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Nexus   1201 - new times magazine Nexus 1201 - new times magazine Document Transcript

  • NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 1 DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 UK/Europe edition Website: http://www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 NEW SCIENCE NEWS.................................................48 Comments from readers on NEXUS-related topics. Suppressed scientist James Fauble tells what heGLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 knows of top-secret US government research into Groundbreaking news, including a RICO lawsuit magnetic monopoles, which hold great promise for filed over aspartame, massive vote-counting fraud developers of permanent magnetic motors. in the US elections, and the Pentagons objections SIBERIAS "VALLEY OF DEATH"—Part 2.....................51 to the EUs Galileo satellite navigation system. By Dr Valery Uvarov. Eyewitness accounts of theTHE ENDANGERED US DOLLAR...............................11 1908 Tunguska explosion reveal the existence of an By Richard Heinberg. The US dollar may collapse ancient high-tech installation in remote Siberia that if the OPEC nations decide to sell their oil for euros sent huge plasma spheres to destroy a meteorite in or if the "mortgage bubble" bursts, causing the US flight, preventing a major catastrophe. stockmarket to crash in the process. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................58TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES COVER-UP—Part 1.........17 Strange tales from on and off our world. This issue By Russell Blaylock, MD. US health agencies we feature Debbie Paynes exposé of files available realise that vaccines containing mercury and in the Australian National Archives that confirm aluminium have severe neurological effects, but are government knowledge of the UFO phenomenon. yet to force manufacturers to remove these toxins. REVIEWS—Books........................................................65DEATH BY MEDICINE—Part 3...................................25 "Censored 2005" by Peter Phillips & Project Censored By Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, "The Seventh Sense" by Lyn Buchanan Gary Null, PhD, and Debora Rasio, MD. "The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs..." by MRA Assoc. Unnecessary medical treatments for women and "The Fourfold Path to Healing" by Thomas S. Cowan, MD poor care of the elderly are symptomatic of a "Why Arent I Learning?" by Rafaele Joudry health-care system in need of an urgent overhaul. "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael C. Ruppert "The Canopus Revelation" by Philip CoppensSHORT HISTORY OF THE ROUND TABLE—Part 1....31 "Matrix of Creation" by Richard Heath By Will Banyan. Cecil Rhodes, Prime Minister of "Lemuria and Atlantis" by Shirley Andrews the Cape Colony in the 1890s and founder of De "Chemtrails Confirmed" by William Thomas Beers, had dreams of establishing an elite secret "Suns of God" by Acharya S society and creating a unified British Empire. "Shopped" by Joanna Blythman "Not on the Label" by Felicity LawrenceNIKOLA TESLAS AETHER-POWERED CAR................37 "Hoodwinked" by Uri Dowbenko By Igor Spajic. In 1931, Dr Nikola Te s l a REVIEWS—Videos & DVDs.........................................72 successfully road-tested a luxury Pierce-Arrow car "NEXUS 2004 Europe Conference" produced by Bert Janssen fitted with an AC electric motor and a tuned "NEXUS 2004 Brisbane Conference" by E&E Productions receiver hed designed to tap aetheric energy. REVIEWS—Music........................................................73THE WANDS OF HORUS...........................................43 "Caribbean Playground" by various artists By Dr Valery Uvarov with Carl Agar. The ancient "Om Mani Padme Hum" by Buedi Siebert Egyptian pharaohs and priests held copper and zinc "A Drop in the Ocean" by Sultan Khan and Krishna Das cylinders filled with crystals or minerals to tune "Tassoumakan" by Issa Bagayogo into the power of the pyramid and facilitate their "Sound Medicine Man" by Tim Wheater communication with the cosmos. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................80–88DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 1
  • EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 12, Number 1 DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 I have often wondered how the people of Nazi Germany allowed their country to fall under the gradual but hypnotic spell of corporate fascism under Hitler and his Western financial backers. Looking at the USA today, I can see how easily this was achieved. PUBLISHED BY The world is watching in shock and horror as Americans allow their freedoms and any NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 shred of international respect to slip away. And we can only expect things to go from bad to EDITOR worse. Voting in these last elections was rigged on a massive scale, but the other story here Duncan M. Roads is that the media and the main "losing party" fear raising the issue of this grand fraud. CO-EDITOR Truly, America has become a nation of fear. The public fears the terrorists (manufactured Catherine Simons by Bushs backers for the very reason of inducing fear), activists and journalists fear the new ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR gestapo (aka Homeland Security), and the world, in turn, now fears America. The fact that Ruth Parnell the governments of Australia and the UK are supporting the Bush government in its every UK OFFICE ADMINISTRATION aggressive action should be of great concern to us all—but too many of us are too busy to Marcus Allen notice, too apathetic to care or feel too disempowered to think we can change anything. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE So is there any hope for a future where people of all races and religions can live together Richard Heinberg; Russell Blaylock, MD; in peace and harmony on a clean and fruitful planet? I hear that many of the elite "secret Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, societies" have this same goal, as you will read in the article on Cecil Rhodes and the Round Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD; Table. I have a problem with people prepared to commit foul deeds for a supposedly noble Will Banyan; Igor Spajic; Valery Uvarov; Carl Agar; James Fauble; Debbie Payne outcome, in that the final result is "tainted" by the foul deeds they commit on the way. In CARTOONS other words, the ends do not justify the means. Think very carefully before you ever choose Phil Somerville to believe that the ends justify the means. It is a catchphrase used by the elite to coerce people COVER GRAPHIC with a conscience into committing unconscionable acts against their fellow humans. John Cook, Still on American gloom and doom, the value of the US dollar started falling just as I PRINTING received an article on this subject by Richard Heinberg, so I decided to run it this issue. The Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK dollars value is still falling and speculation is rife about its future. If the author is right, well be lucky to have another year of relative economic stability. DISTRIBUTION There are still people out there who believe the lies told by doctors, drug companies and Seymours, London, UK health bureaucrats that vaccines are safe and effective. The article in this issue contains yet UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. more evidence of the incredible array of poisons inside each and every shot given to children Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 and adults. And while we are on the subject of modern medicine, this issue we conclude the e-mail address: three-part series, "Death by Medicine". You should realise by now that if you are admitted Website: to hospital, you have a 50:50 chance of coming out worse than when you were admitted, due to medical mistakes, adverse reactions, unnecessary medical procedures or infections. Six EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. jumbo jets full of people every day—thats how many Americans die from modern medicine Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 every day of the year. And it is getting worse, not just in the USA but all over the med- e-mail address: icalised world. Maybe someone should tell those terrorists that all they have to do to bring HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. the evil West to its knees is wait, for we are eating, drinking, breathing and medicating our- PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. selves to death anyway (NEXUS readers aside!). Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 Turning to something completely different, we finally have the second article on the e-mail address: mysterious "Installation" in the "Valley of Death" in remote Siberia. Youll be amazed by this ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza article, and it is definitely a subject to keep an eye on. Its taken nearly a year for the intrepid Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy Valery Uvarov to assemble this next instalment and have it translated, and there is still more Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 e-mail address: to come. In essence, the article purports that someone, a very long time ago, constructed an advanced technology installation inside several parts of this planet, with the purpose of USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, Denver CO 80206 USA protecting Earth from asteroid and meteorite impacts. The article presents little-known Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 720 941 9352 evidence that the Tunguska event was the result of the Installation sending out plasma balls E-mail: to destroy a heavenly intruder of significant size. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE On another note, our NEXUS Conference in Brisbane in September was a tremendousNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a success. We extended the format to three days, with two evenings of networking and min-massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS gling. I would like to thank our speakers for their thought-provoking presentations, ourseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to readers/attendees for their support, and our sponsors (especially Joshua Shaw of Bionicassist people through these changes. NEXUS is notlinked to any religious, philosophical or political Products), who made the event possible. DVDs of both the Brisbane Conference as well asideology or organisation. the Europe Conference, held in Amsterdam in March 2004, are now available (see Reviews). PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that the next northern hemisphereWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor- NEXUS Conference will be held in Amsterdam on 13–14–15 May 2005.mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone And finally, youll be pleased to know that soon youll be able to hear NEXUS subjectscaught making a buck out of it, without our express and contributors on Internet radio at Listen and read on...permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 2004–20052 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 3
  • Letters to the Editor ...Dr Holts Anti-Cancer Therapy microscopy, Dr Bob Becks pro- (untested, unregistered as medi- contact me at my email address, Hi, Duncan: I have been read- tocols, Dr Hulda Clarks proto- cines, part II poisons under the a bit about Dr Holts cols, Ozone Lab ozone genera- Poisons Act), contravenes the More information can be foundmicrowave treatment for cancer tors, ozonated colonics, chelation, Biomedicine Convention of the at our website, http://uk.geocities.[see Letters, NEXUS 11/06], as I FIR sauna, Grander water system Council of Europe and the com/ufoiru/ someone who may benefit hydrotherapy and superfoods European Unions fundamental Many thanks in anticipation.from this treatment. from Brisbane. All are found human rights legislation. Phil, United Kingdom First, the TV story has had a somewhere in NEXUS! This crazy and dangerous prac-huge response. According to the We have developed our own tice of fluoridation must be Mycoplasma Link to CancerDr Holt support group, there were system of using ozone-oxygen stopped. Dear Sir: I found your articlethousands of enquiries after the and ultraviolet light irradiation to Yours sincerely, on mycoplasma as biowarfarestory ran. This shows the need convert cancerous blood into nor- Elizabeth A. McDonagh, agents quite intriguing [see 8/05].for a treatment that is not damag- mal blood patterns within 60 min- BSc(Hons), Doncaster, South Just wanted to pass along that Iing to the body. utes! Yorkshire, UK have a website fully dedicated to Dr Holt spoke to an Australian Malaysia is still a country the connection between cancer,Senate committee in 2000 about where complementary medicine Animal Mutilations Mystery mycoplasma and in vitrothe effects of electromagnetic is accepted and encouraged by a Dear Duncan: For the past five bacteria—all facts that are notradiation on the body. He said government which seems to years I have been working with supported by conventionalthat EMR promotes the growth of realise that this is the way to go, many researchers from around the and health tourism is becoming a medicine (having been lambastedcancer cells. He referred to evi- world to try to unravel the large part of the economy. for nearly a century), althoughdence from Western Australia mystery concerning animal Malaysia is a place where we can scientists are now starting towhich showed that after TV tow- mutilations. still get raw milk from cows, "come around" to the idea. If youers were built, the life expectancy In the course of our research, goats or buffalo! care to visit my site, please do soof people with leukaemia became we have noted that mutilationssignificantly reduced. We have chosen to keep our at always conform to a repeated set CAbacteria/homepage.html. Ironically, it is a similar princi- operation low key because we of characteristics. An eye and earple that he uses in his treatment. would rather work quietly and Regards, are often missing, flesh from the Ron Falcone, Florida, USA,The cancer cells are prompted to achieve our successes than jaw is stripped off on one sidegrow with the microwaves of 434 become a high-profile target for only, bones are cut cleanly with-MHz; then, with the injection of a the pharmaceutical-medical out trace of bone chipping, indi-glucose-like substitute that has machine. cating a saw was not used. The Ancient Culture in Bulgariabeen injected into the patient, the Dr Bernard W. Barber, PhD, tongue is always severed with a Dear Sir: Ill be glad if youcancer cells are deprived of ener- BSc, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, vertical cut deep in the throat, the find my articles interesting [seegy (glucose) and then die. telephone +603 2144 4876, fax animals rectum is always cored Twilight Zone 11/06, "Ancient The link for more information +603 2144 2876, drbarber@ out and various internal organs Electrical Device Unearthed inon Dr Holt and his work is are removed. It is normal for Bulgaria"]. I work at a museum these animals to be subjected to in Bulgaria; my first degree was Regards, The Fluoridation Threat exsanguination, i.e., completely in Art History and my second was Damian D., Melbourne, Vic. Dear Duncan: Thank you very drained of blood. in History, focusing on much for the brilliant article, The phenomenon has been Prehistory.Integrated Medicine vs Cancer "The Absurdities of Fluoridation" reported not just in the USA but In the course of my long-time Hello, Duncan: For the last 18 by Prof. Paul Connett, and for the in other countries around the research work on the proto-months I have been setting up an open letter to the Premier of globe, including Russia, Canada, Neolithic culture that existed dur-Integrated Medical Healing Queensland with so many emi- Puerto Rico, Mexico and parts of ing the 5th millennium BC in theCentre in Kuala Lumpur, nent and knowledgeable signato- Europe. Bulgarian lands, I have comeMalaysia ("integrated" meaning ries [see NEXUS 11/06]. Although victims of the mutila- across many interesting andthe combining of natural reme- The UK is currently threatened tions were generally cattle and unique findings which are authen-dies with medical doctors and with fluoridation as never before. horses, in recent years a wide tic artefacts and have not beenprocedures). Last autumn, the Water Act 2003 variety of animals including publicised up till now. So, reading your articles about was passed by Parliament. Water foxes, rabbits, deer, sheep, pigs, Years ago I found a proto-enzyme therapy, parasites/micro- companies will be obliged in goats, mice, badgers, birds, kan- Neolithic settlement on an area oforganisms and mental issues, can- future to fluoridate when asked to garoos, wombats and even 20 dkr (20,000 square metres).cer, diabetes, bio-oxidation, elec- do so by the health authorities; domestic pets such as cats. The people who lived there weretromedicine, OOBEs, etc., I felt previously they had the right to There are no traces of a strug- the carriers of the most archaicall these articles could have been refuse. gle. Even in snow-covered European civilisation, whichwritten around the foundations of Meanwhile, the medical and ground, there are no tracks or began around the coast of thethis clinic and the 25 years of dental authorities continue to seri- footprints near the carcass. It Black Sea beside the presentexperience leading up to it. ously underestimate the toxicity appears as if the animals are Bulgarian land and disappeared The clinic incorporates a lot of of fluoride. A review published somehow lifted off the ground quite mysteriously about 3,600technology from Australia, e.g., on the National Pure Water and later dumped from the air. BC. The lodgings were burned toJosh Shaws Elanra which we use Associations website shows that If you know of any farmers or destruction and some of thein therapy, computerised iridolo- mass medication without individ- veterinarians who wish to add to ceramics were melted to a glass-gy from Melbourne, live blood ual consent, using silicofluorides or partake of our research, please like substance.4 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed. I have magnificent pottery with tem. He used them in composi- person you knew is no longer now for some years.exquisitely beautiful geometric tion, as have many architects there. Has anyone else noticed The reason "over unity" cannotdecorations. Ive ascertained that since (your servant included). If this? possibly exist is simply becausethese prehistoric inhabitants had Le Corbusiers architecture is not Yours sincerely, the Universe is at unity, and unityastounding knowledge in micro- modern art, what is? Gloria Prema, Aberdeenshire, cannot be transcended. "Underbiology, anatomy, mathematics, And this is but one example, UK, gloria@the-coppings.fsnet. unity" exists and can be tran-physics, astronomy and construc- because contemporary painters, scended, but once unity has beention. Ive found many, many sculptors, etc. have made as wide [This is a very timely letter, reached it cannot be exceeded orinteresting things... a use of the Golden Section as Gloria. French researchers have eclipsed. Yours faithfully, have their ancestors. discovered that exposure to Sincerely, and best wishes, Stilian Hristov Yanchev, 5. French mathematician Jean- mobile phones is changing the Robert Adams, New Zealand,Varnensky, Bulgaria, stilcoliny@ Marie Souriau and astrophysicist acetylcholine levels in the body. Jean-Pierre Petit recently showed These chemicals are directly that the law of Titus–Bode, which linked to memory. Many people Best NEXUS Conference Yet!The Golden Section Explained establishes a proportional rela- are now forgetting the entire con - Dear Duncan: I have been to Dear Duncan: As you know, I tionship between the distances of versation after using a mobile many marvellous N E X U Stranslate for the French edition of the planets to the Sun, is but an phone. It is a big problem, and Conferences over the years, butNEXUS. I have just finished approximation. Based on recent, we will have an article on this the one in Brisbane just gonetranslating the Letters to the accurate measurements, Souriau subject in our next issue. Ed.] was the best yet. I felt very privi-Editor in NEXUS 11/06 into has shown that the progression of l e g e d to be there and to learnFrench, and I wish to react to orbital distances is, in fact, that of Designing a Better Future about so many astounding things.JoNos letter about the Golden ϕ, the Golden Section! Dear Mr Roads: I have thor- I found myself—literally—on theSection. I entirely share his Greetings from Dordogne. oughly enjoyed your magazine edge of my seat at times, which isenthusiasm for this particular André Dufour (architect, trans- these last few years, as it has rare for me.aspect of geometry, but I am lator for NEXUS France), brought unprecedented informa- The three-day-long formatafraid he is rather ill-informed Cherval, France tion to the public on a wide vari- worked brilliantly and helped meabout certain points. ety of "hot" topics. get over the end-of-conference 1. The ratio 1.618... (ϕ) should Mobile Phones and Memory Loss I am writing, however, to solic- "blues" really well because thebe written with a few dots at the Dear Duncan: Thank you for a it exposure for Future by second day was not the last and Iend because it is an irrational great magazine. Im writing with Design—an organisation dedicat- didnt have the feeling it wasnumber, thus infinite in decimal my concerns over a recent trend ed to bringing to public con- over almost as soon as it hadform. It is the result of the frac- which Ive noticed and wonder if sciousness a vision for a compre- begun.tion (√5+1)/2. As you see, it is a other NEXUS readers have hensive plan of social reclamation I liked the way there was afunction of five. The geometric noticed a similar trend. in which human beings, technolo- "mingling" during the firstconstruction of the Golden Its that people seem to be los- gy and nature can coexist in a evening and I felt a lot of ice gotSection is the basis of the penta- ing their memory and are unable long-term, sustainable state of broken that way, particularlygram, hence Michelangelos to focus concentration on any- dynamic equilibrium. b e t w e e n the speakers and thedrawing. thing longer than for a few sec- Future by Design can be con- attendees. 2. The properties of this ratio onds or minutes. The latter could tacted at: 21 Valley Lane, Venus, I also felt a strong sense of fit-were first developed by the Italian be due to our media culture FL 33960, USA, tel (863) 465 ting in and "belonging" this time.mathematician Fibonacci nowadays, which is based on the 0321, fax (863) 465 1928, email The "NEXUS" part of me is actu-(Leonardo of Pisa) in the 12th two-minute sound bite., website ally far bigger than I realised, andcentury. He showed that the geo- My main concern, however, is http://www. it was great to be able to chat tometric progression, the multiplier the loss of memory. Ive noticed Best regards, different people about anythingof which is phi (ϕ), possesses a that, amongst people I know well, Marco Scorcelletti, Torrance, for a change. Having ones ideasunique property: each number of a range of ages, the ones who California, USA tolerated by ones friends is notequals the sum of the two preced- are suffering memory loss and the same thing as being able toing ones. unable to pay attention are the "Over Unity" an Impossibility discuss them fully and openly 3. At least 20 years before ones who use their mobile phones Dear Duncan: Greetings from with others.Schwaller de Lubiczs enormous and cordless phones a lot. The Margaret and me to you and all at So NEXUS, thank you, thankwork (three volumes), Matila very worrying thing is, they seem your office. I am emailing you you, thank you for putting it allGhyka published a very thorough to be completely unaware of it. to advise that a rather serious together so beautifully of the Golden Section in his With typical memory loss, peo- error appears in your editorial My kind regards,Le Nombre dOr (ed. Gallimard, ple often recall something when regarding permanent magnet C. W. Lees, Victoria, Australia1931), which is considered to be you remind them; theyve tem- motors. [And thank YOU for attending!the basic reference on the matter. porarily forgotten, in other words. This error pertains to the usage We will be using the new format 4. I entirely disagree with But with the type of memory of the term "over unity". I at all our conferences from nowJoNos denigration of modern art. loss Im talking about, when these would like to point out that there on, including at the upcomingShortly after World War II, people are reminded they have is no such condition, either on NEXUS Conference inFrench architect Le Corbusier absolutely no recall of the event; Earth or in the Universe. "Over Amsterdam on 13–14–15 Maycreated two geometric progres- in other words, it didnt even reg- unity" cannot possibly exist, as I 2005. See our website,sions of measures, based on ϕ, ister at the time. Its like dealing have explained to many people,which he called the Modulor sys- with an Alzheimers patient: the and have done so in my writings for more information. Ed.]DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 5
  • US$350 MILLION RICO or throat, burning urination, chest LAWSUIT FILED OVER pains, chronic cough, chronic ASPARTAME fatigue, death, depression,A US$350 million class-action lawsuit was filed on 15September 2004 in United States diarrhea, headaches/migraines, hearing loss, heart palpitations, hives (urticaria), hypertension,District Court in San Francisco, impotency and sexual problems,California (case no. C 04 3872). memory loss, menstrual problemsThis racketeering (RICO) law- or changes, nausea or vomiting,suit was filed against the slurring of speech, tremors,NutraSweet Corporation, the tinnitus, vertigo and/or visionAmerican Diabetes Association, loss".Dr Robert H. Moser and others. The lawsuit also states,Plaintiffs maintain that this law- "Further, Aspartame diseasesuit will prove how deadly the mimics symptoms or worsens thechemical sweetener aspartame is following diseases: Fibromyalgia,when consumed by humans. Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Contained in the lawsuit is the Parkinsons Disease, Lupus,key role played by current Diabetes, Epilepsy, AlzheimersSecretary of Defense, Donald Disease, birth defects, ChronicRumsfeld, in helping to get Fatigue Syndrome, Lymphoma,aspartame pushed through the Lyme Disease, Attention DeficitUS Food & Drug Administration (FDA). humans. The National Justice League Disorder (ADD), Panic Disorder,Back in the late 1970s to mid-1980s, filed three other lawsuits on 26 April 2004, Depression and other psychologicalRumsfeld was the President and CEO of in three separate California courts. The disorders".G. D. Searle & Co., which originally defendants in those lawsuits number (Source: News With Views, 16 Septemberowned the patent on aspartame. Plaintiffs twelve, and all produce or use the artificial 2004, that Rumsfeld used his political sweetener aspartame as a sugar substitutemuscle to get aspartame approved by the in their products. BIOMETRIC ID SYSTEMSFDA, despite the objections of many FDA This lawsuit charges the defendants with SWEEPING THE WORLDhealth researchers and the negative studies. According to the press release issued onthis RICO lawsuit, "double blind studies being engaged in unlawful acts of "knowingly and intentionally using the neurotoxic Aspartame as a sugar substitute I n Russia, President Vladimir Putin has signed an order for the establishment of an interdepartmental working group to pre-showed conclusive evidence that aspar- in the manufacture of Equal™, while pare the introduction of new-generationtame caused severe health problems and knowing that exposure to Aspartame passport and visa documents.even death to the exposed study group". causes among other diseases/symptoms: The group has been instructed to This isnt the first lawsuit filed alleging abdominal pain, arthritis, asthma, brain develop, before 1 January 2006, athat aspartame is hazardous to the health of cancer, breathing difficulties, burning eyes regulatory and legal framework for the implementation of a state-run system of manufacture, filling out and control of these new-generation documents that will also include biometric information. It has also been ordered to create the financial/economic terms for the develop- ment and introduction of technologies that would meet world standards, as well as for the unification of requirements for individ- ual passport/visa identification documents. (Source: Itar–Tass, 20 September 2004, I n Europe, the Draft Council Regulation on standards for security features and biometrics in passports and travel documents issued by European Union (EU) member states—if not overturned by the Council of Justice and Home Ministers—will mean that every one of the “After unanimous passage through the Congress and Senate, President Bush solved 450 million people with passports in the the problem of getting America out of Iraq by declaring it the 51st state...” EU will have to queue up in "processing6 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ...centres" and compulsorily have their in October by the World Wildlife Fund Some 86 per cent of the 2,500 chemicalsfingerprints taken and have a facial scan. (WWF). The chemicals found in the used in large quantities do not haveThe biometric data gathered will be stored European officials include those used in enough safety information publicly avail-on a chip embedded in the new passports. fire-resistant furniture, non-stick pans, able to do a basic safety assessment, Personal details and the biometric data greaseproof pizza boxes, flexible polyvinyl according to WWF.will be held on national databases and on chloride, fragrances and pesticides. The study of the European Union minis-an EU-wide database of European Register "The ministers are all contaminated with ters can be found at issued passports. The latter will be on industrial chemicals whose effects are Schengen Information System (SIS II) largely unknown," said Karl Wagner, (Source: Environment News Service, 20and will be accessible by law enforcement director of WWFs DetoX Campaign. "It October 2004)agencies. Regulations will be binding in is hard to believe that legislators have beentheir entirety on all 25 member states. willing to allow this uncontrolled experi- THINGS GROW BETTER(Source: Statewatch, 24 October 2004) ment to continue for so many years." WITH COCA-COLA!I n the UK, a Bill on identity cards will introduce the compulsory taking of fin- The 14 environment and health ministers were found to have a total of 55 industrial chemicals in their blood—53 per cent of I ndian farmers have come up with what they think is the "real thing" to keep crops free of bugs. Instead of paying heftygerprints and a facial scan for all new and the 103 chemicals tested. The highest fees to international chemical companiesreplacement passports and driving licences number of chemicals found in any one for patented pesticides, they are reportedlyissued—meaning that these new micro- minister was 45, and the lowest was thirty- spraying their crops with Coca-Cola.chipped cards will also be identity cards. three. Gotu Laxmaiah, a farmer in AndraThe "processing" is expected to start in All the officials tested positive for 25 of Pradesh, is one of hundreds of farmers2006, and is expected to deal with over the same chemicals, including one flame delighted with his new cola spray, whichfive million people a year needing pass- retardant, two pesticides and 22 polychlo- he applied this year to several hectares ofports. It is estimated that after six to 10 rinated biphenyls (PCBs). cotton. "I observed that the pests began toyears, 80% of the population will have an WWF tested ministers from Great die after the soft drink was sprayed on myID card—at which point it will become Britain, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, cotton," he told the Deccan Herald news-compulsory for the rest. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, paper.(Source:, 24 October 2004, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain It is clearly not Cokes legendary and Sweden. "secret" ingredient that is upsetting the The conservation group carried out the bugs. The farmers also swear by Pepsi,I n the USA, all visitors who are not required to have a visa will now be fin-gerprinted and photographed. This even tests in a bid to rally support for tougher European laws on chemical testing and identification, in particular for the draft Thums Up, and other local soft drinks. The properties of Coke have been dis- cussed for years. It has been reported thatapplies to 27 nations which have so far European Union proposal known as it is a fine lavatory cleaner, a good wind-escaped the new security controls—includ- REACH (Registration, Evaluation and screen wipe and an efficient rust-spoting several European nations, Australia, Authorisation of CHemicals), a law that remover.New Zealand and Japan. Immigration could lead to the identification and phasing (Source: The Guardian, 2 November 2004,officials will take a digital photo of each out of the most harmful chemicals. and inkless prints of both index fin-gers. The data will be cross-referencedagainst "no-fly" lists held by anti-terroristand law enforcement agencies. From October 2005, all passports issuedin the 27 countries on the visa waiverprogram must contain a barcode and adigital photo. By the end of next year, allUS border-crossing officials will becarrying out the new checks.(Source: BBC News, 30 September 2004) CHEMICAL COCKTAIL FOUND IN BLOOD OF EU MINISTERST he blood of ministers from 13 European Union countries has beenfound to be contaminated with dozens ofindustrial chemicals, including some thatwere banned decades ago. The officials have an average of 37industrial chemicals in their blood, accord-ing to tests conducted in June and releasedDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 7
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ... US AIR FORCE RESEARCHING Francisco Chronicle, the Air Force forbade QUADRIPLEGIC CONTROLS ANTIMATTER WEAPONS its employees from publicly discussing the COMPUTER VIA BRAIN CHIPT he US Air Force is quietly spending millions of dollars investigating waysto use antimatter in future weapons. antimatter research program. Still, details on the program appeared in numerous Air Force documents distributed over the A pill-sized brain chip has allowed a quadriplegic man to check email and play computer games using his thoughts. Antimatter has been intensively studied Internet prior to the ban. The device can tap into a hundred neuronsby physicists since the 1930s. In a sense, (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 4 October at a time, and is the most sophisticated suchmatter and antimatter are the yin and yang 2004, implant so far tested in humans.of reality: every type of subatomic particle Many paralysed people control comput-has its antimatter counterpart. But when FDA APPROVES VERICHIP FOR ers with their eyes or tongue. But thesematter and antimatter collide, they annihi- HUMAN IMPLANTATION techniques are limited by muscle functionlate each other in an immense burst ofenergy. During the Cold War, the Air Force A pplied Digital and Digital Angel Corporation have announced that VeriChip™, the worlds first implantable and require a lot of training. For over a decade, researchers have been trying to find a way to tap directly into thoughts.funded numerous scientific studies of the radiofrequency identification (RFID) In June 2004, surgeons implanted abasic physics of antimatter with a view to microchip for human use, has been cleared device containing 100 electrodes into thepotential military uses, e.g., antimatter by the US Food and Drug Administration motor cortex of a 24-year-old quadriplegic.bombs small enough to hold in ones hand, for medical uses in the USA. The device, called the BrainGate, wasand antimatter engines for 24/7 surveil- The VeriChip Health Information developed by the company Cyberkinetics,lance aircraft. More cataclysmic possible Microtransponder System consists of an based in Foxborough, Massachusetts.uses include a new generation of super- implantable RFID microtransponder, an Each electrode taps into a neuron in theweapons—either pure antimatter bombs or inserter, a proprietary hand-held scanner patients brain. The BrainGate allowed theantimatter-triggered nuclear weapons; the and a secure database containing the patient to control a computer or televisionformer wouldnt emit radioactive fallout. patient-approved healthcare information. using his mind, even when doing otherAnother possibility is antimatter-powered About the size of a grain of rice, VeriChip things at the same time. The researcherselectromagnetic pulse weapons that could is a subdermal radiofrequency microchip reported that, for example, he could controlfry an enemys electric power grid and that is inserted under the skin in a brief out- his television while talking and moving hiscommunications networks, leaving him lit- patient procedure. head. The team now plans to implanterally in the dark and unable to operate. While the VeriChip cannot be seen by devices into four more patients. On 24 March, Kenneth Edwards, director the human eye, each chip contains a unique Rival teams are building devices to readof the "revolutionary munitions" team at 16-digit verification number that is cap- brain activity without touching neurons.the Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air tured by briefly passing a scanner over the Neural Signals, based in Atlanta, hasForce Base in Florida, was keynote speaker insertion site. The captured 16-digit num- patented a conductive skull screw that sitsat the NASA Institute for Advanced ber links to the database via encrypted outside the brain, just under the skull.Concepts (NIAC) conference in Arlington, Internet access. The previously stored Other researchers are developing non-Virginia. He explained in his speech that information is then conveyed via the invasive technologies, e.g., using anthe energy from colliding positrons and Internet to the registered requesting health- electroencephalogram to read a patientsanti-electrons is "10 billion times...that of care provider. thoughts.high explosive". (Source: VeriChip press release, 13 October (Source: N a t u r e , 13 O c t o b e r 2 0 0 4 , Following an initial inquiry from the San 2004, DID BUSHS BUDDIES HACK THE US ELECTION? T he underground media in America are united in their belief that the US elec- tion was "stolen", with not just one tactic but several used in the process. • Electronic Voting Machines: The key to it all was the use of electronic voting machines that produce no paper trail. These were manufactured mainly by two companies, ESS and Diebold. Both of these companies are big supporters of the Republican Party and have good connec- tions with the same military/industrial/ intelligence complex backing Bush. A bill introduced in the House and Senate to outlaw these machines and require a paper printout of each vote, so that the votes could be verified and/or8 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • ... GL BAL NEWS ...recounted, was stalled by the Republican PENTAGON WOULD ATTACK EU SATELLITES IN WARTIMEParty and not allowed to go the vote. Shortly after the 2 November election,countless stories of problems with the S enior Pentagon officials have warned Brussels that they will not hesitate to blow European Union satellites out of the sky if they are used against America by a hostile power such as China.machines began to surface. In an astonishing confrontation at a private conference between the United Many people who tried to vote for Kerry States and the European Union (EU), European delegates insisted they would notsaid that when the final screen confirma- be prepared to turn off or jam signals from their proposed Galileo navigation satel-tion came up, it said theyd voted for Bush. lites, even if they were being used in a war against the US. In response, the USIn one precinct in Ohio, 4,258 votes weregiven to Bush, where there were only 638 delegates replied that they understood this and intended—if faced with such aregistered voters! threat—to take whatever action they felt appropriate. Many more stories about the black-box Galileo is a joint European Union–European Space Agency initiative for avoting machines, their problems and the global navigation system. A constellation of 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at aninvestigation into their tampering are circu- altitude of 23,300 kilometres, it is scheduled to be fully operational worldwidelating. is leading the before the end of this decade. Earlier this month, the EU announced that Chinaway in the investigation to prove that the had become a partner in its 3.5 bn (US$4.4 bn, £2.4 bn) Galileo satellite system.results were tampered with. The state of Pentagon thinking on Galileo is confirmed in a US Air Force doc- • Exit Polls: Exit polls were taken in trine document issued on 2 August 2004. In a foreword, Peter Teets, Under-every state. In those states that had verifi- Secretary of the US Air Force, asks: "What will we do 10 years from now whenable paper trails for their ballots, the exit American lives are put at risk because an adversary chooses to leverage the globalpolls were virtually the same as the real positioning system of perhaps the Galileo constellation to attack American forcesresults. However, in the states where elec- with precision?"tronic voting machines were used, the exit The conference, on the "Future of Transatlantic Military Space Relations", waspolls were mysteriously very different from held at Londons Royal United Services Institute, this month [October]. A seniorthe final reported totals. European delegate said: "The Americans were very calm. They made it clear that • Unusual Results: In the areas where they would attempt what they called reversible action, but, if necessary, theycomputers were used to cast votes or tally would use irreversible action." The US would first try unilaterally to jam Galileosthem, some very strange results have sur- signals, but if this failed it would use attack-satellites to destroy one or all of itsfaced. Here is just one example. In BakerCounty, Florida, there are 12,887 registered units in an unprecedented Star Wars–style raid.voters, 69.3% of whom are registered The London meeting also confirmed that the EU and US are well aware ofDemocrats and 24.3% Republicans. The Galileos military potential, a fact until now denied by the UK government. Itvote count was only 2,180 for Kerry and reflects mounting US anger at the EUs decision, formalised this month, to include7,738 for Bush. Are we supposed to China in its space program. Some Pentagon figures are believed to suspect thatbelieve that five out of every seven regis- the EU may even have given China secret assurances that it would never shuttered Democrats voted for Bush? This down the system, giving China a massive boost if it were ever to attack Taiwan—akind of pattern was seen in many Florida key US ally.and Ohio counties. Speakers at the meeting included Robert Dickman, Deputy for Military Space, • Intimidation: In addition to the elec- US Department of Defense; Luc Tytgat, head of the Space Unit, Europeantronic voting machine fraud, there was Commission; Major General Robert Kehler, Director of the National Securitywidespread voter intimidation and disen- Space Office, US Department of Defense; Gerhard Brauer, head of the Securityfranchisement on election day. In many Office, European Space Agency; and Major-General Michael Hamel, CommanderDemocratic areas, people waited hours to 14th Air Force, USAF Space Command. Top UK delegates were also, while Republicans "challenged" vot- The USAF is working on a new generation of so-called "killer satellites" as parters rights to vote, forcing them to fill out a of a secretive project called the Experimental Satellite Series (XSS). It followsprovisional ballot instead of a real ballot. recommendations contained in the Air Forces 1999 Microsatellite Technology andThe provisional ballots were not counted Requirements Study of a need for the deployment of satellites "to intercept, imageon election day, and we may never know and, if needed, take action against a target satellite". A test satellite, coded XSS-how many of them there were or what ruleswill be used to qualify them. 10, was successfully launched in 2003, and the contract to build its successor, Three Congressmen have sent a letter to XSS-11, with a more specific sensor payload, has already been awarded.the Government Accountability Office, Top Brussels officials are recommending that EU member states should pool allrequesting urgent action and an investiga- space navigation resources, fuse their civilian and military programs and allowtion. Ralph Nader is leading a consumer collective access to them. This plan was discussed on 8 September by theinvestigation into voter fraud countrywide, European Councils political and military strategy group, and it will be debated atand has already filed an official challenge ministerial level by the end of the year. The European Commission recently said:to the voting results in New Hampshire. "Space systems can also provide direct contributions to the Unions Common(Source: from Gary Beckwith, The Solar Bus, Foreign and Security Policy and its European Security and Defence Policy."8 November 2004, (Source: by Allistar Heath and Tracy Boles, The Business [Europes global businessstealyourelection) news], 24 October 2004,, 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 9
