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Nexus 0804 - new times magazine


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  • looks like a good magazine to read and take good news from it
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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2001 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia Website: www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 WHERE IS ALL THE FREE ENERGY?............................53GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Peter Lindemann, DSc. Free energy technologies are a reality, but their spread has been curbed by the News you may have missed, including a study that money monopoly, governments, deluded inventors proves irradiated food can cause DNA damage, and charlatans as well as a non-demanding public. plans to create a super-currency, and research that vindicates Dr Benvenistes molecular memory find. THE DEEP DWELLERS—Part 3....................................61 By Wm Michael Mott. Modern-day accounts ofPROJECT CENSOREDS TOP 25 NEWS STORIES........13 alien abductions and Men in Black incidents have Compiled by the Project Censored team. Heading parallels with planet-wide legends of mysterious this round-up of news stories most ignored by the subterranean creatures and humanoids. US media last year is a report on water privatisation THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................66 moves by corporations and the World Bank. This issues "out of this world" news includes HopiMILKING THE TRUTH WITH GE HORMONES..........21 "final days" prophecies compiled by John Hogue, By Jane Akre and Steve Wilson. How Monsanto Soviet military reports of underwater aliens and pressured Fox TV not to air a series that questioned UFOs from George Filer, and the discovery of an the safety of its GE bovine growth hormone is ancient Peruvian city as old as Egypts pyramids. evident in this annotated audio-video script. REVIEWS—Books........................................................71 "Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century" by Dr Archie KalokerinosUS & UN FINANCE WAR IN THE BALKANS..............29 "The Big Breach" by Richard Tomlinson By Michel Chossudovsky. Both sides of the conflict "The Arcadian Cipher" by Peter Blake and Paul S. Blezard affecting Kosovo and Macedonia are being funded "The Philadelphia Experiment Murder" by Alexandra Bruce "Cancer – Cause & Cure" by Percy Weston behind the scenes by the Pentagon, with help from "Politics in Healing" by Daniel Haley the United Nations, NATO and narcodollars. "The Land of No Horizon" by Kevin Taylor and Matthew Taylor "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity" by Peter A. LindemannHEALING POWER OF FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT.........35 "Beyond Amalgam" by Susan Stockton By Joseph G. Hattersley. Contrary to advice from "Stone Age Farming" by Alanna Moore the US EPA, we need regular exposure to full- "Wake Up Down There!" edited by Gregory Bishop "The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK", by R.G. Ross spectrum sunli ght with traces of ultraviolet "Sweet Poison" by Janet Starr Hull frequencies in order to maintain good health. "Underwater and Underground Bases" by Richard Sauder, PhDSOVIET AMPLIFIED MIND POWER RESEARCH.........41 REVIEWS—Video........................................................78 "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" by Bart Sibrel By Martin Ebon. By the middle of the Cold War era, the Soviet Unions psychic research program REVIEWS—CD-ROMs.................................................78 "WingMakers: First Source – Volume 1" from the WingMakers had advanced so far that the United States had to "Gridworks 2.0" produced by Rod Maupin embark on a crash program to try to catch up. REVIEWS—Music........................................................79SCIENCE NEWS..........................................................49 "Déjà-Blues" by Steve Halpern "Breathing Rhythms" by Glen Velez By Jerry W. Decker. Free energy researchers are not "Buddha and Bonsai – Vol. 3" by Oliver Shanti, Family & Friends aiming to create "something from nothing", but to "Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore" by Ekova convert gravity and other ambient forces into "Gardens of Eden" by various artists mechanical or electrical energy that can do work. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................88–95JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 4 JUNE – JULY 2001 I t is hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago I was clambering through tunnels and shafts of the Great Pyramid, cruising the Nile and haggling with street vendors. What can I say to you, except that the "Mysterious Egypt" trip with John Anthony PUBLISHED BY West was way above my expectations. Everything—the organisational details for NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 our group of thirty, the temples and tombs, the food, the people in our group plus EDITOR the locals—was just fantastic. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that we all Duncan M. Roads had a great time. If you feel a desire to visit Egypt—and you want to do so with CO-EDITOR like-minded people, in style and comfort, and with a switched-on tour guide who Catherine Simons gives quality time at each site—then go on one of John Anthony Wests trips. He ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell does several per year, and they are worth every cent! If theres not an advert in this EDITORS ASSISTANT edition, I suggest you visit his website at Richard Giles Catherine and I also visited Turkey prior to meeting the group in Cairo. We only OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR had a few days, so we decided to relax and explore Istanbul. During this time we Janine Carmichael met up with Haktan Akdogan, Turkeys high-profile UFO researcher/TV presenter. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE It looks like NEXUS will soon have a Turkish edition to include in our foreign- Project Censored; Jane Akre and Steve Wilson; language stable. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky; Joseph G. Hattersley; The subject of UFOs has left its mark of late on the media, at both ends of the Martin Ebon; Jerry W. Decker; Peter A. Lindemann, DSc; John Hogue; spectrum. A few weeks ago, an obscure UFO group that hardly anyone had ever Wm Michael Mott; George A. Filer heard of announced dramatically that it was folding due to a lack of UFO reports. CARTOONS Naturally, the mainstream media reported it all around the world, thus creating the Phil Somerville impression that UFOs are a non-event. But when UFOs hover over the worlds COVER GRAPHIC largest city for hours on end in broad daylight, in full view of hundreds of thousands John Cook, of people—as they did in Mexico City in the early 1990s—the media silence is deaf- PRINTING ening. Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia The UFO Disclosure Project held its press conference on 9 May at the National AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Press Club in Washington, DC, where over 20 military, intelligence, government, Newsagents Direct Distribution corporate and scientific witnesses testified to the reality of UFOs/extraterrestrial HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence vehicles, alien life-forms and advanced energy and propulsion technologies. Nearly PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia all mainstream media organisations have run stories, most of them neutral to posi- Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 tive. So far, the Washington Post is the only media outlet I have seen run a sneering E-mail: Web page: story, written by one Joel Achenbach. Joel probably expected the rest of the ratpack to follow suit; but surprisingly, other media organisations have treated the NEW ZEALAND OFFICE Disclosure Project with almost an air of respect. Is this a sign of change in media RD 2, Kaeo, Northland Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Fax: +64 (0)9 405 1964 reporting? We hope so! E-mail: Meanwhile, we have plenty of thought-provoking material in this edition. Our USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, first feature is a summary of Project Censoreds top 25 under-reported news stories Denver CO 80206 for 1999/2000. (Maybe one day Project Censored will realise that the UFO phe- Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 603 754 4744 nomenon is an under-reported news story, too!) E-mail: This issue sees plenty of Russian material, ranging from Soviet-era research into UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West mind-power to Russian underwater UFOs. All very fascinating! Sussex, RH19 1BG. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854; Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 Free energy research also gets a good serve in this edition—and without lots of E-mail: technical-looking diagrams! Peter Lindemann has submitted a thought-provoking EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, and informative article on why we all dont have free-energy-powered homes and The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0)321 380558; cars—yet. And the legendary Jerry Decker of KeelyNet has let us publish his excel- Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 lent piece, "Something from Nothing, Revisited". If youve never read a science arti- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE cle before, please make sure you read these two; you will then have a goodNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a overview of the true status of free energy research across the globe.massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS Another of the must-read articles this issue is "Milking the Truth". Not only does itseeks to provide hard-to-get information so as toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not highlight how dangerous genetically engineered bovine growth hormones are tolinked to any religious, philosophical or political cows—and to humans who drink their milk—it also reveals disturbing insights intoideology or organisation. how media organisations gag, spin and distort the truth. Fortunately in this case, the PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY two reporters refused to change their story, resulting in an embarrassing court caseWhile reproduction and dissemination of the infor- for Fox TV and bad publicity for Monsanto.mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyonecaught making a buck out of it, without our express Until next time, our best regards to you all.permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 20012 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 3. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...Mad Cow Disease is Ancient is much more valuable to me now reduction in theta indicating a escaped from a nearby research Hi, Duncan: The ABC 4 than it could ever have been reduced level of attention. Too lab." Unless I read poorly, I didCorners TV show [23 April] before. busy feeling pleasure of the smell, not see anything in the articledemonstrated that although insecti- Philip Doyle, pdoyle79@yahoo. perhaps? This neither proves nor about primates from a nearbycides can damage prions, they do disproves anything about garlic! research lab. Did I miss some-not cause a contagious type of If you can help with finding out thing?damage that can be transferred to Few Medical Studies on Garlic "evidence" for the garlic claims, I About Dade County: what isanother animal. Prions damaged would be grateful, because to date going on there? A couple things: Dear Duncan: Ive trawled the the balance of research papers onby insecticide cannot transfer that PubMed papers for Garlic refer- the hurricane, the voting mess lastdamage to another animal. garlic makes it one of the few year... Also—and please dont ences for the entire 1970s and natural things on offer thats a food Manganese does replace copper could not find a study relating to think Im crazy—I read thein infected animals. The rich man- medicine that can help people, e.g. Montauk Project books, which Stanford, which is given in Bobganese in soils can accelerate that against H. pylori, bacteria, viruses, indicate the possibility of interdi- Becks article already mentioned to etc. Im not trying to discreditdamage by supplying an abun- you [see 8/02]. I also tried under mensional activity going on indance of manganese, which the Beck—I want his stuff to be government experiments and in Biofeedback and EEG, whichdisease will happily utilise, and correct—but one cant just take addition talk about the "metaphysi - starts at 1972, and could find noth-may accelerate an already existing ing about garlic. anything as read without any hard cal importance of August 23rd" indisease. But manganese does not evidence. relation to Aleister Crowley and There is the problem that not allcause the infection. details are always given "on line", Sincerely, Helen Knowles, friends who performed a "work- Petrol will fuel a fire—but unless so the research could be elsewhere, ing" to open that space. Then I seethere is already a fire, the petrol or theres often "no abstract avail- uk that Andrew landed August 24thwill not cause any fire. The Kuru able" to say where something is and behaved like something not ofin New Guinea happened where no being done or giving more detail. Holy Grail & Bloodline of Jesus this Earth.insecticides were used. Even so, its difficult to form an I just want to say "Hats off to I dont know what it all means, This is an ancient disease. It is opinion on what has been said you!" Well done in putting out the but it is too many coincidences formore likely to have come from without any "evidence" to hand. Holy Grail bloodline of Jesus on my taste.outer space than from insecticides. "A system for biofeedback con- the Web! All the best, Janet Brown,Reason: no life form can with- ditioning of electroencephalo- As a direct descendant of the jbrownphd@yahoo.comstand 600°C [1,112°F], yet CJD graphic activity" goes back to Stuart/Stewart line of Kings and [Dear Janet: Encounters withmultiplies even after experiencing 1975; and "Detection of EEG Queens, the Holy Grail bloodlines escaped primates are described inthis temperature. abnormalities with feedback stimu- are a direct part of my family k. t. Frankovichs book, but we ran The mark of the beast has a new lation" (Mulholland, T., Benson, genealogy, and the "Templar out of space to include a mentionmeaning. F., Biofeedback Self-Regul. 1976) Knights" a direct part of of my her- in her article. Also, I thought the Regards, Peter O., moonbeam@ says, "However, the feedback EEG itage (my paternal grandfather was significant Montauk date method is not yet a proven diag- of the highest order of Knights August 12th. Ed.] nostic technique". So theres noth- Templars, and it is through his ing to go on before that time, even. wife, my maternal grandmother, Wondering about WingMakersThinking Outside the Square The early EEG and biofeedback that we get our Royal Stewart her- Dear Duncan: Articles on the Dear Duncan: I have been an work seems to have been predomi- itage and lineage back to Jesus andavid N E X U S reader for about nantly on epilepsy, then alco- subject of WingMakers have Mary Magdalene). appeared in your magazine no lessseven years now, and I want to holism, drugs and some heart Today, the names of Arthur,congratulate you on an editing job experiments. than four times now. I have read James, Joseph, John, Thomas, the articles and checked out thethat from my perspective has been The only mention of garlic and Maria (Mary), Anna, Almaexcellent. Far from making me an website, and it is, as you say, EEG was in a paper in Int. J. (Hebrew Almah), still dominate "intriguing stuff". Taking intoanti-social paranoid, your maga- P s y c h o p h y s i o l . 1998 by G.N. the first names in my immediatezine has provided and continues to account the amount of material Martin—"Human EEG response to family.provide an alternative viewpoint that you review for publication in olfactory stimulation: two experi- I am so glad that in this modernthat really makes me think outside ments using the aroma of food". NEXUS, what part of thethe square. As a third-year univer- day and age of the Internet, the WingMakers message strikes a In the first experiment, garlic truth can finally be told! This issity student, I find this of particular "smell" was tested on "synthetic" chord in you?value. the new golden age of knowledge, For me, your editorial is the most odours of chocolate, spearmint, and the truth can no longer be sup- When I first began receiving almond, strawberry, vegetable, valuable part of the magazine. I pressed by churchianity. have never met or seen you, butyour magazine as a 15-year-old, I garlic, onion and cumin, and no Sincerely, Karen Vogel, value your opinion; and when youbelieved that everything you pub- odour was recorded from 19 elec-lished was so well researched that say look, I look. But WingMakers trodes in all EEG frequencies,it had to be true. I have now delta, theta, alpha, beta-1 and beta- has me wondering why.reached a slightly more reasonable 2. Hurricane Andrew Coincidences Still in the arena of other dimen-point in my life where I dont nec- In the second experiment, on the Hello! First, I think your maga- sions, Im thinking about buying aessarily believe everything I read response to odour of real foods— zine is excellent. I am very grate- Lifetools meditation device. Iin N E X U S. In fact, I now use chocolate, baked beans and rotting ful for the work you do and the dont know if you have had anyNEXUS the same way I do every pork—chocolate odour was courage you show. experience with them or any otherother publication I read: as a valu- associated with significantly less Second, a question. In your edi- alpha/theta-generating perspective on events in the theta activity than was any other torial in 8/03 you say about the Whats your view or advice?world. Not fact, not fiction; just a stimulus. It is hypothesised that hurricane survivors: "...they were Thanks heaps, Darren,perspective. the alterations in theta reflect shifts left to fend for themselves in an I hope you dont see this as a in attention or cognitive load area that had become radioactive [Dear Darren: Lifetools has andevaluation of NEXUS, because it during olfactory perception, with a and overrun by primates which had excellent reputation. Ed.]4 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 150 to 250 words in length. Ed.Reading for Vampire-Slayers! A Buddhist friend studying to be a to New Zealand for a day or two, flares and the combined influences Hi, NEXUS: As a subscriber monk told us he was asked to just to renew his visa. We know of the Sun, Moon and planets insince almost the first issue, I refrain from eating both garlic and he planned to return very quickly angular relationship to each otherthought it was time for me to con- onions—onions being in the same to Australia as he was scheduled to on Earths magnetosphere, in turntribute something. family. Another friend told us conduct a BE Intensive in affecting terrestrial weather pat- I was watching tonights B u f f y some yoga groups also discourage Toowoomba, Queensland, over terns and the molten interior of ourepisode, "Triangle" [1 May], and eating garlic, as it is believed to Easter. He had also planned to live planet. Our solar system andnoticed a copy of NEXUS in one interfere with spiritual awareness. in Toowoomba and run a natural galaxy are part of one huge elec-of the scenes. It was in Giless Many people today experience health cancer clinic there in the tromagnetic machine; everythingmagic shop and was only visible what has become known as "brain near future. in it is interdependent, interrelatedfor less than a second, but the large fog". My daughter suffered from So we, his friends, would like to and interactive.heading was unmistakable. brain fog for years until she heard know why he was detained at The reason for my writing to Regards, Adrian Sheedy, Bob Beck speak. When she elimi- Brisbane Airport and then sent off NEXUS now is to forewarn nated garlic from her diet, she dis- with his visa stamped "Not permit- living near the east coast of covered her brain fog cleared. ted to return to Australia for three Australia—particularly from When she consumed garlic in her years". He subsequently found Bundaberg, Queensland, to north-Brazilian Healing: Another View food, she would again experience himself stranded in New Zealand ern New South Wales—of a strong Dear Sir: I read the letter by brain fog. with all his possessions left in possibility that a powerful tremorConan Mishler ["Healing In addition, a master herbalist in Australia. He died two weeks later may strike between June 12 to 21Experience in Brazil", 8/03]. I, the US warns that were now using of a heart attack. this year.too, went to be healed after I read many herbs that have excellent We cannot see how such a true My concern is not based on ayour very positive article. I trav- medicinal properties as common pioneer in the natural health field, professional observation alone—elled from the UK and spent three foods. For maximum effective- with his awe-inspiring track record i.e., that the Sun, Moon and plan-weeks there at the beginning of the ness, medicinal herbs should only and high standing (Prof. Dr Sir ets will be affecting the east coast,year. I have hypertension/kidney be used when needed. Since garlic John Whitman Ray, BA, ND, DSc, along with the solar eclipse fallingfailure. I must report that I felt no does boost the immune system, we NMD, CT, MT, CI, PhD, BC, on the winter solstice—but alsodifferent, apart from having the have come to the conclusion it may DipN, MD (MA), DAc, FFIM, stems from a powerful vision I hadgood weather and complete lack of be one of those medicinal herbs FWAIM, RM, BEINZ, SNTR, NZ almost 20 years ago.stress. I was told by the entity that that should not be used as part of Char. NMP, NPA, and winner of The vision was of the east coastI would be well, but have not so our daily food intake. the Pax Mundi World Peace of Australia where I saw a giantfar seen the proof of this. I am Sincerely, Carole Punt, Oroville, Award) could be treated in this tsunami, around 100 feet [30.5continuing to search for other ther- Washington, USA, http://www. manner. metres] high, sweeping hundredsapies that might help me, and am We feel that a public inquiry of people out to sea. The visionstill positive. should be held to ascertain why he was so graphic that I tried to pull I think that your readers should was banned from Australia for myself out of it; and as I did so, Ibe aware of the balanced view, as Dr John Whitman Rays Passing three years by the Immigration saw a huge white-robed arm ofMr Mishler says. If we travel long Dear Duncan: Many of you will Department, particularly in view of be as shocked as I was to learn of God extended outward from elbowdistances, which takes a lot of all the good, compassionate work to fingertips, pointing to a solartime, in sometimes difficult condi- the death of Dr John Whitman Ray he was doing. Does anyone else on 21 April 2001 in New Zealand. eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer.tions that may be detrimental to out there feel the same way? If The whole thing was so terrifyingour health and with no insurance The founder of Body Electronics you have any further information (BE), he will be sadly missed by that I wanted to erase it from mycover for our problem, we need to or would like to assist in getting memory.have an honest view of the likely many. In his lifetime, "Dr John" some answers, please write to us at worked in several countries and I had bought a book on planetarysuccess of our efforts. In addition, the address below. phenomena, giving the degrees ofthe money we spend on such a helped thousands of people to recover from serious illnesses, Sincerely, Helene Minto and the solar eclipses from 1700 toventure could possibly be used in Peggy McDougall, PO Box 775, many of them "terminal". 2050, and was astounded to findsome other more useful treatment. Mudgeeraba, Qld 4213, Australia that there hadnt been a solar I think you are obliged, as a Five years ago I first contacted him through an advertisement in eclipse at that degree in 300 years.responsible magazine, to publish The only one coming in my life-alternative points of view so that your magazine, as I was suffering Eastern Australia Tsunami Alert from longstanding serious health Hi, Duncan: Two years ago, my time was due on June 21, 2001.readers can make up their own The next one, 2020.minds. problems and intense lower back book Violent Weather Predictions pain due to a disc injury in 1989. 2000-2001 was published, in It is possible that the June 12–21 Yours faithfully, Otto Melbye, period could bring another roundOxford, UK, Those who knew Dr John wont be which I gave dates for severe surprised to learn that after going weather and seismic activity of mega solar flares, which could on his BE program, my [Helenes] worldwide [see article and review, further intensify severe weatherGarlic as Medicine, not Food health improved dramatically; 7/02]. I prefaced these predictions and seismic activity. A tremor of We initially found Bob Becks those two problem discs regenerat- by stating that not all of these sizeable magnitude could wellcomments that garlic has an ed in a very short space of time events would happen, but some of raise a tsunami.adverse effect on brain function and the associated pain disap- them could well come to pass. In closing, I would like to sayshocking as well [8/02]. As Bob peared. I also watched my moth- As a professional long-range that neither visions nor predictionsexplains on the tape, his discovery ers health improve swiftly from a weather forecaster and hurricane are absolute and may never comeabout garlics effect on the brain serious throat infection when she predictor, my work primarily to pass. However, it is far better towas quite by accident when he was went on Dr Johns program. involves working in astrometeorol- be prepared for something thatinvolved in brain research. Dr John Whitman Ray had been ogy, a field not yet recognised by may never happen, than not to be We have since learned, however, living in Australia when, on 7 science. The basis of this science prepared for something that will.that some groups practising medi- April, he left Australia with an involves studying the effects of Jennifer Lawson, ms_jennifer_tation discourage the use of garlic. overnight bag. He was heading off sunspot activity, resultant solar lawson@yahoo.comJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. A NEW AGE OF of about 1,000 feet or better. NEURAL IMPLANTS While such phones could be life-H ave we entered the age of neur- al implants? Research in thefield is booming. Medtronic, Inc. of savers in an emergency, the order from the Federal Communications Commission has raised serious ques-Minneapolis, USA, has developed a tions about invasion of privacy.device called a "deep brain stimula- Making mobile phones capable oftor", based on an electrode inserted tracking users locations will involvein the brain. A tiny generator planting GPS chips in the handsets orimplanted in the chest cavity sends installing new infrastructure in cellsignals to the electrode which stim- sites.ulates the brain, supposedly reduc- Cellular providers plan commer-ing neuromuscular tremors associ- cial uses for the technology, such asated with Parkinsons disease. getting directions if someone is lost, Philip Kennedy and Dr Roy finding nearby restaurants or locatingBakay at Emory University in family members and friends whoAtlanta, Georgia, have used have become separated in a crowd.implants to help speech-impaired "Wireless operators already knowpatients communicate through a where consumers are by virtue of thecomputer. And researchers at the fact that the phone is on," pointedUniversity of Southern California out Ken Arneson, the chief strategyare developing microelectromechanical to groups of neurons, could theoretically officer at Telecommunication Systems, asystems that bind to and wirelessly moni- recouple neuronal connections destroyed provider of the location-tracking technolo-tor individual neurons—devices they hope by disease or accident. gy. "Whats different here is that now car-one day will reconnect the severed bridge (Source: By Kelly Hearn, United Press riers are looking to commercialise that andbetween a paralytics mind and muscle. International, 9 May 2001) need to do that to offset the cost of putting Using very large scale integrated circuit this technology in place."technology, or VLSI, scientists can build CELLPHONES TO HAVE He estimated that it could cost billionsmillions of transistors on a single wafer, LOCATION-TRACKING BY 2005 of dollars to outfit the 110 million cell-creating circuits that mimic basic neuraloperations in mammals. A Los Angeles team at the University of B y 2005, the government will be able to track you down through your cell- phone. Cellphone manufacturers in the phones in the United States with the track- ing mechanism. (Source: Foxnews, 23 April 2001,Southern California, for example, has USA are under a federal mandate to equip modelled neural circuitry mobiles with location-tracking technologyand recreated it on silicon-based integrated beginning this October. BIZARRE CHEMICALS FORMEDcircuits small enough to be implanted in By 2005, 95 per cent of all cellphones IN IRRADIATED FOOD CANthe brain. Those circuits, if firmly affixed must be able to be traced with an accuracy DAMAGE DNA I n a rare opportunity to speak publicly about food irradiation before a captive audience of government officials and food industry executives, Public Citizen has released the English translation of a recent German study revealing that a chemical formed in irradiated food can damage DNA. The study confirms what safe-food advocates and many pioneering researchers have known for more than 30 years: that exposing food to ionising radi- ation can lead to the formation of bizarre new chemicals called "unique radiolytic products" that can cause serious health problems. One such chemical, known as 2-DCB, caused "significant DNA damage" in the colons of rats that ate the substance. The chemical—which, ironically, is a well- known "marker" for determining whether food has been irradiated—has never been6 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ...found naturally in any food on Earth. EUROPEAN UNION CAN rulings, demolishing the British The study was conducted in 1998 under LEGALLY SUPPRESS DISSENT Governments pretence that the documentthe auspices of two prominent pro-irradia-tion organisations. It was performed atone of the most prestigious food irradiation T he European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in March that the European Union can suppress criticism to protect its has no real legal status. The door could be soon be open for the ECJ to start ruling on free speech caseslabs in the world: the Federal Research reputation. involving ordinary EU citizens or, indeed,Centre for Nutrition in Karlsruhe, The Court ruled that the Commission Euro-sceptic newspapers. We now haveGermany. And it was co-funded by the could restrict criticism that damaged "the two rival sets of European rights law, over-International Consultative Group on Food institutions image and reputation", and seen by rival courts with very differentIrradiation, a United Nations–sponsored that it could do so by resorting to a legal views of civil liberty: the ECJ and theorganisation that promotes food irradiation device used by fascist governments to sup- Charter on one side, set against the Humanworldwide. press dissent in the 1920s and 1930s: "the Rights Court and the Convention on the Public Citizen released an English trans- protection of the rights of others". This other. The battle is just beginning.lation of the study at a meeting on 13 ECJ ruling defies half a century of case (Source: By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, TheFebruary at the US Food and Drug law by Europes other court, the non-EU T e l e g r a p h, London, 10 March 2001,Administration in Washington, DC. The Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and was held to preview the March also resurrects the ancient offence of "sedi-meeting of the Codex Alimentarius tious libel", banned by the House of Lords. NEW SMART BARCODES RAISECommission, which sets food safety stan- The Human Rights Court has ruled PRIVACY CONCERNSdards for most nations of the world. Codex officials considered a proposal toremove completely the maximum dose of repeatedly that governing bodies may not restrict criticism in such a way. Specifically, the term "protection of the W ithin a few years, unobtrusive tags on retail products will send radio signals to their manufacturers, collecting aradiation to which food can be exposed. rights of others" does not apply to public wealth of information about consumerThe current maximum dose is 10 kilo- bodies. The ruling shows that the ECJ habits—and also raising privacy concerns.grays—the equivalent of 330 million chest (despite paying lip-service) does not con- Its 2010, and an ordinary day on anX-rays, and enough radiation to kill a per- sider itself bound by the European assembly line. A bottle of root beer isson 2,000 times over. Convention on Human Rights, drafted by stamped with an innocuous little tag that(Source: Public Citizen, 11 March 2001; British lawyers after the Second World immediately begins sending messages into War to safeguard liberty in Europe. cyberspace. The tag radios the soda com- This is an extremely serious develop- panys website to report the bottles where- OESTROGEN MIMICS ARE ment, because the EUs new Charter of abouts, allowing computers to track the COMMON IN SUNSCREENS Fundamental Rights extends the ECJs bottle as it moves from the factory,G ender-bending chemicals that mimic the effect of oestrogen are common insunscreens, warns a team of Swiss competence into the area of civil liberties, transforming it from a commercial court dealing with single market issues to a fully through warehouses and distribution cen- tres and into a refrigerator at a corner store. When the bottle is sold, the manu-researchers. fledged supreme court. The ECJ has facturer is alerted and orders a new one to Margaret Schlumpf from the Institute of already begun referring to the charter in its take its place. Finally, facing reincarnationPharmacology and Toxicology at theUniversity of Zurich, Switzerland, and hercolleagues tested six common UV screen-ing chemicals used in sunscreens, lipsticksand other cosmetics. All five UVBscreens—benzophenone-3, homosalate, 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC),octyl-methoxycinnamate and octyl-dimethyl-PABA—behaved like oestrogenin laboratory tests, making cancer cellsgrow more rapidly. One of the most common sunscreenchemicals, 4-MBC, had a particularlystrong effect. When the team mixed itwith olive oil and applied it to rat skin, itdoubled the rate of uterine growth wellbefore puberty. "That was scary, because we used con-centrations that are in the range allowed insunscreens," Schlumpf said.(Source: New Scientist Online News, 18April 2001, – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. ... GL BAL NEWS a recycling plant, the bottle radios its mega single currency by blending the euro a conference in Paris in November 1999."last words" to a robotic separator that lifts and the dollar. (Source: European Foundation Intelligenceit from a pile of plastic and newspaper and The central bank for this super-currency Digest, no. 117, 6–19 April 2001, websitetosses it into a container of broken glass. would be the Bank for International At the heart of this scenario is a little Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, todevice called a "radiofrequency identifica- whose board the United States has recently THANKS FOR THE MEMORY:tion tag"—a silicon chip that boots up and appointed members after many decades of BENVENISTE VINDICATEDtransmits a signal when exposed to theenergy field of a nearby reader. The ulti-mate goal is to put a radio tag on virtually neglect. Alan Greenspan, the US Federal Reserve Chairman, said as far back as 1994 that the BIS was likely to assume greater A bout homoeopathy, Professor Madeleine Ennis of Queens University, Belfast is, like most scientists,every manufactured item, each tracked by a importance in the future. deeply sceptical. That a medicinal com-network of millions of readers in factories, In 1995, following the Maastricht Treaty pound diluted out of existence should stilltrucks, warehouses and homes, transform- signing, the Americans took up their seats exert a therapeutic effect is an affront toing huge supply chains into intelligent, together with the Canadians and Japanese, conventional biochemistry and pharmacol-self-managing entities. thus starkly changing the composition of ogy, based as they are on direct and palpa- Manufacturers hope to use these tags as a the BIS. This move was not least because ble molecular events. The same goes for anext-generation barcode, linking manufac- the Maastricht Treaty removed most of the possible explanation of how homoeopathytured items to online databases containing BISs raison dêtre. It had previously been works: that water somehow retains aproduct-specific information. used for intra-bank settlements in Europe. "memory" of things once dissolved in it. Steve Halliday, Vice-President of It was also the clearing centre for the ecu, This last notion, famously promoted byTechnology at AIM, a trade association for the forerunner of the euro. With the intro- French biologist Dr Jacques Benveniste,manufacturers of tagging technology, said: duction of the single currency, this function resulted in his excommunication from the"If I talk to companies and ask them if they ceased to have any significance. On 11 scientific mainstream. More than a decadewant to replace the barcode with these tags, September 2000, moreover, the BIS rid later, Professor Ennis jumped at the chancethe answer cant be anything but yes. Its itself of its private shareholders by compul- to join a large pan-European research team,like giving them the opportunity to rule the sorily buying them out. This had the hoping finally to lay the Benvenisteworld." effect of closing the banks books to public "heresy" to rest. But she was in for a(Source: By Charlie Schmidt, March 2001, scrutiny. shock, for the teams latest results contro-via It is also relevant that Robert Mundell— versially suggest that Benveniste may have the Nobel Prize–winning economist who been right all along. THE EURODOLLAR: was awarded his prize for being the "intel- A consortium of four independent A SINGLE WORLD CURRENCY? lectual godfather of the euro" (even though research labs in France, Italy, Belgium andT he anti-euro newsletter D e u t s c h l a n d b r i e f (April 2001)reports—strictly as an unconfirmed many economists have argued that his the- ory of optimal currency zones precisely proves why the euro is a bad idea)—called Holland, led by Professor M. Roberfroid at Belgiums Catholic University of Louvain, used a refinement of Benvenistes originalrumour—that plans are afoot to create a for a link between the dollar and the euro at experiment that examined another aspect of basophil activation. The team knew that activation of basophil degranulation by aIgE leads to powerful mediators being released, includ- ing large amounts of histamine, which sets up a negative feedback cycle that curbs its own release. So the planned experiment involved comparing inhibition of basophil aIgE-induced degranulation with "ghost" dilutions of histamine against control solu- tions of pure water. The result, soon to be published in Inflammation Research, was the same: his- tamine solutions, both at pharmacological concentrations and diluted out of existence, led to statistically significant inhibition of basophile activation by aIgE, confirming previous work in this area. Jacques Benveniste is unimpressed. "Theyve arrived at precisely where we started 12 years ago!" he said. (Source: By Lionel Milgrom, Guardian, 15 March 2001, • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... FARMER UNJUSTLY LIABLE FOR THE LAST PRESIDENT TO DEFY THE FEDERAL RESERVE VIOLATING GE SEED PATENTO n 29 March 2001, a Canadian judge dealt a crushing blow to farmers rights P resident John F. Kennedy was the last President on record to defy the Federal Reserve System—and look what happened to him. The circumstances surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy remain unresolved at best. What is known, how-by ruling that Percy Schmeiser, a third- ever, is that Kennedy was in many ways a maverick, who, as President, often acted inde-generation Saskatchewan farmer, must pay pendently and at times in direct conflict with the agendas of many powerful WashingtonMonsanto thousands of dollars for violat- insider interests. One of the most powerful of these interests was the the corporations monopoly patent on Economist Seymour Harris described Kennedy as "by far the most knowledgeablegenetically engineered (GE) canola seed. President of all time in the general area of economics". Professor Donald Gibson, in his Under Canadian patent law, as in the US 1994 book, Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency, documents much of theand many other industrialised countries, it Kennedy economic program, including:is illegal for farmers to re-use patented • Tax proposals to redirect the foreign investments of US companies;seed or grow Monsantos GE seed without • Making distinctions in tax reform between productive and non-productive investment;signing a licensing agreement. • Eliminating the tax privileges of US-based global investment companies; If the biotech corporations and US trade • Cracking down on foreign tax havens;reps get their way, every nation in the • Supporting proposals to eliminate tax privileges for the wealthy;world will be forced to adopt patent laws • Proposing increased taxes for large oil and mineral companies;that make seed-saving illegal. The ruling • Revising the investment tax credit;against Schmeiser establishes an even more • Making a proposal to expand the powers of the president to deal with recession.dangerous precedent because it means that President George W. Bush, to bolster his tax-cut proposal, has accurately demonstrat-farmers can be forced to pay royalties on ed how Kennedy, in 1961, passed a much larger and broader tax cut than the one he isGE seeds found on their land, even if they presently proposing. At the time, Kennedy articulated a profound understanding of thedidnt buy the seeds or benefit from them. economic principle of leaving the maximum amount of capital at the source of produc- Percy Schmeiser did not buy Monsantos tion, with the taxpayer. Most economists agree that the Kennedy tax cut contributedpatented seed, nor did he obtain the seed greatly to the prosperous economy of the 1960s. And President Reagans 1981 tax cutillegally. Pollen from Monsantos GE contributed to the prosperity of the 1980s and 1990s.canola seeds blew onto his land from With regard to the Fed, James J. Saxon, Kennedys comptroller of the currency,neighbouring farms, without his consent. encouraged a policy of broader investment and lending powers to be granted to non-(Percy Schmeisers neighbours and an esti- Fed-affiliated banks. This would involve allowing for the setting of interest rates bymated 40% of farmers in western Canada these independent banks and lenders that could compete with those set by the Fed andgrow GE canola.) Shortly thereafter, its affiliates. Saxon also decided that these non-Fed banks and institutions could under-Monsantos "gene police" invaded his farm write state and local bond issuances, an area that had been a bailiwick for Fed-affiliatedand took seed samples without his permis- banks. These policies set the Kennedy administration at odds with the powerful centralsion. Percy Schmeiser was a victim of banking system. The Fed seeks to increase further its monopolistic prerogative over thegenetic pollution from GE crops, but the issuance of currency and the setting of interest rates.court says he must now pay Monsanto In June 1963, President Kennedy authorised the issuance of more than US$4 billion inUS$10,000 for licensing fees and up to debt-free "United States Notes" through the US Treasury. This extraordinary act com-US$75,000 in profits from his 1998 crop. pletely circumvented the Fed, which expects to be called upon to lend currency—at The GE canola that drifted onto interest accruing to themselves—to the US Government. Perhaps Kennedy reasonedSchmeisers farm was engineered to with- that this currency would reduce the national debt by avoiding the necessity of payingstand spraying of Monsantos proprietary interest to the Fed.weedkiller, Roundup. But Schmeiser did The last time a President tried this was in 1862, when Abraham Lincoln authorisednot use Roundup on his canola crop. After the issuance of US$450 million in debt-free currency—known at the time asall, if hed sprayed his crop, the chemical "greenbacks"—through the US Treasury, rather than borrow money from the bankingwould have killed the majority of his establishment. Lincoln stated: "Government possessing power to create and issuecanola plants that were not genetically currency…need not and should not borrow capital at interest… The privilege ofengineered to tolerate the weedkiller! creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of the government, but Schmeiser didnt take advantage of is the governments greatest creative opportunity."Monsantos GE technology, but the court It is a fascinating coincidence that Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedyruling says hes guilty of using the seed were both assassinated. Kennedy opposed many powerful interests during his all-too-without a licensing agreement. He has now brief Presidency, not the least of whom were those in his own government, such as thefiled a counter-suit against Monsanto, but likes of McNamara, Rusk, Rostow and the Bundy brothers, who were clamouring for war in Vietnam.needs help with legal costs (visit Schmeiser The widow of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, in a 1994 interview with authorDefense Fund, A. J. Weberman, said the following: "The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with Meanwhile, Monsanto has threatened to the Federal Reserve Bank. Dont underestimate that. Its wrong to blame it on [CIA"vigorously prosecute" hundreds of cases official James] Angleton and the CIA per se only. This is only one finger of the sameagainst seed-saving farmers. hand. The people who supply the money are above the CIA."