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Nexus 1102 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 11, Number 2 FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 UK/Europe editionLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................43GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 This issue, Claus Turtur explores the link between gravitation and other fundamental interactions; News and views, including the Popes call for a Robert P ope discusses Creative Physics as a new world order, admissions that Britains MI6 blueprint for survival; and Tom Watson theorises that planted WMD stories, claims that Kurdish forces gravity is a natural internal magnetic attraction. captured Saddam first, and prophecies for 2004. SUPPRESSED DISCOVERIES IN PHYSICS—Part 1......49INFORMATION CONTROL, SOCIAL CONTROL.......11 By Rochus Boerner. When radical new evidence By David B. Deserano. What we think and believe challenges cherished theories in physics, the is shaped in subtle ways by the messages we orthodoxy reacts by ignoring it, refusing to publish consume, brought to you not just by the media and it, or denigrating it along with its discoverer. entertainment corporations but by governments, THE UMMO LETTERS: ET CONTACT OR HOAX?......57 their agencies and the military-industrial complex. By Joss Morisson. Nearly 40 years after the Ummo letters first started to be received by a select few inADAM TECHNOLOGY: HOPE AGAINST AUTISM....19 Spain, the controversy and the mystery remain. By Joe Champion. A revolutionary technology THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................62 called ADAM, an "Aphysical Dimensional Access Israeli engineer Adrian Dvir, who claims hes been Manager", opens an interdimensional rift, allowing working with alien doctors at his clinic since 1995, a communication link that has powerful benefits in reports on healing activity and alien implants as well the treatment of autism and autoimmune diseases. as atomic physics, time speed and parallel universes.ENZYME NUTRITION THERAPY—Part 3...................23 REVIEWS—Books........................................................66 By Mark Rojek. The way to treat disease, aid "Hidden Nature" by Alick Bartholomew "The Secret in the Bible" by Tony Bushby digestion and promote health and longevity is to "The Serpent Rising" by Mary Garden eat enzyme-rich raw foods and take supplemental "Discovery of Atlantis" by Robert Sarmast enzymes to make up for those lost in cooked foods. "Pushing Gravity" edited by Matthew R. Edwards "What Really Causes Schizophrenia" by Harold D. Foster, PhDROCKEFELLER INTERNATIONALISM—Part 6............29 "The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006" by M.W. Mandeville By Will Banyan. This final part looks at the life and "Behold Jerusalem!" by Graham K. Griffiths "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones" edited by Kris Millegan work of Rockefeller brothers John D. III and "Faith and the Placebo Effect" by Lolette Kuby, PhD Laurance, and at the current generations members "Inside the Shadow Government" by Harry Helms who remain guardians of a legacy perpetuated "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffrey M. Smith "The Giza Death Star Deployed" by Joseph P. Farrell through philanthropies and policy-planning groups. "The Alien Chronicles" by Matthew HurleyAIDS: THE SELENOENZYME SOLUTION—Part 2.....39 REVIEWS—Music........................................................73 By Harold D. Foster. AIDS is the result of HIV "The Light Dance" by Buedi Siebert "Music from Sudan" by Hassouna Bangaladish infection which causes deficiences of the enzyme "Salsa around the World" by various artists glutathione peroxidase and its four components, "Fiebre" by Radio Tarifa yet the syndrome can be reversed and viral activity "Alif – Love Supreme" by Omar Faruk Tekbilek halted with a specific dietary regimen. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................78–88FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 11, Number 2 FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 A nother Christmas and another New Year have just flashed by. Is it just me, or is time getting faster as it "goes along"? As it would happen, the subject of "time" pops up in a couple of places this issue, the most intriguing reference being the piece we selected for the PUBLISHED BY Twilight Zone section of the magazine. Be sure to read it! NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia Im sure many readers share my concerns about where the Bush Administration is taking EDITOR the American people, if not the world, in its phoney "War on Terror". It is becoming Duncan M. Roads increasingly difficult to address global issues without constantly having to come back to the CO-EDITOR geopolitical agenda of the ruling "neo-cons" in the USA. Catherine Simons Its time people woke up to the obvious: that the Emperor has no clothes, that the War on ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Terror has become the War on Freedom. We are told that terrorists hate freedom, yet Ruth Parnell freedom-loving citizens everywhere are having more civil rights taken away than most UK Office Manager dictators ever dreamed possible. Our representatives in government are passing draconian Marcus Allen legislation with hardly any debate conducted; often, theyre not even permitted to read it CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE before they vote for it. Surveillance and suspicion rule through an ever-expanding network David B. Deserano, MS; Joe Champion, PhD; of methods designed to identify and track genuine dissidents of the system. The article on Mark Rojek; Will Banyan; Information Control this edition addresses some of these issues and gives many examples of Prof. Dr Harold D. Foster; Prof. Dr Claus Turtur; the cosy relationships between the media, the military and big business. Prof. Robert Pope; Thomas T. S. Watson;Rochus Boerner; Joss Morisson; Adrian Dvir, MSc Several articles this edition dealing with healing are, quite frankly, "out there". The first is CARTOONS by Dr Joe Champion on the ADAM technology. The science and technology are literally Phil Somerville out of this world, and thousands of people have already used it with success. The implica- COVER GRAPHIC tions of this technology for the future of healing are mind-boggling! John Cook, The second article (in Twilight Zone) is about the joint ET-human healing clinics in Israel, PRINTING and now many other countries. How does a military engineering type end up working with Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK alien doctors and mediums to treat humans? Again, thousands attest to all this being real! While we are "out there", I need to make a comment about the item at the end of Global DISTRIBUTION Seymours, London, UK News, on predictions for the year ahead. Although we get lots of people writing, phoning or emailing their views on the future, we seldom publish them. Why do I want to publish UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. these? Im not sure; I just do! I dont know whether I believe them or not, but I do know Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 that many readers would love to read them, anyway. Bear in mind that we chopped out e-mail address: many of the predictions so that we could fit the space available. The full piece is being Website: posted on our website as we go to press. Back to our other health articles. Be sure to read the final instalment on Enzyme Nutrition EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA Therapy. This is really empowering information that we can act on easily. The same goes Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 for the AIDS Selenoenzyme Solution article. e-mail address: The long-running series on the Rockefellers concludes here with a look at their involve- HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. ment in creating cultural foundations, funding UFO research, setting up environment char- PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. ters and groups, and continuing the plan for a new internationalist order. Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 The number of long and technical science papers arriving at our office is on the increase. e-mail address: As a result, I have decided to publish the abstracts of these papers periodically in the Science ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza News section of NEXUS, so that the essence of each paper is encapsulated and so that read- Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy ers, once interested, may then go to a relevant website and obtain the full paper. Of course, Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 e-mail address: many of these papers come from scientists who feel "suppressed" or ignored by mainstream science. It is clear that anyone not researching "approved" subjects is not even funded, let USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, Denver CO 80206 USA alone published in prestigious journals. The article on Suppression in Physics explores Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 720 941 9352 many examples of this, and I encourage you all to read it. You may find some of your own E-mail: scientific beliefs need updating! STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Eager readers will have noticed by now that there is no promised part two of ValeryNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a Uvarovs article on the mysterious Installation in the Valley of Death in Siberia. Immassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS promised that it will be here in time for our next edition. Meanwhile, Im happy at last toseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to publish an article on the Ummo file. This case has been written off by many UFOassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not researchers as a hoax, but we are not so sure. The mystery still persists; its just that it hasntlinked to any religious, philosophical or politicalideology or organisation. had much publicity in the English-speaking world. PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY On the NEXUS news front, our first Russian language edition is to go on sale in earlyWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor- February, and our first Spanish language edition should be on sale soon after. The NEXUSmation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone Conference planned for late March in Amsterdam has a great line-up of speakers. Ill also becaught making a buck out of it, without our express there for a few days and hope to meet as many of you as possible. All the best,permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising material for any reason. © NEXUS New Times 20042 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  3. 3. FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...Facts on Flickering Lights 1915), Head of Physics at the sions with the email address, this, and to recall that the US Dear Duncan: Thanks for University of Innsbruck and later, Nobel Prize–winning chemistprinting my letter in NEXUS Vienna, Austria. and phone number, +61 (0)424 Kary Mullis has stated that one10/05, in which I mention that a Professor Hasenöhrl developed 276 001, for further contact. cant find a scientific papercertain type of fluorescent light- this formula in the form m = E/c2, Sincerely, demonstrating that HIV causesing produces radiofrequency but since he died in the First Marius Boirayon, Australia AIDS. It was, he found, justemissions. Australian researcher World War he was never able to regarded as something thatJohn Lincoln subsequently wrote establish his priority in the formu- A Rich Source of Information "everybody knows".in to deny this was true [10/06]. lation of this equation. Thank you! Ive been reading Also, I believe that the HIV I was referring specifically to Keith Foster, FLS, Pembs., UK NEXUS Magazine for five years virus cannot generally be found inlights with oscillating circuitry or more now. Its the only maga- persons who have "died fromthat causes them to flicker at an Giant Races of the Pacific zine that I just pick up and buy, AIDS". There are surely millionsextremely high rate. According Dear Duncan: In NEXUS without even looking to "see if of viruses able to undermine theto your article on lighting, this 10/05, you published two articles, there are any good articles". human immune system, but Ican be up to 60,000 times per "The Dragon Snake" and "Giant There always are; I have never doubt whether there is one specif-second. Races Still Exist in the Solomon been disappointed. ically, or just one family of virus- Almost all electronic devices Islands", and I thought I might (By the way, while I under- es, that has this property—soemit some level of radiofrequency bring you up to date with further stand the desire of a publisher to "the" human immune-deficiencyradiation. Rarely is this powerful research on these two subjects. convert newsstand buyers like virus may not exist.enough to cause noticeable harm, I had always had much suspi- myself to subscriptions, perhaps Could anyone demonstrate thatbut whether or not continual cion that existence of the giants of you can also understand that I anyone who has "died fromexposure to it is perfectly safe and the underworld and their alien also wish to encourage and AIDS" in Africa had the samehealthy is debatable. counterparts within this large reward the local shopkeepers and fatal virus in their blood as some- John Lankes, Virginia, USA archipelago exceeded much more newsstands who are willing to one on the American West coast than just the Solomon Islands— carry the magazine. These entre- who has likewise "died fromGravity Ram Device & E = mc 2 and as it has turned out, I was preneurs scrape by on thin mar- AIDS"? I rather doubt it. Dear Duncan: We are manipu- right. I have found several areas gins, when any normal business I believe that holistic medicinelated by our wants, but dont actu- other than the Solomons within person would likely throw in the is the best way to treat exhaustionally need much except the right this archipelago that are known to towel. I want to help them along, or depletion of the immune sys-information to be able to lead be havens for these subterranean too.) tem (AIDS), and that the illusiongood, healthy and interesting giants and their alien bosses. Well, I have wanted to thank of HIV = AIDs = death waslives. These areas include the big Duncan and all NEXUS support- designed to block this. Since avarice leads inevitably islands of Papua New Guinea, ers for providing a rich source of There was a classic series ofto war, then the best way of Vanuatu and north New information, and, equally impor- articles you ran a few years ago,achieving peace is to assure that Caledonia. tant, giving references to other "The Yin & Yang of HIV" [6/04]everybody has the information Without going into the details provocative and informative and one would like to see thesethey need to provide for them- of what has transpired and how I sources. You have directed me to distributed to medical studentsselves simply and effectively. discovered these other locations, people, places and things that I over this 20th anniversary!With this in mind, Ive developed extraordinarily I have found out might never have found on my Yours sincerely,the Gravity Ram, a new energy that the giants of this large archi- own. A mere "thank you" seems Nick Kollerstrom, UKresource capable of delivering pelago have had a succession of a rather paltry response to all thefree power 24 hours a day, 365 giant queen rulers, the current one riches. A least I now have this Alien Big Cats in New Zealanddays a year, indefinitely. fittingly living under the big handy computer to help me send You will be aware there is quite Full details of the Gravity Ram mountains north of Daru on the it to you. a bit of Alien Big Cat activityare available on my website, south coast of PNG. The further Yours, happening about the world at pre-, and I west one goes in this archipelago, Dave B., Brewster, NY, USA sent. Many of your readers willhope that many of your readers the more abundant the giant pop- be unaware of the fact that Newwill copy it, plagiarise it, tinker ulation becomes. Stopping AIDS Transmission Zealand also has sightings, albeitwith it, further develop it and, In those articles last year, there Dear Editor: Your recent not on the scale of, say, the UK orabove all, make it cheap and were email addresses provided for AIDS article (NEXUS 11/01, part Australia.available everywhere in the those who might be able to offer 1) almost resuscitates the old There was a flurry of newsworld. financial assistance in order for us story of HIV coming from activity here in October when a On another note, in response to to be able to pursue this research Africans buggering monkeys: it sighting was made nearthe excellent article by Richard by obtaining photographic evi- was from "cross-species transmis- Ashburton on the South Island.Moody, entitled "Albert Einstein, dence. For the thousands who did sion". I never appreciated how an Several other people then wrotePlagiarist of the Century" email, those of Echelon associat- acquired deficiency of ones in to MAF, DOC, the Police and[NEXUS 11/01], I would like to ed with the Americans, British