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Nexus 0227 - new times magazine

  1. 1. LffiERS TO THE EDlTOR 4 THE PERILS OF PASTEURISED MILK ~::.49GLOBAL NEWS 6 By Walene james., Substantial scientific data prove that pasteurisation destroys the germicidal proper­ A round-up of the news you probably did not see. ties of milk, can cause significant health problemsSILENT PARTNERS: THE UKUSA AGREEMENT 11 and may adversely affect food chain integrity. By Susan Bryce. A top-secret intelligence-sharing NEW SCIENCE NEWS 53 pact, linking the USA with Australia, Canada, New A selection of interesting news and views from the Zealand, the UK, etc., has serious implications for underground science network. This issue, Adams national sovereignty and democracy. supermagnets, and evidence that dowsing works.THE LIES OF UNLEADED PETROL-Part 3 19 THE TWILIGHT IONE 57 Compiled by Catherine Simons. This concludes A collection of strange stories from around (and off) our expose of ULP technology and the health risks the world. Here, more Great Pyramid channelling, associated with petroleum constituents and plus a UFO/ET encounter at a US military base. catalytic converters. REVI EWS==-Books 63 "Foreign Agent 4221: The Lockerbie Cover-up" by W. C. ChaseyFLUORIDATION: MASS MIND CONTROL? 25 "Ockhams Razor" by N. L. Williams By Ian E. Stephens. The continued use of toxic "Unbroken Promises" by Vance A. Davis with Brian Blashaw "Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks! by jean Richer fluoride compounds in some drinking water and "Disneyland of the Gods" by john A. Keel drugs amounts to a contemptuous disregard for the "How to Build a Chemical-Free House" by janet Forster general publics physical and mental health. "UFOs: A Manual for the Millennium" by Phil Cousineau "Megamedia Shakeout" by Kevin ManeyAUSTRALIAS LOST CIVILISATION 31 "The Christian Conspiracy" by Dr L. David Moore "The Sacred Earth" by Brian Leigh Molyneaux By Rex Gilroy. Scattered across Australia are the "NASA Mooned America!" by Rene stone monuments and glyphs of an ancient "The Big White Lie" by Michael Levine with Laura Kavanau-Levine megalithic culture, older than any in Europe or Asia Media, Mania and the Markets" by j. Campbell and W. Bonner and of non-Aboriginal origin. Pre-history as we "The New Book of Food Combining" by jan Dries "OPC in Practice" by Bert Schwitters with Prof. jack Masquelier know it is due for a major shake-up. "At the Gates of the Citadel" by Peter BrosTUNGUSKA: ATESLA CONNEOIONL 39 REViEWS-Videos 69 By Oliver Nichelson. Circumstantial evidence "OPC in Practice" by Bert Schwitters with Prof. jack Masquelier "Animated Chakras" with Dan Winter and Ron Holt suggests that Nikola Teslas wireless power RfVl EWS-Audio 70 transmitter could have triggered the devastating "Sweet Kafka" by Impromptu explosion over Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908. "Saved By The Light" by Dannion Brinkley with Paul Perry "Vieux Diop" by Vieux DiopMYSTERIES OF OUR MOON-Part 1.. 45 "The Abduction Experience" by Tony Lynn NASAs Fake Moon Shots, by Rene. Suspicions are "Project Earth" by Erik Berglund & Christoph Hausmann growing that NASAs Apollo Moon missions Under The Pyramid" by james Stewart "Three Roses" by Dale Nougher involved massive deception. In view of evidence "Material Hallucination Engine" by Bill Laswell showing NASA faked the mission photos, these "Songs of the Andes (I)" by Antonio Pantoja doubts may well be justified. NEXUS BACK ISSUES & SUBSCRIPTIONS 80AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 1
  2. 2. Editorial A couple of readers recently enquired as to what are the questions most freqently asked of NEXUS. It inspired me to fill this editorial with our responses. ~ #1. The most commonly-asked question sounds something like: "If what you publish is true, why havent you been closed down?" Tlhe answers that spring to mind are: (a) Somebody up there likes us; (b) Nobody up there gives a damn; (c) We are too Ibig to close down without attracting yet more attention; (dl We are too small to worry about; (e) Maybe we are acciden­ tally following some secret sooiomanipulative agenda of somebodys; or (0 They have never heard of NEXUS. #2. The second most frequently-asked question is similar: "Do you ever get any threats?" The answer is definitely no. We have been indirectly wamed off publishing too much on the drug trade invollvement of the glob­ al inteilligence community, and about who owns most of Australia, b~t ....... thats about it. #3. "Who is behind NEXUS?" The answer to that is easy-its God! On a more mundane level, though, Catherine and I own NEXUS~no organisa­ tion, no committees, no other shareholders, no politicali leanings or affi lia­ tions and no religious leanings or affiliations. It is a business that we believe in! #4. "Where do you get all your information?" We get it from ever-grow­ ing numbers of NEXUS readers around the world. We also tap into the global computer networks, or Internet, as well as subscribe to dozens of journals, magazines and newsletters. #5. "Will you ever run out of stories?" This one really tickles me. I esti­ mate conservatively that we have two years worth of stories just in our hot trays, let alone what is in our filing cabinets. To handle ,the overload we are setting up a Web page on the Internet, and (eventually) publishing some special one-offs on various subjects such as prophecies, science, UFOs, successfu~ cancer treatments, etc. #6. "What are the aims or goals of NEXUS?" Our aim is to present hard­ to-get, ignored and suppressed information on the subjects of health, sci­ ence, the unexplained, world events and history. Our goal is the day when all people of all races and colours can live together in total trust and respect, on a planet that is clean, abundant and healthy. #7. "How secure is your mailing list of subscribers?" I think it is as secure as anything can be these days. For what it is worth, we do not rent or sell our list of subscribers, either. #8. "When are you going to publish monthly?" I would like to know the answer to that one, too! #9. "How long have you been doing NEXUS, and when did it start?" NEXUS was first published in the Autumn of 1987 as a quarterly magazine dealing with alternative issues. When we took over the business in October 1)990, we changed it to a bi-monthly, changed most of the content materia.I, and moved out of Sydney to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where I sit right now, at 5 am on Tuesday 11 th July 1995, which is Deadline Day! Happy reading! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITYAdvertisers upon and by Ilodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY thePublisher and its servants an-d agents against all liability claims o~ procee_dings w,hatsoever arising fro,m the public<!tion and without limiting the generalityoJ the foregOing to Indemnify each of them In relation to defamation, slander of title, bTeach of copyright, mfnngement of trademarks or names of publica­tion titles, u.nfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant lawsand regulations and that its publication willi not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and in partioular thatnothing therein is capable of being misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Part V oJ the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opin­ion are p~blished on the basis ~hat they are not to be regarded aS,expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents, Editoriall advice is notspecifiC and readers are adVised to seek profeSSional help for IndiVidual problems, © NEXUS New Times 19952· NEXUS AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  3. 