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Nexus 0404 - new times magazine

  1. 1. NEXUS NEW TIMES MAGAZINE Volume 4, Number 4 JUNE - JULY 1997 PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, AustraliaLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.............................................4 THE SECRET LIVES OF FRANCIS BACON...................53GLOBAL NEWS.............................................................6 By Michael Taylor. Sir Francis Bacon used pen- A round-up of the news you probably did not see. names and ciphers to conceal what he thought should be kept secret. Some of his finest work wasWHY SCHOOLS DONT EDUCATE............................13 written under the name of William Shakespeare. By John Taylor Gatto. An award-winning teacher explains whats wrong with schooling, but his THE TWILIGHT ZONE................................................61 solution involves a paradigm shift that encourages Strange tales from around/within/off the world. This individual self-reliance balanced with family input. issue we feature Dr Steven Greers report on CSETIsTHE PEGASUS FILE—Part 2........................................19 UFO briefings, held recently in Washington, DC. By David G. Guyatt. Former deep-cover agent THE CHUPACABRAS MYSTERY.................................65 "Chip" Tatum continues his exposé on the "Boss By Linda Moulton Howe. Terrifying vampire-like Hogs" who control lucrative drug-running and attacks on animals and humans were reported in money-laundering operations around the world. Puerto Rico, Mexico and southern USA in 1995-96.A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW....................................25 Are chupacabras to blame? Did UFOs bring them? By Sherrill Sellman. Contrary to mainstream REVIEWS—Books........................................................71 medical opinion, the contraceptive Pill has a tragic "The Roswell Message" by René Coudris downside for women, for it is implicated in an A to "Master R: Lord of Our Civilisation" by Michael Taylor Z of side-effects including cancer and infertility. "Enter the Vortex as One Light" by Sizzond Zadore (Jon Whistler) "Sounding the Inner Landscape" by Kay GardnerTHE BIO-ELITES: ENGINEERING OUR FUTURE........31 "The God Hypothesis" by Joe Lewels, Ph.D. By Susan Bryce. The latest developments in human "Colloidal Silver: The Hidden Truths" by Keith F. Courtenay biotechnology promote profit at the expense of "Miracles" by Cassandra Eason genetic heritage and privacy, despite all the "Alternative 4: UFOs, Mind & Body Control" by Alder promised benefits of the gene revolution. "Who Killed the Darling Buds of May?" by Catherine ODriscoll "The Shadow of Atlantis" by Alexander BraghineAN ELECTROMAGNETIC CANCER TREATMENT........37 "The Benefactors Monkey" by Christopher Morten By John Cham bers. Dr J erry Jacobson has "Ancient Tonga & the Lost City of Mua" by David Hatcher Childress conceived a radical approach to treating cancer, "Beyond Roswell" by Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle but believes his efforts to secure R&D funding have "Betrayal of the Spirit" by Nori J. Muster "Children of a Toxic Harvest" by Eve Hillary been deliberately obstructed by powerful interests. REVIEWS—Lecture Tape.............................................78BRIGHT SKIES—Part 2................................................43 "The Secrets of the Vatican" with Simon Treselyan By Harry Mason. Strange light-energy bursts and REVIEWS—Video........................................................78 beams seen recently over remote parts of Western "Australian International UFO Symposium, Vols. 1-12" Australia are quite probably associated with Tesla- style scalar weapons testing. What is the purpose? REVIEWS—Audio........................................................79 "Acoustic Research Series" by Dr Jeffrey ThompsonNEW SCIENCE NEWS.................................................49 "Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music" by Boris Mourashkin A selection of interesting news and views from the "Harmonic Resonance" by Jim Oliver u n d e rground science network. Here, Pierre "Healing Key" by SPIN.FX Sinclaire shows how to build the Gravito-Magnetic "Naked Didge" by Dr Didge Device (GMD) as first developed by David Hamel. NEXUS BOOKS, SUBS, ADS & VIDEOS......................97JUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. Editorial NEXUS MAGAZINE This editorial is going to address an issue that I have long bitten my Volume 4, Number 4 tongue on, and that is the subject of various media attacks on myself JUNE - JULY 1997 and NEXUS. PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ACN #003 611 434 These attacks all focus on one point, and that is they allege that I am EDITOR a right-wing extremist and that NEXUS has a right-wing political Duncan M. Roads agenda. CO-EDITOR Catherine Simons Until now, I had considered that it was unnecessary to defend myself ASSISTANT EDITOR in the pages of my own magazine, as it should be obvious to anyone Ruth Parnell reading NEXUS that there is nothing right-wing in or about it. EDITORS ASSISTANT Richard Giles But, since there is an increasing amount of published information OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR being recycled by journalists who dont do their job by checking facts, Janine Carmichael I find it necessary to explain myself to readers who are probably CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE becoming curious as to why these allegations continue to surface. John Taylor Gatto, David G. Guyatt, Sherrill Sellman, Susan Bryce, John Chambers, Nearly all of the information attacking me and NEXUS has stemmed Harry Mason, Pierre Sinclaire, Michael Taylor, from a writer who works variously for the Fairfax media and is also Steven Greer, MD, Linda Moulton Howe listed as a contributor to Australia-Israel Review, a publication LAYOUT & DESIGN Duncan M. Roads regarded as extreme right-wing even by Melbournes Jewish CARTOONS community, as evidenced by documents in my possession. Phil Somerville This person, who will remain nameless here (on advice from my COVER GRAPHIC Alex Clarke Graphic Design, Lismore, NSW solicitor), spends a lot of time making the bullets that other more PRINTING gullible journalists seem content to shoot. Warwick Daily News, Queensland, Australia Journalists in this category (if you can call them journalists) include AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Newsagents Direct Distribution Phillip Adams of ABC Radio National (who periodically insists that HEAD OFFICE - All Correspondence NEXUS is part of a right-wing new-age conspiracy); and Matthew PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. Kalman and John Murray, of Open Eye magazine in the UK, whoPh: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 e-mail address: wrote a lengthy article published in New Statesman linking the new- web page: age movement to neo-Nazis and citing NEXUS magazine as the proof. NEW ZEALAND OFFICE - PO Box 306, Kalman and Murray even went to the expense of printing up leaflets Westpark Village, West Harbour, Auckland. Ph: +64 (0)9 416 7320; Fax: +64 (0)9 416 7340 full of details of NEXUS supposed right-wing, neo-Nazi connections. USA OFFICE - PO Box 177, Kempton, IL 60946- Not one of my accusers has ever bothered to contact me personally 0177. Ph: (815) 253 6464; Fax: (815) 253 6454 to clarify any of the accusations they cheerfully regurgitate. It isUK OFFICE - 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. Ph: +44 (0)1342 322854; patently clear that these people are not interested in the truth: they Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 just want to cause trouble. In the UK it has gotten to the stage whereEUROPE OFFICE - PO Box 372, 8250 AJ Dronten, some shopkeepers selling NEXUS have been threatened with violence The Netherlands. Ph: +31 (0)321 380558; Fax: +31 (0)321 318892 if they continue to sell the magazine. ITALY OFFICE - c/- Avalon Edizioni, What really hurts is that I used to respect Phillip Adams, Open Eye Piazza Mazzini 52, 35137 Padova. Ph/Fax: +39 (0)49 912 6006 magazine and New Statesman. Now I am left wondering what other STATEMENT OF PURPOSE lies and smears these people and publications have spread. NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a So, for the record, when you hear the next wave of media allegations massive transformation. With this in mind, that I am trying to lead the whole new-age movement into a Libya- NEXUS seeks to provide hard-to-get information so as to assist people through these changes. based, neo-Nazi terrorist training camp, youll know they are wrong. NEXUS is not linked to any religious, philosophi- I am not right-wing, my friends are not right-wing and NEXUS has no cal or political ideology or organisation. political agenda. I am not an anti-Semite, and I am not a Libyan secret PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY While reproduction and dissemination of the agent. I am, however, an information anarchist—and proud of it! information in NEXUS is actively encouraged, Meanwhile, I would like to apologise to readers who were probably anyone caught making a buck out of it, without our express permission, will be in trouble when expecting a more inspiring editorial. Next time! we catch them! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants and agents against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of theforegoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfaircompetition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and thatits publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they arenot to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professionalhelp for individual problems. © NEXUS New Times 19972 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  3. 3. JUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 3
  4. 4. Letters to the Editor ...ADL/Zionist Persecution To begin, we are all telepathic reports of UFOs and the like which we are still suffering". The Dear Duncan: Thank the Lord and we constantly carry out sub- (other than the Air Force)? question is, why the policy offor people like Professor Noam vocalised conversations with peo- If you have any information on appeasement? It was decidedlyChomsky, who I believe is Jewish, ple when we arent around them. suitable groups in the Perth area, not because of fellow travellers infor lifting the lid on the arrogant Sometimes we have real fights on please let me know. If there are the State Department and otherand vicious activities of the ADL a subvocal level—and we feel all none, I am prepared to use my branches of the US Government.[Anti-Defamation League]. [See the emotions as if we were talking home phone as a contact number That was carefully-constructedGlobal News, NEXUS 4/03.] to these people. If they are listen- for anyone who would like to join disinformation. The ADL may present itself as a ing (this need not be simultane- me in getting a group up and run- The appeasement (if that is theCivil Rights organisation but it is ous; they may pick up your mes- ning here in the West. proper word) came from the veryin fact a political movement, the sage later), they can answer. Thus Yours sincerely, Jane Saunders, top corporate-industrial leader-sole interest of which is the a conversation continues. Queens Park, Perth, Western ship. Its purpose was to ensure thedefence of Israels policies regard- I have studied my own experi- Australia, ph/fax (09) 451 7485. survival of the USSR, withoutless of how they impact on other ences and taught myself, as many which there could not have been apeople, and the parent body is the do, how to block other peoples Communist menace and a Cold unpleasant messages so that I am Search for the JASON Society War. Its purpose was to keep theinternational Zionist movement. Dear Duncan: Having succeed- switched off to their signals. This US economy on a war footing for Anti-Semitism is the charge ed the first time in getting a lettermade against anyone at odds with is done by intent. The physical 50 years after World War II, thus published in NEXUS, I will have brain switches off to a certain sig- producing immense profits for theZionist policies, together with another go.charges of Nazism and racism. nal. Whether this signal is from a ruling elites and creating a crypto-Moshe Menhuin, Yehudis father, mind, or synthetic, it need not In all the years Ive been ferret- fascist national security state.was so labelled when he wrote a affect you. ing around to get behind at the The Cold War was the biggestbook on the decadence of Judaism truth, I have seen only two men- The same goes for others trying con job in the 20th century! tions of a secret society of scien- to read your thoughts. There is no Sincerely, John S., Lubbock, It is perhaps pertinent to indicate tists: the JASON Society. Does way anyone can if you dont want Texas, USA.that the Zionist movement does them to. You can shut down youranybody out there have any infor-not represent the Jewish people en broadcasting with intent. The mation? Especially since we now have cloning in progress and Pet Food Pessimism?masse, and in fact probably repre- human brain is a thousand times other man-made miracles, it is more powerful than any technolo- Dear Sir: Thank you for yoursents a minority, many of whom informative article about pet foodswere terrorised into supporting time to expose these varmints who gy and we have every means given to us by nature to protect our-obviously would like to remain [see NEXUS 4/01]. It is great toZionism. be informed. However, I would selves. nameless. One reference I have is On 6 February 1994, the Central from William Coopers document, like to point out that when I, andRabbinical Congress of USA and When I read the article I just had Im sure many others, read suchCanada placed a notice in the New to laugh. It shows up all the some years old by now, on the secret government. articles we are left feeling angryYork Times, stating "...therefore, weaknesses of the dark forces in and disillusioned. I feel that this iswe declare that the Zionist state of government. They are so weak in When I hung out with New- Agers about 15 years ago, there due to the fact that the articles doIsrael is not the legitimate repre- their own psychic abilities that not follow up with any encourag-sentative of our people. Our posi- they have to develop technologywas a persistent story doing the rounds, that many of todays scien- ing alternatives we can pursue.tion on the ceding of land is quite to copy what they dont have! As far as I am concerned, they aretists had been living during the Would it not be possible for yoursimple: any Jewish sovereignty writers to spend 10 per cent of theover the Holy Land before the time of Atlantis, and that their playing their weak little games, nefarious experiments on man/ani- pretending to be big and powerful energy they put into their articlesMessianic epoch is sinful and sure researching positive alternativesto lead to tragedy, and it is certain- mal hybrids were a cause of that when, really, they are afraid of their personal lack of power. country being destroyed. The so we are not left high and dryly absurd to sacrifice even one and depressed after reading yourhuman life for this illegitimate expressed idea these folk had They are very nicely teaching the (they believed in reincarnation) is rest of us how to find our own. As magazine? Actually, I do not sub-State." scribe to your magazine for just Terry Lane, a Melbourne broad- that todays scientists are being time goes on, the more I see this. given another chance this time that reason. Someone happened tocaster, suffered persecution from Kind regards, Linda A., Carrun, give me this article, though I havethe Zionist movement when he Victoria, Australia. around to clean up their act. Anyone for spilling the beans on read your magazine before as mycommented unfavourably on the brother always gets it and I findtreatment of Arabs in Palestine. the JASON Society? Calling Spaceship Perth! Thanks for being there; I find his negative repertoire distressing.His right to free speech and the Dear Duncan: I greatly enjoy some very interesting things in If he could end his stories posi-imparting of information to the reading the NEXUS magazine. I NEXUS. tively, wouldnt that contribute topublic was not supported either by have enclosed my cheque to start our push towards a more harmo-his employer or by the Australian Devra S., Kippa Ring, nious and peaceful life, where we having it delivered instead of rum- Queensland, Australia.Government. And the Zionist maging through the magazine are trying to take action to rectifyofficials scream about oppression stands at newsagents hoping to these wrongs?