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Nexus 0801 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 1 DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 SCIENCE NEWS...........................................................51GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Robert Adams, DSc. The inventor of the Adams Military jet pulses may have caused TWA Flight Triplex Aetheric Energy Motor-Generator explains 800 to explode mid-air; some vaccines may be the fundamentals of applied aether science and contaminated with mad cow disease; and scientists smashes some myths about electricity generation. confirm the reality of the near-death experience. THE EXCAVATIONS OF CARLOS RIBEIRO.................57DeBRIEFINGS: BEHIND THE HEADLINES.................1 1 By Michael A. Cremo. In the 1860s, Portuguese We reprint former UK MI6 operative Richard geologist Carlos Ribeiro found worked flints in Tomlinsons affidavit outlining his suspicions that Miocene strata dated at five to 25 million years old, the agency is not telling all concerning the death of but his findings on an earlier date for the emergence Diana, Princess of Wales; plus commentary on the of toolmaking humans are largely unknown today. flawed UK York Report on water fluoridation. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................65MOBILE PHONES: TIME FOR PRECAUTIONS...........17 Dr Michael Wolfs final interview, conducted by By Simon Best, MA. As more evidence emerges of Paola Harris; Richard Boylans revelations from an mobile phones harmful effects on health, its time inside source on US research into holographic time to minimise phone use and lobby governments to portals; and radio talk show host Dave Alans adopt more stringent guidelines on emissions. extraordinary out-of-body experiences in hospital.THE SECRET GOLD TREATY.......................................23 REVIEWS—Books........................................................71 By David G. Guyatt. A financial battle is raging "Rogue Messiahs" by Colin Wilson between the euro and the dollar as the independent "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs Gold Anti-Trust Group exposes a "gold collusion" "Mind Wars: The Battle For Your Brain" by Ian McFadyen cartel operated by international bankers. "The Dragons Tail" by Anthony Austin and Brian Crowley "Menace in the Mouth?" by Dr Jack Levenson et al.THE "PROMIS" THREAT..............................................29 "Extraterrestrial Contact" by Steven M. Greer, MD By Michael C. Ruppert. A tangled web of intrigue "Mysteries of Ancient South America" by Harold T. Wilkins has been spun around the stolen "Promis" software "The Book of Magnet Healing" by Roger Coghill "The Book of Enoch the Prophet" translated by Richard Laurence which is now so enhanced it can facilitate high- "Pyramids in the Pacific" by Rex Gilroy resolution satellite surveillance and allow high-tech "The Vivaxis Connection" by Judy Jacka, ND thieves to manipulate global financial markets. "Dolphin Healing" by Horace DobbsEFFECTS OF VACCINE ADJUVANTS—Part 1..............37 "Realm of the Ring Lords" by Laurence Gardner "Mystery in Acámbaro" by Charles H. Hapgood By Viera Scheibner, PhD. Vaccines contain adjuvants—chemical substances meant to boost the REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................78 immune response but which are known to be toxic "The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun" "Out-of-Body Experience: A Glimpse of Immortality" and to have adverse and severe side-effects. REVIEWS—Music........................................................79PARASETI: ET CONTACT VIA SUBTLE ENERGIES......43 "Afrika Wassa" by Vieux Diop By Gavin Dingley. SETI radiotelescopes are not "Master Musicians of Jajouka" featuring Bachir Attar designed to detect or use the subtle frequencies that "Fiesta Brasil" featuring various artists permeate the extraterrestrial or extradimensional "Cousteaus Dream: A Benefit Album" featuring various artists Universe, but Hodowanecs gravity-wave detector "The Golden Portal" by Xumantra proves that two-way communication is possible. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................88–95DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 1 DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 E xactly one year ago when I "penned" my editorial, I mused upon the likely effects of the dreaded "Y2K" or "Millennium Bug". People were busily upgrading computer sys- tems, stockpiling food and essentials, preparing to party big-time, and sometimes doing all PUBLISHED BY three. For most, the year entered with electricity, running water, and no screaming hordes NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 to shoo away from the vegetable patch. Mind you, although Western civilisation did not EDITOR screech to a grinding halt, there were many thousands of computer glitches and break- Duncan M. Roads downs which did inconvenience people somewhat. CO-EDITOR The new year even gave birth to a new conspiracy theory: that Y2K was a beat-up to Catherine Simons scare everyone into buying the latest hardware and software, and that this new computer ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell gear has secret "back doors" to allow Big Brother computer systems to track your move- EDITORS ASSISTANT ments in cyberspace. Ironically, the latter notion is proving all too familiar in the light of Richard Giles more and more revelations that popular modern computer software is full of security holes, OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR some of which are only usable by law enforcement agencies operating out of the USA. For Janine Carmichael this reason, I draw your attention to the article by Mike Ruppert on Promis software. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Although we have mentioned Promis in other articles and news items, it has still not had Simon Best, MA; David G. Guyatt; enough attention. You will see what I mean when you read this article. Michael C. Ruppert; Viera Scheibner, PhD; Gavin Dingley; Robert Adams, DSc; As more and more people become informed on the debate over vaccination, so the media Michael A. Cremo; Paola Harris; and the system intensify their campaign to scare, intimidate or penalise those who refuse to Richard Boylan, PhD; Rayelan Allan inject toxins into their children. The debate will hopefully soon be raised on another CARTOONS aspect, that of adjuvants in vaccines. These additives, used in vaccines to "stimulate" the Phil Somerville immune system, tend to be highly toxic. Trouble is, these poisons have side effects, espe- COVER GRAPHIC cially in newborn babies. Every health-care and legal practitioner should read this latest John Cook, article by Dr Viera Scheibner. PRINTING Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia I also direct your attention to Simon Bests article on mobile phones. No doubt by now, every NEXUS reader is well aware that there are suspected risks. This article updates you AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Newsagents Direct Distribution on the debate over what are safe standards, what are the suspected pathways of damage, and how you can minimise the potential hazards from mobile/cellular phone use. HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia Back in 1992–93, NEXUS was proud to be the first to publish some of the research of Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 New Zealand scientist/engineer Dr Robert Adams, inventor of the Adams Pulsed Electric E-mail: Motor Generator. Weve published a few items since, and recently Robert sent us some Web page: more releases, including his announcement that he is laying claim to the discovery of a NEW ZEALAND OFFICE "law of nature", which he has proclaimed "the Adams Law". We hope youre as fascinated RD 2, Kaeo, Northland with his findings as we are. Who knows...this could be history in the making! Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Fax: +64 (0)9 405 1964 E-mail: The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has a new dimension to it—literally. This USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, issue, Gavin Dingleys excellent "ParaSETI" article examines the work of several scientific Denver CO 80206 pioneers whose records indicate that they may have received intelligent communications Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 603 754 4744 from extradimensional as well as extraterrestrial sources. This article helps open the door E-mail: to a scientific understanding of the concept that life can exist in other "dimensions" as well UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West as in other locations within this dimension. Sussex, RH19 1BG. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854; Getting back to this space-time continuum, Michael Cremos article then takes us back in Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 E-mail: time. Michael, the co-author of Forbidden Archeology, a book which challenges the main- EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, stream version of pre-history, examines the findings of Carlos Ribeiro, a Portuguese geolo- The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0)321 380558; gist who in the 1860s found abundant and clear evidence of mankind in rock strata which Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 has been dated at anywhere from 5 to 25 million years old! STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Another article I encourage you to read is "The Secret Gold War", by David Guyatt. IsNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a there really a secret tussle between the euro and the greenback? If so, is it part of a globalmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS cashless currency agenda? You be the judge.seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Finally, I mention with sadness the passing of US scientist Dr Michael Wolf. I had thelinked to any religious, philosophical or political pleasure of having several conversations with Michael over the past few years. He was aideology or organisation. charming gentleman, with a most extraordinary life. As a tribute, we are pleased to publish PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY an interview with Dr Wolf, which Italian journalist Paola Harris conducted back in May.While reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone I wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and happy festive season—and encourage you tocaught making a buck out of it, without our express eat all those dried, canned and frozen Y2K supplies before they pass their use-by dates!permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY the Publisherand its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregoing toindemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competitionor trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publica-tion will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of being misleading ordeceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they are not to be regard-ed as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professional help for individualproblems. © NEXUS New Times 2000–20012 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  3. 3. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...EMF Hazards in Vehicles thoughts about the following: own testing and production for 35 you have come to know, much of Dear Sir: It is my understand- a) Has anybody in the world years now. They make their own the UFO data and work has beening that just recently we have done any similar tests which small enough, including the neu- held the same way...more as aobtained from the manufacturers would confirm my finding, and is tron varieties. "trade secret" than a patent, if youof hand-held telephones the this knowledge available? No, the Legacy Project is a will.acknowledgement that concen- b) Would the prolonged expo- whole lot more serious than they I will communicate again fol-trated usage of handsets could sure to these levels of electromag- are leading everyone to believe. I lowing your next issue. I willpossibly be the cause of serious netic radiation have harmful will only venture the true signifi- devote that correspondence to thehealth problems, with a recom- health effects and, if so, what cance of Legacy by inference. ongoing antigravity propulsionmendation to restrict usage if at could be expected? In my last letter, I concluded program in another tech area ofall possible until more data comes c) Would it be possible to with a comment about the danger backwoods Los Alamos...and,to hand. shield the driver and passenger at inherent in discussing certain yes, it was threatened but not This interested me to measure the front from these radiations? issues. That danger is not to peo- damaged by this summers wild-what level of emission was pre- Note: I have tried PVC and lead, ple like you, who present whatev- fire. I am sorry that I must main-sent on a telephone, as figures on but they both had no effect at all er they can find in publications. tain the security of plain (unfin-emissions appeared not to be upon the results, which in itself By your very nature (and our gerprinted) bond and envelopeavailable. To do this, I used a was a worrying finding. governments super-effective dis- without return address and stampTriField meter which I had pur- d) Could these radiations be information program) you are without possibility of DNAchased as a result of an advertise- responsible for the Western safe. The danger lies with the analysis. All international mailment in NEXUS some time ago, worlds rise in cancers and decline people who have close working from the US to international des-the subject of radiation fields in sperm count? After all, it is knowledge and hard evidence ignations is intercepted, and thatbeing of personal interest. only from the Second World War available to them that might pos- is unfortunately legal. The telephone handset I tested onwards that many of our pre- sibly reach people like you. Cherubim.was a new model and found to sent-day illnesses have expanded, I am sorry that I do not havehave a level of 5 milligauss at the which correlates to the increased physical evidence relating to the Fluoride Studies Studiedear position. The TriField manu- availability of cars. microfibre injection program used To the Editors: Last week [w/cfacturer indicates that anything e) Could these radiations cause by the United States Secret 2 October], news of the "Yorkover a threshold reading of 3 mil- driver fatigue? Service and other Federal agen- study" came out of Great Britain,ligauss should have human expo- f) I did not test heavy vehicles, cies. I was exposed to it only intended to reassure us that watersure limited until more data can but this would be worth investiga- because the originating govern- fluoridation is perfectly sourced. This of course agrees tion. mental laboratory workers I guess the York study wasntwith the warnings received, as Thank you for your excellent assumed that I knew all about it. actually a study, as studies go, butnoted above. publication. It makes fine read- Incidentally, the substance is usu- was more a study of the studies, However, you can imagine that ing, and I enjoy the US, NZ and ally delivered by injection because this study didnt studyI was very disturbed when, quite European input. through a special drill which is animals or people, it studied stud-by accident, I had occasion to Yours sincerely, Donald run through a residence wall or ies. Although this was touted toswitch the TriField meter on Kitchen, Sandford, Tas., Australia car undercarriage. It can be done be the study to end all studies,whilst sitting in my car with the in seconds. almost immediately both theengine running, and found that at Alarm at Los Alamos The entire program is not even Green Party and the Fluoridechest level a reading of 6 milli- Dear Editor: You people do classified, as that might involve Action Network published theirgauss was present and steady. not mess around! Little did I entry into the Registered studies of the York study. TheseFurther investigation found at the expect not only to appear in your Publications Inventory (as all were then studies of the study thatvital parts of my anatomy a figure next issue but have my letter pub- classified documents, confiden- studied the studies.of 10, rising to over 100 milli- lished verbatim. Forgive me if I tial, secret and top secret, must The studies of the study thatgauss at the feet position. exercise great care here in the meet the rigorous standards laid studied the studies pointed out Just to make sure this was not a writing of this second letter. One out under the guidelines of the that this study that had studied theproblem with my particular car, I of my former colleagues is none