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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 10, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2003 UK/Europe Edition www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 HOLOCAUST OF GIANTS..........................................49GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Ross Hamilton. Smithsonian Institution News you may have missed, including Monsantos documents attest to the existence of a race of giants monopoly upheld on GE soybeans, a victory for in ancient North America, but skeletal remains Gulf War syndrome veterans, and motives behind found in prehistoric earth mounds have either the US demand that sanctions against Iraq be lifted. perished or been hidden from public view.THE SCOURGE OF DEPLETED URANIUM.................11 THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................59 By Dr Doug Rokke. US authorities are in denial Graham Birdsall interviews Valery Uvarov about a over the serious adverse health and environmental strange installation in Siberia that can destroy errant effects of depleted uranium munitions and do little cosmic bodies; and Adriano Forgione talks with Prof. to help victims or decontaminate affected land. Alexander Chuvyrov about the mysterious 120-HAARPS THREAT TO THE PLANET............................17 million-year-old stone map he found in the Urals. by Richard A. Miller and Iona Miller. Part of the REVIEWS—Books........................................................65 US militarys "Joint Vision 2020" plan, the HAARP "The Terracotta Warriors" by Maurice Cotterell energy beam weapon poses a major threat to the "You Are G8, We Are 6 Billion" by Jonathan Neale subtle electromagnetic interplay between the "Spin Wave Technology" by George J. Bugh Earths surface and ionosphere and all biosystems. "The Gospel of the Toltecs" by Frank DíazROCKEFELLER INTERNATIONALISM—Part 2............27 "Without Consent" by Carl Nagaitis and Philip Mantle "The Genesis and Geometry of the Labyrinth" by Patrick Conty By Will Banyan. Nelson Rockefeller, the second "Save Israel!" by Barry Chamish son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr, used the family name "The Secret Land 2: Journeys into the Mystery" by Gary Cook and wealth to pursue his political ambitions and "Dreaming War" by Gore Vidal visions for global free trade in a New World Order. "The Partys Over" by Richard HeinbergMANGANESE, INFRASOUND & BSE—Part 2.............33 "Health Betrayal" by Eve Hillary "Solomon – Falcon of Sheba" by Ralph Ellis By Mark Purdey. Scientists, health authorities and "Why Americas Children Cant Think" by Peter Kline politicians prefer the all-out slaughter of animals to "Mothers: Prevent...Breast Cancer" by Sherrill Sellman control BSE, while ignoring the evidence that the "Flood your Body with Oxygen" by Ed McCabe disease does not have hyperinfectious origins. REVIEWS—CD-ROM..................................................72SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................37 "Gridpoint™ 3.0" from Quark Enterprises Ltd and Harmonitech In his 1901 essay, "Talking with the Planets", Dr REVIEWS—Product.....................................................72 Nikola Tesla discusses the idea of communicating "The Safe-T-Fone" from Safe-T-Fone Pty Ltd with beings in other worlds and using the Earths energy to send signals across vast distances. REVIEWS—Music........................................................73 "Yol Bolsin" by Sevara NazarkhanIS INCANDESCENT LIGHT HEALTHIER?—Part 2.......41 "Embrace" by Deva Premal By Inger Lorelei. Energy authorities and the "Moroccan Gypsies" with Sidi Mimoun and Ben Souda lighting industry want to foist fluorescent lighting "Rumba Flamenco" with various artists on consumers, when anecdotal evidence says that "Rezos" by Bobi Céspedes people prefer the glow from incandescent lamps. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................78–88JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 10, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2003 I ts hard to believe that in the two months since I last stared at the computer screen, won- dering where the wise words for editorials are hidden, Iraq has been invaded and con- quered, a NEXUS Conference has been held in Europe, Ive manned the NEXUS stall at PUBLISHED BY the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival, and weve almost finished another issue. NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia First up: the invasion of Iraq. Where do I start? Probably the most overtly outrageous EDITOR feature of the war, for me, was the image of Saddam Husseins statue being pulled down. Duncan M. Roads Prior to that moment, most people may have been feeling pangs of guilt at the collateral CO-EDITOR damage caused by the coalition forces. But the statues demise amongst cheering crowds Catherine Simons of Iraqis was a staged event. The average person out there, bombarded with media cov- ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR erage of that moment, was being made to feel assured that the Iraqis were happy at being Ruth Parnell liberated by America. This assurance has translated into an increase in the popularity of OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS ASSISTANT the coalition leaders, according to the polls, and the spin doctors use this as further vali- Jenny Hawke dation of this new era of pre-emptive strikes that are in defiance of international law. UK Office Manager Marcus Allen While Im on the subject, many of these strikes utilised depleted uranium munitions. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE So, for this issue, Ive found the best background paper on the subject, written by a nuclear Doug Rokke, PhD; Richard Alan Miller and health physicist who helped in the DU clean-up after Gulf War I and is himself a victim. Iona Miller; Will Banyan; Mark Purdey; While depleted uranium missiles recently rained down upon the citizens of Iraq, the Inger Lorelei; Ross Hamilton; NEXUS Conference was being held in Amsterdam. As our conferences have usually been Graham W. Birdsall; Adriano Forgione held in Sydney over the years, it was gratifying to see so many readers come to a similar CARTOONS event in the northern hemisphere. The conference was a tremendous success and every- Phil Somerville one thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Herman Hegge, of Frontier Sciences Foundation, is COVER GRAPHIC John Cook, to be congratulated for his organisational skills, and its great news that hes scheduled the PRINTING next conference for late March 2004 in Amsterdam. Well continue our Australian confer- Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK ences in due course, but the next one will be held somewhere in southeast Queensland. While I was manning our stall at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, I was asked by most DISTRIBUTION Seymours, London, UK visitors what I thought of the recent Pan Pharmaceuticals product recall here in Australia. UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, Was it a full-scale attack on natural therapies and complementary medicines by the drug- West Sussex, RH19 1BG. industry-run bureaucracy? At the time I wasnt sure, but now Id say it seems the gloves Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 are coming off. It almost looks as if they knew the Pan Pharmaceuticals scandal was e-mail address: coming and were prepared. Suspiciously hot on the heels of the drug recall, there have Website: been media beat-ups on the dangers of vitamins, supplements and alternative medicines, EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 48, 1600 AA government proposals to amend the Therapeutic Goods Act, and inquiries into the safety Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. and effectiveness of natural medicines (with little focus on the dangers of pharmaceutical Ph: +31 (0)228 324076; Fax: +31 (0)228 312081 drugs). Whether we like it or not, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and USA are e-mail address: to harmonise health safety standards with those of the EU trading bloc. This will mean HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. big changes for everyone in the alternative health industry, and consumers will have far Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 less choice in quality health products and services. If you dont make noise now, this is e-mail address: the beginning of the end for genuine alternative health products in these countries. ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza Meanwhile, NEXUS continues to expand internationally. We will soon have editions in Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Spanish and Yugoslav languages, but we are still looking for Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 e-mail address: the elusive German publisher interested in producing NEXUS in that part of the world. USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, Regarding matters Russian, we have two intriguing interviews this issue that are repre- Denver CO 80206 USA sentative of a new wave of connections coming out of the region. Of particular interest is Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 720 941 9352 "The Installation", which I know will get the phones and emails running hot. We hope to E-mail: have a more in-depth article on the subject for next issue, so please dont contact me yet STATEMENT OF PURPOSE for any updates. While you ponder the implications of the Installation, you may also wantNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a to read the interview with the Russian scientist who discovered the 120-million-year-oldmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUSseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to stone map in the southern Urals (as reported in NEXUS 9/04).assist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Our article on the unexplained is about Giants—specifically, the mysterious skeletonslinked to any religious, philosophical or political of giants found in northeastern USA within the equally mysterious earth mounds. Whoideology or organisation. were these people and why do mainstream archaeologists deny their existence? PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY You must also read Teslas "Talking to the Planets" essay of 1901; it gives a glimpse ofWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone technologies that are deliberately being hidden from our view, but are likely beingcaught making a buck out of it, without our express employed at installations like HAARP in Alaska. We also have an article on HAARP...permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 20032 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 3. JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...A Captive Audience… who simply looked much like it that I receive your highly and economy so that there can be Dear Duncan: Thank you for him who was standing in for Dr prized magazine every issue. a One World Government.standing in the gap and putting Burisch. I altered my travel Reading and re-reading both Did the Illuminati let the wholeout such a faithful instrument as schedule and made arrangements books on underground bases by world know about this a coupleNEXUS, in which these brave with Alan Guiditis, the regional Dr Richard Sauder made me of weeks ago? I did not see it oncontributors you call authors, director of MUFON in Las more likely to believe that theres television, but I saw it in theresearchers and scientists can put Vegas, to accompany me to the a secret underground or underwa- papers. When the American sol-forth their work to true peer mountain on the appropriate date. ter base here in the Solomon diers conquered Baghdad, theyreview—us, the masses! Together we photographed the Islands, located at the western put up the American flag. But Your magazines content has operation that took place, and I side of Makira Province Island. they made one mistake: they putbecome fuller and more usable in was able to positively identify Dr This is near the epicentre of a it upside down! Or so I thought.the past few years, and your Dan Burisch as a participant. I strong earthquake early this Turns out that it wasnt a mistakeadvertisers less specious. Bravo! also have some tape of the radio year—a nuclear testing, maybe? at all! It was done on purpose!The fruits of your vision and ded- chatter in which Dans voice is Since the early 1960s there A week later, while I was lis-ication are evident. Thanks for clearly audible. have been a lot of stories circu- tening to Coast to Coast w i t hnot going out of business. If I could help set the record lating amongst the local residents George Noory (Art Bells old I can speak for many at the straight, or provide documenta- of a black unmarked aircraft that program), Richard C. Hoaglandbottom of the Western socio- tion for a follow-up article for suddenly hovered above their vil- mentioned the flag incident. Heeconomic pyramid, especially the NEXUS, please let me know. I lages. White (and black) people said the soldier, who put the flagtwo million of us behind bars, will do all I can to help. in military uniforms suddenly upside down temporarily beforemost for drug-related offences, Sincerely, appeared in the villages from "righting it", was being inter-here in the USA. BJ Wolf nowhere, and could speak the viewed on the Larry King Live Your magazine gives us hope. [Thanks, BJ: Glad to hear local peoples language. They show on television.Your contributors, though varied some news about Dans "disap - sometimes distributed unlabelled Larry King also was under thein academic profundity, instil pearance". Hopefully one day canned goods and other food- assumption that the soldier hadideas in our imaginations of well have more to publish on his stuffs to the villagers. made a mistake, and he com-change, transformation and intriguing research. Ed.] During the 70s and 80s there mented on it. To his surprise, therenewal of not only our lives but were reports of young children soldier answered that he hadntthe larger world we will enter Radiofrequency Risks who went missing for a week or made a mistake. His captain toldagain soon. Dear Duncan: Thanks for two and then suddenly reap- him to put the flag upside down So keep up the good work—and another great edition. I am writ- peared near their houses. Most for a few minutes, then take itif you need a leg broken, just ing re an item in NEXUS Global of these children were aged 3–5 down and put it back up the rightdrop me a line. (Im joking, of News 10/03, entitled "Radio years old. Some of them can way. Larry King asked him whycourse!) Frequencies Used to Kill remember going into a big house his captain ordered him to do Guy S., Globe Prison, AZ, USA Destructive Pests". Its good (a cave, maybe?) at the time they that, and the soldier said he didnt PS: Please forgive the pen and news that methyl bromide will went missing, and told their par- The prison officials dont possibly be replaced by radiofre- ents stories that adults cannot and Richard C. Hoagland said thatallow us the use of word proces- quency waves, but is this another will not believe or understand. every military and governmentsors or typewriters, even in mini- hazard? If you remember, I sent you a official knows what is meantmum security. As these waves can make mole- photograph of a UFO that I took when the American flag is flown [Hi, Guy: Ill forgive the pen cules vibrate and heat up in the on 29th December 1999; it was upside down. It means: Americaand ink if youll forgive my pun in same way as in microwave hovering above the township of is in dire distress! It is an SOS!the title of your letter! Ed.] ovens, does this mean that, as Noro in the Western Province of And what amazed Richard was William P. Kopp tells us, the the Solomon Islands. I now sus- that everyone in the entire world molecular structure of the food pect that said UFO originated saw this and not one militaryDr Dan Burisch Sighted from West Makira Island. official or government official will be damaged and new chemi- Dear Duncan: I understand that cals created, some of them Are there any readers who can said one word about it!you published an article after known carcinogens? Or am I offer further information to our They all know what it meansDan Burischs death was reported overreacting? people here in the Solomon when the flag is flown upsidelast year [NEXUS 10/01]. I Islands about this mystery? down, and not one of them said awanted to advise you that I have I bet your readers would be really interested in any facts you Sincerely yours, word about it! The soldier anddiscovered that those reports can find on this subject. Sri Ramon Jun Quitales, II, captain were not even apprehend-were tainted, and I now have Cheers, Solomon Islands, rquitales@ ed. So what does that tell you?proof that Dr Burisch is alive. Ihave photographs to prove it. Wilma Tait, Isle of Wight, UK Brenda B., Costa Mesa, CA, USA (but for how long?) About two months ago I wasgiven information pointing to an Secret Base in the Solomons? US Flag Signalled SOS!operation, possibly involving Dear Duncan: As a long-time Dear Duncan: I have heard Death by Doctoring Must EndDan, that was scheduled to take reader of NEXUS Magazine from several sources that one of Dear Editor: I recently had aplace at Frenchman Mountain since the early 1990s when I was the main reasons why the loved cousin suffer through fourlast month [February]. still in Papua New Guinea, and Illuminati has begun this war in years of "accepted" medicinal I was urged to go and make a then when I moved into LA, the Middle East, which is to last p r o c e d u r e s —e r g o, chemothera-determination as to whether Dan USA, and now here in the 27 years, is to bring about the py—for her ovarian cancer. Iwas alive or if it was somebody Solomon Islands, I always see to demise of the US government tried to tell her similar things that4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.appear in your "Death by the data we had collected to (1978–79) at his college in Allegations against Sathya SaiDoctoring" article parts 1 & 2 every member of our city council Whitefield, via Bangalore—the Baba mainly relate to serial sexu-[NEXUS 9/05, 9/06], but, as is so and attended and spoke at many first of several large boys col- al abuse of minors and youngoften the case, her "specialist" of their meetings as well as held leges which Sai Baba founded. I men, but some relate to Saicaused so much fear in her that numerous informational meetings now assist with exposure activi- Babas complicity in police exe-she didnt look into anything out- city-wide. The bottom line is ties. cutions in his private apartmentsside "accepted" medicine. And that our city council voted not to Sai Babas devotees are legion at Puttaparthi in goes the battle. do it! A victory that is almost in all the top Indian power struc- Coming from many countries What really raises my ire is that unprecedented in this day and tures. Witlessly, they and mil- and educational backgrounds, wethe doctors have my whole age! lions of Indians sink at his feet, have exposed Sai Baba and hisfamily convinced that they gave I have not had the chance to declaring him a national trea- accomplices in major venues.her four "good" years that she "browse" your website yet, but I sure—the greatest divine incarna- We have precipitated well-would otherwise not have had: would hope to find similar arti- tion ever—and believe him when researched articles in the press offour years without hair, of cles on amalgam teeth fillings, he says that he will save the countries such as Australia,doubling over retching aspartame as a sweetener, more entire world, with India leading Canada, Denmark Chile,uncontrollably after every chemo info on fluoridation, how the the rest of us. A powerful incen- Germany, Holland, India, USA,session, of being so weak most of homogenisation process of milk tive to belief are the ostensible UK and Sweden.the time that all she could do was changes it into a very unhealthy miracles.lie in bed—and on and on, a d Early last year, the Danish substance, and anything else We continue to exposenauseam! Broadcasting Company aired a dealing with present-day medical fraudulence, but not all the I would like to think that many 50-minute documentary on the procedures and food processing phenomena—whether related toof the specialists who pander to him personally or to worldwide Sai Baba exposé, titled Seduced. that is contrary to our health andthese procedures actually think manifestations in countless Promptly, the municipal authori- well- being.they are doing the best thing for homes of devotees, etc.—submit ties rescinded the sale to Sai I would appreciate it if youthe patient. These doctors read to rational explanation. Baba devotees of the famous would point me in the propertheir journals and take what is A common response to the Arresødal castle in Copenhagen, direction to find this information.written as the gospel truth and all three NEXUS article testimonies which was to have been used as a Thank you!that is printed therein as the latest was that they had the "ring of Sai international school. Bill Alexander, Washington,in medical science. With this in USA, truth". One of the authors was However, the Indian powermind, they blindly administer the Dr Terry Gallagher, a scientist structure constantly obstructs our [First up, all readers have myprotocol as it is spelled out. and formerly a highly respected efforts, including the media— permission and encouragement I intend to make copies of the leader of the Australian Sai with the honourable exceptions to share, reproduce and copy our"Death by Doctoring" article and articles as far and as wide as Organisation. Long before the of India Today and the uniquedeliver them by hand and "snail they wish, as long as there is no NEXUS article came out, his and brave Ramana Murthy,mail" to everyone I can think of, charge to the recipient. And Bill, efforts to investigate properly the Editor of V i j a y a v i h a a r a m.both in the medical field and out, as for a pointer to articles on allegations of sexual molestation Indian Prime Minister A. B.who would be even remotely those subjects you mentioned, had been heavily suppressed by Vajpayee and three high-profileinterested in the material. just visit our website. We have T. Ramanathan, the head of the co-signatories of a public letter I feel that the only way we are free articles on all those issues Sathya Sai Organisation of say that our contentions aregoing to bring about a change in and more. Ed.] Australia and Papua New "wild, reckless and concoctedour existing medical procedures Guinea. Dr Gallagher resigned allegations made by certain vest-and break the stranglehold that on the basis of high principle—as ed interests and people againstthe pharmaceutical companies Sai Baba Allegations Grow have many others since, the Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba".have over it all is to inform the Duncan: In exposing sexual world over. After hearing of our allegationspublic until they cause such an abuse of male youths by Sathya Another highly respected and having them investigated, theuproar that something has to be Sai Baba, Indias most famous leader, Stephen Carthew, a docu- Vice-Chancellor of thedone. Does this meet with your guru, the NEXUS article in 1999 mentary filmmaker, submitted University of Adelaide, Southapproval? on the accusations were tremen- shortly after the NEXUS article Australia, withdrew permission I was brought face to face with dously seminal [see 7/05]. The was published that the allegations for the University to be used as aa medical situation a few years three testimonies presented be discussed by the rank and file. venue for the Sai Nationalago when our city was about to alleged serial sexual molestations Summarily, Ramanathan, a Conference that was scheduledimplement a program to fluori- of young males from different retired lawyer and former for April 18–25, our water supply. A small countries, as well as other crimes. President of the Sri Lanka Law NEXUS tested many Sai There is a growing networkgroup of us began digging into Society, cast him out. Baba–related sources around the planet of peoplethis issue and found out that it Worldwide, courageous and independent of our own. Your calling for a properly constitutedconsisted of nothing more than truthful individuals received the confirmation of the integrity of official enquiry and action bythe dumping of the toxic waste same draconian of the aluminium, the evidence, and publishing of governments around the world. Hundreds of people have comesteel and fertiliser industries the article, certainly assisted our forward with more information. More information can be foundprocesses into virtually every extensive and worldwide These include former devotees at the following websites:water supply in the country and investigations and campaign. from many countries, some of • http://www.exbaba.comgetting them to pay for it in the Devoted to Sai Baba for 25 whom have spent over two • http://www.saiguru.netprocess. years, I spent a few years around decades closely involved in Sai Barry Pittard, Qld, Australia, We gave packets containing all him and taught English literature Babas work. – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. MONSANTOS GE SOY MURDOCH COMPANY MONOPOLY UPHELD TO MIND BRITISH OFFICIAL SECRETS?I n a jaw-dropping affirmation of Monsantos monopoly con-trol over commodity crops, one I n an official British "written ministerial statement" quietlyof the worlds most notorious released late on Friday evening,patents for genetically engi- March 14, while MPs and theneered crops was upheld on May media were focused on the6 by the European Patent Office approaching conflict with Iraq,(EPO) in Munich—this despite a the Junior Defence Minister, Drnine-year battle by civil society Lewis Moonie, confirmed that(and industry) to have it revoked. the Ministry of Defence (MoD) European Patent No. 301,749, had decided to privatise the stor-granted in March 1994, is an age of top- secret Ministry files.exceptionally broad "species The statement, published inpatent" which grants gene giant Hansard (column 29WS), alsoMonsanto an exclusive confirms that the preferred bid-monopoly over all forms of GE der is TNT Express Services,soybean varieties and seeds, owned by the media magnateirrespective of the genes used or Rupert Murdoch, proprietor ofthe transformation technique the London Times and Sun news-employed. papers. The patent, attacked as immoral and emerging new technologies, in particular Within two years, TNT will relocate thetechnically invalid by food security advo- nanotechnology—the atomic manipulation records service of the MoD and 13 othercates worldwide, was vigorously opposed of matter to create new molecular forms. government departments—including theby Monsanto itself until it purchased the "We fear that the EPO decision on Home Office, the Crown Prosecutionoriginal patent-holder (Agracetus) in 1996 Monsantos soybean patent gives comfort Service (CPS), the Public Record Officeand switched sides to make the soybean to those who want to establish ever wider (PRO), the Metropolitan Police Servicespecies patent a major ingredient in its legal claims—including matter monopo- and the Lord Chancellors Department—global recipe for crop monopoly. lies," emphasised Jim Thomas of ETC from secure MoD warehouses at BourneMonsanto now controls 100% of the Groups Oxford, UK, office. Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex, to new facili-worlds genetically engineered soybeans, "Monsanto may have won an entire ties in the Midlands.covering 36.5 million hectares in 2002. species, but others are seeking to monopo- The site will provide secure storage for a The ETC Group (The Action Group on lise entire elements of nature. Atomic- possible 200 linear kilometres of officialErosion, Technology and Concentration, level manufacturing provides new opportu- paper records, and TNT will also beformerly RAFI) has been opposing the nities for sweeping monopoly control over responsible for "the provision of recordspatent for nearly a decade. It regards the both living and non-living matter." management and archiving services" for amaintenance of this patent as a dangerous (Source: ETC Group news release, May 7, 25-year period.precedent for other broad claims on 2003, (Source: Intelligence, no. 420, April 7, 2003) NRO WANTS TO "KNOW EVERYTHING" A t a March 12 hearing of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Peter B. Teets, Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which develops, launches and operates US spy satellites, said: "Our goal is transparency. We want the ability to see everything and know everything, while simultaneously denying our adversaries both the ability to do the same, and the knowledge that such capabilities are being used against them." "We have 12 national security space launches scheduled for 2003, compared to only one conducted in 2002," he added. Mr Teets, who is also an Under- Secretary of the Air Force, provided a rare public description of "offensive counter- space" (OCS) programs for disabling other6 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ...countries satellites. CIA paid for his apartment and put him Phytosanitary Measures (SPS), which cov- "We currently have two OCS projects through a brief training course. The ers regimes dealing with human, animalunderway. The first is the Counter agency then helped him get to Cairo. and plant health.Communication System (CCS), a One former US government official, Some of the market access problemscapability intended to disrupt satellite- who knew Saddam at the time, said that faced by EU exporters include: an outrightbased communications used by an enemy even then Saddam "was known as having ban on the import of a range of agriculturalfor military C3, and scheduled for 2004. no class; he was a thug, a cut-throat". products such as fruit and vegetables;The second is the Counter Surveillance The agency quickly moved into action. extremely long and complex risk assess-Reconnaissance System (CSRS), intended Noting that the Baath Party was hunting ment procedures; and extremely restrictiveto impair an enemys ability to obtain down Iraqs Communists, the CIA provid- conditions applied to imports, even whentargeting, battle damage assessment and ed the submachinegun-toting Iraqi access is finally granted.information by denying their use of National Guardsmen with lists of suspect- Australias quarantine system has beensatellite imagery with reversible, non- ed Communists who were then jailed, challenged in the past. In 1998, followingdamaging effects," Mr Teets testified. interrogated and summarily executed. a complaint by Canada and the USA, the At a March 12 Air Force press briefing Agency sources told UPI that the mass WTO ruled that the Australian quarantineon "military space", the Air Force Director killings, presided over by Saddam system for salmon violated WTO rules.of Space Preparations, Major-General Judd Hussein, took place at Qasr al-Nehayat— (Source: EU Commission release, March 31,Blaisdell, said: "We are so dominant in literally, the Palace of the End. 2003, that I pity a country that would come (Source: by Richard Sale, UPI, April 10, dispute/index_en.htm, via StopWTORound@up against us." 2003, Secrecy News , from the FAS ID=20030410-070214-6557r)Project on Government Secrecy, vol. 2003, EARTHS FIELDS SOON TO FLIP EU CHALLENGES AUSTRALIASno. 23, March 18, 2003, SADDAM WAS A KEY CIA ASSET QUARANTINE RULES I n recent years, the Earths magnetic field has been behaving in ways not FROM THE LATE 1950S T he European Union has decided to request Australia to enter into WTO previously seen in the admittedly short time it has been monitored.W hile many have thought that Saddam Hussein first became involved withUS intelligence agencies at the start of the formal consultations on its quarantine sys- tem for imports of agricultural products. EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy The magnetic field not only shields us from harmful cosmic rays but also funnels charged particles shed by the Sun towardsSeptember 1980 Iran–Iraq War, his first said: "Australia has built a quarantine the magnetic poles, where they cancontacts with US officials date back to system which is highly efficient at produce beautiful auroral displays. But it1959 when he was part of a CIA- blocking the import of agricultural is getting weaker.authorised six-man squad tasked with products into this country. We believe this David Kerridge, of the Britishassassinating the then Iraqi Prime Minister, system flagrantly breaches WTO rules, Geological Survey, told BBC NewsGeneral Abd al-Karim Qasim. despite Australias constant claims to be Online: "There is strong evidence that the In July 1958, Qasim overthrew the Iraqi the only beacon of free agricultural trade." field is decreasing by about five per centmonarchy in what one former US diplomat The rules which the EU considers the per century."described as "a horrible orgy of blood- Australian quarantine system breaches are Some researchers suggest that it couldshed". In the mid-1950s, Iraq had been set out in the Agreement on Sanitary and be the start of a geomagnetic reversal,quick to join the anti-Soviet Baghdad Pactwhich was to defend the region, and whosemembers included Turkey, Britain, Iranand Pakistan. But the US paid little atten-tion to Qasims bloody regime until hissudden decision to withdraw from the pactin 1959. Washington watched in markeddismay as Qasim began to buy arms fromthe Soviet Union and put his own domesticcommunists into ministry positions of "realpower", according to a former senior USState Department official. The assassination was set for October 7,1959, but it was completely botched.Qasim escaped death by hiding on thefloor of his car, but Saddam, whose calfhad been grazed by a fellow would-beassassin, escaped to Tikrit, thanks to CIAand Egyptian intelligence agents. Saddamthen crossed into Syria and was transferredby Egyptian agents to Beirut, where theJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ...when the strength of the Earths magnetic There is also a call for proposals to proved by any study. When specialists dofield decreases and then returns a few thou- improve the labelling of products contain- not succeed in producing definite proof insand years later with the north and south ing aspartame, and the Parliament wants 40 years, the practice has to be abandoned.magnetic poles reversed. the new directive to be implemented in the • In spite of the fluoridation of drinking Magnetic measurements made on the member states within a year of its entry water, dental caries have been on thesurface suggest that a region of the Earths into force. There is concern about a lack of increase in children.core under South Africa is of a different labels warning of health risks to the preg- • The danger of fluorosis is played down;polarity to the rest of the magnetic field in nant woman and the foetus—and rightly so, indeed, there is no discussion about fluoro-the core. It may grow and initiate a flip, or since aspartame is an abortifacient and a sis of the bones. The fluoridation of drink-it may die down. teratogen. It also stimulates prolactin. It is ing water is particularly problematic in the(Source: BBC News Online, March 27, 2003, an endocrine-disrupting chemical. It also case of young children and babies. changes the menses, triggering infertility. • Less than 1% of the fluoride in drinkingsci/tech/2889127.stm) A woman who goes off aspartame and gets water is actually used for "prevention of pregnant may lose her baby if she goes caries"; more than 99% of the fluoridated EU CALLS FOR INVESTIGATION back onto it. water is used for washing, cleaning, indus- OF ASPARTAME DANGERS The manufacturer and the FDA have trial production, etc., and thus only pollutesT he European Parliament has called for an investigation of aspartame (akaNutraSweet, Equal, Canderel, E951, steadfastly refused to put a warning on aspartame, even though they have full knowledge of how it can destroy the foetus the environment—a very undesirable imbalance. (Source: Forum for Responsible ApplicationSpoonful, Benevia, etc.) as part of a drive or trigger birth defects. of Science, Basel, April 27, 2003, make sure that foodstuffs and drinks (Source: from Betty Martini, Mission, via in the European Union are safe. Possible International, April 12, 2003, A document from the European PENTAGON STAGEDParliament says the justification is that: SADDAM STATUES FALL SWISS CANTON STOPS"…the use of aspartame increases the expo-sure to its metabolites methanol/ formalde- FLUORIDATION AFTER 41 YEARS O ne of the "most memorable images of the war" in Iraq was the footage andhyde and phenylalanine and is reported toprovoke headaches, nausea and allergicreactions, especially in the case of vulnera- O n April 9, the Great Council of the Swiss Canton Basel-Stadt, on a motion brought forward by the Commission for photographs showing a crowd of Iraqis pulling down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Fardus Square in Baghdad on April 9,ble persons. Its widespread use should Health and Social Issues, totally repealed after US armed forces invaded the capital.therefore be re-evaluated by the the "Resolution of the Great Council con- The BBC hailed the video and photos asCommission and the relevant scientific cerning the introduction of fluoridation of recording a "momentous event", with thecommittees, taking into account all avail- drinking water for the control of caries". media being "a witness to history". Bushable data and respecting the precautionary The fluoridation of drinking water, initiated declared it "a historic moment". Forprinciple. An historical evaluation is by Basel-Stadt on May 2, 1962, was thus Donald Rumsfeld, these images wererequired as there seems to be evidence that stopped after 41 years. The reasons were: "breathtaking". But this image was staged.original studies did not prove the safety of • The preventive effect of the The spin-doctors of the US media and theaspartame." fluoridation of drinking water could not be Pentagon produced a close-action video of the destruction of the statue that was sup- posed to be proof of a massive civilian uprising against the Iraqi government. A Reuters photojournalist exposed this media event as a sham. The Marines had cleared out the area and ringed Fardus Square (across the street from the Palestine Hotel, where foreign journalists are based) with tanks. A hand-picked group of approx. 150 Iraqis, with some Marines, was allowed into the sealed-off area. A US mil- itary vehicle pulled down the statue. The Pentagon wanted journalists to sell this occupation as "liberation" to people in the US and around the world. In fact, the United States Armed Forces psychological operations motto boasts: "Win the mind, win the day!" The wrecking of the Saddam statue was part of a psy-ops media campaign. (Source: Workers World News Service, April 24, 2003, • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... LANDMARK WARNING ON BEHIND WASHINGTONS DEMAND TO LIFT IRAQ SANCTIONS MERCURY USE IN DENTISTRY T he issue of lifting the sanctions on Iraq is shaping up as the next big confrontation in the UN Security Council, which now has control over at least US$30 billion held in its OilF or the first time anywhere in the USA, dentists will be required to post a warn-ing about the dangers of mercury in their for Food accounts—funds accumulated from the sale of Iraqi oil during the sanctions regime. The US has appointed itself the overseer of Iraq and the force that will hand-pick a new government. But the sanctions prevent the money from going to Iraq. So the US wantsdental fillings. On January 7, a California an end to sanctions so that these billions of dollars can be turned over to a US-administeredSuperior Court judge finalised the language government in Iraq.for the warning and ordered the California In addition, Iraqi money worth billions of dollars has been frozen since August 1990 inDental Association to send it to dentists by accounts around the world. An end to sanctions could be a first step in making this moneyMarch 9. The warning reads as follows: available to a US-controlled "Iraqi government", which would then turn it over to US corpo- "Notice to Patients: Proposition 65 rations that have been awarded contracts for the "reconstruction" of Iraq. The US campaignWarning: Dental Amalgam, used in many to end the sanctions and turn the billions in withheld Iraqi funds over to itself, the occupier,dental fillings, causes exposure to mercury, is piracy in its most blatant form.a chemical known to the state of California France, Russia and China all have veto power over whether to end the sanctions. Various countries on the Security Council have reminded Washington that sanctions cannot be liftedto cause birth defects or other reproductive until UN weapons inspectors confirm that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, whichharm. Root canal treatments and restora- diplomatically throws in Washingtons face the same fraudulent excuse that the US govern-tions, including fillings, crowns and ment used for 13 years to continue the sanctions.bridges, use chemicals known to the state France has further enraged the Bush administration by proposing that civilian sanctionsof California to cause cancer. The US could be "suspended" for humanitarian reasons. By stating that it was not for "lifting" sanc-Food and Drug Administration has studied tions, it was reminding Washington that the web of sanctions the US had spun gives the UNthe situation and approved for use all den- Security Council control over all of Iraqs future oil revenues. This is also Russias position.tal restorative materials. Consult your den- As long as sanctions officially remain in place, the revenue from all Iraqi oil sold will con-tist to determine which materials are appro- tinue to be deposited into UN accounts. Billions of dollars are at stake in future contracts. The countries on the Security Council that had joined the US in imposing sanctions are notpriate for your treatment." so anxious to turn over these accumulated funds, the bidding on all reconstruction contracts The warning is the result of a lawsuit and the future oil revenues to the conquerors.filed by the law offices of Shawn Khorrami Part of the reason why Washington does not want the United Nations involved in any wayon behalf of As You Sow, a not-for-profit in Iraq is that the Bush administration does not want any other financial claims on its unilat-foundation dedicated to advocacy and eral theft. Until it is clear who has legal title to Iraqs oil, it will be difficult for the US to sellactivism in the public interest. the oil on the world market. Before the 1991 war, Iraqi oil revenue was worth more than(Source: US$20 billion a year. When the Pentagon started bombing in January 1991, it chose its targets to sharpen the deadly impact of the sanctions. The US consciously destroyed the water, sanitation, sewage VICTORY FOR GULF WAR and pumping facilities, along with food-processing plants, pharmaceutical plants and med- SYNDROME VETERANS ical facilities. At the end of the massive US 40-day bombing campaign, Iraq withdrew fromG ulf War syndrome campaigners were yesterday [May 5] claiming victoryafter the UK Ministry of Defence Kuwait. This should have ended the reason for the UN sanctions. But as a condition of the ceasefire, the US demanded that sanctions remain until the UN Security Council had con- firmed that Iraq had destroyed any unconventional weapons it may have obtained.announced it would not appeal against a This became the excuse for a protracted struggle to demand the right to send thousands ofruling by the war pensions tribunal, accept- inspectors into Iraq to confirm that Iraq had no such weapons. Despite over 9,000 inspec-ing a link between the condition and vacci- tions, the continuing threat of US veto has kept these starvation sanctions in place for 13nations given to the armed forces. years. By 1995, a UN Food and Agriculture Organization report confirmed that 567,000 children under the age of five had died as a direct result of the continued UN sanctions. A Alex Izett, 33, a former lance-corporal growing global mobilisation demanding that sanctions be lifted created a radical shift inwho developed brittle bone disease after world public opinion.the 1991 conflict—but never went to the As world outrage mounted, the US shifted its public relations approach. In an attempt toGulf—said it was a "watershed" moment in give a humanitarian cover to its brutal policy, it pushed through the Oil for Food Program.the battle to have the condition officially This program allowed Iraq to sell a limited amount of its oil and buy food and medicine fromrecognised. the revenue. The UN Security Council, under a special committee called the 661 The decision by the MoD not to chal- Committee, would control all the revenue and review every contract for supplies that Iraqlenge the ruling that Mr Izetts osteoporosis would receive. Some 34 per cent of the Iraqi Oil for Food revenue went to the Kuwaiti monarchy and other "victims" of the 1991 war. ExxonMobil received $200 million in "warwas caused by a cocktail of drugs before reparations" from the Oil For Food funds, which were supposed to feed starving Iraqihis planned deployment could have signifi- children. Billions of dollars also went to the UN to administer this program. A multibillion-cant implications for thousands of veterans dollar bureaucracy was created that guaranteed lucrative contracts to many countries.suffering from the syndrome. Because Mr For the past six years, the US and UK representatives on the 661 Committee have denied,Izett did not go to the Gulf, the ruling adds delayed or obstructed most of the contracts submitted by Iraq. Under US pressure, the com-weight to the veterans argument that their mittee denied over 90 per cent of Iraqs contracts for the repair of water/sewage treatmentailments have been caused by the injections and irrigation projects.of untested and experimental vaccines they Because of this continual obstruction, billions of dollars from oil sales were never releasedwere given, and not by anything they may for Iraqs desperate needs but continued to be held in UN accounts. These funds, along with future oil revenue, are what US corporate power wants undisputed control over.have encountered in the field. (Source: by Sara Flounders, Workers World, May 8, 2003, The Guardian, May 6, 2003)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 11. Dr Doug Rokke presented this paper at the UNESCO Conference on "The Child: A Victim of War and A Messenger of Peace", held on May 24–25, 2001, in Athens, Greece. ABSTRACT D epleted uranium (DU) munitions have been used in combat because they are extremely effective. However, in winning these battles we have contaminated Depleted uranium air, water and soil. Consequently children, women and men have inhaled, ingested or had wounds contaminated with uranium. Uranium is a heavy metal munitions cause and radioactive poison. environmental In this paper, Dr Rokke—the health physicist originally tasked by the United States Army to clean up the DU mess—will discuss: What is depleted uranium? How is DU contamination and used by the military? Where and when has DU been used? What did we find immediate- ly after Operation Desert Storm (ODS) friendly-fire and combat incidents? How did the adverse health Depleted Uranium Project get started and what were its objectives? What adverse health effects have been observed, recognised, treated and documented? Based on all previous effects, but US research and the Depleted Uranium Project, what were the recommendations? What has occurred? What should happen next? officials are in In summary: medical care must be provided to all DU casualties; environmental reme- diation must be completed; and DU munitions must be banned. denial, refusing to implement clean-up Official denials about DUs serious health effects Medical evidence—and especially the birth defects in children born to parents in areas protocols or with DU contamination—is an issue of growing concern. Depleted uranium (uranium- 238) as well as other contaminants of war have been implicated. Today, 10 years after the provide appropriate Gulf War, warriors and non-combatants are exhibiting serious adverse health effects from exposure to depleted uranium munitions contamination, Iraqs chemical and biological medical care to weapons and released industrial chemicals. While health effects are linked to complex exposures, I would like to focus on depleted uranium or DU. victims. Today, United States, British, Canadian and NATO officials continue to state specifi- cally that there are no known adverse health effects in those of us in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Depleted Uranium medical project. That is a lie, as has been proven by our own medical records based on diagnosis of medical problems completed by our per- sonal primary care physicians. A press report from January 10, 2001, reported that "Defense Secretary William Cohen stated that DU was no more dangerous than leaded paint", and a US Army briefer assured reporters that it was "safe enough to eat". I do not know of any physician who would insinuate that either lead paint or uranium is safe to eat. The children of the world have been poisoned by lead and now by depleted uranium. by Doug Rokke, PhD © 2001 While government officials continue to deny any relationship between uranium expo- sures and adverse health effects, uranium miners and casualties of war who were exposed 2737 C.R. 1200E to uranium contamination are exhibiting the same adverse health effects. Although the Rantoul, Illinois 61866 Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act of 1990 was supposed to provide compensa- USA tion payments to these Americans, a report on the front page of the New York Times of Telephone: +1 (217) 643 6205 March 27, 2001, described how these individuals were sick and waiting for payments Email: because of inadequate budgetary allocations. I find it very disturbing that while one portion of the US government recognises the serious adverse health effects of uranium exposure, US Department of Defense officialsJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 11