—something I amand victimisation!? find a copy. Cold War Conspiracy sure you are striving for. Sincerely, James I., Gold Coast, There is one thing I would like Dear Mr Roads: I am a new sub- Please help by giving us theQld, Australia. to do and that is to be able to dis- scriber to NEXUS, having seen tools we need. I am writing this as cuss with others of like mind the the Dec96-Jan97 issue on a news- a suggestion and observation, notPsi-Power Protection type of articles appearing in your stand and being intrigued by a criticism. Dear Duncan: I have read the magazine. "Major Jordans Diary" [NEXUS Anna H., Gerroa, New Southarticle, "The ESP of Espionage: I have tried to find the location 4/01, 4/02]. Wales, Australia.Part 3" and enjoyed it [NEXUS of a group interested in paranor- That article concludes with a [Dear Anna: Please turn to4/02]. It actually had me laughing mal activities here in Perth, with- comment on "a policy of appease- Global News in this issue for aat how weak these technologies out success, so who, if anyone, in ment of Russia from which we suggested alternative to manufac -are! I hope no one is too afraid. Western Australia investigates have never recovered and from tured pet foods. Ed.]4 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  5. 5. ... more Letters to the Editor NB: Please keep letters to approx. 100-150 words in length. Ed.Fasting for Freedom It took me a long time to come to Vaccinations/Diabetes Link was playing a joke on me. It Dear Duncan: Re your Editorial terms with the information that would be interesting to find out taxpayer-funded Department of Dear Duncan: I enjoyed listen- what exactly is going on there. Iin Feb/March97 issue where you ing to you on the Richard Boydentalk about how we dutifully absorb Health brochures not only present- didnt press him with too many ed very biased misinformation but show on the "Heart of America questions, because sometimes Ithe rubbish "They" throw at us, Forum".Ive found a periodic short fast (up those "Rights" as presented did not feel that the less you ask people actually exist. I was real interested when you like this, the more you are likely toto one and a half days) a great way spoke about the link of diabetes toto get myself back from feeling I communicated with all the rele- get told. vant bureaucratic and political child immunizations. My 13- I continue to enjoy the magazine,that other people are trying to own years-old daughter was diagnosedme. It helps me feel free on all authorities... Without exception and especially like the Global the replies I have received negated with diabetes three years ago. The News, Twilight Zone and the booklevels. I can walk past food doctors told us that the blood testsshops and other shops and think, me and my experiences...they reviews. Dr Greers UFO obfuscated the issues I raised and told them that she contracted dia- Manifesto [NEXUS 4/02] was"I am free of all this." Its a mar- betes during a particular week.vellous feeling in every way. belittled me... really intriguing, but I am a little That week is when she got her doubtful the US Government will (Health note: Im not a medical I learnt of the Rogers v. Whitaker immunizations for school.person and can only suggest peo- High Court decision (1992) in let him and the others get away which the Court delivered a virtual Thanks, Jeff, Kansas City, with it. I guess well just have tople get proper medical info before Missouri, USA. wait and see.any fasting. Ive trained myself blueprint for patients rights—over nearly three decades to do it which, five years later, have still Keep up the great work!safely.) not been enacted in legislation... Top-Secret Bases in Australia Anthony Z., Monterey, NSW, Also, a media fast, i.e., no radio Too many media outlets and Hi, Duncan: I was wondering if Australia.or newspapers (I havent got tele- journalists have been contacted in you or any readers might have any [Dear Anthony: We hearvision) is a great way to free the an endeavour to have these issues information on a top-secret scien- rumours of secret bases all themind. aired. Too many have declined, tific/industrial establishment in the time. As for Dr Greer, please note but always with wishy-washy Somersby area (near Gosford, the update on CSETIs activities in Best wishes, Elizabeth S., Twilight Zone this issue. Ed.]London, England, UK. excuses. Everyone is too fearful about an hours drive north from to take on vested interests whilst, Sydney). at the same time, suppressing A week ago I met a gentleman at Blatant Bias in BroadcastingProfits vs Patients Rights information the public has an my computer course who told me Dear Duncan: Quite some time Dear Duncan: I write concern- inalienable right to know. Talk he worked at Somersby. When I ago Phillip Adams, on his "Lateing my experiences as a result of about censorship! enquired what his occupation was, Night Live" program on Radiomy approaches to the bureaucracy, Real choice and informed con- I was told he couldnt tell me what National (part of the ABC), rub-the legal fraternity and a multitude sent in conventional health care is organisation he worked for, except bished NEXUS as a magazine andof politicians after experiencing a a myth. Since Rogers v. Whitaker, to say that it was a private organi- said that you had been seen in thehighly avoidable medical mistake. the Medical Journal of Australia sation. From there on it got more company of one of the leaders ofI believe it gives grist to the mill has stated that doctors will need to interesting. the Nazi Party here in Australia.of a global conspiracy to defraud, decide what they tell patients... He told me it involved nuclear This attack shocked me because,exploit and kill off those who pay The absence of infrastructure to physics and new energy sources, if anything, my politics are leftish.for these services, thereby making redress violations of patients and that he was covered under the The madness of the far right terri-rich those who provide them. rights epitomises the total disre- National Secrecy Act ( w h i c h fies me—yet I had not seen any- My education into how my gard for the duty of care... unfortunately I know little about). thing in the magazine to indicate itexploitation had been managed In the pursuit of profits and cor- Supposedly he isnt able to use held such a bias. On the otherleft me awed by my own naïvety. porate power, the pharmaceutical anything he has learnt from this hand, I respected Phillip AdamsI accepted my surgeons word that industry is clearly not interested in organisation, if he ever leaves. reporting.hysterectomy was necessary. I patient care or public health. In (Incidentally, he told me he earns Although confused, I continuedbelieved that, when someone is collusion with others whose inter- a six-figure salary, an inducement to read NEXUS, aware of thepaid for performing and delivering ests coincide (national medical not to leave.) When I asked him if shadow Phillip Adams had placeda service, the clients or patients associations, insurance, WHO, it involved our government, he over you and your magazine.welfare was paramount. etc.) there is a concerted and told me it involved both our gov- After 18 months I can find nothing I was given (by my surgeon) a fraudulent effort to exploit med- ernment and the United States to substantiate Adams claims, andbrochure on "Patients Rights" and ical patients relentlessly. Government. I would like your comments!a brochure on "Hysterectomy". I believe that the vast quantity of I jokingly said to him, "So the Yours faithfully, Lyn W.,Both were NSW Department of mostly nonsensical replies from things Brian Wilshire comes out Alberton, Victoria, Australia.Health publications. I went into politicians and bureaucrats I have with arent so far-fetched after [Dear Lyn: Mr Adams claimshospital feeling informed and received in the past six years all?" He replied that fellow work- are totally wrong and reflect bothsecure for my well-being. amply prove all of the above. I ers often come into work, saying shoddy journalism and personal Post-surgically, everything that would be delighted to make all of that something else had been bias! NEXUS is not right-wingcould go wrong, did. HRT was it public, signatures and all... leaked onto the airwaves. He and it has no political agenda. Mrpushed on