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Nexus 1304 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 13, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2006 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER ON UFOs................51 Comments from readers on NEXUS-related topics. By Clark C. McClelland. A chance encounter withGLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 Senator Barry Goldwater during the Apollo 11 launch countdown was an opportunity to discuss We report on American physicists protests against classified information on UFO sightings. US nuclear policy, high-voltage electricity doses that kill cancer cells, RFID chip hacking and more. THE QUEST FOR THE METAL LIBRARY......................57WAS MARTIN BRYANT FRAMED?—Part 1.................1 1 By Philip Coppens. A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is said to hold an By Carl Wernerhoff. Its been 10 years since the ancient treasure-house of artefacts including two massacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania, but authorities libraries, one containing inscribed metal books. still ignore concerns that there is no firm evidence implicating Martin Bryant as the gunman. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................62HEALTH DANGERS OF INDOOR MOULDS..............19 Our news from "out there" includes the UFO revela - tions of "Pentagon hacker" Gary McKinnon, who By Luke Curtis et al. Moulds and the mycotoxins faces extradition to the USA; and testimony from a they produce are a major health threat around the former military intelligence analyst who saw UFO world. Tests to detect their presence and aid evidence in his work with photo-interpreters. diagnosis need to be adopted on a wide scale. REVIEWS—Books........................................................67THE FAR WEST DRUG META-GROUP—Part 1...........25 "The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse..." by L. B. Radka By Peter Dale Scott. The international drug traffic "The Sion Revelation" by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince serves not just local drug lords and their armies but "The Chaos Point" by Ervin Lazslo powerf ul poli tical and econom ic interests, "Conversations with the Soul" by Lawrence Follas particularly in Russia and America. "Work Wonders: Feed...Raw Meaty Bones" by Tom Lonsdale "The Hidden Story of Cancer" by Brian Peskin with Amid HabibPARASITE ELIMINATION: CARBON ARC LAMP........33 "Iraq Confidential" by Scott Ritter By Carmi B. Hazen. An ear ly 20th-century "Genuine Freedom" by Matt Engelman technology utilising high-energy, full-spectrum light "Cancer: Its Cause and Treatment..." by Robert Bell, MD has been rediscovered in the fight against parasites. "An American Demonology" by Colin Bennett "Conscious Healing: the Regenetics Method" by Sol LuckmanTHE SCALE-EXPANDING COSMOS THEORY.............39 "The Great War for Civilisation" by Robert Fisk By C. Johan Masreliez. A new model of cosmic "The Ringing Cedars Series" by Vladimir Megre scale expansion agrees better with astronomical REVIEWS—DVDs & Videos.........................................74 observations than the Big Bang theory does, and "Rooted: Dangers of Root Canal Therapy" by Robert Gammal may provide the missing link between general "Secret Space: The Illuminatis Conquest of Space" by Enigma TV relativity and quantum mechanics. "lightSOURCE with Hemi-Sync: A Sacred Geometry Experience"SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................47 REVIEWS—Music........................................................75 "One World, One Kid" by various artists This edition we feature the Rainbox water generator "A Visit to Ali Farka Touré" by Marc Huraux that extracts water from air, the "Massive Yet Tiny" "Música Para Después de Almuerzo" by Bitman & Roban engine that has a high power-to-weight ratio, and "Honoring" by various artists Marcus Reids crystal units that run on ambient heat "Brazilian Lounge" by various artists or perhaps the energy of the vacuum. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................81–88JUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE I t is now 10 years since the infamous Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania. For as many Volume 13, Number 4 years, people from diverse backgrounds have been investigating and collecting JUNE – JULY 2006 information which they believe is evidence that Martin Bryant (who "confessed" to the PUBLISHED BY shootings) was not the killer and has been framed. Several mainstream publications ran NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia articles to mark the 10th anniversary, but even they were accused of opening wounds in EDITOR order to sell papers. The trouble is, using their own metaphor, wounds which are not Duncan M. Roads healing need to be reopened and re-examined, which is certainly the case with events at CO-EDITOR Port Arthur. Part one of our three-part series looks at some of the basic problems with the Catherine Simons theory that Martin Bryant single-handedly killed all those people. For example, witnesses ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR claim the shooter was firing from the right hip, yet Bryant is left-handed. There are more Ruth Parnell than enough problems to cast considerable doubt on the entire "official" story. OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANTS It doesnt take much to see that there is a growing rift between the USA under the Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster neocons, and Russia under Putin. Putin has kicked out, or locked up, foreign controllers UK OFFICE ADMIN Marcus Allen; Alex Allen of what he considers to be Russias natural assets. This means that some seriously CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE annoyed oligarchs are licking their wounds in Israel and the UK, plotting revenge on Carl Wernerhoff; Luke Curtis, MS, CIH et al., Putin. Their plans involve using "terrorists" to destabilise key areas surrounding Russia. Peter Dale Scott, PhD; Carmi B. Hazen; Recently, the anti-Putin oligarchs recruited Neil Bush to help them in the undeclared war C. Johan Masreliez, PhD; already being waged against Russia. If you want to become more informed on the Clark C. McClelland; Philip Coppens background, read Peter Dale Scotts series on "The Far West Drug MetaGroup", part one CARTOONS of which is in this issue. Phil Somerville Speaking of Russia, I must comment on The Ringing Cedars series of books I have COVER GRAPHIC Jeff Edis, started reading. They have sold millions of copies in Russia and have been translated into many other languages, but are only now being published in English. You may recall a PRINTING Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK reader recently sending a Letter to the Editor, saying he had found some Russian books which made everything he had read in the last 20 years seem like a complete waste of DISTRIBUTION Seymours, London, UK paper (and this from a serious truth-seeker!). Well, I checked out the books, and I find myself agreeing with him. These books are absolutely amazing! They are certainly theNEXUS UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, E. Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. most thought-provoking material to come my way in quite a while, and that is saying Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 something! I have included a review of the first three books in the Book Reviews section, e-mail address: and I will cover more in future issues. Website: NEXUS has published many articles discussing the role of parasites and other micro- EUROPE OFFICE - Postbus 10681, 1001 ER organisms that take up residence (or mutate into new organisms) in the body after pH or Amsterdam, The Netherlands. other changes in the blood. More diseases than youd think are the result of these Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 organisms, even though we usually blame a "virus". Ways to rid the body of these critters e-mail address: can vary, as can the success rate. Successful choices available include herbs, zapping, HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. urine therapy and colloidal silver, to name a few. One of the most difficult parasites to PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 remove is the tapeworm—or should I say was. Be sure to read the article this issue on the e-mail address: amazing effects of high-energy light from the carbon arc lamp. The author even describes ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza how you can build your own lamp. Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy While on the subject of health, be sure to read the article on the health effects of indoor e-mail address: moulds (or "molds" if you are in the US empire). If you can smell mould or dampness in USA OFFICE – your house or work environment, then you need to realise that you are inhaling zillions of PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488 Tel: +1 843 549 5985; Fax: +1 877 349 1928 spores of micro-organisms that can gradually, or dramatically, alter your health for the Email: worse. In fact, every time you "smell" anything, it basically means that foreign molecules are going straight up the nose, into the bloodstream and into the brain. Think about that. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Fragrances from personal care products and even subliminal smells that affect you withoutNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a your knowledge (e.g., pheremones) all add to the workload for your immune system.massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUSseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to Weve decided not to hold any NEXUS conferences in 2006, but we are planning atassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not least one conference, probably two, for 2007. If you can recommend any "different"linked to any religious, philosophical or political venues or locations, I am keen to hear from you.ideology or organisation. In closing this editorial, Im sorry to have to inform readers of the sudden death in early PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY May of Robert Adams in New Zealand. Among other things, Robert invented the PulsedWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone Electric Motor Generator and put it into public domain through NEXUS Magazine back incaught making a buck out of it, without our express the early 1990s. I will miss all our great chats, Robert.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 20062 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  3. 3. JUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...Kenneth Arnold UFO Search Pentagon, nor any "identifiable" am flying around Australia for my manufacturers to use it. Dear colleagues: I wonder if you debris at the towers. job, as it always seems to be All non-stick cooking surfaces arecould help me, please. I am trying Former German cabinet minister available in the airport newsagency based on PTFE—even if it isto trace the daughter of the late Andreas von Bülow is now but not so much at my local outlet. proclaimed as Teflon-free.Kenneth Arnold. It is my hope and claiming that Building 7—Mayor Your opening paragraph in your Great magazine; keep up the goodintention to try to make the Giulianis emergency command editorial caught my attention: work.definitive documentary on the late centre—was used as the control "Does time appear to be speeding Cheers, JamesKenneth Arnold and firmly cement centre for the attack and that it, too, up?" The short answer is, "Yes, ithis rightful place in ufological was demolished that same is"; most people feel it, and thehistory. His daughter is Kim afternoon—without being hit by answer why is simple. Writing from the HeartPurvis, or Kim Arnold Purvis. anything! Many years ago I joined the Duncan: Just received NEXUS If you know where I can contact As an architect, I know how Sukyo Mahikari organisation, vol. 13, no. 3. As always, I amKim Purvis, or know of anyone difficult it is to calculate the correct mostly because it was able to offer appreciative of the mail delivery ofwho may be able to help me locate placement of just the right amount answers to questions the various your magazine, more so than theher, then I would be extremely of explosives in the right locations religions and science could not others I receive. I was rathergrateful if you could contact me. to bring down a building of that size give. I heard many predictions curious that in your editorial you Thank you very much for your in a perfect sequence. It would take about the planets current period, asked: "What does it mean to writeassistance with this request. many days, if not weeks, to all of which have come horribly from the heart?" Were you being Yours sincerely, calculate placement in the structure true, but the part that relates to your facetious, or are you truly in doubt Philip Mantle, 49 East Leigh and rig the demolition of one question concerns what is called about what "from the heart" means?Drive, Tingley, near Wakefield, building, let alone three... the "age of fire" or "reversal of "From the heart" is the initialWest Yorkshire WF3 1PF, UK, The major world media are now heavens will" or "baptism by fire". feeling we sense in regards to anyemail philip@mantle8353. controlled by only eight individuals. Many organisations and prophets situation; that very first feeling We are being fed only what they have spoken of this time where God the heart, your very being speaking wish to dish up and if questions are reasserts his control of the world. to you. Following that comes the ever asked of our politicians, they Because we are returning to a spirit- rationalisations, the fears, e.g., Id9/11 and Other Conspiracies inevitably claim total amnesia or Dear Duncan: In reply to Mark centred era, karma must be better not write that; theyll think departmental incompetence... balanced and this calls for the so- Im crazy, or I may offend myL.s letter on 9/11 in your It is only through publications likeApril–May issue [13/03], I have called natural disasters, diseases and advertisers, etc. NEXUS and access to the Internet conflicts to increase dramatically. If you see a beggar on the streetspent the past nine years that we have any voice at all. Theresearching the NWOs agenda and We are approaching the peak of and your initial reaction is to give truth is out there. Wake up before this great cleansing; and as the "fire him some money, feed him,have recently published two books its too late!in Australia: Conspiracy? and its energy" in the universe increases, whatever, this is followed by thesequel, The Face of Evil. Both of John Wollaston, Sydney, humans because of their connection thoughts that hes probably athese novels seek to expose the Australia, website http://www. to the Creator are able to perceive charlatan, probably drives antruth behind what really happened this increase as a speeding up of expensive car that is parked aroundat Dunblane, Port Arthur and time. Its as simple as that. I am the corner, will probably blowOklahoma City and during the Solar Cells and Super-Batteries sure many would want to disagree, whatever money I give him onevents of 9/11 and its aftermath. Hello. I saw your news snippet but it works for me. drugs, etc. Yet your heart spoke to There is no doubt in my mind that last issue about the South African Best regards, you, saying, "Stretch out your hand9/11 was a "put-up job". Both solar cells, and was very excited Gary S., Montrose, Tasmania and be a source of love andbuildings were demolished. The [see Science News, 13/03]. Im inspiration", but your ego gives youplanes were only a smokescreen to going to South Africa on business DuPonts Teflon Deception a thousand reasons why not to.disguise this fact (as was the ANFO for the first time in 2–3 months, and So can you write from the heart?bomb that supposedly brought will look into this further. I have Hi Duncan: We recently came Not many journalists do today; theydown the Murrah Building in found some more articles on this. across a deceptive line of sales are too motivated by money, powerOklahoma City). For those who In 1986 at the University of NSW, regarding the use of the word and prestige, and are not concernedwant to pursue this further, my Australia, a super-battery was "Teflon". Apparently DuPont has about publishing their true feelings,books, although written as novels, developed, called the Vanadium been given 10 years to withdraw all beliefs or facts.are based on fact and use real Redox system. Teflon