immune system (AIDS) was sup- various newspapers with similaradd one snippet of information. and Australians attached irrepara- posed to be caused by one type of reports; however, the subject was The formula E = mc2 was first ble viruses with these emails and virus. The 20th anniversary of Dr soon forgotten by the mainstreampostulated in 1903 by Professor also stopped my surface mail. Robert Gallos announcement of press.Friedrich Hasenöhrl (30 We still require an investor and the isolation of HIV coming up A few years ago I started myNovember 1874 – 7 October have made professional provi- this March is a time to debate own research on the subject and4 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.have in my possession written Professor Butlers. objects and phenomena, there I worked elbow to elbow withstatements from several eyewit- So, not only are lab managers does seem to be a nucleus of some of the finest image inter-nesses dating back to the early unlikely to report missing biologi- genuine sightings of anomalous preters that discovered on their1960s! I also have details of cal matter, but there will also be objects; and if they are non- aerial photographs strangeprobably every other big cat much less research in the fields of terrestrial, then discovering the unidentified objects for which oursighting ever reported in NZ. vaccine treatment and prevention truth about them could provide military had no explanation. I look forward to hearing from of dangerous and highly conta- answers to many of our questions Project Blue Book may haveyou. gious diseases. about religion and origins. been discontinued, but categoris- Sincerely, In a few short years there will Many of us wouldnt like the ing UFOs still continues to this Ian Lucas, Tauranga, New undoubtedly exist an opportunity answers—many cherished beliefs day. We had one CIA agent andZealand, to launch a massive biological would be shattered—but ultimate- one DIA agent in our division, attack against the States (and, by ly we need to know and to accept and all UFO photos went straightBio-Attack Unpreparedness proxy, against the world at large), the truth, whatever it may be, and to these agents for deciphering. Greetings! I have been reading which will be met with unpre- to live in accordance with that. Sincerely yours,NEXUS for some years now and paredness at best and incompe- So we really do need to know Paul Dale Roberts, California,find its contents most illuminat- tence at worst. The intellectual whether UFOs are simply a kind USA, JazmaPika@cs.coming. At last years NEXUS property to deal with such an of repetitive mass hallucination,Conference I had the pleasure of attack will simply no longer exist. extraterrestrial space vehicles, UFO Science and Politicsmeeting and speaking to Dr Len Might this be the pestilence visitors or manifestations from Hi, NEXUS: You may haveHorowitz, and subsequently I that will sweep this planet? It another dimension (perhaps what heard from me in the past. Imread his book, Death in the Air. I certainly looks as though some- we would call a "spiritual dimen- the PhD student at the Universitywas alarmed but not surprised one is preparing the way. sion"), "satanic deceptions" as of Texas who was expelled after Iwhen I finished it. Love and understanding, alleged by some religious funda- published a couple of speculative I have been following news Mehmet Mecci Oncel, Sydney, mentalists, or whatever. papers in a ufology journal. I wasitems relating to the impending Australia But with so much of the pub- only a semester away from get-engineered bio-culling program, lished "information" about UFOs ting my doctorate, and after twomost noteworthy the death of a Questions over UFO Articles being unverifiable, it is virtually years of appeals the Universitynumber of prominent microbiolo- Regarding the "Teller" article impossible at present to know hasnt budged.gists quite recently. Other indica- [NEXUS 11/01], this document is what is the truth. I have my research in aero-tors were the Asian SARS crisis said to have arrived anonymously Peter Schaper, Qld, Australia, space engineering—the chal-and rumours of renewed Israeli in a UFO researchers mailbox, so pcschaper@isisol. lenges of a manned mission tointerest to develop race-specific what evidence is there that Dr [Dear Peter: Having looked at Mars—on my website, as well aspathogens. Edward Teller actually wrote it? other writings by Dr Teller, we an outline of what NASA called The most extraordinary devel- Has it even been compared with did notice many similarities in in 1982 "A Unified Fieldopment, though, only occurred Tellers known works to deter- expressions and style. I appreci - Theory". The URL is http://last week [the week of 3 mine whether or not the writing ate your concerns but should]. Professor Thomas style, words and phrases used, point out, too, that much informa - All my theoretical research isButler reported that 30 vials of etc., are consistent with it having tion remains in the hands of the there. The articles I published inplague cultures were missing been written by him, or are we military and is not available the ufology journals claimed thatfrom the lab he managed. After expected to accept that it was because its classified. Ed.] all this technology could havemuch to-ing and fro-ing, he is written by Teller simply on the been derived a hundred years ago,now facing up to 100 years in word of a UFO researcher who US Militarys UFO Photos and may thereafter have been theprison. cant or wont tell us its true Enjoyed your article, "Planet basis for actual UFOs in recent New Scientist magazine has source? X, Comets and What NASA is years—made in the USA.reported that there was a concert- Unfortunately, far too many of Hiding" [10/06]. NASA is a The politics of this research ised effort under way (by govern- the NEXUS articles and letters on powerful organisation that will described as well, including ament officials) to dissuade scien- UFOs and related phenomena are lead mankind into exploring the copy of my bizarre letter of dis-tists from commenting on the like this one—of highly dubious unknowns of outer space. But missal from the university and aissue—certainly, an ominous origin and totally unverifiable— some of those unknowns are not link to Google newsgroups wheredevelopment taken on its own, making me wonder if any of them to be revealed to mankind right Ive made over 1,600 postings inbut even more so if one can are genuine or if there is some- now, and that is where the NSA the last couple of years—all ofbelieve the ensuing consequences body churning out fake UFO steps in. With the NSA control- which have been universallyof this apparent witch hunt. "revelations" for a gullible reader- ling NASA, they can keep their rejected by the esteemed scien- It seems that the new legisla- ship. most secretive findings secret. tists writing responses in the tech-tion in the USA, which was This uncertainty is unfortunate, When I was working with the nical newsgroups.meant to provide stricter control because the UFO question may be US Armys Military Intelligence Altogether, its compelling evi-and thus more security in the field one of the most important we are at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation dence that there really is a cover-of dangerous biological research, currently facing. Perhaps there Center – Korea), I was an intelli- up, and the scientific communityhas indeed had the opposite may be nothing at all to the UFO gence analyst and it was my job is responsible.effect. Many researchers are phenomenon, but despite the to categorise UFO sightings done Happy new year,turning away from this field of prevalence of deliberate fakes and by our satellites and reconnais- Bill Clark, Texas, USA,study in order to avoid a fate like misidentifications of known sance aircraft [see Letters, 7/03]. whcii@earthlink.netFEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. THE POPE CALLS FOR A IRAQ POLLUTED BY NEW INTERNATIONAL DEPLETED URANIUM ORDERP ope John Paul II launched one of the most important U S and coalition forces unleashed at least 75 tons of toxic depleted uranium on Iraqdiplomatic initiatives of his long during the war, reports thepapacy on 1 January when he Christian Science Monitor.called for "a new international An unnamed US Centralorder" to replace the one that Command spokesman disclosedemerged from the Second World to the Monitor in late NovemberWar. that coalition forces fired 300,000 Though he did not offer a bullets coated with armour-detailed plan, his words appeared piercing depleted uranium (DU)to show that he wanted the during the war.United Nations replaced in view "The normal combat mix forof its failure