Registered Publications System). studies had left some 3,000 stud-tested a friends new six-cylinder other than Wen Ho Lee, and we You can see the dilemma. ies unstudied, and they called formodel and found his vehicle was all know what has been done to Currently this substance, a study of studies that wouldreading 10 milligauss at chest his life over the past nine months thought to be non-systemic and study all studies and therefore notlevel, rising again as it or so. therefore not a health hazard, is necessitate a study of the study ofapproached the bulkhead of the By the way, he was one of the administered into areas around the studies as this study had Both cars have east-to-west "X" men working in Tech Area the "subjects under surveillance" They were quick to stress thatengine design, which is signifi- 55, called "Legacy". That infor- without warrant or notification of funding for studies is difficult tocant as when I tested an old mation is all public now. That any kind to any person, law obtain and that, while studies thatnorth-to-south model I only got our citizens will so easily accept enforcement organisation or even study studies are not so unusual,an insignificant 0.6 milligauss at the government-issued informa- court authority. If the program almost no one will give grants tochest level. tion regarding this "Q" project is were to be classified, then it do a study of studies that study My concern is a personal one, astounding. Does the public real- would entail some sort of consid- studies.having driven many thousands of ly think that the Chinese would eration (at the very least legal) It would be even more difficultkilometres being exposed to this be in search of making a smaller and also would enter the system to obtain funding to study theradiation. Would any of your and more effective nuclear war- in writing and become "memori- studies n o t studied by a studyreaders be able to offer any head? They have been at their alised" from that point on. As which studied the studies, such4 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 200 to 250 words in length. Ed.that people studying the issue Richard Tomlinson, a closer R. Stewart, rixon1@netscape- the phrase Nullius in verba ,wont know which studies have examination reveals serious meaning No mans word shall bebeen studied and which studies inconsistencies. In particular, [Dear R. Stewart: I dont have final. There is no place for infal-were excluded in the studies that where it says "...the Princess of a problem with your criticism of libility in science. I was alsostudied the studies. Wales...had clearly been under Stephen Dorrils claim about MI6 brought up to believe that science Study schmuddy...just dont put some kind of surveillance... and the Princess of Wales. The was serious but not sacrosanctit in my water. While all the stories linking MI6 conspiracy angles have been and that creative science required Don Caron, alison.blake@ to the Princesss death in the car heavily covered in the press and a sense of wonder and a sense accident in France have been on the Internet for the last three humour." complete nonsense, it has been years, and, though the truth is That about sums it up, I think.WWII Veterans Research alleged..." Dorril offers no evi- still unresolved, I thought our Lovelock also seems very rele- Dear Duncan: Since publish- dence to back this claim that readers would be attuned enough vant to the expansion theorying my fathers book, entitled My these stories are "nonsense"; he to judge Dorrils claim accord - itself, from two points of view.World War Two (non-commercial simply mentions this as a matter ingly. Ive been planning to pub - He talks about the radioactiveventure from own savings; see of fact. lish Tomlinsons affidavit for a core of the Earth, which produceswebsite, I However, if he had indeed been while, so now is as good a time as the heat. If that is the case, andhave received considerable feed- in contact with Tomlinson, he ever; turn to deBriefings. Next we are speaking about fission,back from the children of affected would know that MI6 were issue, I hope to follow with an then it makes sense, at least to anWar veterans. directly involved in Princess update on Mohammed Al Fayeds amateur physicist like me, that It is apparent that we have Dianas death. As evidenced by lawsuit against the US govern - the density of the Earths core isinherited nervous problems from his affidavit to Judge Hervé ment and various agencies. decreasing as atoms divide, caus-parent(s) who suffered severe Stephans inquiry into her death Whilst I also disagree with ing expansion. Where does theshell-shock during World War and his subsequent interview with some of Dorrils conclusions, Im idea of constant density comeTwo. Without exception, we all the Swiss magazine New Idea . sure you can see there are items from: traditional science?have an almost identical history Nowhere is this mentioned in the in the article which can be used Also, I wonder to what extentof hypersensitivity, depression, article; instead, we get a lot of to support other points of view. I James Maxlow has taken onetc. waffle about "insider" informa- like to believe that NEXUS read - board the planetary evolution pro- I feel sure there must be a large tion, code-names and suchlike, as ers cast a wide information net, posed by Lovelock. I am think-number of your readers who suf- if Dorril were trying to convince and I believe there were a few ing in particular of the atmos-fer these or associated problems us that he was indeed privy to "fishes" in that item. phere, and how it came about inand are unaware that it is possibly insider information. Incidentally, Stephen Dorril symbiosis with life-forms. Just adue to excessive trauma experi- Either hes kidding himself or, has refused us permission to pub - question.enced by their parent(s) during worse still, hes acting as part of a lish part two of the extract from Anyway, nice one, and keep upWorld War Two. As feedback disinformation program pertain- his book. He told me that he does the great work.continues to increase, the possi- ing to Princess Dianas death. not want his work associated with Grattan Healy, Belgium,bility of coincidence is ruled out And if that is indeed the case, a magazine that covers UFOs! grattan_healy@compuserve.comand the overwhelming evidence I youve bought it lock, stock and Go figure! Ed.]am receiving is showing a clear barrel. Rife Anti-Cancer Treatmentlink. As further information To rectify matters, you should Earth Expansion & Evolution Dear Duncan: In Letters, vol.becomes available, I intend to add publish Tomlinsons affidavit or Dear Duncan: Re Global 7, no. 4, Ralph Cohen asks forthe details to our website. his interview with New Idea . Expansion Tectonics in 7/06, people to contact him if they have I realise you are probably inun- And you should try to make what a wonderful piece of lateral had Rife treatment. I am not ondated with e-mails and letters and amends because peoples lives are thinking! Compliments to James the net or e-mail so can only do ityour workload (as mine) is exces- on the line here. Photographer Maxlow, and to you for doing it through your column, whichsive, but space given to publish James Andanson, one of the first once again. The underlying story could help other readers.this e-mail will be much appreci- photographers on the scene of the of the narrow-mindedness of sci- After being told my cancer hadated. Keep up the good work. crash, is already dead after his entists is one so often repeated spread, I refused chemotherapy Sincerely, Chris, Hertfordshire, body was found recently in a that, sadly, it is now really a facet and went over to Rotorua, NewUK, egn@cwcom. net burnt-out car in the south of of "modern science" itself. Zealand, for six weeks of treat- France; whilst Tomlinson himself Take a look at the following ment on the Rife machine, whichMI6 & the Diana Conspiracy is under increasing pressure, paragraph from James Lovelocks is radiofrequency to stimulate the Im angry. Ive just read being hounded from country to Gaia, The Practical Science of immune system. When I returnedNEXUS 7/06, and in my estima- country, living in effect like a Planetary Medicine (1991): "I home, I had blood tests, ultra-tion your publication has just man without a home and maybe am an old-fashioned scientist who sound and a colonoscopy and wasgone through the floorboards. even without a future. believes, as Freeman Dyson put it told that I was very lucky becauseWhy? Well, you published "On And while all this is going on, in his book, Infinite in All they couldnt find any sign of can-Her Majestys Secret Service" by what does NEXUS do? It pub- Directions, that the ethic of sci- cer. That was 12 months ago, andStephen Dorril. lishes a highly suspect article ence is based on fundamental I feel great. On the surface it looks very which offers no new insight into open-mindedness, a willingness The contact details are: Aidanreputable, but take a closer look. Tomlinson and his historic affi- to subject every theory to analyti- Pargeter, Rotorua NaturopathicWhilst at first glance it would davit but merely confuses the cal scrutiny and experimental test. Centre, tel/fax +64 (0)7 346 3506.appear to be based on a first-hand matter still further. Shame on The Royal Society of London in Sincerely, Joy Overell,account by former MI6 agent you, NEXUS. 