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  • 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 1 DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia www.nexusmagazine.comLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 SCIENCE NEWS...........................................................51GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Robert Adams, DSc. The inventor of the Adams Military jet pulses may have caused TWA Flight Triplex Aetheric Energy Motor-Generator explains 800 to explode mid-air; some vaccines may be the fundamentals of applied aether science and contaminated with mad cow disease; and scientists smashes some myths about electricity generation. confirm the reality of the near-death experience. THE EXCAVATIONS OF CARLOS RIBEIRO.................57DeBRIEFINGS: BEHIND THE HEADLINES.................1 1 By Michael A. Cremo. In the 1860s, Portuguese We reprint former UK MI6 operative Richard geologist Carlos Ribeiro found worked flints in Tomlinsons affidavit outlining his suspicions that Miocene strata dated at five to 25 million years old, the agency is not telling all concerning the death of but his findings on an earlier date for the emergence Diana, Princess of Wales; plus commentary on the of toolmaking humans are largely unknown today. flawed UK York Report on water fluoridation. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................65MOBILE PHONES: TIME FOR PRECAUTIONS...........17 Dr Michael Wolfs final interview, conducted by By Simon Best, MA. As more evidence emerges of Paola Harris; Richard Boylans revelations from an mobile phones harmful effects on health, its time inside source on US research into holographic time to minimise phone use and lobby governments to portals; and radio talk show host Dave Alans adopt more stringent guidelines on emissions. extraordinary out-of-body experiences in hospital.THE SECRET GOLD TREATY.......................................23 REVIEWS—Books........................................................71 By David G. Guyatt. A financial battle is raging "Rogue Messiahs" by Colin Wilson between the euro and the dollar as the independent "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs Gold Anti-Trust Group exposes a "gold collusion" "Mind Wars: The Battle For Your Brain" by Ian McFadyen cartel operated by international bankers. "The Dragons Tail" by Anthony Austin and Brian Crowley "Menace in the Mouth?" by Dr Jack Levenson et al.THE "PROMIS" THREAT..............................................29 "Extraterrestrial Contact" by Steven M. Greer, MD By Michael C. Ruppert. A tangled web of intrigue "Mysteries of Ancient South America" by Harold T. Wilkins has been spun around the stolen "Promis" software "The Book of Magnet Healing" by Roger Coghill "The Book of Enoch the Prophet" translated by Richard Laurence which is now so enhanced it can facilitate high- "Pyramids in the Pacific" by Rex Gilroy resolution satellite surveillance and allow high-tech "The Vivaxis Connection" by Judy Jacka, ND thieves to manipulate global financial markets. "Dolphin Healing" by Horace DobbsEFFECTS OF VACCINE ADJUVANTS—Part 1..............37 "Realm of the Ring Lords" by Laurence Gardner "Mystery in Acámbaro" by Charles H. Hapgood By Viera Scheibner, PhD. Vaccines contain adjuvants—chemical substances meant to boost the REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................78 immune response but which are known to be toxic "The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun" "Out-of-Body Experience: A Glimpse of Immortality" and to have adverse and severe side-effects. REVIEWS—Music........................................................79PARASETI: ET CONTACT VIA SUBTLE ENERGIES......43 "Afrika Wassa" by Vieux Diop By Gavin Dingley. SETI radiotelescopes are not "Master Musicians of Jajouka" featuring Bachir Attar designed to detect or use the subtle frequencies that "Fiesta Brasil" featuring various artists permeate the extraterrestrial or extradimensional "Cousteaus Dream: A Benefit Album" featuring various artists Universe, but Hodowanecs gravity-wave detector "The Golden Portal" by Xumantra proves that two-way communication is possible. NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, ADS, SUBS...................88–95DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 1
  • 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Volume 8, Number 1 DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 E xactly one year ago when I "penned" my editorial, I mused upon the likely effects of the dreaded "Y2K" or "Millennium Bug". People were busily upgrading computer sys- tems, stockpiling food and essentials, preparing to party big-time, and sometimes doing all PUBLISHED BY three. For most, the year entered with electricity, running water, and no screaming hordes NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 to shoo away from the vegetable patch. Mind you, although Western civilisation did not EDITOR screech to a grinding halt, there were many thousands of computer glitches and break- Duncan M. Roads downs which did inconvenience people somewhat. CO-EDITOR The new year even gave birth to a new conspiracy theory: that Y2K was a beat-up to Catherine Simons scare everyone into buying the latest hardware and software, and that this new computer ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell gear has secret "back doors" to allow Big Brother computer systems to track your move- EDITORS ASSISTANT ments in cyberspace. Ironically, the latter notion is proving all too familiar in the light of Richard Giles more and more revelations that popular modern computer software is full of security holes, OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR some of which are only usable by law enforcement agencies operating out of the USA. For Janine Carmichael this reason, I draw your attention to the article by Mike Ruppert on Promis software. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Although we have mentioned Promis in other articles and news items, it has still not had Simon Best, MA; David G. Guyatt; enough attention. You will see what I mean when you read this article. Michael C. Ruppert; Viera Scheibner, PhD; Gavin Dingley; Robert Adams, DSc; As more and more people become informed on the debate over vaccination, so the media Michael A. Cremo; Paola Harris; and the system intensify their campaign to scare, intimidate or penalise those who refuse to Richard Boylan, PhD; Rayelan Allan inject toxins into their children. The debate will hopefully soon be raised on another CARTOONS aspect, that of adjuvants in vaccines. These additives, used in vaccines to "stimulate" the Phil Somerville immune system, tend to be highly toxic. Trouble is, these poisons have side effects, espe- COVER GRAPHIC cially in newborn babies. Every health-care and legal practitioner should read this latest John Cook, jscook@ozemail.com.au article by Dr Viera Scheibner. PRINTING Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia I also direct your attention to Simon Bests article on mobile phones. No doubt by now, every NEXUS reader is well aware that there are suspected risks. This article updates you AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Newsagents Direct Distribution on the debate over what are safe standards, what are the suspected pathways of damage, and how you can minimise the potential hazards from mobile/cellular phone use. HEAD OFFICE – All Correspondence PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia Back in 1992–93, NEXUS was proud to be the first to publish some of the research of Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 New Zealand scientist/engineer Dr Robert Adams, inventor of the Adams Pulsed Electric E-mail: editor@nexusmagazine.com Motor Generator. Weve published a few items since, and recently Robert sent us some Web page: www.nexusmagazine.com more releases, including his announcement that he is laying claim to the discovery of a NEW ZEALAND OFFICE "law of nature", which he has proclaimed "the Adams Law". We hope youre as fascinated RD 2, Kaeo, Northland with his findings as we are. Who knows...this could be history in the making! Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Fax: +64 (0)9 405 1964 E-mail: nexusnz@xtra.co.nz The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has a new dimension to it—literally. This USA OFFICE - 2940 E. Colfax, #131, issue, Gavin Dingleys excellent "ParaSETI" article examines the work of several scientific Denver CO 80206 pioneers whose records indicate that they may have received intelligent communications Tel: 303 321 5006; Fax: 603 754 4744 from extradimensional as well as extraterrestrial sources. This article helps open the door E-mail: nexususa@earthlink.net to a scientific understanding of the concept that life can exist in other "dimensions" as well UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West as in other locations within this dimension. Sussex, RH19 1BG. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854; Getting back to this space-time continuum, Michael Cremos article then takes us back in Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 E-mail: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com time. Michael, the co-author of Forbidden Archeology, a book which challenges the main- EUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, stream version of pre-history, examines the findings of Carlos Ribeiro, a Portuguese geolo- The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0)321 380558; gist who in the 1860s found abundant and clear evidence of mankind in rock strata which Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 has been dated at anywhere from 5 to 25 million years old! STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Another article I encourage you to read is "The Secret Gold War", by David Guyatt. IsNEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a there really a secret tussle between the euro and the greenback? If so, is it part of a globalmassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS cashless currency agenda? You be the judge.seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not Finally, I mention with sadness the passing of US scientist Dr Michael Wolf. I had thelinked to any religious, philosophical or political pleasure of having several conversations with Michael over the past few years. He was aideology or organisation. charming gentleman, with a most extraordinary life. As a tribute, we are pleased to publish PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY an interview with Dr Wolf, which Italian journalist Paola Harris conducted back in May.While reproduction and dissemination of the infor-mation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone I wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and happy festive season—and encourage you tocaught making a buck out of it, without our express eat all those dried, canned and frozen Y2K supplies before they pass their use-by dates!permission, will be in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY the Publisherand its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregoing toindemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competitionor trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publica-tion will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of being misleading ordeceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they are not to be regard-ed as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professional help for individualproblems. © NEXUS New Times 2000–20012 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 3. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 3
  • 4. Letters to the Editor ...EMF Hazards in Vehicles thoughts about the following: own testing and production for 35 you have come to know, much of Dear Sir: It is my understand- a) Has anybody in the world years now. They make their own the UFO data and work has beening that just recently we have done any similar tests which small enough, including the neu- held the same way...more as aobtained from the manufacturers would confirm my finding, and is tron varieties. "trade secret" than a patent, if youof hand-held telephones the this knowledge available? No, the Legacy Project is a will.acknowledgement that concen- b) Would the prolonged expo- whole lot more serious than they I will communicate again fol-trated usage of handsets could sure to these levels of electromag- are leading everyone to believe. I lowing your next issue. I willpossibly be the cause of serious netic radiation have harmful will only venture the true signifi- devote that correspondence to thehealth problems, with a recom- health effects and, if so, what cance of Legacy by inference. ongoing antigravity propulsionmendation to restrict usage if at could be expected? In my last letter, I concluded program in another tech area ofall possible until more data comes c) Would it be possible to with a comment about the danger backwoods Los Alamos...and,to hand. shield the driver and passenger at inherent in discussing certain yes, it was threatened but not This interested me to measure the front from these radiations? issues. That danger is not to peo- damaged by this summers wild-what level of emission was pre- Note: I have tried PVC and lead, ple like you, who present whatev- fire. I am sorry that I must main-sent on a telephone, as figures on but they both had no effect at all er they can find in publications. tain the security of plain (unfin-emissions appeared not to be upon the results, which in itself By your very nature (and our gerprinted) bond and envelopeavailable. To do this, I used a was a worrying finding. governments super-effective dis- without return address and stampTriField meter which I had pur- d) Could these radiations be information program) you are without possibility of DNAchased as a result of an advertise- responsible for the Western safe. The danger lies with the analysis. All international mailment in NEXUS some time ago, worlds rise in cancers and decline people who have close working from the US to international des-the subject of radiation fields in sperm count? After all, it is knowledge and hard evidence ignations is intercepted, and thatbeing of personal interest. only from the Second World War available to them that might pos- is unfortunately legal. The telephone handset I tested onwards that many of our pre- sibly reach people like you. Cherubim.was a new model and found to sent-day illnesses have expanded, I am sorry that I do not havehave a level of 5 milligauss at the which correlates to the increased physical evidence relating to the Fluoride Studies Studiedear position. The TriField manu- availability of cars. microfibre injection program used To the Editors: Last week [w/cfacturer indicates that anything e) Could these radiations cause by the United States Secret 2 October], news of the "Yorkover a threshold reading of 3 mil- driver fatigue? Service and other Federal agen- study" came out of Great Britain,ligauss should have human expo- f) I did not test heavy vehicles, cies. I was exposed to it only intended to reassure us that watersure limited until more data can but this would be worth investiga- because the originating govern- fluoridation is perfectly safe.be sourced. This of course agrees tion. mental laboratory workers I guess the York study wasntwith the warnings received, as Thank you for your excellent assumed that I knew all about it. actually a study, as studies go, butnoted above. publication. It makes fine read- Incidentally, the substance is usu- was more a study of the studies, However, you can imagine that ing, and I enjoy the US, NZ and ally delivered by injection because this study didnt studyI was very disturbed when, quite European input. through a special drill which is animals or people, it studied stud-by accident, I had occasion to Yours sincerely, Donald run through a residence wall or ies. Although this was touted toswitch the TriField meter on Kitchen, Sandford, Tas., Australia car undercarriage. It can be done be the study to end all studies,whilst sitting in my car with the in seconds. almost immediately both theengine running, and found that at Alarm at Los Alamos The entire program is not even Green Party and the Fluoridechest level a reading of 6 milli- Dear Editor: You people do classified, as that might involve Action Network published theirgauss was present and steady. not mess around! Little did I entry into the Registered studies of the York study. TheseFurther investigation found at the expect not only to appear in your Publications Inventory (as all were then studies of the study thatvital parts of my anatomy a figure next issue but have my letter pub- classified documents, confiden- studied the studies.of 10, rising to over 100 milli- lished verbatim. Forgive me if I tial, secret and top secret, must The studies of the study thatgauss at the feet position. exercise great care here in the meet the rigorous standards laid studied the studies pointed out Just to make sure this was not a writing of this second letter. One out under the guidelines of the that this study that had studied theproblem with my particular car, I of my former colleagues is none Registered Publications System). studies had left some 3,000 stud-tested a friends new six-cylinder other than Wen Ho Lee, and we You can see the dilemma. ies unstudied, and they called formodel and found his vehicle was all know what has been done to Currently this substance, a study of studies that wouldreading 10 milligauss at chest his life over the past nine months thought to be non-systemic and study all studies and therefore notlevel, rising again as it or so. therefore not a health hazard, is necessitate a study of the study ofapproached the bulkhead of the By the way, he was one of the administered into areas around the studies as this study had done.car. Both cars have east-to-west "X" men working in Tech Area the "subjects under surveillance" They were quick to stress thatengine design, which is signifi- 55, called "Legacy". That infor- without warrant or notification of funding for studies is difficult tocant as when I tested an old mation is all public now. That any kind to any person, law obtain and that, while studies thatnorth-to-south model I only got our citizens will so easily accept enforcement organisation or even study studies are not so unusual,an insignificant 0.6 milligauss at the government-issued informa- court authority. If the program almost no one will give grants tochest level. tion regarding this "Q" project is were to be classified, then it do a study of studies that study My concern is a personal one, astounding. Does the public real- would entail some sort of consid- studies.having driven many thousands of ly think that the Chinese would eration (at the very least legal) It would be even more difficultkilometres being exposed to this be in search of making a smaller and also would enter the system to obtain funding to study theradiation. Would any of your and more effective nuclear war- in writing and become "memori- studies n o t studied by a studyreaders be able to offer any head? They have been at their alised" from that point on. As which studied the studies, such4 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 200 to 250 words in length. Ed.that people studying the issue Richard Tomlinson, a closer R. Stewart, rixon1@netscape- the phrase Nullius in verba ,wont know which studies have examination reveals serious online.co.uk meaning No mans word shall bebeen studied and which studies inconsistencies. In particular, [Dear R. Stewart: I dont have final. There is no place for infal-were excluded in the studies that where it says "...the Princess of a problem with your criticism of libility in science. I was alsostudied the studies. Wales...had clearly been under Stephen Dorrils claim about MI6 brought up to believe that science Study schmuddy...just dont put some kind of surveillance... and the Princess of Wales. The was serious but not sacrosanctit in my water. While all the stories linking MI6 conspiracy angles have been and that creative science required Don Caron, alison.blake@ to the Princesss death in the car heavily covered in the press and a sense of wonder and a sense ofexcite.com accident in France have been on the Internet for the last three humour." complete nonsense, it has been years, and, though the truth is That about sums it up, I think.WWII Veterans Research alleged..." Dorril offers no evi- still unresolved, I thought our Lovelock also seems very rele- Dear Duncan: Since publish- dence to back this claim that readers would be attuned enough vant to the expansion theorying my fathers book, entitled My these stories are "nonsense"; he to judge Dorrils claim accord - itself, from two points of view.World War Two (non-commercial simply mentions this as a matter ingly. Ive been planning to pub - He talks about the radioactiveventure from own savings; see of fact. lish Tomlinsons affidavit for a core of the Earth, which produceswebsite www.powis.8m.com), I However, if he had indeed been while, so now is as good a time as the heat. If that is the case, andhave received considerable feed- in contact with Tomlinson, he ever; turn to deBriefings. Next we are speaking about fission,back from the children of affected would know that MI6 were issue, I hope to follow with an then it makes sense, at least to anWar veterans. directly involved in Princess update on Mohammed Al Fayeds amateur physicist like me, that It is apparent that we have Dianas death. As evidenced by lawsuit against the US govern - the density of the Earths core isinherited nervous problems from his affidavit to Judge Hervé ment and various agencies. decreasing as atoms divide, caus-parent(s) who suffered severe Stephans inquiry into her death Whilst I also disagree with ing expansion. Where does theshell-shock during World War and his subsequent interview with some of Dorrils conclusions, Im idea of constant density comeTwo. Without exception, we all the Swiss magazine New Idea . sure you can see there are items from: traditional science?have an almost identical history Nowhere is this mentioned in the in the article which can be used Also, I wonder to what extentof hypersensitivity, depression, article; instead, we get a lot of to support other points of view. I James Maxlow has taken onetc. waffle about "insider" informa- like to believe that NEXUS read - board the planetary evolution pro- I feel sure there must be a large tion, code-names and suchlike, as ers cast a wide information net, posed by Lovelock. I am think-number of your readers who suf- if Dorril were trying to convince and I believe there were a few ing in particular of the atmos-fer these or associated problems us that he was indeed privy to "fishes" in that item. phere, and how it came about inand are unaware that it is possibly insider information. Incidentally, Stephen Dorril symbiosis with life-forms. Just adue to excessive trauma experi- Either hes kidding himself or, has refused us permission to pub - question.enced by their parent(s) during worse still, hes acting as part of a lish part two of the extract from Anyway, nice one, and keep upWorld War Two. As feedback disinformation program pertain- his book. He told me that he does the great work.continues to increase, the possi- ing to Princess Dianas death. not want his work associated with Grattan Healy, Belgium,bility of coincidence is ruled out And if that is indeed the case, a magazine that covers UFOs! grattan_healy@compuserve.comand the overwhelming evidence I youve bought it lock, stock and Go figure! Ed.]am receiving is showing a clear barrel. Rife Anti-Cancer Treatmentlink. As further information To rectify matters, you should Earth Expansion & Evolution Dear Duncan: In Letters, vol.becomes available, I intend to add publish Tomlinsons affidavit or Dear Duncan: Re Global 7, no. 4, Ralph Cohen asks forthe details to our website. his interview with New Idea . Expansion Tectonics in 7/06, people to contact him if they have I realise you are probably inun- And you should try to make what a wonderful piece of lateral had Rife treatment. I am not ondated with e-mails and letters and amends because peoples lives are thinking! Compliments to James the net or e-mail so can only do ityour workload (as mine) is exces- on the line here. Photographer Maxlow, and to you for doing it through your column, whichsive, but space given to publish James Andanson, one of the first once again. The underlying story could help other readers.this e-mail will be much appreci- photographers on the scene of the of the narrow-mindedness of sci- After being told my cancer hadated. Keep up the good work. crash, is already dead after his entists is one so often repeated spread, I refused chemotherapy Sincerely, Chris, Hertfordshire, body was found recently in a that, sadly, it is now really a facet and went over to Rotorua, NewUK, egn@cwcom. net burnt-out car in the south of of "modern science" itself. Zealand, for six weeks of treat- France; whilst Tomlinson himself Take a look at the following ment on the Rife machine, whichMI6 & the Diana Conspiracy is under increasing pressure, paragraph from James Lovelocks is radiofrequency to stimulate the Im angry. Ive just read being hounded from country to Gaia, The Practical Science of immune system. When I returnedNEXUS 7/06, and in my estima- country, living in effect like a Planetary Medicine (1991): "I home, I had blood tests, ultra-tion your publication has just man without a home and maybe am an old-fashioned scientist who sound and a colonoscopy and wasgone through the floorboards. even without a future. believes, as Freeman Dyson put it told that I was very lucky becauseWhy? Well, you published "On And while all this is going on, in his book, Infinite in All they couldnt find any sign of can-Her Majestys Secret Service" by what does NEXUS do? It pub- Directions, that the ethic of sci- cer. That was 12 months ago, andStephen Dorril. lishes a highly suspect article ence is based on fundamental I feel great. On the surface it looks very which offers no new insight into open-mindedness, a willingness The contact details are: Aidanreputable, but take a closer look. Tomlinson and his historic affi- to subject every theory to analyti- Pargeter, Rotorua NaturopathicWhilst at first glance it would davit but merely confuses the cal scrutiny and experimental test. Centre, tel/fax +64 (0)7 346 3506.appear to be based on a first-hand matter still further. Shame on The Royal Society of London in Sincerely, Joy Overell,account by former MI6 agent you, NEXUS. 1660 proudly took as its motto Currumbin Waters, Qld, AustraliaDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 5
  • 6. HYPERSENSITIVE SECURITY Kushida, using these patterns, pre-N ew drug and explosives scan- ners, so sensitive that they cantell if you even touched a danger- dicted specific date, strength and location of focus of 36 major earth- quakes measuring a magnitude of 5ous object days ago, may soon be or stronger. The average margin ofcoming to airports. The walk- error in the dates predicted was 1.97through scanners are faster, more days. Kushida now claims he canaccurate and less invasive then any specify the focus of most earthquakestechnology currently out there. within a radius of 50 kilometres. The trouble is that the machines The Institute of Physical andtouted for the job are too sensitive. Chemical Research, a major quasi-The new detectors on trial offer governmental think tank, indepen-atomic, single molecular or part- dently examined the correlationper-trillion level detection of explo- between earthquakes and Kushidassives and drug-related chemical predictions and concluded the resultscompounds—which raises the spec- were not random.tre of false-positive results. According to Kushidas hypothesis, It is well known that over 90 per before an earthquake electric chargescent of US banknotes in circulation accumulate on the Earths surface duehave minute traces of cocaine on to the generation of numerous micro-them. US Customs spokesman Bill cracks in magma. The charge andAnthony told a story about a machine he CAN FM RADIOWAVES PREDICT discharge process of a capacitor formedonce tried out that scans money for traces EARTHQUAKES? with the Earths surface and the ionosphereof drugs, but it delivered instead a lessonon how many hands your dollar bills prob-ably pass through in a week. I n 1993, after roughly examining the cor- relation between abnormal electric waves and earthquakes, astronomer changes the density of electric plasma in the ionosphere, and the phenomenon is observed by the FM receiver. "We took some of our commissioners Yoshio Kushida was convinced that some (Source: The Japan Times , 19 Septembermoney—we got it out of a cash machine— fluctuating patterns in the VHF band 2000, www.japantimes.co.jp/. For furtherand it showed traces of drugs. I put my appear several days before an earthquake. information, access www.yatsugatake-money through. And mine all showed up Having analysed radio echoes from a eorc.org/ or fax Yatsugatake South Basewith drugs," he said. number of FM stations across the country, Observatory at +81 [0]551 38 4254.) A similar test conducted in the UK Kushida believes he has found five basicfound similar results. wave patterns that appear several days AIRCRAFT CRASHES BLAMED ON(Sources: ABCNews.com, 26 September before a major earthquake. MILITARY JET PULSES2000; Intelligence, 26 June 2000) From January 1997 to September 1999, E lectromagnetic pulses from military craft may have been responsible for several civilian airline disasters in the past four years. If the theory is proved correct, it suggests navy ships and air force planes pose a lethal threat to passenger flights. Crash investigators have been startled by similarities between several tragedies. In particular, they have uncovered common features in two crashes: Swissair 111, on 2 September 1998, and TWA 800, on 17 July 1996. Both planes took off from the same air- port, New Yorks JFK, on a Wednesday, at the same time, 8.19 pm. Both followed the same route over Long Island. Both report- ed trouble in the same region of airspace, and both suffered catastrophic electrical malfunctions. And on both occasions, the planes were flying at a time when exten- sive military exercises, involving sub- marines and US Navy P3 fighter planes, were being conducted. (Source: The Observer , London, 10 September 2000, www.observer.co.uk/)6 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... EURO-FEDERALISTS FINANCED OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as mented as far back as the early 15th centu- BY US SPY AGENCIES head of ACUE in the late 1950s. ry. He has a direct descent from Henry IIID eclassified United States government documents show that the US intelli-gence community ran a campaign in the The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the Vice-President and from Henry VIIIs sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is also descended from Charles1950s and 1960s to build momentum for a of the European Economic Community, II of England.united Europe. It funded and directed the Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union "Never in the history of the UnitedEuropean federalist movement. by stealth. It recommends suppressing States have two presidential candidates The documents confirm suspicions debate until the point at which "adoption been as well endowed with royalvoiced at the time that America was work- of such proposals would become virtually alliances," said Harold Brooks-Baker, pub-ing aggressively behind the scenes to push inescapable". lishing director of Burkes Peerage.Britain into a European state. One memo- (Source: By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Brooks-Baker said there had alwaysrandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instruc- The Telegraph, London, 19 September 2000, been a significant "royalty factor" in thosetions for a campaign to promote a fully- www.telegraph.co.uk) who aspired to the White House, withfledged European Parliament. It is signed Presidents George Washington, Thomasby Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the BUSH BEATS GORE IN THE Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, FranklinAmerican wartime Office of Strategic BLUE-BLOOD STAKES Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, among oth-Services (OSS), precursor of the CIA. The documents, found by Joshua Paul, aresearcher at Georgetown University in I f royal genes have anything to do with electoral success, then Republican US presidential candidate George W. Bush ers, all boasting blue-blood links. Democrat candidate Al Gore, who is currently lagging George W. Bush by oneWashington, include files released by the will be the next man in the White House, point in opinion polls ahead of US elec-US National Archives. according to Britains blue blood "bible". tions in November, has a less illustrious Washingtons main tool for shaping the Burkes Peerage, a respected guide to gene pool.European agenda was the American the breeding of the aristocracy, said that Being a descendant of Edward I, he isCommittee for a United Europe, created in both Bush and his rival Al Gore are of also a cousin of former US President1948. The chairman was Donovan, osten- royal descent, but investigations deep into Richard Nixon, who resigned from thesibly a private lawyer by then. The vice- their heritage show Bush has far more White House in 1974 for his part in thechairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA direc- noble and royal connections. Watergate scandal.tor in the 1950s. The board included Bush is closely related to every However, Gore does have direct links toWalter Bedell Smith, the CIAs first direc- European monarch on and off the throne— the Holy Roman Empire. He is a descen-tor, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and including the King of Albania—and has dant of Roman Emperors Louis II, Charlesofficials who moved in and out of the CIA. kinship with every member of Britains II and Louis I and is therefore also a direct The documents show that ACUE royal family, the House of Windsor. descendant of Charlemagne, the eighth-financed the European Movement, the He is a 13th cousin of Britains Queen century Emperor.most important federalist organisation in Mother, and of her daughter Queen The problem is, Gores Charlemagnethe post-war years. In 1958, for example, Elizabeth, and is a 13th cousin once links also make him a cousin of George W.it provided 53.5 per cent of the removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Bush.movements funds. Charles. Bushs family tree can be docu- (Source: Reuters, London, 17 October 2000) The European Youth Campaign, an armof the European Movement, was whollyfunded and controlled by Washington.The Belgian director, Baron Boel, receivedmonthly payments into a special account.When the head of the EuropeanMovement, Polish-born Joseph Retinger,bridled at this degree of American controland tried to raise money in Europe, he wasquickly reprimanded. The leaders of the EuropeanMovement—Retinger, the visionaryRobert Schuman and the former BelgianPrime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak—wereall treated as hired hands by theirAmerican sponsors. The US role was han-dled as a covert operation. ACUEs fund-ing came from the Ford and Rockefellerfoundations as well as business groupswith close ties to the US government. The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 7
  • 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... SOLAR STUDIES MAY SHED International Satellite Cloud Climate what the warning labels should say and LIGHT ON GLOBAL WARMING Project, they found that the amount of how studies of drugs should be designed.A new hypothesis, pioneered by Henrik Svensmark of the Danish SpaceResearch Institute in Copenhagen, links the cloud cover at elevations of two miles or lower is directly related to cosmic ray lev- els—at least over the period for which The experts are supposed to be indepen- dent, but USA Today found that 54 per cent of the time they have a direct financialamount of cosmic rays that strike Earth satellite data are available. interest in the drug or topic they are askedwith cloud formation, which in turn affects But Earth has been warming for more to evaluate. These conflicts include help-atmospheric temperatures. than a century. Has the Suns field been ing a pharmaceutical company develop a The Earths magnetic field deflects many strengthening that long? medicine, then serving on an FDA advisoryelectrically charged particles, such protons Yes, according to Michael Lockwood committee that judges the drug.and atomic nuclei misleadingly known as and colleagues at the Rutherford Appleton The conflicts typically include stockcosmic "rays". The rest penetrate the Laboratory in England, who published ownership, consulting fees or researchatmosphere, where the shower turns electri- exactly that result in the journal Nature last grants.cally neutral air molecules and airborne year. Federal law generally prohibits the FDAvapours into charged ions. In that condi- Analysing instrument measurements from using experts with financial conflictstion, two UCLA scientists argued in taken since 1868, they concluded that the of interest, but the FDA has waived theGeophysical Research Letters earlier this Suns exterior magnetic field has increased restriction more than 800 times since 1998.year, molecules are more prone to cluster by 230 per cent since 1901 and by 40 per These pharmaceutical experts, about 300into aggregations that make dense low- cent since 1964. on 18 advisory committees, make decisionslevel clouds that shade the planets surface. (Source: The Washington Post, 9 October that affect the health of millions ofHigh, thin clouds typically warm the planet 2000) Americans and billions of dollars in drugsby trapping outgoing heat in the sky. But sales. With few exceptions, the FDA fol-thick, umbrella-like low clouds have a net FDA ADVISORS TIED TO lows the committees advice.cooling effect. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES The FDA reveals when financial con- By this logic, when the Suns magneticfield is stronger—as it is, for example, dur-ing high sunspot activity—it deflects more M ore than half of the experts hired to advise the US government on the safety and effectiveness of medicines have flicts exist, but it has kept details secret since 1992, so it is not possible to deter- mine the amount of money or the drugcosmic rays, preventing them from hitting financial relationships with the pharmaceu- companies involved.air molecules. Fewer cosmic rays mean tical companies that will be helped or hurt (Source: USA Today, 25 September 2000,fewer clouds, which means more warming. by their decisions, a USA Today study has www.usatoday.com/news/) Svensmark and colleagues reported their found.latest results at a conference, held in Spain These experts are hired to advise the SOUL-SEARCHING DOCTORSduring September, on "The Solar Cycle and Food and Drug Administration on which CONFIRM LIFE AFTER DEATHTerrestrial Climate". Using data from the medicines should be approved for sale, A recent scientific study of "near-death" experiences (NDEs) has found new evidence to suggest that consciousness or the "soul" can continue to exist beyond "death". The findings, by Dr Peter Fenwick, a consultant neuropsychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and Dr Sam Parnia, a clinical research fellow and regis- trar at Southampton General Hospital, were based on a year-long study of heart attack survivors, and could provoke fresh contro- versy over that most profound of questions: is there life after death? Reports of "near-death" experiences, in which people close to death have vivid encounters with bright lights and heavenly beings, date back centuries, but the phe- nomenon has been treated with scepticism by most academics. The new study concludes, however, that a number of people have almost certainly had these experiences after they were pro- nounced clinically dead. This would sug- gest that the mind or consciousness can survive the death of the brain.8 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... During the study period, 63 cardiac VACCINES CONTAMINATED WITH MAD COW DISEASE?arrest patients survived and were inter-viewed within a week. Seven survivorshad NDE memories, but only four passedthe Grayson scale—the strict medical crite- O n Friday 20 October, the UK Department of Health issued a recall notice for polio vaccines after it was found that the manufacturer, Medeva, had breached production health guidelines. Of particular concern is Medevasria for assessing near-death experiences. use of potentially contaminated material from British cattle. Dr Sam Parnia commented: "I started Eleven million doses of polio vaccine–containing material from British cattleoff as a sceptic but, having weighed up all have been administered to children and adults since BSE (mad cow disease)the evidence, I now think that there is vaccine guidelines banned its use in 1989, according to the Department ofsomething going on. Health. "Essentially, it comes back to the ques- The drug factory at the centre of the polio vaccine scandal has a history oftion of whether the mind or consciousness contamination and production blunders, leading to fears that its vaccinesis produced from the brain. If we can against other diseases are unsafe.prove that the mind is produced by the Last year, investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)brain, I dont think there is anything after were horrified by the conditions they found at the plant in Speke, nearwe die because essentially we are con- Liverpool, which also makes vaccines against flu, tuberculosis, tetanus andscious beings. hepatitis B. "If, on the contrary, the brain is like an The Department of Health was forced to recall Medevas oral polio vaccineintermediary which manifests the mind, after it was discovered that the firm had been using potentially BSE-infectedlike a television will act as an intermediary material.to manifest waves in the air into a picture However, the problems surrounding the polio vaccine may prove to be theor a sound, we can show that the mind is tip of the iceberg. A week-long inspection by the FDA last summer into thestill there after the brain is dead. And that production of Fluvirin flu vaccine at the plant found Medeva had failed to:is what I think these near-death experiences • "clean, maintain and sanitise equipment at appropriate intervals toindicate." prevent malfunction or contamination";(Source: The Telegraph, London, 22 October • maintain systems to prevent unacceptable levels of toxins and bacteria2000, www.telegraph.co.uk) contaminating the production process; • ensure batches of vaccines "conformed with all established standards, THE MICROCHIP THAT COULD specifications and characteristics"; and BLOW YOUR MIND • prove that vaccines would be free from "bacteria and fungi". In October 1999, the FDAs director of compliance, Steven Masiello, firedA newly developed microchip, implanted into the body, will allow two people toshare each others pain, movement and off an official warning letter to Medevas head of primary production, John OBrian, telling him to sort out the problems or have its product banned fromeven sexual excitement, claims an expert in entering the US. Fluvirin is used by some 20 million Americans and moreartificial intelligence. The microchip could than a million British people, many of them elderly. Although the extent ofeven see the "faked orgasm" banished from the excess levels of toxins and bacteria at the Speke factory is not known, inthe bedroom and bring an end to the battle extreme cases contaminated vaccines can lead to severe adverse reactions,of the sexes, says its inventor, Professor including toxic shock and fever. In the old and fragile, the impact could beKevin Warwick. lethal. The FDA letter contains the disclosure that instead of dealing with the Designed as a body implant, the chip problems, managers at the plant wanted to raise the level of contaminationwill transmit signals from the nervous sys- deemed to be acceptable.tem of one person to that of another via an Sources familiar with the companys operations claim that there wereincision in the arm, enabling them to feel serious production problems running through the factory and abuses werewhat the other is feeling. A transmitter is routinely ignored. Although it is not known what other contaminationconnected to nerves in the centre of the arm problems the factory had, it is known that production difficulties were notand the chips are then linked via an ordi- confined solely to the manufacture of the flu vaccine.nary computer. Liberal Democrat consumer affairs spokesman Norman Baker is now calling Besides the possible benefits for couples, for an immediate investigation into events at the Speke factory and a fullProfessor Warwick has also evaluated the explanation from the Department of Health. He also said that the UKpossible damage that could be caused by Medicines Control Agency (MCA), the body which regulates drug companies,the pioneering experiment. had serious questions to answer about why it had failed to take any action. "The biggest problem, apart from possi- Baker said: "The Department of Health and the MCA have completelyble nerve damage and loss of feeling or failed to act in the interests of public health. In their desperate attempts not tomovement, is mental," he said. "Will my undermine the vaccination program, they have tried to sweep all problemsbrain be able to cope? The biggest risk is under the carpet. As a result, public confidence has been shattered. Whenthat I could go crazy." will they learn that the answer is not to cover up, but to identify problems and(Source: Ananova, 5 October 2000, deal with them immediately?"www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_76805. (Source: The Observer, 22 October 2000, www.newsunlimited.co.uk)html?nav_src=newsIndex Headline)DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 9