  • 12. refuse to recognise the same health effects from exposures caused • 120 mm with a mass of approximately 4,500 grams;by wartime use of uranium munitions. • Submunitions/landmines such as the PDM and ADAM, whose Officials of the World Health Organization released their antici- structural body contains a small proportion of DU.pated report during April 2001. While this report made specific Many other countries now produce or have acquired DUrecommendations, the authors of this report, just as with other munitions. DU is also used as armour, counterweights, radiationgovernmental agencies reports, did not consult with those of us shielding and, as proposed by the US Department of Energy, as awho actually cleaned up the DU mess following ODS and com- component of road and structural materials. All of these uses arepleted the research as part of the Depleted Uranium Project. designed to reduce the huge US Department of Energy stockpiles I also find it astonishing that once more the authors of a report left over from the uranium enrichment process.have ignored the facts that although medical care for all exposed It is important to realise that DU penetrators are solid uranium-individuals has been required since the war 238. They are not tipped or coated! Duringand environmental remediation has also an impact, at least 40% of the penetratorbeen recommended or required, neither has forms uranium oxides or fragments whichbeen completed. The authors of the WHO are left on the terrain, within or on impactedDU report also did not contact any of us who equipment or within impacted structures.are confirmed DU casualties, nor did theyspeak to our physicians about observed and "The authors of the The remainder of the penetrator retains its initial shape. Thus we are left with a soliddiagnosed health effects of DU exposures. WHO DU report also piece of uranium lying someplace, which canOnce more, the Los Alamos memorandum be picked up by children. DU also ignites in(March 1991) directives written by LTC M. did not contact any of the air during flight and upon impact. TheZiehmn, USMC, are fulfilled. us who are confirmed resulting shower of burning DU and DU fragments causes secondary explosions,What is depleted uranium? DU casualties, fires, injury and death. Depleted uranium, which is 99.8% by nor did they speak To put it simply, who would wantmass U-238, is made from uranium thousands of solid uranium pencils ofhexafluoride, the byproduct of the ura- to our physicians masses between 180 and 4,500 gramsnium enrichment process. about observed and lying in your backyard? Who would Recent documents released by the want any uranium contamination ofUS Department of Energy state that a diagnosed health any type lying in your backyard?small proportion of other toxic heavy effects of DUmetals such as plutonium is also pre- Where and when has DU beensent. Although 60% of the ionising exposures." used?radiation given off by gamma emis- Photographic evidence of destroyedsions from U-235 and U-234 is elimi- equipment and reports suggest that DUnated during the enrichment process, was used for the first time during thealpha particles at 4.2 MeV and 4.15 1973 Arab-Israeli War. PhysiciansMeV—which cause significant internal using medical laboratory tests have ver-ionisation with consequent cellular ified an internalised DU exposure indamage—are proportionally increased. the individual who inspected thatThe continuing incomplete statement that DU is 60% less radioac- destroyed equipment.tive than natural uranium simply ignores the serious internal dam- The Persian Gulf War saw the first significant use of DU inage caused by alpha emissions. In addition, daughter products combat. Pilots flying aircraft fired at least 850,950 rounds andemit beta particles and gamma rays that may cause further radio- tank gunners fired another 9,640 rounds, for a total weight oflogical damage. 631,055 pounds or over 315 tons. Recent conversations with the While DU may not be an external hazard, it is a very serious individual who managed all DU rounds suggest that this figureinternal hazard. Consequent inhalation, ingestion and wound may be too low and that the actual quantity should be 25% greatercontamination pose significant and unacceptable risks. Also, or about 390 tons.spent penetrators or fragments emit beta particles at 300 Although warnings were issued to refrain from DU use, the USmrem/hour and thus cannot be touched or picked up without Marines fired DU munitions on three separate occasions duringprotection being worn. 1995 and 1996 while conducting operations in Okinawa, and then did not tell the Japanese government for over one year.How is DU used by the military? During 1995, the US military also fired at least 10,000 rounds DU is used to manufacture kinetic energy penetrators—giant of DU munitions in Serbia. Recently [1999–2000], US forcespencils or rods. Each kinetic penetrator consists almost entirely fired at least 31,000 rounds of 30-millimetre DU munitions intoof uranium-238. Kosovo or Serbia. The United States munitions industry produces the following DU munitions have been fired on ranges in Indiana, Nevada,DU munitions with the corresponding mass of uranium-238: New Mexico, Florida, Maryland, Scotland and Canada. • 7.62 mm with unspecified mass; Astonishingly, the US Navy fired DU on Vieques, Puerto Rico, to • 50 cal. with unspecified mass; prepare for the Kosovo attacks. • 20 mm with a mass of approximately 180 grams; Vieques is currently a national and international issue, with • 25 mm with a mass of approximately 200 grams; confirmed environmental contamination and documented adverse • 30 mm with a mass of approximately 280 grams; health effects similar to those observed in other DU casualties. • 105 mm with a mass of approximately 3,500 grams; Recently, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld decided to12 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 13. suspend Vieques operations. However, Secretary Rumsfeld must agreement) are only some of the issues that must beorder complete environmental remediation and medical care for addressed. Alpha particles (uranium oxide dust) fromall affected children and others on Vieques. All military expended rounds is a health concern, but beta particles fromoperations must be stopped forever. fragments and intact rounds is a serious health threat, with possible exposure rates of 200 millirads per hour on contact."What did we find immediately after Operation DesertStorm friendly-fire and combat incidents? This memorandum, the reports that we prepared immediately I was assigned to the ODS DU assessment team as the health after the Gulf War as part of the DU assessment project to recoverphysicist and medic by Headquarters, Department of the Army, in DU-destroyed/contaminated US equipment, the previous researchWashington, DC. What we found can be explained in three and other expressed concerns led to the publication of a Unitedwords: "Oh my God!" According to official documents, each States Department of Defense directive signed by General Ericuranium penetrator rod could lose up to 70% of its mass on Shinseki on August 19, 1993, to:impact, creating fixed and loose contamination, with the remain- "1. Provide adequate training for personnel who may comeing rod passing through the equipment or structure to land and lie in contact with depleted uranium equipment.on the terrain. On-site impact investigations showed that the mass 2. Complete medical testing of personnel exposed to DUloss is about 40%, which forms fixed and loose contamination, contamination during the Persian Gulf War.leaving about 60% of the initial mass of the penetrator in the solid 3. Develop a plan for DU-contaminated equipment recoverypencil form. We found that standard during future operations."radiacs [radioactive detection, identifi-cation and computation sets] will not It is thus indisputable that Uniteddetect this contamination. Equipment States Department of Defense officialscontamination included uranium frag- It is important to realise were and are still aware of the uniquements, uranium oxides, other haz- that DU penetrators are and unacceptable hazards associatedardous materials, unstable unexploded with using depleted uraniumordnance and byproducts of exploded solid uranium-238. munitions.ordnance. US Army Materiel Command docu- They are not tipped Consequently, I was recalled to active duty in the US Army as the DUments sent to us during ODS stated or coated! Project Director and tasked with devel-that the uranium oxide was 57% insol- oping training and environmental man-uble and 43% soluble and at least 50% agement procedures. The projectcould be inhaled. In most cases, included: a literature review; an exten-except for penetrator fragments, conta- sive curriculum development projectmination was found inside destroyed equipment or structures, on involving representatives from all branches of the US Departmentthe destroyed equipment or within 25 metres of the equipment. of Defense and representatives from England, Canada, GermanyHowever, during the 1994 and 1995 Nevada tests, we found DU and Australia; and basic research at the Nevada Test Site locatedcontamination out to 400 metres from a single incident. 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, to validate manage- After we returned to the United States, we wrote the Theater ment procedures. The products of the DU Project included:Clean-up Plan which reportedly was passed through the US • Three training curricula: (1) Tier I: General Audience, (2)Department of Defense to the Department of State and conse- Tier II: Battle Damage and Recovery Operations, (3) Tier III:quently to the Emirate of Kuwait. Today, it is obvious that none Chemical Officer/NCO;of this information regarding clean-up of extensive DU contami- • Three videotapes: (1) "Depleted Uranium Hazardnation was ever given to the Iraqis. Consequently, although we Awareness", (2) "Contaminated and Damaged Equipmentknew there were and still are substantial hazards existing within Management", and (3) "Operation of the AN/PDR-77 RadiacIraq, these have been ignored by the United States and Great Set";Britain for political and economic reasons. • The US Army Draft Regulation, "Management of Equipment Iraqi, Kosovar, Serbian and other representatives have asked Contaminated with Depleted Uranium or Radioactivenumerous times for DU contamination management and medical Commodities";care procedures, but this information has not been provided. • A United States Army pamphlet specifying "HandlingResidents of Vieques, who are US citizens, also have asked for Procedures for Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uraniummedical care and completion of environmental remediation, but or Radioactive Commodities";DOD officials still refuse to complete these essential actions. • A redesigned radiac capable of finding and quantifying DU contamination.How did the Depleted Uranium Project get started, and Although these products were completed, approved and readywhat were its objectives? for distribution by January 1996, the US Army, US Department of The probable health and environmental hazards of uranium Defense, British, German, Canadian and Australian officials havecontamination were known before the Gulf War. A United States disregarded repeated directives and have not implemented, orDefense Nuclear Agency memorandum, written by LTC Lyle, have only implemented portions of, the training or managementthat was sent to our team in Saudi Arabia, stated: procedures. The training curriculum and management procedures "As Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), ground combat have not been given to all individuals and representatives of gov- units, and civil populations of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq ernments whose populations and environment have been exposed come increasingly into contact with DU ordnance, we must to DU contamination, as verified by US General Accounting prepare to deal with potential problems. Toxic war sou- Office investigators in a report published in March 2000 and venirs, political furor, and post-conflict clean-up (host nation through personal conversations.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 13
  • 14. What adverse health effects have been observed, occurring and that the mobile fraction may not be representativerecognised, treated and documented? of what is actually present. Deliberate denial or delay of medical screening and consequent Even when verified medical evidence attributing adverse healthmedical care of US friendly-fire casualties who inhaled, ingested effects to DU exposures is available, official recognition andand had wound contamination from DU, and of all others with documentation is limited. For example, during 1994 and 1995,verified or suspected internalised uranium exposure, limits recog- United States Department of Defense medical personnel at a USnition and verification of health effects. Army installation hospital removed, separated and hid documented Although during March 1991 and many times since then we diagnoses (including my own) from affected individuals and otherrecommended immediate medical care, the United States physicians. Some medical records were retrieved during the fall ofDepartment of Defense, the British Ministry of Defence and con- 1997, but probably too late for many individuals. Today thissequently the United States Department of Veterans Affairs are practice continues and, consequently, exposed individuals are notstill reluctant to provide thorough medical screening and neces- receiving adequate and effective medical care. This includessary medical care. individuals whose required medical care has been requested and Dr Bernard Rostker wrote to me in a letter dated March 1, ordered many times. This will continue as long as the United1999, that physicians and health physicists at the completion of States, British, Canadian and other governments and NATO arethe ground war decided that medical screening and care for urani- permitted to ignore the emerging evidence and deny medical careum exposures was not required. Actual documents refute this! to all individuals who have been or may have been exposed toToday, individuals (including myself) are sick depleted uranium (uranium-238), otherand others are dead—people who were denied isotopes and other contaminants created as amedical care, even though I requested it in a result of depleted uranium munitions use.letter dated May 21, 1997, which was sent to The criteria describing exposures requiringthe Office of Surgeon, US Army Materiel medical screening within 24 hours of exposureCommand, and forwarded to Dr Rostker. and consequent medical care were specified in Verified adverse health effects from personal Even when verified a message from Headquarters, Department ofexperience, from physicians, and from personal the Army, dated October 14, 1993. Thesereports from individuals with known DU expo- medical evidence exposures included:sures include: (a) reactive airway disease; (b) attributing adverse "a. Being in the midst of smoke from DUneurological abnormalities; (c) kidney stones fires resulting from the burning of vehi-and chronic kidney pain; (d) rashes; (e) vision health effects to cles uploaded with DU munitions ordegradation and night vision losses; (f) gum tis- DU exposures is depots in which DU munitions are beingsue problems; (g) lymphoma; (h) various stored.forms of skin and organ cancer; (I) neuro- available, official b. Working within environmentspsychological disorders; (j) uranium in recognition and containing DU dust or residues fromsemen; (k) sexual dysfunction; and (l) DU fires.birth defects in offspring. documentation c. Being within a structure or vehicle Today, health effects have been docu- is limited. while it is struck by DU munitions."mented in uranium processing facilityemployees and residents living near: These guidelines must be applicablePaducah, Kentucky; Portsmouth, Ohio; with care to all exposed individuals,Los Alamos, New Mexico; Oak Ridge, independent of military or civilian status.Tennessee; and Hanford, Washington. They must be implemented now!Employees at uranium manufacturing or Medical care must be planned andprocessing facilities in New York, completed to identify and then alleviateTennessee, Iowa, Massachusetts and the actual physiological problems, ratherfour corners area of southwest Colorado also have repeatedly than the emphasis being placed on psychological manifestationsreported health effects similar to those reported by verified Gulf and continued testing. Children and others are sick and deserveWar DU casualties. Iraqi and other humanitarian agency physi- care for the complex exposures that have resulted in healthcians are reporting the same health effects in exposed populations. problems. Medical care for known uranium exposures should Scottish scientists recently verified that residents of the Balkans emphasise (concern in parentheses):were excreting uranium in their urine. This suggests that depleted a. neurology (heavy metal effects);uranium (U-238) is mobile and is contaminating air, water and b. ophthalmology (radiation and heavy metal effects);soil—just as specified in an October 1943 letter to General Leslie c. urology (heavy metal effects and crystal formation);Groves. d. dermatology (heavy metal effects); Today, verifying the correlation between uranium exposures e. cardiology (radiation and heavy metal effects);and adverse health effects may not be possible, except in only a f. pulmonary (radiation, particulate and heavy metal effects);few cases, because of deliberate delays in required screening—a g. immunology (radiation and heavy metal effects);radio-bioassay. Screening involves the collection and analysis of h. oncology (radiation and heavy metal effects);urine, faecal and throat samples within 24 hours of exposure. i. gynaecology (radiation, neurological and heavy metalToday, months or years after exposure, only a small fraction of effects);the sequestered uranium will be detected. That is why WHO sci- j. gastrointestinal (systematic effects);entists recommended immediate testing of exposed populations. k. dental (heavy metal effects);This detectable fraction represents only the mobile or soluble por-tion. A recent autopsy in Canada has revealed that sequestering is Continued on page 7414 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 15. JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 15
  • 16. 16 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 17. Introduction: SR Frequencies and Biocommunication S chumanns resonance (SR) may be the substrate for a radar-type extrasensory per- ception (ESP) mechanism common to all living beings. Non-specific frequencies can be absorbed and re-radiated in unique interference patterns by all objects encountered. These "sounding waves" can be frequency and pattern modulated by conscious intent in order to yield specific information (interference patterns). Decoded by the brain, they return almost instantly on the "back" of the Schumanns reso- The subtle nance and are then translated by the brain into conscious data. Also, bioinformation can be remotely imprinted intentionally on a target through a primitive, radar-type sensory interface electromagnetic with an SR carrier wave. All these and more mechanisms depend on the SR frequencies staying within their median range. interactions Electrical engineer Ben Lonetree ( conducts extensive monitoring of SR frequencies, which he calls the "Voice of the Planet", and Earths electromagnetic fields between the Earths in Sedona, Arizona. His site provides both atmospheric and geophysical real-time readings with high reliability. Lonetree also has a strong background in MRI scan technology and biosystems and the brainwave training. His speciality is low-amplitude ELF and ULF readings. ionosphere are RHYTHM AND CHAOS IN THE IONOSPHERE under threat from The rhythm of life has evolved at an even tempo for epochs. We live in a complex matrix of oscillating fields; the tiniest fluctuations in one interlocked field carry over perturbations HAARP, a weapon into others. Many times per second, pulses travel completely around the world between our planets surface and the ionosphere, sending coordinating signals to all organisms. These of mass destruction signals couple us to the global electrostatic field. Named for their discoverer, the Schumanns resonance (SR) provides an orchestrating pulse for life on our planet. This thats part of the US standing wave is continually recharged, like the ringing of a bell, by lightning. We all march to the cadence of this cosmic drummer—our planetary heartbeat, which sets militarys "Joint the tempo for health and well-being. Damaging this planetary pacemaker could spell doom for life as we know it. In the name of progress and defence, this pacemaker is now threat- Vision 2020" plan. ened, while vast amounts of public money are spent on this atmospheric exploitation. Even more tax funds are allocated to implement the ill-conceived "Star Wars" missile defence system by the year 2020 and the already-operational energy beam project HAARP (High- frequency Active Auroral Research Program), operating in Gakona, Alaska. This environmental rhythm—the fundamental driving system for all life on our small blue planet—is jeopardised by human manipulations of the ionosphere, such as HAARP. Some physicists have gone so far as to identify the upper atmosphere as essentially "alive", trans- mitting a type of consciousness to all living things. It is dangerous to fool with Mother Nature, as the results of ozone depletion and other ecological calamities have shown. Tampering could destroy this system, essentially leaving it—and us—dead. It might be by Richard Alan Miller and easy to see that such survival risks dont balance alleged benefits, but targeted research on potential problem areas has been virtually non-existent. Iona Miller © 2003 What is clear is that part of the money voted to Bushs Star Wars plan would be used for Organization for the research into space-based lasers… What the Russians are worried about…are US plans to Advancement of Knowledge begin large-scale scientific experiments using the Alaska-based HAARP in 2003. Ninety OAK Publishing, Inc. Russian deputies signed the appeal against the HAARP program, charging that the experi - Oregon, USA ments would create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in Websites: oil and gas pipelines and have a negative impact on the mental health of people populating and entire regions. (Fitrakis, 2002) The ionosphere shields us from deadly radiation from the Sun and deep space. Holes are now being routinely punched in this insulating blanket by high-frequency radio waves, andJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 17
  • 18. may accidentally tear open the fragile cocoon of human and plane- in Nature in 2002 showed that the deep current is freshening by astary evolution. Dire consequences could be as devastating as the much as 20%; this is not a good sign. Melting and calving glaciersfailure of an individuals pacemaker. The forces of chaos could be could hasten the process.let loose, doing irreversible damage. Fossil evidence demonstrates collapse can happen within a The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) puts this technology for decade and persist for centuries. This new paradigm of rapid cli-environmental modification in the hands of the military mate change is now broadly accepted worldwide. Such triggers cancommand—a frightening prospect. Because of national security create spikes of around 10°C in about a decade, followed bymandates, we cant be sure just what they are doing with it, and plateaus of about 20 years, then dramatic cooling of around 20°C inconjecture is running rampant. Hopefully, it can be disclosed around two decades.before it is too late for all of us. In the last 8,000 to 10,000 years, these pulsations have been milder, but solar instability, axis tilt and current declines could pre-PERTURBATIONS AFFECTING EARTHS CLIMATE cipitate their return. So could human tampering with the weather To comprehend just how delicately balanced our fragile planet is, through energy beam technology and weaponry.we need to consider the astrophysics converging on our region of A rise in temperature of only 3–4°C could trigger a rise in seaspace. We have to look into deep time and space. Then it becomes level of 20 metres within one decade! Further warming and ice-easier to see how the slightest perturbations to our atmosphere can melt creates a cycle where temperatures could spike 8–10°C in 30cause dramatic rifts in the course of our geophysical destiny. years. Then ocean currents would shift and new heat/cold patterns Many complex forces are already impact- emerge. New shallow seas would decreaseing the Earth, particularly our global weather land mass; agricultural plains would be flood-patterns. Looking at the broadest scale, there ed, diminishing food-growing areas a galactic ice age threat from supernovas, Approximately 30–40% of the land would bewhose cosmic rays create clouds when they Many complex forces lost and mankind would be displaced from inundated valleys on all continents. Trade,hit our atmosphere, cooling it. Also, the solarsystem is passing through the densest portion are already impacting commerce and industrial production would beof the Milky Way Galaxy, a roughly 30-mil- flooded out. In 2003, the US EPA predicted alion-year cycle. the Earth, particularly rise of 3–9°F over the next hundred years. This dense molecular cloud and fluctuating our global weather Tropical oceans have warmed 1.8–2.6°F over the past 100 years, and glaciers are melting ingalactic tidal forces of distant matter candestabilise comets in the Oort cloud and send patterns... many locations worldwide.them hurtling toward the planets and Sun. Research has also suggested that the SunThis rain of small comets, called "impact itself has been in a heating cycle and may be asurges", is influential in the pulsing and Also, the solar system significant component in global warming (1°Fadvancing of ice sheets over millennia per year since 1880). Limited resultsand implicated in mass extinctions. It is passing through suggested the Sun produced 0.05% more radiation per decade since the lateaffects the oceanic heat pump (with arain of fresh water) that acts as a global the densest portion of 1970s. The Suns alleged increasingocean conveyor. the Milky Way Galaxy, output means stronger solar winds This salt pump moves warm water sweeping across the Earths upperinto northern climes, like the US eastern a roughly atmosphere, exciting and ionising itseaboard and Europe, keeping themhabitable while cooling the tropics. Its 30-million-year with charged particles. Roughly half the global warming incollapse would mean that warm, salty cycle. the last century can be attributed to theGulf Stream water would no longer Sun. The hotter it burns, the more cos-move north, thus facilitating another Ice mic rays it deflects. Sustained overAge. decades, it could lead to dramatic cli- The motor of evolution is not natural mate fluctuation—as has happened inselection, but climate and ice. Ice the historical past with events such assheets have pulsed 30 times in the last the Little Ice Age between the 13th cen-2.5 million years since the isthmus of Panama formed, blocking tury and the most frigid 17th century.tropical circulation between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This The output of the Sun fluctuates in an 11-year cycle, which haddiverted warm water north, where it began falling as snow and two peaks in 2000 and 2002. Solar minimum is about three yearsbecame built into glaciers. These glaciers ebb and flow depending away (the solar minimum time period doesnt necessarily equal theon the wobble of the Earth. solar maximum period). These changes in the solar cycle cause Dryness created by these glacial cycles forced the African tropi- short-term changes on Earth. At solar maximum, an increase incal rainforests to die back, creating savannahs, and our progenitors cloud cover by as much as 2% over the USA was reported. Whenleft the forest and modern humans, reliant on intelligence for sur- bombarded with maximum solar output, the temperature of the thinvival, emerged. Intelligence and versatility became our hallmarks upper atmosphere doubles. It swells and puffs up further intobecause we had to learn to survive in volatile climates. Only about space, up to and beyond the orbit of the International Space Station.1,000 generations have passed since the Ice Age in Europe, when It can even increase drag on the station, necessitating frequenthuman population was incredibly low due to climatic stress. boosts from space shuttles to maintain momentum. All research indicates Earths climate system has sensitive thresh- Recently it has become easier and more accurate to measure solarolds, which when crossed will push the system from one stable activity outside of the Earths atmosphere. We now measure totaloperating mode into another. Oceanic systems control weather on solar energy at all wavelengths, with the resultant measurementland, as El Niño has shown. It is also revealed in deep-sea sedi- called Total Solar Irradiance (TSI). The jury is out on whetherments, ice-core sheets and the fossil record. They all show the con- current indications of increases are a long-term trend or a briefveyor has shut down in the past. It has been called the "Achilles aberration.heel" of our climatic system. The pump is in decline, according to In a recent study, data was analysed from six satellites orbitingresearchers, and could signal an abrupt and dramatic shift. A paper Earth at different times over the 24 years. Richard Willson, a18 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 19. researcher from Colombia University who is affiliated with the much further. The United Nations is sponsoring continued debatesNational Academy of Sciences and the Goddard Institute for Space on climate change, greenhouse gases, and "non-lethal weapons"Studies, ferreted out errors in one of the datasets that had prevented which can be deployed by at least the Americans and Russians.previous studies from discovering the trend. "Weather war" means triggering atmospheric disturbances with The new study shows that the TSI has increased by about 0.1 per - ELF radar waves. Through electronic weaponry, the US wants tocent over 24 years. That is not enough to cause notable climate "own the weather" and the space platform for military superiority,change, Willson and his colleagues say, unless the rate of change tailoring natural patterns and dominating global communications.was maintained for a century or more. On time scales as short as Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully opera -several days, the TSI can vary by 0.2 percent due to the number and tional and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts,size of sunspots crossing the face of the Sun. (Britt, 2003) hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP However, that shift, said to be insignificant to weather, is equal to is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes anthe total amount of energy used by humans globally for a year, the instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricul -researchers estimate. tural and ecological systems of entire regions. While there is no evidence that this deadly technology has been used, surely theINTERFERING WITH THE IONOSPHERE United Nations should be addressing the issue of "environmental Further perturbing, much less tearing holes in a super-heated warfare" alongside the debate on the climatic impacts of green -ionosphere, can create catastrophic weather changes. These can house gases…potentially be triggered by the military under the Strategic Defense …Dr Rosalie Bertell confirms that "US military scientists…areInitiative (SDI) to destabilise whole areas with climatic manipula- working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methodstion without the risks of conventional include the enhancing of storms and thewarfare. Deploying this weaponry for diverting of vapor rivers in the Earthseconomic and strategic purposes atmosphere to produce targetedcould collapse ecological systems and droughts or floods…"disrupt agricultural production dra- Marc Filterman, a former Frenchmatically. The Department ofDefense has, of course, already imple- International concerns over military officer, outlines several types of "unconventional weapons" usingmented the development of intelli- HAARP and sister projects radio frequencies. He refers togence and weather monitoring sys- "weather war", indicating that the UStems related to this program. deploying similar energy beams and the Soviet Union had already Latest speculation has also tried to have continued unabated for "mastered the know-how needed to unleash sudden climate changes (hur -link appearance of mysterious "chem-trails" to the deployment of HAARP over a decade. ricanes, drought) in the early 1980s".technology. Some think that the (Chossudovsky, 2000)reflective qualities of these clouds There are smaller systems atinfluence atmospheric heating and Arecibo, Puerto Rico, at Fairbanks,weather patterns. Reported analyses Alaska, in Tromsø, Norway, and inof the "angel-hair" taken from the the cities of Moscow, Nizhnyatmosphere after a day of spraying claim Novgorod and Apatity, Russia, asthe presence of a variety of toxins. Viral bacteria, toxic moulds, well as in Kharkov, Ukraine, and Dushanbe, Tadzhikstan, and pos-carbon black and EDBM (ethylene di-bromide) have been identi- sibly in Israel (at an unknown location).fied. Speculation about these sprayed grids includes increasing HAARP has been presented to public opinion as a program ofreflectivity in certain layers of the atmosphere. These sprayings are scientific and academic research. US military documents seem toalso responsible for a massive decrease in the production of nega- suggest, however, that HAARPs main objective is to "exploit thetive ions by the forests. This is eventually deadly for all biological ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes". Without explicit -life. ly referring to the HAARP program, a US Air Force study points to Further, explanation of the serious and widespread drought con- the use of "induced ionospheric modifications" as a means of alter -ditions are directly related to the fact that the highly toxic and mois- ing weather patterns as well as disrupting enemy communicationsture-absorbing (up to seven times its own weight) barium salt has and radar. (Chossudovsky, 2000)also been detected in high quantities in the atmosphere right after aspraying event. These sprayings may therefore be linked to HAARP AND "JOINT VISION 2020"HAARP and its "weather engineering" capabilities. International concerns over HAARP and sister projects deploying ARCO Petroleum owns the patents on this Tesla technology. It similar energy beams have continued unabated for over a decade.appears that ARCO was directly funding HAARP, as reported a The most recent developments and proposals are not encouraging.number of years ago. Many research groups have shown that we Both the foreign press and Western allies of the US haveare being constantly showered with ELFs (extremely low frequen- denounced a "Joint Vision 2020" plan for missile defence andcies) as electronic "smog". ELFs can be deadly to any biological space-based lasers as a highly dangerous move towards world dom-life-form as they alter the normal frequency of that life-form, caus- serious illness including irrational thought, inability to concen- Earlier this year, US Representative Dennis Kucinich toldtrate, chronic fatigue and/or death. Columbus Alive that Joint Vision 2020 is already an ongoing mili- Interfering with this delicately balanced dynamic system could tary program to experiment with directed energy. On November 9,induce a catastrophic collapse, much like an avalanche. Therefore, 2002, Carol R. Schuster, Director for Defense Capabilities andthe potentials from so-called "ionospheric heaters" are truly fright- Management at the General Accounting Office (GAO), briefed theening. We have no idea what possibilities can emerge from long- Democratic minority members of the House Armed Servicesterm meddling with the sensitive balance of the ionosphere and Committee on Joint Vision 2020. Schuster explained that "Jointglobal temperature, which is also linked to the worldwide oceanic Vision 2020 also emphasizes the importance of experimentation topumping system whose source lies off Greenland. identify innovations in war fighting". As if the weather isnt disrupted enough from other human pollu- A task force of DoD, US Joint Forces Command, and the Jointtion, tampering with beam energy devices compounds the problem Chiefs of Staff continues to investigate and implement means ofJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 19