3. Re: Unleaded Petrol removal of my stomach or at the With the explosion occurring on never had very many anyway). May I congratulate you on your least oversewing the ulcer. the anniversary of the fiery confla­ I see you have informal discus­hard-bitting, timely, appropriate Tne moment I read your great gration of the Branch Davidian sion groups in Brisbane for NEXUSaf!d infonnative article ,in the June­ article I went out and bought the complex near Waco, Texas, the readers. I will get in touch WithJllly [995 issue of NEXUS. version of Essiac powder from most obvious effect of ihe destruc­ Tony and find out details. There are several Australian mis­ NSW. After one month, symptoms tion of the Oklahoma fed.eral botld­ Yours faithfully, Liliane T.,understandings about the toxicity disappeared and I actualty gained ing is to further the estrangement Currumbin, Qld, Australia.of petrols and any long-tenn effects weight and energy. that has been growing between the PS: In the current issue I am find­to the general population; some Because of supply problems I US Government and its citizens. ing it very difficult to read "Gulfresult partly from the difficulty of switched to the WA lliquid form. Sincerely, Paul S., Kansas City, War Guinea Pigs". Horrifiedgetting information from ·oi~ com­ However, this poor cousin failed to MO, USA. beyond behef by governmentpanies. The general public does not maintain my health and was dis­ actions aU over o!r planet, tis noseem to realise that there is only carded. A local herbalist then made Re: S.uppressed P,rehistory wonder people are rebelling. I amabout 2-3% of benzene in petrol, mY next powder batch and my Dear Sir: Re "Forbidden always asking why is it,tbatourwhereas the content of total aromat­ health returned quickly. Archaeology" (NEXUS June-July, people, especially the young, areics is, as stated, much greatcr; and For you~ readers benefit, I ilake 3­ vot 2#26), .the shoeprirrt made prosecutedl and! hounded for wanti­that, combined, both cause a med­ 5 grams daily on cerea~ but I must before land animals were extant, ng to protect our planets forestsically significant amount of ben­ emphasise the powdered raw herb plus other shod and unshod human­ and seas.zene in ambicnt air. is by far superior to tinctllre or tea. like tracks in Palaeozoic and As for th.e recent Oklahoma inci­ The estimated tonnage of aromat­ T,he benefits far exceed those of Mesozoic rocks, are bad news from dent, though I may sympathise withics I!Ised in Italy to makc petrol (and Zantac or Tagamet. Essiac cleanses h.ome for scientists. the perceived! victims, images ofthus benzene in air) has been the tissues while soothing and The Smithsonian Institution is oft Vietnam and children in Beirut andreferred to by a reputable Italian imparting its anti-cancer actions accused of destroying artefacts to other, especially South Americanenvironmental organisation (use in conjunction with Zantac for maintain sciences status quo, and it countries bleeding and starving,(Federnatura) in a 1994 submission best results). was more charlatanry when scien­ persist and I wonder how manyto thc Commission of the European Obtaining a regular suppty bas tists suppressed Ilmmanuel cuddly toys were sent to the sur­Communities; its 40-page "cem­ been a problem since our corrupt Velikov.skys worl< in the 40s-50s vivors and what counselling theirplaint" report discusses the "scien­ medico-Icgal system and its strong­ to defend their royalty-earning text­ surviving relatives were offered andtific danger of aromatics" and anm TGA continues to fine and gaoU books. sent from USofA.requests the IEC to take action anyone who does not wish to limit Time keeps validating his work, PPS: As soon as I saw the firstagainst Italy lbecause of tile latters themselves to itneir particular fonn so now Ithey claim that they knew it pics of McVeigh I thought, ah ah,"faHore to comply with Article 6 of of medicine. a~1 along, and eager!y steal the cred­ ,be will be Oswalded for sure. ButDirective 85I2WIEEC". I believe the WA chemist was it for his ideas. Theyll still circle I hope I am wrong. The 6th Report of the UK House himself arrested last year for sup­ t~eir wagons against any truth that Keep the info coming. LT.of Commons, on transport-related plying Essiac. I now have 3> regular menaces their vested interests.air pollution in London (Session supplier in the company Rare Herbs If saucer jockeys are now truly Re: Lead Toxicity1993-9a) states that, over the period and Vegetables from the Mildura lurking about, then perhaps their Dear EdiWr: You must be really1986-1993, petrol usage increased region. ancestors were here in archaic ages short of decent conspiracy theoriesfrom aro.und 20 to 24 million I hope ,that my experience will plunking their brogues (and drop­ if you reckon that the campaign totonnes annually. This mcans that bring Comfort and healing to a few ping artefacts) ,into sands ,that time get lead out of petrol was one.aromatic usuage rose by more than more people. Once again, a big has hardened into rock. Lead is a brain toxin, and its effect2 million tonnes ... " (p. 43). It thank-you to you and your staff. We may arrogantly call U.FOnauts upon the nervous system of grow­would be interesting to know the Yours faithfully, F. W., Australia. "aliens", but guess who might own ing children occors in the range ofAustralian tonnage. th_e deed to "our" world and who 0.2 to 0.3 parts per million in the You may be interested in my let­ Re: Oklahoma [Blast might even have belatedly engi­ bloodstream. It remains to this dayter to ,~he editor of the Public Dear Editor: The explosion in neered our very evolution, making the one toxin in the general envi­Health Bulletin (March 1995 issue). Oklahoma City reminded me of us genetic experiments and mere ronment whose ambient level ovcr­This was sent soon after Corbett "Nuclcar Bombs in a Briefcase?" Johnny-Come-Latelies. laps with, its otoxic threshold.and Cowies article in the published by NEXUS in August­ Yours truly, George L., Redfern, Your correspondent rightlyNovember 1993 issue of the NSW Septe.mber of 1993 (vol. 2#15). NSW, Australia. observes that thc US decision toHealth Department Joumal. The bUast cTeated a significant remove lead from petrol was taken Yours faithfully, Dr Alan Bell, crater while expanding to engulf a Re: Covt Horror Actions to facilitate introduction of catalyticM.B., B.S, D.l.H., F.A.C.O.M., section of the federal building, as if Dear Editor: Enclosed is a sub for converters; however, in most otherM.F.O.M., C.M.A.A.O.M., it was similar to the open area six ,issues of NEXUS. nations it was the health risk thatF.S.I.A.(Hons), Consultant, where detonation occurred. l used to buy NEXUS but I actu­ was decisive.Occupational and Environmental In the Kansas City Star of April ally became 3> bit scared and felt lim amazed you are quoting myHealth, Mosman, NSW, Australia. 21, Joe Todd, a major in intimidated by the contents, espe­ old boss Prof. Lawther, to the effect Oklahomas National Guard, said cially having no like-minded per­ that the thousands of tons of leadRe: Essiac Success that he had been in Kuwait City and sons to discuss articles with. The pumped out of car exhausts simply Dear Duncan: First let me thank VIetnam but had never seen last NEXUS I bought was vol. 2 no. have no effect on body.lead as ityou for the great service you have destruction on the level that had ~I ! isnt ingested. His views never didrendered me and thousands of my occurred at ,the federal building all But everything is changing so differ appreciably from that of thefellow cancer sufferers. I first read at one ,point. The same newspaper rapidly I no longer feel that way; petrochemical industries.of Essiac in your magazine about quoted Mark Millinix, a branch and when I saw on the cover of vol. The level of lead dust in schoolltwo years ago. manager of tbe federal Rese.rve 2 no. 25, "The Dangers of playgrounds is extremely critkal I had been suffering from a large Bank in Okllboma City, .as observ­ MiQrowaved food", I just bad to for the well-being and mentalpre-malignant gastric ulcer which in.g a fireball go up 15 or 16 storeys send a sub to get the mag regularly health of schoolchildren.had so far resisted modern medi­ before hearing an explosion and and certainly, because sometimes in We do in fact have a generation ofcine. My doctor was already talk­ having debris rain down on his the past ,I would miss out, the local heavy metal kids in the cities withing about the possibility of sub-total office. shop having sold out (and they a witches brew of toxic heavy met-4 • NEXUS AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  4. 4. NB: Please keep letters to II approx. 