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Nexus 0220 - new times magazine

  1. 1. LETIIERS TO THE EDITOR..~ 5 GLOBAL NEWS 6 A round-up of the news you probably did not see. NEX-US NEWS UPDATES 12 Follow-up on several articles that have captured ongoing interest with readers. Topics include a translation of those mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphs found in the Hunter Valley, NSW THE MICROCHIP & fHE MARK OF liHE BEAST.........14 With Dr Carl W. Sanders. This is indeed a fascinating extract from an audiotape from one of the designers of the now-famous microchip, explaining its intended use in a new world order. WACO: THE BIG LIE CONTINUES 16 From Samuel L. Blumenfeld. Two videos have been released, both with on-site footage, showing who the 'good guys" and who the 'bad guys' really were. This is a comprehensive review ofthe first. THE SECR~TS OF DENTAL HEAtTHi 22 With Dr Robert O. Nara. Many years ago, Dr Nara embarked upon a campaign to educate people into preventive dentistry. His efforts cost the dental industry lost revenue, and resulted in his own loss of licence. THE MILITARY LINK TO MODERN MEDICINE..........28 Dr Alan S. Levin is interviewed on a wide range of subjects surrounding the involvement of the military in modern medicine. EXTRATERRESTRIAL ARCHAEOlOGY 35 By David Hatcher Childress. This article, extracted from his latest book, Extraterrestrial Archaeology, focusses on the mysteries of Mars and its moons, and the Russian probes sent to photograph them. THE TERRORJIST FACTORY - Part 2 42 By Joe Vial/s. Continues the amazing tale of political manipulation, mind control and the intelligence community. Based on a true story! JUNE - JULY 1994 " ANOTHER FREE ENERGY COVER-UPL 47 By Alison David. The intriguing story of De,,~is Lee, inventor and future thinker, who came up with a Super Heat Pump, and other innovations, that he claimed could provide free electricity. NEW SCIENCE NEWS .53 Contains the second part of Toby Grotz's 'round the world' round-up of free energy researchers and their work, plus some other titbits of interest. THE TWILIGHT IONE 59 A collection of strange and bizarre stories from around (and 10ff) the world. Topics this issue include sightings of monsters in the Yukon, and more on the "Lost Land ofthe Lizard People", tREVIEWS--Books 64 "Extraterrestrial Archaeology" by David Hatcher Childress "Why Flying Endangers Your Health" by Farro! S. Kahn "Space Aliens From The Pentagon" by William R. Lyne "A Century Of War" by F. William Engdahl "Extraterrestrial Friends And Foes" by George C. Andrews ·Project Seek" by Gerald A. Carroll "The Thirteenlh Stone" by Reginald Lewis "Trail Of The Octopus" by Donald Goddard with Lester K. Colema.n "The Cancer Solution" by Robert E. Willner, M.D., Ph.D. "The CanCell Controversy" by Louise B. Trull "AIDS Control Diet" by Mark Konlee "Natural Healing" by SoIuntra King "TMJ-The Jaw Connection" by Greg Goddard, D.D.S. REVIEWS--Video 70 "The Physics ofNatural Health, Agriculture and Healing" "The Physics of Natural Non- Toxic AgricultureP "Waco: The Big Lie - Parts 1 & 2" ·UFOs: The Evidence" REVIEWS--Audio _••• 71J •• "Playing In The RainboW" by Tarshito "Heal Cavities, Grow New Gums" by Or Robert O. Nara, D.D.s. DE-ClASSIFIED ADS 79 SUBSCR'PTIONiS & BACK ISSUES 80 NEXUS-'
  2. 2. Editorial Hello and welcome to the latest and greatest edition of NEXUS! I would like to extend a special welcome to all the new UK and European NEXUS rea_ders. We have just opened an-office in the UK for English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish readers, and also an office in The Netherlands servicing European countries. In faa, very soon we will be printing a European edition of NEXUS, as well as the current US and Australasian editions. I would like to make one point very clear, however: all the NEXUS editions are identical, except for some of the advertisements. There are lots ofgreat articles in this issue, a favourite in our office being the very colourful interview with Dr Levin, on the military links with medicine. Believe me, we've had to delete many expletives from this int~rview. _ -~- The other article which is generating much personal interest in our office is titled "Dental Health Secrets". It is well worth the read, espe­ cially if you are afraid of dentists! Other things in this issue which excite us are: the Waco video (you've just got to see this to believe it!) the new book out by David Childress called "Extraterrestrial Archaeologyl' (see article on page 35), and Part 2 of "The Terrorist Factory". Boy, we've had so many people wanting sneak previews ofparts 2 and 3 of this series. Now a few other things to mention: • If you have a shop or clinic and you want to sell NEXUS, call us. This applies to any shop anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, or Europe. • We've got some great ideas for NEXUS T-shirt/bumper sticker designs and slogans, and we welcome your suggestions. Send all the material to our Australian office. • IWe are also looking for an advertising sales person to service the USA and Canada. This person must be experienced in sales and be computer/modem-literate. Contact our Australian office for more information. And last, but not least, is our announcement of NEXUS Online! Yes, thanks to the many email replies to the last editorial, we are setting up NEXUS on the computer networks. This will provide access to any­ body with a computer and modem. Amongst other things, you will now be able to subscribe to NEXUS electronically, i.e., every two months we will email NEXUS to subscribers over the networks. We will also be opening up discussion groups and making many of our information files available to those wishing to subcribe to NEXUS Online1 For more details, see our ad on page 15. In the meantime, happy reading! Duncan WARRANTY AND INDEMNITY Advertisers u/?On and by lodging material with the Publisher for publication OJ autborising or approving of the publication of any mate_dal INDEMNIFY the Publisher and its servants and agents against all liability daims or Iproceedings whatsoeve~ arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregOing to indemnify each of tfiem in relation to defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademadcs or names of publica­ tioo titles, u_nfair competit!on or t~ad~ pract_ices, rOy'altie~ or violati~ of righ~s or pri~acy.~N~WARRAN! t/:lat .the materia! complies wjth.all rel~vant laws and regulations and tha~ Its publication will not give me to any rights allalnst or liabilities In the Publisher, Its servants or agents and In particular that nothing therein is capable of beingmisleading or aeceptive or otherwise In breach of the Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974, All expressions of opin­ ion are published on thg basis that they arc not to be regarded as expreSSing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editodal advice is not spe-cific and readers are advised (0 seek professional hel'p for individual problems. e NEXUS New Times 19~4 2·NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1994
  3. 3. Re: Rare Informationl Dear NEXUS, I recently came across your astounding Feb-Mar 1994 issue. I am very impressed with the rare information you have presented, and the 'high calibre of authOFs who contribute to your mag­ azine. I am especially intrigued by the article on AIDS by Dr Robert Strecker, and the anicle on the Neurophone. What a terrific inven­ tion! I know of people who could really use an invention like that. As for Dr Strecker, he is doing the pub­ lic a great favour of exposing the hidden 'truths' about AIDS. Very few people in the medical communi­ ty have the courage to speak out on -AIDS, without fear of losing their jobs or being labelled a "homo­ phobe". I thank you for your wonderful magazine. I purchase it whenever I can. If possible, I would like to see what guidelines you have for sub­ mitting articles. I would appreciate the opportunity to write an article forNEXOS. I thank you for your time and look forward to your immediate reply. Live long and prosper, E. R. W., San Diego, USA. Re: NWOI For Whom? Dear Sir, Are we really so stupid to think that we can maintain a world in which currently 30% of our population can look forward to more sewing machines, motor vehicles and vending machines, etc., that can talk LO us, plus computer shopping, more automatism ill a society satu­ rated with deodorants and after­ shave lotion, while the other 70% will continue to 'hope' for a better 'tomorrow' and, for some, a daily ration of clean water, equal to one flush of our modem toilet? Building one society based on unrestrained consumerism and com­ puter chips may temporarily hide the facts for some, but cannot solve the problems our world faces today, e.g.: o Balkan War, Bosnia-Europe cannot afford too many killed, for humanitarian reasons? Not so. It is because it is bad for the European economy, upsets trade and reduces profit. o Gulf War-hypocrisy at its worst. Retaliation for invasion of Kuwait? Not so. It is to protect Europe's and USA's oil interests­ could not allow Saddam Hussein 100 much power over petroleum produc- JUNE - JULY 1994 tion. A few dead, so what-less important than oil profits. o Somalia-there is no point in really helping to feed starving peo­ ple; they have no money, so there is no profit. Imagine, though, if the same out­ standing effort and amazing organi­ sation were used to provide fertilis­ er, seed, machinery, water pumps and relief food to keep at ~east some aJjve-as was usedl to transport that vast United National military force to the deserts of Kuwait? But then, of course, there would be no anns industry profit Should we not stop to reassess our values and realise what is really missing and what we appear to have lost in our One World village? I believe it is Truth and Social Responsibility. I also believe it will take time, tmst, faith, patience and an inordinate determination to put back that which is missing and lost. Mankind has the capacity for all these things. My hope is 'that we have the courage. Jim H., Goonengerry, NSW. Re: Everlasting Profits Dear Duncan, Regarding Ken McCaffery's letter in April-May '94 NEXUS, I remember my mother being given a pair of those same nylons during the war, made by Dupont. They soon discovered no one made money out of everlasting stockings because they were just that! So they lowered the quality (they did get rather rubbed up after a few years!). Re the overuse of antibiotics ('Global News'), people will at least have to start listening to Glen and Ian Dettman and Archie Kalokerinos's "Vitamin C: Nature's Miraculous Healing Missile", which you reviewed, and Irwin Stone's "Vitamin C: The Healing Factor". It really does work, without side­ effects. Yours sincerely, Pat c., Maldon, Vic. Re: Different Subjects Dear NEXUS, We have been II reading your magazine for a few years now and have all the Volume 2 mag~great collector's items. However, it would seem of late that we can hardly tell one magazine to the next-they seem to COver the same things over and over again. May I suggest a good dose of castor oil and some new subjects? Like the latest on crop circles and UFO activ­ ity, Mt Shasta, or anything else as long as, it's different, so shake thaL closet and see what falls out. By th.e way, wha.l happened to Volume 3? Volume 1 only went up to 10. Cheers, G. E., Apckland, NZ. (Dear G. E., ThanJcs for your lel­ ler. Your comments are no/ed, bUl we will Slick 10 our coverage of issues lhal lhe reSl of lhe media choose 10 ignore. Why nol buy one of lhe dozens of magazi-nes avail­ able already covering UFOs, crop circles and Ml Shas/a? Ed.) Re: Brown's Gas Dear Folks at NEXUS, A quick correction to O)1e point in the article by Toby Gro.lZ in your April-May issue, regarding YuU Brown and Brown's Gas. Brown's Gas, made from water, was said to melt tungsten, the ele­ ment with the highest boiling point of all the elements. It will not just melt tungsten, it will boil it, or, more scientifically accurate, "subli­ mate" it, turning it from a solid into a gas, and instantly. In our world today, I find it incred­ ible that Yull Brown would have to be struggling along to promote this fantastic discovery of his, that investors would not be jumping at the chance to take part in a clean, brand new, proven technology that possesses a huge range of develop­ mental applications ripe for the picking. We are working with Brown's Gas at Horizon Technology, and wel­ come any enquiries from individuals interested in an investment relation­ ship to establish specific applica­ tions for it in the corporate arena. Kudos on your fine publication, and well be k.eeping in touch with you on results as they come along. Sincerely, Gary Hawkins Horizon Technology 2442 NW Market Street, #274 Seattle. WA 98107, USA. Re: Medical Malpractice Dear Duncan and Team, Attached is cheque for another year's sub­ scription for your eye-opening and mind-expanding magazine. Having also purchased all your available previous publications of NEXUS, in me you have a captive reader. My concern is the mammoth task aheadl of us, the manipulated popu­ lation, to try and rectify the wrong NB: Please keep let· ; .. 