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Nexus 0603 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 6, Number 3 APRIL – MAY 1999 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, AustraliaLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 NEW SCIENCE NEWS.................................................59GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 Fascinating news/views from the underg r o u n d science network. This issue we feature John Our news round-up this issue includes the "ten Mounts report on a curious electrical phenomenon worst corporations" of 1998, privacy fears over the first observed by Andrew Crosse in 1836, whereby Pentium III chip, and the discovery of a submerged life-forms are created out of non-living matter. continent far off the southwest of Australia. A VOYAGE TO AFTERLIFE KNOWLEDGE...................63DEBRIEFINGS.............................................................11 By Bruce Moen. With a little help from Robert Monroes techniques in out-of-body travelling, this More news behind the news. This issue we cover author found proof that other realms exist beyond weather manipulation, NWO mind-control slavery, our three-dimensional physical reality, and that alleged US Navy assassin programs, the latest consciousness continues after death. genetic food scare, and La Niñas global extremes. THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................69CHEMTRAILS: POISON FROM THE SKY.................17 Strange tales from around/within/beyond the world. By William Thomas. Contrails made by US Air Here we report on author Victor Hugos seances with aliens in the 1850s, President Carters 1969 Force aircraft tankers have been criss-crossing US UFO sighting, hauntings at a UK spy headquarters, skies for the last two years and have coincided with and UFO encounters by British police officers. mysterious respiratory disease outbreaks. Are they REVIEWS—Books........................................................73 part of a biowarfare or weather-control experiment? "Nuclear Transmutation" by Tadahiko Mizuno "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Laurence GardnerFOOD FOR THE SKIN: AN ABSORBING REPORT.....23 "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurzweil By Maurice J. Czarniak. This pharmacists passion "Family of Light" by Barbara Marciniak "Project Mindshift" by Michael Mannion for food and biochemistry inspired him to develop "Martian Genesis" by Herbie Brennan a series of skin-repair formulas comprising all- "The Symbiotic Planet" by Lynn Margulis natural ingredients including fresh eggs. "Jesus the Master Builder" by Gordon Strachan "The Aliens and the Scalpel" by Dr Roger K. Leir, DPMTHE HAMMER AND THE PENDULUM—Part 2..........29 "Remote Perceptions" by Angela Thompson Smith "The Fifth Revelation" compiled by Kelly Elstrott By Richard W. Noone. The author of 5/5/2000 "Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge" by Joan Parisi Wilcox concludes his analysis of two exciting geological "Uninformed Consent" by Dr Hal Huggins & Dr Thomas Levy "Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth" by D.H. Childress & R. Shaver theories that consider the forces that have caused "The Divine Spark of Creation" by Kathleen Murray catastrophes and destroyed civilisations in our REVIEWS—Videos.................................................80 ancient past—as they will do in the future. "Earth Under Fire" with Dr Paul A. LaViolette & Johanna Lambert "UFOs: The Film Archives,1993-1995" from 2000 Film ProductionsTHE WINGMAKERS TIME CAPSULE..........................35 REVIEWS—Audio........................................................81 From the WingMakers website. An anonymous "Conversations with God: Disc 2" by collected artists secret -agency defector claims that str ange "Crescent Moon" by Omar Faruk Tebilek "Kokoro: Spirit of the Heart" by Fay Goodman chambers and artifacts found in a remote New "Khepera" by Randy Weston Mexico canyon are the work of the WingMakers, "Supralingua" by Mickey Hart and Planet Drum travellers from our future. Truth or elaborate hoax? NEXUS BOOKS, VIDEOS, BACK ISSUES & SUBS........96APRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. EditorialNEXUS MAGAZINE Welcome again to NEXUS, and greetings to readers of our new French-edition! Volume 6, Number 3 Just when I think nothing can come along and blow my mental socks off any APRIL – MAY 1999 more, I find something which does—and this issue its the WingMakers. I was in PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ACN #003 611 434 yet another mental dilemma about whether to cover this intriguing saga at all, and ended up giving it double the available space. Im sure Ill receive the usual let- EDITOR Duncan M. Roads ters of protest from the politically correct in the UFO community, about giving CO-EDITOR space to obvious hoaxes, etc., but I have to say, if this is a hoax it is so well Catherine Simons thought-up that it deserves this attention. Regardless of its authenticity, I believe ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR the story plants seed-thought concepts which are worthy of consideration. I Ruth Parnell strongly encourage those who want to follow it up to visit the WingMakers web- EDITORS ASSISTANT site; that way, you will know as much as I do. Theres heaps more material there Richard Giles OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR that expands greatly on what we can publish in NEXUS. If anyone hears of new Janine Carmichael developments, please let us know. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Im also pleased to report some encouraging and empowering news this issue. William Thomas; It seems the Internet is allowing the power of the masses (i.e., consumers in the Maurice J. Czarniak, BSc, BPharm, FPS; eyes of the big boys) to express instant disapproval—and with big results. Most Richard W. Noone; John Mount; Bruce Moen; John Chambers are citing the power of the Internet as the main weapon in the global fight against LAYOUT & DESIGN the MAI (see Global News). Ive just heard that Intel is going to shelve its new Duncan M. Roads Pentium III "Big Brother" chip due to an Internet-led consumer boycott. Several CARTOONS other multinationals—particularly Monsanto, Shell, McDonalds and BP—are Phil Somerville experiencing loss of consumer confidence as news of unpopular activities and COVER GRAPHIC John Cook, tactics spreads to millions of websites literally overnight. Little wonder there are PRINTING growing attempts by government agencies in most western countries to monitor or Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia restrict such activities conducted over the Internet. AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION It is also encouraging to see the huge increase in numbers of people wanting to Newsagents Direct Distribution buy organic food and products, and who support the more drug-free approaches HEAD OFFICE - All Correspondence to health. Common sense may be returning at last. Mind you, it is only spreading PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. by word-of-mouth and by example, for the mainstream media and multinational Ph: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 E-mail address: medical industry are still doing all they can to put the boot into any alternative Web page: considerations which bypass their drugs, and profits—as recent media coverage in Australia has shown. NEW ZEALAND OFFICE - PO Box 226, Russell, Bay of Islands. Ph: +64 (0)9 403 8193; Speaking of media coverage, pharmacist Maurice Czarniak, author of this Fax: +64 (0)9 403 8196; issues article on the absorptive properties of the skin, has experienced both ends E-mail address: of the spectrum. Maurice enjoyed so much success with his all-natural, food- USA OFFICE - PO Box 177, Kempton, IL 60946- based skin formulas that local and national news and current affairs TV shows 0177. Ph: (815) 253 6464; Fax: (815) 253 6454 E-mail address: dragged him on air, along with glowing testimonials. Soon the experts were UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West demanding equal air time, and Maurices pharmacy was raided in November Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: +44 (0)1342 322854; 1993 on the basis that he put egg into a cream (see NEXUS 2/24, Feb–Mar 1995). Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574; However, the results of his research speak for themselves, so I asked him to write E-mail address: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.comEUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, about his research into our largest organ, the skin, and about how he developed The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)321 380558; his fresh approach to feeding the skin directly. Hes finally delivered this topi- Fax: +31 (0)321 318892; cal and absorbing report! E-mail address: Im also pleased to have an article by Bruce Moen, author of two excellent STATEMENT OF PURPOSE books on his own out-of-body experiences. I find this subject enormously fasci-NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing amas sive transformation. With this in mind, nating, and I believe most people can explore these states of awareness for them-NEXUS seeks to provide hard-to-get information selves with a minimum of as to assist people through these changes. This issue also sees the first appearance of a new section were introducing inNEXUS is not linked to any reli gious, the magazine. Called "deBriefings", it is a collection of interesting items whichphilosophical or political ideology or organisation. are too short to be feature articles and too long to be Global News items. PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY And finally a plug for our annual NEXUS Conference in Sydney on May 22–23.While reproduction and dissemination of theinformation in NEXUS is actively encouraged, Speakers include: Sir Laurence Gardner, on "The Realm of the Ring Lords"; Prof.anyone caught making a buck out of it, without John Frodsham; Dr James Hurtak; Dr Paul Ameisen; Bruce Moen, on "Exploringour express permission, will be in trouble when the Afterlife"; Barry Hilton; Johanna Lambert; and Chris Gilbey, on "Y2K".we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 19992 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  3. 3. APRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...West versus East Even the World Trade Center told, "You s h o u l d n t be having The Clinton Conspiracy? Dear Duncan: This is my first bombing was said to be govern- trouble with HRT". In despera- Dear Sir: I am a frequent readerletter to you after almost three ment-instigated by some insider— tion, increasing numbers of these of NEXUS because it has informa-years of uninterrupted reading of I forget who. Can you imagine distressed ladies are fed up with tion not readily available else-your magazine. I have reached a Egyptians who cant speak English being regarded as hypochondriacs where. However, upon readingpoint where it is probably not any thinking of all that? They would and are turning to naturopaths for the article on Bill Clinton,longer the case of what the maga- not know that it was possible or relief and respect. "Coincidence, Conspiracy orzine contains, but the fact that the where to rent a truck. It would be "Herbal", Kyogle, New South Carelessness?", in NEXUSmain media is being challenged like an American going over to Wales, Australia [Global News, 5/06], it is time tothat is the biggest achievement, Egypt and asking where to get a put pen to paper.and you and the whole redaction donkey trailer for 10,000 pounds Unfortunately the Internet is of ammonium nitrate fertiliser for Praise for Grail Kings Exposéteam must be very proud of that. often used to peddle disinforma-Thank you, and a happy new year the petunias. Laurence Gardners Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden tion. This is the type of propagan-to you all! The real proof is in the fact that da that Clintons enemies want I came to Australia from an the truck was not supposed to be Lineage of Jesus Revealed is a printed. While the people men-Eastern European country and, allowed into the building, but masterpiece! The article in the tioned did come to grief, there areaccordingly, I follow the events someone got it in somehow— October-November 1998 issue of power-hungry, evil people whoover there closely. After eight something that only the boys in NEXUS propelled me to the book- have total disregard for humanyears of democratic capitalism, the government could pull off. Little store for the complete study. I life. Maybe Mr Clinton has beensituation has changed in the sense mention of it, of course, in the was stunned by its scope, logic set up to be the fall guy?that Western Europe has managed press. and scholarly correlation of Sumerian history and biblical As you probably know, there is ato conquer another 300 million Gary Novak,, big power-play taking place as topeople as a potential market. I am accounts. Clearly, this is the most who controls the policy of thesaying "potential", because the remarkable research project of the United States. Mr Clinton justpoor people dont have money for 20th century and should be happens to be in the way of that HRT Harassment required course-work in seminar-food let alone for fancy things I was pleased to see Sherrill happening.from the West. The production of ies and universities worldwide. Sellmans articles published [6/02, As a person in high places said:goods has dropped dramatically. Even though civilisation has "Mr Clinton is lucky his enemies 5/06, etc.]. Hopefully these arti- risen above the heresy trials ofIs there any interest in manufac- cles will help middle-aged women are only doing a character assassi-turing development in Eastern centuries past, Sir Laurence nation on him; they usually killEurope on the part of the West?! withstand the bullying tactics deserves praise for his selfless employed by many doctors hell- them."This is rather a rhetorical question. bravery in publishing theories that bent on getting all their post- Please take time out to read theNo, the only interest is to become contradict two thousand years of menopausal patients on to HRT no enclosed book, Assault on thean import market for Western cleverly contrived teachings. Presidency. You will find a logi-products. NEXUS should perhaps matter what the consequences. Surely, many in the Roman cal explanation for the position Mrdedicate more articles and com- Although Ive never taken these Catholic hierarchy are reeling in drugs myself, Ive spoken to Clinton now finds himself in.mentaries to this issue. the knowledge that the trusting I hope you take it upon yourself It is very likely that Eastern friends who have. They went into masses may one day be exposed to the surgery feeling quite healthy to give your readers a balancedEurope will become what South his work and rebel upon learning view of "the Clinton Affair".America is today: a divided conti- and ended up feeling quite ill, with they have been hoodwinked. The symptoms ranging from bleeding, Glenys C., Oxford Falls, NSWnent, where opulence and misery Churchs potential loss of revenuelive together in a society with no breast soreness, leg clots, fainting [Dear Glenys: Thank you for your spells, headaches, irritability, is mind-boggling, especially sincelight at the end of the tunnel. the Pope is now bent upon re-acti- letter. The Internet is used to ped - depression and lassitude. dle all sorts of information, the Keep up the good work. vating the sale of Indulgences. When they returned to their doc- bulk of which is pornography, in George A., Melbourne, Vic., tors to complain of these symp- The detailed lineage charts actual fact. It is used by bothAustralia, gachim@alphalink. toms, they were told to stop being should not only kindle a move to sides in any conflict. However, a sook and persist with the HRT or elevate Mary Magdalene to her can assure you I havent published were offered drugs to counteract rightful respectability, but also a fraction of the material sur -Government-backed Terror? the depression, migraine, etc. delight ancestor-seekers every- rounding the illegal activities of Therefore, illnesses were created