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Nexus 0502 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 5, Number 2 FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, AustraliaLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 THE PHYSICS OF A FLYING SAUCER.........................53GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Ted Roach. By redefining our understanding of time and space dimensions, this engineer has come A round-up of the news you may have missed. up with an explanation for flying saucer propulsionTHE AMAZING CURES OF A MIRACLE MAN............13 within terrestrial and intergalactic space. By Robert Pellegrino-Estrich. Brazilian medium THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................59 João de Deus incorporates spirit entities who This issue we consider alien-sourced technological perform miraculous healings on the sick, many of breakthroughs from 1947, and the NSAs contact whom have been abandoned by modern medicine. with the Greys using intuitive communications.THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF JESUS—Part 1................21 MEN IN BLA CK: A CLOSE ENCOUNTER—Part 1....63 With Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm, KCD. This By Albert K. Bender. One of the first modern "Men in Black" episodes dates to 1953, when ufologist Al distinguished genealogist explains how the Bender was visited by three black-attired aliens Christian scriptures, doctrines and sacraments were who revealed secrets in return for his silence. doctored to conceal the truth about the bloodline REVIEWS—Books........................................................71 of Jesus—the real Holy Grail. "The Quickening" by Art BellDEEP BLACK: THE CIAS DRUG WARS—Part 2........27 "The Miracle Man" by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich "The Hiram Key" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas By David G. Guyatt. Working for a secret US "Mind Control, World Control" by Jim Keith Government clique, the CIA used the Vietnam War "Innocent Casualties" by Elaine Feuer as a cover to expand its lucrative heroin pipeline, "Above Black" by Dan Sherman "The Red Lion" by Mária Szepes while the DEA took care of the competition. "Every Breath You Take" by Dr Paul J. Ameisen "Gemisphere Luminary" compiled and edited by Michael KatzGOVERNMENTS VS THE PEOPLE...............................35 "Water, Electricity and Health" by Alan Hall By Susan Bryce. So-called western democratic "Earth Under Fire" by Paul A. LaViolette governments have been using innocent civilians in "Spirit Visions" by Dennison and Teddi Tsosie "Molecules of Emotion" by Candace B. Pert, PhD experiments with radiation, nuclear fallout, "Papaya: The Medicine Tree" by Harald W. Tietze biowarfare agents, mind control and sterilisation for REVIEWS—Videos.......................................................78 over half a century. Should they be put on trial? "Infinit: The Journey" "The Philadelphia Experiment" presented by Alfred BielekDR RIFES RESONANT ENERGY DEVICE—Part 1.......43 "The Montauk Project" with Alfred Bielek By James E. Bare, DC. Dr Royal R. Rifes cancer- "ETs, UFOs & New World Order Technology" with Phil Schneider "ETs, UFOs & Cover-up of New Technologies" with Phil Schneider curing resonant energy device was suppressed by the medical mafia in the 1930s, but a redeveloped REVIEWS—Software...................................................78 "Dr Who: Destiny of the Doctors" unit is now producing astonishing healing effects. REVIEWS—Audio........................................................79NEW SCIENCE NEWS.................................................49 "Buena Vista Social Club" by Ry Cooder Interesting news and views from the underground "Bismillah: Highlights from the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music" "Picture Dreams" by Riley Lee and Satsuki Odamura science network. In this issue, we feature David "Beautiful Wasteland" by Capercaillie Cowlishaws Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster which "Voice of the Celtic Myth" by Greenwood has the potential to revolutionise space travel. NEXUS BOOKS, SUBS, ADS & VIDEOS......................89FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. Editorial NEXUS MAGAZINE This issue of NEXUS sees some positive news and information especially in the Volume 5, Number 2 fields of health and science. FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 Before I indulge, however, I should explain why we are missing a couple of arti- PUBLISHED BY cles which we promised in the last issue. Part 2 of Dr Sam Chachouas fascinating NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ACN #003 611 434 approach to the treatment of disease is temporarily on hold until we can re-establish EDITOR Duncan M. Roads contact with him. I hope this does not mean that anything sinister has befallen him. CO-EDITOR As for the promised article trying to unravel what on earth is happening to our Catherine Simons weather systems and why, well, I ran out of time over Christmas, and you know ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR how it is: summertime on the Sunshine Coast, family, interstate trade fairs, etc. etc. Ruth Parnell I would point out, though, that one clue to the weather pattern changes can be EDITORS ASSISTANT found in the Global News section this issue. A 10°F (5.5°C) increase in ocean tem- Richard Giles perature around Alaska? Thats big news, especially since it is the temperature of OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR Julie Lehmann the oceans which greatly affects the temperature of the air masses which flow over CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE them—not the other way around, as the media are increasingly trying to suggest. Robert Pellegrino-Estrich; Sir Laurence Gardner, Nevertheless, Im sure readers will enjoy the mind-blowing replacement articles Kt St Gm, KCD; David G. Guyatt; Susan Bryce; weve found. James E. Bare, DC; David E. Cowlishaw; Ted Roach; Richard Boylan; Albert K. Bender First up, we have the Miracle Man of Brazil article. This has got to be one of the LAYOUT & DESIGN most incredible books/articles I have ever read, and it has greatly restored my faith Duncan M. Roads in humanity! CARTOONS Secondly, the Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail is another reality-shatter- Phil Somerville ing series from probably the only person with official access to the documents need- COVER GRAPHIC ed to substantiate such knowledge. As royal genealogist Sir Laurence Gardner John Cook, explains, Jesus had children and his royal bloodline is alive and well (and famous) PRINTING Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia to this day, and the original sacred texts which became the Bible underwent an AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION incredible amount of rewriting to hide this truth. I guarantee you will hear a lot Newsagents Direct Distribution more about Sir Laurence! HEAD OFFICE - All Correspondence I am also excited about the Rife article in this issue. To see such technology resur- PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. rected is very promising. For those who came in late, earlier this century Dr RoyalPh: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 E-mail address: Raymond Rife discovered that certain frequencies and wavelengths can shatter the Web page: cellular structure of life-forms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites, especially NEW ZEALAND OFFICE - PO Box 226, Russell, when broadcast at a frequency which he called the "mortal oscillatory rate". Rifes Bay of Islands. Ph: +64 (0)9 403 8193; successful medical applications of this technology were ruthlessly suppressed by the Fax: +64 (0)9 403 8196; system. Whether it was a financially threatened medical establishment or concern E-mail