1' ters to approx.l00.150' ! words in length. Ed. being done Ito us by the big rpowerful corporations. I guess the best way , to start is to become informed, and each of us in our own small way fol­ low our conscience, talki to our fami­ ly, friends and people in our work­ place. I particularly enjoy your book reviews and have purchased several of the books reviewed. "Male Practice" and "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" by MC!idekohn I found informative and most reassur­ ing, confirming my own beliefs and jus.tifying my reasons for refusing to take HRT and any drugs. The more I read of "Male Practice", the mad­ der I became at how women are manipulated by the medical profes­ sion ·playing on the emotive fears women have for their families. I strongly recommend that both male and female readers sho-uld get a copy of these books and read them. Sorry, I'm letting my feelings get in the way. In closing, I wish to inform you that] look forward to NEXUS lIIld would like to see publications monthly; however, I do realise that to maintain the q~ality and standards of your excellent magazine it requires time-so I curb my impa­ tience by re-reading previou~ publi­ cations. Keep up the good work M. M., Badgingarra, WA. Re: Speed of Light Slowing? Dear Duncan, Some time ago I . was given a lend of a fascinating video Iby a Christian friend of mine. It was a well-documented and pr.e­ sented case for the creationist view­ poinL The scientific lynchpin of the argument was the assertion that the speed of light is in fact in decay, i.e., slowing down. According to Dr Barry Setterfield of South Australia, the speed of light is not a constant 186,000 m.p.s. but actually slowing down on a univer­ sal scale. The ramifications of UJjs are enormous. Everything we are taught by 'experts' may be wrOng and misleading. According to the video, Dr Setterfield has submitted scientific papers with evidence of this and they have been accepted and published 'by respected scientif­ ic journals. Can any NEXUS readers verify these claims? If this claim regard­ ing the speed of light is true, it would profoundly affect the hal­ lowed fields of cosmology, archae- Continued on a e 76 NEXUS·S
  4. 4. --- ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE GAINING ACCEPTANCE According to a recent colwnn in The Los Angeles Times, one in three Americans seeks alter­ native health care each year, to the tune of US$13.7 billion. A whopping US$10.3 billion was paid by consumers out of pocket without reimbursement by insur­ ance providers, according to a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. These 'unconventiollal thera­ pies', like acupuncture, natur­ opathy, herbs and massage, are used by people for chronic, not life-threatening illnesses. Eighty-three per cent had pre­ viously sought treatment from a medical doctor. American Western Life Insurance Co. based in Foster City, California, recently began offering coverage for alternative medical treatment. This is the first such insurance policy in the nation, but because of insurance industry regulations is present­ ly avaibble only to consumers in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. To address the lack of scientific swdies, the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine plans to fund 20 preliminary research studies of unorthodox cures such as the use of shark cartilage to treat cancer, and bee pollen in treating allergies. (Sourc.e: WjldfireMag,azine, Winter 1993) - SPANISH INVESTIGATION REVEALS GULF WAR BRIBES While conducting a detailed examination of financial records at Grupo Torras, a major holding corporation for Kuwaiti investments in Europe, Spanish authorities found hidden internal reports on the con­ duits used to pass around multimillion-dol­ lar payoffs among top government figures in Washington and other Western capitals. Although he has ordered the newly dis­ covered documents sealed, Spain's Attorney General, Eligio Hernandez, is under increasing pressure in parliament where opposition party leaders want to know whether any Spanish government officials were among the recipients of ____. . , . " . . , - . - . 2!!liiW ...---~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 6·NEXUS Kuwait's covert subsidies. It is claimed that the ruling family of Kuwait handed out "at least US$300 million [in] political pay­ ments"-that is, bribes to US and . European leaders in order to enlist their support for the military intef­ vention against Iraq now known as Operation Desert Storm. The documentation unearthed by Spanish investigators has revealed that the European branch offices of two major US money in~titutions, Chemical Bank and Bankers Trust Corporation, were the main conduits for the manipulation of Kuwait's overseas funds. According to Spanish investiga­ tive journalist Franconero Belmonte, "the Spanish government has imposed a strict cover-up on its probe of Kuwait influence-buying". "In February it secretly sent two high-rank­ ing officials to Washington to discuss how the scandal can be smothered without caus­ ing 'structural damage' to NATO." (Source: ,The Spot(j~hJ, 28 March 1994) TOBACCO COMPANY SUPPRESSES RESEARCHI A leading tobacco company in the US knew in 1983 from its own research that nicotine is highly addictive. But the com­ pany blocked publication of a paper based on the research, setting back other scien­ tists in the field at least six years, according to a US Congressman conducting hearings' into the addictiveness of nicotine. Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California, has released a draft of the paper which was submitted to the journal Psychopharmacology, but then withdrawn by its author, Victor DeNoble, at the insis­ tence of Philip Morris, the tobacco compa­ ny which employed him. This is the latest in the battle by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to have tobacco cl.assified 'as an addictive drug. As one veteran FDA observer comment­ ed recently, "It looks like the pharmaceuti­ cal drug companies are going for the mar­ ket currently held by the tobacco compa­ nies!" This could certainly be the case. If the FDA is successful in classifying nicotine as an addictive drug, tobacco companies may end up handing over their products to phar­ maceutical drug companies to sell under prescription. (Source: New Scientist. 9April 1994) JUNE - JULY 1994
  5. 5. ••• Gt-$-BAl NEWS • •• FDA PRIORITIES Following are four quotes which clearly indicate that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is more concerned with protecting certain drug companies' profits, rather than looking out for the interests of the American people. • "It has become fashionable in some quarters to argue that women ought to be able to make [breast implant] decisions of their own. If members of our society were empowered to make their own decisions about the entire range of products for which the FDA has responsibility, howev­ er, the whole rationale for the agency would cease to exist." (Dr David! Kessler, FDA Commissioner, reported from The New England Journal of Medicine, in The Wall Street Journal, 24 June 1992.) • "Pay careful attention to what is hap­ pening [with dietary supplementsl in the legislative arena ... if these efforts are suc­ cessful, there could be created a class of products to compete with approved drugs that are subject to less regulation than approved drugs ... the establishment of a separate regulatory category for supple­ ments could undercut exclusivity rights enjoyed by the holders of approved drug applications." . (David Adams, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy, before the Drug Information Association Annual General Meeting, 12 July 1993.) • "...The task force considered many issues in its deliberations including; w ensure the existence of dietary supplements on the market does not act as a disincentive for drug development..." (FDA Dietary Supplement Task Force Report, released 15 June 1993.) • "The American public does !!lot have the knowledge to make wise health care decisions... FDA is the arbiter of truth... Trust us. We win tell you what's good for you." (Dr David Kessler, fDA Commissioner, speaking on the Larry King Live television show, as reported in Well Being Journal, March-April 1994, and The Leading Edge, March 1994.) JAPAN BANS MEASLES·MUMPS· RUBELLA VACCINE The Japanese Ministry of Health and! Welfare decided in April 1993 to discontin­ ue the use of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine because of various problems asso­ ciated with it. One of the interesting effects of this vac­ cine ban for children under two years of age is that cot deaths appear to have declined enormously since the ban. (Source: What Doctors Don't Tell You (UK), vol. 4, no. 9, 1993) MYSTERY METEOR STRIKES EARTH On 1st February the Earth's atmosphere was penetrated by an object so large that it was detected by six US spy satellites and, according to some reports, led to President Clinton being woken by his Defence staff. The incident, which happened over the western Pacific, is being greeted with both excitement and concern by astronomers. They are delighted at the speed with which the Pentagon has decided to release the satellite data, but they are concerned that, VACCINE REACTION REPORTS CONTINUE TO INCREASE More than 17,000 adverse events following vaccination were reponed to the FDA fto have occurred in the US in a 20-month period ending in July 1992, including more than 2,000 serious reports and 360 deaths. However because the FDA estimates that only 10% of doctors repon adverse effects in the US, the real nwnbers could be as high as no,ooo adverse events including 20,000 serious injuries and 3,600 deaths associated with vaccinations. If you think the FDA is extravagant by multiplying the reponed figure by a factor of 10 times to arrive at more realistic figures, then consider that Connaught laboratories, a vaccine manufactur­ er, estimates a 50-ford under-reporting of adverse events! That implies 850,000 adverse events, including 100,000 serious injuries and 18,000 deaths associated with vaccinations over one 20-month period! -- "i despite their own growing awareness of the frequency of cosmic visitors, military advisers still seem unable to discriminate between incoming meteorites and nuclear explosions. . . Satellite data released so far has revealed that the object, p.resumably a meteor, turned into a glowing fireball as it entered the atmosphere, becoming almOs.t as bright· as the Sun and releasing about 10terajoules of lwninous energy in about Ohe second. The aerodynamic stresses caused by its entry into the atmosphere at an ~stimated speed of 72,000 kilometres per hour, caused it to explode about 20 kilometres above the sea, near the Pacific island of Tokelau. !Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico estimate that the meteor had an energy equivalent to a 100-kilOLOnne blast, and a mass of weir over 1000 tonnes. (Source: New Scientist, 2 ApriIl994) SHADES OF THE PHOTON BELT In NEXUS 2{2 we reprinted a controver­ sial article about something called a Photon Bell. Two years later this artic'1e had done the rounds of America's new age and chan­ nelling networks and had been regurgitated in a barely recognisable 'end of the world' scenario which caused all sorts of hysteria, and even got mentioned on national TV shows across the US and Australia. Well, the Photon Belt believers who are still waiting may he interested in this piece of information.. Victor Clube from the University of Oxford! is suggesting that we are living in the aftermath of the breakup of a giant r::::lO r::::I 5~;a·~ ') :x:::===' (Source: NVICNews (US), o.ctober 1993) s ...-.:lG., JUNE - JULY 1994 NEXUS·7