(Source: Rural Advancement Foundation (Source: by Chuck Morse, 29 March 2001,, 2 April 2001, – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 12 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 11. S onoma State Universitys Project Censored team has released its list of the top 25 most under-covered news stories in the United States during 1999–2000. Media students, faculty staff and community experts are involved in the selection, screen - ing and evaluation process. These top 25 stories, as ranked by Project Censoreds national judges, are summarised below in edited form. We recommend that you visit the website for additional text, references and updates. — Editor 1. World Bank and Multinational Corporations Seek to Privatise Water According to the G lobal consumption of water is doubling every 20 years, more than twice the rate of human population growth. According to the United Nations, more than one billion [1,000,000,000] people already lack access to fresh drinking water. If current trends per- sist, by 2025 the demand for fresh water is expected to rise by 56 per cent more than the Project Censored amount of water that is currently available. Multinational corporations recognise these trends and are trying to monopolise water voting team, these supplies around the world. Monsanto, Bechtel and other global multinationals are seeking are the top 25 news control of world water systems and supplies. The World Bank recently adopted a policy of water privatisation and full-cost water pricing. This policy is causing great distress in stories that should many Third World countries, which fear that their citizens will not be able to afford for- profit water. have received San Franciscos Bechtel Enterprises was contracted to manage the water system in Cochambamba, Bolivia, after the World Bank required Bolivia to privatise. When major coverage in Bechtel pushed up the price of water, the entire city went on a general strike. The military killed a 17-year-old boy and arrested the water rights leaders. But after four months of the US mass media unrest, the Bolivian government forced Bechtel out of Cochambamba. Bechtel Group Inc., a corporation with a long history of environmental abuses, now contracts with the last year, but didnt. city of San Francisco to upgrade the citys water system. Bechtel employees are working side by side with government workers in a privatisation move that activists fear will lead to an eventual take-over of San Franciscos water system. Maude Barlow, chair of the Council of Canadians, Canadas largest public advocacy group, and a director of the International Forum on Globalization, states: "Governments around the world must act now to declare water a fundamental human right and prevent efforts to privatise, export and sell for profit a substance essential to all life." Governments are signing away their control over domestic water supplies by participat- ing in trade treaties such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and in institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). These agreements give transnational corporations the unprecedented right to the water of signatory companies. Water-related conflicts are springing up around the globe. Monsanto estimates that water compiled by will become a multibillion-dollar market in the coming decades. References Project Censored © 2001 • Maude Barlow (, "The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of Sonoma State University the Worlds Water Supply", International Forum on Globalization: Special Report, June 1999, 1801 East Cotati Avenue in Prime, July 10, 2000, Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609, USA • Jim Shultz (, "Water Fallout", Canadian Dimension, February Telephone: +1 (707) 664 2500 2000; "Water Fallout: Bolivians Battle Globalization", In These Times , May 15, 2000, Email:; "Just Add Water", THIS, July/August 2000 Website: • Vandana Shiva, "Monsantos Billion-Dollar Water Monopoly Plans", Canadian Dimension, February 2000, – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 13
  • 12. 2. OSHA Fails to Protect United States Workers 4. Did the United States Deliberately Bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?U nited States labour laws are poorly enforced and fail to meet the basic human rights of US workers. Each year, about6,000 workers die on the job from accidents and another 50,000 to E lements within the CIA may have deliberately targeted the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, without NATO approval,70,000 workers die annually from "occupationally acquired because it was serving as a rebroadcast station for thediseases". Yugoslavian Army. The London Observer and the Copenhagen The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is Politiken [dates not given] reported that, according to senior USnot capable of effectively overseeing US workplaces. The entire and European military sources, NATO knew very well where thefederal and state worker health and safety apparatus involves just Chinese Embassy was located and listed it as a "strictly prohibited2,300 inspectors who must cover Americas 102 million workers target" at the beginning of the 6.7 million workplaces. That comes to one inspector for every The Observer stated that the CIA and its British equivalent,44,348 workers. Theoretically, it would take OSHA 110 years to MI6, had been listening to communications from the Chineseinspect each workplace under its jurisdiction just once. Embassy routinely since it moved to its new site in 1996. The Needed by labour and despised by business, OSHA may be Chinese Embassy was taken off the prohibited target list afterworkers best friend in government, but crit- NATO detected it sending Yugoslavianics say OSHA has never been weaker or less Army signals to forces in the field.worker-friendly. Recent studies show that "Nearly everyone involved in NATO airUnited States labour laws have loopholes, operations (radio) signals command knowsare poorly enforced and fail to meet humanrights standards required of other countries. "Nearly everyone that the bombing was deliberate," said Jens Holsoe of P o l i t i k e n, lead investigative In these times, it is hard to get the atten- involved in NATO reporter with the news team reporting on thetion of an OSHA inspector as there are sofew of them, and OSHA is woefully ill- air operations (radio) story. President Clinton called the bombing a "tragic mistake" and said it was the resultequipped to monitor the workplaces of signals command of a mix-up. NATO claimed that they wereAmerica.Reference knows that the using old maps and got the address wrong. However, O b s e r v e r reporters quoted a• Christopher D. Cook (, bombing Naples-based flight controller who said the"Losing Life and Limb on the Job", The NATO maps used during the campaignProgressive, February 2000, - [of the Chinese had correctly identified the Embassy] Embassy. A French Ministry of Defence report3. US Armys Psychological was deliberate." stated that the flight that targeted theOperations Personnel Worked at Chinese Embassy was not under NATOCNN — Jens Holsoe, Politiken command but, rather, was an indepen-F rom June 1999 to March 2000, CNN employed military specialistsin "psychological operations" (Psyops) dent US bombing raid. In July 1999, CIA director George Tenet testified before Congress that, ofin their Southeast TV bureau and CNN the 900 sites struck by NATO duringradio division. the bombing campaign, the only one CNN had hosted a total of five targeted by the CIA was the Chineseinterns from US Army Psyops: two in Embassy.television, two in radio and one in satellite operations. The mili- Referencestary/CNN personnel belonged to the airmobile Fourth • Yoichi Shimatsu, "Reports Showing US Deliberately BombedPsychological Operations Group, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Chinese Embassy Deliberately Ignored by USMedia", Pacific News,Carolina. One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1,200 sol- October 20, 1999diers and officers is to spread "selected information". • Joel Bleifuss (, "A Tragic Mistake?", In These The propaganda group was involved in the Gulf War, the war in Times, December 12, 1999, www.inthesetimes.comBosnia and the crisis in Kosovo. The military personnel stayedwith CNN for at least two weeks "to get to know the company and 5. United States Taxpayers Underwrite Global Nuclearto broaden their horizons". Power Plant Sales Still, the Psyops people in Arlington were not entirely satisfiedwith news handling during the war on Serbia. In their opinion,too much information about the results of the bombings came to T he US tax–supported Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is solidly backing major US nuclear contractors such as Westinghouse, Bechtel and General Electric in its efforts to seek foreign marketsthe surface. for nuclear reactors. CNN reports and other media coverage of the war in Kosovo Between 1959 and 1993, Ex-Im spent US$7.7 billion to helphave attracted criticism for being one-sided, overly emotional, sell American-made reactors abroad. Most countries do not haveoversimplified and too heavily reliant on NATO officials. On the the capital to buy nuclear power, so contractors, in order to beother hand, journalists have complained about the lack of reliable competitive, provide 100 per cent of the financing. Ex-Im offersinformation from NATO; for almost all of them, it was impossible terms too good for Third World and Eastern European buyers toto be on the battlefield and file first-hand reports. pass up. If the host country defaults on its loan, Ex-Im steps inReference with American taxpayer dollars.• Alexander Cockburn, "CNN and Psyops", CounterPunch, February Westinghouse built the Bataan nuclear power facility in The16 and March 1, 2000, Philippines in 1985 at a cost of $1.2 billion, 150 per cent above its14 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 13. projections. However, the Bataan plant was never brought on line 7. Independent Study Points to Dangers of GE Foodsdue to the fact that it was near an active volcano. Despite this,The Philippines still pays about $300,000 a day in interest on theEx-Im loan that funded the project. Should The Philippines I n 1998, Arpad Pusztai, a researcher at Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, performed the first independent, non- industry-sponsored study analysing genetically engineered fooddefault, US taxpayers will pick up the tab. and its effects on mammals. The study had been undertaken to "American contractors are selling a product that most people determine whether or not the spliced genes themselves could bedont want," says Dave Martin of the Toronto-based Nuclear damaging to the mammal ingesting them. However, preliminaryAwareness Campaign. US taxpayers are subsidising this industry. data from the study suggested something even more startling.Without Ex-Im, which offers terms just too good for Third World Pusztais study found that rats fed transgenic potatoes (artificial-countries to pass up, American firms would not succeed in selling ly bioengineered to include a gene from another species) showednuclear power plants worldwide. evidence of organ damage, thickening of the small intestine andReference poor brain development. The potatoes used in the study had been• Ken Silverstein and Ian Urbina (, "Pushing the genetically engineered to contain lectin, a sugar-binding protein,Nuclear Plants: A US Agency Hooks Foreign Clients", T h e to make the plants pest-resistant. The adverse reactions onlyProgressive, March 2000, occurred in the group that was fed the transgenic potatoes, and were not caused by the added lectin but by the process of genetic6. International Report Blames United States and engineering itself.Others for Genocide in Rwanda In August 1998, Pusztai appeared on the British television pro-B ill Clinton and his administration allowed the genocide of 500,000 to 800,000 peo-ple in Rwanda in 1994. In a clear effort to gram The World in Action to report the find- ings of his study. In an attempt to quell the resulting public furore, Rowett Institute direc-avoid responsibility and embarrassment, the tor Philip James (who had approved PusztaisClinton administration has refused to TV appearance) said the research didnt exist.acknowledge its role in failing to prevent the He fired Pusztai, broke up his research team,genocide in Rwanda. Physicians know seized the data and halted six other similar This allegation comes from the recent projects. It came out later that Monsanto, areport released in July 2000 by a panel affili- that antidepressants leading US biotech firm, had given theated with the Organization for African Unity are only part of the Rowett Institute a US$224,000 grant prior to(OAU). OAU set up a panel comprised of Pusztais interview.two African heads of state, chairwomen of the answer for mental Evidence emerged to support the legitimacySwedish Committee for UNICEF, a former health, but marketing of Pusztais research. The British medicalChief Justice to the Indian Supreme journal L a n c e t published a peer-Court and a former Canadian by drug companies reviewed paper that Pusztai had co-Ambassador to the United Nations. has created the authored, supporting the research. The panel was asked to review the Back in 1992, the US Food and Drug1994 genocide, the actions preceding the mythology of pills Administration determined that geneti-massacre and the worlds response to the as cure-alls. cally engineered foods were in mostkillings. The panel concluded that the cases "the same as or substantially simi-nations and international bodies that lar to substances commonly found inshould have attempted to stop the killing food" and thus are not required to under-chose not to do so. The report convinc- go specific safety tests prior to enteringingly condemns the United Nations, the market.Belgium (a former colonial occupier), ReferencesFrance (which maintained close relations • Ben Lilliston (,with Rwanda) and the United States. "Dont Ask, Dont Know", MultinationalThe panel found that after the genocide began, the Clinton admin- M o n i t o r, January–February 2000, chose not to acknowledge that it was taking place. mm2000/mm0001.05.html According to the report, the killings could have been stopped • Joel Bleifuss, "No Small (Genetic) Potatoes", In These Times,before they began. The report refers to the well-known fax that January 10, 2000, www.inthesetimes.comCanadian Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, commander of theUN peacekeeping troops in Rwanda, sent to the UN three months 8. Drug Companies Influence Doctors and Healthbefore the genocide began. In it, Dallaire warned that an extermi- Organisations to Push Medicationsnation campaign was coming. He asked for an additional 3,000UN troops, which would have brought the total to 5,000—a num-ber likely to have been able to prevent the genocide. However, M ore than 130 million prescriptions were written in 1999 [in the USA] for depression and mental health–related symp- toms at a cost of US$8.58 billion. Physicians know that antide-Madeleine Albright played a key role in the UN Security Council pressants are only part of the answer for mental health, but mar-in blocking the troop expansion. keting by drug companies has created the mythology of pills asReferences cure-alls. However, a 1999 federal research study found that the• David Corn, "Loyal Opposition: Clinton Allowed Genocide", newer antidepressants were effective in only half of the cases andAlternet, July 25, 2000, outperformed placebos by only 18 per cent.• Ellen Ray, "The Role of the US Military", Covert Action Quarterly, Drug companies spend $5 billion annually to send sales repre-Spring/Summer 2000 sentatives to doctors offices. Sales reps keep FBI-style dossiers• OAU report, on physicians, which include information such as the names ofJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 15
  • 14. family members, golf handicaps and clothing preferences. Hard is a devastating effect on the workers themselves.sales tactics and small gifts are part of the pitch. In addition, AFL-CIO Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson accuses thepharmaceutical companies provide perks and outright compensa- industry of using the H1-B visa program to keep their workers intion to doctors for their participation in the prescribing of particu- a position of dependence. She points out that these workers arelar drugs to their mental health patients. often hired under individual contracts, which by US law means On another front, pharmaceutical companies are reaping big they dont have the right to organise. The H1-B program givesprofits by promoting forced drug use through programs at the employers the power not only to hire and fire workers but to grantNational Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). Mother Jones legal immigration status as well. If an employer does not likeresearchers used internal documents to prove that NAMI received something a worker does, the employer has the power to deport$11.72 million from the psychiatric drug industry in just two-and- the worker. Labour advocates say the problem is not a laboura-half years. NAMIs leading donor is Eli Lilly and Company, the shortage but the industrys unwillingness to pay the salaries thatmaker of Prozac. American high-tech workers demand.Reference Reference• Ken Silverstein, "", Mother Jones , MOJO Wire • David Bacon (, "Silicon Valley Sweatshops",Magazine, November/December 1999, Washington Free Press, July–August 2000mother_jones/ND99/nami.html 11. UN Corporate Partnerships: A Human Rights Peril9. EPA Plans to Disburse Toxic/Radioactive Wastes intoDenvers Sewage System I n a move to make the United Nations more corporate-friendly, officials are calling for UN–corporate partnerships. The UNsT he Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to pump toxic waste water into Denvers sewer system in order to cleanup a Superfund site at the Lowry new partners include multinational giants like McDonalds, Disney, Dow and Unocal. A business-friendly ideology at the UN is based on a desire to gain favourlandfill. with the United States, the UNs Between 1950 and 1980 at the largest funder, and to raise moneyLowry landfill near Denver, mil- through private sources.lions of gallons of hazardous indus- UN agencies have entered into antrial wastes were dumped into shal- array of partnerships with giant cor-low unlined pits. The EPA declared Cuba has developed one of porations, including many whichthe 480-acre site a Superfund site in1984. Now the EPA wants to treat the most efficient organic citizens movements have denounced for violations of humanthe contaminated groundwater at thelandfill and discharge it into the agriculture systems in and labour rights. Human rights groups around theDenver metro sewage system. The the world. world are increasingly challengingsewage system would then use the the new partnership arrangementssludge from the treated water to fer- for fear that these new relationshipstilise Colorado farmlands. will undermine the UNs ability to Citizen groups say that the land- serve as a counterbalance to globalfill is widely contaminated with corporate power.highly radioactive plutonium and Referenceother deadly wastes. Adrienne Anderson, a lawyer and instructor • Danielle Knight, "Perilous Partnerships", Multinational Monitor,at the University of Boulder, stated that the EPAs plan is a way to March 2000, -"legally pump plutonium into the sewer line". Anderson and her ics1.htmlstudents have accrued some 200,000 files on the Lowry landfill. One document—"Preliminary Evaluation of Potential 12. Cuba Leads the World in Organic FarmingDepartment of Energy Radioactive Wastes", dated December 13,1991—showed that the levels of plutonium and radioactive ameri-cium detected at the Lowry landfill were 10 to 10,000 times C uba has developed one of the most efficient organic agricul- ture systems in the world. Due to the US embargo and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba was unable to import chemi-greater than the average levels reported for a nuclear weapons cals or modern farming machines to uphold a high-tech corporateplant in that area. The document had been released by the Lowry farming culture. The lost buying power for agricultural importsCoalition, a group of corporations and government agencies that led to a general diversification within farming on the island.dumped materials at the site. Cubas new revolution is founded upon the development of anReferences organic agricultural system. The migration of small farms and• Will Fantle, "Plutonium Pancakes", The Progressive, May 2000, gardens into densely populated urban areas has also played a cial role in feeding citizens. Havana, with nearly 20 per cent of Cubas population, now has more than 8,000 officially recognised10. Silicon Valley Uses Immigrant Engineers to Keep gardens, which are in turn cultivated by more than 30,000 peopleSalaries Low and cover nearly 30 per cent of the available land. The qualityH ighly skilled immigrant workers in Silicon Valley are being exploited by employers. Existing immigration law sets a capon the number of H1-B visas the industry can use to hire immi- and quantity of crop yields have increased—at a lower cost and with fewer health and environmental side effects than ever. Referencesgrant engineers, so this year the Silicon Valley electronics giants • Alison Auld, "Farming with Fidel", Sustainable Times, Fall 1999have been pushing for more H1-B workers. • Hugh Warwick, "Cubas Organic Revolution", Third World While H1-B-status labourers boost corporate bottom lines, there Resurgence, issues 118–119, Spring 200016 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 15. 13. The WTO is an Illegal Institution the World Trade Organization came into being, Gerber droppedS omething not mentioned by the corporate press, or most of the 1,200 groups from 85 countries that opposed the World TradeOrganization (WTO) policies during and after the Seattle its claim regarding expropriation and began to challenge Guatemala before a WTO tribunal. Guatemala realised it was in battle with an immense power. The government changed its lawdemonstrations in 1999, is the fact that the WTO is actually an to concede to Gerbers marketing practices.illegal institution. Reference The WTO was put in place following the signing, in 1994 in • Peter Montague (, "Corporate Rights vs HumanMorocco, of a "technical document" negotiated behind closed Need", Rachels Environment and Health Weekly , November 18,doors. Following the Morocco meeting, the agreement was either 1999, or never formally ratified by national govern- 16. Human Genome Project Opens the Door toments, yet membership in the WTO requires acceptance of its pre-cepts without exception. Ethnically Specific Bioweapons The 1994 agreement has been casually embodied in internationallaw, bypassing the democratic process in mostly all of the membercountries. It blatantly overrides national laws and constitutions T he Human Genome Project may now open the door to the development and use of genetic weapons targeted at specific ethnic groups. This project is currently being conducted under thewhile providing extensive powers to global banks and auspices of the US Energy Department, which also overseesmultinational corporations. This totalitarian intergovernmental Americas nuclear weapons arsenal.body has been empowered under international law to "police" Current estimates of the cost of developing a "gene weapon"country-level economic and social policies, suppressing the rights have been placed at around $50 million—well within the capabili-of national governments. Also, the WTO neutralises the authority ties of covert government programs.of UN agencies, such as the International Labor Organization, On November 15, 1998, the London Times reported that Israeldesigned to oversee international trade conduct. It furthermore claims to have successfully developed a genetically specificcontradicts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "ethnic bullet" that targets Arabs. When an Israeli governmentReference spokesman was asked, he did not deny that they had them.• Michel Chossudovsky, "Seattle and ReferencesBeyond: The Illegality of the WTO", • Roy Blake, "Genetic Bullets, EthnicallyCovert Action Quarterly , Spring– Specific Bioweapons", Washington FreeSummer 2000, Something not mentioned by Press, Jan/Feb 2000 the corporate press, or most • Greg Bishop, "Ethnic Weapons for14. Europe Holds Companies Ethnic Cleansing", Konformist, MarchEnvironmentally Responsible of the 1,200 groups from 85 2000, www.konformist.comT he European Union will soon hold countries that oppose WTO any company that enters the 17. IMF and World Bank StaffEuropean market responsible for the policies, is the fact that the Tightly Connected to Newenvironmental impacts of its products. Yugoslav Government WTO is actually an illegal Known as Extended ProducerResponsibility (EPR), the new EUrules will make manufacturers change institution. T he G-17 is a Yugoslav economists group that supported presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica andproduct design, the materials used in wrote the policy statements for themanufacturing and the methods by post-election economic reform ofwhich products are disposed to ensure environmental integrity. Yugoslavia.The regulations will cover products that contain electrical circuits, The impression the G-17 likes to give is that it is an indepen-and the phasing out of toxic metals used in the production of dent and Yugoslav-oriented group. The reality is vastly different.consumables like refrigerators and computers. It is actually funded through the Washington-based Center forReference International Private Enterprise (CIPE)—a group set up through• Joel Bleifuss, "The Big Stick Approach", In These Times, April 17, the National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA-related group cre-2000, ated in 1983. The G-17 group calls for Yugoslavia to work more closely with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) towards the15. Gerber Uses WTO to Suppress Laws Promoting development of a market economy. Former Eastern bloc neigh-Breastfeeding bouring countries that have followed this tactic have had massiveG erber Baby Foods Corporation has used the World Trade Organization to suppress a Guatemalan law that encouragedmothers to breastfeed their children. wage deflation and increased poverty for the bulk of their citizens. According to writer and IMF researcher Professor Michel Chossudovsky, the G-17 paradigm economic program for In 1983, the government of Guatemala passed a law and regula- Yugoslavia contains the same measures the IMF forced on Russia,tions with the goal of inspiring new mothers to breastfeed their Ukraine, Bulgaria, Peru and many other nations. The results haveinfants and understand fully the harm that could be done to their been social and economic if they used breast-milk substitutes. References Gerber objected to Guatemalas law. It refused to remove its • Christian Parenti, "Colony Kosovo", San Francisco Bay Guardian,trademark picture of a smiling chubby baby from its product August 23, 2000, It also refused to add a phrase to the labels saying that • Michel Chossudovsky ( and Jaredbreast milk is superior. In November 1993, Gerber lost its appeal Israel (, "The International Monetary Fundbut opened up a new line of attack on Guatemala, stating that the and the Yugoslav Election", Emperors New Clothes, September 28,law was an "expropriation of Gerbers trademark". In 1995, when 2000, – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 17
  • 16. 18. Indigenous People Challenge Private Ownership International Physics, found fusarium to be "highly toxic".and Patenting of Life According to his data, the mortality rate among hospital patientsT here is a portion of the WTO agreement, called Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs), that willallow multinational corporations to apply for patents on living who were immune-deficient and infected by the fungus was 76 per cent. "The mutated fungi can cause disease in a large number of crops, including tomatoes, peppers, flowers, corn and vines,"creatures and life processes. However, indigenous peoples from he said. He added that the mutated genus could stay in the groundaround the world believe that private ownership of life forms is for 40 years.unnatural and inappropriate. Reference On July 25, 1999, a gathering of indigenous peoples signed a • Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair, "McCafferys Plagues:document that called for an amendment to the TRIPs agreement, New Biowar on Drugs", CounterPunch, Observer, London, Junewhich would be put as a priority item on the agenda at the WTO 1–15, 2000 and July 2, 2000Ministerial Conference in Seattle. The document eloquentlystates that all life forms and life-creating processes are sacred and 20. Disabled Most Likely to be Victims of Serious Crimeshould not be subject to proprietary ownership. Specifically targeted is Article 27.3b of TRIPs, which will deni-grate and undermine rights to cultural and intellectual heritage, R esearch consistently finds that people with substantial disabil- ities suffer from violent and other major crime at rates 4 to 10 times higher than that of the general population.destroy plant, animal and genetic resources and even discriminate Estimates are that around five million disabled people are vic-against indigenous ways of thinking and behaving. The people tims of serious crime annually in the United States. Disabilitiesare very specific that the amendments to Article 27.3b should often make people easy targets for crime and abuse.clearly prohibit the patenting of plants and animals. They aim to Several studies suggest that 80–85% of criminal abuse of resi-ensure that a system is created that will protect dents in institutions is never reported to author-knowledge, innovations and practices in farm- ities. Evidence also shows that when theseing, agriculture, health and medical care and crimes are reported, there are lower rates ofconserve the biodiversity of indigenous peo- police follow-up, prosecutions and convictions.ples and farmers. There is a portion of ReferenceReferences the WTO agreement, • Dan Sorensen (dsorense@dmhhq.,• Kimberly Wilson, "Indigenous Peoples "The Invisible Victims", Tash Newsletter, MarchStatement on the Trade-Related Aspects of called Trade-Related 2000, aspIntellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) and the Aspects of IntellectualWTO Agreement", GeneWatch, October 1999• "A Call for Support for African Group Proposal Property Rights (TRIPs), 21. US Military Bombing Range Destroys Korean Village Life that will allowon TRIPS Article 27.3(b) on Patenting of Life",Third World Resurgence , nos. 110, 111,Fall 1999 multinational E very weekday for the past 50 years, from 8 oclock in the morning to 11 oclock at night, US fighter planes in corporations to apply Korea have dropped 400 to 700 bombs on19. United States Using Dangerous patents on living the Koon-ni range less than one mile fromFungus to Eradicate Coca Plants in local villages.Colombia creatures and life The targets for the bombs are islands in processes.T he United States plans to deploy, or may have already deployed, new bio-logical weapons for the war on drugs that the beautiful Aia Bay where the people derive their livelihoods by fishing. As the A10 and F-16 US fighter aircraft swoopseriously threaten both humans and the over the countryside, they drop depletedenvironment. uranium (DU) shells. The DU shells add The bioweapon is Fusarium EN-4, a radioactive contamination to the otherplant fungus used in many chemical weapons developed by the toxic wastes and oil that have been accumulating near these vil-United States in 1950s and 60s. Fusarium is being redesigned to lages for the last half-century.attack coca, cannabis and opium crops in producer countries in Throughout the years, at least 12 people have been killed andthe Third World. This work is proceeding despite evidence that numerous others have been wounded. The number of cancerthe fusarium, if deployed, will have profound and disastrous cases is disproportionately large and growing, and women areimpacts on the humans and ecologies of the countries in which increasingly experiencing miscarriages and birth defects. Noisethey are used. levels have been measured off the decibel scale. Mental health is Pathogens developed long ago at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the a serious issue, with constant tension from noise.centre for the US biowarfare program, were frozen but not Lockheed–Martin now owns the Koon-ni range. This kind ofdestroyed when the facility was closed by President Nixon in privatisation of the military comes as no surprise, because 501969. Veterans of the Soviet biological warfare effort are now years of dropping bombs and spraying bullets has been very lucra-working on this research with UN funding in order to shield the tive for arms manufacturers.United States from charges of violating the internationally negoti- For the good part of 50 years, most Koreans knew nothingated Biological Weapons Convention. about this, but protests are growing. Peru has already banned the testing and/or deployment of the Referencesfusarium fungus. Colombia, however, was forced to accept spray- • Karen Talbot, "US Bombing Range in South Korea: Hell Oning as part of a $1.8 billion aid package that was approved by US Earth!",, September 1, 2000, www.freespeech.orgCongress in July 2000. • Corporate media coverage: Christian Science Monitor, June 2, Eduardo Posada, president of the Colombian Center for 2000; New York Times, June 18, 200018 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 17. 22. US Repressed Marijuana Tumour Research 24. Pentagon Seeks Mega-Mergers Between International Arms CorporationsA Spanish medical teams study released in Madrid in February 2000 has shown that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the activechemical in marijuana, destroys tumours in lab rats. The research A US Government task force has released its final report to the public, recommending globalisation of the US defence indus-was conducted by a medical team led by Dr Manuel Guzman of try, even if it results in proliferation of conventional weapons.Complutence University in Madrid. The Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Globalization These findings, however, are not news to the US Government. and Security is a 27-member appointed board, composed mostlyA study in Virginia in 1974 yielded similar results but was sup- of Department of Defense (DoD) and private industry representa-pressed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The tives. The DSB encourages the Pentagon to facilitate transnation-1974 study—published in an article, "Antineoplastic Activity of al mergers of defence corporations in order to avoid eventual con-Cannabinoids", in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in flicts with European countries over global arms market shares.1975—does not mention breast cancer tumours. These were fea- Overall, the DSB Task Force advocates reducing the DoDs roletured in the only newspaper story ever to appear about the 1974 in controlling arms The Washington Post story (August 18, 1974) read in part: A few large companies already dominate the American arms"The active chemical agent in marijuana curbs the growth of three industry, and Europes defence firms are rapidly consolidating askinds of cancer in mice and may also suppress well. Germanys Daimler-Chrysler andthe immunity reaction that causes rejection of Frances Aérospatiale announced a plannedorgan transplants... The researchers found that merger to form the European Aeronautics,THC slowed the growth of lung cancers, Defence and Space Co. (EADS), and BAEbreast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in Systems now monopolises the UK defencelaboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by much as 36 percent." ...transnational Increased partnership between US and EU In 1976, President Ford put an end to all defence corporations is needed, DSB warns, topublic cannabis research and granted exclu- arms mergers will avoid a protectionist "Fortress America" fromsive research rights to major pharmaceutical create very powerful going to war with a hostile "Fortress Europe"companies. In 1983, the Reagan/Bush admin-istration tried to persuade US universities and defence companies, over market share. of American Scientists is The Federationresearchers to destroy all cannabis research further shifting concerned that transnational arms mergers willwork done between 1966 and 1976 as create very powerful defence companies,well as compendiums in libraries. control away from further shifting control away from gov-References governments and ernments and towards private industry.• Corporate media coverage: AP and UPI Referencenews wires, February 29, 2000 towards private • Federation of American Scientists, "Arms• Raymond Cushing (raymondcushing@ire - industry. Company of the, "Pot Shrinks Tumors; BoeingBAELockheedEADS, Inc?", A r m sGovernment Knew in 74", Alternet, May Sales Monitor, January 2000, www.fas.org31, 2000, 25. Community Activists Outsit23. Very Small Levels of Chemical McDonaldsExposures Can be DangerousF or years, the public has been told that a low level of chemical exposure O n Sunday December 13, 1998, local residents of Hinchley Wood, England, occupied the parking lot of theirholds no significant risk to humans. However, the results of local pub to prevent McDonalds from building on the site. Theirrecent studies show that even small amounts of chemicals (in 24-hours-a-day sit-in campaign lasted 18 months, received nation-drinking water, in foods) may in fact be very damaging. al publicity and galvanised community support against New research in the field of endocrine disrupters has shown McDonalds.that chemicals like dioxin, PCBs and DDT act at very low levels The community organised to become Residents Againstto interfere with normal hormone functions of the body. Very low McDonalds (RAM). Their campaign forced McDonalds onto thelevels of these chemicals have been linked to a wide variety of defensive, stopping all work on the site. RAM exposed how localhealth problems, such as neurological and developmental prob- planning laws allow companies to steamroll over the wishes oflems, immune system disruption, learning disabilities, birth communities, ignoring expressed concerns over the quality ofdefects and other reproductive anomalies. local lives and environment. According to Dr Pete Myers, co-author of Our Stolen Future, When McDonalds leases or purchases neighbourhood pubs tochemical attacks against foetal development work because some avoid the usual local planning applications and guidelines, localchemicals act as imposters, insinuating themselves in the bodys residents become outraged and feel compelled to resist. This timenatural hormone system that normally directs foetal development. the residents were successful.What is becoming apparent is that important low-level effects, After RAMs incredible 552-day continuous occupation,such as disruption of a hormone signalling system, may be hidden McDonalds threw in the towel and handed back the lease on theby higher levels of chemical exposure, which cause more obvious pub to the original owners. RAM celebrated an historic victory.impacts that are easier to measure. ReferenceReference • McLibel Support Campaign, "Residents defeat McDonalds after• Stephen Lester, "Understanding Low Level Chemical Exposures", mammoth 552-day occupation", A-Infos New Service, June 16, 2000,Everyones Backyard, Summer 2000 www.mcspotlight.orgJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 19
