort of thing. So I later. I did it a little at a time until I found out what it took to curedid have some experience at doing tests. I tried a dozen or more a disease.acids and a hundred combinations. This is not a drug, it is a mineral supplement; and I am an Stabilised oxygen is stable because of its very high alkalinity. inventor, not a doctor. I dont even know what the HippocraticWhen a few drops are added to a glass of water, the alkalinity of oath says; I am not trying to do what doctors do. My job has beenthe drops is neutralised by the water and ions in the drops become to invent a sure cure for malaria, ever since I thought it wasunstable and begin to release chlorine. At least that is what I possible, and I did accomplish that.thought at the time. In my opinion, I have never put anyone at risk and I have So the question is, how do we get this to happen faster? After treated over 2,000 people personally. Over 75,000 malaria casestrying all the mineral acids and various organic acids, I found that have been treated, mostly by people I trained. The people treatedvinegar, which is five per cent acetic acid, which is an organic were cured, and no deaths were reported in the bunch. Normally,acid, worked the best. over 300 deaths could be expected. When I say "cured", Im Then I made a mini-breakthrough, which was simple. Instead referring to the fact that these people got up, smiled, put theirof using a glass of water, I used no water at all. I just put 20 drops clothes on and went back to work. They have not relapsed, as farof stabilised oxygen and three teaspoons of vinegar into a clean, as we can tell. Did we do double-blind and triple-blind tests? No.dry, empty glass. I swirled it around to mix it. That worked, and The money was not available.FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 23
    • Bill Gates told us over the phone that he would not help until we causing germs. The pharmaceutical companies not only haventhad Food and Drug Administration approval. Usually, FDA done the research, but theyve actually refused to test the stabilisedapproval costs millions, but those people in Africa who went back oxygen many times.to work feeling good didnt care if we had FDA approval or not.When I phoned the FDA, they told me that if I was using the Closing Remarksformula in Africa; they had no say over there so they would not The Miracle Mineral Supplement solution is available for you tocomment; but if I wanted to get it approved for treatment of purchase immediately. If you dont want the hassle and you wouldmalaria in America; then that would be another story. They didnt like to try my exact formula, you can order it from my friend incare if it was not a drug. The minute I said "treatment of any Canada, Kenneth Richards, or from other people in the US whodisease", they said that the formula then becomes a drug, for are manufacturing it. At this time, they all charge about the samewhich you must have all of the countless tests and laboratory price. Most are putting it into a four-ounce-sized bottle (it actuallyevaluations prior to approval. Thats anywhere from 50 million contains 5.5 ounces) for only US$20 plus shipping, which is adollars upwards. minimal cost. So far they have kept the price down. I want So long as one is using a mineral supplement in the attempt to everyone to be able to afford MMS without spending a lot ofmake people feel better, there is no criticism. So long as one is money. There are 650 six-drop doses in this bottle, which shouldusing a mineral supplement attempting to make people healthier, last you up to two years. Thats far more solution than whatsthere is no criticism. But the minute one attempts to treat available from anyone else who is selling the weak solution ofsomeone for some specific condition with the same supplement stabilised oxygen. So, make it yourself or buy it. Just get it intothat has been used for at least 80 years, then that is a different as many hands as possible.story. You must be a doctor, you must do clinical trials, and you For information about obtaining MMS, go to the websitesmust have 100 million dollars for double-blind tests and triple- http://www.health4allinfo.ca and http://www.miraclemineral.org.blind tests and meet dozens of other requirements. No one offers I have no personal interest in my friends business, but Kennethto furnish the money; they just tell you has agreed to donate $1.00 per bottle towhat you are required to do. Their the operation that is distributing theattitude is: "How dare you try to treat MMS to Africa, so you will be helpingsomeone for a disease! Thats for The American Society the project in Africa with yourdoctors and pharmaceutical companies of Analytical Chemists purchase.only." If you want to communicate for some We know that the MMS (28 per cent stated in 1999 that reason, my email address issodium chlorite) generates chlorine chlorine dioxide is the most jim@jimhumble.com. However, onlydioxide (thats ClO 2) when mixed with emails with "Stories of Success" typedvinegar. The reason why is because the powerful pathogen killer into the subject area will get past theacetic acid in the vinegar causes the known to man. servers spam filter. All emails thatsolution to be neutralised or, better than pass the spam filter will be read.that, causes it to become slightly acidic.The MMS solution is normally About the Author:extremely alkaline. When it is made acidic by adding the vinegar, Jim V. Humble started his career in the aerospace industryit becomes slightly unstable and it begins to release chlorine where he quickly became a research engineer. He worked ondioxide. By measuring the drops and the acetic acid, we know the first intercontinental missile and the Moon vehicle, wrotethat it creates about three milligrams (3 mg) of chlorine dioxide in instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, setapproximately three minutes. When apple juice (or other juice up experiments for A-bomb explosions and in electricitywithout vitamin C) is added, it dilutes the solution so that there is generation by magnetohydrodynamics, worked on secretabout 1 ppm of chlorine dioxide in the total apple juice mixture. radio-control electronics, complete-wired the first machine toThe MMS solution continues to generate chlorine dioxide, but be controlled by computers at the Hughes Aircraft Companynow at a much slower rate. and invented the original automatic garage-door opener. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide have many antiseptic uses; for In the mining field, Jim has written four books, updatedmore than 100 years they have been used to purify water and kill older technology and discovered how to overcome the healthpathogens in hospitals. Lately, chlorine dioxide has been used hazards of mercury and, indeed, eliminate it from mining.more and more frequently, especially to purify water. It is His technology includes methods of preventing chemicalauthorised by the FDA for cleaning chicken, beef and other foods. leaching and recovering gold using using nothing but water. Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than Jims immediate goal is to return to Africa, where he haschlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water and it also conducted trials, to eliminate all of the malaria in a singledoes not create compounds from other constituents in the water, nation in order to prove to the world that it is possible.which chlorine does. Simple chemistry tells us that, withoutdoubt, the same situation exists in the body. It has been proven Editors Note:that chlorine in drinking water creates at least three different Jim Humble has written a book, Breakthrough: The Miraclecarcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, but no such Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century – Parts I and II,compounds have been found from chlorine dioxide. The available from his website http://www.miraclemineral.orgAmerican Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that (Part I, 2nd edition, can be downloaded as a PDF for free).chlorine dioxide is the most powerful pathogen killer known to We recommend that readers visit this website, obtain a copyman. and become familiar with the additional information that Jim There is no excuse why more research has not been conducted provides about chlorine dioxide as well as the use of hisinto a solution that has been used for 100 years to kill disease- Miracle Mineral Supplement and his treatment protocols.24 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 25
    • 26 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • I do not want to pretend that this is an impartial investigation. Instead, I am now completely convinced that most diseases are indeed caused by the medical system, and in the following pages I state my reasons for this conclusion. Increasingly over the years, my health beliefs have been turned around. I started out by working as a biochemist and toxicologist in university medical departments, fully believing that all these chronic and incurable diseases are indeed incurable and generally of unknown origin, but that pharmaceutical drugs make life easier for patients and often are even curative. My re-education started after immigrating to New Zealand and learning about natural healing and living; this made me realise that disease is mainly caused by unnatural living conditions and can be overcome by natural Medical treatments, methods of living and healing. pharmaceutical While I learned about the harmful nature of drug treatment, I was still thinking of it as being ineffective and causing side effects rather than being a main cause of our diseases. drugs and decisions Diseases caused by medical treatment are called iatrogenic diseases. The total number of iatrogenic deaths in the USA for 2001 was estimated to be 783,936; these were due to based on wrong fatal drug reactions, medical errors and unnecessary medical and surgical procedures. With this, the medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. information are In comparison, in 2001, heart disease deaths were 699,697 and cancer deaths were 553,251.1 responsible for This is also the reason why it is so beneficial for patients when doctors go on strike. Statistics show that whenever there has been a strike by doctors, the death rate in the causing an epidemic affected population has fallen dramatically. In 1976, the death rate fell by 35 per cent in of disease Bogotá, Colombia, and by 18 per cent in Los Angeles County, California, during doctors strikes. In Israel in 1973, the death rate fell by 50 per cent during a strike. Only once throughout the before was there a similar drop in the death rate in Israel, and that was during another doctors strike 20 years earlier. After each strike, the death rate jumped again to its western world. normal level.2 However, these figures for iatrogenic deaths do not take into account iatrogenic diseases from the long-term harm done by medical treatments where patients survive but with a chronic disease. My real awakening to this problem started when I became aware of the story of Orian Truss who discovered the candidiasis-causing potential of antibiotics. Dr Orian Trusss Candida Discovery In 1953, in a hospital in Alabama, USA, Dr Orian Truss discovered the devastating effects of antibiotics.3 During a ward round, Truss was intrigued by a gaunt, apparently elderly, man who was obviously dying. However, he was only in his forties and had been in hospital for four months. No specialist had been able to make a diagnosis. Out of curiosity, Truss asked the patient when he was last completely well. The man answered that he was well until six months before when he had cut his finger. He had received antibiotics for this. Shortly afterwards, he developed diarrhoea and his health by Walter Last © 2007 deteriorated. Truss had seen before how antibiotics cause diarrhoea. It was known that Candida was opportunistic and thrived in debilitated patients, but now Truss wondered if Website: it might not be the other way around—that candida actually caused the debilitated http://www.health-science-spirit.com condition. Truss had read that potassium iodide solution could be used to treat candida infestation of the blood, so he put the patient on six to eight drops of Lugols solution four times a day for three weeks and before long the patient was completely well again. Soon afterwards, Dr Truss had a female patient with a stuffy nose, a throbbingFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 27
    • headache, vaginitis and severe depression. To his amazement, all Autoimmune Diseases and Asthmaher problems immediately cleared with treatment for candida. Autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis, lupus erythematosusSome time later, he saw a female patient who had been and pancreatitis, have been linked to dysbiosis. When remediesschizophrenic for six years and had had hundreds of electroshock are given that bind bacterial endotoxins, these conditions usuallytreatments and massive drug dosages. He started treating the improve. In addition, autoimmune diseases have been shown towoman for sinus allergies with a candida remedy. Soon she be linked to mycoplasmas or nanobacteria which start to developrecovered mentally and physically, and remained well. from diseased red blood cells in the presence of toxic chemicals From then on he treated his patients against candida at the and systemic candida. The weaker our immune system becomes,slightest indication of its presence. Many of his patients made the more these mycoplasmas start to develop into bacterial and,remarkable recoveries from most unusual conditions, including finally, fungal forms. They have been found in all autoimmunemenstrual problems, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, diseases, cancers and AIDS.5schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and auto-immune diseases such Antibiotics are also a major contributing cause of asthma.as Crohns disease and lupus erythematosus. According to a study, children who received broad-spectrum Every experienced naturopath can relate similar success stories. antibiotics were about nine times more likely to suffer fromAlso, some alternative medical practitioners have realised the asthma.6 A recent research paper confirmed dysbiosis as a maincurative potential of anti-candida therapy, as for instance Dr cause of asthma.7William Crook who wrote several books In the 1980s, New Zealand had the highestabout the successful treatment of allergies rate of asthma deaths in the world. This rateand hyperactivity in children.4 was drastically reduced when in 1991 the inhaler drug Fenoterol was banned, as itThe Antibiotic Syndrome caused a 13- times higher risk of dying. 8 This Candidiasis is not the only side effect of reduction in the asthma death rate wasantibiotic treatment, and antibiotics are not generally hailed as a great triumph forthe only drugs that cause such problems. medical science. Other studies revealed thatDrugs used in chemotherapy, anti- asthmatics using more than oneinflammatory steroidal drugs and other long- Most patients receive bronchodilator inhaler a month had a 50-foldterm drug therapies tend to kill or suppress increased risk of suffering a fatal asthmathe natural intestinal bacteria, and so yeast, such drugs in hospitals attack.parasites and harmful bacteria start taking and can be expected to combination of to asthma, cows milk with In addition I also see theover. This condition is called d y s b i o s i s. pasteurisedMost patients receive such drugs in develop systemic antibiotic-induced dysbiosis in babieshospitals and can be expected to developsystemic candida overgrowth as a result. candida overgrowth as a and infants as the main cause of their frequent infections and glue ear and Our natural intestinal flora, mainly result. greatly contributing to cot death.based on lactobacteria, not only help to Because health authorities insist ondigest and absorb food but also protect pasteurising milk, and doctors prescribeus against ingested harmful bacteria that antibiotics without the most basicotherwise might cause food poisoning. precautions, I regard asthma and mostWith a healthy intestinal flora, millions childhood infections as predominantlyof salmonella bacteria might be needed iatrogenic diseases.to cause an infection; but with dysbiosis, In the "good old days", peopleonly tens of salmonella would be ingested a lot of lactic-acid-fermentedrequired. foods and raw milk products that With chronic dysbiosis, the intestinal replenished our "good" bacteria; andwall becomes inflamed, causing ulcers, because antibiotics had not beenappendicitis, malabsorption and Crohns disease; and as the invented, dysbiosis and therefore chronic diseases were rare.intestinal membrane erodes, the patient develops multiple food Instead, people mainly died from acute infections due toallergies, arthritis and autoimmune diseases. In addition to unhygienic living conditions, and in the slums also fromcandida, other pathogens and parasites now invade the malnutrition.bloodstream and various organs. With live-cell analysis, natural Staphylococcus aureus , or golden staph, causes serioustherapists can see and show their patients the fungi in their blood. infections in hospital patients. It has been found that not onlyThis invasion greatly weakens the immune system so that people golden staph but also other infections are greatly potentised whennow become susceptible to frequent or chronic infections. they occur in combination with candida overgrowth. As candidaCommonly these are then treated with more antibiotics—a overgrowth is a natural outcome of the standard hospitalpractice which continues to intensify the symptoms. treatment, it is easy to see why golden staph is so deadly in Actually, the problem is not with the antibiotics. You can take hospitals.a course if you feel it is needed, provided that you take a A similar picture emerges with AIDS. People do not die fromfungicide, such as fresh garlic, at the same time and have some the virus that leads to AIDS, but from candida or fungus-probiotics after the antibiotics and before you ingest any potentised bacterial and mycoplasma infections. The end stage ofcarbohydrates. This will prevent most diseases that are caused by AIDS is the same as the end stage of cancer. It is called cachexia,the careless medical method of using antibiotics. For more a wasting condition mainly caused by fungal overgrowth. Lugolsdetails, see "Candida and the Antibiotic Syndrome" iodine solution and other systemic fungicides should do wonders(http://www.health-science-spirit.com/candida.html). for it. Presently MMS, a 28 per cent solution of sodium chlorite,28 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • is also gaining acceptance as an effective antimicrobial remedy success rate of up to 90 per cent by treating cancer as a fungus.(see http://www.miraclemineral.org). He infuses tumours with sodium bicarbonate solution and All of this shows that antibiotic-induced dysbiosis and candida recommends taking bicarbonate in water to get rid of gastro-are not isolated and relatively harmless problems, as the medical intestinal cancer.17profession prefers to believe, but, rather, are the underlying cause Recently I received a personal communication that a largeof most of our modern diseases. stomach tumour had unexpectedly shrunk after some mouthwash was swallowed for a few weeks for a different problem. The mainCancer and Leukaemia ingredient of this mouthwash was benzoic acid, a strong fungicide One hundred years ago, the rate of cancer was very low. I have that inhibits the metabolism of fungal cells. Cancer cells have theno doubt that the phenomenal increase in the use of agricultural same fungal-type metabolism which thrives on high levels ofand industrial chemicals as well as pharmaceutical drugs has glucose and insulin, and they may therefore be regarded as typesgreatly accelerated the increase in the cancer rate, and there is also of fungal cells.a link to the consumption of sugar. Even stronger is the link to While the work of the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer 18dysbiosis and candida. shows that emotional shock is a major Chemotherapy commonly leads to trigger for the development of cancer, asystemic candida infections, which weak immune system as caused bygreatly limit the success rate of the All of this shows that intestinal dysbiosis, systemictreatment. Long-term follow-up candidiasis, toxic chemicals and rootstudies show that children develop 18 chemotherapy tends to cause canal treatments appears to be antimes more secondary malignant leukaemia and cancer essential co-factor. After all, a centurytumours later in life, that girls face a ago people must have had a similar75-times higher risk of breast cancer many years later, mainly as number of emotional shocks as atby the time they are forty, 9 and that the a result of dysbiosis and present, but cancer was very rare.risk of developing leukaemia after Conversely, there are lots of peoplechemotherapy for ovarian cancer systemic candida infection. with dysbiosis and filled root canalsincreases 21-fold. Also, other tumours who do not have cancer, but addcommonly develop after treating emotional shock and voilà!malignancies with chemotherapy. 10 Amain problem appears to be the development of deep or systemic Root Canal Fillingscandida infections shortly after starting chemotherapy.11 Root-canal-filled teeth are a variation on the theme of intestinal Only recently have oncologists started to acknowledge what dysbiosis. They, too, appear to be a major contributing factor inpatients called "chemo-brain", a distressing loss of memory and many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis,other cognitive functions. Psychiatrists have now found that the kidney disease and auto-immune diseases. This is due toconventional treatment of cancer causes serious depression in 15 microbes that multiply in the multitude of tiny canals or tubules into 25 per cent of patients. "The depression itself can often be the dentine and gradually leach out into the lymph system. Evenworse than the disease," they say.12 Brain fog and depression are normally harmless microbes become very dangerous and morecommon with systemic candida. All of this shows that virulent and toxic under the anaerobic conditions in dead teeth.chemotherapy tends to cause leukaemia and cancermany years later, mainly as a result of dysbiosis andsystemic candida infection. The reason for thewidespread use of chemotherapy despite its lack ofeffectiveness, severe side effects and long-term cancerpromotion can be seen in the fact that private-practiceoncologists in the USA typically derive two-thirds oftheir income from selling chemotherapy to patients.13 This chemotherapy connection makes it very likelythat dysbiosis and systemic candida also promote cancerand leukaemia when they are caused as a result ofantibiotic treatment. The rate of cancer reallyaccelerated only after the use of antibiotics becamewidespread. There is also more direct evidence that candida andother fungi are a cause of leukaemia. Meinolf Karthaus,MD, reported on several children with leukaemia goinginto remission upon receiving antifungal remedies fortheir "secondary" fungal infections.14 In his lifetime ofwork, Milton White, MD, found fungal spores in everysample of cancer tissue he studied.15 Fungal infections have been diagnosed and treated asleukaemia, and leukaemia has disappeared on grain-freediets, presumably because of the high content ofmycotoxins in grains.16 The Italian oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini claims aFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 29
    • Dr Weston Price, 1 9 a former Director of Research for the about one litre of their drinking water whilst another group of 50American Dental Association, observed that the removal of root- chickens served as controls. Seven months later, over 95 per centfilled teeth from patients with kidney or heart disease would in of the chlorinated group had advanced atherosclerosis, yet none ofmost cases lead to an improvement. When he inserted a removed the control group showed any such evidence. In the followingroot-filled tooth under the skin of a rabbit, the animal would die years Dr Price repeated his experiment many times, always withwithin two days. When he implanted normal teeth, there was no the same results, and more recently even researchers funded byadverse health effect. In some experiments he implanted the same the US Environmental Protection Agency have confirmedfragments of root-filled teeth in succession under the skins of up atherosclerotic-type changes in other animals, including monkeys,to 100 rabbits and they all died within two weeks of the same when exposed to chlorinated water.22disease that the human donor had! Dr Price conducted about 5,000 experiments over 25 years. He Drug and Chemical Cocktailsdid not find a reliable method to disinfect dead teeth and make Basically all drugs are more or less toxic: the more so, thethem safe. His research has been suppressed, and if at all more "powerful" they are. Natural remedies cannot be patented;mentioned by our dental associations then it is described as therefore, in order to maximise profits, the pharmaceutical"dated" because this research was conducted and published over industry routinely makes and sells synthetic versions of effective70 years ago but has never been repeated or otherwise natural remedies. Synthetic substances are usually more difficultinvestigated and root canal fillings have never been shown to be to detoxify than natural remedies and tend to create moresafe. The main argument for the supposed safety of root-canal- problems the longer they are taken. Often they become highlyfilled teeth is that millions of people have them and are still alive addictive and after some time may cause the symptoms that theymany years later. The question of root canal fillings causing originally alleviated. However, this is rarely acknowledged bywidespread degenerative diseases is not discussed or researched. drug companies or medical practitioners; instead, when a problemDr Price found that about 30 per cent arises, alternative or additional drugsof individuals have such a strong are prescribed.immune system that they do not One of the main problems is thatdevelop problems from root canal drugs are tested individually forfillings until they become old, butthe remaining 70 per cent develop Generally, outdoors workers with prescribed as drugperiods, but then relatively short cocktails for veryproblems much sooner. the most sun exposure have the long periods. Drugs have not been I regard root canal fillings, evenmore so than intestinal dysbiosis, as lowest rates of skin cancer and tested under these conditions and therefore all drug use, except asa major cause of autoimmune melanoma, while melanoma often individual drugs for short periods, isdiseases. In 1993, George E. unscientific and unsafe. As a result ofMeinig, DDS, a former root canal shows up in office workers. this, there are countless dangerousspecialist in the USA, republished and fatal drug interactions and sidethe dental research of Dr Price in a effects, as reported in numerouspopular version and included his books, articles and statistics.own experiences.20 It is similar with the thousands of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals that are allowed by healthIatrogenic Heart Attacks and the Chlorine Link authorities to contaminate our living space. These are even less One hundred years ago, heart attacks were almost unknown tested than drugs but also react with each other and with drugs indespite diets generally being high in saturated fats. The ascent of a brew that is impossible to disentangle.heart attacks began with the pasteurisation of milk and the use of I want to mention just one instance of such a combination. Thechlorine to kill bacteria in public water supplies. This began herbicide paraquat and the fungicide maneb are widely used inaround 1900 and was generally accepted in western countries in farming and may remain present as residues in crops. Each on itsthe l920s. own did not cause a problem, but if rats and mice were exposed to From 1920 onwards, the explosive increase in the incidence of both together, even at very low rates, they developed symptoms ofcardiovascular disease and fatal heart attacks began, but only in Parkinsons disease. The leader of the research team said: "Nocountries that chlorinated their water supplies. These diseases one has looked at the effects of studying together some of theseremained unknown in, for instance, Africa, China, Japan and compounds that, taken by themselves, have little effect. This hasother parts of Asia. However, when Japanese citizens immigrated enormous implications [and] its a huge problem to start thinkingto Hawaii where water was chlorinated, they suffered the same about a nearly infinite array of mixtures of chemicals, instead ofrate of heart attacks as the Americans. And the African-American the risk that a single chemical might pose."23population in the US has the average US rate of heart attacks, but We have similar problems with fluoride and chlorine as well asnot so their brothers in Africa. Residents of the non-chlorinated mercury, aluminium, nickel and other heavy and toxic metalsRoseto in Pennsylvania remained free of heart attacks unless they being deliberately put into vaccines and used in dentistry. Formoved to a chlorinated area.21 Some of the chlorine reacts with detailed documentation of the problems associated with heavyorganic impurities in water to form organochlorines (DDT is an metals and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, see articles byorganochlorine), while the rest remains as residual free-chlorine in Bernard Windham.24the water. It may then react either with food chemicals or withparts of our digestive tract. Lack of Sunlight Implicated in Diseases In 1967, Dr Joseph Price in the USA performed a decisive Health authorities and medical associations have campaignedexperiment. With one group of 50 three-month-old chickens strongly on avoiding sun exposure to the skin. Presumably such(cockerels), he added one-third of a teaspoon of chlorine bleach to exposure causes skin cancer, including melanoma that can kill.30 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • However, the vast majority of incidences is normal skin cancer medical–pharmaceutical complex and the neglectful way in whichthat almost never kills, and there is widespread doubt that health authorities contribute to our diseases. In addition tomelanomas are really caused by normal sun exposure, although directly causing diseases, these same forces also prevent thethere seems to be a link with sunburn. Generally, outdoors healing of these same diseases by restricting, suppressing andworkers with the most sun exposure have the lowest rates of skin persecuting the practitioners of natural medicine as well as givingcancer and melanoma, while melanoma often shows up in office disease-causing nutritional advice.workers. Melanoma often occurs on areas of the skin that have Until 1980, the rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes were fairlynot been exposed to sunlight. Other studies show a strong link stable. However, when health authorities in the USA startedbetween long-term exposure to fluorescent lighting and vilifying foods containing fats and cholesterol and recommendedmelanoma.25 With the present campaign in Australia to replace all eating more carbohydrates instead, obesity increased from 15 perincandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones by 2009–10, I cent of the American adult population in 1976–1980 to 32.9 perexpect a melanoma epidemic in 10 to 20 years time.26 cent in 2003–2004. 