  6. 6. ••• GL$BAIL NEWS • •• "It is desired .that no document be released which refers to experiment with humans and might have adverse effcct on public opinion or result in legal s.uits. Documents covering such work should be classified secret." Thus the true enemy is identified: public opinion. An"d the means to defeat the enemy? Classification! (Source.' Secm;y & Goyernment Bulletin. #33, March 1994) DRUGS COMPANIES AR-E' BRIBING DOCTORS A doctor who accepts money from a drug company to perform research or to attend or speak at a symposium is 19 times more likely to request a drug manufactured by that company than doctors who have not had contact with that company. In a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, two researchers, Mary-Margaret Chren and Seth Landefeld of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, reveal that doctors who tried to add to their hospital's stock were those wit!t the strongest links ItO drug companies. (Source: N& Scientist. 12 March 1994) BIG BROTHER FEARS OVER HI-T£CH POLICE The New Zealand Police force is propos, ing to buy a multi-million-dollar supercom­ puter which will give it the world's most sophisticated intelligence system. If approved, the national Integrated' Crime Information System (INCIS) will lead the world. The proposed INOS system, estimated to be worth around NZ$80 million, is even more powerful than one being installed by New South Wales Police in Australia. The Australian system is able to cross­ reference names, places and dates, and identify "persons of interest" in, a street or locality where a crime has been committed. "Persons of interest" include any·one who has a criminal history, a warrant out against them, is the subject of 'an intelligence report or a domestic violence order, holds a gun licence, has a history of mental illness, is a crime victim or a crime suspect. Basically, this means ,that when the NSW police vjsit a crime scene, they can flash up on their computer everyone iliving in that district who is on their already substantially cross-referenced files. (Source: Sunday StarTime~ (NZ), 10 April1994) JUNE -JULY 1994 comet in the inner solar system. He sug­ gests that this event may hllYe heen associ­ ated with the most re.cent ice age, which began about 100,000 years ago. According to Clube, it produced a stream of material that orbifS the Sun and is liaked with the Taurid m~teor stream, which peaks around 30th June in daylight hours but is visible as 'shooting stars' in the night skies of November each year. Clube calculates that the Earth passes through the thickest part of this belt of debris every 3,000 years. This happened most recently in 500 AD and, lbefore thar, in 2,500 Be. (Source: New Scientist, 26 March 1994) MOBILE SURVEIUANCE CAMERAS There recently appeared on Australian !television a documentary on the wonders of hidden video cameras. While the program did show several pos­ itive examples of hidden videos catching crooks and conupt politicians in the act, it wound up the show by saying, in effect, that video surveillance cameras are good, and only those with something to hide need worry about them. In other words, this was a blatant grab at convincing gullible TV watchers that hid­ den video surveillance cameras are good for them. Well, the next step in video surveillance has arrived. An Australian company, Trafalgar Security, has developed what it believes is 8·NEXUS the world's first robot security camera, able to roam, witho'l!J being seen, about build­ ings, quietly watching staff and others at work. Known as Tracam, it consists of a colour television camera that runs at up to 8 km per hour on a rail inside a dark perspex tun­ nel fixed to the ceiling. Although the camera can see through the perspex, it is almost impossible for anyone to see into the tunnel. By adding infrared sensors, the robot camera could follow people anywhere witbjp. a building. PlUS, an electronic card which can be anached to visitor passes is under develop­ ment. The card would enablc the camera to find and pursue a particular person any­ where in a large office block or warehouse. About 80 Tracam systems are operating around the world. The first customer, British Post, began installing Tracam in ~992. It is suggested that employers could use the mobile cameras to observe staff re~a­ tionships, who people talked to, and even monitor body language. (Source: The Sydney Mornin~Bergld. 19 February 1994) PROTECTING GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE PUBLIC One of the more remarkable documents to emerge from the Energy Department's openness initiative is a 1947 Atomic Energy Commission memorandum on the classification of human radiation experi­ ments. It states: HOW TRACAM WORKS ~r..controlled traCk allows camera to travel up to 8 kmI tiour Smoked Perspex tube conce_als camera as it travels around track
  7. 7. • • • THE MORE flUORIDE, THE MORE CAVITIESl Fluoride is added to municipal drinking water supplies to (supposedly) prevent caries in y'oung children. However, a University of Arizona study, reponed in the 27 July 1992 Chemical & Engineering News, found that "the more fluoride a child drank, the more cavities appeared in the teeth". (Source: Townsend Letter W:.!?octors. April 1994) IS CLINTON'S IHEALTH PLAN A DE FACTO ID SYSTEM? several years ago in Australia we were presented with the Australia Card, an ID card that was rcjectw by the masses. We all went off to bed dutifully thinking ,that our ill card had been nailed. Not so! Australia has a de facto ID system, and the Medicare health care card we carry is an essentiaJ part of it. Now it seems that the same pattern is being adopted in overseas countries. The new Clinton propusal for the US health care system will issue every American with a Health Security card. Given ~he information that each card would carry, and die fact that virtually every single US citizen will be issued one, it is not surprising that US civil rights groups are voicing concern at possible mis­ use of the system. The Health Security card ,in conjunction with the US Social SecjJrity number is vir­ tually a complete ,Ib/surveillanc'e system. In Australia it is the Medicare card in con­ junction with me tax file number. (Source: Scientific American, February 1994) COMET FRAGMENTS liO COLLIDE WITH fUPITER IN JULY It is being described as the solar system's biggest traffic accident for many' years: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 has split into 2,1 fragments which are due to collide with Jupiter between 16 and 22 July this year. The 21 pieces are due to drill into the frozen gas giant at a speed of 216,000 km/hr and each piece will yield an explo­ sion of energy equal <to 10 million Hiroshima atom bombs as it hits! The US government has two spacecraft, Voyager 2 and ,Galileo, in the vicinity, timed to obscrve this unusual event. (Soy.rce: The Australian. 24 February 1994) GL$BA,L NEWS ••• r (=---- --5 <:: ~ ... ...s( ..--- -.....~- -<::.._ ._ -s ~"z.~~~~~~ .c:~~ ~~C~~ ~ ~ A;::'" - <Z. ""~. c.-~?~ <z.·;C·:'~.1 LOWR'SE; ~~~ " ..,... .~ "'- l HauSINS f ~ ~~ I eEL. .gji~~ _......... ---I. _ """"..-_ ... --.:-,- --­s ~ JUNE-JULY1994 NEXUS-9
  8. 8. • Re: EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS IN AUSTRALIA Dear NEXUS, I was posted a section of your magazine containing ancient Egyptian hier_oglyphs found inscribed upon a rock in Australia [see NEXUS 2{19]. I knew of an Egyptian expedition towards the directioJ1 of this land, under the leadership of Knem-Hotep. Knem-Ho.tep s_et sail with three ships under his command, and eventually returned to Egypt with only one ship and half a crew. What he described could only have been Australia, but this expeditioJ,l took place in Ithe second year of the King Nefer-Af-Re, which was ],,530 BC. The hieroglyphs carved OIl! ,the rock men­ tion King Khufu, who ruled Egypt from 2,779 to 2,748 BC, so would pre-date the expedition of Knem-Hotep. These carvings could not possibly be a hoax, as no one today would understand the peculiarities of the ancient Egyptian language of those times, Even I could nut understand the ancient saying, "My obelisk is overturned but not broken", as carved upon the rock. The rock teUs of a very tragic story, of men in a hopeless position in a strange and hostile land. Shipwrecked somewhere off the coast of Queensland, they make their way westward, perhaps to some pre­ arranged spot by other members of the expedition who are exploring anonher region, or a main base where another ship is anchored and waiting. The leader of this expedition is named Nefer-Djeseb, along with his brother Nefer-Ru, who is some kind of priest from the House of dod. They carry with them a smaU statue of the god Suti, possibly called "Suti of the Way" (a protection for trav­ ellers). Nefer-Djeseb and Nefer-Ru ,are two of the many sons of King Khufu who, it is said, was beloved of Ptah (the god). His son goes on to describe him as "kind and benevolent, and a follower of the golden­ haired god, Ra-Heru". The journey is long and hard; the ordi­ nary members of the crew are wailing and crying out for Suti to help them in their plight. Nefer-Djeseb puts up a brave front for the benefit of his men, who are plagued by flies and mosquitoes, tired and hungry, and feel that the gods nave deserted them. Nefer-Djeseb prays to the gods and puts on a joyful face, making jokes as he swats the mossies. Nefer-Ru, a servant of ,the god, says that the god has brought the insects upon them (perhaps he feels that they have no right to be in this land). Nefer-Djeseb, reluctant to ask anything from the gods for himself ,as it perhaps would show a weakness to his men, cans out, "Protect ordinary (fIen; they are thine (believers and followers of yours). I VA ;~:" 'I'I I!f""'l.,Llool~­ r-r-'1 12·NEXUS myself am hard as stone. I have been over hills and deserts, and through all kinds of weather and not complained." Water is getting low and they are having to ration; there are no Iialces at hand, and the heat of the 'sun beats down upon them. Night-time comes; ah, how blessed is the cool of the night. They hide... buTying themselves out of reach of the ever-pester­ ing mosquitoes. Nefer-Djeseb has seen flocks of birds, and he prays, "Send us fow~ to cook, and send some rain." Something happ.ens, possibly climbing some place and slipping, or there's a rock­ slide. Nefer-Djeseb, who is carrying the Royal Standard of the Golden Falcon, injures his back, and this is possibly where his brother Nefer-Ru gelS killed. This smaU band of men, heading west­ ward, are carrying the dead body of the priest Nefer-Ru with them unJll they can fmd a suitable burial place for him. Passing along through hot, dry, arid counlry or desett, with no prospect of any other food, Nefer-Djeseb calls out to the gods, "Give me desert mice, and let me find pools of water." Then he laments, 'The plants are withered, the land is dead (all is in drought). Is this my lot from the god of the sacred Mer (lRa-Harakate)?" ~eing of the royal house and protected, his skin is more sensitive to the sun than those Of the fellaheen, and in misery with his back inj!Lry and also bad sunburn, he complains, "The sun shines d'own upon my back. Oh Khepera, this is not as the oracle said." Before leaving Egypt he would have bathed in the holy waters of the Mer, and then gone to consult the oracle at Noph. The oracle had! most likely promised him a safe journey. Now, with his brother dead, and all facing death themselves, ,he IS disil­ lusiolled and fu$1 of grief. He makes a statement of defiance to the effect that he is not brokeIl! yet: "My obelisk is overturned but not broken." At last they come Ito a place where they CIPl inter the body of his dead brother, and he says, "That royal person of the House of God, Nefer-Ru, son of Khufu, is laid to rest. May he have eternal life." When aI person left Egypt and then JUNE -JULY 1994
