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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 9, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2002 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: CONTENTSLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 CREATION BY OUTSIDE INTERVENTION.................53GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Lloyd Pye. Darwinists, Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents cannot explain the News you may have missed, including a warning emergence of humans or domesticated plants and about an imminent Earth magnetic pole flip, risks to animals. Did outside agents, extraterrestrials, play water integrity and fertility, and legislation designed a part in modifying the genetics of life? to control the sale of herbal medicines in Europe. THE BOCK SAGA: AN ANCIENT TIME CAPSULE......61INSIDERS VIEW OF THE "WAR ON TERRORISM".....13 By Les Whale. An ancient Finnish saga, passed By Michael C. Ruppert. The United States and down orally through the Bock family, speaks several other governments had foreknowledge of volumes about a common source of language and the September 11 terrorist attacks, says Mike culture that goes back untold thousands of years. Vreeland, a former spy for US Naval Intelligence. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................67HISTORY OF THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT.............19 Paradigm-expanding items, including speculations By Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar. Todays Palestinian- on an ancient 3D map found in the Urals, evidence Israeli crisis has its roots in the struggle over land, for settlements in ice-age Tibet, and validation of Billy Meiers claim via the Pleiadians that Ecuadors the deceit of colonial powers and the UNs failure Mt Chimborazo is the worlds highest mountain. to implement its 1947 partition plan for two states. REVIEWS—Books........................................................71HEALING WITH URINE THERAPY.............................29 "Darwins Mistake" by Dr Hans J. Zillmer By Natalia Perera. "Shivambu Shastra", the ancient "The Afterlife Experiments" by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD "Emissary of Love" by James Twyman Ayurvedic medicinal practice of using urine for "The Truth Behind the Christ Myth" by Mark Amaru Pinkham personal health therapy, is gaining acceptance as "Blast It!: How to Eliminate Diseases, Disorders..." (a Rife manual) its myriad benefits are explored by modern science. "Triumph over Cancer" by Agi Lidle "Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette" by Robert C. KaneTHE MYTHS OF VEGETARIANISM—Part 2................35 "Netherworld" by Robert Temple By Stephen Byrnes. Anthropological studies show "Plague, Pestilence and the Pursuit of Power" by Steven Ransom "Health Wars" by Phillip Day that tribal peoples around the globe have never "Atlantis & Power System of the Gods" by Childress and Clendenon been strict vegetarians but eat animal products "Watts the Buzz?" by Lyn McLean from a range of sources to maintain good health. "Disclosure" by Steven M. Greer, MD "How the Sun God Reached America" by R. de Jonge & J. WakefieldTHE SUPPRESSION OF DISSENT IN SCIENCE............43 REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................78 By Will Hart. Even in these "enlightened" modern "Crop Circles: The Research" by B. Janssen & J. Ossebaard times, scientists are denigrated if they propose "Contact" produced by Bert Janssen and Janet Ossebaard "John of God" by Mark Thomas theories and ideas that are at odds with the "Dowsers Down Under" with Alanna Moore establishment-approved view of the world. REVIEWS—Music........................................................79SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................49 "Cello Blue" by David Darling By Don Maisch. The evidence is stacking up that "Big Drum: Small World" by Dhol Foundation "Latin Groove" by various artists mobile phone radiation emissions are dangerous to "The Afro-Indian Project" by Ravi, Hossam Ramzy and others health, particularly that of children, and concerned "Quiet Days" by various artists voices are calling for a precautionary approach. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................87–96JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 9, Number 4 H ello again, and welcome to the wide world of NEXUS. One of the topics Ive been mean- ing to mention for some time is the subject of sceptics. I have a stack of unsolicited arti- cles and letters tearing apart or exposing sceptics and their various agendas and activities. So JUNE – JULY 2002 PUBLISHED BY why dont I publish them? Well, apart from dignifying a bunch of opinionated and self- NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 appointed experts, the truth is that you and I are already the real sceptics of society! EDITOR Think about it. We are the people who are sceptical about the official line that UFOs dont Duncan M. Roads exist; we are sceptical that vaccinations are safe and effective; we are sceptical that there is no CO-EDITOR cover-up on water-fuelled cars or cold fusion; we are sceptical that corporations do not con- Catherine Simons spire with governments to milk taxpayers for all they can; we are sceptical that the medical ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR profession has no cures for cancer; we are sceptical of both Creationists and Darwinists theo- Ruth Parnell ries of human origins; we are sceptical of the claims that there is no CIA drug-trafficking; we EDITORS ASSISTANT are sceptical that there is no agenda for global governance via currency control, etc., etc. In Richard Giles fact, we are sceptical about nearly everything the "experts" would have us believe as truth! OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Those who call themselves sceptics are really not sceptical at all. They believe there are no Jenny Hawke UFO cover-ups; they believe governments are honest; they believe there is no cold fusion or CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE free energy cover-up; they believe that humans evolved from some primeval soup; they Michael C. Ruppert; Joel Beinin, PhD, and believe that mainstream medicine is the best and only option, while they ridicule acupuncture, Lisa Hajjar, PhD; Natalia Perera; homoeopathy and so on They are nothing more than societys self-appointed (and self-aggran- Stephen Byrnes, PhD; Will Hart; dising) thought-police, attempting to silence any legitimate questioning of mainstream propa- Don Maisch; Lloyd Pye; Les Whale ganda. Sceptics are the ones who would have warned Columbus to stay at home, lest he fall CARTOONS off the edge of the world! Phil Somerville But onto other matters at hand. The first part of the article on the "Myths of Vegetarianism" COVER GRAPHIC attracted much criticism. Ironically, the article actually helps those who want to stay vegetari- John Cook, an and improve their health, but it seems that many missed this point entirely. Judging by the PRINTING tone of language of some of the letters we received, we can dispel another myth. Vegetarians APN, Queensland, Australia can be just as aggressive as meat-eaters—possibly even more so! Blame it on a vitamin B12 AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION deficiency! Be sure to read the second part this issue. Newsagents Direct Distribution I hope that by the time you read this editorial, peace will have broken out in the Middle HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence East—although, as I write this, it looks nearly impossible. One of my primary concerns PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia regarding the Middle East situation is the appalling ignorance amongst Westerners about whyTel: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 Palestinian Arabs and Israelis are fighting each other. It appears that many people under the Email: age of 30 think it is all a result of religious conflict going back a millennium and more. Most Website: publications are very wary of printing anything on the Middle East for fear of upsetting the NEW ZEALAND OFFICE immensely powerful Israeli Zionist lobby in their particular country. Since we seem to be RD 2, Kaeo, Northland upsetting everybody lately, we decided to publish what we think is the most balanced and Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Fax: +64 (0)9 405 1964 accurate account of the history of the conflict that weve come across yet. Email: One article that excites me is "Creation by Outside Intervention". Basically, this addresses USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, the most obvious, logical (but unproved) explanation for how humans came into being. It Denver CO 80206 Tel: +1 (303) 321 5006; Fax: +1 (720) 941 9352 wasnt evolution from mud to monkey to man. It wasnt God doing it over six days. It was Email: due to outside intervention, i.e., extraterrestrial geneticists! No doubt Creationists and Darwinists will soon be uniting to counter this "threat" to their respective dogmas.UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854; The Bock Saga of Finland is another intriguing subject. I first heard of it many years ago Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 and have come across related bits and pieces ever since. As far as Im aware, the article this Email: issue is the first time an attempt has been made to describe this vast saga in print, at least inEUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, English. The last surviving descendant is passing on a history purportedly going back to the The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0)321 380558; last Ice Age and possibly well beyond, so time is of the essence. Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 Urine therapy gets another splash this issue (sorry, I couldnt resist that one!). Six years ago STATEMENT OF PURPOSE we ran the incredible story of an American woman who had been suffering from endometriosisNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a for years. After trying everything mainstream and everything alternative, she tried urinemassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS therapy. It cured her within days! Her story inspired many readers to try urine therapy to treatseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to their own ailments. Weve since heard of skin cancers that disappeared, AIDS patients whoassist people through these changes. NEXUS is notlinked to any religious, philosophical or political recovered, and a host of other disorders that were alleviated. Urine is not a waste product ofideology or organisation. the body; it is a by-product of blood filtration. It is your own perfect, bio-individualised PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY medicine—on tap, when you need it! Read the article and judge for yourself.While reproduction and dissemination of the infor- Most readers already know that mobile phones are probably bad for their health, but we hearmation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone more and more of the risks that radiation emissions pose for children. If you have a child whocaught making a buck out of it, without our express uses a mobile phone, you must read the (non-technical) article in Science News.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 20022 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 3. Letters to the Editor ...Space-Based Weapons Agenda everything, see everything and tar- UFO Disclosure Down Under of Oulu used two geo-radars to Dear Duncan: I heard a report get everyone on Earth. Dear Editor: Overseas govern- examine the entire area aroundlast year on "Starstuff", on ABC Bruce K. Gagnon, Coordinator, ments have not always been open Kajaani Castle. He found no sig-Radio National (Australia), con- Global Network Against Weapons about what they know about the nificant metal objects, except forcerning laser weapons in space. and Nuclear Power in Space, PO UFO phenomenon. Civilian UFO one placed in the deepest plateauApparently, planned for 20 years Box 90083, Gainesville, Florida research organisations in a number of the underlying bedrock. Thehence, NASA is to put 48 plat- 32607, USA, tel (352) 337 9274, of countries have lobbied their object was of "massive metal",forms into orbit, containing sever-, web- governments to release all they "about 160 cm long and 50 cmal different types of lasers. It will site know about the subject. wide, approx. 4 metres under thecompletely cover the globe. Here in Australia, some people surface". Pretty silly that one country, Raw Foods for Healthy Pets wonder if the Australian Following this discovery, aAmerica, gets to have control over Government has "hidden" material group of Scandinavians, including Hello, Duncan: A growing num- a Norwegian professor of archae-the whole globe. How does one ber of veterinarians state that and, if so, why it cannot bedefend against space-based released to the public. ology, sought permission to per- processed pet food is the main form a small and simple excava-weapons systems, lasers, EM cause of illness and premature Are you one of these people?pulses, etc.? Do you have personal information tion. The National Board of death in the modern dog and cat. Antiquities (NBA) refused. Personally, I dont think tyranny In December 1995, the British about the UFO phenomenon thatis on the "spiritual agenda" for is currently not public knowledge? Will the NBA finally allow—or Journal of Small Animal Practice even perform—a small excavationEarth, but lets wait and see. (Its published a paper contending that Then why not get involved withalready got a nice foothold.) the Australian Disclosure at the courtyard of Kajaani Castle, processed pet food suppresses the to let the truth of this matter be Yours sincerely, immune system and leads to liver, Program? Linda A., Chelsea, Victoria, We invite all Australian UFO discovered? kidney, heart and other disease.Australia groups and organisations, plus any More information about the fam- Dr Kollath, of the Karolinska ily saga of Strömsö Manor may be [Dear Linda: Personally, I think Hospital in Stockholm, headed a other interested person(s), to workwe all help decide what our "spiri- towards the establishment of an obtained from the Archives of study done on animals. When Folk Culture at the Swedishtual agenda" is. I, for one, do young animals were fed cooked Australian Disclosure Program toNOT like the idea of space-based present a united front on this issue Society of Literature in Helsinki, and processed foods, they initially or from our website atweapons systems, as whoever con- appeared to be healthy. However, to the Australian Government.trols those systems controls the For further information, contact as the animals reached adulthood,whole planet. I implore all read- they began to age more quickly Diane Harrison by telephone on Information about the ongoingers to treat this subject with more than normal and also developed (07) 5544 6888 or by email on conservation and eventual excava-concern. To that end, I print chronic degenerative disease tion at Kajaani Castle may beanother letter below, which can symptoms. A control group of Diane Harrison, Queensland, obtained from the archaeologicalhelp focus efforts. Ed.] animals raised on raw foods aged Australia department within Finlands less quickly and were free of National Board of Antiquities at degenerative disease. website Space for Peace! Close to Truth of Finnish Saga Stuart A. Rice Dear Editor: The Global A growing number of veterinari- Dear Editor: From the rich folk- ans and animal nutritionists say [Dear Stuart: Thanks for yourNetwork Against Weapons and lore of Finland, with its many letter. Hopefully readers will beNuclear Power in Space enters its that many diseases and much suf- ancient oral traditions, there is one fering of our pets can be prevented encouraged to lobby the10th year of organising in 2002. specific Saga that, until 1984, has Government of Finland and the For the past two years, the or cured with nutrition. Holistic been secretly kept by an old noble veterinarians teach that processed NBA for the excavation to proceedGlobal Network has organised in family that formerly resided at with independent monitoring andOctober an international day of pet food (meaning cooked food) is Strömsö Manor, some 70 kilome- the main cause of illness and pre- for the results to be made public.protest to stop the militarisation of tres west of Helsinki. Wed also like to alert readers tospace. In 2001, there were 115 mature death in the modern dog Based on the old tradition of and cat. Les Whales article on the Bocklocal actions held in 19 countries. memorising and storytelling, the Saga in this issue. Ed.] In 2002, the day of protest will For a return to health, pets the Bock family Saga gives anbe expanded to an entire week of require a diet which strengthens incredibly extensive chronologicalevents to be called "Keep Space the immune system and most overview of the history of both the Unhinged over Teethgrindingfor Peace Week" and will be held closely resembles that which they Arctic and tropical cultures. Dear NEXUS: I have been anduring October 4–11. would get in the wild (meaning According to the family saga as enthusiastic NEXUS reader for the The US Space Command pre- raw food). Grains are not part of well as other sources, the castle in past few years, and mostly mydicts that because of "corporate the natural diet of wild dogs and Kajaani in northern Finland was interest has been unusual phenom-globalisation", the gap between cats. the last resort of the old kingdom ena like UFOs, crop circles and"haves" and "have nots" will Carnivores cannot maintain that ruled Finland during pagan the like.widen worldwide in coming years. long-term production of the quan- times. In 1248, the last Finnish Over time, a couple of your arti- With space "control and domina- tity of amylase enzyme necessary king laid down his sceptre, to be cles on health issues have caughttion" in place, the Space to properly digest and utilise the subsumed under the religious my eye, and now Id like to bringCommand will become the mili- carbohydrates. (Catholic) Kingdom of Sweden. up my own health problem. Ittary arm for the multinational cor- You can find more information However, before the abdication, allegedly affects millions aroundporations, enabling the US to sup- about the optimum diet for ani- the kings regalia were sealed in a the world, but hardly any researchpress those who protest US global mals at http://www.shirleys- lead box and sunk into the well in is done on the condition: bruxism,dominance. Control the people of Kajaani courtyard, which was then that is, teethgrinding.the world by controlling space… Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson, filled and completely covered. There are only very few peopleWith space domination in place, Shirley@shirleys-wellness- In October 2000, a renowned working and publishing on thisthe military will be able to hear geophysicist from the University problem, which has become a very4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 4. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.destructive influence in my life human race, and you will find experience, but I could never sent Stephen that I am also for-over the years, as it has for many plenty of brick walls, D-notices explain the medical reasons for it. warding on to you for your ownpeople I know. Most dentists and dead ends. There is a popular saying of doc- information. Thank you for con-seem clueless and dont even diag- Beyond this, in 1994 Dick tors from my part of the island: sidering my point of view.nose it in time, while their patients DAmato, then senior counsel to "Portland people are never sick Bruce Tompkinsare unconsciously wearing out the US Senate Appropriations because of the high consumption * Part of my email to Stephen:their teeth and jaw hinges until its Committee, could not penetrate of coconut, and if doctors were to "Dr Gabriel Cousins, who is atoo late. such rogue projects even with sub- depend on Portland people there doctor in the US, has been a vege- If anybody reading NEXUS has poena power and a Top Secret would be no patients to attend to." tarian for 20+ years. He has writ-heard of a cure or could provide clearance. He did discover, how- Cancer and heart disease is ten several books on vegetarianinformation on the subject, could ever, that somewhere between 40 unheard of in my part of the diet and has helped people movethey please email me at and 80 US billion dollars per year island. The inhabitants generally to a more healthy veg diet that was going into such unsupervised live to a good old age. brought them back to greater Thanks for the cool magazine! operations—and that was in 1994 Keep up the good works. I health and spiritual connection. Philip Schlegel, Germany dollars! extend my sincere gratitude to you "Paul Bragg (http://www. There also is hard evidence of and Dr Mary Enig for this paper pioneered raw food upwards of US$11 billion going to you have reproduced over the lastUS Black Budget Technologies two issues of NEXUS Magazine. veg diets in the US and worldwide Dear Editor: The first private black budget programs in 1997 and experienced longevity himself alone, and upwards of $100 billion Sincerely, (he lived to 96 years old and diedexperimentation with teleportationwas attempted in Germany with an per year being siphoned off into Devon Hall, Surrey, UK in a swimming accident, but obvi-extremely sophisticated device of such R&D in more recent times. ously was healthy to the end).approximately one metre in The perpetrators are able to Out-of-Body Travelling "Dr Herbert Shelton, Annlength. In the mid-1990s, the avoid detection, work in compart- Dear Sir: I am very interested in Wigmore and Dr Norman Walker"teleporter" successfully transport- mentalised cells funded by clan- out-of-body travelling, and I like are a few others I know about thated two photons an extremely short destine sources, and evade inter- to compare my experiences with you might research."distance. Prior to this, ground- ception by even skilled investiga- those of others. [Dear Bruce: Thanks for one ofbreaking research had determined tors in the American Congress, What I think people on Earth the few non-aggressive letters ofthat light has mass—which gave Department of Defense and CIA. need to know the most is that they objection weve received on thethis first experimental "teleporter" Consider carefully the words of live a "double" life. subject. Below is the authorsa realistic possibility of success. It Senator Inouye: "There exists a When the body sleeps, we are all reply to some of your points. Ed.]also meant that with a big enough shadowy Government with its own "out of the body" and travellingmemory, buffer bio-mass would Air Force, its own Navy, its own various dimensions of the universe Dear Bruce: Thanks for youreventually be possible. fundraising mechanism, and the including the "spirit" world, visit- feedback. I disagree with you For many years now there have ability to pursue its own ideas of ing "dead" friends and relatives about raw food vegan/vegetarianbeen credible people coming for- the national interest, free from all and also communing with our liv- diets being healthier. I encourageward with stories of R&D dealing checks and balances and free from ing friends and relatives while you to look at the siteswith advanced field propulsion, the law itself." they, too, are out of body. andcloaking and much more being a Every now and again, we are When we wake up, we simply to seereality right now. shown a fleeting glimpse of just "forget" what we did while the more realistic perspectives on But still, every time this sort of how far along all these monies body slept. these diets.information is considered it is in have advanced said research. Keep up the good work! Paul Bragg was not a raw-the context of being in our distant Love, knowledge and peace. Francis L., Ballarat, Victoria, fooder, nor was he a vegetarian. Ifuture. Are we all being condi- Jason K., soulfree73@hotmail. Australia know older men at my gym whotioned by sci-fi, pop culture, com used to exercise with him years [Dear Francis: You may bemedia, movies, books and the like ago at Fort DeRussy in Waikiki, interested to know that a growingto believe that such advanced sci- Hawaii. While he did mostly Proof of Coconuts Benefits number of people are starting toence is still a long way away, follow a raw diet, he had a distinct Dear Sir: The article in NEXUS program themselves to "remem-simply post-dated by a hundred liking for the deluxe hamburgers 9/02–03 on coconut oil brought ber" what they experienced whileyears or so into our future, when me back to my early childhood "out of body". Check out The served at the Sheraton Moanain actual fact it is not that amazing when I was growing up with my Monroe Institute as one such Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki.and far-fetched? family in Jamaica, West Indies. example. Ed.] Herbert Shelton, of natural The public is largely ignorant ofdeclassified advanced research Ever since I can remember, my hygiene and fasting fame, spentprojects from as far back as the parents have been eating coconut Feedback on Vegetarian Diets the last 10 years of his life sickly1960s: like Americas Project oil and kernel, which they fed us Dear Editor: I was very disap- and in constant pain; he was farHorizon, which was all about and is part of our diet to this day. pointed in the article by Stephen from healthy.establishing a permanent lunar My mother, 70, is fit as a fiddle. Byrnes concerning "The Myths of Norman Walker frequently rec-outpost with only Saturn rocket My dad, 71, has never had a Vegetarianism" [9/03–04]. I dont ommended goats milk and rawtechnology; or, more recently, pro- toothache in all his life. His teeth think he represented or researched cheeses.jects like the USAFs advanced are all intact. My brothers and sis- the raw food vegetarian diet—for You may want to read Chetweapon system named Brilliant ters have not been sick with any which there are many sources of Days article, "Natural HealthPebbles as well as handheld, ailment, apart from an occasional facts and practical experience that Gurus Eat Animals Too", postedground- and satellite-based laser cold. indicate it is truly the most natural at EMF weapons systems. I have always known that and healing, life-enhancing diet by All the best, Try to find out what all of this coconut is very good for human far. Stephen Byrnes, PhD, RNCP,expensive research has bought the health, based on my own Following is part of an email* I http://www.powerhealth.netJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 5
  • 5. WHO DIRECTOR WARNS According to the report, expo- ON MOBILE PHONES sure to toxic chemicals, both man-D r Gro Harlem Brundtland, the Director-General of the WorldHealth Organization (WHO), ufactured and natural, causes about three per cent of all developmental defects, and at least 25 per cent offavours a precautionary approach defects might be the result of ato the use of mobile phones and combination of genetic and envi-also discourages children from ronmental factors.using them, according to an inter- The report advises that new dis-view published in the Norwegian coveries in developmental biologynewspaper Dagbladet Norge on and genetics should be used whenMarch 9. scientists analyse chemicals for Dr Brundtland, a former Prime their potential to cause birthMinister of Norway, is also a defects.physician with a degree in public Furthermore it states that, givenhealth. She said that, although she recent advances in understandingdoesnt own a mobile phone, when- how the process of normal devel-ever she uses one she gets a opment occurs, methods can nowheadache that takes about half an be devised to determine howhour to an hour to abate after the chemicals disrupt it in humans.radiation exposure stops. "Many manufactured chemicals, "Its not the sound, but the waves I react TOXIC CHEMICALS EXPOSURE as well as chemicals that occur in nature,to. My hypersensitivity has gone so far CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS have not been adequately evaluated forthat I even react to mobiles closer to methan about four metres," she said. She also gets an "instant reaction" if she A pproximately half of all pregnancies in the United States result in prenatal or postnatal death or an otherwise less than developmental toxicity," said Elaine Faustman, chair of the committee that wrote the report and also Professor ofso much as touches a wireless phone. As healthy baby. And major developmental Environmental Health and Director of thefor computers: "If I hold a laptop to read defects, such as neural tube and heart Institute for Risk Analysis and Riskwhats on the screen, it feels like I get an deformities, occur in approximately Communication at the University ofelectric shock through my arms," she said. 120,000 of the four million babies born in Washington, Seattle. [See also Don Maischs article on mobile the US each year. The committee emphasised that allphones in Science News this issue. Ed.] So says a report released by the US stages of human development—from con-(Sources: Dagbladet Norge, March 9, 2002, National Research Council of the National ception to puberty—should be examined in; Microwave News, Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine toxicity studies, since all developmentalvol. XXII, no. 2, March/April 2002, in June 2000, but which has had little periods are potentially susceptible to toxic exposure in the public domain. agents. (Source: Report, "Scientific Frontiers in Developmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment", from the Committee on Life Sciences, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, National Research Council, USA, available for US$47.20 via website news.nsf/isbn/0309070864?OpenDocument, or by phoning +1 [202] 334 3313) US OMITTED FROM HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT COVERAGE O n its January 16 broadcast, ABCs World News Tonight aired this brief item about the annual report released that day by Human Rights Watch: "The international human rights group Human Rights Watch has released its annual report, and it says that several countries are using the US-led war against terrorism as a justification to ignore human rights. "Human Rights Watch says that Russia,6 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 6. ... GL [BAL NEWS ... EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELDEgypt, Israel, China, Zimbabwe, Malaysia $37 billion, according to Public Citizens PRIMED FOR A FLIP?and Uzbekistan have all cracked down on analysis of the data. Together, the 10 drugdomestic opponents in the name ofterrorism." That summary is close to what the group companies on the list had the greatest return on revenues, reporting a profit of 18.5 cents for every dollar of sales—eight E arths magnetic field could be gearing up for a flip, sending magnetic north to new digs in Antarctica, a study suggests.warned in the January 16 press release for times higher than the median for all Although such a reversal has never beenits annual global survey: Fortune 500 industries, which was 2.2 recorded by humans, switches have "The anti-terror campaign led by the cents. occurred many times in Earths past. LittleUnited States is inspiring opportunistic The drugs industry says it needs extraor- is known about why this happens, butattacks on civil liberties around the world." dinary profits to fund risky research and researchers have suspected for years that But one country singled out for criticism development of new drugs and to absorb currents of molten iron circulating inby Human Rights Watch was conspicuous- the high cost of drug failures in clinical tri- Earths outer core (creeping at about onely absent from ABCs report: the United als. The industrys output of new drugs metre per hour) set up the opposite mag-States, whose anti-terrorism measures has risen only modestly in the past two netic poles at the antipodes. And computerwere described in the groups press release decades, despite a more than sixfold models hint that vortices in the moltenas "threatening long-held human rights increase, after adjustment for inflation, in flow that swirl in a direction which weak-principles". spending on research and development to ens the magnetic field might begin the Among Bush administration actions that more than $30 billion a year. In the past pole-flipping process.were identified as demonstrating a few years, output has actually declined. Now, satellite observations have turned"troubling disregard for well-established Many industry supporters blame tougher up evidence that these subterranean vor-human rights safeguards" were "new laws scrutiny by the Food and Drug tices do exist. By comparing the strengthpermitting the indefinite detention of non- Administration. and orientation of the magnetic field mea-citizens, special military commissions to The time spent to develop a drug, not sured by two satellites in 1980 and 2000,try suspected terrorists, the detention of counting the months consumed by govern- researchers at the Physics of the Globeover 1,000 people, and the abrogation of ment review, has lengthened from about Institute of Paris (IPGP) and the Danishthe confidentiality of attorney-client nine years in the 1980s to more than 11 Space Research Institute in Copenhagencommunications for certain detainees". years, according to the Tufts Center for the were able to plot the currents of molten While ABC ignored this criticism of the Study of Drug Development, and the cost iron that create the magnetic dipole.US in favour of pointing fingers at other has more than doubled, after adjustment In an April 11 letter to Nature, the teamcountries, the HRW report actually drew a for inflation, to $800 million. describes large whorls off the southern tipconnection between the erosion of human Public Citizen notes that the Tufts of Africa and near the poles—areas whererights standards in the US and overseas. Center gets money from drug companies the magnetic field has already flipped. On January 17, the UK Guardian quoted and maintains that the centres figures are (Source: American Association for theHRW thus: "...dictators need do nothing inflated to justify high drug costs. Advancement of Science, April 10, 2002,more than photocopy measures introduced (Sources: British Medical Journal, no. 324,; also seeby the Bush administration, whose ability May 4, 2002; Public Citizen report available Linda Moulton Howes website,to criticise abuses in other countries was at deeply compromised, said the NewYork–based Human Rights Watch in adevastating 660-page report."(Source: Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting,January 18, 2002, DRUG COMPANIES CONTINUE TO INCREASE PROFITSP harmaceuticals again ranked as the most profitable sector in the UnitedStates in 2001, topping the annual Fortune500 ranking of American corporations. The pharmaceutical industry topped allthree of Fortune magazines measures ofprofitability for 2001, making this decadethe third in which the industry has been ator near the top in all the magazines mea-sures of profitability. Overall profits of Fortune 500 compa-nies declined by 53 per cent in 2001, whilethe top 10 US drug makers increased prof-its by 32 per cent from US$28 billion toJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 7
  • 7. ... GL [BAL NEWS ...WATER QUALITY AND FERTILITY Measured concentrations of OWCs But instead of crime being reduced by THREATENED BY CHEMICALS rarely exceeded drinking-water health advi- these cameras, it is soaring across the coun-P rompted by studies in Europe, the US Geological Survey (USGS) conductedits own study in 1999–2000 on the sories or aquatic-life criteria—but many compounds do not have established guide- lines, and wastewater treatment plants are try. In London, a city of eight million peo- ple, murder is going on at a record pace. Incidence of street robbery—the very crimeprevalence of pharmaceutical drugs, not designed to remove OWCs from that CCTV is supposed to be best at deter-hormones and other organic wastewater sewage. ring—will reach the 50,000 mark this year.contaminants (OWCs) in water resources, These findings are also disturbing in A three-year study commissioned by theand has recently published its results. view of new studies showing that average British government and conducted by the Using new analytical methods able to sperm counts in men from industrialised Scottish Centre for Criminology suggesteddetect a total of 95 OWCs, the USGS took countries have dropped over the past 50 that "spy" cameras had little or no effect onsamples from a network of 139 streams years from about 160 million per millilitre crime. It concluded that "reductions wereacross 30 states. It focused its attention on of semen to 66 million. noted in certain categories, but there waswatercourses susceptible to contamination, In the UK, the Medical Research Council no evidence to suggest that the cameras hade.g., downstream of intensive livestock reports that the fertility of Scottish men reduced crime overall".production, industry and urbanisation. born since 1970 is 25 per cent less than "The cameras appeared to have little In 80 per cent of streams sampled, the those born in the 1950s, with sperm counts effect on clear-up rates for crimes andUSGS found OWCs from agricultural, continuing to drop by two per cent a year. offences," the report said.industrial and residential origins and uses, Hormone-disrupting chemicals— Jason Dittion, a criminologist and thewith 82 of the 95 testable OWCs being including contraceptive residues, studys main author, said the findings "havedetected. There was a median of seven and pesticides, PCBs and phthalates—are taken the stardust out of our eyes about thisas many as 38 OWCs in a given water increasingly being seen as the culprits in new technology".sample. impairing fertility and even in causing male However, experts are convinced that The most frequently detected compounds fish in UK rivers to become feminised. more advanced technology will makewere coprostanol (faecal steroid), choles- One-third of Britains drinking water comes CCTV an even more valuable tool.terol (plant and animal steroid), N,N- from rivers, and most of it is taken from The British government is convinced thatdiethyltoluamid (insect repellant), caffeine below sewerage works. TV surveillance will remain a major anti-(stimulant), triclosan (antimicrobial disin- (Sources: USGS,; crime weapon, and recently announced thatfectant), tri-(2-chlorethyl)-phosphate (fire Environmental Science & Technology, March it is financing the installation of more thanretardant) and 4-nonylphenol (nonionic 13, 2002,; Independent, 200 additional closed-circuit monitoringdetergent metabolite). In 48 per cent of the London, March 17, 2002) systems in London as well as provincialstreams there were antiobiotic residues— cities and towns.14 out of the 22 detectable human and vet- UK CRIME RATE RISES DESPITE (Source: United Press International, Marcherinary antibiotics. Other compounds CCTV SURVEILLANCE 8, 2002, included analgesics, antiasthmatics,antidepressants, codeine, cotinine (a nico-tine by-product), dichlorobenzene, insecti- W ith 1.5 million closed-circuit televi- sion systems watching its streets, office buildings, schools, shopping centres CAN THE COMMON COLD VIRUS CURE CANCER?cides such as carbaryl, chlorpyrifos anddieldren, several phthalate plasticisers anda host of hormonal drugs and hormone- and roads, Britain is one of the most close- ly monitored nations on the planet, and the government is again spending the equiva- F ive years ago, Gary White had a 14- pound tumour in his gut and was given eight months to live. Now hes 49 and sail-mimicking compounds. lent of US$115 million on more. ing and spending time with his kids— thanks, doctors say, to regular injections of a mild flu virus. Dozens of dying men and women are now being deliberately infected with viruses as doctors determine if these microscopic bugs can kill the cancers without killing the patients. People desper- ate to beat their disease have volunteered to catch the flu, a cold or even a modified version of herpes.8 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 8. ... GL [BAL NEWS ... Results from animal studies have been EUS NEW FOOD DIRECTIVE HAS GLOBAL IMPLICATIONSastounding. Injected with viruses, humantumours in mice have shrunk and vanishedcompletely without harming the animals. T he European Union food supplements directive was approved in its second reading in the EU Parliament on March 13, 2002, with only one proposed amendment: the extension of a time limit for submitting dossiers for the approval of vitamin and mineralAnd viruses have worked against not just sources not yet included in the directives appendix (see cancer but nearly every malignancy ments/c5-0640-01_en.pdf). Vitamin and mineral sources found on the market, but notmedicine knows, whether breast, lung, included in the directives appendix, number about 300, mainly the more advanced min-liver, colon, ovarian or even brain. eral formulations (see Researchers at the University of Calgary, Two aspects most likely to influence the supplements industry at this point are:Canada, have completed the first trial • Dosages: The directive mandates that maximum dosages shall be set after consulta-designed to test the safety of a reovirus—a tion by the European Scientific Committee for Foods (SCF). The actual decision, how-bug common to the human gut and nasal ever, is left to administrative action by the European Commission, which is a kind ofpassages. Last Christmas, nine cancer rudimentary government for the European Union. There is a large margin of discretionpatients in Ottawa received infusions with in this setting of dosage limits; article 5 of the directive states that dosages should be setthe same virus. Eighteen patients with sar- with regard to safety, but after considering intake of vitamins from sources other thancomas (cancers of the bone and soft tissue) supplements (i.e., from food) and after taking due account of recommended dailyor breast, skin, head or neck cancer suf- intakes (RDI). So there is really no telling yet where the mood will swing on this; thefered no serious side effects over a 14- rules can be interpreted in a variety of ways.week trial. Some of their tumours even • Ingredients: The directive establishes lists of vitamin and mineral sources thatshowed signs of shrinking, and one tumour may be utilised in the formulation of supplements. The first draft list, which is andisappeared completely. annexe to the text of the directive, itemises the most ineffective forms (especially for The Alberta group is now conducting a minerals) from a viewpoint of bioavailability—forms which have for years been used inPhase 2 trial, testing 45 prostate cancer pharmaceutical drugs and in dietetic products. To add a vitamin or mineral source topatients and, in another experiment, testing the list, a scientific dossier needs to be submitted to the Scientific Committee for Foods.patients with brain cancer. The SCF has laid down strict requirements, including toxicological assays, for these "The results are encouraging, but this is a dossiers (see out100_en.pdf).whole new area that were exploring," said But there is more to be considered. There are at least two legislative proposalsDr John Bell, a senior scientist with Cancer already in the works at the EU which are likely to influence supplements negatively:Care Ontario, which is involved in the • The first one is a proposal for the medicinal registration of herbal products. ThisOttawa trials. Still, he says, in the lab has been proposed by the EC and it appears to be an attempt to extend to the rest of"there hasnt been a cancer that isnt vulner- Europe the restrictive German system, where all herbal products are registered medi-able to a virus". cines (but not restricted only to sale in pharmacies). European industry seems set to Californias Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. oppose this proposal. The time frame for approval is about two years, if it does advanceand Stanford University are testing a genet- as planned.ically altered adenovirus—better known as • The second legislative proposal is even more insidious. It is a general revision ofa common cold bug—in patients with head, the European medicines code, and one of the proposed changes is in the definition ofneck or liver cancer. what constitutes a medicinal product—which would seem to incorporate any substance Harvard is running trials with a modified that can be used for the purposes of staying or getting healthy, even if not presented inherpes virus, and lab research is underway this way. It would also affirm a new principle: that a product can be considered medic-on a weakened polio virus at Duke inal if it fits the (very extensive) definition, even if it is already subject to other legisla-University and on measles at the Mayo tion. In other words, any health product that turns out to become serious competition toClinic. a pharmaceutical product could be picked out and reclassified as a medicine, practically "Tumour cells have already undergone without any possibility of legal recourse.genetic changes to become cancerous," The recent and ongoing EU legislative changes in the field of supplements, herbs,said Dr Bell, who is also a professor of foods and medicines will hit the supplements industry in its most vulnerable area,medicine at the University of Ottawa. reducing the critically important capacity to innovate. If the legislative trend continues"They have thrown out genes that inhibit on its present course, innovation of natural and nutritional products will be extremelytheir growth, but at the same time theyve difficult, if not impossible, for smaller companies. The costs involved will slow inno-thrown out their antiviral programming." vation down to the pace of the biggest players, which have been notoriously reluctant to Unlike bacteria that can multiply on a allow any changes in the status quo.doorknob, a subway seat or a bowl of soup, Another ominous development on the horizon is a UN-related Codex Alimentariusviruses are parasites that depend on a host guideline very similar to the EUs directive on food supplements. This may, in time,cell for their survival. But once a single become even more important than the EU directive, which affects commerce onlyvirus particle busts through a cell wall, it inside the European Union. Use of World Trade Organization mechanisms to force acan replicate from 1,000 to 10,000 times change in a countrys vitamin laws cannot be ruled out.within two days. (Source: from Josef Hasslberger, March 14, 2002,; see also(Source: The Globe and Mail, Canada, April, Health Sciences Institute,, and Health27, 2002, Confidential, May 2002, – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 9