100-150 words in length. - Ed.als in their bloodstream: mercury, that "Most of the increase in the be used for the purpose of market­ to the present lowered fertility andcadmium and aluminium as well as CPI has little to do with genuine ing products which would never be sperm count in males, which seemslead. These can be flushed out by inflationary pressures in the econo­ accepted if subjected to genuine to be widespread throughout trechelation therapy. my. Almost half (0.8%) of the tests of safety. The whole point is developed world. We all have a hundred or so times quarterly rise will simply reflect that industry will never voluntarily The news item concef/led ahigher body-lead than did our pre­ increase in interest rates." (SMH, stop testing on animals and adopt Swedish doctor who had warnedindustrial ancestors. Only in the 19 Apr 95, Max Walsh, "The "alternatives", the current system men against wearing tight-fitting1970s did the ability to measure Bottom Line", p. 37-"Dollars fate being far too lucrative... briefs or jockey-style underwearlead in blood reliably, in tenths of a lies with Pacific giants".) Dont be Yours faithfully, Chris Pedler, which was the!) coming iDto vogue,part per million, develop-which is surprised if the government starts British Anti-Vivisection since he claimed that by doing sowhy your graph of supposed higher lowering interest rates in the future Association, PO Box 82, the temperature of the testiclesblood leads in the 1930s, before to control inflation. It will make Kingwood, Bristol BS 15 I YF, UK. would be raised to that of the bodythey had put lead into petrol, is just as much sense as the present (Dear Chris: We have received itself, which, in turn, would resultquite valueless. Lead should be policy. Logically, we can reduce several letters echoing your cern­ tn mens sperm having a decreasedremoved totally from the human inflation by "almost half" by not cerns, and I agree with them all. I count an-d lowered qlJalitY.-As heenvironment: from paint, piping, raising ,interest rates. was just so happy to st!e what pointed out, the testicles hang out­roofing and fishing tackle as well as llhe problem of economic ratio­ looked like a solution to a problem side the body precisely becausefrom petrol. nalism is there is a pretence that the for a change. Ed.) they need a lower temperature. Your correspondent averred that numbers and theories are based on At the time, our media treated itthe UKs National Society for Clean scientific method and therefore the Re: New World Chaos with the prurient sarcasm that is soAir had withdrawn their support conclusions are unrefutable-a Dear Duncan: NEXUS does a typical of the British when con­from unleaded petrol. Nope. I hocus pocus that cannot even unique and valuable job of expos­ fronted with, anything even vaguelychecked with them; their view has­ momentary scientific investigation. ing the corruption in high places. related to sexuality, but time hasnt changed. Why then do we attribu te to all this But I notice you do not publish any certainly proved him right. Yours sincerely, Nick rubbish so much relevance? articLes offering ideas or sugges­ t~ere must be thousands of suchLollerstrom, M.A. Cantab., Ph.D., Yours faithfully, Cary C., tions of what peopfe can do about instances where the public is notLondon, UK. Cmydon Park, NSW, Australia. it! This is why I rresume they given the ful1 facts or, rather, (Dear Nick: The toxicity of lead Ihavent closed you down yet, for, in al10wed to know that there are dis­certainly cannot be denied. The Re: Animal Testing Abolition fact, you are reinforcing the myth senting views which are often quitequestion that concerns us is DeaF Sir: Although I very seldom that the state wants. That although valid and which are withheld bywhether lead from car exhausts have any complaint to make about it may make mistakes and be cor­ those whose vanity convinces themcauses high lead levels in blood. your normally excellent magazin:e, I rupt to the core, it is ,nevertheless that only they know whats best.As for the National Society for was dismayed to see the piece all-powerful, unchallengeable, and, Youn sincerely, Dave G.,Clean Air, please refer to our arti­ about animal testing in the June­ above all, there is no alternative to Sheffield, England, UK.cle on Unleaded Petrol in this July issue. The whole thing reeked it!issue. Ed.) of vivisectionis~propaganda. An people and nations in the Re: Coming of the Anti-ChristRe: Economic Irrationalism Once again we see a distinction world must go down o.n bendeq Dear Editor: Ihanks for the posi­ Dear Sir: A clear assessment of being made between cosmetic test­ knees with bended heads to the new tive review of my book, World Warmodern economics would clearly ing and! drug testing, with HSUS insane, corrupt, fascist, global, One m According to Nostradamus, inshow that there is inability to clearly believing that apiJIlal testing World American Mihtary NEXUS of Feb-Mal 1995. Allowunderstand and regulate an econo­ for "medical" @urposes to be justifi­ Dictatorship which is hellbent on me to CUffect a point made in thatmy; there is no possibility for this able, although not for cosmetics exploiting and enslaving 99.9% of review, namely the statement, "weto be admitted to the public. whose onby purpose, presumably, is the worlds population, and pollut­ are warned that 1995 is the likely For instance, The Sydney Moming vanity. But of course cosmetics ing and destrOying the whole planet year for the public emergence ofHerald can run two contradictory tests are medical tests-at least so for a quick short-term profit on its tne Anti-Christ".stories within a week of each other. far as their advocates would have own sordid glory. They have virtu­ I do see the year 1997 (and notIn one, they recognise (SMH, 6 Mar us believe. ally secretly taken over every gov­ 1995) as the date for the emergence95, p. 21-"Small Firms Now However, what will be of most ernment in the world and al1 the of the Arab Anti-Christ who willWary") that it is the "Reserve concern to the scientific anti-vivi­ media! emerge in Egypt in a bloodlessBanks determination to control section movement is this promotion Yours appre1tensively, LB., coup detat and work for peace andinflation through the blunt instru­ of "alternatives", which, along with Cairns, Queensland, Australia. harmony for three years; then, afterments of higher interest rates" on th~ ludicrous "3 Rs", ,is the most (Dear J.B.: You obviously chose that, near the tum of the century,which stability depends. In the successful can so far devised by not to read the dozens of articles will start his war campaigns. Theother (SMH, 1 Feb 95, p. 4­ industry to keep the public believ­ offering solutions to health prob­ present peace efforts in the Middle"Increase Linked to Interest ing that before vivisection can be lems like cancer, or cheap energy East are preparations for his com­Rises"), it is simply turned around abolished, the so-called "alterna­ alternatives. I believe that you can ing.8so that as inflation goes up from the tives" must first be found, when in only be controlled by others when Also, I would like to mention thatforecast 2.25% to an actual 3.25%, reality its the other way around: you believe what they tell you. my book is now obtainable fromthe "Government defends most of first vivisection must be abolished There is a solution to every prob­ Adventures Unlimited (PO Box 74,the jump as due to the effect of due to its total scientific worthless­ lem-but it can only emerge when Kempton, IL 60946, USA).interest rate rises". This is surpris­ ness, and then the bilHons of the problem is recognised. Ed.) So I would like to assure youring, since interest rates are sup­ pounds, dollars, etc. currently being readers iliat ~e year 1995 will be aposed to be a cure to inflation. It squandered can be diverted into Re: Under-Cover Briefing very benign and peaceful time. Theseems to be a bit like applying those genuine methods of research Dear Duncan: Your many articles year 1996, though. when electionsdeep-heat lotion to a burns victim. truly applicable to man. questioning received wisdom and are due in Russia, in USA, in the Sueh platitudes are continually And even if these so-called "alter­ the reluctance of experts to enter­ Middle East and elsewhere, can berepeated by those that claim to have natives" didnt exist, there would tain fresh or different concepts and a turn,ing point to watch for poten­economic credentials. Rory still be 0.0 case to argue for the con­ approaches, made me recall some­ tial future developments.Robertson, senior economist at tinuation of animal testing, which thing I read about 40 year~ ago Cordially, Jack Manuelian,Bankers Trust Australia, believes in industry circles is well known to which perhaps has some relevance Paramus, NJ, USA.AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 5