30 Type 2 diabetes became an epidemic as Now, more and more research papers show that a vast number well. In addition, for the first time in history, a large number ofof diseases, especially cancer, could be avoided by greatly obese children developed type 2 diabetes—so much so, it is noincreasing our level of vitamin D with suitable foods, supplements longer called "maturity-onset" diabetes. Also, children are nowand frequent or daily short exposure of sunshine to the skin. developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes simultaneously. 31, 32, 33 These Sunlight is our main source of vitamin D. are iatrogenic diseases, caused by theResearch shows that there is a strong medical system.negative correlation between available Natural health practitioners are experts insunlight and breast cancer death rates, and preventing and successfully treating chronicthat living in a sunny area is associated with diseases with nutrition and other naturallower cancer rates. Even skin cancer is methods—diseases that include theinhibited by regular low-level sunlight metabolic syndrome which leads to diabetes,exposure; only sunburn is a strong skin heart disease and overweight. It is routinelycancer promoter. It has now been calculated and quickly remedied with proper nutrition,that worldwide, with these measures, about In addition, vaccinated but with accepted medical practice it600,000 cases of colon and breast cancer children have about becomes a lifelong condition managed withcould be prevented.27 drugs that are more or less toxic. Surgery is Furthermore, the researchers pointed out 150 per cent more used for a wide range of conditions andthat by increasing levels of vitamin D3 by neurological disorders patients are severely traumatised orregular sunlight exposure and other mutilated for life, when these problemsmeasures, we could prevent diseases such as ADHD and could be successfully treated withthat claim nearly one million lives autism compared to natural therapies.throughout the world each year.28, 29 The irony of all this is that the unvaccinated children. Side Effects of Vaccinationspresent skin cancer epidemic, in my Vaccinations are the proudopinion, has been manufactured by our showpiece of drug medicine inhealth authorities and medical experts. eliminating the dreaded childhoodThere are three conditions that make us infections of previous centuries.susceptible to developing skin cancers However, long-term statistics andwith high sunlight exposure. These are diagrams tell a different story.overacidity, a high ratio of omega-6 to Starting between 1850 and 1900,omega-3 fatty acids and a lack of scarlet fever, diphtheria, whoopingantioxidants. The most common cause cough and measles had declined byof overacidity is candida overgrowth, about 90 per cent by the time generalespecially in combination with the officially recommended diet vaccination was introduced for each disease. While statistics varyhigh in cereals. Our omega-6 to omega-3 ratio was always between different countries, this is generally true for England, thesomewhat too high, but it went off the chart when our health United States and Australia. Whooping cough had declined inauthorities recommended replacing saturated fats with seed oils England and Wales by about 98.5 per cent before a vaccinehigh in omega-6 fatty acids. This increased inflammatory became generally available, and measles had declined by over 99conditions of all kinds, including tumours and skin cancers. To per cent. Tuberculosis had declined by 87 per cent whenmake matters worse, health authorities also discourage and legally antibiotics first became available and by 93 per cent before theminimise the use of antioxidant nutrients. introduction of the BCG vaccine. The death rate from rheumatic With these measures, health authorities created the conditions fever had declined by 86 per cent by the time penicillin wasfor an epidemic of skin cancers. Then they tried to prevent skin introduced.34 All of this has obviously more to do with bettercancers by recommending complete avoidance of sunlight plumbing than with vaccinations.exposure, which in turn caused large-scale vitamin D deficiency There are also statistics showing that death rates from targetedwith an estimated loss of one million lives each year. I sometimes diseases have risen with the introduction of vaccines. Other sideask myself if it is simply ignorance and incompetence or if there effects ascribed to modern vaccines are cot or crib death (SIDS)is something more sinister to it. and a strong rise in autism and shaken baby syndrome (spot bleeding in the brain), which apparently has landed innocentObesity and Diabetes Epidemics parents in prison. Experts strongly deny that there is a connection I could write a book about all the health problems caused by the between vaccines and autism, but it is strange nevertheless thatFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 31
    • the rates of autism have suddenly exploded without an obvious Maryland, has shown that he was right.41reason. Interestingly, there is no autism in Amish children, who In addition, the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine has justare generally not vaccinated. In addition, vaccinated children published a double-blind, randomised clinical trial showing thathave about 150 per cent more neurological disorders such as HIV-positive patients given supplemental nutrients can stop theirADHD and autism compared to unvaccinated children.35 decline into AIDS. 4 2 This poses a big threat to the Another curious aspect of vaccine safety statistics was medical–pharmaceutical complex and is one more reason not tohighlighted by Dr Archie Kalokerinos.36 Working in the remote index this journal on Medline.Australian outback with Aboriginal people, he found that every There exists a systemic culture of suppression of dissentingsecond child died as a result of vaccinations. Because deaths views in science and medicine, and frequently a viciouscommonly occurred about three weeks after vaccination, they persecution with "Gestapo-like" methods. 43, 44 Recently in thewere not recorded as vaccine related; officially, reactions were USA, a mother was even imprisoned and brutalised for illegallylimited to occurring only for up to two weeks after vaccination. using natural methods to cure her son of malignant melanoma.45However, Dr Kalokerinos eventually solved the problem by Of course, this assault by the medical–pharmaceutical complexgiving babies high doses of vitamin C before vaccinations, and no on natural healing methods is not illegal. On the contrary, in amore vaccination deaths occurred. Also, SIDS incidence capitalist system the industry has a duty to maximise profits bydisappeared. Naturally, he encountered eliminating the competition and generating aridicule and hostility from his medical steady supply of patients with chroniccolleagues, and babies are still dying diseases who can be managed indefinitelyneedlessly. with drugs. The question is: just why do governmentBias against Natural Therapies health authorities make and enforce laws on It has become a habit that any successful behalf of drug medicine and against naturalnatural cancer remedy or treatment is medicine? Theoretically, they should bequickly outlawed by our health authorities. impartial and ensure the best outcome forMany natural health practitioners have been The very fact of a high the population. I believe the answer can bedragged before the courts and often rate of chronic disease in found in some good lateral thinking by theimprisoned, especially in the area of cancertreatment. 37 This is especially regrettable our society attests to the pharmaceutical industry.medical education,46, influencing much of the By paying for andbecause there is no evidence that the inability of the medical 47, 48 it automatically produces health officialsmethods of orthodox cancer therapy are who are steeped in pharmaceuticalin any way successful.38 profession to treat thinking. No bribery is needed, but One of the methods increasingly these diseases health officials always know that thereused to denigrate natural therapies is is a well-paid job waiting if and whenfor the pharmaceutical industry to successfully. they want to retire from governmentfinance shoddy research on natural service.remedies and then proclaim theremedies to be ineffective or harmful. Natural Medicine to the RescueThis is only partly intended to Health authorities so far haveinfluence the general public, but mainly ignored the claims and evidence thatto provide the justification for health natural medicine is the superior formauthorities to outlaw and greatly restrict of treatment for chronic and medicallynatural remedies.39 incurable diseases. The very fact of a Another strategy is not to list high rate of chronic disease in ourfavourable vitamin studies in the society attests to the inability of theMedline database which is taxpayer-funded and operated by the medical profession to treat these diseases successfully. I have noUS National Library of Medicine. It lists all articles published in doubt that natural medicine could eliminate most chronic diseasesmedical research journals, and even in T i m e magazine and within a decade, needing only a few per cent of the money that isReaders Digest , but not the peer-reviewed Journal of spent on conventional medicine. The knowledge is alreadyOrthomolecular Medicine ( h t t p : / / w w w . o r t h o m e d . o r g / j o m / available; no expensive high-tech research is needed that may orjomlist.htm) which specialises in vitamin research. Now the may not give results some time in the future.British Medical Journal has published a letter about Medline There is a simple, low-cost solution for bringing about thebias,40 and this has forced Medline to index articles on Medline healing of our society:bias. However, because all these favourable vitamin studies are 1. Phase out public assistance for pharmaceutical companiesnot indexed by Medline, proponents of drug medicine can claim and their research, and require research to show that a drug is safethat there are no studies which show that vitamins are useful in with long-term use in combination with other common drugs andthe treatment of diseases or that they are safe in high doses, and chemicals and with old or fragile patients or, alternatively that it istherefore they seek to restrict them to very low doses. Of course, superior in the long term to available natural treatments.yearly fatalities worldwide due to vitamins are zero; in 2 . Make it illegal for pharmaceutical companies to fundcomparison, drug fatalities are infinitely higher. medical education or provide drug information, marketing or Thirty years ago, Linus Pauling, PhD, showed that high doses incentives directly to the public or to medical practitioners, or toof vitamin C are beneficial in cancer treatment. This has been employ former health officials."disproved" by the orthodoxy ever since. But now, a study by Continued on page 77conventional scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,32 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 33
    • 34 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • The Soviets futile search for the real Hitler corpse T he evidence I have discussed so far establishes that, during the last days of the Third Reich, multiple cremations were carried out in the Reich Chancellery grounds in front of sundry witnesses who had been persuaded to believe that the bodies they saw being cremated were those of Adolf and Eva Hitler. It would also appear that Heusemann and Echtmann, the two dental workers associated with The Hitler suicide Hitlers dentist, Professor Blaschke, deceived themselves into thinking that they possessed sufficient expertise to identify the human remains recovered by the Soviets as those of story was used by Adolf and Eva Hitler. The progress of the Soviet investigation was so rapid, however, that it had begun to fall apart even before the problems with Heusemanns and Echtmanns the British as a evidence could have been detected. The Soviets problems began on 8 May—the day the autopsy of the putative Hitler remains weapon of was carried out—when a "bullet-torn and battered body of a man identified as Hitler" was found in the ruins of the bunker.1 An American war correspondent, Joseph ("Joe") W. Grigg, psychological Jr, proudly announced from Berlin that Hitlers body had almost certainly been found. Grigg warfare to discredit was soon forced to retract his scoop, however. On 10 May, he reported that "[f]our bodies, blackened and charred, that seem to answer to Hitlers general appearance have been dragged National Socialism out of the [Chancellery] ruins". He observed that "none has been identified as being definitely that of the Nazi Fuehrer". Considering that within five days they had found six and stifle the corpses, any one of which could have been Hitlers, Griggs conclusion was appropriately pessimistic: "...the Russians are beginning to believe that no body that can be identified German peoples without any shadow of doubt as that of Adolf Hitler ever will be found now".2 It is no small indication of the difficulties the Soviets experienced that, within a month will to resist foreign of being discovered, the corpses initially taken to be those of Hitler and his wife had been buried, unburied and reburied no less than three times. They were first buried at an occupation. undisclosed location near Berlin, then exhumed and moved to Finov in the Soviet Union, and then exhumed and reburied in Rathenau, Germany, on 3 June 1945. Nor did their travels end there. A month later, they were taken to Friedrichshagen, Germany, where one of Hitlers bodyguards, Harry Mengershausen, was asked to look at them for identification purposes. It would be hard to account for this macabre travelling show if the Soviets were sure that the bodies they had found were really those of the Hitler couple. In early June, the substantial scale of the hoax became apparent when it was revealed Part 3 of 3 that the bunker had been littered with bodies of numerous individuals dressed in Hitlers trousers. On 9 June, during a press conference attended by British, American, French and Russian reporters, the Soviet military commander Marshal Georgi K. Zhukov admitted that they had "found no corpses which could be Hitlers". The Soviet commandant of Berlin, Colonel-General Nikolai E. Bezarin, explained that the Russians had "...found several bodies in Hitlers Reich Chancellery with the Fuehrers name on their clothes... In Hitlers Chancellery we found, in fact, too many bodies with his name on the clothes. It got to be a joke. Every time I would find a pair of pants I would say, These are Hitlers." Zhukov told the reporters that he now considered it a serious possibility that Hitler had by Giordan Smith © 2007 escaped Berlin by air. "He could have taken off at the very last moment, for there was an airfield at his disposal," he said.3 Email: giordansmith@gmail.com Strikingly, one of the planted corpses could have belonged to Hitlers arch-enemy, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the duplicitous head of the A b w e h r (German military intelligence) who was tried and sentenced to death for complicity in the 20 July 1944 assassination plot. In December 1950, Canariss adjutant, Willy Jenke, told British authorFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 35
    • Ian Colvin that he had just received fresh information about announcement as this would be a natural ruse if Hitler decided toCanariss fate from a former acquaintance, Johannes Toeppen, do what he has been reported to have planned to do—disappear,who had been the Abwehrs chief accountant. Toeppen told Jenke and go underground, there to plan further crimes."10that "Canaris was seen in Berlin about April 20th [1945] under In his war column published on the same page, DeWittclose escort and...that he was subsequently told that the Admiral Mackenzie asserted:had been shot and buried in a bomb crater on April 23rd at a time "The story of Hitlers death is almost to [sic] good to be true, andwhen Hitler was ordering some of the last executions".4 It would certainly cant be accepted until proof is forthcoming, becausebe incredibly ironic if the male corpse autopsied by the Soviets on theres such a strong possibility of trickery."118 May 1945 had actually been that of Admiral Canaris. A Gallup poll subsequently established that 68 per cent of those By June 1945, the Soviets could be virtually certain that they surveyed questioned whether Hitler was really dead.12had not found Hitlers corpse. From that point onwards, however, However, the question of whether Hitler was really dead wasrather than acknowledging the prospect that Hitlers body might instantly eclipsed by the question of how he had died. This time,never be found, Stalin endorsed the idea that Hitler had escaped the New York Times was at the least sceptical end of the spectrum,from the bunker. While attending the Potsdam Conference in asserting in its editorial column that "there seems to be no goodBerlin in July 1945, during conversations with US Secretary of reason to doubt that Hitler…died as the [German] announcementState James F. Byrnes and Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, says he did". 13 The editorial made the persuasive point that such aChairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, Stalin expressed death would have helped "perpetuate the legend which formed thethe firm conviction that Hitler was still alive. In fact, in August core of Nazi propaganda and by which [Hitler] rose to power—1945, he accused the British of "concealing the real, living Adolf the legend that he and the Nazis were shining knights in armorHitler in their sector of Berlin".5 fighting for European civilization against bolshevism—to their last breath." (My italics)The origins of the suicide legend At the other extreme, a British Foreign Office spokesman During the last week of April and dismissed the idea that Hitler had gonefirst few days of May 1945, the world down fighting as the "most completelaboured under considerable n o n s e n s e " . 1 4 To support thisuncertainty as to Hitlers whereabouts. conclusion, the spokesman revealedReports that Hitler had gone to Berlin At the other extreme, that several days earlier, "Himmlerto conduct the citys defence were a British Foreign Office was said to have given thedismissed as propaganda. Among information that Hitler was likely tonumerous reports published spokesman dismissed the die within 48 hours".15 He had givenconcerning this subject, several idea that Hitler had this information to a Swedish contact,claimed that Hitler was already dead. Count Folke Bernadotte, who laterThe first such report came from a gone down fighting as the claimed that on this occasion"high diplomat" who had reached "most complete nonsense". Himmler had told him that he plannedsafety in Switzerland; on 28 April, he to create "a Hitler legend which, aftersaid that Hitler and Goebbels had the fall of the Third Reich, wouldbeen shot three days earlier. 6 The play the same part as the stab in thenext day, papers reported that according back phrase after the peace ofto a "high British source" Himmler had had Hitler poisoned.7 Versailles".16 If Himmler really had said this, Bernadotte must The first official pronouncement on Hitlers fate came at 10.27 have relayed the information to the Allies very quickly, for, evenpm on 1 May 1945, when Admiral Karl Doenitz declared over before anyone could even be sure that Hitler was dead, theHamburg radio that Hitler had "fallen at his command post in the priority had shifted to insisting that Hitler "had met death in aReich Chancery fighting to the last breath against Bolshevism and manner which would thwart any die-hard Nazi attempt to build afor Germany". Until they learned about this broadcast, the Allies Wagnerian legend about him".17apparently had not known that Hitler was dead. But the British Intriguingly, an Associated Press report from London that wasaccepted the idea with enthusiasm. "The Foreign Office took the published in the Toronto Globe and Mail on 2 May 1945 assertedview that it was extremely unlikely Hitlers death would have that Doenitzs claim that Hitler had died a heros death had beenbeen announced by the Germans if it had not actually occurred, denounced by a "ghost voice":the [anonymous Foreign Office] commentator said."8 "Doenitz eulogized Hitler as a man who had dedicated his life While the certainty of the British media set the tone for other to Germany and to warring against Bolshevism, and who nowcountries in the Empire, such as Canada and Australia, scepticism had died a heros death. A powerful ghost voice interrupted him,was widespread in the United States. An editorial in the New shouting: This is a lie! The ghost voice continued to heckleYork Times cautioned: throughout the Doenitz speech."18 "The Nazis have made lies so much a part of their politics, and Whether this report of a "ghost voice" is true or not, it showsthe reports about Hitlers alleged doubles have been so widely that the Foreign Office was anxious from the first to cast doubt onspread, that these announcements are bound to leave in many claims that Hitler had died as a result of enemy action.minds that the master liar is attempting to perpetrate one last great The next day, 3 May, probably at the request of his politicalhoax on the world in an effort to save himself, and perhaps prepare adviser, John Wheeler-Bennett of the Royal Institute ofthe way for his return at a later and more auspicious time."9 International Affairs (the British equivalent of the Council on The Salamanca Republican-Press wrote in the same vein: Foreign Relations), US General Dwight D. Eisenhower laid his "The German radio is a creature of the Nazi regime, and one of considerable prestige behind what seemed at the time to be thethe Nazi principles is that lying is not only permissible but best alternative theory of Hitlers demise. He backed up thepraiseworthy if it will further Nazi purposes. Some such Foreign Office statement, explaining that early on the morning of36 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • 24 April Himmler had told Count Bernadotte that Hitler was "a The suicide theory was also a weapon of psychological warfaredying man" and that Himmlers intelligence chief, Walter on the German population. To understand the propaganda impactSchellenberg, had told Bernadotte that Hitler was "suffering from of the Hitler suicide legend on the German mind, it is important toa brain hemorrhage". 19 Initially, therefore, the Allies inclined understand that, for many if not most Germans, the idea thattowards the view that Hitler had died of natural causes, in effect Hitler had taken his own life was deeply repugnant as ittaking Himmlers word over Doenitzs. A BBC announcer also contradicted everything they believed he had stood for. Whentold the world that Hitler had died of a stroke—information that General Krebs gave him the news, General Helmuth Weidlinghad been leaked that same day at the San Francisco conference by recalled thinking: "So we have been fighting for five-and-a-halfthe British Foreign Minister, Sir Anthony Eden.20 years for someone who committed suicide. Having drawn us into However, the Allies were not merely prejudiced from the start this terrible disaster, he himself chose the easy way out and left usagainst any account of Hitlers fate that might have fuelled the to fend for ourselves."26enthusiasm of the Nazi underground resistance, but were also At the other end of the military hierarchy, sixteen-year-oldbiased in favour of the most ignominious account possible. Thus Dieter Borkowski, who had been among the Hitler Youth recruitsthe idea that Hitler had died a natural death began being deflated fighting to defend Berlin to the last, felt drained of the desire toas soon as evidence emerged that Hitler had not been in bad live. "These words make me feel sick, as if I have to vomit," hehealth at all. On 7 May, the Baltimore Sun stated that according wrote. "I think that my life has no sense any more. What was thisto Major Erwin Giesing (Hitlers brain, ear, nose and throat battle for, what were the deaths of so many people for? Life hasspecialist, who had seen him on 15 February apparently become worthless, for if Hitler1945), Hitler had been "in unusually good has shot himself, the Russians will havephysical condition for a man of his age" and finally won... Has the Fuehrer not betrayedhad certainly not died of a brain his own Volk then after all?"27haemorrhage.21 Reports pouring cold water The suicide legend was therefore used toon the theory that Hitler had been ill and had discredit Hitler in the eyes of his ownprobably died a natural death or had been ...it is important to followers and stifle their urge to resisteuthanased continued to be published foreign occupation.whenever the opportunity arose.22 understand that, There was so much haste to assign to Hitler But what really brought about the rapid for many if not most what was thought to be a fitting end that fewdemise of the natural death theory were the people stopped to ask such obvious questionsrevelations of the most important member of Germans, the idea as how Dr Fritzsche knew that Hitler hadthe regime to have been captured alive thus that Hitler had taken committed suicide, whether the Soviets couldfar: Dr Hans Fritzsche. have pressured him into saying this, or Dr Fritzsche, Goebbelss deputy in the his own life was whether the suicide story could have been aPropaganda Ministry and Germanys deeply repugnant cover story for Hitlers escape. Givenleading radio propagandist, was taken Dr Fritzsches status as the mostinto custody by the Soviets on 2 May as it contradicted important man in theafter he had formally handed the city everything P r o p a g a n d a m i n i s t e r i u m after Drover to them in a ceremony in the Goebbels, it is self-evident that nothingTiergarten. The next morning, 3 May, they believed he he told the Soviets immediately after thethe Soviets issued a communiqué stating had stood for. regime collapsed can be regarded asthat Dr Fritzsche had made a deposition free of the possibility of propagandisticin which he declared that Hitler, Dr deception. Yet in London andGoebbels and General Hans Krebs had Washington, where throughout the warall committed suicide in the bunker. 23 the view had been taken that the NazisAlthough the Soviets were duly were unconscionable liars, there was asceptical—Moscow state radio suggested dramatic shift away from scepticism.that it was "another Fascist trick" The idea that Hitler had committeddesigned to facilitate Hitlers escape—the suicide was so appealing that any Nazisuicide story was at once taken up by the western press.24 who claimed to know that Hitler had committed suicide never Intriguingly, there is evidence that the public was preconditioned risked having his or her veracity impugned. Clearly, all Nazis wereto accept the suicide theory. As early as 31 March 1945, the Globe liars—except those who told the Allies what they wanted to hear.and Mail published a Canadian Press report headlined "ExpectHitler To Be Suicide". Datelined "Emmerich, March 30", the Operation Trevor-Roperpiece stated that a rumour was current among German troops to the The fact that Hitlers corpse had apparently not been found ineffect that Hitler would commit suicide. In any event, the suicide Berlin caused considerable consternation in the Western press. Astory was an immense boon to Anglo–American propaganda, since Toronto Daily Star editorial commented anxiously on 18 July:Hitlers resort to suicide could be used to convey a message about "It is becoming apparent that indisputable proof of Hitlersthe nature of Nazism itself: death either during the past ten weeks or at some early future date, "When the American journalist William L. Shirer, who had if he should still be alive, is highly desirable for psychological asbeen living as a correspondent in Berlin until 1941, learned of well as for practical reasons. Unless his demise is beyondHitlers death by suicide in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery argument...the world is in for a potentially dangerous Hitleron 30 April 1945, he declared: In fact, I have always been certain legend. This might become a psychological weapon in the effortsmyself that that was what he wanted to do in the end, thereby of German leaders eventually to restore the self-confidence andseeing the Third Reich as an ultimately suicidal regime."25 revive the truculence of this people who for so long have beenFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 37
