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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 10, Number 5 AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 UK/European Editon CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 FROM HELIX TO HOLOGRAM..................................49GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Iona Miller and Richard Alan Miller. Life is fundamentally electromagnetic, and the DNA helix Breaking news, including Pentagon surveillance serves as a bioholographic matrix that guides the and space weapons plans, research linking solar organisation of physical form. flares with Earth temperatures, and a complaint to the ICC on pharmaceutical industry crimes. THE SNAKE DRAGON MYSTERY................................55 By Marius Boirayon. The Solomon Islanders have aTHE PET FOOD INDUSTRYS PRACTICES..................11 long history of encounters with strange aerial craft By Ann Martin. The pet food industry must be and alien beings, and recent experiences sparked regulated to ensure that only safe ingredients, not this former RAAF engineer to search for UFO bases. the remains of euthanised companion animals, are THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................61 included in commercial pet foods. Marius Boirayon reports on eyewitness accounts ofTHE NEW MEDICINE OF DR HAMER........................19 Giants that still exist in the caves and mountainous By Walter Last. For discovering the shock-conflict jungles of the Solomon Islands, prompting us to mechanism underlying cancer and demonstrating it question conventional ideas of evolution. with CT brain scans, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer has REVIEWS—Books........................................................65 been persecuted by courts across Europe. "Surgery and its Alternatives" by Drs Sandra and David McLanahanROCKEFELLER INTERNATIONALISM—Part 3............27 "Maya: The World as Virtual Reality" by Richard L. Thompson "What Really Causes AIDS" by Harold D. Foster By Will Banyan. For decades David Rockefeller "Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics" by Jonathan Goldman has been promoting a "one world" vision to fellow "Firestorm" by Ann Druffel powerbrokers, while rejecting criticism that he has "The Masters of the Mystical Rose" by Maree Moore "The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P." by David Ritchey any role in a cabal intent on controlling the planet. "Secret Societies of Americas Elite" by Steven SoraPROJECT HAMMER RELOADED—Part 1....................33 "Americas Secret Establishment" by Antony C. Sutton "Pyramid of Secrets" by Alan Alford By David Guyatt. Gold bullion and other booty "The Age of Consent" by George Monbiot looted during World War II is still being used to "Earth Rising II" by Dr Nick Begich and James Roderick fund secret trading programs that bankroll black "The Life Cycle of Civilizations" by Stephen Blaha projects and rescue major banks from insolvency. "Into the Buzzsaw" edited by Kristina BorjessonSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................39 REVIEWS—DVD/Video...............................................72 "Crop Circles: The Ultimate...Investigation" by J. H. Gibsone From Etheric Rain Engineering Pte Ltd. Expanding REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................72 on Dr Wilhelm Reichs Cloudbuster technology, "Perus Mystery in Stone" from Terra Entertainment Trevor J. Constable has proved that etheric energy "Holistic Therapies - Demonstrations" from E & E Productions devices can dissipate smog and break drought. REVIEWS—Music........................................................73LEE CROCKS AURA THERAPY MACHINE...............43 "Cover the World" by various artists "Fields of Green" by Paul Benhaim Hemp Plastic Music By Jerry Decker. A simple electronic device "El Sultaan – Classical Egyptian Dance" by Hossam Ramzy connected to a wire mesh screen with a polarity "Buenos Hermanos" by Ibrahim Ferrer switch mechanism can act on the bodys auric field "Over Nine Waves" by Rebecca Hood to assist healing at the cellular level. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................78–88AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 10, Number 5 AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 W orld geopolitical manoeuvrings are taking place at rapid speed. I cannot help but feel as though the forces behind the UK/USA alliance have an unhealthy confidence in themselves. Are they bluffing the world with their blatant grab for global dominance— PUBLISHED BY or do they have a new level of secret technology to back up their belligerence? NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia We have several news items this issue which look at some of the known technological EDITOR plans of the USA, including its desire to dominate Earth from space using space-based Duncan M. Roads weapons systems. I find myself wondering whether some of this new weapons technolo- CO-EDITOR gy has already been tested in the field, starting back with the "intervention" in the Catherine Simons Balkans. Strange stories are now emerging from Afghanistan which indicate that a new ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR type of radioactive weapon was used there, and the signs are only just being seen medical- Ruth Parnell ly in the form of the resultant human suffering. OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANT Is the USA going it alone? Or does the weight of the UKUSA pact mean that both Jenny Hawke nations are in it together when it comes to high-level decision-making that really counts? UK Office Manager The rumours that the USA and UK are sharing secret technology derived from cap- Marcus Allen tured/crashed UFOs just wont go away. As well as the slow but steady stream of leaked CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Ann Martin; Walter Last; Will Banyan; documents and insiders offering to tell all if given indemnity from prosecution, there are David G. Guyatt; ERE & Trevor James Constable; signs that countries such as Russia are wanting to reveal what they know about UFOs and Jerry W. Decker; Iona Miller and related technology. Russia has repeatedly voiced strenuous opposition to the USAs plans Richard Alan Miller; Marius Boirayon for domination of space, and would appear to be on the outside when it comes to power- CARTOONS sharing up there. What better way to level the playing field than to let slip some of the Phil Somerville USAs secrets? It could be argued that this position is also close to that of France. Its COVER GRAPHIC COMETA report into UFOs, which was compiled by top government scientists and mili- John Cook, jscook@ozzienet.net tary people, basically said that UFOs do exist. It revealed French concerns that the USA PRINTING is not allowing the open international sharing of information on the subject. I have been Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK told "off the record" several times that it is the UKUSA pact that pressures other countries DISTRIBUTION into silence on the subject of UFOs and related technology. It is a subject we will be fol- Seymours, London, UK lowing in future issues. UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, Back to this issue of NEXUS. First up is an article on the pet food industry and its West Sussex, RH19 1BG. questionable practices. A few years ago we ran a compilation of items on the subject, and Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 e-mail address: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com we still get feedback about it. Much has transpired since, and it is not all good news. This Website: www.nexusmagazine.com update addresses the problems and issues concerning whats in pet food, but also reveals some of the horrible experiments that US pet food manufacturers and universities conduct EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA on companion animals in testing commercial pet food. While calling on pet owners to Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 boycott unsafe brands, it also makes suggestions about healthier alternatives. e-mail address: nexus@fsf.nl The Project Hammer article we are publishing has already attracted interest of the HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. unpleasant kind for writer David Guyatt. Well known for his investigations and research PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. into dodgy dealings involving big banks and slush funds, Guyatt has had alarming Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 reminders of his vulnerability left at his front door (as youll see in this issues Letters e-mail address: editor@nexusmagazine.com pages). Hopefully, now that his article is in the public domain, such threats will cease. ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy You must read the article on Dr Hamer and his research into the shock-conflict mecha- Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 nism behind cancer development. This article opens up research we hope to expand on e-mail address: info@nexusitalia.com with other approaches in upcoming issues, such as the Adam Technology. USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, Theres another interesting development in health research covered in Jerry Deckers Denver CO 80206 USA article about an Aura Therapy Machine. Jerry is the front man for KeelyNet Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 720 941 9352 (http://www.keelynet.com), which is my favourite resource site on the Internet for all E-mail: nexususa@earthlink.net aspects of alternative science and technology. Ive always found that if Jerry is convinced STATEMENT OF PURPOSE something is the real thing, it is the real thing!NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing amassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS Just when I thought I couldnt be amazed by anything else, along comes another sur-seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to prise. Last issue we published a letter about strange flying craft and abductions in theassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Solomon Islands, asking if any readers knew more. Well, one reader certainly does knowlinked to any religious, philosophical or political more, and we have put just some of his experiences and findings about UFOs, aliens andideology or organisation. giant races into this issue. It is interesting that an international force of thousands of sol- PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY diers is being sent to the Solomon Islands, right to where those giants and the strange tun-While reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone nels/installations are supposed to exist. NEXUS plans to organise a group of interestedcaught making a buck out of it, without our express people to travel there and see for ourselves whats going on.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 20032 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 3. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...The Healthiest Drinking Water On at least a dozen occasions— randomly shooting and killing any indoor plants are crook, move them Dear Duncan: Having been in the maybe as many as 20, now—the living animal they came into con- away from your TV.)alternative health industry for over gate leading to the side of my tact with, as they had been told that All photographers know the prob-36 years now, I have seen products house, which is always kept shut, any animals which survived could lems of using artificial light—redcome and go. It is rare indeed to has been in an open position when become contaminated with rabies. from tungsten bulbs, whites andcome across a product that not only my wife and I have returned home I also saw the National Guard blues from most others, unless day-stands up to scientific scrutiny but from visiting family, etc. shoot and kill someone I believe light tubes and 3200 K tungstenworks in a practical sense as well. This latest death threat was also was a migrant worker who was bulbs are used. We have all seenI speak of the Wellness water filter.reported to the police. Although I hysterical, much the same as you the pink-red fluoro tubes to My wife and I just renovated our was interviewed and lodged formal were. All I can say is that for improve the appearance of meat inkitchen and decided to install the complaints, the police appear to more than 10 years I have lived butchers shops.Wellness unit. We must say that have been all too casual and have with the horror I had witnessed, A very important factor that iswe have never experienced such a taken no real action. only to be told it never happened. often unknown is that it is veryjoy from just drinking water. We Project Hammer reveals a Now you have changed all that. common for people to become irri-have used and installed many other decades-old network that indirectly I made three more trips to Miami table when under non-daylight flu-types of filters over the years with connects to the JFK assassination from my home in central Florida to orescent tubes for long periods. Ivarying degrees of success in on one hand and 9-11 on another. aid people I met during that first have seen very serious family dis-obtaining "natural" water with that But Hammers principal focus is trip, and have many more horror cord cease when, on advice, all thespecial taste of fresh clean spring the gold plundered during WWII stories that authorities have told me tubes were changed to daylightwater. by the Japanese and the Nazis and "never happened". spectrum. Any readers who have I have always said (and it is now how it has been used since WWII At least now I know my night- fluoro tubes should change them tocalled "Shaws Law"), "Put nothing in all manner of covert activities. mares are more than that…they are daylight spectrum; there is a veryin your body unless it is natural andWe are talking about a 60-year-old my remembrances of an experience real benefit.can be found in Nature". The slush fund that is currently valued that will live with me forever. Cheers, Gil May, Tyalgum,Wellness filter would be the closest in the trillions of dollars. Thank you for what you have done NSW, Australia, gilmay@thing yet to fulfilling that circum- It is here, in this maelstrom of for me. coolgold.com.austance. money, that one can see the con- Ann-Marie S., via k.t. The above statement is made with vergence of different but not alto- Frankovich, KFrnkovich@aol.com Dangers of High-Voltage Linesgood intentions, as the writer feels gether unrelated interests: the intelligence community, organised Dear Duncan: The rural commu-that every reader of NEXUS should Fluorescent Lighting Problems nities of Tully and Innisfail inhave the opportunity to use a water crime, awfully powerful and wealthy families, transnational Gday Duncan: My family have north Queensland have since 1999filter that is really fantastic. been opposing the Queensland businesses and members of the been readers of NEXUS since its Joshua Shaw, Queensland, first edition, and we have been fol- Governments desire to relocateAustralia, bionic@bigpond.net.au political class. It just may be that it is this WWII lowing many of these subjects for existing high-voltage transmission black gold that is the binding over 40 years. lines from state forest to privateDeath Threats and Black Gold thread behind the numerous—but Your recent article on freehold land. NEXUS magazine is currently seemingly unconnected—events of Incandescent Light (10/04–05) This is no different to what ispublishing a two-part continuation past decades. missed a bit. Years ago, students in happening by stealth in other ruralof my earlier two-part essay on David Guyatt, UK, website the USA were looking at employ- areas, such as near ToowoombaProject Hammer [see 9/01–02]. http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk ment records and noted that those and the Coomera Valley on the I can say with some degree of who worked outdoors had a better Gold Coast.certainty that my investigation into attendance record, fewer "sickies", All of these people are hardProject Hammer has caused con- Horrors of Hurricane Andrew less marital discord, longer mar- pressed to counteract such tactics incern in some quarters. Last [This letter was sent to author k.t. riages and better overall health, fer- what becomes an overwhelmingSaturday night/Sunday morning, Frankovich, who forwarded it to us tility and work disposition. Their and all-consuming effort to save21/22 June, someone delivered to for publication. Ed.] summary was that sunlight is great your land, your childrens lives andmy house a cheap-fibre briefcase I happened to be surfing for infor- for your health and that artificial, those in your community.containing a litre bottle of petrol. mation on hurricane Andrew, and predominantly fluorescent, lighting I nursed by husband as he diedA further litre bottle of petrol had came upon your article [see is bad. Why? from leukaemia in 1997, and therebeen opened and poured over the NEXUS 8/03 and our website]. I At about that time a researcher was then a credible wealth ofbriefcase. Next to it was a box of was a volunteer rescue coordinator was looking at the hypothalamus information in regard to the effectsmatches that had been up-ended for a coalition of humane societies gland in poultry, and found it had a of electromagnetic radiation andand tipped out on the floor. interested in helping the surviving direct reaction to sunlight and there is even more now.Nearby, another box of matches pets of hurricane Andrew survivors health benefits. In studies it was As the coordinator of the actionhad been similarly strewn about the by taking care of them until their shown the same effect was in group preserving the rural valleydriveway. owners were able to do so. humans too; as a result of those wedged between World Heritage– This is the second death threat I I was in Cutler Ridge the day studies it is now compulsory in listed reef and rainforest of northhave received in the last seven after Andrew…and I saw every- most US states for daylight spec- Queensland, I communicate withmonths. Previously, in early thing you described in your article. trum light tubes to be used in fluo- scientists around the world on thisNovember last year, someone I tried to tell many people about the rescent lighting work areas, which issue. Most notable is Professordelivered to precisely the same spot refrigerated trucks full of body solved the problem. This had been Dennis Henshaw of Bristolon my driveway a dead pigs head, bags, but was told that I must have well known for years by aquarium University, who is a member of thea length of rope, a brick (very been suffering from post-traumatic owners who used that lighting to UK National Radiologicalmasonic, à la Roberto Calvi) and a shock, and that I really didnt see keep their aquariums healthy, it Protection Board and is advancingblank bereavement card (and a cou- what I thought I had seen. also works with terrariums. his studies of the links betweenple of other items, too). I also saw National Guardsmen (Conversely if your fish die and lung cancer and the corona effect4 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.produced by the ionising radiation stated that the cancer had already transitionary periods in time. lasts generate a considerableof high-voltage transmission spread outside the gland, surgery Regards, Aled Long, amount of radio-frequency radia-systems. was not an option. The specialist schmal@utvinternet.com tion. Extensive use of this type of This reminds me of an instance put me on hormonal therapy, i.e., lighting in schools and office build-when I worked for the Northern Androcur-100, two tablets a day, ings has become one of the most starting 17 April. On the 30 April, The Man-Made AIDS Agenda ubiquitous (but little-known)Territory Electricity Commissionin the mid-1980s, before I married I saw the specialist again and he Duncan: Though it has probably sources of electromagnetic pollu-and before Id heard of leukaemia. told me to see him in three months been documented before in your tion. It could be reduced by shield-Back then, when people like me time and have a blood test done excellent magazine, I feel the need ing, but manufacturers of light fix-complained about the effects of then. to put voice to some information tures dont bother because to do soEMR, part of my duties was to The blurb which comes with the that has conveniently slipped under would be prohibitively expensive.respond. In one of the instances at medication gives some side effects the collective noses of the "conven- Incidentally, the EMRthe time, I recall signing such as tiredness and shortness of tional" media. Association of Australia publishesconfidentiality clauses to access breath as the most common. I felt I It has been revealed, through the a quarterly newsletter of "no-United States electricity supply could live with that, and actually declassification of top-secret mili- nonsense" information on healthauthority records which stated that did. What it also stated was that tary documents and the shrewd effects of EM radiation; seethe highest rates of leukaemia were "Androcur-100 can rarely cause detective work of one Boyd E. website http://www.emraa.org.au.attributed to the high-voltage severe damage to your liver, result- Graves, JD, that the plague of the John Lankes, Virginia, USAtransmission linesmen and ing in jaundice, hepatitis and, in late 20th century, AIDS, was inassociated personnel. some cases, death". The specialist fact man-made [see Global News, never even mentioned this during NEXUS 10/02]. Private Oilwells Destroyed The subsequent United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency the consultation. I realised after- The United States Special Virus Dear NEXUS Magazine: Inreport was not released in the late wards that I could not possibly Programs 1971–1978 flowcharts, 1995, a group of men working for a1980s—however, all around the accept the fact that he did not ask discovered by Mr Graves in 1999, US senator and the governor ofworld, but most importantly in this to monitor the progress of the treat- detail a diabolical plot by the US Louisiana entered our southso-called "Smart State" of ment for a period of three months, military to depopulate black popu- Louisiana oilfield with guns andQueensland, we are still faced with so I asked my GP to have monthly lations in America and Africa. The attack dogs and began destroyingcompulsory resumption of freehold blood tests done. AIDS virus, then described as a our 22 oilwells—our privatelyland for government-owned rev- On 31 May, six weeks after the "contagious cancer that selectively owned oilwells. We were held atenue-making community infra- start of the treatment, the results of kills", was attached as a comple- gunpoint while our oilwells werestructure. the test showed my liver was dis- ment to vaccines sent to Africa and destroyed by bulldozers, electric Manhattan. pipe cutters and other types of Even as world evidence shows a eased. Needless to say, I immedi-doubling of the rate of leukaemia in ately ceased taking the drugs. Can This next-generation holocaust is heavy equipment. After the pump-children at exposures above four you imagine what would have hap- the dark legacy of Hitler, stemming ing units were knocked down, themilligauss, Australia has not pened to me if I had followed the from the infamous Operation wells themselves—all good, pro-reviewed the 1989 ARPANSA "specialists" advice and taken the Paperclip in which Nazi scientists ductive oilwells—were filled withstandards saying exposure is safe medication for a further two were given amnesty to work for the cement.at 1,000 milligauss. months? US military. It was undoubtedly No reason was given to us for the The governments have abrogated Sincerely yours, Colin Zentveld, put into action by President Nixon, action, and it was all done in theall duty of care, and pursue wealth Sydney, NSW, Australia whose 1969 and 1970 national face of a US federal law calledbefore peoples health. We, the security memos regarding "over- RCRA (Resources Conservationpeople, are again the unwitting population" leave no doubt as to and Recovery Act), which has been Earths Frequency Changes OK the US governments attitude in place since the 1930s and wascanaries in the coalmine. Bonny Bauer, Tully, Qld, Duncan: I read with interest your towards black populations at the beefed up again in 1988. The fed- recent article [10/03] which sug- time. eral law specifically protects all USAustralia, bonnyb@bigpond.com gested the Schumann resonance has Boyd Graves has embarked on a oilwells, their owners, the ground been rising from a frequency of 7 personal crusade to bring the indi- they sit on, and everything thatSide Effects of Specialists Hz to around 11 Hz; however, I see viduals responsible for this atrocity comes out of an oilwell which is Dear Duncan: Your remarks in no cause for concern. stated in the law as "oil, gas, pro- to justice, time and time againthe Editorial of NEXUS 10/04 The reason I believe this is duced saltwater and hydrocarbon- bringing the case to Congress andregarding the proposed enquiry into because of the impending magnetic bearing soils". the Supreme Court and beingthe safety of alternative medication pole reversal. The ionosphere has a repeatedly turned away, the case After my husband filed severalis a concerted effort by the medical symbiotic relationship with the dismissed as "frivolous". lawsuits in federal court, he wasand pharmaceutical fraternity to Earths magnetic field. As the murdered. I know it was the US These claims can all be verified; senator who called for my hus-stamp out the ever-increasing com- Earths magnetic field weakens however, the volumes of informa- bands death. (The governor whopetition. It would be more appro- approaching such a pole-reversal tion involved are too great for me was involved has since gone to fed-priate and necessary to have the event, the ionosphere contracts to document here. I highly recom- eral prison on an unrelated charge.government initiate an enquiry into and—just as when, for instance, a mend that you visit http://www. The senator is still in office.)the side effects of treatments and pipe is shortened in a pipe organ— boydgraves.com for the full story.drugs administered by our medicos. the resonant frequency rises. I would like to write a story for J.E., cloakand_dagger@ NEXUS about what happened andI would like your readers to know This is not an inherently bad lycos.com who did it, and I can provide a fewwhat happened to me recently. thing and could have a significant At Easter, I was diagnosed with contribution to the evolution of our pictures that I managed to take.prostate cancer. It was classed by species, as DNA changes due to Radiation from Light Ballasts Floy Hochenedel, LA, USAthe pathology laboratory as 9 on changing magnetic and cosmic ray Dear NEXUS: In your article on [Dear Floy: Feel free to write yourthe Gleason scale and a Grade C exposure will be specifically fluorescent light (10/03), it is not amazing story and send it; hopeful-prostate cancer. Since pathology enhanced during these cyclical made clear that high-frequency bal- ly Ill be able to publish it. Ed.]AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 5
  • 6. THE GRID: THE NEXT magazine read—into a gigantic INTERNET REVOLUTION database.I t is called the Grid, and scientists say that before long it will changeeverything we do, from scientific All of this and more would be combined with information gleaned via a variety of sources—research to business to tackling fires a GPS transmitter to keep tabs onto booking holidays and even to the where that person went, audio-way we watch and craft movies. visual sensors to capture what he The Internet currently consists of or she saw or said, and biomedicalhuge servers which contain informa- monitors to keep track of the indi-tion on web pages that is then viduals health.downloaded onto computers. As a According to a briefing fromuser, you are limited in what you the Defense Advanced Projectscan do with that information by how Research Agency (DARPA),much memory or processing power LifeLogs sponsor, this vastyour own computer has. amalgamation of personal Under the Grid, the power of your information could then be used tomachine—all the gigabytes, RAM "trace the threads of anand gigahertz—becomes irrelevant. individuals life" to see exactlyNo matter how primitive and cheap how a relationship or eventsyour computer, you will have access developed. Someone with accessto more computing power than cur- to the database could "retrieve arently exists in the Pentagon. so the results will be seen far quicker. Itll specific thread of past transactions, or A small handheld computer, connected be like the web: when you have it, youll recall an experience from a few secondsby mobile phone to the Internet, would wonder how you ever got by without it." ago or from many years earlier…by usingbecome a supercomputer. Movies could (Source: The Guardian, July 3, 2003) a search-engine interface".be edited and watched on it. It could (Source: Wired, May 20, 2003,access a word processor that is stored on a LIFELOG: DARPAS PROPOSED http://www.wired.com)computer somewhere in cyberspace. SURVEILLANCE DATABASE PENTAGON EYES NEW Bob Jones, a Grid project manager whowas at CERN when the original web was T he Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project BIG BROTHER SPYING SYSTEMinvented, talks of applications in biology.More and more genomes are beingsequenced, producing masses of informa- designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a persons life, index all the information and make it searchable. T he US Department of Defense is also developing a surveillance system which is designed to track and analyse thetion, so the Grid is the perfect means for The embryonic LifeLog program would movement of every vehicle in a city.analysing and sharing that data, he says. dump everything an individual does— Known as "Combat Zones That See", "It took eight years for the Internet to every email sent or received, every picture the project is intended to help the US mili-catch on," he says. "This time, govern- taken, every web page surfed, every phone tary protect troops and fight in cities over-ments and scientists are already on board, call made, every TV show watched, every seas, but scientists and privacy experts say the unclassified technology could also eas- ily be adapted to keep tabs on civilians at home. The projects centrepiece would be groundbreaking computer software capa- ble of automatically identifying vehicles by size, colour, shape and licence plate, or drivers and passengers by face. The Pentagons program "aspires to build the worlds first multi-camera sur- veillance system that uses automatic… analysis of live video" to study vehicle movement "and significant events across an extremely large area". DARPA, which is overseeing the pro- ject, told more than 100 executives of potential contractors in March that 40 mil- lion cameras already are in use around the world, with 300 million expected by 2005. (Source: Wired, July 2, 2003, http://www.wired.com)6 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 7. WEBSITE SERVICE KEEPS TABS ... GL [BAL NEWS ... The result is a one-stop research site for responsible for the unlikely correspon- ON GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS basic information on key officials. It can dence between solar flares and the EarthsA nnoyed by the prospect of a massive new federal surveillance system, tworesearchers at the Massachusetts Institute be accessed via http://opengov.media. mit.edu. (Source: Boston Globe, July 4, 2003, temperature, the research suggests that, for the large part, variations in global tempera- tures are beyond our control and areof Technology celebrated the Fourth of http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/185/busi instead at the mercy of the Suns activity.July by announcing a new Internet service ness/Website_turns_tables_on_government_ (Source: Paper by Nicola Scafetta andthat lets citizens create dossiers on govern- officials+.shtml) Bruce J. West, Physical Review Letters,ment officials. June 20, 2003; release at http://www.aip. The system will start by offering SOLAR FLARE ACTIVITY AFFECTS org/enews/physnews/2003/split/642-2.html)standard background information on EARTHS TEMPERATURE USA AIMS TO CONTROL SPACEpoliticians and officials, but then will goone bold step further by asking Internetusers to submit their own intelligence A recent study by researchers at Duke University and the US Army Research Office has found new evidence of a link T he United States is planning to take control of parts of space and developreports on government officials. between solar flare activity and the Earths patrolling military aircraft in orbit as part "Its sort of a citizens intelligence temperature. The work is another contri- of a revived "Star Wars" proposal for anagency," said Chris Csikszentmihalyi, bution to the ongoing debate over global American military empire above the ozoneAssistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab. warming and its causes. A strong link, if it layer. He and graduate student Ryan McKinley exists, between solar flares and our climate According to James Roche, the US Aircreated the Government Information could override the influence humans have Force Secretary, Americas allies wouldAwareness (GIA) project as a response to on the temperature of our environment. have "no veto power" over projectsthe US governments Total Information One of the challenges of determining the designed to achieve American militaryAwareness (TIA) program. connection between solar flare activity and control of space. Revealed last year, the TIA aims to track the atmosphere stems from the fact that the The key theme of the ambitious plan ispossible terrorist activity by analysing vast motion of the air that blankets our planet is described as "negation"—the denial of theamounts of information, including credit turbulent and complex. A sudden burst of use of space for military intelligence, orcard data, stored in government and pri- solar activity would, in effect, be smeared other purposes, without US endorsement.vate databases. The actions of millions of out by moving air and its interaction with The National Reconnaissance Officepeople would be analysed in an effort to the Earths surface. Any temperature (NRO), the intelligence agency that isspot patterns that could indicate terrorist increase caused by a given period of solar responsible for US spy satellites, is tothreats. flare activity would be difficult to deter- develop a strategy that ensures Americas News of the plan outraged civil libertari- mine, at best. allies, as well as its enemies, never gainans and prompted Congress to set limits on Rather than focus on such challenging access to the same space resources withoutthe scope of such activity. The Defense one-to-one correlations, the new study Washingtons permission. Recent propos-Department then renamed the program compares the form of the statistical fluctu- als that have been circulated at SpaceTerrorist Information Awareness, to ease ations in solar flare activity with the form Command and NRO briefings suggest thatpublic concern. of the statistical fluctuations of the Earths access to "near-Earth space" may be However, the controversy gave temperature. The researchers found that a refused to other nations. All GPS satellitesMcKinley the idea for the GIA project. comparison of the mathematical coeffi- are located within near-Earth space, which "If total information exists," he said, cients that describe the fluctuations shows covers the orbital distance from Earth to"really, the same effort should be spent to that the atmosphere directly inherits its the Moon.make the same information at the leader- temperature fluctuations from the variation A fleet of spacecraft will be developed,ship level at least as transparent—in my in solar flare activity. designed to attack and destroy future satel-opinion, more transparent." Unless some other underlying cause is lites of enemies and rivals. The rapid-AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 7
  • 8. ... GLlaunch "military space plane", the potential [BAL NEWS ... cern European allies, which have long internal contamination. The results werecost of which has not been disclosed, resisted the prospect of military use of astounding: the donors presented concen-would also be used as a mobile "body- space technology. trations of toxic and radioactive uraniumguard" for US space installations. It would In May, Russian foreign minister Sergei isotopes between 100 and 400 times greaterbe the first "space plane" in history Ivanov repeated Moscows demands for the than in the Gulf veterans tested in 1999. Ifdesigned just for a military function. A complete demilitarisation of space. UMRCs Nangarhar findings are corrobo-prototype is expected by 2005, although (Source: Daily Telegraph, UK, June 8, 2003, rated in other communities acrossmilitary deployment is not expected before http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtm Afghanistan, the country faces a severe2014. l?xml=/news/2003/06/08/wspace08.xml) public health disaster... Every subsequent "It will hopefully be a new kind of vehi- generation is at risk."cle, equipped for the challenges of the WERE RADIOACTIVE WEAPONS Dr Durakovic said: "In Afghanistanfuture," said a Pentagon official. USED IN AFGHANISTAN? there were no oil fires, no pesticides, The Pentagon believes that the struggleto control space will form the next stage ofa global arms race. A small sample of Afghan civilians has shown "astounding" levels of uranium in their urine, according to an independent nobody had been vaccinated—all explana- tions suggested for the Gulf veterans con- dition. But people had exactly the same Until now, international treaties have for- scientist. symptoms. Im certainly not sayingbidden the deployment of weapons in outer Dr Asaf Durakovic, Medical Director of Afghanistan was a vast experiment withspace, although a loophole exists which the Uranium Medical Research Centre new uranium weapons. But use your com-allows the United States to use its satellites (UMRC) based in Toronto, Canada, sus- mon sense."for military intelligence. pects that new types of radioactive The UK Defence Ministry says that in The 1967 Space Treaty—the first inter- weapons were used in Afghanistan, as no Afghanistan it used no DU weapons nornational legislation on space exploitation— traces have been found of the depleted ura- any others containing uranium in any form.also stated that outer space should be free nium (DU) that some scientists believe is A spokesman for the US Department offor exploration and use by all states, and implicated in Gulf War syndrome. Defense told BBC News Online that thewould not be subject to national appropria- Dr Durakovic is a former US Army US had not used DU weapons there.tion by occupation or any other means. adviser and now a professor of medicine. (Source: BBC News Online, May 22, 2003, A US Department of Defense Review in In 2000, he found "significant" DU levels http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/2001 also stated that "a key objective [for in two-thirds of the Gulf veterans he had sci/tech/3050317.stm; also see http://www.the US] is not only to ensure US ability to tested. In May 2002, he sent a team to umrc.net/index.asp)exploit space for military purposes but also Afghanistan to interview and examineas required to deny an adversarys ability to civilians there for uranium contamination. NEW US-BASED WEAPONS TOdo so". During the Afghanistan conflict in HAVE GLOBAL REACH Canadian government officials havealready complained that senior US officialshave begun to exclude them from sensitive 2001–02, Nangarhar province was a strate- gic target zone for the deployment of a new generation of deep-penetrating, "cave-bust- A llies are to become less important, as a new generation of weapons will enable the USA to strike anyone, anywhere—fromareas of joint aerospace defence operations. ing", seismic-shock warheads. within its own territory. The implications of a United States mili- The UMRC says its team identified The Pentagon is planning a new genera-tary monopoly in space are bound to con- several hundred people suffering from tion of weapons, including huge hypersonic illnesses and conditions drones and bombs that can be dropped similar to those of Gulf from space, which would free the US from War veterans, probably dependence on forward bases and the coop- because they had eration of regional allies. inhaled uranium dust. The new weapons are being developed To test its hypothesis under a program code-named FALCON that some form of ura- (Force Application and Launch from nium weapon had been Continental US). used, the UMRC sent According to DARPA, the ultimate goal urine specimens from is a "reusable hypersonic cruise vehicle 17 Afghans for analy- (HCV)…capable of taking off from a sis at an independent conventional military runway and striking UK laboratory. Some targets 9,000 nautical miles distant in less of the patients were than two hours". The unmanned HCV from Jalalabad, and would carry a payload of up to 12,000 others from Kabul, pounds and fly at speeds of up to 10 times Tora Bora and Mazar- the speed of sound. DARPA estimates it e-Sharif. will take more than 20 years to develop. "Without exception, Meanwhile, over the next seven years the every person donating US Air Force and DARPA will develop a urine specimens tested cheaper "global reach" weapons system positive for uranium relying on expendable rocket boosters8 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 9. ... GLknown as Small Launch Vehicles (SLVs) [BAL NEWS ... THE CRIMES OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRYwhich would take a warhead into space anddrop it over its target. IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD In US defence jargon, the warhead is Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanityknown as a Common Aero Vehicle (CAV), Committed in Connection with the Pharmaceutical "Business with Disease"an unpowered bomb which would be guid- and the Recent War Against Iraqed on to its target as it plummeted to earth This complaint is submitted to the International Criminal Courtat high and accelerating velocity. by Matthias Rath, MD, and others on behalf of the people of the world. The CAV could carry 1,000 pounds of The Hague, June 14, 2003explosives, but at those speeds explosives T his complaint brings before the International Court of Justice (ICC) the greatestmay not be necessary. A simple titanium crimes ever committed in the course of human history. The accused are chargedrod would be able to penetrate 70 feet of with causing injury to and the death of millions of people through the "businesssolid rock and the shock wave would have with disease", war crimes and other crimes against humanity. These crimes fall underenormous destructive force. It could be the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.used against deeply buried bunkers—the The accused know that they will be held accountable for these crimes, and they havesort of target the Air Force is looking for therefore embarked on a global campaign to undermine the authority of the ICC in ordernew ways to attack. to put themselves above international law and continue their crimes to the detriment of(Source: The Guardian, UK, July 1, 2003, all mankind. Therefore, the current complaint must be considered by the ICC withhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,122 utmost urgency. Moreover, every natural person and every government is hereby called71,988612,00.html) upon to join this complaint, with the goal to once and for all terminate these crimes. The charges presented in this complaint relate to two main fields of crime:LEADING CANCER RESEARCHER • Genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the phar-OPPOSES WATER FLUORIDATION maceutical business with disease.D r Sam Epstein, Professor Emeritus of Environmental and OccupationalMedicine at the University of Illinois, • Crimes of war and aggression and other crimes against humanity committed in con- nection with the recent war against Iraq and the international escalation towards a world war.Chairman of the Cancer Prevention These two fields of crime are directly related and connected by one factor: they areCoalition and author of The Politics of committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and theirCancer, wrote on 29 May in support of political stakeholders.British MP John Butterfills motion (EDM Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and organised1258) opposing water fluoridation: with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world by systematically "Fluoridation of water reflects high replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable syn-receptivity to the fluoride industry, and thetic drugs. This industry did not evolve naturally. To the contrary, it was an invest-indifference with significant public health ment decision taken by a handful of wealthy and unscrupulous entrepreneurs.penalties to the UK population. I should The accused are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people who con-further note that some 100 leading national tinue to die from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases that could have beenand international cancer prevention scien- prevented and largely eliminated long ago. This premature death of millions of peopletists and representatives of consumer and is the result of neither coincidence nor negligence. It has been wilfully and systemati-environmental organizations have endorsed cally organised on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and its investors, with the solethe Cancer Prevention Coalitions opposi- purpose being to expand a global drug market worth trillions of dollars.tion to fluoride in its Stop Cancer Before It The marketplace of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body, and its return onStarts campaign report. investment depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases. Its profits depend on "Fluoride used for this purpose comes the patentability of drugs, rendering this industry the most profitable industry on planetfrom highly contaminated industrial-grade Earth. In contrast, the prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces orfluorosilicic wastes; contaminants include totally eliminates the markets for pharmaceutical drugs.heavy metals. Furthermore, there is signif- The governments of entire nations are manipulated or even run by lobbyists and for-icant experimental evidence that fluoride mer executives of the pharmaceutical industry. For decades, the legislation of entireinduces a dose-related incidence of bone nations has been corrupted and abused to promote this multitrillion-dollar "businesscancer in rats. This is further supported by with disease", thereby risking the health and lives of hundreds of millions of innocentepidemiological studies incriminating fluo- patients and people.ride and bone cancer in young men. A precondition for the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a successful investment "It should further be noted that fluoride business is the elimination of competition from safe and natural therapies, because theseis currently added to the water supply of are not patentable and their profit margins are small. In addition, these natural therapiesabout 60% of the US population. This is in can effectively help prevent and eliminate diseases because of their essential roles in cellular metabolism. As a result of the systematic elimination of natural health therapiessharp contrast to only 2% of the European and the takeover of the healthcare systems in most countries of the world, the pharma-population, which has much lower rates of ceutical industry has brought millions of people and almost all nations into dependencydental caries." upon its investment business.