where. Bill Clinton. This is not material Isnt it extremely obvious thatall, I mean all, of those bombings by drugs that were supposed to Truly, Sir Laurences remarkable from the Internet; this is oftenare originating from the same keep the women healthy. work is the catalyst for a mighty from the people involved.source? They all have identical Acupuncture, herbs and homoeo- "Aha!" that promises to reverber- The fact that Clinton is still incharacteristics. pathics are very effective against ate throughout the Judaeo- power is downright scary in itself. Bin Laden is obviously working menopausal symptoms such as Christian world and expose age- I can assure you, everyone knowsfor the CIA. He does nothing but flooding, migraines, hot flushes, old teachings for the James Barrie- he is guilty of sexual misconduct.draw radicals around him and then etc. These modalities simply bal- esque fantasies that they are. Its just that not everyone knows ofthey are picked up by the US ance the body systems and energy I eagerly await the publication of his involvement in the CIA/drugsGovernment. He knew nothing flows. Flower essences are effec- Genesis of the Grail Kings: The scene. Theyre not likely to either,about embassies in Africa. If he tive for depression and irritability. Pendragon Legacy of Adam and because since Clinton has beenwere involved, there would have I can personally recommend these Eve. President many of the key playersbeen trails a mile wide. Its no treatments. Emily Pritchard Cary, (pilots, security guards, etc.)coincidence that the ambassador I am open to the possibility that Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, involved in drugs/covert crimeswas complaining about vulnerabil- some women can take HRT and have died in often abnormal cir -ity a few months earlier. She not have side-effects. But many [Dear Emily: Sir Laurences sec - cumstances.clued in the CIA were to strike women do have side-effects and it ond book has just been published. I suggest you dig deeper for anext. is little comfort for them to be See our review in this issue. Ed.] more complete picture. Ed.]4 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 100-150 words in length. Ed.Poisoned Information Bureau Hazards of Unleaded Petrol Mind Control Controversy and entered the matchmaker, only Dear Duncan: To show your Dear Enlightened Author: Dear Duncan: I am writing to to discover a note from a guy inreaders and detractors that the Currently suffering the effects of thank you for your most recent the USA. The note read:startling and whistleblowing sto- benzene/MTBE, etc., from unlead- edition, vol. 6, no. 2. It is an "Morning here, Afternoon there."ries of such extraordinary nature ed petrol being leaked at a gas sta- absolute corker! He had heard me thinking aboutthat you publish are not the only tion next door to my home (and As you know, I have been run- the article. He had been there, initems which should concern us all, battling a number of neighbours ning The Truth Campaign here in Cambodia. He had seen the spher-I relate the following. who, for whatever reasons, do not England since 1996, having been ical craft. He had been injected In 1992 I worked in a Social want the situation resolved), I was largely inspired by NEXUS to with drugs such as scopolamine.Security office in the Northern pleasantly surprised to come consolidate my own work and He verified the article andRivers area of NSW. We had an across NEXUS and your articles release it in a regular quarterly expressed his concern for speakinginsect infestation in the carpet, in [see issues 2/25–27]. magazine format. I have been net- in depth about his experiences, lestthe section where face-to-face I thought I was the only person working information on the sub- he suffer another loss. His wifecontact with clients occurred. aware of whats happening in that ject of the M K U L T R A / M o n a r c h was killed in a hit-and-run threeAfter months of complaining by area. Its nice to find a voice out Project and the associated pae- years ago, just as a warning.bitten staff, a pest exterminator there speaking the truth. (Id dophile/satanic links for as many I would just like to point out thatwas employed. begun to think everyone was too years and am delighted to see the these articles may appear bizarre; After the application of an groggy from the effects of petrols article on NWO Mind Control in but when the proof immediatelyunknown substance, all staff had ethers to realise the hazards.) your mag. arrives on your doorstep, youthe following symptoms: Thank you for your intelligence I have recently run a series sup- begin to think very seriously aboutheadaches, nausea, sore eyes, and your thoughtful articles—and plied by Cathy OBrien and Mark the path our governments are set-burning nasal passages and sore please, wish me luck: taking on a Phillips, the authors of ting down as history.throats. The above were felt by city has become very frightening TranceFormation of America . A message to all you N E X U Sclients who were in the office for indeed. You are truly getting close to the readers. Beware! Your thoughtsperiods of less than 15 minutes. Sincerely, heart of the conspiracy here, and I are heard!The accompanying smell from the Pam Cooke, Clifton, NJ, USA, applaud your decision to run suchchemical residue was commented Cathy B., a controversial subject in NEXUS.on by the briefest of client visitors The Truth Campaign will contin-and took more than a fortnight to ue to dig deeply into the suppres- Undersea Volcanoes & El Niñodisappear. Visions of Earth Changes sion of human potential, the occult I have a theory about the cause Being an asthmatic and suffering To the Editor: I read with inter- est a letter concerning tsunami agenda to control humanity of El Niño. When the heating ofallergies, I had to take two days through mind-manipulation, both the ocean is very apparent off theoff work, as breathing for me dream visions (Feb-Mar 99 issue). Over the last three months I have overt and covert, physically and coast of Peru, I believe it is due tobecame a struggle. esoterically. something quite simple. Feeling the staff had been poi- also had many dreams showing visions of a great flood or tidal There is a great transformation On the bottom of the ocean insoned, I rang the Poisons of consciousness upon us at this that area, a volcano goes off everyInformation Bureau in Sydney and wave. The following dreams are a few examples: time, facilitated greatly by your 20 years or so. That is what caus-described our symptoms. I was work and that of others who are es the water to heat. Beyond that,assured by the female technical 1) An aerial view of a great city from above 10,000 feet, complete- prepared to step outside of the because land mass has beenofficer that we indeed had n o t Systems controls and think for changed or shifted under thebeen poisoned, as any substance ly flooded; all roadways look like canals. themselves. It is time to stand Earth, it will cause what I believelaid by a pest contractor would together and pool our collective just happened: a shifting of thehave been government-authorised 2) A picture of a map in which areas of a country appear to be wisdom and share it openly. Earth near where the volcano safe to humans. Together, in Truth, we can breaking apart. In other words, an earthquake. She then advised that staff could change the world!use proprietary eye drops for our 3) An underwater view of many I believe that most things can be bodies floating beneath the sur- Ivan Fraser, IvanFraser@ explained in a simple mannersore eyes, headache tablets to compuserve.comrelieve our headaches, throat face. when it comes to change that welozenges to relieve our sore 4) A neighbour building an earth PS: Write, phone or e-mail for dont understand on Earth. Thethroats, nasal sprays to relieve our levee–type wall. further information, sample Earth is relatively a simple planet,nose problems, and, by consulting 5) My hangar at Bankstown copies, subscriptions, etc.: T h e and if one just thinks about simplea physician, a prescription for anti- Airport, NSW, flooded with water Truth Campaign , 49 Trevor explanations when something hap -nausea drugs could be obtained. up to my waist. Terrace, North Shields, Tyne & pens like this, it makes sense. 