to block the US-led these 30-mm rounds is five DUuse of force in Iraq. bullets to one—a mix that would The Pope called in December have left about 75 tons of DU infor the reform of world institu- Iraq," wrote correspondent Scotttions and deplored any failure to Peterson.respect international law. But in Peterson measured four sitesa sermon during a mass at St around Baghdad struck withPeters in Rome he went much further, nations, and on the sharing of resources depleted uranium munitions and foundreferring to the UN as if it were already a and the extraordinary results of scientific high levels of radioactive contamination,part of the past. and technological progress". but few warnings to this effect issued "More than ever, we need a new interna- The Pope believes that not enough of among the populace at large.tional order that draws on the experience these goals are being achieved with the While the Pentagon maintains that spentand results achieved in these years by the present system of international organisa- weapons coated with the low-levelUnited Nations," he declared during a ser- tions, including the UN, the IMF and the radioactive nuclear waste are relativelyvice to mark the Roman Catholic Churchs World Bank, that emerged in the late harmless, Peterson notes that US soldiersWorld Day of Peace, celebrated on 1 1940s. have taken it upon themselves to printJanuary. The central issue, seen from the leaflets or post signs warning of DU In his homily, the Pope said the new Vaticans point of view, is the growing order he wanted "would be able to irrelevance of a painstakingly constructed "After we shoot something with DU,provide solutions to the problems of body of international law which is being were not supposed to go around it, due totoday…based on the dignity of human ignored by the US administration during the fact that it could cause cancer," saidbeings, an integrated development of soci- its "war on terror". one sergeant, requesting anonymity.ety, solidarity between rich and poor (Source: The Guardian, 2 January 2004) On a group of abandoned, burnt-out US munitions supply trucks, Peterson saw signs put up by US troops, warning in Arabic, "Danger: Get away from this area". A local vendor said that soldiers in masks warned him and others to keep away from the site. Two other sites visited were randomly selected Iraqi armoured vehicles destroyed with DU bullets. The remains of these tanks sit near a produce vendor on the out- skirts of Baghdad, and have become popu- lar playthings for children. The Geiger counter reading from "a DU bullet frag- ment no bigger than a pencil eraser" near one child registered 1,000 times the nor- mal level. There were no warnings posted to inform the populace of the radioactive emissions coming from any of the tanks. (Source: Yellow, 5 December "Cracked pepper or depleted uranium?" 2003, php?sid=1683)6 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ...UK GOVT ADMITS MI6 PLANTED alleged propaganda effort when first tion of DirecTV will give News STORIES ON IRAQI WMD approached by MI6s station chief in New Corporation even more bargaining cloutT he British government has confirmed that MI6 had organised OperationMass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories York. He obtained approval to cooperate from Richard Butler, then Executive Chairman of the UN Special Commission when it negotiates retransmission fees with cable and satellite competitors. Even the FCC recognised this could be a the media about weapons of mass on Iraq Disarmament. Ever wonder how Rupert Murdoch usu-destruction in Iraq. (Source: The Times , UK, posted 29 ally gets what he wants? News Corp. A senior official admitted that MI6 had December 2003 at http://www.thepeninsu - spent nearly US$10 million on lobbyingbeen at the heart of a campaign launched from 1999 to 2002. Murdoch himself hasin the late 1990s to spread information World_News&subsection=United+Kingdo met personally with FCC commissionersabout Saddams development of nerve m+%26+Europe&month=December2003 and key lawmakers several times. For theagents and other weapons, but denied that &file=World_News2003122921734.xml) 2004 election, News Corp. has alreadyit had planted misinformation. contributed $200,000. For the 2000 and The admission followed claims by Scott FCC APPROVES MURDOCHS 2002 cycles, the companys contributionsRitter, who led 14 inspection missions in MEDIA MEGA-MERGER exceeded $1.7 million.Iraq, that MI6 had recruited him in 1997 tohelp with the propaganda effort. Hedescribed meetings where the senior offi- I n a devastating blow for media diversity, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on 19 December, on a (Source: The Progress Report , 25 December 2003, docs_03/122503E.shtml)cer and at least two other MI6 staff had contentious 3 to 2 vote, approved a "$6.6discussed ways to manipulate intelligence billion media mega-merger" between SADDAM HUSSEIN CAPTUREDmaterial. DirecTV satellite television service and FIRST BY KURDISH FORCES "The aim was to convince the public thatIraq was a far greater threat than it actuallywas," Ritter said. Rupert Murdochs News Corporation. The merger will add DirecTVs 11 mil- lion subscribers to Murdochs US empire, S addam Hussein was found by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and He said there was evidence that MI6 which already includes local television sta- abandoned ready for American soldiers tocontinued to use similar propaganda tactics tions reaching more than 44 per cent of the recover him.up to the invasion of Iraq earlier in 2003. country, a major national broadcast net- Saddam Hussein came into the hands of"Stories ran in the media about secret work, numerous cable and satellite chan- the Kurdish Patriotic Front after beingunderground facilities in Iraq and ongoing nels, the most widely used electronic pro- betrayed to the group by a member of theprograms [to produce weapons of mass gram guide, newspapers, magazines, a al-Jabour tribe, whose daughter had beendestruction]," said Ritter. "They were publishing house and movie studios. raped by Saddams son Uday, leading to asourced to Western intelligence and all of The unprecedented size and scope of blood feud, according to the UK Sundaythem were garbage." Murdochs holding will, according to FCC Express, which quoted an unnamed senior Kelly, himself a former United Nations Commissioner Jonathan A. Adelstein, put British military intelligence officer.weapons inspector and colleague of Ritter, N e w smay also have been used by MI6 to pass Corporation "ininformation to the media. a position to "Kelly was a known and government- raise program-approved conduit with the media," said ming prices forRitter. consumers, Lord Huttons report is expected to harm competi-deliver a verdict in January on whether tion in videointelligence was misused in order to pro- programmingmote the case for going to war. and distribution Lord Hutton heard evidence that Kelly markets nation-was authorised by the Foreign Office to wide, andspeak to journalists on Iraq. Kelly was in decrease theclose touch with the "Rockingham cell", a diversity ofgroup of weapons experts that received media owner-MI6 intelligence. ship". News The campaign was judged to be having a Corp. owns asuccessful effect on public opinion. vast array of Poland, India and South Africa were ini- television out-tially chosen as targets for the campaign lets, includingbecause they were non-aligned UN coun- many whichtries not supporting the British and US feature highlyposition on sanctions. At the time, in coveted region-1997, Poland was also a member of the al sports pro-UN Security Council. gramming. "He designed and registered his own sandbox flag. Ritter was a willing accomplice to the The acquisi- Yeah, I think its safe to assume hes an Alpha male."FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... The newspaper said the full story of Active Sonar (LFAS) submarine detection LaPorte, sitting at San Francisco Federalevents leading up to the ousted Iraqi trials which began in August at the top- Court, found that evidence compiled on thePresidents capture on 13 December near secret British Underwater Testing and Canary Islands incident by five environ-his home town of Tikrit in northern Iraq Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) at Kyle of mental groups, supported by testimony"exposes the version peddled by American Lochalse, on the west coast of Scotland. from marine biologists, showed that LFASspin doctors as incomplete". Moreover, Rota has been a US Navy sub- testing caused internal bleeding and disori- A former Iraqi intelligence officer, marine base for several decades. entation to a whole range of sea creatures,whom