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Nexus 0905 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 9, Number 5 AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 UK/Europe Edition www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 THE CHANDLER WOBBLE..........................................49GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Michael W. Mandeville. The constant changing News you may have missed, including the GE/GM of the north and south poles as the Earth wobbles in threat to organic farming, a proposed ID card to regular cycles around its spin axis is responsible for combat identity theft in the UK, and the blunders of major tectonic and volcanic activity as well as the George W. Bush on his recent trip to Europe. El Niño oscillation and global warming.THE WAR ON FREEDOM............................................11 FUSION POWER AND ET SPACE TECHNOLOGY.......55 By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. Evidence points to Interview by Robert Stanley. Space technology powerful US interests having much to gain from the consultant David Adair can discuss his 1971 visit to events of September 11, as is being seen in the grab Area 51 because, being a minor at the time, he did for land and influence in and around Afghanistan. not have to sign a national security oath.THE ILLUSION OF HIV & AIDS ST ATISTICS..............19 THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................61 By Prof. Jens Jerndal. Statistics on the global spread Paradigm-changing items—including Dr Steven of so-called HIV and AIDS are the product of Greers warning of a possible hoaxed threat from flawed science, sampling and testing as well as space, and a report on a district in Chile thats vested interests intent on promoting a pandemic. become an official UFO tourism zone.DEATH BY DOCTORING—Part 1..............................23 REVIEWS—Books........................................................65 "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself" by Dr Eric Pearl By Steven Ransom. Orthodox anticancer "The War on Freedom" by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed treatments like chemotherapy have dismal success "Natural Solutions to PMS" by Marilyn Glenville, PhD records, yet medical practitioners still inflict them "The Hidden Drug: Dietary Phosphate" by Hertha Hafer on their patients and ignore the proven alternatives. "Practical Psychic Self-Defense" by Robert Bruce "The Holy Order of Water" by William E. MarksTHE GREAT CON-OLA...............................................31 "Getting Rid of Ritalin" by Robert Hill, PhD, & Eduardo Castro, MD By Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig. Canola, an "The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel" by Philip Coppens oilseed crop bred from rapeseed, has undesirable "The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle" by Lynda Hill health effects when used as the main source of "The Brookhaven Connection" by Wade Gordon "The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing" by Nina Silver, PhD dietary fats—contrary to the marketing hype. "The New Rulers of the World" by John PilgerTHE DOTTO RING—Part 1........................................37 "Rogue State" by William Blum By Dr Gianni Dotto. The secret of the Hunzas REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................71 famed good health and longevity could be tapped "The Truth and Lies of 9-11" with Mike Ruppert with a thermionic couple device that recreated the 2002 NEXUS Conference Videos mountainous areas special magnetic environment. REVIEWS—Music........................................................73 "Taiko Ne Sekai" by TaikOzSCIENCE NEWS..........................................................43 "Once in a Red Moon" by Secret Garden By Dr Jean-Pierre Petit. As an attempt to explain the "Mondo Rama" by Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra Pioneer space probes anomalous behaviour beyond "Vhunze Moto" by Oliver Mtukudzi our solar system, the "double universe" model is "Planet Yoga" by various artists light years ahead of the "dark matter" hypothesis. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................81–88AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE It has been a busy few months here at NEXUS head office. Two trade fairs and our annual Volume 9, Number 5 conference meant I was on the road for a few weeks with our trusty laptop. The Conference AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 in Sydney went off without a hitch, except for the mysterious theft of Mike Rupperts laptop. The two-day event was fully attended and we have received many letters and emails from PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, Australia. satisfied attendees. The next NEXUS Conference is being held in Amsterdam, over the last weekend in March EDITOR 2003. This is an initiative from Herman Hegge, who runs the NEXUS Europe Office—which Duncan M. Roads is based in a cute Dutch coastal village about one hours drive from downtown Amsterdam. CO-EDITOR We have put together a great line-up of speakers, and I get the honour of presenting them to Catherine Simons you at the conference itself. This is going to be a unique event which I really hope you can ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR attend. Amsterdam is a very accessible, fun and affordable city to visit. As well as the speak- Ruth Parnell ers, there will be plenty of stalls and exhibits. See the advert this issue for further details, or UK OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR visit the website at Marcus Allen NEXUS now has an office in Chile, where the magazine is being translated into Spanish. I CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE extend a big welcome to Simon Fuentes and the team in Talca, Chile. If you would like moreNafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed; Prof. Jens Jerndal, MD; information on how to obtain the Spanish-language edition, visit their new website at Steven Ransom; Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD; Jerry Decker; Dr Jean-Pierre Petit and André Dufour; Michael W. Mandeville; And still on NEXUS-related events, there are a couple of archaeological adventures coming Robert Stanley; Steven M. Greer, MD up—this time, being organised and led by David Hatcher Childress. There are two trips on CARTOONS offer: one to the pyramids of Mexico, and the other to "mysterious Peru". I intend to be on Phil Somerville the Peru trip, and it would be great to have some NEXUS readers aboard. Visit our website at COVER GRAPHIC for more details. John Cook, By the time many of you read this editorial, it will be about one year since the horrific PRINTING events of September 11. We have selected an appropriate and informative overview of how Goodhed Print Group, Bicester, Oxon., UK the "war on terrorism" has become the "war on freedom", and we urge you read it. Another issue thats always in the news is "the latest HIV and AIDS statistics". Every few DISTRIBUTION weeks we are told that millions are infected here or there, but is this really the case? Read Seymours, London, UK about the financial, political and medical reasons why these AIDS statistics are likely to be UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, inaccurate and misleading—and, in many cases, are outright lies. West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: 01342 322854; Fax: 01342 324574 Canola oil is another one of those "health choices" foisted on the uninformed by the edible e-mail address: oil industry and its marketing spin doctors. Unfortunately, canola oil is not the good oil that Website: its made out to be, so read the article this issue and learn why canola should be avoided. "Death by Doctoring" is yet another great contribution from Steven Ransom. For how longEUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, are people going to hand over responsibility for their own health to the mainstream medical The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)321 380558; Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 health system? Articles like this one make you realise that modern medicine has become a e-mail address: modern religion—and a corrupt one at that! Science News has an interesting article, one which represents a new line of exploration in HEAD OFFICE - Articles, Reviews, etc. PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. NEXUS. The idea of twin/parallel/alternative universes with "mirrored" matter/antimatter is Ph: +61 7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 7 5442 9381 very exciting. I have half a trayful of unsolicited submissions on this topic alone, from scien- e-mail address: tists all around the globe, so stay tuned for more. ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza The interview with David Adair also interested me immensely. His insights into the Area Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova, Italy 51 facility circa 1971, the description of the alien craft which responded to thought, the social Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 mixing with bigwigs in rocket science…what a story; what a life! e-mail address: And finally, I have to confess to tearing up many previous efforts at this editorial. I was USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, sorely tempted to dedicate this entire space to "having a go" at the USA, George W. Bush, the Denver CO 80206 USA UK, George W. Bush, plus other countries currently raping and pillaging weaker nations, and Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 720 941 9352 George W. Bush again. But how could I seriously blame Bush? I mean, he is a complete E-mail: idiot, and everyone around him knows it. Very few dare point out the obvious any more. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Words escaped me so much that, while adrift on a wordless sea of frustration, I discoveredNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a the perfect quote to sum up what I feel in my heart. Thank you, Joe McMoneagle, for helpingmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUSseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to me remember that there is a bigger picture.assist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Duncanlinked to any religious, philosophical or politicalideology or organisation. I believe that "civilization" is a term used to describe a very thin coating of fantasy PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY humanity has sprayed across the globe; its kind of our own self-delusion. The sin -While reproduction and dissemination of the infor- gle biggest threat to almost all developing cultures is currently viewed as being themation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone American Culture. This ideal of American Culture is born out of the issues our owncaught making a buck out of it, without our express media view as important to us—with a focus on greed, hypocrisy and violence.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! — Joe McMoneagle WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 20022 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  3. 3. AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...Myths of Vegetarianism diet of meat, wild fruits and vegeta- regress to boot. Pye unfortunately Extending that analogy, that is, Dear Editor: Thank you for the bles. As Dr Byrnes points out in buys into the Darwinian hypothesis our position vis à vis I n t e l l i g e n twonderful and enlightening article his article, different peoples of "primitive" Neolithic societies Design, we see and can study onlyby Dr Byrnes [NEXUS 9/03-04]. evolved in different ways. and presumably still more primitive the results. Can the living, sensitiveAs an American Indian (I have Everyone wasnt meant to be a veg- hunter-gatherers before that. cells in my body fathom the (I likenever liked the term "Native etarian—including many who now I like to think that our work on to think!) Intelligent Design respon-American"; it smacks of jargon, not are vegetarians. the Sphinx, and a considerable body sible for this letter? Can the mole-identity), I have long been suspi- The vegetarian way of life is not of work by like-minded co-workers cules comprising the individualcious of the claims made by vege- ipso facto superior or healthier, (to say nothing of the legends and cells fathom whatever the cellulartarians concerning health and spiri- despite their shrill claims. And mythologies around the world), reaction to this act may be? I sus-tuality, especially when many of the though I often hear vegetarians rant solidly establishes a non-linear sce- pect they cannot, and, by the samevegetarians making these claims about how "spiritual" they are, they nario for human civilisation. token, we cannot fathom with anyhave looked like theyve just got out seem to forget that vegetables are Without reiterating the consider- precision the "intent" of theof Dachau. living beings, too, with every right able body of evidence, there was a Intelligent Designer (or Designers) As for spirituality, I doubt there to life that every other creature has. highly advanced human civilisation responsible for the vast and com-are many vegetarians anywhere Just because plants dont have big in place before the last Ice Age plex "Unity" that is organic life onwho could match the deep spiritual- brown eyes to gaze into doesnt (and, quite possibly, even long Earth. We see and can study onlyity of my ancestors—a people who make them less alive. Just because before that), capable of feats of the results, one of which is us…lived almost exclusively on meat. you cant hear them scream when pure physical engineering that we This still does not provide a nuts- As for vegetarianism being a you kill them doesnt mean that still cannot reproduce with our and-bolts solution to the mystery ofcure for world violence, let me they dont. It is a simple fact of clever machines (e.g., the Sphinx the domestication of animals or theremind you of Adolf Hitler. nature: we all kill to live, or have and Valley temples, etc.) much greater mystery of organicIndeed, many of the Nazi higher- some part in the killing. To my Like Pye, I long ago realised that life on Earth, with us in the middleups as well as much of the Japanese people, plants are no less alive than the domestication of plants and ani- of it. Perhaps this mystery cannotHigh Command during WWII were animals or humans, and there are mals represented a gigantic step be solved? (Actually, I like to thinkvegetarians. I am not saying that rituals of placation that must be forward in civilisation, and have it can be; it just hasnt happenedvegetarianism causes fascism— observed when killing anything. (since the spectre of genetic engi- yet.) But calling in alien interven-though, using vegetarian logic, I The key, here, is not to avoid neering loomed on the horizon back tion most assuredly does not solveprobably could—but that dietary killing. We cant. Our survival is in the early 70s) considered that it either.habits do not necessarily make the rooted in killing other beings and this, and only this, could account John Anthony West,man. A jerk is a jerk, no matter taking their lives to feed our own. for this amazing phenomenon., websitewhat he or she eats. Eating all the The key is to take only what you Except that it may not have utilised http://www.jawest.comvegetables and grain in the world need and leave the rest alone— the kind of purely mechanical tech-wont change him or her into a whether it is plant or animal. nology we employ today; it may HIV Does Not