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  • 11. A N I NSIDER S V IEW OF THE W AR ON T ERRORISM [Note: Just prior to the publication of this article, the From The Wilderness website was hacked for the second time in a month. This hacking—accomplished via sophisticated methods—has been apparently intended to prevent us from publishing the following inter- view. As a temporary measure only, please direct emergency email correspondence to FTW will be back up and running in an even more secure manner in the near future. — Michael C. Ruppert, April 5, 2002] Mike Vreeland, a I f all of its dark alleys could be explored, the case of Delmart Edward Joseph "Mike" Vreeland is one which is worthy of a book that would rival War and Peace. It is a discharged US case that has sparked zealous attacks on FTW and me personally, and one which has Navy Lieutenant seriously disturbed many officials in Washington. These attacks are an indication of the threat Vreeland poses to the credibility of the US government. who spied for the There is only one question of any relevance. How was this man able to write details that described the events of September 11, 2001, while locked in a jail cell, more than a Office of Naval month before the attacks occurred? It matters little to a housewife in Kansas if Mike Vreeland has a very confusing crimi- Intelligence, says nal arrest record—some of it very contradictory and apparently fabricated—for a variety of petty criminal offences including fraud. But it might be a matter of the gravest impor- the United States tance for the same housewife if this man knew accurate information about the attacks, tried to warn both the US and Canadian governments about them and was ignored. If a and several other crazy man runs up to you on the street and says that a house is on fire with children governments knew trapped inside and you smell smoke, who is the crazy one if you decide not to investigate? The US Navy says that Vreeland—arrested in Canada on December 6, 2000 and cur- well in advance rently fighting a US extradition warrant—was discharged for unsatisfactory performance after only four months of service in 1986. But a growing pile of evidence, much of it filed what was planned in court records and undisputed by Canadian or US authorities, establishes clearly that Vreeland was exactly what he says he was: a spy. for September 11. In three previous stories, FTW has described how Vreelands military records, acknowl- edged to be in excess of 1,200 pages, have been tampered with. We have described how his lawyers, in open court on a speakerphone, obtained direct confirmation from the Pentagon that he was a US Navy officer. We have also reported that, on March 14, 2002, all Canadian charges against Vreeland were dismissed and he was released on bail. He has been granted temporary refugee status by the Canadian government until his battle to beat the US extradition request is settled. Something that Canadian authorities have never disputed is that Vreeland wrote his ominous and hastily scribbled warning a full month before the attacks, and that the warn- ing was sealed away by his keepers, beyond his reach, until September 14, 2001—three days after the attacks. by Michael C. Ruppert Both Vreeland and his attorneys believe that if he loses his extradition fight, his assassi- © April 2002 nation will occur within days of his return to US soil. Mike Vreeland is not a saint. Covert operatives are not made from such material, and Publisher/Editor governments do not recruit or screen candidates for saintly qualities. By his own admis- From The Wilderness sion in Canadian court documents and in several conversations with FTW, Vreeland says Email: he has done bad things. He has been on probation for petty offences, and he has behaved Website: the way covert operatives behave in the real world, not in Hollywood. I have been studying, interacting with and talking to covert operatives for more than 25 years. It is for this reason that I avoid some of the questions being raised by dilettantesJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 13
  • 12. and neophyte journalists who take all of the threads of Vreelands FTW: Why were you in Moscow and Russia in the latter partstories and run with them into a wilderness from which no profes- of 2000?sional journalist could credibly emerge. MV: I was sent there by the US government and the ONI Yes, I have listened to him talk about so-called "red mercury", [Office of Naval Intelligence]. I got my orders betweenbaseball-sized atom bombs and Star Wars weapons systems. Yes, September 4 and September 7, 2000. Marc Bastien [an intelli-I have heard him talk about a great many things, and I believe that gence asset working under the cover of being a systems analyst]what he told me was truthful according to his knowledge of departed for Russia on September 7, 2000. I had orders to meetevents and the documents he brought back from Moscow in early him. Bastien was going to work at the Canadian embassy regard-December 2000. ing diagrams and blueprints of a weapons defence system. The Even by his own statements, Vreeland, now 35, was a relatively US government had a direct influence on his mission. The namelow-ranking officer and intelligence field operative. Never in the of the defence system is SSST [Stealth Satellite Systemhistory of covert operations has any government entrusted field Terminator]. There are five different individual and uniqueoperatives with total strategic knowledge, because the knowledge defensive and strike capabilities of the system.held by those who make the plans is com- The only portion that I have publiclypartmentalised and locked away. Perhaps 80 spoken on is one frame regarding actualper cent of all intelligence work is disinfor- current orbiting satellites which are not atmation, and governments know that their this time owned by the US government. Onfield operatives risk capture, interrogation advice of counsel, I cannot discuss the otherand torture. Quite often, field operatives are components.themselves fed disinformation so that if they "Within the confines This one component is a satellite, they will still spread lies that serve a Within the confines of the system there arelarger strategic purpose. Quite often, they of the system there are multiple, deployable, space/orbital EMPcarry documents that are deliberately inaccu- multiple, deployable, [electromagnetic pulse] missiles that are notrate and their capture is engineered to give aimed at the ground. They are targeted atthose documents credibility. space/orbital EMP everyone elses satellites. These would kill To the US government, Vreeland is totallyexpendable. And those who run with every [electromagnetic pulse] worldwide communications. The satellites of some countries that are shielded with tita-piece of information he has disclosed missiles that are not nium are protected from thesewill themselves be proved fools in afools game. But one question aimed at the ground. weapons. The protected countries are Russia and China, but US satellites areremains—and it is a question that now They are targeted at vulnerable and Putin has told Bush thatstands vindicated by time and events.He knew something chillingly accurate everyone elses the US Missile Defense System doesnt work, and that Bush knows it.about the 9-11 attacks before they satellites." The reason why I went to Russia washappened. because I needed to meet with Bastien And if he knew something, based and another individual from theupon documents given to him by Russian Ministry of Defence, namedRussian officials indicating US knowl- Oleg. The purpose was to get theedge, and if the US government went to Canadian diplomat who had made con-great lengths to discredit him rather tact with Oleg to get the book ofthan bring him in from the cold, then designs out of the Ministrys R&D.there is real meat on the plate for jour- That was done. We copied the entirenalists, the American government and all of mankind. book. Then we took certain documents and we changed serious I asked him 35 questions, and now you can read Mike portions of the defence design so the program wouldnt work.Vreelands answers as he speaks for himself. The first 32 ques- They know this now. Additionally, I was to pick up docs fromtions were submitted via email to both Vreeland and his attorney, other agents and bring them back.Paul Slansky, for review and were replied to by telephone. The FTW: You told Canadian authorities that Bastien was mur-remaining three questions were asked after the most recent hack- dered when?ing of FTWs website, which we believe was perpetrated by the MV: I never told them he was murdered. I wrote a letter toCIA. This made publication of this story an emergency, and also Bastien around June of 2001 from jail. I sent it to CSISmade a statement about the survival of a free press in America. [Canadian Security and Intelligence Service] in Ottawa, to the[The final three questions are deleted here, but can be seen on director, for his eyes only. I had restructured the diagram to put itFTWs website. Ed.] back in its original state. But I never told anyone exactly how to turn it on and how to build it. CSIS already knew that Bastien From The Wilderness (FTW): What part of the US govern- was dead. He died six days after I was arrested on December 6ment did you work for? Was it the CIA? [2000]... He was killed on December 12. Mike Vreeland (MV): I worked for US Naval Intelligence. CSIS sent RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] (Sgt Mabe,What the CIA directs us to do is their business, so we have no Corporal Kispol) to visit me in jail on August 8, 2001, and theyway of knowing whether were working for them or not. advised me that he was dead. They didnt say he was murdered. FTW: Was your assignment primarily connected to They told me he was dead. I told them that if Bastien was dead, itterrorism/oil? was murder and that they should get a toxicology report. And I MV: Yes, on both issues, in part. would tell you how it was done and who did it.14 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 13. FTW: When did they finally admit that Bastien was FTW: Your written warning contains the statement: "Let onemurdered? happen, stop the rest." Who was going to "let one happen"? Who MV: They admitted that I was correct in mid-January [2002]. was going to "stop the rest"? FTW: When did you first learn details of the attacks that were MV: I cant comment, on the advice of happen on September 11 [2001]? FTW: Does that statement imply that the US or some other MV: In the first week of December 2000. intelligence agency had achieved complete penetration of the FTW: How did you learn of the details? terrorist cells? MV: One document was written in English by a US agent who MV: That goes without question. Sometimes certain govern-had picked up a copy of a document that had been sent to V. Putin ments design, create networks like al-Qaida, which was really theby K. Hussein, Saddam Husseins son. This is what the transla- government in Afghanistan. Those entities create specific prob-tion of the doc indicates. The Iraqis knew in June 2000 that I was lems at the creating governments direction.coming. I didnt get my orders until August. The letter said that FTW: Do you know who had achieved this penetration?Bastien and Vreeland would be dealt with "in a manner suitable to MV: I cannot comment on". The letter specifically stated on FTW: Is it possible that the terror-page two: "Our American official ist cells were being "run" withoutguarantees this." knowing by whom? FTW: Who put the information MV: Absolutely.on the attacks into the pouch, andwhat would have been their motive "After having learned of the FTW: The most common excuse people use to discredit you is thatfor doing so? details of the impending attacks you have prior arrests on fraud MV: I am not allowed to answerthat. It would jeopardise the lives of on the WTC and the Pentagon, charges, and there are several press stories linking you to alleged crimi-active agents, and it would violate how long did you wait before nal activity. How do you explainthe National Security Act of 1947. this? FTW: After having learned of trying to notify Canadian and US MV: The American Expressthe details of the impending attacks authorities of the information?" charges are b.s., and AmEx has stat-on the WTC and the Pentagon, how ed on tape that the specific chargeslong did you wait before trying to in question were approved. Theynotify Canadian and US authorities admit that there was no fraud on thisof the information? card. That card had been issued to MV: On December 6, 2000, I told Lt Delmart Michael Vreeland. TheCanadian authorities to their face that I needed to contact the AmEx people admitted that the card was a US Navy card.Canadian military immediately. I wrote it down. She [the People have accused me of identity theft. If anybody checkedCanadian official] was playing games, so I wrote down that I was with the police departments in the US, they would find that therea Russian spy and a weapons systems expert, and that I wanted to is not one police report from any individual in the US who hastalk to them today. I said I was a Russian because I figured it alleged that I have stolen any identities. There is not a singlewould get their attention. The name they had on me was Mikhail identified victim anywhere. Three judges in Canada have deniedCristianov (Michael Christian), because I had ID that used this my requests to have discovery and disclosure on these allegedname. charges. FTW: What was their reaction? The press stories that have circulated about my past are lies. MV: The Canadians turned blue, walked away, and I never Portions of the stories alleging fraud and ID theft are lies. I havesaw them again. threatened to sue these papers, and the stories have been pulled. FTW: How did it make youfeel? MV: I was pissed off. Its onvideo [referring to a standard jailsurveillance/ security video]. FTW: Did the US and Canadianresponse lead you to reach any con-clusions? If so, what were they? MV: I thought I was dealingwith idiots who had no clue aboutwhat was about to happen. Itsbeen put to me that there were cer-tain officials who wanted theattacks to happen. No one ever had any intention ofbuilding the system I was afterbecause it would have made thedefence budget obsolete. Onething that happened after 9-11 wasthat the Pentagon budgets soared.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 15
  • 14. I was working with ONI. Certain government officials— people we investigate.politicians, brass and high-ranking military—have 11th FTW: Are you afraid you will be killed if you are extradited toAmendment privileges and cant be sued. Another government the US? Why?agency has to go investigate activities connected to weapons MV: Yes. Because I have spoken out.smuggling, organised crime and drug trafficking. They use their FTW: Can you explain why the Canadian courts will not allowpower to break laws, and were not allowed to investigate them. your attorneys to introduce evidence that verifies your position Thus certain parts of the US government designed an entity with the US Navy?called UIID (Unofficial Intelligence Investigation Division). It MV: Yes. The Canadians are totally subservient to US intelli-was designed by Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda, who allegedly gence interests. Theyre afraid of Uncle Sam. It would also provecommitted suicide. Boorda put this together prior to becoming that CSIS covered up Marc Bastiens death, and that there was aCNO [Chief of Naval Operations]. He was not a bad guy. cover-up involving a member of a major drug organisation that Intelligence officers are sometimes put into positions where had planned assassinations of prominent Canadians. In fact, onethey are given assignments to infiltrate specific organisations that individual was found dead in a vat of acid. He was a hit man.are powerful enough to check out a newcomers background. FTW: What do you want?Page 335 of the Charter Application in Canadian Court shows a MV: I want my uniform back, my back pay at $4,210.90 acopy of orders from Southern Command. These orders are dated month and my honour. [Vreeland received discharge papers inApril 18, 2000, concerning an anti-drug jail, just days after 9-11. The discharge,operation we were mounting. At approxi- faxed via an unnamed source, did not specifymately the same time, the media released "Honorable" or "Dishonorable" conditions,widespread stories that I was a wanted crim- but he was stripped of all benefits. FTW]inal. This was a means of providing cover "The Canadians are I want President Bush to give me a fulland credibility for me with the people I was totally subservient to and complete pardon and the amnesty of theinfiltrating. US intelligence interests. US government. I am owed that. I want FTW: How many times have you been Bush personally to know everything that Iarrested on criminal charges? Theyre afraid of know, and what kind of threats there are MV: Maybe three. Some of this I did, Uncle Sam. It would against the US. Its never going to happen,like a DUI charge in New York. I had been so I am now seeking permanent refugee sta-at the UN, and I had definitely been also prove that tus in Canada and the protection of thedrinking. CSIS covered up United Nations. FTW: How many times have you been FTW: What do you think will happenconvicted? Marc Bastiens death, next in your case? MV: I have never been legally con- and that there was a MV: I dont know. My attorney isvicted of any criminal felony activity cover-up involving a in court seeking a postponement of theanywhere. The drunk driving charge is extradition case because the Canadianstill pending, and I have admitted in member of a major drug government will not allow me to sub-open court that I did it. organisation that had poena very important US witnesses FTW: The Michigan warrant for from the Pentagon and other card fraud is based upon the use planned assassinations FTW: Is the "War on Terrorism"of your own credit card. How do you of prominent about something other than what theexplain this? Canadians." people of the world are being told? MV: It is a set-up. MV: What "War on Terrorism"? FTW: Were your credit cards FTW: What do you think willauthorised or facilitated by the US happen next in the war on terror?Navy or any part of the US MV: Eventually, someones going togovernment? have to tell the truth. Once those peo- MV: Yes. ple are dealt with according to law, FTW: Could the US government or any of its intelligence there will be no more false terror spread across the globe. ∞agencies have "inserted" the charges through state and localagencies? Editors Note: MV: Yes. Michael C. Ruppert, a speaker at the 2002 NEXUS FTW: You were in custody in New York on the date the Conference in Sydney, is Publisher/Editor of From Thealleged Michigan offence took place. What was the charge, and Wilderness newsletter. He can be contacted at: FTW, POwhat was the disposition of that case? Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA, telephone MV: That was the DUI charge. (818) 788 8791, fax (818) 981 2847, email mruppert@copv- FTW: Was working with organised crime families a part of, website FTW is publishedyour duties with the navy? 11 times annually; subscriptions are US$50 in USA for 12 MV: Yes. issues, or US$60 foreign. FTW: Were any of the organised crime families in Michigan? Mike Ruppert advises that as a result of the most recent MV: Yes. hackings of their website, FTWs sales and cash flow have FTW: For what reason were you working with organised been interrupted while they are spending the thousands ofcrime? dollars necessary to upgrade security and web services. FTW MV: I was under orders to do so, 90 per cent of the time. supporters who wish to make donations in this emergencyOrganised crime supplies the weapons and drugs that go to the may do so by calling (818) 788 8791.16 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 15. A B RIEF H ISTORY OF THE A RAB -I SRAELI C ONFLICT T he conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews is a modern phenomenon which began around the turn of the 20th century. Although these two groups have different religions (Palestinians include Muslims, Christians and Druze), religious differences are not the cause of the conflict. It is essentially a struggle over land. Until 1948, the area that both groups claimed was known internationally as Palestine. But following the war of 1948–49, this land was divided into three parts: the state of Israel, the West Bank (of the Jordan River) and the Gaza Strip. This is a small area: approximately 10,000 square miles. The competing claims are not reconcilable if one group exercises exclusive political control over the total territory. The current crisis in Jewish claims to this land are based on the biblical promise to Abraham and his descen- dants, on the fact that this was the historical site of the Jewish kingdom of Israel (which was Palestinian-Israeli destroyed by the Roman Empire), and on the Jews need for a haven from European anti- Semitism. relations has its Palestinian Arabs claims to the land are based on continuous residence in the country for many hundreds of years and the fact that they represented the demographic majority. They roots in the early reject the notion that a biblical-era kingdom constitutes the basis for a valid modern claim. 20th century If Arabs engage the biblical argument at all, they maintain that since Abrahams son Ishmael is the forefather of the Arabs, then Gods promise of the land to the children of Abraham struggle for land includes Arabs as well. They do not believe that they should forfeit their land to compensate Jews for Europes crimes against them. and the UNs failure THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE to implement its In the 19th century, following a trend that began earlier in Europe, people around the world began to identify themselves as nations and to demand national rights, foremost the 1947 partition plan right to self-rule in a state of their own (self-determination and sovereignty). Jews and Palestinians both began to develop a national consciousness, and mobilised to achieve for two states. national goals. Because Jews were spread across the world (in diaspora), their national movement, Zionism, entailed the identification of a place where Jews could come together through the process of immigration and settlement. Palestine seemed the logical and opti- mal place, since this was the site of Jewish origin. The Zionist movement began in 1882 with the first wave of European Jewish immigration to Palestine. At that time, the land of Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire. However, this area did not constitute a single political unit. The northern districts of Acre and Nablus were part of the province of Beirut. The district of Jerusalem was under the direct authority of the Ottoman capital of Istanbul because of the international significance of the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem as religious centres for Muslims, Christians and Jews. According to Ottoman records, in 1878 there were 462,465 subject inhabitants of the Jerusalem, Nablus and Acre districts: 403,795 Muslims (including Druze), 43,659 Christians and by Joel Beinin and Lisa Hajjar 15,011 Jews. In addition, there were perhaps 10,000 Jews with foreign citizenship (recent © 2001, 2002 immigrants to the country), and several thousand Muslim Arab nomads (Bedouin) who were not counted as Ottoman subjects. The great majority of the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) From the website of the lived in several hundred rural villages. Jaffa and Nablus were the largest and economically Middle East Research and most important Arab towns. Information Project (MERIP) Until the beginning of the 20th century, most Jews living in Palestine were concentrated Email: in four cities with religious significance: Jerusalem, Hebron, Safad and Tiberias. Most of Website: them observed traditional, orthodox religious practices. Many spent their time studying religious texts and depended on the charity of world Jewry for survival. Their attachment toJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 19
  • 16. the land was religious rather than national, and they were not Although many Jews became Zionists by the early 20th century,involved in—or supportive of—the Zionist movement which began until the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany and the institution of ain Europe and was brought to Palestine by immigrants. Most of the "Final Solution" to exterminate world Jewry most Jews were notJews who immigrated from Europe lived a more secular lifestyle Zionists. Most orthodox Jews were anti-Zionist. They believedand were committed to the goals of creating a Jewish nation and that only God should reunite Jews in the Promised Land, andbuilding a modern, independent Jewish state. regarded Zionism as a violation of Gods will. By the outbreak of World War I (1914), the population of Jews Some Jews in other parts of the world, including the Unitedin Palestine had risen to about 60,000, about 33,000 of whom were States, opposed Zionism out of concern that their own position andrecent settlers. The Arab population in 1914 was 683,000. rights as citizens in their countries would be at risk if Jews were recognised as a distinct national (rather than religious) group. ButZIONISM the horrors of the Holocaust significantly diminished Jewish Zionism, or Jewish nationalism, is a modern political movement. opposition or antipathy to Zionism, and following World War IIIts core beliefs are that all Jews constitute one nation (not simply a most Jews throughout the world came to support the Zionistreligious or ethnic community) and that the only solution to anti- movement and demand the creation of an independent Jewish state.Semitism was the concentration of as many Jews as possible in Although orthodox Jews continued to oppose the creation of aPalestine/Israel and the establishment of a Jewish state for several more decades, they sup-Jewish state there. The World Zionist ported mass settlement of Jews in Palestine as aOrganization, established by Theodor Herzl in means of strengthening and protecting the com-1897, declared that the aim of Zionism was to munity. And following the 1967 Arab-Israeliestablish "a national home for the Jewish peo- war, most orthodox Jews who previously hadple, secured by public law". The World Zionist resisted Zionism adopted the belief that Israels Zionism drew on Jewish religious attachment overwhelming victory in the war was a sign ofto Jerusalem and the Land of Israel (Eretz Organization, Gods support and a fulfilment of Gods promiseIsrael). But the politics of Zionism was influ- established by to bring about the Messianic era.enced by nationalist ideology and by colonial The areas captured and occupied in 1967,ideas about Europeans rights to claim and settle Theodor Herzl in especially the West Bank, were important toother parts of the world. 1897, declared that religious Jews because they are the core of the Zionism gained adherents among Jews and biblical Land of Israel (Judea and Samaria).support from the West as a consequence of the the aim of Zionism Consequently, Israels victory in 1967 gave risemurderous anti-Jewish riots (known as was to establish to a more religious variation of Zionism."pogroms") in the Russian Empire in the Some existing political parties representinglate 19th and early 20th centuries. The "a national home for orthodox Jews came to embrace religiousNazi genocide (mass murder) of European the Jewish people, nationalism, and new parties and move-Jews during World War II killed over six ments formed to advocate Israels perma-million, and this disaster enhanced interna- secured by public nent control and extensive Jewish settle-tional support for the creation of a Jewishstate. law". ment in the West Bank and Gaza. The religious-nationalist parties and There are several different forms of groups that constitute the far right of theZionism. From the 1920s until the 1970s, Israeli political spectrum maintain a hardthe dominant form was Labor Zionism, line on matters relating to territory and thewhich sought to link socialism and nation- Arab-Israeli conflict. They have alliedalism. By the 1920s, Labor Zionists in with the Likud Party. Although the LaborPalestine had established the kibbutz Party also has supported Jewish settlementmovement (a kibbutz is a collective commune, usually with an agri- in the West Bank and Gaza, a key difference is a willingness tocultural economy), the Jewish trade union and cooperative move- consider a territorial compromise with Palestinians as a means ofment, the main Zionist militias (the Haganah and Palmah) and the ending the conflict. The Likud and its allies oppose any territorialpolitical parties that ultimately coalesced in the Israeli Labor Party withdrawal. In 1977, the Likud won the national election, for thein 1968. The top leader of Labor Zionism was David Ben-Gurion, first time unseating the Labor Party that had governed Israel sincewho became the first Prime Minister of Israel. independence. Since then, Likud and Labor have alternated as the A second form of Zionism was the Revisionist movement, led by governing party, sometimes forming coalition governments whenVladimir Jabotinsky. They earned the name "Revisionist" because neither could achieve a clear electoral victory.they wanted to revise the boundaries of Jewish territorial aspira- A minority of Jewish Israelis belongs to left-wing Zionist parties,tions and claims beyond Palestine to include areas east of the which formed a political coalition known as Meretz in the 1980s.Jordan River. In the 1920s and 1930s, they differed from Labor Meretz often joins Labor-led governments. Leftist Zionists areZionists by declaring openly the objective to establish a Jewish fully committed to maintaining Israel as a Jewish state, but tend tostate (rather than the vaguer formula of a "national home") in be more willing than the Labor Party to compromise on territorialPalestine. And they believed that armed force would be required to issues and have relatively greater sympathy for Palestinians nation-establish such a state. Their pre-state organisations that included al aspirations for a state of their own.the Betar youth movement and the ETZEL (National Military A tiny minority of ultra-leftist Jewish Israelis identify themselvesOrganization) formed the core of what became the Herut (Freedom) as non- or anti-Zionists. Some of them aspire to see all ofParty after Israeli independence. This party subsequently became Israel/Palestine transformed into a single state with citizenship andthe central component of the Likud Party, the largest right-wing equal rights for all inhabitants, and others advocate the creation of aIsraeli party since the 1970s. Palestinian state in all of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.20 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 17. THE BRITISH MANDATE IN PALESTINE In the 1920s, when the Jewish National Fund purchased large By the early years of the 20th century, Palestine was becoming a tracts of land from absentee Arab landowners, the Arabs living introuble spot of competing territorial claims and political interests. these areas were evicted. These displacements led to increasingThe Ottoman Empire was weakening, and European powers were tensions and violent confrontations between Jewish settlers andentrenching their grip on areas in the eastern Mediterranean, Arab peasant tenants.including Palestine. In 1928, Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem began to clash over During 1915–16, as World War I was underway, the British High their respective communal religious rights at the Wailing Wall (al-Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon, secretly correspond- Buraq in the Muslim tradition). The Wailing Wall, the sole rem-ed with Husayn ibn Ali, the patriarch of the Hashemite family and nant of the second Jewish Temple, is one of the holiest sites for theOttoman Governor of Mecca and Medina. McMahon convinced Jewish people. But this site is also holy to Muslims, since theHusayn to lead an Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire, which Wailing Wall is adjacent to the Temple Mount (the Noblewas aligned with Germany against Britain and France in the war. Sanctuary in the Muslim tradition). On the mount is the site of theMcMahon promised that if the Arabs supported Britain in the war, al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, believed to mark thethe British government would support the establishment of an inde- spot from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven on apendent Arab state under Hashemite rule in the Arab provinces of winged horse.the Ottoman Empire, including Palestine. The Arab revolt, led by On August 15, 1929, members of the Betar youth movement (aT. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") and Husayns son Faysal, pre-state organisation of the Revisionist Zionists) demonstrated andwas successful in defeating the Ottomans, and Britain took control raised a Zionist flag over the Wailing Wall. Fearing that the Nobleover much of this area during World Sanctuary was in danger, Arabs respond-War I. ed by attacking Jews throughout the But Britain made other promises dur- country. During the clashes, 64 Jewsing the war, which conflicted with the In the 1920s, when the Jewish were killed in Hebron. Their MuslimHusayn-McMahon understandings. In1917, the British Foreign Minister, Lord National Fund purchased large neighbours saved others. The to exist community of Hebron ceased JewishArthur Balfour, issued a declaration (the tracts of land from absentee when its surviving members left forBalfour Declaration) announcing hisgovernments support for the establish- Arab landowners, the Arabs Jerusalem. During a week of commu- nal violence, 133 Jews and 115 Arabsment of "a Jewish national home in living in these areas were killed and many wounded.Palestine". were evicted. European Jewish immigration to A third promise, in the form of a Palestine increased dramatically aftersecret agreement, was a deal that Britain Hitlers rise to power in 1933, leadingand France struck between themselves to new land purchases and Jewish set-to carve up the Arab provinces of the tlements. Palestinian resistance toOttoman Empire and divide control of the region. British control and Zionist settlement climaxed with the Arab revolt After the war, Britain and France convinced the new League of of 1936–39, which Britain suppressed with the help of Zionist mili-Nations (precursor to the United Nations), in which they were the tias and the complicity of neighbouring Arab regimes.dominant powers, to grant them quasi-colonial authority over for- After crushing the Arab revolt, the British reconsidered theirmer Ottoman territories. The British and French regimes were governing policies in an effort to maintain order in an increasinglyknown as "mandates". tense environment. They issued a White Paper, a statement of France obtained a mandate over Syria, carving out Lebanon as a political policy, limiting future Jewish immigration and landseparate state with a (slight) Christian majority. purchases. Britain obtained a mandate over the areas which now comprise The Zionists regarded this as a betrayal of the BalfourIsrael, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jordan. In 1921, the Declaration and a particularly egregious act in light of the desperateBritish divided this region in two: east of the Jordan River became situation of the Jews in Europe, who were facing extermination.the Emirate of Transjordan, to be ruled by Faysals brother The 1939 White Paper marked the end of the British-ZionistAbdullah, and west of the Jordan River became the Palestine alliance.Mandate. This was the first time in modern history that Palestine At the same time, the defeat of the Arab revolt and the exile ofbecame a unified political entity. Throughout the region, Arabs the Palestinian political leadership meant that the Palestinian Arabswere angered by Britains failure to fulfill its promise to create an were politically disorganised during the crucial decade in which theindependent Arab state, and many opposed British and French future of Palestine was decided.control as a violation of their right to self-determination. In Palestine, the situation was more complicated because of the THE UNITED NATIONS PARTITION PLANBritish promise to support the creation of a Jewish national home. Following World War II, escalating hostilities between ArabsThe rising tide of European Jewish immigration, land purchases and Jews over the fate of Palestine and between the Zionist militiasand settlement in Palestine generated increasing resistance by and the British Army compelled Britain to relinquish its mandatePalestinian Arab peasants, journalists and political figures. They over Palestine. The British government requested that the recentlyfeared that this would lead eventually to the establishment of a established United Nations determine the future of Palestine, but itsJewish state in Palestine. Palestinian Arabs opposed the British hope was that the UN would be unable to arrive at a workable solu-Mandate because it thwarted their aspirations for self-rule, and they tion and would turn Palestine back to them as a UN trusteeship.opposed massive Jewish immigration because it threatened their A UN-appointed committee of representatives from variousposition in the country. In 1920 and 1921, clashes broke out countries went to Palestine to investigate the situation. Althoughbetween Arabs and Jews, in which roughly equal numbers of both members of this committee disagreed on the form that a politicalgroups were killed. resolution should take, there was general agreement that theJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 21