1660 proudly took as its motto Currumbin Waters, Qld, AustraliaDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. HYPERSENSITIVE SECURITY Kushida, using these patterns, pre-N ew drug and explosives scan- ners, so sensitive that they cantell if you even touched a danger- dicted specific date, strength and location of focus of 36 major earth- quakes measuring a magnitude of 5ous object days ago, may soon be or stronger. The average margin ofcoming to airports. The walk- error in the dates predicted was 1.97through scanners are faster, more days. Kushida now claims he canaccurate and less invasive then any specify the focus of most earthquakestechnology currently out there. within a radius of 50 kilometres. The trouble is that the machines The Institute of Physical andtouted for the job are too sensitive. Chemical Research, a major quasi-The new detectors on trial offer governmental think tank, indepen-atomic, single molecular or part- dently examined the correlationper-trillion level detection of explo- between earthquakes and Kushidassives and drug-related chemical predictions and concluded the resultscompounds—which raises the spec- were not random.tre of false-positive results. According to Kushidas hypothesis, It is well known that over 90 per before an earthquake electric chargescent of US banknotes in circulation accumulate on the Earths surface duehave minute traces of cocaine on to the generation of numerous micro-them. US Customs spokesman Bill cracks in magma. The charge andAnthony told a story about a machine he CAN FM RADIOWAVES PREDICT discharge process of a capacitor formedonce tried out that scans money for traces EARTHQUAKES? with the Earths surface and the ionosphereof drugs, but it delivered instead a lessonon how many hands your dollar bills prob-ably pass through in a week. I n 1993, after roughly examining the cor- relation between abnormal electric waves and earthquakes, astronomer changes the density of electric plasma in the ionosphere, and the phenomenon is observed by the FM receiver. "We took some of our commissioners Yoshio Kushida was convinced that some (Source: The Japan Times , 19 Septembermoney—we got it out of a cash machine— fluctuating patterns in the VHF band 2000, For furtherand it showed traces of drugs. I put my appear several days before an earthquake. information, access www.yatsugatake-money through. And mine all showed up Having analysed radio echoes from a or fax Yatsugatake South Basewith drugs," he said. number of FM stations across the country, Observatory at +81 [0]551 38 4254.) A similar test conducted in the UK Kushida believes he has found five basicfound similar results. wave patterns that appear several days AIRCRAFT CRASHES BLAMED ON(Sources:, 26 September before a major earthquake. MILITARY JET PULSES2000; Intelligence, 26 June 2000) From January 1997 to September 1999, E lectromagnetic pulses from military craft may have been responsible for several civilian airline disasters in the past four years. If the theory is proved correct, it suggests navy ships and air force planes pose a lethal threat to passenger flights. Crash investigators have been startled by similarities between several tragedies. In particular, they have uncovered common features in two crashes: Swissair 111, on 2 September 1998, and TWA 800, on 17 July 1996. Both planes took off from the same air- port, New Yorks JFK, on a Wednesday, at the same time, 8.19 pm. Both followed the same route over Long Island. Both report- ed trouble in the same region of airspace, and both suffered catastrophic electrical malfunctions. And on both occasions, the planes were flying at a time when exten- sive military exercises, involving sub- marines and US Navy P3 fighter planes, were being conducted. (Source: The Observer , London, 10 September 2000, • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... EURO-FEDERALISTS FINANCED OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as mented as far back as the early 15th centu- BY US SPY AGENCIES head of ACUE in the late 1950s. ry. He has a direct descent from Henry IIID eclassified United States government documents show that the US intelli-gence community ran a campaign in the The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the Vice-President and from Henry VIIIs sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is also descended from Charles1950s and 1960s to build momentum for a of the European Economic Community, II of England.united Europe. It funded and directed the Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union "Never in the history of the UnitedEuropean federalist movement. by stealth. It recommends suppressing States have two presidential candidates The documents confirm suspicions debate until the point at which "adoption been as well endowed with royalvoiced at the time that America was work- of such proposals would become virtually alliances," said Harold Brooks-Baker, pub-ing aggressively behind the scenes to push inescapable". lishing director of Burkes Peerage.Britain into a European state. One memo- (Source: By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Brooks-Baker said there had alwaysrandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instruc- The Telegraph, London, 19 September 2000, been a significant "royalty factor" in thosetions for a campaign to promote a fully- who aspired to the White House, withfledged European Parliament. It is signed Presidents George Washington, Thomasby Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the BUSH BEATS GORE IN THE Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, FranklinAmerican wartime Office of Strategic BLUE-BLOOD STAKES Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, among oth-Services (OSS), precursor of the CIA. The documents, found by Joshua Paul, aresearcher at Georgetown University in I f royal genes have anything to do with electoral success, then Republican US presidential candidate George W. Bush ers, all boasting blue-blood links. Democrat candidate Al Gore, who is currently lagging George W. Bush by oneWashington, include files released by the will be the next man in the White House, point in opinion polls ahead of US elec-US National Archives. according to Britains blue blood "bible". tions in November, has a less illustrious Washingtons main tool for shaping the Burkes Peerage, a respected guide to gene pool.European agenda was the American the breeding of the aristocracy, said that Being a descendant of Edward I, he isCommittee for a United Europe, created in both Bush and his rival Al Gore are of also a cousin of former US President1948. The chairman was Donovan, osten- royal descent, but investigations deep into Richard Nixon, who resigned from thesibly a private lawyer by then. The vice- their heritage show Bush has far more White House in 1974 for his part in thechairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA direc- noble and royal connections. Watergate scandal.tor in the 1950s. The board included Bush is closely related to every However, Gore does have direct links toWalter Bedell Smith, the CIAs first direc- European monarch on and off the throne— the Holy Roman Empire. He is a descen-tor, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and including the King of Albania—and has dant of Roman Emperors Louis II, Charlesofficials who moved in and out of the CIA. kinship with every member of Britains II and Louis I and is therefore also a direct The documents show that ACUE royal family, the House of