me with promises that (Anyone who would like copies of remarked how there were so many Adams has fallen under the spellthese nasties would cure my ills. these documents, please send $10 secret facilities in this country that of researchers who work for theNo information was given in to cover copying/postage costs.) people werent aware of. extreme-right-wing A u s t r a l i a -regard to adverse reactions or Thank you once again for your I know it all sounds like some- Israel Review , and seems moredebilitation associated with this very enlightening and evocative thing out of the X-Files, but it does than happy to regurgitate theirprocedure and these medications. magazine. have me intrigued. If anyone has slanderous claims about NEXUS.The positives of both the surgery Yours sincerely, heard anything on the grapevine Mr Adams himself has neverand the subsequent HRT treatment A. M. Vryenhoek, "Upson about this place, I would sure love bothered to contact me regardingwere emphasised. No mention Downs", Nimbin Rd, Bishops to know. This man didnt leave these silly allegations. And hewas made of risks and dangers... Creek, NSW 2480, Australia. me with the impression that he calls himself a journalist?! Ed.]JUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 5
  6. 6. PROJECT CENSORED 1996 Group because of the environmental Project Censored is a media devastation it has caused—particu-analysis and research program larly in southern Nigeriasbased out of Sonoma State Ogoniland.University, California. Its stated Since the executions, Shell hasgoal is to "explore and publicise also managed to keep the Unitedthe extent of censorship in our States media from informing thesociety by locating stories about public of its actions.significant issues of which thepublic should be aware, but is #3: Big Perks for the Wealthynot, for one reason or another." Hidden in Minimum Wage Bill Following are the 10 most cen- On 20 August 1996, Presidentsored stories for 1996, according Clinton signed into law the Smallto Project Censored: Business Job Protection Act of 1996, ostensibly geared to aid small#1: Risking the World: business owners and their employ-Nuclear Proliferation in ees. The publicised intent of theSpace bill was to raise the minimum wage While much press coverage from US$4.25 to $5.15 an hour.was devoted to the failed Russian However, according to Johnspace probe that crashed into the Judis, senior editor of the N e wSouth Pacific in November 1996—along #2: Shells Oil, Africas Blood Republic, the minimum wage bill includedwith its payload of 200 grams of plutoni- In the wake of Nigerias execution of at least 10 other significant provisionsum-238—virtually no attention has been nine environmental activists, including aimed at neither small business owners norpaid to the 1997 launch of NASAs Cassini Nobel Prize winner and leader of the their employees. Indeed, Judis charges,probe which will be carrying 72 pounds of Movement for the Survival of Ogoni these unpublicised provisions may negatethe same deadly substance. People (MOSOP), Ken Saro-Wiwa, evi- whatever good the bill may do. The plutonium in the Cassini probe will dence has indicated that the Shell oil com-sit atop a Lockheed Martin-built Titan IV pany has fomented civil unrest in Nigeria, #4: Deforming Consent: The PRrocket, which has been involved in a series contributed to unfair trials and failed to use Industrys Secret War on Activistsof mishaps including a 1993 explosion its leverage to prevent the unjustified exe- Exposed are the multi-million-dollarwhich destroyed a US$1 billion spy satel- cutions. clients of major public relations firms thatlite system and sent fragments falling into The executed activists were involved in are behind the creation of false non-profitthe Pacific Ocean. massive protests against Royal Dutch Shell organisations which target activists and proposed legislation that threaten big busi- ness. Most of these organisations focus on environmental, consumer and labour issues. The strategies of these powerful media manipulators include the defamation of activists and their ideas and the decep- tion of American citizens. Through the PR industry and the enor- mous financial resources of their corporate clients, these organisations mobilise pri- vate detectives, lawyers and undercover spies; influence editorial and news deci- sions; launch phony grassroots cam- paigns; and use high-tech information sys- tems to influence and manipulate public opinion and policy. With its array of sophisticated, persuasive weaponry, the PR industry can out-manoeuvre, overpower and outlast citizen reformers. #5: White-Collar Crime: Whitewash at the Department of Justice While white-collar crime costs America 10 to 50 times more money than street6 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  7. 7. ... GL BAL NEWS ...crime, the Department of Justice (DoJ) These businesses generate yearly rev- to "pan, tilt, zoom and focus".continues to show little interest in taking enues of US$200 to $300 billion and are Another type of surveillance camera cur-the problem seriously. increasingly owned or subsidised by Wall rently in development boasts the equiva- Based on the centralised records main- Street giants such as American Express, lent of X-ray vision and can penetratetained by the DoJ, the data shows that Bank America, Citibank, Ford, clothing to see concealed weapons, plasticwhen it comes to white-collar crime, the NationsBank and Western Union. explosives or drugs. Known as the passivefederal government almost never brings While affluent credit-card holders can millimetre wave imager, it can also seecriminal charges against businesses. Of pay as little as six to eight per cent annual through walls and detect activity.the more than 51,000 federal criminal interest, low-income people are paying as Other emerging fields of surveillanceindictments in 1994, only 250—less than much as 240 per cent for a loan from a include intelligent transportation systemsone-half of one per cent—involved crimi- pawnbroker, 300 per cent for a finance (ITS) which track the movements of allnal violations of the nations environmen- company loan, and even an amazing 2,000 people using public or private transport.tal, occupational health and safety, and per cent for a fast payday loan from a Such systems are linked to ordinary bankconsumer product-safety laws. check-cashing outlet. accounts and can generate records that Given the huge number of corporations, show a drivers name and address and thethe private admissions by business lawyers #8: Big Brother Goes High-Tech exact time and place where tolls have beenthat their organisations often break the Information on individuals in the devel-, and a well-documented record of oped world can now be obtained by gov- Nine states in the US already use similarrepeated violations, the minuscule number ernments and corporations using new sur- systems to track over 250,000 vehiclesof federal criminal allegations hardly veillance, identification and networking every day, and 12 more states will soonsquares with the corporate view of busi- technologies. These new technologies are put their own systems on line.ness as the victim of a federal government rapidly facilitating the mass and routinerun amok. surveillance of large segments of the popu- #9: US Troops Exposed to Depleted lation—without the need for warrants and Uranium During Gulf War#6: New Mega-Merged Banking formal investigations. Depleted uranium (DU) weapons wereBehemoths = Big Risk In Britain, nearly all public areas are used for the first time in a war situation in 1995 was a record year for bank merg- monitored by over 150,000 closed-circuit the Persian Gulf in 1991 and were haileders. Chase Manhattan and Chemical Bank television cameras (CCTV). Equipped as a new and incredibly effective weaponcombined to create the nations largest with a powerful zoom lens, each camera by the Department of Defense (DoD).bank, with US$300 billion in assets; while can read the wording on a cigarette packet Although army training manuals wereon the west coast, the merger of First at 100 yards. These cameras can track written in the 1980s to warn tank crewsInterstate and Wells Fargo created a new individuals wherever they go—even within and commanders of the dangers associatedgiant with over US$100 billion in assets. buildings. with DU rounds, the Pentagon failed to The massive consolidation of the The FBI has developed miniaturised warn Gulf War troops of the dangers.nations banking resources has resulted in CCTV units that it can put into a "lamp, The DoD did circulate a memo to Gulf71.5 per cent of US banking assets being clock, radio, duffel bag, purse, picture War commanders that contained three keycontrolled by the 100 largest banking frame, utility pole, coin telephone and points: any vehicle or system struck by aorganisations, representing less than one other [objects]" and then control remotely DU penetrator can be assumed to be conta-per cent of the total banks in thenation. Studies have found that banksin concentrated markets tend tocharge higher rates for certaintypes of loans, and tend to offerlower interest rates on certaintypes of deposits than do banks inless concentrated markets.#7: Cashing in on Poverty Corporate America is in thepoverty business and making hugeprofits from the destitute in theUnited States. Sixty million poorpeople without bank accounts oraccess to competitive-rate loansmust instead use pawn shops,check-cashing outlets, rent-to-ownstores, finance companies andhigh-interest mortgage lenders.JUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 7