  • 18. country would have to be divided in order to satisfy the needs and THE PALESTINIAN ARAB REFUGEESdemands of both Jews and Palestinian Arabs. As a consequence of the fighting in Palestine/Israel between At the end of 1946, 1,269,000 Arabs and 608,000 Jews resided 1947 and 1949, over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs became refugees.within the borders of Mandate Palestine. Jews had acquired by The precise number of refugees and questions of responsibility forpurchase six to eight per cent of the total land area of Palestine, their exodus are sharply disputed. Many Palestinians have claimedamounting to about 20 per cent of the arable land. that most were expelled in accordance with a Zionist plan to rid the On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to par- country of its non-Jewish inhabitants.tition Palestine into two states, one Jewish and the other Arab. The The official Israeli position holds that the refugees fled on ordersUN partition plan divided the country in such a way that each state from Arab political and military leaders. One Israeli militarywould have a majority of its own population, although some Jewish intelligence document indicates that at least 75 per cent of thesettlements would fall within the proposed Palestinian state and refugees left due to Zionist or Israeli military actions, psychologicalmany Palestinians would become part of the proposed Jewish state. campaigns aimed at frightening Arabs into leaving, and directThe territory designated to the Jewish state would be slightly larger expulsions. Only about five per cent left on orders from Arabthan the Palestinian state (56 per cent and 43 per cent of Palestine, authorities.respectively) on the assumption that increasing numbers of Jews There are several well-documented cases of mass expulsions dur-would immigrate there. According to the UN partition plan, the ing and after the military operations of 1948–49 and the massacresarea of Jerusalem and Bethlehem was to become an international and atrocities that led to large-scale Arab flight. The best-knownzone. instance of mass expulsion is that of the 50,000 Arabs of the towns Publicly, the Zionist leadership accepted the UN partition plan, of Lydda and Ramle. The most infamous atrocity occurred at Deiralthough they hoped somehow to expand the borders allotted to the Yasin, a village near Jerusalem, where estimates of the number ofJewish state. Arab residents killed in cold blood by Israeli The Palestinian Arabs and the sur- fighters range from about 125 to over 250.rounding Arab states rejected the UNplan and regarded the General THE PALESTINIANSAssembly vote as an international On November 29, 1947, Today, the term "Palestinians" refers tobetrayal. Some argued that the UN the Arabs—Christian, Muslim andplan allotted too much territory to the the UN General Assembly Druze—whose historical roots can beJews. Most Arabs regarded the proposed voted to partition Palestine traced to the territory of Palestine as defined by the British mandate borders.Jewish state as a settler colony and into two states, one Jewish About three million Palestinians nowargued that it was only because theBritish had permitted extensive and the other Arab. live within this area, which is divided between the state of Israel and the WestZionist settlement in Palestine against Bank and Gaza (these latter areas werethe wishes of the Arab majority that captured and occupied by Israel in 1967).the question of Jewish statehood was Today, over 700,000 Palestinians are citi-on the international agenda at all. zens of Israel, living inside the countrys Fighting began between the Arab and Jewish residents of 1949 armistice borders. About 1.2 million live in the West BankPalestine days after the adoption of the UN partition plan. The (including 200,000 in East Jerusalem) and about one million in theArab military forces were poorly organised, trained and armed. In Gaza Strip. The remainder of the Palestinian people, perhapscontrast, Zionist military forces, although numerically smaller, another three million, lives in diaspora, outside the country theywere well organised, trained and armed. By the spring of 1948, the claim as their national homeland.Zionist forces had secured control over most of the territory allotted The largest Palestinian diaspora community, approximately 1.3to the Jewish state in the UN plan. million, is in Jordan. Many of them still live in the refugee camps On May 15, 1948, the British evacuated Palestine, and Zionist that were established in 1949, although others live in cities andleaders proclaimed the State of Israel. Neighbouring Arab states towns. Lebanon and Syria also have large Palestinian populations,(Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq) then invaded Israel, claiming that many of whom still live in refugee camps. Many Palestinians havethey sought to "save" Palestine from the Zionists. In fact, the Arab moved to Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf countries to work, andrulers had territorial designs on Palestine and were no more anxious some have moved to other parts of the Middle East or other parts ofto see a Palestinian Arab state emerge than were the Zionists. the world. Jordan is the only Arab state to grant citizenship to the During May and June 1948, when the fighting was most intense, Palestinians who live there. Palestinians in Arab states generallythe outcome of this first Arab-Israeli war was in doubt. But after do not enjoy the same rights as the citizens of those states.arms shipments from Czechoslovakia reached Israel, Israels armed The situation of the refugees in Lebanon is especially dire; manyforces established superiority and conquered territories beyond the Lebanese blame Palestinians for the civil war that wracked thatUN partition plan borders of the Jewish state. country from 1975–91, and demand that they be resettled elsewhere In 1949, the war between Israel and the Arab states ended with in order for the Lebanese to maintain peace in their country. Thethe signing of armistice agreements. The country once known as Christian population of Lebanon is particularly anxious to rid thePalestine was now divided into three parts, each under separate country of the mainly Muslim Palestinians because of a fear thatpolitical control. The State of Israel encompassed over 77 per cent they threaten the delicate balance among the countrys religiousof the territory. Jordan occupied East Jerusalem and the hill coun- groups. Although many Palestinians still live in refugee camps andtry of central Palestine (the West Bank). Egypt took control of the slums, others have become economically successful. Palestinianscoastal plain around the city of Gaza (the Gaza Strip). The now have the highest per capita rate of university graduates in thePalestinian Arab state envisioned by the UN partition plan was Arab world. Their diaspora experience has contributed to a highnever established. level of politicisation of all sectors of the Palestinian people.22 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 19. THE PALESTINIAN ARAB CITIZENS OF ISRAEL In the spring of 1967, the Soviet Union misinformed the Syrian In 1948, only about 150,000 Palestinian Arabs remained in the government that Israeli forces were massing in northern Israel toarea that became the State of Israel. They were granted Israeli citi- attack Syria. There was no such Israeli mobilisation. But clasheszenship and the right to vote. But in many respects they were, and between Israel and Syria had been escalating for about a year, andremain, second-class citizens, since Israel defines itself as the state Israeli leaders had publicly declared that it might be necessary toof the Jewish people and Palestinians are non-Jews. bring down the Syrian regime if it failed to end Palestinian com- Until 1966, most of the Palestinian Arabs were subject to a mili- mando attacks against Israel from Syrian territory.tary government that restricted their movement and other rights (to Responding to a Syrian request for assistance, in May 1967speech, association and so on). Arabs were not permitted to Egyptian troops entered the Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel. Abecome full members of the Israeli trade union federation, the few days later, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser asked theHistadrut, until 1965. About 40 per cent of their lands were confis- UN observer forces stationed between Israel and Egypt to evacuatecated by the state and used for development projects that benefited their positions. The Egyptians then occupied Sharm al-Shaykh atJews primarily or exclusively. the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula and proclaimed a blockade All of Israels governments have discriminated against the Arab of the Israeli port of Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba, arguing that accesspopulation by allocating far fewer resources to Eilat was through Egyptian territorialfor education, health care, public works, waters. These measures shocked and fright-municipal government and economic develop- ened the Israeli public, which believed it wasment to the Arab sector. in danger of annihilation. Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel have had As the military and diplomatic crisis con-a difficult struggle to maintain their cultural tinued, on June 5, 1967 Israel pre-emptivelyand political identity in a state that officially attacked Egypt and Syria, destroying their airregards expression of Palestinian or Arab In 1956, Israel joined forces on the ground within a few hours.national sentiment as subversive. Until 1967, with Britain and France Jordan joined in the fighting belatedly, andthey were entirely isolated from the Arab consequently was attacked by Israel as and were often regarded by other Arabs to attack Egypt, The Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armiesas traitors for living in Israel. Since 1967, ostensibly to reverse the were decisively defeated, and Israel capturedmany have become more aware of theiridentity as Palestinians. Egyptian governments the WestSinai Peninsula from the Gaza Strip and the Bank from Jordan, Egypt, and the One important expression of this iden- nationalisation of the Golan Heights from Syria.tity was the organisation of a general The 1967 war, which lasted only sixstrike on March 30, 1976, designated as Suez Canal (then under days, established Israel as the dominantLand Day, to protest the continuing con- French and British regional military power. The speed andfiscation of Arab lands. The Israeli thoroughness of Israels victory discred-security forces killed six Arab citizens control). ited the Arab regimes. In contrast, theon that day. All Palestinians now com- Palestinian national movement emergedmemorate it as a national day. as a major actor after 1967 in the form Many Palestinian Arabs have also of the political and military groups thatcome to understand that their political made up the Palestine Liberationstatus as Israeli citizens and their pro- Organization (PLO).tracted contact with Israeli society hasdifferentiated them from other THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIESPalestinians. Although most of them The West Bank and the Gaza Stripsupport the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank became distinct geographical units as a result of the 1949 armisticeand the Gaza Strip, few would pursue the possibility of relocating that divided the new Jewish state of Israel from other parts ofthere if such a state were to come into existence. Mandate Palestine. From 1948 to 1967, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,THE JUNE 1967 WAR was ruled by Jordan, which annexed the area in 1950 and extended After 1949, although there was an armistice between Israel and citizenship to Palestinians living there. During this period, thethe Arab states, the conflict continued and the region remained Gaza Strip was under Egyptian military administration. In the 1967imperilled by the prospect of another war. This was fuelled by an war, Israel captured and occupied these areas along with the Sinaiescalating arms race, as countries built up their military caches and Peninsula (which it took from Egypt) and the Golan Heights (whichprepared their forces (and their populations) for a future show- it captured from Syria).down. Israel established a military administration to govern the In 1956, Israel joined with Britain and France to attack Egypt, Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank and Gaza. Underostensibly to reverse the Egyptian governments nationalisation of this arrangement, Palestinians were denied many basic politicalthe Suez Canal (then under French and British control). Israeli rights and civil liberties, including freedom of expression, freedomforces captured Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula, but were forced to of the press and freedom of political association. Palestinianevacuate back to the armistice lines as a result of UN pressure—the nationalism was criminalised as a threat to Israeli security, whichlead being taken by the United States and the Soviet Union, in an meant that even displaying the Palestinian national colours was auncharacteristic show of cooperation to avert further conflict in the punishable act. All aspects of Palestinian life were regulated andMiddle East. By the early 1960s, however, the region was becom- often severely restricted by the Israeli military administration. Foring a hot spot of Cold War rivalry as the US and the Soviet Union example, Israel forbade the gathering of wild thyme (zatar), awere competing with one another for global power and influence. basic element of Palestinian cuisine.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 23
  • 20. Israeli policies and practices in the West Bank and Gaza have Fatah, the largest group, and has been PLO Chairman since 1968.included extensive use of collective punishments such as curfews, The other major groups are the Popular Front for the Liberation ofhouse demolitions and closure of roads, schools and community Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation ofinstitutions. Palestine (DFLP) and, in the occupied territories, the Palestine Hundreds of Palestinian political activists have been deported to Peoples Party (PPP, formerly the Communist Party).Jordan or Lebanon, tens of thousands of acres of Palestinian land Despite factional differences, the majority of Palestinians regardhave been confiscated, and thousands of trees have been uprooted. the PLO as their representative.Since 1967, over 300,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned In the 1960s, the PLOs primary base of operations was Jordan.without trial, and over half a million have been tried in the Israeli In 1970–71, fighting with the Jordanian Army drove the PLO lead-military court system. Torture of Palestinian prisoners has been a ership out of the country, forcing it to relocate to Lebanon. Whencommon practice since at least 1971, and dozens of people have the Lebanese civil war started in 1975, the PLO became a party indied in detention from abuse or neglect. Israeli officials have the conflict. After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, theclaimed that harsh measures and high rates of imprisonment are PLO leadership was expelled from the country, this time relocatingnecessary to thwart terrorism. According to Israel, Palestinian to Tunisia.terrorism includes all forms of opposition to the occupation Until 1993, Israel did not acknowledge Palestinian national rights(including non-violence). or recognise the Palestinians as an independent party to the conflict. Israel has built hundreds of settlements and permitted hundreds Israel refused to negotiate with the PLO, arguing that it was noth-of thousands of its own Jewish citizens to move to the West Bank ing but a terrorist organisation, and insisted on dealing only withand Gaza, despite the fact that this constitutes a breach of interna- Jordan or other Arab states. It rejected the establishment of ational law. Palestinian state, insisting that Israel has justified the violation of the Palestinians should be incorporated intoFourth Geneva Convention and other the existing Arab laws governing military Since 1967, over 300,000 This intransigence ended whenoccupation of foreign territory on the Israeli representatives entered intogrounds that the West Bank and the Palestinians have been secret negotiations with the PLO,Gaza Strip are not technically "occu- imprisoned without trial, and which led to the Oslo Declaration ofpied" because they were never part of Principles.the sovereign territory of any state. over half a million have beenTherefore, according to this interpreta- tried in the Israeli military UN SECURITY COUNCILtion, Israel is not a foreign "occupier" RESOLUTION 242but a legal "administrator" of territory court system. Torture of After the 1967 War, the Unitedwhose status remains to be determined. The international community has Palestinian prisoners has been Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 242, which notes therejected the Israeli official position that a common practice since "inadmissability of the acquisition ofthe West Bank and Gaza are not occu-pied and has maintained that interna- at least 1971... territory by force" and calls for Israeli withdrawal from lands seized in thetional law should apply there. But little war and the right of all states in theeffort has been mounted to enforce area to peaceful existence within secureinternational law or hold Israel account- and recognised for the numerous violations it has engaged in since 1967. The grammatical construction of the French version of Resolution 242 says Israel should withdraw from "the territories",JERUSALEM whereas the English version of the text calls for withdrawal from The UN partition plan advocated that Jerusalem become an inter- "territories". (Both English and French are official languages of thenational zone, independent of both the proposed Jewish and United Nations.) Israel and the United States use the English ver-Palestinian Arab states. sion to argue that Israeli withdrawal from some, but not all, the ter- In the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, Israel took control of the western ritory occupied in the 1967 war satisfies the requirements of thispart of Jerusalem, while Jordan took the eastern part including the resolution.old walled city containing important Jewish, Muslim and Christian For many years, the Palestinians rejected Resolution 242 becausereligious sites. The 1949 armistice line cut the city in two. In June it does not acknowledge their right to national self-determination or1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordan and almost to return to their homeland. It calls only for a just settlement of theimmediately annexed it. It reaffirmed its annexation in 1981. refugee problem. Israel regards Jerusalem as its "eternal capital". Arabs consider By calling for recognition of every state in the area, ResolutionEast Jerusalem part of the occupied West Bank and want it to be 242 entailed unilateral Palestinian recognition of Israel withoutthe capital of a Palestinian state. recognition of Palestinian national rights.THE PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION (PLO) THE OCTOBER 1973 WAR The Arab League established the Palestinian Liberation After coming to power in Egypt in late 1970, President AnwarOrganization in 1964 as an effort to control Palestinian nationalism Sadat indicated to UN envoy Gunnar Jarring that he was willing towhile appearing to champion the cause. The Arab defeat in the sign a peace agreement with Israel in exchange for the return of1967 War enabled younger, more militant Palestinians to take over Egyptian territory (the Sinai Peninsula) lost in 1967. When thisthe PLO and gain some independence from the Arab regimes. overture was ignored by Israel and the United States, Egypt and The PLO includes different political and armed groups with Syria decided to act to break the political stalemate. They attackedvarying ideological orientations. Yasir Arafat is the leader of Israeli forces in the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights in24 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 21. October 1973, on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. The sur- active in the occupied territories: Fatah, the PFLP, the DFLP andprise attack caught Israel off guard, and the Arabs achieved some the PPP. This broad-based resistance drew unprecedented interna-early military victories. This prompted American political inter- tional attention to the situation facing Palestinians in the West Bankvention, along with sharply increased military aid to Israel. and Gaza, and challenged the occupation as never before. After the war, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pursued a Under the leadership of Minister of Defence Yitzhak Rabin,diplomatic strategy of limited bilateral agreements to secure partialIsrael tried to smash the intifada with "force, power and blows".Israeli withdrawals from the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Army commanders instructed troops to break the bones of demon-Heights, while avoiding negotiations on more difficult issues strators. From 1987 to 1991, Israeli forces killed over 1,000including the fate of the West Bank and Gaza. By late 1975, these Palestinians, including over 200 under the age of sixteen.efforts had exhausted their potential and there was no prospect of By 1990, most of the UNLU leaders had been arrested and theachieving a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace settlement. intifada had lost its cohesive force, although it continued for several In late 1977, Sadat decided to initiate a separate overture to more years. Political divisions and violence within the PalestinianIsrael. His visit to Jerusalem on November 19, 1977, led to the community escalated, especially the growing rivalry between theCamp David accords and the signing of an Egyptian-Israeli peace various PLO factions and Islamist organisations such as Hamastreaty in 1979. (Islamic Resistance Movement) and Islamic Jihad. Palestinian mil- itants killed over 250 Palestinians suspected of collaborating withCAMP DAVID I the occupation authorities and about 100 Israelis during this period. In September 1978, US President Jimmy Carter invited Sadat Although the intifada did not bring an end to the occupation, itand Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to Camp David, a made it clear that the status quo was untenable. The intifada shiftedpresidential retreat in Maryland. They worked out two agreements: the centre of gravity of Palestinian political initiative from the PLOa framework for peace between Egypt and Israel, and a general leadership in Tunis to the occupied territories.framework for resolution of the Middle Palestinian activists in the occupiedEast crisis, i.e., the Palestinian question. territories demanded that the PLO adopt The first agreement formed the basis In December 1987, the a clear political program to guide theof the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty Palestinian population in the struggle for independence. In response,signed in 1979. The second agreement the Palestine National Council (aproposed to grant autonomy to the West Bank and Gaza started a Palestinian government-in-exile), con-Palestinians in the West Bank and the mass uprising against the Israeli vened in Algeria in November 1988,Gaza Strip and to install a local admin- recognised the state of Israel, pro-istration for a five-year interim period, occupation. This uprising, or claimed an independent Palestinianafter which the final status of the terri- intifada, was not started or state in the West Bank and the Gazatories would be negotiated. orchestrated by the PLO Strip, and renounced terrorism. Only the Egyptian-Israeli part of the The Israeli government did notCamp David accords was implemented. leadership in Tunis. respond to these gestures, claiming thatThe Palestinians and other Arab states nothing had changed and that the PLOrejected the autonomy concept because was a terrorist organisation with whichit did not guarantee full Israeli withdrawal from areas captured in it would never negotiate.1967 or the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The United States did acknowledge that the PLOs policies had In any case, Israel sabotaged negotiations by continuing to con- changed, but it did little to encourage Israel to abandon itsfiscate Palestinian lands and build new settlements in violation of intransigent stand.the commitments Menachem Begin made to Jimmy Carter at CampDavid. THE MADRID CONFERENCE American and Israeli failure to respond meaningfully to PLOTHE INTIFADA moderation resulted in the PLOs opposition to the US-led attack on In December 1987, the Palestinian population in the West Bank Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War. The PLO did not endorse Iraqsand Gaza started a mass uprising against the Israeli occupation. annexation of Kuwait, but it saw Saddam Husseins challenge to theThis uprising, or intifada (which means "shaking off" in Arabic), US and the Gulf oil-exporting states as a way to alter the regionalwas not started or orchestrated by the PLO leadership in Tunis. status quo and focus attention on the question of Palestine.Rather, it was a popular mobilisation that drew on the organisations After the Gulf War, the PLO was diplomatically isolated.and institutions that had developed under occupation. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia cut off the financial support they had The intifada involved hundreds of thousands of people, many been providing, bringing the PLO to the brink of crisis. The Unitedwith no previous resistance experience, including children, States sought to stabilise its position in the Middle East by promot-teenagers and women. For the first few years it involved many ing a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Despite their turnforms of civil disobedience, including massive demonstrations, against the PLO, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were anxious to resolvegeneral strikes, refusal to pay taxes, boycotts of Israeli products, the Arab-Israeli conflict and remove the potential for regional insta-political graffiti and the establishment of underground schools bility that it created.(since regular schools were closed by the military as reprisals for The administration of President Bush felt obliged to its Arabthe uprising). It also included the throwing of stones and Molotov allies, and pressed a reluctant Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhakcocktails and the erection of barricades to impede the movement of Shamir to open negotiations with the Palestinians and the ArabIsraeli military forces. states at a multilateral conference convened in Madrid, Spain, in Intifada activism was organised through popular committees October 1991. Shamirs conditions, which the US accepted, wereunder the umbrella of the United National Leadership of the that the PLO be excluded from the talks and that the PalestinianUprising. The UNLU was a coalition of the four PLO parties desires for independence and statehood not be directly addressed.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 25
  • 22. In subsequent negotiating sessions held in Washington, DC, key issues such as the extent of the territories to be ceded by Israel,Palestinians were represented by a delegation from the occupied the nature of the Palestinian entity to be established, the future ofterritories. Participants in this delegation were subject to Israeli the Israeli settlements and settlers, water rights, the resolution ofapproval, and residents of East Jerusalem were barred on the the refugee problem and the status of Jerusalem were set aside to begrounds that the city is part of Israel. Although the PLO was for- discussed in final status talks.mally excluded from these talks, its leaders regularly consulted The PLO accepted this deeply flawed agreement with Israelwith and advised the Palestinian delegation. because it was weak and had little diplomatic support in the Arab Although Israeli and Palestinian delegations met many times, lit- world. Both Islamist radicals and local leaders in the West Banktle progress was achieved. Prime Minister Shamir announced after and the Gaza Strip challenged Arafats leadership. Yet only Arafathe left office that his strategy was to drag out the Washington nego- had the prestige and national legitimacy to conclude a negotiatedtiations for 10 years, by which time the annexation of the West agreement with Israel.Bank would be an accomplished fact. The Oslo accords set up a negotiating process without specifying A new Israeli Labor Party government, led by Yitzhak Rabin, an outcome. The process was supposed to have been completed byassumed office in June 1992 and promised rapid conclusion of an May 1999. There were many delays due to Israels reluctance toIsraeli-Palestinian agreement. Instead, the Washington relinquish control over the occupied territories, unwillingness tonegotiations became stalemated after December 1992, when Israel make the kinds of concessions necessary to reach a final statusexpelled over 400 Palestinian residents of the occupied territories agreement, and periodic outbursts of violence by Palestinian oppo-who were accused (but not tried or convicted) of being radical nents of the Oslo process, especially Hamas and Jihad. During theIslamist activists. Human rights Likuds return to power in 1996–99, Primeconditions in the West Bank and the Minister Benjamin Netanyahu avoidedGaza Strip deteriorated dramatically after Ironically, before the engaging seriously in the Oslo process,Rabin assumed office. This undermined which he distrusted and fundamentallythe legitimacy of the Palestinian intifada, Israeli authorities opposed.delegation to the Washington talks and A Labor-led coalition government ledprompted the resignation of several had enabled the by Prime Minister Ehud Barak came todelegates. development of Islamist power in 1999. Barak at first concentrat- Lack of progress in the Washington ed on reaching a peace agreement withtalks and deterioration of the economic organisations (such as Hamas Syria. When he failed to convince theand human rights conditions in the West and Jihad) as a way to Syrians to sign an agreement that wouldBank and the Gaza Strip accelerated the restore to them less than all the area ofgrowth of a radical Islamist challenge to divide Palestinians in the the Golan Heights occupied by Israel inthe PLO. Violent attacks against Israeli occupied territories. 1967, Barak turned his attention to thetargets by Hamas and Islamic Jihad fur- Palestinian track.ther exacerbated tensions. During the protracted interim period of Ironically, before the intifada, Israeli the Oslo process, Israels Labor andauthorities had enabled the development of Islamist organisations Likud governments built new settlements in the occupiedas a way to divide Palestinians in the occupied territories. But as territories, expanded existing settlements and constructed a networkthe popularity of Islamists grew and challenged the moderation of of bypass roads to enable Israeli settlers to travel from theirthe PLO, they came to regret their policy of encouraging political settlements to Israel proper without passing through Palestinian-Islam as an alternative to the PLOs secular nationalism. inhabited areas. These projects were understood by mostEventually, Yitzhak Rabin came to believe that Hamas, Jihad and Palestinians as marking out territory that Israel sought to annex inthe broader Islamist movements, of which they were a part, posed the final settlement. The Oslo accords contained no mechanism tomore of a threat to Israel than did the PLO. block these unilateral actions or Israels violations of Palestinian human and civil rights in areas under its control.THE OSLO ACCORDS Final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were The weakness of the PLO after the Gulf War, the stalemate in the to have begun in mid-1996, but only got underway in earnest inWashington talks and fear of radical Islam brought the Rabin gov- mid-2000. By then, a series of painfully negotiated Israeli interimernment to reverse the longstanding Israeli refusal to negotiate with withdrawals left the Palestinian Authority with direct or partialthe PLO. Consequently, Israel initiated secret negotiations in Oslo, control of some 40 per cent of the West Bank and 65 per cent of theNorway, directly with PLO representatives who had been excluded Gaza Strip. The Palestinian areas were surrounded by Israeli-from the Madrid and Washington talks. These negotiations pro- controlled territory with entry and exit controlled by Israel.duced the Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles, which was signed The Palestinians expectations were not accommodated by thein Washington in September 1993. Oslo accords. The Oslo process required the Palestinians to make The Declaration of Principles was based on mutual recognition their principal compromises at the beginning, whereas Israels prin-of Israel and the PLO. It established that Israel would withdraw cipal compromises beyond recognition of the PLO were to be madefrom the Gaza Strip and Jericho, and make additional withdrawals in the final status talks.from further unspecified areas of the West Bank during a five-yearinterim period. CAMP DAVID II During this period, the PLO formed the Palestinian Authority In July 2000, US President Clinton invited Prime Minister Barak(PA), with "self-governing" (i.e., municipal) powers in the areas and President Arafat to Camp David to conclude negotiations onfrom which Israeli forces were redeployed. In January 1996, elec- the long-overdue final status agreement.tions were held for a Palestinian Legislative Council and for thepresidency of the PA, which was won handily by Yasir Arafat. The Continued on page 8226 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 23. Shivambu Shastra H EALING WITH U RINE T HERAPY AWAKENING THE HEALER WITHIN W e are in a very magical era: all around us, on all levels, we are witnessing the connection between the East and the West, the ancient and the modern, spiritual heritage and science. We are so truly fortunate to be living in such an exciting time, and to be able to watch in awe the way life unfolds before our very eyes. Modern scientific research is discovering today that ancient spiritual ideas come very close to todays most recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics and vibrational healing methods. The ancient One such powerful practice for healing that is continuing to flourish today is Shivambu Shastra, respected for thousands of years as the "Mother of Ayurvedic Medicine" and Ayurvedic practice commonly known as "Self-Urine Therapy". Shivambu means literally "Water of Shiva", referring to the auspiciousness of the practice. Its "method of drinking urine for rejuvena- of urine therapy is tion" is outlined in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi, part of a 5,000-year-old document called the Damar Tantra, linking this practice back to the Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts. Self- undergoing a urine therapy has been seen as one of the divine manifestations of cosmic intelligence, and resurgence, as its has been used as such by Indian yogis to unleash kundalini up to their third eye. There is something esoteric about urine. It is considered to be a supernatural, living myriad health food because it is a by-product of the blood and contains "life force" or prana. Using urine as a therapeutic tool mirrors to us the "healer within" who works on a mechanistic benefits are being level as well as on an energetic level. This implies that urine, as a holographic substance, has the ability to affect all levels of being—from the physical, through the electromagnet- explored by ic fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler vibrations of the soul. Urine is considered to be an invaluable source of nourishment and healing that perhaps scientists, health has been too controversial or not financially rewarding enough for it to be talked about and encouraged as a potent medicine. Ones own urine, a living food, contains elements practitioners and that are specific to ones body alone. The body is constantly producing a huge variety of the general public. antibodies, hormones, enzymes and other natural chemicals to regulate and control its functions and combat imbalances that one may not be aware of. Clinical studies have proved that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual bodys functions. When re-utilised, these chemi- cals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers. The information that urine contains therefore cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. Just as nature produces no two people who are exactly the same, there are no two urine samples in the world that contain exactly the same components. A STERILE BY-PRODUCT OF BLOOD FILTRATION Urine is not a dirty and toxic substance rejected by the body. Urine is a by-product of by Natalia Perera © 2002 blood filtration, not waste filtration. Medically it is referred to as "plasma ultrafiltrate". It is a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys—whose principal function Saffronrose is not excretion but regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. 49 Ocean Street Urine can be compared to leftovers from a meal, and this metaphor may help us under- Woollahra, NSW 2025 stand why our bodies excrete elements that are valuable to our health and well-being. Australia Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted Telephone: +61 (0)2 9362 8838 as solid waste. Eventually, this purified "clean" blood undergoes a filtering process in the Email: kidneys, where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of aJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 29
  • 24. purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine. The function of the Some of these components are well worth furtherkidneys is to keep the various elements in the blood balanced. consideration—such as allantoin (also found in comfrey, knownThe important elements in the blood are not filtered out because as "bone-knit", and in aloe vera, which guards against sunburn);they are toxic and harmful to the body, but simply because the the amino acid creatinine (popular with body-builders); DHEAbody does not need a particular concentration of an element at hormone (proven by research to have anti-ageing, anticancer andthat specific point in time. It is this very regulating process of the anti-obesity properties); melatonin (known for its calming effectkidneys that allows us to eat and drink more than our bodies need while strengthening the physical body and immunity); and sexat any one time. hormones such as testosterone, androgen and oestrogen. In view of such an array of ingredients, it is easier to understandBIOCHEMICAL COMPONENTS urines antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antineoplastic, Urine is estimated to have thousands of biochemical com- anticonvulsive and antispasmodic effects.pounds, but only 200 or so have been studied. It contains anincredible array of critically important nutrients, enzymes, hor- ACTIONS, BENEFITS AND APPLICATIONSmones, natural antibodies and immune defence agents. Anything that was in the blood cannot be harmful to the person that it came from. Besides, when taken internally, the urine does not go straight into the bloodstream but travels through the Dr A. H. Free published in his book, Urinalysis digestive system, where its constituents are sorted out. The useful in Clinical Laboratory Practice, a list of ones are used up again, while others are rejected as solid waste. constituents which in 1975 was by no means When the level of toxins in the blood increases, this stimulates the exhaustive: intestines and the lymphatic system into flushing themselves out to eliminate any stagnated excrements accumulated in the colon. • Alanine 38 mg/day The amount of toxins found in the urine of each person is related • Arginine 32 mg/day to the amount of stagnated excrement in the colon. So the toxins, • Ascorbic acid 30 mg/day in such minute amounts in urine, stimulate a cleansing reaction in • Allantoin 12 mg/day each individual and vaccinate and protect the body from • Amino acids 2.1 g/day illnesses. • Bicarbonate 140 mg/day Studies on urea, considered the poisonous organic solid in • Biotin 35 mg/day urine, have shown it is converted into an essential amino acid • Calcium 23 mg/day once it is recycled by ingestion, helping our bodies use protein more efficiently. Urea has also been proven to be an extraordinar- • Creatinine 1.4 mg/day ily effective antibacterial and antiviral agent, one of the best nat- • Cystine 120 mg/day ural diuretics and one of the most effective skin moisturisers ever • Dopamine 0.40 mg/day discovered. Urea actually increases the water-binding capacity of • Epinephrine 0.01 mg/day the skin by opening skin layers for hydrogen bonding and thus • Folic acid 4 mg/day attracting moisture to dry skin cells. As a natural diuretic, it is • Glucose 100 mg/day unparalleled and is also widely prescribed in cases of oedema or • Glutamic acid 308 mg/day swelling, glaucoma, epilepsy and meningitis and to reduce excess • Glycine 455 mg/day cerebral and spinal pressure. Urea is an FDA-approved medicinal agent, and its remarkable and comprehensive antineoplastic prop- • Inositol 14 mg/day erties are well utilised in anticancer drugs and treatments. • Iodine 0.25 mg/day Even uric acid, normally thought of as a waste product that can • Iron 0.5 mg/day cause gout, has tremendous medicinal implications, such as acting • Lysine 56 mg/day as a defence against cancer and ageing by actively destroying free • Magnesium 100 mg/day radicals. • Manganese 0.5 mg/day Urokinase, an enzyme also found in urine, is used in drug form • Methionine 10 mg/day to dissolve blood clots and is widely used for unblocking coronary • Nitrogen 15 g/day arteries in victims of heart attacks. • Ornithine 10 mg/day One of the worlds largest fertility drug–producing companies makes use of the ovulation-enhancing hormone in human urine to • Pantothenic acid 3 mg/day make Pergonal, reported to have had US$855 million in sales in • Phenylalanine 21mg/day 1992 (a figure that has continued to increase since then). • Phosphorus, organic 9 mg/day More examples of commercial medical applications of urine • Potassium 2.5 mg/day and urea in use today include: Murine Ear Drops and Murine Ear • Proteins, total 5 mg/day Wax Removal System; Ureaphil, a diuretic made from urea; • Riboflavin 0.9 mg/day Urofollotropin, a urine-extract fertility drug; Ureacin, a urea • Tryptophan 28 mg/day cream for skin problems; Amino-Cerv, a urea cream used for cer- • Tyrosine 50 mg/day vical treatments; Premarin, a urine-extract oestrogen for skin ulcers, burns, infected wounds, and other purposes. • Urea 24.5 mg/day • Vitamin B6 100 mg/day A SUBTLE SCIENCE • Vitamin B12 0.03 mg/day Most urine therapists have never sought a scientific explanation • Zinc 1.4 mg/day for why or how it works; their own experiences have proven to be more than sufficient. However, as modern medicines interest in30 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 25. the powerful healing aspects of Shivambu Shastra grows, more example, disharmonious sounds can been counteracted byresearch is being undertaken and a lot is being revealed to sub- employing the same sounds.stantiate scientifically the therapys very rich history in healing. The vibratory patterns of the body, both in the bones (solid Ayurveda considers disease to be caused by a shift in the inter- crystals) and in the tissues and fluids (liquid crystals), play annal metabolic balance, manifested as the five elements of aether, important role in the process of transmutation. The resonanceair, fire, water and earth in that individual. To create health field of a crystal can make a protein, for example, change its forminvolves rebalancing that unique metabolism to attain elemental into one that is more useful for the body or more easily adaptableequilibrium. by it. This can be described as "modern alchemy", and it res- In scientific terms, one can consider self-urine therapy as an onates with the principles of homoeopathy.extension of the methods of Jenner and Pasteur, as auto- Homoeopathy refers to a therapeutic method which clinicallyinoculation or self-vaccination. Certain bodily substances which applies the "law of similars" and uses medically active substanceshave been removed from the body, some of which may have been at infinitesimal doses and never at full strength, where the originalproduced as a result of an imbalance, are re-introduced into the substance has undergone a dilution process. When the body isbody in small amounts and re-absorbed into the blood through given a homoeopathic remedy, it is stimulated into action noteither the intestines or the skin. This gives the immune system all because of the physical or chemical nature of the substance butthe information that it needs and the chance to react appropriately because of the energetic nature that is received through newto achieve homeostasis. vibratory information. Coen van der Kroon, in his book The Golden Fountain, Isopathy is another valid hypothesis worth considering. Onceproposes what he calls the "transmutation theory" for the microbes have evolved in the blood to a pathogenic level, then de-underlying mechanics of Shivambu Shastra. His proposal is evolving them back to a stage where they are less harmful wouldcoherent in terms of the visible shift in recent times from facilitate recovery. The primary way to do this is through diet toreductionism to holism in scientific research. The theory implies rebalance the pH in the blood. But in severe cases, the processthat the body is capable, through can be accelerated biologically, asenergy exchange, to "short-circuit" the demonstrated by Professor Enderleinssystem by ingesting its own secreted results from his research on thebody fluids to stimulate the development life cycle of the internaltransmutational forces within and In scientific terms, one can parasite. A rather evolved pathogenicchallenge the body to transform consider self-urine therapy as microbe causing disease in the bodyunusable substances into usable ones. can be mated with the same type ofVan der Kroon proposes that self-urine an extension of the methods microbe at an earlier developmentaltherapy could possibly restructure of Jenner and Pasteur, as stage to breed a form that is less strongdisturbed DNA, especially if one is and non-pathogenic. This process isfasting on urine. auto-inoculation or probable since the colloids or somatids The medical doctor and urine self-vaccination. are in fact so small that they aretherapist Dr Johann Abele puts it as unfilterable by the kidneys; therefore,such: once urine is consumed, one can ...the question rises as to whether receive a dose of these pure somatids urine could possibly be considered which biologically proceed to support to be a sort of liquid hologram. Once the body is made the immune function and possibly lead to taking the pathogenic conscious of urine in an unconventional way (such as it being microbes in the blood back down to apathogenic states. This is reintroduced into the body by intramuscular injection or by the basis of isopathic remedies; they promote gentle yet effective ingesting it), the whole organism evaluates it and self-healing through biological means. subsequently updates its own regulating mechanisms... Allergy treatment illustrates this method quite well. By using An important aspect of this theory is the concept of "structured the same substance that is causing the allergy and reintroducing itwater". Both the body and urine are mainly made up of water, in to the body, the immune system is allowed to develop antibodiesvarying degrees of molecular organisation. The more water mole- to the antigen receptors found in the urine to stop the allergiccules are organised, the more efficiently enzymes responsible for response.digestion, absorption and transmutation can do their job. It has been proven that water molecules in biological systems HEALTH POINTERS FOR SELF-THERAPYbecome more organised through exposure to sunlight and through To begin with, Dr Beatrice Bartnett (author of Urine Therapy –close contact with crystals. The body is a receptor of sunlight and It May Save Your Life) suggests making a prayer, thanking ourcontains a high amount of solid and liquid crystalline-like sub- bodies for providing us with this divine elixir, and drinking thestances; indeed, body fluids themselves form fluid crystals. urine slowly, willingly and with cheerfulness! This is all very Urine itself is a crystalline-like substance containing a high well, considering that most people who start drinking urine findamount of structured water, and when retaken it promotes a better the taste much too sour, bitter or pungent and the odour way tooenzymatic functioning and higher solubility for minerals, thus strong. Even if the urine is diluted, they may experience nausea,improving health and increasing energy reserves. Seeing urine as headaches and other strong reactions before they get used to it anda liquid crystal implies that it contains vibrations completely in start seeing results.tune with the vibrational condition of the body it comes from. Martha Christy (author of Your Own Perfect Medicine) sug-Re-ingestion might give the body valuable vibrational information gests not taking copious amounts of water to flush out the kid-needed for two things: first, for maintaining the existing healthy neys, as this dilutes the healing properties of the urine.body resonance, and second, for counteracting disease or stress It is good to remember that urine is a mere sample of what isvibrations and any unhealthy resonance in the body. By way of flowing through the bodys veins, and any repulsion should beJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 31