  • 10. 10 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 11. deBriefingsMI6 AND THE PRINCESS OF WALES he seemed to have extremely good access to the goings on in theby Richard Tomlinson © 1999 Ritz Hotel. I therefore ordered this informants personal file fromB elow is a sworn and testified statement that I have made on MI6s central file registry. When I read this new file, I was not at 12 May 1999 to the enquiry into the deaths of the Princessall surprised to learn that the informant was a security officer of of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. the Ritz Hotel. Intelligence services always target the security I firmly believe that MI6 have information in their files that officers of important hotels because they have such good access towould assist Judge Stephans enquiry. Why dont they yield up intelligence. I remember, however, being mildly surprised thatthis information? They should not be entitled to use the Official the nationality of this informant was French, and this stuck in mySecrets Act to protect themselves from investigation into the memory because it is rare that MI6 succeeds in recruiting adeaths of three people, particularly in the case of an incident ofFrench informer.this magnitude and historical importance. I cannot claim that I remember from this reading of the file that ————————————————————————— the name of this person was Henri Paul, but I have no doubt with the benefit of hindsight that this was he. Although I did not sub- I, Richard John Charles Tomlinson, for- sequently come across Henri Paul again dur-mer MI6 officer, of Geneva, Switzerland, ing my time in MI6, I am confident that thehereby declare: relationship between him and MI6 would have continued until his death, because MI6 1. I firmly believe that there exist docu- I was not at all would never willingly relinquish controlments held by the British Secret Intelligence over such a well-placed informant.Service (MI6) that would yield important surprised to learn that I am sure that the personal file of Henrinew evidence into the cause and circum-stances leading to the deaths of the Princess the informant was a Paul will therefore contain notes of meetings between him and his MI6 controlling officer,of Wales, Mr Dodi Al Fayed, and M. Henri security officer of right up until the point of his death. I firmlyPaul in Paris in August 1997. the Ritz Hotel. believe that these files will contain evidence of crucial importance to the circumstances 2 . I was employed by MI6 between and causes of the incident that killed M. PaulSeptember 1991 and April 1995. During Intelligence services together with the Princess of Wales andthat time, I saw various documents that Dodi Al Fayed.I believe would provide new evidence always target theand new leads into the investigation security officers of 4. The most senior undeclared offi-into these deaths. I also heard various cer in the local MI6 station would nor-rumours which—though I was not able important hotels mally control an informant of M. Paulsto see supporting documents—I am because they have usefulness and seniority. Officersconfident were based on solid fact. declared to the local counterintelli- such good access gence service (in this case, the 3 . In 1992, I was working in the to intelligence. Directorate de Surveillance Territoire,Eastern European Controllerate of MI6 or DST) would not be used to controland I was peripherally involved in a such an informant, because it mightlarge and complicated operation to lead to the identity of the informantsmuggle advanced Soviet weaponry out becoming known to the local intelli-of the then disintegrating and disorgan- gence services.ised remnants of the Soviet Union. In Paris at the time of M. PaulsDuring 1992, I spent several days reading the substantial files on death, there were two relatively experienced but undeclared MI6this operation. These files contain a wide miscellany of contact officers. The first was Mr Nicholas John Andrew LANGMAN,notes, telegrams, intelligence reports, photographs, etc., from born 1960. The second was Mr Richard David SPEARMAN,which it was possible to build up a detailed understanding of the again born in 1960. I firmly believe that either one or both ofoperation. The operation involved a large cast of officers and these officers will be well acquainted with M. Paul, and mostagents of MI6. probably also met M. Paul shortly before his death. I believe that One more than one occasion, meetings between various figures either or both of these officers will have knowledge that will be ofin the operation took place at the Ritz Hotel, Place de Vendôme, crucial importance in establishing the sequence of events leadingParis. There were in the file several intelligence reports on these up to the deaths of M. Paul, Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess ofmeetings, which had been written by one of the MI6 officers Wales.based in Paris at the time (identified in the file only by a coded Mr Spearman in particular was an extremely well connecteddesignation). The source of the information was an informant in and influential officer because he had been, prior to his appoint-the Ritz Hotel, who again was identified in the files only by a ment in Paris, the personal secretary to the Chief of MI6, Mrcode number. The MI6 officer paid the informant in cash for his David SPEDDING. As such, he would have been privy to eveninformation. the most confidential of MI6 operations. I believe that there may I became curious to learn more about the identity of this partic- well be significance in the fact that Mr Spearman was posted toular informant, because his number cropped up several times and Paris in the month immediately before the deaths.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 11
  • 12. deBriefings 5. Later in 1992, as the civil war in the former Yugoslavia overseas trips. This service would frequently extend to askingbecame increasingly topical, I started to work primarily on opera- friendly intelligence services (such as the CIA) to place memberstions in Serbia. During this time, I became acquainted with Dr of the Royal Family under discrete [sic] surveillance, ostensiblyNicholas Bernard Frank FISHWICK, born 1958, the MI6 officer for their own protection. This was particularly the case for thewho at the time was in charge of planning Balkan operations. Princess of Wales, who often insisted on doing without overt per- During one meeting with Dr Fishwick, he casually showed to sonal protection, even on overseas trips.me a three-page document that on closer inspection turned out to Although contact between MI6 and the Royal Household wasbe an outline plan to assassinate the Serbian leader President officially only via the Foreign Office, I learnt while in MI6 thatSlobodan Milosevic. The plan was fully typed and attached to a there was unofficial direct contact between certain senior andyellow "minute board", signifying that this was a formal and influential MI6 officers and senior members of the Royalaccountable document. It will therefore still be in existence. Household. I did not see any official papers on this subject, but IFishwick had annotated that the document be circulated to the fol- am confident that the information is correct. I firmly believe thatlowing senior MI6 officers: Maurice MI6 documents would yield substantial leadsKENDWRICK-PIERCEY, then head of on the nature of their links with the RoyalBalkan operations, John RIDDE, then the Household, and would yield vital informationsecurity officer for Balkan operations, the I also learnt while in about MI6 surveillance on the Princess ofSAS liaison officer to MI6 (designation Wales in the days leading to her death.MODA/SO, but I have forgotten his name), MI6 that one of thethe head of the Eastern European 7. I also learnt while in MI6 that one of theControllerate (then Richard FLETCHER), "paparazzi" "paparazzi" photographers who routinely fol-and finally Alan PETTY, the personal secre- photographers who lowed the Princess of Wales was a member oftary to the then Chief of MI6, Colin "UKN", a small corps of part-time MI6 agentsMcCOLL. routinely followed who provide miscellaneous services to MI6 This plan contained a political justifica- the Princess of Wales such as surveillance and photography exper-tion for the assassination of Milosevic, fol- tise. I do not know the identity of this photog-lowed by three outline proposals on how to was a member of rapher, or whether he was one of the photogra-achieve this objective. I firmly believe "UKN", a small corps phers present at the time of the fatal inci-that the third of these scenarios con- dent. However, I am confident thattained information that could be useful of part-time MI6 examination of UKN records would yieldin establishing the causes of death of agents who provide the identity of this photographer, andHenri Paul, the Princess of Wales and would enable the inquest to eliminate orDodi Al Fayed. This third scenario miscellaneous services further investigate that potential line ofsuggested that Milosevic could be to MI6 such as enquiry.assassinated by causing his personallimousine to crash. Dr Fishwick pro- surveillance and 8. On Friday 28 August 1998, I gaveposed to arrange the crash in a tunnel, photography expertise. much of this information to Judge Hervébecause the proximity of concrete close Stephan, the French investigative Judgeto the road would ensure that the crash in charge of the inquest into the accident.would be sufficiently violent to cause The lengths which MI6, the CIA and thedeath or serious injury and would also DST have taken to deter me [from] giv-reduce the possibility that there might ing this evidence and subsequently tobe independent, casual witnesses. Dr Fishwick suggested that one stop me talking about it, suggests that they have something toway to cause the crash might be to disorientate the chauffeur hide.using a strobe flash gun, a device which is occasionally deployedby special forces to, for example, disorientate helicopter pilots or 9. On Friday 31 July 1998, shortly before my appointment withterrorists, and about which MI6 officers are briefed during their Judge Hervé Stephan, the DST arrested me in my Paris hoteltraining. room. Although I have no record of violent conduct, I was arrest- In short, this scenario bore remarkable similarities to the cir- ed with such ferocity, and at gunpoint, that I received a brokencumstances and witness accounts of the crash that killed the rib. I was taken to the headquarters of the DST and interrogatedPrincess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. I firmly for 38 hours. Despite my repeated requests, I was never givenbelieve that this document should be yielded by MI6 to the Judge any justification for the arrest and was not shown the arrest war-investigating these deaths, and would provide further leads that he rant. Even though I was released without charge, the DST confis-could follow. cated from me my laptop computer and Psion organiser. They illegally gave these to MI6 who took them back to the UK. They 6. During my service in MI6, I also learnt unofficially and sec- were not returned for six months, which is illegal and caused meond-hand something of the links between MI6 and the Royal great inconvenience and financial cost.Household. MI6 are frequently and routinely asked by the RoyalHousehold (usually via the Foreign Office) to provide intelligence 10. On Friday 7 August 1998, I boarded a Qantas flight aton potential threats to members of the Royal Family whilst on Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, for a flight to12 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 13. deBriefingsSydney, Australia, where I was due to give a television interview [not reprinted here; Ed.], and ordered to return to Switzerland.to the Australian Channel Nine television company. I was in my Note that in the papers, my supposed destination has beenseat, awaiting take-off, when an official boarded the plane and changed from "Chamonix" to "Samoens". This is because whentold me to get off. At the airbridge, he told me that the airline had first questioned by a junior DST officer, I told him that my desti-received a fax "from Canberra" saying that there was a problem nation was "Chamonix". When a senior officer arrived an hour orwith my travel papers. I immediately asked to see the fax, but I so later, he crossed out the word and changed it to "Samoens"was told that it was "not possible". I believe that this is because it without ever even asking or confirming this with me. I believedidnt exist. this is because MI6 had told them of my true destination, having This action was a ploy to keep me learnt the information through surveil-in New Zealand so that the New lance on my parents telephone in theZealand police could take further UK.action against me. I had been back in My banning from France is entirelymy Auckland hotel room for about I am absolutely certain that there illegal under European law. I have ahalf an hour when the New Zealand British passport and am entitled topolice and NZSIS, the New Zealand is substantial evidence in their travel freely within the EuropeanSecret Intelligence Service, raided [MI6] files that would provide Union. MI6 have "done a deal" withme. After being detained and the DST to have me banned, and havesearched for about three hours, they crucial evidence in establishing not used any recognised legal mecha-eventually confiscated from me all the exact causes of this tragedy. nism to deny my rights to freedom ofmy remaining computer equipment travel. I believe that the DST and MI6that the French DST had not succeed- have banned me from France becauseed in taking from me. Again, I didnt they wanted to prevent me from givingget some of these items back until six further evidence to Judge Stephansmonths later. inquest, which, at the time, I was planning to do. 11. Moreover, shortly after I had given this evidence to Judge 13. Whatever MI6s role in the events leading to the deaths ofStephan, I was invited to talk about this evidence in a live televi- the Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul, I amsion interview on Americas NBC television channel. I flew from absolutely certain that there is substantial evidence in their filesGeneva to JFK Airport on Sunday 30 August to give the interview that would provide crucial evidence in establishing the exact caus-in New York on the following Monday morning. es of this tragedy. I believe that they have gone to considerable Shortly after arrival at John F. Kennedy Airport, the captain of lengths to obstruct the course of justice by interfering with mythe Swissair flight told all passengers to return to their seats. Four freedom of speech and travel, and this in my view confirms myUS immigration authority officers entered the plane, came straight belief that they have something to hide. I believe that the protec-to my seat, asked for my passport as identity and then frog- tion given to MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should bemarched me off the plane. I was taken to the immigration deten- set aside in the public interest in uncovering, once and for all, thetion centre, photographed, fingerprinted, manacled by my ankle to truth behind these dramatic and historically momentous events. ∞a chair for seven hours, served with deportation papers (exhibit 1) (Source: http://dianaconspiracy.homepage.com/rtaffidavit.html)and then returned on the next availableplane to Geneva. I was not allowed to makeany telephone calls to the representatives ofNBC awaiting me in the airport. The USimmigration officers—who were all openlysympathetic to my situation and apologisedfor treating me so badly—openly admittedthat they were acting under instructionsfrom the CIA. 1 2 . In January of this year [1999], Ibooked a chalet in the village of Samoens inthe French Alps for a ten-day snowboardingholiday with my parents. I picked up myparents from Geneva airport in a hire car onthe evening of 8 January and set off for theFrench border. At the French customs post, our car wasstopped and I was detained. Four officersfrom the DST held me for four hours. Atthe end of this interview, I was served withthe deportation papers below (exhibit 2)DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 13
  • 14. deBriefings[Editors Note: This article refers to research studies involv- ciation was found between thyroid cancer and fluoridated watering animals. We wish to advise readers that we at NEXUS do supplies in a study conducted in Britain. Schuld then askednot condone or support the validity, efficacy or morality of Woodruff to read from the actual data of the study. It showed ananimal experimentation or vivisection.] increase of 18 per cent in observed thyroid cancers in the fluori- dated areas when compared to non-fluoridated areas. "No associ-THE GREATEST "SCIENTIFIC" FLUORIDE FRAUD YET? ation?" Schuld asked, and then proceeded to read from newspaperfrom Health Action Network Society, Canada articles from China, where entire villages are being relocated dueO n Thursday 12 October, six days after almost every major to fluoride contamination and where fluoride is being openly world newspaper announced the results of a scientific acknowledged as the cause of thyroid cancer, Kaschin-Beck dis- review reporting fluoridation of public water supplies to ease and iodine deficiency.be a safe public health measure ( British Medical Journal Next, Schuld presented a paper which had investigated whether2000;321:855–859, 7 October; www.bmj.com), shocking evi- fluoridation had a protective effect on slipped epiphysis, one ofdence was presented during an interview aired on Vancouver the most common hip disorders observed in older children andradio station CKST AM 1040. The review, adolescents. Schuld said that this paper wasundertaken by the UK National Health especially close to his heart, as the conditionServices Centre for Reviews and has been strongly linked to hypothyroidismDissemination at the University of York, is since the 1920s. Schuld added that this wasconsidered to be the "final word on fluorida- acknowledged by the study authors them-tion", but it might well turn out be the greatest ... evidence selves, who had provided more than 16 refer-scientific fraud ever undertaken by a centre in ences in the papers first paragraph. Thecharge of evaluating scientific information in was presented York team, which had been informed of fluo-the interests of public health. showing that the rides effects on thyroid hormones, should In an interview with Andreas Schuld, head have woken up here, Schuld said.of a global organisation of parents of children York Review falsified Schuld then read excerpts from the Yorkpoisoned by excessive fluoride intake, evi- vital information Report which had found "the direction ofdence was presented showing that the York association to be positive (a protective effect)Review falsified vital information in its in its Report in girls and negative (increased risk) in boys",Report and deliberately misinformed the and deliberately but that neither of these was statisticallypublic on fluorides adverse health significant. Schuld again askedeffects. The interview was conducted by misinformed Woodruff to look at the actual data in theCroft Woodruff, host of one of Canadas the public on paper. Woodruff saw an 18 per centlongest-running health radio talk shows, increase of the disease in males inpast president of the Canadian Health fluorides adverse fluoridated areas. "Would you considerFood Association and founding memberof the 25,000-member Canadian Health health effects. an 18 per cent increase here significant?" Schuld asked Woodruff, who at this timeAction Network Society (HANS). joined Schuld in declaring the Review a Schuld arrived for the interview with total scientific fraud and called it anthe York Report and numerous studies example of severe and gross scientificwhich had supposedly been reviewed in misconduct.depth by the esteemed centre. He Schuld then read further excerptsbriefly recounted how the York Centre from the paper in question, citing howhad changed the wording in the study protocol to avoid inclusion the authors of the study had found that more cases had come fromof specific information on fluoride and thyroid effects as well as rural areas and that "in general, the rural areas had higher fluoridedata concerning the high amounts of fluoride in tea—an issue of levels than suburban or urban regions". "In other words, the high-obvious concern for the people in the UK. er the fluoride levels, the more slipped epiphysis," said Schuld. Schulds group had supplied the York team with evidence "Another obvious sign showing the anti-thyroid activity of fluo-showing that symptoms described in the literature on fluorides ride."adverse health effects were identical to those observed in thyroid Schuld ridiculed the York claim that fluoridation showed pro-dysfunction, and that the condition known as "dental fluorosis"— tective effects in girls. "It is known that the disease almost nevernow proclaimed by the York Review to be merely an issue of occurs in girls once menses has begun," exclaimed Schuld."aesthetic concern"—was actually to be seen as a direct result of Schuld emphasised the issue of delayed eruption of teeth,fluoride-induced iodine deficiency during the time of enamel for- explaining how it has been established since the 1930s that thy-mation. The field of dentistry claims that the biochemical factors roid hormones control tooth eruption. He then read from the Yorkleading to the enamel defects observed in dental fluorosis are still Report: "It has been suggested that fluoridation may delay theunknown. eruption of teeth, and thus caries incidence could be delayed as Schuld then cited specific examples of how the York Review teeth would be exposed to decay for a shorter period of time.had falsified results. Only one study compared the number of erupted teeth per child. First on the agenda was the issue of thyroid cancer. Schuld The difference was very small and in opposite directions in theread an excerpt from the York Report which claims that no asso- two age-groups examined."14 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 15. deBriefings "This is total fraud," Schuld said. "I have 50 papers right here, ments in their childrens conditions once fluorides were eliminatedshowing the delayed eruption of teeth in fluoridated areas, includ- from the diet; there was a strong association with a group of Ging the Newburgh-Kingston data and the papers by Kunzel which proteins, Gq/11, which are also highly implicated in Alzheimerswere included in the York Review and which they supposedly disease, Downs syndrome and thyroid dysfunction.reviewed. The very same data which they use to prove fluorides Schuld then spoke about his groups efforts to help the childrenbenefits shows this delayed eruption. There are even papers of Sosnivka, Ukraine, where mothers of 3,000 sick children haveincluded here which explain how fluorosis gets more severe the been trying for five years to get their childrens ill health properlylater a tooth erupts! Delayed eruption is the single most important addressed by the authorities after fluorides suddenly showed up infactor to consider in evaluating data on fluoridation," explained the water supplies. Other appeals for help have also beenSchuld. "This delay will produce a delay in the onset of caries received from regions in Pakistan, where similar industrial conta-which is then interpreted as a benefit. There is no benefit. Caries mination is occurring. Schuld said UNICEF has now identifiedonset is just delayed. Delayed eruption occurs because you have more than 25 countries where fluorides pose a great health con-made the child hypothyroid." cern. Conservative estimates by UNICEF of the people affected Schuld then reported on studies done in the 1930s by Floyd number in the tens of millions. Woodruff commented on theDeEds, which reported clear results that dental fluorosis is a sign severe fluorosis observed in regions of China due to breathing air-of thyroid dysfunction. According to Schuld, any anti-thyroid borne fluoride.administered during the time of enamel "Health care providers in those areasformation will produce the effects seen in need to be properly informed as how todental fluorosis, again citing DeEds and deal with the effects of this fluoride poi-his work which showed how cadmium Woodruff read from two soning," said Schuld. "This is an urgentalso causes mottled teeth. separate studies by German global concern. That the York Review Woodruff read from two separate stud- and the British Medical Journal h a v eies by German dental researcher Kunzel dental researcher Kunzel ... issued press releases worldwide saying(who is represented with four papers in which showed how caries fluorides are safe, while these people arethe York Report), which showed how suffering incredibly, is simply a crime."caries occurrence had dropped sharply occurrence had dropped He added that a third of the worlds popu-after the cessation of water fluoridation. sharply after the cessation lation is suffering from iodine deficiencyThe studies were done in Cuba as well as in areas which are identical to endemicin East Germany, where children enjoyed of water fluoridation. fluorosis areas.the greatest caries reduction in 40 years Schuld further commented: "Here weafter the practice of fluoridation was halt- have the York Review and its leaded. "Data from these cities are also in the York Report," said researchers running around telling the public that people in fluori-Schuld, "but this time misinterpreted to show a fluoridation bene- dated areas would not be consuming more than 4 mg a day fromfit! This is an outrageous fraud. Fluorides actually cause cavi- all sources, while our September analysis of the top-selling teaties. There are countless papers—some of them, again, also found brands in the UK has shown fluoride content up to 11 mg per litrein the York Report—which clearly state that the dental defects in tea prepared from one teabag alone."seen in fluorosis predispose to caries. Is this also a cosmetic con- Meanwhile, any studies showing adverse health effects fromcern only?" areas with levels above 5 ppm in the water were excluded from Schuld explained how hyperthyroidism, caused after iodine was the Review.added to public water supplies in the early 1920s, led to the use of "We urge the people in the UK to ask for an immediate publicfluorides as anti-thyroid medication. He also explained the bio- inquiry into the scientific misconduct clearly prevalent at thechemical activity of fluoride as a mimic of TSH (thyroid-stimulat- York centre," he said.ing-hormone) on G-protein activation—molecular on/off switches Woodruff and Schuld urged the listeners to spread this informa-by which all thyroid hormone activity is regulated. tion to as many people as possible, and dedicated the program to "Fluorides are the worst endocrine disruptor imaginable," he the memory of mutual friend Dr John Yiamouyiannis, who sud-said. "What was once known as the fluoride–iodine antagonism denly passed away on Sunday 8 October. Woodruff said thatcan now be explained in detail by thousands of papers showing Yiamouyiannis will be remembered as one of the most brilliantthe fluoride power on G-protein activation. While the experts scientists of the past century. ∞claim that the amounts of fluorides used in G-protein investiga-tions are a thousand times higher than those found in the human Contact Details:organism, experiments with rats clearly show that the amounts • Health Action Network Society (HANS), #202–5262 Rumble Street,required to cause thyroid disturbance are identical to the levels Burnaby, BC, Canada V5J 2B6, tel +1 (604) 435 0512, 1-888 432which have been identified to cause dental fluorosis." 4267 (toll free), fax +1 (605) 435 1561, e-mail hans@hans.org. The Schuld talked briefly about the findings of Professor Anna transcript of the interview can be obtained from HANS.Strunecka in Prague, that aluminium fluoride compounds can • Parents of Fluoride-Poisoned Children (PFPC), 78 Malta Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5M 4C4, e-mail pfpc@istar.ca. PFPC refer-effect all the pathological hallmarks of Alzheimers disease. ence sets can be obtained via www.bruha.com/fluoride/html/refer-Woodruff added the disturbing news that this disease is now ences.html.observed in 30- to 40-year-olds. Schuld further spoke about his (Source: Health Action Network Society, 15 October 2000, e-mailgroups research into autism after parents reported great improve- hans@hans.org)DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 15
  • 16. 16 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 17. [Editors Note: This article refers to a number of research studies involving animals. We wish to advise that we at NEXUS do not condone or support the validity, efficacy or morality of animal experimentation or vivisection.] B y the end of November, a leaflet on mobile phone health hazards will have been made available at point of sale and to the general public in Britain. This Recent medical significant development puts the UK government in the lead in reacting to the growing public and scientific concern over the possible hazards from mobile findings and phone radiation. However, since the leaflet is being put together by the Department of Health (DoH), the recommendations National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) and the mobile phone industry, one will have to wait to see whether it does proper justice to the evidence or tries to downplay it. from UK Whatever the case, such developments are keeping the issue continually in front of the public and the media in Britain. government reports The leaflet is just one of the major outcomes of the Stewart Report—the Report of the suggest that Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones, chaired by Sir William Stewart, FRS, Chairman of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust, Dundee, entitled "Mobile Phones radiation emission and Health" and published in May. 1 Another is that in August the Department of Education wrote to every school in the country, requesting them to make children aware guidelines should of possible hazards from excessive use of mobile phones and to encourage them to reduce their use. No such warning has yet been issued by any other Western country. be made more Most significant among the Stewart Reports many recommendations was its adoption of a "precautionary approach" regarding the use of mobile phones, especially among chil- stringent and that dren, with the advice that the industry cease promoting them to children. It recommended that a leaflet be sent to every household explaining the health issues, and that this should mobile phone use also be made available at the point of sale. should be It also recommended that a major, well-funded research program be set up, and the gov- ernment has since announced that it will launch a new program by the end of November. minimised. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) information on every phone at the point of sale, full plan- ning permission for all new masts and a review of the evidence in three years time (or before, if warranted) were among other recommendations of the Report, which also included criticisms of the NRPB. How many of these recommendations will be adopted will have become clear by the end of the year, although the Department of Health has now accepted most of them. One of the chief criticisms of the Report itself is that it left out certain major pieces of research in drawing its conclusions about the evidence for radiofrequency (RF) hazards. This has been assessed in detailed elsewhere,2 but certainly many would disagree with its conclusion that "The balance of evidence suggests that exposures to RF radiation below by Simon Best, MA © 2000 NRPB…guidelines do not cause adverse health effects to the general population"(1.17). Editor Besides the symptoms reported by users, ranging from heating sensation and skin irrita- Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy tion, headache, eye and sleep problems to short-term memory loss, disorientation and PO Box 2039 brain tumour, there is a growing body of research that cannot be dismissed. Shoreham, W. Sussex BN43 5JD, UK The industry, however, continues to insist that there is insufficient evidence, and that E-mail: simonbest@em-hazard- the phones are "safe" and the radiation they emit falls well within the guidance laid down therapy.com by the UKs regulatory authority, the NRPB—which currently refuses to acknowledge any Website: www.em-hazard-therapy.com need to change its guidelines and has stuck rigidly to its position of only taking account of heating effects, despite growing evidence and criticism.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 17
  • 18. THERMAL VERSUS NON-THERMAL EFFECTS frequency "carries" another signal—in this case, at 217 Hz— The whole of the debate over mobile phones and, indeed, con- which generates a regular, low-frequency pulsing effect into thecerning other sources of non-ionising radiation such as VDUs, brain. In fact, there are further subtle, harmonic pulses and fieldspower lines, etc., centres on the evidence for and against thermal to which the user is exposed. It is these, as well as other parame-versus non-thermal biological effects. ters of the signal, which are causing concern and are not properly A thermal, or heating, effect on tissue is currently accepted by taken into account in current guidance advice.most scientists in this area to be the only significant way by which The proposed new TETRA system, mainly for the emergencyelectromagnetic fields (EMFs) can pose a hazard to the body; and services, some corporate networks and the London Underground,thus all guidance, both national and international, continues to be is especially alarming in this respect, since it uses not only a 420based on this assumption. Even the Stewart Report has not chal- MHz signal (producing a waveform that maximises radiationlenged this view. absorption for three-to-six-year-old children) but also a pulse at However, a growing body of evidence and opinion over the last 17 Hz, right in the brains beta rhythm! This, despite a completedecade indicates that effects can lack of research on possible healthoccur at levels well below that at effects.which tissue begins to heat up, andthat these non-thermal effects can The whole of the debate over SIGNIFICANT NEW FINDINGSpose significant risk. But before mobile phones and, indeed, It is not possible to go into greatsome of this is discussed, it is impor- detail about recent research findingstant to understand how a mobile concerning other sources of (these are covered in depth in issuesphone basically works. The frequencies used by digital (as non-ionising radiation such as of Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy), but some recent studies areopposed to the older analogue) VDUs, power lines, etc., centres significant.mobile phones (900 megahertz forthe GSM system used by Vodafone on the evidence for and against In 1998, Dr Kjell-Hansson Mild at the National Institute of Working Lifeand Cellnet, and 1800 MHz for the thermal versus non-thermal in Umeå, Sweden, reported a study ofPCN system used by Orange and 11,000 users in Norway and Sweden,One2One) fall into the microwave biological effects. comparing symptoms according toregion of the electromagnetic duration of use of both analogue andspectrum. This frequency range, as GSM phones. 3 Concentrating on thewell as the much lower range used by VDUs and power lines, etc., latter (since they represent 95% of phones sold), he found a sig-is termed "non-ionising" because the frequencies do not contain nificant dose-response relationship between reported symptomssufficient energy to strip electrons from atoms. By contrast, beta (fatigue, headache, warmth behind or on ear, burning skin sensa-and gamma radiation, from nuclear fission and other sources, does tion) and duration of use, covering less than 2 minutes, 2–15 min-have enough energy to do this and is hence termed "ionising", and utes, 15–60 minutes and over 1 hour. For example, those Swedesit poses well-known, accepted hazards. It is partly this distinction using a phone for more than an hour were 22 times more likely tothat has caused many orthodox scientists to believe that non- report an increase in warmth behind the ear than those using themionising radiation implicitly posed little hazard, except in its for less than 2 minutes; the equivalent figure for Norwegians wascapacity to heat tissue. 16-fold (see table 1). But, in the case of mobile phones, there is a further reason for These results clearly show that a heating effect does occur,concern in that the signal is "pulsed". This means that the main although how far it penetrates into the brain and whether this effect itself is responsible for all the report- ed symptoms is still unclear. Other research, also in Sweden, by Professor Leif Salford at Lund University, shows that radiation at mobile phone fre- quency can change the blood-brain barrier that normally allows certain chemicals to cross and keeps others out. Professor Salford observed that after only two min- utes exposure to mobile phone intensities, rats displayed changes in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.4 This is clearly a worrying finding, suggesting a non-thermal effect as has been claimed. In the USA, Professor Henry Lai and Dr Narandra Singh, at the University of Washington in Seattle, reported increased strand breaks in DNA in rats brains after rats were exposed to mobile phone frequen- cies,5 although some researchers are claim- ing not to be able to replicate the effect. Meanwhile, in the UK, Dr Alan Preece at Bristol University reported in April that he18 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 19. had observed an effect of mobile phone radiation on human cog- specially prepared mice, when exposed to pulsed 900 MHz radia-nition—specifically, the speeding up of a choice reaction test. 6 tion for one hour a day for 9 to 18 months, showed a highly sig-However, given that he used 15 different tests on only two groups nificant doubling of B-cell lymphomas. At the time, the findingof 18 subjects exposed for two sessions of 30 minutes, the finding triggered controversy over its implications for human exposure.may easily have been a chance result. Also, the signal used did However, only now does it appear that an attempted replication isnot exactly match that produced by a GSM phone—a deficit not planned, which may or may not involve Dr Repacholi who cur-helped by the derisory grant from the Department of Health of a rently heads the World Health Organizations EMF Project inmere £3,000! Geneva. By contrast, Dr John Tattersall, based at Porton DownChemical and Biological Defence base in Wiltshire, funded to the NRPB GUIDANCE BASED ON SARtune of £113,000 by the DoH, recently reported effects of RF Current NRPB and international guidance is based on the SAR,radiation of rats hippocampal brain the specific absorption rate, which is asections at non-thermal levels well measure of how much radiation isbelow current NRPB guidelines.7 He absorbed per gram of tissue over aobserved changes in the electrically Other research, by Professor given time. The NRPB focuses pure -evoked potentials and in long-term Leif Salford at Lund University, ly on preventing temperature risespotentiation that were not due to heat- exceeding 1°C, and bases its guid-ing. Aside from his results, one has shows that radiation at ance on keeping any heating to lessto ask why the DoH chose to givesuch a sum to Porton Down rather mobile phone frequency can than 10 watts per kilogram (10 W/kg) in any 10 grams of tissue, averagedthan award it on the open university change the blood-brain barrier over 6 minutes. By contrast, themarketplace where one can be rea-sonably assured that all results will be that normally allows certain International Committee on Non- Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP) uses 2fully published. chemicals to cross and W/kg—five times lower (the US uses Meanwhile, at Nottingham 1.6 W/kg, but in 1 gram of tissue).University, Dr David de Pomerai keeps others out. The Stewart Report has recom-exposed nematode worms to mended that the UK fall into linemicrowaves from a Nokia 2110 with Europe and adopt the ICNIRPphone and found that their cells produced high levels of "heat- levels in place of current NRPB guidelines, which is at least a stepshock proteins" (HSPs) at levels that did not produce a measur- in the right direction—and an embarassment to the NRPB.able temperature rise. 8 HSPs are so-named because they were However, the whole basis of using SAR as a reliable measurefirst observed to be produced in response to a considerable rise in of exposure, given the complexities of the signal, has been ques-temperature (at least 2°C), but in fact are produced whenever cells tioned. At a special seminar held at the House of Commons instart to experience any damage to the protein structure in DNA June 1999—with speakers including Professor Lai from the USand RNA. and the UKs NRPB, including Professor Richard Doll, and One of the first studies that drew attention to possible radiation attended by MPs and pressure groups—Professor Michael Kundi,hazards was that by researchers at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in of the Institute of Environmental Health at the University ofAustralia, led by Dr Michael Repacholi. 9 They found that 200 Vienna, presented five basic assumptions in using the SAR for Table 1. Adjusted Odds Ratios (p<0.05) for calling time using GSM phone with reference to reported symptom. Reference category is calling time less than 2 minutes a day. (Source: K.-H. Mild et al., 1998) Duration (minutes per day) 2–15 15–60 >60 Norway Symptom: Fatigue 1.10 1.55 4.14 Headache 1.94 2.69 6.31 Warmth behind ear 1.68 2.93 16.00 Warmth on ear 1.65 3.94 8.37 Burning skin 1.56 3.48 8.42 Sweden Symptom: Fatigue 1.25 1.80 1.40 Headache 1.49 2.50 2.83 Warmth behind ear 2.63 9.00 21.90 Warmth on ear 2.73 10.20 22.40 Burning skin 1.06 2.34 2.77DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 19