  9. 9. returned, they would gu and bathe in the holy waters of the sacred Mer. This was an act of thanks to the gods for a safe jour­ ney, and a thanks for all the benefits given to the land of Egypt-a kind of grateful­ ness at being home again. Nefer-Djeseb says, wShould I not go hack to the waters of the sacred Mer, then embrace my brother, oh father of the soul wil!hin the Earth ~Ra-Haralcate). Place his soul at thy side with love, oh holy one. He is not of this plaoe: his home is in the town of Penu. Return his spirit home again." The group of men have gathered some wild fruits which were growing round about. Nefer-Djeseb takes one-third of these meagre rations and places them beside the body of his dead brother. It is not much, but the spirit within the food will be enough to nourish his brother in his journey into the afterlife, and Nefer-Djeseb prays, "Let not worms eat this fruit nor the body of my brother." This tragic message was written out 4,750 years ago. There is more to this mes­ sage which is not yet deciphered. Leis hope that this gallant little band of men eventually made their way back to their beloved homeland, or perhaps were res­ cued and settled down with the natives of the land. Nefer-Djeseb, as one of the explorers of this land,. has earned and deserves a place in Australian history. Yours sincerely, Raymond Johnson. Re: WORLD CONGRESS ON CANC~R Despite the best efforts of the medical and cancer bureaucracies to stop it, the World Congress on Cancer was a smashing success. Well over a thousand people attended the Friday night public forum, and over 600 doctors and therapists attended the actual conference sessions. In fact there were quite a few doctors there who did not wish the AMA to iearn of their attendance because they feared harassment! It was heartening to see and hear evi­ dence of many successful treatments of cancer. It was a bit depressing to hear of JUNE -JULY 1994 the many stories of suppression, intimida­ tion and rejection of such treatments. We understand that videos of the April '94 Congress are now being made ayail­ able, and we suggest you contact the organ­ isers for a price list. Organiser Jennie Burke is planning to hold the next Congress in Africa, and on the subject of AIDS. Anyone interested in sponsorship or other information, please contact her at the following address: Australian Biologics, 2/235 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia; phone +fil (02) 221 5488, fax: +61 (02) 2233356. Re: ANOTHER CONFERENCE OF INTEREST I promised that I would 'plug' the upcom­ ing conference on "The Suppression of Personal Development, Civil Liberties and Minority Religions in Australia". It is being held in Sydney on the week­ end of 3rd and 4th September 1994, and dears primarily with the persecution of what the media call "cults" and other new­ age or religious minorities. Many readers of our initiat article on Waco (NEXUS 2/15) would have learned of the sinister role of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). This is a shadowy group which has clear links to the FBI, the CIA and Israeli intelligence. Several 'depro­ grammers' of the CAN have had extensive CIA experience with mind control and related areas of research. ' Now the Cult Awareness Network !bas reached into Australia and several new­ agey and religious groups have felt the wrath of their media links. While NEXUS does not ally itself with any new-age'or religious group, NEXUS does support the individual's right to choose what they' want to explore. """­ For more info on the conference write to: 'PO Box 1262, Maroubra NSW 2035, Australia. Re: MEXICAN UFO SIGHTINGS Ever since the article on the mas-sive Mexican UFO sightings (NEXUS 2/12), we have received many calls enquiring as to the current situation. Briefly, the UFO sightings continue to this day, and still many sightings have hun­ dreds, even thousands of witnesses. The presenter of 60 Minutes in Mexico City has co-produced a second video compilation of th-e sightings, drawn from several thousand amateur videos of the UFOs over Mexico City and environs. The video is titled Masters of the Stars, and NEXUS will have it on sale in the next issue for $49.95 including postage. If you want to order and pay now, we will dis­ patch your video when it arrives in early June. As yet, none of the major TV networks in the USA or Australia has used any of the 2,500 different home videos of the UFOs, which still appear on a regular basis. s NEXUS-13
  10. 10. D r Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, auth9r and consultant to various government organisations as well as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyne. He is also a winner of the President's and Governor's Award for Design Excellence. . "Thirty-two years of my life was spent in design engineering and electronics­ designing microchips in the Bio-Med field. In 1968 I became involved, almost by accident, in a research and development pro­ ject in regard to a spinal bypass for a young lady who had severed her spine. They were looking at possibly being able to connect motor nerves, etc. It was a project we were all excited about. There were. 100 people involved and 1 was senior engineer in charge of the project. This project culminated in the microchip that we talk about now-a microchip that I believe is going to be the positive identifi­ cation and "the Mark of the Beast". This microchip is recharged by body temperature changes. Obviously you can't go in and have your battery ehanged every so often, so the microchip has a recharging circuit that changes based upon body temperature changes. Over one-and-a-haILmillion dol­ lars was spent finding out that the two places in the body that the temperature changes the mos~ rapidly are in the forehead (primary position), right below the hairline, and the back of the hand (alternative position). Working on the microchip, we had no idea about it even being an identification chip. We looked at it as being a very humanitarian thing to do. We were all excited about what we were doing. We were doing high-level integration for the very first rime. This team was made up of people out of San Jose, people out of Motorola, General Electric, Boston Medical Center-it was quite a group ofpeople. My responsibility had to do with the design of the chip itself, not the medical side of it. As the chip began to evolve, there came a time in the project when they said that the fmancial return on bypassing severed spines is not a very lucrative thing for us to be into, so we really need to look at some other areas. We noticed that'lbe frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behaviour and so we began to branch off and look pos­ sibly at behaviour modification. The project almost turned into electronic acupuncture because what they ended up with was embedding a microchip to put out a signal which affected cert.ain areas. They were able to deten'iline that you could cause a behavioural change. One of the projects was called the Phoenix Project which had to do with Vietnam veterans. We had a chip that we called the Rambo Chip. This chip would actually cause extra adrenaline flow. I wonder how many of you know that if you can stop the OUtput of the pituitary gland (the signal from the pituitary gland that causes oestrogen flow), you can put a person into instant menopause and there is no conception. This was tested in India and other different parts of the world. So here you have got a birth control tool, based on a microchip. Microchips can also be used for migraine headaches, behaviour modification, as upper/downer, sexual stimulant and sexual depressant. This is nothing more than elec­ tronic aeupWlcture, foiks! 14·NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1994
  11. 11. GEORGE BUSH The Unauthorized Biography Read how the Bush family made its money promoting Hitler and the Nazil war machine; George Bush's connections to drug trafficking; the CIA; and th_e many stories behind the stories. Rare and hard-to-get book! Price: $40.00 includes p&h within Australia NEXIUS MAGAZINE PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Ph: (074) 42 9280; fax: (074) 42 9381 -----~--------------~:-::-:-~- JUNE -JULY 1994 NEXUS·15
  12. 12. (Editor's Note: The fallowing extract isfrom n,B1wner.{eld$dl,tcation Lmer and is an excellent description afwhat is on the videp, Waco' The Big Lie.) T ~· -he fust part of the video presents infonnation 'about the Branch Davidians which seems to contradict w1lat the media have wId us about them. The media gave the impression that the Branch Davidians were a bunch of suicidal apocalyptic psy­ chopaths. The Thompson video shows them as pretty nonnal human beings. seriously devoted to a charismatic teacher, Hving peacefully in communal style at their Mt Carmel centre. The sect, founded in 1935, is an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventist church. There have been many such unorthodox religious sects 'and communities in America, none of whicb have ever suffered a military-style assault by the US government But what drew the ire of the federal government to the Branch Davidians was the facJ that they bought and sold guns, which is perfectly legal. Buying and selling guns in Texas and elsewhere is one way in which marry people earn money. None of the Branch Davidians had been convicted of a violation of any of the gun laws on the statute books. The second part of the video deals with the legal preparations made by the government to justify its planned assault on the Branch Davidians' compound. Mrs Thompson points out the blatant irregularities in the search warrant issued by the federal judge. THE FIRST ASSAULT The ,third part ,shows the unprovoked military assault on the Branch Davidians on Sunday morning, 28th February 1993. ATF troops are shown firing at the front of the compound with automatic weapons with no fire being returned. In addition, it shows three helicop.ters flying overhead. It then shows two teams of A1F men in black uniforms at the side of the house with automatic weapons climbing onto the first-floor roof by lad­ ders. The group aLthe right is comprised of four men, three of whom smash their way into a second-floor window after throwing a smoke grenade into the room:. The fourth man OIl! the roof is lying prone with a machine gun. covering his buddies as they enter the building. No one is fu:ing at them. The fourth man then goes to the window and throws a grenade into the room his buddies have just entered!. He then fires the machine gun into the room. Why is he firing at his own men? As he fues into the room, we see three shots fued from inside the room piercing the outside wall. Did those shots come from the three ATF agents in the room who realised they were being shot at from the outside? Undaunted, the fourth man then rues into the room once more. A bulfet hits his helmet and the impact knocks him down, but he is unhurt. He scurries to the edge of the roof and quickly goes down the ladder to the ground. Who is that fourth man, and why did he fire into the room where he knew his. own men had entered? We are told that the ATF had rehearsed the attack over and over again. Had that fourth man been given special instructions? The three men who had entered that room were the three men killed in the assault'l and they have all been identified as Bill Clinton's bodyguards during the election campaign. Why was an investigation not made into the circumstaRccs of the deaths of the three ATF agents? Why was the blame immediately placed on the Branch Davidians wlto suf­ fered six deaths in the assault? The circumstances of the death of the fourth ATF man have never been satisfactorily explained. Supposedly he was killed before the shooting even started. Was it an accident? But if it is triie that one or more of the agents were 16·NEXUS JUNE-JULY 1994