  5. 5. USA TO GET DUAL transform life as we know it. CURRENCY? One by-product of such a tech­ Is this an answer to economic nology could be virtual tourism, ,aswoes or a money-laundering portrayed in the Arnolddeterrent? Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall. On 31st January 1995, Mr Brain-to-computer interfacing viaLeahy introduced the foHowing infrared signals is just around theBill to the US Senate. Senate Bill comer.20 (S20) was read twice and The possibilities are endless.referred to the Committee on (Source: Scotland on Sunday. 2 AprilBanking, Housing, and Urban 1995)Affairs: "A BILL NYPD BLEW IT!/ "To require the Secretary of the Americas biggest police forceTreasury to design and issue new was in disgrace recently, after itcounterfeit-resistant $100 curren­ emerged that dozens of New YOFkcy. police officers let off fire-extin­ "Be it enacted by the Senate guishers, cavorted naked and firedand the House of Representatives their guns during a drunken ram­of the United States of America page through several Washington,in Congress assembled, D.C. hotels. "Section 1. Short Title: Hundreds of guests were evacuat­ "This Act may be cited as the IMPLANTS TO HOOK HUMANS ed from the Hyatt Hotel in the capital afterCounterfeiting and Money Laundering INTO COMPUTER NETWORKS the officers set off fire alarms early in theDeterrence Act of 1995. An intriguing article from Scotland on morni1ng. Earlier, several officers had "Section 5123. Counterfeit-resistant Sunday reveals that scientists in the US andl stripped naked and taken turns sliding$100 currency Sweden have pioneered a method for graft­ down an escalator in the hotel lobby. It is "(a) In General: Not later than 6 months ing neurons to a computer chip. also alleged that several officers harassedafter the date of enactment of this section, Research at Stanford University in and intimidated femaJie guests in theirtlle Secretary of the Treasury, in consulta­ California has already developed the ,tech­ rooms.tion with the Attorney General of the nology to enable war veterans and oJher The officers, about 200 of whom wereUnited States and the Administrator of the amputees to feel sensation trom an artifi­ involved in the rampage, were inDrug Enforcement Administration, shall cial limb, by connecting the nerve endings Washington for a memorial service fordesign and designate a domestic-use $100­ from the lost limb to sensors in the artifi­ dead comrades. The weekend binge causeddenomination bill and a nondomestic-use cial replacement via a computer chip in the more than US$30,000 damage.$100-denomination bjJJ in accordance with back of the neck. (Source: The Guardian Weekly. 28 Maythe requirements of this section." Virtual reality guru Michael Deering, of 1995) (Source: Newsgroup alt. conspiracy, via Sun Microsystems in California, says the Pegasus computer networks, Australia) ability to hot-wire a human js about to EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION CONTROVERSY The earthquake of magnitude 6.1 ,in south-western Greece during mid-June, which demolished two buildings and killed 20 people, has added fuel to a fierce scien­ tific debate regarding a controversial _.......... ".~~ method that claims to predict earthquakes by measuring increased electrical activity in the ground. Panayotis Varotsos of the University of Athens, who developed the technique­ known as VAN-accuses Greek seismolo­ gists of "playing with peoples lives" by denying the scientific validity of his method. Varotsos says that, using the VAN method, he has correctly predicted the magnitude, timing and location of the three 5 , -..Ltc. most recent earthquakes in Greece. He has been faxing information on the predicted6 • NEXUS AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  6. 6. ••• GL-$8AL NEWS • ••timing and magnitude of each earthquake BREAST-FED BABIES STIILL Meanwhile in Utrecht in the Netherlands,to 29 seismological institutes worldwide. BRAINIER researchers have dtlg a little deeper into While European experts are arguing Brain development and performance in history and discovered no major change inabout the validity of his theory, the formula-fed babies is enhanced when tbeir the really big picture.Japanese are investing in the VAN tech­ diet is supplemented with fish oil, accord­ According to Gerard Versteegh of thenique. The Japan Meteorological Agency ing to a new Australian study. Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, thehas announced that it will spend almost Researchers at Flinders Medical Centre, main factors infiuencing the worlds cli­US$3 million to set up 20 detecting stations Adelaide, conducted! clinical trials on mate have not changed significantly for thein the Kobe area to measure electric cur­ babies fed with formula supplemented with past 2.5 million years. .rents in the Earth near active faults, with DHA, a chief component of breast-milk This does not mean that nothing hasanother seven stations for observing mag­ and a key fatty acid that accumulates in the changed in all those years, but rather thatnetic fields. brain. The babies underwent brain-wave the same changes have been happening all (Source: Nature. vol. 375, 22 June 1995) tests using visual stimuli, and performed the time. just as well as breast-fed babies. Previous (Source: Ihdunday.Mail. 9 JaLy 1995) EUROPOLS SECRET PLANS studies by the team had already established Fears are growing that Europol, the new that breast-fed infants have.increased brain­ BBC CREW CAUGHT FAKINGEuropean police force, is beginning to wave development and lower incidence of A BBC docufi1enta~y crew has beenresemble a secret intelligence agency. The infection and cot death compared with non­ recalled from Italy by senior managers topublic is not to be informed about their breast-fed babies. answer Charges that it faked scenes ofplans, and is to be discouraged from specu­ The team had been trying to isolate the urban decay for a television documentary.lation about them. factors in breast-milk which may affect The teams behaviour caused outrage in A repoa in the respected German news­ brain performance, also with a view to the southern city of Reggio di Calabria,paper, Siiddeutsche Zeitung, revears that improving infant formulas-a cause for where BBC World Service Television wasalthough Europol was officially founded in concern considering 30% of Australian filming a feature about drugs, dispossessedFebruary 1995, there still exists no legal babies are formula-fed from birth. Only youth, and the Mafia.ground, fet alone valid justification, for 25% of mothers still breast-feed at six Reggio, where one in five is unemployedtheir plans. All discussion on the subject is months, and 10% at 12 months-alarming and the crime rate ,is high, seemed an idealheld behind closed doors. figures when evidence of the benefits of ~ocation. But when its city fountains, bou­ The article goes on to mentiJon that breast-feeding is growing worldwide. tiques and litter-free pavements proved aEuropo] wm gather detaikd information on However, a formula to match breast-milk poor representation of urban hell, the TVevery European citiJzen, and that Europol is is a long way off. According to chief sci­ team reported1y decided to manufacture itsto be independent oLany control by law. entist Dr Bob Gibson, "Just adding DHA own.(Source: SiiJdeutsch-e Zeitung. 