  • 20. mobile phones, that can be scientifically challenged.10 I would strongly advise that mobile phone users, especially The NRPBs position was further criticised in September 1999 young people, use some sort of protection on their phones andwhen a House of Commons Select Committee Report also recom- keep calls as short as possible. Given the organs involved, its justmended that the NRPB reduce its exposure guideline levels to fall not worth the risk not to do so. Im talking about cumulative,in line with those of the ICNIRP. 11 The NRPB rejected this pulsed RF radiation going into your head, eyes and other organsadvice at the time, but the pressure of the recent Stewart Report every day for the rest of your life—and thats a long time! ∞has finally proved impossible to resist. Basic DefinitionsADVICE ON PROTECTIVE DEVICES • 1 hertz (Hz) = one cycle per second; 1 kilohertz (kHz) = 1,000 In the Select Committee Report, the British Medical Hz; 1 megahertz (MHz) = 1,000,000 Hz; 1 gigahertz (GHz) =Associations evidence to the Committee called for "prudent 1,000,000,000 Hz.avoidance" and recommended that consumers should have access • The radiofrequency (RF) spectrum spans approximately 100to protective devices to reduce radiation exposure. kHz to 300 MHz; the microwave (MW) spectrum spans 300 MHz Recently, Which?12 published a report in which it claimed that to about 30 GHz.research it had carried out showed thatremote hands-free headsets tripled EMF About the Author:exposure. However, the claimed results Simon Best, MA, is a medical journal-have been strongly criticised and Which? I would strongly advise that ist and is the co-author (with biophysi-has been less than forthcoming in releas- cist Dr Cyril Smith) of the award-win-ing its data and methodology. The mobile phone users, nin g b ook E lectromagnetic Ma n:research was actually carried out by ERA especially young people, Health and Hazard in the ElectricalTechnology in Leatherhead, Surrey, but Environment (Dent, London, 1988; Stthey refuse to discuss the findings. use some sort of protection Martins Press, NY, 1989). Which? has been strongly criticised and on their phones and keep Simon is also Editor (assisted by con-received threats of legal action if sultant Alasdair Philips, director ofretractions were not made. Replications calls as short as possible. Powe rwatc h UK) of theof certain tests are being planned and Electromagnetic Hazard & T h e r a p yWhich? is about to publish further studies news report. Launched in 1989 andthat it claims will support its view. published four times a year, EH&T isPrevious tests by others have found only a 15% to 30% increase in the only independent, regular news report in the UK coveringradiation into the ear, in a worst-case scenario. However, these research and debate on the health hazards of EM fields, asdevices are useful for keeping the radiation away from the body, related to powerlines, VDUs, mobile phones/antenna masts,and their instructions only emphasise advice to keep calls as short microwave sources, as well as their positive applications inas possible. orthodox and complementary medicine, including elec- Of those devices on the market, the two that have been subject- trotherapy and magnetotherapy.ed to the most research and testing are the Microshield and TecnoAO Antenna. The former is a barrier shield that tests show does Contact Details:significantly reduce radiation into the head, depending on what For d eta ils and bac k i ssue content s, send SSAE to:level of power the phone is using. The Tecno device aims to Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy, Box 2039, Shoreham, W.boost the bodys ability to cope with the radiation and focuses Sussex BN43 5JD, UK, or phone the premium rate helplinemore on the 217 Hz pulse, which tests show it does mitigate. (UK only, £1.50/min) on 0906 4010237. InternationalBoth companies can provide research to back their claims enquiries, send SAE with international postage coupon, or e-(Microshield, tel. +44 (0)208 3633333; Tecno distributor, tel. +44 mail simonbest@em-hazard-therapy.com, or visit website(0)1227 832262). www.em-hazard-therapy.com. Subscriptions (4 issues): £22 UK, £24 Europe, £26 North America, £28 elsewhere.Endnotes ation, continuous wave and modulated at 8, 16, 1998;399:55-64.1. Independent Expert Group on Mobile 50, 200 Hz", Microsc. Res. Tech. 9. Repacholi, M. et al., "Lymphomas in Eu-Phones 2000 (chairman Sir William Stewart), 1994;27:535-42. pim1 transgenic mice exposed to pulsed 900"Mobile Phones and Health", May 2000. Full 5. Lai, H. and N. Singh, "Single- and double- MHz electromagnetic fields", Radiationreport is at website www.iegmp.org.uk. Also strand DNA breaks in rat brain cells after acute Research 1997;147(5):631-40.available from the NRPB, price £20, telephone exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic 10. "House of Commons meeting on phones+44 (0)1235 831600. radiation", Intern. J. Radiat. Biol. and masts", report in Electromagnetic Hazard 1996;69:513-21. & Therapy 1999;10(1-2):3.2. Coghill, R., "Mobile Phones and Health: 6. Preece, A. et al., "Effect of a 915 MHz sim- 11. House of Commons Select Committee,why the missing evidence?", Electromagnetic ulated mobile phone signal on cognitive func-Hazard & Therapy 2000;11(1). "Mobile Phones and Public Health", Report No. tion in man", Intern. J. Radiat. Biol.3. Mild, Kjell-Hansson et al., "Comparison of 1999;75(4):447-56. 489. To obtain a copy (approx. £20 for the twoanalogue and digital mobile phone users and 7. Tattersall, J. et al., "The effects of radiofre- volumes), telephone +44 (0)345 023474 (creditsymptoms. A Swedish-Norwegian epidemio- quency electromagnetic fields in the electro- card orders) or write to: Stationery Office, Boxlogical study", National Institute of Working physiology of rat brain slices in vitro", IEE 276, Publications Centre, London SW8 5TD,Life, Umeå, Sweden, Arbetslivsrapport Science Meeting, 28 June 1999, London, ref. UK. Also visit website www.parliament.uk/1998;23. For details and cost, e-mail 99043, CBD, Porton Down, UK. commons/selcom and go to "Science andforlage@niwl.se. 8. Daniells, C., D. de Pomerai et al., Technology Committee".4. Salford, L. et al. "Permeability of the blood- "Transgenic nematodes as bio-markers of 12. Which?, UK Consumers Association, Aprilbrain barrier by 915 MHz electromagnetic radi- microwave-induced stress", Mutation Research 2000.20 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 21. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 21
  • 22. 22 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 23. "GOLDBUGS" VERSUS THE GOLD CARTEL I n the last 18 months, a previously unheard-of action group has emerged onto the scene to dominate the front pages of the worlds financial press. They are an inde- pendent group of financial experts called the Gold Anti-Trust Action group, or GATA. From a slow beginning, they have gathered a head of steam that has begun to rock the financial establishment of the entire world. The members of GATA are "gold- bugs"—a slang term for those who believe that gold is still king and that the money pow- ers should once again back currency with the "noble" metal, thereby eradicating fiat Whichever side money. What is of significance about GATA is that its members have learned that the gold mar- wins the financial ket is fixed and that the price of gold is artificially pegged below US$290 an ounce. Why is this important? Firstly, because the evidence GATA has collected emphatically points war raging between to the conclusion that the big Wall Street banks and their overseas kindred are operating a cartel. This is illegal in the USA. GATA calls the members of this cartel the "gold collu- the euro and the US sion crowd" and alleges that Goldman Sachs (whom they amusingly refer to as "Hannibal dollar, the Lector") resides at the pinnacle of this group. A more important reason why you should take note of GATA is why its proponents say that the gold price has been fixed. international Until fairly recently, gold banks could "lease" (borrow) gold from central banks at inter- est rates of around or below 1% per annum. This means that Goldman could, for exam- bankers will be a ple, borrow gold and sell it in the market, and the cash—the tens of billions of dollars it received in return—would be virtually interest-free. Thereafter, the collusion crowd could step closer to invest these cost-free funds anywhere they pleased. For example, they could buy US Treasury bonds paying over 6% interest and pocket the profit of 5%. Five per cent doesnt establishing their sound like much, but when multiplied by tens of billions of dollars it piles up. This is a typical Wall Street and international bankers "wheeze". By selling assets global, cashless belonging to the citizens of any given country and then ploughing back the cash they currency. receive into the treasury market of that same country, the bankers are quite simply bilking taxpayers of billions of dollars a year. If you dont find this an outrage, Id like to make an appointment to meet you and your wallet. But there is another angle that is even more alarming. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, this issue doesnt get into the newspapers despite its great importance. Those who keep abreast of current economic events will know that there is a bloody financial war raging between Europe and America. Who wins this war will determine who gains (or retains) control over the worlds money during the next decades. It is a massive prize to be won, and the result will quite probably see global society becoming a vassal to the banking community. The European currency unit, the euro, is partly backed by gold. The US dollar is not. The Europeans plan to have their money fully digitised in the near future, resulting in a by David G. Guyatt © 2000 "cashless" society. The worldwide community of bankers is rather betrothed to the idea c/- NEXUS Office of digital money, it seems. 55 Queens Road After all, it was the boss of the hedge fund, Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), East Grinstead, W. Sussex RH19 1BG John Meriwether, who is said to have reached a rather private understanding with the United Kingdom Italian central bank. Meriwether had earlier been the senior bond salesman at Salomon E-mail: goldbug@goldbug99. Brothers, the Wall Street investment bank, until he got caught trying to rig an entire US freeserve.co.uk Treasury bond issue in flagrant defiance of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Website: www.deepblacklies.co.uk laws. Leaving the concrete jungle of Wall Street behind him, Meriwether set up LTCM in the leafy suburbs of Greenwich, Connecticut, leading Wall Street insiders to call itDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 23
  • 24. "Salomon North". Apart from his cachet appearance in the best- volumes of euros on behalf of an unnamed US hedge fund.selling book, Liars Poker, 1 Meriwether was seen as the "coming Although the identity of the hedge fund has not been reported inman" and attracted Wall Streets finest to his management team. published accounts, informed sources have told this writer that itIncluded were two Nobel laureate economists and a former was Moore Capital Investment, recently ranked as Number 1 inFederal Reserve vice-chairman. He also attracted Italian academ- terms of assets (US$9 billion) and among the top six hedge fundsic Professor Alberto Giovannini, who was reported to be acting as in terms of overall performance. Insider knowledge of thean informal representative for the Bank of Italy. Giovannini impending intervention allowed Moore Capital to buy euros at awished Meriwethers merry men to engage in market manipulation low cost and then, as the price jumped following intervention, sellto ensure that Italy could meet the convergence criteria for the their hoard to achieve an easy and handsome profit. The ultimatelaunch of the euro in 1999. consequence, of course, would result in a further weakening of the The Wall Street and European crowd queued up behind LTCM European currency unit—which is what happened.like starving sparrows at a garden party. Everyone wanted a piece No one, however, is saying which central bank leaked this criti-of the action. Merrill Lynch was top of the list in its diversity of cal information. However, an examination of the ownership andinvestment in LTCM. Merrill invested as a firm and all 123 exec- connections of Moore Capital Investment does produce someutives also placed a total of US$22 million into the fund as part of intriguing leads. The fund is reported as principally operating ontheir "deferred compensation plan". Merrill Chairman David behalf of a "group of European investors". 4 Louis M. Bacon is theKomansky alone was reported to have invested $800,000. Chase, Chairman, CEO and chief equity holder of the fund, and he is alsoMorgan, Lehman, Bear Stearns, Salomon, Union Bank of the principal investor in Apex Silver Mines Limited, an offshoreSwitzerland, Germanys Dresdner Bank, Taiwans Chinatrust, company that boasts the largest private silver holdings in theChinas central bank, the Bank of China, Britains Warburg, world. Other investors in Apex include Paul Soros—older brotherDillon Read, the Swiss-American bank CSFB and a host of equal- of George Soros of Quantum Group fame (Quantum, incidentally,ly illustrious international banking groups also participated in the holds 9.9% of shares of Apex)—Thomas Kaplan and others whohedge fund helter-skelter profit ride. are known to be close to the Rothschilds stable. It may also be LTCM is said to have borrowed a large significant that Moore Capital movedquantity of gold, sold it and put "in play" the its headquarters to the Rockefellerproceeds to achieve this or other ends. This Economists are predicting Center back in 1993, taking over theshort gold position is, by all accounts, a sensi- top-floor executive suite previouslytive issue. Knowledgeable people continue to the dollars fearful collapse, used by Exxon, the massive oil com-hint that in the 1998 "private rescue" ofLTCM by 14 of Europes and Wall Streets for as a currency it has pany.5 It will also be remembered that itfinest investment banks (the same crowd who been debauched with was George Soros who, via his hedgebacked it, in fact) there was more concern mountainous debt that now funds, attacked Britains currency backwith bailing out the firms short gold position in 1992, which led to losses of billionsthan anything else. In any event, it took a cannot possibly be repaid. of pounds to the British taxpayer andmere 12 months for LTCM to make profits the resignation of the then Chancellorsufficient to repay the US$4 billion rescue of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont.kitty raised by the collusion crowd. At the time, Lamont had run into a blizzard of flak from the Bank of England, who disagreed with his economic policies. Not least,THE EURO VERSUS THE DOLLAR sterling was pegged to the European exchange rate mechanism Expectations that the US dollar will ultimately lose the money (ERM)—a vehicle specifically designed to create the newbattle with Europe are plentiful. Economists are predicting the European currency unit, the euro. The consequence of Sorossdollars fearful collapse, for as a currency it has been debauched "Black Wednesday" manoeuvres was to force Britain to leave thewith mountainous debt that now cannot possibly be repaid. ERM. An August report in the Washington Insider by two former Rothschilds, of course, sits at the heart of Englands financialhigh-level economic advisors to the Russian government predicts establishment and for generations has boasted exceptionally closea collapse of the US economy by the end of this year, with losses ties to the Bank of England. This is not to say that it was the "Oldof around US$10 trillion. They strongly recommend that Russia Lady" of Threadneedle Street who leaked the information aboutheed this warning and join forces with Germany.2 the planned intervention in support of the euro to Rothschilds, There are reasons to argue that the present spiralling cost of oil who passed it along to Louis Bacon who dealt through Citibank.is not of OPECs making, but is instead a desperate last attempt to But at least we can show that these connections do exist, and notekeep the US economy buoyant amidst these fears. Oil is a dollar- an anti-European stance by the right-wing ruling elite in thedenominated commodity, and it is fair to say that the 1973–74 United Kingdom that borders on political fervour."Yom Kippur" embargo/crisis is an example of where an oil crisis And it is the Rothschilds, Hambros and others who form anboosted the American economy at a time when it was in consider- integral part of the Anglo-American "special" relationship that isable jeopardy. historically deeply embedded in the US Republican Party—to But there are powerful forces lining up to ensure that the euro which Louis Bacon is a known large contributor. It is when onefails. In late September, an article published by the leading begins examining the Republican connections to outright financialGerman newspaper Frankfurter Allegemaine reported that the fraud during the 1980s that one begins to understand the trueplan by G7 central banks to intervene in the foreign exchange dynamics of power politics.market in support of an ailing euro was leaked by a central bank Anyone who desires to learn just how rigged the whole politicaloutside the euro zone.3 According to the report, the giant US bank and financial process is, need only read a copy of Al MartinsCitibank, a major force in foreign exchange markets worldwide, newly released The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contralearned of the impending intervention and began buying large Insider. 6 For a British version that shows similar connections24 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 25. (remembering that in the UK these things do not normally get into expounded by author Carroll Quigley, a professor at the Foreignthe public domain), readers are invited to download for free The Service School of Georgetown University and who, at one time,Worlds Biggest Fraud by Bernard Gough, which details how taught President Bill Clinton. Quigley was regarded as an estab-British banks, including Rothschilds, Hambros, Lloyds and many lishment historian by the establishment, and was thus permittedothers, appear to engage in all manner of illegalities yet with the access to their private archives. In his book Tragedy and Hope,full protection of the law.7 he let the cat out of the bag with this revelation:8 Meanwhile, the hedge funds are the principal (but not only) In addition to these pragmatic goals, the powers of financialweapon of the secretive, so-called "billionaires club"—a cabal of capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than tofabulously wealthy, "untouchable" individuals who manipulate create a world system of financial control in private handsthe worlds financial and commodity markets on a daily basis. able to dominate the political system of each country and theThe "club", as it is usually referred to, is reliably said to have been economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be con -behind the recent collapse of the Asian economies, according to trolled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the worldwell-placed and knowledgeable sources. This event was triggered acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequentby an Asian central banker who had been heavily bribed to start private meetings and conferences.the ball rolling. A nod and a wink from the US government wasall it took, it is said, for a group of US hedge funds, operating THE TREASURE HUNT FOR HIDDEN "BLACK" GOLDstrategically, to proceed to cause the collapse of numerous Asian Yet, the world of money holds many more and darker mysterieseconomies—and to make fortunes in the process. still. The most startling of these is that the official figures reveal- Fraud, manipulation, grand larceny on a scale that is almost ing how much gold exists are fabricated. This, it seems, isunimaginable to comprehend—and cold-blooded murder when because it has been determined that there are two sorts of gold.things look like they are about to unravel—are the daily bread and The "white" gold of the West is mined in small quantities and isdrink of these financial titans. If someone gets out of order or is used as the basis for official purposes. The "black" gold of theperceived to be a threat, even if he is a Orient is not official and so cannot bemember of the club, he is taken care of in allowed to exist "on the books" at all.the classical Roman way. Names like Such are the massive quantities of blackEdmund Safra and the late Baron gold in existence that had this singularRothschild come to mind in this respect, It is taken for granted that, fact ever been publicly disclosed, thebut there are many more. in the near future, money as price of gold across the world would Whether it is the US dollar or the euro have plunged to the depths and remainedwhich is ultimately victorious is of little we know it will cease to exist. there forever more.consequence to most of us. It is taken In its place there will be This has given rise to two distinctfor granted that, in the near future, markets for gold. There are official mar-money as we know it will cease to exist. "cashless" money in an kets that are quoted in the financial pressIn its place there will be "cashless" electronic or digital form. and which appear to be open and abovemoney in an electronic or digital form. board (but, as we have seen, are not).Consequently, governments will cease to Then there is the black market. Likehave much of a say in issuing money. gold itself, the black market has a longThe banks will rule unhindered. and grimy history. Of this, no period is This must be cause for great concern. Even today, someone grimier than the Second World War.who has run into the financial brick wall of having their "credit Beginning in 1935, Japan set about stripping China of itsrating" pulled knows and understands the hardship this can cause. wealth. This "rape" was extended, with the outbreak of WWII, toBut at least they can still buy bread and a glass of water and include a total of 12 Asian nations. The haul gathered by theessential services to safeguard their existence. In the future, how- Japanese "plunder teams" was simply beyond belief: gold inever, there will be the real fear that a loss of someones credit rat- quantities never dreamt of. This was black gold, long hoarded bying could amount to a death sentence. No credit rating will mean the Chinese. Also stolen were large quantities of silver, platinum,no access to electronic money and a zero ability to purchase any- gemstones and irreplaceable religious artefacts, some made fromthing. Not food, water, utilities... Nothing. solid gold and in some instances embedded with precious stones. The subliminal "control" this will have over every aspect of Much of this was buried in The Philippines between 1943 andsociety will be enormous, and the desire to toe the line—whatever 1945. Altogether, there were 172 Imperial Japanese burial sitesit is—will result in the psychological mechanism of self-regulat- stuffed full of plunder. One site, designated as a triple sevening serfdom. Nothing need even be said. It will be instinctively ("777"), held gold and other booty valued by Japanese accoun-understood and, in any event, examples will abound to begin with. tants at 777 billion yen. At prevailing 1945 exchange rates, thisWe will soon fall in line and even willingly supplicate ourselves equated to 200 billion US dollars. Included was an oil barrelto the financial gods who have decided the time is right to rule the packed full of loose diamonds totalling 150,000 carats. Thereworld with a rod of money. were dozens of Japanese "triple seven" sites as well as many Admittedly, this is the darkest of dark visions, but who is to "triple nine" troves dotted around The Philippines. There was astop these financial masters from their ultimate achievement? long list of smaller ones, too. Indonesia also held many equallyGovernments already are either owned or brought low with con- impressive Japanese treasure troves.summate ease, even when working together strategically, and In the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos was one of those who setquite apparently "the rule of law" has already been shifted on its about recovering some of this war loot as soon as the Japaneseaxis to become "the law of rule". had left. Before Marcos, however, the OSS, the Office of The concept that bankers aim to run the world will be seen as a Strategic Services—the forerunner of the CIA—had alreadyridiculous idea in some quarters. It is not my idea, but one become "involved".DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 25
  • 26. Beginning in 1945, OSS operatives chased off a Japanese Krupps involvement in black gold dates back a long way, as"Golden Lily" team and began helping themselves to a triple did his financial accommodations with Adolf Hitler and hisseven site. The black market gravy train was thus set in motion. deputy Martin Bormann, who may have survived World War II. By 1984, CIA covert operative General John Singlaub formed a The last Baron Krupp died in the mid-1980s, and, as he fatheredventure called Nippon Star. Singlaub was working with former no children, the direct family line of German gunmakers whoReagan NSC staff member Major General Robert Schweitzer— once made mighty cannon for the Wehrmacht came to an abruptthe boss of Colonel Oliver North. This "front" company was end. This is no displeasure to me, nor to a great many others, Iexpressly founded for the purpose of recovering WWII gold suspect. What happened to his spectacular fortune, however,buried in The Philippines. Others who were later to become remains unknown, so far as I can determine.involved with Nippon Star included former Chairman of the Joint I am fortunate to have an archive of private documents,Chiefs of Staff, General John Vessey, and Ray Cline, the former acquired from a reliable and entirely different source from thoseCIA Deputy Director of Operations. After some thought, obtained by Bob Curtis. These include confidential documentsSinglaub decided that the latter two were too high-profile to be signed by the late Baron, a financial statement prepared by hisincluded as directors of the company. Swiss attorney—whom he referred to as "Mein Leiber Bruder" Essential to Singlaubs plans was Bob Curtis. A former confi- ("My Dear Brother", possibly indicating he remained close to thedant of Ferdinand Marcos, Curtis possessed copies of the 172 Bormann "Brotherhood" of escaped Nazis)—along with a listingtreasure maps made by Japanese cartographers. These showed of some of his many bank accounts plus a multibillion-dollar banklocations, stated the values of the booty, draft drawn on a famous German bank.and made clear what booby traps pro- These and many other compellingtected which sites. documents, including Swiss bank bullion In 1986, according to Curtis, the A former confidant of accounts for infamous former CIA blackTrilateral Commission chased Marcos operative General Edward Lansdale, arefrom office. Curtis has a copy of a Ferdinand Marcos, Curtis amongst those reproduced in my book,Trilateral Commission letter to back up possessed copies of the 172 The Secret Gold Treaty (now availablehis allegation. The Trilateral group for purchase via www.solari.com/wanted a large hoard of plundered gold treasure maps made by goldtreaty/). Based on four-and-a-halfwhich one of Marcoss army battalions Japanese cartographers. years of gruelling research, the bookhad spent years recovering in secret. goes into considerable detail aboutBut Marcos disagreed. Three days later, Marcoss gold, the Japanese "GoldenCurtis says, he was overthrown. Marcos Lily" plunder operation, and Nazi plansfled The Philippines and headed for to create a Fourth Reich—financed byHawaii, where US government agents ransacked his aircraft and plundered gold—under the leadership of Hitlers deputy, Martinimpounded all his confidential papers. Marcos was a wily person Bormann. It also takes the reader deep into the shadows of theand had taken the opportunity to place copies of his important black gold market, showing who controls it and the chilling plansdocuments with his mistress. Following Marcoss death, she that are in store for us all.handed them over to Curtis, who now boasts an archive of 60,000 It is for the reasons outlined above that GATA, the Gold Anti-documents. Trust Action group, should be supported. They are the only peo- Consequently, Curtis can speak with considerable authority of ple who are shining a light into the shadows that ordinarilygold-for-cocaine swaps between Marcos and Panamas Mañuel obscure the daily crimes of international bankers and financiers.Noriega. Curtis also speaks of gold-for-oil swaps and has dis- They do so with some notable success, too, although it has to becussed with me a series of gold deals for a trillion dollars, each of admitted that the meisters of gold and market manipulation stillwhich involved Baron Krupp of Germany. remain resistant to all known strains of honesty and integrity. ∞About the Author: knowledge" of international weapons 2. Von Baronov, Eric, "Will the United StatesFollowing a 28-year career in investment financing. He has been a consultant on Manage to Bring on the Apocalypse?",banking (member, AIBD) based in the City Swiss and UK TV documentaries exposing Washington Insider, 26 August 2000.of London, David Guyatts last position the threat of non-lethal weapons and 3. Tigges, Claus, "US Hedge Fundwas Associate Director and Treasurer of the Britains weapons trail to Indonesia. He is Supposedly Knew About Intervention,forfaiting (an arcane banking term meaning presently assisting the US-based law firm Frankfurter Allegemaine, 27 September 2000."to discount without recourse") division of Easton & Levy in its lawsuit against the 4. "Top 400", Mother Jones, April 1996.a major international bank. David, 52, is Vatican for the restitution of the Nazi 5. My sincere thanks go to the "Goddess ofmarried with three children and now pur- Croatian Treasury which was illicitly trans- Research" for her unstinting assistance insues a career in journalism, writing for a ferred to the Vatican and elsewhere at the unravelling some of these connections.variety of media and researching and pro- end of World War II. 6. Al Martins book, The Conspirators:ducing factual material on a wide range of David has recently completed an in- depth investigation into the black market of Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider, is availableassociated subjects. gold and has published it as an electronic at www.almartinraw.com. In addition to his feature writing, Davidhas prepared background papers on Anti- book, The Secret Gold Treaty, now avail- 7. Bernard Goughs e-book, The WorldsPersonnel Electromagnetic Weapons for able at www.solari.com/goldtreaty/ or Biggest Fraud, is available atthe International Committee of the Red through Davids home page, www.deep- http://home.freeuk.net/bagough/.Cross (ICRC), was a contributing member blacklies.co.uk. 8. Quigley, Carroll, Tragedy and Hope: Aof ICRCs SIrUS Project that sought to History of the World in Our Time, MacMillan,define criteria for judging "abhorrent Endnotes 1966; GSG & Associates Publishers,weapons", and has written for the World 1. Lewis, Michael, Liars Poker, Coronet, California, p. 324, available atDevelopment Movement on his "insiders UK, 1989. www.gsgbooks.com/html/ books_3.html.26 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
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  • 28. 28 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 29. US journalist Mike Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer who now runs a website that seeks to expose CIA covert operations, said he met with RCMP investigator McDade on August 3 in LA. Ruppert said the RCMP officer was anxious to see documents he received three years ago from a shadowy Green Beret named Bill Tyre [sic], detailing the sale of rigged Promis software to Canada. — The Toronto Star, September 4, 2000 The stolen "Promis" O nly the legends of Excalibur, the sword of invincible power, and the Holy Grail begin to approach the mysterious aura that has evolved in the world of secret software has been intelligence around a computer software program named "Promis". Created around the mid-1970s by former National Security Agency (NSA) programmer illegally modified and engineer Bill Hamilton, now President of Washington, DCs Inslaw Corporation, Promis (Prosecutors Management Information System) crossed a threshold in the evolu- for a number of tion of computer programming. covert operations Working from either huge mainframe computer systems or smaller networks powered by the progenitors of todays PCs, Promis, from its first "test drive" a quarter-century ago, including high- was able to do one thing that no other program had ever been able to do. It was able to read and integrate any number of different computer programs or databases simultaneous- resolution satellite ly, regardless of the language in which the original programs had been written or the oper- ating system or platforms on which that database was then currently installed. surveillance and It is difficult to relegate Promis to the world of myth and fantasy when so many tangi- ble things, like the recently acknowledged Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) subtle manipulation investigation—and previous findings of congressional oversight committees—make it real. There are no less than six dead bodies connected to Promis, including investigative of global financial journalist Danny Casolaro in 1991, a government employee named Alan Standorf, the markets. British publisher and lifelong Israeli agent Robert Maxwell, also in 1991, retired Army CID investigator Bill McCoy in 1997, and a father and son named Abernathy in a small northern California town named Hercules. The fact that commercial versions of the Promis software are now available for sale directly from Inslaw belies the fact that some major papers and news organisations instantly and laughably use the epithet "conspiracy theorist" to stigmatise anyone who dis- cusses it. Fear may be the major obstacle or ingredient in the myth surrounding modified and "enhanced" versions of Promis that keeps researchers from fully pursuing leads rising in its wake. I was validated in this theory on September 23rd in a conversation with From The Wilderness (FTW) contributing editor Peter Dale Scott, PhD, a Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley and noted author. Upon hearing details of my involvement, Scott frankly told by Michael C. Ruppert © 2000 me that Promis frightened him. Casolaro, who was found dead in a West Virginia motel room in 1991, had Scotts name (Scott is also a Canadian) on a list of people to contact Publisher/Editor about his Promis findings. He never got that far. From The Wilderness A close examination of the Promis saga actually leads to more than a dozen deaths, PO Box 6061-350 many of which share a common pattern where, within 48 hours of death, bodies are cre- Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA mated, residences are sanitised and all files disappear. E-mail: mruppert@copvcia.com This was the case with my friend Bill McCoy, a (retired) Army CID investigator and Website: www.copvcia.com the principal investigator for Hamilton in his quest to recover what may be hundreds of millions in lost royalties and reunite him with the evolved progeny of his brainchild.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 29
  • 30. Those progeny now have names like SMART (Self-Managing puters, and then sell it overseas to foreign intelligence agencies.Artificial Reasoning Technology) and TECH. I will never forget Hamilton began to smell a rat when, for example, agencieshearing of McCoys death and his immediate cremation, and then from Canada started asking him for support services in Frenchtrying to reconcile that with the number of times he had told me when he had never made sales to Canada.while I was sitting in his Fairfax, Virginia, home that he wanted to The Promis-managed data could be anything from financialbe buried next to his beloved wife in spite of the fact that he was a records of banking institutions to compilations of various recordsTaoist. used to track the movements of terrorists. That made the program In researching this story, I found a starkly recurring theme. It a natural for Israel—which, according to Hamilton and manyappeared first in a recent statement I tape-recorded from probably other sources, was one of the first countries to acquire the boot-one of the three best informed open sources on the story in the legged software from Meese and Company.world: William Tyree. As voluminously described by Inslaw attorney, the late Elliot Tyree is a former US Army Green Beret who was framed in Richardson, the Israeli Mossad, under the direction of Rafi Eitan,1979 and has been serving a life sentence for the murder of his allegedly modified the software yet again and sold it throughoutwife, Elaine, outside of Fort Devens, Massachusetts, then home of the Middle East. According to Hamilton, it was Eitan, the leg-the 10th Special Forces Group. From his prison cell in Walpole, endary Mossad captor of Adolf Eichmann, who had masqueradedMassachusetts, he has been a central if little-known figure in the as an Israeli prosecutor years earlier to enter Inslaws DC officesPromis case for many years. If the story is ever fully told, his role and obtain a first-hand demonstration of what Promis could do.may be even more significant than anyone has ever supposed. Not too many Arab nations would trust a friendly Mossad agent The information from Tyree, recorded in a phone conversation selling computer programs. So the Mossad provided its modifiedon August 28th, and the research work on "block modelling" Promis to flamboyant British publishing magnate Robertsocial research theory, uncovered while researching other leads, Maxwell, a WWII Jewish resistance fighter who had assumed theboth describe the same unique position or vantage point from Anglo name and British citizenship after the War. It washypothetical and actual perspectives. Maxwell, capable of travelling the world and with enormous mar- Tyree described an actual physical point in space, further out keting resources, who became the sales agent for Promis and thenthan ever thought possible and now sold it to, among others, the Canadianused by US satellites. This distance government. Maxwell drowned mys-is made possible by Promis progeny teriously in late 1991, not long afterso evolved that they make the origi- investigative reporter Danny Casolaronal software look primitive. The Promis is not a virus. was "suicided" in West Virginia. Butsocial research, which included pio- It has to be installed as Maxwell may not have been the onlyneering mathematical work—appar- one to send Promis north.ently facilitating the creation of arti- a program on the computer In the meantime, after winningficial intelligence—postulated that a some successes including a resound-similar remote hypothetical position systems that you want to ing congressional finding that he hadwould eliminate randomness from penetrate. been cheated, Bill Hamilton hit hisall human activity. Everything own buzz-saw in a series of moves bywould be visible in terms of measur- the Reagan and Bush Justice depart-able and predictable patterns—the ments and rigged court decisionsultimate big picture. One key web- intended to bankrupt him and forcesite on this is http://web.syr.edu/ ~bvmarten/ socialnet.html. him out of business. He survived and fought on. Meanwhile, Promis is not a virus. It has to be installed as a program on the hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties and sales fees werecomputer systems that you want to penetrate. Being as uniquely going into the wrong pockets.powerful as it is, this is usually not a problem. Once its power As was later revealed from a number of directions, this initialand advantages are demonstrated, most corporations, banks or tampering with the software was far from the only game in town.nations are eager to be a part of the "exclusive" club that has it. The CIA—through GE Aerospace in Herndon, Virginia (GAOAnd, as is becoming increasingly confirmed by sources connected Contract #82F624620)—the FBI and elements of the NSA wereto this story, especially in the banking system, not having Promis all tinkering with Promis, not just to modify it with a trapdoor but(by whatever name it is offered) can exclude you from participat- to enhance it with artificial intelligence (AI). Its worth it to noteing in the ever more complex world of money transfers and that GE Aerospace was subsequently purchased by Martinmoney laundering. Marietta, which then merged to become Lockheed–Martin, the largest defence and aerospace contractor in the world. This willTHE FIRST RIP-OFF become important later on. According to lawsuits and appeals filed by Hamilton, as well as Confidential documents obtained by FTW indicate that much ofthe records of congressional hearings and the FBI and dozens of the AI development was done at the Los Alamos Nationalnews stories, the legend of Promis began in 1981–82. Laboratory and Sandia Labs, using research from US universities After a series of demonstrations showing how well Promis including Harvard, Caltech and the University of California.could integrate the computers of dozens of US attorneys offices And it was not just Reagan Republicans who got their hands onaround the country, the Department of Justice (DoJ) ordered an it, either. As well see shortly, Promis came to life years beforeapplication of the software under a tightly controlled and limited the election of Ronald Reagan. According to Bill Tyree, it waslicence. From there, however, Meese, along with cronies D. also an essential element in the espionage conducted by JonathanLowell Jensen and Earl Brian, allegedly engaged in a conspiracy Pollard against not only the US government but the Washingtonto steal the software, modify it to include a "trapdoor" that would embassies of many nations targeted by Israels Mossad.allow those who knew of it to access the program in other com-30 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 31. THE LAST CIRCLE Pennsylvania, has a cell a very short distance from fellow espi- For more than a year and a half, members of the RCMP trav- onage inmates Edwin Wilson and Jonathan Pollard. While hiselled through the US, often in the company of Sue Todd, a savvy tale is critical to understanding what has happened to Promis, thefemale homicide detective from the small California town of fact remains that Riconosciuto has been out of the loop and inHercules. Even now, questions linger as to what the Canadians legal trouble for eight years. He has been in a maximum securitywere really after. But there is absolutely no question that while prison for at least six. So it was surprising when, in 1998, he con-surreptitiously in the US, the Mounties spent more time with tacted homicide detective Sue Todd in Hercules and told her thatauthor and investigative reporter Cheri Seymour than with anyone the murder of a father and son, execution style, was connected toelse. And for good reason. the Promis story. One connection was obvious. Hercules is a Seymour, under the pen name of Carol Marshall, is the author "company town" connected to a weapons manufacturer, describedof a meticulously researched e-book entitled The Last Circle in Seymours book, which also connects to the Cabazon Indian(located at http://www.lycaeum.org/books/books/last_circle/). Reservation.Anyone seeking to understand the Promis story must include thisbook as a part of their overall research. THE THREE BILLS I first met Cheri in person this spring after she had contacted I lived in Washington, DC, from August 1994 until late Octoberme via the Internet. I travelled to her home, some three hours out- of 1995. It was during that time that I was a semi-regular visitorside of Los Angeles, and viewed acres of documentation for a at the Fairfax, Virginia, home of Bill McCoy, a loveable sixty-saga that started with drug-related murders and police corruption something giant, always adorned with a beret, who complainedaround methamphetamine production in northern California in the ruthlessly about what had happened to the United States since "the1980s. That investigation later connected politicians like Tony damned Yankee army" had taken over. Writers were "scribblers".Coelho and major corporations like MCA, and eventually led to a People who thought they knew something about covert operationsshadowy scientist named Michael Riconosciuto. Familiar names without ever having seen one were "spooky-groupies".like Ted Gunderson and relatively unknown names like Robert "Mac", as we called him, had his investigative fingers in almostBooth Nichols weave throughout this detailed epic that takes us to everything, but he was most involved with Promis. McCoy was athe Cabazon Indian Reservation in retired Chief Warrant Officer fromthe California desert and into the the US Armys Criminal Investigationdeepest recesses of the 1980s Division. He had broken some of theReagan/Bush security apparatus. ... Promis software was modified biggest cases in Army history. It was Gunderson, a retired FBI Special by Riconosciuto allegedly Mac who introduced me to Bill TyreeAgent in Charge (SAC) from Los and Bill Hamilton in 1994.Angeles, and Nichols, a mysterious to include the back door I recall scratching my head as ILos Angeles man, exposed through "eavesdropping" capability, but would be sitting at Macs dinner table,court documents obtained by when a call would come in fromSeymour as being a career CIA oper- also enhanced with one form of Hamilton asking if there was any newative, were connected with scien- AI [Artificial Intelligence] ... information from Tyree. "Not yet,"tist/programmer Riconosciuto in a McCoy would answer. "Ill call assinister, yet now very well docu- soon as I get something."mented phase of Promiss develop- "How," I asked, "could a guy in ament. In affidavits, Riconosciuto claims that one of the tasks he maximum security prison like Walpole State Penitentiary inperformed at the Cabazon reservation was to install a back door in Massachusetts be getting information of such quality that some-the version of Promis that was sold to Canada. one like Hamilton would be calling urgently to see what had come In August of this year, the RCMP investigators told both in?"Seymour and me that they had travelled to the reservation several That, answered McCoy, was the work of someone known onlytimes and had confirmed many details of Seymours research. as "the Sergeant Major", and alternatively as "His Eminence",They had also interviewed Riconosciuto on more than one occa- who fed the information to Tyree, who in turn fed it to McCoy,sion. As with everyone else I have ever met who has spoken with who then passed it on to Hamilton. Sometimes, however, Tyreehim, both the Mounties and Seymour kept a reserved distance and Hamilton communicated directly. To this day, the identity offrom him and always "counted their fingers after every hand- the Sergeant Major remains a mystery—and the puzzle-pieceshake". most pursued by the RCMP when they visited me in August 2000. By using treaties between the US government and Native It was also not by coincidence, then, that in the same winter ofAmerican peoples that recognise Native American reservations as 1994–95 McCoy revealed to me that he was using former Greensovereign nations, the CIA has long and frequently avoided statu- Berets to conduct physical surveillance of the Washington, DC,tory prohibitions against operating inside the United States. The offices of Microsoft in connection with the Promis case. FTW hasfinancial rewards for tribal nations have been significant, and the recently received information indicating that piracy of Microsoftextra security afforded by tribal police in remote areas has been a products at the GE Aerospace Herndon facility was likely tied toreal blessing for covert operatives. larger objectives, possibly the total compromise of any Windows- The Last Circle describes in detail how Promis software was based product. It is not by chance that most of the military and allmodified by Riconosciuto allegedly to include the back door of the intelligence agencies in the US now operate on Macintosh"eavesdropping" capability, but also enhanced with one form of systems.AI and subsequently applied to the development of new weapons In late 1996, Tyree mailed me a detailed set of diagrams and asystems. Some of these may have included "ethnospecific" lengthy narrative explaining the exact hows and whys of the mur-biowarfare compounds capable of attacking specific races. der of Danny Casolaro and an overall view of the Promis saga that Riconosciuto, now serving time in a Federal prison in is not only consistent with what is described by Seymour in TheDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 31
