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Nexus   0207 - new times magazine

Nexus 0207 - new times magazine






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    Nexus   0207 - new times magazine Nexus 0207 - new times magazine Document Transcript

    • NEXUS NEWS 6 NEW SCIENCE NEWS 50 A round up of the news you probably did A round up of interesting news and titbits, not see. from the underground science network.SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION 11 NEWS AROUND THE NETWORK 52 A revealing look how advertising in print A new section covering local events, news media preys upon our subconscious fears and outright gossip! using subliminals embedded in adverts. THE TWILIGHI lONE 54ANCIEN1 CHINESE VISITORS TO AUS1...... 17 A collection of strange and bizarre stories Another brilliant article by Rex Gilroy, from around (and off) the world. digging up yet more of our past that some historians would prefer we ignored. REVI EWS - Books 58CIA MIND CONTROL - Part 2 21 "The Crop Circle Enigma/ by Ralph Noyes "Crop Circles-Harbingers of World Change" by Alick Part 2 of a two part documented history of Bartholomew secret CIA Mind Control Research, in "Radionics - The New Age Science" warfare and in peace-time. By Sid Taylor. lThe Death of Rocketry// byJoel Dickinson100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATION.....26 IMysteries of Time & Space" by Brad Steiger After one hundred years of polluting our IINative American Myths & Mysteries// by Vincent water with chlorine, we are just beginning Gaddis to realise that the dangers might outweigh "The Blood And Its Third Anatomical Element l/by the benefits. By Prof Ron S. Laura. Antoine Bechamp150 YEARS OF SUPPRESSED MEDICINE...... 31 17he Promise" told to Brad Steiger by Fred Bell /A Secret Country" by John Pilger Fascinating lecture given by Christopher The Fine Print / by Brian Wilshire Bird which looks at Bechamp, Wilhelm "Naked Empress" by Hans Ruesch Reich, Royal Rife and Gaston Naessens. REVIEWS - Videos 62RADIONICS - Part 3 37 The UFO Mystery by Network 23 Peter Nielsen continues this intriguing A Strange Harvest by Linda Moultofl Howe look at the theory and technique of Crop Circle Communique by Circle Vision Radionics. Colin Andrews ­ LectureCROP CIRCLE PICTOGRAMS 43 UFO MYSTERY ­ Sydney Conference videos A pictorial look at something which has to DE-CLASSIFIED AOS 71 be the mystery of our time. SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES 72
    • EDITORIAL At last the magazine is finished, and boy what an episode this issue was. First, I want you all to appreciate that this issue lis actually out on time for a change! This ,is despite the flooding and subsequent move of house and office (note new phone and fax numbers only) and associated running around. Once again I would like to thank everyone invo:lved w;ith this issue, from the writers Ito the helpers, to the advertisers and the readers. Thanks to you alii, Nexus is now on sate across New Zealand (hello all you Kiwis), and we are now sending quite a lot to America too. The demand for the information in Nexus seems to get stronger each issue. Speaking of issues, this one has a couple of great artides. Pity the photos in the Subliminal Advertising artide were not able to be reproduced lin colour, because you would be able to discern the relevant images more clearly. Apart from the move and the floods, we have had a few visitors af late (not that I associate visitors with disasters). Among these was a friend of mine, recently r,e-elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly {much W the annoyance of the major political parties). He also stands up for the truth, and as a result is often targeted for slander and "character assassination". Despite all the attacks he maintains a charmingly positive mental attitude, and basically operates on the premise that pdliticians are elected by the people, to represent the WILL of the people. You can appreciate his colleagues in Parliament do not appreciate being reminded that they are supposed to serve the people, not the other way around as it has become. In fact his colleagues are REALLY annoyed that he was re-elected, so watch for some more flak. The reason I bring this up in the editorial, is not just to give a free plug and congratulate Dennis Stevenson, but to point out the relationship between taking responsibility for our lives on a personal level and on a national level. What I am saying is that we the people, do not take responsibility for who we vote in. We should vote in candidates who desire to represent the will of the people in each electorate, and if they do not do what we ask, get rid of them. But more often than not we are only too happy to whinge about the mess the government has gotten us into. Correct, it is a mess, but we voted in the mugs who let it get messed bJP didnt we. I wonder how much worse things will get before we, the people, decide enough is enough! Anyway, enough editoriaHsing for now, Ilhope you enjoy this issue of Nexus enough to subscribe and tell your friends about it. Thank YO-u for YO-ur support. .J)~~.t~ WARRANTY AND INDEMNITY Advertisers upon and by Ilodging material with the Publisher for publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INDEMNIFY the Publisher and its servants and agents against all i1iabilit5 claims or proc.eedings whatsoever arising from the publication and! without limiting the generality of the foregoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation" slander of title. breach of copyright. infringemeIit of trademarks or names of publication titles. unfair competition or trade pilictices. royalties or violation of rights or,privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any rights again~t or Jjabilities in the Publisher. its servants or agents and in panicnlar lhat hoth:ing thercin is capable oli being misleading or deceptive or otherwise in breach of the Pan V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opinion are publislled on the basis that they are not to be regarded as expressing the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or . agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professional help for individual problems. If © Nexus New Times 11922-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • NB: Please keep letters to approx 100- 150 words in length. Ed. Sorry, but I cant subscribe at the said that a relative of his had delighted if you could pass on his moment (as much as I enjoy been working for some years on a address, so we can give him someDear Sir, reading Nexus) as Im just a poor very large facility "way out the direct feedback re: crop boostingI must admit that I read the article doley and I cant afford <it. ha ha. back of nowhere, miles from any and crop protection."Subliminal Warfare" (VoU #6) Nexus is still really great, but if I town". The relative did not have R. Martin, Northern Light Farm,with considerable reservation and may, I have one tiny criticism any idea as to its purpose. He Ravenshoe. Qld.skepticism, not because I think it (constructive of course): The said it was a very large complex (Bruce Cathies addre$$ isis impossible but because I neVer stories are good quality, however and surrounded by very high published in his boaks, as:attributed IELF Magnetic Fields I think the content is less walls, and as the place was Quark Enterprises, 158 Shaw Rd,as being capable of mood mystical and hippy than it was ,riddled with gas pipes he thought Oratia, Auckland. NZ. Ed)manipulation. However, I before. How about venturing it must be for experimenting On RE: fLUORIDE REGISTERconfess that my doubts were more into Wicca, Shamanism and some secret fuel or whatever. My Dear Duncan,removed on reading in Popular the Occult. You dig? I loved the friend thinks the said it was in The National Health & MedicalScience magazine (Dec 1991), a "Venturing into Nature" Stories. western NSW. The workmen Research Council (NH&MRC) feature article questioning the No offence man; Im only were paid huge salaries and were has dismissed claims that certainpossibility whether "EMPs Cause expressing what I think folks who sworn to secrecy. My friend individuals are allergic !to sodium Cancer?" The proof uncovered read Nexus would be interested would not be surprised that this is fluoride. Some react from so far is convincing - so if EMFs in. Well thanxs for your to become Australias drinking artificially fluoridated 00{l cause cancer, surely it can attention. Bye. Id love a reply ..Auschwitz". Would you post an water (or prodJlcts containing control minds. If there are any to see what you reckon. Warmest "Information Wanted" piece in such) tablets, gel treatments or mon-believers still out there, I wishes. Nexus regarding this facility? fluoride toothpaste. Because suggest they read the Kathryn M. Norman. Nambour, Qld. water-based products and dried fo.rementioned artiCle and then (Dear Kathryn, Thank youjQr (Dear Norm, I am as interested products such as infant formu"lare-read "Subliminal Warfare". your order and leller. When I as you are in this. I have do not have the presence of NaF You maybe surprised by the took over the magazine we did a received numerous other rumours declared on the labels, some similarities you win find. survey to determine what people which maybe other people can people may be aware ohn Yours faithfully, - a believer - were most keen on reading Nexus clarify, such as a huge allergic reaction bu t may not be U. Chand. Brisbane Qld. for. The results were highly in underground base a/ The sure of the source. This situation RE: LINK UP SERVICE favour ofsuppressed information Stockmans Hall of Fame at is in contradiction to laws Deal Duncan, on science, technology, Longreach, Qld; an underground requiring ingredients and fO.od I enjoy reading your magazine suppressed news, UFOs and the tunnel connecting the Cape York additives to be declared. Certain tremendously. Is it by any unexplained. I decided to cut Space Station to the Oceanfor people have ceased using chance possibte to have a special loose the "hippy" market for two submarine access; a hugel products with NaF and found "Link Up" service in your reasons. 1: There are heaps of underground complex under the their symptoms to ,qulckly magazine as in the the NSW magazines (i/ld newslellers Blue Mountains, runnin-g to the disappear; thus proving the Southern Crossings Magazine? covering health, occult, new age, Burraganong Valley and the source of the allergy. OthersThis ~ <DOt a dating service, but environmental and similar issues, Warragamba Dam, and much were diagnosed as being allergic enables readers to connect up bw none covering suppressed nwre. Anyone ow there t!vow to NaF by a doctor, or naJuropath. with like-minded "searchers" in news and info; and 2: IfI did light on these or other rumoured Because these cases have been their areas to communicate either cater to the hippy market I would lacilities?) recorded in a rather ad hoc way, by lener, phone OF get-togethers. go broke!) RE: EARTH GRIDS AND or not recorded at all, we feci me I am an Aries (3/4/51) who RE: UNDERGROUND AGRICULTURE need for each state in Australia to would love friends with similar "FACILITIES" Dear Duncan, compile a central register of interests who also seeks to Dear Duncan, Congratulations on bringing victims. understand the meaning of lifes A friend of mine who also Bruce Cathie and Stan Deyo We will record NSW cases on ourexperiences and help me explore received in the mail the material together in Brisbane - we computer. The address is 182,this exciting new world. Please that I am passing on to you, rang certainly hope to be there. ~e Road, Port Macquarie,give me some feed back. me in a state of e~citementlast I...ast year we put up our fIrst, 1/2 NSW 2444. ProfessionalsRegards. Saturday to tell me Ithat some size "Cathie" aerial/grid system honouring patients confidentialityMargot, Golden Beach. Qld. months ago he was withl a group in the garden, and have it full of could merely give initials, town(Dear Margo, 1 am hQppy to of people, most of whom he test crops at present. At 6 weeks and details of problem.provide such a service via Nexus didnt know, when the into the e~periment, all is really lJJdivid~IS may indicate whetheras long as there is erw.ugh conVersa~on got around to the growing well, especially or not their names can be passeddemand for it. So readers, what state of the nation, (as it often underground c.rops! (See his on to the Health Minister,M you think?) does nowadays), and speculation diagrams on pages 156-159 of NHMRC or merely recorded on RE:CONTENTSREQUEST regarding the future etc. He said "Harmonic 695"). the register.Dear Duncan, the conversation then drifted into Our Sweet Corn passed 12 feet Anyone wLtb names of otherHello. Enclosed is a request for a secret facilities, such as Pine with 12" cobs .. We have been colleagues able to assist?back issue of Nexus, t>eing issue Gap, North West Cape etc, when trying to locate Bruce Cathie for Thank you for your time.#2, and a money order for $5.00. one of the people he didnt know a number of years, and would be D & T Mackay, Port Macquari-e.APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUSeS
    • ." 5. DODS UNTOLD SCANOAL. A Justice Department investig-ation into possilble fraud and bribery in securing defense contracts could equal 01 exceed the "Teapot Dome" scandal or the publication of the Pentagon Papers in its scope bot we may never know. Search warrants and affidavits that contain transcripts of wiretapped conversations of employees with a major defense contractor have now been sealed by court order. 6. NO IRAQI THREAT TO damage from the American-led SAUDI ARABIA? bombing campaign was light. Satellite photos of Iraq and Kuwait on 2. OPERATION CENSORED WAR. September 11, 1990, revealed no . evidence of a massive Iraqi army threat The Gulf War s~t new, questIOnable to Saudi Arabia as cited by President standards for warUme secrecy. Many George Bush that same day in his important stories, which the public had efforts to rally public support for lhe a right to know, are still not being Gulf War. reported by the major media. It took a 7. ,FOIA IS AN OXYMORON. freelance journalist, posing as a . d bl . . The eroSIOn an POSSI e mortiCIan, to get a more accurate b I f h F d f . . . 0 so escence 0 terce om 0 esumate of battlefIeld casualtIes from I & • A th nlormatlon ct over e past ten years the ~ver AFB mortuary,the. only one coincides with a new and particulady handhngDcsert Storm casualtIes. hostile attitude towards the publics 3. VOODOO ECONOMICS. right to know which has characterized The media: failed to explain how bad the Reagan-Bush administration. PROJECT OENSORED • 1991 the national dcfidt was and wily the 8. CORPORATE AMERlCAS ANTI- Project Censored, a national media economy went into a tailspin in 1991. ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGN. research effort now in its 16th year, The interest alone on the federal debt Recent corporate anti-environmental locates stories about significaDt issues will be the nations single largest innovations include multi-million dollar which are not widely publicized by the expcnditure this year, exceeding even SLAPP soits, the harassment and national news media. the military budget. surveillance of activists, the infiltration Following are the !lOp ten under- 4. THE $250 BILLION POLITICAL of environmental groups by "agent reported stories of 1991, from the USA: COVER-UP. provocateurs," and the creation of 1. UNCENSORED IAAQ COVERAGE dummy ecology groups to locate An hour-long television documentary, SPIKED BY NETWORKS. whistle blowers. produced by PBS Frontline and the San CBS and NnC rejected ,professional Francisco-based Center for 9. THE INSLAW SOFTWARE THEFT. videotape footage taken at the height of Investigative Reporting, revealed the In a little-publicized but potentially the airwar. !in Iraq by two Emmy-award- truth about the extent of the savings and explosive legal battle, the Inslaw winning documentary producers. The loan scandal and how it was covered-Up Corporation charges that the U.S. footage substantially contradicted U.S. s.o that it would not threaten George Department of Justice robbed it of its adminiStration claims that civilian Bushs candidacy m 1988. case-management and criminal-tracking 6·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • ... GL$BA,L NEWS ...software progFam, conspired to send PENTAGON TO KEEP GENETICthe company into bankruptcy, and then RECORD OF U.S. SERVICEMENinitiated a cover-up.10. THE BUSH FAMILYSCONFLICTS OF INTEREST. In recent history, Ino president hashad the blatant but unexplored familialconflicts of interest Icomparable to thatof George Bush. These include hisbrother, Prescott, a financial consultantwith influential contacts in Japan,South Korea, and the Philippines; hissons: Neil, a former director ofSilverado Savings and LOJln whosefailure cost taxpayers about $1 billion;Jeb, a Miami real estate developer withquestionable ties to a drug trafficker;and George W., a director andconsultant to Harken EnergyCorporation which has a lucrative oil-productioJJ agreement with Bahrain, atiny island off the coast of SaudiArabia. THE OTHER 15 "CENSORED! tt~~~?:;,:,;,,:c,;~t:;;~·:,rF%J~*,tL;;£k~78>,I.~T CO 2 EMISSIONS DROP ,the"s~5(e, shuule iM;{~;;:.;:h.:·~::s,$:~~ry,:,;,;.:;~,:,; /,. .. . _. STORlfS )~i:;:;>:{";10:";:;mii:;,elt:5:/li::;06xy::0r~~~~?d60 WORLDWIDE DESPIT€ Oil FIRES The other 15 Wlder-reported stories &t~!~q7~q~~:~~i~t~lW~~~~f#~ A~cording to th~ Worldwatchof 1991 were: (1) The Strange Death Capit,aJ:i"fql~~hig!Ily:"~¥:~1~~p1~[~SI.!!~ InstItute, a WashIngton basedof Danny Casolaro; (2) Dan Quayle: A&or.diritlt6·<l~lahijc;i:I;~lieqdJift~tllltrs environmemal organization, globalLo,bbyist for Big Business; (3) :b~~ew¢aiihY:tiili·({t.iicJ(:~,~Jk":;wic~~!i emi~ions of carbon dioxide dropped inFinCEN: A Threat to Privacy and ~<;"{-.... ."" . . , -,,, • ... ; -- --Property; (4) The Failure of _Congressional Oversight; (5) TheUntold October Surprise Story; (6)The Specter of EnvironmentalRacism; (7) Inside Bohemian Grove: C~~)The Story People Magazine Censored; I c::;:3(8) Federa-l Seizure Laws: MakingCrime Pay; (9) The Rejected SyrianHostage Offer; (10) JudicialManipulation of the Agent OrangeCase; (11) EPA Fails to Pursue Fraudand Abuse; (12) Public HealthS.ervice Takes a New Look at theFluorida.tion Ils~ue; (,13)Congress.lOnal IntellIgence OverSIght I ":~~<= :g~ .v" _. _ L ~Law is Meaningless; (14) TheCanned Hunt: Killing Captive ~~Animals for Sport; (15) Toxic PCBContamination Above the ArcticCircle. - - --- "Leave it here ... you can pick it up last Friday. ItAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·]
    • If ... GL$BAL INEWS ... FAKE NEWS FROM IPR COMPANIES be visible for as Ilong as the material -is on· "FAKE NEWS, A SPECIAL REPORT: screen." WHAT WE SEE ISNT ALWAYS NEWS - ITS PUBLIC RELATIONS" ,is the title of (SoUTce: David LelbermiJll, TV Guide, USA) YET MORE ON THE GUlf WAR TV Guides February 22-28 1992 (US) cover The peoples mood in America and story. overseas is changing about the Gulf War, but This is a surprisingly hard-hitting expose down under in little old "media controlled" of how TV newsrooms use the "Video News Australia, we just concentrate on the same Release" (VNR) in their news programmes. old news on every TV station (except SBS), Examples show how companies, foreign every radio station, and every newspaper. countries, and candidates, get practically free The anniversary of, the Gulf War has advertising. Their PR people create VNRs, brought with it ,revelations about the myth of distribute them to 700-plus local TV outlets, a surgical, video game war. where resource strained organisations The Patriot anti-missile shot down NO incorporate the materia} into newscast. iV Scud missiles! Only 6% of the bombs were Guide deplore the common practice of TV "smart". In fact, one third of tQe bombs outlets using VNRs without identifying the dropped on Iraq~ targets DID NOT source. EXPLODE at all, causwg some 1400 people Included is an excellent sidebar, "Portions to date to be killed in explosions of of the GULF WAR were brought to you by unexploded weapons in Kuwait alone! ... the folks at Hill & Knowlton." A The deliberate allied bombing of 95 shocking revelation: " ... tbe PR firms hospitals and health centres, 686 schools, 25 operatives were given foree rein to travel electrical installations, 8 major dams that unescorted throughout Saudi Arabia, while provided power and irrigation, sanitation journalists were severely restricted." plants, factories, roads, bridges, food The editors of TV Guide made a strong treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, statement: "Recommended: When a TV and populated civilian areas has been news organisation includes film or tape exposed in recent investig~tions, prepared by an outside source in a broadcast., Some estimates put the number of deaths ~XYtJkE:l1ih1liizi!(;~"ffiij:(ji:;d144j14(j:, the label VIDEO S~PPlLIE,D BY during the war as high as 300;000! 7 ", ""," "IIf:UY,}9i,P... gw~ ....j [COMPANY OR GROUP NAME] should .V. . •• Since the war, nearly 100,000 civilians --- MAKff.5--==~ have died due to lack of food, clean water, ,.A cHAfl/G£ and improper sanitation resulting from the FI<0M pOI,v6 -rife SI/}£5 or bombing campaign. 1"f(AIfl/S! On February 22ml, the Pentagon released a report admitting U.S. bombs and ifOckets destroyed Iraqs electric, water and sewage systems, seriously damaging civman life. The Pentagon now merely insist the death and destruction was "an error, a result of poor commpnication". PETER SAWYfR, THE BIll!. OF RIGHTS, & AUSTRALIAS NEW ~ c:::--~ DICTAliOR? ~~ On Friday, January Wlh, Peter Sawyer, ~ 2AJt.N~ .-- editor of Inside News, put to air on the "Inside Hotline" [0055 63307] a story about Ithe Governor General, BiB Hayden, ~ ~/./- approving a totally illegal, totally seditious "Bill of &ights", officially known as The a-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • ... GL$-BiAl NEWS ...First Optional Protocol to the International (Refer to the front page of The Australian,Covenant on Civil and Po1itical Rights Jan 22nd 11992).(lCCPR). This is a United Nations inspired This article implies that, not only wastreaty, otherwise known as, and promoted Peter Slfwyer correct in this allegations, butby the UN as, "a universal declaration of that the Human Rights ~ommissioner, anhuman ri,ghts". This "Protocol" was IUnelected bureaucrat, has the power todesigned to come into effect on Christmas override the will of the Australian people, asDay 1991, lconveniently placed so as to avoid expressed by their duly electedpublic or government debate maybe? representatives! After putting the story to air, Peter sat A Christmas preScCn( from the New Worlddown and telephoned just eight people, to let Order perhaps?tthem know the hotline had been updated. (Inside News is available for $30.00 for (This was done because the service had not six issues [pensioners $25.00] from PO Box been updated for some time, and obviously I 3U, Maleny Qld 4552. Australia) intcrest would have dropped off). He also asked that those people with fax machines let WHAT IS THE Bill OF RIGHTS?others know via that medium, and to fax him Many readers would have no doubt by if they wanted more information. now that something happened early this year The result was stupendous. It created which involved something called "A Bill or uproar. By Monday there were so many Right". incoming calls to the Inside HOlline [0055 A Bill of Rights is a set of rules, imposed163307], that the 0055 leasing service on the Crown and on the Parliament, as laidcompuler was jammed. (This computer can down in law by the people. It is put in force handle 300 simultaneous incoming calls!) to control the way in which police, military Between ipm Monday afternoon and 6am and public servants are used against theWednesday morning, over 14,000 people had people. A Bill of Rights can also be used to called and listened to the message, and overturn oppressive laws, unjust taxes, politicians allover the Icountry were lYeing undue political force and seizure of property. called for explanations. He received over a Under our pr.csent laws, politicians DOquarter of a kilometre of faxed requests for NOT present us with a Bill of Rights and more information! The story created a furor. first came adenial that any such document had been I~ ",oLo;::,,~= . nC ~ . ~,~~ . ~ -- • ~.:. <c~" - 0 , • o .v·~ i";: . " .. I signed. Then ani adrn_ission that it had beensigned, but that it didl not mean what Peter H Sawyer claimed. It became quite obviousthat most of our elected representatives didnot know about the "Bill", what it meant, oreven (like [the Attorney Genera] below) wereconfused about Alfstralias constitutionalmakeup. The predictable lies and defamatoryremarks about Peter Sawyer got quicklypublished lYy cheap journalists who also didnot bother to check anything beforehand. Then on top of all this, that very same"Bill of Rights" whiclll our politicians saidwas not applicable to anything insideAustralia, was used to squash a proposedIlegiislative change by the Western Australiangovernment to deal with juvenile offenders.APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·9