  • 20. deploying electronic weaponry capable of destroying any global Planet", rather than its heartbeat—which is around the 10 Hz cycleopposition by 2020. Schuster confirmed Kucinichs comments: (Lonetree). There is an harmonic relationship between the Earth In 1998, the US Joint Forces Command began to implement a and our mind/body. Earths low frequency isoelectric field, thejoint experimentation program to test new war-fighting concepts magnetic field of the Earth and the electrostatic field that emergesthat now support Joint Vision 2020. from our bodies are closely interwoven. Our internal rhythms inter- HAARP is jointly administered by the US Navy and Air Force act with external rhythms, affecting our balance, REM patterns,and is a central part of the Joint Vision 2020 strategy. A February health and mental focus. SR waves probably help regulate our1990 HAARP Joint Service program plan drafted by the Air Forces bodys internal clock, affecting sleep/dream patterns, arousal pat-Geophysical Laboratory and the Navys Office of Naval Research terns and hormonal secretion.documents the plans military applications. The document indicates The rhythms and pulsations of the human brain mirror those ofthat, among other things, HAARP will be used for generating the resonant properties of the terrestrial cavity, which functions as aextremely low frequency waves for submerged submarine commu- wave guide. This natural frequency pulsation is not a fixed numbernication and possible weather warfare applications, and for attempts but an average of global readings, much like EEG is an average ofto take advantage of natural ionospheric processes by directing brain-wave readings. SR actually fluctuates like brain-waves, dueenergy through the ionosphere and back to Earth. to geographical location, lightning, solar flares, atmospheric ionisa- tion and daily cycles.HAARP MOON-BOUNCING EXPERIMENTS Finnish physicist Matti Pitkanin believes that even interplanetary The Russians and some European allies are worried that the US and interstellar magnetic fields influence conscious life. He hasmilitarys experiments focusing large amounts of high-frequency worked out a model correlating psi phenomena with sidereal time,energy for military purposes could theoretically trigger which describes the two-hour interval around 1.30 am (0130 hours)earthquakes. In April 1992, Defense News reported that the US as optimal. He implicates magnetic flux from the galactic core,deployed an electromagnetic pulse weapon during Operation combined with lowered noise level in the geomagnetic field. AsDesert Storm. (Fitrakis, 2002) other research is beginning to reveal, he Researcher Guy Cramer has suggest- thinks that microwaves and radiowavesed the HAARP array may be used to play an influential role in biocontrol,bounce deadly signals off the ionos- homoeostasis and remote mental inter- actions.phere and Moon to target sites on Earthwith major explosions, virtually elimi- The rhythms and pulsations of Pitkanin suggests that in some waysnating the need for tactical nuclear the human brain mirror those the mind/body functions like a quantumweapons. The 3,000,000,000-watt sig- biocomputer, directing the binding ofnal, originating in Alaska, can be car- of the resonant properties of molecular lock-and-key mechanisms.omed off the Moon to reach virtuallyanywhere on the planet, on the surface the terrestrial cavity, which He implicates plasmons as the basis of neural circuitry, and topologicallyor underground, with heat radiation. functions as a wave guide. quantised dipolar magnetic fields—Since it does not leave contamination, it whose knotting, linking and twistingcan even terminate targets covertly, may entrain with geomagnetic forces—being passed off as conventional or as creating changes in magnetic polari-Special Forces results. ty. It may also be used to search out under- "Kindling" is a term applied inground installations with penetrating topography or ground-pene- particular to the entrainment of neurons in the brain. These aretrating radar, as well as in its conventional deployment as over-the- ignited in coherent global patterns, producing larger waves across ahorizon radar. To neutralise or penetrate a target, the upper atmos- greater surface of the brain. It becomes obvious that in deepphere is heated to make a reflective lens for the signal. Cramer sus- meditation, when waves of alpha and theta rhythms cascade acrosspects Moon-bounce experiments have been going on since 1998, the entire brain, it is possible for the human being and the planet tousing a technique ham radio people have employed since the 1950s. come into resonance. A similar array proposed for installation in central Australia There is a transfer of energy and information, which is embeddedcould target positions unreachable by Alaskas HAARP, with both in a field rather than being a field. Perhaps the planet communi-high and low frequencies. cates with us in this primal language of frequencies. This may In late 1998 and early 1999 the ELFRAD Group monitored a explain why trancing and healing seem to occur in the primary SRdaily frequency from .9 to .95 hertz (pulses per second); the wave - frequency associated with alpha rhythms.length of this frequency was approximately 319,877 km or 198,711 Ample anthropological evidence shows that humans have intu-miles. The Moons distance is fairly close to the wavelength. The itively synchronised with the planetary resonance throughoutsignal appears to be a controlled signal transmitted from an human history and back into the mists of time. There is cross-cul-unknown source at approximately the same time daily except week - tural evidence demonstrating a variety of ritualistic practices thatends. The signal is strong enough to generate its third harmonic, enhance this harmonisation with the planetary field.which is 2.81235 Hz… Perhaps the most obvious "drivers" of these trance states are An Ultra Low Frequency signal in late 1998 through early 1999 shamanic drumming and trance dance, arguably employed for overfrom an unknown source which occurs only on week days, powerful 50,000 years. Pulsing or flickering light is another driver. A fur-enough to create a third harmonic wave, with a quick rise/slow ther example comes from the Jewish and Islamic faiths, many ofdecay which tracks better with magnetometers in the North and a whose adherents bob and sway while praying or reading holywavelength approximately matching the distance to the Moon? The books. This trancing phenomenon can be presumed to ingrain textsanswer seems apparent: HAARP or a similar array in the North is at a deeper level and create "experiences" to go along with concep-bouncing signals off the Moon, back to the Earth. (Cramer, 2001) tual indoctrination. It may also be linked in some manner to hyp- notic gesturing (mudra) and speech, and therefore to charismatic orVOICE OF THE PLANET: SR AND THE MIND/BODY so-called "mana" personalities. SR frequencies are related mathematically but are not true har- As part of their chronicling of personality formation, Mead andmonics. Perhaps it is more apt to think of SR as the "Voice of the Bateson reported a technique transmitted to Balinese children that this culture intuitively employed to harmonise their communities.20 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 21. Anyone can do the same thing and may already be doing it uncon- through the fractal hyperspace of emotionally indexed childhoodsciously. If you sit in a chair and move your foot so that its resting memories…"on the ball of the foot and you get it at the right angle, your whole "The recall of traumatic childhood experiences in adults, due toleg will start to vibrate or oscillate. When that oscillation is close to the immaturity of limbic structures at the time of trauma, maythe SR frequencies, it facilitates trance. require electrical stimulation or intensive PGO-like activity present Teachers and parents become annoyed with excitable children, during the oneiric [dream] state. Habitual disruption of normalconstantly telling them, "Sit still!" But, constantly bouncing their sleep processes by stress associated with combat, bereavement,legs and moving their arms may be a natural way to energise our divorce, child abuse, neglect or chronic drug abuse interferes withbodies. And this may even be the heart and soul of many ceremoni- the natural restorative function of phasic REM processes." ( experiences, such as healing. The body begins to move and Miller and G. Swinney, 2001)hands begin to flutter, and, where there is less constraint or inhibi-tion, the whole body can be set in resonant motion reflecting that EM FIELDS, CONSCIOUSNESS AND DNAhealing intention. For example, in the Kalahari Bushmens healing Further research on these electromagnetic relationships is essen-dance, shamans infused with life energy become aroused, hot and tial, perhaps even to our psychophysical survival as a species. Theybegin shaking. When they grab another person and hug them, that affect our minds, the cellular and genetic structure of our body, ourperson also begins shaking and may turn and grab someone else. sleep and dream cycles, our emotions, perhaps even our spirit.One by one, everyone begins literally to vibrate with this pulsing Monitoring and collating these effects of atmospheric tamperingenergy. However (like Chinese medicine), by the time it gets to our and their potential influence on the ionosphere and SR—and there-culture or other contemporary cultures, this phenomenon becomes fore human brain-waves and health—should be continued. We arevery constrained and expresses through more subtle practices, such approaching the end of the current sunspot cycle, and should use anas "therapeutic entrainment" (the empathic rapport of physician or entire 11-year cycle to acquire accurate data results, as Hainsworthhealer and client). suggested (Miller and Miller, 2002–2003). Anyone can intentionally induce Various researchers and physicists arethis healing/energising frequency, and pulling together some relevant datathere is no single "correct" way. It is under the auspices of the Journal ofa very natural capacity our bodies are Non-Local and Remote Mentalintuitively capable of effecting: Interactions (JNLRMI) (see websitevibrating with the pulse of life itself., editedThe purpose of this movement is to Anyone can intentionally by physicist Lian Sidorov. A majorget outside the limitations and con-straints of isolated individual mind induce this healing/energising hypothesis of this group is that EM fields outside the body are crucial forand connect with something greater. frequency, and there is no our consciousness. Matti Pitkanen has It has any number of names, but developed a physics model, calledthis "greater Mind" links us to one single "correct" way. Topological Geometrodynamicsanother and to Nature, embodying the (TGD), highlighting the closemetaphysical axiom, "As Above, So relationship of human physiology withBelow". This dynamic interconnect- SR and other ELF and electromagneticedness links mind/body, galaxy/atom patterns.and sensation/stimulus in a mind- Pitkanen believes that not only glob-over-matter loop, where subject and object become one, where al, but also interplanetary and interstellar magnetic fields are ofgalactic and human consciousness are effectively joined. great importance for conscious life. His explanations involve mag- C. M. Anderson, MD (1998) of Harvard describes a commonly netic flux tubes, a dipole-like part of a field. A wide range of EMexperienced yet little understood phenomenon which he calls the waves, in particular microwaves and radiowaves, are likely key ele-"Persistent Oscillatory Sound" (POS). Many people notice this ments in homoeostasis, remote mental interactions between cellsinternally generated "sound", particularly when ill or dehydrated, as and other structures, and sensory representation, as well as init seems to become "louder". It sounds like an insect hum. remote mental interactions both within and outside the body. HeAnderson links it not just to the REM (rapid eye movement) or explains that the noise level of Earths magnetic field must be lowdream state and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but to the for anomalous cognition (also called "psi" and ESP) to occur. Alannormal alpha 10 Hz rhythmicity. Frey suggested similar field notions decades ago, speaking specifi- Anderson speaks of the disturbing effect of lights and sounds, cally of microwave-range inputs.which might result from loss of normal global habituation due to These EM fields are only correlates of consciousness. Still, TGDRF [reticular formation] destabilization, resulting in fear and/or allows the possibility of assigning to someones field body a topo-rage. Again, trauma and drug abuse history is strongly associated logical field quanta identity. Pitkanin also suggests these fields andwith asymmetric hemispheric function. Temporal lobe structures waves are influential when biological systems perform quantumsuch as the hippocampus and amygdala are particularly sensitive computation-like processes. His biophysics suggests that neuralto the effects of child abuse and trauma. circuits and molecules are bound by lock-and-key mechanisms Anderson conjectures the oscillatory sound could indicate rapid through this process of magnetic circulation (topologically quan-shifting or cycling of attentional resources between the left and tised dipolar magnetic fields).right hemispheres, downshifting the normally constant 10 Hz rhyth - Pitkanen even sees Earths magnetic field as a quantised dipolarmicity of the olivocerebellar system. This oscillatory auditory effect magnetic field interaction of knotting, linking and complex twist-may function as an auditory driver. The downshift effect may indi - ing. TGD views the brain and nervous system as a sensory organcate possible flooding of the left hemisphere by material from the for our extended electromagnetic self, which has a length scale atuninhibited right which takes over primary conscious focus. This least the size of the Earths diameter. He suggests further that PSIsets the stage, along with phasic fluctuations of the S-Net [the net - phenomena and distant healing may involve transfer of specificwork of serotonergic neuron cell body groups] and uninhibited electromagnetic frequencies through Planck-length wormholes andPGO [pons-geniculate-occipital], for the sudden onset of the SOC join-along boundaries postulated by TGD, which would allow forstate [self-organised critical state] and the waking dream period. the near-instant transfer of information. Anderson alludes to "waking dreams as a healing journey [T]he magnetic sensory canvas (MSC) hypothesis provides aJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 21
  • 22. mechanism for "sharing qualia" associated with distant points on a detector/amplifier/memory storage device for ELF EM patterns inthe geomagnetic sphere—essentially a form of cognitive the environment. Proteins tend to orient themselves in the 10-Hzentanglement between operator and target… [O]ne clear resonant EMF, and so would be extremely sensitive to ELF changesadvantage of TGD over other models of subtle energy transmission in the 10-Hz region. A coherent wave-field may emerge from theis that the EM fields are not directly carried from sender to target, bodys own liquid crystal (LC) matrix.but are simultaneously generated at the two locations by a vacuum The very structure and organization of living tissues is, however,(geometrical) current: hence they remain coherent while bypassing itself regulated by that master molecule, the DNA. The genetic sys -the paradox of non-attenuation with distance… tem (consisting, to be more accurate, of an equidirectional transla - [T]he illusion of our locality is perpetuated by the data fed to us tion function which may start equally well with DNA, RNA or pro -by our senses—that is, those perceptions we are habituated to pay tein) reveals itself as a complex, multidimensional code with bothattention to. (Sidorov, 2002) local (codon) and global (context) material (nucleotide) and field- Other research suggests the fundamental interaction of internal like (EM hologram) parameters, all of which are mutually interde -and external fields is the right track. Joseph Jacobson (2002), at pendent and at the same time subject to external, environmentalMIT, found a way to switch cells off and on with radiowaves. His influences. (Sidorov, 2002)team also "unzipped" and manipulated DNA with a radio-frequency 3. There is a strong correlation between behavioural disturbancespulse. The same approach worked on proteins as well, and proteins in humans and periods of solar and geomagnetic field turbulence.orchestrate nearly all cellular chemical processes. Conversely, studies show that subjects living in isolation from geo- Further, physicist Peter Gariaev has proposed a wave-based magnetic rhythms over long periods of time developed increasinggenome, whose main information channel is the same for both bio- irregularities and chaotic physiological rhythms— which were dra-photons and radiowaves (see matically restored after the introduction of a very weak 10-Hz elec- In 1973, Miller and Webb described DNA as a holographic trical field. Early astronauts suffered until SR generators wereprojector (see "Embryonic Holography", 2002). In other words, installed in their spacecrafts.genes encode and express themselves 4. Geomagnetic anomalies (tectonicvia light and radio waves, or strain, earthlights, geomagnetic fieldacoustical holography (see Miller, perturbations) can induce some formsMiller and Webb, "Quantum of anomalous cognition, such as audi-Bioholography", 2002). Delocalised tory and visual hallucinations, andinterference patterns create calibration TLTs (temporal lobe transients, orfields (blueprints) for our bodysspace-time organisation. The system We are fundamentally small seizures). Also, one of the effects of meditation is to "quieten theworks as a biocomputer—a wave electromagnetic, rather than mind" as a method of allowing thebiocomputer. DNA can also function "free-run" (or silent thalamic periods)as a gel-like liquid crystal, emitting a chemical beings. to become entrained by natural geo-weak laser-like light that can be physical rhythms. This form of tuningconverted into an electro-acoustic or "magnetoreception" is mediated bysignal. the pineal gland (30% of its cells are magnetically sensitive) and organicBIOSYSTEMS, SCHUMANNS magnetite-containing tissues.RESONANCE AND ESP Persinger (1989) points out that In conclusion, Miller & Miller postulate, along with others, that: deep temporal lobe activity exists in equilibrium with the global 1. Complex electrodynamic fields establish the organisation of geomagnetic condition. When there is a sudden decrease in geo -all biological systems. We are fundamentally electromagnetic, magnetic activity, there appears to be an enhancement of processesrather than chemical beings. Wave interaction is a key determinant that facilitate psi reception, especially telepathy and clairvoyance.of biological structure and optimal functioning. Biosystems are Increases in geomagnetic activity may suppress pineal melatoninsensitive to natural and artificial electromagnetic fields. levels and contribute to reductions of cortical seizure thresholds.Perturbations in environmental fields can induce changes in organ- Indeed, melatonin is correlated with temporal lobe–related disor -isms informed by those fields. Field frequencies and amplitudes ders such as depression and seizures. (Krippner, 1996)affect our biodynamic state. 5. Optimal global ELF (calm night, low sunspot activity, low 2. ELF frequencies of Schumanns resonance are intimately EM pollution) conditions can facilitate anomalous cognitions,linked with those of human brain-waves. Natural or artificially including psi such as ESP, remote viewing and remote healing.induced changes in SR could affect subtle and perhaps gross brain- [P]si is always present in space and time, waiting to be accessedwave generation. In particular, it could lead to changes in patterns by crisis, emotion, or by optimal laboratory stimulus parameters.and frequencies of resonance and resulting phenomena such as Geomagnetic activity may affect the detection capacity of the brainhomoeostasis, REM, psi and healing. for this information, especially the neural pathways that facilitate Robert Beck…for a decade researched the brain-wave activity of the consolidation and conscious access to this information.healers from all cultures and religious backgrounds (he enumerates Without this geomagnetic activity, awareness of the psi stimuluspsychics, shamans, dowsers, Christian healers, seers, ESP readers, might not be as likely and the brains "latent reserve capacities"kahuna, Santeria, wicca practitioners and others), and who, would not be utilized. (Krippner, 1996)independent of their belief systems, exhibited "nearly identical EEG 6. Sidorov (2001) and others have suggested that human intentsignatures" during their "healing" moments: a 7.8–8 Hz brain- functions as a variable window of transmission/reception in thewave activity, which lasted from one to several seconds and which exchange of extrasensory information, possibly within the range ofwas "phase and frequency synchronized with the Earths ELF electromagnetic frequencies. Brain synchronisation withgeoelectric micropulsations—the Schumann resonance". (Sidorov, Schumanns resonance of both sender and receiver facilitates psi, or2001) "therapeutic entrainment", amplifying, re-radiating coherent wave- Liquid crystals (DNA, brain ventricles and cellular structures) in forms derived from the environment, simulating the wave pattern ofthe human body may operate as antennae for detecting and decod- the environment. Sidorov further hypothesises:ing such global and local ELF signals. Beal (1996) proposes that [B]rain waves (particularly in the alpha range) can be transmit -liquid crystals (which are an intrinsic part of cell membranes) act as ted along the perineural system (or via Frohlich excitation) to any22 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 23. distal parts of the body, and even to adjacent organisms, via ELF HAARP: A THREAT TO HUMANITY AND THE PLANETEM waves. These frequencies can be amplified by closely related As human beings we have extraordinary potentials that we haveSchumann resonance waves, or by feedback mechanisms typical of hardly begun to study, much less understand. Creative gifts, intu-the bodys physiological pathways (akin to immunologic and neu - itions and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may becomeroendocrinologic cascades). In turn, these basic frequencies can stabilised in generations to come. Hopefully we can learn to under-re-activate stalled healing processes, enhance growth, accelerate stand our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environ-immune responses, and generally "jump-start" functions inherent to ment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-localthe bodys tissues, by "rebalancing its energies" (according to communication.Oriental medicine) or (in Beals terminology) by re-configuring the A tremendous amount of money has been spent on HAARP andliquid crystal orientation of cell membrane components and thus its allied projects (such as the proposed "Star Wars" missile defencetriggering specific intracellular responses. (Sidorov, 2001) program), without a complementary sum going towards research We are proposing, along with Pitkanin and Sidorov, that the about potential hazards. The costs in both dollars and ruined livesSchumanns resonance may be the substrate for a radar-type could be staggering compared to any potential benefits derivedextrasensory perception mechanism common to all living beings. from such programs. For epochs, Schumanns resonances haveLike water bouncing off rocks and other submerged objects, this provided the orchestrating pulse for life on the planet—ournon-specific frequency is absorbed and re-radiated in unique inter- planetary heartbeat, which sets the tempo for health and well-being.ference patterns by all objects it encounters. But now, the very heart of the planet is in jeopardy, according to This interference pattern is a composite of external and internal the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), signedproperties, as the constituent atoms, molecules at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.and their global assembly all re-transmit this The UN has banned the hostile use of tech-energy according to their specific configurations. niques that modify the environment or inter-Not only that, but the "sounding waves" can be fere with the dynamics, composition orfrequency and pattern modulated by conscious structure of the Earth, including its biota,intent in order to yield specific information lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or(interference patterns). Decoded by the brain, of outer space.they return almost instantly on the "back" of the Why, then, did the UN, disregarding theSchumanns resonance. Once recaptured, the We are proposing, 1977 ENMOD Convention as well as itsbrain then decodes the patterns. In this Fourier- own charter, decide to exclude from its agen-type transformation, the information is translated along with Pitkanin da climatic changes resulting from militaryinto conscious data, much like other sensory and Sidorov, that the programs? In February 1998, the Europeanprocessing. Parliaments Committee on Foreign Affairs, Conversely, specific effects may be imprinted Schumanns resonance Security and Defense Policy, held publicas bioinformation and made to exercise a"mysterious action at a distance", once the signal may be the substrate hearings in Brussels on HAARP. The Committees "Motion for Resolution" sub-wave reaches the target. That pattern in for a radar-type mitted to the European Parliamentturn may, under the right ("pre-requisite") (document no. A4-0005/99, 14 Januaryglobal conditions, avoid routine dissipation extrasensory perception 1999):and instead become coupled to thedominating ("state-of-consciousness") mechanism common to Considers HAARP…by virtue of its far-reaching impact on the environ -standing wave that is picked up and carried all living beings. ment to be a global concern and callsby the Schumanns resonance. for its legal, ecological and ethical Mental intent may function as a variable implications to be examined by anwindow of transmission/ reception in the international independent body…; [theexchange of extrasensory information. Committee] regrets the repeatedTuned into the Schumanns resonance, it refusal of the United Statesmay carry such bio-regulating information Administration…to give evidence to theto distant targets and act as a primitive, public hearing…into the environmentalradar-type sensory interface. All these and and public risks [of] the HAARP pro -more mechanisms depend on the SR fre- gram.quencies staying within their median However, the Committees request torange, harmonising with our brain waves. draw up a "Green Paper" on "the environmental impacts of military After nearly eight decades of EEG and other brain imaging stud - activities" was casually dismissed on the grounds that the Europeanies, it is sobering to realize that we still cant tell with certainty Commission lacks the required jurisdiction to delve into "the linkswhere EEG voltages come from (Becker, 1985, p. 88)… between environment and defence". Brussels was anxious to avoid It is conceivable that Beckers perineural system and/or the LC a showdown with Washington.matrix of the organism (including, but not limited to, connective While there is no concrete evidence of HAARP having been used,tissues, cell membranes and DNA) might act as a full-body array of scientific findings suggest that it is at present fully operational.sensory receptors for Pitkanens magnetic sensory canvas signals, What this means is that HAARP could potentially be applied by thewith specific excitation patterns coding for different types of US military to selectively modify the climate of an "unfriendlyinformation… nation" or "rogue state" with a view to destabilizing its national [T]he bodys ubiquitous liquid crystal arrays and their almost economy…infinite configuration possibilities make them a top candidate for Amply documented, IMF and World Bank "economic medicine"the primary sensory receptors parapsychology has been looking imposed on the Third World and the countries of the former Sovietfor. It is even conceivable that DNA phase-conjugation properties bloc has largely contributed to the destabilization of domestic agri -(Popp and Chang, 1998) allow it to function as a multi-mode anten - culture. In turn, the provisions of the World Trade Organizationna, altering its function according to surrounding signal fields and (WTO) have supported the interests of a handful of Western agri-possibly acting not just as a regulatory program, but also an ele - biotech conglomerates in their quest to impose genetically modifiedment of "extrasensory" perception. (Sidorov, 2002) (GM) seeds on farmers throughout the world.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 23
  • 24. It is important to understand the linkage between the eco - technology drives the planet so far from the norm that the tra-nomic, strategic and military processes of the New World jectory of human evolution is altered forever. Thus, it is moreOrder. In the above context, climatic manipulations under the important than ever to study on the subtlest levels the relation-HAARP program (whether accidental or deliberate) would ship of our bodies with the electromagnetic environment andinevitably exacerbate these changes by weakening national their interaction with potentially planet-altering technology.economies, destroying infrastructure and potentially trigger - It seems that mankind now has the daunting task of determin-ing the bankruptcy of farmers over vast areas… ing whether the ionosphere and the Schumanns resonances(Chossudovsky, 2000) will remain alive or be destroyed—whether the "Voice of the Hopefully we will come to appreciate this fully before our Planet" will continue to sing out or not. ∞ References Review of the Field from 1973 to 2002", JNLRMI, vol. I, no. 3, • Anderson, C.M. (1998), "Ibogaine therapy in chemical October 2002, at website dependency and post-traumatic stress disorder: a hypothesis MillerWebbI3a.htm. involving the fractal nature of fetal REM sleep and • Miller, R.A. and Miller, I. (2002–2003), "The Schumanns interhemispheric reintegration", MAPS, vol. 8, no. 1, Spring 1998, Resonances and Human Psychobiology", NEXUS, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 5-14. 2003 (Science News); also see • Beal, J.B. (1996), "Biosystems, liquid crystals and potential • Persinger, M.A. (1989), "Psi phenomena and temporal lobe effects of natural and artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs)", activity: the geomagnetic factor", in L.A. Henkel and R.E. Berger Second Annual Advanced Water Sciences Symposium, (eds), Research in Parapsychology 1988, Scarecrow Press, Exploratory Session 1, Dallas, Texas. Metuchen, New Jersey, 1989, pp. 121-156. • Britt, Robert Roy (Senior Science Writer, (2003), • Persinger, M.A. and Krippner, S. (1989), "Dream ESP "Suns Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global experiments and geomagnetic activity", Journal of the American Warming", March 21, 2003, website Society of Psychical Research 83:101-106. • Chossudovsky, Michel (2000), "Washingtons New World Order • Pitkanen, Matti (2002), "A model for remote mental Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change", November interactions", JNLRMI, vol. 1, no. 2, May 2002, at 26, 2000, at • Cramer, Guy (2001), "HAARP array may use Moon as a • Polk, Charles (1982), "Schumann Resonances", CRC Handbook reflector to reach distant targets on Earth to create Nuclear-sized of Atmospherics I:111-177. Explosions Without Radiation!", available at • Sátori, G., Szendröi, J., and Vero, J., "Monitoring Schumann; also see the Elfrad Resonances – I. Methodology", Journal of Atmospheric and Group website, Terrestrial Physics (1996) 58(13):1475-1481. • Fitrakis, Bob (2002), "Scary HAARP Music: Add Russias • Sentmen, D.D., "Schumann Resonances", in Handbook of Duma to the list of those worried about US weather experiments, Atmospheric Electrodynamics (ed. Volland), vol. I, pp. 267-295, August 22, 2002, Columbus Alive, at website http://www. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1995. 20020822/082202/08220205.html. • Sidorov, Lian (2001), "On the possible mechanism of intent in • Frey, Allan H. (1962), "Human auditory system response to paranormal phenomena", Journal of Theoretics, July 2001, at modulated electromagnetic energy", J. Appl. Physiol. (1962) 17(4):689-692. • Sidorov, Lian (2002), "Control systems, transduction arrays and • Gariaev et al. (2000), "The DNA-wave Biocomputer", MS, psi healing: an experimental basis for human potential science", Institute for the Control of Sciences, Russian Academy of JNLRMI, vol. I, no. 2, May 2002, at Sciences, Moscow, Russia, Wave Genetics, Inc., Toronto, Canada; also see • Jacobson, Joseph et al. (2002), "Remote electronic control of About the Authors: DNA hybridisation through inductive coupling to an attached • Richard Alan Miller started his professional career as a physicist, metal nanocrystal antenna", Nature (2002) 415:15-155). biophysicist and instrumentation specialist. In late 1972 he began his foray into paraphysics with experiments in Kirlian photography and • Krippner, Stanley (1996), "Psi Research and the Human Brains developed a field theory to explain the phenomenon. He is an expert Reserve Capacities", Dynamical Psychology (ed. Ben Goertzel), in growing and marketing botanicals, and set up his own company, at Northwest Botanicals. Visit his for a • Lysak, R.L., "Generalized model of the ionospheric Alfvén listing of his writings on subjects as diverse as metaphysics, resonator: Auroral Plasma Dynamics I", in Geopyhys. Monograph parapsychology and alternative agriculture. He is currently writing a Ser. (R.L. Lysak, ed.), vol. 80, pp. 121-128, American book on ESP self-induction. Richard is available for lectures and as Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, 1993. an outside consultant. He can be contacted at OAK Publishing, Inc., • Miller, R.A. and Webb, Burt (1973), "Embryonic Holography: 122 SW 5th Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526, USA; telephone +1 (541) An Application of the Holographic Concept of Reality", JNLRMI, 476 5588, fax +1 (541) 476 1823, email vol. I, no. 3, October 2002, at • Iona Miller is a multimedia artist, hypnotherapist, web author and researcher who wor ks through the Asklepia Foundation • Miller, Iona and Swinney, Graywolf (2001), "The Fractal Nature (, Chaosophy Journal and JNLRMI on the relationship between experiential journeys, physics, healing, of Active Sleep and Waking Dreams: Restructuring creativity, dreams, consciousness and chaos theory. She has been Consciousness Through Metaphor, Fetal REM, and Neural collaborating with Richard Alan Miller since the mid-1970s; although Plasticity", Chaosophy 2001, Asklepia Foundation, Grants Pass, they divorced in 1994, they continue to work together on leading- Oregon, at edge studies into consciousness, neurotheology, Qabalah, alchemy and the nature of reality. Email Iona at, and visit • Miller, Miller and Webb (2002), "Quantum Bioholography: A her homepage at • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 25. JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 25
  • 26. 26 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 27. THE PUBLICIST: NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER (1908–1979) I n the 1940s and 1950s, the American power-elite held great expectations for the five sons of John D. Rockefeller, Junior. (Reflecting the prejudices of the time, Juniors daughter Abby was excluded from these deliberations.) Books such as Alex Morriss fawning effort, Those Rockefeller Brothers: An Informal Biography of Five Extraordinary Young Men (1953), for example, openly speculated on how Juniors progeny would advance the Rockefeller philanthropic agenda. Some of these expectations were met. John D. III and Laurance both seemed content to assume a patrician lifestyle steeped in phil- Power-hungry anthropy, while attempting to influence government from behind the scenes. David, of course, took this to a much higher level, combining it with a banking career; while Winthrop Nelson Rockefeller, took the opposite route, dabbling in business and serving as Governor of Arkansas—then a relatively obscure position on the US political landscape. second son of John It was Nelson, Juniors second-eldest son, who decisively broke the mould. In contrast to his more reserved brothers and at odds with family expectations, Nelson aggressively D. Rockefeller, Jr, pursued a career in the highest levels of the US government, first as an official and later as a had a plan for a politician. That he would do so was inevitable, for he was the dominant personality in the new generation. He was an extrovert and was seemingly immune from Juniors pious New World Order strictures and prohibitions. Nelson also possessed a vast appetite for power, but, in a deviation from the family tradition of trying to dampen popular fears about Rockefeller that would make power by maintaining a low public profile, he also sought to be widely known as a powerful individual. nation-states Thus it was Nelson who had shunted aside the eldest son, John D. III, to take centre stage in family affairs, determined to control the philanthropic network. And then, after an erratic redundant. and unfulfilling career in government, he clumsily attempted to seize the ultimate political prize: the White House. And yet, for Nelson, the rewards would be mixed with frustration, and ultimately the toll would be high for him and the family name. Even David eventually came to see Nelson not as "the hero who could do no wrong but as a man who was willing to sacrifice almost everything in the service of his enormous ambition".24 From Technocrat to Politician Part 2 Having no reservations about trading on the family name, Nelson used the doors it opened to pursue a wide-ranging career in the US government, in foreign policy positions in the Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower administrations, although his path was hardly smooth. Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson served as Coordinator of the Office of Inter-American Affairs (1940–44), Chairman of the Inter-American Development Commission (1940–47) and Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America (1944–45). His fortunes fell under Harry Truman, who dismissed Nelson from the State Department, appar- ently at the insistence of new Secretary of State Dean Acheson who resented Nelsons suc- cessful effort to have Axis-sympathetic Argentina included in the United Nations. A chas- tened Nelson retreated into philanthropy, pausing only to accept the token appointment as by Will Banyan © 2002–2003 Chairman of the International Development Board (1950–51). (Revised January–April 2003) Under Dwight Eisenhower, Nelsons star briefly rose again. He served as the Presidents Special Assistant on Foreign Policy (1954–55) and as head of the secret "Forty Committee" Email: charged with overseeing the CIAs covert operations. Nelson had been on the verge of securing a senior position in the Department of Defense; however, concerted opposition from other Cabinet members, who had convinced Eisenhower—correctly—that Nelson wasJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 27
  • 28. intent on massively expanding the Defense budget, ensured that his sought to assert Americas full military power to defeat Sovietcareer as a public official came to an abrupt end. Communism, and in the long term envisaged the United States These experiences were salutary for the ambitious Nelson. His using its superpower status to create a "new world order" based onbruising encounters with Establishment technocrats—who clearly world federalism, regional blocs and international free trade. Theresented his intrusion into their realm—instilled in him a yearning influences on Nelsons foreign policy thinking were numerous,for greater political power. Nelson was not content to operate ranging from his father and Fosdick through to the plethora of polit-behind the scenes like his brothers, nor willing to endure more ical and specialist foreign policy advisers he employed. But it ishumiliation as a mere functionary. important to realise the different sources for each approach. According to author Stewart Alsop, Nelson eventually realised Starting with Nelsons stridently anti-Communist short-term out-that "there was only one way for a very rich man like him to look, we find a surprising source. Since his uninspiring departureachieve what he had always wanted—real political power and from the Eisenhower Administration in 1955, Nelson had employedauthority. That way was to run for office".25 And for Nelson, the as his foreign policy adviser Dr Henry Kissinger, then a leadingultimate political office he desired was President of the United proponent of Realpolitik and a rising star in the Establishment.States. Kissinger is widely regarded as a proponent of world government, In 1958, drawing on his vast inheritance, Nelson launched his but this assumption stems primarily from the crude analytical toolpolitical career, defeating W. Averell Harriman in the "battle of the of guilt by association, in which Kissingers CFR membership ismillionaires" to become Governor of New York, a position he cited as the primary evidence of this alleged tendency. There canwould hold until 1973. Expecting the New York governorship to be no doubt that Kissinger is a particularly loathsome creature ofbe a stepping-stone to the Presidency, Nelson campaigned for the the Eastern Establishment and an egotistical, deceitful and oppor-Republican presidential nomination in 1960, 1964 and 1968 but tunistic character at best,31 but a world government proponent he isfailed every time, losing twice to his not. For instance, in his first CFR book,nemesis, Richard Nixon. Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, Ironically, it was in the wake of Kissinger explicitly rejected the optionNixons resignation in 1974 over the of world government as "hardly realis-Watergate scandal that Nelson finally There can be no doubt that tic", adding that there was "no escap-entered the White House, but as an ing from the responsibilities of theappointed Vice-President to an Kissinger is a particularly thermonuclear age into a supranationalappointed President, Gerald Ford. loathsome creature of the authority".32Fords survival of two blundered Despite this, Kissinger was still ofassassination attempts meant that Eastern Establishment, value to Nelson, providing support toNelson remained only a famed "heart- but a world government his more belligerent anti-Communistbeat away" from the Presidency, never fantasies. According to Josephachieving his goal.26 So near, yet so proponent he is not. Persico, Nelsons speechwriter offar, it was no wonder that when some 11 years, "Kissingers hard-eyedNelson was asked, close to the end of vision of a world maintained byhis life, what he wished most to have counter-balancing powers suiteddone, his reply was curt: "Been Nelson perfectly". 33 But KissingersPresident".27 influence should not be overstated. For one, Nelsons balance-of- power thinking stemmed from his reflexive anti-Communism,Internationalist or Imperialist? which characterised the Soviet bloc as Americas greatest threat. There are two competing interpretations of Nelsons foreign poli- That was the balance of power in the world at that time, and thuscy vision during his political career. The first is of a diehard anti- Kissingers unsentimental views suited Nelson.Communist, dubbed by some journalists as the "Coldest Warrior of However, in his longer-term outlook, Nelson was undeniably aThem All", and a militarist-imperialist who believed the US should Wilsonian liberal internationalist—something he had already"act aggressively whenever events abroad threatened its own inter- demonstrated intermittently since the 1940s. For example, Nelsonests" (Chapman). Proponents of this view point to Nelsons was instrumental, through the controversy generated over his push"necrophiliac ambition" (Fitch) of providing each American family to have Argentina included in the United Nations, with ensuringwith its own nuclear fallout shelter, his calls in 1960 for a 10 per that Article 51—which allows for groups of states to form alliancescent boost in Defense spending, his attacks on Eisenhower for let- to repel aggression—was included in the final UN Charter.34 But atting the US fall behind the Soviet Union in the famed (but illusory) the same time, not content with the UN system that included the"missile gap", and his apparent eagerness to use tactical nuclear Soviets, and determined to "purify" Central and South America ofweapons against Communist insurgents.28 "alien commercial influence", Nelson was a strong supporter of The second interpretation, in contrast, presents Nelson as "a regionalism, particularly the goal of a Western hemisphere "unitedleader in the campaign to submerge American sovereignty in a under US leadership". 35 During the Eisenhower Administration,World Superstate". 29 "I think Nelson Rockefeller is definitely Nelson had been one of the strongest supporters of the Atlanticcommitted to trying to make the United States part of a one world Union concept, despite Secretary of State John Foster Dullesssocialist government," declared John Birch Society founder Robert patronising dismissal of his views as "premature".36Welch in 1958.30 Far from being the ultimate Cold Warrior, Nelson It was also during the late 1940s and early 1950s that Nelson, inis portrayed as a covert supporter of the alleged plot by the super- support of his goal of encouraging Western hemispheric unity—or,rich to use Communism to subvert the sovereignty of the US and of more precisely, establishing US economic dominance over Latinother "free nations" worldwide. America—had established the American International Association Yet these mutually inconsistent caricatures fail to capture the true for Economic and Social Development (AIA) and the Internationalessence of Nelsons world order strategy, which in the short term Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC). The AIA was ostensibly28 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 29. intended to promote development in Latin America and combat world-wide impact must be dealt with through institutions global in"poverty, disease and illiteracy", while IBEC was supposed to their scope".39encourage capital investment. The founding president of both insti- • The second, and less well known, influence on Nelson wastutions, Nelson naturally painted AIA and IBEC as being designed Emmet John Hughes (1920–1982). He was Eisenhowersto achieve the desirable goal of development. Yet, in truth, Nelson speechwriter, a Senior Adviser on Public Affairs to the Rockefellerwas driven by a baser aim of breaking down national barriers to Brothers Fund (1960–1963), and Nelsons campaign manager inpenetration by American companies in line with the shift in 1968. Although not a prominent figure, Hughes is described inRockefeller wealth from oil to international banking and Third some accounts as one of Nelsons more "trusted aides", serving asWorld investment.37 the "chief ideologue" or "campaign theoretician" during his abortive In describing the activities of AIA and IBEC, Nelson employed campaigns for the Presidency. 4 0 Hughes was also a liberal-language that is often employed by contemporary advocates of internationalist. In The Ordeal of Power (1963), his memoir of hisglobalisation. "Today," Nelson stated in the late 1940s, "capital time as Eisenhowers speechwriter, Hughes boasted of havingmust go to where it can produce the most goods, render the greatest inserted into Eisenhowers speeches expressions of US support forservice, meet the most pressing needs of the people." Discussing international law, the UN, disarmament and the redirection of armsIBEC operations in Latin America, Nelson noted that because of spending towards alleviating world poverty—a vision revealed inthe "big problems" confronting "our way of life", it was essential Eisenhowers "The Chance for Peace" speech of April 16, 1953,that they demonstrate "that American enterprise can…help to solve where he asked Americans to support a plan to join with "allthese problems that are vital to our everyday life and to our position nations" in devoting the savings from disarmament to "a fund forin world affairs". He said the US needed to "master such problems world aid and reconstruction".41if our system is going to survive". 38 For all his rhetoric on helping • The third influence was Rockefellers close friend and adviserpeople, ultimately it was protecting and extending "our system" that Adolf Berle (1895–1971), who also provided much input intowas paramount for Nelson. Nelsons internationalism. In the late 1940s, Berles Cold War vision included creating a "global Good Neighbor Policy thatThree Sources of Inspiration organized a community of liberal nations" to oppose the USSR. He For the most definitive expressions opposed NATO, arguing that theof Nelsons liberal-internationalist "whole language of military alliancevision, we must look to his political is out of date", and supportedcareer as presidential aspirant from the collective security through the Unitedmid-1950s through to 1973. And we As far back as 1951, Nations instead. Berle also believedcan see that, just as Fosdick influenced in the virtues of internationalJunior, at least three sources of Nelson had used the word economic integration, evident in hisinspiration drove Nelsons vision "interdependence" to describe 1954 book The 20th Centuryduring that period. Capitalist Revolution, which argued • The first main influence on Nelson the economic relationship that the dynamic capitalist economywas the Rockefeller Brothers Fund between the Western countries was rendering the nation-statereport of 1959, Prospect for America. redundant.Aided by David, Laurance, Winthrop and the developing world. He also provided input to theand the family fortune, Nelson had Prospect for America p r o j e c t ,mobilised nearly a hundred members devising the guidelines for the panelsof the Eastern Establishment to and stressing the need to develop "anparticipate in his project, which was accepted political philosophy" for USspecifically intended for his presidential campaigns. The foreign policy. In addition, Berle collaborated with Kissinger inparticipants were divided into six panels: three focused on the writing the final report, and his stamp can be seen in those sectionsdomestic issues of democracy, education and the performing arts, which are the most forthright in arguing for supranationalwhile the other three dealt with defence, US foreign policy and institutions and international economic integration.42international trade and economic development. Nelson drewheavily on Prospect for Americas detailed recommendations for Nelsons "New World Order"US leadership in establishing regional arrangements and global free The culmination of these influences was effectively a slightlytrade and strengthening international institutions. updated version of the Wilson–Fosdick world order model that Prospect for America s policy advice reinforced the comprised free trade, regionalism, supranational institutions,Establishments Wilsonian liberal-internationalist consensus, rec- American leadership and the defeat of Communism. Nelson will-ommending that Americas goal should be to establish "a world at ingly and repeatedly endorsed this policy package in his drive forpeace, based on separate political entities acting as a community", the White House. Central to Nelsons platform was the contentionas it was now Americas "opportunity…to shape a new world that global change, specifically economic interdependence, wasorder". This would consist of "regional institutions under an inter- making the nation-state redundant. As far back as 1951, Nelsonnational body of growing authority—combined so as to be able to had used the word "interdependence" to describe the economic rela-deal with those problems that increasingly the separate nations will tionship between the Western countries and the developing world.43not be able to solve alone". To advance the free trade agenda, the But it was in a 1960 essay in Foreign Affairs that Nelson assertedreport argued that the US should encourage the formation of that "the central fact of our time is the disintegration of the nine-"regional trading systems" in "all areas of the free world", including teenth-century political system…[t]he great opportunity of our timea "Western Hemisphere Common Market" incorporating North, is not the idea of competition but of world cooperation". 4 4South and Central America. The report had also lauded the United Similarly, in his lectures on federalism at Harvard University inNations as "proof of our conviction that problems which are of 1962, Nelson claimed:JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 29