Windsor. descendant of Charlemagne, the eighth-financed the European Movement, the He is a 13th cousin of Britains Queen century Emperor.most important federalist organisation in Mother, and of her daughter Queen The problem is, Gores Charlemagnethe post-war years. In 1958, for example, Elizabeth, and is a 13th cousin once links also make him a cousin of George provided 53.5 per cent of the removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Bush.movements funds. Charles. Bushs family tree can be docu- (Source: Reuters, London, 17 October 2000) The European Youth Campaign, an armof the European Movement, was whollyfunded and controlled by Washington.The Belgian director, Baron Boel, receivedmonthly payments into a special account.When the head of the EuropeanMovement, Polish-born Joseph Retinger,bridled at this degree of American controland tried to raise money in Europe, he wasquickly reprimanded. The leaders of the EuropeanMovement—Retinger, the visionaryRobert Schuman and the former BelgianPrime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak—wereall treated as hired hands by theirAmerican sponsors. The US role was han-dled as a covert operation. ACUEs fund-ing came from the Ford and Rockefellerfoundations as well as business groupswith close ties to the US government. The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... SOLAR STUDIES MAY SHED International Satellite Cloud Climate what the warning labels should say and LIGHT ON GLOBAL WARMING Project, they found that the amount of how studies of drugs should be designed.A new hypothesis, pioneered by Henrik Svensmark of the Danish SpaceResearch Institute in Copenhagen, links the cloud cover at elevations of two miles or lower is directly related to cosmic ray lev- els—at least over the period for which The experts are supposed to be indepen- dent, but USA Today found that 54 per cent of the time they have a direct financialamount of cosmic rays that strike Earth satellite data are available. interest in the drug or topic they are askedwith cloud formation, which in turn affects But Earth has been warming for more to evaluate. These conflicts include help-atmospheric temperatures. than a century. Has the Suns field been ing a pharmaceutical company develop a The Earths magnetic field deflects many strengthening that long? medicine, then serving on an FDA advisoryelectrically charged particles, such protons Yes, according to Michael Lockwood committee that judges the drug.and atomic nuclei misleadingly known as and colleagues at the Rutherford Appleton The conflicts typically include stockcosmic "rays". The rest penetrate the Laboratory in England, who published ownership, consulting fees or researchatmosphere, where the shower turns electri- exactly that result in the journal Nature last grants.cally neutral air molecules and airborne year. Federal law generally prohibits the FDAvapours into charged ions. In that condi- Analysing instrument measurements from using experts with financial conflictstion, two UCLA scientists argued in taken since 1868, they concluded that the of interest, but the FDA has waived theGeophysical Research Letters earlier this Suns exterior magnetic field has increased restriction more than 800 times since 1998.year, molecules are more prone to cluster by 230 per cent since 1901 and by 40 per These pharmaceutical experts, about 300into aggregations that make dense low- cent since 1964. on 18 advisory committees, make decisionslevel clouds that shade the planets surface. (Source: The Washington Post, 9 October that affect the health of millions ofHigh, thin clouds typically warm the planet 2000) Americans and billions of dollars in drugsby trapping outgoing heat in the sky. But sales. With few exceptions, the FDA fol-thick, umbrella-like low clouds have a net FDA ADVISORS TIED TO lows the committees advice.cooling effect. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES The FDA reveals when financial con- By this logic, when the Suns magneticfield is stronger—as it is, for example, dur-ing high sunspot activity—it deflects more M ore than half of the experts hired to advise the US government on the safety and effectiveness of medicines have flicts exist, but it has kept details secret since 1992, so it is not possible to deter- mine the amount of money or the drugcosmic rays, preventing them from hitting financial relationships with the pharmaceu- companies involved.air molecules. Fewer cosmic rays mean tical companies that will be helped or hurt (Source: USA Today, 25 September 2000,fewer clouds, which means more warming. by their decisions, a USA Today study has Svensmark and colleagues reported their found.latest results at a conference, held in Spain These experts are hired to advise the SOUL-SEARCHING DOCTORSduring September, on "The Solar Cycle and Food and Drug Administration on which CONFIRM LIFE AFTER DEATHTerrestrial Climate". Using data from the medicines should be approved for sale, A recent scientific study of "near-death" experiences (NDEs) has found new evidence to suggest that consciousness or the "soul" can continue to exist beyond "death". The findings, by Dr Peter Fenwick, a consultant neuropsychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and Dr Sam Parnia, a clinical research fellow and regis- trar at Southampton General Hospital, were based on a year-long study of heart attack survivors, and could provoke fresh contro- versy over that most profound of questions: is there life after death? Reports of "near-death" experiences, in which people close to death have vivid encounters with bright lights and heavenly beings, date back centuries, but the phe- nomenon has been treated with scepticism by most academics. The new study concludes, however, that a number of people have almost certainly had these experiences after they were pro- nounced clinically dead. This would sug- gest that the mind or consciousness can survive the death of the brain.8 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... During the study period, 63 cardiac VACCINES CONTAMINATED WITH MAD COW DISEASE?arrest patients survived and were inter-viewed within a week. Seven survivorshad NDE memories, but only four passedthe Grayson scale—the strict medical crite- O n Friday 20 October, the UK Department of Health issued a recall notice for polio vaccines after it was found that the manufacturer, Medeva, had breached production health guidelines. Of particular concern is Medevasria for assessing near-death experiences. use of potentially contaminated material from British cattle. Dr Sam Parnia commented: "I started Eleven million doses of polio vaccine–containing material from British cattleoff as a sceptic but, having weighed up all have been administered to children and adults since BSE (mad cow disease)the evidence, I now think that there is vaccine guidelines banned its use in 1989, according to the Department ofsomething going on. Health. "Essentially, it comes back to the ques- The drug factory at the centre of the polio vaccine scandal has a history oftion of whether the mind or consciousness contamination and production blunders, leading to fears that its vaccinesis produced from the brain. If we can against other diseases are unsafe.prove that the mind is produced by the Last year, investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)brain, I dont think there is anything after were horrified by the conditions they found at the plant in Speke, nearwe die because essentially we are con- Liverpool, which also makes vaccines against flu, tuberculosis, tetanus andscious beings. hepatitis B. "If, on the contrary, the brain is like an The Department of Health was forced to recall Medevas oral polio vaccineintermediary which manifests the mind, after it was discovered that the firm had been using potentially BSE-infectedlike a television will act as an intermediary manifest waves in the air into a picture However, the problems surrounding the polio vaccine may prove to be theor a sound, we can show that the mind is tip of the iceberg. A week-long inspection by the FDA last summer into thestill there after the brain is dead. And that production of Fluvirin flu vaccine at the plant found Medeva had failed to:is what I think these near-death experiences • "clean, maintain and sanitise equipment at appropriate intervals toindicate." prevent malfunction or contamination";(Source: The Telegraph, London, 22 October • maintain systems to prevent