from the market because the product does not break down and is In your case, my friend, I amnames, dates and verifiable code Combine those solar cells with being found in humans and the positive you are fully capable ofnames to prove the point. this technology and you have a environment. writing from the heart; if not, As Mark says, there is now solution to the bulk of energy NEXUS Magazine may not have aoverwhelming video evidence that needs. A Canadian company took This seems to have spurred very long future least one of the planes hitting the over the Redox invention and is DuPont into releasing Teflon onto Actually, every editorial, everytowers was a military refuelling jet, slowly developing it. Too bad we the market as its chemical name letter and every article prompts menot a commercial airliner. Of the could not have done it in Australia. polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and to write from the heart, but myothers, no plane wreckage was ever Regards, proclaiming it "Teflon-free". It isfound at the alleged "crash site" in all based on the same chemical, and egotistical fears usually prevent me Tom M., Arcadia, NSW, it seems that DuPont is trying to from doing so.Pennsylvania (early news footage, Australiawhich was later rapidly changed, maintain its market while using the Keep up the fine work, and pleaseshowed debris spread over an eight- same product. Have you noticed consider a monthly publication:mile radius, indicative of a mid-air Is Time Speeding Up? how the majority of cookware is two months is just too long to wait.explosion). Likewise, no plane Hi, Duncan: I am a sometime now PTFE-coated? DuPont is Sincerely,debris was ever found at the reader of NEXUS, generally when I making it cheap enough for all Gary M. L.4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.MNCs Ruin Poultry Farmers he states: "Edward Jenners off the market in the mid- to late Yours sincerely, The multinational companies discovery was not a medical 80s. Another source of mercury! Malcolm Kean, 2B Gosse(MNCs) of Western countries breakthrough..." It certainly was Mandara C., Atlanta, GA, USA Avenue, Glenelg North SA 5045,have deliberately sought to destroy not. Australia, tel (08) 8295 1451, emailthe poultry industry in China, India But to get a true understanding of Energy Healing Relieves MS many Asian countries. the global multibillion-dollar vaccination/immunisation crime, Dear Editor: I have spent close to A massive campaign has been three years in a wheelchair since Out-of-Body Researchlaunched against the poultry one must refer to Dr Charles Creightons book Jenner and being diagnosed with MS in 95. Dear Editor: I am a PhD studentfarmers of India, with the help oftraitors among the politicians and Vaccination (1889). In this, the After my initial diagnosis, I researching out-of-bodybureaucrats. great pathologist (1847–l927) continued to work and travel the experiences. I am trying to reach It is as clear as daylight that the pursued a meticulous study of world as part of my duties: selling people who have had suchM N C s are behind this massive Jenners pernicious confidence and training customers with experiences; hence this email.fraud against the Indian poultry trick—namely, that the "inoculation software for public transport I think NEXUS Magazine is thefarmers. They are hellbent on of cowpox will protect the human developed here in Adelaide. best possible way of letting peopledestroying the poultry industry in body from the smallpox". Of After a six-month period in know what I am doing and toIndia, which employs more than course it could not. C r e i g h t o n France, followed by 12 months in "recruit" participants for my study.three million persons and has a found that Jenner was so desperate the UK, I returned to Adelaide Is it possible to advertise ahuge turnover of Rs 35,000 crore to have his "discovery" accepted by weighing 127 kg. My movement "research notice" in your magazine?(Rs 350 billion). It is one of the the medical and veterinary trades had also deteriorated, as had mylargest industries of India; our (1796–1800s) that he had the self-esteem. Having been forced to For more information about mycountry cannot afford to suffer huge audacity to call cowpox "smallpox leave work, my overall well-being study, please visit my website,losses. of the cow". Of course, such declined further. I was forced to diseases are entirely different. But, use a wheelchair in 2003. I tried a Thank you for your time and help. Where have all the dead chickensgone in India? All the chickens if you tell a lie long enough... number of alternative therapies that Have a nice day,killed in the name of bird flu have During the course of the 19th had slight benefits for me. But my Tomas Pernecky, PhD candidate,not been buried. Most of the meat century, medics realised that mood was somewhat dark. Wageningen University, Theof these killed chickens has been vaccinating—Jenner never used Then, on 13 May 2005, I met Ms Netherlandssecretly sold and supplied for Rs 15 that word—against smallpox was a Wendy Starick, a talented healer.or more per kilo on the black wonderful money-spinner, and he Wendy uses energy healing CORRECTION:market. At the behest of corrupt himself was given 30,000 pounds massage and chakra cleaning. After The article "Al-Qaeda, US Oilpoliticians, the chickens have been by the British government. In three treatments I noticed a Companies and Central Asia" by Drgrabbed by the bureaucrats for only 1810, that was a huge fortune. difference, firstly to my mood. Peter Dale Scott (NEXUS, volumeone or two rupees from the poor, With the invention of the syringe, Then, after my fifth treatment, I 13, no. 3) gave the misleadinghelpless poultry farmers. there was no stopping the started to walk, startling a number impression that the Al-Amoudi Now farmlands will be snatched monstrous vaccine push for many of friends who had never seen me interest controlled Delta Oil andfrom the bankrupt poultry farmers diseases. To this day, a vaccine is stand. contributed to the Muwafaqby the corrupt politicians and being pushed for almost every Each week I see Wendy, there is a (Blessed Relief) charity and thisbureaucrats with the help of loan medical and veterinary condition. steady improvement. She has not reference might be widelysharks. These farmlands will be It is 21st-century voodoo medicine only improved my mobility, but has interpreted as referring to the Saudisold to the MNCs, rich NRIs [non- and is causing medical and helped me lose fear, dread and businessman and philanthropistresident Indians] and even the veterinary disasters. uncertainty, replacing them with Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-relatives of politicians and Jenner was not a qualified doctor: self-confidence and certainty that Amoudi.bureaucrats in many benami deals he bought his medical doctorate soon I will be back to my pre-95at very low prices after taking hefty from a university. condition. In fact, the Sheikh had nobribes. Yours faithfully, shareholding or management Wendy has given me back my life The bankrupt farmers will be Terence M., London, UK interest in Delta Oil during the by having me rejoin life. At everyforced to part with their lands by chance I get, I try to tell people of period in question, nor has he at anythe loan sharks, politicians and Cymatics and Toxic Mercury my journey. The greatest time contributed funds to thebureaucrats to pay off their loans. Thanks for the article on percentage are very impressed to Muwafaq (Blessed Relief) Many other poultry farmers will cymatics! Just to let you know, hear of this wonderful, empathic, charitable foundation.also be forced to commit suicide there is an upcoming conference intuitive healer. Wendy deserves so Furthermore, he wishes it to bedue to the bankruptcy caused by dedicated to cymatics: "Cymatics: much recognition; she performs her known that he has never knowinglytheir inability to pay back the amazing work and only charges contributed to any charityloans... The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing", October A$45 for up to a 90-minute session. supporting terrorism and is a strong Ashok T. Jaisinghani, editor and 20–22, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia. See She is totally remarkable, and I opponent of terrorism