  8. 8. ... GL BAL NEWS ... NON-POLLUTED PET FOOD VET THREATENED OVERminated; personnel should avoid entering PET FOOD DANGER CLAIMcontaminated areas; and, if troops must In NEXUS 4/01 we published an articleenter contaminated areas, they should wear entitled "Polluted Pet Food". To the read - A vet who claims that processed cannedprotective clothing. ers who complained about the lack of alter - and dried pet food is ruining cats and dogs Unfortunately, this memo was written on natives, we suggest that they (and their health is being threatened with deregistra-7 March 1991, eight days after the firing of pets) try the recipes below: tion if he doesnt shut up.weapons ceased in the Persian Gulf. Dog Food: Dr Tom Lonsdale has been accused of 500 grams minced beef (not lean); 2 professional misconduct by the Australian#10: World Facing Food Scarcity hard-boiled eggs; 4 cups boiled rice; 6 Veterinary Association (AVA) for voicing The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture slices crumbed bread; 2 tsp calcium car- his concerns over increasing links betweenreleased projections in late December 1995 bonate (crushed antacid tablets). Cook the AVA and the pet food industry.which show a doubling of world grain meat in covered pan until brown; keep fat. Dr Lonsdale, a representative of the Rawprices by 2010. The world prices for wheat Mix well with remaining ingredients. If Meaty Bone Lobby, claims that commer-and rice will exceed twice that of the base too dry, add water (not milk). Makes about cial pet food is helping cause an AIDS-likeyear of 1992. 1.5kg. Keep in covered container in fridge. immune disorder in dogs and cats. Around the same time, World Watch Dog Biscuits: The lobby claims an "unholy alliance"published an article, "Facing Food 1 - 1 1⁄2 cups of dog food recipe; 1 cup between the veterinary profession and theScarcity", which supports the Japanese unprocessed bran; 1 cup uncooked oatmeal; lucrative pet food industry has developed, 1Ministry of Agriculture claim. According ⁄2 cup vegetable oil. Preheat oven to 120°C with vets promoting manufactured foodsto the World Agricultural Outlook Board, (248°F). Mash dog food in bowl. Mix in instead of natural foods in their surgeries.the worlds stocks of rice, wheat, corn and bran and oatmeal. Slowly add oil, mixing Among the evidence cited by the lobbyother grains have fallen to their lowest lev- in more or less oil until mixture can be is the Pet PEP package prepared by theels in two decades. moulded into patties or bone shapes. Bake AVA for distribution to schools to promote The food shortage will become even for 3 1⁄2 hours. Cool; store in airtight tin. "responsible" pet ownership.more acute in light of the conclusions of Will keep one month in fridge. Makes 16 The program was 18 per cent funded bythe recent World Food Summit in to 20 biscuits. the Petcare Information and AdvisoryNovember 1996. Convened by the FAO, Cat Food: Service, which is in turn funded by Unclethe first summit in 22 years decided that 1.25 kg cooked and minced chicken or Bens, the dominant company in thepoor countries will be responsible for feed- beef liver; 2 cups cooked rice; 2 tbsp veg- AUD$700 million-a-year pet food their own people, without the aid of etable oil; 2 tsp calcium carbonate (crushed If found guilty of misconduct, Drwealthier nations. antacid tablets). Mix all in medium bowl. Lonsdale could be struck off the veterinary (Source: Project Censored Web Page: Will keep in fridge for five days, well cov- register and banned from vet practice. ered; or three months frozen. (Source: The Sun Herald, 16 March 1997) sored/Stories1996.html) (Source: Grassroots Magazine, no. 116) OZONE THERAPY UPDATE Despite the best attempts of the gay lobby and the medical profession in Australia to kill off any credibility pertain - ing to ozone/oxygen therapy, reports con - tinue to surface about people who have successfully treated AIDS and cancer with various forms of oxygenation. As we continue to receive calls from peo - ple all around the world asking where the best treatment centre for this modality can be found, it was with some relief that we spotted the following recommendation in an oxygen therapy discussion group on the Internet. Ed. Comments on Oxygen Therapy by Joseph Passero I have attended every major ozone con- gress since 1993: San Francisco, USA, and Baden Baden, Germany, in 1993; Zürich, Switzerland, in 1994; Lille, France, and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in 1995; Baden Baden, Germany; Medica 96 in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium, in 1996; and, most recently, Havana, Cuba, in 1997.8 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  9. 9. ... GL BAL NEWS ...I have also visited both private and public legal aid are successful, the class action is microchip and powered by a small batteryclinics and hospitals in all those countries. expected to lead to a flood of similar which is also implanted under the skins I am the person responsible for starting claims for damages. surface. The battery is recharged by plac-the three ozone treatment centres that are HRT is prescribed to one in three British ing the wrist next to an inductive recharger.on the oxytherapy list in the state of New women in their 50s for menopausal symp- The watch would be smart enough toYork, USA. I still do work at two of them, toms (such as hot flushes and a reduction in know when to reset itself for time changes,performing approx. 50 to 70 major auto- bone strength) caused by a loss of oestro- but, if necessary, its setting could be alteredhaemotherapy treatments a week. gen. But recent research has shown that in via remote control. I was also responsible for the Medical the first year of treatment, women taking Researchers believe the same technologySociety for Ozone Therapy of Germany HRT are four times as likely to suffer from could be used to create a range of electron-presenting the ozone therapy courses in deep vein thrombosis, leaving their legs ic tags for criminals, and could be adaptedEnglish in 1993, 1994 and 1995. permanently swollen, and life-threatening to record medical information such as The Ozone Research Center in Cuba is, blood clots in the lungs. blood temperature and my opinion, the best that I have seen in Rosalie Houghton, a Hereford solicitor Prototypes of the watch are reportedlythe world for medical ozone treatment and handling the cases of several claimants, already being tested. The mind boggles!ozone research, both medical and industri- says she has a coroners certificate where (Source: Daily Mail [UK], 29 March 1997)al. If I were looking for medical treatment, HRT has been cited as a secondary causeit is the first place I would consider. of death in one case.Contact details are as follows: (Source: The Sunday Telegraph [UK], BIG BROTHER CAR CONTROL The NRMA motorists group is ready toOzone Research Center 23 March 1997) launch a satellite-controlled road service: a15 Ave & 230 St #1313, Sibony, Playa, orPO Box 6880, C. Havana, Cuba THE WRISTWATCH YOU WEAR Big Brother eye in the sky that can unlockPhone: (537) 787 4141; Fax: (537) 21 0233 IN