address: over the military applications of such findings (or both) that caused its demise, we USA OFFICE - PO Box 177, Kempton, IL 60946- 0177. Ph: (815) 253 6464; Fax: (815) 253 6454 shall probably never know.UK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West I also encourage readers to dive into the rather old but even-more-fascinating-in- Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: +44 (0)1342 322854; light-of-recent-events article on the Men in Black. Its extracted from a book that Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574; has been out of print for decades, but the encounters experienced by the author are E-mail address: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.comEUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, still very thought-provoking. Read it, and Im sure youll agree! The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)321 380558; This issue sees yet another CIA drugs article. While some readers do not need to Fax: +31 (0)321 318892; be convinced that this goes on, it is still very helpful to see just what names keep E-mail address: emerging. UFO buffs might be surprised to note Col. Philip Corsos name appearing ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, Piazza in this article. I hope that, by now, most avid followers of the intelligence commu- Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova. Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 nitys involvement with illicit drugs have realised that this is where the money STATEMENT OF PURPOSE comes from to fund black-budget projects and black-budget secret bases. NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a On another matter entirely, I would like to explain to those American readers whomassive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS regularly enquire, that those are not spelling mistakes that you are reading; they are seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as toassist people through these changes. NEXUS is not the accepted English-language spellings that we use in Australia, as they do in New linked to any religious, philosophical or political Zealand and the rest of the English-speaking world! ideology or organisation. I have repeatedly been getting calls from people saying that 1998 is the year. PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY Whether they mean earthquakes, Big Brother takeovers, stock-market crashes, alienWhile reproduction and dissemination of the informationin NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone caught making visitations, or all of the above, I guess well find out later. a buck out of it, without our express permission, will be Read The Miracle Man, and take care! in trouble when we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 1997, 19982 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  3. 3. FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...Benefits of Beck Bioelectrifier junction with medical verification ber the long white tail. US$100 million to bring a new Dear Editor: Id like to tell you of HIV status. I shall let you The only other person who saw drug on the market. Are theyof my experience with a Beck know of the results. it was my sister. To this day we going to let something that you"zapper". For the first time in 20 Christopher Hyslop, registered still talk about it. Not sure what it can grow in your back gardenyears I had become ill enough to homoeopath, Complementary was, but if it was weapons test- jeopardise that?spend over a week in bed and 10 Health Centres, Hove, East ing, then I sure hope Im not As you state in your editorial,days off work. Yes, I was unfor- Sussex, UK, ph 01273 722421. around if they ever use it. there is an underground war beingtunate enough to get the flu. Keep up the good work! waged by people who want to The problem was that although EM Weapons Used at OKC? Joby P., prazak@phnxpop1. take responsibility for their ownthe main flu symptoms had gone, well-being. We have had many Dear Editor: Just sitting here people coming to us wanting toI was left with some very dis- thinking about some of the info inabling symptoms. Firstly, I woke get off HRT, anti-depressants and your last issue, particularly the NEXUS Newlyweds! many other nasties, and manyevery morning with a headache EM weapons usage at the Dear Duncan: This is a very peoples lives have been changedand absolutely no energy, which Oklahoma City Murrah Building. special thank-you to you and allpersisted all day long. The sec- for the better. Dont get us [See "Bright Skies", Part 5, at NEXUS. Thanks to you, I met wrong: a doctor or surgeonond problem was that my NEXUS 5/01.] That clarifies so my soul mate, Michael Relfe, and would be the first person weEustachian tubes were completely much. You see, my five-year-old we are now very happily mar-obstructed, and in a profession screamed for if we were hit by a daughter lived in Oklahoma City ried—a year and a half after the car—but when it comes to syn-that relies on listening I found it at the time. Sydney NEXUS Conferencevery difficult to work. thesised drugs, no thanks! The Murrah Building was where where we first met!!! And now for the positive: peo- Working at Complementary her day-care centre was; my ex- It was a miracle that we met. IHealth Centres, I had a total of ple like us (and there are millions, wife was stationed there. A few lived in Sydney and Michael and growing daily) are eating thisfive therapists trying to solve my minutes before the "bomb" lived in Florida, USA. I believe elephant, one bit at a time.problem, plus all the nutrients and exploded, she said she started to your Conference was used as onesupplements you could imagine. "They" win the occasional battle feel strange vibes and took my of Gods tools for us to meet. but the people will win the war.However, nothing was helping. daughter Hailey and left the I have read NEXUS for years. More and more of us are turning By the fourth week I was des- building. May your magazine circulation our backs on the 80-year-oldperate and a friend of mine She mentioned the pre-explo- grow quickly, because it contains medical propaganda machine andbrought back a machine, called a sion tremor that you mention in really useful information that are embracing the tried-and-true"Beck Bioelectrifier", that I had your article. everybody should know about. therapies of the past. It is just ahelped him build a few months I have also spoken with several pity that at this moment in timeearlier. This small box basically Stephanie Relfe (née Wilkins), others who verify her story, but, kinesiologist, www.geocities. we are unable to advertise thisputs out a very special electric until your article, the idea of a com/HotSprings/3578 fact in NEXUS.pulse which will kill viruses, bac- Tesla-type weapon never crossedteria and parasites in the blood. It Keep up the brilliant work. my mind. After reading it and Rob Kerridge and Donnawas built because it was supposed discussing the implications with Drug Company Victimisationto convert HIV-positive people to Dear Duncan: We have just Wakelin, Life Force Distributors, some friends, they agree that it Edenbridge, Kent, UK, ph 01732HIV-negative in 21 days. This I could be possible. read your editorial in the Dec-Janwas more than sceptical about. issue [5/01] and the article by 867550. Do you know of any otherHowever, in my desperation I places where I might be able to Sam Chachoua on "Inducedwas now willing to try anything. find out more about this theory? Remission Therapy". Like you, Animal Mutilation Puzzle I stuck the silver electrodes to As you can guess, since it directly we are awaiting "the apocalypse" Dear Duncan: I was readingthe pulse points on my ankles, affects my family, I am a bit more and the uncovering that needs to through an old NEXUS Magazineswitched on the Bioelectrifier and concerned than the