22 June 1995) won"t make it breast-milk." Researchers Professor Silvio Mavilla, who watched still have to find a way to add DHA to the crew in action, said the "evidence" of HOSPITAL ERRORS KILLING make it more stable and affordable. drugs consisted of an empty syringe pulled THOUSANDS PER YEAR (Source: The Weekend Australian, 22-23 from a cameramans pocket, and !be urban As many as 14,000 people die in April 1995) decay was a collection of newspapersAustralian hospitals every year through which, he said, were also provided by thepreventabFe mistakes, ranging fmm misdi­ EARTH WARMING OR crew.agnosis to being given the wrong drugs, a COOLING? (Source: The Guardian Weekly, 14-20 Junenew stud.y has revealed. The worlds temperatures continued to 1995) Not only that, between 25,000 and fall on a ten-year average, ----------------- - (i - - -30,000 patients are left with some degree according to monitors atof serious and permanent disability as a the University of Alabama ITSresult of such mistakes, according to in the United States. /010 SKIN O FF MYresearchers from the University of In an apparent contra­ ~OSE. ,1(,. C·.I~ ..... <",)Adelaide and the University of Newcastle. The Australian Hospital Care Study, due diction of "global warm­ ing", latest figures ....v - --.. .........for release this August, examined the med­ released last mon th = illical records of 14,179 patients who attend­ showed the global temper­ed 28 public and private hospitals in NSW ature trend for the monthand South Australia, and extrapolated the of May since 1979Australia-wide death toll from the data. amounted to minus 0.06 With 2.83 million hospital admissions in degrees per decade.1992, 16% had suffered an adverse event, But April was still thedisability or death caused by the health­ warmest month (seasonal­care worker, not the patients disease. This ly adjusted) sin ce Junemakes hospitals the third-largest killer in 1991, when the eru ptionAustralia after heart disease and cancer! of Mount Pinatubo in the(Source: The Sydney Morning Herald. 2 June Philippines caused a 30­ 1995; New Scientist. 10 June 1995) month global chill.AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 7
  7. 7. ••• CL$BAL NEWS • •• WORLD FACING WATER AND rubella) vaccines can lncrease risk of legis-Iators on 27th June ~995, State Rep. FOOD SHORTAGE CRISIS seizure fivefold. Their findings are nearly Charles Key indicated that he does not A recent conference on food, agriculture identical to those made by the American think a fertiliser bomb destroyed the OKCand environment, called "Vision 2020", has Government last year. federal building. Key is calling for a spe­warned that water could become the battle­ The discovery is deeply embarrassing for cial House Committee to conduct an inde­ground of the 21 st century, with severe a government that was assuring the public pendent slate investigation.shortages emerging in one in every five of last autumn, in one of the largest immuni­ Rep. Key (9-year R-OKC) said, "I amthe worlds countries. sation programmes ever undertaken, that convinced that the government is not being Growing hunger would spark a global the measles vaccine was perfectly safe. forthright about the kind of bomb(s), therefugee crisis, in which tens of millions of The Public HeaLth Laboratory Service number of explosions, the placement of thepeople would flood across international Statistics Unit found the measks jab explosives and other crucial aspects of theborders, the Director-General of the increased seizure-risk five Ihmes, while the April 19 bombing."International Food Policy Research OPT caused a fourfold increas.e. In a interview with The DailyInstitute, Dr Per Pinstrup-Andersen, said. The OPT vaccine caused convulsions in Oklahoman, Key said, "Im convinced"that The conference held in Washington dur­ infants less than a year old, usually three for that buirding to come down like that, iting June is considered the most important days after being given the dose. had to have explosives at the columns tofood summit in 30 years. (Source: WDDTY. vvl. 6, ·no. 2, May [995) bring it down, or at strategic places. The According to an IFPRI analysis released FBI is saying a truck-bomb drove up andyesterday, 800 million humans now suffer POLICE SHOOT MII!.ITIA MEMBER sat out front and blew up." He prans tomalnutri~io1l!, 1.1 billion live in absolute At approximately 2.30 am on 28th June, hoM a news conference at II am Fridaypoverty with incomes less than US$lper Mike Hill, an Ohio militia member, was (30th June), where he will bring forwardday, while the number of refugees has risen shot and killed as he was driving east of experts who differ with the FBIs explosiontenfoldl in less than 20 years. Frazeyburg, Ohio. findings. Food output has failed! to keep pace with According to witnesses, police noticed The memo, passed to other state legisla­population growth in one third of all coun­ that in lieu of a state llic.ence plate, he had a tor by Key, included a copy of a letter fromtries, and almost one quarter of the worlds home-made plate reading, "Militia retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Benton K.farmlands, pastures and forests are degrad­ Chaplain". Partin, that was originally sent to USed. Witnesses said Hill did not make any Senator Don Nickles (R-OK). The letter The hotspots of degradation are in the rapid movements or gestures that could be rece.ived by Nickles office several weeksIndus, Tigris and Euphrates vaneys, the construed as provocation for the officer to ago was passed on to the B ATF. TheAsian ricebowl, the Himalayan foothills shoot. Partin letter contends that "the damage pat­and! East African highlands, the lower After Hill collapsed to the ground, the tern on the reinforced concrete superstruc­Amazon basin, and the periurban regions in wFtnesses pulled away in fear the officer ture could not possibly have been attainedMexico and parts of Asia. would then kill them for witnessing an out­ from the single truck-bomb without supple­ Thirty-five countries are expected to face right murder. menting demolition charges at some of theserious or severe water shortages by 2020. (Source: Newsgroup alt. conspiracy, via reinforced column bases." (Source: The Australian. 15 June 1995) Pegasus computer networks, Australia) Another witness expected to be at the VACCINES: MORE ON Key news conference also has stated that SEIZURE IRISK CALL FOR OKLAHOMA BOMB the fertiliser diesel bomb couldnt have British Government researchers Ihave dis­ ENQUIRY INTO UNANSWERED done the damage.covered that the OPT (diphtheria-pertussis­ QUESTIONS On 28th June, Sam Cohen, inventor ofteta.nus), and MMR (measles-mumps­ In a memorandum sent to all Oklahoma the neutron bomb, told KFOR-TV on their 10 pm newscast, "I dont care how much fertiliser and fuel oil they used, it would never be enough. Demolition charges placed at key columns did the dirty work." Rep. Keys interest in the bombing come because one the 168 victims who died was a friend. Diana Day served as his secretary for a year when he was first elected to the legislature nine years ago. "She was a friend of mine and the sister of one of my closest friends," Key said. "As a result of the blast, her II-year-old son became an orphan." "About five to six weeks ago, I became aware of explanations for the cause of the mass destruction to the Murrah Federal Building that are contrary to the widely accepted ones reported by the media," Key wrote other legislators in his memo. "As I8 • NEXUS " AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  8. 8. ••• GL$-BAl NEWS • ••began checking out the sources for some ofthese ideas, I learned that those who arechallenging the current bombing explanationare highly credible and have impeccable cre­dentials regarding explosives, munitions andcovert intelligence."(Source: The Daily Okklhoman. 