(Source: UK National Pure Water [Editors Note: To read the complete 36-page document, visit Dr Matthias Raths web-Association press release, June 5, 2003, site at http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/]http://www.npwa.freeserve.co.uk)AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 11. T HE P ET F OOD I NDUSTRY AND ITS Q UESTIONABLE P RACTICES J anuary 1990 was when my research and investigation began into the commercial pet food industry. Prior to 1990 I had always fed my pets—dogs and cats—a commer- cial pet food. This changed when after feeding my two dogs, a Saint Bernard and a Newfoundland, a well-known brand of dog food—a brand that I had fed them for a few years—both dogs became ill with vomiting and excessive thirst. Our veterinarian, an English gentleman, advised me to put them on a home-made diet for a few days. Both dogs did very well on this diet of cooked hamburger, brown rice and grated vegetables. Two days later I switched them back to the commercial diet and encountered the same The pet food problems. Both the veterinarian and I were convinced there was something in the food industry must be that was causing the problem. A private lab showed that the food contained excess levels of zinc at 1120 parts per mil- regulated to ensure lion (ppm)—a level that would have caused the symptoms the dogs displayed—and over 20 other heavy metals. The pet food company chose to take the position that it was not that foods destined responsible. It was then that I contacted the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and found that this is a for our pets are virtually unregulated industry. Governments in the USA and Canada regulate the labelling of the food, the name and address of the company, the weight of the product, and safe, contain only whether it is made for a dog or cat—nothing more. So what else was going into these foods that we, the pet owners, were not aware of? ingredients fit for human RENDERING COMPANION ANIMALS A friend, a veterinarian in California, had advised me that euthanised dogs and cats consumption, and from veterinary clinics and shelters were routinely rendered and used as sources of protein in pet food. As a Canadian, I never thought it would happen in Ontario, the province involve no animal where I live. Wrong! I was to discover that almost every veterinarian clinic in the city was using a dead-stock removal company that picked up the pets and sold them to a bro- experimentation. ker who then sold them to rendering plants in the province of Quebec. The rendering plant that was paying the highest amount at that time, Sanimal Group, was the party that usually purchased the dead animals. The Minister of Agriculture in Quebec advised that dogs and cats were cooked along with other material. This material, as I later learned, contained the remains of so-called "4-D" (dead, diseased, dying and disabled) animals, slaughterhouse waste, roadkill, garbage from restaurants and grocery stores, and even zoo animals. The use of such ingredients is perfectly legal. Because well over 90% of the pet food sold in Canada is imported from the USA, I began my investigation into the industry in that country. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed what the Canadian Ministry had advised, that this industry is self-regulated. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a non-governmental body, oversees labelling text and provides a list of ingredients which can be used in livestock and pet food. Some of the ingredients listed by Ann N. Martin © 2003 include: hydrolysed hair, dehydrated garbage and even manure, swine waste, ruminant waste, poultry waste, and what is described as "undried processed animal waste products". Web page: Undried waste products are excreta from any animal except humans. http://www.newsagepress.com/ The Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA/CVM) over- foodpetsdiefor.html#author sees vitamins and mineral supplements as well as drugs such as antibiotics used in the food but, again, it has no input as to the sources of ingredients. As with AAFCO, the only input as far as ingredients are concerned relates to the labelling. If the label states that the product contains 24% protein, it must contain 24% protein—but the source of the proteinAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 11
  • 12. matters not. This also applies to any grains or fats in the foods. Quebec and asked if any other rendering plants in Quebec were The Pet Food Institute (PFI) is an association that represents the accepting and rendering dogs and cats. The reply was: "Yes, herevarious interests of the pet food industry. Over the years the PFI is the establishment that now accepts cats and dogs: Maple Leaf,has insisted that the companies they represent use only quality Inc." Maple Leaf Foods also owns Rothsay Rendering and Shur-ingredients. Numerous times I have questioned this organisation Gain pet foods.as to what testing the pet food companies undertake to ascertain In January 2002, I contacted the Alachua County Animalthe sources of protein, the meat meal, which they purchase from Shelter in Florida and was pleased to learn that their employeesrendering plants. They have chosen not to respond. Their silence no longer had to truck the euthanised animals to a rendering plant.says it all. They had now built a crematorium for disposal of animals. In the fall of 1997 my first book, Food Pets Die For, was pub- In research for my second book, Protect Your Pet, it becamelished and people became aware of the dubious ingredients in evident that California operated more rendering plants and sentsome commercial pet foods. Pet owners were shocked that their more pets for rendering than any other state in the USA. Reportereuthanised pets could very well be ending up in pet foods. Sandra Blakeslee, in an interview published in the New YorkNaturally, the pet food industry denied that this was happening. Times (March 11, 1997), quotes Chuck Ellis, a spokesman for the Not only was the rendering plant in Quebec accepting Los Angeles sanitation department: "Los Angeles sends 200 tonseuthanised companion animals for rendering, but this practice was of euthanized cats and dogs to West Coast Rendering everybeing carried on by a number of rendering plants in the US. month." In a letter dated July 12, 1994, Christine After acquiring a list of US shelters andRichmond, spokesperson for the FDA veterinary clinics, I e-mailed 102 veterinari-Division of Animal Feed, wrote: "In recog- ans in private practice in California andnizing the need for disposal of a large num- asked how they disposed of euthanised ani-ber of unwanted pets in this country, CVM mals. Ninety per cent of the 78 veterinarianshas not acted to specifically prohibit the ren- who responded stated that they sent the ani-dering of pets. However, that is not to say mals to rendering. The replies I receivedthat the practice of using this material in pet named two companies that picked up the ani-food is condoned by CVM." It is not con- Pet owners mals from their facilities: D&D Disposal indoned, but no steps have ever been taken to California, and Koefran Services in Nevada.prohibit the use of dogs and cats in pet were shocked An employee at a Humane Society branchfoods. For the Baltimore City Paper (September that their in California wrote that in his area, Escondido, D&D Disposal picks up27, 1995), reporter Van Smith wrote an euthanised pets approximately 100 bodies each week. In theextensive article, replete with pictures, same area, there are three other sheltersof his day riding with a truck from the could very well and more than 100 veterinarians usingValley Proteins rendering plant. Smithdescribes how carcasses of zoo animals be ending up in the same disposal company. D&D was rather hard to locate, but fortunatelyand "thousands of dead dogs, cats, rac-coons, possums, deer, foxes, snakes, pet foods. one shelter had a complete address for them. D&D shares the same address asand the rest that local animal shelters West Coast Rendering in Vernon,and roadkill patrols must dispose of California. Interestingly, Bakereach month" are rendered. Pictures Commodities, another rendering plantshow barrels overflowing with dead notorious for rendering companiondogs and cats waiting to be rendered. animals, is within a block of West On January 5, 2000, Floridas Coast Rendering, as is a large pet foodGainesville Sun ran a story on the company that produces several popularAlachua County Animal Shelter where brands of pet food.the employees actually had to deliver Koefran Incorporated, the companythe euthanised animals to the rendering plant. Reporter Paula that also picks up dogs and cats in California and Nevada, oper-Rausch wrote that the employees had to "lift them off the truck ates a rendering plant, Reno Rendering, in Reno, Nevada, and inand heave them into a pit, exposing themselves to foul odors, Provo, Utah. In Utah, Koefran Services also picks up animal car-putrid substances underfoot, and having to see the grinding going casses with the approval of county commissioners.on". These duties were taking their toll on the staff at the shelter. Have we turned our pets into cannibals? In March 2000, due to public outcry, Valley Proteins discontin-ued accepting dogs and cats, leaving shelters in a dilemma as to CONTAMINATED GRAIN IN PET FOODhow to dispose of the animals in the Baltimore area. As with the sources of proteins used in commercial pet foods, Prior to the publication of the revised edition of Food Pets Die grains used in dry pet foods are materials unfit for human con-For (2003), I learned that Sanimal, the large rendering plant in sumption. Often these are listed as middlings or screenings.Quebec, as of June 2001 was now refusing to accept the carcasses These can include broken grains, hulls, chaff and joints, and canof dogs and cats. Reporter Philip Lee-Shanok, for the Toronto be contaminated with straw, dust, sand, dirt and weed seeds.Star (June 7, 2001), interviewed Mario Couture, Sanimals head of In less than 10 years we have seen two major recalls of petprocurement, on the subject of euthanised pets rendered into pet foods because of mycotoxin contamination. Mycotoxins are fungifood. Couture stated: "This food is healthy and good, but some which grow when grains are stored in damp conditions. Manypeople dont like to see meat meal that contains pets." types of mycotoxins can cause serious illness and even death in In 2001, I again contacted the Ministry of Agriculture in both humans and pets.12 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 13. In 1995, Natures Recipe pulled thousands of tins of dog food dogs face if they ingest sodium pentobarbital in pet food. Foroff the shelves after reports came in that dogs were vomiting and eight weeks, an undisclosed number of dogs was given variouswould lose their appetite after consuming the food. The fungus in levels of this drug, and it was found that: "Dogs who receivedthis product was vomitoxin, caused by mouldy wheat used in the 150 and 500 micrograms of pentobarbital once daily for eightfood. Although not a deadly toxin, it can cause serious illness inweeks had statistically higher liver weights (relative to their bodypets. weights) than the animals in the control groups. Increased liver In late 1998, Doane Products, the manufacturer of a large weights are associated with the increased production by the livernumber of private-label foods including Ol Roy, recalled over 50 of cytochrome P450 enzymes." The report concluded that the lev-lines of foods it produces. The deaths of approximately 25 dogs els of exposure to sodium pentobarbital which the animal mightwere attributed to aflatoxin, a deadly toxin that was found in thereceive through food are "unlikely to cause them any adversecorn Doane had used in its products. health effect". The FDA/CVM has admitted that if these levels— We have to wonder how many other pets have become ill or any levels for that matter—of sodium pentobarbital were found indied from eating contaminated pet food. If owners are unaware of human foods, those products would be pulled from the shelvesother cases, they may never question the illness or death of a pet. immediately. In a letter dated March 22, 2002, from Stephen Sundlof,SODIUM PENTOBARBITAL RESIDUES IN PET FOOD Director of FDAs Center for Veterinary Medicine, regarding my In the first edition of Food Pets Die query about this drug and the fact thatFor, I wrote about the studies under- under the Code of Federal Regulationstaken by the University of Minnesota it states, "Do not use in animals intend-and the fact that its research showed ed for food", he writes: "A euthanasiathat the euthanising drug, sodium pen- solution such as pentobarbital cannottobarbital, withstood the renderingprocess without degrading. This drug Are we slowly killing have a withdrawal time and its mecha- nism of action results in tissue reside,is used primarily to euthanise dogs and our pets each time we feed so it could not be used to euthanizecats. Animals euthanised with thisdrug were ending up in pet foods, but them commercial pet foods? animals intended for human or animal food."no one could be sure from batch to It is not allowed for use in eitherbatch how much of this drug was actu- human or animal food, yet the FDAally in the finished product. does not plan to take any steps to pre- In early 1999, while researching vent or prohibit the presence of thisanother aspect of the pet food industry, drug in pet food.I came across a note in a report from the United States Animal Are we slowly killing our pets each time we feed them com-Health Association (USAHA): "Over the years, the Center for mercial pet foods?Veterinary Medicine has received sporadic reports of tolerance to Although the FDA/CVM tested a number of pet foods, we dopentobarbital in dogs. In 1996, the CVM developed and validated not know if the food we are feeding our pets contains this drug;a method to detect pentobarbital in dry dog food and a prelimi- nor do we know what the long-term effects of ingesting this drugnary survey of 10 samples found low levels in 2 samples. CVM will be. Each batch of rendered material, meat meal, is different.had collected 75 representative dry dog food samples andwere in the process of analyzing these for pentobarbital lev-els." At that point in time, testing had been ongoing for threeyears. It was clear from the onset that the FDA/CVM wouldnot provide me with the test results. In May 2001, I filed arequest under the Freedom of Information Act for all docu-mentation relating to the testing of dry commercial dog foods.Again the waiting began, and again I enquired numerous timesas to the status of my request. In September 2001, I did receive a reply from the Office ofCommunications for the FDA: "We request you wait until theevaluation process is complete, at which time we will send thefull results to you." They expected these to be ready inJanuary 2002. It had been well over two years since I firstrequested the information, five years from the time they hadbegun testing these foods. Finally, in early March 2002, the results were published. Inthe 74 samples analysed, over half contained residues of thisdrug at levels ranging up to 32.0 parts per billion (ppb). In anearlier study done in 1998, the FDA found other products con-taining this drug, although the amounts were not listed in itsreport. Results of both studies can be viewed at theFDA/CVM website,http://www.fda.gov/cvm/efoi/dfchart.htm. The FDA/CVM also undertook an assessment of the riskAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 13
  • 14. It depends on what animals they are rendering on that particular not received the denial. Finally, in desperation, I asked that theyday and if they were euthanised, died in the field or were killed byfax me the denial, which they reluctantly agreed to do. I mightanother method. add that the mailed denial finally reached me in late April. In the last 10 years we have also seen a number of other According to Dr Larkins, Ombudsman for the CVM, I wasspecies, primarily birds of prey, die from ingesting euthanised denied the report based on the fact that the information the CVMdogs and cats that have been buried at landfill sites. Sodium pen- released was not the final report and was made up of "summarytobarbital stays in the tissues of these animals for extended statements which were the written end-product of some oral brief-lengths of time. We have also seen bears and even a tiger die ings". In other words, the DNA information that the CVMafter eating animals euthanised with this drug. released is not worth the paper it is written on. It is clear that any animal that has been euthanised with sodium With just days left to file an appeal, a lawyer for People for thepentobarbital should be incinerated, not rendered and fed back to Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) agreed to prepare theother animals. appeal. On February 15, I mailed, Priority Post, my appeal to the FOI office. Through a tracking system and communication withDNA TESTING OF PET FOOD the Post Office, I found that by February 27 my document had not The FDA/CVM also undertook DNA testing on the commercial been received by the appropriate office. On February 28, thedog foods they analysed. Results of the study were announced in Freedom of Information officer informed me that it would beJanuary 2001, and the press release stated that no dog or cat DNA acceptable, given the problems I had encountered with thewas detected: "Presently, it is assumed that the pentobarbital agency, to fax my appeal, which I did on that date.residues are entering pet foods from eutha- It is clear that the FDA/CVM has been feel-nized, rendered cattle or even horses." ing the heat from the pet food industry with In communications with agriculture veteri- regard to the use of euthanised pets in commer-narians, most stated that sodium pentobarbital cial pet food. With its press release noting thatis seldom, if ever, used to euthanise cattle; its no dog and cat DNA existed in the renderedcost is "prohibitive". Cattle are killed by cap- Having spent dog foods, the agency felt that pet ownerstive bolt and gunshot. Horses are sometimes over 13 years would no longer confront the industry with thekilled with this euthanising agent but, again, fact that companion animals were being usedunless for some specific reason, i.e., the horse researching this as sources of protein in their products.is seriously injured at a racetrack, the methods industry, I thoughtused to kill cattle are also used on horses. RESEARCH BY CORPORATIONS AND The DNA testing results were extremely I was aware of UNIVERSITIESvague and provided no insight into the meth- all aspects Having spent over 13 years researching thisods used to conduct such testing. What it industry, I thought I was aware of allamounted to was: "Take our word for it. as they relate to aspects as they relate to the ingredientsNo dog and cat DNA was detected in thefood we tested." the ingredients used in pet foods. I was wrong! In early January 2002, I received a let- After I consulted with a number of used in pet foods. ter from a student at the University offorensic scientists, it became apparent that Illinois, asking if I could make some sug-if indeed the FDA/CVM undertook such gestions as to what they could do abouttesting, the methods used would be I was wrong! nine dogs that were housed in a window-extremely important. No information was less lab at the university. These dogs hadgiven on the DNA primers. No cannulas (tubes) surgically implanted ininformation was provided regarding their sides so that samples of digestedwhether they tested for all the metabolites food could be taken. The studies includedof pentobarbital. Rather than going the feeding the dogs raw and rendered animalroute of asking for the documentation by-products including "poultry necks andrelated to the testing, I immediately filed a request under the backs and viscera, and ground-up poultry feathers". Until 2002,Freedom of Information Act. This was on March 3, 2002. this research was funded by the Iams company, but now is being The wait began, once again, and during that time I was sending funded by the soybean industry and the US Department ofemails to the department, enquiring into the status of my FOIA Agriculture.request. On December 20, I received what I had hoped was the Over the years Ive been aware of dogs and cats being used forinformation Id requested, but what I was sent was actually a copy research—research into human medicine, a practice of which Iof a paper titled "Validation of a Polymerase Chain Reaction dont approve—but Id never realised that an industry that claimedMethod for the Detection of Rendered Bovine-Derived Materials to care about the welfare of pets would undertake such barbaricin Feedstuffs". This was described as a document "similar" to practices. I was soon to learn that this was just the tip of thewhat Id requested. But had I wanted a similar report, I would iceberg. Iams had been notorious for carrying on suchhave asked for such material. experimentation. On January 14, 2003, I contacted Steven Unger, Ombudsman Two animal rights organisations—In Defense of Animals,for the Food and Drug Administration, and was advised by him based in the United States, and Uncaged, based in the Unitedthat they would look into the matter. While I was out of the coun- Kingdom—outlined some of the animal experiments. Iamstry in late January, Mr Unger wrote to advise me that my request claimed that it used these studies to support its nutritional claims,had been denied by the FDA/CVM and that the denial had been which it uses to market its products.mailed to me on January 22. From the time a request is denied, Iams experimentation conducted on dogs and cats included theyou have one month to file an appeal. On February 13, I still had following:14 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 15. 1. Twenty-eight cats bellies were cut to see the effect of feed- 13. Fifty-six dogs had their female organs removed to studying the cats fibre; then the cats were killed (University of beta carotene (Washington State University and the IamsNebraska and the Iams Company; Bueno, A.R., et al., Nutrition Company; Weng, B.C. et al., Journal of Animal Science, vol. 78,Research, vol. 20, no. 9, pp. 1319-1328, 2000). pp. 1284-1290, 2000). 2. Twenty-four young dogs were intentionally put into kidney 14. Sixteen dogs bellies were repeatedly cut to take parts of thefailure, subjected to invasive experimentation, then killed intestines (Texas A&M and the Iams Company; Willard, M.D. et(University of Georgia and the Iams Company; White, J.V. et al., al., Journal of the Veterinary Medical Association, vol. 8, pp.American Journal of Veterinary Research, vol. 52, no. 8, pp. 1201-1206, 1994).1357-1365, 1991). 15. Six dogs had tubes implanted into their intestines and fluid 3. The kidneys of 31 dogs were removed to increase the risk of drained repeatedly to study cereal flours (University of Illinoiskidney disease, then the dogs were killed and their kidneys dis- and the Iams Company, Murray, S.M. et al., Journal of Animalsected (University of Georgia and the Iams Company; Finco, D.R. Science, vol. 77, pp. 2180-2186, 1999).et al., American Journal of Veterinary Research, vol. 55, no. 9, 16. Thirty dogs were intentionally wounded and patches ofpp. 1282-1290, 1994). skin containing the wounds removed to study diet and the effect 4. Bones in the front and back legs of 18 dogs were cut out and of various ingredients on wound healing (Auburn University andstressed until they broke, to show the effect of diet (University of the Iams Company; Mooney, M.A. et al., American Journal ofWisconsin and the Iams Company; Crenshaw, T.D. et al., Veterinary Research, vol. 59, no. 7, pp. 859-863, 1998).Proceedings of 1998 Iams Nutrition Symposium). 17. Five dogs bellies were cut open and tubes inserted into 5. Ten dogs were killed to study the effect their intestines to study the effect of fibreof fibre in diets (Mississippi State University (University of Illinois and the Iams Company,and the Iams Company; Buddington, R.K. et Muir, H.E. et al., Journal of Animal Science,al., American Journal of Veterinary Research, vol. 74, pp. 1641-1648, 1996).vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 354-358, 1999). 18. Parts of the large intestines of 28 dogs 6. Eighteen male puppies kidneys were were removed to study the effects of fibrechemically damaged; the puppies were fed (University of Missouri and the Iamsexperimental diets, tubes were inserted into Company; Howard, M.D. et al., Journal oftheir penises; then the puppies were killed WARNING! Animal Science, vol. 75, suppl. 1, pp. 136,(Colorado State University and the Iams 1997).Company; Grauer, G.F. et al., American 19. Parts of the intestines and immune sys-Journal of Veterinary Research, vol. 57, no. 6, Do not read tem of 16 dogs were cut out to study thepp. 948-956, 1996). the contents effects of fibre (University of Alberta and the 7. Twenty-eight cats were surgically Iams Company, Proceedings of the 1998forced into kidney failure and either died of this page Iams Nutrition Symposium).during the experiment or were killed to if you have 20. Five dogs had tissue from large andstudy the effects of protein (University of small intestines removed to study intesti-Georgia and the Iams Company, just eaten! nal tract needs (University of Illinois andProceedings of the 1998 Iams Nutrition the Iams Company, Proceedings of theSymposium). 1998 Iams Nutrition Symposium). 8. Fifteen dogs bellies were cut open Procter & Gamble (P&G) purchasedand tubes were attached to the dogs Iams in September 1999 and issued aintestines, the contents of which were code of ethics. Animal People, an on-linepumped out every 10 minutes for two organisation devoted to the health andhours; then the dogs were killed welfare of pets, reported in June 2001 that(University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the P&G stated its intention to phase outIams Company; Hallman, J.E. et al., animal testing as quickly as alternativesNutrition Research, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 303-313, 1996). could be developed and approved by regulators. 9. Sixteen dogs bellies were cut open and parts of the dogs In 2002, an investigator from PETA infiltrated one of the Iamsintestines were taken (University of Alberta and the Iams labs in the US. What was found was a horrifying situation whereCompany, Journal of the American Society of Nutritional dogs and cats were confined to small cages for up to six years.Sciences, 1998). Dogs had their vocal cords removed so they could not bark. The 10. Healthy puppies, chicks and rats had bone and cartilage animals suffered with severe heat in the summer and freezingremoved to study bone and joint development (Purdue University temperatures in the winter. Videotapes showed researchersand the Iams Company, Proceedings of the 2000 Iams Nutrition dumping dogs on concrete floors after having huge chunks ofSymposium). muscle cut out of their thighs. The cruelty continued. Cats were 11. Invasive procedures were used to study bacteria in 16 dogs confined in cinder-block rooms with wooden boards, nails stick-intestines (Texas A&M University and the Iams Company; ing out of them, as resting places. The PETA investigatorWillard MD, et al., American Journal of Veterinary Research, watched as one of these boards fell on a cat, killing the animal.vol. 55, no. 5, May 1994). Be assured that Iams is not the only company involved in such 12. Twenty-four cats had their female organs and parts of their cruel research. Ralston Purina, prior to its acquisition by Nestlé,livers removed; they were made obese, then were starved Hills Pet Nutrition, owned by Colgate-Palmolive, Pedigree Pet(University of Kentucky and the Iams Company; Ibrahim, W.H. et Foods, owned by Mars, and Alpo Pet Foods, prior to its acquisi-al., American Journal of Veterinary Research, vol. 61, no. 5, May tion of Nestlé, are just a few of the companies involved in animal2000). experimentation.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 15
  • 16. PET FOOD: A GLOBAL CONCERN rial derived from animals that have been inspected and passed as The pet food industry worldwide is basically the same as that in fit for human consumption. Most of the material derived fromthe United States with little, if any, regulations regarding the these animals would be listed on the labels as meat by-products. Iingredients used in its products. questioned the PFMA about the pet foods that are imported to the And as with the situation in Canada, a vast percentage of the pet United Kingdom because of the dubious ingredients used in somefoods sold in other countries is imported from the United States. of these products. Alison Walker of the PFMA replied to my inquiry, writing: "The import certification relates to materials• Australia specifically allowed in pet food—e.g., low-risk materials or, in In Australia, the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia other words, that [which] is fit for, but not intended for, human(PFIAA), a voluntary organisation, fills the same role as the Pet consumption." Ms Walker also advised that it is illegal to useFood Institute in the United States, with a goal of promoting pet dead companion animals in the manufacture of pet food in thefoods and setting standards for this self-regulated industry. United Kingdom and in most European countries. In the US andAgain, labelling text, not the source of ingredients, is the prime Canada, there are no regulations which prohibit this material fromconcern of this agency. being used in commercial pet food. The other Australian agency involved with pet food, the The PFMA leaves it to the member companies to operate theirNational Registration Authority for Agriculture and Veterinary own in-house quality assurance programs and feeding trials. PetChemicals, has as its "main role, with regard to pet foods, the reg- food manufacturers are also in charge of testing the incoming rawistration of therapeutic claims associated with veterinary diets". materials used in their products. Because of the number of casesTheir role would not cover pet foods sold in of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)supermarkets or feed stores; only pet diets in the United Kingdom, and the number ofthat are sold through veterinary clinics and cats that have died from the feline form ofused for health-related problems. The NRAs this disease (90 documented cases to date),role parallels that of the Center for Veterinary certain materials derived from beef have beenMedicine (CVM) in the USA. banned for use in pet food. This includes the In August 1997, the Australian head, spleen, thymus, tonsils, brain and spinalCompetition and Consumer Commission cord, and the large and small intestines of(ACCC) asked for a guideline review of petfoods after consumer complaints about the The only way cows as well as sheep or goats. It is still legal to use pigs in pet foods because there havelabelling of certain varieties of pet food being we will see a change been no known cases of spongiformpotentially misleading as to which proteinwas the main one. One example was a pet in this industry encephalopathy in these animals.food which was essentially a meat product is for pet owners WHAT PET OWNERS CAN DOand was labelled as a fish product. During its As we have seen, the commercial food weinvestigation, the ACCC found that the to boycott pet foods are feeding our pets is generally garbagelabelling of other varieties of canned pet that contain and, in my opinion, is unfit to feed tofood was also potentially misleading our pets. For the last 13 years, I haveand deceptive. It was agreed by the inferior ingredients, fed my pets a home-prepared diet com-ACCC and the PFIAA that revisions to including drugs. prised of lightly cooked meat or fish,the labelling were needed. grains and fresh vegetables and fruit. All of them, including my 27-year-old• United Kingdom cat, have done extremely well. In the United Kingdom, the organisa- The only way we will see a change intion that oversees the pet food industry this industry is for pet owners to boycottis also much like the Pet Food Institute pet foods that contain inferiorin the United States. The Pet Food ingredients, including drugs whichManufacturers Association (PFMA) would never be allowed in the humanrepresents approximately 95% of the food chain. We must also boycottUK pet food manufacturing industry companies that undertake experimentsand is comprised of 56 member companies. Their role is to pro- on animals—not only on dogs and cats but on all animals. It ismote pet food products and responsible pet ownership, represent apparent that the only reason these experiments are undertaken istheir members views to United Kingdom and European Union to ascertain the cheapest, most viable sources of protein, grainsgovernment departments and raise standards in the pet food indus- and fats that can be used in pet foods.try. It is you and I who will make a difference. ∞ If you believe PFMAs literature, then the policies in the UnitedKingdom are much stricter than those of other countries. About the Author:"Member companies only use materials from animal species Ann Martin is the author of Protect Your Pet (NewSage Press,which are generally accepted in the human food chain," states 2001) and Food Pets Die For (NewSage Press, 1997, 2nd edi-Alison Walker, spokesperson for the PFMA. "This rules out the tion 2003). For more information, visit the web pageuse of any materials from horses, ponies, whales and other sea http://www.newsagepress.com/foodpetsdiefor.html#author.mammals, kangaroos and many other species. The pet food To order Ann Martins books, contact NewSage Press by tele-industry only uses materials of beef, lamb, poultry and pork ori- phone on 877 695 2211 (toll free in North America only), bygin, fish, shellfish, rabbit and game." email at info@newsagepress.com, or via http://www. The literature further states that PFMA members use only mate- newsagepress.com or Amazon.com.16 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 17. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 17
  • 18. 18 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 19. T HE N EW M EDICINE OF D R H AMER T he German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer (b. 1935) has had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy—by far the highest I have seen of any therapy. During one of several trials of the much-persecuted Dr Hamer, the public prosecutor (in Wiener Neustadt, Austria) had to admit that 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive four to five years after Dr Hamers treatment. That is a success rate of over 90%—almost a reversal of Dr Ryke Geerd the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions. Dr Hamer developed testicular cancer soon after his son was shot dead in 1978, Hamer has and wondered whether his sons death was the cause of his cancer. However, it was- discovered the nt until three years later, when he worked in a cancer hospital at the University of Munich, that Dr Hamer was able to start his cancer research in earnest. shock-conflict Subsequently, he investigated and documented 15,000 cases of cancer and always found the following characteristics to be present, which he termed the Iron Rules of mechanism Cancer. underlying cancer THE IRON RULES OF CANCER development, but 1. Every cancer and related disease starts as a DHS—a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (named after his son). This is a serious, acute-dramatic and isolating conflict-shock has been persecuted experience. It manifests simultaneously on three levels: psyche, brain and organ. 2. The theme of the psychic conflict determines the location of the focus or Hamer by German and Herd in the brain, and the location of the cancer in the organ. 3. The course of the psychic conflict correlates with the development of the other European Hamer Herd in the brain, and the course of the cancer in the organ. At the moment of the conflict-shock, something like a short circuit occurs in a pre- courts for his theory determined place of the brain. This can be photographed with computed tomography and successful (CT), and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or like the surface of water after a stone has been dropped into it. Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the treatments. CT image changes as an oedema develops and, finally, scar tissue. How specific and precisely located these brain lesions are may be seen from the following example. After a professional lecture, a doctor handed Dr Hamer the brain CT of a patient and asked him to explain it. From this, Dr Hamer diagnosed the patient as having a fresh bleeding bladder carcinoma in the healing phase, an old prostate carcinoma, diabetes, an old lung carcinoma and sensory paralysis in a specific area, in addition to the corresponding emotional conflicts. Amazingly, Dr Hamer has been able to show that at the same time as the concen- tric brain lesion appears, the target organ CT may also show such a concentric lesion. According to Dr Hamer, this happens instantly when the psychic shock hits the subconscious level, and this same second is the start of cancer. However, other by Walter Last © 2003 diseases can also be caused by the same mechanism. How severe a disease becomes may depend on other psychological, energetic and nutritional factors, but its nature and location are determined by the content of the conflict shock. Website: Dr Hamer believes that the correlation between key emotional shock events, the http://www.mrbean.net.au/~wlast target brain areas and the related organs has developed as a human evolutionary adaptation from similar programs in the animal world. When we unexpectedly experience emotional distress, an emergency repair program is set in motion—a biological conflict program—with the aim of returning the individual to normal. SuchAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 19