the Express did not name, told the LFAS sonar has been developed by US including whales, dolphins, seals and seapaper that Saddam was held prisoner by a scientists over the past decade and uses an turtles. Judge LaPorte banned LFAS test-leader of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, which underwater low-frequency signal to detect ing and use of LFAS technology off the USfought alongside US forces during the Iraq hostile submarines. Described as "millions coast.war, until the leader negotiated a deal. of times more powerful" than the pulsed- Rather than challenge a federal court rul-This apparently involved the groups gain- sound location technology used by tradi- ing, the Pentagon took the in-shore SUR-ing political advantage in the region. tional sonar systems, LFAS sonar is based TASS test ban problem to the US State An unnamed Western intelligence source on the fact that intense low-frequency Department. According to the Dublin mag-in the Middle East told the Express that sound—100 to 1000 Hz—can travel thou- azine P h o e n i x, the Bush Administration"Saddam was not captured as a result of sands of nautical miles through the ocean. then asked the British Ministry of Defenceany American or British intelligence". The US Navy admits that the sounds— to allow the Royal Navy to take over, and(Sources: The Courier Mail, The Sydney which are generated by huge transmitters so LFAS tests "shifted to British warships"Morning Herald, 21 December 2003) towed behind TAGOS-class destroyers— based in the Inner Hebrides. can reach 235 decibels, approximately (Source: Intelligence, France, no. 429, 20 BANNED US LFAS SONAR twice the average noise level of a jet October 2003, p. 3) TESTING CONTINUES engine. Since 1988, LFAS sonar has been YELLOWSTONE PARKR ecently, the head of the Spanish marine protection agency, CEPESMA, Luis tested 25 times for over 7,500 hours in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. SUPER-VOLCANO SET TO BLOW?Laria, claimed that shock waves from sci-entific tests carried out by the Spanish ves-sel Hesperides—operating, according to Last year, whales of four different species died on beaches across the northern Bahamas during US Navy exercises. In G eologists claim that Yellowstone Park, which happens to be on top of one of the largest "super-volcanoes" in the world,sources, out of the naval base at Rota in the August 2002, a flotilla of US Navy has been on a regular eruption cycle ofGulf of Cadiz—has caused the deaths of destroyers off the Spanish-administered 600,000 years. The last eruption wasfour giant squid off the Spanish coast. Canary Islands carried out a series of LFAS 640,000 years ago, making the next one Few details of the incident were reported tests which, according to US environmen- long overdue. This next eruption could bein the local or international media because talists, resulted in the deaths of 17 whales. 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount Stof the secrecy surrounding the tests, but The beached mammals were found to Helens eruption.Intelligence believes they may be similar to have suffered internal bleeding and eye, ear In July 2003, Yellowstone Park rangersthe Surveillance Towed Array Sensor and brain damage. closed the entire Norris Geyser BasinSystem (SURTASS) Low Frequency On 31 October 2002, Judge Elizabeth because of deformation of the land and excessively high ground temperatures. There is an area 28 miles long by 7 miles wide that has bulged upward over five inches since 1996, and this year the ground temperature on that bulge reached over 200 degrees Fahrenheit [93.33 degrees Celsius] (measured one inch below ground level). Everything in the area is dying and the ani- mals are literally migrating out of the park. In late July, one of the Park geologists discovered a huge bulge at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. The bulge has already risen over 100 feet from the bottom of the lake and the water temperature at the sur- face of the bulge has reached 88°F [31.1°C] and is still rising. Keep in mind that Yellowstone Lake is a high mountain lake with very cold water temperatures. The lake is now closed to the public. It is filled with dead fish floating everywhere. The same is true of the Yellowstone River "My life coach advised me to hire a consultant to headhunt a mediator and most of the other streams in the park. to sack my personal trainer." Dead and dying fish are filling the water8 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...everywhere. Many of the picnic areas in GLOBAL PREDICTIONS FOR 2004the park have been closed and people visit- from Philosopher Mrs Phipps-Earling the park usually stay but a few hours Michael Wells Mandeville writes that author, Mrs Phipps-Earl, is not a "channeller" or a light -before leaving, since the stench of sulphur weight. She has been writing a deep review of modern philosophy at the university level on theis so strong they literally cant stand the nature of our consensus reality, our moral or social purpose, and our perception, and hassmell. absolutely no desire to be known for these predictions but for her work in philosophy. In her The irony of all this is the silence by the letter to Mr Mandeville, dated 27 December 2003, and in a subsequent email, Mrs Phipps-Earlnews media and our government. Very lit- writes, among other things:tle information is available fromYellowstone personnel or publications. I n having been slowly but surely emptied over the past few months and most noticeably over the past week, I am standing in stillness, this stillness also reflected in Nature itself over the past few days. Over the past five or six years I have made predictions at this time of year; tis asWhat mainstream news stories do appear if I am emptied to allow for the seeing. I do not prepare myself to see, nor do I myself attemptunderscore the likelihood of a massive vol- to see; I merely do see. As I wrote in the email above, massive changes are about to occurcanic eruption. through the world. It is going to be a rocky road. Hang on tight and be ever mindful. Though geologists publicly admit All hell is about to break out, not just in one area of the world, but throughout every inch ofYellowstone is "overdue", they have been the planet and surrounding skies. For years, people have spoken about Earth changes; I myselfquoted as stating another massive magma have been speaking about them since I was 12 years old. In the next four months there arerelease may not occur for 100,000 or two going to be horrific Earth changes—changes beyond our imagination. Across the board in themillion years. northern hemisphere there will be massive floods, earth slides, earthquakes. In Asia there will Others close to the story are convinced be devastation, earthquakes most notably in China and Japan, volcanic eruptions, floods, mud-that a massive eruption is imminent. A slides and tidal waves in the Philippines and South Pacific.source who has demonstrated first-hand There will be earthquakes in NZ, massive cyclones and floods in some areas of Australia and scorching droughts in other areas of Australia. Canada will have massive flood and blizzards.knowledge of the parks history and recent The US is in for a time of it with earthquakes all down the West Coast. I think I said last yeargeothermal events stated the following: that entire sections of the West Coast USA will fall into the sea; a mountain range will be the "The American people are not being told future coastline of the US West. Oil will flow in the ocean off the southern West Coast. Waterthat the explosion of this super-volcano supplies in the US will be contaminated. Do not drink the milk, and stock up on bottled water.could happen at any moment." There are predictions I made over the last several years that have not happened yet. Some geologists predict that when However, they are now about to begin. There will be civil war in the US. You will need toYellowstone does blow, "every living thing keep away from big cities. New York will once again see fire in the very early new year.within 600 miles is likely to die". People on an island, which looks toward New York, will look upon the fire and devastation. "The movement of magma has been A huge theme park in Florida will be devastated, people screaming, many injured and dead. Television stations and media outlets will somehow be unable to operate; there will be a loss ofdetected just three-tenths of a mile below contact. Bush will go into hiding, many Americans screaming out against him. There will bethe bulging surface of the ground in devastation in California, Alabama and Missouri, people walking (not driving) away from towns.Yellowstone, raising concerns that this One of Britains future kings will be near death. The Pope will pass from this world aroundsuper-volcano may erupt soon." 15 February. Russia, France, Germany and several other European nations will make a pact.