  • 26. used as a motivation to improve the internal conditions rather than congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect,as an excuse for not using this miraculous therapy for creating as it cleanses the digestive Dr John Armstrong (author of The Water of Life) emphasises Urine is actually less toxic and more alive than much of the the need to massage with urine. He insists that cures work fasterfood and drink that we take into our bodies, which somehow man- and more effectively in those who are bathed, massaged, rubbedage to digest the junk foods and devitalised liquids and still pro- and soaked in their own urine. He highly recommends it for moreduce a valuable, medicinal drink. However, how much more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and thevaluable for medicinal and cleansing purposes if the urine is the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed intoproduct of a body fed healthy, natural, organic and raw foods? the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have Drinking urine makes us think seriously about what we eat. neutralised their potency. In this way, it also works as an excel-Since it is a by-product of the blood, it makes sense that the clean- lent cosmetic for moisturising and healing skin blemishes, burnser the blood is, the healthier the urine will be. But even urine and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to usefrom relatively unhealthy blood contains valuable immunological urine that is 4–8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urinefactors that can improve health if recycled. Urine drinkings is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and notcleansing effect on the blood can be observed by the change in taken internally.taste and the colour of the urine: as it is more and more recycled,it becomes purer and clearer. If one has difficulty urinating—and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSit has been said that a weak flow is a sign of a weak life-force— Can a woman drink her urine during her menses?then this practice actually strengthens the flow of urine, conse- Yes, and although the urethra and the vagina are two separatequently increasing the vital life-force. organs, there is nothing in the menstrual fluid that can harm a per- Ingesting more toxic substances in the body, however, may son if it is accidentally mixed with urine.neutralise the good effects of self-urine therapy. So it is recom-mended that anyone embarking on the therapy give up tobacco in Can a person drink their urine while on medications?all forms and restrict consumption The short answer is no, because of theof cold drinks, spices, fried foods, remote possibility of overdosing on anyjunk foods, refined foods and sugars It is recommended that particular medication by recycling theas much as possible. Above all, it is portion of what is discharged in to avoid alcohol, meat and cof- anyone embarking on urine However, hormone, vitamin and mineralfee as well as recreational drugs. It therapy give up tobacco in supplements can be taken while drinkingis also advisable to follow a low- urine, as long as the intake is frequentlysalt, low-protein diet. all forms and restrict monitored and the amounts reduced Like all other natural therapies, consumption of cold drinks, accordingly as the imbalance improves.this is not a treatment that needs tobe stopped after the relief of certain spices, fried foods, junk foods, In what cases can Shivambusymptoms, but can be incorporated refined foods and sugars Shastra be used?into ones health regime. More Regarded truly as a "panacea",subtle, yet very real effects of this as much as possible. Shivambu Shastra is said to be effectivetherapy as a lifestyle choice include in over 175 health conditions. Diagnosisfeeling stronger, more relaxed, more plays no practical part in the therapy,self-confident, invigorated and generally happier and lighter since the urine sample reflects so perfectly the individuals mostemotionally and physically. intimate details about the state of their health. In fact, it works brilliantly on the more subtle health imbalances that are very real,SELF-THERAPY METHODS yet often too evasive to label medically. The middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most Urine can be massaged topically for the most chronic andpotent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice stubborn skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis,is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is ringworm, sores, fungal infections, insect bites, wounds, burnsbest not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within and even hour before or after eating. Internally, the therapy is said to be effective in treating AIDS Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the (since the AIDS antibodies are found in urine) as well as cancer,tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 1–5 chronic fatigue syndrome, anaemia, all sorts of urinary diseases,drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 5–10 weight loss, colds and flus, candida, diabetes, digestive problems,drops on the second day, and take 5–10 drops on the morning of jaundice and more. It has been medically proven to work againstthe third day and the same amount that evening before going to polio and tuberculosis, and doctors have injected itbed. Once patients feel comfortable with this therapy, they can intramuscularly to treat immunological illnesses such as psoriasis,gradually increase the amount as they see fit to obtain the results basal cell carcinoma and asthma, to name a few.required for their bodys condition. Over time, they can learn toadjust the amount that is needed by observing their reactions to Why does urine therapy seem ineffective in some cases?the therapy; their dosage may become as much as one full cup at a There are times when there is a chronic deficiency of one ortime! several minerals, and in such cases there is none of that mineral in Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths the urine; therefore, although the general health and otherand even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus metabolic imbalances in that person improve, that particularand clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful Continued on page 84for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory32 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 27. T HE M YTHS OF V EGETARIANISM MYTH meat-eaters. live longer and have more energy and endurance than #7: Vegetarians A vegetarian guidebook published in Great Britain made the following claim: You and your children dont need to eat meat to stay healthy. In fact, vegetarians claim they are among the healthiest people around, and they can expect to live nine years longer than meat-eaters (this is often because heart and circulatory diseases are rarer). These days almost half the population in Britain is trying to avoid meat, according to a survey by the Food Research Association in January 1990.77 Anthropological In commenting on this claim of extended lifespan, author Craig Fitzroy astutely points out that: studies showing The "nine-year advantage" is an oft-repeated but invariably unsourced piece of that no tribal anecdotal evidence for vegetarianism. But anyone who believes that by snubbing mums Sunday roast they will be adding a decade to their years on the planet is peoples are strictly almost certainly indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.78 vegetarian suggest And that is what most of the claims for increased longevity in vegetarians are: anecdotal. There is no proof that a healthy vegetarian diet, when compared to a healthy we need to include omnivorous diet, will result in a longer life. Additionally, people who choose a vegetarian lifestyle typically also choose not to smoke; they choose to exercise; in short, animal foods in our they choose to live a healthier lifestyle. These things also are factors in ones longevity. In the scientific literature, there are surprisingly few studies done on vegetarian diets to maintain longevity. Russell Smith, PhD, in his massive review study on heart disease, showed that good health. as animal product consumption increased among some study groups, death rates actually decreased!79 Such results were not obtained among vegetarian subjects. For example, in a study published by Burr and Sweetnam in 1982, analysis of mortality data revealed that, although vegetarians had a slightly (0.11%) lower rate of heart disease than non- vegetarians, the all-cause death rate was much higher for vegetarians.80 Despite claims that studies have shown that meat consumption increased the risk for heart disease and shortened lives, the authors of those studies actually found the opposite. For example, in a 1984 analysis of a 1978 study of vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists, H. Part 2 of 2 A. Kahn concluded: Although our results add some substantial facts to the diet-disease question, we rec- ognize how remote they are from establishing, for example, that men who frequently eat meat or women who rarely eat salad are thereby shortening their lives.81 A similar conclusion was reached by D. A. Snowden.82 Despite these startling admis- sions, the studies nevertheless concluded the exact opposite and urged people to reduce animal food intake in their diets. Further, both of these studies threw out certain dietary by Stephen Byrnes, PhD, RNCP data that clearly showed no connection between eggs, cheese, whole milk and fat attached © 2000, 2002 to meat (all high-fat, high-cholesterol foods) and heart disease. Dr Smith commented: In effect, the Kahn [and Snowden] study is yet another example of negative results Email: which are massaged and misinterpreted to support the politically correct assertions that vegetarians live longer lives.83 Website: It is usually claimed that meat-eating peoples have a short lifespan, but the Aborigines of Australia, who traditionally eat a diet rich in animal products, are known for theirJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 35
  • 28. longevity (at least before colonisation by Europeans). Within not saturated fats. Believing that saturated fats are dangerous toAboriginal society there is a special caste of the elderly. 84 our arteries, Cordain and Eaton stay in step with currentObviously, if no old people existed, no such group would have establishment nutritional thought and encourage modern peoplesexisted. to eat a diet like our ancestors. This diet, they believe, was rich in In his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr Price has lean meats and a variety of vegetables but was low in saturatednumerous photographs of elderly native peoples from around the Explorers such as Vilhjalmur Stefansson reported great However, the evidence they produce to support this theory islongevity among the Innuit (again, before colonisation). 85 very selective and misleading.92 Saturated fats do not cause heartSimilarly, the people of the Caucasus Mountains live to great ages disease, as was shown above, and our Palaeolithic ancestors ateon a diet of fatty pork and whole raw milk products. The Hunzas, quite a bit of saturated fat from a variety of plant and animalalso known for their robust health and longevity, drink substantial sources.portions of goats milk, which has a higher saturated fat content We learn from authoritative sources that prehistoric humans ofthan cows milk.86 In contrast, the largely vegetarian Hindus of the North American continent ate such animals as mammoth,southern India have the shortest lifespans in the world, partly camel, sloth, bison, mountain sheep, pronghorn antelope, beaver,because of a lack of food but also because of a distinct lack of elk, mule deer and llama.93animal protein in their diets.87 Mammoth, sloth, mountain sheep, bison and beaver are fatty H. Leon Abramss comments are instructive here: animals in the modern sense, in that they have a thick layer Vegetarians often maintain that a of subcutaneous fat, as do the diet of meat and animal fat leads many species of bear and wild to a premature death. pig whose remains have been Anthropological data from Explorers such as Vilhjalmur found at Paleolithic sites primitive societies do not support such contentions.88 Stefansson reported great throughout the world.94 longevity among the Innuit Analysis of many types of fat in Dr Price travelled around the worldin the 1920s and 1930s, investigating (before colonisation). game animals like antelope, bison, caribou, dog, elk, moose, seal andnative diets with regard to endurance Similarly, the people of the mountain sheep shows that they areand energy levels. Without excep- Caucasus Mountains live to rich in saturates and mono-tion, he found a strong correlation unsaturates but relatively low inbetween diets rich in animal fats and great ages on a diet of fatty pork polyunsaturates. 95 Further, whilerobust health and athletic ability. buffalo and game animals may haveSpecial foods for Swiss athletes, for and whole raw milk products. lean, non-marbled muscle meats, it isexample, included bowls of fresh, raw a mistake to assume that only thesecream. In Africa, Dr Price discovered parts were eaten by hunter-gathererthat groups whose diets were rich in groups like the Native Americans,fatty meats and fish, and organ meats like liver, consistently car- who often hunted animals selectively for their fat and fattyried off the prizes in athletic contests, and that meat-eating tribes organs, as the following section will show.always dominated tribes whose diets were largely vegetarian.89 Anthropologists/explorers such as Vilhjalmur Stefansson It is popular in sports nutrition to recommend "carb-loading" reported that the Innuit and North American Indian tribes wouldfor athletes to increase their endurance levels. But recent studies worry when their catches of caribou were too lean: they knewdone in New York and South Africa show that the opposite is sickness would follow if they did not consume enough fat.96 Intrue: athletes who "carb-loaded" had significantly less endurance other words, these primitive peoples did not like having to eatthan those who "fat-loaded" before athletic events.90 lean meat. Northern Canadian Indians would also deliberately hunt olderMYTH #8: The "cave man" diet was low-fat and/or male caribou and elk, for these animals carried a 50-pound slab ofvegetarian. Humans evolved as vegetarians. back fat on them which the Indians would eat with relish. This Our Palaeolithic ancestors were hunter-gatherers, and three "back fat" is highly saturated. Native Americans would alsoschools of thought have developed as to what their diet was like. refrain from hunting bison in the springtime (when the animalsOne group argues for a high-fat and animal-based diet supple- fat stores were low, due to scarce food supply during the winter),mented with seasonal fruits, berries, nuts, root vegetables and preferring to hunt, kill and consume them in the fall when theywild grasses. The second argues that primitive peoples consumed were fattened up.97assorted lean meats and large amounts of plant foods. The third Explorer Samuel Hearne, writing in 1768, described how theargues that our human ancestors evolved as vegetarians. Native American tribes he came into contact with would The "lean" Palaeolithic diet approach has been argued for quite selectively hunt caribou just for the fatty parts:voraciously by Drs Loren Cordain and Boyd Eaton in a number of On the twenty-second of July, we met several strangers,popular and professional publications.91 Cordain and Eaton are whom we joined in pursuit of the caribou, which were at thisbelievers in the "lipid hypothesis" of heart disease—the belief time so plentiful that we got everyday a sufficient number for(debunked in Myth #6; see part one) that saturated fat and dietary our support, and indeed too frequently killed several merelycholesterol contribute to heart disease. Because of this, and the for the tongues, marrow and fat.98fact that Palaeolithic peoples or their modern equivalents did/donot suffer from heart disease, Cordain and Eaton espouse the While Cordain and Eaton are certainly correct in saying that ourtheory that Palaeolithic peoples consumed most of their fat ancestors ate meat, their contentions about fat intake, as well ascalories from mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated sources and the type of fat consumed, are simply incorrect.36 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 29. While various vegetarian and vegan authorities like to think that Furthermore, a survey of cookbooks published in America inwe evolved as a species on a vegan or vegetarian diet, there exists the 19th and early 20th centuries shows that people of earlierlittle from the realm of nutritional anthropology to support these times ate plenty of animal foods and saturated fats. For example,ideas. in the Baptist Ladies Cook Book (Monmouth, Illinois, 1895), vir- To begin with, in his journeys Dr Price never once found a tually every recipe calls for butter, cream or lard. Recipes fortotally vegetarian culture. It should be remembered that Dr Price creamed vegetables are numerous as well. A scan of thevisited and investigated several population groups who were, for Searchlight Recipe Book (Capper Publications, 1931) also hasall intents and purposes, the 20th-century equivalents of our similar recipes: creamed liver, creamed cucumbers, hearts braisedhunter-gatherer ancestors. Dr Price was on the lookout for a in buttermilk, etc. British Jews, as shown by the Jewishvegetarian culture, but he came up empty. Price stated: Housewives Cookbook (London, 1846), also had diets rich in As yet I have not found a single group of primitive racial cream, butter, eggs, and lamb and beef tallows. One recipe for stock which was building and maintaining excellent bodies by German waffles, for example, calls for a dozen egg yolks and an living entirely on plant foods.99 entire pound of butter. A recipe for oyster pie from the Baptist cookbook calls for a quart of cream and a dozen eggs, and so forth Anthropological data support this. Throughout the globe, all and so on.societies show a preference for animal foods and fats, and it It does not appear, then, that people ate leaner diets in the lastseems that our ancestors only turned to large-scale farming when century. It is true that beef consumption has risen in the last fewthey had to, due to increased population pres- decades, but what has also risen precipitously,sures.100 Abrams and other authorities have however, is consumption of margarine andshown that prehistoric mans quest for more other food products containing trans-fattyanimal foods was what spurred his expansion acids,106 lifeless, packaged "foods", processedover the Earth, and that he apparently hunted vegetable oils,107 carbohydrates108 and refinedcertain species to extinction.101 sugar.109 Price also found that those peoples who out Since one does not see chronic diseases likeof necessity consumed more grains and While the traditionally cancer and heart disease in beef-eating nativelegumes, had higher rates of dental decay fermented soy foods of peoples like the Masai and Samburu, it is notthan those who consumed more animal prod-ucts. In his papers on vegetarianism, Abrams miso, tamari, tempeh possibleepidemics. be theof course, points the modern for beef to This, culprit behind thesepresents archaeological evidence that sup- and natto are definitely finger squarely at the other dietary factors asports this finding: skulls of ancient peoples the most likely causes.who were largely vegetarian have teeth con- healthful in measuredtaining caries and abscesses and show amounts, the hyper- MYTH #10: Soy products areevidence of tuberculosis and other infec- adequate substitutes for meat andtious diseases. 102 The appearance of processed soy "foods" dairy products.farming and the increased dependenceon plant foods for our subsistence was that most vegetarians It is typical for vegans and vegetarians in the Western world to rely on variousclearly harmful to our health. consume are not. soy products for their protein needs. Finally, it is simply not possible for There is little doubt the billion-dollar soyour prehistoric ancestors to have been industry has profited immensely fromvegetarian because they would not have the anti-cholesterol, anti-meat gospel ofbeen able to get enough calories or nutri- current nutritional thought. Whereas,ents to survive on the plant foods that not so long ago, soy was an Asian foodwere available. The reason for this is primarily used as a condiment, now athat humans did not know how to cook variety of processed soy products prolif-or control fire at that time, and the great erate in the marketplace.majority of plant foods, especially grains and legumes, must be While the traditionally fermented soy foods of miso, tamari,cooked in order to render them edible to humans.103 Most people tempeh and natto are definitely healthful in measured amounts,do not know that many of the plant foods we consume today are the hyper-processed soy "foods" that most vegetarians consumepoisonous in their raw states.104 are not. Based on all of this evidence, it is certain that our ancestors, the Non-fermented soybeans and foods made with them are high inprogenitors of humanity, ate a very non-vegetarian diet that was phytic acid, 110 an anti-nutrient that binds to minerals in therich in saturated fatty acids. digestive tract and carries them out of the body. Vegetarians are known for their tendencies towards mineral deficiencies,MYTH #9: Meat and saturated fat consumption have especially of zinc,111 and it is the high phytate content of grain-increased in the 20th century, with a corresponding and legume-based diets that is to blame. 112 Though severalincrease in heart disease and cancer. traditional food-preparation techniques such as soaking, sprouting Statistics do not bear out such fancies. Butter consumption has and fermenting can significantly reduce the phytate content ofplummeted from 18 lb (8.165 kg) per person a year in 1900 to less grains and legumes,113 such methods are not commonly knownthan 5 lb (2.27 kg) per person a year today.105 Additionally, about or used by modern peoples, including vegetarians. ThisWesterners, urged on by government health agencies, have places them (and others who eat a diet rich in whole grains) at areduced their intake of eggs, cream, lard and pork. Chicken con- greater risk for mineral deficiencies.sumption has risen in the past few decades, but chicken is lower Processed soy foods are also rich in trypsin inhibitors, whichin saturated fat than either beef or pork. hinder protein digestion. Textured vegetable protein (TVP), soyJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 37
  • 30. "milk" and soy protein powders, and popular vegetarian meat and MYTH #12: Eating animal flesh causes violent,milk substitutes are entirely fragmented foods, made by treating aggressive behaviour in humans.soybeans with high heat and various alkaline washes to extract the Some authorities on vegetarian diets, such as Dr Ralphbeans fat content or to neutralise their potent enzyme inhibitors.114 Ballantine,126 claim that the fear and terror (if any; see Myth #15)These practices completely denature the beans protein content, an animal experiences at death is somehow "transferred" into itsrendering it very hard to digest. MSG, a neurotoxin, is routinely flesh and organs and "becomes" a part of the person who eats it.added to TVP to make it taste like the various foods it imitates.115 These thinkers would do well to note that no scientific studies On a purely nutritional level, soybeans, like all legumes, are exist to support such a theory, and also remember the fact that adeficient in cysteine and methionine, vital sulphur-containing tendency towards irrational anger is a symptom of low vitaminamino acids, as well as tryptophan, another essential amino acid. B12 levels—which, as we have seen, are common in vegans andFurthermore, soybeans contain no vitamins A or D, required by vegetarians.the body to assimilate and utilise the beans proteins.116 It is In his travels, Dr Price always noted the extreme happiness andprobably for this reason that Asian cultures that do consume ingratiating natures of the peoples he encountered, all of whomsoybeans usually combine them with fish or fish broths (abundant were fat-soluble vitamins) or other fatty foods. Parents who feed their children soy-based formula should be MYTH #13: Animal products contain numerousaware of its extremely high phytoestrogen content. Some scien- harmful toxins.tists have estimated a child being fed soy formula is ingesting the A recent vegetarian newsletter claimed the following:hormonal equivalent of five birth con- Most people dont realize thattrol pills a day.117 Such a high intake meat products are loaded withcould have disastrous results. Also, poisons and toxins! Meat, fishsoy formula contains no cholesterol, and eggs all decompose andwhich is vital for brain and nervous Clearly, modern soy products putrefy extremely rapidly. Assystem development. soon as an animal is killed, self- Though research is still ongoing, and isolated isoflavone destruct enzymes are released,some recent studies have indicated supplements are not healthy causing the formation ofthat soys phytoestrogens could be denatured substances calledcausative factors in some forms of foods for vegetarians, vegans ptyloamines, which causebreast cancer,118 penile birth defects119 or anyone else, yet these are cancer.127and infantile leukaemia.120 Soys phy-toestrogens, or isoflavones, have been the very ones that are If meat, fish and eggs do indeeddefinitely shown to depress thyroidfunction121 and to cause infertility in most consumed. generate cancerous "ptyloamines", it is very strange that people have notevery animal species studied so far. 122 been dying in droves from cancer for Clearly, modern soy products and the past million years. Suchisolated isoflavone supplements are sensationalistic and nonsensicalnot healthy foods for vegetarians, claims cannot be supported byvegans or anyone else, yet these are the very ones that are most historical facts.consumed. This article then went on to mention "mad cow disease" (BSE), parasites, salmonella, hormones, nitrates and pesticides as toxinsMYTH #11: The human body is not designed for meat in animal products. Hormones, nitrates and pesticides are presentconsumption. in commercially raised animal products (as well as commercially Some vegetarian groups claim that since humans possess raised fruits, grains and vegetables) and are definitely things to begrinding teeth, like herbivorous animals, and longer intestines concerned about. However, one can avoid these chemicals bythan carnivorous animals, this proves the human body is better taking care to consume range-fed, organic meats, eggs and dairysuited for vegetarianism.123 This argument fails to note several products which do not contain harmful man-made toxins.human physiological features which clearly indicate a design for Parasites are easily avoided by taking normal precautions inanimal product consumption. food preparations. Pickling or fermenting meats, as is custom in First and foremost is our stomachs production of hydrochloric traditional societies, protects against parasites. In his travels, Dracid, something not found in herbivores. Hydrochloric acid acti- Price always found healthy, disease-free, parasite-free peoplesvates protein-splitting enzymes. Further, the human pancreas eating raw meat and dairy products as part of their diets.manufactures a full range of digestive enzymes to handle a wide Similarly, Dr Francis Pottenger, in his experiments with cats,variety of foods, both animal and vegetable. demonstrated that the healthiest, happiest cats were the ones on Dr Walter Voegtlins in-depth comparison of the human diges- the all-raw-food diet. The cats eating cooked meats andtive system with that of the dog (a carnivore) and the sheep (a her- pasteurised milk sickened and died and had numerous parasites.128bivore) clearly shows that we are closer in anatomy to the carniv- Salmonella can be transmitted by plant products as well asorous dog than the herbivorous sheep.124 While humans may have animal.longer intestines than animal carnivores, they are not as long as It is often claimed by vegetarians that meat is harmful to ourherbivores; nor do we possess multiple stomachs like many herbi- bodies because ammonia is released from the breakdown of itsvores; nor do we chew cud. Our physiology definitely indicates a proteins. Although it is true that ammonia production does resultmixed feeder or an omnivore—much the same as our relatives the from meat digestion, our bodies quickly convert this substance intomountain gorilla and chimpanzee, who have all been observed harmless urea. The alleged toxicity of meat is greatly exaggeratedeating small animals and in some cases other primates.125 by vegetarians.38 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 31. "Mad cow disease", or bovine spongiform encephalopathy do not necessarily toil in rice paddies: we buy bags of brown rice.(BSE), is most likely not caused by cows eating animal parts with And so forth, and so on.their food—a feeding practice that goes back over 100 years. When Native Americans killed a game animal for food, theyBritish organic farmer Mark Purdey has argued convincingly that would routinely offer a prayer of thanks to the animals spirit forcows that get mad cow disease are the very ones that have had a giving its life so they could live. In our world, life feeds off life.particular organophosphate insecticide applied to their backs, or Destruction is always balanced with generation. This is a goodhave grazed on soils which lack magnesium but contain high thing. Unchecked, the life force becomes cancerous. If animallevels of aluminium.129 food consumption is viewed in this manner, it is hardly murder Small outbreaks of "mad cow disease" have also occurred but sacrifice. Modern peoples would do well to remember this.among people who reside near cement works and chemicalfactories and in some areas with a particular type of volcanic MYTH #15: Eating animal foods is inhumane.soil.130 Without question, some commercially raised livestock live in Purdey theorises that the organophosphate pesticides got into deplorable conditions where sickness and suffering are common.the cows fat through a spraying program, and then were ingested In countries like Korea, food animals such as dogs are sometimesby the cows again with the animal parts feed- killed in horrific ways, e.g., beaten to deathing. Seen this way, it is the insecticides, via with a club. Our recommendations for ani-the parts feeding (and not the parts them- mal foods consumption most definitely doselves or their associated "prions"), that has not endorse such practices.caused this outbreak. As noted before, cows As noted in our discussion of Myth #1,have been eating ground-up animal parts in commercial farming of livestock results intheir feeds for over 100 years. It was never a an unhealthy food product, whether thatproblem before the introduction of these par- Many people have product be meat, milk, butter, cream or eggs.ticular insecticides. philosophical problems Our ancestors did not consume such sub- Recently, Purdey has gained support from with eating animal flesh, standard foodstuffs, and neither should we.Dr Donald Brown, a British biochemist who It is possible to raise animals humanely.has also argued for a non-infectious cause of and these sentiments This is why organic, preferably biodynamic,BSE. Brown attributes BSE to environmen- must be respected. farming is to be encouraged: it is cleanertal toxins, specifically manganese overload.131 and more efficient, and produces healthier animals and foodstuffs from those animals.MYTH #14: Eating meat or Dairy products and eggs, Each person should make every effort,animal products is less "spiritual" then, to purchase organically raisedthan eating only plant foods. though, are not the result livestock (and plant foods). Not only It is often claimed that those who eat of an animals death and does this better support our bodies—asmeat or animal products are somehow are fine alternatives organic foods are more nutrient-less "spiritually evolved" than those dense132 and are free from hormone andwho do not. Though this is not a for these people. pesticide residues—but this also sup-nutritional or academic issue, those ports smaller farms and is thereforewho do include animal products in their better for the economy.133diet are often made to feel inferior in Nevertheless, many people havesome way. This issue, therefore, is philosophical problems with eatingworth addressing. animal flesh, and these sentiments Several world religions place no must be respected. Dairy products andrestrictions on animal consumption, and eggs, though, are not the result of annor did their founders. The Jews eat animals death and are fine alternativeslamb at their most holy festival, the Passover. Muslims also cele- for these people.brate Ramadan with lamb before entering into their fast. Jesus It should also not be forgotten that agriculture, which involvesChrist, like other Jews, partook of meat at the Last Supper both the clearance of land to plant crops and the protection and(according to the canonical Gospels). It is true that some forms of maintenance of those crops, results in many animal deaths.134Buddhism do place strictures on meat consumption, but dairy Therefore, the belief that "becoming vegetarian" will somehowproducts are always allowed. Similar tenets are found in spare animals from dying is one with no foundation in fact.Hinduism. As part of the Samhain celebration, Celtic paganswould slaughter the weaker animals of the herds and cure their BIOCHEMICAL AND GENETIC INDIVIDUALITYmeat for the oncoming winter. It is not true, therefore, that eating As a cleansing diet, vegetarianism is sometimes a good choice.animal foods is always connected with "spiritual inferiority". Several health conditions (e.g., gout) can often be ameliorated by Nevertheless, it is often claimed that since eating meat involves a temporary reduction in intake of animal products and anthe taking of a life, it is somehow tantamount to murder. Leaving increase of plant foods. But such measures must not be continu-aside the religious philosophies that often permeate this issue, ous throughout life: there are vital nutrients found only in animalwhat appears to be at hand is a misunderstanding of the life force foods that we must ingest for optimal health.and how it works. Furthermore, there is no one diet that will work for every per- Modern peoples (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) have lost touch son. Some vegetarians and vegans, in their zeal to get converts,with what it takes to survive in our world—something native are blind to this biochemical fact.peoples never lose sight of. We do not necessarily hunt or clean "Biochemical individuality" is a subject worth clarifying.our meats: we purchase steaks and chops at the supermarket. We Coined by nutritional biochemist Roger Williams, PhD, the termJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 39
  • 32. refers to the fact that different people require different nutrients suited and accustomed to them. One cannot change evolution in abased on their unique genetic make-up. Ethnic and racial back- few years.grounds figure in this concept as well. A diet that works for one Dr Abrams said it well when he wrote this:may not work as well for someone else. Humans have always been meat-eaters. The fact that no As a practitioner, Ive seen several clients following a vegetari- human society is entirely vegetarian, and those that arean diet and having severe health problems: obesity, candidiasis, almost entirely vegetarian suffer from debilitated conditionshypothyroidism, cancer, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, anaemia of health, seems unequivocally to prove that a plant diet mustand chronic fatigue. Because of the widespread rhetoric that a be supplemented with at least a minimum amount of animalvegetarian diet is "always healthier" than a diet that includes meat protein to sustain health. Humans are meat-eaters andor animal products, these people saw no reason to change their always have been. Humans are also vegetable-eaters anddiet, even though that was the cause of their problems. What always have been, but plant foods must be supplemented bythese people actually needed for optimal health was more animal an ample amount of animal protein to maintain optimalfoods and fats and fewer carbohydrates. health.138 Further, due to peculiarities in genetics and individual biochem- ∞istry, some people simply cannot have a vegetarian diet becauseof such things as lectin intolerance and Authors Notes:desaturase enzyme deficiencies. • Thanks to Sally Fallon, MA, Lee Clifford, MS, CCN, and Dr H. LeonLectins present in legumes, a promi-nent feature of vegetarian diets, are not Further, due to peculiarities Abrams, Jr, for their gracious assistance in preparing and reviewing this paper.tolerated by many people. Others in genetics and individual • This paper was not sponsored or paidhave grain sensitivities, especially togluten, or to grain proteins in general. biochemistry, some people for by the meat or dairy industries.Again, since grains are a major feature simply cannot have a Editors Notes:of vegetarian diets, such people cannotthrive on them.135 vegetarian diet because of • Due to space limitations, we are not able to publish the endnotes accompa- Desaturase enzyme deficiencies are such things as lectin nying Dr Stephen Byrness article.usually present in those people of Instead, we have posted these on ourInnuit, Scandinavian, Northern intolerance and desaturase website, http://www.nexusmagazine.European and sea coast ancestry. enzyme deficiencies. com, but we can also email and snail- mail them upon request.They lack the ability to convert alpha- • The full text of the article, includinglinolenic acid into EPA and DHA, two endnotes, is also available on theomega-3 fatty acids intimately involved authors website at http://www.power-in the function of the immune and nervous systems. The reason this is because these peoples ancestors got an abundance of • Dr Stephen Byrness article was originally published in theEPA and DHA from the large amounts of cold-water fish they ate. Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, July 2000, and wasOver time, because of non-use, they lost the ability to manufac- revised in January 2002.ture the necessary enzymes to create EPA and DHA in their bod-ies. For these people, vegetarianism is simply not possible. They Recommended Reading/Researchmust get their EPA and DHA from food, and EPA is only found in • The Weston A. Price Foundation:animal foods. DHA is present in some algae, but the amounts are http://www.westonaprice.orgmuch lower than in fish oils.136 • Why I am Not a Vegetarian: It is also apparent that vegan diets are not suitable for all people to inadequate cholesterol production in the liver, and • Beyond Vegetarianism: http://www.beyondveg.comcholesterol is only found in animal foods. It is often said that the • The Cholesterol Myths:body makes enough cholesterol to get by and that there is no htmreason to consume foods that contain it (i.e., animal foods). • The Paleolithic Diet Page:However, recent research has shown otherwise. Singers work at University of California, Berkeley, has shown that the • The Great Fallacies of Vegetarianism:cholesterol in eggs improves memory in older people. In other 137, these elderly peoples own cholesterol was insufficient to • National Animal Interest Alliance:improve their memory, but added dietary cholesterol from eggs • PETA Sucks: Though it appears that some people do well on little or no meat http://www.petasucks.ccand remain healthy as lacto-vegetarians or lacto-ovo-vegetarians, • Animal http://www.animalrights.netthe reason for this is because these diets are healthier for thosepeople, not because theyre healthier in general. However, a total About the Author:absence of animal products, whether meat, fish, insects, eggs, but- Stephen Byrnes, PhD, RNCP, enjoys robust health on a dietter or dairy, is to be avoided. Though it may take years, problems that includes butter, cream, eggs, meat, whole milk, cheesewill eventually ensue under such dietary regimes and they will and liver. He is the author of Diet & Heart Disease: Its NOTcertainly show in future generations. Dr Prices seminal research What You Think and Digestion Made Simple (Whitman Books,unequivocally demonstrated this. 2001), and The Lazy Persons Whole Foods Cookbook The reason for this is simple evolution: humanity evolved eat- (Ecclesia Life Mana, 2001). He is based in the USA. Visit hising animal foods and fats as part of its diet, and our bodies are website at • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 33. T HE S UPPRESSION OF D ISSENT IN S CIENCE I n the "Archaeological Cover-ups" article last issue, we examined some of the ways in which science is suppressing anomalies, "heretical" researchers and dissent. Here we continue the investigations while opening up some new areas. Brian Martin of the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, has done extensive research into the way science as an institution actually operates, separating the facts of how it works from the myths of how it is supposed to work. If there are strong interests behind a particular position or theory, then the task of challengers is difficult. This difficulty is aggravated if challengers are outsiders who dont "play the game". If you are a talented scientist with a good track record, work- The science ing at an elite institution, and write a conventional-looking paper—but with challeng- establishment tends ing ideas—there may be difficulties enough. For anyone else, it is much tougher. (Habitat Australia, no. 7, 1992) to react to We can picture the way science works as a complicated filtering process. The walls and conflicting and halls of academia and science go hand in hand. No matter how brilliant you are, if you lack a degree in science you are not going to get to the next filter. It helps to have the inconvenient right degree from the right (meaning prestigious) institution. If you have these qualifica- tions, you will find that writing papers is part of the territory of being a successful scholar theories by or researcher. You will know how to "play the game" at this point. The next filter is the peer review process. Your papers will be examined by a jury of denigrating, peers and probably be published if they conform to the accepted theories, and probably harassing, rejecting, wind up rejected if not. However, just because you have all the right stuff is no guarantee that any novel, challenging, boat-rocking theory hurled at the ivory towers of the estab- or ignoring the lishment, regardless of how brilliant, is going to be accepted—as we shall soon see. scientists who HERETICS AND TABOO RESEARCH In 1994, the BBC ran a series called Heretics, which documented how the scientific propose them. community has responded to ideas considered unacceptable. The "unacceptable" ideas ranged from the efficacy of high doses of vitamin C to the existence of antigravity and psychokinesis (PK). Some of the scientists who proffered these "wild" ideas had solid credentials—scientists like Linus Pauling and Robert Jahn. In each case, a familiar pattern unfolded. The claims were dismissed out of hand and branded as "nonsense" or "impossible", without any serious attempt being made to look at the evidence or to listen to their proponents arguments. The series went much deeper by exposing the high degree of insularity and the strong sense of self-superiority that exists within the scientific community. The case of Robert Jahn, an expert in rocket engineering, was presented. At the time, Jahn was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Princeton University. In addition to carrying out his normal responsibilities and areas of research, he became interested in PK after a student asked if he could study the possible effects of the mind on electronic circuits. Jahn thought the experiment harmless and did not anticipate any positive results. by Will Hart © 2002 However, the test did produce positive findings. Jahn set up another experiment to see if those results could be duplicated—and, to his surprise, they were. The university forbade Email: him to talk about these experiments. However, Jahn went on with this line of investigation—as wed expect of a real scientist driven by curiosity. He eventually published some of his findings, which upset a number of colleagues. Jahn was criticised in an article written by Nobel Laureate Philip Anderson thatJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 43