    • touch, smell) - that is not perceived consciously or liminally, b.ut rathe.r s!4bconsciously or subliminally. What we deal with consciously we are likely 10 critique, analyze, or consider in a rational,pr ~ogical manner. What bypasses the conscious mind on its way UlIO the subcooscious we are much more likely to deal with in an uncritical fashion - and thereby carry QUt the inslrUctioos or suggestions subliminally communicated to us. Dr. N.F. Dixoo, a British psychologist, author of Subliminal Perception (which according to one ad agency president is their "operatiooal bible"), wrote: "It may be impossible to resist instructions which are not consciously experienced. There would seem to be a close parallel between these phenomena and those associated with, on the on:e hand,poslhypnotic suggestioo and, on the other, neurotic compulsive responses." Practically applied, subliminal communication can be very llseful to anyone who wanted to secretly manipulate the behavior of another. When its used to seduce you into unconsciously buying, consuming, subscribing, auending, voting for the "right" candidate, remaining loyal to your brand of cigarettes or true to your favorite Scotch whiskey, its called, subliminal seduction." Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, a psychologist with extensive experience in communications and advertising research, has published three popular books on subliminal manipUlation: Subliminal Seduclion, Media Sexploilalion, and Th£ Clam-Plale Orgy. In most instances, the manufacturers are totally unaware that subliminal advertising is being used to sell their products. In fact, many employed by the advertising industry are similarly unaware. But while the ad industry claims they are guiltless - whiter than white - it appears that some in their I3nks are blacker thiln black. Judge for yourself. Study the Kanon advert for a moment (next page)... According to Dr. Keys students, this ad appeared in so-called mens magazines, such as PentMuse and Playboy. How does it make you fed? Using a ooe way mirror, Dr. Key found that as people thumbed through a- I! less time than it took you to read these words, you perceived at magazine cootaining this ad, each potential customer was ellp0sed to it for about one to two seconds. AboUL one in ten Stoppedl to read the copy. After all, how mucb is there to see?U least two subliminal messages in this article. In fact, it happened so fasv that these subliminal messages could have entered your ,-_ subcooscious mind, even if you had merely glanced at !bern wbileidly thumbing through this magazine. They may have already secretlydetermined your future behaviour. In the lower left-hand quadrant of this ad, we see an upturned left Ihand holding a bottle of Kanoo cologne. Tn the upper right, we see the right Ihand holding a knife. This is an awflllly oice picture of a hand holding a bottle of colQgJle. But how will that alone sell the product? Particularly since most of the millions This is not the first time tliat you have uncoosciously perceived subliminal of readers, who saw it will not recall it, nor will th.ey give it more than amessages that could change your behaviour. Its happened to you before - glance. Yet the agency who handled the account, in all likelihood, tested itsthousands, perhaps millioo s of times. reliability and determined its sales capability before inserting it in high- You are not alone. It has happened to virtually eveIY~e who watches circulation mens magazines that cost a great deal of money for advertisingtelevisioo, r,eads a popular magazine, takes in a movie, glX;,S sh9PPiPg in a space.major department or food store, sees a political poster or brochure, listens 110 According to Dr. Key, at the time this ad appeared, ,it would have costthe radio, rocknroll, or background music, handles m_oney or sees a about $55,000 to- run it ooe time in a magazine like Playboy. The artWorkbillboard. In short, virtually everyooe in the westem world win> isnt the alone probably ctJsb $5,000 to $8,000-. Why would the admell be somost dedicated oflhermits - is inundated by subliminals. confident that a photo of a hand holding a bottle would, work? No promises, Few have even the Slightest inkling that someone is communicating no coupons to send in, no suggestion of the immediate materialisation ofdirectly with the unconscibllS part of their being or shy its being dooe, much beautiful women (if only you use it!).less what they can do to protect themselves against it • or even why they Alcohol product manufacturers plow about 6% of their gross receipts backshould protect themselves. into advertising. Based on industry norms, this ad would have had 10 sell SUbliminal communication consists of presenting a stimulus - usually about 1.2 million dollars ,worth of cologne just to break even, And! everyOl)eauditQry or visual, but they can be gustatory, tactil«, ,or olfactory (taste, knows that the nice people who make KanOn cologne are in husiness toAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-"
    • Study the area where the base of the thumb meets !he wrist in the lower, left-nand quadrant of the ad. Notice the two rather bulbous areas at the base of the hand which happen to resemble testicles. The rigid thumb resembles a semi-erect penis. What you are looking at is a two sided il1usioo, which is a hand on ooe side and a male genital on the other. It is interesting to note that !he underside of a wrist does not have th3t much hair on the skin. Now you might be thinking, "OK, so they put a male genital ill Ibe picture ... if you want to see it that way. So what? How docs that influence sales, even if it is repressed in the subconscious?" To answer that, lets examine what else is in the picture and ask a few questions like, "What is a picture of an erect penis doing in a mens magazine?" Dr. Key explains, "The symbolism is predictable repressible, in view of readersmacho self-fantasies. The over macho image i~ often considered a camoufla-ge for a more ambiguous, covert sexuality, and a large amolint of psychoanalytic Itheory suggests !he illusions appeal is directed at latent homosexual tendencies - which all men presumably share in ,some measure. "The ad is clearly not directed aV overt mllle homosexuals ... As yet, there are not enough homosexuals to justify sizable magazine marketing investments. This maybe changing in America, however, in response to such manipulations of tne human uncoosci"ous," which could increase the number of homosexuals. Dr. Key also points out that tile hand-genital symbolism could allude to masturbation. Or the content could suggest that it will1help the reader achieve a large, erect penis. While these factors alone might be enough to activate someones perceptual defenses, there is much more. Consider lhe wife. Its about to slip. The anist has activated a fairly universal male fear of castration. And if you 1001( in the lower, right-handl quadrant of the ad, just below the bottle, you will see the head of a dog with an awl1through it. Dr. Key isnt sure why a dead ,dog sells cologne. Animals, while frequently used in womens hygiene products, are seldom used in ads ai.med at men. But, as Dr. Key points out, "If it didnt sell the product, they wouldnt use it." In one to two seconds, this ad is hardly memorable consciously. At subconscious levels, its unforgettable.make a profit. Mens magazines have millions of readers. This KanOn ad I(and a If !he bright young men of Madison Avenue couldnt do better than create multitude like it) is probably still sloshing around in the readersan adl that breaks even, they would soon be gainfully employed as night subconscious, influencing their behavior.watchmen and there would be a new agency selling KanlXl cologne. Dr. Key Lets find out more about how sublimin.als work. Look at the Jantzenestimates that one insertion of this ad in one of the big mens magazines bathing suit ad. There is nothing especially unique about this ad. Or isprobably sold about 3 to 5 million dollars worth of cologne - not bad for a there?picture of a hand holding a boUle that did its work in a one-to-two secon~ Examine the details critically. As Anton iEhrenzweig wrole ,in TIlL HidlJenexposure and Ithen was promptly forgotten consciously. But not Order of Art, "Superficially insignificant or accidental looking detail [in ·art]subconsciously - a fact that no agency could overlOQk. may well carry the most important unconscious symbolism." Andl as What made this ad sell Kanon cologne? political scientist Wyndham lewis pointed out in The Art of Bemg Ruled, Almost everyone has seen perceptual illusions like the one sho1l in "To ignore your environment is eventually to find yourself a slave to it."figure I. They were first described in 1910 by Dr. E. R~biJl, a Danish This ad appeared in the Canadian edition of Readers Digest ,in April ofpsychologist In this case, ·,the profJles form a vase - or the outline of the 1972. Its a patriotic ad of sorts. The two models are wearing swimsuitsvase forms ItWO profiles, depending on which way you see it. pauemed after the Union Jack and the red maple leaf - Canada,s national In Gestalt terminology. this is called a figure-ground reversal. The mind emblem.can fliJrflop effortlessly from one image to the other. Very few people can According to Dr. Key, "At the unconscious level, every minUte detail in asee both images simultaneously. This kind of perceptual effect can be used photograph is recorded instantly within the brain." Conscious percep.tiooto coovey subliminal information. seems to work more slowly. But if ihe designer has done his job Iproperly, This ad uses 3 perceptual illusion similar to the "Rubins profiles." In this the eye will cover mos~ of the delail in a second or two. Like the Kancm adcase., ,its a synaetistic, 01 two-sided image. Oile way of looking at it, its and virtually every o!her major ad, this one is designed to do its work in amerely a hand. But look at the hand, then look at your own hand at Ute s.ame maUer of a second or two.angle (or anyone elses, if you can) and see if the picture and a real halld look The eyes fovea - an af(~a smaller thlll a pinhead located near the centre ofthe same. And tht1l you begin to fmd out why a picture of a hand holding a tthe relina, whieh appears to be the majo1 source Qf consciously perceivedboule costs so much mooey. visua! information - jumps from place to place in involuntary movements Notice the thumbnail on the far ~eft of the picture wrapped around the called "saccades." Less than 1/1,000 of the visual fields is in sharp focus atcork on top of the Kanon [bottle. It is anatomically impossible for the any given time. Not event 10% of the total visual content of a typical adthumbnail to be where it is ,in relatioo to the thumb knuckle, Similarly, its would be perceived in a normal viewing. Yet aU the information and itsimpossible for the thumb, the thumbnail, the bottle, !he upper right hand, and meaning are recorded instantaneously at subconscious levels.the iknife to be photographed in a straight shot. They were photographed Consi.dering the nature of perceptual defenses, it is almost certain thatseparately, pa.sled together, and then retouched with an airbrush - a good some critical details would be suppressed by most people - those detailsdeal of expensive work jU.8t for a picture of a handl and a boule. which dont seem to make sense. Take, for example, the female modelsn-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • trunks. They have wrinkles in the front and they wouldl have to be six feet long. There is a third are sagging. Considering the high cost of modd entirely off camera - with the ellception of advertising and ,the importance of how the product her hand resting -on this erogenous zone. looks, its surprising that neither Jantzen nor their According to Dr. Key, this suggests the possibility agency demanded a better fit ,or took the trouble to of mhrage, da trois relationship - a man and two airbrush out the wrinkles and the zipper. women. The zipper? - on a womans suit? It seems like Just in case that failed to ~ush enough someone made a terrible mistake when this ad was subconscious l;lUttons, an artist airbrushed a face phQtograIiled. For shes wearing his trunks. And into the surf. See if you can find it. Located right his are too snug and, oddly, match the design of between the female models legs, it apptars to be a her top. In Olher words hes wearing her suit and face with the cheeks puffed out, blowing on a shes wearing his. sensitive portion of her anatomy (see diagram). Its no accident, however. Its an intentional This subliminal "embed" (embedded image) is sex-role reversal <;alculated Ito be <:.onsciously only QIle of many, many ways used to invade YOUl screened out but which will be instantly perceived consciousness. In two seconds or oess - subliminal at the unconscious level. seduction. Whoever created the ad - probably an ad How do subliminals work? The answer is tha,t agency art director - took the ad several steps no one really knows. The reason for this is further to be sure its subliminal appeal sold simple: no one knows exactly how the brain bathing suits. LooIc at the female hand resting on works. Despite our vaunted knowledge, scientisls the female models hip. Who does it belong to!. do nell fully llIiderstand the processes that go into At the angle show, it couldnt belong to the raising and lowering a finger. But that doesnt female torso in the picture. The models arm mean s.ubliminal advertisements dont work.APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-13
    • iIndeed, it can be demonstrated that subliminal ads do work. Moreover, if moralistic preoccupations - just the opposite of what conventional logicadmen are true to the.ir colours, its highly unlikely that they lre spending a woUld lead us to believe."fortune to amuse themselves playing ,perceptual games that do not s.elll a One of the keys of subliminal seduction is to simply bypass the consciouspmduct, especially since they are taking a terrible risk. Most people would mind. The more memorable ·the ad is, the less effective it is likely to be.be outraged at the invasion of the most sensitive and private areas of The more common, ~ain, and unexciting it is, the more likely it is to do itsconsciousness by the admen in the pursuit of sales. job - which in many cases is to provide a "covet" for substimuli which Subliminal advertlsing lseems to appeal to the two dimensions of life increase the sales of the product for reasons the buyer is entirely unaware of.common to ali people: the origiQS of life (love or sex) and the end of life The Parkay advert (see diagram) is a good candidate for "leasl(death and its Irelated implications of aggression and viole.nce). These two memorable". It was published in Family Circle magazine in November ofsymbolic polarities - sex and death - he deep at the root of all the worlds 1973. Observers found that really no one paid auention to the ad!. Averageliterature, art, phil<Jsophy, science, religion, and human behaviour. exposure time was one to two seconds. Maybe one in fifteen readers spent As Dr. Key explains, "North American society has a vested! interest iD an eXlra second ortwo to read the copy.reinf<X"cing an individuals failure to achieve sexual maturity. By exploiting It looked like money in the bank. But how? What is so sales-worthyunconscious fears, forcing them to repress sexual taboos, the media about this photograph of some margarine on the end of a knife that wouldguarantees blind, n;pressed seeking for value substitutes through commer.cial justify the millions of dollars invested in space for it?products and consumption. Sexual repression, as reinforced by media, is amost viable marketing technology." If you are really an intrepid investigator, you might buy SQme Parkay Experimental data suggests that substimuli can cbange a persons altitude margarine and try .putling some on the end of a knife so that it looks just liketowardl anything. After enough exposure to ~ubliminal data like this or the the picture.clam-plate orgy, many people would change their attitudes toward orgies or Yooll probably try for quite a while. Dr. Key has tried and was unble togroup sex. And the theo-ries suggest that it is not the lecher who would be get a glob of Parkay to even faintly resemble the photograph - an instantmost affected. Similarly, a well adjusted swinger (although one may not indication that this is an airbrush-created fantasy.really exist) would be far less affected. According to Dr. Key, "Fantasy It turns out that Ithe two globs of Parkay form glans, or the heads, of twomodification would be most pronounced in individuals with strong, rigid, penises. The larger of the two has a highly identifiable coronal ridge.14·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • ....~ •Vl:JxL.l.JZ
    • The heads of two penises on the edge of a knife blade could suggest male upside down or highly dislOrted.castration. But who is this ad aimed at? Unlike the Kanon ad which Heavy alcohol drinkers, those to whom this ad was aimed, are involved inappeared in mens magazines, the Parkay ad aweared in Family Circle, a a moostroos sclf-destnlct syndrome. Many are consciously aware thaI theymagazine read Iprimarily by women. are destroying themselves. Nevertheless, they compulsively and, in Ihe case According to Dr. Key, the suggestion of castration couldl be an of the alcoholic, addietively drink on.unconscious motive for an insecure American housewife. What ad agency Having shown this slide at severai Aicooolics Anonymous meetings, Dr.could resist the urge 10 exploitlher fear that her husband might be attracted 110 Key found that many recovered alcoholics were able to relate theira, younger woman by suggesting that if she fattens him up, hell be less withdrawal hallucinations to the imagery. Its entirely possible that thisvulnerable. And presumably, "old softies" - men whose age has rendered Johnnie Walker ad could have been researched at an AA meeting simply bythem impotent - get castrated as pynishment As the last sentence in the listening 10 the testimonials of hallucination experiences.copy expfains, "... guess thats what happens when youre an old softie." The great IlliIjority of aU alcoholic beverage advertising has subliminal Subliminal advertising is designed to activate a buying decision days, stimuli, many using subliminal death and self-destruction imagery. Indeed,weeks, months, or years after it is perceived. By 1919, Dr. Otlo Potzl it may be that the appeal to the death instinct or the suicide urge may be usedestablished thal there was a strong relatiooship between subliminal stimuli, to sustain the alcoholic beverage industry at its present size.posthypnotic suggestion, and compulsive neurosi.s. An individual will One of the most important iave-ntions of the last thirty years is theperform acts - buy Parkay or anything else properly introduced at tachistoscope. Its a hand liltle gadget that allows someooe to flash an imagesubconscious levels - without any conscious knowledge of why he is dQing at speeds of up 10 113,000 of a secood - well below the cooscious thresholdsuch a thing, although he would most definitely have a conscious ratiooale of perception. Using this device, researchers found that they could flash thehighly compatible with his or heJself-image. So "least memorable" enters words happy" and angry 00 an expressionless f~e. Test subjects reacted farher subconscious and sits there like a time bomb waiting to go off. beuer to the face when happy was flashed. Now stop and consider: if the Advertising agencies try 10 steer clear of the messy business of ethics and mere flash of the words happy and angry change a persons evaluation of amorality. Their job is to sell products. They loften appeal to heavy users of a neutral, expressiooless face, what results cou1d be obtained if the word sexproduct in their advertising - for an alcoholic beverage, those who dri.nk were somehow permanently but subliminally displayed on, say, a productfifteen or more drinks per week. someone was advertising. But if we 1‫1סס‬o> at lb.e Joh.nllje Walker advert, (see djagram), we might find The advertiser might become so enthusedlthat hed want to use itthe advertisers a little re,mi,ss. All llIey did wa.s 10 p..hotograph a gliss of ice everywhere, for hed have to search far and wide for a more powerfulcubes. They didnt even bother to display any of the liquor itself. Yetlhis ad motivator - the pr.omise of sex form trying or using a product. Advertisersapp.eared in virtlllllly every major U.S. natiooal magazine, including Time, might want 10 put the word sex on everything - display ads, pholOgraphs,Newsweek, and Playboy. display boxes, billboards, mailers, crackers, magazine covers, everything Considering the average figure for ~l!!m on IDvestment, the $2 million ....crackers?invested in 1his advert for advertising space would have had 10 yield about Yoo might think this is a bit far·fetched, but RilZ crackers not only have$50 million in sales 10 pay for itself. the word sex embedded on the box, but the word appears numerous times 011 Those are facts of life, advertising style. Anyone who believes the each cracker (see diagram). Researchers have found that words and piclures,frequently repeated statement"Advertising doesnt work" isnt aware ,of the when considered as subliminal stimuli, are mUllllllly reinforcing, integrative,economic of the situatioo. Indeed, advertising works - particularly when the and similar in their effects upon behavior.cuslOmer believes that it doesnt. Now imagine how a crackerjack advertising man might feel about giving Nevertheless, !his rather unimpressive picture of six ice cubes must have Ritz crackers sex appeal, like alcoholic beverages whose a-ds often showsomething going for itself 10 stimulate $50 million worth of sales - and that beautiful men and women in suggestive poses. Imagine his sense of"something" is in the ice-cubes, or rather, in the airbrush painting ,of ice conquest by embedding the wordl sex on those homely little wafers, ,therebycubes. transforming them into luscious, round, bit-sized morsels. Dynamite! If you look at the "ice cubes" close up, youll notice melting faces, one Sex is virtually embedded in everyth,ing. Its in ads for liquor, cigarettes,race screaming, a skull, a bird, a monsler, a castrated penis, a devil mask, film, cars - just about every consumer product. Its embedded in the coversand more. The brain is able to perceive these images, although some are of magazines - not just Playboy, and PefIJhouse, but Time, Newsweek, Life, and most other large ci rculation magazines, Although it is by far the most commonly used, sex is not the only word embedded in advertising. The same principle that works for sex also works ~ for other verbal substimuli. And although the advertisers choice of hidden words doesnt identify them as masters of Elizabethan, English, it does show them to be cunning ex.ploiters of the language, willing to IUse emOliooally charged words - always associated in the vemacular - Ithat are associated with sex and death. About nine such words are frequently used in national advertising: sex, f_ k, c_fIJ, P_ssy, pr_cle, penis, dead, die, /cill. Occasionally, phrases akin 10 posthypnotic commands are embedded: U Buy and Get It. But among the embedded words, sex is ~ing and hidden virtually everywhere. One of the great calamities in the world is the frenzied pursuit of expensive coosumer items such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes - that have .demonstrably deadly effects. Yet most people accept this usage where we spend billions for the privilege of slowly and painfully destroying -= Qurselves ... with remarkable calm. Much subliminal advertising is apparently di rected toward the self- destruction fantasies we have at subcooscious levels. Not only do we find it in, alcoholic beverage ads and a variety of other products, but its in cigarette ads also. Apparently, "death" sells! The tobacco ind.ustry spends nearly one billion dollar.s a year on Because of subliminal messages which play with subconscious advertising, most of it aimed at people under twenty. fears and fantasies, our identity can become dependent uoonfhe wQrld of consumer goods. Take a look at one ad Benson & Continued on P"I-C M16- NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • Indeed, if you knew as much as I do about our early history of discovery & exploration, you would feel sorry for our teachers of history. They have to confme themselves to the old story of ,how James Cook (1770) discovered our east coast, although the Dutch visited our west coast fully 164 years before tllat date. In fact, the eafliiest sketchy outline of a great southern continent can be found upon one of a number of carved stone world maps preserved in Iran, carved by Persians up to 3,000 years ago. Were the Dutch The Greek scholar Eratosthenes, included a southern continent in his world map, drawn as a sphere, in the 3rd Centmy Be. Be approximated the Earths diameter to within }.3% of todays explorers really the estimates, and also calculated! that the continent of America comprised one third of the Earths circumference, which was first discoverers of astonishingly close to the truth. Crates of Mallus, in Asia Minor, constructed a 5m diameter world globe in l50BC. Crates reasoned the Earth was a sphere Austral ia? and needed balancing continents to keep it in equilibrium. He therefore envisaged four continents divided by two great oceans. Africa, Europe, and Asia he described as a sing~e Or was it the Spanish continent, "Occumene". Crates then drew in "l?erioeci", which we now call North America. or Portuguese? In the vicinity of Panama, and south of it, he placed "Antipodes", which is now called South America. His fourth land mass balancing out the other continents and situatedl far below what we now call the Indian Ocean, he named "Antoeci", now know as Australia. It certainly was not How much this great forw.ard thinker depended, upon reason, deduction or vague reports from seafarers we may never know. Nevertheless, he anticipated Columbus discovery of America by Captain James Cook! more than 16 centuries and! the discovery by European seamen of Australia 17.5 centuries later. Lucian of Samosata (120-l80AD) wrote of a distant land far across the [Indian] ocean, where the savage inhabitants carried their young in pouches. Samosata stood on he Euphrates River, which flows into the Persian Gulf, from which vessels sailed for India and beyond. Had Lucian obtained a confused account of Australian aborigines and kangaroos from some mariner? Evidence of contacts with Australia by explorers from the ancient world abounds. Take, for example, the remains of an ancient shipwreck, thought to be that of a Phoenician trireme at least 2,000 years old, and which was located by the late Perth skin diver, Allan Robertson, in King Sound, Western AiUStralia, some years ago. (A future article in Nexus by this author will explore the extensive evidence of middle east contacts withAPRI L-MAY 1992 NEXUS·17