YOUR WRIST car doors by remote control and deliverE-mail: Conspiracy theorists will love this one! assistance at the push of a button. (Source: Joseph Passero, 13 April 1997, Scientists are testing a revolutionary watch Called "StarTrack", when fitted to mem- e-mail:, via the Internet which can be implanted beneath the skin of bers cars it will provide satellite tracking Oxygen Therapy discussion group: the wrist. The device, expected to be on services using the Global Positioning sale within three years, would be inserted System (GPS). With installation costs at in a cheap and relatively painless procedure A$1,245, it will deliver a range of features, BIG BUSINESS TO RUN at an outpatients clinic. Because skin is e.g., locating your stolen car and disabling SMALL COUNTRIES? partially transparent, the watchs time and its engine, or giving advance warning that A British think tank has proposed that date display would show through. your battery is almost flat. "StarTrack"multinational corporations "privatise" eco- The invention, under development at also provides safety precautions such as anomically troubled countries. In the jour- computer company Interval Research in panic button, which, when pressed, alertsnal of Londons Institute of Economic California, uses a liquid crystal display an operator that emergency help is needed.Affairs, Robert Whelan criticised foreign built into a thin film of plastic and sealed (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald,aid programs, arguing that "cash grants to with a protective layer. It is controlled by a 2 May 1997)Africa" only create "wealthy dictators". Under Whelans plan, the worlds biggestcompanies would bid for leases to operatethird world countries for up to 21 years, inexchange for an agreed-upon return on theearnings. Whelan says, "it might at least beworth a try", but Oxfam Africas KevinWatkins sniffs that, "if they knew their his-tory, they would know that this has beentried before." Its called imperialism! (Source: Earth Island Journal, Winter 1996-97) WOMEN UNITE TO SUE HRT DRUG MANUFACTURERS In a landmark case in the UK, a group of15 women who claim to have suffered seri-ous side-effects through taking hormonereplacement therapy (HRT) are attemptingto sue the manufacturers of the drugs. If the 15 women who have applied forJUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 9
  10. 10. 10 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  11. 11. JUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 11
  12. 12. 12 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  13. 13. When John Taylor Gatto was named New York Citys Teacher of the Year (for the sec - ond year in a row) in 1990, his acceptance speech was not a quiet thank-you, but a loud-and-clear challenge to the conventional wisdom surrounding the role of educa - tion, family, individual and community today. Not just about New York City schools and children, his remarks address concerns that educators and parents feel, more or As teacher John less deeply, no matter where they reside. The challenges we face in the education and engagement of our children are serious and complex, and they are not simply the Gatto pleads, the responsibility of our schools. Yet schools can provide much of the context necessary for making our society and our world the kind of place in which we all want to live. So we inherent take pleasure in publishing the impassioned remarks of one of the most vocal and artic - ulate champions of educational reform. problems with — Jon Wilson, Editor & Publisher, HOPE magazine schooling could I accept this award on behalf of all the fine teachers Ive known over the years whove struggled to make their transactions with children honourable ones: men and women be solved with who are never complacent, always questioning, always wrestling to define and rede- fine endlessly what the word "education" should mean. A "Teacher of the Year" is methods that help not the best teacher around—those people are too quiet to be easily uncovered—but a standard-bearer, symbolic of these private people who spend their lives gladly in the ser- children develop vice of children. This is their award as well as mine. We live in a time of great social crisis. Our children rank at the bottom of 19 industrial self-knowledge nations in reading, writing and arithmetic. The worlds narcotic economy is based upon our own consumption of this commodity. If we didnt buy so many powdered dreams, the business would collapse—and schools are an important sales outlet. Our teenage suicide and self-reliance, rate is the highest in the world—and suicidal kids are rich kids for the most part, not the poor. In Manhattan, 70 per cent of all new marriages last less than five years. and which Our school crisis is a reflection of this greater social crisis. We seem to have lost our identity. Children and old people are penned up and locked away from the business of the encourage family world without precedent; nobody talks to them anymore. Without children and old people mixing in daily life, a community has no future and no past; only a continuous present. In involvement. fact, the name "community" hardly applies to the way we interact with each other. We live in networks, not communities, and everyone I know is lonely because of that. In some strange way, a school is a major actor in this tragedy; just as it is a major actor in the widening gulf among social classes. Using school as a sorting mechanism, we appear to be on the way to creating a caste system, complete with untouchables who wander through subway trains begging, and who sleep on the streets. Ive noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my 25 years of teaching— that schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet. A Speech by John Taylor Gatto No one believes any more that scientists are trained in science classes, or politicians in civics classes, or poets in English classes. 235 W. 76th Street The truth is that schools dont really teach anything except how to obey orders. This is New York, NY 10023, USA a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as Originally published in HOPE magazine teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms Vol. 1, No. 4, Sept/Oct 1996 their individual contributions. Although teachers do care and do work very, very hard, the POB160, Naskeag Rd, Brooklin, ME 04616 institution is psychopathic; it has no conscience. It rings a bell, and the young man in the Telephone: +1 (207) 359 4651 middle of writing a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he Fax: +1 (207) 359 8920 learns that man and monkeys derive from a common ancestor. Our form of compulsory schooling is an invention of the State of Massachusetts aroundJUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 13
  14. 14. 1850. It was resisted—sometimes with guns—by an estimated 80 society is disintegrating, and in such a society the only successfulper cent of the Massachusetts population, the last outpost in people are self-reliant, confident and individualistic—because theBarnstable on Cape Cod not surrendering its children until the community life which protects the dependent and the weak is1880s when the area was seized by militia and children marched dead. The products of schooling are, as Ive said, school under guard. Now here is a curious idea to ponder. Well-schooled people are irrelevant. They can sell film and razorSenator Ted Kennedys office released a paper not too long ago blades, push paper and talk on telephones, or sit mindlessly beforeclaiming that, prior to compulsory education, the state literacy a flickering computer terminal, but as human beings they are use-rate was 98 per cent, and after it, the figure never again reachedless—useless to others and useless to themselves.above 91 per cent, where it stands in 1990. I hope that interests The daily misery around us is, I think, in large measure causedyou. by the fact that—as Paul Goodman put it 30 years ago—we force children to "grow up absurd". Any reform in schooling has toH ere is another curiosity to think about. The home-school- deal with its absurdities. ing movement has quietly grown to a size where one and a It is absurd and anti-life to be part of a system that compels you half million young people are being educated entirely by to sit in confinement with people of exactly the same age