  • 32. Last Circle but also provides many new details. ENTER THE MOUNTIES Asked about Mike Riconosciuto for this story, Tyree would say Thanks to a strong push in my direction from Cheri Seymour,only this: "Hes very good at what he does. There are very, very the Mounties and Hercules PD homicide detective Sue Toddfew who can touch him, maybe two hundred in the whole world. arrived at my door on August 3rd. They had already consumedRiconosciutos in a class all by himself." most of the FTW website and were well familiar with my writ- Those documents, as later described to me by RCMP investiga- ings. I had let them know, through Cheri, that I did have informa-tor Sean McDade, proved to be "awesome and right on the tion on Promis from Bill Tyree and I would be happy to share it.money". The essence of those documents is that not only had the Before getting into details, we all went out for lunch at a nearbyRepublicans under Meese exploited the software, but the Chinese restaurant. In setting basic outlines for our conversationsDemocrats had also seen its potential and moved years earlier. that day, I indicated that as a journalist I viewed our discussionsNowhere was this connection more clearly exposed than in under- as off-the-record. I took no notes and did not tape-record any ofstanding the relationship between three classmates from the US the discussion. I am recounting the events now, only after corre-Naval Academy: Jimmy Carter, Stansfield Turner (Carters CIA sponding with McDade and advising him of my intention to write.director), and billionaire banker/presidential kingmaker (and He responded and did not object. I took the same position withCarters Annapolis room-mate) Jackson Stephens from Arkansas. Detective Todd. I warned the Mounties and Todd at the outset The Tyree diagrams laid out in detail how Promis, after that a sudden termination of their investigations was likely andimprovement with AI, had allegedly been mated with the software that they would all become expendable. It happened to me once.of Jackson Stephenss firm, Systematics. In the late 1970s and Over lunch, the Mounties were quite candid about the fact thatearly 1980s, Systematics handled some 60–70 per cent of all elec- the RCMP had Promis software and that it even went by the nametronic banking transactions in the US. The goal, according to the "Promis". I think they may have also mentioned the namediagrams which laid out (subsequently verified) relationships "PIRS", which is an acknowledged system in the RCMP network.between Stephens, Worthen Bank, the Lippo Group and the They stated that they had been given their version of Promis bydrug/intelligence bank BCCI, was to penetrate every banking sys- the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).tem in the world. This "cabal" could then use Promis both to pre- The CSIS broke away from the Mounties in 1984, and wasdict and to influence the movement intended to be "purely" an intelli-of financial markets worldwide. gence agency. It was created largelyStephens, truly bipartisan in his with the expertise and assistance ofapproach to profits, has been a life- the CIA. All of us understood twolong supporter of George Bush, and Clearly, the chief concern of things about that arrangement and weat the same time he was the source ofthe $3 million loan that rescued a fal- the Mounties was to ascertain discussed them openly. Firstly, there was a question as to whether or nottering Clinton campaign in early whether or not their version any intelligence service created by1992. There is a great photograph of of Promis was one that the CIA could be completely loyal toStephens with a younger George "W" its native country. Secondly, it wasBush in the excellent BCCI history, was compromised. also understood that there was a rival-False Profits. ry between the two agencies, similar In the fall of 1997, Bill McCoy, to the one that existed between thewho had recently gone off his heart FBI and the CIA or, in a larger con-medication, was found dead in his text, the Clinton gang and the Bushfavourite chair. In the days and weeks before, he had been gang in the US.advised by Tyree that a Pakistani hit man, on an Israeli contract, Clearly, the chief concern of the Mounties was to ascertainhad been in the States seeking to fulfill a hit on McCoy. There whether or not their version of Promis was one that was compro-had been other hints that someone closer to McCoy might do the mised.job. McDade also described in detail how he knew that supposedly Tyree recently told FTW that just before McCoys death he had secure RCMP communications equipment had been compromisedgiven him information on "Elbit" flash memory chips, allegedly by the NSA. The Mounties acknowledged regular meetings withdesigned at Kir Yat-Gat south of Tel Aviv. The unique feature of Cheri Seymour, but evinced none of the interest she said they hadthe Elbit chips was that they worked on ambient electricity in a previously shown in Mossad. With me, their single-minded focuscomputer; in other words, they worked when the computer was was Bill Tyree, and where and how he obtained his information.turned off. When combined with another newly developed chip, Sue Todd confirmed for me suspicions that there was an unspo-the "Petrie", which was capable of storing up to six months worth ken alliance between the RCMP investigators and the FBI. Sheof key strokes, it was now possible to burst-transmit all of a com- said that during the course of her three years of efforts to solve theputers activity in the middle of the night to a nearby receiver— double murder in Hercules, she had routinely visited FBI officessay, in a passing truck or even a low-flying SIGINT (Signals and enjoyed access to FBI files relative to both the Promis investi-Intelligence) satellite. According to Tyree, this was the methodol- gation and anything connected to her victims. That informationogy used by Jonathan Pollard and the Israeli Mossad to compro- was obviously being shared with the Mounties, and that impliedmise many foreign embassies in Washington. the blessings of the FBI. Within 48 hours of his death, Bill McCoys body was cremated, In short, a domestic law enforcement officer was sharingand in less than four days all of Macs furniture, records and per- information with agents of a foreign government. In some casessonal belongings had been removed from his home by his son, a that could provoke espionage charges, but in this case it wasfull Colonel in the Army. The house had been sanitised and apparently sanctioned. The Hercules murder victims had norepainted and, aside from the Zen garden in the backyard, there apparent connection to Promis software in any way, except for thewas no trace that McCoy had ever lived there. fact that Riconosciuto had possessed knowledge about the32 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 33. murders which he had provided to Todd from prison. The Virtually overnight, almost every record of Carone disappeared,Hercules Armament Corporation, featured in The Last Circle, was leaving his daughter and her family nearly bankrupt under thean obvious link. I also noted that the father in Todds case had burden of tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.been a computer engineer with passions for both geological In 1996, Carones daughter, Dee Ferdinand, discovered thatresearch and hypnosis, and no other visible connections to the Tyree and Carone had known each other and that Tyree couldPromis story. prove instrumental in helping to restore Carones lost fortune. As we copied Tyrees papers and went through other materials Ferdinand filed a suit in US District Court this spring, seeking tothe next day, I was aware that the Canadians were expressing spe- recover pensions, insurance policies and benefits in a case whichcial interest in Jackson Stephens and anything having to do with has no known connection to Promis. I have known Ferdinand andthe manipulation of financial markets. They asked for copies of her family for more than seven years. Never once has she men-news reports I had, showing that General Wesley Clark, the tioned a connection between her father and Promis, although sherecently retired NATO Commander, had just gone to work for was well familiar with the case from Tyree and conversationsStephens, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas. I also provided docu- with Bill Hamilton. I had referred the Mounties to her because ofments showing that a Stephens-connected firm, Alltel, which had my belief that she could possibly help identify Tyrees source, thepurchased Systematics, was moving heavily into data processing Sergeant Major.for the mortgage market and HUD [Housing and Urban On August 10th, exactly one week after the Mounties came toDevelopment]. see me, the DoJ mailed Ferdinand a response to her suit, seeking As the Mounties repeatedly pressed for information on the iden- dismissal. Included in the paperwork was a bizarre document,tity of the Sergeant Major, I referred them to Tyree directly now in FTWs possession, that by the account of both Ferdinandthrough his attorney Ray Kohlman, and to Tyrees closest friend and her lawyer had absolutely nothing to do with her case. TheDee Ferdinand, the daughter of CIA bagman and paymaster document in question was a 29 March 1986 Declaration from CIAAlbert Carone. (For more on Carone, visit the FTW website.) Director William Casey, a close friend of the Carone family.Sean McDade eventually contacted Ferdinand by phone, and Paragraph 6 of that document (prepared for another case) stated:shortly thereafter one of the most bizarre twists in the whole story "Two of the documents responsive to Plaintiffs Request No. 1,took place. specifically the one-page letter dated About a week after meeting the 28 March 1979 and a one-page letterMounties, I heard back from Sean For more than 25 years before his dated 8 January 1980, have beenthat the Tyree documents and flow mysterious death in 1990, Al Carone released in the same excised form ascharts from 1996 had been right on they were previously released by thethe money. served as a bagman and liaison government of Canada. I indepen- A special recurring theme in those between George Bush, Bill Casey, dently and formally assert the statedocuments that meshes with secrets privilege for the informationSeymours research is that modified Oliver North, Richard Nixon and excised from these two documents."versions of Promis software, with many other prominent figures Dee Ferdinand called me immedi-both artificial intelligence and trap- ately. The letter had nothing to dodoors, were being smuggled out of including Robert Vesco, Mañuel with her suit. It mentioned Canada.Los Alamos nuclear labs in contain- Noriega and Ferdinand Marcos. Canada was not even mentioned iners labelled as radioactive waste. her suit. What was going on?" sheAccording to Tyree and other asked. "Its blackmail," I answered.sources, the safest place in the world after an Indian reservation, "CIA, which is monitoring everything the Canadians do, every-that no one will ever break into, is a nuclear waste dump. This thing I do, everything you do, knows that I will tell the Mountiesalso applies to containers in transit between countries. The of these letters."radioactive warning label guarantees unmolested movement of McDade didnt grasp the concept at first. He was a straight-virtually anything. Promis software is apparently no exception. ahead street cop. But I had been through something similar when serving as the press spokesman for the Perot presidential cam-AL CARONE AND BILL CASEY FROM THE GRAVE paign in 1992. I explained it to Sean: "Sean, you and I are just The story of Albert Vincent Carone has also been covered the messengers. But I guarantee that at some level of your gov-exhaustively in FTW, both in the newsletter and on the website. ernment, the CIAs reference to these letters will scare people toA retired NYPD detective and also a made-member of the death. It is a reminder that CIA has them."Genovese crime family, Carone spent his entire working career as A week later, McDade told me that the dates were indeed sig-a CIA operative. For more than 25 years before his mysterious nificant—very significant. Thats all he would say.death in 1990, Al Carone served as a bagman and liaison between From The Wilderness has what may be a possible explanationGeorge Bush, CIA Director Bill Casey, Oliver North, Richard for the dates in question. On the dates these letters were written,Nixon and many other prominent figures including Robert Vesco, the President and CIA Director were Jimmy Carter and StansfieldMañuel Noriega and Ferdinand Marcos. The Carone–Tyree con- Turner. Aside from the then recent Russian invasion ofnection, covered in detail in FTW September 1998 issue (vol. 1, Afghanistan, a saga in which the Canadian government played ano.7), goes back to operations in the mid-1970s when Tyree, serv- minor role, the largest drama on the world scene was the over-ing with the Special Forces, engaged in CIA-directed missions for throw of the Shah of Iran in January 1979, the rise of thewhich Carone was the paymaster. Ayatollah Khomeini and the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran Carones death from "chemical toxicity of unknown etiology" in later that year. The Canadian government and the CIA worked1990 resulted in the sanitising of all of his military and NYPD very closely in Iran, the Canadian Embassy even housing somerecords as well as the theft and disappearance of nearly 10 million CIA personnel who had escaped the crowds of students. But thatdollars in bank accounts, insurance policies and investments. kind of assistance is not something to hide. Another explanationDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 33
  • 34. was needed to explain the shock waves in Ottawa. knew. I confirmed that I had met with the Mounties but didnt Recently, a source using a code-name known to FTW has sur- know much else other than give them the Tyree flow charts. Thefaced with information relating to Promis. In his communiqués Post was never going to tell the truth. Their business was keepinghe describes the use of Promis software by the Bush family to loot secrets, not revealing them. The Mounties had made waves.the secret bank accounts of Mañuel Noriega and Ferdinand On August 28th, the phone rang and it was a collect call fromMarcos. Promis is able to do this because funds can be trans- Tyree. "Get a tape recorder and turn it on," he said. Over theferred out of accounts without a trace. Remember the trapdoor? course of the next half an hour, Tyree, obviously reading fromThe rule of thumb here is that crooks, especially CIA-sponsored detailed and copious notes, named individuals and companiescrooks, dont usually go to the cops when somebody steals their dealing with Promis software and its progeny. He was specific,stolen money. From my personal experience in the era, and direct down to naming specific engineers in military and private corpo-exposure to two members of the Iranian royal family, both before rations doing Promis research. Tyree described specific congres-and after the overthrow, I am acutely aware that the Shah, then sional committees which had been infiltrated with "enhanced"perhaps the richest man in the world, was actually targeted by the Promis. Tyree described how Promis progeny, having inspiredCIA. His downfall was no accident. Once worth more than four new computer languages, had made possible the positioningUS$20 billion, the Shah ended his life a refugee in Egypt. Many of satellites so far out in space that they were untouchable. At theof his billions disappeared and the family was very upset about it.same time, the progeny had improved video quality to the point Could the financial power of Promis have been turned loose where the same satellite could focus on a single human hair. Thefirst through Canada when Carter was President in the US? The ultimate big picture.Shah did a lot of banking in Canada. We may never know the Promis progeny had also evolved to the point where neural padsanswer. But if the downfalls of wealthy, US- could be attached to plugs in the back of thesupported dictators Noriega and Marcos are human head, allowing thought to be translatedany indication, the answer is likely "yes". into electrical impulses that would be equallyAnd the Shah was wealthier than both of them capable of flying a plane or wire-transferringput together. Whered all that money go? Data, such as satellite money. Names like Sandia, Caltech, Micron, reconnaissance, Tech University of Graz, Oded Leventer andTHE EVOLUTION OF "PROMIS" Massimo Grimaldi rolled from his lips as he On August 25th, the Toronto Star b r o k e could now also be tore through the pages of notes. Data, such aswhat was to become a series of stories by downloaded from a satellite reconnaissance, could now also beValerie Lawson and Allan Thompson. The cat downloaded from a satellite directly into awas out of the bag. Various figures known to satellite directly into human brain. The evolution of artificialhave direct connections to Riconosciuto had a human brain. intelligence had progressed to a point wherebeen virtually dogging the Mounties every animal behaviour and thought were beingmove as they travelled in the US. One decoded. Mechanical humans were beingeven contacted me just days after the The evolution of tested. Animals were being controlled byMounties had left LA. It was a story that artificial intelligence computer.could not be kept under wraps forever. Billy Tyree saved Canada for last. HeMost of the Star story was accurate. It had progressed to a described how Canada had been providedwas going to be difficult for the RCMP to point where animal with modified Promis software, whichmove quietly now. Canada then modified again—or thought A Reuters story the same day closed behaviour and thought they had modified—to eliminate the trap-with the following paragraphs: were being decoded. door. That software, turned loose in the "Canadas national counterintelligence financial and scientific communities, thenagency said in a June report that friendly became Canadas means of believing thatnations were making concerted efforts to they were securing the trapdoor informa-steal sensitive technology and tion from the entities to whom they pro-information. vided t h e i r versions of Promis. But, "The Canadian Security Intelligence Service said outsiders were unknown to the Canadians, the Elbit chips in the systemsparticularly interested in aerospace, biotechnology, chemicals, bypassed the trapdoors and permitted the transmission of datacommunications, information technology, mining and metallurgy, when everyone thought the computers were turned off and secure.nuclear energy, oil and gas, and the environment." Tyree did not explain how the chips physically got into the That was Geomatics, at the heart of Canadas space program, Canadian computers.Canadas flagship space technology. I checked the Star story. "This," Tyree said, "is how you cripple everything Canada doesThere had been no mention of high-tech or space-related issues. that you dont like. And if you want proof, I offer you the factWhat did Reuters know? In mid-September, after receiving confi- that we toppled the government of Australia in [1975]." "[Primedential source documents related to the case, telling me that one Minister] Gough Whitlam and Nugan Hand [Bank]," I answered.version of Promis, modified in Canada, was handled through the Tyree affirmed. (He said "1980", but later indicated he had con-Canadian firm I.P. Sharp, I got an answer. A quick search on the fused the 1975 date with the death of Frank Nugan because theweb revealed that Sharp, a well-documented component of the events are connected.) The Whitlam Labor Government had beencase, had been bought by a Reuters company in the early 1990s. suddenly unseated after making nationalistic noise and question-Hamilton later told me he had heard that Reuters possibly had the ing the role of US intelligence agencies in Australian affairs.Promis software. That would explain how they knew about the The issue of a coming feud between the dollar and the euroaerospace connection. Continued on page 81 Michael Dobbs of the Washington Post called and asked what I34 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 35. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 35
  • 36. 36 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 37. [Editors Note: This article refers to research studies involving animals. We wish to advise readers that we at NEXUS do not condone or support the validity, efficacy or morality of animal experimentation or vivisection.] ADJUVANTS, PRESERVATIVES AND TISSUE FIXATIVES IN VACCINES V accines contain a number of substances which can be divided into the following groups: 1. Micro-organisms, either bacteria or viruses, thought to be causing certain infectious diseases and which the vaccine is supposed to prevent. These are whole-cell proteins or Adjuvants are just the broken-cell protein envelopes, and are called antigens. 2. Chemical substances which are supposed to enhance the immune response to the chemical substances vaccine, called adjuvants. 3. Chemical substances which act as preservatives and tissue fixatives, which are sup- which are added to posed to halt any further chemical reactions and putrefaction (decomposition or multipli- cation) of the live or attenuated (or killed) biological constituents of the vaccine. vaccines to boost All these constituents of vaccines are toxic, and their toxicity may vary, as a rule, from one batch of vaccine to another. immune response, In this article, the first of a two-part series, we shall deal with adjuvants, their expected role and the reactions (side effects). but many of them are known to cause ADJUVANTS The desired immune response to vaccines is the production of antibodies, and this is a range of serious enhanced by adding certain substances to the vaccines. These are called adjuvants (from the Latin adjuvare, meaning "to help"). side-effects. The chemical nature of adjuvants, their mode of action and their reactions (side effects) are highly variable. According to Gupta et al. (1993), some of the side effects can be ascribed to an unintentional stimulation of different mechanisms of the immune system, whereas others may reflect general adverse pharmacological reactions which are more or less expected. There are several types of adjuvants. Today the most common adjuvants for human use are aluminium hydroxide, aluminium phosphate and calcium phosphate. However, there Part 1 of 2 are a number of other adjuvants based on oil emulsions, products from bacteria (their syn- thetic derivatives as well as liposomes) or gram-negative bacteria, endotoxins, cholesterol, fatty acids, aliphatic amines, paraffinic and vegetable oils. Recently, monophosphoryl lipid A, ISCOMs with Quil-A, and Syntex adjuvant formulations (SAFs) containing the threonyl derivative or muramyl dipeptide have been under consideration for use in human vaccines. Chemically, the adjuvants are a highly heterogenous group of compounds with only one thing in common: their ability to enhance the immune response—their adjuvanticity. by Viera Scheibner, PhD © 2000 They are highly variable in terms of how they affect the immune system and how serious their adverse effects are due to the resultant hyperactivation of the immune system. 178 Govetts Leap Road The mode of action of adjuvants was described by Chedid (1985) as: the formation of a Blackheath, NSW 2785 depot of antigen at the site of inoculation, with slow release; the presentation of antigen to Australia immunocompetent cells; and the production of various and different lymphokines (inter- Telephone: +61 (0)2 4787 8203 leukins and tumour necrosis factor). Fax: +61 (0)2 4787 8988 The choice of any of these adjuvants reflects a compromise between a requirement for adjuvanticity and an acceptable low level of adverse reactions.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 37
  • 38. The discovery of adjuvants dates back to 1925 and 1926, when The mechanism of action of Freunds adjuvants is associatedRamon (quoted by Gupta et al., 1993) showed that the antitoxin with the following three phenomena:response to tetanus and diphtheria was increased by injection of 1. The establishment of a portion of the antigen in a persistentthese vaccines, together with other compounds such as agar, tapi- form at the injection site, enabling a gradual and continuousoca, lecithin, starch oil, saponin or even breadcrumbs. release of antigen for stimulating the antibody; The term adjuvant has been used for any material that can 2. The provision of a vehicle for transport of emulsified anti-increase the humoral or cellular immune response to an antigen. gen throughout the lymphatic system to distant places, such asIn the conventional vaccines, adjuvants are used to elicit an early, lymph nodes and spleen, where new foci of antibody formationhigh and long-lasting immune response. The newly developed can be established; and,purified subunit or synthetic vaccines using biosynthetic, 3. Formation and accumulation of cells of the mononuclearrecombinant and other modern technology are poor immunogens series which are appropriate to the production of antibody at theand require adjuvants to evoke the immune response. local and distal sites. The use of adjuvants enables the use of less antigen to achieve The pathologic reaction to the Freunds adjuvants starts at thethe desired immune response, and this reduces vaccine production injection site with mild erythema and swelling followed by tissuecosts. With a few exceptions, adjuvants are foreign to the body necrosis, intense inflammation and the usual progression to theand cause adverse reactions. formation of a granulomatous lesion. Scar and abscess formation Part 1 deals with the following types of adjuvants (after Gupta may occur. The reactions observed following the administrationet al., 1993): of the complete adjuvant are generally far more extensive than with the incomplete adjuvant. The earliest cellular response is Oil emulsions polymorphonuclear, then it changes into mononuclear and later Freunds emulsified oil adjuvants (complete and incomplete) includes plasmocytes. The adjuvant emulsion may be widely dis- Arlacel A seminated in various organs, depend- Mineral oil ing on the route of inoculation, with Emulsified peanut oil adjuvant the development of focal granuloma- (adjuvant 65) tous lesions at distal places. Various Mineral compounds gram-negative organisms may show Bacterial products With a few exceptions, a potentiating effect of the adjuvant, Bordetella pertussis similar to that displayed by mycobac- Corynebacterium granulosum- adjuvants are foreign teria. derived P40 component The earliest use of oil emulsion Lipopolysaccharide to the body and cause adjuvants was made with the Mycobacterium and its components adverse reactions. influenza vaccine by Friedwald (1944) and by Henle and Henle Cholera toxin (1945). Following their promising Liposomes results on animals, Salk (1951) Immunostimulating complexes experimented with such adjuvants on (ISCOMs) soldiers under the auspices of the US Other adjuvants Armed Forces Epidemiological Board. He used a highly refined Squalene mineral oil, and developed a purified Arlacel A emulsifier which was free of toxic substances, such as oleic acid which had causedOil Emulsions sterile abscesses at the injection site, and he administered the In the 1960s, emulsified water-in-oil and water-in-vegetable-oil vaccine by intramuscular route.adjuvant preparations used experimentally showed special Subsequently, Miller et al. (1965) reported their failure topromise in providing exalted "immunity" of long duration enhance the antibody and protective response to types 3, 4 and 7(Hilleman, 1966). The development of Freunds adjuvants adenovirus vaccines in mineral oil adjuvant compared with aque-emerged from studies of tuberculosis. Several researchers noticed ous vaccine. Unpublished studies have revealed the need for anthat immunological responses in animals to various antigens were adequate minimal amount of antigen to trigger an antibodyenhanced by introduction into the animal of living Mycobacterium response to the emulsified preparations.tuberculosis. In the presence of Mycobacterium, the reaction Salk et al. (1953) applied Freunds adjuvant to poliomyelitisobtained was of the delayed type, transferrable with leukocytes. vaccine, and later followed with extensive testing of killed crudeFreund measured the effect of mineral oil in causing delayed-type as well as purified polio virus vaccine in animals and humans,hypersensitivity to killed mycobacteria. There was a remarkable where the reactions in humans were considered inconsequential.increase in complement-fixing antibody response as well as in Grayston et al. (1964) reported highly promising results withdelayed hypersensitivity reaction. the trachoma vaccine using an oil adjuvant. However, the tra- Freunds adjuvant consists of a water-in-oil emulsion of aque- choma vaccine lost its relevance because, as demonstrated byous antigen in paraffin (mineral) oil of low specific gravity and Dolin et al. (1997) in their 37 years of research in a sub-Saharanlow viscosity. Drakeol 6VR and Arlacel A (mannide monooleate) village, the dramatic fall in the disease occurrence was closelyare commonly used as emulsifiers. connected with improvements in sanitation, water supply, educa- There are two Freunds adjuvants: incomplete and complete. tion and access to health care. According to Dolin et al. (1997),The incomplete Freunds adjuvant consists of water-in-oil emul- the decline in trachoma occurred without any trachoma-specificsion without added mycobacteria; the complete Freunds adjuvant intervention.consists of the same components but with 5 mg of dried, heat- Allergens in Freunds adjuvant deserve special attention becausekilled Mycobacterium tuberculosis or butyricum added. they can be dangerous. These dangers include an overdose, i.e.,38 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 39. the immediate release of more than the tolerated amount of should be used instead of aluminium compounds. They are usedproperly emulsified vaccine in sensitive persons, or the breaking of combined with glutaraldehyde-inactivated pertussis vaccine.the emulsion with the release of all or part of the full content of the Calcium phosphate adjuvant has been used for simultaneousallergen within a brief period of time. Long-term delayed vaccination with diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, BCG, yellowreactions include the development of nodules, cysts or sterile fever, measles and hepatitis B vaccines and with allergensabscesses requiring surgical incision. It is also likely that some (Coursaget et al., 1986). The advantage of this adjuvant has beenallergens used, such as house dust or mould, might have acted like seen to be that it is a normal constituent of the body and is bettermycobacteria to potentiate the inflammatory response. Such tolerated and absorbed than other adjuvants. It entraps antigensreactions have been reduced with the use of properly tested and very efficiently and allows slow release of the antigen.standardised reagins. Additionally, it elicits high amounts of IgG-type antibodies and One must also consider that the first application of Freunds much less of IgE-type (reaginic) antibodies.adjuvants was made at a time when modern concepts of safetywere non-existent. Indeed, mineral oil adjuvants have not been Bacterial Productsapproved for human use in some countries, including the USA. Micro-organisms in bacterial infections and the administration of vaccines containing whole killed bacteria and some metabolicMineral Compounds products and components of various micro-organisms have been Aluminium phosphate or aluminium hydroxide (alum) are the known to elicit antibody response and act as immunostimulants.mineral compounds most commonly used as adjuvants in human The addition of such micro-organisms and substances into vac-vaccines. Calcium phosphate is another adjuvant that is used in cines augments the immune response to other antigens in suchmany vaccines. Mineral salts of metals such as cerium nitrate, vaccines.zinc sulphate, colloidal iron hydroxide and calcium chloride were The most commonly used micro-organisms, whole or theirobserved to increase the antigenicity of the toxoids, but alum gave parts, are Bordetella pertussis components, Corenybacterium-the best results. derived P40 component, cholera toxin The use of alum was applied more and mycobacteria.than 70 years ago by Glenny et al.(1926), who discovered that a sus- • B. pertussis componentspension of alum-precipitated diphthe- The killed Bordetella pertussis hasria toxoid had a much higher Despite these conflicting results, a strong adjuvant effect on the diph-immunogenicity than the fluid tox- aluminium compounds are theria and tetanus toxoids in the DPToid. Even though a number of vaccines. However, there are a num-reports stated that alum-adjuvanted universally used as adjuvants ber of admitted and well-describedvaccines were no better than plain for the DPT (diphtheria- reactions to it, such as convulsions,vaccines (Aprile and Wardlaw, infantile spasms, epilepsy, sudden1966), the use of alum as an adjuvant pertussis-tetanus) vaccine. infant death syndrome (SIDS), Reyesis now well established. The most syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome,widely used is the antigen solution transverse myelitis and cerebral atax-mixed with pre-formed aluminium ia. Needless to say, the causal link tohydroxide or aluminium phosphate it is often (even though not always)under controlled conditions. Such vaccines are now called alu - vehemently disputed and generally considered "coincidental".minium-adsorbed or aluminium-adjuvanted. However, they are Paradoxically, in one case of shaken baby syndrome in whichdifficult to manufacture in a physico-chemically reproducible the baby developed subdural and retinal haemorrhages from theway, which results in a batch-to-batch variation of the same vac- disease whooping cough, doctors accused the father of causingcine. Also, the degree of antigen absorption to the gels of alu- these injuries and strenuously denied that the disease pertussis canminium phosphate and aluminium hydroxide varies. To minimise and does cause such haemorrhages—forgetting that this is thethe variation and avoid the non-reproducibility, a specific prepara- very reason why pertussis vaccine was developed against such ation of aluminium hydroxide (Alhydrogel) was chosen as the stan- potentially devastating disease in the first place. Such devastatingdard in 1988 (Gupta et al., 1993). effects are caused by the pertussis toxin, the causative agent of the The aluminium adjuvants allow the slow release of antigen, disease (pertussis is a toxin-mediated disease), employed as theprolonging the time for interaction between antigen and antigen- active ingredient in all pertussis vaccines whether whole-cell orpresenting cells and lymphocytes. However, in some studies, the acellular (Pittman, 1984).potency of adjuvanted pertussis vaccines was more than that of Gupta et al. (1993) concluded that PT is too toxic to be admin-the plain pertussis vaccines, while in others no effect was noted. istered to humans, but chemically detoxified or genetically inacti-The serum agglutinin titres, after vaccination with adjuvanted per- vated PT may not exhibit the adjuvant effects comparable to thetussis vaccines, were higher than those of the plain vaccines, with native PT.no difference in regard to protection against the disease (Butler etal., 1962). Despite these conflicting results, aluminium com- • Corynebacterium-derived P40pounds are universally used as adjuvants for the DPT (diphtheria- P40 is a particulate fraction isolated from Corynebacteriumpertussis-tetanus) vaccine. Hypersensitivity reactions following granulosum, composed of the cell wall peptidoglycan associatedtheir administration have been reported which could be attributed with a glycoprotein. In animals, it displays a number of activitiesto a number of factors, one of which is the production of IgE such as stimulation of the reticulo-endothelial system, enhance-along with IgG antibodies. ment of phagocytosis and activation of macrophages. It was suggested that polymerased toxoids, such as the so-called P40 abolishes drug-induced immunosuppression and increasesglutaraldehyde-detoxified purified tetanus and diphtheria toxins, non-specific resistance to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasiticDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 39
  • 40. infections. It induces the formation of IL-2, tumour necrosis fac- which might be shared with other organic polymers acting astor, and interferon alpha and gamma (Bizzini et al., 1992). In immunostimulators. It has been used in experimental vaccinesclinical trials, P40 was claimed to be efficacious in the treatment since 1987 (Asa et al., 2000) and it was used in the experimentalof recurrent infections of the respiratory and genito-urinary tracts.vaccines given to a great number of the participants in the GulfAllergens coupled to P40 have been said to be instrumental in War. These included those who were not deployed but receiveddesensitising allergic patients without any side effects. the same vaccines as those who were deployed. The adjuvant activity of non-ionic block copolymer surfactants• Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was demonstrated when given with 2% squalene-in-water emul- LPS is an adjuvant for both humoral and cell-mediated sion. However, this adjuvant contributed to the cascade of reac-immunity. It augments the immune response to both protein and tions called "Gulf War syndrome", documented in the soldierspolysaccharide antigens. It is too toxic and pyrogenic, even in involved in the Gulf War. The symptoms they developed includ-minute doses, to be used as an adjuvant in humans. ed arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensi- tive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches,• Mycobacterium and its components abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous Interestingly, Mycobacterium and its components, as originally ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, moodformulated, were too toxic to be used as adjuvants in humans. changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia,However, the efforts to detoxify them resulted in the development elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupusof N-acetyl muramyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine, or muramyl erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral scle-dipeptide (MDP). When given without antigen, it increased non- rosis), Raynauds phenomenon, Sjörgrens syndrome, chronic diar-specific resistance against infections with bacteria, fungi, para- rhoea, night sweats and low-grade fevers.sites, viruses, and even against certain tumours (McLaughlin et This long list of reactions shows just how much damage is doneal., 1980). However, MDPs are potent pyrogens (maybe thats by vaccines, particularly when potentiated by powerful "immuno-why they may be effective against certain tumours—my com- enhancers" such as squalene and other adjuvants. Interestingly,ment) and their action is not completely understood; hence they vaccinators as a rule consider such problems as mysterious and/orare not acceptable for use in humans. coincidental with vaccines. Since the administration of a multi- tude of vaccines to the participants• Cholera Toxin (and prospective participants) in the A major drawback with cholera Gulf War is well-documented (in fact,toxin as a mucosal adjuvant is its veterans claim they were given manyintrinsic toxicity. This long list of reactions shows more than were even recorded), thisLiposomes just how much damage is done list of observed reactions further incriminates the vaccines as causing Liposomes are particles made up by vaccines, particularly when such problems.of concentric lipid membranes con- potentiated by powerfultaining phospholipids and other Continued in the next issue...lipids in a bilayer configuration sepa- "immuno-enhancers" such asrated by aqueous compartments. Editors Note:They have been used parenterally in squalene and other adjuvants. Due to space constraints, we arepeople as carriers of biologically unable to publish the referencesactive substances (Gregoriadis, for Part 1 of Dr Scheibners article1976) and considered safe. until next issue. If any readers urgently require a copy of these references, please contactImmunostimulating complexes (ISCOMs) your nearest NEXUS office. ISCOMs (DeVries et al., 1988; Morein et al., 1990; Lovgren etal., 1991) represent an interesting approach to stimulation of the About the Author:humoral and cell-mediated immune response towards amphipathic Viera Scheibner, PhD, is a retired principal research scientistantigens. It is a relatively stable but non-covalently-bound com- with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distin-plex of saponin adjuvant Quil-A, cholesterol and amphipathic guished career, she published three books and some 90 sci-antigen in a molar ratio of approximately 1:1:1. The spectrum of entific papers in refereed scientific journals.viral capsid antigens and non-viral amphipathic antigens of rele- Since the mid-1980 s when she helped deve lop thevance for human vaccination, incorporated into ISCOMs, com- Cotwatch breathing monitor for babies at risk of cot deathprises influenza, measles, rabies, gp340 from EB-virus, gp120 (sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS), Dr Scheibner hasfrom HIV, Plasmodium falciparum and Trypanosoma cruzi. done extensive research into vaccines and vaccinations. In ISCOMs have been shown to induce cytotoxic T-lymphocytes 1993 she published Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the(CTL). Following oral administration, some types of CTLs were Immune S yste m, and in mid-200 0 fo llowed up withfound in mesenteric lymph nodes and in the spleen, and specific Behavioural Problems in Childhood: Link to Vaccination (seeIgA response could be induced. review, 7/05). ISCOMs have only been used in veterinary vaccines, partly due Dr Scheibner regularly conducts lectures, attends confer-to their haemolytic activity and some local reactions all reflecting ences and debates, is often asked by lawyers to providethe detergent activity of the Quil-A molecule. expert reports for vaccine-damage court cases. Her previous articles for NEXUS covered the SIDS/vaccines link (2/05), theOther Adjuvants: Squalene brain-eating bugs/vaccines connection (3/03), and the shaken Squalene is an organic polymer with some antigenic epitopes baby syndrome/vaccination controversy (5/05).40 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 41. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 41