    • Australia in biblical times). It was Franciscan missionaries But what of the ancient Obinese, who went to Chilli in the 116thwho were voyaging the Pacific Century, who were the firstOcean centuFies before the Europeans to obtain writtenEuropeans? Ev,idence is evidence pointing to Chineseaccumulating to prove that they too contacts with Australia.played their part in the discovery of I, This evidence included coppeFAustralia. scrolls dating from the 6th Century The Javanese, with whom the AD onwards, including a crude 6thChinese traded, had an extensive Century map of Australia.knowledge of our waters, and could These scrolls are still beinghave been instrumental in directing translated.Chinese explorers to our shores. They teJI of such things as Like the earlier civilTsations of the voyages across the Pacific Oceannear and middle-east, the Chinese in the 10th and 11th Centuries incenainly possessed often enormous gigantic fleets of junks - 60 to 100wooden ships and navigation aids to ships carrying up to 200 or moreenable them to undertake world- crewmen each.wide voyages in antiquity. It is obvious Ithe Chinese For example, some of their huge possessed considerable knowledgejunks were capable of carrying over copy a portion of Australia as evidenced by theu 1,000 pcople each. One type of the Ehinese mapl ancient writings. For example,huge junk measured at least [40 to Jesuit: Confucius in his "Spring andmetres from bnw to stern, and more Ricci i:~~;~1 Autumn Annals" (481 BC), records than 30 metres across the bean!. The map was. copy two solar eclipses having beenBCltween the fifth and eighth of ~ne s~veral observed by Chinese astronomers,centuries, the Chinese invented ~===;;;;;;;=~;;;ll;=~-;;;~"",,=~=~ older. ---lI1 POSSIbl Y III Amhem Land - one {by cenluncs .,paddle-wheel operated vessels. These. modern calculation) on April 17th,were operated by slaves working tread- 592BC, and the other on August 11th,miHs inside the ships. By the 12th 0 553BC.C~ntury~ they were building ~uge war Ii Another record, "Atlas of ForeignshIps With up to 23 paddle-wheels on . Countries", written between 265 andeach ship. A 15m rudder of one of these 316AD, describes the far north coast ofmassive vessels has in recent years been . the mysterious great south land as beingunearthed on the coast of China. It is inhabited by a race of one-metre tallnow preserved ip. a P~king museum. pygmies - an obvious reference to the According to ancient writings pygmy sized Aboriginals identified bypreserved in China, a Buddhist m.onk, Australian anthropologist Norman B.Fu Shai in 458 AD may havc landed in Tindale, in 1938, in the mountains abovesouthern California after an 11,OOOkm Cairns, Queensland.voyage in one of these enormous ocean- . In 338 Be, Shin Tzu wrote of thegoing junks. Another Chinese explorer, presence of apparent kangaroos kept inShu Shan Gee, is credited with having the I1nperial Zoo, Peking and furthervisited the same coastline about 1,000 similar reports continued in several lateryears before Colombus "re-discovered" dynasties.America. Emperor Chao about this time However, unlike the later European dispatched a fleet of junks with orders toexplorers, the Chinese were less return with marsupials from theinterested in establishing colonies in far- "southern land of Chui Hiao", and aoff lands than in establishing temporary Chinese book "The Classics of Shaneolonies solely for the pwpose of trade ;;. Hai", written some time before 338BC -: . - )(, ;.,i.:.;. .-;-~-;-;.,-.u;-;:jj,j;-~;;;: ".;.{~or for mining 01 precious stones or The 80mm tall statuette of the Chinese god Shou Lao,. describes our Aborigines and their use of ,~~_~i;-:··:.~.::minerals which they shipped home to uneatthed at Darwin in 1879, from benearth the roots of: the returning boomerang.China. ; a.?uaJl~ie~tb~nY,~n tree, . About 213BC, Emperor Qin ShihNEXUS·18 APRIL-MAY 1992
    • Another map. dating back 2,000 years and drawn on porcelain, exists in Taiwan. It shows the southern coastline of New Guinea, the east coast of Australia as far south as the Melbourne area and the crude outline of Tasmania. Another porcelain map has since been found in China - dating ,to 1477, it not only describes much of the American west coasJ, but some Pacific Islands; including the North and South Islands of New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea and the islands of south-east Asia and the coast of China. Another map, uncovered in Peiping earlier this century. describes the great south land of "Chui Hiao", drawn by a Chinese trepang captain in 1426. In 1584 the Jesuit missionary, Father Mateo Ricci, during a lengthy stay in China, was given a copy of a large world map, the original at least centuries older. The portion dealing with the islands of south~east Asia ,includes the unmistakable outlines of New Guinea and Australia. In the late 1940s, a discovery proving ancient Chinese voyages into the west Pacific region was made by a team of anthropologists while researching in the Yasawa Islands to the west of Fiji. The men found an ancient copper mine cut into a hillside. Lettering surrounding rocks they discovered numerous centuries-old Chinese letterings.This ·mystery aboriginal rock caIVing, found in 1970 near iliewalenront at Berowra Natives on the island were later found to possess Asian racialnear Sydney, has been called Ibe "Dancing Chinaman", from Ibe figl!:Cs pose. and Ibe features. They say the island! was visited by a race of "yellowgannenlS depicted which are reminiscent of Ibose of ancient Chinese seafarers. Did men" long before the coming of Ithe Europcans.aborigines depict a pre-Cook visit to Ibe Sydney district by Chinese mariners centuriesbefore European explOration oj Ibese shores? Thirty-five years ago, a jade Buddha wa-s unearthed near Cooktown in far north Quecnsland, deep below ancient soilHuang-ti (who instigated construction of the Great Wall), deposits. Continued on page 65obsessed with finding the "magic fungus of iIDIDortality",dispatched an enOjIIlOus expedition of some thousands of menand women, including several thousand children, in an armada ofhuge junks, to the fabled lands of Peng Lai (Java), Fong Zhang(New Guinea) and Ying Zhou (another ancient Chinese name forAustralia), the "great golden land". This enormous eJpedition of mushroom-pickers was neverheard of again and Qin Shih Huang-ti, unable to obtain the"magic fungus" of immortality died in 21OBC, at the age of 49. The Chinese appear to have been wary when navigating TorresStrait. Many of their expeditions through the Strait came to griefdue to the dreaded Torres Strait Islanders, who, until early thiscentury, were head-hunting cannibals. In fact, the islanders regarded Chinese as being just aboutNumber One for flavour as they found them nowhere near assalty as white men! Ancient relics are further proof of Chinese visi.ts to our s.hores. In 1948, fragments of Ming Period (14th Century) blue andwhite porcelain were dug up on Winchelsea Island, north-west ofGroote Eylandt; and a large Chinese copper urn of this age wasunearthed in Arnhem Land some years ago. Historian/archaeologist Rex Gilroy, holding the carved stonc he.ad -of the anci.en! In 1961 a 2,000 year old vase bearing a crude map of the Chinese goddess Shao Lin. unearthed in 1980 by a woman fr.om ancienl sediments of aAustralian east coast was discovered in Hong Kong. beachfrOnt hillside ootside Milton, on lhe NSW soulh COSl..APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·19
    • MKULTRA SUBPROJECT-68 his was Dr. Camerons ongoing "attempts to establish O n - lasting effects in a patients behaviouJi" using a ~omb~nation ?~ particularly intensive e.lectrosho~k, mtenslve repetition of prearranged verbal sIgnals, partIal sensory isolation, and repression of the driving period carried out by inducing continuous sleep for seven to ten days at the end of the lreatment period. During research on sensory deprivation, Cameron experimented with the use of Curare, (the deadly poison used by South American Indians to tip their arrow heads), to immobilise his patients. After one test he noted: "Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatteming, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favourable results were obtained." Patients were regularly treated with hallucinogenic drugs, long periods in the "sleep room", and testing in the Radio Telemetry Laboratory that was built by Rubenstein under Dr. Camerons direction. Here, patients were exposed to a range of RF and electromagnetic si~nals and monitored for changes in behaviour. It was later stated by other staff members who had worked at the Institute that not one patient sent .to the Radio Telemetry Lab showed any signs of improvement afterwards. MKUl. TRA SUBPROJECT 3 Aproject designed to assess the use of sexual entrapment in covert operations. It became known unofficially as Operation Midnight Climax. Included in the operation were attempts by CIA agents ilO infiltrate public gatherings, such as cocktail parties, where I unsuspecting guests were sprayed with LSD in canisters variously labelled as ,insect repellent, deodorant, and perfume. An operation conducted in an apartment in New Yorks Greenwich Village focused specifically on drug testing. Another apartment was rented on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco and used for further drug testing. It was also set up as a brothel at which was used to discover more about the psychological aspects of sexu1!J behaviour and prostitution, and to scout for potential CIA "assets." (Moles, Informers, snoops, --_ .. field agents). A report by a Senate investigating committee recorded in 1975 that, " Prior: consent was obviously not obtained from any of Written by Sid Taylor the subjects. There was, obviously, no medical pre-screening. In addition, the tests were conducted by individuals who were not qualified scientific observers. There was no medical personnel onAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-21
    • hand to administer the drugs or to observe their effects and no tested under full medical supervision. Other sub-projectsfollow up was conducted on the subjects." concentrated specifically on exploiting human weaknesses and OTHER MKUHRA OPERATIONS destabilizing personalities. One operation funded under MKSearch by Dr. Gottlieb was There were an enonnous number of MKUltra operations. The ,researching micra-organisms with the capacity to kill. The work project fanned out work to eighty institutions, of which forty-four was carried out by two separate laboratories who were unaware of were colleges or universities, fifteen research facilities or private each others activities. One was a private research facility in companies, twelve hospitals and three prisons. The eSliInated total Baltimore, the other was at the Army Biological Laboratory at Fort cost of the operation was 10-25 million dollars. Detrick, which had been runni.ng an operation since May 11952 Prisoners were used in experiments conducted at the California known as MKNaomi. The civilian researchers in Baltimore were Medical Facility in Vacaville State Prison by Dr. James Hamilton. instructed to attempt to find chemicals that could induce anything Funded by another chain of front organisations, Dr. Hamilton from the desire for kinky sex, to simulating death by caFbon conducted "clinical testing of behavioural control materials." In dioxide, that is, to produce a chemical that e.ould be used to fake New Jersey, tes.ting was conducted by Dr. Carl Pfieffer at the suicide. At Mount Sinai Hospital an immunologist by the name of Borden Reformatory, on similar materials. At Holmesburg State Dr Harold! Abramson was allocated $85,000 by Dr. Gottlieb and Prison in Philadelphia volunteers were used to test a particularly was told that the Agency wanted ex,periments done on disturbance violent incapacitating drug. Around the same time as these tests of memory. were being conducted by ithe CIA the _ They want~d disturbance by US Army initiated two projects, THiRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT. They ;~";~"l1,~~~~;;?tl!n,~;~i~5~~~ .~%l,:;::x;~";~(~~l aberrant behavIOur,. c~~ges lOf sex patterns, suggestJbllltY and the conducted experiments both home and creation of dependence, to be used abroad, and at one time the New York in the obtaining of information. State Psychiatric Institute was c.onducting research under contract to OPERATION BIG CITY the Army. Between 1,955 and 1958 the In their search for a chemical Army also tested LSD on 1,000 material "which would cause a vohmtecr US servicemen at Fort Bragg reversible non-toxic aberrant mental and ,the Armys Chemical Warfare state, the specific nature of which Laooratories at Edgewood. could be reasonably well predicted MKDELTA for each individual", Operation Big City was launched. This operation focused on the interrogation of people who were A 1953 Mercury car wassuspected as being foreign agents spying upon US installations, or modified so that its exhaust pipe extended 18 inches beyond itsIilative Americans suspected of being foreign agents. Much of the normal length. The car was then driven a total Qr eighty miles testing was conducted off the American mainland in CIA safe around New York emitting a gas to test its effect on passers-by. Inhouses and American occupied war zones. another test operatives travelled on the New York subway with battery powered emission equipment fitted into suitcases, to see if OPERATION MINDBENDER LSD could be sprayed in confined areas and affect p·eople. The A covert operation conducted in Mexico City that involved the operators wore nasal filters. In San Fran.cisco a biological gas wasluse of undercover hypnotherapists to determine whether an releas.ed off the Goldenl Gate Bridge, with the intention of coveringunsuspecting victim could be influenced, by acombination of drugs the city and monitoring the gases disorientating effects. It blewand hypnosis, into becoming an assassin who would carry out an away before it could cause any harm. In 1957, llle CIA Inspectororder to kill after being triggered into action by a pre-programmed General, Lyman Kirkpatrick issued an internal memo which statedsignal. that "precautions must be taken not only to protect the operations MKSEARCH from exposure to enemy forces, !but also to conceal these activities from the American public Jin general. The knowledge that the An operation that included over a dozen sub-projects. The Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would haveprojects were under the control of Dr Sydney Gottlieb. Most were a serious repercussions in jpolitical and diplomatic circles and wouldcontinuation of projects conducted under MKlfltra that were be detrimental to the accomplishmentlof lts mission."renamed after Dr. Camerons time with the Agency had come to anend. Some were to be conducted in CIA safe houses set aside in a OPERATION RESURRECTIONnumber of American cities including, Washington, New York, In this MKSearch sub-project the isolation chamber that had beenChicago, and Los Angeles. The intention was to use them as constructed earlier by Or. Cam.eron at the Allan Memorial Institutelocations where "expendables", (that is a subject who might die, but was rebuilt at a laboratory of the National Institutes of Mentalwhose disappearance was unlikely to arouse suspicion), could be Health. This time, instead of humans, apes were to be subjected to a22·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 11992
    • cruel comhination of trealments. After first ~ing lobotomized, the brain stimulation involving some new approaches to the subject"animals were kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques The project would "engage ,in some vel) practical experiments atdeveloped earlier by Leonard Rubenstein were adapted so thatlradio some point in the work that would present security problems if thisfrequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the highly effort were to be handled in the usual way. Some of the workdisturbed animals. Many were then decapitated and their heads proposed for these animals would involve possible delivery systemswould be transplanted onto anotheJ body to see if the RF energy for direct executive type action operations as distinguished from thewould bring them back to llife. The apes that were not killed in ,this eave,s dropping application." The term "executive action" was theway were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell CIAs euphemism for assassination.unco~ious. Autopsies .lIevealed that their brain tissue had literally Subproject 94 was similar, its purpose "to provide for abeen fried. These expenments were conducted around 1965/66, so continuation of investigations on the remote directional control ofit is a ~rightening reality that it i~ ar0llI!d 25 ~ears since intellig.ence activities in selected species of animals. Miniaturized stimulatingagenCIes covertly started expenmentmg WIth the use of radiated electrode implants in specific brain center areas will be used."energy to control behaviour. . These projects were 1mbally conducted on anImars. 0 ogs, cats . . . . Around the s~e tll1~e the Agency set up Ithe Amazon Natural and monkeys were teste.d as guided microphones and bombs. ByDrug Company In IqUitos, Peru: It acte? as a channd .for the 1960, "the feasibility of remote control of several species" had beenAgen~y to collect drugs for then operallons. A s~alillteam.of demonstrated. By April 1961, Sidney Gottliebs team had" abotanISts gathered leaves, roots and barks from the Jungle, which production capability." After successful testing of electrodewere the~ sent back to the TSS implants in animals brains, it was Onlylaboratones where they were a matter of time before human . ed . t d d t"_A t .".,.,"""""~:!i", ..."";.:"".<~",,,, . . ,~., ..;, " .....:,..,.,.,;".. ··~(:""i"::r··:~t::;:·:····"·>.l,9.",.. .puIvens lJl 0 ust an LCU 0 more ;:I;:~~~f:~~~_ik;;;;l«~:.d::.:M1:l"::;;::r:::>;~f::.i.;di:i1#;;: !t-~!ir ,subjects were to be used.:~I~k~7 :::~th:~~~;e~:~d:r ~lf~.j~1~II~Ji[r~,filr;1~8r~lJ,I~111f:~.· ill July 1968 an Agency team flew , . mjQjr~~t~rlin~r~Xgb:-~egt"Ji~Q~;g~,~~§;1fuJ OPERATION SPWBINDER"i",~~:gt"" "";.~1t~:"·":",2"~:~::~ji·©::ii.,~:~~1ml: /"{~~:";; in~o saigon to. experiment .?n three Viet-Cong prisoners at Blen Hoa On June 30th. 1966, Richard Helms ~1~~~~~~t,t.~,~;!iu.[!l,~¢tgf·p~gpb~{W~Q·,I~iW; Hospital. Working in an enclosed ~".l< ve ee.. ,su e,c l:U. 0, ram ».~·. •.became Director of Centrali ~Ir::"~h.~a::·::·:~:b" #.~T{;;b.·:~r.i;;-t·i~jt·.}(:~b·· !w~~,p.;i.~ compound, the teanls neurosurgeonIntelligence. He was the fIrSt DCI ;:~Wf.J;~;~j:~i:::3i,.·,:",,:?l, <;:iliJ:f~~": i!:::.,,,::: ",.~.t,: • " . " . and neurologIst Inserted tmysince Dulles to. push hard for results ;i&;;·~im.:··· anfsS.·itiC~ll1ese~.early,;·~",;~;· nl. electr.od.es into. Ith~ir brains.. . fi L . ",.",,,,,l.,,,,,•.,r:,,,,,,--· . "-" . . ,.."~,.~ ....(. ,( ,. : , . ::I. 1l< i BehavlOflsts then expenmented on them the mmd con~ol Ie d. OperatIOn ~.t]ii@n},~m~ . ··p::y.~t®~~:~1":.r.,~ }:t::i;;;~~ ~ ", "~~i$W: -. ..MKSearch went mto overdnve Old:,;i;::I~:s:lf::{fuP:~,:t:wexner:lmen .s""i:~- ,~, -",:ii<::t men, armIng them with kmves and , "i..~:~::C"";j:~r*"+:~I;:" h~r:, ~~<::i, ..",,>.3j:~;;l~l:H .~""" 0 ,!"~,~~,,.:. . . . ..Projects were resurrected, abandoned .;:~¥.:i§li.;;;:f.W.""b~: : :Z<j~kJt~;",-~j, .•:L~~j·"~~~~;!t:fi,J.;>" :#;;(iirj;.·.;~ , ,·ii;"fm"iB,,«ll,t";x ~~"~:II<® i1"~i:!·.:&·~{ti~it"%t~~,!~~;;j~i~~:;. ;::if"~$.s· lI)mg to mduce vlOlen.l behaVIOur Ill! h . h d I Ip.r.oiects reactivated • The safe houses#:~~;·i.~:ij,:~.~;,,~:,~,·>i1t~r{:::0- .;...~ .... ,·":;.;:::.:;.;·t~oo~:,~Y.; ... -.•~i$l..~ -~~,x;,.(:~<L"~";<:,- J :~~:z>;:,·j:::~:;,~qm~c%~~.;r.:>.~~ ~~,.r.~t:;~.t~.·ii-%o.:<;M;::·%~,><L· :l,:.·J::.;.l·;;.£· ..}>7J;~were told to expect a steady supply of~?Noki;:::.l~<;+ . ;~".,,:j,,~f.!{,,:; :i~: ,~",,,,,~,. ," .. t •em USIng t e Hect e ectnca • stImulatIOn. After a week ofViet Cong expendables to experiment on. One of the projects tol be experimentation which failed ~ inci~ the men to attack each other,revived was the less than successful Operation Mindbender. they wer~ shot dead and theIr bodIes were burned. One cannotRenamed Operation Spellbinder, the assignment was Ito create a eve.n begIn to .g~ess at th~ number of people. who have beensleeper killer, a real life "Manchurian Candidate." A hypnotist was subjccted to bram Implants sInce these early expenments.recruited from the American Society of Clinical and Experimcntal OPERATION OFTENHypnosis. He became known amongst the Agency staff as "Dr.Fingers" and was selected because his ,file stated that he would have By 1969 TSS had been lIeplaced by .the Office of research andno qu.alms about conducting potentially terminal experiments. The Development (ORO) as the Agencies "department of theintended victim of the experiment was Fidel Castro. After attempts unorthodox." The most innovativle and daring doctors wereto program several would-be assassins, the operation was transferred to ORO and a number of bizarre and far-reachingdiscontinued and written off as a complete failure. experiments were put into action. The roots of the new research could be traced back to the earlier work Dr. Cameron had appro-ved DIGGING DEEPER INTO THE BRAIN. which tried to establish links between eye cOlouring and mental What the Agency wanted wore than anything was the capability illness.to influence or control subjects remotely. This would open an The ORO chemical and bio.logical team started off lI)ing toentirely new set of operational possibilities Ito the world of covert create a deadly virus by exposing a range of already deadly bacteriaintelligence. Due to the obviously sensitive nature of any researeh to ultraviolet tight. While they continued with that line of research,in this area, special precautions were taken to isolate operations the psychiatrists and behavioris.ts on the ORO team set off tofinancially from other projects and the Agen~y, explore an even stranger possibility. The world of the supernatural MKUI.TRA SUBPROJECT 142 AND SUBPROJECT 94 and black magic. Agents spread out across the cQunrry in search of fortune-teliers, palm: readers, psychics and clairvoyants. The agents Subproject 142 was "a small biological program of electrical wuuld introduce themselves as researchers from the ScientificAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·23
    • Engineering Institute. Robert., subsequently modified the prototype into a more refined They worked with their new found subjects searching for ways to final product. The machine drew enthusiastic praise fromuse the paranormal in spying and counter-intelligence. By May criminologists who were supportive of ORDs concepts for the1971, Operation Often had three llStrologers on its payroll whose intelligence techniques of the new world order.specific task was to predict the future. They would sit for hours in On December 10th, 1972, Helmes cancelled Operation Often.soundproof booths scouring magazines and newspapers looking for The memo sent to Dr. Gottlieb to notify tim was marked READ -items that would alert them psychically. They then taped whatevetr DESTROY. Dr. GottHeb resigned from the Agency in Januarythoughts came into their minds about how the particular situation 1973. Relore he left he was ordered by Helmes to shred all recurdsmay develop. By 1972 two Chinese-American palmists has been from MKUltra - MKSearch.employed to, probe how hand reading could Ibe developed for 00 boxes would later be discovered in the Langley archives that,intelligence work. Palmists had already been consulted after the inexplicably, Dr. Gottlieb had failed to destroy. It was thought thatAgency went to considerable lengtbs to obtain Fidel Castros palm the records had been misfiled and would have been to destroyed ifprints. A medium was used to scout the United Nations Helmes and Gottlieb had been aware of them.headquarters for "evil types" and an approach was even made to the SKElETONS liN! THE CLOSETminister in charge of exorcisms for the Catholic archdiocese ofNew York. Whatever the offer, it was firmly rejected. Research ifn July 1974 tl1e Watergate scandal climaxed with the resignationwas conducted into black magic, complete with an analysis on the of President,Rjchard M. Nixon, and Vice-President Gerald R. Fordcovens operating in the United States. The Scientific Engineering stepping in to take the reigns. Ford immediately Ibecame aware ofInstitute ,funded a course in sorcery at the University of South scope of the CIAs wholesale misbehavior. They had triedCarolina The CIAs scientists carefully studied the .results of the everything from blackrnai~, bribery, and sexual harassment, toclasses devoted to fertility rites and raising the dead. violence and murder, in a genuinely horrific abuse of theirSimultaneously, research into brain implant technology was stepped privilege to classify anything they deemed fit to cover up TOP-up. SECRET, ULTRA, or EYES-ONLY. Upon hearing the truth, Gerald Fords reaction was reportedly to shake his head in disbelief THE SCHWITZGEBEl MACHINE and mutter ,"My God. Oh, My God." After consultation with the DCI, Richard Helntcs, Dr. Gottlieb In December 1974 The New York Times ran a story exposinghired the former director of the Agencys Office of Scientific some of the Agencys illegal activities during the JohnsQn andIntelligence, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, and set him up in a safe house Nixon administration, and! a public outcry ensued. President Fordwhere a KGB defector had recently been interrogated and tortured queUed the public reaction by appointing a committee, chaired bycontinuously for almost three years, so that he could experiment Vice -President Nelson A. Rockerfeller, to investigate thewith a device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine. This was a allegations. Ronald Reagan, who was Governor of California at theBehavioural Transmitter-Reinforcer (BT-R) fitted to a body belt time, was one one of the eight members sitting on the committee.that received signals from, and transmitted signals to, a radio He r~llied strongly in favour of the CIA and claimed that "in anymodule. The machine was "linked to a missile-tracking device bureaucracy of about sixteen million people there arc going to bewhich graphs the wearers location and displays it on a screen." It individuals who make mistakes and do things they shouldnt do."was developed by Ralph K. Schwitzgebel in the LaboraJory of Over dinner with William Casey, Reagan vowed that if he wereCommunity Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His brother, ever elected President he would make sure tha! the CIA would never have to fight with one arm lied behind its back. George Bush became DCI on ~~ January 31, 1976, and departed to become Reagans "" running mare on January 20, 1977. On January 26, ~-- t981, William Casey made his first trip to the White House as Director Qf Central Intelligence. Within a short space of lime, ,ule Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Admiral Bobby Ray rnman, who had also been in the running to become iDCI, helped forge closer ties with the CIA. Attempts were made to smooth the competit~ve relationship between the two agencies, the NSA allowing the CIA unprecedented access ItO their extensive data and computerised intelligence gathering fadlities. ~ s .u.. On December II 1980, a law suit was filed against the Continued UII page 6624-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • £ler a workout in the gym, a training ru~ or cycle, a game of squash.or a mountain hike, the thought of a refreshing drink of cool, clear water is often uppermost in our minds. ~¥r:~1;~,~/g,~ Adequately quenching that thirst is a vital . li:"" "?*!"