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Nexus 1204 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2005 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 BASE-13 MAYAN CALENDAR THEORY.....................51 Comments from readers on NEXUS-related topics. Will Hart presents his argument that the number 13GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 is the base number in a series related to various Groundbreaking news, including the US agenda for astronomical cycles, proving a correlation between global military domination; an alternative tsunami the series and the Mayan calendar. theor y; a link between melanoma and FM AN ALIEN DETOUR.....................................57 frequency; and the step towards a real-life matrix. By Dr Valery Uvarov. Two Russian truck driversDOWN ON THE FARM—NANOTECHNOLOGY.......11 on their way to Moscow are unexpectedly made to ETC Group. Nan otechnology has profound take a detour and come across a spacecraft, which implications for food sovereignty worldwide... and one of the drivers is invited to enter. may be the technology that can be adapted for THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................61 surveillance, social control and biowarfare. This issue includes a 1535 account of an expeditionTHE PERSECUTION OF LOIC LE RIBAULT—Part 2....19 into the depths of the mysterious Breitenwinner By Martin J. Wa l k e r. Continues the saga of a Cave; a report on "Hobbit" remains found in persecuted French forensic scientist who co- Indonesia; and breakthrough infra-red technology. discovered a form of organic silica that can cure a range of ailments. REVIEWS—Books........................................................65THE GILGAMESH PROJECT........................................25 "The Whole Soy Story" by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton, PhD Andrew Sokar tells the story of his promising career "Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook" by Bruce Moen in cancer research and how he was silenced when "The Warning In Stone" by Suhail M. Jalbout his forbidden science began closing in on the "Faded Giant" by Robert Salas and James Klotz secret of eternal life. "The Measure of Albion" by Robin Heath and John MichellSHORT HISTORY OF THE ROUND TABLE—Part 4....31 "Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism & the Holocaust" by Barry Chamish By Will Banyan. Divided in its reaction to the "Unveiling Tibetan Buddhist Propaganda ..." by S. DMontford "UFOs, Psi and Spiritual Evolution" by Christopher Humphrey League of Nations, the Round Table struggled to "Same Soul, Many Bodies" by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. control events, but its moment was already passing, "Limitless Mind" by Russell Targ as was Britains... "Exopolitics" by Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D.UNVEILING BLOODY BUDDHISM...........................39 REVIEWS—DVDs........................................................72 By Rev. Dr S. DMontford. The history of Tibetan "Arsenal of Hypocrisy" Buddhism tells a story of oppression and bloodshed "The Living Mathematics of Nature" comparable with the Chinese occupation and far REVIEWS—Music........................................................73 from the peaceful impression many westerners "One" by Dierdre have of the religion. "Acostic Brazil" by VariousSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................46 "The Prince of Love" by Pandit Premkumar Malik This issue we present a piece on the effect certain "One" by Mark Ciaburri musical notes have on the rapid growth of plants as "Feast of Silence" by Vas well as a free energy update for 2005. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................80–88JUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2005 W elcome to another issue of NEXUS. As we speak I am putting the final touches on the annual NEXUS Conference for the northern hemisphere in Amsterdam, which starts Friday 13th May. I am also midway through organising the annual NEXUS PUBLISHED BY Conference for the southern hemisphere in Brisbane, which starts Friday September 23rd. NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 Everything is looking good—all we need is for you to be there. EDITOR This issue of the magazine, apart from being full of interesting articles as per usual, is Duncan M. Roads the first issue of NEXUS that Ruth Parnell (our illustrious Sub-Editor) has not had the CO-EDITOR pleasure to edit for over 12 years. Yes, I finally convinced her that NEXUS would Catherine Simons survive while she was away on her well-earned long service leave. I would like to take ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Ruth for her amazing energy and dedication to Jenny Hawke (Acting); Ruth Parnell (on leave) disseminating information on NEXUS-related topics. Can you believe that in her "spare UK OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Marcus Allen time" Ruth compiles and edits a monthly newsletter for the famed Maple Street Co-op in CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Maleny, Queensland, Australia? She is a legend! ETC Group; Martin J. Walker; Meanwhile back at the office, I would like to bring your attention to some of the articles Andrew Sokar; Will Banyan; in this issue. Rev. Dr Shé DMontford; First up is the article on nanotechnology. Without sounding full of gloom and doom, it Jeff Sargent; Dr Nick Begich; Will Hart; is important that everyone realise what a Pandoras Box this is going to be. Dr Valery Uvarov Nanotechnology is like fire—it makes a good servant, but a bad master. Normally it all CARTOONS comes back to deciding how much you trust the people behind making and approving Phil Somerville nanotechnology, but this time it is worse—it is already being used and consumed, is loose COVER GRAPHIC in the environment, and we have absolutely no idea of its consequences. John Cook, I received a letter from a respected medical researcher based in the USA, telling me of PRINTING his successes in research into the secrets behind perpetual cell division (the holy grail in Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK the search for significantly extended life). Then suddenly, a key supporter was found DISTRIBUTION dead, funding was cut off, he was shut out from his peers and support, and received threats Seymours, London, UK warning of more problems unless he changed his line of research. I know it sounds UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, familiar to most readers, but this time with the topic being immortality or very long life, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 you can see why the stakes might be high. What intrigues me is that in my experience of e-mail address: dealing with such people, researchers in a similar position are often invited to continue Website: their work in secret—with non-disclosure agreements, and unlimited funding and resources. This particular researcher got no such offer, which leads me to assume that he EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. stumbled onto something already known to those that monitor and suppress such work. Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 Another topic which I have intended to pursue for some time is the subject of e-mail address: Buddhism—Tibetan Buddhism in particular. Most people I know assume that these HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. Buddhists are people of peace, spirituality and wisdom, and that their history is one of PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. peaceful assimilation of other belief systems using debate and demonstration. How Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 e-mail address: wrong! Buddhism has a history of murder, torture, pillage and persecution that makes ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza even the Inquisition look reasonable. Little wonder places like Tibet were off-limits to Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy westerners for so many years. Just because people can work semi-miracles with their Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 mind, body and spirit via diet, meditation or exercise does not necessarily make them e-mail address: honest, good or responsible. If you have put Buddhism on any kind of pedestal, then you USA OFFICE – should realise that it is no different from the rest of those corrupted belief systems we PO Box 1248, Walterboro, SC 29488 Tel: +1 843 549 5985; Fax: +1 877 349 1928 refer to as religions. Email: Mayan Calendar enthusiasts will hopefully appreciate the detailed research by Will Hart on the role of the number 13 in their calendar system. Measuring systems and units of STATEMENT OF PURPOSE measurement can be intriguing concepts. For example, how coincidental was theNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing amassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS introduction of the decimal system in terms of the appearance of computer systems aseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to decade or two later? Great truths can be hidden and great secrets can be kept—all byassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not using appropriate units and standards of measurement.linked to any religious, philosophical or political On the lighter side of life, I would like to announce to readers that we can now offerideology or organisation. you NEXUS information at a higher frequency of existence. Yes, NEXUS is now on PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICYWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor- Internet radio, so you can hear assorted speakers (including me) and writers any time ofmation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone day or night, anywhere in the world. Just aim your computer at making a buck out of it, without our express and your information input frequency will be adjusted accordingly.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 20052 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  3. 3. JUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...Re: The Firestorm Sparkplug This new regulating agency, superstrings, dark matter and dark and fly planes into buildings here". called the Trans-Tasman agency is energy. Its easier to control people if theyH i Duncan, I was so enthusiastic about the Firestorm sparkplug[NEXUS 12/02], I emailed the structurally nothing more than an offshore corporation partnered by Scientists took a wrong turn after the apparently negative result of the have a boogeyman and it works both ways—better people burningheads of state in various countries the TGA and multinational drug Michelson-Morley experiment of the American flag and effigies ofabout it, though I was unable to get corporations. That means multina- 1887, and it has taken almost anoth- President Bush than demandingthrough to Russia, China, or South tional drug companies will "regu- er century to head back onto the things that might actually makeKorea owing to language interpreta- late" all vitamins and supplements. right path again. As I am short on their lives better to the detriment oftion; so I also emailed to the UN The new offshore agency will room, a quick trip to www.esoteric- their own governments power.and the EU to cover just about operate directly within the interna- can 3) "...a population that largelyeverybody anyway. tional jurisdiction of CODEX. explain why the experiment was seems to care only about what is Whether any bureaucracies take Australian health care will have incorrectly deemed negative. filled on their propaganda-filledany notice of it is another matter been taken over by transnational For those curious about the vari- TVs..."but I emphasised that countries corporations unless Australians and ous aspects of this line of research, See point one above.adopting this technology would New Zealanders stop these laws a look at the work of Dr Nikolai 4) "...and a foreign policy run byprobably be able to comply with the about to be implemented. Kozyrev, Dr Vladimir Ginzburg, the hidden faces of the military-Kyoto protocol. We urge people to email, write, or Nikola Tesla, Gerald Hawkins, industrial complex." I directed them to your NEXUS fax the federal health minister and David Wilcock, Dr Buckminster Thats why they call it "empire". all possible Members of Parliament Fuller, Dr Hans Jenny, Dr Aleskey 5) "We watched, hoping that thesite and to Dmitriev, Dr Wilhelm Reich, John Thats a plug for NEXUS and demand they vote NO to pass- last presidential election may reflect ing the Therapeutic Goods Wheeler, Richard Feynman, Yuri what many concerned AmericansMagazine too; and I hope that those Galaev, Dr Hal Puthoff and Richard Amendment Bill of 2005, and NO feel—only to find that corruption isheads of state take out a Pasichnyk is well worth the effort. to passing any implementing legis- so entrenched that fair elections aresubscription. Regards, lation pertaining to the JTA treaty now nonexistent in the USA." Cheers, and the Trans-Tasman agency— Troy Stretton This is utter nonsense—it presup- Brian Clarke these must not be implemented Sunshine Coast poses that at some point in the past before or after July 1, 2005. Queensland, Australia the system has been less corruptRe: Loss of Health Freedom Remember this can be stopped. and fair. The system is the same as Eve Hillary it has always been. At best, theD ear Duncan, Without public knowledge or debate, theAustralian government has initiated Re: April/May 2005 Editorial election has shown that the system is as corrupt and fair as usual butsteps to force the natural healthindustry under the control of multi- Re: The Case for Aether H ello, I am writing to take issue with the assertion that "the US empire is crumbling"—the US that the majority of the population either at least partially support whatnational drug corporations. Australians and New Zealanders D ear Duncan, Congratulations on such a wonderful magazine! I am writing to you in regard to a empire is not crumbling, for exactly the same reasons you state that it is. has taken place over the last four years or are just not concernedwill lose the right to choose Natural enough to go out and vote about it. comment in the most recent edition 1) "Growing unemployment, the The empire is not crumbling, ifhealth care if the Australian govern- of NEXUS [April—May 2005, removal of civil rights and liberties,ments secret legislation is not anything it is solidifying its power. 