  • 34. appeared in Physics Today (no. 12, 1990). This brought on a As we saw with the case of science journalist Richard Milton,firestorm of controversy that had more to do with the "taboo" the science establishment plays hardball. Not only was Pusztainature of Jahns work than with any discussion of the validity of fired, but his reputation was tarnished when the press reportedhis methods. Another Nobel Prize winner, Steve Weinberg, that "his conclusions and the research were later said to beweighed in during an interview on the Heretics program. unfounded". The beleaguered scientist closed his side of a caseWeinberg seemed more concerned with the impact Jahns experi- that was prosecuted entirely in the court of public mediaments would have on the accepted theories of physics than with disclosure, arguing:any facts that the PK research had turned up, and the subject alone I am not against genetic engineering; I only ask for properwas enough to condemn the work in Weinbergs estimation. tests to be carried out before and not after GM food is This fiasco earned Jahn, a respected scientist holding down a released.prestigious post at a leading American university, the badge of (Guardian Weekly, February 12, 1999)"heretic". We saw a similar knee-jerk reaction when dissidentsbrought the hallowed "theory of evo- Whistleblowing is often the onlylution" under close scrutiny. way the public is ever informed of The public has to start becoming wrongdoing in the field of science.more aware that scientists are human It is clearly the right thing to do;beings with egos and self-interest at however, it can lead to many person-stake—two realities that can and do Whistleblowing is often the al trials, the loss of friends and rejec-interfere with the prosecution of tion by colleagues."pure" science. This can produce an only way the public is ever History is full of examples of sci-arrogant attitude in scientists whosuddenly think they know what is best informed of wrongdoing in entists and independent researchers who have been harassed, badgered,and what is true by virtue of the fact the field of science. ridiculed, threatened and calledthat they are scientists, and because of every name in the book for delvingthat status they would never deviate into or proposing radical new ideas.from practising good science. The Immanuel Velikovsky was a well-logic is obviously circular and is also educated, licensed medical doctorfound among church ministers when it who became fascinated with thecomes to morality. Our scientists often act like ministers of information he found in ancient myths that seemed to agree thereobjective reality. had once been a great catastrophe that had a devastating impact on early civilisations. He had a hard time finding a publisher forWHISTLEBLOWERS AND RENEGADES his first book, Worlds in Collision. When Macmillan finally In 1999, Arpad Pusztai was fired from the Rowett Institute in decided to publish it, outraged scholars and scientists contactedAberdeen, Scotland, for calling public attention to the conclusions the publisher, demanding that the book be dropped immediately.of a research report critical of genetically modified food, which Macmillan caved in and transferred it to Doubleday because thethe government had quietly quashed. Pusztai had previously been aggrieved parties were the very people who bought their text-suspended over his research findings that showed rats fed GM books. This happened in 1950 and it was a sign of things topotatoes had suffered immune system damage. That was not the come, for it would not be the last time that scientists sought to banconclusion that the British government was then looking for. His a book."incorrect" science and honesty cost him his job on the project. Velikovskys theory was a source of bitter contention in acade- mic circles for decades, until—lo and behold!—Alvarez announced in the 1980s that an asteroid had killed off most life on the planet 65 million years ago. (And that announcement, too, was steeped in contro- versy, as we will learn.) Today the asteroid theory is widely accepted, although still debated. But not all independent scientists are the focal point of scorn and derision; some are simply labelled "mavericks" and their work is either ignored or regarded with the same suspicious furrowed brows as a noted cranks would be. However, a few of these individuals simply cannot be shoved into obscurity because their unconventional the- ories have been proven correct. The late Scotty MacNeish was a renegade archaeologist who always marched to the beat of his own drum. His career spanned six decades and most of it was steeped in controversy and heated debate. MacNeish is known for tracking down the origin of44 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 35. corn to central Mexico and he wrote and/or co-authored 50 books doctored the results so that in a number of cases the researchand over 200 papers. He was the first archaeologist to bring an appeared to support mainstream theories while in other cases itinterdisciplinary approach to this field. But he is also famous for went against them. The results will surprise mainstream scientificproposing theories that make other archaeologists and anthropolo- apologists, but not those who have proposed "unconventional"gists shudder. ideas. Mahoney found that "when the results ran contrary to the MacNeish claimed to have solid evidence that the earliest reviewers theoretical beliefs, the procedures were berated and thehuman presence in North America can be dated back 60,000 manuscript rejected". The opposite scenario occurred when theyears, instead of the generally accepted 12,000–20,000 years. He papers conformed to the reviewers belief system.was also critical of what he called "the new archaeology" being Several extremely important theories have nearly slippedpractised by investigators who seem to believe they are operating through the cracks because of this bias in the peer review process."on a higher plane, dealing with social problems", MacNeish once Edwin Krebs, the scientist who discovered what eventually wassaid in an interview, pointing out that you cannot tell what ancient dubbed the "Krebs cycle", had his papers rejected initially.people thought or believed by looking at potsherds and bones Biologist Lyn Margulis, co-author (with James Lovelock) of(Archaeology Today, no. 5, 1999). It is troubling to read the The Gaia Hypothesis, also had her seminal work in endosymbio-research papers and reports from many sis coldly brushed aside. Her theory,of todays archaeologists who will which is now completely accepted andjump at the chance to explain the part of biology textbooks, initially"spiritual consciousness" and belief could not get a hearing by the Nationalsystems of the ancients and ridicule Several extremely important Science Foundation. "I was flatlyany unorthodox theories that attempt turned down," Margulis says, "and theto explain enigmatic artifacts. theories have nearly grants officers added that I should Thomas Gold (who died in 2001) slipped through the cracks never apply again." (Boston Globe,was another "maverick" often held just June 22, 1987)beyond arms length because of his because of this bias in This brings up the issue of fundingunconventional research into exoticideas that no one else has thought of, the peer review process. and how the established system further maintains the status quo. Bothyet his assertions have usually been McNeish and Gold made reference toproven to be true. He did pioneering the fact that they had extremework on radar during World War II; difficulties getting their new theories orcame out of the war and published a new projects funded because they were sotheory on mammalian hearing that was ignored for 30 years; was controversial. This is not some cloak-and-dagger conspiracy. Itthe first to propose that the Moons surface was not frozen lava is a much subtler and more insidious kind—a silent, invisible,but dust; and discovered the pulsar. One of Golds controversial complex system that tries to maintain itself by guaranteeingtheories is based on the idea that most of Earths biological life is certain outcomes and filtering out everything else. It is a systemactually beneath the surface and not above it. He also believed that can choke off research into novel ideas and fields, simply bythat petroleum is not a by-product of biological decay but is a shutting off the funding valve.result of geochemical processes within the planets core. Somebiologists and geologists have been deeply offended by these con- SCIENTISTS PLAY HARDBALLcepts; some actually hate the man. That is the passive side of how new ideas are often suppressed, Gold wrote an article, "New Ideas in Science", that appeared in but, as we have seen, there is a very active, aggressive side thatthe Journal of Scientific Exploration in 1989 (vol. 3, no. 2). After seeks to throttle open intellectual discourse.framing the correct scientific attitude and expressing his concern Brian Martin wrote an article titled "Intellectual Suppression:that science was heading down the wrong path towards a system why environmental scientists are afraid to speak out", which wasthat stifled discovery, he stated: published in Habitat Australia (no. 7, 1992). He began the piece I want to discuss this danger and the various tendencies that by posing several scenarios that involved public risk that put the seem to me to create it, or augment it. I can draw on my own scientist in a dilemma. Should he speak up and inform people and personal experience of 40 years of work on various branches risk his career, or keep quiet? Martin presented the ways in which of science and also on many of the great controversies that the voice of truth could be stifled: have occurred over that same period. But what if the "responsible authorities" have different prior- ities—or even are responsible for the problem? In these Gold went on to cite the virtues of scientific ideals and ideal- cases, outsiders, such as politicians, the media or environ-ism, and then balanced those against the real world that real scien- mental organisations, must be alerted… Unfortunately, thistists (who, in the end, are just people with degrees) live in—a scenario is the exception rather than the rule. Most environ-world often characterised by less than idealistic motivations and mental scientists are afraid to take a public stand if it meansbehaviours. He recited some of his own unfortunate experiences appearing to challenge powerful corporations, governmentswhich reveal that merit has little to do with the way modern sci- or professions…aware of legislation which prohibits themence is run. This article is well worth reading, and it corroborates from speaking to the media without permission…and afraidMartins findings about the dangers of the peer review process. that they might be blocked from promotion. Returning to the issue and points brought up by Brian Martin,sociologist Michael J. Mahoney of Pennsylvania State University, We may well wonder if this is any way to run the enterprise ofUSA, was one of the first to examine how well (or poorly) the science. Martin notes that the suppression of intellectual dissentpeer review process works in evaluating scientific papers. is most effective when the potential dissenter is left to ponder theMahoney sent out copies of one paper to 75 reviewers, but possible consequences alone and therefore is likely to keep quiet.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 45
  • 36. Obviously, under these circumstances, we cannot know how It is at least deserved, and, in fact, the evidence is much more con-many cases of suppression actually occur or how many potential demnatory than that. Society does not condone blackballing,whistleblowers never step forward. Martin calls it a "conspiracy threats, intimidation tactics, slander or attempts to abridge freeof silence". speech. We have seen them all. It is distasteful to admit that In the case of Dewey McLean, we see how scientists with com- Alvarez was correct: science is not a truly democratic institution.peting ideas are ridiculed, threatened and shunned by the propo- There is no open, free access or public forum, and it only partiallynents of the "winning" theory. McLeans work involved the KT functions on the principle of merit. That is the unvarnished truth.extinctions that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. You have to "play the game", and that is a long, involved processTwo theories competed for acceptance in the 1980s. McLean of jumping through the right hoops in the right way and keepingoriginated one of them, which posited that a series of volcanic your doubts to yourself.eruptions caused a massive greenhouse effect that radically British biologist Warwick Collins went flying headlong into thechanged the Earths climate. Nobel physicist Luis Alvarez, who meat grinder of scientific politics, naïvely proposing that sexualclaimed that an asteroid had slammed into the Earth, causing the selection was an anomaly of Darwinian theory. He studied undermajor climatic change, put forth the other theory. This turned into the prestigious Darwinist professor, John Maynard Smith. Collinsa fiercely competitive battle when the opposing theories were first was invited by eminent geneticist John Thoday to give an expand-presented at a conference in Canada in 1981. ed version of his paper to an internationalIt is clear from reading McLeans accounts conference on population genetics. Heof the bitter debates that he was taken aback unwittingly accepted and let Professor Smithbecause Alvarez was a Nobel Prize–winning review the paper prior to his addressing thephysicist and not a geologist. He wrote: conference. In a moment that drips with Unfortunately, brutal politics at that Shakespearean drama, Professor Smith meeting cast the theoreticians into a pulled the rug out from under his protégé by white-hot crucible of scientific debate in taking the floor as Collins was about to which compromise seemed impossible, Big Science is now a deliver his paper. Smith thoroughly in which one theory must die… bloated, intensely denounced the contents of the presentation Collins was about to deliver. McLean has publicly stated that Alvarez political institution This happened in 1976. Thereafter, thetook him aside during a coffee break and that employs the same humiliated Collins found it impossible to getthreatened to destroy his career. This claim a paper published. His last attempt was inseems borne out by this extract from an strategies and public 1994; that paper was rejected withoutintimidating letter that Alvarez sent to relations gimmicks as any justification. Collins has sincethe National Academy of Sciences in dropped out of biology. (See Richard1984: Big Business and Miltons website, http://www.alterna- So Dewey is now a forgotten per- son in the field, or when he is Big Government. remembered it is only for a few THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF good laughs at the cocktail party BIG SCIENCE at the end of the Deweyless meet- Halton Arp, a scientist with the Max ing... Im sorry to see you going Planck Institute in Germany, captured down the Dewey McLean lane. the confusion and angst of the emerg- ing situation in the title of an essay Do these tactics sound like science published in the Journal of Scientificor the machinations of Tony, the mob Exploration (vol. 14, no. 3, p. 447):boss in The Sopranos? Luis Alvarez "What Has Science Come To?" Hehas also been quoted as saying: does not mince words: There is no democracy in physics. We cant say that some …what most people accept today as fundamental scientific second-rate guy has as much right to an opinion as Fermi. knowledge is barely distinguishable from what organised (Daniel S. Greenberg, The Politics of Pure Science, religion became some centuries ago. The most damaging University of Chicago Press, 1967; Dewey McLeans web- aspect of science today is widely promulgated theories that page link, "Dinosaur Volcano Greenhouse Extinction") are contradicted by observation and experiment. In both cases, a story is mandated by authority and then defended by Really! And these are supposed to be the good guys in the educational, economic and sociopolitical agencies.white hats who are going to save us! We saw how quickly and without conscience evolutionist The obvious point is that science is no longer the impartial,Richard Dawkins moved to stop the publication of Miltons anti- apolitical institution it once was. Big Science is now a bloated,Darwin article. Being a journalist is how Milton puts bread on the intensely political institution that employs the same strategies andtable—but too bad, because science is going to muscle its way public relations gimmicks as Big Business and Big Government.forward under the banner of a bizarre kind of self-appointed Halton Arp sees a more insidious side to it:autocracy, and the "kings" and "queens" sitting on the thrones of ...although religion may have borrowed some of the jargon ofnational institutes and foundations and their "nobility" (Nobel win- science, science, more importantly, has adopted the methodsners), supported by their professorial minions in the universities, of religion.shall hear neither of dissent nor of contrary theory. Continued on page 52 Is this too strong a metaphor? Perhaps it is not strong enough.46 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 37. NEWS NEWS SCIENCE CHILDREN AND Mobile Phones (IEGMP) to examine possi- "They are irresponsible because chil- MOBILE PHONE USE: ble effects of mobile phones and transmit- drens skulls are not fully developed. They Is there a Health Risk? ter base stations. This group was headed will be using mobile phones for longer, and by Don Maisch © 2002 by Sir William Stewart, the famous British their effects wont be known for some time biochemist and President of the British to come. Mobile phone technology hasT he paper, "Mobile Phone Use: its Association for the Advancement of been led by the physical sciences. My own time to take precautions", published Science. view is we ought to be doing more work on in the April 2001 issue of the What made the Stewart Inquiry unique the potential biological effects."Journal of the Australasian College of was that it was made up almost entirely of Sir William also said he would not allowNutritional & Environmental Medicine, biomedical specialists who were were able his grandchildren to use mobile phones.examines what is currently known about to focus many man-years of acquired spe-the possible hazards of mobile phone use. cialist knowledge on the problem. Their 2) On December 8, 2000, the German At first, this subject may not seem rele- report, "Mobile Phones and Health", was Academy of Pediatrics issued a statementvant to childrens lives until it is realised released in April 2000. In regard to the use advising parents to restrict their childrensthat, today, the fastest growing group of of mobile phones by children, the IEGMP use of mobile phones. They advised thatmobile phone users are children and young stated: all mobile phone users should keep conver-people. This growth is actively sations as brief as possible, but that addi-encouraged by professional advertis- tional precautions are appropriate foring campaigns from the mobile phone children in view of "special healthindustry, extolling how indispensable For the sake of the future risks" associated with their growingthe phones are to their lifestyles. of our childrens health, bodies. Concerns about this were evenvoiced by the managing director of the we need to heed these 3) On July 31, 2001, WolframAustralian Telecommunications Users Koenig, the new head of theGroup (ATUG), Allan Horsley, who voices seriously and limit Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, whichexpressed concerns about mobile childrens unnecessary use is the federal authority for radiationphone companies deliberately target- protection in Germany, stated in aning youth. "They have really gone out of mobile phones. interview in the Berliner Morgenpostafter the young people with prepay that "Parents should take their childrencards and coloured handsets," he said. away from that technology [mobile With this advertising blitz, produced phones]". Mr Koenig, also a memberby the same transnational public relations "If there are currently unrecognised of Germanys Greens party, said thatcorporations that previously gave us such adverse health effects from the use of "Some people are very sensitive to radia-delightful cartoon characters as "Joe mobile phones, children may be more tion" and urged companies not to targetCamel" for the tobacco industry, no words vulnerable because of their developing children in their advertising campaigns.of warning are heard. However, within the nervous system, the greater absorption ofscientific community, there is a growing energy in the tissues of the head and a 4) In a statement delivered at anchorus of expert voices that are urging cau- longer lifetime of exposure. In line with Australian Senate Inquiry meeting in 2001,tion because, if there are adverse health our precautionary approach, we believe CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrialeffects from mobile phone use, it will be that the widespread use of mobile phones Physics chief Gerry Haddad warned thatthe children who will be in the front line by children for non-essential calls should the new telecommunications exposureand who may pay the highest price. For be discouraged. We also recommend that standards do not require a high enoughthe sake of the future of our childrens the mobile phone industry should refrain level of protection, particularly in relationhealth, we need to heed these voices seri- from promoting the use of mobile phones to children. Mr Haddad advised: "Restrictously and limit childrens unnecessary use by children." use of mobile phones to children forof mobile phones. Sir William said at a science conference essential purposes." at Glasgow University in September 2001The voices of reason that mobile phone makers often present 5) Olle Johansson, Associate Professor 1) In 1999, as a result of public concerns their products in adverts as essential "back at the Experimental Dermatology Unit inabout possible health hazards from mobile to school" items for children. Such adverts the Department of Neuroscience atphone technology, the UK Government are irresponsible, said Sir William. He Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden,formed the Independent Expert Group on added: made this statement in an email to thisJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 49
  • 38. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEauthor in September 2001: These results tell us that, e.g., microwave delta brain-wave activities, respectively. "Already in 1996, I started to warn in fields from mobile phones can be expected The fact that these two particular electricalpublic of the effects of microwave irradia- to affect children to a much higher degree activities are constantly changing in a childtion on children through their use of mobile than adults." until the age of about 12 years, when thetelephones. The debate has also very much delta waves disappear and the alpha rhythmfocussed on the responsibility regarding 7) This statement from Dr Gerard is finally stabilised, means that they mustads and products directly aimed for chil- Hyland at the Department of Physics, both be anticipated to be particularlydren, and here in Sweden great alarm has University of Warwick, Coventry, England, vulnerable to interference from the GSMbeen raised around the propositions to is excerpted from his Report for the STOA pulsing.develop and sell cellphones even for the Committee of the EU, specifically dealing • The increased mitotic activity in theages up to five years." with children and mobile phone use: cells of developing children makes them "The Increased Vulnerability of Pre- more susceptible to genetic damage. 6) Professor Sianette Kwee of the adolescent Children: • A childs immune system, whose effi-Department of Medical Biochemistry at the "Pre-adolescent children can be expected ciency is, in any case, degraded by radia-University of Aarhus, Denmark, emailed to be (potentially) more at risk than are tion of the kind used in mobile telephony,the following statement to the author in adults—as recognised in the recently pub- is generally less robust than that of anSeptember 2001. Prof. Kwee is on the edi- lished Report of the UK Independent adult, so that the child is less able to copetorial board of Bioelectrochemistry and a Expert Group on Mobile Phones—for the with any adverse health effect provoked byDanish expert representative in the following reasons: (chronic) exposure to such radiation."European Unions COST 281 project, • Absorption of microwaves of the fre-"Potential Health Effects from Emerging quency used in mobile telephony is greatest 8) An article in the UK Sunday MirrorWireless Communication Systems", basic in an object about the size of a childs head, of December 27, 2001, headed "The Childresearch group, whose fields of research the so-called head resonance, whilst, in Scrambler: What a mobile can do to aare bioelectrochemistry (electroporation/ consequence of the thinner skull of a child, youngsters brain in 2 mins", said:electrochemistry of biological systems) and the penetration of the radiation into the "These are the first images that show thebioelectromagnetics (biological effects of brain is greater than in an adult. shocking effect that using a mobile phoneenvironmental electromagnetic fields— • The still-developing nervous system has on a childs brain.extremely low frequency [ELF] and and associated brain-wave activity in a "Scientists have discovered that a callmicrowave [MW]—on cell growth in child (and particularly one that is epileptic) lasting just two minutes can alter thehuman amnion cells). She stated: are more vulnerable to aggression by the natural electrical activity of a childs brain "Our studies showed that there was a sig- pulses of microwaves used in GSM than is for up to an hour afterwards. And they alsonificant change in cell growth in these cells the case with a mature adult. This is found for the first time how radio wavesafter being exposed to EMF fields from because the multi-frame repetition from mobile phones penetrate deep into theboth power lines (ELF) and from mobile frequency of 8.34 Hz and the 2 Hz pulsing brain and not just around the ear.phones (MW). These biological effects that characterises the signal from a phone "The study by Spanish scientists haswere greatest in young and vigorously equipped with discontinuous transmission prompted leading medical experts to ques-growing cells, but much less in old cells. (DTX) lie in the range of the alpha and tion whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all. "Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioural problems or impair learning ability. "It was the first time that human guinea pigs were used to measure the effects of mobile phone radiation on children. The tests were carried out on an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl called Jennifer. "Using a CATEEN scanner, linked to a machine measuring brain wave activity, researchers were able to create the images above. "The yellow-coloured part of the scan on the right shows how radiation spreads through the centre of the brain and out to the ear on the other side of the skull. The scans found that disturbed brain-wave activity lasted for up to an hour after the phone call ended. "Dr Gerald Hyland—a Government adviser on mobiles—says he finds the50 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 39. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEresults extremely disturbing. "Thailands interior minister is consider- "Brundtland advises everyone to limit "It makes one wonder whether children, ing banning the use of cellphones by the amount of time on the phone, but shewhose brains are still developing, should be teenagers. does not think there is enough scientificusing mobile phones, he adds. "Purachai Piemsomboon, whose evidence to issue a formal warning. "The results show that childrens brains campaign against vice has barred teenagers "For herself, Brundtland says that sheare affected for long periods even after from pubs and night spots, cited a Japanese gets a headache whenever she uses avery short term use. Their brain wave pat- study which he said concluded that mobile mobile phone.terns are abnormal and stay like that for a phones emitted radiation harmful to brain "In the beginning I felt warmth aroundlong period. This could affect their mood cells and nerves, especially of young my ear. But the discomfort got worse andand ability to learn in the classroom if they people. He said that if teenagers continued turned into a headache every time I used ahave been using a phone during break time, to ignore the warning, a law might become mobile phone, Brundtland said in the inter-for instance. necessary to prevent them from using view. Making shorter calls does not help, "We dont know all the answers yet, but cellphones. He didnt elaborate." she added."the alteration in brain waves could lead to "The interview was featured on the frontthings like a lack of concentration, memory 10) This item, reporting the views of the page of Dagbladet Norge and was laterloss, inability to learn and aggressive WHO Director-General on children and picked up by the Swedish press."behaviour. mobile phone use, is sourced from "Previously it had been thought 11) The French Government, onthat interference with brain waves March 1, 2002, reiterated an advisoryand brain chemistry stopped when a to users of mobile phones, remindingcall ended. Unfortunately, the Australian them, on a precautionary basis, that: "The results of the study by theSpanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Communications Authority, parents should tell their children to limit the use of wireless phones; thatInstitute in Marbella coincide with a as a promoter of when using an earpiece, pregnantnew survey that shows 87 per cent of11- to 16-year-olds own mobile telecommunications technology, women should keep the phone away from their bellies; and that teenagersphones and 40 per cent of them is closely allied with the should keep their mobile phone awayspend 15 minutes or more talking from their developing sex organs.each day on them. And disturbingly, mobile phone industry and, (Microwave News, vol. XXII, no. 2,70 per cent said they would not in fact, uses the same PR firms. March/April 2002)change the use of their phone even ifadvised to by the Government. The Australian authoritys view "Dr Hyland plans to publish the The Australian Communicationslatest findings in medical journal The Microwave News (vol. XXII, no. 2, Authority (ACA) has recently sent out toLancet next year. He said: This informa- March/April 2002, http://www.microwave- every school in the nation a pamphlet titledtion shows there really isnt a safe amount "Mobile phones: your health and regula-of mobile phone use. We dont know what "Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, the tion of radiofrequency electromagneticlasting damage is being done by this expo- Director-General of the World Health radiation". In relation to possible healthsure. If I were a parent, I would now be Organization (WHO), favours a precaution- effects, the ACA pamphlet states only thatextremely wary about allowing my children ary approach to the use of mobile phones, "The weight of national and internationalto use a mobile even for a very short peri- according to press reports from scientific opinion is that there is no sub-od. My advice would be to avoid mobiles. Scandinavia. stantiated evidence that using a mobile "Dr Michael Klieeisen, who conducted "In an interview with Dagbladet Norge phone causes harmful health effects".the study, said: We were able to see in (March 9, 2002), a major Norwegian news- This pamphlet was not written by scien-minute detail what was going on in the paper, Brundtland discouraged children tists or medical experts but public relationsbrain. We never expected to see this con- from using mobile phones. A physician (PR) professionals employed to promotetinuing activity in the brain. We are wor- with a degree in public health, Brundtland the technology. They have identified chil-ried that delicate balances that exist—such is a former Prime Minister of Norway. dren and young people as a major growthas the immunity to infection and disease— "Jon Liden, a communications advisor in area for taking up mobile phone use andcould be altered by interference with chem- Brundtlands office in Geneva, confirmed view evidence of health hazards as a risk toical balances in the brain. the accuracy of the Norwegian article to profits that needs to be "managed". They "A Department of Health spokesman Microwave News. call it "environmental crisis management".said: In children, mobile phone use should "Brundtlands outlook appears to put her Unfortunately, the Australianbe restricted to very short periods of time." at odds with the WHO International EMF Communications Authority, as a promoter Project. of telecommunications technology, is 9) Channel News Asias Southeast Asia "Precautionary policies should not be closely allied with the mobile phone indus-News ran this item, titled "Thai minister applied to EMFs, Dr Michael Repacholi, try and, in fact, uses the same PR firms.mulls cellphone ban for youngsters", on who oversees the project, stated recently Interestingly, most of the PR firms nowApril 5, 2002 (see (see MN, Sept/Oct 2001). He could not be working for telecommunications reached for comment. worked (or still do) for the tobacco industryJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 51
  • 40. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEand created what is now known as "tobacco In 1995, Dr Ross Adey, one of the The outcome of this conflict may not bescience". worlds most respected and senior research known for many years, until todays young When the ACA pamphlet refers to "The scientists, in an email reply to this author mobile phone users are well into theirweight of national and international scien- commented on "The weight of national and adulthood. By then, if the warnings oftific opinion", it is basically referring to the international scientific opinion" by stating: health hazards prove to be true, irreversibleopinion of and radiofrequency exposure "The laboratory evidence for non- damage to the health and wellbeing ofguidelines set by the International thermal effects of both ELF [power many of these people will have been done.Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation frequency] and RF/microwave fields now For every parent who is tempted to allowProtection (ICNIRP). constitutes a major body of scientific unrestricted mobile phone use by their chil- What is not said, however, is that the literature in peer-reviewed journals. It is dren, they need to ask themselves: is itICNIRP guidelines are only based on high- my personal view that to continue to ignore worth the risk? ∞level, short-term animal exposure studies, this work in the course of standard-settingconducted to determine exposure limits set is irresponsible to the point of being a About the Author:to avoid immediate hazards to health (such public scandal." (D. Maisch, "Mobile Don Maisch is director of EMFactsas heating of body tissue, called a "thermal Phones and their Transmitter Base Stations: Consultancy and has produced 24 pub-effect") from high-level exposures. the evidence for health hazards" [Senate lications and papers on a variety of Most importantly, ICNIRP does not submission], EMFacts Consultancy, April health issues related to EM radiationexamine the possibility of other non- 1996, page 5) exposure. See NEXUS 7/03 and 2/26 forthermal health effects arising from long- his articles on RF/MW and EMR expo-term, low-level radiofrequency/microwave A precautionary approach sure standards.exposure, such as from using a mobile So what we have is an ideological battle Don can be contacted at: EMFactsphone for years. between a few voices of reason calling for Consultancy, PO Box 96, North Hobart, As such, it is scientifically irrelevant to a precautionary approach to safeguard our Tasmania, 7002, Australia; telephonethe issue. From a PR viewpoint, however, childrens health, based on sound science, +61 (0)3 6243 0195, fax +61 (0)3 6243statements like "The weight of national and versus the might of the mobile phone 0340, email,international scientific opinion" do sound industry and their supporters, based on website maximising corporate profits. emfacts/. Continued from page 46 Gold was also critical of the peer review process that rose to ascendancy in the latter half of the 20th century. Richard Dawkins could just have easily been a cardinal in the Journalist Richard Milton, in his rebuttal letter to Auriol pre-Enlightenment Church, and Milton a heretic. There is that Stevens (the London Times Higher Education Supplement editor lingering smell of dogma and belief in the air that permeates who had spiked his anti-Darwin article), wrote: much of the cant of the 21st century scientific priesthood: the I believe that the great strength of science and the scientific moves to censor "unacceptable" doctrines or teachings smack of method is its openness to debate… Science does not need vigi- traditional Church-style politics. lante scientists to guard the gates against heretics… If this Unfortunately, the so-called watchdog, the mass media, is a article were about any other subject—finance, politics, the lapdog in the case of science. Most reporters seem too overawed economy—I know that it would be welcome as well-written by the institution and its more famous players ever to ask any and thought-provoking, even if its claims were controversial. hard questions or conduct any serious investigative reporting. No documentary exposing the weaknesses of the theory of evo- But it was not about other subjects; it concerned the "sacred lution has ever been aired on British television. Doesnt that seem cow" of Darwinism. Milton may have been naïve at that point, a bit odd? but his "education" was just starting. There are many other For anyone truly serious about what is going on with science, "taboo" subjects that would not have been published. Arps essay is must-reading. His underlying contention is that sci- The point of this series has not been to tar all scientists with the ence today is "impossibly authoritarian". same brush. There are unquestionably many good, honest, hard- In an interview with Thomas Gold, published in the working scientists who are appalled by some of the unsavoury Washington Post in November 1999, the reporter noted: things going on in the name of science. But so many scientists Eight years ago, when Gold was developing his theory, some seem to delight in attacking alternative science theory and its geologists were so incensed that they petitioned to have the practitioners by branding the proceedings "pseudoscience", as if government remove all mention of it from the nations they were White Knights on a Divine Mission to preserve the libraries. integrity of science. What integrity? It is time they dropped all their debunking and cleaned up the institution before we get the And in our virginal naïvety, we thought scientists were against scientific version of the Inquisition. ∞ book-burning and were champions of free, independent thought and expression… About the Author: The article continued by pointing out that Gold took it in his Will Hart is a freelance journalist, book author, nature photogra- stride: pher and documentary filmmaker. He lives and does much of his ...the scientific world allegedly searching for truth is little research in the Lake Tahoe area in the USA, and writes a column more hospitable to it than when Galileo ran afoul of the titled "The Tahoe Naturalist" for a regional publication. He has pro- Inquisition, he says. duced and directed films about wolves and wild horses.52 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 41. E VIDENCE FOR C REATION BY O UTSIDE I NTERVENTION THE ABSURDITIES OF DOGMA I n 1905, a 25-year-old patent clerk named Albert Einstein demolished the 200-year- old certainty that Isaac Newton knew all there was to know about basic physics. In a technical paper only a few pages long, Einstein sent a huge part of his current "reality" to historys dustbin, where it found good company with thousands of other discards large and small. In 1905, though, Newtons discard was about as large as the bin would hold. Now another grand old "certainty" hovers over historys dustbin, and it seems only a matter of time before some new Einstein writes the few (or many) pages that will bring it down and relegate it to history. And, as was the case in 1905, every "expert" in the world Darwinists, laughs heartily at any suggestion that their certainty could be struck down. Yet if facts are Creationists and any yardstick—which should always be the case, but frequently isnt—Charles Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection is moving towards extinction. Intelligent Design Please note this: not everyone who challenges evolution is automatically a Creationist. Darwinists love to tar all opponents with that brush because so much of Creationist dogma proponents are is absurd. Creationists mulishly exclude themselves from serious consideration by refus- ing to give up fatally flawed parts of their argument, such as the literal interpretation of unable to explain "six days of creation". Of course, some have tried to take a more reasonable stance, but those few cant be heard over the ranting of the many who refuse. anomalies in the Recently a new group has entered the fray, much better educated than typical Creationists. This group has devised a theory called "Intelligent Design", which has a emergence of wealth of scientifically established facts on its side. The ID-ers, though, give away their domesticated Creationist roots by insisting that because life at its most basic level is so incredibly and irreducibly complex, it could never have simply "come into being" as Darwinists insist. plants, animals and Actually, the "life somehow assembled itself out of organic molecules" dogma is every bit as absurd as the "everything was created in six days" dogma, which the ID-ers humans. understand and exploit. But they also suggest that everything came into existence at the hands of God (by whatever name) or "by means of outside intervention", which makes clear how theyre betting. "Outside intervention" is a transparent euphemism for "You Know What" (with apologies to J. K. Rowling). [In Rowlings "Harry Potter" books, the arch villain is so despicable and dreadful, his name should not even be uttered; thus he is referred to as "You Know Who". Similarly, the very idea that humans might have been created by extraterrestrials is so despicable and dreadful to mainstream science and religion that no mention of it should be uttered; thus the author refers to it as "You Know What". Ed.] To Darwinists, Creationists and ID-ers alike, creation at the hands of You Know What is the most absurd suggestion of all. Yet it can be shown that You Know What has the widest array of facts on its side and has the best chance of being proved correct in the end. Virtually every scientist worth their doctorate will insist that somehow, some way, a form of evolution is at the heart of all life forms and processes on Earth. By "evolution", by Lloyd Pye © 2002 they mean the entire panoply of possible interpretations that might explain how, over vast stretches of time, simple organisms can and do transform themselves into more complex Email: organisms. That broad definition gives science as a whole a great deal of room to bob and weave its way towards the truth about evolution, which ostensibly is its goal. However, Website: among individual scientists that same broadness of coverage means nobody has a "lock" on the truth, which opens them up to a withering array of internecine squabbles. In Darwins case, those squabbles were initially muted. Rightly or wrongly, his theoryJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 53