andtheir own parents. Last month the education press reported the social class. That system effectively cuts you off from theamazing news that children schooled at home seem to be five or immense diversity of life and the synergy of variety. It cuts youeven ten years ahead of their formal- off from your own past and future,ly trained peers in their ability to sealing you in a continuous presentthink. much the same way television does. I dont think well get rid of the Here is another curiosity to think It is absurd and anti-life to be partschools anytime soon—certainly notin my lifetime—but if were going to about. The home-schooling of a system that compels you to listen to a stranger reading poetry when youchange whats rapidly becoming a movement has quietly grown to a want to learn to construct buildings,disaster of ignorance, we need torealise that the school institution size where one and a half million construction aof buildings when you or to sit with stranger discussing theschools very well, but it does not young people are being educated want to read poetry.educate. Thats inherent in the It is absurd and anti-life to movedesign of the thing. Its not the fault entirely by their own parents. from cell to cell at the sound of aof bad teachers or too little money gong for every day of your youth inspent: its just impossible for educa- an institution that allows you no pri-tion and schooling ever to be the same thing. vacy and even follows you into the sanctuary of your home Schools were designed by Horace Mann, Barnas Sears and demanding that you do its "homework".W. R. Harper of the University of Chicago, Thorndyke of "How will they learn to read?" you ask, and my answer is,Columbia Teachers College, and others, to be instruments of the "Remember the lessons of Massachusetts!" When children arescientific management of a mass population. Schools are intend- given whole lives, instead of age-graded ones in cellblocks, theyed to produce, through the application of formulae, formulaic learn to read, write and do arithmetic with ease if those thingshuman beings whose behaviour can be predicted and controlled. make sense in the life that unfolds around them. To a very great extent, schools succeed in doing this. But our But keep in mind that in the United States almost nobody who reads, writes or does arithmetic gets much respect. We are a land of talkers; we pay talkers the most and admire talkers the most, so our children talk constantly, following the public models of television and schoolteach- ers. It is very difficult to teach the basics any more because they really arent basic to the society weve made. T wo institutions at present control our childrens lives: television and school- ing, in that order. Both of these reduce the real world of wisdom, fortitude, temperance and justice to a never-ending, non-stop abstraction. In centuries past, the time of a child and adolescent would be occupied in real work, real charity, real adventures and the real search for mentors who might teach what one really wanted to learn. A great deal of time was spent in community pursuits, prac- When John Gattos seventh-grade class threw bottles with notes into the waters off Coney Island, tising affection, meeting and studying every Wilma Amaros bottle washed up on a New Jersey beach where it was picked up by the police level of the community, learning how to chief. That led to a lunch invitation from the chief to Wilma and her mother, lessons about how pollution happens, and happy apologies from the students and the school. make a home, and dozens of other tasks nec- essary to becoming a whole man or woman.14 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
  15. 15. But here is the calculus of time the children I teach must deal passion for misfortune, they laugh at weakness, they have con-with. Out of the 168 hours in each week, my children must sleep tempt for people whose need for help shows too plainly.56. That leaves them 112 hours hours a week out of which to 6. The children I teach are uneasy with intimacy or a self. My children watch 55 hours of television a week, They cannot deal with genuine intimacy because of a lifelongaccording to recent reports. That leaves them 57 hours a week in habit of preserving a secret self inside an outer personality madewhich to grow up. up of artificial bits and pieces of behaviour borrowed from televi- My children attend school 30 hours a week, use about eight sion or acquired to manipulate teachers. Because they are nothours getting ready, going and coming home, and spend an aver- who they represent themselves to be, the disguise wears thin inage of seven hours a week in homework—a total of 45 hours. the presence of intimacy, so intimate relationships have to beDuring that time they are under constant surveillance, have no pri- avoided.vate time or private space, and are disciplined if they try to assert 7. The children I teach are materialistic, following the lead ofindividuality in the use of time or space. That leaves 12 hours a schoolteachers who materialistically grade everything, and tele-week out of which to create a unique consciousness. Of course, vision mentors who offer everything in the world for kids eat, too, and that takes some time—not much, because 8. The children I teach are dependent, passive and timid in theweve lost the tradition of family dining. If we allot three hours a presence of new challenges. This timidity is frequently maskedweek to evening meals we arrive at a net amount of private time by surface bravado or by anger or aggressiveness, but underneathfor each child of nine hours. is a vacuum without fortitude. Its not enough. Its not enough, is it? The richer the kid, of I could name a few other conditions that school reform willcourse, the less television he watches, but the rich kids time is have to tackle if our national decline is to be arrested, but by nowjust as narrowly proscribed by a broader catalogue of commercial you will have grasped my thesis, whether you agree with it or not.entertainments and his inevitable assignment to a series of private Either schools or television or both have caused these pathologies.lessons in areas seldom of his choice. Its a simple matter of arithmetic. Between schooling and televi- And these things are, oddly enough, just a more cosmetic way sion, all the time children have is eaten up. Thats what hasto create dependent human beings, unable to fill their own hours, destroyed the American family: it no longer is a factor in the edu-unable to initiate lines of meaning to give substance and pleasure cation of its own their existence. Its a national disease, this dependency and What can be done? First, we need a ferocious national debateaimlessness, and I think schooling and television and lessons—the that doesnt quit, day after day, year after year—the kind of con-entire Chatauqua idea—have a lot to tinuous emphasis that journalism findsdo with it. boring. We need to scream and Think of the things that are killing argue about this school thing until itus as a nation: drugs, brainless com-petition, recreational sex, the pornog- Last month the education press is fixed or broken beyond repair, one or the other. If we can fix it, fine; ifraphy of violence, gambling, alcohol, reported the amazing news that we cannot, then the success of homeand the worst pornography of all:lives devoted to buying things—accu- children schooled at home seem schooling shows a different road that has great promise. Pouring themulation as a philosophy. All are to be five or even ten years ahead money back into family educationaddictions of dependent personalitiesand that is what our brand of school- of their formally trained peers in might kill two birds with one stone, repairing families as it repairs chil-ing must inevitably produce. their ability to think. dren. Genuine reform is possible but itI want to tell you what the effect is shouldnt cost anything. We need to on children of taking all their rethink the fundamental premises of time—time they need to grow up—and forcing them to spend schooling and decide what it is we want all children to learn andit on abstractions. No reform that doesnt attack these specific why. For 140 years this nation has tried to impose objectivespathologies will be anything more than a façade. from a lofty command centre made up of experts—a central elite 1. The