  • 30. No nation today can defend its freedom, or fulfil the needs of disputes to the UN before they go critical" and "encourage strong its own people, from within its own borders or through its own leadership" by the UN Secretary-General, including greater resources alone. ...the nation-state, standing alone, threatens, emphasis on "preventive diplomacy…quiet diplomacy, and less in many ways, to seem as anachronistic as the Greek city-state reliance on voting per se for the achievement of our national eventually became in ancient times…45 objectives". Insisting that the UNs peace-keeping functions needed to be strengthened, Nelson advocated encouraging "small Nelson argued that as the nation-state was becoming "less and countries" to set aside troops for UN PKOs, developing newless competent to perform its international political tasks", the sources of revenue for PKOs, and a greater focus on "peace-prevailing structures of international order had disintegrated, making".50leaving "an historical political vacuum". 46 The old world order If Nelsons proposals seem strangely familiar now, it is becausebased on the 19th-century balance of power was no more, now that many of them were endorsed in UN Secretary-General Boutros"international relations have become truly global"—a factor which Boutros-Ghalis 1992 report, "An Agenda for Peace". In fact,demanded a "new concept of relations between nations" in the form Boutros-Ghali seemed to echo Nelson with his recommendations forof a "framework of order in which the aspirations of humanity can "preventive diplomacy" and "peacemaking" and for countries tobe peacefully realized…"47 have personnel and equipment on "stand-by" At the same time, Nelson was critical of the for peace-keeping operations. Yet, in spite ofrole of the United Nations, arguing that it a brief flurry of activity during the 1990s, such"has not been able—nor can it be able—to proposals are as far from being realised now—shape a new world order as events now so especially given the Bush Administrationscompellingly command". He charged that the suspicion of UN peace-keeping—as they wereSoviet Union and its allies had weakened the in Nelsons time.UN. The Communist bloc, Nelson claimed, The "better world" that Nelson had in mindhad dedicated itself to "the manipulation of Under the aegis of the to replace the existing system of nation-statesthe UNs democratic processes, so astutely Trilateral Commission, was essentially a limited world federation thatand determinedly, as largely to frustrate its united all the non-Communist states. In hispower and role". But the threat posed by the David had mobilised 1968 book, Unity, Freedom & Peace ,Communist bloc extended beyond damagingthe UN, to attempting to realise its own "cruel the Establishment Rockefeller argued that if the federal idea—as applied by the "Founding Fathers…in theirdesign…for world order". The against the historic act of political creation in theCommunists had "taken our words, ourforms, our very symbols of mans hopes Realpolitik of the eighteenth century"—could be applied "in the larger context of the world of freeand aspirations and…corrupted them to Nixon Administration nations", it would "serve to guard free-mislead and to deceive in their quest for dom and promote order in the freeworld domination".48 with profound effect. world".51 During the 1968 presidential In his Harvard lecture, Nelsonprimaries, however, Nelson was less revealed that he had "long felt that thepessimistic about the UN, maintaining road toward the unity of free nations laythat the international organisation was through regional confederations in thenot a failure. "On balance," Rockefeller Western Hemisphere and in the Atlantic,stated at a Republican Party fundraising perhaps eventually in Africa, Middledinner in California, "the record shows East, and Asia".52that the United Nations strength has To achieve this goal, Nelson endorsedgrown..." The question for Americans, the extension of the European Economichowever, was twofold: "How well can the United Nations serve the Community (EEC) to embrace "the North Atlantic Community as aUnited States national interest, and how effectively can it promote whole".53 "European political unity would be an important firsta more stable world order…?" Nelsons answer was that both were step" in forming an "Atlantic Community", he claimed.54possible. Although the US could not hope to control the UN Furthermore, by encouraging similar developments in thecompletely, it could still act in Americas "national interest" Americas, the US could take the lead in the formation of a "Pan(usually a code for business interests) by maintaining world order American Economic Union", which would result in "the creation ofusing the resources of other member-states. UN peace-keeping the greatest free-trading area in the world".55operations (PKOs) he said "have made a vital contribution toward But Nelson was equally clear that regional arrangements were athe building of a more stable world order" and had done means to an end; that because of the Communist threat and global"multilaterally what the United States might have had to do itself at problems, "our advances toward unity must now extend to actionmuch greater cost". Actions through the UN were "often the best between regions as well as within them".56way of controlling dangerous crises", as "unilateral actions" such as Thus, the new regional arrangements should be seen as stepsVietnam "frequently tend to boomerang". It was "perfectly clear", towards global integration:insisted Nelson, that UN PKOs "have strengthened world order Unity in the West implies an act of political creation—compa -and…also advanced United States policy objectives".49 rable to that of our Founding Fathers—and perhaps of even It was therefore in Americas interest, according to Nelson, to greater originality, daring and devotion. In our time, the chal -"take the initiative in strengthening the role of the UN as mediator lenge leads us, compels us, inspires us, toward the building ofand peace-maker", as the UN "can and must be utilised as a primary our great North Atlantic alliance, our "regional grouping" intoinstrument" in the quest for a "better world". In support of this a North Atlantic Confederation—looking eventually to agoal, Nelson advocated that the US take the lead in "bringing worldwide Union of the Free.5730 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 31. Earlier at Harvard, he had argued that the peril of not unifying on Even the demise of Communism would not free the US of thissuch lines was more dramatic: burden: The historic choice fast rushing upon us then, is no less than [W]e face tasks which would be essentially the same even if this: either the free nations of the world will take the lead in Communism had never existed. We are required to work with adapting the federal concept to their relations, or, one by one, the peoples of the world to develop a real world community.66 we may be driven into the retreat of the perilous isolationism— political, economic and intellectual—so ardently sought by the Though his hopes of reaching the White House were fading by Soviet policy of divide-and-conquer.58 the 1970s, Nelson Rockefeller still sought political relevance and did so by embracing the latest fad of environmentalism, and again Nelson Rockefeller also advocated the long-time liberal- inserted an internationalist bent. In his book, Our Environment Caninternationalist argument that the US should promote global free Be Saved (1970), Nelson invoked the obvious international politicaltrade to strengthen the free enterprise system and thus link together implications for pre-empting environmental degradation, arguingthe other non-Communist parts of the world. He said there should that preventing the impending "environmental crisis" couldbe a "continuation and expansion of a liberal US trade policy" on "become an area of increased cooperation between nations". Tothe grounds that it not only helped developing countries but it that end, he recommended that the US should "help coordinatebenefited the US economy.59 And in an argument that continues to international planning for environmental controls".67be heard today as "open regionalism", Nelson argued that theformation of regional free trade groupings could be a means to The Accidental Vice-Presidentestablish global free trade: Yet, as fate would have it, the political and personal self- The regional arrangements in Europe and the Hemisphere destruction of his nemesis, Richard Nixon, presented Nelson with should be used as patterns for the economic organization of an unexpected prize, and in December 1974, after a lengthy and other parts of the world. For the key fact is that no nation is revealing confirmation process by a suspicious Congress, 68 he capable of realizing its aspira - became Vice-President in the short- tions by its own efforts. Regional lived Ford Administration. Despite groups pursuing ever more liber - Nelson being next in line for the al trade policies towards each If Nelsons proposals seem Presidency, his foreign policy other could thus be a step pronouncements were few and far towards the goal of a free world strangely familiar now, between in that period. With his trading system.60 it is because many of them protégé Henry Kissinger commanding foreign policy as Taking this argument further, in a were endorsed in Secretary of State, Nelson hadspeech to the Executive Club inChicago in 1964, Nelson recommend- UN Secretary-General Boutros anticipated exercising control over domestic policy. However, Nelsoned that Washington should use its Boutros-Ghalis 1992 report, fell foul of Fords Chief of Staff,political influence to "establish rules Donald Rumsfeld, who wasunder GATT, assuring that regional "An Agenda for Peace". determined to keep the Vice-economic accords will move toward President powerless.69progressive trade liberalisation Although eventually appointedrather than further partitioning of Vice-Chairman of the Domesticworld trade into compartments sealed off by preferences and dis - Council, Nelson found himself largely sidelined from decision-crimination".61 making. When describing his actual position, Nelson would quip: Nelson also endorsed the formation of a "world central bank" that "I go to funerals. I go to earthquakes."70 His input into US foreignwould "preclude crises and contribute to world-wide economic and national security policy was limited to serving on theadvance", suggesting that the role of the International Monetary Commission on the Organization of Government for the Conduct ofFund be "broadened in that direction".62 Foreign Policy in 1974, and more controversially as Chairman of Above all, the most consistent theme in Nelsons internationalist the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States inideology was the importance of US leadership. The United States, 1975.71he argued in numerous forums, should take the lead in the building In the final analysis, though, Nelsons somewhat marginal role inof a worldwide federation, as the US had come into existence "for the Ford Administration is in itself of no consequence, for thethe sake of an idea" that "man should be free to fulfil his unique and Wilsonian liberal-internationalist agenda was adopted by Ford andindividual destiny—a belief based upon our dedicated faith in the Kissinger anyway, although this is more attributable to the machi-brotherhood of all mankind".63 "The upheaval in the world will nations of David Rockefeller. Under the aegis of the Trilateralsubside only with the emergence of a more or less generally accept- Commission, David had mobilised the Establishment against theed international system ", he wrote in 1968. "The goal is Realpolitik of the Nixon Administration with profound effect.order…though we cannot create order by ourselves, it surely can - Gone was Nixons previous talk of a "safer world" through an "evennot come about without us."64 balance" of all the great powers and disdain for the United America was too interconnected with the world to escape its Nations.72 In its place was an uncharacteristic (especially forobligations, Nelson argued; in fact, "the true interests of America Kissinger) embrace of international law, institutionalised coopera-are interdependent with the interests of free world nations". The tion among the industrial powers (rather than alliances), and notionsimplications were obvious: of a "world community" and growing global "interdependence".73 We must assume a role of leadership worthy of the United Indeed, as the head of the Council on Foreign Relations "1980s States and commensurate with our own best interests as well Project" observed in 1976, "President Fords fulsome statements at as those of the free world as a whole.65 the Western summits of Rambouillet and San Juan and many ofJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 31
  • 32. Kissingers recent speeches could have been lifted from the pages of domestic and foreign policy was greater than many people[the Trilateral Commissions journal] Trialogue…"74 Rockefeller supposed:Internationalism had again made its mark, but, in a major irony, …in the final accounting it was often Nelson who worked outNelson, despite being the Vice-President, had only a peripheral the agenda which others then implemented as national policy.role. The intellectual groundwork for many innovations was His marginal role was reinforced when, in November 1975, at frequently his… Destiny willed it that he made his enduringFords insistence, Nelson withdrew his candidacy for Vice- mark on our society almost anonymously in the programs hePresident in the 1976 presidential elections. It was Rumsfelds designed, the values he upheld, and the men and women whosedoing; believing Rockefeller to be an electoral liability, the zealous lives he changed.77Chief of Staff pushed to have Nelson dumped from the Republicanpresidential ticket. Instead of the Vice-Presidency being the final If we put to one side Kissingers fawning and somewhat inaccu-stepping-stone to the Oval Office, as Nelson undoubtedly hoped, it rate eulogy, Nelson Rockefellers rise and demise reveals that hisbecame a dead-end in his political career. contribution to the New World Order was marginal at best. There According to David Rockefeller, "Fords decision devastated can be no doubt that had Nelson been President of the UnitedNelson" and caused him to lose all interest in politics. Moreover, States, even if only for a few years, he would have set in motion the"Thwarted when the greatest political prize seemed within his globalist plans he had endorsed throughout the 1960s.grasp", Nelson ended his political career an "angry and deeply bitter Fortunately—though some Establishment figures might disagree—man". He returned to the family fold where, in one last grasp at it was not to be.power, he tried—and failed—to wrest control of the RBF from his But Nelsons failure to get into the Oval Office effectivelybrothers.75 reduced him to little more than a publicist of the Rockefeller fami- The end for Nelson Rockefeller was sudden and suitably lys New World Order vision. He promoted the policies for globalcontroversial, the 70-year-old ex-politician reputedly dying in the government, but was never able to order their implementation. Asmidst of a sexual tryst with one of his female staffers. Nelson was unable to secure the high office he craved and wasNevertheless, Nelsons passing in 1979 was the cause of much largely detached from those philanthropic institutions—especiallypious reflection from the corporate-controlled US media and some the RBF and Rockefeller Foundation—that gave the Rockefellersof his former beneficiaries. Time magazine claimed that "He was their real power, the bitterness of his final years should come as nodriven by a mission to serve, improve and uplift his country", while surprise.the New York Times lauded Nelsons "enlightened internationalism" As we shall see in the following parts, it was those Rockefellerand "extraordinary standard of concern and effort in service of the brothers who were the most heavily involved in philanthropic pur-country".76 suits, including the foundations, think-tanks and policy-planning Less restrained was Henry Kissinger, who eulogised his departed organisations supported by Rockefeller money, who have had thebenefactor as the "greatest American I have ever known", a most impact on formulating the NWO ideology and implementing"pragmatic genius" who "would have made a great President". In it. And the leading Rockefeller in that endeavour has been, offact, it was "a tragedy for the country" that Nelson had not achieved course, David…his goal. Kissinger also claimed that Nelsons impact on American Continued next issue ... Endnotes Rockefeller, Simon & Schuster, 1982, pp. 82. 24. David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Random House, 2002, p. 191. It should 34. Alsop, Nixon & Rockefeller: A Double Portrait, pp. 88-89. be noted that, somewhat improbably, the impetus for Davids moment of 35. Peter Collier and David Horowitz, The Rockefellers: An American clarity was Nelsons divorce of his first wife, Mary Todhunter Clark, in Dynasty, Holt Reinhart & Winston, 1976, pp. 230, 236-238. 1961—and not his ruthless drive for political power or his bullying of his 36. George E. G. Catlin, The Atlantic Commonwealth, Penguin, 1969, p. siblings for control of Rockefeller finances to fund his numerous cam- 49. paigns. Moreover, Davids explanation overlooks how politically costly 37. Blanche W. Cook, The Declassified Eisenhower: A Divided Legacy of Nelsons divorce was to his 1964 campaign. Peace and Political Warfare, Penguin Books, 1981, pp. 295-296. 25. Stewart Alsop, Nixon & Rockefeller: A Double Portrait, Doubleday, 38. Ferdinand Lundberg, The Rich and the Super-Rich: A Study in the 1960, p. 80. Power of Money Today, Lyle Stuard Inc., 1968, pp. 593-594. 26. As Jonathan Vankin notes, "If not for a couple of jammed pistols, 39. Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Nelson Rockefeller would have fulfilled his dream of becoming President— Panel Reports, Doubleday, 1961, pp. 24, 26, 34, 35, 188, 228 (emphasis without winning a single vote"; see Vankin, Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and added). Crimes: From JFK to the CIA Terrorist Connection, Dell Publishing, 1992, 40. Peter Collier and David Horowitz, The Rockefellers, pp. 340, 344; p. 259. Persico, The Imperial Rockefeller, p. 71. 27. Quoted in Cary Reich, The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller: Worlds to 41. 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For a scathing review of Kissingers myriad sins, including possible war 1960, p. 383. crimes, see Christopher Hitchens, The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Text 45. Nelson A. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism: The Godkin Publishing, 2001. Lectures at Harvard University 1962, Harvard University Press, 1962, pp. 32. Henry A. Kissinger, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, Council on 63-64. Foreign Relations/Harper & Brothers, 1957, pp. 219-221. 33. Joseph Persico, The Imperial Rockefeller: A Biography of Nelson A. Continued on page 7632 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 33. Is Rogue Ferrimagnetic Manganese the "Infectious" TSE Agent? O nce the crucial supply of copper is curtailed in the brain, due to straightforward environmental copper deficiency or exposure to copper-chelating organophosphate (OP) insecticides, etc., the prion proteins metal bonds become vacant, rendering the Politicians and protein vulnerable to bonding up with certain alternative metals such as manganese, strontium, silver or lithium. But these foreign substitutes may not act in the overall best interests scientists have of the organism, particularly if the invasive metal is in "ferrimagnetic" form. So when ferrimagnetic manganese substitutes at the vacant copper bonds on the prion protein, erred in claiming the field-inducing influence of its ferrimagnetically ordered atoms will progressively corrupt the circadian-mediated pathways of electromagnetic superexchange throughout the brain, whereby a that BSE is status of permanent magnetic charge is spread via a domino-style of contagious corruption which jumps from metal bond to metal bond, from prion to prion. This phenomenon is well illustrated hyperinfectious and by the classic college physics experiment, where a magnet is placed alongside a steel nail and the force field of the magnet rapidly magnetises the adjoining nail. can only be Once an individuals brain is contaminated by this freaky form of metamorphosed manganese, managed by the any subsequent exposure to external electromagnetic fields (e.g., UV, sound waves, radar, cell- phones, etc.) will permanently charge up the ferrimagnetically ordered manganese prions. The wholesale slaughter metals rapidly become permanently saturated with magnetic charge, generating intensive mag- netic fields which, in turn, generate self-perpetuating "cluster bombs" of free-radical-mediated of livestock, while spongiform neurodegeneration. TSE ensues. In this respect, the TSE-diseased brain can be likened to a solar-powered battery on continuous the corporations charge, where the manganese-loaded/copper-depleted brain is no longer equipped to deal with the incoming surges of electromagnetic energy from the external environment. Instead of utilis- have profited at the ing this energy for the bodys own vital requirements, it becomes perverted into a potent force for neuronal suicide. expense of small This theory explains why the so-called "hyperinfectious" property of the prion is a misnomer. farmers. It is the toxic ferrimagnetic metal component of the prion that serves as the so- called "infectious" pathogenic agent in TSEs (transmissable spongiform encephalopathies). So whenever scientists inoculate unfortunate laboratory animals with TSE brain tissues (e.g., tissues contaminated with this rogue manganese atom) and effectively transmit TSE, they are actually transmitting "a mag- netic field–inducing capacity" that is carried along with the ferrimagnetically ordered manganese contaminant into the recipient animals which, in turn, develop TSE. Furthermore, the concept of the rogue ferrimagnetic manganese atom as the "TSE agent" also Part 2 of 2 explains why the "infectious" pathogenic capacity of the prion can survive heating to tempera- tures in excess of 500 degrees Celsius—since ferrimagnetic metals will hold onto their magnetic charge until they are heated to temperatures beyond their respective "curie point" temperature (e.g., 550°C for manganese 3+). A Theory that Addresses All the Missing Links in TSE Science by Mark Purdey © 2002, 2003 Some would question how the toxic manganese theory of TSE origins can account for the well-recognised "iatrogenic"form of TSE, where growth hormone treatment of humans—which High Barn Farm utilises pituitary tissue as the pharmacological inoculant—can lead to a form of CJDElworthy, Taunton, Somerset TA43PX (Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease). But intriguingly, tissues such as pituitary and retina, which transmit United Kingdom TSE in the lab most efficiently, are the same tissues in which manganese is recognised to concen- Email: trate most intensively in the body. So once an individual is contaminated with a rogue source ofWebsite: ferrimagnetic manganese, any subsequent use of their pituitary tissues in pharmaceuticals for growth hormone therapy could spread the so-called "infectious" toxic agent and initiate CJD.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 33
  • 34. Others would question how this theory can account for the outbreak tactics of suppression in the bargain.of the kuru strain of TSE that exclusively erupted in an isolated tribe in For 18 years, my work and personal integrity have been subjected tothe Fore region of the New Guinea Highlands. The conventional a steady derisory trickle of ridicule and dirty tricks. During the 1980s,dogma blames this outbreak upon the Fore tribes traditional practice of my farm and family became the victims of a raft of "once in a lifetime"cannibalism. Whilst cannibalism may have played a role in the bioac- type of physical disasters: arson, firearm intimidation, vandalisation ofcumulation of manganese—particularly if the pituitary tissues were my research library and communications, and an insidious infiltrationingested in these cannibalistic binges —the fact that virtually every by a bizarre array of bogus greens and phoney freelance journos—nottribe across New Guinea had adhered to a cannibalistic lifestyle, yet to mention a seductive approach by a scantily clad pseudo student whoremained free of kuru, needs to be addressed by those who promote was supposedly doing her dissertation on my theory. I became suspi-this theory. And furthermore, considering that cannibalism had been cious, and my investigations revealed that she was not even registeredtraditionally practised for centuries across New Guinea, why did kuru at the college where she was purportedly studying!fail to erupt until a few years after World War II? It invariably transpired that the true objectives of these agents My investigations suggest that the cause of kuru stems from the provocateurs was to subtly set about discrediting my social andsame template of eco-factors: the Fore tribes self-sufficient lifestyle on scientific esteem whilst finding out the current state of play of mycopper-deficient soils, coupled with their scavenging of manganese- research investigations. Once my work gained support from the likes ofaluminium sheet metal from the fuselages of several Japanese bomber the former Defence Minister, Tom King, and HRH the Prince of Wales,aircraft which had crashed in their area of the Highlands during World the physical aspects of this harassment abruptly ceased.War II. The Fore folk moulded the salvaged metal to make tools, My recent demands to various UK government departments—cooking pans and bowls, and these consequently contaminated their agriculture, environment, health, etc.—for access to my personal datafoods. They also accidentally exploded some of the bombs on board under the new Data Protection Act revealed much of what had beenthe crashed aircraft. These infamous explosions—well remembered by going on behind the scenes. Repeated requests by Environmentthe surviving Fore folk—infrasonically irradiated their local Minister Michael Meacher to meet personally with me had beenenvironment. deliberately stymied by his own officials. This story goes on. At the mouth of When Mr Meacher eventually brokethe Fuji River valley in Japan is a man- through his barrage of officials to makeganese-aluminium alloy factory that direct arrangements with me, themanufactured these metal aircraft panelsfrom the late 1930s and still makes Mn- For 18 years, my work and meeting was postponed on five separate occasions and then arrangementsAl alloy products today. The man- personal integrity have been completely fizzled out. Otherganese-enriched chimney emissions dis-persed downwind, permeating the entire subjected to a steady derisory documents revealed how the British Agrochemical Association had beenlength of the valley. Intriguingly, a trickle of ridicule and organising a "joint initiative" with thecluster of CJD has blighted the residents dirty tricks. Ministry of Agricultures own grantof the Fuji River basin for 50 years. funding department to channel publicNote that it can take up to 20 years for funds into a live animal trial that hadthe toxic effects of metal/chemical been deliberately designed to refute myexposure to manifest. theory. The role of prion protein genetics is also Since the BSE Inquiry had rejectedentirely compatible with the environmental facets as part of the overall the official scrapie/BSE hypothesis and found in favour of somemultifactorial aetiology of TSEs. For it is well established that prion aspects of my own hypothesis, the UK government responded byprotein genetics plays a major role in dictating which individuals are setting up a further mini-inquiry to re-look at the origins of BSE. Themost susceptible to TSEs—where susceptibility hinges upon the resulting publication, known as the "Gabriel Horn Report", employed aexpression of a defective prion protein that can only bind two or three judicious selection of misrepresentation and outright bogusatoms of copper instead of the usual five. But the sole focus of TSE disinformation in order to discredit the validity of my theory.susceptibility studies to date has almost exclusively concentrated upon For example, the report stated that the use of OP warblecides hadthe role of prion protein genotypes. Yet my own studies have revealed ceased in the UK by 1982 and that warblecides had been used routinelythat white/fair skinned or yellow/red-pigmented individuals are at on the island of Jersey. So, according to the Horn Report, if OPs weremuch greater risk of developing TSE. This suggests that the genetics the cause of BSE, why were all of the cows that developed BSE bornof melanin expression may also perform a genetic role in the cause of after 1982 and why were BSE rates so low on Jersey? Ironically, theTSE. truthful picture of the UKs compulsory twice-annual OP warblecide Note that melanin is involved in cushioning the toxic side-effects of treatment programme was that it was introduced in 1982, and only onelight and sound absorption. Some support for this observation was cow on Jersey was ever subjected to the compulsory "formal" OPamassed when unfortunate laboratory mice were genetically engi- warblecide treatment.neered to express a mutant form of melanin and consequently devel- When I attempted to sue the government for defamation/loss ofoped spongiform encephalopathy. income resulting from the bogus statements in this globally circulated publication, it pleaded "qualified privilege" of the expert committeeAnimal Pharm and then spun out the legal communications beyond the one-year post- Despite publication of the hard evidence in support of this theory in publication mark, thereby exempting itself from my claim.prestigious scientific journals (see bibliography), the various UK And after broadcasting of the BBC Correspondent film, Mad Cowsauthorities and their incestuous clique of "minder" advisers are blindly and An Englishman, which charted my investigations, the governmentignoring these findings. Whats more, they are doing their utmost to tried to appease the mounting public interest by inviting me to resubmitpublicly marginalise those of us who are trying to pursue this an application for funding. After sitting on my application for a yearalternative research line, and are using public money to implement their and a half, they homed in on the most fastidious, nit-picking comments34 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 35. in the peer review appraisal, trumping them up as a sound scientific wisdom of the Icelandic farmers and vets who have been living withbasis for rejection of the application. Immediately afterwards, the scrapie TSE for light years? When the first hint of scrapie symptomsauthor of the most irrational, irrelevant critique was promoted to the emerge in their sheep, it is customary practice to slaughter the poorgovernments expert TSE Surveillance Steering Committee—presum- affected animal instantly, before it has had time to waste away, and eatably as a reward! The UK governments tactics have thwarted the nat- the cooked flesh (brains and all!). And if scrapie or CWD (chronicural evolution of this promising new scientific perspective on TSEs. wasting disease) can be passed on to humans via consumption, as the scientific authorities would have us believe, why have no cases of CJDA Multinational Masterplan? erupted in these Icelandic sheep farmers? In fact, Iceland has only ever The epidemiological and experimental evidence amassed to date witnessed two cases of CJD in its entire medical history, and these vic-points to the fact that TSEs are caused by a clear-cut combination of tims had both hailed from the scrapie-free district in the far south of thegenetic and toxic environmental factors. So why do the authorities con- country.tinue to treat these diseases as if they stem solely from hyperinfectious Despite the repeated failure of attempts to eradicate long-establishedorigins? TSE hotspot regions in Colorado and Iceland by enacting wholesale The reasons for such an irrational, Pavlovian-like stance on the part livestock slaughter/fallowing regimes across the cluster zones,of the Establishment towards the environmental perspectives of TSEs governments are still adopting this same slaughter strategy as a first-probably hangs upon issues that are more to do with protecting acade- choice means of control. But history has shown that TSEs willmic egos, professional reputations and the vested invariably re-erupt as soon as fresh livestock areinterests of the TSE institutions and key advisers introduced back into the slaughtered-outthan with promoting sound scientific argument. areas—supporting the idea that theAnother reason must undoubtedly stem from the environmental causes of TSE are still well andfear of massive compensation claims, should truly wedded to the local food chain,government-mandated use of OP warblecides or irrespective of the slaughter programmes.licensing of manganese additives be held Such extreme "mammalageddon" measuresaccountable at the end of the day. The epidemiological do little more than remove the superficial But its imperative that we delve a bit deeper. evidence of the disease. They merely misleadWho are the key culprits that are currently and experimental the public into the illusory notion that TSE hascapitalising on the fashionable scare stories been controlled—a good vote-catching policywhich maintain that "BSE prions will evidence amassed for any government.exterminate us all"? Who are the people to date points to These are simple observations yet the globalspinning out the propaganda myths that beef, authorities are gripped by a manic mindset, hav-lamb, venison, game and organic food (grown the fact that TSEs are ing jumped on the assumption that TSEs stemfrom animal manure) are contaminated caused by a clear-cut solely from hyperinfectious origins. Forwith prions and are therefore unfit for example, the recent discovery of newhuman consumption? combination clusters of CWD in US deer has invoked The key scaremongers can invariably be of genetic and toxic an official overreaction of unprecedentedtraced to a mere handful of sociopathic proportion. A wholesale slaughter policypseudo-scientists who move between the environmental factors. of indigenous deer herds has been enactedupper echelons of government and corpo- throughout all CWD regions across theration-controlled institutions. These inces- USA, leaving many of the Nativetuous experts are singing for their supper. American tribes without their traditionalThey are on the payroll of the multination- source of dietary protein. Whilst studyingal chemical consortiums—corporations in Wisconsin recently, I heard the story ofthat have invested billions of bucks in a deer rancher who had retained someresearching and developing their genetical- body tissues from one of his CWD-affect-ly modified arable protein crops and the ed deer for independent post-mortem—complementary package of pesticides to only to find himself subjected to a gun-go with them. They have bought up oceans of acres of dirt-cheap point raid by wildlife officials .arable land across Eastern Europe, the Third World and North/South These draconian slaughter measures are invariably promoted by theAmerica and they are clearly attempting to destroy anyone competing same hard-core cell of "expert" global advisers—the hysterics whofor their global protein market. Prime targets are the small mixed-live- dreamed up the hyperinfectious hypothesis in the first instance. Bystock farming sectors of agriculture which have traditionally been the insisting on the burial or incineration of the evidence of their ownmainstay of meat and milk protein production around the world. control measures—for example, the thousands of carcasses of The multinationals preference for mono-arable cropping land use is slaughtered animals—and then enforcing the fallowing of the land, theeasily understood, since each acre of grassland that is devoted to meat experts are placing themselves in a foolproof position where theand milk production requires negligible inputs of pesticide/GM seeds success or failure of their control measures can never be properlyin relation to each acre of farmland that is devoted to agrichemical- assessed. In this respect, they can guarantee keeping their professionalintensive arable protein production. reputations afloat for the remaining lifespan of their careers. Despite the scaremongering over the "hyperinfectious" nature of the But who is questioning the scientific reasoning for executing thisprion, a basic study of the epidemiological history of TSE clearly final farcical solution on these poor creatures? The unilateral adoptiondemonstrates that this disease does not originate from animal-to-animal of a policy of "totalitarian overkill" of a few million healthy animalscontact or through ingestion of feeds contaminated with TSE brain across the world has been received with almost complacent acceptance.material. Such perverse and senseless "carry-ons" have sadly become the daily So why do the "experts" blatantly refuse to consult the down-to-earth "non-stories" of our modern times.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 35