6) A suburban street with water Wear NE30 2DF, England, UK, What do you think of my theory? I felt, as I hung up on the phone, up to the windows of parked cars. tel/fax +44 (0)191 2901265. Thanks for your attention.that the Poisons InformationBureau was such in name only, I think this event is on a global Robert Liljedahl, LILJEDAHL@and thought: God help anyone scale and, judging by the number Close Encounter on the Net worldnet.att.netwho calls for assistance with a of dreams, I expect it to happen A weird thing happened after I [Dear Robert: I agree with youreal poisoning situation. quite soon. read the article named "US on the relationship between under - This incident went ignored by Yours sincerely, Military Close Encounters in water volcanism and the tempera -our superiors and, in hindsight, I Ron F., Bankstown Airport, Cambodia" in the December tures of ocean currents. I noticeam sorry the staff affected did not Sydney, NSW, Australia 1998–January 1999 issue [6/01]. that Gordon-Michael Scallion ismake an en masse claim for com- [Dear Ron: You are not alone! I subscribe to a matchmaker on also drawing attention to this phe -pensation. Lots of people are still reporting the Internet to meet new friends. I nomenon. If you happen to find Sincerely, visions of a severely flooded east had just put the magazine down any good maps of the ocean bed in Terry M., Tenterfield, New coast of Australia, and I notice after reading the article in wonder- that region of the Pacific, pleaseSouth Wales, Australia many are choosing to move. Ed.] ment. I logged on to the Internet let me know. Ed.]APRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. GENETIC FOOD FEARS specific amounts at specified times. PROMPT RUSH ON It may even be possible to create ORGANIC PRODUCE a microchip that could be put inI n the UK, sales of organic food have increased so much in thepast year that supermarkets are television sets to release scents. Scenes of oceans could be matched with salt-air smells or gardens withfinding it hard to keep up with floral aromas.demand. Major chains say organic The device is the first of its kindproduce has become so popular that enabling the storage of one or moreit has made the unprecedented shift chemicals inside of the microchipfrom niche market to mainstream. with the release of the compounds Tesco, one of Britains largest on demand. A microprocessor,supermarket chains, reports a 100 remote control or biosensor can beper cent growth in sales of organic used as a trigger mechanism.goods, and is currently sponsoring The researchers say they couldresearch at Aberdeen University, reduce the size of the chip to asScotland, aimed at helping farmers small as 0.08 inches (2 millimetres),convert to organic practices. depending on its desired use. There Supermarkets in Australia are is also the potential for more than aalso getting in on the act, with thousand, maybe thousands ofColes and Woolworths trialling reservoirs if the reservoirs areranges of organic produce—with smaller.overwhelming results. Instead of packing it with data, scientists Another benefit of the chip is that its Scott Kinnear, chair of the Organic plan to load the tiny chip with drugs. cheap. Dr Langer and his team are makingFederation of Australia, claims that the Programmed to release tiny quantities of them in a research lab for about $20 each,European organic food market alone is drugs at precise times, it would then be but, if produced in larger batches, a chipnow worth around A$6 billion per year implanted under the skin, or swallowed if could cost just a few dollars or less.and growing. necessary. (Sources: Reuters; Nature, vol. 397, 28(Sources: Daily Telegraph , 7 Jan 1999; The prototype has been developed by January 1999)Independent on Sunday , 10 Jan 1999, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLondon; The Australian, 2 Feb 1999) scientist Dr Robert Langer, working with WEB WARFARE: THE INTERNET John Santini and Michael Cima. They VERSUS BIG BROTHER MICROCHIP IMPLANTS TO REPLACE PILLS & POTIONS claim the chip could be used to deliver pain relief or cancer drugs, or used in Y ou will probably not have read much about the collapse, in Paris, of theA silicon microchip could one day replace painful injections, difficult-to-swallow pills and foul-tasting medicines. medical diagnostic tests, in jewellery to emit scents, or in any capacity to deliver one or more chemical compounds in Multinational Agreement on Investment, or MAI (see article in NEXUS 5/04). That is hardly surprising, as it was one of the most clandestine events of 1998. Delegates from the 29 richest countries in the world, treasury officials, bankers and civil servants had been meeting for two years to negotiate what might have been the most far-reaching international agreement this century. But you didnt read or hear much about that either, because they did it more or less in secret. There were those who had been suspicious of the agreement from the outset. When it was launched in 1995, its sponsors trumpeted it as the final pillar in the globalisation of the worlds economy, but to its opponents it was a plot by multinational companies to shake off the controls that democracies might legitimately place upon their activities. The posting of all this on the Internet, after two years or more of semi-secret negotiations, changed everything. The secrecy which had initially bred only mild6 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ...mistrust ignited into widespread country will be able to tap into the Europol Schwartz, for dumping US$2.2 millionopposition. From the United States to databank. A French policeman could thus into Clinton/Gore and Democratic PartyIndia, from Canada to New Zealand and all discover private aspects of a German coffers. The Clinton administrationacross Europe, an ad hoc coalition of persons life and behave more freely with responded by approving a human rightsenvironmentalists, local councils, health that information than a German policeman. waiver to clear the way for technologyworkers, human-rights campaigners, trade The arrest of a Belgian policeman on transfers to China.unionists, aid agencies and church groups suspicion of selling information from the • Mobil, for supporting the Indonesianbegan to band together, using the Internet Schengen information system to the Mafia military in crushing an indigenous uprisingto coordinate their campaigns. sent alarm bells ringing in Germany. in Aceh province and allegedly allowing The Internet became the vehicle for Europol officers cannot, as yet, function the military to use company machinery toprotesters to lobby and exchange in the manner of a federal police force, and dig mass graves.information across the globe. The MAI the head of Europol is a well-respected • Monsanto, for introducing geneticallystarted wallowing under sustained attack German detective. However, the data engineered foods into the foodstream with-from all quarters until finally, in 1998, the question is likely to become a flashpoint. out adequate safety testing and withoutFrench Government pulled out of the MAI (Source: by Roger Boyes in Bonn; T h e labelling, thus exposing consumers totalks altogether. Sunday Times, London, 3 January 1999) unknown risks. Media analysts and Internet observers • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, forhave unanimously concluded that it was THE TEN WORST pleading guilty to felony crimes for dump-the Internet that facilitated the death of the CORPORATIONS OF 1998 ing oil in the Atlantic Ocean and then lyingMAI (in its most recent incarnation).