(Source: The Idaho Observer , December Korea will become hostile. Something is going to happen in Israel; God will lift his hand.2003, While God will not cause an event to occur, this event is predestined. The Palestinians will not20031219.htm) cause the event, but will rejoice in witnessing this event, perceiving it as Gods will. The Arab nations will join forces, not to cause war but to separate themselves from the devastation in the GARLIC INGREDIENT KILLS West. However, in witnessing the suffering of many in the West, the Arab nations will do an act of great kindness. Many nations throughout the world will close their borders and protect HOSPITAL SUPERBUGS themselves. By June, money will no longer be the most powerful means of exchange. TheA n ingredient in garlic may offer one of the best defences against hospitalsuperbugs, research shows. basic necessities of life—food and water—will become the greatest bargaining chips. Africa will have volcanic eruptions, massive fires and drought. There will be earthquakes in Mexico, and the channel between North and South America will not be able to be used for ship- Tests by Dr Ron Cutler, a microbiologist ping. Of all the nations in the world, South Americas will be the least affected and will gainfrom the University of East London, security by supplying the necessities of life to other nations. Three world leaders will be assas-showed it can cure patients with MRSA- sinated. Many will turn to God, for there will seem to be nowhere else to turn.infected wounds "within days", he said. There will be four substantial earthquakes in Australia in the first five months of 2004: in Allicin, which occurs naturally in garlic, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia… Beaches washed away on the Gold andnot only killed known varieties of MRSA, Sunshine coasts. Water rushing in from the ocean up the Brisbane River, flooding inner city area… There will be massive strikes with the building industry, dockers, shipping, airlines,but also new superbug generations resistant public transport and transport supplies; milk and supermarket food "last resort" antibiotics such as van- The US dollar will drop to an all-time low; the euro will be the leading currency. Deals willcomycin. The findings are to be published be made between Eastern European countries and Arab nations; they will be on very friendlyin the Journal of Biomedical Science in the terms. There will be all-out war between India and Pakistan. Tibet and China will bring reliefnew year. and aid. US troops will be stationed en masse in Taiwan. I dont know why. MRSA—methicillin-resistant A large group of scientists from throughout the world will come to Australia for an indefiniteStaphylococcus aureus —causes 2,000 period, probably in April. There will also be much scientific activity/work going on in the Southdeaths in UK hospitals each year, mainly Pole. A book will be launched, probably in London, which will have all the world talking. ∞by infecting surgical wounds. (Source: Forwarded by from Michael Wells Mandevilles website. To(Source: The Independent, UK, 30 December read the complete text, go to See review of Mandevilles2003) book, The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006, in this issue.)FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  11. 11. It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be moulded until they clothe ideas in disguise. — Joseph Goebbels T he United States is the most media-saturated country in the world. We are bom- barded daily with thousands upon thousands of images and sounds designed to The news and get our attention, entertain and inform us of everything from shoes to food to celebritydom to political ideology. Its been estimated that the average American entertainment we is exposed to more than 3,000 advertisements every day, but on top of that there are the consume, and thus news programs, sitcoms, films, radio and other forms of media that we choose to con- sume. All of this works to shape our opinions of the world, and a great deal of time, effort our thoughts and and money is spent to guide our opinions down particular avenues. This used to be called propaganda. opinions, are Today, with the negative, Nazi-esque connotation which comes with that word, euphemisms such as misinformation, disinformation, image consulting, political shaped not just by consulting, news consulting, advertising, infomercials, public relations, damage control and the art of spin have taken its place in the English lexicon, all but concealing its true the media and nature and omnipresence. And omnipresent it is. The industries that deal with information control—in both the commercial and governmental sectors—work with hundreds of entertainment millions of dollars annually. Uninformed, ignorant masses are far easier to manipulate than corporations but by educated, thinking masses. We have to ask: Who has the information? How is it being distributed? How is it contextualised? governments, their Corporations and governments have spent many decades and hundreds of billions of dollars researching how best to influence the people. Much of this information is kept agencies and the secret from the public (in the case of corporate research, it is their private property), and what is known has come from the more recent work done by scholars around the world— military-industrial work that is dramatically underfunded by comparison. So, the information available to the average citizen—including the aforementioned academic scholars—is radically less complex. than that which is available to the producers of media or information campaigns (i.e., advertising agencies, public relations firms, political consultants, etc.). However, an important fact that is known is that the human brain processes different mediums in different ways. Written and spoken words are put through a type of decoding process, wherein the brain deciphers the words and the sentence structure in order to inter- pret properly what it is reading/hearing. In this process, both the conscious and uncon- scious mind go through an internal debate, comparing what its interpreting with what it already knows to be true. With the image, however, the brain instantly processes it as truth, which means infor- mation presented in a visual format has a much greater impact on the unconscious. Over long periods of time, recurring imagery has a built-up effect on the viewer, which allows by David B. Deserano, MS for unconsciously conceived notions of truth to manifest as though from nowhere. © 2003 Naturally, then, whoever has control over the mediums of communication has a tremen- dous amount of power over the populations who consume it. Email: (Note: In no way is this paper intended to convince readers of any particular conspiracy theory but, rather, to present a collection of facts—all of which are readily available to the public—and allow readers to draw their own conclusions.) [The full article with references is available at Ed.]FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. PART I: Media Intents, Capabilities, Practices and What was ultimately learned from all this was that in order toOrigins adequately persuade a population to do something, whether to go Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities to war or buy a hamburger, one needed to appeal to them on has the power to make you commit injustices. levels of which they are unconscious. — Voltaire (Chomsky, 1991, pp. 7-10, 17-18; Chomsky & Barsamian, 2000, pp. 151-152; Boihem & Emmanouilides, 1996)1) The radio, the computer and the Internet are all products of themilitary. The radio was invented in the mid-1890s and its first 5 ) Its been noted that "violence is to a dictatorship, whatsale was to the British War Office in 1896 during the Boer War, propaganda is to a democracy", and the Nazis used both. Josephand three years later to the US Navy. During World War I, the Goebbels, appointed Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment andUnited States put all commercial, amateur and military (except for Propaganda on March 14, 1933, combined the press, radio, film,the Armys) radio equipment under the control of the Navy—a theatre and propaganda into a single, large-scale organisation andmonopoly pursued immediately after the war, as well. considered the media as "a piano…in the hands of the The first operational electronic computer, Colossus, was built government", on which the government could play. Althoughas a part of the ULTRA project