12/03] in the article "A brief a huge prison population..."stopped. Sincerely account of the true nature of the An unemployed population is eas- Since Pan Pharmaceuticals was UFO entities" by Gordon Scot McSweeney-Roberts ier to manipulate and control—whogutted by the TGA in 2003, the reg- Creighton. is going to bite the hand of the stateulator has installed drug corpora- The comment is this: "Needless that feeds him? Plus theres the Re: Animal Vaccinationstions on committees that have gen- to say, such concepts as e t h e r i c added benefit that the unemployederated volumes of new laws thathave sent the Australian supplement p l a n e and astral plane have no meaning for modern science and, so are amongst the least likely to vote. Civil rights and liberties just "get D ear Mr Roads, I purchased from my local newsagency yesterday a copy of the latestindustry to the wall, making the far as I know, apart from Dirac the in the way" and as for a huge prison NEXUS magazine. A friend hadmarkets ready to be taken over by physicists have abandoned their population, all the better—its a lot told me about NEXUS and urgeddrug companies. speculations regarding the existence easier to control people in prison me to take a look because she The war on supplements is noth- of an ether". than on the street, prisoners arent thought the possibility was stronging but a trade war. Supplements I believe the above comment allowed to vote and the high crime that you would consider lookingare hurting drug companies. They could mislead some readers, when figures can be used to scare and into a topic which is of particularwant their share of the action. Drug there is in fact a rather strong case thereby manipulate and control the concern to me and to others—ascompanies have lobbied the for the existence of aether, and the better off (and more likely to vote) more become aware.Australian government to bring role it plays in the formation of segment of the population. The topic is that of annual vacci-about massive secret changes to matter. The existence of an aether 2) "...a currency that is rapidly nation of companion animals. TheAustralias health care structure. is not a new idea and right up until losing value, a government controversy surrounding this topic The Australian government late in the 19th century it was despised overseas..." exists because boosting is promot-signed an international treaty believed to exist. Money is a fiction, the currency ed as necessary when it is not nec-(known as the JTA Treaty) in 2003 Realising that mass, matter and market doubly so. All that will essary, and veterinarians fail towhich forms the basis for a massive gravity cannot account for every- happen is that somehow those with advise clients of the health risks thatnew international regulating thing, mainstream scientists have money will make more money. accompany over-vaccination of our"agency". This is due to come into quietly rediscovered this energy Being despised overseas has its companions.effect on July 1, 2005 unless the medium and refer to it by various benefits—it makes it easier to scare My introduction to this issuevoters stop implementing legisla- names such as virtual particle flux, people into giving away their civil occurred in December of 2003tion from being passed by zero point energy field, quantum liberties—"all those people burning when my therapy companion dogParliament. physical vacuum, quantum foam, flags over there want to come over suffered a severe adverse reaction4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.following a routine C3 vaccina- I have researched information on I was reading through some back ity was so aggressive in this part oftion—which the veterinarian had ADD and found that I suffer with issues when I spotted a worrying her brain that it was the cause of herstated was "essential" to ensure the the symptoms. While a lot of the article in the Global News section, inability to sleep soundly. It woulddog would not succumb to the dis- symptoms can be identified by [NEXUS 7/01], which was aptly literally wake her up from her sleep.eases being vaccinated against. most people as normal human titled Tsunami Bomb Secret Is Out. We were initially reluctant to buy I am certain I would have lost behaviour, there is a d i f f e r e n c e This contained an extract from an the Elanra due to the price, as wellNikki were it not for the interven- with those people who say they article first credited Sunday Times, that there was no guarantee it wouldtion of a holistic veterinarian who normally get distracted or lose Perth, in September 1999, and cov- work for us. However we weretreated the dog homeopathically. things etc. ered the testing of underwater desperate so we took the gamble.Among other things she had inflam- People with ADD/ADHD actual- explosions off the coast of Within two days she was sleepingmation of the brain 24 hours later ly have the symptoms in the Auckland between 1944 and 1945, six to eight hours during theand did not recognise me. extreme, and in my case, having which caused mini-tsunami tidal night—it was the miracle we were I have been lobbying ever since ADD has affected every area of waves at Whangaparaoa. The arti- praying for. Not only is she nowand have gradually linked up with a my life adversely. cles goes on to say that US defence sleeping through the night, we alsofew others who share my concerns. I believe sufferers and their fami- chiefs said that if the project had have noticed her seizure activity hasPlease may I invite you to take a lies are seeking treatment because been completed before the end of dropped by 50% a day.look at our website it is a devastating disorder and suf- the war it could have played a role Recently my wife took my daugh- ferers and their significant others as effective as that of the atomic ter away overnight to visit the NEXUS clearly has an interest in are desperate for relief from it. I bomb. grandparents without taking theexposing unhealthy practices that would also challenge Bob Jacob to Well that was 60 years ago and Elanra, what a mistake! She revert-consumers are conned into believ- have my ADD-affected brain for we have just experienced the worst ed back to the old pattern of wakinging are essential. Im hoping you just one day. Tsunami ever recorded in that every one to two hours. Obviouslymight take an interest in the over- Additionally, through knowledge region of the world, so one has to we cant stay overnight anywherevaccinating of our pets. of my family history and what I ask… did they ever stop research? without it. Ill keep buying NEXUS–because have read about ADD, an interest- Even if this was not the case, the I would encourage anyone whoI happen to like it! ing thing I find about this disorder whole area has been abused by suffers from insomnia or epilepsy to Thank you, is that there is a common connec- countless nations for their underwa- try the Elanra—it has really (Ms) Pat Styles tion with sufferers of having sensi- ter nuclear testing. Did this not changed our lives. K9 Vaccination Concern tivities—among them, sensitivities weaken the already fragile plates— Thank you so much. Australia to foods and additives. this in itself might well have con- Andrew & Tania, I know that my ADD symptoms tributed? Queensland [Thanks Pat, there is speculationthat the rise in abnormal, violent have worsened as I have aged Anyway, thought Id bring thisbehaviour in domestic animals may (without treatment), and so have article up as now it seems most per- my sensitivities to foods and addi- tinent. Re: Teslas Experimentsbe linked to adverse reactions tovaccines. Sounds like an article onthis will have to be found. Ed] tives. I was brought up in the fifties Keep up the good work. Alan Davis, D ear Duncan, I continue to be amazed and delighted by the articles and research you carry in when food was less processed, and Cardiff, Wales I believe the reason a lot more NEXUS. There were a couple ofRe: ADD—A Phantom Disease children have been diagnosed in articles which I felt I had to com- Re: Epilepsy Success with ment on though.I am responding to Bob Jacobs statement about ADD & ADHD recent times, is that the highly- processed foods being consumed Ioniser The work of Nikola Tesla was quite stunning, as has been the workbeing Epidemic of a