., I aspect of maintaining fitness, hearth and even beauty. But how pure is the water we drink and are the chemicals used to purify it serving paradoxically to contaminate it? Unless we are fortunate enough to live in an unpolluted rural environment collecting our own water (or have affixed some type of water purifier to our tap), the peculiar odour and taste of the liquid in our glass stand as persistent reminders that the water we drink contains chemicals. Generally, the most noticeable of these is chlorine. We have come to accept the presence of chlorine in oQr drinking water as one of the necessary, though slightly unpleasant aspects of maintaining community health. Somewhere along the way, most of us have leamed that a number of contagious diseases such as typhoid and cholera have been virtually eradicated by filtering and chlorinating our municipal water supplies. The crucial question which many of us never learned to ask, however, is whether chlorinated water represents a health hazard in its own right. In what follows we shall urge that in the light of recent research on t.I1e subject, it is clear that water treated with chlorine should be regarded as potentially detrimental to the health of the community. WHAT IS CHLORINE AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Thee Australian bicentenary year, 1988, marked the centenary of water chlorination. In 1888 a patent on chlorination of w<tter was granted to Dr. Albert R. Leeds, professor of chemistry at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hobokin, New Jersey. Professor Leeds showed that chlorine could be used as the basis of a method of disinfection to contr.oI pathogens responsible for waterborne diseases. In the following year the first ,chlorination of a public water supply26·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • I: 100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATION was initiated at Adrian Michigan, though it was not until filtration, though the more common practice now is to apply 1908 that chlorination was introduced on a large scale at the chlorine both before and after filtration. The idea is that then huge Boonton Reservoir waterworks in Jersey City, prechlorination serves to reduce the accumulation in filters New Jersey. By World War E, the practice of cWorination of biological material such as algae. iPostchlorination is was widely established in the United States.! alleged to minimise the number and variety of bacteria The process of water chlorination involves a relatively which would otherwise enter the distribution system. straightforward chemical process. Chlorin-e is one of the Chlorine also c-ombines with ammonia and organic nitrogen most reactive elements ,in nature and is found in a free form compounds forming chloroamine. When ammonia is only in volcanic gas. Even a small amount of chlorine will combined with chlorine, a slower acting disinfectant results dissolve in water, some of it combining with water to form which has been found to be beneficial in the suppression of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion. Chlorination of iron-fixing or slime-forming types of bacterial growths. water is achieved by adding chlorine gas directly to the water Chlorination is not employed as a substitute for other or by adding the chemicals calcium hypochlorite or sodium forms of water treatment; on the contrary the effectiveness of hypochlorite. In these latter forms chlorine is known as free the process to some extent depends upon other treatments available chlorine and has effective germicidal powers such as filtration. Being, a very reactive element, chlorine because of its ability to co.robine with or oxidize classes or will readily react with many other substances which may be organic compounds essential to life. found in water. If a range of these substances are present in One theory of how chlorine worles suggests that there is a the water even in minimal quantities, they may create a physiochemical reaction between chlorine and the structural chlorine demand which significantly reduces the available proteins of the ba,cterial microbes, thus causing the chlorine for germicidal purposes. Consequently, disintegration of their cell walls. Another popular theory chlorination is usually accompanied by filtration to reduce holds that the process of disinfection works by inhibiting a the IYresence of substances which may create excessive key enzymatic process which oxidizes the glucose of the chlorine demand. cell; the bacterial cells die, that is to say, because the ChlQrine is notorious for its pungent and disagreeable chlorine destroys the oxidation process upon which the cells odour. The ,human olfactory sense is capable of detecting depend. only a few parts of chlorine per million in the atmosphere, Chlorine was originally added to the water just prior to and a concentration of only 50 to 6(i) parts per million can cause serious illness within one-half hour to one hour. Being a toxic substance, it is capable of causing major congestion of lung tissue and even death if breathed in sufficient ----- -" quantities. The odour and taste of chlorinated water may be produced by the presence of excess chlorine or strangely, it may also occur if insufficient chlorine has been added. In the latter case the characteristic odours and taste are produced when chlorine reacts with organic matter such as algae in Ithe water. When stronger chlorine levels are used, the organic matter in the water is destroyed completely, and the result is water which is virtually odour free. From the fact that water odour is minimal it would thus be misleading to conclude that chlorine levels are low and vice versa. THE POTENTIAL HEALTH RISKS FROM CHI!.ORINATED WATER It i.s amazing to think that a very reactive and poisonous chemical could be deliberately added to public drinking water without an extensive study of the possible harmful health effe_cts being carried out beforehand. Yet with chlorination, this appears to have been the case. In 1951, Dr. W.J. I.;lewellyn wrote to the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association: What studies have been made to determine the APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-27
    • " 100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATION _._- ..•.. - ~ _ deleterious effects of heavily chlorinated water that is began eighty years ago. Pat:alci found that the severity of used for drinking purposes? The water supply in our heart disease among people over 50 years of age correlated town is chlorinated but not mtered. At tim.es it is directly with the quantities of chlorinated tap water they possible to smelll the chlorine. Could this harm the were accustomed to drinking. Interestingly, he also found a gastrointestinal or the genitourinary tract?2 statistically signifIcantly correlation which showed that those The editor replied: people over 50 who did llill suffer from heart disease stalldardly drunk mostly non-chlorinated fluids, bottled A search of the literature did not reveal any organized water, or boiled wate!;" (it is known that chlorin-e can be investigations on the problem of the effect of heavily released as a gas from water which is boiled).! chlorinated water on the human body. Allergic Passwater reports that irr South India the water is manifestations of chlorinated water have been reported. chlorinated, while in North India, it lis not, and consistent Many cases of asthma have been traced to an allergy to with Sinclairs original intuition, the iRcidence of heart chlorinated water. [n aU these cases Ithe asthma was disease in the South is considerably higher than in the North. relieved or disappeNed when the patient drank distilled He also points out that since the drinking water of the or unchlorinated water.] northern capital, New Delhi, has been chlorinated, the heart disease rate of that city has sadly begun to climb. 6 In th_e That same year an awareness of ithe detrimental health National Enquirer (December 24th, 1974) Dr. Joseph Price aspects of chlorination was expressed by H.M. Sinclair, of Saginaw General Hospital in Michigan is qlUoted as Director of the Laboratory for Human Nutrition, Oxford saying: University. Chlorine is the cause of an unprecedented disease Commenting on heart disease, Sinclair raised what in those epidemic which includ~s heart attacks and strokes. times must have seemed an almost incredible accusation. He Chlorine is an insidious poison Most medical wrote: "It is possible that one of Ithe greatest public health researchers were led to believe it was sgfe, but we are measures ever introduced • the chlorination of public water now learning the harCl way that all the time we thought supply could assist we [heart] disease".· Sinclair himself we were preventing epidemics of one disease, we were could hardly have perceived how prophetic the alleged creating another. Two decades after the start of association would be between chlorination and heart disease. chlorinating our drinking water in 1904, the present In a suggestive study Iby Ronald Pataki, an astounding epidemic of heart trouble and cancer began.1 correlation of just these factors wa$ discovered in Jersey In his book titled Coronaries. Cholesterol. Chlorine, Price City, New Jersey, the place. it will be recalled - where the reports a study in which contrast to the control group, fIrst comprehensive chlorination of municipal water supplies chickens reared on chlorinated water all showed evidence of either atherosclerosis of the aorta or obstruction Of the ------ ()0h c;>+, ?> circulatory system. Chlorine is further implicated in heart disease by the work of E.P., Benditt, Professor, I Department of Pathology at the University of Washington, whose research in 1974 associated plaqlle fornation in the arteries with chlorination. His research suggested that because of mutations in their genetic program caused by mutagenic or even carcinogenic substances in the bloodstream, and other substances released by the arteries as a result of high blood! pressure, cells in the arterial wall proliferate to form plaque.9 Recent studies by Revis et al. add further strength to the insidious link between warer chlorination and heart disease. They report that they observed "hypercholestorlemia and cardiac hypertrophy in pigeons andr rabbits exposed to chlorinated drinking water"O and PoP- UP ":::> "significant increases in plasma cholesterol and aortic atherosclerosis in pigeons exposed to three commonly Bool<S use_d drinking water disinfectants" [chlorine, chlorine dioxide and monochloramine].1l 5~ [n the mid-seventies the issue of the health hazards 28-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • 100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATIONassociated with chlorinated water was raised from yet balanced biochemcial organism? The potential healthanother perspective. Awareness of increasing levels of toxic hazards are staggering, but to keep thiJs paper withinchemicals in water, particularly chlorine containing organic manageable bounds we shall confine ourselves to acompounds prompted the Environmental Protection Agency consideration of the impact of chlorination on nutrition.(EPA) to undertake a national survey to determine the Chlorine is a powerful oXlidising agent with a redoxquality of drinking water Ithroughout the USA. Of particular potential in aqueous solutions 1.36 volts. This means that itconcern was the formation of chloroform resulting from the readily destroys, oxidizes or combines with organicuse of chlorine for water purification. In 1975 the results of substances such as certain vitamins, enzymes, unsaturatedthe survey were published,12 and revealed that drinking water fatty acids and beneficial bacterial.from all the 79 cities tested. contained some amount of the Let us first consider its iInpact upon ascorbic acidsuspected carcinogen. chloroform, Concentrations of (Vitamin C). Amongst othe.r important f.!IlctiQIlS tllis is achloroform varied from less than 0.1 ppm in Strasburg, vitamin associated with the bodys protective action againstPennsylvania, to 3l1ppm in Miama, Florida [)espite these pollutants. Vitamin C, however, is destroyed by chlorine.astonishing results, the EPA representative assured the press At the same time, if Vitamin C is present in sllfficientthat the American people should not react with any sense of quantities, it can during the course of time, reduce chlorinepanic. Although more than 240,000 sizable drinking water to harmless chloride ion, provided the chlorine has notsupply .systems in the US were deemed likely to be combined with some other organic compound in thecontaminated with one or more of six toxic chemicals, at meantime, Thus fruit juices, which contain Vitamin C mightleast two of which are suspected carcinogens, the plausibly offer some protection against ,the chlorinerepresentatives were warned against any overreaction to the contained in the water added to reconstitute them.findings of the survey saying that "... the benefits of usingchlorine far outweigh the potential health risks from Another important vitamin affected by chlorine is Vitaminchlorine-derived organic compounds" .13 Despite these E. It is well known that Vitamin E is an essential factor forassurances, it is clear that the health hazards associated with maintaining the integrity of the coronary and reproductivethe presence in drinking water of chlorination induced Isystems. Once again, chlorine destroys Vitamin E, and thus drinking large amounts of chlorinated water may destroychemicals are of the utmost seriousness. In 1975, in New Vitamin E in the body. This particular connection may helpOrleans, Louisiana, the tap water was found to contain more explain the purported correlations between chlorinated waterorganic chlorine compounds than untreated Mississippi and heart disease mentioned earlier. Saturated fats in theRiver water,14 The EPAs assurances seemed less convincing diet have been associated with heart disease for some timewhen in the following year a major research study reported a now, and most people are aware of the increasing emphasisstatistical correlation between the incidence of cancer among in health education to encourage people to replace saturatedthe New Orleans population and their municipal water fats in th.eir diets with uns.aturated fl;!ts, couple with asu.pplies. 1S reduction of their overall fat intake. Chlorine reacts readily By 1987, a number of studies documented the wide range with unsaturated compounds, and whenever chlorina.te.dof toxic substances in drinking water which derive from water and unsaturated fats are mixed the relevant compoundchlorination,· In 1987, a study undertaken by M.K. Smith may well be toxic. When drinking chlorinated water beforeet.al, demonstrated that a num.ber of the chlorine induced or after a meal containing unsaturated fats, or usingcomponents found in drinking water have in laboratory chlorinated water in food preparations, it would seem thatanimals caused reduced fertility and increased failure of chlorinated compounds could be formed whose carcinogenice~rly implantation, The birth weight of the pups was effects we considered above. Chlorinated water could thusreduced significantly and the perinatal survival, of the pups bring about the very mutagenic processes which lead towas adversely affected by at least two of the halogenated cancer.compounds. Short term tests for the carcinogenic effects ofseveral of the chlorinated compounds also proved positive, CHLORINATED WATER AND THEthereby reinforcing earlier findings which linked chlorination UNKNOWN HAZARDS OF THE SHOWERand cancer. 17 There is another side to the chlorine-water story. When THE CHLORINATION OF WATER A~D THE we return from a gym workout or a jogging session or a game of squash, not only are we thirsty but we usuaUy NUTRITIONAL CONNECTION shower Or bathe to wash away waste products and We [have seen that chlorine is a very reactive chemical in perspiration. We have been taught that cleanliness andwater, but what are the effects once this chemical enters our health go togeth~r, and indeed they do, when chemical freebody where it is exposed to a complex and delicately water is used. When chlorinated water is used, however,APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·29
    • 100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATION bathing may be much less healthy than we ever supposed. important protective barrier for our bodies. When we Gasses are as a rule less soluble in hot water, and when shower with chlorinllted water we are essentially exposing water is heated or boiled, dissolved gasses are released. our skin to a relatively large volume of a dilute .chlorine Boiling water is as we noted earlier a way in which ithe free solution. Some of this chlorine reacts with the oils in the chloriQe content in water is greatly reduced, the chlorine skin tn form chlorinated compounds and it is these escaping into the air. When we have a hot sbower or run a compounds which may then be absorbed by the body. It bath, we can sometimes smell the chlorine released as it seems very likely, considering the strong oxidising power of escapes from the hot water. In a confined shower recess, chlorine, that regular exposure to chlorinated water serves however, especially one with poor ventilation, the chlorine also to promote the ageing processes of the skin, not unlike escapes from the water as we continue our hot shower and extended exposure to sunlight. Moreover, chlorine may steadily increases in concentration in the air we !breath. The actually ,~nhance the ageing effects of ultraviolet radiation by olfactory threshold! for chlorine is about 3.5ppm (parts per reinforcing the prQCess of cell deterioration. million) so when we can smell chlorine, the concentration is Another skin factor to be cons.idered is the destruction by already above this level. The fethall concentration for 10 chlorine of the natural bacteria on our skin. Our skin has an minute exposure is about 600ppm and we suggest that ecology all of its own, which needs to be preserved in order regularly taking long hot showers with chlorinated water to maintain healthy skin and itsassociatedibeauty. could pose a health risk. Chlorine causes pulmonary oedema, and it would seem likely that regular exposure to THE EDUCATilONAL GOAt chlorine gas even at low levels such as !in normal showering The complete chlorine--health picture is even larger and may reduce the oxygen transfer capacity of the lungs. This more disconcerting than we have intimated in the limited could be a critical factor for athletes and for others prone to space available. Whenever a toxjc subS!l:!nce is deliberately heart failure. added unreflectively in large quantities to the environment, Another aspect to be considered is our skin. Our skin is an the overall balance of nature - Continued Oil page 67I r~-- ~ - ~- ~~ " I 30-NEXUS APRll-MAY,992
    • Therefore, since maps of this territory are sketchy at best, or n~on­ existent at worst, outsiders seeking to penetrate it should remernber the Buddhist saying: "The only trails are those that are made by walking," And the ones upon which they set foot will be not so much selected by intention as stumbled upon by chance. It is for such reasons that, when I thought about how I might approach this subject today, I decided to eschew the formality of any academic approach in favour of telling the tale of my own foray into the THE MYSTERY OF IPLEOMORPHIC little known land of pleomorphic organisms as it actually unfolded. MICROBIAL ORGANISMS Unlike other speakers at this symposium, I am neither a scientist, an "At the heart of science lies discovery which involves a change in academic or a health professional, but a writer who, for some 20 years,worldview. Discovery in science is possible only in societies which has roved the "frontiers" 0$ science.accord their citizens the freedom to pursue the truth where it may lead I am certain that if any of yoU have been propelled by some similarlyand which therefore have respect for different paths to that truth." strange twist of fate to go on the same quest, you have taken a different · trail from mine. John Polanyi, Canadian Nobel Laureate (Chemistry); commencement address, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, June 1990. Yet, as they say, "all roads lfinally lead t9 Rome,"m~ .. . !hat follows is an attempt to provide a brief overview of astounding findings made by a band of intrepid and heretical searchers in a field of knowledge that deals with the very smallest forms oflife. Hard as ,it is to believe, these findings, made over more than a centuryago, have been consistently ignored, censored by silence, or suppressedIthrougnout all of that time by ruling "opinion-makers", orthodox R1 HRST STEPS ON THE TRAIL: WILHELM REICH AND THE BIONS My first exposure to the world of pleomorphic organisms - though II did not recognise it atJhe time - came in 1969 when, aller returning to the United States from a stint as a foreign correspondent, I was asked by Peter Tompkins, an established author, to help him research a biographydrinkers in mainstream microbiology. on the life and work of a "maverick" scientist, the late Wilhelm Reich Instead of being welcomed with excitement ami open arms, as one M.D.1l2would a friend or lover, the amazing discoveries have been received If "maverickness" is a quality attributable to innovators unafraid ofwilh a hostility unusually only meted out to trespassers or imposters. developing new ideas andl inventions - and often unscorclIed by the To try to present the vastness 0$ a multi-dimensional panorama, is a brand of any formal education into the subjects of their research - tlhenlittle like -trying to inscribe the contents of thick manuscript onto a that term suits Reich to a "T.postage stamp, or reduce the production of an hour-long drama into a After first making his mark in psychoanalysis as Freuds protege andfew minutes of stage time. leading collaborator, he abruptly broke with the IInterlliltional Psychoanalytic Movement to take up an independent career in an aspect Involved on the one hand is not only the sheer volume of material, of what today has come to be called biophysics. When he bolted thebut with books on the subject being hard to obtain, it is also not easily Freudian "herd" in the mid-1930s, most of ibis colleagues became hisaccessible and is sparsely referenced in ordinary bibliographical bitter enemies.sources. Exiled from central Europe to Norway, he beganl working with an On the other hand, Ithe protagonists in what amounts to a gripping unusual microscope equipped with special lenses that could magnifysaga were, more often than not, completely isolated from one another in living organisms to 2 - 3000X their normal size, well over twice thespace, time or both. They, and their parallel work and research, were magnification achievable with the ordinary microscopes of his day.consequently often unknown to their potential cQU~ues and natural Among his extraordinary discoveries were "vesicles," minuscule ,fluidallies, It was as if they were adventurers who, thinking themselves to be containing bladder-like sacs, that appeared in infusions of hay and otherthe sole explorers in virgin territory, were actually all opening upvarious parts of the same terra incognita. substances such as animal tissue, earth and coal. After much experimentation during which he noted a marke:d increase Furthermore, as we have already said, the reports of th~ discovery of in the num,her of vesicles that could be cultured when the preparationsa whole "New World" by these many "Columbuses" were unwelcome. containing them were boiled, he concluded that the strange forms he had"Old World" cartographers had already made their maps and were discovered were "transitional" one lying midway between the realms ofsatisfied with them the animate and the inertAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·31