average read- be done so that people are able to [4/02] and read the article on ani-turned up the power until I could er. make their own choices rather mal mutilations. I decided to passfeel a slight tingling. The treat- Thanks again for the great arti- than have rubbish pushed down on an occurrence which we hadment lasted for one hour. I then cles. The Clem Over-Unity their throats by money-driven and which we cannot explain.drank plenty of water and went to Engine [NEXUS 5/01] is a pas- pharmaceutical companies. Are We had a mob of Santabed. The next morning I woke sion of our research editor! If he we mad? You bet. Gertrudis steers being topped offbefore the alarm, with no finds anything new, well let you You made reference in your edi- for market, grazing on aheadache and with energy. For know. torial to some of your regular grass/lucerne pasture; no trees, nothe first time in four weeks I had advertisers being driven out of stumps, etc. The animals were Rob, R e a l i t y M a g a z i n e ,energy! My ears still remained NEXUS by the "international contained by a portable electricblocked but were making encour- therapeutic drugs network". We fence in the pasture which weaging clicking sounds! I used the are one of those. Our crime was were strip-feeding, not far fromBioelectrifier again that evening. Fireball in Arizona to provide people with a choice to the house.The next morning my ears were Dear Ed: Just want to say that help themselves with a cheap, One morning we noticed one ofclearing. I couldnt believe it. I the article about fireballs was effective, oxygen therapy. the steers was down and we wenthad tried everything and nothing great. [See "Bright Skies" series, Because a lot of natural products to investigate. Our first concernhad worked, and yet in just two NEXUS 4/03 to 5/01.] like hydrogen peroxide, herbs and was bloat. He was on his side,days my energy was back and my As a child, some time ago, I saw minerals are unpatentable and are stiff as a board, legs outstretchedears were clear. one over the Arizona desert. It cheap to procure, agencies in this as though in a standing position, I was so impressed by this was the most beautiful thing ever. world network do their utmost to except on his side with his legsdevice that I have built my own It shot down out of the sky, spi- brand us as criminals. Little won- parallel to the ground. The skinand am planning to do some clini- ralled, and went right back up der when their motive is money; all over the body was tight but hecal trials on HIV patients in con- into the night sky. I can remem- it is reported to cost in excess of was not bloated. This state is4 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 100-150 words in length. Ed.more usual in a beast which has mum), Lead, 50 mg/kg (max.); and I feel God has rewarded me constantly. I looked at her onebeen dead for a few days and Mercury, 5 mg/kg (max.)". with the knowledge of urine ther- morning and realised if I did notgases up internally. This fellow I enquired of the company who apy and your brilliant NEXUS do something she would not makewas alive the day before. Usually packaged the product where they magazine to which I will always it.a beast which dies from bloat, obtained the gypsum and was subscribe. NEXUS is also my I started doing my ownapart from being blown predomi- referred to a company near "Bible". research. I discovered the origi-nantly on the near or left-hand Brisbane who supplied the bulk. I have started on colloidal sil- nal diagnosis was wrong: testsside, regurgitates foamy matter by I phoned the company and, after ver, too, and feel this is a mighty showed she had two elementsmouth and usually makes some questioning with some persis- powerful medicine, but urine missing in her essential fatty acidattempt to get up if on the ground tence, was informed that this gyp- therapy is free, free, free, costs production and was lactose-intol-or shows some sign of movement. sum is imported from, "Oh, all me nothing and I am on top of the erant. This one had no signs of strug- over the place, USA, north world. My chronic fatigue is One by one we found an alter-gle; fresh, unchewed lucerne was Africa, etc.", and that it is a by- gone, also my dreadful allergies. native to the drugs. We now usein his mouth as though he had product from the manufacture of Thank you again, dear Duncan. aromatherapy oils to fight thedied suddenly. This beast was the phosphoric acid at the place of I am forever grateful to you and inflammation in her lungs (nohealthiest, best-looking animal in origin. Farmers use this product your NEXUS magazine, and I more nebulisers or steroids); aci-the herd and always improved by the tonne to condition heavy was delighted to see my letter dophilus (to replace the gut floramuch faster than the rest. soils. I wonder how many actual- published in Aug-Sept 97 issue. destroyed by all the antibiotics); The unusual thing was he had ly read the label. I hope other readers will look at co-enzyme Q10; herbs to detoxifyan incision between his legs about Also, I was informed that in the urine therapy with an open mind and repair damage done by infec-one-third of the way from his near future the company would be and, if ill, imbibe a glass each tions; lactose-free milk; and sup-scrotum to the rectum, about 75- cutting down on importing the day. plements to replace her missing100 mm long, dead centre. It gypsum and would be using a Yours forever gratefully, essential fatty acids.appeared to be a puncture wound product from Mt Isa. Will this Fiona M., Bilambil, NSW, She is now doing very well andwhich had widened extensively also be a by-product of the min- Australia. really getting better daily. I chal-on the edges around the entry. It ing/chemical industry? lenge the doctors who treated herwas fresh but there was no blood. The label reads, "Organic Medication Madness to come up with just one patient I had some neighbours have a Fertilizers". Ha! who got well on cocktails oflook at it. They could not offer Dear Editor: Our daughter was Peggy B., Mullumbimby, NSW, born in May 1995. She needed drugs such as those they adminis-any explanation despite being cat- tered to our daughter.tle people all their lives. A horn- Australia. oxygen and had to be by another beast was ruled Finally, we took her home in mid- M.S., Banstead, Surrey, UK, asout, as all had been dehorned. Urine: Gods Healing Gift! July and she seemed to be well. published in What Doctors Dont Then, in January, she developed Tell You, October 1997. Until I read this article I had Dear Duncan: Just short note to an infection which meant she haddismissed the occurrence. Under tell you that after my cystoscopy to go back into hospital and go on Induced Remission Therapythe circumstances I thought I (an investigation into the bladder) oxygen again.would share it with you. my urologist gladly informed me Dear Duncan: I buy NEXUSUnfortunately it is now way after There was nothing on the ward regularly for the informative arti- that there is no sign of interstitial anyone could use to wash theirthe fact, but we have witnesses. cystitis. Praise the Lord! (This cles and comments from yourLinda Moulton Howe may like to hands to prevent further spread of was on 2 December 1997.) readers. NEXUS stands out inknow out of interests sake if infection. I went out and bought I have been imbibing my own some, but too late. My daughter the crowd. No repression, andnothing else. I am an ex-butcher urine now for six months: half a you tell it like it is.and I have never seen a wound (then a year old) contracted glass each morning. What a med- haemophilus influenza A along I particulally found Dr Samlike this. ical breakthrough! Chachouas article on Induced with another extremely dangerous Yours faithfully, I would like to join hands with hospital-spread infection. Remission Therapy enlightening Des Y., Wondai, Qld, Australia. everyone