Cause AIDSnicer, better person. You want spirituality? Try have been accomplished by "men- Dear Duncan: I am writing to let Though vegetarians have respecting and living in harmony tal" means. In other words, if we you know about my research find-wrapped themselves in the blanket with all life , plants as well as knew how they did it, it would look ings on AIDS.claim of superior health, I have animals. Our lives depend on them. like magic to us, but would have My extensive research on AIDSnever noticed this to be the case. Perhaps, then, we can stop making been technology to them… worldwide has not led me to a sin-Many of the ones I know seem to a moral/political debate out of the Pye dismisses rather summarily gle individual with AIDS that washave significantly weaker immune simple question: "Whats for the Intelligent Design argument, but caused by HIV, nor a single personsystems; they catch every "bug" dinner?" that seems to me to be far the better with AIDS who was cured by treat-going around and, when sick, they James LaMotte, Michigan, USA, solution. To appreciate its power, ment with antiviral agents (AZTtend to stay sick longer. They often however, calls for an analogical and protease inhibitors).feel cold, even in the summer heat. understanding of the nature of hier- On the contrary, the epidemiolo-Many are anaemic or borderline ET Intervention is No Solution archical organisation. gy and pathology of AIDS showedanaemic most of the time. And Hello, Duncan: Lloyd Pye does Even right here on Earth, in pure- that agents and factors other thanlately, several of my vegetarian a splendid, indeed, magisterial job ly terrestrial organisations, the HIV are responsible for causing thefriends have been dropping dead in dismembering the Darwinian "lower" does not understand the worldwide AIDS epidemic.their mid-forties from cancer and Delusion [NEXUS 9/04], but his "higher". The lavatory attendants at My findings have been reviewedheart attacks—and these among proposed solution to the mystery of a nuclear facility do not understand and supported by scientists andnon-smoking vegetarians. Yet the the domestication of animals and what the boffins are doing with physicians. I have had five articlessurvivors continue preaching their plants (aliens dunnit) is no real their particle accelerator; the dish- on AIDS published this year as let-dietary creed at me like a batch of solution but merely launches the washers at a five-star restaurant do ters to the editor of the B r i t i s hBaptist missionaries, urging me to same problem out into space. not understand either the actions or Medical Journal (nos. 1-5). Inrepent my evil, meat-eating ways If aliens dunnit, how did they get the decisions of the chef; and the these articles, I described the mainand embrace their brand of "truth". so smart? Either via the Darwinian hot dog vendors at Yankee Stadium causes of AIDS worldwide and pro- And since weve been living on Delusion, which is of course no have little inkling of what is going vided recommendations to end thisthe starches, grains and sugars that solution at all, or still smarter aliens through the minds of the players on horrible epidemic. Also, my web-white America likes so much, weve genetically engineered them, and the field. Lavatory attendants, dish- site ( an epidemic of diabetes, still, still smarter aliens engineered washers and hot dog vendors per- contains more articles describingheart disease and cancer that we them in turn…ad infinitum, which ceive only the results of those my findings on AIDS.never knew when eating our natural is also no solution and an infinite actions. It appears that the United States4 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.Centers for Disease Control and a little faster. sion of the universe must be ever Standards branch of Wright AirPrevention (US CDC) and Anthony I have had many more accelerating—something not dis- Development Center (WPAFB),Fauci, the Director of the AIDS experiences with intelligence and covered until 1998. Dayton, Ohio, where I had becomeprogram, have not used standard feelings of plants. Thank you for The solution involved the intro- acquainted with old and new air-medical procedures to solve the your attention. duction of "opposed energy dynam- craft/missile designs—not UFOsAIDS epidemic. Magda B., Topanga, CA, USA ics", which shows that when an like in the 1933 book from The correct approach for investi- invisible background medium made England. To this day, in 2002, Igating the cause(s) of any disease is Proceeding by Inquiry of a mixture of minute particles vividly recall the crop circle/UFOby evaluating all possible factors Howdy, Duncan: In your most exists, some made of positive and book.and agents and excluding those that recent editorial you list plenty of the remainder of negative energies, Since 1952, I have continued inappear unrelated to the event inves- then creative properties appear from aerospace engineering in the design things we are all, or should all be,tigated. It seems that the US CDC the mathematics. A structure very and development of missiles, space sceptical about. However, I findand Fauci have taken the exact similar to the neural network of our vehicles and spacecraft. On occa- that the very term "scepticism" hasopposite approach. They call well- brains appears. sion, I interviewed persons who been overly wrought with negativeestablished symptoms and lesions Though unimaginably fine- and limiting beliefs due to those have seen UFOs within 300 feet; Iresulting from the use of drugs and grained, this extends to the very who co-opted the term, such as The lived in a neighbourhood that wasmedications severe starvation, and edges of the universe. It has the Never-Very-Amazing Randi, active with UFOs duringinfections, HIV diseases. potential to evolve a conscious Best regards, Martin Gardner, etc., ad nauseam. intelligence and appears able to 1970–1974; and I saw a UFO zoom Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, Perhaps we should all switch to have created matter by the deliber- past me (at 2,500 feet) in aDABT, DABVT, Toxicologist and the far more operable as well as ate organisation of the waves it California desert area.Pathologist, Toxi-Health underutilised "zeteticism", which spontaneously generates. From a perspective of a seniorInternational, California, USA, means "proceeding by inquiry". Evolution has certainly occurred, aeronautical engineer, I Having myself switched to this but now seems more likely to have reviewed UFO literature for the term, I find that others are using it been like that of our cars: by the past 50 years. The literature admits around me now and we are finding repeated design of new models to crop circles and UFO eventsEvidence for Sentient Plants it far more valuable as a tool for based on experience of older ones. being realities, but it does not con- Dear Duncan: Since you evi- dissecting the morass of informa- On this basis, the anomalies firm who, what and why. Adently are interested in the subject tion than the "S" word ever could. described by Pye become explica- bureaucracy cover-up would be nat-of plant feelings and intelligence Thanks for your time and for ble without invoking aliens from[Editorial, 9/03], Ill share some of ural when an out-of-this-world your awesome magazine (I ended outer space. The references on our event experiences with you. up buying it out of town rather than website are backed by peer- In my self-development groups, An observation is that a bureau- waiting three days to get home to reviewed scientific publications; cracy ignores a scientific situationwe took two wooden boxes filled my subscription!).with soil. We planted seeds in see our website at unless it can be controlled and In Lakech, manipulated within an organisation-equal amounts in each box. Both L. Wildwood, Phytomphalosboxes