  • 36. Reports pop up with ever-increasing frequency of so-called TSE pre- doctors who are called to advise governments and address the public oncautionary control programmes being enacted after 1% or more ani- all aspects of the impact of chemical, metal, radioactive andmals in a flock or herd prove positive to the TSE genotype test—an electromagnetic pollutants upon our food chain.endemic phenomenon that has existed for light years without ill effect. This story returns us to the lessons that can be learned from the intu-Among these control programmes were the annihilation of a herd of itive wisdoms of the people on the ground. At the same time it alerts uswater buffalo in Vancouver and sheep flocks in Vermont, the slaughter to the insidious and unscientific techniques which the incestuous cliqueof 400,000 cows in Germany and the erasure of thousands of scrapie- of official "experts" employs to marginalise and discredit those whosusceptible traditional sheep flocks and goat herds from the European dissent from the totalitarian line. It shows us the ill-conceived basishillsides—all healthy animals. upon which the Establishments positions are truly founded, as well as Along with the sad threat to the survival of some indigenous wild the woeful degree of administrative complacency over issues which inand domestic animal breeds, there is the threat of losing their valuable most cases are matters of life and death for normal people.outputs of manure—the heartbeat of humus supply which protects thesoil against the erosive forces of nature and feeds the fertility of the Dispatches from the Front Lineearth that ultimately sustains all life on the planet. My most recent eco-detective adventures across vCJD cluster zones Furthermore, these slaughter measures are imposing the death knell in Japan, the USA, Sardinia and the UK involved my prospecting for aon the survival of traditional peasant cultures—lifestyles which have broader range of metals in TSE environments than Id previouslyevolved to be symbiotically dependent upon their livestock enterprises sought.and the income they generate. We are saying farewell to one of the last The analytical results have thrown up some interesting new possibili-bastions of our cultural identity: an holistic charm that flavours the ties in the quest for understanding the true causes of TSEs, unearthinglandscapes which have been etched out by centuries of occupation high levels of the ferrimagnetic metal strontium as well as the usualunder peasant family farms. That delicate, ethereal relationship that high levels of manganese in the TSE environments, but normal levelsflows between the soil, crops, livestock in the adjoining TSE-free areas.and landscape is under threat, and along Much like manganese, strontium iswith it the aesthetically pleasing array emitted as a significant contaminantof idiosyncrasies that go hand in hand from volcanoes as well as from factorieswith peasant lifestyles: the architecture, refining metals/steel or producingcraft skills, folklore and dialects that glass/dyes/explosives/paints/fireworks.have set the rich rustic outbacks apart This story returns us to the It is used in surgery/dentistry, and as afrom the homogenised synthetica of the lessons that can be learned bone/antler promoter in mineral supple-city. ments for humans and deer, etc. The all-out slaughter tactic betrays a from the intuitive wisdoms of Strontium also competes with andtotal lack of interest in the cause, the people on the ground. replaces vacant calcium, magnesium andprevention or cure of this grotesque copper sites on proteins in the biosystem,disease. The Establishments current so tests are currently in place to see ifglobal agenda (Agenda 2000) to this metal can bind to copper-depriveddepopulate livestock numbers at prion protein like manganese.whatever the cost is for reasons that The strontium facet offers a promisinghave nothing whatsoever to do with new theoretical possibility that can be(illusory) health risks to the human race, but more to do with considered without disturbing the basic pathogenic template of thisenvisioned profits from multinationally sourced GE/GM proteins. TSE causal theory—where the rogue ferrimagnetic strontium substi- I cannot help but feel that the global leaders have sold out to the tutes at the copper-depleted metal bonds on the prion protein, therebymultinational carrot. PR tactics used to promote "important" impairing the proteins ability to conduct the vital "life force" electro-government policy increasingly capitalises upon some emotive scare magnetic energies derived from incoming light and sound.story as a means of manipulating public mentality into conforming It naturally follows that exposures to high levels of naturally occur-with the overall global agenda of the corporations. In much the same ring strontium could have triggered off the traditional strains of TSE,way as a war for Iraqi oil has been presented under the pretext of a whereas exposures to the more reactive, radioactive strontium-90 couldmorally justified war to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, so the have caused the more aggressive, new variant strains of TSE incorporations war to rid the world of livestock protein has been younger mammals.presented under the guise of ridding the world of the "health risks" Perhaps the strontium-90 emissions from the April 1986 Chernobylposed by hyperinfectious prions. nuclear disaster—the bulk of which at that time were deposited by the substantial rainstorms over northwestern Europe (e.g., UK, Ireland,The Broader Picture Britanny)—were responsible for setting up susceptibility for mad cow The BSE debacle represents the mere tip of the iceberg of disease in any cattle, humans or cats that had been simultaneouslyEstablishment ineptitude and socio-eco-irresponsibility. It displays a exposed to the copper-chelating, organo-dithiophosphate warbleclear-cut example of the far-reaching extent to which the talons of fly/headlice insecticides. The first reported case of BSE erupted inmultinational monopolies can stretch to protect their global master-plan October 1986, whereas the almighty BSE epidemic that followed wasfor the rapidly expanding "health and food-chain industry". Can we largely contained within the key Chernobyl fallout zone.afford to allow this insidious mode of food-chain control to continue It seems that several species of rogue ferrimagnetic metal—be itunabated and unregulated? manganese, strontium or bismuth—may individually carry the poten- There is an increasing groundswell of public unease concerning our tial to act as the TSE trigger in the copper-depleted brain. The resultingpolluted environment and its unknown effects on our health and long-term survival. Mounting public suspicion is making transparent the Continued on page 77array of so-called independent scientific experts and medical spin-36 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 37. SCIENCE Venus and Mars—capable of sustaining life such as ours: but this does not mean that there might not be on all of them some other — by Nikola Tesla — forms of life. Colliers Weekly Editors Note: Mr Nikola Tesla has accomplished some marvellous Chemical processes may be maintained results in electrical discoveries. Now, with the dawn of the new century, he without the aid of oxygen, and it is still a announces an achievement which will amaze the entire universe, and which eclipses question whether chemical processes are the wildest dream of the most visionary scientist. He has received communication, absolutely necessary for the sustenance of he asserts, from out the great void of space: a call from the inhabitants of Mars, or organized beings. My idea is that the devel- Venus, or some other sister planet! And, furthermore, noted scientists like Sir opment of life must lead to forms of exis- Norman Lockyer are disposed to agree with Mr Tesla in his startling deductions. tence that will be possible without nourish- Mr Tesla has not only discovered many important principles, but most of his inven - ment and which will not be shackled by tions are in practical use: notably in the harnessing of the Titanic forces of Niagara Falls, and the discovery of a new light by means of a vacuum tube. He has, he consequent limitations. Why should a liv- declares, solved the problem of telegraphing without wires or artificial conductors of ing being not be able to obtain all the ener- any sort, using the earth as his medium. By means of this principle he expects to be gy it needs for the performance of its life able to send messages under the ocean, and to any distance on the earths surface. functions from the environment, instead of Interplanetary communication has interested him for years, and he sees no reason through consumption of food, and trans- why we should not soon be within talking distance of Mars or of all worlds in the forming, by a complicated process, the solar system that may be tenanted by intelligent beings. energy of chemical combinations into life- At the request of Colliers Weekly, Mr Tesla presents herewith a frank statement of sustaining energy? what he expects to accomplish and how he hopes to establish communication with If there were such beings on one of the the planets. planets, we should know next to nothing Colliers Weekly, February 19, 1901, pages 4–5 about them. Nor is it necessary to go so far in our assumptions, for we can readilyT he idea of communicating with the inhabitants of other conceive that, in the same degree as the atmosphere diminishes in worlds is an old one. But for ages it has been regarded density, moisture disappears and the planet freezes up, organic life merely as a poets dream, forever unrealizable. And with the might also undergo corresponding modifications, leading finally toinvention and perfection of the telescope and the ever-widening forms which, according to our present ideas of life, are impossible.knowledge of the heavens, its hold upon our imaginations has been I will readily admit, of course, that, if there should be a suddenincreased, and the scientific achievements during the latter part of catastrophe of any kind, all life processes might be arrested; but ifthe nineteenth century, together with the development of thetendency toward the nature ideal of Goethe, have intensifiedit to such a degree that it seems as if it were destined tobecome the dominating idea of the century that has justbegun. The desire to know something of our neighbors inthe immense depths of space does not spring from idlecuriosity nor from thirst for knowledge, but from a deepercause, and it is a feeling firmly rooted in the heart of everyhuman being capable of thinking at all. Whence, then, does it come? Who knows? Who canassign limits to the subtlety of natures influences?Perhaps, if we could clearly perceive all the intricate mech-anism of the glorious spectacle that is continually unfoldingbefore us, and could, also, trace this desire to its distant ori-gin, we might find it in the sorrowful vibrations of theEarth which began when it parted from its celestial parent. But in this age of reason it is not astonishing to find per-sons who scoff at the very thought of effecting communica-tion with a planet. First of all, the argument is made thatthere is only a small probability of other planets beinginhabited at all. This argument has never appealed to me. Mr Teslas experiment to illustrate the capacity of his oscillator forIn the solar system, there seem to be only two planets— producing electrical explosions of great power. (Colliers Weekly)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 37
  • 38. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEthe change, no matter how great, should be gradual and occupied creating ripples or disturbances which, spreading through the earthages, so that the ultimate results could be intelligently foreseen, I as through a wire, could be detected at great distances by carefullycannot but think that reasoning beings would still find means of attuned receiving circuits.existence. They would adapt themselves to their constantly In this manner I was able to transmit to a distance, not only fee-changing environment. So I think it quite possible that in a frozen ble effects for the purposes of signalling but considerable amountsplanet, such as our moon is supposed to be, intelligent beings may of energy, and later discoveries I made convinced me that I shallstill dwell in its interior, if not on its surface. ultimately succeed in conveying power without wires, for industri- al purposes, with high economy and to any distance, howeverSignalling at 100,000 Miles! great. Then it is contended that it is beyond human power and ingenu-ity to convey signals to the almost inconceivable distances of fifty Experiments in Coloradomillion or one hundred million miles. This might have been a To develop these inventions further, I went to Colorado where Ivalid argument formerly. It is not so now. Most of those who are continued my investigations along these and other lines, one ofenthusiastic upon the subject of interplanetary communication which in particular I now consider of even greater importance thanhave reposed their faith in the light-ray as the best possible medi- the transmission of power without of such communication. True, waves of light, owing to their I constructed a laboratory in the neighborhood of Pikes Peak.immense rapidity of succession, can penetrate space more readily The conditions in the pure air of the Colorado Mountains provedthan waves less rapid, but a simple consideration will show that by extremely favorable for my experiments, and the results were mosttheir means an exchange of signals between this Earth and its com- gratifying to me. I found that I could not only accomplish morepanions in the solar system is, at least now, impossible. work, physically and mentally, than I could in New York, but that By way of illustration, let us suppose that a square mile of the electrical effects and changes were more readily and distinctly per-Earths surface—the smallest area that might possibly be within ceived. A few years ago it was virtually impossible to producereach of the best telescopic vision of other worlds—were covered electrical sparks twenty or thirty foot long; but I produced somewith incandescent lamps, packed closely together so as to form, more than one hundred feet in length, and this without difficulty.when illuminated, a continuous sheet of light. It would require not The rates of electrical movement involved in strong inductionless than one hundred million horse-power to light this area of apparatus had measured but a few hundred horse-power, and I pro-lamps, and this is many times the amount of motive power now in duced electrical movements of rates of one hundred and ten thou-the service of man throughout the world. sand horse-power. Prior to this, only insignificant electrical pres- But with the novel means, proposed by myself, I can readily sures were obtained, while I have reached fifty million volts.demonstrate that, with an expenditure not exceeding two thousand The accompanying illustrations, with their descriptive titles,horse-power, signals can be transmitted to a planet such as Mars taken from an article I wrote for the Century Magazine, may servewith as much exactness and certitude as we now send messages by to convey an idea of the results I obtained in the directionswire from New York to Philadelphia. These means are the result indicated.of long-continued experiment and gradual improvement. Many persons in my own profession have wondered at them and Some ten years ago, I recognized the fact that to convey electric have asked what I am trying to do. But the time is not far awaycurrents to a distance it was not at all necessary to employ a return now when the practical results of my labors will be placed beforewire, but that any amount of energy might be transmitted by using the world and their influence felt everywhere. One of the immedi-a single wire. I illustrated this principle by numerous experiments, ate consequences will be the transmission of messages withoutwhich, at that time, excited considerable attention among scientific wires, over sea or land, to an immense distance. I have alreadymen. demonstrated, by crucial tests, the practicability of signalling by This being practically demonstrated, my next step was to use the my system from one to any other point of the globe, no matter howEarth itself as the medium for conducting the currents, thus dis- remote, and I shall soon convert the disbelievers.pensing with wires and all other artificial conductors. So I was ledto the development of a system of energytransmission and of telegraphy without theuse of wires, which I described in 1893. The difficulties I encountered at first inthe transmission of currents through theearth were very great. At that time I had athand only ordinary apparatus, which I foundto be ineffective, and I concentrated myattention immediately upon perfectingmachines for this special purpose. Thiswork consumed a number of years, but Ifinally vanquished all difficulties andsucceeded in producing a machine which, toexplain its operation in plain language,resembled a pump in its action, drawing Supplying electrical energy Transmitting electrical An electrical oscillatorelectricity from the earth and driving it back through a single wire energy through the Earth delivering energy at a rateinto the same at an enormous rate, thus without return. without wire. of 75,000 horse-power.38 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 39. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE I have every reason for congratulating myself that throughout for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. Thethese experiments, many of which were exceedingly delicate and feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hearhazardous, neither myself nor any of my assistants received any the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind theseinjury. When working with these powerful electrical oscillations, electrical signals; and it was with this conviction that I announcedthe most extraordinary phenomena take place at times. Owing to to the Red Cross Society, when it asked me to indicate one of thesome interference of the oscillations, veritable balls of fire are apt great possible achievements of the next hundred years, that itto leap out to a great distance, and if any one were within or near would probably be the confirmation and interpretation of thistheir paths, he would be instantly destroyed. A machine such as I planetary challenge to us.have used could easily kill, in an instant, three hundred thousand Since my return to New York, more urgent work has consumedpersons. I observed that the strain upon my assistants was telling, all my attention; but I have never ceased to think of those experi-and some of them could not endure the extreme tension of the ences and of the observations made in Colorado. I am constantlynerves. But these perils are now entirely overcome, and the opera- endeavoring to improve and perfect my apparatus, and just as soontion of such apparatus, however powerful, involves no risk what- as practicable I shall again take up the thread of my investigationsever. at the point where I have been forced to lay it down for a time. As I was improving my machines for the production of intenseelectrical actions, I was also perfecting the means for observing Communicating with the Martiansfeeble effects. One of the most interesting results, and also one of At the present stage of progress, there would be no insurmount-great practical importance, was the development of certain con- able obstacle in constructing a machine capable of conveying atrivances for indicating at a distance of many hundred miles an message to Mars, nor would there be any great difficulty in record-approaching storm, its direction, speed and distance travelled. ing signals transmitted to us by the inhabitants of that planet, ifThese appliances are likely to be valuable in future meteorological they be skilled electricians. Communication once established,observations and surveying, and will lend themselves particularly even in the simplest way, as by a mere interchange of numbers, theto many naval uses. progress toward more intelligible communication would be rapid. It was in carrying on this work that for the first time I discovered Absolute certitude as to the receipt and interchange of messagesthose mysterious effects which have elicited such unusual interest. would be reached as soon as we could respond with the numberI had perfected the apparatus referred to so far that from my labo- "four", say, in reply to the signal "one, two, three". The Martians,ratory in the Colorado mountains I could feel the pulse of the or the inhabitants of whatever planet had signalled to us, wouldglobe, as it were, noting every electrical change that occurred with- understand at once that we had caught their message across thein a radius of eleven hundred miles. gulf of space and had sent back a response. To convey a knowl- edge of form by such means is, while very difficult, not impossi-Terrified by Success ble, and I have already found a way of doing it. I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it What a tremendous stir this would make in the world! Howdawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incal- soon will it come? For that it will some time be accomplishedculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present must be clear to every thoughtful the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. Something, at least, science has gained. But I hope that it willEven now, at times, I can vividly recall the incident, and see my also be demonstrated soon that in my experiments in the West Iapparatus as though it were actually before me. My first observa- was not merely beholding a vision, but had caught sight of a greattions positively terrified me, as there was present in them some- and profound truth. ∞thing mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in mylaboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances (Source: United States Early Radio History website,being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to The changes I noted were taking placeperiodically, and with such a clear sugges-tion of number and order that they were nottraceable to any cause then known to me. Iwas familiar, of course, with such electricaldisturbances as are produced by the Sun,Aurora Borealis and Earth currents, and Iwas as sure as I could be of any fact thatthese variations were due to none of thesecauses. The nature of my experiments pre-cluded the possibility of the changes beingproduced by atmospheric disturbances, ashas been rashly asserted by some. It was some time afterward when thethought flashed upon my mind that thedisturbances I had observed might be due toan intelligent control. Although I could not Photographic view of the essential parts of the electrical oscillator used indecipher their meaning, it was impossible Mr Teslas experiments. (From Colliers Weekly, February 19, 1901)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 39
  • 40. 40 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 41. Lighting at Home T he lighting advice given in home decorating books and magazines is usually very good, except on two accounts: uplighting and the so-called "energy savers". When the compact fluorescent (CFL) or "energy saver" was introduced in the late 1980s, lamp manufacturers enlisted the aid of energy authorities and producers, environmental authorities and organisations, and large companies such as IKEA to get as many people as pos- sible to replace their top-quality incandescent bulbs with these ridiculously expensive class II Since incandescent CFLs—which initially cost over 30 times more (and, as with some of the top brands, still do). light really is a And so this very unfair and persistent campaign against the light bulb was launched and is still being kept up by a steady stream of ads, brochures, special offers, articles and websites that cap- higher-quality light italise heavily on our growing concern for the environment and for our own personal economy. Usually a few simple catch-phrases are used—often intermingled with useful lighting tips and so many people and information about other lamp types—and are repeated over and over again by so many dif- ferent, seemingly independent, unconnected and reliable sources that one can easily get the dislike fluorescents, impression that they are actually true. For example: 1. The first argument is that the CFL lasts 8, 10, 12 or 15 times longer than a standard 1,000- why are we still hour GLS (general lighting system) bulb. First of all, if you really need a long-life lamp at being persuaded to home, there are GLS lamps with thicker tungsten filaments that are also designed to last 10,000 hours (although at a slight reduction in output), so long life is not unique to CFLs. Secondly, a use more and more test by the Swedish Consumer Agency (2000–2001) revealed that surprisingly few "energy savers" really did function for as long as they claimed. Of one brand that was far from inexpen- fluorescent light sive and which promised 8,000 hours, not a single lamp lasted longer than 663 hours! And even though many of the pricier top-brand CFLs burned as long as stated or longer (but very and less and less much weaker), not all of them did. Of the most expensive lamp type meant to last 12,000 hours, half had gone out by 8,000 hours!1 incandescent? 2. The CFL is also said to produce a light that "looks just like incandescent light". Although in recent years there really has been an improvement in some of the least efficient models, the (composite) light from most CFLs is still more of a pinkish white. 3. The third and main claim that has been chanted from the start is that the CFL gives "five times more light" and thereby "saves 80% energy" (not 80% of your total energy consumption, of course, but of the tiny part of it that light bulbs use). Since lamp manufacturers must be well Part 2 of 2 aware that most CFLs actually dont give off five times more light, an "up to" was later inserted in this mantra (some replaced it with "four times more"), but by then the catch-phrase was already so well established that it is now often (mis)taken for a fact. To see for yourself that CFLs dont give five times more light, you only need to compare, for example, a 60-watt GLS with the recommended 11- or 12-watt CFL that is meant to replace it, and it will be obvious that the latter is less bright. Even the manufacturers own catalogues con- firm that while a good 60-watt GLS gives 730 lumens (lm), the most efficient (and ugly) naked- tube CFL only gives 600 lumens at 11 watts. In globe- or bulb-shaped models (advertised as giving "four times more light"), the outer bulb further reduces the amount of light that gets by Inger Lorelei © 2003 through to only around 450–500 lm, according to the catalogues. And the abovementioned test revealed that although the three top-brand lamps really did give as much light as promised (in Email: the beginning), most other brands did not. The worst lamps produced only 214 lumens!2 This test also confirmed that "energy savers", just like other FL (fluorescent) and HID (high- intensity discharge) lamps, lose output as they age, most of it during the first 2,000 hours.3 After 8,000 hours, the light from some models was reduced by as much as 40%!4JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 41
  • 42. This of course means that to get as much light as from a GLS, you Fluorescent light often looks extra dull and uninviting when comingneed to buy a CFL that has a higher wattage than recommended. That from a long tube (a very unnatural shape for a light source) thatway, if you save anything at all it is quite a bit less than what the man- spreads the light evenly across the room, eliminating all natural shad-ufacturers claim and, even then, this is only if you invest in one of the ows. But isnt it possible that shadow and darkness are just as impor-more expensive quality lamps—and are lucky enough to get one that tant for optimal health as enough of the right kind of light?really gives as much light as it says it will and does not lose too much When planning the lighting, it is very important to choose the rightluminance too quickly or expire before it has saved energy beyond kind of light fittings (or luminaires, as they are meant to be calledwhat it cost you to buy it! now) to get the effect that you want. To create more shadow and con- 4. The heat from light bulbs is always pointed out as a problem. trast, for instance, you need the lighting to be directional and lumi-However, this is so only in countries, seasons and places that are naires that are designed for the purpose.already more than hot enough, requiring the excess heat to be ventilat- Instead of a linear luminaire with a plastic diffuser, or a globe lighted away. In cooler climate zones, this can be an asset instead and help that scatters the light in all directions equally, directional lightingkeep heating bills down,5 thereby making the difference between using concentrates it in one direction (like a spotlight) or sometimes twoincandescent bulbs and CFLs even smaller. (like many wall, table and floor lamps that let most of the light out 5. To make the CFL seem environmentally friendly despite the underneath but also let some out through the top). The fewer, smalleruncomfortable fact that it contains mercury, the incandescent bulb is and brighter the light sources and the narrower the beam angles, thevery unfairly and incorrectly made to seem like it causes more mer- sharper and more dramatic the effect. With more and bigger lampscury pollution, even though it doesnt contain any in itself. This argu- which have wider beam angles and are placed closer together (so thatment firstly assumes that the incandescent light bulb really does use so the beams meet or overlap), the effect is both softer and brighter, moremuch more energy (which it doesnt) and, secondly, it assumes that resembling the evenly lit room but still having a much more naturalthat energy comes from mercury-polluting coal-fired power plants look and feel.8 Concentrating the light also increases its brightness (inonly!6 Instead of trying to scapegoat the poor light bulb, would not a that direction) without the use of more electricity—especially if themore logical solution be to stop using coal? lamp or luminaire has a polished aluminium reflector that projects the So why are so many energy authori- light outwards.ties and producers so extremely eager The direction of the beam is alsofor us to ruin the nice, relaxing atmos- important. Light falling diagonallypheres in our homes with potentially downwards, like the daylight coming inunhealthy CFLs that really dont save Is there some other motive through windows, accentuatesthat much at all? Why do they want to structures and often looks more naturaldo this, when light is something so behind this well-coordinated than light coming straight down fromessential to life and when incandescent and persistent campaign that the ceiling.9 Light coming from onlylight actually costs ridiculously little— the ceiling can also make a room feelusually only a measly few per cent of a seems to aim at having quite gloomy. Try using more lightshouseholds total energy cost? (Most ofa that cost goes towards heating and incandescent light removed and place them lower, adapting their position, direction and luminance to thecooling/heating water.) from private use altogether? main activity/activities in the room. If its energy they want us to save, Here are some more tips:why are we constantly being encour- • For places where you lie or sitaged to buy more and more unneces- down, such as bedrooms, bathrooms,sary gadgets with which to pamper and living rooms, waiting rooms, schools,amuse ourselves? Why not ask us to save on some of those instead? offices, trains and buses, I suggest directional lights that are placed soOr why not speed up the development of those alternative energy that most of the light falls just below eye level when lying or sittingsources weve been promised for so long? Is it just manufacturers and are not too bright, unless youre reading or doing some specificwanting to make a profit, and much ignorance on the part of everyone task in that space.else who parrots their exaggerated claims without checking if they are • If you are reading or are working with your hands, make sure totrue or not? get enough light right there over your reading/working space. The Or is there some other motive behind this well-coordinated and per- more precision the task requires and the older you are, the more lightsistent campaign that seems to aim at having incandescent light you need in order to see well. Even if a 40- or 60-watt bulb might beremoved from private use altogether—such as making it even more enough for a child or teenager, at 60 years of age you may need seveneffective in creating an aura of glamour around certain products, peo- times as much light.10 Since most desk and reading lamps dont takeple, places and events, the more rare it becomes? more than a 60- or 75-watt bulb (or a 20- or 35-watt low-voltage halo- gen), consider using several of them combined, or even one or twoDirection and Distribution 150-watt mains voltage halogen floodlights of the type mentioned Anders Liljefors, professor in architectural lighting at the Royal above.Institute of Technology, Stockholm, was the first to actually confirm • Uplighting is usually not a very good idea, first of all because itmy perception of incandescent light as being of a higher quality. To feels odd with light going in the "wrong" direction, so to speak, andcreate good lighting environments, he suggests that we look at natural secondly because it has to travel all the way up to the ceiling beforelight for inspiration without having to copy it exactly. One of the some of it comes down in a very bleak, diffused and useless form. Ifreasons why the light on a cloudy day feels so dull and gloomy is not you have a wall-mounted uplighter at home, try turning it upsideonly that it is lower in luminance and cooler in colour, but also that it down and see for yourself if it doesnt both look and feel better whenis evenly diffused in all directions—whereas sunlight brightens the light is directed downwards instead. One of the few situations ineverything up and also creates shadow, movement and sharp contrasts which indirect lighting such as uplighting can be practical is when youbetween shadow and light.7 want to avoid glare and reflection in television and computer screens,42 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 43. and the light source should then be placed closer to the ceiling in decorating departments that are meant to seem glamorous butluminaires designed for the purpose. A more appealing alternative affordable, thereby encouraging the customer to buy a bit more thancould be spotlights directed at the walls. Whether the light comes she or he had originally planned.from desk, walls, ceiling or windows, the light source should not be • For more exclusive shops, restaurants, etc., where it is taken forseen in the screen—thats the most important thing. granted that you are willing and able to part with large amounts of • For areas that you just pass through or spend little time in, e.g., money, guidelines recommend light that is warm, dim, mainly direc-corridors, garages, etc., I suggest replacing any ceiling tubes with tional with high contrast and of top quality. So if you go to a jewellerywall-washers (downlights placed close to the walls) or with wall store, a designer fashion boutique, an exclusive hotel or casino, a carsconces. These should be placed at medium height so that most of the showroom, a private clinic or spa, you are likely to find the lighting tolight falls just below the eye level of those who are shortest. Also, the be very soft, pleasant and inspiring. Youll notice more incandescentlight should not be unnecessarily bright. light, including romantic downlights and little dazzling halogen spots • Bright lights placed higher so as to illuminate larger areas I find which, when placed to highlight certain products, make these appearappropriate mainly where/when you have to be physically active and even more exclusive and attractive than they really are. Theatres,at the same time have a need to see what youre doing, such as when museums and art galleries are also often very beautifully, redecorating or building something. Clearly, this indicates that there really is an awareness within the With all aspects combined, you could say that the cooler, the lighting and commercial community of the fact that the incandescentbrighter and more evenly distributed the light and the higher up it is bulb has some unique and very desirable qualities, or they would notplaced or directed to, the more impersonal the effect. The warmer, the put so much effort into creating something as similar as possible todimmer and the more concentrated the light and the lower down in the incandescent light, use it to sell the most expensive goods or let it flowroom it is placed or directed to, the more intimate and sophisticated in such profusion at Christmas-time to add to the "Christmas spirit"the atmosphere. To see a beautiful example of the latter, check out the and, of course, to sales.mainly incandescent and directional lighting in the TV series The West But although a majority seems to be sticking to these rules, there areWing (and its real-world counterpart). those who dont. Increasingly, supermar- It seems that during the last decade or ket owners, for example, seem to haveso, awareness of how light can be used realised that customers might wantto create various moods and impressions more pleasant lighting when buyinghas increased considerably. groceries, too. Hopefully, more willUnfortunately, though, it seems that this Very bright FL of poor or follow. And since many foods areknowledge is often used to manipu-late—when, instead, it could be applied medium quality is also known to be affected by light—usually adversely once they are harvested—on a larger scale to promote the well- often used in discount stores to perhaps it might be good for the food,being of everyone. enhance the impression that too, if the lights were less bright and of a better quality, not only where theCommercial Lighting one is really getting a bargain. food is sold but also where it is When the lighting in shops, restau- processed, packaged and stored.rants and other commercial facilities isplanned, there are certain guidelines Lighting at Workissued by the lighting industry, besides Even though attractive halogen lightthe standard regulations concerning is becoming more widely used in work-ergonomics and energy efficiency, that architects and lighting engi- ing environments, there, too, incandescent light often seems to beneers are encouraged to follow.11 These guidelines can be summed up reserved for those with the highest income and status. Even in thethus: most beautifully lit shops, restaurants and hotels, etc., the lighting in • For supermarkets, drug stores, gas stations and other stores that staff and storage areas still tends to be the same cool, ugly and oftenyou are compelled to visit often because they sell things you really unnecessarily bright FL so as to emphasise the constructed differencesneed, guidelines recommend light that is mainly fluorescent, of medi- between customer and employee and between leisure and quality, evenly distributed, cool-white and very bright (possibly But is this really necessary? Why are most of us not allowed tosupplemented by a few high-pressure sodium discharge lamps over work and feel comfortable at the same time—and perhaps even get thethe meat counter, as their extra-warm colour makes meat and salmon job done better because of it, too, with less sick-leave, better concen-look more red). Very bright FL of poor or medium quality is also tration and fewer errors due to stress? Are employers afraid we willoften used in discount stores to enhance the impression that one is feel too relaxed and not work hard enough if were not constantly keptreally getting a bargain. And in sports, electronics and hardware in a keyed-up mode? Or is it that enjoyable lighting is to be granted tostores and departments designed mainly to attract men (as if women us only when we are willing to pay for the expensive goods and ser-might not shop there, too), the colour of both the light and the interior vices that come with it?design is usually much cooler and brighter than in those that targetwomen specifically. Recommendations for Offices • For smaller shops with personal service, medium-range fashion In studies on lighting conditions preferred in offices, Jennifer Veitchboutiques, department stores and shopping malls, where many things and Guy Newsham (2000), at the Institute for Research inare displayed that you may want but dont really need, more appealing Construction, National Research Council of Canada, found that mostlighting solutions are recommended. These places generally have people would like to have windows, preferably with blinds or curtains,fewer, warmer, better-quality fluorescent lights that are placed higher but they also wanted to have electric lighting and be able to adjustand more inconspicuously in the ceiling, often in combination with both the position and angle of the lighting and turn the lights on andhalogen or good-quality HID spotlights. These spots are placed lower off during the day. (Very reasonable wishes, arent they?) Since theto accentuate areas such as the fashion, perfume and interior participants were very satisfied when allowed to adjust the lighting toJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 43