  • 20. programs can even apply to families or other groups. over and, in addition, a specific brain centre becomes active Dr Hamer gives the following example. A mother sees her that stimulates lung activity. After the successful escape, thechild having a bad accident. In evolutionary terms, infants animal rests and the parasympathetic nervous system becomesrecover faster when they receive extra milk. Therefore, the dominant for a while to normalise body functions.mothers biological conflict program tries to stimulate milk If, instead, a person is given a cancer diagnosis, even if theproduction by increasing the number of breast cells. If the diagnosis is wrong, the same biological program is set inmother is right-handed, that will instantly cause the motion by the same fear of death that helped the animal toappearance of a Hamer Herd in a specific part of her right escape. The stress level jumps and the brain/lung connectionbrain, which in turn relates to the left breast. When the child is activated, but now there is nowhere to run. Until the con-is well again, conflict resolution begins and extra milk is no flict is resolved, which may take years, there will be constantlonger needed. The mother gets a benign form of tuberculosis stress as well as brain-induced stimulation of lung activity,in that breast, which then breaks up the excess breast cells. which now takes the form of increasing lung capacity by theHowever, if the mycobacteria required for this are lacking, incessant division of cells.then the area may just calcify and remain as a dormant This process can only be stopped by switching off the trig-tumour. ger in the brain through defusing the original conflict-shock. The same process applies also to animals. A sheep that This happens when the patient subsequently has surgery orloses its lamb to a wolf is prone to develop teat cancer; the natural therapy which he or she fully believes will lead to aside depends on whether it is right or left footed. However, cure. However, the same procedure in a patient who hasthe sheep commonly resolves this conflict by bearing another doubts about its effectiveness will leave the conflict unre-lamb. solved and the disease to progress. Thanks to Dr Hamers The following example may illustrate the original survival work, this is no longer just an unsubstantiated assumption but,value of this mechanism. Lets assume a lion chases an ante- rather, scientific fact that can be verified anytime with a CTlope. The antelope must immediately mobilise all its brain scan.resources to survive. The sympathetic nervous system takes The selection of the conflict focus occurs by subconscious The following list shows some of Pancreas – anxiety–anger conflict with having been made a laughing stock. the relationships between conflict family members, inheritance; Haemorrhoids – A right-handed emotions and target organs: Prostate – ugly conflict with sexual woman with an identity conflict and a connections or connotations; left-handed man with territorial anger Adrenal cortex – wrong direction, gone Rectum – fear of being useless; in the healing phase will get haemor- astray; Skin – loss of integrity; rhoids. Bladder – ugly conflict, dirty tricks; Spleen – shock of being physically or Heart infarct – Fight for territory or its Bone – lack of self-worth, inferiority emotionally wounded; content. feeling; Stomach – indigestible anger, Multiple sclerosis and paralysis – Breast milk gland – involving care or swallowed too much; Inability to escape, continue on or to disharmony; Testes and Ovaries – loss conflict; hold onto, or not knowing what to do. Breast milk duct – separation conflict; Thyroid – feeling powerless; Psoriasis – Involves separation conflict Breast, left (right-handed) – conflict Uterus – sexual conflict. concerning mother, father, family, concerning child, home or mother; home, friends or pets. Breast, right (right-handed) – conflict These are some other specific Psychoses of all kinds have one or with partner or others; diseases which are are related to more active Hamer Herds in each of Bronchials – territorial conflict; conflict emotions: the two parts of the brain. Cervix – severe frustration; AIDS – Dr Hamer observes that no one Rheumatism – A brutal separation con- Colon – ugly, indigestible conflict; ever died of AIDS without having previ- flict causing pain or suffering. Gall Bladder – rivalry conflict; ously been told that they are HIV posi- Vitiligo, Leukoderma – An ugly or bru- Heart – perpetual conflict; tive or believe that they are. The impli- tal separation conflict. Intestines – indigestible chunk of cation is that, just as with cancer, it is anger; the negative perception associated with A note on handedness: Kidneys – not wanting to live; water or AIDS that causes its devastating effect. Left-handed individuals develop fluid conflict; Angina pectoris – Caused by territorial problems on opposite sides to genuine Larynx – conflict of fear and fright; conflict in the active phase, and heart right-handed individuals. Handedness Liver – fear of starvation; infarct in the healing phase. can be tested by observing which hand Lung – fear of dying or suffocation, Diabetes and hypoglycaemia – A right- is on top when clapping; this is the including fear for someone else; handed female develops hypogly- leading hand. With right-handedness, Lymph glands – loss of self-worth asso- caemia from anxiety and revulsion, but all muscles on the right side of the ciated with the location; if left-handed she develops insulin- body are involved with partners and Melanoma – feeling dirty, soiled, dependent diabetes. A right-handed possibly other individuals, and all left- defiled; male develops insulin-dependent dia- sided muscles with children or their Middle ear – not being able to get betes from a conflict of resisting or own mother. some vital information; struggling against something, but if left- These conditions may change with Mouth – cannot chew or hold it; handed he develops hypoglycaemia. hormonal changes, as with use of the Oesophagus – cannot have/swallow it; Facial paralysis – Fear of losing face, birth control pill or with menopause.20 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 21. association. For instance, biological conflicts involving water This is the beginning of the healing phase, which can be longbut also other fluids, such as milk or oil, lead to kidney can- and difficult.cer; fear of death leads to lung cancer; and psychologically During the first part of the healing phase, there are waterswallowing a bigger chunk then we can digest leads to stom- retentions and inflammations but the tumour stops growing.ach or intestinal cancer. Originally, in the animal world, it This eventually leads to a healing crisis, which Hamer calls anreally was a big chunk of food, but for us it may be a financial epileptic or epileptoid crisis because it is caused by an oedemaovercommitment or any other obligation that we have taken in the Hamer Herd brain lesion. It shows unique symptomson and cannot fulfill. However, the target focus is not deter- for each illness.mined by the event itself, but, rather, by the psychological sig- After this, the body starts to expel the accumulated water,nificance that it has for us at the time of the event. the patient gradually regains strength and the body functions Dr Hamer illustrates this with the example of a woman who become normal. Now the brains connective tissue, the glia,finds her husband in bed with another female. As a sexual starts repairing the Hamer Herd. This may be interpreted byfrustration conflict, it causes uterine cancer. If she instead conventional radiologists as a fast-growing brain tumour andexperiences it as a partner conflict, then in a right-handed treated accordingly.woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the conflict Dr Hamer estimates that 99% of brain events, such asfeeling is fear and revulsion, then it causes hypoglycaemia. strokes, bleeding into the brain, cysts and tumours, are due toWith lack of self-worth, cancer may develop in the pubic healing events of Hamer Herds. Therefore, he regards them asbone. If the lack of self-worth was due to a failure in sports- temporary and self-limiting, unless there is inappropriate med-manship rather than being sexually relat- ical intervention. The most importanted, then the problem would have arisen in support in these situations is the reductionan arm or leg instead or possibly in the of any brain oedema.fingers or shoulder. Other typical situa- During the healing crisis, the patienttions that may lead to biological conflicts may for a short time re-experience theare loss situations: loss of a loved one, a original psychological conflict with coldjob, a valued possession or a territory. hands and cold sweat. This serves to sup- Dr Hamer believes that most metastases According to press and eliminate the oedema in theor secondary tumours are caused by the Dr Hamer, the real brain lesion, which then allows othercancer-fear or death-fear resulting from body conditions to normalise. The mainthe patient being given the cancer diagno- cause of cancer and danger point is just before the end of thesis or a negative prognosis. However, other diseases is an healing crisis when it will become appar-also in this case, the resulting conflict- ent if the body is strong enough to elimi-shock may not be fear of death but rather unexpected nate the disease.anger, resentment or a separation traumatic shock In difficult cases with long orconflict from partner or children, and strong conflict duration, massivethen tumours would appear in differ- for which we are brain oedema may develop, forent places. Also, a diagnosis of emotionally which Dr Hamer uses cortisonecolon cancer commonly leads to liver injections. In natural therapy, wecancer because of a subconscious unprepared. use an assortment of urea and anti-fear of starvation. inflammatory therapies instead. Generally, hopelessness, despair Urea has strong diuretic propertiesand meaninglessness create chronic and an excellent effect in cases ofstress, which prevents the healing dangerously high fluid pressure infrom cancer and other diseases, but the brain. Generally, 20 grams ofthey are not the cause of the diseases. urea are used 2 to 5 times daily.According to Dr Hamer, the real One life-threatening case has beencause of cancer and other diseases is described of a massive brain tumouran unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally re-growth that completely disappeared within two hours afterunprepared. the patient received 256 mL of 30% urea, as described in Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy (FutureMed, Inc.,THE HEALING PHASE USA). This report clearly shows that the presumed brain The start of a DHS or conflict-shock experience is different tumour in fact was a massive oedema, as postulated in thefrom other conflicts that we experience in our daily lives. It New Medicine.causes a continuous stress resulting in a tendency to develop What Dr Hamer calls the epilepsy crisis may be experiencedcold hands and feet, lack of appetite and weight loss, sleep- by the patient as a heart attack, lung embolism, hepatitis or alessness and dwelling all the time on the conflict content. If lung infection. Generally, during the healing phase, thethe conflict does not become resolved soon, the long-lasting patient will have more discomfort than when the tumour wasstress will lead to specific symptoms and the development of actively growing.cancer or another disease. In the first part of the healing phase, when the body releases When the conflict resolves, the patient is no longer occu- inflammatory hormones, most problems are due to waterpied with the conflict content, the appetite returns, hands are retention, inflammation and swelling of tissues, all of whichwarm again and also normal sleep returns, but there may also can cause a lot of pain. Hamer regards oedema, whetherbe weakness, fatigue and a need to rest. These effects show found in the brain or in an organ, as positive—a sign ofthat the parasympathetic nervous system is now in control. healing.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 21
  • 22. TISSUE REPAIR two years before our problem started, and analyse our emo- After the healing crisis, adeno-carcinomas are removed by tional history during this time as well as before and after.fungi and mycobacteria while hepatitis virus may in addition Also, meditation or regression therapy may be useful to dis-help to regenerate the liver. At this stage, bacteria, viruses cover conflict shocks.and fungi that help to break down the tumours and repair dam- If we still have a strong emotional response when we dis-aged tissues also cause inflammation, pain and fever. cover the content of the conflict, then we can be sure that it is If you find it odd that Dr Hamer regards microbes as essen- still unresolved. If possible, it is best to solve it in a naturaltial friends and helpers in the healing of cancer, he has made way. For instance, if it was caused by losing a partner, thenan even more surprising discovery. In his ontogenetic system you could find someone new; if you lost a child, you couldof tumours and cancer-equivalent diseases, he distinguishes become pregnant again (cancer does not continue to growbetween two opposite processes during the active conflict after the third month, as pregnancy has priority) or adopt aphase. child. However, it is not the fact of being pregnant or having Depending on the location of the Hamer Herd in the brain, a new partner or pet that heals but, rather, having the possibil-there may be either cell proliferation or cell destruction. The ity of coming to terms with our loss, accepting it and gettingfirst group has cell proliferation and tumour growth during the on with life. Whoever cannot do this will not benefit fromconflict phase and then removes excess cells with the help of having a new partner/child/pet, but a good therapist may stillmicrobes during the healing phase. The other group causes find it easier to help that person.cell destruction during the conflict phase, resulting in ulcers, If a natural solution is not possible or if you dont havenecroses and tissue holes affecting, for instance, bones access to a therapist, then use guided imagery either on your(osteoporosis), kidneys, spleen or ovaries. During the healing own or with the help of a partner or close friend. In a relaxedphase, this second group tries to fill in the holes created and meditative state, re-create and re-experience the conflictthrough cell proliferation. Tissue as intensely as you can, but thennecroses and osteolyses (dissolved substitute a desirable or acceptablebone) are now repaired by bacteria outcome. Create and experiencethat first form abscesses, which are this new outcome as vividly andthen filled in with scar tissue and The main task in every case of detailed as possible; see it, feel it,later with granulating tissue to and possibly even hear and smell it.form osteosarcoma, lymphoma, cancer is to find the original The original experience may alsofibroma and healing cysts. Also,leukaemia commonly occurs emotional shock experience have imprinted you with the memories of unrelated detailsduring the healing phase, as it does and make sure that it has been (tracks) of your ordeal, to whichafter bone marrow damage fromradiation, chemicals or bone healed or is being healed. you may now react with allergies. You may try to overcome these incancer. the same way with guided imagery. According to Dr Hamer, these If neither of these methods isconditions are generally self- possible because you feel that youlimiting and only get out of control have to continue your presentwhen additional conflict shocks occur, or when the body is too duties or ordeal for whatever reason, then only increasedold or weak, or through the methods of conventional spiritual understanding and acceptance may be able to help.medicine. In contrast, natural healing methods aim to support In either case, be aware of your vulnerabilities and avoid anybody and mind during this trying time. Most healings proceed further conflict-shocks—but if one does happen, get it out ofwithout major problems, but about 10% need the full support your system as soon as possible.of an experienced therapist, especially at the time of the In addition, I firmly believe that all active conflicts will behealing crisis. terminated and the healing phase will begin when we are able to feel love and forgiveness strongly within ourselves and thenHEALING THE PSYCHIC CONFLICT radiate it to all others, but especially to anyone we feel may The main task in every case of cancer is to find the original have wronged us. We can further ease the healing phase byemotional shock experience and make sure that it has been expecting it to be short and mild and lead to full recovery.healed or is being healed. In many cases it will have correct- According to Dr Hamer, animals in the wild get cancer fromed itself, and the patient suffers from an effect of the healing the same shock programs as we do. However, 80–90% sur-phase. For instance, someone may have lost a farm or busi- vive and do not notice much because the healing phase canness but has now started another satisfying venture or hobby. take its natural course. Those that die are mainly old animalsAs an after-effect, there may now be a tumour that gradually that cannot resolve a conflict, such as regaining their territorybecomes dormant or eventually disintegrates. About 40% of from a rival or replacing a lost cub.tumours discovered during routine medical investigations are It is different in our society, as the natural healing process issaid to be old and harmless; that is, dormant and calcified. routinely interfered with. It starts with getting tranquillisersHowever, complications may still arise if medical intervention or antidepressants during the active conflict phase, which pre-then instills a fear-of-death conflict-shock that induces the vent us from fighting back and regaining our territory. Thissame or another tumour to grow. may then lead to a cancer diagnosis that causes an additional Nevertheless, in other cases the original conflict may still be active conflict and may end with the prescription of morphine,active or there may be a second active conflict. As we do not which totally disables our healing responses.know, we have to probe in every case to find the original and While Dr Hamer does not believe that health foods, reme-any other conflicts. We need to think back, especially one to dies, cleansing or healthy living in general can cure cancer,22 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 23. these certainly can be important in order to survive the ordeals the supposedly safe and effective treatment offered by ortho-of the healing phase. dox medicine. Actually, Dr Hamer regards all diseases as consisting of two Furthermore, a public prosecutor initiated a civil actionphases: initially with active conflict, followed (if possible) by against Dr Hamer for a large sum of money because he hada healing phase that reverses the conflict program. He does advised a patient against having chemotherapy. In anothernot call them diseases any more but, rather, special biological instance, the parents of a little girl, Olivia Pilhar, who hadprograms. He is stated to have worked with over 31,000 been treated by Dr Hamer, received an eight-month suspendedpatients and found his theories confirmed in every single case jail sentence for temporarily evading chemotherapy treatmentwithout exception. He claims that, overall, the New Medicine for their daughter and after the girl had finally been removedhas a 95% success rate in reversing cancer under ideal condi- from their custody and treated against their will. This cantions, e.g., early resolution of the conflict, no new conflict andhappen anywhere in the Western world. In Australia, a moth-no interference from conventional medicine. However, many er recently told me that while she did not believe inpatients with advanced conditions may not be able to resolve chemotherapy and would prefer natural therapy for her daugh-their conflicts, or do so only too late, and thus fail to respond ter with leukaemia, she had to go along with it because theto treatment. treating doctor threatened to take her to court if she refused. There is no cancer therapist in the worldTHE PERSECUTION OF DR HAMER who has not had patients die under their Siemens, manufacturer of the CT equip- care. However, even with advanced cases,ment, has independently verified the exis- Dr Hamers success rate is exceptionallytence of the Hamer Herds in the brain. high. This witch-hunt has been comparedFurthermore, in 1998 the University of to the fate of Dr Semmelweis, who sug-Trnava in Slovakia confirmed the diag- gested that surgeons wash their handsnostic significance of the Hamer Herds. In 1997, Dr Hamer before operations and was sent to a mentalNevertheless, Dr Hamer has faced excep- asylum where he died aged forty-seven.tional persecution. was arrested and Dr Hamer has survived eight assassina- Under German law, a licence to practise jailed for 18 months tion attempts, and the mass media inmedicine can be withdrawn if the doctor Germany treat him as a deranged criminal.has diminished mental abilities. This law under an obscure While many individual doctors, includingwas used in 1986 by a German district natural therapy law professors of medicine, have verified thecourt to withdraw Dr Hamers principles of the New Medicine, solicence to practise. As proof of Dr introduced under far no German university has agreedHamers supposedly inadequate men- Adolf Hitler to test them, despite a court ordertal condition, the court stated that he that the University of Tübingen con-was not willing to retract his theories to suppress the duct such tests.and swear allegiance to the princi- Gypsies. Furthermore, doctors and naturalples of orthodox medicine. therapists in Europe who practise Even worse, the court discovered according to the principles of theevidence that he was incapable of New Medicine face persecution. Inconverting to the principles of Austria, Belgium, France, Germanyorthodox medicine: he had tried to and Spain, authorities have startedconvince a group of prominent proceedings against such doctors toprofessors of the correctness of his take away their right to practise.theories only one month before the Court cases have been going on forcourt case! One year later, the same years. Only the courts in Spain havecourt requested a psychiatric assessment of his mental adopted the enlightened position that it is not their role toabilities, which Dr Hamer refused. Without ever seeing him, decide between conflicting medical theories and therapies.a court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Dr Hamer as being a The vicious response of the Establishment is understandablepsychopath! because widespread knowledge and application of the New In 1997, Dr Hamer was arrested and jailed for 18 months Medicine would mean the end of the medical-pharmaceuticalunder an obscure natural therapy law introduced under Adolf complex.Hitler to suppress the Gypsies. His crime was that he had However, in 2001 a prominent neurologist openly defendedgiven free health advice to some individuals who had asked Dr Hamer by publishing a book about the New Medicine andhim for his opinion. The public prosecutor openly stated that demanding that his theories be tested officially. Because Drall means must be used to remove Dr Hamer from society. Therese von Schwarzenberg also belongs to the high nobility,Compare this to a 13-year delay of the trial of his sons killer the mass media are in a bind as to what position to take onand then a sentence of only six months on probation. This this. Until now, they have only reported about Dr Hamer inmild sentence may have had something to do with the accused the most derogatory ways, and now theres a high-profile per-being the Prince of Savoy, the son of the last king of Italy. sonality who claims that Dr Hamer is right and deserves a Since 1999, Dr Hamer has lived in Spain because courts in Nobel Prize!Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland now want to try Nevertheless, the official response of prominent oncologistshim because some cancer patients died supposedly as a result still remains that it is totally absurd to assume emotions couldof following his advice. According to this reasoning, Dr be important in the cause and cure of cancer and, therefore, DrHamer is a mass murderer because he denied cancer patients Hamers claims must not be tested.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 23
  • 24. REFLECTIONS ON DR HAMERS DISCOVERIES addition to IGF-1 may cause the gradual development of a My own understanding and experience leave no doubt about Hamer Herd or, alternatively, its sudden appearance when athe primary importance of our emotions and beliefs in the certain threshold is reached.cause and cure of our diseases. Furthermore, the writings of In this way, any environmental factors can be taken intoDr Hamer give the impression of a serious and meticulous consideration for creating Hamer Herds in combination withresearcher whose findings have been confirmed by various psychological conflicts.scientific institutions and medical practitioners, including pro- Most people presently have a very unhealthy lifestyle infessors of medicine. Only those who refuse to look at his evi- addition to a poor quality of inherited genes. It may well bedence continue to denounce him. that really healthy individuals will not develop a Hamer Herd Therefore, I have no doubt about the validity of his basic in response to an unexpected emotional shock, or that it willpremise: namely, that specific diseases, in particular cancers, be a mild and self-healing event.are associated with visible lesions in specific locations of the In a similar way, appropriate natural therapy, directed to abrain as well as specific psychological experiences. His diseased organ, may give a message to the associated brainpostulated two-part disease process, in which the healing area that helps healing the Hamer Herd and in time also leadsphase is a reversal of the original disease conditions, is a basic to a resolution of the emotional conflict.concept of natural therapies. A confirmation of the suggested interconnectedness However, Dr Hamer appears reluctant between emotions, nutrients, brain andto consider extending or modifying his organs can be found in kinesiology.theory to take other possibilities into Research in muscle testing has revealed aaccount. Basically, he postulates a one- relationship between different nutrientsway communication from psyche to and emotions with specific muscles andorgan via the brain. I suggest, instead, a organs, transmitted through the system oftwo-way communication from psyche to acupuncture meridians.organ as well as from organ back to brain However, a surprising However, a surprising finding was theand psyche. finding was the direct involvement of the brain. When a I like to explain this by way of an radioactive nutrient was placed in theexample. I understand that the death rate direct involvement of back of the mouth, within seconds thefrom breast cancer in China is one in the brain. When a isotope was also detected in the brain.10,000 compared to about one in 10 in I suggest that conflict resolution maymost Western countries. Professor Jane radioactive nutrient also happen in non-specific ways.Plant realised that unlike Western and was placed in the Assuming a patient receives a conflict-Westernised women, the Chinese do shock due to a diagnosis of cancer,not use animal milk or related prod- back of the mouth, then this conflict and possibly alsoucts. At this stage, she was goingthrough the fifth occurrence of within seconds the the original conflict-shock may be resolved if the patient fully believesbreast cancer and had been given up isotope was also and expects that the subsequentto die. So she decided to avoid allmilk products, and soon after this detected in the brain. treatment will be a cure. Other possibilities have been suggestedher tumour disappeared. She has under the previous subheading,now been free of cancer for 13 years Healing the Psychic Conflict.(see Your Life in Your Hands by Dr Hamers official English-Jane Plant, published by Virgin, language website is at http://www.UK, 2000). newmedicine.ca. However, much As the Chinese have normal rates more information is available on theof some other cancers, there needs German website, http://www.pilhar.to be a special factor that causes com, which also has a limitedthese low breast cancer rates. Assuming that it really is milk, English-language section. Dr Hamer has written severalI would apply the following reasoning. books, one of which is available in English under the title, Milk is high in insulin growth factor, IGF-1, which Summary of the New Medicine. ∞stimulates breast tissue to grow during puberty and pregnancy.IGF-1 is also present in the flesh of dairy cows and apparently About the Author:also stimulates other hormone-related cancers, including Walter Last worked as a biochemist and research chemistprostate cancer. Assuming that this causes constant low-level in the medical departments of several German universitiesstimulation of breast tissue and the related brain area in milk- and at Bio-Science Laboratories in Los Angeles, USA, anddrinking or dairy-consuming women, there are now two later as a nutritionist and natural therapist in Newpossibilities. Zealand and Australia. 1. The sensitised brain areas will cause the woman to have He has written numerous health-related journal articlesa much stronger emotional response than normal to any child as well as several books, including Heal Yourself andor partner conflict, and this causes milk-drinking women to Healing Foods (Penguin Books). His next book, Thedevelop more frequent breast cancers. Natural Way to Heal, is to be published in late 2003 by 2. The second possibility is an existing sub-acute conflict Hampton Roads Publishing. Walter Lasts website, cover-situation or past event that is still subconsciously active. The ing issues concerning health, science and spirituality, is atpersistent combined stimulation due to a sub-acute conflict in http://www.mrbean.net.au/~wlast.24 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 25. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 25
  • 26. 26 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 27. Rockefeller Globalism THE "PROUD INTERNATIONALIST": DAVID ROCKEFELLER (1915 – ) M ost analysis of the role of David Rockefeller in the New World Order is usually ridiculed by smug commentators in the "responsible" press as the stuff of fantasy. For these oracles, descriptions of Rockefeller as "one of the foremost partisans of world government under the UN" (Jasper), the Philanthropist, "éminence grise of international power politics" (Wilkes) and "one of the most high profile, and most obvious, New World Order manipulators on the planet" (Icke)1 are not to plutocrat and be taken seriously. Indeed, to contend that the billionaire ex-banker, philanthropist and founder of the Trilateral Commission could have any global designs is taken as a sign that former banker one has fallen for the infantile ravings of the "black helicopter crowd". Perhaps, it is David Rockefeller implied, only those afflicted by a peculiar mental malady could believe or contemplate such claims. has been promoting Back in 1996, for example, high-rating US national radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh openly mocked these beliefs in his so-called "Kook Test": his "one world" • Do you believe that David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and other famous members of the New World Order provide daily instructions to agents of the FBI, CIA, BATF, vision among global and National Organization of Women? • Do you believe that the feminist movement was the brainchild of David Rockefeller powerbrokers since for the purpose of having men and women at war with each other on a daily basis so as to distract them from the real conspiracy of the CFR? the 1960s, while • If you have answered even one of these questions "yes", then you are a kook and dismissing claims have passed the test. that hes part of a David Rockefeller himself has often scoffed at such claims. In a letter to the New York Times in 1980, he took issue with the "nonsensical defamation" he claimed to have been cabal out to control subjected to over the years. "I never cease to be amazed by those few among us who spot a conspiracy under every rock, a cabal in every corner…", David wrote, lamenting that he the planet. was usually "singled out as the cabalist-in-chief". Eighteen years later, Davids mirth remained intact. "Its so absurd I cant help but, to some extent, find it amusing", he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1998, commenting on conspiracy theories about himself and the Trilateral Commission.2 Yet curiously, Davids key role in promoting global political and economic unity is not Part 3 only explicitly recognised but is openly celebrated within the power-elite. According to one recent tribute, because of his "contributions to enterprise and humanity" David had become "one of the worlds most respected citizens". The speaker, Thomas dAquino, President and CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, addressing an elite gathering in 2002, had no qualms praising Davids "impressible urge to promote international cooperation and understanding" and his "passions…for the promotion of international cooperation" and "inter-American cooperation".3 Equally unrestrained was Harvard University President Neil Rudenstine, who venerated David in 1999 as an by Will Banyan "informed, observant, experienced, modest, and generous citizen of the world, interested © May 2003 in the welfare of all".4 At celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Trilateral Commissions US group in Email: 1998, a roster of adoring Establishment heavyweights repeatedly toasted the "sense of banyan007@rediffmail.com vision" (Berthoin), "farsightedness and leadership" (Ogata), "great munificence" (Black) and "sense of obligation" (Kissinger) of their Honorary Chairman. The "first global history of mankind is about to start", claimed Georges Berthoin, a former EuropeanAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 27
  • 28. Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and it was all due to Seniors trusted valet of some 30 years, John Yordi, David admitsDavid Rockefeller, the "gentleman-pioneer of the trilateral to having been ecstatic: "I thought it would have been Nelson,world". 5 Similarly, at a book signing for Davids new but I couldnt pretend I wasnt pleased."9 It is noteworthy thatautobiography, Memoirs, held in late 2002 at the United Nations David starts Memoirs with this incident, as it is one of the fewheadquarters in New York, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan admissions to his true status.hailed the plutocrats contribution to world order: Lacking Nelsons hunger for publicity and overt power, Davids I think without internationalists like you, the international career path took a somewhat different course. Educated at system we have been trying to build, the international system Harvard, the London School of Economics (LSE) and the we have today, wouldnt be here. So, thank you very much, University of Chicago, David became the only one of Juniors David.6 children to have earned a PhD. The subject of his dissertation, essentially an attack on government regulation of business activi- But we need not take their word for it. After years of denying ty, was "Unused Resources and Economic Waste" (1940). Uponand ridiculing such charges, David Rockefeller has finally put an completion of his studies, and contemplating a career in politics,end to the speculation, making the following admission in David returned to New York in 1940 to work as secretary to NewMemoirs: York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. In mid-1941, tiring of local For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end politics and seeking "administrative experience", David started of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized work with a new government body, the Office of Defense, Health, incidents…to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate and Welfare Services. This proved to be short-lived, though, and influence they claim we wield over American political and with the outbreak of the war David enlisted in the US Army, economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a going on to serve as an intelligence officer in North Africa and secret cabal working against the best interests of the United France. States, characterizing my family Returning to the US in 1946, David and me as "internationalists" went to work for the "family bank", and of conspiring with others ...of all John D. Rockefeller, Jrs Chase Manhattan. He started as a around the world to build a low-ranking officer, but, thanks to the more integrated global political offpsring, it is David, Rockefeller familys controlling and economic structure—one despite being the youngest, interest, he rapidly rose through the world, if you will. If thats the ranks and in 1969 became Chairman charge, I stand guilty, and I am who has emerged as the and Chief Executive Officer. David proud of it.7 true heir to the vast reservoir of ran the bank until his retirement in 1981, but continued to play a role as David Rockefellers bold confes- political and economic power Chairman of the banks Internationalsion, finally given late in his life, is originally amassed by Advisory Committee.clearly momentous but it also war- Although David later liked to boastrants further scrutiny, for his account John D. Rockefeller, Sr. that he was "the first member of thein Memoirs omits much important family since Grandfather who hasdetail. Only by examining Davids had a regular job in a company andstatements, articles and speeches over the past 40 years can the has devoted a major part of his life to being in business", it wastrue extent of his vision of "a more integrated global political and apparently "not an easy decision" as he still desired to work witheconomic structure" be understood. And such examination also government or in philanthropy, particularly on internationalreveals that David has not been an idle dreamer, but has used his affairs.10 But, in truth, neither avenue has ever been closed to him.position as arguably the most powerful and influential Rockefellerof the latter half of the 20th century to advocate a revamped ver- The Education of an Internationalistsion of the Wilson–Fosdick world order model. David attributes much of his internationalist fervour to the influence of his parents, his overseas travelling experiences andThe Heir Apparent his changed world outlook following World War II. He writes One of the more common observations made by biographers of that it was his parents who first impressed on him "the importancethe Rockefeller family is that of all John D. Rockefeller, Jrs off- of the world beyond the United States". His father, Junior, "was aspring, it is David, despite being the youngest, who has emerged staunch supporter of the League of Nations" and, through theas the true heir to the vast reservoir of political and economic Rockefeller Foundation, "one of the principal funders of health,power originally amassed by John D. Rockefeller, Sr. As Peter education, and cultural endeavors around the world".11 But thereCollier and David Horowitz observe in their book, The were other influences, including Davids education at HarvardRockefellers, in contrast to his siblings it was David who "was the University and the University of Chicago during the 1930s, andmost serious, the one who was conscious of his birthright from the his early membership of the Council on Foreign Relations frombeginning".8 Even Senior seemed to sense that his genes had 1949 and the Bilderberg Group from 1954.finally re-emerged under David, and he doted on his youngest It was at Harvard, under the guidance of Professor Gottfriedgrandson with a degree of affection he had not given to his own von Haberler (1901–1995), that David received more vigorousson. indoctrination into the benefits of free trade. Described by David Coincidentally, David recalls in Memoirs that it was in 1937, at as a "staunch supporter of free trade", Haberler would have giventhe funeral service for Senior (who died at the age of 97), that he compelling guidance—for the Austrian professor was, accordinglearned not only that was he the deceased monopolists "favorite" to one biographer, "one of the first economists to make a rigorousbut that Senior had "always thought" David was "most like case for the superior productivity and universal benefits of free orhim[self]". Having received this confirmation of his status from politically unrestricted international trade…" At the University of28 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 29. Chicago, these views were reinforced when another free trade ideas of others, usually Establishment academics and technocrats,proponent, the economist Jacob Viner (1892–1970), tutored incorporating them into his own global vision when it suits hisDavid. Lauded by David as an advocate of "unobstructed trade as purposes. But, David admits, he has "never been particularly dog-a means of generating economic growth", Viner was one of the matic" in his political or economic beliefs, preferring to supportleading free trade theorists of his time. He was also an advocate "effective people and…practical policies".17 Thus, for David,of using international institutions to manage the world economy. ideas or protégés can be discarded once they are no longer usefulFittingly, David includes Haberler and Viner among those to him or his ultimate goal of "a more integrated global politicalacademics to whom he owes an "intellectual debt", hailing them and economic structure".as "truth seekers" whose example he has attempted to follow.12 David joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1949, his sur- A Modern-Day Mediciname ensuring election to its board of directors. David naturally David Rockefellers globalist inclinations would be of littleunderstates the CFRs influence on his thinking, merely observing interest if not for his uniquely powerful position in the US politi-that he found it to be the "best place" for pursuing his "interest in cal sphere. In attempting to describe Davids power, academicsglobal affairs". Tellingly, David admits his motivation for joining and journalists have used many superlatives, and it is instructivethe CFR was his determination to "play a role" in the process of that these descriptions are similar. David Rockefeller is "[t]heensuring the US provided leadership in building "a new interna- single most powerful private citizen in America today", observedtional architecture" following World War II. Florida State University academic ThomasWhile David correctly identifies the wide R. Dye in his 1976 book, Whos Runningrange of views among the CFRs members, America? The journalist Bill Moyers, in hisfor him the Councils enduring value has 1980 TV special, The World of Davidbeen its role in devising schemes for world Rockefeller, described the plutocrat respec-order that conform with his Wilsonian tively as "the unelected if indisputable chair-vision. For example, marking the CFRs75th anniversary in 1997, David hailed the David Rockefeller is man of the American Establishment" and "one of the most powerful, influential andCouncils role as Americas "premier school "the single most richest men in America", who "sits at the hubfor statesmen", observing that it was fromthe CFRs War and Peace Studies project powerful private of a vast network of financiers, industrialists and politicians whose reach encircles thethat Americas post-war plans for a "just and citizen in America globe". And in 1998, NewsMax.comdurable international system" had emerged, today", observed described David as "one of the worlds mostand from more recent CFR studies that influential private figures".18"awareness of global economic interde- Florida State David has always rejected suchpendence gained particular prominence assessments, insisting that his power isin national policy discussions".13 University academic limited and that he has no real leverage In 1954, David was selected by Thomas R. Dye in his with world leaders or government offi-President Eisenhower to be one of the cials, merely good access to them. Infounding US members of the 1976 book, Whos an interview with Forbes magazine inBilderberg Group. The Bilderbergers Running America? 1972, for example, David downplayedhave long been controversial, with the idea that he had any such power:many researchers attributing to the I have no power in the sense that Iannual secret gathering a role in can call anybody in the govern-establishing the European Union and ment and tell them what to do.facilitating the planning of a world Because of my position Im moregovernment.14 David insists, naturally, apt to get through on the tele-that the "truth" is that Bilderberg is no phone than somebody else, butmore than an "intensely interesting what happens to what I suggestdiscussion group" which does not reach a consensus. What depends on whether they feel this makes sense in terms ofBilderberg discusses, David does not say, preferring to what they are already doing.19characterise the cabal as a unique networking opportunity. Dye disputes this, claiming that the real reason for Davids elab-Bilderberg, David said in 1990, gave him "an opportunity…to orate denial is simple: with it already well known that he "exer-become acquainted with some of the leaders of Europe and the cises great power", the plutocrat has "no reason to try to impressUnited States on a very informal basis…one got to know them on anyone" by openly admitting it. In fact, Davids position anda first-name basis".15 Other Bilderbergers, however, such as behaviour are similar to that of the Medici banking family thatformer British politician Denis Healey, admit there is a Bilderberg unofficially ruled 15th-century Florence by subverting the elabo-consensus, with most Bilderbergers believing that "a single rate electoral system through a combination of deception, corrup-community throughout the world would be a good thing".16 Such tion and violence. The Medicis were effectively the shadow gov-a consensus would have obviously reinforced Davids globalist ernment of Florence—a fact acknowledged in the Florentineinclinations, making the Bilderbergs more than merely an expression, "the secret things of our town". That was because, asunusually well-connected social rendezvous. Tim Parks notes in the New York Review of Books, the Medici This is but a small sample of the influences on Davids globalist family leadership understood that "to hold power for any length ofoutlook, but it also illustrates his reliance on the ideas of others. time, one must appear not to hold it".20 Although not known forDespite his PhD, David is not quite the theoretical mastermind emulating their more controversial practices, David Rockefeller isbehind the New World Order that he appears to be. Instead, like like the Medicis, his shadowy yet powerful political role one ofmost plutocrats intent on changing the world, he appropriates the the "secret things" of Washington, DC.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 29