PhantomDisease. [NEXUS 12/02] He states that the symptoms are are exacerbating the symptoms more quickly. Also because the symptoms have D ear Duncan, Its been approxi- mately six weeks since we brought the Elanra ioniser we saw of many other people in attempting to develop free energy systemsnothing but normal human variants been documented and researched advertised in NEXUS. We would since the time of children. While I suspect that and common symptoms identified, just like to share the results we have As ever, many things havesince ADD/ADHD has been there are now recognised methods had thus far. changed since Teslas time and thisbrought to the attention of the of diagnosis. As a name has been My three-year-old daughter has is reflected in the success, or fail-world, some children possibly have given to this disorder, it is now intractable epilepsy, (which means ure, of those who wish to emulatebeen misdiagnosed. Their behav- a c k n o w l e d g e d for what it is—a that her seizure activity can not be Teslas experiments.iour may be the result of other disorder—and not just normal controlled by medication), caused At the time Tesla was working,contributing factors, which are var- human variants. by meningitis as a baby. the aetheric frequency Tesla wasied. Thank you for the opportunity to The major problem for us was her tapping into was 7.56 Hz. This fre- However, I have been diagnosed express my opinion about this topic inability to sleep more than one to quency has been correct for most ofwith ADD at age 55 years and have Yours faithfully, two hours at a time during the the intervening years. However, forhad it all my life and not known Carla Vitteli night, thus depriving us of a decent many reasons which are explainedwhat the problem was. I would sleep for more than two years. in my book Planet Earth: The Universes Experiment, the aethericchallenge Bob Jacob then, to iden- Viewing Bionic Products website Itify for me what he believes my was keenly interested in the experi- frequency changed on the 21st Juneproblem may be if it is not ADD, Re: Tsunami—The Real Cause? ment they had undertaken with the 2002 to 3,500 I have continued to have thesame symptoms into adulthood. Despite being brought up in a D uncan, First off, I’d like to con- gratulate you and your team for the continued excellent publica- Elanra dealing with EEG brainwave activity, (i.e the ability to change from beta wave activity to For those working with free ener- gy devices, they now need to reset their input frequency to 3.5 KHz.good household, educated well and tion… its made great reading over alpha/theta waves that relax the This frequency should now allowhaving a high IQ and many oppor- the last eight years and still pro- mind/body). for free energy output.tunities, my life has been a sham- vides a wealth of fresh information My daughters neurologist noted With best wishes,bles. and ideas… brilliant ! that on her EEG the electrical activ- Chris ThomasJUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. US AGENDA FOR attack on South Korea, and assum- GLOBAL MILITARY ing greater prominence in countries DOMINATION in which the US isnt at war."T he Pentagon has released the summary of a top secretPentagon document, which The document suggests that its objective also consists in "offen- sive" rather than run-of-the-millsketches Americas agenda for "pre-emptive" operations. Thereglobal military domination. is, in this regard, a subtle nuance in With the exception of the Wall relation to earlier post-911 nationalStreet Journal (11 March 2005), security statements:not a word has been mentioned "[The document presents] fourin the US media. core problems, none of them The document outlines, involving traditional military con-according to the Wall Street frontations. The services are toldJournal, Americas global mili- to develop forces that can: buildtary design which consists in partnerships with failing states to"enhancing US influence around defeat internal terrorist threats;the world", through increased defend the homeland, includingtroop deployments and a massive offensive strikes against terroristbuild-up of Americas advanced groups planning attacks; influenceweapons systems. the choices of countries at a strate- While the document follows in gic crossroads, such as China andthe footsteps of the administrations "pre- America, but which are considered strate- Russia; and prevent the acquisition ofemptive" war doctrine, it goes much fur- gic from the point of view of US interests. weapons of mass destruction by hostilether in setting the contours of From a broad military and foreign policy states and terrorist groups."Washingtons global military agenda. perspective, the March 2005 Pentagon The classified document points to the It calls for a more "proactive" approach document constitutes an imperial design, need for a massive recruitment and train-to warfare, beyond the weaker notion of which supports US corporate interests ing of troops. These troops, including new"pre-emptive" and defensive actions, worldwide. contingents of special forces and other spe-where military operations are launched The Wall Street Journal reports: cialised military personnel, would beagainst a "declared enemy" with a view to "At its heart, the document is driven by involved, around the World, in acts of mil-"preserving the peace" and "defending the belief that the US is engaged in a con- itary policing:America". tinuous global struggle that extends far "Mr Rumsfelds approach likely will The document explicitly acknowledges beyond specific battlegrounds, such as Iraq trigger major shifts in the weapons systemsAmericas global military mandate, beyond and Afghanistan. The vision is for a mili- that the Pentagon buys, and even moreregional war theatres. This mandate also tary that is far more proactive, focused on fundamental changes in the training andincludes military operations directed changing the world instead of just respond- deployment of US troops throughout theagainst countries, which are not hostile to ing to conflicts such as a North Korean world," said defence officials who have played a role in crafting the document or are involved in the review. The US would seek to deploy these troops far earlier in a looming conflict than they traditionally have been to help a tot- tering governments armed forces confront guerrillas before an insurgency is able to take root and build popular support. Officials said the plan envisions many such teams operating around the world. US military involvement is not limited to the Middle East. The sending in of spe- cial forces in military policing operations, under the disguise of peace-keeping and training, is contemplated in all major regions of the World. A large part of these activities, however, will most probably be carried out by private mercenary compa- nies on contract to the Pentagon, NATO or the United Nations. (Source: By Michel Chossudovsky; 18 March 2005; • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... QUESTIONING THE CAUSE OF consists of four independent components: mind, they can write and send emails. "Its THE TSUNAMI simulated annealing, active networks, really the start of interfacing the chip withA prominent West Australian geologist whose work is internationally recog-nised, is convinced that the accepted flexible modalities, and the study of reinforcement learning" and "We implemented our scatter/gather I/O server the nervous system," he said. (Source: The A g e; April 14, 2005. for the devastating Boxing in Simula-67, augmented withDay tsunami is wrong. opportunistically pipelined extensions". THE RACE