(Sources: The Independent on Sunday , 10Jan 1999; Guardian Weekly, 7 Feb 1999) A ccording to the outspoken journal Multinational Monitor, these were the 10 worst corporations of 1998: to the Coast Guard about it. • Unocal, for engaging in numerous acts of pollution and law violations to such a • Chevron, for continuing to do busi- degree that citizens in California petitioned PRIVACY CONCERNS OVER ness with a brutal dictatorship in Nigeria the states attorney-general to revoke the EUROPOLS COMPUTER and for alleged complicity in the killing of companys charter.T he new year opens the door not only for the euro but also for Europol, thefledgling 15-nation police intelligence civilian protesters. • Coca-Cola, for hooking children on sugar and soda water. Today in the USA, • Wal-Mart, for crushing small-town America, for paying low, low wages (a huge percentage of Wal-Mart workers areagency that will use the first part of its new teenage boys and girls drink twice as much eligible for food stamps), for using Asiancomputer system to fight crime across the soda pop as milk, whereas 20 years ago child labour and for homogenising theEuropean Union. they drank nearly twice as much milk as population. The Europol Computer System, or soda. • W a r n e r - L a m b e r t, for marketing aTECS, is a policemans dream—and a • General Motors , for becoming an hazardous diabetes drug, Rezulin, whichnightmare for civil rights activists. At integral part of the Nazi war machine and has been linked to at least 33 deaths due topresent, the computer is defined as an then, years later when documented proof liver injuries.interim system but will soon provide the emerges, denying it. (Source: Multinational Monitor , www.police agency with full analytical data not • Loral and its chief executive Bernard on convicted criminals and suspectsbut also victims, potential victims, thosewith suspected criminal contacts andprobably even witnesses. Data on healthand race can also be stored. Eventually, TECS will be expanded toprovide a more general databank with acapacity to store information on about amillion or more people. The German Government—especiallythe Green Party—has become verynervous about its introduction. Germanyhas the strictest data protection laws inEurope, and the question of access to thestored information is particularly sensitive.The suggestion of storing information onwitnesses is particularly controversial. At first, only Europol officials—nationally delegated detectives who workin The Hague—will be able to use thedatabase. When the system expands,however, policemen from every EuropeanAPRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... BRITAIN PLANS TO DUMP Geologists aboard the drilling ship By studying recovered plant remains andNUCLEAR WASTE IN AUSTRALIA Joides Resolution, which is working on the fossilised marine plankton, the researchersT he United Kingdom is undertaking a £6 billion project to dump nuclear waste inAustralia. international Ocean Drilling Program, have found that two submerged features, the Kerguelen Plateau and Broken Ridge, now have identified three periods during which the crust rose above sea level: 110 million years ago, 85 million years ago, and 35 British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), which is about 2,000 metres below the surface, were million years ago.wholly owned by the UK Government, has once joined. Together they formed a (Source: New Scientist, 20 February 1999)already spent millions of pounds continental shelf with an area of twoinvestigating a scheme to build the worlds million square kilometres. THREATS TO HEALTH CAREbiggest nuclear waste repository in the FREEDOM IN NEW ZEALAND Sunken continentoutback. Britain has the worlds second-largeststockpile of nuclear waste from power T hree-year-old Liam Williams-Holloway is in hiding, and half the New Zealand police force is on the lookout for him. Hisstations, and considers outback Australia to crime is that he has parents who an ideal site for the deep disposal of Liams parents have refused to continuecontaminated waste. with experimental chemotherapy ordered Given Britains track record (or lack by HealthCare Otago and have gone intothereof) of honesty and integrity in dealing hiding, sparking a New Zealand–widewith problems arising from previous police manhunt which has included raidsnuclear and atomic projects in Australia, on alternative health clinics.this move will be even less popular than Fearing the growing wave of publicbreaking wind in an elevator! support, the Family Court has taken out a(Source: The Guardian Weekly, London, 28 censorship gag on all news media,February 1999) prohibiting them from publishing anything concerning Liam or his parents. LOST CONTINENT FOUND! A statement issued by Liams parents onS cientists have discovered a continent that has risen above the Indian Ocean atleast three times over the last 80 million Friday 12 February 1999 reads as follows: "Given the intense public and media interest, we would like to explain theyears. The submerged continent is situated reasons behind the forcing of our actions.approximately 4,000 kilometres (2,485 When your child has a medical problem ofmiles) southwest of Australia. an unusual type, unless you are skilled you The discovery of events and conditions seek a clinical diagnosis. It is at this pointthat caused the raising of the Earths crust that you relinquish control.above sea-level is so unexpected that "Liam was diagnosed withtheories on how continents form will have neuroblastoma in November be revised yet again. Diagnostic procedures were carried out, which indicated one site only, and chemotherapy was initiated. The protocol chosen is still of experimental status. It consisted of seven 10-day cycles of very intensive chemotherapy, with the final administration of chemotherapy to kill bone marrow before a stem cell transplant. [The family explains that Liams chance of survival was 50 per cent with conventional treatment.] "After two cycles of chemotherapy and much reading, we wanted to seek alternatives to give Liam the chance of a better quality of life. Meeting with HealthCare Otago, we were reluctantly given three weeks to seek out alternative stuff. Although given this opportunity, we were told that no matter how much progress was made, even if the cancer was in remission, Liam would still be put through the set protocol completely without re-evaluation or compromise.8 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ... "Even with the best medical care and THE PENTIUM III CHIP: YOUR NEW INTERNET ID CARD?various treatment regimes, all our findings Ihave shown that neuroblastoma has an ntel announced on 20 January 1999 that it wasincredibly high recurrence rate which is planning to include a unique Processor Serialgenerally more widespread with Number (PSN) in every one of its new Pentium IIIamplification. Add to the list highly chips. According to Intel, the PSN will be used topossible side-effects; for example, low identify users in electronic commerce and other net-blood count and irreversible renal or based applications.kidney damage, high-frequency hearing But a growing number of consumers—spearheadedloss and neurotoxicity. by Junkbusters, a New Jersey–based technology lobby "We eventually found treatment for group that has been leading a boycott of the PentiumLiam and have been pursuing this for three III chip—believe that the provision of a unique PSN,weeks. At this stage, Liam is healthy and which can be read remotely by websites and other pro-happy and the tumour is reducing rapidly. grams in mass-market computers, would significantly damage their privacy. This num-Ultimately we would wish that our choice ber is designed to be used to link users activities on the Internet for marketing and otherfor non-invasive treatment for Liam be purposes.respected and be able to be done in According to Intel VP Patrick Gelsinger, the PSN will be used to identify users whoconditions a lot less stressful. access Internet websites or chat rooms. The technology will also be used for authentica- "Given Liams legal status and the tion in e-commerce, which will attach the PSN to a persons real-world identity.uncompromising approach by HealthCare The PSN would likely be collected by many sites, and indexed and accumulated inOtago, we have no option but to remain in databases. Unlike "cookies", which are usually different for each website, the PSN willhiding and continue his treatment, and our remain the same and cannot be deleted or easily changed.only hope for a happy outcome is