    • intolerable disturbers of international peace."28 (My italics) "When I was released by the Americans I read historian Trevor- Indeed, the very title of the editorial, "To Destroy Hitler, Ropers book, The Last Days of Hitler. Throughout the book like aWhether Man or Myth", implies that it was considered as red line, runs an eyewitness report by Hanna Reitsch about the finalimportant to destroy Hitler "the myth" as Hitler "the man". days in the bunker. I never said it. I never wrote it. I never signed By mid-1945, the public was being asked to choose between a it. It was something they invented. Hitler died with total dignity."29proliferating number of escape stories and the suicide theory. This report, dated 8 October 1945, was written by ReitschsGiven that the escape stories were outlandish if not often patently interrogator, Captain Robert E. Work (Air Division,ridiculous, the public was given the impression that only the Headquarters, United States Forces in Austria, Air Interrogationsuicide theory had any evidence to support it and deserved to be Unit), and published for the first time in, of all places, Publictaken seriously. Opinion Quarterly in 1946–47.30 The British response to the burgeoning Hitler escape stories was The second case was that of nurse Erna Flegel. On 23not long in coming. In September 1945, Brigadier Dick White, November 1945, several American intelligence agents took Flegelcommander of the Intelligence Bureau in the British Zone of out for a six-course dinner, the result of which was a five-pageOccupation, commissioned Major Hugh Trevor-Roper, a young statement in English which is presented as a summary of theOxford-trained historian who, since 1943, had supervised the work information she allegedly imparted during her "interrogation".of the Secret Intelligence Services Radio Intelligence Section However, Flegel neither wrote the statement herself nor signed(RIS), to investigate, at least ostensibly, the circumstances of i t . 31 In fact, no one can be said to vouch for this documentHitlers alleged death. This was the opening because, despite its having been declassified,phase of the British establishments the names of the persons responsible for it,fabrication of a narrative of the last days of including the name of the agency for whichthe Third Reich that made short work of they worked, remain blacked out.Hitler "the myth". If this approach was typical, then Trevor- Given that his only previous publication Ropers chief sources were summaries ofwas a biography of a 17th-century English information that had already been predigestedarchbishop, William Laud, and that he for him by American intelligenceneither read nor spoke German, Trevor- This was the opening operatives—involving what distortions andRoper was a curious choice for such a task. phase of the British attempts at ironing out inconsistencies weWhats more, as the world saw in the 1980s, will probably never know. Given that therehe authenticated the spurious "Hitler establishments were few bunker survivors in British handsDiaries", even though the task of fabrication of and that Trevor-Roper had no access todetermining the authenticity of a single bunker survivors in Soviet hands, his taskdocument would have been much simpler a narrative of the basically appears to have been that of creatingthan that of establishing the truth about last days of the a coherent narrative out of informationHitlers demise. that he was being spoonfed and that he During the last three months of 1945, Third Reich that had no means of assessing himself.according to the official story, Trevor- made short work of There is no reason to believe that any ofRoper and a team of intelligence agents the evidence that reached Trevor-Ropertravelled through Germany, tracking Hitler "the myth". did so with the active consent of thedown and interrogating bunker witnesses. My impression is that insurvivors. However, this procedure did 1945, captured Nazis were little morenot bear a great deal of fruit, probably than the puppets of their Allied captors;because most survivors were interned in they could be made to say anything theirSoviet prisons and concentration camps. captors wanted them to say, and if theyIn addition to uncovering the alleged objected there was nothing they coulddiary of Hitlers valet Heinz Linge, do about it anyway.Trevor-Roper achieved only one coup: Strikingly, Trevor-Roper made hisscoring interviews with Gerda Christian, "conclusions" public less than twowho had been one of Hitlers secretaries, and Else Krueger, who months after hed begun investigating the case. At a presshad been Bormanns secretary. conference on 1 November 1945, Trevor-Roper (who remained Surprisingly, Trevor-Roper seems not to have interviewed any anonymous at this stage and was referred to in print merely as "awitnesses who had fallen into American hands, which means the young British intelligence officer") presented reporters with abetter part of those to be found outside Soviet prisons. It appears statement that consisted of little more than a narrative of the lastthat instead of allowing him to meet with them, American week or so of Hitlers life. It described how Hitler had committedintelligence operatives interviewed them and passed copies of their suicide, probably by shooting himself in the mouth. 32 Althoughreports to him. In one particularly flagrant case, the Americans Trevor-Roper told the reporters that so far he had spoken to aboutfurnished Trevor-Roper with partly fabricated testimony; in another, 20 witnesses, the statement did not name even one of them .they supplied information that had been obtained in such unusual Nonetheless, reporters probably left the conference under theconditions that it, too, must be considered suspect. erroneous impression that the version of Hitlers last days that he The first case was that of the famous German aviatrix Hanna had provided was backed up by the testimony of multipleReitsch. In an interview with Ron Laytner that she authorised for witnesses. Yet he had not found a single new eyewitness to thepublication only after her death, Reitsch stated explicitly that at critical events—Hitlers suicide and cremation; all he had done wasleast part of the account attributed to her in The Last Days of take Kempkas testimony as gospel truth and discount Karnaus.Hitler had been fabricated: The final section of the Trevor-Roper statement rejected38 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • theories that Hitler could have escaped Berlin. In this section, it British plan to enshrine anti-Nazi propaganda as historical fact.becomes glaringly obvious that his investigation had been As we saw in part one, the first eyewitnesses to go public weredesigned to lead to predetermined conclusions. Here we learn, Hitlers chauffeur Erich Kempka and RSD bodyguard Hermannfirst of all, that Trevor-Roper assumed that Hitlers fate had been Karnau. After Kempkas veracity was called into question byentirely determined by last-minute contingencies. According to Karnaus claims, Karnaus story virtually disappeared andthis line of reasoning, Hitler could not have escaped the Kempkas story was extolled as the more authoritative. Indeed,Chancellery because this or that avenue of escape had been Kempkas evidence not only became the basis for Trevor-Ropersrendered impossible (or at least difficult, which for Trevor-Roper book but Kempka was also endorsed at Nuremberg as the soleappeared to mean the very same thing). Trevor-Roper source of reliable information concerning Hitlers demise.circumscribed Hitlers exit possibilities by means of The primary reason Kempkas story won such a positivegeneralisations that are all extremely questionable. He wrote, for reception from the Anglo–American authorities was that Kempkaexample, that it would have been impossible for Hitler to have was the sole source of evidence that appeared to support the suicidebeen flown out of Berlin because his "two pilots" remained in the theory (Karnau simply referred to the cremation he had witnessed).bunker and "took part in the attempted escape on the night of 1 Kempka also contradicted Soviet claims that Hitler could haveMay".33 This is all very well, so long as you presuppose that escaped. In his 4 July 1945 interview record, he declared:Hitler would never have permitted anyone else to fly him out of "[With a] statement reported to have been made by the RussianBerlin or that one of the pilots could not have left the bunker and Marshall Chukov [ sic] that Hitler and Eva Braun could havereturned to it afterwards. escaped from the Berlin area by air, I cant agree. On 4/30/45 and Trevor-Roper confined his discussion of Hitlers escape two or three days previous, no one could possibly have left thepossibilities to planes and cars. inner parts of Berlin by air. There wasHowever, in January 1946, General a heavy artillery fire on all the innerHelmuth Weidling, who was interned parts of Berlin during those days.in a Soviet prison camp, furnished a Neither did I hear about a planelong statement for the Soviets in The explanation that arriving or leaving after the 25th orwhich he conceded that he had grown best accounts for events, 26th of April 1945."36sceptical about the suicide theory. Unfortunately for Kempka, one ofHe had meditated on the problem of therefore, is that the best-attested events of the last daysHitlers escape possibilities and Kempka sought to of the Third Reich is that of a flightconcluded: piloted by General Robert Ritter von "On the night of 29/30 April there suppress his knowledge Greim and Hanna Reitsch that arrivedwere still opportunities to leave— of the two flights. in Berlin on the morning of 26 April.through the Zoo underground station The same pair took off from Berlin inin western Berlin and through the the early hours of 29 April. ReitschFriedrichstrasse station in the north. herself not only spoke about the twoOne could have escaped relatively flights on numerous occasions betweensafely through the underground tunnels."34 1945 and her death in 1979 but also devoted a chapter to them in her Can we really believe that this possibility never occurred to autobiography Flying Is My Life.37 Given that the evidence fromTrevor-Roper? Since its unlikely that he did not know that Berlin other sources is abundant enough to establish that they actually tookpossessed an extensive underground railway system, it seems that place, there is something extremely suspicious about Kempkasthe only escape possibilities Trevor-Roper was interested in assertion that no such flights would have been possible.talking about were those he could exclude. There is no reason to jump to the conclusion, however Perhaps Trevor-Ropers most conspicuous flaw was his haste to tempting, that Kempka must have lied about being in thediscount the possibility that the eyewitnesses could have put their Chancellery during the regimes final days. He could have beenheads together to work up a coherent story to cover up for Hitlers temporarily absent from the bunker on a mission. If so, he hadescape. In his report, he commented: returned by the afternoon of 30 April. As we saw in part one, "It is considered quite impossible that the versions of the several eyewitnesses have provided evidence establishingvarious eye-witnesses can represent a concerted cover story; they Kempkas presence at a cremation held in the Chancellery gardenwere all too busy planning their own safety to have been able or at around 3.00 pm that afternoon. SS- Hauptsturmfuehrer Karldisposed to learn an elaborate charade, which they could still Schneider acknowledged speaking to Kempka at the Chancellerymaintain after five months of isolation from each other, and under garage on the evening of 1 May. He told the Soviets on 19 Maydetailed and persistent cross-examination."35 1945 that on this occasion Kempka had told him that Hitler was This argument makes about as much sense as the claim that there "allegedly dead".38can be no such thing as an orchestra because there is no way that a The explanation that best accounts for events, therefore, is thatlarge number of people could ever perform a complex piece of music Kempka sought to suppress his knowledge of the two flights. Whensuch as a symphony at the same time. In any case, the "charade" was Kempka first gave his story to the Americans in June 1945, he hadhardly that "elaborate". As we saw in part one, there are many no reason to believe that they knew anything at all about them.significant differences between the recollections of the various There is a very good reason why Kempka would not have wanted toeyewitnesses. The SS orchestra was playing the same tune, to be mention these flights: the cover story—that Greim flew to Berlin tosure, but not always in the same key. receive instructions from Hitler, who had just made him the new head of the Luftwaffe—is preposterous. Why would Hitler, who wasKempka unravelled anxious for everyone else to leave Berlin, want someone to come to Operation Trevor-Roper is best seen, therefore, not as a bona him? Why would he have been so keen to talk to the head of anfide investigation of Hitlers fate but as the major stage in the almost nonexistent entity? The official story fails to justify GreimFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 39
    • and Reitschs extremely dangerous flight. It also does not explain According to Reitsch, the flight reached Rechlin at about 3.00why the pairs flight from the Luftwaffe air base at Rechlin near am. Here, she states, Greim attended a conference. Then she andBerlin to Gatow airport on Berlins periphery was accompanied by Greim flew—apparently using a different aircraft—to Ploen, aan escort of 30–40 fighter jets—in other words, the extant Luftwaffe distance of some 400 miles. Their next destinations were Dobbin,virtually in its entirety. Clearly, the flight had a more serious where Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel was,41 Luebeck, Ploen againpurpose than we have been led to believe. One writer believes that ("to see Doenitz"), and finally Koeniggraetz (in Bohemia, nowGreim and Reitsch ferried Martin Bormann out of Berlin.39 Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic).42 If we assume, as I think However, in a striking passage in his memoirs, former we should, that Hitler was present during at least the first of theseVolkssturm member Dieter H. B. Protsch relates an incident that several stages, we can say that at Rechlin the trail goes cold.took place in Berlin on 29 April 1945. That day, which happened If Hitler left Berlin with Greim and Reitsch, then that wouldto be his thirteenth birthday, in the course of searching for food account for the series of bizarre events—the marriage to Evafor his family he stumbled upon a basement occupied by several Braun, the writing of the Political Testament, the recurringWaffen-SS men operating radio equipment who gave him bread rages—that have been enshrined in official history as "the lastand chocolate: days of the Third Reich". Obviously, Hitlers last days in the "After some small talk about the family, they suddenly stopped bunker needed to be accounted for, and so a lurid series oftalking when the radio operator raised his hand to demand quiet. episodes had to be invented to fill in the yawning gap.The Funker (Radio Operator), wearing a head set, started smiling This three-part series has not tried to resolve the manyand stated that der Fuehrer got his belated birthday present. He questions raised by these bizarre episodes for the obvious reasonexplained further that he [Hitler] made it safely out of Berlin, that they all depend on an underlying assumption—that Hitlerflown out by his personal pilot Hanna Reitsch, Germanys best committed suicide in the bunker—which we feel we have shownfemale test pilot. The report stated that she was flying a small one to be nothing but a propaganda fiction. ∞engine, two or three seater plane, a so-called Fiseler [sic] Storch."40 Thus the truth seems to be that, exactly as the Soviets About the Author:subsequently alleged, Hitler did indeed make it out of Berlin— Giordan Smith is an independent academic from Sydney,more or less around the time that the official story tells us that he Australia, with a special interest in modern German history. Hewas still in the bunker dictating his Political Testament—and that can be contacted by email at giordansmith@gmail.com.Erich Kempka knew precisely when and how this had taken place, The text of this article is available at the NEXUS websitebut withheld the information from the Americans. (http://www.nexusmagazine.com).Endnotes Normal On February 15", Hamilton Spectator, 33. ibid.1. Globe and Mail, Toronto, 11 June 1945 7 May 1945 34. Hitlers Death, p. 238. I would observe2. Joe Grigg, "Berlin Ruins Yield Bodies", 22. For example, Field Marshal Kesselring, that a living Hitler did not need to escapeHamilton Spectator, 10 May 1945 who had last seen Hitler in mid-April when "he Berlin; for example, a courier carrying a box3. Globe and Mail, 9 May 1945 appeared in excellent health"; Howard Cowan, with the Fuehrers ashes in it could have taken4. Ian Colvin, Chief of Intelligence, Victor "Kesselring Most Surprised Hitler Remained In it out of the city.Gollancz, London, 1951, p. 214 Berlin", Hamilton Spectator, 10 May 1945 35. "Text of British Report Holding Hitler5. Fred C. McKenzie, The Greatest Illusion: 23. Globe and Mail, 3 May 1945; Hamilton Ended His Life", New York Times, 1 NovemberThe Death (?) of Adolf Hitler, 1995, quoted at: Spectator, 3 May 1945 1945www.blackraiser.com/nredoubt/identity.htm 24. Globe and Mail, 3 May 1945 36. http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/imt/nca/nca-6. Toronto Daily Star, 28 April 1945 25. 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Hitlers Death, p. 43.Schuster, New York, 2002, p. 226 Press, New York, 1991, p. 110 39. Carter P. Hydrick, Critical Mass: The Real13. New York Times, 2 May 1945 28. "To Destroy Hitler, Whether Man or Myth", Toronto Daily Star, 18 July 1945 Story of the Birth of the Atomic Bomb and the14. Hamilton Spectator, 2 May 194515. Globe and Mail, 2 May 1945; Hamilton 29. Ron Laytner, "The First Astronaut Was A Nuclear Age, 1998, available online at:Spectator, 2 May 1945 Woman", Edit International, http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/atom16. Count Folke Bernadotte, "Accounts Of http://www.editinternational.com/printstory.php icbomb/chap12.htmFuehrers Last Heroic Fight Are Pure Myth", ?cat=42f3cd58d6fc1&sub=44ee0674d77d6 40. Dieter H. B. Protsch, Be All You Can Be:Hamilton Spectator, 5 September 1945 30. Robert E. Work, "Last Days in Hitlers Air From a Hitler Youth in WWII to a US Army17. Hamilton Spectator, 3 May 1945 Raid Shelter", Public Opinion Quarterly Green Beret, Trafford Publishing, 2004, p. 3218. Globe and Mail, 2 May 1945 1946–1947 Winter; 10(4):565-81. A different 41. Keitel confirms in his memoirs, p. 261, that19. Drew Middleton, "Story of Hitlers Death translation of the same report is included in he was at Dobbin this day, thus confirmingAs Hero Declared a Lie", Globe and Mail, 3 Hitlers Death, although without the least Reitschs reliability. He adds the strikingMay 1945. However, it is probably worth acknowledgement that Reitsch had repudiated it. information, which Reitsch does not mention,noting that, according to Bernadottes own 31. The complete document can be viewed that Himmler was at Dobbin, too. Wilhelmaccount, Himmler had told him that "Hitler was online at: Keitel, In The Service Of The Reich: Theprobably already dead and that, if not, he would www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/nurseflegel1.html Memoirs of Field Marshal Keitel, ed. Walterbe within the next few days". 32. "Text of British Report Holding Hitler Goerlitz, Focal Point Publications, London,20. Toronto Telegram, 2 May 1945 Ended His Life", New York Times, 1 November 200321. Lee McCardell, "Assert Hitler Almost 1945 42. Reitsch, Flying Is My Life, pp. 235-3640 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 41
    • 42 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • I. For Lords and Lamas A long with the blood-drenched landscape of religious conflict there is the experience of inner peace and solace that every religion promises, none more so than Buddhism. Standing in marked contrast to the intolerant savagery of other religions, Buddhism is neither fanatical nor dogmatic—so say its Far from being an adherents. For many of them, Buddhism is less a theology and more a meditative and investigative discipline intended to promote an inner harmony and enlightenment while enlightened directing us to a path of right living. Generally, the spiritual focus is not only on oneself but on the welfare of others. One tries to put aside egoistic pursuits and gain a deeper Shangri-La, the old understanding of ones connection to all people and things. "Socially engaged Buddhism" Tibet was a feudal tries to blend individual liberation with responsible social action in order to build an enlightened society. theocracy where A glance at history, however, reveals that not all the many and widely varying forms of Buddhism have been free from doctrinal fanaticism or from the violent and exploitative ordinary Tibetans pursuits so characteristic of other religions. In Sri Lanka there is a legendary and almost sacred recorded history of the triumphant battles waged by Buddhist kings of yore. were treated cruelly During the 20th century, Buddhists clashed violently with each other and with non- Buddhists in Thailand, Burma, Korea, Japan, India and elsewhere. In Sri Lanka, armed by lamas and battles between Buddhist Sinhalese and Hindu Tamils have taken many lives on both sides. In 1998, the US State Department listed 30 of the worlds most violent and landlords and were dangerous extremist groups; over half of them were religious, specifically Muslim, Jewish forced to accept and Buddhist.1 In South Korea in 1998, thousands of monks of the Chogye Buddhist order fought each their misery as other with fists, rocks, fire-bombs and clubs in pitched battles that went on for weeks. They were vying for control of the order, the largest in South Korea, with its annual karmic atonement budget of US$9.2 million, its millions of dollars worth of property and the privilege of appointing 1,700 monks to various offices. The brawls damaged the main Buddhist for their wicked sanctuaries and left dozens of monks injured, some seriously. The Korean public appeared to disdain both factions, feeling that no matter what side took control "it would ways in previous use worshippers donations for luxurious houses and expensive cars".2 As with any religion, squabbles between or within Buddhist sects are often fuelled by lives. the material corruption and personal deficiencies of the leadership. For example, in Nagano, Japan, at Zenkoji, the prestigious complex of temples that has hosted Buddhist sects for more than 1,400 years, "a nasty battle" arose between the chief priest Komatsu and the Tacchu, a group of temples nominally under the chief priests sway. The Tacchu monks accused Komatsu of selling writings and drawings under the temples name for his own gain. They also were appalled by the frequency with which he was seen in the company of women. Komatsu in turn sought to isolate and punish monks who were critical of his leadership. The conflict lasted some five years and made it into the courts.3 by Michael Parenti, PhD But what of Tibetan Buddhism? Is it not an exception to this sort of strife? And what © 18 November 2007 of the society it helped to create? Many Buddhists maintain that, before the Chinese c/- Centre for Research on crackdown in 1959, old Tibet was a spiritually oriented kingdom free from the egotistical Globalization, Canada lifestyles, empty materialism and corrupting vices that beset modern industrialised society. Website: Western news media, travel books, novels and Hollywood films have portrayed the http://www.globalresearch.ca/ Tibetan theocracy as a veritable Shangri-La. The Dalai Lama himself stated that "the pervasive influence of Buddhism" in Tibet "amid the wide open spaces of an unspoiledFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 43
    • environment resulted in a society dedicated to peace and presided over Tibet, most of the arable land was still organisedharmony". "We enjoyed freedom and contentment," he said.4 into manorial estates worked by serfs. These estates were owned A reading of Tibets history suggests a somewhat different by two social groups: the rich secular landlords and the richpicture. "Religious conflict was commonplace in old Tibet," theocratic lamas. Even a writer sympathetic to the old orderwrites one western Buddhist practitioner. "History belies the allows that "a great deal of real estate belonged to theShangri-La image of Tibetan lamas and their followers living monasteries, and most of them amassed great riches". Much oftogether in mutual tolerance and nonviolent goodwill. Indeed, the the wealth was accumulated "through active participation in trade,situation was quite different. Old Tibet was much more like commerce, and money lending".10Europe during the religious wars of the Counterreformation."5 Drepung monastery was one of the biggest landowners in the In the 13th century, Emperor Kublai Khan created the first world, with its 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 great pastures andGrand Lama, who was to preside over all the other lamas as might 16,000 herdsmen. The wealth of the monasteries rested in thea pope over his bishops. Several centuries later, the Emperor of hands of small numbers of high-ranking lamas. Most ordinaryChina sent an army into Tibet to support the Grand Lama, an monks lived modestly and had no direct access to great wealth.ambitious 25-year-old man, who then gave himself the title of The Dalai Lama himself "lived richly" in the 1,000-room, 14-Dalai ("Ocean") Lama, ruler of all Tibet. Here is an historical storey Potala Palace.11irony: the first Dalai Lama was installed by a Chinese army! His Secular leaders also did well. A notable example was thetwo previous lama "incarnations" were then retroactively commander-in-chief of the Tibetan army, a member of the Dalairecognised as his predecessors, thereby transforming the first Lamas lay cabinet, who owned 4,000 square kilometres of landDalai Lama into the third Dalai Lama. and 3,500 serfs.12 This first (or third) Dalai Lama seized monasteries that did not Old Tibet has been misrepresented by some western admirers asbelong to his sect, and is believed to "a nation that required no police forcehave destroyed Buddhist writings that because its people voluntarilyconflicted with his claim to divinity. observed the laws of karma". 13 I nThe Dalai Lama who succeeded him Here is an historical irony: fact, it had a professional army, albeitpursued a sybaritic life, enjoying a small one, that served mainly as amany mistresses, partying with the first Dalai Lama was gendarmerie for the landlords to keepfriends and acting in other ways installed by a Chinese army! order, protect their property and huntdeemed unfitting for an incarnate down runaway serfs.deity. For these transgressions he His two previous lama Young Tibetan boys werewas murdered by his priests. Within170 years, despite their recognised "incarnations" were then regularly taken from their peasant families and brought into thedivine status, five Dalai Lamas were retroactively recognised as monasteries to be trained as monks.killed by their high priests or othercourtiers.6 his predecessors... Once there, they were bonded for life. Tashi Tsering, a monk, reports For hundreds of years, competing that it was common for peasantTibetan Buddhist sects engaged in children to be sexually mistreated inbitterly violent clashes and summary the monasteries. He himself was aexecutions. In 1660, the fifth Dalai Lama was faced with a victim of repeated rape, beginning at age nine. 14 The monasticrebellion in Tsang province, the stronghold of the rival Kagyu estates also conscripted children for lifelong servitude assect with its high lama known as the Karmapa. The Dalai Lama domestics, dance performers and soldiers.called for harsh retribution against the rebels, directing the In old Tibet there were small numbers of farmers who subsistedMongol army to obliterate the male and female lines and the as a kind of free peasantry, and perhaps an additional 10,000offspring, too: "...like eggs smashed against rocks… In short, people who composed the "middle-class" families of merchants,annihilate any traces of them, even their names."7 shopkeepers and small traders. Thousands of others were In 1792, many Kagyu monasteries were confiscated and their beggars. There were also slaves, usually domestic servants, whomonks were forcibly converted to the Gelug sect (the Dalai owned nothing; their offspring were born into slavery. 15 TheLamas denomination). The Gelug school, known also as the majority of the rural population were serfs. Treated little better"Yellow Hats", showed little tolerance or willingness to mix their than slaves, the serfs went without schooling or medical care.teachings with those of other Buddhist sects. In the words of one They were under a lifetime bond to work the lords land—or theof their traditional prayers: monasterys land—without pay, to repair the lords houses, Praise to you, violent god of the Yellow Hat teachings transport his crops and collect his firewood. They were also who reduces to particles of dust expected to provide carrying animals and transportation on great beings, high officials and ordinary people demand.16 Their masters told them what crops to grow and what who pollute and corrupt the Gelug doctrine.8 animals to raise. They could not get married without the consent An 18th-century memoir of a Tibetan general depicts sectarian of their lord or lama. And they might easily be separated fromstrife among Buddhists that was as brutal and bloody as any their families should their owners lease them out to work in areligious conflict might be. 9 This grim history remains largely distant location.17unvisited by present-day followers of Tibetan Buddhism in the As in a free labour system and unlike slavery, the overlords hadWest. no responsibility for the serfs maintenance and no direct interest Religions have had a close relationship not only with violence in his or her survival as an expensive piece of property. The serfsbut with economic exploitation. Indeed, it is often the economic had to support themselves. Yet as in a slave system, they wereexploitation that necessitates the violence. Such was the case bound to their masters, thus guaranteeing a fixed and permanentwith the Tibetan theocracy. Until 1959, when the Dalai Lama last workforce that could neither organise nor strike and could not44 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • freely depart as might labourers in a market context. The instruments for cutting off noses and ears, gouging out eyes,overlords had the best of both worlds. breaking off hands and hamstringing legs. There were hot brands, One 22-year-old woman, herself a runaway serf, reported: whips and special implements for disembowelling. The"Pretty serf girls were usually taken by the owner as house exhibition presented photographs and testimonies of victims whoservants and used as he wished"; they "were just slaves without had been blinded or crippled or suffered amputations for thievery.rights".18 Serfs needed permission to go anywhere. Landowners There was the shepherd whose master owed him a reimbursementhad legal authority to capture those who tried to flee. One 24- in yuan and wheat but refused to pay, so he took one of theyear-old runaway welcomed the Chinese intervention as a masters cows; for this, he had his hands severed. Another"liberation". He testified that under serfdom he was subjected to herdsman, who opposed having his wife taken from him by hisincessant toil, hunger and cold. After his third failed escape, he lord, had his hands broken off. There were pictures ofwas mercilessly beaten by the landlords men until blood poured Communist activists with noses and upper lips cut off, and afrom his nose and mouth. They then poured alcohol and caustic woman who was raped and then had her nose sliced away.23soda on his wounds to increase the pain, he claimed.19 Earlier visitors to Tibet commented on the theocratic despotism. The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth In 1895, an Englishman, Dr A. L. Waddell, wrote that theof each child and taxed for every death in the family. They were populace was under the "intolerable tyranny of monks" and thetaxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. devil superstitions they had fashioned to terrorise the people. InThey were taxed for religious festivals and 1904, Perceval Landon described the Dalaifor public dancing and drumming, for being Lamas rule as "an engine of oppression". Atsent to prison and upon being released. about that time, another English traveller,Those who could not find work were taxed Captain W. F. T. OConnor, observed thatfor being unemployed; and if they travelled The poor and afflicted "the great landowners and theto another village in search of work, they were taught that they priests…exercise each in their own dominionpaid a passage tax. When people could not a despotic power from which there is nopay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 had brought their appeal", while the people are "oppressed byto 50 per cent interest. Some debts were troubles upon the most monstrous growth of monasticismhanded down from father to son to grandson. and priest-craft". Tibetan rulers "inventedDebtors who could not meet their obligations themselves because of degrading legends and stimulated a spirit ofrisked being cast into slavery. 20 their wicked ways in superstition" among the common people. In The theocracys religious teachings 1937, another visitor, Spencer Chapman,buttressed its class order. The poor and previous lives... wrote: "The Lamaist monk does not spendafflicted were taught that they had brought The rich and his time in ministering to the people ortheir troubles upon themselves because educating them... The beggar besideof their wicked ways in previous lives. powerful treated the road is nothing to the monk.Hence they had to accept the misery oftheir present existence as a karmic their good fortune Knowledge is the jealously guarded prerogative of the monasteries and isatonement and in anticipation that their as a reward for, and used to increase their influence andlot would improve in their nextlifetime. The rich and powerful treated tangible evidence of, wealth."24 As much as we might wishtheir good fortune as a reward for, and virtue in past and otherwise, feudal theocratic Tibet was atangible evidence of, virtue in past and far cry from the romanticised Shangri-present lives. present lives. La so enthusiastically nurtured by The Tibetan serfs were something Buddhisms western proselytes.more than superstitious victims, blindto their own oppression. As we have II. Secularisation vs Spiritualityseen, some ran away; others openly What happened to Tibet after theresisted, sometimes suffering dire Chinese Communists moved into theconsequences. In feudal Tibet, torture and mutilation—including country in 1951? The treaty of that year provided for ostensibleeye gouging, the pulling out of tongues, hamstringing and self-governance under the Dalai Lamas rule but gave Chinaamputation—were favoured punishments inflicted upon thieves military control and exclusive rights to conduct foreign relations.and runaway or resistant serfs. The Chinese were also granted a direct role in internal Journeying through Tibet in the 1960s, Stuart and Roma Gelder administration "to promote social reforms". Among the earliestinterviewed a former serf, Tsereh Wang Tuei, who had stolen two changes they wrought were to reduce usurious interest rates andsheep belonging to a monastery. For this he had both his eyes build a few hospitals and roads. At first they moved slowly,gouged out and his hand mutilated beyond use. He explains that relying mostly on persuasion in an attempt to effecthe no longer is a Buddhist: "When a holy lama told them to blind reconstruction. No aristocratic or monastic property wasme I thought there was no good in religion."21 Since it was against confiscated, and feudal lords continued to reign over theirBuddhist teachings to take human life, some offenders were hereditarily bound peasants. "Contrary to popular belief in theseverely lashed and then "left to God" in the freezing night to die. West," claims one observer, the Chinese "took care to show"The parallels between Tibet and medieval Europe are striking," respect for Tibetan culture and religion".25concludes Tom Grunfeld in his book on Tibet.22 Over the centuries, the Tibetan lords and lamas had seen the In 1959, Anna Louise Strong visited an exhibition of torture Chinese come and go. They had also enjoyed good relations withequipment that had been used by the Tibetan overlords. There Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his reactionary Kuomintangwere handcuffs of all sizes, including small ones for children, and rule in China. 26 The approval of the Kuomintang government wasFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 45