were watered the same Ronald D. Pearson, BSc, Bath, al framework. If not, it does not Permaculture Farm, BC, Canada, England, UK exist publicly. The crop circle andamount daily, but one box was put thecottage@uniserve.comon the kitchen counter and the other UFO solutions and their exposureon top of a tall refrigerator. Both Early Crop Circles and UFOs are better to remain with privateboxes were receiving identical A Creative Universal Structure Dear Duncan: The crop circle persons and NEXUS.amounts of sunlight. Dear Editor: Lloyd Pye says has been an issue in NEXUS in Sincerely, The one on the counter we talked that the proponents of "Intelligent recent years. But it was an item in Ervin Sommer, BA, LLB, MBA,to and projected love to daily. The Design" cannot explain the anom- the 1930s in England with the pub- Escondido, CA, USAone on top of the refrigerator we alies between species which he lication of a book by a laboratory.paid no attention to, other than to describes [9/04]. He certainly pro- The hardback book had the publica- Treatment for Bruxismwater it. Both boxes of seeds even- vides some interesting information, tion date of 1932 or 1933. much of which is new to us, but he Dear Duncan: Ive read the lettertually sprouted. The book had several pho- is quite wrong in his dismissal of by Philip Schlegel of Germany After a while, when the sprouts tographs of crop circles that were our alternative explanation. about teethgrinding [9/04].were growing, the ones we talked to noted as existing in England. Also,and loved were approximately two This arose from a highly success- the book had photographs of sever- When I was very little, approx.inches taller than the "lonely" ones ful but suppressed attempt to solve al UFOs (flying saucers) that were four to five years old, I had theon top of the refrigerator. a group of problems in cosmology. noted as taken in England and other same problem, so my mother took Another time, I was teaching Theorists cannot switch off their European nations. me to the family doctor, who toldmeditation to my groups. Where I "Big Bang", so it remains as an I read the book in 1952 in a mum that the problem was createdsat was a big-leafed plant behind embarrassing problem called the library when browsing through the by certain parasites: O x y u r i sme. We often did open-eye medita - "cosmological constant" which engineering/technology section. Id worms.tion. My students brought my totally invalidates all the scenarios picked it for skim-reading as a ran- After the proper treatment andattention to the big leaves of the they present. dom selection. Fifty years ago at elimination of the parasites, theplant...slowly moving during the Then some stars seem older than age 22, the photos were impressive problem disappeared completely.meditation. I, of course, wanted to the universe and gravity cannot be and I thought they showed some I hope it will work for others assee it and turned around to watch. properly incorporated. We not only advanced inventions I had not seen well. Good luck!Indeed, the big leaves were sort of solved all these problems before before. At that time, I was Lucia M., Casula, NSW,bowing slowly down and rising up 1990, but predicted that the expan- employed in the Engineering AustraliaAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. GE/GM CROPS COULD MICE REJECT GM FOOD! END ORGANIC FARMINGO rganic farming will be forced out of production in Britain A fter hearing of a farmers observations that mice appeared unwilling to eat GE/GMand across Europe if genetically grain if given a choice, 17-year-oldengineered/modified (GE/GM) Dutch undergraduate Hinzecrops are grown commercially, Hogendoorn decided to investigatesays a startling new EU report. further. He obtained 30 female The report—which is so contro- six-week-old mice from a her-versial that top EC officials tried to petology centre (these rodentsstop its release—shows that organ- were bred to be fed to snakes) andic farms will become so contami- some rodent feed mix with cerealsnated by genes from the new crops and oatmeal specified to be "GM-that they can no longer be licensed free". He also bought some GMor farmers will have to spend so maize and soya.much money trying to protect The mice were let loose in bigthemselves that their farms will cages with two piles of food—onebecome uneconomic. GM and one non-GM—stacked inConventional non-GM farms will four bowls. Overwhelmingly, thealso be seriously affected. mice showed a preference for non- Drawn up as a result of two GM grains over GM food.years of studies in Britain, France, Italy for years: that genetically modified canola Interestingly, the mice did not like eatingand Germany, the report provides the most is popping up where it wasnt planted and the soya meal, whether GM or non-GM.damning confirmation to date of the where it isnt wanted. Hinze then conducted a series of otherarguments, long advanced by An Agriculture Canada study suggests tests to find out what would happen whenenvironmentalists, that it is not possible for the problem is in the seeds. More than half the mice were force-fed with GM foods.GM and organic farming to co-exist. The of the seed samples tested showed some The group fed GM ate more, but theyreport, which looks at the effects of level of GM presence. The studys authors gained less weight. By the end, they actu-growing modified maize, potatoes and conclude that means almost every canola ally lost weight. In contrast, the group fedoilseed rape commercially on several types field planted with conventional seed will non-GM ate less and gained more weight,of farms, warns that genes from GM crops contain some genetically modified seed. continuing to gain weight until the end ofwill travel long distances, creating (Sources: The Independent, May 26, 2002; the experiment.superweeds.; CBC News That was not the only difference And in Canada, there is confirmation of Online, June 28, 2002; - observed. The mice fed GM food "seemedsomething canola farmers have been saying ries/2002/06/27/gncanola020627) less active while in their cages". The dif- ferences in activity between the two cages grew as the experiment progressed: the mice in the non-GM cage were in the exer- cise wheel more often than those in the GM cage. The most striking difference was that the mice fed GM food were "more distressed" than the other mice. "Many were running round and round the basket, scrabbling desperately in the sawdust, and even frantically jumping up the sides—something Id never seen before. For me, this was the most discon- certing evidence that GM food is not quite normal," said Hinze. Another "interesting result" is that one of the mice in the GM cage was found dead at the end of the experiment. Hinzes report was presented to the Dutch Parliament on December 11, 2001, and can be found at the website "This computer projection says that in 20 years time, water-fuelled cars will be perfected. That computer projection says that in 20 years time, (Sources: The Ecologist, June 2002; Dr the scarcest resource will be water." Mae-Wan Hos report at her website, • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... ALERT ON NEW FORM OF CJD PHTHALATES IN COSMETICS laboratory found phthalates in Pantene ProT wo young men from Michigan who died from Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease(CJD) last (northern) autumn were only I n May 2002, a coalition of American V "Healthy Hold" and Aqua Net environmental and public health organi- hairsprays, Arrid and Degree deodorants, sations contracted with a major national and fragrances like Poison by Christiandiagnosed because a specialist insisted on laboratory to test 72 name-brand, off-the- Dior and Cotys Healing Garden Pure Joytests that wouldnt normally be done. He is shelf beauty products for the presence of Body Treatment, to name