to Because the United States has few legal protections for online privacy, there are nopresent Liam as a cured boy. practical limits on what can be collected or used. With PSNs, any software running on a "We feel that we are acting in Liams persons PC can obtain the PSN and, if the application is Internet-enabled, can transmit itbest interest and we are grateful to all anywhere. The user may be unaware this has happened. Given the widespread practicepeople giving us their support. of downloading shareware, and the lack of legal protection over personal data and the "(signed) Brendan, Trina, Molley and economic incentives to collect and sell it, widespread abuse seems more than likely.Liam Williams-Holloway" Gelsinger also told the RSA conference that over 30 companies had already given(Source: E-mails from NZ NEXUS readers) commitments to Intel that they were planning to use the PSN. DOUBLE MASTECTOMY: Threats to Internet Privacy and Security THE TROUBLE WITH STATISTICS According to Internet security experts, the PSN will not provide real security becauseE very year, hundreds of western women have both their apparently healthybreasts surgically removed in an effort to it is poorly designed. Hackers will be able to forge PSNs, thus undercutting potential authentication uses. Intel announced on 25 January that it is planning to release a software program thatensure they will not contract breast cancer. would turn the PSN function off. This program will run automatically each time a com-But even this kind of extreme, "preventive" puter is booted, and turn the PSN off for that session. However, the PSN function willmeasure is no guarantee. remain in the Pentium III chip and will be available if the program is disabled for any Having a double mastectomy can reduce reason. Some of the problems are as follows:the risk of dying of breast cancer by 90 per • This software program does not exist yet. According to the Washington Post, thecent, according to a study just published in program will not become available until months after the first PIII-enabled machines arethe New England Journal of Medicine. shipped, and even then it will only work for Windows. Users will be required to access Interestingly, the investigators from the the Intel web page to obtain a copy of the program and install it themselves.Mayo Clinic derived this figure from "sta- • This approach relies on other companies to install the program for Intel. When thetistical models" and from "the death rate of program does become available, Intel will have to ask every computer manufacturer andthe patients sisters", i.e., people who did other computer companies, including Microsoft, to adopt this into their systems. Somenot undergo the operation but presumably of these companies, such as Microsoft, which have an interest in using the PSN for soft-faced the same cancer risk. They studied ware verification, may refuse to install the program.639 women who, during the period 1960 to • Users will be required to provide the PSN. It is likely that users will be required to1993, had double mastectomies but no disable the PSN privacy protections by many software programs and websites as a condi-breast cancer, and found there were only tion for access.two deaths, whereas statistics predicted • The software program can be tampered with or disabled. Because the privacy pro-there should have been 20 deaths. tection scheme relies on a software patch that must run each and every time that a user The end result was that 619 women had turns on the computer, it is susceptible to tampering by other software programs.radical and needless surgery, and the rest of According to Intel VP Patrick Gelsinger, many software developers are already planningus are no clearer as to what it all means! to use the PSN and would be likely to require that the patch be removed.(Sources: The Australian , 15 January 1999; (Source: Junkbusters website,, 25 January 1999)APRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  11. 11. deBriefingsUS MILITARY PLANS TO "OWN THE WEATHER" BY 2025 with both domestic and international applications. Our govern-A bstract: In 2025, US aerospace forces can "own the ment will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at vari- weather" by capitalizing on emerging technologies and ous levels. These levels could include: unilateral actions, partic- focusing development of those technologies to warfight- ipation in a security framework such as NATO, membership ining applications. Such a capability offers the warfighter tools to an international organization such as the UN, or participation in ashape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides coalition.opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includesconflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of weather modification, its use in our national military strategy willthis paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather naturally follow. Besides the significant benefits an operationalmodification system to achieve military objectives rather than to capability would provide, another motivation to pursue weatherprovide a detailed technical road map. modification is to deter and counter potential adversaries. A high-risk/high-reward endeavor, weather modification offers In this paper we show that appropriate application of weathera dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some seg- modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degreements of society will always be reluctant to examine controver- never before imagined. In the future, such operations willsial issues such as weather modification, the tremendous military enhance air and space superiority and provide new options forcapabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness. The technologyown peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting is there, waiting for us to pull it all together; in 2025 we can "ownthose of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather the weather".patterns, to complete dominance of global communications and Author(s): Ronald J. Celentano; Tamzy J. House (Facultycounter-space control, weather modification offers the warfighter Advisor); David Mark Husband; Ann E. Mercer; James B. Neara wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. (Faculty Advisor); James E. Pugh; William B. Shields Technology advancements in five major areas are necessary (Source: Intelligence, no. 93, 15 February 1999; from the paper,for an integrated weather modification capability: (1) advanced "2025: Weather as a Force Multipler", presented by military per -nonlinear modeling techniques, (2) computational capability, (3) sonnel to the US Air Force in August 1996)information gathering and transmission, (4) a global sensor array,and (5) weather intervention techniques. Some intervention tools MIND-CONTROL SLAVERY & THE NEW WORLD ORDER Dexist today and others may be developed and refined in the ear Duncan: In your last editorial [NEXUS 6/02], youfuture. wrote: "I need to say a few words about Uri Dowbenkos Current technologies which will mature over the next thirty article on NWO Mind Control. The subject is not pleas-years will offer anyone who has the necessary resources the abili- ant; in fact, I had to do some serious soul-searching aboutty to modify weather patterns and their corresponding effects, at whether I should publish such material... I decided to publish,least on the local scale. Current demographic, economic, and but have still had to edit it heavily. You will all probably flinchenvironmental trends will create global stresses that provide the and ask yourselves whether it could possibly be true."impetus necessary for many countries or groups to turn this Two years ago, someone anonymously sent me a copy ofweather modification ability into a capability. In the US, weather TranceFormation of America [see review, NEXUS 3/04], pre-modification will likely become a part of national security policy sumably because I had a fairly high profile locally as a human rights activist with Amnesty International. Despite my daily exposure to information about genocide, torture