for the British Department of monotony may set in if all means reported the same information,Communication in the Foreign Office, to assist in the decoding of he developed a theory that the media should be "uniform inintercepted Nazi transmissions. The first electronic digital com- principles" but "polyform in nuances". This is a concept that hasputer, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), carried over to our media today.came out of a relationship between The Moore School of Although we have a tremendous amount of magazines andElectrical Engineering at the newspapers available to us, most of themUniversity of Pennsylvania and the are from "highly centralized outletsBallistics Research Lab operated by that proffer a remarkably homogenizedthe Army Ordnance Department at theAberdeen Proving Ground in Fear is a powerful means for fare. News services for dailies throughout the entire nation areAberdeen, Maryland. It was "designed establishing social control provided by the Associated Press…theexpressly for the solution of ballistics New York Times and [the] Los Angelesproblems and for the printing of range over a population, Times–Washington Post wire services,tables". and the negative effects of and several foreign wire services like The grandparent of the Internet was Reuters. The ideological viewpoints ofthe ARPAnet, which came about in media on its consumers these news conduits are pretty much1969. The Defense Advanced are doing just that... the same, marked by a prefabricatedResearch Projects Agency (DARPA) standardization of news which isof the Department of Defense wished constricting and frightening."to create a communications infrastruc- (Neale et al., 1992; Reuth, 1993, p.ture for the US military that could sur- 174; Parenti, 1986, pp. 30-31)vive a nuclear attack. "Many of the best attributes of theInternet—including its architecture, technology and gestalt—are 6) Fear is a powerful means for establishing social control over athe children of this military prototype." population, and the negative effects of media on its consumers are(Sussman, 1997, pp. 87, 89, 90; Slater, 1987, pp. 16-17; Stern, doing just that, for its been widely established for decades that1981, pp. 1, 15; Reid, 1997, p. xx) regular viewers of violent films and/or television programming often look upon the world as being much more frightening, dan-2) At the outset of World War I in Europe, President Woodrow gerous and violent than those who view the same media in muchWilson (1913–1921) had to devise a way to convince the primarily less quantity or not at all. The same, by the way, is also true ofpacifistic American public (still reeling from the effects of the regular viewers of the evening news.Civil War) to want to send their boys thousands of miles away to Furthermore, "psychiatrist Robert Coles writes that children infight a war that didnt involve them. President Wilson came up some parts of America are more frightened [about the world] thanwith the Committee of Public Information, also known as the Creel children in Lebanon or Northern Ireland"; this may very well haveCommission. Made up of cartoonists, writers, editors, publishers to do with the fact that some of the most violent programming onand others whose profession was to convey information to the TV are cartoons aimed at very young children. The potential con-masses (including Edward Bernays, father of the public relations sequences of this are staggering. A generation brought up to fearindustry, and Walter Lippmann, the dean of American journalists, the world may be willing to do unhealthy things in order to pro-a major foreign and domestic policy critic and an important tect themselves from things that arent there, such as a readiness totheorist of liberal democracy), within a year they were able to turn sacrifice their basic civil liberties for a false sense of security.the American people into a fervent anti-German population. (Jhally & Dinozzi, 1994; Pipher, 1994) This exceedingly positive result caught the attention of twogroups in particular. One was the intellectual community who 13) Its very difficult for a human being to kill a member of theirsaw these new propaganda techniques (and it was openly called own species; they have to be manipulated to do so. It has beenpropaganda at the time, as there wasnt a negative connotation to estimated that during World War II, when individual riflementhat word until the Nazis used many of the same techniques years were left to their own devices only 15–20% of them would firelater) as a general means by which they could control the their weapon at an exposed enemy target. This was blamedpopulation on a regular basis. The other group comprised primarily upon the training they received in which they wouldbusiness leaders, who saw a new window to increase their sales practise shooting at a bulls-eye. Of course, bulls-eyes dontby turning the American people into a population of consumers. appear on the battlefield, and after the war the military switched12 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004
  13. 13. to human-shaped targets. By the time of the Vietnam War, 95% button, viewers report feeling more relaxed. Because theof the riflemen fired their weapons when the right opportunity relaxation occurs quickly, people are conditioned to associatearose. Today, the Marine Corps uses a modified version of the viewing with rest and lack of tension. The association is positivelyfirst-person action game Doom (known as Marine Doom) as a reinforced because viewers remain relaxed throughout viewing,training device, along with the traditional live ammunition range and it is negatively reinforced via the stress and dysphorictargets as a means of normalising killing amongst their personnel. rumination that occurs once the screen goes blank again…"In fact, this has been so successful that the Marine Corps Combat Part of the human attraction to television has to do with ourand Development Command in Quantico, Virginia, has evaluated biological orienting response. "First described by Ivan Pavlov inmore than 30 commercially available electronic games for their 1927, the orienting response is our instinctive visual or auditorypotential use as training tools. reaction to any sudden or novel stimulus. It is part of our This brings up a very disturbing question. If the US military evolutionary heritage, a built-in sensitivity to movement andhas acknowledged for decades the success of using human-like potential predatory threats. Typical orienting reactions includetargets to normalise killing, what, then, is the effect of the same or dilation of the blood vessels to the brain, slowing of the heart, andsimilar games on kids, where the objective is the near- constriction of blood vessels to major muscle groups. The brainindiscriminate killing of "the enemy" using toy guns? With this in focuses its attention on gathering more information while the restmind, the rise of school shootings should of the body quiets… In 1986 Byron Reevescome as no surprise. of Stanford University, Esther Thorson of(Jhally & Huntemann, 2000; Naisbitt et al., the University of Missouri and theirpp. 76-77) colleagues began to study whether the simple formal features of television—cuts,1 5 ) At the forefront of White House edits, zooms, pans, sudden noises—activatethinking is the global command and direction "What were the orienting response, thereby keepingof the world economy through informationcontrol. While World War II was still witnessing here today attention on the screen. By watching how brain waves were affected by formalongoing, "US leadership recognized the is perhaps not only features, the researchers concluded thatcentrality of information control for gaining these stylistic tricks can indeed triggerworld advantage. Well before most of the the announcement involuntary responses and derive theirworld could do much about it, US groups, of a new sort of attentional value through the evolutionaryprivate and governmental, were actively significance of detecting movement… It ispromoting information and cultural technological center, form, not the content, of television thatprimacy on all continents." US films but the creation of is unique… Annie Langs researchand television programs are "the team at Indiana University has shownprimary fare of national systems in a military-industrial- that heart rate decreases for four to sixmost countries. News programs, media-entertainment seconds after an orienting stimulus. Inespecially CNN, offer US perspectives, ads, action sequences and musicsometimes the only perspective complex". videos, formal features frequentlyprovided, to world audiences. US come at a rate of one per second, thusrecorded