    • To these heretofore unrecognized elementary stages oUife, he gave resistance to putrefaction.the name: Bions. IL is at this juncture that I shall ask a leading question that only came Most microbiologists, not to speak of other life-scientists, to my mind many years after I had, via Reich, begun to delve intoundoubtedly looked upon Reichs new creatures as if they had come pleolllorpbic bacteriology and its connection with cancer llIld otherstraight out of Walt Disneys old mrn, Fanlasia. If so, they were in for degenerative diseases. I ask it because I later found that researchersan even ruder shock. Por when Reich poured some of his boiled working in this pioneering field who discovered microbes associatedpreparations onto nutrient culture media, the cultures began to generate with cancerous states - to whicR each gave his or her own specialpeculiar looking bacteria and amoebae, creating, as it were, well-kn:own nomenclature, thus creating a kind of Tower of Babel" - instead oflife-forms, at least forms akin to them looking Upon the appearance of the alien forms as an "alarm signal" or There was, of course, the possibility that the newly generated "warning light", thatjs an indicator of an incipient disease state, held"animacules" - as Leuwenhock, inventor of the microscope called tllem IDem to be the cause of the disease.when he first viewed them - could have invaded the cultures from the The question, a central one in this discussion, therefore is: "Gouldambient atmosphere or that they could have appeared because the germs appeadng in the body be the result rather than the cause ofculture media had been ,improperly sterilized. To rule these out, Reich afflictions, if not always, at least often?"superheated his bion cultures to find that the ostensibly "dead" mixtures It may be that they are both.still gave rise to the higher microbic forms. Reichs life ended tragically. For his pains, he was submitted anew to This led to the funher conclusion that bions, as preliminary stages of viciously virulent attac.ks for questioning sacred dogmas of medicallife, were embodiments of an indestructible life force that defied death. science in general and cancerology in particular. The story of thisThis life energy he called "Orgone." towering, often cantankerous, scientist ended when he was brought to So apparently outlandish a discovery as that of a new life energy" trial and sentenced to a term in a U.S. Federal penitentiary where, incould not but riJe biologists who had long sought to dispose of 1964, he died."vitalistic themies" such as those of the French philosopher, Henri The government of our American free republic also ordered that all ofBergson, who postulated an elan vital, or the German biologist, Hans Reichs publication on which they cojlld lay their hands - includi.ng aDriesch, who, borrowing the term from Aristotle, referred to entelechy. privately printed journal, Joumal of Orgonomy - be destroyed in a NewBiology was coming increasingly under the cold sway of a pbysics York City incineratoF. That order was carried out less than 20 yearswhich adamantly rejected any "mystical" notions such as .hose of a after the Nazi government in Germany had ordered aU of Reichs then"primal creator" or a "force of life", and therefore dutifully took its cue existing publications burned on an enormous pyre in downtownfrom the branch of science considered "first among peers." Berlin.RJ Were all his disclosures not already so heretical as to alarm orthodox,or "correct opinion-making" science, to them Reich nexL added thatrnicrobiaJI bion structures could also be detected in, and cultured from SECOND STEPS ON THE TRAIL: ROYALhuman blood, which, then as now, Was and is considered to be sterile, RAYMOND RIFE AND THE "UNIIVERSAL"an unchanging doctrine still taught in medical schools. MICROSCOPE This, in turn, next led him to examine blood samples taken frompersons suffering from cancer in which he saw extremely tiny bacterial For many reasons, our biography was never written.· Yet the twoforros that he connected to that lethal disease proces~. He therefore years spent researching it was hardly wasted, because it was through thelabelled Ithem T - bacilli, tile r standing for Tod which in Reichs native opportunity given to delve into Reichs fascinating research that I fIrstGerman means "death." fell, like Alice down the 1L0le or througb the looking glass, into a It seemed to Reich that there was something unaccountable going on wonderland of scientific "no-nos."in the bodies of the cancer-affiicted, a degeneration causing healthy life- In many ways it was a thrilling, yet troubling experience. Disturbingpromoting bions to develop into a death-dealing T-bacilli. Since he had because, as one long trained to accept things as they supposedly "were",also foundl these "death bacteria" in the excreta of healthy people, he I was brought face to face with an investigative world in which thoseassumed that they were able to dispose of cancer causing particles, and same things actually "were not". As I went along my trail, I also foundthat disposition to caRcer was determined by a level of biological that there were many other "were nots" and "are nots" that were and ~ .. i" are! One question was especiallY rankling: What was preventing new discoveries from being recognised for what they were? Was this because "establish.ed" researchers, comfortable with ortbodox scientifIc thinking, or "received knowledge", could not change their mini-sets - in Dr. John Polanyis words, their "worldview" - to accommodate " innovativethinking, or "vanguard knowledge?" How was it that, in the precinctS ruled by the "arbiters of knowledge", the evidencing of "unknown" things, instead of being viewed with excitement, was often castigated as "illusory" or tabooed as "fantasy"? In 1965, I came across an article that mare than just attracted my writers attention in that, in 1944, it was published in, not just one, but two prestigiQus journals, that of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and that of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. One lthirdl ofits contents was devotedto the new electron microscope just put on the market by the Radio Cor,poration of America, the other two thirds, the lions share, to a "Universal Microscope" that had been designed and developed in the 1920s by a Californian autodidact, Royal Raymond RUe. The electron microscope, I knew, woile capable of attaining magnifications surpassing 500,OOOX at excellent resolution, was ,incapable of examining living things because its radiation killed them. s~32·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • But, as clearly stated in the article, Rifes instrument was able to view questions.1iliving malter at unheard of mag!!ifieations reaching at least 60,OOOX,also at excellent resolution. a With this extraordinary device, Rife could easily view a family of THIRD STEPS ON THE TRAIL: CASTONmicrobes in the blood of sick peopfe which seemingly miraculously NAESSENS AND THE SOMATIDtransformed, !Under v~ous conditions, one into the other, like so many From where it Ihad first led to Reich, thence to Rife, my trail nextcaterpillars metamorphising into so many butterflies. Sixteen stages in took me, surprisingly enough, to Rock Forest, a small village in thatall, the same number in Gaston Naessens somatid cycle. portion of Quebec, just north of Vermont, that is called LEslrie in As a result, he came to the indepcndeJlt conclusion - to which, as we French, and The Easlern Townships in English.shall see, others had come independently both before and after him - I was tipped off to the existence of Gaston Naessens by Eva Reichthat, depending on its inner state, germs arose within the the body itself M.D., Wilhelm Reichs daughter. Since part of the story of my initialtlhat, in &ifes opinion, were nol the cause bUI the resull of disease meeting, andl 12-year association, with him has been told in the firstslales. chapter of my book, I shall not repeat it here. That single conclusion completely overturned everything I had What I can, and should say, is that if my studies of Reichs researchlearned about bacteriology and disease during a four year course in had openeJi a narrow vista onto the world of pleomorphic microbiology,general biology at Harvard. and those of Reichs work had greatly widened it, then what I came to Barely able to believe what I had read, alld recalling what I had learn as result of my encounters with Naessens began to afford me alearned during my.studies of Reichs bion research, I dropped a booku I view of the whole horizon beyond it.was working on to spend two months at the National Library of My first visit to see Gaston Naess~ns was in 1979, Iten years after aMedicine trying to track d.Qwn everything I coul,d on Rife and his footlocker of Reichs writings had been handed to me by Peter superscope. Not only was there precious little printed on the subject but Tompkins for study. During the n~ext half decade I was to learn, throughthe microscope itself seemed to have vanished from the surface of Ithe my own experience, the Ihelp of friends and particularly through earth. hundreds of hours spent with Gaston Naessens IIDd his wife, a great deal The story of my fruitless search has been told elsewhere, so here, I more about what he has discovered in his fascinating research life than will simply say tbat my library research showed that for several decades is reported in my book. And to learn about the many vicissitudes he has up to 1930, a now all but forgotten, if not entirely lost, school of gone through as a result. microbiologists Ihad maintained that, far from holding everlastingly to As time went by, one of the main things that became most shockingly one shape, bacteria could be caused, under the right conditions of clear to me was the unwillingness, or the inability of many scientifically culture, to metamorphose into forms small .enough to pass through trained people to accept or believe wh.at they were seeing through filters capable of blocking aJlY microbe smaller than a virus. Naessens microscope. Because of their sharp disagreement with a camp of orthodox Instead of heralding the somatidic forms as excitingly brand new, bacteriologists known as "non-filtrationists". These rebels were known they simply wrote them off as arlifact, something not naturally presentas "filtrationists". but introduced in error.R9 One of the earliest membe~ of this school W/lS a Swedish physician, A whole essay could be written about how such beliefs spring, withinErnst iBernhard Almquist, who, because he was also an Arctic explorer, seconds, into the minds of so called "competent" observe~ the most had islands off the north Siberian coast named after him authoritarian of whom pass along as "certainties" to their followers. All Almquist made hundreds of observations of pleomorphic bacteria in such observers - and they are the vast majority - have, lif they have ever his laboratory as did researchers in France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and heard it, forgotten Reichs dictum for scientific work: "Do not tlhe United States and probably other countries. In 1922, after two long automatically believe in anything, especially what you are told. decades of wOlk, Almquist came to the conclusion that "nobody can Convince yourself of something by observing it with YOUf oWn eyes.presume to know the coltlPlete life cycle and all the varieties of even a And, after having perceived a new fact, do fWlloose sile of il again ufllil single bacterial! species. lit would be an assumption to think so." il is fully explained." (emphasis added} The furor unleashed in the microbiological world by Rifes If, in this connection, it appears that the aphorism, "seeing is microscopic discoveries, as well as by his subsequent believing", does not necessarily hold true, one may add that the same iselectromagnetically-based cure for cancer and other diseases, led to his the case for the reverse: "believing is seeing". being put, like Reich., to trial iby U.S. medical authorities. The trial During one trip to Europe with the Naessens in the mid I980s, weproved so traJlmatic to the highJy sensitive inventor that it led, first to a were privileged to meet a Swedish ,physician, Erik Enby M.D. who hadtotal nervous breakdown, then to alcoholism a7 experience worlOng with what I learned was one of the earliest, and The opposite fates of two microscopes, the electr,on, and the most talented, pioneers in the field of Ipleomorphic microbial research."Universal", have ever sin~ continued to plague my mind, ,incessantly This was a German zoologist of whom we shall say more of [n a fewpricking it with a philosophical question: How was it that the first, able moments.to see only linert, inanimate matter was universally adopted in tlte It was because of the language Danier - Enbys spoken English wasworlds laboratories while the second, able Ito view animate organism as halting and Enderleins publications wer.e in German, a language Ithey lived! and breathed, went into universal limbo? neither speak nor read - that I could not SUbsequently penettate that part What did the triultlPhant success of the one, and the sad demise of the of the lerra incogni/(J where the German scientist had laboured, at leastother, have to say about the basic 20th century outlook in the bio- not until 1990.sciences supposedly dealing with life? The peaks in a mountain chain of discoveries made by Naessens have While asking that question, let us add a few more. What is it about been reviewed in part one of my book. In retrospect, given the wholethe "politics of science" that led two scientific ilians - or three, if, by "patchwork: quilt" or othel discoveries in thjs field mad.e by a :smallanticipation, we include our host, Gaston Naessens - men who were self platoon of researches, I would say that Ihis crowning find was to havetrained experts in microscopy, and! cancerology, to be brought to trial? traced the the whole cycle back to its origin, the ltiny form he calls theHow is it that the discoveries of all three have been put on an "Index" as sOmiJlid and! to show how that form not only is alii but indestructible, butbogus and worthless? What explains their lbeing denounced, all three of through experimentation, how it acts something like a "DNAthem, as deceivers and charlatans in the United States, France and many precurSQr" .lllOother countries? All this and more, raises the question as to whether Naessens, in It would take a moment of silence to contemplate the answer to these addition to everything else he has done, including the development of aAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-33
    • promising approach for the alleviation of degenerative disease, has not proves that this battle was won, not on Ithe basis of scientific facts, butcome as close as anyone to unravelling the skein within which hes by Pasteurs being able to pvercome his nemesis, a dedicated, buthidden the very my,stery of the origins of life that has for so long retiring, searcher with no flair for self-promotion, with his highlycontinued to confound science, as it still continues to confound it. fuse developed skills in what today is called "public relations."the qualification "as close as" because the next twisJ in my trail was to If the justice of lhistory preva,ils, the Pasteurian victory will one dayconfront me with the realization that an6ther French scientist of rare prove entirely pyrrhic, at least in terms of the staggering losses sufferedgenius might have !been unravelling the same skein a century lbefore by medical science in having, for so long, been constrained to follow theNaessens began to take up the task. Pasteurian track. Bechamps own trail of discoveries began when, at.tacking the FOURTH STEPS ON THE TRAIL: BECHAMP problem of fermentation - chemical reactions that s~plit complex cQrnpounds i.nto relatively simple substances - he isolated from liying AND THE MICROZYMAS organisms a series of "ferments" he called zymases. all It was in France, in 1984, that I met a pharmacist, Marie Nonclerq, Working with a class of organisms called molds, fungoid growths thatwho after a life spent practising her profession, was spurred to write an disintegrate organic matter, Bechamp saw them to be formed by aaward winning docJoral dissertation under the title: Antoine Bidlamp, collection of tiny "granulations" which, because of their connection to1816·1908: The Man and the Scientist, and the Originality and zymases, he called microzy.mas, or "tiny ferments", lexical forerunner ofProductilUy ofhis Work. Naessens somatids Ctiny bodies"). The disappearance of Rifes microscope, along with most of Ibis Very importantly, for the purpose.s of this narrative, he als:o foundresearch documentation, constituted what amounted to a do!>t chapter ,in that these granulations, under certain cQnditions, evolved into single·the history of microbiological science. celled bacteria and that, therefore, cells could no longer be regarded as What Nonclercqj had been able to dredge up from the annals seemed the basic units oflife, there being sometliing far smali!a to replace themto be no less than a whole lost book. More than that, the microzymas were seemingly so indestructible that I had stumbled, again by happenstance, on a controversy involving a Bechamp could find them them even in lime.stone dati.Dg to a geologicbattle lbetween two scientific titans that had for so long been swept from period going back 60 million years during which the first mammalsmemory that several generation of scientists knew nothing aboilt it. appeared on Eart~. And he was astonished that all his efforts to kill them provedfruilless. One of the adversaries was B6champ, the other, his nemesis, theworld-famous Louis Pasteur whose name is inscribed o_n the lintels of As he was to write, in his third masterwork, The Blood, "I am able toresearch institutes all over Ithe world. The controversy centrally assert that the microzyma is at the commencement of all organisation.involved their opposing views about the genesis of microbe-fostered And, since microzymas in deadl bacteria are also living, it follows thatdisease. they are also the living end of all organisatio.os, living beings of a special category without analogue. Through a physiciap in Brittany, Nonclercq came across a thick tomeon the history of a medicineS in which she rearl that, on Ihis death bed, Because microzymas appeared at the inception of the life process -Louis Pasteur had declared: Claude Bernard was right ... the microbe is for instance in an ovule that became an egg - and were also to be fouJl{!, fully active, in decaying life-forms, Bechamp, in a biological parallel tonothing the te"ain is everything." I Lavoisiers chemical rule: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created ... all is In his recantation, the father of the theory - still enshrined as gospel - transformed," was to state: "Nothing is the prey of death .. all is the preythat the primordial role in many diseases i,s played by germs invading oflife."the body from without, seemed to be submitting to evidence that, in This seems to recall the old biblical phrase: "Ashes to ashes, and dustactual fact, that role is often played by the bodys ,internal environment, to dus~ ..." On the fInal page of The Blood, Bechamp was even moreits terrain, its "soil" if one wills, that, changing in nature due Ito various explicit:causes, fosters the development of germs from wilhin. "After death, it is essential that matter be restored to its primitive What PaMeur omitted w~ that his confession had been based not on condition, for it has only been lent for a time to the living organisedsingle insightful statement by Frances leading physiologist, Bernard, being .,. Living beings, filled with microzymas, carry in themselves thebut by Antoine Bechamp, the man with whom he had been locked in elements essential for life, or for disease, for destructio:n ann fQr death.struggle for decades. This variety of results need not suqIDse QS for the processes are the Nonclercqs painstaking digging into,lhistorical sources uncontestably same. Our cells - as can constantly be observed - are being ~ continuously d~troyed by means of a fermentation very analogous to that which follows death. If we penetrate into the heart of these phenomena we could really say, were it not that the expression is a trifle offensive, that we are constantly rotting " (emphasis added). FIFTH STEPS ON THE TRAIL: GUENTHER ENDERtEIN AND THE BACTERIAL LIFE CYCLE ~ .. ~, .- . 01:" It was only in the 1990 that , a year after our sequelkl% to The Secret Life of Plants came out, and 22 years after I began studying Reich and I the bions, I finally had access to the work of another researcher that made the chain of mountain pe@ks on the horizon of pleomorphic ) microbial research stand out in clearer historical detail. This access was prQvid¢g by a book, the fIrst in English on the subject, dealing with the research begun during World War I by German zpologist, Guenther Enderlein, whose discoveries were characterised by the books author as "some of the most important ever made.". Working as a bacteriologist in a military hospital on the Baltic Sea,34-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • Enderlein, in 1917, finished a manu.script heralded by colleagues as The country sUIveyed has been only superficially ,charted but, as a "openin.g totally new observations of the microbe world." It revealed result of my exploration, my knapsack is filled with a heap of sketches, many different pleo~rphi~ development Iphases of bacteria and .showed that, given the time necessary to accomplish the task, would one day that Illnesses and their healing processes are bound to exact cychcal and allow me to prepare a map of the territory in all detail. morphological laws. In book form, this map could easily provide a tale as exciting as any The manuscript Wl!$ ,published as a book, BakJerien Cyclogenit, (TIle rold in the best detective thriller. All that is lacking is its ending, and Life Cycle of Bacteria) in 1925, shortly after its authors appointment as the ending "devoutly to be wished" is that the labors of so many stalWart cqrator of the ZOological Museum in Berlin. workers in the field of microbial pleomorphic research will find their For inspiring his work, Enderlein gives great credit to Antoine fruits in the acceptance of their findings - and the applications of Becllamp as well! as several Germans who took up where Bechamp left therapeutic modalities to which these have led - for the benefit of the oif, induding zoologist Robert Leuckart, founder of the science of sick.and the suff,ering everywhere. parisitology, and Otto Schmidt, who first reported parasites il} th.e blood The first chapter of Dr. Enbys book was entitled; "Origins of a of cancer patients as far back as 1901. Medical Revolutioll." That revolution, still in progress is not over. Given the focus of interest at this meeting on darkfield microscopy, it Since Enderleins book Came out 65 years ago, its conclusions, like is of great interest to add here that only Dy working at t.his instrument those of Bechamp before him, bave continued to remain did Enderlein learn that ,microorganisms go through a forrning-cllanging unacknowledged by the scientific community as a whole. This is not cycle that, in his view, could take on countless variations leading him to because many other researchers have not bent every effort to bring out label the phenomenon a "WOO-headed monster." the truth, to make the revolution bappen. Consider, for instance that, He ,unequivocally asserted, while different types of microorganisms way back ~n 1927, an ~~rican micr?biolo~ist, Dr. Philip Hadley, ~ho normally live within the body in a mutually beneficial symbiotic m~ch adnured EnderlelO ~ wor~ ~ublis~ed,.m th~ !0u:,nal of Infectious relationship, with severe deterioration of the bodys environment they DIseases, a 312 pag~ m;tlcle, MicrobiC DISSo~latlO.n , bas<:d ~n work develop into disease-producing (!!) forms to create what he called co.ndu~ted at the Hygle~c laboratory of the Umverslty of Michigan. In dysbwsis, OF "a fault in the life process." thIS artIcle, Hadley foreSightedly noted: Their action, said Enderlein, was not due to any perverse intent 01} the "It wil~ ~robab~y ~e many years before a true~ppraisal of microbes part to harm it, but to their u.rge to su.rvive at its expense! In Enderlel~ s con~butlon c~n ~ ~de. l~ the meantime, we may their early development phases they lived in the blood to perform regard WIth not httle .adffilratlOn his malllfestly careful attempt .to functions beneficial ,to health, in the later ones, they abandoned that role put a degree of order mto the chaotic state of ,the study of bactenal to assure their preservation" cells. ~ believe that Enderlein has ?Iaze~ a trail which, at least, in Since, today, BakUrien Cyclogenit has become virtually unknown, it many hne,~ of advance, other bal:terrologIsts sooner or later are sure is curious to note that, before World War n, ,it br_ought the researcher a to follow. . modicum of international recognition. It was Those words were wntten 64 years ago, but ,few have been the apparel}tly well received at an international it:;:··;:. ," . ~f..." ,;.. . "," ~ bacteriologists to take up Hadleys challenge. biological congress held in Pittsburgh, ~f;i;::,jn~~~I,sJ)pil1lOh~~dqJ~nqi~~ Oi1;ifs One who did take up that challenge was born Pennsylvania in 1930, and Enderleins .;fM,e~sta.te,·geflTlsth~tarosewithinthe only three years hefore Hadley [aidl it down. We contribut~ons were recQg~ised .by h~s be.ing:~!~;b:odYi~If/"",efe. Pot,;thec~us~ bU.L> are i~ his presence to~at l.n a l~fe of devotion honored, m 1939, at the Thud MicrobIOlogical ANi,;:;?"th"" "iC l.t.·f·.·J: :.;,. ".:. :Itt; ·t·: 7 ; I}i~;i.(f .; and, IsolatlOn, half of it 10 his native France, the . N Y C CoI{Igress heId 10 ew ork lty. e resu 0 ""$eases a es.., . jJ. h half10 Quebe c, thid 0 f his adoptIon, he :t":.:~~:"";:; ...~·:··,;>~.C;;;:*.;,~;!" ..%;*e}:·~;,:>lI·:::~;~<~.· ot er e an . . Despite personal attacks on him by powerful . ~as kept ,alight, and born~ for~ard, (~e torch lit members of the orthodox German medical community, Enderlein was and camed before him by Bechamp, EnderlelO, rRlfe, RelCb andl so strongly supported by a few coUrageous colleagues such as the many others. physician and microbial researcher, Dr. Wilhelm VOlll Brehmer, who Now he has emerged from cherished anonymity into the limeligbt at a identified as causal agent in the uncontrolled and malignant growth of symposium of his summoning to which you have come, many of you cancerous cells.· from far away, to hear what he has to say and to see what he has to Enbys book lU-SO filled me in on historical aspects of how the show you. doctrine that microbes were monomorphic - as opposed to pleomorphic It maybe that his discoveries will determine whether the field of - had risen to ascendancy, aspects which I had missed while researching microbial pleomorphic research will at last emerge onto scientific my paper on RoyaiRaymond Rife. center-stage. This rise can be attributed not only to the influence of Pasteur (1822- Will that emergencc soon happen"? 1895), but also to ithat of Robert Koch (1843-1910), whose "principles" Is it "to be or not to Ibe?" For that, as Hamlet put it in another are one IOf rthe "Ten Commandments" in microbial research, and his context, is the question. compatriot the naturalist and botanIst, Ferdinand Julius Cohn (1828· Let us salute Gaston Naessens and his triumphant accomplishments. 1898), who insisted upon the constancy of bacterial types and their classification into rigidl y set groups and species based on their structure REFERENCES: and form. Rl The word "onhodox", stems £r00l Greek onho - (meaning "correct", or "right", or Entrenched as dogma, the Cohn-Koch view was taught to many even upright) 8I1d dOll ("opinion"), the lane: coming from the verb, dokein ("to think," Americans w.ho went to Germany to study medicine after the tum of the or "to see..m"). Traced to its roots, orthodoxy thus cOnnotes "opinions that seem, or are century and who" in tum, bro.ught it back to tbe United States where, YLOlIgl!tto be correct" becoming the ruling outlook, it brooked no opposition. R2 Untranslatable into any Olher langyage, the word "maverick" denotes one who refuses to abiQe by the dictates of his grOllP, in other words, a "dissenter", Mosl people do nOl know Ithat its etymology comes s~ighl out of the cowboy cullure of the "Old IN LIEU OF A CONCLUSION: THE TRAIL WINDS Wesl where the term was applied to an unbranded. or orphan, range calI or foal traditionally considered the property of the tim person who brands it. The English AHEAD speaking word is indebted [0 an early fens cattleman, Samuel A. Maverick (1809·J870) who did nOl brand his calves, for involuntarily donating his name to its lex..icon. What I have presented to you is only an account of a personal trek R3 The world, and perhaps the only, expen on Reichs bion research is Dr. Bernard into tbe mysterious country inhabited by pleomorphic organisms. I Grad, professor of biological sciences recently retired from McGill University in gave it to you "piecemeal" so that you could sh(lre the uncertainties and MQ!!treaL In his student days, Grad spellt - surprises met along the trail that are normal to any expforation. much time working with Reich at ContinlJ~d 011 pag~ 68 APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-35..