  • 44. suit their particular preference, and as most of them chose luminance needed for the lowest possible cost and where quality is deemed of lit-levels consistent with current recommendations or lower, Veitch and tle or no importance, e.g., for factories, warehouses, power plants,Newsham recommend lighting solutions that are as flexible as possi- mines, streets and highways, tunnels, garages, etc.—as if such placesble, with dimmable lights, local switching and wiring that allows one arent usually unpleasant enough without the light adding to it! Evento move things around.12, 13 though better-quality lamps have been introduced during the last Giving each individual as much control over lighting conditions as decade or so, these are mostly used indoors in commercial locationspossible sounds like a very good idea, since lighting requirements may and situations.vary considerably depending on a persons age and the type of activity. The most common types of HID lamps are:Too much light at the wrong time or in the wrong place can be just as • Mercury lamps. These are high-pressure lamps (as opposed toirritating and uncomfortable as too little. Also, it seems there are big ordinary FL tubes which are low-pressure mercury lamps) and pro-differences as to individual preferences. Even though more than half duce a spooky blue-white light of poor quality and relatively low effi-of those asked by Veitch and Newsham liked to work in a uniformly cacy compared with other HID lamps. Why they are still used asbright room, 17% preferred to have most of the light on the desk and streetlights is a mystery. In my opinion, they really ruin the nicethe rest of the room more dimly lit and 7.5% liked an even darker atmosphere of old cities and villages, and certainly dont do anythingroom.14 for the more modern ones, either. One study by Kellner et al. (1997) also found that agoraphobic • Metal halide lamps. These are about twice as effective as thepatients felt most comfortable with luminance levels that were much mercury lamps and contain other metallic elements besides thelower than those preferred by healthy controls.15 Another study by mercury that give them a bright white or silver-white light withVeitch and Newsham (1998) showed women to be somewhat more moderate to "accurate" colour rendering. The best ones are often usedsensitive to bright light than men were.16 in shops, convention halls and stadiums. They are also used in film I would of course also like to see incandescent light included as an and TV studios, replacing the previously used tungsten halogen lampsoption, especially since so many seem to dislike FL. Unlike what that were always appreciated for the way they made colours comemany seem to think, it wouldnt have to cost very much more to have alive but unfortunately also produced a lot of heat.incandescent instead of fluorescent • Low-pressure sodium (LPS) lamps.light at work, if you used the most These are very bright orange, budgeteffective halogen spotlights and flood- lights with zero colour rendering, sincelights and used only as much light as they only reproduce a single wave-needed where and when it is needed. FL tubes are equally bright all day Another study by Veitch and length. They used to be, and in many places still are, used to illuminate tun-and everywhere, and are not quite as Newsham (1998) showed nels, highways, etc. If prolonged expo-efficient as is usually claimed. First ofall, if they are powered by convention- women to be somewhat more sure to monochromatic light of warm colour has the same effects on humansal ballasts, those ballasts use about sensitive to bright light as on animals, 19 this is the light we20% of the original installed effect. than men were. should avoid staying in for too long andSecondly, most tubes as they age lose stop subjecting the nearby wildlife to inmuch of their output (which is then rural areas.turned into heat), especially if not The most common excuses for usingcleaned regularly. After three years in these LPS lamps are that they give up toa relatively clean environment, the loss four times more light per watt than theof light may be as much as 50%, even though the tubes still use the mercury lamps, that colour rendering doesnt matter outdoors (I dontsame amount of electricity. Plastic diffusers also steal some of the understand why it shouldnt), and that the eye cannot distinguishlight and tend to make it too hot for the tubes to function optimally. colours at low lighting levels. I disagree particularly with that lastThe same goes for fixtures with four tubes.17 statement, since those levels at which the eye can no longer distin- So lets say you have a standard class III tube that is said to give 50 guish colours are so much lower than those created by LPS lights.lumens/watt. This sounds like a lot more than an incandescent bulb Perhaps there may be a biological reason for these differences in opin-that gives about 14 lumens/watt, or a halogen that may give something ion, since female eyes are usually better at distinguishing colours,like 22 lm/w, doesnt it? But then take away 20% right from the start, whereas men instead have more rods in their eyes and see better ina bit more if you have a plastic diffuser, and then another 10–15% near darkness.20every year, and the difference is significantly smaller. My experience when driving on highways lit by LPS lamps is that For those who might still prefer FL, warm-white HF-powered slim the light is tiring on the eyes because its so unnatural to see only a sin-class-II tubes, which give up to 100 lm/w in the beginning and do not gle colour for a lengthy time. There are safety implications, too, aslose so much light as they age, may both save a lot of energy18 and you really dont see things as clearly in coloured light as in a white orimprove the quality of the light to a level that can at least be accept- warm-white light with good colour rendering to work in if youre not too sensitive or choosy, especially when • High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Standard HPS lamps haveused in modern two-tube luminaires with deep parabolic reflectors. about the same output as metal halide lamps and produce a brightWarm-white metal halide lamps in recessed downlight fixtures is peach-coloured light of poor to moderate quality that I find acceptableanother energy-efficient and fairly attractive alternative. along highways but which looks unnatural in cities, villages and suburbs. There are now HF-powered HPS lamps with improvedIndustrial and Outdoor Lighting colour rendering that produce a more attractive and fairly Ever since FL and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps were incandescent-like light, but since they are slightly less effective thanforced on the public on a massive scale in the 1950s and 1960s, there other HPS lamps and require specially designed luminaires, they arehas been this "tradition" in lighting guidelines to recommend FL or usually reserved for lighting picturesque tourist areas at night andHID lights of low quality for places where as much light as possible is places where the more affluent and influential work or reside.44 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 45. Sometimes they are used in shops, but indoors the slightly peachy- away from those damned lights. I could actually do the work once Iwhite colour does not look quite as good as it does outdoors. got out of the classroom."24 If quality had a higher priority and we had an energy system that So what is it, then, that causes FL to have this effect on some peo-could support it, we could of course replace all of the above with halo- ple? Flicker (and sometimes disturbing noise) is something manygen floodlights and thereby get a bright, warm-white, crystal-clear people seem to be aware of consciously. But apart from that and thelight that does not become weaker or change colour as it ages. These unnatural colour and discontinuous spectrum, the radiowave, X-rayare now usually only used at building sites or in the odd parking lot. and possible mercury vapour emissions already mentioned, it maySome people also have them as outdoor lighting at home, which I also be that it is too bright for that person, especially if it shines fromthink is a very good idea, especially if used with IR detectors that turn above the head—because this, in my experience, tends to activate thethem on only when needed. That way, you save energy without hav- whole body. When sitting down in class or at work, you want youring to compromise on quality. body to be relaxed and your mind to be alert—not the other way Another energy-saving option that is now starting to gain a foothold around, right? Besides using only incandescent light—which reallyin the market is the use of solar-powered streetlights. Unfortunately, can help put you into a state of relaxed concentration—it may alsothis technology so far only allows for the use of cool-white FL and help if most of the light is concentrated on the work area or the teacherorange LPS lamps, and, if one is willing to pay more, the better-quali- or whatever one is meant to focus on, and if the rest of the room isty warm-white HPS lamps that require special ballasts.21 It still seems dark enough and, ideally, quiet enough not to scatter your a huge step in the right direction, though, and hopefully the quali- That is why they light theatres, concert halls and cinemas that way.ty of the light will eventually be improved, too. As a naturally sensitive person myself, I also feel that FL is a dead Another problem with outdoor lighting is what some call "night sky light that actually steals energy from the body and that it may turnpollution", which prevents many of us from seeing the stars due to the ones subtle energy centres off, thereby inhibiting the flow of bio-excess light from unnecessarily bright night-time illumination of energy (also known as chi, prâna, etc.) needed for staying healthy andstreets, buildings, billboards, convenience stores, etc. According to an functioning optimally.excellent article by Alex Wilson,22 light pollution may also pose more On the other hand, incandescent light—possibly because fire is aor less serious threats to certain animals living element just as earth, water and airand trees, besides causing a huge waste are—seems instead to assist the energyof electricity and money and often flow, facilitate the connection with onesbeing counterproductive when it comes inner self, and even open centres thatto safety and crime prevention. What previously have been turned off—espe-dark-sky advocates recommend is to: cially the heart centre which, at least incontrol glare by requiring luminaires Try for yourself and see sensitive individuals, appears to needthat are shielded to direct light down- how you feel and function some form of firelight to blossom.wards; limit the height of luminaires rel- Perhaps this is the reason why anthro-ative to the property boundary, thus pre- under different types of light. posophical architects—who generallyventing light trespass onto adjoining seem to be more aware than usual ofproperties; require downwards directed what is healthy, beautiful and supportivetop-lighting for advertising signs that for both consciousness and life, andare externally illuminated; and prohibit mainly use energy-creating things likecertain types of advertising lights, such natural materials, flowing water andas searchlights and laser lights.23 colour-washed walls—also tend to prefer using incandescent light (or sometimes even candlelight), especially inCar Headlights health clinics and schools. Unfortunately, it seems that the top-quality halogen light in car Try for yourself and see how you feel and function under differentheadlights is being phased out, too, with more and more of the new types of light. If you, too, feel more or less turned off by FL but stillcars produced now coming equipped with fluorescent xenon light have to spend much time in it, for example at school or at work, evenfrom micro metal halide lamps. These produce a very bright and cold adding as little as one single incandescent lamp placed fairly low andviolet-silver-white light that is meant to improve driver visibility and close to the body may be enough to keep the heart centre open andtraffic safety, but which I find very glaring and distracting when meet- give a little it on the road due to the unnatural colour that keeps shifting as it And although it seems that some studies (by Mayron et al., 1974;approaches. Ott, 1976; Wolfarth and Sam, 1982) could have indicated a positive effect of "full-spectrum" fluorescent light (FSFL) on hyperactivity inLighting, Hypersensitivity and Hyperactivity children, these were not all conducted perfectly, according to the From around seventh grade I was starting to become consciously review by McColl and Veitch. Other, better-controlled studiesaware of feeling tense, restless, unfocused and uncomfortable under (Ferguson and Munson, 1987; Norris, 1979; Schulman, 1989) havethe cool, harsh light in school classrooms, on subway trains, in streets not managed to find clear, replicable effects from using FSFLetc., and being able to relax, concentrate and feel comfortable only in compared with other FL lights, so the matter is still subject to somethe much softer light at home or in other peoples homes—i.e., in controversy.25incandescent light, although at the time I did not know the technical Personally I find class-I (FSFL) tubes easier to bear than poorer-difference. And I am not alone in reacting like that. This is how quality ones, if they are of a warm-white instead of a blue-whiteanother sensitive person describes it: c o l o u r . But even if "full-spectrum", I still cannot relax a n d "Fluorescent lights drive me batty. In school I used to get into concentrate in it as I can with incandescent light and naturaltrouble on purpose so I could get sent out into the hall. The lighting in daylight. This might possibly be due to the fact that all types of FLthe hallways was not fluorescent. I would drag my entire school desk seem to increase beta activity in the brain, according to a study byout into the hall. I would act up and do just about anything to get Küller and Wetterberg (1993) that compared the effect of both dimJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 45
  • 46. and bright class-II FL and class-I FSFL. They found that beta brain- tion outwards before they are ready. If this is not the practice in yourwaves increased during the afternoon under all lighting conditions.26 hospital, I strongly recommend that you make sure it will be, soon, There are, of course, numerous reasons for restlessness, difficulties and that the dim lights used are incandescent and not fluorescent. Thisin concentrating, etc., besides environmental factors like lighting, may be more important for these babies chances than we can imagine.noise, chemicals, diet, and so on. Many adults who have been labelledwith ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have come to the Lighting for your Petsconclusion that their particular problems are due to having a gifted and Since most animals seem to have even more delicate senses thanspirited personality type, and/or having an atypical learning style such humans do, is it not possible that they, too, are suffering immenselyas being a visual-spatial or a tactile learner, and/or being a highly sen- under FL without being able to tell us about it? Patrick Lindahl evensitive person (HSP) whose extremely delicate and finely tuned ner- suggests that animals may see flicker that we dont and may perceivevous system easily gets overwhelmed by external impressions, thereby an FL tube as if it were a strobe lamp.making it hard for that person to concentrate. Or it may be that the With all the stress, abuse and indignities that we are already subject-material that one is required to focus on is just too boring, incompre- ing so many animals to, do we really need to torture them with badhensible, untrue or irrelevant! (Anyone wishing to learn more about lighting on top of it? If you yourself own or work in a place wherethese alternative views on ADHD might find inspiration on the fol- animals are kept, why not try bright incandescent light and/or real day-lowing websites:, light in the daytime and darkness or very soft incandescent light at, and http://www.hsper- night and see how the animals seem to feel? Making an Informed ChoiceLighting for the Youngest If you didnt already know much about light and lighting, it is my When welcoming a new life into this world, I would as my first hope that you are now in a position to make a more informed choice.choice use only candlelight or, if not possible, very soft GLS. I would However, since there seems to be so much variation between individu-take care not to expose the baby to fluorescent light at all, and shield als as to what type of lighting solutions are optimal, my final sugges-the baby if passing an FL light source was unavoidable. tion is that you try various types of lamps yourself and see what works And just as one might have figured this out simply by using empa- best for you. If you dont mind using FL light, then its probably okaythy and common sense, a study shown on a Nova science programme for you. And if you belong to the minority who doesnt like electricon TV (spring 1998, I think) found that babies born prematurely fared light at all but prefers candlelight only, then thats probably just whatmuch better when kept in conditions as close to womb-like as possi- you need.ble, with very dim light and whispering nurses who are not wearing So, if you just pay attention to how your body reacts under variousperfume—so as not to overstimulate the babies and draw their atten- types of lighting, I believe you each have your own best guide. ∞ Endnotes (1997), "Illumination perception in /nightlight.html#Outdoor. 1. Bergvall, O., "De flesta har slocknat" photophobic patients suffering from panic 23. ibid. ("Most have gone out"), Råd & Rön 7/01. disorder with agoraphobia", Acta 24. Personal communication with Bonnie 2. ibid. Psychiatrica Scandinavica 96(1):72-74, in: Dennedy, March 2003. 3. Reis, P., "Många bra och några usla" Sandström, M. et al., Belysning och hälsa 25. McColl, S.L. and Veitch, J.A. (2001), ("Many good and a few lousy"), Råd & Rön (Lighting and Health) 2002:4, "Full-spectrum fluorescent lighting: a review 9/00. Arbetslivsinstitutet, Stockholm. of its effect on physiology and health", 4. Bergvall, ibid. 16. Veitch, J.A. and Newsham, G.R. (1998), Psychological Medicine 31:949-964. 5. Fyra frågor om lågenergilampor (Four "Lighting quality and energy-efficiency 26. Küller, R., LicPhil, DSc, and questions about energy savers), effects on task performance, mood, health, Wetterberg, L., MD, PhD (1993), Energimyndigheten, Eskilstuna, 1999. satisfaction, and comfort", Journal of the "Melatonin, cortisol, EEG, ECG and 6. ibid. Illuminating Engineering Society 27(1):107- subjective comfort in healthy humans: 7. Liljefors, A., "Ljuset hemma" ("Home 129, in: Sandström, M. et al., Belysning och Impact of two fluorescent lamp types at two lighting"), Bo Bättre (issue unknown). hälsa, ibid. light intensities", Lighting Res. Technol. 17. Snåla med energin men inte med ljuset 25(2):71-81. 8. ibid. (Skimp on energy but not on luminance), 9. "Belysning inomhus: riktlinjer och About the Author: Stockholm Energi, 1989. rekommendationer" ("Indoor lighting: 18. ibid. Inger Lorelei was b orn in 196 1 in guidelines and recommendations"), 19. Ott, J.N. (1985), "Color and Light: Their Sweden, where she still lives. She has Ljuskultur, 1990. Effects on Plants, Animals and People", trained and worked as a personal colour 10. ibid, 1984. Journal of Biosocial Res. 7, pt I, in: 11. Starby, L., "Ljus i butik" ("Shop consultant and also as an interior design Liberman, J., OD, PhD, Light: Medicine of colour consultant, having studied colour lighting"), Ljuskultur 3/95 and 4/95. the Future, Bear & Co., Santa Fe, New 12. Veitch, J.A. and Newsham, G.R. (2000), and lighting at the Scandinavian Colour Mexico, 1991, p. 146. Institute in Stockholm. She has created "Exercised control, lighting choices, and 20. Pope, Nori and Pope, Sandra, Color by energy use: an office simulation her own Harmonious Colour Design: Planting the Contemporary Garden, Combination System and used it with experiment", Journal of Experimental Bay Soma Publishing, 1998. Psychology 20:219-237. 21. Solar Outdoor Lighting Inc., much success. Though currently retired, 13. Veitch, J.A., and Newsham, G.R. (2000), she spends her time researching and "Preferred luminous conditions in open-plan t.ihtml; and email from Vice-President Alan writing about her favourite topics. If offices: research and practice Hurst, February 2003. you have any questions, or would like to recommendations", Lighting Res. Technol. 22.. Wilson, A., "Light Pollution: Efforts to share y our own experiences with 32(4):199-212. Bring Back the Night Sky", EBN, vol. 7, no. different types of light, you are very 14. Veitch and Newsham (2000), ibid. 8, 1998, at welcome to email Inger at 15. Kellner, M., Wiedemann, K. and Zihl, J. • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 47. JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 47
  • 48. 48 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 49. Its probably better that so few of the ruins and remains were tied in with the Smithsonian because they give good reason to believe the ending of the Indiana Jones movie—a great warehouse where the real secrets of earth history are buried. Skeletal remains of Vine Deloria, Jr, noted Native American author and Professor of Law Emeritus (Personal communication, May 2000) giants buried in the M odern-day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our ancient earth imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterised by a people of mounds of North unusual demeanour. The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the 19th- century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal through which uncounted bones America were have been spirited. This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to any but government officials. Among these bones may lie answers not even sought by these described in officials concerning the deep past. 19th-century The first hint we had about the possible existence of an actual race of tall, strong and intellectually sophisticated people was in researching old township and county records. documents of the Many of these were quoting from old diaries and letters that were combined, for posterity, in the 1800s from diaries going back to the 1700s. Says Deloria on this understanding: Smithsonian "Some of these old county and regional history books contain real gems because the people were not subjected to a rigid indoctrination about evolution and were astonished Institution, but the about what they found and honestly reported it." physical evidence Some time before archaeology came to subscribe the general public to its view of pre- history—generations prior to Darwins troublesome theory—the pioneers thought that either has perished some of the earthworks were as ancient as could be concurrent with human habitation in or been hidden America. Some among those early settlers exercised their pens, assured that the earth- works were not built by the direct ancestry of the native people living in the historical from public view. period but, rather, were constructed in a more remote era encompassing a different social order. They compared the "Mound Builders" with the "Indians", clearly discerning the former as belonging to an earlier time and possessing a different fate or destiny from the latter. "Evidence for the occupation of this region before the appearance of the red man and the white race is to be found in almost every part of the county, as well as through the northwest generally. In removing the gravel bluffs, which are numerous and deep, for the construction and repair of roads, and in excavating cellars, hundreds of human skeletons, some of them of giant form, have been found. A citizen of Marion County by Ross Hamilton © 2001 estimates that there were about as many human skeletons in the knolls of Marion County as there are white inhabitants at present!" Email: The History of Marion County, Ohio Reprinted from his Serpent Mound (Compiled from past accounts; published in 1883.) Mysteries website at: "Mastodonic remains are occasionally unearthed, and, from time to time, discoveries of articles/giants3.html the remains of Indian settlements are indicated by the appearance of gigantic skeletons, with the high cheek bones, powerful jaws and massive frames peculiar of the red man, Computer Images who left these as the only record with which to form a clew to the history of past ages." © 2001 by Patricia Mason The History of Brown County, Ohio (Compiled from past accounts; published in 1883.)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 49
  • 50. them Tsunil kalu, "the Slant-eyed people," because they looked like the giant hunter Tsul kalu. They said that these giants lived far away in the direction in which the sun goes down. The Cherokee received them as friends, and they stayed some time, and then returned to their home in the west…" This kind of recorded tradition did not start with Mooney but, rather, began early in American history. During the Colonial and post-Colonial eras, the information-seekers were keen on gathering as much knowledge of the forgotten past as feasible through native sources. Some of it was woven into romantic tales including verse, but the main part of it went into records which, like the accumulation of earth and debris over ancient village sites, became buried in the musty stacks of old libraries—considered to have no real "substance" in the emerging field of the white mans science. "Of the very early history of the region which now embraces Lake County, but little can be written. The Mound Builders had occupied it and passed away, leav- ing no written language and but little even as tradition... These mounds were quite numerous… Excavations…have revealed the crumbling bones of a mighty race. Samuel Miller, who has resided in the county since 1835, is authority for the statement that one skeleton which he assisted in unearthing was a trifle more than eight feet in length, the skull being corre- spondingly large, while many other skeletons measured Title pages of the early county and pioneer history books often included at least seven feet…" phrases like "Carefully Written and Compiled" and "Lest We Forget". Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Lake County, edited by Newton Bateman, LLD, and Paul Selby, AM (1902) "She said also that three skeletons were found at the mouth of the Paw Paw Creek many years later, while Nim (Nimrod) From the outset of North American archaeology, no federally Satterfield was justice of the peace. Jim Dean and some men sponsored concern has researched and collected evidence specifi- were digging for a bridge foundation and found these bones cally emphasising the existence of unusually tall Native at the lower end of the old buffalo wallow. She thought it Americans in prehistoric and even in historic times. There are was Dr Kidwell, of Fairmont, who examined them and said reasons for this oversight, though in hindsight it has placed limits they were very old, perhaps thousands of years old. She said on our overview of prehistory. Because there were only occasion- that when the skeletons were exposed to the weather for a al people of large stature born among the light-skinned, European few days, their bones turned black and began to crumble, that races, numbers of giants were far from anticipated in America. Squire Satterfield had them buried in the Joliffe graveyard Scientists in Europe, in case-by-case studies, declared their giants (Rivesville). All these skeletons, she said, were measured, to have been victims of pituitary disorder. Another reason was and found to be about eight feet long." that when the private citizenry in the US unearthed the bones of Now and Long Ago: A History of the Marion County Area, very tall and strongly constructed people, and when these disinter- by Glen Lough (1969) ments were recorded, rarely was any comparison made with sites (This citation on West Virginia is courtesy of Dave Cain.) of similar contents. Another of many examples, this one, col-lected by James Mooney (1861–1921), tellsof the visit of very tall people from thewest: "James Wafford, of the western Cherokee, who was born in Georgia in 1806, says that his grandmother, who must have been born about the middle of the last century, told him that she had heard from the old people that long before her time a party of giants had once come to visit the Cherokee. They were nearly twice as tall as common men, and had their eyes set slanting in their heads, so that the Cherokee called Group of mounds in Brown County, Ohio50 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 51. It was still a sort Offsetting the carefully recorded diaries of the rural folk, there of wilderness in were popular writers who creatively developed the more contem- many rural areas porary histories and folk legends, leaving to cursory treatment the right until the mid- deeper accounts of North American antiquities. These authors, dle 1800s. In this, while having captured the essence of the public perception of the each discovery was noble native tradition, were not reconciled to the antique body of "unique"—only to legend. The pens of James Fenimore Cooper (1789–1851) and end up in the stacks Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882) relate virtually noth- of old township ing of the tall ones. Native Americans, as we know, were dis- libraries to be com- couraged from writing, although some, such as David Cusick, cir- piled later as cumvented the bias using Christian names. Fortunately, early curiosities—if they missionaries gathered oral traditions from the tribal elders con- survived at all. The cerning men of giant stature. following account But even the most informative or entertaining accounts could originated around not instill enough respect for the native people to put an end to the Dancing figures found on a copper plate in the year 1800: further destruction of the sacred sites. The attitude of the white Union County, Illinois. "There were race in general towards the red race was an abomination, totally mounds situated in the eastern part of the village of Conneaut lacking in mercy and compassion. Many of the Native American and an extensive burying-ground near the Presbyterian skulls were compared with European skulls, but selectively so as church, which appear to have had no connection with the to depict the current native populace as being of inferior intelli- burying-places of the Indians. Among the human bones gence. Almost without resistance, the black seeds of racial bias found in the mounds were some belonging to men of gigantic were forming in the uncorrupted soil of prehistoric interpretation. structure. Some of the skulls were of Take, for example, the words of an impor- sufficient capacity to admit the head of tant government official and popular writer, an ordinary man, and jaw bones that Henry Schoolcraft (1793–1864): might have been fitted on over the face "The Indian has a low, bushy brow, with equal facility; the other bones were beneath which a dull, sleepy, half- proportionately large. The burying- closed eye seems to mark the ferocious ground referred to contained about four acres and, with the exception of a slight Some of the skulls passions that are dormant within. The acute angles of the eyes seldom present angle in conformity with the natural were of sufficient the obliquity so common in the Malays contour of the ground, was in the form of an oblong square. It appeared to have capacity to admit the and the Mongolians. The color of the eye is almost uniformly a tint between been accurately surveyed into lots head of an ordinary black and grey; but even in young per- running from north to south, and sons it seldom has the brightness, or exhibited all the order and propriety of man, and jaw bones expresses the vivacity, so common in arrangement deemed necessary to that might have been the more civilized races." constitute Christian burial..." Bureau of Indian Affairs (1852) Historical Collections of Ohio in Two fitted on over the face Volumes, by Henry Howe, LLD (1888) with equal facility; Schoolcraft, who himself married a half-Indian woman, was apparently Although not regarded by the govern- the other bones were predisposed to labelling the native peo-ment as reliable, the oral traditions of proportionately large. ple in general as inferior. This kind ofthe native people in the eastern US aver ridiculous prejudice underscored thethe existence of possibly two races of tone for the unbridled continuation ofgiants, one supplanting the other by the earthwork debacle. The result ofviolent means. Here we have the first this is accurately reflected in howinkling of some very remote prehistory, archaeology was organised more thanpreserved through the tradition of the one hundred years ago, and may beChippewa, Sandusky and Tawa tribes summed up in the policy of Joseph(members of the Algonquin language Henry, first secretary of thegroup), of the existence of giant, bearded men. Smithsonian Institution. Said Henry in 1846: "The collection of "In this connection I would say that Mr Jonathan Brooks, data should precede theorising..." now living in town, stated to me that his father, Benjamin Unfortunately, the collection of data seemed to have no end, Brooks, who lived with the Indians fourteen years and was and any subsequent theorising was (and is) in a state of transience. well-acquainted with their language and traditions, told him The Smithsonian, playing a sort of leading role in the massive and others that it was a tradition of the Indians that the first undertaking attempting to cast light on the inscrutable prehistory tribe occupying this whole country was a black-bearded race, of the United States, inadvertently collected far too many relics very large in size, and subsequently a red bearded race or than it could ever analyse in a comprehensive sense. tribe came and killed or drove off all the black beards, as they Estimates of the number of moundworks in Ohio alone, at the called them." end of the Colonial period, topped ten thousand. Today, less than "Memoirs of Townships", by Wm H. Crane, in one-twentieth of these exist, and, moreover, they exist in a The Firelands Pioneer, Vermilion, Ohio (November 1858) reconstructed form.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 51
  • 52. No quarter of special status was given to any earthwork, no fertile, worthy, intellectual territory. Hungerford died in 1835.matter how sacred or strategic to tribal lands. It was a holocaust Although there was some controversy in the interim, the findingof an unprecedented nature, for it undermined the very morale of of the Smithsonian, based upon the more than half-a-million-dol-the native people who understood the peace of their ancestors to lar gift, took place officially in 1846. His legacy to the Americanbe ruined. people was, in his own words, "for the increase and diffusion of Differing only in the professionalism somewhat absent from the knowledge".previous 70 years of ghoulish quests, Henrys mandate dictated Since that time, the museums collections have increased con-emphasis on the creation of an inclusive system of excavation, siderably, with problems in the cataloguing and location of storedrecording and description. Any analysis that followed had to be finds developing due to changing standards of administrationsbased upon this criterion. But competent analysis of anomalies over the last 150 years. By analogy, the Vaticans antique cacherarely (if ever) came from the Smithsonian and other institutions of confiscated, problematic treasures may pale in comparison toformally engaged in the practice of exhumation. Given this the Smithsonians boatload of diffuse evidence. The pity of it isunderstanding, it is no wonder that the Smithsonian is believed by that Smithsons request has taken on a different mode of interpre-knowledgeable people to tation. Instead of diffus-be actively stymieing ing knowledge, it hasresearch that would pro- unwittingly become con-duce a more enlightened fused with the problemview of American pre- of sprawling storage.history. There is, however, Powell and Thomassome compensation for "Grave a, a stonethis oversight in that the sepulcher, 2 1⁄2 f e e tSmithsonian—like the wide, 8 feet long,Peabody, and the and 2 feet deep, wasCarnegie shortly there- formed by placingafter—faithfully upheld steatite slabs onHenrys mandate to edge at the sidesdetail, as was feasible, and ends, and otherstheir mound "explo- across the top. Therations". However, the bottom consistedpresent-day inaccessibil- simply of earthity of the bones and hardened by fire. Itobjects these people contained theremoved for future study remains of a singleis a reflection and symp- skeleton, lying ontom of the proposed its back, with the"oversight". head east. The One thing that pleased frame was heavyus in this research effort and about seven feetwas the fact that there long. The headwere many skeletons of rested on a thin cop-gigantic frame discov- per plate ornament-ered and reported by the ed with impressedSmithsonian, boosting figures…"the validity and value of 12th Annual Report ofthe old township diaries the Bureau of Ethnologyas well as the native leg- to the Secretary of theends. Some of these are Smithsonian Institution,presented below. 1890–1891 (published in Plat of the Etowah Group, Bartow County, Georgia. Grave A (found in the 1894) (Cyrus ThomassA Brief History of largest mound of the group) contained a seven-foot skeleton of a heavy frame. investigations ofthe Museum Etowah) The Smithsonian Institution, easily the worlds largest museumcomplex, began from the generous gift of James Smithson, an In 1882, after some 36 years of growth and sound management,English scientist, in 1829. Believed born illegitimate (especially Smithsonian executive John Wesley Powell (of Grand Canyonin the eyes of his later detractors), Smithson was a "diligent young exploration fame, 1869–1872), hired Cyrus Thomas. Powellstudent", receiving a Master of Arts from Pembroke College, wanted this man to head up the fieldwork for the SmithsoniansOxford, in 1786. He became a distinguished scientist. newly created Bureau of Ethnology, specifically the Eastern The gentle man passed away in 1829, bequeathing his fortune Mound nephew James Henry Hungerford with the stipulation that if Thomas was a minister and an entomologist, whose broadenedthis man died without an heir, the remainder of the fortune would interests included archaeology. He was, in other words, a bible-go to the United States. It seems he felt that the United States was advocating, insect-adept archaeologist who believed in the mys-the future of Britain. Perhaps Smithson saw the "New World" as tery of a lost race at the time of his being recruited.52 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 53. Powell, who was much in sympathy with the plight of Native up with anomalous evidence directly questioning PowellsAmericans, having lived among them for a length of time, sweeping suppositions.believed that there was no lost or mysterious race of mound "Cave burials occur in this district in the following counties:builders. He desired to credit the downtrodden native people with In Grayson, Hart, Edmonson, Barren, Warren, and Fayettethe worthy and gentle arts associated with the ancient mound counties; Kentucky; Smith, White, Warren, Giles, Marion,building societies. Subsequently, and in light of other political and Fentress counties, Tennessee; and Bartow county,considerations marking the era, Powell sought to enact these per- Georgia. These localities lie mostly in a belt extending in asonal convictions through the instrumentality of Thomas. north and south direction through the center of the district. In spite of his personal beliefs, Thomas was not outspokenly "In most of these caves, both in Kentucky and Tennessee,resistant to accepting the position. Besides, Congress was allocat- the bodies appear to have been laid on the floor of the cave,ing solid funding for this proposed ramble through the ancient sometimes in beds of ashes, sometimes on a pavement of flatlandscape. stones. There are, however, some instances in which the There was apparently an important decision made at this time bodies have been found incased in stone slabs, and afterwardsconcerning the facilitation of an enveloping theory—so necessary imbedded in clay or ashes. In Smith and Warren counties,to create order where chaos Tennessee, and inloomed. Before discharging a Warren and Fayettebook, one logically creates an counties, Kentucky, theoutline to guide ones thoughts. flesh of the bodies wasThis was to become a hierar- preserved and the hairchical arrangement that would was yellow and of finedecide the angle of vision for texture. In some casesthe categorising of the finds the bodies werethat would be made. enveloped in several On one hand, the belief that thicknesses of coarseothers had discovered North cloth with an outer wrap-America before Columbus ping of deer skin. Some(such as Phoenician, Egyptian, of the bodies wereHebraic, Greek, Roman, Celt, wrapped in a kind ofScandinavian or even Asian cloth made of bark fiber,mariners) was explored. On into which feathers werethe other hand, the idea of the woven in such a mannercontinent having been isolated as to form a smooth sur-from outside influences was face. In two cases theput on the table. It was per- bodies, placed in a sit-haps because of Powells def- ting or squatting posture,erence to the native kinship were incased in baskets.that the latter idea—i.e., In one of the caves inscreening out any extra-conti- Smith county the bodynental visitors—was adopted. of a female is said toNeedless to say, this was an have been found, havingextraordinary assumption, and about the waist a silverone that has affected decision- girdle, with marksmaking right until the present resembling letters."day. On the positive side, it 12th Annual Report of theviably linked the living fac- Bureau of Ethnology to thetions of the Native American Secretary of the Smithsonianpeople with the more ancient Institution, 1890–1891mound-building folk, and (1894) (Explorations in theshortly thereafter it was Tennessee district)responsible for the faintly suc-cessful preservation of what Armed with a self-createdremained of the Mound Mound Group, Dunleith, Illinois. "Near the original surface, 10 or 12 doctrine powered by ampleBuilders legacy. From this it feet from the center, on the lower side, lying at full length on its back, funding, and with a little helpmay be understood how was one of the largest skeletons discovered by the Bureau agents, the later from the one-way dooraspects of Powells work, such length as proved by actual measurement being between 7 and 8 feet." to the Smithsonians inacces-as analysis of the social order of the Mound Builders, was not a sible catacombs, Powell and his underling in the years that fol-priority. lowed nearly succeeded in the obliteration of the last notions of Powells decision regarding isolation was in reality a two-edged the legendary, mysterious and antique class of mound-buildingsword. While it was a meaningful step that fostered a meagre people and, for that matter, any people that didnt fit into thethough important harmonic between the federal government and mould of his theory. Did Powell intentionally overlook some ofthe native people, it was regrettably based upon a false notion. the archaeology so as to focus on his own special agenda?An example of its contradiction is found right in the 12th Annual Powell and his associates at the Bureau were quite certain thatReport itself. Again and again, Thomas and his operatives came people had arrived in the Americas only sometime after the firstJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 53
  • 54. Egyptian dynasty—less than 4,500 years ago! They also believed full length on its back, was one of the largest skeletons dis-that the Mississippi Valley was sufficiently isolated from the Ohio covered by the Bureau agents, the length as proved by actualValley to warrant the simultaneous flourishing of quite distinct measurement being between 7 and 8 feet. It was clearlycultures over a long period. traceable, but crumbled to pieces immediately after removal Since carbon-dating had not yet been discovered, Thomas used from the hard earth in which it was encased…"stratigraphic analysis (after Lyell) and, following the rest of the 12th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretarymandate, included detailed record-keeping and documentation of the Smithsonian Institution, 1890–1891 (1894)whenever appropriate. His findings were broadly accepted andare still referenced. Regarding the problem of "intrusive" Indian burials, what kind "Underneath the layer of shells the earth was very dark and of a time gap were these men looking at between the original appeared to be mixed burials and the later ones? with vegetable mold to As his agents uncovered the the depth of 1 foot. At physical evidence for the bottom of this, rest- powerful men of towering ing on the original sur- stature, Thomas held the face of the ground, was a position that any and all very large skeleton lying skeletal remains represented horizontally at full the direct ancestry of the length. Although very present-day people. Was it soft, the bones were suf- not plausible to consider an ficiently distinct to allow extended "family" or of careful measurement hierarchical group of very before attempting to tall folk who served with the remove them. The people? Were they selective length from the base of enough in their sexual the skull to the bones of associations to appear, the toes was found to be overall, as a race with its 7 feet 3 inches. It is own peculiarities and even probable, therefore, that physical characteristics? The this individual when liv- findings that didnt fit into ing was fully 7 1 ⁄2 f e e t the guideline established by high. At the head lay his superior were summarily some small pieces of recorded and forgotten by mica and a green sub- Thomas—a legacy we have stance, probably the inherited today. oxide of copper, though "An old Indian mound no ornament or article of has been opened on the copper was discovered." farm of Harrison 12th Annual Report of the Robinson, four miles Bureau of Ethnology to the East of Jackson, Ohio, Secretary of the Smithsonian and two skeletons of Institution, 1890–1891 extraordinary size and a (1894) (Explorations in great quantity of trinkets Roane County, Tennessee) have been removed. Some years ago a party But Thomass time was of relic hunters,limited because of the large supposed to have beenterritory he was to explore. sent out in the interest ofUnder such working condi- the Archeologicaltions, anomalies were put Society, visited theaside for future research—to Robinson farm, and afterbe forgotten, as it has turned a few days searchout. Thomas was forced to removed a greatrely on the accounts of opera- collection of stonetives in many cases. hatchets, beads and Spring Hill enclosure, Kanawha County, West Virginia. In the bottom ofEvidently, some of these peo- Mound 11 (upper left) was found a skeleton "fully seven feet long". bracelets, which wereple discerned between packed and shipped to"Indian" burials and the burials of the Mound Builders, perhaps an Eastern institute, and until this recent accidental discoverychallenging the patience of Powell. it was supposed that everything had been removed by the "No. 5, the largest of the group, was carefully examined. relic hunters. It is thought by many that more relics are to be Two feet below the surface, near the apex, was a skeleton, found, and preparations are being made for a thorough doubtless an intrusive Indian burial… Near the original sur- investigation." face, 10 or 12 feet from the center, on the lower side, lying at The Adair County News, Kentucky (January 5, 1897)54 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 55. What has become of all the evidence? Again and again, only a sides… Each wrist was encircled by six heavy coppersingle long skeleton or two was found among those of normal bracelets… Upon the breast was a copper gorget…length, 3 1⁄2size. The understanding of tall, ruling chiefs and their wives was inches; greatest width 31⁄2 inches…"not developed at all, as is evident in these examples. 12th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the "The other, situated on the point of a commanding bluff, was Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1890–1891 (1894) also conical in form, 50 feet in diameter and about 8 feet (Kanawha County, West Virginia) high. The outer layer consisted in sandy soil, 2 feet thick, filled with slightly decayed skeletons, probably Indians of The pressure of the time schedule doubtless made it inconve- intrusive burials. The earth of the main portion of this mound nient to consider seriously the possibility of an ancient lineage of was a very fine yellowish sand which shoveled like ashes and leaders taking the form of very tall people. The fact of gigantic was everywhere, to a depth of 2 to 4 feet, as full of human stature never settled in as a clue to a greater mystery, and the evi- skeletons as could be stowed away in it, even to two and dences of very tall, ruggedly built men vanished—and often three tiers. Among these were a number of bones not togeth- enough into the Smithsonians temporary charnel house of pre- er as skeletons, but mingled in confusion and probably from Columbian miscellany. scaffolds or other localities. Excepting one, which was rather "Three feet above…the skeleton of a large, strongly built man more than 7 feet long, these skeletons appeared to be of lay extended at full length with the face up, the head toward medium size and many of them much decayed…" the east... The skull was obtained almost entire. Under it were 12th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary thirteen water-worn quartz pebbles. The femur measured 181⁄2 of the Smithsonian Institution, 1890–1891 inches…" (1894) (Pike County, Illinois) 12th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1890-1891 "No. 11 is now 35 by 40 feet at the base and 4 feet high. In (1894) (Union County, Mississippi) the center, 3 feet below the surface, was a vault 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. In the bottom of this, among the decayed A femur (thigh bone) exceeding 18 inches would indicate a fragments of bark wrappings, lay a skeleton fully seven feet man of very great height—easily over seven feet. Femurs long, extended exceeding 20 inches at full length on have been found, the back, head however. west. Lying in Though hindsight a circle above is said to be 20/20, the hips were Thomass methodol- fifty-two perfo- ogy was little better rated shell disks than a government- about an inch in sanctioned dissolu- diameter and tion of the sacred one-eighth of an burial places. He inch thick." dismantled the sanc- 12th Annual tuaries and charnelReport of the Bureau houses with the fer- of Ethnology to the A Section of the Great Smith Mound, Kanawha County, West Virginia. vour of a man whose Secretary of the This cone-shaped mound rose 35 feet high and measured 175 feet in diameter at first priority was to Smithsonian its base. The interior of the mound contained a vault made of timber measuring impress his employ- Institution, 12 feet by 13 feet. It was positioned within the mound 20 feet above surface level. er. From Florida to 1890–1891 Nebraska, including (1894) (Kanawha County, West Virginia) 23 states and Canadas Manitoba region, over the next seven years he and his agents worked like men possessed of a deadline. Largest in the collective series of mounds, the Great Smith "Several years ago an Indian mound was opened nearMound yielded at least two large skeletons, but at different levels Cartersville, Ga., by a committee of scientists from theof its deconstruction by Thomass agents. It was 35 feet in height Smithsonian. After removing the dirt for some distance, aand 175 feet in diameter, and was constructed in at least two layer of flagstones was found, which had evidently beenstages, according to the report. The larger of the two skeletons dressed by hand, showing that the men who quarried the rockrepresented a man conceivably approaching eight feet in height understood the business. These stones were removed, and inwhen living. a vault beneath them was found a skeleton of a giant, "At a depth of 14 feet, a rather large human skeleton was measuring seven feet and two inches. His hair was coarse found, which was in a partially upright position with the back and jet-black, and hung to the waist, the brow being against a hard clay wall… All the bones were badly decayed, ornamented with a copper crown. The skeleton was except those of the left wrist, which had been preserved by remarkably well preserved and taken from the vault intact. two heavy copper bracelets… Nearby were found the bodies of several children of various "Nineteen feet from the top the bottom of this debris was sizes. The remains of the latter were covered with beads reached, where, in the remains of a bark coffin, a skeleton made of bone of some kind. Upon removing these, the measuring 71⁄2 feet in length and 19 inches across the shoul- bodies were found to be enclosed in a network of straw or ders was discovered. It lay on the bottom of the vault reeds, and underneath these was a covering of the skin of stretched horizontally on the back, head east, arms by the some animal. In fact, the bodies had been preparedJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 55