as anpublisher, Pune, India, the website believe of benefit to anyone who instrument of, seeks her out. Wendy wants to The reference to Muwafaq was make her talent available to not part of the original submission On another note, thanks for all the information on mercury toxicity. I everyone in need, no matter their of Dr Peter Dale Scott to NEXUSJenners Inoculation Fraud discovered my high levels of financial or social status. but was accidentally included from Dear Sir: I would like to add a mercury came from using contact I am happy to provide further an earlier draft that had beenbit to Patrick C.s excellent letter lens solutions, (unknowingly) details if you feel that Wendys subsequently corrected by Dr Dale"Failure of Vaccinations" (NEXUS containing thimerosal, for 15+ remarkable story has merit; my Scott after he was satisfied that itApril–May 2006, 13/03), in which years. These solutions were taken contact details are below. was based on incorrect information.JUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. MYSTERY MOUSE VIRUS HIGH-VOLTAGE FOUND IN PROSTATE ELECTRICITY DOSES KILL CANCER PATIENTS CANCER CELLSR esearchers say they have found a virus in the prostateof some cancer patients—a S cientists from Old Dominion University and Eastern Virginia Medical School say theyve killedremarkable discovery that may melanomas in mice usingsuggest micro-organisms could extremely short, high-voltageplay a role in causing this cancer. doses of electricity. The The virus, closely related to researchers told the Virginian-Pilotone previously found only in that theyve never had a tumourmice, was found in cancerous that did not respond to theprostates removed from men treatment.with a certain genetic defect. Richard Nuccitelli, associateThe researchers, with the professor of electrical andUniversity of California, San computer engineering at OldFrancisco, and the Cleveland Dominion, said the method mightClinic, presented the findings at eventually turn into an effectivean American Society of Clinical cancer treatment.Oncology meeting in San The electric bursts oftenFrancisco. disrupted the blood flow to the "We have made a very tumour cells and shrank theirfascinating discovery never before seen in UCSF researcher Joe DeRisi, who nuclei by 50 per cent, Nuccitelli said. Thehumans [of a virus] that is very similar to developed the so-called "gene chip" that tumours died after two or three weeks ofone found in a mammal that causes made the discovery. DeRisis chip treatments. Each session involvedcancer," said Dr Eric Klein of the contains 20,000 snippets of vital genetic hundreds of electrical pulses, each lessCleveland Clinic. "But we have not material from every known virus. It is the than one one-millionth of a second andproven this virus causes prostate cancer." same chip that confirmed a previously carrying 4,000 volts. This finding has planted nagging undiscovered virus in the cold family that Nuccitelli said he and his colleaguessuspicions in the minds of scientists that caused the SARS outbreak three years ago. believe the process works by severelysome diseases may play important roles damaging DNA in the cells. The treatment "We havent really been thinking alongalongside genetics, environment and produced no scarring and did not harmchance in causing breast, stomach and those lines," said Dr Anthony Zietman, a adjacent cells. All of the research miceseveral other forms of cancer. radiation oncologist at Massachusetts survived, with no ill effects. Researchers are not sure how the mouse General Hospital. "This is an interesting The scientists said additional researchvirus infected people, but suspect it has finding that will take off in a whole new will be needed before they can experimentbeen passed on genetically for many direction." on people.generations. (Source: San Jose Mercury News, 24 Feb The research is to appear online in the "This is a class of virus no one would 2006, journal Biochemical and Biophysicalhave looked for in prostate cancer," said mercurynews/living/health/13950601.htm) Research Communications. (Source:, 13 March 2006, BRAIN CELLS FUSED WITH SILICON CHIP T he line between living organisms and machines has just become a whole lot blurrier. European researchers have developed "neurochips" in which living brain cells and silicon circuits are coupled together. The achievement will one day enable the creation of sophisticated neural prostheses to treat neurological disorders, or the development of organic computers that crunch numbers using living neurons. To create the neurochip, researchers squeezed more than 16,000 transistors and hundreds of capacitors onto a silicon chip just one millimetre square in size.6 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... They used special proteins found in the considered," Professor Hirsch commented. depend on because everyone in the UKbrain to glue brain cells—neurons—onto "The public should join these eminent depends on them".the chip. However, the proteins acted as scientists in demanding that the Those applying are warned that theymore than just a simple adhesive. Administration publicly renounce such a should not tell anyone other than a spouse "They also provided the link between misbegotten option against a non-nuclear or closer partner that they are putting theirionic channels of the neurons and country like Iran." name in.semiconductor material in a way that The letter, which is available at web (Source: BBC News, 27 April 2006)neural electrical signals could be passed to page silicon chip," said study team member physicistsletter.html, points out that FORMER MI6 AGENTStefano Vassanelli from the University of "nuclear weapons are unique among TOMLINSON STARTS BLOGSITEPadua in Italy. The proteins allowed the neurochipselectronic components and its living cells weapons of mass destruction", and that in todays arsenals they have a total power of more than 200,000 times the explosive F ormer MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson has decided to start his own blogsite in an effort to publicly air his long-runningto communicate with each other. energy of the bomb that levelled battle with his former employer.Electrical signals from neurons were Hiroshima, which caused the deaths of Tomlinson was famously imprisoned inrecorded using the chips transistors, while more than 100,000 people. 1997 for breaking the 1989 Officialthe chips capacitors were used to stimulate (Source: University of California, San Secrets Act by attempting to publish athe neurons. Diego, 17 April 2006; NewsWise, http:// book detailing his career. The book was "Pharmaceutical companies could use finally published in 2001 after the Court ofthe chip to test the effect of drugs on Appeal of England and Wales ruled in hisneurons, to quickly discover promising MI6 ADVERTISES FOR SPIES favour.avenues of research," Vassanelli said. The researchers are now working onways to avoid damaging the neurons A half-page advertisement in the Times careers supplement offers jobs for "operational officers", technology experts It is alleged that Tomlinson published a list of 116 alleged MI6 agents on one of Lyndon LaRouches websites. He hasduring stimulation. and "thoroughly efficient administrators". always denied being responsible for its The team is also exploring the MI6 has been shrouded in secrecy for publication. In the book, he states: "Ifpossibility of using a neurons genetic most of its 97-year history. The MI6 had set out to produce a list thatinstructions to control the neurochip. organisation was not even officially caused me the maximum incrimination,(Source: LiveScience, 27 March 2006, acknowledged to exist until just over a but caused them the minimum damage, decade ago. they could not have done a better job." No0327_neuro_chips.html) "Staff who join SIS can look forward to definitive proof has ever been provided to a career that will have moments when the link him with the list. PHYSICISTS WARN AGAINST gap narrows just a little and the certainty Says Tomlinson: "Ive been involved in NUCLEAR WAR WITH IRAN of a stimulating and rewarding career a long-running battle since April 25th,T hirteen of the most prominent physicists in the USA have written aletter to President Bush, calling US plans which, like Bonds, will be in the service of their country," says