  • 42. served a much higher purpose than merely challenging the way their mission and confident their fabled missing link will be foundscience thought about lifes processes. It provided something beneath the next overturned rock. Sooner or later, they believe,every scientist desperately needed: a strong counter to the intel- one of their members will uncover it, so they all work in harmo-lectual nonsense pouring from pulpits in every church, synagogue nious concert towards that common goal. Individually, though,and mosque in the world. its every man and woman for themselves. Since well before Charles Darwin was born, men of scienceknew full well that God did not create the Earth or anything else TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEEin the universe in six literal days. But to assert that publicly Plants and animals evolve, eh? Alright, how do they evolve?invited the same kind of censure that erupts today onto anyone By gradual but constant changes, influenced by adaptive pres-who dares to challenge evolution openly. Dogma is dogma in any sures in their environment that cause physical modifications togeneration. persist if they are advantageous. Darwins honeymoon with his scientific peers was relatively Can you specify the kind of gradual change youre referring to?brief. It lasted only as long as they needed to understand that all In any population of plants or animals, over time, randomhe had really provided was the outline of a forest of an idea, one genetic mutations will occur. Most will be detrimental, some willthat only in broad terms seemed to account for lifes stunningly have a neutral effect and some will confer a selective advantage,wide array. His forest lacked enough verifiable trees. Even so, however small or seemingly inconsequential it might appear.once the overarching concept was crystallised as "natural Really? But wouldnt the overall population have a gene poolselection", the term "survival of the fittest" was coined to explain deep enough to absorb and dilute even a large change? Wouldntit to laymen. When the majority of the public became convinced a small change rapidly disappear?that evolution was a legitimate alternative to Creationism, the Well, yes, it probably would. But not in an isolated segment ofscientific gloves came off. In-fighting became widespread the overall population. An isolated group would have a muchregarding the trees that made up Darwins forest. shallower gene pool, so positive mutations would stand a much Over time, scientists parsed Darwins better chance of establishing a perma-original forest into more different trees nent place in it.than he could ever have imagined. Really? What if that positive muta-That parsing has been wide and deep, tion gets established in the isolatedand it has taken down countless trees at group, then somehow the isolatedthe hands of scientists themselves. But Especially troubling was group gets back together with thedespite such thinning, the forest [and is] the absence of main population? Poof! The mutationremains upright and intact. Somehow, will be absorbed and disappear.some way, there is a completely natural "transitional species" in Well, maybe. So lets make sure theforce at work governing all aspects of the fossil record. isolated population cant get back withthe flow and change of life on Earth. the main group until crossbreeding isThat is the scientific mantra, which is no longer possible.chanted religiously to counter every How would you do that?Creationist—and now Intelligent Put a mountain range between them,Design—challenge to one or more of the something impossible to cross.rotten trees that frequently become obvious. If its impossible to cross, how did the isolated group get there Even Darwin realised the data of his era did not provide clear- in the first place?cut evidence that his theory was correct. Especially troubling was If youre asking me just how isolated is isolated, let me ask youthe absence of "transitional species" in the fossil record. Those one. What kind of mutations were you talking about beingwere needed to prove that, over vast amounts of time, species did absorbed?in fact gradually transform into other, "higher" species. Small, absolutely random changes in base pairs at the gene So right out of the chute, the theory of evolution was on the level.defensive regarding one of its cornerstones, and more than 140 Really? Why not at the chromosome level? Wouldnt changeyears later there are still no clear-cut transitional species apparent at the base pair level be entirely too small to create any significantin the fossil record. change? Wouldnt a mutation almost have to be at the chromo- Because this is the most vulnerable part of Darwins theory, some level to be noticeable?Creationists attack it relentlessly, which has forced scientists peri- Who says? Change at that level would probably be too much,odically to put forth a series of candidates to try to take the heat something the organism couldnt Unfortunately for them, in every case those "missing links" Maybe were putting too much emphasis on mutations.have been shown to be outright fakes and frauds. An excellent Right! What about environmental pressures? What if a speciesaccount is found in Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells suddenly found itself having to survive in a significantly changed(Regnery, 2000). But scientists are not deterred by such exposure environment?of their shenanigans. They feel justified because, they insist, not One where its members must adapt to the new circumstances orenough time has passed for them to find what they need in a die out?grossly incomplete fossil record. Exactly! How would they adapt? Could they just will them- The truth is that some lengthy fossil timelines are missing, but selves to grow thicker fur or stronger muscles or larger size?many more are well accounted for. Those have been thoroughly That sounds like mutations have to play a part.examined in the past 140-plus years, to no avail. In any other Mutations, eh? All right, how do they play a part?occupation, a 140-year-long trek up a blind alley would indicate awrong approach has been taken. But not to scientists. They This game of intellectual thrust and parry goes on constantly atblithely continue forward, convinced of the absolute rightness of levels of minutiae that boggle an average mind. Traditional54 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 43. Darwinists are one-upped by neo-Darwinists at every turn. to different parts of the world at different times. Initially, in the so-Quantum evolutionists refashion the work of those who support called Fertile Crescent of modern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, camethe theory of peripheral isolates. Mathematicians model mutation wheat, barley and legumes, among other varieties. Later on, in therates and selective forces, which biologists do not trust. Far East, came wheat, millet, rice and yams. Later still, in the NewGeneticists have little use for palaeontologists, who return the World, came maize (corn), peppers, beans, squash, tomatoes andfavour in spades (pun intended). Cytogenetics labours to find a potatoes.niche alongside genetics proper. Population geneticists utilise Many have "wild" predecessors that were apparently a startingmathematical models that challenge palaeontologists and point for the domesticated variety, but others—like many com-systematists. Sociobiologists and evolutionary psychologists mon vegetables—have no obvious precursors. But for those thatstruggle to make room for their ideas. All perform a cerebral do, such as wild grasses, grains and cereals, how they turned intodance of elegant form and exquisite symmetry. wheat, barley, millet, rice, etc. is a profound mystery. Their dance is, ironically, evolution writ large throughout sci- No botanist can conclusively explain how wild plants gave riseence as a process. New bits of data are put forth to a peer group. to domesticated ones. The emphasis here is on "conclusively".The new data are discussed, written about, criticised, written Botanists have no trouble hypothesising elaborate scenarios inabout again, criticised some more. This is gradualism at work, which Neolithic (New Stone Age) farmers somehow figured outshaping, reshaping and reshaping again if necessary until the new how to hybridise wild grasses, grains and cereals, not unlikedata can comfortably fit into the current para- Gregor Mendel when he cross-bred peadigm in any field, whatever it is. This is nec- plants to figure out the mechanics of geneticessary to make it conform as closely as pos- inheritance. It all sounds so simple and sosible to every concerned scientists current logical, almost no one outside scientificway of thinking. To do it any other way is to circles ever examines it closely.invite prompt rejection under a fusillade of Gregor Mendel never bred his pea plantswithering criticism. to be anything other than pea plants. He cre- This system of excruciating "peer review" There are two basic ated short ones, tall ones and different-is how independent thinkers among scientists forms of plants and coloured ones, but they were always peahave always been kept in line. Darwin was plants that produced peas. (Pea plants are aan outsider until he barged into the club by animals: wild and domesticated species, too, but that is irrele-sheer, overpowering brilliance. Patent clerk domesticated. vant to the point to be made here.) On theEinstein did the same. On the other hand, other hand, those New Stone Age farmersAlfred Wegener was the German meteorolo- who were fresh out of their caves and onlygist who figured out plate tectonics in 1915.Because he dared to bruise the egos of No botanist can just beginning to turn soil for the first time (as the "official" scenario goes), some-"authorities" outside his own field, he conclusively explain how managed to transform the wildsaw his brilliant discovery buried underspiteful criticism that held it down for how wild plants grasses, grains and cereals growing around them into their domesticated50 years. Every scientist in the game gave rise to "cousins". Is that possible? Onlyknows how it is played…and very few domesticated ones. through a course in miracles!dare to challenge its rules. Actually, it requires countless The restrictions on scientists are miracles within two large categories ofsevere, but for a very good reason. miracles. The first was that the wildThey work at the leading edges of grasses and grains and cereals wereknowledge, from where the view can be useless to humans. The seeds andanything from confusing to downright grains were maddeningly small, liketerrifying. Among those who study the pepper flakes or salt crystals, which putprocesses of life on Earth, they must them beyond the grasping and handlingcope with the knowledge that a surpris- capacity of human fingers. They wereing number of species have no business being here. In some also hard, like tiny nutshells, making it impossible to convertcases, they cant even be here. Yet they are, for better or worse, them to anything edible. Lastly, their chemistry was suited toand those worst-case examples must be hidden or at least nourishing animals, not humans.obscured from the general public. But no matter how often facts So wild varieties were entirely too small, entirely too tough andare twisted, data are concealed or reality is denied, the truth is out nutritionally inappropriate for humans. They needed to be greatlythere. expanded in size, greatly softened in texture and overhauled at the molecular level—which would be an imposing challenge for mod-THE EMERGENCE OF DOMESTICATED PLANTS ern botanists, much less Neolithic farmers. There are two basic forms of plants and animals: wild and Despite the seeming impossibility of meeting those dauntingdomesticated. The wild ones far outnumber the domesticated objectives, modern botanists are confident the first sodbusters hadones, which may explain why vastly more research is done on the all they needed to do it: time and patience. Over hundreds ofwild forms. But it could just as easily be that scientists shy away generations of selective crossbreeding, they consciously directedfrom the domesticated ones because the things they find when the genetic transformation of the few dozen that would turn out toexamining them are so far outside the accepted evolutionary be most useful to humans. And how did they do it? By theparadigm. astounding feat of doubling, tripling and quadrupling the number Nearly all domesticated plants are believed to have appeared of chromosomes in the wild varieties! In a few cases, they didbetween 10,000 and 5,000 years ago, with different groups coming better than that. Domestic wheat and oats were elevated from anJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 55
  • 44. ancestor with seven chromosomes to their current 42—an "created" by the earliest farmers all around the world. Put anexpansion by a factor of six. Sugar cane was expanded from a 10- equal sign after those four factors and it definitely does not add upchromosome ancestor to the 80-chromosome monster it is to any kind of Darwinian—a factor of eight. The chromosomes of others, like Botanists know they have a serious problem here, but all theybananas and apples, were only multiplied by factors of two or can suggest is that it simply had to have occurred by naturalthree, while peanuts, potatoes, tobacco and cotton, among others, means because no other intervention—by God or You Knowwere expanded by factors of four. This is not as astounding as it What—can be considered under any circumstances. Thatsounds, because many wild flowering plants and trees have unwavering stance is maintained by all scientists, not justmultiple chromosome sets. botanists, to exclude overwhelming evidence such as the fact that But that brings up what Charles Darwin himself called the in 1837 the Botanical Garden in St Petersburg, Russia, began"abominable mystery" of flowering plants. The first ones appear concerted attempts to cultivate wild rye into a new form ofin the fossil record between 150 and 130 million years ago, domestication. They are still trying, because their rye has lostprimed to multiply into over 200,000 known species. But no one none of its wild traits, especially the fragility of its stalk and itscan explain their presence because there is no connective link to small grain. Therein lies the most embarrassing conundrumany form of plants that preceded them. It is as if…dare I say botanists…they were brought to Earth by something akin to You Know To domesticate a wild grass like rye or any wild grain or cerealWhat. If so, then it could well be that they were delivered with a (which was done time and again by our Neolithic forebears), twobuilt-in capacity to develop multiple chromosome sets, and some- imposing hurdles must be cleared. These are the problems ofhow our Neolithic forebears cracked the codes for the ones most "rachises" and "glumes", which I discuss in my book, Everythingadvantageous to humans. You Know Is Wrong – Book One: Human Origins (pp. 283–285) However the codes were cracked, the great expansion of (Adamu Press, 1998). Glumes are botanys name for husks, thegenetic material in each cell of the domestic varieties caused them thin covers of seeds and grains that must be removed beforeto grow much larger than their wild humans can digest them. Rachises areancestors. As they grew, their seeds the tiny stems that attach seeds andand grains became large enough to be grains to their stalks.easily seen and picked up and While growing, glumes and rachisesmanipulated by human fingers. are strong and durable, so rain wontSimultaneously, the seeds and grains But that brings up what knock the seeds and grains off theirsoftened to a degree where they could Charles Darwin himself called stalks. At maturity, they become sobe milled, cooked and consumed. And brittle that a breeze will shatter themat the same time, their cellular the "abominable mystery" and release their cargo to propagate.chemistry was altered enough to begin of flowering plants. Such a high degree of brittlenessproviding nourishment to humans who makes it impossible to harvest wildate them. The only word that remotely plants because every grain or seedequates with that achievement is: would be knocked loose during themiracle. harvesting process. Of course, "miracle" implies that there So, in addition to enlarging,was actually a chance that such complex manipulations of nature softening and nutritionally altering the seeds and grains of dozenscould be carried out by primitive yeomen in eight geographical of wild plants, the earliest farmers also had to figure out how toareas over 5,000 years. This strains credulity because, in each finely adjust the brittleness of every plants glumes and, in each area, someone actually had to look at a wild progeni- That adjustment was of extremely daunting complexity, per-tor and imagine what it could become, or should become, or haps more complex than the transformational process itself. Thewould become. Then they somehow had to ensure that their rachises had to be toughened enough to hold seeds and grains tovision would be carried forward through countless generations their stalks during harvesting, yet remain brittle enough to be col-that had to remain committed to planting, harvesting, culling and lected easily by human effort during what has come to be knowncrossbreeding wild plants that put no food on their tables during as "threshing". Likewise, the glumes had to be made toughtheir lifetimes, but which might feed their descendants in some enough to withstand harvesting after full ripeness was achieved,remotely distant future. yet still be brittle enough to shatter during the threshing process. It is difficult to try to concoct a more unlikely, more absurd, And—heres the kicker—each wild plants glumes and rachisesscenario, yet to modern-day botanists it is a gospel they believe required completely different degrees of adjustment, and the finalwith a fervour that puts many "six day" Creationists to shame. amount of each adjustment had to be perfectly precise! In short,Why? Because to confront its towering absurdity would force there is not a snowballs chance that this happened as botaniststhem to turn to You Know What for a more logical and plausible claim it did.explanation. To domesticate a wild plant without using artificial (i.e., THE EMERGENCE OF DOMESTICATED ANIMALSgenetic) manipulation, it must be modified by directed As with plants, animal domestication followed a pattern ofcrossbreeding, which is only possible through the efforts of development that extended 10,000 to 5,000 years ago. It alsohumans. So the equation is simple. Firstly, wild ancestors for started in the Fertile Crescent, with the "big four" of cattle, sheep,many (but not all) domestic plants do seem apparent. Secondly, goats and pigs, among other animals. Later, in the Far East, camemost domesticated versions did appear from 10,000 to 5,000 years ducks, chickens and water buffalo, among others. Later still, inago. Thirdly, the humans alive at that time were primitive the New World, came llamas and vicuna. This process was notbarbarians. Fourthly, in the past 5,000 years, no plants have been simplified by expanding the number of chromosomes. Alldomesticated that are nearly as valuable as the dozens that were animals—wild and domesticated—are diploid, which means they56 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 45. have two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. The at rest to 150 bpm during a chase. Its top speed is 70 miles pernumber of chromosomes varies as widely as in plants (humans hour, while a thoroughbred tops out at around 38 mph. Nothinghave 46), but there are always only two sets (humans have 23 in on a savanna can outrun it. It can be outlasted, but not outrun.each). Cheetahs are unique because they combine physical traits of The only "tools" available to Neolithic herdsmen were those two distinctly different animal families: dogs and cats. Theyavailable to farming kinsmen: time and patience. By the same belong to the family of cats, but they look like long-legged dogs.crossbreeding techniques apparently utilised by farmers, wild ani- They sit and hunt like dogs. They can only partially retract theirmals were selectively bred for generation after generation until claws, like dogs instead of cats. Their paw pads are thick andenough gradual modifications accumulated to create domesticated hard like a dogs, but to climb trees they use the first claw on theirversions of wild ancestors. As with plants, this process required front paws in the same way a cat does. The light-coloured fur onanywhere from hundreds to thousands of years in each case, and their body is like the fur of a short-haired dog, but the black spotswas also accomplished dozens of times in widely separated areas on their bodies are inexplicably the texture of cats fur. They con-around the globe. tract diseases that only dogs suffer from, but they also get "cat Once again, we face the problem of trying to imagine those first only" diseases.herdsmen with enough vision to imagine a "final model", to start There is something even more inexplicable about cheetahs.the breeding process during their own lifetimes and to have it car- Genetic tests have been done on them, and the surprising resultried out over centuries until the final model was achieved. This was that in the 50 specimens tested they were all, every one,was much trickier than simply figuring out which animals had a genetically identical with each other! This means the skin orstrong pack or herding instinct that would internal organs of any of the thousands ofeventually allow humans to take over as cheetahs in the world could be switched with"leaders" of the herd or pack. For example, the organs of any other cheetah and not beit took unbridled courage to decide to bring rejected. The only other place such physicala wolf cub into a campsite with the intention All examples of plant and homogeneity is seen is in rats and other ani-of teaching it to kill and eat selectively and mals that have been genetically altered into earn its keep by barking at intruders (adult animal "domestication" laboratories.wolves rarely bark). And who could look at are incredible in their (Cue the music from The Twilight Zone…)the massive, fearsome, ill-tempered aurochs own right, but perhaps Cheetahs stand apart, of course, but alland visualise a much smaller, much more domesticated animals have traits that are notamiable cow? Even if somebody could have the most incredible is explainable in terms that stand up to rigorousvisualised it, how could they have hoped to the cheetah. scientific scrutiny. Rather than deal with theaccomplish it? An aurochs calf (or a wolf embarrassment of confronting such issues,cub, for that matter), carefully and lovingly scientists studiously ignore them and, as withraised by human "parents", would still Genetic tests have been the mysteries of domesticated plants,grow up to be a full-bodied adult with explain them away as best they can.hardwired adult instincts. done on them, and the For the cheetah, they insist it simply However it was done, it wasnt by surprising result was that cannot be some kind of weird geneticcrossbreeding. Entire suites of genes in the 50 specimens tested hybrid between cats and dogs, evenmust be modified to change the physi- though the evidence points squarely incal characteristics of animals. (In an they were all, every one, that direction. And why? Because that,interesting counterpoint to wild and genetically identical too, would move cheetahs into the for-domesticated plants, domesticated ani- bidden zone occupied by You Knowmals are usually smaller than their wild with each other! What.progenitors.) But with animals, some- The problem of the cheetahs geneticthing more…something ineffable… uniformity is explained by somethingmust be changed to alter their basic now known as the "bottleneck effect".natures from wild to docile. To What it presumes is that the wild chee-accomplish it remains beyond modern tah population—which must have beenabilities, so attributing such capacity to Neolithic humans is an as genetically diverse as its long history indicates—at some recentinsult to our intelligence. point in time went into a very steep population decline that left All examples of plant and animal "domestication" are incredible only a few breeding pairs alive. From that decimation until now,in their own right, but perhaps the most incredible is the cheetah. they have all shared the same restricted gene pool.There is no question it was one of the first tamed animals, with a Unfortunately, there is no record of any extinction events thathistory stretching back to early Egypt, India and China. As with would selectively remove cheetahs and leave every other big catall such examples, it could only have been created through selec- to develop its expected genetic variation. So, as unlikely as ittive breeding by Neolithic hunters, gatherers or early farmers. seems, the "bottleneck" theory is accepted as another scientificOne of those three must get the credit. gospel. The cheetah is the most easily tamed and trained of all the big Here it is appropriate to remind scientists of Carl Saganscats. No reports are on record of a cheetah killing a human. It famous riposte when dealing with their reviled pseudoscience:seems specifically created for high speeds, with an "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." It seemsaerodynamically designed head and body. Its skeleton is lighter apparent that Sagan learned that process in-house.than other big cats; its legs are long and slim, like the legs of a It also leads us, finally, to a discussion of humans, who are sogreyhound. Its heart, lungs, kidneys and nasal passages are genetically recent that we, too, have been forced into one of thoseenlarged, allowing its breathing rate to jump from 60 per minute "bottleneck effects" that attempt to explain away the cheetah.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 57
  • 46. THE ARRIVAL OF HUMANS well outside the classic Darwinian paradigm. Darwin himself Like all plants and animals whether wild or domesticated, made the observation that humans were surprisingly like domesti-humans are supposed to be the products of slight, gradual cated animals. In fact, we are so unusual relative to other pri-improvements to countless generations spawned by vastly more mates that it can be solidly argued that we do not belong on Earthprimitive forebears. This was firmly believed by most scientists at all…that we are not even from Earth, because we do not seemin the 1980s, when a group of geneticists decided to try to estab- to have developed here.lish a more accurate date for when humans and chimpanzees split We are taught that, by every scientific measure, humans are pri-from their presumed common ancestor. mates very closely related to all other primates, especially chim- Palaeontologists used fossilised bones to establish a timeline panzees and gorillas. This is so ingrained in our psyches that itthat indicated the split came between five and eight million years seems futile even to examine it, much less to challenge it. But weago. That wide bracket could be narrowed, geneticists believed, charting mutations in human mitochondrial DNA—small bits Bones. Human bones are much lighter than comparable pri-of DNA floating outside the nuclei of our cells. So they went to mate bones. For that matter, our bones are much lighter than thework collecting samples from all over the world. bones of every "pre-human" ancestor through to Neanderthal. When the results were in, none of the geneticists could believe The ancestor bones look like primate bones; modern human bonesit. They had to run their samples through again and again to be do not.certain. Even then, there was hesitancy about announcing it. Muscle. Human muscles are significantly weaker thanEveryone knew there would be a firestorm of controversy, starting comparable muscles in primates. Pound for pound, we are five towith the palaeontologists—who would be ten times weaker than any other primate.given the intellectual equivalent of a black Any pet monkey is evidence of that.eye and a bloody nose and their heads dunked Somehow, getting "better" made us much,into a toilet for good measure! This would We are taught that, much weaker.publicly embarrass them in a way that had not Skin. Human skin is not well adapted tohappened since the Piltdown hoax was by every scientific the amount of sunlight striking Earth. It canexposed. measure, humans are be modified to survive extended exposure Despite the usual scientific practice of by greatly increasing melanin (its dark pig-keeping a lid on data that radically differs primates very closely ment) at its surface, which only the blackfrom a current paradigm, the importance of related to all other race has achieved. All others must coverthis new evidence finally outweighed concern themselves with clothing or frequent shadefor the image and feelings of palaeontolo- primates, especially or both, or sicken from radiation poisoning.gists. The geneticists gathered their courageand stepped into the line of fire, announcing chimpanzees and Body Hair. Primates need not worry about direct exposure to sunlight becausethat humans were not anywhere near the gorillas. they are covered from head to toe in aofficial age range of eight to five million distinctive pattern of long body-hair.years old. Humans were only about Because they are quadrupeds (move200,000 years old. As expected, the This is so ingrained on all fours), the thickest hair is onhowls of protest were deafening. their back, the thinnest on the chest Time and much more testing of in our psyches that it and abdomen. Humans have lost themitochondrial DNA and male Y- seems futile even to all-over pelt, and we have completelychromosomes now make it beyond switched our area of thickness to thedoubt that the geneticists were correct. examine it, much less chest and abdomen while wearing theAnd the palaeontologists have come to to challenge it. thin part on our back.accept it because geneticists were able Fat. Humans have ten times asto squeeze humans through the same many fat cells attached to the under-kind of "bottleneck effect" they used to side of their skin as primates. If a pri-try to ameliorate the mystery of mate is wounded by a gash or tear incheetahs. the skin, when the bleeding stops the By doing so, they left palaeontologists still able to insist that wounds edges lie flat near each other and can quickly close thehumans evolved from primitive forebears walking upright on the wound by a process called "contracture". In humans, the fat layersavannas of Africa as long ago as five million years, but that is so thick that it pushes up through wounds and makes contrac-between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago "something" happened to ture difficult if not impossible. Also, contrary to the propagandadestroy nearly all humans alive at the time, forcing them to to try to explain this oddity, the fat under human skin does notreproduce from a small population of survivors. compensate for the body hair we have lost. Only in water is its That this "something" remains wholly unknown is a given, insulating capacity useful; in air, it is minimal at best.although Creationists wildly wave their hands like know-it-alls at Head Hair. All primates have head hair that grows to a certainthe back of a classroom, desperate to suggest it was the Great length and then stops. Human head hair grows to such lengthsFlood. But because they refuse to move away from the biblical that it could be dangerous in a primitive situation. Thus, we havetimeline of the event (in the range of 6,000 years ago), nobody been forced to cut our head hair since we became a species, whichcan take them seriously. Still, it seems the two sides might work may account for some of the sharp flakes of stones that are con-together productively on this crucial issue. If only… sidered primitive hominid "tools". Apart from disputes about the date and circumstances of our Fingernails and Toenails. All primates have fingernails andorigin as a species, there are plenty of other problems with toenails that grow to a certain length and then stop, never needinghumans. Like domesticated plants and animals, humans stand paring. Human fingernails and toenails have always needed58 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 47. paring. Again, maybe those stone "tools" were not only for 1990). Her work is remarkable. And for a more in-depth discus-butchering animals. sion of the mysteries within our genes and those of domesticated Skulls. The human skull is nothing like the primate skull. plants and animals, see Everything You Know Is Wrong.There is hardly any fair morphological comparison to be made,apart from the general parts being the same. Their design and BREAKING RANKSassembly are so radically different as to make attempts at compar- When all of the above is taken together—the inexplicableison useless. puzzles presented by domesticated plants, domesticated animals Brains. The comparison here is even more radical because and humans—it is clear that Darwin cannot explain it, modernhuman brains are so vastly different. (To say "improved" or scientists cannot explain it, not Creationists nor Intelligent Design"superior" is unfair and not germane, because primate brains work proponents. None of them can explain it, because it is notperfectly well for what primates have to do to live and reproduce.) explainable in only Earthbound terms. Locomotion. The comparison here is easily as wide as the We will not answer these questions with any degree of satisfac-comparison of brains and skulls. Humans are bipedal; primates tion until our scientists open their minds and squelch their egosare quadrupeds. That says more than enough. enough to acknowledge that they do not, in fact, know much Speech. Human throats are completely redesigned relative to about their own backyard. Until that happens, the truth willprimate throats. The larynx has dropped to a much lower posi- remain obscured.tion, so humans can break typical primate sounds into the tiny My personal opinion, which is based on a great deal of indepen-pieces of sound (by modulation) that have come to be human dent research in a wide range of disciplines relating to human ori-speech. gins, is that ultimately Charles Darwin will be best known for his Sex. Primate females have oestrous cycles and are sexually observation that humans are essentially like domesticated animals.receptive only at special times. Human females have no oestrous I believe that what Darwin observed with his own eyes andcycle in the primate sense. They are continually receptive to sex. research is the truth, and that modern scientists would see it as(Unless, of course, they have the clearly as he did if only they had theproverbial headache!) motivation or the courage to seek it Chromosomes. This is the most out. But for now, they dont…so,inexplicable difference of all. Primates Primates have 48 until then, we can only poke and prodhave 48 chromosomes. Humans are at them in the hope of some dayconsidered vastly superior to them in a chromosomes. getting them to notice our complaintswide array of areas, yet somehow we Humans are considered and address them. In order to pokehave only 46 chromosomes! This begs and prod successfully, more peoplethe question of how we could lose two vastly superior to them in have to be alerted to the fact thatfull chromosomes—which represents a a wide array of areas, another scientific fraud is beinglot of DNA—in the first place, and in perpetrated.the process become so much better. yet somehow we have Future editions of Icons ofNothing about it makes logical sense. Genetic Disorders. As with all wild only 46 chromosomes! Evolution will discuss the current era when scientists ridiculed, ignored oranimals (plants, too), primates have simply refused to deal with a smallrelatively few genetic disorders spread mountain of direct, compelling evi-throughout their gene pools. Albinism is dence that outside intervention hasone that is common to many animal groups as well as humans. clearly been at work in the genes of domesticated plants, animalsBut albinism does not stop an animal with it from growing up and and humans. You Know What has left traces of their handiworkpassing the gene for it into the gene pool. Mostly, though, serious all over our bodies, all through our gene pools. All that will bedefects are quickly weeded out in the wild. Often, parents or oth- required for the truth to come out is for a few "insiders" to breakers in a group will do the job swiftly and surely, so wild gene ranks with their brainwashed peers.pools stay relatively clear. In contrast, humans have over 4,000 Look to the younger generation. Without mortgages to pay,genetic disorders, and several of those will absolutely kill every families to raise and retirements to prepare for, they can find thevictim before reproduction is possible. This begs the question of courage to act on strong convictions. Dont expect it of anyonehow such defects could possibly get into the human gene pool in over forty, possibly even thirty. But somewhere in the world, thethe first place, much less how they remain so widespread. men and women have been born who will take Darwinism down Genetic Relatedness. A favourite Darwinist statistic is that the and replace it with the genome (all the DNA) of humans differs from chimpanzees The fat lady is nowhere in sight, but that doesnt mean shes notby only 1% and from gorillas by 2%. This makes it seem as if suiting up. ∞evolution is indeed correct and that humans and primates are vir-tually kissing cousins. However, what they dont stress is that 1% About the Author:of the human genomes three billion base pairs is 30 million base Lloyd Pye, born in 1946 in Louisiana, USA, is a researcher,pairs—and to any You Know What that can adroitly manipulate author, novelist and scriptwriter. His independent studies overgenes, 30 million base pairs can easily add up to a tremendous more than three decades into all aspects of evolution have con-amount of difference. vinced him that humans did not evolve on Earth, or at least are Everything Else. The above are the larger categories at issue the product of extraterrestrial intervention. His book,in the discrepancies between primates and humans. There are Everything You Know Is Wrong – Book One: Human Origins,dozens more listed as sub-categories below one or more of these. is available by ordering through or To delve deeper into these fascinating mysteries, check The Barnes & Noble at Visit Lloyd Pyes web-Scars of Evolution by Elaine Morgan (Oxford University Press, site at – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 59
  • 48. T HE B OCK S AGA A N A NCIENT T IME C APSULE O ne of humanitys greatest challenges lies in the effort it takes to adopt new perspectives while utilising old belief systems in order to steer a course towards the best possible future. This challenge is constantly in conflict with established belief systems relating to our past, present and future, for these belief systems are the central wheels of the academic hierarchy, involving all aspects of humanity including religion. Many of us are only just coming around to the realisation that civilisation was indeed thriving and highly evolved in our ancient past. With each day that passes and each new discovery that comes to light, the truth of this is more and more difficult to ignore or The oral tradition of deny. Consider for a moment that our ancestors knew that their civilisation was facing natural the Bock Saga, said disasters and cataclysmic changes. Would they have had the foresight into our future to create a mandate and provide future descendants with time capsules containing their to have been passed knowledge and experiences? Absolutely! We can say that with certainty, for we are really no different today in that respect. down over There is now a strong and growing body of evidence indicating that the Bock Saga is countless thousands such a time capsule, containing knowledge allegedly dating back more than 50 million years. According to the Saga, it was decreed over 10,000 years ago that the surviving of years, suggests Bock family would release the information in 1984, and not before. It was perceived that by this date, human genetics would once more have the capacity for wholeness, enabling that the original people to understand how to live in harmony with nature and each other and therefore properly utilise the information. inhabitants of Is the information contained in the Bock Saga true and, more to the point, is it accurate? Time will tell. This article is merely an introduction to the astounding wealth of rare Finland were the knowledge that is being presented by Ior Bock, who, as the last surviving descendant of the Bock family, is entrusted with the keys to its resurrection. first people. In the 1980s, a group called The Positive Foundation came together to begin excavation in an area near Helsinki in Finland, which is believed to be the location of Lemminkäinen Temple. According to the Bock Saga, within the Temples hidden halls there is to be found a repository of human knowledge and existence on our planet dating back millions of years. THE ROLE OF IOR BOCK IN THE SAGA Ior (pronounced ee-or) Bock was born on 17 January 1942. His father, Knut Victor Bockström, died on 11 May 1942. At that time, only three members of the Bock family remained: Ior, his mother Rhea and his sister Rachel. After his father died, Ior was adopted by a man named Bror Gustaf Bertil Svedlin and by Les Whale © 2002 his name was changed to Bror Holger Bertil Svedlin. Svedlin died in 1950 when Ior was eight years old. In March 1968, Ior reclaimed his original family name. PO Box 5055 From the age of seven, Ior sat with Rhea and Rachel every day to listen to and learn the Sunshine Coast Mail Centre family tradition of the Bock Saga. He was not allowed to ask questions through these ses- Nambour Qld 4560 sions, as it is considered that one learns more by listening than by talking. Australia According to Ior, the Saga is based largely on the teaching of sounds, which must be Email: heard and experienced, and therefore it has been passed down orally from generation to Website: generation in this way. Each descendent was taught from the age of seven to the age of 27, for it took 20 years to comprehend and master this knowledge. Thus the Saga was transmitted to Ior through the years 1949 to 1969.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 61