to march across [NEXUS 5/01]. At last it would Then, the bombshell: a consul- Australia and demand that urine tant told us she had congenital appear he has found a mediumToxic Waste Fertiliser therapy be recognised as a superi- alveolar proteinosis and had that will let him have his say. Dear Duncan: Being an organic or treatment for all diseases. I maybe six months to live, "but I did not find anything he had togardener and growing my own want to shout it from the rooftops well give her some treatment and say about cancer and its cures aclean food, I was horrified by and get the churches to shout it see how we get on". surprise. Considering the timeyour item in Global News headed from the pulpits. Gods treat- The treatment was appalling we humans have been on this"US Farmers Using Toxic Waste ment! Is this His plan for us, and, as we discovered later, planet and the amount of informa-as Fertiliser!" [NEXUS 4/06]. nearing the year 2000, to reveal to unnecessary. At all of 14 months, tion we should have gathered and Imagine my dismay when a few us this wonderful, amazing secret she was put on daily doses of put to use to cure some of thedays later I purchased a bag of that has been hidden from us? dexamethasone, azathiorpine, longstanding diseases in our soci-gypsum (to incorporate into a The drug companies know the budesonide, domperidone, raniti- ety, we should have found a curepatch of clay soil in my garden), value of urine therapy and they dine, cisapride and nystatin, and for cancer by now.only to read the formula on the do not want us to find out! co-trimoxazole three times a Dr Chachoua has, it seems,label stitched into the top of the Theyd go broke!!! week. Later, chloroquine and done just that, and yet no onebag: "Sulphur, as Sulphates, I have worked for a Roman gaviscon were added. (She had who matters wants to know about14.5% w/w; Calcium, as Gypsum, Catholic priest for over 15 already had eight different types it! Amazing! Keep up the good18.5% w/w". This adds up to years—dear Father Cyril Hatton of antibiotics along with loads of work, NEXUS!33%. What constitutes the who last week celebrated his other "just in case" drugs.) Bob G., robertog@alphalink.remaining 66%? I read on: golden jubilee, 50 years, in She screamed day and night,, Glen Waverley, Vic.,"Cadmium, 15 mg/kg (maxi- Sydney. I am his housekeeper became huge overnight and ate Australia.FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. PROOF OF MIND OVER no leads, they burn the forest, MATTER? killing everything in it including theE xperiments conducted by a team at Princeton Universityare being hailed as the most con- rabbit. They make no apologies: the rabbit had it coming. The LAPD goes in. They comevincing demonstration yet of psy- out after just two hours, with achokinesis (PK), the supposed badly beaten bear. The bear isability of thought to affect inani- yelling, "Okay, okay, Im a rabbit,mate objects. Im a rabbit". Professor Robert Jahn and col- The Australian Prime Ministerleagues at the Princeton hears about this and decides to testEngineering Anomalies Research Australias own law enforcementproject have been perfecting a agencies. He releases a white rabbitseries of laboratory experiments into the forest just outside Canberra.which focus on electronic ran- The Victoria Police goes in.dom-number generators that pro- They return 15 minutes later with aduce an unpredictable sequence koala, a kangaroo and a tree fern, allof ones and zeros. shot to pieces. "They looked like Subjects are asked to concen- dangerous rabbits; we had to act intrate on a display showing the self defence" is their explanation.output of the generators, and try The New South Wales Policeto change the numbers it produces. Left to A POLICE COMEDY OF TERRORS goes in. Surveillance tapes later revealthemselves, the devices will produce equal top-ranking officers and rabbits dancingnumbers of ones and zeros in the long run.Thus if PK exists, it should reveal itself ina bias away from chance expectation as T he CIA, the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department all have to prove that they are the best at apprehending naked around a gum tree, stoned out of their brains. "F***ing, s**t, f**k up the stupid f**ker", is the only intelligiblesubjects will the output upwards or down- criminals. So the President decides to give phrase picked up by the microphone.wards. them a test. He releases a white rabbit into The Queensland Police goes in. Shortly Now, after 12 years of experiments a forest and each of them has to catch it. afterwards, they come out driving a brandinvolving more than 100 subjects in thou- The CIA goes in. They place animal new Mercedes, scantily clad rabbits drapedsands of trials, Professor Jahn and his team informants throughout the forest. They all over them. The Queensland Premierbelieve they have the evidence that the question all the plant and mineral witness- congratulates them on maintaining tradi-electronic devices can be controlled by es. After three months of extensive inves- tional family values.human thought. tigations, they conclude that rabbits do not The NCA (National Crime Authority)(Source: The Sunday Telegraph, London, exist. cant catch the rabbit, but promise that if16 November 1997) The FBI goes in. After two weeks with they are given a budget increase they can recover $90 million from the rabbit in unpaid taxes and proceeds of crime. The Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia Police join forces and belt the crap out of every rabbit in the forest except the white one. They claim that its the black ones that cause all the trouble, anyway. The AFP (Australian Federal Police) refuses to go. They examine the issues, particularly the cost, and decide that because of the low priority and cost to the organisation as a whole, the matter should be rejected and returned to the referring department for investigation. And ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation) goes to the wrong forest. (Source: Sent via the Internet; origin unclear. Wed like to have more sugges - tions, so send them to our Australian head office. If theyre good enough, well pub - lish them next issue. Ed.)6 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ... CONFLICTS OF INTEREST The latest episode, broadcast on A new report, published on 22 October, AMONG AMERICAN DOCTORS Tuesday evening 16 December, included a says that at least 750,000 complementaryV irtually all the doctors who defended a class of drugs widely used to treatheart disease had hidden links to the mak- scene where the screen was filled by a bright red explosion, accompanied by strobe lights and followed by a white flash. and alternative medicine (CAM) consulta- tions take place every year, most of them in the private sector. There are more thaners of the drugs, the New England Journal The culmination showed the main charac- 50,000 registered practitioners—consider-of Medicine said in its latest issue. ters eyes flashing red. ably more than the 36,000 GPs. The Journal said that a team of The sequence lasted only five seconds On the evening of 21 October, theresearchers has found that almost all the but it provoked fits, vomiting, eye irrita- Prince of Wales launched a discussiondoctors who rushed to defend the safety of tions and breathing difficulties. More chil - document, "Integrated Healthcare: a waycalcium-channel blockers in 1995 had dren were afflicted later in the evening, forward for the next five years?", with hisfinancial links to the drug companies that when some news programs replayed the own appeal for all disciplines to workmake them. scene during their reports on the outbreak. together to find ways of incorporating "We wonder how the public would inter- A victim said, "I was lying down watch- CAM into Western medicine. The Princepret the debate over calcium-channel ing Pocket Monsters