28 June 1995; t summary ofinterview with Sam Cohen (inven­ tor of neutron Bomb), KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City (NBC affiliate), 28 June 1995) DID THE OKLAHOMA REBElLION TRIGGER THE BOMB BLAST? On 28th March 1994, the Oklahoma StateLegislature passed a resolution which struckout at a perceived socialist world govern­ment agenda. They were the first and maybethe only state to pass such legislation. Some extracts follow: "Resolution No. 1047: A Resolutionrelating to United States military forces andthe United Nations; memorializing Congressto cease cer,ttain acti vities concerning theUnited Nations; and directing distribution. "Whereas, the United States is an indepen­dentt sovereign nation and not a tributary ofthe United Nations; and "Whereas there is no popular support forthe establishment of a new world order orworld sovereignty oli any kind either underthe United Nations or under any world bodyin any form of global government; and "Whereas global! govemmentt would meanthe destruction of our Constitution and cor­ruption of the spirit of the Declaration ofIndependence, our freedom, and our way oflife. "Now, Ittherefore, be it resolved by theHouse of Representatives of the 2nd Sessionof the 44th Oklahoma Legislature: "That the United States Congress is here­by memorialized to: 1. Cease the appropriation of UnitedStates funds for any military activity notauthorized by Congress; 2. Cease engagement in any mIlitaryactivities under the authority of the UnitedNations or any world body; 3. Cease the rendering of aid to any activ­ity or engagement under the jurisdiction ofthe United Nations or any world body; and 4. Cease any support for the establish­ment of a new world order or to any form ofglobal government. "That the United States Congress is here­by memorialized to refrain from taking anyfurther steps toward the economic or politi­cal merger of the United States into a worldbody or any form of world government." (Source: Newsgroup alt. conspiracy, via ... 4>. Pegasus computer networks, Australia)AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 9
  9. 9. n July this year, the UKUSA Agreement celebrates 48 years of operation. But-there I will be no fanfare, no ceremonies and no media attention marking the event. Born in secrecy, it will conti_n~e to operate in secrecy, linking the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea and NATO nations in a peak security agreement. The United Kingdom United States of America Agreement is one of the most important treaties ever entered into by the English-speaking world, and one of the least well-known. Desmond Ball (1990) has described toe UKUSA pact as "the ties that bin-d", a treaty which obligates Australia to cooperate with the other UKUSA partners. To this date, it has never been officially acknowledged by any country. This article examines some of Born in secrecy, it the significant organisations and projects that operate under the UKUSA pact. Despite the secrecy surrounding the agreement, quite a considerable amount of techni­ will continue to cal information h:as been made available through the work of researchers such as Desmond Ban and James Bamford. They have, however, been at pains to ensure that operate in secrecy, "there is no single mention of the subject of UFOs" (Good, 1987, p. 412). While the exact day and month of the UKUSA pact continue to be debate-d, the year linking the USA, the itself, 1947, bears significance as the year of the alleged Roswell UFO crash in New UK, Australia, New Mexico and heightened UFO activity. (Incidentally, the first A-bomb test was in New Mexico [Cathie, 1990, p. 239].) Zealand, Canada, According to Cooper (1991, p. 196), between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downedl al,ien craft, 65 bodies and one live alien were recovered. Of these, Japan, Korea ancl 13 occurred within the borders of the United States. Researcher Ronald R. Russell report­ ed that the British Depuny Directorate of[ntelligence had 15,000 UFO reports on file from NATO nations in a 1947 to [954 (Good, 1989, p. 31). The nature of the UKl!JSA Agreement has provided dts organs with a unique autonomy peal( security and ability to pry into any avenue that proves interesting. Top-secret military bases such as Pine Gap, Nurrungar and Menwith Hill operate under the UKUSA pact. So, too, does agreelnent. the clandestine National Security Agency (NSA). Research conducted for the "Star Wars" project, now linked with the deaths of 22 defence scientists, is also conducted under the auspices of the UKUSA Agreement. The initial idea of the agreement was to carve up the globe into spheres of cryptofogical influence. Each country was assigned specific targets according to its potential for maxi­ mum intercept coverage. UKUSA brought together, under a single umbrella, the SIGINT (signals intelligence) organisations of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, Japan, Korea and NATO nations have joined the pact. Prior to the UKUSA Agreement, an arrangement known as BRUSA existed. BRUSA formalised cooperation between British and US COMINT (communications intelligence) agencies. Although top secret, news of the UKUSA Agreement leaked quickly to Moscow through Kim Philby. As one American intelligence officer put it, the UKUSA Agreement was "like opening up a party line to Moscow centre" (Costello, 1988, p. 516). Signatories to the UKUSA Agreement conceded to standardise terminology, code­ words, intercept handling procedures and indoctrination oaths. Today, cooperation among pact members occurs in areas such as monitoring radio broadcasts, undertaking covert action and assassinations, overhead reconnaissance, human intelligence, estimates, securi­ ty intelligence, counter-intelligence, training, seconding and equipment (Bamford, 1982, p.308).AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS. 11
  10. 10. UKUSA is a tiered agreement. The National Security Agency is every telephone call and message entering, leaving or transitingcalled the "First Party". The Australian Defence Signals the country. In Australia, this is done through the US base, PineDirectorate (DSD), the British Government Communications Gap, and the new installation at Geraldton in Western AustraliaHeadquarters (GCHQ), the Canadian Communications Security (Toohey, 1992).Establishment and the New Zealand Governments The agency can programme its high-speed computers and print­Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) are "Second Parties". ers to kick out every telegram or telex containing the word "oil" orRemaining countries are designated "Third Parties". the word "democrat", while voice analysts, scan guides in haI]d, listen attentively to every phone call between Washington andNSA-THE BIGGEST BROTHER OF ALL London, recording for later dissemination those containing the tar­ As the "First Party" to the UKUSA Agreement, the National geted subjects.Security Agency undertakes numerous clandestine operations. Itis arguably the most significant intelligence-gathering agency. As AUSTRALIAN DENIALSthe NSA was established without any official legislation, there is "Australia is investing heavily in modem high technology intel­nothing, legally, that it cannot do. It is often referred to as No ligence collection and surveillance systems. .,Such Agency! - The Hon. Kim Beazley, Australian Minister for Defence, The National Security Agency can only be described as the 1987.biggest brother of all. Secretly launched by the Truman The Australian Government consistently denies involvementAdministration on 4th November 1954, the NSA today controls with the UKUSA Agr·eement and the presence of the NSA inover 2,000 electronic intercept .,.........,.,.,.-.,., Australia. Australian governments, bothstations, has a budget of over ... " ... 1 Labor and Liberal, have pursued! a "nei­US$10 billion per year, and ther confirm nor deny" policy.employs more that 130,000 per­ On 11 9th April 1977, Malcolin Frasersonnel around the world-mak­ declined to "provide information thating it even larger than the CIA might confirm or deny speculation" as to(Ball, 1980, p. 33). Australia was a signatory to the The NSA operates more than UKUSA Agreement, and whether thethree billion dollars worth of NSA operates electronic intercept stationsdecoding machines, scramblers, in Australia (Commonwealthcomputers and other forms of Parliamentary Debates, 1977).electronic equipment. The first In November 1986, Senator GarethCray computer was built specifi­ Evans refused to "provide informationcally to meet the needs of the which might confirm or deny speculationNSA. on the intelligence and security matters There are 10 major depart­ raised" by a question put by Senatorments within the NSA, including Vallentine regarding the UKUSAfour operational divisions, five staff and support sections, and one Agreement (Hansard, 1986).training unit. Its basic functions are signals intelligence (SIG­ Despite the denials, seven different Australian GovernmentINT), electronics intelligence (ELINT), radar intelligence agencies are involved in UKUSA activities. They are the Office(RADINT), communications security (COMSEC) and human of National Assessments, ASIO, the Defence Signals Directorate,intelligence (HUMINT) (Good, 1987, p. 412). Services Intelligence Directorates, Joint Intelligence Organisation, The inner sanctum of the NSA is the Central Security Service and ASIS (Ball, 1990, p. 31).