just a saying that when anyone, no matter phthalates—a large family of industrial (Source: Not Too Pretty website,how young, dies with suspicious neurolog- chemicals linked to permanent birth symptoms, there should be a post- defects in the male reproductive system.mortem to check for CJD. The laboratory found phthalates in 52 of US SPACE AND STRATEGIC The men, aged 26 and 28, were brought 72 products tested—including nine of 14 COMMANDS TO MERGEto the University of Michigan hospital inAnn Arbor last summer with rapidly wors-ening neurological symptoms. One had deodorants, all 17 fragrances tested, six of seven hair gels, four of seven mousses, 14 of 18 hair sprays, and two of nine hand and A s part of the ongoing initiative to transform the US military into a 21st- century fighting force, Secretary ofsevere epilepsy, the other had symptoms of body lotions—in concentrations ranging Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld hasdementia. from trace amounts to nearly three per cent announced the intention to merge two uni- Norman Foster, the attending neurolo- of the product formulation. fied commands whose missions includegist and a CJD specialist, says that, Major loopholes in federal law allow the control of Americas nuclear forces, mili-although neither mans symptoms fitted all US$20-billion-a-year cosmetics industry to tary space operations, computer networkthe official criteria for the disease, he still put unlimited amounts of phthalates into operations, strategic warning and globalpushed for biopsies. They revealed that many personal care products—with no planning.each had a different form of sporadic CJD. required testing, no required monitoring of The intended merger of US Space The pattern of brain lesions and an health effects, and no required labelling. Command (SpaceCom) and US Strategicanalysis of the prion proteins that caused To the coalitions knowledge, the 72 Command (StratCom) is meant to improvethe disease showed it was not vCJD, the product tests detailed in the study represent combat effectiveness and speed up infor-human form of BSE. Nor did it look like the most comprehensive information avail- mation collection and assessment neededthe chronic wasting disease of deer that able on the occurrence of phthalates in for strategic decision-making.occurs in neighbouring Wisconsin, which individual beauty care products. "The missions of SpaceCom andsome fear might also be transmissible to None of the 52 phthalate-containing StratCom have evolved to the point wherehumans. products lists the offending chemical on its merging the two into a single entity will Foster warns that anyone who dies with ingredients label. eliminate redundancies in the commanddementia should be autopsied, and brain Phthalates damage the developing testes structure and streamline the decision-biopsies should be taken from young of offspring and cause malformations of making process," said Rumsfeld.people who might have CJD. the penis and(Source: New Scientist, May 11, 2002) other parts of the reproduc-BSE RISK FROM POLIO VACCINE tive tract.T he UK drugs safety watchdog has been criticised for allowing polio vaccinesmade from banned cattle products to be The same phthalates found to causegiven to hundreds of thousands of people. permanent Prof. Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief harm of theMedical Officer, said the Medicines m a l eControl Agency (MCA) should have taken reproductiveextra care and acted more proactively to system instop the potential contamination with BSE- laboratoryinfected material in the late 1990s. studies are also He accused drug companies of giving found ininaccurate information about vaccines, and hairsprays,called on the MCA to monitor the industry deodorants andmore carefully. fragrances— His report investigated a brand of oral including thosepolio vaccine recalled in October 2000 from big-nameafter fears that it could be contaminated companies likewith BSE. Revlon, Calvin The vaccine, one of two used in Britain, K l e i n ,was made using British foetal calf serum Christian Dior "Oh, the Anglo guy in black? He left his mobile phone switcheddating from the mid-1980s. and Procter & on during a film festival."(Source: The Telegraph, UK, June 7, 2002) Gamble. TheAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... US Strategic Command, located at Offutt is also the fastest-growing crime in the NSA PHONE TAPS MAY CONFIRMAir Force Base in Nebraska, is the com- USA, with one in four families victimised. DIANA WAS PREGNANTmand and control centre for US nuclearforces. US Space Command in ColoradoSprings, Colorado, commands military The Home Office will now consider making identity theft a separate crime. At the moment, stealing someones identity is L awyers acting for Mohamed al-Fayed say that the international electronic eavesdropping network Echelon intercept-space operations, information operations, not an offence; only gaining financially ed telephone conversations in which Diana,computer network operations and space from it is. Princess of Wales, discussed her marriagecampaign planning. Both commands are The document proposes a universal enti- plans and pregnancy.charged with countering the proliferation of tlement card that would allow a "simple The Echelon station at Menwith Hill inweapons of mass destruction. way to access public services". Benefit northern England was reportedly used to "StratCom and SpaceCom have success- claimants would also use the card, which intercept Dianas private phone calls,fully provided the capabilities to meet the could contain health records, fingerprint details of which are believed to be amongstnations defense needs for many years," information and bank details. hundreds of documents held by the US-said Rumsfeld. "The merged command Home Secretary David Blunkett wants to based NSA. Mohamed al-Fayeds lawyerswill be responsible for both early warning make the card part of the "citizenship" have been trying to secure the documentsof and defense against missile attack as debate, with legal residents in Britain through the US Freedom of Informationwell as long-range conventional attacks." receiving a positive sense of identity and legislation, so far without success. The intended merger is scheduled to take rights to services by carrying it, and he has Mr al-Fayed has consistently maintainedplace in October 2002, and the preferred presented the scheme to the House of that Diana and Dodi were murdered bylocation for the command headquarters is Commons. The proposal has been a never- forces loyal to the monarchy because theOffutt Air Force Base. realised pet project of both Labour and Princess planned to marry a Muslim.