  • 49. As a young man, Ior gained employment as the head guide of little reference material available. This article is based upon mythe Museum Fortress of Viapori (Sveaborg) in Finland. Each year understanding of these tapes.he spent time in Goa, India, putting together the historic theme for The use of English-language spellings to convey the originalthe following season at the museum. In the summer of 1968, Ior sounds is a challenge. For instance, the name Oden is pronouncedmade his first academic presentation at the museum. In the years as oo-den. Other words may have similar sounds but quite differ-that followed, he became a very well known and respected histori- ent meanings in English. For example, the English word "hea-an and was involved in the development and production of a num- then" comes from hi-den (pronounced hee-den), meaning "whole"ber of television documentaries. and "worthy", and is not meant to have a derogatory connotation. In 1984, Ior began to relate his family history and the details of The Holy Grail of languages is but one small fragment of thethe Bock Saga. When the information was first released by Ior, it knowledge contained within the kela of sound. Human history,caused a controversy. It was met with a great deal of disbelief philosophy, health, well-being and, most importantly, the under-and there were accusations that the Saga was just a set of stories. standing that we are all one are critical parts of these teachings.Many of the detractors are now reconsidering their position due to In antiquity, at a time when this knowledge was common, thereastounding and significant discoveries made over the past few existed a communal philosophy: one breeding, information sys-years—discoveries which seem to confirm that the Saga is indeed tem, one giving system, one Ring which created health and well-based on fact, not fiction. being. In June 1999, Ior was attacked by a man at his sisters apartment Our ancestors understood that this generation would be ready toin Helsinki. He was stabbed in the back a number of times and receive its birthright: the knowledge of our origins, containedhis heart stopped for 10 minutes. Paramedics managed to revive within the Saga. The question remains: are we indeed ready?him, but the attack left him a quadriplegic. Nearly three years later, Ior can THE ORIGINS OF HUMANITYnow drink tea with very little assis- The Saga is a history and mystery sotance, yet he manages to continue his huge that it defies description. Todaily talks and release of the Bock The Saga is a history and date, Ior Bock has released informa-Saga material. His mind is still very tion about four major periods inclear and he smiles, even though mystery so huge that it defies Earths history: Paradise time,nearly all that he had has been taken Atlantis, the time following Atlantis,from him. description. To date, Ior Bock and the New Times. All of this has released information about knowledge is known as theSOUND CODES OF THE SAGA Väinämöinen mythology. Science has now come to the four major periods in Earths According to the Sagas history ofunderstanding that we originate from history: Paradise time, Atlantis, evolution, which dates back to thelight and sound. According to the first seeds of life on this Earth, theBock Saga, our civilisation has only the time following Atlantis, seeds grew and evolved to a pointjust re-evolved to the level of this and the New Times. where eels formed. Eels then gavebasic understanding. It is therefore rise to frogs, which eventuallyunderstandable that the Saga should evolved into monkeys. At somecome to light at this time. point, the genetics of the monkey and The Saga deals with a sound system the goat (the bock, also the symbol ofthat was utilised and understood in complete detail many the Bock family) were combined to create the first two humans,millennia ago—a technology based on light and sound that also Frej and Freja. The Saga does not say who was responsible forincorporated a spiritual understanding of how to work with these genetic manipulations."nature orally", i.e., "naturally". But somewhere in the darkened This creation occurred around the North Pole, where the Sunmists of our past, that knowledge was lost and therefore so was circled and never set. Surrounding the Pole was a land thatour ability to utilise it. became the Motherland. It was known as Odenma or Uudenmaa. The Saga, given as an oral transmission, conveyed and main- At its centre was Hel, meaning "clear", "home" and "complete".tained in correct form, via the Ring, the alphernas beten or alpha- The humans were known as pi-pol (pronounced pee-pol, meaningbet, the kela of sound. The alphabet is in the original Rot (pro- "people"). All knowledge could be understood within the Polenounced root) language and the Van (Finnish) language. The and the Ring. (It is significant to note that binary mathematics isteachings reveal a natural sound code within the language, which based on 0 and 1, a ring and a pole.)contains and retains keys of information. The sound system cre- Uudenmaa, the garden of Oden—which later became known asates an internal logic within the Saga. It is understood that this Eden—was located in what is now southern Finland. It was asystem creates an encoding within the brain that triggers genetic tropical paradise and the home of the first people, known as thememory. In this way, the narrator of the Saga transmits the infor- Aser. Ringlands were created outside of Uudenmaa, and withinmation, thus enabling the listener, after 20 years of learning, to each Ringland the breeding system was put in place. The peopletake the Saga forward. (In fact, contained within the word saga who lived outside of Uudenmaa were known as the Vaner people,itself—sa meaning "receiving" and ga meaning "giving" in both and their language was Van, meaning "One".Rot and Van languages—is an understanding that one must first Within the kela of sounds which make up the Rot language wasreceive before being able to give.) the knowledge of how to be one with nature and our plan-et, plan So the Bock Saga is chiefly an oral tradition based on the teach- meaning "plan" and et meaning "family"—a family plan to createing of sounds. It is not a written tradition, as it must be heard and wholeness. Men and women were equal. The man had his-storyexperienced. Therefore, most of this information to date has been ("history") and the female had miss-story ("mystery"). Bothobtained from a series of audiotapes, particularly as there is very understood the knowledge of how the light of the Sun, known as62 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 50. Oden, enables all things to grow and is everything. were scattered around the base of the ash tree. The soul was then Oden also represented the knowledge of the Court of Aser. able to be absorbed by the roots and ascend through the tree trunk,One Ring, whole and complete, one giving, breeding system, branches and leaves, to leave this plan-et whole. This may explainYehova ("give to the Court of Aser") was in Uudenmaa, with Hel why so few remains of the people of that time have been found. Inat its centre. With this knowledge and its proper utilisation, the Christian times, these family trees were systematically destroyed.Aser was considered healthy, whole and complete. (The name According to the heathen system of knowledge, Frej was theYehova was eventually changed to Jehovah, and "God [good] first Bock ("goat") and Freja was the first "nanny goat", called thewithin" became "God in Heaven".) Svan ("swan"). They understood the alphabet, the kela of sound. From the beginning of Christian times, the heathen system (and This then enabled them to understand the system of procreationall it represented) was hunted down and removed or destroyed. they were to initiate to ensure that all humans born would be godWomen were excluded from this new system because much of the (pronounced "good").miss-story, the female mystery, had become taboo ("taboo"), ta Frej and Freja had at least 12 sons and seven daughters. Thismeaning "to give" (to germinate the seed, which is feminine), b first family became the Piruet family. At its head were Perstanding for borg (meaning cast-el or "castle"), the breeding sys- ("Allfather") and Ella ("Earthmother"). The 12th son became thetem, and oo representing Oden the Sun and knowledge to make new Bock who mated with Svan to create a further 12 sons andthings grow healthy. seven daughters. Under the heathen system, Shiva repre- The first son of Frej and Freja was namedsented the energy of the Sun reflected by the Ra, and the first daughter was Maya. Ra andFull Moon once a month; the knowledge of Maya became the teachers—the King andthe Moon and monthly cycles. The male andfemale essences—sperma and sav—were According to the Saga, Queen—atto maintain27the hidden and their task was the age of years old, heathenregarded as whol-i ("holy"), and when over 50 million years ago knowledge. But as teachers, Ra and Mayarespected and shared correctly they created a were not permitted to have children. (It ishealthy and whole i-moo-en ("immune", the ancient ones saw interesting to note that in some Scandinavianmeaning "in the mouth") system. that there was a change countries, even into the 20th century, teach- It was the womans right to choose when to ers were not allowed to have children; ifbe a mother, by way of the dream of Lucia. taking place on our they did, they were no longer allowed toThis happened on 13 December, Lucia Day. planet. teach.)24 December was Fest-i-val (Festival) Day, Through the descent of the family line,when the Disas (the "Stem Mothers") were three more breeding-group tiers wereimpregnated by the Lemminkäinen (the Anticipating this major formed: the Jarlet, Karlet and TreletBock) inside Odenma. Also on this lines. These became the Vaner peopleday, the prospective Vaner fathers change, the Aser set up who lived outside of Uudenmaa. Fromstood on ped-i-stals ("pedestals") 10 locations around this point, the original Bock then matednaked, with erect penises, so that the with a Svan from the Vaner people. Inself-chosen mothers could look their the world so that the this way, a second-tier breeding group"hearts desire" in the eye and choosethe one they liked. 25 December was Vaner people could was created within Uudenmaa. There were then two groups withinJule Tide, the birthday of the Sun (not survive the ice time. Uudenmaa: the Piruet and the Rosetthe Son of God). On 26 December, the Aser people. From the Roset family,men chosen on Festival Day had to pass the 12th son was the Rabis, whophysical tests to prove their fitness to be became the breeder for each Ringlanda father. This day was known as Bock- and was also known as the Allfather.sing Day—now Boxing Day. But with the arrival of Christian The Time of Atlantistimes, the original importance and meanings of the language were According to the Saga, over 50 million years ago the ancientchanged, lost or corrupted. Under the Christian system, respect ones saw that there was a change taking place on our planet.for and sharing of sperma and sav became taboo—in other words, Some scientific studies indicate that the first Ice Age began 65restricted and forbidden. Consequently, the woman was denied million years ago, but this time-line is based on techniques thather natural worth and equality. Instead of sperma and sav being may be flawed.honoured, they became ill-used and wasted. Men and women The Saga says that the first major changes occurred just over 50could no longer understand the history and mystery to assimilate million years ago, resulting in a shifting of the pole, causing allthe seed of knowledge, and did not follow the breeding system the lands to become ice. This was known as the time of "All theand create wholeness with Oden. lands ice"—Altlandis, otherwise known as Atlantis. Atlantis was not so much a location as it was a time in history.THE CONTINUUM OF LIFE Anticipating this major change, the Aser set up 10 locationsParadise Time around the world so that the Vaner people could survive the ice In the heathen system, certain trees were regarded as sacred. time. Afterwards, there were 10 breeding systems that became 10Among these were the ash tree and the oak tree. Ancient records different races of people with 10 different languages, all based onwould seem to show that people had a lifespan of nearly a thousand the original Rot/Van languages. When the ice came, the Aseryears. were cut off from the Vaner people. Largely due to a warm gulf- In Paradise time, ones lifespan could have been very long stream current flowing into the Gulf of Finland, the region ofindeed. When a person died, they were cremated and their ashes Uudenmaa remained ice-free.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 63
  • 51. The Time after the Ice well-known names of the family of Aser include Buddha, Jesus, According to the Saga, the Second Ragnarök, or the Second Krishna, Mohamed and Moses (Muses, a feminine reference).Destruction, occurred just over 10,000 years ago when the ice Over 10,000 years ago, according to the Saga, it became appar-began to melt rapidly. Foreseeing what was to come, the Aser ent that human genetics was changing. Even though efforts werebuilt boats to accommodate their people, animals, food and other made to reconnect the Vaner people, it was foreseen that not untilsupplies and sailed to islands that were high above sea level. This the latter part of the 20th century would the human condition besmall group of near-Arctic human beings called their hideout in evolved enough to assimilate once more the information con-Gotland Noa-tun ("new yard"). This was the origin of the Noahs tained in the Saga. Thus it was determined that the Saga shouldArk story. not be brought to light until 1984, for at this time there would At this time, the Temple was closed and Hel was covered in ice. finally exist the possibility that man and woman could conceive aThe surviving Aser people were able to return to Hel just over child that was both inwardly and outwardly whole.9,000 years ago when the waters receded. Hel became known as It is relevant to note that in the last 15 or so years, children haveHel-sing-ki (now Helsinki) and the original sound/breeding been born who reportedly have three strands of DNA. These chil-system was re-established. dren are highly gifted and have abilities far beyond what is con- sidered normal for most people. Their psychic powers enableThe Third Destruction them even to be aware of and communicate telepathically with In AD 1050, a papal army surrounded other children around the world who are like-Uudenmaa and slaughtered most of the wise gifted.remaining Aser. All things associated withheathen times were either removed or In AD 1050, a papal THE SEARCH FOR LEMMINKÄINENdestroyed. This period is known as the Third army surrounded TEMPLE AND FAMILY FORTUNESRagnarök, or the Third Destruction. Two In Paradise time, in every generation thefamilies escaped this slaughter: the Uudenmaa and people came together to reconnect to the RingBockström (Bock) and Raström (Ra) families. slaughtered most of the of sounds and knowledge to further their love The extermination of the bloodlines was in and understanding. With them they broughtfact the very purpose behind the Crusades and remaining Aser. All their finest arts and crafts, much of whichthe search for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail things associated with was in the form of gold. Gold was honouredwas the bloodline of the King and Queen and because the fire of the Sun is within and itof all the heathen people. The Crusades con- heathen times were lasts forever. This was a giving to Yehova.ducted by the ruling Church continued for either removed or Lemminkäinen was the name given tohundreds of years. Part of this extermi- Bock, the breeder. Lemminkäinennation—the removal of the Roset family destroyed. Temple was created in honour of thelines—took place with the War of the Bock in an area known as Tuna, locatedRoses. inside Uudenmaa. The arts and crafts In 1248, an agreement was made Two families escaped were for-tuna ("fortune") and were putbetween the Bockström family and the this slaughter: the on display for all to see; they wereChristian King of Sweden, Birger Jarl. known as the art-i-facts ("artefacts").It allowed the family to return to Bockström (Bock) Proof of the Bock Saga is to be foundUudenmaa, but in exchange for their and Raström (Ra) in Lemminkäinen Temple and the Bocksilence and absolute non-involvement in family treasure chambers. According topolitics—until the time came for the families. the Saga, the entrance to the Temple liesBock Saga to be released to the public in deep beneath the earth, 30 kilometres1984. east of Helsinki (Hel). The Temple was created within a hill, and the domed areaTHE ASER TEACHERS at the top was used for ceremonies. Through history, the intent of the great teachers has been to ele- Below this is an area 250 kilometres in diameter. Within this areavate the human spirit and goodness (God-ness) within the human there is a golden spiralled stairway leading to halls housing thecondition. However, in many cases, their teachings have been artefacts. Each hall represents the lifetime of a Lemminkäinensignificantly altered over the course of time by certain vested (Bock). In front of each hall stands a life-sized golden statue rep-interests set on wielding power and dominion over others. resenting the Bock at the age of twenty-seven. The Temple The names of various Aser teachers are recorded in the Bock became the mu-see-them ("museum"), said to contain artefactsSaga. These teachers were sent out to reconnect the Vaner people dating back to the beginning of human their heritage and to Oden, and many of them were sent all over Lemminkäinen Temple was closed in AD 987 because the hea-the world. In a number of ancient locations, records, carvings and then people could foresee that Christian armies would invade inother monuments attest to the arrival of a Caucasian people who the future. It was at that time that permission was given to thewere very tall and had blond or red hair, the men among them remaining Bock to re-open the Temple one thousand years later inhaving beards. These people came in boats without oars or pad- 1987.dles, and were regarded as gods among men. It was also recorded Prior to 1987, a group of people came together in a partnershipthat these people came from the north, from the seat of power, and known as The Positive Foundation and began excavations tothat their knowledge of all things was complete. reach the Temple. In the Foundations booklet, they report: Some of these Aser teachers are well recorded in history. They ...we had information that the entrance was sealed with bigwere male and female, as the people needed both to create the his- stone blocks. Indeed, we found three perfectly cut stonestory (history) and miss-story (mystery). Within the Saga, some plates piled one on the other. The plates were about 5 metres64 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 52. long, 4 metres wide and 1.5 metres thick. After removal, at THE KELA OF SOUND the bottom of the monolith we found two more stones of about We are now moving towards the latter end of the 20-year period 4 metres x 2.5 metres x 1 metre. These stones fit the former since this information was first released in 1984. Much has been entrance exactly. Behind these stones, we expected to find a revealed, yet much is still to be revealed. big room, the so-called water lock. However, this room was According to Ior Bock, the Rot/Van languages are the basis of filled with a cement-like mass. all languages on our planet. The Finnish language today is very The team had excavated a tunnel over 40 metres deep, 6 metres complex. Each word can be used in one of at least 165,252 forms,wide and 3 metres high, which descended with an approximate cases or tenses. The English language is close to the original Rot15-degree gradient. According to information provided by Ior sound system. However, the unique capacity of the Rot/Van lan-Bock, the hall should end in a room from which three corridors guages to contain so much variety is in stark contrast to theare accessed, with the middle corridor leading to the upper dome English language, which uses only relatively few tenses such asof the Temple. Unfortunately, the cost of further excavation past, present and future. Further, each sound (letter) within theexceeded the Foundations budget, and the Finnish Government Rot/Van language has unique meaning and each word can beand the National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto) were assimilated from front to back, from back to front and from theunwilling to provide funding, help or support. middle out. In 1991, the Foundations last The kela of sound, the alpha-sponsor stopped supporting the bet, the Ring, is made up of 29project. Later that same year, a sounds and combinations there-geophysical analysis of the loca- of. There are 23 sounds in onetion was conducted using a sub- Ring and seven outside of thesurface imaging radar (SIR) sys- Ring. There are 10 clear vocaltem. At 25 metres below the sounds (vowels), with theground, at a coordinate designat- remainder being combinationed by Ior Bock, it picked up a sounds. The sound i (pro-dome-shaped hollow space with a nounced ee) is repeated, so alto-roof, potentially made of metal. gether there are 29 differentA picture of the ground condition sounds. Within the alphabet, theat the excavation site indicates first i represents the Bock; the ithat only a few more metres of stem represents the penis of theexcavation had to be carried out Bock and the dot represents thefor a breakthrough to be sperm. The second i representsachieved. As at May 2002, this the Allfather and is also pro-breakthrough has not yet been nounced ee (as in I Ching, pro-achieved. nounced ee-ching). Ta is "to give" ("to germinateGOLDEN BOCKS, CRYSTAL the seed knowledge") and rotBALLS AND REGALIA means "the sounds". Therefore, According to Ior Bock, there to ta-rot ("tarot") is to "createare other artefacts of the heathen the knowledge of sounds". Theculture buried in various loca- ancient learning system of thetions across Finland. Tarot appears to have changedSpecifically, there are three gold- and now only contains the 23en bock statues (as stated previ- main sounds, which are repre-ously, the Bock familys symbol Ior Bock sented in the Major Arcana ofis the goat) as well as three crystal balls and the regalia of the last Tarot cards. The Major Arcana has 22 cards; however, the firstKing of the Aser. card, The Fool, designated "0", is also represented at the end, Ior says that two golden bocks and two crystal balls are buried making 23 Snappertuna, about 70 kilometres west of Helsinki. This landis now the property of the Church and is also a nature reserve. NEW ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIESThe third golden bock, the third crystal ball and the regalia are In the last couple of years there have been a number of findingsburied in the courtyard of Kajaani Castle, about 600 kilometres that support the Bock Saga and Väinämöinen mythology.north of Helsinki. This is the oldest and most northerly royal cas- Archaeologists involved with the PECHORA Project havetle known in the world. Ior explains that the Kajaani Castle site recently found 40,000-year-old settlements northeast of Finland inserved as an old breeding centre thousands of years ago. the White Sea region. The finds were reported in the 6 September On 12 October 2000, the SIR was used in the courtyard at 2001 issue (vol. 413) of the British scientific journal Nature.Kajaani Castle. The radar system detected at five metres below There was also the discovery of the susihuola ("wolf cave")the ground, at the exact spot where Ior Bock had indicated, a large outside the city of Kristinestad on the west coast of Finland. Bymetal box fitting the description and dimensions which Ior had the summer of 2001, Museovirasto had proved that communitiesprovided. lived there for at least 300,000 years. The head of Museovirasto Kajaani Castle is now the property of the Finnish state. So far, has stated publicly that no one lived in Finland prior to 10,050the Government of Finland, the National Board of Antiquities years ago, yet is now privately revealing evidence that people(Museovirasto) and the Church have refused permission for the Continued on page 85castles courtyard or any other of these sites to be excavated.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 65
  • 53. ANCIENT RELIEF MAP FOUND civil engineering and irrigation works might be about 3,000 years old, but then ON STONE SLAB IN THE URALS including two 500-metre-wide channel sys- they discovered two shells embedded in theA ccording to the Russian news tems, with a total length of about 12,000 slab, from shellfish species that existed 500 agency Pravda, scientists at Bashkir kilometres, and 12 dams, each 300–500 and 120 million years ago—though this is State University in the southern metres wide, approx. 10 km long and 3 km no confirmation that the map is actuallyUral Mountains are discussing their find- deep, which would have required the shift- that ancient.ings concerning a mysterious stone slab The slab also contains inscriptions writ-which has a detailed relief map etched ten in an unknown hieroglyphic-syllabicinto it. They have been studying the slab language. The scientists originallysince they carted it away from the village thought the script might be some form ofof Chandar, near Ufa, in July 1999. The slab also contains Old Chinese, because in 1995 Prof. Prof. Alexandr Chuvyrov, who heads Chuvyrov was investigating the writingsthe specialist team of cartographers, geol- inscriptions written in an left by ancient Chinese people duringogists, physicists and chemists, believes unknown hieroglyphic- possible migrations to Siberia and thethey have found proof of the existence of Urals, but their archival searches dis-an ancient, highly developed civilisa- syllabic language. proved this notion and the script remainstion—evidence that defies conventional undeciphered.notions of human history. The scientists are speculating that the For a start, the relief map was not made slab is only a fragment of a much largermanually by an ancient stonecutting tool; map that they estimate to have been 340 xas X-ray analysis revealed, it was machined ing of over a quadrillion cubic metres of 340 metres in size and that might possiblywith precision tools. It also shows a view earth to construct. The slab consists of have depicted the entire planets surface.that could only have been plotted by aerial three layers: a 14-cm-thick base made of They hypothesise that it was most likelysurvey. hard dolomite, a second layer of diopside situated in the Sokolinaya Mountain gorge The dimensions of the slab were deter- glass of a composition unknown to modern but was broken up in the last glacial epoch,mined once it was dug out of the backyard science, and a 2-mm-thick top layer of cal- the slabs eventually being deposited inof a village house: 148 cm x 106 cm x 16 cium porcelain to protect the map from Chandar and elsewhere in the Ufa Once they cleaned it back at the lab, impact. The scientists are continuing their searchthe scientists realised they had uncovered a To try to determine the age of the map, for more slabs and fragments, which could3D relief map (or plan) of the Ufa region the scientists carried out radiocarbon analy- well number in their hundreds.on a scale of 1:1.1 kilometres. sis and scanned the layers with a uranium (Source: Pravda website, April 30, 2002, Apart from showing identifiable features chronometer, but the results were inconclu- as rivers and canyons, it also depicts sive. At first the scientists thought the find 30/28149.html)JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 67
  • 54. THE TWILIGHT ZONEA CYCLOPEAN SKULL OR A CASE of at least six individuals, including two Energy builds up in trapped quartz because OF CHEMICAL WEATHERING? children, in marble-like rocks that were it is exposed to radiation from naturalA ncient skulls allegedly bearing a single eyeball socket have been found inlimestone caves in the hinterlands of once soft mud, on a mountain slope 85 kilometres from the Tibetan capital, Lhasa.1 They also found a fireplace nearby with radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium in surrounding minerals. It emits this energy as light: the longer the expo-Bohol, Bukidnon, at Mt Palaupau in the remains of a primitive stove, suggesting sure time, the higher the energy and so theSumilao and in some parts of Agusan in the that the site was a camp, perhaps even a brighter the light. Because heat or sunlightsouthern Philippines. settlement. releases the trapped energy, the quartz The existence of the skulls, which resem- Until now, the oldest known settlements grain clock would have been set to zeroble those of the cyclops—a race of giants on the Tibetan Plateau dated from late when the grains became embedded in thein Greek mythology with a single eye in Neolithic times, around 4,000 years ago. warm mud from the spring.the middle of the forehead—has triggered This had led some researchers to concludespeculations that one-eyed ancient settlers that humans first migrated into Tibet Endnoteonce lived in the countrys southern islands. around this time. 1. Zhang, D. D. and Li, S. H., "Optical dat- Tribal folklore has it that giants once ing of Tibetan human hand- and foot-roamed the plains of central and north- prints: an implication for theern Mindanao, the most popular of palaeoenvironment of the last glacia-whom, according to Bukidnon legend, tion of the Tibetan Plateau",was "Agyo", who fought against the Geophysical Research Letters 29,first Spanish conquistadors. Until now, the oldest known 2002.Bukidnons tribal people are reportedly settlements on the Tibetan (Source: Reported in Nature, Marchkeeping skeletal remains, which they 27, 2002, to be Agyos, in a sacred cave Plateau dated from lateas an object of worship. Neolithic times, around CURIOUS ARTEFACTS FOUND Reports about the strange skulls had IN NEW HAMPSHIRE CAVE 4,000 years ago.prompted archaeologists of theNational Museum to launch an excava-tion in Bohol, and they managed to T he following article is reprinted from the Ohio, USA, Zanesville Gazette of May 18, 1852:find one such skull. "A correspondent of the Boston Archaeologist Rey Santiago said that Herald, who signs himself Charles G.intensive study of the skull showed it Proctor, states that he is engaged withbelonged to an "ancient settler". However, The encampment is also a nail in the cof- a party of surveyors in locating a railroadhe theorises that limestone in caves where fin for the "ice-covered plateau" hypothe- through New Hampshire, and that the partythe "cyclops skulls" were discovered could sis. It indicates that at least part of the discovered a curious cave at a place calledhave triggered a chemical reaction, creating plateau, which today is 4,000 metres high Nester Gap, on 27th ult [ultimo, of the pasta new eyeball socket in the skull. on average, was free of ice even during this month]. The writer says: "Human bones and limestone have frigid period of Earths history. "After descending seven steps, thesimilar [composition]," he said. The very hot spring that probably attract- aperture winding all the way, we found Despite Santiagos explanation, though, ed the Ice Age settlers also preserved their ourselves in a spacious cave, with the rooftribal folklore maintains there were two marks for posterity. The spring water is ascending until it reached a height of nearlyraces of giants in ancient times: the kapre, rich in dissolved minerals and gases. As 40 feet. The size of the cave was, by actualwho were associated with evil, and the one- carbon dioxide gas bubbles out of the measurement, 94 feet long and 64 feet in itseyed giants, whom early settlers regarded water, minerals such as calcite precipitate widest part; beyond this, another flight ofas their heroes. out, forming a soft mineral mud. As the steps seemingly deeper than the first(Source: by Perseus Echeminada, The mud dries, it turns into a hard, durable extended to another chamber, but we havePhilippine Star, February 24, 2002) limestone called travertine. not explored it. What lay beyond the first So, thanks to the hot spring, the moun- room, to what extent the cave reaches or EVIDENCE FOR HUMAN tainside made plaster casts of the Ice Age what it contains, remains to be seen; but SETTLEMENT IN ICE-AGE TIBET people who lived on it. Nineteen hand- judging from what we have alreadyH andprints and footprints 20,000 years old reveal that people lived on theTibetan Plateau at the height of the Ice prints and footprints are clearly visible in the stone surface. Zhang and Li date the travertine deposit discovered, the investigations that are to be made will possess the most overpowering interest.Age, 16,000 years earlier than scientists by the tiny grains of quartz that became "When we had been in the cave longhad thought. The newly found signs of life trapped within it while the mud solidified. enough to accommodate our eyes to thecast doubt on the idea that a kilometre- Quartz acts as a mineral clock. When dim light furnished by the opening we hadthick glacier covered the plateau at that heated, it emits light in proportion to the made, we began to make observations. Wetime. time that has elapsed since it was last were filled with astonishment at what lay David Zhang and S. H. Li of the warmed or exposed to sunlight. This tech- before us. The cave or grotto had evidentlyUniversity of Hong Kong found the marks nique is called thermoluminescence dating. been used as a hiding place for treasure and68 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 55. THE TWILIGHT ZONEa place of concealment for those who had scientists have now determined that the the Pleiadians that cover Oneness,used it. Implements of defence lay in Earth bulges around the middle because of Eternal Spiritual Evolution, Self-groups on one side. They were of an the spinning action of the Earths rotation, Responsibility, Love, Balance, Truthexceedingly antique form. Hoar antiquity and thus, when measured from the centre and Equality?rested on every article before us. The dust of the planet, Mt Chimborazo is actually I cant explain it [the accurate namingof ages had settled down upon all things in higher than Mt Everest by 2,200 metres. of Mt Chimborazo as the highest moun-the cave. Measured from sea level, Mt Everest is tain on this planet] and I seriously doubt "In one corner we found three earthen 2,540 metres higher than Mt Chimborazo. whether sceptics would even venture tovessels of singular construction and shape. The newsbrief states that when measured try, but please, be my guest! The sameThese were filled with coins of silver, brass from the centre of the Earth, Mt is true for anyone who feels it would beand iron but mostly of brass of various Chimborazo is 6,384,450 metres high and a worthwhile exercise to revisit Billyshapes. The coins bore no image, were Mt Everest is 6,382,250 metres high. Meier and the teachings of thecoarsely but most curiously wrought, and For a poor Swiss farmer who never grad- Pleiadians. You just may find it a trulyCaptain Edwards, the leader of the party, uated from high school to pick that particu- rewarding experience.who boasts some knowledge of coins, lar mountain and declare it to be the high- Today there is a great public interest indeclares them to be unlike anything he had est mountain on Earth, higher than Mt the UFO phenomenon as well as in spiritu-ever seen or read of and of a very ancient Everest—and to come within 50 metres of ality. Star Wisdom offers a rational, logicaldate. its height, measured from the centre of the and eminently effective way of practising "The most singular and interesting dis- planet, years before scientists recognised spirituality in ones daily life.covery of all consists in our having found, this fact—is quite an extraordinary feat, I The Pleiadians presented to Meier a clearin a niche, several rolls and packages com- think anyone would have to agree. and liberating message which, to me, is notposed of a material entirely unknown to us, In 1997 I wrote Star Wisdom, a book only welcome but necessary in the chaoticupon which were inscribed figures and about the essential spiritual message of the realm of modern spirituality where thecharacters, the meaning of which, as yet, Pleiadians (based on Billy Meiers Semjase hardened dogmas of fundamentalism arewe have not been able to determine upon or contact notes), which mentioned the Mt competing with the allure of New Ageto make out the nation or date to which Chimborazo claim. "pop" philosophies. In light of the currentthey may have belonged. In the February 2002 issue of the UK- events on our planet, I believe it is time for "The party has returned to the cave, pre- based UFO Magazine (vol. 21, no. 3), my us to take seriously their wise directives inpared to explore it to its utmost extent. book was reviewed by Kate Miller, who this regard. "The coins and the scrolls are supposed stated: If you want to read Star Wisdom, pleaseto have a date prior to the Christian era, ...the question that became uppermost in write to me, Gene Andrade, at PO Boxand have been sent to Boston to be submit- my mind on reading Star Wisdom was 223743, Carmel, CA 93922, USA, forted to the investigation of learned men." whether a supposedly poor Swiss farmer information on how to order a copy of the(Source: The Zanesville Gazette, Ohio, (who never graduated from high school) book directly from me; alternatively, youUSA, May 18, 1852, posted at http://great- could conjure up the kind of beautiful can order it from and inspiring words that are manifest in (Source: Gene Andrade press release, the book. Could he have possibly April 28, 2002, via email starwisdom@ "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC" invented the seven basic principles of VALIDATES BILLY MEIER CLAIMF inally, proof has emerged that vali- dates Eduard (Billy) Meiers claim that he was contacted by extraterres-trials from the Pleiades in the 1970s! The January 2002 issue of NationalGeographic magazine printed an interest-ing confirmation of the validity of Meiersclaims. In that issue, I found a newsbriefwhich acknowledges that, just as Meierclaimed back in the 1970s, Mt Everest isnot the highest mountain on Earth. Meier, in his writings, stated thePleiadians told him that Mt Chimborazo inEcuador was higher than Mt Everest by2,150 metres because the Earth is not per-fectly round but, rather, bulges in the mid-dle—thus, measuring mountains from sealevel is not an accurate way of assessingthe true height of a mountain. National Geographic states thatJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 69
  • 56. REVIEWS dinosaurs, Zillmer proposes that dinosaurs most "tried and tested" mediums, including did not die out 64 million years ago but George Anderson, John Edward and Suzane lived until quite recently—at least the three- Northrup. Some very moving exchanges Reviewed by Ruth Parnell toed ones did, otherwise those footprints between "sitters" and their close relatives viaDARWINS MISTAKE would have long ago eroded away. these mediums are reproduced here. Theby Dr Hans J. Zillmer Dr Zillmer presents other anomalous finds, research team was very careful to ensureFrontier Publishing, Netherlands, AUP, discusses catastrophic events such as mete- that hoaxing was impossible. The sittersUSA, 2002 (first published in German as orite impacts and a Great Flood, and consid- were masked from view, and the mediumsDarwins Irrtum, Müller/Herbig, 1998) ers the possibility of creation by outside were given no details or clues about the sit-ISBN 1-93188-207-X (292pp tpb) influences. But its easier to accept that ters but came up with details which werePrice: A$38.00; NZ$47.00; £16.50; Darwin was wrong than Zillmers contention later confirmed to be accurate and predic-Euro 25.90; US$19.95 + s&h that the crust is so young. Readers will have tions which eventually were fulfilled.Availability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe— to work out the logic for themselves! While Dr Schwartz applied strict scientificNEXUS offices; USA—AUP, website protocols and analysed the statistical proba- THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS bilities, he arrived at the unexpected conclu- sions that soul science and the love-health by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD withI n Darwins Mistake, Dr Hans Zillmer, a German engineer who has been investigat-ing contentious scientific knowledge for William L. Simon Pocket Books, USA, 2002 connection cannot be divorced from the equation. Most of the contact experiments ISBN 0-7434-3658-X (374pp hc) were attempts by ordinary people, the sitters,over 30 years and participated in many exca- to contact their departed loved ones. Thisvations, presents anomalous evidence that Price: A$49.95; NZ$65.00; Euro 31.90; US$25.00; C$38.00 led him to deduce that the soul/love connec-would seem to overturn Lyells uniformitari- tion is an energetic bond that does indeedanism principles and Darwins theory of evo- Availability: Aust/USA/Canada— Simon & survive beyond death. Quite a change oflution. But he goes further and suggests Schuster,; heart and mind for a sceptical scientist.what could only be heresy to anyone other NZ—Macmillan; Europe—NEXUS Officethan a Creationist: that the Earths crust ismuch, much younger than we think: in theregion of tens of thousands of years, if that, T he answer to the timeless question, "Is there life after death?", may be a little closer with the release of this book. Itsrather than hundreds of millions of years! In actually the follow-up to a video documen-other words, apart from evolution being a tary, also called The Afterlife Experiments,myth and catastrophism being the rule, our which was first screened on US cable TV ingeological dating system is completely out 1999. The book is as much a record of theof whack. Yet he accepts that the Earths personal journey of an initially sceptical sci-interior is truly ancient! entist who changed his views—Dr Gary One of Dr Zillmers claims is that because Schwartz, a professor of psychology, medi-footprints of three-toed dinosaurs, higher- cine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery—asorder mammals and very tall humans have it is a revelation of the reality of the afterlife.been found in the same rock strata in and At his Arizona lab Dr Schwartz, with thearound the Paluxy River near Glen Rose in assistance of his research partner Dr LindaTexas, USA, this is compelling evidence for Russek, set up what was to be a three-yearthe coexistence of these species. But rather research project with a series of controlledthan conclude that man is as old as the experiments involving some of AmericasJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 71
  • 57. EMISSARY OF LOVE REVIEWS means asking whether were ready to act as emerged around 600 BC; indeed, he wasby James Twyman if were loved by God, and what would hap- born into it as a native of Tarsus—the homeHampton Roads, USA, 2002 pen if we really did believe this to be true. of Mithra worship in Asia Minor. St PaulISBN 1-57174-323-5 (145pp tpb) These are simple but profound insights, and was an exponent of dualism—an ideaPrice: A$41.95; NZ$53.95; Euro 20.90; they also show how love and imagination Pinkham says was borrowed from theUS$15.95 can change the world. Twymans is also a Persian religion—and may have been atAvailability: Aust—Gemcraft, tel (03) cautionary tale about the dangers of ego and least an honorary Magi priest.9761 5535; NZ—Peaceful Living, tel (07) pride, but it also speaks truth through all the The Mithras idea, says Pinkham, was an571 8105; Europe—NEXUS Office; USA— dichotomies presented, such as the case of evolution of the Murrugan concept of IndianHampton Roads, the mysterious young Tibetan Tulku. tradition. But not only that, certain Mithraic ideas were taken up by the Jews during theN eale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), in the introduction to thisbook, questions whether author James THE TRUTH BEHIND THE CHRIST MYTH their exile in Babylonia, thus Judaism became a relative of Mithraism. Even theTwyman has made it all up, whether it is just by Mark Amaru Pinkham Essenes were influenced by this philosophy:a figment of the imagination of a "master Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2002 while they were awaiting the anticipated incarnation of the Archangel Michael, so thestoryteller". And I, too, have to wonder, but ISBN 0-931882-02-9 (157pp tpb) saviour of Mithraism, Ahura Mazda, wasask if this really matters when the message Price: A$33.00; NZ$45.00; £14.00; Euro expected to incarnate physically as Mithras.serves as a powerful reminder for us to 18.90; US$14.95 + s&hreturn to the core of ourselves. The legendary Magi who searched for the Availability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe— newborn Christ apparently believed that Twyman is a New Age "peace troubador" NEXUS offices; USA—Adventureof sorts, who in the last eight years has Jesus was a reincarnation of Mithras. Unlimited, tel (815) 253 6390, website All this and more is covered in this surpris-"ministered" and performed in many trou- http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.combled places of the world. Hes the author of ing alternative view of ancient religions.Emissary of Light, about his travels throughthe Bosnian mountains where he claims he T he peacock is not only a spectacularly beautiful bird; it also has ancient sym- bolic connotations. According to Marklearned the secrets of an ancient society of Amaru Pinkham (author of The Return ofspiritual masters. The event that sparked the Serpents of Wisdom; see 4/05), the Jesushim on this pilgrimage came in late January Christ story has all the elements of a much2001 when he was contacted psychically by earlier Son of God myth from India: thea 10-year-old Bulgarian boy who transmit- legend of Murrugan, the Peacock Angel,ted "the Gift" to him and compelled who was worshipped in many faiths in AsiaTwyman to travel to Bulgaria in search of a and Asia Minor as "the King of the World".group of psychically talented children, "the The ancient British goddess Murraga isChildren of Oz". He found them in an iso- believed to be a female counterpart.lated monastery, or so he writes. (If hed Interestingly, the Catholic Church includesused "the Gift", hed have avoided the atten- the peacock among its official symbols, andtions of Bulgarian government agents along Pinkham contends that St Pauls influencethe way—but much intrigue as well!) was responsible for this. Before his famous The question in common that these chil- vision and "conversion", St Paul was a fol-dren all ask us is: what if you acted as if lower of the Persian Mithras tradition whichyou were an Emissary of Love? Well, it72 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 58. REVIEWSBLAST IT! How to Eliminate Diseases, and diseases, and how to treat them, are included the Incurables Program developedDisorders and Other Pesky Troubles highlighted in part three, while the electron- by Dr Richard Schulze and the MucuslessKeelyNet, 2001 (Third Edition) ics of the Rife equipment are discussed in Diet created by herbalist Dr JohnISBN n/a (746pp spiral bound) part four. The edition wouldnt be complete Christopher. Crucially, back at home AgiPrice: US$99.95 + US$15.05 s&h in USA, without some background on the inventor; had the love and support of her husband andUS$25.05 to Canada, US$40.05 int. s&h part five covers Rifes history from 1920 to friends, who helped her through the rigorousAvailability: USA—KeelyNet, PO Box 1950 and, from there, his partnership with processes including the "cold sheet treat-111786, Carrollton, TX 75011-1786, web- John Crane. Theres an extensive bibliogra- ment" to stimulate her immune phy and index to top off this ultimate manu- Agi has since gone on to become a certi- al for energy-frequency workers. fied herbalist through the School of NaturalT his is a must-have handbook for Rife therapy practitioners and energy healers(though, weighing in at 5 lb [2.3 kg], its not TRIUMPH OVER CANCER Healing, and now teaches natural health principles through her "Fresh Startexactly something you can even lift in one by Agi Lidle Program". In her book, she provides practi-hand!). Blast It! is the third, more user- A Better Life Publications, AZ, USA, 2001 cal information on cleansing routines, nour-friendly edition of material originally com- ISBN 0-9671693-1-3 (192pp tpb) ishing diets, herbal concoctions includingpiled by John Crane for the 1,000-page Price: US$12.95 + US$4.95 s&h in USA the Native American black salve (an anti-Polarity Research Manual, which covered or US$5.95 foreign s&h; C$19.95 cancer compound), as well as on what toDr Royal R. Rifes lifes work spanning 60 Availability: USA—A Better Life avoid. The final section is her own "Lidleyears. Crane was Dr Rifes associate for 21 Publications, tel +1 (480) 948 3386, 1-866 Café Cookbook" of nutritious recipes.of those years. For readers unfamiliar with 990 5433, email, web- It takes time, courage and willpower to fol-the name, Rife was the celebrated and perse- site low Agis approach. But because every can-cuted doctor who developed his Universal cer case is different, her advice should besuper-microscope in the 1930s and success-fully used his resonant frequency ray beam I n 1997, at the age of 38, Agi Lidle was diagnosed with breast cancer and was about to go through the usually prescribed weighed up alongside medical blast the micro-organisms he saw as route of mastectomy and chemotherapy, butresponsible for cancer (see article, 9/02). instead decided to embark on a rigorous In this compiilation theres a wealth of up- healing journey that would see her free ofto-date technical research data on energy that cancer and other undiagnosed tumoursapplications for eliminating a variety of within six months. Nearly five years laterhealth disorders and diseases and helping the she is still free of the disease, is a picture ofbody recover. The first part looks at the vibrant good health, and is dedicated to"electronic antibiotic system" and how to spreading her life-enhancing message.use it; it includes notes on polarity and the Agis powerful natural healing regimemeridian systems and on using the frequen- included changing her bad eating habits andcy chart as well as pads and electrodes. Part eating live foods—mostly fresh, raw, organ-two explores the research into several Rife ic fruits and vegetables, juices and broths—technologies, with reference to an under- as well as healthy oils, nuts and seeds instanding of magnetism, colour frequency, order to detoxify her system. A stint at thecosmic energy, nutrition and other basics; it CedarBrook natural health clinic in northernalso sets down the protocols for preparing California provided a suitable setting forthe patient for therapy. Specific disorders jump-starting her healing regime, which alsoJUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 73