  • 10 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. — Thomas Jefferson A Brief History of Money F or decades, the US dollar has served as the worlds default currency. The phrase The US dollar may "sound as a dollar" has expressed the faith and confidence of generations of not only be due for a Americans but people worldwide. That situation is coming to end, and the conse- quences will be far-reaching. collapse if the In order to understand why this sea change is about to occur, and what is at stake, it is necessary to begin by examining in the briefest terms the history of money, banking and the OPEC oil-producing dollar. Hunter-gatherer societies typically enjoyed a gift economy in which trade and barter nations decide to occurred only with people external to the tribe or band. Everyone within the band was treat- ed as family: whatever was available was shared without expectation of reciprocal exchange. sell oil for euros The story of the rise of social complexity is also the story of the gradual shrivelling of the gift economy and the expansion of the scope of trade—a story that culminates in our situa- instead of dollars, tion today in which the market mediates nearly all categories of transactions between and or if the "mortgage among humans, sometimes even within families. Even many relatively complex societies of the past (such as the ancient Egyptian and Incan bubble" bursts the civilisations) managed to do without money. However, this new tool, wherever it appeared, served to facilitate and accelerate trade. Its effects were predictable; French Historian US economy from Fernand Braudel, writing of Europe in the Middle Ages, described them as "steep variations in prices of essential foodstuffs; incomprehensible relationships in which man no longer within. recognised himself, his customs or his ancient values". The individual caught up in mediae- val Europes monetisation process found, again in Braudels words, that "his work became a commodity, himself a thing". The kinds of money people have used are almost endless; however, in societies that have adopted the widespread use of money, coins made of precious metals long ago became favoured over other options (including shells, beads, cattle and, in China, paper) due to their relative durability, portability and rarity. Since money serves several possible functions—a store of value, a measure of value, a medium of exchange and a standard of deferred payment—in some cases individual societies have used two or more forms of money simultaneously. Monetary history took a decisive turn with the emergence of banking in Europe during the by Richard Heinberg © 2004 Middle Ages. Since travelling traders were frequently robbed of their coins or metal ingots, they took to depositing their metallic currency in the strongboxes of silversmiths and Editor/Publisher, MuseLetter goldsmiths, and carried redeemable receipts instead. Gradually these receipts came to be 1604 Jennings Avenue regarded as being equivalent to the metal itself. This was the first paper money. Santa Rosa, CA 95401, USA Meanwhile, goldsmiths and silversmiths discovered that it was possible to issue receipts Email: for metal coins which they did not actually possess—a practice that would eventually give Website: rise to fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking. Fiat currencies did not appear in the West in any significant quantity until the 19th century, from MuseLetter #149, August 2004 when governments and national banks began issuing notes not backed by any precious metal coinage whatever.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 11
  • Fractional reserve banking emerged at about the same time as a began to redeem greenbacks for gold, which effectively put the USsystem whereby banks were legally permitted to lend more money back on the gold standard until 1933.than they retained in deposits (regardless of whether those deposits In general, the Republicans were married to gold, while Populists,were in the form of gold or fiat money). This process seems myste- Democrats and the "Greenback Party" promoted silver and/or therious and perhaps even a tad unethical to most people when they ini- printing of lots of paper money. They argued that gold had becometially learn of it. However, it has become the foundation of modern concentrated in the hands of the bankers; if money were to get intobanking and currency systems. the hands of "real people", the government would have to issue In effect, when a commercial bank makes a loan, it creates money more fiat or silver-backed paper notes. The monetary question splitfrom nothing. When the loan is repaid and is struck from the books, the nation for decades.that money effectively disappears. Since it has been lent into exis- Clearly, gold as money acts as a barrier to the expansion of credittence, virtually all fiat currency in modern money economies is tied money. This can be both good and bad: it prevents hyperinflation,to debt, which requires the payment of interest. but it can also put a brake on economic activity, leading in the worst The regulation of the money supply therefore depends on some- instances to deflation and depression. In 1896, the conflict came toones ability to set interest rates and thus encourage or discourage a head as Populist William Jennings Bryan ran against pro-goldthe seeking of more loans. Republican William McKinley. Though McKinley won, golds time had passed.Early Life of the US Dollar Following the Depression of 1907, Congress passed the From this point on, we will focus our attention on a particular cur- Owen–Glass Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which established therency: the US dollar. national banking cartel that controls the nations currency to this During the Revolutionary War the provisional authorities issued day. The Federal Reserve (known colloquially as "the Fed") is apaper money, which led to counterfeiting by the British and to vari- peculiar hybrid government–private institution whose chairman isous other forms of fraud. appointed by the US President but whose stock is entirely owned by The 1792 US Coinage Act provided for a national Mint where sil- member banks. In effect, the Fed is a private corporation owned byver dollars were to be produced along the interests that it nominally regulates onwith gold coins, beginning in 1794. The behalf of the people.Act states: "The Dollar or Unit shall be After the Feds establishment, theof the value of a Spanish milled dollar government quickly recalled itsas the same is now current, to wit, three Treasury Notes and the Fed began issu-hundred and seventy-one and one-quar- In effect, when a ing Federal Reserve Notes with ater grains of silver." The Act also pre-scribed the death penalty for anyone commercial bank makes promise to redeem them for gold upon demand. Congress also handed the Feddebasing the national currency. a loan, it creates money control of the nations gold. The Fed The framers of the American then began lending back the gold, atConstitution were divided on the ques- from nothing. interest.tion of whether their new nation should The Feds tools for controlling thehave a national bank. Proponents (who economy are few but powerful. It setswere themselves bankers or future the rules for member banks for fraction-bankers) argued that a national bank al reserve banking (money creation) andwould be necessary for the proper regula- sets the discount rate (the rate of interesttion of a national currency; opponents argued that such an institution charged to member banks for the privilege of creating money).would effectively give a tiny banking elite control of the nations When the federal government wishes to take out a loan to pay for aeconomy. The opponents won: Article I of the US Constitution new bomber or highway, it effectively borrows the money from thegave Congress the power to coin money. Fed (though the debt usually then gets spread around to various However, the proponents of a national bank, led by Alexander domestic and foreign investors), which thus controls not only theHamilton, did not give up. At the time, local banks issued other cur- nations monetary system but government credit as well. The bene-rencies in addition to the fledgling national currency. The nation fits issuing from the flow of insider information that results fromneeded a single currency and a way of financing the government. that control are unknown but surely considerable. The Feds deliber-All of the governments financial needs, said the Hamiltonians, ations occur in secret and the institution has never been audited.should be underwritten by funds borrowed from the national bank Even after the Feds creation, several kinds of currency existedand repaid by the government with funds raised by taxation from the from time to time during the early 20th century, including Unitedpeople. Thomas Jefferson led the opposition. States Notes, Gold Certificates and Silver Certificates. But, from Twice in the 19th century a national bank was established (in about 1965 to the present, virtually all US currency has consisted of1791 and 1817), and twice abolished (the first time in 1811, the Federal Reserve Notes—i.e., money created not by the governmentsecond in 1832, both times on charges that the bank was corrupt and (which merely prints the paper notes themselves, which it sells tounconstitutional). Further attempts were made to establish a the Fed for the cost of printing), but by the Federal Reserve and itsnational bank until the early years of the 20th century, but these member banks.were rejected on constitutional grounds. On March 9, 1933, at the deepest point of the Great Depression, The nations money, controlled by the government, was some- Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 andtimes a fiat paper currency and sometimes backed by gold or silver. 6260, effectively declaring the US bankrupt. On April 5, 1933,Periods of inflation or deflation led to depressions. Private banks Roosevelt declared a National Emergency that made it unlawful forcontinued to issue their own banknotes as currency until the end of any citizen of the United States to own gold, and ordered all goldthe Civil War, during which Lincoln floated millions of dollars in coins, gold bullion and gold certificates turned in to Federal Reservefiat "greenbacks" in order to finance the army. In 1878, Congress banks by May 1 under the threat of fines and imprisonment. On12 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • June 5, 1933, Congress enacted a joint resolution outlawing all gold 1973–1999: The Petrodollar Eraclauses in contracts. The members of the US-dominated consensus, while agreeing to Henceforth, for the next 40 years in the US, a dual monetary sys- cooperate, still had their own interests at heart and sought advan-tem would prevail which denied gold redeemability to Americans tages wherever possible. F. William Engdahl, in an essay inwhile retaining it for foreigners. Current Concerns titled "Iraq and the Hidden Euro-Dollar Wars" (,The Dollar Triumphant describes the subsequent unravelling: This brings us to the story of the dollars rise to international "All during the 1960s, Frances de Gaulle began to take...dollarprominence. export earnings and demand gold from the US Federal Reserve, legal Prior to World War II, the British pound sterling came close to under Bretton Woods at that time. By November 1967 the drain ofbeing a globally accepted standard currency, largely as a result of gold from US and Bank of England vaults had become critical. Thethe fact that it was issued by an Empire upon which the Sun never weak link in the Bretton Woods Gold Exchange arrangement wasset. However, neither the Empire nor the British economy survived Britain, the sick man of Europe. The link broke as Sterling wasthe war intact. The US economy, meanwhile, though having been devalued in 1967. That merely accelerated the pressure on the UShammered by the Depression, emerged from World War II more dollar, as French and other central banks increased their call for USrobust than ever. gold in exchange for their dollar reserves. They calculated that, with A postwar economic and geopolitical regime gradually emerged the soaring war deficits from Vietnam, it was only a matter of monthsduring the years 1944 to 1948. Postwar geopolitics would consist of before the United States itself would be forced to devalue againsta long political Cold War (which was also an economic war between gold, so better to get their gold out at a high price."the US and the USSR, itself a major oil producer and goods exporter By May 1971, even the Bank of England was demanding gold forwithin its sphere); meanwhile, the non-Soviet-dominated global dollars, and the drain on US reserves had become intolerable.economy would be shaped in agreements settled on at international Nixon did the only thing he could under the circumstances: hemeetings held in Bretton Woods, New abandoned the Gold Exchange programHampshire. The Bretton Woods meetings of 1944 The Bretton Woods altogether, and in August of that year a system of floating currencies wasled to the establishment of the meetings of 1944 led to instituted. Engdahl again:International Bank of Reconstruction the establishment of the "The break with gold opened the doorand Development (which later became to an entirely new phase of thethe World Bank) and the International International Bank of American Century. In this new phase,Monetary Fund (IMF). control over monetary policy was, in The chief feature of the Bretton Reconstruction and effect, privatized, with large internation-Woods system consisted of the obliga- Development (which later al banks such as Citibank, Chasetion for each country to maintain the Manhattan or Barclays Bank assumingexchange rate of its currency within a became the World Bank) the role that central banks had in a goldfixed range—plus or minus 1%—in and the IMF. system, but entirely without gold.terms of gold. This well suited the Market forces now could determine theUnited States, which at the time happened dollar. And they did with a vengeance."to have the largest gold reserves of any nation. In 1973, with the dollar now floating freely, the Arab nations of The arrangement worked reasonably for all concerned, as long as OPEC embargoed oil exports to the US in retaliation for AmericanAmerica remained the worlds foremost energy producer and goods support for Israel in the Ramadan/Yom Kippur War. By this time itexporter—which permitted it, in turn, to maintain its gold reserves. was clear that US oil production had peaked and was in permanentThe US extended dollar credits by way of the Marshall Plan to decline, and that America would become ever more dependent uponfinance the rebuilding of postwar Europe, while American oil com- petroleum imports. As oil prices soared 400%, the US economypanies (and the Texas Railroad Commission) maintained stable took a nosedive.prices for petroleum globally. The US and Saudi Arabia had formed a cooperative partnership in During this period, US foreign policy and domestic policy were 1945, following meetings between FDR and King Ibn Saud. US oilcharacterised by liberalism: at home, economic inequality was at companies (Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and Texaco) were already con-the lowest point in modern American history; while abroad, the trolling Saudi discovery and production through a partnership withUnited States maintained minimal trade barriers between itself and the Kingdom, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco). In 1973,Western Europe, Japan and South Korea. It could easily afford to the Saudi government increased its partners share in the company toabsorb exports from these nations in return for their commitment of 25%, and then 60% the next year. In 1980, the Saudi governmentsupport for the duration of the Cold War. retroactively gained full ownership of Aramco with financial effect The US exercised leadership by consensus—again, because it as of 1976.could easily afford to do so. This consensus evolved through both In 1975, the Saudis agreed to export their oil for US dollars exclu-GATT trade negotiations and geostrategic Bilderberg meetings, in sively. Soon OPEC as a whole adopted the rule. As a result, thewhich the main Western powers conspired to effectively control the dollar was backed not by gold but in effect by oil. Had the US per-economies and political destinies of most of the rest of the worlds mitted the Saudis to nationalise their oil industry in return for thisnations. extraordinary favour? Because the Saudi royal family and the oil However, this first relatively benign phase of what Henry Luce companies are all notoriously tight-lipped, we may never know.called "the American Century" came to an end as a result of the con- In any case, the oil shock created enormously increased demandfluence of three factors: the decline of US oil production, spiralling for the floating dollar. Oil importing countries, including Germanynational debt brought on by the Vietnam War, and increasing and Japan, were faced with the problem of how to earn or borrowEuropean and Japanese economic strength. dollars with which to pay their ballooning fuel bills. Meanwhile,DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 13
  • OPEC oil countries were inundated with oil dollars. Many of these the maximum rate in order to pay for the escalating arms race withoil dollars ended up in accounts in London and New York banks, America and the US-fomented Afghan war, while reducing oilwhere a new process—which Henry Kissinger dubbed "recycling income to the Soviets by asking the Saudis to keep world oil pricespetrodollars"—was instituted. low. As foreseen by the CIA, Soviet oil production peaked; and, as The process worked like this. OPEC countries were receiving it declined, the nations economy imploded. The Cold War had beenbillions of dollars they could not immediately use. When American won.and British banks took these dollars in deposit, they were thereby The petrodollar era had worked to the American financial elitespresented with the opportunity for writing more loans (banks make advantage, but at an horrendous cost to the people of the Thirdtheir profits primarily from loans, but they can only write loans if World and to those of the former Soviet Union as well. Livingthey have deposits to cover a certain percentage of the loan— standards declined in all of these countries as IMF "structuralusually 10% to 15%, depending on the current fractional reserve adjustment" policies opened markets to the predatory process ofrequirements issued by the Fed or Bank of England). Since the globalisation led by US-based multinationals seeking cheap laboureconomies of industrialised nations were in no position to take on and raw materials. The people of the US suffered also, as Americasmuch new debt, the banks were faced with a problem: to whom manufacturing base was "hollowed out" through outsourcing. Whilecould they lend a boatload of new petrodollar-based money? a quarter-century previously 60% of the worlds export goods hadKissinger, an adviser to David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan carried a "Made in USA" label, now American companies wereBank, suggested the bankers use OPEC dollars interested primarily in "branding" products madeas a reserve base upon which to aggressively in China or Central America. Jobs for US"sell" bonds or loans, not to US or UK workers were consequently downsized.corporations and investors but to Third World During the petrodollar era, American foreigncountries desperate to borrow dollars with which economic policy and military policy continued toto pay for oil imports. be dominated by the voices of the traditional lib- By the late 1970s, these petrodollar debts had The petrodollar era eral consensus, which required that the US act inlaid the basis for the Third World debt crisis of concert with its allies. But this was about tothe 1980s (after interest rates exploded). Most had worked to the change.of that debt is still in place and is still strangling American financialmany of the poorer nations. Hundreds of bil-lions of dollars were recycled in this fashion. elites advantage, but Imperial Present: Hegemonic Decline, 1999 to Hubris(Incidentally, the borrowed money usually found at an horrendous cost As the Cold War ended, Europe was in theits way back to Western corporations or process of forging political and economicbanks in any event, either by way of con- to the people of the unity. Today the European Union and thetracts with Western construction companies Third World and to euro—an entirely new pan-Europeanor simple theft on the part of indigenous currency—present a subtle but serious threatofficials with foreign bank accounts.) those of the former to continued American monetary hegemony. Also during the 1970s and 1980s, the Soviet Union as well. This challenge has developed slowly overSaudis began using their petrodollar sur- the past 15 years, but its effects arepluses to buy huge inventories of unusable cascading into view. In the US/UK invasionweaponry from US arms manufacturers. and occupation of Iraq we see the dynamicsThis was a hidden subsidy to the US econo- of this new challenge at play, including themy and especially to the so-called Defense American response to it. The WashingtonDepartment. neo-conservatives have a term for this As Engdahl points out, the petrodollar response: "democratic imperialism".era was characterised by the US attempt to As Jeremy Rifkin documents in his newslow its geopolitical decline (arising from imperial overextension book, European Dream: How Europes Vision of the Future isabroad and resource depletion at home) by making the dollar an Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream, Europe is ever less a collec-hegemonic currency: tion of squabbling nations and ever more a cohesive economic "The IMF Washington Consensus was developed to enforce dra- superpower—one that exceeds the US in GDP, population and pro-conian debt collection on Third World countries, to force them to ductivity. Europe shares Americas dependency on depleting for-repay dollar debts, prevent any economic independence from the eign sources of oil and gas, and will likely be hit hard by the effectsnations of the South, and keep the US banks and the dollar afloat. of global climate change. Thus, over the long term, EuropesThe Trilateral Commission was created by David Rockefeller and prospects are dim—though no dimmer necessarily than those of anyothers in 1973 in order to take account of the recent emergence of other region.Japan as an industrial giant and try to bring Japan into the system. However, in the short term, Europeans will enjoy some advan-Japan, as a major industrial nation, was a major importer of oil. tages over their American counterparts, including much greaterJapanese trade surpluses from export of cars and other goods were energy efficiency (Europeans use energy at one-half the per-capitaused to buy oil in dollars. The remaining surplus was invested in rate as Americans) and much less debt, resulting partly from muchUS Treasury bonds to earn interest. The G-7 was founded to keep smaller military budgets. Moreover, Europe sits next to Russia,Japan and Western Europe inside the US dollar system. From time which still has considerable quantities of exportable oil and gas andto time into the 1980s, various voices in Japan would call for three stockpiles of nuclear and conventional weapons.currencies—the dollar, German mark and yen—to share the world A Eurasian alliance between Russia, Germany and France wouldreserve role. It never happened. The dollar remained dominant." be a geopolitical nightmare for Washington—and such an alliance is Simultaneously during the 1980s, the US effectively bankrupted beginning quietly and tentatively to emerge. Europe is also geo-the Soviet Union by forcing the Soviets to pump their oil reserves at graphically closer to the oil and gas reserves of the Middle East and14 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • Central Asia, which are increasingly accessible to it by pipeline (the worrisome to Brussels and Washington: to sell oil for gold (the goldUnited States must rely on tankers). dinar). If and when this happens, the full wrath of America will The development of this Eurasian challenge comes at a bad time descend upon the Arab Middle East—and thats why it hasntfor Washington, which is in no position to offer the kinds of trade happened yet.concessions it did in earlier decades in order to maintain the G-7 The other likely trigger would be a collapse of the US economyconsensus. Americas only remaining strong suit is raw military from within, resulting from a bursting of the mortgage bubble. Thepower, and thus it has two options: to decline gracefully from its recent US economic "recovery" arose almost entirely from lowposition as sole superpower, or to use its military to enforce global mortgage rates (set ultimately by the Fed), which allowed familiesdominance. to refinance their homes, cash out some of their equity and use the Engdahl suggests that the neo-conservatives gained influence in money for immediate consumption. With oil prices soaring, the FedWashington because a majority in the US power establishment finds will eventually have to raise interest rates steeply in order to containtheir views useful to advance a new aggressive US role in the world. inflation. But this may cause millions of home owners to default onRather than work out areas of agreement with European partners, their currently low-interest, adjustable-rate mortgages. In that event,Washington increasingly sees Euroland as the major strategic threat property values would plummet, and with them would go the stock-to American hegemony, especially the "Old Europe" of Germany market and the economy as a whole.and France. Just as Britain in decline after 1870 resorted to increas- If the Feds real owners are confident in the present Washingtoningly desperate imperial wars in South Africa and elsewhere, so the leadership, they will do everything in their power to delay theUnited States is using its military might to try to advance what it no inevitable until after the election (and this is what they seem to belonger can by economic means. Here the dollar is the Achilles heel. doing). If they think it is time for a regime change, we may see the To understand why the dollar is Americas Achilles heel, a great unravelling begin even before November.metaphor is useful. Imagine being able to write checks [cheques] In either case, the response of US political leaders may be merelyand then convince the people you give to seek foreign scapegoats. As Stanthem to not to cash them . Perhaps Goff writes in his recent essay,they find the checks themselves com- "Persian Peril" (see the websiteforting to hold onto; or maybe you Americas only remaining strong, ithave a friend who agrees to sell gro- appears as if Iran is currently being setceries or gasoline for your checks only, suit is raw military power, and thus up as the next domino in the neo-consand then happily stockpiles and recir- it has two options: to decline crusade for democracy in the Middleculates them. In either case, you may East. With Iranian and Russian coop-be tempted to write checks for much gracefully from its position as sole erative energy agreements blooming, amore than you have in your bank superpower, or to use its military US attack on Iran could be the triggeraccount. As long as the checks them- to enforce global dominance. for another all-out conflict on the scaleselves are regarded as valuable and are of the World Wars of the 20th century.not cashed, you get a free ride. On the other hand, it is possible that But if people stop finding your the disastrous outcome of the Iraqchecks comforting to hold onto, or if invasion has sunk deeply enough intoyour friend starts selling groceries for other peoples checks or for the awareness of Washington elites that further similar adventuresgold or silver, then the game is up. It will be revealed that your (however desperately sought by the neo-cons) will be headed off byaccount is overdrawn and you will be in trouble. cooler minds. The metaphor is not perfect. In fact, every nation in the world isattempting to write checks beyond its means. But the US has man- How Can We Respond?aged to do by far a better job of it than any other nation. The checks There is no solution to any of this—in that there is nothing we canwe are not talking about are not just hoarded paper dollars (though do to make the problems go away. Their origins go far back in timethere are billions of these stuffed in mattresses around the world) but and are intertwined with the history of money itself, though moneydollar-denominated investments and securities, including T-bills, per se is not at the heart of the matter. Access to resources is, asstocks and mortgages. Currently the US is running a $700 billion ever, the ultimate determiner of human destiny, but money hasper year trade deficit—this on top of trillions in government debt become a tool universally used by humans to gain and hold accessand trillions more in consumer debt. No other nation in the world to resources and as such it introduces its own set of possibilities andcomes remotely close to this level of bad-check writing, on either a or a per-capita basis. While there is no solution, there must be responses, and some are If a run on the US dollar were to occur, then the only financial better than others. The relocalisation of economies (moving produc-solution would be to create even more dollars (presumably through ers and consumers closer together) and currencies are good places togovernment borrowing), which of course wouldnt actually solve the start. ∞problem and would in the long run make matters worse. The cur-rency would become almost worthless, and in the process real About the Author:wealth (land, factories and natural resources) would be confiscated Richard Heinberg is the author of six books including The Partys Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies (New Society, 2003; reviewed inand turned over to creditors. NEXUS 10/01), and Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon What could cause this to happen? A decision by OPEC to sell oil World (New Society, 2004). He is a journalist and lecturer, an educator andopenly for euros could be a trigger. Some oil is already quietly editor, and also a core faculty member of New College of California where hebeing sold for euros, and several countries including Iran and Saudi teaches a program on "Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community". His monthly MuseLetter, now in its 13th year of publication, was nominated inArabia have floated the possibility of valuing oil against a basket of 1994 for an Alternative Press Award. His article in this issue, "Thecurrencies (meaning, effectively, dollars and euros). The Arab Endangered US Dollar", was first published in MuseLetter #149, August 2004.OPEC states have toyed with an idea that must be equally Visit the MuseLetter website at 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 15
  • 16 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • I was asked to write a paper on some of the newer mechanisms of vaccine damage to the nervous system, but in the interim I came across an incredible document that should blow the lid off the cover-up being engineered by the pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with powerful governmental agencies. US government It all started when a friend of mine sent me a copy of a letter from Congressman David agencies know that Weldon, MD, to the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr Julie L. Gerberding, in which he alludes to a study by a Dr Thomas Verstraeten, then representing vaccines containing the CDC, on the connection between infant exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental injury. In this shocking letter, Congressman Weldon refers to Dr mercury and Verstraetens study which looked at the data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink and found a significant correlation between thimerosal [an ethylmercury sodium salt] exposure via aluminium have vaccines and several neurodevelopmental disorders including tics, speech and language delays and possibly ADD. severe neurological Congressman Weldon questions the CDC director as to why, following this meeting, Dr effects, yet theyve Verstraeten published his results almost four years later in the journal Pediatrics to show just the opposite; that is, that there was no correlation with any neurodevelopmental prob- failed to force the lems related to thimerosal exposure in infants. In this letter, Congressman Weldon refers to a report of the minutes of this meeting held in Georgia, which exposes some incredible manufacturers to statements by the "experts" making up this study group. The groups purpose was to eval- uate and discuss Dr Verstraetens results and data and make recommendations that would remove these toxic eventually lead to possible alterations in the existing vaccine policy. I contacted Congressman Weldons legislative assistant and he kindly sent me a com- metals from most plete copy of this report. Now, as usual in these cases, the government did not give up this report willingly; it required a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to pry it loose. vaccines including Having read the report twice and carefully analysed it, I can see why they did not want those injected into any outsiders to see it. It is a bombshell, as you shall see. In this analysis, I will not only describe and discuss this report, but also will frequently quote the participants words babies. directly and supply the exact page number so others can see for themselves. The official title of the meeting was the "Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information". This conference, held on June 7–8, 2000, at Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia, assembled 51 scientists and physicians, of which five represented vac- cine manufacturers. These included Smith Kline Beecham, Merck, Wyeth, North Part 1 of 2 American Vaccine and Aventis Pasteur. During this conference, these scientists focused on the study of the Datalink material, whose main author was Dr Thomas Verstraesten who identified himself as working at the National Immunization Program of the CDC. It was discovered by Congressman Weldon that Dr Verstraeten left the CDC shortly after this conference to work in Belgium for GlaxoSmithKline, which manufacturers vaccines—a recurring pattern that has been given the name "revolving door". It is also interesting to note that GlaxoSmithKline was involved in several lawsuits over complications secondary to their vaccines. by Russell Blaylock, MD To start off the meeting, Dr Roger Bernier, Associate Director for Science in the © 2004 National Immunization Program (CDC), relates some pertinent history. He states that Congressional action in 1977 required that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Website: review mercury being used in drugs and biologics (vaccines). In meeting this order, the FDA called for information from the manufacturers of vaccines and drugs. He notes that a group of European regulators and manufacturers met in April 1999 and noted the situa- tion but made no recommendations of changes. In other words, it was all for show.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 17