(Source: US Department of Defense News Conservative governments for more than According to the London S u n d a yRelease No. 331-02, June 26, 2002) 20 years. Express, Mr al-Fayed believes that Diana Refusing to register for a card would was under US surveillance because of her UK PROPOSES ID CARDS TO probably be a punishable offence, but min- stance against landmines, which threatened COMBAT IDENTITY THEFT isters indicated that they did not anticipate US military interests.A UK government consultation document reports that identity theft—where criminals use peoples personal major efforts to enforce participation. They expected most people would want to "opt in" to the scheme because they would (Source: Sydney Morning Herald, June 24, 2002)details to launder money, steal goods and be denied services if they did not. FBI SECRETLY CONTROLLEDopen bogus bank accounts—is one of the The creation of a card scheme could AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTYfastest-growing crimes in Britain, rising bymore than 50 per cent in the past year. Inthe first three months of this year, more than involve every UK resident aged 16 and over being issued with a new, unique, personal number. A ccording to a recently released book, The Secret History of the FBI ( S t Martins Press, NY) by veteran journalist10,000 cases were recorded, equal to half of (Sources: The Observer, June 30, 2002; The Ronald Kessler, from 1954 onwards theall the cases recorded in 2001. Identity theft Guardian, May 27 & July 3, 2002) FBI was essentially in charge of the activi- ties of the Communist Party in the USA. According to Kessler, in 1954 the FBI began running a top-secret operation code- named Solo, which entailed operating as an informant Morris Childs—the principal deputy to Gus Hall, head of the American Communist Party. In effect, Childs was the second-ranking official of the party and reported for 27 years on party activities and strategy, while making over 50 clandestine trips to the Soviet bloc, China and Cuba. The FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover held the secret of Solo so tightly that officials in the CIA, NSA, Defense Department, State Department and National Security Council could only read reports of the operation while agents waited to return them to bureau headquarters. Not until 1975 did the FBI inform the President and Secretary of State of the true source of the information. (Source: Website, July 13, 2002)8 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...BRITAIN BLAMED FOR IRELANDS THE IQ OF GEORGE W. BUSH: HOW STUPID IS TOO STUPID? HIDDEN HOLOCAUST by Sean MonkhouseT he politicians refer to it as "Irelands D uring a 1992 photo-op at a New Jersey elementary school, Dan Quayle urged a greatest natural disaster", but, from student to add an "e" to the word "potato". Even though Quayle was reading1845 to 1850, Ireland did not starve for from a misspelled flashcard and had been guilty of several more-serious blun-food because of potato blight: it starved ders, it was enough to confirm the suspicions of many Americans that Quayle wasbecause its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads indeed a bumbling idiot not fit to be in office.per day, was removed at gunpoint by Ten years later, and US President George W. Bush is busy making Dan Quayle look12,000 British constables reinforced by the like a brain surgeon. During his short presidency, Bush has trounced Quayles record ofBritish militia, battleships, excise vessels, misspelling and misspeaking and he is positively off the charts when it comes to histhe Coast Guard and 200,000 soldiers. lack of world knowledge and basic social skills. Britain seized from Irelands producers Despite the daily reminders of this idiocy, the press and the people remain silent.tens of millions of head of livestock and When Bush fumbles the first line of an important speech, or forgets what he is talkingtens of millions of tons of flour, grains, about or to whom he is talking, half of us nod in approval while the other half quietlymeat, poultry and dairy products—enough grimace in sustain 18 million persons. Granted, with all thats going on today, it might seem trivial or untimely to focus on When the European potato crop failed in the Presidents IQ. After all, we still have terrorists to kill. But if George W. Bush can1844 and food prices rose, Britain ordered leave America in the middle of a "war", for European photo-ops and a meaninglessregiments to Ireland. When blight hit the treaty, we can take a little time away from criticising his policies and get down to the1845 English potato crop, its food removal man himself. What better time to demand a smart President than when America needsregiments were already mobilised in one the most?Ireland. Grossly overpopulated relative to Take Bushs recent trip to Europe, where he visited several world leaders, signed aits food supply, Britain faced famine unless nuclear treaty with Russias President Putin and had an audience with the could import vast amounts of alternative While meeting and greeting our nations most important allies and negotiating withfood supplies. But it didnt grab merely President Putin—leader of the USAs former nemesis, the USSR, now Russia—Irelands surplus food or enough Irish food President Bushs behaviour ranged from the frat-boy humour that left many people awk-to save England; it took more—for profit wardly staring at the ground—like his thanking President Putin for mowing the lawn—and to exterminate the people of Ireland. to repeatedly forgetting what country he was in. Other blunders were a bit more pro- Assuming Britains census figures for found. A video clip widely played in Europe shows the President of the United StatesIreland are correct, revisionist historians spitting out his chewing gum into his hand before signing the "historic" Treaty ofare now claiming that the British govern- Moscow.ment murdered approximately 5.16 million Bushs show of stupidity in Europe, humiliating as it was, doesnt even come close toIrish men, women and children between the depths of idiocy reported last week [early June] by the German paper Der Spiegel.1845 and 1850. According to the article, during a meeting with Fernando Cardoso, Bush asked the fol-(Source: lowing question to the 71-year-old President of Brazil: "Do you have blacks too?" Let that sink in for a second… "Do you have blacks too?" COLD WAR NUCLEAR TESTS President Cardoso, a sociologist, author and speaker of four languages, had little time STILL KILLING THOUSANDS to display his shock and horror before National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice tried to come to the rescue by explaining to Bush that Brazil did indeed "have blacks"A US government study says that the fallout from Cold War nuclear testscarried out by the US, Britain, France and and, in fact, was home to one of the largest black populations outside of Africa. I cant think of a single reason that would absolve Bush of his blatant stupidity in thisthe Soviet Union has caused the deaths of instance. If he were joking, which he wasnt, it would have been horribly tasteless andan estimated 15,000 Americans—so far. inappropriate at the very least. If he seriously didnt know that Brazil does "have Excerpts of the report have been pub- blacks" but suddenly found himself interested in the subject, surely some synapse inlished on a website run by a watchdog that little brain of his would have fired, we would hope, and he would have said to him-group, the Institute for Energy and self: "Oh, this might not be the best time."Environmental Research (see http://www. At the very least, he could have whispered the question to Rice and avoided The study reported that everyone embarrassment and apprehensive grins that followed. Hell, he could have waited andliving on the US mainland has been looked it up online for himself. But no. Bush doesnt seem to care enough to go to that kind of trouble. Instead, he makes an ass out of himself and the country he to fallout. Bush, with his non-existent education and his lack of desire to attain one, doesnt prep "The message is, we are all down- himself before meeting the leaders of the world or even express the faintest interest inwinders," said Bob Schaeffer of the other countries or their citizens. But right now, no one seems to mind. He can thankAlliance for Nuclear Accountability, a Americas patriotic stupor for not calling him on such a moronic, telling and unexplain-coalition of pressure groups. He said the able question as "Do you have blacks too?" Id like to see a new headline onreport summary had not been made public Newsweeks cover: "The President Didnt Know!"because of unwillingness by governments (Source: From an article by Sean Monkhouse, June 17, 2002, at the Yellow Times website,to acknowledge the impact of past nuclear http//; also at the Jeff Rense website, programs. "They misunderestimated me." — George W. Bush(Source: The Guardian, March 1, 2002)AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  11. 