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Nexus   1206 - new times magazine Nexus 1206 - new times magazine Document Transcript

  • NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 6 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 UFOs ON CAPITOL HILL—Part 2..............................45 Comments from readers on NEXUS-related topics. An interview by Robert Stanley. The photographerGLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 who captured images of UFO and alien activity on This edition includes reports that key evidence in Capitol Hill in July 2002 reveals stunning details the Lockerbie bombing was faked, and that the about his photo analyses and close encounters. Pentagon is devising scenarios for US martial law. CROP CIRCLES OF 2005.............................................53BRITAINS SECRET WAR IN ANTARCTICA—Part 2....1 1 By Andy Thomas. This years harvest of crop By James Robert. While several high-ranking Nazis circles included bold angular formations, optical would have known about the Antarctic ice haven, illusions and striking developments on previous Grand Admiral Dönitz held the trump card with his themes, while the media were largely in denial. knowledge of U-boat movements. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................60MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, NAZIS & AL-QAIDA......17 This edition, a military nuclear specialist speaks out A speech by John Loftus. Al-Qaida has its roots in on UFOs, a Tunisian astrologer predicts some high- an Arab fascist group that was set up in the 1920s, level assassinations by the end of 2005, and Russian funded by Hitler, used by British, French and scientists are perplexed over anomalous findings at American intelligence after WW II, supported by an ancient Aryan town being excavated in the Urals. the Saudis and reactivated by the CIA. REVIEWS—Books........................................................65PET VACCINATION: INSTITUTIONALISED CRIME...23 "In Defence of Astrology" by Robert Parry By C ather ine ODriscoll. Vaccines can "Twilight in the Desert" by Matthew R. Simmons "Twenty Thirst Century" by John Archer compromise the health of your pet, causing a range "Selling Sickness" by Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels of side effects from allergies to cancer, and annual "Lost Star of Myth and Time" by Walter Cruttenden booster shots are unnecessary and often harmful. "Hair of the Alien" by Bill ChalkerVACCINATIONS: DYNAMICS OF CRITICAL DAYS...29 "Shock to the System" by Catherine ODriscoll "The Men Who Stare At Goats" by Jon Ronson By Dr Viera Scheibner. Babies and young children "From Light into Darkness" by Stephen S. Mehler can have severe adverse reactions at critical "13-Moon Diary..." by Nicole. E. Zonderhuis & Sylvia Carrilho intervals following their shots, and mounting "The Serpent Grail" by Philip Gardiner with Gary Osborn evidence suggests SIDS is linked with vaccinations. "The Shadow of Solomon" by Laurence GardnerMISSING CHAMBERS OF THE GREAT PYRAMID.......35 "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins "Beyond Belief" by Roger Cross and Avon Hudson By James Colmer. According to this new theory developed utilising geometry and 3-D graphics, the REVIEWS—DVDs & Videos.........................................72 Great Pyramid may have an identical but mirrored "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" "The Great Year: How much did the ancients really know?" set of chambers and passageways aligned due "Cereal Worm Holes: Part II – Conduit Closing" south. Together, the two chambers within could create a powerful electric circuit. REVIEWS—Music........................................................73 "In the Heart of the Moon" by Ali F. Touré & Toumani DiabatéSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................41 "The Very Best of North Africa" by various artists In this edition, electrical engineer William J. Beaty "Sleeping Lotus" by Li Xiangting explains the common misconceptions about "static "La Kahena" by Cheb i Sabbah electricity" and suggests fixing the confusion by "Mali" by various artists emphasising terms like "charge imbalance". NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................81–88OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 1
  • EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 6 A s I sit down to write this editorial, an electrical storm is raging overhead, bringing freshly charged rain upon the warm earth along with a rush of perfumed air from the nearby flowering macadamia trees. Yes, springtime in southeast Queensland can be breath - OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 PUBLISHED BY taking, but what a contrast to the hurricane Katrina disaster. NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia. And before you rush to check, there are no hurricane Katrina conspiracy theories in this EDITOR issue—yet. As we go press, we are learning of reports that the levees were deliberately Duncan M. Roads sabotaged. I guess we will hear many more stories, reports and theories, but none of them CO-EDITOR will change the event for those caught up in it. Catherine Simons I notice an increase in the number of people questioning the role of weather warfare in ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR the manipulation of such hurricanes. We certainly do know that weather modification or Ruth Parnell control has been on the research agenda of both military and civilian organisations, but do EDITORS ASSISTANT they know how to "steer" a hurricane, and why would they? Jenny Hawke What people should be just as concerned about is the increased role of the military in an UK OFFICE ADMINISTRATION aggressive posture towards survivors of natural disasters. People are no longer allowed to Marcus Allen help others in need, and it seems we are being trained into thinking that we have to wait and CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE let the "State" handle such disasters—however long that takes. James Robert; John Loftus; Catherine ODriscoll; The papers and the internet blogsites are full of tales about how FEMA and the US mili- Viera Scheibner, PhD; James Colmer; tary are handling the post-Katrina clean-up operation in a callous and hostile manner. William J. Beaty; Robert Stanley; Andy Thomas Survivors report being treated like prisoners and herded like animals into compounds and CARTOONS camps dotted around the state. This is exactly what the Pentagon has directed: it wants to Phil Somerville desensitise the US population to the presence of the military. People are being taught to COVER GRAPHIC obey the State unquestioningly and trust that it is in control of relief work during disasters, John Cook, whether man-made or natural. It is the same in the UK, and I am sure Australia will duti- PRINTING fully follow its UK/USA masters. Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK One of the articles in this edition gives an example of how there is barely a terrorist DISTRIBUTION group out there that is not supported by some government or state institution, and Al-Qaida Seymours, London, UK is no different. This speech about the fascist origins of the Muslim Brotherhood is a must- UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, read for those seeking a modicum of understanding about state-sponsored terrorism. West Sussex, RH19 1BG. American, British and Australian readers should pay careful attention to what the speaker Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 e-mail address: has to say about Wahhabism (and how extreme and unrepresentative of true Islam it is), and Website: note how closely associated our respective "leaders" are with leading Wahhabi figures and with Saudi Arabia—the state sponsor of Wahhabism. EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA Vaccination rears its ugly head twice in this issue. One article details how pet vaccina- Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 tions can cause severe adverse side effects including behavioural changes, cancers and e-mail address: worse. If you have a pet, you must read this article. And if you dont have a pet, then you HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. need to read the second article describing the link between adverse reactions and critical PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. time intervals following immunisations. Read it so you can understand the insanity of Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 injecting vaccines containing neurotoxins like mercury and formaldehyde into babies and e-mail address: young children and then blaming the parents or carers for any brain damage or death that ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza occurs. Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy The article on the "missing" chambers in the Great Pyramid is a beauty. I cant believe Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 e-mail address: no one has done this before, but, using a well-known computer program, the author experi- USA OFFICE – mented with symmetry in the internal layout of the Great Pyramid and is now speculating PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488 that a mirror-image system of chambers and passageways exists. Tel: +1 843 549 5985; Fax: +1 877 349 1928 With lightning still flashing overhead as I write, I am reminded of our article on "static" Email: electricity (if indeed it should even be referred to as that, as youll see when you read the article). You dont have to have a science degree to understand what is being described. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Youll also learn why the famous story about Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity byNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing amassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS flying a kite that got hit by lightning is a dangerous myth.seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to This time of year is when we present photographs of the best crop circles of the Englishassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not summer season, and theres a feast in store for you this issue. There were also significantlinked to any religious, philosophical or political patterns that formed in many other northern hemisphere countries, so this is not just a UKideology or organisation. phenomenon. PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY Still on the unexplained, the interview with the photographer who shot pictures of UFOsWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone over Capitol Hill is a dazzler! The photos available are relevant only in colour, so I recom-caught making a buck out of it, without our express mend you visit the authors website to get the full picture (pardon the pun).permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 20052 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • Letters to the Editor ...Are Nanobacteria Somatids? nuclear weapons tests carried out Australian Government has dictates that there is a corre- Hi, Duncan: In the article on in the Nevada desert between given permission for the use of sponding drop in temperature."The Nanobacteria Link to Heart 1958 and 1963. During the same Lancelin in West Australia, So his inference must be wrongDisease and Cancer" [NEXUS time, Russia was also involved in Shoalwater Bay in Queensland, here.vol. 12, no. 5], it appears that atmospheric testing, and and the Delemere and Bradshaw That the Suns core operates asOlavi Kajander with his Australians suffered the fallout training areas in the Northern a nuclear fusion power plant isnanobacteria joins the long line from testing at Maralinga. Territory. From 10 to 30 June well established, and I am con-of discoverers of Gaston Today there is ample scientific 2005, Operation Talisman Sabre vinced this must be correct. TheNaessenss equivalent somatids. evidence of the cancer and saw the bombing of Shoalwater way I see the solution is that, In Christopher Birds book, The leukaemia clusters that are pre- Bay for 20 days—with no during fusion, a minute fractionPersecution and Trial of Gaston sent in populations that live in requirement for an environmen- of electrons is being destroyedNaessens, Gaston Naessens was close proximity to nuclear power tal impact study or proof that by conversion to neutrinos orable to show a 16-stage pleomor- plants. For example, Dr Chris "depleted" uranium weapons photons, so that electric charge isphic life cycle of these somatids. Busby, secretary of the European were not being used. not fully conserved as physicistsIn the first 17 pages of this book Commission on Radiation Risk, I would like Australian service assume. This would then main-are mentioned some of the earlier reveals that plutonium has been personnel who have served in the tain the core as a sink for nega-discoverers: Antoine Béchamp, measured in autopsy specimens Gulf to contact DUSK (Depleted tive electric charge, so maintain-and, earlier still, Edouard across the UK, in sheep drop- Uranium Silent Killer) to tell ing the Sun as an anode withoutBureau, a palaeontologist who pings and in childrens teeth up their stories. There is also the current having to flow away.discovered tiny round coccoid to 200 kilometres from the possibility of being tested for So, as I see it, Talbott could beforms in a three-billion-year-old Sellafield nuclear power plant. uranium contamination by the right about the Sun acting as anrock formation. On seeing this The Chernobyl meltdown led to UMRC (Uranium Medical anode, without having to aban-information, Gaston Naessens massive radioactive fallout trav- Research Centre) in Toronto, don the idea of the Sun as aremarked to Christopher Bird elling across the globe, resulting Canada. We are also establish- nuclear fusion plant. Some newthat he would like some pieces of in scientifically documented ing a support network across physics could be implied.Moon rock to see if he could find increases in infant leukaemia in Australia for service personnel Ron Pearson, emailsome somatids in them, too. Russia, Scotland, Wales, Greece, and their families. And dare I say that it might be the United States and Germany. Sincerely,time to reprint the first 17 num- Children born to the Chernobyl Pauline Rigby, PO Box 817, PM John Howard – US Servantbered pages of the above book to liquidators showed a sevenfold Maleny Qld 4552, Australia,bring to the publics attention The announcement that John increase in genetic damage. email Howard is the recipient of a topsome of the treatments that the Thousands of tons of radioac-powers that be are denying to the United States of America public tive waste, U-238, is created The Electric and Nuclear Sun service award—namely, thegeneral populace. when uranium is "enriched" for Dear Duncan: David Talbotts highly coveted Woodrow Wilson Your periodical is very much use in nuclear power plants. U- Award for Public Service—hasappreciated, and I regret that I article [NEXUS 12/05] about the 238, or "depleted" uranium, is Sun acting as an anode was very publicly confirmed what one hasam unable to attend the coming highly toxic and a presents a long suspected: that the PrimeSeptember NEXUS Conference thought-provoking as well as storage problem. Since 1943, the being of considerable interest to Minister of Australia is clearly aand hear these marvellous people United States has researched servant of the United States.speak. me. I have seen no other expla- ways to use this radioactive nation for the Suns corona being Australias policies are without Cheerio, material as a weapon of war. Its at a temperature of about doubt formulated in Washington Viv B., Williamstown, South use in "depleted" uranium 1,000,000 degrees K when its and then carried out to the letterAustralia weapons has resulted in the surface is only 6,000 K, so he by our "ever grateful for photo dumping of this radioactive may be onto something. It may opportunities" prime minister,"Depleted" Uranium Dangers waste in somebody elses back- well be that an interstellar elec- who thrives on the false adula- Dear Duncan: I research the yard and the contamination for - tric current is flowing into the tion showered on him bynuclear industry and its impact ever of Afghanistan, Iraq and the Sun from interstellar space as he President George Bush andon communities. All of us face Balkans (following NATO describes, but there is nowhere members of his administration.a radioactive future, despite the bombings). Depleted uranium for the current to flow away. Section 44 (i) of the Australiancover-ups by governments that has a half-life of 4.5 billion He also implies that the Sun is Constitution clearly states thatprotect the interests of three years. Service personnel and cooler inside than at the surface, "Any person who is underinextricably linked processes: civilians who ingest or inhale the owing to the centres of sunspots acknowledgement of allegiance,uranium mining, nuclear power radioactive particles from the being cooler than the surround- obedience or adherence to a for-generation and uranium weapons burning weapons show increased ing surface. Sunspots are like eign power, or is a subject or cit-manufacture. rates of cancer, leukaemia and the hollow vortices formed as the izen or entitled to the rights or It was Dr John Gofman, a once birth defects. bath drains away. However, this privileges of a subject or a citi-senior figure in the nuclear estab- For 60 years, the US used the cooling is readily explained with zen of a foreign power, shall belishment, who stated "the nuclear island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, the temperature increasing with incapable of being chosen or ofindustry is conducting a war as a bombing test range and left a depth in the case of the Sun. sitting as a senator or a memberagainst humanity". US scientist toxic wasteland and a population The inside of a vortex is at a of the House of Representatives".Dr Leuren Moret notes that a with increased rates of cancer. much lower pressure than the The prime ministers trackgeneration of American children Two years ago, they left and outside due to the swirling record of allegiance, obediencewas sacrificed to the 1,200 moved to Australia. The motion, and thermodynamics and adherence to the USA speaks4 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.for itself. His blind obedience heart disease, should suddenly "gravity" applies to a mutual regular exercise uses up a greaterhas seen Australia support the drop dead? magnetic attractive and repulsive amount.USA in unprovoked illegal I say this because I remember force that is generated between Magnesium is found in exten-attacks on two sovereign nations, how, during the 1980s, the CIA all matters of product. sive amounts in nuts, some fruits,thereby breaking the Geneva tried to recruit Uri Geller as an I have established a perceptive green leaves (chlorophyll is aConvention, the United Nations assassin. The idea was that he mathematical solution and magnesium compound), wholeCharter, the ANZUS Treaty and would use PK [psychokinesis] to understanding, proving that grains, shellfish, etc. It wouldthe Australian Constitution. stop a persons heart beating at a "gravity" is a magnetic function take quite a while to redress theUnder his leadership Australia, distance. Very honourably, stemming from the internal imbalance by diet, so, for anin support of the USA, has Geller refused to have anything atomic structure, and is the older person deficient in magne-refused to ratify the Kyoto to do with it. (The first intended architect of this magnetic field. sium, taking a supplement of upTreaty, declined to sign up for victim was Yuri Andropov, the It is now possible to establish a to 1 gram per day would correctthe International Criminal Court, then Soviet dictator.) moon or planets magnetic it quicker.refused to support a United As a former foreign secretary, influence effect, knowing only Milk is designed for babies andNations resolution condemning Cook certainly knew where some three factors: (1) the orbital young children who require aIsraels Wall, and allowed the of the bodies were buried, and it centre-to-centre distances, (2) higher intake of calcium. AboutUSA to hold two Australians is possible that he might have their orbital time in seconds, and the age of seven or eight, theprisoner at Guantánamo Bay for been considering spilling a few (3) their chemical composition. bodys requirements change to anyears without any effort to have beans in his various newspaper In the light of this fresh increased need for magnesium.them freed. articles. Also, the thought of understanding, the book explains In countries where milk or milk Thats why he has received this Cook becoming foreign secretary the reality of why the accepted products are an important part ofaward. Hes a good and faithful again under Gordon Brown must value of "gravity" is lower at the the adult diet and the consump-public servant to the USA. have caused some shivers in equator. For Newton to declare tion of green leaves, etc. may be Michael M. Washington. that our Moon is applying a pull- low, an imbalance would very Remember the circumstances in down force, and that this force is easily arise. which Dr David Kelly died (and responsible for our high tides, is I find it extraordinary that med-Crop Circle Clarification I dont just mean the cut wrists fundamentally wrong. Actually, ical researchers ignore diet to the Dear Duncan: I was concerned without any blood, the two tame this effect is happening because extent exemplified in the read in Freddy Silvas other- pathologists, etc.)? Kelly knew our Moons magnetic force I was saved from a serious heartwise excellent article, "Does that Blair had deceived lowers the Earths opposing attack and probable death someSound Create Crop Circles?" Parliament and the nation over magnetic force-field flux. The years ago by taking magnesium[12/05], that in the section subti- Iraqs alleged weapons of mass oceans flow into this lower tablets. The best heart specialisttled "Ultrasound" he had written destruction (i.e., he knew that magnetic zone. in the area had put me onto yetthat "One long-time sufferer of Blair was a bare-faced liar rather Likewise, our climate change is another beta-blocker, to noParkinsons disease stopped than an overenthusiastic inter- explained and is undergoing an effect—but within four hours ofshaking". preter of equivocal intelligence). alteration to its once reliable taking a magnesium tablet ,my Unfortunately, this may mis- His exposure by Blair and sequence of the expected severe palpitations stopped,lead readers into believing that Campbell to get at the BBC had seasonal conditions. never to return. I got the infor-the cure was permanent. This angered him, perhaps so much so Thomas T. S. Watson, tele- mation from a health book. Nowas not the case. The source is that he was preparing to go pub- phone +61 (0)3 5278 7628, email medical person ever mentioned itmine, and this happened to a lic with what he knew. to me.friend of mine. In my article I Angus J. H., UK Sincerely,wrote: "She experienced a tem - Jim W., Tanilba Bay, NSWp o r a r y but wonderful physical Calcium–Magnesium Balancerespite from her exhausting and Gravity as a Magnetic Function Regarding your article (12/05)continuous shaking after sitting To NEXUS readers: My manu- on a nanobacterial link to heart Elanra Therapeutic Ioniserin the centre of the Torus Knot at script, "A Fresh Approach to disease and cancer, particularly Thank you for alerting me toAlton Priors for 20 minutes. Magnetism", is waiting for a regarding calcification, there was this wonderful product. MySubsequently, she did not shake review publisher to make this no mention of the need for a baby daughter Kate who has CFfor 24 hours." There was no book available in the public calcium–magnesium balance of (cystic fibrosis) survived thepermanent cure. domain. 2:1 in the adult diet. If the winter without a single infection, At this time, my presentation is magnesium level is too low, the despite Canberra having a terri- Kind regards, by inkjet printing and I have not body cannot use all the calcium ble flu virus and a huge number Lucy Pringle (author, aerial of children with croup. She wasphotographer, researcher and lec- been successful because of the and it will deposit it in the soft cost involved. I am asking for tissues, including arteries and not hospitalised at all duringturer), UK, website http:// winter—the specialist just cant support in this freshly develop- joints. Dairy products are up believe it. ing, challenging period of scien- 8:1 calcium to magnesium, and tific understanding for our future the regular use of them over a She has grown so much and putRobin Cooks Suspicious Death generations to study. number of years can cause the on so much weight, she is in the Does it not seem odd to you On 25 July, I made my final imbalance. 95-percentile range for her agethat Robin Cook, a 59-year-old breakthrough that shows Frequent use of alcohol and/or for "normal" children. Anman with no history of heart dis- Newtons gravity law and vitamin C supplements will also absolute miracle!ease and with no conspicuous magnetic concept are wrong. use up more than the normal Regards,factors which put him at risk of From my point of view, the term requirement. Even strenuous L.D., Canberra, ACT, AustraliaOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 5
  • ISRAELI HEALTH EPA UNIONS CALL FOR MINISTRY ISSUES FLUORIDATION WARNING ON SOY MORATORIUMS cientists, doctors and nutritionists who havewarned that soy is not a health E leven Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employee unions representing overfood and poses special risks to 7,000 environmental and publicinfants and children received health professionals of the Civilsupport this week from the Service have called for aIsraeli Health Ministry, which moratorium on drinking waterissued a health advisory fluoridation programs across therecommending that soy foods be country, and have asked EPAeaten only in moderation. management to recognise fluoride "The Jerusalem Post (July 20) as posing a serious risk of causingreports that the Israeli Health cancer in people.Ministry strongly recommended The unions acted following reve-that consumption of soy foods be lations of a cover-up of evidencelimited for young children and from Harvard School of Dentaladults and that soy formula be Medicine, linking fluoridation withavoided altogether by infants," elevated risk of a fatal bone cancersaid Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD. in young boys. Dr Daniel noted that there are The unions sent letters to keyhundreds of studies linking soy foods and tive problems. They strongly urged that congressional committees, asking Congresssoy infant formula to digestive problems, consumption of soy foods be minimised to legislate a moratorium pending a reviewthyroid dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, until absolute safety has been proven. of all the science on the risks and benefitsdementia, reproductive disorders and even "The Israeli Health Ministrys recom- of fluoridation.cancer. mendations are in accord with those made The letters cited the weight of evidence "The Israeli Ministry took this matter by the United Kingdoms Chief Medical supporting the classification of fluoride asvery seriously and based its advice upon Officer and the British Dietetic a likely human carcinogen; it includesthe conclusions reached by a 13-member Association, both of which have alerted other epidemiology results similar to thosecommittee of nutritionists, oncologists, pediatricians and parents to use soy infant in the Harvard study, animal studies, andpediatricians and other specialists who formula only in unusual circumstances," biological reasons why fluoride canspent more than a year examining the evi- said Dr Daniel. reasonably be expected to cause the bonedence. The committee concluded that the (Source: News release from Kaayla T. cancer—osteosarcoma—seen in youngestrogen-like plant hormones in soy can Daniel, PhD, CCN, July 26, 2005, boys and test animals.cause adverse effects on the human body,; J e r u s a l e m The letter to EPA administrator Stephenincluding cancer promotion and reproduc- Post, July 20, 2005) Johnson asked him to issue a public warning in the form of an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, setting the health- based drinking water standard for fluoride at zero, as it is for all known or probable human carcinogens, pending a recommendation from a National Academy of Sciences National Research Council committee. The unions also asked Congress and the EPAs enforcement office, or the Department of Justice, to look into reasons why the Harvard study director, Chester Douglass, failed to report the sevenfold increased risk seen in the work he oversaw, and instead wrote to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the federal agency that funded the Harvard study, saying there was no link between fluoridation and osteosarcoma. Douglass sent the same negative report to the National Research Council commit- "Yeah, Im completely lost in the desert. The good news is...I landed a job." tee studying possible changes in EPAs drinking water standards for fluoride.6 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ... The unions who signed the letters repre- "munchausen syndrome by proxy" crossover votes by registered Democrats insent EPA employees from across the (MSBP) and used this against parents in Florida did not increase over 2000, and henation, including laboratory scientists, reg- many child protection cases, despite the lost ground among registeredulatory support scientists and other work- fact that the diagnosis was not Independents, dropping 15 points.ers at EPA headquarters in Washington, scientifically based and was merely his We also know that Bush "won" Ohio byDC. The unions letter is online at web- own conjecture. 51–48%, but statewide results were notpage Unfortunately, the media have largely matched by the court-supervised handfluoridesummary.htm. ignored evidence suggesting that adverse count of the 147,400 absentee and provi-(Source: Fluoride Action Network, August side effects of vaccinations may be sional ballots in which Kerry received25, 2005, via responsible for the deaths of children 54.46% of the vote. In Cuyahoga County,html) whose parents are accused of MSBP or of Ohio, the number of recorded votes was causing shaken baby syndrome (SBS).] more than 93,000 greater than the number PROFESSOR SIR ROY MEADOW (Source: BBC News, July 15, 2005, http:// of registered voters. DEREGISTERED IN UK More importantly, national exit pollsT he UK General Medical Council (GMC) has struck off paediatricianProfessor Sir Roy Meadow over the Also see Michael Notts "Justice out of Balance" in NEXUS 11/06, and Dr Viera Scheibners "Vaccinations and the Dynamics showed Kerry winning in 2004. However, it was only in precincts where there were no paper trails on the voting machines that"misleading" evidence he gave in the Sally of Critical Days" in this edition.) the exit polls ended up being differentClark case. This action came after the from the final count.GMC announced it had found Meadow WIDESPREAD VOTING MACHINE According to Dr Steve Freeman, aguilty of serious professional misconduct FRAUD IN 2004 US ELECTION statistician at the University ofwhich was "fundamentally unacceptable". Meadow had stood by his evidence, butadmitted his use of statistics at Mrs Clarks N ew research compiled by Dr Dennis Loo with the University of Cal Poly Pomona now shows that extensive manip- Pennsylvania, the odds are 250 million to one that the exit polls were wrong by chance. In fact, where the exit polls1999 trial was "insensitive". Mrs Clark ulation of non-paper-trail voting machines disagreed with the computerised outcomes,was convicted of murdering her two sons occurred in several states during the 2004 the results always favoured Bush—anotherand spent three years in prison, but was presidential election. statistical impossibility.exonerated in 2003 after an appeal. In 2004, Bush far exceeded the 85% of There is now strong statistical evidence Frank Lockyer—Mrs Clarks father, who registered Florida Republican votes that he of widespread voting machine manipula-brought the case—broke down in tears as got in 2000, receiving more than 100% of tion occurring in US elections since 2000.he welcomed the verdict. the registered Republican votes in 47 out Coverage of the fraud has been reported "The GMC has applied the ultimate of 67 Florida counties, 200% of registered in independent media and on various web-sanction to the doctor who played such a Republicans in 15 counties, and over sites. The information is not secret. But ithuge part in my daughters conviction," he 300% of registered Republicans in four certainly seems to be a taboo subject forsaid. "Now perhaps we, as a family, can counties. the US corporate media.put the last seven years of hell behind us Bush managed these remarkable out- (Source:, August 13,and move on." comes despite the fact that his share of the 2005, Mrs Clark was eventually freed after itbecome apparent that another witness ather trial, pathologist Alan Williams, hadfailed to disclose key medical evidence. The chair of the GMC panel consideringMeadows case said it was vital that thepublic had confidence in the expertsbrought before the court—and that is whyMeadow had to be deregistered, ratherthan be given a lesser penalty. Meadow gave evidence as an expertwitness in the trials of parents accused ofkilling their children. As well as SallyClark, the accused included: AngelaCannings, who served 18 months afterbeing wrongly convicted of killing her twosons; Donna Anthony, who served sixyears after being wrongly convicted ofkilling her son and daughter; and TruptiPatel, cleared of killing three of herchildren. [Editors note: In 1977, Meadow cameup with a profile which he calledOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 7