TO CONTROL THE Dr James Maxlow blames the tsunami Stribling said the trio targeted WMSCI IONOSPHEREon what he says is "the continuous expan-sion of the earths crust creating under-seafault movements". He dismisses the alter- because it is notorious within the field of computer science for sending copious e- mails that solicit admissions to the confer- C ontrol of the Earths weather in a spe- cific location by manipulating the ionosphere and the Earths outer radiationnative and widely held view that it was ence. "We were tired of the spam," belts is possible, and many nations arecaused by compression and subduction in Stribling told Reuters in a telephone inter- developing countermeasures to neutraliseplate tectonics as a myth. view, adding that his team wanted to chal- such weather manipulation techniques, Maxlow says that conventional wisdom lenge the standards of the conferences according to an an editorial in India based on a hypothesis that the Earth has peer review process. "The modern methods of artificialmaintained a constant size during its geo- (Source: Reuters April 14, 2005; weather modifications involve artificiallogical evolution. ionization of Earths atmosphere between Instead, his research shows that the size 15,000 and 30,000 feet and above.of the Earth 1600-million years ago was THE FUTURE WITH CHIPS Manipulating the ionosphere and use oflittle more than one-fifth of its dimensionstoday and the planet is currently continu-ing to grow at the rate of 22 millimetres a F or anyone under 30, handsets as we know them will be gone in 20 years. The worlds tech-savvy youngsters will be controlled solar-terrestrial interactions can create much larger effects. The Suns nat- ural electromagnetic radiation reaching theyear. using microchip implants to communicate Earth controls the Earths weather. The "Growth like this over millions of years and transact. Suns radiation and ultraviolet rays have tohas weakened the Earths crust causing If the microchip scenario sounds too cross the ionosphere to reach the Earth.fractures which lead to natural disasters much like a Star Trek episode, London Solar radiations and flares are directlysuch as the Asian tsunami and other seis- nuclear physicist, marine biologist and responsible for planetary weather changes.mic events," said Dr Maxlow. futurist Wolfgang Grulke has news: its Solar flares and levels of radiations are(Source: 26 April 2005; Press Release; already happening. caused by bombardment of cosmic rays onTerrella Consultants, Tel: +61 8 9298 8819 Already two scientists at Britains the Sun from either a distant massive Warwick University have chips embedded hole or a star-cluster caused by the col-ad/6520/) under their skin that let them send emails lapse of thousands and thousands of stars just by thinking. in a small space. The ionosphere acts as a CONFERENCE FALLS FOR The process is still cumbersome, Mr filter to the solar radiations that reach the GIBBERISH PRANK Grulke says, but by willing a cursor around Earth. Manipulation and controlling theA bunch of computer-generated gibber- ish masquerading as an academicpaper has been accepted at a scientific con- a keyboard on a computer screen with their filter is a potential source of massiveference in a victory for pranksters at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology. Jeremy Stribling and two fellow MITgraduate students questioned the standardsof some academic conferences, so theywrote a computer program to generateresearch papers complete with nonsensicaltext, charts and diagrams. The trio submitted two of the randomlyassembled papers to the WorldMulticonference on Systemics,Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI),scheduled to be held July 10-13, 2005 inOrlando, Florida. To their surprise, one of the papers—"Rooter: A Methodology for the TypicalUnification of Access Points andRedundancy"—was accepted forpresentation. "Rooter" features such mind-bendinggems as: "the model for our heuristicJUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS modification. Controlling the NANOBACTERIA MAKING US ILL? nanobacteria to serious health problems,ionosphere potentially allows weather con-trol. There are many methods of control-ling the ionosphere. It is the process of O lavi Kajander didnt mean to discover the mysterious particles that have been called the most primitive organisms including kidney stones, aneurysms and ovarian cancer. The studies show that nanobacteria can infect humans, a findartificially manipulating ion density in the on Earth and that could be responsible for that has helped push nanobacteria backionosphere. High-power transmitter and a series of painful and fatal illnesses. into the limelight.antenna array operating in the HF (High He was simply trying to find out why Now the pressure is on to resolve theFrequency) range is one of the methods. certain cultures of mammalian cells in his controversy and expose how nanobacteriaThere is lots of literature on that on the lab would die no matter how carefully he works—no matter what it is.Internet and declassified scientific research prepared them. (Source: Wired News, March 14, 2005journals. So the Finnish biochemist and his col- "Many countries are now rushing to take leagues slipped some of their old cultures BUILDING NANOMACHINEScountermeasures to take control of the under an electron microscope one day in OUT OF LIVING BACTERIAionosphere that impacts their nationsweather. The countermeasures involvereverse ionization and monitoring through 1988 and took a closer look. Thats when they saw the particles. Like bacteria but an astonishing 100 times smaller, they L ive bacteria could one day act as reconfigurable components for nanoscale electronic circuits, or even aadvanced satellite-monitoring methods. seemed to be thriving inside the dying scaffold for building nanomachines.The anomalies in weather prediction mod- cells. "Nature has developed these fantasticels also provide an early indication of Believing them to be a possible new building blocks," says Robert Hamers ofsomeone trying to control the local weath- form of life, Kajander named the particles the University of Indian Space Research Organization "nanobacteria", published a paper outlin- "Our approach is to simply grab onto(ISRO) is hurriedly installing weather mon- ing his findings and spurred one of the them very gently." His team has beenitoring stations all over India. biggest controversies in modern microbi- using electrodes to manipulate individual "According to international think tanks, ology. bacterial cells—as they will report in athe major powers of the world are racing At the heart of the debate is the ques- future issue of Nano Letters.towards a cold war of controlling the ionos- tion of whether nanobacteria could actual- At the moment, nanostructures have tophere. The methods and counter-methods ly be a new form of life. To this day, crit- be put together manually. But it might beneed a tremendous amount of electrical ics argue that a particle just 20–200 possible to automate the process usingpower. The hardware is now guided by the nanometres in diameter cant possibly har- bacteria, as components tagged with par-software algorithms to first detect such bour the components necessary to sustain ticular biological molecules will stick toweather manipulation and then take coun- life. The particles are also incredibly complementary surface proteins on thetermeasures to neutralize adversaries resistant to heat and other methods that bacteria.attempts. Soon a new generation of satel- would normally kill bacteria, which Another use for Hamers-type electrodeslites will take control of the ionosphere. makes some scientists wonder if they would be in biosensors that could detect "The silent cold war on controlling the might be an unusual form of crystal rather biological agents such as anthrax fromionosphere is on!" than organisms. changes in an electrodes current as spores(Source: India Daily, April. 