and other gross human rights violations, Cathy OBriens story made me feel literally sick to the stomach. I would go as far as to caution sensitive individuals against reading the book, as the information becomes lodged in the emotional body and is extremely dif- ficult to integrate. Like you, I went through a process of soul- and Internet-searching to determine whether the book had any basis in fact or was just a sick fantasy. A search engine led me to an article by Kathleen Sullivan, that included her e-mail address, and I got in touch with her. It turned out that not only had she been through a similar experi- ence to OBrien, but she knew both her and co-author/de-programmer Mark Phillips. My extensive personal correspondenceAPRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. deBriefingswith Kathleen over the past two years has confirmed beyond any during May/June to express their opposition to the TNCs anddoubt that she is speaking the truth. financial institutions. (See <>.) Kathleen acknowledges that the deliberate and systematic frag- Timed to coincide with the start of the G8 summit of worldmentation of her mind that she experienced during the horror of leaders in Köln, Germany, and the end of the Inter-Continentalher training sometimes makes it difficult for her to discern fact Caravan, 18 June 1999 has been declared "a day of protest,from fiction in her recall of past events. Fortunately she has action and carnival in financial centres across the globe".been gifted with an incredible strength of will that has enabled To quote the publicity material for the event: "If you say theher to conduct a rigorous and ongoing psychological self-exami- organisation of society and its domination by unaccountablenation and become a source of sup- tyrannies is improper and unjust...youport to other mind-control victims have to consider what the alterna-and their families. (See <http://parc- tives are and how you move>.) them. And those are not trivial mat- Researching the mind-control ters; they require organised popularissue is like opening the lid ofPandoras box. As Uri said in his ... 18 June 1999 has been movements which think things through, which debate, which act,excellent article, to create Multiple declared "a day of protest, which experiment, which try alter-Personality Disorder by conscious action and carnival in financial natives, which develop the seeds ofintent is nothing less than a depraved the future in the present society."atrocity. To realise that respected centres across the globe". (See < figures are capable of such june18>.)evil, forces one to question the very The Citizens Public Trust Treatybasis of ones worldview. As the is a proposed United NationsJohn Lohengard character said in the General Assembly Resolutionfictional conspiracy TV series, Dark designed to counteract corporateSkies: "Theres another reality out there that most people never globalisation. It states: "We call upon the nations of the worldfind out about. But when you see it, it changes you forever." to ensure the rights of present and future generations to genuine Mind-control programming is an extremely disturbing symp- peace, social justice and ecological integrity by implementing thetom of our dysfunctional society. If elements of the power elite principles of this Treaty." To read the document and sign thecan perpetrate these kinds of abuses on children and other inno- petition, see <>.cent people and get away with it, something is seriously wrong Finally, a plug for my article, "Y2K in Context", available onwith the way our society works. In my view, the challenge of <>, whichour time is to (i) educate ourselves about the underlying causes attempts to relate the "millennium bomb" to some of the issuesof our social, political, economic and environmental problems, touched on above.(ii) build a strong grassroots resistance movement to halt the Bravo for having the courage to print Uris important article.slide towards global totalitarianism, and (iii) develop a viable Paul Swann, Director, London Human Rights Forum, 14strategy for creating a society that is just, genuinely democratic Beacon Hill, London N7 9LY, United Kingdom, e-mailand ecologically sound. <> My personal contribution to this effort—motivated in part bythe information that Kathleen has shared with me—has been to US NAVYS POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS PROGRAM Aset up a London Human Rights Forum. This was launched on 15 US Navy psychologist has admitted at a NATO confer-February with a talk by Susan George (a leading campaigner ence to the existence of a training program for killers.against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment) on "How Lieutenant Commander Thomas Narut, stationed at theCorporate Globalisation Destroys Human Rights". (For further US Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy, claims that theinformation about the London Human Rights Forum, see Office of Naval Intelligence has taken convicted murderers from<>.) military prisons, used behaviour modification techniques on As Susan made clear, the rise to power of the transnational them, and then relocated them in American embassies throughoutcorporations and financial speculators in the increasingly glob- the world.alised capitalist economy is one of the main underlying causes of Dr Narut divulged the information at an Oslo NATO confer-human rights violations and environmental destruction. Id like ence of 120 psychologists from the 11-nation alliance. Just priorto draw your readers attention to three initiatives that aim to to that time, the US Senate Intelligence Committee had censuredarrest this new imperialism. the CIA for its global political assassination plots, including plots The Inter-Continental Caravan is a project that was conceived against Fidel India by the Karnataka State Farmers Association (KRRS), a According to Dr Narut, the US Navy was an excellent placeGandhian movement committed to non-violent civil disobedi- for researchers to find "captive personnel" whom they could useence against corporate power. With the help of the Peoples as guinea pigs in experiments. The Navy provided all the fund-Global Action network, 500 activists from India and other coun- ing necessary, he said.tries in the south will travel around Europe in a convoy of buses In a question-and-answer session with reporters from many12 • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
  13. 13. deBriefingsnations, Dr Narut revealed how the US Navy was secretly pro- During the NATO conference in Oslo, Dr Narut had remarkedgramming large numbers of assassins. He said that the men he that the reason he was divulging the information was because hehad worked with for the Navy were being prepared for comman- believed it was coming out anyway. The US Navy psychologistdo-type operations as well as covert operations in US embassies was referring to a congressional subcommittees disclosures,worldwide. He described the men who went through his pro- which were then appearing in the press, concerning various CIAgram as "hit men and assassins" who could kill on command. assassination plots. However, what Dr Narut had failed to realise Careful screening of the subjects was accomplished by Navy at the time was that the Navys assassination plots were not des-psychologists through the military records, and those who actual- tined to be revealed to the public at that received assignments where their training could be utilised (Sources: The Sunday Times , London, 16 January 1999;were drawn mainly from submarine crews and paratroops, and were convicted murderers serving military prison sen-tences. Several men who had been awarded medals for bravery GENETIC FOOD SCARE SCIENTIST IS VINDICATED Twere drafted into the program. he scientist who was publicly humiliated over claims that The assassins were conditioned through "audiovisual desensiti- genetically modified "Frankenstein" food may be harmfulsation". The process involved the showing of films of people has been proved right after all. Hungarian-born Dr Arpadbeing injured or killed in a variety of ways, starting with very Pusztai, a world expert in