  13. 13. actually killed by the Branch Davidians, it should be noted that the attack by the ATF was unprovoked and unconstitutional. How can the government justify shooting its way into the house of a suspect, endangering the lives of over 80 innocent men, women and children who were in Ithe building at the time? No one in that house had! been convicted of a crime. The ATF spent months planning the attack. Was any attempt ever made to peacefully serve a search warrant? Who gave the authorisation to use deadly force before any attempt had been made for peaceful entry into the compound? The failure of the government's attack was attributed to the superior fire power of the Branch Davidians. Yet, the Branch Davidians suffered much higher casualties than the ATF. and thcre is good reason to Ibelieve that the ATf men in the building were killed by their own man on the roof. The whole episode cries out for a full, open Congressional investigation. But that's only the beginning. ISOLATING THE VICTIMS The fourth part of the video deals with the 51-day period between the two assaults. After the failure of the initial attack, the Al'F and the FBI then engaged in psyc.hQlogical warfare against the hapless inhabitants of the compound. All of their utilities were shut off, their only communication with the out­ side world was through the ATF. Even close relatives on the outside were nut pennined communication with their loved ones inside the compound. Why not? Was the ATF afraid that those in the compoundl might reveal what actually happened during that attack? And why didn't ·the press complain about not being perfilned to communicate iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ with the Davidians inside thc compound? At night the ATF played ear-splitting rccordings o~ rabbits being slaughtered, Tibetan monks chanting, and Nancy Sinatra singing: "Th-ese boots were made for walking ... they're gonna walk allover you." Also, the building was floodlit with stadium lights during the night to keep the inhabitants awake. What kind of psychological advantage the government hoped to gain by these crude and ludicrous techniques has not been explained. But it would be interesting to listen to the ATF and FBI psychos explain before a Congressional committee where they, picked up these techniques of torment. From unemployed communist brainwash­ ers? Also. a Branch Davidian who had been an work in town during the attack and wanted to get back into the building to be with his loved ones was shot to death by the ATF as he was climbing over the fence. Obviously, if the man had been out of the compound during the raid, he could! not have been guilr.y of any crime against the ATF. Nevertheless, the ATF executed him on the spot. Not since the Nazi occupation of Europe were innocent people subject­ ed to su·ch stark, lawless atrocities at the hands of government as those in Waco. It is also now known that the ATF and the FBI used the latesn technology which permitted them to actually see and hear every~ thing going on in the compound. The whole sordid operation was based on the unwarranted assumption that everyone in that com­ pound. including the children, were enemies of the United States and that the only way out of their predicament was unconditional surrender. Yet, no one in that building had been convicted of a crime! JUNE - JULY 1994 THE FINAL SOLUTION The fIfth part of the video deals withl the fmal assault that led to the total destruction of the compound! Iby fire and the death of vir­ tually everyone inside. We do not know how the final assault was planned. But we do know that the plan was approved by President Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno. The plan, as advertised to the public, was to use tanks with extended anns to punch holes in the walls of the compound, pump CS gas into the building, and force the people inside to come out with their hands up. Janet Reno justified the use of these methods in order to "save the children". Of course, had she really been interested in saving the children, she would have simply called off the entire military operation and permitted anyone who wanted to leave the compound to do so unhanned. That would have been the humane and sensible thing to do. It is wiser to let the guilty go free if that's what it takes to save the innocent. But she was IS.O intent Ion capturing the alleged killers of the ATfagents, that she was unwilling to spare the 85 innoc.ent men, women and children in that building. If she was so intent on bringing the killer or killers of the ATF agents to justice, why didn't she start by ques­ tioning the ATF man who fired into the room where his buddies. Clinton's iformcr bodyguards, were? What the Thompson video shows is that thc plan as dcs.crihed to the American people on television was quite different from what actually happened on that tragic day, 19th April 1993, beginning NEXUS·17
  14. 14. at 6.05 am. First, the Thompson video shows us a diagram of the compound and tthe two underground bunkers a few feet away from the main building which were accessible through a trapdoor in the house. It is speculated that many of the Davidians, particularly the women and children, were spending nights in the bunkers to escape the psychological torment aimed <tl them by their govern­ ment. And since the government knew where everyone was in that building at all times, what took place next is perhaps too grue­ some to be true but probably is. The fir,st thing we see is a large military tank manoeuvring directly over me bunker area at 6.00 am, moving back and forth. It is not clear what the tank is doing, but it seems to be destroying the building over the trapdoor leading to the bunkers, which would have made it impossibfe for anyone to get out. We then see smoke rising out of the ground where the bunkers are located. The bunkers are obviously on fife, and the people inside are trapped. They can't get out, and they are being burnt to death. The ATF has blocked their escape. All of this took place early in the assault, six. hours before the bigconfiagration that destroyed the entire complex. In fact, we sec no evidence of CS gas being pumped into the building. What we see are 58-ton converted MO tanks with ex.tended crane-like arms simply pushing in and destroying the building around the bunker entrance area as if to seal it off. The big fire is reported to have started at 12.05 pm at the very other end of the compound. It should be noted that during that entire time, a good six hours after Ithe beginning of the operation, no ATF or FBI agent was shot at. Since many of the people who were iburned to death in the com­ pound were found in the underground bunkers, we have no choice but to assume that they were killed by. the government hours before the big fife. They were killed in the bunkers, probably between 6.00 and 8.00 am, well before the big fire broke out. Their murder had to be covered up, for they would not have peen !killed in the big fife had they been alive before the fIre at noon and . taken refuge in the bunkers. What about the CS gas? Was any of it actually pumped into the building, or was the CS gas idea simply invented as a pretex.t for using the tanks to demolish the buildings? We shall have to wait to hear ,the ~stimony of the Davidian smvivors who will stand trial for their 'crimes'. But what we then clearly see in the video is the US government starting the fIre at around noon, which reduced the entire-~tom­ pound to ashes. We clearly see a converted tank with a blowtorch pushing into the building and pulling out. Also, we see two ATF agents who probably started fires in the upper levels. One has leapt down OnLO a rank, the other we see jumping from the build­ ing, removing fire-repellent clothing and nonchalantly walking away from the building. Who were those two ATF agenrs? What were they doing on top of the building? Who gave them their instructions? Have they been questioned by anyone? Also, who was driving -the tank with the blowtorch? Who gave him his instructions, and what were th.ey? DESTROYING THE" fYIDENC'E We also know that Koresh made a desperate caU for help, but that the ATFI prevented any fife-fIghting apparatus from getting to the building untH it was burnt to the ground. We also know that the ATF pro­ ceeded to level everything in sight and destroy any evidence that would! have contradicted their story that the Branch Davidians had immolated! themselves in some sort of apocalyptic mass suicide. The truth is that the government is covering up mass murder by irs own agenrs. The sense of shock one feels after viewing that video is numbing. One asks how could the US gov­ ernment commit such an atrocity on 85 or so innocent men, women and children, none of whom had ,been convicted of a crime, and all of whom had been denied and deprived of their basic constitutional right to due process. Apparently, the Constitution no longer mell!ls llJlything to those who rule over us. And the myth that David Koresh and his followers committed mass suicide is still being drummed into the heads of the American people eight months later by the media, despite the existence of the Thompson video and! their own video files which contain the same footage. The government hopes that an indifferent and apa­ thetic public will let them get away with the Waco massacre. But what happenedl in Waco is far worse than what happenedl at My Lai, for in Vietnam our soldiers were fighting a war. There was no war in Waco, only sheer, unadlulterated tyranny by a lawless government that must be made accounrabfe for irs murderous actions. Some 85 individuals were killed by their government at Waco. The American pe'ople Photograph of one of the A1F agenrs during the Waco siege. must not permit the murderers to go unpunished. 18·NEXUS JUNE -JULY 1994
  15. 15. LIES FROM THE MEDIA What is mcrst disturbing about this entire Waco episode is the utter complicity of the media in characterising Koresh and his fol­ lowers as suicidal apocalyptic psychopaths. For example, Steven V. Roberts, a senior writer a~ US News & World Report, wrote the foHowing commentary in its 3 May 1993 issue: "Waco and Bosnia. David Koresh . . . . .' and Siobodan Milosevic. One driven"'"'' . w . , 1..1- u·u.·C. "'u''!''~. .. . .. ,.A·,,,., by religious zeal, the other by nation­ alist bloodlust. But these two places, and these two men, present civilised people with basically the same ques­ tion: How does society deal with a messianic personality who resists all attempts at persuasion and pressure?" How? In a country that believes in religious freedom, you leave him and his foIrowers alone, all 85 of them. That's how. Koresh represented no danger to anyone. The government's suspic,ions of illegalities were simply that. Suspicions founded .on hearsay, ''''''. :co. y," .. ":C.".:'.. '-:".' :'":'':C''':''.'':'':"'''",''',..:,,,,.,~,,,.,:;(;-.- '''''' "~"'"'.~.':' ';:,'", noises, and the tales of vindictive ' .-- . individuals lllld cult deprogrammers. The question the writer should ask is how does an individual protect himself from false witnesses when the government has decided that it is out taget you? Mr Roberts continues: "As President Clinton put it, after Koresh and his followers burned themselves at the stake of Ranch Apocalypse, 'There is unfortunately a rise of this sort of fanaticism all across the world. We may have to confront it again.''' Whose fanaticism was more dangerous: the ATF's fanatic detennination to get its man no matter the cost, or Xoresh's belief in his own religious calling? The latteli claimed the loyalty of about no people, while the former represents a gross perversion of the American legal system. Were the technical gun violations the Branch Davidians were accused of worth the 8.5 lives d'estroyed by the government's relentless and merciless pursuit after an eccentric religious visionary? Why didn't the writer in US News question the government's wisdom and/or legality in Waco? He writes: "The most painful question is this: To stop insanity, do civilised NEW VIDEO fROM NEXUS people have to boe.come insane themselves? Do they ultimately have to kill and maim in order to thwart a greater evil? Finally, in WACO: The ,Big LieWaea, the patience broke, and the result was tragedy." Obviously, the writer in US News hasn't the slightest idea how (includes The Big Lie - Part 2) to teU fact from fiction. Was it "civilised" to attack a compound (2hrs IPAL VHS) of 85 men, women and children with helicopters and automatic Attomey linda Thompson compilechhese two documentariesweapons for the purpose of serving a search warrant? Only an using footage from both satellite feeds to TV networks and frominsane or evil government would do what was done in Waco. And videos takenl during the siege itself.comparing David Koresh to Siobodan Milosevic is about the clos­ est thing to insanity I can think of. Koresh did not attack the ATF. Most of this material was not made a~ailable to the public, and They attacked Jilin first, killing six of the people in the compound. when you see it you'll know why! During World War II, there were Germans who used tortured Price: $3.9.95 withio Australia logic to justify what Hitler was doing to the Jews, and Mr Roberts orA,UD$46.00 airmailltp NZ is using the same strained logic to justify what this government did to the Davidians. NEXUS MAGAZINE Has Mr Roberts or any of his colleagues seen the Thompson PO Box 3D, Mapleton Ql'd 4560 video? Are !they even inte(es,ted in knowing the truth? Has anyone Phone: (074) 42 9200; Fax: (074) 42 93811 in Congress seen 'the video? At a speech Linda Thompson gave to MasterNisa/Bank Cards Accepted an audience of 3,000 in Milwaukee on 23rd October 1993, she said: JUNE JULY 1994 NEXUS·190