  • 30. Davids preference for this behind-the-scenes political role Emperor of the Establishmentstems from his profound distaste for normal democratic politics. But what is the source of Davids power? It is not just hisAlthough clearly interested in power, David, after working for personal fortune, currently a meagre US$2.5 billion and a pittanceMayor La Guardia, apparently found the idea of having to depend compared to the US$30 billion or more of todays super-rich suchon the whims of the voting public unattractive. "The danger in as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. One obvious source has beenthat field," he later commented, "is that you spend all of your time his executive positions at the Chase Manhattan Bank. But therunning for office."21 Unstated, of course, is the plutocrats proba- primary basis, as Dye explains, is in Davids enduring role asble discomfort at the prospect of being publicly accountable in "director of the vast Rockefeller empire"; that is, his leadership ofany way for his actions—something that would be an affront to "the Rockefeller network of industrial, financial, political, civic,the enormous power this Rockefeller saw as his due. and cultural institutions".27 At the centre of this network are the Instead, David found a surer route to power by fulfilling the remnants of the vast fortune originally amassed by John D.family tradition of using philanthropy as a "bridge" between the Rockefeller, Sr, and then dispersed into an abundance of familyprivate and public sectors. David typically presents his motives trusts and philanthropies. This includes the Rockefellerbehind his philanthropy as benevolent, an embodiment of Juniors Foundation (2001 market value of assets, US$3.1 billion) and thebelief that "philanthropy was about being a good neighbor". "I Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) (2002 market value of assets,have tried to emulate Father by contributing to a variety of not- US$670 million). As a former Vice-Chairman (1968–1980),for-profit organizations throughout my life," he writes in Chairman (1980–1987) and now an Advisory Trustee of the RBF,Memoirs. 22 But this is disingenuous, for David has always been at the hub of thisDavids actual motives for embracing phil- network.anthropy in fact have more in common with Outside of this hub is a plethora of publicAndrew Carnegies view that the wealthy institutions including foundations, non-gov-have an exclusive right to shape society. ernment organisations and various govern- It has been in other forums, in little- ment advisory boards that David has beennoticed speeches to elite gatherings, that involved with, usually in a leading role. HisDavids true intentions have been revealed. myriad positions include: HonoraryLike Carnegie, David considers an active Instead, David found Chairman of Rockefeller University;political role by the rich to be a matter of Chairman Emeritus of the Museum ofduty rather than a mere whim, as he stated to a surer route to power Modern Art in New York City; Chairman ofone gathering that "the opportunities for by fulfilling the family the Americas Society; Director of thepossessing wealth carry with them US–USSR Trade and Economic Council;comparable responsibilities".23 In fact, he tradition of using Chairman of the New York Chamber oftold the New York Economic Club in 1996, philanthropy as a Commerce and Industry; Chairman of the USphilanthropy performs a vital social Advisory Committee on Reform of thefunction in which the rich and "bridge" between the International Monetary System;businessmen in general are able torealise their "responsibility to society private and public Honorary Chairman of the Japan Society; a director of Internationalbeyond that of maximising profits for sectors. House; a trustee of the University ofshareholders". Although "making Chicago; a trustee of the John F.profits must come first", as profits are Kennedy Library; President of the"the most important instrument we Board of Overseas Study at Harvard;have to promote the broader welfare of and now, an honorary jury member onour society", David maintained that the the Lower Manhattan Developmentcaptains of industry should style Corporations International Worldthemselves as "business statesmen" and Trade Center Site Memorialbe "vocal and visible…speaking out on Competition.community, industry and national This impressive range of institutionsissues".24 that David has been involved in also This also includes active involvement in the non-profit area, includes a raft of policy-planning organisations devoted to inter-supporting various organisations whether dealing with domestic national political and economic affairs. Davids role in theseor international issues. There is "nothing wrong with perpetuating organisations has never been marginal, and his positions include:ones name by endowing an organization or building", David told Director, Chairman and Honorary Chairman of the Council onthe Sid W. Richardson Foundation in 1985, but with government Foreign Relations (CFR); founder, North American Chairmanin retreat in many areas, "the private area must take up the and Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission; a lifeslack".25 member of the Bilderberg Group; Chairman and Director of the Unless the business class is actively involved in resolving Institute for International Economics (IIE); founder, Chairman"societal problems", he warned the New York Economic Club, the and Honorary Chairman of the Council on the Americas; and apublic may become "disenchanted with business" and "demand trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peacethat government resume its previous role as the arbiter of our (CEIP). He is also a co-founder of the Dartmouth Conference,economic life".26 the International Executive Service Corps and the Global And thus Davids real agenda becomes clear: the rich must Philanthropists Circle.govern, limiting the role of elected officials; but the multitude At a recent "book party" for the retiring plutocrat, former USmust be placated lest they clamour for the return of democracy, Trade Representative Carla Hills celebrated Davids pivotal role inthreatening the reign of the plutocrats. maintaining this network:30 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 31. Had [David Rockefeller] not been the founder, long-time heads of state, ostensibly on business for Chase or as part of CFR chairman and benefactor and even often all of the above, the delegations but often as an unofficial emissary for Washington. Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, David has had private meetings with hundreds of national the Institute for International Economics, the Trilateral leaders—a privilege usually only afforded to senior officials or Commission, the White House Fellows Program, and I could other heads of state. The list includes Nikita Khrushchev, Alexi name so many more, might not exist. And if they did, they Kosygin, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Deng Xiaoping, Saddam Hussein, might not assuredly be as effective as they are today.28 Fidel Castro, Zhou Enlai and the Shah of Iran. The product of these associations is a network of power and influence, with True to his Medici-like preference for avoiding public scrutiny, David at its centre—ultimately embodied in his massiveDavid has rejected formal government appointments, including electronic Rolodex, located in his office in the Rockefeller Center,offers to be Secretary of the Treasury and of Defense, and numer- reputed to contain 150,000 names.30ous ambassadorial positions. In Memoirs, David cites "political Continued next issue…considerations" and his devotion to Chase Manhattan as his rea-sons for declining these offers. David also believed, not without Authors Note:good reason, that through his Chase chairmanship he could In Part Four we will continue to examine David Rockefellers"accomplish much that would benefit the United States as an internationalist vision, focusing on his most controversialambassador without portfolio". At the panel discussion on creation: the Trilateral Commission.Memoirs, held in October 2002 at Johns Hopkins University,David elaborated further, noting that his position at Chase provid- About the Author:ed him with "a rather unique opportunity to play a quiet but hope- Will Banyan, BA (Hons), Grad. Dip. (Information Science), is afully useful role". And on the Charlie Rose Show, David added writer specialising in the political economy of globalisation. Hethat he could achieve much more outside of government as he was was worked for local and national governments as well as somenot limited to four-year terms, thus enabling him to do "a lot of international organisations, and was recently consulting oninteresting things" over decades.29 global issues for a private corporation. He is currently working As a self-appointed "ambassador without portfolio", for on a revisionist history of the New World Order. Will Banyanexample, David has used his unique access to visit countless can be contacted at banyan007@rediffmail.com. Endnotes December 17, 2002, at http://www.un.org. The Carter Years, Prentice-Hall, 1976, p. 157; 1. William F. Jasper, Global Tyranny…Step By 7. David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Random House, Moyers, quoted in Larry Abraham, Call It Step: The United Nations and the Emerging 2002, p. 405 (emphasis added). Despite its Conspiracy, Double A Publications, 1985, p. 37; New World Order, Western Islands, 1992, p. immeasurable significance, NWO researchers and "David Rockefeller to the Rescue", 283; John Wilkes, "Hit-job on Margaret seem either unaware of or to have ignored NewsMax.com, October 16, 1998, Thatcher", in James Gibb Stuart, Hidden Menace Davids admission. One of the few exceptions is http://www.newsmax.com. to World Peace, Ossian, 1993, p. 159; and David Richard C. Sizemore, "David Rockefeller: His 19. 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See, for example, Mike Peters, "The Rockefeller Family in International Affairs, on Harvard and Higher Education, 1991–2001, Bilderberg Group and the project of European Panel discussion on David Rockefellers new President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2001, unification", Lobster 32, December 1996. book at the School of Advanced International p. 217. 15. Rockefeller, Memoirs, pp. 410-411; and Studies, Johns Hopkins University, October 31, 5. Georges Berthoin, Shijuro Ogata, Conrad Rockefeller, quoted in James A. Bill, George 2002. Black and Henry Kissinger, "Toasts to the Ball: Behind the Scenes in US Foreign Policy, 29. Rockefeller, Memoirs, pp. 485-487; Carla Trilateral Commission Founder and Honorary Yale University Press, 1997, p. 54. Hills et al., Memoirs: The Rockefeller Family in Chairman, David Rockefeller", on the occasion 16. Healey, quoted in Jon Ronson, Them: International Affairs, ibid.; Interview with David of the US Groups 25th Anniversary Evening, Adventures with Extremists, Picador, 2001, p. Rockefeller, Charlie Rose Show, October 21, December 1, 1998, at http://www.trilateral.org. 299. 2002. 6. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, "Remarks 17. Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 486. 30. See "A Wealth of Names", January 10, at book signing by David Rockefeller", 18. Thomas R. Dye, Whos Running America?: 2000, at http://www.Forbes.com.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 31
  • 32. 32 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 33. P ROJECT H AMMER R ELOADED BACKGROUND ON "COLLATERAL TRADING" B eginning in 1988 and lasting until approximately 1992, "Project Hammer" was the latest in a series of highly secretive banking practices—known as "collateral trading" programmes—that are used to create, as if by magic, huge amounts of unaccountable funds for use in specific projects. These vast pools of unvouchered slush funds are applied to finance a wide variety of Riches looted by the clandestine activities that include secret military projects, geo-political requirements and Nazis and Japanese the development of infrastructure projects. It is also whispered that, in the case of the Project Hammer programme at least, a per- during WWII and centage of the proceeds generated from this secretive activity found its way into the pock- ets of VIPs and well-known politicians. Names associated with such corrupt behaviour recovered by the are carried on the wind; but if one listens attentively, the names George Bush, Sr, and Jim Baker III are just discernible to the trained ear. United States OSS An example of the type of project on which these funds are expended is the trading pro- gramme known as "EFG Jacobi"—a predecessor of Hammer—that I understand was used and CIA have been largely to finance military facilities and related operations at the top-secret US base locat- ed at Pine Gap near Alice Springs in central Australia. used to finance In order to maintain the secrecy that surrounds genuine activity, these trading pro- secret government grammes are routinely said not to exist. Enquiries about them are deflected and attention is instead focused on the warnings issued by government agencies about fake pro- projects over the grammes. This, when combined with the numerous prosecutions that occur every year over fraudulent High Yield Investment Programme transactions, serves to create the decades and save impression that authorised programmes do not occur. The reasons for this deflection are many, but not least is the fact that the asset bases on major banks from which these programmes usually operate are also said not to exist—at least in the quanti- ties that they actually do. The assets in question are large volumes of gold and lesser insolvency. amounts of platinum plundered by the Nazis and Japanese during World War II. The fact that gold has been the one stable commodity used to back and support the issuance of currency over the decades means that it has been subject to considerable gov- ernment and central bank secrecy. It was only in 1997 that the Bank of England decided Part 1 of 2 to lift this veil of secrecy and allow the London bullion market a degree of openness. But that openness did not include coming clean about the true amount of gold in existence, which is far larger than official figures allow. Because of this and the extremely covert nature of related trading programmes, compre- hensive details of the programmes operations and the financing techniques employed have remained hidden from public view. At least this was the case prior to the publication of part one of this series, The Project Hammer File.1 This essay is the result of further by David G. Guyatt © 2003 examination of the techniques and activity of Project Hammer, and now places additional important material into the public domain. c/- NEXUS Office Project Hammer remains a high-level state secret in a number of countries including the 55 Queens Road USA. This was confirmed de facto by the CIA in its refusal to release any relevant infor-East Grinstead, W. Sussex RH19 1BG mation following my Freedom of Information Act request in February 2001. The exemp- United Kingdom tion used by the CIA to reject my request was that relevant material is "properly classified pursuant to an Executive Order in the interest of national defense or foreign policy".2 Website: Project Hammer also stands out because proceeds from the trading activity were http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk illegally diverted by major banks. Confirmation of this is provided by Brigadier-General Erle Cocke in his April 2000 affidavit. In this, General Cocke was asked about theAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 33
  • 34. involvement of former US Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen, purpose. Those banking executives who caused the problem inwho was retained to investigate what had happened to (and also to the first place werent confronted by their mistakes or held torecover) the missing funds. Asked if Bentsen "had the account by their shareholders but, instead, continued to collectgovernments interest in closing this whole problem" and if he had their million-dollar pay cheques, boost their bonus payments and"ever had a discussion" with Bentsen, Cocke replied: profit shares, flick ash off their Cuban cigars, quaff bottles of Many hours just trying to find out whether any agency, any expensive Cheval Blanc and slap each other on the back in group, Federal Reserve, Treasury, CIA, FBI, security agen- delighted relief. One of those sighing relief was almost certainly cies, and so forth, all of them put together, whether any of Citibanks John Reed. Another one quite likely to have been which would really like to finish. And, quite frankly, nobody cultivating a quiet exhalation was Hongkong and Shanghai Bank stepped up to the plate. boss Sir William Purvis. Meanwhile, many investors who had placed their money into Cocke was then asked if "they would like to finish it", and he Project Hammer in return for an agreed profit, as well as all thoseresponded: middle-men who had worked hard for their promised commission, I think they would like to finish it, but they all back away. It were relieved of their money in a twisted version of the well- is not my cup of tea, or they have spent enough time with it known axiom, "One mans loss is another bankers gain". and are not going to realize anything, and therefore they just quit. They dont confirm, they dont deny, they just stop. STEALING FROM THIEVES The sanctioned purpose of Project Hammer was of a macro- One can conclude that the banks that diverted this money were economic nature, which is a nice way of saying that it was all totoo powerful for any agency of the US government to tackle. It do with "repatriating" the assets stolen earlier by someone else—also helped that suitable and substantial "incentives" were provid- except that when nations steal valuable assets during wartime, itsed to former high-level Bush (Sr) Administration figures to bring called "plunder"; but when the victors in that war grab those sametheir influence to bear quietly to assets, they call it "recovery".ensure that action against the banks The assets in question were a vastwas not taken. horde of gold and lesser quantities of Although not part of the sanc- platinum plus not inconsiderabletioned plan for Project Hammer— amounts of loose gemstones whichwhich was to generate funds to pay had been grabbed by the Nazis andoff debts on bullion certificates One can conclude that the the Japanese during World War II. Aissued by certain metal trusts—the large volume of this loot found itsfunds were siphoned off surrepti- banks that diverted this money way to the Philippines where it wastiously in order to rescue numerous were too powerful for any agency hidden in numerous treasure sites bymajor US and other banks that by the Japanese occupiers, who plannedthe latter half of the 1980s were tot- of the US government to tackle. to recover it after the war.tering on the brink of bankruptcy.3 But it didnt quite work out the way The banks only had themselves to the Japanese had planned. They lostblame for their imminent collapse. the war, along with the Philippines—Reckless lending to Third World which, it seems, they had been fairlynations for over a decade or more, confident of being allowed to keep incombined with the raw greed of a negotiated truce with the Allies.senior bank executives, had caused unparalleled damage to the In their place, the OSS—the wartime forerunner of Americasworlds banking system. The inability of indebted Third World spy agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—began recov-nations to repay their massive debts could have been—in fact, ering the bullion plundered from a dozen or so nations. This bul-was—foreseen, but was ignored. lion formed what became known as the "Black Eagle" fund, The spiral of gluttony had taken prisoner the faculty of pru- which was part of a secret agreement eclipsed behind the 1944dence and reason as bank executives, seeking their next bonus and Bretton Woods Agreement. Consequently, the metal was placedpromotion, pleaded with sovereign nations to take loans they did under the care of OSS (and later CIA) operative Severino Garcianot need and ultimately could not repay. Nor was it unusual for Santa Romana, who put it under the control of numerous corpo-some of the funds on loan to find their way into the private bank rate entities he formed for the purpose. These entities, in turn,accounts of corrupt state officials—"diversions" that were known proceeded to establish 176 bank accounts in 42 different countriesabout in the boardrooms of the top banks, but ignored as "business in which to deposit these assets under private treaty agreement.as usual". Confirmation of this came from General Cocke, after this was By the end of the 1980s, big banks including Citibank, Chase put to him: "I have been advised that a chunk of the HammerManhattan, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Project funds that were used to trade, to invest and reinvest, came(HSBC), Englands Midland Bank and many, many others were in from a large block of assets that CIA put into the bankdire straits. In all but name, they were bankrupt. The possibility [Citibank]." Cocke replied: "And they pulled that several timesof a prolonged series of collapses of the worlds top banks—a sort from several sources. Nobody is going to confirm it."4of "domino theory" of finance—was regarded in some quarters Santa Romana died in 1974, and following his death his formerwith palpable fear. The entire Western banking system was rock- attorney and trustee was able to "acquire" considerable portions ofing when it should have been rolling along nicely. Santa Romanas estate by illicit means. The lawyer was Somewhere, someone—nobody knows who (or at least no one Ferdinand Marcos, who went on to become President of theis saying)—took the decision to bail out the banks and save the Philippines and a favourite friend of the United States until hisbanking system by diverting Project Hammer funds for this overthrow in 1986. The acquisition of these assets helped give34 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 35. rise to stories of "Marcos gold"—a legend that was supplemented illegitimately. Not that they were in the smuggling businessby additional later recoveries of WWII gold and other loot using a per se, but they were all in the arms business, they were allFilipino Army battalion under the overall command of Marcos retracing dollars of one description or another that hadhenchman General Fabian Ver. accumulated all through the 40s and 50s, really. And that But Marcos was not the sole illegitimate beneficiary of war loot probably is as broad a definition as I can give you…once controlled by Santa Romana. Another was the late BaronKrupp who, I have been told, also gained access to some of these General Cocke then added that involvement in Project Hammerassets. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that Santa Romana, extended to:prior to his death, was apparently associated with former US …the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agencies of allPresident and head of the CIA, George H. W. Bush, and "had types, Pentagon in the broad sense of it and as such, thesome contact" with Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida. Treasury, Federal Reserve. Nobody got out of the act, every- In any event, this bullion has collectively given rise to a whole body wanted to get in on the act."5class of gold and platinum certificates issued over the decades,mainly by top-drawer European banks. The certificates bear the Cockes involvement with clandestine CIA activities dates backnames of prominent, and in some cases infamous, individuals— many years. At the very least, he is known to have been involvedusually heads of state—as beneficiaries. However, these named with the CIAs Nugan Hand Bank. For example, US Treasuryowners were and are not the legal records obtained by veteran journalist andbeneficiaries but, rather, were cats-paws author Jonathan Kwitny show Cocke as theused to muddy the waters concerning the registered "person in charge" of Nugantrue origin of the bullion. Nor did the banks Hands Washington office.6that held the assets own them, but they Cocke also indicated in his affidavit thatcould and did use them in support of their In examining the he was regularly contacted by the CIA foroff–balance sheet activity—to the point of expert assistance over the years and was usu-irresponsibility. techniques employed ally debriefed by them following overseas It should not be forgotten that this gold in setting up Project travel. Despite this, a Freedom ofand platinum hoard was stolen and that, Information Act request to the CIA made onunder international law, every effort should Hammer, one is struck behalf of this writer was dismissed with thehave been made to return it to its rightful not just by the statement that "…no records responsive toowners—rather than secretly stash it in your request were located"—which is notbank vaults for use in Cold War covert complexity of it entirely the same thing as saying that nooperations. And although it can reasonably but also by the way the records exist.7be argued that the true owners could It also appears that the CIA is not thenever be traced—since the greater banks and intelligence only one that cares to deny knowledgequantity of the bullion was privately agencies involved of General Cocke. Another is formerowned (rather than being central bank Citibank CEO and Chairman Johnbullion)—it is clear that the ends structured things Reed, who, in a sworn affidavit dated 5dictated the means. And even though numerous nations to shield themselves December 2000, stated he had "no knowledge of any persons named Erlearound the world were to benefit from from responsibility... Cocke, Jr, or Barrie D. Wamboldt".post-war reconstruction based on the Both the CIA and Citibanks John Reeduse and application of this war booty, hold at least one major advantage overthe price of this apparent largesse was General Cocke: they are alive and he isfor these nations to be moulded into dead; and while it is true that the deadUncle Sams image. As they say in cant lie, it is also true that they cantAmericas boardrooms, "Theres no rebut anyones testimony—sworn orsuch thing as a free lunch". otherwise.8 In examining the techniques employed in setting up Project In his deposition, Cocke states that although he had never "met"Hammer, one is struck not just by the complexity of it but also by John Reed, he had attempted on numerous occasions to speakthe way the banks and intelligence agencies involved structured with him, but was continually rejected:things to shield themselves from responsibility (and lawsuits, no We did our best to make the normal approaches, but I candoubt) by utilising subterranean networks, each working at "arms see the President of the United States with no trouble. I can-length". not see Reed.9 Piecing these techniques and networks together has been anarduous, painstaking task, but the process has further unveiled a The "we" Cocke was referring to, besides himself, was Paulshadow world of parallel finance usually only known to those Green, a "long-time real estate lawyer in New York" with "50initiated into it. years practice", who "had done most of his real estate dealings through Citibank".10 Green also did some of his banking businessTHE EMPIRE STATE CONNECTION with Citibank at its Fifth Avenue, New York, branch under During his April 2000 deposition, just days before his death account FOCUS #946 963 94.from cancer, Brigadier-General Erle Cocke, when asked about the According to Cocke, Paul Green was an outside counsel foroverall objective of Project Hammer, replied: Citibank and went back "…30-odd years with large transactions Well, it was mainly to bring back monies to the United States through that bank, buying and selling big buildings. He was very from all types of activities, both legitimately and much involved buying and selling the Empire State Building oneAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 35
  • 36. time."11 Asked if Green was involved in the purchase and sale of …was one of the very early transactions, as far as I am con-collateral instruments, Cocke replied: cerned, with Hammer. I think he [Dan Hughes] is the one Probably not as an individual. But he represented the clients who expanded Hammer in the sense that we moved from one that certainly wanted to do the same thing.12 hundred million [dollars] to a billion-type movement, and now we are doubling, about a trillion. He is the one who News in late March 2003 revealed that the Empire State enhanced it, is the best way of saying.Building had just been sold by casino king Donald Trump and theheirs of shady Japanese billionaire Hideki Yokoi for US$57.5 mil- THE HUGHES PORTALlion. Yokoi (who, at the time, was serving a prison sentence and Dan Hughes, Jr, the nephew of US Representative William J.had secretly negotiated the transaction through a middleman) and Hughes from New Jersey, made a considerable fortune in the con-his partner Trump had gained ownership of the building in 1991 struction business in Florida during his early working life. By thefor US$42 million. Little is known about Yokois World War II mid-1980s, with paper assets nearing US$100 million, he becameactivities. involved in collateral trading and by late 1989 entered the realm The building last changed hands four decades earlier in 1961, of Project Hammer.when it was acquired by real estate tycoon Harry Helmsley from During the autumn of 1989, Hughes was approached by Peterthe Prudential Insurance Company in a sale-leaseback deal. The Seaman, the President and Chairman of a small investment bankworld-renowned skyscraper was built on called Nantucket Holding Company.land owned by the Astor family and sold to Seaman had developed an arrangement withthe DuPonts in 1929. Construction of the Ecoban Limited, a small merchant bank withEmpire State Building began in 1930. John offices in London and New York City thatJacob Astor was one of the first Americans specialised in emerging market-debt and theto become involved in the opium trade, from Aforfait market.16 Seaman, using Nantucketwhich his later fortune derived. This he The ancestor of all Holding Company, concluded an agreementinvested in Manhattan real estate. The by which Ecoban would purchase US$100architects of the Empire State Building were trust companies is million worth of documentary letters of cred-Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates—designers of One Bankers Trust Plaza, the Englands Foreign & it issued by the head offices of Citibank NA and the Chase Manhattan Bank NA. HughesHQ of Bankers Trust, together with the Colonial Investment had access to these bank credits via a US$50Credit Lyonnais building in New York City. It is of more than passing interest that one Trust, which dates billion "commitment" extended to him by the Bankers Trust Company.law firm represents many of the back to 1868 and To fund the purchase, Ecoban needed"actors" who appear in this story. That was conceived by the support of a bank and turned tofirm is White & Case. Amongst Midland Bank Aval Limitednumerous notable achievements listed one of the foremost (MidAval), the forfaiting subsidiary ofon its website background/history is its Midland Bank Group Internationalrepresentation of the DuPont Group in legal minds of the day, Trade Services (MiBGITS). MidAval,its sale of the Empire State Building in Lord Westbury. once wholly owned by Midland Bank,1954 for the princely sum of US$51.5 had, shortly before commencing withmillion. As we noted earlier, almost 40 the Hammer transaction, concluded ayears later, in 1991, the building sold private agreement with Sir Williamfor the less than princely sum of Purvis, Chairman of the Hongkong andUS$42 million. I am not certain how Shanghai Banking Corporation, where-the real estate investors define invest- in HSBC purchased a controlling equityment performance over the years, but stake in MidAval. This meant thatan aggregate loss of US$9.5 million MidAval was 60% owned by HSBCover the course of 37 years doesnt usually constitute an invest- and 40% owned by Midland Bank.17ment accomplishment by any standard I know.13 Accordingly, on 12 October 1989, MidAval issued a letter Meanwhile, a brief review of White & Cases client list tell us agreeing to purchase "$100 million with rolls until funds arethat they also represented the First National Bank (the forerunner exhausted of documentary letters of credit…" 18 An earlierof Citibank), Astor Trust Company, Prudential, J. P. Morgan & 14 MidAval letter (dated 25 September 1989) stated that they "irrev-Co., Saudi Aramco, Swiss Bank Corporation and Seagram ocably commit to purchase the above letters of credit and pay theCompany Ltd of Canada, controlled by the Bronfman family— amount agreed between you and Ecoban Limited (the purchaseregarded by some as the kings of the Canadian mafia.15 But White price) to Citibank NA, Lugano".& Cases most "enduring" client is Bankers Trust Company, a The reference to "Lugano" was deleted in later letters at theJ. P. Morgan–controlled bank which the law firm was "centrally specific request of Nantuckets Peter Seaman, as detailed in his 11involved" in forming back in 1903. October 1989, letter to Brian Fitzpatrick, the Managing Director The ancestor of all trust companies is Englands Foreign & of Ecoban Limited. Lugano was of some considerable impor-Colonial Investment Trust, which dates back to 1868 and was tance—as we shall see later—but not least because it was atconceived by one of the foremost legal minds of the day, Lord Union Bank of Switzerland in Lugano where, according to DanWestbury. The current Lord Westbury, Richard Bethell, will Hughes, the actual trading of the Hammer programme took place.appear later in this story. Meanwhile, MidAvals letter was addressed to Jardine, Emett & But first, lets step through the looking glass and examine one Chandler, New England, Inc., in Boston, USA, which acted as anof the early Hammer deals, which General Cocke believed: agent for MidAval. On the strength of MidAvals signed and36 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 37. authorised letter, Jardine, Emett & Chandler issued its own brokerage division". Of interest here is the little known fact that"Request for collateral instruments" under its letterhead. This let- Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, New York, was a recipient of goldter, dated 12 October 1989, bore the reference "Midland Bank bullion from Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos in JanuaryAval Limited for Ecoban Limited". 1984. It is not clear from Mr Demitrieuss available vitae if this To close the circle, Dan Hughes had earlier instructed his attor- was the same time period he was the Senior Vice President ofney, Oswald (Ozzie) Howe, Jr, of the Miami law firm Mershon, Drexels bullion business, but I am informed this is probably theSawyer, Johnston, Dunwoody & Cole, to cause to be issued a case. Before that, Demitrieus "held senior-level financial posi-sight draft, dated 6 October 1989, drawn on the Southeast Bank tions with Freeport–McMoRan, ITT and Arthur Andersen".21NA, Miami, and payable to Bankers Trust Company, for the sum Significantly, Freeport–McMoRan, back when it was Freeportof US$50,000. A further sight draft was issued in the amount of Sulphur, positively heaved with CIA and elite heavy-hitters—notUS$25,000, at the request of Bankers Trust. Following this to mention persistent whispers of its involvement in the recoverysequence of events, nothing happened and no draws were made of plundered gold stashed in Indonesia, where Freeport had theagainst the sight drafts issued by Southeast Bank in favour of worlds largest copper mining operation. Over the years, theBankers Trust. But on 18 October 1989, Hughes received a time Freeport senior management has included such luminaries asand sequence confirmation from Joan Johnson, Vice President Augustus "Gus" Long, Chairman of Texaco, who did "prodigiousand Operations Manager of the Security Pacific bank in Los volunteer work for Columbia Presbyterian Hospital"—which hasAngeles, which Hughes believes activated his transaction through been described as a "hotbed of CIA activity".22a "back door" arrangement which would cut him out of his com- Another director was Robert Lovett, who has been described asmission.19 Thereafter, Peter Seaman point-blank and inexplicably a "Cold War architect" and was once an executive at the old Wallrefused to speak with Hughes again. Street bank of Brown Brothers Harriman. He also served as an General Cocke was an experienced banker from a long line of Under Secretary of State, Assistant Secretary of War andbankers and was a former full-time Secretary of Defense. He was a bestUS representative at the World Bank. friend of Chase Manhattan BankIntimately familiar with the opera- Chairman (and Warren Commissiontional techniques of trading pro- To appreciate the subtleties of member) John J. McCloy.grammes, he was asked: "Can you The Chase Manhattan andexplain in a general way how it how the diversion of this Citibank connection to Freeport was[Hammer] functioned, that it was a further enhanced by the boardtrade programme, for those of us that particular "portal" into Project appointment of Godfrey Rockefeller,are not familiar?" Hammer may have occurred, brother of James Stillman The stock way all big banks, all Rockefeller who was appointed central banks, change within it is instructive to look at the Chairman of Citibank (then known themselves and curtail their bal- connections and associations of as First National City Bank, or ances, build up their peaks and FNCB for short) in 1959. (Note, then sell it. the principal players. too, that Chase Manhattan and Citibank are the exact same two He went on to explain that "most banks that were to issue the Projectof it is done in a four-week program Hammer documentary letters ofto be technically correct" and involved the trading of banking credit.) Godfrey Rockefeller was a one-time trustee of theinstruments—usually known as "collateral"—that are heavily dis- Fairfield Foundation that financed a variety of CIA "fronts".counted and then sold off. Meanwhile, Stillmans cousin, David Rockefeller, was Chairman of Chase Manhattan and regarded as the "goliath of AmericanMAPPING THE COVERT CONNECTIONS banking".23 To appreciate the subtleties of how the diversion of this particu- By a strange coincidence of fate, it was Robert Lovett and Johnlar "portal" into Project Hammer may have occurred, it is instruc- J. McCloy who, together with Robert B. Anderson, formedtive to look at the connections and associations of the principal Secretary of War Henry L. Stimsons team of financial expertsplayers.20 concerned with tracking WWII gold looted by the Axis powers. • Ecoban: In addition to Ecoban Limited in London, there was Indeed, Lovett and McCloy were responsible for negotiating thethe affiliated Ecoban Finance Limited that conducted business out secret agreement hidden behind the Bretton Woods Agreementof an address on Third Avenue in New York City. concerning the establishment of the Black Eagle trust that was to A one-time President and CEO of Ecoban Finance Limited in make use of plundered WWII bullion in the postwar years.24New York was Jim Demitrieus, who more recently was the • Midland Bank: When looking at MidAvals parent, MidlandPresident and Chief Operating Officer of Ixnet/IPC, which was Bank Group International Trade Services (MiBGITS), one couldacquired by Global Crossing in June 2000. Global Crossing was do worse than read the very informative book by former armsone of the US firms that recently suffered a spectacular collapse company chairman Gerald James, entitled In the Public Interest.together with Worldcom, Enron and the accountancy firm Arthur James recounts numerous chilling accounts of Her MajestysAndersen. All were subjected to a welter of media attention for intelligence service MI6s deep involvement with the MiBGITSwhat was believed to have been unparalleled insider trading activ- special defence unit. Included are details of Stephan Kock, whoities by senior executives. James claims to have been a former head of the Foreign Offices Earlier in his career, Demitrieus "served as senior vice president so-called assassination squad, Group 13. Another intelligence-and chief operating officer of the Commodity Division of Drexel connected individual named in Jamess book is Sir John Cuckney,Burnham Lambert, Inc., responsible for the precious metals, ener- who was a non-executive director of Midland Bank from 1978gy products, foreign exchange trading subsidiary and institutional until 1988 and was responsible for having formed the defence unitAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 37