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ... BIZARRE LIGHTNING STRIKE potent charge over a larger area. By analysing the minute changes in trav- TO BE STUDIED But Ron Holle, a meteorologist who elling times and wave shapes for each dou-A National Weather Service expert in Phoenix, Arizona, will investigate apowerful lightning strike that "sounded like studies lightning for Global Atmospherics Inc. in Tucson, isnt convinced yet that the strike was positive. "It could have been a blet, the researchers concluded that the Earths inner core is rotating faster than its surface by about 0.3–0.5 degrees per year.dynamite exploding", damaging 13 homes lightning flash with multiple return The difference in rotation of the innerin Central Mesa recently. strokes," he said. "Between the strokes, core could, in turn, affect the Earths rota- "This is beyond the norm," meteorologist there is a continuing current, and it doesnt tion and have implications for satellites,David Runyan said. "Its bizarre. It stop. We have no idea why it happens." rockets and spaceships.intrigues us. We will seek some means to (Source: Arizona Republic, Aug 11, 2005) (Source: Science, August 26, 2005)understand it a little more." The lightning bolt drawing all the atten- EARTHS CORE ROTATES FASTER KEY LOCKERBIE BOMBINGtion caused extensive damage to a home in THAN ITS SURFACE EVIDENCE WAS FAKEDEast Seventh Avenue as its charge sped toother structures through undergroundwiring and wet soil. T he core of the Earth is spinning faster than the planets surface, according to a new study. The finding is based on analy- A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bomb- Local firefighters, who have seen the ses of earthquake pairs that occur at rough- ing trial was fabricated.aftermath of other lightning strikes over the ly the same spot on Earth but at different The retired officer, of assistant chief con-years, said they have never witnessed any- times. On seismic recording instruments, stable rank or higher, has testified that thething like the effects of the East Seventh the earthquake signatures from waveform CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuitAvenue strike. doublets, as they are called, look nearly board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the The forces intense heat exploded under- identical. 1989 mass murder of 270 people.ground wires including television cable When earthquakes strike, their seismic The police chief, whose identity has notnear the home, erupted through the soil and waves can travel through the planet and yet been revealed, gave the statement tospewed dirt and debris like volcanic ash surface all over the globe. lawyers representing Abdelbaset Aliagainst homes, trees and parked vehicles. The researchers analysed 18 sets of Mohmed Al-Megrahi, currently serving aAreas around brass doorknobs and locks waveform doublets—some separated in life sentence in Greenock Prison. The evi-were scorched. time by up to 35 years—from earthquakes dence will form a crucial part of Al- Randall Cerveny, an assistant professor occurring off the coast of South America Megrahis attempt to have a retrial orderedof meteorology at Arizona State but which were recorded at seismic stations by the Scottish Criminal Cases ReviewUniversity, indicated the area could have near Alaska. Commission (SCCRC). The claims pose abeen hit by a "positive" strike, which is They speculated that if the Earths inner potentially devastating threat to the reputa-extremely rare and powerful. core is rotating faster than the rest of the tion of the entire Scottish legal system. Scientists say positive strikes deliver planet, then shock waves from waveform The officer, who was a member of themuch more voltage than the negative bolts doublets will enter and exit through differ- Association of Chief Police Officersthat occur 90 to 95 per cent of the time in ent parts of the core, despite originating Scotland, is supporting earlier claims by astorms across the country. from roughly the same spot on the planets former CIA agent that his bosses "wrote the Positive strikes also tend to spread their surface. script" to incriminate Libya. The decision of a former Scottish police chief to back this claim could add enor- mous weight to what has previously been dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory. It has long been rumoured that the fragment was planted to implicate Libya for political reasons. Following the trial, legal observers from around the world, including senior United Nations officials, expressed disquiet about the verdict and the conduct of the proceed- ings at Camp Zeist, Holland. A source close to Al-Megrahis defence team said: "Britain and the US were telling the world it was Libya, but in their private communications they acknowledged that they knew it was the Syrian-led Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine– General Command (PFLP–GC). (Source: The Scotsman, August 28, 2005, "Their schedule for infiltrating society seems to be moving along briskly." 855852005)8 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ... EUROPEAN UNION DIRECTIVES PENTAGON DEVISING SCENARIOS FOR MARTIAL LAW IN USA ON DATA RETENTIONT he European Commission has finally produced its draft directive on data A ccording to a report published on August 8th by the Washington Post, the Pentagon has developed its first-ever war plans for operations within the continental United States, in which terrorist attacks would be used as the justification for imposing martialretention. According to the Commission, law on cities, regions or the entire country.all fixed and mobile telephony traffic and The front-page article cites sources working at the headquarters of the militaryslocation data from all private and legal per- Northern Command (Northcom) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The planssons should be stored for one year. Data themselves are classified, but "officers who drafted the plans" gave details to Postabout communications "using solely the reporter Bradley Graham, who was recently given a tour of Northcom headquarters atinternet protocol" should be stored for six Peterson Air Force Base. The article thus appears to be a deliberate leak conducted formonths. the purpose of desensitising the American population to the prospect of military rule. The Commission does not mention a full According to Graham: "[T]he new plans provide for what several senior officersIP logfile from every ISP to trace every acknowledged is the likelihood that the military will have to take charge in some situa-incoming and outgoing communication, tions, especially when dealing with mass-casualty attacks that could quickly overwhelmbut limits the demands to IP address, the civilian resources".computer internal MAC address, user The Post account declares: "The war plans represent a historic shift for the Pentagon,name, email addresses and a logfile of which has been reluctant to become involved in domestic operations and is legally con-every sent and received email. strained from engaging in law enforcement." The operators of mobile telephony surely A total of 15 potential crisis scenarios are outlined, ranging from "low-end", whichwont be pleased with the proposal to store Graham describes as "relatively modest crowd-control missions", to "high-end", after asSMS traffic data for one year, nor with the many as three simultaneous catastrophic mass-casualty events, such as a nuclear, biolog-obligation to keep detailed location data, ical or chemical weapons attack. In each case, the military would deploy a quick-reac-including mapping cell IDs to the geo- tion force of as many as 3,000 troops per attack—i.e., 9,000 total in the worst-case sce-graphical location of the caller, for one nario. More troops could be made available as needed.year. The Post quotes a statement by Admiral Timothy J. Keating, head of Northcom: "In(Source: European Digital Rights my estimation, [in the event of] a biological, a chemical or a nuclear attack in any of theInternational [EDRI], no. 3.15, 27 July 2005, 50 states, the Department of Defense is best positioned to take the lead." The Pentagon is acutely conscious of the potential political backlash as its role incommission) future security operations becomes known. Graham writes: "Military exercises code-named Vital Archer, which involve troops in RENEWED SPECULATIONS lead roles, are shrouded in secrecy. By contrast, other homeland exercises featuring ABOUT RFID IN EURO NOTES troops in supporting roles are widely publicized."T he September edition of the German industry magazine Die Bank containsrenewed speculation about the introduction He adds: "When it comes to ground forces possibly taking a lead role in homeland operations, senior Northcom officers remain reluctant to discuss specifics. Keating said such situations, if they arise, probably would be temporary, with lead responsibilityof spy-chips in the Euro banknotes. passing back to civilian authorities [emphasis added]." The article discusses three possible new The reality is that the military brass is intensely interested in monitoring political dis-measures against the counterfeiting of the sent because its domestic operations will be directed not against a relative handful ofnotes: a new biological paint, a colour- Islamic fundamentalist terrorists—who have not carried out a single operation inside theswitch foil, and the introduction of RFIDs United States since September 11, 2001—but against the democratic rights of the(radio-frequency identification devices) on American people.every note. The Hitachi Mu-chip, with its The plans of Northcom have their origins not in the terrible events of 9/11, but in0.18 micron size, is mentioned as a likely longstanding concerns in corporate America about the political stability of the Unitedcandidate, though the current price of States. This is a society increasingly polarised between the fabulously wealthy elite atapprox. seven eurocents per chip might be the top, and the vast majority of working people who face an increasingly difficult strug-prohibitive. gle to survive. The nightmare of the American ruling class is the emergence of a mass The article also mentions a new inven- movement from below that challenges its political and economic domination.tion by Philips to integrate the chip in the As for the claims that these military plans are driven by genuine concern over thepaper completely. The chip would work by threat of terrorist attacks, these are belied by the actual conduct of the American rulingstoring a 38-digit number that cannot be elite since 9/11. The Bush administration has done everything possible to suppress anychanged later, containing both the uniqueserial number and data about the origin of investigation into the circumstances of the attacks on the World Trade Center and thethe note. The metal strip on every note Pentagon—most likely because its own negligence, possibly deliberate, would becould function as an antenna. exposed. To function properly, all current notes The anti-terrorism scare has a propaganda purpose: to manipulate the American peo-(8.2 billion) would have to be replaced and ple and induce the public to accept drastic inroads against democratic rights. As theevery citizen should have access to readers. Pentagon planning suggests, the American working class faces the danger of some form(Source: EDRI, no. 3.17, 24 August 2005, of military–police dictatorship in the United States. (Source: By Patrick Martin, World Socialist Web Site, via Asian Tribune, August 10, 2005,RFID) show_article.php?id=262)OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 9
  • Britains Influential Captures W ith British forces controlling northern Germany and the ports that went with their sector at the end of World War II, there was a strong likelihood of their capturing most of the Nazi hierarchy. They were also ideally placed because Russia was more interested in Berlin, and the While some vast US forces were stationed mainly in southern Germany where they had been sent to investigate the supposed "Redoubt". Even so, four years before the end of the war, high-ranking Nazis Britain had managed to apprehend the Deputy Führer of the Third Reich, Rudolph Hess, and he was arguably the most knowledgeable of all the Nazis at that juncture. would have known Rudolph Hess landed in Scotland on 10 May 1941 and asked to meet the Duke of about the haven Hamilton. His plans for peace talks were quickly rebutted, and so began his 46-year incarceration. Hesss imprisonment is one of the most widely discussed mysteries of created in the ice in the war. Some claim he was imprisoned because of the damage any revelations he possessed would inflict on the British monarchy. Others claim that Britains refusal Neuschwabenland, of his peace proposal led to the nations huge losses territorially, materially, financial- ly and emotionally; because of his silencing, the British people never heard the peace after Hitlers death terms or learned how beneficial they may have proved. However, as Christof Friedrich claims, 9 some believe that "Hess was entrusted with the all-important it was Grand Antarctic file"; but whether this was a paper file or a mental note, one thing is for cer- tain: Hess, Deputy Führer, would have known everything about the Nazis Antarctic Admiral Dönitz intentions. who held the trump Though Hess was dismissed by both Hitler and the British Government as "insane", 10 surely Hesss insanity would have restricted his ability in his numerous card with his roles in the Nazi Party and Government. Yet Hess was chief of the Auslandsorganisation, Commissar for Foreign Policy, Commissar for All University knowledge of Matters and University Policy, Commissar for All Technological Matters and Organisation, and also head of the Office for Racial Policy. 11 Hess, in laymans terms, U-boat movements. had his "finger in every pie". Rudolph Hess was also an active member of the Thule Society, and his interest in Antarctica would have been on both personal and professional levels. Hess, a keen aviator, used his position in both the Nazi Party and the Thule Society to meet Richard Byrd when he lectured the personnel who were heading for the Antarctic with Part 2 of 3 the Deutsche Antarktische Expedition (German Antarctic Expedition) in 1938, and through his channels Hess would have known everything that had been discovered in Neuschwabenland. Byrd, a living legend throughout the world for being the first man to fly over both the north and south poles, was possibly the most well-informed polar explorer ever, and he divulged his vast knowledge and details of his exploits to the Nazis. Byrds advice in his lecture and ultimately the Nazis successful expedition to claim Neuschwabenland may have given the Nazis conviction enough to establish a viable by James Robert © 2005 Antarctic base. Hesss flight and eventual capture a few years after the Deutsche Antarktische Expedition meant that plans would have been underway. His enviable Email: position as Deputy Führer and his close affiliation with the Thule Society which spon- sored the expedition meant, as Canadian journalist Pierre van Paasen claimed shortly after Hesss flight, that "[t]here was no major military plan and secret of the Third Reich of which he was unaware". 12 Of his 46 years in prison, Hess spent the first four totally under British jurisdiction.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 11
  • The secrets he gave away in those four years, though made no difference to the validity or invalidity of any researchdismissed officially as "lunacy" by the British Government and or evidence the Nuremberg Trials, were taken seriously in some Himmler evaded the hangmans noose by a cyanide capsule,quarters—particularly after Britain had caught more of and Göring also used a cyanide capsule on the eve of hisGermanys most powerful Nazis at the end of the war. execution. Could the pills have been supplied by BritainsUnfortunately, with Hess being imprisoned until his suspicious SOE in return for information? Hess, Himmler and Göring"suicide" in 1987 at the age of ninety-seven, 13 all records about were all able to commit "suicide" whilst in custody—two ofhim are locked firmly away under the UK Official Secrets Act them being firmly in British custody at the time. All threeand will be for the foreseeable future. Only circumstantial "suicides" have an aura of mystery surrounding them,evidence can be used to gauge how much or how little Hess especially since the three men would have had someknew about the Antarctic haven. knowledge to share about Antarctica. Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS, was captured on Hermann Göring, though captured by US forces, still had a23 May 1945 by the British. Though he managed to kill him- fair deal of knowledge about the German Antarctic expeditionsself with a cyanide capsule and thus evade interrogation, his of 1938–39 and 1939–40, for it was he who commemorated theentourage did not have that luxury. Himmler was denounced first expedition with a medal and bragged to the world aboutas a traitor by Hitler for trying to make the "German success". 17peace with the US and Britain. But as Göring was the Nazi Partys number twoHimmler had nothing to bargain with and for so long, but he managed to cheat deathhis heinous past meant certain execution, and justice in the most mysterious of cir-could he still have offered the British infor- cumstances. Born into affluence as a son ofmation that they desired in the hope of The SS Ahnenerbe a colonial officer, Göring became one ofescape or, at worst, a chance to evade the missions which Germanys World War I air aces and endedhangman? up highly decorated. He joined the Nazi Unfortunately for him, with no chance of Himmler authorised Party in 1923 and took part in the Putsch,a reprieve and with Dönitz being appre- in pursuit of the where he established himself in Hitlershended the same day, Himmler became an favour but also received a groin injury. Asirrelevance; and with his "disgust" at being "ancestral Aryan legacy" a result of this injury, Göring becametreated as just a lowly soldier, he to such remote places addicted to profound consequences. that morphine—an addictionannounced who he was before inducing his would havedeath. Britain nevertheless more than as Tibet, Egypt and Görings marriage to a wealthy andlikely gained all the knowledge thatHimmler possessed by interrogating Iraq, and even as influential woman helped him consoli- date his position amongst the elite.his entourage exhaustively. Whatever close by as the Channel His connections to the upper classesknowledge Himmler had wished toshare, was shared—and without the Islands, brought in an assisted the Nazi Party far more bene- ficially than any parades. In 1932,British having to keep one the vilest inestimable amount Göring was elected Speaker of themen in Europe in their custody. Reichstag but, despite his popularity, Himmler, labelled a "half crank, half of research. he was making enemies because of hiss c h o o l m a s t e r " 14 by Albert Speer, had self-obsession, ambition and greed.managed to rise from being a lowly He became one of Germanys richestpoultry farmer to becoming the most men, virtually all his wealth plunderedfeared, reviled man in Europe because from victims of the Nazis. In 1936, heof his system of terror, which made reached the pinnacle of his career inmass murder an industry, and because the Nazi Party when he becameof his faithful paramilitary SS who ensured "loyalty" and Hitlers heir apparent. Yet his popularity had not yet peaked:"obedience" to the Nazi State. he would have to wait until the early German success in The SS Ahnenerbe missions which Himmler authorised in deploying the Blitzkrieg against Poland for that short-livedpursuit of the "ancestral Aryan legacy" to such remote places honour. But, his addiction was starting to plague his judge-as Tibet, Egypt and Iraq, and even as close by as the Channel ment and standing amongst the elite.Islands, brought in an inestimable amount of research. And The early German victories saw Göring rise in Hitlers esti-though the 1938 Deutsche Antarktische Expedition was firmly mation, but Hitlers fickle temperament was due to change.under Hermann Görings control, Himmler was indeed more When Görings Luftwaffe failed to win the Battle of Britainthan interested in the findings of the expedition and the possi- despite having superior numbers, Göring fell out of favour. Hebility of discovering an entrance to the fabled Hollow Earth— then found solace only in his morphine and his vast, plunderedso much so that he surely would have demanded to have been wealth.informed for the sake of furthering the Aryan legacy myth. By 1943, Göring was no longer part of the top Nazi leader- Even so, how much Himmler knew that was not already ship; he was heavily addicted, a virtual recluse and drasticallyknown by British Intelligence at the end of the war is out of favour. Any knowledge about Nazi survival plans thatdebatable, though invaluable to the Allies and Britain in he would have been privy to would have been disputable, but itparticular were the results of the numerous SS Ahnenerbe is highly likely that he would have been able to divulge to USmissions. Even though Dr Ernst Schäfer, who led the Tibet Intelligence enough about Antarctica, learned from his timeExpedition, claimed that "Himmler had some very strange amongst the elite, to have compelled the United States to con-ideas"15 and also that "[t]hey all dabbled in the occult", 16 this sider the possibility of a Nazi base on Antarctica and to take12 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • action. Moreover, the Americans would have heard rumours Dönitzs promotion were known. However, his promotion alsoabout what the British had discovered. meant that he was ideally placed to assist the Nazis in their The first Antarctic summer after the completion of the plans to escape Europe.Nuremberg Trials saw Operation Highjump launched; but it is Tried as a war criminal alongside the rest of the Nazi hierar-quite possible that the Americans missed the boat because the chy, Dönitz was given a reprieve from the death sentence andthen most well informed Nazi, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, instead was sentenced to serve 10 years in Spandau Prison inhad already been interrogated extensively by the British. Berlin. Throughout his trial, Dönitz claimed that he had onlyCould a secret deal have been struck between Dönitz and fought in a legal war and that he was ignorant of any NaziBritain? When we look at the facts, it is more than conceiv- "atrocities" committed. He also claimed to have no knowledgeable that a deal was indeed struck. of the "Final Solution". Albert Speer loathed Nazism and was comprehensively remorseful of his part in the Third Reich, yetGrand Admiral Dönitz: Key to he received 20 years! Dönitz, on thethe Antarctic Haven other hand, wanted his navy to be I believe I fought for a just cause Those who committed suicide totally behind the Nazi movement, and I refused to run away from my responsibilities when t h e in Germanys final collapse so much so that he issued a direc- tive on 14 February 1944, ordering Nazis, shortly after their final and those who stood at his naval officers not just to accept collapse, offered to convoy me but to embrace Nazism: aboard a submarine to safe Nuremberg did so knowing "The whole officer corps must be refuge [emphasis added]. that if they had fled they so i n d o c t r i n a t e d that it feels itself — Major Vidkun Quisling, co-responsible for the Nationalist Nuremberg, 1945 would have compromised Socialist State in its entirety . The any secret bases or havens officer is the exponent of the State. Grand Admiral Dönitz had taken The idle chatter that the officer isover the leadership of Nazi around the world. non-political is sheer nonsenseGermany, and every U-boat, ship, [emphasis added]." 18boat and port still held by the Germans Dönitzs light prison sentence isafter Hitlers death was under his command. He would have strange in view of his unbridled passion for Nazism, but hisbeen the perfect successor to orchestrate a tactical escape—an directive also contravened virtually every rule amongst theescape that would ensure that the German deaths and the German armed forces. The armys leadership and, to an extent,research undertaken were not in vain and, in short, that would the Luftwaffe steered clear of politics and focused primarily onenable the seeds of a Fourth Reich to disperse. the war, but Dönitz asserted that to be "non- political" is "sheer Many Nazis chose to stay and meet certain death, in spite of nonsense". His plea for loyalty could explain the unaccounted-the Kriegsmarine having the largest submarine fleet in the for U-boats and why so many were seen in the months andAtlantic and the navys willingness to continue the fight from years after the war had ended—especially in light of whatNorway; it was not that they had nowhere to flee, but many Albert Speer noted on 10 December 1947 in Spandau Prison:yearned for martyrdom and knew that a greater scheme was "For all his personal integrity and dependability on thebeing implemented: the emergence of a Fourth Reich. human plane, Dönitz has in no way revised his view of Hitler . Quisling wanted to die as a Nazi and showed no remorse, To this day, Hitler is still his commander-in-chief [emphasisjust as those who were hung at Nuremberg had. Their assured- a d d e d ] . " 19ness came from a warped view that they would be deemed In Hitlers final political statement, he called for all Nazismartyrs. Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and numerous other high- "not to give up the struggle in any circumstances, but to carryranking Nazis committed suicide—and taking ones own life it on wherever they may be against the enemies of thehas been the norm throughout history when the battle is lost Fatherland". Hitler then named his successor after denouncingand only public humiliation and execution are certain. Göring and Himmler as traitors: "I appoint Grand Admiral Those who committed suicide in Germanys final collapse Dönitz as President of the Reich and Supreme Commander ofand those who stood at Nuremberg did so knowing that if they the Wehrmacht."20had fled they would have compro-mised any secret bases or havens aswell as the expatriot communitiesthat flourished in South Americaand throughout the world. Thechances of a Fourth Reich mani-festing with so many high-profileNazis in hiding were minimal, andthe Germans, meticulous and dili-gent as ever, knew that fact.Sacrifices had to be made. Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz,Second Führer of Nazi Germany,and his government had been legit-imised by various countries aroundthe world when Hitlers death andOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 13
  • Hitler had chosen his most loyal military officer and the one and realistic calculator", 25 the time Dönitz spent in the lunaticperson whom he believed could restore the Reichs fortunes. asylum would have left mental scars that would have surfacedAs noted by eminent historian Chester Wilmot: if hed again been threatened with incarceration. That fear and "The importance Hitler attached to the holding of these U- his loyalty to the Third Reich meant he had no choice but toboats bases reflected the rising power of Dönitz, who was fast stall on the notion of surrender when, on 1 May 1945, he firstbecoming the most influential of his counsellors." 21 heard about his succession after Hitlers death. Dönitz then Hitler favoured Dönitz and was so fascinated about the new announced to the Wehrmacht:U-boats capabilities and the possibility of turning the tide in "Against the British and Americans I shall continue thethe Atlantic that "from the start of 1945 they were almost in struggle so far and so long as they hinder me in carrying outdaily consultation". 22 With the new U-boats being able to stay the fight against Bolshevism." 26submerged the entire trip from Europe to South America or With Dönitz still in command of a large navy and enoughAntarctica, the chances of a percentage of the Nazi war Wehrmacht to cause further problems for the Allies, hismachine escaping were vastly improved, as was the ability to announcement was a threat that the Western Allies indeal with the British and American navies. particular took very seriously; it made them realise that peace At the Führer Naval Conference on 3 January 1945, Dönitz was still far from certain and "Unconditional Surrender" mightbragged about how the new U-boat fitted with the Schnorchel need reassessing.could "achieve success in waters where Germany was forced to The London T i m e s, the day after Dönitzs announcement,cease operations more than three years ago". Dönitzs 1945 advised caution:claim was nothing new: back in 1943, he had already claimed "Dönitz may gather a force sufficiently large to cause trou-that the new U-boats would create "entirely new possibilities" 23 ble. The fighting spirit of the navy is probably still high.and his boasts meant that Hitler There is a formidable number of U-ordered the construction of Dönitzs boats based on Norway, where theU-boats as a top priority. In the closing days of WW I, enemy also has 200,000 land forces The faith that the Nazi hierarchyhad in the new U-boats never dimin- Dönitz had been taken and some hundreds of aeroplanes. It is thus likely that Dönitz contem-ished, even as Russian soldiers were prisoner... He was sent to... plates making his stand there ratherstreaming into Germany. On 6 the Manchester Royal Lunatic than in the overrun Reich or in theMarch 1945, Goebbels spoke up southern redoubt now threatenedabout the sentiment shared amongst Asylum. After extensive from the north and south. He maythe Nazi elite: delay somewhat, but cannot alter, the "There is considerable hope for us psychological tests, he was d e c i s i o n . "2 7here. Our U-boats must get to work certified "insane" and was left In light of Dönitzs pledge to con-hard; above all, it may be anticipated tinue the fight and the vast force stillthat as the new type gets into action, to be "treated" for a year. under his command, and consideringfar greater results should be achieved Allied fears, could "peace" have beenthan with our old U-boats." 24 struck—a peace that had guarantees Goebbels again noted in his war diary how pleased the Nazi for all sides? Dönitz could have asked for Germany to behierarchy was: rebuilt and not humiliated like at Versailles, for the Western "Clearly, the revival of our U-boat war has made a great Allies to fight the spread of Bolshevism, and for leniency if notimpression on the war." clemency from the victors, including a whitewash of his per- Goebbelss perceived "revival" was recorded on 28 March sonal wartime history, in exchange for a total surrender and for1945, only a month before his death in supposed desperation! passing on extremely sensitive intelligence. Only a week after Dönitz, as Hitlers most trusted envoy after Goebbels, was Dönitz had declared that the war would continue whilstaware of Nazi plans for the East as well as the concentration Bolshevism persisted, he ordered the surrender of all Germancamps. And though some historians suggest he should never forces.have been tried as a war criminal, in the face of the raft of evi- All the facts indicate that Dönitzs history has beendence to the contrary, the only aspect that should raise eye- suppressed, and against all reason Dönitz is still not perceivedbrows about Dönitzs sentence at Nuremberg is its length. His by mainstream historians as having been a major player inlight sentence was due to his assistance in supplying the Allies Nazi Germany. Clemency was shown with such a short prisonwith information that was invaluable, especially when he had sentence, the communist threat had been realised by thevirtually all knowledge of the mysterious U-boats that were Western Allies, and West Germany rose out of the ashes ofbeing spotted around the world after the war. May 1945 to become the powerhouse of Europe, with many of Britain, being the nation to apprehend Dönitz, was the main the major companies that bankrolled the Nazi Party formingbeneficiary of Dönitzs intelligence and, as his arrest on 23 huge conglomerates.May 1945 was the second time he had been incarcerated by Other than formally calling for a German surrender andBritain, the British interrogators would have known just which bringing the war in Europe to an end, Dönitz carried on asbuttons to switch to get the answers they wanted. President of Germany for a further three weeks and was only In 1918, in the closing days of World War I, Dönitz had arrested on 23 May 1945 by British forces.been taken prisoner by the British Navy. He was sent to a Dönitz, twice imprisoned by the British and a reluctantprisoner-of-war camp and then transferred to the Manchester admirer of the British naval tradition (which did nothing toRoyal Lunatic Asylum. After extensive psychological tests, he dampen his hatred for Britain), was the one person who knewwas certified "insane" and was left to be "treated" for a year. the exact state of play concerning the Nazi U-boats, including In spite of Goebbelss comment that Dönitz was "a very cool the new and formidable Type XXI U-boats. Dönitz was also14 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • the one person who would have known where the to suspect that a whole chapter from World War II has beenNeuschwabenland base was and what had been transported purposely suppressed. In 1944, Dönitz announced:there and elsewhere. And with information so vital not just to "The German Navy will have to accomplish a great task innational security but world security, Dönitz could have chosen the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places in theto divulge as little or as much as he wished; no matter how oceans and therefore it will be very easy to bring the Führer tominimal or sketchy his intelligence, its value was priceless. a safe place, should the necessity arise, and in which he will Dönitz was an impressive character and in the early stages of have the opportunity to work out his final plans." 30the war had impressed Hitler with his loyalty and vision. The Kriegsmarine was much travelled, loyal to its cause andDönitz duly received his reward on 31 January 1943 when he daring in its exploits. German U-boats were frequent visitorswas promoted to the position of Supreme Commander of the to the East Coast of America and they travelled under theNavy. In one of his inaugural speeches to a select officer elite, Arctic ice and even up the River Mersey into the MerseyDönitz claimed that "the German submarine fleet is proud of Estuary in England. But their most interesting exploit was dis-having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a covering an underwater trench that went straight throughShangri-La land, an impregnable fortress". 2 8 This was an Antarctica by way of a connection of subterranean lakes,impressive statement and one that inspired allegiance in his caves, crevasses and ancient ice tunnels.officers and pride in Hitler and the The Allies took Dönitzs statement seri-Kriegsmarine. Dönitzs statement spread ously, especially after Hitlers mysteriousaround the Kriegsmarine with gusto, for all suicide; they were aware that Antarcticawho heard it believed in the possibility. could have been the "safe place" that Dönitz Whilst researching Third Reich mysteries, "Most of those had spoken of. The British were alreadyI encountered an East German source who with any intimate onto it, but the Americans were only com-had served in the Kriegsmarine and has first- pelled into action after Dönitz made a state-hand accounts about Neuschwabenland. He knowledge of ment in 1946, supposedly during his trial atclaimed: "Neuschwabenland, after Europe, was in Neuschwabenland Nuremberg, boasting of an "invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middleruins and Norway, completely in German did not see the end of eternal ice". 31hands, became the only viable base of oper-ations. When it was decided that for the of the war, and of Britain, having already investigated the "invulnerable fortress", assisted the UnitedGerman nation surrender was best, those who did, States by covertly supplying maps ofthose who could, left, and took their Antarctica, whilst overtly, along withchances in the U-boat convoys. the majority were Chile, Argentina and other claimant "Antarctica was a secret but rumours executed, committed countries, expressing grievances aboutpersisted, and only for the most dedi- the intended Operation H i g h j u m p.cated was it a haven. Most of those suicide or were Britains assistance in supplying thesewith any intimate knowledge of sent to the Russian maps—similar to the Norwegian mapsNeuschwabenland did not see the end utilised by the 1938 Deutscheof the war, and of those who did, the gulags..." Antarktische Expedition—did not paintmajority were executed, committed sui- the full picture.cide or were sent to the Russian Dönitzs information supplied to thegulags... Only those captured by the British and the likely destruction under-British forces fared better, but after taken by British forces of theinterrogation were forbidden to men- Neuschwabenland base meant thattion their wartime exploits again. The threat of having damag- Queen Maud Land (Neuschwabenland) was not reconnoitreding wartime links brought up kept the Germans silent and meticulously by the Americans. There is no answer to explainhelped the Allies suppress the truth." 29 this omission, though many have speculated. More than likely The German naval officer who gave the account was cap- it was because the area had been explored so profoundly earliertured by the USSR and sent to the Siberia for 15 years; when in the century, but one cant help but wonder whether it washe returned, it was to a communist East Germany. In contrast, because Britain had been there first, leaving nothing for theDönitz served only 10 years and lived in a free West Germany. Americans to find. However, Operation Highjump still sup-This has caused the officer bitterness, especially as mainstream posedly recovered evidence of other bases—though, similarlyhistorians dare not even write about a Nazi Antarctic haven or to British expeditions on Antarctica, Highjumps true findingsDönitzs passion for National Socialism. have also been suppressed? When Dönitz spoke of a "Shangri-La land" in 1943, was he Dönitz had a unique knowledge of Antarctica, but it was histelling the truth? With Kerguelen being used as a German U- knowledge of German U-boat ports in Norway and U-boatsboat base and Neuschwabenland still in German plans, Dönitz stationed there, as well as the nexus between Norway andknew that his statement would impress Hitler. Unfortunately Antarctica, that shed further light on the forgotten Antarcticthough, with most of the documents—including speech notes, front. But, whilst the importance of Norway to Dönitz, Hitlermemoirs and diaries—relating to Nazi plans for and the Kriegsmarine was well known, some of the realNeuschwabenland destroyed, disappeared or archived firmly reasons for the initial invasion of Norway are less so and addaway, any suggestion of Antarctica being a Nazi haven was even more of a mystery to the history of World War II and thelaughed off by nervous governments. It meant that to raise the Antarctic front.subject was to open oneself up to ridicule. Continued on page 74 However, Dönitzs speeches leave enough clues to cause oneOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 15
  • I t always seems a little strange to have an Irish Catholic talking about Yom HaShoah. I had an unusual education in the Holocaust. When I was working for the Attorney General, I was assigned to do the classified research about the Holocaust, so I went underground to a little town called Suitland, Maryland, right outside Washington, DC, and thats where the US Government buries its secrets—literally. Al-Qaida is the There are 20 vaults underground and each vault is one acre in size. Anyone see the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark? The last scene of that movie is what the underground product of an Arab vaults are really like, only not as organised as they are in the movie. And in those under- ground vaults I discovered something horrible. fascist group that I learned that many of the Nazis that I had been assigned to prosecute were on the CIA payroll, but the CIA didnt know they were Nazis because the British Intelligence Service was set up in the had lied to them. What the British Intelligence Service didnt know was that their liar was Kim Philby, the Soviet communist double agent—a little scandal of the Cold War. But 1920s, funded by our State Department swept it all under the rug and allowed the Nazis to stay in America until I was stupid enough to go public with it. Adolf Hitler, used What do you do when you want to go public with a story like this one? You call up 60 by British, French Minutes. We had a great time. Mike Wallace gave me 30 minutes on his show. For a long time, it was the longest segment that 60 Minutes ever did. When the episode about and American Nazis in America went on the air back in 1982, it caused a minor national uproar. Congress demanded hearings, Mike Wallace got the Emmy award, and my family got the Intelligence after death threats. It was a great trip. Then a funny thing happened. Over the last 25 years, every retired spy in the US and WWII, and later Canada and England all wanted me to be their lawyer—for free, of course. So I had 500 clients; they paid me a dollar apiece. So I am the worst-paid lawyer in America, but was supported by among the better employed. Let me give you an example. This year a friend of mine from the CIA, named Bob the Saudis and Baer, wrote a very good book about Saudi Arabia and terrorism; its called Sleeping with reactivated by the Devil. 1 I was reading the book and I got about a third of the way through and I stopped. Bob was writing about when he worked for the CIA and how bad the files were. the CIA. He said, for example, the files for the Muslim Brotherhood were almost nothing. There were just a few newspaper clippings. I called Bob up and said, "Bob, thats wrong. The CIA has enormous files on the Muslim Brotherhood, volumes of them. I know because I read them a quarter of a century ago." He said, "What do you mean?" Heres how you can find all of the missing secrets about the Muslim Brotherhood—and you can do this, too. A speech I said, "Bob, go to your computer and type two words into the search part. Type the by John Loftus word Banna, B-a-n-n-a." (former US Justice Department He said, "Yeah." "Type in Nazi." prosecutor) to mark Bob typed the two words in, and out came 30 to 40 articles from around the world. He Holocaust Remembrance Day read them and called me back and said, "Oh my God, what have we done?" (Yom HaShoah), April 18, 2004 What Im doing today is doing what Im doing now: Im educating a new generation in First published in the CIA [about the fact] that the Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organisation that wasJewish Community News, August 2004 hired by Western Intelligence and evolved over time into what we today know as Al- Qaida [Al-Qaeda].OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 17