the MI6 ad. It says the agency operates around the 1996, with my former employees, MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service). ...MI6 relied on their considerable budgetto reportedly use nuclear weapons against world to make Britain "safer and more (from the taxpayer) and lots of threats,Iran "gravely irresponsible" and warning prosperous" and hires "people we can writs and pompous claims that I was athat such action would have "disastrousconsequences for the security of the UnitedStates and the world". The physicists include five Nobellaureates, a recipient of the National Medalof Science and three past presidents of theAmerican Physical Society, the nationspre-eminent professional society forphysicists. The letter was initiated by Jorge Hirsch,a professor of physics at the University ofCalifornia, San Diego, who last autumnput together a petition signed by more than1,800 physicists that repudiated new USnuclear weapons policies that include pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons againstnon-nuclear adversaries. "The fact that the existence of this planhas not been denied by the Administrationshould be a cause of great alarm, even if itis only one of several plans beingJUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ...danger to national security, in order to particular concern because diagnosis is so This is a worry for conditions such assilence and discredit me. They even tricky. Physicians rely heavily on the attention deficit hyperactivity disordermanaged to imprison me for a while. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of (ADHD). "In order to keep me quiet and bash me Mental Disorder s, or D S M, which "There has been a gradual broadening ofaround so much, they relied on the fact that categorises psychiatric illnesses and their the diagnostic criteria," says Jamesa little guy like me did not have the diagnostic criteria. Swanson of the University of California,financial means to fight back against their "The existence of disease categories Irvine.injunctions and legal assaults against me. validates the need for drugs," says Mildred Cosgrove and Krimsky found that 62 perBut with a blog, Im newly empowered— Cho, a bioethicist at Stanford University in cent of the D S M panel dealing withand how I wish I had known about them California. "Companies have an incentive disorders such as ADHD had links toyears ago..." to influence those creating the categories." pharmaceutical firms. On the subject of MI6s recruitment Lisa Cosgrove, a clinical psychologist at The American Psychiatric Associationcampaign, Tomlinson says: "Good luck to the University of Massachusetts in Boston, (APA), which publishes the DSM, says itsany applicants: it is a very interesting began to worry about such conflicts when experts are not influenced by their financialcareer. I really enjoyed my time there. But she discovered that a majority of the ties. However, those recruited for the nextbe warned: they are a bullying employer, members of a panel formed to consider edition, to appear in 2011, will be requiredand are thoroughly vindictive towards any whether to include "premenstrual dysphoric to declare such interests.ex-employee who dares to criticise them. disorder" in the manual had received Krimsky argues that the APA should "If I were to return to the UK, I would be money from Eli Lilly. In 2000, Lilly won ensure that no DSM panel has a majority ofarrested and imprisoned, simply for the approval from the US Food and Drug members with ties to drug companies. "Itcrime of having written a book. Its not the Administration to market Prozac, is time that the profession of psychiatrysort of behaviour one would expect from a rebranded as Sarafem, to treat the takes a serious look at itself from an ethicalsupposedly civilised employer in this day condition. standpoint," he says.and age." Together with Sheldon Krimsky of Tufts (Source: by Peter Aldhous, New Scientist, 29(Source: Richard Tomlinson blogsite, 9 April University in Medford, Massachusetts, April 2006,, http://www.richardtomlinson.typepad. Cosgrove looked at whether members of article/mg19025494.100.html)com/) other DSM panels had financial ties to drug firms. Such ties included receipt of MERGER MAY CREATE AMERICAS DO DRUG COMPANY LINKS funding for research, acting as a consultant NEW SECRET POLICE SWAY PSYCHIATRY?A disturbing number of the experts who help write psychiatrys most influential and being paid for speaking. Overall, 56 per cent of panel members had such links, and all members of the panels for I ntelligence experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon intelligence units could create an ominous new agency. Thediagnostic manual have financial ties to "schizophrenia and other psychotic turf grab by a controversial Pentagondrug companies, raising concerns about the disorders" and "mood disorders" had such intelligence unit is causing concern amongindependence of diagnostic advice in the links (Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, both privacy experts and some of themanual. vol. 75, p. 154). Defense Departments own personnel. While such possible conflicts of interest Even subtle changes to the D S M c a n An informal panel of senior Pentagonare not uncommon, psychiatry is of have a big effect on patterns of prescribing. officials has been holding a series of unannounced private meetings during the past several weeks about how to proceed with a merger between the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA), a post-9/11 Pentagon creation that has been accused of domestic spying, and the Defense Security Service (DSS), a well- established older agency responsible for inspecting the security arrangements of defence contractors. DSS also maintains millions of confidential files containing the results of background investigations on defence contractors employees. CIFA, a mysterious and secretive unit created in 2002, became the subject of public controversy when, late in 2005, documents surfaced indicating that CIFA had put together a database that included reports on anti-administration demonstrators including peace activists "Why, yes, I am the CEO of a transnational oil company. How did you know? protesting alleged "war profiteering". Both Pentagon insiders and privacy8 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...experts fear that if CIFA merges with, or, RFID CHIPS FALL PREY TO EASY HACKINGin effect, takes over DSS, there would be aweakening of the safeguards that aresupposed to regulate the release of the T hey can steal your smart card, lift your passport, jack your car, even clone the chip in your arm. And you wont feel a thing. RFID chips are everywhere: companies and labs use them in access keys, Prius ownersestimated 4.5 million security files on use them to start their cars, and retail giants like Wal-Mart have deployed them asdefence-contractor employees currently inventory tracking devices. Drug manufacturers like Pfizer rely on chips to trackcontrolled by DSS. Those files are stored pharmaceuticals. The tags are also about to get a lot more personal: next-generation USin a disused mine in western Pennsylvania. passports and credit cards will contain RFIDs, and the medical industry is exploring the Defence analyst and Washington Post use of implantable chips to manage patients.blogger Bill Arkin, who first brought According to the RFID market analysis firm IDTechEx, the push for digital inventoryallegations about CIFAs domestic spying tracking and personal ID systems will expand the current annual market for RFIDs fromto light, says that in trying to eliminate US$2.7 billion to as much as $26 billion by 2016.waste and better coordinate intelligence Dozens of companies, from Motorola to Philips to Texas Instruments, manufacture theactivities, "we are creating an American chips. The tags work by broadcasting a few bits of information to specialised electronicmilitary secret police that is clearlyacquiring way too much information and readers. Most commercial RFID chips are passive emitters, which means they have noway too much power". onboard battery; they send a signal only when a reader powers them with a squirt of(Source: N e w s w e e k, 14 April 2006, electrons. Once juiced, these chips broadcast their signal indiscriminately within a certain