  • At this point, Dr Bernier makes an incredible statement (page to stop adding it to future vaccines once they use up existing12). "In the United States there was a growing recognition that stocks, which entails millions of doses. And incredibly, the gov-cumulative exposure may exceed some of the guidelines." By ernment allows them to do it. Even more incredibly, the"guidelines", he is referring to guidelines for mercury exposure American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy ofsafety levels set by several regulatory agencies. The three guide- Family Practice similarly endorse this insane policy. In fact, theylines were set by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease specifically state that children should continue to receive theRegistry (ATSDR), the FDA and the Environmental Protection thimerosal-containing vaccines until a new thimerosal-free vac-Agency (EPA). The most consistently violated safety guideline cine can be manufactured at the will of the manufacturers. Arewas that set by the EPA. He further explained that he was refer- they afraid that there will be a sudden diphtheria or tetanus epi-ring to children being exposed to thimerosal in vaccines. demic in America? Based on this realisation that they were violating safety guide- The most obvious solution is to use only single-dose vials,lines, he says that this then "resulted in a joint statement of the which require no preservative. So, why dont they use them? Oh,Public Health Service [PHS] and the American Academy of they exclaim, it would add to the cost of the vaccine. Of course,Pediatrics [AAP] in July of last year [1999], which stated that as a we are only talking about a few dollars per vaccine at most, cer-long-term goal it was desirable to remove mercury from vaccines tainly worth the health of your childs brain and future. Theybecause it was a potentially preventable source of exposure" (page could use some of the hundreds of millions of dollars they waste12). on vaccine promotion every year to cover these costs for the poor. As an aside, one has to wonder where the Public Health Service But then that would cut into some fat-cats budget, and we cantand American Academy of Pediatrics were during all the years of have that!mercury use in vaccines and why they didnt know that, firstly, It was disclosed that thimerosal was in all influenza vaccines,they were exceeding regulatory safety levels and, secondly, why DPT (and most DtaP) vaccines and all hepatitis B vaccines.they werent aware of the extensive literature showing deleteriouseffects on the developing nervous system of babies. As we shall IGNORANCE OF THE EXPERTSsee, even these "experts" seem to be cloudy on the mercury As they begin to concentrate on the problem at hand, we firstliterature. begin to learn that the greatest prob- Dr Bernier notes that, in August lem with the meeting is that the scien-1999, a public workshop was held at tists and physicians know virtuallyBethesda in the Lister Auditorium nothing about what they are the National Vaccine Advisory It was disclosed that thimerosal On page 15, for example, theyGroup and the Interagency Working [an ethylmercury sodium salt] admit that there is very little pharma-Group on Vaccines to consider cokinetic data on ethylmercury, thethimerosal risk in vaccine use. And was in all influenza vaccines, form of mercury in thimerosal. Inbased on what was discussed in that fact, they said that there is no data onconference, thimerosal was removed DPT (and most DtaP) vaccines excretion and the data on toxicity arefrom the hepatitis B vaccine (HepB). and all hepatitis B vaccines. sparse—yet thimerosal is recognised It is interesting to note that the to cause hypersensitivity, neurologicalmedia have taken very little interest problems and even death, and isin what was learned at that meeting, known to pass the blood-brain barrierand it may have been a secret meet- and the placental barrier as well. As we shall see, there is a reason why they struggle Therefore, what they are admitting is that we have a form ofto keep the contents of all these meetings secret from the public. mercury that has been used in vaccines since the 1930s and no Dr Bernier then notes (page 13) that in October 1999 the one has bothered to study the effects on biological systems,Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) "looked especially the brain of infants. Their defence throughout thisthis situation over again and did not express a preference for any conference is "We just dont know the effects of ethylmercury".of the vaccines that were thimerosal free". In this discussion, he As a solution, they resort to studies on methylmercury becausefurther notes that the ACIP concluded that thimerosal-containing there are thousands of studies on this form of mercury. The majorvaccines could be used, but the "long-term goal" is to try to source of this form is seafood consumption.remove thimerosal as soon as possible. It takes them a while to get the two forms of mercury straight, Now, we need to stop and think about what has transpired here. since for several pages of the report they say that methylmercury,We have an important group, the ACIP, which essentially plays a rather than ethylmercury, is in thimerosal. They can be forgivenrole in vaccine policy that affects tens of millions of children for this. On page 16, Dr Johnson, an immunologist and paediatri-every year. And we have evidence from the thimerosal meeting cian at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and thein 1999 that the potential for serious injury to the infants brain is National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratoryso serious that a recommendation for thimerosal removal becomes Medicine, notes that he would like to see the incorporation ofpolicy. In addition, they are all fully aware that tiny babies are wide margins of safety; that is, threefold to tenfold margins ofreceiving mercury doses that exceed even EPA safety limits, yet safety to "account for data uncertainties". What he means is thatall they can say is that we must "try to remove thimerosal as soon there are so many things we do not know about this toxin that weas possible". Do they not worry about the tens of millions of had better use very wide margins of safety. For most substances,babies who will continue to receive thimerosal-containing the FDA uses a 100-fold margin of safety. The reason for this,vaccines until they can get around to stopping the use of which they do not mention, is that in a society of hundreds of mil-thimerosal? lions of people there are groups who are much more sensitive to It should also be noted that it is a misnomer to say "removal of the toxin than others; for instance, the elderly, the chronically ill,thimerosal", since they are not removing anything. They just plan the nutritionally deficient, small babies, premature babies, those18 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • on certain medications, those with inborn defects in detoxifica- pressure from outside the "vaccinologists club" and nottion, just to name a few. In fact, in this study they excluded pre- discovering internally that a problem "might" exist. In fact, ifmature and low-birth-weight babies from the main study, some of these outside groups had not become involved, thesewhom had the highest mercury levels, because they would be hard "vaccinologists" would have continued to add more and moreto study and because they had the most developmental problems mercury-containing vaccines to the list of required vaccines. Itrelated to the mercury. was only when the problem became so obvious—that is, of On page 16 as well, Dr Johnson makes an incredible statement, epidemic proportion (now close to that)—and the legal professionone that defines the problem we have with the promoters of these became involved that they even noticed there was a problem.vaccines. He states: "As an aside, we found a cultural difference This is a recurring theme in the governments regulatory agencies,between vaccinologist and environmental health people in that as witnessed with fluoride, aspartame, MSG, dioxin andmany of us in the vaccine arena have never thought about uncer- pesticides issues.tainty factors before. We tend to be relatively concrete in our It is also interesting that Dr Johnson does admit that the greatestthinking." Then he says: "One of the big cultural events in that risk is among low birth-weight and premature infants. Now whymeeting...was when Dr Clarkson repetitively pointed out to us that would that be if there existed such a large margin of safety withwe just didnt get it about uncertainty, and he was actually quite mercury used in vaccines? Could just a few pounds of bodyright." This is an incredible admission. What is a vaccinologist? weight make such a dramatic difference? In fact it does, but itDo you go to school to learn to be one? also means that normal birth-weightHow many years of residency training are children, especially those near the low rangerequired to be a vaccinologist? Are there of normal birth weight, are also in greaterboard exams? Its a stupid term used to ...regulatory agencies danger. It also means that children receivingdescribe people who are obsessed with vac- doses of mercury higher than the 72 µg incines—not that they actually study the and the CDC all this study would be at high risk as welleffects of the vaccines, as we shall see recommend mercurys because their dose, based on body weight,throughout this meeting. would be comparable to that of the low Most important is the admission by Dr removal as quickly as birth-weight children receiving the lowerJohnson that he and his fellow possible from dose. This is never even considered by these"vaccinologists" are so blinded by their "vaccinologist experts" who decide policyobsession with forcing vaccines on society US-licensed vaccines for your children.that they have never even considered that because of concernsthere might be factors involved, the so-called DIFFICULTIES FOR CHILDREN IN"uncertainties", that could greatly affect about the adverse THE THIRD WORLDhuman health. Further, that he and hisfellow "vaccinologists" like to think in effects of mercury on Now this next statement should shock everyone, but especially the poorconcrete terms; that is, they are very brain development, who may in any way think that thesenarrow in their thinking and wear "vaccinologist" experts have their bestblinders that prevent them from seeing but dont recommend interests in mind.the numerous problems occurring with the same for vaccines Dr Johnson says on page 17: "Welarge numbers of vaccinations in agree that it would be desirable toinfants and children. Their goal in life given to children in remove mercury from US-licensed vac -is to vaccinate as many people as developing countries. cines, but we did not agree that this waspossible with an ever-growing number a universal recommendation that weof vaccines. would make because of the issue con- On page 17, his "concrete thinking" cerning preservatives for deliveringonce again takes over. He refers to the vaccines to other countries, particularlyBethesda meeting on thimerosal safety developing countries, in the absence ofissues and says that "there was no evidence of a problem, only a hard data that implied that there was in fact a problem."theoretical concern that young infants developing brains were So, here you have it. The data are convincing enough that thebeing exposed to an organomercurial". Of course, as I shall point American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy ofout later, it is a lot more than a "theoretical concern". He then Family Practice as well as the regulatory agencies and the CDCcontinues by saying, "We agree that while there was no evidence all recommend mercurys removal as quickly as possible fromof a problem, the increasing number of vaccine injections given to US-licensed vaccines because of concerns about the adverseinfants was increasing the theoretical mercury exposure risk". effects of mercury on brain development, but dont recommend Its hard to conceive of a true scientist not seeing the incredible the same for vaccines given to children in developing countries. Iirony of these statements. The medical literature abounds with thought the whole idea of child health programs in the Unitedstudies on the deleterious effects of mercury on numerous States directed toward the developing world was to give poor chil-enzymes, mitochondrial energy production, synaptic function, dren a better chance in an increasingly competitive world. Thisdendritic retraction, neurotubule dissolution and excitotoxicity, policy being advocated would increase the neurodevelopmentalyet he sees only a "theoretical risk" associated with an ever- problems seen in poor children of developing countries (as well asincreasing addition of thimerosal-containing vaccines. in the US), impairing their ability to learn and develop competi- It is also important to note that these geniuses never even saw a tive minds. Remember, there was a representative of the Worldproblem in the first place; it was pressure from outside scientists, Health Organization (WHO), Dr John Clements, serving on thisparents of affected children and groups representing them who panel of "experts". He never challenges this statement made bypointed out the problem. They were, in essence, reacting to Dr Johnson.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 19
  • It also needs to be appreciated that children in developing most studies these children catching measles or other childhoodcountries are at a much greater risk of complications from diseases have been either fully immunised or partially immunised.vaccinations and from mercury toxicity than are children in The big secret among "vaccinologists" is that anywhere from 20%developed countries. This is because of poor nutrition, to 50% of children are not resistant to the diseases for which theyconcomitant parasitic and bacterial infections and a high have been immunised.incidence of low birth weight in these children. We are now Also on page 18, Dr Johnson tells the committee that it was Drwitnessing a disaster in African countries caused by the use of Walt Orenstein who "...asked the most provocative questionolder, live-virus polio vaccines, which has now produced an which introduced a great deal of discussion. That was, should weepidemic of vaccine-related polio; that is, polio caused by the try to seek neurodevelopmental outcomes for children exposed tovaccine itself. In fact, in some African countries, polio was not varying doses of mercury by utilizing the Vaccine Safety Datalinkseen until the vaccine was introduced. data from one or more sites?" The WHO and the "vaccinologist experts" from the US now I take it from this that no one ever even thought of looking atjustify a continued polio vaccination program with this dangerous the data that had just been sitting there unreviewed all these years.vaccine on the basis that now theyve created the epidemic of Children could have been dropping like flies or suffering frompolio, they cannot stop the program. In a recent article it was terrible neurodevelopmental defects caused by the vaccinepointed out that this is the most deranged reasoning, since more program, and no one in the government would have known. Invaccines will mean more vaccine-related fact, that is exactly what the data suggestedcases of polio. But then "vaccinologists" was happening, at least as regardshave difficulty with these "uncertainties". neurodevelopmental delays.(Refer to Jacob, J.T., "A developing country We should also appreciate that theperspective on vaccine-associated paralytic government sponsored two conferences onpoliomyelitis", WHO Bulletin 2004; 82:53- the possible role of metals—aluminium58; see commentary by D. M. Salisbury at [aluminum] and mercury—being used inthe end of the article.) The big secret among vaccines, but instituted no change in vaccine Then Dr Johnson again emphasises the policy after the meetings. These conferencesphilosophy that the health of children is sec- "vaccinologists" were held a year before this June 2000ondary to "the program" when he says, "We is that anywhere from meeting and before any examination of thesaw some compelling data that delaying the data, which were being held onto tightly bybirth dose of HepB vaccine would lead to 20% to 50% the CDC—data which were denied to othersignificant disease burden as a consequence of children are not independent, highly qualified researchers.of missed opportunity to immunize".This implies that our children would be resistant to the THE NEUROTOXICITY OFendangered from the risk of hepatitis diseases for which ALUMINIUMB, should the vaccine program stop I will write more about what wasvaccinating newborns with the HepB they have been discussed at the aluminum conferencevaccine. immunised. later. It is very important and is only In fact, this statement is not based on briefly referred to at this conference forany risk to US children at all and he a very good reason. If the public knewmakes that plain when he states that what had been discussed at the"the potential impact on countries that aluminium meeting, no one would everhave 10% to 15% newborn hepatitis B again get a vaccination using theexposure risk was very distressing to presently manufactured types ofconsider" (page 18). In other words, vaccines.the risk is not to normal US children Despite what was discussed at thebut to children in developing countries. aluminium meeting and the scientificIn fact, hepatitis B is not a risk until the teenage years and after in literature on the neurotoxicity of aluminum, Dr Johnson makesthe United States. The only at-risk group among children is with the following remark: "aluminum salts have a very wide marginchildren born to drug-using parents, mothers infected with hepati- of safety. aluminium and mercury are often simultaneouslytis B, or HIV-infected parents. The reason for vaccinating the administered to infants, both at the same site and at differentnewborns is to capture them before they can escape the vaccine sites." Also on page 20 he states: "However, we also learned thatprogram of the "vaccinologists". there is absolutely no data, including animal data, about the poten- This is a tactic often used to scare mothers into having their tial for synergy, additively or antagonism [sic], all of which canchildren vaccinated. For example, they say that, if children are not occur in binary metal mixtures..."vaccinated against measles, millions of children could die during a It is important here to appreciate a frequently used deception bymeasles epidemic. They know this is nonsense. They are using those who are trying to defend an indefensible practice. They useexamples taken from developing countries where epidemic deaths the very same language just quoted; that is, that there are no datacan occur among populations with poor nutrition and poor immune to show..., etc., etc. They intend it to convey the idea that thefunction. In the United States we would not see this because of issue has been looked at and studied thoroughly and that no toxic-better nutrition, better health facilities and better sanitation. ity has been found. In truth, it means that no one has looked atActually, most deaths seen when measles outbreaks occur in the this possibility, and there have been no studies that would give usUnited States occur in children for whom vaccination was an answer one way or the other.contraindicated, children in whom the vaccine did not work or in In fact, we know that aluminium is a significant neurotoxin andchildren with chronic, immune-suppressing diseases. In fact, in that, as such, it shares many common mechanisms with mercury.20 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • For example, they are both toxic to neuronal neurotubules, Hallelujah! For a brief moment I think they have stumbled oninterfere with antioxidant enzymes, poison DNA repair enzymes, one of the most basic concepts in neurotoxicology. Then Drinterfere with mitochondrial energy production, block the Meyers dashes my hopes by saying that single, separated dosesglutamate reuptake proteins (GLT-1 and GLAST), bind to DNA would not affect blood levels at all.and interfere with neuronal membrane function. Toxins that share At this juncture, we need a little enlightenment. It is importanttoxic mechanisms are almost always additive and frequently to appreciate that mercury is a fat-soluble metal; that is, it issynergistic in their toxicity. So, Dr Johnsons statement is sheer stored in the bodys fat. The brain contains 60% fat and thereforenonsense. is a common site for mercury storage. Now, they establish in this A significant number of studies show that both of these metals discussion that about half the methylmercury is excreted over sev-play a major role in all of the neurodegenerative disorders. It is eral months when ingested.also important to remember that both of these metals accumulate A recent study found that ethylmercury has a half-life of sevenin the brain and spinal cord. This makes them accumulative tox- days. Even so, a significant proportion of the mercury will enterins and therefore makes them much more dangerous than rapidly the brain (it has been shown to pass easily through the blood-brainexcreted toxins. barrier), where it is stored in the phospholipids (fats). With each To jump ahead, on page 23 Dr Tom Sinks, Associate Director new dose—and remember, these children receive as many as 22for Science at the National Center for Environmental Health at the doses of these vaccines—another increment is added to the brainCDC and Acting Division Director for the Division of Birth storage depot. This is why we call mercury an accumulativeDefects, Developmental Disabilities and Health, asks: "I wonder poison. They never once, not once, mention this vital factis there a particular health outcome that is related to aluminum throughout the entire conference. Not once. Moreover, they dosalts that may have anything that we are looking at today?" Dr so for a good reason: it gives the unwary, those not trained inMartin Meyers, Acting Director of neuroscience, assurance that all thatthe National Vaccine Program matters here is the blood level.Office, answers: "No, I dont believe In fact, on page 163, Dr Robertthere are any particular health Brent, a developmental biologist andconcerns that were raised." This is It is important to appreciate that paediatrician at Thomas Jeffersonafter an aluminium conference held mercury is a fat-soluble metal; University and Dupont Hospital forthe previous year that did indeed find Children, says that we dont have datasignificant health concerns and an that is, it is stored in the bodys showing accumulation and that "withextensive scientific literature fat. The brain contains 60% fat the multiple exposures you get anshowing aluminium to be of great increasing level, and we dont knowconcern. and therefore is a common site whether that is true or not". He On page 24, Dr William Weil, a for mercury storage. redeems himself somewhat by point-paediatrician representing the ing out that some of the damage isCommittee on Environmental Health irreversible and that more irreversibleof the American Academy of damage occurs with each dose, and inPediatrics, brings some sense to the dis- that way it is accumulative.cussion by reminding participants of "...a host of neurodevelop- On page 21, Dr Thomas Clarkson makes an incredible state-mental data that would suggest that weve got a serious problem. ment, implying that he knows of no studies which show that expo-The earlier we go, the more serious the problem." Here he means sure to mercury after birth or at six months would have deleteri-that the further back you go during the childs brain development, ous effects. Dr Isabelle Rapin, a neurologist for children at Albertthe more likely the damage to the infant. I must give him credit; Einstein College of Medicine, follows up by saying she is "not anat least he briefly recognises that a significant amount of brain expert on mercury in infancy" but knows mercury can affect thedevelopment does take place later. He also reminds his col- nerves (peripheral nervous system). So, here is one of our expertsleagues that aluminium produces severe dementia and death in admitting that she knows little about the effects of mercury on thedialysis cases. He concludes by saying, "To think there isnt some infant. My question is: why is she here? Dr Rapin states that shepossible problem here is unreal" (page 25). has a keen interest in developmental disorders, in particular those Not to let it end there, Dr Meyers adds: "We held the alu- involving language and autism, yet she knows little about theminum meeting in conjunction with the metal ions in biology and effects of mercury on the infant brain.medicine meeting; we were quick to point out that in the absence This conference is concerned with the effects of mercury in theof data, we didnt know about additive or inhibitory activities." form of thimerosal on infant brain development, yet throughoutOnce again, we see the "no data" ploy. There are abundant data this conference our experts, especially the "vaccinologists", seemon the deleterious effects of aluminium on the brain, a significant to know little about mercury except limited literature that showsportion of which came out in that very meeting. no toxic effects except at very high levels. None of the well- known experts was invited, such as Dr Ascher from BowmanMERCURY NEUROTOXICITY Grey School of Medicine or Dr Haley Boyd, who has done exten- Dr Johnson also quotes Dr Thomas Clarkson (who identifies sive work on the toxic effects of low concentrations of mercuryhimself as associated with the mercury program at the University on the central nervous system (CNS). They were not invitedof Rochester) as saying that delaying the HepB vaccine for six because they would be harmful to the true objective of this meet-months or so would not affect the mercury burden (page 20). He ing, which was to exonerate mercury in vaccines.makes the correct conclusion when he says: "I would have Several times throughout this conference, Dr Brent remindsthought that the difference was in the timing. That is, you are everyone that the most sensitive period for the developing brain isprotecting the first six months of the developing central nervous during the early stages of pregnancy. In fact, he pinpoints the 8thsystem." to 18th weeks as the period of neuromaturation. In fact, the mostDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 21
  • rapid period of brain maturation, synaptic development and brain LEVELS OF "ACCEPTABLE EXPOSURE"pathway development is during the last three months of Recent studies by neurotoxicologists have observed that as ourpregnancy, and it continues until two years after birth. This is ability improves at detecting subtle toxic effects, especially onoften referred to as the "brain growth spurt". This is also not behaviour and other neurological functions, we lower the level ofmentioned once in this conference, again because if mothers knew acceptable exposure. In fact, Dr Sinks brings up that exact point,that their childs brain was busy developing for up to two years using lead as an example. He notes that as our neurobehaviouralafter birth they would be less likely to accept this "safety of testing has improved, we have lowered the acceptable dose con-mercury" nonsense which these "vaccinologists" proclaim. siderably and continue to do so. Dr Johnson has the audacity to The brain develops over 100 trillion synaptic connections and add that "The smarter we get, the lower the threshold". Yet, nei-tens of trillions of dendritic connections during this highly sensi- ther he nor the other participants seems to be getting any smartertive period. Both dendrites and synapses are very sensitive, even concerning this very low doses of mercury and other toxins. It has also been Dr Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development atshown that subtoxic doses of mercury can block the glutamate the National Immunization Program at the CDC, then reveals whytransport proteins that play such a vital role in protecting the brain they refuse to act on this issue. On page 169 he says: "...the issueagainst excitotoxicity. is that it is impossible, unethical to leave kids unimmunized, so Compelling studies indicate that damage to this protective sys- you will never, ever resolve that issue. So then we have to refertem plays a major role in most of the neurodegenerative diseases back from that." In essence, immunisation of the children takesand abnormal brain development as well. precedence over safety concerns with the Recent studies have shown that glutamate vaccines themselves. If the problem of vac-accumulates in the brains of autistic children, cine toxicity cannot be solved, as he seemsyet the experts seem to be unconcerned to be saying, then we must accept that someabout mercury, a substance that is very pow- kids will be harmed by the vaccines.erful in triggering brain excitotoxicity. Dr Brent makes the statement that he It is also interesting to see how many knows of no known genetic susceptibilitytimes Dr Brent emphasises that we do not data on mercury and therefore assumes thereknow the threshold for mercury toxicity in is a fixed threshold of toxicity; that is, thatthe developing brain. Again, that is not true. The World Health everyone is susceptible to the same dose ofWe d o know, and the Journal ofNeurotoxicology states that anything above Organization mercury and that there are no genetically hypersensitive groups of people.10 µg is neurotoxic. The WHO in fact states in fact states that In fact, a recent study found just such athat there is no safe level of mercury. genetic susceptibility in mice. Researchers On page 164, Dr Robert Davis, there is no safe found that mice susceptible to autoim-Associate Professor of Pediatrics and munity developed neurotoxic effects,Epidemiology at the University of level of mercury including excitotoxicity, in their hip-Washington, makes a very importantobservation. He points out that in a [in the body]. pocampus—effects not seen in other strains of mice. They even hypothe-population like the United States you sised that the same may be true inhave individuals with varying levels of humans, since familial autoimmunitymercury from other causes (diet, living increases the likelihood of autism innear coal-burning facilities, etc.), and offspring (Hornig, M., Chian, D.,by vaccinating everyone you raise Lipkin, W.I., "Neurotoxic effects ofthose with the highest levels even high- postnatal thimerosal are mouse-strainer and bring those with median levels dependent", Mol. Psychiatry, 2004, ininto a category of higher levels. The press)."vaccinologists" with their problem of For the next quotation, you need a"concrete thinking" cannot seem to little discussion to be able to appreciateappreciate the fact that not everyone is the same. That is, they fail the meaning. They are discussing the fact that, in Dr Verstraetensto see these "uncertainties". study, frightening correlations were found between the higher To emphasise this point further, lets take a farming family who doses of thimerosal and problems with neurodevelopment,lives within three miles of a coal-burning electrical plant. Since including ADD and autism. The problem with the study was thatthey also live near the ocean, they eat seafood daily. The there were so few children who had received no thimerosal-fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides used on the crops contain containing vaccines that a true control group could not be used.appreciable levels of mercury. Instead, they had to use children getting 12.5 µg of mercury as the The coal-burning electrical plant emits high levels of mercury control, and some even wanted to use a control dose of 37.5 µ the air they breathe daily, and the seafood they consume has So the controls had mercury levels that could indeed causelevels of mercury higher than EPA safety standards. This means neurodevelopmental problems. Even with this basic flaw, athat any babies born to these people will have very high mercury strong positive correlation was found between the dose oflevels. Once born, they are given numerous vaccines containing mercury given and these neurodevelopmental problems.even more mercury, thereby adding significantly to their already It was proposed that they compare a group of children receivinghigh mercury burden. non-thimerosal vaccines with a group receiving vaccines Are these "vaccinologists" trying to convince us that these chil- containing thimerosal. In fact, we later learn that they had a largedren dont matter and that they are to be sacrificed at the altar ofthe "vaccine policy"? Continued on page 7422 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 23
  • 24 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • WOMENS EXPERIENCE IN MEDICINE B riefly, we will look at the medical iatrogenesis of women in particular. Dr Martin Charcot (1825–1893) was world-renowned, the most celebrated doctor of his time. He practised in the Paris hospital La Salpetrière. He became an Unnecessary expert in hysteria, diagnosing an average of 10 hysterical women each day, transforming them into "iatrogenic monsters", turning simple "neurosis" into hysteria. 96 treatments for The number of women diagnosed with hysteria and hospitalised rose from 1% in 1841 to 17% in 1883. Hysteria is derived from the Latin hystera, meaning "uterus". womens health Dr Adriane Fugh-Berman stated very clearly in her paper that there is a tradition in US medicine of excessive medical and surgical interventions on women. Only 100 years problems and poor ago, male doctors decided that female psychological imbalance originated in the uterus. When surgery to remove the uterus was perfected, it became the "cure" for mental insta- care of the elderly bility, effecting a physical and psychological castration. Dr Fugh-Berman noted that US doctors eventually disabused themselves of that notion but have continued to treat in so many nursing women very differently than they treat men.97 She cites the following: homes are 1. Thousands of prophylactic mastectomies are performed annually. 2. One-third of US women have had a hysterectomy before menopause. symptomatic of a 3. Women are prescribed drugs more frequently than are men. 4. Women are given potent drugs for disease prevention, which results in disease sub- medical/health stitution due to side effects. 5. Foetal monitoring is unsupported by studies and not recommended by the CDC. 98 It system in need of confines women to a hospital bed and may result in higher incidence of Caesarean s e c t i o n . 99 immediate 6. Normal processes such as menopause and childbirth have been heavily medicalised. 7. Synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) does not prevent heart disease or attention. dementia. It does increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and gall bladder attack. 100 We would add that as many as one-third of postmenopausal women use HRT. 101, 102 These numbers are important in light of the much-publicised Womens Health Initiative Study, which was forced to stop before its completion because of a higher death rate in the synthetic oestrogen–progestin (HRT) group.103 Part 3 of 3 Caesarean Section In 1983, 809,000 Caesarean sections (21% of live births) were performed, making it the most common obstetric and gynaecologic (OB/GYN) surgical procedure. The sec- ond most common OB/GYN operation was hysterectomy (673,000), and diagnostic dila- tion and curettage of the uterus (632,000) was third. In 1983, OB/GYN operations repre- by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND sented 23% of all surgery completed in the United States.104 Martin Feldman, MD In 2003, Caesarean section was still the most common OB/GYN surgical procedure. Gary Null, PhD Approximately four million births occur annually, with a 26.1% C-section rate, i.e., one Debora Rasio, MD million operations.105a According to earlier reports from The Netherlands in 1995, only 8% of babies were delivered by Caesarean section.105b Assuming human babies are simi- © 2004 Nutrition Institute of lar in the USA and in The Netherlands, and using those statistics, 700,000 unnecessary America, Inc. C-sections are performed in the United States annually, with a three to four times higher Website: mortality rate and 20 times greater morbidity rate than vaginal delivery. The Caesarean section rate was only 4.5% in the US in 1965. By 1986 it had climbed to 24.1%. Sakala stated that obviously an "uncontrolled pandemic of medicallyDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 25
  • unnecessary Caesarean births is occurring".106 VanHam reported We used a cost analysis from a 2000 study in which thea Caesarean section postpartum haemorrhage rate of 7%, a increase in hospitalisation costs per patient suffering an adversehaematoma formation rate of 3.5%, a urinary tract infection rate drug reaction was $5,483. Therefore, costs for the Lazarouof 3%, and a combined postoperative morbidity rate of 35.7% in studys 2.2 million patients with serious drug reactions amounteda high-risk population undergoing Caesarean section.107 to $12 billion. 1, 49 The greatest cause of morbidity in vaginal births is anorectal Serious adverse drug reactions commonly emerge after Foodtearing. In a study of 20,500 women, 5% required an episiotomy and Drug Administration approval. The safety of new agentsand 67 patients (.0033%) experienced wound disruption that cannot be known with certainty until a drug has been on therequired surgical correction resulting in a "satisfactory market for many years. 110o u t c o m e " .1 0 7 a BedsoresNEVER ENOUGH STUDIES Over one million people develop bedsores in US hospitals Scientists used the excuse that there were never enough studies every year. Its a tremendous burden to patients and family, andrevealing the dangers of DDT and other dangerous pesticides to a $55 billion health care burden. 7 Bedsores are preventable withban them. They also used this excuse proper nursing care. It is true that 50% ofaround the issue of tobacco, claiming that those affected are in a vulnerable age groupmore studies were needed before they could of over seventy. In the elderly, bedsoresbe certain that tobacco really caused lung carry a fourfold increase in the rate of death.cancer. Even the American Medical The mortality rate in hospitals for patientsAssociation (AMA) was complicit in sup- with bedsores is between 23% and 37%. 8pressing results of tobacco research. In Even if we just take the 50% of people over1964, the Surgeon-Generals report con- 70 with bedsores and the lowest mortality atdemned smoking; however, the AMA Today, scientists 23%, that gives us a death rate due to bed-refused to endorse it. What was their rea- continue to use the sores of 115,000.son? They needed more research. Actually, Critics will say that it was the disease orwhat they really wanted was more money excuse that they advanced age, not the bedsores, that killedand they got it from a consortium of tobacco need more studies the patient, but our argument is that an earlycompanies that paid the AMA US$18 mil- death due to being denied proper carelion over the next nine years, during which before they will deserves to be counted. It is only afterthe AMA said nothing about the dan- lend their support counting these unnecessary deaths thatgers of smoking. 108 we can then turn our attention to fixing The Journal of the American to restrict the the problem.Medical Association (J A M A), "after inordinate usecareful consideration of the extent to Malnutrition in Nursing Homeswhich cigarettes were used by physi- of drugs. The General Accounting Officecians in practice", began accepting (GAO), a special investigative branchtobacco advertisements and money in of US Congress, gave citations to 20%1933. State journals such as the New of the nations 17,000 nursing homesYork State Journal of Medicine a l s o for violations between July 2000 andbegan to run Chesterfield ads, claiming January 2002. Many violationsthat cigarettes are "Just as pure as the involved serious physical injury andwater you drink…and practically d e a t h . 111untouched by human hands". In 1948, A report from the Coalition forJAMA argued that "more can be said in Nursing Home Reform states that atbehalf of smoking as a form of escape from tension than against least one-third of the nations 1.6 million nursing home residentsit...there does not seem to be any preponderance of evidence that may suffer from malnutrition and dehydration, hastening theirwould indicate the abolition of the use of tobacco as a substance death. The report calls for adequate nursing staff to help feedcontrary to the public health".109 patients who arent able to manage a food tray by themselves. 11 It Today, scientists continue to use the excuse that they need is difficult to place a mortality rate on malnutrition and dehydra-more studies before they will lend their support to restrict the tion. This Coalition report states that malnourished residents,inordinate use of drugs. compared with well-nourished hospitalised nursing home resi- dents, have a five-fold increase in mortality when they are admit-OVERVIEW OF STATISTICAL TABLES AND FIGURES ted to hospital. So, if we take one-third of the 1.6 million nursingAdverse Drug Reactions home residents who are malnourished and multiply that by a The Lazarou study 1 was based on statistical analysis of 33 mortality rate of 20%,8, 14 we find 108,800 premature deaths duemillion US hospital admissions in 1994. Hospital records for to malnutrition in nursing homes.prescribed medications were analysed. The number of seriousinjuries due to prescribed drugs was 2.2 million; 2.1% of in- Nosocomial Infectionspatients experienced a serious adverse drug reaction; 4.7% of all The rate of nosocomial [i.e., hospital-related] infections perhospital admissions were due to a serious adverse drug reaction; 1,000 patient days has increased 36%, from 7.2 in 1975 to 9.8 inand fatal adverse drug reactions occurred in 0.19% of in-patients 1995. Reports from more than 270 US hospitals showed that theand 0.13% of admissions. The authors concluded that a projected nosocomial infection rate itself had remained stable over the pre-106,000 deaths occur annually due to adverse drug reactions. vious 20 years with approximately five to six hospital-acquired26 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • infections occurring per 100 admissions, which is a rate of 5–6%. The study surveyed 750 recently ill adults in five differentHowever, because of progressively shorter in-patient stays and countries. The breakdown by country showed 18% of those inthe increasing number of admissions, the actual number of infec- Britain, 25% in Canada, 23% in Australia, 23% in New Zealand,tions increased. and 28%, the highest percentage, in the United States.113 It is estimated that in 1995, nosocomial infections cost $4.5billion and contributed to more than 88,000 deaths in the USA— HEALTH INSURANCE FRAUDone death every six minutes. 9 The 2003 incidence of nosocomial A recent finding by the Institute of Medicine is that the 41 mil-mortality is quite probably higher than in 1995 because of the lion Americans without health insurance have consistently worsetremendous increase in antibiotic-resistant organisms. Morbidity clinical outcomes than those who are insured, and are atand Mortality Weekly Report found that nosocomial infections increased risk for dying prematurely.114cost $5 billion annually in 1999. 10 This is a $0.5 billion increase When doctors bill for services they do not render, advisein four years. The present cost of nosocomial infections may unnecessary tests or screen everyone for a rare condition, theynow be in the order of $5.5 billion. are committing insurance fraud. The US General Accounting Office (GAO) gave a 1998 figure of $12 billion lost to fraudulentOut-patient Iatrogenesis or unnecessary claims, and reclaimed $480 million in judgements Dr Barbara Starfield in a 2000 JAMA paper presents us with in that year. In 2001, the Federal government won or negotiatedwell-documented facts that are both shocking and unassailable:12 more than $1.7 billion in judgements, settlements and administra- 1. The US ranks 12th out of 13 countries in a total of 16 health tive impositions in health-care fraud cases and proceedings.115 indicators. Japan, Sweden and Canada were first, second and third. WAREHOUSING OUR ELDERS 2. More than 40 million people It is only fitting that we end this have no health insurance. report with acknowledgement of our 3. 20% to 30% of patients receive elders. The moral and ethical fibre of contraindicated care. Dr Starfield warns that one cause of It is estimated that in 1995, society can be judged by the way it treats its weakest and most vulnerablemedical mistakes is the overuse of nosocomial [hospital-related] members. Some cultures honour andtechnology, which may create a "cas- infections...contributed to respect the wisdom of their elders,cade effect" leading to more treatment. keeping them at home—the better toShe urges the use of ICD more than 88,000 deaths continue participation in their commu-(International Classification of nity. However, American nursingDiseases) codes which have designa- in the USA—one death homes, where millions of the nationstions called: "Drugs, Medicinal, and every six minutes. elders die, represent the pinnacle ofBiological Substances Causing social isolation and medical abuse.Adverse Effects in Therapeutic Use" Here are some important statisticsand "Complications of Surgical and about nursing homes:Medical Care" to help doctors quantify 1. In America at any one time,and recognise the magnitude of the medical error problem. approximately 1.6 million elderly people are confined to nurs- Starfield says that, at present, deaths actually due to medical ing homes. By 2050, that number could be 6.6 million. 11, 116error are likely to be coded according to some other cause of 2. A total of 20% of all deaths from all causes occur in nursingdeath. She concludes that, against the backdrop of the abysmal homes.117US health report card compared to the rest of the Westernised 3. Hip fractures are the single greatest reason for nursingcountries, we should recognise that the harmful effects of health home admissions. 118care interventions account for a substantial proportion of excess 4. Nursing homes represent a reservoir for drug-resistantdeaths in the USA. organisms due to overuse of antibiotics. 119 Starfield cites Weingarts 2000 paper, "Epidemiology of Congressman Waxman reminded us that "as a society we willMedical Error", on out-patient iatrogenesis. And Weingart, in be judged by how we treat the elderly" when he presented aturn, cites Johnson and Bootman, who asked pharmacists to esti- report that he sponsored, "Abuse of Residents is a Major Problemmate the probability of adverse outcomes occurring as a result of in US Nursing Homes" on July 30, 2001. The report uncoveredout-patient drug treatment. Statistics showed that between 4% that one third—5,283 of the nations 17,000 nursing homes—and 18% of consecutive patients in out-patient settings suffer an were cited for an abuse violation in the two-year period studied,iatrogenic event leading to: 112 January 1999–January 2001. 116 Waxman stated that "the people 1. 116 million extra physician visits; who cared for us deserve better". He also made it very clear that 2. 77 million extra prescriptions; this was only the tip of the iceberg and there is much more abuse 3. 17 million emergency department visits; occurring that we dont know about or ignore.116a 4. 8 million hospitalisations; The major findings of the report were: 5. 3 million long-term admissions; • Over 30% of nursing homes in the US were cited for abuses, 6. 199,000 additional deaths; totalling more than 9,000 abuse violations; 7. $77 billion in extra costs. • 10% of nursing homes had violations that caused actual phys- ical harm to residents, or worse;ITS A GLOBAL ISSUE • Over 40% or 3,800 abuse violations were only discovered A survey published in the Journal of Health Affairs pointed out after a formal complaint was filed, usually by concernedthat between 18% and 28% of people who were recently ill had family members;suffered from a medical or drug error in the previous two years. • Many verbal abuse violations were found;DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 27