  • A brief history of the Muslim Brotherhood We kept the Muslim Brotherhood on our payroll. Heres how the story began. In the 1920s there was a young But the Egyptians became nervous. Nasser ordered all of theEgyptian named [Hassan] Al-Banna. And Al-Banna formed Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt or be imprisoned and exe-this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al- cuted. So, during the 1950s, the CIA evacuated the Nazis ofBanna was a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and wrote to him the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. Now, when theyfrequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new arrived in Saudi Arabia, some of the leading lights of theNazi Party that in the 1930s Al-Banna and the Muslim Muslim Brotherhood, like [Dr Abdullah] Azzam, became theBrotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi Intelligence. teachers in the madrassas, the religious schools. And there The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi they combined the doctrines of Nazism with this weird Islamicdoctrines: they hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they cult, Wahhabism.hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Everyone thinks that Islam is this fanatical religion, but it isThird Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the not. They think that Islam—the Saudi version of Islam—is"fifth parliament", an army inside Egypt. typical, but its not. The Wahhabi cult has been condemned as When war broke out, the Muslim Brotherhood promised in a heresy more than 60 times by the Muslim nations. But whenwriting that they would rise up and help General Rommel and the Saudis got wealthy, they bought a lot of silence. This is amake sure that no English or American soldier was left alive in very harsh cult. Wahhabism was only practised by the TalibanCairo or Alexandria. and in Saudi Arabia—thats how The Muslim Brotherhood began extreme it is. It really has nothingto expand in scope and influence to do with Islam. Islam is a veryduring World War II. They even Everyone thinks that Islam is peaceful and tolerant religion. Ithad a Palestinian section headed by this fanatical religion, but it is always had good relationships withthe Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one the Jews for the first thousand yearsof the great bigots of all time. not. The Wahhabi cult has of its existence.Here, too, was a man...the Grand For the Saudis, there was a rulerMufti of Jerusalem was the Muslim been condemned as a heresy in charge of Saudi Arabia, and theyBrotherhood representative for more than 60 times by the were [providing] the new home ofPalestine. These were undoubtedly the Muslim Brotherhood. FascismArab Nazis. The Grand Mufti, for Muslim nations. It really has and extremism were mingled inexample, went to Germany during nothing to do with Islam. these schools [the madrassas]. Andthe war and helped recruit an inter- there was a young student who paidnational SS division of Arab Nazis. attention: Azzams student wasThey based it in Croatia and called named Osama bin Laden. Osamait the Handzar Muslim Division, but it was to become the core bin Laden was taught by the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhoodof Hitlers new army of Arab fascists that would conquer the who had emigrated to Saudi Arabia.Arabian Peninsula and, from there, on to Africa—granddreams. The CIA and Al-Qaida At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was In 1979, the CIA decided to take the Arab Nazis out of coldwanted for war crimes. Their German Intelligence handlers storage. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan, so we told thewere captured in Cairo. The whole net was rolled up by the Saudis that we would fund them if they would bring all of theBritish Secret Service. Arab Nazis together and ship them off to Afghanistan to fight Then a horrible thing happened. Instead of prosecuting the the Russians. We had to rename them. We couldnt call themNazis—the Muslim Brotherhood—the British Government the Muslim Brotherhood because that was too sensitive ahired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals name. Its Nazi past was too known. So we called themof Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and for three years Maktab al-Khadamat al-Mujahidin, the MAK.trained them on a special mission. The British Secret Service And the CIA lied to Congress and said they didnt know whowanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike was on the payroll in Afghanistan, except the Saudis. But itdown the infant state of Israel in 1948. Only a few people in was not true. A small section of the CIA knew perfectly wellthe Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab that we had once again hired the Arab Nazis and that we werearmies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant using them to fight our secret wars.State of Israel were the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Azzam and his assistant, Osama bin Laden, rose to someBrotherhood. prominence from 1979 to 1989, and they won the war. They Britain was not alone. The French Intelligence Service drove the Russians out of Afghanistan. Our CIA said, "Wecooperated by releasing the Grand Mufti and smuggling him to won—lets go home!", and we left this army of Arab fascists inEgypt, so all of the Arab Nazis came together. So, from 1945 the field of 1948, the British Secret Service protected every Arab Nazi it The Saudis didnt want [them] to come back. The Saudiscould, but failed to quash the State of Israel. started paying bribes to Osama bin Laden and his followers to What the British did, then, was they sold the Arab Nazis to stay out of Saudi Arabia. Now the MAK was split in half.the predecessor of what became the CIA. It may sound stupid, Azzam was mysteriously assassinated, apparently by Osamait may sound evil, but it did happen. The idea was that we bin Laden himself. The radical group—the most radical of thewere going to use the Arab Nazis in the Middle East as a coun- merge of the Arab fascists and religious extremists—Osamaterweight to the Arab communists. Just as the Soviet Union called Al-Qaida. But to this day, there are branches of thewas funding Arab communists, we would fund the Arab Nazis Muslim Brotherhood all through fight against them. And lots of secret classes took place. Osama bin Ladens second-in-command, Ayman Al-18 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • Zawahiri, came from the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Yes, these guys are raising money all across America andBrotherhood—the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the result of a shipping it to Syria to go down to Palestine, the PalestinianPalestinian Islamic Jihad. areas, and hire suicide bombers to kill Jews. They sent me the There are many flavours and branches, but they are all videotapes. There was Professor Al-Arian on stage and one ofMuslim Brotherhoods. There is one in Israel. The organisa- his friends gets up and says, "Now, who will give me $500 totion you know as Hamas is actually a secret chapter of the kill a Jew? There are people standing by in Jerusalem whoMuslim Brotherhood. When Israel assassinated Sheik will go out in the street and stab a Jew with a knife, but we[Ahmed] Yassin a month ago [March 22, 2004], the Muslim need $500." And he said, "All of this money will go to theBrotherhood published his obituary in a Cairo newspaper in Islamic Committee for Palestine." And that is the front groupArabic and revealed that he was actually the secret leader of in the United States for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. So I had all my friends in the FBI and CIA send in these So the Muslim Brotherhood became this poison that spread files.throughout the Middle East, and on 9/11 it began to spread I said, "Why havent you prosecuted this guy? Youvearound the world. known about him since 1989." I know this sounds like some sort of a "Wed love to. Weve tried to prosecutesick fantasy, but go to your computer and him but we were told we couldnt touch himtype in the words "Banna" and the word because he gets all of his money from the"Nazi", and you will see all of the articles Saudis, and we are all under orders not tocome up. Those are all the pieces of do anything to embarrass the Saudiinformation that the CIA was trying to hide Government."from its employees. It did not want them I said, "I dont mind embarrassing them."to know the awful past. In 1984, when I You know what I did? I donated moneywas exposing European Nazis on the CIA The organisation to the charity that was the terrorist fund,payroll, at the same time they were tryingto hide from Congress the fact that they you know as because under Florida law that gave me the right to sue the charity to find out where myhad Arab Nazis back on the payroll to fight Hamas is actually money was going. It was hilarious.the Russians—a stupid and corrupt In early March 2002, I drafted a longprogram. a secret chapter lawsuit exposing Professor Sami Al- So, when Bob Baer studied his files, of the Muslim Arian, naming all the crimes hed com-he was just stunned. A whole mitted, all the bombings in Israel, thegeneration...the current CIA people Brotherhood. fundraising in America linked with ter-know nothing about this. And believe rorism. I mentioned how his moneyme, the current generation CIA are got to him from the Saudis and howgood and decent Americans and I like the Saudis had convinced our govern-them a lot. Theyre trying to do a ment not to prosecute him for politicalgood job, but part of their problem is reasons.their files have been shredded. All of Because of my high-level securitythese secrets have to come out. clearances, everything I write is sort of classified material and has to be sentSaudi charities exposed back to the government before publica- So, of course, my clients in the tion, for censorship. So I sent my longintelligence community said, "Well, what are you doing?" lawsuit complaint to the CIA, and they loved it.They gave me an example. They said, "Heres how the Saudis They said, "Oh, great. We dont like the Saudis, either. Gofinance these groups. The Saudis have established a group of sue them."charities on a street in Virginia. Its 555 Grove Street, Three days later, two FBI agents showed up at my door,Herndon, Virginia." saying, "You know, there are only 21 people in the US So I said, "Okay, the Saudis are terrorists, so what?" government that knew some of this information, and now "These charities fund Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, youre twenty-two. How did you find out?"Hizballah, Al-Qaida. The Saudis are getting tax deductions I said, "Im sorry, I cant tell you: attorney-client privilege."for terrorism. They have set up front groups so all the terrorist Thats why my clients pay me $1.00 each.groups in the US and the front groups get the Saudi money as a The day before I went to file the lawsuit, I got a franticcharitable donation." phone call from the United States Department of Justice. They I said, "Youre kidding me." said, "John, please dont file the lawsuit tomorrow. We really "Nope." are going to raid these Saudi charities. Were going to close And they told me that right near where I lived in Tampa, them down. Just give us more time."Florida, was one of the leading terrorists in the world. There "Oh yeah, youre going to raid them. Thats what you toldwere these two professors at the University of South Florida. me in January, and again in February, and now its March.One had just left and was now in Syria, and he was the world You want more time? Ill give you until 4.00 oclock tomor-head of Islamic Jihad. His number two, the head of Islamic row. Im filing my complaint at 10.00 am, so that at 4.00 pmJihad in the Western hemisphere, was Dr Sami Al-Arian, who Im going to release the address of the Saudi charities."is still employed as a professor at the University of South Back to tomorrow. I filed my lawsuit at 10.00 oclock, andFlorida. told the press I was going to hold something back for a little "Youve got to be kidding. This cant be true." bit.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 19
  • At 10.15 am, the US Government launched Operation Green that Al-Qaida simply didnt spring up on its own. The evilQuest, a massive raid on all the Saudi charities in homes and route was Nazism. The Al-Qaida doctrine is the same as thebusinesses, and in one hour we shut down the entire Saudi Arab Nazis held. They hate Jews, they hate democracy andmoney-laundering network in America. they hate Westerners for Western culture. Al-Qaida is nothing From March 20, 2002 to the present, the government has more than the religious expression of Arab fascism. Wefound more and more evidence seized in those archives in that allowed this branch of the Nazi trunk to survive, to flourish,single raid that day. The evidence was so compelling that and it has come back to haunt us.Professor Al-Arian is no longer giving his speeches. He is We must do a better job. Look at these children. They arenow in federal prison awaiting trial. His accomplice, [Sameeh] our legacy. If we are to keep our children safe, we must teachHammoudeh, has also been indicted. Some 32 different people them the lessons of the past. Every generation should knowhave been indicted in the United States as a direct result of what these candles mean: not only that one of the greatestthese efforts. But not the Saudis—not the Saudis. tragedies in the history of the world really happened, but that A month after I filed my lawsuit against Al-Arian, I did it: I the evil that caused it—Nazism—survived because we didntcaused some trouble. I invited 40 of the top trial lawyers in fight hard enough. We didnt finish the job.America to come down to St Petersburg, Florida. Boy, did I But we must tell our children that in every generation thehave a deal for them. I wanted them to put up millions of dol- men and women of America have stood side by side with ourlars of their own money—Im poor, I had no Jewish, Christian and Moslem to give them—but I wanted to do We have risen up together against hatred.something for America. These are lawyers America is united Ron Motley, who had won billions of We will win the war on terror, and wedollars in lawsuits against the tobacco will finish the job that these soldiers andindustry and the asbestos industry. survivors started more than a half-century I said, "What I want you to do is look at Al-Qaida is nothing ago. We must set the standard that to teachthe evidence Ive collected. Its the same more than the a child to hate is the worst form of childSaudi banks and charities that funded Sami abuse. We must work together to endAl-Arian that also funded Al-Qaida." religious expression racism in our childrens lifetime. We must I said, "I want you to bring a class action of Arab fascism. teach our children to remember thein Federal Court in Washington on behalf Holocaust and be proud, so proud of thoseof everyone who died on September 11 We allowed this who survived and inspired us with their[2001]. Im going to work for free andcollect all the evidence, introduce you branch of the Nazi courage. In their name, in their honour, let us go forward and fight the experts, provide all the exhibits trunk to survive, Never again! ∞and documents...and we have to dothis for America." to flourish, and About the Speaker: The lawyers studied all the docu- it has come back John Loftus is a former US J u s t i c ements I collected, and on August 15, Department prosecutor who lives in St2002 they filed the largest class-action to haunt us. Petersburg, Florida. As a young USlawsuit in American history in the Army officer, he helped train Israelis in aFederal District Court in Washington, covert operation that turned the tide of battle in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.DC, asking for one trillion dollars During the Carter and Reagan adminis-damages against the Saudis. The law- trations, he investigated CIA cases andsuit said essentially that all these Nazi war criminals for the US Attorney-Saudi banks had one thing in common: General. As a private attorney, he worksthey were bribing Osama bin Laden pro bono to help hundreds of intelli-300 million dollars a year to stay out of Saudi Arabia and go gence agents obtain lawful permission to declassify and publishblow up someone else. the hidden secrets of our times. Loftus is Vice Chair of the Florida Well, on 9/11 we found out we were someone else. The Holocaust Museums Executive Committee. He is the co-authorSaudis had to pay for their negligence. So, that lawsuit is com- (with Mark Aarons) of The Secret War Against the Jews (St Martinsing along very well. Press, 1994) and Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, the Nazis and the Swiss Banks (St Martins Press, 1992, 1998). His forthcoming book is titled Prophets of Terror: Jonathan Pollard and Peace in theLearning from the past Middle East. He can be contacted via his website, More and more people in the CIA and FBI are sort of using as a back channel to get out information. So, believe it or This speech by John Loftus was given to mark Holocaustnot, theyve actually given me my own TV show now on Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) on April 18, 2004. It was firstSunday mornings on Fox TV nationwide. Im on at 11.20 published in Jewish Community News, August 2004. We down-Eastern Standard Time. And ABC Radio has given me a loaded this version from the website radio program, but Im on at 10.30 at night and its community/articles/article.cfm?id=4328 and have slightly edited it.past your bedtime. What Ive become in my old age is a teacher. Twenty-five Endnoteyears ago I was a lot younger, a lot thinner, but now every day 1. Baer, Robert, Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington SoldI get 500 to 1,000 emails from honest men and women around Our Soul For Saudi Crude, Three Rivers Press/Crown Publishing,the world from the intelligence community. USA, 2003, 2004 (ISBN 1-4000-5268-8; see review in NEXUS We have to end the evil in this world. We have to recognise 11/06).20 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • M y partner Rob and I attended a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert recently. It was a wonderful, rare treat, and fulfilled a dream Ive nurtured for many years. I was particularly moved by Dave Crosby as he sang, "Speak, speak out against the madness". We have to do that, dont we? We have to speak out when our loved ones are being harmed. If we dont, then it seems to me that we are Pet owners should just part of the problem. Later in the same song Crosby sang, "It appears to be a long time before the dawn". And this is true, too: it seems to be taking so long for the truth to pre- be aware that vail and be acted upon by the veterinary community—for the profession is committing a crime by vaccinating animals year after year until they drop. vaccines Ive been saying this since 1994, when I formed a group called Canine Health Concern (CHC). The aim of this group is to educate pet owners in an attempt to stop the carnage compromise the that is being visited upon the animals by the corporations and professionals who profess to be helping them. My mission is quite personal, since the science points towards the horri- health of their fying fact that vaccines have killed three of my young, beautiful canine friends. The first shock came when Oliver suffered from rear-end paralysis and died when he was only four cherished pets, years old. Prudence died a slow and agonising death from leukaemia when she was only causing serious six; and Samson had a reaction to his puppy shot and first-year booster, and died of cancer at the tender age of five. All of these conditions are linked scientifically to vaccination. side-effects My other dogs were also unable to escape the damage that vaccines can cause. Chappie had thyroid disease, Sophie had arthritis and Guinnevere suffered from allergies. Again, including allergies, these conditions can be scientifically shown to relate to vaccine damage. I believe that vets of the future, and our childrens doctors, will look back upon the vac- arthritis, cination era with horror and shame. The horror will come from the knowledge that so much pain and misery was caused by healing professionals acting in ignorance, and the behavioural shame will come from the wilfulness of that ignorance. problems, cancer, A Contentious Issue paralysis and, at If you will forgive me for making one more personal comment before I move on to sub- stantiate my outrageous claims, I would like to address the issue of "contentiousness", worst, death. which is a label Ive grown used to but which I do not intend preventing me from speaking the truth. You may have noticed that Ive been using some pretty strong language in the opening paragraphs of this article. This is deliberate. Its deliberate because doctors, veterinarians and scientists have been numbed or socially moulded into language and behaviour that follow strict codes of professional etiquette. The pressure is upon them to be polite and refrain from offending one another with ideas, which means that the truth is continually stifled. By speaking directly, it is my intention to shock that numbness out of the system which perpetuates such catastrophic error. Besides which, the truth needs to be heard. by Catherine ODriscoll I believe that my dogs died prematurely, and millions of other dogs, cats and horses © 2005 have died and are continuing to die because of the false ideas or beliefs held by our med- Canine Health Concern ical and veterinary professions. This faulty structure of belief is built, supported and held PO Box 7533 rigidly in place by a system which is killing the life on this planet. This system ensures Perth PH2 1AD, Scotland, UK that professionals are taught in colleges which rely upon big business for funding, which Email: means that their education is faulty. Research organisations also rely upon big business Website: for funding, which means that we can rarely trust the research. The media rely upon big business for funding, so we can scarcely believe what we read. And professionals in prac- tice rely upon big business to stay in business. More worrying, perhaps, is the fact thatOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 23
  • our governments seem, from my direct experience, to put big failure, or liver or kidney damage, or paralysis of the rear end, orbusiness interests before life. colitis, or even cancer, leukaemia or another life-threatening We are, in fact, looking at a juggernaut of death which is hurl- immune-mediated disease shortly after the itself at top speed towards the grave. We will not stop it by Usually neither the pet owner nor the vet suspects a link. If thewhimpering quietly in its face. We must educate ourselves with owner has been particularly close to their animal friend, however,the truth and stand firmly in line together and shout, "No!" they will start to ask questions. They may ask their vet if he orFailing this, the lives of your children, and your animals, depend she suspects a link between the booster and the subsequent least upon your taking the time to understand the issues. The answer will invariably be "No". Very occasionally the owner wont let it rest there. Theyll start to seek an answer to the ques-The Science behind Vaccination tion, "Why did my friend die?" They will then discover that a Vaccination was born in England in 1798, when Edward Jenner vaccine can indeed cause any of these illnesses and that—much toobserved that people who worked close to cows didnt get small- their horror—there was actually no need to give their friend anpox. He injected cowpox into humans and deduced that those annual booster.humans were prevented from getting smallpox. You can imagine There will, however, be no recourse. They cannot bring theirthat, during the days of poor nutrition and appalling sanitation, the dead animal back to life. If they go through the courts, the systemconcept of a miracle cure for infectious disease would have been is such that very little impact will be made for their own case orseized upon. And it was. for the health of any other animals. The best During the 1800s, Louis Pasteur devel- that can happen is that individuals, one at aoped the technology still further by attenuat- time, slowly change their vaccine vaccines, i.e., rendering them less harm-ful. It naturally took little time for vaccines The Barriers to Knowledgeto become big business, and over 200 years Its not easy to get your message acrosson there are vaccines against a wide array of when youre engaged in the vaccine debate.bacterial and viral diseases in humans andmany species of animal. Ignoring the fact ...the multibillion-dollar The realsomewhatlies in the fact that the sci- ence is problem complex and, bizarrely,that epidemics go in cycles and die out natu- international vaccine the logic of vaccination is somewhat faulty.rally (like the plague, for example), andignoring the fact that our understanding of industry has sponsored easier doesnt makedecision-making process It just to hand the sense—so its very muchhygiene and nutrition might have something absolutely no long-term over to an expert in a white do with the reduction in epidemics, vac- Unfortunately, this leaves many peoplecines have been given the largest slice of the studies—in humans or turning away from the effort involved incredit. animals—to ascertain looking at the issues surrounding vac- Conventional medicine works on the cination, relying instead upon someonerisk/benefit ratio. All conventional what the risks of elses judgement while at the same timepharmaceuticals come with the risk of vaccines might suffering incredible anguish. I haveunwanted side-effects—but if they can had letters, emails and phone callsbe shown to help more people than they actually be. from so many people who worriedharm, then their dangers are ignored. It about revaccinating their animals butis no wonder, then, that the multibil- who did it anyway because a vet toldlion-dollar international vaccine indus- them to, and who now need grief coun-try has sponsored absolutely no long- selling.term studies—in humans or animals— If nothing else, the 12 years I haveto ascertain what the risks of vaccines spent running Canine Health Concernmight actually be. And when individ- have shown me that this is the nextual scientists take the bull by the horns necessary stage in human evolution: toand conduct their own under-funded take responsibility for our lives and theresearch, they are routinely discredited, usually by "experts" who lives of those in our care. The system is so complex, and sohave shares in, or lucrative consultancy income from, the vaccine swayed by the dominating effect of economics, that we have noindustry. Even government-funded research gives those with choice now.vested interests full voice. You cannot afford to subject your animals, or your children, to I guess if you can inject substances that make humans and ani- medical interventions that you do not understand. The belief sys-mals sick, then you can also make a lot of money from supplying tem upon which the conventional medical model is founded is sodrugs that promise to alleviate these vaccine-induced illnesses. faulty, so corrupt and so dangerous that you simply cannot affordPolitically and economically, it also makes sense to keep industry to follow blindly.thriving and people in employment, and it also helps if big busi- Now I appreciate that many doctors and vets reading thesenesses enrich political campaign funds. words might be enraged by what I have said. They spent so much time, energy and money in obtaining their qualifications, after all.The Current State of Play for the Animals They actually do know more than most of us, and their whole This is what I have seen happening, time after time, over the lives are dedicated to healing the sick. Indeed, there is much inlast 12 years. A "responsible" pet owner takes their dog (or cat or the conventional medical model that is to the vet for their annual booster. Shortly after, the animal But doctors and vets will also resonate with the truth of what Idevelops epilepsy, or arthritis, or behavioural problems, or thyroid am saying, however uncomfortable or angry it makes them feel.disease, or diabetes, or skin complaints, or allergies, or heart Recent studies show that three times more people in the UK die24 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • each year from drugs their doctors prescribe than they do in road of cells. Vaccines thus appear to be capable of removing thetraffic accidents. Doctors and vets do not have time to study all natural intelligence of cells.the side-effects of every drug: much of their understanding about Autoantibodies to cardiolipin are frequently found in patientsdrugs comes from pharmaceutical company representatives. They with the serious disease systemic lupus erythematosus and also inalso have to concern themselves with income from their practice. individuals with other autoimmune diseases. The presence of ele-And no one is able to know everything. vated anti-cardiolipin antibodies is significantly associated with Drugs like Vioxx and Co-Proxamol in the human medical field, clots within the heart or blood vessels, in poor blood clotting,and Rimadyl and Deramaxx in the canine field, have now been haemorrhage, bleeding into the skin, foetal loss and neurologicalshown to have death as a potential side-effect—but only after they conditions.passed all the safety and licensing requirements and after tens of The Purdue studies also found that vaccinated dogs were devel-thousands died. In America, where the FDA took action, Rimadyl oping autoantibodies to their own collagen. About one quarter ofcomes with data sheets to warn dog owners of potential death if all the protein in the body is collagen. Collagen provides struc-their pet is given the drug, and the makers of Deramaxx have had ture to our bodies, protecting and supporting the softer tissues andtheir knuckles rapped. And yet newly qualified student vets, who connecting them with the skeleton. It is no wonder that Caninecome on our Foundation in Canine Healthcare course, have been Health Concerns 1997 study of 4,000 dogs showed a high numbertold in college about only the benefits of these drugs. of dogs developing mobility problems shortly after they were vac- Patients and clients, on the other hand, do have time and often cinated (noted in my 1997 book, What Vets Dont Tell You Aboutthe motivation to research their own illnesses or the illnesses of Vaccines).their children and animals and the medications that are prescribed. Perhaps most worryingly, the Purdue studies found that theAll of us are far better educated than we used to be, even if we vaccinated dogs had developed autoantibodies to their own DNA.dont possess the same qualifications Did the alarm bells sound? Did theas the healthcare professionals. We scientific community call a halt to thehave minds, and we know how to use vaccination program? No. Instead,them. And because the buck stops they stuck their fingers in the air,with us, we have a duty of care to saying more research is needed toourselves and our loved ones. All too The vaccinated dogs in ascertain whether vaccines can causefrequently, however, animal the Purdue studies developed genetic damage. Meanwhile, theguardians are moved to research after study dogs were found good homes,their friends have died. autoantibodies to many of but no long-term follow-up has been My aim, and the aim of CanineHealth Concern, is to provide infor- their own biochemicals, conducted. At around the same time, themation before tragedy occurs. Sadly, including...DNA. American Veterinary MedicalI cannot make you read this informa- Association (AVMA) Vaccine-tion: only your love can do this. I Associated Feline Sarcoma Taskcan say, though, that the animals have Force initiated several studies to findbeen concerned with human evolu- out why 160,000 cats each year in thetion since the beginning of time, and USA develop terminal cancer at theirthey will continue to sacrifice themselves upon the altar of science vaccine injection sites.3 The fact that cats can get vaccine-induceduntil we humans get it. Truly, if only we knew the full extent of cancer has been acknowledged by veterinary bodies around thethe love being poured out by the animals towards humanity, we world, and even the British Government acknowledged it throughwould bow down in gratitude to them, and no effort would be too its Working Group charged with the task of looking into caninemuch for their sakes. and feline vaccines 4 following pressure from Canine Health Concern. What do you imagine was the advice of the AVMAThe Science of Vaccine Damage Task Force, veterinary bodies and governments? "Carry on vacci- A team at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine nating until we find out why vaccines are killing cats, and whichconducted several studies 1, 2 to determine if vaccines can cause cats are most likely to die."changes in the immune system of dogs that might lead to life- In America, in an attempt to mitigate the problem, theyre vac-threatening immune-mediated diseases. They obviously cinating cats in the tail or leg so they can amputate when cancerconducted this research because concern already existed. It was appears. Great advice if its not your cat amongst the hundreds ofsponsored by the Haywood Foundation which itself was looking thousands on the "oops" list.for evidence that such changes in the human immune system But other species are okay—right? Wrong. In August 2003,might also be vaccine induced. It found the evidence. the Journal of Veterinary Medicine carried an Italian study which The vaccinated, but not the non-vaccinated, dogs in the Purdue showed that dogs also develop vaccine-induced cancers at theirstudies developed autoantibodies to many of their own biochemi- injection sites. 5 We already know that vaccine-site cancer is acals, including fibronectin, laminin, DNA, albumin, cytochrome possible sequel to human vaccines, too, since the Salk polio vac-C, cardiolipin and collagen. cine was said to carry a monkey retrovirus (from cultivating the This means that the vaccinated dogs—but not the non- vaccine on monkey organs) that produces inheritable cancer. Thevaccinated dogs—were attacking their own fibronectin, which is monkey retrovirus SV40 keeps turning up in human cancer sites.involved in tissue repair, cell multiplication and growth, and It is also widely acknowledged that vaccines can cause a fast-differentiation between tissues and organs in a living organism. acting, usually fatal, disease called autoimmune haemolytic The vaccinated Purdue dogs also developed autoantibodies to anaemia (AIHA). Without treatment, and frequently with treat-laminin, which is involved in many cellular activities including the ment, individuals can die in agony within a matter of days.adhesion, spreading, differentiation, proliferation and movement Merck, itself a multinational vaccine manufacturer, states in TheOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 25
  • Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy that autoimmune produce against their own tissues. Some of these antibodies havehaemolytic anaemia may be caused by modified live-virus vac- been shown to target the thyroid gland, connective tissue such ascines, as do Tizards Veterinary Immunology (4th edition) and the that found in the valves of the heart, red blood cells, DNA, etc. IJournal of Veterinary Internal Medicine . 6 The British do believe that the heart conditions in Cavalier King CharlesGovernments Working Group, despite being staffed by vaccine- Spaniels could be the end result of repeated immunisations byindustry consultants who say they are independent, also acknowl- vaccines containing tissue culture contaminants that cause a pro-edged this fact. However, no one warns the pet owners before gressive immune response directed at connective tissue in thetheir animals are subjected to an unnecessary booster, and very heart valves. The clinical manifestations would be more pro-few owners are told why after their pets die of AIHA. nounced in dogs that have a genetic predisposition [although] the findings should be generally applicable to all dogs regardless ofA Wide Range of Vaccine-induced Diseases their breed." We also found some worrying correlations between vaccine I must mention here that Dr Glickman believes that vaccinesevents and the onset of arthritis in our 1997 survey. Our concerns are a necessary evil, but that safer vaccines need to be developed.were compounded by research in the human field. Meanwhile, please join the queue to place your dog, cat, horse The New England Journal of Medicine, for example, reported and child on the Russian roulette wheel because a scientist saysthat it is possible to isolate the rubella virus from affected joints in you should.children vaccinated against rubella. It also told of the isolation ofviruses from the peripheral blood of women with prolonged Vaccines Stimulate an Inflammatory Responsearthritis following vaccination.7 The word "allergy" is synonymous with "sensitivity" and Then, in 2000, CHCs findings were confirmed by research "inflammation". It should, by rights, also be synonymous with thewhich showed that polyarthritis and word "vaccination". This is whatother diseases like amyloidosis, which vaccines do: they sensitise (renderaffects organs in dogs, were linked to allergic) an individual in the processthe combined vaccine given to dogs.8 There is a huge body of of forcing them to develop antibodies There is a huge body of research, to fight a disease threat. In otherdespite the paucity of funding from research, despite the paucity words, as is acknowledged andthe vaccine industry, to confirm that of funding from the vaccine accepted, as part of the vaccinevaccines can cause a wide range of process the body will respond withbrain and central nervous system industry, to confirm that inflammation. This may bedamage. Merck itself states in its vaccines can cause a wide apparently temporary or it may beM a n u a l that vaccines (i.e., its own longstanding.products) can cause encephalitis: range of brain and central Holistic doctors and veterinariansbrain inflammation/damage. In some nervous system damage. have known this for at least 100 years.cases, encephalitis involves lesions in They talk about a wide range ofthe brain and throughout the central inflammatory or "-itis" diseases whichnervous system. Merck states that arise shortly after a vaccine event."examples are the encephalitides follow- Vaccines, in fact, plunge many indi-ing measles, chickenpox, rubella, smallpox vaccination, vaccinia, viduals into an allergic state. Again, this is a disorder that rangesand many other less well defined viral infections". from mild all the way through to the suddenly fatal. Anaphylactic When the dog owners who took part in the CHC survey shock is the culmination: its where an individual has a massivereported that their dogs developed short attention spans, 73.1% of allergic reaction to a vaccine and will die within minutes if adren-the dogs did so within three months of a vaccine event. The same aline or its equivalent is not administered.percentage of dogs was diagnosed with epilepsy within three There are some individuals who are genetically not well placedmonths of a shot (but usually within days). We also found that to withstand the vaccine challenge. These are the people (and ani-72.5% of dogs that were considered by their owners to be nervous mals are "people", too) who have inherited faulty B and T celland of a worrying disposition, first exhibited these traits within function. B and T cells are components within the immune sys-the three-month post-vaccination period. tem which identify foreign invaders and destroy them, and hold I would like to add for the sake of Oliver, my friend who the invader in memory so that they cannot cause future harm.suffered from paralysed rear legs and death shortly after a vaccine However, where inflammatory responses are concerned, theshot, that "paresis" is listed in Mercks Manual as a symptom of immune system overreacts and causes unwanted effects such asencephalitis. This is defined as muscular weakness of a neural allergies and other inflammatory conditions.(brain) origin which involves partial or incomplete paralysis, Merck warns in its Manual that patients with, or from familiesresulting from lesions at any level of the descending pathway with, B and/or T cell immunodeficiencies should not receive live-from the brain. Hind limb paralysis is one of the potential virus vaccines due to the risk of severe or fatal infection.consequences. Encephalitis, incidentally, is a disease that can Elsewhere, it lists features of B and T cell immunodeficiencies asmanifest across the scale from mild to severe and can also cause food allergies, inhalant allergies, eczema, dermatitis, neurologicalsudden death. deterioration and heart disease. To translate, people with these Organ failure must also be suspected when it occurs shortly conditions can die if they receive live-virus vaccines. Theirafter a vaccine event. Dr Larry Glickman, who spearheaded the immune systems are simply not competent enough to guarantee aPurdue research into post-vaccination biochemical changes in healthy reaction to the viral assault from modified live-virusdogs, wrote in a letter to Cavalier Spaniel breeder Bet Hargreaves: vaccines. "Our ongoing studies of dogs show that following routine vac- Modified live-virus (MLV) vaccines replicate in the patient untilcination, there is a significant rise in the level of antibodies dogs an immune response is provoked. If a defence isnt stimulated,26 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • then the vaccine continues to replicate until it gives the patient the "The inflammation is not the body trying to fight the infection.very disease it was intending to prevent. It is actually the virus or bacteria deliberately causing Alternatively, a deranged immune response will lead to inflam- inflammation in order to hide from the immune system [authorsmatory conditions such as arthritis, pancreatitis, colitis, encephali- emphasis]."14tis and any number of autoimmune diseases such as cancer and If Gary is right, then the inflammatory process so commonlyleukaemia, where the body attacks its own cells. stimulated by vaccines is not, as hitherto assumed, a necessarily A new theory, stumbled upon by Open University student Gary acceptable sign. Instead, it could be a sign that the viral or bacter-Smith, explains what holistic practitioners have been saying for a ial component, or the adjuvant (which, containing foreign protein,very long time. Here is what a few of the holistic vets have said is seen as an invader by the immune system), in the vaccine isin relation to their patients: winning by stealth. Dr Jean Dodds: "Many veterinarians trace the present problems If Gary is correct in believing that the inflammatory response iswith allergic and immunologic diseases to the introduction of not protective but a sign that invasion is taking place under coverMLV vaccines..."9 of darkness, vaccines are certainly not the friends we thought they Christina Chambreau, DVM: "Routine vaccinations are proba- were. They are undercover assassins working on behalf of thebly the worst thing that we do for our animals. They cause all enemy, and vets and medical doctors are unwittingly acting astypes of illnesses, but not directly to where we would relate them collaborators. Worse, we animal guardians and parents aredefinitely to be caused by the vaccine."10 actually paying doctors and vets to Martin Goldstein, DVM: "I think that unwittingly betray our loved ones.vaccines...are leading killers of dogs and cats Potentially, vaccines are the stealth bombin America today."11 of the medical world. They are used to cata- Dr Charles E. Loops, DVM: pult invaders inside the castle walls where"Homoeopathic veterinarians and other they can wreak havoc, with none of us anyholistic practitioners have maintained for "Routine vaccinations the wiser. So rather than experiencing franksome time that vaccinations do more harm are probably the worst viral diseases such as the flu, measles,than they provide benefits."12 Mike Kohn, DVM: "In response to this thing that we do for our parvovirus and distemper), the caseallowing mumps and rubella (and, in we are of dogs,[vaccine] violation, there have been animals. They cause all the viruses to win anyway—but with cancer,increased autoimmune diseases (allergies leukaemia and other inflammatory orbeing one component), epilepsy, neoplasia types of illnesses, but autoimmune (self-attacking) diseases taking[tumours], as well as behavioural problems not directly to where their small animals."13 we would relate them The Final InsultA Theory on Inflammation definitely to be caused All 27 veterinary schools in North Gary Smith explains what observant America have changed their protocolshealthcare practitioners have been by the vaccine." for vaccinating dogs and cats along thesaying for a very long time, but perhaps following lines;15 however, vets in prac-theyve not understood why their tice are reluctant to listen to theseobservations led them to say it. His – Christina Chambreau, DVM changed protocols and official veteri-theory, incidentally, is causing a huge nary bodies in the UK and other coun-stir within the inner scientific sanctum. tries are ignoring the following facts.Some believe that his theory could lead Dogs and cats immune systemsto a cure for many diseases including mature fully at six months. If acancer. For me, it explains why the modified live-virus vaccine is givenvaccine process is inherently after six months of age, it producesquestionable. immunity, which is good for the life of Gary was learning about inflammation as part of his studies the pet . If another MLV vaccine is given a year later, thewhen he struck upon a theory so extraordinary that it could have antibodies from the first vaccine neutralise the antigens of theimplications for the treatment of almost every inflammatory second vaccine and there is little or no effect. The titre is notdisease—including Alzheimers, Parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis "boosted", nor are more memory cells induced.and even HIV and AIDS. Not only are annual boosters unnecessary, but they subject the Garys theory questions the received wisdom that when a person pet to potential risks such as allergic reactions and immune-gets ill, the inflammation that occurs around the infected area mediated haemolytic anaemia.helps it to heal. He claims that, in reality, inflammation prevents In plain language, veterinary schools in America, plus thethe body from recognising a foreign substance and therefore American Veterinary Medical Association, have looked at studiesserves as a hiding place for invaders. The inflammation occurs to show how long vaccines last and they have concluded andwhen at-risk cells produce receptors called At1 (known as announced that annual vaccination is unnecessary.16–19angiotensin II type I receptors). He says that while At1 has a Further, they have acknowledged that vaccines are not withoutbalancing receptor, At2, which is supposed to switch off the harm. Dr Ron Schultz, head of pathobiology at Wisconsininflammation, in most diseases this does not happen. University and a leading light in this field, has been saying this "Cancer has been described as the wound that never heals," he politely to his veterinary colleagues since the 1980s. Ive beensays. "All successful cancers are surrounded by inflammation. saying it for the past 12 years. But change is so long in comingCommonly this is thought to be the bodys reaction to try to fightthe cancer, but this is not the case. Continued on page 75OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 27
  • Dynamics of critical days as part of the dynamics of non-specific stress syndrome discovered during monitoring with Cotwatch breathing monitor R ecent editorials in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) by a number of authors have motivated me to publish the results of research into babies breathing. This was research that the late Leif Karlsson (a Swedish biomedical electronics engi- neer living in Australia) and I conducted with the Cotwatch breathing monitor, Scientific evidence developed by Leif in 1985–86 at my suggestion. Leif died in 1994 and the Cotwatch breathing monitor died with him: I had it delisted with the Therapeutic Goods shows that babies Administration (TGA), and since 1994 it has not been distributed. Cotwatch was a true breathing monitor, meaning its electronics separated heartbeat and can have severe breathing and only breathing delayed the alarm. The feedback on breathing from the stan- dard home monitor was from alarms (figure 1), while the microprocessor-based unit pro- adverse reactions to vided computer printouts of the record of breathing in the form of histograms stacked up at an angle (figure 2) or vertical bars (figures 3, 4), the length of which directly reflected vaccinations at the stress level as integrals of the weighted apnoea/hypopnoea density (WAHD). critical intervals The record of alarms in a baby over a period of five-and-a-half months, from October 1987 to March 1988 (figure 1), reveals that the stress-induced breathing pattern did not following their subside after 21 days following vaccine administration: it was still continuing on and off (following the critical days) two-and-a-half to three months later; and before really recov- shots, and that ering from the first lot, the child was given the second injection of DPT and oral polio vaccines. Cotwatch recorded events in breathing: apnoeas (pauses in breathing) and vaccination is the hypopnoeas (low-volume breathing, i.e., below 5% of the volume of normal unstressed breathing). The events were logarithmically weighted (the figures on the vertical axis of more likely cause of the computer printouts are integrals of the WAHD). The first two charts in figure 3 are computer printouts of the record of events in breath- cot death and ing in two babies: baby one, who was given the third DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) shaken baby vaccine and OPV (oral polio vaccine); and baby two, who was given the first DPT and OPV. The higher the vertical bar, the higher the stress level in breathing; figure 3 shows syndrome. flare-ups of stress-induced breathing day by day from day 0 when the vaccines were administered and up to the 17th day. It is obvious that even though baby one reacted much more than baby two, the flare-ups of stressed breathing followed the same pattern of critical days, the most important of these being day 2, after which day the stress level went down and started rising again between days 5 and 7, when the stress level subsided and started increasing again between days 14–16, subsided again and rose again between days 19–24, after which it subsided and rose again towards the 28th day and so on, following closely the pattern of alarms as recorded by a mother of one baby (figure 1). Days 10 or 11 also emerged as critical days in babies who reacted strongly, such as baby one. Needless to say, the increased intensity by Viera Scheibner, PhD of reactions after the third DPT injection and OPV reflects the phenomenon of sensitisa- © 2004 tion (sensitisation in this context means increased deranged immunological response or Principal Research Scientist (Retired) anaphylaxis; and in the case of vaccines it also means increased susceptibility to the dis- 178 Govetts Leap Road eases that the vaccines are supposed to prevent and to a host of unrelated bacterial and Blackheath, NSW 2785 viral infections (Parfentjev, 1955; Craighead, 1975; Daum et al., 1989). Australia The third chart in figure 3 is of 41 actual, randomly listed deaths after DPT and OPV; it Telephone: +61 (0)2 4787 8203 can be seen that the distribution of deaths closely follows the dynamics of the flare-ups of Fax: +61 (0)2 4787 8203 stressed breathing of babies one and two after the administration of the DPT vaccine (Bernier et al., 1982, Walker et al., 1987, Coulter and Fisher, 1991).OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 29
  • Figure 4 illustrates that in our research least one full-grade clinical score after stableevery baby was its own control (the data recovery, indicated by weight gain and atmeasures the stress level in every baby least one full clinical score.before and after vaccination). For a number Without going into great detail, strongof days there was no stress level in proliferation to the PLP 178–191 peptidebreathing, then comes day 0 when the used to induce disease was detected as earlyvaccine was administered and one can see as day 4 after "immunisation", reaching ahow the babies reacted day by day. Figure peak by days 9–11. At the time of remis-4 represents two babies (baby one and baby sion, days 15–16, a considerable decrease inthree) and one can see the individual proliferative capacity of lymph node cellsdifferences in response, since baby three was detected. IFN-gamma (interferonreacted within the first 24 hours, and also gamma) production followed the same pat-that the highest stress level occurred for tern; some variability was observed betweenbaby one on days 5–6, while for baby three individual mice, but a relatively high con-it occurred on day 7, but this is to be Figure 1: This record of alarms in a baby centration was measured during the first 11expected since babies are individuals in over a period of five-and-a-half months, days, decreasing thereafter. The highesttheir own right. One must also take into from October 1987 to March 1988, reveals concentration of IFN-gamma was measuredconsideration that in statistics you always that the stress-induced breathing pattern did at the time of disease onset, on day 11. Thehave a slight spread of a day or two before not subside after 21 days following vaccine response to PLP 178–191 gradually wanedor after the critical days. One can also administration. and was lowest at day 17, which in almostrephrase it that nature does not necessarily all mice is a silent period of the disease.operate in a sudden, cut-off fashion but in a Days 22–25 were characterised by anbuilding-up and tapering-off way. increase in IFN-gamma production again: Figure 4 also illustrates the individuality this is the time point which, in most mice,of stress response after the 16th day: baby precedes detectable relapse.three had a significant delayed reaction Equally interesting are Takacs et al.stowards the 24th day, while baby one had immunological time dynamics from days 42only a slightly increased stress level to 48, as established by our monitoring oftowards the 24th day. stress response to vaccination in babies. These are the days with increased stressUnderlying mechanisms of the cycle level in breathing and increased numbers of Immunological research unwittingly pro- deaths after vaccination. The weightvided another explanation for the observed loss/weight gain dynamics accompanyingand recorded slight differences in the daily the above immunological challenge isdynamics of maximum stress response. equally relevant to babies after vaccination.Takacs et al. (1997) studied the possible Leifs and my studies confirmed theunderlying mechanisms of the cyclic pattern validity of Hans Selyes concept of non-of relapsing/remitting experimental allergic Figure 2: Record of breathing in the form specific (or general adaptation) stressencephalomyelitis (EAE). Their approach of histograms stacked up at an angle. syndrome as a characteristic but non-was to conduct a longitudinal study corre- specific response in mammals to anylating epitope recognition and cytokine pro- noxious substance or insult or injury of anyduction by draining lymph node cells, kind (Selye, 1978). However, since oursplenocytes and central nervous system recording of breathing was done with a non-(CNS) infiltrating cells with disease during touch medical technology (Cotwatch had arelapsing and remitting EAE. Responses of sensor pad positioned under the mattresslymph node cells and splenocytes were uni- and nothing was attached to the body of theformative with respect to epitope spread. monitored person or an animal), we couldHowever, there were interesting day-by-day record longitudinally for long periods ofdynamics as far as the time-course of T cell time (hour-by-hour or day-by-day recordingresponses in lymph nodes was concerned. of stress dynamics in breathing), while EAE was induced with 200 micrograms of Selye studied the dynamics of adreno-PLP (proeolipid protein) 139–151, PLP cortical activity and had to perform invasive178–191 or MBP (myelin basic protein) blood tests which limited the density of his87–106, emulsified in IFA supplemented record. His research only demonstrated thewith 200 micrograms of Mycobacterium dynamics of stress response in very generaltuberculosis and M. butyricum 8:1 and given terms as an alarm reaction (48 hours aftersubcutaneously (s.c.) on days 0 and 7. the insult), a stage of resistance (anImmediately after this "immunisation" and undetermined number of days after the first48 hours later, mice received 200 nanograms 48 hours) and a stage of exhaustion (anotherof Bordetella pertussis toxin (intraperi- alarm-like reaction) following the stage oftoneally) in PBS (protein baseline serum). resistance (of undetermined duration)Relapse was defined as a weight loss and Figure 3: Record of breathing in the form approximately corresponding to the 16thclinical worsening was characterised by at of vertical bars. day. Our much more detailed recording of30 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • stress response established that the alarm very shallowly are considered false alarms.reaction is biphasic and includes two flare- Leif and I called them "warning alarms"ups of stressed breathing, one on day 2 and because they sounded when the monitoredanother between days 5 and 7, then babies started having longer and longerfollowed by about seven days episodes of low-volume breathing, which iscorresponding to the stage of resistance, and the true stress-induced breathing pattern. Athe increased stress level around day 16 baby who developed pneumoniarepresenting the stage of exhaustion. experienced such "false alarms" for two weeks before going down with typicalVaccination and cot deaths symptoms of pneumonia. This happened Figure 5 represents tabulation of raw data about six weeks after the six-monthon deaths after DPT and polio vaccination vaccination with DPT and polio vaccines.published by Mitchell et al. (1995). These When reactions or deaths occur six weeksNew Zealand authors concluded that "there after vaccination, they would not be consid-was a reduced chance of SIDS [sudden ered as being caused by vaccination. Yetinfant death syndrome] in the four-day our records of alarms with Cotwatch micro-period after immunisation" and hence that processor computer printouts demonstrateimmunisation "may even lower the risk of increased stress level in breathing more thanSIDS" (though also saying that they cannot Figure 4: Record of breathing in the form six weeks after vaccination.confidently state it as a certainty). of vertical bars, showing the stress level in However, far from showing protection each baby before and after vaccination. Deaths after vaccinationsagainst cot death by vaccination, Mitchell et Griffin et al.s (1988) data on deaths afteral.s data show that all those babies they studied died as a direct vaccination are of interest as well. Even though the authorsconsequence of their DPT and OPV vaccination, showing perfect concluded that their data do not show the causal link, a properclustering along the critical days. The "reduced" risk of SIDS in tabulation of their own raw data (figure 6), looking at four groupsthe "immunised" group is misleading, because only those who of babies who died after DPT and polio vaccination, shows thereceived vaccines on schedule were following:categorised as "immunised". Obviously this • Group 1 included babies aged 1.5–2.5biases this group to be relatively healthier months (in the USA, vaccinations start atchildren because a, or the, major reason for 6–8 weeks). The majority of these babiesvaccines not being given on time, and died within 8–14 days after the first dose.sometimes not ever again, is the child being • Group 2 included babies aged 2.5–4unwell, at least when the shots are due, if months, who died after the second dose ofnot constantly. So, ironically, a child who DPT and OPV. The majority died betweensuffered visible adverse effects from 15 and 30 days.previous vaccines is likely to be in the "non- • Group 3 included babies aged 4–8immunised" category in this study, even if months, who died after the third dose. Thehe or she received further vaccines. majority died more than 31 days after Generally speaking, the most fundamen- vaccination.tal error of judgement displayed by cot • Group 4 included babies who died ageddeath researchers is that they do not look at 8–12 months. These are the residue ofwhat happened to the babies who suc- delayed deaths after the third dose.cumbed to SIDS, days before they died, and Figure 5: Tabulation of data on deaths after Far from showing no evidence of theinstead they try to identify the elusive entity DPT and polio vaccination (Mitchell et al.). causal link with the administration of DPTof "at risk" babies. The pneumographic and OPV vaccines, the tabulated raw datastudies are done without any regard to what happens to babies in by Griffin et al. show three important observed phenomena:the first six months and/or one year or 18 months of life when the 1. Younger babies died earlier than older, bigger babies whoinitial DPT, Hib and polio vaccines and the first MMR and/or took longer to die.booster vaccines are given. 2. Sensitisation: there was increased immunological reaction Vaccinations are mostly ignored in cot (anaphylaxis) after subsequent doses of vac-death studies. In our experience, the timing cines.of pneumographic studies is determined by 3. Increased numbers of deaths with thethe availability of a bed in the overnight increasing interval from vaccination:study unit rather than by looking at what delayed reactions, which are a rule ratherhappened to the baby just before it devel- than an exception.oped symptoms of stress or started causing Interestingly, Torch (1982, 1986) inde-alarms on its monitor. pendently also made the same observation The notion of false alarms, widely used as Leif Karlson and I: an increasing num-by those who conduct monitoring of babies ber of deaths with the increasing intervalbreathing, has also delayed the from the vaccine administration, increasingunderstanding of the situation. Alarms Figure 6: Tabulation of data from four number of injections and increasing age.which occurred when the monitored baby groups of babies who died after DPT and Torch (1982) wrote: "Preliminary data ondid not stop breathing but was breathing polio vaccinations (Griffin et al.). the first 70 cases studied shows that 2/3 hadOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 31
  • been immunized within 21 days prior to death... In the DPT SIDS Vaccination and shaken baby syndromegroup 6.5% died within 12 hours of inoculation, 13% within 24 As Dr Innis repeatedly stated in his comments to a variety ofhours, 26% within 3 days, and 37%, 61% and 70% within 1, 2 and BMJ articles on shaken baby syndrome (SBS), all of the SBS3 weeks respectively. Significant SIDS clustering occurred with- cases he studied were vaccinated within 21 days of the appearancein the first 2 to 3 weeks of DTP #1, 2, 3 or 4. The age range in the of symptoms of SBS or death. I second this with a slightly quali-DTP group was 59 days to 3 years..." fied statement that among some 70-odd cases of SBS for which I One of many points I am making here is that the recipients of a have prepared a report, only two were cases of birth injury andvaccine such as DPT or OPV may react for more than 21 days were unvaccinated. Also, a few of the SBS babies died more thanafter the vaccines are administered, this being additional informa- 21 days after their last vaccinations. Indeed, days 42 to 48 aftertion to that published by Innis (2004). Innis puts emphasis on the vaccination represent important critical days with increasing num-period of under 21 days from vaccination as a risk period for the bers of deaths (as discussed above).onset of symptoms that can lead to allegations of child abuse, Most of those who have been involved in the study of SIDS orbased on the 22 cases that he has analysed to date. SBS, including those who have participated in the present and Vaccines, such as that for pertussis, are actually used to induce very much needed cathartic debate on SBS, have beenso-called experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (Levine et al., rather shy or silent about the administered vaccines, even though1966; Levine and Sowinski, 1979; Steinman et al., 1982; and those vaccine injections are, as a rule, the only documented facts.many others). Steinman et al. described an animal model for per- The act of shaking is undocumented and it is indeed (as Dr Innistussis vaccination encephalopathy. They vaccinated mice with correctly states) a little more than a figment of bizarre imaginationthe heat-killed Bordetella pertussis by the accusing doctors, child protectionvaccine combined with bovine serum agencies and police.albumin (BSA). They concluded that Some responders in this debate haveneuropathology in their mouse model questioned whether doctors are out toresembled that of human cases in Some responders in this victimise innocent carers. The simplewhich death occurred after DPT vacci- debate have questioned answer is that they are. As pointed outnation: diffuse vascular congestion by Kirschner and Stein (1985): "...theand parenchymal haemorrhage in both whether doctors are out to treating physicians in the emergencythe cortex and white matter. Cortical victimise innocent carers. room mistook life-threatening illnessneurons showed ischaemic changes, or postmortem artifacts for inflictedand areas of hypercellularity were evi- The simple answer is that injury... Although the histories relateddent in the meninges. they are. by the parents in the emergency room B. pertussis has a wide range of were in all cases truthful and consis-physiological effects including tent with the results of physical exami-increased IgE production, increased nations of the child, the involvedsensitivity to anaphylactic shock, lym- physicians failed to make a correctphocytosis and hyperinsulinaemia. Its ability to induce increased diagnosis. Not only lack of experience with severe childhood ill-vascular permeability may account for the tendency to produce ness and death but also an attitude of suspicion and/or hostilityhaemorrhages. The relevance of the murine [i.e., mouse-related] probably contributed to these misdiagnoses."model of pertussis vaccine encephalopathy is demonstrated by So what are the causes and mechanisms of what is consideredmost babies being exposed to cows milk (even in breast-fed the pathognomic triad of symptoms by the proponents of SBS,babies) due to a pre-existing anti-BSA antibody. This sensitisation such as subdural and retinal haemorrhages and broken bones?to BSA may lead to a similar chain of events following pertussis As I wrote in my previous papers on this subject ( J ACNEMvaccination in genetically susceptible human babies. 2002; Rapid Responses, 2 April 2004; and elsewhere), When babies were only given four vaccines at one session the whole idea of subdural haematomas and bizarre bone fractures(DPT and OPV), they developed the so-called minimal pathology: as a result of child abuse was started by Caffey in 1946. He con-petechial (spot-like) bleeding into the thymus, pericardium, lungs sidered fractures in the long bones as a complication of the infan-and other organs and their deaths were classified as SIDS (which tile subdural haematoma associated with the fractures of the crani-should stand for "sudden immunisation death syndrome"). Such um. Even though his own illustrations show what is generallypathology was considered insufficient to cause death, even though considered typical scurvy fractures, he denied any "Roentgenit was obviously sufficient, considering that tens of thousands of signs of scurvy". Caffey (1946), without going into any morebabies have died this way. According to Hess (1920) and many detail, concluded: "The fractures appear to be of traumatic originothers, one of the symptoms of acute scurvy is petechial but the traumatic episodes and the causal mechanism remainhaemorrhage. Why consider scurvy in post-vaccinal death? obscure." It is difficult to understand why such classical scurvy Vaccines are a cocktail of toxic substances such as formalde- fractures as shown in his own photographs were misinterpreted.hyde (interestingly, when Selye discovered nonspecific stress syn- However, Caffey admitted in his 1965 article, "Significance of thedrome, the first "noxious substance" rhar he injected into his labo- history in the diagnosis of traumatic injury in children", that "it isratory rats was formaldehyde), aluminium phosphate and alumini- still a wonder to me that Ross Golden welcomed me, a pediatri-um hydroxide, mercury compounds (thimerosal, merthiolate, con- cian without either formal or informal training or experience intaining up to 49% mercury), phenol, coolant (propylene glycol), radiology, into his department of traditionally and highly trainedpeanut oil, and of course foreign proteins (antigens), viruses and expert radiologists". Indeed, why?bacteria or their protein envelopes (such as pertussigen, an active The fact remains that Caffey made a mess of things which willtoxic ingredient in all pertussis vaccines, whether whole cell or take years to rectify. The sooner the rectification begins, the bet-acellular), to mention just a few of the most common, standard ter not only for all those thousands of victims of Caffeys obviousingredients in a variety of vaccines. ignorance and closedmindedness but also for those formally32 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • trained radiologists who blindly followed misinterpretations of of their scientific curiosity). This situation is relevant to the studyformally untrained Caffey. Moreover, Silverman (1965) attested of subdural and retinal haemorrhages of Caffeys closemindedness when he wrote about Caffey: "A Sparacio et al. (1971) described acute subdural haematoma inclassic example of his attitude...occurred at the end of a hot dis- infancy. They described six cases in infants aged three months,cussion at an 11 oclock conference at Babies Hospital...when he 10 months, one year, 10 months, six months and nine months, ofwas heard to remark to someone with whom he had been debating which two had a documented fall while the rest did not.a point, I wouldnt believe it even if you proved it to me." Hart and Earle (1975) described haemorrhagic and perivenous Hiller (1972), a formally trained Australian radiologist, demon- encephalitis in a clinical-pathological review of 38 cases. Theystrated that Caffeys bizarre fractures are in fact caused by scurvy, wrote that haemorrhagic leucoencephalitis (AHL) and post-although he did not explain what actually caused scurvy in the infectious perivenous encephalitis (PVS) associated withaffected babies. childhood mumps, measles, chickenpox and vaccination are It was Hess (1920) who pointed out in his elegant, almost 300- important diseases of the central nervous tome on scurvy, which was much ahead of its time, the inad- Graham et al. (1979) described acute haemorrhagic (also knownequacies of "antiscorbutic" vitamin (vitamin C) content of the as necrotising) leucoencephalitis as a complication of the gener-usual infant food. alised Schwartzman reaction which may Later on, Pekarek and Rezabek (1959) occur after sensitisation (anaphylaxis) todemonstrated that the administration of DPT drugs, such as sulphonamides and para-vaccine to rats caused them to develop acute amino salicylic acid, and which has also fol-scurvy which rectified itself within 24 hours. lowed pertussis vaccination and the adminis- However, human babies do not have the Injecting foreign tration of the antitetanus serum.advantage the rats have of being able to pro- Levin et al. (1983) described haemorrhagicduce their own vitamin C within their bodies; antigens (and other shock and encephalopathy as a newhumans and other primates, fruit bats and proteins) directly into syndrome with a high mortality in youngguineapigs, to mention the most important children. Interestingly, the children fromexamples, do not produce their own vitamin the bloodstream causes whom polio virus was isolated had all beenC and depend on their food having adequate immunological recently vaccinated. This means that othercontent of this important, essential vitamin. cases could have been vaccinated longer than When human babies are given the same derangements— a few days before developing symptoms ofDPT vaccine as Pekarek and Rezabeks rats,they develop acute scurvy which does among others, the haemorrhagic shock. In the 1970s and 1980s, a number ofnot rectify itself unless the babies are reversal of T4 and T8 authors described so-calledgiven sufficiently large amounts of vita-min C. This, of course, never happens cells ratio, which can haemophagocytic syndrome or lym- phohistiocytosis syndrome. The symp-because when babies with vaccine reac- result in a cascade of toms in haemorrhagic shock andtions are admitted to hospitals they are untoward events encephalopathy and HLH are very sim-given antibiotics instead, further aggra- ilar: general feeling of malaise, fever,vating their vitamin C deficiency. resulting in death. listlessness and vomiting, pallor, tachy- Scurvy affects all systems in the cardia, tachypnoea, convulsions, lowbody. It causes depletion of collagen, blood pressure, glove and sock syn-resulting in vascular wall fragility, drome (hot body and cold extremities),blood clotting and other haematological distended abdomen, enlarged liver,derangements resulting in bruising; it tense fontanelle, hypotonia, watery,causes brain, retinal and other organ blood-stained diarrhoea, haematemesis,bleeding and many other malfunctions liquid unclotting blood (bleeding fromof all systems of the body, including derangement of the central venipuncture sites), deranged coagulation with deranged pro-control of temperature, blood pressure, etc. thrombin and thromboplastin time, very low fibrinogen and fibrin Injecting foreign antigens (and other proteins) directly into the degradation products very elevated, indicating severe disseminat-bloodstream causes immunological derangements—among others, ed intravascular coagulation. Other characteristic findings arethe reversal of T4 and T8 cells ratio (Jefferys, 2001), which severe metabolic acidosis (pH less than 7.35 or even less than 7),results in the whole cascade of untoward events resulting in death. low bicarbonate, base deficit with compensatory respiratory alka-I am surprised that any babies survive the intense vaccination pro- losis, impaired renal function, raised plasma urea and creatininegrams they are subjected to these days. Others have mentioned and especially hyperglycaemia, indicating central diabeteshaemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) as the syndrome insipidus, cerebral oedema and internal haemorrhaging into thewhich is accompanied by the same symptoms as SBS, without brain, retina, lungs and other organs, and diffuse macular cuta-going into details as to what actually causes HLH. neous haemorrhages. All organs may be infiltrated with lympho- cytes and histiocytes. At necropsy, the brain is oedematous, softNew diseases for old and virtually liquid. More severe cases have meningeal and Medicine is known for repeatedly introducing new names for perivascular infiltration of lymphoid cells in the brain.old diseases. It is probably due to the well-known failure of med- Akima and Sumi (1984) described a number of cases of babiesical researchers to study medical literature (yes, Ive heard aged six months, four months, four-and-a-half months (readmittedAmerican medicos bragging in court that they dont study "that at six-and-a-half months and died 11 days after admission), fivestuff", meaning medical research, and in particular the foreign months (readmitted at eight months and died two months later),journals; as a matter of interest, they considered BMJ not worthy six weeks of age with recurrence of symptoms at four-and-a-halfOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 33