unacceptable levels of toxins and bacteria2000, contaminating the production process; • ensure batches of vaccines "conformed with all established standards, THE MICROCHIP THAT COULD specifications and characteristics"; and BLOW YOUR MIND • prove that vaccines would be free from "bacteria and fungi". In October 1999, the FDAs director of compliance, Steven Masiello, firedA newly developed microchip, implanted into the body, will allow two people toshare each others pain, movement and off an official warning letter to Medevas head of primary production, John OBrian, telling him to sort out the problems or have its product banned fromeven sexual excitement, claims an expert in entering the US. Fluvirin is used by some 20 million Americans and moreartificial intelligence. The microchip could than a million British people, many of them elderly. Although the extent ofeven see the "faked orgasm" banished from the excess levels of toxins and bacteria at the Speke factory is not known, inthe bedroom and bring an end to the battle extreme cases contaminated vaccines can lead to severe adverse reactions,of the sexes, says its inventor, Professor including toxic shock and fever. In the old and fragile, the impact could beKevin Warwick. lethal. The FDA letter contains the disclosure that instead of dealing with the Designed as a body implant, the chip problems, managers at the plant wanted to raise the level of contaminationwill transmit signals from the nervous sys- deemed to be acceptable.tem of one person to that of another via an Sources familiar with the companys operations claim that there wereincision in the arm, enabling them to feel serious production problems running through the factory and abuses werewhat the other is feeling. A transmitter is routinely ignored. Although it is not known what other contaminationconnected to nerves in the centre of the arm problems the factory had, it is known that production difficulties were notand the chips are then linked via an ordi- confined solely to the manufacture of the flu vaccine.nary computer. Liberal Democrat consumer affairs spokesman Norman Baker is now calling Besides the possible benefits for couples, for an immediate investigation into events at the Speke factory and a fullProfessor Warwick has also evaluated the explanation from the Department of Health. He also said that the UKpossible damage that could be caused by Medicines Control Agency (MCA), the body which regulates drug companies,the pioneering experiment. had serious questions to answer about why it had failed to take any action. "The biggest problem, apart from possi- Baker said: "The Department of Health and the MCA have completelyble nerve damage and loss of feeling or failed to act in the interests of public health. In their desperate attempts not tomovement, is mental," he said. "Will my undermine the vaccination program, they have tried to sweep all problemsbrain be able to cope? The biggest risk is under the carpet. As a result, public confidence has been shattered. Whenthat I could go crazy." will they learn that the answer is not to cover up, but to identify problems and(Source: Ananova, 5 October 2000, deal with them immediately?" (Source: The Observer, 22 October 2000, Headline)DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  11. 11. deBriefingsMI6 AND THE PRINCESS OF WALES he seemed to have extremely good access to the goings on in theby Richard Tomlinson © 1999 Ritz Hotel. I therefore ordered this informants personal file fromB elow is a sworn and testified statement that I have made on MI6s central file registry. When I read this new file, I was not at 12 May 1999 to the enquiry into the deaths of the Princessall surprised to learn that the informant was a security officer of of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. the Ritz Hotel. Intelligence services always target the security I firmly believe that MI6 have information in their files that officers of important hotels because they have such good access towould assist Judge Stephans enquiry. Why dont they yield up intelligence. I remember, however, being mildly surprised thatthis information? They should not be entitled to use the Official the nationality of this informant was French, and this stuck in mySecrets Act to protect themselves from investigation into the memory because it is rare that MI6 succeeds in recruiting adeaths of three people, particularly in the case of an incident ofFrench informer.this magnitude and historical importance. I cannot claim that I remember from this reading of the file that ————————————————————————— the name of this person was Henri Paul, but I have no doubt with the benefit of hindsight that this was he. Although I did not sub- I, Richard John Charles Tomlinson, for- sequently come across Henri Paul again dur-mer MI6 officer, of Geneva, Switzerland, ing my time in MI6, I am confident that thehereby declare: relationship between him and MI6 would have continued until his death, because MI6 1. I firmly believe that there exist docu- I was not at all would never willingly relinquish controlments held by the British Secret Intelligence over such a well-placed informant.Service (MI6) that would yield important surprised to learn that I am sure that the personal file of Henrinew evidence into the cause and circum-stances leading to the deaths of the Princess the informant was a Paul will therefore contain notes of meetings between him and his MI6 controlling officer,of Wales, Mr Dodi Al Fayed, and M. Henri security officer of right up until the point of his death. I firmlyPaul in Paris in August 1997. the Ritz Hotel. believe that these files will contain evidence of crucial importance to the circumstances 2 . I was employed by MI6 between and causes of the incident that killed M. PaulSeptember 1991 and April 1995. During Intelligence services together with the Princess of Wales andthat time, I saw various documents that Dodi Al Fayed.I believe would provide new evidence always target theand new leads into the investigation security officers of 4. The most senior undeclared offi-into these deaths. I also heard various cer in the local MI6 station would nor-rumours which—though I was not able important hotels mally control an informant of M. Paulsto see supporting documents—I am because they have usefulness and seniority. Officersconfident were based on solid fact. declared to the local counterintelli- such good access gence service (in this case, the 3 . In 1992, I was working in the to intelligence. Directorate de Surveillance Territoire,Eastern European Controllerate of MI6 or DST) would not be used to controland I was peripherally involved in a such an informant, because it mightlarge and complicated operation to lead to the identity of the informantsmuggle advanced Soviet weaponry out becoming known to the local intelli-of the then disintegrating and disorgan- gence services.ised remnants of the Soviet Union. In Paris at the time of M. PaulsDuring 1992, I spent several days reading the substantial files on death, there were two relatively experienced but undeclared MI6this operation. These files contain a wide miscellany of contact officers. The first was Mr Nicholas John Andrew LANGMAN,notes, telegrams, intelligence reports, photographs, etc., from born 1960. The second was Mr Richard David SPEARMAN,which it was possible to build up a detailed understanding of the again born in 1960. I firmly believe that either one or both ofoperation. The operation involved a large cast of officers and these officers will be well acquainted with M. Paul, and mostagents of MI6. probably also met M. Paul shortly before his death. I believe that One more than one occasion, meetings between various figures either or both of these officers will have knowledge that will be ofin the operation took place at the Ritz Hotel, Place de Vendôme, crucial importance in establishing the sequence of events leadingParis. There were in the file several intelligence reports on these up to the deaths of M. Paul, Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess ofmeetings, which had been written by one of the MI6 officers Wales.based in Paris at the time (identified in the file only by a coded Mr Spearman in particular was an extremely well connecteddesignation). The source of the information was an informant in and influential officer because he had been, prior to his appoint-the Ritz Hotel, who again was identified in the files only by a ment in Paris, the personal secretary to the Chief of MI6, Mrcode number. The MI6 officer paid the informant in cash for his David SPEDDING. As such, he would have been privy to eveninformation. the most confidential of MI6 operations. I believe that there may I became curious to learn more about the identity of this partic- well be significance in the fact that Mr Spearman was posted toular informant, because his number cropped up several times and Paris in the month immediately before the deaths.