  • 38. in the first place. Gerald James and his munitions company Astra and the three senior MidAval executives had been ongoing foralso had dealings with, and a private account at, MidAval.25 almost a year before satisfactory terms were settled. Kocks boss at Midland was Comte Herve de Carmoy, a Following the takeover of Midland Bank by HSBC, MidAvalFrenchman and a leading light on the Trilateral Commission. He had its name changed to HSBC Forfaiting Limited. It was dis-left Midland in 1988 to take up the position as the most senior solved in February 2000. Former staff had long since scatteredexecutive of Belgiums massive transnational company, Société with the four winds. IndoSuez Aval Limited is likewise nowGénérale. He was replaced as head of Midland International by defunct.John Louden, a multilinguist who had an unfortunate speechimpediment—leading wags in the bank to say of him that he Continued next issue ...could stutter in seven languages. De Carmoys departure was fol-lowed by that of both Cuckney and Kock, after what Gerald Authors Note: Documents and other exhibits in support of this story are available onJames describes as "funny practices" relating to a loss of £100 my website, http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk, where they can be down-million involving all three men.26 loaded by interested readers. Although a similar amount to the MidAvals Project Hammertransaction, this sum of £100 million cannot have been the same About the Author:money for two reasons. Firstly, the Hammer amount was in dol- David Guyatt spent 28 years working as an investment banker in thelars and not pounds, and was discounted at approximately 4% City of London. His last position was as a divisional treasurer of a majorover the prevailing one-year interest rate (LIBOR—the London international bank.Interbank Borrowing Rate). For US banks of the standing of David now pursues a career in journalism, writing for a variety ofChase and Citibank, at that time a market rate of perhaps one media and researching and producing factual material on a wide range of associated subjects. This is his 10th article for NEXUS, the mostquarter of 1%—or, at most, one half of 1%—was applicable. recent published in 9/01–9/02 ("Project Hammer" parts one and two).Four per cent was unheard of by a very long shot indeed. In addition to his feature writing, David has prepared backgroundSecondly, at least a year separated the two movements of money. papers on Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons for the International Even so, there are notable connections between the MidAval Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was a contributing member ofCEO Ian Guild and Herve de Carmoy (who was known in the ICRCs SIrUS Project that sought to define criteria for judging "abhorrentbank as "Herve the Swerve"). Firstly, de Carmoy was Guilds weapons", and has written for the World Development Movement on hisoverall boss. Secondly, shortly after de Carmoy moved to Société "insiders knowledge" of international weapons financing. He has beenGénérale, a valued employee of MidAval (also a Frenchman, a consultant on Swiss and UK TV documentaries, exposing the threat of non-lethal weapons and Britains weapons trail to Indonesia. He assist-referred to in-house by the affectionate nickname of "Froggy") ed the US-based law firm Easton & Levy in its lawsuit against theleft MidAval employment to take up the post of Chef du Cabinet Vatican for the restitution of the Nazi Croatian Treasury which was illic-at the specific invitation of de Carmoy. Thirdly, Guild and the itly transferred to the Vatican and elsewhere at the end of World War II.other two senior executives, plus some other staff, left Midland in David has recently completed an in-depth investigation into the black1990 to form IndoSuez Aval Limited. IndoSuez Bank was direct- market of gold and has published it as an electronic book, titled "Thely owned by Société Générale and negotiations between de Secret Gold Treaty", which is available through his home page atCarmoy, his Chef du Cabinet—the former MidAval employee— http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk.Endnotes 11. See pages 40 and 41 of Cockes deposition at lines 18. Italics are mine.1. Available for free download at 19 through 21 and 1 through 6. 19. Sworn and notarised affidavit of Dan Hughes,http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk; also see NEXUS 12. ibid., page 41 at lines 9 and 10. dated December 31, 1990.9/01–9/02. 13. If one includes the inflationary effect over this time 20. There are believed to have been numerous different2. See Project Hammer part one, "The Project Hammer period, it would reveal that the sale price is, in fact, a great "portals" providing access into Project Hammer overFile", freely available on my website, deal less now than it was almost 50 years ago, which is the period of its life. The Dan Hughes transaction washttp://www.deepblacklies.co.uk. more than curious. Nor does the leasing agreement over one of these—albeit a significant and "early" one,3. Information about Project Hammer has been this same period seem especially lucrative. according to the testimony of General Erle Cocke.garnered from numerous sources. Those sources that I 14. It is not clear from the banking records I have 21. Demitrieuss vitae is drawn from that published onam able to name are named in the text. The remainder viewed online, but it looks as though the Astor Trust the Global Crossing website.remain confidential. Company was absorbed into an entity that formed part 22. For details concerning the Freeport Board of4. Page 51 of General Cockes affidavit. One of the of the Bankers Trust Company. Directors, see Internet report entitled "FreeportCIA "sources" was the slush fund controlled by 15. See Dope, Inc. (EIR, 1992). Sulphurs Powerful Board of Directors".Japanese Liberal Democrat Party bosses and known as 16. Forfaiting is the discounting of bank-guaranteed 23. See Phillip Zweigs massive book, Wriston (Crownthe "M-fund", after General MacArthurs economic receivables (Aval) on a non-recourse basis. Publishers, New York, 1995) for comprehensivesupremo in Tokyo, General Marquat. 17. I use the term "private agreement" under advice— background on Citibank and Chase.5. General Cockes 67-page affidavit is available for following a recent telephone conversation with a 24. For details of these three gentlemens involvementfree download at my website, representative of Companies House, who told me that in the Black Eagle Trust, see Seagraves self-publishedhttp://www.deepblacklies.co.uk: just click on the no change of ownership notification had been made for book, Gold Warriors; details are available on myProject Hammer File link and follow the instructions. MidAval at that time. MidAval had first been website, http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk, linked under6. See Jonathan Kwitnys excellent book, The Crimes registered as a limited company under the shelf the heading of "The Seagrave Affair" on the main page.of Patriots (Touchstone Books, New York, 1987), for a registration name of "Diplema Twenty Nine Limited" 25. I know much of the inner workings of MidAval fordetailed background on the Nugan Hand Bank affair. in June 1983. A change of name to Midland Bank Aval the simple reason that I was the Treasurer and an7. See http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/cocke- Limited was formally notified to Companies House in Associate Director of that firm until 1991. However, Inews.html for a copy of the CIAs letter. April 1996—although the firm had been trading in the knew nothing of the Project Hammer deal that was8. See http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/cocke- name of Midland Bank Aval Limited from day one. strictly handled by the three principal executivenews.html for a copy of the cover sheet of John Reeds Following the full buy-out of Midland Bank PLC by the directors.affidavit. HSBC Group, MidAval had its name changed to HSBC 26. See details on page 164 of Gerald Jamess book, In9. See page 43 of Cockes deposition at lines 11, 12 and 13. Forfaiting Limited. The company was dissolved in the Public Interest (Warner Books/Little, Brown,10. From Cockes affidavit. February 2000. London, 1996).38 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 39. NEWS NEWS SCIENCE SMOG-BUSTING AND RAIN-MAKING WITH Clincher, the most successful of all ERE weather engineering oper- ETHERIC ENERGY TECHNOLOGY ations since 1968. Clincher demonstrates an inexpensive, effective from Etheric Rain Engineering Pte Ltd © 1990–2003 answer to the worlds smog problems.Editors Note: Trevor James Constable, who was born in New Development of the "Flying H"Zealand in 1925 and migrated to the United States in 1952, was in Development in the mid-1980s, on a high-seas ship, of "Flyingthe merchant marine—in NZ, Britain and the USA—for nearly half H"–type units occurred synchronously with operational divorce-a century. He developed a method of weather manipulation called ment from water grounding. Historical photographs on EREs web-Etheric Rain Engineering, which expanded on Dr Wilhelm Reichs site of typical Flying H units reveal them as a side-by-side, H-typeCloudbuster technology. He is well known as the author of The central mounting of a pair of resonant tubes on a common axle.Cosmic Pulse of Life (1975) and a number of books about German Maritime testing of the Flying H began with manual rotation ofand Allied fighter pilots of World War II. In his investigations of the tubes, and provided proof of concept. Operations at sea estab-unusual phenomena, he has photographed UFOs as well as huge lished the need for a small but rugged AC gear motor to provideplasmoidal aerial creatures which he calls "critters". steady rotation in the frequent high winds of the ships flying Trevor Constable is Chief Consultant with Etheric Rain bridge. A powerful modern ship making 22 knots into a 25-knotEngineering Pte Ltd, based in Singapore (see website headwind effectively has a full gale on its flying bridge. This washttp://www.ethericrainengineering.info). The following paper from often the case on SS Maui.ERE highlights several of Constables etheric weather engineering Once technical development departed from fixed, multiple-array,projects. rack-type installations and classical Cloudbusters into equipment incorporating rotating components on a motor-driven axle, manyT his specially prepared Internet report is the first time that the new approaches suggested themselves. historical work-up to 1990s Operation Clincher has been Action is the crucible from which new designs emerge. The rela- presented for the world public. While Etheric Rain tive lightness and flexibility of the Flying H units invited mobility.Engineering Pte Ltd of Singapore no longer offers dedicated smog Having these rotating units mounted on a fast ship made it easy—abatement contracts, the corporation may, in certain circumstances, and natural—for such equipment to describe typical spinning wavemake the technology available gratis to governments contracting for or kreiselwelle forms in the ethers as the ship moved on its gyro-rain engineering operations. The extreme simplicity of the technol- stabilised courses. Tentative new designs could be worked out andogy and the impossibility of protecting that technology via patents then fabricated and tested on site in a pristine environment. Theiror other security measures precludes smog contracts as a practical practical value would be determined experimentally.matter. The extensive operations that followed development of the EREs predecessor groups were spectacularly successful against Flying H soon showed that radically different equipment designssouthern Californian smog in the 1987–90 period. Pre-notified had moved our infant art into dynamic new domains of action andetheric engineering operations against metropolitan smog began in results.1987 with the pioneer project, Operation Victor. Prior to Victor, We had entered the revolutionary era of biogeometric forms as aconvincing evidence of the power of vertically acting etheric vor- means of influencing etheric action.tices, together with practical experience in their use, was obtainedat sea. The "Spider" Unit Operation Clincher in 1990 was thus the result of lengthy, hands- This new epoch of rotating components soon extended to theon experience in using etheric force in a vertical format. In no development of "Spider"-type units, which were a logical out-sense was Clincher a fluke or a spurious, sudden entry into the growth of the Flying H. The latter was essentially a horizontallysmog scenario. The statistical record for 1986–1990 proves this influential device. "Spiders", by contrast, would work by generat-decisively. The 14 stations used in Clincher could easily today be ing vortices in the vertical plane.increased to 50 or 100 stations to wipe out this health-wrecking Original experiments along this line were carried out with verti-scourge. One per cent of current smog-control budgets would cal operations using the tested, tried and true "cone guns". Thesefinance such an effort. early, waterless derivatives of the original Cloudbuster technology The truth is that political, bureaucratic and financial forces are married golden-section metal cones to resonant PVC tube lengths.heavily invested in smog, and exploit smog economically, finan- They were effective, but clumsy and awkward on shipboard in ver-cially and politically. This racket depends for its existence upon the tical use. Vessel motion added physical hazards. Simplificationlie that there is no effective technical answer to smog, only and stabilisation were achieved by dispensing with the resonantimmensely expensive, marginally effective "projects" extending tube section and increasing the number of cones employed. This isendlessly into the future. By contrast, presented here in their proper how the classic "Spider" units were developed.context are the practical and theoretical precursors to Operation Their mode of operation was to direct the apices of theAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 39
  • 40. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEmechanically rotated cones upward from the ships deck toward the surface. This vortical action reinforces the natural, normal,zenith. Any desired angle from the vertical could be engineered nocturnal motion of the chemical ether back into the earth from theinto the design. Infinite adjustment of these angles was provided in atmosphere—a daily occurrence that does not produce thissome designs. The cones could even be directed horizontally at patterned activity without the Spiders intervention. Hence thetheir minimum adjustment. strong rain squalls. The operating theory was based on a known etheric property of This astonishing activity is brought about with no chemicals ofthe cone: that structures ability to project a coherent beam of ether any kind, no electromagnetic radiation, and no electric powerfrom its apex. Many people of even moderate sensitivity can detect beyond that driving the small rotational motor. The overall happen-this subtle radiation with the palm of a hand. The late, internation- ing is an evidential avalanche. The chemical ether "speaks" thus, inally noted dowsing master, Reverend Verne Cameron of California, its own language, a whole new fabric of natural law awaitingwas able to detect the coherent beam from a cone apex at a distance mankinds intelligent, cooperative touch.of several miles. The maximum range of the beam emitted from the During this break-in period with the Spider in 1986–87, objectivecone apex has not yet been established. effects were produced on an even greater scale. The North Pacific Creation and maintenance of the beam "out of nothing", by a geo- "high" is more or less a meteorological fixture in that part of themetric form alone, fundamentally challenges conventional concepts. ocean. Millions of square miles are usually involved in this blanketNo fuel or power source is required to establish and maintain the of relatively tranquil, high-pressure atmosphere. Judge ourbeam of etheric energy. astonishment when, during these vertically active tests, we found that anomalous, sharp little "lows" suddenly started appearing nearVortices at Work on the High Seas our positions on faxed US Navy and US National Weather Service A Spider unit, mounting two, four or surface analysis maps. The indicationssix cones in a circle around its perime- were that these strange little systemster, directs that number of subtle beams had migrated from our ships track andof etheric force upward, stirring the were suddenly appearing in the middlesurrounding, moving ether to encour- Our action had physically of an almost inconceivably vast mass ofage vortex formation. The generationof such vortices is continuous as long moved smog constituents high-pressure atmosphere that ruled a million square miles or more. Theseas the Spider rotates. When the Spider 50 to 60 miles eastward into "implanted" mini-lows were appearingis mounted on a moving ship, its actionis greatly enhanced on some courses by the lower Mojave Desert, in sufficient strength and size to be observed and reported by surface shipsthe units own motion over the surface. almost instantly! and satellites.Such a functioning Spider will trace the This practical experience of a subtlekreiselwelle, or spinning wave form(s), etheric force that definitely workedin the ether. physically led to theories as to how this Objective effects are undeniable. Chief action could be applied to some usefulamong these is the ability in totally overcast conditions to tear away physical goal or purpose. A practical, beneficial value to humanitythis cloud cover above the ship right through to blue sky overhead. would be ideal. Further, wider use of etheric force for humanThe water vapour thus removed from the zenith descends via vorti- advancement might well ensue.cal action to the local horizon in a dense, doughnut-type ring allaround the vessel. This cloud ring and the opening torn through to Experience and Speculationblue sky above move with the vessel over the ocean surface. These Linkage already existed in nearly two decades of our shoreeffects have been visually observed many times with radar confir- operations to a modern problem with serious negative impact onmation, and an excellent daylight video example is found in the humanity: smog.publicly available videotape, Etheric Weather Engineering on the Our experience since 1968 in southern California had repeatedlyHigh Seas. demonstrated that etheric rain engineering operations definitely In night-time replications of this technique, radar shows the mov- reduced air pollution levels in the region, without any intention toing vessel to be surrounded by a ring of highly active rain squalls, do so on our part. This smog reduction occurred adjunctively toabout 10 to12 nautical miles in diameter. This entire rainy system, etheric rain engineering operations, whether or not rain was actuallycreated by the Spider, moves synchronously across the ocean sur- produced. A "side effect" is how physicians would describe thisface with the ship, sometimes for hours at a time. If the Spider is smog-reduction capability.shut down, the ring of squalls soon dies. In normal operation, as Furthermore, Dr James O. Woods and Trevor J. Constable had onthat portion of the ring of squalls being left behind continually fades several occasions out of curiosity directed large, water-poweredout astern of the vessel, fresh squalls materialise ahead to maintain rack units from Thousand Palms Oasis to the west through thethe ring around the ship. Banning Pass and into the Los Angeles Basin. To our stunned The objective reality of these happenings is compelling, astonishment, a heavy stench of smog and auto exhaust pervadedespecially when they are observed for extended periods as stable the pristine oasis area within a few minutes. Our action had physi-phenomena. A video example of this type of activity, at night and cally moved smog constituents 50 to 60 miles eastward into theon radar, is also found on the video, Etheric Weather Engineering lower Mojave Desert, almost instantly! There was thus a demon-on the High Seas. strated technical link between etheric engineering and smog. Implosive vortical action induced by the rotating cones entrains This was verified by other, kindred experiences. With the heavy,moisture as its contractive force thrusts down toward the ocean cumbersome, water-powered equipment we relied on in those times,40 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 41. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEwe could think out no feasible method for pursuing these findings. by the California authorities, and probably unique in the entireThey were therefore tucked away in our memory banks for a later world. This was a comprehensive program organised and fundedtime. That time arrived with the Spider. by the California Air Resources Board in Sacramento, with a budget Maritime experience with the Spider had demonstrated convinc- of US$10 million. Dozens of smog scientists were brought toingly that etheric vortices could be generated from a moving ship by southern California from all over the US and from other countries.these devices. We already knew there was a connection between These professionals were set up in numerous observation and col-the chemical ether and smog. Might it then be possible, perhaps, to lection bases at key sites in the four-county South Coast Air Qualitygenerate implosive vortices in the Los Angeles Basin with Spiders Management District (AQMD)—the largest and filthiest such dis-operating at fixed bases? An implosive vortex entrains matter with- trict in America.in its influence and drives such matter toward the vortex point. In a This was a stroke of good fortune for us. If our humble little pro-high-seas format, the matter within its influence was atmospheric ject, essentially limited to the month of July, were to be successful,water vapour. That is how we saw those rings of squalls surround then such a detailed smog monitoring project would show our influ-the SS Maui and accompany the ship across the Pacific. ence unequivocally. We were elated to know that smog observa- While it was highly unlikely that similar operations from fixed tions of unprecedented detail and complexity would be carried onshore bases in the semi-arid southern California area would produce by the State of California during Victor. Were we to fail, then oursqualls, the generation of milder vortices in such a dry climate impotence would show statistically and objectively, and would jus-might well have a beneficial and cleansing effect on the regional tify abandonment of such smog operations in future.atmosphere around Los Angeles. Etheric vortices engineered there Budgeted at a penny-pinching $4,000, our Operation Victormight entrain the airborne particulate matter that is integumented in would utilise only three Spider-type stations for the month of July.smog and drive it back to the earth, pro- The main installation was on Pointducing significant air pollution reduc- Fermin, the southernmost tip of Lostion. This seemed worthy of further Dr Wilhelm Reichs brilliant Angeles, on the Pacific Ocean. A sec-practical exploration. ond installation at Tustin, California, In the fixed-based format on land, pioneering work with was close to the middle of the LAthere would be no reinforcing influence Cloudbusters in the 1950s left Basin, and the third was at Fortfrom vessel velocity. We would be Zinderneuf in Desert Hot Springs ondependent entirely upon the native no doubt about the existence the edge of the Mojave Desert. Thesemovement of the ether itself, passing of a west-to-east flow of orgone stations were equipped with hybrid ver-through the vicinities of the emplaced sions of the evolving Spider, but allSpiders. energy (etheric force) in the three units worked upward to initiate We already knew this motion to be northern temperate zone. vortices in the ether.continuous, based on the outline of the The Victor documentation was filedEarths ether economy provided by Dr in advance of commencement with theGuenther Wachsmuth in his monumental National Oceanographic andEtheric Formative Forces in the Cosmos, Earth and Man. Dr Atmospheric Administration of the US federal government.Wilhelm Reichs brilliant pioneering work with Cloudbusters in the The scenario that unfolded in southern California in July 19871950s left no doubt about the existence of a west-to-east flow of strained credulity even among ourselves, poised as we were for pos-orgone energy (etheric force) in the northern temperate zone. In the itive results. Numerous weather and smog records were broken.eastern North Pacific, we ourselves had dammed up this west–east The prototype Spider we had emplaced at Point Fermin producedflow hundreds of times to engineer rain. We recorded the entire a drastic reduction in temperatures for most of the month, and theprocess unequivocally and often on irrefutable time-lapse video. signature of its influence was evident in satellite water vapour pho-The existence and accessibility of this flow were thus as firmly tos and 500 millibar charts broadcast on TV and eagerly videotapedestablished with us as our own heartbeats. by us. A rational expectation, based on our maritime experience, was Cold air came rushing down right to Point Fermin from Canada,that vortices stirred into this etheric flow by the action of the day after day. The atmosphere in the Los Angeles Basin was crystalSpider(s) would move in strings "downstream" in the ether flow, clear. Video clips survive in our files of TV weathermen ravingaway from Spider sites. They would possibly influence implosively about the pristine visibility and clean air, and pointing excitedly tothe physical atmosphere in those regions—east of the Spider sites. the January-in-July behaviour of the cold Canadian air diving downIn the fashion of vortex behaviour, they could be expected to grow to Point Fermin, our main operating base.larger and weaker with distance, but would they travel far enough Smog scientists in the state project were meanwhile struggling toover dry land and have sufficient influence to be physically and find sufficient smog to justify their US$10 million presence. Therestatistically evident? wasnt sufficient smog available for them to gather statistically valid or useful samples. This small army of professional people wasOperation Victor, July 1987 accordingly sent home before the end of July. This humiliating This was the chain of reasoning, theory and experience that abandonment of the smog project was also covered on TV.brought us to the summer of 1987. Driven by the motto that only Compelling proof had been provided, documented by the State ofresults count, we faced the Los Angeles July climate for our test of California, that our generation of implosive etheric vortices wouldSpider-type units as smog-inhibiting devices. indeed reduce southern California smog. Fortuitously, we found ourselves cheek-by-jowl with the most The month of July 1987 stood out for low smog readings withinambitious smog observation, monitoring and study project ever run the 1987 season records, while smog overall for the six-month 1987AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 41
  • 42. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEseason took a striking 16.6 per cent drop from 1986, down to a new in September and October 1989. The seasonal impact of these oper-all-time low! ations was spectacular. Smog alerts dropped by a stunning 29.4 per A significant footnote, with Victor concluded in July, was that cent, all the way down to a seasonal total of 54 alerts—an all-timesmog returning with a vengeance in August. The banished smog record, far below even that of the record-smashing Victor operation.scientists were then brought back for another study try. This left little doubt that the increased efficiency and improved Victor, for us, was an encouraging major triumph. The AQMD placement of our new units was responsible for this tremendoussmog bureaucracy had received copies of our advance federal filing drop, since we had only used four stations. Our future in conquer-of Victor documentation. They nevertheless palmed off on the ing smog looked rosy. Etheric technology could drive this scourgemedia the excuse that this stupendous chain of clean air events was from the Earth!due to "freak meteorological conditions". Planning for Operation ClincherCommercial Support for Experiments George Wuu decided on the basis of the 1989 success that fund- Early in 1988, Trevor Constable became associated with a young ing an enlarged, full-season smog operation in 1990 was a justifiedSingapore entrepreneur and international businessman, Mr George investment. A success to match the previous two might well putK. C. Wuu, now Chairman and CEO of ERE. A multimillionaire etheric weather engineering "over the top" as a commercial venturewith a real sense of adventure, he began working with us to make against smog.etheric weather engineering commercially viable. Plans were accordingly made to increase the number of Spider As an almost ceaseless world traveller, George Wuu had first- stations. More stations were essential. As the number of alerts washand experience of the planetary being reduced significantly, reducingscourge of smog, and envisioned the them still further would be difficult.commercial potential of an effective We therefore developed a simple,and simple method of eradicating this low-profile, dependable and effectivecurse. Here was truly a new way, inex- We therefore developed Mark II Spider that could be operatedpensive and effective. Further develop- a simple, low-profile, from any secure site that had ACment was justified. He subsidised power. The intention was to operate upvideo production, equipment fabrica- dependable and effective to 14 stations, if suitable sites could betion, transportation and other activity Mark II Spider that could be found and commissioned. All this wasessential to keep the work moving. His arranged by the spring of 1990, andintervention was both welcome and operated from any secure site brings the story of Clincher to itstimely. The strain of 20 years was that had AC power. chronological starting point.beginning to tell on the pioneers. An article titled "Operation Clincher" In the 1988 smog season, we stayed is available from our website. It is anout of the Los Angeles smog scenario. edited version of a special report fromSmog took a large upward seasonal jump, the May–June 1991 issue of Theback to 77 alert days from the Victor all-time low of 66 days. This Journal of Borderland Research. Compiled by Thomas Brown,put smog back near to the same level it had reached in 1985 and then-director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation and now1986. Our signature was thus already in the smog statistics and EREs distinguished webmaster, this report excluded, for spacegraphs, even as we prepared to impress it there with even greater restrictions necessary at that time, the enlightening technical detailsclarity over the next two seasons. in this Internet preface. With the additional information provided We continued working on Spider development in 1988–89. here, the reader can grasp that Clincher was no fluke or freakDesigns were fabricated and tested until we had physically manage- occurrence.able units that were effective in generating etheric vortices. Thousands of hours of dedicated labour lay behind the smashing George Wuu had some beautiful examples professionally fabri- triumph that Clincher became, and which it remains to this day, ascated in Singapore, and installed them on his office roof. He took the air pollution technology that nobody wants. ∞some dramatic, 360-degree "fish-eye" photographs of the Singaporeskyscape that bore graphic testimony to the tropical power of Spider For further information, contact:equipment. Mr George K. C. Wuu We continued with rain engineering experiments in Hawaii, Chairman and CEOCalifornia, Singapore and on the high seas. With George Wuus Etheric Rain Engineering Pte Ltdcounsel and financial help, we decided in 1989 to run a pair of short 718A Upper Changi Road East, #04-02projects against southern California smog that were within our capa- Singapore 486850bilities and resources. The two operations would together cover Telephone: +65 9798 5884three of the six months officially assigned as the smog "season". Fax: +65 448 5551This would verify the effectiveness of the improved Spiders we Email: wuudefg@singnet.com.sg;were now using, in a challenging practical format. Website: http://www.ethericrainengineering.info This was a significant step upward from the July-only OperationVictor, but there were human limitations on what we could do. (Sources: Etheric Rain Engineering Pte Ltd © 1990–2003, updatedSufficient personnel were not then available to permit a full-season January 28, 2003, website http://ethericrainengineering.info; Kenoperation. Adachis short biography, "Trevor James Constable: A Man of We ran Operation Breakthrough in July, and Operation Checker Seasons", at http://educate-yourself.org/tjc/briefbio.shtml)42 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 43. L EE C ROCK S A URA T HERAPY / E NERGY C LEANER M ACHINE I n my travels and research over the years, I have tried several electronic methods claimed to help the body heal itself. None has given results that were measurable. Of course, no sane person will say outright that their method "cures" anyone for fear of the wrath of the FDA, AMA or local medicos whose regular income depends on A simple electronic your remaining sick. The machine I want to tell you about first came to my attention through several emails device, using sent to KeelyNet, asking if there was any information about a fellow in Caldwell, Ohio, named Lee Crock, who was using something called "aura therapy" to get amazing results D cell batteries with sick or ailing people with varied conditions, some given up on as beyond hope. Some of the conditions this machine has been used to help resolve include all types of connected to a wire cancer, Alzheimers disease, rheumatism, arthritis, kidney, heart and lung failure, hearing loss, various physical pains, headache, epilepsy, Hodgkins disease, shortness of breath, screen with the viral and other conditions, as reported in testimonials seized and on file at the Noble County Courthouse in Caldwell, Ohio. body as the floating I had never heard of the guy and didnt actively begin looking into his work until a cou- ground, produces ple of months later. I ended up calling Mr Crock on several occasions and found him to be charming, personable and very informative about his method. He repeatedly told me an energy field he wanted to help as many people as he could, while he could. After speaking with him several times on the phone and after he sent me a copy of his which, with a patent, I wrote up a file about the Crock machine for the KeelyNet website (see http://www.keelynet.com/biology/crock.htm). In 2001, we held the first KeelyNet polarity switch Conference in Dallas, which gave me the opportunity to fly Mr and Mrs Crock to Dallas so he could give a presentation and demonstrate his machines. every 15 minutes, The original patent is slightly different than the current machines being sold, as it shows two screens which have now been found unnecessary since the body serves as a "floating can help the cells ground" for whichever polarity is in effect during a given 15-minute interval—meaning eliminate toxins and you just need one wire mesh screen, with the body serving to complete the "circuit". One schooled in formal electronics would think this cant possibly work or do anything resolve a range of useful unless it has a current path. How can a single wire screen, that doesnt even have to make contact with the body, possibly do anything to help heal the body? How can there health problems. be a circuit path between this screen and the body? Lee originally thought it was the aura and has taken photographs with a very expensive aura camera which shows the aura changing brightness and colour after exposure to his machine. That is why he called it aura therapy, thinking the screen interferes with the aura of the body to add energy. It turns out there is an interesting effect called "electroporation", where the cells can be made to expand or contract depending on the polarity of current applied to them. That is what I think is going on in a weak fashion with Lees machine, possibly occurring as part by Jerry W. Decker © 2003 of a coupling to the aura, or what the Russians call the "bio-plasmic field". New information has been released recently on work done by the husband and wife APDO Post 17 CP team of D. James and Dorothy Morré, who have worked on biological clocks since the Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico 45900 1960s and recently found a 12-minute expansion and a 12-minute rest cycle associated with proteins and cells. This is remarkably close to the 15 minutes Lee found by empiri- Email: jdecker@keelynet.com cal observation as the optimum time between switching polarities for his machine. Website: http://www.keelynet.com Before the KeelyNet Conference, Lee kindly sent me one of his very early units. The corroded battery plate grids, arranged for 3 volts DC (vdc) output, use of an off-the-shelf AC timer and a single wire output for the pad. There is also a plus-and-minus port toAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 43
  • 44. measure battery power. Lee brought five of the new units to the "diamagnetism", when both poles are simultaneously repelled.conference, and he let people examine and use them. These five Scientists in Finland have succeeded in levitating living frogs,devices also used the single wire pads, which have proven fruits and other "non-magnetic" objects in a high density magneticsuperior to the dual pads as shown in the original patent. field, based on this diamagnetic repulsion effect. The machine itself is remarkably simple. It has a combination Lee Crocks Energy Cleaner Machine requires a "steady state"of 10 D cell flashlight batteries connected to produce 3 vdc. A DC field from the 10 batteries at low voltage (3 volts). Althoughswitching relay, set for 15-minute intervals, alternates the polaritythere is no current flow that I know of or which has been mea-(negative or positive) sent to a wire mesh screen made of alumini- sured between the wire screen and the body or even the aura of aum and available at any hardware store. This wire screen was body, I think the energy field from the wire screen attached to theheld on or near the part of the body to be "treated", though it machine provides an ambient pool of force from which the auraappears to produce effects as long as it is held within about six can extract energy. I base this suggestion on natural law, whereinches (approx. 15 cm) of the body, thereby reinforcing the idea nature always seeks equilibrium, so by immersing a low-potentialthat there might be some unknown aura-coupling effect. object into a high-potential field, the low potential object will nec- essarily be pulled up in trying to come into equilibrium with theHOW THE MACHINE MAY ASSIST HEALING high-potential field. Thus, a weak aura or body energy field will I would like to bring in some other correlations which might be pulled up by absorbing energy from the wire screen via a cou-further help to understand how this very simple machine could pling to the aura.actually be assisting the body to heal itself. A similar background energy effect is that observed by Dr It is my opinion that the aura of the body produces lines of Gianni Dotto, who designed and built the famous healing machineforce which actually "write" the pattern of the aura into the physi- known as the "Dotto Ring", which produced an intense magneticcal matrix of the body. The aura, I believe, changes very slowly field using 30,000 amps at almost no voltage, making it "almostand is amenable to "sustained" thought—meaning you can repro- superconducting"; ergo, current without voltage in a super-coldgram your aura with concentration material has no resistance. Accordingand repetition. to reports, Dottos machines would According to Dr Harold S. Burr of levitate off the floor when in opera-Yale University, all protein in the tion, due to the intense magnetic fieldbody is replaced approximately they produced. This effect resultedevery 159 days (six months), so why It is my opinion that the aura from repulsion against the magneticthen do we not have a new bodyeach six months? Why do scars and of the body produces lines of field lines of the Earth. This claim has caused many to sneer and say it isageing appear in a body that is new? force which actually "write" the impossible because the field lines ofBecause the aura is the energy pat- pattern of the aura into the the Earths magnetic field arent thattern which is written into the physi- strong.cal body, and it holds the pattern of physical matrix of the body. However, about three to four yearsthe scars and tallies up all the stress- ago I received a couple of telephonees we have encountered over our calls from a young man in Atlanta,past, including the prior six months, Georgia, asking if I knew of a com-all written into the flesh of our body. pact power supply that ran on gas or One interesting claim that correlates some other replaceable fuel. Well,is that of David Hudson who states that monoatomic gold is yes, I said, there are many power supplies that could fit thatsuperconducting and when ingested will add energy to the body, requirement, depending on how much power was required to beincrease psychic abilities and promote healing, among other generated. He then proceeded to say he had built a three-footthings. David was with our group in Dallas for several days, giv- spherical model of the Wachspress levitating monopole magnet,ing us the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. I must say, connected with a power cable, and which he flew around thethe man is brilliant, with a mind able to span vast bodies of infor- room. He wanted to expand this to a six-foot model which wouldmation and correlate relevant parts. He kindly provided me with allow for a pilot and needed a self-contained onboard powercopies of two lab reports which showed that new, growing tissue source. I was impressed by the claim, and he swore it was truewas naturally superconducting—a condition he believes ingestion and that he could only fly it for about 20 minutes or so before theof monoatomic elements might induce artificially, and a technique coils became too hot due to the very high current necessary tohe suspects the patriarchs and religious figures knew and used in drive them, so he risked shorting them out.the past to develop their "powers". This young man was very paranoid and never contacted me It was from David that I first heard the aura being described as again after the two phone calls, so I didnt have a name or anya resultant of superconductivity. A term I like to use in describing way to contact him. Granted, it could have been a hoax; but hethe aura, based on Davids ideas, is "a dynamic attenuating sounded sincere and rather harried, like he was afraid ofMeissner field": dynamic, because it is living and in slow motion, something.giving the body time enough to "write" the aura pattern into the His machine was based on a magnetic "monopole" which isreality of flesh; attenuating, because it weakens with age and described in the 1989 patent by Herb Wachpress, describing a toytime, eventually becoming so weak that the transcription based on a unique geometry that produced just such a monopole.(copying) of the aura pattern to the body is so weak as to not be Basically, it consists of six electromagnets, all pointing with theable to sustain the energy connection, thus resulting in death; and same polarity towards a centre so as to form a sphere. WithMeissner "field", because the Meissner effect is experienced with sufficiently strong small magnets, you should be able to make asuperconductors as a repulsion of magnetic lines of force, no purely "magnet-powered" monopolar sphere. When measuredmatter the polarity of the magnetic pole. This effect is called around the surface of the sphere, it would appear as a monopole,44 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 45. since only one polarity was facing outwards. Using this, heating effect. Once you achieve the maximum heat, you layWachspress made a table with electromagnets appropriately your hands on the area being treated and let them cool down.positioned and connected to a joystick, so that the magnetic A CW motion will recharge the cellular energy, and after aboutmonopolar sphere could be "flown" in the air above the 30 hours of this CCW then CW treatment, repeated in 15-minuteelectromagnetic table. intervals, the subject improves. By using a relay of four or more This has no real bearing on the Crock machine or how it works, people, doing this technique without the machine, you canbut I just thought it might be interesting in light of the claims that continually flush and recharge the damaged cells over 24 hoursthe Dotto Ring machines levitated off the floor when in operation for three to five days or as needed. The machine Lee hasto produce the 30,000 amps and thus a very intense magnetic developed apparently produces this same alternate CCW and CWfield. It would be great to hear from anyone working along these motion without the need of a human operator to produce the samelines, though I dont think I would want to ride in a flying machine flushing and recharging effect.with such a strong magnetic field density! One of the side effects is excess urination in people with very Another interesting correlation to the Crock machine are the serious health issues. Lee says this is due to the body discharging"Eeman relaxation screens", sometimes called "bio-circuits" or the irritants and toxins that are being released as the tissues are"Eeman screens". These were discovered by Leon Ernest Eeman being flushed out via this very simple method.in the early 1920s. After serious injuries in a plane crash, Eeman Lee and his volunteers have worked with over 10,000 peoplewas deemed 100% disabled. While hospi- over a three-year period with excellent suc-talised, he recalled Jesus admonition, "Heal cess rates, he says, with these people com-the sick by the laying on of hands". Eeman ing from all over the USA and at least 10reasoned that this healing energy was the foreign countries. Yet he has been sum-subtle energy of the life force itself. Within monsed to appear in court and forced totwo years of his release from hospital, he change the name of his facility fromhad developed techniques using these Lee and his volunteers Therapeutic Clinic to Therapeutic Academyscreens that restored him to better health (which he has since renamed EDKthan he had ever known. have worked with over University due to legal reasons), although he These screens are passive devices thatfacilitate the flow of subtle bodily energy. A 10,000 people over a has never claimed outright to be able to heal or cure anything or anyone. His methodscientific, double-blind study, which mea- three-year period with simply assists the body to heal itself bysured muscle tension and skin conductanceas well as monitored EEG, found these excellent success rates, flushing problems. cause the out the irritants and toxins thatscreens to be superior for producing he says, with these Lee says his electronic device hasrelaxation. people coming from one wire leading from it, which is con- nected to a screen that is usuallyLEES HEALING PRINCIPLES & all over the USA and sealed inside a pillow. The pillow canTREATMENT PROTOCOLS then simply be laid on the suspect After all this preliminary material, at least 10 foreign organ; the bigger the screen, thenow is a good time to repeat what Lee countries. greater the area affected.told me on the telephone in our numer- The CCW motion, Lee says, is likeous conversations and what he said at building a coil; and since a coil attractsthe KeelyNet Conference. (By the electricity, this energy coil will pullway, we do have a videotape of Lee the electricity out of the cells and carryspeaking at the conference; order from the toxins with it. He says the proof ofhttp://www.keelynet.com/ this motion is the production of heat inproducts.htm.) the palms of the hands, which can be Lee said he was fascinated by the felt with or without the machine; and a"laying on of hands", as reportedly used by Jesus and his disciples less subjective proof is that the subject may tend to urinate fre-and other healers. His healing system stems from Reiki massage quently when being subjected to this bio-heating and coolingtherapy, which he says partially relies on the production of heat in effect.the hands to heal the body. The treatment takes from three to five This sounds to the author like a version of "iontophoresis",days and is given at his facility, EDK University. At the time of where charged ions can be used to introduce or remove elementsthe conference, Lee reported that it has 30 beds and is able to pro- or chemicals to or from the cells. Once these cellular contami-vide treatments around the clock. Those too ill to care for them- nants are in the bloodstream, they are detected as invaders orselves are requested to bring a friend or helper. excesses and removed as waste, most easily via urination. Lee says a counter-clockwise (CCW) motion is positive, dis- And yes, Lee says he has treated himself with the machine forcharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within months, where he used a 4 x 8 foot wire mesh screen placedabout 14 minutes—as opposed to a clockwise (CW) motion which between the mattress and box spring of his bed, with his machineis negative and refills the cells with energy. He describes the feeding this mesh screen so he would be treated while he slept.principle as like emptying a bucket, filling it back up and empty- He reports that during this process he would have to go to theing it again, over and over, with the idea being to flush out irri- bathroom four to five times a night, and had to discontinue usingtants and toxins. the apparatus due to dehydration as a result of his body flushing He says an easy demonstration is to hold your hands flat against out irritants and toxins. He adds that it is important to drink lotsor close to the ailing organ or body of a subject, and move the of fresh water to assist in the flushing. He also mentioned thatpalms of your hands in a CCW motion until you begin to feel a after discontinuing this nightly treatment, he often still has toAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 45