  • 42. 42 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 43. A re we alone in the Universe? This is probably one of the most important ques- tions to be answered, yet modern science seems reluctant to address it. It is almost certain that life does exist in some other part of the Universe; it is just a question of how far away and how evolved it is, never mind its state of techno- logical development. What would really hit home would be tangible evidence of an extraterrestrial intelligence that was as technologically developed as ourselves, perhaps more so, if only to just say "Hi out there!" Face-to-face contact would not be necessary; just to know we are not alone would be enough. With this in mind, NASA started a program that was directed towards scanning the eternal cosmos for intelligent life, hoping to find a signal from a civilisation as Have signals from technologically developed as our own. This project was named SETI: the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. intelligent life For a while, it seemed that both the US government and the scientific community were ready to embrace a greater truth; however, this soon proved not to be the case. After elsewhere in the many years of initial research and planning, the real search for extraterrestrial intelligence began in 1991; a year later, Congress ordered a termination of all funding. Universe passed us by because our THE BEGINNINGS OF SETI SETI began in 1959 with the publication of an article in the journal Nature. Two technology is not Cornell physicists, Giuseppi Cocconi and Philip Morrison, suggested a project in which the presence of extraterrestrial life could be detected with radiotelescopes tuned into the designed to detect a microwave band (3–30 GHz). However, such an endeavour was already being planned by a young astronomer, the now famous Frank Drake, who in the spring of 1960 scanned range of more sun-like stars for signs of ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) with an 85-foot dish in West Virginia. Drake hypothesised that a more advanced ETI somewhere out there would be subtle energy transmitting a signal to catch our (or anyone elses) attention. If so, then they would use one particular frequency of significance. Drake thought that 21 cm (1.4 MHz), the neutral frequencies? band of hydrogen, would be it. After scanning for some time on this frequency, the young astronomer found nothing, and so ended what he called Project Ozma. The first government-funded SETI-type project was not in America but in Soviet Russia. During the 1960s, the Russians set up omnidirectional antenna stations to listen in on the heavens in search of signals that might be of intelligent origin. While Drake used a highly directional antenna system, the Russian system would pick up radio emissions from all directions. This strategy meant that if a signal were found, it would be difficult to determine from which direction it originated. On the other hand, the Russian astronomers would never make the mistake of looking in the wrong direction! It was not until the beginning of the 1970s that the United States government gave any serious thought to searching the Universe for radio signals of ETI origin. The first move was made at NASAs Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, where several projects were set up to study the technical considerations involved. A team of outside by Gavin Dingley © 2000 experts was assembled—including Bernard Oliver, who was on leave from the Hewlett Sunningdale Packard Corporation—to produce a detailed report, known as Project Cyclops. By the Manningford Bruce late 1970s, NASAs Ames Research Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Near Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6JL Pasadena, California, were engaged in projects studying the technical aspects of any United Kingdom SETI-type endeavour. Ames concentrated on examining 1,000 sun-like stars for intelli- Telephone: +44 (0)1672 562808 gent life, much like Drakes original Project Ozma, in what was known as "targeted E-mail: gavin.dingley@astra.ukf.net search" using sensitive equipment to detect weak or sporadic signals. Meanwhile, JPL was concerned with systematic sweeps in all directions in a complete sky survey.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 43
  • 44. It was not until 1988, after a decade of study, that NASA HQ There are also projects that have been listening in on an entirelyhad the go-ahead and in 1991 started scanning the cosmos for different part of the electromagnetic spectrum. OSETI (Opticalintelligent life. A year later, Congress terminated funding! It Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) scans the skies for laserseems very strange that after so many years of developing the signalling from across the Universe. One prominent project,technology, the US government should suddenly terminate fund- COSETI (Columbus Optical SETI), uses a 10-inch aperture tele-ing when the actual search was only just beginning. But is there scope with a sensitive optical transducer and is equipped to moni-more to this than meets the eye? tor for both pulsed beacons as well as modulated continuous wave Back in the early 1990s, the author had contact with an individ- transmissions. Those in the optical SETI fraternity believe this toual who claimed to be a former KGB officer involved in infiltrat- be a better option, as it allows greater power to be directed bying the US National Security Agency (NSA). While serving his their hypothetical ETIs trying to get in contact. This aspect ofhome country, a former Soviet state, he was involved in assessing SETI was apparently covered in Bernard Olivers original Projectthe NSAs signals analysis techniques. Since the Soviet Unions Cyclops, but again the Russians, namely Shvartsman and Beskin,collapse, he has had no authority to answer to and so speaks freely got there first.on such subjects. He says that SETI was no more than a cover for There are also groups who are trying to encourage members ofa more subversive program. Like the launching of Sputnik was no the public to get involved. One such venture is SETI@Home,more than an exercise in deploying nuclear weapons, SETI was where you can help by downloading a screen-saver that number-about eavesdropping on the enemy. This makes a lot of sense, as crunches data from the latest radio telescope observations. Sothe technologies involved are very similar indeed. while your computer sits idle, it could be searching for "life out For a practical SETI program, one requires a system that can there". Another venture is the SETI League, which concentratesscan at high resolution a huge bandwidth of frequencies. Not only on the more technical aspects of SETI.this, but it must be able to detect the presence of intelligent trans- It is for the bored radio ham who wants a real DX (for thosemissions. The latter requirement is who dont know, DX is the standardachieved using powerful algo- code for long distance on the airrithms—code-breakers—which use bands). Build the kit and downloadprobability mathematics to analyse the software and you can be a minithe incoming data. Another require- It was not until 1988, after a Arecibo Observatory. The big plan isment is that the system should beable to pick out weak signals buried decade of study, that NASA HQ to link over the Internet everybodys mini SETI station to form one greatdeep within the background noise. had the go-ahead and in 1991 big global dish.Described here is no more than the started scanning the cosmos for This has been only a shortperfect eavesdropping system—a overview of the SETI movement;system that would give a government intelligent life. A year later, there are many projects and endeav-a great advantage over another. ours that have not been mentioned. SETI was the perfect cover and Congress terminated funding! Science is going towards a goal thatmeans of drawing in the countrys really has great implications forbrilliant minds: radio engineers, mankind, something everyone onmathematicians and computer sys- Earth can appreciate. It is only a pitytems experts. SETI was a means of gaining the peoples support, that it may be going in the wrong direction, especially when onea project into which they could freely pump money. Meanwhile, considers that such a goal may already have been reached—the technology developed could be controlled and siphoned off around a hundred and fifty years ago!for more subversive applications. All the government wanted was the technology; the discovery FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS WITH SETIof intelligence elsewhere in the Universe would at best be an There are two main ways in which the SETI project may beinconvenience, so funding was terminated. directed. The first is to assume that a technologically developed But what of today? As there is no USSR, is there any use for civilisation, like ours, will have developed an electromagnetics-such technology? The answer is yes, for now we are the enemy. based global telecommunications system, as we have done. AnyIt is our communications which are being tapped into, using the ETIs that are at a 70-light-year radius from Earth will be receivingtechnology developed for SETI. the first of our TV transmissions. Equally, it is expected that any technologically advanced ETI civilisation will also be emitting aSETI PROJECTS TODAY similar mass of radio signals; this would be the signature of an After funding had been stopped, it was up to the scientists to ETI.carry on with the endeavour. To this end, they formed the SETI The second approach is to assume that, somewhere out there,Institute which, mainly through private funding, carries on to this there is an ETI that is more advanced than we are and is constant-day the search for intelligent life in the Universe. ly transmitting a signal to gain our attention. The second Continuing the strategy used by the Ames Research Center, approach is preferred because the ETI in question would be trans-Project Phoenix concentrates on the targeted search, scanning mitting a powerful signal in our direction, while modulating ontosun-like stars. There have been other SETI projects running in the that same signal a simple message we can understand. For thisbackground of the main government-sponsored project; for reason, most SETI projects are geared up for the latter assump-instance, SERENDIP (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions tion.from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations) has been going One of the problems here is that the ETI must be fairly close tostrong since 1979. This project has survived by piggybacking on make the exercise worthwhile, otherwise they may not be aroundordinary radio astronomy research, mainly at Arecibo long enough to hear the reply! This is due to the finite speed ofObservatory (as per the film Contact). light, which here on Earth is more than fast enough for global44 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 45. communications. However, across the vastness of space, these new system, only a single cable was used, the return current to186,000-miles-per-second transmissions take a hell of a long time. complete the circuit being established through metal stakes insert-For instance, to exchange greetings with an ETI near Proxima ed into the ground; this was known as a "ground return". As soonCentauri (the nearest star to us) would take around eight years! as this was done, there were reports of anomalous power surges,Would not a more advanced civilisation have discovered either a so great that telegraph operators complained of big fat blue sparksfield or wave that could travel at a velocity greater than that of jumping between their key contacts. Eventually it was decidedlight? In which case, it would have a better chance of hearing a that there was no point in using a battery any more, and so tele-response. graph networks operated using the power within the earth. This same limited velocity of light has another disadvantage: if In 1849, Alexander Bain invented the first well-known electro-the transmission has come from some far-distant star system, then chemical recorder, which would receive, record and print out anthe very civilisation from which it came could now be long gone! incoming transmission through a chemical action. Many compa-The electromagnetic wave may have made the world a smaller nies soon replaced their old electromechanical devices with thisplace, but it also reflects how vast the Universe is in both space more sensitive electrochemical substitute. Due to their low cur-and time. rent consumption, these devices were even better at being pow- Another assumption made by SETI is with regard to the defini- ered by the natural electrical energy within the ground. However,tion of extraterrestrial intelligence. Looking for microwave trans- when many telegraphic operators returned to their posts after amissions of prime numbers from sun-like stars indicates a narrow nights sleep, they would find parts of sentences and strange geo-criterion for intelligence. First, not all life may be biological; it metric patterns recorded by the device. Could this have beenmay not even exist in the physical dimension. Even if it were, early contact with an ETI or even an EDI—an extradimensionalassuming it would spout out prime intelligence?numbers indicates an expectationof a very similar psychology to While at the Berkeley Radiation NIKOLA TESLAS CLOSEour own. Also, whos to say their Laboratory, the now famous quantum ENCOUNTERtechnological development went Dr Nikola Tesla, the little-up the electromagnetic path? It is physicist David Bohm made a startling known inventor of the ACalmost as though they are looking discovery when conducting research electrical power system, dedicatedfor other human life. So we have on plasmas. He found that under much time to researching the high-found nothing because we nar- voltage, high-frequency electricalrowed our search before we had certain conditions the electrons and ions structure of the planet. Duringeven begun! What we need to do that composed the plasma managed to these investigations at hisis widen our scope and so give Colorado Springs research station,ourselves a better chance of find- organise themselves spontaneously Tesla noticed that his instrumentsing other intelligent life. into a single living unit. were receiving some unusual While at the Berkeley Radiation signals. In his own words, heLaboratory, the now famous wrote:quantum physicist David Bohm made a startling discovery whenconducting research on plasmas. He found that under certain I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when itconditions the electrons and ions that composed the plasma dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly ofmanaged to organise themselves spontaneously into a single incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though Iliving unit. Like some amoeboid creature, the contained plasma were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revela -was able to surround and destroy any foreign body that was tion of a great truth....within its vicinity. Bohm called these plasmic creatures My first observations positively terrified me, as there was"plasmons". present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatur - Considering that plasma is the most abundant state of matter in al, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at thatthe Universe, it would seem logical to conclude that plasmons— time, the idea of these disturbances being intelligently con -not hydrocarbon-based life such as ourselves—may make up the trolled signals did not yet present itself to me. The changes Igreatest percentage of life in the cosmos. noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceableEARLY CONTACTS WITH OTHER DIMENSIONS? to any cause known to me. As has been mentioned before, communication may have been I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbancesestablished with ETIs well over a hundred and fifty years ago, at as are produced by the Sun, Aurora Borealis and Earth cur -the dawn of the modern development of electromagnetics. rents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these The first electromagnetics-based communications system was variations were due to none of these causes. The nature ofdeveloped by Samuel Morse in the 1830s and demonstrated in my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes1844; this, of course, was the telegraphic wire. In the original being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has beensystem, a battery and Morse key at the transmitting station actuated rashly asserted by some.an electromechanical transducer some distance away at the It was some time afterward when the thought flashed uponreceiving end, via a long stretch of cable. A return cable was then my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due toconnected to the other terminal of the electromechanical device as an intelligent control. Although I could not decipher theira current-return back to the transmitting stations battery, these two meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as havingcables being buried underground out of the way. been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing It was not long before it was discovered that it was possible to on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of onedo away with the return cable and use the earth instead. In thisDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 45
  • 46. planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical relativity theory. There are some who have developed their own signals... theories and so their own detector technology. They also claim to have detected transmissions from other worlds. Tesla was investigating a form of radio very different to the onewe use today. Our present radio communications use transverse T. TOWNSEND BROWN AND ELECTROGRAVITICSelectromagnetic waves that travel through the air—the same Thomas Townsend Brown is most remembered, if rememberedtechnology SETI uses to scan the Universe for signs of ETI. The at all, for his work in antigravity propulsion. Brown found a linkelectromagnetic waves used in Teslas system were longitudinal between gravity and the force of electricity, based upon the hum-and travelled through the Earth and/or the plasmic layer of the ble electrical condenser or capacitor. While still to graduate fromatmosphere, i.e., the ionosphere. But it was through the use of high school, he built a small device that reduced in weight when athis latter system—and not the type used by SETI—that signals of high-voltage potential was applied across its terminals. This wasnon-human origin had been received. the first in a long line of electrogravitic devices able to prove This incident plagued Teslas mind for the rest of his life, and so experimentally a unified field theory in which electromagnetismplayed a part in his last publicly announced invention. While he and gravity are shown to be linked.had spent much of his life investigating the nature of high- Whilst studying at Caltech, Brown hypothesised the existencevoltage, high-frequency electricity, of a form of radiation quite different to theparticularly with regard to employing it in a transverse electromagnetic wave. He calledsystem to transmit electricity without wires, it "radiant energy" and thought that it wasTesla changed direction in the late 1930s and present throughout the Universe and wasdid research into high-voltage, direct-current gravitational in nature, but as yet was invisi-electricity. His plan was to transmit ble to instruments.electrical energy in the form of a particle Thomas Townsend Brown Browns theory was soon picked up by thebeam—an idea that was not practically is most remembered, if press and publicised in several local newspa-realised until the late 1980s with SDI, the pers. He had already received a negative"Star Wars" project. While his system for remembered at all, for response from his lecturers over his worktransmitting energy via high-frequency his work in antigravity with high-voltage weight reduction, so thispotentials was limited to the Earth, Teslas new line of enquiry was not received well.new particle-beam system was intended to propulsion. He was told that such a wave was impossi-transmit power to other planets! He then ble because it would require gravity to behypothesised that if the same beam were Brown found a link bipolar—to be able to repel as well asmodulated with the vibrations of the attract.human voice, we would also be able to between gravity and the Brown did not receive any supportcommunicate with the ETIs who dwell force of electricity, based for his research until he enteredupon our neighbouring planets. Dennison University where he met Dr As far as is known, Tesla never had upon the humble Alfred Biefeld. Dr Biefeld was one ofthe opportunity to put his plan into electrical condenser only a few who could claim to be oneaction. The political climate at the or capacitor. of Einsteins classmates back intime, which resulted in World War II, Switzerland, and so was quite interest-had generated much paranoia. The ed in the nature of gravity. In fact,British had stated that they had a new when Brown had described to him hisweapon, a "death ray" invented by their research into the weight reduction ofown Mr H. Grindell Matthews. The high-voltage capacitors, Biefeld wasRussians reacted and stated that they more than happy to help the youngalso had such a weapon, invented by physicist with his investigations.Comrade Grammachikoff. Tesla, being Biefeld had already considered thea patriot of his adopted country, stated that he had also invented a possible gravitational effects of charged electrical capacitors aftersimilar device. Since then, Teslas instrument of benign commu- studying the work of the great Michael Faraday, the so-callednication has been referred to as the "death ray". Father of Electricity. It is a little-known fact that Faraday made the following profound statement as far back as the late VictorianGRAVITY WAVE DETECTORS age: "Electrical capacity is to gravity, as inductance is to magnet- In his general theory of relativity, Dr Albert Einstein found a ism". It is a well-known fact that when a current flows through asolution that modelled an entirely new type of wave: the gravity coil of wire, a magnetic field is generated around the same. Inwave. General relativity describes the force of gravity as a geo- fact, the inductor (the technical name for a coil of wire) is able tometric warping in space-time; if the warping were to take the store electrical energy within the magnetic field generated. Now,shape of a wave, then this would be a gravity wave. an electrical condenser or capacitor is made up from two sheets of While electromagnetic waves occupy three special dimensions metal separated by an insulator, known as the "dielectric". When(as well as time), gravity waves exist in five, making them hyper- an electrical potential is applied across the two plates, the mole-dimensional in nature. However, Einstein stated that these waves cules of the dielectric all align with the electric field.probably travelled at the same speed as light, 300,000 km/s, If Faraday is correct, then the energy stored in a capacitor is inwhich means that nothing is gained in using gravity waves over the form of a gravitational field, much like the magnetic field oftheir electromagnetic counterpart. an inductor. Officially there has been no detection of these waves; however, Brown found that such an effect was only noticeable if the fol-the design of such gravity detectors has been based on general lowing conditions were met:46 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 47. 1) The K-factor of the dielectric (its ability to store energy) converted the energy into a DC potential. This process is well was high (in the order of 2,000 or more); known in electronics and is called "rectification", and so the 2) The density of the dielectric was high (in the order of 10 internal structure of these rocks could naturally perform this same g/cm3 or more); process. Now the rocks used in the East Coast investigations 3) The applied voltage across the capacitor was high (in the were different to those used in California (i.e., from different 100,000 V range). deposits), so Brown concluded that different rocks are tuned into Brown also found that the force generated by charged capaci- different bands of this radiofrequency energy. As differenttors was directed towards the positive plate; that is to say, weight frequency bands would fluctuate differently, then it follows thatreduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside with the variations in the self-potential of two different rock depositsrespect to the negative plate. If the negative plate is above, then would also be different.the device increases in weight. Biefeld and Brown worked From 1950 onwards, Brown concentrated his efforts towardstogether in investigating what was later termed the "Biefeld- developing the Biefeld-Brown effect so that it could be employedBrown effect" in the general study of electrogravitics. in aviation. It was not until 1970 that Brown returned to investi- In 1930, Brown entered the US Navy and became a member of gating petrovoltaics, until his death in 1985.staff at the Naval Research Laboratories (NRL) in Washington, From these investigations, it is clear that the phenomenon isDC. As he was pretty much left to do as he pleased, he carried on gravitational in nature and that it manifests as high-frequencywith research into the Biefeld-Brown effect. While investigating electricity. Brown concluded that the energy is in fact the radiantdifferent substances for suitability as dielectric material, Brown energy he had hypothesised while still at Caltech. This energy isdiscovered a curious phenomenon. high-frequency gravitational radiation which is being constantly One of the characteristics of a dielectric is its resistivity—how emitted from astronomical objects in outer space. While simplegood an insulator it is. If resistivity is not high enough, then the high-K dielectric materials would pick up the radiation and convertdielectric is rendered inefficient. This it directly into electrical energy, moreis usually a fixed value, but Brown complex dielectrics such as graniticfound that the resistivity of some mate- and basaltic rock would convert therials would change over time. In a energy into DC electricity. Not onlyclassified naval report entitled However, in 1953 he [Brown] this, but these rocks are in fact tuned"Anomalous Behaviour of MassiveHigh-K Dielectrics", Brown described filed a patent that describes a to only a portion of the total radiated energy present throughout thehow the resistivity of some materials system for intelligent Universe. This means that yourwould alter and even follow sidereal communication via modulated average lump of basalt is a naturaldiurnal changes. He also noted that gravity-wave AM receiver, tunedsome materials would generate sponta- gravitational radiation. into only a few specific "radioneous radiofrequency bursts whose stations"!amplitude was a function of the materi- It appears that Brown neverals mass and K-factor. Also, he found analysed these high-frequency sig-many granitic and basaltic rocks to be nals to see if any of them were ofelectrically polarised; that is, they behaved like electric cells or ETI origin. However, in 1953 he filed a patent that describes abatteries. These rocks would have as much as 700 mV across system for intelligent communication via modulated gravitationalthem, the amplitude of which would also change in sympathy radiation. In the patent, Brown describes how to convert a nor-with solar sidereal cycles. Again, the rocks sensitivity to such mal, high-power radio transmitter into a gravity-wave transmitter,changes depended upon its K-factor and mass. It was this latter based upon the principles of electrogravitics. The modification isrelation that suggested the phenomenon is gravitational. made only to the antenna system, the actual electronics remaining During 1937 in Pennsylvania, a Navy-sponsored monitoring unchanged. A large coil of wire has its base connected to the out-station was in operation to record such changes in the electrical put of the high-power transmitter so that the radiofrequency ener-self-potential of these rocks. It was noted that there was a strong gy is end-fed. The other end of the coil has a spherical, electrical-correlation with the cycles of the Moon, which added further sup- ly conducting, high-density body connected. This spherical bodyport to the hypothesis that the effect is gravitational in nature. acts as an isotropic capacitor, and so forms a tuned circuit withAgain, another station was in operation in 1939 in Ohio, which the coil. In operation, the dense spherical body becomes electri-recorded similar patterns to those found in Pennsylvania, and it fied (but not leaking energy through corona discharge) with high-was concluded that the effect must have had some common out- voltage, high-frequency electricity. The high voltage and mass ofside source. Both research stations were set up within sealed the isotropic capacity result in an electrogravitic action; thus grav-vaults, shielded to exclude any outside electromagnetic interfer- itational waves of the same frequency as the end-fed energy fromence. Meanwhile, large granitic and basaltic rocks wired to sensi- the transmitter are emitted from the dense, isotropically capacitivetive pen-chart recorders monitored the self-potential variations. body.The Second World War paused any further investigation into the Brown suggests that the spherical body be constructed fromphenomenon until 1944. lead, as this is both dense in mass and a conductor of electricity. After the War, Brown set up yet another station, but this time Also, so as to avoid electromagnetic radiation, the whole assem-on the West Coast in California. He found that the patterns did bly should be enclosed inside a large vault; for example, within anot match those recorded on the East Coast; however, he did give mountain. A similar set-up is employed so as to receive the trans-a possible explanation as to why. He suggested that due to the mission, where the receiving antenna is again replaced with thisradiofrequency voltages found in less complex dielectric materials same assembly. Interestingly, this system is very similar to thatsuch as titanium dioxide, the detected energy was at these high employed by Tesla at Colorado Springs—the same system thatfrequencies and that basaltic and granitic rocks somehow allegedly received signals from an ETI.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 47
  • 48. Much of Browns work is under wraps by the US government, Hodowanec also hypothesised that the Universe is filled withheld within the Wright Patterson Air Force Base technical library. this radiation and that the detected isotropic microwave back-However, family members still have his notes and are in the ground radiation, thought to be the echo from the Big Bangprocess of making them available to the public. (which does sound like 1/f noise), is actually gravity-wave emis- sions. He stated that the instruments that were picking up this sig-HODOWANECS GRAVITY-WAVE DETECTOR nal were in fact receiving the gravitational radiation rather than Working unaware of, but parallel to, Thomas Townsend Brown the electromagnetic energy from the beginning of the Universe.was Gregory Hodowanec. While developing a new, sensitive During his investigations with the device, Hodowanec foundweighing balance, Hodowanec noticed slight variations in the ref- Auriga and Perseus in the Milky Way to be the source of manyerence weights he was using. Assuming that the problem was natural, yet unusual, audio signals. He stated that the generalwith the circuitry he had designed, he went about trying to coun- background noise is modulated by the passing of large astronomi-teract these anomalous variations. After some "stab in the dark" cal bodies which cast a shadow over these emissions. This meansexperimentation, Hodowanec found that the humble capacitor in that when such radiation is demodulated, what one would hearthe right part of the circuit counteracted these unusual variations. would be the movements of planets, stars and galaxies. Much ofBut the question remained: how could a capacitor be able to gen- the high-frequency radiation is generated by astronomicalerate the signal to nullify these apparent variations in standard ref- processes such as stars going supernova, star quakes and even theerence weights? tectonic movements within nearby planets. On further investigation, Hodowanec found that his weighing However, it was not long before Hodowanec received signals ofsystem was not at fault, nor were the reference weights. What he an unnatural origin while scanning the skies with his gravity-wavedid find, however, was that the Earths gravitational field is not detector. One evening, for only eight minutes, Hodowanecstable but fluctuating, sometimes at quite a rapid rate. The weigh- received a train of equally spaced impulses that resembled theing system he had developed was so sensitive that it picked up Morse code for the letter S. After determining the origin of thesethese variations as changing values in signals, he attempted to make contactthe reference weights. He concluded using more conventional means (athat somehow the humble capacitor Morse radio transmitter). To his sur-was able to pick up these gravitational prise, he received on the gravity-variations and convert them into an wave detector a reply made up ofelectrical signal. ... it was not long before random Morse code containing the From this discovery, Hodowanec Hodowanec received signals of letters E, I, T, M, A, N, R, K and S.went on to develop a gravitational During another transmission,detector that used modern electronic an unnatural origin while Hodowanec transmitted a sequencecomponents. He knew that any scanning the skies with his which he received back as a copyinduced effect on a capacitor would with the letters G and D added. Inresult in a displacement current; gravity-wave detector. the end, he was able to hold anhence, the circuit he developed was a almost coherent conversation withsimple operational amplifier wired up the ETI he had contacted.as a current-to-voltage converter. Interestingly, he found that only atThis circuit was connected to the certain locations could he establishsensing capacitor, while its output was fed into a standard voltage contact with the ETI. Also, judging from several years experi-amplifier which in turn drove a loudspeaker. The signals received ence in Morse code, he found that the transmissions were not syn-by this simple circuit were described as being similar to whale thetic; the ETI was using a Morse key, and in fact there was moresong, but this evidence is inconclusive. But it does seem that than one entity operating it!some very strange, yet structured, audio signals were received by It would seem, then, that there are many gravitational signalsthis comparatively simple device. throughout the Universe. Many of them are natural and high in Hodowanec stated that his device received monopole gravity frequency. These signals become modulated by the movement ofwaves, different to the quadrapole waves described in Einsteins astronomical bodies such as stars, galaxies and even planets. Butgeneral theory of relativity. Also, while the gravity waves theo- among these natural signals may be the transmissions of a host ofrised by Einstein were limited to the speed of light, these mono- extraterrestrial intelligences.pole waves described by Hodowanec could reach any point in It is not clear whether the signals received by Brown andspace in one Planck second (10 -44 seconds). He also stated that Hodowanec are gravitational in nature. Even Townsend Brownelectronic equipment had been receiving this gravitational radia- stated that the evidence pointed to this hypothesis, but the subjecttion for a very long time, but it had been mistaken for 1/f noise was still inconclusive in his own mind. There may be a host of(where the intensity is inversely proportional to the frequency energies and radiations that still remain undiscovered.over a spectrum of noise). It is similar to what you get when your One that has had little attention is Dr Wilhelm Reichs "orgoneradio is not tuned to a station, which is that rushing water type of energy". This appears to be the same energy that is known assound. However, 1/f has a deeper sound, perhaps more resem- prana, chi and the od or "odyllic force" discovered by Baron Karlbling the crashing of sea waves. Technically, it is a spectrum of von Reichenbach. Interestingly, when Reich had a devicerandom frequencies which have equally random intensities, but in designed to detect the orgone, it was based upon the electricalgeneral the lower frequencies are higher in intensity than the high- capacitor! This energy is very closely related to living organicer frequencies. If you were to look at this with reference to white matter, and so has often been identified as the "vital force"—thelight (which is composed of all light frequencies in the visible energy that distinguishes between animate and inanimate matter.spectrum), then you would perceive it as a soft pink light. For The well-known orgone researcher Trevor Constable conductedthis reason, 1/f noise is often referred to as "pink noise". much research into the weather-altering effects of the orgone, and48 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 49. hypothesised (backed up with experimental evidence) that many mitogenic or biodynamic signal being picked up. After an intenseUFOs are actually biological entities. He went on to suggest that investigation, Lawrence concluded that the signals had originatedthe orgone could be manipulated and engineered, as it is based from outer space and were of intelligent origin.upon fundamental laws. If he is right, then a new branch of tech- Initially, he thought the signals were from Ursa Major, but onnology, based around the life force, could be developed. Such a further investigation he found that they probably originated fromtechnology is described as being "biodynamic" (although the galactic equator. He also concluded that the signals were notConstable looked further ahead and coined the term "etheric engi- aimed at Earth, but were an overspill of communication betweenneering"), and is the real meeting point between physics and biol- companion civilisations. As for the signal coding, Lawrence wasogy: biophysics. Is it then possible to develop a communications confident that they would not be in the form of a structured lan-system based upon the principles of biodynamics? guage. Instead, he felt that they would be graphic in nature, so he decoded them using digital spectrograms displayed on a standardBIODYNAMIC COMMUNICATIONS 8-bit resolution grey-scale. These graphic signals were received In 1962, Silesian-born engineer L. George Lawrence, employed using some of the most advanced biodynamic transducers, con-by the LA Space-Science Corporation to develop jam-proof mis- sisting of carefully manufactured synthetic biochemical sub-sile components, decided to try using biological material in elec- stances.tronic sensors. His first line of enquiry led him to the work of There has been little success in tracing the elusive GeorgeAlexander Gurwitsch, one of the pioneers of vital force research. Lawrence, mainly due to the fact that "George Lawrence" was aGurwitsch showed that cells appear to affect each other during the pseudonym employed by the author who reported this research inprocess of mitosis, which led him to develop a theory in which several electronics magazines in the mid-1970s. All that is knowncells communicate through what he called "mitogenic rays". of this author is that he was employed by several government Lawrence also reviewed the work of agencies that exercised strict securityCleve Backster, the polygraph special- measures. This research into biody-ist who studied the psycho-galvanic namics was a spin-off of the workreaction of plants. Backster used To his amazement, the audio he had conducted while within theirpolygraph-type equipment to monitor output from the biosensors employment. However, it is worththe physiological activity in plants and mentioning that these agencies werediscovered some amazing effects. circuit started to warble rapidly, mainly involved in NASA projectsOne of the most unusual is a plantsability to detect the presence of a plant indicating some mitogenic or around the time of SETI. There are many energies that liemurderer! Lawrence used Backsters biodynamic signal being undiscovered, yet already we areoriginal circuit designs as a spring-board for his own research into bio- picked up. trying to find a unified field theory based on the few energies of whichlogical sensors. He discovered that we are aware. There have beensuch biological transducers are able to many discoveries in the past thatdetect changes in a variety of different environmental parameters could have brought us closer to the truth; however, mainstreamincluding magnetism, temperature and humidity. science has ignored nearly all of them. While Backster used a pen-chart recorder to indicate reactions, The human race has a great understanding and control over theLawrence replaced this with a voltage-controlled audio oscillator force of electromagnetism. However, it is naive to think that thiswhose pitch changed in sympathy with biological changes. is the only method through which to communicate and that allEventually he replaced Backsters galvanic response system with other civilisations out there have developed technologically in thispiezo-electrometers, which gave better stability with greater sensi- same direction. It must also be remembered that there are othertivity. The first biodynamic transducers were simply vegetable dimensions parallel to our own. These, too, may be contacted, butsamples wired up and held in a temperature-controlled bath. not necessarily by looking upwards. We must first open our With further advancements, Lawrence developed a sensor minds, then ask the question, "Is there anybody out there?" ∞which consisted of two small quartz crystal wafers bonded togeth-er with specific organic materials. Whatever transducer was used, Referencesthey were all sealed within a Faraday cage which in turn was held • Brown, T. Townsend, "Electrogravitational Communication System",within a lensless telescope-type assembly complete with sighting US Patent No. 719,767, issued September 1956.apparatus. All investigations were conducted in what Lawrence • Cocconi, G. and P. Morrison, "Searching for Interstellarreferred to as "electromagnetic deep fringe" areas which were out- Communications", Nature 1959;184:844–846. • "Three Nations Seek Diabolical Ray", New York Times, May 28, 1924.side the influence of almost all electromagnetic fields so as to • Eisen, Jonathan (ed.), Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries,avoid false readings from external sources. Auckland Institute of Technology Press, Auckland, 1994. During one test, Lawrence pointed a newly developed biosensor • Tesla, Nikola, "Talking with the planets", Colliers Weekly, February 9,at a tree some distance away, that he he had wired up to a remote- 1901ly controlled battery circuit. When the switch was activated, a • Vassilatos, Gerry, Lost Science, AUP, USA, 1999.current would pass through the tree so as to electrically stimulateit. Meanwhile, the biosensors output signal was monitored for About the Author:dramatic changes. Sure enough, when the tree was stimulated, the Gavin Dingley is an electronics R&D engineer by profes-biosensors output changed. This indicated some form of mito- sion, but since college has questioned the so-called laws ofgenic ray communication between the tree and biosensor. nature, particularly those pertaining to electromagnetism.However, while having lunch, he left the biosensor pointing in To this end, he has extensively researched the work of Drsome random direction. To his amazement, the audio output from Nikola Tesla. His main goal is to develop technologies basedthe biosensors circuit started to warble rapidly, indicating some upon these principles.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 49