10, 2005; The debate has been fuelled by an become attached. increasing number of studies linking (Source: New Scientist; 2 April 2005) MELANOMA OF THE SKIN–NOT A SUNSHINE STORY! A n earlier study on malignant melanoma incidence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the USA, found a strong association between the introduction of FM radio broadcasting at full-body resonant frequencies and increasing melanoma incidence. The purpose of this current study was to review mortality and incidence data for malignant melanoma of the skin in Sweden and its temporal relation to increased "sun-travelling", and to the introduction of FM and TV broadcasting networks. The data included incidence rates of malignant melanoma, death numbers, charter travel statistics, and data on the expansion of the FM broadcasting net- work in all counties of Sweden.8 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... A good correlation in time was found CLASS ACTION ALLEGES BANKS ILLEGALLY CREATE MONEYfor the rollout of FM/TV broadcastingnetworks while the increased amount of"sun travel" by air (charter) did not start J ohn Ruiz Dempsey BSCr, LLB, a criminologist and forensic litigation specialist filed a class action suit on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money. The complaint filed Fridayuntil seven years after the melanoma April 15, 2005 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia at New Westminster,trend break in 1955. Counties that did alleges that all financial institutions who are in the business of lending money havenot roll out their FM broadcasting net- engaged in a deliberate scheme to defraud the borrowers by lending non-existentwork until several years after 1955 con- money which is illegally created by the financial institutions out of "thin air."tinued to have a stable melanoma mortali- Dempsey claims that creation of money out of nothing is ultra vires of these defendantsty during the intervening years. charter or granted corporate power and therefore void and all monies loaned under false The increased incidence and mortality pretence contravenes the Criminal Code.of melanoma of skin cannot solely be The suit which is the first of its kind ever filed in Canada, and which could involve mil-explained by increased exposure to UV lions of Canadians, alleges that the contracts entered into between the People ("the bor-radiation from the sun. We conclude that rowers") and the financial institutions were void or voidable and have no force and effectcontinuous disturbance of cell repair due to anticipated breach and for non-disclosure of material facts. Dempsey says themechanisms by body-resonant electro- transactions constitute counterfeiting and money laundering in that the source of money, ifmagnetic fields seems to amplify the car- money was indeed advanced by the defendants and deposited into the borrowerscinogenic effects resulting from cell dam- accounts, could not be traced, nor could be explained or accounted for.age caused, for example, by UV radia- The suit names Envision Credit Union; Laurentian Bank of Canada, Royal Bank oftion. Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust and(Source: Med Sci Monit , 2004; 10(7): Canadian Payment Association as civil conspirators. The plaintiff in the lawsuit is seekingCR336-340, July 1st 2004) recovery of money and property that was lost by way of confiscation through illegal "debt" collection and foreclosure.SONY PATENT TAKES FIRST STEP At all material times, these defendant banks and all of them have no legal standing to TOWARDS REAL-LIFE MATRIX lend any money to borrowers, because: 1) these banks and credit unions did not have the money to lend, and therefore they did not have any capacity to enter into a binding con-I magine movies and computer games in which you get to smell, taste and per-haps even feel things. Thats the tantalis- tract; 2) the defendants did not have any cash reserve, they are not legally permitted to lend their depositors or members money without expressed written authorisation froming prospect raised by a patent on a the depositors, and; 3) the defendants have no tangible assets of their own to lend and alldevice for transmitting sensory data their "assets" are "paper assets" which are mainly in the form of "receivables" created bydirectly into the human brain—granted to them out of "thin air", derived out of loans whereas the monies loaned out were also creat-Sony. ed out of thin air. The technique suggested in the patent is Other than bookkeeping and computer entries, no money or substance of any valueentirely non-invasive. It describes a was loaned by the defendants to the plaintiff. In all of the loan transactions entered into between the plaintiff and the defendants, the financial institutions did not bring any equitydevice that fires pulses of ultrasound at to any of the transactions. All the equities were provided by the borrowers. The practicesthe head to modify firing patterns in tar- of the defendant financial institutions alleged in the complaint starkly contrast the prac-geted parts of the brain, creating "sensory tices of responsible and ethical money lenders who actually lend real, tangible, legal ten-experiences" ranging from moving der cash money. The complaint alleges that the loan transactions are fraudulent becauseimages to tastes and sounds. This could no value was ever imparted by the defendants to the plaintiff; these defendants did not riskgive blind or deaf people the chance to anything, nor lost anything and never would have lost anything under any circumstancessee or hear, the patent claims. and therefore no lien has been perfected according to law and equity against the plaintiff. While brain implants are becoming The foreclosure proceedings which come as a result of the borrower defaulting on suchincreasingly sophisticated, the only non- fraudulent loans were carried out in bad faith by the defendant banks and credit unions,invasive ways of manipulating the brain and as such, these foreclosures were in every respect unlawful acts of conversion andremain crude. unlawful seizure of property without due process of law which always results in the unjust A technique known as transcranial enrichment of the defendants.magnetic stimulation can activate nerves The suit alleges that the defendants utilise fraudulent banking practices whereby theyby using rapidly changing magnetic fields deceive customers into believing that they are actually receiving "credit" or money whento induce currents in brain tissue. in fact no actual money is being loaned to their customers. However, the complaint However, magnetic fields cannot be describes a practice whereby there is realistically no money other than ledger or computerfinely focused on small groups of brain entries being loaned to the borrowers. Rather than real money being received by the bor-cells, whereas ultrasound could be. rowers, "electronic" or "digitally created money", created out of nothing, at no cost to the If the method described by Sony really financial institutions are entered as "loans" into their customers accounts. The borrowersdoes work, it could have all sorts of uses are then required to pay criminal interest rates for the money they never received. The suitin research and medicine, even if it is not alleges that the defendants effectively turn consumers into virtual debt slaves, forcing themcapable of evoking sensory experiences to pay for something they never received, and then seizing their properties if they can nodetailed enough for the entertainment longer pay the banks with real money.purposes envisaged in the patent. (Source: April 15, 2005; National Press Release; Contact: John R. Dempsey, New(Source: New Scientist; 7 April 2005) Westminster, B.C., Email: – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  11. 