  • 56. somewhat after the manner of mummies, and will doubtless The question has been raised, asking whether there was giant throw new light upon the history of the people who reared stature among the Native American people in earlier historic times. these mounds. On the stones which covered the vault were From Hardestys History of Monroe County, Ohio, we discovered carved inscriptions, and if deciphered will probably lift the this: veil which has enshrouded the history of the race of giants "He further told me of the killing of a big Indian at which undoubtedly at one time inhabited the continent." Buckchitawa, about the time of the settlement at Marietta. Georgias Landmarks, Memorials, and Legends, by Lucian The Indians had a white prisoner whom they forced to decoy Lamar Knight (1868–1933) (Byrd Printing, Atlanta, 1913–14) boats to the shore. A small boat was descending the river, containing white people, when this prisoner was placed under Could this special burial have been another kingly individual? the bank to tell those in the boat that he had escaped captivi-In these increasingly hasty intrusions into the native burial ty, and to come to the shore and take him in. The Indiansgrounds inherent sanctity, the holocaust delivered its zenith under were concealed, but the big Indian stuck his head out fromthe officialdom action of former behind a large tree, whenUnion Major Powell. This man, it was pierced by a bulletwho in his youth had lived from the gun of theamong the "Indians", somehow steersman of the boat.was insensitive to the sanctuary The Indians cried outof their graveyards. But others Wetzel, Wetzel andcame later to do a fair share of fled. This was the lastdamage as well, all in the name ever seen of the prisoner.of information gathering. The The Indians returnedprehistory of eastern North next day and buried theAmerica is not what we have big Indian, who, he said,been asked to accept from the was twenty inches tallerefforts of Cyrus Thomas, nor than he was, and he wasfrom the subsequent authorities a tall man.who based so much of their "When Chester Bishopwork upon his, and the reason is was digging a cellar forworth repeating: many or most Asahel Booth, atof the oldest mounds and sub- Clarington, many yearsterranean burial acreages were ago, he came across apromptly destroyed, long before skeleton, the bones ofany focused "scientific" effort which were removedcame on the scene. carefully by Dr Richard Apart from the disregard of Kirkpatrick, and from histhe settlers records, the other measurement the heightpart of the problem is the of the man when livinglabyrinthine mausoleum that is would have been 8 feetthe Smithsonian bone and arti- and 5 inches. It is proba-fact collection. In sum, we ble that these were thetoday are deprived of the real bones of the big Indianknowledge of the more ancient of whom the Indian atlineage. The early settlers Jacksons told me."observed that the giants of oldmay have passed on their grand And again this:stature to the later native people, "A large quantity offor there were individuals human bones was dis-among their later progression Group of mounds in Union County, Mississippi covered in a fissure inwho were of a size and build that the limestone near thegoes beyond our current notions of Native American physicality. United States Coast Guard lighthouse. A crude tomb of black stone slabs, of a formation not known on the island,The Telling of the Bones was found many years ago beneath the roots of a huge stump. It is difficult not to understand the probability of an elite lineage Eight skeletons were found, one measuring over seven feet inof tall men and women who propagated their own genetic inheri- height."tance. These people lived, worked and bred together. Were their Sketches and Stories of the Lake Erie Islandsmarriages arranged to ensure the continuance of the grand stature by Theresa Thorndale, Sandusky (1898)in roles of leadership and protection? In his classic Red Earth,White Lies, Vine Deloria says: Some of the settlers and their descendants may have seen "From talking with elders of several tribes, my understanding clearly, but the representatives of the Smithsonian and other is that the Indians were and are describing people of more sanctioned institutions, in spite of good intentions, lacked the kind than average height. In fact, some elders as a routine matter of thoroughness in their analyses that included a broadened field have reported that the Indians themselves were much larger of vision. We have felt heartily from the beginning of this and taller." research that the Smithsonian is the recipient of mandates put into56 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 57. place well over 100 years ago. It is virtually exempt from remains, estimated at 4,000, was taken mostly from grave and bat-NAGPRA (the Native American Graves Protection and tle sites. What was left over became part of the Smithsonian col-Repatriation Act), for the reason (say they) of there being too lection, estimated at 18,000 individuals, and this by way of themuch data to finish analysing to prepare for repatriation. Army Medical Museum. "Concealing evidence that conflicts with accepted theory is "The objects here collected which have not been given, or common scientific skullduggery. For years the Smithsonian acquired by exchange, have been purchased for the use of the Institution has been accused of hiding in storage vaults things museum by order of the surgeon-general… There is a skele- it doesnt like. In 1968 two Neanderthal-like skulls with low ton of a giant, who, in life, measured seven feet, prepared by foreheads and large brows were found in Minnesota. As for Auzoux and mounted by Blanchênes method, which, if I may dating, University of Minnesota scientists said they were use that term, is really a beauty. It is as white and clean as reluctant to destroy any of the material, although carbon-14 new fallen snow, and the brass joints and screws which keep testing only requires the burning of one gram of bone. They it together are bright, and of the latest style and finish…" were sent to the Smithsonian. Later, Dr Lawrence Angel, "The Army Medical Museum in Washington", by Louis curator of physical anthropology at the institution, said he Bagger, in Appletons Journal: A Magazine Of General had no record of the skulls there, although he was sure they Literature, vol. 9, issue 206 (1873) were not lost. We have a right Today, however, to wonder bones are no longer whether some as good a source of professional information as they scientists once were thought to mightnt find a be, and for several really early date good reasons. Bone for the bones is composed domi- distressing." nantly of the metallic American Indian calcium, yet is made Myths and up of organic mole- Mysteries, cules. Depending on by Vincent H. moisture and temper- Gaddis (1977) ature, it will decay, break down with Why distressing? time and return to theBecause no true condition of the soilNeanderthal remains after a certain num-have ever been The mound at Marietta, drawn by Henry Howe in 1846. Howe stated this mound ber of centuries.recognised by any was "of a magnitude and height which strike the beholder with astonishment". Bone evidence hasFederal authorities Its base had a diameter of 115 feet; its height reached up 30 feet. It was created over-empha-as originating on the surrounded by a ditch four feet deep and 15 feet wide. sis on certain periodsNorth American continent, what to say of the Americas in gener- of prehistory, in this region the so-called "Hopewell" and "Fortal. Is there yet today a conflict between established theory and Ancient" (Mississippian) people. Thus, a great proportion of thewhat has been physically discovered? Is the "ghost" of Powell yet Archaic and early Adena bones discovered were decomposedhaunting the halls of the Museum? beyond preservation. Due to a lack of skeletons, other more So what is the policy of the Smithsonian? Does the institution antique periods have not received the same kind of recognition—intentionally withhold information? Is the fact of a race of giant save from the better scholars affecting the interested publics viewwarriors and chieftains threatening to the closed, internal doctrine of the ancient world.of American archaeology? That there was a race of men and Ironically, the holocaust of giants, while deadening our sense ofwomen possessing an unusually tall and strong physicality living the past, may well serve as a lesson for the future. ∞over an extensive area f North America has become a forgottenfact. Recommended Reading There are other examples, and names like the Gungywamp • Vine Deloria, Jr, Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans andSociety of Connecticut, Ed Conrad and others have bizarre stories the Myth of Scientific Fact, Fulcrum Publishing, 1997, ISBNto relate about the ineptitude or simple prejudice of the 1-55591388-1Smithsonian when dealing with their materials. In these exam-ples, there is growing appreciation for an actual cover-up. About the Author: Another grotesque twist is the Army Medical Museums collec- Ross Hamilton is a writer and investigator of ancient sites,tion. According to the ABC TV News special Skeletons in the and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is an initiate philosopherCloset, the United States government acquired a real interest in with a background in general science as well as spiritual sci-Indian corpses. The Surgeon-General, in post–Civil War 1868, ence. He is the author of The Mystery of the Serpent Moundrequested that the Army collect the skulls, utensils and weaponry (North Atlantic Books, 2001), and is currently working onof Native Americans "as far as you are able to procure them". several projects including an upcoming book entitled AAccording to the report, these were to be sent to Washington, DC, Tradition of Giants. Ross may be contacted by email throughas part of a program that studied the effects of modern bullets and his website,, or directlyother weaponry on human bodies. The collection of such at – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 57
  • 58. 58 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 59. THE INSTALLATION through our database—which is yellow, VU: It is not so much a case of belief; An Interview with Valery Uvarov which is red. This, then, is released to vari- we know what caused it. It was a meteor, by Graham W. Birdsall © 2003 ous departments throughout Russia. but a meteor that was destroyed by…lets The other aspect of our research say, a missile.T he following extracts were tran- stemmed from asking the question: do The missile was generated by a material scribed from a filmed interview UFOs exist or not? For sure, we know they installation. We dont know who with Valery Uvarov, of Russias exist, but what is behind their activity, their constructed it, but it was built long, longNational Security Academy, conducted interest? This is the most important issue ago and is situated in Siberia, severalby Graham W. Birdsall, Editor of the for us, and what we mostly focus our hundred kilometres north of Tunguska.UK-based U F O M a g a z i n e. The inter- investigations on. I can tell you that our investigation hasview took place at the 12th International G B : There is active co-operationUFO Congress Convention and Film between NASA and Russian aerospaceFestival, held February 2–8, 2003, in officials at a technical, scientific andLaughlin, Nevada, USA. maybe even military level. Do you liaise or have ties with organisations similar to Graham Birdsall (GB): What is your your own overseas?official title? VU: I can tell you, truthfully, that just a Valery Uvarov (VU): I am head of theDepartment of UFO Research, Science and couple of days before I flew to the UnitedTechnical, National Security Academy, States I had a meeting with my…lets say,based in St Petersburg, Russia. my bosses. And they said they are very GB: This, then, is an official Russian interested in co-operating with other organ-government agency? isations…lets say, our friends in the West. VU: Absolutely. I am answerable to So, I can tell you that this particular mis-two people above me. They are answer- sion is at the starting point. I am chargedable to the next person above them, who is with finding the right people. When this isour President [Putin]. done, and the next stage is activated, we GB: What exactly is your remit? can make some concrete steps. VU: Our research efforts are divided GB: Earlier, off camera, you alluded tointo two parts. Firstly, we are constantly some important developments concerninganalysing data coming in from all over the the Tunguska explosion of 1908. For theworld. We then extract what we consider record, can you tell us why you now Valery Uvarovto be the most interesting information believe you know the cause? (Photo courtesy of UFO Magazine, UK)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 59
  • 60. THE TWILIGHT ZONErevealed more than one explosion at connected. Let me say that we believe that across the Echutin Apposs Alanhor [sic]Tunguska. Let me share something with this installation is keeping that planet in a texts. We call them the Alanhor, and theyyou. The last time that this installation shot stable orbit. If that planet were to move, to are at least 4,000 years old. They describedown a meteor was on 24/25 September shift orbit, the entire solar system would the installation, in scientific terms, as tolast year. The Americans…they have three become unstable. Those of us in the what was taking place there. Its amazing.bases…they, too, noticed this explosion. Academy are sure that this planet is inhab- I have visited the area twice. The first GB: Forgive me, but some will say this ited, and that this installation is designed to time our equipment detected strong levelssounds like science fiction. protect them and us. We are sure that noth- of radiation. I have to tell you, it was VU: Graham, you know that when we ing dangerous will happen. Everything is pretty dangerous; we couldnt hide from about the truths that lie behind this under control. The few local inhabitants of the area knewsubject, we only do so with those who have Our investigations have shown that the of the installation, of course, and theyan understanding of the responsibility that Earth has a pulse—a finely tuned described it to us. They describe metal-likegoes with it. And you know that we are frequency that affects everything, every structures and drew them for us. Wedealing with a technology much further living thing. Some 12,500 years ago, this plotted everything on a map. But theseahead of our own—one capable of doing pulse corresponded to 360 days of the people, their families, the animals, theythings that we cannot. year—study the old Egyptian calendar— were suffering from radiation sickness. GB: Can you be more specific about the but then an asteroid struck the Earth. We The radiation levels have been continu-location of this installation? believe the orbit of the Earth was altered, ously monitored for the past six years, and VU: Look for the site of the Tunguska artificially, to compensate for this. Our now everyone—including the animals—explosion. To the southeast is the very planet moved further away from the Sun, to has left the forest.large and famous Lake Baikal. Beyond a frequency pulse of 365. Let me tell you something about thethat, to the north, is a huge and barren This has taught us to believe that we Tunguska explosion—something that hasterritory covering 100,000 kilometres. have friends—friends who watch over us, never been spoken of before. Two monthsHardly anyone lives there. There are no silently. They did not allow then, nor will before the explosion, every living animaltowns or cities. Here is where we located they allow now, any planet, comet or aster- fled the region. It was as if the installationthe installation… oid to strike and destroy the Earth. This, had powered up to deal with the asteroid. GB: Are you aware of strange stories or for us, is now absolutely clear. With that came an increase in radiation.rumours concerning the so-called "Planet Those who wish to weaponise space…to The same thing is happening now, today.X"? If some new and heavenly body had tell you the truth, all of us involved in this G B : Are there any plans to mountentered our solar system, astronomers project feel a pain in our hearts. Here we another expedition to the area and to visitwould surely detect it and declare its all are, investigating this installation and the installation?presence. some other stuff, material stuff, none of VU: The radiation is a factor but, yes, VU: I cannot speak for astronomers in which was constructed by Russians or another expedition is planned for later thisthe West, but astronomers within our Americans but by someone else, someone year. Look, we want to be open and honestAcademy tell us we have nothing to fear. I from outer space. It saddens us when we about this. We welcome international par-have heard people talk about a rotation fig- think what could happen if weapons are put ticipation, but the people we invite must beure of 3,600 years for this planet, which is into space. responsible in the eyes of the world. Wein a similar orbit to that of the Earth but Let me speak frankly. This installation want people who are honest, open-mindedbehind the Sun. We know that this planet has a power system, an energy source. We and transparent, who are eager and willingand the installation in Siberia are closely have located this. It was during the conflict to co-operate and exchange and then dis- in the former seminate the scientific data. Yugoslavia that I invite you, Graham, to come to Russia we first noticed and visit the installation as an observer. an increase in the GB: I would be honoured. Thank you. output of that V U : You can tell people that we, energy. For us, it Russia, have decided that it is time that was incredible, other people should know about this, and but we now know not just a few. ∞ that this installa- tion reacts to Editors Note: social upheaval This interview first appeared in the April and conflict. 2003 edition of UFO Magazine, pub- Part of our lished by Quest P ubl ication s investigation International Limited, Valley Farm Way, involved search- Wakefield Road, Stourton, Leeds, LS10 ing through 1SE, England, United Kingdom, tel +44 ancient records (0)113 270 2066, fax +44 (0)113 270 and archives, and 9672, email, web- then we came site • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 61. THE TWILIGHT ZONE THE MYSTERY OF THE system like that of China. Between 1998 tions and etchings that it was impossible to 120-MILLION-YEAR-OLD MAP and 1999 we made a screening of all the reproduce them on paper. Furthermore, the An Interview with storage rooms of the museums of the area. notes spoke of two stelae located 12 kilo- Professor Alexander Chuvyrov We found a certain number of seals and metres from the first location. We called by Adriano Forgione © 2002 inscriptions on ornaments and pottery that the area of those documents Pisanicy—aI n late April 2002, Pravda released the were, in the majority of cases, written in the Russian name that indicates a place with news that a 3-D map going back to 120 oldest Chinese language that uses Jiaguwen petroglyphs. At that point, we had enough million years ago had been discovered characters. It was a great discovery. The material to go on with our investigation, so,in Chandar, a village in Russia [see Jiaguwen inscriptions suggest that the at the end of 1999, we started looking forNEXUS vol. 9, no. 4]. The discoverer, Chinese arrived in western Russia in ancient the six slabs.Alexander Nikolaevich Chuvyrov, times, and that was hitherto unknown. AF: How did you find the first slabProfessor of Physics at the University of During the summer of 1998, we wrote a without further clues?Bashkiria in Ufa, Russia, shocked journal- systematic catalogue of all the findings and AC: In the beginning, we started outists and scientists around the world by we were amazed to find out that local peo- with telephoto lenses and helicopters, butproposing that incredible dating. The map ple spoke the Chinese language up to the we didnt find anything. I guided six fruit-should therefore confirm the existence of 20th century. At the moment we know that less expeditions, then I thought to contactan advanced civilisation during an era in there are more than 600,000 such inscrip- the elder of Chandar, a nearby village. Iwhich giant reptiles dominated the world. tions in the archives, and it will take a mas- met him where Schmitt made his expedi-In fact, the first hominid, the Proconsul, sive effort from the philologists to examine tion in the 1920s. He showed me somedates back to 20 million years ago. Such a them all. During the two years of our pro- objects that Schmitt and other archaeolo-dating, if confirmed, could rewrite the his- ject, we were looking for a stone library gists had left at his place. When I askedtory of mankind and give credit to the sup- like those found in Mongolia, Japan and him if he knew anything about the stoneporters of the great antiquity of our species. Singapore. We tried to figure out what we slabs we were looking for, he replied that I was surprised by the fact that Chuvyrov should have lookedis an academic, an esteemed scholar— for, and then wesomething that gives a certain value to decided to follow awhat was written in the press releases. line: we noticed thatThere was only one way to look into the archaeologists andmatter and answer all the doubts that arose historians believedfrom this news: invite Professor Chuvyrov that what we saw asto Italy for a conference. Thats what I did. Chinese charactersWhat follows is the transcript of my inter- were in fact orna-view with him. ments or drawings. So I decided to look Adriano Forgione (AF): Professor for all the etchings,Chuvyrov, how did you get involved in ornaments or draw-this research? ings on megaliths. Alexander Chuvyrov (AC): The find- At the end of 1999,ing was fortuitous, like most of the findings in the archives wein the scientific world. I was studying with found a list of themy research team the cultural identity of monuments of thethe peoples of the Urals. We were trying to southern Urals com-work out the historical frame of these peo- piled between 1920ples, who left visible tracks all over Russia, and 1921. The textsfrom the 15th century backwards since were notes by the sci-there is no systematic study of the subject. entists who wereUnfortunately, I couldnt find a s u p e r - studying the matter atpartes director for the project because all that time. In thosethe experts I contacted were too much notes we foundinfluenced by their own ideas or those of important clues as totheir colleagues. So I decided to take the the existence of sixleadership of my project for myself. carved stones of the AF: In which circumstances did you Ufinca or Karadelefind the stone? River area—the AC: The aim of the project was the "Black River" in thefinding of written records belonging to local language.peoples of the southern Urals. We were Those stones wereexploring the possibility that one of these described as having The stone slab map, photographed in a room at the Ufa Museum.ethnic groups kept an archive or chancellery such intricate decora- (Photo courtesy of Professor Alexander Chuvyrov and HERA Magazine)JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 61
  • 62. THE TWILIGHT ZONEone of them was under the floor of his ists who can process the data on the south- is an extremely homogeneous material, but,house. It was being used as the base for the ern Urals. Part of the analysis was carried in the map, dolomite layer quartz—whichstairs, but its weight was making it sink out in China, on the ideograms carved in is normally present—was missing, and alsointo the ground, causing seepage. For that the stone, the cartography principles and magnesium silicate wasnt there.reason, he wanted to destroy it and make the porcelain on the surface. The goal was We excavated in the Chandar area andconcrete grit out of it. So we traded a to understand the process the stone has took almost 10,000 samples of localtruckload of grit for the slab, and we gone through, given the Chinese connec- dolomite, the analysis of which showed itpromised we would build all the roads he tions we spoke of before. wasnt the same dolomite as in the map. Inneeded. AF: Can you explain the study of the such conditions it cant be fortuitous, so we Eventually, I went back there with a lot maps layered materials in more detail? can say that the dolomite layer is notof students and some archaeologists and It could be a key to understanding the homogeneous compared to the localphysicists. It took us two days to get it out. whole map… dolomite and is 180 million years old.The stone is 148 centimetres high, 103 cm AC: As I said before, the map has three Even if its so old, I think this is artificialwide and 16 cm deep. To lift it, we used layers. The first is a dolomite layer. The dolomite—again, the result of advancedthe Egyptian method, making the slab roll second is a diopside layer, on which the technology—for those who made it wereon wooden cylinders. We took it to the canals, the rivers and all that the map repre- able to prompt an artificial dolomitisationlaboratories, washed it and immediately sents are carved. To avoid reflections, the process, or at least they could bringrealised that it was the map of a large area. diopside was covered with a layer of porce- dolomite clay from Western Europe to the I couldnt believe what I saw. I knew it lain only two millimetres thick. Its the Urals and process it.was a map from the start—a 3-D The diopside layer is also notmap. Something like that simply common, and shows a kind ofcouldnt exist, because the place nanostructure. The size of itswhere it was found was a small crystals is 15 nanometres. Itsvalley where the first roads were astonishing, because I cantbuilt just 10 years ago. Before understand how they could dothat, it was only possible to get it. The diopside structure looksthere in small boats because the like a pudding with verticalvillage is surrounded by marshes. insertions. Moreover, itsThe village is still made of a few microhardness is equal to thatwooden houses, belonging to of corundum. Thanks to thatthose who were monitoring the fact, the relief map is stillbehaviour of the river, so its perfectly preserved, while theimpossible that 100 years ago, underneath dolomite layer iswhen the map was found, already breaking up.somebody could take it there. To blend the dolomite layer AF: What was the next Close-up of a section of the map, which is made up of three layers. with the upper diopside layer, The thin surface is porcelain. The method of manufacture is unknown, butstep? Has it been possible to Professor Chuvyrov is convinced that nanotechnologies were involved. the "creators" used the tech-make a scientific analysis of (Photo courtesy of Professor A. Chuvyrov and HERA Magazine) nique of replacing the siliconthe stone? atoms of the diopside with the AC: In the first place, right after the dis- result of advanced technology. Why porce- carbon atoms of the dolomite [fromcovery of that stone, it was stolen and some lain? The answer came from the CaMg(SiO3)2 to CaMg(CO3)2], so that thefragments were lost for good. The slab fell Cartography Department of the University two layers looked like they were welded.into a river and the lost parts have never of Moscow. Its a nanotechnology that implies atomic-been found. Looking at photos of the map, To make a 3-D map, you need the sur- level accuracy. Im a physicist and I knowits evident that a part is missing. When we face to be white in colour and flawlessly what Im talking about. These people knewfound it, it was intact. Anyway, with the modelled so that when you read it you cant exactly what they were doing. I wouldnthelp of local police we found the stone be deceived by shadows and gleam. Its the know how to do it. The problems linked toagain and took it to the laboratories to exact way they do this kind of map today. the layers are mainly two: (a) how to makeexamine it. I started to work on it with a Its surprising that this technology was artificial dolomite; and (b) how to maketeam of mathematicians, archaeologists, already in use that far in the past. The nanostructures from diopside, because itsphilologists and physicists. We found out dolomitisation process ended 250 million melting temperature is 2,650°C. Only car-that the slab has three layers: the lowest years ago. The fossilised shells are 180 bon has a higher melting point. We canone is dolomite, the central one is diopside million years old, and there is no way they speculate that they knew how to makeand the uppermost one is porcelain. could have been incorporated in the diop- these materials with a chemical method. When we faced problems during the side layer later. Moreover, that kind of Either way, the technology used isanalysis, we asked other institutions to help shell didnt exist in that area of the Urals. extremely With the map being of a vast area, the We made chemical and X-ray analyses AF: Is this possible today?first great problem was the palaeohydrolog- of the structure. We took dolomite samples AC: I dont think so! Id like to remindical analysis, because there are no special- from different parts of the map. Dolomite you that dolomite is an accumulation62 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 63. THE TWILIGHT ZONEmaterial, while diopside belongs to the AC: The dating of the map is extremely satellite imaging and dominatedpyroxenes, which are volcanic materials. important. I would like to remind you that nanotechnologies and material chemistry. AF: Then the materials analysed show the dolomitisation of the Urals ended 250 But if this were the case, he would have leftwithout any doubt a civilisation that million years ago and that the shells notes and records for posterity, consideringknew how to use nanotechnologies? involved in the process were from the the enormous amount of work necessary to AC: Yes, for sure. Gyroideae family, Narcopsina celote sub- make it. We know about Plato, Leonardo AF: So you say the stone is a map. family. Those shells appeared on Earth da Vinci and other great minds of the past,What makes you think it is? 180 million years ago and eventually died but we know nothing about the creator of AC: At the beginning we thought that out some 60 million years ago. Here we this wonder.the surface of the stone was simply cracked have a time window within which the AF: Where was the analysis of thedue to the old age or its natural structure. shells were put—beware: I say "put", not map carried out?But when we started to look closer at those "fossilised"—in the map. AC: Mainly in Ufa. It has been studiedsigns we now recognise as rivers, I found Then we have the archaeomagnetic also by science history experts fromout that the right banks of the rivers were measurements that show what follows: the Moscow, but the greatest help I had wasclear cut, while the left banks were more edge of the map is oriented towards the from the Aerial Imaging Division of thepolished. That is what happens with "real" magnetic pole, while the direction of the Cartography and Geodesy Department ofrivers because of the effect of Earth rota- geographic pole drawn on the map is at an the University of Moscow. They particu-tion and of Coriolis forces. So I looked at angle of 22 degrees from the magnetic larly helped me understand the mathemati-the edges of the canals to deter- cal principles upon which the mapmine the direction of the rivers was based.flows. The fact is that Coriolis AF: Your colleagues are alland Beers laws have been dis- against you. How would you likecovered only in the last century. to answer back?It has been a shock to realise that AC: I know that happens, but Ithe map has been drawn accord- think this is something extremelying to those principles. Anyway, positive. Im happy to have raisedthose two clues werent enough this argument, but I would liketo determine that what we had in also to warn my colleagues thatfront of us was a map. they cant study this object only A map is a mathematical sys- from the pictures, no matter howtem, so when I calculated the good and accurate they are.ratio between the height and the If somebody criticises me I replywidth of the stone, I found out that I am a physicist, a well-knownthat the tangent angle was 54 HERA Editor Adriano Forgione (left) with Professor Alexander Chuvyrov scientist from the University ofdegrees, the same angle as Ufas during his visit to Rome for the interview. (Photo © HERA Magazine) Bashkiria, and I know how to thinklatitude. At that point the mean- scientifically. I know how to carrying of a certain sign on the map was clear. pole. We can find out the age of the slab out scientific research. I know how to doIt represented a circle crossed by two tan- through Hieberts curve, which determines all this as well as those who criticise me. Igents, and the angle between them was the position of the magnetic pole at a given know that this is an unclassifiable object inexactly 54 degrees. This gave me the key time. If the calculations are right, the the human cultural landscape as we knowto calculate the exact latitude of the loca- magnetic pole at the time of the map was in it, but, no matter what, we owe it respect. Ition drawn in the map, and from there to the Yamal Peninsula in Russia. And that dont want to offend my colleagues,find out the mathematical system upon happened 120 million years ago. The because only colleagues of mine couldwhich the map was founded. And it match- dating fits perfectly with the time window make this thing. Therefore, I ask fores perfectly to any of the recent maps of the we spoke of before. If this is the case, the respect for the creator of this map. ∞area. The system used is neither Mercators C-14 dating is pointless, because that test isnor Gauss–Klugers. not able to point out a date older than About the Interviewer: But to draw a map, you need not only 46,000 years ago. In fact, the fossilised Adriano Forgione is the editor of HERA, ancartography principles but also convention- entrails of the shells have been carbon Italian magazine which features anciental signs, and we deduced them from the dated, but, because of their old age, the myths and legends, lost civilisations andinscriptions. We understood that on the response was fruitless. Even the argon and archaeological mysteries. He is the author ofmap were drawn 32 dams within a hydro- uranium dating have proved unreliable. Science, Mystique and Alchemy of the Cropgraphic system. This shows that the map The archaeohydrological analysis Circles (HERA Edizione, February 2003).was created by a civilisation that needed to showed that 60 million years ago the water This interview first appeared in HERA, no.control waters with dams—something like system was already as it is in the map. 34, October 2002, published by Edizionitodays Holland. Maybe one hundred years ago (when the HERA SrL, Via Brennero no. 58 00010, Tor AF: Lets talk about the dating. If stone first showed up) there existed a very Fonte Nuova (Roma), tel +39 (0)774 308028,that was a technological civilisation, to smart geologist who could understand and email,which time window shall we ascribe it? apply the Coriolis law, knew how to operate website – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 63
  • 64. 64 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 65. REVIEWS ical keys to knowledge of solar physics and in every hotspot at once. Its the story of a cycles as well as of God, time and the after- mass protest movement (300,000 people life. Intriguingly, he found similarities with turned out for the July 21 march) against the Reviewed by Ruth Parnell astronomical and numerical keys decoded forces that favour so-called "free" trade overTHE TERRACOTTA WARRIORS: The from the ancient Mayan, Egyptian and "fair" trade at all cost—and the police whoSecret Codes of the Emperor’s Army Peruvian artefacts—ones relating to Pacal do their bidding (though the truth has sinceby Maurice Cotterell Votan, Tutankhamun and Viracocha and come out, damning police overkill againstHeadline Book Publishing, UK, 2003 thus begging the question of whether protesters). But its also Neales personal Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was an equal story with hands-on, in-your-face involve-ISBN 0-7472-7132-1 (298pp hc) ment, real people and political commentary. among these ancient culture-heroes.Availability: Headline, website To put the protests into context, Neale Cotterell has written extensively on these, "supergods" in his previous four books, and intersperses his narrative with chapters gives a summary of those analyses in the focusing on: poverty and aid (he lived inT he world was awestruck at the discovery of a life-sized terracotta army of sol-diers, horses and chariots unearthed near appendices of The Terracotta Warriors. He presents his latest findings in the context of India as a teenager); AIDS in Africa; "Star Wars" and global warming; Middle East oil, Chinese history, philosophy and mythology, dictatorship and war; and the new corporateXiyang village in Lintong province, China, making this a richly rewarding read. order thats strangling workers and farmersin the mid-1970s. They were buried a few the world over. He also reflects on the fail-kilometres from the huge pyramid-shaped ures of communism and the weaknesses andearthen mound—the legendary burial place YOU ARE G8, WE ARE 6 BILLION: The Truth Behind the Genoa Protests strengths of todays anti-war movement,of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor of a while encouraging more people to make aunified China who initiated the prosperous by Jonathan Neale Vision Paperbacks, UK, 2002 stand for a better, more equitable future.yet short-lived Chin Dynasty, ruling from Challenging, yet with a hopeful vision.221 to his death in 210 BC. But why were ISBN 1-904132-13-8 (274pp tpb)8,099 life-sized terracotta warriors, each Availability: Vision Paperbacks, websiteweighing over half a tonne, buried there at To guard the emperor in the afterlife? Engineer/scientist Maurice Cotterell, hav-ing decoded secrets embodied in Mayan, A ll too often the corporate media portray anti-globalisation protests and protesters in a savage light, without providing muchEgyptian and Peruvian artefacts, wondered analysis as to why the protests are takingwhether esoteric secrets had been encoded in place. Since the watershed Seattle proteststhese terracotta artefacts—and sure enough, against the World Trade Organization inthe more he looked the more he found. 1999, there have been many more massWhile archaeologists had already deter- demonstrations aimed at this and other elitistmined that the shape of the warriors heads, structures including the World Economicfaces and hairstyles corresponded to 10 Forum and the G8 industrial nations.shapes of the 10,516-character Chinese Seasoned UK socialist activist, unionalphabet, Cotterell took the research further organiser, protester and writer Jonathanby analysing what the characters stood for Neale was involved in organising the ralliesand decoding a hidden message. In the and marches in Genoa, Italy, against the G8placements of the warriors and the design of meeting in July 2001, and this is his take onthe pits housing them, he discovered numer- what went down, considering he couldnt beJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 65