  • • Occasions of sexual abuse were discovered; Italy, Spain and Brazil. However, there is one very revealing • Incidents of physical abuse causing numerous injuries such as American study conducted over a 14-month period that evaluated fractured femur, hip, elbow, wrist and other injuries were 837 patients in a 100-bed subacute-care hospital for their nutri- reported. tional status. Only 8% of the patients were found to be well Dangerously understaffed nursing homes lead to neglect, nourished. Almost one-third (29%) were malnourished andabuse, overuse of medications and physical restraints. An almost two-thirds (63%) were at risk of malnutrition. The conse-exhaustive study of nurse-to-patient ratios in nursing homes was quences of this state of deficiency were that 25% of the malnour-mandated by Congress in 1990. The study was finally begun in ished patients required readmission to an acute-care hospital1998 and took four years to be completed.120 compared to 11% of the well-nourished patients. The authors Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for the National concluded that malnutrition reached epidemic proportions inCitizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, said: "They com- patients admitted to this sub-acute-care facility.126piled two reports of three volumes each, thoroughly documenting Many studies conclude that physical restraints are anthe number of hours of care residents must receive from nurses underreported and preventable cause of death. Whereasand nursing assistants to avoid painful, even dangerous, condi- administrators say they must use restraints to prevent falls, in facttions such as bedsores and infections. Yet it took the Department these cause more injury and death because people naturally fightof Health and Human Services and Secretary Tommy Thompson against such imprisonment. Studies show that compared to noonly four months to dismiss the report as insufficient." 121 restraints, the use of restraints carries a higher mortality rate and Bedsores occur three times more economic burden. 127–129 Studies found thatcommonly in nursing homes than in acute physical restraints, including bedrails, arecare or veterans hospitals. 122 But we know the cause of at least one in every 1,000that bedsores can be prevented with proper nursing home deaths. 130–132nursing care. It shouldnt take four years However, deaths caused by malnutrition,for someone to find out that proper care of dehydration and physical restraints are rarelybedsores requires proper staffing. In spite recorded on death certificates. Several stud-of such urgent need in nursing homes where Several studies ies reveal that nearly half of the listed causesadditional staff could solve so many of death on death certificates for older per-problems, we hear the familiar refrain, "Not reveal that nearly sons with chronic or multi-system diseaseenough research"—one that merely buys half of the listed are inaccurate. 133 Even though one in fivetime for those in charge and relegates people dies in nursing homes, the autopsyanother smouldering crisis to the causes of death on rate is only 0.8%. 134 Thus, we have no waybackburner. of knowing the true causes of death. Since many nursing home patients suffer death certificatesfrom chronic, debilitating conditions, for older persons Overmedicating Seniorstheir assumed cause of death is often The CDC seems to be focusing onunquestioned by physicians. S o m e with chronic or reducing the number of prescriptions tostudies show that as many as 50% ofdeaths due to restraints, falls, suicide, multi-system disease children, but a 2003 study found over- medication of US elderly. Dr Roberthomicide and choking in nursing are inaccurate. Epstein, chief medical officer of Medcohomes may be covered up. 123, 124 It is Health Solutions, Inc. (a unit of Merckquite possible that many nursing home & Co.), conducted the study on drugdeaths are attributed, instead, to heart t r e n d s . 7 2 He found that seniors aredisease, which until our report was the going to multiple physicians and get-number one cause of death. In fact, ting multiple prescriptions and usingresearchers have found that heart dis- multiple pharmacies. Medco overseesease may be over-represented in the drug benefit plans for more than 60general population as a cause of death million Americans, including 6.3 mil-on death certificates by 7.9% to lion senior citizens who received more24.3%. In the elderly, the over-reporting of heart disease as a than 160 million prescriptions. According to the study, the aver-cause of death is as much as twofold.125 age senior receives 25 prescriptions annually. In those 6.3 mil- When elucidating iatrogenesis in nursing homes, some critics lion seniors, a total of 7.9 million medication alerts were trig-have asked, "To what extent did these elderly people already gered—fewer than half that number, 3.4 million, were detected inhave life-threatening diseases that led to their premature deaths 1999. About 2.2 million of those alerts indicated excessiveanyway?" Our response is that if a loved one dies one day, one dosages unsuitable for senior citizens and about 2.4 million indi-week, one year, a decade or two decades prematurely, thanks to cated clinically inappropriate drugs for the elderly.some medical misadventure, that is still a premature, iatrogenic Reuters interviewed Kasey Thompson, director of the Center ondeath. In a legalistic sense perhaps more weight is placed on the Patient Safety at the American Society of Health Systemloss of many potential years compared to an additional few Pharmacists, who said: "There are serious and systemic problemsweeks, but this attitude is not justified in an ethical or moral with poor continuity of care in the United States." He said thissense. study shows "the tip of the iceberg" of a national problem. The fact that there are very few statistics on malnutrition in According to Drug Benefit Trends, the average number of pre-acute-care hospitals and nursing homes shows the lack of con- scriptions dispensed per non-Medicare HMO member per yearcern in this area. A survey of the literature turns up very few rose 5.6% from 1999 to 2000—from 7.1 to 7.5 prescriptions.American studies. Those that do appear are foreign studies in The average number dispensed for Medicare members increased28 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • 5.5%—from 18.1 to 19.1 prescriptions. 136 The number of pre- WHAT REMAINS TO BE UNCOVEREDscriptions in 2000 was 2.98 billion, with an average per-person Our ongoing research will continue to quantify the iatrogenicprescription amount of 10.4 annually.137 morbidity, mortality and financial loss in out-patient clinics, tran- In a study of 818 residents of residential care facilities for the sitional care, long-term care, rehabilitative care, home care, pri-elderly, 94% were receiving at least one medication at the time of vate practitioners offices as well as hospitals due to:the interview. The average intake of medications was five per 1. X-ray exposures: mammography, fluoroscopy, CT scans;resident. The authors noted that many of these drugs were given 2. Overuse of antibiotics in all conditions;without a documented diagnosis justifying their use.138 3. Drugs that are carcinogenic: hormone replacement therapy Unfortunately, seniors and groups like the American (* see below), immunosuppressive drugs, prescription drug;Association for Retired Persons (AARP) appear to be dependent 4. Cancer chemotherapy: if it doesnt extend life, is iton prescription drugs and are demanding that coverage for drugs shortening life?; 70be a basic right. 139 They have accepted the overriding assumption 5. Surgery and surgical procedures;from allopathic medicine that aging and dying in America must 6. Unnecessary surgery: Caesarean section, radicalbe accompanied by drugs in nursing homes and eventual mastectomy, preventive mastectomy, radical hysterectomy,hospitalisation with tubes coming out of every orifice. Instead of prostatectomy, cholecystectomies, cosmetic surgery,choosing between drugs and a diet/lifestyle change, seniors are arthroscopy, etc.;given the choiceless option of either high-cost patented drugs or 7. Medical procedures and therapies;low-cost generic drugs. Drug companies are attempting to keep 8. Discredited, unnecessary and unproven medical proceduresthe most expensive drugs on the shelves and to suppress access to and therapies;generic drugs, in spite of stiff fines of hundreds of millions of 9. Doctors themselves: when doctors go on strike, it appearsdollars from the government.140, 141 In 2001, some of the worlds the mortality rate goes down;biggest drug companies, including Roche, were fined a record 10. Missed diagnoses.£523 million (US$871 million) for conspiring to increase theprice of vitamins. 142 * Part of our ongoing research will We would urge AARP, especially, be to quantify the mortality andto become more involved in morbidity caused by hormoneprevention of disease and not to rely replacement therapy (HRT) since theso heavily on drugs. At present, the We, as a society, must take mid-1940s.AARP recommendations for diet In December 2000, a governmentand nutrition assume that seniors are responsibility for the way scientific advisory panelgetting all the nutrition they need in recommended that synthetican average diet. At most, they in which we deal with those oestrogen be added to the nations listsuggest extra calcium and a multiple who are unable to care of cancer-causing agents.vitamin/mineral supplement.143 This HRT, either synthetic oestrogenis not enough, and in our next report for themselves. alone or combined with syntheticwe will show how to live a healthier progesterone, is used by an estimatedlife without unnecessary medical 13.5 to 16 million women in theintervention. United States. 145 We would like to send the same The aborted Womens Healthmessage to the Hemlock Society, which offers euthanasia options Initiative Study (WHI) of 2002 showed that women takingto chronically ill people, especially those in severe pain. What if synthetic oestrogen combined with synthetic progesterone have asome of these chronic diseases are really lifestyle diseases caused higher incidence of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, stroke andby deficiency of essential nutrients, lack of care, inappropriate heart disease and little evidence of osteoporosis reduction ormedication or lack of love? This question is extremely important prevention of consider when you are depressed or in pain. We must look to WHI researchers, who usually never give recommendationshealing those conditions before offering up our lives. other than demanding more studies, are advising doctors to be Lets also look at the irony of underuse of proper pain medica- very cautious about prescribing HRT to their patients.100, 146–150tion for patients that really need it. For example, in one particu- Results of the "Million Women Study" on HRT and breast can-lar study, pain management was evaluated in a group of 13,625 cer in the UK were published in the Lancet of 9 August 2003.cancer patients, aged 65 or over, living in nursing homes. Lead author, Professor Valerie Beral, Director of the CancerOverall, almost 30%, or 4,003 patients, reported pain. However, Research UK Epidemiology Unit, is very open about the damagemore than 25% received absolutely no pain relief medication; HRT has caused. She said: "We estimate that over the past16% received a World Health Organization (WHO) level-one decade, use of HRT by UK women aged 50–64 has resulted in andrug (mild analgesic); 32% a WHO level-two drug (moderate extra 20,000 breast cancers, oestrogen–progestogen (combina-analgesic); and only 26% received adequate pain-relieving mor- tion) therapy accounting for 15,000 of these." 151phine. The authors concluded that older patients and minority However, we were not able to find the statistics on breast can-patients were more likely to have their pain untreated. 144 cer, stroke, uterine cancer or heart disease due to HRT used by The time has come to set a standard for caring for the American women.vulnerable among us—a standard that goes beyond making sure The population of America is roughly six times that of the UK.they are housed and fed and not openly abused. We must stop Therefore, it is possible that 120,000 cases of breast cancer havelooking the other way, and we, as a society, must take been caused by HRT in the past decade.responsibility for the way in which we deal with those who are Continued on page 75unable to care for themselves.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 29
  • 30 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • But for [King] George III, war would have been unknown throughout the world today. The English-speaking race would have been reorganised as a unit, with its central Parliament meeting alternately in New York and London, and it would have given peace to the world. — Cecil Rhodes, July 19011 A t the end of the 19th century the British Empire was the largest the world had Cecil Rhodes, ever seen, covering some 19 million square kilometres of territory and nearly a quarter of the worlds population. Britain was also the pre-eminent global founder of the power, possessing the strongest navy in the world and the largest merchant fleet and dominating the global economy as the biggest investor, banker, insurer and De Beers diamond commodity dealer. 2 According to Niall Ferguson, author of Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World (2003), this Pax Britannica was not only a force for good, but also mining corporation, the "nearest thing there has ever been to a world government". 3 Perhaps it was, though for the millions of indigenous peoples who had been colonised, often with great had a vision of an brutality, and whose lands and natural resources were now being plundered by the Imperial Federation British while they were relegated to the status of second-class subjects, the benefits of being part of the British Empire were somewhat elusive. that would re-unify Yet, despite all these apparent strengths, Britain was no longer at the peak of its power, a point it reached in the 1870s. Indeed, the start of the 20th century marked the Great Britain and final phases of its inevitable decline. The er osion of British power was occurring on two fronts: first, through the imperial expansion of the other European powers, which the United States impinged on its military dominance; and second, by the gradual loss of its industrial and commercial supremacy, upon which its military might had rested. The British and globalise the Establishment was already reading these portents of imperial decay. The First Lord of the Admiralty, for example, had warned in 1900 that in coming years Britain " world. itself will not be strong enough to hold its proper place alongside of the US or Russia and probably not Germany. We shall be thrust aside by sheer weight." 4 It was in the midst of this pervading sense of gloom that, in 1909, a movement emerged which sought to preserve British power by converting its Empire into an "Imperial Federation" or "Imperial Union". 5 This movement was known as the Round Part 1 of 4 Table. The Round Table occupies a special place in most populist accounts of the New World Order, the group given a pivotal role in the World Government conspiracy. David Icke, for example, writes that the Round Table "spawned a network of interconnecting groups in many countries working toward a common government".3 The reason for this focus on the Round Table is the rather sensational analysis of the group provided by Carroll Quigley (1910–1977) in his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time . A professor of history and by Will Banyan international relations at Georgetown University, Quigley discussed the Round Table © October 2004 movement in some detail, claiming it formed the hub of an "international Anglophile network" which had exercised disproportionate influence over the American and British Email: governments for much of the 20th century. More importantly, he personally confirmed the existence of this alleged network, citing some 20 years of studying its history, including gaining exclusive access to its documents over a two-year period; even claiming that for much of his life he was "close to it and to many of its instruments". 7 For many researchers, Quigleys personal testimony has seemed reason enough toDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 31
  • repeat his claims without exploring them much further, let alone Leopold Amery (1873–1955) later observed, "If the vision waswithout questioning their accuracy. Australian researcher Rhodes, it was Milner who over some twenty years laid secure-Jeremy Lee, for instance, suggests Tragedy and Hope "exposed ly the foundations of a system whose power...throughout thebeyond argument" the existence of the New World Order English-speaking world...would be difficult to exaggerate". 12conspiracy,8 while numerous other researchers continue to place While his claims of the Round Tables power can be forgiven asthe Round Table in key positions in wiring diagrams, linking it wishful thinking, Amery by no means overstates the importanceto the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House as of Rhodes and Milner.though it were still a powerful organisation near or at the top of Cecil Rhodes is better known as the founder and primarythe New World Order hierarchy. 9 owner of the famous diamond company, De Beers; as creator of It is not the intention of this article to join this consensus the colonies of Northern and Southern Rhodesia (now Zambiaposition of uncritically accepting Quigleys account of the and Zimbabwe); and as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony fromRound Tables power—an acceptance based solely on his still 1890 to 1896. 13 Compelled by a life-threatening heart conditionunproven claims of special access. 10 Nor is it the intention to to leave Britain, Rhodes had travelled in the 1870s to southernembrace Gary Allens claim that the Round Table was a "secret Africa where he made his fortune in the diamond-mining boomsociety... dedicated to establishing a world government". 1 1 in the Kimberley region. It was there that Rhodes first demon-Equally, this article avoids the habit of more mainstream strated his desire for centralised control.historians of minimising the role of the Round Table and Rhodes believed the intense competition between the hun-relegating it to a mere footnote. Instead, this article endeavours dreds of small mining companies was damaging the viability ofto establish that while Quigleys claims contain some elements the diamond industry. His solution was to establish a companyof truth, the Round Tables contribution to the New World Order with monopoly control over the supply of diamonds, thus mak-is more complex than is commonly supposed. ing it more profitable in the long term. In 1888 Rhodes realised In fact, the movement is an unlikely participant in the push for his vision, collaborating with share dealer Alfred Beit and theglobal governance. Founded by advo- London bankers Nathaniel M.cates of Anglo-Saxon racial and polit- Rothschild and Sons to buy out rivalical superiority, their scheme for mining companies throughout theimperial federation originally intend- Kimberley region. The product ofed to consolidate the British Empire The Round Table was the this collusion was a single diamondto protect it from disintegration and mining company, De Beersan expected challenge from Germany, product of two people: Consolidated Mines. This bold movethe Round Table, at least initially, Cecil Rhodes (1853–1902) gave Rhodes and his backers "controlrepresented imperialist rather than of the commanding heights of theinternationalist ideals. and Lord Alfred Milner Cape economy" (Thomas) and made Moreover, despite its apparent (1854–1925). him, "almost overnight, the mostwealth and political connections and powerful man in Africa" (Rotberg). 14an ambitious propaganda program, the As Prime Minister of the CapeRound Table conspicuously failed to Colony, Chairman of De Beers andachieve its goal of imperial federa- one of the richest and most aggressivetion. It also fell short in its attempts to imperialists in southern Africa,remould the League of Nations concept into a form that would Rhodes commanded considerable power and his exploits earnedsupport the Round Tables imperialist ambitions. The movement him the admiring accolade of "the Colossus of Africa". Drivenwould also be beset by divisions between those who viewed the by an imperialist fervour, the Colossus embarked on a numberfederation of the British Empire as an end in itself, and those of bold schemes devoted to the expansion and consolidation ofwho believed imperial federation should be a stepping-stone to British rule in Africa. Some of these plans were partiallyworld government. successful, such as the annexation of Matabeleland and Nevertheless, the movements vision of a world ruled by an Mashonaland in support of the British South Africa CompanysAnglo-American federation represented one of the first attempts goal of controlling all the land in the interior of Africa betweenin the 20th century by a power-elite clique to bypass democracy the Limpopo and the Nile. Other schemes, such as his attemptin order to achieve its goal of overriding national sovereignty to overthrow the Boer government in the Orange Free Stateand establishing a supranational form of governance. Yet, as through the Jameson Raid and his plans for a trans-Africanthis article seeks to demonstrate, the Round Table movements railway stretching from the Cape to Cairo, were for himlegacy was not one of success but of failure. Its members personally costly and conspicuous failures.efforts to arrest Britains decline by unifying the Empire soon Yet, in pursuing these various projects, Rhodes was notproved futile, and their dream of ruling the world slipped from enacting his own ideas but using the plans of others to fulfil histheir grasp. broader vision. As one historian observed: "Rhodes was not a thinker; he was doer. He appropriated the ideas of others ratherCECIL RHODES AND HIS IMPERIAL VISION than conceiving ideas himself." 1 5 Significantly, the only The Round Table was the product of two people: Cecil exception to this rule was his most ambitious grand design ofRhodes (1853–1902) and Lord Alfred Milner (1854–1925). all: imperial federation.This was not to be a living partnership, given Rhodess untimely This is not an accepted fact in most accounts, including indeath well before the Round Table was founded and their limit- Quigleys book where the famous British artist John Ruskin ised contacts while he was alive, but more of a posthumous asso- cited as the sole source of Rhodess enthusiasm for imperialciation in which Milner sought to realise Rhodess dream of a federation. Rhodes is said to have attended the inaugural lectureunified British Empire. As prominent Round Table member given at Oxford in 1870 by Ruskin, then Professor of Fine Arts,32 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • and to have been so inspired that he kept a copy of the lecture more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the humanwith him for the next 30 years, regarding it as "one of his race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited bygreatest possessions" (Quigley).16 The problem with this version the most despicable of human beings; what an alterationof events is that Rhodes did not attend Oxford until September there would be in them if they were brought under Anglo-1873, thus obviously missing Ruskins lecture; more Saxon influence... Added to which the absorption of theimportantly, as Rotberg notes, there is "absolutely no greater portion of the world under our rule simply meansevidence...that Rhodes was ever affected by Ruskins popularity the end of all wars.21and the cult which helped spread his message of light, right andduty".17 There are certainly good grounds for supposing that To this end, Rhodes put forward his own vision of an expandedRhodes would have agreed with most of Ruskins message that British Empire that would be achieved by the formation of aBritains destiny, "the highest ever set before a nation", was to secret society:make it "for all the world a source of light" by founding colonies Why should we not form a secret society with but one"as far and as fast as she is able to". 18 There is, however, no object: the furtherance of the British Empire and thesingle source of inspiration for Rhodess dream of unifying the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British ruleBritish Empire. for the recovery of the United States The range of influences on Rhodess for making the Anglo-Saxon race butimperial thinking was legion. His favourite one Empire. What a dream, and yet itbooks included the works of Classical is probable, it is possible. 22Greek and Roman scholars, such asAristotles E t h i c s, Platos R e p u b l i c, This secret society would have "itsPlutarchs L i v e s, Marcus Aurelius members in every part of the BritishMeditations, and Thucydides History, orwere about the Roman Empire—evident in Rhodess motivation Empire", including in the schools and universities to select new members and inhis avid reading and rereading of Edward for creating his own the Colonial legislatures, where they wouldGibbonss six-volume The Decline and Fall "advocate the closer union of England andof the Roman Empire (1776–1788). These secret society colonies, to crush all disloyalty and everybooks had exposed Rhodes to the cos- stemmed from his movement for the severance of ourmopolitanism of the Stoics and also to Empire". He also envisaged this secretarguments extolling the virtues of imperial- disappointment society owning "portions of the press, forism. From these, it seems, he had and contempt for the press rules the mind of theconcluded that it was Britains destiny p e o p l e " . 23to succeed Rome as the ruler of the Freemasonry, Rhodess motivation for creatingw o r l d .19 which he had his own secret society stemmed from Another key influence was William his disappointment and contempt forWinwood Reades book, T h e recently joined. Freemasonry, which he had recentlyMartyrdom of Man (1872), a neo- joined. His disdain for the Craft hadDarwinian tome which presents a uni- been almost immediate, demonstratedversal history of humanity supporting at his induction banquet in June 1877the argument that suffering is neces- where, as a new life member for thesary to the achievement of progress. Apollo Chapter of the MasonicRhodes had read Martyrdom, describ- Order, Rhodes scandalised hising it as a "creepy book", but he also brethren by casually revealing thesaid, somewhat ominously, that it had mystic cult secrets of the 33rd Degree"made me what I am".20 R i t e . 2 4 In his Confession, Rhodes He also found inspiration in the imperialist fervour generated denigrated the Freemasons as an essentially pointless organisa-by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraelis expansion of the British tion whose members "devote themselves to what at times appearEmpire in the 1870s. Disraeli himself was an advocate of the most ridiculous and absurd rites without an object and with-imperial federation. out an end". However, this was not a blanket rejection of secret Arguably, it was from this rich concoction of ideas and societies, as he expressed his admiration for the Jesuits whom heinfluences, rather than from Oxford itself—where he apparently believed had achieved much despite their "bad cause" and "badlearned little—that Rhodes had developed his own unique vision leaders".25of imperial federation. Elements of Rhodess Confession were incorporated into his wills, of which eight were produced over the years as his fortuneRHODES AND HIS "CONFESSION OF FAITH" and ambitions increased but his cardiovascular problems wors- Rhodes first put his vision of imperial unity to paper on 2 June ened, reminding the Colossus that his time in this world was1877 in his handwritten testimony, the so-called "Confession of short. His second will of 19 September 1877, for example, wasFaith". In the Confession, Rhodes stated he had concluded that produced following a "heart attack" he had suffered in August ofhis chosen calling in life was not marriage, travel or the that year. 26 Although it had only two executors, that documentaccumulation of wealth, but to make himself useful to his clarified Rhodess essential vision of establishing a "Secretcountry. Expressing his belief in the inherent racial and cultural Society" devoted to "the extension of British rule throughout thesuperiority of Anglo-Saxons, Rhodes argued that only the world", including the "ultimate recovery of the United States asBritish should rule the world: an integral part of the British Empire". This would culminate in: I contend that we are the finest race in the world and the ...consolidation of the whole Empire, the inauguration of aDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 33
  • system of Colonial Representation in the Imperial with Rhodess "gorgeous" ideas for the "federation, expansion Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed and consolidation of the Empire".32 members of the Empire, and finally the foundation of so The impact appears to have been mutual, with Rhodes giving great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and Stead a gift of £2,000 to settle an adverse libel judgement and promote the best interests of humanity.27 promising £20,000 to promote their ideas of imperial federation through the British media. In time, Rhodes was to show his con- All that remained was to bring about this desired state of fidence in Stead by naming him a trustee in one his wills. 33affairs, and in successive wills Rhodes continuously refined his Stead was also to have an impact on the Anglo-American com-envisaged secret society. In a letter accompanying his fourth ponent of Rhodess imperial vision. It is noted by Quigley thatwill, written in June 1888, Rhodes instructed Lord Nathaniel M. Rhodes accepted Steads proposal to modify his vision of imper-Rothschild (1840–1915)—his collaborator and financier at De ial federation to make "Washington the capital of the wholeBeers and to whom he originally left most of his fortune—to organisation or allow parts of the empire to become states of theobtain the Constitution of the Jesuits and "insert English Empire American Union". 34 According to Steads own account (andfor Roman Catholic Religion" so the secret society could use the Quigleys most likely source), it was during Rhodess visit todocument as its charter. 28 England in February 1891 that the diamond magnate had But Lord Rothschild, although a supporter of imperial f i n a l l y : 35expansion, soon proved unworthy of this task. For one, ...expressed his readiness to adopt the course from which heRothschild failed to meet Rhodess had at first recoiled...that of securingimmediate demands for assistance in the unity of the English-speaking raceachieving his various schemes in Africa. by consenting to the absorption of theThis frustrated the Colossus of Africa, who British Empire in the American Union ifhad apparently believed in the great power it could not be secured any other way...of the Rothschild name to work the all-too- [H]e expressed his deliberate convic -numerous miracles he required. 29 In June 1888, tion that English-speaking re-union was Lord Rothschild also seemed unable to Rhodes instructed so great an end in itself as to justifyabsorb Rhodess ultimate imperial vision. even the sacrifice of the distinctive fea -The disappointment was obvious. Rhodes Lord Rothschild to tures and independent existence of thewas to confide to his friend Lord Esher in obtain the Constitution British Empire.1891 that Lord Rothschild " absolutelyincapable of understanding my ideas. I have of the Jesuits and This Anglo-American arrangement thusendeavoured to explain them to him, but I "insert English Empire became one of the central components of hiscould see from the look on his face that envisaged supranational enterprise, ifit made no impression...and that I was for Roman Catholic not an obsession. Rhodes oftensimply wasting my time." The fate ofBritains richest banker was to be Religion" so the secret blamed King George III for the loss of the American colonies (see epigraph),removed from Rhodess subsequent society could use the and once lamented to Stead that "if wewills and replaced with an anonymoust r u s t e e . 30 document as its had not lost America...the peace of the world [would have been] secured for charter. all Eternity!" The postscript to his willSTEAD AND THE "ANGLO- of September 1893, for example,AMERICAN RE-UNION" expressed his belief that the merger of Rhodes was to find a more under- Britain and the United States wouldstanding audience through his friend- "take the government of the wholeship with William T. Stead world", leading to the "cessation of all(1849–1912), editor of the Pall Mall wars and one language throughout theGazette and founder of the periodical, world".36Review of Reviews. Stead was an ardent supporter of imperial- Elsewhere, Rhodes envisaged joining the British House ofism, conceiving it in Ruskinian terms of Britains moral duty to Commons to the United States Congress, establishing anthe rest of the world, which he defined as the "imperialism of "Imperial Parliament" that would sit for five-year periods,responsibility". He was a supporter of imperial federation, evi- alternating between London and Washington. 37dent in the avowed purpose of Review of Reviews of "promoting Rhodess vision can appear quite idealistic, even naïve, in itsthe re-union of the English-speaking race".31 motivations. Quigley contends that Rhodess utopian scheme for However, Stead had also been a member of the South Africa a world-dominating Anglo-American Federation was driven notCommittee, which was opposed to Rhodess brutal methods of by greed or other materialist wants but by a sincere belief inexpanding British rule in southern Africa. Nevertheless, it was Britains mission to spread its culture and values worldwide foran article by Stead in the Pall Mall Gazette , endorsing an the common good. However, Rhodes also made some quite"Anglo-American re-union", that had prompted Rhodes to seek rational calculations about British power, particularly its declin-him out during his visit to England in April 1889. Their subse- ing economic fortunes. He recognised that British trade wasquent meeting was to have a profound effect on Stead, who was suffering due to "hostile tariffs" imposed by America andto put aside his previous reservations and write excitedly of his Europe. As he was to tell Prime Minister Gladstone, the onlynewfound admiration for Rhodes, proclaiming that he had never logical solution was the "further acquisition of territory", givingbefore "met a man who, upon broad Imperial matters, was so Britain a domain large enough to maintain tariffs against the restentirely of my way of thinking". Stead was especially impressed of the world. "Great Britains position depends on her trade,"34 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • Rhodes argued, saying that if Britain did not "take and open up overcome by a global civilisation, albeit an Anglo-Saxon one.the dependencies of the world which are at present devoted to There were a number of important differences, however, withbarbarism, we shall shut out the worlds trade". 38 Rhodes being influenced by Classical philosophers rather than by Quite simply, Rhodes did not believe that free trade in itself the Enlightenment theorists whom Weishaupt admired; this hadwould benefit Britain unless there were some political action to made him into an ardent imperialist rather than the cosmopolitansupport it, preferably in the form of imperial expansion and con- idealist that Weishaupt clearly was. Unlike Weishaupt, a radicalsolidation. "Being a Free Trader," he was to write to Stead, "I thinker who aspired to overthrow the existing political and reli-believe that until the world comes to its senses you should gious order, Rhodes sought only to expand and preserve what hedeclare war with those who are trying to boycott your manufac- regarded as the absolute pinnacle of human civilisation: thetures." He had been particularly taken British South African politician Jan Furthermore, Weishaupt was anHendrik Hofmeyrs proposal, first academic of limited means, whoseraised at the 1887 Colonial only hope of realising his vision wasConference, of an Empire-wide two-per-cent tariff against foreign goods. Rhodes was in many respects to use the Illuminati to try to infiltrate existing centres of power and sway"The politics of the next hundred one of the first true modern elite opinion. His ambitiousyears are going to be tariffs and noth-ing else," Rhodes proclaimed while heirs to Adam Weishaupt, endeavour met with some success, but ultimately ran afoul of the BavarianPrime Minister of the Cape Colony. founder of the Bavarian authorities, culminating in his exileIn his letter to Stead, Rhodes identi-fied the only possible solution: "You Illuminati. and the banning of the Illuminati. Rhodes, in contrast, with amight finish the [tariff] war by union controlling stake in southern Africaswith America and universal peace, I diamond monopoly, two terms asmean after a hundred years and a Prime Minister of the Cape Colonysecret society organised like [St and feted by Britains Establishment,Ignatius] Loyolas [founder of the Jesuits]."39 had at his disposal enormous financial and political resources— and, as such, ample opportunity to act on his ideas without fearTHE NEW WEISHAUPT of persecution by the state because, especially in southern In pursuing this course, Rhodes was in many respects one of Africa, he was the state.the first true modern heirs to Adam Weishaupt, founder of theBavarian Illuminati. A Professor of Law at the University of Part Two examines Alfred Milners role in the first efforts to realiseIngolstadt and a former a Jesuit priest, Weishaupt created the Rhodess vision of a secret society devoted to imperial unity.Illuminati in 1776 to achieve his radical, utopian goal of Continued next issue ...transforming society. He envisaged a world devoid of "princesand nations", in which the human race would "become one About the Author:family".40 Will Banyan, BA (Hons), GradDip (Information Science), is a Rhodess similarities with Weishaupt are threefold: first, he writer specialising in the political economy of globalisation. He has worked for local and national governments as well ascame to the same conclusion as Weishaupt that creating his own some international organisations and the private sector. He issecret society for the purposes of changing elite opinion was the currently working on a revisionist history of the New Worldonly means to ensure that his goals could be achieved; second, Order and an analysis of the War on Terror.he was similarly unimpressed by the Freemasons and the Jesuits, Banyans six-part series, "Rockefeller Internationalism", wasyet he copied their methods; and finally, his ultimate goal was published in NEXUS 10/03–11/02. He has also publishedessentially the same as Weishaupt, in that he sought to create a papers at the Modern History Project website. Will Banyanworld order in which peace would prevail as divisions would be can be contacted by email at Endnotes Milners Young Men: The "Kindergarten" who places the Round Table at the centre1. Quote attributed to Rhodes in Frederic in Edwardian Imperial Affairs, Duke of his diagram, which is in fact a copy ofWhyte, The Life of W. T. Stead, Jonathan University Press, 1968, p. 124. Stan Deyos "Round Table of the Nine"Cape, 1925, vol. II, p. 206. 6. David Icke, ...And The Truth Shall Set diagram in his book The Cosmic2. Paul Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of You Free: The most explosive book of the Conspiracy (West Australian Texasthe Great Powers: Economic Change and 20th century, Bridge of Love, 1995, p. 67. Trading, 1992, p. 96). Dr John Coleman,Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000, 7. See Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and in contrast, presents the Round Table asRandom House, 1987, pp. 224-226. Hope: A History of The World in Our an offshoot of the Royal Institute for3. Niall Ferguson, Empire: How Britain Time, Angriff Press, 1966–1974, pp. 130- International Affairs, itself beneath theMade the Modern World, Basic Books, 133, 144-153, 950-956; and Quigley, "Committee of 300"; see Conspirators2003, p. xxiii. "The Round Table Groups in Canada, Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of4. Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of the 1908–38", Canadian Historical Review, 300, America West Publishers, 1992, p.Great Powers, pp. 226-229 (quote on p. September 1962, pp. 204-224. 265.229). 8. Jeremy Lee, Australia 2000: "What 10. It is hoped that an enterprising5. Quoted in A. M. Gollin, Proconsul in Will We Tell Our Children?", Pickford researcher will some day analysePolitics: A Study of Lord Milner in Productions, 1997, p. 28. Quigleys research notes for Tragedy andOpposition and in Power, Anthony Blond, 9. See, for example, David Icke (…And Hope, now available at Georgetown1964, p. 16; and Walter Nimocks, The Truth Shall Set You Free, p. 151), Continued on page 76DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 35