11. NANOTECHNOLOGY IN THE FOOD CHAIN The Impact of Nano-Scale Technologies on Food and Agriculture SUMMARY N anotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules (a nanometre [nm] is one-billionth of a metre [or 10-9m]), is rapidly converging with biotech and information technology to radically change food and agricultural systems. Nanotechnology Over the next two decades, the impacts of nano-scale convergence on farmers and food will exceed that of farm mechanisation or of the Green Revolution. Converging technolo- has profound gies could reinvigorate the battered agrochemical and agbiotech industries, igniting a still more intense debate—this time over "atomically-modified" foods. No government has implications for developed a regulatory regime that addresses the nano-scale or the societal impacts of the invisibly small. A handful of food and nutrition products containing invisible, unlabelled food sovereignty and unregulated nano-scale additives are already commercially available. Likewise, a number of pesticides formulated at the nano-scale are on the market and have been worldwide and may released in the environment. From soil to supper, nanotechnology will not only change how every step of the food- be the technology chain operates but it will also change who is involved. At stake is the worlds $3 trillion that can be adapted food retail market, agricultural export markets valued at $544 billion, the livelihoods of some 2.6 billion farming people and the well-being of the rest of us who depend upon for surveillance, farmers for our daily bread.1 Nanotech has profound implications for farmers (and fisher people and pastoralists) and social control and for food sovereignty worldwide. Agriculture may also be the proving ground for tech- nologies that can be adapted for surveillance, social control and biowarfare. biowarfare. The GM (genetically modified) food debate not only failed to address environmental and health concerns, it disastrously overlooked the ownership and control issues. How Part 1 of 2 society will be affected and who will benefit are critical concerns. Because nanotech involves all matter, nano-patents can have profound impacts on the entire food system and all sectors of the economy. Synthetic biology and nano-materials will dramatically transform the demand for agricultural raw materials required by proces- sors. Nano-products came to market—and more are coming—in the absence of regulation and societal debate. The merger of nanotech and biotech has unknown consequences for health, biodiversity and the environment. Governments and opinion-makers are running 8-10 years behind societys need for information, public debate and policies. INTRODUCTION—THE LAY OF THE LAND November 2004 Size Matters The nano-scale moves matter out of the realm of conventional chemistry and physics ETC Group into "quantum mechanics"—imparting unique characteristics to traditional materials—and 431 Gilmour St, Second Floor, unique health and safety risks. With only a reduction in size (to under 100 nm) and no Ottawa, ON, Canada K2P 0R5 change in substance, a materials properties can change dramatically. Tel: +1 613-241-2267 Characteristics—such as electrical conductivity, reactivity, strength, colour and espe- Fax: +1 613-241-2506 cially importantly, toxicity—can all change in ways that are not easily predicted. For example, a substance that is red when it is a meter wide may be green when its width is only a few nanometres; carbon in the form of graphite is soft and malleable; at the nano- scale, carbon can be stronger than steel.JUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. A single gram of catalyst material that is made of 10-nanometre in which the properties of industrial nanoparticles can be adjustedparticles is about 100 times more reactive than the same amount to create cheaper, "smarter" replacements.of the same material made of one-micrometre sized particles (a Just as GM agriculture led to new levels of corporate concentra-micron is 1,000 times bigger than a nanometre). Aside from the tion all along the food chain, so proprietary nanotechnology,serious toxicity implications of quantum property changes, it is deployed from seed to stomach, genome to gullet, will strengthennot always necessary or useful to draw a distinct line between the grasp of agribusiness over global food and farming at everynano-scale and microscale applications: "nano-scale" is not nec- stage—all, ostensibly, to feed the hungry, safeguard the environ-essarily the goal in every case; "micro-scale" may be adequate for ment and provide consumers with more choice.some purposes—and for others both nano-scale and micro-scale For two generations, scientists have manipulated food and agri-devices, materials or particles may serve equally well. Both may culture at the molecular level. Agro-Nano connects the dots in theprove disruptive. industrial food chain and goes one step further down. With new nano-scale techniques of mixing and harnessing genes, geneticallyKeeping Nanoparticles Out of the Environment modified plants become atomically modified plants. Pesticides Applying nanoparticles in agriculture raises environmental and can be more precisely packaged to knock-out unwanted pests andhealth concerns since nanoparticles appear to demonstrate a dif- artificial flavourings and natural nutrients engineered to please theferent toxicity than larger versions of the palate. Visions of an automated, centrally-same compound. In 2003, Dr Vyvyan controlled industrial agriculture can now beHoward, founding editor of the Journal of implemented using molecular sensors, mole-Nanotoxicology, undertook a review of sci- cular delivery systems and low-cost labour.entific literature on nanoparticle toxicity forETC Group. Dr Howard concluded that Downsized Seedsnanoparticles as a class appear to be more Re-organising natural processes is hardly atoxic as a result of their smaller size, also Applying nanoparticles in new idea. To increase yields during thenoting that nanoparticles could move more Green Revolution, Northern scientists bredeasily into the body, across protective mem- agriculture raises semi-dwarf plants that were better able tobranes such as skin, the blood-brain barrier environmental and absorb synthetic fertilisers and by doing so,or perhaps the placenta. increased the plants need for pesticides. To A study published by Dr Eva Oberdörster health concerns since further the dependency, the agriculturalin July 2004 found that large mouth bass nanoparticles appear to biotechnology industry designed plants that(fish) exposed to small amounts of could tolerate toxic chemicals.buckyballs (manufactured nanoparti- demonstrate a different Agbiotech companies had a choice:cles of 60 carbon atoms) resulted in toxicity than larger they could have structured new chemi-rapid onset of damage in the brain, the cals to meet the needs of the plants ordeath of half the water fleas living in versions of the same they could have manipulated plants tothe water in which the fish lived. 