    • that appear solid to other solids. Aside from projected "mind powers", physical objects themselves, with their inter-dimensional cording, represent our only handle on that realm of predestination. Move things around down here rn an ordered fashion, and ,interpenetrating cmmanations, sustaining a whole network of conceptually related phenomena, must realign back at their ultimate source. Life is a two way street that meets where youre at. "As above, so below", AND vice versa. Grasp the reciprocaF threads of creation with SYMBOLISM, and dreams become reality. Radionics adheres to electronics as a self-contained system of manifestation ... an amplifying waveguide for sheltering our PERSONAL intent from the cosmic storm. Unlike ritual articles, limited in potential associations by their OWN identity, its tuning is by Peter Nielsen ©11992 the UNIVERSAL language of mathematics, enactedl upon a pure carrier energy, in numeric proportions of inertia, resistance or stress. Although some persons insist a diagram, talisman, or macrame works as well, these rely on personal empowerment" and fall outside TIPPING THE iJCEBERG the advantage of our self-propelled devices. f youve read the last two articles in this series, you may If youve been watching television, you know theres more to reality than meets the eyelids. The signals are propogated as abstractU now believe that each material thing is no more than a condensation of cosmic energy, brought about by intellegence codes which are translated into believable magic by the . invisible, converging lines of force. Interdependency is idiot box. We cannot dis-guise the fact that we are also hapless • the web of life. You saw plans for building a simple receivers of sensory fields, but we can change the content of the device, capable of altering reality by refocussing these incoming signals at their source, by programming theirwhere .they originate, in a world of instantaneous cause and effect REFLECTION from our end. This implies a conscious balanceparallel to our own. Instant equates to no space, no distance ... or all between receptivity and projection, the razors edge of >occultism.possibilities accessible "here", relative to each Radionic operator. It Anything else is locked into ltoy land, karma, or secondary resonanceobjectifies the inner freedom of the mind. effects. In optical science, this retroactive process is termed "time- This final pan offers practical advice for improving life, in the reversed waves". Of course, 100% true reflection is BEING theform of a utopian faoJasy. You know, like tie-dyed curtains in storm.Parliment House. So we can speak freely about health customs, the"people" in our story are not really human. Well call them CLASSIFIED MATERIAL - NOT FOR HUMANS"Panians", because Ithey eat Mars candy bars ... but only halfway at a Armed with Radionic fervour, our intrepid Partians now set out totime. Certainly, they get progressively closer to the end, but never finish the world. Lets take a few excerpts from their own "Realityactually finish. Its a sarvival adaptation to therecession. Every one Engineers Handbook". The order roughly follows the flowchart inof them is just now completing their own Radionic set ... and has the previous article. 011, perhaps youre wondering how they everbeen for the past five months. Thats why we could wait till this finished theiT instruments? Upon reading the above paragraphs jnissue to reveal the final SECRETS. Sit back and be confounded. pre-publication form, they realised that while half a chocolate bar is always half of a chocolate bar, the whole chOcolate bar is half oli ,up THE SYSTiEM some larger reality ... and so on in ascending order oj significance. The circuit illustrated is an electronic upgrade of the one in "Pan They declared the recession over, and enteted upon the graduatedTwo" (Nexus VoU, #.5). Some of the wiring paths need to be path of completion. With broader horizons, the smaller thi.ngs arechanged. If youve been using the previous design, you should starting to get done.ootice a marked difference in performance. And why not? Look atall those extra bits, each one an everJl>ubbling atomic stew, frozen UPDATED TECHNIQUESlike a TV diner in the present moment of our awareness. Dont look Consult previous articles for preliminary instnlction. Your newnow, but their immediate future is being coagulated out of the equipment has an on/off switch, and self-flashing LED to pumpformless ethers "up there" in electricity through a 250 ohm reed relay coil. AU, including "donut"HY.P..E.. .R S P A C E - and you are holding ,the rnagnets, are sold through Tandy. This serves two purposes. Itcookbook. Eternal change IS matter, node.s of compacted vibration transfers the tuning to external carriers in nature., without the needlAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-37
    • If for an earthing wire, and! the intenup~d sJgnaJ has greater reactivity OBTAINING ENERGY SURCHARGE on target. By substituting the ELF oscillatOli on pages 38-41 of The added input socket admIts extra force to the whole circuit, Nexus Vo1.2,#3,and "errata" on page 36, of Nexus VoU, #4, the using a single lead from EXTERNAL COLLECTORS ... the magnetic coil can be ADJUS1iED to stabilise the operators mental Radionic motorists equivalent to burning rubber. Attach an activity when tuning, or coincide with the vibrationa. affini,ties of an intended recipient during broadcast. Set it wilth a dowsers insulated wire to the apex of a ,Pyramid, a shiny disk in the sun, pendulum, "stick plate", or just knob it until the flickering LED feels magnets, holy water, spiral coils, photo of the guru, wrap it arround a "right". Subliminal intervention from competing realities at all crystal, run it up a tree, tape it to your head while meditating on the points along the "line-of-action" is also reduced. voidl ... illl short, anything perceived as an untainted power source. Some are bipolar, with retrun lines of force to a "negative" zone. Also, when the mind is over-active, IN-tuition may be obscured. Help isolatc the outgoing energy by sett~ng up oth.er sources in Calm it with the radiated influence of SLOWER frequencies in the geometric opposition to the return flow. Dont use the mains, please. more receptive alpha and theta range. You can then selectively Partians used this technique to demonstrate not being half dead. God isolate what is happening inside the box, as though it were an extension of your own consciousness ... like listening far seize it all. cockroaches at a CWA luncheon. Want an amplifying jolt from electrons in the wild? Place a "magneto-hydrodynamic" loop of wir~ aroun.d fallillg water, or send CONDUCTIVITY up ,some thin wire on a hclium balloon. Both will produce a Remember, each energy source you choose has its own "rules", respectable voltage gradient, but at infintesimal current. Direct this and advantages. Its movement MUST be only one-way, and through your target,ing input plate, and tuners, to the lower polemial rclatively free of identity, like clear water from a dam. Tuning of earth. Use a zero-resistance circuit employing substance transfer, ••••• " .:• • • • • . • • . u •.•• _ • _ _- . " " " __ _ •• i or inertial vcc.tors ... see seclion below. Try diode and. capacitor arrays to rectify stray EM cnergics from the air. Compressed springs, strctched wires, sprung plates, Zen archery, your mother-in-law ... or anything else held in a state of tension, are reservoirs of compensatary force. Attach them by one wire to that section of the circuit you wish to cnlivcn. These can emit directional lines of force, suitable for in-series amplification, through curvature, like a lens. Visualise the pressure leaking off where stress is strongest, and drawing in whcre less. When the input and output terminal is wired to your right and left hand, respectively, a "bio- circuit" is created. This accentuates the dowsing response, or influence upon a living (non-human) subject when present NEVER requires linear motion, not turbulence. Electrons seek a hard-wired place an actual voltage potcntial across the body, or use other than conductive path to lower potential, with minimal added rcsistance. small batterics. Run wire in gentle curves, always insulated, ideally black. In addition to travelling that route, as "virtual" particles, focussed SUPER·SONIC DIVERSION magnetism, light, and mecl1anical stress can jump open space to a The hyperspatiat half of magnetic tape is sensitive to an zone of IcsseI concentration. Varying this parameter is a tuning in unsuspeeted1y wide range of environmental infiuences. It allows us itself, analogous to microwave cavity resonators. Make your circuit to take a recording at a known power spot, and play its quality of consistant with these ,properties. For instance, exclude light totally, energy back through a small speaker placed over the specimen and unless part of the process. Some purists use silk thread for non- plate for amplification. This obscure technique can also be used for electronic instruments. Well, even unflavoured dental floss might targeting and/or tuning. For instance, make three tapes ... yourself work in a pinch. One yet-to-be-explored area is fibre optics or reading something emotionally involving, a running stream, and a lasers, with controlled reflection, refraction and amplification of noisy street. Have each of the second lwoi played with tthe first, image-carrying photons into radiant geometric forms. where you cant hear thcm, and see if you can inwardly feel a difference. For optimal results, sit in the exact place where you PHI IN THE SKY made the voice recording, and at the same time of day. As always, keep the mind receptive and awa~e. Dimension the box its-elf to cosmic proportions, as representcd by the Phi "golden" ratio, Teleois, Fabacini series, etc. From the PIILGRIMAGE TO POWER interaction of these energy templates, in Ithe form of cyclic waves, Heres why its best to make your own Radionic Set. You can the infinite diversity of nature is wovcn. In other words, within them "charge" any object, or your lifes path, through CONSCIOUS, lies ALL potentialities, as a divine symmetry hidden behind the extraordinary effort. Vitality, or prana, is yet-to-be actualised mind biological limits of our own perception. Sciences fragmented essence. Why blow it? Thc energy ex~nded in construc..ting your am:mpts at control, by short-circuiting minute features of this Grand instrument, wh.en so dirccted by mental imagery, confers upon it a Design, have created a superficially elaborate world in conflict with "bank balance" of psychic force. Better yet, try building it with one itself. Work in concurrence with higher dynamics, such as planetary hand, and not get irritated. Simulation of this optional stress input is and lunar cycles, for unrestricted power. As you ascend the scale, accomplished by the three opposing magnets in our Nexus Radionic you will transmigrate into spiritual resonance with them. Wood is Set, but in tneory, there is no limit to your added input. Some claim easy, but no diminishing factor has been noted from opaque plastic the Soviets were "tuning" convergent radar beams, and nuclear or metal in active circuits. A circular enclosure, with harmonising explosions to create or destroy liangible interferrence [patterns ,at a flowpaths and tuners around its centre, results in a futuristic art distance. This is technological asceticism. The Amcrican plains object re.sembling a Disneyland space ride. Photos of oUI Nexus indians hung themselves from fish hooks. At peak thres.holds of instrument will appear in the next issue. faith and penance, miraculous transmutations occur. Ye Olde 38-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992 -
    • Religion was the first physics. Open your tree today at any branch. disembodied relay coil, f~tened south pole upward to its underside, accomplishes the same, assuming it, the tuning bank, and antenna are CORRECTING FLAWS IN FLOWS wired in series on the same active circuit. Non-conductive targeting Many farmers still dont know nature conserves "life" energy by material may also be clamped between two meml plates, as amoving in curves ... the path of least resistance on a spinning ball, capacitor in the path 0[ an AC carrier signal. See "Going All theteased by gravity. For instance, irrigation lines are traditionally laid Way" below.out in energy-depleting straight rows. This lost vitality, resulting inmore vigorous crops, may be restored to water with soft bends and FI NGERS OF FATEspirals, the dimensions of which might simultaneously impart a In place of potentiometers, try the following as variable geometryRadionic LUnlng. Place soil nutrients and pesticides ,on coonter- tuners. If you intend an electrical flowpatb, minimise their resistanceclockwise, flat spirals of flexible tubing, to draw molecular accordingly to balance reactivity and conductance. One variation isradiations downwards into the water flow. Conversely, APPLY aU a "pot" with a small electrolytic capacitor spanning the resistanceliquids using a clockwise vortex, toward plaots. This alters the spin between its two outer terminals. This forms a self-resonating "tank"ratio of transported chemical atoms, which, in normalising Lipon circuit, which can be tapped in tu.n.able proportions by the centrelanding, exert added influence. Wiper. For low power circoIts, a rotary switch, with o-} 0 positions Cooling water releases its stored charge, through contractive de- shorted by a semi-circle of wire, as used by Dr. Ruth Drown, offersexcitation of orbiting atomic fields. When cold, existing energy is no auenuatlio_n, while still imparting the desired inertial effect.more closely bound. Psychic events, translating from higher planes Typically, devices substituting variable plate oondensoIs, such as theof vihration, bleed off excess en.ergy, with a di£tinctive chill. Objects Hieronymus_ type, employ only two or three knobs, indexed 0-100becoming heated, draw lifeforce into THEMSEINES, at the expense over 180 degrees. Predefmed numbers are NOT necessary, if youof others. Water also behaves as a gravitational storage battery, custom-tunc for each purpose, by interactiDg ~ mental image of theimparting a psychic "lift" when falling, in proportion to the work desired effect with your filler nervous system (dowsing), as describedagainst gravity originally required: to elevate it. UP - OUT - HOT, in "Part Two" of this artIcle. This circumvents "diagnosing" theand DOWN - IN - COOL, correlate with depletion and dispersion of problem, and ensures that unknown variables are fully addresse~d.enlivening properties, including electrons, respectively. Incremented stress, or "tensor" fields, as a self-energised lUning AGRICULTURAL SUBSTANCE TRANSMISSION modality, can be fashioned of variable leaf springs, steer wires or deformable metal plates, something like New Age musical The molecular geometry of each substance gives off subtle rays. instruments. Mpltiplc pa~ of ANY configuration can be PlIDllleledUsing a Radionic Set to "broadcast" th.is radiational signature from a to admit several complementary influences at once to the circuitsmall sample of farm chemicals or insec:ticides is dirt cheap, andleaves no toxic residues. Place a photonegative of the crops on the ANTENNA = AMPLIFIER = TUNERinput plate. Cut out areas you wish .n.ot to be affected. Then add a In Radionics, all design features are active, and to some extentbit of the alterative substance thereupon, augmented by a supportive interchangable. Depending on polarity, topology, and position withinsetting on the tuner, ihlesired. Do not let it contact the unstable film our circuit, the same structure can be an energy collector, radiator, in-emulsion directly. For general use any remedial agent, from circuit amplifier, or centripital vortex for accessing vibrations from agemstones to Geritol, may likewise be introduced to the magnetic targeting or influential substance. When several elements arevortex. Before sending, invoke the pendulum or stick plate to test arrayed in coded sequence of size, mass, shape, etc. to an initiated"yes or no" for their potenital efficacy. Tr.y superimposingtransparent film of various colours from the newsagent or ,.~"theatrical supply. For indications, we suggest,the book "ColourHealing" by Dr. Rueben Amber. In the absence of a targetingmaterial, immerse the instruments earthing wire in irrigationwater flowing to crops. Same ,principles apply experimentallyto treating livestock, or transfer of tuned vibrations to awater!brandy mixture for homeopathic simulations. Send $2 toNexus for a list of 300 dial settings for these at 30C potency. A simple on-site application can be made by driving an ironpipe halfway into! the ground, filling it with your preferr.edreagent, and capping it off with a magnet ... north facing down.Fasten a flat disk on top to c-ollect energising solar rays, andprotect ffQm weather. tlw3YS Uy to u_se golden ratios to boostthese "passive" devices. They may also incorporate purpose-tuned Radionic proportions within added structural elements,like a mini-cathedral. All land features eo_nwn natural lines oftransmitted force, and these implants are best placed, likeCeltic standing stones, where they intersect. Consult your ~ocaldowser. HOLY GRAIL An alternative to the metal input plate or cup, ,is a pyrex litwell, obtainable from scientific glassblowers .. iQI an ordinaryspite jar. Natural radiation from the "witness" may again betransferred by a stack of magnets, or wrapping a low voltagecoil around it, and securing with light-excluding tape. A SAFE PHOTOSYNTHESIS IAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-39
    • energy flow, a concurrent tuning is possible. A broadcast tuner can Several of these, when fed to at mixer, form a sophisticated ACTIVE thus be an open-frame, proportioned antenna with self-amplifiying tuning system, based on Fourier synthesis. White noise is another features, a clay pot, shamans drum ... or piece of jewelry. In a sense, winner. It contains all possible resonances, forsure-frre capture of everything in existence, living or inanimate, is its own Radionic set, targeting and tuning radiations, bandwidths unknown. M.odulation of stranded on one tuning. Mimicking this effect with simple materials, eitber carrier, at earth-resonant frequencies, ie. 3.5, 7.83, 10.5 Hz., offers unlimited possiblities. Examples anyone? I) Charge aids lossless propagation within the planetary field. When amplified, accelerates toward tbe outside of curved sufaces. Nesting a few in with most any conventional device, the relatively weak activity of our series, on a threaded rod through their centre, creates a unidirectional programmed subtle energies is boosted far above normal ambient flow. Bicycle bells, copper float balls cut lin half, or the top of metal levels, as ,Part of the electronic signal. A steP-liP transformer may be ball hitch covers are ideal for this. Use uniform spacers of rubber matched to this output for even greater voltage p.otential at the hose ... or, you guessed it, cut these to proportional lengths to impart antenna. For instance, when reversed, a 240 to 12 volt rating," a simultaneous tuning. Add a witness, a few donut magnets, and provides a theoretical increase of 20 times. Other chQices are auto shove it in the ground ... or any output antenna accessing lesser coils, TV flybaclc, or 8 ohm to IK audio transformers. If you want to potential. 2) Wind two identical coils from solid insulated wire, one ride electrons, these run negative to positive. The convention is clockwise, one anti-clockwise. Join them together at one end and compensatory, or current flow, in the opposite direction. Experiment solder to circuit. Attracted energies, precessing in opposite with "form resonance" by matching a generaled frequency to hand- directions, will oollideat the junction, releasing acquired inertial built wire geometries, ie. pentagram, triangle, circle, to enhance their force. A tuning could be effected with several, by ratio of turns, metaphysical properties. Makes good output antennas too. diameter, geophysical orientation, mechanical compression ... ad i,nfinitum. 3) Form a seven-turn, counter-clockwise downward TIGERS TAIL - OUTPUT END SPIRAL, from 1/16" brazing rod on a plastic funnel. Place targeting For ELECTROMAGNETIC propagation - A straight antenna of "witness" inside. Captured particles speedl up as they progress from suitable wavclength. Wire fence around a field. Aluminium window large to small diameter. Use singly as an amplifier, or in multiples frames. Spirals. Coils of suitable resistance. Metal stakes in the for a self-energised tuning bank, each having a movable clip, wired in ground. Piezo-electric crystals. Copper screen. Hat plate capacitors. ser,ies with the others, to pull off energies to a lower gradient at Tubular caps project a straight line of force. NON-INDUCTIVE or dissimilar points along their path, thus effecting numeric "scalar" modes - Deliberately converging any equal forces, dumps relationships of velocity between them. 4) Thread wire in and out their kinetic energy, and any infolded tunings, into the immediate through the hole of a speaker magnet, wrapping the whole environment, or at the targeted site. One way is through a zig-zag of circumference. Align your flow so it is carried by the toroidal field ... parallel wires or conduits, with the flow in each adjacent one inward through the centre, at the south pole, out of tile north and opposite to the next. It also crinkles the gra-vitational pre.ssure, around the outer diameter back to south again and again. At Ithe end admitti.ng Ii brea.th of fresh air and levity. Caduceus coils. Mobius of the winding, you come out the centre ,at north, and keep on going. strips. "Black body" radiators. Opposing magnetic or electrostatic Tune by varying turns ratio between several in hooked up series. fields, water jets, Sumo wrestlers, etc. Observe FCC regulations on legal signal strengths at commercial frequencies, to avoid zero vector GOING ALL THE WAY cancellation with the authorities. Pulse the circuit with an XR 2206 function generator, optimising frequency and waveshape for each broadcast with your stick plate. BE TH£RE NOW RlTiUAL To determine if your periodic transmisions are working toward the desired cummulative result, at the beginning of one session do this. With the rate set, turn an unused knob to "ten". While doing the pendulum or stck plate, rotate it slowly, as if to take about six seconds to reach "zero". At some point on the scale, you will get that sticky reaction, indicating the pre-existing level, on target, of the property you wish to augment. After a half hour broadcast, do it again. The number should be higher, verifying a reorganization of subtle energy toward your intended purpose. This intuitive system can be Us.ed for any distant quantita.live reading, as defined by your wimes.s and tuning. For mineral prospecting, lost persons, or remote archeology, plug a pointer into J.he input socket. Run it first aiong the horizontal, and then vertical border of a map. while rubbing the stick plate. Mark where you get each affrrmative response, and plot the intersection. HaYe a sample of that which you seek on the plate, or find a representative rate on the dials. Measure with intensity reading before digging. Theres a lot of gold teeth in cemeterys. IMPROVISING CIRCUITS Working with limited resources is tackled, by adopting this systematic approach. Its a s.hort course in bush temple architecture. Ask yourself Ithese questio.ns: I) Is there an energy source handy? 2) Can ~ find materials to 40-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • conduct it? 3) Are there objects that can be moved Ito tune this flow timed to your heartbeat. Grab the kitchen plumbing with the other,? 4) Can the tuned energy be made to procede uniformly inward or and hold on. The sound melody of three notes may be recorded onoutward? 5) If the effect is to be distant, do I have a targeting tape and recirculated automatically by fastening a speaker, withspecimen? In most cases the answer should be, "yes". Here are four tlouble-sided tape, over a photo of yourself on the back of the piegraphic examples ... compOSite techniques from hard-core pan. Hum it during the day. Clip the tuned output to a water tapresearchers. To avoid dissipation, it is important to limit the target when leaving.area and! extent of influence as far as practical. Change which isgrandioise, or in serious conflict with prevailing factors, necessitates WHY GOD MADE APPLIESsuper-human dedication. Find the weakest link that wiJI initiate Using a pendulum or stick plate, ,find a numerical relationship toresults you can see, one that is dynamic by nature, and build upon assist your unhealthy tree ... say 4-7-2-3. Get a scales and weigh orthat momentum. cut rocks, to the same dynamic ratio. Or, you can have a potter PAST LIVES AT STONEHENGE make an entire set of ceramic ones for you. Tie these, just off the ground, to a strong branch with cord, begining with "4" farthest from For this you will need to find a natural vortex outdoors (ascending the trunk. Beats garden gnomes as a conversation piece. You canor descending, as required) by dowsing " or create one on the living also make Radionic windchimes by cutting aluminium tubing toroom carpet, using a strong magnet or crystal. Remember, the north- proportionate lengths. The antenna is your ears, and whateversseeking pole pushes out, and the south pulls in. On levelled ground, between them.circle this with quartz crystals at measured intervals to represent thenumeric sequence of a Radionic tuning, when swept radially. If there HEALING AND THE LAWarc seven digits, leave one eighth of the circumference vacant as a In the UK and Europe, Radion.ics is legal, and on par with"reset". When the north pole is facing upwards to>Temove unwanted Homeopathy as a therapeutic modality. Even the Royal Familyqualities from the soil, the crystals should be pointing outward, and supports it. Its practice does not preclude me(lical knowledge, and sothe proportional spacing begun just clockwise of the blank section. most operators are accredited in some professional capacity. In theThe reverse is true for implementing the linjective south pole. Nice USA, usage is tolerated only on oneself, I believe, or under licensedhealing or meditation ceremony. research. Energetic remedies of ,all JPromising kinds have been COSMIC DIPYARD vigorously contested by vested interests, resulting in restrictive We came to a natural environment with trees, open space, and a legislation. This even applies to Radionic agriculture in some States.rocky stream .., but brought our work-related migrain-e with us. Lets The vision of thousands of laymen diagnosing illness with apparenttransfer its negative energy to water. Dig a counter.clockwise spiral success, across vast distances, from a half-empty box, wasinto a firm level !bank, with a depression at the centre. A bucket particularly haunting. In Australia, the picture is typically vague,works well to prevent cave-ins. Use a pendulum to dowse out the and calls for a play-it-safe approach. Never make claims or recieveplacement of stones along its circllit !hat will relieve your headache. payment. As an unlicensed practitioner, vibrating other persons withStake them in place with twigs. Make a channel from the running a scientifically quaint device could make you liable, and it iswater to the outermost circumference, and sit or stand in its path. definitely unethical without their consent. Its sort of like this.Dislodge the root system of a climbing vine, leaving the top attached, Radionics may come under c.oser government scrutiny if eitherand place it on your ,head as an antenna. Beware of tree snakes and promoted "fraudulently" ... or demonstrated capable of influencinglightning storms. Bailout the hole periodi·c;a:lly to prevent ovcrflow, public servants and industrialists over distance. But how can youand dump it thoughtfully downstream. outlaw rocks? [nteresting dilemma, but then were are as many uses PIZZA THE ACTION for reality engineering as there are realities. In the ihome, place a pizza tin facing the sun. Clip on a wire, andconnect it in series with a tuning bank of three identical waterglasses.Hold your intention in mind, and fill each to a different level, usingthe laminex countertop as a stick pad, Remedial substances, foodcolouring, etc. can be added to the water. Some people can tastethese when hooked up. Try cayenpe peppper for amplification.Wrap a wire leading from the last container around the handle of aspoon. Hold it in your left hand, ringing the glasses in sequence,
    • Crop Circles - the mystery of the 20th century. Each year the patterns become more numerous and more complicated. We are pleased to present some of the best picto!:,rrams of 1991, as published in Crop Circles - Harbingers ofWorld Change. (See bodk review section). I DIAGRAM TO DIRECOON OF sffi""J LAY /,-j , -::---... -", "~~ If .~ ---r---. -!4 All hnear meuuremOllIS ",ben; taken usia& a 100 ft steel tape. F1gures In feet on die plan without dimension bDes indicate m~1S Illk= from X ud from Y on die spfral:. L- V"APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-43
    • • •~ •.. I
    • LI) "<t • Ul ::J x UJ ZI >- ~ I ....J C2 0- «
    • >- -< ~, ...J ii2 Q... -<••
    • One such study conducted by Lewis E. number of instances with mild injury, Mehl, M.D., of the University of with minimal neurologic symptoms, Wisconsin Infant Development Center going unnoticed clinically or being reviewed 2,000 births, nearly half of relegated to the category of cerebral which had taken place at hOQle. palsy".] ... There were 30 birth injuries among In 1984, the Academy for Research in the hospital-born children, and none the Chiropractic Sciences (ARCS) among those born at home. concluded an [8 month study on the ... 52 of the babies born in the hospital relationship of crib death and spinal required resuscitation versus only 14 of structure and found that babies that had those born at home. died of crib death had abnormal spinal ... 6 hospital babies suffered alignment in the upper neck area. neurological damage compared to one References: 1. GUlmann G, "Blocked Atlantal Nerve born at home. SYlldrome in Babies and Infants", Manuelle (Source: "Statis.tical Outcomes of Medizin, (1987) 25:5-10 Home Birth in the United States". Safe 2. St Louis Post Dispatch CAP) May 3rd, 1984. Alternative in Childbirth, by David 3. Gilles etal, Infantile Allimlooccipital Stewart, PhD. Published by NAPSAC, Instability, Am. 1. Dis. Child., 133:30-37,1979. 4. Towbin, A., lAtent Spinal Cord and Brain Marble Hill, MO. USA 1976) Stem Injury in Newborn Infants, Develop. Med. Child. Neural: L"969, 11,54-68. CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT FOR BABY PROBLEMS YIELDS VDT RADIATION OANGER SUCCESS! Summgry by: D. Lauffer In the German medical journal, The New Yorker recently ran a series Manuelle Medizin, the authors Gutmann of articles under tne heading of "The and Fryman reported examining a Annals of Radiation" by Paul Brodeur. random group of 1,250 babies, 5 days They covered reseaFch and the wter birth. 211 suffered from vomiting, industry responses to possible dangers hyperactivity and sleeplessness. from a variety of radiation sources. Manual examination revealed spinal The articles covered power hnes, abnormalities in 95% of this group. microwave sources and Video Display Spinal adjustment "frequently resulted Terminals. Brodeur relies heavily on POLIO FROM NAPPY in immediate quieting, cessation of the work of severa~ epidemiologists, Southampton, UK: A man has crying, muscular rdaxation and microbiologists and the maverick, Louiscontracted polio from the soiled nappy sleepiness". Slesin. editor of the Microwave Newsof his niece, who had been vaccinated Various studies have confIrmed that and the VDT News. The VDT articleagainst the disease just days before, spina~ damage in infants can cause appeared in the 6-26-89 issue of theaccording to local doctors. disease and even death. 2 New Yorker. (Source: Weekend Australian, 25/26th Abraham Towbin, a Harvard Brodeur points out that the grQupsJanuary 1992) University pathologist found evidence most likely to fund research into of spinal injury in many cases of radiation dangers are the military, IHOMEBIRliHS ARE SAFER unexplained crib deaths, hyaline computer and electronics ACCORDING TO STUDY membrane disease, pneumonia and manufacturers. All of these have a Many studies have shown home birth respiratory depression. But there are vested interest in downplaying healthto be safer for both mother and child. otherS": "... there must exist a large hazards associated with regular use of50-NEXUS APRI L-MAY 1992
    • EWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEVDTs both by the public and by their role of magnetic fields in these ranges THE VORTEX GUNown personnel. in the increased incidence of childhood Dr. PhiIhps Thomas, research The medium most likely to spread cancer. These are usually associated e..ngineer of the Westinghouse Electricdetailed information about hazards with power lines near ,residences. & Manufacturing CompWlY, picked upwould be the newspapers, who have what appeared to be a small copper and Epidemiologists have also notedreporters, editors and clel1ks who take brass drum with an aperture some two increased incidence of cancer in adultclassified ads all of whom might hold inches in diameter in its head. By meansthem responsible for heal~ risks. The VDT operators. of a tubular peep sight affu.ed to the topColumbia Journalism Review has of the drum, he aimed the aperture atdocumented the lack of coverage by the one of a row of lighted candles aboutpress in articles in 1981 and 1984. ten feet away, and then tapped the backAdditionally, there is documentation of the drum with a rubber hammer.that NIOSH and the FDA have been 1aJ. Instantly the candle was extinguished.in pursuing problems in this area, even He repeated the performance half athough they had announced studies of dozen times, and each time the strikingthe problem. of the metal drum was followed by the The major hazards no longer involve extinguishing of a candle. He pointedthe X-Rays which had been emitted by the aperture at a gong, tapped thc drum,the CRTs and consumer TVs in the past. and the gong rang. In each case, it wasThey seem to lie in the magnetic as though an unseen projectile had beenradiation emitted by transformers fired from the strange device.associated with the changing image on These seemingly miraculous fcatsthe VlDT. Epidemiologists have noted were accomplished by an invisible ringhigh incidence of miscJUTiages among of .air, a smoke ring without the smoke,VDT operators. This seems to shot from the aperture by the force withcorrespond to res_earch on Extra Low which DF. Thomas struck the back ofFrequency radiation (ELF) and Very the drum. Called a VORTEX GUNLow Frequency radiation (VLF) which (remember the WHIRLWINDare emitted by components such as the CANNONS of the Germans duringfly-back transformer in the VDT. These WWII...Vangard), and designed on thecomponents are often near the outside basis of elaborate mathematicalof the device, and are even more I-ikelyto send radiation to the sides or to the --. _---- ....back of the terminal. Embryology research on chickens byDelgado, who has taught at Yale,indi-cated that serious changes werecaused in early development by 100Hzmagnetic radiation. The results wereconfirmed in a Swedish study, whichled to bannling VDTs which are notshielded for VLF in Sweden as of 1988.IBM now markets a VDT (onlyavailable in Scandinavian Countries)which meets VLF guidelines. Otherre-search has found Ithat as little as 15minutes of exposure to ELF acceleratesDNA/RNA transfer in insects. Thiswould indicate a potentia~ for problemsin fctal development {or early stagepregnant women, who work at VDTs. s• .... ,....:;p... An additional area of problems is theAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-51
    • EWSCIENCENEWSCIENCENEcalculations by Westinghouse scientists, Westinghouse engineers have days, and for a quarter of a century hethis device embodies the first practical consuucted experimental vortex guns in was a public character, matntained thyapplication of the well-known principle two sizes. The hand model, the contributions of those who believedof vortex motion. demonstrated by Dr. Thomas as part of in the future of the inventions based on Good examples of this motion are the the equipment of a traveling lahoratory his discovery.common smoke ring which almost all with which he has been touring the The supposed new forc,e wassmokers can blow, and the funnel- country, is about eight inches in explained by Keely as resulting fromshaped twister cloud familiar to anyone diameter. the intermolecular vibrations of etherwho has Ii ved in the tornado and It shoots a vortex ring with a diameter (Aether).cyclone belts of the Middle West. of from two to three inches. which His problem was to construct a The twister, however, is ONLY travels at a speed of 20 feet per second. machine to respond to the vibrationsHALF QF A VORTEX, it moves only if The ring carries so much force that the and in that way produce power. (Refera wind is blowing, and always travels at impact can be felt at about 2$ feet to the Melde Experiment.) In 1874 heright angles to the ground. (SoUTce: Popular Science - August -1942) had advanced far enough in the A smoke ring, which is a true fabric-ation of such a mach~ne, orVORTEX RING, will move in any Mini-Bio of: John Ernst Worrell engine, to permi~ exhibitIons at hisdirection, according to th_e initial Keely Sept. 3, 1827 - Nov. 18, workshop.impulse, and owing to Ithe vortex 1898 Such results as he could show amazedmotion, the smoke will remain in the Inventor and imposter, grew up in the general public, but physicists andring as long as it is moving. PhiladelphIa, Pa., where his career was engineers declared that the same results THE MORE RAPID THE MOTION, run. Both his parents died while he was could be obtained by employing knownTHE FARTHER THE RING WILL GO an infam and he is not known to have forces, and until Keely would prove theBEFORE BREAKING UP. had any schooling after the age of exclusion of such known forces from The rings or miniature whirlwinds twelve. his experiments they would refuse toshot from the vortex gun confonn to the He had beeo for a time leader of a believe in his discovery.behavior pattern of the smoke ring as small orchestra and in certain more or Nevertheless, the Keely Motorblown from the mouth. Their size and less apocryphal stories he figured as a Company was incorporated and thevelocity, aDd the distance traveled, circus performer. stock was taken in large amountsdepend uP-On the dimensions of the gun In 1872 he was a journeyman throughout the country.and the force with which it is struck. carpenter, but in the foHowing year, As time passed without the perfectionThey are always invisible unless smoke when he announced the discovery of a of Keelys mowr or the sec uring ofor some other visible substance is put new physical force, he seems to have patents, the stockholders grew impatientinto the i!un. ceased that occupation for the rest of his and by 1880 payments to the inventor ~52-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • EWSC lEN C E N EWSC lEN C ENEvirtually ceased and the bills he had investigating Keelys work, at the a water motor.incurred remained unpaid. request of iBloomfield-Moore. The exposure was complete and When bankruptcy was facing him a His report was never published, but unanswerable. A Philadelphiawealthy Philadelphia woman, Mrs. after his return to London Keelys newspaper suggested that the "motor"Clara S. J. Bloomfield-Moore, came to patroness withdrew her assistance. be exhibited to the public, but no onethe rescue and financed his operations Keely was now an ,old man, afflicted had the heart to act on the suggestion.for many years. with Brights disease. At his death, on Keelys secret was out at last. But Meanwhile the Keely Motor Nov. 18, 1898, the Keely Motor nothing s..hort of his death kept theCompany brought suilt to compel a Com pafiy had more than 3,000 public from trusting bim.disclosure of the secret and Keelys shareholders. References:refusal to answer questions ted to his In their interest the companys E. A. Scott, "The Keely Motor," Proc.imprisonment for contempt of court. officers arranged with the widow, Anna Engirre-ers Club of Phila., Vol XIV (1897) A compromise was reached, however, M. Keely, to have a [thorough JUJlius Moritzen, "The E,X!:raordinary Storywithout the divulging of the secret, and examination made of all the apparatus of John Worrell Keely" Cosmopolitan Mag.Keely was released. left in Keelys workshop. Apr.l899 In 1887 experiments were conduct"ed The ensuing investigation, friendly ~n Chas. Fort, Wild Talents - 1932Appktonsfor the United States Government at motive, resulted in the uncovering of Ann.Cyc. 1887, l898Fort Lafayette. The Keely Motor tubes in the form of hollow wires by Pub. Ledger (Phila.), Nov. 19, 1898 andCompany retained its faith in the which compressed air had been applied editorial, Jan. 30, 1899inventor and continued to market to the machinery claimed to have been Clara S. J. Bloomfield-Moore, Keely andstocks. operated by the mysterious new force. His Discoveries (1893) and articles In 1895 Professor Lascelles-Scott, the In some instances compressed air had supporting Keelys claims in LippincottsEnglish physicist, spent a month in been used to start clockwork, but more Mag. July 1890, Dec. l892 and in the NewPhiladelphia for the purpose of generally hydraulic power, derived from Sci. Rev. July 1894, Apr., July, Ot;l. 1895,APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-53
    • "- STRANGE DOORKNOBS involving doorknobs. As a result, they were drunkards who had somehow FOUND ON PARK TRE,ES are considering the eVent a prank or an saturated their bodies with flammable artistic statement unless, as one police spirits and accidentally set themselves CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (DEC. 31) officer speculated, "its an ambitious on fire. UPI. - Fifteen trees in a city park have squirrel." Other ancient beliefs regarding the been fitted out mysteriousEy with Since the trees are owned by the city, phenomenon attributed it to the victims doorkno-bs, and police are coming the event is being investigated as a_case merely being sinners who were being unhinged trying to figure out why. of mischief. Feldmann said. He said punished by divine JX)wers. The used doorknobs were carefully city workers wiU remove the doorknobs An anomaly associated with death by attached, along with their locking "and plug Ute trees so all the sap doesnt lightning is that the bodies of people mechanisms, apparently sometime run out". killed by lightning have been observcd Monday night or Tuesday morning, to decompose at a very rapid rate. says Sgt. Steve Feldmann. "People walk their dogs inr this park SPONTANEOUS IHUMAN In the case of SHC. the COMBUSTION decomposition process is much more and someone caHed this morning and told us about it." Feldmann said. One of the greatest mysteries known ra,pid. He said a white ribbon was tied to to man is when a living human body Not only does the process occur in a eacb of the trees about seven feet off suddenly bursts into flarnes and rapidly matter of minutes. but the fire ONLY the ground. And, on each, about three burns to ashes. This phenomenon has CONSUMES LIVING FLESH, leaving feet off the ground, dourknobs were been known throughout history, yet to almost untouched the clothing and installed on opposie sides, as if to date no one has discovered how and surroundings of the victim. suggest a strolleF could open a door on why it takes place. Olle of the most thoroughly one side. walk through, and exit The victims of the SHC phenomenon documented cases was that of Mrs. through a dOOF on the other. have little in common though many Mary Reeser, who was suddenly Police checked with experts on the have a history of alcohol abuse. consumed on the night oOuly 1, 1951. occult and satanism, but were told there Indeed. a 19th century theory The following morning, Mrs. is no known mystic symboHsm concluded that people afflicted by SHC Reesers landlady took a telegram to APRI L-MAY 1992 NEXUS-55
    • THE TWILIGHT ZONEher apartment. The doorknob was Most interesting Qf all was why the In our study of the suppressivefound to be too hot to touch, which wal~ behind the chair was not scorched, effects of Deuterium i.n living tissues,caused the landlady to call for help or why a pile of newspapers less than a there is much to support this,from two painters working in the area. foot away were not burnt. panic-ularly when considering that all The door was opened and a hot blast An FBI statement concerning the living tissues utiliz.e a form of atomicof air rushed from the room. What was incident concluded that Mrs. Reeser fission.left of the 67 year old lady was found had taken ber usual sleeping pills and Accounts from ancient Indian textsin an annchair. fallen asleep in the chair while state that people lived from 2,000 to Around the chair, a blackened circle smoking. Experts testifted that even if 10,000 years in the time oftthe Vedas.on the floor, a few coiled springs, a her clothes had caught fire, the burns When the great wars of ancient Indiacharred liver, a fragment of backbone, a would be only SUPERFICIAL. came about, atomic weapons wereskull SHRUNK 10 THE SLZE OF A Foremost pathologist Dr. Wilton undoubtedly used. Later records fromFIST, and just on the edge of the Krogman investigated the case and Biblical accounts give the humanscorched patch, a black satin slipper, stated that it was ,the most amazing lifespan as up to 1000 years.enclosing a left foot BURNT OFF AT thing he had ever seen. Dr. Krogman After Sodom and Gomorrah, lifeTHE ANKLE. said that a human ,skuH shrunk by suddenly went from 100 to 500 max. Note particularly the shrinking of the intense heat, generated by normal This indic_ates a buildup of somethingskull, which could only happen in the means, usually has the opposite effect, in the atmosphere or soil which haspresence of an extremely hot flame. i.e. to swell. continued to degenerate the lifespan ofNot a flame which would be Another case was that of the all creatures, especially man.encountered with normally combustible Countess Bandi of Casena. Four feet Another most interesting observationsubstances. from her bed, in a heap of ashes, only regarding SHC cases is that the victims At the inquest, it was disclosed that her Ihead, three fingers and bot)l legs appear to have been in SOME KINDcrematoria normally use a temperature were found. This oc-curred sometime OF TRANCE.of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, sustained before J one 1731. An account by Dr. Bertholle in thefor UP TO FOUR HOURS, to Bow call such things bappen and investigations of a woman foundincinerate a body. what could be a probable causes? burned to death, reported that the room Even then, they must resort to Cade and Davis, in their book was almost unscorched. It was as if the body had been in an intense furnace,grinders to disintegrate the remains to "Taming of the Thunderbolts", suspect yet only the floor under the body hadthe state in which Mrs. Reesers body that ATOMIC FIRE, similar to those of been scorched.was found plasma physics, may be involved. Why hadnt the woman screamed out to Olhers of the household? Another bizarre case were the charred bodies of 5 men found sitting in casuaf pos~tions in a car on a backroad near Pikeville, Kentucky. Tbe condition of the car is not described, although the coroner was baffled at the absence of ANY SIGN OF A STRUGGLE TO ESCAPE. The term "Ultra-rapid holocaust" haS been applied by Eric Frank Russell, since much of the circumstantial evidence points to a quick and intense combustion. YOWI~ YOVlPPy On the 12th of May, 1890, a Dr. B.B. HartweH was driving through Ayer, Massachusetts. He was flagged down and called into a wooded area.56-NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • In a clearing he saw the crouched might be able to make a substance She says the National Parks andform of a woman with FLAMES which could selectively attract and bind Wildlife- Service in Griffith ,told her theBLAZING FROM HER Deuterium found in the body for phenomenon was caused by windySHOULDERS, ABDOMEN AND expulsion. Th,is approach is more conditions and "willy-willies".LEGS. attractive due to the removal of The N.P.W.S office in Sydney says At the time of this writing (July 30, Deuterium, instead of conversion, since that strong winds can pick up tidpoles1990), a young Chinese boy has been conversion entails the release of a and s.mall fish and carry them somefound in mainland China who bursts "radical" neutron. distance." That old "strong winds"into flames from his armpits and other Of course, such a release explanation again!areas of his body, as reported in a indiscrimately applied could cause strange problems including DNA/RNA The following column appeared inChicago paper. damage. For ,that reason, the binding Column 8 on the following Tuesday: People who try to help him also catch and subsequent removal is much to be "The raining fish in J erilderieon rrre, so the lad is kept isolated while preferred. interested Paul Cropper of Epping, whoscientists and doctors by to find the Compiled and plagiarized by Jerry has studied the phenomenon.reason for the phenomenon. If our thinking regarding the W. Decker. He says the explanation by thesuppression of nattlral atomic fission (Source: Ke.eyNet BBS. USA. National Parks and Wildlife Serviceprocesses by the natural presence of Contact Vanguard Sciences. PO Box that the cause is gusty winds or willy-Carbon as well as the continuing 1031, Mesquite. Texas. 75150 USA) willies may be simplistic. "If ,the fishconsumption of Deuterium in the form are scooped up out of the water, why isof heavy water (020) miX"ed with H20 FALLING FISH STORIES there no debris?".is correct, then perhaps the boy is in a The following item, reprinted in its However, Bob Beale, our sciencesuper- critical state with little to entirety, appeared in the papers correspondent, says there are dozens ofsuppress the fission: process. Column 8 section: recorded cases of Ush, frogs and other It is possible Ithat combinations of "Hot yesterday, but down south in creatures being picked up and droppedfoods, environment, mental and Jerilderie on Tuesday it was raining by freak winds- and at least onephysical stresses, as well as fish". instance where sheep were sucked up inelectromagnetic or other energetic A local property owner heard a cyclone and deposited some distancedisturbances might be contributing thudding on her roof, and was surprised away in trees."factors if not the primary reason for the to find nearly 30 small fish scattered (Source: "Sydney Morning Herald".SHC phenomenon. across the roof and the front lawn. 4th January 1990. "Column 8" The current theory regarding SHC isthat its victims are inebriates, although orrrt7~(ltlRT/iiii~12nuSu~~essome neither smoked nor drank. i :> po,.lr We of Vangard Sciences, in /..OoK" SON. l"r:S -"-conjunction with some of our Research t. A.1<fi.S!Associates are studying the problemfrom the above atomic fission approachand win ,report on what we find throughOM newsletter and the KeelyNet BRS.. lJ/r Current experiments which we areulildertaking involve the use of a mirror I ,image of the Deuterium frequency(Bivalent state) into a homeopathicreagent. The idea is that at varying potencies,water structured in this manner will actto convert the Deuterium to its nextlower atomic state of Hydrogen. We also have a contict who thinks heAPRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS-57
    • RMfWS~·.. - - . . .., .. ".~. . m ",. = .. ...." ~ ._ .....__ RADIONICS .Reviewed by Duncan Roads The New Age Science CROP CIRCLES- Compiled by the Editors of The Journal of Borderland Research,USA Harbingers of VorJd Change Publ: Borderland Research, USA RRP:? (130pp large size softcoved Available: Sydney Esoteric BookshopTHEICROP ORCLE ENIGMA A must get for radionics researchers.A Range of Viewpoints From The Contains good chapters from peopleCentre of Crop Circle Studies. such as Riley H;!nsard Crabb, Peter A.Edited by Ralph Noyes Lindeman, Trevor James Constable,Publ: Gateway Books, UK Ruth Drown and Jay Christopher.Dist: Astam Books, NSW Covers the history, technical details,RRP: ? 192pages, soft-cover medical infonnation, interviews, and + more. ldirL..Jb;vCROP CIRCLES Al.l.CK n,HTl-lOLO,IIEW Great for novices and experts alike.Harbingers of World Change THE DEATH OF ROCK£TRYEdited by Alick Bartholomew The Story of the first successfulPubl: Gateway Books, UK research into how these patterns reactionless space drive and howDist: Astam Bodks, NSW compare with different ancient it uncovered one of the greatestRRP:? 192 pages, hard-back languages, rock art, clay tablets etc. errors in the h,istory of physics. Both these books are excellent. If By: Joel Dickinson with Robert Cook Each book has a good look at theyou are as fascinated by the "crop relationship between the positions of Publ: OP Systems, Inc., CA., USAcircle" phenomena as I am, then you the patterns with Earth grid lines and RRP: $44.00 (122pp, large soft-should definitely look at getting one, or related theories. cover)both of these books. The main difference between the two Availl: Sydney Esoteric Books_hop Each book I found covers similar books, in my opinion, is that the latter An excellent and essential book forground. For example, there are the contains many colour photographs of people interested in suppressedusual! photographs and diagrams of the the 1991 crop patterns, whilst the other technology. From Ithe Introduction:-patterns ,themselves, and then there is covers the earlier developments. "There now exists a new and unique58-NEXUS APRIL·MAY 1992
    • ----------~---.,-,,-.----type of propulsion system capable of RRP: $25.95. (246pp softcover) tantamount to Indian magic, orprofoundly influencing the future of Avail: Sydney Esoteric Bookshop "Medicine" as it is referred to. Madetechnology. We are talking about an I love a good mystery, and this book me feel like reading Carlos Ca,>tanedainvention that can convert energy to a is full of them. To me, the unexplained all over again after reading this.working force far more efficiently than can often offer us a chance to expand The book provides an excellentanything in use today, an invention that ,that which is already explained into a reference section, and! if you do read it,has already been tested and validated. larger picture of reality. All too often, you will probably change your view ofThis system, first introduced to unexplained phenomena are ignored history somewhat.scientific authorities over 11 years ago, because they "dont conform". You will be astounded and fascinatedis in essence a reaClionless drive. In If you are fascinated by fish or frogs at whgt you read in this book, I canusing this phrase we ,refer to a falling from cloudless skies, by assure you!propulsion system that does not have to fossilized human footprints 250 millionreact against some other medium or THE BlOOD AND ITS THIRD years old, by chains or nails found ANATOMICAL ELEMENTexchange momentum with its inside solid rock, by UFOs, or timeenvironment in order to propel. Rather, By A Bechamp travel - then you will love this book.the reactionless drive utilizes internal Publ: Veritas Press, GPO Box 1653 All in all a great collection of theforces generated from within the system researchers into Fortean type Bundaberg, Qld 4670. Australiaitself. phenomena RRP: $29.95 + $3.50 P+P The reactionless drive would, among Bcchamp is to medicine what Tesla isother wonders, enable us to attain NATIVE AMERICAN MYTHS & to modern day science - an MYSTERIES unrecognised genius. We have all heardalmost unlimited speeds lin outer space.Its astounding mechanical implications By: Vincent Caddis of Louis Pasteur,. originator of thereach to the core of quantum iPubl: Borderland Sciences, USA "Germ Theory", which has resulted in amechanics, gravity, and magnetism." RRP: ? U 83pp softc.over) multi-billion dollar industry known as If you want to know more, g-et this A fascinating book covering a the pharmaceutical industry - but mostbook. It has plenty of easy to fascinating topic. I have not seen many of us have never heard of Becharnp.understand, as well as technical info to books dealing with this subject. This is a book which I would likeback it up. Thoroughly recomm_ended! Includes the origins of the Indians, every doctor to read. (I would love to legends of underground races and know if your doctor has ever heard ofMYSTERIES OF TIME & SPACE tunnels, and other strange pieces of Bcchamp).By Brad Steiger history. In a nut shell, Bechamp discoveredPubl: Whitford Press, PA, USA Also covered in this book, is what is the TRUE CAUSE of disease, - I!_-- .... _APRil-MAY 1992 NEXUS-59
    • ., ill1fWS~ ~~.~=== something which goes beyond germs books on the dangers of vaccines and This is a very recently released book which Bechamp called microzymas. immunisations etc). I should add for which I thoroughly recommend to The book was written in 1899, and the rabid anti-right wing hysteriacs out people interested in UFOs, Atlantis, has been out of print for zonks (which there, that this is NOT the same Veritas archaeology, and anti-gravity. You will is slang for a long time). [cannot Press who publish right wi1g material. not be disappointed. recommend strongly enough that you I do wish you guys would get your facts It was one of those books I picked up acquire and read this book, and tell right. to review and could not put down till I your doctor about it What can I say, you have a chance to fmished readwg it. It has been republished by an get one of the most definitive books Australian business, Veritas Press, who written by a man with more degrees and A SECRFf COUNTRY specialise in publishing and selling qualifications than fifteen Louis By Uohn Pilger books on suppressed information. Pasteurs. H is a book th.at the Publ: Vintage Books, UK (They have a veritable gold mine of pharmaceutical companies would prefer This is another truly "must read" remained "underground". book. I thought I knew a few things THE PROMISE about Australia that werent generally by Dr. Fred Bell las told to Brad Steiger know, but the author of A Secret Country has excelled himself. Publ: Inner Light Publications, USA Dist: Sydney Esoteric Bookshop The depth of research will leave you stunned when you learn of a side of our RRP: $119.95 history not taught in schools. Wow! What a book. I often cringe Not just old history, but right up to when I see these hyped up American books and their covers etc, but this modem politics and the era of "mates" book was worth getting into. in Canberra. Dr Fred Bell is a highly respected I started browsing this book a couple engineer, and NASA rocket scientist of weeks ago, and found I could not put HIS amazing ta1e of meeting with it down. I was very impressed also at people from the Pleiades, plus the readability of the book. encounters with nco-nazi thugs in I dont think this book will be easily search of extraterrestrial artifacts reads found in bookstores. I found mine in like a cross of Raiders of the Lost Ark the Sydney Esoteric Bookshop and Star Wars. for$15.00. 60·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • THE FINE PRINT NAKED EMPRESS Animal experimentation, inevitablyAustralials Special Role in the New Or the Great Medical Fraud misleading, is .of course the alibi thatWorld Order By Hans Ruesch has been devised for extorting hugeBy Brian Wilshire grants for phoney research, and to Publ: (IVIS Publications, Switzerland safeguard the drug manufacturers fromPubl: by Brain Wilshire RRI?: $18.00 criminal prosecution whenever theRRP: $14- (see ad on page 67) Avail: Campaign Against IFraudulent deleterious effects of one more of their Guess what, this book, which has Medical Research, PO Box 729, noxious products can no longer !bebeen self published and distributed by NSW 2042.. Phone: (02) 602 6235 concealed. Then they can always sayBrian Wilshire, (welllcnown Sydney Following up his sensational "all the prescrired tests" (on animals)radio identity), has hit the best seller Slaughter of the Innoc({nt. this new had been conscientiously undertaken.list! expose shows how, with the !help of But not saying that they themselves, in Brian is a radio talk back show host press agentry the public has been collusion with the Health, agencies andwho makes no secret of subjects which brainwashed into equating medical care corrupt or misled politicos, haveinclude Big Brother, Government with health. whereas in fac£" exactly the imposed those tests.computer system surveillance, Oxygen opposite applies: modem medicine has This book is more than the usualtherapies, and conspiracy theories. become the principal cause of disease emotive "soft cuddly animals are being Brian has given excellent coverage to today. cut up for research" book. It activelyhuge audiences on many things that I proves that animal research is largely aam sure those in "power" would prefer HANS~UESCH farce, from medical research and I~~~"~··;··he did not. One such subject includes financial points of view.vote-scams. Using tbe unique access Naked Empress follows on from thethat a talk-back radio show has to the findings of Slaughter of the Innocent,people, Brian has helped lift/the lid on by the same author, which carefullythis and other subjects that you should documented the myth of vivisection,know about. and those who perpetuate this myth. As always, Brian provides plenty of Slaughter ofthe Innocent - $7.00references to his thought provoking Naked Empress - $18.00topics, in the hope that people take this tt; Vivisection is Scientific Fraud - $3.70sort of infonnation further. Tl-E Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical To obtain a ,copy, refer to his advert GREAT Research, POBox 729, Newtown. NSW. iV1EDICfI.L FRAUDon page 67. 2042. Prices include postage and packing.APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·61
    • " RMEWS~ ~, disappeare.d over Bass Strait all those that is two, three hour tapes. years ago. Basically, you get to hear and see me Included als.a is the famous shot of a !:alk on the flrst tape, followed by Peter strange light literally running rings Sawyer and latcr on by David Ash. around a Concorde in mid-flight! I guarantee that if you buy these THE UFO MYSTERY The other interview snippets ,include videos, you certainly win not be bored. by Network 23 Brian OLeary, Brian Crowley, Colin CROP CIRCLE Producer: Paul White Norris, Antony Drew, Keith Basterfield and iBill Chalker. COMMUNIQUE RRP: $34.95 (See ad on page 65) A very impressive video to say the With a running time of just over one by David McNish least It is probably one of the only hour, I think this is a fme video Ito have At the risk of losing friends (and videos on the s.ubject to come ou.t of in your collection, as it summarises a advertisers) I have to say i~, this video is Australia to my knowledge. lot of good info on the subject as dcfinitely the best one yct on the crop The material used on this video was presented by the fields leading circle phenomena. lllrawn from a wide variety of sources, researchers. To start with, it is produced by a most notable of which was The UFO couple of ex-BBC producers who have Mystery Conference, held at the Sebel JENI EDGLEY & FRIENDS done an excellent job. Town House in Sydney late last year. The beautiful and breathtaking aerial "NITTY GRITTY OAY ONEil The producer/s !have captured some shots of the patterns, are placed into a interesting footage of each of the by Jeni Edgley & Friends thoughtful global perspective in this speakers while they were "back-stage", PO Box 259/ Nerang. Qld video. with "shields down" so to speak. 4211. Ph/Fax: (075) 332 839 ,Included in this video, is a loo,k at the Also included is some footage of Stan A surprisingly high number of people two alleged hoaxers, Doug and Dave. Deyo from an interview taken early last Without even trying, the producers turned up from allover Australia to year. show them up to be total and absolute attend Jeni Edgleys, largely informal, There is a lot of pretty amazing frauds. Nitty Gritty Day One earlier this year. "throw-ins" for the UFO buffs who This video will soon be available on h was a day enjoyed by all, including know their stufr. For example I was the mass market, but get rin early, and me, and I was the first speaker! surprised to hear the Valentich radio support a Nexus advcrtiscr. The video/s of this day are twofold, transmissions taken just as he See rthe advert on this page for details. 62·NEXUS MARCH~APRIL 1992 -
    • -------~ really nice piece of aerial footage ot tne TAPES formations, accompanied by appropriate music - and this is it. The other feature of interest is the strange sounds recorded in and aroundTAlliES OF THE WIND the circles - (refer to Nexus Vol.2, #3).by Tony OConnor I understand that research is still going on into the nature and cause ofProd: Studio Horizon, Qld. these unusual noised, which are alsoDist: See advert on page 20 found on the tape. What can we say - our local boyTony has released yet anothernationally acclaimed title. Tales of the Wind takes takes hiswinning streak even further. Ali I said «( .®:I~~~~ ~QIJ~~~ tin a previous review for his last album,Mariner, Tony OConnors music standsout from th-e plethora of syntpesisedpan pipes abounding the new age stores RElAX WITH THE CLASSICSthese days. Volume Five - Pianissimo This new recording features ,thatspecial blend of pan flute and warm Prod: The Lind Institute, CA, USAorch-estral arrangements, once again Dist: New Age Mediacreating magnificent blend of RRP: see advert this page.instrumental magic. It also introduces At first glance you may be forgivendynamic piano and acoustic guitar. for thinking that this is one of those I can thoroughly reoommend this tapes advertised at 2.00 in the morningslatest release as a great gift idea, as on TV. But it is not.well as superb background music for As with so many things these days inthe home. this field, this tape is different. FOF more deurils, refer to the advert The music chosen by the Lind Inst.,for Studio Horizon on page 20 of this .has a perceptible tempo of 50 to 70issue, and remember, when responding beats per minute and varies in keyto ads ,in Nexus Magazine - tell them pitch, which they elaim is a frequencywhere you read it. that helps a}leviate stress in the body. Apparently, the music is soISHMARA Isuccessful that dentists and doctors,by Separate Reality therapist, students and others use it. On the music side, you can hear overProd: Ark Soundwaves, UK. an hours worth, which ineludes:-RRP: $15.00 (see ad opp page) Tchaikowsky, Debussy, Schubert, This is the music accompanying from Mendelssohn, Chopin, Bach, Ilyinsky,the video on Crop Circles by Colin Grieg, Scarlatti, Schutt, Kalinnikov andAndrews. Ravel. I must admit, that while watching the These piano masterpieces are evenvideo, I did think to myself - "Gee, this placed sequentially so that the order inmusics nice", but then I was pretty which you listen to them is importantabsorbed by the commentary most of too! (What will they think of next?)time. The music is performed by renowned At the end of the video, however is a Austrian pianist, Hans Kann.