  • months of age (died at five-and-a-half months) and seven weeks agents in all those modern ills of children, such as asthma and(died four days after admission to hospital). All cases clearly allergies, a number of cancers, gastrointestinal problems, autismdeveloped their symptoms after vaccination, based on their ages at and other behavioural problems to mention just a few so-calledthe first admission and the time of readmission. new diseases. Some authors have called HLH a familial disease; however, this In summary, there is a wealth of scientific data to demonstratedefinition was a reflection of the familial habit of vaccinating all that vaccines cause serious derangements of all systems of thechildren, rather than some special familial genetic predisposition body, which result in serious injuries, including deaths—and inother then predisposition to react violently to vaccines (Henter babies in particular—being misinterpreted as being caused byand Elinder, 1991). inflicted trauma. ∞ Liao and Thompson (1997) described retinal haemorrhages asophthalmic manifestations of virus-induced haemophagocytic About the Author:syndrome. Viera Scheibner, PhD, is a retired principal research scientist Henter and Elinder (1992) described cerebromeningeal with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distin-haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis as an immunological guished career she has written three books and had over 90disorder, and Sperling (1997) described it as a "runaway" immune papers published in refereed scientific journals. She has beensystem. researching vaccines and vaccinations Rosen (1997) quoted a number of since the early 1980s and is thevaccines (vaccinia, polio, measles and There is a wealth of scientific author of Vaccination: 100 Years ofBCG) as the causal agents in HLH, Ortho dox Resear ch Sho ws thatand described the disease as a severe, data to demonstrate that Vac cin es Repre se nt a Medi ca lcombined immunodeficiency. vaccines cause serious Assaul t on the System ( 1 9 9 3 ; Comans-Bitter et al. (1997) derangements of all systems of re viewed in NEXUS 2/16) anddescribed immunotyping of blood Behavioural Problems in Childhoodlymphocytes in childhood to be used the body, which result in serious (2000; reviewed in 7/05).as a yardstick in the diagnosis of injuries, including deaths—and Dr S ch eibne rs article on thehaematological and immunological dynamics of critical days was firstdisorders. in babies in particular—being pub lishe d in the Journal of the Bonilla and Oettgen (1997) analysed misinterpreted as being caused Australasian College of Nutritional &the above article and wrote that T Environmental Medicine (J ACNEM)cells, B cells and natural killer (NK) by inflicted trauma. 23(3):1-5, December 2004.cells interact with each other and with Previous articles by Dr Scheibnera diverse array of "accessory cells", such on vaccines and vaccinations haveas monocyte-derived cells, to generate an immune response. T been published in NEXUS: "Adverse Effects of Adjuvants incells may be identified by the CD3 marker associated with the Vaccines" (NEXUS 8/01-02), "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (5/05);antigen receptor and are further divided into two populations: "Brain-eating Bugs" (3/03), and (with Leif Karlsson) "CotCD4+ and CD8+. Deaths Linked to Vaccinations" (2/05). CD4+ T cells (also known as "cytotoxic"or "suppressor" cells) Dr Scheibner is often asked by lawyers to provide expertexecute important effector functions such as the lysis of infected reports for vaccine-damage court cases, and she regularlyhost cells (part of the cellular immune response). After interac- conducts lectures. She was a speaker at the 2005 NEXUStion with CD4+ T cells, B cells give rise to plasma cells which Conference in Brisbane in September.produce antibodies (the humoral immune response). The NK Dr Scheibner can be contacted by mail at 178 Govettscells are important in the early phases of immune responses to Leap Road, Blackheath, NSW 2785, Australia, by telephoneviruses and malignancy. on +61 (0)2 4787 8203 or by fax on +61 (0)2 4787 8988. Since vaccines derange these elements of the immune system, it She is happy to provide additional references for this articleis not difficult to understand why they are implicated as causal as well as accompanying diagrams on request.References peptide rather than epitope spread. Eur J in Tennessee. J Pediatrics 105(5):419-421.(in order of appearance in text) Immunology 27:2927-2934. • Walker AM, Jick H, Perera DR,• Parventjev IA (1959). Bacterial allergy • Selye H (1978). The Stress of Life. Thompson RS, Knauss TA (1987).increases susceptibility to influenza virus in McGill University Press, Montreal. Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunizationmice. Proc Soc Biol Med 90:373-375. • Mitchell EA, Stewart AW, Clements M et and sudden infant death syndrome. Am J• Craighead JE (1975). Report of a work- al. (1995). Immunisation and the sudden Pub Health disease accentuation after immuniza- infant death syndrome: New Zealand Cot • Coulter HL and Fisher BL (1991). A Shottion with inactivated microbial vaccines. J Death Study Group. Arch Dis Child in the Dark. Avery Publishing Group Inc.,Infect Dis 131(6):749-54. 73:498-501. NY (246 pp).• Daum RS, Sood SK, Osterhholm MT et • Scheibner V (1991). Evidence of the • Levine S, Wenk EJ, Devlin HB et (1989). Decline in serum antibody to association between non-specific stress (1966). Hyperacute allergicthe capsule of Haemophilus influenzae type syndrome, DPT injections and cot death. encephalomyelitis: adjuvant effect of per-B in the immediate post-immunization Proc Second National Immunisation tussis vaccine and extracts. J Immunologyperiod. J Pediatrics 114:742-747. Conference, Canberra, 27-29 May 1991, 97(3):363-368.• Takacs K, Chandler P and Altmann DM pp. 90-91. • Levine S and Sowinski R (1973).(1997). Relapsing and remitting experi- • Bernier RH, Frank JA, Dondero T and Hyperacute allergic encephalomyelitis. Ammental allergic encephalomyelitis: a Nolan TF (1982). Diphtheria-tetanus-per- J Pathology 73:247-260.focused response to the encephalitogenic tussis vaccination and sudden infant deaths Continued on page 7634 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • THE HIDDEN SYMMETRY T he Great Pyramid of Giza stands alone as an enigma in time, and this incredible structure has long defied explanation. Much has been written by scholars, math- ematicians, archaeologists, occultists and religious followers alike, adding layer after layer of mystery, speculation and theory to the only remaining wonder of the world. The common explanation is that it is merely a tomb belonging to the Egyptian A new theory born Pharaoh Khufu, although this is only attributed to a single cartouche high up in one of the so-called "relieving chambers". of geometry, Over the past 20 years I have studied many theories and, in doing so, built up a large library of information, both rare and mainstream, allowing me to carefully weigh the evi- photographic dence so as to extract the elements which I felt were the most important. My idea is born from basic geometry, photographic evidence, scientific fact and a sound knowledge of evidence, science three-dimensional construction. The theory I will present here is one which I have not seen explored in any documentation or book prior to this writing. It is my intent to prove and 3-D graphic the existence of a second, mirror-image set of chambers and passageways inside the Great constructions Pyramid of Giza. [Figure 1] The duplicity of the internal chambers first struck me while I was practising basic suggests that a geometry on paper with a conventional compass and ruler. Starting by halving the base length, I made this the radius for a circle. Placing a circle at each of the points, I then second, mirror- made a cross in the centre of each of the two bottom circles at 90 degrees to the angle of the sides of the triangle. [Figure 2] image set of This gave me the building blocks of a whole new idea. I believe that everything in life has meaning or purpose, and that everything happens for a reason. With that in mind, I chambers and wondered what would happen if I connected the centre points of the circles with the oppo- site circumference. This generated what I have come to term the "Infinite Star". passageways exists Suddenly I realised that here was also a direct representation of the angles of the ascend- within the Great ing and descending passageways of the Great Pyramid. I realised that this shape could be repeated and enlarged, creating infinite pyramids and infinite stars. The other shape Pyramid. which appears is, of course, the pentagram. [Figure 3] I was fortunate to come across the original plan for Washington, DC, and the Pentagon, designed by Pierre-Charles LEnfant, a French Freemason who was well acquainted with Benjamin Franklin at the time. On it, you can clearly see the Infinite Star and the Masonic Square. [Figure 4] The next thing was to overlay a copy of the internal chambers of the Great Pyramid over my geometry, and it proved to be a perfect match. But something was missing. The more I looked at it, the more I began to wonder: where is the rest of it? The Great Pyramid is a wonder of mathematical design, and yet in the same sense it contains pas- sageways and chambers which are not symmetrical—or are they? by James Colmer © 2005 I use Photoshop a lot in my work and I decided it was time to see what would happen if I mirrored the chambers. To my astonishment, the missing symmetry suddenly jumped Bimmini Special Effects Studios out at me like a startled rabbit from a magicians hat. The strange thing was that the so-called "air shafts" now lined up, as though pointing to Email: something. I laid this image on top and found that everything lined up, including the Website: shafts. My theory of the Master Plan is presented diagrammatically [page 37, top right]. The units of measure are arbitrary, as long as you keep the 51°, 51° and 14° angles. The circles have a radius of half the base, and you will find four duplicate triangles and one large one in the design, all with exactly the same repeating geometry. By overlaying aOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 35
  • "mirrored" layout of the chambers of the Great Pyramid, you can see the remarkable correlation. I have long been a supporter of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancocks Orion theory, as it fits with my notion that the Pyramid was much more than just a tomb for a dead king. If you are familiar with their books, you will know that they suggest these shafts point to specific stars and constellations, and that the Great Pyramid is a kind of precessional "clock". I always believed deep down it could be a kind of Stargate for the Pharaohs to ascend to another world. I could not ignore, however, the simplicity of what was unfolding before me. But wait a minute: how could there be a second set of passageways? Surely they would bump into each other, unless of course they were offset somehow.Figure 1 Immediately I rushed to my book collection to find a front view of the layout of the chambers, and confirmed that they were indeed offset. This didnt really prove anything, because in two dimensions it still looked like the chambers bumped into each other. This meant I had to go to three dimensions. Not being completely literate in 3-D programs, I decided to use Bryce, a very easy and user-friendly program which gave me enough information to prove a point. By this time, I was getting excited and wanted to see hard evidence. The result was amazing. I could now see how it was possible for an identical but mirrored set of chambers and passageways to exist inside the Great Pyramid. I took it one step further and ren- dered it transparent to show the location of the coffer. To my sur- prise, it was the only object which lined up on the centreline of the structure. Now, here was something really interesting. It appeared as though I was looking at a complex machine which appeared to have cooling fins like an amplifier and casings for positive and negative batteries. We already know that everything has a positive and negative aspect. Male and female, light and dark, yin and yang. I could now see why the chambers we already know of are aligned to magnetic north. This of course means thatFigure 2 the other must be aligned due south, making a positive and nega- tive circuit. [See diagrams on page 40.] Figure 4Figure 336 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • The Boss or Great Seal – the KeyThe key to the Grand Design is located conveniently but crypticallyin the boss on the granite leaf at the entry to the antechamber. Thiscypher I believe was left behind as a marker or a kind of measure ofthe Pyramid and its dimensions. By deciphering the key, one couldfind the hidden geometry and discover the hidden chambers.The Missing Hole in the Kings Chamber It follows that if there was once a connection between these twopower cells, then you would expect to find some sort of openingat the end of the coffer in the wall or floor. Looking at an originalphoto taken around 1910 by the Edgar brothers, I discovered thatin fact there was such an opening. The photo shows the hole visi-ble on the floor to the right of the coffer [page 41, top]. In thepresent-day photos, however, it has mysteriously disappeared, andthe coffer itself has also been strangely cemented in place [page41, bottom]. I remember the words of Ed Leedskalnin, the man who builtCoral Castle in Florida. He once stated that he had re-discoveredthe secrets of the construction methods used to build thePyramids. He went on to explain that "everything on this Earth ismade up of north and south pole magnets". Is this truly an ancient power cell or generator of some kind ofenergy like hydrogen?The Lost Ark and White Powder Gold Many people, like myself, believe that the Ark of the Covenantwas once housed inside the coffer of the Kings Chamber. Inorder to confirm the possibility of this, I researched the originaldimensions of both the Ark and the space inside the coffer, con-verted them to centimetres and found they fitted perfectly. There was about a 3-mm gap each side of the Ark, and the 43cm at each end could easily house the rings and device for liftingit in and out. Note that space is provided for the rings at the ends If it is true and there are two sets of chambers, then it stands to(not sides) of the Ark, so that the Ark would then be presented reason that there could have been two Arks (Arcs). The one weproperly when carried. The extra height allows for the two cheru- know to be missing must therefore be the one we read about in thebim or terminals on top of the Ark to fit inside the coffer. biblical stories of Moses at Mount Horub. In his fascinating book Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence• Coffer Internal Dimensions Gardner explains many unknown things about the Ark and its L = 1983 mm power-generating ability. I cannot do justice to this book in a few W = 681 mm sentences, but essentially it outlines the capability of the Ark to H = 874 mm generate a powerful spark between the two gold cherubs, above the so-called "mercy seat".• Ark Dimensions (approx.) This "Arc" would transform gold into the mysterious substance 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 biblical cubits "MFKTZ", or white powder gold. Sir William Flinders Petrie L = 1125 mm found many tonnes of a strange white powder when he discovered W = 675 mm the temple at Mount Horub. H = 675 mm One thing that also struck me was that Gardner referred to theOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 37
  • 3-D graphic of the proposed identical but mirrored Kings chambers and passageways, showing the location of the two coffers.existence of a MFKTZ "field". He suggested that if two of these has antigravitational properties).fields interacted, perhaps such interaction would open an interdi- Let us ponder for a moment the discoverys ramifications—mensional doorway between two worlds. Here I was back at my scientific, religious and historical. What would happen if thisStargate theory. artefact were found? It seems apparent from reading the Bible The strange property of white powder gold, for those of you not description of the construction of the Ark and its altar pieces thatfamiliar with its method of production, is its ability to disappear an important element was the shielding of it, both by insulatorsand re-appear during the process. and a special cloth with gold rings. A breastplate of gold was also This has led scientists to speculate that it is actually phasing in fashioned for whomever approached it, and people were warnedand out of a different dimension. It is also used in the production to take off their shoes lest they be killed. This was clearly to earthof superconductors due to its ability to lose and gain weight (i.e., it the person against electric shock. The Ark, if not handled with caution, could be a deadly source of electrical power even today. Structure and Sonic Properties Another interesting and supportive piece of information is that different types of stone were used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Most of the structure is built from limestone, which is primarily made up of quartz. The Kings Chamber, however, is insulated with red granite. If indeed there was an energy or heat being gen- erated inside this chamber, it would be no problem as granite can withstand temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Granite is also used in sound production to reduce vibration and resonance. Multiple separated layers of granite (as in the reliev- ing chambers) can be used to absorb seismic vibration which is harmful to sound production.Cross-section of the Queens Chamber and the Grand Gallery. While we are on the topic of sound, it is interesting to note that38 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • the Grand Gallery seems to be tunable, via its stepped ceiling con-struction, to four octaves. The antechamber before the Kings Chamber, with its portcullisgrooves and granite leaf, is reminiscent of a giant reed for tuningthe cavity. In musical terms, the Kings Chamber resonates at 740 Hz = Fsharp. The coffer resonates at 440 Hz = A. In music, pitch is the perception of the frequency of a note. Forexample, the A above middle C is nowadays set at 440 Hz (oftenwritten as "A = 440 Hz", and known as "concert pitch"). Pitch isoften cited as one of the fundamental aspects of music. If youve ever filled a series of bottles with water at differentlevels and used them as an instrument, you can understand theprinciples behind tuning the Gallery. Perhaps the Pyramid is a giant crystal set, capable of receivingsignals from far-off planets.Tuning the Grand Gallery The ceiling of the Gallery has a total of 40 incremental tuningsteps to measure water height and frequency. Dividing the cham-ber into two, there are 20 ceiling corbels or notches plus eightsteps each end, making two sets of 28, and there are also 28 rampholes. This equates to four sets of seven notes or frequencies,remembering that the eighth note in an octave is actually the firstnote of the second. Water rising in the Gallery fills the centre pit at a higher level,which would create a greater pressure behind an object designedto be raised up and down the Gallery. The ramp holes may havehoused rollers and guides, and the wall grooves reflect a linearmovement as they are relative to the angle of the ramp. Reports have also been made by tourists in the subterraneanchamber that they can clearly hear the unmistakable sound of thecoffer being struck by guides, coming down through the ceiling.This seems to point to, and certainly there is room for, a verticalshaft running directly down the centre of the Pyramid. I believe that, as a part of the system of the Great Pyramid, salt-water was pumped up from the subterranean chamber, hence theeroded, unfinished appearance and the presence of salt on thewalls up to the level of the Queens Chamber. In 1987, a Japanese team using sound waves to scan the inside About the Author:the Pyramid found cavities behind the wall in the Queens James Colmer was born in England in 1967 and holds a BA inChamber, precisely at the point in my 3-D image where the two Fine Art. He migrated to Australia in 1975, living in Adelaide for 20 years before settling on Queenslands Gold Coast in 1994,are very close together. However, no further investigation seems where he played a key role as a consultant to the theme parkto have been allowed by the Egyptian authorities into the matter. industry. He has worked on over 120 projects including the giant kewpie dolls featured in the opening ceremony of thePiezoelectricity Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. His "day job" is in feature films, A piezoelectric material is defined as a material that generates originally as a creature effects artist and now as a conceptan electric charge when mechanically deformed. Conversely, artist/illustrator. He is the founder and director of Bimminiwhen an external electric field is applied to a piezoelectric materi- Special Effects, it will mechanically deform. An example of this is quartz, Jamess interests have always revolved around the unex-which is one of the main constituents of limestone and granite. plained, extraterrestrials and Egyptian culture, especially the Piezoelectric induction also creates frequencies. Quartz res- Great Pyramid mysteries, and he has a library of over 500 eso-onates at 32,768 kHz, which is a multiple of 2, a number sequence teric books. He has also had a long-term interest in Edalso found in computers, e.g., 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, Leedskalnins construction work at Coral Castle, Florida, and1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384, 32,768, making it a binary Bruce Cathies theories on grid harmonics. Over the past sevencrystal. Could this be the reason for the choice of material in the years, James has been developing a screenplay based on BruceGreat Pyramid? Cathies life and work, entitled Antigravity, which is now mov- ing towards production. His goal is to become a film director, as In conclusion, I believe that the Great Pyramid was created, as he believes the only way to get information to the people is viaEdgar Cayce suggests, over 12,000 years ago by the inhabitants of the mass media.the lost Atlantean continent, and the Egyptians over many cen- James C olmer can be contacted by email atturies tried and failed to copy its perfection. or via his website at http://www.bimmini. Whatever it is or was, one thing is certain: the Great Pyramid is com. Note that the information and images in this article and oncertainly no tomb. ∞ his website are copyright © James Colmer 2005.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 39
  • SCIENCE our explanations and hides many important "static electricity"? After all, theyre static "STATIC ELECTRICITY" MISCONCEPTIONS concepts such as charge separation, the and unmoving, right? They sit there inside density of imbalanced positive–negative each atom. And each individual electron by William J. Beaty © 2005 charge, and the presence of voltage fields and proton carries a charge of "staticS ome elementary science textbooks surrounding the imbalanced charges. electricity". Shouldnt we say that physical contain subtle errors which pose bar- These things are important even when the matter is partly m a d e out of "static riers to students understanding. "static electricity" begins moving along as electricity"?"Static electricity" is one subject which is a current. But if we say that matter is made out ofrife with errors. Since the errors in text- Electrostatics is not about "staticness". "static", then where are the sparks andbooks seem to act like "viruses" which can Instead, its about charge and forces. crackling noises? There arent any. Where"infect" our minds, I hope that the follow- Imagine if water was explained just as is the rising hair? There isnt any. Thising discussion will act as a sort of badly as static electricity. In that case, shows that the "staticness" is not an impor-"antivirus" (grin!). It should help those most people would believe in two special tant factor. Instead, the most importantwho read this webpage, and with luck my kinds of water called "static water" and factor is the balance of opposite charges.article might utilise some of the same Inside matter, the positive and negativerumour-dynamics as the viruses. charges are close together, and so theirThese ideas might take off and spread effects cancel out. Even though matterthrough the elementary education pop- is full of charges which are "static" andulation and "immunise" large numbersof people against these particular mis- Electrostatics is about unmoving, there is normally no "static electricity" to be seen.conceptions. charge and about the Its about an i m b a l a n c e b e t w e e n opposite charges, not about staticness.Electrostatics: not "staticness" attract–repel forces which Also, the presence of charged particles "Static electricity" is not electricity electric charge creates. is not such an important factor, sincewhich is static. Instead, it is a collec- matter is full of them even when notion of different electrical phenomena, "static electricity" appears. We needwhere: separated, imbalanced particle popula- • the amounts of positive and nega- tions before interesting things start totive electric charge within a material are happen. Just having charged particlesnot perfectly equal. "current water". Wed wrongly insist that is not enough. • voltage is high and current is low. hydrostatics was the study of static water. How can we fix the confusion? Easy. • electrical forces (attraction and repul- In that case, only the hydraulics experts Dont call it "static". Instead, call itsion) are seen to reach across space. would realise that theres no such thing as "charge imbalance". Its the net electricWidely spaced objects may attract or repel "static water": the so-called "static" water charge which is important. Or, put moreeach other. Hair might stand on end! is really just pressurised water. The simply, it is the separation between posi- • electric fields (as opposed to magnetic experts would also know that "static water" tive and negative particles which is thefields) become very important (electric can even flow along, since pressurised basis for "static electricity".fields are also called "electrostatic fields" water need not remain still or "static". When quantities of protons are separatedor "e-fields"). Hydrostatics still applies to water when it from electrons across a large distance, then Electrostatics is about charge and about begins to flow. In a similar way, "static well get sparks and rising hair. Call thisthe attract–repel forces which electric electricity" has everything to do with pres- "electric charge", not "static charge," sincecharge creates. The motion or "staticness" surised charge and nothing to do with the imbalance remains the same even whenof the charge is irrelevant: after all, the "electricity at rest". the charges flow along very non-statically.forces are still there, even when the charges Whenever these opposite charges in mat-start flowing. Charges which are separated An imbalance of opposite charges ter are sorted out and separated into groupsor imbalanced can sometimes flow along, Heres another problem with the usual of positive and negative, then we say thatyet the "static" effects are undiminished "static electricity" concept. First, think "static electricity" has been generated.when the current begins. In other words, it about everyday matter. Down inside its What does this have to do with the chargesis perfectly possible to create flows of so- atoms, everyday matter contains equal remaining still or static? Nothing!called "static" electricity. numbers of positive and negative charges In fact, if the charge imbalance can be It is very misleading to concentrate on (protons and electrons) which are very made to flow along, it will still retain all ofthe "staticness" of the charges, as it derails close together. Are these charges the its unusual characteristics. It will stillOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 41
  • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEattract hair and lint and cause sparks, etc., Electric circuits separated. For example, when adhesiveeven while it is flowing. This puts us into Electric currents are caused by voltage, tape is placed on an insulating surface andthe ridiculous situation of talking about and the voltage in a circuit is caused by the then peeled off, both the tape and the"static electricity" which moves! imbalances of charge which are present on surface will become electrified. No friction Its unfortunate that the term "static elec- the surface of the metal wires. is required.tricity" has become so widely adopted as "Static electricity" is what makes circuits Another example: when a thin materialthe name for these phenomena. If it had operate! Without the "static electricity" passes between rollers, sometimes thebeen called something else—"imbalanced supplied by batteries or generators, modern material becomes electrified. The rollerselectricity", for example—it wouldnt be electrical devices could not exist. This become oppositely electrified. Whennearly as misleading. Its easy to think shouldnt be a big surprise, since voltage newspaper passes between rubber rollers inabout an imbalance which moves or stays and electrostatics are intimately inter- a printing press, the paper becomes electri-still. twined. fied and later on this can cause problems But its impossible to visualise an unmov - Heres another way to think about it: with cling and substance which flows. And its even when you rub some fur on plastic, you gen- This situation in a large newspaper pressmore unfortunate that textbooks have wide- erate many thousands of volts, while com- inspired Robert Van de Graaff to design hisly adopted the misleading practice of stat- mon batteries only generate a few volts. famous that "static electricity is electricity But both of these create surface charge Friction is not required. However, if onewhich is static and unmoving". This is a imbalances. And both create electrostatic of the materials is rough or fibrous andlie, and is no less a lie when many text- attraction and repulsion forces. does not give a very large footprint of con-books say the same thing. tact area, then the process of rubbing Reality is not determined by one material upon another can greatlymajority vote. No matter how many increase the total contact area.people agree otherwise, the emperors Friction may also remove thin layersclothes remain missing. of oil or oxide, exposing a more pure What we call "static electricity" also Without the "static electricity" surface beneath.has another name: "high voltage". Allof the familiar electrostatic phenomena supplied by batteries or The peeling tape does not have to be rubbed in order to generate chargewhich we encounter in everyday situa- generators, modern electrical imbalance, but the hair does need to betions always involve voltages above rubbed by the balloon. But the rub-1,000 volts and ranging up to around devices could not exist. bing is not the cause of electrification.50,000 volts at the most. Electrification can come about purely If it attracts lint or raises hair, its from contact.definitely over 1,000 volts. Rub a bal-loon on your head, and you generate Voltages and e-fieldstens of thousands of volts! This is voltage "Static electricity" involves immensewithout a current. Its the electrostatic forces which drive voltages. Again, using the example of two Heres a way to think about it: pure elec- the charges through the wires in a circuit. insulating surfaces that are adhered (ortric current involves a current with zero Electric currents are pumped by "static rubbed) together and later pulled awayvoltage, while pure "electrostatic" phenom- electricity". from each other, a very strong "electricena involve electrical voltages with zero field" appears between them, and it is thiscurrent. Scuff your feet on a carpet and Friction doesnt cause electrification e-field that can raise hair, attract lint, create a voltage difference of many So, "static electricity" is caused by fric- In addition, this e-field is an example ofthousands of volts between your body and tion? Wrong! "Static" electricity appears pure voltage, or voltage without current.the carpet. Study "static electricity" and whenever two dissimilar insulating materi- The strength of this e-field is incrediblyyou study voltage itself. als are placed into intimate contact and large when compared to the voltage of bat- It would be wonderful if the term "static then separated. All thats required is the teries and of common electronic circuitry.electricity" could be removed from the touching. It is many thousands of times stronger,English language and replaced by "high- Chemical bonds are formed when the sometimes hundreds of thousands of timesvoltage electricity", or possibly by "sepa- surfaces touch; and if the atoms in one stronger.rated charge" or "charge imbalance", or surface tend to hold electrons more tightly, Everyday "static electricity" involves"the science of electrostatics". that surface will tend to steal charged immense voltages. The tiniest "static Also, charge flow and charge imbalance particles from the other surface spark" is caused by about 1,000 volts.can happen in the same wire at the same immediately as they touch. This causes the Longer duration "car door sparks" andtime. surfaces to become oppositely "charged": "doorknob sparks" can involve as much as Therefore, anyone who believes that they acquire imbalances of opposite 10,000 volts."static" and "current" are two types of polarity. One surface now has moreopposite, mutually exclusive electricity will electrons than protons, while the other has Electron build-upforever remain hopelessly confused about more protons than electrons. When the So, is it a case of electron build-up? Notthe true nature of any electrical surfaces are later separated, the regions of exactly. It is not a build-up of anything. Itphenomenon. opposite charge imbalance also get is an i m b a l a n c e between quantities of42 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEpositive and negative particles which Electrostatics and matter "Static" and "current" are two fields ofexisted beforehand. The electric particles Actually, physical objects are made out study, not two substances or energies.were already there: they did not have to of charge. We always talk of matter as if it They are subject areas which were createdbuild up. Its an "uncancelling", an event only had passing relation to electrical entirely by humans. They dont really existwhich occurs between the large quantities effects. Yet if we look in detail into the separately in the real world.of oppositely charged particles which were nature of matter, we find physical sub- "Static electricity" is important in manyalready present in matter. stances made of molecules, made of atoms, other places besides lightning, photocopiers Contact electrification is more like made of positive and negative electric and doorknob sparks. For example:"stretched atoms" than anything else. If we charge. • Your muscles are driven by long-chaincould take some atoms and pull their elec- Matter is not electrical? No, quite the molecules which are forced to slide acrosstrons far away from their protons, we opposite. Electric charge is the major com- each other. This sliding is performed bywould have created an imbalance of charge ponent of all atoms. Therefore, matter is electrostatic attraction and repulsionor "static electricity". made out of cancelled electric charge. If between parts of the molecule, and so your Its true that during "frictional electricity" we cancel out some opposite charge by muscles are electrostatic motors!or contact electrification, its usually only placing positive charge together with nega- • Nerves function as tiny capacitors, withthe negative electrons which are moved tive charge, do we get n o t h i n g? No. charge pumps to electrify them and ionfrom one surface to the other. But this Instead, we get material substance. gates to discharge them.transferring of electrons then results in two Positive protons plus negative electrons • When uranium atoms are hit byareas of imbalanced charge, not one. As equals neutral atoms. neutrons and their nuclei split, the mainnegative particles are pulled away from the Physical objects normally have no source of released energy is the repulsionpositive particles, the positives and between like-charged positive protons innegatives are no longer near each the fragments of the nucleus.other and are no longer able to cancel Therefore, nuclear reactors release theeach other. Because of this, equal and electrostatic energy of uranium nuclei.opposite areas of imbalanced charge Matter is made out of A plutonium bomb is actually a "staticare always created during the uncan- cancelled electric charge... electric" repulsion bomb!celling. If you take away a neutral • Semiconductor electrostatics isobjects electrons, you leave its pro- Positive protons plus essential to modern electronics. Onetons exposed. negative electrons equals type of transistor in particular, the FET And although the negative charges or "field effect transistor", is purely andid the moving, this doesnt mean the neutral atoms. electrostatic device. Electrostaticpositive charges are unimportant. fields within it are used to open andBefore the charges are separated, there close the conductive channel whichare equal quantities of positive and regulates current. Are these sorts ofnegative charges present together within transistors rare? No. Every singlethe materials. The positives null out the charge? Wrong. The physical objects are transistor in the memory, CPU and IOnegatives, and the negatives null out the the charge. chips of modern PCs are FET transistors.positives. After the separation of the "Static electricity" is as common as Most of the transistors in modern TVs andcharges is complete, the positive charges matter. If you believe typical explanations stereos are FETs. Few people realise thatare just as important as the negative. In of "static electricity", you will come to see "static electric" devices have taken over theone place youll have more protons than "static" as a fairly rare phenomenon that has electronics industry, or that PCs are madeelectrons, and this place will have an over- little connection with the rest of the world. from microscopic electrostatic components,all positive charge. In the other spot youll Yes, yes, lightning is impressive, and or that all the data in all the computers allhave more electrons than protons, for an copiers and laser printers are convenient; over the world are stored as tiny patterns ofoverall negative charge in that region. but if "static" didnt exist, the world electrostatic charges.Youve not caused a "build-up of elec- wouldnt be much different, would it? • "ATP" is the fuel which drives livingtrons": youve caused an imbalance, an In fact, electrostatics is a bit more impor- things, from bacteria to humans. One partuncancelling, a stretching apart, a separa- tant than we commonly assume. Contrary of the 1997 Nobel Prize in chemistry wastion of opposites which otherwise would to popular belief, standard "electric cur- awarded to the researchers Boyer andcancel each other. rent" circuits are deeply connected with Walker, who discovered how energy is In fact, one appropriate term for static electrostatics. For one thing, it is the elec - placed into ATP. It turns out that ATP iselectrification is "charge separation". trostatic force that drives electric current! assembled by an enzyme which is run by aThink for a moment: if you put the posi- "Voltage" is an electrostatic phenomenon; tiny rotating electrostatic motor! Thetive and negative imbalances back together, voltage is electrostatic fields. Without "spring" in each ATP is "cocked" by a littlewhere does the "build-up of electrons" go? electrostatics, there could be no voltage, rotating molecular machine run by electro-Nowhere. There was no build-up there in hence no current and no electrical devices. statics. The reaction is reversible and ATPthe first place. Putting the two polarities of It is totally wrong to build a false wall can drive the motor, changing it into ancharge back together eliminates the imbal- between "static" and "current": its as silly electrostatic generator. A typical humanance and forms normal, uncharged matter as teaching that "pressure" and "move- body contains around 10 16 of these rotaryagain. ment" are two separate types of water. electrostatic motors.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 43
  • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE A big one next. The world is made of presence of sparks suggested to Franklin mean "a class of phenomenon", and havingmolecules, and molecules are atoms, and that some stormclouds carry strong your socks stick to the back of youratoms are themselves composed of electrical charges, and it implied that sweater is certainly a phenomenon. Wherepositively and negatively charged particles. lightning was just a large electrical spark. does "static electricity " come from? FromAtoms are held together by electrostatic The common belief that Franklin easily human minds—same as with "weather" andattraction. If matter is made of little "dots", survived a lightning strike is not just "bureaucracy" and other classes ofthen the "bars" that connect all the dots wrong, it is dangerous: it may convince phenomenon.together are made of electrostatic fields. kids that its okay to duplicate the kite 3. Static electricity is another word forAlso, atoms are connected to each other experiment as long as they "protect" them- high voltage.through chemical bonding, and chemical selves by holding a silk ribbon with a key Whenever we have high voltage, we alsobonding is based upon electrostatic tied in the middle. have electrostatic attraction and repulsion.attraction–repulsion forces. Make no mistake: Franklins experiment High voltage can attract lint or tiny bits of Without "static electricity", there would was extremely dangerous. He could have paper, and it can make hair stand up. Withbe no chemistry, no living things. Without been killed at any moment. And if light- high voltage we also get long sparks,"static electricity", solids and liquids would ning had actually hit his kite, today he crackling noises, and blue glows andbe gas, the molecules of the gas would fall would be regarded as a colonial politician flashes. High voltage makes ozone—theapart into atoms, and the atoms would stuff that gives that funny chlorine smell.turn into separate electrons and nuclei. These things are the hallmarks ofWithout electrostatics, the entire uni- Many people believe that Ben "static electricity", but they are neververse would be a boring, featureless caused by the "staticness" of electriccloud of neutral-particle gas. Some Franklins kite was hit by a charges. Instead, they are caused bypeople consider electrostatics to be lightning bolt, and this was how intense e-fields—another way ofboring. On the contrary, electrostatics saying "high voltage". If you can scuffis the very thing that lets this universe he proved that lightning is your shoes on the carpet and then zapbe an interesting place! electrical. This is a myth, people with your finger, then youve an "urban legend of science", been charging your body to severalBen Franklins kite experiment thousand volts. Many people believe that Ben which is slowly spreading to 4. Static electricity means an imbal -Franklins kite was hit by a lightning more and more books. ance of electric charge.bolt, and this was how he proved that Electrically neutral matter containslightning is electrical. A number of closely spaced electrons and protons.books and even some encyclopaedias The "positives" and the "negatives" aresay the same thing. They are wrong. They who was killed by stupidity, not as a very close together, so their effects cancelhave fallen victim to an infectious myth, an famous scientist who founded a major new out. Thats why electrical phenomena dont"urban legend of science", which is slowly research area. seem obvious in the everyday world. But ifspreading to more and more books. When we accidentally remove a bunch of elec-lightning strikes a kite, the spreading elec- So what is "static electricity"? trons from their atoms and then put thesetric currents in the ground can kill anyone 1. Static electricity is a field of science. electrons in a distant spot, well create astanding nearby, to say nothing of the per- Some people call it "electrostatics". Same region of positive net charge. Well alsoson holding the string! thing. create an equal region of negative net Franklin wrote about "drawing down the So, if static electricity is a kind of sci- charge. These imbalances of charge willlightning" from a thunderstorm. What he ence, then it cant be made by generators. surround themselves with intense e-fields.actually did was to show that a kite would In a similar way, you can dissect a dead ∞collect a tiny bit of imbalanced electric frog, but youll never find any biology.charge out of the sky during the early parts And rocks dont contain any tiny pieces of About the Author:of a thunderstorm, before lightning strikes geology. Remember: hydrostatics is the William J. Beaty is an electrical engineer andbecame a danger. Feeble electric leakage study of fluid pressure; Newtonian statics amateur scientist, a science exhibit designer,through the air caused his kite and string to is the study of physical forces; and electro - textbook consultant and lecturer based in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is currently abecome electrified, and the hairs on the statics is the study of charge, voltage and res earc h engin ee r in the C ompute rtwine stood outwards. Twine is slightly electrical forces. Where can we find static Electronic Services division of the Chemistryconductive on a humid day, and the twine electricity? In physics books—and in Department at the University of Washingtonserved as Franklins "antenna wire". The buildings at the university! in Seattle. For more biographical details,twine was then used to electrify a metal key, 2 . Static electricity is a set of events visit tiny sparks could then be drawn from which humans have grouped together. Mr Beaty can be contacted by email atthe key. (A metal object is needed because Sparks and lightning are "static Visit his Static Electricitysparks cannot be directly drawn from the electricity", even though sparks and webpage, which contains related informa- tion and links, at The twine is slightly conductive, but lightning are about the most dynamic stmiscon.html. The full text of his "Staticnot conductive enough to allow sparking.) things imaginable. Also, "dryer cling" is Electricity Misconceptions" article can beNo noise, no big flash—just boring yet "static electricity". The cling effect—that found at science experimenting. The is the electricity. After all, "electricity" can html.44 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • C onsidering Americas poor record of dealing with illegal aliens pouring across its borders by land and sea, the announcement that it has a similar problem with extraterrestrial aliens entering its restricted airspace at will should come as no surprise. What is amazing is that someone actually photographed aliens visiting the nations Capitol on the 50th anniversary of their first historic visit. The enigmatic events of July The Washington, 2002 which produced these stunning images are amazing. Over the course of many DC, photographer confidential conversations, I have learned that the DC photographer (who wishes to remain anonymous) is a highly credible, intelligent and patriotic American. He is also a who captured contactee. His first encounter with alien life-forms was in 1962, some 40 years before he was "instructed" to take some of the most incredible UFO images ever captured on film. images of UFO and I conducted the following interview on April 23rd, 2005. — Robert Stanley alien activity on Robert Stanley (RS): Why are you coming forward with this story and images? What Capitol Hill in July is your goal here? DC Photographer (DCP): Well, inevitably it is, first, to show that we are not alone. 2002 makes Second, we are looking at incursions of restricted US airspace. With that in mind, we are stunning revelations currently looking more at the Middle East and other countries where there are clear prob- lems, but I think there is a much greater problem at hand here. about his photo RS: I guess you know that Homeland Security recently announced that it wanted pas- senger lists for all flights coming into or just passing over the US? What is your reaction analyses as well as to that in relation to your story of UFOs over the Capitol? DCP: Well, its good to know who is entering into our airspace on the human side, but I his own close am more interested in the question of who is entering our airspace on the non-human side. And that is a question that we should look at more closely. encounters. RS: How do you know thats not being done covertly? DCP: Well, Im not certain whether it is or whether it isnt, but one thing I can state is that I noticed while inviting the "experts in the UFO field" to assess my images that there was a level of cover-up. I was told that my images were simply lens flares. Part 2 of 2 RS: And you feel that is part of a cover-up? DCP: Yes, that is a level of cover-up. There is a level of inconsistency here that is so blatantly obvious. RS: You mentioned that you worked for ABC. DCP: Yes, I worked for ABC News for over 18 years. RS: During what time did you work for that network? DCP: I was with them from 1982 to 2000. by Robert Stanley © 2005 RS: And what area did you work in? 1147 Manhattan Avenue #43 DCP: I was a senior engineer. I was also senior network engineer, TOC [Tactical Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA Operations Centre], which is master control for ABC News. And I worked extensively at the White House and on Air Force One. Website: RS: Under which administrations did you work at the White House? DCP: I worked with Ronald Reagan, George Bush and William Jefferson Clinton. I Excerpted from his forthcoming book worked extensively under Ronald Reagans term in office. Capitol Offence: Alien Incursions of RS: Did you photograph any UFOs during that time? Restricted Airspace DCP: That was not a part of my life. And it was not something that I set out to do intentionally. [The UFOs] just happened to be there.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 45
  • RS: Can you tell me why you walked away from ABC News DCP: Actually, I try to stay away from all pharmaceuticals—Iafter 18 years of service? dont need that. That is not what my problem is. I suffer from a DCP: My father became ill. He was a Vietnam veteran and he trauma that shocked the hell out of me.had been exposed to a biological toxin called Agent Orange. I RS: I believe medication only suppresses the problem—it cantwent to take care of him. resolve anything. RS: Im sorry to hear that. You also mentioned that he had DCP: No. It cant make it go away. And honestly, I wouldserved honourably in the air force. rather be awake at night to see what the hell is going on than be DCP: Yes, he served in the air force for many years. He was asleep and wake up to something that is beyond normal.involved in advanced warfare in Vietnam. RS: How old were you the second time you encountered the RS: Sounds intense! EBEs? DCP: Yeah. My dad was a heavyweight scientist [at] PMEL DCP: I was in fourth grade. I was about nine or ten at the time.[Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory]. His work was RS: Did it happen again after that?classified and always covert. DCP: Yes. It happened again years later, around the time I RS: Since your father was a scientist, is that why you chose to took the pictures at the US Capitol.earn a Masters degree in image technology and engineering? RS: Oh really? How did that encounter come about? DCP: Well, inherently yes. I would say it was genetics that I DCP: I am an electronics person and I do a lot of digitalturned out to be analytical and artistic at the same time. recording, both audio and video. I use a program called Avid and mini-discs and all these other portable devices in the digital media.Close Encounters I have units that even during a power failure have a back-up power RS: You mentioned that you grew up on military bases. What source, so an LED light is always on somewhere.was that like? One night I awoke into total darkness, which is a physical DCP: I grew up on military bases throughout the world. I was impossibility in my home because even during a total power fail-initially contacted at a base in England called Sculthorpe, which is ure you can see ambient city light coming in from the windows.located near another base called Lakenheath. One night I awoke But that night, I saw absolutely nothing. There was just totaland saw that there were extraterres- blackness. I went back to sleep andtrial biological entities [EBEs] enter- didnt think anything of it in theing my room—a whole bunch of moment. I woke up again shortlythem. afterwards, but this time I was lying RS: And how old were you? "The second episode was over on my back and there were people DCP: I was five. above me looking down, as if I was RS: And what year was that? the US Capitol and that was on an observation platform of some DCP: It was 1962. July 16th, 2002. Thats when sort—like in a med school. RS: Did you ever see them again But then I just went back to sleep.after the first encounter? an object landed on the And I thought that was a bit odd DCP: Yes. I saw them again a Capitol Buildings roof." because I went totally back intofew years later at McGuire Air Force blackness. The next time I awoke, IBase in New Jersey. And base hous- was back here and the first thing outing was situated directly across the of my mouth was, "Oh? They put mestreet from a farm pasture, so there back."was plenty of open area for an object to RS: Are you talking about yourland. And one night I awoke and there was a single entity in my home in Washington, DC?bedroom. DCP: Here in Washington, DC, yes. RS: Lets go back to the first encounter for a moment, when the RS: Do you know specifically when that happened in relationEBEs were in your bedroom the first time at the base... to the pictures you took in 2002? DCP: No. We lived off base. DCP: Im not really sure. I would say maybe about a month RS: Oh! You were off base? before, or a month after, but it was around the time these images DCP: We lived in Sheringham, UK. It was a farming town. At were documented on film.the time there was no base housing for us to move into, so we RS: What was the exact date of the pictures of the UFOs overstayed there temporarily. Something made me wake up. And the Capitol?when I awoke, these entities were coming into the room. When I DCP: The first episode was over the Washington Monumenttried to scream or run, nothing happened. No screams came out and that was the fourth of July, 2002. The second episode wasand I was unable to move. And at that point, I just blacked out. over the US Capitol and that was July 16th, 2002. Thats when an RS: But youre sure that you were awake when you saw the object landed on the Capitol Buildings roof. And the third wasEBEs? November 11th, 2002. The third one was a micro-anomaly over DCP: Yes. That is something that I cannot forget to this day. the young ladys head.In fact, it is directly related to my sleep disorders that continue to RS: At which one of these events were you burned bythe present. Right now, I cannot sleep at night at all. radiation? RS: I have heard that before in other cases. No amount of ther- DCP: That happened on July 16th [2002] at the US Capitol.apy or medication seems to help in those situations. RS: What? I thought that area would be totally secure these DCP: I know. I can take a whole bottle of Excedrin PM and days.still be awake. DCP: I was underneath this object. And according to my RS: Did you try taking any other medication for your images it warped out, or whatever it did, and it went back to wher-condition? ever it came from in the time of that exposure. At that point there46 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • is an image,which I believe I sent you, that shows a centre set of these objects their nucleus was red. The objects in the sky had aUFO formations in lateral and upward motions. blue nucleus. RS: I do recall that image. RS: Are those the images that you felt were entities? DCP: I felt that I was in the thrust of something. And shortly DCP: I know that these are images of vehicles that the entitiesafter that I noticed I had these very fine, pinhole-sized burns in my came out of.fingernails, and my arms felt like they were energised with some RS: Oh, I see. Which images that you took show what youkind of energy. identify as entities? RS: Wow! Did you suffer any other side effects? DCP: Okay. There are some images of a recording artist sit- DCP: No, just the abnormal burns on my fingers and hands. ting in front of the Reflecting Pool at the Capitol. RS: How long did that last? RS: Right. Hes in the first two images you took at the Capitol. DCP: It lasted for about a year and a half. DCP: Correct. There are three anomalous objects: two in the RS: Wow! Was it painful? sky, and one in the water. And then there is another image that DCP: Not really. It was just weird because there were green was taken 30 seconds earlier that shows an entity above thecrystals coming out of my fingernails. Capitol Buildings dome, an unidentified entity on the roof and RS: Do you mean tiny little granules? another unidentified entity on the ground. Now, the entity on the DCP: Yes, granules like salt, but green. ground to the rear of the Reflecting Pool was RS: Thats really weird. the same entity in the very last shot that DCP: Its real weird. Shortly after that, shows the objects warping out, and thesean infection set in. Then it just went away. entities...I do recall them coming toward me and surrounding me, then vanishing.Image Analysis and Anomalous RS: So you were seeing some of theEntities anomalies while you were filming them? RS: What can you tell me about the digi- "I was also senior DCP: I saw some anomalies during thetal filtering processes that you are using to network engineer, shoot, but didnt think that much of itanalyse these UFO images? because I was more focused on the job at DCP: Well, initially its a film image TOC [Tactical hand—which was getting an album coverwhich I then scan directly from the negative Operations Centre], done. But I did notice the entities [UFOs] inor slide at 4,000 DPI—which is super high the sky over the Capitol.resolution. Then I am using Adobe CS2 which is master RS: What time of night was that?software which has a three-dimensionalPhotoshop. Its extremely sensitive. It control for ABC News. DCP: It was approximately 12.30 am. There was no one around—not a state-of-the-art spectral analysis for And I worked In fact, as I recall, you could alwaysimages. Whatever it is that I tookphotographs of, it was beyond the extensively at the hear the sound of water splashing around in the Reflecting Pool, but Iabilities of Photoshop CS2—which is at White House and on heard absolutely nothing during thethe cutting edge of digital technology. Air Force One." shoot that night.Whatever was flying around out there RS: Did the recording artist havein the night sky was emitting energy any unusual memories?beyond this technology. DCP: He refuses to come out at RS: What do you mean by that? night since that time. DCP: There were just some things RS: Are you serious?that my system could not analyse. For DCP: Hes completely spooked.example, the object that I shot in the And for some odd reason he blames mewater at the Reflecting Pool at the for the event and has dissociated him-Capitol: I could analyse some of the self from me.spectral data, but not all of it. RS: Thats wild. Did you know him well before that? RS: Oh, I see. The energy spectrum emitted is too big to DCP: No. He was just a client. It was a paid job—it paid verymeasure? well. DCP: No, it was too far out there for this particular technology RS: You told me that you showed these UFO pictures to yourto lock onto and perform variations on. I tried to do as many vari- father before he passed away.ations as possible for the sake of getting details from these objects, DCP: Yes. I showed them to him before he passed away, andand some of the analyses of the variations were most intriguing he was really agitated and wanted me not to show these to any-and showed that there were other elements included in these body.things. For example, the green objects had a nucleus in them. RS: Did he say why?And some of these nucleuses were completely different from those DCP: Well, keep in mind, because of the experience I had inof the objects that were on the ground. And there were two sets of England, that I believe he knew something. And I knew he sawobjects on the ground. something. And in the military, they somehow persuade you not RS: Are you referring to the semi-transparent, plasma-looking to divulge any information at all.things? RS: Thats true. DCP: No. There were two green objects sitting side by side on DCP: But he knew something. He most definitely did, becausethe ground that night. They were the same shape and my father was involved in nuclear warfare. And at the particularconfiguration as the objects in the sky, except when I analysed SAC [Strategic Air Command] base that he was stationed at, there were some unusual [UFO] anomalies that were present.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 47
  • RS: I am familiar with some of those military UFO reports. It and redirects the energy from the a big problem, and I can see why it makes our political/military RS: Are you referring to the solar wind?establishment uneasy. Did you ever discuss your EBE encounters DCP: I am saying it takes energy from the Sun. Solar energywith your dad? pervades space. DCP: No. RS: I know. Its called the heliosphere, but as it travels away RS: Not ever? from the Sun it is called the solar wind, and there is a tremendous DCP: No. I only spoke of it [the encounters] to my brother, amount of energy emitted that never reaches Earth.and he would make no comment on that either. He is ex-military, DCP: Yes. There is a tremendous amount of energy flowingalso. around the Earth, and my device takes that energy and focuses it at RS: What rank did your father hold in the air force? a specific point for transmission. DCP: My father was a senior master sergeant and my brother RS: Okay. Well, if it wasnt used for defence it would surewas a colonel. make one hell of an offensive weapon. RS: Did you ever have a desire to enter the military? DCP: True. It would make one hell of an offensive weapon. DCP: I was rebellious. In fact, I got into trouble on a couple of RS: I know the Nazis drafted plans for a primitive version ofthe bases. At Clark [Air Force Base in The Philippines], for this space weapon. It works in the same way a child burns anexample, after school my friends and I were insect with a magnifying glass in the sun.buzzing incoming B-52s with our radio- DCP: Thats right.controlled [RC] airplanes [laughter]. That RS: But do you see this type of systemdidnt go over too well with the base being used as an advanced planetary defencecommander. My dad took some heat for from incoming asteroids?that. Had I unintentionally flown an RC " of the devices DCP: Yes. But it could be turned around.plane into the engines of one of those B-52s, that just somehow RS: Yeah. It seems like it would have theit [the B-52] could have crashed quite easily. power to incinerate anything that it aimed at. RS: And God only knows what materiel came out of me was DCP: Correct. And thats why I am verycould have been on board. specifically designed to apprehensive about showing it or discussing DCP: Yeah, well, you know, we got into it with anyone, unless it is in very generala lot of trouble for that. It was very nasty, dissipate incoming terms. This is something that could get us inand perhaps thats why I chose not to follow objects that are a lot of father and brothers path in life. travelling in space 3-D Effects from Sampled Images"Downloaded" Information RS: You also told me that you felt toward Earth, and RS: You mentioned there is a com- mercial aspect to your photo images.that, during one of these encounters, this particular device Are you planning to sell CDs of yoursomething was "downloaded" into you. DCP: Yeah. Every time I would redirects energy from images? DCP: If you are familiar with hip-have one of these encounters, after- the Sun and melts hop music, you know it is essentiallywards the thoughts I would have were asteroids." sampled tracks from old music. Thatsnot rational or what I would consider to what I did with the UFO images. I sam-be my thoughts. For example, I cannot pled these objects and from the samplesexplain to you how I got the chemical I came up with bitmaps that were unlikeformulations to enhance film to the anything anyone has seen before. And Ipoint where you can see into the dark. applied these bitmaps to 3-D animationI never studied that kind of chemistry to generate visual effects. You have toas such. Another thing is theories of paint those visual effects with some-zero-gravity space. I created a device that I know is based on per- thing. The bitmaps that I extracted from the UFO images are sopetual energies and I know it works because I have a 3-D model of abstract that they could be applied to 3-D and be used in such ait working, but I never studied these things. It seems they are just way that I can generate effects that no digital studio on Earthcoming out of me. could possibly create just by using paint. And that is what I am RS: Do you think that could have been another reason you pitching to Ron Shusett, who created the effects for the moviedidnt join the military? Alien. DCP: Thats more than likely. RS: But I thought your main goal is to get the images out to the RS: What is your summary of the situation we are in regarding public and inform them about what happened in Washington, DC,EBEs and our military/government? Where do you think things in July 2002.are headed? DCP: I intend on getting the message out and also turning it DCP: Well, one of the devices that just somehow came out of into something that can make money. I am looking at the enter-me was specifically designed to dissipate incoming objects that tainment aspect of what I have in terms of samples and applyingare travelling in space toward Earth, and this particular device those to motion picture 3-D effects.redirects energy from the Sun and melts asteroids. RS: I see. It sounds interesting. RS: Okay. I recall you sent me a graphic rendering of that. It DCP: George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg do not have reallooks like a space telescope. samples. Even though their effects are great, they are not real. DCP: One of the devices looks like that, yes. RS: Did you copyright that work? RS: It looks like a telescope, but its something more? DCP: I already own the copyrights to that. DCP: Its something more like an organic laser. It amplifies RS: Thats good.48 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • DCP: And I am working on the patent for the procedure that I countries airspace in 2002 as well. Something is clearly going onuse to create these effects. Again, I did not study advanced chem- that no one wants to address officially. Up until 9/11/2001, thereistry, but the formulations I have to enhance the film are unlike was an effort underway in Washington, DC, toward disclosure reanything that anyone has ever seen before. UFOs. After September 11th, that all came to a screeching halt. RS: But you must know something about chemistry from your DCP: Yes. It all went away.studies in college, right? What did you say your degree is in? RS: And no one has wanted to touch it since then. DCP: I have a Masters in imaging technology/engineering. I DCP: Well, except for John Podesta. He is still attempting toam an educated person. And in my opinion, the reaction I got to get some information as to what is going images from some of the UFO experts was rather insulting. RS: I wish him luck. RS: So you earned a Masters degree in imaging technology: is DCP: He was Clintons chief-of-staff and it seems that no mat-that how you ended up working for ABC News? ter what your position is, the government is going to remain tight- DCP: It all entailed electronics, and the engineering job at lipped regarding this issue. Its strictly hush-hush.ABC was the first to offer me a six-figure salary. And when you RS: Im sure that there are a lot of reasons for that, but I per-are a young man, six figures is a lot of money. It still is a lot of sonally believe it is because they dont have all the answers andmoney by todays standards. they may feel that it would be irresponsible to broadcast these RS: Well, of course. How old were you when you started anomalous events to the public without having some answers. Itworking for ABC? not only makes them look incompetent, it could lead to anarchy in DCP: I was 26 years old, making $150,000 a year. some segments of the population. RS: Thats a very good salary by any standard. DCP: Yes, it could, because what Im basically saying is the DCP: Yes. They paid me for my expertise. And I did my aliens were there at our nations Capitol. The aliens were very well and had a 100 per cent track record. I never failed RS: One of the things that people need to know is that there isat anything. And I did it quickly. an established historical timeline of UFO and EBE events in the RS: I just want you to know that the UFO images you sent me past 50-plus years. When people see the data laid out in the formwill be posted on my website in a a road map, things become document. There was a peak of UFO/EBE DCP: Thats fine. They are pro- activity in 1952; however, that activitytected by law. Youve got the exclu- "There was a peak of UFO/EBE continued covertly through 2002 andsive coverage of the entire story. activity in 1952; however, into the present. My point is, ignoring RS: I really appreciate that. What the problem has not made it go away.type of camera were you using to that activity continued covertly DCP: No, it hasnt.capture these images? DCP: I used a Nikon F-5 and a through 2002 and into the RS: Thats the bottom line here. People need to realise this is a veryNikon F-100. I use all Nikon lenses. present. My point is, ignoring real situation, and I know that yourAnd the glass in those lenses is called"ED", which according to the manu- the problem has not made it photographic evidence will help this case considerably.facturer is 100 per cent distortion go away." DCP: Yes, it helps, but in mostfree. So the UFO images are not an cases people dont believe what theyoptical distortion. If that were the, all the other images I had taken at RS: Of course not, but my job is tonight throughout the years would have anomalies in them. This is help put the data into context so that anyone can see this for whatthe only set of images that contained anomalies that could not be it really is. It has to be put into context or people lose theirdefined. orientation to the events as a whole and become confused by the thousands of separate events that span decades. Most humans areSecrecy versus Disclosure scared of the unknown, whether we admit it or not. Thats a very RS: I guess you know this is a big story. common characteristic. Im not condemning anyone for it. I have DCP: Oh, it is a huge story! It essentially shows an alien inva- experienced this, too, during my own close encounters. It will besion. It was an "away mission", as the military would call it. interesting to see how this very serious situation unfolds.These objects arrived. These entities came out and went all DCP: Im also interested in the fact that there are two types ofaround the US Capitol, did their survey and then they split. people who believe in UFOs. There are the people who believe RS: What people need to realise is that in July 1952, UFOs that UFOs are flying saucers. And then there is the person likeoverflew the Capitol twice in one week, and they were sighted all myself who knows that a UFO doesnt necessarily have to be a fly-over America and the world. It was a major flap. No one knows ing saucer. It could be an energy orb. It could be any shape. Thewhy that happened, but in July 2002 there was an increase of UFO ball-shaped Foo Fighters have been around for many decades.activity again. And I noticed that the media did not want to report RS: Thats true.that fact. I believe they were afraid to because of the current "war DCP: One thing I need to mention. My father was stationed inon terror" and the focus on "homeland security". Colorado for a time at Lowry Air Force Base, which is in Denver. In 1952, America was in the middle of the Cold War and people And he got transferred from Lowry in Colorado to Castle Airwere very scared of nuclear attack from above. Some of my Force Base in California. And on the way, we drove throughneighbours built bomb shelters. But the recent conflict in 2002 Arizona. And one night, I looked up in the sky and I told my dad,was even more intense because blood was spilled on 9/11 on "Hey Dad, there is some kind of white dot in the sky, zigzagging."American soil, which is very scary. So, for UFOs to be flying And instead of my father stopping and looking, he stepped on theover US restricted airspace makes our military nervous. The truth gas.of the matter is there were many UFO incursions of other RS: Thats odd.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 49
  • DCP: Okay. So he knew something, but would not give me RS: You mean the light is opalescent?the pleasure of knowing that he knew that there was something out DCP: Yes.there! RS: And did you notice that before using any bitmap analyser? RS: Well, it may have actually been dangerous for you. Thats DCP: Thats before I filtered it. And after I filtered it, thepart of the militarys indoctrination: one doesnt divulge informa- image showed the object was modulating energy around itselftion that could compromise national security. It is potentially haz- because each level of analysis showed a different level of energy.ardous to your family and your own well-being. RS: We are admittedly getting closer to that level of plasma DCP: Yeah. I learned it was hazardous at an early age because discharge technology here on Earth. There are fields of plasmain first grade, after I mentioned to my friends what I saw at night that can exist within other fields of my bedroom, the school authorities put me in "retard" school. DCP: Exactly. It has its own signature. If you notice, there are RS: What? How long did that last? variations on the surface. DCP: It lasted for about four years. RS: I see what you mean. Its constantly swirling like a RS: Wow! So you must have stopped telling your friends what whirlpool on the surface.was going on with the EBEs? DCP: Exactly. It is modulating a complex energy field. DCP: I didnt say another thing because I knew I was not in the RS: Thats incredible! Plasma dynamics is an integral part ofright place, and that was their way of getting back at me. And the new physics of field propulsion.they did. DCP: If you noticed, there was a set of images that showed the RS: Well, thanks for telling me about all this. objects in motion. And on one of them it shows four green objects that are in lateral and forward motion. It shows a green trace"Mind Sweepers" and Plasma Discharge Technology going up and a blue trace going lateral in its signature. Now, DCP: There are not too many people who have documented a according to the laws of physics as applied to light, if a greenclose encounter like this. It was clearly a close encounter at our object moves in a given direction it is going to leave a green tracenations Capitol! regardless of the direction it moves. And yet, this object left a RS: Yeah, its just too much! I blue trace as it moved laterally,think that most people in the media against the known laws of physics.would be frightened to touch this RS: Im sure that our current "lawsstory. They are scared of pulling our of physics" are incomplete. And tocivilisation through the looking-glass try to expect everything in theand down the rabbit hole into "This thing essentially Universe to obey these incompleteWonderland. stretched like a balloon and "laws" is a farce. However, I know DCP: Well, my story illustrates there are people who are workingthat we are not the only intelligent then vanished, then reappeared, very hard to develop a new physicslife-form—not at all. And whatever then vanished." model which will address all this.those objects in the water and air One of the UFO events that occurredwere, they had some intelligent enti- in Norway, in 2002, involved someties inside them. It was obvious. At blue lights. This got my attention,one point they were stationary, and because I thought it was close enoughthe next point they were in motion. to green that there was a connection. RS: I understand that, and they have obviously been interacting DCP: There may be a correlation. And in fact, while research-with you and many others. I guess the big question is: why are ing the history of green UFOs, I found cases describing objectsthey busy observing us but only interacting on a very limited essentially modulating colours. And in one case, as one of thelevel? objects came closer to a military aircraft, it turned totally green. DCP: Yes, and only with certain people. Whatever these things are, they are definitely different in RS: Do you have any thoughts about that? does a solid object become elastic? DCP: Im not sure, to be honest. I do believe I have been RS: Yeah, thats a good question.tagged. And on the sample I took from the images at the US DCP: This thing essentially stretched like a balloon and thenCapitol, the stationary objects [UFOs] in the air were discharging vanished, then reappeared, then vanished.smaller objects [UFOs] into the air. Then five or six months later, RS: Scientists and engineers have told me that the UFOs mustI took a picture of a small sphere above this womans head. She be warping space around the craft. The problem with that is youwas standing on the street corner in front of me. We were on a would need to be able to freely channel enough energy from thepublic street in Washington, DC. The sphere was visible, but then Universe into a limited vanished. DCP: Well, whatever this object was, it did just that. I have RS: Oh? You actually saw it while you were shooting? one sample that shows the UFO generated a ring of energy as it DCP: As I took her picture, I saw it! vanished. It left a trail in the sky, like a vapour trail, but this RS: Wow! What time of day was that? energy trail affected the air around itself in such a way that it left DCP: It was night-time again. It was around 11.00 pm. the air energised. RS: How big was it? RS: I think the term is "ionised", and ionisation is very DCP: It was about the size of a quail egg. common in plasma drives. They are highly energetic fields that RS: I have read other reports like that. I call them "mind ionise the surrounding air, which is apparently what creates thesweepers". variations of coloured light around the craft. That is also why they DCP: I dont know if I sent you that image. I will make sure are so incredibly bright, like a blowtorch—which is one form ofyou have it. It is perfectly spherical. And it has the qualities of a plasma. The Sun is a plasma of great magnitude. Mankind wouldpearl. benefit from a higher education on this subject, but, because it is50 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • currently a taboo subject in our society, most people remain DCP: And I have the high-definition samples to prove it.unaware. Therefore, they are confused by the physics of UFO RS: Have you thought about selling CDs of all the images?technology and in most cases people are simply in denial that the DCP: Im looking at the possibility, but Im having a problemsituation even exists. That attitude is holding us back because it finding a company that will mass produce them for me. So far,restricts people from having an intelligent discussion on the the people I have approached have said no. They wont touch it.matter. And I think it is really to our detriment for the government Even publishers wont touch it.and the military and the media to maintain a negative position on RS: Thats weird.this issue. DCP: Its real weird. DCP: A lot of my friendships and relationships have ended RS: I think it makes one hell of a graphic presentation andbecause of this. would do well as a CD. I showed it to a few friends of mine and RS: I am not surprised. Many people I know well or have they were amazed. But when I told them that it was taken at theinterviewed in depth have experienced the same thing. Politically, US Capitol in 2002, they were really shocked.personally and professionally, this subject is poison. DCP: Yeah. Thats what makes it so amazing, and there was DCP: Right. Most people dont want to talk with me about nobody out there.this. RS: Do you know if the ban on commercial flights was still in RS: I dont think it is simply a matter of intelligence. I think it effect at that time?has more to do with ones level of confidence. If a person is very DCP: No, it was not lifted for restricted airspace. No flights atinsecure already and someone begins all were allowed to come anywhere near aspeaking credibly about the UFO/EBE federal building. And yet, here are thesesituation, it can make that type of person feel objects clearly in restricted airspace. Theyeven more insecure and often they will blame were even on the ground!you for bringing it up—as though you RS: It really messed with my mind when Isomehow created it. first saw those images—especially the one DCP: Right. Just like the guy who was on the roof of the Capitol Building.the subject in the images taken at the Capitol DCP: I know. They landed that night!Building. He blamed me entirely for the fact RS: Well, I know there are all kinds ofthat some alien has spooked him out. I "...I am certain that protocol for that. Even the space shuttle ismean, how am I the reason for thisencounter? some group of humans met C PUS Exactly,when they have to go by D : Customs and it lands. RS: Right. You didnt know the event on Earth does have a through a level of decontamination, too.would occur. DCP: And a lot of the people I deal with clear picture of What Does the Government Know?do not want to hang out with me what is going on, but RS: How many years did youbecause they fear that might happen to actually work on Air Force One?them. that group is covert DCP: I spent six years working at RS: Well, thanks for sharing all and autonomous." the White House. The White Housethese experiences and this information includes Air Force One.with me. RS: You have to have a spotless DCP: I have been holding this back record to get that type of work, right?for years, since I was five years old. It DCP: You have to have a spotlesswas in the news that both the RAF record. I came from a military family,bases at Lakenheath and Sculthorpe so it is obvious I am not a terrorist, andwere involved in some very controver- Im an intelligent person.sial American technologies. And both RS: Thats interesting.bases reported seeing UFOs. DCP: But they didnt know about RS: There definitely are alien entities the alien encounters.flying extremely advanced aerospace RS: At least not that you know of.craft in our atmosphere. And as long as our society in general acts DCP: Not that I know of. Not many people could have though there is nothing odd going on, it simply encourages these RS: I realise that, but I am certain that some group of humansalien life-forms to continue to operate covertly. The current policy on Earth does have a clear picture of what is going on, but thathas created the perfect cover for this advanced technology to be group is covert and autonomous. I say this because considering alloperated in plain sight, whether its human-built or alien. The the UFO EBE events that have occurred in the past 50-plus years,policy of denial, dissuasion and deception excuses the occupants of the government/military reaction indicates to me that they dontthese craft from having any accountability whatsoever, and I know whats going on.personally dont think thats in humanitys best interest. DCP: They dont know whats going on. They definitely do DCP: I agree. not. And whats even more interesting is that, in the event over the RS: Im sure your photos are going to create some controversy! Washington Monument on the fourth of July, there was a blue DCP: The images are amazing! They just blow my mind! object in the sky along with these other things, whatever theyThere was one disc-shaped craft that was dissipating energy like a were, next to the monument. This blue object showed up again ongiant ion generator. Energy was clearly discharged out of it in the July 26th, at Waldorf, Maryland. It was chased by two F-16s.shape of a balloon around it. And the air around it was completely This thing left the F-16s standing in the dust. And that wasdistorted. RS: Yeah. Thats one of the weirdest images you captured. Continued on page 77OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 51