  • 36 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • T he city of Buffalo, in the north of New York State, USA, bore silent witness to an extraordinary event one week in the (northern) summer of 1931. The economic Depression had dampened business and manufacturing to some extent, but the city was nevertheless a hubbub of activity. Among the thousands of vehicles travelling the streets of the city one day, a luxury car stopped by the kerb at a traffic light intersection. A pedestrian noticed that the car was a new Pierce-Arrow sedan, with head- light housings blending into gracefully swept front fenders in the unique Pierce-Arrow In the northern style. What also set the elegant car apart was that on this cold day, there was no visible vapour belching from the exhaust pipe. The bystander approached the driver and through summer of 1931, the open window commented on the lack of fumes coming from the exhaust. The driver acknowledged the mans compliment and remarked that it was because the car had "no Dr Nikola Tesla engine". This statement is not as whimsical or mischievous as it may seem. There was some road-tested a luxury truth to it. The Pierce-Arrow did indeed have no internal combustion engine. It had an electric motor instead. If the driver had cared to expand his comment further, he might Pierce-Arrow sedan have told the pedestrian that the electric motor ran with no batteries—with no "fuel" of fitted with an any kind. The driver was Petar Savo, and though he was operating the car he was not responsible 1800 rpm AC for its astonishing features. These were the work of his sole passenger, a man whom Petar Savo knew as an "uncle": none other than the electrical genius Dr Nikola Tesla electric motor and (1856–1943). In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla revolutionised the world with his inventions in practical powered by a electricity, giving us the induction electric motor, alternating current (AC), radio telegraphy, wireless remote control, fluorescent lamps and other scientific marvels. It was receiver tuned to Nikola Teslas polyphase current (AC), not Thomas Edisons direct current (DC), that really ushered in the modern technological age. tap energy from Tesla did not rest on his laurels but continued to make fundamental discoveries in the the aether. fields of energy and matter. He discovered cosmic rays decades before Millikan, and was an early developer of X-ray, cathode ray and other vacuum tubes. However, Nikola Teslas potentially most significant discovery was that electrical energy could be made to propagate through the Earth and also around the Earth in an atmospheric zone called the Schumann cavity. It extends from the planetary surface to the ionosphere at about 50 miles (80 kilometres) altitude. Electromagnetic waves of extremely low frequencies in the range of 8 Hz (the Schumann resonance or pulse of the Earths magnetic field) travel with virtually no loss, to any point on the planet. Teslas system of power distribution and his dedication to free energy meant that his system could be tapped by anyone in the world with the right electrical device correctly tuned to the power transmission. by Igor Spajic © 2004 This threat to powerful interests and their distribution and sale of electrical power was too great. Teslas discovery resulted in the withdrawal of financial backing, ostracism c/- NEXUS Magazine from the scientific mainstream and the gradual removal of his name from the history PO Box 30 books. Having had the status of a scientific superstar in 1895, Tesla was virtually a "non- Mapleton, Qld 4560 person" by 1917, limited to performing small-scale scientific experiments in virtual Australia seclusion. A thin figure in his open coat of pre–World War I style, he would announce his Email: discoveries and developing ideas to journalists during his annual birthday briefings for the press. It was a sad mixture of ego and frustrated genius. In 1931, Nikola Tesla turned seventy-five. In a rare display of media tribute, TimeDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 37
  • magazine honoured him with a cover portrait and biographical They flourished in their market niche with a range of formal,profile. The elderly scientist/engineer was gaunt though not often elegant, closed-carriage designs.unhealthy, his hair still a shining black, and he had the same far- The Achilles heel of the electric automobile, however, wasaway look in his visionary eyes. always the energy density of its batteries, or the lack of it. Batteries were of the lead-acid type, and were heavy and bulkyElectric Cars Fall Behind and took up valuable storage space. The excessive weight made At the beginning of the 20th century, the prospects for the elec- for lumbering handling and sluggish performance, even by thetric automobile were bright. Visionaries like Jules Verne had standards of the day. Electric vehicles could not exceed 45–50anticipated battery-powered vehicles that were mechanically sim- mph (70–80 km/h), as such speed might destroy the batteries inple, silent, odourless, straightforward to operate and less cantan- mere moments. Bursts of speed to 35 mph (57 km/h) could bekerous than any gasoline-engined car. sustained for only a very short duration, In the petrol-engined automobile, and travel in the 15–20 mph (24–32one had to pre-set the throttle linkage, km/h) range was typical. The batter-advance the spark control, pump the Department stores made use ies required charging every night andaccelerator and rotate the engine with a the range of travel was seldom overcrank. In an electric car, one only of electric delivery trucks. 100 miles (162 kilometres). No elec-needed to turn a key and press the Doctors began making house tric vehicle manufacturer had everaccelerator. Releasing the accelerator installed a DC generator, which wouldslowed down the car immediately. calls in "electrics". have returned a small charge back into In an age of few motor garages, elec- Women took to electric cars the batteries as the vehicle moved,tricians could service the simple DC thus increasing operating range.motors if necessary. There was no oil for their ease of operation. Promises of coming breakthroughs into change, no radiator to fill, no fuel or new, powerful batteries were made aswater pumps to service, no carburettor far back as Edisons heyday but ulti-problems, no exhaust pipe to rust, no mately came to naught.clutch or transmission to service, and no pollution! Grease and oil As the speed and reliability of petrol-engined cars improved,use was limited to two bearings in the electric motor and a num- the electric car fell out of favour, becoming associated with retiredber of chassis fittings. gentlemen and little old ladies. The electric starter on Department stores made use of electric delivery trucks. conventional cars put the final nail in the coffin of electricDoctors began making house calls in "electrics", discarding their and buggy for something altogether easier to maintain.Women took to electric cars for their ease of operation. Since Enter Dr Nikola Teslaelectric cars were limited in their range and speed by their batter- In the 1960s an aeronautical engineer named Derek Ahlers meties, they became popular as town carriages. Petar Savo and developed a long friendship with him. Savo Outside of town, the country roads of America were so primi- would talk with Ahlers during their 10-year acquaintance abouttive that they became the preserve of the rapid (and rapidly his illustrious "uncle" Nikola Tesla and his exploits in the 1930s.improving), long-range, internal combustion engine car. Thus, a (Savo was a younger relation of Nikola Tesla and if not actually asort of golden age of electric vehicles persisted in America after nephew he would customarily refer to him as "uncle").the rest of the world had begun to discard them. Detroit Electric, In 1930, Nikola Tesla asked his "nephew" Petar Savo to comeColumbia, Baker, Rauch & Lang, and Woods were the most sig- to New York City. Savo (born in Yugoslavia in 1899 and thus 43nificant among a host of manufacturers of this type of vehicle. years younger than Tesla) had been in the Austrian military and was a trained aviator, and he eagerly took up the opportunity to leave Yugoslavia (also Teslas country of birth). He moved to America and settled in New York City. In a series of interviews in 1967, Mr Savo related his part in the affair of the Tesla electric car. During the summer of 1931, Tesla invited Savo to Buffalo, New York state, to unveil and test a new type of automobile which Tesla had developed with his own funds. Coincidentally, Buffalo is close to Niagara Falls—where Teslas AC hydroelectric power station went on line in 1895, marking the pinnacle of his esteem in the eyes of orthodox science. Westinghouse Electric and the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company had prepared this experimental electric car under Dr Teslas guidance. (George A 1931 Pierce-Arrow Eight sedan, similar to the Tesla electric test car. Westinghouse had bought Teslas AC- (Photo courtesy of John Filiss, Serious Wheels) current patents for US$15 million at the turn of the 20th century.)38 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • The Pierce-Arrow Company was now owned and bankrolled by a shortwave radio cabinet. Within was his electronic circuitthe Studebaker Corporation and used this firmer financial footing comprising the 12 vacuum tubes, wire and assorted resistors.for a burst of innovation. Between 1928 and 1933, the company Two rods of a quarter-inch diameter and three inches in lengthreleased new models with straight-eight-cylinder and V-12 (0.6 x 7.6 cm) apparently served as connectors to the motor leads.engines, the futuristic Silver Arrow show cars, new styling and When they returned to the test car, they placed the box in a pre-improvements in engineering. Customers responded and Pierce- fitted position on the passenger side under the dashboard. DrArrow sales even improved the companys share of the Tesla pushed in the two contact rods and consulted a voltmeter.diminishing luxury car market in 1930. In such a surge of "We now have power," he declared, handing the ignition keysconfidence, "blue sky" projects such as Teslas electric car were to his nephew. There were additional gauges on the dashboardwithin the conceptual sphere. With the companys traditional that read values which Tesla would not explain.mixture of arrogance and naïvety, anything seemed possible. At his uncles request, Savo started the engine. "The engine is Thus, a 1931 Pierce-Arrow Eight had been selected for testing now in motion," affirmed Tesla. Savo heard no sound.from the factorys proving grounds in Buffalo, New York. Its Nevertheless, with the electrical savant in the passenger seat,internal combustion engine had Savo selected a gear, pressed thebeen removed, leaving the clutch, accelerator pedal and drove the cargearbox and transmission to the out.rear wheels intact. The ordinary Petar Savo drove this fuelless12-volt storage battery remained, car for a long time that day, for 50but an 80-hp electric motor had miles through Buffalo and out intobeen coupled to the transmission. the countryside. With a Traditionally, electric cars had speedometer calibrated to 120battery-powered DC motors, as DC mph (192 km/h), the Pierce-Arrowis the only type of current that was taken up to 90 mph (145batteries can provide. A DC to AC km/h), still with the same degreeconverter could have been used, of silence from the motor.but the equipment was too large in Dr Tesla became more relaxedthose days to fit into an automobile. and confident about his invention The twilight of electric cars had as they drove through the country-long since passed, but this Pierce- side. He began to open up to hisArrow was fitted with no simple nephew regarding its secrets. TheDC motor. It was an AC electric device was capable of supplyingmotor designed for 1800 rpm. The the vehicles power needs forever,motor itself was 40 inches long and but, more than this, it was also30 inches in diameter (102 x 76 capable of meeting the powercm), was brushless and air-cooled requirements of a house—andwith a front cooling fan, and with power to spare.displayed twin power cable leads Initially reluctant to explain thewhich were directed to underneath principles, Dr Tesla did admit thatthe dashboard but left unconnected. his device was merely a receiverTesla would not say who had for a "mysterious radiation, whichmanufactured the electric motor, comes out of the aether" andbut it is thought that it was possibly which "is available in limitlessone of the divisions of quantities".Westinghouse. An antenna rod of "Mankind should be very grate-6 feet (1.83 m) in length had been Advertisements for Baker and Rauch & Lang electric cars, ful for its presence," he mused.fitted to the rear of the car. circa 1915, advocated their comfort and reliability as ideal for Over the course of the next eight a womans car. Note the merger of two electric carmakers by this time: Baker, and Rauch & Lang. Each retained its days, Tesla and Savo tested theThe "Aether-Arrow" Affair own slogan: Baker ("Quality, Service" and Rauch & Lang Pierce-Arrow in city and country Petar Savo joined his famous ("The Social Necessity"). conditions, from crawling speed toelder relative as requested, and they 90 mph. Performance was equalboarded a train in New York City for upstate New York. During to any powerful, multi-cylinder car of the day, including Piercesthe journey, the inventor would not elaborate on the nature of the own 366-cubic-inch (6- litre), 125-bhp Eight.experiment. Tesla told Savo that the energy receiver would soon be used to Upon arrival in Buffalo, they went to a small garage where they power trains, boats, planes and automobiles.found the new Pierce-Arrow. Dr Tesla opened the hood and made The inventor and his accomplice finally delivered the car to aa few adjustments to the AC electric motor within. They then secret, pre-arranged location—an old barn near a farmhouse 20departed to prepare Teslas equipment. In a nearby hotel room, miles from Buffalo. They left the car there, Dr Tesla taking thethe electrical genius assembled his apparatus. He had brought 12 ignition key and his receiver device with him.special vacuum tubes in a boxlike case. The tubes were described This cloak-and-dagger aspect of the affair continued. Petarby Savo as "of curious construction", though at least three have Savo heard a rumour that a secretary had spoken openly about thesince been identified as 70L7-GT rectifier beam tubes. They were secret tests and had been fired for the indiscretion. This mayplugged into a device that was housed in a box, 2 feet long, 1 foot explain how a garbled account of the tests came to appear inwide and 6 inches high (61 x 30.5 x 15 cm). It was no larger than several newspapers.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 39
  • be pressed further for details, however, as he was hypersensitive regarding the security of his device—and with good reason. Powerful interests, who sought to stymie his every effort to pro- mote and apply his technologies, had blackballed Tesla in the past. This author is unaware of any known public record of the nauti- cal experiment, or if it took place at all. Scant information made it into the public arena. The New York Daily News, on 2 April 1934, ran an article enti- tled "Teslas Wireless Power Dream Nears Reality", which described a "planned test run of a motor car using wireless trans- mission of electrical energy" for power. This was after the event and made no mention of "free energy". At the time that the car might have been unveiled, the Westinghouse Corporation, under president F. A. Merrick, paid for Teslas accommodation at New Yorks newest and most luxu- rious hotel, the New Yorker. There, the ageing scientist lived rent free for the rest of his life. Tesla was also hired by Westinghouse for some unspecified wireless research and he stopped his public statements on cosmic rays. Did Westinghouse buy Teslas reluctant silence on his free- energy discoveries? Or was he funded to pursue secret projects that were so speculative that they would be of no possible threat to established industry for the foreseeable future? The curtain drops on a mystery within an enigma. ∞ About the Author: Igor Spajic bought his first copy of NEXUS because of an article on Nikola Tesla, and maintains an interest in the technology and his- tory of the inventor. As a graphic designer, he has contributedDr Nikola Tesla was featured on the cover of the 20 July 1931 issue illustrations to magazines and designed cartoon characters for a of TIME magazine (vol. XVIII, no. 3). The portrait was painted by school musical education program. Igor is currently restoring a Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy and first exhibited in March 1916. classic car, though he does not anticipate powering it with cosmic (Photo courtesy of Time-Life) energy. Igor Spajic is preparing a follow-up article speculating on how Dr Nikola Tesla harnessed the energy of the Earths Dr Tesla was asked where the power came from, in the obvious magnetic field to power his car.absence of batteries. "From the aethers all around us," he repliedreluctantly. References Some people suggested that Tesla was mad and somehow in • Abram, Arthur, "The Forgotten Art of Electric-Poweredleague with sinister, occult forces. Tesla was incensed. He Automobiles", The Cormorant, the Packard Clubs newsletter (dateremoved his mysterious box and himself, returning to his New unknown) • Derek Ahlers interview with Petar Savo, 16 September 1967 (fromYork City laboratory. So ended Nikola Teslas brief foray into archives of Ralph Bergstrasser)automotive applications. • Childress, David H., The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla, This security breach incident may be apocryphal, as Tesla was Adventures Unlimited Press, Illinois, 1993, ISBN 1-932813-19-4not averse to using publicity to promote his inventions and ideas, • Childress, David H. (ed.), The Tesla Papers, Adventures Unlimitedalthough when these devices threatened the industrial status quo Press, Illinois, 2000, ISBN 0-932813-86-0he had every reason to be circumspect in his dealings. • Decker, Jerry, "Teslas Electric Car – The Moray Version", KeelyNet The Pierce-Arrow Company had already reached the pinnacle BBS, posted 31 January 1993of its success in 1930. In 1931, it was on the way down. In 1932, • Extraordinary Technology, vol. 1, no. 2, April/May/June 2003the Company lost US$3 million. In 1933, the writing was also on • Greene, A.C., "The Electric Auto That Almost Triumphed", Dallas Morning News, January 24, 1993the wall for parent company Studebaker, which teetered on the • Nieper, Hans A., Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society,very brink of liquidation. The focus moved from innovation to MIT Verlag, Oldenburg, 1985, ISBN 3-925188-07-X (first published inmere survival, and here Pierce-Arrow leaves our narrative. German as Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft, 1981) • Siefer, Marc J., Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, BirchA Mystery within an Enigma Lane Press/Carol Publishing Group, NJ, 1996, ISBN 1-55972-329-7 About a month after the publicity incident, Petar Savo was • Seife, C., "Running on Empty", New Scientist, 25 April 1998phoned by Lee DeForest, a friend of Tesla and a pioneer • Southward Car Museum Trust Inc., The Illustrated Motor Vehicledeveloper of the vacuum tube. He asked Savo how he had Collection, Paraparaumu, New Zealand, ISBN 0-473-05583-Xenjoyed the tests. Savo responded enthusiastically and DeForest • TFC Books FAQ, Tesla as the greatest living scientist in the world. • Vassilatos, Gerry, "Teslas Electric Car", KeelyNet BBS • Vassilatos, Gerry, Secrets of Cold War Technology – Project HAARP Later, Mr Savo asked his "uncle" about the progress of the and Beyond, Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, 1996, ISBNpower receiver in other applications. Dr Tesla replied that he was 0-945685-20-3negotiating with a major shipbuilding company to build a boat • Wiegersma, Friso, La Belle Chauffeuse, VOC Angel Books,with a similar arrangement to the electric test car. He would not Amsterdam, 1981, ISBN 90-6560-081-740 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 41
  • 42 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • W hat are the Wands of Horus? Their roots go back into the depths of time. For the priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the Wands of Horus—metal cylinders filled with various special materials—were a tool enabling an "initiate" to pass over the "boundary of death", not in a figurative sense but Copper and zinc in the direct one. The ancient doctrine of the hidden nature of the human being that revealed the way to the spiritual enlightenment envisaged by the nature of the Creator rods filled with helped an initiate to discover the great Truth—neglect of which has cost many "spiritual mentors" their lives through the ages. Mastery of the secret of the Wands of Horus was, quartz crystals or for those seeking to know the nature of existence, a decisive factor in preparing to enter into "intercourse with the gods" through the pyramids. The knowledge and wisdom that minerals had lie behind the ancient doctrine make it possible to unlock exceptional abilities in a human being. certain energetic If certain conditions are observed and sessions conducted on a regular daily basis, the qualities that gave Wands of Horus can not only correct but also stimulate a persons nervous, energy and immune systems, creating the preconditions for their improvement. This requires work the ancient Egyptian founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are and the principles by which they work, and knowledge of the cycles of activeness in the human energy system elites a means of and a number of elements making up a complex approach—an essential part of which is interaction with natural sources of energy such as trees, rivers, lakes, the sea and connecting directly mountains. The Wands of Horus are also a means of prevention and treatment, providing the oppor- with the power of tunity in certain disorders to correct particular deviations from the norm and noticeably improve a persons state of health, since they inspire very deep-running physiological and the Great Pyramid energetic processes. and the energy of It is important to stress that the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians was founded not on mystical, astrological or esoteric doctrines, but on a strict grasp of the principles on which the cosmos. the universe is founded. In other words, at the basis of the theoretical and spiritual con- structs of the ancient Egyptian initiates lay first and foremost knowledge, not faith. The Wands of Horus and, indeed, the knowledge of the ancients in general is a very interesting and wide-reaching topic. So, in order to help readers grasp the structure of principles invisible to the uninitiated eye and to draw closer to the sources of knowledge, the National Security Academy of Russia presents a book, The Wands of Horus, intended to bring to a wider public the recent results obtained from the study of the legacy of ancient Egypt. This book is the first to shed some light on the mystery of why the pyra- by Dr Valery Uvarov mid complex at Giza in Egypt was constructed. Reading it, you will find out not only © 1999–2004 about the principles that lay behind the idea of constructing the pyramids, but also about Department of UFO Research, the connection between the Wands of Horus and the "energy source" located within the Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology Great Pyramid. National Security Academy As you learn more of the ancient knowledge, you will also find out about what St Petersburg, Russia prompted the ancient priests to create the Wands of Horus and about the mechanism by with which the Wands interact with the natural planetary energy sources. It is that connection Carl Agar that gives the Wands of Horus their miraculous properties and their harmonising effect on a persons energy system and, as a consequence, on his or her general state of health. Neilos Etheric Products One of the sections of the book is devoted to a description of the technology used to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia produce the Wands of Horus and the mechanism by which they operate. This will help Website: the reader understand, down to the finest detail, how they are constructed and how the pyramid and the cylinders work as a single system. You will learn some results ofDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 43
  • experiments conducted by Russian scientists to study the effect of The lines of the first energy body precisely follow those of thethe Wands of Horus on the human organism and the effect of the physical body, forming an energy layer between 0.3 and 2–3pyramid on animate and inanimate objects. metres thick. The first energy body is the receptor and distributor of transformed cosmic energy—prana. It is through this bodyThe Mechanism behind the Wands of Horus that our physical body becomes charged with the vital energy our The mechanism by which the cylinders act on the human organ- organism needs.ism is fairly complicated. We shall therefore try to explain in The second (astral) energy body is responsible for our emo-more basic terms that nonetheless convey fairly accurately the tional state, and any nervous or psychological stress evokesmain idea of the process. changes in this body. The upsurge of emotions in stress leads to People who seek after knowledge are familiar with the concept the destabilisation of the structure of the second energy body, pro-of energy shells that, according to a certain Eastern tradition, make ducing changes that subsequently lead to discomfort and neu-up the energy system of the human being. We know about the ropsychological problems.existence of the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body and The human energy system has centres, known as c h a k r a s,so on, up to the seventh energy body. But there is evidence that the through which the organism interacts with the outside world. Weancient hierophants knew of the existence of several more energy can picture a chakra as a sort of energy vortex (or funnel). Thebodies or shells, of which the present-day esoteric and other transformed energy of the cosmos, the earth, water and sunlightschools tell us nothing. enters the physical body through the chakras. The final energy body, still unknown to The chakras, being the immediate conduc-humanity today, is the shell through which tors of energy that has been processed in theeach person has direct contact with what energy system, pass it on to the personspeople call "God" or the "Source" of every- endocrine system. All the chakras are con-thing, all knowledge and energy. Through The human energy nected to our physical body and are sort ofthat shell we have a link to all the world projections of the endocrine system.around us, as we are part of the Great system consists of The main energy centres, while being pro-Creative Principle. Since we possess thatshell, we are ourselves in a way sources of several energy bodies jections of the endocrine system, also have their own projections. The first chakra hasenergy. (levels) that differ in projections on the feet; the seventh chakra on Let us examine the human energy struc-ture from viewpoints more accessible to the shape, energy density the palms. As soon as we pick up the Wands ofpresent-day reader. and vibratory rhythm Horus, several parallel processes begin What people commonly call the "aura" or (frequency). simultaneously."biological field" is the consequence ofthe interaction of the vibrations of vari - 1) The electromagnetic inductionous energy layers (bodies) within the effecthuman energy system. Most importantly, Human beings are an inseparable part The existing names of the energy though, they have of the ecosystem and, as such, arebodies in any of the familiar traditions profoundly dependent on theiris nothing more than an agreed conven- different environment. The Earth, as a livingtion. Therefore, for the convenience characteristics. organism, has created special energetic-and ease of understanding particularly ecological conditions, in the "lap" ofof readers unfamiliar with "esoteric" which all living things have been borndoctrines, we shall call the first energy and are developing. As soon as webody "ethereal", the second "astral", begin to distance ourselves from nature,the third "mental", and so on. there is a resultant negative effect on The human energy system consists our health.of several energy bodies (levels) that All vital processes in nature takediffer in shape, energy density and vibratory rhythm (frequency). place at the level of the interaction of electromagnetic fields.Most importantly, though, they have different characteristics. In Therefore, the weak currents of natural origin induced on theexamining the effect of the Wands of Horus on the human organ- Wands of Horus begin to act on the nerve endings located in theism, we shall stick to the first two energy bodies that are responsi- palms when we pick up the wands.ble directly for a persons bio-energetic rhythm and emotional Back at the beginning of the 20th century, Academician A. V.state. Leontovich discovered that a nerve takes the form of a cylindrical The first (ethereal) energy body consists of vibrations and capacitor with its own self-induction. Accordingly, the naturaltemperature rhythms in the persons physical capsule. Therefore currents induced on the nerve endings act on a substance in theany process taking place in the physical body is immediately nerve filaments that is an electrolyte with a highly complexreflected in the first energy body. chemistry. For example, an inflammatory process that has begun, localised The natural electromagnetic wave induced on the nerve endingsin the small of the back (lumbago), is followed by oedema and an has a stimulating effect on the entire nervous system, initiatingincrease in temperature that immediately finds reflection in the complex electrochemical processes that lead to a general stabilisa-altered shape and vibratory frequency of the corresponding part of tion of the nervous system.the first energy body. Hence, influencing that part of the energy (Detailed information about the action of the Wands of Horusbody and correcting the vibratory frequency leads to a reduction on the nervous system is given in the medical instructions for usein the pain syndrome. of the Wands of Horus in a forthcoming book; see website.)44 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • 2) The galvanic effect activity of the energy flow proceeding As you probably know, copper and from the crystal.zinc are a galvanic couple. As soon as At the same time, the potential differ-you take the cylinders in your two ence arising between the ends of thehands—the copper in the right hand, the crystal causes the appearance of electro-zinc in the left—a potential difference of magnetic oscillations across a broad0.8–1 volt, sometimes more, forms spectrum—the piezo-electric effect.between them. The magnetic and elec- This property of quartz is used in quartztrical field acts effectively on the blood watches and quartz generators, produc-because it is made up of electrically ing electromagnetic waves (oscillations)charged particles. Any chemical reac- of amazing stability.tion in our body comes down to the All the vital processes in the humaninteraction of charged particles. organism are regulated by the hormonal The main electrochemical parameter system, in which the hypothalamus andof the blood (pH) is determined by the hypophysis play the role of bothnumber of positive electrical charges conductor and internal doctor. The weakcarried by positive hydrogen ions in pro- electrical signals produced by theportion to the number of negative electri- hypothalamus–hypophysis system, withcal charges carried by hydroxyl ions the aid of which regulatory functions are(OH–). If there are the same number of carried out within the organism, arepositive and negative charges, then over- intensified by coming into resonanceall the blood is electrically neutral, since with the electromagnetic oscillationscharges of opposite sign cancel each generated by the quartz. The result is aother out. This is the optimal state nec- singling out of those signals andessary for the normal functioning of the vibrations required at that specificorganism. moment to correct and restore the It is in this state that many vital biorhythms of the organs and systems ofprocesses can proceed (such as the the organism. This is of fundamentalbreaking down of proteins). Changes in importance, as disturbances in thethe ratio of positive and negative ions— biorhythms are precisely how anyproduced, for example, as a result of disorders in the organism and magnetic storms—lead to anumber of serious functional disruptions A Microcosm of Energy Processesin the organism. Remembering that the Wands of The presence of a potential difference Horus are a sort of miniature model offormed between the Wands causes the Many ancient Egyptian statues depict the use of the certain energy processes taking place inprocess of balancing out (harmonising) Wands of Horus. the biosphere and a persons environ-the ratio of charged particles. ment, let us examine them. The stimulation by the electric current The Earths crust contains about 72%formed between the Wands of Horus quartz. Self-stimulation and polarisationencourages ATP synthesis, improves of the quartz in the crust occurs throughblood flow to the tissues and activates the constant spread through the Earth ofcertain genes hitherto dormant in the acoustic waves and electrical dischargesmolecules of DNA. formed as a result of the deformation of (Detailed information about the the crust, earthquakes, volcanic erup-physicochemical processes that take tions and the tidal influence of the Sun,place in the organism is presented in a Moon and other planets. As a result ofseparate appendix to the instructions for these processes, the quartz in the core,use of the Wands of Horus; see website.) generating electromagnetic oscillations across a broad spectrum, creates an elec-3) The piezo-electric effect tromagnetic (energy) medium in which The human organism is, as we know, a life exists and through which the interac-kind of electrical generator. When we tion of all living things in the cosmospick up the Wands, we immediately pass takes place.our own electricity on to them. As a This electromagnetic (energy) cocoonresult of this and the galvanic effect, a of the Earth is the carrier of oscillationspolarisation of the quartz crystals in the associated with the source of life onWands takes place. Earth, which stimulates the development With the appearance of a potential of numerous forms of life as well as thedifference between the ends of a crystal, Within a concrete pavilion lies the limestone colossus faculty of reason. It is this medium thata mild excitement of its crystal lattice of Rameses II. Originally 13.5 metres in length, the is scanned by the alpha waves of thetakes place. This results in an increase broken statue is now 10.5 metres. Note the Wand brain. But the central factor in thein the energy level of the crystal and the in the right hand. process of mechanical action on theDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 45
  • attune to the holder, the organism itself sets the vibration, the rhythm, that it requires at that particular time. The rhythm is dic- tated by the characteristic vibration of the person—a sort of indi- vidual code. It is that individual vibration interacting with the crystal that causes the crystal lattice to resonate, setting the required rhythm. That rhythm (individual vibration) acts like a starter motor in a car, providing the impulse, starting the process by which the Wands of Horus subsequently themselves begin to vibrate at the appropriate frequency. The Wands of Horus create and maintain an energy shell that, with the aid of the required vibratory frequency, initiates the process of self-correction. The flow of energy passing through the seventh chakra is transformed into a flow of vibrations at a particular frequency and harmonises the energy shell (aura), evening it out. It is worth mentioning here that the elongated headgear of the Pharaoh was a special concentrator, also focusing on the energetic projections of the hypophysis and hypothalamus. This concentra- tor, stimulating those two zones, supported and cultivated the potential of the energy cocoon, increasing the immune reactivity The modern Wands of Horus of the organism. Use of the Wands of Horus together with the concentrator improved the health of the organism, particularly itsquartz in the core is the seismic "respiration" of the Earth. Our immune status, and regulated the metabolic processes.planet "breathes" like a living organism. The "inhaling" and But there was more to the work than just that. In order to pre-"exhaling" are accompanied by changes in the linear dimensions of pare for work within the pyramid and to gain the capacity to fore-the Earth as measured in an east-west direction. This "respiration" see the future, you needed energy. Therefore the Pharaoh and thegenerates a particular electromagnetic wave which has a strict hierophants tried not to squander the energy received, but to storeperiod (cycle) that imparts a certain it up and lead an appropriate lifestylerhythm to all processes occurring in the while bringing their abilities up to thebiosphere and noosphere. This rhythm necessary level.plays a very important role in the lifefunctions of the planet, determining the The Wands of Horus create The third (mental) energy body, is connected with what people associateplanets own frequency. and maintain an energy shell with the concept of the "soul" (a per- Through harmonic resonance, the that, with the aid of the sons psychological condition).Earths electromagnetic waves, inter- Harmonisation of this energy bodyacting with the electromagnetic oscil- required vibratory frequency, with the aid of the Wands of Horuslations generated by the crystals of creates the preconditions necessary forquartz in the Wands, has a stimulating initiates the process of the stabilisation and development ofeffect on the organism as a whole. self-correction. mental capacities. At the same time, when we hold theWands of Horus in our hands—under How the Wands Workthe influence of the human biological The basic sequence by which thefield through the projection of the Wands of Horus work is this...corresponding energetic centres, located in the palms—they begin By galvanic and piezo-electric effects (raising the energy levelto activate the sixth and seventh chakras and the sixth and seventh of the crystals in the cylinder filling) stimulating the sixth andenergy structures around those chakras. On the physical plane seventh energy centres, the Wands of Horus act on the central ner-there is stimulation of the hypothalamus and hypophysis, as they vous system. From the central nervous system, an impulse passesare projections of those energy centres in the physical human to the hypothalamus, and from the hypothalamus to the hypoph-body. Activation of these centres leads to activation of the last ysis, and next to the endocrine system (the secretory glands), thenenergy shell (which is as yet unknown to mankind), and the to the organs.organism begins to receive energy directly from the "Source". The reverse reaction flows along two paths: from the endocrine The incoming energy from the crystals and the "Source" that is system to the central nervous system; and through the organs tothe multilevelled and multidimensional human energy system, the central nervous the piezo-electricity generated by the crystals in the filling, Thus, information about the state of the secretory organs andforms an energy cocoon around the persons body. This "pranic disorders of the internal organs is passed from the endocrinecocoon", with an electromagnetic component vibrating at a fre- system and the organs to the central nervous system. When it getsquency dictated by the hypothalamus and hypophysis through this information, the central nervous system directs the signals totheir projections located in the centre of the palms, corrects the the hypothalamus and hypophysis, which in turn activate theholders entire energy structure, giving a beneficial effect to the functions of self-healing and regeneration—if those functions arewhole organism. in order and not hampered by, among other things, significant The essence of this observed phenomenon is that at the moment "furring" of the relevant energy canals.when the Wands of Horus, interacting with processes within the Continued on page 77organism (against the background of the polarisation process),46 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 47