    • needed to validate the choice of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen the landed estates owned by lords and lamas. They distributedLama. When the current 14th Dalai Lama was installed in Lhasa, many thousands of acres to tenant farmers and landless peasants,it was with an armed escort of Chinese troops and an attending reorganising them into hundreds of communes. Herds onceChinese minister in accordance with centuries-old tradition. owned by the nobility were turned over to collectives of poor What upset the Tibetan lords and lamas in the early 1950s was shepherds. Improvements were made in the breeding of livestock,that these latest Chinese were communists. It would be only a and new varieties of vegetables and new strains of wheat andmatter of time, they feared, before the communists started barley were introduced along with irrigation improvements, all ofimposing their collectivist egalitarian schemes upon Tibet. which reportedly led to an increase in agrarian production.34 In 1956–57, armed Tibetan bands ambushed convoys of the Many peasants remained as religious as ever, giving alms to theChinese Peoples Liberation Army. The uprising received clergy, but monks who had been conscripted as children into theextensive assistance from the US Central Intelligence Agency religious orders were now free to renounce the monastic life—and(CIA), including military training, support camps in Nepal and thousands did, especially the younger ones. The remaining clergynumerous airlifts.27 Meanwhile in the USA, the American Society lived on modest government stipends and extra income earned byfor a Free Asia, a CIA-financed front, energetically publicised the officiating at prayer services, weddings and funerals.35cause of Tibetan resistance, with the Dalai Both the Dalai Lama and his adviser andLamas eldest brother, Thubtan Norbu, youngest brother, Tendzin Choegyal,playing an active role in that organisation. claimed that "more than 1.2 million TibetansThe Dalai Lamas second-eldest brother, are dead as a result of the ChineseGyalo Thondup, established an intelligence occupation".36 The official 1953 census—sixoperation with the CIA as early as 1951. He Whatever wrongs years before the Chinese crackdown—later upgraded it into a CIA-trained guerrilla and new oppressions recorded the entire population residing inunit whose recruits parachuted back into Tibet at 1,274,000.37 Other census counts putTibet.28 the Chinese introduced the population within Tibet at about two Many Tibetan commandos and agents after 1959, they did million. If the Chinese killed 1.2 million inwhom the CIA dropped into the country the early 1960s, then almost all of Tibetwere chiefs of aristocratic clans or the sons abolish slavery and the would have been depopulated, transformedof chiefs. Ninety per cent of them were Tibetan serfdom system into a killing field dotted with death campsnever heard from again, according to a and mass graves—of which we have noreport from the CIA itself, meaning that they of unpaid labour. evidence. The thinly distributed Chinesewere most likely captured and killed.29 They eliminated the force in Tibet could not have rounded"Many lamas and lay members of the up, hunted down and exterminated thatelite and much of the Tibetan army many crushing taxes, many people, even if it had spent all itsjoined the uprising, but in the main the started work projects time doing nothing else.populace did not, assuring its failure," Chinese authorities claim to have putwrote Hugh Deane.30 In their book on and greatly reduced an end to floggings, mutilations andTibet, George Ginsburg and Michael unemployment amputations as forms of criminalMathos reached a similar conclusion: punishment. They themselves,"As far as can be ascertained, the great and beggary. however, have been charged with actsbulk of the common people of Lhasa of brutality by Tibetans in exile. Theand of the adjoining countryside failed authorities do admit to "mistakes",to join in the fighting against the particularly during the 1966–76Chinese both when it first began and as Cultural Revolution when theit progressed." 3 1 Eventually the persecution of religious beliefs reachedresistance crumbled. a high tide in both China and Tibet. Whatever wrongs and new oppressions the Chinese introduced After the uprising in the late 1950s, thousands of Tibetans wereafter 1959, they did abolish slavery and the Tibetan serfdom incarcerated. During the Great Leap Forward, forcedsystem of unpaid labour. They eliminated the many crushing collectivisation and grain farming were imposed on the Tibetantaxes, started work projects and greatly reduced unemployment peasantry, sometimes with disastrous effect on production. In theand beggary. They established secular schools, thereby breaking late 1970s, China began relaxing controls and "tried to alleviatethe educational monopoly of the monasteries. And they poverty in an attempt to undo some of the damage wrought duringconstructed running water and electrical systems in Lhasa.32 the previous two decades".38 Heinrich Harrer (later revealed to have been a sergeant in In 1980, the Chinese government initiated reforms reportedlyHitlers SS) wrote a bestseller about his experiences in Tibet that designed to grant Tibet a greater degree of self-rule and self-was made into a popular Hollywood movie. He reported that the administration. Tibetans would now be allowed to cultivateTibetans who resisted the Chinese "...were predominantly nobles, private plots, sell their harvest surpluses, decide for themselvessemi-nobles and lamas; they were punished by being made to what crops to grow, and keep yaks and sheep. Communicationperform the lowliest tasks, such as laboring on roads and bridges. with the outside world was again permitted and frontier controlsThey were further humiliated by being made to clean up the city were eased to permit some Tibetans to visit exiled relatives inbefore the tourists arrived." They also had to live in a camp India and Nepal. 39 By the 1980s, many of the principal lamas hadoriginally reserved for beggars and vagrants—all of which Harrer begun to shuttle back and forth between China and the exiletreated as sure evidence of the dreadful nature of the Chinese communities abroad, "restoring their monasteries in Tibet andoccupation.33 helping to revitalize Buddhism there".40 By 1961, the Chinese occupation authorities had expropriated As of 2007, Tibetan Buddhism was still practised widely and46 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • tolerated by officialdom. Religious pilgrimages and other government to release Augusto Pinochet, the former Fascist dictatorstandard forms of worship were allowed, but within limits. All of Chile and a long-time CIA client who was visiting England. Themonks and nuns had to sign a loyalty pledge that they would not Dalai Lama urged that Pinochet not be forced to go to Spain whereuse their religious position to foment secession or dissent. And he was wanted to stand trial for crimes against humanity.displaying photos of the Dalai Lama was declared illegal.41 Into the 21st century, via the National Endowment for In the 1990s, the Han, the ethnic group comprising over 95 per Democracy and other conduits that are more respectable-soundingcent of Chinas immense population, began moving in substantial than the CIA, the US Congress continued to allocate $2 millionnumbers into Tibet. On the streets of Lhasa and Shigatse, signs of annually to Tibetans in India, with additional millions forHan colonisation are readily visible. Chinese run the factories "democracy activities" within the Tibetan exile community. Inand many of the shops and vending stalls. Tall office buildings addition to these funds, the Dalai Lama received money fromand large shopping centres have been built with funds that might financier George Soros.46have been better spent on water treatment plants and housing. Whatever the 14th Dalai Lamas associations with the CIA andChinese cadres in Tibet too often view their Tibetan neighbours as various reactionaries, he has often spoken of peace, love andbackward and lazy, in need of economic development and nonviolence. He himself really cannot be blamed for the abuses"patriotic education". During the 1990s, Tibetan government of Tibets ancien régime, having been but 25 years old when heemployees suspected of harbouring nationalist sympathies were fled into exile. In a 1994 interview, he went on the record aspurged from office, and campaigns were once again launched to favouring the building of schools and roads in his country. Hediscredit the Dalai Lama. Individual Tibetans reportedly were said the corvée (forced unpaid serf labour) and certain taxessubjected to arrest, imprisonment and forced labour for carrying imposed on the peasants were "extremely bad". And he dislikedout separatist activities and engaging in "political subversion". the way people were saddled with old debts, sometimes passedSome were held in administrative detention without adequate down from generation to generation.47 During the half-century offood, water and blankets, and were living in the western world, hesubjected to threats, beatings and embraced concepts such as humanother mistreatment.42 rights and religious freedom, ideas Tibetan history, culture and largely unknown in old Tibet. Hecertainly religion are slighted in even proposed democracy for Tibet,schools. Teaching materials, though Whatever the 14th Dalai Lamas featuring a written constitution and atranslated into Tibetan, focus mainly associations with the CIA and representative assembly.48on Chinese history and culture. In 1996, the Dalai Lama issued aChinese family planning regulations various reactionaries, he has statement that must have had anallow a three-child limit for Tibetan often spoken of peace, love unsettling effect on the exilefamilies. (There is only a one-child community. It read in part:limit for Han families throughout and nonviolence. "Marxism is founded on moralChina, and a two-child limit for rural principles, while capitalism isHan families whose first child is a concerned only with gain andgirl.) If a Tibetan couple goes over profitability." Marxism fosters "thethe three-child limit, the excess children equitable utilisation of the means ofcan be denied subsidised daycare, healthcare, housing and production" and cares about "the fate of the working classes" andeducation. These penalties have been enforced irregularly and vary "the victims of...exploitation". He stated: "For those reasons theby district.43 None of these child services, it should be noted, was system appeals to me, and...I think of myself as half-Marxist, half-available to Tibetans before the Chinese takeover. Buddhist."49 But he also sent a reassuring message to "those who For the rich lamas and secular lords, the Communist intervention live in abundance": "It is a good thing to be rich... Those are thewas an unmitigated calamity. Most of them fled abroad, as did the fruits for deserving actions, the proof that they have been generousDalai Lama himself, who was assisted in his flight by the CIA. in the past." And to the poor he offers this admonition: "There isSome discovered to their horror that they would have to work for a no good reason to become bitter and rebel against those who haveliving. Many, however, escaped that fate. Throughout the 1960s, property and fortune... It is better to develop a positive attitude."50the Tibetan exile community was secretly pocketing US$1.7 In 2005, the Dalai Lama signed a widely advertised statementmillion a year from the CIA, according to documents released in along with 10 other Nobel laureates supporting the "inalienable1998 by the US State Department. Once this fact was publicised, and fundamental human right" of working people throughout thethe Dalai Lamas organisation itself issued a statement admitting world to form labour unions to protect their interests, inthat it had received millions of dollars from the CIA during the accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of1960s to send armed squads of exiles into Tibet to undermine the Human Rights. In many countries, the statement read, "thisMaoist revolution. The Dalai Lamas annual payment from the fundamental right is poorly protected and in some it is explicitlyCIA was $186,000. Indian intelligence also financed both him and banned or brutally suppressed". Burma, China, Colombia, Bosniaother Tibetan exiles. He has refused to say whether he or his and a few other countries were singled out as among the worstbrothers worked for the CIA. The agency has also declined to offenders. Even the United States "...fails to adequately protectcomment.44 workers rights to form unions and bargain collectively. Millions In 1995, the News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina, of US workers lack any legal protection to form unions..."51carried a front-page colour photograph of the Dalai Lama being The Dalai Lama also gave full support to removing theembraced by the reactionary Republican senator Jesse Helms, under ingrained traditional obstacles that have kept Tibetan nuns fromthe headline "Buddhist Captivates Hero of Religious Right".45 In receiving an education. Upon arriving in exile, few nuns couldApril 1999, along with Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II and read or write. In Tibet, their activities had been devoted to day-the first George Bush, the Dalai Lama called upon the British long periods of prayer and chants. But in northern India they nowFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 47
    • began reading Buddhist philosophy and engaging in theological This is probably true, and it may explain why some of us idealisestudy and debate—activities that in old Tibet had been open only such societies. But still, a gouged eye is a gouged eye, a floggingto monks.52 is a flogging and the grinding exploitation of serfs and slaves is a In November 2005, the Dalai Lama spoke at Stanford brutal class injustice whatever its cultural wrapping. There is aUniversity on "The Heart of Nonviolence" but stopped short of a difference between a spiritual bond and human bondage, evenblanket condemnation of all violence. Violent actions that are when both exist side by side.committed in order to reduce future suffering are not to be Many ordinary Tibetans want the Dalai Lama back in theircondemned, he said, citing World War II as an example of a country, but it appears that relatively few want a return to theworthy effort to protect democracy. What of the four years of social order he represented. A story in the Washington Post (23carnage and mass destruction in Iraq, a war condemned by most July 1999) noted that the Dalai Lama continues to be revered inof the world—even by a conservative pope—as a blatant violation Tibet, but few Tibetans would welcome a return of the corruptof international law and a crime against humanity? The Dalai aristocratic clans that fled with him in 1959 and that comprise theLama was undecided: "The Iraq war—its too early to say, right bulk of his advisers. Many Tibetan farmers, for example, have noor wrong."53 Earlier he had voiced support for the US military interest in surrendering the land they gained during Chinas landintervention against Yugoslavia and, later on, the US military reform to the clans. Tibets former slaves say that they, too, dontintervention in Afghanistan.54 want their former masters to return to power. "Ive already lived that life once before," said Wangchuk, a 67-year-old former slaveIII. Exit Feudal Theocracy who was wearing his best clothes for his yearly pilgrimage to As the Shangri-La myth would have it, in old Tibet the people Shigatse, one of the holiest sites of Tibetan Buddhism. He said helived in contented and tranquil worshipped the Dalai Lama, but added:symbiosis with their monastic and "I may not be free under Chinesesecular lords. Rich lamas and poor communism, but I am better off thanmonks, wealthy landlords and when I was a slave."57impoverished serfs were all bonded Seen in all its grim realities, It should be noted that the Dalaitogether, mutually sustained by the old Tibet confirms the Lama is not the only highly placedcomforting balm of a deeply spiritual lama chosen in childhood as aand pacific culture. view I expressed in an reincarnation. One or another One is reminded of the idealised earlier book—namely, that reincarnated lama or tulku—a spiritualimage of feudal Europe presented by teacher of special purity elected to belatter-day conservative Catholics such culture is anything reborn again and again—can be foundas G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. but neutral. presiding over most major monasteries.For them, mediaeval Christendom was The tulku system is unique to Tibetana world of contented peasants living in Buddhism. Scores of Tibetan lamasthe secure embrace of their Church, claim to be reincarnated tulkus.under the more or less benign protection The very first tulku was a lamaof their lords.55 Again we are invited to accept a particular culture known as the Karmapa, who appeared nearly three centuriesin its idealised form, divorced from its murky material history. before the first Dalai Lama. The Karmapa is the leader of aThis means accepting it as presented by its favoured class, by Tibetan Buddhist tradition known as the Karma Kagyu. The risethose who profited most from it. The Shangri-La image of Tibet of the Gelugpa sect headed by the Dalai Lama led to a politico-bears no more resemblance to historic actuality than does the religious rivalry with the Kagyu that has lasted 500 years andpastoral image of mediaeval Europe. continues to play itself out within the Tibetan exile community Seen in all its grim realities, old Tibet confirms the view I today. That the Kagyu sect has grown famously, opening someexpressed in an earlier book—namely, that culture is anything but 600 new centres around the world in the last 35 years, has notneutral. Culture can operate as a legitimating cover for a host of helped the situation.grave injustices, benefiting a privileged portion of society at great The search for a tulku, Erik Curren reminds us, has not alwayscost to the rest. 56 In theocratic feudal Tibet, ruling interests been conducted in that purely spiritual mode portrayed in certainmanipulated the traditional culture to fortify their own wealth and Hollywood films. "Sometimes monastic officials wanted a childpower. The theocracy equated rebellious thought and action with from a powerful local noble family to give the cloister moresatanic influence. It propagated the general presumption of political clout. Other times they wanted a child from a lower-landlord superiority and peasant unworthiness. The rich were class family who would have little leverage to influence therepresented as deserving their good life and the lowly poor as childs upbringing." On other occasions "a local warlord, thedeserving their mean existence, all codified in teachings about the Chinese emperor or even the Dalai Lamas government in Lhasakarmic residue of virtue and vice accumulated from past lives, might [have tried] to impose [his/]its choice of tulku on apresented as part of Gods will. monastery for political reasons".58 Were the more affluent lamas just hypocrites who preached one Such may have been the case in the selection of the 17ththing and secretly believed another? More likely they were Karmapa, whose monastery-in-exile is situated in Rumtek, in thegenuinely attached to those beliefs that brought such good results Indian state of Sikkim. In 1993, the monks of the Karma Kagyufor them. That their theology so perfectly supported their material tradition had a candidate of their own choice. The Dalai Lama,privileges only strengthened the sincerity with which it was along with several dissenting Karma Kagyu leaders (and with theembraced. support of the Chinese government!) backed a different boy. It might be said that we denizens of the modern secular worldcannot grasp the equations of happiness and pain, contentment Continued on page 78and custom, that characterise more traditionally spiritual societies.48 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • SCIENCE DR NIKOLA TESLA ON microphones to locate a ship and even traveling in fleet formation; the location DETECTING AND COMBATTING torpedo it by the range thus found, without and presence of the enemy submarine can SUBMARINES [e]ver showing his periscope above water. be radiographed to the other vessels by the "Many years ago, while serving in the one doing the magnetic surveying and, byIn 1917, H. Winfield Secor, associate capacity of chief electrician for an electric means of nets in some cases, or gun-fireeditor of The Electrical Experimenter plant situated on the river Seine in France, I and the use of hydro-aeroplanes sent aloftmagazine, was fortunate enough to had occasion to require for certain testing from the ships, the enemy under waterobtain an exclusive interview with the purposes an extremely sensitive stands a mighty good chance of beingworld-famous electrical inventor Dr galvanometer. In those days the quartz either bombed, shelled or netted.Nikola Tesla. It was published in the fiber was an unknown quantity—and I, by "However, a means would soon be foundAugust issue of the magazine under the becoming specially adept, managed to of nullifying this magnetic detector of thetitle "Teslas Views on Electricity and the produce an extremely fine cocoon fiber for submerged undersea war-craft. They mightWar". The interview is now available, the galvanometer suspension. Further, the make the U-boat hulls of some non-courtesy of Larry Brian Radka of Einhorn galvanometer proved very sensitive for the magnetic metal, such as copper, brass, orPress, at http://einhornpress.com location in which it was to be used, so a aluminum. It is a good rule to always keep/inventor.aspx special cement base was sunk in the ground in mind that for practically every good — Editor and, by using a lead sub-base suspended on invention of such a kind as this, there has springs, all mechanical shock and vibration always been invented an opposite, andN ikola Tesla, one of the greatest of effects were finally gotten rid of. equally efficient, counteracting invention." living electrical engineers and "As a matter of actual personal "How about this new electric ray method recipient of the seventh "Edison" experience," said Dr Tesla, "it became a of locating submarines?" I ventured to ask.medal, has evolved several unique and far- fact that the small iron-hull steam mail- "Yes, yes, I am coming to that," thereaching ideas which if developed and packets [ships] plying up and down the master electrician parried. "Now supposepractically applied should help to partially, river Seine at a distanceif not totally, solve the much discussed of three miles wouldsubmarine menace and to provide a means distinctly affect thewhereby the enemys powder and shell galvanometer!"magazines may be exploded at a distance "How could this beof several miles. applied to the submarine There have been numerous stories problem?" I asked.bruited about by more or less irresponsible "Well, for one thing,"self-styled experts that certain American the scientist replied, "Iinventors, including Dr Tesla, had invented believe the magneticamong other things an electric ray to method of locating ordestroy or detect a submarine under water indicating the presence ofat a considerable distance. [Dr] Tesla very an iron or steel masscourteously granted the writer an interview might prove veryand some of his ideas on electricitys practical in locating apossible role in helping to end the great hidden submarine. And itworld-war are herein given: is of course of paramount "The all-absorbing topic of daily importance that we doconversation at the present time is of find a means ofcourse the U-boat." Therefore, I made accurately locating thethat subject my opening shot. sub-sea fighters when "Well," said Dr Tesla, "I have several they are submerged, sodistinct ideas regarding the subjugation of that we can, with thisthe submarine. But lest we forget, let us information, be ready tonot underestimate the efficiency of the close in on them whenmeans available for carrying on submarine they attempt to come tow a r f a r e . We may use microphones to the surface. Especially isdetect the submarine, but on the other hand this important whenthe submarine commander may employ several vessels areFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 49
    • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEthat we erect on a vessel a large rectangular running the ship first in one direction and Wonderful were the results obtained, bothhelice or inductance coil of insulated wire. then in another, and noting whether the those anticipated as well as thoseActual experiments in my laboratory at reactance effect caused by the presence of unexpected. As an example of what hasHouston Street (New York City) have the submarine hull increased or decreased. been done with several hundred kilowattsproven that the presence of a local iron The radiating inductance must be very of high frequency energy liberated, it wasmass such as the ships hull would not sharply attuned to the measuring apparatus found that the dynamos in a power houseinterfere with the action of this device. installed on the ship, when no trouble will six miles away were repeatedly burned out, "To this coil of wire, measuring perhaps be found in detecting the presence of such due to the powerful high-frequency400 feet in length by 70 feet in width, the a large metallic mass as a submarine, even currents set up in them and which causedbreadth of the ship, we connect a source of at a distance of five to six miles; of this I heavy sparks to jump through the windingsextremely high frequency and very and destroy the insulation!powerful oscillating current. By this "The lightning arresters in the powermeans there are radiated powerfuloscillating electro-static currents, "I could walk on the sand house showed a stream of blue-white sparks passing between the metalwhich as I have found by actual (ordinarily considered a plates to the earth connection. I couldexperiment in my Colorado tests some very good insulator) several walk on the sand (ordinarilyyears ago will first affect a metallic considered a very good insulator)body (such as a submarine hull, even hundred feet from my large several hundred feet from my largethough made of brass or any other high-frequency oscillator, and sparksmetal) and in turn cause that mass to high-frequency oscillator, jumped from my shoes! At suchreact inductively on the exciting coil and sparks jumped from distances all incandescent lampson the ship. To locate an iron mass, it glowed by wireless power,** andis not necessary to excite the coil with my shoes!" banks of lamp, connected to a fewa high frequency current; the critical turns of wire arranged in a coil on thebalance of the coil will be affected ground, were lighted to full brilliancy.simply by the presence of the magnetic feel confident from my past experiments in The effect on metallic objects atbody. the realm of ultra-high frequency currents considerable distances was really "To be able to accurately determine the and potentials." remarkable."direction and range of the enemy I asked him about the "Ulivi ray", whichsubmarine, four exciting inductances Back to the Colorado Tests was accorded considerable newspapershould be used.* With a single "What particular experiments do you publicity some time ago.inductance, however, it would be possible have in mind, Dr Tesla?" I asked. "The Ulivi ray really was transplantedto determine the location of a submarine by "The Colorado tests of 1898–1900. from this country to Italy," asserted Dr Tesla. "It was simply an adaptation of my ultra-powerful high-frequency phenomena as carried out in Colorado and cited p r e v i o u s l y . With a powerful oscillator developing thousands of horsepower, it would become readily possible to detonate powder and munition magazines by means of the high frequency currents induced in every bit of metal even when located five to six miles away and more. Even a powder can would have a potential of 6,000 to 7,000 volts induced in it at that distance. "At the time of those tests, I succeeded in producing the most powerful X-rays ever seen. I could stand at a distance of 100 feet from the X-ray apparatus and see the bones of the hand clearly with the aid of a fluoroscope screen; and I could have easily seen them at a distance several times this by utilizing suitable power. In fact, INikola Tesla, the famous electric inventor, has proposed three different electrical could not then procure X-ray generators toschemes for locating submerged submarines. The reflected ray method is handle even a small fraction of the power Iillustrated above. The high-frequency invisible electric ray, when reflected by a had available. But I now have apparatussubmarine hull, causes phosphorescent screens on another or even the same ship to designed whereby this tremendous energyglow, giving warning that the U-boats are near. (Source: The Electrical of hundreds of kilowatts can beExperimenter, August 1917) successfully transformed into X-rays."50 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCESubmarine Warfare translate this reflected ray, as for instance The vessels would at once lower their nets, "Could these ultra-powerful and by allowing the ray to impinge on a if so equipped, order their gun crews tounusually penetrating X-rays be used to phosphorescent screen, acting in a similar quarters and double the look-out watch.locate or destroy a submarine?" I way to the X-ray screen. The ray would The important thing to know is thatinterjected. be invisible to the unaided eye. T h e submarines are present. Forewarned is "Now we are coming to the method of reflected ray could be, firstly, intercepted forearmed!locating such hidden metal masses as by the one or more ships in the fleet, or, "The Teutons are clever, you know; very,submarines by an electric ray," replied the secondly, it would be possible for the ship very clever; but we shall beat them," saidelectrical wizard. "That is the thing which originating the ray to intercept the refracted Dr Tesla confidently. ∞seems to hold great promises. If we can portion by sending out the rayshoot out a concentrated ray comprising a intermittently and also by taking advantage * Here Tesla is proposing a form ofstream of minute electric charges vibrating of what is known as the after-glow effect, RADAR (an acronym for Radio Detectionelectrically at tremendous frequency, say which means that the ray would affect the And Ranging), not fully developed untilmillions of cycles per second, and then registering screen an appreciable time after several years later.intercept the ray after it has been reflected its origination. This would be necessary toby a submarine hull, for example, and allow the ship to move forward sufficiently ** As an amateur radio operator (KB3ZU),cause this intercepted ray to illuminate a to get within range of the reflected ray I can attest to the fact that high-frequencyfluorescent screen (similar to the X-ray from the submarine, as the reflection would radiated power will light up the filamentsmethod) on the same or another ship, then not be in the same direction as the in electric bulbs with no house-currentour problem of locating the hidden originating ray. applied. A few times, I inadvertently leftsubmarine will have been solved. "To make this clearer, consider that a the antenna disconnected while operating "This electric ray would necessarily have concentrated ray from a searchlight is my 2,000-watt (PEP) linear amplifier in theto have an oscillation wave length thrown on a balloon at night. When the 15-metre band, and I watched the filamentsextremely short, and here is where the great spot of light strikes the balloon, the latter at in all the turned-off incandescent bulbs inproblem presents itself, i.e., to be able to once becomes visible from many different the room light up to about half-normaldevelop a sufficiently short wavelength and angles. The same effect would be created b r i l l i a n c y when I spoke over thea large amount of power, say several with the electric ray if properly applied. microphone loudly. This was because ofthousand or even several hundred thousand When the ray struck the rough hull of a the maximum modulation being reachedhorsepower. I have produced oscillators submarine, it would be reflected, but not in and my transmitters output beinghaving a wavelength of but a few a [con]centrated beam—it would spread improperly terminated.millimeters. out; which is just what we want. Suppose — Larry Brian Radka, Einhorn Press "Suppose, for example, that a vessel is several vessels are steaming along infitted with such an electric ray projector. company; it thus becomes evident that (Source: Non-facsimile reproduction ofThe average ship has available from, say, several of them will intercept the reflected "Blinding the Submarine", The Electrical10,000 to 15,000 H.P. The exploring ray ray and accordingly be warned of the E x p e r i m e n t e r, August 1917, posted atcould be flashed out intermittently, and presence of the submarine or submarines. http://einhornpress.com/inventor)thus it would be possible tohurl forth a very formidablebeam of pulsating electricenergy, involving adischarge of hundreds ofthousands of horsepower.The electric energy wouldbe taken from the shipsplant for a fraction of aminute, only being absorbedat a tremendous rate bysuitable condensers andother apparatus from whichit could be liberated at anyrate desired. "Imagine that the ray hasbeen shot out and that insweeping through the waterit encounters the hull of asubmarine. What happens?Just this: the ray would bereflected, and by anappropriate device wewould intercept and Tesla at workFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 51
    • 52 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • Exposing the Covert Counterintelligence Programs I n the early 1950s, a select group of individuals began to make claims publicly of having had direct physical contact with "human-looking" representatives of different extraterrestrial (ET) civilisations. These "contactees" claimed to have been given Since the early knowledge of the extraterrestrials advanced technologies, philosophical beliefs and efforts to assist humanity in becoming part of a galactic society where open contact with 1950s, a series of off-world civilisations would occur. Contactees described the extraterrestrials as benign, very respectful of human free will and ancestrally linked to humanity (thus dubbed the counterintelligence "space brothers"). Further revealed by the contactees was that extraterrestrials, who in many cases were indistinguishable from humans, had secretly integrated into human programs run by the society.1 The apparent goals were to acquaint themselves better with different national cultures and/or to participate in an educational uplift program to prepare humanity for CIA, NSA, FBI and galactic status. Contactees began to disseminate to the general public the nature of their experiences and knowledge gained through interaction with extraterrestrials. other US agencies Information revealed by contactees presented an unrivalled national security crisis for have been used to policy-makers in the United States and other major nations. Two main elements comprised this crisis. First, the advanced space vehicles and technologies possessed by monitor, debunk, extraterrestrial civilisations were far more sophisticated than the most developed aircraft, weapons and communications systems possessed by national governments. This discredit and presented an urgent technological problem that required vast national resources to bridge the technological gap with extraterrestrials. It led to a second Manhattan Project whose neutralise alien existence and secret funding would be known only to those with a "need to know". 2 Manhattan II, along with evidence of extraterrestrial visitors and technologies, would be contactees and kept secret from the general public, the media and most elected political representatives. Second, extraterrestrial civilisations were contacting private individuals and even supporters on the having some of their representatives integrate into human society.3 This was encouraging pretext of their growing numbers of individuals to participate in a covert extraterrestrial effort to prepare humanity for "galactic status"—where the existence of ETs would be officially threat to national acknowledged and open interaction would occur. Also included was the issue of nuclear disarmament. Tens of thousands of individuals supported the contactees who distributed security. newsletters, spoke at conferences and travelled widely, spreading their information for peacefully transforming the planet and calling for an immediate end to the development of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threatened more than humanitys future, according to the extraterrestrials. Every detonation disrupted the fabric of space, which could also seriously affect their own worlds in destructive ways. Directly confronted were the policies of major nations that were actively building nuclear weapons. Enormous revolutionary potential for the entire planet was put forward. Thus, contactees presented an urgent national security need for an extensive by Michael E. Salla, PhD counterintelligence program. Preventing the contactee movement from becoming a © January 2008 catalyst for global changes through the teachings and experiences gained from ETs Email: became top priority. Consequently, a highly secret and ruthless counterintelligence drsalla@exopolitics.org program was finally implemented that directly targeted contactees and their supporters. A series of covert intelligence programs was implemented that aimed to neutralise the Websites: revolutionary potential of the contactee movement. These programs evolved in three http://www.exopolitics.org phases, which resulted in the final counterintelligence program that was adopted to http://www.galacticdiplomacy.com eliminate any threat posed by contactees. • Phase one was the initial surveillance of contactees by intelligence agencies, whichFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 53
    • attempted to discern the scope and implications of human and special agents on 16 November 1954. The agents sent anextraterrestrial interaction. extensive memo to J. Edgar Hoover, detailing Van Tassels claims • Phase two was the more active phase of debunking and to having been visited by extraterrestrials. 7 Revealed by thediscrediting contactees and their supporters. memo is Hoovers special interest in what the ETs had to say • Phase three was integrated into the Federal Bureau of about the atomic weapons, an upcoming Third World War andInvestigations (FBIs) COINTELPRO (counterintelligence their ability to communicate telepathically with Van Tassel.program), which provided the necessary cover for comprehensively Another contactee who received much FBI attention was Georgeneutralising any possible threat by contactees who might join otherAdamski. Adamski first became known in 1947 for his photos ofdissident groups for comprehensive policy changes. flying saucers and motherships, taken with an amateur telescope All three phases of the covert programs employed against on Mount Palomar, California, which received wide coverage. Hecontactees were secretly run by the Central Intelligence Agency became the most well known of all contactees due to his(CIA), the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) internationally best-selling books describing his meetings withand the National Security Agency (NSA), whose field agents were extraterrestrials. The first book, Flying Saucers Have Landeddirectly aware of the reality of extraterrestrial life and the contact (1953; co-authored with Desmond Leslie), was based onand communications occurring with private citizens. Adamskis 20 November 1952 Desert Center encounter with This paper concentrates on the covert counterintelligence "Orthon", the Venusian occupant of an extraterrestrial scoutcraft.program adopted by US national security agencies that targeted Orthon proceeded to tell Adamski about the dangers posed bycontactees ever since the 1950s in an effort to nullify, discredit nuclear weapons and the possibility that all life could be destroyedand debunk evidence confirming private citizen contact with in an uncontrolled nuclear reaction. Four months later, in Februaryextraterrestrial civilisations and the revolutionary potential this1953, Adamski claimed to have had another encounter, in whichhad to transform the planet. he was picked up by two ETs at a Los Angeles hotel lobby and driven to a secret location where he again met Orthon and wasPhase One: Intelligence taken inside a Venusian mothercraft. 8Agencies Monitor Contactees Adamskis UFO sightings and There is extensive documentation contacts with extraterrestrials wereto establish that the FBI closely supported by an impressive collectionmonitored contactees and was keenly Orthon proceeded to tell of witnesses as well as photographsinterested in determining the scope of Adamski about the dangers and films which a number oftheir activities resulting from independent investigators concludedcommunications and interactions posed by nuclear weapons were not hoaxes.9with extraterrestrials. 4 Declassified and the possibility that all life Interest in Adamski by the FBIFBI documents establish that began in September 1950 when aprominent contactees were subjected could be destroyed in an confidential source started relayingto close monitoring, where their uncontrolled nuclear reaction. information to the FBIs San Diegostatements and activities were office. According to the source,investigated, and field agents directly Adamski explained that the socialissued reports to the FBI Director, J. system used by the extraterrestrialsEdgar Hoover. Field agent reports most closely resembled communism.suggest that the FBI Director was seriously trying to apprise This "raised eyebrows within the FBI, and led to continued, deephimself of the revolutionary potential posed by contactees and the m o n i t o r i n g " .1 0 Also according to the FBI source, Adamskithreat to US national security. This is not surprising, given claimed that "this country is a corrupt form of government anddocumentation that suggests the FBI was largely left out of the capitalists are enslaving the poor".11 Predictably, such commentsintelligence loop concerning ET technologies. Hoover was 5 led to Adamski being viewed as a "security matter".12 The sourceprobably relying on surveillance of contactees to inform himself was never revealed by the FBI and so there was no way toof the true situation concerning extraterrestrials. evaluate the sources objectivity in relaying such prejudicial George Van Tassel claimed that in August 1953 he had a information. Adamskis claims that the ETs viewed thephysical meeting with human-looking extraterrestrials from development of nuclear weapons as a threat to the future ofVenus. He subsequently established regular "telepathic" humanity were a cause of deep concern among officials. Suchcommunications with them, where he was given information that views led the FBI to consider him, along with George Van Tassel,he shared with his many supporters and public authorities. a subversive who required close monitoring, according to a 1952Popularity grew rapidly for Van Tassel, who had many thousands document.13read his newsletters and attend his public lectures. Thousands A lecture by Adamski at a California Lions Club on 12 Marchalso attended Van Tassels annual Giant Rock flying saucer 1953 was covered by a local newspaper, which reported thatconventions in the Mojave Desert that began in 1954 and over a Adamski had official FBI and Air Force clearance to present his23-year period became the key annual event for the contactee material to the public. According to Adamski this newspapermovement. report was "incorrect", but it led to a visit by FBI and Air Force FBI interest in Van Tassel dated from November 1953, when he representatives who were apparently concerned by references tosent a letter to the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at official clearance. The representatives demanded that AdamskiWright–Patterson Air Force Base on behalf of "Commander sign a document that his material did not have official clearance.14Ashtar" to deliver a "friendly warning" concerning the destructive J. Edgar Hoovers office received the FBI and Air Forceweapons then under development. 6 This led to a meeting between representatives report, together with the signed document.Major S. Avner of AFOSI, who met with a liaison for the FBI, Adamskis popularity and his international travel led to the FBIand culminated in Van Tassel being interviewed by the two and other intelligence agencies paying close attention to his54 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • statements and public reactions. In February 1959, Adamski The success of the Psychological Strategy Board, and that of itstravelled to New Zealand and spoke before packed audiences. A successor, the Operations Coordinating Board, as well as that ofone-page Foreign Service dispatch with Adamskis key talking all covert psychological operations concerning extraterrestrial lifepoints was circulated to the FBI, CIA, Air Force and Navy, thus depended upon the truth being disclosed only to those with aconfirming the continued monitoring of Adamski. "need to know". 20 This required the creation of a suitable national Other contactees who were monitored by the FBI, according to security cover for psychological operations against the Americandeclassified documents, included Daniel Fry, George Hunt public. Victory would be achieved through the formation of aWilliamson and Truman Bethurum. 15 Information relayed by panel of experts that could shape government policy andcontactees concerning the social and economic systems of the intelligence activities against those involved in ET affairs.extraterrestrials, together with the ETs criticism of the nuclear Named after its chairman, Dr Howard Robertson, the Robertsonweapons development occurring around the globe, led to them Panel reviewed cases of flying saucers over a four-day period forand their supporters being considered security threats. Given the a total of 12 hours and found none of them to be credible.national hysteria over communism during the McCarthy era, this Conclusions by the panel were released in a document called theled to counterintelligence programs being implemented against Durant Report. It recommended ridiculing the "flying saucerthe contactees. phenomenon", and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, for national security reasons. The report is key to understanding thePhase Two: Debunking and Discrediting Contactees institutionally sanctioned debunking and discrediting of evidence The CIA played an active role in creating the necessary legal, concerning extraterrestrial life. Confirmation of the leading rolepolitical and social environment for the debunking of flying of the CIA in convening the panel and choosing experts appearssaucer reports and discrediting contactee in the Durant Report itself, despite efforts inclaims. It did so by depicting flying saucer early releases of sanitised versions toreports as a national security threat insofar as suppress the CIAs role.21mass hysteria over them could be exploited Almost exclusively, the Durant Reportby foreign enemies. Solid justification for focused on the national security threat posedsuch a psychological program was built on by foreign powers exploiting the Americanthe famous 1938 radio broadcast by Orson In reality, the publics belief in the flying saucerWelles.16 Consequently, the CIA led covert Psychological Strategy phenomenon. It declared that relatedpsychological operations that would dangers might well exist, resulting from"educate" the American public about the Board was created "[s]ubjectivity of public to mass hysteria and"correct facts" concerning flying saucer to deal with the greater vulnerability to possible enemyreports and contactee claims. One of the first psychological warfare", and that "ifactions taken by the CIA was to initiate the national security threat reporting channels are saturated with falsecreation of an interagency government group posed by flying saucer and poorly documented reports, ourcalled the Psychological Strategy Board capability of detecting hostile activity(PSB) that would deal with national reports and contactee will be reduced".22security threats through covert claims that could Consequently, the Robertson Panelpsychological operations. recommended an "educational A presidential directive on 4 April undermine the program" to remove the threat posed1951 created the Psychological Strategy authority of the by enemy nations exploiting theBoard "to authorize and provide for the publics belief in flying saucers:more effective planning, coordination, US government. "The Panels concept of a broadand conduct within the framework of educational program integrating effortsapproved national policies, of of all concerned agencies was that itpsychological operations".17 Set up by should have two major aims: trainingGordon Gray, a top adviser to President and debunking… The debunkingTruman at the time, the PSB was aim would result in reduction in publicinitially located within the CIA but interest in flying saucers which todayreported to the National Security evokes a strong psychological reaction.Council. Ostensibly, the PSB would lead covert psychological This education could be accomplished by mass media such asoperations to deal with the Cold War threat, but this threat was a television, motion pictures, and popular articles... Such a programcover for its true function. In reality, the Psychological Strategy should tend to reduce the current gullibility of the public andBoard was created to deal with the national security threat posed consequently their susceptibility to clever hostile propaganda."23by flying saucer reports and contactee claims that could So, the panel concluded that the publics psychological reactionundermine the authority of the US government. to flying saucers was the basis of a possible security threat. The According to leaked government documents, Gray is described Cold War provided the necessary security environment for theas a founding member of the secret control group, allegedly titled CIA and interagency entities such as the Psychological Strategythe Majestic–12 Special Studies Group (MJ-12), which took Board to claim that flying saucers could be exploited by thecharge of the extraterrestrial issue. 18 According to one of the Soviet Union using psychological warfare techniques.leaked Majestic documents, President Truman created the PSB on Consequently, psychological operations would have to bethe recommendation of the head of MJ-12. 19 Grays leadership conducted through the mass media and official agencies toand the role of MJ-12 in the boards creation help confirm that the debunk flying saucer reports and remove the possible threat.PSB was created to run psychological operations to shape public Irrespective of the truth of contactees claims of having met withopinion on the ET issue. ETs, this meant that the publics possible reaction to the reality ofFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 55
    • flying saucers and extraterrestrial life justified debunking all about contactee claims that were being exaggerated by the press:contactee reports. "...the press unfortunately lump all spacemen reports together, The Durant Report created the necessary legal justification to causing many people to reject all of the UFO evidence". 2 7debunk evidence provided by contactees, regardless of the merits Essentially, Keyhoe viewed contactee reports as anof their claims. This is evidenced in the way in which the FBI and embarrassment that needed to be separated from the moreother intelligence agencies privately interacted with contactees and scientifically oriented UFO research. Other prominent UFOthen made public statements or leaked information to the media in researchers followed Keyhoes approach, thus creating a majorways that questioned the integrity of the contactees. For example, schism among those convinced that extraterrestrial life wasAdamski had communicated with the FBI, AFOSI and the visiting Earth.Pentagon over the content of material that he would put in his The successful debunking of reports of flying saucers andbooks or in documents he would present to the public. This is not extraterrestrial life made it possible for the CIA, FBI and militarysurprising, given that many contactees, like intelligence agencies to move to the thirdAdamski, were former military servicemen phase of their covert psychologicalwho understood the importance of not doing operations: full-scale counterintelligenceanything to threaten national security. warfare techniques to disrupt and neutraliseAdamski had been led to believe that he was the contactee movement.cleared to distribute a particular document,and he made public statements to this effect. What the public Phase Three: Galactic COINTELPROThe FBI disagreed and subsequently made COINTELPRO was a counterintelligencepublic its views about Adamskis alleged did not realise was that program initiated in 1956 against political"fraudulent, improper" behaviour in a way intelligence agencies dissidents and reportedly ended in 1971. Itthat delivered a "huge blow to Adamskis was primarily run by the FBI; othercredibility".24 such as the FBI and intelligence agencies such as the CIA and At the time when the general public AFOSI were intent on NSA assisted in select covert activities.believed unquestionably in the accuracy of COINTELPRO assumed that politicalstatements made by public officials, debunking contactees dissidents in the United States weresuch negative comments would besufficient to end ones career or as a matter of policy being influenced by foreign powers in ways deemed a threat to US nationalcredibility. Certainly, many in the due to the threat they security. In the case of both contacteesgeneral public interested in the flyingsaucer phenomenon now believed posed to national and political dissidents, the influence of "foreign powers" was thought to justifyAdamski to be a fraud. What the public security. military-style counterintelligencedid not realise was that intelligence programs to disrupt and neutralise theseagencies such as the FBI and AFOSI groups.were intent on debunking contactees as There were two significanta matter of policy due to the threat they differences in how COINTELPRO wasposed to national security. used against political dissidents and Another way in which contactee contactees respectively. First, whileclaims were debunked was to have intelligence agents were fully briefedtabloid newspapers such as the about the "foreign powers" influencingNational Enquirer publish sensational reports that embellished political dissidents, it is unlikely they were fully briefed aboutactual contactee testimonies or were entirely fabricated by staff contactees. Second, while COINTELPROs use against politicalreporters. Any subsequent investigations by researchers would dissidents was exposed and apparently ended in 1971, thedemonstrate that such claims were exaggerated or unfounded, COINTELPRO used against contactees was never exposed. Thethereby tainting the contactees and UFO research more generally. program almost certainly continues to the present. What was not generally known was that the National Enquirer In 1975, a US Senate committee chaired by Senator Frankwas created and controlled by known CIA assets whose covert Church investigated COINTELPROs methods and targets, and inassignment was to ridicule the entire flying saucer phenomenon.25 1976 published a detailed report. 2 8 The Church CommitteeWith its sensationalistic tabloid style, it was one of the chief described COINTELPRO as going "...beyond the collection ofinstruments of the covert psychological operations used to debunk intelligence to secret action defined to disrupt and neutralizecontactee claims and flying saucer reports . The N a t i o n a l target groups and individuals. The techniques were adoptedEnquirer and other media sources covering contactee claims were wholesale from wartime counterintelligence…"29part of the "educational program" that required the debunking of The committee characterised COINTELPRO as a series offlying saucer reports. covert actions taken against American citizens and part of a The National Enquirer succeeded so well that influential UFO "rough, tough, dirty business", according to William Sullivan,researchers determined to establish the scientific merit in assistant to the FBI Director. 30 Between 1960 and 1974, overinvestigating UFO reports became unwitting allies to the covert 500,000 investigations of potential anti-government subversivespsychological program to dismiss contactee claims. This is had been launched but no charges were ever laid under statutesevidenced in remarks by leading UFO researchers such as Major concerning overthrow of the US government.31Donald Keyhoe, who emphasised the need to separate genuine The Church Committee grouped the activities conducted byUFO reports from "the mass of wild tales and usually ridiculous COINTELPRO under the following headings: (a) General Effortscontactee claims".26 to Discredit; (b) Media Manipulation; (c) Distorting Data to Keyhoe and other UFO researchers were greatly concerned Influence Government Policy and Public Perceptions; (d)56 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • "Chilling" First Amendment Rights; and (e) Preventing the Free One of Project Blue Books primary functions was to carry outExchange of Ideas. 32 The committee found that "[o]fficials of the the first plank of the "education program" recommended by theintelligence agencies occasionally recognized that certain activities Durant Report. It would "train" the general public in how towere illegal… [and] that the law and the Constitution, were simply evaluate the UFO data correctly in ways that would defuse publicignored". 