1 4 compound. meet the needs of company herbicides.Other studies show that nanoparticles They opted to preserve their herbi-can move in unexpected ways through cides. Now nanotech companies aresoil potentially carry other substances going down the same path—looking forwith them. Given the knowledge gaps, new ways that life and matter can servemany expert commentators are recom- the needs of industry.mending that release of engineerednanoparticles be minimised or prohib- Gene therapy for plantsited in the environment. Researchers are developing new tech- niques that use nanoparticles for smug-NANO-AGRICULTURE: DOWN ON THE FARM gling foreign DNA into cells. For example, at Oak Ridge In December 2002, the United States Department of Agriculture National Laboratory—the US Department of Energy lab that(USDA) drafted the worlds first "roadmap" for applying played a major role in the production of enriched uranium for thenanotechnology to agriculture and food.16 A wide collection of Manhattan Project—researchers have hit upon a nano-techniquepolicy makers, land-grant university representatives and corporate for injecting DNA into millions of cells at once. Millions of car-scientists met at Cornell University (New York, USA) to share bon nanofibres are grown sticking out of a silicon chip withtheir vision of how to remake agriculture using nano-scale strands of synthetic DNA attached to the nanofibres. 17 Livingtechnologies. cells are then thrown against and pierced by the fibres, injecting Agriculture, according to the new nano-vision, needs to be the DNA into the cells in the process:more uniform, further automated, industrialised and reduced to "Its like throwing a bunch of baseballs against a bed of nails...simple functions. In our molecular future, the farm will be a We literally throw the cells onto the fibers, and then smush thewide-area biofactory that can be monitored and managed from a cells into the chip to further poke the fibers into the cell." —laptop and food will be crafted from designer substances deliver- Timothy McKnight, Engineer, Oak Ridge Laboratory.18ing nutrients efficiently to the body. Once injected, the synthetic DNA expresses new proteins and Nanobiotechnology will increase agricultures potential to har- new traits.vest feedstocks for industrial processes. Meanwhile tropical agri- Oak Ridge has entered into collaboration with the Institute ofcultural commodities such as rubber, cocoa, coffee and cotton— Paper Science and Technology in a project aimed to use this tech-and the small-scale farmers who grow them—will find themselves nique for genetic manipulation of loblolly pine, the primaryquaint and irrelevant in a new nanoeconomy of "flexible matter" source of pulpwood for the paper industry in the USA.12 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2005
  13. 13. Unlike existing genetic engineering methods, the technique Nanocides: Pesticides via Encapsulationdeveloped by Oak Ridge scientists does not pass modified traits Pesticides containing nano-scale active ingredients are alreadyon to further generations because, in theory, the DNA remains on the market, and many of the worlds leading agrochemicalattached to the carbon nanofibre, unable to integrate into the firms are conducting R&D on the development of new nano-scaleplants own genome. The implication is that it would be possible formulations of reprogram cells for one time only. According to Oak Ridge A more sophisticated approach to formulating nano-scale pesti-scientists, this relieves concerns about gene flow associated with cides involves encapsulation—packaging the nano-scale activegenetically modified plants, where genes are transferred between ingredient within a kind of tiny "envelope" or "shell." Both foodunrelated organisms or are removed or rearranged within a ingredients and agrochemicals in microencapsulated form havespecies. If the new technique enables researchers to selectively been on the market for several decades. According to industry,switch on or off a key trait such as fertility, will seed corporations the reformulation of pesticides in microcapsules has triggereduse the tiny terminators to prevent "revolutionary changes," including thefarmers from saving and re-using har- ability to control under what conditionsvested seed—compelling them to the active ingredient is released.return to the commercial seed market According to the agrochemicalevery year to obtain the activated industry, re-formulating pesticides ingenetic trait they need? microcapsules can also extend patent This approach also raises a number ... atom-scale technologies will protection, increase solubility, reduceof safety questions: what if the further concentrate economic the contact of active ingredients withnanofibres were ingested by wildlife agricultural workers 36 and may haveor humans as food? What are the power in the hands of giant environmental advantages such asecological impacts if the nanofibres multinational corporations. reducing run-off rates.enter the cells of other organisms andcause them to express new proteins? Concerns raised byWhere will the nanofibres go when encapsulationthe plant decomposes in the soil? • Both biological activity and envi-Carbon nanofibres have been com- ronmental/worker exposure can bepared to asbestos fibres because they longer-lasting; beneficial insects andhave similar shapes. Initial toxicity studies on some carbon soil life may be affected.nanofibres have demonstrated inflammation of cells. A study by • Could nano-scale pesticides be taken up by plants and smug-NASA found inflammation in the lungs to be more severe than in gled into the food chain?cases of silicosis, 19 though Nobel laureate Richard Smalley, • Pesticides can be more easily aerosolised as a powder orChairman of Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. gives little weight to droplets—therefore able to be inhaled and perhaps a greater threatthese concerns: "We are confident there will prove out to be no to human health and hazards but this [toxicology] work continues."20 • Could pesticides formulated as nanocapsules or nano-scale droplets exhibit different toxicity and enter the body and affectAtomically Modified Seeds wildlife through new exposure routes, for example, across skin? In March 2004, ETC Group reported on a nanotech research • Potential for use as a bioweapons delivery vehicle.initiative in Thailand that aims to atomically modify the charac- • What other external triggers might affect the release of theteristics of local rice varieties.21 In a three-year project at Chiang active ingredient (e.g., chemical binding, heat or break down ofMai Universitys nuclear physics laboratory, researchers "drilled" the capsule)?a hole through the membrane of a rice cellin order to insert a nitrogen atom thatwould stimulate the rearrangement of therices DNA. 22 So far, researchers have beenable to alter the colour of a local rice vari-ety from purple to green. In a telephoneinterview, Dr Thirapat Vilaithong, directorof Chiang Mais Fast Neutron ResearchFacility, told Biodiversity Action Thailand(BIOTHAI) that their next target isThailands famous jasmine rice. 23 The goalof their research is to develop jasmine vari-eties that can be grown all year long, withshorter stems and improved grain colour.24 One of the attractions of this nano-scaletechnique, according to Dr Vilaithong, isthat, like the Oak Ridge project, it does notrequire the controversial technique ofgenetic modification. "At least we canavoid it," Dr Vilaithong said.25 Civil soci-ety organisations in Thailand are scepticalof the benefits.JUNE – JULY 2005 NEXUS • 13