  • 50. 50 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 51. SCIENCE INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED What I was doing was an affront to every So it is for all my readers to understand AETHER ENERGY SCIENCE respectable teaching institution that I knew that, although the walk has been long, by Dr Robert Adams © 2000 of. Scores of electrical engineers and thorny and arduous at times, the journey physicists bombarded me ad nauseam with has been one of the utmost intrigue, fulfil-"There seems no reason why the Adams dogma; for instance, that with my devices I ment and discovery wherein I have experi-Motor cannot be developed rapidly for would get absolutely nowhere without enced many surprises myself. Red ragsgeneral use." closing the loop. have turned to green lights, frustration to — Dr Harold Aspden, PhD, BSc, FIEE, At lectures, this was one of the greater reward; in the end, all quite good fun. FIMechE, MInstP, CEng, CPhys, Department thorns in the sides of my contemporaries. of Electrical Engineering, University of Very few indeed were those attendees who The Equilibrium Calorimeter Southampton, England, UK (c.1994) gave this matter any in-depth thought at all, I now discuss matters pertaining to and those who did brush away the cobwebs calorimeters. Calorimeters are vital instru-W ith the advent of harnessing as I lectured on, slowly nodded, quietly ments for this technology—so much so, aetheric energy by means of smiled and shouted no more. Instead, they that I purport them to be the only accurate Adams Technologies, it is impor- would listen with greater intensity and keen means of measuring power generated/har-tant to describe this applied aether energy interest until the end of the lecture, when nessed within these devices of the Adamsscience, as it is almost virtually unknown murmuring grew rapidly to an ever-increas- Technologies. This realisation came to bein the mainstream of electrical sciences. ing buzz of heated dissertation and debate because of the great difficulty in having to To begin at the grassroots, so to speak, it which often rang through the lecture cham- engage in applying empirical knowledge toall started during 1969 when I first deter- bers long after I had departed. working with this technology, as orthodoxmined to use permanent magnets to con- Such lectures, especially those (most) theories/methods are of no value whatsoev-struct an electric motor generator that which were accompanied by at least an er in the design, construction or testing ofwould defy Lenzs law and, in so doing, hour and more of question-and-answer ses- these super-machines.invent an electrical machine that would run sion with the attendees, were always a Late 1995 to 1996 heralded the success-"at unity" and, so too, in turn, defy certain great joy for me, and I can say with more ful and sophisticated Adams Thermo-other orthodox laws. than a little satisfaction that they were Motor-Generator, entering the k i l o w a t t Throughout my many years of experi- never boring for the attendees. range at greater power and performance.ence and constant studies, I had followedthe works of other pioneers in other coun-tries, who had been theorising new ideasand hypotheses more than experimenting ina practical sense, and it occurred to meover and over again that these scientistsand inventors were trying to equate thesenew ideas with endless reams of unsuccess-ful calculations and equations based on thesacrosanct (and ageing) man-made electri-cal and associated laws. I started to work quietly, according to thelaws of the Universe and Nature; and alongthe way, over the years, I made some ratherastonishing discoveries of my own whichquite bowled me over at times, and still do. As time went on, empirical findingsmade me bold enough to come out of myshell and go public with my discoveriesand the results of my experimentation—quietly at first. This was both good andbad for me, and I was eventually forced toanticipate and indeed prepare myself forthe onslaught to come.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 51
  • 52. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEDuring that period, I also designed and performance measurement possibly never science. This new energy technology isbuilt various types of calorimeters. before attained. going to change the world we live in on an One special unit which I can mention but I now cite a discovery I made in 1996, immense scale.briefly, as it is on the "classified" file, is the this being that the machine, in addition to To understand Tesla aetheric forces tech-Equilibrium Calorimeter. Now, if equal showing evidence of running at unity but nology, one must eliminate the notion thatmasses of copper and water are heated over also displaying massive heat energy at its electrons are the working gremlins of elec-a flame for equal periods of time, the tem- load point, delivers a heat power upwards trostatic energies, for in this technologyperature of the copper rises 10 times as of greater than 600 per cent. This power they are no longer the working gremlins.quickly as the temperature of the water; does not register in the machine or in the We are considering here an entirelyand to cause the same temperature change line to the load! This heat power can only different kind of electricity, endowed withof the water, it would have to be heated 10 be accurately measured by means of totally different characteristics. Therefore,times as long. This massive variance, in calorimetry, and is known as w a t t l e s s we require a new and different approach toaddition to other factors to be accounted (currentless) power. the method of measuring the performancefor, results in the necessity of tedious cal- To understand this phenomenon, one of any devices created as a result of theculations which all have their resultant and must be conversant with Tesla aether ener- development of this technology, as theinevitable error factors. gy science. Currentless power was disparity between the two is immense. These complex ramifications of coeffi- described by Tesla in 1889. I quote Gerry My Adams DC Impulse Electric Motorcients, specific heat, thermal conductivity, Vassilatos from his Secrets of Cold War can be designed in such a way that the suc-convection, radiation, absorption and insu- Technology (BSRF, USA, 1996, p. 38): cession of charge and discharge impulseslation losses have created con- develops energy of such magnitude, thattention that is ongoing to this day. it is possible to have control of the flow To put the matter to rest for my of conventional electricity electronsown sake, I turned to inventing a through the complex metallic lattice ofwater calorimeter that would dis- the very long length of wire used in thepense with calculations and need It is impossible to comprehend stator system, due to its superluminalonly rely on m e a s u r e m e n t s.(Measurements can be relied upon; this Tesla technology without velocity, where the gaseous pulse flows over the coil surface. This then pro-calculations, in calorimetry involv- considerable knowledge of vides us with an electric motor thating water, cannot!) This, then, isthe Equilibrium Calorimeter men- the aether. requires very little current at nominal voltage, yet whilst delivering consider-tioned above. able power. In this type of water calorimeter, There are certain parameters requireda small quantity of water and a to be implemented which do not applyshort operation time is of para- to conventional DC electric motors:mount importance. The unit itself is those of repulsive-impulsing operatingunique in that its load heating element "The Fractionation of Electric potential, stator winding resistances, wind-heats both the water and copper vessel Currents: ing wire size and quantity, and machinesimultaneously, and, as the machine being Voltage pulses traversed the secondary construction materials, etc. The establishedtested operates in the kilowatt range, a state surface like a gas pulse under increas- gaseous electrostatic electricity moves overof equilibrium in the calorimeter is very ing constriction. Until reaching the the surface of the windings wire at a super -rapidly reached after switching on the free end of the coil, these gaseous luminal velocity. This creates an enormousmachine, and remains so to boiling point or pulses flowed over the copper surface surge, leaving the slower-moving electronsany desired temperature. The copper ves- rather than through it. Tesla referred behind, and hence a consequent reductionsel contains only 0.5 of a litre of water, to this specific manifestation as "the in current flow is possible according towith a boiling-point time of two minutes. skin effect". In this, the discharge machine parameter variables applied. The fact that all componentry and water greatly resembled the manner of The machine load Equilibriumreaches equilibrium so rapidly, ensures that gasses in motion over surfaces." Calorimeter is the vital measuring instru-the resultant accuracy and performance of ment in the line-up, as it measures the out-the unit is such that insulation loss is so It is impossible to comprehend this Tesla put power of the machine proper. Thelow for such a minimal period of time that technology without considerable knowl- other two heat manifestations are by noit is negligible and can therefore be dis- edge of the aether. One must seek out and means small, and are free spinoffs whichmissed. study the proofs, of which there are now can be readily harnessed. The end result of this calorimeter inven- many, that have been established by experi- The Adams Aetheric Energy Electriction precludes all doubtful calculations and menters worldwide. It is a technology Motor-Generator Technologies over thetherefore requires but three measurements capable of being explained through gas past 10 years have heralded innovationsonly to be taken: those of mass, tempera - dynamic analogues. The fact that even par- that have culminated in very significantture and time, all of which, with the appli- tial elimination of electrons from aether discoveries—including the use of certaincation of modern measuring methods, are currents takes place indeed spells out that materials not normally used in the con -extremely accurate, resulting in an overall this is a new kind of electricity which could struction of orthodox electrical machines,maximisation of machine/device zero-point find no resolution in present electrical resulting in the manifestation of massive52 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 53. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCEpower in the form of heat from the thermo- considerable aetheric energy from three "at unity", the heat manifesting at the sta-motor-generator designs, at undreamed of different areas of the machine. tors "continues" to rise with t i m e. Theratios of input power to output power. The stator system, with its ability to water so heated is circulated with the aid of There are now "proven" natural laws reach high temperatures very rapidly, is an electronic pump which transports it to apertaining to energy which render the designed to harness this heat from the cores holding tank/calorimeter for measurementorthodox "assumptions" of the establish- of the stators via water circulation. purposes.ment down to the realms of the obsolete The second source of energy is derived In addition to the unique structure of theand, however troublesome to accept, from loading the machine as a generator. stator system is that of the rotor. The rotorinclude those contained in the hypotheses The heat in the stator system is present was invented and perfected during 1996.traditionally served at the banquet hall whether the machine is run in a no-load or Its materials, in addition to the magnets andtables seated by Einsteins relativity, quan- loaded condition. When loaded, however, the dimensions and geometrical placementstum mechanics, the laws of thermodynam- the heat in the stator system increases of the said materials, are vital to the mas-ics, Lenzs law, Ohms law and others. sive manifestation of heat that results from The truth of the entire situation is that I, its structure and that of the stator systemRobert G. Adams, have proved over hun- and its technological parameters.dreds of thousands of hours of hard labour This machine is revolutionary, the first ofat laboratory benches and machine shops, its kind in the world , and it provideswith the aid of intuition and empirical economical, clean, safe power. In an actualknowledge, that these aetheric energies domestic application installation, theare manifesting at unity/zero point, where- I hereby machine would of course have a commonby the bottom line is that there is no longer lay claim to the hot water holding cylinder which wouldany reference point from which to base any receive all three sources of the aetheric heatkind of so-called "efficiency" test. original discovery energies manifest within the machine So the word "efficiency", with regard toaetheric engines, simply cannot possibly and, indeed, componentry.apply because the only way by which to acknowledgement of Electrical Energy Generationcalculate the "efficiency" of theomnipresent would be to draw up scales this "law of Nature", In considering electrical energy genera- tion and the vital role played by temper-of mathematically astronomical propor- and hereby ature and time factors when calculatingtions that such scales would ultimately machine performance, we should firstbecome eternal and infinite and totally designate this ask the question, "how is electrical ener-impossible to monitor, police or keep discovery gy generated?"track of—utterly beyond the ability of To begin with, we must dispose of themankind. "the Adams law". m y t h that electromagnetic machines And so the term "efficiency" cannot generate electrical energy, as is taught inever be applied to aetheric energy or, our schools and universities by thefor that matter, to the technologies establishment. So-called electric gener -invented or created by which mankind ators do not generate electric power permay have the capability to gate or har- se. They are mechanical devices which,ness it. So the term "efficiency", here due to their rotational field, act as a gat-in the case of aetheric energies, ing mechanism, tapping the a e t h e r i cbecomes a nonentity forever and a day. energy field within the air gap between I hereby lay claim to the original discov- rapidly and "continues" to do so during the the machine stator and rotor, and deliveringery and, indeed, acknowledgement of this period of operation. that energy externally in the form known to"law of Nature", and hereby designate this A further and third source of aetheric us as electrical energy. This energy is everdiscovery "the Adams law". The Adams heat energy is manifested at the mosfet. present (omnipresent, as previouslylaw also encompasses many other discover- This heat is also harnessed by the heating explained) but the machine must be inies I have made pertaining to Ohms law, of water. This mosfet is set inside the cop- motion to harness it, not generate it.Lenzs law, etc. per storage vessel (or calorimeter) for mea- (Note: In the interests of simplicity for surement purposes. the reader, however, I will continue in thisThe Adams Triplex Aetheric Energy The total heat from all three sources can paper to use the words "generate", "gener-Motor-Generator reach upwards of eight times the input/heat ated" and "generator" as the words are used This device is a super-power, thermo, power. in their normal, general context.)impulse, salient pole, open magnetic cir- A unique method of successfully trans- In electric motors we have the interestingcuit, repulsion, self-starting, reluctance, ferring the heat from the stator system is situation whereby we apply stored or "gen-electric motor-generator. water circulation within the stator cores; erated" electric power to supply motive The Adams Triplex Aetheric Energy and as the stators are water-cooled, it pro- force to do mechanical work. However,Motor-Generator is so named in view of its vides the windings with protection from the motor is also reliant on aetheric energyunorthodox and unusual ability to manifest burning out. This is of paramount impor- from the air gap of the device for rotational tance because, as the machine is running power.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 53
  • 54. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE From the foregoing, it is clearly evident universities and colleges alike: the mag- other terms used to describe performancethat if the aether did not exist, as the estab- netic flux field already exists in its natural of new energy devices, but that is not thelishment and Newtonians would have us state within the stator system. The applica- fault of people like ourselves in the Newbelieve, then there would be no aetheric tion of energy into the system simply Energy field. It is the fault of false teach-force, and therefore no manner of electric "expands" the natural latent inherent induc- ings and mind entrenchment concerning themotor or generator would function, as there tive energy residing therein. methods adopted for the performance test-would in turn be no action at a distance, This expanded inductive energy, in con- ing of grossly inefficient conventional elec-no lines of force, no magnetic fields, and junction with the energy harnessed at the tric machines.hence no Universe! air gap between the rotor and stators, pro- I do not subscribe to the definitions of vides the driving power of the motor. The "over 100% efficiency" or "beyond unity".Translocating Potential Gradient to important roles played by these two There can be no "beyond unity", as thethe Motor sources of force have never before been totality of the Universe is Unity. This then On translocating potential gradient to the properly highlighted. They have eluded tells us that conventional electrical machinecharged mass in a circuit element and mainstream academia and scientists alike "efficiency testing procedures" adapted tosourcing it via impulse to the motor, this for over a century in regard to their vital the testing of new energy devices can onlywill amplify the inherent magnetic unified importance in machine design, and this be described as "bizarre" and are of no sub-charged mass and, for a finite time, retard explains why electric motors have never stance whatsoever.or very nearly block off electron flow, New mentation must evolve wherebythus precluding current flow. This is our new energy devices performances aretermed the relaxation time of the mass of "measured" in accordance with the truth,the circuit element, i.e., in this case, the and not with man-made laws and "pre-motor stators including windings. In sumptions" still in vogue today.addition to impulsing the source, there Every fossil-fuelled andare at least two possible methods of caus-ing a finite delay time, thereby retarding nuclear power station in the Input Power Measurement In relation to measuring the input powercurrent flow within the stator element: world could be shut down to the Adams Motor-Generator—where(1) using doped winding wire (at present,a difficult one); and (2) designing the sta- in the space of three years. there is a question of differentiating between the heat produced by the motortor(s) by incorporating sacred geometry, section and the heat produced by the gen-i.e., pi and phi involving the golden ratio. erator section, particularly where the The collector element will then become motor generator is one integral unit—aa secondary battery being used in a con- controversial situation is posed of howventional manner to power a load, which been improved upon during these past 100- best to calculate the measurement, if thedoes not affect the primary source. This odd years. measurement is determined calorimetri-power so provided in the external load is The role played by these two forces cally. In reality, it is irrelevant in any casefree, and sourced in such a way that the requires more investigation and under- to measure the quantities of heat of eitherprime mover source is not being bru- standing in the part they play in magnetism sections.talised—whereas they are designed to do and inductance as applied to electric I made the decision some years ago tojust that in conventional motors, which motors. The design parameters concerning abandon trying to differentiate between thethemselves, in turn, are brutalised with these two forces far outweigh the impor- two measurements—and, in so doing, putresultant high temperature and extremely tance of I2 R losses. an end to the unnecessary, laborious hourspoor performance. Bluntly, their role is It is incredible indeed to realise that elec- spent in complex calculations by measuringthat of destroying their own source of trical engineers and scientists in this mod- total heat power—and simply consider anypotential gradient and eventually destroy- ern technology age are still taught to use heat energy not harnessed as an additionaling themselves. free-trapped electromagnetic energy to loss together with other normal losses. There is massive trapped energy in many destroy the source of the said energy, by This is entirely acceptable for the verynatural materials, especially metals. Latent placing these "stone age" motors across the reason that all losses are of no consequencemagnetic energy is ever present in these national grid systems and/or battery energy whatsoever in this technology, as thematerials, and this energy I describe within sources. In this brutal way, millions of machine in question is operating in thethe structures of electric motors is found to megawatts of energy is wasted daily dimension commonly known and referredplay an important role, together with that of throughout the world in the manner to in scientific circles as "zero point", i.e.,the energy harnessed from the small air gap described above, and there is no excuse for energy generation being "infinite", withbetween the rotor and stator sections. This allowing such a monstrous waste to persist power incrementally increasing with time,applies to both motors and generators alike. any longer. Every fossil-fuelled and as the calorimetric graph indicates. Power source applied to electric motors nuclear power station in the world could be The machine is now in a situation where-expands the ever present covert electro- shut down in the space of three years. by it is creating potentially high steammagnetic flux of the metal materials, i.e., pressure to drive a turbine which, in turn,the iron core and copper windings. It is not Defining the New Energy Devices generates free electric power to drive yetthe impressed energy applied to the motor There is a problem with definitions of another Adams Motor-Generator by whichthat creates the inductive field, as taught in "unity", "zero point", "over unity" and to generate further heat, ad infinitum.54 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 55. NEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEWSCIENCE This kind of evidence, in my knowledge Then, it also produces mechanical energy "What we can measure is:of science, is the only method by which the and heat energy. Since no mechanical 1) Voltage (potential difference);violation of the law of conservation of work or heat is put into the machine, these 2) Temperature (thermal difference);energy can be explicitly shown beyond all outputs represent an infinite percentage 3) Mass (weight or atomic volume);doubt. gain over the zero amounts put in—more 4) Distance (length); At this point, I refer the reader to the fol- than enough to irrefutably crush conven- 5) Time (duration).lowing comments from an internationally tional explanations! Absolutely spectacu- "The cross-product between temperaturerecognised scientist in applied aetheric lar! You are liberating real work from the and mass gives us work units of calories orenergy technologies, one Dr Peter aether! BTUs. The cross-product of distance andLindemann of the USA, from his corre- "Since we really dont know the equiva- mass gives us work units of foot-poundsspondence of 16 October 1999: lent values of electrical mechanical heat in or dyne-centimeters, which can also be real units, it seems best to measure inputs expressed as joules (1 joule = 0.7375 foot- "Thank you for the package of your lat- and outputs for each energy manifestation pounds = 107 dyne-centimeters). Watts areest writing. In my humble opinion, it is the separately. In this way, your machine defined as a joules per second or as voltsbest material I have seen to date. Your times amperes. This makes a joule alsodocumentation on the violation of equal to a watt-second by definition.Ohms law is monumental! But since current and resistance areCongratulations. Also, your eloquent I do not subscribe to the generated by calculation according todefense of yourself and others in the Ohms law, the watt-second cannot befield is masterful. Spoken as the real definitions of "over 100% measured as a unit of electrical work, itleader you are. efficiency" or "beyond unity". can only be measured as a unit of "Now that you know, with confi- mechanical work. Without Ohms law,dence, that Ohms law only operates There can be no "beyond there is no way to determine work inwithin a narrow window, and that once unity", as the totality of the electrical machinery unless you resort tooutside this window it begins to fail as calorimetry. Then, and only then, cana useful method to calculate accurately Universe is Unity. you measure things again, and get awaythe behaviour of certain equipment, from calculating. This is what you aresuch as your machines, surely you can already doing, which is exactly correct!"now better appreciate what I have stat- — Peter A. Lindemann,ed in the past, that we do not know what the shines like a beacon toward a new horizon. Borderland Sciences Research Foundationreal equivalences are between electrical It also begs the question, Since you are (PO Box 220, Bayside CA 95524, USA)work as watt-hours, heat work as BTUs, getting all of the electricity you put in backand mechanical work as foot-pounds. If out, where does the heat and mechanical Contact Detailswe really do not know what the equiva- energy come from? This way of looking at F or fu rthe r informa tion on Ada mslences are, then we cannot calculate con- it shatters any hope of finding an explana- Technologies, contact Robert Adams,versions between these units of measure! I tion within the conversion or efficiency DSc, FNZEI, MS & MN (UK) at:really do not know how to make this point ideas of the first law of thermodynamics. Aethmogen Technologiesmore emphatically!" "The real efficiency of your machine is New Energy Scientists unknown because it proves that nothing is (Incorporating The Robert Adams And, in further correspondence, Dr being converted into anything else. Energy Foundation Charitable Trust, NZ)Lindemann comments: effects are simply appearing from t h e 91 Domain Road "There is also another way of looking at aether, nowhere, counter-space, the Zero Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealandthe efficiency of your machine. Your Point...you name it. The truth is, we still Telephone/fax: +64 (0)7 308 8484machine recovers all of the electrical input. dont know how best to do it. Website: www.aethmogen.com Editors Note APOLOGY NEXUS first published an article on the Robert Adams Motor-Generator in the In Science News in our last issue, 7/06, Dec 1992–Jan 1993 issue (2/11) and followed up with items in 2/15, 2/26, 2/27, we published an article, "A New Theory of 3/03 and 3/04. Copies of The Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator Manual Gravity: A Brief Introduction", by David and the Addendum update are still available from NEXUS offices. W. Allan of www.allanstime.com. While Dr Adams has written a specially updated 2000 edition of his compilation, it is our policy to obtain the necessary per- Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science. It covers subjects including missions to reproduce copyrighted articles such as this one, and while we thought we nature and the environment, pollution, politics, the scientific establishment as had done so in this case, unfortunately we well as aether energy technologies and devices, modern calorimetric aether seem to have inadvertently omitted this power measurement techniques, Adams thermo-motor-generators, aetheric ener- step in this instance. We offer our apolo- gy from mosfets and magnets, and more. It also includes papers written by emi- gy to Allans TIME for this error and hope nent scientific pioneers in ferromagnetics and aether technology, e.g., UK engi- it does not impair their process of obtain- neer Dr Harold Aspden. The book is available from Aethmogen Technologies for ing peer review for a publication which NZ$42.00 + p&h (NZ$3.00 in NZ; NZ$6.50 elsewhere). they are now preparing.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 55
  • 56. 56 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 57. A CONTROVERSIAL EPISODE IN 19TH-CENTURY ARCHAEOLOGY M y theoretical approach to archaeology is informed by the Puranas, the histor- ical writings of ancient India, which posit a human presence extending much further back in time than most archaeologists today are prepared to accept (Cremo, 1999). Therefore I was intrigued when I learned of some anom- alously old stone tools discovered by Carlos Ribeiro, a Portuguese geologist of the 19th century. In the 1860s, While I was going through the writings of the American geologist J. D. Whitney (1880) who reported evidence for Tertiary human beings in California,1 I encountered a sentence Portuguese or two about Ribeiro having found flint implements in Miocene formations near Lisbon. The Tertiary comprises a group of geological periods—the Pliocene, Miocene, Oligocene, geologist Carlos Eocene and Palaeocene—extending from 2 million to 65 million years ago. The Miocene extends from 5 million to 25 million years ago. According to current accounts, the oldest Ribeiro found anatomically modern humans came into existence about 100,000 to 150,000 years ago, and the oldest hominids, human ancestors, go back about 4 million years. worked flints in Later I saw Ribeiros name again, this time in the 1957 edition of Fossil Men by Boule Miocene strata and Vallois, who rather curtly dismissed his work. I was led, however, by Boule and Vallois to the 1883 edition of Le Préhistorique by Gabriel de Mortillet, who gave a which suggest a favourable report of Ribeiros discoveries. From de Mortillets bibliographic references, I went to Ribeiros original reports. Using all of this material, I wrote about Ribeiros dis- much earlier date coveries and their reception in Forbidden Archeology (Cremo and Thompson, 1993). When I learned last year that the European Association of Archaeologists annual meet- for the emergence ing for the year 2000 was going to be held in Lisbon, I proposed a paper on Ribeiros work for the section on the history of archaeology. Previously I had relied only on pub- of modern humans lished records. But for my new research, I visited the Museu Geológico in Lisbon, where I studied a collection of Ribeiros artifacts. The artifacts were stored out of sight, below than that accepted the display cases featuring more conventionally acceptable artifacts from the Portuguese by mainstream Stone Ages. 2 After spending a week examining and photographing the artifacts, I went to the library of the Institute of Geology and Mines at Alfragide to study Ribeiros personal scientists today. papers,3 and later I went to visit some of the sites where Ribeiro collected his specimens.4 At the archaeology conference in Lisbon, I presented Ribeiros discoveries as a case study, showing how contemporary archaeology treats facts that no longer conform to accepted views. Keep in mind that for most current students of archaeology, Ribeiro and his discoveries simply do not exist. You have to go back to textbooks printed over 40 years ago to find even a mention of him. Did Ribeiros work really deserve to be so thor- oughly forgotten? I think not. A SUMMARISED HISTORY OF RIBEIROS DISCOVERIES In 1857, Ribeiro was named to head the Geological Commission of Portugal, and he would also be elected to the Portuguese Academy of Sciences. In 1860, Ribeiro learned by Michael A. Cremo © 2000 that flints bearing signs of human work had been found in Tertiary beds between Research Associate in Carregado and Alemquer, two small towns in the basin of the Tagus River, about 35 to 40 History and Philosophy of Science kilometres northeast of Lisbon. Ribeiro began his own investigations, and in many locali- Bhaktivedanta Institute ties found "flakes of worked flint and quartzite in the interior of the beds". 9701 Venice Boulevard #5 Ribeiro found himself in a dilemma. The geology of the region indicated the limestone Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA beds were of Tertiary age, but Ribeiro (1873a:97) felt he must submit to the then prevalent Website: www.mcremo.com idea that humans were not older than the Quaternary. (The Quaternary is the most recent geological age, comprising the Pleistocene and Holocene. It extends from two millionDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 57
  • 58. years ago to the present.) Ribeiro therefore assigned Quaternary in his Musée Préhistorique (G. and A. de Mortillet, 1881).ages to the implement-bearing strata (Ribeiro, 1866; Ribeiro and De Mortillet (1883:99) wrote: "The intentional work is veryDelgado, 1867). well established, not only by the general shape, which can be Upon seeing the maps and accompanying reports, geologists in deceptive, but much more conclusively by the presence of clearlyother countries were perplexed. The French geologist E. de evident striking platforms and strongly developed bulbs ofVerneuil wrote to Ribeiro on May 27, 1867, asking him to send an percussion."explanatory note; this was read at the June 17 meeting of the Leland W. Patterson (1983), an expert in distinguishing arti-Geological Society of France and later published in the bulletin of facts from "naturefacts", believes that the bulb of percussion is thethe Society (Ribeiro, 1867). On July 16, de Verneuil wrote once most important sign of intentional work on a flint flake. In addi-more to Ribeiro, again objecting to his placing the Portuguese for- tion to the striking platforms and bulbs of percussion, some ofmations in the Quaternary and insisting they must be Tertiary. Ribeiros specimens had several long vertical flakes removed in During that same year, Ribeiro learned that the Abbé Louis parallel, something not likely to occur in the course of randomBourgeois, a reputable investigator, had reported finding stone battering by the forces of nature.implements in Tertiary beds in France, and that some authorities De Mortillet (1883:99–100) further observed: "Many of thesupported him (de Mortillet, 1883:85). Under the twin influences specimens, on the same side as the bulb of percussion, have hol-of de Verneuils criticism and the discoveries of Bourgeois, lows with traces and fragments of sandstone adhering to them, aRibeiro began reporting that implements of human manufacture fact which establishes their original position in the strata." Inhad been found in Miocene formations in Portugal (Ribeiro, 1871, other words, they had not slipped into the Miocene beds in more1873a:98). recent times. From the standpoint of moderngeology, Ribeiros assessment of RIBEIRO IS VINDICATEDthe age of the implement-bearing At the 1880 meeting of theformations in the Tagus River val- International Congress ofley near Lisbon is correct. The Prehistoric Anthropology andoffical geological maps of Archaeology, held in Lisbon,Portugal show the formations at Portugal, Ribeiro served as gen-Ribeiros key sites to be Early to eral secretary. 5 Although veryMiddle Miocene (Zbyszweski and busy with all of the details ofFerreira, 1966:9–11). organising the event, and some- In 1871, Ribeiro exhibited to what ill, he delivered a report onthe members of the Portuguese his artifacts and displayed moreAcademy of Science at Lisbon a specimens that were "extractedcollection of flint and quartzite from Miocene beds" (Ribeiro,implements, including those gath- 1884:86).ered from the Tertiary formations In his report ("Lhomme terti-of the Tagus valley, and published aire en Portugal"), Ribeiroa study on them (Ribeiro, 1871). (1884:88) stated:The implements described in this "The conditions in which thestudy show not only striking plat- worked flints were found in theforms, bulbs of percussion and beds are as follows:worked edges, but also signs of (1) They were found as integraluse. parts of the beds themselves. In 1872, at the International (2) They had sharp, well-pre-Congress of Prehistoric served edges, showing that theyAnthropology and Archaeology had not been subject to transportmeeting in Brussels, Ribeiro gave for any great distance.another report on his discoveries (3) They had a patina similar inand displayed more specimens, colour to the rocks in the strata ofmostly pointed flakes. A. W. Carlos Ribeiro (1813–1882) was appointed head of the which they formed a part."Franks, Conservator of National Geological Commission of Portugal in 1857. The second point is especiallyAntiquities and Ethnography at the British Museum, stated that important. Some geologists claimed that the flint implements hadsome of the specimens were the product of intentional work. been introduced into Miocene beds by the floods and torrents that Ribeiros Miocene flints made an impressive showing, but periodically washed over this terrain. According to this view,remained controversial. At the Paris Exposition of 1878, Ribeiro Quaternary flint implements may have entered into the interior ofdisplayed specimens of Tertiary flint tools in the gallery of the Miocene beds through fissures and been cemented there,anthropological science. De Mortillet visited Ribeiros exhibit acquiring over a long period of time the coloration of the beds (deand, in the course of examining the specimens carefully, decided Quatrefages, 1884:95). But if the flints had been subjected tothat they had indubitable signs of human work. such transport, then the sharp edges would most probably have De Mortillet, along with his friend and colleague Emile been damaged, and this was not the case.Cartailhac, enthusiastically brought other archaeologists to see The Congress assigned a special commission of scientists theRibeiros specimens, and they were all of the same opinion: the task of directly inspecting the implements and the sites fromflints were definitely made by humans. Cartailhac then pho- which they had been gathered. On September 22, 1880, at six intographed the specimens, and de Mortillet later presented pictures the morning, the commission members boarded a special train and58 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 59. proceeded north from Lisbon, getting off at Carregado. They pro- questions, a congress of Europes leading archaeologists andceeded further north to Otta, and two kilometres northeast from anthropologists deputed a committee to conduct a first-handOtta arrived at the southern slopes of the hill called Monte investigation of one of the sites of Ribeiros discoveries. There, aRedondo. At that point, the scientists dispersed into various scientist discovered in situ an implement in a Miocene bed, asravines in search of flints.6 witnessed by several other members of the committee. Paul Choffat (1884a:63), secretary of the commission, laterreported to the Congress: "Of the many flint flakes and apparent RIBEIROS FINDINGS ENTER SCIENTIFIC OBLIVIONcores taken from the midst of the strata under the eyes of the com- Carlos Ribeiro died in 1882. In 1889, his colleague Joaquimmission members, one was judged as leaving no doubt about the Fillipe Nery Delgado conducted some new explorations at Monteintentional character of the work." This was the specimen found Redondo. Delgado recovered some artifacts, which he displayedin situ by Bellucci. Choffat then noted that Bellucci had found on at the 10th International Congress of Prehistoric Anthropologythe surface other flints with incontestable signs of work. They and Archaeology.appeared to be Miocene implements that had been removed from No artifacts bearing signs of human work were found in exca-the Miocene conglomerates by atmospheric vations he conducted. Delgado (1889:530)agencies. therefore declared he had not been able to De Mortillet (1883:102) gave an informa- duplicate Ribeiros discoveries of workedtive account of the excursion to Otta andBelluccis remarkable discovery: Altogether, flints in solid rock. But Delgado did see signs of human work on the flints found there seems little reason loose on the ground (1889:530). He said that "The members of the Congress why Ribeiros discoveries many of these naturally separated from the "are incontestably Tertiary arrived at Otta, in the middle of a great and have been freshwater formation. It was the bottom should not be receiving underlying beds solely by the action of of an ancient lake, with sand and clay in the centre and sand and rocks on the some serious attention, atmospheric agencies" (1889:529). Delgados In the discussion that followed edges. It is on the shores that intelligent even today. talk, de Mortillet said he did not think beings would have left their tools, and it Delgados failure to find worked flints in his is on the shores of the lake that once four excavations was all that significant. He bathed Monte Redondo that the Here we have a pointed out that even in places very search was made. It was crowned professional geologist, rich in artifacts, such as Chelles and St with success. Acheul in France, one could go through "The able investigator of the head of Portugals many cubic metres of sediment without Umbria, Mr Bellucci, discovered Geological Commission, finding any flints showing signs of in situ a flint bearing incontestable work (Delgado, 1889:532). signs of intentional work. Before making discoveries of In 1905, in a memorial volume dedi- detaching it, he showed it to a flint implements in cated to Ribeiro, Delgado further dis- number of his colleagues. The tanced himself from the conclusions of flint was strongly encased in the Miocene strata. his departed colleague (1905:33–34). rock. He had to use a hammer to Influenced by the discovery of extract it. It is definitely of the Pithecanthropus erectus in Java in the same age as the deposit. Instead of 1890s, he cast doubt on the discoveries lying flat on a surface onto which of Ribeiro. Pithecanthropus, an ape it could have been secondarily man, had been found without any stone recemented at a much later date, it was found firmly in place tools in a formation that scientists considered to be from the very on the underside of a ledge extending over a region removed latest part of the Tertiary. Delgado implied that this ruled out the by erosion. It is impossible to desire a more complete existence of humans like us in the Tertiary, anywhere in the demonstration attesting to a flints position in its strata." world. He also implied that Pithecanthropus made it unlikely that similar precursors to modern humans would be found in the Study of the fauna and flora in the region around the Monte European Tertiary. South-East Asia, apparently, would be theRedondo site showed that the formations present there can be place to look.assigned to the Tortonian stage of the Late Miocene period (de In 1942, Henri Breuil and G. Zbyszewski of the GeologicalMortillet, 1883:102). Some modern authorities consider the Otta Service of Portugal restudied the artifacts collected by Ribeiro.conglomerates to be from the Burdigalian stage of the Early They suggested that some of them did not actually display anyMiocene (Antunes et al., 1980:139). After the excursion, the signs of intentional human work. And, not accepting the Tertiarycommission members discussed Ribeiros artifacts and came to a age of the rest, they reclassified them as corresponding to accept-conclusion that was generally favourable to the authenticity of the ed Pleistocene and Holocene industries, such as the Clactonian,discoveries (Choffat, 1884b:92–93). Tayencian, Levalloisian, Mousterian, Upper Palaeolithic, Altogether, there seems little reason why Ribeiros discoveries Mesolithic and Neo-Eneolithic (Zbyszewski and Ferreira,should not be receiving some serious attention, even today. Here 1966:85–86; Breuil and Zbyszewski, 1942).we have a professional geologist, the head of Portugals Geological Here is one example of such reclassification. Ribeiro (1871:14)Commission, making discoveries of flint implements in Miocene described an implement of light-brown flint. It was one of severalstrata. The implements resembled accepted types, and they extracted from the Lower Miocene beds forming the hill calleddisplayed characteristics that modern experts in lithic technology Murganheira. The implement from the Miocene beds ataccept as signs of human manufacture. To resolve controversial Murganheira has worked edges, two of them joining to form aDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 59