range, usually a few inches to a few feet. Active emitter chips with internal power cannewsweek/) send signals hundreds of feet; these are used in the automatic toll-paying devices that sit on car dashboards, pinging tollgates as autos whiz through. OLD SHIPS LOGBOOKS For protection, RFID signals can be encrypted. The chips that will go into passports, UNLOCK EARTHS MYSTERIES for example, will likely be coded to make it difficult for unauthorised readers to retrieve their onboard information (which will include a persons name, age, nationality andT he Earths magnetic field has weakened by five per cent each century since1840, when the first accurate measurements photo). But most commercial RFID tags dont include security, which is expensive. This leaves most RFIDs vulnerable to cloning or—if the chip has a writable memory area, aswere made. But a new study looking at the many do—data tampering. Chips that track product shipments or expensive equipment,magnetic field strength between 1590 and for example, often contain pricing and item information. These writable areas can be1840 finds the field was relatively stable locked, but often they arent because the companies using RFIDs dont know how theduring that time. chips work or because the data fields need to be updated frequently. Either way, these The modelling of historical magnetic chips are open to was started in the early 1980s by study "The world of RFID is like the Internet in its early stages," says Ari Juels, researchteam member David Gubbins, a researcher manager at the high-tech security firm RSA Labs. "Nobody thought about buildingfrom the University of Leeds, UK. The security features into the Internet in advance, and now were paying for it in viruses andresearchers began with readily available other attacks. Were likely to see the same thing with RFIDs."data like those in the logbooks of famed Take the Future Store. Located in Rheinberg, Germany, the Future Store is the worldsEnglish sailor and explorer, James Cook. pre-eminent test bed of RFID-based retail shopping. All the items in this high-tech Gubbins told LiveScience that they then supermarket have RFID price tags, which allow the store and individual product"progressed to searching archives in manufacturers—Gillette, Kraft, Procter & Gamble—to gather instant feedback on whatsEurope" and also found "50,000 lost 18th- being bought. Meanwhile, shoppers can check out with a single flash of a reader. In Julycentury measurements in the East India 2004, Wired hailed the store as the "supermarket of the future". A few months later,Company archives in London". German security expert Lukas Grunwald hacked the chips. Using the old sailing ships logbooks, Grunwald co-wrote a program called RFDump, which let him access and alter pricewhich recorded magnetic field directions chips using a PDA (with an RFID reader) and a PC card antenna. With the storesuseful in reconstructing field strength, and permission, he and his colleagues strolled the aisles, downloading information fromcombining these records with a global hundreds of sensors. They then showed how easily they could upload one chips data ontomodel of directions, they produced 250 another. "I could download the price of a cheap wine into RFDump," Grunwald says,years worth of measurement data. This recent finding suggests that the "then cut and paste it onto the tag of an expensive bottle."current decline in field strength comes Today, Grunwald continues to pull even more elaborate pranks with chips from thefrom growing and migrating patches of Future Store. "I was at a hotel that used smart cards, so I copied one and put the data intoreverse magnetic flux in the southern my computer," Grunwald says. "Then I used RFDump to upload the room key card datahemisphere. The Earths magnetic field has to the price chip on a box of cream cheese from the Future Store. And I opened my hotelreversed many times. room with the cream cheese!" The findings of this study are detailed in In 1997, ExxonMobil equipped thousands of service stations with SpeedPass, whichthe 12 May 2006 issue of the journal lets customers wave a small RFID device attached to a key chain in front of a pump toScience. pay for gas. Seven years later, three graduate students, using a laptop and a simple RFID(Source: LiveScience, 11 May 2006, broadcasting device, tricked the system into letting them fill up for free from a gas station in Baltimore.0511_magnetic_logs.html) (Source: Wired, 6 May 2006, – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  11. 11. A ustralians reacted with horror and outrage when, on the evening of Sunday 28 April 1996, they learned that over 30 people had been murdered and many others injured in an orgy of violence at the Port Arthur Historic Site (PAHS), Tasmania, one of the nations most venerable historic sites, and at adjacent locations. The alleged perpetrator—a young Caucasian male with long blond hair, named Martin In the 10 years Bryant—was apprehended by police the following morning after he emerged from a burning tourist guest house, Seascape Cottage, which was located a short distance from since the massacre Port Arthur. Bryant instantly became the most vilified individual in Australian history and was at Port Arthur, rapidly enlisted in the serial killers hall of infamy as the worlds second-most-lethal gunman. However, the case—which never went to trial—is full of clues, direct and Tasmania, the indirect, to suggest that Bryant, a 29-year-old man with an IQ of only 66, was framed. authorities continue However, even today, the case is regarded by most people as so delicate that it is considered insensitive to discuss it at all—a perfect means of perpetuating a cover-up, if to ignore concerns ever there was one. that there is no hard Martin Bryants guilt: the problem of lack of evidence Strikingly absent from the recent media coverage of the 10th anniversary of the most evidence to traumatic event in modern Australian history was evidence to support the official claim that Martin Bryant had been responsible for the massacre. implicate Martin The matter of whether Bryant had really been the perpetrator was only touched upon in Bryant as the an interview with Bryants mother, Carleen Bryant, that was published in the Bulletin of 4 April 2006: gunman. "She likes to talk about her boys hair. Its another reason she thinks he has been framed. He had beautiful, shampooed soft hair. Carleen wants to set the record straight. The guy who did it had dark, greasy hair and pocked skin. My Martin has lovely soft baby skin." The writer of the report, Julie-Anne Davies, of course does not raise the subject of whether Carleen Bryant has any evidence to support her claims, simply observing Part 1 of 3 patronisingly that Mrs Bryant "lives in a state of denial". As I will show in this report, however, it is Julie-Anne Davies who is living in a state of denial—as are all Australians who think that Martin Bryant was responsible for the tragedy. There is simply no hard evidence to support this belief. Most Australians, when confronted by the heretical idea that Bryant might not have been the gunman, respond in knee-jerk fashion: "Of course he was! People saw him do it!" In fact, it has never been proven that Bryant was the man "people" saw do it. It was the police and the media, not the eyewitnesses, who identified Bryant as the gunman. by Carl Wernerhoff As we shall see, only two eyewitnesses have ever specifically identified Bryant as the © May 2006 perpetrator, and both of them gave their statements a month later—after they had been influenced by the publicity given to Bryant in the media. Email: If you ignore the media propaganda and study the details of the case, what becomes readily apparent is that there is no evidence that Martin Bryant—alone and to the exclusion Website: of all other young men with long blond hair—executed the massacre. Whats more, there user/95839 are compelling reasons to believe that Bryant could not have done it. As Carleen Bryant told the Bulletin, "He didnt have the brains". Above all, he didnt possess the shooting ability.JUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. Bryants physical appearance estimates. Edwards described him as "22–23 years old". Noble• Age described him as "20–25 years of age". Of the 40-odd persons who survived the shootings