  • 46. urinate overnight, but the effect is going away over time. I take One of the other discoveries is that you can have several peopleLees comment as a great warning not to overuse this technique; touch the pillow while the machine is on, resulting in a greatlyuse it only when you need it. increased effect—as if the machine, producing its alternating Lee provides background information on the basic effect and its CCW and CW fields, absorbs additional healing energy from thediscovery, including an "aura therapy" booklet which he gives people participating, which greatly intensifies the healing effect.away freely. He is generous to a fault and charges nothing for This is very similar to the claims of the Eeman screens, wherepeople to come to his facility and stay in one of the 30 beds for as two wire mesh screens are laid next to each other and offset onlong as necessary to get them better. He says he is just there to the floor to be connected with one wire at the top and one wire athelp whomever he can. Look around and see how rare this kind the bottom. A healthy person lies on one mesh screen and a sickof attitude is these days. Lee says to give him a call so he can person lies on the other mesh screen, alongside each other, so thatfind you an open slot in the schedule. His suggestion impressed the feet are on the end of each screen. The idea is that a bioelec-me, in that he didnt seem the least bit concerned with selling tric current will flow between the two, producing a form ofanything. His main concern is helping as many people as he can induced empathic, trans-sympathetic healing.while he is here—another sign of excellent character. Lee has many great stories about using the machines. One of I asked if the facility was set up as a non-profit organisation, them has to do with a woman who had lung cancer and was givenand he said yes, so they are in a position to accept donations, up to die. In the hospital she was in an oxygen tent to assist herbequests, etc. However, Lee has an unusual way of selling the breathing. They thought about ways to smuggle the machine intomachines, using a "lease with option to buy" system. The the hospital to help her.university where Lee allows people to come and use the Energy She was known to be a very religious woman, so they put theCleaner machines for free does cost money to operate. Many device in a suitcase and wrote "anointing oils" on it, then took thepeople cannot afford to pay to stay there, so the money has to pillow and the suitcase in. The pillow was placed on the womanscome from somewhere. chest and the single wire was connected to the machine. The Lee offers a money-back guarantee where he charges US$3,000 helpers all placed their hands on the pillow and put on quite afor a machine, which you can use for show when the nurses and doctorsa month. On receipt of the money, a came in.machine is shipped to you overnight, They went back every day andwith the cost of that shipping taken treated the woman for two hours at afrom the $3,000. If you send the time. Within three days she wasmachine back undamaged, you Lee says he has achieved taken off the oxygen, and within fivereceive the $3,000 minus theovernight shipping cost. If you amazing results in treating days she was released to go home. The cancer had "disappeared" anddecide to keep the machine, the extra Alzheimers disease, because was written off by the doctors as amoney helps to run his clinic andallows those who cannot afford to his system helps to flush miracle due to "spontaneous healing".pay an opportunity to benefit from aluminium from the tissues...the machine. In this way, many can MY PERSONAL HEALINGbenefit from those who buy his JOURNEYmachines, so I urge you to consider I will tell you about my experi-helping him if you can. ence with the machine. For some 23 Many people, including myself, have years, I ran the technical supportsuggested to Lee that he lower the price of the machine and sell department in three different photo-finishing labs. During thatmany more in volume without the money-back option. This time I was exposed to chemicals which I blame for damaging mywould allow so many more people to benefit. He resists this sug- spleen and causing it to become enlarged. The spleen kills off oldgestion, as the system has worked well thus far. The Energy red blood cells, among other functions, so when it is enlarged itCleaner Machine can be used for so many problems that many kills off many more red cells than it should, leaving the subjectpeople choose to keep them for their family and friends to use. tired and needing sleep. That was my problem. Having visited five doctors I was sent to a haematologist, whoRESULTS WITH THE MACHINE found an enlarged spleen to be the problem. My options were to Lee says he has achieved amazing results in treating have it removed and thus become susceptible to opportunisticAlzheimers disease, because his system helps to flush aluminium infections where my only recourse would be to take antibiotics, orfrom the tissues, as well as arthritis and rheumatism, which take massive doses of cortisone. Either option would eventuallyresolve as the excess calcium crystals are flushed from the body. damage other organs. Or I could just live with it. I chose to liveHe says that in a urine sample of an arthritic person, tiny brown with being tired and needing more sleep than normal, but I wascalcium crystals can be seen. always looking for something that might help my non-life-threat- I asked him about muscular dystrophy and other such illnesses, ening condition.and he says they are nerve disorders, the success of the treatment My red cell count when I was first tested was 7.9, and the doc-depending on the degree of decay—though he added that trying it tor could not believe I was even walking around. The normal redcouldnt hurt. Also, since Lee has a great sense of humour, I cell count for a healthy male is 12 to 16, according to the medicalasked him if the technique helped hair growth or would act like staff I consulted. They put me on massive doses of iron and folicelectronic Viagra. He said no, he didnt think it would help acid, which in the next test only increased my count to 8.1. Thatrestore hair, and he didnt know what Viagra was. I explained it was the best they could do, and they expressed regret that theyand he said that, well, most of that is in the mind, anyway, so he could not do more. That was in October 2000.didnt think it would help…! In the summer of 2001, we had the KeelyNet Conference and46 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 47. Lee Crocks Alternating Tissue Flush method EXPERIMENTING WITH THE(Source: www.keelynet.com/biology/crock.htm "ENERGY CLEANER" MACHINE The new machines Lee uses nec- top wire essarily require just nine D cell bat- mesh teries to get 4.5 vdc and require no outside power, making them com- pletely portable—a much desired feature for many situations and for travel. These self-contained battery- powered machines are very well built by Mr Tom Berryhill. If you 5 pairs 1.5 vdc X 2 = 3 vdc bottom wire would like to purchase one, email D cells in parallel mesh Lee Crock at Energycleaner@ aol.com. I recommend that you visit Lee Crocks website at http://www. edkuniversity.com and read all the 15 min. timer DPDT details provided, particularly the relay testimonials. In experimenting with theLee lent me one of his machines. I used it for approximately three machines, I notice with the 3 vdc system a heat sensation from themonths, with a 3 x 4 foot aluminium wire screen under my mat- pad which I dont experience with the 4.5 vdc system. I thoughttress pad and the machine running unnoticed under my bed, all this was just me, until a fellow in Texas asked me to build him abut forgotten. machine. After he received it, he wrote back saying he had also In the third month, I began having trouble sleeping and would bought one of the 4.5 vdc systems and had felt heat from the 3wake up with a lot of energy. I would have to get up to clean the vdc machine but not from the 4.5 vdc. I dont know that this ishouse or do something to dissipate this extra energy so that I critical, as people have used and are using the 4.5 vdc system withcould sleep and make it in to work the next day. Finally I realised good results.that the only change I had made recently was to put the Crock My red cell count increased, using one of Lees newer 4.5 vdcmachine under my bed, so I disconnected it and over the next two machines, so it apparently doesnt make a difference. A frienddays my sleep pattern was restored. resolved her sarcoiditis cancer with the 3 vdc system, as in the Around that time, I quit my job for my planned move to MexiStim unit, and this is the design for the machine which I nowMexico, since the haematologist warned me I was now at risk of use for myself.sudden heart attack. It scared me pretty badly, so I decided to You can build yourself a machine with some basic ability, butmake a serious life change. Before I left Dallas for my the most difficult part is the timer. Some people use an integratedexploratory trip to Mexico, I went back to the haematologist to circuit based on a 555 timer with a big capacitor; others use a 24-have another red cell count—and this time it showed 8.9! I had hour appliance timer, which I believe gives you 12 cycles whichtaken no iron and no folic acid. The doctor and the nurses came can switch in 15-minute intervals for a total of three hours; yetto read this result and were amazed, asking me what I had been others do the absolute simplest thing: they hook the wire from thedoing to cause such an increase when their best was 8.1. batteries to the screen and watch the clock for 15 minutes; once I tried to tell them about the Crock machine, but they put their this has elapsed, they move the wire to the opposite polarity andhands over their ears and said they didnt want to hear about any wait another 15 minutes. All these methods seem to work.alternative health machine. So much for that. But I made them I think it critical to repeat something Lee was quite adamantgive me photocopies of the test from the 8.1 (my last best reading about at the conference. Lee says to use only carbon D cellunder their guidance) and this new 8.9 using only the Crock batteries—not lead acid, not alkaline, not NiCads, notmachine. rechargeables and not AC adaptors, because hes tried all of them Needless to say, it certainly gave me faith in the machine. I and didnt get the same feeling in his hands when testing thedefinitely had more energy, and this test showed why: I simply machine with 10 D carbon cell batteries wired for 3 vdc.had more blood. Now I dont know if the machine is helping to We had quite a discussion about carbon being key to life on thisincrease my red cell production or if it is healing my spleen. To planet and why it was that carbon batteries are the best type totell you the truth, I dont care—because I feel so much better! use. Was there some kind of sympathetic resonance connection Since moving to central Mexico in November 2001, I have built through the carbon connection? This sounds somewhatmy own version of the machine, which I call the "MexiStim", and reminiscent of Edgar Cayce and other bio-energy devices that usehave been using it under my bed with a wire screen under my carbon. Who knows, it could lead to a new science.mattress pad. The machine is on all the time, but sometimes I At the conference and in our telephone conversations, Lee alsohave to disconnect it because it produces too much energy and said to use 10 batteries—not nine, not 11, but 10—which theyprevents me from sleeping. found produces the identical heating and healing sensation he and I have completely changed my diet and lost four pants sizes, his fellow practitioners feel in their hands. Since their newwhich had further benefits for my health. Also adding to my suc- portable machine uses nine batteries to produce the 4.5 vdc, per-cess was not having the temptations of fast food and the stresses haps they have changed this recommendation.of the computer call-centre job that was contributing to my health Continued on page 74problems.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 47
  • 48. 48 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 49. F ROM HELIX TO HOLOGRAM An Ode on the Human Genome Form is not other than Void; Void is not other than Form. (from the Heart Sutra) FROM BIOCHEMISTRY TO BIOPHYSICS W hat is DNA? Where did it come from? How does it function to create life, to create us? We have some of the biochemical answers, but we can look deeper into bio- physics for our models. We propose that DNA functions in a way that correlates with Life is holographic projection. DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamic to the molecular level. Furthermore, research strongly suggests DNA func- fundamentally tions as a biocomputer. This DNA-wave biocomputer reads and writes genetic code and forms holo- graphic pre-images of biostructures. We are more fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemi- electromagnetic cal beings. rather than BIOCOSMOLOGY Where do we come from? Imagine the possibility that life may have come from the fertile womb chemical, the DNA of the Universe to Earth as a tiny hitchhiking alien, using a meteor as a spacecraft. Anaxagorus, an blueprint ancient Greek, first proposed the theory that the seeds of life are spread throughout the Universe. A science for discovering the foundations of life needs a theory—a biological Big Bang. One functioning as a current theory has emerged from astrobiology, the science that searches for life in the Universe. It is a candidate to replace the old concept that life arose on Earth in a "primordial soup". biohologram which Panspermia alleges that life exists and is distributed uniformly through the Universe in the form of amino acids, microbes, germs and spores. If life arose extraterrestrially, then our planet is not a serves as a guiding closed system. The fossil evidence shows that life took root on Earth as soon as possible once the heavy bombardment period subsided, the planet cooled and water formed. Vulcanism and space matrix for debris made conditions inhospitable to life for the first half-a-billion years of planetary existence. This "seed of life" can travel between worlds and arrive by natural means such as ballistic impact, organising physical meteorite and comet. Intergalactic space may be permeated with cosmic dust and microbes. form. Evidence shows they could survive the hard-core radiation and the near-absolute cold of deep space. Some researchers (Hoyle and Wickramasinghe, 2000) believe these "seeds" of life are raining down on us all the time, affirming our cosmic ancestry. Four billion years ago there was no DNA on planet Earth. It is widely believed that our DNA/protein-based cells are derived from an earlier world based on RNA, which can both replicate information and be a catalyst for chemical or metabolic processes. In the prebiotic era, self- assembling RNA was both the genetic and catalytic basis. The simple genome resided in the RNA— a single circular chromosome. We still dont know how RNA arose in the first place (Poole, 1998). Perhaps it arose from some simpler, self-replicating molecule. The evolutionary path from the RNA world led to the most primitive organisms: prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) and eukaryotes (single-celled organisms). Neither variety of primitive by Iona Miller and organism is a complete cell, but even prokaryotes have some free-floating DNA and ribosomes to Richard Alan Miller © 2003 make protein. Ribosomes "read" the genetic information and make whatever the cell needs. They possibly existed longer than 3.55 billion years ago, as their fossils and carbon deposits may indicate. OAK Publishing, Inc. Oregon, USA Even exponents of competing theories on the origin of life agree ribosomes are at least 2.7 billion years old (Copley, 2003). For 500 million years there were only RNA-based organisms. Primitive Websites: life could exist in hostile surroundings with extreme heat and acidity or with no oxygen or even light. http://www.nwbotanicals.org Latest findings show that this life-form descends deep within the crust of our planet, and perhaps http://www.geocities.com/iona_m other planets. It seems life is not so fragile after all, but hearty and robust. The womb of our Universe is fertile—not hostile to life.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 49
  • 50. How life took a quantum leap into the world that eventually manifested A linear string of nucleotides makes up DNA. It specifies "codons",human life is still a mystery. To call it life, you need a cell with both a which in turn specify the amino acids that make up all of the different pro-nucleus and a containing membrane. The mystery is written in the cells teins that combine together to make a body. Five decades of tedious workand molecules of all the life that still surrounds us. made it possible to identify the 3.3 billion nucleotides that encode the The eukaryotes evolved in complexity, developing cellular sequence of the human genome.characteristics. Arguably, there are fossils 3.8 billion years old that have Where are we now? It remains to be seen what sort of balance westructural molecules, ribosomes and protein-synthesising machinery. strike between using the genome for good or ill, or even if we retain ourProteins make possible the molecules for the "blueprint" molecule DNA. "humanity" and genetic integrity. Humankind has never attempted such aThe stable DNA molecule became the genome carrier. crucial project before. It has often been said that "the map is not the territory", and the same holds true for the "map" of the human genome.SALT OF THE EARTH Looking at the map doesnt reveal the natural consequences of real-life We wish to suggest a structure for the salt of deoxyribonucleic acid experimentation. In complex systems, small changes can quickly pump (DNA). This structure has novel features which are of up into dramatic, often unforeseen and potentially catastrophic considerable biological interest. consequences. Thus, Watson and Crick announced their revolutionary discovery with For the time being, the twisted staircase of DNA is explored in thean understatement about their studies on pure, crystallised DNA. But realms of molecular biology and biochemistry. Based on opening thiswhat was the role in the evolution of life for this "salt of the earth"? world of biological organisation, we can conjecture what mysteries an A shift to an oxygen-rich atmosphere 2.0 billion years ago allowed the even deeper look at the functional basis of living matter might reveal.evolution of cells with a nucleus. Eukaryotes keep their DNA structures in This is the domain of biophysics, the realm of both particle and wavea nucleus. They have 10 to 1,000 times more of this genetic substance interactions—fields.than prokaryotes. For a thousand million years there were only prokary- It has been demonstrated that DNA is electrically conductive; much likeotes (microbes) and single-celled micro- copper wire, it can carry a charge. It isorganisms, eukaryotes. Their reign cov- believed that this live-wire vital capacityers half the timeline of life on Earth. may have provided the charge transfer Cells became more and more com- that gave life a jump-start. DNAs abilityplex over aeons, and developed into to transport charge helps minimise geneticorgans and beings evolved to fuel them. damage from oxidation (Lawton, 2003).Plants, fish, vertebrae, insects, amphib- It has been demonstrated The same fundamental physical lawsians, reptiles, mammals, birds and flow- that DNA is electrically that govern matter and the Universe alsoers appeared. All animals, insects, govern living organisms. Even a soundplants, fungi and algae are eukaryotes, conductive; much like copper biochemical theory can be replaced by anthough the volume of prokaryotes far wire, it can carry a charge. even better, more fundamental, biophysi-outnumbers cellular life. Prokaryotes cal theory. It is still important to studyare still essential to sustaining life on the properties at their own levels, not just asplanet. RNA still plays a vital role in consequences of more fundamental scien-cellular life, and hasnt relinquished its tific disciplines.primal importance. Where are we going? Who knows Perhaps life did not evolve on Earth at how future generations of man may beall if it is over 3,850 million years old. Maybe it did come in the form of engineered from the 3.3 billion "letters" of the human genome? We haveintergalactic organic compounds of extremely hardy bacteria, spores and been looking to the genetic code for the secret of life. Perhaps we shouldmicrobes from space, perhaps safely nestled deep in meteors, comets and be listening to the genetic ode: the electromagnetic song of life thatplanetary debris torn loose in collisions. Once they arrived from space, reverberates throughout our being—the audible life-stream.according to the theory, they self-assembled as proteins, then amino acidsand life—with the ability to grow and reproduce. THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE DNA became the active repository of natures blueprints for life—a We are more fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemicallibrary of proteins. Deoxyribonucleic acid is the molecule that programs beings. The driver of evolution is not DNA, but even more fundamentalour genetic potential. It is a virtually immortal thread tying us to all the quantum mechanical symmetry-breaking forces (King, 2003).life that has ever existed. Decoding life has become a reality, pulling off If we drop down another whole domain of observation from the juicythe veil of natures mysterious process. Scientists can now purify, amplify "wetware" described by chemistry and atomic structure, we enter theand reproduce DNA in the laboratory. They can also overwrite the genet- subatomic realm of quantum physics. At this level the behaviour ofic code to create wholly new organisms. matter, both organic and inorganic, is governed not by classical notions of cause and effect or even complex dynamics, but by those of quantumTHE GENETIC ODE probability. The secret of life! How long mankind has yearned to know its essence "Something" appears to emerge from virtually "nothing"—whichand how to extend lifespan and improve health. The discovery of the physicists have come to describe as a "sea of infinite potential". They callDNA helix in 1953, by Watson and Crick, revealed the shape of this it "quantum foam", "vacuum potential" or "zero-point energy"; we canmagic molecule. The following 50 years of research has led directly to call it the "vacuum substructure". Subatomic particles wink in and out ofour ability to read the human genome. We can now decipher its creative existence on a continuous basis, like some subatomic froth. Thismeaning and imitate its creative evolution. "something" appears paradoxically in wave/particle form. This world is Genetic engineering is no longer a chimera or sci-fi dream, but a stark not transcendent to matter, but underlies it as a coherent unity—much likereality. In terms of genetics, we are moving from the machine age to the ecology underlies biology.gene age. A flood of new genetic information is transforming science and Within this context, some physicists have strongly suggested that themedicine. nature of reality is fundamentally analogous to that of a holographic pro-50 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 51. jection. The optical process of holography uses interference patterns. cal foundation of creation. Miller and Webb hypothesised precisely this inHolography describes transformations of light and optical information "Embryonic Holography", also in 1973. At the time, of course, suchmathematically in wave mechanics terms. The superposition of a split notions were untestable. But, with continuing revolutions in technology,beam of laser light led to the laboratory development of holograms, or now we are closer to modelling and demonstrating this creative process.recordable holographic images, demonstrated by Dennis Gabor beginningin 1949. In 1971, Karl Pribram applied this metaphor to neuropsycholo- DNA AS A HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTORgy, suggesting it was more than analogy and that the brain actually In a hologram, wave fields interfere with one another to lay the founda-encodes information as holograms. The pattern holds the form. tions for the reconstruction of the image of an object. But how are the Holograms contain all the information needed to reconstruct a whole wave fields produced? The term "holography" comes from the Greekimage. They contain many dimensions of information in far less space, roots meaning "entire" and "to write". In holography, the image is project-like a compressed file. They hold that information in a subtle network of ed by a coherent light source split into both the object wave and the refer-interacting frequencies. Thus, shining a coherent light (reference beam) or ence wave background.laser through the fuzzy-looking overlapping waves of a two-dimensional This dichotomous nature is reflected in the particle/wave nature of thehologram can create a virtual image of a three-dimensional figure. DNA molecule, which can be "read out" with biophotons from chromo- The gist of the holographic paradigm is that there is a more fundamen- somes to set up a holographically produced wave field. This superposi-tal reality. There is an invisible flux not comprised of parts, but an insepa- tion of wave fields (object wave and reference wave) creates a wave guiderable interconnectedness. The holographic paradigm is one of reciprocal for the formation of biological structure. The image is constructed accord-enfolding and unfolding of patterns of information. All potential informa- ing to the reference information contained in the genes. The reconstructedtion about the Universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of fre- object wave is identical with the object wave field. The reconstructedquency patterns constantly bombarding us. wave fields reproduce exactly the recorded ones (the DNA with genetic In this dynamic model there are no "things", just energetic events. This code)."holoflux" includes the ultimately flow- Russian research in genetics leding nature of what is, and all possible scientists to begin looking experimentallyforms. All the objects of our world are at the helical structure of DNA as athree-dimensional images formed of possible holographic "projector" of thestanding and moving waves by electro- Russian research in genetics DNA code. Thus, the existential blueprintmagnetic and nuclear processes. This is described by the spiral staircase of DNA isthe guiding matrix for self-assembly and led scientists to begin looking translated into a complex EM field thatfor manipulating and organising physical experimentally at the helical guides the molecular growth of thereality. organism. Miller et al. suggested as much Criss-crossing patterns occur when two structure of DNA as a possible three decades ago, and outlined possibleor more waves ripple through each other. holographic "projector" of mechanisms of this quantum biohologramIn the transactional interpretation of quan- at both the cellular and whole organismtum physics, waves of probability origi- the DNA code. level.nate in the past, present and future. This process emerges from a domainEvents manifest when waves from past more fundamental than the standard genet-and future interfere with each other in the ic code triplet model. Biophysics can nowpresent. That pattern creates matter and describe how our form emerges directlyenergy. The Universe emerges from the rippling effects of immense num- from the void, the vacuum substructure. In essence, we emerge from thebers of criss-crossing interference waves. The geometry of the fields is cosmic void—pre-geometrically-structured nothingness. DNA is the pro-more fundamental than the fields or emergent particles themselves. jector of that field which sets up the stress gradients in the vacuum sub- Our brains mathematically construct "concrete" reality by interpreting structure to initiate dynamic unfolding. Genes function as holographicfrequencies from another dimension. This information realm of meaning- memories of the existential blueprint.ful, patterned, primary reality transcends time and space. Thus, the brain At the moment of ovulation there is a definite shift in the electricalis an embedded hologram, interpreting a holographic Universe. All exis- fields of the body of a woman. The membrane in the follicle bursts andtence consists of embedded holograms within holograms, and their inter- the egg passes down the Fallopian tube. The sperm is negative withrelatedness somehow gives rise to our existence and sensory images. respect to the egg. When the sperm and egg unite, the membrane around Interference patterns of waves can be visualised interacting like ripples the egg becomes hyperpolarised, shutting out other sperm. It is at thison a pond. At the quantum level they create matter and energy as we moment that the electromagnetic entity is formed. The fertilised egg cellperceive them—lifelike three-dimensional effects. Consciousness and contains all the holistic information necessary to create a complete, opera-matter share the same essence, differing by degrees of subtlety or density. tional, human being. The biohologram begins to function at conceptionThere is a strong correlation between modulations of the brains and ceases only at death. Our contention is that the DNA at the centre ofelectromagnetic (EM) field and consciousness (Persinger, 1987; each cell creates the multi-cellular creature hologram by expressing andMcFadden, 2002). The Universe is a continuously evolving, interactively projecting the DNA in the centre of the cells.dynamic hologram. The biohologram projected by the embryonic nervous system forms a This "Holographic Concept of Reality" was first suggested by Miller, three-dimensional pattern of resonant structures. These structures behaveWebb and Dickson in 1973, and later touted by David Bohm (1980), Ken as acoustic waves, acting as field guides for flowing matter and energy.Wilber (1982), Karl Pribram (1991), Michael Talbot (1991) and others. In The holograms are "read" by an electromagnetic or acoustic field that car-this holistic theory, the Universe is considered as one dynamic holomove- ries the gene-wave information beyond the limits of the chromosomement—a grand Unity. structure. The part is not only contained within the Whole; the Whole is contained In this new understanding, DNA and the chromosome apparatus is thein every part, only in lower resolution. So, following the axiom of "As recording, storing, transducing and transmitting system for genetic infor-Above, So Below", we can expect biology to be based on the same physi- mation at both material and physical field levels.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 51
  • 52. THE DNA-WAVE BIOCOMPUTER energetics. Despite being genetically coded, molecules form fractal The Gariaev group (1994) proposed a theory of the "DNA-wave structures both in their geometry and dynamics. Generating core bio-Biocomputer". They suggest that: (1) there are genetic "texts", similar to chemical pathways gives rise to the fractal structures of proteins, nucleicthe context-dependent texts in human language; (2) the chromosome acids and tissues.apparatus acts simultaneously both as a source and receiver of these Theories of biogenesis, such as panspermia, are strongly supported bygenetic texts, respectively decoding and encoding them; (3) the the fact that organic molecules and amino acids, as well as thechromosome continuum acts like a dynamic holographic grating, which nucleotides A, U, G and C, have been detected in meteorites. It is adisplays or transduces weak laser light and a solitonic electro-acoustic fecund Universe at both the cosmic and human scale.field. In other words, the code is transformed into physical matter,guided by light and sound signals. QUANTUM BIOHOLOGRAPHY Complex information can be encoded in EM fields, as we all know Hypothesis: The organisation of any biological system is establishedfrom coding and decoding of television and radio signals. Even more by a complex electrodynamical field that is, in part, determined by itscomplex information can be encoded in holographic images. DNA acts atomic physiochemical components. These, in part, determine theas a holographic projector of acoustic and EM information that contains behaviour and orientation of these components. This dynamic isthe informational quintessence of the biohologram. Quantum non-locali- mediated through wave-based genomes wherein DNA functions as thety of genetic information is fundamental. holographic projector of the psychophysical system—a quantum The nervous system acts as a coordination mechanism that integrates biohologram.DNA projection of the rest of the cells in the system, aligning these cellu- In the mid-1980s, physicist Peter Gariaev first noted a DNA phantomlar holograms. The biohologram, projected by the brain, creates standing effect in his experiments. DNA was bombarded with laser light. Whenand moving electromagnetic wave patterns at different frequencies of the removed physically from the scattering chamber, its electromagnetic sig-spectrum in order to effect different biochemical transformations. There nature—a ghostly holographic after-image—apparently remained. Whatmay be specific electrostatic fields, or is measured is light scattering from thethere may be electrodynamic fields vary- DNA phantom fields. As long as theing at different frequencies, from low chamber is not disturbed, the effect is(radio waves) all the way up the spec- measurable for long periods of time. Notrum into visible light (biophotons) and other substance has been found to emulatebeyond. Humans emit a variety of the effects of the DNA molecule. Genes are located on chromosomes in electromagnetic radiations across Evidence suggests a relationship to thea linear order within the cell nucleus. phenomena of endogenousChromosomes have the ability to the emission spectrum, indicative bioluminescence, liquid crystals andtransform their own genetic-sign laser of the energy state of the superconductivity. Bioluminescence isradiation into broadband genetic-sign the emission of photons of light producedradio waves (the encoded signal organism. when certain energised electrons drop intotransforms from light to sound). The a lower or ground state. Humans emit apolarisation of chromosome laser variety of electromagnetic radiationsphotons is connected non-locally and across the emission spectrum, indicativecoherently to polarisations of radio of the energy state of the organism.waves. In the nuclei of each cell of the human body, the DNA (deoxyribonu- Through this mechanism, a new field structure is excited from the cleic acid) carries the structure of our whole body. It is the blueprint notphysical vacuum by an intrinsic creativity that emerges through DNA. only of our physical form, but also of the processes that our form under-The genomes genetic and other regulatory wave information is recorded goes in terms of survival. The primal vacuum is the matrix of our exis-at the polarisation level of its photons and is non-locally transferred or tence and, proportionately, our most fundamental reality. In essence, weplayed out through the entire biosystem by the polarisation code emerge from pre-geometrically-structured nothingness. DNA is the pro-parameter. jector of that field which sets up the stress gradients in the vacuum or Only 3% of the three billion base-pair genome encodes the physical quantum foam to initiate the process of embryonic holography.body. The four-letter alphabet of genetic elements—Adenine (A),Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), and Thymine (T) or Uracil (U)—is arranged THE DNA PHANTOM EFFECTin three-letter "words" that tell the cell what proteins to manufacture. The Gariaev group has discovered a wave-based genome and DNAThese genetic characters are distributed in the genetic text in a fractal phantom effect that strongly supports the holographic concept of reality.distribution, i.e., reiterated. So, the nucleotides of DNA molecules are This main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons andable to form holographic pre-images of biostructures. This process of radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells"reading and writing" the very matter of our being manifests from the interact to form diffraction patterns. They emerge firstly in the acousticgenomes associative holographic aspect in conjunction with its quantum domain, and secondly in the electromagnetic domain.non-locality. DNA seems to embody the capacity to produce a field experienced by Rapid transmission of genetic information and gene expression unite other DNA in the body, linking all holistically together. This dynamic isthe organism as an holistic entity embedded in the larger Whole. Gene linked to the cellular level via mechanisms of RNA transfer and enzymat-expression is the mechanism by which new patterns are called into being. ic action in the cell. DNA and RNA are likely to be in non-local commu-The system works as a biocomputer—a wave biocomputer. nication, possible because DNA molecules in chromosomes are in a state This biogenesis mirrors the cosmic process of creation. The holo- of substance-wave duality. So, DNA codes an organism both throughgraphic dynamic underlies both processes of cosmological creation and DNA matter and by DNA wave sign functions at the laser radiation level.biogenesis. Chemical bonding is a consequence of the non-linear Wave information is recorded at the polarisation level of photons and isinverse-square law of electromagnetic charge interaction in space-time. non-local. It is transferred throughout the biosystem by the polarisationCharge interaction precedes quantum chemistry perturbations of bonding code parameter, eliciting holistic response patterns.52 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 53. Gariaev claims to have demonstrated subtle fields emerging from the 3. Processes in the substance-wave structures of the genome can bequantum foam or vacuum potential, making the effect quantifiable, observed and registered through the dispersion and absorption of a bipo-measurable and objective. He found the phantom effect by irradiating lar laser beam.DNA with a target UV wavelength of 338 nm. Poponin (1995) went onto suggest that some new field structure is being excited from the QUANTUM TELEPORTATIONphysical vacuum by an intrinsic ability that emerges through DNA. The polarisations of chromosome laser photons are connected non- Gariaev discovered the DNA phantom effect in 1985 when he worked locally and coherently to polarisations of radio waves. The signal can bein correlation spectroscopy of DNA, ribosomes and collagen at the "read out" without any loss of the essential information in the form ofInstitute of Physics in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He was polarised radio waves. The genome is a quasi-hologram of light andfirst able to publish his results in 1991, leading to a book, Wave-based radio waves that create the background necessary for the appropriateGenome, published in 1994. He demonstrated a dynamic new field in the expression of genetic material. Gariaev argues that the genome emitsvacuum substructure by bombarding it with coherent laser light and light and radio waves whose delocalised interference patterns create cali-coupling it to conventional electromagnetic fields. The experimental bration fields or "blueprints" for a system or organisms space-timeprotocols for this procedure have been reproduced in Moscow from ideas organisation, in a coordinated response typical of living systems.developed at Stanford, and are currently in another replication by Gariaev asserts that quantum non-locality and holography are indispens-physicist Louis Malklaka. able to explaining such real-time dynamics properly. Other research suggests the fundamental interaction of internal andYOU TURN ME ON – IM A RADIO external fields is the right track. Joseph Jacobson (2002) at MIT found In analysing any complex adaptive system, we follow what happens to a way to switch cells off and on with radio waves. His team alsothe information; in this case, the genetic information. The quantum holo- "unzipped" and manipulated DNA with a radio-frequency pulse. Thegram is a dynamical translation process between acoustical and optical same approach worked on proteins as well, and proteins orchestrateholograms. DNA and the genome nearly all cellular chemical processes.have been identified as active "laser- Thus, genes can act as quantumlike" environments. Roughly speak- objects exhibiting the phenomenon ofing, DNA can be considered a liquid quantum non-locality/teleportation.crystal gel-like state that acts on the This robust dynamic assuresincoming light in the manner of a soli-tonic lattice. A soliton is an ultra-sta- Quantum bioholography information super-redundancy, cohesion and the organisms integrityble wave train that arises in the context says that DNA satisfies the and thus viability. Gariaevsof non-linear wave oscillation. experiments suggest that DNA doesOscillations are set up when DNA acts principle of computer indeed behave like a single quantum,as a rotary pendulum, kindling other construction. which induces a "hole" temporarily inoscillations. the vacuum when the DNA sample is Chromosomes can transform their physically removed from the vacuumown genetic-sign laser radiations into chamber.broadband genetic-sign radio waves. Quantum bioholography says thatThis is the main information channel DNA satisfies the principle of computerof DNA, the same for both photons and construction. It carries a copy of itself,radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells its own blueprint, while the mechanism engineering the DNA replicationinteract to form diffraction patterns, first in the acoustic domain and then is the biophotonic electromagnetic field. The "letters" of the genetic textsin the electromagnetic domain. The quantum hologram is the matrix of A, G, C, U are held invariant. The existence of the genetic text consti-the translations between acoustical and optical holograms. The human tutes the classical signal process of quantum teleportation. It facilitatesbiocomputer can be modelled through the marriage of quantum mechani- the quantum mechanical signal processes of both the copying of thecal and complex dynamics. DNA as its own blueprint and the construction and homeostasis of the organism in a massively parallel way by means of quantum teleportation. Other researchers soon obtained similar results, and not only based So, the marriage of the 50-year-old study of DNA with the 50-year-old on photons. Multi-frequency physical fields are now teleported. science of holography has given birth to the model we call the quantum Based on this data, its possible to suppose that photon fields, emit- biohologram. ted by chromosomes as sign fields, can be teleported within or even Gariaevs discovery of the phantom DNA and the DNA-wave biocom- outside the organisms space. The same is true for wave photon puter strongly suggests that this is more than a model but actually the fronts, which were read from the chromosome continuum similar to physical mechanism for our appearance from virtually nothing. In one reading from a multiplex hologram. If photons are transformed into way, you could say we "came out of nowhere". radio waves through the EPR-mechanism, then this phenomenon is But here we are, nevertheless. It is solely because of our DNAs ability vital. In fact, the importance of quantum non-locality existence for to transform its genetic blueprint into a physical reality, embodying a genome is hard to overestimate. (Gariaev et al., 2001) simultaneously our inherited past and our future. Sure, we can now cre- ate ersatz life, but we cannot create the fundamental elements from which The basic assumptions of Gariaev et al. included the following: it arises, which are the gift of the Universe, cooked in giant supernovae 1. The genome has a capacity for quasi-consciousness so that DNA aeons ago."words" produce and help in the recognition of "semantically meaningful Its like that old joke where the scientist says to God, "We can nowphrases"; make an Adam out of clay", and God says, "No; first you have to make 2. The DNA of chromosomes controls fundamental programs of life your own dirt!" ∞in a dual way: as chemical matrixes and as a source of wave function Continued on page 76and holographic memory;AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 53