and the next thing I said that the different approaches to treat-antagonists if it knew that most of the remember is being rushed to hospital in an ment had a "vital role to play in supportingauthors participating in the debate had ambulance". Most of the casualties were and complementing current orthodox med-undisclosed financial ties with pharmaceu- discharged almost immediately, but about ical practice".tical manufacturers," said the study team, 120 were still in hospital 24 hours after the The new report is produced in associa-who argued that "the medical profession broadcast. tion with the Kings Fund, the independentneeds to develop a strong policy governing Dr Tsuyoshi Akiyama, an epilepsy health think-tank of which the Prince isconflict of interest". expert at a Tokyo hospital, said: "What is president. It says that there is not enough Calcium-channel blockers are used unique about this incident is that so many research, training or public informationmainly to treat heart diseases marked by children were affected at the same time. available. Too little is done to teach med-spasms in the organs artery. The drugs The flickering lights and the intense ical students and trainee nurses aboutprevent calcium from entering smooth colours could bring on epileptic attacks. CAM, says the report which makes 28 pro-muscle cells and cause the smooth muscles The producers of the program should use posals to ensure the safety and effective-to relax and muscle spasms to be reduced. more moderate effects." ness of complementary treatments and to The National Heart, Lung and Blood (Source: Electronic Telegraph, London, regulate the numerous disciplines.Institute warned physicians in 1995 that 18 December 1997) (Source: Electronic Telegraph, London,one particular drug—short-acting nifedip- 22 October 1997)ine—should be prescribed "with great cau- DEMAND FOR ALTERNATIVEtion, if at all". It said short-acting calcium- MEDICINE SOARS IN BRITAIN WARM SEAS ENDANGER ALASKAS PIPELINE & ECOLOGYchannel blockers were linked with anincreased risk of death from heart attack. The warning kicked off a major debate. N early 40 per cent of general practition- ers are now referring on their patients for complementary or alternative treat- S cientists from the University of Washington report that during the(Source: Gene Emery, Reuters, 7 January ment, as demand for non-orthodox medi- (northern hemisphere) summer of 1997,1998; Internet website, cine soars in the UK. temperatures in the normally bone-chilling JAPANESE TV CARTOON SENDS HUNDREDS TO HOSPITALA bout 120 children were treated in hospital forconditions similar to those ofepilepsy after a television car-toon triggered convulsionsand other ill effects. The mass outbreak in morethan 700 children acrossJapan caused panic amongparents. The television com-pany has started an investiga-tion. The Pocket Monsterscartoon was inspired by aNintendo computer game ofthe same name.FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ...waters of the Bering Sea reached 56°F rupted when a person moves. A small So much so that congressional staff(13°C), 10°F (5.5°C) higher than normal. computer analyses the changes in each referred to them as "the vitamin people" Not only have the bizarre temperature electrical field, working out exactly where and said they were the most politicallychanges upset the local ecosystem and a person is situated. active group on Capitol Hill.Alaskas salmon runs, but the changes are Trials of the carpet are taking place in The fight for health freedom is still faralso threatening an unparalleled calamity private nursing homes in Tuusula, Finland, from over, and we recommend that peopleon land. where it is being used at night, when there stay informed by visiting the International The Trans-Alaska Pipeline carries oil for are fewer nurses around, to alert help if Advocates for Health Freedom website,800 miles, from Prudhoe Bay to the Port of people get out of bed and fall over. The heated oil moves through (Source: The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, index.html.pipes suspended over Alaskas permafrost. 14 December 1997) (Source: John C. Hammell, "Victory forBut as the region has warmed over recent Health Freedom", Life Extension, Februarydecades, the tundra has begun to soften, VICTORY FOR HEALTH FREEDOM 1998 issue)posing a threat to the pipeline—and thefragile Alaskan environment. On 7 August 1997, floods caused by O n 9 November 1997, a potential disas- ter for health freedom in the USA was averted at the last minute. Victory was 98% IN UK SURVEY BELIEVE DIANA WAS MURDEREDmelting glaciers almost destroyed theTrans-Alaska Pipeline. The incident waswidely reported in the local news media but achieved by a massive grassroots campaign which forced a change in an enabling clause of the FDA Reform Bill (S.830) C onspiracy theories are still emerging surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, as more and more cluesreceived little coverage outside Alaska. which, if left unchallenged, would have surface which contradict the official stories.(Source: Earth Island Journal, Fall 1997, allowed the Food & Drug Administration No wonder, then, that people are becom-northern hemisphere) (FDA) to regulate many dietary supple- ing suspicious—so suspicious, in fact, that ments as drugs by harmonising American one survey organised by the British Sunday FLOORED BY SMART CARPETS law with that of the European Union, newspaper The People recently revealedF innish engineering company Messet has developed a carpet that is sensitive totouch and is capable of monitoring the where supplements are regulated as drugs. Several major US-based health and herb companies, who had entered into partner- that 98 per cent of the 5,600 respondents believe Diana and Dodi were killed as part of a secret operation involving Britishheart, breathing and pulse rate of someone ships with European pharmaceutical com- intelligence.lying on it. panies, were supporting the FDAs move to Only 93 respondents said they believed The carpet relies on a special pressure- regulate herbs as over-the-counter (OTC) the crash was an accident.sensitive film made of tiny bubbles sur- drugs because it would make it easier for (Source: The People, 9 November 1997)rounded by electrical fields which are dis- them to obtain OTC drug approval and thus achieve US FLUORIDE, TEETH AND THE market dom- ATOMIC BOMB inance. Members of organisa- H undreds of once-secret World War II documents—including declassified papers from the Manhattan Project, the US tions such as military group that built the atomic the Life bomb—have delivered yet more proof that Extension fluoride in drinking water is very danger- Foundation ous to human health. and National Massive quantities of fluoride were H e a l t h essential for the manufacture of nuclear- Federation weapons-grade uranium and plutonium flooded throughout the Cold War. Fluoride is one Congress of the most toxic chemicals known, and the with faxes, documents reveal that it rapidly emerged as letters, e- the leading chemical health hazard of the mail and US atomic bomb program—both for work- phone calls ers and for nearby communities. demanding The documents show that much of the that the har- proof that fluoride is "safe" for humans in monisation low doses was generated by atomic bomb language in program scientists who had been secretly the Bill be ordered to provide "evidence useful in liti- amended to gation" against defence contractors for flu- e x e m p t oride injury to citizens. dietary sup- The documents reveal that the first law- plements. suits against the US atomic bomb program8 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...were not over radiation, but over fluoride SLEAZY RESEARCH TRICKS Adamage! ccording to the rules, theories attain the status of facts after they have been rigor- A-bomb program researchers played a ously