  • 18. 20 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 19. I n the June–July 1998 issue (5/04), we ran a Global News item entitled "The Cancer Risks from rBGH in Milk". It reported on the health risks to cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone rBGH (or bovine somatotropin, rBST) to increase their milk production, and the potential dangers to humans from drinking milk from these cows. It also discussed the sacking in December 1997 by Fox TV of Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, award-winning journalists who had produced a series of reports exposing the prolific use of Monsanto-manufactured rBGH in Floridas dairy cows and the link between rBGH and cancer. Following representations by Monsantos lawyers, Fox cancelled the series three days before the first broadcast scheduled for February 24, 1997, then tried to water it down, offering to pay the two reporters if they would leave the station and "keep mum" about Monsanto and Fox what Fox had done to their work. Akre and Wilson twice refused big-money deals and filed a landmark lawsuit on April 2, 1998. They also survived three attempts by Fox to TV went to great have their case summarily dismissed. lengths to deny the BGH Bulletin reports that after a five-week trial and six hours of deliberation, which ended on August 18, 2000, a Florida state court jury unanimously determined that Fox publics right to "acted intentionally and deliberately to falsify or distort the plaintiffs news reporting on BGH". In that decision, the jury also found that Jane Akres threat to blow the whistle to know about the the FCC on Foxs misconduct was the sole reason for the termination. The jury awarded awarded US$425,000 in damages, making her eligible to apply for reimbursement for all effects of GE court costs, expenses and legal fees. This is the first time journalists have used a whistle- growth hormones blower law to seek legal redress for being sacked for refusing to distort the news. In April 2001, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson were honoured with a Goldman on dairy cows and Environmental Prize, one of the worlds most prestigious environmental awards, for their courageous efforts to expose the potential threat to public health from rBGH. their milk. The following audio-video script contains parts I and II of the four-part "Reporters Version" (Version 29, lawsuit Exhibit R), which is the story Akre and Wilson wanted to tell but which Fox TV would never broadcast. The "Fox-mandated Version" of the script (Version 28, lawsuit Exhibit Q) contains comments from the journalists, detailing the lies, distortions and slanting of the story to which Steve and Jane consistently objected. These comments are interspersed through the Reporters Version below in sections of bold type. The full text of both versions is available at the BGH Bulletin w e b s i t e , — Editor PART I Sound: (Milk being poured into glass) Narration 1: Natures most nearly perfect food—thats how most of us have always thought of milk…wholesome, nutritious and pure, just like it says on some of the trucks that deliver it. But down on the farm where most of us never see? Some Florida farmers © by Jane Akre & Steve Wilson have been quietly squeezing more cash from their cows by injecting them with an artifi- cial growth hormone so theyll produce more milk than nature intended. From the BGH Bulletin website Thurman Hatten, Florida Dairy Farmer: Yes, I would say people in Florida are using it. Jane Akre, Reporter: And you yourself? Hatten: Aah…JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 21
  • 20. Narration 2: Thurman Hatten is one of many Florida dairy- Cancer warnings from "experts" with dubiousmen reluctant to admit that theyre injecting their cows every two qualifications have left viewers sceptical of all such claims. Itweeks… is important for that reason, as well as for proof of responsible Hatten: ...its possible I could be using it. documentation, that viewers understand Dr Samuel Epsteins Narration 3: The drug some Florida farmers dont want you to background and qualifications to reach such conclusions as heknow theyre using is a Monsanto voices in the report. But despiteLaboratory version of bovine growth his three medical degrees, ahormone, known as BGH. Heres professorship of Occupationalhow it works: when the cow gets and Environmental Medicine atinjected with extra BGH, it stimu- the University of Illinois School oflates the production of another hor- Public Health, his frequentmone called IGF-1. Thats really the congressional testimony as anstuff that speeds up the cows metab- expert on public health andolism, causing her to produce up to environmental causes of cancer,30% more milk. But some scientists his authorship of eight books andlike Dr Samuel Epstein are warning countless editorials appearing inthat what might be good for the farm- some of Americas leadingers bottom line might be big trouble newspapers, reporters weredown the line for people drinking the repeatedly blocked frommilk from treated cows. describing him more completely. Dr Samuel Epstein, Scientist, Original references to him as aUniversity of Illinois: ...there are "reputable scientist(s)" which washighly suggestive if not persuasive acceptable in Versions 1–3, waslines of evidence showing that later changed to "respected scien-consumption of this milk poses risks tist(s)" which was acceptable inof breast and colon cancer. Version 11, and then "well-cre- Reporters were instructed not to Jane Akre, speaking at a genetic engineering conference dentialed MD", which was okayinclude information that details the in St Louis, USA. (Photo: Nic Paget-Clarke) in Versions 10–18 until, ultimate-basis for this frightening claim, leaving viewers unable to ly, reporters were told no such reference was acceptable, mak-meaningfully understand it out of context and likely to just ing him sound like a run-of-the-mill academic with no specificshrug it off as another unfounded "cancer scare" with no or relevant expertise.legitimate scientific basis whatsoever. Reporters have located and confirmed more than a dozen The artificial hormone works by independent studies of the artifi-increasing the cows natural pro- cial hormone, publishedduction of insulin-like growth fac- post–FDA approval. These raisetor (IGF-1). This is what "revs legitimate concerns about the riskup" the cow, causing her mamma- of cancer to adults and childrenry glands to produce more milk. who drink milk from cows inject-The basis of Dr Epsteins con- ed with BGH. Nonetheless,cern—and that of others around reporters were first instructed tothe world—is that studies have mischaracterise the availableshown that injecting cows with research simply as "publiclysynthetic BGH causes an increase available at the time of approval".in IGF-1 levels found in the cows When reporters demonstratedmilk. This is cause for concern how that mandated language wasbecause a growing body of evi- inaccurate, they were instructeddence points to IGF-1 as a poten- to call it "a body of peer-reviewedtial cancer promoter known to research". This is also inaccuratecause cell proliferation and tumour and deliberately misleads thegrowth, particularly in the human viewer by presenting a distortedcolon and breast. picture that fails to report more accurately and fully that many of Narration 4: Dr Epstein is a sci- the troubling findings are fromentist at the University of Illinois Steve Wilson, addressing the audience in St Louis. recent research, and that the evi-School of Public Health. Hes earned (Photo: Nic Paget-Clarke) dence of a cancer link appears tothree medical degrees, written eight be growing more clear.books and is frequently called upon to advise Congress about Monsanto, on the other hand, contends the latest researchthings in our environment which may cause cancer. confirms the overall safety of its synthetic hormone. In fact, Reporters were repeatedly instructed to remove informa- the research Monsanto most frequently refers to is a study oftion that more completely details Dr Epsteins widely the synthetic hormones effects on BGH-treated cows moni-acknowledged expertise. The deliberate omission of those tored by Monsanto, not people who drink the cows milk.known facts minimises the credibility of this BGH critic and Reporters were not allowed to make this fact clear in thethereby slants the story in favour of the product. report.22 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 21. Dr Epstein and others, like Dr William von Meyer, point to Video clip, Monsanto sales tape: Of course youll want towhat they say is a growing body of scientific evidence of a linkinject Posilac into every eligible cow, as each cow not treated is abetween IGF-1 and human cancers, which might not show up for lost income opportunity.years to come. Narration 7: A number of critics, including at least one state Dr William von Meyer, Research Scientist: Were going to agriculture commissioner, have called it "crack for cows" for thesave some lives if we review this now. If we allow BGH to go way it speeds up the cows milk production…but despite itson, Im sure were taking excessive risks with society. promise of profit, some dairymen say the product doesnt always Reporters were instructed to edit the first sentence of Dr lead to happy trails for the cows or for those who tend them.von Meyers quote, and thus deprive the viewer of the full Reporters were repeatedly told this colourful phrasethrust of his true position and meaning: that further scientific["crack for cows"] could not be used in a broadcast on Foxreview of this situation could save human lives. Out of proper Channel 13, to avoid needlessly antagonising a possible plain-context, the viewer cannot understand the true possible tiff, Monsanto. Because the quote so accurately describes theimportance of further review or that it is, in Dr von Meyers effect of the hormone in a non-scientific way viewers can easi-view, an alternative to taking excessive risks. ly understand, reporters persisted by showing evidence of its use by other responsible newspapers such Narration 5: Dr von Meyer has spent 30 as the Boston Globe , St Louisyears studying chemical products and testing Post–Dispatch, Time and 11 other publica-their effects on humans. Hes supervised tions. Only after reporters located amany such tests on thousands of animals at report of the statement being made by aschools such as the University of London and As with Dr Epstein, public official was it allowed to be includ-UCLA. Hes headed agricultural, chemicaland genetic research at some of Americas reporters were pressured ed. And even then, in a of the phrase, discourage broadcast further effort tomost prestigious companies. His concerns to remove any reference reporters were instructed it could not beabout BGH have sparked an inquiry byCongressman Scott Klug, who wants to to Dr von Meyers used unless and until the now-former offi- cial was tracked down and could confirmknow just how BGH was ever approved for qualifications to that the eight-year-old quote was accurateuse in this country three years ago [1993], and that he still felt that way today!while a dozen European countries, Canada question the safety of Reporters located the man, now with theand New Zealand have all blocked the the product, while being USDA in Washington, and obtaineduse of it there. the required confirmations. As with Dr Epstein, reporters were instructed to reportpressured to remove any reference to Monsantos contention Charles Knight, Florida DairyDr von Meyers qualifications to Farmer: Its a tool that can be used,question the safety of the product, that "the cancer experts but you better be careful cause it canwhile being instructed to report dont see the health burn you…Monsantos contention that "the can- Narration 8: Near Wachula,cer experts dont see the health issue". Charles Knight wont use Monsantosissue". Reporters were blocked from synthetic BGH anymore. He is one ofincluding the facts that Dr von Meyer many farmers who say theyve watchedhas spent 30 years studying chemical Posilac burn their cows out sooner,products and testing their effects on shortening their lives by maybe twohumans, has supervised many such years. Knight says he had to replacetests on thousands of animals at 75% of his herd due to hoof problemsschools such as the University of London and UCLA, and has and serious udder infections. Those are two of more than 20headed agricultural, chemical and genetic research at some of potential troubles listed right on the product warning label. ButAmericas most prestigious companies. Ultimately, reporters apart from potential suffering for the animals, the major concernwere instructed to broadcast a version which reduces the is how the hormone injected into the cow changes the milk thattruth about Dr von Meyer to a simple reference to him as "a ends up on our tables.scientist in Wisconsin". Dr Robert Collier: …this is the most studied molecule cer- tainly in the history of domestic animal science. Monsanto is the giant chemical company which sells the syn- Despite intense scrutiny of every claim made by thosethetic hormone under the brand name Posilac…and Monsanto has opposing the Monsanto product, reporters were required toconsistently rejected the concerns of scientists around the world. include this and other company claims without documentation Dr Robert Collier, Chief BGH Scientist, Monsanto: In fact, of accuracy. Experts in the field of domestic animal sciencethe FDA has commented several times on this issue after there say this claim is demonstrably false.were concerns raised. They have publicly restated human safety Throughout the process of preparing the various versions ofconfidence…this is not something knowledgeable people have this report, reporters were repeatedly instructed to includeconcerns about. unverified and even some outright false statements by Sound: (Calf in pen) Moo! Monsantos dairy research director, whose doctorate degree is Narration 6: While other companies have dropped by the in dairy research. Among them:wayside, Monsanto has invested a mountain of money into bovine "...suffice it to say the cancer experts dont see the healthgrowth hormone. Company sales tapes encourage farmers to use issue..."it as a tool to milk more profits out of every cow. "Posilac is the single most-tested product in history..."JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 23
  • 22. "He [Dr von Meyer] has no credentials in human safety picture of the adequacy of the testing done before theevaluation." substance entered their familys milk supply. At the same time, a markedly different standard—actualproof of each and every claim—was applied to statements, Dr William von Meyer: A human drug requires two years ofeven expressions of opinion, made by Monsanto critics. If the carcinogenic testing and extensive birth defect testing. BGH washigher, tougher standard of verification of their statements tested for 90 days on 30 rats at any dose before it was approved.and opinions was not met, quotes critical of the product were Dr Robert Collier: But suffice it to say the cancer expertsordered deleted from the report. dont see the health issue, and its unfortunate the public is being Reporters were also required to exhaustively research the scared by an issue that shouldnt be of concern.backgrounds of those raising questions about the Monsanto Reporters were instructed to include this claim without con-product, while no similar efforts were required to ascertain tradiction, despite the knowledge by all that it is flatly,the expertise of Monsanto company experts, who reporters demonstrably false. A number of experts in the cancer field—know to have fewer credentials than some critics. including two who appear in this very report—and countless others who have acted to prevent the product from being sold Narration 9: While that claim may be open to dispute, the in at least 17 other countries obviously do see the health issue.Monsanto product did put the product through a decades worth of Presenting this mis-statement as fact, without pointing totesting before it was approved by the FDAs Center for Veterinary known facts which contradict the statement, is an obvious andMedicine as an animal drug. But thats part serious distortion of the truth.of the problem, according to many scientistswho say that since BGH alters the milk we Narration 10: Monsantos dairydrink, it should meet the higher safety stan- research director points to what the FDAdards required of human drugs. The critics has repeatedly said since the day itsay tests on BGH milk that could have approved BGH back in 1993: "The publicanswered these concerns about long-term can be confident that milk and meat fromrisk to humans were just never done. BGH-treated cows is safe to consume." Whether there is in fact anything dif- Reporters were told not Nonetheless, influential food safety offi-ferent about a glass of milk you drink to report these blanket cials from around the world remain uncon-from a BGH-treated cow is at the heart of vinced.human health concerns about the prod- government assurances Reporters were told not to report theseuct. The reporters research uncovered in the context that they blanket government assurances in theseveral studies, including one frequently context that they are based primarily oncited by Monsanto, which indicate that are based primarily Monsanto company studies which neverthe milk is indeed different. Several on Monsanto company looked at potential chronic, long-have shown that levels of the sus- term human health effects. Duringpected cancer link IGF-1 are signifi- studies which never a May 27 phone conference, counselcantly higher in milk from treated looked at potential told reporters: "I want you to docows—up to 20 times higher, exactly as I said. The FDA reviewaccording to one study. Other stud- chronic, long-term says its safe for humans. I justies confirm higher antibiotic levels human health effects. want a statement. Thats what Iin the milk, as farmers inject cows want for balance."with more drugs to fight BGH- In fact, whatever counsels statedcaused infections. motivation, viewers are seriously Fox directed reporters to "neu- misled when such claims are pre-tralise" these key facts by reporting sented outside the context of impor-that studies show the milk is "affect- tant related facts.ed", as opposed to "altered". Just last summer, the members ofDeliberately failing to explain that an important United Nations commit-the "effect" includes a markedly tee again blocked efforts to give a vir-increased level of a known cancer promoter seriously slants tual green light to selling the drug around the world. For the sec-this story and misleads the viewer. ond time in two years, the committee decided synthetic BGH Reporters were not allowed to explore the potential inade- needs more study.quacy of BGH testing on the grounds the FDA has already Reporter Jane Akre stand-up: So just how many dairy cowsapproved it as safe. "Are you [reporters] an expert on the in Florida are being injected with this synthetic hormone? No oneway to test drugs?" counsel asked. "Is [BGH critic Dr knows for sure, but its enough to virtually assure that at leastWilliam] von Meyer right and the FDA wrong?" Even after some of the milk in every jug you bring home from the supermar-reporters provided textbook documentation that animal test- ket these days comes from treated should last two full years to assure human safety from Clip of consumer protestors chanting: No more BGH, nolong-term carcinogenicity, this important issue was not more BGH...allowed to be included in the report. Narration 11: Tomorrow: how consumers across America Citing Monsantos repeated reminders about the FDAs have fought to stop the use of the drug...and why here in Floridaultimate approval of the drug, reporters were instructed you cant know if the supermarket milk on your familys tablenever to characterise BGH testing as "short-term", nor allow comes from treated or untreated cows.any critic to do so. This further distorts the viewers true Sound: (Milk being poured into tall glass)24 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 23. PART II Congress and, more recently, an important group of food safety Sound: (Cow in field) Moooo! experts from around the world have raised this very concern relat- Narration 1: You wont find Ol Flossie and Bossie on Fred ed to the use of Monsantos drug. Even the Posilac label warns:Gores dairy farm in Zephyr Hills. On Freds farm, all the cows "…use of Posilac is associated with increased frequency of thehave numbers instead of names—and theyre watched by use of medication in cows for mastitis…" Citing thorough studyelectronic eyes, 24 hours a day. of the product both before and after approval by the FDA, Fred Gore, Florida Dairy Farmer: ...they help tell me if Monsanto insists there are safeguards in place to detect any poten-proper procedures are being followed. tial problem with antibiotics in the milk. Narration 2: At a modern dairy farm, cows wear transponders Dr Collier: Not only is every tank truckload tested, but a sam-that even tell a computer how much milk they gave today. ple is taken from every bulk tank; that way, if a truck is found to Farmer Gore: Shes giving 121 pounds a day. be contaminated, you have to be able to identify which farm it Narration 3: In the competitive business of dairy farming came from.these days, productivity is paramount. Thats why Fred Gore and Narration 8: At the Tampa Dairy Co-op, checks are routineothers like him were all ears when the giant Monsanto chemical but Co-op officials admit the testing is just not thorough enoughcompany started promoting its new product called Posilac. to detect the many antibiotics a farmer could use. More complete Clip from Monsanto sales tape: Posilac is the single most- checks are done by a few grocers and by the state, but only on atested product in history and it helps increase your profit spot basis.potential. Dr Hansen: In fact, there are over 60 drugs that they believe Narration 4: Monsanto promised that Posilac—a laboratory can be used on farms, and they test for a very small percentage ofversion of the cows natural growth hormone—could get Ol 2356 them.and her friends to produce up to 30% more milk. That was good File video of consumer protestors chanting: Boycott BGH,news to Florida farmers, who need all the help they can get in a boycott BGH…state where high heat, humidity and little local grain make dairy Narration 9: Demonstrations against the product when it wasfarming a struggle. The "promise of Posilac" sounded great to approved three years ago showed Americans were not very sup-dairyman Charles Knight...but he says it didnt turn out that way. portive of injecting dairy cows with synthetic growth hormones. Charles Knight, Florida Dairy Farmer: About the same This University of Wisconsin study conducted just last year saystime, we began having a lot of foot problems with our cows...they 74% of consumers are worried about unknown harmful humangot so crippled they couldnt walk. health effects of BGH, which might not show up until later. And Narration 5: Right after he started using the drug on his herd outside the US, officials in other countries also remain sceptical.near Wachula three years ago, Knight says his animals were The potential long-term human health effects is the bottomplagued with those problems and serious infections of their line to the series as a whole. The important concern this seriesudders. Troubles he attributes to Posilac eventually caused him to investigates is the suspected link between long-term humanreplace the majority of his herd. He says that when he called consumption of BGH milk and the potential development ofdairy experts at the University of Florida and at Monsanto, they cancer. Nevertheless, reporters were repeatedly instructed toboth had the same response. camouflage concerns about cancer by not using the word in Farmer Knight: It was, like, overwhelming because they said, any script after an initial reference in Part I and substituting"Youre the only person having this problem, so it must be what "human health implications" as a euphemism, one whichyoure doing here; you must be having management problems." most viewers would not link to cancer. Narration 6: The University of Florida, by the way, did much This deliberately misleads viewers by omission, deprivingof the research on BGH and has received millions in gifts and them of information which would let them judge forgrants from Monsanto. Knight says neither the university nor the themselves the seriousness of concern stated by responsiblecompany ever mentioned Monsantoresearch that showed hundreds of othercows on other farms were also sufferinghoof problems and mastitis, a painful infec-tion of the cows udders. If untreated, theinfection can get into the cows milk, sofarmers try to cure it by giving the cowshots of antibiotics…more drugs that canfind their way into the milk on your table,which could make your own body moreresistant to antibiotics. Dr Michael Hansen, Scientist,Consumers Union: So for example, if youdrank milk that had residues of ery-thromycin in it, then bacteria in your stom-ach could pick up resistance to that ery-thromycin, so that if you came down withan illness you wouldnt be able to use ery-thromycin to treat it. Narration 7: Dr Michael Hansen, a sci-entist with Consumers Union, is not alonein his concern. The investigative arm ofJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 25
  • 24. scientists and others around the world. Again, is the concern "a clear pattern of fraudulent content in Monsantos research"a toothache or a tumour? which led to approval. In the case of BGH, Monsanto was required to promptly report Dr Collier: There are no human or animal safety issues that all complaints from farmers. Florida dairyman Charles Knightwould prevent approval in Canada once theyve completed their says he was complaining loud and clear that Posilac was decimat-review—not that Im aware of. ing his herd…but four months later? He found that the company Monsantos leading BGH expert categorically denies know- had not passed one of his complaints to the FDA as of well-publicised human health concerns in Canada Charles Knight, Florida Dairyman: …so how many morewhere the product is unapproved. Reporters were instructed hundreds of complaints out there sat and were not registered withto minimise this experts denial by slanting the broadcast to FDA?state that he "downplayed" Canadian concern, as opposed to Narration 14: Monsanto admits a long delay in reportingaccurately reporting the Canadian concern is "a fact Dr Knights complaints. A company spokesman claims that despite aCollier denies". series of on-farm visits and telephone conversations with Knight, it took four months for them to understand he was complaining Narration 10: But long-term human safety is exactly the con- about BGH. As for those safety claims for previous Monsantocern expressed by a Canadian House Committee on Health. Here products that turned out to be dangerous, the company offered noare the minutes of a 1995 meeting, where members voted to ask comment. But back now to the dairy co-op here in Tampa and theCanadas Health Minister to try to keep BGH off the market for at use of synthetic BGH by local farmers.least two more years. Why? "…to allow members of Parliament A Florida dairyman told reporters—and Monsanto laterto further examine the human health implications" of the drug. confirmed—that the company failed to make reports toIts still not legal to sell the unli- government officials about adversecensed product north of the border, BGH reactions in cattle. Thosedespite the companys efforts to gain reports were required as part of thethe approval of government regula- research which led to US governmenttors. "The point you [reporters] monitoring. Sound: Monsanto, Canada, whose The reporters investigation alsorepresentative allegedly raised the dont get is its not whether uncovered an EPA investigativesubject of money… the facts are true, its the report that concluded Monsanto Narration 11: In the fall of 1994, showed "a clear pattern of fraudulentCanadian television quoted a way we present them." content" in the research that led toCanadian health official as reporting approval of its product, dioxin, yearsMonsanto offered $1–2 million if her ago. Reporters felt this was a factgovernment committee would recom- directly relevant to helping viewersmend BGH approval in Canada with- determine Monsantos credibility inout further data or studies of the drug. Another member of her making its claims about its latest product, BGH.committee, who was present when Monsanto made the offer, was Reporters were instructed to ignore the companys previousasked: "Was that a bribe?" withholding of scientific data and not to compare it to what File video clip of CBC documentary, CBC correspondent to happened in the Knight case, for fear of appearing to becommittee member: Is that how it struck you? "building a case against Monsanto". Though undeniably Dr Edwards: Certainly! true, Fox feared a claim of "defamation by implication", a Jane Akre on camera: Monsanto said the report alleging matter that could not be won by summary judgement.bribery was "a blatant untruth", that Canadian regulators just did- Reporters were told that if not winnable at summary judge-nt understand the offer of the money was for research. Monsanto ment, the facts were not reportable on Fox 13: "The pointdemanded a retraction. The Canadian Broadcasting Company you [reporters] dont get is its not whether the facts are true,stands by its story. its the way we present them. Summary judgement is my Narration 12: Elsewhere, New Zealand and a dozen other standard; those are my marching orders," reporters were toldcountries—all members of the European Union—are also uncon- on May 29 [1997]. "I dont decide what goes on the air; [Foxvinced about BGH. The product has been banned in Europe at General Manager] Dave Boylan does, and he wanted this oneleast until the year 2000. Could scepticism about the safety of to go away," counsel claimed.BGH around the world be fuelled by memories of earlierMonsanto products? Reporter Jane Akre to Riley Hogan, Tampa Dairy Co-op: Dr Hansen: Monsanto has a very chequered history with some Have you ever got a communication from a grocer or processingof its other products… plant asking your members not to use it? Narration 13: Dr Michael Hansen of Consumers Union is Riley Hogan: No, maam.another American scientist still very sceptical about BGH. He Narration 15: When we continue tomorrow, youll see thesays Monsanto was wrong years ago when it convinced the gov- man who controls much of Floridas milk supply admit how localernment PCBs were safe. Those were put inside electrical con- supermarkets did once try to avoid milk from Florida cows inject-ductors for years…until researchers in Japan and Sweden showed ed with BGH. Well show you exactly how their plan didntserious hazards to human health and the environment. work…and well reveal how the dairy industry has kept this issue And youve heard of Agent Orange, 2,4,5-T, the defoliant used so quiet for so long. Its only an issue if you make it an issue!in Vietnam? Monsanto convinced the government that it, too,was safe. It was later proved to be extremely harmful to (Source: This article is edited from material posted on the BGHhumans…and a government investigator found what she said was Bulletin website, http://www.foxBGH • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 25. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 27
  • 26. 28 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 27. [The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles... Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values. — Senator Joseph Lieberman, quoted in the Washington Post, April 29, 1999 W hile Washington supports the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, it is at the same time, behind the scenes, funnelling money and military hard- ware to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), now engaged in a border war with the Macedonian Security Forces. The US, the UN In a cruel irony, Washington is arming and advising both the KLA attackers and the Macedonian defenders under military and intelligence authorisation acts approved by the and NATO are US Congress. Military Professional Resources Inc. (MPRI), a mercenary outfit on con- tract to the Pentagon, is helping Macedonia—as part of a US military aid package—"to accomplices in deter armed aggression and defend Macedonian territory". But MPRI is also advising and equipping the KLA, which is responsible for the terrorist assaults. In this war, the escalating a new American military-intelligence apparatus is pulling strings "on both sides of the fence". What is the hidden agenda? round of terrorism The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), transformed in September 1999 into the Kosovo and ethnic warfare Protection Corps (KPC) under UN auspices, is behind the terrorist attacks in the Tetovo region of Macedonia as well as in southern Serbia. In Macedonia, these assaults are in Kosovo and waged by the KLAs proxy: the Ushtira Clirimtare Komtare (UCK) or National Liberation Army (NLA). The terrorists operate from KLA bases inside Kosovo under Macedonia, partly KFOR protection. Supported by the US, the KLA and its various proxies are well equipped. According to funded by Carl Bildt (special UN coordinator for the Balkans), the Macedonian Security Forces "are narcodollars. no match" for the rebels: "...the guerrillas are a competent military organization... They have a core of very experienced fighters. They are well fortified, evidently well prepared, and in all probability they control substantial parts of the hinterland." But where did they get the money? The Western media convey the impression that the National Liberation Army (NLA) developed into a modern rebel force overnight, sponta- neously "out of thin air" and that NATO leaders have no contacts with the KLA. UN PEACEKEEPING FINANCES TERRORISM According to the London Sunday Times , "American intelligence agents have admitted they helped to train the Kosovo Liberation Army before NATOs bombing of Yugoslavia".1 A review of US congressional documents would suggest that CIA support was not discontinued after the war.2 Moreover, while the KLA maintains its links both to the CIA and criminal syndicates by Michel Chossudovsky © involved in the Balkans narcotics trade, the paramilitary organisation—renamed the March 2001 Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC)—has been elevated to UN status, implying the granting Professor of Economics of legitimate sources of funding through the United Nations as well as through bilateral University of Ottawa channels. Canada Procurement of military supplies, training of the KLA and provision of military advis- Fax: +1 (514) 425 6224 ers have been entrusted to MPRI. The pattern is similar to that followed in Croatia and in Email: the Bosnian Muslim–Croatian Federation where so-called "equip and train" programs were put together by the Pentagon.JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 29
  • 28. MPRIs training concepts, which had already been tested in According to documents of the US Drug EnforcementCroatia and Bosnia, are based on imparting "offensive Administration (DEA), "members of the notorious Albanian mafiathe best form of defence".3 In the Kosovar context, this so-called have links to a drug-smuggling cartel based in Kosovos capital,"defensive doctrine"—applied in terrorist assaults in southern Pristina. This cartel is allegedly manned by ethnic Albanians whoSerbia and Macedonia—is intent upon transforming the KLA are members of the Kosovo National Front (KNF), whose armedparamilitary into a modern military force that serves the Alliances wing is the KLA. The DEA documents apparently show it is onestrategic objectives. In 1999, MPRI listed "ninety-one highly of the "most powerful heroin-smuggling organisations in theexperienced, former military professionals working in Bosnia & world", its profits being diverted to the KLA to buy weapons.10H e r z e g o v i n a " . The number of military officers working on 4 In the words of former DEA agent and author Michael Levine:contract with the KLA has not been disclosed. "Ten years ago we were arming and equipping the worst elements There is, however, a consistent thread. KLA Chief of Staff of the Mujahedin in Afghanistan—drug traffickers, arms smug-Agim Ceku (previously with the Croatian Armed Forces) has glers, anti-American terrorists. Now were doing the same thingbeen involved in a long-term relationship with the MPRI. Ceku with the KLA, which is tied in with every known Middle and Farstarted working with MPRI in 1995 in the planning of Operation Eastern drug cartel. Interpol, Europol and nearly every EuropeanStorm in Croatia, which led to ethnic massacres and the expulsion intelligence and counter-narcotics agency has files open on drugof more than 200,000 Serbs from the Krajina region of Croatia. syndicates that lead right to the KLA, and right to Albanian gangsThe fact that Ceku is "an alleged war crimi- in this country."11nal"—according to the files of the Hague While US aid—combined with drugTribunal, a body reporting to the UN money—is channelled to the KLA,Secretary-General—does not, however, Washington and Brussels perfunctorilyseem to bother anybody in the "internationalcommunity".5 But there is something condemn the NLA Tetovo–instigated ter- rorist assaults while casually denying the Ceku holds a UN passport (laissez- else even more terrifying links of the attackers to the KLA. In thepasser), which provides him with diplomatic that has not been revealed words of former NATO Secretary-Generalimmunity within Kosovo. According to Javier Solana: " would be a mistake toICTY prosecutor Carla del Ponte, Cekus to public opinion. negotiate; the terrorists have to be isolated.reputation and integrity are unstained, All of us have to condemn and isolatehowever, because the Hague Tribunals them. Nothing can be achieved through"inquiries...relate to atrocities committed [by The guerrilla war in violence...Ceku] in Krajina...between 1993 and the Tetovo region of NATO has pledged to "starve" the1995... Cekus record in Kosovo itself rebels by cutting supply lines fromis not thought to be in question".6 Macedonia is being neighbouring Kosovo. 12 While con- Behind the polite façade of interna- financed and therefore demning the terrorists, NATO—tional diplomacy, UN Secretary- through the UN—has also been "rais-General Kofi Annan has knowingly controlled by Washington ing the urgent need for restraint byand wilfully approved—on on "both sides" of the the Macedonian forces".13Washingtons instructions—the This double-talk is of course a formappointment of "an alleged war crimi- border. of political camouflage: you say thatnal" to participate in a UN peacekeep- you are against the terrorists, and thening operation. In other words, the UN support them via the KLA with guns,system is "financing terrorism", creat- ammo and military advisers paid bying an ugly precedent in the history of the US public purse.a respected international body: "TheUnited Nations is paying the salaries FINANCING BOTH SIDESof many of the gangsters" who are now involved in the terrorist But there is something else even more terrifying that has notassaults into Macedonia.7 been revealed to public opinion. The guerrilla war in the Tetovo region of Macedonia is being financed and therefore controlled byRECYCLING NARCODOLLARS Washington on "both sides" of the border. While Washington US support to the KLA is only one among several sources of pumps money into the KLA, the FYR of Macedonia (which hasKLA financing. Various Islamic organisations have channelled been an obedient client state) is also the recipient of US militarymoney and military equipment to the KLA. Prior to the 1999 war, aid and training. Macedonia is a member of NATOs Partnership"German, Turkish and Afghan instructors were reported to be for Peace (PfP) program and aspires to acquire full NATOtraining the KLA in guerrilla and diversion tactics".8 membership. Mujahedin mercenaries recruited in a number of countries The same group of US military advisers on contract with thefought against Serb Security forces alongside the KLA in Kosovo. KLA is also "helping" the Macedonian Armed Forces. TheAccording to the Sunday Times, the recent assaults by the KLAs MPRI—while assisting the KLA in its terrorist assaults—is alsoproxy in the Tetovo region of Macedonia have been "encouraged present behind enemy lines in Macedonia under a so-calledby mercenaries from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia".9 Stability and Deterrence Program. The latter is intent upon Amply documented, the Balkans drug trade is used to finance "assisting the Macedonian Armed deter armed aggres-ethnic warfare with the complicity of the US and NATO. The sion and, should deterrence fail, defend Macedonian territory". 14pattern of covert support—through the recycling of narcodol- What is happening is that the US mercenary company with a man-lars—has been an integral part of CIA covert operations since the date "to defend the border" is also advising the KLA on how bestSoviet–Afghan War. "to attack the border".30 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 29. Is this not crystal clear? The military-intelligence ploy is to Crosbie Saint, in charge of the companys "International Group",finance both sides of the conflict, provide military aid to one side coordinates MPRIs various operations in Kosovo and Macedoniaand finance the other side. And then "make them fight". Its a as well as in Croatia and Bosnia. In turn, Saint, who is a formersinister military-intelligence game, an "insider operation" with US director of military intelligence, is in permanent contact with themilitary advisers on both sides from the same mercenary outfit Pentagon, KFOR and the CIA.18(the MPRI). Macedonias Stability and Deterrence Program is infact largely supported by US foreign military sales (FMS); name- THE HIDDEN AGENDAly, MPRI is in charge of delivering to (i.e., dumping on) the So what kind of war is this? Both sides in the Macedonia bor-Macedonian Armed Forces obsolete weapons and hardware that der war are controlled by the US. American military personnelthe US Department of Defense wants to from the same private mercenary compa-get rid of. ny are stationed on "both sides of the Moreover, with its various sources of fence", assisting their local counterpartsfinancing (drugs, Islamic organisations, Since the end of the Cold War, to fight a war on Washingtons behest.US military aid, contributions from the If this war is allowed to continue, itUS–Albanian community), the KLA Washington has been involved will inevitably lead to the escalation ofand its Macedonian proxy, the Ushtira in channelling covert financing ethnic hatred, civilian casualties andClirimtare Komtare, have the upper refugee numbers. This in turn willedge. The money channelled from vari- and triggering civil conflicts in result in political destabilisation andous sources, including the drug trade, different parts of the world social unrest in both Macedonia andfar exceeds the meagre FMS allocations including Central Africa, the Yugoslavia, thereby providing a pretextgranted in the form of surplus military to Washington and NATO to interveneequipment to the Macedonian Ministry Caucasus and Central Asia. directly under the guise of "peacekeep-of Defence.15 ing" and "confidence building". Also The friendly and cordial meetings included in the hidden agenda is theheld in Skopje in July 2000 between mobilisation of ethnic Albanians inGeneral Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Macedonia to support or become part of the KLAs structure.Staff, and his Macedonian counterpart, General Jovan Andrevski, In other words, Washington is "financing ethnic warfare" as aconstitute an obvious smokescreen. While Americas top brass means to achieve broad geopolitical, strategic and economicpays lip service to its PfP partner and ally, the KLA—with the objectives using the KLA as a proxy of the Albanian–American community—is actively Meanwhile, the "international community", warning of anrecruiting US citizens to fight as volunteers against the impending "humanitarian disaster", has sent in an army ofMacedonian Security Forces.16 observers and human rights experts with a mandate to protect the Bear in mind that this pattern of "financing both sides" is not political and social rights of ethnic Albanians. This brokeredlimited to the Balkans. Since the end of the Cold War, "reconciliation"—imposed by NATO under UN auspices—isWashington has been involved in channelling covert financing based on the premise that ethnic Albanians in Macedonia are anand triggering civil conflicts in different parts of the world includ- oppressed social minority. It not only fosters socio-ethnic divi-ing Central Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia. By financing sions within Macedonia; it also provides legitimacy to the KLA-both sides of the conflict, the US controls the outcome of the war. sponsored "freedom fighters" as well as international media sym- pathy. It tends to discredit the Macedonian Security Forces,MPRI OVERSEES THE SHOW thereby weakening their ability to fight the KLA. MPRI, which recruits a wide range of militaryand intelligence expertise from its databank offormer military personnel, is controlled by ahandful of former generals and ex-CIA officers. General Rich Griffitts (Retired), responsiblefor MPRIs program in Macedonia, talks to theMacedonian Chief of Staff. He also talks toKLA Commander Agim Ceku, with whom hehas had a longstanding relationship sinceOperation Storm in Croatia in 1995. Ceku ispart of the MPRIs "old boys network". In col-laboration with MPRI, he was one of the mainarchitects of Operation Storm. In this capacity,he also acted as commander of the artillery divi-sion, which ruthlessly shelled Krajina Serbcivilians.7 Whether MPRI personnel stationed inKosovo are in direct contact or communicationwith their colleagues in Macedonia is not theissue: all MPRI military staff in the field reportback to Rich Griffitt, Crosbie Saint and CarlVuono (President of MPRI) at the companysheadquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 31