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. deBriefings 5. Later in 1992, as the civil war in the former Yugoslavia overseas trips. This service would frequently extend to askingbecame increasingly topical, I started to work primarily on opera- friendly intelligence services (such as the CIA) to place memberstions in Serbia. During this time, I became acquainted with Dr of the Royal Family under discrete [sic] surveillance, ostensiblyNicholas Bernard Frank FISHWICK, born 1958, the MI6 officer for their own protection. This was particularly the case for thewho at the time was in charge of planning Balkan operations. Princess of Wales, who often insisted on doing without overt per- During one meeting with Dr Fishwick, he casually showed to sonal protection, even on overseas a three-page document that on closer inspection turned out to Although contact between MI6 and the Royal Household wasbe an outline plan to assassinate the Serbian leader President officially only via the Foreign Office, I learnt while in MI6 thatSlobodan Milosevic. The plan was fully typed and attached to a there was unofficial direct contact between certain senior andyellow "minute board", signifying that this was a formal and influential MI6 officers and senior members of the Royalaccountable document. It will therefore still be in existence. Household. I did not see any official papers on this subject, but IFishwick had annotated that the document be circulated to the fol- am confident that the information is correct. I firmly believe thatlowing senior MI6 officers: Maurice MI6 documents would yield substantial leadsKENDWRICK-PIERCEY, then head of on the nature of their links with the RoyalBalkan operations, John RIDDE, then the Household, and would yield vital informationsecurity officer for Balkan operations, the I also learnt while in about MI6 surveillance on the Princess ofSAS liaison officer to MI6 (designation Wales in the days leading to her death.MODA/SO, but I have forgotten his name), MI6 that one of thethe head of the Eastern European 7. I also learnt while in MI6 that one of theControllerate (then Richard FLETCHER), "paparazzi" "paparazzi" photographers who routinely fol-and finally Alan PETTY, the personal secre- photographers who lowed the Princess of Wales was a member oftary to the then Chief of MI6, Colin "UKN", a small corps of part-time MI6 agentsMcCOLL. routinely followed who provide miscellaneous services to MI6 This plan contained a political justifica- the Princess of Wales such as surveillance and photography exper-tion for the assassination of Milosevic, fol- tise. I do not know the identity of this photog-lowed by three outline proposals on how to was a member of rapher, or whether he was one of the photogra-achieve this objective. I firmly believe "UKN", a small corps phers present at the time of the fatal inci-that the third of these scenarios con- dent. However, I am confident thattained information that could be useful of part-time MI6 examination of UKN records would yieldin establishing the causes of death of agents who provide the identity of this photographer, andHenri Paul, the Princess of Wales and would enable the inquest to eliminate orDodi Al Fayed. This third scenario miscellaneous services further investigate that potential line ofsuggested that Milosevic could be to MI6 such as enquiry.assassinated by causing his personallimousine to crash. Dr Fishwick pro- surveillance and 8. On Friday 28 August 1998, I gaveposed to arrange the crash in a tunnel, photography expertise. much of this information to Judge Hervébecause the proximity of concrete close Stephan, the French investigative Judgeto the road would ensure that the crash in charge of the inquest into the accident.would be sufficiently violent to cause The lengths which MI6, the CIA and thedeath or serious injury and would also DST have taken to deter me [from] giv-reduce the possibility that there might ing this evidence and subsequently tobe independent, casual witnesses. Dr Fishwick suggested that one stop me talking about it, suggests that they have something toway to cause the crash might be to disorientate the chauffeur hide.using a strobe flash gun, a device which is occasionally deployedby special forces to, for example, disorientate helicopter pilots or 9. On Friday 31 July 1998, shortly before my appointment withterrorists, and about which MI6 officers are briefed during their Judge Hervé Stephan, the DST arrested me in my Paris hoteltraining. room. Although I have no record of violent conduct, I was arrest- In short, this scenario bore remarkable similarities to the cir- ed with such ferocity, and at gunpoint, that I received a brokencumstances and witness accounts of the crash that killed the rib. I was taken to the headquarters of the DST and interrogatedPrincess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. I firmly for 38 hours. Despite my repeated requests, I was never givenbelieve that this document should be yielded by MI6 to the Judge any justification for the arrest and was not shown the arrest war-investigating these deaths, and would provide further leads that he rant. Even though I was released without charge, the DST confis-could follow. cated from me my laptop computer and Psion organiser. They illegally gave these to MI6 who took them back to the UK. They 6. During my service in MI6, I also learnt unofficially and sec- were not returned for six months, which is illegal and caused meond-hand something of the links between MI6 and the Royal great inconvenience and financial cost.Household. MI6 are frequently and routinely asked by the RoyalHousehold (usually via the Foreign Office) to provide intelligence 10. On Friday 7 August 1998, I boarded a Qantas flight aton potential threats to members of the Royal Family whilst on Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, for a flight to12 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  13. 13. deBriefingsSydney, Australia, where I was due to give a television interview [not reprinted here; Ed.], and ordered to return to the Australian Channel Nine television company. I was in my Note that in the papers, my supposed destination has beenseat, awaiting take-off, when an official boarded the plane and changed from "Chamonix" to "Samoens". This is because whentold me to get off. At the airbridge, he told me that the airline had first questioned by a junior DST officer, I told him that my desti-received a fax "from Canberra" saying that there was a problem nation was "Chamonix". When a senior officer arrived an hour orwith my travel papers. I immediately asked to see the fax, but I so later, he crossed out the word and changed it to "Samoens"was told that it was "not possible". I believe that this is because it without ever even asking or confirming this with me. I believedidnt exist. this is because MI6 had told them of my true destination, having This action was a ploy to keep me learnt the information through surveil-in New Zealand so that the New lance on my parents telephone in theZealand police could take further UK.action against me. I had been back in My banning from France is entirelymy Auckland hotel room for about I am absolutely certain that there illegal under European law. I have ahalf an hour when the New Zealand British passport and am entitled topolice and NZSIS, the New Zealand is substantial evidence in their travel freely within the EuropeanSecret Intelligence Service, raided [MI6] files that would provide Union. MI6 have "done a deal" withme. After being detained and the DST to have me banned, and havesearched for about three hours, they crucial evidence in establishing not used any recognised legal mecha-eventually confiscated from me all the exact causes of this tragedy. nism to deny my rights to freedom ofmy remaining computer equipment travel. I believe that the DST and MI6that the French DST had not succeed- have banned me from France becauseed in taking from