inside the Thus no actual witness to the shootings at Port Arthur cited anBroad Arrow Café, only a few provided physical descriptions of age above twenty-five. The only witness who did so (Justinthe gunman. In these, his estimated age is 20 or less. Karen Atkins Noble) cited the figure as the top end of the range, and would beof Sydney told the Australian (29 April 1996) that, very soon after equally comfortable with twenty. It would therefore be accurate tothe shootings, she had spoken to a woman who had met the say that all actual witnesses said that the man was in his late teensgunman in the café. According to this woman—who can be or early twenties.identified as Rebecca McKenna, on account of the content of the Yet at the time of the massacre, Bryant was a few days awayconversation she had with the gunman—he was: "...a young from his 29th birthday and could not reasonably have beenfellow, about 18 or 19. He looked like a surfie. He arrived in a mistaken for anyone under about twenty-seven. This much is clearVolkswagen and he walked into the cafeteria carrying a tennis from a photograph which shows Bryant together with the womanbag." we have been told was his girlfriend: Petra Wilmott. Since the This description could perhaps be dismissed on the grounds that pair reportedly only became romantically involved in Februaryit is second-hand. However, it tallies with the description given by 1996, the photograph had to have been taken within three monthsCarol Pearce. According to of the massacre. Despite its poorPearce, the gunman, whom she quality, it shows Bryants facepassed on her way into the Broad unframed by hair, and so gives aArrow Café, was: "...between very good idea of what he looked18–20 years of age; he had really like at the time. Its obvious fromblonde [sic] hair which was this picture that Bryant was by nocollar length; it was fairly means "a young lad". [Seestraight with a bit of a wave in it. photo A]He was clean-shaven, he was It is also obvious that thoseaverage in height and build." who saw the gunman at closePearces description is distance and who gave theirinvaluable, as it was given on 28 descriptions before anythingApril 1996, the very day of the about Bryants appearance hadmassacre. Like the woman to been made public are to bewhom Atkins spoke—Rebecca considered by far the mostMcKenna, as mentioned reliable. The only eyewitnessesabove—Pearce therefore could who estimated the gunmans agenot have been influenced by the in the upper 20s are witnessesmedia campaign of vilification like Yannis Kateros, who onlyagainst Martin Bryant. No saw him from a considerablepicture of him had as yet been distance, and most of them gavepublished. statements to the police a week The same age-range is or more after the shootings whenspecified by former RAF officer the matter of Bryants age hadGraham Collyer, who was shot already been established by thein the throat inside the café. In Photo A: This photograph of Petra Wilmott and Martyn Bryant media.his untainted witness statement had to have been taken within three months of the massacre. Kateros, who gave histaken on 7 May 1996, Collyer statement on 10 May, estimateddescribed the gunman thus: "He seemed somewhere about 20. He the shooters age as twenty-eight. Is it only a coincidence that thishad long blonde [sic] bedraggled hair, about 3–4 [inches?] below is the same age the media were citing for Bryant?the shoulder. He looked like he might have had a lot of acne. Apitted face. He had scraggly trousers; I dont remember what • Facial featurescolour." Collyer is a valuable witness because, in his statement But there were more than years separating Bryant and the Portfrom a second interview on 8 May, he noted: "I still havent seen Arthur gunman. Only one witness, Rebecca McKenna, got a goodanything in the media about the person who shot me. I have been look at the mans face. (Most witnesses saw very little on accountsedated or sleeping since the shooting." of the long blond hair.) Although there are major problems with On 10 May, Jim Laycock, who was the co-owner of the Port her statement—what kind of physical description omits a referenceArthur Motor Inn at the entrance to the PAHS, told police that the to the persons age?—McKennas description of the gunmansman was in his "low twenties". Another witness, Joyce Maloney, appearance makes disturbing reading for anyone who thinks thattold the police: "I thought he was about 18–22 years old, only a he could have been Bryant:young lad." Betty Daviess described him as a "young male "I would describe this male as follows:- Approximately 173 cmperson". tall. Slim build. Blonde [sic] hair, past his ears, wavy with a part Of the individuals who gave their statements to the police before in the middle. Unshaven dirty looking.the barrage of images of Martin Bryant appeared in the media, "His eyes appeared to be blue... He appeared to be GermanCarmel Edwards, who held the door open for the gunman as he left looking. His eyebrows appeared to be blonde [sic] and bushy. Hethe café to eat his lunch on the balcony, and Justin Noble, a appeared dopey looking, his eyes appeared to be bloodshot. Hismember of the New South Wales police force who said he saw the facial skin appeared to be freckley [sic] and he was pale. His facegunman exiting the café after the shooting, gave the oldest age seemed skinny and withdrawn. His ears were fairly large..."12 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006
  13. 13. It is interesting that while McKennas account of the mans 1996, Bryants hair is very clearly brownish with blond highlightsconversation was widely quoted—he talked about European and streaks. [Photo B] Further doubts about the whiteness ofWASPs and Japanese tourists—her description of his face was not. Bryants hair are raised by the news footage showing BryantPerhaps this is because in no photo does Bryant seem to have arriving at the Royal Hobart Hospital. In frames from this videobushy eyebrows or prominent ears (indeed, his ears seem to be on footage—the last images of the accused man ever captured—it isthe small side). Bryants most memorable facial characteristic is, apparent that he had brownish hair with blond streaks, rather thanin fact, a broad nose with a somewhat bulbous tip—a feature which white or "really blond" hair. (It is also obviously collar length.)is obvious from the photos, but never mentioned by any witnesses. [Photo C] One possibility is that the real gunman had simply Although McKennas description is uniquely detailed, it is at peroxided his hair in an effort to emulate Bryants hair, which mayleast partly corroborated by that of Graham Collyer who, as we have looked white or blond in very strong sunlight.saw, stated that the shooters complexion was acne-scarred.However, Bryants complexion is perfectly smooth, as all available Bryant identified as the gunman?photographs show. In particular, the In terms of the allegation that thephotos taken at Richmond by Petra witnesses have identified Bryant as theWilmott three days before the massacre man they saw shooting at the PAHS, theshow a healthy, ruddy face. Of the 40-odd persons most serious difficulties are raised by McKennas description of the who survived the shootings Jim Laycock in his statement. Laycockgunmans height is certainly odd: she is of outstanding importance in this case,makes an estimate of the gunmans inside the Broad Arrow as he is the one and only witness whoheight that gives an exact figure Café, only a few provided observed the gunman in the act and("approximately 173 cm"). It would be actually knew Bryant. In his policeinteresting to compare this most precise physical descriptions of statement, Laycock—who, as noted"estimate" with Bryants real height, the gunman. earlier, got a good enough look at theexcept that nowhere on record can one man to be able to estimate his age ("lowfind his height specified. If McKennas twenties")—said that he "did notfigure of 173 cm is correct, though, this recognise the male as Martin Bryant".would surely raise questions about whether McKenna had been He stated only that he saw "a blonde [sic] headed person" shootinfluenced by police during the course of giving her statement. Zoe Hall and take Glenn Pears captive. Another witness, Yannis Kateros, said he had never seen the• Hair gunman before. Yet