music, theme parks and activating the orienting responseadvertising now comprise a major part continuously."of the worlds cultural environment…" (Kubey & Csikszentmihalyi, 2002; "What is of special interest here, Boihem & Emmanouilides)however, is the skillful combination ofinformation instrumentation with philo- 22) In August 1999, the US Armysophic principle—a mix that fuels the push toward concentrated signed a five-year, $45-million deal with the University ofcultural power. Not the laws of chance but strategic planning, Southern California, chosen because of its close proximity torarely identified as such, underlies this development. It has suc- Hollywood, to have the schools movie, special-effects and otherceeded well beyond the initial expectations of its formulators." technology experts help with troop training, including battle(Schiller, 1995, pp. 18-19; Allen, 2000, pp. 87, 89-99) scenarios, virtual-reality combat and large-scale simulations creating settings similar to Operation Desert Storm . This18) On average, individuals in industrialised nations spend three partnership is known as the Institute for Creative Technologies.hours a day watching television—roughly half their leisure time; "The digital world, the world of virtual reality…is going to be partonly to work and sleep is more time devoted. At this rate, someone of the embrace of this great new cooperative venture," said Jackwho lives to be 75 would spend more than nine years of their life Valenti of the Motion Picture Association of America. However,just watching TV. Why do we watch so much? In studies, subjects according to James Der Derian, Professor of Internationalclaimed that television was a means of relaxation, as confirmed by Relations at Brown University, "What were witnessing here todayelectroencephalograph (EEG) readings of brain waves, skin is perhaps not only the announcement of a new sort ofresistance and heart rates of subjects while watching television. technological center, but the creation of a military-industrial-However, even though relaxation is associated with TV by the media-entertainment complex".viewers, research has shown that passivity and a lowered level of (US Army, 1999; italics mine)alertness also correlate. Furthermore, once the television is turnedoff, the sense of relaxation dissipates rather quickly, but the 24) In October 1999, the CIA held a lavish gala film premiere forpassivity and lowered alertness remain for a considerable time. In the Company of Spies, the first spy thriller ever to bear the"Within moments of sitting or lying down and pushing the power CIAs stamp of approval. Starring Tom Beringer and Ron Silver,FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. directed by Tim Matheson (Otter from Animal House), written by support for the USs war on terror. This latest announcementRoger Towne (who wrote the screenplay for The Natural) and raises grave concerns that, far from being an honest effort toproduced by David Madden and Robert W. Cort (who is, himself, explain US policy, the OSI may be a profoundly undemocratica former CIA official), it was made directly for Showtime, a sub- program devoted to spreading disinformation and misleading thesidiary of AOL Time Warner, the worlds largest media corpora- public, both at home and abroad… The government is barred bytion… In 2001, three new TV series (The Agency, Alias, and 24) law from propagandizing within the US, but the OSIs new planand seven films (including Bad Company, The Bourne Identity will likely lead to disinformation planted in foreign news reportsand The Sum of All Fears) were made with the CIAs approval. being picked up by US news outlets".(Loeb, 1999; Campbell, 2001, September 6; Patterson, 2001) ("Media Advisory: Pentagon propaganda plan…", 2002)25) Hollywood filmmakers and the Pentagon have a long history PART II: Corporate Media and Content Controlof cooperation. The Pentagon sees the film industry as an Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who ownimportant part of public relations. According to a recently one.released memo, it said that "military depictions have become — A. J. Lieblingmore of a commercial for us"—which explains the Air Forceseagerness to be a part of the shortlived 2002 CBS reality series, 37) Before he retired, AOL Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin toldAmerican Fighter Pilots , which followed three men as they MSNBC that his companys Internet division had already helpedtrained to fly F-15s; its executive producers were Tony Scott terror investigators, "apparently providing access to email traffic".(director of Top Gun) and his brother, Ridley Scott (director of According to Jeff Chester, Executive Director of the Center forBlack Hawk Down). Due to the enormous Digital Democracy, "theres an implicit quidexpense of military equipment, it makes pro quo here…the industry seems to befinancial sense for a filmmaker to get saying to the administration, were patriotic,military cooperation. However, this often were supporting the war…now free us fromentails the altering of scripts to fit the needs In the 1950s, the constraints." Although that may or may notand desires of the Pentagon (i.e., military be true, on June 2, 2003, the FCC voted 3–2and government personnel are to be depicted majority of the to relax the rules on media more positive and heroic ways, American American mass media (Roberts, 2002; Kirkpatrick, 2003)ideologies are reinforced and not criticised,etc.). For example: (i.e., TV, radio, film, 4 0 ) After World War II, Allied forces • In GoldenEye (1995), "the original script magazines, book restricted media concentration in occupiedhad a US Navy admiral betraying state Germany and Japan "because they noted thatsecrets, but this was changed to make the publishers, advertising such concentration promoted anti-traitor a member of the French Navy". agencies, newspapers, democratic, even fascist, political cultures". • Despite having made changes to In the 1950s, the majority of thecharacters in Independence Day (1996), etc.) were owned by American mass media (i.e., televisionthe Department of Defense refused help more than 1,500 stations, radio stations, film studios,because "the military appears impotent magazine publishers, newspaperand/or inept; all advances in stopping corporations. publishers, book publishers, advertisingaliens are the result of actions by agencies, etc.) were owned by morecivilians". than 1,500 corporations. By 1981, they • Other films that received assistance Today, that number were owned by fewer then fifty.from the Pentagon are: Air Force One is six. Today, that number is six: AOL Time(1997), A Few Good Men ( 1 9 9 2 ) , Warner, The Walt Disney Company,Armageddon (1998), The Hunt for Red Bertelsmann, Viacom, NewsOctober (1990), Pearl Harbor (2001), Corporation and Vivendi Universal—Patriot Games (1992), W i n d t a l k e r s with Sony, Liberty Media Corporation(2002), Hamburger Hill (1987), T h e and General Electric close behind.American President (1995), B e h i n d In our current electoral process,Enemy Lines (2001), Apollo 13 (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies "reaching audiences has become the substitute for what used to be(1997), and A Time to Kill (1996). called garnering constituencies. Just as advertisers sell products • Some films that were denied assistance include: Apocalypse to audiences, political consultants market candidates to thoseNow (1979), Catch-22 (1970), Dr Strangelove (1964), Full Metal same audiences. In contemporary media-driven elections, pro-Jacket (1987), The Last Detail (1973), Lone Star (1996), Mars gram, advertising and film audiences become targeted markets ofAttacks! (1996), Platoon (1986), and The Thin Red Line (1998). voters. In the larger sense, citizens are transmuted into con-(Campbell, 2001, August 29; Weiss, 2002) sumers, connecting with a media product instead of a political platform".28) On February 19, 2002, the New York Times reported that the (McChesney, 2000, p. 61; Nichols & McChesney, 2000, p. 28;Pentagons Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) was "developing Bagdikian, 2000, pp. 21-22; Andersen, 2000, p. 251; Taylor,plans to provide news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign 2002)media organizations in an effort to influence public sentiment andpolicy-makers in both friendly and unfriendly countries". 43) News Corporation, the fifth largest media corporation in the The OSI was created just after 9/11 "to publicize the US world—owner of 20th Century Fox, Fox Television Broadcastinggovernments perspective in Islamic countries and to generate Corp. (including all subsequent Fox channels such as Fox Sports14 • NEXUS FEBRUARY – MARCH 2004