  • 54. 54 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 55. T HE D RAGON S NAKE A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery W e had not long returned from the New Georgia group, where I had just bought a beautiful tropical island with white sand beaches and coconut palms, and we were desperately in need of new rental accommodation on Guadalcanal. My best friend Joseph had been helping me find a house that was preferably out- side the Honiara area. As there was a shortage of livable housing, it had almost come to the point of taking what we could get. This former RAAF Joseph told me of a house that he knew of at his village but he thought it wouldnt suit me engineers startling as Im a white man. I told him to stop that kind of rubbish thinking and that we should go and have a look. I knew of Josephs village, but I couldnt place the house that he had been experiences, along describing to me as we drove the roughly 70-kilometre journey westward along the coast from Honiara. with his knowledge Upon arriving at Cape Esperance, Joseph pointed to the quaint little three-bedroom timber house that was on the eastern extremity of the village. It had a cement floor and a gal- of the Solomon vanised iron roof with an out-house near the grass-hut kitchen, and the most beautiful island sea view that anyone could wish for. There was a tap and shower outside with perpetual Islanders long mountain spring water. It didnt bother me that there was no electricity, as I had a generator. history of I made up my mind to take the house, as I didnt have too many options left. While I was inspecting the house, the divorced woman who owned the house arrived, and so I formalised encounters with an agreement to move in the next day. Late the next afternoon, we arrived at the house with a six-tonne truck and proceeded to strange aerial craft unload all our possessions into the house. This attracted the attention of a good portion of the village folk, as I was the only white man ever to have come to live in their area. and alien beings, That night, after placing a few fluorescent lights around the house, I started up the genera- tor and sat back with Joseph and a few new friends to relax and have a beer. Later that sparked him to night, when I was finding out a little more about the area, Joseph told me that I had to watch search for hidden out for the "Dragon Snake" that was in the area. "Dragon Snake! What #*# Dragon Snake?" Just to hear the name of it put a shiver down my spine! They then told me that it UFO bases. comes out of the mountains at night and flies around. They said that the Dragon Snake, with its piercing red eyes, has been feared for generations. It was responsible for people going missing and for killing people. "What next?" I thought to myself. All I wanted to do was relax and do some fishing in a nice, peaceful, tropical environment. Now I had to contend with some mythological Dragon Snake. I thought no more of it and put it down to one of their superstitions, of which there seemed to be plenty. MY FIRST UFO SIGHTING by Marius Boirayon © 2003 A few days went past as things started to settle down a little. I had become quite an enthusiastic fisherman with my fishing rod, and had been pulling scores of beautiful reef PO Box 148 fish. Joseph was renowned by all in the village as being the best spearfisherman. One time Eudlo Qld 4554, Australia he decided to do some night spearfishing, as it was easy to do at night by torchlight. So I Email: decided that while Joseph was spearfishing, I would throw some lines in and see what kind solomongiants@optusnet.com.au of fish I caught. Websites: I was cleaning fish with Ci-Ci, another good friend of mine, when Joseph came out of the http://www.solomonsirius.com water with his dugout canoe full of fish to add to our already large pile. While we were http://www.thesolomongiants.com inspecting his catch, Joseph suddenly shouted for our attention: "There! There! There! The Dragon Snake! The Dragon Snake!" He was pointing to the right, down the beach.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 55
  • 56. As I looked down the beach, I couldnt believe what I seeing. Australian heavy cruiser, the HMAS Canberra, and the AmericanAbout a kilometre away there was a very bright, luminous, white heavy cruiser, the USS Chicago. I wont go into the sad details ofobject flying slowly over the water. I remember asking myself how they went down, but it was all a tragedy and many men lostwhether I was really seeing it. I called out for my wife Miriam to their lives. Actually, it would be a really good idea if someonebring my binoculars. After focusing in on the starlike, brilliantly lit could produce a documentary about it with the submersibles theyobject, I noticed that it was about 60-foot round and seemed to used in finding and documenting the wreck of the Titanic.make no noise. We watched it for a couple of minutes until it sub- A few days later, Joseph and I went to Honiara to obtain a 23-merged itself into the sea. Joseph told me to wait about 10 minutes foot fibreglass boat with engine. While we were there, I went to theand Id see it come back out again—which it did! When it came historical archives to look up information about where these shipsback out of the water, it was glowing twice as brightly as when it had actually sunk. Much to my surprise, I learned that the UFOswent in. We continued to watch it with my binoculars as it returned were submerging in exactly the same area where the HMASto the coast in the direction whence it had come and until it disap- Canberra, the USS Chicago and other ships had sunk. This was nopeared out of sight over the top of the coconut trees. mere coincidence, or at least I didnt think so. Somewhat startled by this experience, we went back into the At that time, I did not know there were several of these thingshouse and sat talking about this "Dragon Snake" until the early flying around. Why the UFOs had so much of an interest in thesehours of the morning. They told me that if you didnt see it one old warships became a somewhat baffling problem for me at thenight, you were quite likely to see it the next. They were right. In time. I do remember speculating about any remaining gunpowder,fact, over a seven-month period, I lost count of these sightings but questioned myself as to why these aliens would have a need forwhen they reached the 60 mark. So while we sat talking about this mere gunpowder. Somewhat curious as to all these perplexingobject, I explained the structure of the Universe to Joseph and Ci- goings-on and mysteries, while still trying to maintain some formCi. I showed them my copy of a Time–Life book called The of sanity, I formulated an ingenious plan. And so I went to theUniverse, with its space-type pictures, and said that these so-called nearby Department of Lands and purchased a 1:25,000 topographi-"Dragon Snakes" are what white men call "Unidentified Flying cal map of northwest Guadalcanal.Objects". They were absolutely amazed, as they had spent their Meanwhile, Josephs wife had given birth to a boy, their 10thwhole life fearing this thing with child—a remarkable achievement, Isuperstition and having no real under- thought, for a couple in their late 20s.standing of it. Yet, for that matter, I The childs christening was to be heldwas also a little fearful. the following Sunday, and Joseph and This sighting was the first of well My suspicions were right: his wife had decided to name him afterover 60 more to follow, during whichtime I investigated the UFO waterfall the chiefs knew a lot about it. me. It was Josephs normal job to hold the Sunday mass at the village church.lake base of northwest Guadalcanal One of the chiefs brothers Lord knows why! Joseph was theand later the UFO bases of the central biggest rascal of them all! On this par-east coast of Malaita and central had been killed by it when ticular occasion there were five babiesSmall Malaita. This first sighting, he was only a little boy. to be christened, and so a whitethough, had completely changed my Catholic priest from Honiara had beenmind about the existence of extrater- booked to perform the ceremony. Irestrials, and a little investigation had bought two pigs from the Honiararevealed that this so-called Dragon abattoir especially for this event andSnake had been in the area for well over a century. I realistically sent an invitation to two chiefs from the area to come to my housebegan thinking in terms of extraterrestrials inhabiting our planet. for the feast, which was to be held on the grass outside. My extensive investigation into the presence of extraterrestrials The christening ceremony went ahead as planned. The pigs hadon Guadalcanal and Malaita has revealed that these supposedly been butchered and were cooking away in the hot stone oven when"hidden to the eye" aliens have displayed unacceptable and the two chiefs and their company arrived. It was quite a largeunfriendly behaviour towards the Guadalcanal and Malaita people; turnout. The Catholic priest from town made a special effort to talkindeed, there have been several outright abductions and murders. to me and find out what religious denomination I was.Because of this, they cant be considered friendly. For example, the When hed left, I made my way to the two chiefs and respectfullygrandfather of a good friend of mine was incinerated by one of introduced myself. As we were talking, I brought up the topic ofthese UFOs around the early 1900s. Several independent sources the Dragon Snake. My suspicions were right: the chiefs knew a lothave verified this. Countless horrific stories can be heard through- about it. One of the chiefs brothers had been killed by it when heout these islands. was only a little boy. They told me several stories of deaths and abductions, all of which confirmed to me that these UFOs are defi-PLOTTING UFO ACTIVITY ON THE MAP nitely not friendly. They may be friendly in other places in the During the next two weeks, I saw the UFO three more times at world, but certainly not here.the same place as my first sighting. This made me question myself Excusing myself, I went to the house and then returned with myseveral times as to what I was actually seeing. It also raised many local map and proceeded to ask them where the Dragon Snakesmore questions. What was so interesting for the UFO down in the "house" was located. Sure enough, they knew where it was! It tooksea where it was submerging all the time? And where did it go them some time to become familiar with the map and finally agreewhen it wasnt flying around? on what they were looking at. They then pointed out the place to The part of the sea that was right in front of the village was me: an unnamed mountain that makes up part of the mountainwhere the Allied Forces had encountered a Japanese fleet in a great range which includes nearby Mount Popori. This unnamed moun-battle that resulted in the biggest loss of Allied ships during any tain, which for the sake of convenience I eventually named "Mountnaval engagement in World War II. This battle included the Dragon", is about eight kilometres inland as the crow flies. They56 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 57. told me of a big waterfall high up in the mountain, with a lake After leaving the hospital, we went over to my in-laws house tobeneath into which the water falls. They said that inside that lake is pick up Miriam. I began discussing the matter of the so-calledwhere the Dragon Snake lives! A further study of Mount Dragon Dragon Snake with my father-in-law, John, and explained howrevealed that there is a small lake in the mountain that is the begin- some of the white men believe that aliens from other worlds are thening of a river. These fellows had no idea of topographical map ones responsible for driving this type of flying vehicle. When Ilanguage, but their descriptions seemed to have some credibility. explained to John what they were commonly thought to look like— If what they told me was true, then it raised more questions. four-foot tall with big head, big eyes, four fingers, transparent skin,What was at the bottom of this waterfall lake, and how many UFOs etc.—he told me there was a book in the Solomon Islands Culturalwere there? I had to stop speculating on answers to these questions, Museum with pictures describing this sort of being. Somewhat sur-as all of this was starting to sound a lot like a science- fiction movieprised, I asked John if we could duck into town so that he mightand I was beginning to question the sanity of what I was doing. On show me this book, which he agreed to do.many occasions it crossed my mind to tell somebody—but who was Upon arriving at the museum and after a few directions to thisthere to tell, and who would believe me? Yet as incredible as this book, there it was! This 15-page book had 14 detailed hand-drawnstory may seem, all you need do for any proof is go to northwest sketches of aliens just like the ones we are all used to seeing onGuadalcanal and ask a few of the locals. Youd be surprised at what television. An islander had compiled this short collection of draw-you find out. ings for the museum from different eyewitness accounts of these strange-looking creatures. There was an initial descriptive verseCLOSE CALLS AND CULTURAL EVIDENCE saying that the drawings were of some Solomon Islands mythologi- Early one morning, not long afterwards, Joseph came to the cal beings. What I wanted to know was: how could the Solomonhouse to tell me that a fisherman he knew was in hospital from Islanders know anything about these kinds of aliens, when 99.9 perinjuries he had sustained from a UFO two nights previously. He cent of them had never had any significant type of exposure towas from a village three kilometres east of ours. After asking white mans media? Most of the old tribal people still thought thatJoseph what kind of injuries the fisherman sustained, he told me the stars were caused by pinpricks in the sky and that the Earth wasthat apparently he had burns to most of his body. We had all been flat, so how could these pictures of alien types be explained? At theplanning a trip to town, anyway, as time, this became another little baf-Miriam wanted to do some shopping fling mystery to me.and see her family, so we decided togo to the hospital and visit this As if curious about each of We picked up Miriam and on the drive back home I asked Joseph to tellfisherman. the fishermen, the UFO me about the time when he, Ci-Ci and After dropping Miriam off in town,Joseph and I went to the hospital. hovered over each of them his brother Ben had encountered the UFO while out fishing. He said thatFollowing some enquiries as to where for a minute and then the three of them were in their dugoutsthe fisherman was, we arrived at his departed at incredible speed at about midnight when they saw thebedside. He was covered in bandages UFO. Initially, they were each sepa-from head to toe and was in a great toward the island of rated by about 50 metres. As if curi-deal of pain, but doped up with pethi- ous about each of the fishermen, thedine. Joseph began to speak with him Santa Isabel. UFO hovered over each of them for ain the Guadalcanal language to try to minute and then departed at incrediblefind out exactly what had happened to speed toward the island of Santahim. Isabel. By the time all three had finally reached shore, they were He had been out fishing in his fibreglass boat at about 3.00 am, spread out over a kilometres distance along the beach. Althoughwhen he saw the Dragon Snake flying along. In foolishness, he Joseph described the story as being funny, there was a serious sidestarted flashing his torch at it. That was when it flew over to him in to it.an instant and hovered overhead. Panicking, he started the motorand took off to get away from the Dragon Snake, but it followed REALITY SINKS INhim as he "zigzagged" his way back to shore. It was during this During the following weeks, I pondered on all of the previousshort pursuit to the beach that it fired some form of light at him but weeks happenings. I realised that I was most probably the firstit only partially hit him. A later inspection of his 19-foot fibreglass human being to have been in the position to have experienced allboat showed traces of scorching upon some of the boats interior these phenomena, and was able to understand the significance ofpaint. the unique circumstances in which I had found myself. He said that when he drove his boat up the beach and ran into the I was the first person in the area whod ever realised the similari-bush, the Dragon Snake followed him to where he was hiding ties between UFOs and these Dragon Snakes. Also, to my knowl-behind a tree and hovered above. When he moved around to the edge, I must have been the first white man to speculate on the pos-other side of the tree, it also went around to the other side. It was sible location of a hidden Dragon Snake/UFO base—though I need-then that he literally got down on his knees and began to pray to ed to do further investigation to confirm my suspicions. TheseGod with his hands clasped in front of him. With that, the Dragon kinds of unusual realisations were starting to take their toll on mySnake moved on. After that, he stumbled his way back to his vil- keen sense of logic, but the reality of it all was that these unexpect-lage and was taken to hospital. ed events had actually occurred. Prior to these sightings, I was It was an incredible story, but true. He definitely had no reason somewhat sceptical about the existence of UFOs—but my positionto be lying. These kinds of UFO encounters have happened on had now dramatically changed.numerous occasions over the past century but, strangely enough, I also realised the possible consequences of investigating thisthe Solomons being the way they are, reports have not been taken matter any further. Some of these were very positive, but someseriously. were also extremely negative. One of these negatives was theAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 57
  • 58. impact on my precious well-being. I had initially only gone to the quite agitated by my actions, and a heated discussion followed.Solomons to enjoy an early, youthful retirement and certainly had Joseph and I left at 8.00 pm to travel to our vantage position. Wenot expected to be chasing UFOs. But as a former military man, I knew that the UFO had the habit of appearing at around 10.00 pmcouldnt stop thinking about the fact that this UFO was continually or 3.00 am. After parking the car in the bush, with torchlights shin-coming and going near ships that had been involved in a great battle ing we climbed up to the top of the mountain. This turned out to bewhere thousands of men had lost their lives in the cause of freedom. a perfect position as we had a 270-degree view of the area.It seemed as if this UFO was robbing graves. This weighed heavily Because of the orientation of the mountain, we faced east. With aon my mind for weeks. clear view of the sea to the left of us and the valleys entrance to the One night, though, while I was sitting fishing, my indecision right, there was no way that we were going to miss seeing the UFOchanged. I had been watching the UFO submerge into the sea near when it made its appearance—and we didnt.the wreck of the USS Chicago and then surface again shining more Having sat up half the night, watching and waiting and having abrightly. I had my binoculars fixed well on it when I saw the lights few beers to pass the time, at 2.35 am we saw the first glimmer ofof a ship that was travelling toward my direction. From the the UFOs light leaving the valleys entrance. There was an air oftrigonometric perspective, the UFO couldnt see the ship because of excitement between me and Joseph. While training my binocularsthe point that was shielding its view. on the UFO, I noticed that it was travellingHowever, I had both the UFO and the ship in toward our direction at a fair rate of speed,my field of view. After about 30 seconds, which we estimated later to be about 100 knots.when the UFO did see the ship it instantlyvanished. The UFO didnt seem to go We had been watching Weahad beenwhen it cameapproachan estimated on minute watching it past at us for closeanywhere; it simply vanished as if it had it approach us for height of 300 feet, half a kilometre away. Noturned off its lights. I took my binoculars from close on a minute sooner had this UFO passed by than it took anmy eyes. I was not sure if the craft had instantaneous 45-degree turn to the left and theninstantly accelerated or had somehow cloaked when it came past at accelerated away at phenomenal speed. I tookitself. Yet it seemed that the UFO didnt mind an estimated height the binoculars from my eyes, and we watchedthe indigenous people seeing it, but it did mind the UFOs light diminishing over the horizonwhen someone saw it who would possibly of 300 feet, half a within seconds while it was still travelling atknow of its real identity. If theres one thing I kilometre away. near sea level.hate, its sneakiness! This whole episode was a mind-fathoming In any case, I made up my mind right No sooner had this experience, even when I think back on itthen and there to gather intelligence on UFO passed by than it today, seven years later.this so-called Dragon Snake by doing took an instantaneous All our efforts had paid off. This sight-some reconnaissance on its movements. ing confirmed to me the information that ISwitching into soldier mode, I went to 45-degree turn to needed to know. This UFO definitely didsleep formulating my plan. the left and then come from somewhere up that valley! My subsequent investigation into the This was the first time that the informationUFOs ability to cloak itself revealed that accelerated away at the two chiefs had given me had started tothis characteristic was commonly known phenomenal speed. be proved correct.by all within the area and had become At that time, there was only one otherpart of the superstition about the Dragon course of action left for me: I had to makeSnake. There are just too many stories an expedition up the valley to Mountabout the Dragon Snakes sudden Dragon and try to document this UFO on"disappearance" to discuss here. film. I was extremely under-funded for the manner in which I wanted the expedition to proceed, as most ofEXPEDITION TO MOUNT DRAGON my money was tied up in essential assets and I had been living off The next morning I went up to Josephs house to tell him of my my fortnightly military pension. Even though I had most of theplan. My intention was to place ourselves at night, high up in a equipment necessary to commence, I was still short of a good videopanoramic position so that we could familiarise ourselves with the camera that could take pictures at night. I had a Kodak Instamatic,UFOs movements. With the map out, we began to study the area but it was useless for night work and certainly was not the calibre offor possible positions. camera that I required for this job. I was in a catch-22 situation. I From where "Mount Dragon" was situated, there was really only couldnt borrow a camera; there was only one white man I knewone way to the coast that the UFO could take without being detect- well enough to ask, and he didnt have a video camera, anyway. Ased flying over mountains. That was via a five-kilometre-long val- the weeks went past, every time I saw the UFO I became progres-ley that runs in a northward direction past Mount Dragon. Earlier sively more frustrated about my video camera situation.discussions with some of the people living a few kilometres east in One morning at 3.00 am, a couple of weeks later, Joseph and Ithat direction had well confirmed this to me. After searching the were on the grass outside the house, husking coconuts around a fire,area for a suitable position that afternoon, we chose an accessible when we noticed the UFO. As we watched it, we observed that it800-foot mountain that had all the requirements we needed. And so was slowly moving in our direction. It started to get closer andwe went home to prepare for what was becoming a military mission closer, and it seemed to us that if it continued on the path it was onfor me. it would overfly us. As it progressively came even closer, we The next day, we gathered all the equipment we thought was started to move to the door of the house. Both Joseph and I wererequired. I also loaded my 30-shot, 7.62-mm and my shotgun to standing at the door when it flew over the nearby trees and over thetake along just in case. There was also the danger of being gored top of the house. The brilliance of its white light radiated the wholeby wild pigs, of which there was no shortage. My wife became area as if we were standing amidst the light of a dozen arc welders58 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 59. at once. This was the first time that I could clearly see the vehicles entrances/exits. When the boys are out fishing at night, they see thesphere with my naked eye. It made no noise as it eerily passed over UFOs going in one entrance and coming out the other. A UFOus. In fact, at the time we made audible comments to each other coming out of this lake at dusk incinerated my good friends grand-about what was happening. After it went by, we both ran out to see father, and everyone in the area knows about it. The aliens haveit disappearing over the trees further on. Joseph had experienced instilled fear in these people for generations, and many people havethis sort of thing before, but I hadnt. gone missing. After the reality of what had happened sank in, Joseph and I In the Kwaio and Kwarare areas, there are three entrances indecided that we would go to Mount Dragon—with video camera or their jungle mountains that I know of where these "ball ofnot. It was in my mind to confirm whether this mountain waterfall light"–type UFO vehicles can be seen entering and exiting. It is mylake was really the UFOs base. belief that these entrances are not individual bases but are all con- Around that time, a melancholy feeling of futile inadequacy and nected, making up one big UFO base under the island. I may bepowerlessness started to dominate my thoughts, as though I was wrong, but I also believe that one of the many reasons why they arecarrying around a heavy weight on my shoulders. This was due to there is that, for reasons of their own, they are mining a very raremy constant questioning of the reality of it all, and also because I type of gemstone under this kimberlite rock volcanic island.allowed my thoughts to be weathered down because of my desper- The gemstones which my wifes relatives possess have a far high-ate need for a good-quality camera. I could not explain this to any- er specific gravity than that of diamonds, and a refractive indexone, as there was no one I could explain it to who could understand. such that when you put the stone in light you see your mirror imageIt was like being lonely amongst a in the centre of the stone. I once had acrowd of a thousand people. I went 32.4 carat "ET stone" with these char-through a time of considerable self- acteristics. There are some old folk-examination. lore stories supporting the interest in Strangely, I remember thinking to ...if there were ever a place these unique stones.myself that if I ever happened to writeall of this down one day, I should that one could call Furthermore, as there are many rem- nants of the Ramo civilisation that canremember that particular time… "UFO Headquarters", be found on top of the island and the it would have to be aliens underneath, there is everySUBTERRANEAN UFO BASES chance there is a connection. And thatON MALAITA central Malaita. goes for on Guadalcanal, too. I would like to share some signifi- The waterfall lake UFO base ofcant further research from my expedi- Small Malaita (south Malaita), where Itions to Malaita in 1996, 1997 and have also witnessed their activities, is2002. Contrary to popular belief, easy to find. Just ask the locals, but,NASA—or whoever that mob was—first made contact with the heading north up the passage with Small Malaita on your right,occupants of the subterranean UFO base in central east Malaita in about three kilometres from Affiou, the main town, and about a1961. This is how they began to gain what partial technology they kilometre up the jungle mountain is their base entrance, where theyhave today. It was through blackmail. This happened because can be seen entering and exiting nearly every night and also brazen-when the great geologist Mr Gropher was doing his few expeditions ly and casually flying along the passage.in the area between 1958 and 1960, he saw these UFOs and then Many Solomon Islanders have told me of flat stingray-type UFOsreported back to the UK (the ruling colonial power at the time) with big round lights underneath them that hum as they go along.about them. They sometimes see them flying low over the jungle and surfacing Apparently, in 1961, a white man who claimed to be from NASA out of the sea near where they are fishing. The UFOs have landedcame to that part of the island and asked for assistance from my near villages, and the (white or black) people who get out of themwifes relatives to take him to the UFO subterranean base entrances, have strange grey uniforms, not seen anywhere else in the world.which they did. I am the only white man ever to have married a You can make your own deductions there.woman from Kwaio, which is in that area. This NASA guy was Nevertheless, if there were ever a place that one could call "UFOgone a week and then returned, asking my wifes relatives for fur- Headquarters", it would have to be central Malaita. Mind you,ther assistance to take him back to these places. these are only the ones I know of. Goodness knows what else there There is a 50-metre-diameter, bottomless circular reef in amongst is in the rest of the Solomon Islands. ∞the surrounding 10-metre-deep coral reef a few miles north of KwoiIsland (which is on the border of the Kwaio and Kwaraae tribes) About the Author:and south of Namoereere in central east Malaita. Singalanggu Australian Marius Boirayon is the son of the World War II cen-Harbour is slightly further south. UFOs can be seen going in and tral France maquis (resistance) leader, and grew up in Mountout of that reef virtually every night. Hagen in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. Following a My friends like fishing down this UFO hole during the daytime career in the Royal Australian Air Force and as an aircraft/heli-because it saves them from having to go out into the danger of the copter engineer working in outback Australia, he decided inocean and because theres a plentiful supply of big ocean-type fish 1995 to go to the Solomon Islands to live.that can be caught in its depths. They have let down over 200 Marius Boirayon is raising funds for an expedition to themetres of 100-pound line and still havent been able to hit the bot- Solomon Islands to investigate UFO and other mysteries (see histom. I always think of this hole as having been made by a huge article on the Giant Races of the Solomon Islands in Twilightspaceship that hovered above it and shot a big laser into the crust of Zone this issue). He can be contacted by mail at PO Box 148,the Earth, for whatever reason! Eudlo, Qld 4554, Australia, by email at solomongiants@optus- On mainland Malaita, about three to four miles directly inland net.com.au, or via the websites http://www. solomonsirius.comfrom that circular reef entrance is a lake which has two connected or http://www.thesolomongiants.com.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 59
  • 60. 60 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 61. GIANT RACES STILL EXIST IN larger and more commonly seen are over companies started negotiating with the THE SOLOMON ISLANDS 10 feet tall, but I have come across numer- traditional landowners with memoranda of by Marius Boirayon © 2003 ous islander accounts with evidence which understanding in order to capitalise on this supports that they grow much taller than gold. A succession of failed attemptsS cience is a progression of discoveries, that. These Giants have very long brown followed, until recent years when Ross and this is definitely one of the bigger or reddish hair, and when they want to have Mining broke through with a 3% deal for ones that we will have for a while. a good look at you they pull it aside from the indigenous people.Ill get into some facts about the Giants of their face with one hand. They have a pro- In 1998, at Gold Ridge in central north-the Solomon Islands by using the Giants of truding double eyebrow, bulging red eye- ern Guadalcanal where the mine was beingGuadalcanal first as an example. balls, a flat nose and a wide-gapped mouth. built, they got going with their bigger type The Giants of Guadalcanal live inside the From the large hairy type, they range down of mining bulldozers pushing in roads andhuge tropical rainforest jungle mountain in size with lessening amounts of body clearing the mine area. The mine bordersranges of Guadalcanal. They have vast hair. The smaller versions, although bigger the Giants territory, and it would appearcave systems running the length of the than normal human beings, are like wild that the Giants are quite territorial. On oneentire island. I have come across many men living in the jungle and are not as particular occasion, one of these huge bull-Guadalcanal people who believe these hairy as the big ones. This is the way the dozers broke down, with one of the pins onGiants can go from east to west through Guadalcanal Islanders describe them. the blade attachment rendered useless. Asthese cave systems without seeing the light Invariably when they see these small Giant, it was late in the afternoon, they decided toof day, and many believe that their popula- half-human people, they make efforts to drop the blade there and take the bulldozertion numbers in the thousands. kill them. These smaller versions are lower back to the workshop to do the repairs The Guadalcanal Islanders also believe down in the Giants social order, living pre- overnight so they could continue the nextthere is a huge city of them underneath the dominately outside their cave systems in day.big mountains of the island. Mount Tatuva the jungle, although all three types are When they returned the next morning,is definitely one of this citys main found in the islands jungle. the blade had disappeared. All the boysentrances; and if anyone ever wished to I must point out that the Solomon became confused. How could such a heavyfilm these Giants, the villages closest to the Islanders dont understand that the Giants object vanish? Mind you, were talkingmountain, where they are also seen are something big to the rest of the world. about 10 tonnes plus! So they startedregularly, is a good starting point. But that Whether by intentional design or not, it is scouting around in the bush and happenedis not required, because they are all over appropriate that the Solomon Islands slo- to notice gigantic footprints, around threethe place and are seen on a daily basis gan is "The Place That Time Forgot". feet in length, close by where theyd left thesomewhere on the island. Guadalcanal is rich in gold—a fact that blade. They found the blade some 100 To my understanding, there are three dif- the Europeans discovered centuries ago. metres away on a small hill. From furtherferent species or types of these Giants. The Thirty years ago, various gold mining footprint investigation, they deduced thatAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 61
  • 62. THE TWILIGHT ZONEthe Giants had not carried it there but had window to a tree, the Premier said, "About Luti Mikode is well known by the peoplethrown it, or had got it there some other that high"—which I estimated to be over 15 around Guadalcanal as "the Chief of theway. feet and which would be consistent with Giants". The story about how he changed Some years ago, as a retired helicopter the 3–4-foot-long footprints they had the Giants attitude about eating thepilot/engineer I was asked by the chief heli- described. Guadalcanal people about a century ago iscopter pilot of an American fishing fleet Apes and monkeys cannot breed with just extraordinary. Luti Mikodes educa-which had helicopters to look after their Homo sapiens. So where do I think the tion of the Giants—to the effect that thespare parts requirements, as Australia is Giants came from? I believe they are a Guadalcanal people had hearts, minds andcloser to the Solomons than Guam. The surviving species of hominoid that had feelings like themselves, and were not to bejob lasted six weeks and I was handsomely branched off well before Neanderthal man eaten—resulted in inter-clan wars amongstpaid for my little effort. and developed through evolution to be the Giants. I have recorded this widely The office I set up was just opposite the what they are today. The Guadalcanal peo- known and most fascinating story and haveold Guadalcanal provincial headquarters, ple also believe that the Giants were there proven it to be true.and at lunchtime I would sometimes go before they were. Apparently their gene The Guadalcanal peoples language andacross the road and have a few beers there pool allows them to breed with the local the Fijian language are very close. Therewith the then Guadalcanal Premier and the people. are over a hundred words in common,Finance Minister, Victor. It was during Why are they so secretive and meaning that a Guadalcanal person can goone of these lunchtimes that they told me universally so shy about being seen or to Fiji and speak Fijian within a week andof an encounter with Giants that theyd had known about? Im sure that within the vice versa (as my good friend and partnersome months beforehand. Both the Peter Casi found out when he and hisPremier, who is now a national min- band of musicians did a tour there).ister, and Victor, who is again a The Guadalcanal Giants languageGuadalcanal minister, had decided to Ezekiel Alebua, a once is very similar to the dialect of thego to Gold Ridge to survey the area Guadalcanal people.of the proposed gold mine. In mid- Prime Minister and the previous It is well known that Giants doafternoon they got into their twin-cab Guadalcanal Premier, told me of a not like fire, possibly because ofToyota Hilux and drove up there. burial cave in east Guadalcanal that their long hair. Some months ago, Its quite a drive, and after passing Ezekiel Alebua told me of an inci-a few villages on the way they his father took him to when he was dent that happened on thearrived at the mine area. A bulldozer a child. Within that cave, there is a Weathercoast, south Guadalcanal,had carved out a road, but, as it rains in 2000 during the tension.frequently, the road around the side perfect Giant skeleton laid out that Five Tangarare men had goneof a hill had become slippery and the is around 15 feet in length. hunting pig with their bows andHilux slipped off the roads edge and arrows, and during their hunt theybecame bogged. They made some lost track of time. As it was gettingeffort to get the 4WD vehicle back late and the weather was ominouslyup onto the road, but then decided to turning to rain, they decided towalk back to the last village they had next decade well find out the answer to build a sago palm hut quickly and camp thepassed and get a bunch of boys to come this question. night. They were sitting around a fire with-and help them pull it out. It is my belief that the reason why the in the hut, with the rain pelting down out- Obtaining 30-odd men, they walked Solomon Islanders population is far side, when a huge hand and arm cameback. As they were rounding the last cor- smaller than it should be is because the through the huts wall. An inquisitivener from where the 4WD was bogged, they Giants of the islands considered the local Giant had leaned over the hut and was feel-saw their vehicle back up on the road with people as food to be eaten. ing around for what was inside. The fivetwo huge Giants standing there, one in Eyewitnesses who have been captured men started screaming and using sticksfront of it and other behind. The first reac- and released have told me that it is just like from the fire to beat the monstrous handtion for all of them was to run away, daytime inside the mountains. There is a away. Horrified, they ran straight throughscreaming in absolute fear. They told me lighting system within the Giants cave the back wall of the hut, into the darknessthat when they got the courage up some dwellings that has no obvious light source, of the bush. When they found each otherhalf-hour later, they returned to find the such as bulbs and lamps. the next morning down on the coast, theyGiants had left. Guadalcanal and Malaita have literally realised they had dispersed several kilome- I asked how tall the Giants were. They hundreds of caves with Giant artefacts tres apart.told me that the taller of the two was the within. Ezekiel Alebua, a once Prime There is a World War II mystery that hasone that had lifted the front of the vehicle Minister and the previous Guadalcanal never been solved about why initially thereup onto the road. They said that when they Premier, told me of a burial cave in east were no Japanese to resist the Allied Forcesinspected the footprints, they could see that Guadalcanal that his father took him to at Red Beach and Henderson Airfield.each Giant had picked up the vehicle by when he was a child. Within that cave, This was uncharacteristic of the Japaneseputting one foot on the road and the other there is a perfect Giant skeleton laid out who, on other island campaigns, hadnear the vehicle. Pointing out through the that must be around 15 feet in length. always fought to the very last. When the62 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 63. THE TWILIGHT ZONEAllied Forces arrived, they were expecting There is also evidence of a lost South be found in the 1,000-square-kilometreto lose one in two men, but instead there West Pacific civilisation scattered across area of tropical jungle mountains west ofwas no one to be found. different parts of Malaita. Around a moun- Mount Popomanaseu. At The Borderline, very near Mount tain near Mount Mala in north Malaitas It is my dream that one day soon theseAustin, further up the road past the interior is a perfectly fitted large stone remarkable people will be recognised andJapanese Memorial there are three block wall and path spiralling around the that we may all benefit from theGuadalcanal tribes. The Simba is one of mountain. This path leads to a flat area on knowledge. ∞those tribes, and living not far from them is top of the mountain, where another largean old Giant couple, a male and a female. stone block wall separates to a higher split- About the Author:Any of the tribes up that way will tell you level flat area where an "altar" can be Marius Boirayon was born in Australiaall about them; its common knowledge. found. Some hundred metres further on is and raised from the age of five in the The area is rich with many stories per- a burial site that has a perfectly flat, Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Hetaining to the local tribes tumultuous his- approximately 18 x 6 x 1–foot stone upon completed his senior education intorical relationship with the Giants, but so it. The bush people further away from that Queensland and then joined the Royalis everywhere else on Guadalcanal and, for area say that a Ramo of great importance is Australian Air Force (RAAF). After servicethat matter, everywhere else in the buried there. There are also hieroglyphic in the RAAF, he spent some years workingSolomon Islands. inscriptions chiselled into these stone block for various companies flying mainly in the The Giants inhabit all the larger islands walls. outback of Australia as an aeroplane/heli-of the Solomons, but they are known by In Kwaio, a place where my wife is copter pilot engineer. In 1995, he decid- ed to go to the Solomon Islands to live.different names on each of these islands. from, obelisks with strange inscriptions Marius is currently in Australia raisingHowever, "Moo-Moo" (like the cow noise) upon them can be found deep in the bush. funds for an expedition to the Solomonis the universal Solomon Islander name for In an area of Kwaraae, north of Kwaio, Islands. Interested persons can contactthese huge people. there is a large burial place in the jungle him by mail at PO Box 148, Eudlo, Qld Choiseul, an island 300 kilometres long with thousands of Giant Ramo skeleton 4554, Australia, by email at solomon-by 80 kilometres wide at the western bones scattered upon the ground. A hut in giants@optusnet.com.au, or via the web-extremity of the Solomons, apparently has one village not far from this area has as one sites http://www.solomonsirius.com orjust as many Giant people as Guadalcanal of its main support poles a Ramo femur http://www.thesolomongiants.com; alter-has living in its interior. When you bone measuring nearly eight feet in length! natively, they can contact his colleagueobserve the map, youll notice there is not On Guadalcanal, the Giants are common John Mapson by email at mapsun@one village in the interior of Choiseul—and knowledge to all of the local people, and bigpond.com.au.there is a very good reason for that. due to past interactions they play a major Marius Boirayons article, "The Dragon The island of Santa Isabel has big Giants part in the history, culture and folklore of Snake: A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery",still living there in two different areas, but the people. The Guadalcanal Giants can is also published in this issue.their population is farfewer than that ofGuadalcanal. Centralnortheast and central northare the two areas wherethey can be found on thatisland, but just ask anyonethere and they will steeryou in the right direction. Makira, which is east ofGuadalcanal, has only thesmall, super-strong dwarf-like Giants, which can alsobe found on Guadalcanal.In 1996, there was a front-page picture of one ofthese four-foot "Chowa-Chowa" in the SolomonsStar newspaper. Malaita has a very richhistory with these giantpeople. The Ramo ofMalaita are the same as theGiants of Guadalcanal,although reportedlyculturally different.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 63