  • 59. CELLULAR TELEPHONE RUSSIAN REVIEWS Kane divides his book into chapters deal- Baigent (The Holy Blood and The HolyROULETTE ing with the foundations of radiation Grail co-author), was brave indeed (as theby Robert C. Kane research, "hot spot" radiation absorption in colour photos attest). This replica of HadesVantage Press, USA, 2001 the body, biological effects of RF energy, had smaller counterparts in other parts of theISBN 0-533-13673-3 (235pp tpb) the smokescreen over emissions safety stan- classical world, where various mysteriesPrice: A$36.00 inc. p&h in Aust; A$39.00 dards, and the "good, bad and ugly" of associated with the Greek oracles, particu-to NZ, A$42.00 to UK, A$47.00 to Europe; research labs. He also looks at how the pub- larly at Delphi and Cuma, were "stage-man-US$10.00 inc. s&h in US/Canada lic has been deceived by standards-setting, aged" for seekers of divine truth. Prophecy radiation-protection and health authorities as became institutionalised, and importantAvailability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe— well as the industry/PR/media machine. decisions would be made according to theEMFacts Consultancy, PO Box 96, North Think again before you make that next oracles reading of signs and portents. ButHobart, Tas 7002, Australia, tel (03) 6243 mobile phone call! (And read Don Maischs the leading form of divination for thousands0195,; article in Science News this issue.) of years was extispicy: divination byUSA—Council on Wireless Technology entrails! Temple devotes a chapter to thisImpacts, tel (415) 892 1863, website NETHERWORLD curiosity, which is still practised today. The focus in part two is on the Chinese tra- by Robert TempleT here is a large body of scientific evi- dence that has built up since the 1950son the health effects of exposure to EM Century, UK, 2002 ISBN 0-7126-8404-2 (476pp hc) ditions of bone oracles and the I Ching (Book of Changes). Temple suggests mod- Price: A$49.95; NZ$64.95; £17.99; ern science is just starting to appreciate thefields and radiofrequency radiation. But you higher-order mathematical structure andwouldnt know it from the way new research Euro 31.90 Availability: Aust/NZ/UK— Random geometric framework which are implicit inis reported and discussed, says industry the I Ching and make it such an interestingexpert Robert Kane in his eye-opening book. House; Europe—NEXUS Office system for our times. A fascinating insight In the case of cellular telephones in partic-ular, the usual practice is for a new study to D ivination and prophecy have always been part of humanitys relationship with the universe, but in these "rational" into the prophetic underside of history and notions of fate, fortune and reported as something that should be fur-ther investigated, and for industry to "treat times they have been relegated to fringe oreach such study as if it were isolated in the lunatic status, their important role in the his-scientific universe" and then have its PR tory of cultures underplayed or ignored, asminions to dismiss the findings or arrange Robert Temple so eloquently explains withfor them to be buried. But there are hun- reference to the classical Greek and Romandreds of studies with alarming findings of traditions and contrasting Chinese systems.EMR/ RF exposure effects—such as DNA Temple (The Sirius Mystery and Theand chromosome damage, tissue damage, Crystal Sun; 5/04, 7/06), sets the scene incataract and tumour formation, memory loss Netherworld with his own descent into theand motor skills degradation—and Kane Oracle of the Dead, a little-explored pre-refers to a substantial number of them here. Roman complex at Baia in southern Italy, itsThere is so much evidence that it beggars tunnels and chambers all still intact. It wasbelief that the telecommunications industry used for demonstrating aspects of ancientcan be so gung-ho about promoting products mysteries concerning fate and the afterlifeso hostile to the human biological system. and for contacting the spirits of the dead. Temples foray, in the company of Michael74 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 60. REVIEWSPLAGUE, PESTILENCE AND THE Hong Kong chicken flu, TB and measles.PURSUIT OF POWER He also slams the government/corporateby Steven Ransom biotech push to grow GE crops in the UKCredence Publications, UK, 2001 for its denial of public concerns over safety.ISBN 0-9535012-8-0 (209pp tpb) Its chilling to know how far governments,Price: A$32.95; A$36.95 to NZ; £15.00; corporations and the media will go to sup-US$22.00; C$37.50 press human and animal rights—as well asAvailability: Aust/NZ/UK/USA— the truth—for the sake of power and profit.Credence Publications HEALTH WARS by Phillip Day Credence Publications, UK, 2001 ISBN 0-9535012-7-2 (331pp tpb) Price: A$32.95; A$36.95 to NZ; £15.00; US$22.00; C$37.50 Availability: Aust/NZ— Credence Publications Australia, tel (03) 5767 2247, website; UK—Credence Publications, tel 01622 832386,; USA— Credence USA, tel (208) 524 1571, A round 90–95% of all the diseases and health problems killing people in the industrialised world tend to be metabolic-, toxin- or healthcare-related, says UK-based health researcher/journalist Phillip Day, so solve those problems and you solve most of what could kill us prematurely. The top two killers are cancer and heart disease, whileL ast issue we ran an extract from Steven Ransoms book, but it didnt cover hiskey argument: that many outbreaks of the third is the system itself, which is responsible for hundreds of thousands dying every year due to incorrectly prescribed"highly infectious" or "deadly" human and pharmaceuticals or their side-effects, hospi-animal diseases are "politically manufac- tal infections, botched medical procedures,tured" epidemics or "psycho plagues", delib- lack of care and so on. But the system alsoerately imposed by Big Business and/or Big plays a part in todays epidemic of metabolicGovernment with help from the Big Media. and toxic diseases, for it has a vested interest One obvious case is the 2001 foot and in promoting poor dietary choices and deny-mouth disease (FMD) "outbreak" in the ing the problems caused by all-pervasiveUK—a disease which affected animals can toxins in the environment and our food.recover from if given enough time. Ransom "The system", as Day defines it, includespoints out many of the inconsistencies and vested interests at corporate and governmentdeceptions concerning official diagnosis, level that sanction harmful modes of treat-science, testing, media statements and meth- ment and questionable health choices for theods of dealing with FMD and the farmers— sake of profit and power, as well as in theso many that he concludes there were other, media, where editors and publishers regular-more subversive agendas afoot. Such as to ly block publication of life-saving healthforce Britain to conform to the EUs agricul- information if its perceived to conflict withtural plan by breaking up small-holder live- establishment views or advertisers.stock farming. And to swell the coffers of In Health Wars, Day exposes many shock-the pharmaceutical drug companies who are ers that our readers would be familiar with,never short of a "disease" requiring a drug or including the dangers of vaccines, aspartamea vaccine to treat something that very likely products, fluoride, animal antibiotics, genet-has an environmental cause. ic engineering and environmental toxins as Ransom has a small chapter on vaccina- well as pharmaceutical drugs that can causetion, which is increasingly seen as the pre- the very diseases they are supposed to pre-ferred medical intervention to control these vent. He reminds us that we are part of thesupposed "killer" epidemics. He exposes solution to these problems with the choicesthe flaws in the science and its logic, and we make. Reducing our exposure to toxins,urges us to return to basics and common eating organic foods and applying correctsense. Some of the other "epidemics" and food-combining principles are some of the"antidotes" he covers are swine flu, BSE changes we can make if we want to take(and its link to organophosphate pesticides), control of our own health and power.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 75
  • 61. ATLANTIS AND THE POWER SYSTEM REVIEWS Crystal"? Childress argues that the erection OF THE GODS of obelisks and the housing of alleged har- by David Hatcher Childress and monic resonators above the Kings Chamber Bill Clendenon in the Great Pyramid suggest the ancient Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2002 Egyptians had a special understanding of energy dynamics and power generation— ISBN 0-932813-96-8 (286pp tpb) and a natural successor in Tesla. Price: A$37.00; NZ$47.00; £14.50; An energetic mix of lost, secret and future Euro 20.90; US$15.95 + s&h sci/tech, packed with diagrams and pics. Availability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe— NEXUS offices; USA—AUP, website WATTS THE BUZZ? by Lyn McLean Scribe Publications, Australia, 2002 ISBN 0-908011-66-0 (262pp tpb) Price: A$30.00; NZ$34.95; US$19.95 Availability: Aust—Scribe Publications, tel (03) 9349 5955, http://www.scribepub.; NZ—Addenda, tel (09) 836 7471; USA—Independent Publishers Group, tel (312) 337 0747; I f youre at all confused about electromag- netic radiation (EMR) and its effects on health, then Lyn McLeans Watts the Buzz? is a practical primer for guiding the layper- son through this highly technical field. McLean has been researching the subject since 1996 when, as director of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre in Sydney, she inherited the EMR role by default. Her mis- sion took on added impetus when she T his is a two-books-in-one release. The first part is a reprint of most of the veter- an UFO researcher Bill Clendenons decade- became ill due to massive EMR exposure, forcing her to make major changes in her old book, Mercury: UFO Messenger of the life. Since then, shes been publishing a Gods. Clendenon spent 40-odd years inves- newsletter and maintaining a lobby group tigating the UFO phenomenon and even had and website ( his own sighting. He was an ardent lobbyist In her book, she sets the tone with some for full disclosure by the government. disturbing EMR exposure stories involving Clendenon contacted David Childress real people. Next she explains energy basics shortly after his own book on ancient Indian for beginners and describes the workings of vimana aircraft came out in 1991, to com- the power and telecommunications net- pare notes on possible UFO propulsion sys- works, including how mobile phones and tems. He had decoded specifications for phone tower antennas work. mercury vortex engines described in the Then its on to the "Great Health Debate". Indian Vimanika Shastra texts, and applied Within the text she refers to scientific and these to explain how craft like the one pho- medical studies from around the world that tographed by George Adamski in 1952 offer sufficient evidence for us to adopt a might propel themselves through space. precautionary approach to emissions. So Clendenon died in the mid-1990s, and so for McLean includes pointers on how we can this edition Childress has added his own reduce EMR exposure at home, at work and commentary on their overlapping research in the built environment. She also looks at into principles of counter-rotating plasma designing, building and wiring houses and vortices and mercury drives. offices for minimal adverse impact. In the second part of the book, Childress McLean has included an extensive appen- examines Dr Nikola Teslas power broadcast dix that lists relevant published papers towers in light of evidence for the use of (cross-referenced to chapters) under head- "crystal power towers" in long-lost civilisa- ings such as brain tumours, leukaemia, tions on the African and American conti- breast cancer, heart problems, birth defects, nents and elsewhere. But how reliable, real- nervous and endocrine system changes, ly, are the readings of famous psychic Edgar sleep disorders and genetic effects. The Cayce, who insisted not only that the lost resources list is far too slim, considering the city of Atlantis existed but it had giant tow- number of researchers, doctors and groups ers for broadcasting power—perhaps ener- active in Australia and overseas. Still, this gised by what he called the "Terrible is a down-to-earth book that gets the word out about EMR hazard prevention.76 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 62. REVIEWSDISCLOSURE behind the Strategic Defense Initiative, andby Steven M. Greer, MD in section five a number of scientists discussCrossing Point, Inc., USA, 2001 antigravity and non-polluting new energyISBN 0-9673238-1-9 (573pp tpb) technologies that are already operational yetPrice: US$25.00 + $8 airmail in US, $9 to deliberately kept from the public.Canada, $16 overseas; Euro 31.90 A landmark book and a courageous projectAvailability: USA—Crossing Point, Inc., that one day may force the disclosure issue.PO Box 265, Crozet, VA 22932, tel +1(540) 456 8302, fax +1 (540) 456 8303, HOW THE SUN GOD REACHEDwebsite; AMERICA c. 2500 BCEurope—NEXUS, tel +31 (0)321 380558 by Dr Reinoud M. de Jonge and Jay Stuart Wakefield MCS Inc., USA, 2002 ISBN 0-917054-19-9 (384pp l/f tpb) Price: US$24.95 + US$5.00 US priority mail, US$9.00 global priority mail Availability: USA—MCS Inc., Box 3392, Kirkland, WA 98083-3392, tel 1-877 513 0219, email A uthors Reinoud de Jonge, a Dutch phys- ical chemist, and Jay Wakefield, an American biologist, share a passion for megalithic culture and ancient seafaring his- tory. For this collaboration, four years in the making, they visited and/or analysed over a dozen archaeological sites in Europe and North America containing megalithic stones bearing inscriptions, purposefully positioned menhirs and astronomically aligned shafts,I ts hard to ignore so many credible wit- nesses attesting to the reality of UFOs andextraterrestrials at great personal risk. Dr mounds and circles. The authors are convinced that many of the inscriptions, or petroglyphs, are geographicSteven Greer, who heads The Disclosure maps showing discoveries of islands andProject, dedicated to lobbying governments continents across the oceans, as well asand their agencies to come clean on what being navigational charts with informationthey know, has edited down his vast selec- about latitude and longitude, sailing direc-tion of documentation and testimony to just tions, currents and winds. The earliest ofunder 600 pages for the Disclosure book. these, found near the Mediterranean betweenIts designed to complement the video and southern Italy and Gibraltar, are dated to theBriefing Document CD-ROM (see 9/01). beginning of Neolithic times, c. 6000 BC. Section I gives an overview of "The Big Applying the "de Jonge rules of decipher-Picture" and its implications, and considers ment", they deduce that it took about 4,000how and why secrecy over UFOs and highly years for the world to be explored and chart-classified technology is maintained by our ed. The discovery of the Cape Verde islandsgovernments—particularly in the United they see recorded in the tumulus of KercadoStates, where billions of dollars are diverted in Brittany, circa 4500 BC; of Madeira, on ato and hidden in "black budget" projects. tablet in Galicia, c. 4100 BC; and of Iceland The second section focuses on testimony and Greenland, in petroglyphs at a cairn infrom military and civilian air traffic con- Loughcrew, Ireland, c. 3200 BC.trollers and pilots who have tracked craft They believe the discovery of America andmoving at thousands of miles per hour. Australia is shown in a map at Dissignac,Next, there are statements from Strategic Air Brittany, c. 2600 BC; and that America isCommand and nuclear energy/weapons offi- part of the Stonehenge code, c. 2000 BCcials on UFO events around nuclear sites (and even had its own Stonehenge nauticalthat seem to suggest ETs are interested in, if centre in North Salem, c. 2200 BC). Thenot concerned about, nuclear weapons arse- most recent petroglyph, inscribed in a tabletnals and the weaponisation of space. on Long Island and dated to 850 BC, shows Section IV features government and an Egyptian expedition to America."deep" agency and military insiders, some of These astounding decodings may well helpwhom claim they were involved in retrievals solve many unexplained aspects of late pre-of crashed UFOs and their occupants, have history—from the prevalence of a Sun Godwitnessed the downing of an alien craft or religion and the origin of the Olmecs, to thehave had close contact with a living EBE. identity of the New England stone chamberTheres testimony revealing a secret agenda builders and the first mappers of Antarctica.JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 77
  • 63. The true story of a man taken for ten days to an REVIEWS JOHN OF GOD a film by Mark Thomas extraterrestrial Reviewed by Duncan Roads Vision Thang Pty Ltd, Australia, 2002 (59mins, PAL/VHS, NTSC/VHS) civilisation CROP CIRCLES: THE RESEARCH Price: A$40.00; overseas, add A$10 p&h with Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard Availability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe/USA— by Alec Newald Bert Janssen Productions (website Vision Thang Pty Ltd, PO Box 2007,, Netherlands, Clovelly NSW 2031, Australia, website $22.00 2001 (58mins, PAL/VHS, NTSC/VHS) (includes GST + postage) Price: A$40.00; NZ$49; £17.00; Euro 20.90; US$19.95 + s&h Availability: Australia/NZ/UK/Europe— E very now and then I get an email asking for an update on the "Miracle Man of Brazil". His real name is João Teixeira da One Monday in mid-February 1989, Alec NEXUS offices; USA—AUP, website Faria, but the people of Brazil call him João Newald set off on what should have been a de Deus (John of God). three-hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland in For those who missed our feature article in New Zealand. He arrived in Auckland to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days later, and that he had no idea of what had happened O ne of the most baffling mysteries of today is crop circles—or should we say "formations"—yet there are relatively few NEXUS 5/02, thousands of people from across the globe have received healing in the meantime! When Alec did retrieve his videos that have been made on this intrigu- through John of God and many claim to mem ories of those m issing te n day s, he ing subject. This video, however, is an have had miraculous surgery performed on realised his life had changed forever, for early them. From Wednesday to Friday, in two on in that fateful trip, while driving through a excellent documentary about the crop for- foggy mountain pass, Alec was whisked from mations and is produced by two experienced sessions a day, the Casa de Dom Inácio the road by beings from an extraterrestrial researchers in the field (pardon the pun). (House of Saint Ignatius Loyola) at civilisation. A true story! As well as stunning aerial shots of the for- Abadiânia in Goiás state, Brazil, is open to mations (accompanied by rather nice music, anyone who comes seeking healing—for mail, phone or fax your order to: I might add), there is a wealth of fascinating free. The video is filmed on location and NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, scientific detail. There is also good report- you basically get to see what goes on, what Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. ing on the anomalies associated with many you can expect if you turn up, and get a real Ph: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381 of these formations, e.g., snow melting the "feel" for the place. There are some pretty or use the coupon on page 95 next season in the same pattern as the for- good close-ups of Joãos surgical work, too! mation that had been there in summer; thou- Overall, I really enjoyed the video. sands of dead insects stuck to plants inside some formations; equipment that fails to DOWSERS DOWN UNDER work only inside formations; changes in the with Alanna Moore plants; and some very interesting geometric Geomantica Productions, 2002 links amongst the formations considered not (100mins, PAL/VHS) hoaxed. My only lament is that the produc- Price: A$45.00; overseas, add A$10 p&h ers were unable to include the grand finale Availability: Aust/NZ/UK/Europe— crop formations found at Chilbolton in late summer 2001. Still, a must-have video! Geomantica Productions, PO Box 929, Castlemaine, Vic. 3450, Australia, website CONTACT with Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard Bert Janssen Productions (website T hank goodness someone is continuing research and promoting interest in the fascinating practice of dowsing. Two and a, Netherlands, half decades ago, while I was growing up on 2001 (45mins, PAL/VHS, NTSC/VHS) one of Tasmanias first "organic" farms, we Price: A$40.00; NZ$47.00; £17.00; had one of Australias most respected Euro 20.90; US$19.95 dowsers, Rafe Thomas, visit for a few days. Availability: Australia/NZ/UK/Europe— This certainly opened my eyes to a few NEXUS offices; USA—AUP website, more mysteries of the world, and Ive kept a healthy respect for dowsing ever since. T his is another excellent video documen- tary, which recaps a tiny bit of Crop Circles: the Research and launches into the This video, made by Alanna Moore, is really great. You get to see seven of Australias respected dowsers, including most mysterious part of the phenomenon of Keith Levy, Sandy Griffin, Ross Henderson, late: those floating balls of light seen and Bill Raines and Dave Kennett. As you will videotaped by more and more people. Even see, dowsing is not just confined to finding I had no idea that so many people over the water. It is being used to determine soil last couple of years have witnessed and mineral/pH balances; to find precious ores filmed these strange balls of light. and stones; to detect and remedy "Earth This documentary also has stunning visu- radiation" and geopathic stress; to select als of the formations, plus good music and locations for planting; and even to locate narration and lots of interesting interviews graves! If you are interested in dowsing, with witnesses and fellow researchers. This then may I strongly suggest you get hold of is another must-have video! this video; it is very informative.78 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 64. REVIEWS blending electronica with Cuban and Afro- Cuban dance styles. Crazy and exciting salsa-till-you-drop sounds. Reviewed by Richard GilesCELLO BLUE THE AFRO-INDIAN PROJECTby David Darling by Ravi, Hossam Ramzy and DannyHearts of Space, USA, 2001 (60mins) ThompsonDistributors: USA—Valley ARC Music, UK, 2001 (63mins)Entertainment, tel (212) 974 9400; web- Distributors: UK—ARC Music, tel +44site; Australia — (0)1342 328567, website http://www.MRA Entertainment, tel (07) 3849 6020; USA—ARC MusicD avid Darling is a renowned classically trained cello player. On Cello Blue hesused five-string electric cello to produce R avi has been a force in fusion world music for almost 20 years. Hes trav- elled the world, giving concerts with thecontemplative, atmospheric sounds of ele- greats in many traditions. The Afro-Indiangant musical harmony. There are beautifully Project is the result of bringing togetherlayered tracks of tonal feasting interwoven respected African and Indian musical talent.with bird sounds from dawn sunscapes. Among the excellent players here are:The album carries the listener along on folds Bikram Ghosh, Ravi Shankars tabla player;of sound, providing an enriching, healing Danny Thompson, double bass genius;quality that doesnt come our way often. Tarun Bhattacharya, on santoor (hundred- stringed zither); Hossam Ramzy, noted per-BIG DRUM: SMALL WORLD cussionist; and Chandru Sheker, Southby Dhol Foundation Indian–style violinist. A musical treat.Shakti Records, USA, 2001 (64mins)Distributors: USA—Real World, tel QUIET DAYS(414) 961 8350; Shakti Records, website by various; UK—Virgin, Real Music, USA, 2001 (57mins)tel 02089 646000; Aust—MRA Distributors: USA—Real Music, telEntertainment, tel (07) 3849 6020 (415) 331 8273, website http://www.; Aust—New WorldT he dhol is a wooden two-headed drum thats held horizontally and played with Music, tel (02) 9565 4522beating sticks. Its one of the loudest drumsimaginable, except for the huge Japanesetaiko drums. Johnny Kalsi is the father of M any people today realise that good health and relaxation go hand in hand. The growth of the relaxation music industrythe Dhol Foundation in Britain, establishing in the last 10 years has been remarkable.the School for Dhol in 1991. He is also Healing of the body and mind can be facili-known for his ongoing work with Trans tated by a calm environment, ritual, move-Global Underground and Afro-Celt Sound ment and music. Real Music has assembledSystem. The music from Big Drum: Small a selection of healing tracks from their "bestWorld is a second-generation Asian drum- of" healing sounds. Musicians includeming mix. Its exciting, mutable and organic pianist Kevin Kern, keyboardist Michaelmusic thats loud and enticing. Hoppé, flautist Tim Wheater and the duo 2002. There are several tracks from harpistLATIN GROOVE Hilary Stagg, including the all-favouriteby various artists Pachelbels Canon. Excellent collection.Putumayo, USA, 2002 (43mins)Distributors: USA—Putumayo WorldMusic, tel 1888 788 8629, website; UK—Pinnacle Imports, tel 01689 870622;Aust—MRA, tel (07) 3849 6020A nother release from Putumayo, this is cutting-edge Latin with electronica,funk and hip hop mixed with salsa, Cubanson music and cumbia. Bands include LosAterciopelados from Colombia, BarrioCubano from Martinique, Los Mocososfrom San Francisco, El Conjuncto Massalaifrom France, Ozomatli from Los Angeles,and Si*Se from New York. DJs includeSidestepper and Funkanzazenji. Theres alsomusic from Cuban collective Sin Palabras,JUNE – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 79
  • 65. A Brief History of the Arab-Israeli ConflictContinued from page 26 Arafat left Camp David with enhanced the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. For a stature among his constituents because he brief period, these demonstrations spread Barak proclaimed his "red lines": Israel did not yield to American and Israeli pres- into Palestinian towns inside Israel.would not return to its pre-1967 borders; sure. Barak returned home to face political In relative terms, the second intifada isEast Jerusalem with its 175,000 Jewish set- crisis within his own government, including already bloodier than the first. As in thetlers would remain under Israeli sovereign- the abandonment of coalition partners who previous intifada, Palestinians threw stonesty; Israel would annex settlement blocs in felt he had offered the Palestinians too and Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers,the West Bank containing some 80 per cent much. However, the Israeli taboo on dis- who responded with rubber-coated steel bul-of the 180,000 Jewish settlers; and Israel cussing the future of Jerusalem was broken. lets and live ammunition. But both sideswould accept no legal or moral responsibili- Many Israelis began to realise for the first have employed greater force than inty for the creation of the Palestinian refugee time that they might never achieve peace if 1987–1991.problem. they insisted on imposing their terms on the The militant wing of Fatah, which has The Palestinians, in accord with UN Palestinians. coordinated many street actions, now has aSecurity Council Resolution 242 and their substantial cache of small arms and has firedunderstanding of the spirit of the Oslo THE SECOND INTIFADA often on Israeli troops. The Israeli militaryDeclaration of Principles, sought Israeli The deeply flawed "peace process" initiat- response escalated dramatically after twowithdrawal from the vast majority of the ed at Oslo, combined with the daily frustra- soldiers, allegedly "lost" in the PA-West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including tions and humiliations inflicted upon controlled West Bank town of Ramallah,East Jerusalem, and recognition of an inde- Palestinians in the occupied territories, con- were killed on October 12 by a Palestinianpendent state in those territories. verged to ignite a second intifada beginning mob returning from the funeral of an The distance between the two parties, in late September 2000. unarmed young man whom soldiers hadespecially on the issues of Jerusalem and On September 28, Likud leader Ariel shot dead the day before. The IDF attackedrefugees, made it impossible to reach an Sharon visited the Noble Sanctuary (Temple PA installations in Ramallah, Gaza andagreement at the Camp David summit meet- Mount) in the company of 1,000 armed elsewhere with helicopter gunships anding in July 2000. Although Barak offered a guards. In the context of Julys tense negoti- missiles. Subsequently, the IDF has notfar more extensive Israeli withdrawal from ations over Jerusalems holy places and always waited for Israelis to die beforethe West Bank than any other Israeli leader Sharons well-known call for Israeli annexa- answering Palestinian small arms fire withhad publicly considered, he insisted on tion of East Jerusalem, this move provoked tank shells and artillery, including themaintaining Israeli sovereignty over East large Palestinian protests in Jerusalem. shelling of civilian neighbourhoods in theJerusalem. This was unacceptable to the Israeli soldiers killed six unarmed protest- West Bank and Gaza.Palestinians and to most of the Muslim ers. These killings inaugurated over a For these actions and the use of liveworld. month of demonstrations and clashes across ammunition to control demonstrations of CANSEMA International SKIN CANCER Treatment Sunspots? Warts? Moles? Your satisfaction assured by a cheerful money back guarantee Cansema topical Ointment 7ml $39.00 Cansema topical Ointment 15ml $75.00 Bloodroot Paste (warts & moles) 15ml $18.00 Cansema capsules & tonic also available Contact your Australian distributor (since 1991) Alpha Omega Labs Locked Bag 67 Drake NSW 2469 Orders & Inquiries: 02 6737 676782 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 66. A Brief History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Continued from page 82 Terrorism" proclaimed by President Bush About the Authors: following the September 11, 2001 attacks on • Joel Beinin, PhD, has taught Middle Eastunarmed Palestinians, several international the United States by al-Qaida, and pro- history at Stanford University, USA, sincehuman rights organisations have condemned claimed that Yasir Arafat was equivalent to 1983. His research deals primarily withIsrael for use of excessive force. The UN Usama bin Laden. the social history of the modern MiddleSecurity Council passed a similar condem- On March 29, 2002, Israeli forces reoccu- East, with a focus on workers, peasants andnation, from which the US abstained, and on pied several West Bank cities and villages minorities. He has also written and lec-October 20 the UN General Assembly under the control of the Palestinian tured extensively on Israel, Palestine andapproved a resolution condemning Israel. Authority, effectively bringing an end to the the Arab-Israeli conflict. His recent booksIsrael, the United States and four Polynesian Oslo process and the institutions it created. include Political Islam: Essays fromisland nations voted no, and a third of the This military operation wreaked massive Middle East Report (University ofassembly abstained. devastation on the governmental structure California Press, 1998, co-edited with Joe Despite a truce agreement at Sharm al- and civil society institutions. The total Stork) and Workers and Peasants in theSheikh, a later agreement to quell violence number of casualties is unknown as of this Modern Middle East (Cambridge Universitybetween Arafat and Shimon Peres, and Bill writing. Press, 2001). He is currently serving as theClintons attempts to restart negotiations for At least 1,600 Palestinians and 450 President of the Middle East StudiesJanuary 2001, the second intifada did not Israelis have been killed since the outbreak Association of North America. He alsolook like it would end soon. In December of the second intifada, with no end of the serves as a contributing editor of MERIPs2000, Barak called early elections for Prime conflict in sight. ∞Minister, to forestall a likely vote of no con- quarterly journal, Middle East Report.fidence in the Knesset. Editors Note: • Lisa Hajjar, PhD, a sociologist, teaches On February 6, 2001, Likud leader Ariel This article is reprinted with permission from in the Law and Society Program atSharon defeated Ehud Barak and became MERIP, the Middle East Research and University of California, Santa Barbara.Israels Prime Minister. He proceeded to Information Project, and includes an update She is completing a book, Authority,assemble the most right-wing government in from co-author Joel Beinin as of late April Resistance and the Law: A Study of the 2002. MERIP is an independent, non-profit Israeli Military Court System in the WestIsraels history. The Labor Party joined the organisation based in Washington, DC, USA.coalition as junior partner, providing a fig Bank and Gaza, to be published by Visit MERIPs website,, University of California Press. Her workleaf for intensified military efforts to repress for related stories including the "Primer on thethe Palestinian uprising. These efforts focuses on Israel/Palestine, human rights, Palestinian Uprising", which provides addition-failed. A rash of suicide bombings under- al background on the conflict and poses ques- international law and socio-legal issues.mined the personal security of Israelis. tions about mainstream media coverage of the She is an editorial board member ofSharon aligned himself with the "War on uprising. Middle East Report. Dr Joel Wallach author of "Dead Doctors Dont Lie" is starting Australian Longevity There are exciting opportunities for distributors across Australia Further information and Application forms available from:- Colin & Betty Huf, PO Box 26, Tarrington, Vic. 3301 Phone or fax: 03 5572 4959 Email: – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 83
  • 67. Shivambu Shastra: Healing with Urine Therapy Practice, CRC Press, Cleveland, 1975. Continued from page 32 Conference on Auto-Urine Therapy was • Van der Kroon, Coen, The Golden Fountain: The held in Germany in 1998. Complete Guide to Urine Therapy, Amethyst Books,problem may remain the same. For These are certainly signs that Shivambu 1996.instance, a diabetic person may need to Shastra is flourishing all over the world, About the Author:take chromium for the cells to use blood and that people are ready to take responsi- Natalia Perera has a BA in Psychology and an MAsugar and vanadium to produce insulin. bility for their own health and well-being in International Relations from the University ofThese supplements may be necessary to and are ready to overcome their prejudices New South Wales in Sydney. She studied mind-eradicate diabetes or any other blood sugar and open their minds to embrace such an body medicine and natural therapies at Nature Careproblem that is not correctable with self- ancient spiritual and magical practice. College, Sydney, focusing on Ayurvedic medicine and bodywork and also undertook three years ofurine therapy. It is certainly crucial in these times, practical training in gestalt therapy. She is passion- when we ache for deeper healing, that ate about integrating the sciences of Ayurveda andA GOLDEN FUTURE Shivambu Shastra be acknowledged and yoga with the arts of holistic counselling and body- Although much attention has been adopted as a valid and profoundly effective work to facilitate deep healing and create health onfocused on many elements in urine and method of creating health in body, mind the foundations of a higher consciousness.their potential for medical use, comprehen- and spirit. ∞ Upon completion of her studies, Natalia worked in India as a duty doctor at a prominent Ayurvedicsive research has not yet been conducted on hospital in Kerala for some months. She returned tourine as a total entity that is therapeutically Authors Note: The material in this paper is not intended to replace Australia in 2001 and set up her clinic, Saffronrose,applied. medical treatments. It is an attempt to broaden the in Woollahra, Sydney. Natalia takes clients through Still to be proven are the theories regard- awareness of Shivambu Shastra. Readers interested an in-depth consultation to determine their naturaling how and why urine therapy works—so in Self-Urine Therapy are encouraged to discuss it constitution and identify the imbalances underlying with their health practitioner. their health symptoms. She designs individualisedlet us welcome and support the scientific lifestyle regimes and therapeutic programs that cancommunity that is interested in undertaking References involve nutritional advice, food and herbal homestudies using urine as a total entity. • Armstrong, John (Dr), The Water of Life, Health Science Press, Rupa and Co., 1990. remedies, appropriate exercise routines, yoga pos- More than 600 scientists—many of tures, meditation and breathing techniques, person- • Bartnett, Beatrice (Dr), Urine Therapy – It Maywhom believe that human urine can treat Save Your Life, Lifestyle Institute, 1994. al counselling sessions, Ayurvedic cooking recipeseverything from baldness to cancer and • Christy, Martha M., Your Own Perfect Medicine, and Ayurvedic massage treatments.AIDS—gathered in Goa, India, for the First Futuremed, 1996. Natalia Perera can be contacted at: Saffronrose, • Desai, Morarji, Miracles of Urine Therapy, Pankaj 49 Ocean Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025, Australia;World Conference on Auto-Urine Therapy telephone +61 (0)2 9362 8838, email nataliaper- Books, February 1996. The Second World • Free, A. H. (Dr), Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory TO FIGHT BACK, READ TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY by Elaine Hollingsworth, Director, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia Strongly recommended by the Editor of NEXUS, Duncan Roads “This is the best health book I have ever read,” Ron Bass N.D., D.R.T., D.C.H., A.N.T.A. Orders, for immediate delivery, may be made through our secure website. Or, by phone (07) 5530 2939, fax (07) 5569 0884, or by post to Hippocrates Health Centre, 6 Julie Way, Mudgeeraba 4213, Gold Coast, Queensland $29.00, including P & H - Credit cards, money orders, cheques. E-Book available for $16 (computers only) Gods Paintings HOLY HEAVENLY "The Illumination of Christ" "The Eye of Horus" Order your poster now! HEALING CLOTHS $12.95each (+$5- p&h) Heal any complaint Yellow Flower Publications Ring for info PO Box 172 Ph: 07 4060 7135 Montville Qld 4560 Contact: Barb Holdsworth, Portland Roads, Tel: 07 5478 6244 CMB 52, Mail Centre, Cairns 4871 email: (stamped self addressed envelope appreciated)84 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2002
  • 68. The Bock Saga: An Ancient Time CapsuleContinued from page 65 communal wealth where sickness was rela- only embrace what is good—God within— tively unknown because a balance was for this is truly our birthright.lived in Finland long before any other civil- maintained between the people and their Through the grace and foresight of the environment. Bock family and its sole surviving descen-isation was known to exist on the planet. In the New Times, a new Ring was dent, Ior Bock, we have been given a Renowned archaeologist and researcher created—a system based on taking—and at chance to redeem what has been lost: toThor Heyerdahl, who passed away just as its hub was the money wheel. It is apparent assimilate the language, the Key of thethis article was going to press, was from our civilisations growing socio- Elves, the understanding of how life caninvolved with excavations around the Sea economic problems that this latter system continue naturally, in harmony with Oden,of Asov near the Black Sea, focusing on acity known as As-Hov—As as in "Aser" has created a lack of balance, with an ever- with everything. We must not allow theand Hov as in "Court", the Court of Aser. decreasing spiral bound by greed. This conflicts within established belief systemsIn this new book, The Search for Ooden, system has created a serious imbalance on to inhibit this new paradigm, which is a giftco-written with Per Lillieström (and soon our Earth, as more and more is taken from to our children and for the future of ourto be released in English), Heyerdahl nature and very little replenished. This in planet and all who live upon it. ∞makes a number of references to the Aser turn has created and continues to create more greed, and so the vicious cycle About the Author:and Vaner people. continues. This system has resulted in a Les Whale is a teacher and psychic who runs In the past, many so-called scientific classes and workshops on auric diagnosisexperts in Finland and other places denied mere two per cent of the population controlling 90 per cent of the wealth. If and spiritual/psychic development. He isthat the Aser and Vaner people ever exist- based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland,ed. Nowadays, this knowledge is becom- allowed to continue, this system will eventually destroy all life on our planet. where he does readings for people all overing more and more indisputable. Australia and internationally. Les uses his These findings also place a considerable Our greatest challenge at the beginning ability to see and diagnose the auric fields indegree of doubt on the theory that Africa of this new century is to disassemble the his readings and often works with just a pic-was the cradle of humanity. illogical Ring of power that represents the ture of a person present. He can be contact- taking system and create a New Ring based ed by email at andCREATING A NEW RING on love, goodness and wholeness, a giving by post at PO Box 5055, Sunshine Coast In Paradise time, the people had a system system in harmony with nature and based Mail Centre, Nambour, Qld 4560, Australia.based on giving—one Ring of knowledge, on true logic, to honour all peoples and our For more background information on thewell-being and wholeness that brought all planet. This then will become our new par- Bock Saga, visit Les Whales website attogether, even in the darkness, and bound adigm (Paradise time). To enable us to Also seethem. It was a system of stable health and understand and achieve this goal, we need – JULY 2002 NEXUS • 85