11. Editors Note: The following article is extracted and edited from the concluding sec- tion of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmeds book, The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 ( It is reprinted with permission of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, UK. In examining any crime, a central question must be: "who benefits?" The princi - pal beneficiaries of the destruction of the World Trade Center are in the United States: the Bush administration, the Pentagon, the CIA and FBI, the weapons This analysis of industry, the oil industry. It is reasonable to ask whether those who have profited available evidence to such an extent from this tragedy contributed to bringing it about. — Investigative journalist Patrick Martin suggests the CONCLUSIONS complicity of covert A s far as the facts on record are concerned, the best explanation of them, in the opinion of this author, is one that points directly to US state responsibility for US government, the events of September 11, 2001. A detailed review of the facts points not only to Kabul but to Riyadh, Islamabad and, most principally, Washington. military and Furthermore, in the opinion of this author, the documentation presented in this study strongly suggests, though not necessarily conclusively, that significant elements of United intelligence groups States government, military and intelligence agencies had extensive advance warning of in the events the September 11 attacks, and in various ways had complicity in those attacks. This is certainly not a desirable inference, but it is one that best explains the available data. surrounding This examination has found that a specific war on Afghanistan, to be launched in October 2001, had been planned for at least a year and, in general terms related to regional September 11, strategic and economic interests, had actually been rooted in at least four years of strategic planning. This planning, in turn, is the culmination of a decade of regional strategising. 2001. All that was required was a trigger for these war plans, which was amply provided by the tragic events of September 11. We have also discussed compelling evidence that not only did US government, military and intelligence agencies anticipate what was going to happen on September 11, but no public warnings were given and no appropriate measures were taken. It is a fact that the American intelligence community received multiple authoritative warnings, both general and specific, of a terrorist attack on the US using civilian airliners as bombs, targeting key buildings located in the nations capital and New York City, and likely to occur around early to mid September. It is also a recorded fact that emergency response systems suffered consistently inex- plicable failures on that day, allowing the attacks on the World Trade Center and by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed Pentagon to continue without an effective air response. A detailed investigation of the © 2002 actual chronology of events on September 11 strongly suggests that this sort of massive systematic failure was possible only through wilful obstructions from key US government Executive Director and military officials. Institute for Policy Research & It is a documented fact that the Bush administration furthermore systematically blocked Development investigations of terrorists involved or strongly suspected of being involved—including Brighton, East Sussex, UK Osama bin Laden, his family and suspect Saudi royals who support him—prior to Email: September 11. Even after September 11, the Bush administration has continued to misdi- Website: rect investigations and block pertinent inquiries, with the FBI concentrating futile efforts on Germany rather than Saudi Arabia—where, according to the late former FBI DeputyAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. Director John ONeill, the real source of bin Ladens network lies. The Facts as DocumentedIn particular, it is a documented fact that the Bush administration A summary of the facts on record, as documented in this study,has sealed any inquiry into the complicity of the ISI [Pakistans is presented here:Inter-Services Intelligence] in the September 11 attacks. • Both the United States and the [former] USSR are responsible Indeed, there is reason to believe that through the ISI, which for the rise of religious extremism, terrorism and civil war withinhas "close links" to the CIA and plays the role of a regional instru- Afghanistan since the 1980s. The US, however, is directlyment of US interests, elements of US military intelligence may responsible for the cultivation of a distorted "jihadi" ideology that,have had direct complicity in funding and supporting the terrorists along with US arms and training, fuelled the ongoing war and actswho undertook the air attacks on September 11. This notion is of terrorism within the country after the withdrawal of Sovietsupported by the fact that the ISI chief, who siphoned forces.US$100,000 to the alleged lead hijacker Mohamed Atta, resigned • The US approved of the rise of the Taliban and went on atquietly under US pressure—thus avoiding a scandal produced by least tacitly to support the movement, despite its egregious humanundue publicity, along with any accompanying demands for an rights abuses against Afghan civilians, in order to secure regionalinvestigation into the full extent of the strategic and economic interests.ISIs role in September 11. It is a docu- • The US government and militarymented fact that the Bush administra- planned a war on Afghanistan prior totion, in applying pressure, has success- The US government has September 11 for at least a year, a planfully protected the ISI from any further allowed suspected terrorists rooted in broad strategic and economicdamaging revelations on its complicity considerations related to control ofin supporting those behind the air linked to Osama bin Laden to Eurasia, and thus the consolidation ofattacks, while also protecting the ex- train at US military facilities unrivalled global US hegemony.chief of ISI himself. • The US government has consis- By obstructing investigations of ter- financed by Saudi Arabia as tently blocked investigations androrists and by maintaining what effec- well as at US flight schools inquiries of Saudi royals, Saudi busi-tively amounts to a covert financial, nessmen and members of the binpolitical and even military alliance with for years. Laden family implicated in supportingthem, the Bush administration has Osama bin Laden and terrorist opera-effectively supported their activities. tives linked to him. This amounts, inThe objective of US policy has, further- effect, to protecting leading figuresmore, been focused principally on securing elite strategic and eco- residing in Saudi Arabia who possess ties with Osama bin Laden.nomic interests abroad, while deterring public understanding at • The US government has consistently blocked attempts to indicthome. and apprehend Osama bin Laden, thus effectively protecting him As shocking and horrifying as these conclusions are, they are directly.based on an extensive analysis of events leading up to, during and • The US government has allowed suspected terrorists linked toafter September 11, 2001. However, it is not the intent of this Osama bin Laden to train at US military facilities financed byauthor to pretend that the conclusions outlined here are final. On Saudi Arabia as well as at US flight schools for years.the contrary, in the opinion of this author, these conclusions are • High-level elements of the US government, military, intelli-merely the best available inferences from the available facts that gence and law enforcement agencies received numerous crediblehave been so far unearthed. It is up to the reader to decide and urgent