  16. 16. • • Discover what the dental assocIatIons don't want you to know about oral hygiene! 22-NEXUS (Editor's Note: T'his edited interview with dentist Dr Robert O. Nara was originally published in the March-April 1979 issue ofThe Mother Earth News. Followinglhilf tnter­ view extract, we have presented information takenfrom his newsletters ofthe mid-1980s.) PLOWBOY: Dr Nara, your ideas about preventive dentistry have, sp far, cost you your licence to practise, gotten you kicked out of the county, state and national dental organisations, and foreed you to face criminal charges. I know this situation didn't devel­ op overnight, so why don't we begin at the beginning? Can yOU tell me about your train­ ing and professional background? iNARA: Of course. I took my undergraduate degree at Michigan State University, in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1955. Immediately thereafter, i enrolled in the University of Michigan's denJal school. After graduation, I served in the Navy for two years, during which time I practised dentistry at the Pacific missile ,range headquarters in California. I returned to Houghton, Michigan, when my hitch was up and set myself up in private prac­ tice in 1961. PLOWBOY: How did it happen that your work turned toward preventive, rather than reparative, dentistry? NARA: Well, first of all, I was taught enough microbiology, oral physiology and bio­ chemistry in dental school to get a pretty fair understanding of the processes that con­ tribute to dental disease. This 'medical' material, however, was presented to us in a rather hit-or-miss pattern, with bits of infonnation dribbling in during one class or another. What my schooling really prepared me for, however~andi what any student in dental school is actually trained to do-was mechanics: drilling and filling. PLOWBOY: Don't the dental schools encourage preventive care? NARA: No, they don't encourage it at all! And there's another factor that contributes to the lack of preventive dentistry in the United States, too. You see, most young dentists upon graduation have a very substantial educational debt to take care of. Then, in order to get a practice started, these men and! women qave to go out and bqy more than $50,000 worth of equipment! So there is, as you can see, tremendous pressure put upon the begin­ ning dentist to get going and bring in some money. I believe that many of these people would like to be able to stan their practices by teaching folks how to clean their mouths, but the simple truth is that the big money is in reparative work. So, the new dentist-who, as I've said, is really under the economic gun-puts off his or her ideas about prevention until after the bills are paid, and once that pattern is established, it never really gets bro­ ken. PLOWBOY: Can you be more specific about that 'pattern'? NARA: Certainly. You see, after a beginning practitioner has become convinced that mechanical repair is the only way to get out of debt, he or she will usually spend a long period of time doing little else. Now, reparative dentistry is, for the most part, dull, tedious, and=in aU rbut a fmanciall sense unrewarding work. It doesn't take much of'this. sort of drudgery to kill off any idealism that might have motivated the dentist to !try pre­ vention in the first place. It seems that many of these doctors eventually come to regard dental health from the same frame of reference as most of tfie American public does: that dental disease is inevitable and that everyone will lose his or her teeth sooner or later. Naturally, once this attitude takes over-and it may be a 'gut feeling' that's never actually spoken about or even consciously thought-the dentist begins to feel that prevention is a waste of time, and so the status quo perpetuates itself. JUNE - JULY 1994
  17. 17. PLOWBOY: But this common attitude didn't keep you from practising preventive therapy? NARA: No, it didn't, and 1 think there are several reasons why 1 was able to maintain my interest in prevention. For one thing, I'm a pretty stubborn individual. For another, 1 dislike even trying to treat a mouth that isn't clean. [mean, why go through the time and effort necessary to really remove d~ay and place nice fillings when you know~because the mouth itself is not being cared for-that the new work is going to be decayed all around its mar­ gins in six months or a year? There's simply not much job satis­ faction in enlarging the same filling, time after time, until the tooth has to come out So, early in my practice I tried to put together a plan that would motivate my patients, to ihelp'H H H ' H H H H . ' . them establish an eff.ective oral .... L ~,L. . ...c., ..· '.. . ..... .~..L< hygiene program. I failed miser­ ably-as 1 should Ihave known I would because nobody wanted to listen. My patients at that time shared the common attitude: "Come on, Doc, just get that tooth filled, or gel this one pulled, and let me out of here." Because most folks don't want to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary in a dentist's office, they want to get away from that chair and away from those drills as quickly as possible. PLOWBOY: How did you manage to communicate the nec­ essary information to your patients, then? NARA: Well, I knew that most people avoid the dentist's office until they need work done usually either a filling or an extrac­ tion. And people rin pain aren't likely to be receptive to a cute story about preventing the disease. So, 1 had to design a system that would penetrate, first, the preoccupation with money worries and physical discomfort that most folks bring to the office with them. And I also had to figure out a way to change the preconcep­ tion that nothing can be done about tooth decay and gum disease anyway. With all of these cards stacked against me, 1 knew that] needed a very effective psychological delivery system. So, I spent a lot of time thinking about it, saying to myself, "How can 1do this?" My goal was to stop disease, and I was sure that I could stop it=1 had all of the scientific evidence in the world to back me up~if1 couId get the patients' help and cooperation. And that's what the 'method' that 1 came to call Oramedics does: it enables me to get the patients to cooperate, to ~e the control of their own oral environment into their own h.ands. And the system works! PLOWBOY: But as soon as you started practising this form of prevention, you began to encounter resistance from the dental establishment When did tthe first signs of your coming 'war' with organised dentistry show up? NARA: I began working, in 1968,lto bring about some changes in the outmoded dental laws that still exist in much of die US. At that point iI was mainly concerned with setting up a system ,that would help the dentist to be more effective in his or her job. Part 0f the problem, as I saw it, was that most dentists simply didn't have the time to handle health education effec,tively. I felt that JUNE- JULY 1994 NEXUS. 23
  18. 18. (Editor's Note: The fol/owing was extracted from PDA Ne{workNews, nos. 7 and 9, Fall 1985.) THE FACTS Carefully examine Figure I. It shows a cross section of a tooth. The spongy look­ ing material is the suppofltive bone that holds our teeth in place. The bone on the left of the tooth is shown as normal, on the right side it has deteriorated because of gum disease. The gum tissue covers the bone and a thin layer of tissue fibres surround the tooth and attach the tooth to the bone (a vel­ cro-like attachment). Early in life, when the teeth first grow into our mouths, a small crevice exists between the tooth and the gum tissue. In the healthy condition this crevice is about one mi~limetre deep. Figure I shows an instrument c.alled a pocket marker, inserted into the left-side crevice. The crevice on this side shows to be two ItO three millime­ tres deep, This condition is already unhealthy because bacterial waste products are causing inflammation of the Itissue. This leads to infection and deep bone dete­ rioration. This condition is shown on the ' right side of the tooth in Figure ~, The depth of the crevice or pocket on this side is seven or eight millimetres. This depth of pocket formation and bone loss is very severe, and if no~ arrested very soon will! undoubtedly cause the tooth to be lost. For many years dentists have been telling the public to brush twice a day, floss once a day, see them for scraping of the teeth every six months and everything will be all right. Millions of Americans have been following these orders, only to be told after a few years that NOW they have gum disease and need to see a gum for surgery. This means cutting away the diseased gums so the process can start all over again. This is a painful, expensive, merry-go-round that leads to false teeth. This whole "personal and national tragedy" continues for only one reason: it's very profitable to 'the dental profession. A well-known Michigan gum specialist has bragged for years that he makes over a million dollars a year on gum surgery and related treatments. Since the automobile industry has instigated such elaborate dental insurance, his 'take' must have doubled or tripled by now! The irony of the whole situation is that if armed with the right ~owledge and iLmotivated to take action, with the proper instru­ ments anyone can simply rid the mouth of the offending micro­ scopic little bastards. An enthusiastic user of these methods recently wrote: "They told me my pockets would have to be cut out, but they hea'l'ed up by themselves." It's very simple: .the mouth routinely har­ bours about 300 different varieties of bacte­ ria. However, it has been scientifically proven that the troublemakers are spiro­ chetes, motile rods and cocci. Reduce these ,,.----l~ 'nasty' bugs below certain levels and THE BODY HEALS ITSELF! Once a person realises how easy it is to understand the cause of gum disease, a little additional thinking then allows one' to understand the decay process. The same mechanism applies here, only here it's the acid part of the toxic waste produets that eats holes in the teeth. The notches that 'many people have at the necks of some teeth are almost always caused by a build­ up of toxic waste products below the gum line before the gums recede. Dentists always want to blame the patients for improper toothbrushing. That's not true. The notches and the receding gums are both - ... -- - n!·" 1 caused by the same problem. , THE SOLUTIONI The bottom line on the problem of gum disease is simply that the neck of the tooth is not given proper attention. Dentists are directly to blame because they concentrate all of their efforts on the crowns of the teeth: they fill them, inlay them, bridge them, etc. That's where the big money is! Therefore the public never learns that the main 'trouble spot' is the crevice at the neck of the tooth. The solution lies in this crevice of the ilOxic waste products from harmful bacteria. Early in life this can be accomplished with a toothbrush and "Clean-Between", plus a device to flush out the crevice. Figure 2 shows a diagram of how this is easily accomplished. If some gum disease has set in so the crevice is rapidly becoming a crevasse,' then a "Special Tip" is required. The Special Tip squirts a stream of salt water that is much more directional than the ordinary tips. If the disease is even more advanced, then more sophisticated tips and methods and 'therapeutic rinses may be necessary. These stages of the disease and the corresponding treatment tips are illus­ trated in Figures 3 and 4. An enfarged view of the side-port tip is shown in Figure 5. 24·NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1994