tested by reliable, replicable, high-quality research. In practice, a substan-leading role in the design and implementa- tial body of studies supporting a given theory, published in the best journals (e.g.,tion of the most extensive US study of the The New England Journal of Medicine , Science, and the Journal of the Americanhealth effects of fluoridating public drink- Medical Association), establishes that theory as water. The study was conducted in Often, however, the harried researcher, pressed for time in the pursuit of lucrativeNewburgh, New York, from 1945 to 1956. grants or frustrated by studies that refuse (for unknown reasons) to produce the desiredThen, in a classified operation, code-named results, has recourse to certain shortcuts. It is important to note that the underlyingProgram F , they secretly gathered and active ingredient in any of the following ploys is usually a powerful tell us what weanalysed blood and tissue samples from want to hear effect. If your study proves something that the prospective funder wantsNewburgh citizens, with the cooperation of to believe, there will rarely be any problem.State Health Department personnel. Big-Naming: Get a big-name scientist as co-author, and the backing of a prestigious The original "secret" version of a 1948 research institute or university (backing, in this case, can be as minimal as use of a let-study, published by Program F scientists in terhead and address), and youre in business.the Journal of the American Dental Circular Referencing: Researcher A mentions in a footnote that Compound X hasA s s o c i a t i o n, shows that evidence of the been "proven" completely harmless. Researcher B quotes A, and is in turn quoted byadverse health effects from fluoride was Researchers C, D and E. The next time Researcher A discusses the topic, he cites thecensored by the US Atomic Energy papers by B, C, D and E as further proof of his original claim. If someone tries to pinCommission (AEC) for reasons of national you down on your original footnote, cite a "personal communication" (i.e., phone call orsecurity. unofficial letter) with another scientist. Its best if your personal communicant lives far The documents unearthed by two away, is difficult to reach, doesnt speak English or, better still, is dead.researchers, Joel Griffiths and Chris Step-Wise Exaggeration: Researcher A publishes a study proposing that smoking isBryson, have been totally ignored by the responsible for 8% of all lung cancer. Researcher B cites this study, saying that smokingmainstream media. is responsible for "nearly a tenth" of all lung cancer. Researcher C translates this to(Source: The Australian Fluoridation 10%, and Researcher D points out that since smokers are only half the population, thisNews, vol. 33, no. 7, November 1997; GPO 10% is really 20%. Researcher E casually refers to Ds paper, giving the statistic asBox 935G, Melbourne Vic. 3001, ph (03) "almost a quarter" of the population, having forgotten that it was only smokers that D9592 5088, fax (03) 9592 4544) was talking about. Finally, Researcher A, upon reading Es report, notes that current studies now show that smoking is responsible for three times as much of the lung cancer FUDGED FIGURES IMMUNISE as he originally thought, i.e., 25% instead of 8%. When As statement is published AGAINST THE TRUTH prominently in several major daily newspapers, Researchers B, C, D and E all triple theirA ustralians are being urged and finan- cially coerced to have their childrenimmunised. Thus we are being treated to previous estimates, citing the highly respected A. Thus the original 8% has ballooned up to 75% in Es revised estimate. Naïve Subtraction: Researcher A decides to estimate the environmental causes ofregular media stories telling us that "NSW cancer by taking the known cancer rate and subtracting all proven sources of canceris in the grip of one of the worst whooping from it. By using generous estimates for these causes (preferably lifestyle factors likecough epidemics for years...". smoking and diet), Researcher A finds that only 2–3% of all cancers are "unexplained". If this is the case (which is purely con- This tiny residual thus becomes the ceiling figure for environmentally caused cancers.jecture, as the vast majority of "whooping Dry-Labbing: To dry-lab a study means to fake it; to make up the numbers withoutcough" cases are not being diagnosed in a actually bothering with all those test tubes and things. The chances that anyone will everlaboratory), how many of those who have ask you to produce your original lab reports and notebooks are pretty slim. Recent expe-contracted whooping cough have been vac- rience shows that even if a lab worker sells out and denounces you, he or she is unlikelycinated against it? It is impossible to say, to be believed. Of course, someone could replicate your study and fail to get the samebecause in this case New South Wales does (i.e., faked) results; but you simply accuse him or her of screwing up somewhere. It willnot see fit to track the vaccination status in take, at the very least, several years for anyone to sort it all out.cases of infectious diseases. Competing Toxicity: The FDA has demanded, as a precondition to licensing, that South Australia does, and in 1996 the SA DeathCos new product, Liquid Death, be tested for its potential to cause cancer. SoHealth Commission reported that of the DeathCo gives Liquid Death to 17,000 mice—but at a dose so high that they all die with-1,094 cases of whooping cough reported in weeks. Since it usually takes several months for a tumour to develop, very few can-for that year, 87 per cent of those for whom cers are reported. Such a high death-rate could be some cause for concern. However,vaccination status was available were fully the FDA didnt ask, "How many mice will drop dead in weeks?"; it asked, "How manyvaccinated against whooping cough. will develop cancer if they are given Liquid Death?". DeathCos study is published as This does not indicate a failure to vacci- proof that Liquid Death doesnt cause cancer, "even when very high doses are adminis-nate, but rather, a failure of the whooping tered". This proof stands unchallenged until someone with 17,000 spare mice is able tocough vaccine to protect. replicate the study!(Source: Australian Vaccination Network, (Source: First published in Processed World, but we found it in Hippocrates Newsletter,PO Box 177, Bangalow NSW 2479, ph (02) late 1997; Hippocrates Health Centre, Elaine Ave, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213, Australia.)6687 1699, fax (02) 6687 2032)FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  11. 11. FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. 12 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  13. 13. T houghts of our origins and the purpose of our existence most often occur in that brief moment before we slide into sleep state. When our days work is done, we watch the six oclock news and grow weary from too much television. In that dark, waiting state, between lights out and the welcome veil of sleep, our minds will often query the reason for our being. I know I did! I was just like you—hard-working, dedicated, ambitious—and after twenty-five years of twelve-hour days I felt I had made it. A successful businessman, the proud owner of A gifted spirit several jewellery stores, I enjoyed the fruits of my labour: a large waterfront home, luxu- ry apartment on the beach, investment properties, a Mercedes-Benz, and private schooling medium, for my two sons. But deep inside me I often felt that life must have a greater purpose. Surely this could not be all there was to it. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the Lord João de Deus tooketh away; actually, it was not the Lord, but some low life—a common thief who robbed one of my stores and reduced my materially wonderful life to rubble. incorporates As I sat staring at my empty shop, contemplating the consequences of an insurance pol- icy that would not cover the circumstance, I had the first glimpse of how fragile, how spirit entities who futile a purely material life really is. It was in the following bleak months of receivership that I was forced to look for a perform physical deeper meaning to life. When the world finally stopped spinning and all I held dear was gone—marriage, wealth, properties, income and, most of all, my self-worth—it was time surgery and to look for another meaning; not, I hasten to add, the ritualism of modern religions or the zealous fanaticism of the newborn breed. My years of calculated commercialism left me psychic healing with a permanent factual attitude to life, so I needed proof in cold hard facts to support any new beliefs. through him with I have been given the opportunity to observe, at first hand, irrefutable proof of the rea- son for our existence. The contents of this book are based on my personal observations. miraculous Where we came from and where we are going are difficult questions to contemplate in our modern-day rush for financial survival. That bedlam between the Corn Flakes and the results. six oclock news does not provide much time for concerted thought. It takes time, quiet time, and lots of it. It requires instruction, explanation and education on a subject which is the antithesis of materialism; one which is totally intangible, incomprehensible, another world—literally, another world. As physical human beings, we require proof before we believe. I, for most of my life, accepted only what I could see, feel, eat or put into a cash register as real. I was the ulti- mate sceptic. On that memorable day in January 1996 when I first squatted on the floor of the main hall at Abadiânia, so closely I could touch the action; armed with SLR camera and flash I watched earnestly for the hidden card, the sleight of hand or the obvious set- up. What I saw astounded me, as it astounds countless thousands of first-timers. I saw Raul rise from his wheelchair, after fifty years as a paraplegic, and walk. Still reeling by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich © from disbelief, my incredulity received a coup de grâce when I witnessed a tumour 1997 removal from a womans eye by a blindfolded João, using only a kitchen knife. Extracted from his book Now, having observed countless operations, healings and cures, including my own life- The Miracle Man: long affliction of chronic asthma, I am converting those energies I wasted on scepticism The Life Story of João de Deus and false sophistication to this simple chronicle of a mans dedication to humanity, of a Published in 1997 by Triad Publishers scale and sincerity that defies our western logic. We all need proof as a means of verifica- Cairns, Queensland, Australia tion, but sometimes, even when we see the evidence, we still find it difficult to accept because its comprehension is contrary to our western upbringing. Such is the situation with the cures of João Teixeira da Faria.FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. João is a humble man who has a twofold purpose in life: to and examined by the best scientific minds this planet can muster.heal the sick; and to make people aware that we are here on Earth He permits and welcomes these investigations in the hope thatto improve our level on the other side, to elevate and better the they will prove to everyone the existence of the spirit world andposition of our souls in the hereafter by what we do in this physi- the importance of living correctly in this life so as to elevate our-cal life. selves in the next, instead of enduring a karmic penalty. Although João is probably the most observed, recorded and João dedicates his life to healing the sick and incurable, withouttested healing medium ever to enter this physical world, it is diffi- payment and without prejudice. He encourages the video record-cult for even the most dedicated author to compile a logical record ing of his daily work and welcomes the observation of anyone,of his life. Information about his early life is scant. As a youth he especially medical doctors whose participation he particularlywas more occupied with daily survival than recording dates and welcomes.occurrences. Even simple, chronological compilation of events in To see João pass his hand over the cancerous breast of a womancorrect years of occurrence is a frustrating endeavour. There are who has been diagnosed with malignant carcinoma and then liftno records save those in the memories of his associates, and they her blouse to reveal a fresh incision, neatly stitched, and thediffer widely. tumour gone, requires even the most reluctant observer to ask, João himself is a poor source of precise "Who did that?". The answer to thisdetails because he remembers nothing of question is connected to the one we askhis actions whilst incorporated by spirit, ourselves on those dark quiet nights:and even when he is disincorporated he is João dedicates his life to "Whats it all about?". Perhaps the lifestill partially under their controlling guid-ance. Mediums of high elevation are, for healing the sick and story of this extraordinary man will help you find the answers to thosethe most part, attuned to spirit levels all incurable, without payment questions.the time. Much like a television left on and without prejudice.with the volume turned low, they can stillfunction but their attention is diverted. Even today, his works are a fast succes- J oão Teixeira da Faria is arguably the most powerful medium alive at this time and must surely rank amongst thesion of miracles, performed so quickly and greatest of the past two thousand years.with such frequency it is almost impossible to record the details of A "medium", as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is a personone before another is underway. The sheer numbers of people who is "a spiritual intermediary between the living and the dead".who seek his help allow little time for reflection or maintenance João not only communicates with spirit, he incorporates the spiritof precise records. He operates and heals more people in one day entity; he is literally taken over by the spirit and, in doing so,than a large Western hospital achieves in a month. His staff loses consciousness, waking a few hours later without anymembers are all volunteers, but only one of them is dedicated two knowledge of his actions during the incorporation. Whilst indays each week to administrative records. entity, his body is used as a means of conducting physical surgery And so, to the issue of proof. and seemingly miraculous healing of the sick by the spirit entities We humans are strange creatures. Sometimes we see the evi- who work through him.dence but reject the explanation, grappling instead for our own Joãos gift is not hereditary. It is not a learned technique, norone to fit with our narrow, limited knowledge; preferably an is it transferable to any other person. At the age of sixteen heexplanation that isnt going to rock our conscience boat too accepted the responsibility of devoting his life to spirit incorpora-much, that does not require too much in the way of a radical life-tion for the purpose of healing the sick. He accepted a lifelongchange, and that does not shake the shell of security that is our task that would demand much of him and frequently repay himunderstanding and perception. In light of the evidence in this with abuse, personal deprivation, persecution and unlawful incar-book, there is no alternative explanation. ceration. To be trusted with such an awesome responsibility João Teixeira da Faria is the living proof. He has been tested requires a strong, moral, righteous but humble person with unquestionable integrity. As if these restrictions and puri- tan criteria were not enough, he must also provide his ser- vice free of any charge, lest he lose the gift. To comprehend the enormity of his gift, and to under- stand the amazing and true occurrences barely outlined in this book, you must accept, albeit temporarily, the follow- ing beliefs: 1) We have all lived many lives before this one. We are incarnated, and after this life we will be reincarnated again into another life. (There are many well-documented cases of hypnotists taking countless numbers of people back into past lives. They speak languages totally foreign to them and they describe in detail places and lifestyles of long ago, which are frequently proven correct by subsequent investi- gation.) 2) If you remove the physical shell we call the body, what is left is the real you: your soul, your spirit. This eternal essence is in a perpetual state of improvement or deteriora- João-in-entity performs an eye operation without anaesthetic. tion depending on what you do in each of your physical lives.14 • NEXUS FEBRUARY - MARCH 1998