  • SCIENCE HIGH-ENERGY MAGNETIC burst peoples bubbles, but I believe very been subjected to. I would also like to add MONOPOLE SEQUESTERED BY strongly that there are those within this new that I am willing to swear under oath and US GOVERNMENT energy movement who are not who theyve before Congress as to the truth and accura- by James D. Fauble © 2004 made themselves out to be; I have seen cy of these claims and statements. very good evidence to believe this. However, only Gods protection can guar-A Veil of Suppression Also, I have met with a number of retired antee that I would be there to do so, if thatT his world is a dangerous and difficultand/or resigned CIA operatives at their time should ever come. place to navigate through and still requests, who have been aware of and sym- hope to find a safe and happy place. pathetic to my situation and also have been High-Energy Magnetic MonopoleBecause I have known of too many others threatened by their co-workers and by oth- Materials: The Evidencewho have already died in this common ers in charge and behind this shadowy veil I have decided that I, for one, will noquest of ours, I can no longer allow myself of secrecy. Some of these people said to longer live under the fear of these people,the luxury of remaining silent on this issue. me that they have suffered the loss of sev- and so I am now offering to my fellow Im fully aware that I am putting my very eral of their own family members who comrades news of the existence of certainlife in mortal danger by revealing what I do were murdered because of their beliefs that materials that are thought impossible toin this message, but I refuse to fade away free-energy technologies must be allowed exist, but which in fact d o exist. Thequietly without at least offering this materials to which I am referring areinformation to fellow comrades who high-energy magnetic monopoleare active in this quest for new energy I was told that if I were ever materials with resistive forces of atsolutions. least 10 to 20 tons per square metre x I believe we must view those who to mention anything to anyone 1/4-inch thickness.have continued to hinder all true about anything of what had Please consider closely what I amprogress and murder our friends, fami- about to tell you. I have seen thely members and colleagues to be our occurred, I would be made to physical and documented proof andtrue enemies! I also believe that it has disappear permanently and also the formulas to prove this. Therenow come to the point where it is now was no mistake! I had to read throughcrucial to our very existence that the they might just do the same all of the information a half- dozentyranny end now before it is allowed to to my loved ones for times before I could believe thisprogress to the next level! myself, but I now know without any Since the most recent murder of one good measure. shadow of doubt whatsoever that theseof our most beloved and respected are the facts.comrades, Dr Eugene Mallove, on 14 Thirty years ago, in the late springMay 2004, and also due to my own current to be disclosed to the public and because of 1979, I delivered this information in per-situation, I have decided it is due time that they refused to be silent on the issue. son to the Energy Commissioner of theI disclose information that I have been You all need to know that the thugs State of Minnesota. The Commissioner atforced to keep to myself for nearly 30 years behind these operations would like nothing that time held a PhD in physics, was awhen I first received direct threats to my more than to witness the demise of anyone nuclear engineer and was the head of thelife and the lives of my loved ones. Being and everyone actively promoting new Department of Energy in Minnesota, atthat I love my children and have taken energy technologies, although they usually least until mid-1979.these threats to harm my family very seri- reserve such drastic measures only for He did not believe these claims either, atously, I hope it will be understood why I those who actually possess genuine first, until I presented the documentationhave waited so long to speak out on this technologies which would threaten their and formulas which had all been formallysubject. power structure. published in great detail by Polydorf. He, It should be quite obvious by now to I would also like to make it clear that too, had to read through this informationanyone who has done their homework that there are dozens of people who know of several times just to make sure there wasthere have been and still remain powers what I have personally gone through and no mistake as to what he was seeing.which have been put in place solely for the have known me for many, many years. A Again, there was no mistake. Also, therepurpose of hindering any real knowledge good percentage of these people can and were witnesses present who will testify toand/or progress in the areas of new energy will vouch for my character and also for the truth and accuracy of these events.technologies, and all for reasons of their the truth of these statements. Some have Along with these publications was thepersonal greed, power and control. even been witness to the same sort of US name and the location of the company that I do not want to have to be the one to government/military harassment that I have manufactured these materials at that time.48 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEHigh-Torque Applications police who were waiting for me as I Illustrated, on the front cover of which was I had also presented to the Commissioner reported for work. As my boss stood pictured Mr Howard Johnsons permanentmy design for a new device which would directly behind these MPs, direct threats magnet motor/generator. The design wasmeasure approximately the same size as a were made to my life and also the lives of nearly identical to one of mine.standard-size can of oil and which, accord- my loved ones. I was told that if I were Coincidence? Only God knows for to our calculations, would deliver a ever to mention anything to anyone aboutminimum torque ratio of between 1,500 anything of what had occurred, I would be Lets Develop This Technologyand 2,000 ft lbs. made to disappear permanently and they To make a long story short, I have lost The Commissioner agreed that, indeed, might just do the same to my loved ones my wife and my home (which I had justaccording to everything he was looking, at for good measure. Those are the exact finished paying the mortgage on), all of myand taking in mind the current laws of word they used. possessions and my health. I now havephysics, there was no way that this device From that point on, I was never able to absolutely no fear whatsoever of dying, andcould not work. contact the Commissioner again, and it I no longer care much about what the appears that he had been replaced by a government/military clones want toTop-Secret Materials female counterpart. My phones and my threaten me with anymore. After reporting to the Commissioner and familys and friends phones were also So I have chosen to disclose this infor-showing him the proof of the existence of tapped from that point on and for quite mation, which I believe could help in thethese materials, the Commissioner some time thereafter. development of permanent magnetpromptly called this company on the Also, the very next day, a very large motor/generator technologies as well astelephone to place an order for the white unmarked military helicopter began other technologies.materials needed to build this device. At to make regular daily visits to my home at Its now close to 30 years since that origi-first the foreman of the manufacturing exactly 12.00 noon every day and would nal incident, and Im very sure thatplant adamantly denied that such materials hover no more then 50 to 75 feet above my improvements have since been made toexisted—except perhaps on the Moon or house. Side doors would open and various those materials that were so important to beMars, as he jokingly put it. IF and UV cameras, etc. were wheeled up kept secret that people were considered of After the Commissioner clarified to the to openly take pictures and to intimidate lesser value.foreman as to whom he was speaking and myself, my friends and my neighbours. I have since attempted to findthreatened to file a lawsuit against both him This continued for several months on end. information about these materials on theand his company from the State of My friends and neighbours were afraid to Internet, but, as to be expected, the closestMinnesota, the foreman immediately apol- associate with me in any way from that thing resembling such materials areogised and admitted that they did indeed time on. So, in case youre wondering, yes, referred to as "high-energy Diracmake those materials there and agreed to there are many witnesses! monopoles". Claims that there has beenplace the requested order. The foreman, Often there would be men stationed on ongoing work into research in this area arehowever, wanted to know how the my street with telephotoCommissioner had acquired such informa- lenses aimed at my hometion, because apparently it was supposed to and family members asbe classified under the highest top-secret we would come and go.classification. The Commissioner quickly I have also had my hometold the foreman my name and where I was broken into on numerousemployed, which at that time was at the occasions; the onlyRAND Corporation at a certain Department things which were everof Defense headquarters location. taken were my inventions andMy Life Is Threatened associated documents. By that time, I had begun to realise that I Since then I havehad unknowingly stumbled into a very dan- watched as many othersgerous area. It was later that I learned I announced varioushad apparently checked out a book in inventions which havewhich a temp worker, who had been called been claimed to provideto fill in for the usual full-time librarian, free, clean energy, whilehad accidentally misplaced this highly sen- my life has basicallysitive information and, instead of placing it been systematicallyin the proper vault, had filed it in the unre- destroyed.stricted area of the companys research In fact, just a couple oflibrary—where I happened to find it while months after my meetingresearching high-energy magnetic materials with the Minnesota Statefor my invention. Energy Commission, a The very next morning following that good friend handed memeeting with the Energy Commissioner, I the Spring 1980 issue ofwas visited by several armed military Science and MechanicsDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 49
  • NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEpurely bogus and obviously designed to them a secret. If, however, a private group brightest in his field and he was loved bydiscourage the curious. Contrary to those were to "rediscover" the process of making many. I believe that, at the least, we owe itclaims, these materials have actually been such materials, I believe this information to Eugene to continue the fight for the fullin existence for at least 30 years, despite could then become public knowledge and disclosure of these technologies—hardthe denials of the patent offices and thereby open up numerous possibilities enough as it is to get any alternative tech-manufacturers. within the scientific and technological nologies developed in todays world. The company that was manufacturing communities. Also, it would be wise to remember thatthem at the time of my meeting with the I would also like to add that I have seen any one of you who is currently active inEnergy Commissioner is Permag Central evidence that some of these high-energy the pursuit of free energy or new energyCorp., located in Illinois. You may have monopole materials may possess properties technologies and is on the right track couldheard of them; they are one of the worlds of invisibility. I understand how this might be in danger of being the next target. Butlargest manufacturers of high-energy per- sound, but try looking up "high-energy our best defence is in our numbers, and thismanent magnets. The name of the foreman Dirac monopoles". Ive done some Google is now the one thing in our favour. Therewas Jim Foy; he has long since left the searches on the Internet and have found are now far too many of us for them tocompany for reasons which would be per- some information on Dirac monopole even hope to be able to deal with byfectly understandable to me. materials that confirms this possibility. making us disappear. Permag Central Corp. will undoubtedly Nevertheless, it is necessary that others I will continue to help others as best Ideny that they have ever manufactured know of the existence of these materials can in their projects, as long as I am stillthese materials and will also deny that theybecause of the many implications for able to talk or type on this keyboard. Thereeven know of the existence of such advancements in new energy technologies. are many of you out there now who are onmaterials—but they do know about them, Also, there are likely to be other applica- the right track, and my prayers are with youand at least they did make them there in tions associated with these types of materi- all—regardless of how you are received by1979. als that could greatly benefit mankind. others within the free energy network. A Also, I now believe I may have figured Its kind of ironic, after all the Top Secret good number of you are far brighter than Iout how to produce such materials, or at and Above Top Secret technologies Ive was when I started my research, and so Ileast how the process might be done. It is seen and the projects Ive been involved am confident, if time will still allow, thatnot my wish to place anyone in danger by with, that this would be the thing they something will be brought to the marketoffering this information, and I would not would worry about the most. I guess within a couple of years.normally give out anything of this sensitivemoney really means a lot more than any- I dont know what, if any, results maynature, but I believe that it has now becomething else to these people. occur by getting this off my chest, but Inecessary for someone who is still living to Anyway, I also believe that this nonsense believe I must do this at this time for manydisclose this information for the benefit ofhas gone on far too long and that it is time reasons—some will be obvious, others I dothe many. for all of us to move ahead swiftly before it not want to discuss at this point. These materials are undoubtedly used for is too late for all of mankind. My initial God bless you and keep you all.military applications, and [the government/ intention was to give something to my fel- James D. Fauble ∞military clones] have been more than low man and at the same time stick it toprepared to murder anyone in order to keep "The Man", if you will. References • Magnetic Motors (index of designs and It should be obvious claims): why Ive chosen to Directory/MagneticMotors/ remain anonymous for so • Free Energy Technologies Directory: long. I have simply come to the conclusion • Eugene Mallove Tribute Page: that if it is necessary that I have to sacrifice the obituaries/2004/EugeneMallove/ remainder of my life for • Permag Central Corp., 1213 Estes Avenue, the betterment of Elk Grove Village IL 60007, USA mankind, then it is well Editors Note: worth the price—and, in To contact James D. Fauble, email him at fact, would even be wel- His story come at this point. At was originally posted at the webpage least I will have played a part in some small way, HighEnergyMagneticMonopole/. It was and something of my life also posted by PR Web on 8 June 2004 at might have been salvaged to help someone. So I releases/2004/6/prweb131743.php. For further information, visit the Pure encourage you to share Energy Systems (PES) website at this information with; also, go to anyone who will listen. the link to the Ion Source Beam Projector Dr Eugene Mallove open source project on the lower half of the “Where do you switch it on?” was one of the best and PES main page.50 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • WHAT LIES BEHIND THE TUNGUSKA EXPLOSION F our years from now, 30 June 2008, will be the 100th anniversary of one of the most mysterious catastrophes: the explosion of a body from space near the Podkamennaya (or Stony) Tunguska River in Siberia. There can scarcely have been another event in the past century to compare with it. The total power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Eyewitness reports Nagasaki more than 2,000 times over! Apart from that, the Tunguska explosion caused: • an anomalous glow in the sky that was observed as late as 10 days afterwards, and the suggest that an intense appearance of silvery clouds; ancient high-tech • massive radiation of light and heat; • disruption of the normal functioning of meteorological instruments and the appearance "Installation" in of surface earth tremors; • a tremendous sound wave that travelled twice around the globe; remote Siberia was • the felling of trees over an enormous area of over 2,000 square kilometres; • weak traces of radioactivity, detected in tree samples and the polar ice layers dating responsible for from 1908; • anomalous properties of the soil and minerals in the area of the Tunguska explosion; sending guided • the unusually rapid growth of vegetation at the epicentre of the Tunguska explosion; • cooling of the Earths climate in the following few years. plasma sphere weapons to destroy Despite the fact that such a tremendous event did not go unnoticed, the first attempts to discover what had actually occurred in the remote Siberian taiga were only made many a meteorite over years later, in 1927. Since then, dozens of research expeditions have visited the area, hun- dreds of scientific papers have been written and several hundred hypotheses put forward Tunguska in 1908. about the causes of the event. Not one of them, however, has been able to explain fully the complex phenomena that preceded and accompanied the Tunguska explosion. Some of the phenomena observed by eyewitnesses simply do not fit within the framework of existing theories. Much of what happened then cannot be interpreted at all from the standpoint of present-day scientific thinking. More than that, one gets the persistent impression that we have come up against some- thing completely outside the bounds of our customary understanding of the world about Part 2 of 3 us. Perhaps today we are closer than ever before to a solution to the mystery that will become a turning point in the development of human consciousness. But it will require a certain boldness, the ability to look with an open mind untrammelled by the dogmas cur- rent in science in order to properly assess the most inexplicable episodes of the event. The work carried out by generations of scientists and researchers provided us with a very rich stock of facts and scientific material, making it possible to shed light on the true by Dr Valery Uvarov © 2004 causes and nature of the phenomena that took place almost 100 years ago in the area of the Podkamennaya Tunguska. Department N13 We shall not go over the key elements of each of the main known hypotheses here, but National Security Academy instead concentrate on those facts that have always remained in the shadows and for some St Petersburg strange reason have never been given the attention they deserve. Amazingly, taken Russia together with an ancient epic poem, these facts present a completely different picture of Telephone: +7 (812) 237 1841 the event that took place early in the last century. Email: At the very beginning of this study, we should stress that both before and after the Email: Tunguska explosion there were several other events connected with it in a certain way, being links in a single chain. Therefore, using the methods employed in criminalDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 51
  • investigations, we shall combine them in a single "case". In order form an integral picture of what preceded and accompanied theto see the reality that has for so long escaped the eyes of 1908 catastrophe.researchers, we shall have to shift our gaze backwards and The first to learn of the coming calamity were the shamans offorwards in space and time to look at events separated by tens, the native tribes. Two months before the explosion, rumours ofeven hundreds of years. the approaching "end of the world" began to spread across the To this end, we shall turn to the accounts of eyewitnesses, of taiga. Going from one settlement to another, the shamans warnedwhich even in such a sparsely populated part of Siberia there were the people of an imminent cataclysm. The people began to movethousands. Even in the late 1960s it was possible to find some their herds from the upper reaches of the Podkamennaya3,000 people who remembered that extraordinary event! Tunguska to the Nizhniaya Tunguska and further, towards the Before we turn to the facts, we ought to share what we surmised River the course of our investigation: an hypothesis about the The exodus of the Evenk began immediately after a suglanTunguska explosion that will be unexpected for many, but which (gathering) of all the nomadic clans who moved around in closewas formed during the analysis of a large amount of data. Drawing proximity, which took place in the month of Teliat (May). Aon the testimony of thousands of witnesses to the Tunguska explo- secret conference of the elders had resolved that the cyclicalsion, the findings of researchers, the course of their wanderings should betext of the Yakut epic Olonkho, the changed and that the clans shouldreconstructed chronology of events move close together along the newand an analysis of the consequences course.of the explosions described not only A very, very long time ago Then there was a big ritual occa-in the epic but also through the efforts someone constructed, in what is sion at which the "Great Shaman"of scientific researchers, it is possible announced the "End of the World":to put forward the reasoned sugges- known as "the Valley of Death", The ancestors said that they had totion that in the immense, uninhabited a complex that still today is move from their traditional places.territory of northwestern Yakutia No one should be there after thethere is an ancient underground tech- protecting the Earth from month of Teliat in the month ofnical installation. meteorites and asteroids. Muchun [June], thus said the ances - A very, very long time ago, some- tors... The upper people want to visitone constructed, in what is known as Dulia... No one should see that."the Valley of Death", a complex that And so the nomads began to movestill today is protecting the Earth from across the taiga...meteorites and asteroids. Of course, such a suggestion is stagger - Obeying some inner sense and supporting, as it were, the pro-ing. It is hard even to contemplate such a possibility. It follows nouncements of the shamans, the wild animals began to leave.that for thousands of years, something existed alongside us that The birds flew from their nesting grounds, the swans left the lakesexceeds not only our current achievements but even our boldest and the fish disappeared from the rivers. An immense expanse offantasies about what might be achieved—and we failed to notice! taiga, measuring several tens of thousands of square kilometres,Naturally, none of those who researched the various scientifically lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shamans wordsinexplicable consequences of the Tunguska catastrophe could remained in the danger zone.have imagined that all the traces left by the explosions were the All this speaks for itself. Obviously some early warning of theresult of the activities of some ancient cosmic defence complex approaching event was given through the shamans who "spokeleft by unknown builders! with the spirits of the ancestors". The animals, birds and fish reacted instinctively to the approaching danger, reacting to theLocal Legends and the Shamans Warnings Here is one detail preserved in the ancestral memory of thelocal population, passed down through the millennia in an ancientepic poem. The legends passed on by word of mouth tell how thisland was once suddenly wrapped in impenetrable darkness andthe surroundings were shaken by a deafening roar. A hurricane ofunseen force arose and the land was shaken by mighty blows. When everything had calmed down and the darkness had dis-persed, an unprecedented sight met their eyes. In the midst of thescorched land, glowing in the sun stood a tall vertical structurethat was visible at a distance of many days journey. For a longperiod of time, the structure gave out unpleasant, ear-splittingnoises and gradually diminished in height until it had disappearedunder the ground altogether. In place of the tall structure therewas an immense, yawning, vertical "orifice". In the course of our exposition of the facts, we shall presentseveral texts from the Olonkho which testify strongly in favour ofthe stated hypothesis because of the obvious technological natureof the events described in the ancient tales. It is surprising thatthe people who translated and analysed these texts did not notice "Grandpa" Matvei (108), a witness of the 1908 Tunguskaor even suspect this. explosion, photographed with the author at the Evenk Let us begin with a detailed reconstruction of events, trying to settlement of Siuldiukar in 1997.52 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • negative influence of the Earths increasing in the twilight of dawn and dusk, silveryelectromagnetic field in that part of the clouds stretching east to west thattaiga. formed along the lines of force, like After studying the texts of the Olonkho, those that occur between the poles of atalking with local hunters and those still magnet. There was a sense, as noted byalive who remember the distant events, we E. Krinov, one of the researchers into theformed the impression that the complex in Tunguska explosion, of the approach ofquestion is scattered across different parts some unusual natural phenomenon.of the taiga and located mainly under- Many years later, researchers fromground. Tomsk came across a forgotten publica- tion by a Professor Weber about a pow-The Installations Power Plant erful geo-magnetic disturbance observed Destruction or deflection of meteorites in a laboratory at Kiel University inand asteroids is achieved using a force field Germany for three days before the intru-which is conveyed in concentrated form by sion of the Tunguska object, and whichsome kind of electromagnetic formations ended at the very hour when the giganticthat resemble glowing, fiery spheres. In bolide exploded above the Centralessence, these are something like ball light- Siberian Plateau.ning, with the difference being that thelargest ball lightning known to science is The Tunguska Meteorite and theabout two metres in diameter, whereas the "Terminator" Spheresspheres used to deflect or destroy meteorites Leonid Kulik, the first researcher into the Ten days passed and then, on theare of gigantic dimensions—some 60 Tunguska explosion. (Source: 1930s morning of 30 June 1908, a body frommetres in diameter! photograph from the KMET Library) outer space entered the Earths atmos- It was their flight that was seen in 1908 by thousands of people phere at immense speed. It followed a trajectory from southeastacross much of Siberia, with the result that the witnesses of the to northwest. The determination of the exact trajectory of theTunguska event attributed the whole thing to the appearance of a meteorite plays an important role in the investigation of the event,series of huge ball lightning! primarily because—as we shall see—there were several objects The "plasma spheres" are apparently generated by a power plant moving in the sky above the Siberian taiga, approaching thelocated deep inside the Earth at a site that was quite deliberately explosion site from different sides. It was the discrepancies in thechosen by someone. It is associated with a geophysically accounts of eyewitnesses—who at one and the same timedistinctive area of the planet: the East Siberian magnetic anomaly. observed objects above areas of Siberia far remote from oneThe periodical Tekhnika Molodiozhi (issue 1, 1984) called it "a another, moving on different courses but towards a single point—magnetic super-anomaly, the source of which lies at a depth of half that confused researchers, prompting the hypothesis that it wasthe Earths radius". In other words, the power plant of the complex probably a spaceship that had been manoeuvring above thedraws on the energy of the planet and is itself to some degree, it Siberian taiga.would seem, one of the causes of this super-anomaly. Thirty-eight minutes before the destruction of the Tunguska Preparation for countering the approaching Tunguska meteorite meteorite, the Valley of Death complex moved into its culminat-(it was indeed a meteorite; Kulik was in a ing phase. The generation of thecertain sense correct) began two months spheres—which, for the sake of conve-before the explosion, as is confirmed by the nience, we shall call "terminators"—behaviour of the shamans and the fauna of began.the taiga. Roughly 10 days before the At the Stepanovsky mine (close to theexplosion, the "Installation" located in the town of Yuzhno-Eniseisk) an earth -Valley of Death shifted into an active phase. quake began 30 minutes before the fallIt was the activation of the power plant, and of the meteorite.the increase in its energy level occasioned One witness to these events was nextby the complex beginning its preparations to a small lake when the ground startedfor the generation of energy to shake beneath his feet. Something(electromagnetic spheres) acting upon the like an earthquake began. Suddenly,environment, that became the cause for the down inside him, an inexplicable, inhu -appearance of major atmospheric anomalies man sense of fear arose. It was as ifassociated with increased tension in the some force was driving him away fromEarths electromagnetic field. the lake. At that moment, the water in The effect of the Installation was so the lake began to drop down, and as itpowerful that in the 10 days before the flowed away, as if into a crack, the bot-explosion, in many countries of Europe as tom appeared which was shifting apartwell as western Siberia, the darkness of like two leaves. Indentations could benight was replaced by an unusual seen on the edges of the two giganticillumination as if those areas were leaves. The witness was seized by anexperiencing the "white nights" Artists impression of anomalous glows impulsive animal terror and fled as fastphenomenon of high-latitude summers. observed after an explosion. as his legs could carry him.Everywhere there appeared, shining brightly After running a considerable distance,DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 53
  • he tripped on a bush and fell; and when he got to his feet and the nearest Tunguska. They reported that they had had alooked back, he saw rising from what had been the lake a column powerful earth tremor such that window panes were broken in theof bright light, at the top of which appeared a ball. All this was houses…the mark on the barograph roll bears this out.accompanied by a terrible roaring and humming. His clothing In the archives of the former Irkutsk Magnetic andbegan to smoulder, the radiation burnt his face and ears… Meteorological Observatory, investigators managed to find notes This episode concurs astonishingly well with the texts of the written by A. K. Kokorin, who was an observer at a weather sta-Olonkho epic and the tales old men tell of the place called Tong tion on the River Kezhma, about 600 km from the TunguskaDuurai, across which the Ottoamokh ("holes in the ground") explosion site. In his observation journal for June 1908, the sec-stream flows, where there are shafts of incredible depth known as tion headed "Notes" contains an exceptionally important entry. It"the laughing chasms". From these, the legends say, fiery whirl- shows that there was certainly more than one body in the air atwinds fly. After a long period of silence, roughly a century before that time.each major explosion or series of explosions there would be a At 7 am, two fiery circles [spheres] of gigantic size appeared tosmaller-scale event. The legends say that a thin column of fire the north; 4 minutes after appearing, the circles disappeared;emerged from the "iron orifice". At the top of this, a very large soon after the disappearance of the fiery circles a loud noise wasfireball appeared. It was escorted in flight by its retinue, "a heard, similar to the sound of the wind, that went from north toswarm of fatally bloody whirlwinds" that wrought havoc in the south; the noise lasted about 5 minutes; then followed sounds andvicinity. Accompanied by four claps of thunder in succession, it thundering, like shots from enormous guns, that made the win -soared to an even greater height and flew off, leaving behind a dows rattle. Those shots continued for 2 minutes, and after themlong "trail of smoke and fire". Then a cannonade of its explosions came a crack like a rifle-shot. These last sounds lasted 2 minutes.sounded in the distance... Everything took place in broad daylight. It is remarkable that Yakut legends At that time, T. Naumenko was observingcontain so many references to explosions, the flight of a sphere from the village offiery whirlwinds and the launch of flaming Kezhma which stands on the River Angara.spheres disgorged by "an orifice belching He asserted that the body was larger than thesmoke and fire" with a "banging steel lid", Moon and crossed in front of the Sun, whichin the depths of which lies a whole Eyewitness accounts of at that time was at a height of 27º above thesubterranean country. It is inhabited by a the Tunguska event horizon. At that same moment, the Tunguskafiery villain "who sows contagion and hurls meteorite flew over the village of Mironovoa fiery ball"—the giant Uot Usumu Tong indicate that there were (58º 14 N, 109º 29 E).Duurai (which can be translated as "the several objects in the The first to see the flight of one of the "ter-criminal stranger who pierced the earth and minators" carrying a powerful electromagnet-hid in the depths, destroying all around with sky, following different ic charge were the inhabitants of the villagea fiery whirlwind"). trajectories, moving of Alexandrovka (southern Altai territory), which is almost 1,500 kilometres awayEyewitness Testimony slowly, sometimes from the site of the explosion. That is what the legends say, and stopping, changing The account left by Ivanthis is the account of G. K. Kulesh, Nikanorovich Kudriavtsev, whowho was an observer at a weather course and speed— witnessed the flight of the fiery sphere,station in Kirensk, about 460 in other words, contains details pointing to thekilometres from the site of the electromagnetic nature of theTunguska explosion: manoeuvring. "terminator": On 30 June an unusual phenomenon ...30 June 1908 was a clear day… Iwas observed to the northwest of was sitting opposite a window lookingKirensk that lasted roughly from 7.15 NW. Our village, Alexandrovka,to 8 am. I did not see it myself, as I extended along a gorge… Across fromsat down to work after recording the the village on the Semi ridge rose thereading of the meteorological instru - peak of Mount Gliaden. At 7 in thements. This is what occurred (I give morning, the Sun had already risen butthe gist of what those who witnessed it said). not yet appeared from behind Gliaden. And then suddenly a At 7.15 am, a fiery pillar appeared to the northwest, about four bright sphere appeared in the sky; it rapidly grew in size andsagens [over 8 metres] in diameter in the shape of a spear. When brightness. It was flying towards the NW. The flying sphere wasthe pillar disappeared, five strong brief bangs were heard, like the size of the Moon, only brighter; not dazzlingly bright, though:cannon shots following quickly and distinctly one after another. you could watch its flight without looking away. It flew veryThen a dense cloud appeared at that place. About 15 minutes quickly. The sphere left behind it on its course a white smokylater, the same sort of bangs were heard again; another 15 trail wider than the sphere itself. As soon as this sphereminutes later they were repeated. The ferryman, a former soldier appeared, the whole locality was lit up by some unnatural lightand generally an intelligent, worldly-wise man, counted 14 bangs and that light did not increase evenly, but with some sort ofin three groups. His duties meant he was on the riverbank and fluctuations, wave-like flashes. There was no noise, no roarsaw and heard the whole phenomenon from start to finish. accompanying the spheres flight, but the unnatural fluctuating[authors emphasis in bold italics] light inspired some sort of fear, anxiety... [authors emphasis] Many people saw the pillar of fire, but the bangs were heard by Ye. Sarychev, questioned by D. F. Landsberg in Kansk on 11an even greater number. There were peasants in town from the October 1921, said:village of Korelinaya that lies 20 versts [21 km] from Kirensk on With the start of the noise a sort of glow appeared in the air,54 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • round in shape, about half the size of the Moon, with a bluish that the objects observed from various parts of the taiga could nottinge, flying rapidly in a direction from Filimonovo towards have been meteorites. There were many of them and they fol-Irkutsk. The glow left a trail in the form of a pale bluish stripe lowed different trajectories, but towards a single point.that extended almost the full length of its course, then gradually Amazingly, the scientists and researchers who so carefully ques-vanished from the end. The glow hid itself behind the mountain tioned numerous witnesses were unable to spot in their accountswithout breaking up. I was unable to note the duration of the phe - any difference between the behaviour of the meteorite and that ofnomenon, but it was very short. The weather was absolutely clear the "terminator spheres" that closed in large numbers from differ-and it was still. ent directions in order to destroy it. It At that same time, the flight of a is a well known fact that the flight ofheavenly body was observed in the observer at a weather station a meteorite through the atmosphere issouth of the Krasnoyarsk territory, 60 always very short (a matter of sec-km north of Minusinsk, 930 km from on the River Kezhma, about 600 onds) and very fast (between 6 andthe site of the explosion, but movingalong a different trajectory. Roughly km from the Tunguska explosion 22 km per second), at an angle to the Earths surface along a straight trajec-at the same time, an object was seen site, (noted) in his observation tory, leaving a trail of fire and smokein the region of the Nizhneye-Ilimskoye settlement, 418 km from journal for June 1908...that there that extends for 200 to 300 km and takes some tens of minutes tothe explosion site. And then, it has was certainly more than one body disperse.been reliably established, a heavenly in the air at that time. The reports of researchers andbody flew over the village of explanations of scientists speak of aPreobrazhenka, which is on the single Tunguska object. Yet theNizhniaya (Lower) Tunguska River. eyewitness accounts of the eventAnd all these objects were flying in the same direction—towards itself and the evidence gathered by researchers stubbornly indicateone destination: the Shishkov and Kulik blast areas and that there were several objects in the sky, following differentVoronovs crater! trajectories from different directions , but most significantly The picture that forms from eyewitness accounts clearly shows moving slowly, parallel to the Earths surface, sometimes Map of the region showing the flight paths of the different objects.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 55