  19. 19. These self-help methods of controlling gum disease have been tight to teeth and bone. Then a space develops between the neck used successfuUy for nearly 30 years. The reason that the results of the tooth and encircling gum tissue. 'This 'abnormal' space is are so dramatic is that ilhis approach is aimed at stopping the cause commonly called a poCket. As the space (pocket) deepens, it then of the problem. Other methods are an attempt to control the erodes away the bone that holds the teeth in place. This is com symptoms. monly referred to as pyorrhea. Mure teeth are lost due to pyorrhea One should lbe cautious, ,however, in one's thinking about these than due to decay. About 98% of all Americans have at least methods. The more severe the gum disease, the more difficult some areas of diseased gum tissue in their mouths: over half of these methods become. It may !be necessary to retain the help of a these are also experiencing a progressive bone loss. dentist who has been specifically trained in helping people to help Fortunately, cavities and pyorrnea (gum disease and bone loss) themselves. Dactor-dependem treatment such as gum surgery is are both 100% preventable and both are reversible! rapidly being replaced with self-help methods aimed at eliminat­ Most ilealth-oriented people these days know a good diet from a ing the cause. bad one. The so-called 'secrets of nutrition' are really NOT secret at all to the nutrition-conscious individuals who care about them-'" selves and their minds and bodies. The building blocks of 'all INTRINSIC FACTOR body tissues are similar, A diet lacking in e~entiall elements will As a final consideration in unders.tanding the aetiology of gum suffer consequences throughout the body, not just in one organ or disease, it is well to keep in mind that no two human beings are tissue. The building blocks of both teeth and bone are calCium exactly alike. There is a wide variation of people's resistive ability and phosphorus, but shortages of these two ingredients will cause when it comes to fighting off gum disease. other problems as well. In a large sample of people whose general health would be con- For years dentists and gum tissue specialists have recommended sidered good, a few would have such strong resistance that their gum and bone surgery to cut away loose flabby gums and inf(lcted gums and supportive bone stays bone. Supposedly after healing, ;ji~~~V::~r;~~~~;:~§ 1~~~~~I~~~f~~li:i!' F.~I~~1g~~~~1 derenorauo~ ev~n If they weret~' tss8e,~6(t'rq"'t~lo:J:1ealr':lhe';6one;"~ t~e same condltlon In a sho~t very conscientIous. A large r~'t, ~. "'*' ,. ;·.··.,.>"'".g.,Jl"ji"""':'f~::;::". ':''''''~'::';':'ki'''W'';:'''''':'''%:~ tIme and are told that surgery IS group in the middle would suffer "~f"': ·.II·;~";· .,::;~,~Sjie~<':'>'.·t··:;'~ , . :« ':~""."~~:h':"';;:.·ij'?:'<l,;"~:",q;",·,;,/,necessary again, and again. The . "~ 0 OWS<SUI·.:. rowln .~: aCI,<ne"hi~ ..what might be called typical gum ly;.:·:!1':V>.;", ' .<S.>;W'il:",::~,,.pt~2.•'~·<""q ...q.)~~'" I.t .i.:;.;. "'i)", >••"~ ';j.,~:i'il~ reason for thIS IS that the real disease "f:"':.'.:.:l~.l;.:~":.. ,. (:;">'*::U'~"" , ":";';J.j;JC<., ·;."6 ''''~';,' ~'I w,~"'~::. ~'f;'.~';:'.""''-l 'cause' of the problem I'S not ·%'?~~JJone,wllere.,;t!:$':; k een; OSl::~~" Also a certain number of peo-!~~,;~~",~, ' ..' . '~fP);'~;%';<1i;,,:{{:if:iV4~>:.';fk~,;.~,;:t::;;'::~r!,;~;:$~!?~l* being attacked. A 'cut job' is not pIe will suffer from what could ".'::::Y:"'~.;'lf.·~j!l •.,.",.,::,..~." ..::~.:.-:~.,:.~ :.•.".:t'l ....$,:;.i.,...% .."J... ,.:,~.,~.,.,..,,;.~~,.~.,.,..:.,.c.~.'.)i' ..:!.f·.':.'.C'.Ii;.·'..o!:."" ..~'.:;:'_<.;.·.~~.:i.k'.~;~,'.::.·.~·i.¥i.~i.:'.~~:'"~.>.'.i_.: the solution to the problem.1_ • ,'~~.JJr%~··-~!:·, :~:<ID;;~..~;~~~~;:~~~~~;~~._ .• ~ '~~r:~<~:." ,:~~~~;1tt~@~~;'~ be called magmfied gum prob- <~;·~,¥i,"'1~~:II~it:'~"v:~;.:<;'j,,~"'l~,: .,,'~.:>:~i~:'l·.~~~,,~;,',·.cW;·ik·:fli';:: 'i Once pockets form (98% of lems. Gum disease can be exac- . .. . . . . Americans hlj,ve early, moderate erbated by many conditions, including immunosuppression, mal- or severe PQcket fonnation), brushing and flossing alone cannot nutrition or other general debility, endocrine abnormalities, etc. remove toxic waste products froIll these below-the-gum-line Therefore anyone who has been using all the right methods of spaces. The only way known to accomplish this flushing away of eliminating the cause of gum disease but still having problems, the disease-producing toxins is by use of an oral irrigator. should analyse the possibility of some intrinsic factor that might When the toxic waste products than are being trapped in below- be complicating the overall health picture. the-gum-line spaces are flushed out daily with warm salt water, Being treated medically for a variety of problems can also have the body's normal reparanive processes set in and heal the diseased side-effects complicating the gum disease situation. For example, gum tissue. In most cases, once the gum tissue begins to heal, the ahout 500 different commercially prepared drugs have side-effects bone follows suit, growing back new bone where it's been lost and that can cause a reduction Jin the amount of saliva flow. Reduced tightening up loose wobbly teeth (self-help' healing of pyorrhea). salivary flow can have an extremely damaging effect on the gums In mouths where bacterial toxins run high, the decay process is and supportive bone. Some of the most common drugs that pro- also represented, so by eliminating the bacterial waste products duce the dry mouth syndrome are: Actifed, Donnata, Benedryl, from the teeth and gums the decay process stops and, as well, Librax, Chfortrimeton, Omade, Compazine, Sudafed, Dimetane, gums and bone start healing. Thorazine and Valium. The saliva can thcn return to its God-intended condition of heal- Many people simply do not know exactly how teeth and gums ing fluid rather than a sewage transmission fluid. Only when this get into trouble, so if one lacks knowledge it's impossible to take 'healing fluid' state is achieved can cavities harden (remineralise). corrective action. When toxic waste products abound, everything gets worse, not Teeth and supportive jawbones are weakened by improper nutrl- better. The human body normally produces approximately one tion, or by toxic waste produc_ts produced by bacterial colonies quart of saliva each day. When this saliva exists .under such envi­ collecting within the mouth. The toxic waste products raise havoc ronmental conditions to be in the 'healing fluid' state, then and with the calcium and phosphorus of the teeth and they cause only then will inflammation ,of the gums. Cavities appear in areas of greater con- 1) cavities heal (remineralise) centrations of the acid-like waste products, and if inflammatLon of 2) gums heal (rejuvenate) the gums is allowed to persist for any length of time it leads to 3) bone heal (tightening up loose teeth). infection of the gums. Loose puffy gums that tend to bleed easily When the saliva is not 'healing fluid ability', an interesting phe­ is the next step in the deterioration process. Prolonged loosening, flabby gums, destroy tthe connective fibres that hold our gums Continued on page 73 JUNE - JULY 19-94 NEXUS.. 2S
  20. 20. • . (Ediwr's Note: Claire W. Gilbert, PhD., Publisher ofBlazia~ Tat(lCA newsletter, con­ ducted this interview with Alan S. Levin, M.D:, a brave medico an.d self-declared "quack". Dr Levin provides a rare insider's view and courageously speaks 'on the record'. This interview is a unique dDcument, clarifying some ofthe past few decades' little-known and little-understood bouts ofmilitary and medical madness. FOR THE RECORD... Levin (L): You have my permission to use anything I say as long as you don't Uike what I say oU! of context. I won't deny anything I say. I don't have any problem backing up everything I say. We were discussing corruption in medicine. Gilbert (G): The question I asked you is why do you refer to yourself as a "quack"? L: Ifyou look behind me you can see the coffee cup that the marines gave me. G: Oh, so you've been called "quack". L: rused to be called "Killer Quack". I used to work for Bechtel and Hughes people in covert operations. I was in the Marine Corps coven operations in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. G: Can you cijscuss anything about the covert _operations or were you sworn to secre­ cy? L: No, I'm not sworn to anything because it was a chao.tic situation where they just kind of forced conscripts into working for them. No, I've written about it. Say, are we talking about medicine now, or do you want to talk about coven operations? G: I was interested in the Gulf War. That was my original reason for coming. I want­ ed to ask you about the vets. You were written up in the newspaper for treating the vets, but when you mention 'Bechtel I have my own ideas about their influence in the Gulf War. L: Right. G: And the lighting of the oil well fires. In one or two of my issues there are articles suggesting that our side might have ignited the fues. L: Oh, I don't know that that's true or not. G: Well, Bechtel got the contracts [for rebuilding Kuwait], so when you said "Bechtel"~whoosh! L: Well, to put it sort of succinctly, Bechtel has been ,influencing this country since 1963-and influencing prior to that, I would imagine. But it became a major, if not ~ major influence in, ~s country in 1963, after President Kennedy was assassinated. At that tim-e, there is very good, solid evidence that the CIA was involved [in the assassination] and Ithe Chief ,of the CIA at that time was John McCone, who was one of the founders of Bechtel. Shortly thereafter, Bechtel got a contract to build Cam Ranh Bay, which was like US$12 billion (US$12,OOO,000,000). It would have been very disadvantageous economi­ cally for Bechtel if the Vietnam War sort of went away. So, it was very 'good' business judgment to do what Bechtel did. So, the same is true for the Gulf War. It was good for business. Let me go through this. The primary purpose of the American military is to consume the products of the con­ tractors. Combat efficacy is a secondary consideration and, in fact, in most cases it is bad for business. And the Gulf War was different only because the United States had a vested interest lin winning. Additionally, technically, they were very, very much helped, if not 28·NEXUS JUNE - JULY 1994