  • 60. point. The point shows signs of use. On the tool itself is written Ben Souda quarry near Fez, stone tools were found in place in the"15.IV.1869 1.5 km N da Bemposta", indicating the artifact was Saissian formation which had long been considered Pliocene.found on April 15, 1869, 1.5 kilometres north of Bemposta, a Noting the similarity of the Ben Souda tools to the Acheuleanlocality just south of the Murganheira hill. On the new label pre- tools from a Middle Pleistocene formation at Cuvette de Sidipared by the Geological Service of Portugal during the period of Abderrahman in the area of Casablanca, Onoratini et al.reclassification, the artifact is identified as an Upper Palaeolithic(1990:330) decided to characterise the part of the Saissian forma-flint implement found by Ribeiro at Murganheira, near Alemquer. tion containing the tools at Ben Souda as also being MiddleApparently there was no disputing the artifactual nature of the Pleistocene (repeating the early mistake of Ribeiro!). Anotherobject, but its age was assigned on the basis of its form rather thanpossibility that deserves to be considered is that there are tools ofits geological provenance. The Upper Palaeolithic refers to a time Acheulean type in the Tertiary of Morocco.in the later Pleistocene when humans of modern type were mak- It may be noted that anatomically modern human skeletaling stone tools of relatively advanced type. remains have been found in the Tertiary (Pliocene) of Italy at Some time after this reclassification of Ribeiros collection, theCastenedolo (Ragazzoni, 1880; Sergi, 1884; Cremo andartifacts were removed from display at the Museo Geológico in Thompson, 1993:422–432) and at Savona (de Mortillet, 1883:70;Lisbon. Ribeiro and his artifacts entered into an oblivion from Issel, 1868; Cremo and Thompson, 1993:433–435). There maywhich they have yet to emerge. therefore be some reason, once more, to con- sider the possibility of Tertiary industries inA CONFLICT OF FACT AND THEORY Portugal. The history Carlos Ribeiros discoveries Such a possibility is not much in favourdemonstrates the complex interpretative Some time after this today, as can be seen in a recent critical sur-interplay between geology and archaeology vey of evidence for the earliest human occu-and evolutionary theories. In the 19th centu- reclassification of pation of Europe (Roebroeks and Vanry, even though most European archaeolo- Ribeiros collection, the Kolfschoten, 1995). The basic thrust of thegists were working within an evolutionary book, which is a collection of papers pre-framework, the time dimension of the evolu- artifacts were removed sented at a conference on the earliest occupa-tionary process had not been settled, mainly from display at the tion of Europe (held at Tautavel, France, inbecause of the lack of skeletal evidence in 1993), is to endorse a short chronology, withappropriate geological contexts. The loose- Museo Geológico solid evidence for first occupation occurringness of the evolutionary framework therefore in Lisbon. in the Middle Pleistocene at around 500,000allowed archaeologists to contemplate years. Other discoveries favouring athe existence of Tertiary humans. long chronology, perhaps extending That changed in the very last decade Ribeiro and his into the earliest Pleistocene (1.8 to 2of the 19th century. With the discovery million years) are mentioned, althoughof Pithecanthropus erectus, Darwinists artifacts entered into an the consensus among the authors of thebegan to solidify an evolutionary pro- oblivion from which Tautavel papers is that such evidence isgression that led from Pithecanthropus, highly questionable. The sites and theat the Plio-Pleistocene boundary, to they have yet artifacts are nevertheless mentioned,anatomically modern humans in the to emerge. and are not entirely dismissed. TheLate Pleistocene. This left no room for editors and authors of individual chap-Tertiary humans anywhere in the ters simply say that, in many cases, bet-world, and put the spotlight on South- ter confirmation of the age of the siteEast Asia as the place to look for and the intentional manufacture of theTertiary precursors to Pithecanthropus. artifacts is required.Ribeiros discoveries lost their rele- Given this liberal approach, Ribeirosvance and gradually disappeared from the discourse on human artifacts should have been mentioned in the chapter on the Iberianorigins.7 Peninsula (Raposo and Santonja, 1995). In that chapter, the A century later, things have changed somewhat. Africa is now authors give the impression that the oldest reported stone toolgenerally recognised as the place where hominids first arose. For industries in Portugal are Early Pleistocene pebble industries, doc-some time, the earliest tools were thought to date back only to the umented by Breuil and Zbyszewski (1942–1945). Raposo andEarly Pleistocene. But in recent years, archaeologists are once Santonja (1995:13) called into question the dating of the pebblemore pushing the onset of stone toolmaking well into the Tertiary. tool sites, concluding that they "do not document beyond doubtOldowan tools have been found in the Pliocene at Gona, Ethiopia any Early Pleistocene human occupation". But the main point is(Semaw et al., 1997). The tools, found in large numbers and this: although the industries reported by Breuil and Zbyszewskidescribed as surprisingly sophisticated, are about 2.5–2.6 million were not accepted, they were at least acknowledged. The same isyears old. Therefore, we should expect to find stone tools going true of other controversial sites indicating a possible Earlyback even further into the Tertiary. Pleistocene occupation elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula. Conventional candidates for the Tertiary toolmakers include Raposo and Santonja did not accept them, but they acknowledgedthe earliest H o m o or one of the australopithecines (Steele, their existence, thus offering current archaeologists the option of1999:25). But there are other possibilities. Footprints described conducting further research to establish more firmly either theas anatomically modern occur in Pliocene volcanic ash, 3.7 mil- dates of the sites or the artifactual nature of the stone objectslion years old, at Laetoli, Tanzania (M. Leakey, 1979).8 There is found there. Ribeiros discoveries deserve similar treatment.even evidence putting toolmakers close to the Iberian Peninsula, One possible objection is that although there is some reason toin Morocco, in the Late Tertiary (Onoratini et al., 1990). At the believe in a possible Early Pleistocene occupation or even a very60 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 61. late Pliocene occupation of Europe, there is no reason to support aMiocene habitation. But there is a body of evidence that can pro-vide a context in which the Miocene discoveries of Ribeiro mightmake some sense. Miocene flint tools are reported from Puy de Boudieu, nearAurillac, in the department of Cantal in the Massif Central regionof France (Verworn, 1905). The flint implements were found inlayers of fluviatile sands, stones and eroded chalk, along with fos-sils of a typical Miocene fauna, including D i n o t h e r i u mgiganteum, Mastodon longirostris, Rhinocerus schleiermacheriand Hipparion gracile. The implement-bearing layers were cov-ered with basalt flows (Verworn, 1905:17). Verworn was very cautious in identifying the objects he foundas objects manufactured by humans. Summarising his methodol-ogy, Verworn (1905:29) said: "Suppose I find in an interglacial stone bed a flint that bears a clear bulb of percussion, but no other symptoms of intentional work. In that case, I would be doubtful as to whether or not I had before me an object of human manufacture. But suppose I find there a flint which on one side shows all the typical signs of percussion, and which on the other side shows the negative impressions of two, three, four or more flakes removed by blows in the same direction. Furthermore, let us suppose one edge of the piece shows numerous successive small parallel flakes removed, all running in the same direction, and all, without exception, located on the same side of the edge. Let us suppose that all the other edges are sharp, without a trace of impact or rolling. Then I can say with complete certainty: it is an implement of human manufacture." This flint implement was found by Carlos Ribeiro in Miocene Verworn found about 200 specimens satisfying these criteria, formations at Espinhaço de Cão, Portugal.and some of these also showed use-marks on the working edges. Similar discoveries come from various places around the world. the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array ofThey include stone tools from the Miocene of Burma (Noetling, testimony with which he was confronted."1894), stone tools and artistically carved animal bone from the Holmes (1899:470) specifically appealed the Java Man discov-Miocene of Turkey (Calvert, 1874), incised and carved animal ery, suggesting that Whitneys evidence should be rejectedbones from the Miocene of Europe(Garrigou and Filhol, 1868; von Dücker,1873), stone tools from the Miocene ofEurope (Bourgeois, 1873), stone tools andhuman skeletal remains from the Mioceneof California (Whitney, 1880), and a humanskeleton from the Miocene of France (deMortillet, 1883:72). For an extensivereview of such evidence from all periods ofthe Tertiary, from all parts of the world, seeCremo and Thompson (1993). Much of this evidence, like Ribeiros evi-dence, disappeared from active considera-tion by archaeologists because of their com-mitment to a human evolutionary progres-sion anchored on Pithecanthropus erectus(Cremo, forthcoming). For example, the influential anthropolo-gist William H. Holmes (1899:424), of theSmithsonian Institution, rejected theCalifornia gold mine discoveries reportedby J. D. Whitney by saying: "Perhaps ifProfessor Whitney had fully appreciated thestory of human evolution as it is understood Author Michael A. Cremo examines a formation at Monte Redondo, Portugal,today, he would have hesitated to announce the site of some of Carlos Ribeiros discoveries.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 61
  • 62. because "it implies a human race older by at least one half than RESURRECTING RIBEIROPithecanthropus erectus of Dubois, which may be regarded as an The discoveries of Ribeiro, and other evidences for Tertiaryincipient form of human only". man uncovered by European archaeologists and geologists, are Not all of the evidence for Tertiary Homo comes from the 19th today attributed (if they are discussed at all) to the inevitable mis-century. K. N. Prasad (1982:101), of the Geological Survey of takes of untutored members of a young discipline.India, described "a crude unifacial hand-axe pebble tool recovered Another possible explanation is that some of the discoveries arefrom the Late Miocene–Pliocene (9–10 m.y. BP) at Haritalyangar, genuine, and were filtered out of the normal discourse of a com-Himachal Pradesh, India". He added (1982:102): "The imple- munity of archaeologists that had adopted, perhaps prematurely,ment was recovered in situ, during remeasuring of the geological an evolutionary paradigm that placed the origins of stone tool-succession to assess the thickness of the beds. Care was taken to making in the Pleistocene.confirm the exact provenance of the material, in order to rule out But as the time-line of human toolmaking begins once more tothe possibility of its derivation from younger horizons." reach back into the Tertiary, perhaps we should withhold finalDescribing the tool itself, Prasad said (1982:102): "The quartz judgement on Ribeiros discoveries. A piece of the archaeologicalartefact, heart-shaped (90 x 70 mm), was obviously fabricated puzzle that does not fit the consensus picture at a particularfrom a rolled pebble, the dorsal side of which shows rough flak- moment may find a place as the nature of the whole pictureing... On the ventral side, much of the marginal cortex is present changes.at the distal end. Crude flaking has been attempted for fashioning As an historian of archaeology, I believe that the discoveries ofa cutting edge. Marginal flaking at the lateral edge on the ventral Ribeiro remain worthy of being considered in discussions of theside is visible." Prasad concluded (1982:103): "It is not impossi- earliest human occupation of Europe. I am pleased that theble that fashioning tools commenced even as early as the later Museo Geológico in Lisbon is once more considering exhibitingMiocene and evolved in a time-stratigraphic period embracing the the artifacts. 19 I also encourage new investigations at MonteAstian–Villafranchian." Redondo and other sites identified by Ribeiro. ∞About the Author: reached Eocene river channels, sealed under village of Otta (Ribeiro, 1866:42). (6) MonteMichael A. Cremo is a Research Associate hundreds of feet of Miocene and Pliocene Redondo, about two kilometres northeast ofin the History and Philosophy of Science basalt flows in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Otta (Ribeiro, 1866:45).with the Bhaktivedanta Institute, the sci- at places such as Table Mountain in 5. The Congress was held in the ornate mainence studies branch of the International Tuolumne County, California. See Cremo hall of the library in the building housing theSociety for Krishna Consciousness. His and Thompson (1993:370–393, 439–452) for Academia Real das Ciências, located on thework as an historian of archaeology is a review and discussion. floor below the Museu Geológico. The hall,informed and inspired by his studies of the 2. The Museu Geológico is located on the still there today, is worth a visit.ancient Sanskrit writings of India. Among second floor of the 17th-century building in 6. In July 2000, I retraced the commissions the historic centre of Lisbon that also houses route. There is a road leading east from Ottathese writings are the Puranas, or histories, the Academia Real das Ciências de Lisboa. I to Aveiras de Cima. Just as this road leaveswhich speak of a human presence going was able to match artifacts in the museum Otta, one turns onto a small dirt road leadingback many millions of years, contradicting collection to 21 of the 128 drawings of arti- north and, following it, one eventuallythe current evolutionary theories of human facts shown in Ribeiros principal publication comes to Monte Redondo. Monte Redondoorigins. on them (Ribeiro, 1871). Artifacts were and the surrounding area remain in a natural Michael Cremos most recent publica- matched to figures 13, 15, 16, 26, 27, 29, condition, undisturbed by any construction.tion, "Puranic Time and the Archaeological 36, 36b, 43, 45, 46, 55, 62, 63, 64, 73, 74, Although I suspect the landscape hasRecord", was originally presented as a 77, 80, 82, 94. Assuming that all the arti- changed somewhat, ravines on the southernpaper at the World Archaeological facts figured in Ribeiros 1871 publication slopes of Monte Redondo, like thoseCongress 3, New Delhi, 1994, and is were originally in the collection, it appears described in the report of the conferenceincluded in the WAC3 Proceedings vol- that most are now misplaced or otherwise expedition, are still visible. Their profilesume, Time and Archaeology, edited by Tim missing. resemble the one figured by de MortilletMurray (published by Routledge, 1999). 3. The Instituto Geológico e Mineiro is (1883:101).Another paper, "The Later Discoveries of located in Alfragide, in the newer western 7. In the Pithecanthropus erectus discovery,Boucher de Perthes at Moulin Quignon suburbs of Lisbon. The library of the Museu Dubois associated a femur with a skullcap.and their Bearing on the Moulin Quignon Geológico was transferred there from central Considering the historical impact ofJaw Controversy", has been selected for Lisbon a few years ago. Pithecanthropus on consideration of evi-publication in the Proceedings of the XXth 4. The main guide to the localities I visited dence for Tertiary humans, it is noteworthyInternational Congress of His tory of was Ribeiros 1866 publication. The locali- that modern researchers no longer considerScience, held in Liège, Belgium, July ties that I found, with considerable help from the association genuine. When Day and19–26, 1997. His most recent book is Portuguese friends who served as drivers and Molleson (1973) carefully re-examined theForbidden Archeologys Impact (1998). It translators, were: (1) A site at the base of an femur, they found it not different fromdocuments the varied responses to his con- escarpment that runs along the north side of anatomically modern human femurs and dis- the road that goes from Carregado to tinct from all other erectus femurs.troversial book Forbidden Archeology Cadafaes (Ribeiro, 1866:28). The site is 8. Leakey herself (1979:453) said the prints(1993, co-authored with R. L. Thompson). about half the distance between Carregado were exactly like anatomically modern and Cadafaes (now spelled Cadafais), and human footprints—a judgement shared byEndnotes can be reached by a small dirt road going some physical anthropologists (Tuttle,1. Whitney was a prominent geologist, and through some vineyards. (2) Quinta de Cesar 1981:91, 1987:517). Tim White said, "Makehis reports on the discoveries were published in Carregado (Ribeiro, 1866:32). (3) The hill no mistake about it. They are like modernby the Harvard University Museum of called Murganheira, east of Alemquer human footprints" (Johanson and Edey,Comparative Zoology. The discoveries (Ribeiro, 1866:34). (4) Encosta da Gorda, 1981:250).included anatomically modern human skele- near the eastern side of the Murganheira hilltal remains and stone artifacts, such as mor- (Ribeiro, 1866:34). (5) The site on the right Referencestars and pestles and obsidian spear-points. bank of the River Otta, where it passes the Turn to pages 83–84.They were found in gold mining tunnels that62 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 63. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 63
  • 64. 64 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 65. FINAL WORDS FROM Discovery Channel to get people acclima- from recreating antigravity vehicles, to my SCIENTIST DR MICHAEL WOLF tised to the idea that we are not alone. The knowledge. We are y e a r s away from An interview conducted Learning Channel and the Discovery duplicating UFOs, as far as I know. Some by Paola Harris © May 2000 Channel do not produce fiction. This is an triangular vehicles...some of them are said accurate perception. It is all factual. to be, like, three football fields length andI talian journalist and UFO researcher PH: Is the public ready for it, in your width and there is nothing to keep them up Paola Harris has interviewed Dr opinion? there. They are defying gravity. Michael Wolf several times, and below MW: Some are; some are not. The peo- P H : What about Illinois? Have youis the transcript of her last interview with ple who believe that they are the centre of heard about this?him, conducted on 8 March. Tragically, the Universe are never going to change MW: They are coming from all over.after a long illness, Michael Wolf, MD, their minds till one lands in their backyard, The Phoenix lights were huge, and that wasPhD, died on 18 September. then theyll say that it might be a Disney a blatant cover-up. They said: "Oh yes. Dr Wolf established a non-profit fund, thing. The same people who dont believe We were putting up flares." Flares fall.The Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation for in UFOs dont believe that man ever went These Phoenix lights did not fall. They putChildren, Inc., in memory of his son, and to the Moon. flares up to try to confuse people.the organisation is continuing its charita - PH: Are the lawsuits by Peter Gersten PH: There is a division in the field ofble work following Dr Wolfs passing. of CAUS [Campaign Against UFO ufology as to the alleged benevolence or Readers who havent read about the life Secrecy] having an impact in the intelli- hostile nature of ETs, including implica-and work of this extraordinary US mili - gence community? tions that many violent abductions aretary/intelligence scientist are referred to MW: No. They are not considered an staged Black Ops meant to propagate fearTwilight Zone in NEXUS 4/02 and Dr important problem. and suspicion against aliens. Do you con-Richard Boylans articles in 5/03 and 6/01. PH: There have been increasing num- cur regarding these violent abductions, andDr Wolfs book, The Catchers of Heaven, bers of sightings of extremely large trian- what is your opinion on the benevolent/was reviewed in NEXUS 4/06. — Editor gular craft, including over Belgium and hostile issue? Phoenix, Arizona, and there have been MW: There are minimalistic negative Paola Harris (PH): There is a growing recent reports from Illinois police. What abductions. John Macks new bookconsensus that the public is being gradually can you tell us about the origins of this tri- [Passport to the Cosmos ], which I justconditioned for eventual disclosure on angular craft? What is its agenda? Who is received from him, does point to a transfor-UFOs and extraterrestrials. Do you think flying it? mation of most abductees, as to multiplethis is an accurate perception? Is the public MW: Well, the very large ones are not abductions by aliens alone, and yes, thereready for disclosure? being flown by humans. Maybe there are have been somewhat sloppy abductions by Dr Michael Wolf (MW): This will be some triangular experimental craft, but humans parading as aliens or human-formtrue because the group that I am still advis- they are not completely silent and we are aliens wearing human uniforms, and yes,ing is using The Learning Channel and the miles...not miles away, but y e a r s a w a y there are anti-alien forces trying to confuseDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 65
  • 66. THE TWILIGHT ZONEpeople about abductions. Military abduc- best experts on this subject. I completely world of enlightenment, then?tions are not as widespread as a lot of peo-go along with him, and he has read my MW: It is more figurative; not literally aple think. book and he does agree completely with fifth world—I mean, we dont know even P H : Okay, now how would they do me. He is telling it the way it is. He does the "fourth" dimension. We can do thethat? Are they cloned aliens or are they not interpret data. He collects massive fourth dimension in math and physics.like holographic images? amounts of data. He says that these "so- There are many dimensions—at least MW: They are more like holographic called" negative abductions are one-tenth eleven.images. As the matter of fact, I know of of one per cent of all the rest of them. Its PH: Are you still planning an appear-several cases when they [abductees] were ones who misinterpret deliberately who ance at the Star Knowledge conference inable to put their arms and fingers through have anti-alien agendas and—we all know Atlanta, Georgia, this May 5th? If so, whatthese so-called aliens which werent aliens,who they are—write in their books that will be the theme of your presentationand then occasionally they would see a uni- they [grey aliens] are robotic; and no grey there?form and a human. They made errors in is robotic unless it is a holographic projec- MW: No. I am going to be very busythe holographic program. tion by humans. Next! working on "enlightenment programs" to PH: The public is asking your opinion PH: Can you expand on the dual nature let people know that most of the civilisa-on the benevolent/hostile issue. of man, and how you see it relating to the tions are just passing through like tourists, MW: Most are benevolent. Hopi prophecies regarding the fate of our and those who are interested...Id say theOccasionally some get through the alien planet for the year 2012? majority of those who are interested havebarrier, but they dont generally come back. MW: I dont think we have anything to plans for us that are "good" plans. TheyThey dont come back here once they are worry about. Gradually the whole world is dont want us destroying ourselves. Imspotted and identified. Once they have hid- going to know that we are not alone. There working on The Bright White Lightden agendas, once they are identified, they are two cable channels, the Discovery Quartet. I am also ill.are barred from coming here Channel and The Learning Channel, which PH: We have heard that you are suffer- PH: Who does this? Do we do this? Do never produce fiction: Discovery, to dis- ing from numerous maladies and complica-the benevolent aliens...? cover the truth, and The Learning Channel tions. Do you have any requests for prayer MW: Benevolent! [He laughs.] They to learn about it. They have been produc- and light in that regard from those whoare not goodie-goodie, but they dont want ing positive evidence of alien intervention support you?negative interference for the most part. in human affairs to try to keep us away MW: Ive already been receiving it and IThey [negative aliens] might get through from such prophecies. Prophecies are not am very grateful. Dont forget, for 48 yearsoccasionally, and that is what anti-alien written in stone: they can be changed by from the age of ten I have been exposed toufologists point out. But those are out of man. toxic substances. That was part of mymyriad races and they are few and far PH: They can be changed by man? work, just like those who...that group inbetween. MW: Why do you think God gave "free Area 51 who want a class action lawsuit, I think John Mack is possibly one of the will" rather than make us subjects of one who have suffered from working on "black "reality". programs"—and so did I. All the PH: Well. Thats pretty clear. goodness MW: Thats as clear as youre going to has already get! ∞ been planted (Source: from Paola Harris, Italy, e-mail like trees paolaharris@hotmail.com) and is sprouting. DR WEN HO LEE AND Read the SECRET RESEARCH INTO book and INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTALS read the by Richard Boylan, PhD © 2000 truth in it... T P H : his story may exceed what you are What about accustomed to consider as reality. going into But because advanced research and the "fifth development into extraterrestrial-derived world", as technology has taken place for the last 50 N a t i v e years out of public view, the popular view Americans of reality is almost five decades behind believe— actual scientific achievements. going from To process this story, it helps if you the "fourth accept that the government is not totally world to the forthcoming in the news stories it feeds the fifth"? Is media. It also helps to realise that the gov- Dr Michael Wolf, photographed with journalist Paola Harris. that just a ernment uses the word "nuclear secrets" as66 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 67. THE TWILIGHT ZONEa code-phrase for all kinds of secret silence and discredit him? bug. Now, I am a mild-mannered reporter,advanced technology, such as antigravity Recently, a plea-bargain was entered but when "they" try to prevent the truthpropulsion and psychotronic remote-influ- into by the US government and Wen Ho from coming out, I just become moreencing devices, and not just for atomic Lee, in which 58 felony counts were determined to have it see the light of day.weapons. dropped, and US District Court Judge And here you have it. An ex-NSA consultant, who has been James Parker apologised to Dr Lee for (Source: by Richard Boylan, PhD, LLC ©reliable in the past, informs me that gov- government misconduct which has "embar- 2 October 2000, PO Box 22310,ernment scientists working at Los Alamos rassed this entire nation". Sacramento, California 95822, USA, tel"Nuclear" Laboratory, New Mexico, have My ex-NSA consultant indicated that the +1 (916) 422 7479 (PDT), e-mail drboy -succeeded in generating a holographic por- plea-bargain was achieved because Dr Lee, lan@jps.net, websites www.jps.net/drboy -tal. They have used this portal to travel like so many who work in National lan/, http://DrRichBoylanReports.listbot.across space-time and possibly interdimen- Security areas, created a "get out of jail com/)sionally, and have seen into another world. free" card for himself. These scientists useWhat they saw there, my informant says self-protective measures such as stashing NINE DAYS BETWEEN WORLDScryptically, both frightened and intrigued information embarrassing to the govern- Dave Alans Extraordinarythem. He did not add any additional ment in safety-deposit boxes or with trust- Out-of-Body Experiencedetails. ed friends—with the proviso that, if any- by Rayelan Allan © 2000 This research would be a follow-on to thing should happen to them, the contents Tprevious successful, secret government would be shared with the press. alk America talk show host Daveresearch into time travel and teleportation. The efforts of Dr Lees family, many Alan suffered a massive brain-stemLos Alamos physicist Robert Lazar told friends and the Asian–American communi- stroke—the kind that is almostabout the governments Project G a l i l e o ty also helped create a public climate always fatal—and lived!research into time travel, which he was where Dr Lee was not going to serve quiet- For nine days, while his body lay in bed,briefed on when he worked at the S-4 Base ly as a sacrificial lamb. attached to machines that were keepingsouth of Area 51. him alive, Dave Alan wandered around the My NSA contact confirmed that the gov- Postscript hospital and talked to people who had died "They" did not want you to have this but were still trapped in the Earth plane.ernment has succeeded in time travel, but story. When my ex-NSA informant e- He says, "They were afraid to go on."also considers it a dangerous technology. mailed me this information, someone pene- Dave spent time talking with each ofTeleportation research conducted at the trated his state-of-the-art encryption and these souls. He was able to help themLawrence Livermore/Sandia National implanted a virus which caused my server make the transition from this world to theLaboratories, California, has had some suc- to freeze up on his exact message and not next. When he had finished sending thecessful results as well. download it, and thus blockade all my souls to God, he came back into his body Certain extraterrestrial races have been other incoming e-mail messages. It took and awoke.using portals of their own devising to visit two days of work and technical support Most people who suffer a massive brain-Earth. Now the US government, ever help to develop a go-around of the freeze- stem stroke do not survive. Eighty-sevenavaricious to copy ET technology, has cre-ated a primitive working model of its own. Dr Wen Ho Lee, nuclear scientist in theheadlines, worked on that holographic por-tal project, along with other scientists. You will recall that Dr Lee was accusedby the government of copying US "nuclearsecrets" onto a non-secure computer tape.In the previously lax security environmentof the professorial Los Alamos Labs, runby the University of California and accus-tomed to informal exchange of informationamong research colleagues, such "lapses ofsecurity" have been epidemic. If everyLANL scientist who took short-cuts aroundcertain security measures were prosecuted,Los Alamos would be a ghost town. Why, then, was Wen Ho Lee singled outfor such a severe and unconstitutional ninemonths of imprisonment without bail anddefamation by headlines? What does DrLee know about portal secrets, that thegovernment used the severest measures toDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 67
  • 68. THE TWILIGHT ZONEper cent of those who do survive are paral- listen to me. Others were listening, sitting him he was okay. They performed normalysed from the neck down. Most have lost there and looking at me. nursing jobs while they healed him andtheir ability to speak and have brain dam- "I was seeing people...beings who had gave him light and love. They bathed him,age. died a long time ago, walking around lost... changed his bed, took his temperature and Dave has no damage whatsoever to his sitting...waiting. Some had no idea what did all the things a regular nurse does.mental capacities. His voice has changed, they were waiting for. Some said they Dave says he had flowers in his room,but not from the stroke. The damage to his were waiting for St Peter to come get them. and he could communicate with them. Hevoice came from the tubes that kept him Others said they were waiting for Jesus to said if he asked the flower to move to thealive. A tracheotomy had to be performed. return and revive their body. left, it would. If he asked it to move inThe doctor says that he will have his voice "They were in limbo. Some listened to another way, it would move that way. Heback in a few more months. Daves left me and followed what I told them to do. said he kept thinking that he wanted to callarm and left leg are paralysed, but each day As they floated upward and disappeared his kids in and let them watch the flowersthey are getting back to normal. A full into another dimension, I could feel their as he made them dance.recovery is expected. loving presence around me. I could hear He could leave the house and walk down But will he ever be the same? their voices thanking me. They said they by the lake. He said that wherever he went Dave says his experience "between could see the light and hear voices. They there was always a glowing energy in theworlds" was so incredible that he is still thanked me for setting them free." atmosphere, an energy that was different"processing". He knows he will eventually Dave says that he never went down any than the Suns. In this place, he met beingswrite a book, because he now knows there tunnels. He said that at no time did his who could shape-shift and become anyare many other dimensions besides Earth, body actually die; the machines kept it kind of creature or animal they wanted. Heand he also knows that we are definitely alive. But for nine days, he stayed said they performed in front of him becausenot our body! "between worlds", at the opening of the they wanted him to know that we are not "We are spirit, and our spirit is too strong tunnel—the one that went to other dimen- our body—we are much more than ourto be trapped by any body!" Dave says. sions. This was where all sorts of souls body. Dave Alan is no longer afraid of"The experience showed me there are a lot who were afraid to leave the Earth plane death.of dead people that hang around hospitals. had gathered. It seems as if God had sent Dave is currently looking for a ghost-They are yoked down to Earth and unaware Dave to help the souls go home. writer who will help him write his book,of a n y higher spiritual consciousness. Dave says that at other times he felt he which he was told will be a best-seller. HeWhen they die, they are lost. They dont was convalescing on another plane in what was also told that he didnt die in this lifeknow whats going on. They dont under- appeared to be a private home. On the because there is a lot more work for him tostand it. No one has ever told them what to wall, a little door opened up. "Two do. Sharing the experience of what hap-expect. little...two-foot-tall beings... Indonesian- pened during his nine days "between "They just sit there...maybe forever, looking women" walked out of the door. worlds" gives people hope that when theywondering where to go, or if they can go... They walked down the wall and popped up die there is a whole new world waiting.if they are allowed to go. Some people...I onto his bed. Back in the early 1990s, Dave was onemean, some of these souls didnt want to They were very friendly and kept telling of the only radio talk show hosts who was covering the New World Order and the ero- sion of liberty in the United States. His guests included leaders of the militia move- ments, constitutionalists, gun rights advo- cates and investigators of government crimes and corruption. To get an idea of what Dave was like before the stroke, pull up this article writ- ten about him shortly after his stroke: www.egroups.com/message/RuMills/296. Then listen to the New Dave Alan on the Talk America Radio Network: www.talka- merica.com. Dave is on network #2 from Monday to Friday, 7 to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time, and Sunday 10 pm to mid- night PDT. You can leave a message for him at (888) 822 8255 (North America only). If you are local in the Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay area, you can listen to Dave on KSCO 1080 AM, same times as above. (Source: by Rayelan Allan, via Ru Mills, Rumor Mill News Agency, 24 September 2000, e-mail rumills@mindspring.com)68 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 69. DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 69
  • 70. 70 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 71. REVIEWS the wider conspiracy contexts), and the com- So many of these names are also members monalities are both fascinating and disturb- of secret societies, be they secular or occult- ing. He describes a pattern that is more easi- based. Marrs brings out the usual suspects, Reviewed by Ruth Parnell ly seen from the outside and often only seen from the CFR, TC and Skull and Bones toROGUE MESSIAHS: in hindsight, but not by those in denial that the Rothschilds and the Royal Institute ofTales of Self-Proclaimed Saviors their guru could be a cosmic conman. International Affairs.by Colin Wilson Wilson doesnt dismiss spiritual teachers; He then traces their fingerprints through to its just that so few of them dont get caught the Nazi and Thule cults, and weaves intoPublishers: Hampton Roads Publishing, the web the Theosophists and earlier occultUSA, 2000; Virgin, UK, 2001 (to be pub- up in egotistical power trips. His narrative and insights could be helpful to those com- movements including the Illuminati,lished as "The Devils Party" in March Freemasons and Rosicrucians, the Knights ing to terms with the disillusionment of real-2001, paperback only) Templar and Merovingians. He sees the ising that the object of their devotion may beISBN: 1-57174-175-5 (368pp hc, USA) more motivated by sex, power and profit ultimate source of the lineage in SumeriaPrice: £7.99; US$22.95 + s&h than by love, spirit and truth. and the influence of the Anunnaki gods.Available: UK—The Book Suppliers, tel While by no means the last word, Marrss01206 255678; USA—Hampton Roads book nevertheless conveys a sense of howPublishing, tel (804) 296 2772, website RULE BY SECRECY by Jim Marrs big the big picture really is. Without beingwww.hrpub.com drawn to either side of the political fence, Publisher: HarperCollins, USA, 2000I f theres a key message to be gleaned from Colin Wilsons latest book, RogueMessiahs, it is that we are our own individ- ISBN: 0-06-019368-9 (467pp hc) Price: A$54.95; NZ$84.95; £25.00 inc. Marrs calls on ordinary people to become more aware of those powers who would force the surrender of individual and nation-ual saviours, in control of our destiny with- p&h; US$27.00; C$41.50 al sovereignty, and to break free of cycles ofout any need to give away personal power Available: Australia/New Zealand/USA— control that have hindered humanitys evolu-and truth to some self-proclaimed messiah. HarperCollins Publishers; UK—NEXUS tionary progress for millennia. Its astounding to see how history is littered Office, tel +44 (0)1342 322854with examples of apparently ordinary peoplewho have become religious leaders, andover time have become violent, sexually I ts a brave thing to try to summarise the entire history of Western conspiracy think- ing in one volume, but investigative journal-promiscuous, paranoid and fanatical—and to ist Jim Marrs attempts just that in Rule bysee how history repeats itself. Its disquiet- Secrecy, and does it rather well.ing to realise how history is also repeated Marrs, author of Alien Agenda, is one ofwhen ordinary people seeking something the few writers whose overview of conspira-extraordinary can get so carried away that cies takes in the ultimate "what if" scenario:they lose their rational faculties and feed extraterrestrials, and the secret societies thattheir leaders need for adoration and power. may ultimately be their front. Curiously,Some may even get caught up in crime. this is a question that many diehard conspir- Colin Wilson, prolific author of more than acy researchers refuse to allow into their orb80 books including The Occult and From of thinking. A pattern emerges where theAtlantis to the Sphinx, analyses the psycho- same elite names crop up on the samelogical make-up of these so-called "rogue boards of companies involved in secretmessiahs" by delving into their personal his- defence business as in banking, biotechnolo-tories and proclivities (but not necessarily gy, chemicals, drugs, food, media and oil.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 71