33 More disturbingly, the committee concluded that and media interest in such reports. In short, Blue Book was a key"[u]nsavory and vicious tactics have been employed".34 part of the covert psychological operations being conducted to The Church Committee did not discuss COINTELPRO in convince the general public and media that UFO reports were notregard to the UFO issue or contactee claims. Despite that important and not worth considering. Nevertheless, the status ofomission, circumstantial evidence clearly points to Project Blue Book as an official Air Force investigationCOINTELPRO being used against contactees and being the final encouraged UFO researchers that rigorous scientific methods andstage of a well-orchestrated counterintelligence program to research would eventually bear fruit. Such hopes were dashed in"disrupt" and "neutralize" the contactee movement. As shown 1969 by the Condon Committees final report which publicly putearlier in the cases of Van Tassel and Adamski, contactee claims an end to the Air Force investigation and Project Blue Book.dealing with a range of socio-economic and military policies from Another primary function of Blue Book was to neutralise thethe perspective of extraterrestrial life were viewed as subversive contactee movement by depicting personal testimonies of contactand a direct threat to US national security. with extraterrestrials as unscientific. By providing a highly The full nature of the threat posed by the reality of visible public investigation, Project Blue Book provided theextraterrestrial life and technologies was vividly evidenced in the necessary "training" for scientific research that would1961 Brookings Institution Report, commissioned by NASA on systematically exclude contactee reports. UFO researchers wouldbehalf of the US Congress. Titled "Proposed Studies on the be encouraged to attack contactee reports as unscientific, prone toImplications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs", the delusion or fraud and an insult to "serious" UFO research.report discussed the societal impact of extraterrestrial life or Statements by leading UFO researchers such as Dr J. Allen"artifacts" being found on nearby Hynek, a former consultant to Projectplanetary bodies. Devastating Blue Book, provide evidence thatsocietal effects, according to the such a process occurred. In a 1972report, could result from contact with A division between exponents of book purporting to provide themore technologically advanced off- scientific foundations of UFOworld societies: a purely scientific approach to research, Dr Hynek dismissed "Anthropological files contain UFO data and those supporting testimonies of contactees, whom hemany examples of societies, sure of regarded as "pseudoreligioustheir place in the universe, which the testimonies of contactees fanatics" with "low credibility value":have disintegrated when they had to was cleverly exploited by "It is unfortunate, to say the least,associate with previously unfamiliar that reports such as these havesocieties espousing different ideas COINTELPRO operatives. brought down upon the entire UFOand different life ways; others that problem the opprobrium and ridiculesurvived such an experience usually of scientists and public alike, keepingdid so by paying the price of changes alive the popular image of littlein values, attitudes and behavior."35 green men and the fictional atmosphere surrounding that aspect The Brookings Report went on to raise the possibility of of the subject."38suppressing any announcement of extraterrestrial life or artifacts UFO researchers attacked contactee reports with great vigour tofor national security reasons: defuse what they considered to be a major challenge to serious "How might such information, under what circumstances, be public consideration of UFO reports. By encouraging UFOpresented or withheld from the public?"36 researchers that a purely scientific method would result in the Consequently, it is clear that official fear over societal truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life eventually coming out,responses to any official announcement of extraterrestrial life was Galactic COINTELPRO succeeded in creating a major schisma paramount national security concern. A powerful justification among those accepting the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrialfor the use of COINTELPRO against contactees had been found. life. By the end of the 1960s, the contactee movement had been One of the most important tactics used by COINTELPRO was to so thoroughly debunked and discredited by UFO researchers thatdisrupt dissident groups by creating divisions and suspicion among COINTELPRO no longer needed to have Project Blue Booktheir supporters. In the "Galactic" version of COINTELPRO, continue. UFO researchers had become the unwittingdisruption occurred by dividing those who accepted evidence accomplices of intelligence agencies conducting the variousconfirming the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. A division covert psychological programs that made up Galacticbetween exponents of a purely scientific approach to UFO data and COINTELPRO. It also had a more sinister side in terms of thethose supporting the testimonies of contactees was cleverly "[u]nsavory and vicious tactics" that were employed againstexploited by COINTELPRO operatives. Victory would be contactees, which reflected methods used against politicalachieved by convincing more technically oriented supporters of a dissidents.39purely scientific approach that the contactee movement would The mysterious Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon has beendiscredit "serious" researchers. To help convince supporters of a described by various researchers who discovered that individualsscientific approach that their efforts would eventually bear fruit, an with extraterrestrial-related experiences were often threatened andofficial Air Force investigation was launched in 1952. Project harassed by well-dressed men in dark business suits who gave theBlue Book was little more than a public relations exercise by the appearance of being public officials. Evidence that eliteUS Air Force to convince the general public and UFO researchers intelligence groups were tasked to intimidate, harass and eventhat it was taking UFO reports seriously.37 neutralise contactees or others with direct experience with ETs orFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 57
    • their technology appears in a leaked document that a number of need for comprehensive policy changes to prepare humanity forveteran UFO researchers consider to be legitimate. 4 0 T h i s status as a galactic society. Such policy changes were considered adocument, the Majestic–12 Group Special Operations Manual direct security threat by policy-makers in the US and in other(SOM1-01) of April 1954, stated: countries who were briefed about the reality of extraterrestrial life. "If at all possible, witnesses will be held incommunicado until Galactic COINTELPRO involved three interrelated phases thatthe extent of their knowledge and involvement can be determined. culminated in a comprehensive counterintelligence program toWitnesses will be discouraged from talking about what they have disrupt and neutralise the threat posed by the contactee movement.seen, and intimidation may be necessary to ensure their First was a surveillance program, orchestrated by the FBI,cooperation."41 which closely monitored the contactees public lectures, Investigations were also conducted by the US Air Force, which interactions and communications. Documents released throughwas concerned by reports that MIB had impersonated Air Force the FOIA have confirmed that the FBI conducted extensiveofficials.42 The shadowy operations of the MIB and the SOM1-01 monitoring of prominent contactees and worked with otherdocument suggests that they were part of an "enforcement" intelligence agencies such as the AFOSI.division of the counterintelligence effort that comprised the FBI, The second phase of Galactic COINTELPRO was a debunkingthe Air Forces OSI, the Navys Office of Naval Intelligence and discrediting program, secretly run by the CIA which convened(ONI) and even the CIA. Its very possible the Robertson Panel which issued the Durantthat MIB were associated with more Report in 1953. Its most important findingsecretive intelligence agencies such as the for the counterintelligence program was toNSA and the National Reconnaissance justify an education program comprisingOffice (NRO), where selected agents had "training" the public and "debunking"higher security clearances for dealing with witness testimonies, including those ofevidence of extraterrestrial life.43 Galactic contactees, on the basis of the national Consequently, a pecking order existed security threat posed by the publics belief inamong the intelligence agencies involved in COINTELPRO UFOs being exploited by foreign enemies.Galactic COINTELPRO, where each could therefore Irrespective of the merit of contactee claims,conducted specific functions. Agents drawnfrom the FBI, AFOSI and other military minimise the amount of this meantdebunked and and statements would be that evidence discredited onintelligence units including the ONI were ET-related information national security grounds. Intelligenceprimarily involved in intelligence gatheringand closely monitoring the activities of held by different sections professionals werediscrediting people whom of debunking and in the unenviable positioncontactees, as evidenced in documents in each intelligence they may have privately concludedreleased under the Freedom of were genuinely describing actual eventsInformation Act. The CIA was agency, where agents that had occurred to them. FBIinvolved in coordinating, debunking and were instructed to documents establish that FBI agentsdiscrediting efforts against contactees and sources played an active role inthrough a public education program perform specific discrediting prominent contactees asoutlined in the Durant Report. The functions. part of the CIAs psychologicalNSA and NRO were involved in program against contactees.tracking communications and Galactic COINTELPROs final stageinteractions with extraterrestrial life, and was to create a schism between thoseprovided enforcement teams to accepting evidence of extraterrestrialwithdraw evidence and intimidate life. UFO researchers advocating acontactees into silence. Galactic scientific methodology wereCOINTELPRO could therefore encouraged to dissociate themselvesminimise the amount of ET-related from contactee claims that wereinformation held by different sections in each intelligence agency, regarded as unscientific and unlikely to lead to public support bywhere agents were instructed to perform specific functions. Most academics, bureaucrats and congressional representatives. Projectout of the loop concerning the reality of extraterrestrial life and the Blue Book was created to encourage UFO researchers to hold onmerit of contactee claims was the FBI. On the other hand, the to the misguided belief that a strict scientific methodology wouldNSA and NRO appeared to be most in the loop due to their be sufficient to overturn government policy on covering up themonitoring of extraterrestrial activities through electronic reality of extraterrestrial life. UFO researchers therefore led thecommunication and satellite imagery. Military intelligence charge against contactee claims being seriously considered.agencies appeared to fill intermediate functions where they Aided by the Blue Book investigation, the public was trained insupported Galactic COINTELPRO, without being given access to what categories of UFO evidence ought to be consideredall information concerning ET life and projects.44 legitimate. None of these categories included contactee claims. Galactic COINTELPRO could not have succeeded without theConclusion unwitting assistance of veteran UFO researchers who were all too Galactic COINTELPRO as deployed against contactees aimed eager to dismiss contactee claims as unscientific and prone toto minimise the threat posed by human-looking extraterrestrials to delusion or fraud. Such researchers failed miserably to anticipatepolicies adopted by secretly appointed committees with regard to the Galactic COINTELPRO that had been implemented to disruptextraterrestrial life and technologies. Primarily, the threat from the and neutralise contactee testimonies, and readily accepted officialextraterrestrials was that they would succeed in having contacteesconvince large portions of the American and global public of the Continued on page 8058 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • GEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE FOR MANKINDS EXTREME ANTIQUITY I find myself now, in the seventh decade of life, still asking two questions that in one way or another the great majority of my 165 published books have sought to answer: (1) who are we as a species? and (2) what is our destiny? The basic reason why I wrote Worlds Before Our Own (G. P. Putnams Sons, 1978; Anomalist Books, 2007) Anomalous is that I have always found it incredible that such sophisticated people, as we judge ourselves to be, do not really know who we are. evidence, from Archaeologists, anthropologists and various academicians who play the "origins of man" game reluctantly and only occasionally acknowledge instances where unique human artifacts skeletal and cultural evidence from the prehistoric record suddenly appears long before it should—and in places where it should not. These irritating artifacts destroy the orderly found in ancient evolutionary line that academia for so long has presented to the public. Consequently, such data have been largely left buried in site reports, forgotten storage rooms and dusty strata to sand and archives where one suspects that there is a great deal of suppressed, ignored and misplaced prehistoric cultural evidence that would alter the established interpretations of stone structures human origins and provide us with a much clearer definition of what it means to be vitrified by intense human. There is now a basic academic consensus that the "Homo" lineage goes back at least heat, suggestive of three million years, and that an ancestor of modern man evolved about one million years ago. Homo sapiens, the "thinking man" (our own species), became the dominant prehistoric nuclear planetary life-form on a worldwide basis about 40,000 years ago. It is difficult enough to explain the sudden appearance of Homo sapiens at that time, but war, cannot be it is an even more complex question to ponder why Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man correspondingly disappeared. Academic warfare rages unceasingly over whether or explained by not Neanderthal man and our ancestors were two separate species or whether they interbred. established And just as scientists are adding to a growing body of evidence that humankind interpretations of developed in Africa, a Hungarian excavation surrendered a Homo sapiens skull fragment in a context more than 600,000 years out of alignment with the accepted calendar of mans human origins. migrations across the planet. Hominid fossils unearthed in Dmanisi, Georgia, are dated at 1.77 million years old; and a hominid tooth found in Niocene deposits near the Maritsa River in Bulgaria is dated at seven million years old. What happens to Darwinian evolution when there are such sites as the one in Australia which yielded Homo sapiens (modern man), Homo erectus (our million-year-old ancestor) and Neanderthal man (our Stone Age cousin) in what appears to be a contemporaneous environment? Then there is the Tabun site in todays Israel where Homo sapiens fragments were found in strata below (which means older than) classic Neanderthal bones. In August 2007, by Brad Steiger © 2007 scientists dating fossils found in Kenya challenged the conventional view that Homo habilis (1.44 million years) and Homo erectus (1.55 million years) evolved one after the Website: other. Dating of new fossil evidence reveals that the two species lived side by side in http://www.bradandsherry.com Africa for almost half a million years. Somewhere, in what would appear to be a biological and cultural free-for-all, there must First published in lie the answer to that most important question: who are we? The Canadian But just as we are trying our best to fit skeletal fragments together in a manner that will 23 and 31 December 2007 be found acceptable to what we believe we know about our origins, footprints have been found in stone which, if they are what they appear to be, will make a total shambles of ourFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 59
    • accepted evolutionary calendar. In Pershing County, Nevada, a similar sites in North America, including Mesa Verde, Wichitashoeprint was found in Triassic limestone—strata indicative of and Chaco Canyon.400 million years in age—in which the fossilised evidence clearly One of the most heretical theories that I suggest in Worldsrevealed finely wrought double-stitching in the seams. Before Our Own is that the cradle of civilisation might possibly Early in 1975, Dr Stanley Rhine of the University of New have travelled from the so-called New World to the Old. Now, inMexico announced his discovery of human-like footprints in December 2007, years after Ruth Shady Solís documented thestrata indicative of an age of 40 million years. A few months ancient city of Caral, Peru, scientists have accepted the carbonbefore, a similar find was made in Kenton, Oklahoma. At almost dating of 2627 BCE, thereby establishing the civilisation in Souththe same time, a discovery of a footprint in stone was revealed in America to be much older than the towns of the Harappa Valley,north-central Wisconsin. in todays Pakistan and western India, and the pyramids of Egypt. In Death Valley, California, there is ample fossil and skeletal Caral must now be recognised as "the mother of all civilisations",evidence to indicate that the desolate area was once a tropical the missing link of archaeology, the Mother City.Garden of Eden where a race of giants lived and fed themselves Scientific knowledge has seemingly been prized by thewith palatable foods taken from the local lakes and forests. inhabitants of every culture, known and unknown. Rock To speak of a race of prehistoric giants in what are now the engravings, which may be as old as 60 million years, depict indesert sands of Death Valley is simultaneously to refute the step-by-step illustrations an entire heart-transplant operation and adoctrine which decrees that man is a relative newcomer to the Caesarean section. The ancient Egyptians used the equivalent ofNorth and South American continents. While on the one hand, contraceptive jelly and had urine-based pregnancy tests. Thenew radiocarbon dates demonstrate that the Bering land bridge cement used in filling Mayan dental cavities still holds after 1,500and the Cordilleran ice corridor were years.not passable until 9,000 years ago, an No fabric is supposed to have beenincreasing amount of physical found until Egypt produced clothevidence indicates that man was material 5,000 years ago. How, then,surely in this hemisphere much Rock engravings, which may can we deal with the Russian siteearlier than that recent date. be as old as 60 million years, which provides spindle whorls and For one thing, corn, an American patterned fabric designs more thancontribution to the dinner tables of depict in step-by-step 80,000 years old?the world, is said to be, at 9,000 illustrations an entire Not only did the ancientyears, our oldest domesticated seed Babylonians appear to use sulphurcrop. Some agriculturist had to have heart-transplant operation matches, but they had a technologybeen in the Americas more than and a Caesarean section. sophisticated enough to employ9,000 years ago in order to complex electrochemical battery cellsdomesticate the seed. Ancient with wiring. There is also evidencesquash seeds, peanuts and cotton of electric batteries and electrolysis inballs dated at 8,500 years old, found in ancient Egypt, India and Swahililand.Perus Nanchoc Valley, constitute additional evidence that New Remains of a metal-working factory of over 200 furnaces wasWorld farming was well established. Conclusive proof that such found at what is now Medzamor in Russian Armenia. Although aancient farmers did exist in the Americas was offered when a temperature of over 1,780 degrees is required to melt platinum,Humble Oil Company drill brought up Mexican corn pollen that some pre-Incan peoples in Peru were making objects of the metal.was more than 80,000 years old. Even today, the process of extracting aluminium from bauxite is a The anomalous Indian blood seration and dentition and the complicated procedure, but Chou Chu, a famous general of thegeographic distribution of the American Indian demand an Tsin era (AD 265–316), was interred with aluminium beltimpossible genetic time scale in which to transform Asiatic fasteners on his burial costume.immigrants to distinctive New World inhabitants. Even if we Carved bones, chalk and stones, together with what wouldattempt to keep some kind of peace with the accepted theories of appear to be greatly ornamented coins", have been brought upNew World habitation, we must grant more evolution in 40,000 from great depths during well-drilling operations. A strange,years in North America than that which took place in more than imprinted slab was found in a coal mine; it was decorated withone million years in Europe, Africa and Asia. diamond-shaped squares with the face of an old man in each Skulls found in California, which are clearly those of American "box". In another coal mine discovery, miners found smooth,Indians, have been dated at 50,000 years old. But we are left with polished, concrete blocks which formed a solid wall. Accordinganother mystery. A 140,000-year-old American Indian–type skull to one miners testimony, he chipped one block open only to find(determined via metric analysis) has been found at an Iranian the standard mixture of sand and cement that makes up mostexcavation site. typical building blocks of today. A gold necklace was found What of the lost Amerindian civilisation of Cahokia, Illinois, embedded in a lump of coal. A metal spike was discovered in acomplete with pyramids and a great wall? One site, near the silver mine in Peru. An iron implement was found in a Scottishpresent city of St Louis, may have contained a metropolis of more coal-bed. These are estimated to be millions of years older thanthan 250,000 North American Indians. man is believed to have existed. A metallic bell-shaped vessel, Who constructed the mysterious seven-mile walls of the inlaid with a silver floral design, was blasted out of solid rockBerkeley and Oakland, California, hills? near Dorchester, Massachusetts. And which pre-Mayan peoples engineered an elaborate Two hypotheses may explain the presence of these perplexingwaterworks in Yucatán to irrigate crops over 2,000 years ago? artifacts: (1) that they were manufactured by an advanced The Caracol tower at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, is a remarkable civilisation on Earth which, due either to natural or technologicalMesoamerican observatory that seems to have correlations with catastrophe, was destroyed before our worlds own genesis; and60 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • (2) that they are vestiges of a highly technological civilisation of of the cable channels—some thought it was the History Channel;extraterrestrial origin which visited this planet millions of years others, Discovery; still others, National Geographic—hadago, leaving behind various artifacts. presented "proof" that the "fused green glass" to be found in Even if a highly advanced extraterrestrial race might have various areas had been created by meteoric air blasts rather thanvisited this planet in prehistoric times, it seems unlikely that such prehistoric nuclear wars. I remain open to many theories ofcommon, everyday items as nails, necklaces, buckles and vases Earths prehistory.would have been carried aboard a spacecraft and deposited in One of those individuals prompted to write to me, who had thesuch widely separated areas—for such artifacts have been found advantage of actually having read Worlds Before Our Own, statedin North and South America, Great Britain, the whole of Europe, that I present "in a clear and lucid style, information concerningAfrica, Asia and the Middle East. anomalous archeological finds without the hyperbole usually associated with this type of material".Indications of Ancient Catastrophes While patches of "fused green glass" may in certain instances In spite of the general unpopularity of catastrophism, there does have been caused by air blasts from meteors, I wonder if such aseem to be a number of recently discovered "proofs" of ancient natural phenomenon could have created all 28 fields of blackenedcataclysmic changes in the Earths crust which may account for and shattered stones that cover an area as large as 7,000 milesthe nearly total disappearance of these each in western Arabia. The stones areprehistoric worlds. Geological evidence densely grouped, as if they might be theindicates that these changes were both remains of cities, sharp-edged and burnedsudden and drastic, and might have black. Experts have decreed that they arecompletely overwhelmed and destroyed the Perhaps the not volcanic in origin, but appear to dateearly inhabitants and their cultures. Perhaps the most potentially mind- most potentially from the period when Arabia was thought to be a lush and fruitful land that suddenlyboggling evidence of an advanced mind-boggling became scorched into an instant desert.prehistoric technology that might have What we know today as the Sahara Desertblown away its parent-culture is to be found evidence of an was once a tropical region of heavyin those sites which ostensibly bear mute advanced prehistoric vegetation, abundant rainfall and severalevidence of prehistoric nuclear warfare. large rivers. Scientists have discovered areas Large areas of fused green glass and technology that might of the desert in which soils which once knewvitrified cities have been found deep in the have blown away its the cultivating influence of plough andstrata of archaeological digs in: farmer are now covered by a thin layerPierrelatte in Gabon, Africa; the parent-culture is to be of sand. Researchers have also foundEuphrates Valley; the Sahara Desert; found in those sites an enormous reservoir of water belowthe Gobi Desert; Iraq; the Mojave the parched desert area. The source ofDesert; Scotland; the Old and Middle which ostensibly such a large deposit of water could onlyKingdoms of Egypt; and south-central bear mute evidence have been the heavy rains from theTurkey. In contemporary times, such period of time before a fierymaterial as fused green glass has only of prehistoric devastation consumed the lushbeen known at nuclear testing sites nuclear warfare. vegetation of the area.(where the sand had melted to form the On 25 December 2007, it wassubstance). It is quite unsettling to confirmed by a French scientist thatsome to consider it possible that these excavations at the area of Khamis Banisites provide evidence of a prehistoric Saad in Tehema district of Hodeidahnuclear war. At the same time, province in todays Yemen havescientists have found a number of yielded over a thousand rareuranium deposits that appear to have been mined or depleted in archaeological pieces dating back to 300,000 BCE. Before aantiquity. dramatic climate change, the inhabitants at that time had been If it is possible that nuclear annihilation of a global civilisation fishermen and had domesticated a number of animals no longer todid occur in prehistoric times, it seems even more urgent to learn be found in the region, including a species of horse currentlywho we really are before we find ourselves doomed to repeat the found only in Middle Asia.lessons left to us by a world before our own. The Red Chinese have conducted atomic tests near Lob Nor Lake in the Gobi Desert which have left large patches of the area(Source: The Canadian , 21 December 2007, http://www. covered with vitreous sand. But the Gobi has a number of otheragoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/12/21/02021.html) areas of glassy sand which have been known for thousands of years.EVIDENCE FOR ANCIENT NUCLEAR WAR Albion W. Hart, one of the first engineers to graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was assigned a project in Then the Lord rained down fire and tar from heaven upon the interior of Africa. While he and his men were travelling to an Sodom and Gomorrah, and utterly destroyed them... almost inaccessible region, they first had to cross a great expanse — Genesis 19:24 of desert. At the time, he was puzzled and quite unable to explain a large area of greenish glass which covered the sands as far as heM y previous article in The Canadian, in which I reflected could see. "Later on during his life," wrote Margarethe Casson in upon my book Worlds Before Our Own , provoked Rocks and Minerals (no. 396, 1972), "he passed by the White dozens of enquiries from readers. Some stated that one Sands [Nevada] area after the first atomic explosion there, and heFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 61
    • recognized the same type of silica fusion which he had seen fifty Between Indias Ganges River and the Rajmahal Hills areyears earlier in the African desert." scorched ruins which contain large masses of stone that have been In 1947, in the Euphrates Valley of southern Iraq, where certain fused and hollowed. Certain travellers who have ventured to thetraditions place the Garden of Eden and where the ancient heart of the Indian forests have reported ruins of cities in which theinhabitants of Sumer encountered the man-god Ea, exploratory walls have become huge slabs of crystal due to some intense heat.digging unearthed a layer of fused green glass. Archaeologists The ruins of the Seven Cities, located near the equator in thecould not restrain themselves from noting the resemblance that province of Piauí, Brazil, appear to be the scene of a monstrousthe several-thousand-year-old fused glass bore to the desert floor chaos. Since no geological explanation has yet been construed toat White Sands, New Mexico, after the first nuclear blasts in fit the evidence before the archaeologists, certain of those whomodern times had melted sand and rock. have investigated the site have said that the manner in which the The Mojave Desert has large circular or polygonal areas that stones have been dried out, destroyed and melted provokesare coated with a hard substance very much like opaque glass. images of Sodom and Gomorrah. French researchers discovered the evidence of prehistoricVitrified Structures, Scorched Ruins spontaneous nuclear reaction at the Oklo mine at Pierrelatte, While exploring Death Valley in 1850, William Walker Gabon. Scientists found that the ore of this mine containedclaimed to have come upon the ruins of an ancient city. An end abnormally low proportions of U-235, such as found only inof the large building within the rubble had had its stones melted depleted uranium fuel taken from atomic reactors. According toand vitrified. Walker went on to state that the entire region those who examined the mine, the ore also contained four rarebetween the Gila and St John rivers is spotted with ruins. In each elements in forms similar to those found in depleted uranium.of the ancient settlements he found evidence that they had been Although the modern world did not experience atomic powerburned out by fire intense enough to have liquefied rock. Paving until the 1940s, there is an astonishing amount of evidence thatblocks and stone houses had been nuclear effects may have occurred insplit with huge cracks, as if seared by prehistoric times, leaving behind sandsome gigantic cleaver of fire. melted into glass in certain desert Perhaps even more than the large areas, hill forts with vitrified portionsareas of fused green glass, I am In other parts of the ruins, large of stone walls, and the remains ofintrigued by the evidence of vitrified sections of brickwork had been ancient cities destroyed by whatcities and forts, such as those appears to have been extreme heat—discovered by Walker. scorched into a vitrified state. far beyond that which could have There are ancient hill forts and Several masses of brickwork been applied by the torches oftowers in Scotland, Ireland and primitive armies.England in which the stoneworks had been rendered into a In each instance, the trained andhave become calcined because of a completely molten state. experienced archaeologists whogreat heat that had been applied. encountered such anomalous findsThere is no way that lightning could have stressed the point that none ofhave caused such effects. these catastrophes had been caused Other hill forts, from the Lofoten by volcanoes, by lightning, byIslands off northern Norway to the Canary Islands off northwest crashing comets or by conflagrations set by humankind. ∞Africa, have become "fused forts". Erich A. von Fangecommented that the "piled boulders of their circular walls have (Source: The Canadian , 31 December 2007, http://www.been turned to glass...by some intense heat". agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/12/31/ Çatal Hüyük in north-central Turkey, thought to be one of the 02061.html)oldest cities in the world, appears, according to archaeologicalevidence, to have been fully civilised and then, suddenly, to have About the Author:died out. Archaeologists were astonished to find thick layers of Brad Steiger, born in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1936, has beenburned brick at one of the levels, called VIa. The blocks had been writing on themes including the phenomenal and paranormalfused together by such intense heat that the effects had penetrated worlds, prehistoric mysteries, spirituality and UFOs since 1956to a depth more than a metre below the level of the floors, where and now has more than 2,000 articles and 165 books (someit carbonised the earth, the skeletal remains of the dead and the co-authored with his wife Sherry Hansen Steiger) to his credit.burial gifts that had been interred with them. All bacterial decay Brad Steiger has appeared on a variety of TV and radiohad been halted by the tremendous heat. programs, been interviewed for numerous press articles, When a large ziggurat in Babylonia was excavated, it presented scripted feature films and written biographies as well asthe appearance of having been struck by a terrible fire that had inspirational and fiction works. The syndicated television series Could It Be A Miracle? featured Brad and Sherry in 22split it down to its foundations. In other parts of the ruins, large episodes.sections of brickwork had been scorched into a vitrified state. Steigers Worlds Before Our Own (which includes his newSeveral masses of brickwork had been rendered into a completely foreword for this 2007 edition), his newest book S h a d o wmolten state. Even large boulders found near the ruins had been World: True Encounters with Beings from the Darkside (2007)vitrified. and other titles including Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The royal buildings at the north Syrian site known as Alalakh or The Complete Dossier (2006; co-written with Sherry HansenAtchana had been so completely burned that the very core of the Steiger) and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Placesthick walls was filled with bright red, crumbling mud-bricks. The (2003) are available from Amazon.com.mud and lime wall plaster had been vitrified and basalt wall slabs For more information or to contact the author, go to thein some areas had actually melted. website http://www.bradandsherry.com.62 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 63