  21. 21. ,. completely controlled by the Israelis, so they had competent mili­ tary leadership to run the military operation and they had a vested interest in winning, and 'therefore that's why we had the outcome we had. the American Military is grossly incompetent, run by cowards, and poorly equipped. Gilbcrt and Sullivan would have a wonder­ ful time with the American Military. In order to be promoted in the American Military you have to know the right people and do the right things and avoid combat. I'll tell you that right upfront. In th.e main, the academies- West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy-teach people how to avoid combat. So if you get into ,combat, you are really a bad politician; you don't know how to deal with it right. Clearly, if you kind of peek your eye into combat and get yourself a Silver Star or something, that's fllle-like Lyndon Johnson did. But to be in there on a regular basis, that is, as a "grunt", means you don't know very much about how to get out of it. G: Tell me about your experience in Vietnam and how you first figured out the connection between the military lndu-.Stry, the drug industry and medicine. I mean, how did you get to be a "quack"? L: Well, it's a long story and I wrote a book on it, though it has­ n't been published at all. I started out, kind of, as a very naive per­ son. I was an academic superstar, and I always thought that I wanted Ito learn to fly. I wanted to fly, as you can see here in this office. G: I saw the aviation magazines in your waiting-room. L: I love airplanes. Anyway, so when I was in college I dropped out to go to the Nav'al Air Cadet Program, and, you know, everyone said: "Why is a nice Jewish lboy doing that?" And they talked me into going !back to college. It was 1965. 1got drafted. At that point they had the Berry Plan. Basically ,this was that the medical students wouM commit themselves to a branch of the Military-Army, Navy, Air Force-and, in exchange for that commit­ Harvard Medical School, my last year of medical seh.ool, and then as an intern, and then as a pre-doc fellDw and a post-doc fellow. So I was there whcn I got my draft notice, and everybody said: "Go to the National Institutes of Health and go to Walter Reed and do research in the service." And I thought.l knew better. G: The right career path? L: Right. And so I went to this Navy ,captain; I Walkedl into his office, told him my name and that's all I llad to tell him. He knew whcre I graduated, where I was, where all my friends were. The guy must have been a gellius, anyway. But he had all of us identi­ fied, because apparently there were just a few docs, maybe twelve hundred, who hadn't followed the Berry Plan, who just absolutely got axed. G: You mean because they neededidoctors? L: Yes, because they needed doctors because they were going to have a war. TIlis was before the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Obviously, as we now know-it was kind of like the bumirtg of the Reichstadt-they tooled up for the Vietnam War. They said, 'We need a war, and we'll hav·e it in Victnam, and we have to fill these ranks before we decide to have the war because these guys may not want to come if we're having a war. So, in any case, even then I didn't know exactly what was going on. You know, he said: "Well, what do IYou want to do, son?" So I said: "I want to fly." He said: "Okay." And I said: "You Iknow, I like ·research." And he said: "Well, we have an astronaut program. Why don't you go ,into the astro­ naut program? We have slots. for doctors there." And I said: "Boy, that sounds great." And he said: "All right. All you have to do is sign on the do_tted line, and get your Navy wings, and we'll send you to the astro­ naut program." Well, to make a long story short, that did­ n'thappen. G: Ypu mean, you signed and they didn't ment, the branch of the Military would ~:;~:SiII ~""":""'P.",-= "W·3l:·'~·~'?J.' ~H&.:;;; send you? allow the medical student to continue his or her postgraduate !training to a specialty, and then promised the physician that he or she would practise in that particular specialty. You know, we had a draft~therwise you would just get draft­ ed and randomly get stuck in whatever part of the military that just happened tlO need doctors. So" it was a way of gUJlfanteeing your postgraduate education and delaying your draft time, and then also guaranteeing what you were going to do in the Military. For instance, if you were training in paediatrics you'd be in a paedi­ atrics hospital, and if you were training in orthopaedic SJlrgery you'd be an orthopaedic surgeon ,instead of just a general medical officer. My philosophy was: "Just ignore them. Don't let them know who you are and maybe they'll just forget you." I called that 'The Levin Plan', That was the wrong thing to do because of what they were doing. They were planning on having a war. And I didn't know that. So when I got my draft notice, at that point I thought: "Gosh, this is my licence to sow my wild oats; I can go out and team to fly and nO one can complain, because I had no choice in the mat­ ter." Because I was supposed to be a professor at Harvard. I was at Harvard. G: Harvard Medical School? L: Yes, I went to the University of Illinois and then I went to L: That'S right. Ehad "the wrong stUff", G: Did they test you? L: No, no. When we got to carrier quals [qualifying tests for aircraft carrier duty], among other things, they just didn't like me. My personality was a bit irascible. For example, when we did the carrier qualifications in these little airplanes, the tradition is that they lct the wives aboard the USS Lexington while you do your carrier qual, and they wo_uldn't let my wife aboard because I was a reservist. They would only let the regulars' w~ves aboard. And so I called the Navy captain "a senile old bastard". G: Oh, great. L: Those were the kinds of things that didn',t make me pOllular among the Military folks. So I got my wings and they shipped me out to the Marine Corps. The funny part of it was, the truth of the matter was, that I didn't even know how to spell M-A-R-I-N-E. I didn't even know what the Marines were. All I knew was John Wayne. The only thing r thougi}t about the Navy was that I was gonna be floatiJ!g off: even if we had a war, the worst thing tha~ could happen was I'd be floating four or five miles off the CQast anell eat­ ing till:ee meals a day, having hot s.bowers and a wonderful time aboard an aircraft carrier. Anell that's the worst that could happen tome. G: When you were drafted you thought you were going in the JUNE -JULY 1994 NEXUS·29
  22. 22. - - Navy and they put you in the Marines... L: Yeah! G: And you thought you were going to be an astronaut. But On the phone you were telling me what actually happened when you were in Vietnam, how you figured out the purpose of the Military. L: Well, basrcally what happened then, as the bae.kgroun.d, I started out as a very naive person, but at least I was an adult-27, 28. I guess I was 26 when I was drafted. And I was fully trained. [ was basically an adult. It was not like I was a brainwashed Military automaton :or that I was a young, impressionable boy. I was really an adult. And! being "the wrong kind" of person, I was disposable. ' L: Basically, it's a long story. In May of 1967-1 thinlc I've got the documentation on that-the Marines were issued a new com­ bat weapon in the field. It turns out that that particular weapon was rejected by the Army prior to the time it was given to the Marines, and it was rejected because it doesn't work. To give you an eXaInple to back it up, the American Milit!l)' is run by the people who know nothing about combat, because if you know about combat you don't get into any operational jam. You've got to be able to avoid combat. Eisenhower was the world's best clerk. So when they procure weapons for combat troops, they don't know what they need. A gun means a gun, and so they figure that John Wayne used a Ilik~t~~~~:~rd~~~~~~~~elc~;;; t~~~t'~t~~.;M)!:~;~1'!~1~~~~1~f~~~~~t't_1~1!'~1i gu~~od~~~:f~ei~t'~~~~s that are uSed graduates and somebody fro~ West Point...mi~r.;;t~~;tY:rQ~~39~t;J,t~:~r.llj,~;~!~;~~:for combat troops have to be very They'll try and keep them alive But the#..:.·,;i~;:J'·.<.·'.··:t·.·· .. I.··..""":".;. -:. : :,.;; '''.'·:;~.J·'"''·.~'~:.;;N' durable. They have to be able to handle..:.:.:-:··.·.·.:x . ' . ,. ~:ii:Jt'C:lJ ICU ar*,weappn;~n'aS~:&6r,. . ,:::t~st:~eth;o~~~~~~s~~~i:~::S~t~~~ ~;;:;~~J~si~~t§x~t;~~)~~tmY?~rI~:~fl ~~b~~Ctow~::[ec~~ge~e~:~~:a~e,~ are dIsposable. So I was one of the diSPOS- ,.:~it··'·'··"··t'· L;''''''.,.:t:e,...;...,..;::et''.'.'··'O-:-'·:·';-:::·'·'· e.; ",,:,.,:,:'t·:·;'."i,t able to handle lots and lots of trauma. t~: Q UP;; Jme..;:.. tWas:glVen~ OM) Th A . M'I' d'able types. ,~,·,:,:t-"""",,,,,,;~;,:,<,c""::;;<':"::'$";;";:"'· ":-:;;;:;':;;:::':'"';;;':_;''::«'~''' e rnencan .1 nary cornman ers , So they shipped me out with a helicoPter4~1~)the'::Mafin~s.Ha.od'i~:VaS:'·~~i:§:i know nothing about what it's like to be in s~~adron in the Marine COry's. Yo~ ~OW']~(~J~~tt~d,'~eal1~¢~:{it:,a()~~n~tr;; combat ~eeause they've avoi.d~ it. So domg combat, Medevac, helIcopter mISSIons, '~':~""lf("~E~(~i~'::~:' --,:::i; .,d~~1ll;""~:~:<;?:":;:::;~ they don t know that you get dIrty. '"~tFo:r%~~~~'tuW h~lywill -_ftll1fI~~~;IBj~~~ar~~~~:;~~~~:::never know about what Medevac is. G: You go out into the field and pick up the wounded with the helicopter? L: Right. Basically it was absolutely asinine. You'd go out after people in the middle of a fIrefight and, you know, the heli­ copter is incredibly vulnerable. They'd shoot these guys up just so they'd bring the helicopters in, and fire them out of the sky. The Army was logical. The Marine Corps wasn't. The Marine Corps are wonderful people and I love them dearly, and I'm glad I was with them because [ wouldn't be alive without them" but they're nuts. I mean, they're just nuts. They die like flies. These guys will go into anything, anywhere, at any time. And if's just nuts. G: You told me on the phone about the weapons not being ade­ quate. it had a very small entry wound and it would ,tumble, so when you opened the guy up, it was hamburger. So it was a very, very potent weapon. The difficulty was that it just didn't work. After you ~pped off about five or six rounds in rapid fIre, it would jam. It was rejected not only by the Army but also by the local police forces for that reas.on, and you can imagine Ithat a policeman is not going to be like a combat trooper in 'the boonies. But they gave it to these kids, and it was me Third Marine Division, the First Battalion, Ninth Regiment, that was up there at the north-western comer of Vietnam. It's a very weli-doeumented story. Basically, they ran Into the fIrst group of the North Vietnamese Regular Army. I think it was the 110th Division. It was a whole division, like 10,000 guys. And they ran into this division, with tanks and all that. They started with a patrol, then they went to a _---.."...--...-....,r------r-r---.--,..---.--------,battalion, and then they went to larger groups, and what .= i-'­ i i. it· I i i i I , I I 1/ --. I ~ I ~ ~ G$" -1.1 I ' .. I 1 I I r , . , , , ~" 30-NEXUS I was happening was that the weapon wasn't working. The kids were given the M-16, apd the M-14 was takel1l away from them. The M-14 was a pretty good rifle. It wasn't great, but it was good rifle. It was being used since the Korean War or shortly after the Korean War, and it was well worked out. -I... I II _ =' I ..;t; ~ These kids were inactive combat with~tfiis weapon that .~ III~ didn't work. Basically, what they were given was some­ <;:,~ ~r9 <. ~ ~:·~.~'Il I~ J11 I. I, Ii " I ,I thing like a baseball bat. That's all they had. So the enemy would shoot 'em in the pelvis so they'd die slowly, or they'd shoot 'em in the !egs. You know, the kids were trying to drag a buddy out, so they'd shoot the buddies. A big joke was th'at one of the enemy stole one of the IMarine'.s, rifles and got.into a spider hole; .be then ~ot up, I and smIled, and then trIed to spray these kIds andl ~ gun jammed-and so they blew his head off with an M-79. So everyone was laughing because the "gook" got it because of Colt Industries' weapon. You know, they said, "The M­ 16 is our best weapon. Give them Jto the enemy and we're ~,t:t::=:::1 in great shape!" But, you know, this was absolute hell. G: Is that what made you pegin to think abOut how all [ I " ==--'. " .. • ??J;:! this system works? = JUNE - JULY 1994