  • T o most eyes, the 2005 crop circle season seemed bolder and more imaginative in its design sweep than the previous one. Though 2004 had been no disgrace, there appeared to be a new impetus and an adventurous nature behind the ever- Bold angular evolving shapes that graced the fields this year. Simultaneously, brand new forms of design were explored, while old styles were formations, optical revisited in new and more advanced ways. There was a sense of previous boundaries being pushed—with everything from more than one crop formation crossing a road and illusions and continuing on into another field (not previously unheard of, but rare), to highly accurate optical illusions and an emphasis on harder, more angular forms like triangles and striking diamonds. As for the more traditional elements, these were taken to new levels—as seen in the formation near Avebury on 27th July, which had four Celtic crosses bound together developments on in a striking, unified pattern. A simple glance at the continuing ingenuity in the fields reveals just why the crop circle previous themes mystery refuses to go away. Perhaps the boldest new stroke of the phenomenon was the graced the fields of glyph at Lane End Down in Hampshire on 10th July, which appeared to represent a very three-dimensional rendition of what might be a mediaeval mace or a subatomic particle, England in the dotted across liberally by many little circles. However, as mentioned above, several patterns dispensed with circles completely this summer of 2005, year—as seen in the entirely angular formation at the old haunt of Alton Priors, Wiltshire, on 3rd July, where even the tiny "grapeshot" circles were in fact squares. while the media A new crop was even broached this summer: the first formation ever to appear in bor- age (a herb with a blue/purple flower) arrived at Ludgershall, Wiltshire, on 3rd August, followed its making for an unusual but colourful sight. The formation which had caused the most fuss in 2004 was the astonishing, if obstinately biased controversial, "Mayan wheel". It appeared to embody Mayan symbols around its outer line that all crop edge, prompting much speculation about its connection to the ancient prophecies and time cycles which point to the year 2012 as being a pivotal time of change. However, this year circles are saw a number of further formations which some said tapped into this symbolism, though the most overt example was the very complex design which arrived at Waylands Smithy man-made. in Oxfordshire on 9th August. Appropriately, Geoff Strays long-awaited and comprehensive guidebook Beyond 2012 (see came out this summer, creating more awareness of the connection between crop glyphs and the 2012 phenomenon. The Waylands Smithy mandala even made its way into one of the national newspapers (Sunday Express, 14th August), complete with talk of 2012 and ancient calendars. How many of these amazing works are the result of more celestial sources and how by Andy Thomas © 2005 many are the result of human planking are, of course, still questions that are hotly debated Swirled News by those who feel the need to make the distinction. However, despite the astonishing Southern Circular Research range of ingenuity and accuracy seen in the fields, the UK media have been working hard 3 Old House Courtyard to convince everyone that all this work is down to the industrious artists whom they never Southover High Street seem to stop talking about. Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1HT, UK The Daily Mail (15th July), which for years has featured an annual spread of the latest Email: circle photos with at least a modicum of ambivalence about their origins, went to the Websites: depths of crassness this year with a piece embarrassingly entitled "Corn Blimey!", in which it definitively—and untruthfully—stated that the glyphs were "once thought to be the work of aliens, but [are] now known to be intricate works of human art designed using computer technology". Note the word "known"—hardly!OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 53
  • Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 27th July. Lane End Down, near Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 10th July. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005. Image: Lucy Pringle © 2005. Avebury Henge, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July. Aldbourne, near Swindon, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Avebury Trusloe, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Jugglers Lane, near Cherhill, Wiltshire. Reported 21st August. Reported 23rd June. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005.54 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • Meanwhile, the BBC missed another opportunity to at leastdefine the phenomenon as an unknown quantity when it featuredyet another human team making a crop circle. This was in a TVseries, broadcast in July and presented by David Dimbleby, look-ing at the influence of the British landscape on artists down theages. Again, the plankers were presented as, in effect, the onlycomponent of the mystery. However, for all this scepticism and rhetoric, interest in the cropcircles remained high, with large numbers of cerealogical visitorsand tour groups roaming the fields of Wiltshire and beyond. TheGlastonbury Symposium, for instance, the longest-running of allthe croppie gatherings, sold out faster than any previous year, andthe summer managed to support at least four big circle-relatedevents within just weeks (and in some cases days) of each other. One of the most complex designs of the year was theastonishingly detailed mandala found not far from the famouswhite horse of Uffington in Oxfordshire on 13th August. Thisformation contained elements of many of the summers themes allin one, almost as a summing-up of the season. There was a finalflurry of ingenuity towards the end of August—in particular, an Boxley, near Maidstone, Kent. Reported 17th July.ornate scarab beetle–like emblem at Alton Priors on 21st August, Image: Mike Mahoney © 2005.and a very accurate display of nothing but hexagons at Cherhill thesame night. These were the last formations at the time of writing. There were about 70 crop patterns in the UK this summer—fewer than in some years, more than in others, and pretty much ona par with last years 77 figure. Meanwhile, other countries received their fair share of ingeniousglyphs, too. However, in several countries including Germany, thecircle-makers seem to have gone back to basics this year with sim-pler glyphs on the whole—the one exception being a German pic-togram in the style of the famous 1990 types. In Italy, Poland andeven Russia (where scientists have apparently declared that cropcircles are the result of "lightning strikes", according to theirmedia), they seem to have delved into more complexity. But thereis no question that England remains the heart of the phenomenon,where its finest works continue to be etched in the fields. Thus the crop circle phenomenon—with all its mysteries,paradoxes, controversies and quirks—continues unabated, and thejourneys of the mind kicked off by the inner questioning inspiredby the glyphs continue to take many people to new and unexpectedplaces in their lives and thinking. Long may it reign—at least until Watlington Road, near Chalgrove, Oxfordshire.2012… ∞ Reported 22nd July. Image: Andrew King © 2005.About the Author :Andy Thomas is one the worlds foremost crop circleresearchers and has written five books on the phenomenon,including Vital Signs, considered by many to be the definitiveguide (see A newedition of this book is being prepared for 2006 publication.Andy is also editor of the influential Swirled News website, He can be contacted by emailat Circle Research Contacts :• Steve Alexander:• Colin Andrews (CPRI):• Crop Circle Connector:• Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies:• Lucy Pringle:• Freddy Silva:• Busty Taylor:• Andy Thomas:• Paul Vigay: East Field, near Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 21st August. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 55
  • Hundred Acres (East Field), Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Marden, near Chirton, Wiltshire. Reported 9th August. Reported 3rd July. Image: Crop Circle Connector ©2005. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005. Milk Hill, near Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire. Reported 17th July. Savernake Forest, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Reported 3rd August. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Lurkley Hill. near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd June. Shalbourne, near Oxenwood, Wiltshire. Reported 7th August. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Image: Lucy Pringle © 2005.56 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • Marden, near Chirton, Wiltshire. Reported 20th August. Boreham Down, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd June. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005. Woolstone Hill, near Uffington, Oxfordshire. Reported 13th August. Image: Jaime Maussan © 2005.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 57
  • East Kennett, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July. Waden Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July. Image: Steve Alexander © 2005. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005. Waylands Smithy, near Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 9th August. Image: Crop Circle Connector © 2005.58 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • MILITARY NUCLEAR SPECIALIST During that period of time, one of my Dr Steven Greer (SG): Were over- SPEAKS OUT ON UFO REALITY functions was to accompany a security flights of nuclear facilities taken seriously?S everal military and intelligence wit- team which visited all of the nuclear facili- RD: Oh yes; oh yes indeed. In fact, nesses who were Strategic Air ties to check on the security of weapons. they were taken so seriously that the Command (SAC) and other nuclear And we were getting reports of visits by observers would often not report themspecialists have come forward with testi- UFOs over the storage facilities and even because it involved so much bureaucracymony proving that UFOs are real and some of the manufacturing facilities. And and protocol, etc. They deliberately wouldappear to be concerned about our nuclear that went on continuously... not report them. On most of those casesweapons. And so then, after that siege which went where the UFOs became identified at least One such witness is Ross Dedrickson, a through the entire 50s, I was assigned to on a radar or with reports—why, theyretired USAF colonel and Stanford the Unified Command under Admiral Felt would try to scramble aircraft to interceptBusiness School management graduate during the 60s. I was the officer in charge them. It was a very aggressive, you mightwho worked with the Atomic Energy of the alternate command post involved say, response from our own government.Commission (AEC) in the 1950s and later with nuclear weapons operation planning. Well, there was one incident when wefor Boeing where he was in charge of the During that period of time, I maintained exploded a nuclear weapon over the Pacificaccounting for the Minuteman nuclear contacts with NORAD, with the SAC and this was in about 61, I believe. Theweapons program. Following is an extract operations, and was involved with opera- consternation that it caused [from the ETs]from the testimony he gave to Dr Steven tional plans for the use of nuclear weapons. was because it shut out communicationsGreer during Project Disclosure hearings in And during this period of time, I also over the Pacific basin for a number ofSeptember 2000. learned of a number of incidents which hours, in which no radio transmission was happened involving UFOs. available at any time. And this was very Col. Ross Dedrickson (RD): While I And then further on, I finally retired significant. And of course, this was onewas at the AEC in 1952, I had my first inci- from the air force and joined The Boeing that the extraterrestrials were really con-dent with UFOs, which was in mid-July Company where I was assigned to the cerned about, because it affected our ionos-when they flew over Washington, DC. I Minuteman program, where I was responsi- phere. In fact, the ET spacecraft weresaw my first nine UFOs... I was a staff ble for the accounting of all the nuclear unable to operate because of the pollutionofficer for the military liaison committee fleet, the Minuteman I, II and III. And dur- in the magnetic field which they dependedbetween the chairman of the AEC and the ing that period of time, I also learned about upon. It is my understanding that, in eithersecretary of defence. I became acquainted incidents involving nuclear weapons. And the very end of the 70s or the early 80s,with not only the army, navy and air force, among these incidents were those where a we attempted to put a nuclear weapon onbut civilian agencies, the CIA, the National couple of nuclear weapons that were sent the Moon and explode it for scientific mea-Security Agency and other contacts which I into space were destroyed by the extrater- surements and other things, which was notdeveloped. restrials... acceptable to the extraterrestrials.60 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE SG: And what happened? especially London." withdraw from government next year and RD: The ETs destroyed the weapon as it He also said at the time that Pope John spend his remaining days in a wheelchair.went toward the Moon. The idea of any Paul II would die very soon, just three While those predictions offer temptingexplosion of a nuclear weapon in space by months before the latter died. long-odds, there will be few takers for hisany Earth government was not acceptable "The world will go through freak final prediction. Al-Charni believes con-to the extraterrestrials, and that has been weather; climate will see dramatic changes tinuing security problems in Iraq will leaddemonstrated over and over. and hazardous consequences; flooding and to the removal from office of US defence SG: How was that demonstrated? drought will burst out at any moments of secretary Donald Rumsfeld. (Funny, most RD: By the destruction of any nuclear the year; hurricanes, rainstorms will be of Washington is saying the same thing.)weapon sent into space... And then later, common in many areas. Many towns The 7 July bombings in London this yearon our visits to Los Alamos and Livermore, around the world will be swamped." prompted Dr Al-Charni to warn that Francewe found that people were interested in the Among a batch of predictions, Dr Al- is next on the target line, saying Parisextraterrestrial technology, very much so. Charni believes the US president will face would be the next major European city to SG: Did those conversations indicate "significant problems before being shot suffer a major terror attack.that there were materials of extraterrestrial dead in a public place by the fall of 2005". "At the end of this summer or at theorigin that were being studied? But George W. Bush is not the only politi- beginning of winter...France, and especially RD: Oh yes; oh yes. In fact, that was cian facing an untimely end. Paris, will be the target of a very bigthe time when Area 51 became notorious... Dr Al-Charni predicted that Iraqi prime offensive," said Al-Charni. "I clearly see minister Iyad Allawi will also fall victim to three targets in Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the The Disclosure Project, a nonprofit assassination, while Palestinian Authority Paris tunnel and the Montparnasse district."research and public interest group, has chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) Although Dr Al-Charni, who is vice-identified over 400 military, intelligence, will be shot dead in May or June 2005 [or president of the International Astrologygovernment and corporate witnesses to by the end of the year, according to another Federation, has an excellent record when itrogue UFO- and ET-related projects and report; at the time of our going to press in comes to seeing the future, the predictionevents. The testimony of these witnesses, early September, both were still alive, of a major terror attack in Tel Aviv duringalong with government documents and although the Iraqi vice-president Dr Adel Januarys 2005 elections for the Palestinianother evidence, may be seen at website Abdulmahdi did escape an assassination Authority leader failed to come true. The attempt on 15 August; Ed.]. Only time will tell how many more of DrDisclosure Project report and CD-ROM are Furthermore, he predicted the death of Al-Charnis insights become our reality.also available from this site. Saudi King Fahd this year [King Fahd died on 1 August, having been admitted to hos- (Sources: Daily Star, Lebanon, 28 DecemberTUNISIAN ASTROLOGER WARNS pital in May for unspecified tests; Ed.]. 2004, OF DRAMATIC EVENTS IN 2005 Completing what looks like a bleak year asp?edition_id=10&categ_id=2&article_id=D r Hassan Al-Charni is a well-known Tunisian astrologer who becameinternationally famous by predicting the for Middle East leaders, former Iraqi dicta- tor Saddam Hussein is also set to die before his upcoming trial. Al-Charni added that 11319; Babnet, 23 December 2004, asp?id=456; Al Bawaba, 11 July 2005,death of Princess Diana in an horrific car Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon will—11 months before it happened. On Arabia TV on 1 January 2004, hepredicted Yasser Arafat would die in veryfishy and unexplained circumstancestowards the end of 2004 [as he did, on 11November 2004], and he also foresaw theassassination of Hamas leader SheikhAhmed Yassin [which happened on 22March 2004; Ed.]. Dr Al-Charni holds a doctorate in astro-physics and is a special adviser to manyprominent and influential figures aroundthe world. In an interview for the Tunisianpaper A l - H a d a t h in December 2004, hegave some forecasts for the year 2005.According to astrological signs, hepredicted that 2005 is going to be criticalon political and socio-economic levels. "It will be a year of huge crises and ter-rorism as well. Many terrorist acts willtake place all around the world, includingstrong blasts that will rock Britain, and "Yeah, yeah, you found a new UFO website. So whats new?"OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 61
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE ANCIENT ARYAN TOWN IN THE Egypt and Babylon, and a lit- RUSSIAN URALS WAS tle older than Troy and TECHNICALLY ADVANCED Rome.P resident Putin recently visited one of the most mysterious places on planetEarth: the ruins of the ancient town of Gennady Zdanovich, the chairman of the archaeologi- cal expedition in the Urals,Arkaim, which is situated on the outskirts had to prove the scientificof the city of Chelyabinsk, on the south- significance of Arkaim toeastern edge of Russias Ural region. regional officials.Historians, archaeologists and ufologists "We achieved whathave spent many years trying to unravel the seemed to be absolutelysecrets of the town, which is the same age unreal: the multi-millionas the ancient civilisations of Egypt and construction project in theBabylon. region was shut down," the So, which nation was living in Arkaim scientist said.more than 40 centuries ago? How did the Archaeological excava-people of such an ancient civilisation tions showed that the peoplemanage to accomplish incredible who inhabited Arkaim represented one of town was equipped with a stormwater andtechnological advances that still seem to be the most ancient Indo-European civilisa- sewage system that helped Arkaims resi-unachievable? tions, particularly the branch which is dents avoid floods. The people were pro- A group of Russian researchers, with referred to as the Aryan culture. Arkaim tected against fires as well: timbered floor-Vadim Chernobrovy at the head, has turned out to be not only a town, but also a ings and the houses themselves wererecently returned from the mysterious temple and an astronomical observatory. imbued with fireproof substances. It was aregion. The scientist said that specialists "A flight above Arkaim on board a heli- rather strong compound, the remnants ofand students have built numerous tent copter gives you an incredible impression. which can still be found in the ruins of thecamps around Arkaim. The huge concentric circles on the valley town. The Arkaim valley in the south of Urals are clearly visible. The town and its out- Each house was outfitted with "all mod-was supposed to be flooded in 1987: local skirts are all enclosed in the circles. We ern conveniences", as they would sayauthorities were going to create a water still do not know what point the gigantic nowadays. There was a well, an oven and areservoir there to irrigate droughty fields. circles have, whether they were made for dome-like food storage area in every house. However, scientists found strange circles defensive, scientific, educational or ritual The well branched out into two under-in the centre of the valley. So the authori- purposes. Some researchers say that the ground trenches: one of them was directedties gave archaeologists 12 months to circles were actually used as the runway for to the oven, and the other one ended in theexplore the area. an ancient spaceport," Vadim Chernobrovy food storage area. The trenches were used The scientists were shocked to find out said. to supply cool air to the oven and to thethat Arkaim is the same age as ancient Researchers discovered that the ancient food storage area. The cool air from the trenches also created a very powerful extraction force in the oven, which made it possible to smelt bronze there. The central square in Arkaim was the only object of a square shape in the town. Judging by the traces of bonfires that were placed in a specific order on the square, the place was used as a site for certain rituals. Arkaim was built according to a previ- ously projected plan as a single complex, which also had an acute orientation on astronomical objects. While archaeologists are meticulously brushing dust off ancient stones and trying to recreate the lifestyle of Arkaims resi- dents, ufologists are studying phenomena which they register in the town: inexplica- ble fluctuations of voltage, magnetic field tension, temperature and so on. ∞ (Source: Pravda, 16 July 2005, http://eng - "We were right. There is an extra chamber in this pyramid : the plasma screen room." Arkaim.html)62 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • counter-argument to combat each one. REVIEWS Considering that even Saudi Arabias These include controversies over the preces- super-giant oilfields are fast approaching sion of the zodiac, the twins conundrum, their peak production, Simmons thinks Reviewed by Ruth Parnell heliocentricity, the fate of nations, the prob- theres scant hope that the kingdom will beIN DEFENCE OF ASTROLOGY: Learn lem of new planets, the question of forced able to boost its oil output from an averageto Answer the Critics of Astrology births, and more. There are brief counter- 6.5 to 7.5 million barrels to 10, 12 or evenby Robert Parry attacks as well as more detailed responses 15 million barrels of oil a day for the next 10Quantum/Foulsham, UK, 2005 described by Parry, who provides a final or 20 years, let alone the 50 years that its PR pep-talk with reflections on the future direc- arm announced last year.ISBN 0-572-03059-2 (224pp tpb) The largest oilfields are already showing tion of astrology. His book has the ammo toAvailability: help you fend off the astro-cynics, whether signs of ageing, and, like other super-giantsA link with the starry firmament above has been encoded in our genes and psy-ches since mankinds earliest days, so most at the office water cooler or the dinner party. elsewhere in the world that have gone into decline, the Saudi fields will not be spared TWILIGHT IN THE DESERT: The from the ravages of exploitation. That willpeople—whether they admit it or not—will have enormous social and economic impactshave some intuitive appreciation for the Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy worldwide, says Simmons, and this is avalue of astrology, claims Robert Parry. He probability that governments and industriesreminds us that before the so-called Age of by Matthew R. Simmons need to plan for now. That means beingEnlightenment, astrology and astronomy John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2005 much more serious about getting alternative,were inextricably linked, the latter being the ISBN 0-471-73876-X (422pp hc) non-polluting energy sources in place tomore mathematical aspect of the discipline. Availability: help with the transition to an oil-poor world. Astrology may be an inexact science, buttheres a great deal of evidence to confirmthat its a valuable tool in helping us under- H ouston-based energy investment banker Matthew Simmons takes a realistic look at the future of Saudi Arabian oil supplies in Simmonss background details, arguments and analyses are thought-provoking if not disturbing. Politicians, industrialists andstand ourselves and our world. Research his timely analysis, Twilight in the Desert. economists should consider his warnings.such as that by French statistician Michel His main problem in researching this bookGauquelin and British astronomer Percy was finding exact data on oil production inSeymour has confirmed that there are statis- the kingdom, released by the government ortical and magnetic correlations behind cer- its giant industrial arm Saudi Aramco.tain planetary and zodiacal configurations. Simmons had to sift through 200 papers Parry has produced a primer for those who written by members of the Society ofwant to understand and discuss the subject Petroleum Engineers to piece together thebut also need the tools to head off the criti- bigger picture to add to his knowledgecisms that are regularly levelled against gleaned from over 30 years in the field. Heastrology by those who have no real knowl- says that just because Saudi Arabia has beenedge about it. Theres a section on self- a reliable, cheap supplier of oil to the worlddefence, which advises on how to deal with up till now, this doesnt mean that the king-the bullying detractors through an under- dom will be able to continue fuelling astanding of the four personality types based demand thats keeps on growing—and fromon the elements of earth, water, air and fire. oilwells that are declining in productivityParry has identified 12 types of criticism and a landscape thats unlikely to yield anyusually put up against astrology and has a new reserves of significant size.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 65
  • REVIEWSTWENTY THIRST CENTURY tainable water management approach that health writers, Ray Moynihan (whose workby John Archer includes incentives for householders to has appeared in major Australian newspa-Pure Water Press, Australia, 2005 install water tanks and be responsible for pers and the worlds top medical journals)ISBN 1-920769-56-09 (319pp tpb) their water supply. His strategy includes and Alan Cassels (a Canadian researcherAvailability: Australia—Pure Water Press, ways to become self-sufficient in water use specialising in drug policy issues). by recycling grey water for gardening, and The common factor about the pharmcos his advice covers the range of water filters promotional strategies in selling us sicknessA uthor John Archer is passionate about water and has been researching andwriting about it for 15 years. His new book and resources that are available. Its a blue- print for personal, community and planetary is the marketing of fear. For example, the fear of heart attacks was used to sell womenTwenty-Thirst Century is an urgent call to survival thats political as well as practical. the idea that menopause requires HRT, andaction that furthers the cause he championed yet the drugs prescribed have been found toin his 2001 Australias Drinking Water: The cause the very harm they are supposed toComing Crisis (see NEXUS 8/06). Its prevent. Moynihan and Cassels focus on aurgent because the water supplies of the dri- number of invented and/or misdiagnosedest continent on Earth are drying up. "disease conditions" including high choles- Cities and towns are suffering from the terol, depression, ADD, high blood pressure,worst drought in 100 years, and climate pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder and socialchange is making things worse, ensuring anxiety disorder to demonstrate how thethat when rain does fall it falls mainly on pharmaceutical corporations have seriouslycoastal strips and not within catchments. duped the public. They use statistics in suchArcher focuses much of his gaze on a way as to blind doctors and potentialSydneys catchment because "within two patients to the actual efficacy of so manyshort years Sydney could be the worlds first drugs, they give misleading or no informa-modern metropolis to run out of water". tion about harmful side-effects, and they Part of the problem is that politicians, sci- sponsor patient support groups so as to kin-entists and planners have allowed the crisis dle grassroots demand for their drugs. Tooto unfold as it has—and their stop-gap solu- often they foster uncomfortably cosy rela-tions are doomed to failure. Archer explains SELLING SICKNESS tionships with medical practitioners for thewhy such solutions like seawater desalina- by Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels sake of expanding their markets.tion (as being touted by the NSW State Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2005 The authors, like the independentGovernment, and using nuclear power to do ISBN 1-74114-579-1 (264pp tpb) researchers and health advocates who areit), sewage recycling and groundwater Availability: also trying to change the status quo, aim toextraction wont be economically viable andenvironmentally sustainable and they wont I n their relentless drive to increase their market shares and profits, the pharmaceu- tical corporations are increasingly targeting stimulate informed public debate on health issues. They can already see a shift, with more and more professionals and laypeoplesupply the quantity or quality of water tomeet growing demand. He is also aghast the "worried well", defining new disease demanding information that doesnt havethat water authorities have such pathetic conditions and coming up with new drugs, pharmco money attached to it. They encour-contingency plans should water supplies dry or old drugs in a new guise, to treat them. age us to realise that the more educated weup or be severely compromised by, say, out- But the tactics of the medical/pharmaceuti- are, the better equipped we are to participatebreaks of poisonous blue-green algae. cal industry are revealed for all to see in in the debate and take more control over our What Archer proposes is a sensible, sus- Selling Sickness, a damning exposé by two own health and well-being.66 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • LOST STAR OF MYTH AND TIME REVIEWS these findings imply that we might be in a a rare Chinese/Mongolian mitochondrialby Walter Cruttenden binary or multiple star orbit with Sirius as DNA but the root contained a rare Basque-St Lynns Press, Pittsburgh, USA, 2006 our primary companion, they show there is Gaelic DNA mix. Results like these shouldISBN 0-9767631-1-7 (348pp tpb) an observable gravitational (or electromag- keep geneticists scratching their heads forAvailability:; netic) relationship between our solar system years. Later in the book, Chalker speculates and the Sirius system. on what the findings may mean within the Taking in the ancient Indian yuga cycles, context of paranormal folklore and experi-T heres something in the solar systems movement through the heavens that can-not be explained by the so-called precession- the 1980s Nemesis Star concept and con- scious EM information field theory, this ences among these racial groups. To support the growing evidence thatal cycles. Astute observers over time, from book is set to redefine our paradigms. abductions are not the exclusive domain ofa fixed point on Earth, can notice the stars little grey aliens, Chalker outlines a numbershift position by about four minutes per day HAIR OF THE ALIEN of other cases such as Kelly Cahills 1993due to the Earths orbit around the Sun. But by Bill Chalker experience (involving independent witness-something else is exerting an effect on our Paraview/Pocket Books, 2005 es) with red-eyed black ETs in Victoria,region of space, and clues as to what it is ISBN 0-7434-9286-7 (341pp tpb) Australian Aboriginal sightings and Southcan be found from relics and myths of many Availability: Simon & Schuster African shaman Credo Mutwas accounts. Chalker makes a strong case for a forensicancient civilisations. Walter Cruttenden, an American amateurarchaeo-astronomer, has researched this sub- T he alien abduction phenomenon is com- mon all over the world, but there have been few instances where physical evidence approach in examining abduction and close encounter incidents, and looks at the work ofject for decades and has come to a conclu- was left behind that could be put under the such researchers as Dr Roger Leir who has made surgical removal of alien implants asion that is more of a rediscovery than an microscope. The case of then 28-year-old speciality. He also praises Peter Khoury fororiginal finding. The stories of antiquity Peter Khoury, a Sydney man who migrated his support group work in helping othersthat describe repeating cycles of Golden and from Lebanon in 1973, is an exception and come to terms with what usually are strangeDark ages may well be factually based: per- is examined here by Sydney-based UFO and frightening confrontations. A welcomehaps the result of alternating stellar forces researcher Bill Chalker, author of The Oz addition to the abduction research literature.that affect Earth as our solar system moves Files: The Australian UFO Story and anin a 24,000-year binary (dual star) orbit. It editor on International UFO this binary star, alluded to in the ancient The tangible evidence in the Khoury casewritings, that is responsible for the perturba- was a couple of strands of hair left behindtions in our orbit around galactic centre and allegedly as a result of a bizarre experiencefor changes in ambient radiation levels. in July 1992 when two alien women The most likely candidate for a binary or appeared on his bed. The plot thickened andcompanion star, Cruttenden suggests, is eventually Bill Chalker organised for theSirius, and a striking piece of evidence for hairs to be subjected to forensic DNA analy-this came in 1989 when Sirius B passed in sis, which took place during 1999 to 2001.front of Sirius A (relative to the Earth, as it The results were nothing short of staggering.does every 50 years). The Earths spin rate They showed extraordinary biologicalslowed down, losing a second per day for anomalies suggestive of a hybrid donor andseveral weeks before the event, and then advanced biogenetic cloning techniques.increased, gaining a second per day for sev- (The research papers are reprinted in theeral weeks after the event. Not only do appendix.) The blonde hair shaft containedOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 67