    • UNDERGROUND BASES AND Svalbard area and in the Arctic north with happen. For those of the people that can PREPARATIONS FOR PLANET X the help of the US and EU and all around in save themselves I can only say reach for Norway. They will only save those that are higher ground and find caves up in the highThe person who wrote this message to in the elite of power and those that can build places where you can have a food storageus did so under his own name (which up again: doctors, scientists, and so on. for at least five years with canned food andwe hav e check ed ), a nd enclose d a As for me, I already know that I am water to last for a while. Radiation pillsnumber of photographs of him with the going to leave before 2012 to go the area of and biosuits are also advisable if yourPrime Ministe r of Norway an d Mosjøen where we have a deep budget allows it...(separately) with Benazir Bhutto. underground military facility. There we I could have written to you using another — Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy for are divided into sectors, red, blue and name but I am not afraid of anything any Project Camelot, 4 January 2008, green. The signs of the Norwegian military more. When you know certain things, you http://projectcamelot.org are already given to them and the camps become invincible and no harm can come to have already been built a long time ago. you when you know that the end is soon...I am a Norwegian politician. I would The people that are going to be left on Remember that those who are going to like to say that difficult things will the surface and die along with the others be in and around the city areas in 2012 are happen from the year 2008 till the year will get no help whatsoever. The plan is those that are going to be hit first and die2012. that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be first. Later the army will purge the rest of The Norwegian government is building safe, and the rest will die... the survivors and they have a shoot-to-killmore and more underground bases and I am very sad. Often I cry with others order if there is any resistance to bringbunkers. When asked, they simply say that that know that so many will learn too late, them into the camps where everyone willit is for the protection of the people of and then it will all be over for them... All get marked with a number and a tag...Norway. When I enquire when they are the major politicians know this in Norway, The public will not know what happensdue to be finished, they reply "before but few will say it to the people and the till the very end, because the government2011". Israel is also doing the same and public—because they are afraid in case does not want to create mass panic.many other countries too. they too will miss the NOAH 12 railcars Everything will happen quietly and the My proof that what I am saying is true is that will take them to the ark sites where government will just disappear...in the photographs I have sent of myself they will be safe. Kind regardsand all the Prime Ministers and Ministers I If they tell anyone, they are dead for sure. [Name and proof of identity supplied]tend to meet and am acquainted with. They But I dont care any more about myself.know all of this, but they dont want to Mankind must survive and the species must Selected extracts from further emails:alarm the people or create mass panic. survive. People must know this. When I was in the military I was in the Planet X is coming, and Norway has All the governments in the world are [name of service given]. At one point webegun with storage of food and seeds in the aware of this and they just say it is going to were given a task to get something out of a64 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • THE TWILIGHT ZONEbase and deliver it to another base. the place—and remember I told you about that was going to be in the year 2012 and We were told: "Do not ask any the energy fields that one has to go that the human species had to survive.questions. Just do your job." through. I was thinking, "I should not be The "Planet X" I learned about is from Later, when we landed outside the base, here at this place," and I was a little scared. all [of] what I have seen till now. Thewe were taken by trucks to outside the base Then we got through this energy field government knows this and [is] keeping itwhere there were large doors heavily and came to another room. I saw that there from the public. They have been trackingguarded by other military personnel. was a screen on the side of the wall that this object for a long time now and were Or it seemed like they were military, but said "HUMAN — NOT HUMAN —PURE given the first warnings from the USA.they had different suits on them: orange — NOT PURE". I know that 18 bases exist in Norway. Iand black suits with the orange suits having After I saw this I was thinking, "Are dont know what many of the dangers area golden triangle on them and the black there NOT HUMANS too?" because I am not a scientist. But what Isuits having a green triangle... The guards stopped us and told us to know is that before 2012 the different We went through the large doors. I was change clothes inside another room and governments are going to leave for thethinking, "What the hell is this?", and I felt come with them. When we had done so bases that they have built for the last 40 ora bit scared at first. It was like something they said that it was time to go further 50 years.out of a science fiction movie. This was down. Again, I was thinking, "How large If this object goes by, there will be a lotthe first time I was in such a base. is this place? We just came out of a rail of problems on the surface of the Earth. We then came to a 500-metre-long system that runs for miles and miles—and That is all I know. This is why they gotunnel and there were more of these then there is more?" underground.military personnel waiting with guns and We were then taken to a lift system, with If such an event comes, they have madetransport for us. We were divided up in seats, that was going to take us down—or sure that five years or more underground isgroups. Some went another way, and I and this is what I thought it was going to do. going to be what they need to avoid this.my group were asked to come with the But it went sideways for about three When they know its safe to surface, theyblack-suited guards so they could take us to minutes. In this place, time was not known will rebuild again. We were just told thatanother location. When we came to the to me because we had no way of telling we have to leave before 2012 and that thereend we were asked to put on some masks what the time was. They had taken is something in space that is going to cause"for our own protection". everything away from us at the check-ins... much destruction. I was thinking, "for our own protection": All I can say is that when our job was I dont know if there is a threat from the"Arent we already protected by being done I was thinking that the world is not as sun itself. I am not so much into theinside this huge underground complex and it seems to be, and that many things are science of things. I am just telling what Iby guards with weapons?" hidden from the public. It makes me sad have seen and nothing more. We were then asked to step inside a and scared. I can say that I have already said too much,railcar—and this is what I know of the Later, when I got into politics, I began but the people are now warned about this...railcars. They are run by some kind of blue digging into this because I needed more Kind regardscrystal energy, I think, or at least that is how answers. What I found out was that these [Name supplied] ∞it appeared. Then we sat in the cars and I bases were Arks for the government andasked one of the guards, "What is this?" He some of the people and military to survive [For the complete transcript, go to http://replied, "You dont need to know this, sir."... inside. There was a threat from outside projectcamelot.org/norway.html.] I could see that there was a tube-likesystem and the other railcars were going sofast you just saw a light going by. I thinkthis was a vacuum tube system where thereis no drag. There were a lot of these railcarsaround, as it seemed, and they just wentpassing by, like a light passes by in a flash. Later on, after I went into politics, I foundout what was inside of the rest of the base andwhat the bases are for, which I have alreadytold you. I know that when this railcarmoved—and it moved fast—I had never seenanything like this before. Later when wearrived at the end station I was feeling sick,and the other people that were there also feltthe same way. One of the guards said ithappens the first time to everyone. When we came outside we were givengoggles and asked to go through a securitycheck. This is where it all gets weird. There were guards with weapons all overFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 65
    • 66 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • elusive "St Martins Land" in Suffolk, REVIEWS and explore realms beyond the known. England (with strange visitors and green- Twelve years after Monroes death comes a coloured children), and near Monte Alban in new biography by Ronald Russell, an Reviewed by Ruth Parnell Oaxaca, Mexico ("The Cavern of Death", Englishman who met Monroe in 1986 andLOST LANDS, FORGOTTEN REALMS which local Indians refuse to enter). along with his wife Jill became a member ofby Dr Bob Curran Dr Curran concludes that many legendary the Monroe Institutes advisory board.Career Press, Franklin Lakes, USA, 2007 places may well be rooted in historical and Russell gives a no-holds-barred account ofISBN 978-1-56414-958-9 (270pp tpb) geographical fact, but others have been Bob Monroe the man, his life and achieve-Available: http://www.careerpress.com given colour and mystique by the human ments, along with glimpses into his some- imagination. Even if they dont exist outside times brusque personality—for instance,C aptivation with lands and places beyond the horizon—the next town, continent oreven planet—has been part of humanitys the human mind, they are part of our culture and our relationship with the wider world. with his intransigence over planning a "New Land" community. The reflective forewordoutlook since time immemorial. Irish psy- The haunting b&w illustrations by Ian is by fellow consciousness researcher Dr Daniels are a fitting aid to visualisation. Charles Tart, who met Monroe in 1965 andchologist and historian Dr Bob Curran stayed a close friend to the end.brings the legends alive in Lost Lands, THE JOURNEY OF ROBERT Of course, Monroe the visionary is theForgotten Realms; some of these mysterious MONROE image that retains the greatest hold on theplaces have been discovered, but others by Ronald Russell public imagination, and Russell puts dueremain undiscovered or only appear to the Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA, 2007 emphasis on the various programs such aslocals every once in a while, such as the Explorers, Guidelines and Lifeline and onromanticised Scottish village of Brigadoon. ISBN 978-1-57174-533-0 (384pp hc) the many personalities who were part of the In this fascinating encyclopaedia of "places Available: http://www.hrpub.com grand adventure. To Russell, Monroes jour-that time forgot", Dr Curran regales us withtales of the better-known mythical landssuch as Atlantis, Avalon, Shangri-La and O ne of the great 20th-century researchers into consciousness came not from an academic or scientific background but from ney was that of a hero who left behind a legacy that continues to enrich humanity.Lemuria as well as lesser-known secret the world of writing and producing for radiolands. For instance, theres Hy-Brasil (per- in New York City and owning a broadcast-haps an extension of the Celtic Underworld), ing station in Virginia. Robert Monroethe sunken land of Lyonesse (said to be (1915–1995) happened by chance at the agelocated between the tip of Cornwall and the of 42 to have an out-of-body experience thatScilly Isles in the English Channel), and changed his life, and he was eventually com-Hyperborea (the furthest northerly point in pelled to make sense of the experience.the world, according to the ancient Greeks). Monroe went on to explore his inner world There are stories of subterranean worlds and wrote about these experiences in hispeopled by survivors from disasters such as pioneering book Journeys Out of the Body,the Great Flood who fled into the under- published in 1971 but based on his workground for safety. These are sourced from a between 1958 and 1963. He is alsovariety of cultures including Semitic, Greek, renowned for his Hemi-Sync audio technol-Assyrian and Roman. Theres a selection of ogy, which utilises selected sound frequen-tales about whats to be found in the cave cies to induce altered states. He set up hissystems of Californias Monterey Peninsula now-famous institute and inspired many(an intact Viking boat, for instance), in the thousands of people to find their inner spiritFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 67
    • REVIEWSTEN YEARS: An incredible true story Criminal Appeal in late 2004. Ancient texts from Mesopotamia andof corruption, injustice and the The story ends with Roseanne waiting to Egypt inspire Farrell in his mission, as doestriumph of the human spirit be vindicated in the eyes of the law, let evidence that the Nazis and even the French,by Roseanne Catt alone compensated for her suffering. Its a British and Americans in more recent timesElvis Press, Australia, 2007 reprint (first well-written tale of courage against the have sought to discover and capitalise on odds, the power of the human spirit and the artefacts in modern-day Iraq—artefacts thatpub. by Pan Macmillan, Sydney, 2005) quest for justice. Its all the more frighten- may describe ancient cosmic catastrophesISBN 978-0-9756746-5-9 (325pp tpb) ing when you consider that such appalling involving high-tech weaponry, as hinted atAvailable: www.justice4roseanne.com treatment as this could happen to just about in the fabled "Tablets of Destinies" attrib-T his is the gripping, disturbing story of an innocent, caring womans victimisationat the hands of her violent, foul-mouthed, anyone. Visit Roseanne Catts website (www.justice4roseanne.com) for updates on uted to the Egyptian god Thoth. The work of Dr Paul LaViolette informs Farrells her case and insights into official corruption. ideas, in that supernovae might have beenmanic-depressive husband, certain corrupt purposely engineered by an advanced ETmembers of the New South Wales police civilisation, as does that of Cremo andforce, the Crown judiciary and the correc- THE COSMIC WAR: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Thompson into the antiquity of humanity.tional system, elements of the mass media Reading this book, were encouraged toand even the children she tried to protect Physics and Ancient Texts by Joseph P. Farrell reconsider everything in our local cosmos,from sexual and physical abuse by their from the placement of our Moon to Marsfather and possibly other perpetrators. Adventures Unlimited Press, USA 2007 being a former moon of this legendary Roseanne Catt was framed for allegedly ISBN 978-1-931882-75-0 (437pp tpb) exploded planet. Were also asked to look attrying to poison her husband Barry Catt, and Available: adventuresunlimitedpress.com the possibility of occult missions to nearbyin 1991 she was sentenced to 12 years inprison. It was such an outrageous miscar-riage of justice, and the malicious people W hile taking in evidence amassed by frontier scientists which suggests that Earth and our solar system have been sub- cosmic bodies and the findings from remote viewing sessions. However crazy these ideas may seem, theyre worth exploring.who managed to plant false evidence in her jected to cataclysmic events, Joseph P.home and engineer her trial and incarcera- Farrell hypothesises that such events couldtion lied bold-faced to the court and got have been the result of cosmic warfare.away with it. As well as Barry Catt (he was Author of the Giza Death Star series (seenever poisoned or killed), the chief stand- reviews, 11/02 and 13/01), Farrell posits thatover merchants were one Detective-Sergeant an ancient interplanetary war was foughtPeter Thomas and his accomplice Adrian aeons ago in our own solar system by meansNewell, and none has been brought to jus- of highly advanced technology. Consideringtice. All sorts of sordid secrets were being the exploded planet hypothesis of Tom vancovered up in Taree, NSW, it seems. Flandern (which he dates to 3.2 million Fortunately for Roseanne, a group of rela- years ago), the scalar physics of Tomtives, friends, supporters and pro bono Bearden and the plasma physics of Hanneslawyers, helped along by an exposé by ABC Alfvén and others, Farrell investigates theTVs Four Corners, managed to secure her mechanism by which a planet could actuallyrelease in 2001 on special bail. What be exploded and could leave a belt of debrisensued was an 18-month judicial enquiry such as the asteroid belt between Mars andand hearings that resulted in a report in Jupiter, place of a gigantic planet thatfavour of Roseanne delivered to the Court of according to Bodes law should have existed.68 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • STARWALKERS AND THE REVIEWS Djed reed pillar was symbolic of a stairway guage but their symbols and spoken wordsDIMENSION OF THE BLESSED to heaven, and the reed boat design may have remarkable correspondences withby William Henry have represented a wormhole with entry and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, pronuncia-Adventures Unlimited Press, USA 2007 exit points for "starwalking" adepts. tions and meanings. Dogon cosmology,ISBN 978-1-931882-79-8 (258pp tpb) Drawing on the mythological studies of Scranton says, delineates the evolution ofAvailable: adventuresunlimitedpress.com Laurence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchin, John the structure of matter with formative ele- Allegro and Robert Temple, among many, ments of "unformed" waves, perception,C ommon to ancient cultures and mytholo- gies including the Egyptian, Sumerian,Vedic, Mayan and Canaanite is the idea of and the frontier scientific findings of Paul LaViolette, Jeremy Narby, David Talbott vibration/mass, Calabi–Yau space (wrapped bundles at every point of space-time), stringthe "Dimension of the Blessed", accessible and Wal Thornhill, Henry shows that access intersections, membranes, quarks, protons/via the "Field of Reeds", a doorway to a to higher, blessed realms is possible and, neutrons/electrons and atoms. These stateshigher dimension of light. This doorway is indeed, is our destiny. Compelling stuff! are represented in Dogon ideographs anda form of stargate through which language and have their counterparts in SACRED SYMBOLS OF THE DOGON Egyptian hieroglyphs and keywords—a case"Starwalkers" or interdimensional beings by Laird Scranton of formative influences due to awareness oftravel to and from our earthly world, says Inner Traditions, Rochester, USA, 2007 scientific reality, not of gods.William Henry in his new book which fol- ISBN 978-1-59477-134-7 (262pp tpb) As well, Scranton has determined that thelows on from his Cloak of the Illuminati and Available: www.InnerTraditions.com design of the all-important Dogon granaryOracle of the Illuminati (see 11/03, 13/02). has strong symbolic associations with the Furthermore, Henry maintains that we areall potential Starwalkers, for our bodies havethe inherent potential to interface with this T his extraordinary analysis of the similari- ties between the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, and the ancient Egyptians stupa of Buddhist tradition. Being of pre- pyramidal design, the granary speaks of an comes out of left-of-field from software association with the Amazigh peoples whohigher dimension. The fact that humans are designer Laird Scranton, who has diverted preceded the First Dynasty Egyptians. Anbecoming galactic beings by "inserting" our- exciting thesis to make us all think.selves into space marks a return to the his skills into the study of mythology, sym-ancient recognition that the divine is within bology and science. Sacred Symbols of theus. Moreover, the Large Hadron Collider, Dogon is the sequel to The Science of thesoon to go online near Geneva, is a type of Dogon, first published in a limited edition astime machine that will explore the "new Hidden Meanings (see NEXUS 11/01), anddimensionality" of the periodic system and includes a supportive foreword by indepen-connect our 3D world with extra dimensions dent Egyptologist John Anthony West.in a way that the "ancient blessed ones" did Scranton utilises findings from researchin exercising their mythic powers. This so- conducted in the 1930s–50s by Frenchcalled "ring of truth" may even prove that anthropologists Marcel Griaule andwe come from another dimension. Germaine Dieterlen, which details exoteric Henry uses his knowledge of etymology and esoteric aspects of the Dogon worldand symbology to show that the sages and view, and from Genevieve Calame-Griaulesshamans were describing the same truths dictionary of the Dogon language. He alsoabout the physical cosmos and the hidden, reassesses the hieroglyphic translations of E.spiritual cosmos; e.g., in Egypt, the reed was A. Wallis Budge, regarding these asa symbol for knowledge and a tool of ascen- extremely relevant to the Dogon language.sion as well as for writing and recording; the The Dogon people have no written lan-FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 69
    • REVIEWSPEAK EVERYTHING based communities. In "Five Axioms of bureaucracies and the scientific orthodoxyby Richard Heinberg Sustainability", Heinberg discusses the his- started in 1984 when he refused to use aClairview Books, UK, 2007 (1st pub. by tory and misuse of the terms "sustainable" mandated, toxic, organophosphate pesticideNew Society Publishers, Canada, 2007) and "sustainability" and presents five "self- on his dairy herd to control warble fly infes-ISBN 978-1-905570-13-3 (212pp tpb) evident truths", e.g., "to be sustainable, the tation. In time, he started to questionAvailable: www.clairviewbooks.com use of renewable resources must proceed at whether the insecticide could have sparked a rate that is less than or equal to the rate of the spread of "mad cow disease". HisI n Peak Everything, Richard Heinberg con- tinues many of the themes he tackled inThe Partys Over, Powerdown and The Oil natural replenishment". In "Bridging Peak Oil and Climate Change Activism", he research domain spread from his farm to the world, where he visited regions with highDepletion Protocol (see NEXUS 10/04, encourages depletion and emissions activists TSE rates. He continued to refine his theory12/05, 14/02). He says that in the early 21st to cooperate on policy goals, so that energy to include rogue silicate microcrystals enter-century were faced with decline in crucial efficiency and curtailment become the domi- ing the brain, and the role of high-intensityareas and thus must make practical, psycho- nant responses to the problem of our fossil- low-frequency infrasonic shock (e.g., fromlogical and cultural changes urgently if were fuel dependency. A clarion call to action. quarry explosions and low-flying supersonicto make a graceful transition from excess to aircraft) as a co-factor in TSE transmission.restraint. These crucial areas under threat ANIMAL PHARM His journey is well documented here andinclude non-renewable energy resources by Mark Purdey includes coverage of his visit to Groote(oil, natural gas, coal), minerals and ores, edited by Nigel Purdey Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria,economic growth, agriculture and fisheries, Clairview Books, East Sussex, UK, 2007 Australia, to investigate Groote syndrome affecting the Aboriginal population, whichfresh water supply and climate stability. ISBN 978-1-905570-11-9 (282pp tpb) he put down to manganese contamination. Our world is changing and cant keep up Available: www.clairviewbooks.com This one man has helped create a paradigmwith our greed; so if we dont adapt, we canexpect more wars and famines. Best, then,to highlight attributes that are not near their I ts a tragedy that organic farmer, father of eight and voracious researcher Mark Purdey, born in 1953, died so young (of a shift in our understanding of how pollutants have a detrimental effect on health.historical peaks, such as community, person- brain tumour in November 2006)—and justal autonomy, cooperation and ingenuity, as many of his findings about TSEs (trans-says Heinberg in his introduction. missable spongiform encephalopathies like This compilation of essays, often inspired BSE and CJD) were starting to be acknowl-by Heinbergs involvement in conversations, edged in the scientific literature.conferences and groups, is divided into three Mark Purdey had been planning to write asections: technology, agriculture and the book and, indeed, wrote many articles thatarts; natures limits and the human condi- could have been the basis thereof (seetion; and the end of one era, the beginning of NEXUS 10/03-04), but he died before heanother. In his "Fifty Million Farmers", a could complete the task. His older brotherspeech he gave to the E. F. Schumacher Neil Purdey leapt in to fill the gap, to ensureSociety, he calls for the de-industrialisation that Marks groundwork is on the record andof agriculture, analyses Cubas post-Soviet to honour the memory of a man of integrity,experience, and proposes local sustainable original thinking and commitment. In hissolutions such as backyard vegetable gar- introduction, he gives insights into whatdens (recalling the "Victory Gardens" pro- made Mark the unique human being he was.ject in the USA in WWII) and permaculture- Mark Purdeys run-ins with government70 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • ISAAC NEWTONS FREEMASONRY REVIEWS also provides perspective at the beginning ofby Alain Bauer each contribution. Her interest in "the mys-Inner Traditions, Rochester, USA, 2007 tery of 2012" was sparked when she inter-(originally pub. by Editions Dervy, 2003) viewed Mayan calendar expert JoséISBN 978-1-59477-172-9 (146pp tpb) Argüelles at the time of the 1987 HarmonicAvailable: www.InnerTraditions.com Convergence—the start of the 25-year countdown to 2012, the end of the GreatT he establishment of speculative Freemasonry in England in the 17th cen-tury was due in large part to groupings of Cycle according to the Mayan calendar. Part of that interview is included here.scientists and philosophers who wanted to It seems that we could be in for a ramp-upfree themselves from the anti-progressive in human evolution and/or for catastrophesclutches of organised religions and religious affecting the solar system along with ourconflicts. Among them was Sir Isaac planet at this tipping point. The MayaNewton, who presided over the Royal apparently pointed to an event where on theSociety for 25 years from 1703 to 1727. solstice of 21 December 2012, our Sun linesThis institution was born in 1660, and many up with the equator of the Milky Wayof its members were Freemasons as well as galaxy—a once in 26,000 years event.leading lights in the Enlightenment era of Scientist/philosopher Gregg Braden sets thespiritual and intellectual freedom. tone in his opening essay, "Choice Point Here, French historian Alain Bauer, Grand 2012: Our Date with the Window ofMaster of the Grand Orient Lodge of Emergence", and looks at how shifts in theFrance, reviews the history and origins of Earths magnetic field can affect us and,operative and speculative Freemasonry in indeed, have affected humanity in the past.England and points out where so many other Essays on the Mayan cosmovision in theauthors over the centuries have erred in their first part are from John Major Jenkins,interpretations. His book was published in Argüelles, Carl Johan Calleman as well asFrench in 2003 and was recently translated Robert Sitler, who presents a sceptical viewinto English. The foreword is provided by and questions how much of the 2012 "hub-Michel Barat, Grand Master of the Grand bub" is actually rooted in historical findings.Lodge of France, who supports the notionthat the first Freemasons sought to compre-hend nature, the world and society and topromote freedom of the spirit. The after-word is by Roger Dachez, president of theMasonic Institute of France, who reiteratesthat it is a myth that speculative masonryderived from operative freemasons, as in themediaeval cathedral builders. Bauer suggests that speculative masonrywas established in the early 1700s with thegoal of replacing religious debate with sci-entific debate and with a view to creating aprogressive society. It was rooted in theancient Hermetic tradition, which includedalchemy—a particular interest of Newton.The codification of masonic rites enabled The second part, covering science, busi-masons to travel, recognise each other, visit ness and politics, includes essays from Ervinother lodges and communicate their level of Laszlo on "The Birthing of a New World"advancement on the masonic path. and Jay Weidner on "The Alchemy of This is just a brief overview of a tradition Time". Part three takes in spirituality andthat still exerts an influence in our day. symbolism, with Lawrence E. Joseph on the "Bible Code" and Sharron Rose on "2012,THE MYSTERY OF 2012: Galactic Alignment and the Great Goddess";Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities the Egyptian goddess Isis, in this case.by various contributors The final part considers humanitys evolu-Sounds True, Boulder, CO, USA, 2007 tionary prospects, with wisdom from vision-ISBN 978-1-59179-611-4 (420pp hc) ary Jean Houston on "Jump Time", ecologistAvailable: www.soundstrue.com Joanna Macy on the "Great Turning" andT he year 2012 holds many portents for both good and ill if the predictions andprophecies about it are any guide. This James ODea, of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who says 2012 is our "pay date" and we were "born for such a time as this".anthology of essays, interview records and Shift may well happen, and this collectionbook excerpts is compiled and introduced sheds much light on this enigmatic date.by Sounds True publisher Tami Simon, whoFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 71