  • 30. While Washington continues behind the scenes to support the A Dayton-style agreement is the chosen framework for displac-terrorists, the military alliance presents itself as an impartial medi- ing and destroying existing state institutions including a fragileator. In turn, NATOs informal mouthpiece, the Organisation for yet functioning parliamentary system. With regard to Macedonia,Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), is placing the blame the OSCE has appointed Ambassador Robert Frowick to workon the Skopje government, calling upon "the legal authorities in with the Skopje government. His terms of reference are clear. Inthe FYR of Macedonia, Presevo and Kosovo to act to restore 1996, Frowick was put in charge of implementing "democracy" inpeace and security ... all sectors of the Macedonian society Bosnia–Hercegovina under the Dayton Agreement; the Bosnian[should] co-operate peacefully inter-ethnic confi- "Constitution"—previously drafted by American lawyers at thedence".19 US Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio—was appended to the 1995 The dispatching of Bulgarian troops into Macedonia (under US-brokered General Framework Agreement.22NATOs Partnership for Peace program) to fight the rebels could,if implemented, contribute to triggering a much broader confla- DISARMING THE NEW WORLD ORDERgration in the region. Similarly, ethnic clashes—also engineered The terrorist assaults in Macedonia and southern Serbia areby Washington—have been triggered in Montenegro, which has a serving Washingtons strategic goals in blatant violation of inter-sizeable Albanian ethnic minority. And in Montenegro, the MUP, national law. NATO is increasingly discredited in the eyes ofMontenegros highly partisan police force, is being assisted by the world public opinion. The lies and falsehoods are surfacing andCroatian Armed Forces, who in turn are being trained by the the people of Yugoslavia are determined to preserve their sover-MPRI under the so-called Croatian Armed Forces Readiness and eignty in the face of American aggression.Training System (CARTS). Likewise, demanding "autonomy" for US foreign policy directed against so-called "rogue states" lacksethnic Hungarians in the north of Vojvodina is part of NATOs credibility both in the US and internationally. Around the world,ploy, with large numbers of NATO troops stationed on the citizens are looking to Yugoslavia and the courage of its peopleHungarian side of the border. More generally, the various mili- who have resisted the imposition of the New World Order. Thetary aid packages provided to Croatia, Bosnia and the KLA are lies concerning the war against Yugoslavia have been uncoveredultimately directed against Serbia.20 and revealed to millions of people. ∞ Despite the compliance of the Belgrade and Skopjegovernments to Washingtons demands, US foreign policy About the Author: Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics at the University ofpurports to eventually dismantle political institutions and get rid Ottawa, Canada, and is author of The Globalization of Povertyof political parties that resist US–NATO domination. Their (Common Courage Press, 2001). He can be contacted by fax on +1objective is eventually to break up what remains of Yugoslavia (514) 425 6224, or by email at Theinto what UN Balkans envoy Carl Bildt has called a "patchwork text of this article, originally titled "Washington Finances Ethnicof protectorates" on the "Kosovo–Bosnia model" under UN Warfare in the Balkans", can also be found on the Emperors Clothes"peacekeeping"—namely, under military occupation.21 website, Endnotes State, Resources, Plans and Policy, US 1. See Tom Walker and Aiden Laverty, 9. See Tom Walker, "NATO Troops Caught Department of State, March 15, 2000. "CIA Aided Kosovo Guerrilla Army", in a Balkan Ulster", Sunday Times, London, 16. New York Times, March 19, 2001. Sunday Times, London, March 12, 2000. March 18, 2001. 17. See Michel Chossudovsky, "NATO has 2. See "Intelligence Authorisation Act for 10. This is according to DEA documents Installed a Reign of Terror in Kosovo", July Fiscal Year 2000", HR 1555, Section 308, reviewed and quoted in R. Chandran, "US- 1999, http://emperors- entitled "Report on Kosova Liberation backed KLA Linked to Heroin Network", at Army", available at See 18. See MPRI web page, op. cit. also Michel Chossudovsky, "Kosovo 19. Statement by OSCE Parliamentary 3. See Tammy Arbucki, "Building a Freedom Fighters Financed by Organized Assembly President Severin on former Bosnian Army", Janes International Crime". Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Defence Review, August 1997. 11. Quoted in New American Magazine, Kosovo, March 23, 2001, at 4. See Military Professional Resources, Inc, May 24, 1999. "Personnel Needs", MPRI web page at 12. Quoted in New York Times, March 20, ws_id=1563. 2001. 20. See Michel Chossudovsky, "The War 5. See Michel Chossudovsky, "United 13. United Nations Interim Administration Against Yugoslavia Is Not Over", June 2000, Nations Appoints Alleged War Criminal", Mission In Kosovo (UNMIK), Press at Emperors Clothes, March 2000, Release, March 29, 2001. chuss/warnot.htm. 14. See MPRI web page, 21. See Carl Bildts statement at unandthe.htm. 6. See Tom Walker, "Kosovo Defence Chief int_europe.html. bildt_cib.html. Bildt was the High Accused of War Crimes", Sunday Times, 15. US military aid under the FMS program Representative in Bosnia following the adop- London, October 10, 1999. for Macedonia was $4 million in FY 2000; tion of the Dayton Agreement in 1995. 7. Quoted in John Sweeney and Jen Holsoe, $7.9 million was appropriated for 2001. 22. For a discussion, see Michel "Kosovo Disaster Response Service Stands More recently, the US announced a $13.5- Chossudovsky, "Dismantling Yugoslavia, Accused of Murder and Torture", Observer, million military aid package. See Recolonizing Bosnia", Covert Action London, March 12, 2000. Government of Macedonia, Ministry of Quarterly, Spring 1996; also published by 8. See Michel Chossudovsky, "Kosovo Defence, Communiqué, March 21, 2001; Emperors Clothes at http://emperors- Freedom Fighter Financed by Organized Congressional Budget Justification for The text of the Crime", Covert Action Quarterly, Fall 1999; Foreign Operations, Fiscal Year 2001, Bosnian Constitution is available at also published by Emperors Clothes, Released by the Office of the Secretary of • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 31. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 33
  • 32. 34 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 33. [Editors Note: This article refers to several research studies involving animals. We wish to advise that NEXUS does not condone animal experimentation or vivisection.] ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: MYTHS AND FACTS A merica has a phobia, an irrational fear, about ultraviolet (UV) light. In a new science fad, unwise practices are being urged on us. The resulting sickness and misbehaviour will mystify yet enrich physicians, psychiatrists, dentists and criminal specialists as well as pharmaceutical drug companies. In too many scientific and medical fields, for a lot of researchers the truth is defined only in relationship to the next grant, peer pressure and the fight to further an entrenched Good health can view. This essentially political process goes on despite any—in this case very strong— evidence to the contrary.1 Much "science" research is known to be fraudulent.2, 3 Such a be maintained flow of funded research almost exclusively in one direction is characteristic of potentially dangerous science fads. Almost all "scientists" are out to prove something so as to contin- and many disease ue their careers; to them, finding the truth is only secondary. UV intensity is now forecast in population centres daily. The US Environmental conditions Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that when outdoors we should "protect ourselves against ultraviolet light whenever we can see our shadow". And many physicians give alleviated with their patients the same warning. This is terrible advice. If man were a machine, a doctor could repair or replace one part without worrying about the rest of the contraption. Man is adequate no machine, but more like a web or hologram. Every organ and every part affects all the other parts; in fact, cells in every part communicate with all the other parts.4 exposure to full- As a result of the EPAs kind of advice, which is based on junk science, the use of sun- glasses is epidemic; we hide behind stylish darkened car windows, we slather our skin spectrum light. with sunscreen for even brief sun exposure. People who engage in these practices are ruining their disposition5 and health. The phobia arose after investigators anaesthetised animals, propped their eyes open and shined intense UV light into them; this damaged their retinas. Excessive exposure to one kind of ultraviolet (shorter-wave, germicidal UVC) can damage tissue. But the EPA makes the ridiculous leap from that truth to the conclusion that we should avoid all UV. UVC is not present increasingly in sunlight; a purported thinning of the protective ozone layer has been debunked (see below). UVC is found in tanning salons and halogen lamps. 6 In fact, the trace amounts of UV radiation in natural daylight are required for physical and mental health, civilised behaviour, muscle strength, energy and learning. 7 Sunlight, in moderation, improves immunity and stimulates our metabolism while decreasing food craving, and increases our intelligence. by Joseph G. Hattersley • Ozone Hole Danger Disproved © 1995, 2001 The following passages and references are from Richard Hobdays book, The Healing 7031 Glen Terra Court SE Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century.8 Olympia, WA 98503-7119, USA "There have been no increases in skin cancer, eye diseases, immune system disorders or Telephone: +1 (360) 491 1164 environmental damage which can be attributed to an increase in ultraviolet radiation. The largest South American city close to the Antarctic ozone hole is Punta Arenas in southern Email: Website: Chile. Despite reports to the contrary, there have been no ozone-related health problems jhattersley/content.html at Punta Arenas, and measurements of ultraviolet radiation show that any increases are too small to have any appreciable effect.[9]JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 35
  • 34. "A paper published in 1998 by the European Science and master glands of the whole endocrine system that controls the pro-Environmental Forum challenges the consensus view on ozone duction and release of hormones. This regulates your body chem-depletion, and argues that predictions made by the scientific istry and its growth, all organs of your body, including your brain,establishment and the media have been ill-founded. [10] If this is and how they function."21the case, and the hole in the ozone layer is, after all, a temporary The critical reader will ask: where are the controlled, scientificthinning of the upper atmosphere in the early spring, then there is tests supporting Dr Otts statements? The answer to that questionno reason to fear that people will develop skin cancer because is: who can make money promoting sunlight? Think about it.ultraviolet radiation has become more dangerous. "There is certainly no evidence to support the widely held view I. Ultraviolet Deprivation Health Effectsthat the increase in malignant melanoma in recent years is in some First, lets consider the health effects of ultraviolet deprivation.way linked to ozone depletion. The trend predates the issue ofozone loss, which may have been going on for some time before it • Indoor Lighting and Melanomawas noticed. A paper published in the British Journal of Cancer Malignant melanoma is often alarmingly but wrongly blamedshows that from 1957 to 1984 the incidence of malignant on sun exposure. The dangerous kind, called skin cancer, is ulti-melanoma in Norway increased by 350 per mately fatal if not corrected. A study by thecent for men and 440 per cent for women. US Navy found the most melanoma in peo-During the same period there was no change ple who worked indoors all the time. Thosein ozone levels over Norway, nor any signif- who worked both outdoors and indoors someicant change in annual exposure to ultravio- of the time had the lowest incidence. Also,let radiation from the Sun. [11] Scare stories, most melanomas appeared on parts of thesuch as the one about sheep in Chile devel- Two hours of body that are seldom exposed to sunlight. 23oping cataracts because of increased ultravi- bright light in the The inference is that both very high and veryolet radiation, are not supported in the scien-tific literature. The sheep in question were evening can sometimes and moderate exposure is healthful.harmful— low exposures to UV light can be 24later found to have had an infectious disease, cure symptomsand sunlight was not implicated. [12, 13] • Sunscreens and Melanoma "What is clear, however, is that there is a such as weight gain, Sunscreens block out only UVA andgreat deal of ill-informed comment on the depression, UVB, which we all need in trace amounts,subject of ozone depletion and, for that but not the potentially dangerous, ger-matter, sunbathing. Should depletion carbohydrate craving, micidal UVC. No commercial sun-of the ozone layer ever become a cause social withdrawal, screens have been proved safe.25 Theirfor real concern, then some people chemicals penetrate the skin into themight develop cancer who might not fatigue and circulation and add to the burden ofhave, had there been no depletion, but irritability. 22 toxins to be detoxified. 26 Commercialuntil this happens there is much more sunscreens increase the risk ofto be gained from investigating the real melanoma by causing mutations whencauses of skin cancer and encouraging the cells chromosomes interact withsafe sunbathing than in being preoccu- the chemicals and the light. 27 Naturalpied with the state of the Earths upper sunscreens, as well as commercialatmosphere and blaming everything on ones, curtail needed uptake of vitaminthe Sun. Diet and lifestyle play a far D3 from UVB, increasing the risk ofmore significant part in the genesis of cancer than is currently the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.recognised. The same can also be said about another condition Moreover, Lita Lee, PhD, notes: "Mounting evidence indicatesthat is supposed to be on the increase because of ozone deple- that many of them [sunscreens] contain carcinogens and that thetion—that of senile cataract." rise of skin cancers parallels the increase in sunscreen usage. The Note that even low exposure to UVB significantly increases the only sunscreen I recommend is coconut oil, although, believe me,risk of cataracts, 14 but only with the consumption of a Western you cannot slather this oil on your skin and bake in the sun alljunk food diet rich in unsaturated fats and their oxidised prod- day. Adding a little iodine to the coconut oil for the first week ofucts.15, 16 Those (including myself) who consume a more sensible summer gives added protection; however, do not use the iodinediet, and supplement it with vitamins C and E, do not get cataracts for more than a week, as continued use will inhibit your thyroideven from lengthy sun exposure.17, 18 function. In my opinion, the only other safe (non-carcinogenic) sunscreen would be one containing titanium dioxide."28PHOTOBIOLOGY Starting from a high-school hobby of time-lapse photography, • Fluorescent Lighting and Melanomathe late John N. Ott, DScHon, 19 founded the new science of photo- A study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet andbiology. He was active into his tenth decade. a Russian study found that fluorescent light rather than sunlight Dr Otts last book, one of many publications, is Light, Radiation promotes melanoma, proportionately to the time of exposure.29, 30and You: How to Stay Healthy ( 1 9 9 0 ) . 2 0 In it he wrote: In the Lancet study, among a sample of nearly 900 women, those"Mankind adapted to the full range of the solar spectrum, and arti- who worked indoors under fluorescent lighting had 2.l timesficial distortions of that spectrum—malillumination, a condition higher melanoma risk (95% confidence interval, CI, 1.32 to 3.32)analogous to malnutrition—may have biologic effects." In an than others. Among women exposed for 20 years or more, theinterview published in 1991, he noted: "There are neurochemical relative risk (RR) was 2.6 (95% CI, 1.2 to 5.9). Relative risks werechannels from the retina to the pineal and pituitary glands, the lower in women who had been most heavily exposed to sunlight,36 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 35. both playing outdoors as children and sunbathing as adults. In a • Synthetic Hormones and Melanomasmaller sample of men, the RR for fluorescent lights with 10 or What about oral contraceptives and hormone replacement thera-more years exposure was 4.4; and for those who had spent the py (HRT)? Melanomas have increased sharply among women inleast time in the sun while children, the RR was 7.3. the principal Pill-taking countries of Australia, America and in And so we see that lengthy exposure to full-spectrum sunlight, Europe. In the Walnut Creek (California) study, all the womenincluding trace UV, partially "immunised" both men and women who developed melanomas under the age of 40 had used the Pill.against later development of melanoma. These exposures had By 1981, the overall increased melanoma risk for Pill-users wastaken place in the 1960s and 1970s, before the supposed thinning statistically significant at three times. 53 The Pill also promotesof the protective ozone layer far above us. But as we saw earlier, development of heart attacks, in part by depleting body stores ofUV penetration of the atmosphere has not increased.31, 32 vitamin B6.54 All this thoroughly explodes the claim that sun exposure causes Further, like breast cancer cells, those tumours have oestrogenmalignant melanoma. receptors. And so women on HRT are more likely to develop In the 19 years since publication of Berals carefully researched melanomas than non-users. A recent study of 52,705 women onarticle in the Lancet, no one has refuted the finding. But many HRT found that the risk of breast cancer increases by 2.3 per centignore it and could make more money if the article and its infor- for each of the 11 years the average woman takes HRT. The goodmation would simply go away. news is that the effect diminishes on stopping it and disappears Why do fluorescent lights cause melanoma? "Emissions from after about five years. The authors comment: "These findingssuch light extend into the potentially carcinogenic range."33 should be considered in the context of the benefits and other risks Dr Ott found that, specifically, the cathodes located at the ends associated with the use of HRT." 5 5 Others challenge theof the light tubes emit X-rays and other electromagnetic pollution. assumption that HRT provides benefits.56, 57, 58Plants living under the central portion of long fluorescent lighttubes grow normally; but when placed close to the ends of the II. Ultraviolet Deprivation Health Effectstubes, their growth is abnormal and stunted. Laboratory animals Certain effects of ultraviolet deprivation are equally remarkableplaced in a cage close to the ends of and tie together with health benefits.these light tubes become aggressiveand cannibalistic. • FS Light & Childhood Health Dr Ott also found that the light In 1973, radiation-shielded full-from fluorescent tubes, as well as TV spectrum (FS) lights were installed insets and computer terminals, causes Dr Ott also found that the five classrooms in Sarasota, blood cells to clump together light from fluorescent tubes, And what happened? Severalafter prolonged exposure. This extremely hyperactive, learning-reduces alertness, promotes a tired as well as TV sets and computer disabled children calmed downfeeling and increases the risk of heart terminals, causes red blood cells completely and learned to read.attack and stroke. 34 But when the Absenteeism dropped. The childrenends of the light tubes are shielded to clump together after in four standard-lit rooms continuedwith lead and traces of UV are added prolonged exposure. to misbehave (as tracked byto the light, plants and animals under concealed motion-detecting cameras);them grow and function normally. 35 their learning disabilities andAnd so wrapping the ends of fluores- absenteeism were unabated. 59 Andcent light tubes with lead tape, says after a year, students in the full-Dr Ott, is fully as important as full- spectrum classrooms had one-thirdspectrum light itself.36 less tooth decay than those taught under standard lighting. Melanoma can also result from excessive exposure to sun- Laboratory mice, which had been exposed all their waking hourslamps;37 their rays and those from bright halogen lights include to FS light, had zero tooth decay. 60 Similar findings were reportedsome of the dangerous UVC. 38 If users of sunlamps consume a from California, Washington state and Alberta, Canada. 61 Ajunk diet, their risk of melanoma will be increased. Halogen classroom comparison in Vermont found that full-spectrumlamps are also a serious fire hazard if they fall over or if inflam- lighting strengthened immunity.62, 63mable material touches the extremely hot bulb.39, [40] Why was there so much less tooth decay after exposure to full- spectrum light, including trace UV? And why did immunity• Chlorination and Melanoma improve under FS lights? According to Dr Ott: "Every nutrition- Drinking and swimming in chlorinated water can also cause al substance and medicine has a specific wavelength absorption.malignant melanoma.41, 42, 43, 44 Sodium hypochlorite, used in chlori- If those wavelengths are missing in the artificial light source anation of water for swimming pools, is mutagenic45 in the Ames person is exposed to, then the nutritional or other hoped-for bene-test and other mutagenicity tests.46, 47 Redheads and blonds are dis- fits of the substance will not be utilised." 63a UV functions as aproportionately melanoma-prone; their skin contains a relative nutrient and as a co-factor (a substance required for a bodilyexcess of pheomelanins48 compared to darker people.49 process to occur) in the utilisation of other nutrients. Franz H. Rampen and his associates in The Netherlands state So the full-spectrum lights corrected the childrens deficiency ofthat the worldwide pollution of rivers and oceans and the chlori- vitamin D3 (not the same as the toxic form of vitamin D added tonation of swimming pool water have promoted an increase in milk), now considered a pro-hormone. This enabled more com-melanoma.50, 51, 52 plete calcium absorption—and lowers the risk of osteoporosis and Another major factor in the increase in reported incidence of hip fractures in later life. Recent research has found that nearlymelanoma has been physicians continually relaxing their half the people of all age groups taking RDA-strength supple-standards for what constitutes melanoma. ments have too little vitamin D. When the body doesnt haveJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 37
  • 36. enough of it to absorb adequate calcium from food, it extracts cal- moved under standard light, before the birth of the next litter thecium from bone.64 male must be removed to prevent aggressiveness and cannibalism. FS light also strengthens immunity in other ways. It helps pro- Moved back to natural light for still another litter, he is gentletect against multiple sclerosis, heart attacks and conversion of again.73 Although human fathers arent likely to eat their babies,HIV to AIDS, among other things. These are elaborated and fully do we really want more domestic aggressiveness?referenced in the remainder of the paper [see NEXUS website]. Alternating full-spectrum light and total dark cured children"Protect ourselves from ultraviolet whenever we can see our shad- born blind as a result of brain injury. The technique was advocat-ow," as the EPA frighteningly warns? Wont doing that then con- ed by W. H. Bates about 1904 and endorsed by Aldous Huxley institute a full-employment plan for dentists, orthopaedic surgeons 1930. Efficacy was confirmed in the recent Annual Report fromand oncologists as well as pharmaceutical drug companies? the British Institute for Brain Injured Children.74 How can all this be explained? Full-spectrum light, entering• FS Light vs Cancers the eyes during waking hours, promotes night-time pineal gland Cancers hate full-spectrum light. A tumour-susceptible strain of secretion of melatonin. This sleep-promoting antioxidant destroysmice lived more than twice as long under full-spectrum as under carcinogenic hydroxyl radicals—and also slows ageing. 75, 76standard lighting, and rats exposed to full-spectrum light had Melatonin can suppress growth of human breast cancer cells insignificantly lessened tumour development. 65 The tunnel-visioned vitro (in a test tube), and can cross all barriers to enter everyNational Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society ignore cell.77, 78 So enough sleep—best achieved in total darkness 79—these findings, which six major medical centres have confirmed. 66 becomes anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-heart attack Terminal cancer patients, who Dr Ott knew of personally, got therapy!well in a rocking chair in the sunshine. Dr Jane Wright, directing Except in short-term emergencies, people younger than aboutcancer research at Bellevue Memorial 50 should use supplements of melatoninMedical Center in New York City in cautiously, if at all.80 For people over1959, was fascinated by Otts ideas. 40 to 45, one to three milligramsSo she instructed progressive-tumour before bedtime safely promotes bothpatients to avoid artificial lights and Terminal cancer patients, prompt falling asleep and a goodstay outdoors as much as possible that who Dr Ott knew of nights rest, in addition to its other ben-summer. They were not to wear sun- efits.81glasses or prescription lenses, which personally, got well in a In a laboratory, viruses are weakenedblock UV light. By that fall, thetumours in 14 of 15 had not grown, rocking chair in the by exposure to full-spectrum light that includes traces of UV. Infectiousand some patients had got better; the sunshine. organisms such as E. coli K 1 2one whose condition deteriorated sat AB2480, which can cause food poison -outdoors but wore prescription lenses. ing, dislike ultraviolet too. 8 2 T h eOtt has been criticised for making no Morris Center in Winnipeg, Canada,scientifically controlled human stud- promotes "amazing" healing by shiningies. Well, funding for continuation of that study was with- full-spectrum light onto wounds.83drawn—that was his experience over and over. 67 One woman with cancer ventured out with Norwegian fisher- • FS Light vs Seasonal Affective Disordermen, ate a lot of their catch and recovered; friends ate fish but The power of full-spectrum light against SAD (seasonal depres-stayed inside—and their cancers killed them.68 Had she "protect- sion)—again, by entering the eyes—has been amply demonstrat-ed" herself from UV when she could see her shadow, as the EPA ed. FS light benefits nonseasonal depression, too, 84 but not asadvises, would her cancer have ended? And if sun-loving m u c h .85 Such light energises and regulates the bodys entireArizonans threw away their sunscreens and sunglasses and limited chemistry. Wont "protecting" millions of people from UV, as thetheir sun exposure to about 30 minutes a day, 69, 70 wouldnt their EPA advocates, then worsen the growing epidemic of depression?cancers largely disappear? Dietary sufficiency of vitamin D also needs consideration here. A Chicago-area elementary school suddenly reported five times "Seasonal affective disorder has been treated successfully withthe national average incidence of leukaemia, a kind of cancer of vitamin D. In a recent study covering 30 days of treatment com-the blood. All of the afflicted children but one were being taught paring vitamin D supplementation with two-hour daily use ofin rooms where teachers kept the blinds drawn, and the children light boxes, depression completely resolved in the D group butwere exposed all day only to melanoma-promoting fluorescent not in the light-box group."87light. When even the amount of UV that can get through window The cells in the retinas of your eyes will not divide andglass was let in, the leukaemia cluster disappeared.71 (Raymond regenerate without a small amount of ultraviolet light. And so full-Peat, PhD, thinks FS sunlight is best received through glass.72) spectrum light reduces the risk of retinal degeneration, the leading cause of blindness among the elderly.88 Retinal haemorrhage, the• FS Light vs Arthritis and Blindness most severe phase of the condition, can also result from long-term Early in his research career, Dr Ott fell and broke his glasses; use of aspirin.89 (A prominent ophthalmologist declared thesoon, his arthritis disappeared. And in 1996, Marion Patricia outcome "unlikely"; however, an exhaustive computer literatureConnolly, executive director of Price–Pottenger Nutrition search by Kirk Hamilton, PA-C, publisher of Clinical PearlsFoundation (PPNF), had much the same experience. Full-spec- News, found no refutation of the finding.) White willow barktrum eyeglasses, i.e., lenses that transmit all ultraviolet light, are provides the same benefits as aspirin without stomach irritation ordifficult to find. I take off my glasses outdoors whenever I can. blindness, as do three glasses daily of purple grape juice. And Exposed to full-spectrum light, a father rat is docile and evenhelpful after his babies are born. But when the same rat pair is Continued on page 8138 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 37. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 39
  • 38. 40 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 39. [Editors Note: This article refers to research studies involving animals. We wish to advise readers that we at NEXUS do not condone or support the validity, efficacy or morality of animal experimentation or vivisection.] THE TOTH INCIDENT I n Moscow on 11 June 1977, Los Angeles Times correspondent Robert C. Toth was arrested and detained on a charge of illegally obtaining papers which disclosed "state secrets". The papers had been given to Toth by a Soviet scientist, Valery G. Petukhov. Toth had first met the Russian biophysicist earlier in the year. While Soviet advances in Petukhov seemed eager to show his scientific findings to Toth, the correspondent felt that biophysics and his work was "only theory and far too complicated" for a newspaper story. Toth reported that, as best as he could recall, Petukhov asserted that certain particles of biocommunications living cells "are emitted" when such cells divide, that they can be "detected and measured and that these radiating particles can carry information". Their function could "explain research forced the the basis for telepathy" and related phenomena. To Toth, Valery Petukhov seemed "like a serious scientist". According to a card he Americans to set up handed the reporter, he was Chief of the Laboratory of Bio-Physics at the State Control Institute of Medical and Biological Research. He had been recommended to Toth by a their own "crash dissident Soviet scientist who later emigrated. At their first meeting, the Los Angeles Times man told Petukhov that once the scientists had proved this theory he would be inter- program" in ested in writing about it. parapsychology Months passed. In mid-June 1977, Petukhov phoned Toth. The biophysicist told Toth that his experiments had succeeded. He planned to describe them in a formal scientific during the Cold paper; but, as Soviet authorities would certainly refuse to publish his work, he wanted to translate the paper into English and give it to Toth for publication in the West. At the ren- War era. dezvous, Petukhov took a manuscript from his briefcase. It contained over 20 typewritten sheets, complete with charts and photos of charts. It looked like a complex, comprehen- sive scientific paper, well-documented, appropriately technical. Toth never managed to get a real look at the paper; for it was at that moment that a melodrama began, when a Soviet-made Fiat braked sharply at the kerb. The car was filled with five plainclothesmen who jumped out and quite unceremoniously pulled Toth inside. Robert Toths account stated: "Our car drove through red lights and down one-way Part 1 of 3 streets the wrong way to a militia [police] station. My captors were firm and polite, offer- ing me cigarettes. I was ushered into a room with an inspector who declined my requests to phone the US Embassy but said a Soviet Foreign Ministry official would be called." In addition to the Foreign Ministry official and a KGB agent, a man named Sparkin, the police inspector summoned a senior researcher of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Professor I. M. Mikhailov. Mikhailov was asked to provide expert testimony on the paper Petukhov had given to Toth, which the police were now treating as "evidence". Specifically, Professor Mikhailov stated: "The article beginning Petukhov, Valery G., by Martin Ebon © 1996 from the words micro-organism self-radiation to the words by means of vacuum particles in space, states that within the content of living cells are particles...and these particles are From the website: grounds for discussing the fundamental problems of biology in the context of biology and parapsychology. There is also information about the uses of such particles. This material Pages/Ebon1.html is secret and shows the kind of work done in some scientific institutes of our state." This last sentence raised eyebrows among observers of Soviet parapsychological studies throughout the world. Earlier, Moscow authorities on various levels had denied severalJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 41