warnings of the September 11 attacks, which were ofwhether or not to agree with this assessment. Ultimately, this such a nature as to reinforce one another successively. Only astudy is not concerned with providing a conclusive account but, full-fledged inquiry would suffice to clarify in a definite mannerrather, is intended to clarify the dire need for an in-depth investi- why the American intelligence community failed to act on thegation into the events of September 11 by documenting the facts. warnings received. However, the nature of the multiple warnings received, along with the false claims by US intelligence agencies that they had no spe- cific warnings of what was about to occur, suggests that the agencies indeed had exten- sive foreknowledge of the attacks but are now attempting to prevent public recogni- tion of this. • In spite of extensive forewarnings, the US Air Force emergency response systems collapsed systematically on September 11, in violation of the clear rules that are nor- mally and routinely followed on a strict basis. This is an event that could only con- ceivably occur as a result of deliberate obstructions to the following of Standard Operating Procedures for emergency response. • To succeed, such systematic "Those cartels are really getting organised." obstructions could only be set in place by key US government and military officials.12 • NEXUS AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002
  13. 13. Both President Bush and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff largely as a form of bribery, payment of which secures the regimeMyers displayed sheer indifference to the September 11 attacks as from being targeted by his network. In the words of the Newthey were occurring, which further suggests their particular Yorker (October 22, 2001), the regime is "so weakened and fright-responsibility. Once again, a full-fledged inquiry is required into ened that it has brokered its future by channelling hundreds ofthis matter. millions of dollars in what amounts to protection money to funda- • Independent journalists revealed that Mahmoud Ahmed, as ISI mentalist groups that wish to overthrow it". As a result, it hasDirector-General, had channelled US government funding to been specifically US interests, rather than those of the SaudiMohamed Atta, described as the "lead hijacker" by the FBI. The establishment, that have come under fire from such groups.US government protected Ahmed, and itself, by asking him to While the US seems to have been aware for many years of theresign quietly after the discovery, thus blocking a further inquiry Saudi establishments involvement in funding Al-Qaida, succes-and a potential scandal. sive administrations have deliberately allowed this to continue, • The events of September 11 have in fact been of crucial bene- motivated by concern for oil profits as secured through US hege-fit to the Bush administration, justifying the consolidation of elite mony over the Saudi regime, whose "stability"—meaning ongo-power and profit both within the US and throughout the world. ing rule—must be preserved at any cost. It appears that this sta-The tragic events that involved the murder bility is worth preserving, even if the costof thousands of innocent civilians were be the lives of American soldiers and civil-exploited by the US government to crack ians, abroad and at home.down on domestic freedoms, while launch- Corporate elite interests, in other words,ing a ruthless bombing campaign on the far outweigh alleged concerns for Americanlargely helpless people of Afghanistan, lives. A documented precedent for this sortdirectly resulting in the further killing of of policy is Al-Qaidas bombing of the USalmost double the number of civilians who The events of embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which,died on 9-11. as Richard Labevière reports, did not inter- September 11 have rupt the Clinton administrations indirectPossible US Complicity in 9-11 in fact been of support of bin Ladens network, since "they There are several possible scenarios figured the US would gain more from it inregarding the role of the US government crucial benefit to the the long run". The same brand of consider-that explain these facts. All of these possi- Bush administration, ations seems to have motivated the continu-bilities, however, strongly suggest a signifi- ation and promotion of US ties with thosecant degree of US complicity in the events justifying the responsible for supporting Al-Qaida, evenof September 11. This does not imply consolidation of in the aftermath of September 11—that the US was involved in orches- namely, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.trating the events of September 11 elite power and profit Simultaneously, it is also clear thatfrom start to finish, or that the attackson the World Trade Center and both within the US US intelligence had anticipated Al- Qaidas terrorist plans for SeptemberPentagon were "staged" by the US, or and throughout 11 (at least to a general extent, butthat those responsible were on a directUS payroll in receipt of direct US the world. most probably to a highly specific degree), but continued to facilitate andorders. support—from behind the scenes What it does mean is that the US through its regional allies—the build-government, through its actions and up to the implementation of thoseinactions, effectively facilitated the plans, while ensuring the lack of pre-attacks, protected those responsible, ventive measures at home both priorblocked attempts to prevent the to and on September 11. The reasonattacks, and maintained close political, for this appears to be that thosefinancial, military and intelligence ties attacks were about to occur at a fortu-to key figures who supported those responsible. Whether or not itous time for the Bush administration, which was facing both aevery stage of these policies was a result of deliberation, the role domestic and an international crisis of legitimacy, accompaniedthat the US government has played both historically and currently by growing cracks in world order under US hegemony in the formin key events leading up to and after September 11 strongly sug- of escalating worldwide dissent and protest.gests US responsibility for those events. By allowing these terrorist acts to occur, and by apparently At the very least, this amounts to complicity through negligence pushing a few necessary buttons while closing a few importantor omission, for the simple reason that the US government has doors, thus ensuring their occurrence, the Bush administrationsystematically behaved with wilful recklessness, with sheer indif- effectively permitted and supported Al-Qaida through its keyference as to the probable consequences in terms of loss of allies in its September 11 assault (whether the terrorist networkAmerican lives, in the pursuit of strategic and economic interests. knew it or not), thus establishing the trigger so desperately neededFurthermore, the consistent and indeed systematic manner in to re-assert its power politics worldwide.which these policies have been implemented, even in the after- Indeed, the measures taken by the Bush administration in themath of September 11, also suggests deliberate complicity.1 aftermath of September 11 appear to have been specifically tai- There is, of course, a context to this complicity, which estab- lored to ensure that the increasingly fatal cracks in world order,lishes that the US relationship with Osama bin Laden is far more that had begun to appear both at home and abroad beforecomplex than conventional opinion would have us believe. The September 11, did not appear again.Saudi establishment appears to have been supporting bin Laden The domestic crackdown on basic civil rights, combined withAUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2002 NEXUS • 13