me. Again, I didnt they wanted to prevent me from givingget some of these items back until six further evidence to Judge Stephansmonths later. inquest, which, at the time, I was planning to do. 11. Moreover, shortly after I had given this evidence to Judge 13. Whatever MI6s role in the events leading to the deaths ofStephan, I was invited to talk about this evidence in a live televi- the Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul, I amsion interview on Americas NBC television channel. I flew from absolutely certain that there is substantial evidence in their filesGeneva to JFK Airport on Sunday 30 August to give the interview that would provide crucial evidence in establishing the exact caus-in New York on the following Monday morning. es of this tragedy. I believe that they have gone to considerable Shortly after arrival at John F. Kennedy Airport, the captain of lengths to obstruct the course of justice by interfering with mythe Swissair flight told all passengers to return to their seats. Four freedom of speech and travel, and this in my view confirms myUS immigration authority officers entered the plane, came straight belief that they have something to hide. I believe that the protec-to my seat, asked for my passport as identity and then frog- tion given to MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should bemarched me off the plane. I was taken to the immigration deten- set aside in the public interest in uncovering, once and for all, thetion centre, photographed, fingerprinted, manacled by my ankle to truth behind these dramatic and historically momentous events. ∞a chair for seven hours, served with deportation papers (exhibit 1) (Source: then returned on the next availableplane to Geneva. I was not allowed to makeany telephone calls to the representatives ofNBC awaiting me in the airport. The USimmigration officers—who were all openlysympathetic to my situation and apologisedfor treating me so badly—openly admittedthat they were acting under instructionsfrom the CIA. 1 2 . In January of this year [1999], Ibooked a chalet in the village of Samoens inthe French Alps for a ten-day snowboardingholiday with my parents. I picked up myparents from Geneva airport in a hire car onthe evening of 8 January and set off for theFrench border. At the French customs post, our car wasstopped and I was detained. Four officersfrom the DST held me for four hours. Atthe end of this interview, I was served withthe deportation papers below (exhibit 2)DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. deBriefings[Editors Note: This article refers to research studies involv- ciation was found between thyroid cancer and fluoridated watering animals. We wish to advise readers that we at NEXUS do supplies in a study conducted in Britain. Schuld then askednot condone or support the validity, efficacy or morality of Woodruff to read from the actual data of the study. It showed ananimal experimentation or vivisection.] increase of 18 per cent in observed thyroid cancers in the fluori- dated areas when compared to non-fluoridated areas. "No associ-THE GREATEST "SCIENTIFIC" FLUORIDE FRAUD YET? ation?" Schuld asked, and then proceeded to read from newspaperfrom Health Action Network Society, Canada articles from China, where entire villages are being relocated dueO n Thursday 12 October, six days after almost every major to fluoride contamination and where fluoride is being openly world newspaper announced the results of a scientific acknowledged as the cause of thyroid cancer, Kaschin-Beck dis- review reporting fluoridation of public water supplies to ease and iodine a safe public health measure ( British Medical Journal Next, Schuld presented a paper which had investigated whether2000;321:855–859, 7 October;, shocking evi- fluoridation had a protective effect on slipped epiphysis, one ofdence was presented during an interview aired on Vancouver the most common hip disorders observed in older children andradio station CKST AM 1040. The review, adolescents. Schuld said that this paper wasundertaken by the UK National Health especially close to his heart, as the conditionServices Centre for Reviews and has been strongly linked to hypothyroidismDissemination at the University of York, is since the 1920s. Schuld added that this wasconsidered to be the "final word on fluorida- acknowledged by the study authors them-tion", but it might well turn out be the greatest ... evidence selves, who had provided more than 16 refer-scientific fraud ever undertaken by a centre in ences in the papers first paragraph. Thecharge of evaluating scientific information in was presented York team, which had been informed of fluo-the interests of public health. showing that the rides effects on thyroid hormones, should In an interview with Andreas Schuld, head have woken up here, Schuld said.of a global organisation of parents of children York Review falsified Schuld then read excerpts from the Yorkpoisoned by excessive fluoride intake, evi- vital information Report which had found "the direction ofdence was presented showing that the York association to be positive (a protective effect)Review falsified vital information in its in its Report in girls and negative (increased risk) in boys",Report and deliberately misinformed the and deliberately but that neither of these was statisticallypublic on fluorides adverse health significant. Schuld again askedeffects. The interview was conducted by misinformed Woodruff to look at the actual data in theCroft Woodruff, host of one of Canadas the public on paper. Woodruff saw an 18 per centlongest-running health radio talk shows, increase of the disease in males inpast president of the Canadian Health fluorides adverse fluoridated areas. "Would you considerFood Association and founding memberof the 25,000-member Canadian Health health effects. an 18 per cent increase here significant?" Schuld asked Woodruff, who at this timeAction Network Society (HANS). joined Schuld in declaring the Review a Schuld arrived for the interview with total scientific fraud and called it anthe York Report and numerous studies example of severe and gross scientificwhich had supposedly been reviewed in misconduct.depth by the esteemed centre. He Schuld then read further excerptsbriefly recounted how the York Centre from the paper in question, citing howhad changed the wording in the study protocol to avoid inclusion the authors of the study had found that more cases had come fromof specific information on fluoride and thyroid effects as well as rural areas and that "in general, the rural areas had higher fluoridedata concerning the high amounts of fluoride in tea—an issue of levels than suburban or urban regions". "In other words, the high-obvious concern for the people in the UK. er the fluoride levels, the more slipped epiphysis," said Schuld. Schulds group had supplied the York team with evidence "Another obvious sign showing the anti-thyroid activity of fluo-showing that symptoms described in the literature on fluorides ride."adverse health effects were identical to those observed in thyroid Schuld ridiculed the York claim that fluoridation showed pro-dysfunction, and that the condition known as "dental fluorosis"— tective effects in girls. "It is known that the disease almost nevernow proclaimed by the York Review to be merely an issue of occurs in girls once menses has begun," exclaimed Schuld."aesthetic concern"—was actually to be seen as a direct result of Schuld emphasised the issue of delayed eruption of teeth,fluoride-induced iodine deficiency during the time of enamel for- explaining how it has been established since the 1930s that thy-mation. The field of dentistry claims that the biochemical factors roid hormones control tooth eruption. He then read from the Yorkleading to the enamel defects observed in dental fluorosis are still Report: "It has been suggested that fluoridation may delay theunknown. eruption of teeth, and thus caries incidence could be delayed as Schuld then cited specific examples of how the York Review teeth would be exposed to decay for a shorter period of time.had falsified results. Only one study compared the number of erupted teeth per child. First on the agenda was the issue of thyroid cancer. Schuld The difference was very small and in opposite directions in theread an excerpt from the York Report which claims that no asso- two age-groups examined."14 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001