  15. 15. 3) Free will is the only means by which the physical you, and Of the more than 250 volunteers who give their time to thesubsequently your soul, can improve its position after your operation of the centre, most are grateful recipients of a new lifedemise. after treatment by João and his spirit entities. Written off by med- 4) Karma is the means by which you will pay your debt for ical doctors as incurable, they found their way to Abadiânia as awrongdoings or be rewarded for your free-will choice of good in last resort. Amongst them are engineers, doctors, dentists, teach-each life. If you have killed, stolen, lied or cheated in a past life, ers, labourers, businessmen and simple folk who display no classchances are that you will be suffering some malady or conflict in division, but rather work in harmony to provide a loving and car-your current life. Conversely, if you have been caring, consider- ing environment for those who, as they did, seek the help of Joãoate, honest and moral, then your soul will have elevated and you Teixeira da Faria.will probably be a healthy, well-balanced person. These fortunate people put aside the restrictions of our modern 5) There is a spirit world! It is much more complex than our thinking and dared to seek the impossible: to be rewarded notphysical world. It is much more powerful and decidedly more only with a second chance at life but a new understanding of theirbeautiful for those who have earned a place in it. It is multi-lev- purpose in this physical world.elled and multidimensional, to cater for the infinite number ofdevelopment stages through which souls pass. Of over 150 out- THE MAN IN A WHEELCHAIRof-body, near-death experiences surveyed by Kenneth Ring Today was special for Raul Natal. Sitting in the wheelchair,(author of Heading Towards Omega: In Search of the Meanings which served as both his prison and his mobility for the past fiftyof Near-Death Experience), all reported similar observations, years, he waited with apprehension and hope. He dare not raisefeelings and experiences to support this belief. his expectations too high: he had been to so many doctors and 6) Spirits, both good and bad, are with us all the time. So many specialists over those long years. He had been X-rayed, tested,of those strange coincidences we experience (usually when we probed, manipulated and medicated without success until the doc-most earnestly wish for them) are the result of thought generation tors and he had finally resigned themselves to the fact that hepicked up by and acted upon by would never walk again. Why wouldyour guides, your spirit guides. It today be any different?adds new meaning to the biblical Of the more than 250 volunteers Raul heard about the healer, Joãoquotation, "Ask and ye shall who give their time to the operation Teixeira da Faria, from friends. "Hereceive". has cured hundreds of thousands of 7) Our human bodies are generat- of the centre, most are grateful sick and crippled," they said. "Perhapsed from and protected by energy recipients of a new life after he could help you, too," they encour-fields. There are seven correspond- aged. What did he have to lose? Anding layers, each with its own densi- treatment by João and his spirit so, in a final desperate pilgrimage, hety or frequency, and seven major entities. Written off by medical endured the thirty-six-hour bus tripchakras (spinning vortexes). Some doctors as incurable, they found from São Paulo to the small village ofpeople can actually see these layers Abadiânia, high on the green plateausas auras. If we live healthy, clean their way to Abadiânia of Goiás state in central Brazil.lives, our energy fields protect us as a last resort. It was 8.15 am on a clear day blessedvery well. Conversely, if we abuse with the cool crispness of high moun-ourselves with excesses of alcohol, tain air. People seeking treatment—drugs or unclean living, the fields become weakened, will be already 500 or 600—were packed into the main hall of the centre,attacked and will attract undesirable attachments. Disease begins waiting quietly, each with his own thoughts and hopes, watchingin these outer layers and the fields lose their vibrancy (we often for the healer João to appear.feel out of sorts a few days before we actually become ill). From his waiting position at the front of the crowd, Raul saw The mark of Joãos success is observable in the thousands who the medium enter from a side door, hands clasped in front of hisflock to his hospital-style healing centre every Wednesday, body, eyes intense. João took a middle-aged woman by the handThursday and Friday. When he travels, he heals as many as and stood her against the wall. Rummaging through one of the25,000 in three days. The sick queue for hours, and sometimes instrument trays carried by a volunteer, he selected a commonovernight, to see him. He never refuses anyone who is clean of kitchen knife and skilfully began to scrape a tumour from her eye.heart and pure of intent. Although a devoutly God-loving man, he Without anaesthetic or sterilisation, and using only the crudeaccepts all without prejudice or religious bias. He heals the poor knife, he scraped away at the eyeball—a procedure which wouldprecisely the same as he heals the rich or famous. normally cause excruciating pain and irreparable damage—but The worlds elite seek his help when western medicine fails. the woman showed no external discomfort. She remained calm,Actresses Shirley MacLaine and Janet Leigh, congressmen, standing against the wall without any observable reaction. Joãostatesmen, priests, nuns, rabbis, the poor and the wealthy find did not really seem to be concentrating. His hand swept the bladetheir way to the tiny village of Abadiânia in central Brazil to seek skilfully back and forth across the cornea, but his eyes werethe help of João Teixeira da Faria, known throughout Brazil as focused out into the crowd, searching and scanning. It was as ifJoão de Deus (John of God). someone or something other than he was removing the growth. In To call him "the Miracle Man" is in a way a misnomer, because less than a minute, he wiped the blade across her blouse anda miracle implies the absence of a natural law, when in fact his called to an assistant, "You can take her away; she is finished."achievements are only the results of the law of reincarnation and Rauls mind raced in disbelief. His heart beat faster and histhe subsequent use of spirit doctors from the spirit plane. He is hands began to sweat. Could it be possible after all these yearsclassified as miraculous only because we in the western world are that he might walk again?reluctant to accept that a spirit world exists and therefore that his A man was led forward from the crowd and instructed to facework is the result of this natural law. the wall. He told the healer that he had not been able to sit orFEBRUARY - MARCH 1998 NEXUS • 15