Kateros had lived at Port Arthur since 1991, Another problem for the official story is raised by Bryants hair. and, according to Laycock, Bryant had visited the PAHS on aboutThe photos taken at Richmond show that it was wavy throughout, a dozen occasions in the five-year period between about 1991 andnot "fairly straight with a bit of a wave in it" as Pearce stated. Yet 1995.most witnesses said that the gunmans hair was straight, with a At least two other witnesses have also stated that Bryant was notwave only at the bottom. Witness statements fluctuate between the gunman. These are PAHS Information Centre employeethose that said his hair was collar-length and those that stated that Wendy Scurr, who, according to one report, saw the gunman insideit went down to his shoulders. the centre immediately prior to the attack, and Vietnam War The aforementioned photos of Bryant taken at Richmond raise veteran John Godfrey, who was waiting outside the centre whenquestions about his hair colour. According to one witness, a Mr the shooting commenced. Godfrey viewed the gunman twice. HeWoods, the gunman stood out by virtue of his "white surfie hair saw him drive by and saw him put a bag into the boot of his car.and clothes". Yet in the 25 April 1996 portrait of Bryant that was "In my opinion the picture I saw in the newspapers was not thefeatured on the cover of Who Weekly magazine on 2 November same person," he stated in his police statement taken on 7 June Photo B: Close-up of the Martin Bryant photo, headlined Photo C: Video still photo (left) of Martin Bryant arriving at"Australian Psycho", on the cover of Who Weekly (2 Nov 1996) Royal Hobart Hospital on the morning of 29 April 1996.JUNE – JULY 2006 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. 1996. Wendy Scurr has changed her mind on the subject; she no Hobart Hospital on the day his witness statement was taken, waslonger believes that Bryant was the man she saw that day. never given the opportunity to look at him. On this occasion, a So when people tell me that everyone knows that Bryant "did it" positive ID could have been obtained in a matter of minutes, if thebecause people saw him doing it, I tend to wonder which witnesses police officers taking his statement had really wanted one.they can possibly be referring to. To my knowledge, the only In this regard, it is striking that none of the witnesses whowitnesses who positively identified Bryant as the gunman were showed a tendency not to identify Bryant as the gunman was givenLinda White and Michael Wanders, both persons whose statements the opportunity to pick him out from the police identity board—notwere taken a full month after the shooting, after they had been even NSW police officer Justin Noble, who said that he thought heexposed to plenty of media coverage about the case. could identify the man if shown a photo of him taken from the On 27 May 1996, White viewed the 14 May police photoboard appropriate angle. The fact that Noble was never asked to view theand decided: "Photograph no. 5 in this folder [i.e., Bryant] is the police photoboard implies that Tasmania police anticipated amale who shot us near Port Arthur." However, Whites only reason negative response.for selecting photo no. 5 seems to have been because of the fact A related issue is the uncertainty that surrounds the matter of thethat, in this photo, Bryant appeared to be wearing a top that was gunmans clothing. In no context of which I am aware did the"very similar" to that worn by the gunman. "It could even be the allegations against Bryant ever raise the matter of the items ofsame top," she said. clothing that the gunman had been seen wearing. It is striking that Unfortunately, Whites statement is of no value whatsoever. An there is no consistent evidence as to the colour of the gunmansidentification can scarcely be based upon an item of clothing, clothing; one can only wonder whether witness statements werewhich can obviously be worn by another tampered with to prevent a clear picture fromperson. (Indeed, someone seeking to emerging, for fear that it would raise theimpersonate Bryant would have taken care to question of whether there was any proof thatacquire an item of his clothing, or at least a Bryant had ever owned the items.very similar item.) Whats more, no previous It is only when one realises that Bryant haswitness recalled the gunman wearing the same never been positively identified as the PAHStop as that worn by Bryant in photo no. five. is striking shooter that one begins to understand why aWhite was clearly basing her identification that none of the court trial was never held. If a trial had beenentirely upon a photo she had seen in the held, the authorities would have been in anmedia. witnesses who showed extremely awkward position if some witnesses As for Michael Wanders, in his statement a tendency not to had either denied that Bryant was the man ortaken the same day as Whites, he picked expressed serious doubts about theBryant out from the police photoboard as "the identify Bryant identification. That a trial was avoided meansperson who shot at Linda and I on 28/4/96". as the gunman that such problems were never permitted toUnfortunately, Wanderss identification arise. It is hard not to see why the legalis also of no value. On 28 April 1996, he was given the strategy took the form of coercing Bryanttold the police: "I would not be able to opportunity to into pleading guilty to all 72 chargesidentify the person who shot at us." In against him—a process that took sevenhis statement a month later, he admitted pick him out from months—rather than risk the case goingthat he hadnt been able to "get a good the police identity to trial.enough look at the male to see how oldhe was or what he was wearing". His board. Lack of Bryants fingerprints orstatement suggests that, really, all he had DNA at Port Arthurseen was a male with long blond hair. Martin Bryant is adamant that he neverYet, somehow, his original statement did visited the PAHS on the day of thenot deter him from picking Bryant out massacre. Most Australians—if theyfrom the police photoboard a month later knew of this denial at all—wouldas the man who had shot at him. It is probably dismiss it as a lie. A fact thathard to credit the positive identification should deeply unsettle them is thatof Bryant a month after the attack by a witness who, on the day of neither Bryants fingerprints nor his DNA has ever been found atthe attack itself, told the police explicitly that he would not be able the PAHS. This much has effectively been conceded by Sergeantto identify the gunman. Gerard Dutton, officer in charge of the Ballistics Section of Whites and Wanderss statements prove one thing: not that Tasmania Police, in an article he wrote about the case which wasBryant perpetrated the shootings, but that the laws prohibiting published in the December 1998 Australian Police organisations from publishing photos of accused persons There is no good reason why no evidence of this kind exists. Anbefore they have been tried are sensible ones which ought always obvious source of fingerprints and DNA would have been the foodto be rigorously enforced. tray (with a can of Solo soft drink, a plastic Schweppes cup, food In view of the fact that no serious efforts were ever made to items and eating utensils) that Rebecca McKenna saw the gunmanprevent the media from publishing photos of Bryant, the question eating from immediately prior to the shooting. We know that thehas to be asked whether the police ever wanted the gunman tray was recovered by the police, because it is shown in a policeproperly identified, or whether they colluded with the media in the training video that turned up in a second-hand shop in Septemberrelease of these photos in a deliberate effort to taint the pool of 2004. Although the tray would have contained fingerprints, thumbwitness testimony. Certainly, they seem to have done their best to prints, palm prints, saliva, sweat, skin and possibly hair from theavoid placing Bryant together with eyewitnesses in the same room. shooter, there is no evidence that it yielded anything that cameGraham Collyer, who was on the same floor as Bryant in the Royal from Martin Bryant. The only reason we have heard nothing about14 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2006