  • 40. times that parapsychology was being researched in the Soviet Foreign Ministry. Toth and his family quickly arranged for aUnion. flight to the United States. A year before, Leningrad writer Vladimir Lvov had published The Toth incident was reported worldwide, and the Washingtonan article in the leading French daily Le Monde, in which he Post and the New York Times ran accounts of it. The incidentasserted categorically: "The truth is simple: parapsychology is then passed into oblivion, and most were none the wiser. Butnot accepted as a legitimate and official branch within Soviet sci- intelligence analysts understood that Toth had got into his hand, ifence. No institute or centre or research in the Soviet Union is only for a few moments, one of the tips of the enormous icebergdevoted to telepathy, psychokinesis, etc." of top-secret Soviet research into psychic powers of the human Yet the Mikhailov testimony in the Toth incident directly con- mind.tradicted the Lvov statement. Professor Mikhailovs testimony on the Petukhov paper and FEAR AND IDEOLOGY ON BOTH SIDESToths police interrogation at the Pushkin Street Station lasted By 1968, some years before the Toth incident, American intelli-about two-and-a-half hours. At last, a representative of the US gence analysts had begun noticing a Soviet Secret Police (KGB)Embassy, Vice Consul Lawrence C. Napper, was permitted to trend indicating serious interest in the West in what is calledcome to the station. The reporters account of his meeting with "parapsychology". This trend began when the KGBs far-flungPetukhov was read aloud and translated into operations came under the direction of YuriRussian. But Toth refused to sign a hand- Andropov (named General Secretary of thewritten Russian version of it. The KGB man Soviet Communist Party in late 1982).Sparkin then told him he was "free to go". But even the KGB, for all of its experi- Toths Moscow difficulties were not at an ence, large staff, skills and high-priority sta-end. The following Tuesday, Toth had a tus, had not developed a clear-cut policytelephone call from another US Embassy towards psychic experiments; conflictingofficial, Theodore McNamara, who asked But intelligence analysts attitudes within its leadership appear to havehim to come to the Embassy immediately. understood that Toth caused erratic actions. This was well illus-He added that the matter was "serious". trated when agents arrested Toth and thereby At McNamaras office, Napper and two had got into his hand, revealed that secret research was in fact tak-other officials were waiting. They handed if only for a few ing place at government institutes.Toth a Soviet note that had been delivered US Government officials were jittery thathalf an hour earlier. It contained the follow- moments, one of the research in parapsychology might causeing passages: tips of the enormous them to be accused of spending public "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is funds on science fiction projects.authorised to state the following to the iceberg of top-secret When columnist Jack Anderson report-American Embassy: Soviet research into ed early in 1981 that a laboratory in the On 11th June of this year, Robert basement of the Pentagon was devotedCharles Toth was apprehended at the psychic powers of the to parapsychological experiments, hismoment of meeting a Soviet citizen— human mind. comments were heavy with ridicule andPetukhov, Valery Georgiyevich— sarcasm.which took place under suspicious cir- Andersons assistant, Ron McRae,cumstances. When apprehended, the alleged in an article, "Psychic Warfare"American journalist was found to have (The Investigator, October 1981), thatmaterials given to him by Petukhov, "the Pentagon is spending millions oncontaining secret data. parapsychology in a crash program to "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs end Russias psycho-superiority".informs the American Embassy that, in McRae, who was doing research for aconformity with established procedure, Toth will be summoned book on US Government projects in psychic studies, said the USfor interrogation by the investigatory organs, in connection with Secret Service had "commissioned studies on ways to protect thewhich his departure from Moscow until the end of the investiga- President from the Kremlins mind control". He wrote that itstion is not desired." agents as well as CIA staffers had been "required to take courses Within the hour, a polite KGB agent, wearing a flowered shirt in mind control" at universities in the Washington area, to "pre-and grey suit, arrived, asked Toth to identify himself and told him vent them", as he put it, "from falling under the spell of Sovietto come to the State Securitys Lefortovo Centre for interrogation. psychics". Although such claims at the time bore earmarks ofToth was advised of Articles 108 and 109 of the Criminal Code exaggeration, they were nonetheless indicative of intenseand that he did not have diplomatic immunity. American interest in psi warfare possibilities. After two days of confusing interrogation, Toth was told: But American media accounts of psi warfare spread alarm and"Parapsychology as a whole may not be secret information. But amusement, and an ideological battlefield erupted not only in thethere could be fields of science within parapsychology which are United States but in the Soviet Union also. On the ideologicalsecret. It is not for me, as its a matter for experts to say what is battlefield of international Marxism, the controversy about para-secret, and the scientist has stated that the materials you received psychology, by whatever name, had gone on for two decades; itare a secret. And you received them under circumstances where showed no signs of abating.your behaviour and the information seem to be a breach of our Typical of those who regarded psychic studies as ideologicallaw." heresy was Soviet mathematician-physicist Dr Alexander After the second interrogation, Toth was told he was no longer Kitaygorodsky, who had categorised clairvoyance, precognitionneeded. The US Embassy received confirmation from the Soviet and psychokinesis as "supernatural" and thus outside "the domain42 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 41. of the natural sciences". Writing in the Moscow periodical Nauka Historically, Western parapsychology was rooted in the 19th-i Religia (Science and Religion ), an atheistic magazine, Dr century efforts to find scientific proof for such traditional reli-Kitaygorodsky stated as long ago as March 1966: "To me, there gious beliefs as life after no doubt whatever that those who relate such fairy tales are And as psychic phenomena retain the mysterious air of thefrauds, mystificators or, at best, grossly deceived. Men have unknown or unexplored, many Marxists accused Western para-believed in miracles for centuries, and for centuries there have psychologists of propagandising religio-folkloric "superstition"existed charlatans and impostors, conscious or unconscious. And and of advocating soft-headed "idealistic" concepts, in contrast tothe struggle against such deception of the human mind has gone the strictly "materialistic" approach promulgated by Karl Marxon for centuries, and in each century it has to begin anew." and V. I. Lenin. Such criticisms had been voiced on and off for But in the same magazine, science writer Leonid Fillipov took some 20 years in the Soviet Union.the opposite view and cited Marxist gospel to prove his point. He During the life of Mao Zedong, Chinese Communist ideologuesasked: "Does Professor Kitaygorodsky seriously believe that the even accused the Soviet Union and the United States of usingfrontiers of physics have been reached?" He cited scientific parapsychology to foster "religion without the Cross" in order tobreakthroughs in radioactivity, quantum theory and lasers, and distract their citizenry from economic difficulties.wrote: "What if telepathic phenomena conform to some new, as As we examine analyses of Soviet research, this continuing ide-yet undiscovered laws which do not contradict already known ological conflict must be kept in mind. But there can be littlerules governing electrons?" Fillipov added: "Rejecting a priori doubt that the extent of the Soviet effort did become enormous.the possibilities of telepathy and other In 1978, a US intelligence report was declas-processes still unfamiliar to science amounts sified and released, although it had originallyto rejecting Lenins idea that, on any given been scheduled for declassification inlevel of scientific development, our knowl- December 1990. The report was entitlededge of the work remains incomplete." "Controlled Offensive Intelligence Agency But beyond viewing with exaggerated (DIA), Task Number T72-01-14". In part, italarm, ridicule-cum-hyperbole and the credi- "The major impetus read:bility gap lie the realities of psychic func-tions, for good or ill. To obtain the correct behind the Soviet drive benefits Soviet Union is well aware of the "The and applications of parapsychologyperspective, let us keep in mind that para- to harness the possible research. The term parapsychology denotespsychology can play only a supporting rolein the Soviet Unions or any other military- capabilities of telepathic field consisting of the asciences of bionics, [in the Soviet Union] multi-disciplinaryscientific complex. It must therefore be seen communication, biophysics, psychophysics, psychology,as one element within a large and diffuse physiology and neuropsychology.defensive-offensive research apparatus. telekinetic and bionics "Many scientists, US and Soviet, feel thatPsychic elements might well be inte- is said to come from parapsychology can be harnessed tograted into, rather than be operated create conditions where one can alter orseparately from, other scientific or mil- the Soviet military manipulate the minds of others. Theitary projects. and the KGB major impetus behind the Soviet drive A major attraction for planners is the to harness the possible capabilities ofpromise of financial and organisational [Committee of State telepathic communication, telekineticsshortcuts. Why engage in high-costarmaments, for example, if one or sev- Security, Secret Police]." and bionics is said to come from the Soviet military and the KGBeral psychics might influence person- [Committee of State Security, Secretnel in the enemys missile silos, as a Police]."DIA report suggested? The costs of In continuing, the Defensemilitary hardware are a heavy burden Intelligence Agency report asserted thaton national economies in the East as the Soviet Union enjoyed a "head start"well as in the West—and ESP is cheap. in the field and had provided substantial financial backing. The report conclud-A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SOVIET PSYCHIC ed that "Soviet knowledge in this field is superior to that of theRESEARCH MACHINE US". It noted that Soviet researchers had explored "detrimental The origins of the Soviet psychic research machine remain a effects of subliminal perception techniques" that might even bemystery at best, mostly due to gaps in accessible documentation. "targeted against the US or allied personnel in nuclear missileIn any case, it would be clear that the research and attempted silos" by "telepathic means". The report also stated:development of specific, useful, psi powers of mind proceeded at "The potential applications of focusing mental influences on anthe start under severe ideological difficulties. Thus it is not easily enemy through hypnotic telepathy have surely occurred to theunderstandable how, and especially why, the Soviet research Soviets... Control and manipulation of the human consciousnessmachine grew to the monumental extent it did by about 1977. must be considered a primary goal." Soviet efforts to harness telepathy (mind-to-mind communica- At this point, the reader should again be cautioned that the ideo-tion), telekinesis (better known as psychokinesis, the influence of logical controversy about the study and use of psychic potentialsthe human mind on matter), or any other psychic ability needed to in the USSR had created gaps in public knowledge that inevitablyovercome strong ideological objections from Marxist theoreti- led to rumours and unverifiable claims. "Hypnotic telepathy", ofcians. Pragmatists, even those highly placed in scientific or gov- which the DIA report spoke, may well have been one of the targeternment circles, needed to justify their hopes for psychic experi- areas of Soviet research, but little current information on its statusments in acceptable ideological terms. was available.JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 43
  • 42. However, Russia had a long history of hypnosis studies in med- cerebral radiation in the course of thinking, and without conven-icine, education and psychiatry. Soviet literature reflected ongo- tional communication facilities."ing and contemporary scientific interest in the stimulation of He added: "One important feature of the above-mentionedtelepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis, either by drugs or elec- experiment is worthy of attention. The electromagnetic wavestronic means. In the past, Russian researchers had experimented accompanying the thought-formation process (visual perceptions)with telepathy at a distance—a technique of intriguing potential. in the inductors brain reached the cells of the inductees cortex after having travelled a long distance, not only in the air andSOVIET PSYCHIC RESEARCH ORIGINS through water but also through the hull of a submarine. This It is quite likely that the Soviet research machine may have would justify the following conclusions: 1) these electromagneticoriginated with the work of Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinsky, a waves were propagated spheroidally, not in a narrow directedstudent in Tiflis (now Tbilisi) in the state of Georgia, bordering on beam; 2) these waves penetrated though the submarine hull,the Black Sea. His interests apparently were triggered by a tele- which did not block them; that is, it did not act as a Faradaypathic experience of his own. cage." In February 1922, Kazhinsky was invited to address the All- Kazhinsky noted that a radio receiver in the marine laboratoryRussian Congress of the Association of Naturalists, a top scientif- of the Soviet scientific research vessel Vityaz had been unsuccess-ic organisation perhaps equivalent to the American Institutes of ful in intercepting electric waves emitted in the water by the tor-Mental Health today. The topic of his lecture was "Human pedo fish. He added: "...the radio receivers in the submarine didThought-Electricity", and he quickly published a book under the not intercept these waves. This prompts the conclusion that somesame title. electromagnetic waves of a biological origin It would be clear, with Kazhinsky having possess yet another, still unknown, charac-been invited to address the All-Russian teristic which distinguishes them from con-Congress, that the Congress supported and ventional radio waves. It is possible that ourfunded Kazhinskys research work, which ignorance of that particular characteristicthereafter apparently became classified. By impedes further development of research1923, he had published his early findings in a "This prompts the work in that field."book entitled Thought Transference. This Vasiliev noted in another book,book attracted favourable attention among conclusion that some Experiments in Distant Influence ( w h i c himportant brain researchers at the time. electromagnetic waves first appeared in Moscowshore-to-subma- in 1962), that More visible and easier to document was while official denials of thethe work of Professor Leonid L. Vasiliev, of a biological origin rine experiment suggested "a certain cau-later to become Chief of the Department ofPhysiology at the University of Leningrad. possess yet another, tion", nevertheless: "This experiment showed—and herein resides its principalBorn in 1891, Vasiliev had been a stu- still unknown, value—that telepathic information candent of Leningrad physiologistVladimir M. Bekhterev, who had estab- characteristic which be transmitted without loss through a thickness of water and through thelished the Leningrad Brain Research distinguishes them from sealed metal covering of a submarine;Institute. His granddaughter, Natalia P. that is, through substances whichBekhtereva, joined the Institute in 1921 conventional radio greatly interfere with radio communi-and ultimately became its director. waves." cation. Such materials completely Vasiliev became a member of the absorb short waves and partly absorbCommittee for the Study of Mental medium waves, the latter being consid-Suggestion the following year. "Mental erably attenuated, whereas the factorsuggestion", or hypnosis, became cen- (still unknown to us) which transmitstral to his interest. In 1928, he visited suggestion penetrates them withoutParis as well as other Western difficulties."European cities. Vasiliev spoke andwrote French fluently, and the Paris EXPERIMENTS BY USInstitut Métapsychique International (IMI) remained his major CORPORATIONS & MILITARYcontact with Western psychical research throughout his life. Many have claimed that the infamous USS Nautilus story of Vasiliev established an ideological basis for the Soviet research 1959 in the United States served as the major prod for Soviet bio-in several books, lectures and articles. His basic thesis was that communications research. However, by 1959, some four decadesthe experimental facts of telepathy, for example, should be exam- after the Soviet research had already begun, presumably theirined from a physiological (or material) viewpoint, so that they machine would not have needed such a prod.could not be exploited by advocates of "religious superstition" (or The Nautilus was the worlds first nuclear-powered submarine,an idealistic viewpoint). He was criticised as providing a pseudo- launched in 1954 and christened by First Lady Mamiescientific framework for a return to idealism under the mantle of Eisenhower, wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. TheMarxist dialectical materialism. Nautilus made its first voyage under the North Pole in 1958. His major and influential book, Biological Radio Soon afterwards, French accounts claimed that while the subma-C o m m u n i c a t i o n , was published in Kiev by the Ukrainian rine was cruising deep in Arctic waters it received telepathic mes-Academy of Science in 1962. Kazhinsky concluded that he had sages from a research centre maintained by the Westinghouse"experimental confirmation of the fact that communication Corporation at Friendship, Maryland. The US Navy denied thatbetween two people, separated by long distances, can be carried such a test had ever taken place or that it was otherwise engagedout through water, over air and across a metal barrier by means of in telepathy experiments.44 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 43. However, several sources in France appeared which claimed one else except for one sailor who brought him meals and per-otherwise. My own efforts to obtain confirmation of the French formed other routine services.reports were unsuccessful. The reports held that such major US The final segment of these events, as reported in France, begancorporations as Westinghouse, General Electric in Schenectady, with the arrival of the Nautilus at Groton, its cruise completed.New York, and Bell Telephone in Boston had begun telepathy The envelopes were removed from the commanders safe, sent byresearch in 1958. The aim was to develop thought transmission car under escort to the nearest military airfield, flown toby telepathy, to record and produce telepathic signals, and to Friendship Airport near Baltimore, and then taken to Coloneldetermine the amplitude and frequencies on which telepathy oper- Bowerss laboratory. There the two sets of sheets were taken fromated. their envelopes, dates and times matched with each other and the According to the French sources, President Eisenhower had results tabulated. In over 70 per cent of the cases, the figures tal-received a study prepared by the Rand Corporation of Los lied: Jones had correctly "guessed" three-fourths of the imagesAngeles, a "think tank" under contract to the armed forces and seen by Smith.other US Government agencies. The report was said to recom- I was put off by these reports, particularly by the high scoremend studying the use of telepathy to establish communication ascribed to these experimental subjects and by their all-too-typicalwith submarines—particularly those cruising in waters under the American names.polar ice-cap, where radio communication channels are particular- On the other hand, the New York Herald Tribune had reportedly difficult. on 8 November 1958 that the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Westinghouses Friendship Laboratory had begun to study ESP using speciallyallegedly undertook just such an experiment designed apparatus. Dr Peter A. Castruccio,with the USS Nautilus, linking one person director of the companys newly organisedon land (the sender or inductor) with another Astronautic Institute, had spoken of the ESPperson in the submarine (the receiver or studies as "very promising", with the cautioninductee) while the vessel was submerged. that "a lot more work must be done beforeRepresentatives of the US Navy and Air we can come up with anything practical".Force were present during the experiment, I questioned W. D. Crawford, Staffaccording to the reports. The aim was to develop Section, Air Arm Division, Westinghouse, The original French reports fixed the start-ing date as 25 July 1959. The tests contin- thought transmission by studies project and he said that "while these on the have scientific value, any conclusionued daily for a total of 16 days. The person telepathy, to record and at this time would be premature and incon-in charge was identified as Colonel William produce telepathic clusive". These statements were publishedH. Bowers, director of the Biological in the Newsletter of the ParapsychologyDepartment of the Air Force research signals, and to determine Foundation (Jan–Feb 1959), as was ainstitute and the man who directed the report that Bell Telephone Laboratoriesexperiments at Friendship. Later the amplitude and had considered an ESP research projectaccounts identified the sender or induc- frequencies on which but had abandoned it.tor as "Smith", a student at Duke The Nautilus story is often referredUniversity, who was confined to one of telepathy operated. to as a hoax, since the French and otherthe Westinghouse Laboratorys build- sources remain unconfirmed.ings during the experimental period. However, the telepathic part of the The procedure was designed to have story might have added interest to theSmith transmit "visual impressions" Soviet effort, already four decades oldtwice daily at specified times. Using by 1958.methods developed by J. B. Rhine at the In any event, Raphel Kherumain, aParapsychology Laboratory, Duke prominent member of the Paris InstitutUniversity, Durham, North Carolina, a Métapsychique International, collectedcontrolled timing device shuffled 1,000 articles on the N a u t i l u s story andESP cards in a revolving drum in such a manner as to drop five mailed them to his long-time professional friend, Leonid on a table, one at a time, at one-minute intervals. Smith The implications that the Americans might be conducting ESPpicked up each card as it came out of the drum, looked at it and experiments did enter into the Soviet Unions ongoing monolithicsought to memorise the image. At the same time, he drew a picture research machine, which influenced the lives of countless menof the symbol (square, cross, star, wavy lines or circle) on a piece and women and caused expenditures that by 1983 were supposedof paper before him. Each test thus produced a sheet of paper to amount to US$500 million annually.covered with five symbols. Smith sealed each paper into anenvelope, which Colonel Bowers locked into a cage. EXPERIMENTS WITH PSI PARTICLES At the same time, a Navy lieutenant, identified as "Jones", sat Across the Ob River from Novosibirsk, a pioneer town in west-isolated in a stateroom on the Nautilus, functioning as the recipi- ern Siberia, lies Academgorodok, or Science City. For some fourent of the images Smith sought to convey by telepathy. Twice years, its Institute of Automation and Electrometry maintained adaily, Jones drew five symbols on a sheet of paper, choosing from research unit with the nondescript name of "Special Departmentamong the same symbols used by Smith. He placed the sheet No. 8". The building which housed the department could only beinside an envelope, sealed it and turned it over to his superior, entered if one knew the code, changed each week, for opening theCaptain William R. Andersen. The captain wrote the time and main doors lock. The "No. 8" operation was devoted to experi-date of the experiment on the envelope and put it into a safe in his ments in information transmission by bioenergetic means. As partown cabin. During the 16-day experiment period, Jones saw no of its program, physicists sought to discover the nature of "psiJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 45
  • 44. particles"—the elusive elements that some Soviet scientists different administrative or research tactics in dealing with psychicregarded as essential to the function of such psychic techniques as studies.biocommunication and bioenergetics. Sterns recollections concerning photon waves have since been Novosibirsk was a logical place for such advanced studies. confirmed. Three researchers at Novosibirsks Institute ofAfter World War II, its Science City was developed with such sin- Clinical and Experimental Medicine and at the Institute ofgle-mindedness that even the names of the streets and city squares Automation and Electrometry (Siberian Section, USSR Academyreflect its nature. For example, one could take a bus down of Sciences) are credited with undertaking the key experiment onThermophysics Street, get off at the corner of Calculators Street the problem. They were Vlail Kanachevy, Simon Shchurin andand walk across Institute of Hydrodynamics Square. The city Ludmilla Mikhailova. Their experiment, designed to establishcontained some 40 research centres and housed tens of thousands photon communication between cells of living organisms, hasof scientists and their families. been listed in the State Register of Discoveries by the Committee When the No. 8 project was established in 1966, some 60 for Invention and Discoveries, which functioned under the USSRresearchers were brought to Science City from other parts of the Council of Ministers. An English translation of their paperUSSR. One of the researchers, Dr August Stern, provided an appeared in the Journal of Paraphysics (vol. 7, no. 2, 1973) asaccount of the departments operation after he migrated to France "Report from Novosibirsk: Communication between Cells".in 1977. He told the New York Times that the projects director, a Their experiment indicated that cells could communicate ill-Soviet officer, Vitaly Perov, had shown special "deference to two ness, such as a virus infection, despite the fact that the cells werevisitors", presumably KGB officers, "who physically separated. The tests showed thatcame in the early days" of the project "to when one group of cells was contaminatedcheck on the installations". with a virus, the adjacent group—although Theory and application of psi principles separated by quartz glass—"caught the dis-were part of the experiments. Stern dealt ease". When regular glass was used to sepa-with aspects of theoretical physics, designed rate the two cell groups, the non-contaminat-to solve the enigma of psychic energies ed cells remained healthy.flowing between living things. He said that The experimenters linked their idea to thethe centres elaborate equipment had "cost Their experiment concept prominent in Soviet bioenergeticsmany millions". In line with other Sovietexperiments, the Novosibirsk centre did indicated that cells research: the existence of unknown commu- nication channels in living cells for the trans-such things as apply electric shocks to kit- could communicate fer of information—"a language of wavestens to see whether their mother, three floors illness, such as a virus and radiation", as Shchurin called it. Theabove, would react to their experience in a medical researcher added these comments:telepathic way. This type of experi- infection, despite "Why should information on all thement was similar to a rumoured test in processes of life be necessarily trans-which baby rabbits were taken down the fact that the cells mitted by chemical means, which arebelow sea level in a Russian submarine were physically certainly not the most economicaland then killed while the mother rabbit methods? After all, any chemicalremained ashore, her reactions moni- separated. change is primarily an interaction oftored by measuring brain and heart electrons, complicated formations thatfunctions. carry a reserve of energy. In colliding Project No. 8 included telepathy- with a substance, they would eithertype distance experiments among peo- transfer this energy to it or radiate it inple. Inductors, or senders, were stimu- the form of photons, or light particles.lated in one group of rooms while "Today there are no methods forrecipients were placed elsewhere, their studying the specific character of pho-responses monitored on closed-circuit ton radiations, the constant normal radi-television. The centre also undertook ation or normal cells. We decided tothe study of electromagnetic forces in person-to-person and mind- evade the ban imposed by physics by creating an artificial situa-over-matter experiments. Among the laboratory animals used in tion. We subjected cells taken from an organism to extremethe project were monkeys. effects to observe the character of radiations emitted by them. Stern recalled further details: "There were also experiments That the cell radiated photons was known. But perhaps the cellwith photon waves, in which frogs eyes were used as a more sen- was able to perceive them, too? Our experiments provided thesitive measuring instrument than a machine. Another experiment answers to this question."involved putting bacteria on two sides of a glass plate to see The barrier of quartz glass permitted neither viruses nor chemi-whether a fatal disease could be transmitted through the glass. It cal substances to travel between the two vessels inhabited by thewas reasoned that if this could be done, it would show that pho- cells. Yet, as Shchurin picturesquely put it, "the affected cells vir-tons—light particles—accounted for some inexplicable forms of tually cried out loud about the danger" when they were attackedcommunication." by the virus, and "their cry freely penetrated the barrier of quartz Stern did not succeed in the project he had been assigned, and glass which permitted ultraviolet waves to pass".which he regarded as a legitimate scientific challenge. In fact, the "Something highly improbable happened," noted Shchurin.whole No. 8 department was dissolved in 1969, much too early to "These waves were not only perceived by the neighbouring cells,have achieved definitive results. Stern concluded that the shut- they also conveyed the sickness to the neighbouring cells."down reflected "a change in attitude or power balance in theKremlin". Presumably, Moscow authorities had decided on Continued on page 8346 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
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  • 46. 48 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 47. SCIENCE "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING" 1) the concept of aether/ZPE; two dielectric plates, and erroneously REVISITED 2) creation of energy from nothing; described as an "attraction"—as extracted by Jerry W. Decker, KeelyNet, 2001 3) thermodynamics; from my Rectifying Chaos file: 4) conversion. "The Casimir force is a short-rangeM ost mainstreamers have the erro- attraction between any two objects, caused neous conception that alternative The "Lost Aether" (now called Zero by...electromagnetic fluctuations in the science fans, experimenters and Point Energy or ZPE) vacuum. ...any two plates, whether con-researchers are looking to "create some- Purists prefer the term "aether", but I ductor or dielectrics, would experience athing from nothing" in order to provide think the term should be used interchange- fourth power force law...also proportionalpower necessary to run their perpetual ably with the newer "ZPE", also called "the to the dielectric constant of the plates.motion machines or free energy devices. spacetime metric" or "vacuum energy". It The majority of people I know and com- is spelled with an "a" to avoid confusionmunicate with are seeking one thing: a with the chemical ether.working free energy or gravity control (Much like the popular "Browns gas", "There is no reason fordevice—something we all can see, test, which was essentially stolen from Drbuild (or buy) and use to make all of our Rhodes who patented it in 1966 and has any individual to have alives easier. continued with additional research, I think computer in their home." the cleanest, most rational thing to do at this late stage is to call it "hydroxy gas", as — Ken Olsen used during World War II and earlier.) President, Chairman & Founder Because of such confusions, I choose to Digital Equipment Corp., 1977 "Heavier-than-air flying use the term "aether" in combination to machines are impossible." form "aether/ZPE", and so include the old and the new. — Lord Kelvin "The equations are only valid down to a President, Royal Society, 1895 separation distance proportional to the min- imum wavelength at which the plates are still a good conductor, or the dielectric con- "I think there is a world stant is not unity. For distances closer than market for maybe five that...attractive force a computers." rate proportional to the third power of the It gets ever more tedious having to separation distance...explain and correct people who write or "The closest separation distance... [that — Thomas Watsoncall in, calling me and others who think has been attained is 14 angstroms] (aboutalong similar lines "flakes", "fools", Chairman, IBM, 1943 five atoms) with two crossed cylinders of"idiots" or other choice insults. They mica...havent bothered to study the very subjects "...the measured force between the twothey are ranting against. They havent mica cylinders was over ten tons per squarebothered to ask questions, follow any dis- metre!"cussions or read any documents relating to In a nutshell, aether/ZPE is the energeticthe subject. Yet they have no problem "quantum foam" of space. It permeates andwriting rude or insulting letters, full of ad sustains the universe. It pops in and out of "The [flying] machine willhominem attacks, believing themselves to existence in a ceaseless "jitter", and in its eventually be fast; they willbe the possessor of all that is right and true. wake produces the effect of gravity, other be used in sport, but theyWhere does the error lie? energies and the localisations (precipita- Ive often thought of writing up a web tions of energy) that produce matter. Just are not to be thought of aspage, explaining it in terms and analogies as E = mc2, where matter can be exploded commercial carriers."the "critics" can understand, so that is what to produce immense forces, so too canthis page is attempting to do. energy be coalesced and precipitated to — Octave Chanute This paper is intended to address four produce matter. aviation pioneer, 1904key points which I consider as the basis for It has been detected by Casimir as anall energy production: immense pressure by the forces exerted onJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 49
  • 48. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE I wont belabour the explanation of To my view and in my communications can prevent the passage of aether/ZPE andaether/ZPE with all the information avail- with many others, nothing could be further gravity into the so-called "closed" system;able on the Net, but I do want to make one from the truth. No one with whom I have e r g o, additional forces from outside theother point. Nature seeks equilibrium. communicated has ever suggested that box, and which pass into and through theWhen equilibrium is disturbed, it produces energy was being created. Instead, many box, are necessarily injecting extra energypolarisation, a separation into two distinct of us believe it is possible to extract energy inside the box, which can be interceptedforces: a positive-pressure wave and a neg- from the repulsion/attraction of magnetism, and converted to add energy to the closedative-vacuum wave, both of which seek to from gravity and from the omnipresent system.rejoin in order to achieve an equilibrium aether/ZPE. Can anyone deny that gravity permeatesthat matches the ambient environment. But let us not limit our seeking to just the box? If it did not, the box would float Whenever you have polarities, you have three sources, but expand it to include any off into space with nothing to hold it down.a gradient for each polarity. This gradient energy or force gradient, knowing that the Would it not follow that an aether/ZPEcan be thought of as having the greatest polarities, when placed in the proper would also permeate the closed system?intensity on the outside of the wave where arrangement, must combine to create the We must learn to convert or translateit is furthest from the ambient zero natural condition of equilibrium. that additional energy (aether/ZPE, gravity,reference. As the polarities move to recombine, we whatever) into a form that we can use, i.e., intend to guide them through the wheel- work of our machinery to do practical work. It also might be possible to tap into the force that causes the equilibrium dis- "Airplanes are interesting "Computers in the future ruption in the first place, since there is an toys but of no military may weigh no more than expansion and a collapse cycle to any equi- value." librium disturbance. 1.5 tons." — Marshal Ferdinand Foch Irreversible Entropy and Closed French Commander of Allied — Popular Mechanics, 1949 Systems Forces during the closing months The two major errors made by modern of World War I, 1918 science is sticking to the belief in the first and second "laws" of thermodynamics. Gravity decreases as you ascend from the mechanical, electrical, etc. This is whatEarth. In this case, it means it is strongest "The telephone has too many so-called perpetual motion and freenearest the Earth. Therefore, you have a energy machines do, and many of us atgradient that can be tapped to use the gravi- many shortcomings to be KeelyNet are trying to replicate these forty increase over distance (height) to pro- seriously considered as a practical use worldwide.duce work. means of communication. With regard to point 2, under the second Aether/ZPE, being omnipresent, also has The device is inherently of law, the claim states that there is always adensities that are gradients. The Casimir no value to us." net increase in entropy, which drags theplates do not push together when even an system down into chaos and causes it even-inch apart, but, placed within 14 angstroms, tually to stop; meaning that entropy is irre- — Western Union memo, 1876the pushing of the ambient ZPE forces versible and there can be no restorative,them together with a pressure of 10 tons rejuvenating force.per square metre, as earlier quoted. Do not tons convert to pressure? Can we The first law states that the total energy,not take advantage of this pressure, as including heat, in a (closed) system is con- "The wireless music box hasMaclay is attempting under the auspices of served. By "closed", we mean a system no imaginable commercialhis US$300,000 NASA grant? that is completely cut off or insulated from value. Who would pay for There is a new science coming which its surroundings, so that no material orwill revolutionise the world in ways we energy enters or leaves. a message sent to nobody incannot now imagine. The second law states that for a sponta- particular?" neous process, there is a net increase inThe Creation of Energy Error entropy. The second law is possibly the — David Sarnoffs associates, This first issue deals with the commonly most misunderstood scientific principle. responding to his urgings forheld consensus that we seek "something The two most obvious misuses are: investment in radio in the 1920sfrom nothing" and are attempting to create 1. Perpetual motion machines;energy. The standard erroneous statement 2. The statement, "Evolution is impossi-made by orthodox science goes back as far ble since entropy cant decrease". Under currently undefined conditions, itas Sir Isaac Newton, who once observed: With regard to point 1, there is no closed should be possible to adjust the perfor-"The seekers after perpetual motion are try- system possible with materials and forces mance characteristics of a system so thating to get something from nothing." currently available (at least publicly) that the operation involves the least possible50 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 49. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEresistance as well as takes advantage of the produce cold in the local area. However, anyone can do and will undeniably showintroduction (and conversion to other that is beyond the scope of this paper. the presence of aether/ZPE.forms) of outside energy (as per "law" no. With aether/ZPE, it is a matter of rectifi- That does not apply to gravity, which1) in the form of gravity, aether/ZPE, etc. cation of the energy as it appears and one day we will learn to tap when we dis- To my view, it appears that everything begins to collapse. This can be tapped to cover how to overbalance a wheel, askeys into a wave or motion, where one half produce mechanical or electrical forces, Johannes Bessler did, or when we learn toof that wave or motion is positive, under where the separated, polarised energies can reduce the intensity of gravity under one"pressure" and adds power, and the other be guided into a single form of either pure half of a wheel so it will be continuallyside is negative, has "vacuum" and extracts positive or pure negative. This is dealt overbalanced and "fall into itself".power. with in my paper on Rectifying Chaos. There is no question that gravity is a If the energy is already separated from force, and we do in fact tap it through thethe natural state of equilibrium, then most Conversion versus Creation flow of water over a dam to produceof our work is done. Why? Because it is Now for the crux of all this verbiage: the mechanical power converted to electricalthe recombining of these polarities back to contention that free energy enthusiasts current in hydroelectric installations. Thea state of equilibrium that will provide the claim to create something from nothing. overbalancing principle used by Bessler That is an error. We are trying to convert and probably others is the key to the whole gravity and other ambient forces into thing. mechanical and/or electrical energy that It is important to bear in mind that with "Everything that can be can do work. Its not such a brain-stretcher. an influx of energy, such as gravity, from invented has been In fact, we depend on conversion from one space, there must be a gradient as it invented." form of energy to another in our everyday increases with proximity to the Earth. lives; for example: Where there is a gradient, there is a differ- — Charles H. Duell 1) we convert the motion of a magnetic ence of potential. When there is a differ- Commissioner, US Office of field past a copper coil into electrical ence of potential, you have the natural flow Patents, 1899 current; of the two potentials trying to rejoin to re- 2) we convert wind energy to electrical establish equilibrium. In this case, it is the energy or mechanical force; attraction of gravity towards the Earth. It is the force exerted by nature, in her attempt"work" we can use to carry out practical at regaining equilibrium, that we must learnapplications. to tap. In the case of gravity, it already has a Since there is a natural overbalance duegradient and so is immensely available for "The bomb will never go to the gradient, if we can lower the resis-tapping under the right configuration. In off, and I speak as an expert tance of the recovery side of the circuit orthe case of aether/ZPE, which pops into in explosives." design to a level less than the additionaland out of existence, we need to learn to energy imparted from the pressurised sidedetect its appearance and capture it. It — Admiral William Leahy of the gradient, then we first achieve unitymight be possible to capture as the original US Atomic Energy Project, 1945 and then over-unity.unknown force that separates the vacuum We have the Casimir effect to show thein the first place, and with the collapse of pressure of aether/ZPE to the tune of 10the wave back to its state of equilibrium. tons per square metre—a tremendous 3) we convert water energy to electrical energy or mechanical force; "We dont like their sound, 4) we convert geothermal energy to elec- "Who the hell wants to hear trical energy or mechanical force; and guitar music is on the actors talk?" 5) we convert gasoline and other com- way out." bustibles to explosive force or to heat or to — Harry M. Warner light; — Decca Recording Co. Warner Brothers, 1927 6) nature converts sunlight and heat into rejecting The Beatles, 1962 life itself with the right mix of nutrients. None of these produces "something from nothing"; it is the conversion of something to something else, from one form of energy amount of energy that forces the dielectric When you think about an expansion to another form of energy. plates together. This should be capable ofwave versus a collapsing wave, there might Is it so hard to comprehend the conver - "conversion" to produce work as practicalbe properties quite opposite each other, and sion of gravity, aether/ZPE or other gradi- applications.which deal with the claims of a "cold cur- ents into other useful forces? Lambertsons WIN cell (at least the sam-rent"—where sparking wires produce frost, One bugaboo we face is proving the ples I saw) uses a rubbery insulator lookingand circuits tapping this form of energy existence of aether/ZPE in a practical, something like silicone caulk so that the reproducible and simple experiment that plates slap together from the pressurisedJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 51