children I teach are indifferent to the adult world. This of social engineers. It hasnt worked. It wont work. It is a grossdefies the experience of thousands of years. A close study of betrayal of the democratic promise that once made this nation awhat big people were up to was always the most exciting occupa- noble experiment.tion of youth, but nobody wants to grow up these days—and who The Russian attempt to control Eastern Europe has explodedcan blame them? Toys are us. before our eyes. Our own attempt to impose the same sort of 2. The children I teach have almost no curiosity, and what little social orthodoxy, using the schools as an instrument, is also com-they do have is transitory. They cannot concentrate for very long, ing apart at the seams, albeit more slowly and painfully. It doesnteven on things they choose to do. Can you see a connection work because its fundamental premises are mechanical, anti-between the bells ringing again and again to change classes, and human and hostile to family life. Lives can be controlled bythis phenomenon of evanescent attention? machine education, but they will always fight back with weapons 3. The children I teach have a poor sense of the future, of how of social pathology: drugs, violence, self-destruction, indiffer-tomorrow is inextricably linked to today. They live in a continu- ence, and the symptoms I see in the children I teach.ous present: the exact moment they are in is the boundary of their Iconsciousness. ts high time we looked backward to regain an educational phi- 4. The children I teach are anhistorical; they have no sense of losophy that works. One I like particularly well has been ahow the past has predestined their own present, limiting their favourite of the ruling classes of Europe for thousands ofchoices, shaping their values and lives. years. I think it works just as well for poor children as for rich 5. The children I teach are cruel to each other: they lack com- ones. I use as much of it as I can manage in my own teaching—asJUNE - JULY 1997 NEXUS • 15
  16. 16. much, that is, as I can get away with, given the present institution with the real world as fast as possible so that the independent timeof compulsory schooling. can be spent on something other than more abstractions. This is At the core of this elite system of education is the belief that an emergency. It requires drastic action to correct. Our childrenself-knowledge is the only basis of true knowledge. Everywhere are dying like flies in our schools. Good schooling or bad school-in this system, at every age, you will find arrangements that place ing, its all the same: irrelevant.the child alone in an unguided setting with a problem to solve. WSometimes the problem is fraught with great risks, such as the hat else does a restructured school system need? Itproblem of galloping a horse or making it jump, but that, of needs to stop being a parasite on the working communi-course, is a problem successfully solved by thousands of elite ty. I think we need to make community service achildren before the age of ten. Can you imagine anyone who had required part of schooling. It is the quickest way to give youngmastered such a challenge ever lacking confidence in his ability to children real anything? Sometimes the problem is that of mastering soli- For five years I ran a guerrilla school program where I hadtude, as Thoreau did at Walden Pond, or Einstein did in the Swiss every kid, rich and poor, smart and dipsy, give 320 hours a year ofcustoms house. hard community service. Dozens of those kids came back to me One of my former students, Roland Legiardi-Laura, though years later and told me that this one experience changed theirboth his parents were dead and he had no lives, taught them to see in new ways, toinheritance, took a bicycle across the United rethink goals and values. It happened whenStates, alone, when he was hardly out of boy- they were thirteen, in my Lab School pro-hood. Is it any wonder that in manhood he The Russian attempt to gram—only made possible because my richmade a film about Nicaragua, although he had control Eastern Europe school district was in chaos. When stabilityno money and no prior experience with film- has exploded before our returned, the Lab closed. It was too successful,making, and that it was an international at too small a cost, to be allowed to continue.award-winner—even though his regular work eyes. Our own attempt We made the expensive, elite programs lookwas as a carpenter? to impose the same sort bad. Right now we are taking from our children There is no shortage of real problems in thisthe time they need to develop self-knowledge. of social orthodoxy, using city. Kids can be asked to help solve them inThat has to stop. We have to invent school the schools as an exchange for the respect and attention of theexperiences that give a lot of that time back. adult world. Good for kids, good for the restWe need to trust children from a very early instrument, is also of us.age with independent study, perhaps coming apart at the Independent study, community ser-arranged in school, but which takes seams, albeit more vice, adventures in experience, largeplace away from the institutional set- doses of privacy and solitude, a thousandting. We need to invent a curriculum slowly and painfully. It different apprenticeships—these are allwhere each kid has a chance to develop doesnt work because its powerful, cheap and effective ways touniqueness and self-reliance. start a real reform of schooling. But no A short time ago, I got $70 and sent a fundamental premises large-scale reform is ever going to repairtwelve-year-old girl with her non- are mechanical, anti- our damaged children and our damagedEnglish-speaking mother on a bus down society until we force the idea of schoolthe New Jersey coast. She took the human and hostile to open—to include family as the mainpolice chief of Sea Bright to lunch and family life. engine of education.apologised for polluting his beach with The Swedes realised this in 1976 whena discarded Gatorade bottle. In they effectively abandoned the system ofexchange for this public apology, I had adopting unwanted children and insteadarranged for the girl to have a one-day spent national time and treasure on rein-apprenticeship in small-town police procedures. A few days later, forcing the original family so that children born to Swedes weretwo more of my twelve-year-old kids travelled alone from Harlem wanted. They reduced the number of unwanted Swedish childrento West 31st Street, where they began an apprenticeship with a from 6,000 in 1976 to 15 in 1986. So it can be done. The Swedesnewspaper editor. Next week, three of my kids will find them- just got tired of paying for the social wreckage caused by unwant-selves in the middle of the Jersey swamps at six in the morning, ed children, so they did something about it. We can, too.studying the mind of a trucking company president as he Fdespatches eighteen-wheelers to Dallas, Chicago and Los amily is the main engine of education. If we use schoolingAngeles. to break children away from parents—and make no mistake, Are these special children in a special program? Theyre just that has been the central function of schools since Johnnice kids from central Harlem, bright and alert but so badly Cotton announced it as the purpose of the Bay Colony schools inschooled when they came to me that most of them couldnt add or 1650, and Horace Mann announced it as the purpose ofsubtract with any fluency. And not a single one knew the popula- Massachusetts schools in 1850—were going to continue to havetion of New York City, or how far it is from New York to the horror show we have right now.California. The curriculum of family is at the heart of any good life. Weve Does that worry me? Of course. But I am confident that as gotten away from that curriculum; its time to return to it. Thethey gain self-knowledge theyll also become self-teachers, and way to sanity in education is for our schools to take the lead inonly self-teaching has any lasting value. releasing the stranglehold of institutions on family life; to pro- Weve got to give the kids independent time right away because Continued on page 81that is the key to self-knowledge, and we must reinvolve them16 • NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1997
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