  • REVIEWSSHOCK TO THE SYSTEM cines and other veterinary pharmaceuticals. about the search for the Special Forces oper-by Catherine ODriscoll She devotes a chapter to understanding your ative who supposedly stared a goat to death,Abbeywood Publishing, UK, 2005 pets dietary requirements, as not all canines, and the secret enclave at Fort Bragg that wasISBN 0-9523048-4-8 (217pp tpb) for instance, can tolerate raw meaty bones. trying to duplicate his experiment with aAvailability: Canine Health Concern, Included is a handy table of essential vita- herd of 100 debleated goats. mins and minerals, their deficiency symp- Some of the names Ronson meets up with toms and their best food sources. are familiar to long-time NEXUS readers:C atherine ODriscoll, the co-founder over 12 years ago of Canine Health Concern(CHC), was shocked by the results of their Ever the sensitive pet lover, ODriscoll has a section on how our own stress can impact Major-General Albert Stubblebine III, who kick-started attempts to get the military tosurvey on pet vaccinations. The question- on the animals in our care. If we want to take psychic spying seriously; Ed Dames,naire, prepared with the help of vet Dr Jean ensure our pets are healthy emotionally as the "rogue" remote viewer who spilled theDodds, homoeopathic vet Christopher Day well as physically, we also need to attend to beans in 1995; and Colonel John Alexander,and vaccine researcher Dr Viera Scheibner our own stress levels. ODriscoll provides proponent of non-lethal weapons technology(see her article this issue), drew responses some valuable tips in this eye-opening book. and developer of "sticky foam". Alsofor some 3,800 dogs. CHC found that 66% included are retired Lt Colonel Jimof all illnesses reported occurred within the THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS Channon, who came up with the First Earthfirst three months after vaccination. by Jon Ronson Battalion Operations Manual that advocatedMoreover, 49% of all illnesses recorded Picador/Pan Macmillan, UK, 2004, 2005 warrior monkdom and loudspeakers thatstarted within 30 days, and 29% within ISBN 0-330-37548-2 (278pp tpb, 2005) emit "words of peace" on the battlefield, Drseven days. The diseases included allergies, Availability: Oliver Lowery, whose "Silent Subliminal Presentation System" was used to chillingarthritis, cancer, encephalitis, heart condi-tions, rear-end paralysis and skin problems,and large numbers of the dogs contracted the I t was probably a logical next step for Jon Ronson, author of Them: Adventures with Extremists (see 9/03), to write about the cra- effect on Iraqi troops in the first Gulf War, and the son of Frank Olson, guineapig in avery illnesses theyd been vaccinated zier shenanigans of US military intelligence. CIA LSD mind-control experiment whoagainst. ODriscoll presented the findings in This he does in The Men Who Stare At "jumped" out of a New York hotel room inher 1998 book, What Vets Dont Tell You Goats, which is also the title of a chapter 1953. Ronson presents facts, ties up looseAbout Vaccines, and in Shock... she expands ends and asks questions in a conversationalon further research conducted into pet vac- and often amusing way. He takes a wry per-cines, their side effects and the diseases they spective on his subjects and often empathis-promote (see her article on pet vaccinations es with them. But the tone gets scarier whenin this edition). She also reports on efforts Ronson shows how some of the more "outto lobby the veterinary health authorities in there" forms of warfare in their infancy athe UK and USA to change their directives few decades ago are now being used to hor-on annual boosters, which studies suggest rifying effect, one example being theprovide no benefit and can be harmful. PsyOps techniques used at Abu Ghraib jail. ODriscoll is a hardy campaigner for the If you want to know how we happened toright of pets to good health, and she advo- get a War on Terror, and where its heading,cates feeding pets natural, not processed, Ronsons investigations are revealing. Hesfoods. This promotes natural immunity, turned his book into a TV series, Crazywhich helps in combatting disease and pre- Rulers of the World, which is a must-see asventing "shocks to the system" from vac- much as the book is a must-read.68 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • FROM LIGHT INTO DARKNESS: The Judaism via a link with Moses and REVIEWS Calendar (the Tzolkin) so you can calculateEvolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt Akhenaten (who, Mehler argues, may have your Galactic Signature. (Ive discoveredby Stephen S. Mehler been one and the same person). In addition, that Im a 3 Yellow Warrior, whose power isAdventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2005 Mehler posits that the Rosicrucian Order obtaining intelligence by asking questions!)ISBN 1-931882-49-5 (227pp tpb) inherited a mystery tradition that can be You can learn to "surf" the 13-dayAvailability: Europe—Frontier Publishing, traced back at least as far as the 18th Wavespell and discover the secret of "hav-; USA— dynasty of New Kingdom Egypt. ing more time", and tune into the 13 Tones Mehlers guide, a "staunch Afrocentrist", that indicate the energy you can utilise onAUP, http://www.adventuresunlimited- any given day. The diary includes key claims that the current full cycle of; Aust/NZ/UK— NEXUS offices words identified with these Tones as well as tion started 65,000 years ago, and MehlerT he religions of dynastic Egypt had their roots in the spirituality of the prehistoricKhemitian cultures of North Africa, whose has no reason to doubt the ancient wisdom is that old, if not older. In closing, he reflects with the 20 Solar Seals, both of which are explained here in detail. on how structured systems of knowledge can The characteristics of each 28-day Moonoral traditions spread into the Middle East cycle are highlighted at the start of each lose their connection with the Light.and beyond with the tribal migrations that month throughout the diary. The layout foroccurred long before the establishment of every week in the Gregorian calendar is in athe Old Kingdom. Further, these migrations 13-MOON DIARY OF NATURAL TIME by Nicole E. Zonderhuis and Sylvia double page spread, each day represented byoccurred as a result of a major natural cata- the appropriate glyphs so you can see wherestrophe that took place around 11,500 years Carrilho Frontier Publishing, Amsterdam, 2005 you are according to the Tzolkin. Theres anago, according to author Stephen Mehler. address book section, a timetable section, a In From Light into Darkness, Mehler, an ISBN 90-8067-009-X (320pp hc) place where you can record the seals andindependent researcher and Egyptologist, Availability: Europe—Frontier Publishing, tones of your family and friends, and a listreacquaints us with his guide, the Khemit USA—AUP; Aust/NZ/UK— NEXUS offices of Maya-related references. This is a beauti-wisdom-keeper AbdEl Hakim Awyan,whose teachings—passed down to him viaan oral tradition that survived the religions I nterest in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar is growing around the world as a result of new research as well as expectations sur- fully presented diary which the compilers hope to keep updating as we get closer to the anticipated 2012 "End Time".of dynastic Egypt—he introduced us to in rounding the countdown to 2012, the endThe Land of Osiris (see 9/01). And Mehler date in this round of Mayan cosmology. Inis keen to point out the distinction between addition, the work of José Argüelles in cre-spirituality and its offspring, religion. ating a Dreamspell calendar, based on the The ancient Khemitian wisdom teaches 13-Moon, 28-day cycle and re-establishingthat there is no time, no death, no separation, the ancient Law of Time, has prompted ano soul and no God, but that pure spirit rethink of the irregular Gregorian calendar.exists—the vibration of nothing. Its para- So, a new calendar requires a practical newdoxes have commonalities with other great diary, and this 13-Moon Diary of Naturalwisdom teachings, including those of Lao Time is a must-have for those who want toTzu (quoted here), and also with findings of keep track of the Mayan and Gregorian sys-quantum physics, such as those presented by tems at the same time. A quick glance at thephysicist Fred Alan Wolf. But not only do Moonplanner shows that were moving fromthe teachings give clues to understanding the the current Yellow Cosmic Seed Year to adevelopment of the dynastic religions, they Red Magnetic Moon Year on 26 July 2006.also seem to have influenced the origin of The authors have reproduced the GalacticOCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 69
  • REVIEWS THE SERPENT GRAIL found in magickal rituals and the tarot deck. by Philip Gardiner with Gary Osborn The Serpent Grail is a challenging thesis Watkins Publishing, London, 2005 that may force a re-examination of traditions ISBN 1-84293-129-6 (334pp tpb) weve perhaps taken too literally. Availability: http://www.watkinspublish-; Australia—Simon & Schuster THE SHADOW OF SOLOMON by Laurence Gardner T he search for the Holy Grail takes a sur- prising twist in this compelling book by Philip Gardiner with Gary Osborn, a fellow Thorsons/Element, London, 2005 ISBN 0-00-720760-3 (413pp hc) researcher of mystery traditions. While the Availability: romantic tales of Arthurian legend and the fabulous stories of Middle Ages alchemical feats retain some of the original truths, much L aurence Gardner was an active Master Mason with the City of London lodge from 1966 until the mid-1980s, when he of their factual detail has become lost in resigned due to potential conflicts with his allegory and metaphor over time. The intre- growing career as an independent researcher pid authors felt they had to go further back, (which in recent years has produced a verita- even beyond what historians regard as the ble wealth of tomes from Bloodline of the first great civilisation, the Sumerian. What Holy Grail to The Magdalene Legacy; see they found was a Grail heritage common to NEXUS 4/01 and 12/03). In the meantime prehistoric cultures across the globe. And he has continued his studies into the history, that heritage involved a serpent- or snake- structure and practices of freemasonry, and worshipping cult that even today has reso- now has written a comprehensive and nances in the major world religions. intriguing "life" of this secretive fraternity. Actually, many of the ancient records were lost during the days of Cromwells rampage and in the Great Fire of London, and from his experience Gardner could see that some masonic rites had become more steeped in allegory and pageantry than fact. Records were also lost in AD 391 when the Church burnt down the Library of Alexandria, and some were found by the Knights Templars when they excavated the Jerusalem Temple vaults after the First Crusade. These trea- sures ended up in France and later in Scotland following the banning of the Order in the early 14th century. In his eminently readable way, Gardner Their research, taking in ancient myths, traces the ancient roots of the masonic tradi- alchemy, anthropology, archaeology, ety- tion, with a particular emphasis on the mology, mysticism, religion and more, Egyptian/Hebrew connection, right up to reveals secrets about a triad of mystery: the modern times. He also goes in search of Holy Grail, steeped in the physical realm; ancient science and restates some of what he the Elixir of Life, bound up in the mental; uncovered in Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark and the Philosophers Stone, the attainment (10/03) about the mystical, antigravitational of the spiritual state of enlightenment— properties of white powder gold. The Ark superconsciousness itself. This triad has its of the Covenant was both the means for roots in shamanism, where mysterious burning pure gold to create the powder and potions were utilised to take the shaman to was the receptacle; and being so heavy, it other planes of consciousness. could only be transported by levitation. It The medium, suggest the authors, was a was the responsibility of the Levites to mixture of snake venom and blood that in undertake this task; the aprons they wore to combination was not poisonous but pro- protect themselves from the high-voltage duced intense visionary experiences and had healing properties. The snake was venerated Ark are recalled in the aprons that Masons for these qualities, and its ability to shed its wear to this day. Gardner believes that this skin symbolised rebirth. The ingredients "powder of projection" is at the heart of the were extracted using utensils such as a staff masonic tradition, as is Royal Arch to collect the drips of venom, a knife to cut Freemasonry, which is a Chapter attached to off the snakes head, a bowl (perhaps a skull the 3rd degree of the Craft. It has nothing to cap) to collect the venom and blood, and a do with the ritual of Hiram Abiff but with plate to hold the dead snake. More recent the Royal Art: the Philosophers Stone, levi- esoteric traditions symbolise these artefacts tation and enlightenment via the zero point. in ritual wands, swords, cups and discs At last, frontier science is catching up with ancient knowledge, Gardner can report.70 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC REVIEWS is still bearing fruit. In Saudi Arabia, forHIT MAN instance, he helped implement a covert planby John Perkins that piped billions of Saudi petrodollars intoBerrett-Koehler, San Francisco, 2004 the US economy and ensured a firm rela-ISBN 1-57675-301-8 (250pp hc) tionship between the Saudis and successiveAvailability: US administrations—although it could become unstuck, now that the Saudis haveW hen John Perkins was first recruited by the National Security Agency in 1968for training as an "economic hit man", he declared in the wake of hurricane Katrina that it cant increase its oil production.had some pangs of conscience about the Perkins has written a rivetting story thatethics of what he might be asked to do. So, speaks volumes about our need for a worldwhen he finally quit his highly paid job in based on compassion, not power and greed.1980 as a chief economist with the interna-tional consulting firm MAIN, he was BEYOND BELIEF – The British Bombwracked by guilt over the dirty tactics hed Tests: Australias Veterans Speak Out by Roger Cross and Avon Hudson Wakefield Press, South Australia, 2005 ISBN 1-86254-660-6 (208pp tpb) Availability: T his is an important book about the British nuclear tests conducted on Australian territory during the 1950s to early 1960s, and about their fallout on the envi- ronment and on human health. Its impor- tant because it features testimony from eye- witnesses (and there arent many of them left, so many having died from radiation- induced diseases in the meantime), and it reminds us not to forget the British and Australian politicians, scientists and militaryemployed to win over strategically impor- who, in their arrogance and ignorance,tant countries for US government and corpo- allowed these travesties to be perpetrated.rate interests. He decided in 1983 to write a Beyond Belief is a collaborative effortbook exposing this high-level corruption headed by Melbourne University senior fel-perpetrated in the name of democracy, but low Roger Cross, author of Fallout (seefour drafts and several threats and bribes NEXUS 8/05), and Avon Hudson, a Southlater he still hadnt had it published. It was Australian councillor, long-time campaignerthe events of 9/11 that made him realise he for justice for those still suffering because ofhad to get the message out. Now a vocal critic of the "corporatocracy" the tests, and an ex-serviceman who was in(a term he coined to describe this coalition Maralinga during some of the disastrousof governments, banks and corporations) as minor trials. Other contributors includewell as an alternative energy promoter and Patricia Donnelly, who gathered manyenvironmental activist working to protect accounts from civilians, Doug Rickard onindigenous peoples livelihoods, Perkins his discovery of cobalt-60 pellets strewnconfesses to a range of sins he committed in over Maralinga, Alan Parkinson on the latestfar-flung places around the world—Ecuador, clean-up of Maralinga, and Ronald Price onIndonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Panama, radiation and its effects on human health.Colombia. His job was to convince these All the major tests are covered in separatecountries to accept enormous loans for infra- chapters: the Monte Bello Islands off north-structure development and to make sure the west WA in 1952 and 1956, Emu Field inprojects were contracted to US corporations. western SA in 1953, and Maralinga in theOnce they agreed to these impossible terms, SA desert in 1956 and 1957. The narrativesoon they were overwhelmed with debt and is interspersed with spine-chilling reportshad to accept yet harsher dictates from for- from former defence personnel—sailorseign governments, corporations and the used as guineapigs in simulated nuclear warWorld Bank. When his attempts at convinc- at sea scenarios, pilots forced to fly throughing the presidents of Ecuador and Panama clouds of fallout, servicemen who had tofailed (in fact, he regarded them as like- gather samples from the Maralinga crater,minded friends), the CIA moved in and from owners of remote stations and localassassinated them. Of course, everywhere Aboriginal clans. If more Australians couldhe went, the poorest people lost out along become informed about the massive falloutwith the environment. from these nuclear tests, they would demand Some of Perkinss handiwork from this era proper justice and compensation for the vic- tims and their families. This is a must-read.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 71
  • REVIEWS THE GREAT YEAR: How much did the CEREAL WORM HOLES: ancients really know? Part II – Conduit Closing Compiled by Duncan Roads © 2003 The Yuga Project, LLC © 2004 Martin Keitel Image and Media Availability: ProductionWHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!? Availability:© 2004 Captured Light & Lord of the WindFilms, LLC T his compelling documentary, The Great Year, explores the possibility that the fall of ancient civilisations and the rise of I n 1974, a radio message was sent into outer space in a quest for communication.Availability: modern civilisation may be related to our In 2001, a response was received, carved asT his is a new type of film. It is part docu- mentary, part story, and part elaborateand inspiring visual effects and animations. Suns motion around a companion star. The film examines evidence that ancient peoples may have known of this celestial cycle and a crop circle into a field in Chilbolton, southern England. But was it for real? Several experiences reveal a profound tele-The protagonist, Amanda, played by Marlee that that our Sun may indeed display the pathic contact between human beings and anMatlin, finds herself in a fantastic Alice in characteristics of binary motion. unknown intelligence. Where do these mes-Wonderland experience when her everyday, This provocative film, narrated by James sages come from?uninspired life literally Before this incrediblebegins to unravel, reveal- story is over, you may finding the uncertain world of that "where" is not the rightthe quantum field hidden question…behind what we consider to This film is the second bybe our normal, waking Martin Keitel, and it pre-reality. sents points of view and As Amanda learns to ideas not generally put for-relax into the experience, ward by the "usual" crop-she conquers her fears and pies. Maybe it is the influ-gains wisdom. She ence of researchers frombecomes no longer the vic- countries such as Finland,tim of circumstances, but is Austria, Denmark andon the way to being the Germany that has led to acreative force in her life. much-needed expansion ofHer life will never be the same. Earl Jones, is written/EPd by Walter theories, including the idea of time travel. The 14 top scientists and mystics inter- Cruttenden, author of Lost Star of Myth and This is not a film seeking to establishviewed in this documentary-style film serve Time (see Book Reviews this edition). It authenticity; it is a film bravely exploringto introduce the "Great Questions" framed features an interview with John Anthony the leads and experiences of people involvedby both science and religion. The distinc- West and contains 18 minutes of animation in this ever-growing mystery.tion between science and religion becomes with a moving, original musical score. The Join Colin Andrews, Busty Taylor, Drincreasingly blurred as we realise that, in filmwork, imagery and computer animations Simeon Hein, Ron Russell, Paul Vigay,essence, both science and religion describe are of exceptionally high quality. Lucy Pringle, Matthew Williams, Nickthe same phenomena. The film may be the beginning of a whole Nicholson, Allan Brown, Tapani Koivula, Quirky animation, dazzling visuals, new way of looking at time and history, and Martin Keitel, Jay Goldner, Johan Ohayvhumour, precision and irreverence are only may spark a new scientific movement to and more in this well-produced and thought-part of what makes this film unique. find our Suns binary companion. provoking journey. (Excellent visuals too!)72 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • REVIEWS LA KAHENA by Cheb i Sabbah Reviewed by Richard Giles Six Degrees, USA, 2005 (66mins) Distributors: Aust—MRA; USA—SixIN THE HEART OF THE MOON Degrees Records, tel (415) 626 6334,by Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté http://www.sixdegreesrecords.comWorld Circuit, UK, 2005 (59mins)Distributors: Aust—MRA, tel (07) 38496020; UK—World Circuit, tel (0)1689 C enturies of Arab music is captured on this Six Degrees album by Algerian- born Cheb i Sabbah, an avant garde world870 622, music emissary who was originally a DJ. The eight songs on La Kahena feature dif-T wo superb African players create their own commemoration of the ancientMalian traditions in what will become a ferent female vocalists and music from vari- ous regions. The CD is named after a leg-renowned CD of the early 21st century. Ali endary 7th century Algerian freedom-fighterplays blues guitar and Toumani plays the who was both Berber and Jew, as is Sabbah.kora, and together their blending and natural La Kahena fiercely commanded Berberspontaneity are incomparable and astonish- armies against invading Arab, especially considering there were no Sabbah takes the recordings and adds every-rehearsals. World Circuit has done us a big thing from Bill Laswells jazz bass and tech-favour by bringing them together. no drum-machine beats to childrens sounds and a host of instruments to make somethingTHE VERY BEST OF NORTH AFRICA one can meditate, dance and even pray to. A fantastic, stimulating, genuine various artistsNascente, UK, 2005 (2CDs, 126mins)Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment, MALItel (07) 3849 6020; UK—Nascente by various artistsMusic, tel 020 7612 3300, website Putumayo, USA, 2005 (50mins) Distributors: Aust—MRA; UK— Putumayo, tel 07759 600495; USA—A thorough collection of North Africas musicians featuring contemporary sub-Saharan music artists, many of whom have Putumayo World Music, tel 800 955 9588, http://www.putumayo.comcome onto the world stage and perform tosell-out audiences. Youll find names such M ali has one of the great musical lines of Africa, and many tribes have preserved and evolved their musical traditions over theas Khaled, Amr Diab, Rachid Taha, SouadMassi, Orchestra National de Barbes, Hamid centuries. Putumayos Mali collection pre-el Gnawi, Ali Hassan Kuban, Natacha Atlas sents the griots with their troubadour her-and many others, together on an album that itage, the Touaregs with their desert blues,is an exciting treasure trove of the very best the powerful vocals of the wassoulou musi-North African music. cians from the south, and the soulful Bambara hunters music. Featured instru- ments are the kora (harp), ngoni (small gui-SLEEPING LOTUS tar), balafón (xylophone) and tamana (talk-by Li Xiangting ing drum). Artists include Issa Bagayogo,Real Music, USA, 2005 (60mins) Moussa Diallo, Tom Diakité, Habib Koité,Distributors: Aust—New World Music, Mamou Sidibé and Idrissa (02) 9565 4522; Europe—MCC, tel According to Jacob Edgar of Putumayo,+49 4102 898202; USA—Real Music Mali will be the next Cuba! Grab this CD!Records, tel (303) 415 1040, websitehttp://www.realmusic.comP rofessor Li Xiangting is acknowledged as the most important of the modernguqin players of the Chinese tradition. Theguqin is a seven-stringed zither-like instru-ment that can generate over 100 harmonicsand its history goes back over 3,000 years.By the middle of the 20th century, the guqinhad become almost lost, but since thenProfessor Li has revived it. The otherinstrument he shares on the album is thexiao, a vertical bamboo flute. Li has rescuedthe lost art and is one of the very few peopleto improvise on the guqin, and certainly theonly master player to do so. Ancient andserene music for relaxation.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 73
  • Britains Secret War in AntarcticaContinued from page 15 been excerpted from his forthcoming 16. ibid. book that will document some of his 17. This was reported in the German pressContinued next issue... investigations. on 10 April 1939. James Robert can be contacted by 18. Officer Naval Directive, 14 FebruaryEditors Note email at 1944. 19. Speer, A., Spandau: The SecretT he author advises t hat Op eration Diaries, MacMillan, New York, 1976, p.Tabalan, referred to in part one of his Endnotes 81.article, should read Tabarin, and apol- 9. Christof, Friedrich, Germanys 20. Hitlers final political testament, 29o g is es f o r th is e rro r. O p e ra tio n Antarctic Claim: Secret Nazi Polar April 1945.T a b a r i n was named after a Parisian Expeditions, Samisdat Publishers, Toronto, 21. Wilmot, C., The Struggle For Europe,nightclub. 1979. Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Hertfordshire, 10. Hesss insanity is just one aspect of the 1997, p. 617.About the Author: Hess mystery, and the numerous references 22. ibid.James Robert is a civil servant with an to his insanity are too numerous to cata- 23. Führer Naval Conference, 8 July of the UK Ministry of Defence, logue. However, it did not prevent him 24. Report sent by Goebbels to Dönitz, 6as well as a World War II historian from standing for trial at Nuremberg. March 1945.and writer. He has travelled exten- 11. Picknett, L., Prior, S. and Prince, C., 25. Wilmot, op. cit. Double Standards, Little Brown, 2001. 26. Directive to the Wehrmacht, 1 Maysively throughout North Africa and 12. Van Paasen, Pierre, Chicago Times, 1945, reported in The Times, London, 2Europe t o inves tigat e myster ies of 1941. May 1945.Britains secret wars. 13. Britain, France, the USSR and USA With a family from a military back- 27. The Times (London), 2 May 1945. took turns to guard war criminals including 28. The National Police Gazette, Januaryground and with German sources giv- Hess in Spandau Prison. Hesss suspicious many so-called "myths" credence, death occurred, so we are led to believe, 29. The former Kriegsmarine officer washe has set a personal mission to delve because the Russians were going to release from Dresden and was interviewed indeeper into the strange, suppressed, him when their turn next came around. December 2003. I investigated claims thatlittle-known and anomalous activities See Picknett et al., Double Standards, for Hitler and Eva Brauns child had been bornthat were conducted before, during more detail. there in 1942.and after the war against Germany. 14. Nuremberg Trials (1945–1946). 30. Officer Naval Directive, 1944."Britains Secret War in Antarctica" has 15. ibid. 31. Nuremberg Trials, 1946.74 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • Pet Vaccination: Institutionalised Crime Continued from page 27 NEXUS 4/04). She lives in Scotland with her 8. Am Coll Vet Intern Med 14:381, 2000. partner, Rob Ell is , and three Golden 9. Dodds, Jean W., DVM, "Immune System Retri evers, nam ed Edwar d, Daniel and and Disease Resistance", at http://www.and, in the meantime, hundreds of thou- Gwinnie, and she lectures on canine health of animals are dying every year— around the world. 10. Wolf Clan magazine, April/May 1995.unnecessarily. For more information, contact Catherine 11. Goldstein, Martin, The Nature of Animal The good news is that thousands of ani- ODriscoll at Canine Health Concern, PO Box Healing, Borzoi/Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1999.mal lovers (but not enough) have heard 7533, Perth PH2 1AD, Scotland, UK, email 12. Wolf Clan magazine, op. cit. cat her ine@car, websi tewhat weve been saying. Canine Health 13. ibid. members around the world use 14. Journal of Inflammation 1:3, 2004, at Shock to the System is available in the UKreal food as Natures supreme disease pre- from CHC, and worldwide from Dogwise at, eschewing processed pet food, content/1/1/3. 15. Klingborg, D.J., Hustead, D.R. and Curry-and minimise the vaccine risk. Some of us, Endnotes Galvin, E. et al., "AVMA Council on Biologicmyself included, have chosen not to vacci- and Therapeutic Agents report on cat and dognate our pets at all. Our reward is healthy 1. "Effects of Vaccination on the Endocrine and Immune Systems of Dogs, Phase II", vaccines", Journal of the American Veterinaryand long-lived dogs. Purdue University, November 1, 1999, at Medical Association 221(10):1401-1407, It has taken but one paragraph to tell you November 15, 2002, good and simple news. The gratitude I haywardstudyonvaccines.html. policies/vaccination.htm.feel each day, when I embrace my healthy 2. See 16. ibid.dogs, stretches from the centre of the Earth 3. See 17. Schultz, R.D., "Current and future canineto the Universe and beyond. ∞ 4. Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) and feline vaccination programs", Vet Med Working Group on Feline and Canine 93:233-254, 1998.About the Author: Vaccination, DEFRA, May 2001. 18. Schultz, R.D., Ford, R.B., Olsen, J. andCatherine ODriscoll runs Canine Health 5. JVM Series A 50(6):286-291, August 2003. Scott, F., "Titer testing and vaccination: a newConcern which campaigns and also delivers 6. Duval, D. and Giger, U. (1996). "Vaccine- look at traditional practices", Vet Med 97:1-13,an educational program, the Foundation in Associated Immune-Mediated Hemolytic 2002 (insert).Canine Healthcare. She is author of Shock to Anemia in the Dog", Journal of Veterinary 19. Twark, L. and Dodds, W.J., "Clinicalthe System (2005; see review this issue), the Internal Medicine 10:290-295. application of serum parvovirus and distemperbest-selling book What Vets Dont Tell You 7. New England Journal of Medicine, vol. virus antibody titers for determining revaccina-About Vaccines (1997, 1998), and Who Killed 313, 1985. See also Clin Exp Rheumatol tion strategies in healthy dogs", J Am Vet Medthe Darling Buds of May? (1997; reviewed in 20(6):767-71, Nov-Dec 2002. Assoc 217:1021-1024, 2000.OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 75
  • Vaccinations and the Dynamics of Critical Days Continued from page 34 Med 114(2):241-246. Clinical review based on the findings in • Pekarek J and Rezabek K (1959). An seven children. Acta Paediatr Scand• Steinman L, Sriram S, Adelman NE et al. endocrinological test for innocuity of the 80:269-277.(1982). Murine model for pertussis vaccine pertussis vaccine. J Hyg Epidemiol • Liao PM and Thompson JT (1997).encephalopathy: linkage to H-2. Nature Microbiol Immunol 3:79-84. Ophthalmic manifestations of virus-associ-299:738-740. • Jefferys R (2001). T cells and ated hemophagocytic syndrome. Arch• Munoz JJ, Arai H, Bergman RK et al. vaccination. Lancet 357:1451. Ophthalmol 109:777.(1981). Biological activities of crystalline • Sparacio RR, Khatib R and Cook W • Henter JI and Elinder G (1992).pertussigen from Bordetella pertussis. (1971). Acute subdural hematoma in infancy. NY State J Med Jan15:212-213. Cerebromeningeal haemophagocytic lym-Infection and Immunity 33(3):820-826. phohistiocytosis. Lancet 339:104-107. • Hart MN and Earle KM (1975).• Hess AF (1920). Scurvy, Past and • Sperling MA (1997). Hemophagocytic Haemorrhagic and perivenous encephalitis:Present, JB Lippincott Company (279pp). lymphohistiocytosis: a lethal disorder of a clinical-pathological review of 38 cases.• Kirschner RH and Stein RJ (1985). The immune regulation. J Pediatr 130(3):337- J Neurol Neurosurg and Psychiatry 38:585-mistaken diagnosis of child abuse. A form 591. 338.of medical abuse? Arch Dis Child 139:873- • Graham DI, Behan PO and More IAR • Rosen FS (1997). Severe combined875. (1979). Brain damage complicating septic immunodeficiency: a pediatric emergency.• Caffey J (1946). Multiple fractures in the shock. J Neurol Neurosurg and Psychiatry J Pediatr 130(3):345-356.long bones of infants suffering from chronic 42:19-28. • Comans-Bitter WM, de Groot B, van densubdural hematoma. Am J Roentgenol & • Levin M, Kay JDS, Gould JD et al.Radium Therapy 56(2):163-173. Beemd R et al. (1997). Immunotyping of (1983). Haemorrhagic shock and blood lymphocytes in childhood. J Pediatr• Caffey J (1965). Significance of the encephalopathy: a new syndrome with ahistory in the diagnosis of traumatic injury 130:388-393. high mortality in young children. Lancetin children. J Pediatr 67(5)pt2:1008-1014. • Bonilla FAS and Oettgen HC (1997). ii:64-67.• Silverman FN (1965). Presentation of the • Akima M and Sumi SM (1984). Normal ranges for lymphocyte subsets inJohn Howland Medal and Award of the Neuropathology of familial erythrophago- children. J Pediatr 130(3):347-349.American Pediatric Society to Dr John cytic lymphohistiocytosis. Six cases and • Kieslich M, Vecchi M, Laverda AM et al.Caffey. J Pediatr 67(5)pt2:1000-1007. review of literature. Hum Pathology (2001). Acute encephalopathy as a primary• Hiller HG (1972). Battered or not – a 15:161-168. manifestation of haemophagocytic lympho-reappraisal of metaphyseal fragility. Am J • Henter JI and Elinder G (1991). Familial histiocytosis. Developmental Medicine &Roentgenol & Radium Therapy & Nuclear haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. Child Neurology 43:555-558.76 • NEXUS OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2005
  • UFOs on Capitol Hill Continued from page 51 brighter. That happened at Point Mugu. for many years. And I had my doubts about going back DCP: Welcome to the club.reported in the Washington Post, but there there, and sometimes it was really spooky. RS: Well, I am better now, and I dontwere no pictures of the object. Honestly, I love being away from the city, wish these experiences on anyone, but its RS: And that was the point I was mak- up in the mountains, surrounded by nature comforting to know Im not earlier: when you put all these events even at night. But when a UFO comes DCP: Yeah. Well, I hate to keep goinginto a timeline or a context, there is a defi- down from outer space, you have no way of out and carrying a camera with menite pattern that appears. This is happening knowing who or what is inside it. Thats wherever I go, but now I feel compelled toall over the planet. And it has been going when your whole demeanour changes. It take it just in case, because Im not sureon for over 50 years now! forces you to question what the hell is whats going to happen. DCP: Thats what makes this so weird. going on! RS: Well, Im sure your story and pic-Because, I will tell you, there is one place I DCP: Right, it doesnt make for a very tures will affect many peoples lives. ∞do not want to be at night at all: thats the comfortable evening when you have to con-US Capitol. You will never catch me going stantly look up into the sky and make sure About the Author:back there again—ever! there is nothing over your head. And every Robert M. Stanley is a writer and researcher RS: Now that you mention it, there are night I go out, I always look up into the sky specialising in technology trends. His articlehot spots for activity. And certain people to make sure the coast is clear. I shouldnt on Robert Krupas "FireStorm" spark plug waswith a history of close encounters seem to have to do that, but I am spooked. I am published in NEXUS vol. 12, no. 2, and hisbe drawn to these spots. Im not sure why, seriously spooked. interview with space technology consultantbut thats the way it is. My hot spot is Point RS: Still? David Adair appeared in NEXUS, vol. 9, no.Mugu Naval Base [in southern California]. D C P : Oh, yeah. When I was a kid, 5. This extract from Robert Stanleys forth- DCP: Well, the Capitol is a hot spot for whenever there was an episode of T h e coming book, Capitol Offence: Alienme. But I feel that if I have pictures of Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits t h a t Incursions of Restricted Airspace, is copy-them, and they are very advanced technical- dealt with aliens, my Dad had to physically right © 2005 UNICUS Magazine, 1147 Manhattan Avenue #43, Manhattan Beach,ly, then they must have my picture. kick my ass to bed. I would not go to bed. CA 90266, USA. Visit the U N I C U S RS: I agree. It happened to me on three I fought to stay in a room that was well lit. M a g a z i n e website at http://www.unicus-separate occasions. The UFO generated an They had to pick me up and put me to bed. to view all the colour imagesintensely bright burst of white light around I was afraid to go to sleep. referred to in this extract. Robert Stanley canus—like a flash bulb, only a million times RS: I know the feeling. I lived like that be emailed at – NOVEMBER 2005 NEXUS • 77