  • 50. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEhigh side of the wave; then, when the vacu- One final comment. Some think thatum-release side of the wave comes into simple experiments are wasted time, effort,play, the rubber pushes the plates apart to money and resources. They take the "[It] is, of course, altogether"recock" or "reload" it for the next pressure approach that "its all been done before" valueless... Ours has beenwave that again collapses it. and so is well understood, therefore "dont the first, and will doubtless The machines that will present a problem bother doing experiments, dont tinker, be the last, party of whites torequiring very-long-term monitoring and dont try anything that hasnt been proved". visit this profitless locality."measurement are those like Bedinis and Other frequent comments... What goodthe Gray motor, which use very little elec- are "anomalies", tiny effects that have no — Lt Joseph D. Ives, Corps oftrical energy to get a large mechanical possible use? What good is running a mag- Topographical Engineers, 1861,force, thus extending the life of the battery net past a wire, because it only produces a on the Grand Canyonfar longer than is normal. tiny current? Has that not been scaled up John Bedini says he has machines in his with bigger magnets and more coils to pro-basement that have been running for yearson a single battery. He says that Bearden experiments with the possibility that youvisited once and accidentally bumped into might experience something that no onea battery which had been running a "Landing and moving around else has noticed; or you might build yourmachine for years; the battery fell apart and on the Moon offer so many own version of a "known" experiment thatwas dried out inside, but the machine kept could well produce an interesting anomaly,running. Ask him; hell tell you that him- serious problems for human which could be scaled up for the next bigself. beings that it may take discovery. If nothing else, you are building The bottom line is that the device must science another 200 years to up your equipment, skills and understand-produce sufficient energy to recharge the lick them." ing that will help you with future projectsdriving circuit; otherwise, over a very long and experiments.period of time, it will run down as it proves — Science Digest, August 1948 So before you write an email criticisingout to be an extended pendulum effect, free energy seekers, you might also write to the providers and users of windpower, solar power, hydroelectric and geothermal power "The ordinary horseless as well as anyone who drives a car, mows a duce massive electrical power? What good lawn or runs a magnet past a coil to pro- carriage is at present a is burning a few drops of gasoline or oil, duce electrical current, since they are pro- luxury for the wealthy; and only useful for lighting? Has that kind of thinking not been disproved by exploding ducing energy from nothing and need to be although its price will corrected with your "laws". ∞ the expanded gas or oil in a closed cylinder probably fall in the future, it to transport our nation? will never come into as There are, of course, many more obvious About the Author: common use as the bicycle." "anomalies" that have changed the world, Jerry Decker is an avid alternative sci- conceived by perceptive people willing to ence networker and the founder and — The Literary Digest, 1889 owner of KeelyNet. He has a 22-year background in professional electronics, specialising in technical support and "X rays are a hoax." machine maintenance.where a clockspring, once wound, will "Aircraft flight is A firm believer that information musteventually run down unless it can somehow be freely shared, particularly about free impossible." energy and gravity control technologies,rewind itself—something that every branchof physics says cannot happen due to the "Radio has no future." Jerry has kept KeelyNet focused since itsfirst and second laws. inception as a bulletin board in 1988. In Bedinis case, as I understand it, the — Lord Kelvin The goal of KeelyNet was, is andbattery is recharged in a negentropic, nega- physicist and mathematician remains quite simple: to assist, inspiretive resistance effect peculiar to his (1824–1907) and catalyse working alternative sciencemachines. technologies that everyone can dupli- Research done by Prigogine and others cate, verify and put into practical use toin the fields of chaos theory, criticality, dis- benefit our world.sipative structures and self-organising experiment, share and expand on what has Jerry Decker can be contacted at:fields is shedding light on how such been found. KeelyNetprocesses work—research that I think will Many of our most useful processes PO Box 570309provide key design components when the resulted from these simple, useless anom- Dallas, TX 75357-0309, USAfirst reproducible, self-running free energy alies. For that reason, KeelyNet has always Tel/fax: +1 (214) 324 3501circuit is publicly released and duplicated urged people to experiment wherever pos- Email: jdecker@keelynet.comworldwide. sible, even repeating supposedly "known" Website: www.keelynet.com52 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 51. I n the late 1880s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free elec- tricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming commonplace. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high-frequency currents. There was an excitement about the future like never before. Within 20 years there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, tele- phones, radio and practical cameras. The Victorian age was giving way to something totally new. For the first time in history, common people were encouraged to envision a utopian future filled with abundant modern transportation and communication as well as The spread of jobs, housing and food for everyone. Disease would be conquered and so would poverty. Life was getting better, and this time everyone was going to get "a piece of the pie". working free-energy So what happened? In the midst of this technological explosion, where did the energy breakthroughs go? Was all of this excitement about "free electricity", which happened just technologies has before the beginning of the last century, just wishful thinking that "real science" eventually disproved? been prevented by wealthy elites, CURRENT STATE OF TECHNOLOGY Actually, the answer to that question is "No". In fact, the opposite is true. Spectacular governments, energy technologies were developed right along with the other breakthroughs. Since that time, multiple methods for producing vast amounts of energy at extremely low cost have deluded inventors been developed. None of these technologies has made it to the "open" consumer market as an article of commerce, however. Exactly why this is true will be discussed shortly. and con men, as But first, I would like to describe to you a short list of "free energy" technologies that I am currently aware and that are proven beyond all reasonable doubt. The common feature well as a non- connecting all of these discoveries is that they use a small amount of one form of energy to control or release a large amount of a different kind of energy. Many of them in some demanding public. way tap the underlying aether field—a source of energy conveniently ignored by "modern" science. 1. Radiant Energy Nikola Teslas Magnifying Transmitter, T. Henry Morays Radiant Energy Device, Edwin Grays EMA Motor and Paul Baumanns Testatika Machine all run on "radiant energy". This natural energy form (mistakenly called "static" electricity) can be gathered directly from the environment or extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called "fractionation". Radiant energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity, at less than 1% of the cost. It does not behave exactly like electricity, however, and this has contributed to the scientific communitys misunderstanding of it. by Peter Lindemann, DSc © 2001 The Methernitha Community in Switzerland currently has five or six working models of fuelless, self-running devices that tap this energy. Clear Tech, Inc. PO Box 37 2. Permanent-Magnet-Powered Motors Metaline Falls, WA 99153, USA Dr Robert Adams (New Zealand) has developed astounding designs of electric motors, Telephone: (509) 446 2353 generators and heaters that run on permanent magnets. One such device draws 100 watts Email: of electricity from the source, generates 100 watts to recharge the source and produces Website: over 140 BTUs of heat in two minutes! Dr Tom Bearden (USA) has two working models of a permanent-magnet-poweredJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 53
  • 52. electrical transformer. It uses a 6-watt electrical input to control for the cost of water.the path of a magnetic field coming out of a permanent magnet. By Even more amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy waschannelling the magnetic field, first to one output coil and then to patented by Freedman (USA) in 1957, which spontaneouslya second output coil, and by doing this repeatedly and rapidly in a breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen with no outside electrical"ping-pong" fashion, the device can produce a 96-watt electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metaloutput with no moving parts. Bearden calls his device a itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make hydrogenMotionless Electromagnetic Generator, or MEG. Jean-Louis from water, for free, forever.Naudin has duplicated Beardens device in France. The principlesfor this type of device were first disclosed by Frank Richardson 5. Implosion/Vortex Engines(USA) in 1978. All major industrial engines use the release of heat to cause Troy Reed (USA) has working models of a special magnetised expansion and pressure to produce work, like in your car that heats up as it spins. It takes exactly the same amount of Nature uses the opposite process of cooling to cause suction andenergy to spin the fan, whether it is generating heat or not. vacuum to produce work, like in a tornado. Beyond these developments, multiple inventors have identified Viktor Schauberger (Austria) was the first to build workingworking mechanisms that produce motor torque from permanent models of Implosion Engines in the 1930s and 1940s. Since thatmagnets alone. time, Callum Coats has written extensively on Schaubergers work in his book Living Energies, and3. Mechanical Heaters subsequently a number of There are two classes of researchers have built workingmachines that transform a small models of Implosion Turbineamount of mechanical energy into Engines. These are fuellessa large amount of heat. engines that produce mechanical The best of these purely work from energy accessed frommechanical designs are the rotat- a vacuum. There are also muching cylinder systems designed by simpler designs that use vortexFrenette (USA) and Perkins motions to tap a combination of(USA). In these machines, one gravity and centrifugal force tocylinder is rotated within another produce a continuous motion incylinder with about an eighth of inch of clearance betweenthem. The space between the 6. Cold Fusion Technologycylinders is filled with a liquid In March 1989, two chemists,such as water or oil, and it is this Martin Fleischmann and Stanley"working fluid" that heats up as Pons, from Brigham Youngthe inner cylinder spins. University, Utah (USA), Another method uses magnets announced that they had producedmounted on a wheel to produce atomic fusion reactions in a sim-large eddy currents in a plate of ple tabletop device. The claimsaluminium, causing the alumini- were "debunked" within sixum to heat up rapidly. These months and the public lost inter-magnetic heaters have been est.demonstrated by Muller (Canada), Nevertheless, cold fusion isAdams (NZ) and Reed (USA). very real. Not only has excess All of these systems can pro- heat production been repeatedlyduce 10 times more heat than documented, but also low-energystandard methods using the same atomic element transmutation hasenergy input. been catalogued, involving dozens of different reactions!4. Super-Efficient Dr Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) This technology definitely canElectrolysis produce low-cost energy and Water can be broken into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. scores of other important industrial processes.Standard chemistry books claim that this process requires moreenergy than can be recovered when the gases are recombined. This 7. Solar-Assisted Heat Pumpsis true only under the worst-case scenario. The refrigerator in your kitchen is the only "free energy When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, machine" you currently own. Its an electrically operated heatusing a system developed by Stan Meyer (USA) and again recent- pump. It uses one amount of energy (electricity) to move threely by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into hydrogen and oxygen amounts of energy (heat). This gives it a "co-efficient of perfor-gas with very little electrical input. Also, using different elec- mance" (COP) of about three. Your refrigerator uses one amounttrolytes (additives that make the water conduct electricity better) of electricity to pump three amounts of heat from the inside of thechanges the efficiency of the process dramatically. It is also refrigerator to the outside of the refrigerator. This is its typicalknown that certain geometric structures and surface textures work use, but it is the worst possible way to use the technology. Heresbetter than others do. The implication is that unlimited amounts why.of hydrogen fuel can be made to drive engines (like in your car) A heat pump pumps heat from the "source" of heat to the "sink"54 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 53. or place that absorbs the heat. The "source" of heat should obvi- So, besides "a non-demanding public", what are the other threeously be hot and the "sink" for heat should obviously be cold for forces impeding the availability of free energy technology?this process to work the best. In your refrigerator, its exactly theopposite. The "source" of heat is inside the box, which is cold, 1. The Money Monopolyand the "sink" for heat is the room temperature air of your In standard economic theory, there are three classes of industry:kitchen, which is warmer than the source. This is why the COP capital, goods and services. Within the first class, capital, thereremains low for your kitchen refrigerator. But this is not true for are also three sub-classes: natural capital, currency and credit.all heat pumps. Natural capital relates to raw materials (such as a gold mine) and COPs of 8 to 10 are easily attained with solar-assisted heat sources of energy (such as an oil well or hydroelectric dam).pumps. In such a device, a heat pump draws heat from a solar Currency relates to the printing of paper "money" and the mintingcollector and dumps the heat into a large underground absorber, of coins; these functions are usually the job of government.which remains at 55°F (12.78°C); mechanical energy is extracted Credit relates to the lending of money for interest and its exten-in the transfer. This process is equivalent to that of a steam sion of economic value through deposit loan accounts. From this,engine that extracts mechanical energy between the boiler and the it is easy to see that energy functions in the economy in the samecondenser, except that it uses a fluid which "boils" at a much way as gold, the printing of money by the government or the issu-lower temperature than water. ing of credit by a bank. One such system, tested in the 1970s, produced 350 hp, mea- In the United States, and in most other countries around thesured on a dynamometer, in a specially world, there is a "money monopoly" indesigned engine from just 100 square feet of place. I am "free" to earn as much "money"solar collector. (This is not the system pro- as I want, but I will only be paid in Federalmoted by Dennis Lee.) The amount of ener- Reserve notes. There is nothing I can do togy it took to run the compressor (input) was be paid in gold certificates or some otherless than 20 hp, so this system produced form of "money". This money monopoly ismore than 17 times more energy than it took Free energy technology solely in the hands of a small number of pri-to keep it going! It could power a small vate stock banks, and these banks are ownedneighbourhood from the roof of a hot-tub changes the value of by the wealthiest families in the world.gazebo, using exactly the same technology money. Their plan is eventually to control 100 perthat keeps the food cold in your kitchen. cent of all the capital resources of the world Currently there is an industrial-scale heat and thereby control everyones life throughpump system set up just north of Kona, The wealthiest families the availability (or non-availability) of allHawaii, which generates electricity fromtemperature differences in ocean water. and the issuers of credit goodsofand services. An independent source wealth (a free energy device) in the do not want any hands of each and every person in the There are dozens of other systems world would ruin their plans for worldthat I have not mentioned, and many of competition. domination, permanently. Why this isthem are as viable and well tested as the true is easy to see.ones I have just recounted. Currently, a nations economy can be But this short list is sufficient to Its that simple. either slowed down or sped up by themake my point: free energy technology raising or lowering of interest here, now. It offers the world pollu- But if an independent source of capitaltion-free, energy abundance for every- (energy) were present in the economy,one, everywhere. and any business or person could raise It is now possible to stop the produc- more capital without borrowing it fromtion of "greenhouse gases" and shut a bank, this centralised throttling actiondown all of the nuclear power plants. on interest rates would simply not haveWe can now desalinate unlimited amounts of seawater at an the same effect. Free energy technology changes the value ofaffordable price and bring adequate fresh water to even the most money. The wealthiest families and the issuers of credit do notremote habitats. Transportation and production costs for just want any competition. Its that simple. They want to maintainabout everything can drop dramatically. Food can even be grown their current monopoly control of the money supply. For them,in heated greenhouses in the winter, anywhere. free energy technology is not just something to suppress, it must All of these wonderful benefits that can make life on this planet be permanently forbidden!so much easier and better for everyone have been postponed for So, the wealthiest families and their central banking institutionsdecades. Why? Whose purposes are served by this are the first force operating to postpone the public availability ofpostponement? free energy technology. Their motivations are the imagined "divine right to rule", greed and their insatiable need to controlUNSEEN ENEMIES OF FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY everything except themselves. The weapons they have used to There are four gigantic forces that have worked together to cre- enforce this postponement include intimidation, "expert"ate this situation. To say that there is and has been a "conspiracy" debunkers, buying and shelving of technology, murder andto suppress this technology only leads to a superficial understand- attempted murder of the inventors, character assassination, arsoning of the world and it places the blame for this completely out- and a wide variety of financial incentives and disincentives toside of ourselves. Our willingness to remain ignorant and action- manipulate possible supporters. They have also promoted theless in the face of this situation has always been interpreted by general acceptance of a scientific theory that states that freetwo of these forces as "implied consent". energy is impossible (the laws of thermodynamics).JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 55
  • 54. 2. National Governments Everybody will want it, and at the same time will want to prevent The second force operating to postpone the public availability everyone else from getting it.of free energy technology is national governments. The problem So, national governments are the second force operating tohere is not so much related to competition in the printing of cur- postpone the public availability of free energy technology. Theirrency but the maintenance of "national security". motivation is "self-preservation". This self-preservation operates The fact is, the world out there is a jungle and humans can be on three levels: first, by not giving undue advantage to an exter-counted upon to be very cruel, dishonest and sneaky. It is govern- nal enemy; second, by preventing individualised action (anarchy)ments job to "provide for the common defence". For this, "police capable of effectively challenging official police powers withinpowers" are delegated by the executive branch of government to the country; and third, by preserving income streams derived fromenforce "the rule of law". Most of us who consent to the rule of taxing energy sources currently in do so because we believe it is the right thing to do, for our Their weapons include preventing the issuance of patents onown benefit. However, there are always a few individuals who national security grounds, and the legal and illegal harassment ofbelieve that their own benefit is best served by behaviour that inventors with criminal charges, tax audits, threats, phone taps,does not voluntarily conform to the generally agreed upon social arrest, arson, theft of property during shipment, and a host oforder. These people choose to operate outside of "the rule of law" other intimidations which make the business of building and mar-and are considered outlaws, criminals, subversives, traitors, revo- keting a free energy machine impossible.lutionaries or terrorists. Most national governments have discovered by trial and error 4. Delusion and Dishonesty in the FE Movementthat the only foreign policy that really works over time is a policy The third force operating to postpone the public availability ofcalled "tit for tat". What this means to you and me is that govern- free energy technology consists of the group of deluded inventorsments treat each other the way they are being treated. There is a and outright charlatans and con men. On the periphery of theconstant "jockeying" for position and extraordinary scientific breakthroughsinfluence in world affairs, and the that constitute the real free energy"strongest" party wins! In economics technologies lies a shadow world ofits called "the Golden Rule", which unexplained anomalies, marginalstates that "the one with the gold Strange things also happen to inventions and unscrupulous promot-makes the rules". So it is with poli- people when they think they are ers. The first two forces have con-tics, also, but its appearance is more stantly used the media to promote theDarwinian. Its simply "survival of about to become extremely rich. worst examples of this group, to dis-the fittest". In politics, however, the "fittest" It takes a tremendous spiritual tract the publics attention and to dis- credit the real breakthroughs by asso -has come to mean the strongest party discipline to remain objective ciating them with the obvious frauds.that is also willing to fight the dirti-est. Absolutely every means avail- and humble in the presence of a Over the last 100 years, dozens of stories have surfaced about unusualable is used to maintain an advantage working free energy machine. inventions. Some of these ideas haveover the "adversary", and everyone so captivated the publics imaginationelse is the "adversary" regardless of that a mythology about these systemswhether they are considered friend or continues to this day. Names likefoe. This includes outrageous psycho- Keely, Hubbard, Coler andlogical posturing, lying, cheating, spying, stealing, assassination Hendershot immediately come to mind. There may be real tech-of world leaders, proxy wars, alliances and shifting alliances, nologies behind these names, but there simply isnt enough techni-treaties, foreign aid and the presence of military forces wherever cal data available in the public domain to make a determination.possible. These names remain associated with a free energy mythology, Like it or not, this is the psychological and actual arena in however, and are cited by debunkers as examples of fraud. Butwhich national governments operate. No national government the idea of free energy taps very deeply into the human subcon-will ever do anything that gives an adversary an advantage simply scious mind.for free. Never! Its national suicide. Any activity by any indi- However, a few inventors with marginal technologies thatvidual, inside or outside the country, which is interpreted as giv- demonstrate useful anomalies have mistakenly exaggerated theing an adversary an edge or advantage in any way, will be deemed importance of their invention. Some of these inventors also havea threat to "national security". Always! mistakenly exaggerated the importance of themselves for having Free energy technology is a national governments worst night- invented it. A combination of "gold fever" and/or a "Messiahmare! Openly acknowledged, free energy technology sparks an complex" appears, wholly distorting any future contribution theyunlimited arms race by all governments in a final attempt to gain may make. While the research thread they are following mayabsolute advantage and domination. Think about it. Do you think hold great promise, they begin to trade enthusiasm for facts, andJapan will not feel intimidated if China gets free energy? Do you the value of the scientific work from that point on suffers greatly.think Israel will sit by quietly as Iraq acquires free energy? Do There is a powerful yet subtle seduction that can warp a personali-you think India will allow Pakistan to develop free energy? Do ty if they believe that "the world rests on their shoulders" or thatyou think the USA would not try to stop Osama bin Laden from they are the worlds "saviour".getting free energy? Strange things also happen to people when they think they are Unlimited energy available in the current state of affairs on this about to become extremely rich. It takes a tremendous spiritualplanet will lead to an inevitable reshuffling of the "balance of discipline to remain objective and humble in the presence of apower". This could become an all-out war to prevent "the other" working free energy machine. Many inventors psyches becomefrom having the advantage of unlimited wealth and power. unstable by the inventors just believing they have a free energy56 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 55. machine. As the quality of the science deteriorates, some inven- Or dont we still fear the unknown, even if it promises a greattors also develop a "persecution complex" that makes them very reward?defensive and unapproachable. This process precludes them from You see, really, all four forces are just different aspects of theever really developing a free energy machine, and fuels the fraud same process, operating at different levels in the society. There ismythologies tremendously. really only one force preventing the public availability of free Then there are the outright con men. In the last 15 years, there energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behav-is one person in the USA who has raised the free energy con to a iour of the human animal. In the last analysis, free energy tech-professional art. He has raised more than US$100,000,000, has nology is an outward manifestation of Divine Abundance. It isbeen barred from doing business in the state of Washington, has the engine of the economy of an enlightened society—where peo-been jailed in California, and hes still at it. He always talks about ple voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner towardsa variation of one of the real free energy systems, sells people on each other; where each member of the society has everything theythe idea that they will get one of these systems soon, but ultimate- need and does not covet what their neighbour has; where war andly sells them only promotional information that gives no real data physical violence are socially unacceptable behaviours; and whereabout the energy system itself. He has mercilessly preyed upon peoples differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed.the Christian and Patriot communities in the USA and is still The appearance of free energy technology in the public domaingoing strong. is the dawning of a truly civilised age. It is an epochal event in This persons current scam involves sign- human history. Nobody can "take credit"ing up hundreds of thousands of people for for it. Nobody can "get rich" on it. Nobodylocations where he will install a free energy can "rule the world" with it. It is, simply, amachine. In exchange for letting him put the gift from God. It forces us all to takeFE generator in their home, they will get free responsibility for our own actions and forelectricity for life and his company will sell What is starting to our own self-disciplined self-restraint whenthe excess energy back to the local utility happen is that inventors needed. The world as it is currently orderedcompany. After becoming convinced that cannot have free energy technology withoutthey will receive free electricity for life, with are publishing their being totally transformed by it into some-no out-front expenses, they gladly buy a work instead of thing else. This "civilisation" has reachedvideo—which helps draw their friends into the pinnacle of its development because itthe scam as well. Once you understand the patenting it and has birthed the seeds of its own transforma-power and motivations of the first two forces keeping it secret. tion. The unspiritualised human animalsI have discussed, it is obvious that this per- cannot be trusted with free energy. Theysons current "business plan" cannot be will only do what they have alwaysimplemented. This one person has More and more, people done, which is take merciless advan-probably done more harm to the free are "giving away" tage of each other or kill each otherenergy movement in the USA than any and themselves in the process.other force, by destroying peoples trust information on these If you go back and read Ayn Randsin the technology. So, the third force postponing the technologies in books, Atlas Shrugged (1957) or the Club of Romes report, The Limits To Growthpublic availability of free energy tech- videos and websites. (1972), it becomes obvious that thenology is delusion and dishonesty with- wealthiest families have understoodin the movement itself. The motiva- this for decades. Their plan is to livetions are self-aggrandisement, greed, in "the world of free energy" but per-want of power over others and a false manently freeze the rest of us out. Butsense of self-importance. The weapons this is not new. Royalty has usuallyused are lying, cheating, the "bait and always considered the general popula-switch" con, self-delusion and arrogance, combined with lousy tion (us) to be their subjects. What is new is that you and I canscience. now communicate with each other better than at any time in the past. The Internet offers us, the fourth force, an opportunity to4. A Non-Demanding Public overcome the combined efforts of the other forces that are pre- The fourth force operating to postpone the public availability of venting the spread of free energy energy technology is all of the rest of us. It may be easy tosee how narrow and despicable the motivations of the other forces THE OPPORTUNITY FOR A JUST SOCIETYare, but actually these motivations are still very much alive in What is starting to happen is that inventors are publishing theireach of us as well. work instead of patenting it and keeping it secret. More and Like the wealthiest families, dont we each secretly harbour illu- more, people are "giving away" information on these technologiessions of false superiority and the want to control others instead of in books, videos and websites. While there is still a great deal ofourselves? Also, wouldnt we "sell out" if the price were high useless information about free energy on the Internet, the avail-enough—say, take $1 million dollars in cash, today? Or, like the ability of good information is rising rapidly. Check out the list ofgovernments, dont we each want to ensure our own survival? If websites and other resources at the end of this article.caught in the middle of a full, burning theatre, do we panic and It is imperative that you begin to gather all the information youpush all the weaker people out of the way in a mad scramble for can on real free energy systems. The reason for this is simple.the door? Or, like the deluded inventor, dont we trade a comfort- The first two forces will never allow an inventor or a company toable illusion once in a while for an uncomfortable fact? And dont build and sell a free energy machine to you! The only way youwe like to think more of ourselves than others give us credit for? will ever get one is if you build it yourself (or get a friend to buildJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 57
  • 56. it). This is exactly what thousands of people are already quietly energy movement. There will essentially be no major media cov-starting to do. You may feel wholly inadequate to the task, but erage of this aspect of what is going on. It will simply be reportedstart gathering information now. You may be just a link in the as wars and civil wars erupting everywhere, leading to UNchain of events for the benefit of others. Focus on what you can "peacekeeper" occupation in more and more now, not on how much is still to be done. Small private Western society is spiralling down towards self-destruction dueresearch groups are working out the details as you read this. to the accumulated effects of long-term greed and corruption.Many are committed to publishing their results on the Internet. The general availability of free energy technology cannot stop this All of us constitute the fourth force. If we stand up and refuse trend. It can only reinforce it. However, if you have a free energyto remain ignorant and actionless, we can change the course of device, you may be better positioned to survive thehistory. It is the aggregate of our combined action that can make political/social/economic transition that is underway. No nationala difference. Only the mass action that represents our consensus government will survive this process. The question is, who willcan create the world we want. The other three forces will not help ultimately control the emerging World Government: the firstus put a fuelless power plant in our basement. They will not help force or the fourth force?us be free from their manipulations. The last Great War is almost upon Nevertheless, free energy technol- us. The seeds are planted. After thisogy is here. It is real, and it will will come the beginning of a realchange everything about the way we civilisation. Some of us who refuselive, work and relate to each other. to fight will survive to see the dawnIn the last analysis, free energy tech- The source of free energy is of the world of free energy. I chal-nology makes greed and the fear for lenge you to be among the ones whosurvival obsolete. But like all exer- inside of us. try. ∞cises of spiritual faith, we must firstmanifest the generosity and trust in About the Author:our own lives. It is that excitement of Peter Lindemann, DSc, became inter- ested in Free Energy in 1973 when he The source of free energy is insideof us. It is that excitement of expressing ourselves freely. was introduced to the work of Edwin Gray. By 1981 he had developed hisexpressing ourselves freely. It is our own free energy systems based onspiritually guided intuition express- variable reluctance generators anding itself without distraction, intimi- pulsed motor designs. During thedation or manipulation. It is our 1980s he worked off and on withopen-heartedness. Ideally, the free both Bruce DePalma and Ericenergy technologies underpin a just society where everyone has Dollard. In 1988 he joined the board of Borderland Sciencesenough food, clothing, shelter, self-worth and the leisure time to Research Foundation and served until 1999. During this period hecontemplate the higher spiritual meanings of life. Do we not owe authored more than 20 articles for The Journal of Borderlandit to each other to face down our fears and take action to create Research.this future for our childrens children? Perhaps I am not the only Dr Lindemann is a leading authority on the practical applica-one waiting to act on a greater Truth. tions of aether technology and cold electricity. Currently he is a Research Associate of Dr Robert Adams in New Zealand, as well Free energy technology is here. It has been here for decades. as a close collaborator with Trevor James Constable in the USA.Communications technology and the Internet have torn the veil of He is also Director of Research for Clear Tech, Inc. in the USA.secrecy off this remarkable fact. People all over the world are Dr Lindemanns book, The Free Energy Secrets of Coldstarting to build free energy devices for their own use. The Electricity, is reviewed in this issue; the companion video wasbankers and the governments do not want this to happen but can- reviewed last issue (8/03). Both are available from Clear Tech,not stop it. Tremendous economic instabilities and wars will be Inc.,, and Adventures Unlimited,used in the near future to distract people from joining the free, in the USA. Resources: Books Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond, • • Adams, Robert, DSc, Applied Modern Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 1999. Excellent site for all kinds of alternative 20th Century Aether Science, Aethmogen news, with many links. Technologies, Whakatane, New Zealand, Resources: Websites special update 2001, 2nd edition. • Resources: Patents • Aspden, Harold, Dr, Modern Aether Developed by Geoff Egel in Australia. Most of these patents can be viewed at Science, Sabberton, UK, 1972. Best site on the Net! This is a sample of • Coats, Callum, Living Energies, • inventions that produce free energy: Gateway Books, UK, 1996. Developed by Clear Tech, Inc. and Dr • Tesla: USP #685,957 (1901) • Lindemann, Peter, DSc, The Free Peter Lindemann. Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, Clear • Freedman: USP #2,796,345 (1957) • Tech, Inc., USA, 2001. Developed by JLN Labs in France. • Richardson: USP #4,077,001 (1978) • Manning, Jeane, The Coming Energy • • Frenette: USP #4,143,639 (1979) Revolution: The Search for Free Energy, Jims Free Energy Page in the USA. • Perkins: USP #4,424,797 (1984) Avery Publishing Group, USA, 1996. • • Gray: USP #4,595,975 (1986) • Rand, Ayn, Atlas Shrugged, Random Developed by Jerry Decker in the USA. • Meyer: USP #4,936,961 (1990) House, 1957. • • Chambers (Xogen): USP #6,126,794 • Vassilatos, Gerry, Secrets of Cold War Site for super electrolysis technology. (1998).58 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 57. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 59
  • 58. 60 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 59. RE-INVENTION, PARANOIA AND DECEPTION 2. THE MASKS MAY CHANGE, BUT THE PLAYS THE SAME T he final three decades of the 20th century have been filled with rumours: con- spiracy theories about alien abductions, plots for world domination shared between aliens and secret government, Illuminati cabals and the like. Several interesting variations on age-old theories have permeated the field of ufology and conspiracy literature alike, and in many places the two have overlapped and in fact have completely blurred into one. These latter areas are of particular interest and significance to the study at hand. Age-old stories of One of the most commonly reported manifestations of "alien invaders" are the EBE (extraterrestrial biological entities) type, commonly called "greys". These beings are the underworld beings variety most often reported in abduction accounts, and they are highly ectomorphic with scrawny, underdeveloped limbs and bodies, oversized heads and extraordinarily large interacting with black eyes (some abductees have reported these to be actually "reptilian" or "birdlike" eyes with slit pupils, the "blackness" only a protective artificial film, like sunglasses). humanity have They are from three to five feet in height, averaging around four feet tall. Again, their very physiology gives away their origins, for large protruding eyes with parallels with large slit pupils and needing an artificial protective covering would be hard to equate with modern-day reports a race that has mastered, and perhaps been genetically prepared for, interplanetary or interstellar travel. Outer space is an extremely bright, radiation-filled environment. The of abducting aliens type of eyes described are those of a creature that spends most of its time in the darkness, as they are designed for optimum light reception. The shaded coverings, for venturing out and mysterious Men into the surface world, are really self-explanatory. Similarly, their bodies, small and easily manoeuvrable through tight spaces, with small in Black. surface area and a minimum of body-weight, are ideal for an underground environment. Their method of locomotion, generally described as "shuffling", with "hips moving strangely" or "sideways", is another indication that they have developed in a relatively cramped place or even one where tunnels are commonplace. They are often described as smelling "musty", "like a snake" or "like rotten eggs". This type of entity allegedly abducts unfortunate human beings and conducts medical or genetic testing on them, sometimes removing sperm and ova for use in "hybridisation Part 3 of 3 experiments" or for purposes unknown. The abductions almost always take place under cover of darkness (doubly helpful to the molesters, since the "harmful" sun has set and people are drowsy or asleep). The victim is taken into a UFO (usually disc-shaped or shaped like a childs spinning- top) for experimentation and also for a form of indoctrination consisting of intense three- dimensional audiovisual presentations. The primary message of these presentations seems to deal with a concern over human destruction of the Earths biosphere and biodiversity (recall the recurrent "faerie" interest in the same thing—a steady supply of genetic materi- als). This becomes even more telling when it is recalled that the first underground atomic by Wm Michael Mott © 2000 tests were concurrent with the resurgence of "witnessed activity" of UFOs on a previously unprecedented scale. Those tests may have rattled more than a few windows in the Email: desert! Website: During the medical aspect of the abduction, local anaesthetics are seldom if ever used, and the victim is left with a type of post-traumatic stress syndrome which at first is marked by amnesia and mental distress or unease, sometimes followed by nightmares, self- imposed social isolation and eventually a total recall of the experience, either throughJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 61