  • stopping, changing course and speed—in other words, at us. It kept creeping across the stove… And then it stopped…manoeuvring—which entirely excludes the suggestion that the The fiery sphere that appeared in a clear, cloudless skyobjects seen were comets or meteorites. Meteorites and comets approached the earth with a growing rumble. It grew as youdo not fly like that! watched, blazed and became so full of powerful fiery light that it Thousands of observers could not have mistaken what they was impossible to look at it. At some elusive instant, the terriblesaw, as the sky was cloudless that morning. People living within rumbling turned into an incessant roar and the sphere stoppeda radius of over 800 km from the place where the cosmic intruder moving, hanging above the ground, like the Sun hangs above thefell observed the unusual flight of enormous fiery bodies giving horizon just before sunset. It is hard to establish the length ofoff sparks and leaving rainbow trails behind them. The most time it stopped, but the fiery sphere stayed motionless longimportant point, though, is that they did not all see one and the enough for its immobility to impress itself upon an astoundedsame object, but different "terminator spheres" that varied in human mind.appearance and behaviour. I was afraid to look out of the window, but on the stove I could After the "terminators" were created and disgorged through the see that it had stopped. Then suddenly it gave such a burst ofInstallations shafts, they began moving to some control point— speed, flashed across the stove and was gone. The thunderingthe place of their last reconnaissance before the destruction of the noise was awful. The earth shook. I was knocked to the floor andmeteorite. At a certain stage in their flight, the spheres stopped to the glass from the little window was scattered about as if someoneadjust their position in respect to the falling meteorite and then, had pushed it in… I wasnt down on the floor for long. I jumpedtearing off at enormous speed and with a ter - up, thinking, "Wheres Grandpa? Dont sayrible roaring, rushed to meet it. hes been knocked off!" He was lying on his Below is an extract from the account of a stomach on the very edge of the stove andwitness who lived in the village of Moga on kept asking me, "Stiopa, what is it? Stiopa,the Nizhniaya Tunguska, 300 km east of the Analysing the what is it?" He was wet and white, white…site of the explosion. It was quoted in Yury consequences of the I think the ground was still shaking, the floorSbitnevs book Echo and speaks for itself. shifted under my feet, or perhaps my legs …I remember that time well—I was eleven explosions that have were trembling. It was dreadful!then. I got up quite early… It was clear and taken place above the ...Nobody could understand where it hadcloudless… Our house was here, where it got to, that sun. It had been shining just astill stands, on a hill. I was hammering the Siberian taiga in the past moment before. And so strong that the shad -scythe. 100 years, you get a ows disappeared instantly. And the light, There I was hitting the scythe, but the clashing with light, stripped the world of itssound seemed to come from elsewhere. I sense of gratitude and familiar, pleasant shapes. Everything, fromfroze and as I listened, a real din started.The sky was clear as can be, not a awe towards the the smallest blade of grass to the cedar tree, suddenly seemed different from how itcloud in sight. There were no planes intellectual power of had always been. Colours vanished; soor helicopters back then, of course. Itwas only later we became familiar with those who, thousands of did the usual three-dimensionality of the world, warmth, tenderness. Ourthem. But there was this din. It wasnt years ago, built a world had gone…like a thunderstorm. And it kept build - complex to defend our Judging by the details of thising up, rumbling louder… account, the narrator was very close to Suddenly a second sun rolled into beautiful blue planet and a place where a "terminator sphere" hadthe sky. "Ours", thats to say, was been generated; in other words, in thebeating down on the back of my head, all her inhabitants. immediate proximity of one of theand this one was in my eyes. I couldnt pillars of energy (fiery whirlwinds)look; everything went black. I shot delivering the "terminator" to theinto the house and that new sun shone through this window here and moved The account recorded by Sbytnevacross the stove like this… includes this important element: The house stood, like the majority of Russian houses on the Someone saw a fiery pillar as well going down from that fire -northern rivers, with its windows looking east and south. One lit - ball, and for an instant there appeared a sort of huge tree with atle window faced northwest and this "sun" was shining through it, round, fiery crown. Someone noticed that this raging bundle ofcolouring the white wall of the big Russian stove crimson. This light spat out, as it were, one more ball that tore earthwards.glow moved from right to left, towards the east. And there was Others, though, insisted there had been no second ball, but thatordinary sunlight coming through the other windows and onto the blaze, that sun, itself hurled itself down slantwise.other wall of the stove. Many saw it and there were many different versions. But every - I looked at the sun blazing down on the stove through that one was agreed that the movement of that mysterious fiery bodywindow and my jaw dropped. I had never seen anything like it. stopped and it hung motionless for a time above the ground. AndAnd the noise kept on rumbling. There was no relief. My there was a roaring… And then there was something like angrandfather sat on the stove and began chanting a prayer out explosion—the ground shaking and a rapid movement away,loud. He chanted and told me, "Stiopa, lets pray! All of you taking off, and the same rumbling, but now dying down, and thepray! Its happened… Its come…" [The shamans had warned fading of the raging fire—less and less, until you could barelypeople about the end of the world.] make it out in the vast white expanse of sky. Then it was gone and What praying? I wanted to run somewhere and there was the thunder dropped, lessened and disappeared altogether… Itnowhere. The noise was all around. And a fiery ball was coming was there—and flew away... [authors emphasis in bold italics]56 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • In the northeastern part of the sky there rose first from the horizon a very dense cloud, pointed towards the top and broad at the base. It rose so quickly that in no more than three minutes it reached half the height to the zenith. At the very moment when the dark cloud appeared, in the north - west there appeared a huge shining comet that rose to 12º above the horizon, and then from the north another dark cloud arose, from the west, rapidly rising to the cloud that approached it some - what slower. Between these two clouds in the northeast a bright light formed in the shape of a column, that for several minutes did not change its position, while the cloud that appeared from the west moved to meet it with exceptional speed and collided with the other cloud with such terrible force that [there was] a broad flame in the sky from their collision and [this] was accompanied by smoke, while the glow extended from the northeast right to the west. The real smoke ascended to 20º above the horizon, while the rays of flame intersected it constantly in all directions, just as if there was a battle taking place between many navies and armies. This prodigy continued for a full quarter of an hour in its most dazzling form and then began to dim little by little and finished with the appearance of a host of bright arrows that reached to 80º above the horizon. The cloud that had appeared in the east dispersed. After it, the other vanished completely, so that by 10 in the evening the sky had again become clear and shone with glistening stars. One cannot imagine how terrifying this phenomenon was at the moment when the two clouds collided, when they both shattered, as it were, from the mighty blow, and when they were alsoThe Olonkho Epic accompanied with exceptional speed by a host of small clouds headed westwards. The flame that flew from them was like claps Scattering a blizzard of stone, of thunder, exceptionally bright and dazzling. Causing lightning to flash, Causing a four-fold thunder to crash High-Tech Genius behind the Installation Behind him, Analysing the consequences of the explosions that have taken Niurgun Bootur flew unswerving… place above the Siberian taiga in the past 100 years, you get a heart-wrenching sense of gratitude and awe towards the A careful study of the O l o n k h o prompts an important intellectual power of those who, thousands of years ago, built aconclusion. Some elements of the epos describe a pattern that complex to defend our beautiful blue planet and all herprecisely reflects the phases in the development of events that inhabitants. Even the first blow, struck when a meteorite is stillperiodically occur above the Siberian tundra. It becomes clear many kilometres above the Earth, causes enough of a deflection inwhy the O l o n k h o texts contain such amazing echoes of the its flight path to shift all that subsequently occurs, and all theeyewitness accounts. Here are some more lines from the consequences of the explosions that destroy the meteorite takeOlonkho: place away from densely populated places to a less dangerous area! At a distance of three days journey Continued next issue ... You can see the smoke rising, About the Author: Spreading out above like a mushroom. Valery Mikhailovich Uvarov is the head of the Department of UFO The land around grew covered Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National With dust and ash. Security Academy of Russia, and has devoted more than 14 years The smoke swirled, to ufology as well as to the study of the legacy of ancient civilisa- Thick and black, tions. He is the author of numerous papers on palaeotechnology Rose to the sky in a dark cloud, and palaeosciencce, as well as ufology and esoterica published in the Russian and foreign press. He has initiated and participated in Obscuring the sunlight. a number of expeditions to India and Egypt in search of material evidence of ancient knowledge. He is a regular speaker at interna- At different times this scenario has been witnessed by thou- tional ufological conferences, and gives lectures and seminars insands of people. Among the more interesting accounts of this Russia, the UK, USA, Germany and Scandinavia. He was also anature is a report by the Dutch Ambassador, Baron de Bij, which speaker at the 2004 NEXUS Conference in Amsterdam and theI. V. Bogatyrev found in the State Naval Archive of the USSR: 2004 NEXUS Conference in Brisbane. On 2 (13) April 1716, on the second day after the Easter festi -val, around 9 in the evening there appeared in a pure, cloudless Editors Note:sky a most brilliant meteor, the gradual development of which is See NEXUS 11/01 for the first part of Valery Uvarovs article. Theattached hereto. accompanying bibliography will be published in a subsequent issue.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 57
  • DISCLOSURE AUSTRALIA But the substance of this article isnt to Our search began about a year ago with The Journey So Far weigh up the absolute arguments for and our own local knowledge and the on-line against the existence of UFOs; its to pre- records of the National Archives of by Debbie Payne © 2004 sent enough viable evidence in the form of Australia. Currently the on-line recordD uring the course of this article I am raw data to challenge the belief systems of search will only give access to around 10% going to try to give you a glimpse those who are uninformed or sceptical. Its of what is registered with the Archives, but through a very small window into not about the analysis of what we have at least it was a place for us to start. At onethe Australian Governments files on UFOs. found so far because once we have collated stage we punched in "Reports on FlyingWhat has to be understood is that the infor- enough data from the files weve had Saucers"; to our surprise, this search term,mation beyond this window is so extensive released, then the analysis will be the focus unlike searches we did on the term "UFO",that it would be impossible for me to pre- of our future efforts. We estimate this produced around 20 files. In these 20 filessent even a fraction of what has been dis- whole process could take a couple of years. there were around 5,000 pages of informa-covered, let alone explain it to you. But by following this methodical procedure, tion, but we had no idea about what they The hardest part in writing this paper was I think that it will strengthen the resolve of contained or to what extent the governmentdeciding on which files to discuss, so I tend- established and committed researchers that had documented them. I can only tell youed to focus more on the ones that stood out their work is both viable and important to we were more than encouraged after view-for various reasons. What I would like to the understanding of the overall phenome- ing the first few documents. Imagine whatsuggest is that you log on to the National non. Everyone in some way contributes a it will be like when the remaining 90 perArchives of Australia (NAA) website piece to the jigsaw puzzle and the picture is cent can be accessed.( and view these becoming clearer.files, just as AURA—the Australian UFO What we have done during the first stages Who kept UFO files?Research Association—has done. of the Australian Disclosure Project is to You will see from the list below that find out exactly how many records exist in there were numerous resource channelsThe Australian Disclosure the Australian Government sector about open to us, including: The Collins Dictionary d e f i n e s UFOs and to what extent the government • RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force);"disclosure" as "a revelation" and "to pursued, and indeed still pursues, this issue. • CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific &disclose" as "to make known, to allow to be These pages can now be viewed publicly Industrial Research Organisation);seen". Over the last four or five years by anyone and mulled over, dissected, fol- • Department of External Affairs, includ-Australian UFO researchers, like their lowed up, researched and individual conclu- ing Department of Territories;counterparts overseas, have been discussing sions reached. We are showing you whats • RAN (Royal Australian Navy);and debating the concept of "disclosure". there. Its up to you to decide what to do • Department of Supply (a federal depart-Many of you no doubt will be familiar with with the information. However, whatever ment, now defunct), at Woomera;the US Disclosure Project headed up by Dr your conclusions, these records certainly • DSTO (Defence Science andSteven Greer and the enormous amount of give you a starting point for all kinds of Technology Organisation) at Edinburghwork his team has done in this direction. research into this subject. Air Force Base, which was formerly the58 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE Long Range Weapons Research carry out at various other Archives offices Moondust on the Internet, I came across a Establishment (WRE); around the country. 42-page file released under the USA • Bureau of Meteorology; All the files you see as digital copies on- Freedom of Information Act which clearly • Department of Civil Aviation; line can be viewed on your personal com- demonstrates a link between UFOs, the • "The Committee". puters in the luxury of your own homes. United Nations and Project Moondust. These records are currently held at the head On the first page of these documents, the More recently, under the Freedom of office of the National Archives in Canberra. subject header simply reads "ProjectInformation (FOI) Act we obtained over And contrary to conjecture from some M o o n d u s t " , and dates from November600 pages of information, but this figure is who are very quick to imply we wont find 1973. It concerns the recovery of what maydue to increase very shortly by a further anything new in our recently released gov- have been Soviet satellite debris. However,2,300 pages because the RAAF has kindly ernment files, we have uncovered hundreds also included in this 42-page package aregranted us access to another 38 files—enig- of pages of documents that have never seen documents on a 1978 discussion concerningmatic files, to say the least. These 38 files the light of day, so statements of that nature the potential of having the United Nationswere suspiciously unavailable the first time are completely without substance. undertake UFO investigations, report onwe asked; then we were told they had been What do we know now that we didnt UFO sightings and retrieve crashed objectsdestroyed. On our last request, these files know a year ago? In a word, plenty! We from different countries. It also mentionswere located and made available because know that Australia—especially the RAAF the recovery of a spherical object (said tothis time we went through a different chan- and the Long Range Weapons Research have landed smoothly) in Buenos Aires innel. So sometimes it all depends on whom Establishment at Woomera— was deeply speak to. involved with other governments and vari- So M o o n d u s t was very much a global Currently all these files from the depart- ous intelligence organisations, including project. But a singular statement made byments previously mentioned total some NASA, in joint space programs and the the Prime Minister of Grenada and recount-12,000-odd pages and have cost AURA sharing of information relating to anything ed by the American delegate to the Unitedover A$1,800 to date to obtain. space based. So my first file has something Nations leaps out at you on page 9 and Unfortunately I can only present a few to do with international co-operation and reads as follows:reports in any detail due to our limited interest in this subject. ...the recent report of the abduction ofspace, so at least you will get to know a Cessna aircraft in Australia seemedsomething about the content of these files What was Project Moondust? to him to be a compelling reason forand the extent of their information. I have In 1953 the USAF 4602nd Air the United Nations to "come alive to itstried to be as diverse in subject matter as I Intelligence Service Squadron was created. responsibilities and take a serious lookcan with my chosen examples, just to Its purpose was to recover downed enemy at the UFO phenomenon, to whichdemonstrate the intriguing number of very aircraft during the Korean War. In 1957 it Planet Earth has been conspicuouslydifferent cases recorded in these files. was expanded to recover objects and debris exposed since 1947".Some may be familiar to you as famous from space vehicles that had survived re- Two words immediately caught my atten-Australian cases, and others you wont have entry from space to Earth, and in 1961, tion in this phrase: the word "abduction",heard of. I want you to see that the according to a United States Air Force which was used to describe the disappear-Australian Government did keep detailed memo, it included UFOs. ance on 21 October 1978 of Frederichfiles on our most famous cases (see table 1). While researching the topic of Project Valentich—not crashed, lost or missing at Rather than have other researchers labori-ously go through every one of the thousandsof pages at the Archives looking for some-thing in particular, we wrote brief notes onthe content of every page in every file. Bydoing this, anyone can go to these file sum-maries and scan through them to find whattheyre looking for, like an index—keepingin mind, of course, that the NAA files wereobtained under the 30-year rule, whichmakes 1973 the most current record we areable to access at this present time. But I tell you that when 1st Januaryclicked over this year, another 14 filesappeared on our standard search. However,files released under the FOI Act can be a lotmore recent, so dont think we are only lim-ited to files prior to 1974; were not. We have also conducted register searchesat our local National Archives Office in "I dont know whos responsible for this crop circle, but I bet they have aAdelaide, something we will endeavour to degree in Behavioural Psychology."DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 59
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONEsea, but abducted; and, of course, the refer- "Project Moondust". However, as it was a From the many retrievals listed, I findence to 1947, which we all come across classified US project, perhaps this is not one in particular rather interesting. Thisduring the course of our research. It seems s u r p r i s i n g . Under this banner the one was near Inkerman in Queensland into be a definitive time in ufology. We have Australian Government located and March 1968 and was given to the USpre-1947 and post-1947 as a way to cate- retrieved several items of interest, which we Embassy in Australia immediately andgorise the modern era of sightings. have listed on our website. without analysis [RAAF file J63/25 The next page of the file states that 133 It also means that the military had in 5/40/AIR PART 1]. It makes you wondercountries had already provided reports place a "quick response unit". In his 1996 what was in those diplomatic pouches!regarding UFOs for the express purpose of document, "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under –setting up a UN-sponsored committee to The Australian Military & Government Is Woomera Area 52?study the phenomenon. Jacques Vallee, Role in the UFO Controversy", Bill Chalker The next find Id like to discuss is basedStanton Friedman and J. Allen Hynek were writes: on a couple of files from the Department ofalso present at this meeting. It appears JIO [Joint Intelligence Supply at Woomera on sightings that However, the official reason for Project Organisation] have a "rapid interven - occurred between 1952 and 1954. ThereMoondust was to retrieve downed space tion" capability, as they have been able were literally hundreds of sightings over thevehicles, and what we wanted to know was to instigate prompt widespread ground years at this highly restricted space facility.whether or not Australia participated in this searches in suspected "hardware" In fact, the base servicemen even had theirproject. I am certain the answer is, "Yes, crashes. They do this through "special own UFO club, called STARS (Scientificwe did". access" channels. This operation may Technical Astronomical Research Society), be similar to the US activity operating which they were permitted to set up butCrash retrieval team under the code name Project with very stringent conditions including The Department of Supply file no. SA "Moondust". being prohibited from publishing any of5644/2/1 contains a 1962 memo from the So I think its fair to say that Australia did their UFO reports.Controller of WRE to the Superintendent at participate in Project Moondust, and did In order for you to understand the signifi-Woomera. In it, he states that "the United have and still has a "rapid intervention" cance of the Woomera space facility, itsStates Embassy" sought WREs assistance team connected to the Department of participation in projects on a global scaleto obtain information about sightings or Defence. and the dates I have chosen, here are a fewdowned fragments of space vehicles. The reason I am so confident that the facts and figures. This location and recovery of fragments rapid intervention team exists is partly due • 1 9 4 7 – Long Range Weaponswas exactly the role of the US Air Forces to a number of conversations a member of Establishment formed between the UKProject M o o n d u s t, and the request to our AURA team had with a Woomera resi- and AustraliaAustralia was made a year after the project dent who is retired from the military. He • 1 9 4 9 – First missile launched fromcommenced in full force to include UFOs. claims to have been a member of this Woomera Rocket Range;In our reading of the Supply file, there is retrieval team, and at the moment we are • 1957 – First Skylark rocket launched;never actually a mention of the words trying to corroborate his story. • 1 9 5 8 – First Black Night r o c k e t launched; • 1959 – The first deep-space tracking station to be established outside the United States is established by NASA at Woomera; • 1962 – Countries from Europe together with Australia formed the European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO), a collaboration which launched the Europa series of rockets; • 1964 – First Europa rocket launched (a modified Blue Streak rocket); • 1 9 6 6 – First E u r o p a rocket with dummy stages launched; • 1967 – Australias very own satellite, WRESAT (Weapons Research Establishment Satellite) launched, mak- ing Australia only the fourth country in the world to launch its own satellite from its own territory. The list of launches and research and "Our next big mission for 2008 is to send a fully equipped probe Washington development programs goes on, but well to search for signs of intelligent life." leave this for now.60 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE The Department of Defence lists theatre and were seated together: Warrant And so a file is now born—RSOWoomeras possible activities as follows: Officer H., Warrant Officer W., J. A. (chief 52/618—and becomes part of a greater file. • Air-to-air combat training; baker at the Department of Supply) and • Bombing camps; Sergeant P. Snow clouds dont do 90° turns • Remote area operations; In his report, Sergeant P. makes several This next report from Woomera is from a • Airborne and ground testing of long- observations, and considering he was an radar officer who was on duty at the time of range weapons systems; officer at Woomera he would have this event. I have the original Defence • Rocket testing (including Scramjet observed test flights and been familiar with Department tracking map to back up these technology); rockets and jets. He saw that the cigar- statements: • Space vehicle launch and recovery, shaped object had two portholes and interi- At 1.45 pm while searching for a including reusable rockets; or lighting. (Now why would an unmanned Mustang on G1, a target was locked • Parachute drops; rocket need portholes and interior lighting?) onto in the Shell Lagoon Area. On • Hot and dry equipment trials; It travelled faster than any jet aircraft hed looking through the telescope on the • Because electromagnetic interference is ever seen. And in his statement he says he radar dish, no target could be seen. extremely low, the area permits was not prepared to say whether this thing The signal-to-noise ratio was at least 5 EMI/EMC testing (electromagnetic inter- was an Earthly object. W. states it was not to 1, which is similar to that obtained ference and compatibility between guid- a falling star, and was faster than any air- from a large aircraft. Between 1.45 ance systems and aircraft electronic and 2.00 pm the target came to with - equipment, both on the ground and in a mile distant, and still could not in the air). be seen. At 2.05 pm I decided to plot the course of the target. At Today, Woomera still operates a Woomera Prohibited Area times during the movement of thedeep-space tracking station. It has is now the size of England target, SMALLER targets seemedwhat they call "ears in space", listening to detach themselves from the mainto noises from space, and it monitors and covers 127,000 square target and drift on satellites in orbit. kilometres. In the early There are numerous contradictionsWoomera has R&D connections with surrounding this event. The officialNASA, the European Space Agency, 1950s, Woomera covered explanation, by the way, turned out toKistler Aerospace, BAE (BritishAerospace) Systems, the Japanese 270,000 square kilometres. be a snow cloud. However, the officials shot themselves in the foot on that one.Cangaroo Project and other not-so- The report is titled "Flying Saucerpublic projects—like research into Phenomenon over Range G1"—not annanotechnology and breaking the Mach 7 anomalous snow cloud! The filebarrier (two years before the Americans, craft hed ever seen. H. comments that he summary on the weather conditions is aswho announced they had done so in March heard no noise, and that it was definitely follows, and I did check these conditions2004) with its work on Scramjet something other than anything from the independently:technology. Incidentally, Woomera does heavens, meaning a comet or shooting star. Fine, high cloud @ 25,000 feet, warmhave an area designated as Area 52a Evetts The other witness was the wife of a service- temperature, 84 degrees FahrenheitField. It was one of the sites proposed for man and gives the same description from [27 degrees C]. Strong, northerly windthe National Radioactive Waste Repository another location in Woomera township. (25–30 mph), which blew from theand probably still is. The interesting part is where the Chief inland desert. The Woomera Prohibited Area, as it is Security Officer forwards all the reports And this is where it gets strange (mynow known, is the size of England and cov- from the investigator to the State Security emphasis in bold):ers 127,000 square kilometres. You can Office in Adelaide under the title "Flying In view of the foregoing weather reporthide a lot of activity in a remote desert com- Saucer Observed Over Woomera". In a and the absence of any visual sighting,pound the size of a small country. But in brief covering letter he states that the wit- the signals p r o b a b l y came from athe early 1950s, Woomera was a lot bigger. nesses are all reliable and sober and that a cloud.It covered 270,000 square kilometres. It cigar-shaped object, "whether man made or In a report put together two weeks later,was also the subject of some very interest- not", was observed. A copy is then on-for- after other radar operators were questioned,ing events. warded to the Deputy Chief Security the object is referred to as the "invisible Officer in Melbourne. A paper trail has phenomenon"—and because no object wasMilitary officers witness UFO begun. visible, there was nothing of security inter- On the night of Saturday 27 October It then transpires that the A d v e r t i s e r est. (So if you can see it, it cant be all bad.)1952, at approximately 8.00 pm, five per- newspaper also published reports of the But in the very same report, one paragraphsons witnessed a cigar-shaped object fly on same object, sighted by different witnesses above this one, it reads (my emphasis ina straight and horizontal trajectory, 40 to in other parts of the state. (Any news clip- bold):45 degrees above the horizon from the wit- pings regarding flying saucers were cut out ...the fact that small portions werenesses right-hand side to their left. Four of and retained by the various defence forces. breaking away tends to show thatthe witnesses were at the Woomera open-air We found a lot of them.) whatever it was on radar wasDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 61
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE registering the target very efficiently on speed of a Canberra bomber was around was by far the most active that Id come something other than ordinary snow. 400 mph. The disc flew up to the across, next to Woomera. So there goes the snow theory. Doesnt C a n b e r r a, paused over the top of it, Milne Bay is on the easternmost tip ofmake sense, does it? remained stationary (seemingly) above the Papua New Guinea, bordered by the In the second paragraph on the same bomber, then flew away at great speed. Solomon Sea above and the Coral Seapiece of paper it reads: Radar operators who took the bearing on below. The surrounding islands and seas ...the phenomenon was locked to his the target timed it between two points and were rife with reports of all kinds of weird radar beam for a period of at least 24 realised that this object was doing in excess and wonderful sightings. I believe there minutes which in NO WAY can be com - of 3,600 miles per hour, or Mach 5, and yet may well be an underwater base in this area, pared with Flying Saucer phenomenon it appeared to be stationary seconds before- because of the number of sightings over of previous reports. hand. The radar operator who witnessed such a great period of time and also because So I take it from that comment that they the event is quoted as saying: the survey map indicates that the ocean isknew pretty much how a flying saucer ...during this time I found it very hard very deep in this area. The seabeds aroundbehaved! to believe what I was seeing, so I shut these islands are littered with underwater my eyes and looked again, and it was caverns.UFO filmed during rocket launch still stationary over the Canberra. My next slide shows some correspon- What makes this guy so believable is that What was seen but wasnt on thedence regarding the sighting of a UFO he worked for Vickers–Armstrong. They radar at Santa Cruz?filmed during a Skylark rocket test back in made aircraft. He knew what he was look- The area of the Santa Cruz Islands, bor-April 1967. We are yet to locate that film. ing at. dering the Coral Sea near Vanuatu, is theSome of the transcript reads as follows: Mach 1 was officially reached in October subject of my next report. HMAS Anzac I spoke to you some weeks ago about a 1947 (theres that date again) by Chuck reported that at 5.45 pm on Thursday 5 May report of UFO sightings during a Yeager (The Right Stuff) in a Bell X-1 air- 1966, when in position near the Santa Cruz Skylark launch...have you had the films craft. Mach 2 was reached in December Islands, four unidentified flying objects examined? 1953, and Mach 3 in September 1956. It were sighted at about 20 degrees above the The superintendent was most upset that took a further five years to achieve Mach 4 horizon by the navigating officer and bythe report he requested had not found its in March 1961, and shortly after that Mach several other officers who were not on theway to his desk. (We encountered many 5 (3,603 mph) was achieved on 23 June bridge at the time.significant handwritten notes on the files we 1961—seven years after something else did These objects were quite distinct andexamined.) it at Woomera. Mach 6 was reached on 9 appeared closely grouped, the leading November 1961. It then took us 43 years, object glowing red and the three trailingFrom 400 mph to Mach 5 – 3,600 officially, to get from Mach 6 to Mach 7 in objects green in colour and forming anmph – in just 10 seconds! March 2004, although according to my equilateral triangle with its apex towards the In May 1954, a dark grey circular disc sources Woomera achieved Mach 7 two leading object. They left trails of colour inwas observed by a Woomera radar operator years ago. their wakes but these did not last. The trailsthrough binoculars, pacing a C a n b e r r a But whats most interesting about this were approximately six times the length ofbomber directly above it. The cruising case (and you really need to get your head the objects. After the objects had disap- around this) is that peared behind cloud ahead of the ship, they the object went from reappeared one more time before disappear- about 400 mph to ing once again into cloud cover. The 3,600 mph in just 10 approximate time in sight was not more seconds! In 1954! than 25 seconds, and the objects were trav- elling at a very high speed. Hot Spots, No radar contacts were detected at the Sightings at Milne time—although there is a handwritten nota- Bay, Papua New tion on this report to re-check all radar Guinea imaging for that day. There are two for- One of the most warding reports and theres another note intriguing things I clearly stating that this report should "not found throughout my find its way to the Australian UFO file". It Disclosure journey is signed by the Director of Naval refers to a series of Intelligence. reports coming out of Papua New Guinea, U2 spyplane over Tasmania! in particular the Over the years, there have been a number Milne Bay area. of occasions when UFO researchers have Considering the num- run into UFO sightings generated by obser- ber of files Ive vations of "secret" aircraft—flying triangles scanned, this area being a perfect example.62 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE Are they or arent they ours? To the best Some of the most interesting reports are been passed to the Committee whichof our knowledge, no Australian researcher from air bases in all States, particularly has been set up to consider suchor group has suggested that "secret aircraft" Pearce in Western Australia, Woomera in reports. The Committee desires tohave been the cause of any Australian UFO South Australia, and Williams at Laverton express its thanks for such a well-reports. in Victoria. There are reports from TAA authenticated sighting. It was therefore with surprise that we and QANTAS pilots. There are hundreds This Committee actually seems rathercame across the following report when of individual sighting reports, fully docu- pleased to get such a well-documented andreviewing an RAAF UFO file. m e n t e d , from every part of Australia, authenticated report, obviously because this A Department of Agriculture inspector including from personnel on oil platforms, is what they were there for. The report inreported a UFO sighting to the RAAF in cargo ships and naval vessels as well as question is on the Nowra Incident.May 1961. Following is a reconstruction of from police officers and the general public.the incident, based on the information locat- The list is huge. So what does the Government reallyed in a digital copy of file series A703: I guess we will still plod through the know about UFOs? At 8.35 am on 25 May 1961, children enormous amount of information at the Not as much as they could, because theywere playing in the backyard of a house in NAA, because in order for you to look at seem to do very little analysis on the reportsDevonport, Tasmania. The children saw the files on their web page you have to they gather, but Im only surmising this. Imsomething in the sky which caused them to request each file to be examined and made quite sure that if they had a piece of alienget a "Mr Y." out of the house. This male available. bumper bar, they wouldnt have document-witness reported seeing one definite ed it in the Archives for us to look at.object in the sky. It was "silvery but I think they know everything theynot reflective" and was "shaped like a There are hundreds of need to know for now, and you can betthermometer or a pencil without a individual sighting reports, they have files that will never see thepoint". No detailed structure was light of day. But one things for sure:noted, and there was no sound associ- fully documented, from every they would have someone, somewhere,ated with the sighting. The objects part of Australia, including who knows a damned sight more thanspeed was stated as "slow". It was we do. ∞seen to the north-northwest of from pilots, personnel on oilDevonport, travelling in a straight line. platforms, cargo ships and naval About the Author: Question 26 on the RAAF Report vessels as well as from police Debbie Payne, based in Adelaide,Form, which was filled in by the South Australia, has worked as a tech-RAAF interviewer, asks for the officers and the general public. nical adviser in the construction"Location of any air traffic in the industry for the last 20 years. Untilvicinity at the time of sighting". Typed she had her first UFO sighting at closehere are the words, "U2 aircraft over Great We have a master list of around 110 pos- range about 10 years ago, she was aLake at approximately 8.15 am travelling in sibly relevant files. The RAAF has files on sceptic.a northerly direction, leaving a distinct UFOs from 1984 to 1994, so we need to From 1994 to 2002, Debbie wasvapour trail". take a look at these. involved with Colin Norriss Australian What were we doing with a U2 spyplane The aim is in two or three years time to International UFO and Flying Saucerflying over Tasmania in 1961? use our solid material to become politically Research Organisation, which has been active in seeking other information from the meeting since 1952. Since March 2002The research journey Australian Government and then to lobby shes been participating in Lloyd Pyes During the course of our research, AURA the government to declare openly what their Starchild Project, and in mid-2002,has looked at hundreds of report forms, knowledge is on the topic of UFOs. together with ufologist Keith Basterfield,sketches, photographs and records on so she formed an eight-member, self-fundedmany different types of UFOs its The mysterious "Committee" research group, the Australian UFOstaggering. And we havent even finished In all the files I reviewed, there were only Research Association (AURA).10 per cent of what could be released. two references that I came across to "the This article is based on Debbie Paynes I have only recounted a few sightings Committee". Both were from very-high- presentation at the Australian Nationalfrom the hundreds if not thousands of sight- ranking military personnel. UFO Conference in June 2004. The fullings on record. It would be almost impossi- I believe the Committee was attached text can be found at the webpageble to present them all to you, so thats why originally to the Joint Intelligence are putting all this information on CDs. Organisation and had firm ties to the Chiefs Article%20text%2022.6.04.htm.Under Crown copyright, I can only show 10 of Naval and Air Force Intelligence. Debbie Payne can be contacted at theper cent of any given file with names and It was set up to review certain interesting Australian UFO Research Association,details on them "for research purposes", so cases that were found to be either inconclu- PO Box 786, North Adelaide, SA 5006,thats why we want anyone with an interest sive or inexplicable in terms of "Earthly Australia; telephone 0413 800 143in this subject to obtain a copy of the CDs Origin". Following is an extract from a let- (mobile; Australia only), email disclo-to see for themselves what a goldmine of ter from the Director of Naval Intelligence:, websiteinformation is now on record. 2. It is advised that the reports have 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 63
  • 64 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • REVIEWS of the year are noted, including the US "mad Buchanan explains the subtleties and cow disease" cover-up and the Bush admin- nuances, the protocols and pitfalls of work- istrations push for "sound science". ing with CRV, and shares personal details of Reviewed by Ruth Parnell This book is a mine of information, and a the ways CRV has utterly changed his lifeCENSORED 2005: The Top 25 lot of it will make some sensitive readers for better and/or worse. And yet, with allCensored Stories fret at how the public is being duped by the his RV experiences—exploring military tar- corporate-controlled media let alone by their gets, getting into the minds of world leadersby Peter Phillips & Project Censored governments. At least to relieve the tension, to discern their intentions, identifying drug-Seven Stories Press, USA, 2004 the editors have liberally interspersed Tom smuggling boats, entering a Russian particleISBN 1-58322-655-9 (379pp tpb) Tomorrows brilliantly satirical political car- beam experiment—he discovered theres aAvailability: Australia—Palgrave toons throughout the book. pinnacle of CRV called Perfect SiteMacmillan; UK—Turnaround, Integration (PSI). In his eight-and-a-half; USA— THE SEVENTH SENSE: The Secrets of years with the unit, he only had nine such Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic experiences and has only had four or fiveL ast issue in Global News we published a summary of the top 25 news storiesjudged by the Project Censored team at Spy" for the US Military by Lyn Buchanan since—thats how rare these events are—and he assures us that PSI is "one of the greatest experiences a CRVer can ever have".Sonoma State University, California, to have Paraview Pocket Books, USA, 2003 Theres intriguing information about howbeen most ignored by the mainstream media ISBN 0-7434-6268-8 (306pp tpb) the conscious and subconscious minds work,in the last 18 months. For the full run-down Availability: Simon & Schuster, about what happens after death, and abouton these stories, along with updates on these the nature of time. Plus, theres a substantialand past stories, turn to this new compila-tion, Censored 2005. L eonard "Lyn" Buchanan was a US Army sergeant based in Germany and working with computer systems when in 1984, under sourcebook section that explains the key ter- minologies of the territory and gives practi- This edition has a foreword by investiga- cal exercises to help anyone interested to strange circumstances, he was recruited into train themselves in the basics.tive reporter/author Greg Palast, who a secret group attached to the Intelligencedeclares that 2004 "will live in journalism and Security Command. Based at Fordinfamy, when Americas news media lost all Meade, Maryland, it was conducting con-shame, when reporting on the invasion of trolled remote viewing (CRV) as a militaryIraq was replaced by war-nography". data collection tool. Lyn retired in 1992 and At least half this book contains contribu- went on to set up his own RV company, buttions touching on important media-related his experiences with the unit make for a fas-issues of our times: media democracy in cinating read in The Seventh Sense.action, the new American censorship and In narrating what happened during hishow to challenge it (by Project Censored assignments, Buchanan sets the recordDirector Dr Peter Phillips), the agenda of straight on what remote viewing is and whatconservative talk radio in the USA, and cor- it is not, and how it can best be conductedporate medias neglect of anti-globalisation for most accurate results. He makes the dis-movements. Case studies on the untold tinction between the sixth sense, the abilitystory of Haiti and US media coverage of the to perceive ambience, and the seventh sense,Israel/Palestine situation make for chilling the psychic ability, while noting that bothreading. And the best of PR Watchs spins are important in the remote viewing process.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 65