lectins, was stripped of his post at amild depictions and leading up to the more extreme forms of research institute in Scotland and was described as "muddled" bymayhem. Eventually the subjects would be able to detach their his superiors after he referred to experiments in which rats hadfeelings, even when viewing the most horrible of films. The been damaged when fed genetically altered potatoes.conditioning was most successful when applied to "passive- But the Mail on Sunday has learned that rats did suffer shock-aggressive" types, and most of these ended up being able to kill ing internal damage, and that a leading pathologist who re-exam-without any regrets. The prime indicator of violent tendencies ined their remains has confirmed Dr Pusztais findings. Thesewas the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. revelations will place a question mark over the future of Dr The potential assassins also underwent programming to create Pusztais former boss, Professor Philip James, who ousted himprejudicial attitudes,in order that they would think of their future from the research program and is now being tipped as head of theenemies, especially the leaders of these countries, as sub-human. Governments new Food Standards Agency, due to be formed inThey were presented with films and lectures that demeaned the April next year.culture and habits of the people of the countries where it had Dr Pusztai, 68, lost his job at the British Government–fundedbeen decided they would be sent. Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, after he told Dr Narut knew of two Navy programming centres: the Granada TVs World in Action of his studies. He said he found itNeuropsychiatric Laboratory in San Diego and the US Regional "very, very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs". TheMedical Center in Italy, where he worked. interview last August sparked a fierce debate on the potential After his NATO lecture, Dr Narut disappeared and could not dangers of genetically engineered located. Within a week of so of the lecture, the Pentagon Yet Dr Pusztai was discredited on the basis of getting his factsissued an emphatic denial that the US Navy had "engaged in psy- badly confused by apparently referring to the wrong experiment.chological training or other types of train-ing of personnel as assassins". They dis-avowed the programming centres in SanDiego and Naples and stated that theywere unable to locate Narut. However,they did provide confirmation that he wasa staff member of the US RegionalMedical Center in Naples. Dr Alfred Zitani, an American delegateto the Oslo conference, did verify Narutsremarks, as published in the S u n d a yTimes. Some time later, Dr Narut surfaced inLondon and recanted his remarks, statingthat he was "talking in theoretical and notpractical terms". Shortly thereafter, theUS Navy headquarters in London issued astatement indicating that Dr Narutsremarks at the NATO conference shouldbe discounted because he had "personalproblems". Dr Narut never made any fur-ther public statements about the program.APRIL – MAY 1999 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. deBriefings LA NIÑAS GLOBAL WEATHER EXTREMESProfessor James issued statements to the press, saying that Dr CPusztai "would have to retire" because hed "got it wrong" by amp Springs, Maryland, 23 February 1999 — This yearssuggesting the rats in question had been fed potatoes modified La Niña is one of the strongest in the past 50 years,with genes from a bean—when, in fact, these particular experi- according to scientists at the US National Weatherments had never been carried out. The apparent mix-up, made Services Climate Prediction Center. La Niña is the phenomenonamid the glare of TV publicity, cost Dr Pusztai his reputation. of cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the tropical But Dr Pusztai had conducted other crucial experiments using Pacific Ocean, impacting on global weather patterns. La Niñapotatoes altered by another gene—and these tests demonstrated a conditions may last for as long as two years.worst-case scenario. The tests were carried out on rats that were Forecasts show the present La Niña Pacific Ocean conditionsfed potato altered to carry a gene from snowdrops. This enabled continuing through June 1999, with greater intensity possiblethe vegetable to make a chemical known as GNA lectin, which during the next few months.would protect it from insect and worm damage. However, the This La Niña pattern began in May 1998. A rapid cooling ofeffect was devastating. the near-equatorial waters in the central Pacific signalled the end Dr Pusztais results—contained in a report to Professor James of the 1997–1998 El Niño and the beginnings of La Niña.and the Scottish Office—detail liver damage, even in rats fed El Niño and La Niña are extreme phases of a naturally occur-cooked genetically-modified potatoes for 10 days. His findings ring climate cycle referred to as El Niño/Southern Oscillation.reveal that, in most animals, "highly significant changes" Both terms refer to large-scale changes in sea-surface tempera-occurred in the weights of some or most of the rats vital organs ture across the eastern tropical Pacific.and that immune system organs, like the spleen and thymus, The strengthening La Niña influenced weather patterns thatwere "frequently affected". sent Alaskan temperatures dipping to –74°F (–23.3°C) and wind Dr Pusztais conclusions have now been backed by more than chills to –90°F (–32.2°C) in late January and early February. It20 scientists from 13 countries, in a co-ordinated statement has brought flooding and heavy snow to the American West,issued in early February. An independent analysis has been con- warmth to the East, and extreme weather from South America toducted by consultant pathologist Dr Stanley Ewen, of Aberdeen Asia, according to National Oceanic and AtmosphericUniversity, who examined the preserved rats organs. Neither Dr Administration (NOAA) scientists.Ewen nor Dr Pusztai will discuss their findings, though they may "This La Niña provides the physical link between many of themake them public by late February. unusual weather patterns seen recently in far-flung parts of the The doctors conclusions are a setback for the multibillion- globe," said John Janowiak, a NOAA scientist.pound biotechnology industry which is seeking licences world- The global La Niña impacts include heavy rains, severe stormswide to grow high-volume crops that resist herbicides. At the and flooding in eastern Australia and southern Africa, drought instart of the experiment, it was thought that snowdrop lectin was Kenya and Tanzania, flooding in the Philippines and Indonesia,unlikely to produce harmful effects, so it would have been con- and abnormal wetness in northern South America. The samesidered suitable for commercial development. But now the reve- regions suffered the opposite impacts during the 1997–1998 Ellations have thrown GM foods research into disarray. Niño pattern.(Source: by Christopher Leake and Lorraine Fraser, The Mail On "While parts of Alaska have experienced severe cold, most ofSunday, London, 31 Jan 1999; Nature, vol. 397, 18 Feb 1999; see the lower forty-eight states, especially those in the southern tier,Rowett Research Institute website <>) have enjoyed record-breaking warm temperatures," Janowiak said. The Alaskan cold snap can be blamed on persistent winds bringing bitterly cold air from north of the Arctic Circle, southward to Alaska. National Weather Service sci- entists say this circulation pattern is fre- quently associated with La Niña, which usually results in colder-than-normal win- ter weather over Alaska. Forecasters pre- dicted the below-normal winter tempera- tures for Alaska as early as last September. Scientists at the Climate Prediction Center expect wetter-than-normal condi- tions to continue through March over Indonesia, northern Australia and southern Africa. Wetter-than-normal conditions are likely to develop over northeastern Brazil and continue through May. (Source: Environment News Service [ENS] © 1999, • NEXUS APRIL – MAY 1999
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