  • 60. natural recovery of memory or through hypnotic regression Island folklore, "little men" who abducted people were sometimestherapy. referred to as "grey neighbours", and the "greys" also bear a Other common themes emerge as well. The entities are strong resemblance in head and torso structure to the cryptid Eldescribed by their victims as "drone-like", "robotic", "clinical" Chupacabras. The methodical imps and Djinn that served Satanand so forth, and are also described as "reptilian", "lizard-like" or and Shaitan come to mind as well, and of course Richard Shaversas having reptilian, birdlike or amphibian-like skin texture. "dero" are similar, especially in their use of high technology. The In many instances, the abduction experience moves to a "cavern Nordics, sometimes seemingly the "enemies" of the grey and rep-city", "cavern world" or "underground base". It is in these latter toid types, are often reported as working side by side with them insubterranean places that "hybrid beings"—having "alien", human the underground facilities or labs, which recalls the fact that theor other animal characteristics—have been reported as being seen Nagas were said to look "almost human" and reminds us of thein development, along with cannibalism and the torture of human mercurial dispositions of the aristocratic or Aryan faeries, thebeings. One such site has been alleged by several researchers and light elves/Tuatha de Danaan."abductees" as being beneath Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Additionally, the apocryphal hybrid offspring of the NephilimMexico. In these prolonged episodes, other beings enter the and humans were described in the Book of Lamech and thescene—such as "hybrid" children who are frail, pale and ectomor- Slavonic Book of Enoch as having an extremely Nordic or Aryanphic but generally human in appearance. Some abductees have appearance, and were also said to have a reptilian patch of skineven said that these children look "like fairies"! ("badge of priesthood") on their chests or elsewhere. Other entities are not so harmless, such as a tall "human" type In Celtic Welsh myth, the lord of the underworld of Annwn hadwith an aristocratic "Aryan" look; these are a "magical cauldron" that produced an end-generally referred to as "Nordics" in the less supply of warriors for him. Was this anUFO literature, and bear more than a slight "Earth mother", "primal womb" archetype,resemblance to the "light elves" and Tuatha or was it instead synonymous with produc-de Danaan of old. Are these the "fairy chil- ing offspring through gene-splicing, thedren", hybrids and "changelings", all grown Several authors have "cauldron" actually a test tube?up and hard at work? published the theory The reptoids or lizard men are familiar as Another type of entity is more sinister in Nagas, Utukku, Ammut, "dragon kings",both appearance and attitude, described as a that the reptilians are goblins, trolls and so on. They are also often"reptilian humanoid", "lizard man" or "rep- masters of illusion and described as smelling like rotten eggs or liketoid" and ranging from five to eight or nine sulphur.feet in height. These "reptoids" are usually holographic projection Both the reptilians and the greys have incharacterised as being "in charge" of theother types, but upon occasion are said to or are physical shape- recent years passed from the UFO research realm into "conspiracy" literature, wherereport to taller, even stranger entities shifters who are they are said to be involved in "control-that resemble skeletally thin, giant"greys" or even giant "mantids". replacing world leaders, ling the Earth" or are in the process of "taking over".Normal surface humans, paramilitary government officials Several authors have published thein nature or appearance, are also seen theory that the reptilians are masters ofin these underground areas. and public figures as illusion and holographic projection or Another interesting factor is that all an insidious "fifth are physical shape-shifters who areof the entities described go to great replacing world leaders, governmentlengths to convince their captives that column". officials and public figures as an insidi-they have come from "far away", from ous "fifth column". Here again are thedistant stars, planets and "vibrational changelings of European folklore, thefrequencies" or dimensions. They have hologram-utilising dero and the "ser-come all this distance because they are pent men", precisely as described by"worried about humanity", but they put the fiction writer Robert E. Howard inout their heartfelt propaganda as they his pulp-fiction tales of King Kull.stick a huge needle in a womans abdomen or up someones nose This is by no means a "new idea", revelation or suspicion, but iswithout even a local anaesthetic. as ancient as the concept of an underworld itself. Yet the biology of all the different types or castes of abductors,as horrific as it might appear to superstitious human eyes, is 3. MEN IN BLACKessentially that of animal forms which are natural to the Earth: This treatise would not be complete without an examination ofmammalian and reptilian. Obviously, it is very important to these another mysterious player from the depths: "Men in Black", orbeings that such a logical connection not be made. If there is even "MIB". These cool cats figure prominently in both UFO and con-a shred of truth to UFO abduction accounts, then it is more than spiracy literature. Thanks to the excellent work of researchers andapparent that the abductors want their victims and humanity at writers John Keel and the late Jim Keith as well as the work of alarge to believe that they are from "somewhere else". While host of others, many small and seemingly inconsequential factshumanity looks continually upward at enigmas in the sky, what is have been obtained from witnesses and preserved.transpiring beneath our very feet? Men in Black seem to fall into two categories: the standard Additional folklore and literature parallels are apparent in the men in black, who may be actual agents of secret government oraccounts described. The "greys" are identical to the order-follow- military investigation/disinformation groups; and the MIB, whoing, human-abducting, drone-like Galatur and Ushabtiu of the Keel indicates are somehow in league with or originating from theSumerian and Egyptian underworld mythologies. In Shetland unseen forces behind the various cryptid or creature sightings as62 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 61. well as the UFO phenomenon. It is the latter category, the MIB, surface, the more erratic, disoriented, lethargic or "drunk" theythat has bearing here. seem to become (a side effect of rapid depressurisation, or These "mystery men" are usually described as of varying height aeroembolism).and build, but more often than not they are on the thin side. They They have sometimes identified themselves to their unwillinggenerally wear dark or black businesslike clothing, dark hats and visitants with cryptic statements, e.g., claiming to be citizens ofsunglasses (again, the eye protection from the sun!). They are the "Nation of the Third Eye"—an occult or secret society refer-either olive-skinned and vaguely Oriental or Asiatic, or they are ence still widely utilised in symbology and ritual today by someNordic or Scandinavian in complex- "brotherhoods" of "enlightened"ion, hair colour and physique. From human beings, but which harks backthe basic template of these two forms, to the "third eye" of the Nagas or thestrange variations have been reported: These "mystery men" are usually "skull pearl" of the Chinese hairlessness (not even having Any relationship that this Nation ofeyebrows or eyelashes); overly large, described as of varying height the Third Eye might have to modern-protruding eyes (a non-mammaliantrait, for the most part, or perhaps due and build, but more often than day secret societies is debatable, but the parallel an unaccustomed lack of atmos- not they are on the thin side. Another clue lies in the fact thatpheric pressure); wheezing and othertrouble breathing, as if unused to They generally wear dark or they arrive at their victims doorsteps in shiny black cars that are in pristineearthly (or surface?) air pressure black businesslike clothing, condition, i.e., "like new". The puz-(aeroembolism); unnatural joint zling thing is that these vehicles aremovement and locomotion; "reptil- dark hats and sunglasses... almost always decades out of dateian" or "froglike" cast of skin texture and sometimes seem to be compos-and facial features; webbed fingers; ites of several different makes of carssulphurous or "metallic" odour; and a (still out of date). To remain unrav-host of additional oddities of physical configuration. aged by the passage of time—oxidation, dry rot of tyres and so Add to all of this the fact that these MIBs are often ignorant or forth—they would have to be warehoused and maintained in anin amazement of the most ordinary surface-world activities—try- environment of constant temperature and low humidity, awaying to drink gelatin, refusing food and taking a pill instead, steal- from weather, sun and extreme changes in temperature. Add toing or asking for small common objects (like writing pens) as this the manner in which both the cars and the men suddenly andapparently prized souvenirs—and they become even less human inexplicably vanish, as if swallowed up by the Earth...but by nowthrough their behaviour. the premise is obvious. Some caverns are damp, but many others They often exhibit a strong interest in the sexuality or sexual are exceedingly dry and remain constant in temperature, yearhabits of those they confront; and the longer they remain on the round, after a certain depth.About the Author: email The first Time-Life Books, 1998.Wm Michael Mott is the Creative Director of a series of illustrated short stories 3. Myth and Mankind: Epics of Earlyfor a high-performance US software com- appeared in September 2000 as a chap- Civilization – Land of the Dragon, Time-Lifepany. He is also a freelance artist and book from Undaunted Press Books, 1999.writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He ( and can be 4. The Controllers, by Commander X,has worked as an artist/designer for Fortune found at the website Abelard Productions, Inc.500 companies and for a variety of book smallpress/read/Exclusives/TempleOf 5. Flying Serpents and Dragons, by R. A.and magazine publishers. His artwork has TheSalamander/. Also see the Association Boulay, The Book Tree, 1997, 1998.appeared in publications such as Computer of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists web- 6. The Forgotten Books of Eden: Lost BooksGraphics World Magazine, C o m p u t e r site, of the Old Testament, edited by Rutherford H.A r t i s t, IEEE Computer Graphics and index.html. Platt, Jr, and J. Alden Brett, Gramercy Books,A p p l i c a t i o n s, Dragon Magazine, U F O Mott has been researching Fortean and Random House, 1980. paranormal topics for over 20 years and 7. The Ramayana by Valmiki, translated byMagazine and others. Hes created award- has only recently written the graphically William Buck, New American Library, 1978.winning artwork and graphic design for rich book and CD-ROM, C a v e r n s , 8. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, by A.C.mas s-market book covers, posters, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures, avail- Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Thebrochures, packaging, CD-ROM covers able from Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1972, abridgedand art collections as well as for index111.html. Wm Michael Mott can be media. Motts artwork contacted by email at mottimorph@earth- 9. Japanese Tales, edited by Royall Tyler,has been featured in the exhibition I n, or you can visit his website at Pantheon Books, 1987.Dreams Awake: Art of Fantasy at the, where 10. The Samurai: A Military History, byOlympia and York Gallery in 1988, at the much of his original artwork is featured. Stephen R. Turnbull, Macmillan Publishing1987 World Fantasy Con and in other Co., 1977.exhibits. Bibliography of Non-Fiction Sources 11. 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  • 62. History and folklore both have parallels. Folklore is filled with down through secret, twisting tunnels and deep caverns to the"dark men", "men dressed in black" and "grim reapers", often Mohorovicic layer, which itself is an anomalous cavern regionidentified in previous centuries as sorcerers, demons, warlocks or deep beneath the upper crust.other "servants of the Devil"—and, of course, the odour of sul- What if there is an unknown world beneath our feet—a worldphur and brimstone was a trademark of his from way back. that is dependent upon the biodiversity and genetic wealth on the During the plague years of the Middle Ages, entities resembling Earths surface; a world that has been exploiting that wealth forboth MIB and the now-standard grey aliens were often seen in thousands or millions of years, victimising the ignorant savagesareas that would shortly thereafter be stricken with an outbreak of who roam the face of the sunlit world? Or could all of the evi-the dreaded disease. On the eve of dence be circumstantial and withoutmajor events throughout history, people merit, simply a misinterpreted conglom-have repeatedly seen or been harassed eration of coincidence and misidentifiedby such beings. What if there is an unknown animals, natural phenomena and arche- As Keel points out in Disneyland of types from the human collective uncon-the Gods and his other excellent books, world beneath our feet— sciousness? The critic could toss in anJulius Caesar, Napoleon and even a world that is dependent endless supply of overactive imagina-Malcolm X all reported encounters with tions down through the millennia, butthis variety of terrifying being. Hitler upon the biodiversity and the evidence—dating back as it does foralso was alleged to have had his share genetic wealth on the thousands of years of human traditionsof midnight visits from a mysterious and continuing right up through the pre-"Tibetan", and through him to have met Earths surface...? sent day—says otherwise."the New Man"—a sort of super-Aryan The reptilian, vampiric, robotic andwho he believed came from the interior demonic are all characteristics whichof the Earth, and of whom he was most have been attributed to underworldafraid. beings down through the ages. They have haunted mankinds How much fear, confusion and human suffering can be traced imagination and nightmares since our most remote time. Theseto uncanny visits from these "robotic yet human" agents provoca - "archetypal" images speak to us of supernatural terrors and mys-teurs? Where are they from, who do they work for, and what is teries; but what if, instead, these beings are natural and technolog-their long-term agenda? Could it be that their goal is to generate ically advanced to a degree that only until recently has beenconfusion and divisions, to keep humanity "looking upwards" for beyond our comprehension and therefore considered "magical" oran invasion that will never come? The "invaders" may already be impossible in their level of sophistication? If the latter is the case,here, and may have been here all along. The evidence is in the then we would do well as a species to become more aware notfolklore, religions, myths, literature and archetypes of humankind. only of our own planet but also of our mythic and folkloric her-Perhaps theyre not "extraterrestrial" but "intraterrestrial", and per- itage, for it speaks not of a symbiosis but of a nearly invisiblehaps theres a vast, unknown world beneath our feet, stretching "parasite" dwelling in the depths. ∞13. Folktales of Norway, edited by Reidar Viking Penguin, 1985. Richard S. Shaver), Amherst Press, 1975.Christiansen, translated by Pat Shaw Iversen, 25. "That Old Time Choctaw Religion", by 37. Architects of the Underworld, by BruceUniversity of Chicago Press, 1968. Len Green, Bishinik Magazine, June 1979. Rux, Frog Ltd, 1996.14. Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend, 26. "Origins of the Choctaw People Retold 38. 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  • 63. JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 65
  • 64. PROPHETIC MESSAGES FROM Warning: Cobwebs will crisscross the message that the great purification is at THE HOPI ELDERS skies. hand. They will share their message and from John Hogue, April 2001 Fulfilment: These are the contrails of their wisdom with the people of the world planes and jets. so that everyone may prepare or soften itsT he Hopi Native Americans of the US blow upon the Earth. Southwest have an ancient prophecy Warning: The powers of the red, the Fulfilment: Indeed, over 50 years ago, that has long foreseen the destruction swastika and the Sun will threaten Turtle the Hopi elders agreed that the first waveof our present world through a purification Island. of signs had all been fulfilled. They there-by fire. You will know that the times for Fulfilment: North America seen from fore began warning the world about thethis purification are at hand with the fulfil- space looks like the outline of a turtle. (Do prophecies of a coming purification. Somement of a series of prophecies, known as not ask me how pre-Columbian seers knew of the elders, such as Thomas Banyaca,the "final warnings". that.) In World War II and in the Cold War have explained the prophecies on national The first set of warnings was meant to that followed, these three "powers" did television and have spoken before the fullalert the Hopi elders of a future time when threaten North America. The swastika of assembly of the United Nations.the purification of the world was at hand, the Nazis and, later, the "red" forces of theafter which they were expected to break Communists of Russia and China beset Now comes the second set of finaltheir silence and warn the world of a sec- Turtle Island. The powers of the Sun did warnings:ond set of predictions hastening the onset directly scorch the earth of native landsof the purification of the world by fire. when the white man tested his atomic Warning: A tribe of red-hatted and red- Here is the first set of warnings: bombs in Nevada and New Mexico near cloaked people will come in great numbers the Hopi sacred lands in Arizona. from the East, travelling through the air. Warning: An iron horse will come to They will colonise the Western Americanthe land of the red man. Warning: The white man will create a lands and then scatter and disappear. Fulfilment: This is the train; it appeared gourd of ashes that will lay waste to the Fulfilment: The Tibetans came callingin the 19th century. land and keep it infertile for generations. on the Hopi elders when the first three pre- Fulfilment: These are atomic bombs. cursory signs in their own 1,200-year-old W a r n i n g : The white man will raise Radiation is the sterilising plague. prophecy concerning the transplantation ofmetal wires into the skies. their religion to America were fulfilled. Fulfilment: These are telegraph lines of Warning: The fulfilment of this first set This prophecy, which came fromthe 19th century and, later, the power lines of signs will warrant the Hopi elders to end Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetanof the 20th century. their long silence and spread their prophetic Buddhism, says: "When the iron bird flies66 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 65. THE TWILIGHT ZONE[a reference to airplanes] and the horse runs burn our civilisation down before the next The time of the lone wolf is over.on wheels [cars], the Tibetan people will be 50 years are out. Gather yourselves.scattered like ants across the face of the However, if in the same period of 50 Banish the word "struggle" from yourEarth, and the Dharma will come to the years the message of personal transforma- attitude and of the red men." tion and meditation is heeded by enough All that we do now must be done in a Since the 1970s, the Dalai Lama and a individuals around the world and they start sacred manner and in celebration.number of maroon-robed priests fulfilled changing themselves, then the "fires" com- We are the ones we have been waitingHopi prophecy by regularly paying a visit ing to purify the world will be those of the Hopi elders and moving on. love, awareness, genius and compassion. Many Hopis also believe that a later visi- I believe we will see the blazing of both The river is a metaphor for the fast whitetation in the 1980s of red-cloaked/capped inner and outer fires in the coming years. water currents of our present times in thisfollowers of Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh, com- The question then remains: which fire new millennium. The call to abandon "theing in their thousands to eastern Oregon, would you like to be purified by? shore" we know and flow down the currentcompletes the prophecy. Even a handful of With that said, I would like to share with of an unknown destiny is a common themeRajneeshees, aware of the prophecy, paid a you a message I received off the Internet. in the Hopi purification prophecy. I havevisit to the Hopi elder-in-chief, Grandfather It is purportedly an open letter of advice on heard the elders put it in another metaphor-David Monongye, in 1985, before they and how to get through the year 2001, coming ical way: people will "drop dead from theirtheir fellow red-clothed travellers soon from a spokesperson for the Hopi elders. I own fear of change" if they do not embracevanished from sight. I report on this meet- have not yet confirmed whether this mes- the coming changes. Those people whoing in detail in my book, Messiahs: The sage is indeed from the Hopi elders, but my can not only embrace change but celebrateVisions and Prophecies for the Second own understanding of their prophecies their journey into an unknown and newComing. makes me presume that it is authentic. millennium will greatly benefit from the Here it is: coming purification of the world. W a r n i n g : The white man will steal To my fellow swimmers: Certainly, the call to celebrate life—androcks from the Moon. This is a danger There is a river flowing now very fast. make every one of lifes simple actionssign, that we are in the final days before the It is so great and swift that there are sacred—is a common message the Hopipurification. those who will be afraid. share with those modern mystics and Fulfilment: The Apollo Moon landings They will try to hold on to the shore; prophets like Adi Da, Gurdjieff and Osho.unearthed (or should I say "unmooned"?) they are being torn apart and will All of them promote a vision of a cominghundreds of pounds of Moon rocks, taking suffer greatly. new humanity that transcends its pastthem back to Earth. Indeed, I saw one sit- Know that the river has its destination. attachments through meditation and cele-ting under glass at the United Nations, just The elders say we must let go of the bration of life. Happy floating down theoutside the main theatre where the Hopi shore, push off into the middle of the unknown river, to you all! ∞elders shared their prophecies with the UN river, keep our heads above water.assembly just a few years before. And I say, see who is there with you (Source: John Hogue, 16 April 2001, from his and celebrate. HogueProphecy Archives at website www.hogue- Warning: The white man will build a At this time in history, we are to take A self-styled "rogue scholar",permanent house in the sky. This is the nothing personally, least of all our - Hogue is the author of Messiahs: The Visions andfinal warning before the purification. selves, for the moment that we do, our Prophecies for the Second Coming, Nostradamus: Fulfilment: MIR may have blazed its spiritual growth and journey come to a The Complete Prophecies and The Last Pope: Theway down to the sea in fragments, but the halt. Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome.)far more permanent International SpaceStation traverses our skies today. It will befully operational in a few more years. Onecould argue that it is already operationaland therefore the times of the purificationhave come.T here are hundreds of prophecies from other apocalyptic traditions that supportthe idea of some death and rebirth of theworld shortly after the turn of the millenni-um. Those who have read my books knowthat I interpret the coming Hopi purifica-tion by fire in two ways. If fear and robotic adherence to fossilisedtraditions remain the motivating forces ofour destiny, then the "fires" of war, globalwarming, collective anger and stress willJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 67
  • 66. THE TWILIGHT ZONESOVIET MILITARY ENCOUNTERS chased one of the strange swimmers. As radar repeatedly tracked disc-like objects WITH UNDERWATER ALIENS they tried to cover the creature with a net, diving and submerging into Lake Sarez, AND UFOs the entire group was thrown out of the deep then later surfacing and lifting off. by George Filer, Filers Files © 2001 waters to the surface by a powerful force. The Russian Ufology Research Centres The frogmen were in danger of dying files contain similar statements by navalR esearcher Paul Stonehill writes that because they needed decompression stops officers and intelligence operatives. The there are numerous Soviet accounts to equalise the pressure in their bodies. All most interesting information will be pub- of strange objects beneath the sur- of the members of the ill-fated expedition lished in a new book co-authored by Paulface of the sea. were stricken by decompression sickness, Stonehill and Philip Mantle. The secret In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg known as caisson disease. The only reme- files of the Soviet Navy contain much valu-along with Lt Colonel Gennady Zverev dial treatment available was to place them able information on UFO sightings; Sovietwere conducting periodic training of the in a decompression pressure chamber. military researchers were quite thorough.reconnaissance divers ("frogmen") of the Unfortunately, the closest one could handle Mr Krapiva attended lectures by SovietTurkestan and Central Asian military only two persons. Four frogmen were put submariners who reported contact withregions. The training exercises had been in the chamber, three perished and the rest high-speed underwater objects picked uptaking place at Lake Issyk-Kul, a deep- became invalids. on Soviet sonar. Hydroacoustics techni-water lake in the Transiliysk Alatau area. The Major-General rushed to Issyk-Kul cians were "hearing" strange "targets" at Quite unexpectedly, the officers were to warn against similar "devil may care" great depths. Their submarines were actu-paid a visit by Major-General V. actions. Although Lake Issyk-Kul is more ally being chased by other "submarines".Demyanko, Commander of the Military shallow than Lake Baikal, both contained The pursuers changed their speed at will—Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the similar mysterious creatures. speeds that were much faster than any otherMinistry of Defence. He arrived to inform A short time later, the Turkmenistan mil- similar vessel in the world was capable of.the local officers of an extraordinary event itary received an order from the Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Sokolovthat had occurred during exercises in Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces. informed his students that in the 1960s,Siberia. The order consisted of detailed analysis of while he was on duty with his submarines Frogmen had encountered mysterious the Lake Baikal events. The documents navigation, he had observed through theunderwater swimmers, very human-like, contained bulletins from Engineer Forces, periscope a strange object ascend throughbut huge in size (almost three metres in listing appearances of underwater creatures the water and "take off".height)! The swimmers were clad in tight- in numerous lakes, giant discs and spheres Professor Korsakov of Odessa Universityfitting silvery suits, despite icy-cold water coming in and out of the lakes, powerful reported that Soviet officers fromtemperatures. At a depth of 50 metres, lights emanating from the deep, etc. The Sevastopol Naval Base had observed andthese "swimmers" were not wearing documents were highly classified and were photographed a UFO ascend from behind aaqualungs but sphere-like helmets conceal- used "to prevent unnecessary encounters". battle cruiser in the Black Sea in the their heads. Mark Shteynberg served near Lake Sarez In August 1965, the crew of the Alarmed by these encounters, the local in the Pamir Mountains. This lake is steamship Raduga, while navigating in themilitary commander decided to capture one roughly a kilometre-and-a-half deep. Red Sea, saw a fiery sphere dash out fromof the creatures. With that purpose in Sophisticated radar "tracking" of US SDI under the water. As the sphere emergedmind, a special group of seven frogmen satellites was conducted in this area. The from the sea, it created a gigantic pillar of water as it ascended upwards; the pillar collapsed some moments later. The sphere was 60 metres in diameter and hovered 150 meters above the ship, illuminating the sea. In December 1977, not far from South Georgia Island, the crew of the fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev observed a dough- nut-shaped object rising out of the sea. Its diameter was between 300 and 500 metres and caused the trawlers radar to stop oper- ating. The object hovered over the area for three hours and then suddenly disappeared. In June 1984, seaman Alexander G. Globa, from the Soviet tanker Gori, was in the Mediterranean, 20 miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 1600 hours, Globa was on duty; with him was second in com- mand S. Bolotov. They were standing watch when both men observed a strange, polychromatic object. When the object was astern, it stopped suddenly. S. Bolotov68 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 67. THE TWILIGHT ZONEwas agog, shaking his binoculars and ANCIENT PERUVIAN CITY AS been dated to c.1600 BC. "Our findingsshouting: "It is a flying saucer, a real OLD AS EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS show that a very large, complex society Asaucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!" n advanced civilisation was thriving had arisen on the coast of Peru centuries Globa looked through his own binoculars on the coast of Peru at the same earlier than anyone thought," he said.and saw at a distance, over the stern, a flat- time as the pyramids were built in Caral is dominated by a central zonetened-out object that looked like an upside- Egypt—more than 1,000 years earlier than containing six large platform moundsdown frying pan. The UFO was gleaming was previously thought, American arranged around a huge public plaza, 1,800with a greyish metallic shine. The lower researchers have discovered. New radio- feet (540 metres) in diameter. The largestportion of the craft had a precise round carbon dating of reed fibres found at Caral, of these mounds, known as P i r a m i d eshape, about 20 metres in diameter. in the Supe River valley, 120 miles north of Mayor, stands 60 feet (18 metres) high andAround the lower portion of it, Globa also Lima, has revealed that the ancient city was measures 450 by 500 ft (120 by 150 m) atobserved "waves" of protuberances on the built as early as 2600 BC, making it by far its base. All six central mounds were builtoutside plating. The base of the objects the oldest urban settlement yet identified in in only one or two phases, providing strongbody consisted of two semi-discs, the the Americas. The fibres were from woven evidence of complex planning, centralisedsmaller being on top; they slowly revolved bags that workers had used to haul stones decision-making and mobilisation of ain opposing directions. for the buildings and left inside the struc- large labour force. Stairs, rooms, court- At the circumference of the lower disc, tures. As the reeds live for only a year, the yards and other structures were constructedGloba saw numerous shining, bright, bead- dates are very specific: 2627 BC. on top of the pyramids as well as on thelike lights. The bottom portion of the UFO The findings, published in the journal side terraces.appeared completely even and smooth, its Science (April 27;292:723-726), suggest Excavations are now planned to deter-colour that of a yolk, and in the middle of it that the significance of the Caral civilisa- mine whether there were rooms or tombsGloba discerned a round nucleus-like stain. tion has been badly underestimated by inside the mounds. Other architecture atAt the edge of the UFOs bottom, which archaeologists and anthropologists. the site also indicates a high level of cultur-was easily visible, was something that The inhabitants of the city had developed al complexity. In particular, three sunkenlooked like a pipe; it glowed with an unnat- technology on a par with much of that circular plazas testify to the emergence of aurally bright, rosy colour, like a neon lamp. found in Ancient Egypt at about the same well-organised religion with open, publicThe top of the middle disc was crowned by time. They had the know-how to irrigate ceremonies. Other villages in Peru occu-a triangular-shaped "something". It seemed fields and build monumental pyramids, yet pied before 2600 BC had much smaller-that it moved in the same direction as the never learnt to make ceramic pottery. scale public platforms or stone rings. ∞lower disc, but at a much slower pace. Dr Jonathan Haas, curator of anthropolo- (Sources: The Times, April 27, 2001, Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several gy at the Field Museum in Chicago, who; Science, April 27,times, as if moved by an invisible wave. led the study, said Caral had previously 2001, lights illuminated its bottom portion.The Goris crew tried to attract the objectsattention using a signal projector. By that time, Captain Sokolovky was onthe deck with his men. He and his secondin command were watching the objectintensely. However, the UFOs attention was dis-tracted by another ship approaching at theport side. It was an Arab dry cargo ship onits way to Greece. The Arabs confirmedthat the object was hovering over theirship. A minute and a half later, the objectchanged its flight trajectory, listed to theright, gained speed and ascended rapidly. The Soviet seamen observed that when itrose through the clouds, appearing and dis-appearing again, it would occasional shinein the Suns rays. The craft then flared up,like a spark, and was gone instantly. ∞(Sources: Reports from the Odessa mag-azine Zagadki Sfinksa, 3/1992. GeorgeFilers article first appeared in F i l e r sFiles #16, 17 April 2001,, with thanks to Paul Stonehill.)JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 69
  • 68. 70 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 69. REVIEWS dren brought up on nutrient-depleted diets Service (SIS or MI6) and popping up in and who eventually refused to eat were defi- France, Australia and New Zealand, only to cient in zinc, and he reversed their condi- be arrested, searched and deported by police Reviewed by Ruth Parnell tions with zinc supplementation. agencies on orders from MI6. But theresMEDICAL PIONEER OF THE 20TH The path has not been an easy one for the always another side. Tomlinson describesCENTURY: An Autobiography dedicated Dr Kalokerinos, despite the suc- for the public record his recruitment to MI6 cesses over the decades. His key contribu- while at Cambridge, the training he under-by Dr Archie Kalokerinos went and the secrecy technology/practices tions to understanding cancer, otitis, scurvy,Biological Therapies Publ., Australia, 2000 SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, vaccine dam- he was privy to, and the details of hisISBN 0-646-40852-6 (464pp tpb) age and other problems are still being involvement in MI6 operations in Moscow,Price: A$24.95 + A$6 p&h in Aust, A$10 "processed" by the medical and judicial Sarajevo and elsewhere. His original gripeto NZ, A$13 to Asia/ Pacific, A$18.50 to establishments. His work does not cease, with MI6 was a personnel issue, but theUK/Europe, A$16 to USA/Canada even in retirement; nor does his influence. agency didnt see things his way and hasAvailable: Australia—Biological hounded him in the five years since he left.Therapies, POB 702, Braeside, Vic 3195, THE BIG BREACH Sure, Tomlinson reveals sensitive informa-tel +61 (0)3 9587 3948, by Richard Tomlinson tion about foreign operations that the SIST his is the long-awaited autobiography by Dr Archie Kalokerinos, the much-lovedGreek-born Australian physician, now in his HarperCollins, Australia, 2001 (first pub- lished by Cutting Edge Press, UK, 2001) would prefer were not revealed, but he also paints a damning picture of the behind-the- scenes workings of an agency that considers ISBN 0-7322-7094-4 (319pp tpb, Aust);70s and "retired", who has pioneered new 1-9038-1301-8 (UK) itself above the law and unaccountable tomedical treatments, fought injustices and Price: A$29.95; NZ$34.95; £9.99 the public. His book is both a real-life spyincurred the wrath of some sections of the Available: Aust/NZ— HarperCollins; thriller and a call to action to change Britishmedical establishment over the years. secrecy laws in the public interest. UK—The Book Service, tel 01206 256000, Dr Kalokerinoss story is not in complete USA—Trafalgar Square Publishing, telchronological order; some chapters focus (802) 457 1911more on specific discoveries and clinicalexperience. He tells of his upbringing, hismedical school training and disillusionment, I f youve read the article entitled "On Her Majestys Secret Service" in NEXUS 7/06 and the affidavit in 8/01, youll have had ahis overseas travels, his life as an opal miner sneak peak of former MI6 agent Richardand his return to medical practice. Tomlinsons story. The Big Breach is the From the late 1950s he turned his attention book he had published first as a Russian lan-to reversing the extremely high infant mor- guage edition in Russia in January, so as totality rate in Australian Aboriginal commu- put it on the public record and circumventnities. His observations of diseases caused any suppression by the British Governmentby vitamin deficiencies led him to under- through the courts. Understandably, itsstand the critical importance of vitamin C in become a bestseller in the UK since thenot only preventing diseases like scurvy but English version was published in counteracting the life-threatening symp- If you followed the mainstream press cov-toms of acute scurvy. (Vitamin C pioneer erage, youd be none the wiser about thisDr Linus Pauling he counted as a personal "renegade" British spy threatening to spillfriend.) Dr Kalokerinos also found that chil- the beans on the British Secret IntelligenceJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 71