    • REVIEWS UNDERSTANDING HUMANS, ETs in 1947. Some creatures belong to orders & THE AWAKENING OF THE and families not yet classifiable, e.g., Lizard PLANETARY MIND Man (Reptilishomo viridis), reported in by Gary Opit Missouri in 1983, and Mantis (Doctagryllus Gary Opit, Australia, 2007 tegimen), an armoured insectoid species ISBN n/a (142pp, spiral bound) seen in Maryland in 1973. Available: PO Box 380, Mullumbimby, By these accounts, the universe is indeed a strange, diverse place that should inspire us NSW 2483, Australia, tel +61 (0)2 6680 to be curious, not dismissive. Opit does his 5466, email garyopit@bigpond.com bit to encourage us to open our minds to I n his self-published book, biologist Gary Opit advocates taking a multidisclipinary approach if we want to understand ourselves ourselves and to other possibilities. and our place in the universe. This under- "THINGS" AND MORE "THINGS" standing must also take into account the pos- by Ivan T. Sanderson sibility of extraterrestrial life-forms, and Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2007 Opit discusses numerous UFO and ET sight- (first published in 1967 and 1969) ings—the eyewitnesses covering the gamut ISBN 978-1-931882-78-1 (380pp tpb) from top-level military personnel to Available: adventuresunlimitedpress.com Australian Aborigines in the desert. Opit reviews the latest findings on planets outside our solar system and conjectures N aturalist and explorer Ivan T. Sanderson regarded himself as a true Fortean— someone aligned with Charles T. Forts about what is required to support the evolu- worldview that one should investigate things tion of life over extreme lengths of time. He scientifically but without believing what anybody else says, not caring what they say and having a good chuckle at a lot of what they do say. This book, "Things" and More "Things", is a reprint of two of Sandersons books published in 1967 and 1969 and, coming as they did towards the end of his life, they recount some of the weirdest "things" he came across in his research. These so-called "things", for want of a bet- ter word, he admits, he categorises under headings of Live Things, Dead Things, Man Things, Funny Things and Nasty Things. In the first book he considers the evidence for and investigation of "Globsters" (unknown marine creatures or whale blubber?), lake monsters and giant eels, the ringing rocks of Pennsylvania and the stone spheres of Costa also explains how conditions on Earth seem Rica, unusual hominids such as the Toonijuk to have been set up to promote the develop- of Eskimo legend, UFO "nests" and oceanic ment of life; even the size, make-up and light wheels; flying rocks in the San placement of the Moon relative to the Earth Bernadino Valley, California; and the phe- and, indeed, the tilt of our planet are con- nomenon of suspended animation. ducive to the promotion of life—as if by In the second book he discusses the some cosmically designed plan. "neodinosaurs" of Africa, people who are Were all part of one universal ecosystem, said to walk underwater, frozen mammoths, so its natural to ask whether life exists else- Bermuda Triangle disappearances and mass where, says Opit (an occasional contributor hallucinations, among other things. to NEXUS; see 6/05, 9/01). If we consider Sanderson categorises "things" as estab- the human organism, we have to admit that lished facts/theories/concepts; accepted it is colonised by a vast array of symbiotic things that are not yet explained; reported micro-organisms that are essential to our facts/objects whose existence cannot be survival; so, again, we must know our place. denied but appear illogical or inexplicable; So, what might other intelligent life-forms alleged events/things that can be denied and look like? Going on contact reports of a for which there is no known explanation; range of extraterrestrial beings, Opit has and others, i.e., nonmaterial things that defy classified these according to zoological ter- explanation. He treats all these presented minologies; the family Juxtahominidae cases with an open mind in the spirit of includes Elegant Humanoid (Pseudohomo inquiry, as well as with his wit and disbelief concinnus), recorded in California in 1896, where appropriate, having a go, too, at the and Roswell Humanoid (Homoides Establishments weapon called "The Wipe". roswellensis), seen at Roswell, New Mexico, An informative and entertaining read.72 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • TEARS IN HEAVEN REVIEWS maintains that those same dark forces areby Ian Ross Vayro enslaving us in a New World Order. TheJoshua Books, Buddina, Qld, 2007 façade of the Vatican is falling apart underISBN 978-0-9804101-0-5 (507pp tpb) the weight of its own lies and deceptions,Available: http://www.joshuabooks.com Vayro purports in this stunning exposé.T he angels should be weeping in Heaven, knowing that "dark forces" have notonly infiltrated our world but have created THE PAPAL BILLIONS by Tony Bushbythe very religious and secular institutions Joshua Books, Buddina, Qld, 2007that keep humanity enslaved by fear, guilt ISBN 978-0-9804101-1-2 (248pp tpb)and illogical, irrational belief systems. Hot Available: http://www.joshuabooks.comon the heels of God Save Us From Religionand They Lied to Us in Sunday School(15/01 and 13/06) come more startling reve- F or an institution founded on the back of a god-man who lived in poverty, we have to wonder how the (Roman) Catholiclations from independent researcher Ian Church has amassed riches to surpass thoseRoss Vayro. While not wanting to offend of todays largest global corporations. Indevout people who lead good lives and help The Papal Billions, Tony Bushby (The Bibleothers, Vayro is adamant that institution- Fraud and The Secret in the Bible; 8/06,alised religion is rotten to the core, and its a 11/02) says that when Emperor Constantinerot that set in more than 2,000 years ago. set up the Roman Church in the fourth cen- As usual, the lust for power and wealth is tury he appointed Simon of Petra as the firstat the centre and it was epitomised in Rome Bishop of Rome (contrary to the usual storywith centuries of the Piso familys influence placing him as St Peter in the first century) and instructed him and the new clergy to fleece the masses of their material wealth. This edict still holds sway, says Bushby, and over the centuries the Church continued to amass wealth—when it wasnt spending it, or losing it at the hands of heathen forces. From the creation of the Papal States, fake places of pilgrimage and indulgences to dividing up the New World for its spoils and purloining the property of religious and sec- ular rivals, the so-called Holy See has a sor- did history of creating money-spinners which is at odds with its public preaching. In the 19th century, with the loss of the Papal States, the Church in Europe was nearly financially ruined but in America it had joined the billionaires club. The mod-from the time of Julius Caesar. The Roman ern era of wealth creation began in 1929,Senate and the Empire itself were threatened after the signing of the Lateran Treaty withby the rise of Judaism and its faithful who Italy, when Pope Pius XI gave his blessingwould do away with the slavery system that to creating a money-making machine fromwas intrinsic to the running of the Empire. investments in the secular world includingVayro says the Pisos enacted their plan to in war-related industries and real estaterewrite/rework the Old Testament, forcing speculation (within a decade becomingthe Jews to accept a revised messianic ver- again the largest landowner in Rome). Thesion of their holy texts, and to create booksfor a fabricated New Testament that was Churchs financial division turned its sightslater officially adopted at the fourth-century on global domination but was careful to dis-Council of Nicaea. Utilising tenets of the guise most of its holdings from the laity.Egyptian Sun God religion, they created a The Vatican Bank and insider gold tradingnew state religion to stabilise the Empire. scandals aside and notwithstanding theMembers of the family included Arius Churchs priceless artworks, treasures andCalpurnius Piso, who between AD 70 and archives, the Vaticans fortune defies ratio-90 wrote the gospels of Matthew, Mark and nal assessment, Bushby claims. Its a shameLuke and the epistles of Paul and apparently that a definitive list of its assets is impossi-also wrote under the pen name of the ble to compile, but the Pope himself may beRoman historian Josephus! This New worth at least US$2,500 billion and theTestament fraud was readily adopted by the Church must be a trillion-dollar affair. Fornew Church of Rome, says Vayro. what purpose are these riches being accu- Seeing the Church as an entity founded mulated and wheres the benefit for the peo-and run by the shadowy Illuminati, Vayro ple? Bushby makes it clear that moral bank- ruptcy is at the heart of this wealth grab.FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 73
    • REVIEWS SECRET MYSTERIES OF AMERICAS SECRET MYSTERIES OF AMERICAS BEGINNINGS: BEGINNINGS: Compiled by Duncan Roads Volume 1 – The New Atlantis Volume 2 – Riddles In Stone © 2007 Antiquities Research Films © 2007 Antiquities Research FilmsTHE SILENT REVOLUTION OF Available: http://www.cuttingedge.org Available: http://www.cuttingedge.orgTRUTH© 2007 Lightsource Entertainment andThey Fly T his three-hour documentary unfolds the hidden history behind the founding of America and exposes the esoteric underbelly P art two of this Secret Mysteries... series explores the highly controversial subject of Americas capital, Washington, DC. WasAvailable: http://www.theyfly.com of its design. It asks some intriguing the city built to reflect the majesty of questions. Why is Washington, DC, built on American freedom, or the hidden agenda ofT he story of 71-year-old Billy Meier is more than just one of UFO pictures andvisitations. His personal history is one that the 77th meridian? Are the Revolutionary War cities (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the cityIndiana Jones himself would be hard pressed Baltimore and Washington, DC) really built built in a Masonic pattern?to live up to. in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? In this volume, the producers interview Whether it is meeting experts from both sides ofextraterrestrials at age five the debate. They pose such(back in 1942), joining and questions as: Waslater escaping the French Washington, DC, laid outForeign Legion, working in according to the pattern ofdozens of countries, the stars? Is there really ameeting a 22-year-old pentagram in the streetSaddam Hussein, working layout north of the Whiteat ashrams in India, House? Does a masonichunting down serial killers square and compass extendfor Turkish authorities, from the Capitol Buildingdiscovering ancient to the WashingtonAramaic scrolls in Monument? And why isJerusalem based only on the city filled with zodiacinformation sent to him symbols, mysterious facestelepathically or surviving 21 assassination Sir Francis Bacon was at the helm of such and various god and goddess images?attempts, it is clear that Meier demands the societies as the leader of the Rosicrucians Be aware that the producers of this seriesattention of anyone seeking to understand and first Grand Master of modern are committed Christians who automaticallythe "big picture". Freemasonry. As such, he is considered by seem to assume that Freemasons, and all This is a professionally produced some to be the true founder of America. For secret societies, are opposed to Christ anddocumentary. You learn much about Billy centuries controversy has surrounded this his teachings and are engaged in bringing inMeier and his past, and you see footage of man, reputed to be the illegitimate son of a New World Order, etc., etc.people who can verify many of Billys Queen Elizabeth I and the real author behind However, they do dig up and presentclaims. I guarantee that even any veteran the plays attributed to William Shakespeare. some interesting information—such as theNEXUS reader will be amazed at some of Ley lines, masonic geometry, secret sacred geometry embedded in the designs ofthe information in this documentary. societies, historical conspiracies and more cities—in this lengthy but well-produced Highly thought-provoking! abound in this doco-fest! and watchable production.74 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • REVIEWS such as "Humaniversal". Groove mingles with the incense smoke and banyan trees of India on this warm, soul album. Reviewed by Richard GilesURBAN MANTRA by various artists ZARAMBEQUES by ArmoniosiMusic Mosaic, 2007 (2CDs, 119mins) Concerti with Juan Carlos RiveraDistributors: Australia— Brumby, tel Harmonia Mundi, Spain, 2006 (74mins)(03) 9761 5535; http://www.music- Distributors: Australia—Select Audio,mosaic.com; UK—Sounds Travel, tel tel (02) 8966 3307; Germany—01242 571659; Germany—Silenzio, tel Harmonia Mundi, tel +49 (0)711+49 (0)180 5091301; USA—White 2567671; USA—Harmonia Mundi;Swan, tel (303) 527 0770 http://www.worldvillagemusic.comM usic Mosaic is an Australian company having great success with compilationsof inspiring world fusion music from all cul- T he music of an earlier Spain is captured on this superb album, whose name comes from "the rowdy and lively strum-tural traditions. CD 1, "Vitality", contains ming and dancing" that was a prominenttracks from Prem Joshua, Larias Stow, feature of 18th-century Spanish theatre.Chloe Goodchild, Gabrielle Roth and more; Juan Carlos Rivera, together with three gui-these are the active energy mantras. CD 2, tarists and a cellist, has created an exquisite"Essence", has tracks from Deva Premal, production of 17th- and 18th-centurySacred Earth, Dya Singh, Azar Baksh, the Spanish Baroque music. This is beautifullyrecord producer Ariel Kalma and more. performed, full of cross-rhythm sounds withEach mantra expresses something from a a touch of the Spanish court and guitar asdifferent culture. Collectively these mantras the central instrument. Outstanding album.create a peaceful, heartfelt relaxation space. NA AFRIKI by Dobet GnahoréTHINK GLOBAL: WOMEN OF Cumbancha Music, USA, 2007 (54mins)AFRICA by various artists Distributors: Australia— MRA, tel (07)World Music Network (with Oxfam), 3849 6020; UK—Putumayo, tel 07759UK, 2007 (60mins) 600 495; USA—Cumbancha, tel (802)Distributors: Aust—MRA , tel (07) 3849 425 2118, http://www.cumbancha.com6020; UK—WMN, tel 020 7498 5252,website http://www.worldmusic.net D obet Gnahoré, from Ivory Coast, is a powerful new voice amongst contempo- rary African musicians and has great appealW omen in Africa are in a position where they need to express themselves buthave a great many cultural and political for world music audiences. On Na Afriki ("To Africa") she sings in eight languagesprocesses working against them. Oxfam has representing the length and breadth of theunited with World Music Network to bring continent. This is a truly pan-Africansome of these voices of female indepen- album, not just in choice of languages but indence to the public ear. Names such as its lyrical themes. With her husband andOumou Sangare, Gigi, Rokia Traoré, collaborator Colin Laroche de Féline, DobetMariem Hassan and Miriam Makeba all has composed 15 tracks that examine con-stand out on this staggering collection. temporary African life. She reaches beyond her own country to speak directly to the rest of the continent, breaking new ground forSOUL IN WONDER African popular music. A passionate voice,by Miten with Deva Premal whether with a ballad or an upbeat groove.Silenzio Music, 2007 (52mins)Distributors: Australia— Brumby Music,tel (03) 9761 5535; Germany—SilenzioMusic, tel +49 (0)180 5091301; USA—Prabhu Music, tel 415 331 8273, web-site http://www.prabhumusic.net; alsosee http://www.DevaPremalMiten.comM iten, accompanied by Deva Premal with her divine vocals, is a seasonedartist at the peak of his poetic powers. Histales of meditation, acceptance and revela-tion are enhanced by the bansuri flute ofManose, along with kora, slide guitar, vio-lin, mandolin and Hammond organ. Thereare attractive covers of Van Morrison, PeterMakena and Mississippi Fred McDowellsongs, plus Mitens heartfelt compositionsFEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 75
    • 76 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • Are Most Diseases Caused By The Medical System?Continued from page 32 The guiding motto for industry is in print are The Natural Way to Heal "profit", while for the consumer it is (Hampton Roads, 2004; see review in Information for medical practitioners "convenience". The price for all to pay is NEXUS 11/04) and the Heal Yourselfshould be provided by an independent and the loss of health. This situation is the Series—seven small books aboutimpartial body. natural outcome of a society based on overcoming specific diseases such as 3 . Except for unethical conduct selfish motivation. A change for the better ar thritis, asthma, cancer , candida,according to societys general standards, can only come when more and more people diabetes and weight problems; see themake it illegal for medical associations to realise that ultimately they harm web page http://www.theartof-restrict the therapies used by their themselves with selfish attitudes, and when l i f e . c o m / P r o d u c t s _ 0 2 . h t m l . His two-members. they start electing leaders who are prepared part article "Sexual Energy in Health and 4 . Afford qualified practitioners of to act in a compassionate and cooperative Spirituality" was published in NEXUSnatural medicine the same recognition and way in the interest of the whole society. 14/03–04; his article on "The Newopportunities as in drug medicine, We get what we choose: natural health or Medicine of Dr Hamer", about Dr Rykeincluding in hospitals, rehabilitation, enduring drug management. ∞ Geerd Hamers discovery of the shock-research and publications, health conflict mechanism underlying cancerdepartments and regulating authorities. About the Author: development, was published in NEXUS So far, our medical and economic leaders Walter Last worked as a biochemist and 10/05; and his article "How Scientificdo not want to face reality. They research chem ist in the medical Are Orthodox Cancer Treatments?" wasbrainwash the public into believing that the departments of several German run in NEXUS 11/04.present health situation is completely universities and at Bio-Science For information on health questions,normal. Importantly, the whole economic Laboratories in Los Angeles, USA. Later see Walter Lasts websitestructure of western civilisation is based on he worked as a nutritionist and natural http://www.health-science-spirit.com.the production and distribution of goods therapist in New Zealand and inand services that are contributing to poor Australia, where he is now based. He no Editors Note:health. This system includes chemicalised longer has a clinic. Due to space limitations, we are unableagriculture and food processing, the Walter Last has written numerous to publish the endnotes that accompanypharmaceutical industry, technological health-related journal articles as well as this article. They are available at Waltermedicine and the petrochemical and several books, including Heal Yourself Lasts website, h ttp: //www.he al th-plastics industries. and Healing Foods (Penguin). Presently science-spirit.com.FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 77
    • "Friendly Feudalism" and the Free Tibet MythContinued from page 48 What is clear is that not all Tibetan women "were delighted to be getting an Buddhists accept the Dalai Lama as their education, wanted absolutely nothing to do The Kagyu monks charged that the Dalai theological and spiritual mentor. Though with any religion, and wondered whyLama had overstepped his authority in he is referred to as the "spiritual leader of Americans were so naïve" about Tibet.attempting to select a leader for their sect. Tibet", many see this title as little more The women interviewed by Lewis"Neither his political role nor his position than a formality. It does not give him recounted stories of their grandmothersas a lama in his own Gelugpa tradition authority over the four religious schools of ordeals with monks who used them asentitled him to choose the Karmapa, who is Tibet other than his own, "just as calling "wisdom consorts".a leader of a different tradition…" 59 As one the US president the leader of the free By sleeping with the monks, theof the Kagyu leaders insisted: "Dharma is world gives him no role in governing grandmothers were told, they gained "theabout thinking for yourself. It is not about France or Germany".62 means to enlightenment"—after all, theautomatically following a teacher in all Not all Tibetan exiles are enamoured of Buddha himself had to be with a woman tothings, no matter how respected that the old Shangri-La theocracy. Kim Lewis, reach enlightenment. The women alsoteacher may be. More than anyone else, who studied healing methods with a mentioned the "rampant" sex that theBuddhists should respect other peoples Buddhist monk in Berkeley, California, had supposedly spiritual and abstemious monksrights—their human rights and their occasion to talk at length with more than a practised with each other in the Gelugpareligious freedom."60 dozen Tibetan women who lived in the sect. The women who were mothers spoke What followed was a dozen years of monks building. When she asked how bitterly about the monasterys confiscationconflict in the Tibetan exile community, they felt about returning to their homeland, of their young boys in Tibet.punctuated by intermittent riots, the sentiment was unanimously negative. They claimed that when a boy cried forintimidation, physical attacks, blacklisting, At first, Lewis assumed that their his mother, he would be told: "Why dopolice harassment, litigation, official reluctance had to do with the Chinese you cry for her? She gave you up—shescorruption and the looting and undermining occupation, but she was quickly informed just a woman."63of the Karmapas monastery in Rumtek by otherwise. The monks who were granted politicalsupporters of the Gelugpa faction. All this They said they were extremely grateful asylum in California applied for publichas caused at least one western devotee to "not to have to marry four or five men, be assistance. Lewis, herself a devotee for awonder if the years of exile were not pregnant almost all the time" or deal with time, assisted with the paperwork. Shehastening the moral corrosion of Tibetan sexually transmitted diseases contacted observed that they continue to receiveBuddhism.61 from a straying husband. The younger government checks amounting to US$55078 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008
    • "Friendly Feudalism" and the Free Tibet Myth Continued from page 78 or innocent political symbols. "To idealise About the Author: them," noted Ma Jian, a dissident Chinese Michael Parenti received his PhD into $700 per month, along with Medicare. traveller to Tibet, now living in Britain, "is political science from Yale University.In addition, the monks reside rent free in to deny them their humanity."65 He has taught at a number of collegesnicely furnished apartments. "They pay no One common complaint among and universities, in the United Statesutilities, have free access to the Internet on Buddhist followers in the West is that and abroad. Some of his writings havecomputers provided for them, along with Tibets religious culture is being been translated into Arabic, Bangla,fax machines, free cell and home phones undermined by the Chinese occupation. Ch inese, Dutch, French , German ,and cable TV." To some extent this seems to be the case. Gree k, I talian, Japanese, Kore an , They also receive a monthly payment Many of the monasteries are closed, and Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,from their order, along with contributions much of the theocracy seems to have Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.and dues from their American followers. passed into history. Dr Paren tis pre vi ous a rtic le inSome devotees eagerly carry out chores for Whether Chinese rule has brought NEXUS , "The Media a nd theirthe monks, including grocery shopping and betterment or disaster is not the central Atrocities", was published in 2000 incleaning their apartments and toilets. issue here. The question is what kind of vol. 7, no. 5.These same holy men, Lewis remarked, country was old Tibet. What I am To view additional articles by Dr"have no problem criticizing Americans for disputing is the supposedly pristinetheir obsession with material things".64 spiritual nature of that pre-invasion Parenti, visit the website of the Centre To welcome the end of the old feudal culture. We can advocate religious for Re search on Glo bal ization attheocracy in Tibet is not to applaud freedom and independence for a new Tibet http://www.globalresearch.ca.everything about Chinese rule in that without having to embrace the mythologycountry. This point is seldom understood about old Tibet. Editors Note:by todays Shangri-La believers in the Tibetan feudalism was cloaked in The complete tex t of this a rtic le,West. Buddhism, but the two are not to be together with endnotes (which weve The converse is also true: to denounce equated. In reality, old Tibet was not a had to de lete d ue to o ur spa cethe Chinese occupation does not mean we Paradise Lost. It was a retrograde, constraints) can be found at web pagehave to romanticise the former feudal repressive theocracy of extreme privilege http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.regime. Tibetans deserve to be perceived and poverty, a long way from Shangri-La. php?context=viewArticle&code=as actual people, not perfected spiritualists ∞ PAR20071118&articleId=7355.FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 79
    • The Secret War on ET ContacteesContinued from page 58 their physical contact with extraterrestrials University, Canberra, Australia (1994–96). He taught as an adjunct faculty member at had their reputations and careers George Washington University, Washington,statements questioning the integrity of systematically undermined by public DC, in 2002. He has a PhD in Governmentcontactee claims. Indeed, the eagerness officials, the mass media and UFO from the University of Queensland, Australia,with which UFO researchers established researchers. and an MA in Philosophy from the Universitythemselves as the gatekeepers of serious It appears that such an outcome was of Melbourne, Australia.scientific research into UFOs and debunked intended as part of an official Galactic NEXUS has published several articles bycontactee claims marks the most tragic COINTELPRO that continues to the Dr Salla: "An Exopolitical Perspective on theaspect of six decades of research into UFOs present day—in contrast to the 1971 Pre-emptive US-led War against Iraq"and extraterrestrial life. termination of the FBIs COINTELPRO (NEXUS 10/03); "Charles Hall and the Tall Another key factor in the success of White Extraterrestrials" (12/02); "Using Space against political dissidents. It is very likely Weapons Against ET Civilisations" (13/02);Galactic COINTELPRO to the present time that individuals in public office, the masshas been the compartmentalisation of ET- and "Project Serpo: A Public Acclimation or media and the UFO research community Deception Program?" (13/03). His book,related information. This made it possible may be active agents of an ongoing Exopolitics: Political Implications of thefor intelligence agencies to perform COINTELPRO against contactees. Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books,specific functions within Galactic It is hoped that exposure of Galactic 2004), was reviewed in NEXUS 11/05.COINTELPRO without agents being COINTELPRO will help dispel the For more information, visit Dr Sallas web-informed of the truth of contactee claims. sites http://www.exopolitics.org and reflexive dismissal of contactee testimoniesThe success of debunking and discrediting http://www.galacticdiplomacy. com, or email that so far has hindered an objectivecontactees would have to depend on Dr Salla at drsalla@exopolitics.org. evaluation of direct physical contact Due to space constraints, we cannotintelligence agents believing that between private citizens and extraterrestrial include endnotes accompanying Dr Sallascontactees were a genuine security threat.Consequently, ET-related information was life. ∞ article, so see http://www.exopolitics.org.made available on a strict need-to-know Dr Salla will be presenting his Galactic About the Author: COINTELPRO research at the Earthbasis, ensuring that only selected Michael D. Salla, PhD, has held academic Transformation Conference in Hawaii (16–18individuals within different intelligence appointments in the School of International May 2008), which features many contacteesagencies were briefed at all. Service, American University, Washington, currently interacting with "human-looking" In conclusion, many pioneering men and DC (1996–2001), and at the Department of extraterrestrials. For details, visit the websitewomen who may have accurately related Political Science, Australian National http://www.EarthTransformation.com.80 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com FEBRUARY – MARCH 2008