  • REVIEWSTHE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MEDICAL these may include taking vitamins, minerals foods, therapeutics via a wide range of non-BREAKTHROUGHS & FORBIDDEN or essential fatty acids, undergoing light or toxic remedies, holistic movements to healTREATMENTS sound therapy or doing specific exercises. and strengthen the emotions, and meditation This section contains cross-references to one to develop ones objective thinking Medical Research Associates, LLC A number of ailments are considered here on general treatment methods such as(David Johnson, MA, Editor-in-Chief) acupuncture, insulin potentiation therapy in terms of this fourfold healing approach.Medical Research Associates, USA, 2005 (used to fight cancer) and nutrition/detox Were provided with a multidimensionalISBN 0-9749859-3-7 (319pp tpb) therapies. Special emphasis throughout menu of treatments to deal with infectiousAvailability: MRA, website these pages is on natural pain relief, includ- disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, arthritis, ing topical treatments such as DMSO, elec- back pain, womens and mens diseases andI n preparing this compendium, the editors at Medical Research Associates wanted tomake a positive difference to peoples health tricity, magnets and even urine. This comprehensively researched hand- book is a must for all health practitioners much more, along with appendices replete with healthy, nutritious recipes and practical exercises in movement and assembling the most important, practical and ideal for the layperson who wants to be For this book, Dr Cowan has recruited helpand up-to-date information on a range of better informed about their healing options. in the traditional nutrition domain fromtreatments that support the fact that humans Sally Fallon, founding president of the US-are complex organisms encompassing not THE FOURFOLD PATH TO HEALING based Weston A. Price Foundation andjust a body but a mind and spirit. by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, with Sally author of Nourishing Traditions, and in the Utilising a worldwide network of medical Fallon and Jaimen McMillan field of dynamic movement from Jaimenand scientific researchers, and with an advi- NewTrendsPublishing, Inc., USA, 2004 McMillan, developer of Spacial Dynamics®sory board that includes medical doctors, ISBN 0-7434-6268-8 (425pp tpb) (his advice accompanied by easy-to-follownaturopathic physicians, chiropractors and illustrations). So this collaboration pulls Availability: NewTrends Publishing,nurses, MRA has compiled the best avail- together a mix of expertise that offers health-seekers some truly holistic data on how to treat specific ailmentsfrom AIDS to warts—and without your nec-essarily having to resort to orthodox surgical A book entitled The Fourfold Path to Healing conjures up images of the Buddha and the path to enlightenment. Soand pharmacological options. In fact, in the readers will be pleased to know that itspreface to this Encyclopedia of Medical author, Dr Thomas Cowan, combines theBreakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments, the best of Eastern and Western esoteric wisdomeditors point out some shocking statistics for in the healing arts with the best of modernsurgery- and pharmaceutical-related injuries findings in Western medicine.and deaths. Its not their intention to alienate In his medical career path, Dr Cowan hasorthodox MDs by fostering alternative and been particularly inspired by the work of Drcomplementary—often "unapproved"— Weston Price in areas of nutrition and physi-medical treatments and technologies, but to cal degeneration, and of Dr Rudolf Steinerencourage an environment where practition- with his biodynamic agriculture principles.ers can focus on helping their patients get Dr Cowan has practised family medicine forthe best health outcomes. 20 years and is trained in homeopathy, Under each listed ailment there is informa- naturopathy and anthroposophical medicine.tion on causes and symptoms and on the His fourfold path to healing encompassesmost appropriate, successful treatments; nutrition using nutrient-dense traditional66 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • WHY ARENT I LEARNING? REVIEWS as for teachers and health professionals who the military interventions required to secureby Rafaele Joudry may want to try these methods. Children vital energy supplies in the Middle East andSound Therapy International, Aust, 2004 can do these practical, easy, stimulating other strategic regions. He maintains it wasISBN 0-9579246-2-3 (356pp tpb) exercises while theyre playing, doing their the realisation by early 2000 that CaspianAvailability: Sound Therapy International, homework or sleeping. Ultimately this sys- Basin energy reserves had been tem offers a therapy that helps your child overstated that brought a new urgency to the reach their full potential. Sounds amazing! issue of growing US demand for oil and gasI n Why Arent I Learning?, Sound Therapy practitioner, author, educator and healthprofessional Rafaele Joudry has the answer: CROSSING THE RUBICON: in the face of dwindling supply, and this hastened the push for new sources.that learning how to listen is the key for The Decline of the American Empire at The decision to "cross the Rubicon" fromchildren who need to overcome learning dif- ailing republic to flourishing empire he says the End of the Age of Oil was the result of closed-door discussionsficulties. Her technique, based on those by Michael C. Ruppertdeveloped by French ear specialist Dr among Dick Cheneys National Energy New Society Publishers, Canada, 2004 Policy Development Group—"where theTomatis and by her mother, Patricia Joudry, ISBN 0-86571-540-8 (674pp tpb)benefits normal and gifted children as well. basic motive for 9/11 was fully articulated, Availability: New Society Publishers, understood, and accepted" by the end of If your child has difficulty learning, read- website; April 2001. It was sealed by May 2001ing, writing, remembering or keeping upwith other kids, perhaps it is that he/she has From The Wilderness newsletter, when Bush placed Cheney in charge ofa problem making sense of sounds. The sci- counter-terror attack planning, giving him control over FEMA and the military.entifically based Sound Therapy programthat Rafaele Joudry describes makes use of I n this damning exposé, Mike Ruppert (for- mer LAPD cop and publisher of the acclaimed investigative newsletter From The Rupperts hefty book may make you weep with despair, but its meant to make us thinkspecially filtered music and stories that chil- Wilderness) subjects the events surrounding and inspire us all to be courageous againstdren (even babies) can access via head- 9/11 and the Bush administrations geopoliti- the forces that want us to live in fear.phones, enabling them to focus their concen-tration and enhance their language and cal belligerence to the same scrutiny as if helearning abilities—all the while keeping were working up a criminal prosecution. Hetheir interest alive. The system (you need to examines the available evidence in terms ofobtain the listening program kits) also has motive, means and opportunity and casts hisspecial benefits for children and teenagers net wide to implicate collaborators at thediagnosed with so-called ADD or ADHD, very top of the US government (especiallyhelping them solve their learning problems VP Dick Cheney), in Wall Street, amongwithout having to resort to dangerous phar- defence systems contractors, and withinmaceutical drugs. (Joudry has sensible intelligence and military networks not just indietary advice, too.) It also is helpful for the USA but in Israel, Pakistan and Saudichildren whove been diagnosed with Arabia. He also reminds us that Osama binautism, dyslexia, stubborn ear infections, Laden has been a longtime Bush/CIA asset.hearing loss and other disorders. Rupperts dire conclusion is that 9/11 had Testimonies from parents of children been in the planning for at least four years,whove benefited from this therapy are even under Clintons presidency. It was theincluded in Joudrys book, and theyre ideal pretext for the Bush neo-cons to makeindeed heartening for other parents as well the "War on Terrorism" official and justifyDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 67
  • REVIEWSTHE CANOPUS REVELATION: esoteric sources from the Holy Grail legend only has aesthetic appeal but is fundamentalStargate of the Gods and the Ark of to the infamous Priory of Sions records. to organic structures from shells to theOsiris Coppens learned that Canopus was identi- human skeleton. And theres more. fied with his Chest, his Ark, in which he was The pentagram of five Venus synods, cre-by Philip Coppens ated over an eight-year period, has special transformed from mere mortal to resurrectedFrontier Publishing, The Netherlands/ supergod. Thus, he surmises, the Egyptians significance in our times, too, considering itsAdventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2004 regarded Canopus as a "stargate" which solar flypast in June 2004 and again in eightISBN 1-931882-26-6 (212pp tpb) allowed man to communicate with the gods years time in 2012. The section on theAvailability: Frontier Publishing, and even enter other dimensions, to experi- Mars/Venus interplay portrays a 4:3 ratio; Adventures Unlimited ence rebirth of the soul after death. This is that Heath shows is reflected in many aPress, www.adventuresunlimitedpress at the core of the Osiris myth. Now frontier myth and measure of the ancient world.; or NEXUS offices in Australia, UK. physicists are using a similar "stargate" sym- has even found the irregular orbit ofM ost Egyptologists, including recent re- interpreters such as Robert Bauval andAlan Alford, have erred in identifying the bolism in describing the structure of the Universe. It will be interesting to see how the scholarly world responds to Coppenss Mercury depicted in the facial features of Humbaba from the Gilgamesh epic. At least the task of getting acquainted with thesegod Osiris instead of Horus with the constel- re-interpretation of ingrained belief systems. numerical ratios and symbols is not so epic,lation Orion, says Philip Coppens. And helped by simple graphics.while the goddess Isis is teamed with the MATRIX OF CREATION: Sacred Heath brings the Cosmos back to Earth,star Sirius in Egyptian mythology, theres Geometry in the Realm of the Planets demonstrating that the sacred ratios wereanother star, the second brightest in the sky, by Richard Heath incorporated into ancient architecture suchthat was fundamental to the beliefs of the Inner Traditions, USA, 2004 (first pub- as Stonehenge and reflected in the musicalancient Egyptians as well as Sumerians, lished by Bluestone Press, UK, 2002) tones that the ancients sounded to plug intoAfricans, Hindus and Greeks: the star the Divine. Theres so much harmony that ISBN 0-89281-194-3 (148pp tpb) he concludes our solar system may not haveCanopus. To all these civilisations, Canopus Availability: Inner Traditions website,was an important celestial marker for navi- been an accidental creation. http://www.innertraditions.comgation; indeed, located close to the constel-lation Argo, the star was bound up in theGreek myth about Jason and the Argonauts. I t can be argued that the ancient peoples of the world who understood number and incorporated its mysteries into their lives To the Egyptians, Canopus was the south and works were reflecting the proportionspolar star, and with its southerly position they observed in the sky over time.low near the horizon it was intricately linked In Matrix of Creation, Richard Heath (ain their mythology with death and the souls web developer and electrical/computer engi-journey to enlightenment. And the god most neer from Scotland) turns his sights to theassociated with death and the afterlife was solar system, showing that the planets formOsiris. Coppens asks why, then, the impor- interrelated numerical patterns with theirtance of Canopus has been overlooked or orbits—a cohesion which forms the matrix.underplayed by scholars—surely not Readers with an interest in sacred geometrybecause they lived too far north to observe and grid harmonics will be fascinated withit? Or was there a hidden reason? Coppens the "phi in the sky" synodic periods ofwas surprised to find that recognition of the Jupiter and Saturn that reveal the GoldenCanopus/Osiris link can be found in hidden Mean of 1:1.618..., the proportion that not68 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • LEMURIA AND ATLANTIS: Studying REVIEWS From the evidence, Andrews concludes that covert climate control agenda or constitutesthe Past to Survive the Future the Lemurian civilisation—with its spiritual- biological warfare against the people—orby Shirley Andrews ity, symbology, architecture, technology and both. Year by year, the evidence is growingLlewellyn Publishers, USA, 2004 vibrational healing techniques—spread as for the reality of this covert chemtrails pro-ISBN 0-7387-0397-4 (257pp tpb) far west as Tibet and east to the Americas, ject, and increasing numbers of highlyAvailability: Llewellyn Worldwide, where it merged with the Atlantean civilisa- trained personnel are speaking out about tion as it was moving further west, both their observations. But until the authorities groups escaping cataclysmic earth changes. fess up, the chemtrails phenomenon and theP iecing together humanitys distant past is one of our great challenges, and ShirleyAndrews manages to make a little more This multifaceted approach has relevance for how we view our past and our future. motive for producing it are subjects of much speculation. The late Dr Edward Teller insense of the world pre-10,000 BC by draw- 1998 suggested placing a "sunscreen" aboveing together evidence for contemporaneous CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED Earth to reflect sunlight and reduce globalancient civilisations in the Pacific and by William Thomas warming (if this were indeed the problem),Atlantic oceans, namely Mu (or Lemuria) Bridger House Publishers, USA, 2004 yet the chemtrails phenomenon was beingand Atlantis, which met their final demise in ISBN 1-893157-10-5 (325pp tpb) noticed years beforehand. In fact, weathera cataclysm at the end of the last ice age. Availability: Bridger House Publishers, modification has been conducted forMegalithic ruins (above ground and sub- Inc., tel 1800 729 4131 (toll free), decades and seems to have been ramped upmerged), cave artefacts and local legends a few notches with the establishment of the HAARP ionospheric experiment in Alaska.lend credence to this view, but Andrews alsorelies on psychic descriptions in her newbook, Lemuria and Atlantis (a follow-up to S ince the mid-1990s, people across the USA and other parts of the world includ- ing Australia, Canada, Europe and the UK As the mainstream media are ignoring chemtrails, it is up to independent journalistsAtlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization). have been looking up at the sky and observ- like Thomas to find out what we need to Her primary source of information from ing military transport planes creating criss- know. He also suggests actions we can takethe psychic realm comes from readings by crossing contrails that eventually merge in a at the political level as well as at the person-the famous American seer Edgar Cayce, haze from horizon to horizon. Theyve seen al level in terms of boosting our health.who spoke of the lost continent of Atlantis these planes spraying substances at low alti-having existed in the Atlantic Ocean—and tude, when civilian aircraft flying muchthe submerged megalithic ruins found in the higher have left no such condensation trails.Greater Bahamas would seem to confirm his Thousands have become ill as a result of theassertion to some extent. Her other sources fallout from these "chemtrails", reportingcome from people who have written to her diverse reactions such as respiratory distress,with their dreams and memories of past lives pneumonia, gastrointestinal problems,in Lemuria and Atlantis. These certainly lethargy and nosebleed. Substances like alu-extend the paradigm, but such accounts tend minium oxide, bacteria and mycoplasmanot to be accepted in the scholarly world. have been identified in the chemtrail fallout. Academia is yet to explain the vast, semi- NEXUS readers may recall several articlessubmerged basalt constructions on Nan on chemtrails that weve run by researcherMadol in the West Pacific, or the same sorts William Thomas (see 8/06, 7/02, 6/03). Inof spiral carvings found from the Pacific Chemtrails Confirmed, Thomas furtherIslands to the Loltun caves in the Yucatán examines the questions he has posed as toPeninsula to the Canary Islands and beyond. whether this phenomenon is part of someDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 69
  • REVIEWS SUNS OF GOD: Krishna, Buddha and SHOPPED: The Shocking Power of Christ Unveiled British Supermarkets by Acharya S by Joanna Blythman Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2004 Fourth Estate/HarperCollins, UK, 2004 ISBN 1-931882-31-2 (595pp tpb) ISBN 0-00-715803-3 (368pp pb) Availability: Adventures Unlimited Press, Availability: Fourth Estate,; or NEXUS offices in Australia, UK, NZ etc. I n this follow-up to her controversial book The Christ Conspiracy (7/02), author and S upermarkets have become an all-too- pervasive aspect of our lives. In the Western world, few people can entirely scholar Acharya S investigates the origins of avoid supermarkets, even if they do the bulk three of the worlds most popular religions, of their shopping at their local greengrocer, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, and fishmonger, butcher, hardware store or examines the similarities amongst their fig- health food co-op—small outlets that are ureheads—Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. becoming more scarce as the giant chains In Suns of God, she argues that myths are continue to fight each other for ever-greater not "mere meaningless mumbo-jumbo" but market share and dominance. have meaning and purpose. Yet she doesnt In Shopped, award-winning UK food jour- hold that these "godmen" of the solar pan- nalist Joanna Blythman attempts to tear the theon were actual historical personages. blinkers from the eyes of ordinary con- Instead, Acharya S puts the case for these sumers who are unaware of or just dont care identities being "anthropomorphisations" of about what theyre forsaking for so-called the core knowledge of ancient mystery tradi- convenience and lowish prices. She entreats tions going back thousands of years and us to see the supermarket giants for what having commonalities all over the globe. they really are: feudal tyrants that tell us what we think we want to buy (the more processed, the higher their profit margin); that tell lies about the quality of their prod- ucts; that tell growers what and how much to produce and how and when they must pre- sent it. Its sad that the British, with their local, seasonal food traditions and their independent shopkeeper ethos, could think that what is best for them is access to a con- stant supply of (variable-quality) foods from anywhere on Earth, regardless of the season. Their bowing to the supermarket tyrants shows how conditioned theyve become. Meanwhile, local livestock and food produc- ers have become poorer as a result. In the UK, a few supermarket superpowers She laments that in the 21st century, "little including Tesco, Asda (owned by the US has changed in terms of religious under- Wal-Mart) and Sainsburys control around standing, and the world in general continues 70% of the market and keep battling for to be divided along the lines of faith". greater shares based on further manipulation You could say things have only become of the shoppers mindset and wallet and worse, with a growing tendency towards exploitation of suppliers and workers. fundamentalism across several of the "great Cheesy American staff-training styles and faiths". Surely this wasnt the intention of "retailtainment" distractions are infiltrating the core teachings? Or have the so-called the British social fabric, already rent asunder "brotherhoods" been promoting exoteric by the giants setting up outside town and teachings instead of esoteric teachings that causing the demise of high-street shopkeep- seem to require the protection of secret soci- ers—only to set up again in town in eties? So many questions, and Acharya S "Express" stores designed to get rid of the provides a daunting array of tangents for our rest of whatever competition is left. exploration, confirming that the ancients Ultimately, says Blythman, we do have a were obsessed with things astronomical and choice in the face of the big supermarkets astrological and that such pursuits were imposed choices: we can support local basic to their theology—an astrotheology growers and suppliers; reject ready-made thats at the core of every great religion. meals and processed ingredients in favour of Acharya S distills a wealth of detail that home-prepared meals that use fresh, nutri- you never knew about the ancient world, and tious, even organically grown ingredients; concludes that these great world faiths have and make a stand for real, not fake, commu- more in common than we realise. nities. By doing this, we can change our lot.70 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • NOT ON THE LABEL: REVIEWS seasonal produce in favour of out-of-seasonWhat Really Goes into the Food on imports, takes the easy way out withYour Plate processed foods and snacks, and doesnt careby Felicity Lawrence if our food is genetically engineered or not.Penguin Books, UK, 2004 Among the positive strategies LawrenceISBN 0-141-01566-7 (272pp pb) suggests is that we support local, sustain- able, organic food production as well as FairAvailability: Penguin Books, Trade products that help Third World pro- ducers improve their livelihood.A fter reading Felicity Lawrences book, youll never feel the same way aboutshopping at the supermarket. Like her, HOODWINKED:youll become a shopping detective, check- Watching Movies with Eyes Wideing labels, questioning the sources of the Openproducts on show, wondering what the heck by Uri Dowbenkoreally is in frozen chicken nuggets (if you Conspiracy Digest LLC, USA, 2004even bother to go near the frozen food sec- ISBN 0-9710-0422-6 (257pp tpb)tion), and perhaps thinking there has to be a Availability: Conspiracy Digest,better and healthier way to eat and not be http://www.conspiracydigest.combeholden to the industrial food giants. In Not on the Label, Lawrence incorpo-rates much of the undercover investigative I f we go to the cinema to be entertained, do we expect to be deceived in the process? Not necessarily, but Uri Dowbenko (authorreporting featured in her columns in the UK of Bushwhacked; see NEXUS 10/01)Guardian newspaper in recent years. And reminds us in Hoodwinked that movies areeye-opening it is. Despite health authorities "the most powerful form of programmingcontrols, there are still significant breaches yet devised, implanting specific perceptions of the world". They can carry hidden mean- ings and secret messages, and not everyone is aware enough or sufficiently equipped to be able to resist any adverse indoctrination intended by the films producers. Dowbenko, an alternative media author who specialises in "conspiracy" research, moonlights as a film reviewer, and for this compilation he has assembled a number of previously published critiques that help explain the subtexts of a host of films that may have eluded all but the most astute viewers. He deconstructs a large selection of relatively recent movies according to cat- egories: political science fiction (The Matrix); Illuminati/mind control/psy-opsin protocols that take place between farm (Conspiracy Theory); mystical (Contact);and supermarket. Readers will be gobs- historical secrets and lies (Seven Years inmacked to learn that Dutch food processors Tibet); pop idolatry with an emphasis on sexhave worked out ways to incorporate beef and death (Armageddon); and government/protein (and extra water) in frozen imported business scams (Bulworth).chicken breasts to plump them up and also Not all the examples given are what couldto evade detection in DNA tests. be judged as attempts to brainwash the pub- But chicken is just one of a number of lic in sinister ways; some are actuallyadulterated foods that Lawrence focuses on designed to make people think, throw off thethematically—other foodstuffs being salad, shackles of government/media/corporate/beans, bread, apples and bananas, coffee and religious oppression and become selfprawns, and ready-made meals. She argues empowered, even self transcendent.that the powerful supermarket chains and the A difficult call, but it would have beencorporate industry that they support are not helpful to have more detail on each filmsjust compromising the quality of our food funding to aid our appreciation of the agen-supply but are promoting practices that are das behind the scenes. Still, each critiqueecologically unsustainable and are unjust to contains interesting background researchmarginalised workers. Indeed, migrant that provides additional context for under-workers in the UK as well as workers abroad standing and appraising each film.bear the brunt of a callous, globalised food Dowbenkos perspectives, whether youproduction/distribution system. agree with them or not, will encourage you We need to reassess where our consumer to watch your next movie with your eyessociety is heading—a society that forgoes wide open—so you dont get hoodwinked.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 71
  • REVIEWS NEXUS CONFERENCE NEW RELEASES NEXUS CONFERENCE NEW RELEASES NEXUS 2004 EUROPE CONFERENCE NEXUS 2004 BRISBANE CONFERENCE VIDEOS & DVDs VIDEOS & DVDs Produced and directed by Bert Janssen Produced by E&E Productions, SA Prices: DVD – 22.00, Video – 20.00 Prices: DVD – A$45.00, Video – A$35.00 Distributor: Europe—Frontier Sciences inc. GST & postage Foundation, PO Box 48, Enkhuizen 1600 Distributor: Australia—E&E Productions, AA, The Netherlands, telephone +31 0228 PO Box 444, Oaklands Park, SA 5046, 324076, fax +31 0228 312081, website tel/fax (08) 8298 8449, website Availability: Australia—NEXUS Office Availability: E&E Productions (see above) Prices: DVDs $38.50 each inc. GST + or your nearest NEXUS Office postage; Videos $33.00 each, if available; Elsewhere overseas— Try your nearest VALERY UVAROV (90mins) NEXUS Office in NZ or UK. Information about the mysterious, ancient, high-tech "Installation" in remote Siberia NICK BEGICH and its role in the Tunguska event. Also Inspiring and informative talk on HAARP, discusses the Wands of Horus. the effects of frequencies on humans, and personal and social activism. NICK BEGICH I (90mins) The Neurophone and the rise of energy JERRY DECKER frequency medicine. An overview of the inventors, researchers NICK BEGICH II (90mins) and theories in the free energy field that HAARP, Tesla technology and the future. hold promise for our future. JIM MARRS I (90mins) CHRISTOPHER DUNN The unanswered questions of 9/11. Thought-provoking research on the engineering impossibilities of the Egyptian JIM MARRS II (90mins) pyramids and other mystery sites. Secret societies, UFOs and the NWO. RICHARD SAUDER RICHARD ALAN MILLER (90mins) Evidence and speculation on underground Planetary resonance and mind/mood- and undersea bases and tunnels around control technology. the world. PROF SIEGFRIED TISCHLER (90mins) JASON MARTELL Explodes the myth that oil is of fossil Excellent presentation on Planet X, ancient origin. Also discusses geopolitics of oil. astronauts and mysteries of the Sumerian WAL THORNHILL (90mins) culture. Revelations on the electrical nature of the STUART URBAN cosmos, comets and planets. Director of the movie Revelation, which NANCI TRIVELLATO (90mins) links ancient mysteries with secret Research into the out-of-body experience. societies. JAIN (90mins) VALERY UVAROV Vedic Maths and Sacred Geometry. Mind-blowing presentation about the MALCOLM McCLURE (90mins) mysterious, ancient, high-tech Explains our Common Law rights. "Installation" in remote Siberia and its role in the 1908 Tunguska event. LLOYD PYE (90mins) Overturns the theory of evolution and JOHN MAJOR JENKINS advocates ET intervention; Starchild skull. Research into the Mayan civilisation and its relationship to the predictions for world INTERNET SECURITY TEAM (60mins) changes in 2012. Computer security specialists reveal tips on preventing unauthorised access to and NANCY POLET – INTERVIEWS theft of data. Environmental law specialist and freelance journalist Nancy Polet interviews each EVE HILLARY (90mins) speaker at the NEXUS 2004 Europe Update on the covert war against Conference. alternative therapies and medicines.72 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • REVIEWS two different backgrounds combine to pro- duce some divine singing and verse with the inspiring, emotional call-and-response style Reviewed by Richard Giles of bajhan (song), with tabla, guitar and key-CARIBBEAN PLAYGROUND board contributions from Ty Burhoe, Davidby various artists Nichtern and John McDonald. An historicPutumayo Kids, USA, 2004 (42mins) album for Indian music enthusiasts.Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment,tel (07) 3849 6020; UK—Pinnacle TASSOUMAKANImports, tel 01689 870622; USA— by Issa BagayogoPutumayo, tel 1888 7888 8629, website Six Degrees, USA, 2004 (66mins) Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment, tel (07) 3849 6020; USA—Six DegreesT he World Playground series has been promoted by Putumayo in recent yearsand this is the newest release. The aim of Records, tel (415) 626 6334, website http://www.sixdegreesrecords.comthe series is to introduce children to music ofthe world and let them have fun as well. I ssa Bagayogo has been nicknamed "Techno-Issa" in his homeland of Mali. Raised on traditional music and instruments,Each CD has upbeat songs to sing or danceto, liner notes that inform on the songs and he began mixing these sounds with technogreat artwork. (There is also an interactive drum programming after he met Frenchwebsite, Music engineer Yves Wernert and guitarist Moussafrom the Caribbean is a mixture of reggae, Kone in 1993. This was very new in Mali,zouk and bomba, with famed artists like Taj and it became known as "Afro-techno". HisMahal, Desmond Dekker, the Wailers, Luc first CD, Sya, in 1998, was a huge success inLeandry and more. The series has won the Mali. The second album, Timbuktu, becameUS Parents Choice Award and is top value. an international hit, and this third album, Tassoumakan ("Voice of Fire"), is his mostOM MANI PADME HUM bluesy roots music yet. Buedi SiebertReal Music, USA, 2004 (50mins) SOUND MEDICINE MANDistributors: Australia— New World by Tim WheaterMusic, tel (02) 9565.4522; USA—Real New World Music, Aust, 2004 (50mins)Music, tel (415) 331 8273, website Distributors: Australia/UK/USA— New World Music, website http://www.newworldmusic.comT rained as a classical musician, Buedi Siebert has travelled the world and con-nected with the music of Tibet on his way. T im Wheater is one of the greats of ambi- ent music and has a string of releasesThis album was created for a multi-vision behind him. This latest album from Timproject, "Tibet Impressions", in 1999–2000. expresses his inspiration for the shamans path and was recorded in the high mountainsThe experience moved Buedi so much, hes of Colorado, USA. His distinctive fluteused the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra in sound carries his magical, haunting compo-his work and for this studio recording. It sitions that capture the solitude, dedicationblends the voices of Tibetan monks and the and peace of the ancient shamans path. TheBillafinger Madrigal Choir with bamboo CD holds that drifting Tim Wheater sound,flutes, clarinet, udu, frame drums, gongs, transmitting a message of timelessness. Amarimba and base guitars. An uplifting CD beautiful, calming album.of ambient Tibetan music.A DROP IN THE OCEANby Sultan Khan and Krishna DasKaruna/Triloka, USA, 2003 (55mins)Distributors: Aust—Difrnt Music, tel(02) 9387 4552; USA—Karuna Music,tel (415) 626.6334, websitehttp://www.karunamusic.comK rishna Das has performed around the world, influencing many leading musi-cal and political figures with his devotionalmusic. Here he combines traditional Indianchant with the modern, and provides the har-monium accompaniment. Sultan Khan isone of the Indian music greats as a sarangiplayer and singer. The two masters fromDECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 73
  • The Truth behind the Vaccines Cover-upContinued from page 22 Several reports have surfaced of major About the Author: violations of vaccine manufacturing policy Board-certified neurosurgeon Dr Russellgroup of children who could have been used which have been cited by the regulatory Blaylock has practised neurosurgery foras a thimerosal-free control. It seems that agencies. the past 26 years and runs a successfulfor two years before this conference, These include obtaining plasma donations private nutritional practice. He servesBethesda Naval Hospital had been using without taking adequate histories from on the editorial staff of the Journal of theonly thimerosal-free vaccines to immunise donors as to disease exposures and previous American Nutraceutical Association andchildren. They knew this, and I would health problems, poor record-keeping on on the editorial board of the Journal ofassume someone would have told Dr these donors, improper procedures and American Physicians and Surgeons, theVerstraeten of this important fact before he improper handing of specimens. official journal of the Association ofdid his study. That these are not minor violations is American Physicians and Surgeons. So, now to the quote. Dr Braun responds emphasised by the discovery that a woman His first book, Excitotoxins: The Taste(page 170) to the idea of starting a new with variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease T hat Kills, demo nstrated the linkstudy using such thimerosal-free controls by (vCJD) was allowed to give plasma to be between food additives and degenerativesaying: "Sure we will have the answer in used in vaccines in England. d i s e a s e s . Dr Blaylock has also con-five years. The question is: what can we In fact, it was only after the contaminateddo now with the data we have?" plasma was pooled and used to make mil- tributed to three medical textbooks and Well, we have the answer to that: they lions of doses of vaccines that her disease has written and illustrated booklets onsimply cover up this study, declare that multiple sclerosis and bioterrorism. He was discovered. British health officials toldthimerosal is of no concern and continue the the millions of vaccinated not to worry, is a lso th e auth or o f two re ce ntlyunaltered policy. That is, they can suggest since they have no idea if this vaccine willreleased books, Health and Nutritionthe pharmaceutical manufacturers of vac- really spread the disease. Secrets That Can Save Your Life a n dcines remove the thimerosal, without mak- Contamination of vaccines is a major Natural Strategies for Cancer it mandatory or examining the vaccine concern in the US as well, as the regulatoryHis article, "Excitotoxins: Dangerousto make sure the thimerosal has been violations make plain. It is also important Food Additives" was reprinted in NEXUSremoved. to note that no fines were imposed in the 7/04–05. Lets take a small peek at just how much UK in these instances—just warnings. Dr Blaylock can be contacted via hiswe can trust the pharmaceutical manufac- website:turers to do the right thing. Continued next issue ... • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • Death by Medicine Continued from page 29 http://www.nutritioninstituteofamerica. Professor of Neurology at Mount Sinai org. For more articles relating to Medical Center in New York City. He isCONCLUSION alternative health and nutrition, visit the the author of 63 peer-reviewed journal When the number-one killer in a society library at Gary Nulls Natural Living articles and is at the forefront ofis the health care system, then that system website, understanding modern advances inhas no excuse except to address its own medical science.urgent shortcomings. Its a failed system About the Authors: • Gary Null has a PhD in humanin need of immediate attention. • Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, since 1979 nutrition and is the host of the longest- What we have outlined in this paper are has worked as a medical doctor, running syndicated radio show oninsupportable aspects of our contemporary naturopath, herbalist, herbal formulator, health and nutrition in the USA. He hasmedical system that need to be changed— homoeopath, consultant, researcher and published over 71 books, including thebeginning at its very foundations. ∞ writer, and as an activist, advocate and New York Times best-sellers Get Health inventor. She has written several books Now! and Power Aging. He is also theEditors Note: and hundreds of articles, has appeared producer of numerous award-winningDue to space constraints, we are unable to on countless radio and TV programs, documentaries about health andpublish the endnotes accompanying this including ABCs The View, promoting lifestyle. He is the founder of thearticle; instead, we have posted them with natural healing and the individuals right Natural Living Running Club, and hasthe article on our website, to take responsibility for their own competed as a world-class athlete. In Readers health. 1975 he founded the not-for-profitwithout Internet access can request a copy Based in New York City, Dr Dean is corporation, Nutrition Institute ofof the endnotes from their nearest NEXUSOffice. health adviser and writer for America, Inc. This article is copyright © 2003–2004, Dr Null can be contacted via hisNutrition Institute of America, Inc. (NIA),, and website, rights reserved, and is reprinted by kind She can • Debora Rasio, MD, is a physicianpermission. No further duplication or be contacted via her website, practising alternative medicine in Rome,distribution of this article is permitted Dr Dean Italy. She is also an oncologist who haswithout the express written permission of is the main author of this article. written extensively on cancer. Dr RasioNIA. For further information regarding • Martin Feldman , MD, is a board- provided some of the initial research forNIA, and for the full text of the article, visit certified neurologist and Assistant this paper.DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 75
  • A Short History of the Round TableContinued from page 35 See also: Flint, Cecil Rhodes, pp. 27-28; 29. Niall Ferguson, The House of and Millin, Rhodes, p. 29. Rothschild: The Worlds Banker,University Library, Washington, DC, to 17. Rotberg, The Founder, pp. 85-88, 95. 1848–1998, Penguin Books, 2000, vol. II,assess Quigleys claims to privileged Thomas (Rhodes, p. 110), recognising that pp. 360-362, 523 fn13 (including Rhodesaccess to files of the "international Rhodes arrived three years too late to see quote).Anglophile network". Ruskin, still speculates that "no doubt, he 30. Quoted in Rotberg, The Founder, p.11. Gary Allen with Larry Abraham, would have read the published text" of 316.None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Concord Ruskins speech. 31. Quoted in Estelle W. Stead, MyPress, 1971, p. 74. 18. Quoted in Flint, Cecil Rhodes, pp. 27- Father: Personal & Spiritual12. Quoted in Walter Nimocks, Milners 28. Reminiscences, William Heinemann, 1913, 19. Rotberg, The Founder, p. 95. p. 154.Young Men, pp. 143-144. 20. ibid., pp. 99-100 (including quote). 32. Rotberg, The Founder, pp. 281-282;13. For biographies of Cecil Rhodes, see: 21. Quoted in Flint, Cecil Rhodes, pp. quotes in Stead, My Father, pp. 234, 236.Sarah Gertrude Millin, Rhodes, Chatto & 248-249. 33. Rotberg, The Founder, p. 282.Windus, 1952; John Flint, Cecil Rhodes, 22. Quoted in Millin, Rhodes, p. 32. 34. Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p. 133.Hutchinson, 1976; Robert I. Rotberg with 23. Quoted in Flint, Cecil Rhodes, pp. 35. Quoted in Stead, My Father, p. 239.Miles F. Shore, The Founder: Cecil 250-251. 36. Rhodes to Stead quoted in Millin,Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power, Oxford 24. Rotberg, The Founder, pp. 101, 102. Rhodes, p. 172; Rhodess will quoted inUniversity Press, 1988; and Antony 25. "Confession" quoted in Flint, Cecil Rotberg, The Founder, p. 666.Thomas, Rhodes, St Martins Press, 1997. Rhodes, p. 249. 37. Christopher Hitchens, Blood, Class14. See: Thomas, Rhodes, pp. 169-181; 26. Rotberg, The Founder, pp. 101-102. and Nostalgia: Anglo-American Ironies,Rotberg, The Founder, pp. 180-214; and The "heart attack", which is alleged to Chatto & Windus, 1990, pp. 299-300.Rob Turrell, "Rhodes, De Beers and have occurred while Rhodes was in 38. Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, pp. 130-Monopoly", Journal of Imperial and Oxford, is an unusual incident. His 131; Rhodes quoted in Millin, Rhodes, p.Commonwealth History, May 1982, pp. friends reportedly found Rhodes 171.311-343. barricaded in his room "blue with fright" 39. Quoted in Millin, Rhodes, pp. 172-15. John S. Galbraith, "Cecil Rhodes and and insisting that "he had seen a ghost" 175.his Cosmic Dreams: A Reassessment", (ibid., p. 102). 40. Quoted in Graham Hancock andJournal of Commonwealth and Imperial 27. Quoted in ibid., pp. 32-33 (emphasis Robert Bauval, Talisman: Sacred Cities,History, Winter 1972–73, p. 173. added). Sacred Faith, Michael Joseph, 2004, p.16. Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p. 130. 28. ibid., p. 233. 379.76 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2004 – JANUARY 2005
  • The Wands of Horus – Ancient Tools for Enlightenment Continued from page 46 weeks, continuing its corrective effect on variety of international conferences and gives lectures and seminars in Australia, the whole organism. America, Britain, Germany and In the event of inadequate functioning of To correct pathological conditions which Scandinavia.the energy canals, the energy cocoon have built up over a number of years, the In 1999 he published The Wands ofgenerated by the Wands of Horus vibrating organism and the Wands of Horus need Horus, the first book to provide a theoryat the frequency dictated by the time. Therefore, work with the cylinders regarding the use and construction of thehypothalamus and hypophysis assumes an must be regular and continual. The deep Wands. He has since published a secondintermediary role of conveying the blocked correction required for serious conditions book on the Wands of Horus in Russian,signal and stimulating the functions of self- may take several months. soon to be available in English. Dr Uvarovhealing and regeneration. Remember that we spend years acquiring is based in St Petersburg, Russia, and can be The "pranic cocoon" produced by the our problems, so do not worry if you do not contacted by email at of Horus K ONT, filled with carbon experience rapid results. ∞and ferromagnetic material, has a powerful About the Collaborator:impulse effect on the human organism, but About the Author: Carl Agar has been working with Valeryit is not stable. Irrespective of how long Dr Valery Mikhailovich Uvarov has devoted Uvarov since 2001 to assist him in bringingyou work with this type of cylinder, even more than 14 years to studying the legacy the message of the Wands of Horus to thetwo or three days, the cocoon they create of ancient civilisations. He is the head of English-speaking world. He converted Drdisperses completely within 24 hours. the Department of UFO Research, Uvarovs original book into a PDF version,Hence, to maintain the cocoon produced by Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of which is now freely available on thethis type of cylinder requires work every the National Security Academy of Russia. Internet at orsingle day. The Academy has a mandate to publish its He has since been The Wands of Horus QUARTZ, filled with findings freely. responsible for making available furthercrystals of quartz, produce a "pranic Dr Uvarov is the author of numerous works on the Wands of Horus as they have publications on palaeosciences and been translated into English.cocoon" that has a gentle, even but deep- palaeotechnology as well as ufology and Mr Agar is the principal of Neilos Ethericacting effect on the human organism. The esoterica in the Russian and foreign press. Products. He can be contacted at PO Boxcocoon created by this type of cylinder is He has also initiated and participated in a 6425, St Kilda Road Central, Melbourne Vicvery stable. If you work with the Wands of number of expeditions to India and Egypt in 8008, Australia, tel/fax +61 (0)3 9787 3216,Horus QUARTZ continually for a week, then search of material evidence of ancient email, websitethe cocoon created will last for three knowledge. He is a regular participant at a 2004 – JANUARY 2005 NEXUS • 77