    • Ii: )~~;~~1~;~~2j;:j~i:~!~1~1!~~i~l:~~~~~~~~~sclB:eiMl~A(~·S~:l5o.·CTto~~,l;~J~~:~W:.;~~;f~~t~~~~i~~8W,~~~Z~~~l.; Continued from pa~e 16 the conscious mind in order to Seduce the odours that enhance sales. Subliminals make subconscious is through anamorphic art. Few movies more exciting, "kick tripping the Hedges ran a nwnber of years ago (see diagram). have ever heard of it, much less recognize it or its audience," as it is called in the movie industry. As This two page spread aweared in January of 1972 potential dangers when they see it. the producer of The Texas CluJinsaw Massacre put in Look, ufe and a variety of other magazine. Its Thought to have first been discovered by it -perhaps more to the point, - "Subliminal a picture of a fight at a hockey game, which is known for its altercations. There doesnt seem to Leonardo da Vinci, it is a technique for distoning perception is a killer." be much to justify the time and money that went art in a precise and geometrical manner which The entry of subliminal persuasion into the into it, particularly since it was perceived for only allows the image to come back into focus when political arena is extraordinarily frightening. rwo to three seconds by most readers. viewed through an anamorphoscope - usually a VirtUally all ,political candidates who can afford Among the many perceptual tricks at work in polished cone or cylinder. There is ample a good ,ad agency have the word sex and perhaps this ad, is the retouch of the name of the hockey evidence that the subconscious irrunediately sees some of the other embedded in their campaign gloves manufacturer, located iD the foreground of and brings the picture into sharp resolution even posters. Those using subliminals are not the ad. Those wh.o smoke usually perceive ilhe Ithougb it may be unnoticed and incnmprehensibie guaranteed to win. Indeed, its rare that the word to be Cooper - the actual manufacturer of the to the conscious mind. candidate actually knows what makes his posters glove. But the word Iras been carefully retouched VirtUally everywhere you go you are constantly "get. o~t the .vote." But a~yone who doesnt,~se to ,read Cancer. And those who do not smoke being assaulted by subliminallprogramming. subhmmals liS almost destmed to lose, accordmg almost irrunediately read the word as it has been Radio programs have subliminal messages for to Dr. ~ey. . retouched. liS.tene(s, to "Let your eyes close ana your muscles Se:t ID the margarJne ad. Se:t on a Howard Why did the advertisers go to the troubl~ to relax." Jacksons place mat. Se:t on my ritz cracker and subliminally embed the word CQ/lCer in a cigarette Not (JIly are there subliminals on the radio, the all oV,er ,th~ face.of ~at young senatorial ~~inee. advert? Its possible that the ag-ency was trying to background music of some department stores, in I .can t ~h.eve It: I ~ ama.zed by .the ID.tncate, convey the meaning that Benson & Hedges had the newspapers, on television, and in all the print calculaung, cmSClOUS planmng of blg busmess to somehow won a victory over cancer - a cruel hoax media, but if you are ever arrested and given Jhe extract ~ore and more dollars out of a weary if that was their point. But more likely, they were third degree, it may be with the aid ofa third party unsuspecung populace. appealing ,to the self-destruct mechanism most _ tW9 cops and the voice of an unseen (and . And when Key tells me t~"pull o~t a fi~e dollar people have to some degree or another. For as probably unheard) person subliminally beckoning bill and .take a look a PreSIdent LlDcoln s peard advertisers well know, death sells. you to "confess" and "get if off your chest." ...That hilS deep, Almost too deep. Advenising has made use of similar motifs in a Some bakeries are now using special odors to S-E-X? In Lincoln,s beard? Come 00. Why? suhtler, subliminal fashion - with a style that sells. lure you, like a moth to the their goodies. Candy And who? One of the mosliJcg-illling ways of bypassing stores do tire same thing with spc_cially designc_d ~ / - 64-NEXUS APRil-MAY 1992
    • Continued from pUJ.:c 19 Darwin while astronomers accompanying donated the relic to me. After personally And at Darwin in 1879, workmen dug the expedition made observations of the inspecting the site of the discovery and theup an 80mm tall statuette of Shou Lao, the southern skies. strata from which it came, I was convincedChinese god of 1Qngevity, from beneath He was also asked to make offerings to that the relics original owner had visitedthe roots of an ancient banyan tree. the Celestial Spouse, Shao Lin, a Taoist the Australian east coast centuries before Dating from the Ming period, it has goddess who watched over mariners at Captain James Cook.been linked with an expedition believed to sea. Was the relic discarded by a member ofhave been made to our shores by Admiral During Cheng Hos stay near Darwin, Chen Hos 1405 expedition? Or, perhapsCheng Ho, on the orders of Emperor Yung some of his men are said to have some earli.er Chinese expedition to ourLo. lexplored.deep inland, and part of his fleet shores? We shall never know. The fleet consisted of 62 nine-masted is claimed to have carried out the One thing is certain, pre-British/Dutehships, 1.40 metres in length and was circumnavigation of Australia before voyages to Austral,ia is an indisputableaccompanied by 28,000 men and their returning to China. fact!families. About 1958 on a cliffside inland from Otherwise, if, we have long been led to Cheng Ho (1385-1440) also possessed Taree, on the NSW north coast, campers believe, that Europeans were first tothe magnetic compass on this voyage. found a large weathered, centuries old discover Australia in the 18th century -Invented by the Chinese in 1090, it was relief carving of Buddha. what then, were kangaroos doing in thenot "discuver~d" in western Europc for Later, in 1980, a young woman Imperial Zoo in Peking in 338 BC?another 100 years. unearthed a carvcd stone head of the Cheng Ho sailed from Shanghai in 1405 Chinese goddess Shao Lin, from centuries-wihh orders to visit the islands of south- old sediments on a beachtront hillside neareast Asia on diplomatic and trade matters. Milton, on the NSW south coast. He was a~so instruct~d to establish a Eventually, !hearing of my researchescolony in the vicinity of present-day into pre-Dutch Australian lexploration, she .~- - - <.APRIL-MAY 1992 NEXUS·65
    • >~~tlir~1~:t&tm!ii:1~qrsJJfp:~~;,:g>~s.~ii"~:61~1~;;~~:;~~ Continu~d from page 24 Freedom of Information Act. Today, in ,in detail in a future issue of Nexus. almost every country in the world, torture The intention of publishing this story isCIA by a former patient under the "care "of involving the manipulation of tIle human not to shock or scare you. It is to remindDr. Ewen Cameron. Shortly afterwards mind is performed on someone every single you that behind the veil of secrecy ,thatanother patient became a co-plaintiff. It was day. Techniques have become so masquerades as "national security", thereexpected that more victims of the CIAs sophisticated that even victims who become are people perfecting mind-controlcovert mind-control Iesearch operations statistics !1ay be. unaw~e of .wha.t, or who, techniques that can relieve you of your selfwould shortly join in. Casey ordered tile has ~n mterfenng :-V lth thel! mmds. The COJJtrol. Only by being aware of the silentCIA legal staff to delay any court hearings techmqu.es that are m use today are more hand that would like to control your mindfor as long as possible, his plan being that if subtle,. Silent, and deadly. thll? ever before. will you recogniz-e where the veil s_tarts andthe elderly plaintiffs were to die before the There IS no wa~ of knOWIng Just how many deception begins. Only by being aware cantrial, the case would would die with them. research proJects, or perhaps more we begin to lift the veil.Casey then set about collecting damning importantly, deployment operations, are - -evidence about the medical torture practices being conducted at tI1e present time. Perhaps REFERENCES:of over eighty countries deemed to be .the sudden change of attitude by many of Journey into Madness· Gordon Thomas.unfriendly to the United States. The case the Iraqi personnel on the ground in the (Published by Bantam Books 1989)eventually made it to trial. The plaintiffs recent Gulf War could be related! ItO the CIA - The Honourable Company Briansettled for a sum of $100,000 each which possible use of secret long-range behaviour Freemantle. (Published by Futura Bookswas released to them on the understanding modifying tcchnologies. 1984)that they would never publicly discuss the Much of the research conducted by the Psychic Warfare - Fact or Fiction? Editedcase again. CIA and the Soviets has inspired both the by John White (Published by The Aquarian The operations listed above only became Intelligence community and the Defense Press 1988)public knowledge because of the publics Depanment to a close look at the poLential The Search for the Manchurian Candidateawareness of the Senate investigations, and of parapsychology for covert psychic John Marks (published by Times Bookschecks made by researchers under the warfare purposes. This topic will be covered 1979)66·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992
    • 100 YEARS OF WATER CHLORINATION Continued from paj.:e 30 References CQngress, U.S. Environmental Protection 1. Hodges, L., bnviroruncDlal PQllution. (N.Y.: HQlt, Agency, Washington DC, 1975. is changed and the chain of reactions 13. "Water Contaminated ThroughQue U.S.", Rinehart and Winston, 2nd Ed, 19.77), p. 189. produced can be very disruptive, far Chem. & Em:. News, April 28, 1975, p. 19. 2. Uewellyn, W,J., J. Am.Med. Assoc. Vol. 146, reaching and often unexpected. We No. 13, 1951, p.1273. 14. Dowty, B.• Carlisle, D., Laseter, J.L., have not, for example, discussed the 3. Ibid... "Hologenated Hydn:>carbQns in New Orleans detrimental impact iUpon the ozone layer 4. Sinclair, H.M. (Cited by Oarlc, L., Get Well Drinkil}g Water and Blood Plasma", Science, Naturally, (N.Y.: ARC Books, 1971, p.327). Vol. 187, pp.75-77, 1975. caused by the ,enormous quantities of 15. Page, T., Harris, R.H., Epstein. S.S., 5. Passwater, R.A., Super-Nutrition for Healthy chlorine released around the globe. Hearts, (N.Y.: Jove Publications Inc., b978, "Drinking Water and Cancer Mortality in With education we can begin to p.155). Louisiana".§cience, Vol.I93,pp.55-57, 1976. 6. .IhiJl 16. See for example, Trehy, M.L., and Bieber, discern that nature carries within itself 7. Passwater, p. 156. T.I., "Detection, IdentificatiQn and Quantitative important patterns for the design of our Analysis of Dihaloacetonitriles in Clliorinated 8. Price, J.M., Coronaries/CholesteroVChlorine, health, and optimum fitness, even for (Banhadlog Hall, Tyliwch, Llanrd1oes: Pyramid Natural Waters", in Keith, L.R. (Ed.) Advances the naturallbeauty of ourselves and our Publications Ltd., 1984, pp 32, 33). in Identification and Analysis of Organic planet. When all is said, it is apparent 9. "Atherosclerosis may start with cell PQllutants in Water (Ann Arbor, Mi: Ann Arbor proliferation" 1. Am. Med. Assoc, Vol 227, No. Science Pub: 1981, pp. 932-44; Brochet, A. that nature did not intend that we 7, 1974, p. 734. et.a!., "Characterization of Total HalQgenated despoil it and ourselves by 10. Revis, N.W., McCauley P., Bull R., and CQmpounds During VariQus Water Treatment contaminating it with the waste HoldswQrth G., "RelatiQnship Qf drinking water Processes in Water ChlQrinatiQn", ChemjstQ products of the technology we have disinfectants to plasma cholesterol and thyroid Environmental Impact and Health Effects, Vo!.5, used to dominate it. After 100 years of hormone levels in experimentil studies", ~ (Michigan: Lewis Publisher Inc., 1984, pp. chlorination it is surely time to express National Academy Qf Science, U.S.A, VQl. 83, 1160-174). March i986, p.1485. 17. Smith, M.K., et. aI., "DevelQpmental our misgivings about the prospect of II. Ibid p.1489. TQxicity of HalQgenated Acentontriles : Drinking continuing as we are to celebrate its 12. "Pre"liminary Assessment of Suspected Water By-Products of ChlQrine Disinfection", bicentenary. Carcinogens in Drinking Water" Report to TQxicolQl!:v, VQl. 46, 1987. pp.83-93.~ _.- APRil-MAY 1992 NEXUS·67 ...
    • E"~~~X,6~~.~.;;Q~ZSRre~Es~t~.ME~f¢I •.NR~j~.;~,··, .t --- Continued from page 35 subsLance not normally present but produced by some in The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessem, H.J. eljemlIl agency or aaion." Most of us have forgotten !hat J(ramer Inc., Tiburon, Cnifornia, 1991, as Appendix "A"."Organon" the hOOle and rcsear:dt labmJtory Reich cuilt in me basic meaning of the word, art, is "human effort to 4. Published as a book: Antoine Bechamp, 1816-1908:Rangeley, Maine, Grad has research, still awaiting supplement, imitate, alter or counterfeit the work of LHornme et Ie Savant, Oiiginalite et Fecondile de Sonpublication, on his own bion research as it relates 10 the natll!:e." The lJcile use of the word, "anifaa," in addition Oeuvre, Maloine, Paris, 1982.origin of life. to being able ,unjustly to dispose of new microscopic 5. Delhoume, Leon, De Claude Bernard a dArsonval.R4 Reichs private archives were jesled by the sole discoveries, has a kind of "overtone" suggesting an a.nempt Lib. Bailliere et fils, Paris, 1939, 595pp.,trustee to his estate. His ltayghter, !EVil., tried to trick, feign, dissemble or to carry out a deception orunsuccessfully-to unseal them through court BCtion. 6. B6charnps two masterworks on this subject are: ~ engage in a fraudulent action. It fits well with BCCUSBtiOl1ll Mlcrozymas, Blilliere, Paris, 1883, 992pages; andR5 Rifes genius also inveilted a camera which could against Naessem llf having done all those things over theclearly reveal the lellers and numbers of an auto license Microzyrnas eli Microbes, Editions Dentu, Paris, 1893, years. 346 plIges.plate ffOOl a·mile awayl RIO llis experUnenlS 91) rabbit-tl>-rabbit somatid transferR6 The Diving Hand: The SOO Year Old Mystery of 7. FrOifl I.e Sang et son deme elern.ent anatornique, Paris as they apply to genetic characteristic change in living 11899; translated as The Blood and Its Third AnatomicalDowsing (B,P. pUllon, New York, 1979; New Age animals, and p.articulaily to organ transplant withPublications, North Carolina, 1985.) Element by Montague R. Leverson M.D., John Ouseley potentially no "rejection syndrome", are described in part I Limited, London 1912 In the 1981lo: Alan Cantwell, Jnr.R7 It Was only through a fortl!itOllS meeting in Kansas of my book. M.D. reported that the library of Congress in WashingtonCity that I was rlJJ8lly Ied 10 die San Diego garage bf one Rl1 Enzyme complexes found in yeaSls, bacteria andof Rifes lab BSs.istants where I found the "Universal D.C. iliad informed him that the book was ,to be found higher planis. Credit for their discovery went, not to neither in its collection nor in any library in the UnitedMicl06Cope" in ,dilapidate(! condition. The publication of B6charnp, but to a German scientist who was awarded themy article resulted in many phone calls from pl:llple Whll States. II has since been reprinted by Veritas Pressl GPO Nobel Prize in 1907 for making it. B&harnps conclusive Box 1653, Bundaberg,>Qld 1988.had lbeet! on the hunt for Rifes microscope for years. One paper, justifying his priority, was published in 1897 andof the most interesting and ardent came from John 8. Hidden Killers: The RevoluUonary MedkaI the word zymase is found in the 1873 edition of the French Discoveries of Professor Gunther Enderl~, by ErikHubbard M.D., Slate University of New York (Buffalo), Liure dictionary In connection with BCchamps first workwho came to my house in Washington D.C. to look at Enby M.D., Sheehan Conununications, 1990. Ibe book on the subjea. may be obtained from raum&zeit, Box 1508, MountdocumenlJllion on Rife I had brought back frOOl Califomil!,I had 1planned tll write. a book on Rifes life and work, but R12 Secrets of the Soil, Harper,coUins, New York,1980. Vernon, WashilJgton D.C. 98273; Ph: 206 424602.5_other ,projects intervened. That book, The Cancer Cure 1. Reichs first book on this, written in German, was Die 9. mderlein who like B6champ, lived fo~ 96 years (hethat Worked, (Marcus Books, Queensville, OnLario, 1987) Bione (The Bions) published in Norway in 1939. English died in, 1968), published many of his conclusions inwas written by Barry Lywes. language treatment of the subjea is to be found in The Akmon - a journal he firsl issued in 1955..R8 For enlightening answers to these questions, ·see l1he Cancer Biopalhy, (first published in the 195llo:) 1973; and 10. In his book, Siphonospora polymorpha vonCancer Industry: UnraVelling the Politics, by Ralph W. The Ilion Experiments on the Origin of Life, 1979, both Brehmer 1947, this researcher also noted that cancer canMoss (Paragon House, New York, 1989). published by FIIll1IJ, Straus, Gil_oux. be prediagnosed in its earliest frons by measuring the ,pHR9 The word "artifact" stems from art, plus factum (the 2. "The New Microscopes" value of the blood and the appearance in it of largeneuter past participle of the verb facere, "to m~e"), or 3. "Whal Has Becl!Jle of the Rife Microscope?" New amounts of rod-shaped siphonospora, as viewable under a"something made". In biology, it means "a structure or Age Journal, Boston, Massachusetts, 1976; also reprinted dark-field migoscope.6S·NEXUS APRIL-MAY 1992