  • 70. THE ARCADIAN CIPHER REVIEWS Blakes nearly 20 years of notes. Their "big purportedly was involved as a medical offi-The Quest to Crack the Code of picture" story takes in the esoteric archaeol- cer during the infamous 1943 PhiladelphiaChristianitys Greatest Secret ogy of Babylon and Egypt, the mystical Experiment in radar invisibility or teleporta- Kabbalah and the Gnostics, the "myth" of tion (depending on the story).by Peter Blake & Paul S. Blezard Author Alexandra Bruce provides moreSidgwick & Jackson, UK, 2000 the Crucifixion and the political imperative behind Jesus and Mary Magdalenes reputed fascinating tangents to the unfathomableISBN 0-283-07288 (286pp tpb) layers of these stories; and in studying and escape to France. Blakes thesis cannot bePrice: A$30.70; NZ$n/a (pb available Dec proved absolutely—as he admits—but its interviewing individuals whose sanity, or at2001); £9.99 uncanny that his trail culminated in his find- least their versions of the facts, is open toAvailable: Aust/NZ/UK— Macmillan, ing such significant evidence where he did. question, she herself risks crossing thewebsite boundaries of credibility—but all is forgivenS peculation on the Rennes-le-Château mystery has been rife since the 1982release of Baigent, Leigh and Lincolns The THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT MURDER: Parallel Universes and the in her "Reality Check" chapter (losing friends when youre in this line of research is sad, but often inevitable). So many eventsHoly Blood and The Holy Grail, and it is Physics of Insanity discussed cannot be proved, but the context,given a new twist in The Arcadian Cipher. by Alexandra Bruce which takes in quantum physics, parallel Art restorer/historian Peter Blake had Sky Books, USA, 2001 universes and Earth realities, time travel andalready become aware of a hidden penta- ISBN 0-09631889-5-X (244pp tpb) altered states of consciousness, cannot begram geometry underpinning Signorellis Price: £n/a; NLGƒ55,90; US$19.95 dismissed lightly. And who says the USpainting, The Education of Pan. Later he Available: UK—Enquire NEXUS Office, Navy stopped researching teleportation inrealised that Lincoln had uncovered a simi- tel 01342 322854; Europe—NEXUS 1943? Bruce drags up an eyewitness wholar geometry in Poussins The Shepherds of Office, tel +31 (0)321 380558; USA—Sky suggests that its already a reality.Arcadia. (These arent perfect pentagrams, Books,;mind you, and any five coordinates can be Adventures Unlimited, tel (815) 253 6390turned into a pentagram.) So, when Blakesuperimposed the pentagrams of relatedpaintings onto a map of the Rennes-le- T o get the most out of this book, you need to have some familiarity with the "leg- ends" of the Philadelphia Experiment andChâteau region, he saw more precise clues. the Montauk Project. The central character His location search took him to the very of The Philadelphia Experiment Murder isplace Poussin depicted in The Shepherds of Phil Schneider, a geologist who claims toArcadia—below which, in the cliff face, he have been a subcontractor on US black-discovered two small cavern-tombs contain- budget military projects. Flaunting retribu-ing relevant clues, but any sarcophagi there- tion under the National Security Act, he wasin had long since been removed. Could a regular on the UFO lecture circuit from thethese have been the secret burial places of 1980s, speaking out about secret govern-Jesus and Mary Magdalene that were sought ment/alien liaisons—until he died under sus-by the Merovingian king Dagobert I, the picious circumstances in 1996.Knights Templars and even the Nazis? And It turns out that Phil Schneider was the sondid Dagobert find and raid these tombs? of Oscar Otto Schneider, a former German In 1998, Peter Blake began collaborating U-boat captain who was secretly recruitedwith writer Paul Blezard, who augmented into the US Navy during World War II—and72 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 71. REVIEWSCANCER – CAUSE & CURE discusses a selection of treatments, such as hefty book, Politics in Healing. In it, heA 20th Century Perspective Gerson therapy and Hulda Clark herbs, that reports on 10 cases (mostly involving cancerby Percy Weston complement his unique perspective. cures) that speak volumes about politicalBook Bin Publishing, Australia, 2000 Percy Westons story is a cautionary tale interference in medicine and healing throughISBN 0-646-40313-3 (161pp tpb) that tempers the madness of agrichemical the last century: the Hoxsey formula; DrPrice: A$24.95 + p&h agriculture with the sanity of sustainability. William Kochs glyoxylide; Dr Royal RifesAvailable: Australia—Book Bin tumour-busting frequency device; Dr POLITICS IN HEALING Andrew Ivys krebiozen; Dr Stanley JacobsPublishing, 5 Percy Court, Adelaide, SA DMSO; Drs Petersen and Campbells5000, tel (08) 410 5888, email Suppression and Manipulation in microbe-targeting colostrum; American Medicine Naessens 714-X; Dr Robert Beckers and DrB orn in 1903 in rural Victoria, Australia, Percy Weston is a farmer/horticulturalistwith a flair for chemistry and a penchant for by Daniel Haley Potomac Valley Press, USA, 2000 Daniel Kirschs biolectrics research; Dr Joseph Golds hydrazine sulphate; and Dr ISBN 0-9701150-0-8 (465pp tpb) Stanislaw Burzynskis antineoplastons.studying the processes of nature. Price: US$19.95 + US$4 s&h in USA + Each case involves persecutions and trials Through trial and error and by observing s/tax in CA; foreign p&h, contact publisher by the authorities and the cures being madethe effects on the health of his livestock— Available: USA—Potomac Valley Press, illegal and then lost or sent underground.and himself—of adding superphosphate to PO Box 536342, Grand Prairie, TX 75050- Freedom from the medical bureaucracy isthe soil, he was led to conclude that too high the answer, and Haley sets out a plan fora level of phosphorus causes an imbalance 6342, tel 1800 898 0639 (toll-free in USA), how the system can be changed and legislat-of minerals and triggers uncontrolled cell ed to work for the people, not against.growth, which then leads to cancer and otherdiseases like arthritis. T heres something seriously wrong with the US healthcare system when one American dies of cancer every minute and Over the years, Percy suffered a number ofhealth crises, one as a result of spray drift an average of 106,000 die every year fromfrom a cocktail of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, which the effects of FDA-approved pharmaceuticalhad endocrine-disrupting effects. But he drugs (the fourth leading cause of death).managed to reverse his problematic health Behind this terrible state of affairs is "offi-conditions by reverting to a diet with a rela- cial medicine", comprising groups like thetively high calcium-to-phosphorus ratio and FDA, AMA, NIH, NCI and other institu-significant sodium, magnesium and potassi- tions and drug companies that have beenum—helped along by the intake of a special actively suppressing alternative, non-toxicpowder of alkaline mineral salts he devel- medical therapies—and information aboutoped back in the 1930s and has since patent- them—since early in the 20th century.ed (Australian Patent No. 518,393). Daniel Haley is a staunch advocate of The appendix to Cancer: Cause & Cure health freedom and non-toxic therapies. Incontains testimonies from a number of indi- the 1970s he was a New York State legisla-viduals who have tried Percy Westons for- tor, during which time he encountered manymula with great success against a number of examples of nefarious political dealingsdiseases including cancer and gout. related to alternative medical treatments. Weston summarises some significant highs This ultimately launched him on a 10-yearand lows in his remarkable life history and research program, which resulted in thisJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 73
  • 72. THE LAND OF NO HORIZON REVIEWS say the authors. Indeed, a huge upwelling research conducted by Dr Nikola Tesla intoThe Inner Earth Holds the Secret to may have caused the Great Flood of biblical "radiant energy" or "cold electricity" (seethe Origins of Humanity times (and the authors dont discount the article this issue). He has tracked down a Book of Genesis as a source of information). number of Grays patents for this compila-by Kevin Taylor and Matthew Taylor tion, The Free Energy Secrets of, Australia, 2001 Looking at studies of the Sun and other planets in our solar system, such as Jupiter Electricity. These include a PulsedISBN 0-646-41057-1 (283pp tpb) Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine, an and Mars, the authors also consider the pos-Price: A$32.00; foreign p&h, visit sibility of Earth having an inner sun. Efficient Power Supply Suitable forpublishers website The text is generously interspersed with Inductive Loads, and an Efficient ElectricalAvailable: Australia—, PO Box diagrams that highlight the authors theories. Conversion Switching Tube Suitable for210, Ramsgate, NSW 2217, email While more a stream-of-consciousness dis- Inductive Loads (reprinted in the, cussion than a referenced scientific treatise, dices). He also reproduces Vassilatosswebsite the book opens the imagination and critical "Rosetta Stone" chapter from Secrets ofT he human race is a misfit species and our unique biological makeup indicates wepartly evolved from an environment differ- faculties to alternative explanations of ter- restrial history and our origins as a species. Cold War Technology; Teslas patents for a Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy and on The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energyent from the Earths surface, argue Kevin Through the Natural Mediums; plus a couple THE FREE ENERGY SECRETS OF COLD of his own papers published in Borderlands.and Matthew Taylor in The Land of NoHorizon. What sort of environment? One ELECTRICITY Lindemanns book is a must-read for free-of constant light and warmth, of low ultravi- by Peter A. Lindemann, DSc energy researchers, particularly those inter-olet radiation and lesser gravity, and a 28- Clear Tech, USA, 2001 ested in exploring electro-radiant events—day lunar-based time cycle. ISBN n/a (130pp l/f tpb) the same "gain mechanism" Tesla identified So, short of going off-planet, what are we Price: US$29.95 + US$7.95 s&h in USA, as the basis for his Magnifying Transmitter.left with as the place of our origin? The US$15 to Canada, US$21 elsewhereinterior of planet Earth, the authors suggest. Available: USA—Clear Tech, Inc., POBut rather than be too focussed on other Box 37, Metaline Falls, WA 99153, telintelligent life forms that may have tam- (509) 446 2353, 1-888 260 2770 (toll freepered with our evolution (as they have, the in North America), fax (509) 446 2354,authors contend), they build up their thesis website; Adventuressupporting a hollow Earth theory. Unlimited, tel (815) 253 6390 Central to their argument is the action ofEarth expansion, which they say created thecontinents and the oceans as well as such I n 1973, US engineer Edwin Grays inven- tion of an "engine that consumes no fuel" received press publicity and got author Peteranomalies as an inner ocean deep within the Lindemann, DSc, on the "free energy" case.crust (the Moho discontinuity?). They theo- However, Gray was very private and manyrise that quantities of its waters can be of his secrets died with him in 1989,released into the outer ocean in great vortex- although he did manage to patent several ofdriven upwellings during an atmospheric his inventions (see Science News, 7/03).pressure equalisation event that the planet Lindemann, following further groundworkperiodically undergoes. Such upwellings laid by Gerry Vassilatos, has discovered thehave been witnessed at sea and from the air, key that connects Grays findings with74 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 73. REVIEWSBEYOND AMALGAM a recently developed 3D dental sonography conductors of cosmic energies", accordingThe Hidden Health Hazard Posed by technology called Cavitat (she now works to Callahan—were built with paramagneticJawbone Cavitations for the manufacturer). They can be removed material. Ideally they were sited on down- in a simple oral surgical procedure (if you ward vortexes, and their purpose may haveby Susan Stockton can find a dental surgeon proficient in the been to enhance the environmental energyPower of One, USA, 2000 (revised edition) technique), and patients have reported and improve crop yields, or to stimulateISBN 0-9628770-2-6 (121pp tpb) recovery from diverse conditions including heightened spiritual awareness in the localPrice: US$12.95 + US$3.50 s&h in USA; headache, blindness, autoimmune disease, monks. Moore looks at a number of sim-foreign orders, contact publisher fibromyalgia, tinnitus and neck pain. pler, scaled-down "Tower of Power" designsAvailable: USA—Power of One In Stocktons book we have a stern warn- that can be easily built, and discusses thePublishing, 10691 E. Bethany #900, ing about a major hidden health hazard that various problems that may be encounteredAurora, CO 80014, tel (303) 755 2605, affects millions of people around the world. with inappropriate materials and siting, geo-website logical and fence-line interference and soT he public has been waking up to the dan- gers of mercury amalgam and root canalfillings for some years, but they are much STONE AGE FARMING Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century on. She also tackles ethical concerns. Moore takes an holistic, practical approach to farm and ecosystem management—an by Alanna Mooreless informed about another major problem: Python Press, Australia, 2001 approach that identifies and harmonises withjawbone cavitations. ISBN 0-646-41188-8 (208pp tpb) subtle energies, utilises eco-sound methods The author of Beyond Amalgam, Susan Price: A$30.00 + A$3 p&h in Australia; and applies ingenious technologies such asStockton, a teacher and writer in the alterna- foreign orders A$40 (or US$20.00 cash/ energy-conducting coils for improving soiltive health field in the US, has personal life and plant growth. Her call for "the eco- travellers cheque or equivalent)experience with the severe systemic effects farming imperative" is one that we must Available: Australia—Python Press, PO heed if were to have a sustainable future.of cavitations—alveolar cavitational Box 929, Castlemaine, Vic. 3450,osteopathosis, or osteitis, in her case—and tel/fax +61 (0)3 5476 2418,spent years finding a dentist who could sur- email info@geomantica.comgically treat her problem. For the most part, cavitations—lesions inthe jawbone, characterised by infected dead T his is a journey into the world of esoteric agriculture, connecting ancient wisdom and environmental practices with the latestbone—are the result of dentists failure to knowledge in magnetism and agriculturalclean up a tooth extraction site, resulting in science. Author Alanna Moore specialisesthe invasion and proliferation of bacteria and in geomancy and dowsing as applied to eco-adverse impacts on related organs. Stockton agriculture, and she is passionate about per-discusses the research of naturopathic bio- maculture and biodynamics.physicist Dr Hulda Clark, who discovered For Stone Age Farming, Moore has spentthat "teeth have the same tissue frequency as the best part of eight years researching in thesome distant organs"—lending weight to the field and applying and expanding on princi-evidence that each tooth is related to a dif- ples elucidated by Dr Phil Callahan and oth-ferent organ or system in the body. ers. She has studied the ancient Irish Round According to Stockton, cavitations (differ- Towers at first hand and compared thement from cavities or caries) are often missed with modern reproductions in Southby X-ray imaging, but can be detected using Australia. The towers—"silicone-rich semi-JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 75
  • 74. WAKE UP DOWN THERE! REVIEWS Kenn Thomas, Acharya S and many others. The Excluded Middle Collection The territory covers higher physics, LSD, edited by Gregory Bishop Reich, Roswell, abducting aliens, Philip K. Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2000 Dicks VALIS, the Ashtar Command, El ISBN 0-932-813-82-8 (435pp l/f tpb) Chupacabras, remote viewing, parapsychol- Price: A$55.00; NZ$69.00; £n/a; ogy, the cabbala and even "Commander" NLG70,90; US$25.00 + US$2.50 s&h in Jim Moseley of Saucer Smear fame, to men- USA, US$3.00 to Canada tion but a few. All in all, a mind-expanding, eyebrow-raising collection for these latter- Available: Australia—NEXUS Magazine, day conspiracy-riddled times. tel (07) 5442 9280; NZ—NEXUS Office, tel (09) 405 1963; UK—Enquire NEXUS Office, tel 01342 322854; Europe— THE ELITE SERIAL KILLERS OF NEXUS Office, tel +31 (0)321 380558; LINCOLN, JFK, RFK & MLK USA—Adventures Unlimited, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr tel (815) 253 6390, website Ross International Enterprises, USA, 2001 ISBN 0-9649888-6-0 (348pp hc) Price: US$34.95 + US$5 s&h in USA, US$7 to Canada, US$9 to Aust/NZ/Pacific/ UK/Europe Available: USA—RIE, 24505 Old Ferry Road, Spicewood, TX 78669, tel (512) 264 1938, website T he assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King all have something in common: they were carried out on the orders of "the Elite", says R. Gaylon Ross, author of Whos Who of the Elite (1995). This "Elite" comprises inner-circle members of the banking families—especially the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, "who are at, or certainly next to, the very top"—the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other exclusive groups with particular incli- he title for this anthology comes from a nations towards power and money and T line from John Keels The Mothman Prophecies. Its about two women who are maintaining influence. So this Elite had its bidding done in 1865 having a telephone conversation, only to be when Lincoln was murdered, and in the interrupted on the line by a strange mans 1960s when the three "Ks" were killed. voice snapping "Wake Up Down There!". Author Ross points his finger at the conspir- This is a collection of material from the ators, perpetrators, hit men and patsies in US conspiracy zine, The Excluded Middle, each assassination. He has interviewed and includes "the best from the acclaimed many eyewitnesses (at least regarding the underground magazine of UFOs, the para- 1960s murders) and drawn evidence from normal, spirit, psychedelia and conspiracy", other researchers and official inquiries. as the cover suggests. One of the founding Though evidence is circumstantial as to editors, Greg Bishop, puts it this way in his who would have given the orders, there was foreword: "Since we are emotional, spiritu- a cast of conspirators in the case of these al and analytic animals, there is no reason 1960s murders that included Lyndon Baines why one trait should rule the others." This Johnson (and peripherally Richard Nixon journal through the 1990s has been a beacon and Gerald Ford), FBI head J. Edgar Hoover of enlightened, philosophical, forward think- and Texas oilman Howard L. Hunt, with a ing, albeit with a slightly paranoid and cyni- cohort of Mafiosi, CIA operatives and law- cal bent—a path carved "in the wilderness enforcement officers on the sidelines. of doubt, fear and ambiguity", but with a Theres some explosive new information in sense of humour thrown in. this book, as well as some analysis of the The material in this compendium covers motivations behind the assassinations and a the first nine issues (up until 1999) plus a dash of rhetoric thrown in for good measure. "virtual issue", and includes perspectives The author is passionate about exposing from founders Bishop, Peter Stenshoel and the evils perpetrated the world over by the Robert Larson as well as contributors Robert Elite, especially as their plans for a "One Anton Wilson, Scott Corrales, Paul Rydeen, World Government" are almost in place Robert Sterling, Joan dArc, Jim Keith, with its latest globalisation push.76 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 75. REVIEWSSWEET POISON in NEXUS 2/28–3/01 and website.) SheHow the Worlds Most Popular came across the damning evidence that theArtificial Sweetener is Harming Us FDA knew of aspartames health dangersby Janet Starr Hull back in the mid-1970s, yet approved it forVision Paperbacks, UK, 2001 use as a "table-top sweetener" in 1981.ISBN 1-901250-45-8 (227pp tpb) Sweet Poison is both a personal account of a journey to hell and back, and a stern warn-Price: A$33.95; NZ$39.95; £9.99 ing about the severe risks associated withAvailable: Aust—NEXUS Office, tel (07) consuming aspartame-laced food and drink.5442 9280; Wakefield Press, tel (08) 83628800; NZ—NEXUS Office, tel (09) 4051963; UK—Vision Paperbacks/Satin UNDERWATER ANDPublications, tel +44 (0)20 7928 5599, UNDERGROUND BASESwebsite www.visionpaperbacks.demon. by Richard Sauder,; TBS Ltd, tel 01206 255637 Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2000 ISBN 0-932-813-88-7 (257pp tpb) Price: AUD$35.00; NZD$49.00; £15.50; NLGƒ47,90; US$16.95 + US$2.50 s&h in USA, US$3.00 to Canada Available: Australia/NZ/UK/Europe— NEXUS offices; USA—Adventures Unlimited, tel (815) 253 6390, email, website T his new book from Richard Sauder, PhD, is a sequel to Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the government trying to hide? (AUP, 1995; see 2/26) Here, Sauder considers the technical feasibility of constructing secret, massive, offshore under- water bases as well as vast underground installations, thousands of feet deep, con- nected by tunnels. The technology has beenI ts hard to believe that an environmental scientist with some knowledge of chemi-cals and their effects could take a year to around for decades—as have many of these secret bases, supposedly—and has only become more sophisticated. The tunnels arerealise the cause of her piercing migraines, rumoured to criss-cross continental USA,dizzy spells, hair loss and erratic periods, the underground facilities connected bybut at least Janet Starr Hull eventually did. very-high-speed MagLev trains.After a bout in hospital and being diagnosed Dr Sauder draws on data obtained underwith Graves disease, she decided to check FoI and includes anecdotal accounts with athe labels of the "sugar-free" and "diet" good sprinkling of his own speculationprocessed foods and drinks at home and then based on circumstantial evidence. Some ofrealised the cause of her woes: her intake it is particularly compelling, e.g., notes fromover the previous year of copious quantities US Army engineering tenders and manuals,of the artificial sweetener NutraSweet, the an appendix of tunnels built by the Bureauactive ingredient known as aspartame. of Reclamation in the western states, and a Janet discovered a growing body of knowl- list of private companies involved in tunnel-edge on the health dangers of aspartame and boring projects. Much of this kind of under-was amazed to learn that she was not alone ground work, if not conducted by the mili-in her life-threatening symptoms. She radi- tary (army, navy and air force) and federalcally changed her dietary intake, eliminating agencies like the CIA, NSA and FEMA, isall "diet" drinks and processed foods in undertaken by contractors who are bound byfavour of pure, whole foods. Sure enough, national security restrictions. The existenceher symptoms went away and her health of undersea/underground projects and instal-returned. Then she presented her findings to lations is thus enormously difficult to verifyher dumbfounded doctor who had wanted to and document, considering their highly clas-irradiate and destroy her thyroid to treat her sified nature and the likelihood that the bulkincurable "Graves disease". of the funding comes from "black budgets" In her studies, Janet discovered that the that are not disclosed through the usual con-FDA acknowledges 92 side effects of aspar- gressional processes.tame and that this toxic substance, which Dr Sauder would never have written thisshould never have been allowed into the book if hed waited around for all the detailsfood supply, can be found in 5,000-odd to be declassified. We just have to be con-foods on the grocery shelves. (See articles tent with the peripherals for now.JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 77
  • 76. REVIEWS Reviewed by Duncan Roads Reviewed by Duncan Roads A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON WINGMAKERS THE WAY TO THE MOON First Source: Volume 1 written & produced by Bart Sibrel (includes over 60 minutes of music AFTH, LLC, USA, 2001 from Chambers 1–9) (47mins, NTSC/VHS) Wingmakers LLC, USA Available: USA—AFTH, LLC, 242 Louise 1998–2000 system requirements: Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203, tel (615) Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or 850 8329, fax (615) 242 2658, website MacOS8.1+, Internet browser 4.0+ Available: USA—Wingmakers LLC, web- A growing number of scientists are loudly proclaiming that NASA faked the Moon site missions, at least in terms of the video and photographic records available as evidence T he elusive mystery of the WingMakers is now firmly entrenched with the release of this CD-ROM. of their visits. There is certainly a wealth of interesting Now, an investigative reporter, Bart Sibrel, material to explore. Apart from the art, the has added new information to the debate. music, the poetry, the philosophy, the inter- While working for NBC affiliate station views, etc., there is also some spectacular WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee, Sibrel uncovered a 31-year-old, mislabelled, interactive material. unedited reel of NASA footage that provides For example, I found several "hidden pas- evidence that the Apollo Moon walk was a sages" or "discrete hyperlinks" embedded in hoax and that Apollo 11 never made it tiny parts of different illustrations. Some of beyond the Earths orbit. these led me to pages full of obscure formu- The video contends that lethal bands of las or artwork, or pages demanding a pass- radiation (the Van Allen belt) surround the word. I found that if you dig deep enough Earth, beginning at an altitude of 1,000 miles and long enough, the passwords apparently and extending an additional 25,000 miles, can be accessed, opening up yet more pages making it impossible for manned missions to of info for you. The bottom line is that if go further. you are intrigued by the WingMakers mater- The video producers suggest that the ial, this CD-ROM alone should keep you motive of the Apollo missions was to fool the busy for hours, if not days. Soviet Union about US strategic capability I am also informed that the "real secret" of during the height of the Cold War. the WingMakers material is hidden some- A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to where on this CD-ROM. If any of you find the Moon is an excellent documentary pro- it, please let me know. duction with very detailed and well-high- lighted footage, including great shots of the GRIDWORKS 2.0 flag flapping in the non-existent atmosphere Produced by Rod Maupin, USA, 2001 of the Moon, and much more. Price: US$104.00 + US$2.00 p&h in USA, US$7.50 outside USA (US$54.00 + p&h for upgrades from DOS version) Format: CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy discs (4) Windows 95 and onwards only Available: USA—Rod Maupin, PO Box 976, Rainier, WA 98576; New Zealand— Bruce L. Cathie, Quark Enterprises Limited, 158 Shaw Road, Oratia, Auckland, tel +64 (0)9 818 4291, email, website ~brucelc/products/gridwork/gridwork.htm G ridworks is designed for researchers into the harmonic mathematics of the Earth, who wish to investigate specific planetary gridpoints according to the system devel- oped by Bruce Cathie (author of The Harmonic Conquest of Space). I strongly suggest that you visit Bruce Cathies website for additional details of this awesome CD-ROM.78 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 77. REVIEWS sounds. The mountains, passes and tea houses of China and Japan emerge before your minds eye as you become immersed in Reviewed by Richard Giles the melody. Gorgeous, calming sounds ofDEJA-BLUES peace. An album of exceptional Steve HalpernHalpern/Inner Peace Music, USA, 2000 SPACE LULLABIES AND OTHER(60mins) FANTASMAGOREDistributors: Australia— Wild Eagle by EkovaTrading, tel (03) 9568 4004; USA—Inner Six Degrees Records, 2000 (60mins)Peace Music, tel 1800 909 0707 (toll- Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment,free, USA/Canada), website www. tel (07) 3849 6020; USA—Six Records, tel (415) 626 6334, websiteS teve Halpern has had a long career com- posing, playing and using music for itspower in healing and meditation. This; Europe— Sony Musicrelease is a reworked combination of tracksfrom a number of his great albums, includ- S hes back—that extraordinary improvisa- tional vocalist, Dierdre DuBois-Haddab. This second release from Ekova, with itsing Spectrum Suite, each capturing moments uniquely strange conceptualisations of musi-of sheer musical transformation and tran- cal style, is no less exciting than its prede-scendence. Try Melissa Phillippes vocals cessor, Heavens Dust (NEXUS, 7/05). Theon "Déjà-Blues" and "Moroccan Roll", and music is a cross between Persian, EasternPaul Horns silver flute on "Trippin". This and North African, combined with Dierdresis an album of high moments in musical amazing vocalisations. Very strange, dri-experimentation and sound discovery. ving, impelling music. Ekova is one group stretching the boundaries of contemporaryBREATHING RHYTHMS world music towards very new Glen VelezSounds True, USA, 2000 (55mins) GARDENS OF EDENDistributors: Aust—Banyan Tree, tel by various artists(08) 8363 4244; USA—Sounds True, tel Putumayo World Music, 2001 (48mins)1800 333 9185 (toll-free in North Distributors: Aust—MRA Entertainment,America), website tel (07) 3849 6020; USA—PutumayoT he tradition of vocalising rhythmic mate- rial is well established in many cultureson the planet, such as in India and the World Music, tel 1888 788 8629 (toll- free, USA/Can), www.putumayo.comMiddle East. Glen Velez has created sixcompositions to help listeners attune to the A nother great collection from Putumayo, each group representing an area of the world where the environment is under stressrhythmic energy flows of the body. Each from economic pressure, cultural assimila-composition activates a specific zone: voice tion or environmental exploitation. Eachactivates the upper body; melody, the centre reminds us of what we must preserve, andand heart of the body; and drumming, the captures the life of a culture from one of thelower and physical body. And each piece worlds natural paradises. Artists includeuses a numerical relationship to reflect an Ana Rita Simonka (Brazil), Guadalupeelemental structure in the music. Enticing Urbina (Costa Rica), Telek (Papua Newsounds that produce an euphoric feeling and Guinea) and Eric Manana (Madagascar).help harmonise body and mind.BUDDHA AND BONSAI – Vol. 3by Oliver Shanti, Family & FriendsSattva Music, Germany, 2000 (58mins)Distributors: Aust/UK/USA— NewWorld,;Germany—Sattva Music, tel +49 802890680, fax +49 8208 906810O liver Shanti has produced a stream of beautiful musical albums, all with anEastern theme. This one is from a three-part series titled Buddha and Bonsai. Themusic is quiet and atmospheric, with aChinese harmony threading throughout it.The use of the guzheng (long zither) anderhu (Chinese violin) adds depth to theJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 79
  • 78. 80 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 79. The Healing Power of Full-Spectrum Light Continued from page 38 that long-term deprivation from sunlight magnetic field he uses is at 2 to 7 hertz exposure increases the risk of multiple (vibrations per second), a physiologicalunlike aspirin,90 the flavonoids in purple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease through frequency, i.e., near the rate used by braingrape juice remain effective when depressed secretion of the hormone mela- neurotransmitters.adrenaline levels rise.91 Two 400-milligram tonin by the brains pineal gland. This Melatonin destroys carcinogeniccapsules of white willow bark are appears to explain the south-north gradient hydroxyl radicals by neutralising theirequivalent to one baby aspirin.92 Eating a in the incidence of MS: the farther from precursor molecules, and so it should helplot of dark-green leafy vegetables such as the equator, the more common it is. 99 All against Parkinsons and Alzheimersspinach,93 kale and Brussels sprouts also the MS patients he tested had extremely d i s e a s e s . 1 0 4 Melatonin interferes withhelps avoid this condition. 94, 95 low melatonin levels and their pineal oestrogen receptor sites on cells; excessive Many dermatologists advise older glands were calcified, or hardened. oestrogen from the Pill and from HRTpatients to stay out of the sun to avoid skin Reduction in melatonin secretion, he causes breast cells to hyperproliferatecancer. The thousands of elderly patients found, may be associated with zinc defi- (become cancerous), and melatonin blocksrotting in nursing homes come to mind. ciency in ADHD (attention deficit hyperac- this action. 105 It also slows senescence. 106That advice may unintentionally help to tivity disorder). 100 "Since melatonin stimu- The decline in its levels in everyonesmake patients sicker and older beyond their lates serotonin synthesis, [101] and serotonin bodies owing to longer daily exposure toyears. Staying indoors will cause problems deficiency has been linked to aggressive light has been suggested as one possiblea lot worse than skin cancer. Older peo- b e h a v i o u r , [102] it is possible that a high factor explaining the continual spread ofples bones will crumble and break (osteo- prevalence of conduct disorder and aggres- cancer in the 20th century. 107, 108 Some ofporosis); these elderly patients will hate sive behaviour in ADHD patients could be Dr Sandyks patients with Alzheimersliving (depression). Articles in the journals related to reduced melatonin and serotonin disease, migraine and pain syndromes alsoCancer, Cancer Research and Preventive associated with (but not caused by) zinc benefit from exposure to such magneticM e d i c i n e suggest that avoiding sunlight deficiency.[103]" fields—suggesting that sunlight deprivationcould promote the development of cancers Dr Sandyk applies extremely weak may contribute to the aetiology of thoseother than those of the skin.96, 97, 98 alternating-current fields to the brain; this distressing illnesses.109 stimulates melatonin secretion, bringing• FS Light vs Neurological Diseases about remarkable subjective and objective • FS Light vs CHD and Infections Research by Reuven Sandyk, MD, who improvement of MS and Parkinsonspractises medicine in Connecticut, shows patients within one to two minutes. The Continued on page 82JUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 81
  • 80. The Healing Power of Full-Spectrum Light Continued from page 81 Chlamydia, as one of its mechanisms of hypertension in blacks and other dark- increasing risk of heart attack.111, 112 skinned people. Those with greater Staying completely out of the sun may Dr Grimes links respiratory infections amounts of pigment in the skin require sixalso increase the risk of heart attacks and and chronic bronchitis, called "the English times the amount of ultraviolet B (UVB)much more by another route. David Disease", to poor immunocompetence due light to produce the same amount of vita-Grimes, MD, at Blackburn Royal Infirmary to sunlight deficiency, worsened by ciga- min D3 found in lighter-skinned people. 115in Blackburn, UK, notes that heart attacks rette smoking. (In southern Europe, smok- And Dr Esther John of Northern Californiaare commonest in the parts of the world— ing rates are much higher, but recurrent res- Cancer Center reported that daily exposuresuch as northwest United Kingdom—that piratory tract infections are scarce.) to sunshine, without sunscreen, appears tohave the least sunshine. And Asian popu- Glasgow, Scotland, has high rates of osteo- lessen the risk of breast cancer.116 ∞lations in the British Isles have a particular- malacia and rickets, which he says are defi-ly high risk of death from heart attack that nitely the result of sunlight deficiency. Dr About the Author:cannot be explained on dietary grounds. F. A. Spencer has noted a higher incidence Joseph G. Hattersley in 1953 completed every-Having come from countries in which the of heart attacks in winter; he has related thing then required for a PhD degree in econom-sun is so strong that exposure must be min- this to low levels of vitamin D and to ics, except a dissertation, at the University ofimised, they have a cultural tendency to depression from the winter months.113 California at Berkeley. In 1976, at age 54, a seem-avoid the sun. Also, Crohns disease (regional enteritis ing nutritional miracle launched his career of writ- ing on a wide range of health topics. Joe seeks to Dr Grimes traces causation of many or intestinal irritation) is much more com- integrate differing views on a subject from com-cases of CHD (coronary heart disease) to mon in cloudy northwest England than in peting research teams. Several of his proposalsthe microbe Chlamydia pneumoniae and sunny southern Europe—that is, if we have been confirmed three to five years later inlow immunocompetence from too low a accept that Crohns is a microbial disease, mainstream medical and scientific journals. Hislevel of vitamin D among those avoiding as current research confirms, probably due special interests are prevention of heart diseasesunshine. Sunlight could determine to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Once and cot death. His article, "Soybean Products: Awhether squalene, the precursor to both vit- again, sunlight in the Mediterranean area Recipe for Disaster", was published in NEXUS 4/03, April–May 1997 issue.amin D and cholesterol, converts into vita- could be protective through immuno-min D (in the presence of enough sunshine) enhancement.114 Editors Note:or into excessive cholesterol (if sunlight is There are other risks. An Alabama The complete text of this article, together withdeficient.) 110 A deficiency of vitamin B6 researcher found that lack of enough sun- endnotes, is posted at the NEXUS website ,promotes infection, e.g. by H. pylori and shine exposure may increase the risk of • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001
  • 81. Amplified Mind Power Research in the Former Soviet UnionContinued from page 46 were positive: non-starving mice respond- of our experiments goes beyond ordinary ed to the suffering of their "friends" who forms of interaction of animals. Therefore, were several storeys removed; in only three we propose to call it extraordinarySTUDIES IN ANIMAL TELEPATHY cases were the results negative. transmission of information." Although the No. 8 project was shut Refining his methodology, Speransky Actually, related phenomena had beendown and sections of it transferred to other engaged in additional series of experi- recorded by Western researchers. Sircities, animal research in information trans- ments, altering sex, weight and other vari- Alister Hardy, Professor Emeritus ofmission continued in Science City. ables. He found that the "biological signif- Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at A Novosibirsk toxicologist, Dr S. V. icance of the rapid increase in weight of Oxford University, had considered the pos-Speransky, discovered a form of telepathy mice which received signals about starva- sibility that telepathic communicationbetween starving and normally nourished tion from their friends is clear: a danger among animals might even affect evolutionmice. He observed that impulses from of starvation has to give them an additional and adaptation. In an essay, "Biology andhungry mice were transmitted in such a stimulus to be sated". In other words, ESP" (1949), Professor Hardy suggestedmanner that the non-starving mice acted as telepathy-like signals warned the non- that animal habits might be spread by "tele-if they, themselves, were famished. The starving mice that food was short, so they pathic-like means" and that a "psychic poolmost complete account of the Speransky increased food consumption and storage of existence" might function among mem-experiment appeared in "Parapsychology in within their bodies. bers of a species by some method "akin" tothe USSR" (Part III), translated by Larissa Speransky drew this conclusion: telepathy.Vilenskaya from the researchers original "Undoubtedly, mentioning that the Speransky linked his findings aboutmanuscript. transmission of information occurred communication between mice to work done As a toxicologist, Speranskys primary beyond ordinary channels of perception by Gulyaev with his auragram on humans,interest was the impact of poisons on living will remind the reader of such notions as by Sergeyev on human brain activity, andorganisms; the mind-to-mind reaction telepathy, extrasensory perception and by Presman on the influence ofamong the mice was encountered acciden- biological radio-communication. Is it electromagnetic fields upon livingtally. Speranskys "upper mice" lived on in possible to suppose that the transmission of organisms. A. S. Presmans work, notablythe fourth-floor laboratory, while the information about starvation pertains to this his book Electromagnetic Fields and Life"lower mice" were kept in the basement. type of phenomenon? We think so, but (New York, 1970), is internationallyIn some experiments, the upper mice were cannot strictly affirm it at present. It is known.starved; in others, they were nourished. only clear that the transmission ofOut of the 30 experiments, results in 27 Continued on page 84 information about starvation in conditionsJUNE – JULY 2001 NEXUS • 83
  • 82. Amplified Mind Power Research in the Former Soviet UnionContinued from page 83 his Bio-Communication Laboratory in About the Author: Moscow to the Novosibirsk laboratory. Following service with the US Office of One rare positive reference to Kogan reported on this experiment i n War Information in World War II, Martinparapsychology-related work to appear in absentia to a meeting at the University of Ebon worked on the staff of the Foreign(what was) an East German publication California at Los Angeles in 1969. The test Policy Association and with the USwas printed on 15 May 1982 in N e u e concentrated on the telepathic transmission Information Agency during the KoreanD e u t s c h l a n d, the East Berlin daily of the identity of various objects, with Yuri War. From 1953 to 1965 he was admin-published by the Socialist Unity Party. In Kamensky in Moscow trying to communi- istrative assistant of the Parapsychologyan article, "Man, Animals and Magnetism", cate the images to Karl Nikolayev in Association in New York and travelledProfessor Hans Weiss and Dr Jurgen Novosibirsk. The methods used corre- extensively on behalf of the AssociationsHellebrand discussed the question of sponded to other long-distance tests. research endeavours. He has becomewhether a correlation between However, Kogan noted that the recipient well-known in parapsychology circles.electromagnetic fields and life processes in the Siberian city "did not have an assort- His lectures, reviews, research reports,does in fact exist. They found that the ment of items before him", as was arranged magazine articles and books (over 60 ofviews of physicists, chemists and biologists later during the Moscow–Kersh tests, so he them) reflect serious treatment of the field.vary greatly. They cited Presmans work, "could not give specific names for the He is a lifelong researcher/writer/analystnotably his references to the apparent objects he saw telepathically". on political and scientific developmentsability of snails and birds to orient Kogan said that the Novosibirsk recipi- of Eastern European countries, the formerthemselves through the Earths magnetic ent was limited to listing "the characteris- Soviet Union and post-Communist Russiafield. The two authors denounced popular tics" of each item, which restricted statisti- as well as Asia and the Peoples Republicclaims for magnetic healing devices as cal analysis of the experimental results to of China."clearly humbug", but stated that in such "an approximation". In one such test, the In addition to his many books on para-fields as food production further basic transmitting telepath in the Soviet capital psychological matters, Ebon is the authorresearch "may permit developments was asked by supervising scientists "to sug- of: World Com munism Today;leading to practical applications". gest an object they had chosen randomly". Malenkov: Stalins Successor; a biogra- As a leading research centre, Six segments of test were used to transmit phy of Ernesto "Che" Guevara; PsychicNovosibirsk was a natural contact point for images of six different objects; half of W a r f a r e (1983); The Andropov File, along-distance experiments in telepathy. these tests gave positive results. biography of the former head of the KGB;The top Soviet scientist, Professor Ippolite The Soviet Propaganda Machine (1987);Kogan, arranged a long-distance test from Continued next issue... and KGB: Death and Rebirth (1994).84 • NEXUS JUNE – JULY 2001