(CSS), created by President Nixon in 1972. According to JamesBamford (1982, p. ti55), the CSS Ls the eyes and ears of Americas BASE STATIONScryptological empire. "They are soldiers, sailors, Marines and air­ The UKUSA relationship is more than an agreement to coordi­men who sit in long rows with earphones, turning dials, activating nate intelligence activities and share the intelligence collected.tape recorders and tapping out messages on six-ply Q1U{ticolored The SIGINT aspect of the relationship is cemented by the pres­carbon paper." ence of US facilities on British, Canadian and Australian territory; Through its electronic expertise, the NSA is heavily involved by joint operations within and outside UKUSA territory, and, inwith the UFO phenomena-whether of extraterrestrial origin or the case of Australia, UK and US staff at all Defence Signalsnot. Cooper (1991, p. 200) maintains that the primary purpose of Directorate facilities.the NSA is to "decipher alien communications, language, andestablish a dialogue with extraterrestrials. The second purpose is THE AUSTRALIAN BASESto monitor all communications and emissions from any and all Much has already been written in NEXUS about the develop­electronic devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelli­ ment of new warfare ideas. According to Collyns (1976, p. 81),gence, both human and alien, and to contain the secret of the alien Soviet scientists initiated discussions and proposals at the Unitedpresence." Nations to ban the development of the new warfare ideas such as In 1983, the NSA embarked on a project, code-named Platform, creating holes or windows in the ozone layer to bombard specificas part of its Big Brother-style surveillance network. Platform areas of the Earth with increased natural ultraviolet radiationinvolved a plan to establish a worldwide computer network link­ which would kill all life-forms and turn the land into barren together 52 separate government computer systems used Other ideas discussed at this meeting were the use of infrasoundthroughout the world. All of this information would find its way to demolish ships by creating acoustic fields on the sea; and hurl­through the electronic superhighway back to the NSAs headquar­ ing a huge chunk of rock into the sea with a cheap atomic deviceters at Fort Mead in Maryland, USA. (the resultant tidal wave could demolish the coastal fringe of a Within the USA, Australia and the UK, the NSA can plug into country). Other tidal waves could be created by detonating12 • NEXUS AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  11. 11. nuclear devices at the frozen poles. Controlled floods, hurricanes, occurred through coincidence):earthquakes and droughts directed towards specific targets and • The Pine Gap transmitter sits very near the Tropic ofcities were also discussed. Capric.orn, andl its antipode ,is very near the Tropic of Cancer on There is speculation that US bases are heavily involved in the centre of the Atlantic Oceans great dividing ridge.research involving many of these new warfare ideas as well as • Pine Gap has what is Ibelieved to be thedeepest and straightestexperimentation with the worldwide grid system. water bore in Australia drilled beneath it. • In September 1969, journalist Robert Cooksey (1969, p. ,7)MERINO speculated that there was a nucJear power station at Pine Gap due The most important US installation in Australia is the Joint to its high level of water consumption.Defence Space Research Facility at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs. • Exactly opposite Pine Gap, on the other side of the Earth, isCode-named Merino, Australian External Affairs Minister Paul the Menwith Hm Station at Harrogate, England (Bamford, 9~2,Hasluck signed the agreement for Pine Gap on 9th December p. 208). Menw-ith Hill Station, code-named Steeplebush, is an1966. Its official role is to control signals and readout from exact replica of Pine Gap. Opened in September 1960, MenwithRhyolite satellites stationedl over the Pacific. Three US intelli­ Hill has a staff of 400 and, like Pine Gap, is free from ele_ctromag­gence agencies-the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the netic interference.CIA and the NSA-are known to be centrally ,involved (Ball, Menwith Hill intercepts telephone and other communications to1980, p. 58). and! from Europe and the United States. There is also a c1rcularly Pine Gap has a complex of radomes, a huge computer room and Disposed Antenna Array and a four~element VJ-W intercept anten­about 20 support buildings. A secret community of around 454 na at Menwith Hill.people live within the compound surrounded by a seven-square­ • Reports that white discs, about 30 feet in diameter with US Airmile buffer zone encircled by a double fence, complete with 24­ Force markings, have been ferried into Australia inside large mili­hour-a-day patrols and a two-and-a-half-mile no-fly zone. tary transports which have landed at one or other of the two air­ Pine Gap is strictly under US control. Very few Australians are ports servicing Pine Gap (Deyo, 1992,.p. 24).permitted in the top-secret sector of the facility. The SignalsAnalysis Section of the computer room is staffed exclusively by NORTH WEST CAPECIA and NSA analysts. The US defence facility at North West Cape has its own share In May 1974, an article ,in the now-defunct Australian newspa­ of interesting features:per, The Nation Review, c1aimedl,that "The United States has been • The North West Cape transmitter is just slightly ,north of lJhecarrying out continuous research into electromagnetic propulsion Tropic of Capricorn, and its antipode is directly in the middle of(EMP) at Pine Gap since it was established in 1966" (Beyo, 1992, the Bermuda triangle.p.24). • It is almost certain that the earlier version of Pine Gaps Very Certainly, some features of Pine Gap are suspect (or have Low Frequency Transceiver, which is located at North West Cape A view of the Joint Defence Space Research FaCility, P,ine Gap, near Alice Springs, NT, Australia, from one of the surrounding hills, showing all eight radomes. (Source: Department of Defence, Canberra, ACT, Australia)AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 13
  12. 12. near Exmouth Bay, Western Australia, was and still is used to sile early-warning and nuclear-test detection. It also involves pho­transmit very powerful undersea electric currents to US sub­ tographic and electronic intelligence. For further explanation, seemarines which trail long antennae behind them. It is also known Ban (1980, pp. 65-82).that electricity transmitted in this way can be strong enough torecharge on-board high-voltage batteries known as plasma-dynam­ DEFENCE DEATHS LINKED TO UKUSA PROJECTSic storage cells (Deyo, 1992, p. 24). Between 1982 and ~988, 22 British defence scientists died in o On 25th October 1973, two US Navy personnel observed a mysterious circumstances. Most of the scientists were employ~esUFO hovering near the restricted Naval Communication Station at of General Electric or its subsidiary, Marconi. Some were under­North West Cape which is used by the NSA. "The object was due taking contracl work for the Defence Ministry. Marconi specialis­west of Area B, the location of the High Frequency es in simulation techniques both in space and underwater­was completely stationary except for a halo around the centre, processes fundamental to the Strategic Defense Initiative.which appeared to be either revolving or pulsating... It suddenly Industry sources believe that many of the scientists work involvedtook off at a tremendous speed and disappeared... " (Good, 1987, p. computer software programmes designed to guide or intercept pro­170). jectiles, both undersea and airborne. Ail 22 deaths have been the result of bizarre accidents or sui­CASINO cides. Inquests into the suicides have recorded open verdicts, In November 1969, construction began on the Nurrungar facili­ with authorities unable to explain the deaths. .:. _.