  • 66. REVIEWSSPIN WAVE TECHNOLOGY doesnt it? Well, Bugh maintains its com- leader, according to this version, was born inby George J. Bugh mon sense, and that these particle spin inter- AD 947 and was a key figure in the develop-Vasant Corporation, USA, 2002 actions are possible even among compensat- ment of Toltec culture.ISBN 0-9716616-1-8 (262pp tpb) ing spins. What hes saying should be rele- Díaz doesnt introduce his study (though heAvailability: Vasant Corporation, website vant to anyone whos wondering where their does reference it), so its up to the reader to quantum physics grappling is leading them dive in regardless and become immersed in or whos trying to deglitch their latest free- this rendition of the life and teachings ofI f youve ever had the perception that everything is in motion but is still at thesame time, then youll have a feel for stand- energy or antigravity device. Bugh explains that all sorts of technologies Quetzalcoatl—a story that has remarkable correspondences with the accounts of Jesus,ing waves and George Bughs thesis on spin can be created based on these particle spin Buddha and Krishna. The gospels chapterwave technology. This is the text version of interactions, which is every encouragement headings, such as "Prophecy of Hueman thethe multimedia CD that introduced Bughs for further research and development. Elder", "The Soothsayer Fish", "Thetheory, and is the result of his seven years Enigmas of the Serpent", "The Crossroads"spent investigating various devices exhibit- THE GOSPEL OF THE TOLTECS: The and "The Priests of the God of Death" giveing anomalous electromagnetic and electro- Life and Teachings of Quetzalcoatl an inkling of whats in store ancient wisdom-gravitic effects or claimed to have over- by Frank Díaz wise. Each chaper is headed by a Toltecunity capabilities. Bugh is a Texan-born Bear & Company, USA, 2002 glyph that illustrates something of the mes-aerospace electronics engineer with over 20 ISBN 1-879181-86-X (230pp tpb) sage. Díazs sources include the oral tradi-years experience in the field. His book is a Availability: Bear & Company, website tion of descendants, extant Nahua and Maya codices and Spanish chronicles. These arecollection of papers hes written on such; wise, ancient words with a hint of familiaritychoice subjects as classical versus quantum Adventures Unlimited, website with other great world religions.particle spin, the angular momentum of an http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.comelectron, the thermodynamics of a magnetichurricane, magnetic waves as the cause ofgravity, and the nature of time and relativity. C uban-born anthropologist Frank Díaz, who teaches out of Cuernavaca University in Mexico, specialises in At the basis of Bughs theory is the idea shamanic studies, the Nahuatl language andthat we live in a sea of electromagnetic Mesoamerican traditions including those ofstanding waves; in fact, the universe of mat- the Maya and particularly the Toltec.ter is full of them. Bugh maintains that the The heyday of the Toltecs was between theclassical electrodynamics notion that all 8th and 12th centuries AD, but, despite theirelectromagnetically charged particles, like decline 300 years before the Spanish arrivedquarks and electrons, radiate energy away in Mexico in 1521, their spiritual legacy isfrom gyroscopic precessional motions and being kept alive today by their descendants.orbital motions is essentially correct. But he As Victor Sanchez (who has written severalgoes further by suggesting that all particles books about the Toltecs) highlights in theare also absorbing just as much energy from foreword to Díazs book, Gospel of theall other radiating particles. The continu- Toltecs, the Toltecs and Maya had a spiritualously absorbed energy equals the radiated leader in common: Ce Acatl Topiltzin, orenergy and applies forces that move similar- Quetzalcoatl—symbolised by the featheredtype particles into harmonious precessional serpent that represents the essence of dualitymotions with each other. Sounds cosmic, and the potential for unity. The Toltec66 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 67. WITHOUT CONSENT: REVIEWS says that in his official and private work hes Genesis and Geometry of the Labyrinth.Extraterrestrial Contact and Alien had dealings with around a hundred Its uncanny how many times labyrinthsAbduction in the UK abductees, so hes in a special position to be have cropped up in my purview of recentby Carl Nagaitis and Philip Mantle open minded. He goes so far as to suggest times, which of course has to be a sign! IveBeyond Publications, UK, 2002 that, because these abductees claim to have heard about portable labyrinths being taken been taken against their will, their abductors into prisons to serve as walking contempla-ISBN 1-903782-02-3 (261pp tpb) may be guilty of crimes against humanity. tion templates—configurations for whole-Availability: Beyond Publications, website ness—for the prisoners. So I have no hesita- The abductees featured in Without Consent may have learned to cope with, if not gained tion in recommending Contys book for any-T he alien abduction phenomenon is by no means confined to the United States butis reported worldwide. UFO researcher/ rewarding insights from, their experiences, but most of them just want answers to what one keen on investigating the enigmas, geometries and gestalts of the labyrinth. happened to them. Their remarkable stories, Connecting with the labyrinth links youauthor Philip Mantle and freelance journalist into an ancient cultural memory via a quan-Carl Nagaitis first put out this book in 1994, going back to the 1950s, are presented sym- pathetically and compellingly. tum crossing that can also propel you intoin the days before the TV series The X-Files another dimensional reality. Not surprising-took the mystery into the wider world and ly, knot theory is a modern mathematicalgrabbed the public imagination. However, THE GENESIS AND GEOMETRY OF tool for decoding the hidden language of thetheir intention was to show that the phenom- THE LABYRINTH: labyrinth as much as the ancient Celtic knotenon happens in the UK as much as any- Architecture, Hidden Language, designs, and Conty provides rich illustrativewhere else, and that a range of sane if not Myths and Rituals examples of these amazing forms.ordinary people have had extraordinary by Patrick Conty The more I discover about the labyrinthsexperiences involving alien beings. Inner Traditions, USA, 2002 transformative powers, the more I think Not having seen the original book, I cant every town should have one. The message:really judge how much of the content is ISBN 0-89281-922-7 (298pp l/f tpb) Availability: Inner Traditions, website revelation through circumambulation!new, but there seem to be two fascinatingand thoughtful additions circa mid-1990s as http://www.InnerTraditions.comwell as a new introduction from Nagaitisthat tempts with the story of the airline exec- M ake no mistake, theres meaning in them thar myths. And one with a cer- tain mystique is the Cretan myth involvingutive with a mysterious metal implant.Theres also a foreword from Nick Pope, the the labyrinth, with its hero and minotaur.former British MoD bureaucrat who staffed But whats the meaning behind this sacredthe Secretariat (Air Staff) desk in 1991–94. symbolic interplay and territory? What Pope confides that it was enough for him actually does the labyrinth dilineate? Couldto persuade sceptical MoD elements to take it be that its a map that can liberate theUFO sighting reports seriously, let alone try mind? Suddenly it twigs that the action ofto convince them that members of the public moving meditatively around the twists andwere reporting theyd had close encounters turns of a selectively sited sacred labyrinthwith ETs, often in situations involving can produce harmonious brain-waves. Suchstrange surgical and even sexual procedures. patterns can be found in the artefacts of soHe didnt want the entire field of ufology to many ancient cultures, but there had to be abe perceived as a joke by the MoD, the mili- reason why, and this is the question thattary and the scientific community. Pope author Patrick Conty ably explores in TheJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 67
  • 68. REVIEWSSAVE ISRAEL! it looks like the Knights Templar are also preceding the arrival of the first Maoriby Barry Chamish trying to reclaim their stake in this sacred tribes. Indeed, his every move seems to beModiin House, Israel, 2002 site! Chamish has only horrors to speak of heralded by sacred natural omens.ISBN pending (387pp tpb) "the cabal of hidden American and He writes of his expeditions to theAvailability: Modiin House, Nakhal Zohar European rulers out to get Israel". From Kaimanawa Wall, an hours drive fromSt 40/2, Modiin, Israel 71700, what hes saying, there are more routes on Taupo in the central North Island, to the startel/fax +972 8 972 0804, the Middle East "road map" than are gener- maps of Maunganui Bluff in Northland, asemail ally presumed, and peace is not part of the well as to the sea gardens at Punakaiki and itinerary. Chamishs book is bound to dis- the greenstone trail in the South Island. HeB arry Chamish is a controversial Israeli "conspiracy" researcher and commenta-tor who seems to have more popularity on turb people on all sides of the debate. uncovers maps written in stone, charts pow- erful standing stones marking out ley lines,the Internet than at home, though he assures THE SECRET LAND 2: and senses the cosmic sonic properties of theus this is changing. In recent years hes been JOURNEYS INTO THE MYSTERY imposing limestone tor, Castle Hill—andoggedly trying to convince people there by Gary Cook ancient gathering-place of learning and wis-was an alternative plot behind the assassina- StonePrint Press, New Zealand, 2002 dom. Gary Cook is part of a new wave oftion of Yitzhak Rabin, and hes been devel- ISBN 0-9582040-8-X (200pp tpb) researchers, historians and anthropologistsoping a case for a new investigation. Availability: StonePrint Press, website who are rewriting the mainstream version of This is risky business, as Chamish makes NZ "prehistory". He imparts a specialdamning assertions that no one power groupwould want broadcast—not the Israeli estab-lishment, nor certain Palestinian officials, T his second book in New Zealander Gary Cooks Secret Land series is a captivat- ing collection of writings first published in atmosphere in his travelogues, supporting each chapter with at least one stunning colour photograph (if only there werenor the Vatican, nor European and American the magazine Rainbow News between more!). I can hardly wait for the video!elites, especially key members of the August 1997 and November 2001. TitledBilderbergs and the Council on Foreign Journeys into the Mystery, they explore hisRelations whom he regards as "corrupters of travels to and experiences in sacred places inthe Jewish nation". And certainly not the New Zealands North and South Islands, asCIA, as here he expands on his findings that well as a couple of forays into key ancientthe US agency, in collusion with the Israeli sites in England and Canada.Shabak, trained PLO snipers whose targets Cook, a researcher, health professional,werent only to be Hamas and Islamic Jihad businessman, explorer and author who alsoterrorists but Israeli politicians and citizens. heads up a group called the United Cultural Chamish makes many shocking revela- Convention, has a passion for getting to thetions, and in a tone thats often brash and core of New Zealands hidden history. Hiscaustic, reflecting his take on some of the links with various tribal elders, including theugly scenarios he describes. He has little people of Waitaha—who trace their whaka-sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs or their papa or genealogy back through 67 genera-cause, and certainly none for the PLO, tions—helped facilitate his visits to a num-which he maintains is excavating under the ber of sacred places. His main mission is toTemple Mount, looking for ways to black- reconnect with the spirit of tangata whenua,mail the Vatican and make gains in world the first people of the land who may in factdiplomacy. But theyre not the only ones, as have comprised a collection of races, even68 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 69. DREAMING WAR: Blood for Oil and REVIEWS the corporate media have done its bidding in and the electricity grids. The party is justthe Cheney–Bush Junta distorting truth and slanting public opinion. about over. The industrialised world and allby Gore Vidal Vidal has his own horror stories to tell about that weve become so accustomed to—pri-Thunders Mouth Press/Nation Books, hostile journalistic treatment. mary production, manufacturing, serviceUSA, 2002; Clairview Books, UK, 2003 Vidal (and a few other writers and provision—will go through major upheaval.ISBN 1-56025-502-1 (197pp tpb, USA), researchers he quotes, such as Nafeez Heinberg (a biodiesel enthusiast) arguesISBN 1-902636-41-4 (197pp tpb, UK) Mosaddeq Ahmed, whose book we featured that even if a switch to alternative energy in 9/05) suggests an alternative perspective sources were implemented today, industrialAvailability: Thunders Mouth Press, web- societies will not have sufficient energy on US motivation for the "War on Terror"site; and is brave enough to declare that the available to satisfy existing or growingClairview Books, emperor is wearing no clothes. In the final demand. Were about to enter a new era—T his latest collection of essays from "dis- sident patriot" American author GoreVidal follows hot on the heels of Perpetual piece, a recent interview conducted by Marc Cooper, Vidal lashes out at the evil deeds one that must be less energy-consuming, less fast-paced and more sustainable. We and deceptions of a succession of US gov- should have started managing this transitionWar for Perpetual Peace (see review, in the early 1970s, so now its urgent that we ernments and chides the US public for being10/02). In Dreaming War, he continues implement ways to cope with the imminent fooled by this latest massive con. Rivetting!those themes with 11 essays spanning the decline of oil resources and develop strate-last decade. In the most recent, a lengthy gies to survive the crisis. In this regard,essay dated November 2002, he focuses on THE PARTYS OVER: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies Heinberg makes many positive suggestions.the unanswered questions before, during and Unfortunately, the American way—con-after the September 11, 2001, terrorist by Richard Heinberg New Society Publishers, Canada, 2003 sidering the US has consumed so much of itsattacks on the World Trade Center and the own natural resources—is to secure accessPentagon. Not that he can answer all those ISBN 0-86571-482-7 (279pp tpb) by force to the second-best supply of thequestions, but he does some stern finger- Availability: New Society Publishers, worlds most dwindling resource…in Iraq.pointing at the Cheney–Bush junta and its website http://www.newsociety.compush to control Caspian gas and Iraqi oil. Since the publication of this collection, theUnited States, with backing from its allies R ichard Heinbergs book provides a much-needed reality check on where our fossil-fuel-consuming industrialised societythe UK, Australia and Poland, has already is headed—and its not towards prosperitywaged war to "liberate" Iraq—an inevitable but collapse. (Readers may recall Richardsaction according to Vidals reading between article, "A History of Corporate Rule andthe lines of recent history. His first essay, Popular Protest" in NEXUS 9/06.)from January 2001, is on the theft of the US Rather than relying on the data from econ-Presidency in Florida and it sets a prophetic omists, environmentalists and politicians,tone for Vidals takes on the theft of democ- Heinberg places much more credence onracy, truth and human rights through the analyses from petroleum geologists includ-domestic and foreign policy landscapes of ing Colin Campbell (see NEXUS 10/01).the US in the last century. The fact is that the peak of global oil extrac- To Vidal, the Cheney–Bush cabal is the tion will probably be reached between 2006latest and most cynical group of strategists and 2015, and with it the peak in gross ener-hell-bent on US empire-building—as weve gy production from all sources, heralding anseen in Afghanistan and now in Iraq—and energy-led collapse of the global economyJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 69
  • 70. REVIEWSHEALTH BETRAYAL: Staying Away food and drug corporations. She also rails when crowned he presided over a unitedfrom the Sickness Industry against the health horrors of depleted urani- Egypto-Judaean-Israelite empire—which isby Eve Hillary um weapons used in the Gulf War, in the somewhat at odds with the officially sanc-Synergy Books, Australia, 2003 Balkans, in Afghanistan and now Iraq. tioned version of history. Having analysedISBN 0-9750594-0-8 (243pp tpb) But Eve Hillary also delivers a positive the correlations between the biblical and his-Availability: Synergy Books Pty Ltd, tel message with suggestions for how we can torical records, Ellis proposes one theory+61 (0)2 4388 9533, email bring on a "wellness revolution" by making that the Queen of Sheba was a princess a difference in small ways—from choosing Lower Egypt whose hand was given in mar- to eat organic food and lobbying our super- riage to Davids son, the Judaeo-IsraeliteA ustralian nurse and natural healthcare professional Eve Hillary outlined herexperiences with multiple chemical sensitiv- markets not to stock GE food, to throwing out toxic household products and doing our King Solomon—an arrangement that sug- gested Solomon had a close relationshipity in her 1997 book, Children of the Toxic own research. She urges us to empower with her pharaonic family line.Harvest, and 2000 video, Healing the Toxic ourselves by becoming better informed. Ellis delves into the meanings behind vari-Domain (reviewed in NEXUS 4/04 and ous Egyptian and Hebrew terms in his quest8/06). With the help of a rare doctor who SOLOMON – FALCON OF SHEBA: for the truth. He concludes that the Queendid not see her health problems as psycho- of Sheba was actually the Queen of the The Tombs of King Solomon and the Sabbath day and had a role as Queen of thelogical, she managed to treat her condition, Queen of Sheba Discoveredwhich was caused by exposure to OP pesti- Great Pyramid (Mt Sinai); thus, as the by Ralph Ellis Hyksos-Israelite god was considered to livecides on the family farm in the 1980s. Ever Edfu Books, UK, 2002, AUP, USA, 2002 inside the Pyramid, she was regarded as hav-since, she has been a staunch advocate of ISBN 0-9531913-4-6 (384pp tpb, UK), ing the position of the Wife of God. Ellisshealthy living and an opponent of the so-called "sickness industry". 1-931882-12-6 (384pp tpb, USA) thesis requires much focus and isnt easily In Health Betrayal, Eve expands on her Availability: Edfu Books, website explained in a short review. Nor is his final; assertion that the whole of Judaic, Christianearlier themes with details of her battles Adventures Unlimited Press, website and Islamic belief systems and iconographywith the Australian health and chemical were based upon Egyptian antecedents.authorities, media apologists and "experts",and on the industries that profit at theexpense of human and animal health. She T aking up where he left off with Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs and Tempest & Exodus (NEXUS 6/04, 9/02), Ralph Ellishighlights the plight of doctors and thera-pists who are promoting wellness but are asks why the biblical archaeological recordsubjected to unjustified harassment because cant account for the true history of theof their practices. She despairs at how glob- Queen of Sheba, supposedly of Ethiopia,alised farming, genetically engineered food and the apparently Israelite King David andand mass vaccinations are being foisted King Solomon. Wondering why the burialupon the public to the detriment of personal, places of these ancient monarchs have notsocial and environmental health, and backs been confirmed, Ellis went in search of theirup her stance with some frightening facts. tombs and sarcophagi and concludes that Eve gives the UN Codex Alimentarius a these key figures had Egyptian origins.serve, explaining how its rulings are putting According to Ellis, King David of Israelour health freedoms under siege and pander- was actually the 21st dynasty (c. 990–970ing to the hidden agendas of transnational BC) Egyptian Pharaoh Psusennes II, and70 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 71. WHY AMERICAS CHILDREN CANT REVIEWS come the seeming growing literacy chal-THINK: Creating Independent Minds lenges, we need to understand how the brainfor the 21st Century learns to read text and decode the "mysteryby Peter Kline and miracle of language".Inner Ocean Publishing, USA, 2002 Why Americas Children Cant Think is anISBN 1-930722-10-9 (385pp tpb) educational excursion into exciting new pos- sibilities for teachers, parents and children.Availability: Inner Ocean Publishing,website MOTHERS: PREVENT YOURP eter Kline deserves praise for making several points just in his introduction.Firstly, he laments that teachers are restrict- DAUGHTERS FROM GETTING BREAST CANCERed from using their wisdom as their life by Sherrill Sellman GetWell International, USA, 2002 ISBN 0-9750487-0-8 (359pp tpb) Availability: GetWell International, web- site I n her new book, womens health advocate, educator and author Sherrill Sellman (Hormone Heresy) explains that breast can- cer is a preventable disease. One of her focuses here is to address the growing rate of breast cancer in young women in their 20s and 30s and explore what could be responsible for this rise. The real-life stories she presents are extremely poignant. Sherrill writes at length about the endocrine disrupters and oestrogen mimics that have found their way into the environ- ment and living creatures (including us) and their carcinogenic and genetic effects. Sheexperience tells them it should be used—and examines the risk factors associated withif you know any talented teachers restricted synthetic hormones including oestrogen andby the system, youd know what he means. progestin—now regarded by the US EPA asSecondly, he stresses the importance of hav- carcinogens—and laments that younging a sense of history—in science, mathe- teenage girls are being prescribed the Pillmatics, the arts—yet points out that because just to treat acne. Her list of vitamin/miner-history changes as new discoveries and al imbalances the Pill causes—let alone itsinterpretations are made, we must be wary environmental effects—is an eye-opener.about making false assumptions. This chemical sea that has flooded our daily Our postmodern society is changing to the lives is implicated in the growing rates ofpoint where anything you learn will be out birth defects in boys and "precocious puber-of date by the time you learn it. Your best ty" in girls as young as seven—and, again,bet, according to Kline, is to chart your own more heartfelt case studies strike home thatunique path through the information jungle we really have major problems on our handswhile being able to develop a meaningful that require urgent remedial action.relationship with it—to be free to explore it While the books title is aimed at mothersin a subjective manner. This attitude is fun- and their daughters, the information is stilldamental to Peter Klines philosophy about relevant for fathers and sons. We can dothe education of children today—and we much to make our bodies and our environ-adults can find inspiration in this, too. If ments healthy enough so as to reduce canceryou ever entertained a really big idea as a susceptibility, and Sherrill gives great advicelittle kid and yet strangely have never for- on removing toxins from the home, sugargotten it, indeed have striven to achieve it from the diet and synthetic hormones fromover the years, then that idea/feeling/passion the medicine chest—and replacing theseshould be nurtured. Likewise, such creative toxic substances with safe alternatives.spark needs to be kindled in children. Sherrill encourages mothers to keep a Kline, who has over 30 years experience check on their own and their daughters hor-as a teacher and learning skills specialist, monal and breast health. Intrinsic to thisargues that reading not just for comprehen- motivation, though, is that women and girlssion but in the light of personal interpreta- appreciate the female body as a vessel oftion is one of the keys to encouraging chil- wisdom and menstruation as a powerful con-dren to have the creative, independent minds nection with the bodys natural rhythms.that will be demanded of them in tomorrows Sherrill herself is a font of knowledge andinformation age. And if were going to over- wisdom, and her book is a must-read.JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWS Reviewed by Ruth Parnell Reviewed by Duncan Roads FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH GRIDPOINT™ 3.0 – The World Grid OXYGEN: Therapy for Our Polluted Mapping Program World Quark Enterprises Ltd, New Zealand, and by Ed McCabe Harmonitech, USA © 1993–2003 Energy Publications, USA, 2003 (5th ed.) (5-disc set; minimum system requirements: ISBN 0-9620527-2-8 (593pp tpb) IBM-compatible PC with Intel Pentium Availability: From website processor, MS Windows 95 or higher, or 32MB RAM, 20MB hard drive space; Progressive Promotions Pty Ltd., 9 monitor resolution 800 x 600 or higher) Tradeway, Kilsyth Vic 3137 Australia. Availability: New Zealand—Bruce L. Tel: 03 9720 6619; Fax: 03 9720 6095 Cathie, Quark Enterprises Ltd, tel +64 (0)9 818 4291, email, Gridpoint website, http://homepages.ihug.; USA—Rod Maupin, Harmonitech, tel +1 (360) 446 1050, email G ridpoint™ (formerly Gridworks) allows users to calculate relationships and posi- tions of points on the Earths surface. Its most popular use is for the calculation of sites on the planets energy grid. All the top-secret bases that matter are on this grid system, as are most ancient mystery sites. If you want to know more about this subject, read Bruce Cathies excellent books. O ne of our pet topics over the years has been Oxygen Therapies, and one of the great popularisers out of the USA has been This latest CD-ROM version is a major update on the old floppy disk days. It has five CDs which give precise data for plotting journalist Ed McCabe, aka "Mr Oxygen". whatever part of the world grid you want. His first book, Oxygen Therapies: A New It would help enormously if youve read Way of Approaching Disease, was an inter- Bruce Cathies books, but the program has a national bestseller by word of mouth, and Quick Start Guide just for beginners. videotapes of Eds lectures have been very well received (see reviews in NEXUS 2/02, 2/09, 2/12). Now hes released Flood Your Body with Oxygen (the fifth edition thereof, Reviewed by Duncan Roads though we havent sighted the first four). Its a major update on his first book and a must- SAFE-T-FONE have for anyone looking for ways to by Safe-T-Fone P/L, Victoria, Australia improve their own health and that of their Price: A$29.95 inc. GST and p&h in Aust family and even their pets and their plants. Availability: NEXUS offices; Australia— At the basis of this therapy is the observa- PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, tel (07) tion that disease micro-organisms are anaer- 5442 9280, fax (07) 5442 9381, website obic, i.e., they thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment, yet they can be annihilated in oxygen-rich conditions. Of course, oxygen cant be patented, so the proliferation of oxy- I f youve been looking for a device that can protect you from electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency waves when you use gen therapies is indeed a threat to the med- your mobile phone, then look no further. ical/pharmaceutical industry. Matters came The Safe-T-Fone comprises an earpiece to a head in McCabes life in 1998 when he attached to the phone via a plastic tube. It was suddenly imprisoned for 18 months on has no wires, speakers or antennae that you trumped-up tax violation charges. But hes need to be shielded from, and there are no not the only person to promote oxygen ther- transmitters or receivers involved, making it apies and incur the wrath of the medical a safe option. The earpiece and cord/tube authorities and corporate media. can easily be disconnected from the phone. In this massive book, Ed looks at oxygen The product is inexpensive, fits all brands of therapy science, history, medical evidence, mobile phone and comes in four colours protocols, uses, practitioners and politics, (red, blue, yellow and clear/white). and reviews a wide range of related We think its so good, weve decided we resources. Highly recommended. should sell it through the magazine!72 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 73. REVIEWS well as spiritual exaltation pieces. Exciting Gypsy/Muslim Moroccan music. Reviewed by Richard Giles RUMBA FLAMENCOYOL BOLSIN by various artistsby Sevara Nazarkhan Putumayo, USA, 2002 (47mins)RealWorld Music, USA, 2003 (57mins) Distributors: Aust—MRA, tel (07) 3849Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment, 6020; UK—Pinnacle Imports, tel 01689tel (07) 3849 6020; UK—Real World 870622; USA—Putumayo, tel 1888Records, tel 0208 964 6000; USA— 7888 8629, http://www.putumayo.comNarada, tel (414) 961 8350, website A soulful collection Spanish flamenco with influences of salsa, gypsy rumba, rhythm and pop that integrates the modernT his is the first CD of Uzbekistan music weve reviewed and its a significant treatof evocative, timeless songs from the Uzbek upbeat influence of groups like The Gypsy Kings. The rumba style originated in north-culture with its tradition of putting poetry to eastern Spain and southern France and fusesmusic. There are love poems, songs prais- the passion of traditional flamenco withing the young bride, sacred verses, songs of Cuban son and salsa rhythms. Featured onspring and childrens growing songs. All are this Putumayo album are Ziroq, Gitanobacked by Central Asian instruments, both Family, Eric Fernández, Chico and thetraditional and modern. Severa Nazarkhan, Gypsies, De Madera, Wafir, Javier Ruibalwhose instrument is the doutar, a 15th-cen- and more. Passionate, Latin gypsy sounds.tury two-stringed lute, has created a fasci-nating musical portrait of her homeland. REZOSDefinitely a collectors album. by Bobi Céspedes Six Degrees, USA, 2002 (47mins)EMBRACE Distributors: Aust—MRA , tel (07) 3849by Deva Premal 6020; UK/USA—Six Degrees Records,Prabhu Music, USA, 2002 (56mins) http://www.sixdegreesrecords.comDistributors: Australia— New WorldMusic, tel (02) 9565 4522, USA—Prabhu Music, website http://www. I was taken by the divine Earth-motherly face of Bobi Céspedes on the Rezos cover, and her music certainly did not me. Bobi is a priestess in the sacred Yoruba religious tradition that Cubans call Lucumi;D eva Premal, in cooperation with her partner Miten, has taken the chantingworld by storm with her devoted, lyrical, it preserves original African elements that make up all of their music. As a girl, Bobiheartfelt renderings of traditional sacred led the singing to the Orisha deities (thechant music from India and Tibet. The forces of nature), and continued her sacredreciting of sung or spoken mantra is singing after she left for the USA in 1959.undergoing an experiential revival in the In the 1990s she sang with Mickey HartsWest, and Deva Premal is one of the key Planet Drum (see review in NEXUS 6/03),exponents. This beautiful, engaging mantric which brought her to international promi-singing, backed up by musicians on nence. This is a very beautiful mix of oldtraditional and modern instruments, thrills Cuban/African sounds with modern, funky,your inner light. A transcendental album. organic, laid-back rhythms.MOROCCAN GYPSIESby Sidi Mimoun and Ben SoudaARC Music Prodns, UK, 2002 (74mins)Distributor: UK—ARC Music, tel +44(0)1342 328 567, website he Gypsies originated in northern India, making their way into the Mediterraneanregion and throughout Europe. In Morocco,gypsies call themselves Dom (from domari,meaning "man"). Many live a musicallifestyle, performing or entertaining for theirliving. These two groups, Sidi Mimoun andBen Souda, have made their name in Europesince the 1970s at international music festi-vals. On this CD, they play music fromstreet festivals, weddings and celebrations asJUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 73
  • 74. The Scourge of Depleted Uranium Continued from page 14 only report our findings so that DU muni- be required. The stomach, caecum and tions could always be used. In other rectum, where contents remain for l. psychology (heavy metal effects). words, lie! longer periods than elsewhere, would Many individuals with known exposures The letter sent to General Leslie Groves be most likely affected. It isstill have not received requested care. As during 1943 is even more disturbing. In conceivable that ulcers andstated on March 10, 2001, by Dr Michael that memorandum, dated October 30, 1943, perforations of the gut followed byKilpatrick, US Department of Defense, senior scientists assigned to the Manhattan death could be produced, even withoutonly 60 individuals (including myself) are Project suggested that uranium could be any general effects from radiation."receiving minimal medical care from used as an air, water and terrain contami-physicians assigned to the Baltimore, nant. According to the letter, sent by the Today, medical problems continue toMaryland, Department of Veterans Affairs Subcommittee of the S-1 Executive develop. Medical care is still being deniedDepleted Uranium Project. That includes Committee on the "Use of Radioactive or delayed for all uranium-exposed casual-only a fraction of over 350 individuals with Materials as a Military Weapon", inhala- ties, while United States Department ofverified exposures. tion of uranium would result in "bronchial Defense and British Ministry of Defence Today, I and others must take antibiotics irritation coming on in a few hours to a few officials continue to deny any correlationand steroids to control medical problems. days". This is exactly what happened toIt is impossible to get proper care and treat- those of us who inhaled DU dust during between uranium exposure and adversement. If the authorities do not provide Operation Desert Storm and to US soldiers health and environmental effects. Theymedical assessment for those with verified in the Balkans. contend that they can spread radioactiveexposures and health problems, then they The subcommittee went on further to waste (uranium-238) in anyones backyardcan say DU did not cause any adverse state that: without cleaning it up and providing med-health problems because they never saw "Beta-emitting products could get into ical care. Their arrogance is astonishing!any health effects. So much for medical the gastrointestinal tract from pollutedscience when a cover-up is directed by water, or food, or air. From the air, Based on all previous research andpoliticians to limit liability. they would get on the mucus of the the DU Project, what were the The cover-up started with the infamous nose, throat, bronchi, etc. and be recommendations?Los Alamos memorandum sent to our team swallowed. The effects would be local The DU Project and review of previousin Saudi Arabia during March 1991. This irritation, just as in the bronchi, and research reinforced our original 1991 con-memo told us to be sure that we should exposures of the same amount would clusions and recommendations that:74 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 75. The Scourge of Depleted UraniumContinued from page 74 5. Contaminated and damaged equip- There is a famous quotation, "And a ment or materials should not be recycled to child shall lead them". But if the children 1. All DU contamination must be physi- manufacture new materials or equipment. are sick or dead and the citizens of thecally removed and properly disposed of to world permit this to continue, then thereprevent future exposures. What has occurred? will not be a child who can fulfill the 2. Specialised radiation detection Visual evidence, personal experience and prophecy and lead us to peace. I imploredevices that detect and measure emissions published reports verify that: you to act! ∞of alpha-particles, beta-particles, X-rays 1. Medical care has not been provided toand gamma-rays at appropriate levels from all DU casualties. About the Author:20 dpm up to 100,000 dpm and from 0.1 2. Environmental remediation has not Dr Doug R okk e is a Doc tor ofmrem/hour to 75 mrem/hour must be been completed. Philosophy (University of Illinois, 1992),acquired and distributed to all individuals 3. Contaminated and damaged equip- a Master o f S cienc e (Uni ve rsity o for organisations responsible for medical ment and materials have been recycled to Illinois, 1986) and holds a Bachelor of manufacture new and environmental remediation activi- Scien ce degree (Western Illinois 4. Training and education has only beenties involving depleted uranium/uranium- Un iversity, 197 5). He is a n partially implemented.238 and other low-level radioactive iso- 6. Contamination management environmental sciences and nucleartopes that may be present. Standard equip- procedures have not been distributed and medical sciences specialist, educatorment will not detect contamination. implemented. a nd consulta nt with extensiv e 3. Medical care must be provided to all experience in academic and militaryindividuals who have (or may have) What should happen next? fields. During Operation Desert Storm,inhaled, ingested or had wound All citizens of the world must raise a uni- Dr Rokke served as a health physicistcontamination, to detect mobile and fied voice to ban the future use of depleted with the 3rd Medical Command, USsequestered internalised uranium uranium munitions and force those nations Army, in assessing and cleaning up thecontamination. that have used depleted uranium munitions DU contamination. 4. All individuals who enter, climb on or to recognise the immoral consequences of To see more of Dr Rokkes writings onwork within 25 metres of any contaminated their actions and assume responsibility for Gulf War casualties and depleted urani-equipment or terrain must wear respiratory medical care and thorough environmental um, visit the Traprock Peace Centerand skin protection gear. remediation. website, – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 75
  • 76. Rockefeller Internationalism Continued from page 32 June 1, 1964, p. 495 (emphasis in original). Human Progress", Department of State Bulletin, 62. Rockefeller, "Purpose and Policy", pp. 386- September 8, 1975; Secretary Kissinger, "Building46. ibid., pp. 67, 64. 387. International Order", Department of State Bulletin,47. Nelson A. Rockefeller, "Policy and the 63. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism, p. 82 October 13, 1975; and Secretary Kissinger, "ThePeople", Foreign Affairs, January 1968, pp. 237- (emphasis added). Industrial Democracies and the Future",238. 64. Rockefeller, "Policy and the People", p. 240 Department of State Bulletin, December 1, 1975.48. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism, pp. (emphasis added). It should be noted that Kissinger quickly dropped64-66. 65. Rockefeller, "World Trade", p. 497 (emphasis this rhetoric once he was out of power.49. Nelson A. Rockefeller, "The United Nations: added). 74. Richard Ullman, "Trilateralism: PartnershipA Balance Sheet", Vital Speeches of the Day, 66. Rockefeller, "Purpose and Policy", p. 390 For What?", Foreign Affairs, October 1976, p. 11.October 15, 1968, pp. 18, 21, 20. (emphasis added). 75. David Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 337.50. ibid., pp. 19, 21. 67. Nelson Rockefeller, Our Environment Can Be 76. Time and New York Times quoted in51. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Unity, Freedom & Saved, Doubleday, 1970, pp. 152-153. Chapman, "Rocky as St Sebastian", p. 12.Peace: A Blueprint for Tomorrow, Vintage, 1968, 68. The confirmation process revealed that 77. Henry Kissinger, "Nelson Rockefeller: Inp. 133. Nelsons personal fortune then stood at $US179 Memoriam", in Henry Kissinger, For The Record:52. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism, pp. million (an IRS audit later raised it to $218 mil- Selected Statements, 1977–1980, Weidenfeld &75-76. lion), which was considerably higher than the Nicolson & Michael Joseph, 1981, p. 171.53. Rockefeller, "Purpose and Policy", p. 383. sums he had hinted at; but Nelson was no billion-54. Nelson A. Rockefeller, "Our Foreign Policy: aire, unlike the real super-rich of the 1970s, John About the Author:What Is It?", Vital Speeches of the Day, April 15, Getty and Aristotle Onassis. See Collier and Will Banyan, BA (Hons), Grad. Dip.1964, p. 405 (emphasis added). Horowitz, The Rockefellers, pp. 485-486.55. Rockefeller, "Purpose and Policy", pp. 383, 69. Michael Turner, The Vice President As Policy (Information Science), is a writer spe-386. Maker: Rockefeller in the Ford White House, cialising in the political economy of56. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism, p. 76 Greenwood Press, 1982, pp. xv, 158-163. globalisation. He has worked for both(emphasis in original). 70. Quoted in Persico, The Imperial Rockefeller, local and national governments as well57. Rockefeller, Unity, Freedom & Peace, p. 146 pp. 261-262. as some international organisations, and(emphasis added). 71. Turner, The Vice President As Policy Maker, was recently consulting on global issues58. Rockefeller, The Future of Federalism, pp. pp. 146-149. for a private corporation. He is current-68-69. 72. "An Interview with the President: The Jury Is59. Rockefeller, "Purpose and Policy", p. 384. Out", Time, January 3, 1972, p. 9 (emphasis ly working on a revisionist history of the60. ibid., p. 386. added). New World Order.61. Nelson A. Rockefeller, "World Trade: The 73. See, for example, Secretary of State Henry Will can be contacted by email atGATT Conference", Vital Speeches of the Day, Kissinger, "International Law, World Order, and • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2003
  • 77. Manganese & Infrasound: The Link to Mad Cow Disease Continued from page 36 • Purdey M. The Mn-loaded/Cu-depleted bovine not to mention the causes of so many other brain fails to neutralise incoming shock-bursts of modern ailments. Their concealment of the low-frequency infrasound. The origins of BSE?mineral imbalance compromises the brains whole truth is betrayed by the fact that the Cattle Practice 2002 (Oct) 10(4):311-325.ability to deal with low-frequency infrasonic UKs BSE Inquiry team was debarred from • Brown D, Hafiz F, Glassmith L, et al.shocks. accessing 30% of the governments data on Consequences of manganese replacement of cop- per for prion protein function and proteinase resis- In part one, we saw how pockets of inten- BSE—because it was "classified" under the tance. EMBO J 2000 19(6):1180-1186.sive infrasound can be geographically correlat- Official Secrets Act. • Wong BS, Chen SG, Colucci M, Xie Z, Pan T,ed with the TSE cluster locations. Recent Never before in the history of human medi- Liu T, Sy MS, Gambetti P, Brown DR. Aberrantresearch conducted by Mariana Alves-Pereira cine has the populace on a global scale been so metal binding by prion protein in human prion dis-(Department of Environmental Science, New successfully indoctrinated by the healthcare ease. J Neurochem 2001 78:1400-1408.University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal) has propaganda of the multinational and govern- • Gordon I, Abdulla EM, Campbell IC, Whatley SA. Phosmet induces up-regulation of surface lev-identified the symptoms and biochemistry of mental lobbyists. A mere handful of ministers els of cellular prion protein. Neuroreport 1998low-frequency noise damage, where the symp- and corporate-controlled advisers have served 9(7):1391-1395.tom profile—involving hypersensitivity to as traitors to their own people and planet.sound, reclusive behaviour, aggression, para- Their deviant behaviour should be treated as About the Author:noia, cardiac complications, etc.—is near iden- criminal negligence. ∞ Mark Purdey is a traditional mixed family farmer in the UK who successfully defeated the UK govern-tical to some of the clinical features of TSEs. ments compulsory insecticide treatment order inFurthermore, the well-known metabolic asso- Bibliography NB: For additional references, refer to the "Cattle the High Court of London in 1984. He writes, lec-ciation between the healthy prion protein and Practice" article on Mark Purdeys website, tures and broadcasts on environmental healththe actin and melanin proteins, plus the fact issues, whilst pioneering global ecodetective investi-that actin and melanin play a crucial role in the • Purdey M. Ecosystems supporting clusters of gations into the causes of brain disorders, such asabsorption of incoming vibro-acoustic waves, sporadic TSEs demonstrate excesses of the radical- BSE. Marks analytical studies have identified some generating divalent cation manganese and deficien- "common toxic denominators" involved in themay offer support for the suggestion that TSEs cause of BSE, and his published hypothesis is cur- cies of antioxidant co-factors Cu, Se, Fe, Zn. Doesresult from a metal-deformed prion protein and a foreign cation substitution at Prps Cu domain rently gaining support from studies conducted atthe subsequent breakdown in the brains ability initiate TSE? Medical Hypotheses 2000 US, Japanese and European deal with low-frequency noise. 54(2):278-306. The full text of Marks article can be found on his Governments and corporations have deliber- • Purdey M. Does an ultraviolet photo-oxidisation website, It was of the manganese-loaded/copper-depleted prion originally published as "Educating Rida"—"Rida"ately conspired to manipulate what the public being the Icelandic term for transmissible spongiform protein in the retina initiate the pathogenesis ofget to hear surrounding the causes of TSE— TSE? Medical Hypotheses 2001 57(1):29-45. disease (TSE).JUNE – JULY 2003 NEXUS • 77