  • 64. 64 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 65. REVIEWS to a new post-surgery lifestyle. A great deal he wonders whether we are actually living in B O O K S of the authors advice for the preparation and recovery phases does involve alternative a virtual reality that is part of a vastly larger virtual Universe. He goes on to explore the Reviewed by Ruth Parnell approaches such as using comfrey com- hypothesis that "the world is an illusory con-SURGERY AND ITS ALTERNATIVES presses to help heal incisions and adopting struct of a Ground Reality that includes ourby Sandra A. McLanahan, MD and deep-relaxation and visualisation techniques. consciousness".David J. McLanahan, MD The McLanahans devote many chapters to His first few chapters cover computers andTwin Stream Books, USA, 2003 specific parts of the body, including breast, VR, the laws of physics, quantum mechan- lung, heart and stomach as well as reproduc- ics, relativity and time, while his "manyISBN 0-7582-0201-6 (814pp hc) worlds" discussion leads into chapters on tive organs, and provide a balance betweenAvailability: Kensington Books, website how consciousness may affect natural phe- alternative and conventional approaches forhttp://www.kensingtonbooks.com dealing with health problems. Their sugges- nomena. These describe thought and remoteI n the medicalised Western world, surgery is often the first resort to solve healthproblems, when the alternative therapy tions make this book a must for health pro- fessionals and their patients as well as any- viewing experiments, visions and hallucina- tions, OBEs and NDEs, as well as anom- one who wants to exert some form of per- alous energetic and healing phenomena.approach, which has merits in many circum- Thompsons hypothesis reaches the same sonal control over complex health issues.stances, is barely given a second thought. In nexus as ancient Hindu and Buddhist tradi-their comprehensive volume, Surgery and its tions, in which consciousness is a paradox:Alternatives, brother-and-sister team Sandra MAYA: The World as Virtual Reality by Richard L. Thompson as "the One", it is the source and sustenanceMcLanahan, MD (a family physician prac- of everything; and as "the Many", it is thetising complementary and integrative medi- Govardhan Hill Publishing, USA, 2003 ISBN 0-9635309-0-9 (292pp tpb) awareness manifest in individual beings.cine), and David McLanahan, MD (a sur- This mind-expanding journey takes us fromgeon with over 30 years in general surgery Availability: Govardhan Hill, website http://www.simulatedworlds.com; Matrix territory to maya and beyond.and teaching), give good reason for not auto-matically deciding on "the knife" but, Adventures Unlimited, websiteinstead, exploring options. http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com Fundamental to the philosophy behindtheir book is that we healthcare consumersneed to know how to make the right choices N o, this is not a book about the Central American civilisation, but about the world of maya, illusion—the virtual world.for our health. Therefore, we need to con- In Maya, Richard L. Thompson, mathemati-sider our vast range of options when treating cian and author of seven books coveringspecific diseases, and these may involve diverse subjects such as archaeology,dietary and lifestyle changes in conjunction ancient astronomy, cosmology, quantumwith alternative therapies such as yoga and physics and spirituality, considers virtualmeditation. However, if surgery is indeed reality (VR) as a metaphor for our con-the preferred option, theres a wealth of sciousness and our place in the Universe.advice in these pages on how to make an Thompson asks us to view consciousnessinformed decision, including questioning not as a product of matter—which is theyour doctor/specialist, getting second and mechanistic world view—but as a separatethird opinions and calculating the risks. element beyond the physical. Using the sce-There are tips on how to prepare for the pre- nario of someone entering a computer-simu-to post-operative phases, and how to adjust lated VR world through a sensory interface,AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 65
  • 66. REVIEWSWHAT REALLY CAUSES AIDS gene that is almost identical to the human for true discovery and exploration of theby Harold D. Foster enzyme. But theres more. As HIV-1, for ability of sound to heal and transform.Trafford Publishing, Canada, 2002 instance, replicates, it also depletes the host A landmark text in this field, HealingISBN 1-55369-132-6 (195pp tpb) of the other three components of this Sounds gives a glimpse into the incredibleAvailability: Trafford Publishing, website enzyme: cysteine, glutamine and trypto- potential of vocal harmonics and toning as ahttp://www.trafford.com phan. Thus, Foster regards AIDS as a nutri- tool for self-health and transformation and tional deficiency illness caused by a virus— also as a means for groups to effect positiveH arold D. Foster, PhD, is a tenured pro- fessor who has worked out of theGeography Department at the University of an illness that can be treated or prevented by intake of these three components as well as change through chanting and meditation. To help us understand the context of theseVictoria, BC, Canada, since 1967. He has selenium. Such supplementation already has sound harmonics, Goldman covers the eso-authored or edited some 190 publications, a good track record in treatment protocols. teric history of sound and harmonics, withmostly focusing on reducing disaster losses Fosters hypothesis resolves many of the the influence of the Pythagorean mysteryor identifying the causes of chronic disease anomalies in conventional HIV=AIDS "wis- school, the Jewish Kabbala and otheror longevity, and has published hypotheses dom". His book is well-referenced and con- diverse traditions employing shamanic,on the origins of numerous diseases. Here tains a series of tables listing all the foods tantric or occult practices. The Hoomihe turns his attention to HIV and AIDS, and high in these four nutrients and which also singing of Mongolia and Tuva and the har-his hypothesis is that AIDS is caused by a help protect against other diseases such as monic vocalisations of the Gyuto andnumber of co-factors. He rejects the main- cancer. An important interpretation. Gyume monks of Tibet are examples ofstream view that HIV in its various forms is ancient traditions whose sacred chantingthe sole cause of AIDS, but he also refutes HEALING SOUNDS: The Power of styles have influenced modern Westernmavericks such as Dr Duesberg who main- Harmonics approaches to sacred harmonics.tain that HIV does not cause AIDS. by Jonathan Goldman If you havent read this book and are inter- Healing Arts Press, USA, 2002 (2ed) ested in sound healing, then look no further. One observation Foster has made (nodoubt helped by his geography background) ISBN 0-89281-993-6 (176pp tpb)is that the AIDS explosion in Africa is Availability: Destiny Books,occurring in countries and regions with soils http://www.InnerTraditions.com;deficient in selenium. Senegal, with high http://www.healingsounds.com; NEXUSlevels of selenium in the soil and food chain, NZ Office, tel (09) 405 1963has the lowest AIDS rate in Africa. Fosterhas determined through his research thatdiets high in selenium offer immunoprotec- M uch has happened in the field of sound science and healing since this book was published a decade ago. In the prefacetive benefits. Indeed, HIV and AIDS to this second edition of Healing Sounds,patients have severely depressed immune author Jonathan Goldman, who is highlysystems and levels of serum selenium that regarded internationally as a master teacherare low and decline further as the disease in sound therapies and has produced numer-progresses. Foster sees the AIDS pandemic ous visionary albums, reflects on how theas "only one of several ongoing catastrophes awareness of sound and music as healinginvolving viruses that encode the selenoen- modalities has continued to expand over thezyme glutathione peroxidase". As these years. But so, too, has the science to back itviruses replicate, they steal selenium from up, and Goldman believes its imperative totheir host because their genetic codes have a combine scientific and spiritual approaches66 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 67. FIRESTORM: Dr James E. McDonalds REVIEWS on to establish a UFO research centre), arch Akhnaton (also El Morya). The master StFight for UFO Science sceptic and Aviation Week writer Philip J. Germain is regarded in some "mystical rose"by Ann Druffel Klass, and many scientists and academics. circles as having been the incarnation ofGranite Publishing, USA, 2003 (He also had an interesting visit to Australia Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and SirISBN 0-926524-58-5 (640pp tpb) and New Zealand in 1967.) Following years Francis Bacon; El Morya of Thomas BecketAvailability: Wild Flower Press/Granite of official debunking, the 1969 release of the and Sir Thomas More; Kuthumi of Lao Tzu,Publishing, http://www.5thworld.com Condon Report—which concluded that da Vinci, magician Sir John Dee and nothing of value would come from UFO botanist Sir Joseph Banks (theres an inter-D r James McDonald was a brilliant US atmospheric scientist and a dedicatedhumanist who devoted much of his natural research—was a thorn in Dr McDonalds side and no doubt contributed to his subse- esting chapter on the discovery of Australia here). All hard to believe? quent depression and demise. Well, steep yourself in The Masters of thecuriosity to the UFO phenomenon from the Theres plenty of intrigue, deception and Mystical Rose and you may begin to thinklate 1950s until his tragic death, supposedly truth-seeking in Druffels well-documented, otherwise. The author is a member of theby suicide, in 1971. Firestorm is a biogra- perceptive account of a man prepared to go Francis Bacon Research Trust, which is ded-phy of his life and work, with the focus out on a limb for his scientific curiosity. An icated to preserving Baconian-Rosicrucianmainly on his research into UFOs and his important addition to ufological literature. philosophies and ancient wisdom teachings,attempts to have the subject taken seriously especially those enshrined within theby fellow scientists and the government. Its Shakespearian plays (reputedly the legacy ofwritten by veteran UFO investigator Ann THE MASTERS OF THE MYSTICAL ROSE: A History of the Grail Family Francis Bacon, alias St Germain) and theDruffel, who became acquainted with Dr Grail Family traditions. These vast esotericMcDonald during her time with NICAP, the by Maree Moore Triad Publishers, Australia, 1999 perspectives, involving greater and lesserNational Investigations Committee on Aerial masters who have made their mark on ourPhenomena. French UFO researcher Dr ISBN 0-958670-75-7 (731pp tpb) world, reveal new insights to make sense ofJacques Vallée, who knew McDonald, has Availability: Joshua Books, Australia, tel the scattered jigsaw puzzle of history.written a fitting foreword. +61 7 5444 1971, website Druffel had access to Dr McDonalds pri- http://www.joshuabooks.comvate archives, including a little-known four-volume diary, as well as to family, friends,associates and detractors. She has produced T he Western occult tradition is full of ref- erences to the influences of ancient mas- ters, particularly the so-called Great Whitea fascinating account of this driven man Brotherhood. It was Madame Blavatskywithin the context of his times and some who, from the 1880s, first drew attention toufological milestones of the 1950s–60s. Dr these "ascended masters" in her theosophicalMcDonald only went public on UFO issues works. According to this treatise byin 1966, after eight years of private study Western Australian author Maree Moore, theduring which time he was subject to CIA masters have a long pedigree indeed.and other agency surveillance. Yet he was Cropping up with regularity through occultless convinced of a top-level government/ history are St Germain, whose many keymilitary/intelligence conspiracy, preferring incarnations commence in the authorsto think there were only minor, isolated chronology with Noah; the master El Morya,cover-ups and lots of foul-ups. who gets the guernsey as Abraham; and He sparred for years with military insiders Kuthumi, who is credited as having been thelike J. Allen Hynek of the USAF (who went Pharaoh Tutmoses III, great-grandfather ofAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 67
  • 68. REVIEWSTHE H.I.S.S. OF THE A.S.P.: neuroscience, quantum physics and hologra- families and their links to their British orUnderstanding the Anomalously phy, and which helps bridge the gap European homelands. Their fortunes wereSensitive Person between scientific and spiritual worldviews. often founded on the spoils of smuggling,by David Ritchey This challenging book should appeal to the piracy and privateering, and they were pro-Headline Books, Inc., USA, 2003 shaman within every psychologist. tected up to the highest level by fellow Masons who in turn made profits from theirISBN 0-929915291 (390pp tpb) entrepreneurship. Later, they would profitAvailability: Websites http://www.head- SECRET SOCIETIES OF AMERICAS ELITE: From the Knights Templar to from the opium trade with India and China.linebooks.com, http://hissofasp.com Fraternity—particularly the secret vari- Skull and BonesI ndependent psychological researcher David Ritchey has noted from 10 years ofscientific investigation and 15 years experi- by Steven Sora Destiny Books, USA, 2003 ety—was more important than liberty or equality, and this mindset also allowed the slave trade to flourish. It led to the creationence as a clinical hypnotherapist that a sig- ISBN 0-89281-959-6 (324pp tpb) of secret groups such as the Ku Klux Klannificant minority of people can be described Availability: Destiny Books, website and the Yale Order of Skull and Bones,as "anomalously sensitive persons" (ASPs). http://www.InnerTraditions.com; which hand-picks 15 new "Whos Who"A high proportion of these people are Adventures Unlimited, http://www. recruits each year and whose "chaotic" influ-women, and most of them are sensitive on adventuresunlimitedpress.com; NEXUS NZ ence from elite levels has resounded throughseveral levels and are often highly gifted and Office, tel (09) 405 1963 the generations. Both George W. Bush andcreative individuals. his father are members. According to Ritcheys studies, outlined inThe H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P., its not uncommon T he banning and break-up of the Knights Templars in 1307 changed the course of the history of Western civilisation, forcing Sora profiles only a few of the famous American names and can only cover sofor someone to be sensitive to physical stim- much of their antics today, but his investiga-uli, be electrosensitive and have immune the order to regroup underground. This was directly responsible for the dramatic rise in tion makes for a ripping yarn that gives asystem disorders, as well as have tendencies context to modern-day piracy.towards extrasensory perception (ESP) and piracy, as many of its members took to thecommunication with spirit worlds. sea to escape a "predestined life" back The areas of sensitivity Ritchey delineates home. Others fled to Scotland and many totouch on physiological, cognitive, emotional the Swiss Alps, where they created a neutraland transpersonal states. He sees the stronghold with its own guard and eventual-"ASPness" trait as a function of the structure ly its secretive banking services. Theyand chemistry of the brain, and that it has resurfaced in North America, even beforesignificant psychological, medical, educa- the time of Columbus, and their legacy wastional and social implications. Many of perpetuated by the Masons, "remnantthese sensitivities Ritchey believes can be Templars", writes Steven Sora in Secretmeasured, and he has developed a detailed Societies of Americas Elite.questionnaire—what he calls the "H.I.S.S.", In fact, individuals with links to Masonrythe "Holistic Inventory of Stimulus have had an enormous influence on theSensitivities"—which shows that anomalous progress of America since its inception as asensitivity to stimuli in one realm is very colony with essential ties to lands beyondlikely accompanied by anomalous sensitivity the ocean. Sora (author of The Lostto stimuli in all other realms. Ritchey sug- Treasure of the Knights Templar, reviewedgests a model that draws on knowledge from in 6/04) paints a picture of the rise of elite68 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 69. AMERICAS SECRET ESTABLISHMENT: REVIEWS Thus, the ends justify the means, and if that size, its exceptional precision and its arrayAn Introduction to the Order of Skull also means preventing the masses from hav- of secret passages. Certainly other authors& Bones ing access to non-polluting, "free energy" have alluded to the Kings Chamber as hav-by Antony C. Sutton sources while protecting the oil industry, or ing cosmic acoustic properties, but AlfordTrine Day, USA, updated reprint 2002 insisting they eat unproven genetically engi- believes there was no Pharaohs body neered food while supporting the "life sci- entombed in the granite sarcophogus; rather,ISBN 0-9720207-0-5 (317pp hc) a chunk of iron meteorite was in place. This ences" industry, then so be it. To counteractAvailability: Trine Day, http://www.trine- ancient Egyptian religion was a cult of cre- the powerful negative forces of theday.com; Adventures Unlimited, website Bonesmen and their cronies, Sutton says we ation, and the meteorite represented a con-http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com need to overcome their entrenched, nection between the seed of the Pharaoh andM ore detail on the Yale University Order of the Skull and Bones and its role intwo centuries of US history can be read in inequitable systems and implement creative education solutions with a lot less propagan- the spirit world, the cosmic source. The acoustics of the Kings Chamber would res- da attached. By way of background, he onate down to the Pharaohs burial site—Antony Suttons classic book, Americas includes rare Skull and Bones–related docu- which was on the highest substratum of theSecret Establishment—first published in the ments plus lists of members (1833 to 1985) Giza Plateau—and back out to the cosmos.early 1980s as a four-part series and a few Based on his analysis, Alford concludes and their links in business and politics.years later as an enlarged volume. This there are yet more secrets awaiting discov- On a parting note, Sutton prophesies that2002 edition is an updated reprint with a ery in subterranean realms as well as within time will erode the power of this secretivenew foreword by Sutton—written, as it the Pyramid proper. The plugged shafts of group, as "Nothing this outrageous can sur-turned out, not long before his death. the Queens Chamber may well be time cap- The Hegelian philosophy of "divide and vive forever". Lets hope hes right. sules containing age-old information aboutconquer" is as alive today among our creation and history. Time will be the"Bonesmen" as it was over 170 years ago PYRAMID OF SECRETS by Alan Alford judge of how accurate he is.when the secret society was formed. One ofits expressions, Sutton laments, is in the Eridu Books, UK, 2003"dumbing down of America" via the educa- ISBN 0-9527994-2-1 (440pp tpb)tion system—a 19th-century Prussian import Availability: Eridu books, websiteat odds with classical liberalism and which http://www.eridu.co.ukfosters the state above the individual. The society has produced titans of indus-try, judges, defence ministers, media mag- I n his fifth book, Alan Alford rejects the idea that the Great Pyramid of Giza was "a tomb and nothing but a tomb". Instead, henates, intelligence agency heads and three speculates that the Pyramid was a symbol ofPresidents—two of them Bushes. In fact, the creation of the Universe, and that theBonesmen from the Bush and Prescott fami- Pharaoh Khufu may still lie buried beneathlies became a major force in drug smuggling it, probably within the subterranean Grotto.and supplying from the 1860s. Their Such a placement would be consistent withdescendants "War on Drugs" laws smack of the Egyptian cosmological axiom, "the Bodyhypocrisy—as Sutton points out has become to Earth, the Spirit to Sky".evident since his first edition came out. In Pyramid of Secrets, Alford doesnt Central to the Bonesmens philosophy is investigate who built the Great Pyramid orthat progress is achieved through the clash how it was built, but why it was built theof opposites, through "contrived conflict". way it was, particularly with its phenomenalAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 69
  • 70. REVIEWS THE AGE OF CONSENT: A Manifesto asks us not to reject his proposals unless we for a New World Order have something better to offer—although by George Monbiot some of his critics in the movement think Flamingo/HarperCollins, UK, 2003 they do. He asserts that the answers lie with ISBN 0-00-717124-2 (274pp tpb) us, the people of the world. Availability: Flamingo, website http://www.fireandwater.com EARTH RISING II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul I admit I was a little taken aback by the title of George Monbiots courageous new book, and confused by the subtitle when the by Dr Nick Begich & James Roderick Earthpulse Press, USA, 2003 New World Order manifesto is already pro- ISBN 0-9527994-2-1 (222pp tpb) gressing apace in the hands of the Bush Availability: Earthpulse Press, Inc., web- cabal. But what Monbiot—the UK academ- site http://www.earthpulse.com; ic, Guardian columnist, author (Captive Adventures Unlimited, website State, see 8/03) and key figure of the "global http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com justice movement"—has in mind by his New World Order is a global democracy in which each person has one vote. I n 1991, Alaskan environmental activist James Roderick was the first to twig to the threat from the HAARP facility then being built near Gakona, and fellow activist Dr Nick Begich joined his NO HAARP cause within two years of that. Theyve collabo- rated on various projects and Earthpulse Press books since then (including Earth Rising I; see 7/03), and were about to com- plete four years of research and writing for Earth Rising II when Roderick died in August 2002. So Begich finished the pro- ject and has included touching tributes to Roderick as well as his father, Nick Begich, Sr, the Democrat Congressman for Alaska who went missing, never to be seen again, when his light plane disappeared over south- eastern Alaska in 1972. In the subsequent 30 years, Begich has dedicated himself to the path of truth, to making a positive differ- Monbiots new utopian vision encompass- ence in the world—as his collaborator and es an Age of Consent of/by/for the people to close friend James Roderick did, too. counteract the Age of Coercion in which we For this volume, the authors focus on new find ourselves now. His remedy for accom- technologies with often unseen but life- modating the will of the people includes threatening if not deadly consequences. changing or removing inequitable and envi- First up is the new generation of high-inten- ronmentally destructive institutions like the sity, low-frequency underwater sonars being IMF and World Bank, introducing a deployed by the US Navy—already with Keynesian "credit clearing" system, imple- detrimental effects on marine life and the menting a global Fair Trade system, and underwater environment. Next is cellphone reforming the UN General Assembly and EM/RF exposure and the evidence suggest- Security Council so that nation-states give ing there are indeed hazards for human way to true globalisation—not international- health which require further research, regu- ism. The people, individuals all around the lation and a precautionary approach. planet, need to have their say on a global The following chapters look at the prob- level—after all, corporations are certainly lems of the surveillance society, with new having theirs, and many issues affecting us, technology being employed to track citizens, such as climate change, are global in scope. immobilise them with "non-lethal" This sounds all well and good, but asking microwave weapons and control them with the rich and mighty to cede some of their such "advances" as implantable microchips. wealth and power to the masses seems over- The authors have done their homework, and ly optimistic. Its hard to believe that, at the the technological developments they discuss extreme, a secret cabal which funds black are well referenced. These weapons of mass projects with black money could even con- template giving up any power for some control have truly frightening implications, democratic world parliament. These forces yet they are not subject to international con- have to be factored in; and while Monbiot ventions. The authors urge us to get active has fingered many of the baddies, there are against this insidious betrayal of science, even worse baddies behind them! Monbiot society and the soul that threatens our true freedom and potential as human beings.70 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 71. THE LIFE CYCLE OF CIVILIZATIONS REVIEWS charts can be used to make predictions aboutby Stephen Blaha the future of civilisations—and can evenPingree-Hill Publishing, USA, 2003 plot the influence of an advanced ET cul-ISBN 0-9720795-8-0 (270pp tpb) ture. He sees Japans breakdown cycleAvailability: Pingree-Hill Publishing, PO beginning around now, the West decliningBox 368, Auburn, NH 03032, USA, tel towards a low point around 2050, and the(603) 626 1566; Barnes & Noble, Muslim nations, China and India on a rollhttp://www.b&n.com till roughly 2084. A rather sobering theory! INTO THE BUZZSAW edited by Kristina Borjesson Prometheus Books, USA, 2002 ISBN 1-57392-972-7 (392pp hc) Availability: Prometheus Books, website http://www.prometheusbooks.com H ad investigative reporter Kristina Borjesson not been assigned to investi- gate the crash of TWA Flight 800 in July 1996 and later been fired by the CBS net- work, this book may never have been writ- ten. But she was not alone in experiencing "the buzzsaw"—concerted corporate or gov- ernment efforts to kill controversial stories and put their investigators out of the picture.F ollowing on where historian Arnold Toynbee left off with his theory of civili-sations, US physicist, computer scientist and For this compilation of essays, introduced by Gore Vidal, Borjesson has collaborated with 17 award-winning print/radio/TV jour-historian Dr Stephen Blaha has devised a nalists and producers who all have their ownmathematical model that attempts to explain take on the parlous state of todays investiga-the rise and fall of civilisations. While tive journalism and corporate media cultureToynbee believed mankind has survived where self-censorship has become rife. Inthrough at least 26 civilisations since "pre- explaining how the Fourth Estate hashistoric" times, Blaha suggests at least 41 by become a lapdog rather than a watchdog,his model, which also factors in changes due these journalists weave in their personal sto-to climate change and "barbarian" invasion. ries with details of the crime, corruption andHis Life Cycle of Civilizations is a new edi- conspiracy theyre trying to expose. Therestion of his 2002 The Rhythms of History. Gerard Colby on how his book on the The timeline extends back 40,000 years DuPont family was "privished" so it wouldwhen a genetic mutation occurred, as con- sink without trace; reporter Jane Akres run-firmed in new findings (Ding et al., 2002). in with Fox TV over her exposé onThis allowed for the Upper Palaeolithic Monsanto and its GE bovine growth hor-explosion in human culture where a "cre- mone; and trans-Atlantic print/TV journalistative minority" was able to emerge and pro- Greg Palasts dealings with the Americanvide leadership for the development of civil- media and their cover-up of Presidentialisation—though it was only after the Ice vote–fixing in Florida. NY-based columnistAge ended 10,000 years ago that the first Philip Weiss laments the cultural change intrue civilisations were possible due to more journalism in the 1990s that ensured that thefavourable environmental conditions. bigger stories behind Bill Clintons time as Dr Blaha has developed equations which Arkansas Governor or the FBIs suppressionwhen calculated can be converted to graphic of evidence from Ruby Ridge, Waco andform to show peaks and troughs of civilisa- OKC never made it to the mainstream press.tions following a four-generational, "three There are contributions from former APand a half beat" cyclic pattern, not unlike the news journalist J. Robert Port, whose team"damped harmonic oscillator" of physics was the first to write about US massacres ofwhich describes the cyclic motion of pendu- South Korean civilians in the early days oflums and bells. Its uncanny how the model the Korean War; ex-DEA agent Michaelfits the historical records. Common to all Levine, on the mainstream media as the drugcivilisations is the start-up phase, which typ- wars "shills" designed to distract our atten-ically lasts 133.5 years before the first tion; and former San Jose Mercury reporterbreakdown commences due to the interplay Gary Webbs exposé on the CIA supplyingof internal human social dynamics, after crack to black LA neighbourhoods to fund awhich there are several routs and rallies over Central American regime. These revelationsthe next 800 years and then disintegration. make this a disturbing read, but the book is Dr Blaha believes that his equation and so rivetting its hard to put down.AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWS DVD VIDEOS Reviewed by Duncan Roads Reviewed by Duncan Roads CROP CIRCLES: The Ultimate PERUS MYSTERY IN STONE Undercover Investigation Produced by Terra Entertainment, USA, © J.H. Gibsone, UK, 2003 (30mins, NTSC) Distributor: CropCircleConnector, web- Distributors: Terra Entertainment, website site, http://www.cropcircleconnector.com http://www.shopterra.com; Adventures Unlimited, website http://www. T his is definitely one of the most informa- tive and entertaining films made to date adventuresunlimitedpress.com on this most intriguing subject. The film adopts the theme of an undercover investiga- H igh atop a remote plateau in northern Peru, hundreds of elusive shapes can be seen in the living rock. Are they the result tion, though the viewer doesnt have a clue of natural erosion, or were they carved by who is undercover or what the cover they the hand of man? are under is all about. That bit aside, the The plateau seems to be covered with fig- result is a wonderful documentary that ures carved in the rock, which is dioritic por- leaves you feeling as though you are there. phyry (a volcanic rock almost as hard as obsidian). But these figures are not fash- ioned like the statues we are used to seeing in our museums. Rather, they can only be seen from one point of view. If you were to move five feet left or right, the image might no longer be recognisable. The film crew noticed that when they found an ideal viewing spot, there were often steps leading up to it and a little seat carved into the rock right where they were standing! Now Available! A short but interesting documentary. HOLISTIC THERAPIES – MultiWave There is absolutely fabulous use of aerial filming and photography of crop circles, DEMONSTRATIONS Produced by E&E Productions, Australia, 2003 (35mins, PAL) including many from 2001 and 2002. And Available: Australia—The Darwin Holistic Oscillator yes, that ET/disc formation is here, too. I particularly liked the spontaneous inter- views with the many people visiting the cir- Health Centre, GPO Box 824, Darwin NT 0801, tel (08) 8941 1699; and E&E Productions, PO Box 444, Oaklands Park Astute NEXUS readers will cles from around the globe. As well as SA 5046, http://www.eande.va.com.au already know of Lakhovskys MultiWave Oscillator (MWO) these, there are interviews with the locals— farmers, horseriders, pilots, etc.—and some of their stories are especially intriguing. T his is a gentle half-hour introduction to many of the complementary therapies used in Australia today. As well as demon- and what it can do for you. The views and theories of all the locals strating them in action, the video explains Here is your chance to own one. combined with those of the researchers, the via the practitioners involved the principles true believers and the sceptics make for a of how some of these complementary, or The first available Australian pretty comprehensive picture of how the holistic, therapies work. These include the model, complete with copper- phenomenon is affecting people—which Feldenkrais Method, Reiki, Iridology, Pranic tube antennae, and built with would appear to be positively. Healing, Meditational Belly Dance, Ortho- I found the film gave time for the viewer Bionomy, Chi Kung, Acupressure Massage, the assistance of former to relax and absorb the sounds and feel of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Borderland Science Foundation the landscape as well as the formations Programming (NLP), EMF Balancing, and a (USA) researchers. themselves. By the time the "undercover type of Vibrational Kinesiology. agent" reached the famous Barge Inn, I was Judging by the lush tropical background, I Please contact us through our so "in there" that I swear I could smell the would say that the video was filmed in beer as the camera entered the place. Darwin. I certainly felt warm and comfort- website at - Totally recommended! able while watching it. Overall, this is a http://www.i4cau.com If you dont have a DVD player, this is also available on video (NTSC or PAL) good introduction to some of the lesser known holistic therapies.72 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 73. REVIEWS Cuban chorus work and trumpets, sax, M U S I C drums and piano. Ferrer is joined by Ry Cooder (guitar), Joachim Cooder and Jim Reviewed by Richard Giles Keltner (drums), Chucho Valdés (piano),COVER THE WORLD Manuel Galbán (organ) and others.by various artists Wonderful, cool, Cuban dance party music.Putumayo, USA, 2003 (54mins)Distributors: Aust—MRA, tel (07) 3849 EL SULTAAN:6020; UK—Pinnacle Imports, tel 01689 CLASSICAL EGYPTIAN DANCE870622; USA—Putumayo, tel 1888 by Hossam Ramzy7888 8629, http://www.putumayo.com ARC Music Prodns, UK, 2003 (47mins)I confess to a weakness for 60s and 70s hits, and this release is a great tribute toartists as diverse as Lou Reed, Ray Charles, Distributors: UK—ARC, tel +44 (0)1342 328567, http://www.arcmusic.co.ukJackie Wilson, The Four Seasons, JimiHendrix and Bob Marley, whose songs are B elly-dancing music is great for loosen- ing up to, and is part of the Egyptian musical tradition. Hossam Ramzy is one ofcovered here in these new interpretations. the Middle Easts great percussionists, hav-To hear a group from Senegal, South Africa, ing played with many of the big names inBenin, Ivory Coast or Japan cover a famous modern music (including Robert Plant andhit in its own style is exciting. Among the Jimmy Page for No Quarter in 1994).performers are Angelique Kidjo, Touré Through ARC Music he has released a num-Kunda, Les Go and Fatal Mambo. ber of albums dedicated to the Egyptian dance tradition, with old and new songs.FIELDS OF GREEN This is very moving and exciting music.by Paul Benhaim Hemp Plastic MusicPaul Benhaim – Hemp Music OVER NINE WAVESProductions, Australia, 2003 (53mins) by Rebecca HoodDistributors: Aust—Hemp Music, tel Rebecca Hood Music, 2002 (54mins)(02) 6684 0066, website http://www. Distributor: Australia—Rebecca Hoodhempmusic.com; UK—Changing World Music, tel +61 (0)7 5445 7478, websitesDist., tel 04158 250317; Germany— http://www.indie-cds.com,HemPro Intl, tel 0211 323 7922 http://www.clarsach.net/Y ou heard it first at NEXUS: news of the worlds first hemp plastic CD project—the case, paper and didgeridoo all made I ts rewarding to see local performers pro- duce and promote their own CDs. Rebecca Hood lives in the hinterland of thefrom hemp! Its time has come. Paul Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.Benhaim is one of the people in this project She studied the metal-strung harp underwith eight other groups promoting hemp Canadian Ann Heymann, a leading exponentfibre. The CD is an Australian first and the of this premier instrument of the Gaelic peo-music is a marvellous blend of harp, flute, ples of Ireland and Scotland. It requires adidge, acoustic guitar and beautiful voices, fingernail plucking technique to produce itsproduced by Paul and Tarshito (NEXUS unique bell-like tone in the playing. After7/04) on Queenslands Gold Coast. Ten per almost disappearing in the 17th century, itcent of profits goes to charity, so this is an was revived in the 20th. Rebeccas album isalbum worth supporting. The music is gold, world class, admirably promoting the glori-too, with some superb relaxation sounds. ous sound of this ancient instrument.BUENOS HERMANOSby Ibrahim FerrerWorld Circuit Ltd, UK, 2003 (55mins)Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment,tel (07) 3849 6020; UK—World Circuit,tel (0)1689 870 622, websitehttp://www.worldcircuit.co.ukI m sure most have seen this happy, humble and adorable man in Buena Vista SocialClub as the front vocalist with Ry Cooder(NEXUS 5/02). The world revival of Cubanmusic has seen all those from Buena Vistamove out into the international scene afterdecades of obscurity. Thanks, Ry! Here,Ferrer performs classic Cuban tunes mixedwith some new pieces with that beautifulAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 73
  • 74. Lee Crocks Aura Therapy/Energy Cleaner Machine Continued from page 47 shouldnt be doing anything. Since the cal ability or patience to build one of these machine is battery powered, I think it is machines, I can build you a MexiStim unit The one wire screen method, as perfectly safe due to there being such a low for US$200 plus shipping (without the 10described earlier in this article, is the voltage and no current flow. The D cell batteries, as they are too heavy tomethod currently in use for the machines MexiStim unit I build has a completely ship)—approximately US$50 to ship fromLee is providing and in the MexiStim separate battery system isolated from the Mexico to the United States, and more formachine I build by request. Though you AC adaptor–powered timer. I definitely overseas. Be aware that shipping fromcan cut a piece of wire mesh screen to plan to try this "Fountain of Youth" claim. Mexico takes at least three weeks due towhatever size you want, I use a 1 x 1–foot Once again, if you want to read more Mexican mail service.wire screen for local application and a 3 x about the Energy Cleaner machine, its his- Since I have been here in Mexico, Ive3–foot wire screen under my mattress pad tory, testimonials, instructions for using it, met a North American lady named Donnafor all-night application. etc., go to Lee Crocks website at who wrote a best-selling book on anger All you do is attach one corner of the http://www.edkuniversity.com or read the management and was invited to appear as awire screen to the negative pole of the bat- KeelyNet article at http://www.keelynet. guest on Oprah. Donna told me that herteries and leave it for 15 minutes, then com/biology/crock.htm. son, who is in his early 30s, had an incur-attach it to the positive pole and leave it for Should you wish to contact Lee Crock, able sarcoiditis cancer.15 minutes, then repeat; or you can build a enquire about purchasing one of his Energy He was visiting here for a week, so sheswitching timer so it does it by itself; or Cleaner machines or make an appointment took him around for aromatherapy,buy one of the prebuilt and tested machines to visit his university to try out a machine acupuncture and anything that might helpand save all the hassle. (think of it as a mini-vacation), his contact him—none of which did. Lee Crock and Tom Berryhill recently details are: I told her about the Crock machine andreported that you can connect the output EDK University, PO Box 313 lent him the unit I brought to Mexico. Hewire to a metal bathtub filled with water or Williamstown, WV 26187, USA said he could feel a heat coming from thejust suspend it in the water, then sit for a Telephone: +1 (818) 375 5081, pad, so he used it during the last three dayswhile to experience what Lee calls the Email: lcrock@edkuniversity.com or he was here."Fountain of Youth". Energycleaner@aol.com On his return home, he had an MRI done In the 1900s, people used "galvanic and the doctors told him his cancerbaths" for medical treatments, but this THE MEXISTIM UNIT appeared to be "melting", so he was eagermachine doesnt have a current path so it For those who might not have the techni- to spend more time using the machine but74 • NEXUS www.nexusmagazine.com AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003
  • 75. Lee Crocks Aura Therapy/Energy Cleaner Machinecould not afford Lees US$3,000 "lease "Have my cancer patient on box and Jerry Deckerwith option to buy" terms. already getting positive feedback from her. APDO Post 17 CP So impressed was he and his mother with Within an hour of using it, her pain in the Chapala, Jaliscothe results of even a short exposure to the chest had reduced by 75%. The next Mexico 45900machine that his mother asked me to build morning her energy was also good, so wellhim a MexiStim unit—which I did, and I see how she does as she has to have chemo I can take payments via credit cardmailed it to him in Connecticut. This was next week again. She only has a 10% (please provide cardholder name, billingin 2002. chance of survival, so this should prove address for your card, card number, expira- Donna only stays here with her husband interesting." tion date and shipping address), or throughfor about six months of the year, so they I have built several MexiStim machines PayPal (http://www.paypal.com), sent towent back to the States and I forgot about at the request of people who visit my email address.the machine. About two months ago, KeelyNet. My version uses the original 3 My goal, here in central Mexico, is toaround March 2003, she returned and was vdc system with an AC adaptor to power build an alternative science research centre.all effusive, saying the machine I sent her the custom-switching timer circuit I build, KeelyNet has many dozens of projectsson had healed his sarcoiditis cancer, as and is powered by 10 batteries. which have commercial potential and needproved by MRI and biopsy. They were Also included with the MexiStim device one or more investors or partners to financeboth ecstatic, though the doctors claimed is the custom-switching timer circuit board, them. The returns could be phenomenalthe cure was a case of "spontaneous a jack for the AC adaptor power, the AC and we could do much to quantify so manyremission". adaptor as shown, a jack for the wire screen of the bogus claims in the alternative A lady friend in Dallas had rectal cancer connection and the cable connected to the science arena. That includes many projectsand I lent her one of the other Crock approximate one-foot-square wire mesh relating to free energy, gravity control,machines which Lee had lent us to let peo- screen, all of which comes with the unit for health machines and rejuvenation systems.ple use. She now reports she is cancer free US$200 plus shipping and is tested before KeelyNet interests and technicaland is now taking the machine to another shipping to ensure correct operation. information are both wide-ranging andfriend who has many ailments, so we are If youd like to order a MexiStim unit or prolific in many areas.hoping it will help him. have questions or comments, feel free to If you are interested in investing in or I recently received an email from a med- email me at jdecker@keelynet.com or discussing this alternative research centre,ical practitioner in England who is using through http://www.keelynet.com, please email me at jdecker@keelynet.com.one of my MexiStim units, and he wrote: or you can write to: ∞AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2003 www.nexusmagazine.com NEXUS • 75
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