­ty, code-named Casino. Some of the more gruesome deaths are: The location, known as the "Woomera Prohibited Area", is a o Ashhad Shariff, 26;il computer expert with Marconi Defencesmall valley in South Australia and was formerly used for joint Systems, died in a car near Bristol. Shariff killed himself byBritish and Australian weapons testing, pressing the cars accelerator while a rope was tied around his Like Pine Gap, Nurrungar was equipped by Scalor Electronics neck and attached to a tree.and has a direct communications link with the Department of o David Sands, 37, computer expert at British defence contractorDefence in Canberra. Nurrungar is also reported to have direct Marconi Company Ltd, killed himself by driving a car laden withradio and submarine cable links with the US (Ball, 1980, p. 65). gasoline cans into an abandoned building in Surrey.IBM, TRW, Philco-Ford and Aerojet are heavily involved as con­ o Vimal Dajibhai, 24, a programmer with Marconi Underwatertractors to Nurrungar. Systems, died after apparently jumping from a bridge in Bristol. Known as a "Joint Defence Space Communications Station", The BritiSh Opposition has tied the scientists deaths to researchNurrungar station is inherently involved, to some extent at least, in for the Strategic Defense Initiat~ve, claiming that some were work­the SDI programme (Ball, 1992, p. 79). ing on aspects of underwater vibration implications which have Its role in SDI occurs through the Defense Support Program extensive implications for SDI, while others were involved in(Code 647). The DSP is a series of multi-purpose or integrated SDI-related researc.h on computer-controlled radar.satellites placed at geostationary altitude and concerned with mis­ Signatories to the UKUSA Agreement have a longstanding Close-up view of radomes at the JDSRF, Pine Gap. (Source: Department of Defence, Canberra, ACT, Australia)14 • NEXUS AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995
  13. 13. interest in underwater activities. One project, Desktop, involves Gorbachev made any progress on disarmament absolutelysurveillance of a "mysterious Soviet undersea operation". The dependent on the United States dropping SDI. Indeed, he agreedonly official statement ever released about the project states that it to unprecedented Soviet troop withdrawals and reductions as ais an extremely sensitive analysis programme dealing with foreign trade-off for the termination of SDI. But a week after these con­activity." The code-word, Holystone, also designates highly sensi­ cessions, US President Bush asked Congress to increase funds fortive undersea operations. SDI by US$4.5 billion in the next fiscal year. The media won­ dered how Mikhail Gorbachev would react to this slap in the fa~e,MATES but instead of criticism from Moscow there was accelerated coop­ Marconis history is closely allied with projects undertaken eration: discussions regarding the development of a lunar basethrough the UKUSA Agreement. Tills began in 1941, under the and a joint mission to Mars.BRUSA Agreement, when the USA delivered a model of theJapanese Purple machine (used by Japan to encipher diplomatic WINDJNG DOWN SDI?communications) to British code-breakers. In return, the British On 4th May 1993, the acting director of the SDI organisation,gave the US an assortment of advanced cryptological equipment, Major General Malcolm ONeill, spoke to a Senate Armedincluding the revolutionary Marconi-Adcock high-frequency Services sub-committee and requested US$3,800 million for SDIdirection-finder (HF-DF). in the year 1994, $40 million less than was appropriated in As technical giants, General Electric and its subsidiary Marconi financial year 1993. - .;;"have provided much of the technology vital to projects undertaken On 13th April 1993, just days after the ONeill request,through the UKUSA Agreement. As a leader in communications Secretary of Defense Les Aspin officiaUy terminated the SDItechnology, the General Electric Corporation is the sixth largest organisation, renaming it the Ballistic Missile Defensecompany in the United States, with sales approaching US$56.3 Organization (BMDO).billion in 1992. Its financial strength was originally backed by the In a media statement, Aspin said that future research by theMorgan banking house, and General Electrics missile and space tBMDO will focus on space-based sensors called "Brilliant Eyes",vehicle department was instrumental in the first Apollo mission. to be used for missile-tracking for enhanced coverage of lower and GE sold its aerospace division to . " . :t. upper-tier theatre defences.Martin Marietta in November 1992. "Brilliant Eyes" would also helpMartin Marietta produced the satellites I~ ground-based interceptors pro­for the Navys space project, White Cloud vide full coverage of the conti­(part of the Classic Wizard ocean surveil­ nental United States.lance system), under the direction of theUS Air Forces Special Projects Office in THE REAL USES OF SDI?Los Angeles (the cover for the West Far from down-scaling SDI,Coas t office of the National full funding was continued upReconnaissance Office). Technical assis­ until 1993 without so much as atance was provided by the NRO, and E­ whimper from the Soviet leader­Systems, Inc. which provided the elec­ sbip_tronic intelligence (ELINT) receivers and Some authors have suggestedantennae for the satellites. that the real purpose of SDI was to protect the Earth from anUKUSA AND THE STRATEGIC ex traterrestri al in vasion. InDEfENSE INITIATIVE Genesis Revisited, Zecharia For more than 40 years, the former Soviet empire has been the Sitchin maintains that the worlds leaders "have been aware formain target of intelligence-gathering conducted under the auspices some time, first, that there is one more planet in our solar systemof the UKUSA Agreement. ­ and, secon.d, that we are not alone". He claims that only this One of the most significant projects undertaken through the knowledge can explain the incredible changes in world affairs thatUKUSA Agreement was the Strategic Defen-se Initiative (SDI), have been taking place with even more incredible speed.commonly known as "Star Wars". US President Reagan launched Certainly, Reagan ~nd Gorbachev both referred to ",threats fromthe Strategic Defense Initiative on 23 March 1983 to "render extraterrestrials" ...nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete". The heart of SDI called Speaking at Fallston, Maryland, on 4th December 1985, Reaganfor the development of a "Peace Shield" using a global network of stated:defensive devices in space, including powerful lasers and beam "Just nhink how easy his (Gorbachevs) task and mine might bemachines, to provide an umbrella of protection against a Soviet in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat tonuclear attack. this world from some other species from another planet outside the Proponents of the New World Order credit the Strategic universe. Wed forget all the little local differences that we haveDefense Initiative with the demise of the Soviet Union. In May between our countries and we would find out once and for all that1993, US Defense Secretary, Les Aspin, claimed that SDI helped we are all human beings here on Earth together."bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union: "I think it probably On 16th February 1987, at the Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow,had something to do with it," he said. "The former Soviet Union Gorbachevobserved:was aware of the tremendous advances that the United States mili­ "At our meeting in Geneva, the US President said that if thetary was making, not just in Star Wars but in technology general­ Earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States andly." the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I And so, since the supposed end of the Cold War, SDI has been shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think its early yet toportrayed as some kind of menace that exhausted the Soviet Union worry about such an intrusion."morally, economically, politically and militarily. An in an address to the General Assembly of the United NationsAUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1995 NEXUS • 15