  • 72. REVIEWS Is there any way out of this bind of the mythological planet since the end of the last "human condition"? Is the human condition ice age, around 12,159 BC, taking in the really just conditioning by abstract informa- next catastrophe around 10,373 BC, the endMIND WARS: tion systems—ideas that reproduce them- of Atlantis in 9481 BC, Noahs Flood inThe Battle For Your Brain selves in extradimensional space? And how 3237 BC, the Exodus Comet of 1453 BC,by Ian McFadyen do we really know whats true? McFadyen Velikovskys Event of 800 BC, and, most offers some mechanisms to help us tran- recently, the Little Ice Age of AD 1223.Publisher: Allen & Unwin, Aust, 2000 They say the next event, which could resultISBN: 1-865083-16-X (226pp tpb) scend the mental constructs implanted by doctrines affecting life, particularly in sci- in a new ice age, a planetary axis shift, cata-Price: A$22.95; NZ$29.95 strophic-scale tsunamis, earthquakes and ence and the arts. He also encourages us toAvailable: Australia—Allen & Unwin, tel volcanic eruptions, is expected at Dracos be ever vigilant, rigorous and courageous in(02) 8425 0100, website www.allen- seeking to know our own minds. next perihelion, when it is closest to Earth inunwin.com.au; New Zealand—Archetype/ the year 2115. And all that from a planetAllen & Unwin, tel (09) 377 3800 which is not yet acknowledged by science! THE DRAGONS TAIL:N EXUS readers might expect a book called Mind Wars to be about mind con-trol technologies employed by covert intelli- Rediscovering the Tenth Planet by Anthony Austin & Brian Crowley The authors of The Dragons Tail owe much to Mother Shipton, and suggest this next flypast could be the one she foresaw.gence agency operatives against unsuspect- Publisher: IllumiNet Press, USA, 2000 Could the "Dragons tail" be the debris froming targets. But this incisive commentary by ISBN: 1-881532-22-4 (246pp tpb) this next planetary near-miss? SprinklingIan McFadyen, an Australian TV comedy Price: A$35.00; NZ$49.00; £14.95; scientific findings with mythology and eye-actor, scriptwriter and producer as well as a NLGƒn/a; USD$18.95 + s&h witness accounts from earlier civilisations,former science journalist, is about mind con- Available: Australia/NZ— NEXUS offices; the authors are somewhat self-indulgent introl minus the high-tech: intelligent humans UK—Counter Productions, tel 020 7274 getting their message across and also resortwho allow themselves to become slaves to 9009; Europe—Enquire NEXUS Office, tel to wild speculation, which makes their thesisself-perpetuating belief systems. +31 321 380558; USA—IllumiNet Press, more difficult to digest than need be. To explain his perspective, McFadyen has tel (770) 279 2745; Adventures Unlimited,coined the term "tenetics": the study of tel (815) 253 6390tenets and how they control the replicationand evolution of doctrines—just like biolog-ical systems—which thus control human T here has been much speculation about the possibility that a planet exists beyond the orbit of Pluto. The Sumeriansbeings, behaviour and ultimately our history knew it as "Nibiru", according to Zechariaand evolution. Im reminded here of the Sitchin; some astronomers refer to it todaygreat teacher Krishnamurtis advice that true as "Planet X"; and Anthony Austin (Pollock)freedom is beyond dogma, beyond the and Brian Crowley, in The Dragons Tail,known, and in an equally well-reasoned way call it "Draco". In their second collaborationMcFadyen makes a similar point. Its ironic, since their 1989 book, Return to Mars: Ahe says, that those with higher academic Search for Humanitys True Origins, Austinintelligence may be most susceptible to and Crowley argue that Draco is the cause ofmental programming. Is it any wonder how doomsday cataclysms of varying degreesreadily certain sci/tech advances can be so affecting Earth every 892 years.stymied by institutions of higher learning? The authors plot the chart of the errant72 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 73. executive committee member of the REVIEWS briefed President Clintons first CIA Environmental Medicine Foundation. He is Director Woolsey on CSETIs Project joined in this book by two other experts: Dr Starlight, addressed Congress and the UNMENACE IN THE MOUTH? Robert Hempleman on root canal fillings, and met with senior Pentagon officials.by Dr Jack Levenson, with Dr Robert and Dr Tony Lees on the dangers of fluo- So Dr Greer is well credentialled to positHempleman & Dr Tony Lees ride. If youve ever had niggling feelings this question in the first part of his book,Publisher: Brompton Health, UK, 2000 about your mercury amalgam or root canal Extraterrestrial Contact: what does theISBN: 0-9534734-23-0 (312pp tpb) fillings, then read this book because it pro- UFO/ET phenomenon mean? He discusses vides the kind of scientific back-up you need the implicit geopolitics and interplanetaryPrice: £12.00 inc. p&h in UK; foreign relations, the possible terrestrial effects oforders, telephone the Clinic for prices to take corrective action, whatever your den- tal health condition or symptoms. disclosure, and the bigger reality of howAvailable: UK—Brompton Health Clinic, space, time and mind are interrelated. TheLondon, tel +44 020 7370 0055 second part he devotes to key cases in recent EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT:A ccording to Dr Jack Levenson, "there is nothing in medicine that can remotelycompare with the health benefits achieved The Evidence and Implications by Steven M. Greer, MD decades, and the next part to an overview of CSETI Project Starlight, dedicated to explaining and overcoming UFO secrecywhen mercury amalgam fillings are removed Publisher: Crossing Point, USA, 1999 and promoting official disclosure. In thefrom sensitive patients". From my own ISBN: 0-9673238-0-0 (526pp tpb) final part, he documents some of the hugeexperience, Id have to concur with Dr Price: £16.50 inc. p&h; US$19.95 + Starlight paper trail in CSETIs dealingsLevenson. In Menace in the Mouth?, he US$9.95 p&h in USA/Canada, + US$19 to with the US government and its agencies.explains why dental mercury is such a poi- Aust/NZ/Asia, + US$15 elsewhere Time will tell just how effective CSETIssonous substance—and how considerable Available: UK—NEXUS Office, tel 01342 lobbying is, but you have to admire the per-health benefits can be obtained by having it 322854; USA—Crossing Point, POB 265, sistence and courage of Dr Greer and col-removed. Sweden has been a forerunner in leagues in trying to get the message throughthe fight to ban the substance, and as of Crozet, VA 22932, tel 1-888-DR-GREER, fax (540) 456 8303, www.drgreer.com to our terrestrial powerbrokers.January 1999 its dental health insurance sys-tem no longer pays for amalgam fillings. Mercury has had a long history over the T his is the kind of definitive book on the UFO/ET phenomenon that we would expect from one of the planets most well-millennia as a poison, though it has beenused in dentistry in China since the 7th cen- informed authorities on the subject: Steventury because of its ability to dissolve other Greer, MD, Founder and Internationalmetals and recombine to harden into a solid Director of CSETI, the Center for the Studymass. Experimentation started seriously in of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.the early 1800s, and by the late 1870s mer- Not that Greer has actually had a closecury amalgam fillings had gained wide- encounter of the first kind, but he has seen aspread professional and popular acceptance, UFO. He has also amassed an enormousdespite a number of scientific papers linking amount of data from civilian and covert mil-mercury with a range of diseases. itary sources around the world, and has Dr Levenson has been a vocal opponent of established a vast reporting/ briefing net-dental mercury for the last 20 years or so. work which ultimately might tip the balanceHe is currently president of the British towards UFO disclosure by the authorities.Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry and is an Due to his research and networking, he hasDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 73
  • 74. REVIEWS light on the so-called "missionary men in can protect ourselves in domestic and office black" who, according to traditions around environments (sometimes the best advice is the world and this region particularly, would to move!). He then describes the effects ofMYSTERIES OF ANCIENT SOUTH suddenly appear to warn people of imminent power and high-voltage lines, electrifiedAMERICA disasters and just as quickly disappear. train lines, cellphones and transmitters, andby Harold T. Wilkins Wilkins digs up enticing evidence for sub- summarises key case studies which link such terranean pre-Inca tunnels and strange lights EMFs with ill health.Publisher: AUP, USA, 2000 (first and lost cities in the Amazon jungle. His In the third section, Coghill explains howpublished in 1947) discussion regarding the antiquity of the and why magnets can help the natural courseISBN: 0-932813-26-7 (190pp tpb) ruined city of Tiahuanaco is fascinating in of healing in many common conditionsPrice: A$33.00; NZ$48.00; £14.00 inc. view of recent geological findings and dis- including arthritis, constipation, cystitis,p&h; NLGƒn/a; US$14.95 + s&h coveries of artefacts beneath Lake Titicaca headaches, inflammation, insomnia, men-Available: Aust/NZ/UK/Eur— NEXUS (see Twilight Zone, 7/06). strual cramps, and muscle and joint pain.offices; USA—Adventures Unlimited Press, He gives guidance on how to choose thePO Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946, tel (815) THE BOOK OF MAGNET HEALING right type of magnet for which condition and253 6390, e-mail auphq@frontiernet.net, by Roger Coghill apply them therapeutically. He looks at thewebsite www.wexclub.com/aup Publisher: Gaia Books, UK, 2000; benefits of magnetised water and gives tips on treatments for plants and animals.T his latest title in the Atlantis Reprint Series from Adventures Unlimited Presswas first published in 1947. Mysteries of Simon & Schuster, Australia, 2000 ISBN: 0-7318-1020-1 (127pp tpb) Some excellent resources are listed at the back of this jazzily designed book (the sup- Price: A$29.95; NZ$34.95; £10.99Ancient South America, by Harold T. Available: Australia—Simon & Schuster, plier information is mostly UK-based), andWilkins, is considered a classic in its genre tel (02) 9415 9900; NZ—Macmillan, tel there are plenty of scientific and medicalbut has been out of print for some time. references that you can follow up. (09) 415 6677; UK—Gaia Books, 20 High Wilkins travelled to South America in Street, Stroud, GL5 1AZ, tel 014531939 to try to verify his theory that Atlantis, 752985; Europe—Enquire NEXUS Office,or the ruins of an ancient Atlantean colony, tel +31 (0)321 380558might be found in unexplored parts of Braziland the land further west. His conclusionwas that a giant cataclysm had struck the W ell-known UK research biologist and author Roger Coghill has written a very practical guide in The Book of Magnetplanet in 9753 BC, to be precise, and that Healing. He brings to it the benefit of yearsthe New World had not escaped unscathed. of investigation, some of it gained in recentThe sacred Guatemalan Popul Vuh, for times through Coghill Research Laboratoriesinstance, describes "a great flood followed which conducts empirical research into EMby a thick rain of bitumen and resin" which phenomena and their effects on health."accomplished the ruin of the race of man Coghill first takes us through the funda-which was given up to destruction". mentals of natural magnetism and discusses In this fascinating sourcebook, Wilkins modern magnetic materials, endogenousuncovers old manuscripts, books and an fields, ions and geomagnetic variations."Atlantean" alphabet which all give descrip- Next, he explores how artificial magnetiction to the ancient civilisations which flour- and electric fields can be detrimental toished around Brazil in antiquity. He sheds health, and he gives handy hints on how we74 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 75. REVIEWS instructed through visions from angels of recent trips to New Zealand, though its focus light to tell these "outcasts" of their fate. is largely on Australia. Some of the material The Book of Enoch is replete with parables, Gilroy touched on in Mysterious AustraliaTHE BOOK OF ENOCH history, sacred science, dream symbolism, (1995), but in this new, large-format volumeTHE PROPHET prophecies and much righteousness. he details more of the bigger picture that hastranslated by Richard Laurence Enochs transportation to Heaven, where both Australia and New Zealand settled in he was supposedly shown the secrets of the ages past by a megalithic people—whosePublisher: AUP, USA, 2000 (first pub- Universe, has parallels in recent times with writing might arguably be the worlds firstlished in 1883 by William Clowes, UK) the explorations of Dr James Hurtak as script—and visited by umpteen cultures inISBN: 0-932813-85-2 (189pp tpb) described in his 1973 book, The Keys of the last few thousand years.Price: A$35.00; NZ$49.00; £15.50 inc. Enoch. This book is important background Rex, together with Heather, his wife andp&h; NLGƒn/a; US$16.95 + s&h for anyone interested in the bigger history of devoted co-fieldworker, has uncovered anAvailable: Aust/NZ/UK/Eur— NEXUS the Bible and intrigued to know why the incredible array of evidence suggesting thatoffices; USA—Adventures Unlimited, tel Church fathers deemed to omit the Book of the Great South Land had been a mining(815) 253 6390, www.wexclub.com/aup Enoch from the Old Testament. colony for waves of ancient Aryans,O ne of the Bibles most famous "lost books" is the Book of Enoch theProphet, unearthed in Abyssinia (now PYRAMIDS IN THE PACIFIC Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Celts, Amerindians, Chinese, Japanese, Romans, Arabs and Polynesians, long before the by Rex GilroyEthiopia) in 1773 by Scottish explorer James Publisher: Uru Publications, Aust, 2000 Europeans (the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch,Bruce. Discovered as three manuscripts, it ISBN: 0-646-39633-1 (319pp l/f tpb) French and British) found their way. Thewas translated into English from an Price: A$50.00 + A$5.00 p&h in Aust; remnant artefacts, inscriptions, coins, sculp-Ethiopian Coptic script, held in the Bodleian overseas orders add A$10.00 p&h tures, monuments and structures (includingLibrary, by Archbishop Richard Laurence in Available: Australia— Australian Pacific the so-called Gympie Pyramid) deserve to1821, according to the frontispiece. be studied seriously for their heritage value Archaeological Research Centre, PO Box as well as for the revised historical perspec-Successive editions culminated in the 1883 202, Katoomba NSW 2780, tel +61 (0)2version, reprinted here by AUP. It is tive they offer the world. 4782 3441, randhgilroy@mpx.com.aubelieved the text was written in the 2nd or1st century BC in Hebrew or Aramaic andwas later translated into Greek, then into A mateur archaeologist and historian Rex Gilroy has devoted decades to exploring Australias hidden history—one that is notEthiopian Coptic and Latin. so readily acknowledged by mainstream The Book of Enoch was an important academics. Hes been the bane of universityinfluence on the early Jewish and Christian archaeology departments and the Nationalwriters, but it was never included in the Parks & Wildlife Service, yet fêted by thou-Christian canon. Its themes include apoca- sands of ordinary people who have told himlyptic visions, the actions of angels and their stories of extraordinary discoveries anddemons, the Messianic age, the New events in their lives. He has a style of hisJerusalem, the Resurrection and the Final own and an admirable determination, havingJudgement. Enoch, the son of Cain, com- always self-funded his expeditions.municates with the "fallen ones", whose Gilroys latest book, Pyramids in theinterference in human affairs resulted in the Pacific, has been a work in progress forintroduction of evil into the world, and he is many years and has been enhanced by hisDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 75
  • 76. REVIEWS Vivaxis link is properly restored, our bodies peutic, transformational approach of swim- can readjust and become healthy again. ming with dolphins. Having studied dol- Nixon also discovered that we have body phins in the wild, Dobbs turned his attentionTHE VIVAXIS CONNECTION: receptors, each receptor point responding to to recreating interactions under artificialHealing Through Earth Energies a particular frequency of a mineral essential conditions. Here he recounts a number ofby Judy Jacka, ND for health (iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) moving cases: children and adults who havePublisher: Hampton Roads, USA, 2000 and receiving mineral frequencies from the been cured of deep depression, whose termi-ISBN: 1-57174-208-5 (304pp tpb) Earth via our Vivaxis and the planets energy nal cancers have regressed, who have recov-Price: A$41.80; NZ$52.95; £14.99; layers. This observation has huge potential ered from trauma, who have awoken fromUS$16.95 indeed in natural healing applications. autism to speak their first words—allAvailable: Australia—Gemcraft, tel (03) Judy Jacka has produced a comprehensive because of dolphin-assisted therapy. It9888 0111; NZ—Peaceful Living, tel (07) guide to understanding Vivaxis dynamics seems clear that such interaction can have571 8105; UK—Airlift Book Co., tel 020 and applying this life energy via 29 simple positive physical, emotional and spiritual8804 0400; USA—Hampton Roads exercises that have diagnostic, cleansing and effects, but even Dobbs suggests it is bestPublishing Co., tel (804) 296 2772, revitalising purposes for the individual as coupled with other conventional and/or com-website www.hrpub.com well as the environment. An important con- plementary treatments. tribution to 21st century medicine. Dobbs looks at scientific evidence that dol-T he concept that we all have a "Vivaxis" energy connection to the Earth was pio-neered by Canadian researcher Frances DOLPHIN HEALING phin ultrasounds can stimulate T-cell pro- duction, thus being of help to patients withNixon in the 1960s. Australian naturopathic by Horace Dobbs compromised immune systems. The moredoctor Judy Jacka worked with Nixon from Publisher: Piatkus, UK, 2000 we know about sound therapy, the more this1979 and has found Vivaxis science to be "a ISBN: 0-7499-2079-3 (368pp hc) makes sense. He also reinforces the idearemarkable development in restoring and Price: A$32.83; NZ$44.95; £10.99 that dolphins can provide a channel through which love can flow—and love is the great-harmonising body energies". Available: Australia—Hodder Headline, est vibrational healing energy of all! The Vivaxis (a term meaning "life axis") is tel (02) 8248 0800; NZ—David Batemana sphere of energy created during the last Ltd, tel (09) 415 7664; UK—Piatkus Books,two weeks before birth, which connects our tel 020 7631 0710; USA/Canada—etheric and electromagnetic energy fields General Publishing, tel (416) 445 3333with the Earths. We are connected to thissphere by a two-way flow of energy—a cir-cuit—through life, no matter how far we D olphins may have become the darlings of New Age adherants, but theres good reason to reassess their wonders in terms oftravel from its location. This connection, first-hand scientific and medical research.comprising both vertical and horizontal In Dolphin Healing, his 10th book on theenergy waves, can be recognised through subject, Horace Dobbs, founder of Thedowsing and related techniques. When Oxford Underwater Research Group, puts ainterference to our Vivaxis occurs, whether personal spin on his work (and play) withfrom chemical, electromagnetic or psycho- dolphins over more than two decades.logical sources, the flow of subtle energy in He describes what inspired him to researchour physical bodies becomes chaotic and our dolphins in the first place, how he discov-immune and nervous systems are affected, ered their communicative magic and healingthus causing ill health. But when that powers, and how he has explored the thera-76 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 77. REVIEWS Elven bloodline, and he re-establishes their long-lost lineages in a series of detailed genealogical charts.REALM OF THE RING LORDS The Western spiritual and cultural heritageby Laurence Gardner comes from a source more ancient than reli-Publisher: MediaQuest, UK, 2000 gious and academic teachings concede.ISBN: 0-9537686-7-8 (422pp hc) Gardner admits he can only scratch the sur-Price: £18.99 in UK; £26.00 to Aust/NZ; face of the culture of concealment, but heUS$36.95 inc. s&h to USA/Canada does an admirable job in awakening us to aAvailable: UK—NEXUS Office, tel +44 vast, rich, underground stream of history.(0)1342 322854, fax +44 (0)1342 324574,e-mail nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com MYSTERY IN ACAMBARON EXUS Conference-goers and readers have already had a sneak-peek into theterritory of Sir Laurence Gardners new by Charles H. Hapgood Intro & Foreword by D.H. Childress Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press,book, Realm of the Ring Lords (see 6/05–6). USA, 2000 (first published in 1973)Its complementary to Bloodline of the Holy ISBN: 0-932813-76-3 (153pp tpb)Grail and Genesis of the Grail Kings in that Price: A$33.00; NZ$48.00; £14.00 inc.it pursues the mythology and history of a p&h; NLGƒn/a; US$14.95 + s&hquest that was concurrent with, if not one Available: Aust/NZ/UK/Eur— NEXUSand the same as, the Grail: the Ring Quest. offices; USA—Adventures Unlimited, tel The symbolism of the Ring, representingwholeness, unity and eternity, goes back at (815) 253 6390, www.wexclub.com/aupleast 5,000 years, Gardner explains, to the"earliest of Sumerian and Scythian times" A curious collection of fired clay figurines was discovered in Acámbaro, central Mexico, in 1944 by Waldemar Julsrud, aand the influence of the so-called Anunnaki local German businessman and amateuroverlords. The Ring lore, preserved in fairy archaeologist. In the mid-1960s, geologist/tales, myths and the Western collective anthropologist Charles Hapgood (author of Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings and Path of the Pole), together with Earle Stanley Gardner (author of the Perry Mason myster- ies) set out to determine the alleged antiqui- ty of the bizarre objects, many of which depicted dinosaur- and monster-like crea- tures, sometimes in the company of humans and even reptilian alien figures. In 1973, Professor Hapgood wrote an unpublished booklet, Mystery in Acámbaro (reprinted here in full), wherein he discusses the feasibility of these figurines being sourced from an ancient culture, and the results of radiocarbon tests that suggest the artefacts could be anywhere from 6,500 to 3,100 years old. Thermoluminesence testing yielded a date of 2500 BC: 4,500 years old, and coinciding with the occupation of thememory, is actually based on historical per- Pyramid of Cuilcuilco, according tosonalities and events. But these great narra- Hapgood. Yet the source and purpose oftives of questing, like those of the Grail, these clay figures, 33,500 objects in all, stillwere subverted and trivialised by the Church eludes definitive explanation.from the time of the Dark Ages, for at their Author/explorer David Hatcher Childresscore was the goal of individual enlighten- has reprinted Professor Hapgoods study andment—which was anathema to an institution adds his own embellishments with a fore-hellbent on controlling souls and minds. word titled "Did dinosaurs survive until Thus scenarios depicting pixies, elves, recently?", and an introduction, "The Realityfairies, gnomes, goblins and sprites, and of Dragons". If these artefacts are ancient,tales featuring Cinderella, Robin Hood, the we have to question how such images wereSleeping Beauty and Count Dracula, are known to the local people, and Childressmore than mere fantasy. Here, Gardner suggests there is evidence that dinosaurs stillbrings them back to life (aided, too, by some exist in remote parts of the world. But ifbeautiful colour plates) within historical they are recent, this means they are a hoax.contexts and human dramas as Dragon Yet looking at the photos, you have to mar-Queens and Albigensian Grail Kings of the vel at the sheer numbers of figurines pro- duced and the imagination employed.DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 77
  • 78. REVIEWS OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE: A GLIMPSE OF IMMORTALITY Reviewed by Duncan Roads Produced by Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato for IIPC, 2000 (PAL/VHS & THE SECRET NASA TRANSMISSIONS: NTSC/VHS, 56mins) "THE SMOKING GUN" Price: £22.00 + £2 p&h; US$29.00 + p&h Produced by UFO Central Home Video, Available: UK—International Institute of USA, 2000 (PAL/VHS & NTSC/VHS, Projectiology and Conscientiology, 90mins) London, tel +44 020 7723 0544, e-mail Price: £16.99 inc. p&h; US$n/a London@iipc.org; USA—IIPC, New York, Available: UK—UFO Magazine, Ilkley, tel +1 (212) 869 4595, 1800 778 3778 West Yorks., tel 01943 816611, website (toll free in US), e-mail newyork@iipc.org, www.ufomag.co.uk; USA—UFO Central website www.iipc.org Home Video, 2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Suite 201, Venice, CA 90291, tel 1800 R egular readers of NEXUS will have worked out by now that I am already an ardent advocate of research into "out-of- 350 4639, e-mail ufocentral@earthlink.net, body experiences" (OBEs), but this video website www.ufocentral.com has inflamed my interest even more. T his tape is rumoured to be "the most popular underground tape among astro- nauts", and I can sort of see why. Approximately one hour of this 90-minute video is taken up by a fascinating interview with Martyn Stubbs. Stubbs is a former cable TV station manager from Canada, who, over a period of five years, used his stations resources to record over 2,500 hours of NASAs downlink signals from space shuttle missions. As well as being a top-quality presentation in terms of special effects, sound, etc., it is also top quality in terms of clarity of infor- mation. The video starts off with a special- effect sequence of an OBE, ending with the sudden "return to body" of the central char- acter who proceeds to investigate his experi- ence at the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC). It continues with some of the most interest- ing lecture footage on this subject that I He describes in detail how, using split- have ever encountered. frame viewing techniques, he was able to The video covers scientific research and obtain evidence of two different life-forms, laboratory experiments conducted to prove both of which appear to live in the near- the reality of the OBE. It also explores space region of Earth. These two life-forms exercise techniques to enhance conditions are distinct from UFOs, I should point out. conducive to OBEs. It contains first-hand Stubbs also relates how he took his find- accounts from students at the Institute; ings to the relevant agencies and experts for reveals techniques for psychic protection explanation. and energy recharging; and examines the This is all-important background informa- many types of OBE experience reported by tion, and, though it takes up about two-thirds millions of people around the world. of the tape, it helps you make more sense of This is the perfect video for anyone inter- the final 30 minutes as you already know ested in astral projection, OBE, remote something of what is being shown and what viewing and the like. It is extremely infor- to look out for in the frames. mative and well produced. Above all, it All in all, a totally fascinating subject, and contains practical and useful tips to get one one Im sure we will hear more about. started immediately.78 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 79. REVIEWS influenced by the sounds of Bob Marley. In Brazil, one of the fundamental human rights is the freedom to party, and Fiesta Brasil is Reviewed by Richard Giles a recorded statement of this most important right. A jaunty, peppy album of dance.AFRIKA WASSAby Vieux Diop COUSTEAUS DREAMProducer: Brian Keane for Triloka, USA, A Benefit Album2000 (59mins) Producer: Terence Yallop for RealDistributors: Australia—Festival Music, CA, USA, 2000 (56mins)Records, tel (02) 9395 8000; USA— Distributors: Aust—MRA Ent., tel (07)Triloka, tel 1800 578 4419 (toll-free inNth America), website www.triloka.com 3849 6020; USA—Real Music, tel (415) 331 8273, website www.realmusic.comV ieux Diop has made many quality albums in tribute to his African home-land and heritage. "Afrika Wassa" means T he Real Music company donates a pro- portion of income from album sales"New Africa", and this is his praise for what towards Earth repair projects via theAfrica will become. The laid-back sound of EarthSea Institute which it founded in 1989.Senegalese songs of land, work and longing For this compilation, musicians Vangelis,is heartfelt. Vieux is backed here by Brian Yanni, Kitaro, Kenny G, Tim Wheater,Keane, Neal Clarke, Tony Cedras, Bakithi Richard Burmer and more have contributedKumalo, Faruk Tekbilek and many others. tracks in aid of The Cousteau Society andThe music is light, happy and rhythmic, con- other groups aiming to see the oceans andveying a feeling of support for the many the entire planet preserved and protected.trials and joys of life. This is a beautiful mix of ambient and pas- sionate poetry and power.MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKAfeaturing Bachir Attar THE GOLDEN PORTALProducer: Talvin Singh for Point Music/ by XumantraUniversal Music Co., 2000 (66mins) Producer: Marco Dolce for DreambirdDistributors: Australia/NZ/UK/USA— Music, Xonic, NJ, USA, 2000 (49mins)Universal Music, website www. Distributor: USA—Xonic, tel +1 (908)universalclassics.com 876 9967T he Master Musicians of Jajouka are from the foothills of the Rif Mountains, southof Tangier in Morocco. Born into a special M arco Dolce (Xumantra) has performed throughout Europe and the US in fields as diverse as jazz, rhythm and blues, funkmusicians family, they have received royal and Afro-Cuban. His musical explorationspatronage for centuries. In traditional have taken him to the sounds of the singingMorocco, musicians are considered magi- bowls and sacred metals of gongs, bells andcians who possess the power to heal and kalimbas to create music both gentle andcommunicate with the spirits of the land and powerful. For The Golden Portal, his thirdanimals. In 1968, Brian Jones of The album, he blends the singing bowls withRolling Stones was introduced to these men acoustic instruments (nothing synthesised),and their music in Jajouka, and then brought creating each composition as a sonic mes-their uniqueness to the world. Talvin Singh sage. This is a beautiful exploration ofmixes Indian tradition with North African to subtle, melodic and ancient tones.present an energised, hypnotic performanceby the Master Musicians.FIESTA BRASILby various artistsProducer: Dan Storper for PutumayoWorld Music, NY, USA, 2000 (45mins)Distributors: Aust—MRA, tel (07) 38496020; USA—Putumayo, tel (212)625.1400, website www.putumayo.comA nother excellent Putumayo compilation, this explores the music of Brazilian reg-gae and the accordian-led forró dance musicstyle. All are very danceable tracks that useaccordion, triangles and percussion. Thepredominant musical style is from the north-eastern areas of Brazil, and it is very muchDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 79
  • 80. 80 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 81. The PROMIS Threat Continued from page 34 taking, and Canada would be the object les- believed to be a dedicated and honest man, son. Then, chillingly, he described some- would never be allowed to ride his case outcame up. I suggested that rapidly vanish- thing familiar to any military strategist. to the end, I still had hopes. But in mying support both in South America and The penetration and looting of HUD was heart I knew that Tyree was right. In allEurope was threatening the military opera- the test bed, the proving ground, the "White the years he had been feeding me informa-tions of "Plan Colombia" and the economic Sands" of the Promis economic atomic tion, I had never known him to be wrong—boost it would give the US economy. bomb. Once the CIA and the economic and apparently, neither had Bill Hamilton.Tyree jumped in: "If I can put Canada in powers-that-be had proven that over a peri- I did not send a copy of the tape toline and show the eurodollar, the od of years they could infiltrate and loot Hamilton because I knew how difficult andEurotrash, what I have already done to my $59 billion from HUD, they knew they potentially dangerous McDades job wasneighbour, whom I value to some degree... could do it anywhere. Said Tyree: "Then going to be, now that the press had exposedRemember, these are not nice people: they knew they had what it took to go him. Having been a cop in dangerousthese are financial thugs at their worst. So abroad and create mayhem... It was political, CIA-infested waters, I knew whatwhat they are going to do is sit down dis- planned twenty years ago." it was like not to know whom you couldcreetly and say, Look, this is what we did It took several days to reach Sean trust. If keeping the tape quiet would giveto Canada. Now, would you like us to do McDade, as he had been on vacation. I the Mounties an edge, I would do it—butthis to the European market as well? played the Tyree tape for him over an open only as long as they had a case.Mike, theyre not going to think twice phone line into RCMP headquarters. Heabout it... A weapon is only good if some- asked me to make a physical copy right EXIT THE MOUNTIESone knows what its capability is. Prior to away and send it to him. After hed had Then it was over. On September 16th,using the atomic bomb, it was irrelevant... time to listen to it, he cautioned me against the Toronto Star announced that the RCMPThey refer to it as the Nagasaki syndrome." sending it anywhere else. I told him that as had suddenly closed its Promis investiga- After describing in some detail how the long as his investigation was active, I tion with the flat disclaimer that it did notfinancial powers-that-be had gutted would do nothing more than make the stan- have and never did have any version of BillAmerican manufacturing productivity dard copies I make of any sensitive docu- Hamiltons software. That was as shockingthrough globalisation, he described a strate- ments as a precaution. a statement as it was absurd.gy intended to halt any move by the euro to I could tell that the tape had rattled him. "The only way that you can identifyovershadow the dollar or even compete Though I had known from the start that the Continued on page 82with it. It was pure economic hostage- large and energetic Mountie, whom IDECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 81
  • 82. The PROMIS Threat Continued from page 81 "Closed by the press". Even though she References was convincing, I had the feeling that she Visit the following websites for additionalPromis," said a perplexed Bill Hamilton, "is was playing back a rehearsed script. I told information:to compare the code. Sean McDade said her that I was not satisfied with the state- • www.capricornholdings.com/index3.htm • www.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/ccrs/org/ccrsorge.htmlthat he was not an engineer and couldnt ments that there was no Promis in the • www.lycaeum.org/books/books/last_circle/read code, so how did he know?" RCMP. I recalled our lunchtime conversa- • www.newsmakingnews.com/ Hamilton was as emphatic as I was that tion of August 3rd. She agreed with me catharvardmain.htmMcDade had said that RCMP had Promis. that the RCMP mission was to determine • www.opengis.org/info/gisworld/So was Cheri Seymour. I offered a fleeting whether or not RCMP Promis was a stolen OGC.LM.htmhope that the Mounties were playing a or compromised version. She knew that • www.opengis.org/gdin_exec_order.htmgame, saying that they had terminated the they had it. So did I. I e-mailed McDadeinvestigation to shake some of the inces- one last time, saying that I was going to Editors Note:sant probing that had been taking place write it like I remembered it. He never got This article is reprinted with permissionaround McDades every move. back to me. from author Mike Ruppert, Editor/Publisher I was finally convinced when McDade e- Bill Hamilton added one last twist when of From The Wilderness newsletter. It firstmailed me and said that it was his view that he told me in a conversation that the appeared in the September 30, 2000 issuethe Mounties did not have any version of Mounties claimed to have developed their (vol. III, no. 7).Promis and that he had no objections if I software on their own. That, he said, was From The Wilderness describes itself asdecided to write a story. I then agreed with nonsense because the Mounties did not "a nonpartisan, non-sectarian map from theSeymour that, whether they had said so or have that kind of sophistication or ability. here that is, into the tomorrow of our ownnot, both the Mounties and Sue Todd had He thought that the RCMP program had making". Its website postings (www.copv-left enough visible footprints that it was been specially prepared by the FBI. That cia.com) are at least 30 days old.their intention for us to go public. It might would explain the role of retired FBI agent Subscriptions (12 issues): US$35.00 forbe the only protection they had. Ted Gunderson. Though I didnt tell him at USA and Canada; $47.00 for Europe, Asia, As I had predicted from the start, they the time, I knew that he had obtained that Australia and New Zealand. From Thehad come too close to bigger issues and information from Bill Tyree. And Bill Wilderness Publications, POB 6061-350,been shut down ruthlessly. I called Sue Tyree and his provider, the Sergeant Major, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA, telephoneTodd who lamented that she was marking are two people that Bill Hamilton and I +1 (818) 788 8791, fax +1 (818) 981 2847,her three-year homicide investigation, have both learned to respect. ∞ e-mail mruppert@copvcia.com.82 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001
  • 83. The Excavations of Carlos Ribeiro Continued from page 62 92–118. Garrigou prie lAcadémie de vouloir bien ouvrir • Cremo, M.A., 1999. Puranic time and the un pli cacheté, déposé au nom de M. Filhol filsReferences archaeological record. In T. Murray (ed.), Time et au sien, le 16 mai 1864. Compte Rendus de• Antunes, M.T., M.P. Ferreira, R.B. Rocha, A.F. and Archaeology 38–48. London: Routledge. lAcadémie des Sciences 66:819–820.Soares and G. Zbyszewski, 1980. Portugal: • Cremo, M.A., forthcoming. Forbidden arche- • Holmes, W.H., 1899. Review of the evi-cycle alpin. In J. Delecourt (ed.), Géologie des ology of the Paleolithic: how Pithecanthropus dence relating to auriferous gravel man inPays Européens 3:103–149. Paris: Bordas. influenced the treatment of evidence for California. In Smithsonian Institution Annual• Boule, M. and H.V. Vallois, 1957. Fossil extreme human antiquity. In A. Martins (ed.), Report 1898–1899: 419–472. Washington, DC:Men. London: Thames & Hudson. Proceedings of the History of Archaeology Smithsonian Institution.• Bourgeois, L., 1873. Sur les silex considérés Section. European Association of • Issel, A., 1868. Résumé des recherches con-comme portant les margues dun travail humain Archaeologists 1999 Annual Meeting, cernant lancienneté de lhomme en Ligurie.et découverts dans le terrain miocène de Bournemouth, England. Oxford: British Congrès International dAnthropologie etThenay. Congrès International dAnthropologie Archaeological Reports. dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Paris, 1867,et dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Bruxelles, • Cremo, M.A. and R L. Thompson, 1993. Compte Rendu: 75–89.1872, Compte Rendu: 81–92. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of • Johanson, D. and M.A. Edey, 1981. Lucy:• Breuil, H. and G. Zbyszewski (1942–1945). the Human Race. San Diego: Bhaktivedanta The Beginnings of Humankind. New York:Contribution á létude des industries Institute. Simon & Schuster.paléolithiques du Portugal et de leurs rapports • Day, M.H. and T.I. Molleson, 1973. The • Leakey, M.D., 1979. Footprints in the ashesavec la géologie du Quaternarie. Vol. I, Les Trinil femora. Symposia of the Society for the of time. National Geographic 155:446–457.principaux gisements des deux rives de lancien Study of Human Biology 2:127–154. • Noetling, F., 1894. On the occurrence ofestuaire du Tage. Communicaçöes dos Serviços • Delgado, J.F. Nery, 1889. Les silex tertiaires chipped flints in the Upper Miocene of Burma.Geológicos de Portugal: 23, 26. dOtta. Congrès International dAnthropologie Records of the Geological Survey of India• Calvert, F.,1874. On the probable existence et dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Dixième 27:101–103.of man during the Miocene period. Journal of Session, 1889, Compte Rendu: 529–533. • Onoratini, G., M. Ahmanou, A. Defleur andthe Royal Anthropological Institute of Great • Delgado, J.F. Nery, 1905. Elogio Historico do J.C. Plaziat, 1990. Découverte, près de FèsBritain and Ireland 3:127. General Carlos Ribeiro. Associação dos (Maroc), dune industrie Acheuléense au som-• Choffat, P., 1884a. Excursion à Otta. Engenheiros Civis Portuguezes. Lisbon: met des calcaires (Saïssiens) réputés Pliocènes.Congrès International dAnthropologie et Imprensa Nacional. LAnthropologie 94(2)321–334.dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Lisbon, 1880, • De Mortillet, G., 1883. Le Préhistorique. • Patterson, L.W., 1983. Criteria for determin-Compte Rendu: 61–67. Paris: C. Reinwald. ing the attributes of man-made lithics. Journal• Choffat, P., 1884b. Conclusions de la com- • De Mortillet, G. and A. Demortillet, 1881. of Field Archaeology 10:297–307.mission chargée de lexamen des silex trouvés à Musée Préhistorique. Paris: C. Reinwald. • Patterson, L.W., L.V. Hoffman, R.M.Otta. Followed by discussion. Congrès • De Quatrefages, A., 1884. Hommes Fossiles Higginbotham and R.D. Simpson, 1987.International dAnthropologie et dArchéologie et Hommes Sauvages. Paris: B. Baillière.Préhistoriques, Lisbon, 1880, Compte Rendu: • Garrigou, F. and H. Filhol, 1868. M. Continued on page 84DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001 NEXUS • 83
  • 84. The Excavations of Carlos Ribeiro Continued from page 83 naire du Portugal. Bulletin de la Société Leiden: University of Leiden. Géologique de France 24:692, 2nd series. • Sankhyan, A.R., 1981. First evidence of earlyAnalysis of lithic flakes at the Calico site, • Ribeiro, C., 1871. Description de quelques man from Haritalyangar area, HimalchalCalifornia. Journal of Field Archaeology Silex et Quartzites Taillés Provenant des Pradesh. Science and Culture 47:358–359.14:91–106. Couches du Terrain Tertiaire et du Quaternaire • S. Semaw, P. Renne, J.W.K. Harris, C.S.• Prasad, K.N., 1982. Was Ramapithecus a des Bassins du Tage et du Sado. Lisbon: Feibel, R.L. Bernor, N. Fesseha and K.tool-user? Journal of Human Evolution Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa. Mowbray, 1997. 2.5-million-year-old stone11:101–104. • Ribeiro, C., 1873a. Sur des silex taillés, tools from Gona, Ethiopia. Nature• Ragazzoni, G., 1880. La collina di découverts dans les terrains miocène du 385:333–336.Castenedolo, solto il rapporto antropologico, Portugal. Congrès International • Steele, J., 1999. Stone legacy of skilledgeologico ed agronomico. Commentari dAnthropologie et dArchéologie hands. Nature 399:24–25.dellAteneo di Brescia April 4:120–128. Préhistoriques, Bruxelles, 1872, Compte Rendu: • Verworn, M., 1905. Die archaeolithische• Raposo, L. and M. Santonja, 1995. The earli- 95–100. Cultur in den Hipparionschichten von Aurillacest occupation of Europe: the Iberian • Ribeiro, C., 1873b. Sur la position (Cantal). Abhandlungen der königlichenPeninsula. In W. Roebroeks and T. Van géologique des couches miocènes et pliocènes Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen,Kolfschoten (eds), The Earliest Occupation of du Portugal qui contiennent des silex taillés. Mathematisch-Physikalische Klasse, Neue FolgeEurope. Proceedings of the European Science Congrès International dAnthropologie et 4(4):3–60.Foundation Workshop at Tautavel (France), dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Bruxelles, 1872, • Von Dücker, Baron, 1873. Sur la cassure arti-1993. Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia Compte Rendu 100–104. ficelle dossements recuellis dans le terrain27:7–25. Leiden: University of Leiden. • Ribeiro, C., 1884. Lhomme tertiaire en miocène de Pikermi. Congrès International• Ribeiro, C., 1865. Relatorio da Commissão Portugal. Congrès International dAnthropologie et dArchéologieGeologica de Portugal, Correspondente ao dAnthropologie et dArchéologie Préhistoriques, Bruxelles, 1872, Compte Rendu:Anno Economico de 1864–65. Serviço Préhistoriques, Lisbon, 1880, Compte Rendu: 104–107.Geológico Relatorios Annos Desde 1857-ate ao 81–91. • Whitney, J.D., 1880. The auriferous gravelsFin do Anno Economico de 1864–1865. • Ribeiro, C. and J.F. Nery Delgado, 1867. of the Sierra Nevada of California. HarvardInstituto Geológico e Mineiro. Núcleo de Carta Geologica de Portugal na Escala University, Museum of Comparative ZoologyBiblioteca e Publicaçoes, Lisbon. Arquivo 1:500000. Memoir 6(1).Historico. Armario 1, Prataleira 2, Maço 9, • Ribeiro, C. and J.F. Nery Delgado, 1876. • Zbyszewski, G. and O. da Veiga Ferreira,Correspendência de Carlos Ribeiro, Pasta 6. Carta Geologica de Portugal na Escala 1966. Carta Geológica de Portugal Na Escala• Ribeiro, C., 1866. Descripção do Terreno 1:500000. 1/50,000. Notícia Explicativa da Folha 30-BQuaternario das Bacias dos Rios Tejos e Sado. • Roebroeks, W. and T. Van Kolfschoten (eds), Bombarral. Lisbon: Serviço Geológicos deCom a Versão Franceza por M. Dalhunty. 1995. The Earliest Occupation of Europe. Portugal. See also the actual map, publishedLisbon: Typographia da Academia Real das Proceedings of the European Science separately.Sciencias. Foundation Workshop at Tautavel (France),• Ribeiro, C., 1867. Note sur le terrain quater- 1993, Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 27.84 • NEXUS DECEMBER 2000 – JANUARY 2001